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appropriately dressed, it can be very frustrating. You could excuse yourself then late wish you hadn’t. You could also arrive “as is” and spend the rest of the night feeling as if you don’t fit in. You can’t always plan for these occasions with an outfit that is “just right” stashed away in the trunk of your car. Even if you have a change of clothing, the time to do so may not be available. Yet, if you happen to be carrying a silk Franklin and Marshall clothing shawl or scarf, you can make over a standard outfit into something frivolous, quirky and suitable for bar or club hopping or into the height of sophistication and class for an up-scale restaurant and/or a night out at the theater. In just a few seconds, you can tie, drape and co-ordinate around your body, head, neck or shoulders creating an entirely fresh and new look for any event.

This is not the only good reason for stashing a silk shawl or scarf in your car’s glove box. They are also good in case of an emergency. If you become trapped in a car and the temperatures dip, a silk Franklin and Marshall scarf can help save your life. Silk ranks high among those fabrics with natural heat retaining qualities. Silk fabric is also finely constructed meaning it is easy to tuck away in your car’s glove box or in your purse. As a result, you can employ it when the temperatures dip below freezing, mimicking the actions of the World War I and aviators who implicitly trusted their silk scarves for warmth when flying high. If children are involved, keep them warm by wrapping them in your silk Franklin & Marshall scarf or shawl. It will help them retain body heat.

It may seem frivolous to purchase a stunning silk scarf just to keep it in your car for a possible emergency. Yet, is you do have one on hand, you can apply it to take care of a variety of needs. These silk accessories are good for practical warmth as well as Franklin and Marshall hoodie decorative uses. At home or in the car, the presence of a sumptuous cozy, stunning hand dyed silk scarf or hand painted shawl silk scarf can come to your aid when you want and need it.

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