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Syn's blog: "The Angel Files"

created on 12/29/2011  |  http://fubar.com/the-angel-files/b345590

Adoration - You adore me and all my unusual quirks
Beautiful - You truly are, thru and thru
Caring - You are always thinking of me and my happiness
Devotion - You are all about me and I thank you for that
Evil - Looks are deceiving, but it's the look that attracted me to you
Funny - Whether it be intentional or not, you always make me giggle
Giving - In so many ways, you are always doing it
Heartfelt - Your words, I dont hear them, I feel them
Irresistible - I can't imagine being away from you for very long
Justin - Cuz of him, you are an excellent mother, I wish to see that with us
Kind - It goes without saying, you are a very sweet person
Loving - You take this to a whole other level....hardcore status
Mind-blowing - The scenarios we share, you have some great ones
Nuturing - It's in your nature and can never be a bad thing
Outgoing - You're modest but not to shy around people
Perceptive - You can read me, which is no easy task
Queen-like - This is how high I regard you
Real - Nothing outrageous, you're just wholesome
Sexual - Let me not lie, this is a HUGE perk :)
Teaseful - You know you are, and it drives me nuts but I love the abuse
Understanding - You're not irrational and try to consider everything
Vicious - When you're handing out free curb stomps, I get goosebumps
Womanly - Your voice and your demeanor, it soothes me, no rough edges
X - Is not sto0opid!!! lol
Youthful - You fool alot of people with your appearance, embrace it!
Z - In greek this would be "Omega" or "the last", which I hope you are

Beyond forever in soul, mind, body and spirit....I love you!


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