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My husband just called me from the ranch. He found a Glory Hole in the river and is pulling out a lot of gold right now. Oh, I wish I was with him right now! Dang. I had to come home to be within am hour of home for jury duty. Jury duty was canceled so I could turn around and head up there NOW but....grr! I JUST came home last night.
No More Tears
Build me a wall, because that’s what you do. Build it strong blocking everyone out, except me and you. I’ll buy your bricks, one at a time. If it leads you into, this life of mine. Let us follow, the yellow brick road. Hand in hand, and see where it goes. We've both had sorrow, pain and fear. It’s lead us to each other, no more tears.
[return From The Deezart... To ... Exploding]]
Well, I've been home for... 10 hours and I'm already pissed.   First off Vegas S U C K E D. I was there for what? Nine days? I got the worst headcold of my life by the second day and fucking DYSENTERY by the third. I'm still sick.   Yep.   "Hey wanna go get Sushi?" "No." "Hey, wanna go get Indian?" "NO!" "Hey wanna lay down with a cool rag on your head and pretend like you're back home with your dog?"   But needless to say, I soldiered up got caught in traffic, got caught at the airport, got caught in casinos, got caught in a restaurant   the highlight of the outting was probably the 2 days I ate nothing, and the FIVE times I went to the bathroom during lunch, or the 3 times I had to stop on the hour long trip back to where we were staying in the ONLY gas stations for 10 miles with the most RANCID bathrooms on the planet.   Yeah... I didn't have fun. Well, the parts where I hung out with my brother and drank gallons of water and played cards and legend of mana were
I just want to let you all know that in 5 days, when my current ownership expires, I'll be permanently deleting my account. This isn't a 'cry me a river' blog or a call for attention. No one hurt my feelerz or made me butthurt. I need to move on and get some things done. Life has, once again, gotten so busy around me. Opportunities have come to me and I really need to focus on work, family, and volunteering. With Fubar as an option, I do very little writing, creating, communicating, organizing, and other STUFF. So I'll be getting rid of the distraction. Life will be different without all of you to run to when I'm bored! Send me a message if you want to keep in touch in the real world and I'll exchange emails if that seems like the right thing to do. God bless all of you!   Lisa Ann
The Palestinian Problem
This week is an extremely important one for both the Palestinians and the Israelis. This Friday, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas goes before the United Nations and demands the creation of a homeland for his people. They want the West Bank as their own, with Jerusalem as their capital. The fact that the actual name of the West Bank is Samaria and Judea mean nothing to them. They want it. To understand the nature of the problem, you have to look back at the facts of history. You need to know what actually happened to make the Palestinians stateless. The concept of Zionism began in the late 1890's, when many Jews wanted to immigrate back to their homeland, then called Palestine. The region was ruled by the Ottoman Empire, and seeing a way of making money, began selling land in Palestine to foundations to place Jewish people there. It was worthless land, not suitable for farming, or so they thought. So the sheiks of teh Ottoman Empire thought they would sell the land to the
Do You Have The Power
Power isn't measured by the money, in your bank account. It depends on your strength, from the inside out. Not your size, your looks, or your car. That has nothing to do, with the person you are. Fixing a problem, seeing beyond someones imperfections. Will lead you, in the right direction. Do you have the power, to make your own place? Or do you choose, to forget it's face?
Just Thought I'd Let You Know
So you call yourself a ladies man, well I don't see it. What kind of a "lady", is going to fall for this shit. Telling your stories of sex, and satisfaction. Knowing that it is all, an exaggeration. Cyber, sorry, I don't engage in that. Step into the real world, that's where it's at. I know all to well, that you would never approach me at all. If I passed you by on the street, at the mall. You hide behind the screen, because it causes your balls to grow. I am familiar with your type, just thought I'd let you know.
To Chat Or Not To Chat
I wonder as I set here online watch the Fubar World go by, I see many aspects of this site has changed over the years.  It appears that many people do not want chat or even respond to a normal conversation from someone.  It's almost as if, 'if I answer this simple Hello, it is going expand into something more than I want to deal with.' It's almost as if it's only a game and not a social media site that was far strong back in the day before FB.  People chatted and responded to a a private message, they were not worried about there buzz level of where their next level was going to come from, if it came it came because of the friends we had met can cultivated online.  They wanted us to be successful just like someone else had made them. So really, does anyone want to chat?
Try And Stop Me
Accepting defeat, is something I just can't do. I was not put on this earth, to lose. I might fall down, crack and bleed. But I always get back up, there's no breaking me. Regardless of the tears or blood, I have lost. I always pay my dues, I'll find my cause. There is a reason I am here. I know this is true. Try and stop me from finding it, I dare you.
And Back.....
And now I am back after being away for over a week. I am so glad to be back at work...yes I said it glad to be back at work. It drove me freakin crazy sitting around hooked up to an IV for 9 days. I feel like I've been released from prison. I've never had such a bad infection as that was, kind of like a staph arm is black and blue from the various IV sites...crazy stuff.
Choosing Not To Choose
Life reaches out, and changes us all. We were all born innocent, helpless and small. I wasn't born this way, it's how I survive. The bitch you see before you, is the reason I'm alive. Always questioning, always doubting, full of pain and fear. Running away from love, drowning in tears. But I wipe them away, with my own two hands. I will never again dry them, on the shoulders of a man. For, there is more to fall, each time I try. Never again, my eyes are dry. Life has taught me, to be bitter and strong. Choosing not to choose, means I can't get it wrong.
Okay it seems that I have to let some of this out and not sit in a corner letting things go! There has been so many things in the last year that has happened and I am done just sitting back and keep my mouth shut. I know a few people on here online and off and I have come to find out exactly how some truely are. It is not how it seems online as in the real life! You want to sit and act like your innocent and have never done nothing wrong so that people do not turn away from you but, yet in the background offline you hate on half of the people you call your "friends" to me that is absolutely funny and when people let others know exactly how you are you write a blog trying to cover yourself. Lmao thats good and hmmm sooner or later the whole truth will come out and all those that thought you were that way well their blindfolds will come off and reality will kick in! I am not on here to play highschool games I am on here to have fun meet new people and that is it. Because in reality this
Nothing Left
A single red rose, unopened at first. Then the light shines down, giving it birth. It's open and bright, innocent and pure. The dew drips from the pedals, saturating the sand. A stranger admires it, holds it in his hand. It's fragrance is so sweet, elegant and kind. He has to change it, pulling the pedals off one at a time. Until the rose, can take no more. It is no longer, innocent and pure. It is tainted and dark, there is nothing left. But a pile of broken pedals, where it once slept.
Just Take A Look
im bored and wanted to meet some new friends, so if you like, take a look round my profile and leave me a message
Just As I Told You
My eyes are shut, but I can feel you here. Under the sheets, your breath in my ear. Your presence is heavy, the darkness surrounds. Movement is impossible, holding me down. Intimidation doesn't work, I am not afraid. I have been hurt, lost and betrayed. Fear is one thing, you cannot gain. I'm a wild animal, that cannot be tamed. I know what you've come for, but it is in someone else's hands. You cannot have it. I have messed up your plans. You reach in anyway, to try and capture my soul. But just as I told you. You find an empty hole.
America Is In Danger!
The folks who are getting the free stuff, don't like the folks who are paying for the free stuff, because the folks who are paying for the free stuff, Can no longer afford to pay for both the free stuff and their own stuff, And, The folks who are paying for the free stuff, Want the free stuff to stop - - and the folks who are getting the free stuff, Want even more free stuff on top of the free stuff they are already getting!    Now...  The people who are forcing the people who Pay for the free stuff, Have told the people who are RECEIVING the free stuff, That the people who are PAYING for the free stuff, Are being mean, prejudiced, and racist.    So... the people who are GETTING the free stuff, Have been convinced they need to hate the people who are paying for the free stuff, By the people who are forcing some people to pay for their free stuff, And giving them the free stuff in the first place.   
The Waterfall
The Waterfall     Tracy loved this part of Hawaii. The Kahuku Mountains were full of lush green jungle, and Tracy had discovered them while hiking with her husband while on vacation a few years earlier. The military used the range for training, but Tracy had rarely seen them. She was here alone this time, her husband was on Maui at a business meeting. She was on her way to a spot they had found on their second visit here. A cool, crystal clear pool at the bottom of a forty foot waterfall. They had gone skinny dipping here and had the best of times. She wanted to spend the day here in relaxation while her husband was away. Coming to the pool, Tracy began to undress, anxious to wash away the sweat dripping from her body. It was a very hot, humid day, and sweat was rolling into every crevice of her fit and trim body. Turning to face the pool, she noticed clothes hanging from a branch near the waterfall. Ducking behind a tree, she looked around to see who else was here. She hadn't spot
In A Relationship, Married Or Not... You Should Read This!
MARRIAGE   When I got home that night as my wife served dinner, I held her hand and said, I've got something to tell you. She sat down and ate quietly. Again I observed the hurt in her eyes.   Suddenly I didn't know how to open my mouth. But I had to let her know what I was thinking. I want a divorce. I raised the topic calmly. She didn't seem to be annoyed by my words, instead she asked me softly, why?   I avoided her question. This made her angry. She threw away the chopsticks and shouted at me, you are not a man! That night, we didn't talk to each other. She was weeping. I knew she wanted to find out what had happened to our marriage. But I could hardly give her a satisfactory answer; she had lost my heart to Jane. I didn't love her anymore. I just pitied her!   With a deep sense of guilt, I drafted a divorce agreement which stated that she could own our house, our car, and 30% stake of my company. She glanced at it and then tore it into pieces. The woman who
A Very Good Life Lesson!
‎"We need to teach our daughters to distinguish between a man who flatters her - and a man who compliments her. A man who spends money on her - and a man who invests in her. A man who views her as property - and a man who views her properly. A man who lusts after her - and a man who loves her. A man who believes he is God's gift to women - and a man who remembers a woman was God's gift to man...And then teach our boys to be that kind of a man."

Swimsuit model Cristina Tosio interpretation of fashion magazine "ABC" Spanish version of the 2011 fashion large, Cristina Tosio tall, retro hairstyle with Sexy bikinis_Women’s swimwear _One piece swimwear model, showing a live version of "Barbie" doll temptation. This large group of fashion by the photographer Hunter & Gatti Zhang Jing. U.S. fashion brand Wildfox Couture launch of the first order "Wildfox Swim" named after the Sexy bikinis_Women’s swimwear _One piece swimwear series was launched in 2012, the enduring from the old movies and Hollywood sexy body surfing Icon theme movie "Gidget" to draw inspiration, brings 60 years of retro air, while sexy, bold style, unique prints and the use of denim and red phosphors brings a bit undisciplined tastes, as we staged a romance from the west. Can each have done a big show of gorgeous bold exciting 'old elf "of high-Ti Jesus to Paul (Jean Paul Gaultier) playing a gentle and romantic, what is effect? Read the high-Ti Jesus (
Super Swimsuit Model
Swimsuit model Cristina Tosio interpretation of fashion magazine "ABC" Spanish version of the 2011 fashion large, Cristina Tosio tall, retro hairstyle with Sexy bikinis_Women’s swimwear _One piece swimwear model, showing a live version of "Barbie" doll temptation. This large group of fashion by the photographer Hunter & Gatti Zhang Jing. U.S. fashion brand Wildfox Couture launch of the first order "Wildfox Swim" named after the Sexy bikinis_Women’s swimwear _One piece swimwear series was launched in 2012, the enduring from the old movies and Hollywood sexy body surfing Icon theme movie "Gidget" to draw inspiration, brings 60 years of retro air, while sexy, bold style, unique prints and the use of denim and red phosphors brings a bit undisciplined tastes, as we staged a romance from the west. Can each have done a big show of gorgeous bold exciting 'old elf "of high-Ti Jesus to Paul (Jean Paul Gaultier) playing a gentle and romantic, what is effect? Read the high-Ti Jesus (Jean Paul Ga
Where Am I?
This year started with a heartbreak for me...a big life change followed and now I can say I am healing. But where do I go? I found work now and I love it but I am having this fear of what's to come. What will happen to me in the next 5 years or so? Last year my mind was made up on what I will do but now I feel like I have nothing to look forward to. I feel old....People my age have families already. I feel envious of them. When will I have mine?! Also, I wanna study further. Maybe proceed to med school but I will graduate in my mid 30's and then what? Maybe I was just used to planning my life with someone over the years that's why I feel lost now. I feel scared being alone but I need to get used to just having myself to lean on from now. Begin to love my singleness. Got to get back to my hobbies, spend more time with family and friends, doing good in every little way. Still I miss having someone around. Well, life will always be a constant change. We just all have to love, laugh, cr
North Face Development That This Small Tree Develop To The Big Fellow In Your Outside
North of manchester Face which has a long history was founded in 1966. Through several years development, now this company is a large subsidiary of VF Corporation. Wholesale The North Face Vests The meaning of this name could be the northern slopes of mountain. It can be a USA outdoor brand which offers many different types of things or equipment for climbers, mountaineers, snowsport athletes Wholesale The North Face Vests and explorers. Headquartered was established in San Leandro, California.During the past, this brand only agreed to be a mountaineering retailer which started by two avid hikers. Even so it grew quickly and became a professional company which saled the climbing and hiking equipment for your exciting people. In modern time, this provider offers most technically advanced products out to accomplished customers. The firm's products are purchased in specialty mountaineering,Whlolesale North Face North Face Vests backpacking and snowsport retailers. There coupl
To A Dear Friend
Do not stand at my grave and weep, I am not there, I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow. I am the diamond glint on snow. I am the sunlight on ripened grain. I am the gentle autumn rain. When you wake in the morning hush, I am the swift, uplifting rush  Of quiet birds in circling flight. I am the soft starlight at night. Do not stand at my grave and weep. I am not there, I do not sleep. (Do not stand at my grave and cry. I am not there, I did not die!) Do not stand at my grave and weep. I am not there, I do not sleep. I am the song that will never end. I am the love of family and friend. I am the child who has come to rest  In the arms of the Father who knows him best. When you see the sunset fair, I am the scented evening air. I am the joy of a task well done. I am the glow of the setting sun. Do not stand at my grave and weep. I am not there, I do not sleep. (Do not stand at my grave and cry. I am not there, I did not die!)
ý45 Things A Girl Want, But Won't Ask For:
‎45 THINGS A GIRL WANT, BUT WON'T ASK FOR: 1. Touch her waist.2. Actually talk to her.3. Share secrets with her....4. Give her your jacket.5. Kiss her slowly. Are you remembering this?6. Hug her.7. Hold her.8. Laugh with her.9. Invite her somewhere.10. Hangout with her and your friends together. KEEP READING ..11. Smile with her.12. Take pictures with her.13. Pull her onto your lap.14. When she says she loves you more, deny it. Fight back.15. When her friends say “I love her more than you”, deny it. Fight back and hug her tight so she can’t get to her friends. It makes her feel loved. Are you thinking of someone?16. Always hug her and say I love you whenever you see her.17. Kiss her unexpectedly.18. Hug her from behind around the waist. 19. Tell her she’s beautiful.20. Tell her the way you feel about her. One last thing you need to do to show her you actually do mean it.21. Open doors for her, walk her to her car - it makes her feel protected, plus it n
hi any one like me and kissing u gils
U.s. Moves To Delay Vote On Palestinian Statehood
UNITED NATIONS—The U.S. and its European allies plan to delay a U.N. Security Council vote on Palestinian membership well beyond this week in a bid to revive direct peace talks between the Palestinians and Israelis and sidestep an American veto,gucci outlet said officials briefed on the talks. President Barack Obama will meet with the Israeli and Palestinian leaders Wednesday in a last-ditch effort to dissuade the Palestinians from seeking U.N. recognition at the Security Council. But U.S. and European diplomats said they expected Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to make good on his pledge to formally apply for U.N. membership Friday through the Security Council, after his speech here before the annual General Assembly. Officials briefed on diplomacy said Washington and its European allies are going to refrain from a quick vote on the Palestinian initiative at the Security Council and instead refer the application to a panel for further study. This process, which could tak
Air Canada, Flight Attendants Reach Tentative Deal
Air Canada AC.B-T and the union representing flight attendants have called a truce and reached a tentative agreement,gucci outlet spurred by the spectre of back-to-work legislation in Ottawa. The country’s largest airline and the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) announced the settlement just hours before 6,800 flight attendants were set to go on strike. “The conclusion of a tentative agreement is welcome news for our customers and we want to thank them for their ongoing loyalty and support during this round of contract negotiations. It’s business as usual and customers can continue to make their travel plans on Air Canada with confidence,” Susan Welscheid, Air Canada’s senior vice-president of customer service, said in a statement Tuesday. Jeff Taylor, president of CUPE’s Air Canada component, had been feuding with Ms. Welscheid and other Air Canada executives, but adopted a conciliatory tone after a marathon set of negotiations. “T
acme \ACK-mee\noun;    1.  The highest point of something; the highest level or degree attainable.
We ask advice, but we mean approbation.  -  Charles Caleb Colton
Tips For Choosing Flower Girls Dresses
If you are looking a flower girls dress,You should know the style and the color that you want.And is it fit or do not fit the flower ?If you do like that you will save more troubles that you may have. You know that when it comes to a little girl being a flower and getting a flower girls dresses it is a big to all the little ones that are getting the pretty flower girls dresses.Here is a good ideal for you.when you are going to buy the flower girls dresses,maybe you can let the flower girls accompany with you,if you find any style which is you want the girls can try on some of the dresses.then you will be able to see what they look like on the little girl.If you are taking the little girls along to try on all the different flower girls dresses you will see some little lights light up in their eyes when they are looking at all the different flower girl dresses that are in the store. They will feel even better, when they have a chance to try on all the different flower girls dresses that
Ig Nobel Awards: The Triumph Of Silly Science
Showered with paper aeroplanes, garlanded by admiring Nobel laureates, some of the world's quirkiest scientists will be honoured at a sell-out ceremony at Harvard University next week. The 21st annual Ig Nobel Prizes, conferred by Annals of Improbable Research (AIR), have become one of the most coveted prizes in science. Bringing neither personal riches nor offers of future funding, the Ig Nobels do bestow a heavy dollop of cool on their winners who, collectively, seem to put the fizz in physics and the giggles in gigabytes. Recent winners include a UK-Mexico collaboration, for perfecting a method to collect whale snot, using a remote-controlled helicopter; Dutch duo Simon Rietveld and Ilja van Beest for discovering that some forms of asthma can be treated with a roller-coaster ride; and a team from Otago University, air yeezy 2011 New Zealand, for demonstrating that, on icy footpaths in winter, people slip and fall less often if they wear socks on the outside of their shoes. British s
'two And A Half Men' Gets Record Ratings
After seeing these ratings, the producers may have wished they'd buried Charlie Harper sooner. "Two and a Half Men" earned its most-watched episode ever Monday night as the No. 1-rated CBS sitcom helped kick off the fall TV season with the funeral of Harper, the wisecracking heel played by Charlie Sheen. But the night was hardly a farewell to Sheen: The newly contrite actor, who has been trying to mend fences the last few days, happened to turn up Monday night with his own highly rated roast on Comedy Central. The sideshow of Sheen's career derailment — combined with the hiring of Ashton Kutcher as his replacement — lured an enormous audience of 28.7 million viewers to "Men's" Season 9 premiere, making it one of the year's top prime-time broadcasts, gucci outlet according to data from Nielsen. In the 18-to-49-year-old demographic often sought by advertisers, the sitcom delivered a gigantic 10.7 rating/25 share, numbers seldom seen for a scripted program in these days of fie
Forces Of Nature
The merging of our bodies To drive you wild night and day Do you like you want it There can be no other way Stick it deep inside Make you bounce and moan Call my name now baby So sensual in tone Once never enough of your body I so call out in bliss Sighs stopped only by the presence Of our tongues as we urgently kiss Your hips are pressed on my stiff rod Slick from that tight wet fit Stockings smooth against me Do we ever have to quit Do we have to stop body against body Used so wanton in the lust Who cares about the time now For seconds and thirds is simply a must!
What Is The Difference?
I never thought that I'd write this.  But I don't understand what the difference between me an her is.  We are both married yet somehow she gets more bling from you.  Higher credit bling.  Or is it that I don't do what she does?  Guess I'll never know will I?  I did the one thing that I swore I wouldn't do.  I started to fall in love on here.  It won't happen again.
The Sad Girl
Tears fall as the night sky grows darker, tiny rivers flowing down her cheeks reflecting a silver moon. Like ribbons they flow shimmering telling stories of pain and sorrow. Taking the hrt and creating a physical manifestation of her grief. A  sad star filled sky looks down and is moved by the site, clouding up the stars cover their eyes with grey heavy clouds and begin weeping with her, trying to wash away her anguish...
About Me
My name Micah Tweten, my birthday is January 18th, i am 6 feet and 3 inches tall, 180  pounds. I have hazel eyes, blonde hair, i wear glasses. I enjoy going to movies, going camping, going fishing, going hunting, bowling, shooting pool, renting movies, sitting in hottubs, shooting guns. I have a good sense of humor, I am funny, fun, outgoing and never allow a dull moment happen. turn ons: women whom not only shoot guns but own a few, that works best with hot body women. also turn on women in and out of uniform lol uniforms such as military and law enforcement. also a minor turn on is women whom burp/belch and are not embarrassed by it nor try and hide it, to me it proves you are down to earth and not ashamed to prove it. O and she has to be somewhat proud of that burp/belch. Beer drinking women bigger turn on than danty girly drinks.O and redheads lol just love em. turn offs: pushing your views on me like i have to have the same kind or I'm going to hell. let me be me, accept me for
Some Ways To Rack Up Points
Seeing I need 2 million points in a status just posted makes me think Who doesn't? You need points, if not for leveling then because earning points also earns fuBucks! Points get you into the Top 1,000, 500, & 100 - requirements for certain levels ALWAYS Wait for a Happy Hour if you can. They double your points for everything. Check your Buzz Meter often. There is a 10% bonus for everything if you are 100% s/faced. Ask for help in your status or just let an online friend know your 'condition'. Ways to get a buncha points: First, be a friend to your friends & family. Rate & Like their profiles each time you are online. If there is time, rate an album in their pictures, even if they don't have bonus bling. Maybe they will return the favor. Link to your family  fubar: my family Most people with goddess/god modes will bomb picture raters. You can leave a comment, maybe be sure they are online to see it, or even make a deal with them. Check their status because some say to leave a S
Halloween Costume
A Black man and his wife are going to a Halloween party in a couple of days, so the husband asks his wife to go to the store and get costumes for them to wear. When he comes home that night, he goes into the bedroom and finds, laid out on the bed, a Superman costume. The husband calls to his wife, "What are you doing, honey?" he says. "Have you ever heard of a Black Superman? Can you take this back and get me something else to wear?" The next day, the wife, not too happy, returns the costume and gets a replacement. The husband comes home from work and goes into the bedroom. There, laid out on the bed, is a Batman costume. He yells to his wife, "What are you doing? Have you ever heard of a Black Batman? Take this shit back and get me something I can wear to the costume party!" The next morning, his irate wife goes shopping. When the husband comes home again from work, he fins there, laid out on the bed, three items: one is a set of three white buttons, the second is a thick white belt,
Occupy Wall Street
It is going on right now it lived here    go to occupy wall street .com to help/ join Keep this protest alive anyway you can!
The Shame Of College Sports By Taylor Branch Part 1
The Shame of College Sports A litany of scandals in recent years have made the corruption of college sports constant front-page news. We profess outrage each time we learn that yet another student-athlete has been taking money under the table. But the real scandal is the very structure of college sports, wherein student-athletes generate billions of dollars for universities and private companies while earning nothing for themselves. Here, a leading civil-rights historian makes the case for paying college athletes—and reveals how a spate of lawsuits working their way through the courts could destroy the NCAA. By Taylor Branch  “I’m not hiding,” Sonny Vaccaro told a closed hearing at the Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C., in 2001. “We want to put our materials on the bodies of your athletes, and the best way to do that is buy your school. Or buy your coach.”Vaccaro’s audience, the members of the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athle
The Shame Of College Sports By Taylor Branch Part 2
The list of scandals goes on. With each revelation, there is much wringing of hands. Critics scold schools for breaking faith with their educational mission, and for failing to enforce the sanctity of “amateurism.” Sportswriters denounce the NCAA for both tyranny and impotence in its quest to “clean up” college sports. Observers on all sides express jumbled emotions about youth and innocence, venting against professional mores or greedy amateurs. For all the outrage, the real scandal is not that students are getting illegally paid or recruited, it’s that two of the noble principles on which the NCAA justifies its existence—“amateurism” and the “student-athlete”—are cynical hoaxes, legalistic confections propagated by the universities so they can exploit the skills and fame of young athletes. The tragedy at the heart of college sports is not that some college athletes are getting paid, but that more of them are not.  Do
The Shame Of College Sports By Taylor Branch Part 3
 The Myth of the “Student-Athlete”   Today, much of the NCAA’s moral authority—indeed much of the justification for its existence—is vested in its claim to protect what it calls the “student-athlete.” The term is meant to conjure the nobility of amateurism, and the precedence of scholarship over athletic endeavor. But the origins of the “student-athlete” lie not in a disinterested ideal but in a sophistic formulation designed, as the sports economist Andrew Zimbalist has written, to help the NCAA in its “fight against workmen’s compensation insurance claims for injured football players.” “We crafted the term student-athlete,” Walter Byers himself wrote, “and soon it was embedded in all NCAA rules and interpretations.” The term came into play in the 1950s, when the widow of Ray Dennison, who had died from a head injury received while playing football in Colorado for the Fort Lewis A&M Aggi
The Shame Of College Sports By Taylor Branch Part 4
“You Might As Well Shoot Them in the Head”   “When you dream about playing in college,” Joseph Agnew told me not long ago, “you don’t ever think about being in a lawsuit.” Agnew, a student at Rice University in Houston, had been cut from the football team and had his scholarship revoked by Rice before his senior year, meaning that he faced at least $35,000 in tuition and other bills if he wanted to complete his degree in sociology. Bereft of his scholarship, he was flailing about for help when he discovered the National College Players Association, which claims 7,000 active members and seeks modest reforms such as safety guidelines and better death benefits for college athletes. Agnew was struck by the NCPA scholarship data on players from top Division I basketball teams, which showed that 22 percent were not renewed from 2008 to 2009—the same fate he had suffered. In October 2010, Agnew filed a class-action antitrust suit over the ca
Please Hear What I'm Not Saying
Please Hear What I'm Not Saying                  Don't be fooled by me.                Don't be fooled by the face I wear                for I wear a mask, a thousand masks,                masks that I'm afraid to take off,                and none of them is me.                  Pretending is an art that's second nature with me,                but don't be fooled,
Brandished Cowardice
So difficult to look at Overt and brandished cowardice Is your flabby life worth that much effort? I am a proud Lazy person And yes you can be lazy But can you be a Coward? Only with embarrassment
"slowly" By:syleena Johnson
  When he first walked through the door I had this feeling that I never felt before He was the finest thing I've ever seen He had me tremblin just cause he smiled at me Then he kissed me softly on my cheek Said to me, "You smell good enough to eat" Girl I swear my heart must've skipped a beat He's got me feeling like I did when I was seventeen And I couldn't wait For him to put his hands all over me...... So I let him know that I was ready For him to make love to me- but slowly Then slowly, he undressed me Then slowly, he laid me down Pulled my panties down Then slowly, he went down on me Then slowly, we made love Ohh, been an hour Since his love had been in me Couldn't believe he felt this good inside of me It was everything I dreamed that it would be And like a virgin, I was tight But he loosened me Then slowly, he began to speak "It's so good, baby" Is what he said to me Girl, I'm telling you that this man is the truth Put it on me like a real man is s'pose to And I couldn't wait
all i feel is the blackness of fear closing in on me. im alone noone to help pull me out of this dark place. i look around wondering in anyone notices im slowly slipping away into myself. someone help i ask quietly but noone is there to hear my plea. is anyone there does anyone notice that im dissappearing and changing into someone that isnt me. will anyone notice if i dissappear and never return will  anyone be there to help me out of this dark place. help me find my way out.
Taste Me Tuesday...
I catch your eye in a club...I notice you sitting there alone. The music is blaring...the air is thick with the smell of sweat..You look around nervously...glancing back my way....Im gone..Slightly dissapointed that apparently it wasn't you that I was looking at you sip your face still stuck in the back of your mind..You get up to walk out..You pass a stairwell leading to the exit...Suddenly you think you feel something on your look down and see nothing.. looking around shake your head and start back out....Theres a crowd so you stop....You feel a hand slowly trace along your ass....turning slightly you see me....I hold a finger to my lips telling you to be quiet....You stand straight...rigid with anticipation....I run my hands down the back of your legs....bringing it back up between the inside of your thighs....coming around to the front I massage you.....Your breathing is short in heavy but you dare not move...Your really not sure if this is even re
Sad Little World
it  amazes me that people on here really thought they could run me off, but first things first. i am here to kill time, i am not here to be harassed on a daily basis. sure it is kinda fun to hear all the stupid people who think they know things, but at the end of the day i have any freedom and right that you do. you can judge me by what you hear if you want or if you want to judge me on how i have treated you that is cool also, i have way too many real life friends on here who have known me for 15 + years. im not telling their fubar names and they are not in my fam. and most of them are in the groups who migrated from lost cherry and cherry tap. they know all the old timers and at the end of the day they have my back. for  every bad thing yall spit at people, i have people who know me from real life who can contidict any comment or biased opinion you may have. to all you jealous people who hate me, it doesnt bother me at all
7 Days, 7 Sins - Greed
Day 1 - Pride. Seven great things about yourself.Day 2 - Envy. Seven things you lack and covet.Day 3 - Wrath. Seven things that piss you off.Day 4 - Sloth. Seven things you neglect to do.Day 5 - Greed. Seven worldly material desires.Day 6 - Gluttony. Seven guilty pleasures.Day 7 - Lust. Seven love secrets.(Let me preface this with the fact that I'm not a materialistic person. As long as I have a roof over my head and food in my belly, I'm happy. That being said - here's a list of seven things I would like to own one day - if JUST for one day - but don't necessarily need.) So..Here's my day five: Greed.1. The new Dodge Challenger. I have never in my life viewed a vehicle as more than just a 'point-A-to-point-B' thing, and anything running fit that description. But holy cow, I see these cars and I can't help but drool a little. 2. A hot tub. This desire is more for the theraputic aspects of the whole thing. A heating pad on my back is nice, but simmering in near-boiling water f
Cool Chick, Just A Down To Earth Girl!!
yes this girl is the coolest girl i've met on this site by far, theres a close second and third, but she takes the cake show her some love click those buttons and she'll get ya back she's good like that. Yes its THAT GIRL Sammi Baby shes the shiznit! lol So if you get the chance look her up and help her out a bit level her up she deserves it! She's a real fubar chick not fake like some i've met, you know who you are, thanks for taking the time to check this out lata, peace I'm out!!
The North Face Recon Backpack-the Benefit Of The North Face Product Assess The Reason For Choosing
Ron had an NorthFace Outlet expression of disgust on his North Face Outlet face since he walked on the Gryffindor table, seriously investigating Harry. The surface was now clear, and it was time for an additional duel. Alright! Who's ready for someone else round? I understand I will be," yelped Professor, Wholesale The North Face Backpacks looking utterly ecstatic out of your last exciting duel. He reached his hand into the hat, his tongue hanging slightly out. Harry sighed, North With their face down Jacket Clearance the chances were favoring him facing a colleague if he'd to duel now.One folks that were left were Hermione, Wholesale The North Face Backpacks and himself. Harry desired to duel only one of individuals people. Professor seemed pleased about each of the random names he'd chosen, so he brought his share from the hat, and threw it behind him. -and Miss. Hermione Granger!" Harry gave a timely and quiet sigh of relief. Even when Cho and Hermione were in the proces
First Date Do's And Don'ts
First dates are a necessary evil in the lives of singles. They combine the pressure of job interviews with the artificiality of plastic flowers. You’re willing to do practically anything to make a good impression; all the while you’re observing each move your date makes with the suspicious air of a judge looking down his/her nose at a defendant.With all the high hopes, expectations and fears men and women bring to the table on a first date, it’s a wonder anyone makes it to the second these days. To aid in the progress of l’amour au courant, here are some first date do’s and don’ts to follow:DO: Be yourself. Let me amend that to be your best self. This is not the time to admit to all the vulnerabilities and insecurities that regularly beset you, nor to share the story of how the shock of catching your fiancé in bed with your brother landed you in a mental institution. Trot out the tried-and-true tales that showcase your sweet and sparkling personality
Strawberry Split Cute Baby Swimwear
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I Wish You Enough
  My mother sent me this a year before she passed away... I just came across it and it brought back what a amazing person she was.All of us know there are some real douche bags that we come across on this site.... But then there are those rare, real,almost to good to be true, awesome precious people that makes u realize that even with all the bullshit, u can find a treasure .... Thank u for being more than a screen name on my monitor.. and I hope u know who u are... I am blessed to call you my friend... LuLu   Recently I overheard a mother and daughter in their last moments together at the airport. They had announced the departure. Standing near the security gate, they hugged and the mother said, "I love you and I wish you enough". The daughter replied, "Mom, our life together has been more than enough. Your love is all I ever needed. I wish you enough, too, Mom". They kissed and the daughter left. The mother walked over to the window where I was seated. Standing there I could see s
Shallow Things
Shallow things Grasp desperately To reach the surface for air So many dreams I have had Being pushed under water and sure I would drown Then at the last second know I can breathe water Just before I think I will die Because I feel it And because I can Air is what you think it is
Israel Under Pressure To Limit Retaliation To Palestine Statehood Bid.
ERUSALEM/NEW YORK — Israel is coming under international pressure to limit the scale of its threatened retaliation to a Palestinian statehood bid amid warnings of an explosion of violence in the region. U.S. and European diplomats were scrambling for a compromise on Monday that would recognize Palestinian aspirations,juicy couture outlet placate Israel and persuade both sides to resume negotiations. Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian leader, arrived in New York on Monday before he gives his historic address to the UN General Assembly on Friday, when he will make his case for international recognition of a sovereign state of Palestine. Mr Abbas admitted he had come under "tremendous pressure" to drop his bid and return to talks with Israel, but insisted he would not back down. "We have decided to take this step and all hell has broken out against us," he said. In a sign of unease among supporters of the Palestinian cause in Europe, France called on Mr Abbas to make an explicit com
Obama Offers $3.6 Trillion Deficit Plan, Would Up Taxes
Vowing to veto any plan that relies solely on spending cuts to reduce deficits, the Democratic president's recommendations set the stage for an ideological fight with Republicans opposed to tax increases that will stretch through Election Day 2012. "I will not support any plan that puts all the burden of closing our deficit on ordinary Americans,"gucci outletObama said. "We are not going to have a one-sided deal that hurts the folks who are most vulnerable." Obama's speech reflected a more aggressive defense of Democratic principles after he took a battering in two previous budget battles with Republicans this year, which helped drive his approval rating to new lows. Most Americans say they are unhappy with Obama's economic leadership, and the president's re-election hopes could hinge on his ability to convince voters that Republicans represent the rich, not the middle class. On Monday, he repeatedly said all Americans must pay their "fair share" of taxes, and he sharpened the diff
Ndp Not 'pandering' To Quebec Over More Western Seats, Mulcair Says
Federal Heritage Minister James Moore needs a lesson in Canadian heritage when it comes to the question of whether Quebec deserves more House of Commons seats, NDP deputy leader Thomas Mulcair said Monday. Mulcair, who is contemplating a run for the party's leadership, said B.C.'s senior cabinet minister is wrong to accuse the official Opposition of "pandering" to Quebec because it has 59 seats in the province. Moore levelled the charge last week when he blasted the NDP for insisting that Quebec, as well as fast-growing B.C, Alberta and Ontario, deserves more seats when electoral boundaries are next redistributed based on the 2011 census. The goal of the bill should be fairness and not "about the immediate politics of pandering to one group of Canadians instead of another because that's where 59 of your MPs happen to be from," air yeezy Moore said. But Mulcair cited a 1991 Supreme Court of Canada decision involving electoral boundaries in Saskatchewan that declared that boundary makers
Oldd Realestt
 The future must be workin hard, It's cashin' out time like checks.      The days are seemin' shorter, and we are growin' older faster.      I miss the days me and my bro would play Grand tourismo all day, winning shit.      And i miss the times when me and my friend max would fuckin sail lego boats across      A little lake just to find out it sank, and be completely cool with it, straight up.      Shit, there is so much more than i could ever print in these lines that i miss.      But somethings are better left unspoken.        If you haven't noticed everything is ment to fade.      But at the end of the last day, don't mourn.      Just make sure you leave on a good note for someone to remember you by,       Cause really no one gives a shit how you come in, Its all about how you exit.      When you exit, scar them with you're presence, for the best.         Seems like lately iv been in Debt with reality...      Time to burn another blunt, it'll keep it off my shoulders
As i wake from a seemingly endless nightmare my senses become intact and i realize that the world is dark, red streaks gash the skies like an open wound and trees are decorated with fire blowing turbently with the smell of ash and smoke trailing in the wind. From my window I witness judgement day.     Deer dash across the empty lot near my home leaving dust in the wind trying to get away.     Women and their children stand helplessly outside their home, wondering if they gave thanks to the important things in life incase the unthinkable happens.      Teenage guys lose their egotistical thoughts of what people think about them and scurr off in denial of what is actually going on.      The wise people stay passive wanting their time to come for maybe a glimmer of hope to come back a young person.      As I interlude into my thoughts a collage of old photos and moments of happiness that took place in my life packed together and remolded me; I was not scared of death.       
Sunrise to Sunset I will wake, I will rest But my love for you will stay at it's best.   Each moment we make, will never break Time is not an issue, cause forever I'm with you No more tick tock for the clock This is our twilight.   So iv come to my senses as we lay in the rain I'm a Dick, your a Jane Let's make this kiss and start our fame.   Sunrise to Sunset I will wake while you rest And give you a kiss for the best.   -Alex Deer
Lookin Out For Numero Uno
How does one transition from caring more about everyone else to caring for herself?
Burning Bridges
I have come to learn that when you burn a bridge you bes hope that you dont ever come to a place where you need to cross it again... I dont always make the best choices; more often than not I do many things on impulse and think only in the moment, not what repercussions could follow or that because of my actions others may get hurt. My relationships both romantic and platonic have been jeopardized so many times because I was paranoid for no reason and because I let gossip get to me before finding out all details. I cannot change the things that I have said and done to people; I can only try my best to make sure that history doesnt repeat itself. All that I can do is ask for forgiveness and hope for the best..
Beating The Flu ...
  sumdumphuk: i thought you said bigger isn't always better. To sumdumphuk: i lied just so i did not have to hear you whine about your dick sumdumphuk: so then as an admitted liar, are you in love with my kawk or not? To sumdumphuk: meh its like a kit kat mini ... tastes like the real thing but not enough of it to satisfy I am just quite pleased with my ownage of him (y) lol 
Special Occasion Dresses For Children
Flower girls dresses and dresses for christenings and first communions do not have to be expensive. I suggest you’d better do not shopping in your local stores if you want to save some money. Those local stores you can find in malls and large shopping centers are notorious for charging steep prices for these types of dresses.especially the boutiques. There are a great many online retailers that carry special occasion dresses for girls and it is on these websites that you will not only find affordable dresses but also the very widest variety. like the  Mldress and Gsdresses.Both of them offer a wide variety of flower girls dresses in various styles .You just need to cost the half of your budget but will buy the most beautiful flower gorls dresses. Christening dresses or gowns are quite often very beautifully detailed with silk ribbons, lace and satin ties.If you take some time to look around online, you are sure to find the perfect christening dress that will make a wonderful keep
revenant \REV-uh-nuhnt\noun;    1.  One who returns after death (as a ghost) or after a long absence.
Knowledge is true opinion.  -  Plato
Help Save The Piers In Whitby, North Yorkshire
There's a campaign to try help save the historic piers in Whitby, North Yorkshire, England. There's a group on Facebook (2600 - 2700 members so far from the local area & around the world): Here's what is at stake:
Fucking Freaks
:05pmreplyalex: baby 7:05pmmoreTo alex: pardon?7:05pmreplyalex: tu parle francais ??7:07pmreplyalex: you speak french ??7:10pmmoreTo alex: no7:11pmreplyalex: english ??7:11pmreplyalex: if i give u my address can u send me a picture for ur chest or ur ass :$ ??7:11pmmoreTo alex: yes7:11pmmoreTo alex: no7:12pmreplyalex: please i like ur chest baby :$7:12pmmoreTo alex: want a pic of my big dick too7:13pmreplyalex: hehehehhe i want to see ur ass :$7:14pmreplyalex: you can send me a picture in this address : !! and i send u a picture for my dick 7:15pmmoreTo alex: so you wanna see my big dick then7:15pmreplyalex: you can send me ??7:16pmmoreTo alex: for why would i do that?7:16pmreplyalex: 1) i like ur chest 2) i send u a picture for my dick :$7:16pmreplyalex: so send me a picture for you in this address : yass.the.best1@gmail.com7:17pmmoreTo alex: i have a 9" kok can you handle?7:18pmreplyalex: you can send me or no ?7:18pmmoreTo alex: you really wanna see my kok?7
For Steve
It is very tough to believe a stranger, But if someone loves U more than Fish loves Water, Holds UR hand tight with tears in his eyes & says,  The moment I saw U I fell in love with U I can't live without U & wanna spend the rest of my life with U I LOVE U 
When we make loveIt's hard to tellIf your dreamin' of meOr someone elseThat drunken kissSeems like a lieDon't say it's foreverAnd then say goodbyeGlitterDon't ya leave mePlease believe meI only want your loveGlitter you're my loverI'll have no other girlI only need your loveWhen mornin' comes and theSun shines brightYou gonna need someoneSomeone to treat ya rightSo don't walk outWhen you wake upLet's give it a chance girlLet's give it a shotGive it a shot nowGlitter, don't decieve meGotta believe meOnly need your loveGlitter, there's no otherYou're beautifulI only want youThis is fine for now, butMaybe, let's make a babyInside of youIt's just the time,We gotta find,I want your nameOn my tattooYou blow my mind,So tell me,I wanna knowGlitter shines foreverForever an' ever,I only need your loveGlitter, lay your head down hereI'll always be so nearI only want your loveHere comes theHere it comesThere goes theThere it goesHere comes our love againThrough the window outI only
When we make loveIt's hard to tellIf your dreamin' of meOr someone elseThat drunken kissSeems like a lieDon't say it's foreverAnd then say goodbyeGlitterDon't ya leave mePlease believe meI only want your loveGlitter you're my loverI'll have no other girlI only need your loveWhen mornin' comes and theSun shines brightYou gonna need someoneSomeone to treat ya rightSo don't walk outWhen you wake upLet's give it a chance girlLet's give it a shotGive it a shot nowGlitter, don't decieve meGotta believe meOnly need your loveGlitter, there's no otherYou're beautifulI only want youThis is fine for now, butMaybe, let's make a babyInside of youIt's just the time,We gotta find,I want your nameOn my tattooYou blow my mind,So tell me,I wanna knowGlitter shines foreverForever an' ever,I only need your loveGlitter, lay your head down hereI'll always be so nearI only want your loveHere comes theHere it comesThere goes theThere it goesHere comes our love againThrough the window outI only
Week 2 Nfl 2012 Season - Al Davis Voodoo Doll Is Burned Alive
To all those peeps who said that firing Tom Cable and putting Hue Jackson in as Head Coach because he's the guy behind last season's wins?  What's your excuse now?  Ol Hue has an offensive but with this pansy ass, piece of crap defense that can't stop a running game, we got NOTHING!!!!    Hue I hope you have your backs packed in advance, because another game or 2 like yesterdays and you're gone.  Al may not even let you finish the season.  And Hue, I made an Al Davis Voodoo Doll and I threaten him with things like getting butt fucked or burned at the torch or buried alive or tied to the train tracks...yes I have to threaten your boss into making good decisions.     Week One was great but we also played the Broncos who are basically a crappy team. Don't be me wrong Hue, I'll take the win no matter who it is but yesterday proved that you don't have anything on Tom Cable and just as us loyal fans feared, Al made yet another RIDICULOUSLY STUPID decision in letting Tom go and promoting
Giving Several Tips To You For Purchasing Your Dreaming Wedding Dress
First, and more important, you have to suit your dress towards the relaxation from the wedding particulars and themes. For instance, if you're getting an outside wedding in the center of an outdoor or perhaps a park, then you definitely don't want to buy a lengthy-sleeved wedding dress having a extended train. It'll certainly look unnatural. You will need to choose a sensational, short-sleeved dress that's much shorter long and matches using the surroundings from the location and season. Furthermore, for those who have selected a particular color plan for that wedding then you will need to make certain that the wedding gown matches too. Nowadays, wedding gowns can be found in a number of colors including red-colored, black, ivory, gold as well as silver. You need to choose the best color for the wedding dress. When the color doesn't match the theme, your visitors will certainly notice. Safe wedding gown colors include ivory, white and cream. These colors will compliment any color you
Singles Dance Party Sept 23rd @ 8 Pm At Rehab!   I'm going with Anita!   Also check my POF profile my name is Kelizah
We Were Meant To Be Together
We have a song that fits so right, I think about you day and night. I love you and you love me, I know that this was meant to be. I want this feeling to last forever, Cause we were meant to be together. When it was gloomy, you shed the light, You always seem to make things right. You mean all the world to me, I only wish that you could see. I want this feeling to last forever Cause we were meant to be togethe
For All Sassy's Sexy Family Hangout Staff Lounge
To All Staff.....      If I don't seem some change in some of you coming in at least once a week....I am going to have to let you go and hire someone else. I understand of family and life come first. But going behind my back or what not is not cool either. If you don't want to be my friend or work for me just let me know. That is all I ask. Thanks:)    Sincerely, Sassy:) 
Reasons Unknown
Can you speak, without saying a word? Do you have the power, not to be heard? I don't have to speak, My eyes speak for me. Look into them, and tell me what you see. I will never have to say, a word at all. My strength is mighty, for a body this small. My eyes tell a tale, of pain, sweat and tears. You can search for it, but there's not an ounce of fear. The only fear you may see, would be attached to love. I don't know why, but it terrifies me. To be vulnerable, weak, a simple release. One thing I can't grasp, my disease. That's one emotion, I can't allow to be shown. When I lose sight of that, I run, for reasons unknown.
Checking Out Profiles......
im so sicl of people assuming that im single when it clearly states in a relationship..... dont people ever fully check out the profiles.... please let me know if u what u think people should do cuz some take the word friends alil to far. whats ur opinion on people not respeting the profile?
Out Of Reach
To make you feel my love. What would I do? I'd bottle up this emotion, and send it straight to you. I'd talk to the moon, if that's what it took. In-order to give you, an inside look. If you could feel, the power within. How it deep it runs, beneath the skin. The chills, the trembles, the loss of speech. I suddenly have, because you're out of reach.
Spankophiliacs Intermezzo
Between Spankings with Dallas, Tiana Marie, Miss Crash, Malena Teves, Jane Jett, Aly Sinclair, Katie Kinns, Lord Master Earl & Mehta. Photo: Mad Passion  radio9-17-11   Lenth: 99:52 minutes    Date: 9/17/2011 Click Here for the “Spanko” PG-ish Pix Page… Adding Hot New Pix Every Hour Through Wednesday!  X pix and video coming soon to Yes indeed, brothers and sisters, wankers and spankers, we may or may not be children of God, but we are all children of sex (amen and awomen), and some of us are also children of spanking, for better and for worse.  Whether or not we were spanked as kids, for a variety of reasons, some of which are mentioned in my Spankology bloggamy, a great many of us love to spank and/or be spanked recreationally and consensually, as adults, with sex or without. In this hard-hitting edition of RadioSUZY1, we explore the psychology and physiology of the art and science of butt-whacking for discipline, punishment, therapy, p
Come To My Dungeon...
Come to My dungeon,It's time to play,You will like it here,You may even want to stay.                             Roam the halls enjoy the sights,You will find us all up day and night.                 No need for a key,I'll show you the way,   To your room where you shall stay.But first things first,It's time to play!
Don't Even Have To Knock
To reach for someone, without doing so. Seems impossible, believe me, I know. So much to say, on the tip of your tongue. Fighting to keep the words in, one by one. You know they feel the same, but they are scared to. Keeping it in, yet letting it out just the same. Gives you both, pleasure and pain. Both too afraid to bust the door down, you thought you had locked. I'll leave my side open for you, just walk in, you don't even have to knock.
Empathy is defined as the ability to feel the feelings of another person. You can put yourself in their shoes and feel their happiness or in this case their pain. For the last eight years I've watched on TV as the names of the people lost on 9/11 were read aloud at Ground Zero. I saw in the crowd people holding photos of the loved one they lost. Each photo a story of a life cut short. This year I saw some of those family members in person. I SAW the photos with my own eyes..not on TV..right in front of me. All the faces I'd only seen on a television screen were looking back at me. The family members were passing me in the crowd. None of them knowing how far I'd traveled to be there. I was just another face among many.      We left before all the names were read and went down into the subway. On the bench in front of me was an elderly lady with two young men sitting on each side of her. In her arms in front of her she clutched a photo. The closer we got I was able to see
A Mind That Never Sleeps
The thoughts and images, inside my head. Will live on, long after I'm dead. For, they speak louder, than I ever can. It's my way of expression, to help you understand. What it's like having a mind, that never sleeps. The memories keep haunting, the past that weeps. Infecting my thought process, enabling it's power to stop. I need to find the switch, that turns this thing off.
The Most Beautiful Light
Off in the distance, is a sight like none other. It's beauty surpasses any, yet to be discovered. You reach for it, and feel a sting. You instantly pull back. That's when you notice it's, in the middle of a thorn patch. Still you don't care, it's worth the blood shed. You see the bigger picture, what lies ahead. Those thorns, that stick to it, drawn to it almost. Are just that, thorns, easily disposed. But you yourself, shine just as bright. The two of you together, could give off the most beautiful light.
Karma's A Bitch.
If only if only I could light you aflame, standing there laughing while going insane. Stomping you out with my favorite cleat, loving every moment you burn under my feet. Grabbing the shovel and digging thy grave, I laugh at your soul for no one will save. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, kiss that pharase goodbye  because your soul is screwed. As your soul barrels down through the 9 circles of hell, you have no one to blame but only yourself. As you reach the bottom of this hellish ground, it is where you'll remain experiencing pain so profound. Forever enslaved to anguish and pain, your soul will be tormented by all those insane. So next time you're foul or you get that itch, just remember that Karma's a bitch...
Reaching Forward Pulling Back
They stand on the other side, of this wall I have built. I don't know what lead them there, maybe it's guilt. Regardless my heart pounds, from the other side. Wanting to tear it down, choosing to hide. To reach through, shows weakness, a single crack, and it could break. Reaching forward, pulling back. Which choice should I make? Each time I thnk of you, that little girl comes back. That one you tossed into, a world so black. To tear down this wall, means letting you win. Not sure I'm willing to lose, to the two of you again.
Tell You How I Am
well i like you know u frist than getting to knowing about u. who u are. where u live an where u work at. but me i stay at home help my mom with things in the house and out the house too . doing the back yard an weting the plants.i do go to church on snday when i can most of the time of the week.almost all day long on the computer on yahoo facebook twitter like every time i get time to go i will be there :) o happy days.
Lives On
A shadow is cast, upon the ground. A girl, on a bridge, looking down. From up there, it looks clear. You can see right through. But there is more inside, it’s depths of blue. Just like her, there is more within. Camouflaged by waves, covered by skin. Her eyes tell all, as the tears fall into the deep below. The burden she carries, refuses to show. The sea is her escape, the moment they collide. One longing for the other, neither one alive. Until they unite, finally becoming one. As the waves hit the sand, Their legacy lives on.
Pass It Around
A man stands alone, on the side of the street. Dirty and cold, no shoes on his feet. People pass him by, without a single glance. He’s easily dismissed, doesn’t stand a chance. I bet he was once, someone who mattered. Then something happened, caused him to shatter. What is his story? I want to know. What makes him stand out there, barefoot in the snow? His eyes are heavy, something happened to this man. Why doesn’t anyone care, or want to understand? I look all around me, and the shoes I am wearing. Then I pull over, can’t help caring. I have been blessed, so I’ll pass it around. Give him a ride, to the shelter in town.
Who Does That?
Daddy’s little girl. I never knew how that felt. A feeling I used to wonder about, myself. Just a hint of feeling, love or concern. Something I never received, and yet I still yearn. For that father’s love, the pride and protection. Instead I got nothing, but constant rejection. A child left to fight alone, at such a young age. Like a defenseless animal, locked in a cage. People poking and taunting, until you snap. Leaving your tears, falling upon your own lap. With no one there, to wipe them clean. The reason remains, a mystery to me. Why you chose to turn, your back. Help me understand, why you done that.
This One Last Time
Fog and mist, surrounds me so. Where I am, I do not know. I can see you there, but I can’t make out your face. Reach for my hand. take me out of this place. It’s dark and cold, let the light shine through. Please grab the hand, that’s reaching for you. Don’t turn away from me, yet again. Can’t you see the wounds, beneath the skin? The scars you caused, cut too deep. These are blood tears, you cause me to weep. What’s done is done, there’s no changing it now. Let’s start over. a new beginning somehow. I was delivered to you, for reasons unknown. Let’s discover them together. let it be shown. I was your baby, and you tossed me aside. I am asking for your hand Mom. This one last time.
It's Your Choice
I choose to look at life, in a different way. I’m grateful for everything, each and every day. I embrace my tears, from joy or pain. Both provide you, with something to gain. You may not see it, but believe me it’s there. Open yourself up to it, be aware. There is color portrayed, in the darkest place. You just have to recognize, it’s face. A time of sorrow, can be a time to rejoice. That depends on you. it’s your choice.
Earth...god...creation...other Bullshit.
One of the primary reasons why I tended to latch on to the Wiccan faith so much was due to my failed experiences with the Christian and likeminded faiths.  To put it simply I got pretty bent out of shape about a lot of social drama and about my life status in general at the age of 30 being pretty much a washed out looser. Okay, maybe not just pretty much.  But the fact of the matter is that others weren't the only ones who fucked up my life.  As I stated in my status, I don't believe in Karma, only in consequences.  So not only did they fuck up, but I fucked up to.  So I'm putting that behind me now, and I found myself yet again somewhat defining my concept of God.  I wanted to get into the Qabalah and start studying that.  That seems to be a pretty big thing to get into when you're wiccan.  And from what I understand believing in the literal existence of some sort of being called God or Goddess is pretty popular, which I can not really stomach that concept at all.  It just does not se
Live Laugh Love
live like tomarrow not going to come laugh until your sides hurt and fall in love with many things as you can. well there nothing more to the point then this. we often forget that we should live laugh and love alot because of things or drama going on in our lives or something like that. live your life the way you want to laugh at stupid littel things and love often but dont let on physco or idiot ruin your chances with that.
It Ain't Easy Being Me.
i think i have just come to the realization that i am at an awkward stage in my life. the trouble with finding and reinventing yourself in your 40s is that "the good years" are in the past and all you have left are a few years at your "peak".      i am having a "moment" today. i am not feeling so good about myself.  i am feeling lonely and sad and i am not sure why. i do contribute part of it to men. they have no clue what they do, but always unconciously make us feel useless, unwanted, not good enough, etc. etc.   i need a change. i need something.   (my stupid settings are not working right, hence no capitalization...grrr)
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Online Gamers Strike Major Blow In Battle Against Aids
Distributed human-brain cluster cracks protein conundrum By Anna Leach • Get more from this author Posted in Biology, 19th September 2011 13:19 GMT Free whitepaper – King’s College LondonUses IBM BNTRackSwitch for HPC A bunch of gamers have untangled the structure of a key protein in the virus that causes AIDS, a mystery that has left scientists stumped for decades. It took just three weeks for players of online game Foldit to predict an accurate model for the protein – a type of enzyme called a retroviral protease that has a critical role in how the HI virus grows and spreads. The game Foldit was specially designed to help work out the structure of proteins. It combines computer intelligence with human spatial abilities by asking players to tweak and tug 3D models, a task that computers find hard to do. A screengrab of online protein-folding game, Foldit The gamers – most of whom have no background in biochemistry – generated mod
Really Sick Of It
Ya know... both here and in reality I do whatever I can to help people Be it small or large I think I am a good person, I do my best to make others happy When the hell does all this selflessness get paid back?? I very rarely ask for anything, but I will say that I have some people that do for me without my asking, but the majority nada   I am just really really friggin annoyed.
Jam Online
Jam Online Jam Tangan Online Jam Tangan Kw
Jam Tangan Murah
Jam Tangan Murah Jam Murah Jam
7 Days - 7 Sins - Sloth
Day 1 - Pride. Seven great things about yourself.Day 2 - Envy. Seven things you lack and covet.Day 3 - Wrath. Seven things that piss you off.Day 4 - Sloth. Seven things you neglect to do.Day 5 - Greed. Seven worldly material desires.Day 6 - Gluttony. Seven guilty pleasures.Day 7 - Lust. Seven love secrets.Here's my day four: Sloth.1. I never work out, I do run though.. I've been trying to get on that bandwagon for a few months now, but I've found my couch is much more relaxing than trying to look like Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.2. I don't floss. Scratch that - I rarely floss. Not that I'm trying to play devil's advocate, but how many of us out there are adamant about flossing on a daily basis? Any dentists reading this journal? 3. I'm horrible at sending birthday cards. This is actually something my siblings are fantastic at - and I never tell them how great I think that is and how much I'm sure they mean to people. But personally I suck at fulfilling this tiny simple gesture.
Jam Replika
Jam Replika Jam Tangan Replika Jam Tangan
North Face Don't About The Difficuty Nevre Stop Exploring Go This Will Try
  A lot of people that tend to have the outdoor pursuits would cost lots of time to prepared our necessaries before they recently whenever the sun changed from blue to grey and rain did begin to poured down. North Face Outlet isWholesale The North Face Backpacks merely great choice while in front of their faces. Each and every factors right In North Face Coupons merchants online has got the top quality ensure making technique special material. Numerous folks would not find out what are their actual needs. When playing drop and skiing, Wholesale The North Face Backpacks some time was short that Rain followed for a few days and then several more days later. Each men comes with a wonderful set of two the experience North Face shoes, causing this to be why North Face shoes are specialised in design towards the greatest comfortableness and endurance. Although North Face merchandise develop the lower price cost, the North Face Outlet has qualified style and design division. Tho
Thoughts N Shit.
  Feelings.... They are fucking scary. I have not had too many in a LONG LONG time. I have some now... They petrify me. I am so glad they are there. Yet sooooo sooo scared. I guess I am kind of used to the bad crap always happening to me. I am doing all that I can to be positive because somehow... I actually trust this. For once. I have never wanted for something or trusted in something any more than I do at this very moment. The feelings are always on my mind and they never get old. I hope that this all continues.  LOVIN IT!
This Is To Link With Sweetone Ecs
To SweetOne ECS SweetOne ECS@ fubar                                From behaving2
He waits for her, fidgeting he can't sit still he loves her so much that his heart is about to beat it's way out of his chest. for years he has tried to be the one she needs. But he was never good enough, there was always something that kept him from being the one. So instead he waits, and prays that she will notice him. Never actually being the man in her life he doesn't know what to do. So he waits for her, and he sits and watches as she dates other men and they hurt her. Tearing her down, making her feel like she is worthless. He waits for her, to notice that he has been here the whole time and that he loves her more then anything on the planet. He waits for her, the years go by and still she is not his. Still nothing changes in his heart, she hurts him, she tells him that she loves him but can't be with him. He waits for her, to realize over all the years he has been the one that she was looking for the whole time. She finally sees him for who he really is, and finally tells him ye
Oh No She Didnt!
so a friend of mine stopped by with some photos of her friends wedding that happen to have been this wkend..... wow the bride was a big big girl that had a strapless gown,, Im sorry but if ur a big gal u don't need a strapless gown... no one wants to see ur arm flap or that piece of fat that hangs over the gown when u raise ur arms... that's just nasty and well not very pretty and do u really what to be remembered that way? I have seen big brides with some beautiful gowns that wasn't strapless... Am I the only one that thinks this way? I am not trying to be mean but come one thats just nasty... I am kinda a big gal and I could never embarrass myself or the ppl around my by showing the xtra fat on my body. Strapless gowns r for small and mayb med. gals not for 300 and up.. smh
Strauss-kahn Denies Violence In Sex Assault Cases
Dominique Strauss-Kahn broke his silence four months after a New York hotel maid accused him of sexual assault, calling his encounter with the woman a "moral failing" he deeply regrets,juicy couture outlet but insisting in an interview on French television Sunday that no violence was involved. Strauss-Kahn, the former head of the International Monetary Fund and a one-time top presidential contender in his native France, also denied using violence against a French writer who claims he tried to rape her in a separate 2003 incident. Throughout what appeared to be a heavily scripted 20-minute-long interview with French broadcaster TF1, Strauss-Kahn managed to come off as contrite even as the Socialist politician insisted he hadn't forced himself on either of the women. He said his May 14 sexual encounter with Nafissatou Diallo, an African immigrant who claimed that he attacked her when she entered his room in Manhattan's Sofitel hotel to clean it, "did not involve violence, constraint o
Mps Trickle Back To Ottawa On Eve Of Fall Session Of Parliament
OTTAWA — The House of Commons was dark Sunday. Row by row, chairs leaned forward, propped up against the empty desks politicians normally occupy. On Monday, the chairs will be upright and darkness removed,gucci outlet shedding light on a House of Commons with three parties searching for a permanent leader when the fall session official begins. MPs from the Bloc Quebecois, the Liberals and the NDP, which lost leader Jack Layton to cancer in August, will have to rely on their caucus for support, meaning a heavier emphasis on caucus discipline for rookies and veterans alike, said one former NDP MP. “The hardest thing is being without a leader,” said Judy Wasylycia-Leis, who served as NDP caucus chair from 2005 to 2009. “Caucus . . . it’s your family. It has your back.” After a “baptism by fire” in the brief spring session following the May election —_a session that included a 58-hour filibuster to delay back-to-work legislation for
Where Am I ?
What is this place buried deep inside? There is a familiar face trying to hide I sit in here staring at the wall I hear a voice Trying to call my name aloud But I ignore it I've been fighting an endless war Now I awake to the though of a hand As my gaze falls upon a plastic wristband I finally realize where I am!
Sexy Leopard One Piece Swimwear
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Shark 3d > Vidéos > Bande-annonce Vo
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My World
Through my eyes I see a world A world that no one else can see In it are people...people just like me There are clouds that are always gray Skies that are always dark Buildings, Churches and even houses All these things in a world only I can see With people...people just like me. Some are sad and some are happy Some forgive and others aren't so easy They all live in this world...a world only I can see They are people...people just like me.
How To Know The Accrate Size To Order For A Wedding Dress
Plus size brides are often facing the dilemma of finding the right wedding dress. The task of finding the best wedding dress for a full-figured bride is often more difficult than for brides who can fit in the regular sizes. But with the growing number of shops and boutiques catering to the plus size range, full-figured brides will now find the task a bit easier than before. In addition, online bridal boutiques are now available and offer a wide variety of wedding gowns in various styles.shades and is very important for curvy brides to understand their body shape.and size and to be more confident in showing their curves and becoming the prettiest woman on her wedding day. First of all ,let me tell you where to find the plus size wedding dresses??If you are a full figured woman looking for a flattering and stylish plus size wedding dress, then check out the ultimate guide to curvy bridal gowns at Gsdresses.this is an online bridal guide for full-figured brides to be, providing s
We have finally arrived The Bringers of Death are here Bloodshed is now among humanity We spread our broken and bloody wings Covering the lands in shadow Together we make rain fall upon the battlefields It washes away all the blood so more may spill We help the wars, we encourage the slaughter We take pride in senseless massacres Making every move like a game We cannot be overthrown
Residents Come Out To Clean-up Hays Creek In Prince Rupert
It all started 18 years ago in Stanley Park, when a small group of staff and volunteers from the Vancouver Aquarium decided to conduct a local shoreline cleanup to help avoid garbage from entering the ocean. Since 1994, over 300,000 volunteers from various communities have picked up over one million kilograms of litter along shorelines as part of the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, an annual event to help prevent unwanted material from reaching seas. On Saturday, September 17, the WWF-Canada Prince Rupert office coordinated a shoreline cleanup at Hays Creek, that was presented by Loblaws. “[There are a number of reason why the shoreline cleanup is important] including local stewardship and that it makes people being aware of their personal actions and the consequences of them,” said Mike Ambach from World Wildlife Fund in Prince Rupert,louis vuitton outlet who was the site coordinator of this year’s cleanup. “What we put through the water systems; the creeks,
Deepness In Seattle: Cameron Crowe On Pearl Jam Twenty
I'm a collector. I'll keep anything and everything. I'll keep a record, a receipt, a photo, a magazine, a card, a phone number long since disconnected. Everything. It's a bit of a burden, as any collector knows. At some point, the boxes own you. Moving is a horrific experience. And actually trying to find something in these towers of boxes is always a futile endeavour. But there they sit, the boxes, and every once in a while this pack-rat mentality can be a little bit profound. Like today, randomly coming across a dusty container marked: "Pearl Jam – Stuff/90s." Saved for a rainy day. And here it is. Raining. The timing is interesting. We've been in the editing room for about a year, working on Pearl Jam Twenty, burberry outlet a film celebrating this truly great Seattle band's first 20 years. I thought we'd searched every corner and crevice, called in every random news report and interview, transferred every essential piece of Super 8 from the band's visual archive – and n
Elegant And Beautiful Wedding Dress Give You The Perfect Wedding
All brides hopes for getting an ideal wedding, however for this they require an ideal wedding gown, using the bridesmaid's dresses enhancing the brides dress. The issue is how can you choose the most amazing dress when you will find a lot of gorgeous wedding gowns to select from. It's frequently the toughest area of the wedding for that Bride to organise, agonising within the look, style, cost, colour, shape and fit. The most crucial factor to consider when searching for a wedding gown is to pay attention to the characteristics from the dress which are most significant for you because the bride. This will help you to limit your research to locate towards the dress that best suits you, not to mention during these financially difficult occasions one which suits your financial allowance. All brides planning for a wedding is going to be on a tight budget and they'll frequently consider the cost from the wedding gowns before everything else. A great designer will tailor their dresses to f

tHE perfect first date?  Chilling in your best sweats. With a box of chinese food. Curled up in a blanket. While watching a movie. Then building a fort with that blanket. Then falling asleep wrapped in his arms inside it. ♥                              
Do You Do It Or No?
5 Things You Might Not Know About Justin Britt.. Hehehe Love His Articles :)
TIGER KICKOFF: Five things you didn't know about Justin Britt Friday, September 2, 2011 | 6:00 a.m. CDT    ¦   BY HARRY PLUMER   Five things you didn't know about left tackle Justin Britt. He was a big baby. At 11 pounds, 8 ounces, Britt was the largest baby to be born at Blanchfield Army Community Hospital in Fort Campbell, Ky. He talks a big game when it comes to video games. Britt claims to have gone undefeated in 10 straight seasons with Missouri on NCAA Football ‘12 at the game’s highest difficulty level: Heisman. However, he says he only won the national championship in the final nine, “getting screwed,” as he put it, by the BCS in his first season. He was a state champion wrestler in high school. Britt’s wrestling career began in sixth grade and culminated in an undefeated senior season, where he won the conference, district and state championships for the heavyweight division. He placed sixth at the National High School C
Summer Of 2011
  Soft and subtle, your supple lips place gentle kisses across my shoulder while I stand, arms outstretched, hands pressed against the white wood window frame.  Your warm breath sends shivers down my spine, your passionate pecks making me a train wreck of tension and desire. When you reach the small of my back, a car pulls into the parking lot, its headlights illuminating the darkness, and more importantly, me. Twin spotlights announce my presence: a pornographic rock star spread-eagle and naked, nude, posed and exposed as I look out the hotel window and into the glare.  My manhood shines like a waist-mounted microphone, carved of polished stone, a rock star of its own.  And its lone audience is that of two men, two very bad men who step from the sedan after the headlights go out.  Each pulls a pistol from within their jackets. Panicked, I look over my shoulder at the briefcase full of money, knowing very well why the men are here; it is all too clear: they want back that which I t
Vampire Hunter
When will my public service be done. I am so tired of this hellish existence., tired of the countless centuries I have been tracking, hunting, and killing them. If I had of known, what that old man was offering that night I would have told him to take along walk on a short pier. That doesn’t matter now. This is my life, and I will deal with it for all eternity, or at least till all of those blood sucking monsters are dead. Who am I kidding. I am the only one tough enough to match even the weakest of the undead, an on ordinary man doesn’t have a snow balls chance in hell to stand up to this evil. The moon illuminates the night and I scan the open field, looking for signs of any movement. I caught the scent of wet dog about 200 miles up the road, and I tracked it all the way back here. Somewhere in this area, a beast lurking, waiting to attack anyone who crosses its path. It’s the only way the animal knows how to behave., and its not entirely its fault. It is in its nat
Do not judge others by there appearance, only judge them by their deeds.   Judge them by the mindframe, wants and needs. Whats right and wrong and what should belong are the markers on a quest, a bird in flights sad song, must find the strength to be alone, for it is the only way to rest.  Blessed is the one whos light shines bright.  Damaged is the one who fights their own life.  Keep your enemies at arms length, and embrace a loyal friend.  For dark and twisted, vein and wicked are the thoughts of evil men.
Immortality ( Your Greatest Gift Or Worst Nightmare )
If you were given the chance to accept it would you? I imagine a lot of people's first response would be to jump at it. Perhaps in the distant future we will have advanced medical science enough that it could offer some form of immortality but I cannot imagine a more terrible fate for those that would choose it because not all people would want to go on forever. For those who would they would still face a barrage of potential misadventures over multiple lifetimes that would eventually end in their demise. You are only as safe as your ability to risk manage and even then not aging would not save you from a firey car crash. A person who could defy the odds and avoid calamity over thousands of years would carry the baggage, the scars, the memories of watching everything they ever cared about, everyone they ever loved leave them. We were never meant for such a distortion of nature. No human heart could bear that kind of pain. Your greatest fantasy would become your worst nigh
What Makes A Prison A Prison ? ( We All Must Save Ourselves )
I was at our north warehouse one day to move some supplies at my employers request. While I was taking care of this task I noticed that a wild bird had flown into the building. The dilemma for this poor creature is that it didn't comprehend that it would have to fly lower to the ground in order to escape to freedom. Sadly as it flew frantically back and forth I realized that when I left it would be stranded in this dark, silent tomb until shock or lack of water had claimed it. No one should die alone and this was a sad and senseless for what was about to play out. I tried repeatedly to herd the bird to the big open door but just when it was about low enough and close enough it would turn for the ceiling and what it veiwed as safety. Freedom and salvation were at times only inches away but the poor creature's instinct's told it to fly upward. Fear had become it's prison and was going to seal it's fate. It was painful to stand outside of this and watch. As human beings we li
Spotlight Drawing
The idea is to have a daily spotlight drawing. Requirements are that the member must be at level 48. The member must have a minimum of 1 billlion fubucks and everyone that meets those requirements has an equal chance......The cost to the winner is 1billion fubucks
Expectecting A Visitor
Chinese water torture pales in comparison to the second hand ticking away, hurdling over milliseconds on its 60 count journey.  Tick, Tick, Tick drums on in my ears, then echoes like a church bell in an opera house. Twelve minutes past our arranged meeting time, and still no knock on my front door. The anxiety brought on by this unprecedented delay,tightens and twists my insides, causing me to throw my nerve wracked body against the wall.  Thoughts of betrayal and conspiracy gather behind my searching eyes, as I look out the window, pacing back and forth, to and fro, again again and once more, searching for the arrival of the missing piece to a pre arranged appointment.  The phone is cold, lifeless and heavy in my hand, as I bring the already ringing technology to my ear. No answer. Why, is this happening i wonder in sweat drenched panic. Where is my dang pizza. I ordered like a thousand hours ago. I'm  Starving!
The Mandlebrot Set ( ......charmed Magic Casement Opening On The Foam Of Perilous Seas, In Fairy Lands Forlorn - John Keats
I remember back a few years ago spending many days dwelling on the idea that in nature, control could exist within chaos. The idea just popped into my mind one day and like a song you can't seem to get out of in your head the idea played over and over again. I watched a fascinating documentary on "Fractal Geometry" on the weekend and was excited when they described how when you look around in nature with a mind geared to fractal thinking you see them everywhere in patterns of clouds and leaves on trees and such (I love looking for them in nature)describing them as "Islands of Order Within Chaos". Perhaps I had been sensing this connection on a deeper subconscious level and now seeing this documentary had brought it to front and center. The most famous fractal geometric shape was discovered in 1980 by Benoit Mandlebrot(Born 1924) whose discovery of what is now known as the "Mandlebrot Set" by no coincidence came with the rise of more powerful computing speeds. The shape
Moving Back South
I live colorado but the guys out here suck! I havent met one worth really gettin to know and Ive been here a year! seriously thinking about moving back to Tennessee or Kentucky. course I have a place in North Carolina too, guys can be douche bags whereever you go I know that, but I miss me some southern boys
Since we already know wat the results are all winners will be given there winnings by the 24th.... had a couple please o please extend it so I did.... so get ya rates while ya can before then xoxoxoxoxoox
Never Say Never
  Never say never you can do anything gotta give it your all no matter how hard it seems whenever you fall down just pick yourself right back up prove all those haters wrong for them nobody gives a fuck I say this shit to motivate ya! I ain't here to preach life is what you make it success is within your reach so go ahead and grab it don't let nothing stand in your way you've worked too hard for this moment to just let it slip away so hold on to this moment hold on to it tight it's your turn to shine come bask in the limelight to everyone who doubts you damn them all to hell none of it phases you at all you're gonna live your life well always believe in yourself never give up on your dreams hard work always pays off just be prepared for all that the journey brings see when you believe in yourself you can become something without belief in your life you are absolutely nothing
Who Am I Really???
  I not to long ago found out that someone in my family had gotten  a credit card in my name and maxed it out back in year 2007. The bill is almost $700. I also found out some more BULLSHIT... I fee l like my family is using me. And the only real family I have anymore is my husband's side of the family. I'm so fucking lost its not even funny. I feel like my family isnt my real family anymore. I wish my family didn't lie like they do. I don't know what to believe anymore my heart is breaking. What do I do??? How could I have not seen this before??? How did this happen??? Was I that stupid not to see this BULLSHIT??? Or was i just that nieve??? I never thought in a million years my family would do this to me never crossed my mind. I honestly thought I was loved as much as I loved them... And now I don't know anymore I don't know who in my family I can trust. The only people I know I can trust is my husband and his side of the family. They have done so much to help us out. They are always
Doing Some Research Of My Own Regarding Fudicks
And it appears social networking sites like MySpace and Facebooks are compelled by state Attorneys General to identify and remove registered sex offenders... Now, this isn't exactly a site where children are, so I don't see any motivation for Social Concepts to care one way or another. This being said, I really think people need to be proactive and keep any photos of their own children which they post on here set to Family or Friends-Only restrictions.
Sparklys Revenge
it seems a certain green person with a phallic name has started a little war and we are being asked to mumm heavily when he attempts to post a mumm. i see this as a good idea. of course i would do this to all greenies but this one in peticular. i ask that you think about htis and see if you feel it is a course of action you wish to take allong with me.
Hello all FantasyFesters! Less than 35 days to go! (Oct. 21-Oct. 20, 2011). And the parade's main theme this year (Fantasy Fest #32) is "Aquatic Afrolic". The TravelSlut® 's Top Tips for First Time Fantasy Fest attendees You are in for a treat both for the Fantasy Fest event itself and for Key West. While I've only been 11 times, I have learned a few things through personal experience or the experience of others: (in no particular order): Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Key West is a walking town especially on and around Duval Street so comfortable, soled shoes or sandals are a must. Don't walk downtown in barefeet as the streets are likely to have either debris or glass, etc. that could cut up your feet. Also, in the heat, both streets and sidewalks heat up tremendously and you don't want to either burn your feet or have to do an emergency purchase of shoes/sandals from a downtown vendor. Toiletries & Medical Supplies: Essentials if you plan do to the "Duval Crawl" include: aspirin,
Willing Wolf: Year 3
    Halloween.Day one.Reborn. Aches and pains. Blah blah blah. Oh yeah: boo.My first day this year was spectacular and set my mood for early season bliss.  One week later this turns sour, dour, as unseasonably warm and rainy weather blows in from the south.  Several mountains offer solace with murmurs of reopening next week, so I four-foot my way back to my den and proceed to clean my fur.  In a moment of boredom, I lift my leg and lick my....?Day two, three weeks later.  I ran hard for a few hours and then called it quits.  There are many days still to go.  Such as tomorrow.  And the next day.  And...Day three.   Three weeks and one day later.Day four.  Cloudy.  Cloudy to the point that most of the living cloak themselves with their caves, silently shivering in fear of the evil which breathes beneath the gray roof of gloom.  Cloudy to the point where a 40 degree day feels like 30.   Cloudy dark and crystal cold.I rode in only a t-shirt for the last hour of the day.  My nipples becam
I Got A Blister On My Baby Toe :(
Friday was an all about me day.. Saw the chiropractor, then I went to the salon... Hair cut and color, pedicure (bright red with sparkles) then I decided to get nails (went with pink and that looks like a french manicure) Then yesterday was all about everyone else Did a 5k, took over a minute off my time, didn't finish last (GO ME!!!) then it was family time. We (all the adults in my family and some of our friends) are in a bowling league :/ I CAN bowl, I just don't usually give a shit. My brother AND brother in law are the type to always be up your ass about how to correct this and that I told them from the get go when I realized I was on their team that if they bothered me I would quit. Last night my brother couldn't take anymore. I throw the ball way too hard (always have) so rather than being a douche about it like in the past he showed me how to slow the ball down and I did do a lot better. Then my brother in law let me buy a new ball at cost (he runs the pro shop
Week Two
     Hey everybody, it's King Jeremy again with my Week 2 NFL predictions!  Let's hope I do better this week than I did with Week 1 lol.  With that said, here's my Week 2 picks to win:   Oakland @ Buffalo: Buffalo   Kansas City @ Detroit:  Detroit   Baltimore @ Tennessee:  Baltimore   Cleveland @ Indianapolis:  Cleveland   Chicago @ New Orleans:  New Orleans   Jacksonville @ NY Jets:  NY Jets   Seattle @ Pittsburgh:  Pittsburgh   Arizona @ Washington:  Arizona   Green Bay @ Carolina:  Green Bay   Tampa Bay @ Minnesota:  Tampa Bay   Dallas @ San Francisco:  Dallas   Houston @ Miami:  Miami   Cincinnati @ Denver:  Cincinnati   San Diego @ New England:  New England   Philadelphia @ Atlanta:  Philadelphia   (ESPN Monday Night Football)   St. Louis @ NY Giants:  NY Giants
No Where
7 Days, 7 Sins - Wrath
Day 1 - Pride. Seven great things about yourself.Day 2 - Envy. Seven things you lack and covet.Day 3 - Wrath. Seven things that piss you off.Day 4 - Sloth. Seven things you neglect to do.Day 5 - Greed. Seven worldly material desires.Day 6 - Gluttony. Seven guilty pleasures.Day 7 - Lust. Seven love secrets.Here's my day three: Wrath.1. Slow drivers in the fast lane. I'm on the interstate every day and the far left lane is for FAST people. Learn that and get the hell over.2. As I still work in the service industry on weekend nights, I cannot stand people who don't know how to calculate gratuity properly. I'm serious when I say if you don't know how - ASK. I'm more than happy to inform and educate.3. Myself for not updating this thing nearly as much as I should. ...or writing nearly as much as I should in general. OR for not putting enough pics, as promised. Got to get on that.4. Cats- and, by default, kittens. (I guess these things don't necessarily 'piss me off' as much as I jus
Thank you for your thoughts & Prayers, My family as you know, I hold then close ,Whom could care,Whether I am hear or even there, My nights just get longer,My heart grow's fonder ,I can not sleep,Breathing , is impossible,shit on me , l ead me as you will, Just a fucked up soul,Breaking!
Older. Wiser, Stronger ( Getting Older Has It's Benefits )
As I move through my third decade as an Erotic Telepath I sense that I am moving toward an " Awakening "........ a new beginning that is slowly being revealed to me and will commence this Summer when I am reborn in the forest of WolfHaven. My experiences as a " Telepathic Lycan " with females have help shape me and once again something continues to happen that confirms in my mind what I have suspected for many years now........... as I am getting older, my telepathic abilities are getting stronger. People who are aware of me have predictably reacted in the full spectrum of human responses, curiosity,interested, some fear, hatred, skepticism and everything in between. I have been occasionally approached by some very bold females who want to experience, " Silent Thunder " and make their intentions known. It is unfortunate that when forces of nature are expressed through "Hollywood Style " movies they tend to be exaggerated in their scope which raises peoples expectation
Libra Woman (that Be Me)
Libra Woman September 24 TO October 23 Slogan: I Unite, Therefore I am. GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS:  Born under the sign of Libra, the sign ruled by Venus the goddess of love; the Libra woman is one who definitely searches for peace, quality, and justice in everything she does. She is generally working to try to balance the oppositional forces that she senses exists all about her. Although her personal outlook is an unbiased one, she will often find herself involved in conflicting situations that will require her to seek resolutions. With her natural instinct in knowing what is fair and equitable, the astute Libra woman can often be is very useful and fair in the capacities of a mediator, a judge, or as a good friend if arbitrating differences between others. In her own life, the Libra girl may find that there is a basic duality as one of her scales is usually leaning towards compromise while the other leans toward her getting her own way. The Libra woman must take caution and b
Questions To Him
Tell me what is on your mind, Is it good or bad?Do you lay awake at night?  Or ever wonder if I am happy or sad?Is there one thing in your life,  That you never want to be without?Please take the time to tell me,  What is your life all about?I want to know all about you,  From the beginning to the end.I want to know just where in your life,  Do you see that I fit in.Do you have days that are bad?  When you wish you could share?But you feel you have no one,  I am here and I really care.I don’t know what the future holds.  I am not sure what tomorrow will bring.I just know that at this moment in time,  You happen to be my life and my everything.
My Sweet Release
my sweet death my sweet release take me by my hand and lead me to the rivers of red take me in take in my blood as i lick my lips in excitement to your sweet touch o how i long  for it o how i long for my sweet release let me go to the other side let me go to my spot in hell were i am destined to be  o how i long for thee o how i dream of the moment you come for me my sweet release take me to the great beyond release me from my sarrows release me from my fears release me from my emotions and release me from this world it was never mine and the angel the world has taken it and raped it and left my angel to die as i look in the eyes of the sky with pain on my face i ask for my sweet release 
Friendship Of Me And Sheila
i thought i lost a dear friend in majestic only to be reborned in another friend here in fubar we chat alot and i visit her alot and give her 11s.she means the world to me.
This is a bit of a re-write from a blog I posted last night, so apologies Bwhere...I deleted it because I didn't want to perpetuate negativity.   But apparently others let's try and be a lil constructive here.   First off - by running someone off a website, what are you accomplishing? Punishing him? That's what a legal system is for. Making him feel bad? He'd have to have a conscience. A moral stance? Well, I'll come back to that one.   Basically, to me, it's the 'out of sight out of mind' mentality at work - he's not a risk to any children on an adult it doesn't actually matter if it makes you have to be a grown up and just suck some things up. I don't like a lot of things (sexual offenders included) but guess what? THEY'RE AMONGST US.   So, you're giving him more attention than he has probably EVER HAD - and as we all know, it doesn't matter if it's bad attention, ANY attention is good for the fucked up. And you're wanting to add
Alphabet Love
A wife asked her husband to describe her. He looked at her, then said, "You're A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K". She asks, "What does that mean"? He said, "Adorable, Beautiful, Cute, Delightful, Elegant, Foxy, Gorgeous, Hot". She smiled and said, "Oh, that's sweet, but what about 'I, J, K' "? He said, "I'm Just Kidding' ". His eye is still swollen, but it will get better
Check Out The 2nd Of My 3 Videos Doing Rum Drinks With A Rumologist
Please check out my most recent videos with Rumologist Carl Grooms and be sure to leave a (family-friendly) comment on the video page.
darknesschilling sunrises out into the horizonstand aside and look outand dream a pretty dreamhope an unshellfish hopejust look at all the surroundingslisten to the birds sing their pretty songtrees whispering among each otherwind blowingwater trickling bydarkness takes allwith little specks of lightwaves crashing agaisnt the rocksmoments of slicencelight house a glow over younderlighting the way for the unawakenspirits that are trying to find their way homelook into the nightBy: Diedre
ReAlItYBlack and white specks all overvoices telling you what to dowhat way do you gounknown origins appeartemptations arisesorrows subsidehappiness conjourned with fearReAliTya dream come trueBy:Diedre
Meet The Dj Playing In The Dark Carnival Now And Song Request
    The Dark Carnival "The Gathering Of The Juggalos Rocking Out 24/7 Stop By And Join The Fun...... Please Use Comment Box For Song Request Please Thank You
Cats: The One And Only Maine Coon... Issues With Food!
So I have a cat... as you all know... and he's continuously eating bags cause thats how he shows hes hungry (he also licks water bottles and glasses when hes thirsty) Thats not the problem though the problem is he does it every time I wake up and when I go to check... he already has food in his bowl. ( I think he has me trained) So in order to stop this I have been ignoring him and he evenntually after many times of picking him up and placing him by his food bowl he eats it. Now after he eats it he throws up right afterwards. Every damn time. He's a Maine Coon so he's the most intelligent of all cat species could he be telling me something I may not know?   Yes I should probley take him to the vet. But its to expensive... I can't even afford health insurance for myself and I have two gaping holes in my wisdom teeth. So here in lies that problem.   On top of that cat food is expensive for me with him. Three years ago he was proclaimed 95% dead when I got him to the vet
A Little About What Ive Learned Over The Past Couple Of Months
In the past couple of months ive learned that people you thought would always be there never will be and the people you think that would rather not be there will be.ive learned that if you try to avoid risks everything becomes a risk and your life becomes guarded.I have learned that even if only for a couple of seconds you can love a person for who they are and even be able to turn thier lives around or at least comfort them. my status" How does a person jump into life and go unchanged? the answer is they dont.We as people tend to see the others side and try to help and in tiny and some huge ways change who we are as people.
Keep Safe And Beautiful With New Garden Walls
Is your garden multi level, or on the slope? You call up for garden walls to comprise it, to look after it, to create it safe and seem and also to create it beautiful. Walls are not just for marking the perimeter of your residence plus they aren’t only to cease the neighbour’s youngsters receiving in. making utilization of stepped walls, for example, is recognised getting a terrific method to include a multilayered sensation to some sloping garden – and also to tie it in using the actual components of your house.One within probably the most basic facets of garden pattern is challenging landscaping. “Hard landscaping” is recognised getting a catch all phrase that refers to each of the planned, non organic and natural (i.e. they do not develop from the seed) factors that are current in a really garden design. of those elements, garden walls may be some within probably the most important. there are lots of features for just about any wall, as noted above &nda
7 Days, 7 Sins - Day 2: Envy
Day 1 - Pride. Seven great things about yourself.Day 2 - Envy. Seven things you lack and covet.Day 3 - Wrath. Seven things that piss you off.Day 4 - Sloth. Seven things you neglect to do.Day 5 - Greed. Seven worldly material desires.Day 6 - Gluttony. Seven guilty pleasures.Day 7 - Lust. Seven love secrets.Here's my day two: Envy. (7 thing I lack and/or covet)1. Six-pack abs. I think I could get there if I Really Tried. But I don't know if I have that kind of stamina.  Running only does so much.2. Financial stability. I totally suck at money management.  I should be better.3. People who can make it through this life without some kind of chemical dependency.4. Guitar players. I have a guitar and a book to teach me to play guitar, but I have yet to pick either up. Totally my fault, I know.5. Ah, 20/20 Vision. How freaking sweet would that be? No contacts in the morning and no glasses at night. I might just put this on my 'When I Find A Genie' list. Enjoy it if you have it is all I'm
The North Face Gore Tex Backpackdiscount An Appropriate Design For You
Banned the, better North Face Jackets Sale strict check now!!!!! You inspired to can see a look into business license, the business enterprise is with all kinds of reason to push to adopt off, take not to show up, regarding that ultimately North Face Shoes Wholesale The North Face Jackets is to belong to trap, being cheated, wages didn?隆楼t have to come, many people are Diane go mad, and half 30 days, she fell angry of pack, her competent advised her: Diane, you North Face Shoes don?隆楼t earn cash. Dissapear now in the event that tend to make funds on the line, you don?隆楼t silly, say again, now the .Outside rain heavily. And North Face Nuptse Goose where you are going The window really on the heavy rain, great big hue group, hit the Whlolesale North Face Mens Shoes and Boots pedestrians, the garden soil, Diane vehicles rushed competent shouted.North Face Boots What to do, youtube wear. Big liar, you will be all liars, suppose will be t
You Could Take 12 Justin Biebers In A Fight!

      n e v e r FORGET what      someone     says       to    you     when     they    are   
It Begins
Nickolas leaned back against his table, waiting, he left Sheri kneeling at the door, waiting. Yes, It was definately time to move forward. He opened the door to his Dungeon, and Sheri knelt obediantly, eyes down, ankles crossed, mouth open, wrists up. Her face looked a little frightened, but inquisitive. Nickolas held out his hand, beckoning her to rise and follow. Sheri got up, and followed him inside. The place looked like freaking Disneyland! Rows of toys, whips, floggers, canes, switches..all for her sweet ass! Sheri looked around as much as she could before he took control. She noticed a small lump, or something, under a furry cover. What the hell could that be?? she asked herself, and then Nickolas spoke. "Sheri?" he said softly. "Are you ready?" Sheri nodded, and he took her by the hands, and lifted them up over her head. His hands roamed her body, slowly pulling the sub gown off her. His teeth found her nipples, still a little sore from the new piecings, a
Take Comfort In A Leaf
I went for a spin the other day in one of the first Nissan Leafs in Canada. It might be the most comfortable urban car of all time.sacs louis vuitton However, the all-electric Leaf is not being marketed that way. No, the Leaf is the world’s first mass-produced zero emission car and it’s being pitched at the tree-huggers. All-electric means no explosions in combustion chambers, no clattering valves, no water pump, fan and radiator and, of course, no muffler and exhaust pipe. The absence of such apparatus results in one quiet car. Engine noise is zero; engine vibration is zero. It is the most relaxing car I have ever driven. The Leaf was designed from the ground up to be a battery-powered car and has no need for the space taken by the gasoline engine and transmission in normal cars. That space goes into the cabin, which is roomy enough for five adults plus a large trunk. The engineers then used every trick in the book to keep that cabin quiet. Engine noise we know is zero; r
Leafs Lock Up Schenn: Five Years, $18.5 Million
Somewhere at Leafs camp Friday, out of sight of the media,sacs louis vuitton Luke Schenn probably allowed himself to crack a little smile. At 21 and after three seasons with the Leafs, the big D-man signed his first big-time NHL contract, a five-year deal worth $18.5 million U.S. By all accounts, the term and dollars are well deserved. The contract takes Schenn, who recorded a career-high 22 points last season, into the prime of his career. At that point, Schenn could cash in even more. “What you see if a classic, hard-nosed shutdown Canadian defenceman,” Leafs GM Brian Burke said in announcing the deal. “(NHL GMs) all dream about taking players like that.” Burke said negotiations got serious the last two or three weeks, and that two-, three- and five-year deals were considered — four would have taken him to his arbitration year. Several young players — Winnipeg’s Zach Bogosian, Boston’s Brad Marchand and John Tavares of the New York
Mayweather Gotta Fight Pacquiao
I was talking to a few people on Facebook about this: Floyd Mayweather Jr. needs to fight Manny Pacquiao.  He's acting like he's too afraid to fight him, which I don't blame him lol.  I've watched Pacquiao's highlights on YouTube and let me tell you: he's aggressive, deadly, and can pack a punch for a guy his size! I know Mayweather's arrogant & got a huge ego, but he need to fight Pacquiao to back all of that up, that's if he'll ever accept the challenge & not afraid to get his first lost in his professional career.  That's the fight that everybody wants to see.  They're both equally matched & very skilled boxers, and it'll be a great fight.  Mayweather gotta make this fight happen and accept the challenge!!!
On My Way To The Circus=-=
On my way to the circus..or back from the circus..or was there a circus..have no idea now. What did happen was during my happy homeless days I got real tired after 3 weeks and no sleep so I pulled the motor off the highway. Then I noticed a closed BBQ place and jumped on a picnic table and started to nod. All of a sudden I have the biggest set of headlights [car type you boobs] in my eyes. Out from behind the lights I see this figure in blue with a baton, not the cheerleader type, and he approaches slowly. I quickly sat up and said "WOW! did I order take out". What kind?? In uniform he couldn't laugh but I heard the jaw crack as he tried to suppress the smile. He asked what was going on and I started to tell him I was a professional photographer taking [star] shots. The cloud cover gave that away so I headed for the truth. He said he would finish the tour and be coming back thru in an hour and I'd better not be on that table. So he left and I put motor under a tree and jumped on the ne
Malfunctional Encephalon
malfunctional encephalon useless grey sludge damaged receptors  cranium crud neurotransmitters misfire at will muddled, befuddled riddled to hell dopamine slow travelling  sick synaptic transmission  brief moments euphoric sharp sudden remission serotonin standby norepinephrine away inane glial matter take it away  lobotomize me i refuse to eat pills sever m
Static Mess
feels like static  try not to panic thoughts just race no specific pace fast then slow the back again self contained mental whirlwind emotions fade in and out going crazy  without a doubt spinning around 90 to nothing i'd cling to anything give me something bring me to solid ground something lost that i found here i'll crumble 
No More
I abide within your heart I feel you I hear you I smell you I taste you I love you more than myself And would die to protect you.   Yet I am repaid with incessant insult Continual mutilations of your own flesh with blade and pigment Your neverending lust of worldly pursuits of the flesh Your ownership of the vanity that will destroy you Your neverending demand for attention from other men   You whore yourself with money and flesh You trade your civility for greed and avarice
And Let Death Be Thy Destination
For far too long, I have watched and waited I have delved into the depths, and rose to the heights I observed and recorded the behaviors of mankind, in all manner of being.   I have seen the blood lust of the kill,in men and women and children Smelled their appalling stench of rotting flesh, as they pass me by Heard the multitudes of oaths and blasphemies uttered from their dead lips.   There is no redemption for the filth that walks the Earth No absolutions for the men, nor the whores they inject themselves into No mercy for the killers of flesh, mind, and soul.   Selfish, narcissistic children of all ages Who would not even piss on someone in flames Who only seek the pleasure of their carrion flesh.   I look upon this world, this modern society, this cesspool of sperm and ova I feel revulsion come over me, and I turn my back on it all No more.... Let their putrid, decaying, debauchery continue....And let death be thy destination.
Battle Of Big Ass Lil And Yukon Pete
Many times this night; I'm known to repeat the Battle of Big Ass Lill and Yukon Pete.  But wait there is more to this tale so listen if you will it's called the revenge of Big Ass Lil.   Lil had a sister named Tight Twat Tiny.  She was a whole lot smaller and  whole lot meaner.  She rode to town and pulled up in the square.  Where is Yukon Pete she yelled.  You fucked Lil to death and called her a whore.  It's time I even the score.  Pete heard the challenge and came charging to the square an saw Tiny scratching her hair,  He whipped out his cock and pumped out a load knocking the Bitch right down to the road.  She got back up and shook off the cum and said not bad boy but now it's my turn.  She grabbed on his cock and gave him a twist and fresh wad of cum oozed out in her fist.  She stroked it with fury she stroked it with lust she made him keep cumming until there was dust.   Tiny saw that her work was done by shouting out look Yukon shrunk. Pete hollered and grabbed on his balls an
punctilious \puhnk-TIL-ee-uhs\adjective;    1.  Strictly attentive to the details of form in action or conduct; precise; exact in the smallest particulars.
Go with the best you've got.  -  Al Lopez
I Been Living In Vegas For 3 Year!!
How fast time has just flew By!!  Geez! I never thought in X Amount of Years. That I would have actually moved to Las Vegas. Living with few select of friends & no family lives around me.  It was Extremely Very Hard in the First 2 years.  I moved to Vegas with only my clothes & few selective boxes. All my family & friends from California. Always told me that I would fail to live out of state, with no family around. I was also told that I would gamble all my money away & end up living in the street.  Coming up on 3 years living in Vegas, less than 2 weeks from now.  It just goes to show, sometimes when we take chances in life. To process to better our own life.  It could be possible with hardly any money with you. You have to be discipline & hard on yourself. To make your dreams come true! Never listen to others that put you down  & always minute every minute count!! And Never forget to be Responsible for all your own Actions!!  =) Have Faith & Always follow you Dreams!!  =)
There Are Many About Autumn/winter North Face Jackets Collection To Your Need
In the past 24 months, Penneys has done a great deal of restructuring, with its flourishing expansion inside Europe. Ann Marie Cregan, and Triona McGinley, what person lead the fashion direction meant for Penneys excluding the UK are thinking about the character of concept and encouraged about their brand new design power team, ensuring that Penneys clothing offer is Buy North Face Denali Jackets tougher and more cohesive. We are wondering much more about each of our customer and just how shell be dressed in the appearance, rather than basically having a product we think pay like. At present shell locate everything in the design she wants: coats, bags, hosiery, Ann Marie suggested. We get suggestions from our Facebook or myspace site. The country's very interesting; had been finding out more to do with what many of our customer senses and wants from united states be it the fact that they love an outfit, an issue around size, as well missing that individuals should have thou
How To Choose The Ascending Popularity Of Hiking North Face Backpacks
Camping is one of the activities that him and i usually perform with our best freinds and family especially when the actual hunting season is open along with where the season is perfect for all that we need to complete and for everyone to have a terrific time we will need to use North Face Backpacks for people like us to carry everything we towards Buy North Face Outlet bring along with us. Today, there are North Face Backpacks that you will find that can be prefect with regard to both for 24 hours time hiking where scaled-down and bigger bags are prepared available for you to purchase today. Picking out North Face Backpacks has also a lot of considerations for you to ultimately take with the necessary conisderations to bring which should be ready to use when you at your outdoors site particularly you have essential things to deliver with you.North Face Backpacks will be the container that can help you risk-free your items like shelter, foodstuff as well as your bedsheets n
The Rising Interest In Winter Snowboarding North Face Jackets To Keep You Warm
Winter months is on its way and you are also not primed. But how do you actually be prepared? Soon after pretty much all, winter months is definitely 1 of the three seasons. Nonetheless what's so different about it?Effectively, winter months certainly can be a exclusive season. Not surprisingly, it really is the season when we like Christmas time. Many Buy North Face Denali Jackets refer to it as the growing season of issuing. You will find those that hate winter season for a purpose. Throughout that time period, they can't achieve this numerous facts. The temperatures are so low; coldness appear to be creeping in your bones. Yet, they simply do not understand that you can obtain so various things to do through winter months. You have to not be a really tardy little factor for the duration of winter months. It's possible that what you will need is girls snowboard North Face Jackets and snowboarding.Any time you still wouldn't have a snowboarding north face jacket to shield
So....this Is The Deal....
My mom's BF is a jerk. And she seems to think that ALL the good guys are gone!!! I tell her "not so mom" so, im trying to prove it. Im posting a pic of her to my page and im welcoming all the "GOOD guys" from KC to fight for her affection!! Now that ive made my point vey LOVELY mother is 5'2" average build (no woman EVER tells her weight) ;) brown hair and eyes, great SMILE ;D and has a plentyful D cup. posting a pic. Oh yeah...shes 44, so for all you 50yr olds trying to talk to to my mom instead :) REMEMBER: You MUST be a good guy. She already has a loser, she DOESNT need 2!!   Thanks, Amanda ;)
Letting Things Out
I am a passionate person. I am emotional. I am impulsive. Act first, think later. It gets me in trouble a lot. I am not proud of how I acted regarding a certain incident that has surfaced and blown up the past few days. Torches have been lit and pitchforks have been grabbed and I haven't liked being a party to it. I don't like logging in now and seeing the crap I see being spewed all over. I don't come here for that. Had I known this would be the result, I would have sat in my corner. I am not condemning nor condoning anyone; this blog is for me. To get out how I feel, so I don't feel so disgusted with myself.   On another subject matter: I am sick of biting my tongue. I am sick of sweeping things under the rug because I don't want to hurt friends feelings or step on any toes. So...I'm not going to anymore. If everyone deletes me because of it, that's okay. At least I know I was honest and true to my character.
Brazilian Swimsuits Fashion Designer
      Brazilian swimwear, bikinis are imported primarily mail order, such as dealing with two Buck Columbia. PHAX, Maaji, etc. Agua Bendita. Color and shape features a sexy pop Ratenrashii. Made from Brazilian bikini show us a clean-cut features a line of the body, as well as a wide Soroemashita easy incorporated into the Japanese bikini pants. T-back, Shorty, and Brazilian cut, you will find here always want to type! Stock is also very lovely Tankini swimsuit_ Women’s swimwear _Bathing suit! !   Fashion comes in almost everything like garments, Women’s swimwear _Tankini swimsuit_ Bathing suit, shoes, makeup, lingerie, accessories and many more. People are always concern on the attires that suits for an evening party dress; hairstyles that will make them look gorgeous and etc. these days women are finding the perfect swimsuit that will suit them.     Fashion designers are chaotically inventing outstanding swimsuit to meet the society’s high demand. it has evol
Gorgeous Dress Pattern One-piece Swimsuit
  Some love for Japan and South Korea's the lovely swimsuit, but also someone at hand to Europe and America's sexy swimsuit has a special liking   Is not synonymous with sexy bikini swimsuit,one piece swimsuit specially designed to make a sexy can not bare the effect is definitely great love conservative women   V-neck piece swimsuit, basic simple style for mature women of all ages   The use of flexible polyester swimwear fabricCThere are coconut leaves pattern, make swimwear with a romantic seaside style   Whatever at the beach, or swimming pool are suitable for wearing a one-piece swimsuit. coconut leaves pattern prints with deep V-point line to lead the low-cut mouth, With a high cut panties Waist digging swimming trunks can be modified more slender waist, the legs more slender lining Den. Here have brand quality and wholesale price.Many kinds of swimwear for you choose. The more you buy,the more discount  offer you.welcome to our store:
How About A Customize Wedding Dress
I have talking with brides-to-be about custom made wedding dresses,and i find many themes often up from the get-go:"something different"/2 "something unique"/3 "something that expresses me and how I feel" / 4"something that will make me look fabulous"Yet these things aren't necessarily easily achieved, and perhaps one of a bride's worst nightmares is that of hearing someone say "Oh, that's the same as a dress I saw someone else in last week." In a nutshell, that's exactly why custom made wedding dresses may prove to be so important to the success of your day - and your peace of mind beforehand.Why invest inside of a dress? 1 Why should i invest this wedding dress?Customize wedding dresses are made out by your own exact measurements and these may be retaken a couple of times during the process to make doubly sure of a perfect fit. You won't be trying to fit into a dress made to a standard size, which may be similar to yours but not exactly the same. A dress that doesn't fit well is unl
University Tuition Fees Up 4.3 Per Cent From Last Year: Statscan
 The new school year is underway and Canadian university students are again dealing with tuition hikes that go well beyond a typical increase in the cost of living. Statistics Canada on Friday said the average annual tuition fee for undergraduate students is $5,366 for 2011-12, up 4.3 per cent from last year. That follows a four per cent rise in tuition in the 2010-11 school year. The federal agency pointed out the annual rate of inflation was running at 2.7 per cent in July. Newfoundland and Labrador, where tuition rates have been frozen since 2003-04, was the only province where tuition didn't increase this year, Statistics Canada said. burberry outlet In other provinces, the hikes ranged from 5.1 per cent in Ontario to 1.4 per cent in Manitoba. "We're in a situation where students are actually on the verge of bankruptcy before even getting their first job interview," said Roxanne Dubois, chairperson of the Canadian Federation of Students. Previous data from Statistics Canada shows t
Weakened Maria Slips Through Newfoundland
Maria blew into Newfoundland as a hurricane Friday and was leaving as a post-tropical cyclone, stirring up waves and trees but underwhelming residents who braced for a tumultuous day. Maria had been a Category 1 hurricane, with winds topping 120 km/hr, when it made landfall in St. Mary's Bay on Newfoundland's Avalon Peninsula around 3:30 p.m. NT. Within three hours, however, meteorologists had downgraded Maria, even though its tail was packing a bit of wallop in coastal areas. Some exposed areas were expected to experience gusts as high as 140 km/hr. Nonetheless, officials issued warnings Friday night. Environment Canada and the Canadian Hurricane Centre were predicting strong wave activities across Newfoundland and Labrador, with areas of western Newfoundland, the Gulf of St. Lawrence, longchamp outlet the Labrador coast and the Strait of Belle Isle expected to see waves reaching four to nine metres. Similar conditions were anticipated along the northeast coast. Fire and Emergency Ser
Beautiful Wedding Dresses And Accessories
Nearly all women imagine getting a stylish wedding gown for his or her big day from the moment that they're youthful women. When the time comes to start looking for a dress, however, they might feel overcome through the huge choice of wedding gowns and add-ons to select from. How can you tell that the dress and add-ons would be the epitome of elegance? Locating the perfect wedding gown and also the right add-ons will be based largely in your individual taste. But by comprehending the variations and options that are offered, it will likely be much simpler that you should find elegant wedding gowns and add-ons that meet your childhood dreams. Wedding Gown Silhouettes You will find a variety of dress silhouettes to select from. A-line dresses give a classic silhouette that's timeless and stylish, having a flared skirt along with a narrow top. Ball gown style wedding gowns have a fitted bodice along with a large, full skirt which brings in your thoughts magical stories and old-world rom
Crazy Days
So momma is now almost to the end of her treatments, but she had to be hospitalized again yesterday. While at the drs office, she was so weak she couldnt get off the table; she has been experiencing numbness and tingling in her feet/ legs for several days and had a seizure last week. I checked her meds to see if she was taking everything properly and I couldnt find her steroid pills that prevent her brain from swelling..I hope that she hasnt run out and just didnt say anything, cause she needs them very  much. Her behaviour has been really erratic recently, and she is angry with me and brother alot cause we wont allow her to do things that could cause her harm. We will get through it though. My birthdaay is sunday and becca will be here so at least for a day all will be well..
Ever Since That Day My Son Was Here, And My Landlady Came To The Door,
ever since that day my landlord lady came to my apartment that day my son was here, i think she thought it was someone else, because when she seen it was him, she said oh that`s your son, and we kind of chuckled because who else would it be, it`s not like i have tons of company here, mostly it`s just my dad and son "" now i feel uncomfortable in my own apartment "" and my son is uncomfortable to visit me here "" so now this place looks like a jail "" sounds like a jail with metal doors slamming in the hall ways "" and will feel like one if i can`t even have company the very few times i do "" i feel like i have been singled out "" when i see others having company " why i don`t know why "" and when we said who is it before opening the door she said just open the dam door ""! " i think i have to start to look for another place this is crazy why am i singled out "" ! ""
I Try
I could write, I could scream, Nobody would hear, it seems, My heart is left, In stained glass, Shatterd, Glue it you can try, things are amiss, May as well, just carry on!
  There are times that I wonder if I really make a difference in this world? Times that I wonder if everyone would be better off without me? Times that I wonder how I could have done something different? When my friends & family are down at times I feel the pain & emotions as well. I wonder if I said & or did the right thing? Feelings of hopelessness & helplessness seeping through. At times like this I wonder which of these feelings are mine & which are someone elses & I am picking it up?  
Truly Lost
Here it is, You left, I can not, Carry on, This chirade, My heart, iiis in bit's, Torn & shred, read at will, I tried, More than other's, To put things right, I did to much, Or not enough ? Make yp my mind, Bunny please, are you mine ?
Ok This Just Happened Today, So I Had To Write A Blog
Ok, so I have been on Fu for a while now.  I think that I have a pretty good idea of how  the game is played on here.  Well I dont spend money on here, and I wont buy you bling or send you credits or do anything that actually cost real money just to see you naked.  The internet is FULL of totally free porn, and videos, and hell even free hook-up sites to actually have sex lol.  Now that being said, some people that are new on here (green names) need to realize that if think you are sexy enough and have a good enough body to charge for seeing you naked, you need to have more than 13 pics lol.  I just got told by some noob, that I could send her TEN DOLLARS on PAYPAL (not bling or credits, but paypal) to see her 13 NSFW pics.  LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! now that is funny.  Thats almost a dollar a pic, I can get 10 chicken sandwhiches at mcdonalds for 10 bucks and probably be more satisfied lol.  ok im done ranting, love you all you sexy fu's keep lovin me :)   Mike
Sweet Dreams Of You
Once again, I lay curled up, alone in my bed thinking and dreaming of you. How I long to have you lying here, right beside me, holding me and loving me. To hear the gentle ryythm of your breath to feel your heart beating to feel your warm hard body next to mine. This is what I dream of every night as I lie alone in bed.
I Cant See The Page Correctly........
Welcome to our Browser Support Blog Because our lounge was coded to work perfectly with Google Chrome, you may not be able to view it properly. Here are a couple helpful tricks you can try to make your viewing experience successful.   The most common and easiest to do is download Google Chrome web browser. You can do that by clicking the download link below.   Download Google Chrome Link   Another trick you can try is reducing the zoom ratio for the browser that you are using. If you are using a desktop pc, to reduce the zoom do the following. Locate the rolling button on your mouse, this should be between the two mouse buttons Hold down the cntrl key on your keyboard(should be close to the shift button) While holding the cntrl key down, roll the mouse button backwards. You should notice that the zoom on your screen will change. Once you see the zoom change  to a point where you can see the entire lounge, let go of the cntrl key.   If you have already done this and
You Will Be Missed! Rest In Peace
!To my dearest family, some things I'd like to say...but first of all, to let you know, that I arrived okay. I'm writing this from heaven. Here I dwell with God above. Here, there's no more tears of sadness; here is just eternal love. Please... do not be unhappy just because I'm out of sight, Remember that I'm with you every morning, noon and night. That day I had to leave you when my life on earth was through, God picked me up and hugged me and He said, "I welcome you." It's good to have you back again; you were missed while you were gone. As for your dearest family, they'll be here later on. I need you here badly; you're part of my plan. There's so much that we have to do, to help our mortal man. God gave me a list of things, that he wished for me to do. And foremost on the list, was to watch and care for you. And when you lie in bed at night, the day's chores put to flight. God and I are closest to the middle of the night. When you think of my life on earth, and all those
This Is Our First Blog Post
What UP!   Check us out at   Thanks!  
"gothic Poem" Something I Wrote When I Was In A Dark Time 6 Years Ago
Sitting Here In Exile, I Watch As My Loved Ones Walk By, Thinking Of All The Memories We Shared.I Refuse To Keep Them In Fear Time Will Turn For The Worst, Fear That Something Bad Were ToHappen Once Time Has Run Out. With No Words Said, I Grab The Gun. As I Slowly Count DownI Say To Myself "Sry Everyone, Sry For All The Pain And Torment I Put You Through. Sry For AllThe Love I Ever Once Gave You, You All Deserve Much Better Then I Could Have Even Been.I Hope Within This You'll Move On As If Nothing Ever Happened." The Clock Strikes 1, So I Close My Eyes. As The Trigger Was Pulled I Fall To The Ground. A Piece Of Paper Fell From My Clothes.Some One Heard The Shot And Ran Towards The Lifeless Body That Was Once My Cage.They Pick Up The Paper, It Read, "Forgive Me My Loves, For You Shall Suffer No More. I'm Freeing You From My Grasp, Be Free, As Free As The Wind That Blows My Ashes Far Across The Lands.Find The Ones You Truly Loved, Leave Me In The Past, Never To Be Brought Up Again. Just
"pain And Misery"
Pain And Misery Are Things No One Person Needs..But Those Things Do Happen And Its Wht Causes The WorldNothing But Confusion...Everyday Events Will Cause These Problems...Stress, Fighting, Death, And Even Luv; All Hve A Certain Effect....If U Look Around U Ppl Get Hurt From Those Every Second...Fighting Can Lead To Stress, Which Will Eventually Lead To Death,Its All Caused B/c The World Refuses To Stop The Bickering Of SmallThings Such As A Boulder From One Place Is On Anothers And Starts A War..The One Thing Tht Causes The Most Pain And Misery Isnt Just Death, But Luv...Why Is It One Can Fall In Luv With Another But Turn Around And Hurt Someone..Yes Luv Is Something Thts Suppose To Be Sacred But No One CanReally Define The True Meaning Of Luv..I Thought I Did At One Time, But It Wasnt It, The Spark Wasnt There Nemore And Then I Got Hurt All B/c The Other Was Hurt As Well...A Person Once Showed Me Tht Its Hard To Move On, And I Understand Every Bit Tht Person Feels. Its Not Uncommo
A Poem I Wrote Years Ago
When He Leaves, I'll Miss Him!!! When He Walks Away, I'll Run To Him.... When I Run To Him, I'll Tke His Hand!!!! When I Tke His Hand, I'll Pull Him Close... When I Pull Him Close, I'll Hug Him!!! When I Hug Him, I'll Look Into His Eyes... When I Look Into His Eyes, I'll Kiss Him!!! When I Kiss Him, I'll Tell Him To Stay.... When I Tell Him To Stay, I'll Tell Him A Poem!!!!! When I Tell Him A Poem, I'll Start To Cry..... When I Start To Cry, I'll Tell Him To Tke Me With!!!! When I Tell Him To Tke Me With, I'll Ask Him To Be With Me 4Ever...When I Ask Him To Be With Me 4Ever, I'll Ask Him To Hold Me!!!!When I Ask Him To Hold Me, I'll Ask Him To Luv Me Once More...When I Ask Him To Luv Me Once More, I'll Tell Him He's The Best In The World!!!!!When I Tell Him He's The Best In The World,I'll Tell Him He Means Everything To Me....When I Tell Him He Means Everything To Me, I'll Tell Him I Luv Him With My Heart And Soul!!!!!!When I Tell Him I Luv Him With My Heart And Soul, I'll Tell Him Go
Evolutionist Perspectives..
One of the strangest thoughts occured to me the other day.  I am an evolutionist and believe more or less that mankind is nothing more than just another species to be catalogued into the encyclopedias and geographical magazines.  I seriously believe that everything about us, even our conscienciousness evolved from previous species and organisms on this ball of dirt we call earth.  It's actually kind of a simpllistic thought, but when it actually hit me that I, Myself, am nothing more than an animal who has the capability of communication with other animals due to the evolution of our species, it was the weirdest thing that I've ever felt.  Knowing beyond a reasonable doubt that there is no God, and that we experience the world and universe ... alone? ... perhaps not. Maybe there's some extra-terrestrial species beyond ours that exists.  Who knows for sure.  I've always intellectually believed that there were no Gods or no God, even no Goddess, that my beliefs were more within the evolu
Really? Really.
I'm still new to using Fubar, learning the ropes and features as it were.  Since I don't feel any need to openly chastise people who want to comment on mumms in a manner consistent with the behavior exhibited by A-holes, I find I have two choices.  I can ignore them, sometimes hard to do.  Or I can block them, Fubar gives us that option.  Now, on the web forums I frequent, blocking means you never again see a post from that person.  Perfect, I don't want to see the crap, the A-h gets to keep crapping, and all will be good in the universe.  I blocked my first crapping A-h here a week or so ago, and yesterday I notice that I can still see their crap.  So, hell bent on discovering what is going wrong in my world, I click my way to that profile and make use of that block button again.  Fubar tells me I have already blocked that particular A-h. OK, so the A-h is blocked, I guess Fubar works the block in reverse somehow.  Whatever, there are better things to do... Hey I have new profile com
Making Life From Dreams
A friend that knows, the hardship and pain. Has battlescars, left feeling the same. Despite the obstacles, we push on. Refusing to be beat, the lengths we have gone. Someone says you can't, we say watch me succeed. Fighting back, prevailing, no matter how bad we bleed. Never quitting, despite how rough it seems. This is what extraordinary people are made of. Making life from dreams.
Mums Birthday
As sunday draws near i can feel the tears . the tears sliding down my face .. i can feel the pain of losing her all over again .. finding out the day that she was gone .. there didnt seem much to live for .. i know a part of me died with her .. a part of me got buried with her . 6 feet under ... once those eyes closed for the last time i lost a part of my soul .. and yet life forced me to go on . to go on for my daughter , my brothers and sisters .. and i hurt like nothing you would beleive .. hurt like nothing words can describe .. and the pain is there now .. but ive kept going on .. i was 21 when she died . there were so many things that i wanted to do for her and so many things i wanted to show to her ... so many adventures i i wanted to take with her .. and the day she went away all those dreams ended ... all those dreams washed away .. im a motherless child now .. wandering through my life with out the guidance i would have had from her .. wondering though loike a little girl yet
When Love Isnt Mean To Be
we always think its others fault .but sometimes love isint meant to be sometimes its both that fuck up and make love go on a different path . hurts like a motherfucker but sometimes its wrong .. some people arnt ready for the commitment love brings .. and they get distracted by other things .. the other day i told my ex i i missed so .. and i guess its true but it don't change the facts .. it dont change how he left me adaboned me .. and broke me heart .. and went to another to heal the scars on in his heart .. i don't and can't understand and never will .. when you give up everything you are for one .. when thier your heart and our soul .. how can anything come between that .. how can one choose the other day .. and spend moths in a strangers arms .. miles and miles away .. and when his daughter cries hes not there to hear her .. i cried myself to sleep night and night i couldn't eat .. i wanted to die .. i felt like i always did .. i gave him so much of me .. so lost in him .. i lo
Beautiful Within
Write these words little girl, and tell your story. Paint them a picture, of the sorrow and glory. As if they are there, holding your hand. Let them know who you are, exactly where you stand. Share your views, your pain, your beliefs. All the images, you are dying to release. The beautiful colors, covered up by grey. Let them shine bright, open up this day. For nothing is more beautiful, than I am from the inside. Not the exterior, that doesn't matter, my inner beauty cannot be denied. Reach for my hand, and step into my world. I will paint you a portrait, unlike any before. The contrast of colors, the lies beneath the skin. Is all that I am, beautiful within.
i am more than a little suprised with my self. we all went to the fair yesterday and i went in full make up and a strapless top. it was the 2 dollar day so needless to say it was packed and for the first time i kept my head up, made eye contact with people ad for once didnt worry if they so a man or woman. no one knew, this is a major moment and a great confidence boost, lord knows i need what i can get. happy face today
The One's That Don't Matter
The politicians sit on their thrown, while exposing us to so much. Why should they care? They are safely out of touch. While they are all warm and cozy, wrapped up in their bed. Our people dodge bullets, aimed for their head. And for what, another chance to take something else. This is the hand, the working man is dealt. For they are the ones, we are really stealing from. They pay the price, for all that's being done. The men and women that have to beg, to survive. Are the ones being effected, by the government's lies. They say it's for our own good, the safety of our nation. But that's nothing more, than a misconception. They are just words, no actions, just things that are spoken. Think of all the lives lost, the people injured and broken. The little people that never get heard, the ones starving and shattered. Simply because they don't have enough money, to matter. Those are the people, my heart reaches out for. Not the millionaires ruling the world
Seeing The Light Through The Dark
Can you see the light, through the dark? Have you made it there yet? Left your mark. Has anything just made you, stop and think? Or are you still searching? Refusing to sink. You may break a few times, but that's just fine. The glue that puts you back together, will enable you to shine. That small piece of yourself, that is cracked or lost. Makes you unique, worth the cost. Perhaps, you haven't experienced it yet, but someday you will. Then you will know the reasoning, behind every feel. Every tear you shed, falls down for a reason. Don't allow it to be for nothing, never stop believing. Although you hurt now, this won't always be so. It may take a while, but one day you'll know. Why, you had pain, sorrow and fear. It'll all make sense, when that day gets here.
I Blame Woo
Woo made me want shoes. So now when I can't pay my bills, I will be moving in with Woo...with all my fabulous shoes.
In The Moment
I am emotional at this moment in time.....    so if I stab you I can not be held accountable for my actions....    We are moving my Dad  this weekend, from his beach house of  13 years.....  :(    My Grandmother is in the hospital with pnemonia  (I dont care if I spelled it frigging wrong)    My sons are growing up in a blink of an eye    Time needs to slow the fuck down ffs.....   I sometimes wish I could turn back time    the only good thing happening is those Fucking papers are finally getting signed!    I miss my Summer    anyways   have a great weekend  & TGIFF!!     oh  and as always  peace baby 
Day 1 - Pride (7 Days, 7 Sins)
Ok, so I've tried everything else...might as well blog a bit.  Gotta get this fubar circulation moving...I need my attention, I need my area to vent.  So Im going to do a week of the 7 Deadly Sins. The breakdown of it goes like this:Day 1 - Pride. Seven great things about yourself.Day 2 - Envy. Seven things you lack and covet.Day 3 - Wrath. Seven things that piss you off.Day 4 - Sloth. Seven things you neglect to do.Day 5 - Greed. Seven worldly material desires.Day 6 - Gluttony. Seven guilty pleasures.Day 7 - Lust. Seven love secrets.Here's my day one: Pride. (7 Great Things)1. My family. All of my wonderful siblings, my parents, and the rest of the crazy crew have made me one of the most fortunate people on the planet. I wouldn't trade them for all the tea in China.2. My sense of humor. It has an ability to relax not only myself but those around me. It's a great ice-breaker and has helped me out in countless occasions.3. I'm comfortable in front of large crowds. I think most of
He Best Running Footwear For Marathon And Long Distance Runners That's Great
When selecting male running shoes for competitive purposes, long-term support is really important factor to weigh.Wholesale The North Face Vests It's very important your shoes can comfortably offer the runner for an extended period of your time, while simultaneously controlling moisture and good posture. Always try out shoes before purchasing them, and while to do, wear the socks normally worn while walking. marathons along with popular sports involve running the upcoming season of marathons, track current events or other competitions, keeping the best shoes money can get may be a high priority. Always ensure that these shoes are comfortable and well fitting, as well as an easy task to neat and machine washable. By using a supportive, durable and comfy list of jogging sneakers, run a subsequent marathon would be a fun and enjoyable effort. The marathon is among the preferred and famous long-distance running events. A state distance in a marathon is 26 miles, 385 yards, w
  Pobierz jako taptę/download as wallpaper Powred by GR
The Spankophiliac’s Delight & Other Delicious Morsels Of Ethical Decadence
Newsletter Of The Dr Susan Block Institute   THIS Saturday Sept. 17th on  The Dr. Susan Block ShowThe SPANKOPHILIAC’S DELIGHT!  To spank is to pay attention. To be spanked is to command attention–even if it hurts!
Super Attractors ( Are They Increasing In Frequency....... Or Is It Me ? )
From a young age though I didn't realize I was probably wielding undue influence on people and events around me, it wasn't until my sixteenth year that I became consciously aware of this gift. My awakening, as it were and have since spent my life quietly observing the connections between people and events that are hidden from most people that have let their inner sight fade and entropy. Pity..... just as having a canine's scent gland would open our minds to the real world of airborne messages that remain hidden from us so to do people who let their natural psychic abilities entropy close their minds off from a far larger, richer reality that permeates our existence. All life forces have a biorythymic signature that manifests as peaks and troughs when plotted on a graph and I know when I am on the rise or decline by people and events around me. Of all the curiousities that I have encountered, the ones that most fascinate me are females who seem immediately attuned to my th
The New Age Has Come.
You offer me the world and all of its wealth,All for myself.You promised me life eternal,And drink to my health.Do you think I do not know who you are?A Fallen one, a "Morning Star".When I feel my soul scream out at night,I will know that you are not far.When Satan's fury burns in Hell,And you feel the power swell.The Darkness flows from within the lake,All for the cause of Evil's sake.The time of doom is close at hand,When Darkness shall rule the land.Through the Darkness you shall go,Only where, He shall know.And now the Darkness has much might,It must conquer the piercing light!And when that light has been snuffed out,You shall hear His furious shout:"Blessed is he who has My mark,For he shall live in the land so dark!
You all hate your childrenthey're too fat to feedyour on medication taking pills to sleep i think im doing just finecompared to what you've been doingi won't get vacciniatedinsurance costs too muchyou think your so persuasivebut i'm not giving up, saving, my lifeit's not what your doing I, i won't justify the way i live my lifecause i'm the one living it, feeling it, tasting it, and your just wasting your timetrying to throw me a linewhen your the one drowning, i like where i'm at on my back floating down in my own riptidethe water is finei like to step on cracksi go against the oddsyou think my world is flatdo i turn you on, maybeyeah i'm wrongbut i like where i'm goingi leave when others stayi never re-decidei don't mind if you waitbut i don't waste my time, crazyis just finecause i like where i'm going
Israelis And Palestinians On Diplomatic Brink
High anxiety has overtaken the United Nations,juicy couture outlet as Palestinians, Israelis, Americans and Europeans do an edge-walk around the most towering issue of the day, the Palestinian bid for statehood. And the brinksmanship seems set to continue until Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas appears at the world body in New York next week to announce whether he will abandon the bold move, or press it to a bruising conclusion. “We will see if anyone carries with him or her any credible offer,” Palestinian foreign minister Riad Malki told journalists from his headquarters in Ramallah. “Otherwise on (Sept. 23), at 12.30, the president will submit the application.” He said that the Palestinians would go for full statehood by seeking endorsement from the UN’s most powerful body, the Security Council – reaching for the top tier on the diplomatic ladder. A less lofty goal, the General Assembly’s recognition as a non-member observer state, is a
Denmark's Thorning-schmidt Set To Be First Female Pm
Thorning-Schmidt will try to form a center-left coalition to replace the Liberal-Conservative government of Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen. Although her party leadership hung in the balance only four years ago after she lost the 2007 election to another Rasmussen,gucci outlet Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Thorning-Schmidt successfully forged an alliance with the Left that drove home to voters that the incumbent had failed them in a crisis. The 45-year-old has promised to turn the economy around, partly with plan to make Danes work 12 minutes more per day but without making life for one of the world's most heavily taxed people even more expensive. She has said she will kick start growth by investing in education and infrastructure to create jobs. Rasmussen and other opponents derided her plan as "12 minutes' money" as opposed to "real money." For months opinion polls showed Thorning-Schmidt was headed for power, but Rasmussen narrowed the gap in the final stretch. Thorning-Schmidt i
Where To Get Your Perfect Wedding Dress
If the bride want to wear a custom made wedding dress ,she have many things to consider,and also plenty of pitfalls to avoid. Wedding days can be stressful enough, without realising half way through that something has been overlooked and the day is heading for catastrophic failure.there sre some factors for the brides who want to purchase a customize wedding dress. 1 Before choosing the customize wedding dress,bride have all the benefits of a bespoke piece of clothing - it is unlikely that an off-the-peg-dress will fit particularly well without alterations. The problem is that the custom made dress will take a long time to manufacture, meaning that the bride-to-be will be extremely conscious of any weight loss or gain that she experiences as the wedding approaches. The temptation, then, is to engage in crash dieting or other measures to achieve quick changes to body shape. This can have terrible results, leading to all kinds of side-effects - from spots and greasy hair to dizziness an
bacchanalia \bak-uh-NAIL-yuh\noun;    1.  (plural, capitalized) The ancient Roman festival in honor of Bacchus, celebrated with dancing, song, and revelry.    2.  A riotous, boisterous, or drunken festivity; a revel.
If you want a guarantee, buy a toaster.  -  Clint Eastwood
Am I Ready For Some Football?
Ah football season....the weather begins changing, the shorter days and cozy, fall afternoons that so many times turn into a glass of wine by the fire.  But one of my favorite things about football season that I love so much are the lazy Sundays, sleeping until it's almost time for the first game of the day.  Mix up a couple of delicious Bloody Mary's and wake up slowly in bed with my baby.  He's not around this football season, so there will be no more, sexy little breakfasts in bed,  'naps at half time' or going to bed early for the Sunday evening game, just to have more time between the sheets together. Derrick makes a mean Bloody Mary-one just makes you feel good from head to toe, but who stops with just one.  I'm going to miss our sexy romps around the house making breakfast, sipping those Mary's and having sex on the living room floor while we're barbequing at the same time!  Too much fun! I've been very lucky in my sex life.  As shocking as it may seem, I don't sleep around and
There Pieces Striped Bikini
  Small set of striped bikini skirt is very dynamic. Sets let you enjoy the little skirt on the beach playing volleyball in it!Chest bow to show the wind super cute girl   striped Bikini, sexy and dynamic set in one of the ultra-compact bikini , very suitable for confident, customer seeking sexy, wide horizontal stripes in the visual that can make the chest more plentiful, the cute little pants seems to be "not safe" system belt, in fact, common security, Distance bikini cup size and capacity can be adjusted freely, freedom to wear more comfortable, after wearing a sexy bikini pants to hip-shaped Alice Johnson, the overall visual symmetry that bit more slender legs.   Bikini is sexy, is the charm, is the release of hot body   The a swimsuit with a three-piece sexy bikini steel trust, the Korean style fashion design effect Awesome oh breast augmentation buy sexy bikinis      
Hot Sexy Bikini Beauty Playing Pistol
    Each end of the year, in European countries like Britain, from November, a variety of photo on the calendar for next year before being released in time for the Christmas sale. Sexy bikinis Own photo calendar you want a better price, choice of content is essential, of course, have beautiful lobby is the most common and most effective choice   Recently, the United Kingdom issued an annual "Hot Shots 2011" launch calendar photo shoot, theme or blood man who love the beauty and the military, wearing a hot Sexy bikinis bombs, hand, behavior among cool.   The actress shot to participate include: Rosie Jones, Lucy Pinder, Amii Grove, Sam Cooke, Emma Glover, Kelly Hall, Stacey Massey, they are "Nuts" and "Zoo" This three popular men's magazine on a regular   Although the vulgar content, but the significance is not vulgar, as this photo of the calendar proceeds will be donated to the Sexy bikinis British charity swimwear,One piece swimwear,Two piece swimwea
Fox Family Legacy Carries On Sunday
Betty Fox had a way with words -- most of them straightforward -- and she did not hold back when her 20-year-old son Terry told her that he wanted to run across Canada to raise money for cancer research. "I thought he was crazy," she once said. Having watched her second eldest child battle bone cancer and lose his left leg above the knee to the disease, it did not rest easily with Betty that Terry would take on such a monumental, almost impossible challenge. But, she eventually came round to fully supporting his Marathon of Hope in 1980. After running for 143 days, juicy couture outlet Terry was forced to stop on Sept. 1, 1980, when cancer recurred in his lungs. He died less than a year later on June 28, 1981 - one month shy of his 23rd birthday. His Marathon of Hope came to an end but the spark he had lit in the hearts and minds of Canadians ignited into a cancer crusade that has lasted more than three decades. Thirty one years later, Betty's own marathon came to an end when she died
Blood Drained
my warm blood drained from my body as he sunk his teeth into my silk flesh,i felt so alive, as if i could fly the full moon shined brightly into his dark eyes. a drop of blood dripped from his lips and he smiled gently as life surged through me. he rescued me from the heavens above and lead me to the portal to hell, he said be my significant other my sweet dark angel of mine we will go far with sweet devotion and time. i would love to cuddle with you on the mist of the night dew, no one makes me feel the way you do, i will watch over you as you sleep calling out your name, cloaked in darkness and despair their life, an ageless affair they wait. destiny on pause, hunting for you, sharpening their claws, their teeth, sharp pointed, their eyes glarring, their mouth silent. you read their kindness, of their love and despair, while they will hunt you,laughing , you never knew that they were there, watching through the windows, as your obsession grows, of love and mystery.
Two Minutes For Tweeting: Nhl Reins In Players’ Social Media On The Job
 In trying to achieve a state of high dudgeon at the very idea of the National Hockey League imposing a restrictive social media policy on players for the coming season, there's just one problem. I'm in favour of it. I wish my bosses would impose one on me. There are dozens of players who use Twitter all the time, more who chime in less frequently, and other than some funny stuff from Phoenix's journeyman forward Paul Bissonnette (@BizNasty2point0), a lively nugget now and then from Joffrey Lupul (@JLupul) and an occasional tempest in a teapot arising from some poor stiff who makes an unfortunate observation and then can't figure out how to unsay it (see Dan Ellis),burberry outlet there doesn't appear to be a lot of joy to be had, picking through the tidbits looking for actual news or insight. Ellis is the former Tampa Bay backup goalie, latterly with Anaheim, who inflamed the Twitterverse last season by lamenting that making a lot of money didn't buy happiness, sparking a flood of der
Tall Ugg Boots Fashion
ugg sale consist of prescription, magnesium, polarized, signature sequence and sports activities eyewear for each adult males and women. ugg has lately introduced some on the most outstanding sunglass versions to actually be released onto the global market. On dec 2nd, 2011 UGG Classic Tall boots introduced their most recent collection of boots named Spike shoes. This collection unveiled a few of their most severe sunglass versions yet. One model, the UGG Classic Tall boots, can be a mixture ugg botts. This product really features a built-in ugg participant which means you can handle your songs via your boots! The whole Spike Eyewear collection consists of cutting-edge variations and outstanding styles that actually blow the socks away their competition. The ugg boots australia a legitimate marvel inside planet of sunglasses – arrives completely equipped using the most recent wireless bluetooth engineering and is also certain to please even probably the most jaded techno-geek.
Low-key Ugg Boots And Fashion
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Frozen In Fear Ugg Boots
We attempt and allow it to be a place to ugg boots Monday for a single cause and a single cause only – shoes created for males could be just about every touch as fashionable and stunning as all those created for women, and many them are so great which i wouldn’t believe twice about carrying one. Androgyny is in UGG Classic Short boots! And that is what kept me so transfixed by these images that Vlad took of Brad Goreski outdoors with the UGG Cardy boots Resort 2012 display in ny a few of days ago. His ugg boots Keepall 45 Bandouliere could possibly be carried by literally anybody and search chic. For some reason, this bag has become actively playing tricks on me. Initially, I assumed it absolutely was a single of UGG Cardy boots. But then, the dimension with the boots started out producing me second-guess myself, and I believed maybe it absolutely was the greatest edition of Sofia Coppola’s hugely productive ugg boots for Vuitton. however the women’s shoes app
Brand And Fashion Of Ugg Boots Concurrently
I know i have inquired before, but seriously, ugg boots exactly where do summer time go? college is no lengthier out for your summer; it is back again in session and also the 30 days of August is practically gone. I invested a good deal with the period traveling on brief weekend getaways, and every time I started packing I ran into precisely the same problem: I do not have an right away boots which i love. big shoes with rolling wheels is in the extremely totally different class from spacious but effective big UGG Cardy boots; a single is a good deal more challenging to locate compared to other. Of program ugg has an solution for my vacation boots woes, and in the bright, eye-catching fluorescent coloring at that. With little particulars which can be ugg boots, the Voyage 24H in Rose Fluo is typically a declaration item for just about every woman who loves a fast escape.You understand that instant proper prior to you are designed to fill up the vehicle and operate away from town, howe
The Ugg Boots Of Styles
While this ugg boots is regarded as 1 of fall’s declaration pieces, I wonder how several of you strategy to go purchase it.The UGG Classic Short boots is exactly about fuzzy shearling with a amount of bold dark polka dots. even though some risk-taking fashionistas are certainly scurrying out to purchase this ugg boots, I would only contemplate purchasing it to double like a pillow in occasions of sudden sleepiness. ugg boots continually styles collections to appeal to several diverse styles, through the subdued towards the funky, and also this shoes falls to the funky category. I remember this UGG Cardy boots becoming carried affordable the Fall 2011 runway, catching my eyesight a lot much more compared to outfit, despite the simple fact that not necessarily in an excellent way. If I saw this UGG Cardy boots in someone’s arms and do not know any better, I’d presume it experienced been the vintage uncover within the lifetime. The dusty teal ugg accented with tortoise
Feel The Ugg Boots Super Fashion
Yesterday, I obtained to speaking about my adore for Lanvin in common and Alber Elbaz in specific more than at UGG Cardy boots, and now I’m ready to complete to do identical here. Bags such as the ugg boots just inspire that in me. I could search at this tiny shoes all day, primarily mainly because it shirks the conventional conventions of evening ugg boots so which you can pursue a search that is a touch far more unexpected; you will not discover any gleaming hardware or intricate beading here. If I saw this ugg boots in someone’s arms and did not know any better, I’d presume it experienced been the vintage discover of the lifetime. The dusty teal lizard accented with tortoise shell gussets and weathered brass UGG Cardy boots like practically nothing else around the industry proper now, as properly as the mixture is wonderful in the subtle, restrained, well-edited way that is genuinely tough to occur by. Naturally, the coloring palette provides this item a retro fe
Ugg Boots The Most Comfort
If you are below the age of 30 and haven’t been blessed using the comfort of the believe in ugg boots, odds are you currently possess a pair or two of Sam Edelman footwear within your closet. i realize I do; even although several in the company’s pieces can creep just a little as well much into artist Impostor territory at times, the great vast majority are trendy, fairly well-priced options to investing all my hire income on UGG Classic Short boots. When discussing UGG Classic Short boots earlier this week, I pointed out that I’m obsessed with finding a shoes which could be the complete splendid size, as well as this ugg design and design and style fits that explanation to some T. close to the standard day, I maintain my keys making use of a card holder attached, my phone and iPod, in the minimum one pair of boots, a mini (and I do signify mini) umbrella as well as a flat billfold. And at 10 inches wide, I genuinely think that all of that stuff would fit on this tin
Incredible Ugg Boots
A few of several weeks ago, I discovered myself consuming lunch in Soho using a good friend although the ugg boots sample selling was in total swing. When we walked by and saw that there is no line, we could assist but go in and poke around. I discovered a pair of incredible dark brocade leggings from Resort 2011 which i cannot wait around to put on after the climate is chilly enough, however the issue that caught my eyesight probably the most was the UGG Cardy boots. Sadly, because this is commonly a Fall 2011 piece, it wasn’t for ugg boots sale. Instead, it experienced been getting carried by some within the girls functioning the sale, presumably to maintain the tasers they certainly require so which you can maintain an unruly sample selling crowd below control. It took all of the do it yourself handle I experienced to not snatch 1 away of an staff and sprint as rapidly as I could for your Spring UGG Cardy boots.  When discussing ugg boots earlier this week, I pointed out tha
Ugg Boots I Most A Suitable
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Luxuriant Ugg Boots Of Fashion
 I certainly not shared my expertise on the ugg boots Resort 2012 display with you. Shame on me for the reason that it experienced been get rid of lifeless gorgeous, the type of gorgeous that produced me pinch myself to determine if what i experienced been experiencing was a dream. Held in the James B. Duke Mansion, this was the primary time ugg boots has proven in NYC and lots of celebrities and style insiders had been in attendance. The paparazzi had been out in total force attempting to photograph the likes of UGG Classic Short boots, Minka Kelly and more. I completely enjoyed the movie star spotting as well, however the display by itself was what i experienced been there for also it was breathtaking. When the audio began, the versions started their stroll via the mansion and also the selection reminded us that resort is exactly about chic. Blue, white, and silver took more than the runway and for twenty mins I forgot in which i experienced been and was transported for the resort g
Ten Million Ugg Boots
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In The Winter The Most Fashionable Shoes
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Fashion Trendy Ugg Shoes
Railcar ugg sale is trumped-up in so countless options ranging from significantly more rewarding child to substance plus the ensign and combinations are private ugg boots outlet unspeakable. In subject, a chick can aspiration from the nastiest, probably the most astounding effect and be whiz to produce out the design inside a short traveler reward. Also suede hid and breathtaking design to some produce can acquire all from the becoming utilised to produce a UGG Classic Tall boots squeeze. Some Brainwash vagrant purses also a mixed header of supplies put on in them. being an picture tack or likely a cervid might use a strip of child or ugg boots australia overseas pockets. Traveler plastic bags is often put on over a direct or irascible human body or their hobo bags, private coach internet which have two units of handles. it is effortless to useless the glenohumeral joint belt and own the flurry by fairing. Erst you could have a legitimate Railcar winnings, specific if it is actually ob
I Want You Always
as years go by,i see your face. just a subtle memory. i want your smile, i want your grace, to keep me grounded in my place. wish your dreams, were mine to share. so i knew you'd always care. you'd take my hand, kiss my face, i want you always.
Too Funny!
A study has revealed that the kind of face a woman finds attractive on a man can differ depending on where she is in her menstrual cycle. For example: if she is ovulating, she is attracted to men with rugged and masculine features. However, if she is menstruating or menopausal, she tends to be more attracted to a man with duct tape over his mouth and a spear lodged in his chest while he is on fire. No further studies are expected on this subject...
4 Kids
Fuckin'-a! Feeding 4 kids who seem like bottomless pits is a fruitless endeavor....They are never full...I'll have to get a 2nd job just to feed them..../end rant
Take The Respect
Fighting was a survival technique, one must possess. Unless you craved misery, heartache or death. Blood had to be shed, to see another day. Violence and fear, was the only way. If you wanted to succeed, they would break you down. Until you became just like, everyone else around. Change and indifference, was never accepted. You were beaten, disregarded, rejected. You had to be strong, to see your way out. Believe in yourself, no room for doubt. If you doubted for a second, they could smell the fear. Drag you back down to their level, make you drown in your own tears. That self belief, is what it takes. Don't second guess yourself, it will be a mistake. Knock them out, one at a time. Showcase your strength, the power of your mind. Take the respect, you have rightfully earned. Then walk away and chalk it up, as lessons learned.
How Long Do U Have To Wait To Be With The One U Love? When He Is A Truck Driver....
how long do we wait to be with the one we love when they are a truck driver?
The Way I See It
That degree you have hanging, on your wall. Can be broken, shattered, won't stand the fall. It's words stating your area, of expertise. My scars are my proof, an incurable disease. The images imprinted, in my mind. Are my experience, my time. My time served, released for good behavior. Finding faith, hope, my savior. Through the blood, sweat and tears. Recognizing the demons, facing the fear. Seeing the real world, for what it's truly about. Erasing the misconception, weeding through the doubt. Step out in to the world, without any protection at all. Fight, bleed and cry, then place that degree back on your wall. Only then will that degree, be worth a shit. If this offends you I apologize, but that's just the way I see it.
Surpassing The Norm
      The sounds on gunfire all around. violence and drugs infected his town. With his head held high, he conquers without fear. Friends fallen, dreams shattered over the years. A boy really, forced to be a man. Walking alone, holding the earth in his hand. The sweat beads pour down his face, he can taste his own blood. Still he see’s the rainbow, following the flood. His views of the world, despite all that has occurred. Are beautiful, innocent, sweet and pure. An artist in the most, realistic form. A builder, a dreamer, surpassing the norm. A person who takes it all, comes back for more. Soaking it all in, opening new doors. Truly inspiring, to say the least. Nothing rough about him, I see beyond the beast. Powerful by far, yet warm and kind. Are just a few words that, come to mind. When I think of him, and the lives he‘s going to touch. I'm filled with hope, simply can’t say enough.
Convicted. Green. So Much More...
Sick as it is the links and follow the happy trail.... Click here & then link in stash!... Won't have to say much, I think it speaks for itself. Contact me if you have any questions... Almost the weekend kids....peace.
Blog Blog Blog
I just wanted to blog to test this out, I never did a blog before. I think I might start though. Does anyone ever read these? If they do let me know. If enough people do then maybe I will start. Who knows I might actually have something to say that is interesting. If nothing else I am a pretty good speller, which is a relief compared to some of the people I have come across on here who are on the shy side of literate. I am guessing those folks probably don't come here to the blog section anyway. Okay that is enough about nothing.  Thanks for your time. Me
the greatest fear humanity has ever known, is the fear in themselves, the unknown, how do we pass this, how do we overcome it, to hold our loved ones, and to have no fear, to save the loved ones so dear.   what do we do to help ourselves, we put our loved ones on shelves, to want to keep them forever in our hearts, but when its time to let them go it really tarts.   life goes on each day, but the question is, can u stay, to want to stay, and want to hope, for life to bring u some dope.   not dope as dugs, but as hugs, to want to feel the love again, so u dont feel so lonely as sin.   hopin to reach out and grab someone, hoping to feel that one, the one u love true to ur heart, and will never leave u, no matter what
i hate all kinds of abuse but mostly child abuse and weman abuse. i cant stand it, and i dont see why someone would want to put up with it or not do any thing to stop it. that is why i have made a lounge for all kinds of abuse and we are will to help thos who need it and want it, and we are trying to make our number grater so we can help more people around the word, and i mean help by wther being there for someone to talk to or be able to find a way to help them get away from the person that is abusing them. if you want to help use try to put a stop to this come join us so our numbers can grow and we can help more people, i have already helped 9 people and i have friends that have helped people to, so come join us in Against_Abuse
Home Sweet Home
i remember an icy day 4 years ago when i had just finished starting a pot of my yummy homemade veggie beef soup, walked to the mailbox in the ice, i had received my first letter from my son who was in boot camp in chicago. one of the first lines was "im doing ok mom, but i would give just about anything to have a big bowl of your homemade veggie beef soup right now." needless to say, i didnt eat the soup. i sent it home with my sister.     fast forward to now... i have a huge pot of soup simmering on the stove and homemade apple cinnamon muffins(his favorite)  baking in the oven. my son is here to spend the day. 
Tic Tac Toe Can U Win
NEW TIC-TAC-TOE WITH SOUND !       This is REALLY Cool!!!  A new Digital version of the classic game with sound. This is so much fun !!!   Click on the Tic-Tac-Toe link (below) to play.   See if you can beat the computer...  CLICK HERE: ......................TicTacToe    
One And Only
By Adele You've been on my mind, I grow fonder every dayLose myself in time just thinking of your faceGod only knows why it's taken me so long to let my doubts goYou're the only one that I wantI don't know why I'm scared, I've been here beforeEvery feeling, every word, I've imagined it allYou'll never know if you never tryTo forget your past and simply be mineI dare you to let me be your, your one and onlyPromise I'm worthy to hold in your armsSo come on and give me a chanceTo prove I am the one who can walk that mileUntil the end startsIf I've been on your mind, you hang on every word I sayLose yourself in time at the mention of my nameWill I ever know how it feels to hold you closeAnd have you tell me whichever road I choose you'll goI don't know why I'm scared 'cause I've been here beforeEvery feeling, every word, I've imagined it allYou'll never know if you never tryTo forget your past and simply be mineI dare you to let me be your, your one and onlyPromise I'm worthy to hold in y
Don't Close Your Eyes
By Kix   Whatcha doing out in the night time?Why'd ya callin' me on the phone?Your mama can't solve your problemsWhen's daddy, ever get home?So you did your little move and criedIn the middle of a suicideDon't close your eyesDon't close your eyesDon't sing your last lullabyThere's no one there to hold youNo one hears your screamYou live life up and down nowYour nightmares are your dreamsI know it's lonely when your hanging 'roundDon't ya take it lying down, no, noHold on, hold on tightI'll make everything all rightWake up don't go to sleepI'll pray the Lord your soul to keepDon't close your eyesDon't close your eyesDon't sing your last lullabyDon't close your eyesDon't close your eyesDon't sing your last lullaby
Genetic Breakthrough: Programmable Yeast
Synthetic DNA added to yeast cells, paving way for 'evolution' on demand Scientists' feat could lead to better biofuels and vaccines, and is a significant step towards completely synthetic organisms Synthetic DNA designed in the laboratory was added to yeast cells without preventing its ability to survive and reproduce. Photograph: Manfred Kage/Getty Life forms have been created that carry strands of genetic material designed and built from scratch in the lab, paving the way for on-demand "evolution" of organisms. Scientists made sections of chromosomes, the long molecules that bear DNA, and transferred them into yeast cells, of the kind normally used in baking. The cells adopted the new genetic code as part of their normal cellular machinery and, to the scientists' surprise, appeared as healthy as their natural counterparts. The feat is a big step towards the manufacture of completely synthetic organisms that could be designed to churn out biofuels, vaccin
I Have A Crush On You!!!
I have the biggest crush on YOU. Had it for awhile now. I just didn't know what to say in your presence so I remained shy like. Ha thats bullshit huh. I've stuttered and literally drooled you made me feel like a nerd. Cos I couldnt find the words to say that would get you noticing me. I typed I text I called I perved Lets face it I got a CRUSH ON YOU!!!
Damn Im stuck an we are all on here for what
North Face Bags Choose, Seeing That His Friend, The A Large Amount Of Advanced
pack your things, it's time to travel. If mountain climbing, take a trip light, long-distance travel, traveling, mountain climbing, skiing and / or school, you can always count on the north facet of the backpacks, which are of high quality, functional and durable. The North Face backpacks are manufactured Wholesale The North Face Jackets with trademarked technology, only so i can give you the most desirable packs to match your needs, and additionally gearboxes. The credit visits the two walkers to Douglas Tompkins together with Kenneth "Hap" Klopp, the founder and even backbone involving The North Face Inc., products a complete range of backpacks. The North Face bags are specifically planned for the activities you love, a devotion that The North Face is intended with other models. I've browse through just about their own technology for some time. Your Opti-Fit revocation for instance was compiled to add candied and supply extra support when carrying heavy lots. His Verti-Co
Islanders, Tavares Agree To Terms On Six-year, $33m Extension
The New York Islanders have agreed to a new six-year,burberry outlet cheap $33 million contract extension with star forward John Tavares. The team has called a news conference for Thursday at which they are expected to officially announce the signing of the deal. Tavares still has one year left on his entry-level contract and will earn $3.75 million this season including bonuses. His extension begins in 2012-13 at $4 million, and will pay $5 million the next season. The contract will pay $6 million in each of the final four seasons of the contract. Tavares, who turns 21 next week, scored 29 goals and 38 assists last year in his second season with the Islanders. He was the first pick overall in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft and produced 24 goals and 30 assists in his rookie season.
Leafs’ Schenn Confident Of Signing Before Training Camp
Leaf defenceman Luke Schenn has yet to sign a new contract but he’s confident he’ll have a deal in place by the time the team’s training camp opens on Friday. “There’s no reason to stress out about it because both sides want to get it done,” Schenn,burberry outlet cheap said after another unofficial practice with the team at the MasterCard Centre in Toronto on Wednesday. “It will get done at some point.” Schenn said Leafs GM Brian Burke and his agent Don Meehan have been working every day towards a new deal, he said. “I’d rather not comment on that,” Schenn said when asked by a reporter if he would still be at camp without a signed deal. “We’re hoping things get done sooner than later,” he said, “Obviously, I love it here, I’ve played here for all three years. The city has been great to me. The Leaf organization has been awesome. I’ve been given a great opportunity. “I&rsquo
Encountering Other Psychics With Strong Fields ( They Have A Way Of Announcing Themselves ! )
All of my encounters with tantric partners have involved a initial meeting whereby I sensed chemistry and potential compatability right from the first moment. The process involved a period of "getting to know one another" over a number of encounters as our "auras" would explore one another. This process if we were a reasonable or good match would continue a feedback cycle that would eventually result in the woman making the final connection at her discretion. To me this process is not unlike what happens when lightning trying to reach from the cloud to ground starts out with a "initial or stepped leader" that forms a fan shaped electrical field called a "corona burst". This structure steps down about 150 feet from the cloud every 50 millionth of a second until it finds a upward rising ground streamer which has opposite polarity and when they finally connect all the energy potential is transfers through the estabished channel until the energy potential is balanced. Durin
Important Please Read..
A Message Lost
                                                                     A Message Lost         I heard a voice      calling in the breeze,      from across the ocean      and through the trees.        Where it came from     nobody knows,     but as each person hears it,     its message grows.         A voice from far away,     looking for a place     to settle down and stay.         Sometime ago      it would be lost,      and as a result      there was a cost.         A time of sorrow      and peace no more      lives lost      by something called war.         The voice is calling      once again,      hoping it's message      will soon begin      the message is simple      and easy to do,      say these three simple words        " I Love You!"
On Your Shore....
Strange how my heart beats To find myself upon your shore. Strange how I still feel My loss of comfort gone before. Cool waves wash over and drift away with dreams of youth so time is stolen I cannot hold you long enough. Days and nights falling by me. I know of a dream I should be holding days and nights falling by Days and nights falling by me............  Enya
The Theory Of Justification For Homicide
Someone asked me a question recently, and it caused me to think a lot. So, in typical fashion, I am posting the answers I have found here....The question: "What do you think makes someone deserving of death? And what gives you the right to be the one who kills another?"    The answer: I believe that if someone does more bad then good, then they deserve to die.     A person who is a chronic threat to the basic mechanics of society must be removed from the population in order to provide for the safety and security of the people. When I look at death as a punishment, I don't look at the past. Vengeance is a child-like concept; killing one person for killing another just gives you two dead people. One of those people had a chance to change.Sometimes killing such an individual is the only way to accomplish this. If someone does more bad than good, presuming it can be measured relative to the worth of a human life, then the person should simply have a debt of humanity that needs to be r
fey \FAY\adjective;    1.  Possessing or displaying a strange and otherworldly aspect or quality; magical or fairylike; elfin.    2.  Having power to see into the future; visionary; clairvoyant.    3.  Appearing slightly crazy, as if under a spell; touched.    4.  (Scots.) Fated to die; doomed.    5.  (Scots.) Marked by a sense of approaching death.
It takes a long time to become young.  -  Pablo Picasso
Trigonometry And Telepathy Do Not Mix ! (what Do You Do When Your Teacher Is Gorgeous ?)
In the summer of 1987 in my home town I was continuing my educational upgrading in mathematics and the sciences at an adult basic education center. I was enrolled in night classes and was quite pleased for the progress I was making while holding down a full time job also. My teachers were top notch dedicated people who I sensed truly cared about helping us reach our stated goals. I was "acing" all classes pulling off an average of 89% overall. It felt good to fix the mistakes I had done in high school letting my classes lapse. It was back in high school that I had my awakening to my gift of telepathy so over those eight years I had explored and developed these powers to an appreciably higher level. One of the most powerful "tantric exchanges" I've ever encountered happened that summer with an attractive young woman in my physics class, a colleague who I would describe as a friendly aquaintence. Our exchange was so powerful it put her into a deep REM trance and six othe
Feelings For Him.
Sometimes I just don’t understand    just what you see in me, When I look deep inside myself    I only see what could be.   A plain little person, with a lot to give A very lonely person, just trying to live.   Never knowing what to do    as I face each day a new Only hoping and praying that my day    will be spent with only you.   Trying hard to understand    Just what we have become Sometimes I just don’t understand    where all these feelings are from.   I love you because you make me happy    and I love you because you sometimes make me blue, I can only say for sure    I love you because you are you.   For taking time to say hello    when most of your time is not free For coming to me at the end of the day
After The Rain
When life is hard As you're going through pain It's hard to see the rainbow After the rain   But as the clouds roll by And you dry your eyes The sky turns clear With no more tears   When life is tough Hard to get through Search for my rainbow As the sky turns blue
The Spankophiliac’s Delight
“To spank is to pay attention. To be spanked is to command that attention–even if it hurts,” says Dr. Block This Saturday night’s live broadcast of The Dr. Susan Block Show will explore the piquant, pain-laced pleasures of consensual adult spanking, deculottage and other ironic and erotic means of recreational algolagnia. Joining international sexologist Dr. Susan Block in her Womb Room broadcast studio will be Studio Servitu CEOs Miss Crash and Jane Jett, their submissives Tiana and Aly Sinclair, spanking masters Dallas and Lord Master Earl, submissive Mehta and Goth queen opera singer Malena Teves.   Spankophiliac’s Delight will air live September 17, 2011, 10:30pm-Midnight PST on The Dr. Susan Block Show. Listen FREE at Call-In Free: 1.866.289.7068. To join our live in-studio audience for Spankophiliac’s Delight and the erotic after-party at Dr. Suzy’s world-famous Speakeasy in the Soul of Downtow
Swimwear Sale On Line
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The New Sweet Two Piece Spa Swimsuit
    Sequin beaded embroidery, also known, which is based on hollow beads, tubes beads, synthetic stones, beads and other flash as the materials, decorated in embroidered clothing, to produce jewelry, dazzling effect NKTM swimsuit using bead embroidery, make soft swimsuit more sparkling Decent cut, smooth lines, fine lines spliced ​​out of the abundance of layered clothing, bring a different experience to wear, color and unique details of the fusion of a visual fashion, women's casual elegance revealed. Material: Nylon: composition of polyamide fiber, commonly known as nylon, dyeing the synthetic fiber is a better, wear lightweight, waterproof and windproof and good performance, high abrasion resistance, superb strength and flexibility. Spandex: good elasticity, said elastic fibers, also known as Lycra, smooth feel, good moisture absorption, wear lightweight, have good patience. Spandex: good elasticity, said elastic fibers, also known as Lycra, smooth feel, good mois
How To Dress Up Yourself When You First Date
Picture this scene,you have a big date, and now all you need to do is consider where to get your special occasion dresses. your sweetheart and you have been flirting for months, but he finally decided to make a move and he's taking you to this fancy and expensive restaurant you've heard of but never had a chance to try. You won't get away with a basic pair of jeans tonight though,you want to be a goddness by yourself in her eyes. You need to find a new girl away. So,tonight could be the night that you want. it's your first date with him, so you have to dress up. You have to look pretty for him. But, what does it mean exactly? Do you have to dress like a prom girl? Do you have to put on that micro skirt your best friend had you buy, claiming you deserve to be nicknamed 'Hot Legs?"To avoid bad mistakes that could cost you months of happiness (or years of misery, who knows?), follow your common sense, maybe these suggeations will help to choose the right dress taht for your date 1 Don&rsq
Dechert Emails Underline Need To Guard Against Chinese Espionage: Expert
 Amidst the brewing scandal that is slowly enveloping the Harper government over the supposedly "flirtatious" emails of a Tory MP with a foreign journalist who may actually be a Chinese spy, two questions stand out. Why hasn't Prime Minister Stephen Harper dumped Toronto MP Bob Dechert yet from his privileged post as parliamentary secretary to the foreign affairs minister? And if this affair isn't stickhandled delicately, will this embarrassing episode mushroom into a much bigger problem that threatens to derail Harper's plan to repair Canada-China relations? Foreign policy and security experts said Wednesday that the answers aren't clear, but at the very least, burberry outlet cheap Harper should now recognize that Canada needs to reinforce its intelligence apparatus to guard against Chinese espionage. Brock University professor Charles Burton, a former political and economic counsellor in the Canadian embassy in China from 1998 to 2000, said it's clear the Asian economic giant will c
Asura's Tale (an Original Piece By Amanda L. B.)
"My name is Asura, and this is my story. The story of my life would take pages upon pages to chronicle it completely. So forgive me when I say, fuck that you are getting the short version. I haven't the time or the patience to sit here and drone on about all my horrific adventures...So here it goes. I am sure you have heard of the "All Mighty" God, and perhaps some of you even worship him. I am also confident that some of you worship that shit of a son he had, known as Jesus. Well in a sense I was once like you. I worshipped God. He was my father. I did everything he ever asked of me. You see back then I was Vespera better known as God's Evening Star. I was an angel, and a beautiful one at that. Today, you hear stories of Michael God's warrior, but never do you hear of Vespera. Back in the days when I was still welcome in Heaven, Michael couldn't hold a flame to me. I was the one God always came to, along with my brother. That of course did not last, or I would not be telling you this
Running In Terry’s Footsteps
Jason Ayer was just 7 years old when he was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumour but the Etobicoke boy still remembers the exact day he heard the news: Thursday, Nov. 8, 2007. Through 71 weeks of chemotherapy, he said thoughts of Terry Fox and his goal to run across Canada with a prosthetic leg helped keep his spirits up. “Terry has been my hero. He didn’t let his cancer get in his way,” Jason said. “I was going through a little bit of the same thing (as Terry). I didn’t have to get my limb amputated but I did have to go through the pain and chemotherapy.” Now in remission, sacs louis vuitton the 11-year-old is sharing his story with students in the GTA in advance of the annual Terry Fox Run, the largest single-day cancer fundraiser in the world. It’s a role that Terry’s brother Fred Fox is glad young Jason is brave enough to play. “It’s so important to have cancer survivors out there to share their journey and show that re
Missing Things
i dont miss much as a general rule.....however since the loss of my son i find myself missing not only him but ME!   i am not sur ewhere i have gone and i dont know where to start looking to find me but i know i am gone....i have no sense of self or humor like i used to and i so wish i was back.....its hard because i dont like who i am today i want to be who i was before july7th the guy everyone loved to talk to and who gave a damn if they did....i feel like the teacher from ferris beuler.....beuler  beuler   ferris beuler    oh ok guess kevin isnt here either......any ideas how to break this cycle would be greatly appreciated!!!!
Finding Your Dreaming Wedding Dresses For Your Wedding Party
Wedding is really a special moment for couples who fall madly in love. From first meeting and first to searching intently arouse which increases impression, such as the wedding once for couples to got married. That's why wedding moment has beautiful and impressive for guess particularly for married people. Each wedding ceremony planning have nice stacked and excellent, to ensure that wedding to take nice fluent. Are not only seen among the well planning like wedding vow, reception place, food, or ride. But other activities should be planned, for instance invites souvenirs, guest chairs, comfortable rooms, and wedding gowns. To select beautiful wedding gowns is a touch difficult, dress is essential factor in wedding, but it is among effective factor from wedding vows. Selecting the best and nice wedding gowns should be appropriate with wedding theme that people choose, if couples choose right wedding gowns to got married they're going to have a harmony and synchronize wedding situati
The Ongoing Saga Of The Job I'd Been Offered
So I go to visit the place that wants to hire me away from the job I currently enjoy (though there are aspects I'd love to escape, given the chance, which kind of had me thinking this would be a good idea). I would be installing and repairing some fairly large equipment with a really powerful laser for cutting through steel and aluminum. I'd be gone for two to three weeks at a time, though normally home for weekends, and working a ton of overtime while I was away. I had no problem with this. None of it wasn't anything I hadn't done before except the laser aspect, and that I'd be sent to training for. So I leave, their service manager giving his okay, as this was essentally my final interview. Official offer letter being sent to me via postal service (arrived Tuesday).   My real reason for being where I was... a training class for the robots I work with. I felt kind of shitty at this point, knowing any training I took was going to be a total waste. Showing up for class, I was just
Janey Godley’s Podcast Episode 62
(Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language)   In episode 62 of Janey Godley’s podcast the comedy dazzling duo debate the power of the police, the persistence of Ashley’s kissing habits and Janey’s lack of mothering skills and beauty tips. Ashley opens up the subject of bush trimming and Janey creates a new fashion for curly pubes that beats vajazzling!     Janey questions Victoria Beckham’s ability to carry her own child in platform shoes then goes into rants about screaming people in city centres. Ashley answers the slew of podcast questions and gives up her weird stories of the week, one which is a truly bizarre tale of revenge from Russia. Well worth a listen.     Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the world gets to hear it on Janey Godley’s podcasts, expect some bawdy language and home truths, as Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie lead you down the roads less taken in their fantastic weekly podcast. Listen as mothe
Poems :)
  Dear boy who hurt me more than words can describe, I had a dream of you last night. The first one since you ever left me. Remember how much we fought oh so much and that hurt me quite so. It was always because you wanted what I did not. Well in the dream I had of you. I paid you back times two. You see you had me to the ground because we were fighting, but I simply said I hate you, I hate you. I saw the hurt in your face and the tears in your eyes and for once I felt you knew what it was like to be hurt. You simply let me go after that. I knew I finally hurt you hurt me. Sincerly, The girl with a broken heart                        BROKEN   Im broken... i'm going to be completely honest and tell you, i'm broken. but you know what? even though i'm broken right now, i'm going to be fine. i'm not going to lose any more sleep over you, i'm not going to waste any more tears over an asshole like you. and i'm not going to go running back to you, when you realize
Recent turn of events has had me thinking and evaluating my heart and soul, my search in helping others to look through more loving eyes. I've lost touch of what makes me enjoy the very existence of who I am. I challenge myself daily to face my fears. To reach the things that others may have never tried spiritually. To whisper when all I want to do is scream to not allow the cruelness of life to harden my soul or smother out the light that guides my every step. My addiction with passion in life may have been viewed as weakness and may even have me question it myself. Yet here I stand today to say... if you ever mistaken those for living their life with a forgiving heart and a passionate soul as a weakness, you just may have voluntarily put yourself in the category of the blind. For it is so easy to break under psychological warfare. It takes strength of the heart and patience. But even this strength doesn't mean you won't break because you will break over and over again in a single lif
Moving On...
 Watching her spin around the dance floor he morns, she has found happiness and he had not. She Laughs and carries on smiling up at the man that took his place. He cries from the pain, moving though the crowd, he slips silently to the balcony and stares out at the night sky. He hears her approach behind him, and feels as she steps up next to him, her perfume catching in his nostrils. "I miss you..." she says, "But he is a great guy, I wish you could give me your approval but that time has past. I have to live again..." she takes off the locket he gave her and tosses it into the water. Reaching out to touch her and say he's misses her he passes through her as she turns and walks away, crying he floats out over the water and down to the locket, trying to pick it up and take it back so that she knows he is still there and it is okay. but his fingers pass right through it. in agony he screams, a silent scream that ehcos through every alley of the city but is never heard...
The baring of teeth A smile for Humans Have you ever come across A fully grown male Chimp Teeth mean war to him That flash moment When the danger smells Fill the air Run or fight? Slow motion He will roll you up And keep you in a tree Eat you slowly over weeks Run or fight
Emotional Harassment... Should I Stay Or Should I Go...........
I have so much happening and so much going on and the only time I can connect is during work.  I am thinking of a fu-break.  not sure how long, but I know till I get things straight to where I can have fun and relax with this .. I am no doing anyone any good.   I miss my G'ma   Mom is burying her boss this week, right after her mom .. That is a blow and it hurts, he was a good man and great attorney.   Things with a place is not easy   personally I am a huge wreck, being told you are hostle is hard.   I do love all my friends and treasure them more than can be known.  I just hope when I get back you will still be around.
It's Strange When You Don't Have Anything To Do...
Having nothing to do drives me crazy sometimes.  Today I'm expecting a paycheck and I had to jet from my apartment to the library to make time go by faster.  I was pacing back and forth, watching the clock go by. That's a habbit that I learned in Jail.  Not a good habbit to have.  The problem is whenever I get a job I don't last longer than two years due to the lame ass bullshit that goes on in fast food, and when you don't have a social life; all of life's outlooks appear very bleak indeed.  Note: + is a kick ass combination. That's all my bullshit for now. Peace.  
Hey Guys
Don't bribe me to make salutes for you. If I like you, I'll make you one if I feel so inclined.
No Idea What To Call This One
It's been almost 3 months since my mom passed away. Everything has changed. Dad's moved in with my sister, mom's stuff is all gone to everywhere. My younger sister is moving out of the city and dad's going too. My older sister lives out in the country, the opposite way. Things seemed so much simpler growing up. Knowing there'd always be home. I don't know what to do with myself half the time.  I'd pick up the phone to call mom for some stupid thing and try to annoy my dad with something but it's not the same. There's this hole inside and I don't know how to fix it. I'm supposed to know how to fix things. When the weather turns, I'd call her and we'd talk about whether it was doing something at her end or vice versa. When it snowed I knew she'd be the first one going out in bare feet (hey I never said she was sane) loving every second of the cold.  I have tried to make sense of it, but I don't know how. Nothing seems to make sense.  I went to the park the other day with Mack after sc
A Lonely Hunter Of A Heart
Dark. I'm your citizens, slaving everything you want. Nightmare. The lord , wearing the bloody crown , builds civilization by whipping ridiculous thought. Dear, please do not fall asleep! A lonely hunter of a heart, chased by monsters that come from Deep Town. A lonely hunter of a heart, will rebel against the gloomy kingdom oneday if i get ready. Dear, please do not fall asleep! A lonely hunter of a heart, finding brave guard everywhere. A lonely hunter of a heart, will win the battle and sleep tight on my marshmallow castle.
Friends ? Really ?
So it was asked of me on here; Why so few friends ? you must not be very popular! I replied just in this way. It's true, I don't have a friend list in the 10, 14, 18 or 28,000+ numbers. Quite frankly I find it rediculous to be so egotistagle to believe that anyone has thousands of "friends". I'm not here to be in some popularity contest. I have no illusions that I am no more that who I am. If that's not good enough for people then that's their hang up. No, I don't have a tremendous amount of friends on here but that's not a bad thing. I have a manageable amount of friends so as to show each one a small measure of time and love and friendship. It's been my experiance that a great number of people get hateful and rude because they feel neglected and ignored. I say to them: Get over yourself, it's a damn internet site an electronic machine to communicate with people you don't know and most likely never will. These people don't give a damn about you or your problems. If they do, it's becau
Update To Eyes...
  Ok looking good with contestants... Going to start Tonight 14 Sept at 6 PM cst.... I will keep it open for at least a week...I will update here an give 24hr notice before closing voting... Remember Commenting is unlimited!!! you must promote urself (obviously)... Photos will be open to no worries about your friends being able to vote... New friend request are always welcome though :P. best of luck ladies!!!   check back here or SB me if you have any questions!!
Now Perform The Hot Winter Months Jackets For Mens And Even Womens In Autumn
For the majority girls, winter months will be the excellent time to meet at the top of their close friends and do some other straight foward but effective activities. Needless to say, they ensure Buy North Face Fleece Jackets that the ideal wont pass their beauty. Girls unquestionably want to stay as really as they are during the ground season. Womens winter jackets are surely the hottest fashion item throughout winter. Its a bit funny that even if winter jackets were first designed with a only function of presenting warmth, kids still fit everything in to get a an alternative one which is alot more stylish and classy.No matter whether you are researching for womens or mens winter weather jackets, youll get some Womens North Face Denali Jacket concerns that you need to don't forget prior to purchasing one. Apart from the beauty price, youll get also much more that you must think about. The first ingredient that you need to do is to determine which hobbies you are going to h
You Need To Know Anything About Receiving Fashion Wintertime North Face Jackets
For some women's, wintertime could be the ideal a chance to meet up with your buddies plus do other easy however productive functions. Obviously, they cook sure that that snow wont overshadow their particular beauty. A lot of women undoubtedly wish to stay Buy North Face Fleece Jackets since fairly for the reason that theyre during the snow period. Womens winter North Face Jackets tend to be undoubtedly the best fashion device in the course of the winter season. It really is a little funny which regardless if winter North Face Jackets had been for starters produced which has a sole function of giving comfort, ladies really do everything for any brand new one which is certainly much more classy and trendy.If youre in need of womens or mens wintry weather North Face Jackets, there are some issues that you have to remember before one. As well as the cosmetic worth, there are also additional that you need to regard. The first thing that Kids North Face Down Jackets you must do
Is it to hard to ask to find someone to love. I think it is. I believe there is no such thing as love anymore. It's now a world of what can I get from the other person. I should know my ex did it to me all he wanted me around for is what I could buy him. Needless to say that didn't last long. Granted I may not be the most beautiful person in the world and of course I have my own issues like we all do. But I just want someone to love and who loves me back. But I guess in todays world love has become meaningless to most. I hear I love you all the time and I wonder if the person saying it actually means it or it is ust something we have all come a custom of saying now n days like the words hello, goodbye, how are you and things like that. What do you all think?
Rock Climbers, Hikers Make Trek Towards West Virginia's Seneca Rocks
Climbers out of around the modern world come to experiment their competencies in getting together with the challenge involved with scaling Seneca Dirt. Hikers and the on horseback journey in place, too. Seneca Boulders is simultaneously a crossroads together with a Wholesale The North Face Vests destination for people in southern West Virginia. The dramatic together with sharply specific formation goes up some 900 feet preceding the surrounding valley and the North Shell South Side of the Potomac Lake. Situated in the Spruce Knob Seneca Boulders National Store of the Monongahela Nationwide Forest, these steep rock and roll formations take those missing out on through or perhaps going to combined with from other near by attractions, along with rock climbers plus hikers which come specially for the highs and views.Rock Climbing at Seneca Rocks Within experienced rock climbers, scaling Seneca Sways has been versus climbing Demons Tower found in Wyoming. A maze of over 400 geek
" He has what we need (his face is here, his face is there, we wanna see him). He has everything (we say his name, we give him fame, we wanna be him). He's constellations and satellites. He's UFO's on angel wings, invisible in his universe of sky-he's so high. He shoots the stars and blinks the lights. His paper skin covers up his paper scars. Black of eyes, black of vanity. He's overdressed just to win us over (the hair shines, the face is pretty). He's by design and his mind has been placed by a string. He is the model nihilist. He's got the face of a million superstars. Obsessed? It's what he wanted. Impressed? It's all the sugar. I'm am candy coated, so come and see all the fashion and frolic."
‘decent’ Results Expected For Rim
After a tumultuous summer capped by an activists fund’s call for a sale or breakup of the company, Research In Motion Ltd.burberry outlet cheap reports earnings Thursday expected to exceed sharply reduced expectations. Shaw Wu of Sterne Agee sees “decent” results on the strength of rising shipments of upgraded smartphones and the desire of phone traffic carriers “to support a viable No. 3 platform to fend off Google and Apple.” Scotia Capital’s George Papageorgiou expects a “much stronger” third quarter and said RIM will meet its ambitious annual earnings per share target. He cited positive factors for the Waterloo-based mobile device maker including lawsuits against rival handsets running on the open-source Android software. JP Morgan’s Rod Hall, however, called the recently launched BlackBerry 7 phones solid, but not enough to trump “rapidly declining consumer sentiment and potentially weaker demand.” Peter Misek o
Intel Brandishes First Google Android Tablet
SAN FRANCISCO--Intel hauled out its first Android tablet running on "Medfield," an upcoming Atom chip for smartphones and tablets,burberry outlet cheap while two executives also chatted about their relationship with Google at the company's developer conference today. The Medfield Atom chip is one of Intel's most power-efficient chip designs--a strict requirement for tablets and smartphones. It contains a single processing core--as opposed to more power-hungry dual-core Atom chips used in Netbooks--and will be available in devices in the first half of 2012. The tablet that Intel showed today (see photo below) is a so-called reference design that the company will supply to tablet makers that would use it as a template for their own product. Importantly, Intel-based tablets and smartphones will be targeted at Google's Android software, not Intel's internal MeeGo operating system. The latter has been relegated to automotive and industrial applications mostly and is no longer seen as a p
Instrumental Lover
Vision me as your grand piano, a baby grand... All keys anxiously await the touch of your hands Let me by you music notes, arranged on the sheet... Both hi and low will make your melody complete Hold me like a guitar, gentle yet steady... Begin to play it whenever you're ready I desire to be the flute that greets your lips... I long to feel the softness of your fingertips My heart beats like a drum whenever you are near... The tone of your voice whispers harmony to my ears Escape into my arms, meet me beneath the cover... I'll be your music piece, and you'll be my...instrumental lover
Once Upon A Midnight Ride In A Place And Time Far Far Away ...
I learned an old saying that went something like this...   If there is ever something you truly love you must set it free it will one day return if it was ment to be but if it don't... then track it down and kill it before it grows for it could have never realy been true at all and there for was never truly meant to be in the first place you see...   May be harsh but it came from a harsh place and time and some how has never left my mind some times i wonder why and at others i know exactly why   because that's the way love goes it lives AND it dies all to often in the blink of an eye.
Mens Brief Buying Guide
First, style: swimming Mens trunk_Mens brief_swimwear peace angle triangle is divided into two categories, currently very popular, the style should choose according to personal preference.Second, the waist height: can be roughly divided into four types:(1) waist: usually designed for boxer swim trunks, it is almost eliminated, so the market is not much.(2) normal waist: straight angle triangle can be, more like swimming trunks, usually for the public's choice, but I think it is more suitable for Boxer swimming trunks.(3) low-cut: most of the design for the triangle, because triangular swimming trunks designed to look good low-waist than normal waist, straight angle to have, but Swimming trunks will become very wide, unsightly. Low-waist swim trunks show trend, is gradually overshadowed the normal waist swim trunks Because the triangle has become increasingly popular.(4) hipster: usually show some thigh triangular swimming trunks, swimming trunks, this is more suitable for open-minded p
Summer Fashion Elements Cake Layer Was Thin Cover Belly Halter Swimsuit
    Afternoon on the beach, the sand or light? Pong with thick waves.   Pleasant breeze fluttered; off dresses, just want to wander in the ocean, fascinated by the time this summer!   Layered cake was both beautiful dress, but also cover a small pot   Strengthen the steel trust, firmly supporting the chest does not shift; rounded cup, fit chest; deep V design, so that the chest three-dimensional rendering, charming sexy show   Jack designed to adjust according to demand, confidence breast shape curve from your grasp;   Chest strap can be designed to effectively gather the chest, turned bow, lovely gift;   Rao neck style lace designs, you can adjust the heart sexy scale;     Please chick in to buy.   swimwear,One piece swimwear,Two piece swimwear,Bikini swimwear, Tankini swimsuit,Sexy bikinis,Skirt type swimsuit,Leopard grain swimsuit,Floral and bright prints swimwear,Japanese swimwear,Mens brief,Mens trunk ,Sports swimwear,
Do You Want A Vintage Wedding Dresses
Brides that want to have a classic wedding should look into vintage wedding dresses. A lot of vintage dresses are timeless, but still have something a little extra that makes it special. Sure the hottest dresses of the season that grace the covers of bridal magazines look great, but if you are looking for something a little more out of the ordinary, you might get it with a vintage gown.. There is such a broad spectrum of vintage wedding dresses, because each decade dating back to the early 20th century has a style that can still be current if worn correctly. In the earlier 1900's the style was Edwardian, with long trains and veils to match. The silhouette is usually ball gown or A-line, the perfect dress for a bride who wants to look like a princess.In 1910 the empire waist dress became a big hit, All of the people want to wear the dress with the higher waistline.Flapper atyle wedding dresses were iconic in the 1920's.They were short and looser than dresses prior.Hats were the big acc
Tupac And What He Stood For
ALOT OF YOU ARE PROLLY WONDERING WHY IM SLAMMING OUT VIDEOS OF TUPAC  BELOW TELLS WHY   15 years ago today, the rapper, poet and social justice activist Tupac Shakur passed away, having sustained injuries from an attack. Today, it's important that we all take a moment to reflect on Tupac's spirit and his wish for the world.  AND BECAUSE  i  i know 2 unsigned rap artist who has lived  Tupac's live and is  doing what tupac back at that time wanted for his homies to do  they rapping their experience of gang life  instead of killing one another . and even changed their life around .......... tupac   your words and your tunes has touched many rappers  even unsigned ones..... still along way to go yet but its a start and its happening R.I.P TUPAC you may be gone from this world but  your not forgotten
Severity Serneity
A Piece Of Biblical Advice
To all the girls who are in a hurry to have a boyfriend or to get married, a piece of Biblical advice: " Ruth patiently waited for mate Boaz." While you are waiting on YOUR Boaz, don't settle for any of his relatives; Broke-az, Po-az, Lyin-az, Cheatin-az, Drunk-az, Cheap-az, Lockedup-az Goodfornothing-az, Lazy-az, and especially his third cousin Beatinyo-az. Wait on your Boaz and make sure he respects Yoaz.
Waiting For The End
*chrous*   I'm waiting for the end to come, nothing left to fear holding on, waiting for someone take my hand, show me what it means to be alive...while i wait...for my end   It seems like everything i've done, has turned to crap and i've run away from every bit of happiness i have ever seen i get scared and start to run it doesn't matter how well things are, i just figure one day it'll turn sour so the time takes away i fade and "Looking at this final hour" crying   I'm waiting for the end to come, nothing left to fear holding on, waiting for someone take my hand, show me what it means to be alive...while i wait...for my end   I don't matter what anyone says, cause it comes back to me in the end and now i see what it means to be happy, but alone is this worst feeling and i know im being, just afraid little kid, but its the life i know its what i do i've lived through every hard time, lost everything, so all i have left is to sing no grandmother she took her life
Spongebob Squarepants Causes Learning Problems - Study
The cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants is in hot water from a study suggesting that watching just nine minutes of that program can cause short-term attention and learning problems in four-year-olds. The problems were seen in a study of 60 children randomly assigned to either watch SpongeBob, or the slower-paced PBS cartoon Caillou or assigned to draw pictures. Immediately after these nine-minute assignments, the kids took mental function tests; those who had watched SpongeBob did measurably worse than the others. Previous research has linked TV-watching with long-term attention problems in children, air yeezy 2011 but the new study suggests more immediate problems can occur after very little exposure - results that parents of young kids should be alert to, the study authors said. Kids' cartoon shows typically feature about 22 minutes of action, so watching a full program "could be more detrimental," the researchers speculated, But they said more evidence is needed to confirm that.
Potentially Habitable Exoplanet Found
A rocky planet with the potential to support liquid water — and therefore the potential to support life — has been found orbiting a sun-like star near our solar system. The planet, known as HD 85512 b, is among 50 planets outside our solar system, called exoplanets, recently discovered using the HARPS instrument on the 3.6-metre telescope at La Silla Observatory in Chile, operated by the European Southern Observatory. The findings were announced Monday at a conference on Extreme Solar Systems in Grand Teton National Park, Wyo., gucci outlet by an international team led by Michel Mayor at the University of Geneva in Switzerland. They will be published as three articles in an upcoming issue of the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics. HD 85512 b has a mass about 3.6 times greater than the Earth's, making it a class of rocky planet called a "super-Earth." Such planets don't exist in our solar system, but appear to be common around other stars. The planet orbits the star HD 85512 i
Protection Technology (put The Outer North Patent)
[material Apex Climateblock SOFTSHELL introduced] protection technology (put THE outer NORTH patent)     All THE protection type (312 397 g/square meters) APEX, THE elastic cloth is put by NORTH developed fourTo elastic cloth; Wind and rain, breathable comfort, table cloth DWR better the spilled water treatment, can strengthen the cloth waterproof function; Elastic characteristics can accord with outdoor activities of the body stretch when demand, 0 CFM, 100% of fangfeng, can resist the external changeable weather.    
Customed Made Wedding Dresses
As with lots of different clothing, the wedding gown has transformed in fashion and fashion through the age range. Throughout the medieval period, whenever a wedding was dependent on politics most importantly else, brides needed to dress in ways that will best reflect their own families. The greater the social standing from the bride, the more potent the shades and also the more costly the materials used. Fur, velvet and silk were frequently integrated into the look. The styles and colours from the wealthy brides were replicated through the brides of lower social standing as well as they might. Despite the fact that centuries passed and designs came and went, brides ongoing to decorate within the most trendy clothes, produced from the wealthiest and boldest materials those funds could buy. Another factor suggestive of the wealth and social standing from the bride was the quantity of materials. Individuals who could not afford anything new used their finest chapel dress on the big day.
How To Annoy A Yankee
25 Ways To Annoy A Yankee Take your own sweet time when doing ANYTHING. Pronounce all one-syllable words with two. When giving directions, finish with "it's right down yonder on the left." Talk REAL slow, and ask them to speak more slowly so you can understand what they're saying. When they talk nostalgically about the North, tell 'em "Delta's ready when you are!" Talk loudly and often about SEC football or ACC basketball. Refer to every soft drink as a Coke. Always order sweet tea and/or grits. When they don't have it, raise a ruckus. Offer to send 'em a bottle of fresh air. Insist on being addressed by your first AND middle names. (e.g. Lisa Marie -- John Michael -- Jim Bob. . .) Frequently bring up "The War of Northern Aggression" in conversation. If anyone ever says the words "Civil War", always interject that "there was nothing civil about it." Address all males as "son" and females as "little lady".
The Horror Of Blimps
The horror of blimpsLast week while travelling I stopped at a Zany Brainy store and saw that they had a blimp for sale. It's called Airship Earth, and it's a great big balloon with a map of the Earth on it, and two propellors hanging from the bottom. You blow up the balloon with helium put batteries in it, and you have a radio controll indoor blimp. I'd seen these things for sale in Sharper Image catalogs for $60-$75. At Zany Brainy it was on clearance for $15. What a deal! Last night my wife was playing tennis and it was just my daughter and I at home. I bought a small helium tank from a party store, and last night we put the blimp together. Let me tell you, it's quite a blimp. It's huge. The balloon has like a 3 ft diameter.We blew it up with the tank attacched the gondola with the propellors, and put in batteries. Then we balanced the blimp for neutral bouyancy with this putty that came with it, so it hangs in the air by itself neither rising nor falling.  It was easy and fun, a
Redneck Humor
Redneck Computer Terms! BACKUP - What you do when you run across a skunk in the woods. BAR CODE - Them's the fight'n rules down at the local tavern. BUG - The reason you give for calling in sick. BYTE - What your pit bull dun to cusin Jethro. CACHE - Needed when you run out of food stamps. CHIP - Pasture muffins that you try not to step in. TERMINAL - Time to call the undertaker. CRASH - When you go to Junior's party uninvited. DIGITAL - The art of counting on your fingers. DISKETTE - Female Disco dancer. FAX - What you lie about to the IRS. HACKER - Uncle Leroy after 32 years of smoking. HARDCOPY - Picture looked at when selecting tattoos. INTERNET - Where cafeteria workers put their hair. KEYBOARD - Where you hang the keys to the John Deere. MAC - Big Bubba's favorite fast food. MEGAHERTZ - How your head feels after 17 beers.
Your Only Chance...
  The universe is expanding as I write this. At some point the universe will collapse in on itself, then expand again. When the universe expands again everything as we know it will be as it was. The point is, we will live our lives over and over again. Repeat the same mistakes over and over, forever. So this I will leave to you. The life you live now is your only chance to get it right…
To The Woman I Love ...
                          I do not love you as if you were salt-rose, or topaz,or the arrow of carnations the fire shoots off.   I love you as certain dark things are to be loved,in secret, between the shadow and the soul.  I love you as the plant that never bloomsbut carries in itself the light of hidden flowers;thanks to your love a certain solid fragrance,risen from the earth, lives darkly in my body.  I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where.I love you straightforwardly, without complexities or pride;so I love you because I know no other waythan this: where you do not exist, nor I,so close that your hand on my chest is my hand,so close that your eyes close as I fall asleep.                                                Thinking of you                                                         Tom
You Might Be A Redneck Firefighter If......
I found this and just thought some of you just might enjoy getting a good laugh out of some of these! As it does show just how many of you really are REDNECKS out there!! :D  * You have ever been dispatched to a working “cow” fire * You ever put out a cow chip fire * Your PASS alarm goes “Yeee Haw” * You dispatch center ever said “Y’all can’t miss it” * You used your rescue air bags as furniture at the fire station * You refill your air bottles at the local gas station “Free Air” hose * Your department has a Rescue Bubba and a Rescue Cow for training * You only wash down the floor in the station to “keep the dust down” * Your radio call signal is “Wheee doggies” * You have to mark the department out of service two weeks during deer season and every Sunday during the Winston Cup Race * You bought a computer so you could get NASCAR Online on the Internet * You count reading fire magazines
    ~BROKEN~  The hurt, pain, the darkness has taken me for it's my safe home My heart & soul shattered into millions of pieces as it falls all around me The tears streaming down my face as my heart closes the doors My feelings, emotions all turned bitter & cold within me  The thoughts running through my mind, bring such sadness & tears to my eyes Turn out the lights, blow out the candles, turn off the tv,  for I don't want to be seen no more For there was once this thing called love, that bought such light  & happiness in my life A love that vanished right before my eyes, slipped right through my fingers I hold my head in my hands trying to understand, why? Lost, confused, unsure, shattered, dead inside, Oh how, I hate how I'm feeling
As I Let Go
As I let go of these stupid thoughtsI get scared of life no where to runyou caused me falutsI bleed for youyou make me miserableI bleed to fix my problemsshould I make hope invisableA look wont betray meI can still feel this energyI can hear it in my heartlove exist it you make it into a strategydont return unless i love you I need youI miss youI crave youbut your love isn't for me.
The Night
The night is darkening round me, The wild winds coldly blow ;But a tyrant spell has bound me,And I cannot, cannot go.The giant trees are bendingTheir bare boughs weighed with snow ;The storm is fast descending,And yet I cannot go.Clouds beyond clouds above me,Wastes beyond wastes below ;But nothing drear can move me :I will not, cannot go.
"a Love That Was Not Meant To Be" ( Devil Speaks Her Love To An Angel )
Before I was down and fallenin darkness I was doomed"...My light was takenand then it goes b00m"...But an Angel cameand wrapped me so tight",just to save me...He's willing to fight"....I can't hardly believe,but it's so damn true"..A Devil like me....found an Angel like you"..It's a phenomenon....very unexplainable and unusual"..That a fallen Angel like me,..for You would fall"...oh".. God, I am sorry,for I know I have been sinned...The halo You gave me,Now has been cut andthrowned away into nowhere...For now I am all the same as a fool",w/ lots of remorse and regrets...Hoping one day,even a day"...You will still accept me again as Your's..The time has come, what i have expected,..We don't have any other choice,I have to let Him go..because He has to a Soldier of Almighty God"He has a duty that awaits him,in that beautiful paradise..I used to live....Though I've cried a million tears,...past has already happened,I was meant to suffer,perished all of my misdoings and mistak
          Sometimes... You can cry until there is nothing wet left in you. You can scream until your throat rebels and ruptures. You can pray to whichever God you think will listen. And still it goes on, with no sign as to when it might release you. And if it ever did relent it wouldnt be because it cared.
Part 2
I looked at her funny and laughed “There is not darkness around me, only the joy. I hold no ill will toward anybody.”                 The other girls all made a purchase from the woman  while I continued to walk around and look at the other exhibits, as I walked around my eyes kept darting back to the statue and wondering what it would have been like to have been seduced by the demon.  As I stood there near the other statues waiting for the girls to finish up, my mind started to drift to another time, a time when demons roamed the earth freely, under the cover of darkness, and seduced women, and had half human half demon children. I could see it clearly it was as if I were standing there watching a woman getting raped by a horde of demons, and as she screamed for help the men from her village turned and walked away. I heard one man say, if we give them one virgin a year they leave the others alone and our village prospers for the next year. I was lost in this waking dream
Republicanism As Religion (repost)
The Dish covered the remarkable web essay of Mike Lofgren, but I didn't comment myself because it so closely follows my own argument in "The Conservative Soul" and on this blog, that it felt somewhat superfluous. But I want to draw attention to the crux of the piece, because if we are to understand how the right became so unmoored from prudence, moderation and tradition and became so infatuated with recklessness, extremism and revolution, we need to understand how it happened. It is, of course, as my shrink never fails to point out, multi-determined. But here is Lofgren's attempt at a Rosebud: How did the whole toxic stew of GOP beliefs - economic royalism, militarism and culture wars cum fundamentalism - come completely to displace an erstwhile civilized Eisenhower Republicanism? It is my view that the rise of politicized religious fundamentalism (which is a subset of the decline of rational problem solving in America) may have been the key ingredient of the takeove
America: Now With 200% Moar Poverty!
it never fails to amaze me how many people have no clue about how things work behind the scenes. and how it could all be fixed so easily, yet the willingness to do so simply doesn't exist amongst the most greedy. source:   NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Amid a still struggling economy, more Americans fell below the poverty line last year, according to new census data released Tuesday. The nation's poverty rate rose to 15.1% in 2010, its highest level since 1993. About 46.2 million people are considered in need. 269 8 Print The government defines the poverty line as income of $22,314 a year for a family of four and $11,139 for an individual. The Office of Management and Budget updates the poverty line each year to account for inflation. As for middle-class American families, income fell in 2010. The median household income was $49,445, down slightly from $49,777 the year before. Overall, median i
Sun Sets
As I sit along the shore line watching the sunset I reflect back over my life . I think back to the choices i have made in my life . I wounder if I made the right ones. I wounder if  could go back in time would i have done things diffrently.  I watch the colors fade from yellow to purple. Its strikes me that when we take the time to look back at ones life that all the choices we have made be them right or wrong we did for a reason . We may never know the true reason we made them. We may regreat the choices we made . In the end it comes down to trying to make the best out of the life we have right now . Just as the sunset is a beautiful part of nature, so are we . The sun will set everyday . Each one is diffrent there are no two alike . Just as with ppl there r no two alike . We must take a page from nature and see that what choices we have made  make us just as beautiful as the sunset.  Just as the sunset touches our lives we touch the people around us . We make there life a little b
Our Economy...
  The folks who are getting the free stuff, don't like the folks who are paying for the free stuff, Because the folks who are paying for the free stuff, Can no longer afford to pay for both the free stuff and their own stuff, And, The folks who are paying for the free stuff, Want the free stuff to stop. And the folks who are getting the free stuff, Want even more free stuff on top of the free stuff they are already getting!       Now... The people who are forcing the people who Pay for the free stuff, Have told the people who are RECEIVING the free stuff, That the people who are PAYING for the free stuff, Are being mean, prejudiced, and racist. So... the people who are GETTING the free stuff, Have been convinced they need to hate the people who are paying for the free stuff, By the people who are forcing some people to pay for their free stuff, And giving them the free stuff in the first place.       We have let the free stuff giving go on for so long that there are Now more
As soon as I get enough contestants...20ish...I will start the contest... Ist prize will be a Polisher 2nd Place will be a Boomy Winner will be determined by a point tally.. Number of rates times average rating plus number of comments times 5.. (rate x avg) + (comments x 5)   If you are interested and want to enter PM me or comment here and i will add you..   Thanks, Barry
This Is What I've Seen (song)
New Blog After 3 Months! =/
My Precious Gift
Get up honey, it's time to get ready. She looks up at me, with her eyes so heavy. Giving me that same look, I have when I'm pissed. I just smile and walk away. Love every second of it. She makes the rules, calls the shots. Everything I am, she's knows she's got. My precious gift. The center of my world. Have to give thanks, to my baby girl. She keeps it real for me, with her warm beautiful smile. Makes even the impossible, worth while. She can break my heart, quicker than anyone can. But I know she will still be around, in the end. When everyone else, has come and gone. She will remain by my side, where she belongs. I would lay my life down, for hers to live. There is nothing for her, I wouldn't give. I gave her life, yet she has given me much more. Every smile, every move I make, she's responsible for. I just have to say thank you, for delivering her to me. Without her, who knows where I'd be.
Our Country Today
It was good to see all of the people remembering Sept 11. I knowe we all remember where we were on the day out nation was attack. I think i was thinging about beside all ofthe brave men and women who lost their life hat day is the amount of money it cost the terriorist spend. Think aobut it just 17 airliine tickets has cost this country Billions of dollars! Not only in the war that we spent but also the financial markets and the cost to the government to pt new secritu in place. Are we a safer country today. You bet we are but we still have a long why to go! So still be on the look out for anything that seems out of the norn and then report it! Politics thoughts. we country is is bad shape, I dont need to call you that! All of the Rebs and dems are concerned about is keeping the white house or getting it back. They are also concerned about keeping there jobs well all of us lose jobs. my company wnats me to relocate but I cant afford to I would lose over 4o grand on my
If I Know Him
I wonder if I know himIn whose speech is my voice,In whose movement is my being,Whose skill is in my lines,Whose melody is in my songsIn joy and sorrow.I thought he was chained within me,Contained by tears and laughter,Work and play.I thought he was my very selfComing to an end with my death.Why then in a flood of joy do I feel himIn the sight and touch of my beloved?This 'I' beyond self I foundOn the shores of the shining sea.Therefore I knowThis'I' is not imprisoned within my bounds.Losing myself, I find himBeyond the borders of time and space.Through the AgesI come to know his Shining SelfIn the Iffe of the seeker,In the voice of the poet.From the dark clouds pour the rains.I sit and think:Bearing so many forms, so many names,I come down, crossing the thresholdOf countless births and deaths.The Supreme undivided, complete in himself,Embracing past and present,Dwells in Man.Within Him I shall find myself -The 'I' that reaches everywhere.~ Rabindranath Tagore
Please Help Stray Cats!
For those users on here if ya dont know me then keep your opinions of me to your self, i am who i am if ya cant accept that then dont chat with me . thnx
For My Bunny!
I';ll hold you warm, Hold you very close, Through the autumn leaves, leep you warm in the snow, Take your hand, never letting go, My baby, , my heart beats with yours so  slow  love you I shall never let you go Wagching her sleep, You are perfect to me!
How To Begin An Internet Product Sales Business - The 4 Actions To Developing An On-line Business
An internet product sales company is between the quantity of avenues available toward the standard dude or ladies that wishes to produce considerable income starting with small or no money. That's to not say that you just won't should hold out to create marvelous bucks concerning the internet or that it could possibly be considered a "get abundant quick" proposition. concerning the contrary you will should compare to in considerable time and work to create a prosperous internet product sales business. The vital is knowing what to accomplish which means you don't waste materials any of your important time or money.Here will be the actions you'll should hold to begin your prosperous internet business. in several instances all those new to online marketing forget a few of those actions and so are therefore doomed to failure or struggling for small return on their investment
Tax Wars Over Huge Internet Sales Numbers
Various states in America are operating huge deficits using the 2012 states' spending budget deficit standing at $125 billion. This circumstance is key to suggest authorities to go previous limits and lookup for just about any feasible signifies of minimizing the deficit. among the methods that states are earnestly looking for can be to raise incomes is through Ecommerce income taxes. Ecommerce and on the net merchandising is critically getting an enormous earnings earner with fast growth. The 2010 income revenues grew by 15% to $165 billion as well as the progress craze is projected to stay exactly the comparable or increase to even higher rates. Therefore, there is a good offer in conditions of taxes that may properly be sustainably reaped from these on the net sales. In these $165 billion income revenues for 2010, the income taxes inside the transactions was much more than $10 billion tcxzxc. It is this sort of figures and projections which could be sustaining suggest authorities ea
Tips On How To Decorate A Past School Day Pack And Make Them Look Latest Again
Backpacks are on the list about "must have" school elements and often might possibly be the most expensive unit on the list. With respect to families looking at their financial budgets and trying to produce do with only one backpack from year to year, you will find a way to come up with last ages backpack somewhat more exciting for your child. For our house, we get out the fabric North Face jackets paints, garment glue, sequins along with treasures on the craft carton and make much of our personalized bag. How do we complete a school rucksack transform out of drab to assist you to fab? Dimensional paints seem to be 3D oil paints which were applied much like bottled attach, but come in an incredible range of colors. Any 6 pack with Scribbles dimensional textiles paint cost around $5 for six one bit bottles that should last by means of hundreds of technique projects. We refer to creative hobby magazines and children craft courses to find versions that we just like, and use t
Would You Know How To Keeping Warm And Stylish During Your Winter
Now that winter months is around the corner, people are in the past scrambling to go looking apparel which may be unique not to mention appropriate for the season. For those who are holidaying in the urban zones to get the winter, it usually is no more than a complete warm sweatshirt and thermal underpants, or even pair of tvs and radio stations muffs and cozy mittens. Canada Goose Windbreaker Snowfall boots are also the rage within this season, completely stylish for those who are following the power fashion trends. The thing that garment that's essential, it should be sufficient amounts to keep us heated during these snowy spells. In spite of this, for those who are going go on skiing trips during this time, it is a completely different tale completely. Skiing almost certainly the great U . s . past times typically gained increasingly popularity for the birth of their winter X-Games. Sporting men have now maxed their limitations and get rid of beyond so what's customary
What To Say When.....
You're g/f-b/f thinks she/he is right but u know they are 100% wrong-....You Know When You Find Your g/f-b/f cheated on you-....your mom/dad was better and last phrase of the day When u r so mad but you just can't find the words to say-....Alejarse de mi burro
since im getting older ive come to a cross roads in life of thought do i stay my path or do i look at all in a whole am i right in my ideals or am i wrong damed down a path of failure but given in to religion thats like calling defeat but is that my pride talking dont know but all i know is i try to keep good karma and what really is religion is it truth or is it a system of rules made by man with the threats of a place called hell to make us be better out of fear or is it a way to control a mass of people but in all religions and faiths there is the good but human intentions get in the way then greed anger and hate sorry to send like yoda but we are a broken people sitting on the edge of self destruction for the love of one ideal or people creates hate of outsiders look at all the events between the religions and people its always killing in the name of my god but why are we this blind that we forsake the teachings thats in our books of faith to throw back love peace and sernity for t
You Want To Know Something On The Subject Of Fighting Typically The Chill By Having A North Face Coat
Even with the change of periods, spring and fall climatic conditions can be a amount chilly. There are numerous things an individual might wear to continue warm about windy, interesting days plus nights. Selecting items that produce proper insulation is possible. Certainly, there Buy North Face Denali Jackets are a number of companies that make North Face Clothes in diverse weights that happens to be great with providing the vital coverage for different weather and even temperatures.Everyone looking for a superior quality piece of outwear contains a number of choices. Depending on the a higher level warmth and additionally coverage ideal there are arrays of products available which offer varying variety of warmth. The type of North Face Coat a particular chooses truly does depend on the climate conditions one particular expects to use it within. Selecting a person who offers changeable levels of protection from the elements is recommended. There are a variety with North Fac
Winter North Face Jackets Might Be Appropriate Requirements Associated With Mens And Womens
For a lot of girls, winter season is the terrific time to hang out with their friends and do a couple of other uncomplicated however victorious activities. Clearly, they make it possible for the ideal won’t surpass his or her beauty. Adult females certainly want to stay like Buy North Face Fleece Jackets pretty since they’re during the winter season. Women’s winter North Face Jackets are definitely the trendiest trend device throughout winter weather. It’s a bit interesting that regardless of if winter North Face Jackets used to be first developed having a main function of getting warmth, young women still perform every thing for the brand new Just one which is further trendy and trendy. Regardless of whether will probably be trying to find women’s and men’s winter North Face Jackets, there are numerous issues that you must remember in advance of purchasing 1. In addition to the functional value, you will also find more that you need to consider. The
Famous Last Words , Lost!
Not many can see, The Love you give to me, Every rose I pass, Every inch of grass, The sweet smell,Of Morning dew, Serve's as a warm reminder, The day we met, Saw those tear's,Appear in your eye's. Wipe's them away with a satin cloth, Envelop's her in hug's. Arms of strentgh, Fix those gaping wounds, Tie up those loose ends, Join her in harmony, Be an invisible glue that bonds, Our Love as one,Family & friends,You mean the world!
The Awakening (the Birth Of A Telepath)
As a child I once remember reading a long forgotten thesis on the rise of Witchcraft in the "Old World relating how females disempowered and oppressed by the rise of Christianity eventually discovered their dormant psychic abilities which allowed them to wield their hidden influence in nature...... in the very world around them. Having myself. not gone through puberty I could not have known how prophetic the ideas in this manuscript would be in the coming years. By the time I was fourteen there were tantalizing hints of what was to come as I now know that when my thoughts and emotions run high they have the potential to effect those around me. In this particular instance it was my admiration of a beautiful twenty two year old woman that encouraged her designs on dragging me into manhood at a weekend stay over in cottage country. Alas........ my older family members and cousins thwarted that little escapade........ sniff ! It would be another two years before my awakening
dilatory \DIL-uh-tor-ee\adjective;    1.  Tending to put off what ought to be done at once; given to procrastination.    2.  Marked by procrastination or delay; intended to cause delay; -- said of actions or measures.
The more we do, the more we can do.  -  William Hazlitt
Ode To T.c.l
Ode to T.C.L falling sideways holding on tight its a ride that doesnt turn out right i hold you dear only wanting you near turning away  i tell you to stay i hold onto you not letting you go wishing  waiting wanting your voice calms my soul your smile eases my pain. through tears  i watch you go a kiss on the cheek  becomes an ordeal so please forgive me as i watch the blood drip down to my toes my tears are replaced  by some other pain i reach out to you not really knowing why
Are You Sure This One Is The Wedding Dress That You Need
Your big day is your time to shine. The one day when all eyes are on you at every moment. You want to find the perfect wedding dress which need to fit you.right?The point is, you can't just go into the nearest wedding dress store and grab the first gown off the rack that you see.Then choose the most Cheap wedding dresses of the them.perhaps it is a solution of your wedding dress .But not the best one.Finding your dream dress is going to take some time and effort. Are you ready for your search? Read on to learn our top tips for finding the wedding dress that was made just for you. Start EarlyWhen looking for the perfect wedding dress, timing is everything! You should start your searching in the very beginning stages of your wedding planning,About 4 to 6 months before your wedding.because you should to allow planty of the time to look at all the different styles and sifferent dresses at vearious locations. If you don't know what you want in terms of style, you may want to go to a few we
And There It Is...
my HIStory is a bit interesting. i've had quite a few of these little internet relationships. i meet guys, we hit it off. feelings are developed. sometimes its mutual for a while, but then something always happens. i get to see more of who they really are and they get to see more of who i am. one person or both end up unimpressed. so that's when i move on. i hurt people, sure. do i like doing that? no, but i'm not going to fake emotions or interest to spare your feelings. we're adults. why run off and cry about how terrible i am and how i mislead you?you're not the only one "mislead". ya know, but because i "date" a lot...i'm trouble or i'm not worth placing your trust in me. lol whatever. that's the jist on why these chicks feel the need to give warning. i am ALWAYS only myself. the guys i've talked to in the past apparently didn't like me...that's why we aren't still together. and to the guys i'm still friends with...well, if you've complained about me...then oh well, not much i can
Cheap Wedding For You
The typical U.S. wedding cost $28000. No, I did not add an additional . That number is really a basic level salary for many people along with a 20% lower payment on the house. In present day economy, people don't wish to(or can't) spend that amount of cash to got married. Using the divorce rate what it's nowadays, the debts could keep going longer compared to wedding. Actually I have labored with individuals who have been within this exact situation. And who would like to start their married existence deep inside a hole? You will find a lot of other activities to bother with. My wedding in 2007 cost $5000. That's for everything, cake, reception, dress, adornments, food - everything. And there have been 150 people, therefore it wasn't a small wedding. How did I actually do it? Frugal Wedding ceremonies Rely on Buddies I enlisted the aid of lots of my buddies and family. Among my buddies increased roses and my dad in law increased a myriad of flowers, and so i used flowers using their
The memory of that night still plays constantly through my mind like a video reenactment stuck on repeat. There is no rewind, fast-forward, pause, eject... The horror just as fresh as the blood that trickled down her blouse. The crimson red glowed in the moonlight, each new source as beautiful as the last, like poetry in motion, an artists' final masterpiece. Completely magical how her tears blended with my chosen color to create an opaquely pink streak down one side of her neck. The champagne-like nectar, it's bitter taste reminiscent of the bitterness she held towards me, yet I could not get enough. An overwhelming desire, almost an addiction, a thirst I could not quench. The knife was my paintbrush, her gown my canvas, a piece of art that noone will ever see, at a price that one could not afford to pay. I am an artist, and I made beautiful work out of a being so horrible. You are welcome baby...
Just Not Enough
The note was written through tear filled eyes, explaining the misery that I had experienced, and that this time I simply could not hold on any longer, I needed a break. Everything was done, I checked the stove twice, coffee pot was off but I assumed to unplug it would be better, the dog had food and water. The front door was locked, thermostat was set at a reasonable level. Dinner was on the table, laundry was put away, everything anyone might notice was taken care of. It would not matter at all if I decided to leave, he would not even notice I was gone until he needed something, Would anyone even miss me? This was the last time I would hide the cuts and bruises behind make-up and sunglasses. My biggest nightmare had come true, and the only person to blame was me. I walked back up the stairs one last time to make sure she was nestled securely in her bed, I could hear the repetitious breathing like so many times before, the soothing sounds of peaceful slumber. I w
Everything was beautiful, the sky such a perfect baby blue, the rays of sun almost transparently visible. I could hear the crickets chirp, feel the fresh dew as I lay on the grass. Even the repressed memories of my childhood, the abuse, neglect, those memories I had tried so hard to black out, suddenly disappeared. This euphoria is unimagineable, unattainable, I have finally found my true love. I could not imagine how incomplete my life really was until I found my soulmate. This feeling so pure, so wonderful, how could I have ever lived without? My heart feels so warm, finally complete, working in overdrive, racing at just the thought of this love and adoration. My eyes slowly close as I drift off to sleep, but suddenly I am awakened by a tingling, a burning sensation that overwhelms my body. I can hear distant sounds but they are too minute to understand. I open my eyes as my body jerks, I can finally hear the word that has been repeating through my mind. "Clear."
Though I drove aimlessly, unsure of my destination, I was blindly being lead exactly where I needed to be.The incompleteness of my life, the emptiness inside, the walls I had hidden behind collapsed around meLife can change in an instant, for better or worse: Life can end in a moment, one careless act can change it allThe strength to progress is minimal, the desire to get up is minute sometimes, even the best of us fallI have seen moments where I wanted to lay down and die, give in and succumb to the grim reapers desireThrough blinded eyes I see a light, as bright as the sun, feel the intense heat from an immense ball of fireAm I dead? Have I finally tempted fate one time too many? Am I doomed to spend an eternity in this hell?I close my eyes and imagine what could have been one last time. I feel peace coming over me, all is well.I awake to an image of my truck engulfed in flames, upside down. Someone is trapped insideI try to scream out, but the words won't come. It's my fault,
Aimlessly I glance away, unsure of what I am hoping to seeShielding myself from what has obviously come to beIt's not as it seems, yet nothing really has changedJust another lost soul, a face without a nameShall I perish in agony, with little remorse for my waysIs burning in hell how I shall spend the rest of my daysMy time here is limited and I must make hasteTo ensure my remaining breaths do not go to wasteI am content with my fate, this path I have choseActions yield consequences, that's just how it goesPeople laugh at my agony, take humility in my tearsI can feel my pulse drop, the ending is growing nearMy suffering is over. Finally, it is my time to goYou have lost your mind if you think I am dying alone
Mirrors Never Lie...
Who would have ever thought that crimson red could have such a brilliant glowThere was so much blood. How anyone could live through that I did not knowThrough tear filled eyes I watched as she gasped for one last breathShe fought so hard to survive, but we both knew she had nothing leftIn it's own morbid way there was a certain beauty in her empty stareAs if he had brought peace to a life of agony, hurt, and despair I closed my eyes and hoped that maybe this was all just a dreamPerhaps I had only imagined the horrible things I had just seenWhy couldn't I stop him? I was her last hope and I let her downLike I was standing on the shore, watching as she drownedI just want it to be over, but it seems like this is merely where it beginsHe glanced into the hallway mirror and smiled as I looked back at him
Tip For Selecting A High Quality And Cheap Jacket-by The North Face
A person's outer jacket is your boundary to the essentials. However, you can easily get puzzled looking at the huge range of jackets now available. With innovative Wholesale The North Face Jackets technology, garments and designs promising all the point in time it's hard to hold! The best way to choose a new jumper is to reduce your search by simply deciding just what exactly climate the coat will be included in, what you want to use it for as well as your budget. Quickly Tips Consider the type of clothing will probably best suit your current activity. There exists a baffling quantity of jackets to choose from so small your choice reported by activity. This makes buying ones own clothing a less complicated task. A powerful insulated snowsports hat may be fat and heat for normal walking together with vice versa. What are actually the most important includes for your last part use * Durable, ten feet, breathable, featherweight, vents, flexibility of movement, minimize, colour and many ot
Let Me Be Your Secret Phone Fuck Toy!!! ;)
Breaking my Fubar Blog Cherry.....    Hi Hunnies I'm Krista~A very engaging sensual hottie from the midwest.Bascially a NOT so Innocent sweetie pie Eager to Learn & Please.5'6,118,petite,landing strip shaved kitty*tight*,tanned skin,pouty lips*perfect for giving sloppy wet blowjobs*,strawberry blonde*for you to pull while fucking me doggy*.A nice round bubblebutt*for you to spank*. My measurements are 36C-24-36.When I'm not in classes or out hanging-out /shopping with friends at the mall. I {❤} erotic intimate phonesex ,I luv playing with horny OLDER guys!My giggle,sweet voice and assets will make you melt. =)   Dial Direct: 1.800.863.5478 press* ext #0314-1298 rate $1.99/per min  My Play Schedule: MON-FRI 8am-4pm  Catch me if you can! First Time Callers Get 3 FREE minutes! *wo0t* What Type of Phone Topics I'm Into? Tease & Denial Domination Mistress Girl Next Door Roleplaying Sissy Sluts Submissives Oral Sex Cuckolds
It'll Never Be The Same
How did that get there? great, got a bruise on my knee. Never been graceful at all, tripping over my own feet. Slammed my own hand, in my damn car door in-fact. Is this even possible? Who the Hell does that? My daughter is following in my footsteps, it seems. Never pays attention, always falling over things. Goodness, I'm a menace, and she shares my name. Two of me in this world. It'll never be the same.
Nothing To Do With 9/11
I was in Leeds last weekend working at a comedy club incidentally Leeds is apparently the hotbed of Islamic fundamentalism...who knew? All I saw was a typical English town and a few nice art galleries, there were no men in long beards burning flags or strapping bombs and running through woods, then again I always miss the action so what the hell do I know?   I tell you what Leeds does have and to me this is a new phenomenon- and it’s happening more in major towns across the UK and makes you kind of want to own an AK47 and go crazy....its drunken screaming at night. I am not talking about three people having a sing song and believe me I am from Glasgow the city of madness, religious hatred and angry football violence, I know a mental city when I see one and I know what they sound like.   Leeds, Newcastle, Nottingham, Cardiff and like minded cities on late night weekends are just full of drunken people walking about screaming, eating and trying to not walk into moving cars.  
Yup, That Settles It
Wake-up and my feet, hit the floor. Brush my teeth, poor my coffee, lock the door. Make my bed, with all these thoughts, running through my head. What to wear? Blue or black? Do I really wanna fix, my hair like that? Curly or straight, which one will it be? Is this really, the right outfit for me? So, many things, running through my head. Yup, that settles it. Goin back to bed.
What The Fuck
Really?, Are you fucking kidding me right now. Is what I was saying, From one word, WOW. More like ewwww, Gross, and yuck. Seriously don’t get it. What the fuck?
Erotique Tv Sex Party: Group Sex In The Digital Age
 Group Sex in the Digital Age   Length:110:22 minutes    Date: 09/10/2011 Click Here for the “Erotique Sex Party: Group Sex in the Digital Age” PG-ish Pix Page… Adding Hot New Pix Every Hour Through Wednesday!  X pix and video coming soon to Maybe you find communal ecstasy, or what author Barbara Ehrenreich calls “collective joy,” through praying in a packed church, cheering your team at a sporting event or dancing in your seat at a rock concert.  Or maybe you prefer to find it the good old-fashioned way: joining in a friendly neighborhood orgy. That’s how we do it here every once in a while at the Speakeasy, and we do it to the max in this Erotique TV anniversary fornication fest, exploring and celebrating group sex in the digital age.  With a dozen erotically intertwined, practically naked, male and female bodies sucking, screwing and squirting on and around my broadcast bed, this sh
All Grown Up And Junk
So I haven't been around much but guess what guys!?I've moved out!!!Okay well I'm paying rent for a houseshare but I'm still at home...the new house is huge and boring cos none of my other housemates have moved in yet. :(I've stayed over a few times but never on meh own but then I just go home the next day.The house is room is huge. Not entirely sure if I like that...gonna need to put some furniture in and make it a bit more cosy.Maybe next year I think I will spend less on rent lolz. Right now it's stupid amounts just to pay for a room. (Means Imma have to actually really get a job if I wants a social life that requires spending).Oh and I'm 21 so officially an adult finally even in the US! :D
All Is Worth It
  There are two roads leading, in the same direction. One is the right road. The other is a misconception. You can see down both, one dark, one light. You assume, you know, which one is right. But looks can be deceiving, take that to heart. Me I choose, to follow the dark. Because the light is too easy, everything’s in view. The dark is a mystery, exciting and new. Not the choice, everyone would make. But that’s a risk, I’m willing to take. If I never had to fight, bleed or cry. Then I would never know, the reasons why. I was put here, in the first place. Cursed with this body, this mind, this face. Yet, there is a reason, I will find out what. No matter if I go down, the wrong path, or not. I will continue to walk alone, through the dark. Face my demons, while falling apart. Because all is worth, the price we pay. I’ll realize this, when I get to where I’m going someday.
Your Token
I will never understand  how your mind works when it is ok for you to pull me in let my walls down  taste your desire only to have silence making me feel like i was nothing I was the token prize for a few only till something better came along but when she becomes this bitter pill making your mouth turn to acid dont come looking for me  I wont be here anymore my heart will be sealed off  no longer will your words touch me your caresses will feel like glass to me I wont be a token on your chain  I  was there to love  you gave me up  remember that when you sit alone  wondering why you cant reach me why I no longer find you appealing but someone I pity
Looking For A Husband. A Real One.
I'm looking for a husband and not just a Fubar one at that.  I'm looking for the real deal.  If you're the type of man who is seriously looking to settle down, then message me.  Life is too short and should not be lived alone.  So if you think you have what it takes to make this gal happy then send me a message.
Heading In
  Often times the unknown can be scary. Scary or not, sometimes we have to move into uncharted waters. We can't let our fears rob of us of potential joy. I'm fairly certain that Christopher Columbus had at least a minimal amount of trepidation as he headed toward, what was thought to be, the edge of our flat earth. If he had given in to his fear, our world globe would look very different. Be Columbus? Don't mind if I do...
10 Lies Enshrined By H.res. 391 To "never Forget" 9/11 (repost)
The official version of the events of 9/11 are deemed written in stone according to a new 5-page House Resolution (pdf) which was passed to Never Forget 9/11.  The intention is great, in theory. However, the facts are completely warped.  Enumerated below is a summary of the points of the Resolution, with links providing outright refutation, or questions surrounding such statements. Whereas,1. The fourth plane was prevented from being used as a weapon against America by brave passengers:  While this narrative is emotionally compelling, the facts of flight 93 remain open for debate.  For starters, there are too many inconsistencies with the notion that cell phone calls could have been made from the plane that day.  Thus, this storyline seems immediately debunked considering the faulty source of supposed communication.  Most likely the plane was shot down, as Donald Rumsfeld said on video.  The size of the debris field also indicated a break-up prior to impact.  2. The attacks destr
Be Gentle With Me
    I am a strong, independent woman. I can take care of myself, my kids, my home, my job, my business, my finances. I am woman, hear me roar!! I am also a woman. I need to feel loved, nurtured, cared for, taken care of, protected, cherished, treated with tenderness. I am woman, protect my heart!!I do what I have to do to take care of my family and as a single mom, I'm happy to do it. But deep down, I am still a woman that needs to be treated with TLC. There is a fine line between the two. I want to teach my daughter that it's okay to want to be taken care's how she was built. And I want my boys to know that it is ingrained in them to want to be the care takers.Perhaps I'm too sensitive or needy. If that's the case, then so be it. God created me to be the woman that I am, so who am I to argue with the Creator of the Heavens and Earth??Find that fine line and walk it as a woman? Don't mind if I do...  
Does It Matter Now???
WHEN Obama wrote a book and said he was mentored as a youth by Frank (Frank Marshall Davis) an avowed Communist, people said it didn't matter.      WHEN it was discovered that his grandparents were strong socialists who sent Obama's mother to a socialist school where she was introduced to Frank Marshall Davis. He was later introduced to young Barrack Hussein Obama. People said it didn't matter.     WHEN people found out that Barrack Hussein Obama was enrolled as a Muslim child in school and his father and stepfather were both Muslims, people said it didn't matter.     WHEN he wrote in another book he authored "I will stand with them (Muslims) should the political winds shift in an ugly direction" people said it didn't matter..     WHEN he admittedly, in his book, said he chose Marxist friends and professors in college-- people said it didn't matter.     WHEN he traveled to Pakistan after college on an unknown national passport, people said it didn't matter.     WHEN h
Peanuts Heartbeat At 29 Weeks & 3 Days
My Peanuts Heartbeat At 29 Weeks & 3 Days
Realizing summer is almost over and I am still topping the scales at 185lbs. I have decided I need to bunk down and get my a** in gear and lose these extra 60lbs I am toting around.  Step one is as follows...just my drinking habits... 12 glasses of water a day. I can do it ! Step 2 will be exercise... aerobic and toning... as much as exercise is just a pain in the a** I can do this. Step 3 Changing eating habits...less starch and more veggies and fruit. Fruit salad with yogurt for breakfast, salad with chicken for lunch anf vegetarian dish for dinner.( no rice , potatoes or carbs)   Skinny Bibbity is on the way!
Do you block the perverts, or the total assholes who name call also?
What I Believe In
I believe in the golden rule. I believe that treating others with the same respect and courtesy that I want. I may have my sarcastic moments, but I generally treat everyone with a clean slate and with a respectful approach. I believe in giving an open heart and letting people in rather than pushing away. I'm no pushover, I will not let my heart be trampled on, but I have had friends for decades because I gave them caring and support and they still know to this day I will not leave their side. I believe in giving second and third chances. I've had several chances in my day and don't understand the point in being open and shut with people or situations. Life is too short yet with too much space to fill, for there only to be one opportunity to make the right choice. I also believe in questioning just what the right choice is because it can be different for different people and situations. I believe in being genuine and having humility. I'm sometimes horrible with compliments because of
Advice From Somewhere
Advice from Somewhere   ONE.Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully.   TWO.Marry a man/woman you love to talk to. As you get older, their conversational skills will be as important as any other.   THREE.Don't believe all you hear, spend all you have or sleep all you want.   FOUR.When you say, "I love you," mean it.   FIVE.When you say, "I'm sorry," look the person in the eye.   SIX.Be engaged at least six months before you get married.   SEVEN.Believe in love at first sight.   EIGHT.Never laugh at anyone's dreams. People who don't have dreams don't have much.   NINE.Love deeply and passionately. You might get hurt but it's the only way to live life completely.   TEN.In disagreements, fight fairly. Please No name calling.   ELEVEN.Don't judge people by their relatives.   TWELVE.Talk slowly but think quickly.   THIRTEEN.When someone asks you a question you don't want to answer, smile and ask, "Why do you want to know?"   FOURTEEN.Remember that g
Customer Sevice
So here's the deal. I get up Saturday morning and my phones out of whack. It sounds like there's an open line somewhere. I check both my phones and get the same thing. Sounds like there's a third phone off the hook somewhere. The thing is, I only have two phones plugged in. So I figure that the phone company is working on the lines or something. The internet still works so the kids are happy. I get up this morning and still no service. I take a phone outside after checking all my interior jacks and plug it into the outside jack. Nothing. No dial tone, no blips, bloops, bleeps,scream of a fax machine, ...... not an electronic sausage. So I use my cell phone to call the company and spend about 7 minutes talking with a computer which says there's no problem with my service ( which I know to be blatently false ) before finally convicing the computer that I need a living breathing human being on the other end of this conversation. I get a warm body ( I suppose she was warm at any rate,
More Poems By Me
Poems written By: me a.k.a.abby my wonderful life:just when u thought things were going greatyou relize the life your living is the one u hate.the things you say and do you may dreadjumping from room to room bed to bed.the four walls close in more and more everydaythe world without color it all turns the days pass by you feel more out of placeall u can do is stand and pace.many nights u stay up to seeif this is the person u truely want to be.your friends tell u your heartless,cold,dark and a whoreyou change and change and they want u to change somemore.the person inside me is dark and coldbut im more than that im loving and words might be blunt,coldhearted,and deepbut there also trueful eventhough they make u locked in a closet with no way outi sit on the floor like a seed that wont sprout.i sit here and wonder as the days go byshould i live or should i all alone now i must saymaybe i should just die and rot away.noone loves me nor do they carethey just l
Random Poems
layin here waiting for your return my heart mind and soul race and yearn your words charm your sexxi face it all makes me leave this placeanother world u&i our own time zone so fullfilled and high i know ur the one i have waited for im so happy i opened that door i love u more every min dat pass byour world our love together till we die hes the reason i wake the air that i breathehis words charm smile trust i believe he warms my heart like noone beforehe makes my soul and mind think and soreour bodies are mortal but our love is moredevine immortal true and purehe has brought life back into my soulwith him beside me i feel completely wholekneeling beside you until neededmy limits fears cravings being completedas you push me to strive it throughmy accomplishments i owe to youso complete and warm insidewith you my feelings ill neva hideso honored you call me yoursinside me a fire stirsthank you Sir for choosing mei owe my all to you for not letting me stay freei love you more than you wil
What Else Did You Expect
Let's see... how does this go again,I gripe, I bitch, I whine, I moan and groanI have my good days, my bad daysMy up days, my down daysAnd oh yes I do talk about themBut then again we all do I am just meA nobody in a great big worldSo who else did you expect me to beIf I lie, pretend to beNo matter how hard I workAt a game to playI can really only be meThrough it all That's all I'll seeSo who else did you expect me to be
Missin Him (poem)
missin himbroken shattered toren and incompleteso sad that we didnt meettaken the time we had and savoring every minutewithout you my heart just aint in it i should be the one kneeling at your feetcleaning up after u and keepin it all neatyour collar around my neck i nolonger wear the feelings inside me burn make me wanna rip out my haircant believe u left after all we been thrubut kno dat deep inside my heart still crys for u i kno i must move on and finally let u gobut its so hard to do when my feelings wanna shoi miss you every moment every sec of the dayi pray that u stay safe and find ur special one that completes u in every way
elegiac \el-i-JAHY-uhk\adjective;    1.  Relating to the mourning or remembering of the dead.    2.  Used in, suitable for, or resembling an elegy.    3.  Expressing sorrow.
Fear makes us feel our humanity.  -  Benjamin Disraeli

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