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Wow, alot has changed since I last posted...my husband came up to Indiana (been sober almost 7 months) It was a difficult decision to let him come back and when I did decide to let him stay, i found out he had lied to me about having a round trip bus ticket back to TN, I asked him what would he had done had I said no he couldnt stay? I told him he would have been hitchhiking down 465 back to TN. Not a very auspicious beginning to him making big changes in our lives. So he has been up here with me now for almost 4 and a half months, I am no longer in the box (motel room) lol and have a really cute apartment. I am getting to spend more time with my daughter who is turning 16 next week and I have a nice little job making some money. Now it would be great if he got a job as well!

I had some very bad news recently...My Best Guy Friend (and childhood friend) was doing drugs with his 17 yr old firstborn son, The son accidentally od'ed so now my bgf is being accused of murder and I in turn am being accused of standing by a murderer. I am sorry but this is not all black and white. First of all yeah it was a very bad decision on my friends part BUT he did not force his son to do this, he was 17 yrs old and had a mind of his own to make the decision to take the drugs. I am now concerned that my friend (who is severely bi-polar) is going to, in the end, committ suicide. I cannot deal with this and havent been dealing well with it since i found out. My heart has been broken into a million pieces by this sad tragedy.

Winter is well on its way here in Indiana and I am not looking forward to the extreme cold and snow...I hate snow. Maybe it will be easier to deal with now though than when i lived here 9 yrs ago with my ex husband, there are a great deal of differences since then and now. I have a job, i have a different state of mind, I have a different husband, I live in a different place (that i love) and I have enough money to go out and sing karaoke every once in awhile which keeps me sane :)

Gotta go for now, going shopping with my aunt ttfn!

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