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Virgo3166SexTherapist101's blog: "I am not a slut..."

created on 11/11/2011  |  http://fubar.com/i-am-not-a-slut/b344608  |  2 followers

What is it with men from overseas? I have a couple as friends, and as soon as I am nice to them and start talking, they are suddenly "in love" with me and won't stop smothering me. Are they that insecure that they cannot find a woman where they are living? I don't mind American men coming on to my profile and leaving hot little comments, but American men, talk to you for a while and then leave you alone. Foreign men, talk to you and if you talk to them, you are their girlfriends' and they constantly harrass you when you are on here, they just don't get it that some of us are naturally nice to everyone, and that doesn't mean we are your girlfriends.

My advice to all you guys is don't expect American women to be hard up, to want someone to shower them with gifts and constant attention...we are not that way, that is why we had the Equal Rights Amendment...we are self sufficient. We make choices in our lives that effect our family's life and we have rights to vote, and cook a meal or go out if we choose. We are not here for you to fall in love with. My advice to you, is talk to us, tell us you think we are pretty and leave it at that. The amount of men that are 'in love' with me; I am considering blocking.

Get a clue: Just say Hi, and move on...Please...I hate being rude to peeps here, but sometimes you push me to that point.

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