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created on 12/07/2011  |  http://fubar.com/f-x-blogs/b345130

Heres a topic for the ladies in FUBAR or anyone who falls thru my spot. In my experience I've known 3 types of women in the bedroom. SCREAMERS, MOANERS, AND THE QUITE TYPES. Now there maybe some inbetweens, but three basic types. The SCREAMERS are loud, vocal, talkative, instructive, intense. Screaming your name or some name (daddy or whatever). Rule #1 Don't have sex with a Screamer if you live in your mammas house or the kids are home. MOANERS are not as loud as screamers but they aren't quite either. Moaners ooohhh, and aaahhhh, their eyes rolling back in their heads and will do whatever to please their man. The QUITE TYPES are just that quite laid back not much vocalizing not much activity, letting the man do most of the work. Beating up the pussy till he gets his. Then its, Are You Done , Is That IT. WHAT!!! So which are you? A SCREAMER, MOANER OR QUITE TYPE. Think about it. Just a reminder, ITS ALL GOOD!!! LOL F/X HOLLA

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