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A Declaration
I struggled while i was writing this declaration of love; it hurt me and caused me grief, but the happiness i feel in offering it to you is vast as a savannah. When i set this task for myself, I knew very well that down the right sides of sonnets, with elegant discriminating taste, lovers of all times have arranged rhymes that sound like silver, or crystal, or cannonfire. But- with great humility, these words I write for you are made from wood; I gave them the sound of that opaque pure substance, and that is how they should reach your ears. Walking in forests or on beaches, along hidden lakes, in latitudes sprinkled with ashes, you and I have picked up pieces of pure bark, pieces of wood subject to the commings and goings of water and the weather. Out of such softened relics, then, with friendship, commitment, and trust I'll build up these lumber piles of love, so that your eyes whic i adore and sing to might live within them. Now that I have declared the foundations of my love, I su
Hair Removal 101
My night began as any other normal weekday night. Come home fix dinner, played with the kids. I then had the thought that would ring painfully in my mind for the next few hours: Maybe I should pull the wax out of the medicine cabinet. So I headed to the site of my demise; the bathroom. It was one of those cold wax kits. No melting a clump of hot wax, you just rub the strips together in your hand and then they get warm and you peel them apart, press it to your leg (or wherever else) and hair comes right off. No muss, no fuss. How hard can it be? I mean I'm no girly, girl but I am mechanically inclined enough that I can figure it out. "YA THINK!!!" So I pull one of the thin strips out. It's two strips facing each other stuck together. Instead of rubbing them together, I get out the hair dryer and heat it to 1000 degrees. Cold wax my rear end (Oh how this phrase haunts me!) I lay the strip across my thigh. Hold the skin around it tight and pull. OK so it wasn't the best
Farewell Ct Member Grego
A very dear friend of mines, whom I met on Cherrytap and developed a wonderful relationship with for a period of time, has left the bar. This is a part of an IM conversation between us, now that he is not on CT we dont get to talk much...... what it do???? First (6:09 PM): Hey my baby....I miss u soooo much and love you still......I'm sorry I been missing you..I work nights now so I sleep all day....I can't stop thinking about you. You tooo good of a nigga to be exposed 2 da rest of this world.....I think I know what 2 do.....Now that we are not dealing with each other on the regular, you can see my words of those as a friend instead of some jealous girlfriend cuz that is not me, but if I'm invloved with you ,my opinions automatically classify as bias. I am glad you got off of cherrytap. I miss you being there but I know that it is best that you are not. I tried 2 warn you that I am only one n there is no other. I am upset at you for letting that old ass cheesy build, ugly face ,
All Paths Lead To You
All Paths Lead To You Life is a challenge – meet it. Life is a gift – accept it. Life is an adventure – dare it. Life is a sorrow – overcome it. Life is a tragedy – face it. Life is a duty – perform it. Life is a game – play it. Life is a mystery – unfold it. Life is a song – sing it. Life is an opportunity – take it. Life is a journey – complete it. Life is a promise – fulfill it. Life is a love – embrace it. Life is a beauty – praise it. Life is a spirit – release it. Life is a struggle – fight it. Life is a puzzle – solve it. Life is a goal – achieve it. Kat Mercado
All About Me
Well not sure how to do this its my first time and i am an English gentleman so this may take a Im 23 a head chef in a place called Newcastle near the sea frount and im on here for a mess around and relly just to meet some fun people...x
Yourdestiny Http://
Raw Unsheltered and exposed When every door is closed There's nowhere left to find protection Now All that I have left Is this brutal, wreckless depth I'm running scared with no direction Dark The only thing that's real It's all that I can feel And every single nerve is screaming Wait For sleep that never comes My imagination runs Out of reach and it has left me bleeding CHORUS When reality returns And I've finally broken free I'll stand up and face the world That once abandoned me The flow Of panic in my veins Anxiety constrains Every move and I am slowly sinking Down To depths I've never reached My security's been breached A victim of my way of thinking (CHORUS) Bleak A desert without rain I'm a prisoner of pain A disciple of my own disaster Still This silent symphony Serenades the barren sea Calling out as if it somehow matters
Without You It's A.........
Where I Stand By Taj-domayn C. Thompson
Where I Stand © By Taj-domayn C. Thompson Here I stand, Until the time Was it a crime to see what cannot be touched Hear voices speak words that can't be undone Was it my fault I was invincible To the naked eye, I am invisible I cannot be seen Because no one wants to see me I am different Different from the rest of them So they ignore me But I don't ignore them No one is friendly Why were they so blind Because I am not them I am only mine I am different But I can see But they can't see me I watch them fall Divided they fall Together they die But here I stand Until the end of time Was it a crime that I was unique Original to the human mind I was invisible to there standards Invisible to their lies But as they kneel to beg I watch them beg But here I stand until the end of time Was it a crime for me to live my life A crime for wanting to survive No one would answer So I will wait until the end of time
1708 Miles
Miles upon miles, seems like forever ago when I left here. Things still don't seem real, but the smell of the salt from the ocean tells me I was really there. I did a lot of thinking on the way there and back. The things I wish I could change, take back somehow. The things I wish I could do again. I'm still learning to hold tight...and let go... To Nicole...who was my passenger...thank you for the company. Twelve years together and we still manage to laugh until we cry. Even when it hurts. To Marc...who held my hand through that tough is never easy, but I don't wish for it to be. Otherwise we'd miss out on the good stuff, the stuff that makes the bad with it. To Sarge...too many drinks and we still manage don't we? You make sense when the world doesn't. Scary huh? To are right. To Chewie...still crazy as ever, but your smile was all that was needed on the rainy days. You always remember the little things in life. Thank you for remembering me-b
Love Boat
The Love Boat Captains Mike and Micshell . Cruise directors change as you repost and sticky, let Mike know and he will add you to the top as the cruise director for the day, if you let him know before you sticky, you will be at the top of your sticky. Also if you want to join the cruise send him, you or you and your Lover's info. Couples can pick out their Suite name, your choice keep it clean don't want the boat beached for NSFW. Two per suite .Singles will be located on the lower decks. Lets have fun and show our Love. Please ensure that you Add/Fan and Rate all riders of the LoveBoat or you will be made to walk the plank!!! Kokomo Videos | Booking Calendar | Minneapolis Real Estate ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cruise director ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Captains Suite ~*Mike S*~ ~Taken by MzMic~@ fubar ~MzMic~ (Taken by MikeS) Fu-Godaughter To Sassy-Laurie@ fubar ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lover's Suite Mя. Đ
This Shit Always Cracks Me Up
bloodninja: Baby, I been havin a tough night so treat me nice aight? BritneySpears14: Aight. bloodninja: Slip out of those pants baby, yeah. BritneySpears14: I slip out of my pants, just for you, bloodninja. bloodninja: Oh yeah, aight. Aight, I put on my robe and wizard hat. BritneySpears14: Oh, I like to play dress up. bloodninja: Me too baby. BritneySpears14: I kiss you softly on your chest. bloodninja: I cast Lvl. 3 Eroticism. You turn into a real beautiful woman. BritneySpears14: Hey... bloodninja: I meditate to regain my mana, before casting Lvl. 8 Cock of the Infinite. BritneySpears14: Funny I still don't see it. bloodninja: I spend my mana reserves to cast Mighty F*ck of the Beyondness. BritneySpears14: You are the worst cyber partner ever. This is ridiculous. bloodninja: Don't f*ck with me bitch, I'm the mightiest sorcerer of the lands. bloodninja: I steal yo soul and cast Lightning Lvl. 1,000,000 Your body explodes into a fine bloo
Nypds Finest Dead Report: Officer Dies From Wounds Sustained During Brooklyn Shooting July 14, 2007 Officer Russel Timoshenko, the young police officer shot Monday during a traffic shot in Brooklyn, has died. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly made the announcement Saturday evening. Timoshenko, 23, and his partner Herman Yan pulled over a BMW SUV early Monday morning under the suspicion that it was stolen. Prosecutors say Dextic Bostic, 34, shot Timoshenko in the face while Robert Ellis, 34, shot Yan in the chest and the arm. Yan, who was saved by his police vest, was released earlier this week from the hospital. Prosecutors believe a third suspect, 29-year-old Lee Woods, was driving the SUV at the time of the shooting. Three guns were found at the scene. Police say the one allegedly used by Bostic had also been used in a recent drive-by shooting in Queens. Ellis and Bostic were arraigned on several charges includ
Come And Talk To Me
Get Your Own Chat Box! Go Large!
Goodbye To Joy
A few days ago I could do nothing wrong. Today on the other hand plays a different song. Did my feelings change unannouced to me. When I look into my soul not that I can see. You now doubt my woords just because of one night. I have to turn away not even put up a fight. My love for you was doomed from the start. I need you out of my head,now that we'll be forever apart.
So a few of you know how tough it's been for me at home lately. Well here's an update, my sister is refusing to get treatment for her drug abuse, abusive personality and eating disorder. She's putting major strain on our family and making everyone stress out. This week has been nothing better, she's broke and wants money. I'm not giving it to her though because she's now dead to me. After stealing from me, my parents and my grandmother, she's dead. Never again will I buy her something or give her money. She's telling us she might move with her boyfriend and his family to Florida... god help the Flordians but thank god for us! If she doesn't leave soon, all hell will break loose. My All-American family is going to fall apart. Everyone keep your fingers crossed!
Rabs Bulletin
To Find Your Way To Hell.. just Pass Through The Door ! ! !
Forever Love
I never asked For a blessing like you. Like I've spoken to God And my wishes came true. I asked for a person To love and to hold. To be loyal and faithful Not angry and cold. God placed you on Earth As I quested to find, The one who would be there So sweet and so kind. In my wildest dreams I would have denied. That something so perfect Could at all be supplied. You have such a sweet face But you are so much more. You're my friend and I love you. Your flaws I ignore. With this small, simple statement I give you and pray, That you'll love me forever, And forever you'll stay.
Hero Cop Dead
** my best friends friend is dead...... Hero cop dies This world is fucked up! we get paid shit to defend the city and we pay the utlimate price to rid it of the fucking vermon scum who lives in it Hero cop Russel Timoshenko - who was shot and gravely wounded after he and his partner stopped a car in Brooklyn early Monday - succumbed to his devastating injuries yesterday. The 23-year-old died in his hospital bed at 4:15 p.m. shortly after Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said the brave officer's condition had not improved, police said. "The family is obviously still very distraught," Kelly said outside Kings County Hospital. A short time later several of Timoshenko's loved ones rushed inside sobbing. Timoshenko was shot twice in the face about 2:30 a.m. Monday when he and his partner, Officer Herman Yan, 26, stopped a stolen BMW in Crown Heights. Ex-con Dexter Bostick op
Hero Cop Dies
** my best friends friend is dead...... Hero cop dies This world is fucked up! we get paid shit to defend the city and we pay the utlimate price to rid it of the fucking vermon scum who lives in it Hero cop Russel Timoshenko - who was shot and gravely wounded after he and his partner stopped a car in Brooklyn early Monday - succumbed to his devastating injuries yesterday. The 23-year-old died in his hospital bed at 4:15 p.m. shortly after Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said the brave officer's condition had not improved, police said. "The family is obviously still very distraught," Kelly said outside Kings County Hospital. A short time later several of Timoshenko's loved ones rushed inside sobbing. Timoshenko was shot twice in the face about 2:30 a.m. Monday when he and his partner, Officer Herman Yan, 26, stopped a stolen BMW in Crown Heights. Ex-con Dexter Bostick op
My Loves Are Over Seas
You stay up for 16 hoursHe stays up for days on end.You take a warm shower to help you wake up.He goes days or weeks without running water.You complain of a "headache", and call in sick.He gets shot at as others are hit, and keeps moving forward.You put on your anti war/don't support the troops shirt, and go meet up with your friends.He still fights for your right to wear that shirt.You make sure you're cell phone is in your pocket.He clutches the cross hanging on his chain next to his dog tags.You talk trash about your "buddies" that aren't with you.He knows he may not see some of his buddies again.You walk down the beach, staring at all the pretty girls.He patrols the streets, searching for insurgents and terrorists.You complain about how hot it is.He wears his heavy gear, not daring to take off his helmet to wipe his brow.You go out to lunch, and complain because the restaurant got your order wrong.He doesn't get to eat today.Your maid makes your bed and washes your clothes.He wears
Your Smile, Your Touch, Your Heart
Your smile awakens my soul, As the sun awakens the day. A kiss and my life is yours, It seems a fair price to pay. Your touch arouses my senses, As the moon arouses the night. Hold me and win me forever, In your arms all things are right. Your heart endures all emotion, As the sky endures all the stars. Love me and we'll have eternity, There is no greater love than ours.
God Dam It!!
Thats it.. I want to get rid of my children.. anyone want them!! They trow a party at my house while I am at work, trash my house and the neighbor tells me that they were playing on the roof and jumping off. There 11 and 15 for gods sake!! Can you say GROUNDED!!! Till July 31st!! no phone, no internet, No xbox, No friends, and No going anywhere anytime! But boy do they have some chores to do! Tell me what I am doing god dam wrong!! Please!!
So Tired
You know, I know Im nothin special. I know I aint much to look at. I know Im not anyones idea of the perfect woman. But for fucks sake I assumed I was good enough for SOMEONE. I get so tired of being rejected. Some assholes have enough balls to laugh even. "Look at the pathetic fat bitch tryin to get laid ha ha ha ha". I dont WANT to be single. I dont WANT to send out my picture and wait for someone to think I might just be worth their time. Dont get me wrong I LOVE MY FRIENDS. But sometimes its not enough. I could deal with the shit Im goin through a lot more if I had someone who truely loves me......
Naughty Horoscopes
Virgo- August 23 to September 23 This is the MOST confused sign on the planet. This sign is pretty realistic: No Frills. They love to fuck in showers not because it's kinky...but because of hygenic reasons...they are big into sanitary issues. Every Virgo I have ever met has issues...always going back to hygiene. They have to arrange time in their busy scheduals to have sex...But when a reservation is made...You had better be there on time, if not a little early. With flowers. And Clean. Virgos want to make their partner happy. That's it. USUALLY. You will always get a freaky Virgo. Even so, they will TRY to get YOU to cum. And if they can't make you cum, they will buy someone or something that will.they love to make their partner happy. Yes you read that right. They LIVE to masturbate...whether its you rubbing them, them rubbing you...them rubbing against your fox fur coat...whatever! they are very sexual people. usually always horny.!!!Some Virgos WANT to be punished. They will
F**king Pissed..
** my best friends friend is dead...... Hero cop dies Hero cop Russel Timoshenko - who was shot and gravely wounded after he and his partner stopped a car in Brooklyn early Monday - succumbed to his devastating injuries yesterday. The 23-year-old died in his hospital bed at 4:15 p.m. shortly after Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said the brave officer's condition had not improved, police said. "The family is obviously still very distraught," Kelly said outside Kings County Hospital. A short time later several of Timoshenko's loved ones rushed inside sobbing. Timoshenko was shot twice in the face about 2:30 a.m. Monday when he and his partner, Officer Herman Yan, 26, stopped a stolen BMW in Crown Heights. Ex-con Dexter Bostick opened fire on Timoshenko from the passenger seat with a .45 caliber pistol, while Robert Ellis shot Yan in the arm using a 9-mm., police say. Bostick,
Idol Saves The World, Part I...
THIS is Idol Gives Back.Or so says Ryan, as the two-day pat-itself-on-the-collective-back extravaganza begins. Oodles of money will be given for each vote. Children will be saved.And it's all because of the show.Wow.And somewhere in between the self-congratulations, commercials and the superstar guests, six contestants will try to stay in contention by adhering to the theme of "inspirational songs."Chris Richardson (If I Could Change the World). Chris gets the unlucky lead-off spot this week and continues on his "nasal is a form of singing" crusade. And apparently he's starting the "off-key-is-also-a-form-of-singing campaign. The judges inexplicitly slather praise upon the boy in an obvious attempt to either lull his voters into lazy self-confidence or in an attempt to spur them to outvote the Phil folks. Either way, I miss Sanjaya.LaKisha Jones (I Believe). LaKisha continues her "I-will-sing-every-past-Idol-song-on-Idol" crusade, because she's either demented or she's getting just rea
American Idol - Top 11 Perform
It's hard to call it this week -- I'm not sure who will be going home from American Idol. But I think the following are at risk: Haley, Stephanie Nelson, Sanjaya, Gina and Chris Sligh.Haley did a pretty good job, but girl -- please wear a bra next time. When Simon said "I think people are going to be talking about a lot more than your singing tonight" -- you know what he was talking about.Chris Richardson -- I love his voice. He gave a great performance as always. I love his smile and he is so genuinely pleased when he gets any positive feedback.Stephanie Nelson -- I didn't like her performance tonight. It was kind of pitchy -- and although she was compared to Beyonce, I think she's at risk for going home. She just hasn't stood out enough.Blake Lewis -- I loved his performance. It was a great mix with the beatboxing. He's great.LaKisha Jones - She's already a star -- not my favorite song tonight, but she's for sure going far.Phil Stacey -- I really liked the song and his performance to
hey ya its almost that time for football season i cant wait till it starts im so bored with just watching reruns aren't you any i like to know how the carolina panthers and the ohio state buckeyes do this year do you agree for those of you who do you like sports
This has NOTHING to do with the war...I totallyh support all our men and women serving our country and fightng to keep our freedom intact.... [[You have to click 'Reply To Poster', and then copy and paste in a different bulletin or you wont get the whole bulletin]]Why do people commit suicide?Why do people cut themselves? Why do girls become anerexic and belimec? Why do kids bring guns to school?Why do kids get they start using meds, and abusing them?Why do girls feel the need to act like sluts to impress guys?Why cant people show their sexuality freely, without worrying about being judged?In the Bill Of Rights, it says we have FREEDOM OF SPEECH! So why are we so afraid to speak up for ourselves?I KNOW WHY! Cliques"Gangstas""Preps""Nerds""Goths""Emos""Scene//Hardcore kids""Punks"^^^AND THATS NOT EVEN HALF OF THEM!Society in generalWe live in a world where if your not skinny, not beautiful, not sexy, not straight...your tortured, abused, and humiliated. We say that w
Mistress M - Smoking Cigar
Once again, enjoy yourselves watching Me :)
It Finally Happened
Hi there, hope your all well. I just wanted to write a lil blog re last friday nites experience. We have been searching for a couple or a fem for a lil while now, we found it amazing how many single bi fems arent really genuine and how long it takes to find one. But we actually have a long term friend who is single and bi. She has wanted us to play for ages but we didnt want to ruin a freindship. We took the plunge and took her up on the offer, we went to her house in the inner city for a drink and a chat. We arrived at about 8pm, the diva started by giving me a full body oil massage for 30 mins. Then i dressed up in a lil school uniform to play the submissive (cool by me as i was shaking like a leaf). She blindfolded me and led me to a lounge, she teased me and touched me for what seemed an eternity. Any way to cut a long story short, the diva removed my panties and kissed, sucked and licked my pussy...... withing 10 minutes she she made me moan with a shuddering orgasm.
Going To The Fair
I am going to the fair tonight to see some of my friends and listen to Firehouse.Really hope its fun and not so boring, because usually fairs arent my thing now that i'm all grown up.
Newly Single!!!!
soo I'm newly single and i'm enjoying it so far... im hangning with my g/f's and it's good. :D if anyone wants to take that as an offer plz do :p hahaha
Watch You Rise, Watch Me Fall...
Watch you Rise, Watch me Fall... It’s like you want me to fail Is that what it is? Want to see me fall That way you can save me? You would like that wouldn’t you? Watch me sink and crumble So I can run to you saying “Yes! Yes! I need you!” Show me the way to happiness “Guide me please oh great one.” Yet you never do this for me You act like you need no one. And why would you? You are perfection at its finest, right? Oh indeed, that is what you are. No need to tell someone you’re right For you are so perfect that you already know How nice it must be to KNOW everything To be better then everyone else I am sure you can walk on water Hell I wouldn’t be surprised if you floated Ya know, I think you’re just far to good for me I will never measure up Damn me and my independence right? How stupid I am for not acting needy Maybe you should teach me a lesson and leave me Save face, because I'm sure the hell leaving you!! Writen 7/14/07
Cherry Tap Haters
Whoever got offended by the word threesome needs to go home and suck on their mothers titt some more...and for all you others my mumm was reported as being nsfw because i used the word careful we have babies in the room!!!
I Have No Clue How To Work This Site...
Alright - who's going to give me a rundown of what's happening on this site and how I get all the points and bucks and stuff. I'm confused....
Scared Of Change?
So, for the past week i've been in Lansing and i've been going to AA and NA meetings. If you do drugs or drink, you should know what these meetings are for. I'm back in my little town right now, but not for long. I've realized where I belong. I may only be 17 years old, but i'm cross addicted. Meaning pills, weed, alcohol, crack. I would most likely do any drug you put in front of me. You could give me a pill and not know what it does, well give it to me and i'll tell you in about an hour what the effects are. Not even kidding. I basicly depend on drugs and alcohol to get by. But not anymore. Alcoholism is a self diagnosed disease. I diagnosed myself with it because I realized how bad it was getting. Not only did I keep wanting more and more, but I stopped caring what it was I was drinking. If it was alcohol, i'd drink it. If it was drugs, i'd use them. And I KNOW I can do better. That's when I met Tyler, and he's been helping me get through this. It's fucking hard. It's harder than an
"sometimes In Life, You Find A Special Friend..
Someone who changes your life.. just by being part of it. Someone who makes you laugh until you can't stop.. Someone who makes you believe that there really is good in the world. Someone who convinces you that there really is an unlocked door.. just waiting for you to open it. Thank you for being that kind of Friend.
his hair so smooth all around your face. his body so stern but with well embrace.his lips so delcious, like candy,something that i cant deny. his words like a song,that eases my pain his touch so rough, yet so full of love,his eyes that glow, with a twinkle,easy to get lost in.his mind so full of knownledge but so ready to learn,his essence like no other that attracts my mind,his lust so briliant,yet so loving,as im aware..could he but what i want,without a care, without his touch i cant not bare,just him alone realeases my pain,so close and aware of what he is capable of,he is the ruler of my world,for he is my drug that i light,my way,my destiny my angel copyrighted by catherine levasseur
Dogging is a British euphemism for having sex in a semi-public place (typically a secluded car park) or watching others doing so. Frequently there are more than two participants, and group sex and sometimes even gangbangs occur. Observation is encouraged, thus voyeurism and exhibitionism are closely associated with dogging. The two sets of people involved often meet either randomly, or (increasingly) arrange to meet-up beforehand over the internet. In September 2003, the They cited the Internet and text messaging as very common ways of organising meetings. The original definition of Dogging, which is still a closely-related activity, is spying on couples having sex in a car or other public place. This can become habitual. Dogging has recently attracted some unfortunate mass media attention, and it has become difficult for curious newcomer couples to just casually park-up at a recognised dogging site without almost immediately being surrounded by a circle single males. A
To Watch You
I watch you as you bleed with a smile on my face. Nothing makes me happy then to watch you die with grace. To watch the life leave you with every breathe you take. Nothings more greater then pain you feel today. And with your last breathe ……. I want you to scream.
My Girlfriend Standards
After much thought and consideration, I have narrowed down what it would take for me to want to get involved with a female again... 1. A woman must have an appreciation for all forms of music, with the exception of country, though there are a select handful of songs i like from that genre, maybe less. 2. The ability to be quirky and have the ability to act on spontaneity 3. Cheesy and corny are a must and loves to make jokes (whether something is generally funny, or at someone elses expense =P) 4. Enjoy driving to various places with no actual destination specified 5. Either be a smoker, or accepting of one who is 6. Is a dork, or at times act like one 7. Making a fool of yourself is funny, it's only embarrassing if you believe it is, making a fool of myself is good times and i have no problem with it because i enjoy the laughter of others 8. I have friends, and i'm sure you do too, i will not keep you from them, so don't keep me from mine 9. I don't cheat o
If I Say
if i say im here, would you stay? or would you laugh, and walk away? if i say, you are the one. would you believe, and fix whats been done? if i say, your my heart. what would happen, would we fall apart? if i say, i think i care. could you promise, youd be there? if i say, i cannot cry. would you help, or not even try? if i say, my world is you. would you except, or be confused? what would you do, if i say. you are the one i want, for the rest of my days? if you are her then let me know we'll chat laugh and get to know each other and see....
Which Of The X-men Are You?
You Are Wolverine Small but fierce, you're a great fighter. Watch out! You are often you're own greatest enemy. Powers: Adamantium claws, keen senses, the ability to heal quickly Which of the X-Men Are You?
Pleaser Is Be On Life
As I sit here alone. Waiting for the sun. To go down. Knowing that the dark. Will soon be. And my love. Will find me again. As I watch the sky. Stars begin the shine. My smile become bigger. With every star. My heart beating faster. As I see the car. Come over the hill. Knowing that my love. Is almost here. And Ill be saved. Once again. As I see him pull up. The heads lights go out. He steps out into the night. As I stand there. Watching him. Every move is closer to me. We touch. I melt. In his arms as if we was one. As we both let go. Wondering hands begin to wonder. In spots never touched b4. I become overwhelmed with pleaser. Over and over. I become numb. Feelings I’ve never felt. Runs in my veins. That night. Love was that his best. Lying there under the stars. Looking in my eyes. As he says the words I die to hear. I LOVE YOU
Which Of The X-men Are You?
You Are Wolverine Small but fierce, you're a great fighter. Watch out! You are often you're own greatest enemy. Powers: Adamantium claws, keen senses, the ability to heal quickly Which of the X-Men Are You?
Your Vampire Name
Your Vampire Name Is... Concubine of the Devil's Spawn What's Your Vampire Name?
Twisted Life
life is so fast so twisted you blink and you may miss it some people never see the big picture passing life by, taking it for granted for the smaller things in life are what matter the most take the moments you have and cherish them,live life like its your last day,never miss your chance to find your hapiness, cause if not you may regret it,remeber the ones you love take the time to fall inlove, laugh lots,smile cause you never know who might love your smile,always take the time to say i love you to ones who matters copyrighted by catherine levasseur july 2007
I Sound Needy....
I long for the warmth of someone's arms, the soft caresses, butterfly kisses along my neck and chest. The deep sighs and teasing touches. Bodies pressed tightly together, gripping one another as if one was to let go the other would disappear. No, I am not just speaking of sex but more of the act of expressing love. I miss the feeling of being wanted on every level known to man. Feeling important to one person; not them making you their world, just them putting you as one of their priorities, even just for a moment. I crave for those "just because" phone calls. Not a "just because" phone call six times a day. Just a quick hello because they missed hearing your voice. -sighs- Damn, I sound so needy....
Love N Life And All That Logic .
lets see where do i start. well lets just start by telling everyone what a broken hearted head case i am and where this is coming from lol. i have been emotionally abused from childhood to marriage and ya u know. well heres my deal.insead of this ruining me it has made me a better person and more honest and caring for other peoples feelings but i still tend to ware my heart on my sleeve for some odd reason and im so cold at the same time. by saying that i dont mean i trust everyone who walks thru the door simply means i tend to still have a heart my own self regardless of their screw heres how i see it i feel that when people screw up their are reasons and weaknesses ,we all have .and we mess it all up to hold a grudge . that isnt realistic to me but if an azz hole does this on on purpose because their so cold they dont care anymore RECOGNIZE! and DROP ! so we sit and the good people are sitting in sorrow because they dont understand how the so called bad people can hurt yet it
Love Hurts.... When There Is An Ocean Between ....
Voodoo Chat
Please Read
I recently became a father to a 6lb 10 oz baby girl. Her anme is Kirsten Faith and she is the most beautiful thing in this world.. She is now 4 days old and needs a little help from the lord above.. Please send prayers for her to get healthy.. Thank You with all of my heart!!!!! Clint
Remember Who Will Die
Through A Haze Of Pain I've Glimpsed
through a haze of pain i've glimpsed you, a darker half that shines, pearls i've gazed upon in moonlight, the darker half that does entwine, i've sought you out over years, only seeing hints of your soft despair, a gentle kiss on my dreamstate lips, a smooth ripple here and there, you are like my monarch butterfly, hidden while you change, and i feel your potential blossoming, my whole life you'll rearrange, the anticipation of becoming you rings clear as a bell in my mind, you are everything i have ever sought to be, something of my own kind, slippery wings that flutter madly, you fight in ways i have not yet fought, a silent roar, mouthless, so loud, your voice is one i have not yet got, and when i hear the music and see the dance, you press against my skin like glass, and you breathe through my pores like they're open doors, knowing your time comes at last, soon, my darling friend, soon my soul will burn to be just like you, we'll dance, we'll twist the nig
this fucking stupid that people are lazy assholes that have nothing better to do than sit at their computers more than 10 hours a day at cherrytap. YOU FUCK ASSHOLES;
With In Me
This pain grows with in me more and more everyday of my life. Nothing will ever change it. This pain is greater then me and you put together. This is something that will stay with me forever in me. So loving or caring about me wont help the state I’m in. trust when I say this pain has nothing to do with you. So all I ask of you is take me as I am, love me for who I’m becoming with in.
I Am Me
that is all
Cherrytap Whores
I don't know what you are thinking, but if you think for one minute I'm going to spend money to get you to release your "private" folders - you're fuking nuts! And, any guy that does, is a paper-clip dicked, weird fuck! I, do not and will not degrade myself by paying for you to show your NSFW folder to me. God, how pathetic that this culture allows you to get away with this. I, fortunately, am not that desperate. I thought this was about having fun!
Don’t give me that look like you know me You’ll only know what parts I let you see. But to give you a idea of what I’m about I’m not all together so many parts are missing I’m beautifully broken all together
If It Were Possible To Really Die From Boredom...
...i would have been in a body bag hours ago..
Things You Would Love To Say At Work..
1. I can see your point, but I still think you're full of shit. 2. I don't know what your problem is, but I'll bet it's hard to pronounce. 3. How about never? Is never good for you? 4. I see you've set aside this special time to humiliate yourself in public. 5. I'm really easy to get along with once you people learn to see it my way. 6. I'll try being nicer if you'll try being smarter. 7. I'm out of my mind, but feel free to leave a message. 8. I don't work here, I'm a consultant. 9. It sounds like English, but I can't understand a word you're saying. 10. Ahhh...I see the screw-up fairy has visited us again. 11. I like you. You remind me of myself when I was young and stupid. 12. You are validating my inherent mistrust of strangers. 13. I have plenty of talent and vision; I just don't give a damn. 14. I'm already visualizing the duct tape over your mouth. 15. I'm not being rude. You're just insignificant. 16. Ye
ok i use FireFox but how do i get the sounds like i did on explorer i hear nothing for the rateings on all..hell not even sure if i hear my music....
Down Rater
All Else Follows
Four years and two days into our marriage, I've got to say that the closest thing we've had to a heart-to-heart came true last night. Just like any married couple (I hope I'm not saying too much here) both Martha and I have our moody moments. I still remember when we were on our honeymoon four years ago and we were trying to find our rental car in Sea World's parking lot. It began to rain. And rain. And here Martha and I were without raincoats -- or any coats, it's Florida! I felt like Martha was repeating herself at one point and I just shot off my mouth at her . . . from that one spot, not the way to start off married life. But contrast that with our drive from Orlando to where my dad and stepmom lived afterward; Martha had to drive because we'd paid for the rental with her credit card and (tell her I said this and I'll deny it) she is the better driver, but it was really great to be there with her and for her to have me there, she said. Since in North Dakota she'd been used
Well what a lovely day. I have been stuck in bed all day. I was suppose to go to a family reunion, and to a bridal shower. But I woke up this am with a sore throat, head aches and such. So now I am still in bed. Watching a movie. I miss my baby girl. Hope everyone else's day went better.
Be Back In A While
gonna go soak in a bubble bath and relax for a little back in bothering me today. so i will be back to bomb contests n stuff.
Big Foot
Dose he exist? has any one been watching Destanation Truth? Josh went out of the country to find it lol you can read about it on all so The only scientific proof that one exists are on display on the scifipedia wonderful article but they forgot to mention the Florida skunk ape maybe that would open another thread? Ok now for my thoughts on the Big Foot #1 he is a missing link #2 he has an extreme case of Hyperharitosis (which could be another thread in discussion to the wolf mans curse extra hairy people wolf boys of Mexico included)Which he was banned from his American Indian tribe and he and his family have lived in shame all these years. #3 some guy with to much time on his hands and decided to get drunk and run around in an ape suite #4 A undiscovered animal I choose #2
Something Else
Look at that Here she comes Here comes that girl again One of the cutest since I dont know when But she dont notice me when I pass She goes with all the guys from outta my class But that cant stop me from thinkin to myself Shes sure fine lookin, man, shes something else Look at that cross the street Theres a car built just for me To own a car would be a luxury But right now I cant afford the gas A brand new convertible is out of my class But that cant stop me from thinkin to myself That cars fine lookin, man, its something else Hey, look at that Just wait and see Worked hard and saved my dough I buy that car and then I roll up with joe Get me that girl and we go ridin around We look real sharp with the wide top down I keep on dreamin and thinkin to myself When it all comes true, man, thats something else Hey, look at that Whats all this? Never thought Id do this before But here Im a-knockin on her door My cars out front and its all mine Its a 41 job
-- you say "wanna go with?" when you really mean "do you want to come with me?" --you know what Kennedy, Dan Ryan, Stevenson, Eisenhower, Edens, and Bishop Ford have in common and curse at least one of them daily --you know the difference between Richard J. Daley and Richard M. Daley --you say Chicaago instead of Chicawgo --'Da' is a proper definite article --you've been caught speeding in Wisconsin because you had Illinois plates --you know why they call it "the windy city" --you know a good gyros joint --you know what Giordano's, Lou Malnati's, and Gino's East have in common --you don't know which ethnic "fest" to choose on any given summer weekend --you don't pronounce the 's' at the end of Illinois --you become irate at the people who do --you measure distance in minutes (especially from the city) and you swear everything is pretty much 15 minutes away --you refer to Lake Michigan as "the lake" --you refer to Chicago as "the city" --you
You anger me You frustrate me You make me cry You make me sad But You've made me smile You've made me laugh You help me feel special You help me feel good I don't know how to feel I'm so confused So upset But I keep putting up with this And that leads me to believe That there must be something Something good about You
Faith/religion And Relationships
I thought this was a good topic... A woman was asking if it was OK to date someone that wasn't a christian, or just has different "faith" then you ? I totally understand your fear... I have loads of "faith" in my belieffs (although I'm not religious) And my last girlfriend wasn't sure on hers yet or just has different ones... she did feel like I was pushing my "faith" on her... but that deffinatly wasn't my intention, I mean doesn't everyone want thier partner or friends to understand them ? I know I sure want to know what my friends believe in thier hearts and share in it... doesn't mean I will believe it aswell. I believe that "faith" is personal...and "religion" is social, "religion" is ran by men... and "faith" is ran by your heart. (this kind of sums it up for me) For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it."--Matt 16:25 I think it kinda means follow the "faith" in your heart, not what someone has told you t
Where ?
Where does one go When they're looking for support? Do they find friends or family? Or do they depend on themselves? All the fears one has inside Doesn't seem to help 'Cause when one has problems People scare them What if they laugh? What if they don't listen? Are worries on peoples' minds It doesn't matter though What others think Only one's own sanity
Rip Spectra And Champs
I just got back from the shelter and my two boys went peacefully. They would have died painfully within 48 hours and I am glad I was able to spare them that pain. Sorrow still remains.
Getting Through This
These past few months Have been some of the hardest Of my so far short life. Why have I lived so much In such a short time? What did I do to deserve this? I'm working so hard To push all these thought And questions out of my head -- But they always return. I am trying to forgive and forget And maybe try and love again But I fear others -- But maybe all I fear is myself. Is God really watching over me, Carrying me through this time? Is He the one keeping me going, Even on days I'd rather quit? I'll try to believe -- For this belief is all I have. Someday I'll find myself And all will seem right. But for now I'll keep searching And keep going until the end.
Questions For You Peeps
" What Would You Do With Me???1. Your Name:2. Age:3. Fave Color:4. Are you a virgin?5. Are we friends?6. Do you have a crush on me?7. Would you kiss me?8. ...with tongue?9. Would you enjoy it?10. Would you ever ask me out?11.Would you make a move on me in a movie theater?12. Would you take care of me when I'm sick?13. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before?14.Would you walk on the beach with me?15. If you heard a rumor about me, would you defend me?16. Do you/have you talk shit about me?17. Do you think I'm a good person?18. Would you let me sleep with you (in the same bed)?19.Do you think I'm hot?20. Would you change anything about me?21.If so what?22.Would u pleasure me?23.Would you come over for no reason just to hang out?"
My #1 Rule Of Kindess
NOTICE RULES OF KINDESS Hey whats up, if you just joined, WELCOME Ok Some rules of kindness... DOWNRATEING is not nice and is not acceptable. If you dont like a photo don't rate it. people get irritated real fast and upset if you downrate someones page, photo. Or thubms down there stash item. What is down rateing do you ask? That is when you intentionly rate lower then a 10. this is like fliping someone off just ruder. If you don't like the photo or profile DONT rate it. simple as that! please take this in to note when visiting fellow members of the site and have respect for one and other. Im sure if someone came to your page or pictures and rated them all lower then a 10 you would be fliping out right?. Have some respect, treat others as you would like to be treated. What is thumbs down? pretty much exactly that. thumbs down on a stash item, Why is downratein so mean and not nice? It hurts peoples feelings, (yes feelings are real on the internet and
What's Wrong
Why do I get so down sometimes? I try and think of happy things, But they all bring up bad thoughts. I try and think of friends, and all the great friendships I have. But then I wonder if I deserve them. I then go to my family, And think of how lucky I am to have one; But then arguments suddenly rise up again. Guys are suddenly brought up into my mind. Oh, how I love to like them. But all the hurt and rejection comes flying back. I think of all my possesions, and how lucky I am to own them all. But what about those with nothing? I try and suddenly believe in hope. It's a risk, but one worth taking. I need something to help lighten things up. But what if I'm let down? I don't know if I could take it anymore. So I erase hope from my mind. What will help rid of everything bad that has happened? I hope to find the answer to that question soon, so I can pass it on; And keep others from feeling this way.
Unforgettable Day
It's not fair, The way life goes. When things seem to be great, Something goes wrong. The guy I adore, Seems to like me back. I do something about it, And my heart becomes cracked. He tells me he's not interested, Well, not right now at least. But when he is, I'm "awesome", so he'll call me. I don't know what to say or do, I stare a little, say thanks, And then just walk away. He just hurt me. Does he know what he just did? Likely not. I've liked him for what seems forever, And now all I can do is hate him. I see him at school, And I glare. I want him to see me angry, And for him to feel bad. I see him out of school, And think evil thoughts; I wish he knew what they were, And that they would come true. He likely will never know how much he hurt me, And I will likely never tell; But this has been a learning experiece, That I will unfortunately never forget.
I Did It! With 1 Hour 45 Minutes To Spare!
Yep, I today wrote a song 16 minutes and 48 seconds long from scratch, having it up on myspace before 11pm GMT having started it at 12pm, using a variety of different riffs, 2 guitars, a bass, drums and vocals. Sound quality is shocking, just how I like it. Visit the Earthwhore myspace site to have a listen. The song is called Soul Dejection and the lyrics can be found in my Words blog section. Enjoy.
I want to scream! All this frustration inside builds up. I take a deep breath, Breating in, breathing out. Everyday the same old thing: Nothing ever gets accomplished. All this work, set in my mind, Never completed. The frustration gets bigger. I want to stop procrasinating; Do what I must now! Nothing happens. I breath in and out again. I slowly calm down. Everything looks brighter. I want to go and get things done. Motivation is up; laziness unknown. But did anything really get done?
Pics To Bomb
August 5th [ photo: 2978693810 ]
Things That Can't Be Said
There are many things on my mind, And I find that most can't be said. I wish I could say it all, But I am too afraid: I fear rejection, Am scared of shame, I never know if what I say Will be considered real - Or a lie. I wonder if they'll believe, The dumb things I've done; If they'll be afraid, Of the scary things I've thought. Or maybe they'll not care, Like I thought would happen. I wonder if he'll agree, With what I have to say; Or if he'll laugh, And make me feel stupid. I keep myself quiet, Never revealing the truth. I wonder if they'll listen, When I have something to say; Will they pay attention? Or will they just ignore? I don't say a word, Never showing my true self. My mind fills up with thoughts, Some scary, some not. I don't say a word though, For none can be said.
softly and tendly giveing my love to you oh butterfly,butterfly i love you so on the street where we live people makeing love so we why cant you and i i love you so whoa baby baby so whoa baby baby so whoa so whoa baby baby, softly and tendly am giveing my love to you oh butterfly butterfly please dont you cry cause on the streets where we live people makeing love so you cant we why cant you and i i love you so whoa baby baby so whoa baby baby so whoa so whoa baby baby, softly and truely am giveing my love to you whoa butterfly butterfly i love you so yeah! on the street where we people makeing love so you cant we why cant you and i,i love you so baby baby so whoa baby baby.......... taken from my rare unreleased bob marley collection...
are some of the most pathetic people that i have ever seen
I look around me They're all smiling, They're all happy. Why aren't I? My friends look concerned, Am I all right? What's wrong? I'm fine, I say And they turn away. I look around me, And find those who've hurt me They're smiling; They beat me. I become angry. No one notices. My face is neutral. A joke is told, I laugh. I look around me, And see the faces of those I care. Do they know? Do they care? I look away, becoming ashamed. Am I really loved? Will I be? All these questions haunt me. And all I can do, Is look around me.
Yet Another Poem
As I look deep into your bright blue eye's I see the twinkle in them like the stars in the midnight sky. When I hear the wind blow I hear the sound Of your wonderful voice flow. You're skin so soft, like the clouds in the sky, Just looking at you, your self is a Wonderful high. Oh how I ache to tough and hold you too. For I asked god to send me an Angel, And he sent me you! So every time I look up at the sun, I look forward for the day that we are together, And that day will soon come. For you are my Angel from High up above, And I am the one that will Give you all my love.
I Love You All
Love is what everyone has some show it and some dont why does the sound of love make someone happy but at the same time it hurts.. It hurts to loose the person you love you think what did i do wrong? why me god? No one really knows how to appreciate the person they have right next to them and in their hearts until their gone forever.. i wonder why?
open a window let the light shine in on your darkness there is no need for shadows! no reason for hiding just be inviting of all that lies before you Why close yourself in when the world desires to see you! Break free! No chains lie here No locks or foreboding walls. I stand before you With my hand outstretched Will you take it? Come with me, love! Become me Open your eyes and engulf me Open arms await a weary traveler I wait for you to come to me! I will hold you safe and secure There will no longer be a need to resist To hold back and insist You're welcome here, in my bossom Lie your head down, rest your limbs Let me hold you now The world awaits us my love Will you walk beside me hand in hand?
New National Tour Dates Announced!
Hey folks, Just wanted to announce that we have some NEW last minute tour dates coming. A fortunate turn of events has blessed us with a quick 9 date national tour with possibly more dates coming soon. Stay tuned for more details as we get the go ahead from the label chiefs to roll them out. Here's what we can put out there so far: Jul 18 2007 8:00P TBA Costa Mesa, California Jul 28 2007 8:00P TBA Paso Robles, California Jul 28 2007 10:00P The Oregon Express w/The Rebel Set Dayton, Ohio Aug 2 2007 8:00P TBA Jackson, Tennessee Aug 5 2007 8:00P TBA Montgomery, Alabama Aug 6 2007 8:00P TBA Little Rock, Arkansas Aug 7 2007 8:00P TBA Wichita, Kansas Aug 15 2007 8:00P Midland Fair w/Relient K & DAUGHTRY Midland, Michigan Aug 24 2007 8:00P TBA Lancaster, California Sep 1 2007 10:00P Bojangles w/ Joe Hedges Dayton, Ohio Sep 2 2007 8:00P The Sidney Theater w/ "Five Star Iris" Sidney, Ohio Hope to see some of you VERY
I'll be going into the hospital on July 23 to get a stent put into my heart also stents in my legs to many blood clots. I'll let everybody know how it goes.
Why is it men think they are better then women. We can work the same jobs they. Hell there is nothing my x did that i was not there working rightbeside him. So whats the deal men.
No Grown Ups
After careful consideration and many sleepless nights, here’s what I’ve decided. There’s no such thing as a grown up. We move on, we move out, we move away from our families and form our own. But the basic insecurities, the basic fears and all those old wounds just grow up with us. …We get bigger, we get taller, we get older. But for the most part, we’re still a bunch of kids. Running around the playground trying desperately to fit in.
Anger In The 7 Deadly Sins!
In life we are taught that there are seven deadly sins. We all know the big ones... gluttony, pride, lust. But the thing you don't hear much about is anger. Maybe it's because we think anger is not that dangerous, that you can control it. My point is, maybe we don't give anger enough credit. Maybe it can be a lot more dangerous than we think. After all when it comes to destructive behavior, it did make the top seven. So what makes anger different from the six other deadly sins? It's pretty simple really, you give into a sin like envy or pride and you only hurt yourself. Try lust or coveting and you'll only hurt yourself and one or two others. But anger, anger is the worst... the mother of all sins... Not only can anger drive you over the edge, when it does you can take an awful lot of people with you.
Hex For An Ex
So I'm going to try cursing my ex. I know I can die happily if I know that he's either completely changed his ways for the better, or that he's the most miserable fuck on earth because he wont change. My two friends and I, they who have also suffered anguish because of him, will be doing this, hence the 'we'. So this is what I'm hoping will happen..... Joshua Brandon Johnson You have committed a terrible crime As a cheater, may you always be cheated upon As a liar, may you always be lied to May your eyes see clearly the thoughts and actions made upon you And your mind know and understand everything you have done wrong in return May your heart be forever filled with regret Let every girl you date Find out who and what you are, and what you will do Within a month of having met you Let every female shun you Let every friend become a foe May you become infertile so that you will never bring another You into the world Let any pain done unto others be temporary and light
Not all wounds are superficial, most wounds run deeper than we can imagine, you cant see them with the naked eye, and then there are the wounds that take us by surprise, the trick with any kind of wound or disease is to dig down and find the real source of the injury, and once you've found it, try like hell to heal that sucker.
Open Toe Shoe Pledge
promise to always wear sandals that fit. My toes will not hang over and touch the ground, nor will my heels spill over the backs. And the sides and tops of my feet will not pudge out between the straps. I will go polish-free or vow to keep the polish fresh, intact and chip-free. I will not cheat and just touch up my big toe. I will sand down any mounds of skin before they turn hard and yellow. I will shave the hairs off my big toe. I won't wear pantyhose even if my misinformed girlfriend, coworker, mother, sister tells me the toe seam really will stay under my toes if I tuck it there. If a strap breaks, I won't duct-tape, pin, glue or tuck it back into place hoping it will stay put. I will get my shoe fixed or toss it. I will not live in corn denial; rather I will lean on my good friend Dr. Scholl's if my feet need him. I will resist the urge to buy jelly shoes at Payless for the low, low price of $4.99 even if my feet are small enough to fit into
My Best Friend
My Best Friend My best friend and my lover, My companion through the journey of life; all these things you are to me. Through good times and through strife I look into your eyes and see all my dreams in there my heart knows no boundaries' my soul knows no fear. God placed you by my side, and there you'll always stand shoulder to shoulder, eye to eye forever hand and hand most times I walk beside you, other times I walk behind.... To be able to watch over you, When you have a troubled mind. My need for you is great, My love for you is true, My wife and my hero, I give my life to you. 5-10-03
I Wonder
I wonder as I wander, Out under the blue sky. Why do people I care about, always have to die? Are you happy where you are, Where ever that maybe. I wonder as I wander, Do you sometimes think of me. Is it nice up there in the heaven, for I know you made it there. Are the clouds made out of marshmallows, Do you know that I still care? I look up in the summer sky, and cry a single tear. Do you know that I still love you, and that I'll always hold you dear? I wonder as I wander, out under the blue sky. Why do people I care about. always have to die.
Canadian Armed Forces - Update
Heya All Here Is The Link To A Page For The 'Canadian Armed Forces Page'. Please Stop In And Show Some Luv :D Canadian Armed Forces Page@ CherryTAP In The Last Week Canada Has Lost 19 Men In Afghanistan In The War. God Bless The Families Of The Soldiers. I know Our Numbers Pale In Comparison To The Numbers lost Of Those From Other Countries... Each Man/Woman Lost Is A Scar That Will Never Completely Heal From Our Hearts. God Bless Our Militaries And Bring Our People home Safely. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
No Feelings
Ive seen you in the mirror When the story began And I fell in love with you I love yer mortal sin Yer brains are locked away But I love your company I only ever leave you when you got no money I got no emotions for anybody else You better understand Im in love with my self My beautiful self A no feelings a no feelings A no feelings For anybody else Hello and goodbye in a run around sue You follow me around like a pretty pot of glue I kick you in the head you got nothing to say Get out of the way cos I gotta get away You never realise I take the piss out of you You come up and see me and Ill beat you black and blue Okay Ill send you away I got no feelings a no feelings No feelings for anybody else Exept for my self my beautiful self dear There aint no moonlight after midnight I see you stupid people out looking for delight Well Im so happy Im feeling so fine Im watching all the rubbish youre wasting my time I look around your house and theres nothing t
Another Day Passes By
Another Day Passes By That I sit here and ponder as I visualize your beauty My mind starts to wonder, Where no other man, dare to ever venture You are my fantasy only I can enter. Your body, so amazing That you have granted to me I cherish every inch of you For my eye's only to see. I long to be near you, the cause of so much intensity We were made for one another We are each others destiny. 5-18-03
Broken Hearted
I think I have done the one thing that i valed I would not do. I broke the heart of my best friend. He is also the man in rl the I love more then anything. Yesterday he was ting to get me to show just a little ection. And I didn't. I guess you could say he got me back with not say good by before he went to work. I know he wanted me to jsut tuch his are orven just kiss him, something. Here I was thinking he did not love me anymore. Atleast not the way he once did. I still feel that way to a point. I jsut wish he would tell me what he feeling so I knew for sure. So I could hold on for deal life or let him go. Now I will prbly nver get the change again. And Now he is probly thinking I don't love him. I do not know what to say.
Faithfully I thought you cared you made me believe I trusted you Our love was complete Now it's lost and easy to see. It was never meant to be All the things you used to say, All the words that drifted away All the things that stick in our heads unspoken words never said Quiet smiles never shone Looks of love gone and unknown I don't know why this had to be I always loved you Faithfully 11-23-03
Special Someone!
Have you ever met that special someone that makes your mind spin whirl and twirl.. A special person the kind that can take away all the pain that your in That kind of person that jus comes along and wipes away ur tears and holds u and says im here for u forever and when they say it u know they mean it cause they look you in the eyes to make sure you know they mean it... That kind of person that jus makes u feel like a kid again when ur with them... Like no care in the world jus happyness and Joy... All of a sudden the minuet u think about them it makes ur heart beat even faster... In ur mind u jus kno they are the one and that u tell urself ur gonna love them forever no matter what.... Well i have n he means everything to me I LOVE U STEPHEN!!!
My Celeb Look Alikes
Will You Help My Friend Out?
My good friend back in Seattle is in a blast contest and I'd appreciate it if anybody that's willing, would be so kind as to rate the contest pic and maybe leave a few hundred comments. Well, at least a few. Thanks.
I ♥ This Song. For Life.
"Excerpts From Various Notes Strewn Around The Bedroom Of April Connolly, Feb 24, 1997" Why I should leave:no-why I'm leaving you for him..well, let's see here:well, let's see; where should I begin? Every night you get annihilated with all your friends, and every night I drink alone until you stumble home wanting some- like some fuck and run. I know you sleep around, I see it in the eyes of those girls. Those fucking girls..they smile and nod, but never offer a single word-I'm just in the way-I'm the ball and chain, you're the jailbird chirping, "how hard life is in the cage!"{ how hard it is waking up next to me. Well, you've dug this hole, come on and fill me up. When you said you loved me I knew I was getting fucked you said you'd never let go all that stopped:you used to turn me on, now we're just getting off that's why I'm leaving you. ****and the drunken erratic response from april's ex-boyfriend Trevor Post, upon finding said various notes **** you really, really think this g
Bored And Missing Him
well ive managed to keep the kids under a semi level of control and todays been ok cept im bored off my ass an i miss chad like fucking crazy! ugh but its good he does his thing and i do mine keeps things running smooth im just happy i finally found the person i want to share the rest of my wonderful life with and i cant wait to meet his friends they sound like such awsome ppl!
No Fun !
No fun, my babe no fun No fun, my babe no fun No fun to hang around Feeling that same old way No fun to hang around Freaked out for another day No fun, my babe no fun No fun, my babe no fun No fun to be alone Walking by my self No fun to be alone In love with nobody else Well, maybe go out, maybe stay home Maybe call mom on the telephone Well, come on, well, come on Well, come on, well, come on Well, come on, well, come on Well, come on, well, come on No fun to be alone No fun to be alone Hang on, don´t let me go No fun to be alone
Does Iphone Match Its Hype?
You've gotta be someone special to get an iPhone early. How special? You have to either be Walt Mossberg or David Pogue, of the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times,respectively. So while the rest of us writers wait like baby birds formommy to come back to the nest with a little bit of pre-chewed worm inthe form of a reviewable iPhone, we get to see what the big guns haveto say about the thing, officially and on the record. The verdict:These guys love it. What else did you expect?Mossberg is the more enthusiastic of the two.He calls it a "beautiful and breakthrough handheld computer" (note: nota phone), "sets a new bar," and has a whole thesaurus full ofsuperlatives for the phone's various features, all of which he says arethe best he's ever tested, etc. etc.Mossberg initially hada lot of trouble, as I expect many people will, with the virtualkeyboard. After three days he says he was ready to "throw it out thewindow," but after five days he had grown to love it. Did Steve Jobsvis
Eager Customers Snap Up Apple Iphones
Brandon Saunders, 16, had been saving his allowance and birthday money for months to get one of Apple Inc.'s coveted iPhones. He waited in line with his 70-year-old grandmother for about eight hours Friday in front of a San Antonio AT&T store and left sunburned but grinning, shopping bag in hand."It's worth it," he said. "It's like Christmas in June."The teen was among the first to get his hands on the coveted gadget from Apple, joining throngs destined to become braggarts of and guinea pigs for the latest must-have, cutting-edge piece of techno-wizardry.Apple is banking that its new, do-everything phone with a touch-sensitive screen will become its third core business next to its moneymaking iPod music players and Macintosh computers.The doors of East Coast Apple and AT&T stores opened promptly at 6 p.m. EDT with cheers from employees and eager customers. Stores farther west followed suit as the clock struck 6 in each time zone. In San Francisco, customers sang "Auld Lang Syne" follo
My Friday The 13th
Ok first this actually happened. Second no its not funny because yes someone could have been hurt, while at the same time it is kinda funny. Lastly if your gonna be an ass or be obnoxious don't waste your time i will just delete the comments you make anyway. Well let me start by saying I am not a bad parent and this is something that i never dreamed could happen to me. I try my best to teach my children right from wrong and i normally have no trouble other then the normal "he's touching me" kinda stuff and standard trouble boys get into. I have no idea what possessed my child to do what you are about to read but its here just to show you what can happen even when you try to raise your kids right. ok yesterday my wife decided to be nice and let me sleep in...while i was sleeping, my son was playing video games, and my wife ran out into the garage to get a box of stuff to unpack we are still kinda moving in.Well my son decided that he would climb up on the counter and grab my c
Just Thinking
All too often in today's society we sit here and wonder, the why's and the what if's. It's time to sit back and turn the reflective mirror we place on society and turn it on to ourselves. We each are nothing more than an almagate of everything and everyone who we have ever encountered. For ill or not, an organic connection is made, as we take something from everyone whom we have ever encountered and they in turn have taken something from us. Should we pity those with low self esteem more than those with an over inflated ego? Do we randomly loathe those for no other reason than we just need someone to loathe? Do we like who we like because of their personality or because of some vision, however fleeting it may be, because it provides a glimmer of hope that allows us to place one foot in front of the other as we trudge through our lives? The answers or course are intensely personal, and only we as an individual can answer. The mitigating factors of how these questions are answere
Im Sorry
I'm sorry If I'm not skinny enough for you to see my ribs. I'm sorry.. If I'm not pretty enough to be "your girl". I'm sorry... my boobs aren't big enough to "satisfy" you. I'm sorry.. If I'm not white enough for you. I'm sorry.. If I'm not a playboy model so I don't act like a porn star for you. I'm sorry.. If i don't have a dream body that turns you on. I'm sorry.. If I'm too short for you. I'm sorry.. If i won't drop down to my knees to get you to like me. I'm sorry.. If my hair isn't just the way you like it. I'm sorry.. If I'm not the "hottest" girl you have ever seen. But most of all... I'm sorry that most guys can't accept a girl for who they really are. Beauty dies with time but a good heart will always be young. If you're a girl and you agree with this letter, repost as "I'm sorry."
How Does One Gain Inner Strength To Change What Is "comfortable"?
Hi all, I am typing this to virtual strangers, (except my buddy Paul!) and I have things I could use some advice for, if you've ever had a similar situation. As my profile states, I'm married. Legally, on paper...ONLY. We've been literal friends for 9 years, non intimate. We are good friends, and have an open arrangement. Also parents of a younger girl entering 3rd grade. We've been talking divorce for years, and put it off due to 'finances', although even if we do, we'd still be roommates. I know I could gain a lot of state assistance (which I hate to ask for) to get medical, financial, and educational/career help...**IF** we divorce. As long as we're married, nothing is available, even though we're low income. I know I should, and it would be good for me, but I am deathly afraid of change, and to be honest, being with the H, is better than being alone? (Why is that so terrifying to me?) I'm dating someone now that really isn't the best choice, but he 'seems' to care.
A girl friend on this site said that men are shallow..and that in one day I leveled up to level 3 while she had to work at it.... Also she has interest in a male friend but like the other men in her past he isn't interested....She's a great woman. Funny,pretty and wonderful. Yet she's single. I don't understand it either.... I feel bad for her...*shakes head*...
My Daddy!!!
Well guys u won't be hearing from me for a while...My dad had a massive heartattack at 3 this morning so I'm headed to Ashville. I'm dying inside, this man is my whole life, he raised me by himself when he didn't have to, he has done so0o much for me and now I'm losing him...I really don't feel much like writing so I'mma go..L8RZ..MWAUH!!! *~J~*
Blaine Larsen - How Do You Get That Lonely
Blaine_Larsen-How_Do_You_Get_That_Lonely.html' target='_blank'>Blaine LarsenHow Do You Get That Lonely
Wrote this for my Aunt back in high school. R.I.P. Here lies the body of Marie C. Lawrence Biker Like a broken down bike its seat, where once sat a generous woman is now cold. The tires now deflated. Its rubber worn away. The smoke has now cleared. The ride is no more. A new adventure lies up ahead that brings many new twists & turns. The highway is waiting... It is the highway to ~*Heaven*~ Bless you forever...
Tracy Chapman - Give Me One Reason
Tracy_Chapman-Give_Me_One_Reason.html' target='_blank'>Give Me One Reason
Why God Gave Us Friends
Why GOD Gave Us Friends GOD knew that everyone needs Companionship and cheer, He knew that people need someone Whose thoughts are always near. He knew they need someone kind To lend a helping hand. Someone to gladly take the time To care and understand. GOD knew that we all need someone To share each happy day, To be a source of courage When troubles come our way. Someone to be true to us, Whether near or far apart. Someone whose love we'll always Hold and treasure in our hearts. That's Why GOD Gave Us Friends!
I'm tired of all the assholes on here, so I will be taking a break. Yes i will probably show online but I will only be checking mail and replying if I feel like it. Thanks everyone!
Tlc - Red Light Special
RED LIGHT SPECIAL (by TLC)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
i love getting comments but please dont send me pics of women, men only also if anyone sends me any fwds, about some stupid friendship wheel, love chain, etc, i will remove you from my list, i cant stand fwds
Have We Forgotten
u know i admit that i have forgotten some of my friends on here and i feel like crap 4 it. and i apologize 4 it. but i know im not the only one either. their r people i have been friends with since i got on here and since they have been on here, but it seems that i have gone 2 their page rated all their stash and photos but have they returned the favor, of course not. i have had friends on here that have and i am thankful 4 them. it just seems that some people r forgotten on here. so if u have friends that u havent talked 2 on here n a while or rated their stuff and u have the time plese do so i know they will b thankful 4 it. nad let them know that u havent forgotten about them. yall have a great day.
When Doves Cry - Prince
Prince-When_Doves_Cry.html' target='_blank'>When Doves CryMusic Video Codes By Music
One Week
well its been one week now since i found my kids after almost ten years i really hadnt slept till last night more then 2 or 3 hrs a night i took them out to dinner last night too and as i was sitting there looking at their 3 faces seeing them talking and teasing each other i had this feeling of total euphoria inside me i dont think i have ever been this happy in my life also i also relized how my son is just like me at his age 12 i used to tease and mess with my sisters just like he was doing my middle daughter just sat there smiling all night looking so happy my oldest daughter just sat there and gave it back to my son teasing him to me it as heaven watching all this unfold my ex wife not sure what she ws thinking i didnt ask her yes she was there too and no i didnt make her pay for her dinner my son picked the place tgifridays wasnt too bad i enjoyed the food cant wait for tomorrow im going to my ex wifes and me and her are taking the kids over to my moms
BDSM Dictionary of Terms AB, Adult Babies := Grown-ups who wish to be treated as babies. This can include the wearing of nappies, bottle feeding and changing (see also Age Play) Abuse := "physical maltreatment" and "improper or excessive use or treatment" (Merriam-Webster Dictionary) "An abusive relationship is one in which substantial physical, mental, or emotional harm is inflicted, that is not temporary in nature, and is not clearly compensated for by positive and loving experiences over a long period of time." -- by louise, 1997 Age Play := Role Play involving an "age change". Ex. Grown-ups who wish to be treated as babies, school boys/girls, … Algolagnia := Medical/psychological term for the love of pain. Colloquially known as "Masochism". Alternative Lifestyle := A sexuality that differs significantly from the 'norm' may make an alternative lifestyle necessary or desirable. A sexual orientation less common than the norm may stigmatize the individual pushing the person t
Tom Petty - Mary Janes Last Dance
MARY JANE'S LAST DANCE (by Tom Petty)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
When Did You First Find Your Kink?
I have started to reflect on my life and I began to wonder when I really thought about being kinky or when should have I seen the warning signs. I decided that my kink really started to beg for my attention when I was a junior in high school. The Latin club, which mainly consisted of the preppy kids, had their yearly "slave" auction and I had a freind that was begging me to buy him so that his ex couldn't. The best part of that day was that you could make your slave do anything within reasonable limits. So me being the freak that I have become bought him and the next day he was made to dress in my prom dress and stand out in the middle of the pep rally and sing "Sweet Transvestite." I should have known but ignored it. DANGER WILL ROBINSON DANGER!!!! So I was wondering if anyone else has taken the walk down memory lane and found the warning signs.
Stay - Lisa Loeb
STAY (by Lisa Loeb)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
Until You Earn It....
You might want to have a tissue close at hand just in case.... Very touching story..... Back in September of 2005, on the first day of school, Martha Cothren, a social studies school teacher at Robinson High School in Little Rock, did something not to be forgotten. On the first day of school, with permission of the school superintendent, the principal and the building supervisor, she took all of the desks out of the classroom. The kids came into first period, they walked in, there were no desks. They obviously looked around and said, "Ms. Cothren, where's our desk?" And she said, "You can't have a desk until you tell me how you earn them." They thought, "Well, maybe it's our grades." "No," she said. "Maybe it's our behavior." She told them, "No, it's not even your behavior." And so they came and went in the first period, still no desks in the classroom. Second period, same thing, third period. By early afternoon
(hadith) Guarding Tongue
The sayings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (blessings and peace be upon him) “Sometimes one may utter a word without thinking whether it is right or wrong and because of that he may slip down in the Fire as far away as the East is from the West.” Hadith No. 837, Narrated by Hazrat Abu Huraira(r.a.) Sahih Bukhari Book 81, Chapter 23
Im Back
The Nuts Game
This is a very simple game and one that should be played to impress the lady that happens to be with you at this moment in time: Question 1 - What do you get if you a pair nuts on the wall? Answer - Wall nuts Question 2 - What do you get if you put a pair of nuts on the chest? Answer - Chestnuts Question 3 - What do you get if you have a pair of nuts on the chin Answer - My big fat cock in your mouth of course!!!!
I'm So Sad
Today my 18 year old Brittany spaniel couldn't keep stay standing up... she has been my best friend for 18 years, and now she's gone. I don't cry much mut I am balling my eyes out right now. sorry folks, I just had to let those of you who care know why I am sad.
All My Cherry Friends
Dear Friend
Dear Friend, When you feel like me. ! . ! . ! I don't promise that I will make u laugh, but I can cry with you. If one day you want to run away don't be afraid to call me. I don't promise to ask you to stop...... but I can run with you. If one day you don't want to listen to anyone..... call me. I promise to be there for you but also promise to remain quiet. But one day if you call...... and there is no answer..... come fast to see me. Perhaps I need you. ____0000000000______0000000000_____ __000________000__000________000___ _000___________0000___________000__ 000_____________00_____________000_ 000____________________________000_ 000___________THANKS__________000_ _000____________FOR___________000__ __000__________BEING_________000___ ___000__________MY_________000____ _____000______FRIEND______000______ _______000______________000________ _________000__________000__________ ____________000____000_____________ ______________00__00_________
The Beautiful Ones ~ Prince
I Love You ( Borrowed Poetry)
You're my life, you're my love, You're my shining star, you're my beautiful dove, I love you so much, you don't even know, When I think about you my face starts to glow, I'm so blessed to know you, Just talking to you makes me feel less blue, I've always wanted somebody like you in my life, Someone who's kind, adorable, and usually very nice, But I never stop to think, That what God's given me could be gone in a wink, It's never really occurred to me, That God could easily take you away from me, So while we're here, let's make it great, And whatever happens, is up to fate, Because if there's one thing in this life I know is true, It's the simple fact, that I LOVE YOU
Somethng Valueble
I found this poster for free at this person house and i think it really valuable. Its from 1969 and its from a growers co op annual convention. Tim Leary was master Of cermonies. the judges at the conentions competiton for local grown product were tim leary, allen ginsburg, jerry garcia, george carlton, jerry rubin, and richard alpert. so this fucking amazing
I Can't Make U Luv Me~prince
Is There Money To Be Made From.....
Selling domain names anymore? A quick glance on greatdomains shows recent sales of certain domain names going for more than $20000. I was thinking surely these are greatly overpriced. So I decided to go in search of catchy domain names and get some free appraisals. Found one that got the following report. Marketability: excellent Clarity: excellent Memorability: excellent Link Popularity: n/a Extension: excellent Length: very good Word count: excellent Hyphens: not present Numerals: not present Substitutions: not present Abbreviations: not present ESTIMATED VALUE OVER $ 250,000 I know it all depends on the demand and possible future use etc but how can such prices be justified? (yeah I get the most pointless blog award)
While U Sleep
Tracy LawrenceWhile You SleepMusic Video Codes By Music I don't say I love you quite enough I know Sometimes I go for days I'm ashamed to say The world moves so fast The words come so slow And I let those excuses get in my way (Chorus) But while you sleep Sometimes I lie awake and watch you breathe And in the silence that surrounds the dead of night I bare my soul and all the words sound right I pray the lord our hearts to keep While you sleep The days march through our lives like a soft parade Laughter and the tears Our hopes and fears And I keep remembering things I forget to say Perhaps some day I'll let you know my dear
A Rough Week
Hey everyone, sorry I haven't been on. Thanks to everyone who has left comments and messages checking up on me, I appreciate it. We had a huge virus attack our computer. Those who know me well, know we have been fighting it for some time now, well it finally completely chewed down the hard drive. I have a new one in here now and am slowly starting to regain some of the things I have lost, luckily I have saved much of my information all over the web so all I have to do is navagate and find it all again. Unfortunately, I have lost my novel I was writting and both of my children's digital baby pics from the hospital after they were born...that hurts the most. We had them saved on computer and were waiting for the paper and ink to print all the pics up... Well I will be in an out this week. This weekend we're moving to Charlotte, NC and I'm not sure when or if I'll be on after Saturday a week until things get situated. I just wanted to give everyone a heads up and alleviate
So How True Is This????
Translating Personals -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GUIDE TO TRANSLATING "PERSONAL" ADVERTISEMENTS Independent Thinker . . . . . . . Crazy. High-Spirited . . . . . . . . . Crazy, hyperactive, and throws things. Free-Spirited . . . . . . . . . Crazy and irresponsible. Ample . . . . . . . . . . . . . Large. Huggable . . . . . . . . . . . . Large. Zaftig . . . . . . . . . . . . . REALLY Large. Fat and Sassy . . . . . . . . . Large and loudmouthed. Slender . . . . . . . . . . . . Skinny. Svelte . . . . . . . . . . . . . Anorexic. Petite (I am). . . . . . . . . . Short. Petite (you are) . . . . . . . . Size 2. Dynamic . . . . . . . . . . . . Pushy. Assertive . . . . . . . . . . . Pushy with a mean streak. Excited About Life's Journey . . No concept of reality. Moody . . . . . . . . . . . . . Manic-depressive. Unpredictable . . . . . . . . . Manic-depressive and off medic
A Crew
apply with in for the OPP Perv crew,,lol,,figured no offers to join another one so id put one in my name and see what happens,,lol talk to you all soon
Happy Birthday Mum
I dedicate this blog to my mum, she turned 61 today and she doesnt look a day over 30, beautiful Lady she is. She and I have our differences but she is my mum and I do love her. I hope I age as well as she has when I am her age, I'm 28 so I have quite a few years to go. A lot of ppl dont think I am 28, they still card me for everything, suppose I should take that as a compliment .
Are You Earth, Fire, Water, Or Air
You scored as Earth, You are the element Earth. You have strength that can daze the people around you. But watch out - when your in one of thoses moods you tend to let people know about it! But your kindness and beauty is all around, and thats what people like about you.Earth85% Water50% Air25% Fire15% Are You Earth, Fire, Water Or Air?created with
Bad Day! =(
Well the whole day has been just bad. First I wake up and notice that my sleep apnea machine is broken. So now I have to go to the doctor and get another one. :( Next, I come on here and just have to deal with some people who are not so nice. (none of my friends) Then, I just dont feel so well today, and been so tired. Plus this guy that says he likes me has not called me in like a week.... I miss hanging out with him and I dont understand what is going on. Oh, and one of my best friends on here *may* be mad at me? I dont know that to think.... I am just not having a good day and need some cheering up. Oh well, I guess there is always tomorrow. ^__^ Beckie
My Terry
Well anyone that has worked EMS for any length of time will tell you that they had one partner that was the one they "clicked" with, mine was Terry. Terry has been a medic for 10 more years than me. Bless his heart is is beyond burned out, he is charcoal. He may get up every 2 hours, during the nights that there actually is sleep, to smoke a cigarette and drink a cup of coffee, but I have never had a better partner. I called him my Terry and he called me his Taliah, the 2 sides of the same coin. We were total opposites and that worked for us. He is quiet, I am loud. He likes the easy calls (to and from nursing homes, simple falls) I am an adrenaline junkie (shootings, stabbings, bad wrecks). Terry, being the brilliant man he is, came up with our arrangement for riding calls, not all are the same. He rode the easy calls and I got the bad ones and if either of us got too far behind the other took the slack. He hated to drive and I am a control freak so I drove. He was my partner longer t
Prince~~~ Insatiable
A Poem For My First Blog, Please Read And Comment
Addiction - Highs & Lows (One Day At A Time) Today I feel numb, My poor children... god what have I become? Today I feel awakened, I will not give up, I will not be taken. Today I lose the thrills, No more powder, no more pills. Today I'm reaching out, Can anyone save me, can anyone help? Today I attended church. Abolished my sins, put Jesus first. Today the time is flying, I'm not wasted, I'm not crying. Today is one month sober, I feel good, I think the worst is over. Today I'm feeling weak, My head is pounding, it hurts to think. Today I'm fuckin' pacing, I need a fix, my body is shaking, Today I found your purse, I took some money before I felt any worse. Today I told you a lie, I said I left to find work, instead I got high. Today I feel numb, my poor children... god what have I become?
Why Americans Don't Immigrate To Arab Countries
Myspace Lol
HOT MySpace Comments & HOT MySpace Layouts
Rest In Peace Ricky Martines
An Old Retired Sailor....
An old retired sailor puts on his old uniform and heads for the docks once more, just for old times sake. He engages a prostitute and take her up to a room. He's soon going at it as well as he can for a guy his age, but needing some reassurance, he asks her, "How am I doing?" The prostitute replies, "Well old sailor, you're doing about three knots." "Three knots?" he asks, "What's that supposed to mean?" She looks into his eyes and says, "You're knot hard, you're knot in, and you're knot getting your money back."
Why Judge People??
Wow, I am amazed at how intelligent some people really are, they have nothing better to do then to sit and judge people they dont even freaking know. You are nothing else but a pathetic loser if you base someones intelligence solely on their looks.. since when does your outside have any association with your inside or your brain? This is wrong in so many ways that I can not even believe that I am bringing this up but unfortunately the world is much worse than I thought.... so it pretty much forced me to. Maybe the world is more stupid then what I thought or maybe I was never surrounded by such people until I explored all sort of different people that otherwise I would have not even known they existed. Sometimes, I decide to go to that persons profile to see what they are all about and 99.9% of the time.. you are able to tell that they come from a very different life style then I do, totally differently brought up than I was. I don't sit and judge people, that is left to
The Betrayal
The betrayal rocked her world. He swears that he loves you but then comes home with whip marks across his pretty ass! O this will NOT be tolerated! Riley had pushed Serena's bitch button and now he must pay the price. Telling her that he was going to a car show with his buddies, I mean come on! I'll take terrible lies for a thousand Alex. But Serena had been a major player in her time taking whatever man she wanted and to hell with the consequence and to her thinking this was a karmic balance. Don't think that she was going to let him get away with this betrayal, far from it. Now bear in mind that they met online when he thought that he found a Domme and she thought that she had found her switch. He accepted her collar and she then accepted his hand in marriage. For 4 wonderful years she thought they had the perfect life. Now I'm going to tell you the story of how she paid him back and set the rules for their lives. Riley is a bouncer and dj at a local club so he works nights. Seren
Not A Good Day!
I am leavng now for the shelter to put down two of my beloved darling's they are both in pain. They are both 9 1/2 years old and it is their time but it doesnt make it any easier. Champs is the one in my photo album who fell asleep on the cans of food. Spectra is a pure white albino who just lost his buddy sly a little while back and without his buddie his old age just caught up with hime. Pray for Agnes for me,,she came here bounded with Sly and Spectra and she will most likely die from depression, but she is young and I hope I can pull her through this. Blessed Be
Night Stockings: Part 2
"Mine's closer." She said as she locked the door to her office. 'This man is amazing' she thought, 'but I want to see how much more I can get from him.' The cleaning crew had yet to arrive and all the regular staff had left for the night so the club was dark and quiet until suddenly soft lights and the first bars of "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel came softly from the speakers. He must have really done his homework since 80's music was one of her guilty pleasures. "Sorry I don't have a trench coat and a boom box to complete the scene." He laughed. "No worries. The boom box would get broken with us and trench coats make me think of flashers. It's the thought that counts. Are you going to turn that off so we can get out of here or not?" She queried. "We'll get out of here in due time but you need to realize that this isn't going to be a one night stand. There is romance out there and in here and it is way past time that you had a little taste of it. I know that you have that har
Cooking With Tressa Aka Angel Eyes In Las Vegas
Cooking With Tressa aka Angel EyesAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Ok Were Gonna Try This Again
Well last night didnt pan out so were goin again tonight if anyone can make it the bar is called little counry saloon on dort hwy in mt. morris. we will be there around 9 30 tonight so reply or leave a comment saying if you cn make it or not.
Night Stockings: Part 1
THIS IS A WORK OF EROTIC FICTION CREATED BY ME. A BIG THANKS TO ADIRA WHO, AS ALWAYS, HELPED ME TO CREATE THIS! And this is posted for DarkProf and his love of the corset! She strolled into the room turning heads and soliciting lustful looks. She walked in like she owned the place, because she did. The club was jumping which is the way she liked it. The music was loud and the intoxicating. She had worked for years to get DeSade's Playhouse to the nationally known fetish club that it is today. She had forgone lovers, friends and family to get her pet project to this level and now that it had obtained its status she was lonely. She is a tall, busty redhead that can spot a drunk that is losing control and a minor with a fake i.d. a mile away. Not embarrassed by her size she flaunts her large breasts by wearing corsets and short skirts to show her muscular legs. She has a penchant for stockings with seams and men. Her blue eyes can freeze an unwanted advance before it escapes the lip
Things Men Do Wrong..
) Avoiding her lips and diving straight for the erogenous zones makes her feel like you're paying by the hour and trying to get your money's worth by cutting out nonessentials 2) BLOWING TOO HARD IN HER EAR. Admit it, some kid at school told you girls love this. Well, there's a difference between being erotic and blowing as if you're trying to extinguish the candles on your 50th birthday cake. That hurts. 3) NOT SHAVING. You often forget you have a porcupine strapped to your chin which you rake repeatedly across your partner's face and thighs. When she turns her head from side to side, it's not passion, it's avoidance 4) SQUEEZING HER BREAST. Most men act like a housewife testing a melon for ripeness when they get their hand on a pair. Stroke, caress, and smooth them 5) BITING HER NIPPLES. Why do men fasten onto a woman's nipples, then clamp down like they're trying to deflate her body via her breasts? Nipples are highly sensitive. They can't stand up to chewi
He enters the room silently. I can sense my Master's presence. He is the air that I breathe, the food that I eat, he sustains my life. I am naked and kneeling on a pillow as I have been for what seems like an eternity. "Hello my little one." Just his voice makes me shiver. "I have been waiting for you Sir." I say. He walks silently behind me so that he may run his hand through my hair; this sends shivers through my body. He places my formal collar around my neck and cuffs on my wrists. "Rise my little one." "Yes Sir." Doing as bid I rise up to the relief of my knees and legs. He reaches down to fondle my hard nipples which pulls a moan from my lips. My One knows what pleases both of us. "Did you miss me?" he asks. "Always Sir." I answer "Let's see how much you missed me." He says as his hand slides down between the lips of my freshly shaved cunt. He finds me wet from his touch and he snickers. "You feel like you wish for your Master to please you." He whispers. "Whate
A Poem By Petra Tawfik
Falling Apart I woke up with such deep loneliness inside my heart, For the first time in my life, a morning could be so bad. I felt my head is about to explode, i still do, I dont understand whats happening around me, I dont hate, i dont betray, i dont backstab, Didnt you trust me when i promised you? Its sad to know you never kept your promises, Its sad to know you never made it last forever, Its sad to know you never cared, Its sad to see the unexpected happen, Oh my soul is dying, tears rolling down my face, Darkness is killing me, My heart is sobbing on the floor, Every decision i take, is always wrong, Lord take me back home, This is killing me, and i dont want to commit suicide, What am i suppose to do? Not a friend to embrace and cry on shoulders, My life is falling apart, I feel its the end of everything, Im losing everyone, everything, each day, I was never prepared for my life to fall apart this soon, What am i to do? No
"the Light Of Love"
"The Light Of Love" The clouds have deepened o'er the night Till, through the dark profound, The moon is but a stain of light And all the stars are drowned; And all the stars are drowned, my love, And all the skies are drear; But what care we for light above, If light of love is here? The wind is like a wounded thing That beats about the gloom With baffled breast and drooping wing And wail of deepest doom; And wail of deepest doom, my love; But what have we to fear From night, or rain, or winds above, With love and laughter here? (James Whitcomb Riley)
Ramblings Of A Crazy Redhead
I wrote this some time back and when I read it the other day found it still as hilarious, so read and enjoy! Well the latest installment in "THE LIFE AND TIMES OF THE NEUROTIC, PSYCOTIC, HOMICIDAL, SADISTIC SEX-A-HOLIC." I have sat down and looked at classes for the summer session and pre-recs for Cardiology Tech school and decided my class schedule...hopefully! It should be interesting to see how I deal with being in school with all the little teeny boppers, Ricky Rednecks, and Elmer Hoe-Handles. I am hoping that bail will not be required! In addition to the stress of being back in school to start a new career, I am going to be living with Pop which is an amusement park ride of its own. Now onto a new rant...I am quite amused by the fact that since my last post those that used to hang around me have once again come out of the woodwork. I do appreciate the contact but due to the fact that I am not Catholic, I don't feel guilty for trying to take care of my own well being. I lov
South Carolina
MY mother is driving from South Carolina to here on monday. She's bringing a trailor and a huge truck so we can get all our stuff there!! We'll be leaving by wednesday at the latest!!!!! We sooooo can't wait!!!!!!! The only thing that sucks is we're trying to have a yard sale and it's not working out like we had planned!!!!! But that's life!! Just thought I'd share with everyone we're leavin this hell hole of a town and this suck ass state of Indiana!!!! One of my dreams is finally coming true!!!!!!!!!!
Where Did They....
Before The Bell 11-28-06: Economic Data, Bernanke Speaking, Market Awaits
Filed under: Before the bell, Wal-Mart (WMT), DaimlerChrysler (DCX), Market matters, Boeing Co (BA), Palm Inc (PALM), Hilton Hotels (HLT)Yesterday, stock markets had one of their worst session in months. The Dow Jones industrial average about 158 point, 1.3%, its biggest one-day decline since mid July. The S&P 500, which hit a six-year high only last week, and the Nasdaq, which also came close to a six-year high last week, dropped 1.4% and 2.2% respectively in their biggest drop since the start of June. The Russel 2000 lost nearly 2.6%. Reasons for yesterday's declines include higher oil prices, a weaker dollar and a cautious outlook from Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (NYSE:WMT) as well as possible concerns about economic data coming today and the rest of the week. This morning, after starting positive, stock futures are now mixed, pointing to a higher start for the S&P 500 and a lower start for the Nasdaq as the market awaits economic readings and comments by Bernanke, the Federal Reserve Chai
Paris Hilton's In The Slammer - Total Jail Coverage
6-8-07 6:28pm PST: PARIS HILTON UPDATE:- How LA Attorney's Office Convinced Angry Judge to Send Hilton Back - Judge Sauer Remands Paris Hilton's Sentence; Hilton Taken Screaming and Kicking From Courtroom Back to Jail- LA Attorney and Judge File Order To Have Hilton Appear Back in Court- Paris Hilton's Sentence Reduced Before She Goes to JailNote: The media was in a frenzy this morning (June 8th) over the fact that Paris Hilton was being taken to the hearing in police custody. MTB reported this last night after we obtained the city attorney's motion which specifically stated that Hilton would be taken into police custody. So why was it such a BIG NEWS item this morning? Because CNN read my blog. I can prove it. Anyways, yet another scoop for MTB! :-DThe following is the original story from 6-4-07Hollywood Heiress Checks In To Clink Early, Not-So-Hot Mugshot, Video Shows Paris with mysterious guy, more photographs, plus discussion, arrest photos and Paris has Advice for Young People (LO
An Ode To My Fellow "ambulance Drivers"
I'm not sure who wrote this,'s freakin' hilarious and SO true!!!!! Recently I was on the ambulance and we made a call, and I heard a lady tell the person she was on the phone with "OKAY I AM GOING NOW, THE AMBULANCE DRIVERS ARE HERE." STOP. For those of you who work in EMS or have anything to do with EMS, you are going to appreciate this. For those of you who call "EMT's and Paramedics" "AMBULANCE DRIVERS" please read this carefully and completely. Now I was hoping this was going to be short and sweet, then as I was driving, I kept thinking more and more what to put. So if you have to read this in parts, I want you , if you have made it this far, to completely read this post. Please do not notice my grammar errors, as I can assure you, there will be many. The whole idea of this post was to make people think of what "AMBULANCE DRIVERS" really are and do. 1). AMBULANCE DRIVER = An EMT, EMT-I, or Paramedic. Right... What is that all about? EMT is EMERGENCY MEDICAL TE
Free Morph If
he makes some awesome morphs....Go help him in a contest and he does return the love hes been bombing me..So show him some love.Rate his picture in the contest and bomb away..Its his first one... OK everyone Im in my first contest ever, I need some support and love.. IF you comment 100 Times and rate me 10, I will MAKE you a MORPH photo like my previous ones of high quality for you! FREE... check my morph photo folder and my default for examples. I am dead serious here people. Im not your average person maken morphs I work hard at it. my work should speak for it self (not to sound cocky, but I took pride in what I do and make it the best I can. so 100 coments = FREE MORPH PHOTO, You chosoe the pictures. :) I also need a ton of rateins! please show me some love. Cumm and Show This Wounderfull Cherry some Real Cherry Luven'!!!! This is His 1st contest!!! Sooo, you Alll Know What to Do!!! This is the link to the contest!!! Give him Rates, Comment his Ass!!!
well i finaly had sex, and really its not as good as i thought it would be, but it could just be that we were both bad at it, lol i wouldnt dout it for a moment, but im sure ill have plenty more chances for to do it agen and agen and agen lol
Proverbs 3 ,proverbios 3
1My son, forget not my law; but let thine heart keep my commandments: 2For length of days, and long life, and peace, shall they add to thee. 3Let not mercy and truth forsake thee: bind them about thy neck; write them upon the table of thine heart: 4So shalt thou find favour and good understanding in the sight of God and man. 5Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. 6In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. 7Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil. 8It shall be health to thy navel, and marrow to thy bones. 9Honour the LORD with thy substance, and with the firstfruits of all thine increase: 10So shall thy barns be filled with plenty, and thy presses shall burst out with new wine. 11My son, despise not the chastening of the LORD; neither be weary of his correction: 12For whom the LORD loveth he correcteth; even as a father the son in whom he d
My Wish ( Rascal Flatts)
I hope the days come easy and the moments pass slow, and each road leads you where you wanna go, and if you're faced with a choice, and you have to choose, I hope you choose the one that means the most to you. And if one door opens to another door closed, I hope you keep on walkin' till you find the window, if it's cold outside, show the world the warmth of your smile. But more than anything, more than anything... My wish, for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it to, your dreams stay big, your worries stay small, You never need to carry more than you can hold, and while you're out there getting where you're getting to, I hope you know somebody loves you, and wants the same things too, Yeah, this, is my wish. I hope you never look back, but you never forget, all the ones who love you, in the place you left, I hope you always forgive, and you never regret, and you help somebody every chance you get, Oh, you find God's grace, in every mistake, and
John 3:16
16"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,[a] that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 16 "Para Dios tan amó el mundo que él dio su y sólo Hijo, que quienquiera cree en él no fallecerá, pero tendrá la vida eterna.
Hey Ya
My Page
Do u like my page? What would u change on it?
ok why does it seem that anything that happens in a girl life that dates hauntes them for life and let me note this goes towards no one in general but the thing is everyone i talked to on yahoo today is like i cant be happy cause of this day i mean serioulsy yeah i have a bad month but i cant remember the date or not but the thing is that date doesnt truely come around till 4 years later i mean if i did that shit i would hate janurary 2 when it falls on a thursday cause my grandpa died on that day but i dont i know he is in a better place i dont keep track of dates when i go out with people it never last so my question why do people do this to them selfs anyone got answer just curious note this apply for no one on here someone i dated for 2 years made me think of this and just pissed me off sorry for venting
Whenwomen Drink
Dump Ass New Name
CHERRYTAP LOST IT'S CHERRY AND MADE A LITTLE FUBAR! Cherry Bucks to repost this.. $10 Real money to make a sticky.. $5 Seeing everyones face when cherrytap loses it's cherry and becomes fubar... priceless BLOG BELOW sometime next week i'm going to rename the site to fubar. you'll still be able to go to, or both will go to the same place and all the old links will still work. you're probably asking yourself why is babyjesus such a psycho? well, if you've read my blogs you'll notice i've never been a super best friends fan of the name cherrytap...(anyone get that reference?) fubar is also much faster to type. besides, the name doesn't make the site... the people that use it do. before any rumors start: * no the site hasn't been sold to anyone, it's still the same crazy folks running things. * no we're not planning to do anything different on the site after the name change. * we're not resetting accounts or anything.
My Thought Right Now Like Or Hate
I slowly learn that life is too short as is thing are not always what they seem. every day you can grow and can or say the same. today like always I want to learn and grow. I want to see how you see the world though your eyes. I like the line dance with the devil the devil doesn't change he changes you. In a lot of ways it true but you can change for the best too. I really love myself to day and have deep understand of who I am the older I get I lear something new about myself and people. I like the one one with person over a crowed room. I was have really bad bout with depressionthe other and it made me see more and more that I want love, life and to be happy but no one is happy all the time and if are you your lier. NO one can be happy content maybe but not happy cause things goes wrong for everyone at one point in time or another.
The Inside Truth
Everybody everywhere is living a life that thier lives are taking them. Did you ever sit and watch what was going on around you? Did you ever wonder what someone was thinking, or what was so important that they were driving thier car so fast you prayed that they wouldn't hit anyone and take someone from someone's life- thier heart? Did you ever see someone crying or looking like they lost something very important in thier life that they seemed to be lost? Did you ever wonder what people think when they look at you? Most people don't give a flying shit what others think of them. But, there is always a time in everyone's life, you are left to wonder why someone is making your life hell, and you fail to see the reasons for it. Strong people find a way to ignore it and move on. Other's want to repay them for putting drama in your life that isn't warrented. Then there are others that just take it and it affects them. Life is a wonderful and powerful gift to have. Some blow it away on drug
Check This
1) That’s not right.......... Sum Ting Wong 2) Are you harboring a fugitive................... Hu Yu Hai Ding 3) See me ASAP................. Kum Hia Nao 4) Stupid Man........................... Dum Fuk 5) Small horse...................... Tai Ni Po Ni 6) Did you go to the beach?.................... Wai Yu So Tan 7) I bumped in to a coffee table................. Ai Bang Mai Fa Kin Ni 8) I think you need a face lift...................... Chin Tu Fat 9) Its very dark in here........................... Wao So Dim 10) I thought you were on a diet............... Wai Yu Mun Ching 11) This is a tow away zone....................... No Pah King 12) Staying out of sight............................. Lei Ying Lo 13) He's cleaning his automobile................ Wa Shing Ka 14) Your body odor is offensive.................. Yu Stin Ki Pu 15) Great..................... Fa Kin Su Pah
Hell Yeah I Got To Drive This!!!
I finally got to drive my dad's 1974 Ford Ranger... I drove it once before but that was when he had the 390 in it... Now with the 460 he said it was to much power for me... YEAH RIGHT!!! lol Well yesterday my dad came over and he let me drive to the store!!! IT WAS FUCKIN' AWESOME!!! God I love that truck... I can die happy now lol... My dad said I was acting like a little kid with a new toy... LMAO HELL YEAH!!! I finally got to drive it after he dropped that big 460 in it... And I did good... I didn't hot rod, mainly cuz my dad was in the truck with me and so was Mykal... But I sure wanted to open that baby up though lol... But I was a good girl... YEAH ME!!! lol I am a happy camper now lol... I got my wish... lol silly aren't I!!!
For life there is a new love, that new love will bring us hope, that hope will bring us a prayer, that prayer gives us god, God will give life again!!!
Late Lament
Breathe deep the gathering gloom, Watch lights fade from every room. Bedsitter people look back and lament, Another day's useless energy spent. Impassioned lovers wrestle as one, Lonely man cries for love and has none. New mother picks up and suckles her son, Senior citizens wish they were young. Cold hearted orb that rules the night, Removes the colours from our sight. Red is grey and yellow white, But we decide which is right. And which is an illusion??? By Graeme Edge of the Moody Blues From Nights in White Satin
One Of Us
(One of us) Yeah, Rule (One uf us) Yeah, nigga If God were one of us (One of us) What about that? What if he was? What if he was me? (One of us) What the fuck would I do? Lord, when I die pacify, crucify me I rock a Devil cross, one's for the soul one's for the body If I'm built then God dies, I wanna see God cry Real tears from a burned out life in ten years I sware I got the Devil in me, with no fear If I hear I can't see, if I see I can't hear It's the eerie little thing between deathness and blindness Weakness and kindness, rejects and primaz I'm on this when I'm hollerin', "Dear Lord, take me" (One of us) (Baby) 'Cuz I ain't really happy here, can you blame me? This game done changed me, made me an animal I can't even laugh no more, my kids smile for me now I'm the one-and-only, my momma's only child Lord, save me before I go crazy 'Cuz if you, live through the strain just to die from the pain, tell me Would you believe that you could breathe again? [
Lets Help Angel Baby
My friends 'Rock'... Lets show others how we 'Roll'!!! This Lady is a great person. Please go show her some Love... fan, rate, add, comment her... You know how its done. All love will be returned to you. ★ANGEL~BABY★ ®™ (CT BAD B*TCH) PLZ★RATE★MY★PROFILE★TY@ CherryTAP
Haven't Been On In Awhile
Last night was the first night in a long time that i have been on.i took a much needed vacation from everything.I'm now back and can't wait to catch up with all of you..take care
Dj Vampilette (new One..old One No Longer Works)
Oh Yeahhhhhhhh
Click Here To Enter ?DJ POUNCE?DJ Tags™DJ TravDJ Sweetness?DJ Kinky?~*Dj NaRLY BEAST*DJ ShibbyDJ Metal Monster~*DJ LightenladyDJ SHOCKDj DevientDJ GRINCH Great People and Great Music for all Types of People
Well, I've decided to come back to cherrytap after a long hiatus. I don't know if or how long I will stay, it all depends on how I feel. As of right now I'm content with being here I suppose. I guess in all I miss DJing. I've been thinking about a few things being gone all this time and I've not yet decided what I'm going to do exactly but, within the next few days I'll figure it out. So for those of you who I was cool with back when I was DJing with PheoniXXX Radio if you recognize me please add me :) Will keep you all updated as I see fit. =P~
A psycho driver twisted in my head Silence broken, but there's nothing said I got a nightmare from a fantasy Will the voices ever set me free I can hear'em, I can hear'em Someone wake me when it's over I can see'em, I can see'em I can see'em over and over again I saw it happening like deja-vu They tried to tell me, but they couldn't get through In my head I hear the voices scream I need someone to tell me what it means Whoa - Who turned off the lights ? Whoa - A shadow in the night Whoa - It wasn't meant to be I can't tak this alone Don't leave me on my own tonight Oh no I can't take it alone Don't leave me on my own tonight Shattered dreams lay next to broken glass I wonder if tonight will be my last I need an angel who can rescue me To save me from my mental symphony Whoa - Who turned off the lights ? Whoa - A shadow in the night Whoa - It wasn't meant to be I can't tak this alone Don't leave me on my own tonight No, no I can't take it alone Don't lea
♥if You Even Care♥
Why do people commit suicide?Why do people cut themselves? Why do girls become anerexic and belimec? Why do kids bring guns to school?Why do kids get they start using meds, and abusing them?Why do girls feel the need to act like sluts to impress guys?Why cant people show their sexuality freely, without worrying about being judged?In the Bill Of Rights, it says we have FREEDOM OF SPEECH! So why are we so afraid to speak up for ourselves?I KNOW WHY! Cliques"Gangstas""Preps""Nerds""Goths""Emos""Scene//Hardcore kids""Punks"^^^AND THATS NOT EVEN HALF OF THEM!Society in generalWe live in a world where if your not skinny, not beautiful, not sexy, not straight...your tortured, abused, and humiliated. We say that we are all equal but, there is still racism, sexism, and people judging others based on there religion, color, size, heritage, ect.IS THIS AMERICAN?IS THIS THE NATION WE LIVE IN AND FIGHT
Who R U Trying To Impress?
ok people get real im about to piss some of you off but hopefully most will agree. guys, r u here to win the attention of a lady or r u here to impress your guy friends ( no offensive to my gay friends) but realy what r u thinking coming on here acting and dressing and posing like a damn hood rat ? it does not impress the ladies at all. and if it does more power to ya!! good luck with that!! and ladies what r yall thinking? send pics of your boobs thru private mail if you feel that you need to show them !! have a little dignity and quit acting like whores! put pics of your faces as main profile pics unless you like being a whore ! put some clothes on if you want to draw the atention of a gentle man and if things proceed from there then sure share your pics but privately!! plz ladies and guys!! act like ya got some sense dont b a whore or a hood rat
A Real Man...
What a "Real Man" is...? 1. A REAL MAN respects his friends and family first and foremost in his life. 2. A REAL MAN raises his kids - not JUST out-of-pocket, either. He's a daddy, not a father, to his kids. 3. A REAL MAN supports and challenges his woman to develop herself, so she can achieve whatever she wants in life. 4. A REAL MAN doesn't worry about what others depict as a real man. Walk in his shoes first, and then tell him what makes him A REAL MAN. 5. A REAL MAN doesn't kiss and tell or need his ego stroked by bragging. 6. A REAL MAN notices your hair & nails that you've had cut or done recently. 7. A REAL MAN calls you beautiful and gorgeous... not just hot, sexy, fine as fuck or fine as hell. (Fine as fuck, how thoughtful and sweet of guys! LOL!) 8. A REAL MAN calls you back no matter HOW BUSY OR TIRED HE IS, because he knows he means a lot to you. 9. A REAL MAN looks past what he's heard about you or what his friends think of you. He makes his own
Untitled Blue
Through my eyes of the endless sun Rebirth in my lost soul has begun All as one in the universe Under no resistant thought im cursed Live now my life in unconditional wealth No more worries, no more shelf The simple man i was destine to be I see now the things I could not see Sharing my soul to all that receive Giving them intent, hope and belief Live my life in universal harmony Face the thing not letting me be free With no unstiched fear or guilt Checkered feelings of joy i quilt Realizing my place, I was always there Not really knowing that i cared Stained by the negative way of the world The ways of nations shall wither and curd The blissful light was always there Through graceful eyes I shall stare Beleiving and feeling its already here Living life abundantly without despair Walking through the dark has brought me here The energy of the universe, O' so clear Trust in what u cannot see Believe whats going to be For its already embraced home with you Hold
Drunk People!!!
soo last night wile i was at work i was told that i should blog about the shit i go through wile at work... so here i go. so i work at IHOP here in Racine and i work 3rd shift witch can be alot of fun! well last night i guy and his two friends came in and said that if i was to post blogs about my time at work thay would read it... then the said the best part that if thay did read it that thay would be the ones i was talking about... how did thau know??? well you know them nasty ass serups that we have on the tables?? well to of them decided that thay where gonna chuge tham! witch is just nasty!!! well when it came time to drop off there bill thay got all pissed off cuz there was a $6 charge for the serup that thay where stupid enough to drink. then thay had the nirve to complane that there was a 15% gatuity!!! im sorry but the only reason that we do that is because if we didnt us servers would not be makeing ANY and i mean ANY money. i`m sorry but i only make $2.33 an hour.
GGRyder@ CherryTAP 8
dante26@ CherryTAP 7
Remember Your Worth
Remember Your Worth > > > > > > > > > > > > > >One Flaw In Women >Women have strengths that amaze men. >They bear hardships and they carry burdens, But they hold happiness, >love and joy. >They smile when they want to scream. >They sing when they want to cry. >They cry when they are happy >And laugh when they are nervous. >They fight for what they believe in. >They stand up to injustice. >They don't take "no" for an answer >When they believe there is a better solution. >They go without so their family can have. >They go to the doctor with a frightened friend. >They love unconditionally. >They cry when their children excel >And cheer when their friends get awards. >They are happy when they hear about >A birth or a wedding. >Their hearts break when a friend dies. >They grieve at the loss of a family member, Yet they are strong when >they Think there is no strength left. >They know that a hug and a kiss >Can heal a broken heart. >Women come in all s
scooterzxbox7@ CherryTAP 5
Happy Saturday!!!!
Today finds me home all alone *sniffle* everyone has headed to the lake & I opted to stay home, finish painting & shampoo the carpets. Poor me, whatever will I do TOTALLY ALONE?!?!?!? Oh don't worry, I'll get in trouble rather easily. ROFL! To those I missed swinging by today: I've got tap on but please know my response time will be slow with all I hope to get done today. ~XOXO~Lizzy~
"boobies Make Me Smile"
1 Boobies make me SMILE!!@ CherryTAP
could have been an accident 9 damomma@ CherryTAP
ThaSuperBitch@ CherryTAP 5
Multiple Offenders
· ThaSuperBitch rated your photo a '5'! 17 min ago · damomma rated your photo a '9'! 16 min ago scooterzxbox7 rated your photo a '4'! 27 min ago; Boobies make me... rated your photo a '1'! 29 min ago; dante26 rated your photo a '7'! 1 min ago; sunshine rated your photo a '5'! 2 day ago; GGRyder rated your photo a '8'!
Helping To Level Up Or Bomb For Others
this is all that i ask if the person needs help to level up or comment bomb would return the love by rating my pics our even my stash. There are a few people here that i will help and they know who they are. because they have already stopped bye to showed me the love here. and i will from now own ONLY help them. as one of my friends here say " you get what you give" so true so if they can't take the time to rate my pics or my stash please DO NOT ASK enough is enough!!!!!!!!!!! truly seejaykaygee
Sorry Friends
This is to all the friends on my friend's list that don't know how to return favors, you know who you are. I have been in a contest for 4 days now and have posted blogs and bulletins letting everyone know. I know a lot of my friends on my list aren't into the bombing thing but you still came by and at least commented once. But there are some that are into bombing and contests and i have been there for you. I have ran my rate limit out numerous times bombing day after day for you and have seen you return the favor by commenting maybe 20 times for me or less. Just want to let you know I think that's sorry as hell and will remember this in the future. Here is the link again,,giving one more chance: Thanks for letting me rant,,have a nice day
"irish Prince" Yeah Right!
8...... how about some originality "I'm a Jr FAN DUHHHHHHHHH!!!!"
Cindy Sheehan - Somebody Shoot It, Please...
OK. Poster child for birth control. No, poster of a far left socialist! You can almost smell it just from the photo. Alas, it's an American. Helping with our implosion. We are imploding from within. There's nothing to do to stop it, it's the way it's supposed to be in the grand scheme of the vast left wing conspiracy of the let's all hate America globalization plot. Ok, until today, I've never had anything to do with this 'thing' beyond 'ewwwww, wtf is that thing with horse teeth on my tv?' or when she opened her mouth for the few seconds I left that particular channel on, it was 'OMG that thing's insane.' That was enough for me. I was happy when she decided to quit her thingy, because unlike Paris, she's fucking hideous to look at. I mean really, just look at her & ya know the bitch is nuts. I actually cringe when I see her ugly mug. At least Paris looks kinda like a Barbie doll, not quite human, but not so hard on the eyes. At least we can laugh at her. They should put up
Don't Quit
When things go wrong, as they sometimes will, When the road you're trudging seems all uphill, When the funds are low, and the debts are high, And you want to smile, but you have to sigh, When care is pressing you down a bit, Rest if you must, but don't you quit. Life is strange with its twists and turns, As everyone of us sometimes learns, And many a failure turns about, When he might have won had he stuck it out; Don't give up though the pace seems slow, You may succeed with another blow. Success is failure turned inside out, The silver tint of the clouds of doubt, And you never can tell how close you are, It may be near when it seems so far; So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit, It's when things seem worse, that you must not quit.
THIS rated ME a 5........ talk about unbelieveable!!
figured why not , So here is my first attempt at blogging. A relaxing day , free of work and aggravation , enjoying the beautiful weather here
Questions About 9/11
If you have an open mind, watch the video which has a link below.... This is where you'll find all the information you need on Loose Change, the independent documentary that has grown from a cult following to a grassroots organism that can no longer be contained. The central premise of Loose Change is that the United States Government was, at the very least, criminally negligent in allowing the attacks of September 11th, 2001 to occur. However, when one looks deeper into the evidence, one might come to the startling conclusion that our own government might have been directly responsible for the attacks themselves. Loose Change merely scratches the surface of information that points to a massive government cover-up regarding 9/11. We highly encourage you to take it upon yourself to research the events of 9/11 for yourself and come to your own conclusions. Loose Change is currently in two editions, with a third being developed for American theaters, intended to be rel
Last Night's Gwar Misadventure
woke up at the boy's house in providence, ri at 8:30, showered, got ready, peaced out to meet my best friend schmem in uncasville at 11am (yes, it took me that long to get from point a to point b.) hit up the packy. jager, red bull, 12 of sam summer (all of which were for me, apparently. schmem didn't have that much to drink at all). chiefed some frank on the way up, which was another hour. 4 sam summer to the face on an empty stomach got me buzzed on the way up, brought jager in a mickey d's cup and a red bull to chug in line (which i did like it was my job, of course). so i'm fucking wasted by the time the concert starts. i meet up with amish, and see he's got 2 other friends i haven't seen in over a year with him, smerwin & baits. super stoked. now, i'm used to going to hardcore shows in ct. and lemme tell you, there are TONS of gorgeous guys at all of those shows. so emily and i get all prettied up, we've got stupid matching outfits on, totally by mistake (layered wife beaters,
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Yeah I Got Lot Of People Mad At Me
So a few of my friends are upset at me that i wont call them back or hang out with them my best pal just called me and i told her that i was not in the mood to do anything or even talk so i guess she took it wrong and hung up right away well am still in the grieving process and this is how i deal with things i tend to push people away and deal with it on my own but sometimes it can be a bad thing too but i have said many bad things in the 2 wks since my dads passing and i hope they understand later on that i dint mean to do these things i just wanted to be left alone
Ct And Hackers - Thanks Mina
This is how your site gets hacked....You will be surfing your page and reading the add requests. You may see a profile that you like. Then you may decide to add that person so you do. Very soon after you add this person you will probably go to post a comment. Then what happens is you will get a message that says YOU MUST BE LOGGED ON TO PREFORM THIS ACTION ...... DON'T DO IT! This is how they get your password...Trust me Immediately close your browser then Log back in. If you had paid attention as I do you will notice two things that are dead giveaways. The first one is how many times you have been viewed. I reset to Zero after every session so for me it was easy. Ninety Nine views in 30 seconds- NO way.Then the other thing is when the Fake Login page does come up. Look at the URL in the bar and you will see the word redirect in it. I hope you all post and repost this over and over. NEVER RE-LOG ON During a session Close Out and RE-Log on the proper way
Kellie Coffey-when You Lie Next To Me
Kellie Coffey-When You Lie Next To Me
Last Nights Photos
took a lot of pics last night ust uploaded
I Was Asked Of Iraq
I was asked of Iraq By Paul Mays 07/14/07 I was asked my opinion on going to war with Iraq. So I thought I would write my opinion here so the next one that asks can just check it out instead of me having to type way to much. I’m an old ex solder and I , along with almost everyone that took the field, hate war. The death of friends, the destruction of the land, the cost to our country all make me wish for world peace so our children can study science and history and live safe in a world of flowers and beauty. I from the months before troops hit the ground in Iraq thought we had to lay a heavy hand down to the Iraq’s government. But I always disagreed with putting troops on the ground as I think we should have just leveled the place a little bit at a time until they stopped firing at our aircraft , which they were doing every day, and opened the country to the U.N. to verify that no WMD’s were there or being built. I always have thought that we should have stated that we
Guitars Etc..
My bass guitar finally died on me after 20 years of faithful service. Well, theres no use crying over spilled milk, on monday im going to buy a new bass. Im going to buy a Fender Highway One Jazz bass, actually this will be the first "professional" quality bass i have ever owned, not that i think it will make a difference one way or the other, cheap basses can sound pretty good too, its all in how you play not what brand of bass you play. I have owned around 30 electric guitars over the last 25 years, some of them have been really expensive american handmade instruments and some have been cheap korean or swedish guitars made out of plywood and plastic, i currently own a 1966 Gretsch 6120 Chet Atkins model that sounds absolutely amazing and a swedish Hagström made of plastic, one of them is worth at least 2000$ and the other perhaps at the most 100$ but both of them are damm good guitars, i have actually used the plastic Hagström a lot more than the Gretsch, i wouldnt trade that sw
A True Woman
a true woman Women have strengths that amaze men. They carry children, they carry hardships, they carry burdens, but they hold happiness, love and joy. They smile when they want to scream. They sing when they want to cry. They cry when they are happy, and laugh when they are nervous. Women wait by the phone for a "safe at home call" from a friend, after a snowy drive home. They are child care workers, executives, attorneys, stay– at–home moms, biker babes, and your neighbors. They wear suits, jeans, and they wear uniforms. They fight for what they believe in. They stand up against injustice. They walk and talk the extra mile to get their kids into the right schools and to get their family the right health care. Women are honest, loyal, and forgiving. They are smart –– they know that knowledge is power. But they still know how to use their softer side to make a point. Women want to be the best for their family, their friends, and themselves
If You Cant Take The Heat When Ur Not Nice To Some One Then Dont Bother To Say Anything
If you or anyone else not going to be nice to me then expect the same reaction right back i wont hesitate what so ever i will say whats on my mind and if you cant handle it then take the fucking drama to yer momma or infact if you dont have anything nice to say to me then dont say it at all and dont go crying to anyone cause they aint going to help you either since you the one who started this hole mess in the first place now just deal with it thanks :) have a blessed day
Lookin For Love
Hello again all it is me just want to say hi and let everyone know that i appreciate you all and wish you all the best have a great day all your the best
OK now that i got the first one out of the way i would like to thank everyone that has helped me out getting my profile going again and all my friends from here you have all been great and i would like to thank you all very much for everything you have done for me you all are great thanx Allen aka Man Of MysterY
Amber@ CherryTAP check her out youll love her too!
Random Thoughts
Every little thing you do, may have astounding consequences. A random comment to get points may introduce you to your new best friend, or find you with a stalker who will not let you be. If you hadn't taken that one moment to put yourself out there what would you have missed? Or is it just meant to be.
Remember The Love???????????
"Absence does for love what the wind does for a flame: it extinguishes the weak, and feeds the strong" That's the Beat of a Heart Sometimes it's hard to don't wanna look over your shoulder 'Cause you don't want to remember where you've been There'll come a time you die, If you could only hold (her,him) 'Cause I know that's where I am So listen with all your heart Hold it inside forever You may find all your dreams have already come true Look inside and find the part that's leading you 'Cause that's the beat of a heart Sometimes you'll drown it out with all your rage and thunder Sometimes you'll drown it out with all your tears There'll come a time when you hear it and you'll wonder "Where in the world have I been?" So list
My First Contest (sexiest Milf) If Your A Hot Momma Get In This.
Coolest Guy Ever is hosting a contest! THIS IS A COMMENT BOMBING CONTEST, SELF BOMBING IS *ENCOURAGED!* And his prizes go like this... 3rd Place... 2nd Place... 1st Place... WANT IN ON THIS??? CLICK BELOW AND CONTACT HIM!!!! Coolest Guy Ever™ ( DeeLicious's CT Husband)GETTIN' FUBAR brought to you by: * bbG * ~ Ti Amo, Bambino! ~GETTIN' FUBAR repost repost repost repost repost repost repost repost Honky Tonk Badonkadonk Ringtone - Trace Adkins Music Video Code
Hows this for a first blog thought i would break the ice somehow so tel me how i did Have a great day plz rate ty
Lets See Who Pays Attention
I bet there are plenty of you on my friends list that don't even read this. How about this, if this is reposted I'll leave you a pic comment. So let's see who will actually re-post this. This is to see who's paying attention. Copy and re-post in your own bulletin. .. Re-post if you are a true cherry tap friend
Billy Ray Cyrus-ready Set Don't Go
Billy Ray Cyrus-Ready Set Don't Go
I Still Havent Found Her
who wants 2 b my ct wife. sen d me a private msg if u want 2 b my baby :) maygen
What It Means dont ever let it go once you make good friends
Just One Moment....
Just one moment.... Even if its just for one moment Embrace me within your Arms When it gets cold, be there to keep me Warm Even if its just for one moment Breathe Life into me Resurrect me, show me there's still Hope for me Even if its just for one moment Touch me, Kiss me, Love me Reignite the Passion within me Just whisper sweet nothings into my Ear Take me away, I don't care Where Even if its just for one moment Make me forget, take this Chance To shower me in a world full of Romance Hold me even when the Sun Sets Take me down memory lane to the fist day we Met Even if its just for one moment Lets take our Friendship to the next Level In this moment allow us to lose Ourselves Even if its just for one moment I'll trade it all, bring me out of this Loneliness Surround me with Happiness, even if its just for One Moment... I Promise You I'll Treasure this Moment... I found this thougt it was beautiful wanted to share
Christmas In July
A Real Man
You know a real man by the way he comes at you. Boy's want one thing, a real man wants all of you heart, mind , soul, and body. A real man treats you with the respect you deserve and in return you treat him with respect. A real man wants to be your friend not just your lover. A real man makes sure you feel like number one. A real man picks you up , when you fall down stands by your side no matter what. In return your a real woman and show him the same respect and love he is showing you.
Looking For Love
I know you are out there, Maybe wishing on a star And dreaming of someone like me- But I dont know who you are. How will your sweet voice sound When you whisper in my ear? How will your arms feel 'round me When you finally pull me near? What color are your eyes, my love, What passion takes control? Do you hurt inside like I do When some memory takes its hold? I want to wake beside you 'Neath a canopy of stars- I know you must be out there, I just dont know who you are.
KARMA... What goes around , comes around. Just wait when someone does you wrong and hurts you, it comes back on them. Same with you, you do wrong you pay. Just be patient what you think is justice for your hurt will come back on the person who hurt you. You don't have to do a damn thing. Just wait patiently. But watch what you do cause , you do wrong its going to come back and bite you in the ass. No one is perfect by no way or means. We can only try to live our lives the best we can. You going to hurt some one unintentionly it happens all the time. Just don't do it on purpose, cause your going to get yours in the end
Spuff- Control
how you ever felt victimized? by anything i.e. life, gas prices, your boss/job anything?... july 6th of 2007 i went into work just like i do every fuckin day for the last 6 years only to be pulled to the side by my boss who promptly told me that i no longer worked there.this came as quite a shock to me even after 6 years of us bumping heads. i asked him why he felt that he had to let me go and in a somewhat simple but yet complex response he went into detail of how the corporation was looking to downsize their employee status and that i would be one that would be "relived" of my position.... and yet three days later i realized that my positin had been given to some fuckin middle eastern non-english speaking has 12 kids and cantafford to sleep at night fuckin towel head. now i am not a racisit or a bigget but i just think that sending american jobs to people overseas just cause they will work for cheaper is a violent and non requisable solution... boy i felt victimized...
Just wondering how many of us as Americans really understand what it is that is happening to our country. Our fore fathers fought for this country so we could be free to choose how we lived and worshiped but as time has gone on we have forgotten all this and now we allow ourseves to told what we can and can not do why is it I have to press one to listen to a message in english shouldn't the message already be in english after all that is the langue of this country if I go to France I have to speak french or just do what I can to comuacate what I need same thing in Mexico have to speak spanish no other country does what we do and I think it's time we stopped letting everyone else decide how and what we should the war in the middleeast we are in we should have just gone and done like we did Japan sorry but it's the way I feel and as for all the illeagle aliens ( if your one and I offended you good take your ass back to Mexico if ya don't like it)we should round them up and ship there ass
Spike - Closer
Yes, I Am A Dick
And... I apologize from the bottom of my beer. I have been officially blocked for the very first time. And all for just a simple smart ass comment. Damn the luck. I am REALLY going to miss the 20 daily emails from Kick Ass Canadian that say "Your friend wanted you to see this.." Blah blah fucking blah. I am not trying to be mean, but FUCK! Pimpin for cherry points is okay, but doing it 24/7 gets kind of fucking old, mkay? She will be missed. In my email inbox. 20 damn times a day. uh yeah. Well, Hey- Love ya anyway, you big ole pain in the butt! I was REALLY a dick last night at the bar, but seriously- Skinheads with pants hanging down like some third rate street hustla? Pull your fucking pants up ya moron! And hey, I'm sorry for yelling at you and all your skinhead tattooed friends. I hope I didnt upset you. ;)
Through The Eyes Of Love
Once I looked into his eyes In the face of wear and tear Past the deepness of his eyes Through the clear, far-reaching stare Beyond laughter touched with tears To the warm inner glow To the strength that few can know To an angel hiding there In the tiny person fair Past toil, past care Peace was waiting there
Spike- Closer
Horoscope For Today
You understand your needs best, especially when it comes to your emotions, no matter what someone else is trying to tell you. The problem is that you're so sympathetic right now you want to believe they're right. yep right on today my emotions are a wreak today
Happy Birthday...
So you would have been 51 today huh? God how time flies. I still wish you were here with me. You could have seen me graduate high school and you probably would have helped me get a license. Knowing it I'd be carting you from bar to bar to party since I'm 21 now. Haha...You'd really have me trashed on the special days. You're in my heart everyday of my life and around my neck. My cross means the world to me. It never comes off. You really helped me this past April at state bowling tournements. I bowled better than anyone on my team and it was my first year so thank you for that :). I miss you so much. You have no idea. My life would be so much better now if you were here physically...Anyway since I'm crying now I'll end this. I love you very, very much. Happy Birthday Auntie. R.I.P. See you again...
Arm Yourself....
But arm yourself against the pain a Wounded Bird can give, and in the end remember this is where you will have to live......
Slowly...i'm Getting There
hey I'm back...still a little slow until I get my cable but thanks to my wonderful friend it is much better than it was. my friend.... she is the shit not only did she help me reconfigure my computer but she but she took time out of her busy life to be here and help me out. much love to you Ms. Julia
Tom Petty-walls (circus)
Some days are diamonds Some days are rocks Some doors are open Some roads are blocked Sundowns are golden Then fade away But if I never do nothing I'll get you back some day Cause you got a heart so big It could crush this town And I can't hold out forever Even walls fall down And all around your island There's a barricade It keeps out the danger It holds in the pain Sometimes you're happy Sometimes you cry Half of me is ocean Half of me is sky But you got a heart so big It could crush this town And I can't hold out forever Even walls fall down And some things are over Some things go on And part of me you carry Part of me is gone But you got a heart so big It could crush this town And I can't hold out forever Even walls fall down Baby you got a heart so big It could crush this town And I can't hold out forever Even walls fall down They fall down ---------------------
Mumming Tard Continued...
->biangelmus...: OMFGZ yeah biangelmus...: OMG YOUR WIERD ->biangelmus...: Thank you biangelmus...: YOUR FUCKED UP GO TO HELL ->biangelmus...: No way. Which is my point. I'm a cruel insensitive bitch and if you don't like my comments oh well. I know what its like to loose someone to suicide however life goes on biangelmus...: in what way ->biangelmus...: and either way it wouldnt effect my day any biangelmus...: so please forgive me for being rude i just thought i had to say that because i was bothered by that comment biangelmus...: im not mad i was just a little bothered when i saw that ->biangelmus...: I know and each one gets responded to accordingly biangelmus...: oooo im sorry biangelmus...: im not the only fuckin person who posts stupid fuckin mumms all the time thank you
Mumming Tard Continued...
->biangelmus...: OMFGZ yeah biangelmus...: OMG YOUR WIERD ->biangelmus...: Thank you biangelmus...: YOUR FUCKED UP GO TO HELL ->biangelmus...: No way. Which is my point. I'm a cruel insensitive bitch and if you don't like my comments oh well. I know what its like to loose someone to suicide however life goes on biangelmus...: in what way ->biangelmus...: and either way it wouldnt effect my day any biangelmus...: so please forgive me for being rude i just thought i had to say that because i was bothered by that comment biangelmus...: im not mad i was just a little bothered when i saw that ->biangelmus...: I know and each one gets responded to accordingly biangelmus...: oooo im sorry biangelmus...: im not the only fuckin person who posts stupid fuckin mumms all the time thank you
Lexie's B-day Party
My niece turned 7 on Wed and we're having her party this afternoon..........OMG everyone pray for me!!! She invited her entire cheerleading squad plus her other friends, then there is the rest of my nieces....There is going to be like 50 kids at a skating party!!! Let's hope that Icome back normal...LOL Love my girls, but 50?? I will let yall' know how I survive... XOXOXO Hugs n Luvs!!! Sarah (Sarbear)
The Retarded
it cracks me up with people have private pics but have them labled don't even ask its like if you don't want people too ask take them down
Mumming Joys
Fucktard from the mumms has contacted me: biangelmus...: so please forgive me for being rude i just thought i had to say that because i was bothered by that comment biangelmus...: im not mad i was just a little bothered when i saw that ->biangelmus...: I know and each one gets responded to accordingly biangelmus...: oooo im sorry biangelmus...: im not the only fuckin person who posts stupid fuckin mumms all the time thank you ->biangelmus...: My best friend killed himself 3 days after my birthday biangelmus...: well i dont think it was cool because my dad killed himself and i dont like it ->biangelmus...: I dont remember which yours was I've since viewed about 15 and left happy little comments ->biangelmus...: or repeatitive... ->biangelmus...: well I make the kill yourself comment in just about every mumm I view especially when they're pointless. biangelmus...: were you makin that comment to me? ->biangelmus...: I know ->Dj Tripp~M...: thanks biangelmus...: your really
since i cant post a mumm i guess this will have 2 do 4 now...kk 1st of all im not n jail so that gettin new car this weekend...i got job interview next wk & im suppose 2 go look @ new house next wk 2 so.....who thinks they're man enough 2 handle me? real men only need 2 apply tyvm :)
Her Nightmare....
She lay there in her bed trying to go to sleep. Thoughts of someone who was far away running through her mind when she felt the bed move. He had come to her. She knew what this meant. He wanted to be pleased. She lay there motionless praying to herself that he would not do it thinking she was asleep. She felt him touch her and her skin crawled for she knew there was no way out. She moved and shrugged off his touch and uttered "No". He dominated her and took what he had wanted. She laid there as if she were a doll. Never making a sound. Never flinching and hardly breathing. She had pushed him away to tell him no just as many times as the word had left her mouth. When that did not work she played dead thinking he would loose interest if she didn't respond to him. He overpowered her and began to take her body for his own. At first he was on top of her thrusting deep and hard into her. She felt him start to throb and thought "Dear God please make it be over." He stopped and pulled out of h
Yeah I Know Its Point Whoring
But I would really like to get to level 21. I need 222,876 points. Voting on mumms isnt an option for me, I stopped doing that when I was no longer allowed to post mumms I could get points for. Besides, I dont think I want to mumm anymore. Too much drama. SO please help me get points. (I was gonna bulletin this, but what with all the "bomb squad" bulletins it would get lost fast.) Oh and morning!
Support Education
“Education” “Our children NEED their Education” A fact the government has managed to overlook in their conquest to save another country from failure. According to The Washington Post: In Iraq, so far, the education fund for “our” children has paid for more than 3138 renovated and newly constructed schools and educated more than 33000 men and women to teach in them, while closing over 2100 schools and laying off more than 13000 teachers and administrative staff nationwide. Enrollment in American schools has decreased by more than 35.000 students since August 2006. Detroit alone has lost more than 9300 students. This is a nationwide decrease of more than twenty percent. If that’s not enough, our government has also found it necessary to eliminate or decrease funding by half for extra curricular activities, such as football, baseball, and cheerleading and activities dedicated to our elderly, such as arts and crafts and ceramics, and quilting. Why is the government taking t
OUTHOUSE CONFESSION Once there was a little boy who lived in the country. For bathroom facilities, they had to use an outhouse. The little boy hated it because it was hot in the summer, cold in the winter and stank all the time. The outhouse was sitting on the bank of a creek and the boy determined that one day he would push that outhouse into the water. One day after a spring rain, the creek was swollen so the little boy decided today was the day to push the outhouse into the creek. So he got a large stick and pushed. Finally, the outhouse toppled into the creek and floated away. That evening his dad sternly told him to sit down. Knowing he was in trouble, the little boy asked why. The dad replied, "Someone pushed the outhouse into the creek today. It was you, wasn't it, son?" The boy answered yes. Then he thought a moment and said, "Dad, I read in school today that George Washington chopped down a cherry tree and didn't get into trouble because he told the truth." The dad repl
55,000 For 30 Day Blast!
No time limit on this one. My friend from North Carolina needs help hitting her goal. Help out, my friends!!
Just My Feelings But...
if your with someone you should stick with them despite what anyone else says. thats jsut my fucking belief take it leave it sit on it i dont care jsut puttin my thoughts out for the asses...oops sorry masses.
Race To 7000
Have a friend in a race to 7000. Go show her some help and love!!
This Was Great...
Following is a Shoutbox talk i had with a bouncer, after one of my comments was flagged. ->Psychowolf...: im sorry about that...i usually just make rounds of the nsfw ones....lmao....but that picture was Ill make sure to look closer next time ♨ MolyMascot ☺: see it doesn't say nsfw ♨ MolyMascot ☺: it was this mumm http:... ♨ MolyMascot ☺: the one where you posted the nude person wasn't a nsfw mumm ->Psychowolf...: it in a normal mumm? ->Psychowolf...: almost seems as if...or if were unable to post adult images, in a mumm thats marked nsfw...defeats teh purpose of having it flagged, as such ♨ MolyMascot ☺: that's NOT allowed ♨ MolyMascot ☺: the thing is, i sent you that message because you posted a naked transvesti jerking off in a normal mumm ->Psychowolf...: i DID think, since a MUMM that was marked as nsfw, because of teh content it may contain, such as contorversial viewp
Have A Great Saturday Cherrytap Friends And Family
good morning sweet
Quote For July 14
Do not yield to misfortunes, but advance more boldly to meet them, as your fortune permits you. -- Virgil Bonus Quote: Have you ever had that feeling that this is the best I'm ever gonna do, this is the best I'm ever gonna feel... and it ain't that great? -- Mitch Robbins, City Slickers This public service is brought to you daily by CT's Yoda©, speak to you I will!
Laugh For July 14
The 5 questions most feared by men are: What are you thinking about? Do you love me? Do I look fat? Do you think she is prettier than me? What would you do if I died? What makes these questions so difficult is that every one is guaranteed to explode into a major argument if the man answers incorrectly(i.e., tells the truth). As a public service, each question is analyzed below, along with possible Responses. Question # 1: What are you thinking about? The proper answer to this, of course, is: "I'm sorry if I've been pensive, dear. I was just reflecting on what a warm, wonderful, thoughtful, caring, intelligent woman you are, and how lucky I am to have met you." This response obviously bears no resemblance to the true answer,which most likely is one of the following: a...Baseball. b...Football. c...How fat you are. d...How much prettier she is than you. e...How I would spend the insurance money if you died. Perhaps the best response to this question was offered by Al
I haven't talked to my best friend in a few days and it suck. We usually talk everyday about our fucked up situations. So we pretty much keep each other sane. But yeah she is having a rough time and I said the wrong thing and she hasn't talked to me in a few days. This girl is awesome and I wouldn't want to lose her friendship over me saying something stupid or the wrong thing rather. So yeah if you read this blog come talk to me.
10:20 AM - got tha shiyitt. i build this paragon of limbs...watching them burn makes me a better person to know that i can start these fires and leave them lit. and tend them as i see necessary. and all along the way, to home, to work, to life...i fall flat on my face, drunk and stupid, wondering what i had done, exactly, to warrent such frustration. yay, a new place...yay, a new place i can't afford. people i can't ever get close to...that always make you feel ashamed for trying. people that you are close to and love, but are too far away to do anything with. when you feel like you've never got time for them, and they never have time for you...always crossing the wrong paths. the way you look back @ your "mistakes" or your chosen path, then look ahead @ theirs...watchigng them live a life, and get on in ways...all without you. looking back down your path, and seeing that it goes far and long...but without someone to share it all with. a single rut, walked a
Some People Ugh
I am sitting here trying to figure out why most guys on here can't start a normal conversation. Why do they message me with stupid fucking questions??? If you can't strike up a normal conversation with me then FUCK OFF AND LEAVE ME ALONE Here is something that was said to me in my shoutbox. Read from bottom to top. I swear some guys on here just piss me off. P.S I love the new shoutbox option lol
Minirace And Exes
It's pretty hard to begin... Oh well... Today is the 14th of July, and I'm on vacation with dad in granny's house... Today me and dad went to minirace with sum people from his Ford Capri fanclub... It was really fun, but when we were drivving alone, I came in on 8th place out of 8... When we played on teams on two, me and Søren came on the 2nd place, so it was okay after all... It was the first time I ever tried anything like that, and the adrenaline rush is so great... Anyway.... For a couple of weeks ago my ex contacted me and started yelling at me for some reason... I don't like him, I shouldnt have been with him at the first place, since he is a manhumanistic psycho who doesnt feel anything at all except anger and despise... At least he ain't gonna attack me again, because I agreed with his mother that they should sell his computer, and he doesn't know my adress and don't remember where I live... I'm glad and feel lucky that I only have a few exes to yell at me... It's not m
Learn How To Buy Somong's Song's And Ringtones
WRITE BACK Hey whats up it's me,So or Somong! And I was wondering on your spare time if you would be so kind, come by, and help me pick my first single. It's simple just click on the pic below and vote by leaving a comment of what you think in your own opinion I got a nice response going and trust me it all helps so, so much ;) !!!! Thank you in advance and sorry if this email seems rude. Again thanks for the time and have a great day/night.... Hey!, if clicking the pic doesn't work just go to my blog section and you can still help me out thanks again. Free ringtones only for a limited amount of time so hurry up and get them while they are FREE lol's Once again this is saying "thank you" to all of your support this is more than Music ya'll, it's my escape. 2book So feel free to call Ricky # 407.782.2771
Dating Can Be Difficult
Well I actually met someone from here. We had developed a friendship on here first. It was a very comfortable meeting because of that. However even though we both seemed to like each other well enough, turned out to be an all or nothing kinda thing. So every one concerned had to get all weird. To bad, cause we were really pretty damn compatible and if taken step by step could have developed into something great.
Partying For A Living
Hey you sext Divas out there!! I work for a sexy adult toy company and I would love to have some consultants all over the nation- visit my website for more information... this is a life you can enjoy AND get paid for!!! you can contact me at for more info!!! Looking forward to hearing from you soon!!
Part 3
Red Neck Chick!
Drinking with a Redneck Girl A Mexican, an Iraqi, and a redneck girl are in the same bar. When the Mexican finishes his beer, he throws his glass in the air, pulls out his pistol, and shoots the glass to pieces. He says, "In Mexico our glasses are so cheap we don't need to drink with the Same one twice." The Iraqi, obviously impressed by this, drinks his beer, throws into the air, pulls out his AK-47, and shoots the glass to pieces. He says, "In Iraq we have so much sand to make glasses that we don't need to drink with the same one twice either." The redneck girl, cool as a cucumber, picks up her beer, downs it in one gulp, throws the glass into the air, whips out her .45, and shoots the Mexican and the Iraqi. Catching her glass, setting it on the bar, and calling for a refill, she says, "In America we have so many illegal Mex
Part Two
Part One
Need A Sexy, Yummy Ct Wife
Oh Please...give Me Break !!!!!!!!!!
get an e-mail like this From: wahidi a To: MyLyndaJoy Date:Jul 10, 2007 4:55 pm Subject:i die in front for u beauty mylyndajoy plz answer me now My beautiful, you are my treasure, I love only you, Your love is invaluable like gold, I think unceasingly of you. Everywhere or I am, You are present in my spirit, And all the things which I test, are only for you my darling. My love for you is so large, That the words are not enough, a love if envo?t, That even "I love you" appears quite flat. I love you with the madness, As I ever loved anybody, I love you for the life, And my love, I give it to you. I love you and I will always love you, I am nutcase of you, You are my more beautiful love, I cannot do more without you. If one had suddenly separated us, Jamais I would not go back from there, It makes so good being with your dimensioned, That nothing any more seems bad. You are my joy in life, My only and single happiness, Your love enivre, And makes me caps
I am def. not a man who has tons of money! I guess I like to have fun! You arent going to use it when your dead so may as well have fun with the money you make right! But what I do know is I am rich in friends! I love meeting new people and actually getting to know them! I guess if i had to choose either to be hated and rich! Or poor and have people that love and respect me as friends! well not a real hard choice there! I love my friends! new and old! If you are my friend and actually make an attempt to talk to me and wanna get to know me I will give you my heart and trust! And will never turn my back on you in a time of need! I will do as much for you as I can! And enjoy doing it! Well most of the time! Unless your my buddy Jesse and aaron! who call me to go out for lunch and drinks at night in Ill and it turns out I am moving them into a new place! Damn a-holes! haha! but gotta give them credit for the trick! haha! But anyways! As long as my friends are happy I am happy! I dont like
This Is How I Feel Right Now
Running out of ways to run I can't see, I can't be Over and over and under my skin All this attention is DOING ME IN! FUCK IT ALL! FUCK THIS WORLD! FUCK EVERYTHING THAT YOU STAND FOR! DON'T BELONG! DON'T EXIST! DON'T GIVE ME A SHIT! DON'T EVER JUDGE ME! Picking through the parts exposed Taking shape, taking shag Over and over and under my skin All this momentum is DOING ME IN! FUCK IT ALL! FUCK THIS WORLD! FUCK EVERYTHING THAT YOU STAND FOR! DON'T BELONG! DON'T EXIST! DON'T GIVE A SHIT! DON'T EVER JUDGE ME! You got all my love, livin' in your own hate Drippin' hole man, hard step, no fate Show you nuthin', but I ain't holdin' back Every damn word I say is a sneak attack When I get my hands on you Ain't a fuck thing you can do Get this cuz you're never gonna get me I am the very disease you pretend to be I am the push that makes you move
Getting 2 Close Then Pulling Away!
Tonight's Shift~
I will be working from 12-9pm tonight, for those of you who may be looking for me. I should be on after 10pm........So all you night owls, meet me online!!!
The G Spot
Hi, Carmen, I wanted to share with you a good way to hit the G-Spot. The man lies on his back. The woman climbs on top and puts one knee on each side of the man and lifts her butt up giving the man room to move. The man then thrusts upward into her. She'll know he's hitting the right spot when the orgasms keep coming! Carmen, If a woman's partner wants to find the G-spot, and have some fun during the search, try the Bowling Ball. Hold your domi- nant hand (right for most people) palm up and curl your thumb and middle two fingers like you were holding a bowling ball. Keep the index and pinkie fingers straight. Curve the middle finger slightly more than the ring finger. Now, thumb goes on the clit, middle two fingers go in the vagina, and outer two fingers (index and pinkie) massage the labia majora and/or perineum. Rock your hand back and forth. If you're doing it right, your thumb will be massaging her clit on
The Weekend
So I know that not everyone reads these and thats probably a good thing. I prefer that only the people serious about being my friends read these anyway. Soooo onward: For those who dont know I am seperated from my husband of 28 years and working on getting a divorce and freedom. There has been so much crap in this marriage. A lot of mental abuse that I wasnt even aware of until I went into counselling for all the depression and other problems I was having. Long story. Now it is a constant battle of wills with hin and trying to learn to recognize when he is saying things just to hurt me. He is sooooo good at it. And I still fall for it every time. It is really hard to become a stronger person. But I think Im doing ok. It just takes time. I'll get there. Hmmmm Curious now?
Cause I'm Bored
Jackii Not Fit for Society Passable Highly Dangerous Extremely Insane Click Here to Find Out YOUR Psychiatric
Dr Is Now In
Psychiatric Evaluation
James Passable Highly Dangerous Extremely Insane Highly Dangerous Click Here to Find Out YOUR Psychiatric
Morph Contest!!! By Buster
Hello Cherry Tappers, I want to host another contest. This is open for gals and guys... Morph Contest with a twist... you must use 3 or 4 pics to make your morph like the one below... will start on Monday July 16th at noon, run thru to Monday July 30th at noon... Rating goes by total number, not percentage. 1 is the same as a 10. Anyone down rating contest pics will be blocked.... Comment bombing is allowed, you can even comment bomb your own pic... Comments are part of the total score so bomb them all you want. Example: If comments = 1000 and rates = 150 then your total score equals 1150. So if you or are interested in entering the contest, please contact me via private message. Please send me a link to the pic you want used or a link to the page and I'll rip the pic... If there are enough contestants there will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards. Would love to give a Mansion to the first place winner... but i have to have a good turn out to do so...
Well its another bitch session! haha! What i dont get is people and their driving today! I mean come on! Who the hell drives 45 in a 65 in the fast lane! I mean come on now people! What the hell are you thinking! then when you wanna get around them they change lanes too! God that pisses me off! Then this one really gets me going! If you see an fire truck or ambulance coming with the lights and siren arent you suppose to pull to your RIGHT! not left or just slam on your breaks! or go into oncoming traffic! I mean like the other day I was driving the engine and the stupid a-hole ON HIS CELL PHONE! saw us coming with lights and sirens and he just keeps driving he looked twice in his rearview mirror and just keeped going in front of us! then he finally relized what the hell was going on! he slams on his breaks! Nothing like getting a 25ton fie engine in your ass! What the hell people! Pay attention to your driving! Then you wonder why there are so many accidents and people getting hit by c
Well I Was There...
well i went to the hospital yesterday for my surgery and was there for 8 hours i was prep for it and ever is a long story but they postponed for the 27th that will be in two more weeks. so as of now i still have cancer. i want to thank everone for there love and support and prayers. love you all!!!!
F*ck This!
Still banned from the Mumms, all I did was post one about stupid comments in the Mumms, and someone must have put in a NSFW comment or flagged it or something, and now I am SOL :(
A Woman's Poem
A Woman's Poem He didn't like the casserole And he didn't like my cake. He said my biscuits were too hard... Not like his mother used to make. I didn't perk the coffee right He didn't like the stew, I didn't mend his socks The way his mother used to do. I pondered for an answer I was looking for a clue. Then I turned around and smacked the shit out of him... Like his mama used to do. AMEN! from Kathleen
Good Enough For You!
> *Dear Wife:* > > *I'm writing you this letter to tell you that I'm leaving you >forever. I've been a good **man to you for seven years and I have >nothing to show for it. These last two weeks have been hell. Your boss >called to tell me that you quit your job today and that was the last >straw.* > > *Last week, you came home and didn't even notice that I had a >new haircut, had cooked your favorite meal and even wore a brand new >pair of silk boxers. You ate in two minutes, and went straight to sleep >after watching all of your soaps. You don't tell me you love me anymore; >you > don't want sex or anything that connects us as husband and >wife. Either you're cheating on me or you don't love me anymore; >whatever the case, I'm gone.* > *Your EX-Husband* > *P.S. Don't try to find me. Your SISTER and I are moving away >to West Virginia together! Have a gre
If You Get Bored
If you get bored and want to help a friend out, I am in yet another contest I probably won't win. Here is the picture link. Click on the picture... I was actually helping bomb a picture in the same contest. I saw a friend post a bulletin asking for help and I just went and helped, only to later realize OH MY this is the same contest I am in. LOL. Figures. Any help would be appreciated.
Check It
Hey ya'll. Hope this finds ya all up an happy. If not I bet some good clean FREE porn will make ya happy. There is this kewl new site out there I think ya'll should take a gander at. It is called Xpeeps. We been there for a while now. An it is MUCH MUCH fun. An all the naked woman an men as far as the eyes can see. Come check itout. I am sure you wont be dissapointed with all this eye candy. This is the link.... See ya there..... M&R
One Flaw...
One Flaw... Women have strengths that amaze men. They bear hardships and they carry burdens, but they hold happiness, love and joy. They smile when they want to scream. They sing when they want to cry They cry when they are happy and laugh when they are nervous. They fight for what they believe in. They stand up to injustice. They don't take "no" for an answer when they believe there is a better solution They go without so their family can have. They go to the doctor with a frightened friend. They love unconditionally. They cry when their children excel and cheer when their friends get awards. They are happy when they hear about a birth or a wedding. Their hearts break when a friend dies. They grieve at the loss of a family member, yet they are strong when they think there is no strength left. They know that a hug and a kiss can heal a broken heart. Women come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They'll drive, fly, walk, run or e-mail you to show h
Myspace If You've Got Kids Read This
EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ ALL OF THIS and HAVE CHILDREN READ IT TOO! After tossing her books on the sofa, she decided to grab a snack and get on-line. She logged on under her screen name ByAngel213. She checked her Buddy List and saw GoTo123 was on. She sent him an instant message: ByAngel213: Hi. I'm glad you are on! I thought someone was following me home today. It was really weird! GoTo123: LOL You watch too much TV. Why would someone be following you? Don't you live in a safe neighborhood? ByAngel213: Of course I do. LOL I guess it was my imagination cuz' I didn't see anybody when I looked out. GoTo123: Unless you gave your name out on-line. You haven't done that have you? ByAngel213: Of course not. I'm not stupid you know. GoTo123: Did you have a softball game after school today? ByAngel213: Yes and we won!! GoTo123: That's great! Who did you play? ByAngel213: We played the Hornets. LOL. Their uniforms are so gross! They look like bees. LOL
You know i dont get things now a days! I try to be a nice guy and have fun and treat others the way i want to be treated! and all i do is get shitted on! Like the lastest is the ex! I did so much for her and her two kids! I tried to show her as much love and respect and make her feel like a queen! I bought her flowers all the time! She has never gotten flowers from anyone execpt her mom! Shes 26 y/o! And no man has ever bought her flowers! WTF! Then i always opened the door and make herwalk away from traffic the way my old man brought me up to do! and be respectable! And what do I get in return? Someone who gets hammered all the time then argues with me, cant hold onto a job! Shes a fucking shot girl! I mean come on! whos is 26 and is a shot girl with two kids and lives with her mom! She thinks everything should be handed to her on a silver platter! then she has the nerve to say I never appreciated her! I gave her the world! and always wanted to know her opinion! Always kept her in my
Interview Part 1.a
As I am about to get into my Jeep, I see your reflection. You turn me around and back me against the truck. I am still only in my heels and coat, completely naked underneath. You push against me and say "I've decided I'm not done with you yet. I need more now. You must still come to me tonight but you must also give me what I want now. That's your job." I look at you and respond "We are out in the open, in the parking lot...." Before I could finish you state "As I told you before in my office, you are to do as your told when you're told." You reach thru the front of my coat and slide your fingers across my pussy, playing with my lit as you go. You look at the truck... "Unlock the back." I do and you lead me to the back of the Jeep. You open the back door and bend me foward into the Jeep, still standing. You move my coat off to the side and start to play with my pussy again. I gasp as you shove 2 fingers in fast and hard. I can hear you unzip your pants. You take your co
On Vacation...
Next week I will be gone for 3-5 days for vacation. I will miss you all while I am gone. I hope you all have a great week and hope to chat with you all when I get back. Take care everyone!!!! looking forward reading my comments when I return.... xoxoxo Donna
Wanting Some Attention
Looking for some female attention, any other girls out there wanting the same?
Just One Moment....
Even if its just for one moment Embrace me within your Arms When it gets cold, be there to keep me Warm Even if its just for one moment Breathe Life into me Resurrect me, show me there's still Hope for me Even if its just for one moment Touch me, Kiss me, Love me Reignite the Passion within me Just whisper sweet nothings into my Ear Take me away, I don't care Where Even if its just for one moment Make me forget, take this Chance To shower me in a world full of Romance Hold me even when the Sun Sets Take me down memory lane to the fist day we Met Even if its just for one moment Lets take our Friendship to the next Level In this moment allow us to lose Ourselves Even if its just for one moment I'll trade it all, bring me out of this Loneliness Surround me with Happiness, even if its just for One Moment... I Promise You I'll Treasure this Moment...
World Peace!
> Three guys -- a Canadian farmer, Osama bin Laden, > and an American engineer are walking together one day. They come >across >a lantern and a Genie pops out of it. > > "I will give each of you one wish, which is three > wishes total" says the Genie. > > The Canadian says, "I am a farmer, my dad was a > farmer, and my son will also farm. I want the land to be forever >fertile >in Canada ." > > Pooooof! With a blink of the Genie's eye, the land > in Canada was forever made fertile for farming. > > Osama bin Laden was amazed, so he said, "I want an > impenetrable wall around Afghanistan , Iraq and Iran with all believers >of Mohammad inside and all Jews, Americans, and other infidels forever >outside our precious state. > > "Pooooof! Again, with the blink of the Genie's eye, > there was a huge wall around those countries. > > The American engineer asks, "I am very curious. > Please tell me more about this wall". > > The Genie explains , "Well, it's 5000 fe
Today On Wrr
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You Wanna See?
Ive been thinking of posting some nsfw pic but it might get me in trouble with my superiors. If you wanna see an American soldier's cock let me know here. If I get a big enough response I will go ahead and do it.
Yet Another One...
Since I seem to keep getting morons in my shoutbox, I decided to make a whole new blog just for them, lol. Here's the latest... Just remember to read from the bottom up... ->sweetcandy...: the proof is in the shoutbox...i woke up to a message from you...pretty pathetic you can run your mouth but can't take someone who speaks her mind back sweetcandy...: wutevver ->sweetcandy...: you started talking to me what i said.... ->sweetcandy...: AND you still haven't answered "WHAT SUPPOSED MEN?" sweetcandy...: huny you said alittle more than that so need to give advice not critize someone for there past actions it was just a comment so now you get over it and now stop houting out to me ->sweetcandy...: in case you hadn't noticed, this is NOT real life... ->sweetcandy...: ya know, the only thing i saw was a mumm you'd posted yesterday....and i'm pretty sure the ONLY thing i said to it was "yes".....AND, this is the INTERNET, grow up and get over
Good Morning
First I want to wish everyone a beautiful day and lots of love:) Life is simply good now days and I am just so happy right now on cloud 9 hehe(lix to darkone).Secondly I want to thank those who gave me 2 votes on my blog last night but Im still debating because honestly this person isnt really worth anymore because the attention that would come from it would be well unbareable (lol note to mark now did I say it was 185 no in fact well never mind we won't go there lol because well he's off in his own little world right now lol. However the person I am speaking of I know is reading my blogs and just know this you have exactly till Monday morning to come clean I don't need the truth because I already know it but you need to stop the bullshit you will stop your games with the the others and leave them alone if not if i dont see any thing out of you or dont hear anything from you what I do next won't be very nice so you decide.
Just Thoughts
just thoughts I lay here in bed listening to myself breath and think stranger. Maybe it's because i was always in tuned to hear the one i loved when i slepted with them. i know not what lays before me and if the future offers me comfort . But i will sleep and listen to myself . Myself being this stranger
Another Sad Downrater...
Bec@ CherryTAP This person took it upon themselves to rate my Trigun default pic a '1'.... They must not be anime fans....
Im Listening
im listening I walk through darkness seeking it's comfort. It embraces me while wispering it's saftey, sheilding me from footsteps around me. Im asked not to hide but to go forward with comfidence on a path i do not know.How far im to walk i have not been told. My desires go unknown to me, Im not to ask. Im to learn with each step. Doubt fills me, confuses me. Yet darkness holds me in her arms and i feel safe. i wish to cry out and ask why? But i fear an answer, worse i'll hear nothing knowing im still standing here alone. Please answer me, Are you my friend or are you my prison keeping me hiddon away from where im to go? Im scared for i know not my path and yet you wisper me to go forward
Wife From Hell!!!
WIFE FROM HELL!!! >> A police officer pulls over a speeding car. The officer says, I clocked you at 80 miles per hour, sir." The driver says, "Gee, officer I had it on cruise control at 60, perhaps your radar gun needs calibrating." >> Not looking up from her knitting the wife says: "Now don't be silly dear, you know that this car doesn't have cruise control." >> As the officer writes out the ticket, the driver looks over at his wife and growls, "Can't you please keep your mouth shut for once?" The wife smiles demurely and says, "You should be thankful your radar detector went off when it did." >> As the officer makes out the second ticket for the illegal radar detector unit, the man glowers at his wife and says through clenched teeth, "Darn it, woman, can't you keep your mouth shut?" >> The officer frowns and says, "And I notice that you're not wearing your seat belt, sir. That's an automatic $75 fine." The driver says, "Yeah, well, you see officer, I had it on, but to
Men = Dolce and Gabanna sunglasses Have you ever noticed women tend to say "I want to find someone that completes me?" I wonder if they realize when they say that they are not whole?That something within them is missing and they are searching for a man to complete that part of them. it could only be a temporary fix and it will feel good for a while but pieces will tend to break and that part of you will start to expose again until you really trust in God to complete you. become your own person, make sure you are happy with you. make sure you LOVE you! all insecurities are being worked through..... Im extremely guilty for turning to man to help make me whole and not turning to GOD. Im 24 years old, and 8 years after i met my husband and knew he "completed" me God exposed the piece of me i tried to fill with my husband. I never worked through my insecurities, i never allowed myself to become who i was ment to be. i never became my own person with out him. We are no longer tog
Myspace Quiz - Test your zodiac sign qualities - Scorpio
Cherrys Contest Important!!!
Come On Over People, And Help Me
New Medications..!!!!!
NEW MEDICATIONS..!!!!!!! Advances in science have lead to new medicines that make the lives of women around the world a little better... Damitol Take 2 and the rest of the world can go to hell for up to 8 hours. St. Mom's Wort Plant extract that treats mom's depression by rendering preschoolers unconscious for up to six hours. Empty Nestrogen Highly effective suppository that eliminates melancholy by enhancing the memory of how awful they were as teenagers and how you couldn't wait till they moved out. Peptobimbo Liquid silicone for single women. Two full cups swallowed before an evening out increases breast size, decreases intelligence, and improves flirting. Dumerol When taken with Peptobimbo, can cause dangerously low I.Q. causing enjoyment of country western music. Flipitor Increases life expectancy of commuters by controlling road rage and the urge to flip off other drivers. Antiboyotics When administered to teenage girls, is highly effective in im
This Sickens Me
Okay everything is going along welland good then suddonly wham someone ahs to go and be childish and start drama. what happens i get bent over and screwed. Im kinda sick of this so to whoever did this, how dare you. If someone wasnt interested in you in teh first place, deal with it. Obviously, they werent interested so sod off.
Its A Boy
Well Nanny's Lil Prince is finally here, my little Jordan born 8.30pm Australian time 14th July WOOHOOO wtg born on our 1st Birthday Hotrocks Rockavesary Im just Over the moon right now, Tho no one is home to celebrate with me. Today would of been Jordans's Grandad and my 23rd wedding anniversary if we were still married...sadly we not. And i havnt had a reason to celebrate this day in 3 years. But my Little Prince/ Grandson being born tonite made this day ever so special coming on a date that was special once to his grandfather and WELCOME my lil prince and HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOTROCKS a 1st birthday I will never forget ... and TY Turbo for the Birth Announcment on Air... YOU ALL ROCK LOVE KITTY xxxxxxxxxxxx
LatinoTags.Com - Graphics Caliente!
First Touch
The time you were away flew by quickly. We were both anticipating when you would return to the states, when we could finally get to see each other. I know that you have seen pictures of me but I want to make sure that you are pleased when we meet. I pick out something pretty basic to wear but it's comfortable and looks good. I have put on my jean skirt, it goes right to the knees. My shirt is a simple button up blouse, green, have on a necklace that falls across my collar bone with a pendant in the middle. Since I have on the skirt, I've decided to wear my boots that go half way up my calf. My hair is down, dried it straight like in the pictures that I have sent you. Made sure not to forget to freshen my body spray, want you to think of me anytime you smell that scent. It's still kind of cool out so I have on my long dark grey coat. Watching the clock, I know that you will be arriving soon so I head to the airport. Anxiously waiting for your flight to arrive, I find myself p
How Do U Compare
You stay up for 16 hours He stays up for days on end. ____________________________________________________ You take a warm shower to help you wake up. He goes days or weeks without running water. ____________________________________________________ You complain of a "headache", and call in sick. He gets shot at as others are hit, and keeps moving forward. ____________________________________________________ You put on your anti war/don't support the troops shirt, and go meet up with your friends. He still fights for your right to wear that shirt. ____________________________________________________ You make sure you're cell phone is in your pocket. He clutches the cross hanging on his chain next to his dog tags. ____________________________________________________ You talk trash about your "buddies" that aren't with you. He knows he may not see some of his buddies again. ____________________________________________________ You walk down the bea
Blonde Cowboy!
The Sheriff in a small town walks out in the street and sees a blonde cowboy coming down the walk with nothing on but his cowboy hat, gun, and his boots, so he arrests him for indecent exposure. As he is locking him up, he asks "Why in the world are you dressed like this?" The Cowboy says, "Well it's like this Sheriff .. I was in the bar down the road and this pretty little red head asks me to go out to her motor home with her... so I did." "We go inside and she pulls off her top and asks me to pull off my shirt ... so I did." "Then she pulls off her skirt and asks me to pull off my pants .... so I did." "Then she pulls off her panties and asks me to pull off my shorts ... so I did." "Then she gets on the bed and looks at me kind of sexy and says, "Now go to town, cowboy...." "And here I am."
Saturday 7/14/07
Not much going on today, but my brother gets to come home today after being in the hospital for a month because of a jet ski accident last month. Anyway, other than visiting with him I'll most likely just be doing the same old thing, listening to music and chatting whenever anyone decides to come online lol. I have a feeling it won't be boring here too long because I think most of my brothers friends will probably be "moving in" for awhile lol, but that's cool because I think it will lift J.C.'s spirits to have his friends around while he continues to heal and get better. Not sure when he'll have to go back for more rehab, but at least it'll only be for a week or two most likely. Well, not much to report yet today, so I'm going to end this here and write more later today or tomorrow. Have a good day all.
Helpful Hints
HELPFUL HINTS 1. If you are choking on an ice cube simply pour a cup of boiling water down your throat. Presto! The blockage will instantly remove itself. 2. Avoid cutting yourself slicing vegetables by getting someone else to hold while you chop. 3. Avoid arguments with the Mrs. about lifting the toilet seat by using the sink. 4. For high blood pressure sufferers: simply cut yourself and bleed for a few minutes, thus reducing the pressure in your veins. Remember to use a timer. 5 A mouse trap, placed on top of your alarm clock, will prevent you from rolling over and going back to sleep after you hit the snooze button. 6. If you have a bad cough, take a large dose of laxatives, then you will be afraid to cough. 7. You only need two tools in life - WD-40 and Duct Tape. If it doesn't move and should, use the WD-40. If it shouldn't move and does, use the duct tape. 8. Remember: Everyone seems norma
Spuffy- Bye Bye Bye
Random Thoughts
Ahhhhh Ok so it's been almost 3 years since Evanescance was here, so I'm due for another fix. Val, Amanda & I had pit tickets last time, but i think i'll have just as fun with Ryan and friends, this go around. KiKKi, we miss you ur soul will live on(val have you anything to say about this). But back to my band, hey i love the music and i love concerts it's ok that Amy Lee's voice is computer generated maybe they gave her singing lessons. But i don't care b/c i love the music. Well till then folks, Oh remind me to tell of you about Beer Collage.
Cherry Tap "whore Me People"
I'm here to meet people (which I have). But these are people of substance....Not Barbie dolls that are just here to elevate already overblown egos. If your name or fist line of your "about me" section in any way refers to the idea of "If you want to get to know me better...Fan or rate me first"... then I guess you can just fuck right off. Give me a fuckin break! Do you really think that people out here exhist just to elevate your popularity or status?!? Who the fuck are you to be so self centered?!? Have you invented a cure for cancer or the longer lasting light bulb?!? No...chances are you're some trailer park stripper named Ralphetta that happened to fuck a guy into buying you some implants and now you need your ego stroked to make up for what your drunken uncle Lester did when you were thirteen. All I'm saying is, if you can't take the time to be real with me...why would I EVER waste a second on you? In summary...I don't want to see your tits...they're as fake and fu
i'm bored waiting on my aunt to arrive. Lots of big plans going on today. Hitting up the sunflower farm then going to the Fete de Chaumette. It's going to be held at local winery. I think this year should be fun b/c they have geared it toward childern. So the whole family element is always fun. Soooooo now i just have to wait for Drian & Annie to get here.
Lost in a dream Nothing is what it seems Searching my head For the words that you said Tears filled my eyes As we said our last goodbyes The sad scene replays Of you walking away My body aches from mistakes Betrayed by lust We lied to each other so much That in nothing we trust Time and again She repeats lets be friends I smile and say yes Another truth bends, I must confess I try to let go, but I know Well never end til were dust We lied to each other again But I wish I could trust My body aches from mustakes Betrayed by lust We lied to each other so much That in nothing we trust God help me please, on my knees Betrayed by lust We lied to each other so much Now theres nothing we trust How could this be happening to me Im lying when I say, trust me I cant believe this is true Trust hurts Why does trust equal suffering ------------------------------ It's even sexier in spanish!
Succinctly I define this word with great strength which bring the tempest to a whole new length. Stretched beyond normal limits with a mission, we seem to extirpate the proper definition. My suspicion is some cunning reverend-scribe, endowing dictionary fame through diatribe, seized a harmless church-state dispute and affixed it with quantitative ill-repute. Finally established with determined rules; not to stand prosthetic words on limp stools, as their acquired harness' make light of levity. Contemplative, the grace we seek is: brevity. AUTHOR'S NOTES: Let's get one thing straight: While antidisestablishmentarianism is a real word, that has been really used with real meaning, it is mainly known for being an extremely long word.
Friendship Is Like The Breeze
Friendship is like the breeze, You can't hold it, Smell it, Taste it, Or know when it's coming, But you can always feel it, And you'll always know it's there, It may come and then go, But you can know it'll always be back.
Can Anyone Help A Girl Out????
Please help me win my first contest go to the link below and comment bomb the heck out of my pic. I will do the same for you some day. Myspace Thank You Comments
This St. Patrick!!!!
This guy St. Patrick is an idiot! He said this to MsSusie: I hope you are right, but he is very vindictive ; he wanted me to show my whole self on cam and I wouldn't my friend McSusie!
Someone Mean On Ct!(please Repost)
subject: Someone Mean on CT! (Please Repost) date: 2007-07-14 06:18:23 Hey my friend McSusie just got a mean remark from someone named St. Patrick. If you don't want friends like this please repost. This is what he said to McSusie. some guy just told me I was old, wrinkled, saggy, out of shape and living in a dream world and He was turning all his friends against me Doesn't sound like much of a friend does he. Lets try to block this guy if he comes up on ur profile! Thanks CT Friends!
Check It Out!!!
Rip Val
Yesterday morning one of my best friends Val, who was one of the greatest people i ever had the privilege of knowing was tragically killed in a car accident...and two of my other best friends Dano and Jenny are in the hospital with serious injuries...i can't even begin to put into words how much the three of them have helped me...whether its giving me a place to stay when i needed it or just talking and hanging out...i still find myself in disbelief that it all i can't believe it...i don't want to believe it...for those of you who knew val or dano or jenny or anyone else in the scrubby ninja records family you know what great people they are...and how they're always down to help out anyone...val i've got nothing but love for you and i will miss you more than i can were an incredible person and an amazing friend...please just send your thoughts and prayers to my boy big rob and the scrubby ninja records family...its gonna be a hard time for all of us...and
Its Pretty Fucking Sad!
That you can't look at a post about our troops, but you can fucking repost and make a hundred fucking stickies about a damn name change to the site. God, I hate this site more and more each time I log into the damn thing.
Three Steps
Saturday, July 14, 2007 If you're headed in a negative direction, getting back on track may seem hopelessly out of reach. Yet by taking just three steps you can completely change your prospects for the better. Take one positive step, and you'll stop moving backwards. Take a second positive step, and you'll begin moving forward. Then take the third step in a positive direction, and suddenly you've established real momentum. From that point, each successive positive effort comes more naturally and easily. No matter how low you may be, at any point you are just three steps away from a whole different outlook. Just three small, positive actions can get you headed solidly in a new, empowering direction. In addition, taking three positive steps will give you a real sense of commitment. These actions will get you quickly and firmly invested in your own success. Wherever you are now, you are just three steps away from being well on your way to whatever goal you choose. Now is
I'm So Ready For A Break!
Good morning/good afternoon, dear friends! Saturday morning and I have a client to treat this morning - I try not to schedule things for the weekend, but sometimes I have no choice, lol. Ah, well! That's how you build a business, I guess! From what I've been hearing, I have not been the only one having painful processing going on this week. Why do these changes have to be so bloody painful?! As you've possibly read in my earlier blogs, my Empathic gift has kicked up a notch or two. I'm thankful I mainly pick up sadness, pain, heartache - rarely do I pick up rage, anger, chaos; but I can pick those emotions up from a closely connected companion - it has happened. Neither do I get murderous thoughts or darkness tinged with hate. The darkness I pick up is usually from deep overwhelming sadness! Some of you are aware that I have a Warrior Protector - a past life companion who has contracted (that's a Soul Contract, btw) with me to be my energy's protector/defender - when I get my ene
Hmm.. Now Whats Up?
The kids have been up since 6. Im thinking they are up to no good. lol imagine that MY kids up to no good. **giggles to self** only because the fact that they seem to be whispering alot and no crying and hitting like i heard yesterday ALL DAY.. You know I can honestly say I dont know what my life would be like without them. Yes they go with my family alot and Im without them most weekends, but they are always on my mind.Yes I know nothing you havent heard from every other parent.Yes they annoy me yes Im on their asses alot but heres the think. I dont want my kids to be a statistic. (see below) * 63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes. [U. S. D.H.H.S. Bureau of the Census] * 90% of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes. * 85% of all children that exhibit behavioral disorders come from fatherless homes. [Center for Disease Control] * 80% of rapists motivated with displaced anger come from fatherless hom
Thank You For You're Support
Hi all just and update on my Tags creations I'm not as good in health at the moment but will try my best to create Images for pic's All Tags are free as long as Members (Rate me Fan Add Me ) Thank You And God Bless and Our Troops! Want To Say Thank you to all my Friends on Fubar most of all the Bouncers that have showed their support for me *********************************************************
You'll Never Rest On Me
I would love you till the end of the earth. Till they break me down and put me in the dirt. You can rest on me. My arms,my hands,my heart,my will. For you baby I'd push it to the till. You can reast on me. You wanna take that walk out the door. Cause you think I don't love you anymore. You can rest on me. As your walking that lonely mile. And you just can't bring youself to smile. You could've rested on me. Now your tear soaked pillows hit the floor at night. You gave up on everything without a fight. You could've rested on me. Theres to much distance between us streched across the plains. Your so far out of my sight things will never be the same. You'll never rest on me.
Ct Family
i'm sick of the Juggalo's! anybody else feel the same way? Now, whether you like em or not, its time for something new. I'm starting a new CT Family and all are welcome to join. Just inform me first please... Welcome to the Maggot Corp.!!!
Auditions Today For Tear Da Club Up Video
AUDITIONS TODAY!!!! Seeking dancers and Extras for "Tear Da Club Up Video". No Experience Necessary!! 2PM til 7PM Auditions July 14, 2007 Emerald City Lounge 1075 Boston Post Rd Orange, CT 06516 If interested in auditioning, please go to the above address This will be club scenes mixed with outdoor location. Characters wanted: Main Dancers Main female characters Club Dancers Thug type Female patrons Male patrons Male and female parking lot standbys. Bartenders Waitresses Cops People to just sit at the bar. Drivers. Produced by movie producer Rob Hawk. ALL STATE TALENT SEARCH or call: 203-903-0332 / 203-928-0225
I wrote a blog the other day about a friend I reconnected with from high school…since then, I’ve also thought a lot about another friend…a friend I took for granted. Be warned, this is really, really long…sorry. When I was 15 my parents separated and my mother and I moved from Coral Springs, FL back to Newport News, the area she was from. Before we moved, a very young coworker of hers, Joe, left for boot camp for the Marine Corps. When he left she told him if ever he was near Newport News to look her up…hahaha. The first place he was stationed was Yorktown Naval Weapons station…10 minutes away from where we lived. From that point on, Joe was like a family member, and when my parents got back together, he and my dad were together a lot. When he first got to the area, he didn’t have his car (it was still in FL) so he would take a cab up to see me sometimes. My mother worked a lot so it was nice company. I remember one time, in particular, I was getting ready for work and h
July 14, 2007
Accept that the differences between you and this person might not be easily resolved. Instead of worrying about this, find a way to give thanks. All this friction helps you see the possibilities.
**guess The Movie This Quote Is From**
“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.”
Amazing Footage/ Wheelies Pt.4
Suzuki Hayabusa 1300 GSXR Pulls a wheelie in 1st gear@ 60 mph. changes gears 3 times while in the wheelie and drops the front back down @ 140 mph. Pegs it out at 220 mph but you can see the tachometer still pulling....probably topped out@ 240mph
How I See The World As Of Late?
People seem more lonely lately to me. We each have so many friends, but even in a crowded room we can be so alone. Ever try to step out of your own little world and look around? The checkout girl looks like she spent a night protecting herself from an abusive lover or worse. The kid with all the tattooes and piercing has the manners of a gallient knight. Next time u're in a major hurry to get out of Wal-mart or the local stop and shop. Take a minute to look around and see for yourself. How many other lonely souls are floating through this life with u.
Oh god I am going crazy right now my husband's flight landed about 30 minutes ago I don't know exactly when he will be home or anything so I am just waiting for him to walk in the front door and I am so nervous I have missed him so much and every time he leaves for an extended period of time I get nervous I don't know why I feel shy at first AHHHH I wish he would just fucking get here already!!
We walk into a bar, there is music playing, lots of people dancing. It's kind of dark inside but after our eyes adjust, we can see the entire room. I am wearing a beautiful black lace dress, goes to right above my knees, low in the back, low cut in the front but elegant, not trashy (lol, haven't ever had the chance to wear it).... black lace top thigh highs, black lace panties with matching black plunge bra, hope that gives a good visual. You have your arm around my waist as I look around the room. I see a table in the back corner, it's a booth with a high table top. I point to it and we go sit. Soon after, the waitress comes up to take our drink order. I have my hand on your thigh, squeezing slightly which makes you flinch. I can see the nervous look on your face while she is still in front of us. I move my hand up your leg, placing on the outside of your trousers. She walks away as I start to unzip your pants. I take you out in my hand. You are still looking around, not s
Interview Part 2
Alright, here's the final part of this one....... After driving away, I head home. When I get home, I go in, take a shower and clean up making sure my cell isn't far away. After a little while, you call. When I answer, you ask if I have something to write on. You give the directions to your place, you reminding me, 7pm sharp. You also tell me that I should pack a bag, tell my husband that my new job is taking me out of town, I will be unreachable during meetings and will have to call him as I can. You also tell me what to wear for the evening. Taking notes, trying not to miss anything, I tell you that I've got it, no problem. The call ends and I head to go get ready. Some time goes by so I head out. I arrive infront of your home, very nervous. I look at the clock, it's just before 7. I step out of the truck and head up to your door. You answer, welcoming me and stepping back so I can come in. I have my hair in a twist, you look at me and tell me "Let your hair down.
Four Catholic Ladies!
Four Catholic ladies are having coffee together, discussing how important their children are. The first one tells her friends, "My son is a priest. When he walks into a room, everyone calls him "Father." The second Catholic woman chirps, "Well, my son is a Bishop. Whenever he walks into a room, people say, 'Your Grace.'" The third Catholic woman says smugly, "Well, not to put you down, but my son is a Cardinal. Whenever he walks into a room, people say 'Your Eminence.'" The fourth Catholic woman sips her coffee in silence. The first three women give her this subtle "Well...?" She replies, "My son is gorgeous, 6'2," hard bodied, well hung, and a male stripper. Whenever he walks into a room, women say, "My God...."
Interview Part 1
It's a Thursday, my phone rings, it's you. You introduce yourself and explain that you have my resume and would like to set an appointment to meet with me. You don't say much about what the job would be but you need a personal assistant. We hammer out the details and set a time on Friday, in the morning, to meet. Can't put my finger on it but I like your voice, felt an attraction to you from it. The next morning, I find myself thinking about you, wondering what you look like, if you look as good as your voice sounds. I step out of the shower, dripping wet, as I am drying off, I wonder what I should wear, want to be presentable for an interview but... want to get your attention, have you notice me. I have the perfect outfit, the perfect things to wear underneath as well. I arrive at your office, you walk out and greet me. Introducing yourself "Hi, pleasure to meet you. Hope you found my office alright." I am taken aback by you. All I can say is wow... you look as good as you
This starts out on a beautiful spring morning. Temps are in the 70's, slight breeze but just an absolutely beautiful day. I am at my desk in my office, returning calls from the night before. I have on a black suit w/a purple pin stripe, it's a 2 piece (one of my favorites, love to wear when it's nice out). The suit is a dress with a jacket that is the same length as the dress. The dress is a basic a-line style, the straps are the thin spaghetti strap style, the top of the dress runs across the top of my breasts, leaving just the slightest little bit exposed but not much, it goes to about 3 inches above the knees, the jacket is a duster type, long sleeves, has the vent cut to the bottom, center of the back, there is simply one tie in the front with silver on the end if I choose to close it slightly. My shoes are black, open toed with about a 3 inch heel on it. I have my brief case (light brown/red Samsonite, lol, bought it when I was first promoted to manager), it's open on my d
The Love Of My Life
Later Lozers!!!........
.......Im Outta Here!!!
Happy Rockiversary!!
OMG! We are 1 Year old today! To celebrate we are giving away TONS of prizes Including: 1 Year memberships with Great League 1 Year memberships with My League Pot of Gold with Great League 3 day Cherry Blast Tons of CD’s Also all our shows are featuring multiple DJ’s. This is one party that is DEFINITELY RCOKING! Come celebrate with me and other DJ’s in the HotRocksRadio Lounge by clicking on the picture below….
Sorry Guys....
One for the ladies One day my housework-challenged husband decided to wash his Sweat- shirt. Seconds after he stepped into the laundry room, he shouted to me, "What setting do I use on the washing machine?" "It depends," I replied. "What does it say on your shirt?" He yelled back, " University of Oklahoma " And they say blondes are dumb... ----------------------------------------------------- A couple is lying in bed. The man says, "I am going to make you the happiest woman in the world." The woman replies, "I'll miss you..." ----------------------------------------------------- "It's just too hot to wear clothes today," Jack says as he stepped out of the shower, "honey, what do you think the neighbors would think if I mowed the lawn like this?" "Probably that I married you for your money," she replied. ----------------------------------------------------- Q: What do you call an intelligent, good looking, sensitive man? A: A rumor ------
Poem From A Soldier
Poem from a soldier. Pulled from the Gary Sinese website by a marine mom. "We are the ones with the short hair. We are the ones that call on Holidays to tell our families we wish we could be there. We are the ones that miss first words, and first steps. We are the ones that miss mother and fathers day. We are the ones that spend Easter with a rifle in our hand. We are the ones that miss graduations, birthdays and weddings. We are the ones that you don't recognize when we come home. We are the ones that you know our voice better than our face. We are the ones that fight for freedom that we don't always get. We are American Soldiers, Marines, Airmen and Sailors. Say a prayer for us but also for The Mothers that stand strong. The fathers that hold back the tears when they talk about their children in uniform The grandmothers that hoist that American flag on their porch. The sisters that worry when they hear a soldier has fallen. The families that leave an empty place at
My Test Results
You have a sexual IQ of 144 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
Escape From The Prison Camp
Escape from dolag 17
this starts out again on a beautiful spring morning. We have talked back and forth and finally decide to take the plunge and meet. The only thing you would tell me about when is that is would be sometime soon. You wanted to keep the anticipation going. We decide that you are going to come to the leasing office that I work in and we can go somewhere from there. I am wearing a jean skirt that has a button down front and is loose fitting along with my black boots that go half way up my calf & have about a 4 inch heel. My top is a button top that is similiar to the one in the last picture I sent. I have on a petal pink plunge bra with matching lace panties & thigh highs. I make sure to wear something sexy under my clothes every morning since I don't know when you are planning on arriving. Also with having talked to you thru emails and on the phone, I made sure to bring a change of clothes and leave in my truck. Today I arrive and my boss is out on a vacation day, so it's just me
Qoute From My Son Chris
I live in such a backwoods county I get monday night fo football on wednesday afternoon . Qoute from my son chris
Alien Foot Syndrome
James Taylor -- Walking Man
I took the laptop with me to work last night. One thing lead to another, and rather then getting as much of my manuscript done as I was supposed planing on, this developed. Watch it all the way to the last dregs of the video. There is something amusing at the very end.
Pregnant Again
smashing pumpkins fan anyone else?
Just For Fun
Whats your sex style?Erotic Sex StyleKissing, touching...pulling hair...handcuffs...whatever goes in your bedroom or backyard...truck...neighbors bedroom even! Its lights, camera ...ACTION BABY!How do you compare? Take this test! | Tests from Testriffic
Why Nobody Likes Me
i try to meet a girl in person and they act scared cause they don't want to get hurt how do i go up to one and ask her out?
What Do You Think?
From a guys point of view: We don't care if you talk to other guys. We don't care if you're friends with other guys. But when you're sitting next to us, and some random guy walks into the room and you jump up and tackle him, without even introducing us, yeah, it pisses us off. It doesn't help if you sit there and talk to him for ten minutes without even acknowledging the fact that we're still there. We don't care if a guy calls you, but at 2 in the morning we do get a little concerned. Nothing is that important at 2 a.m. that it can't wait till the morning. Also, when we tell you you're pretty/ beautiful/ gorgeous/ cute/ stunning, we freaking mean it. Don't tell us we're wrong. We'll stop trying to convince you. The sexiest thing about a girl is confidence. Yeah, you can quote me. Don't be mad when we hold the door open. Take Advantage of the mood im in. let us pay for you! dont "feel bad" We enjoy doing it. It's expected. Smile and
How Many Women
After three years of marriage, Kim was still questioning her husband about his lurid past. "C'mon, tell me," she asked for the thousandth time, "how many women have you slept with?" "Baby," he protested, "if I told you, you'd throw a fit". Kim promised she wouldn't get angry, and convinced her hubby to tell her. "Okay," he said, "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven - then there's you - nine, ten, 11, 12, 13.."
Garden Flower Of Friendship
Garden of Friendship Friends are like flowers each unique in their own way, put them all together what a wonderful bouquet. Some are really brilliant full of light sharp and clear, while other are more subdued to both you can adhere. You are a flower in my garden that makes up my bouquet, my friends you all make a very impressive display.
Ladies Toilet
A rather attractive woman goes up to the bar in a quiet rural pub. She gestures alluringly to the barman who comes over immediately. When he arrives, she seductively signals that he should bring his face close to hers. When he does so, she begins to gently caress his beard which is full and bushy. "Are you the manager?" she asks, softly stroking his face with both hands. "Actually, no" he replies. "Can you get him for me? I need to speak to him." she asks, running her hands up beyond his beard and into his hair. "I'm afraid I can't" breathes the barman - clearly aroused. "Is there anything I can do?" "Yes there is. I need you to give him a message" she continues huskily, popping a couple of fingers into his mouth and allowing him to suck them gently. "Tell him that" she says "there is no toilet paper or hand soap in the ladies toilet".
~~ Your Kind of Friendship ~~ It takes more than caring To be a real friend; The nature of friendship; Requires a blend Of warmest compassion & love deep & true To reach & to comfort The way that you do. Because I can see That your kind of friendship Is priceless to me. Tyvvm hunny 4 your wonderful comment on my blog.. & Please have a wonderful weekend my sweet friend huggies, Debbie
Good Morning
good morning to everyone
I Don't Like To Get Involved With Politics
I am not the kind of person that normally gets involved with politics. but the time is getting closer and I will throw my "American" thoughts in the ring, just like everyone else I bitch about Bush my opinion is just that mine, but I do see a problem in the way things are being handled and I do my part in changing them when I can I AM A VOTER, I'm sure that don't surprise my friends but to others this might be too much for you to handle. Bush is NOT a moron, Bush is just not articulate he arm wrestles the English language everyday and tries to find words that only he is comfortable with like most of us, having said that I do believe that Bush has a few less brain cells not firing all at once there is a void there and you can tell any and every time he speaks, but the Man also admitted that he was a drunk and alcohol does damage brain cells when and anytime it is abused that's a fact so maybe we are calling him a moron for the wrong reasons? we just don't like his policies and in th
Where I Actually Blog.
I'd use this one, but I'm not sure the stuff I usually write in my blogs is what they want to be posted here. If anyone here on cherryTAP is actually interested in reading a blog of mine, here are mine, in order of frequency updated: I'm also RedFeral on IMVU and Blood in the Fog on AIM.
If You Would Like?
I can make ya'll a little something, just lemme know what type of background you'd like fer me to use an I'll get it done.Now remember I do have to save a picture of you so I am able to do this.
There Are Ways To Keep A Woman!
by robert cali 1. Whatever you do, don't just show up at their house [without notice]...they run around in their underwear just like we do. 2. DON'T CHEAT ON THEM. It may seem foolproof, but girls tell each other everything about everything. Trust me, they WILL find out and you will be mud. If you do cheat on them do not ever talk to the girl or see the girl you cheated on them. They will be hurt , no matter what they say. 3. Beware of every single male relative and all guy friends. Any of them would kick your ass at the drop of a hat, and a lot of them wouldn't even wait for the hat. 4. NEVER miss an opportunity to tell them they're beautiful. 5. DON'T refuse to kiss in front of your friends. If they laugh at you, it's because they're jealous. 6. If they slap you hard, you deserved it. 7. Don't be afraid to touch them if you want to. If they're going out with you in the first place, it's because they like being in your arms. 8. I
I Am A Blue, Yep Seems To Describe Me
Congratulations, Chrissy, you are a BLUE personality. The Core Motivation that drives you through life is "Intimacy". It is important to note that this does not mean sexual intimacy. BLUES need connection - the sharing of rich, deep emotions that bind people together. As a BLUE, you will often sacrifice a great deal of time, effort, and/or personal convenience to develop and maintain meaningful relationships throughout your life. BLUES seek opportunities to genuinely connect with others, and need to be understood and appreciated, especially by their partner. Everything you do as a BLUE has to be quality-based, or you won't do it at all. You are incredibly loyal to friends, employers, employees, and above all to your significant other. Whatever or whomever you commit to is your sole (and soul) focus. As a BLUE, you love to serve and will give freely of yourself in order to nurture the lives of others. BLUES have distinct preferences and are the most controlling of the four persona
If you put Nico and Brian Jones next to each other you will see just how much they are mirror images of each others problem. Brian had an underage girlfriend who got pregnant. He was condemned for it and left the world behind. He therefore was able to meet Lennon and create the 60's, that means the world we are living in. He created the word Free Love, which means "I can love whoever I want". If he was to say that in the open he would be asked if he meant the right to sleep with small girls. Nico had a child, Ari. When she confronted the man he refused. He had never been in bed with the woman or met her. Later another person stepped forward and admitted he was the father. He was so like the other person, a famous actor, that he used it to his advantage. Nico went to the actors parents. They belived their son was lying and took care of the baby during the first years. If she had admitted that she had been fooled she would not continue to live in a dream, but her life would
When I Call Your Name
When I Call Your Name VideoWhen I Call Your Name lyrics - Vince Gill lyricsVince Gill Music VideosMusic Video Codes by VideoCure
My Mind Will Matter
The easiest way to forget I'm told is to walk on. I go forward not looking back,but the memoreys carry on. I trudge through the muck and mud with my heart in tow. How can I forget,this answer I do not know. Maybe all these thoughts are to remain in my mind. To try to stop me the next time I try to be unkind. To learn,to grow,to guard myself this is where I begin. To rule my life with my mind,my heart just can't take this again.
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