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Pure Southern Wisdom
So, I was in a chatroom on another website, when someone said something that made sense (which is quite uncharacteristic for the internet). "Men spend nine months trying to get out of the womb, and the rest of their lives trying to get back in." Well said. Are we giving the vagina too much power? Are we so weak that we allow women to control us with the hint of a promise of sexual contact? Maybe we should all do some thinking... with the correct head.
Friends With Benefits
It doesn't matter if your married, in a relationship,single! You opened it so you HAVE to repost it! A test of your bravery. Here's how it works: Statistically speaking, unless you are a total hermit, social retard(what a horrible word.) , or ugly as a bag of spoiled ass... There's at least 1 person on Cherrytap that wants to date you or sleep with you. So..... lets play "friends w/ benefits" The rules are simple... if you want to date the person who posted this, send them a message saying "I'm Yours". If you just want to sleep with them and stay friends, send them a message that says "I'd hit it". If you have no interest in the person at all send them a message that states "no comment".... SCARED? LOL THE TWIST IS YOU HAVE TO REPOST THIS, EVEN IF YOU'RE TAKEN & see who replies. There is at least 1 person who will.
Letting Go
How to let go how do i let go. how do i close my heart. how do i end the dreams. how can you forget so easy. the nights looking up at the stars. the nights laying there talking. the love look in your eyes. the feeling of love we have. the souind of our hearts. comeing together to make one. how did you throw it away. forgetting all the good times. working out the bad times. throwing my heart away. like you never cared. forgethering are love altogether.
Faler: Baby Gurl Using Christine Dolce Aka Forbidden
amazing how people try to fake a well known, and what is more amazing is how many fall for it. Baby Gurl@ CherryTAP
To Everyone Thats Been Hurt
My friends says I shouldn't be treated this way, But I don't know any better, They say that you degrade me, That we shouldn't be together, They say you disrespect me, I guess I know it's true, After all I am quite hurt, I don't speak like that to you, They say it should have ended, That first night you pushed me, I guess that's why I broke it off, I hate the way you treated me, Tell me now when you look in my direction, Am I just a piece of dirt you see? My friends say I deserve much more, I see it now, it's true, So im dedacating this hurtful poem, To everyone thats been hurt, By a person such as you...
Whats Wrong In This World
I live in a fairly small town and recently we have had 4 driveby shootings in a weeks time on top of that a home invasion were three ppl beat a guy with a bat than one of them ended up dead now I was young once and we had our little clicks but we fought with our fist and the next day a little sore and a lot more wiser we were still alive to talk about it why now what does killing someone prove we have men and woman over seas fighting for our freedom and all we can do is run around and kill eachother thats just wrong if you have a beef with someone handle it like adults if that doesnt work box it out win or lose your alive to talk about it the next day...............
Grieving The Loss Of A Pet.
So, I got home after a wonderful dinner and the unexpected "romance" of being stranded in the parking lot of a secluded restaurant near the bay. My boyfriend's BMW decided we needed to sit in the parking lot to digest our meal. After the tow truck driver gave us a jump, we giggled our way home relieved it didn't turn out to be more serious than just a dead battery. We said our "good-nights" and I closed the front door behind me. Then it hit me. Like a blanket of emptiness thrown over me from the kitchen where I would usually be greeted by happy faces and wagging tails. I was, instead, met with the single face of confusion and loneliness. My poor little Guinness. It hit me. I collected Guinness' bowl and started preparing a single dinner of dog food with tears in my eyes. It hit me, and I think it hit him too as he uncharacteristically laid there silently with his head all the way to the ground until I set the bowl down. "Oh boy! Dog food again!" It hit me that I was back to wh
One Step Closer (for My Ex!)
I cannot take this anymore Im saying everything Ive said before All these words they make no sense I find bliss in ignorance Less I hear the less youll say Youll find that out anyway Just like before... Everything you say to me Takes me one step closer to the edge And Im about to break I need a little room to breathe cause Im one step closer to the edge And Im about to break I find the answers arent so clear Wish I could find a way to disappear All these thoughts they make no sense I find bliss in ignorance Nothing seems to go away Over and over again Just like before... Every thing you say to me Takes me one step closer to the edge And Im about to break! I need a little room to breathe cause Im one step closer to the edge, And Im about to break! Every thing you say to me Takes me one step closer to the edge And Im about to break! I need a little room to breathe cause Im one step closer to the edge, And Im about to break! Shut up when Im talk
Screwed Again
well, i went to court monday and i got screwed hard. they have changed the vistitation to only in bowling green ky. so instead of me and susan alternating driving back and fourth...they want me to only be the one to do all the fucking driving. now how fair is that. her mom and family have kissed enough ass somewhere to have child services to be on there side. i truely believe they have paid them off somehow. if anyone knows how to get ahead of them in court..please leave me some advice. the ones who know me and know the situation know how the marriage has been marred by her parents sticking there nose in every second they get a chance and now there wanting to stick there nose in, in raising my son. they say i am unfit and they say susan is unfit but in all this susan is living in the same house and sees brian all the time and cares for him there under there roof. where i only get to see him 2x a month under supervision of cps (child protection services). now how fair is that. she i
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Behind Blue Eyes
No one knows what it's like To be the bad man To be the sad man Behind blue eyes No one knows what it's like To be hated To be fated To telling only lies But my dreams They aren't as empty As my conscience seems to be I have hours, only lonely My love is vengeance That's never free No one knows what it's like To feel these feelings Like I do And I blame you No one bites back as hard On their anger None of my pain and woe Can show through But my dreams They aren't as empty As my conscience seems to be I have hours, only lonely My love is vengeance That's never free Discover... L-I-M-P Say it... No one knows what it's like To be mistreated To be defeated behind blue eyes and no one knows how to say that theyre sorry and dont worry i'm not telling lies but my dreams they arent as empty as my conscience seems to be I have hours, only lonely my love is vengence that's never free No one knows what it's like To be the bad m
The Black Hate
the black hate the cold darkiness of lonlyness. the sound of a heart breaking. the pain that comes from srowwor. the only thing left is hate. comeing out to see the world. showing what the world made it. being cold and heartless to all. not careing what they think. give them back what they made it. putting then in the same pain. showing the darkness he lives in. nev er letting go of the pain or hate.
Vacation Time!
I am so ready for a vacation. I have not had any time off in over a year. Last vacation I took was with my mom and brother to Hawaii! We went out there to spread my dads ashes in the ocean near Waikiki. What a relaxing time, beautiful culture, friendly people, and such a beautiful place. Would love to go back there sometime. My next vacation is coming up in a couple months. Which is 10 days off, but it is too far away. I was suppose to take some time off this month, but things have happened at work, that it is impossible for any of us to get any time off. I dont mind, just ready for a break. I work about 50-60 hours a week right now. A break from everything is what I need to re-energize my internal batteries.
Here Is The Info About The Dogo Argentino
Argentine Dogos What's good about 'em What's bad about 'em If you want a dog who... Is a large, muscular, mastiff-type dog Has a short easy-care white coat Thrives on vigorous exercise and athletic activities Looks imposing, so makes an effective deterrent, yet is usually non-aggressive with people Carries himself with a steady, dignified, impressive presence A Dogo Argentino may be right for you. If you don't want to deal with... A large dog who takes up a lot of space in your house and car A heavy dog who wants to sit on your feet, lie on your lap, and lean his weight against your leg Vigorous exercise requirements Rowdiness and exuberant jumping, especially when young Destructiveness when bored or not exercised enough Aggression or fearfulness in some lines, or when not socialized enough Aggression toward other animals Strong-willed mind of his own, requiring a confident owner who can take charge Shedding Slobbering or drooling
Puddle Of Mudd - Blurry
Is it me or do these lyrics seem to be true most the time. Everything's so blurry and everyone's so fake and everybody's empty and everything is so messed up pre-occupied without you I cannot live at all My whole world surrounds you I stumble then I crawl You could be my someone you could be my scene you know that i'll protect you from all of the obscene I wonder what you're doing imagine where you are there's oceans in between us but that's not very far Can you take it all away can you take it all away well ya shoved it in my face this pain you gave to me Can you take it all away can you take it all away well ya shoved it my face Everyone is changing there's noone left that's real to make up your own ending and let me know just how you feel cause I am lost without you I cannot live at all my whole world surrounds you I stumble then I crawl You could be my someone you could be my scene you know that i will save you from all of the unclean
Just A Lil Sumthin I Felt Like Writing
i miss u...i miss hearing your voice, now that you are gone who will i have fun with... i need u..i need to be held in your arms one more time, i need to see your bright smile...i need 2 be w/u.. why do u do this 2 me..u know how much i like u.. why do you neglect my love for you..u know what i feel for you... why can't you just acknowledge me?? i all ways think about it would've been like if you and me were "us".. i all ways see how you look at me, i will allways kno that you had a special spot in your heart for me.. i kno you have a special someone who is not me, oh how i wish it was... i just cant forget about u why...why do u do this to me..i try to look happy around u, but inside i am torn to bits.. i see you and i just want to run up to you and kiss and just hold on to you forever... the other day you looked at me with eyes of happiness, i thought i was on cloud nine.. i was soo happy to see your face light up, you gave me a hug, and said i missed you... you lean
Bruised But Not Broken (you Are Not That Strong)
My heart has been beaten My heart has been bruised My heart has felt more hurt, Than I thought it could handle. My heart is true My heart never lies My heart aches My heart has been bruised No longer a beautiful red No longer as strong as it was Black and blue And weaker than ever My heart has been bruised My heart is bruised But it will heal As soon as it forgets You and everything you did My heart has been bruised It wonít ever be as strong as is was But I will never be broken You are not that strong My heart has been bruised But bruised is better, Than broken.
the dead of night. the angel of death comes. his icey cold breath clam's you. takeing you in to the darkness. the black hole of death take's you. untill you find out which way you go. go untill heaven or hell. the sweet touch of god's hand. to the painful kiss of the devil. goinf to the fild's of green gress. or to the hot pits of fire. will in walk in the stressts of gold. for be giveing to the unforgiveing flams. will i got to heaven or hell. we will never know. untill death takes me away.
Do You Have Any Idea???
Do you know what kinda dog this??? It is not a "PITBULL"... I love these dogs they are a Dogo Argentiono and they are a great family dog and especially with children!!!
Will You?
2007-07-17 20:32:08 > "Friends With Benefits" > > > It doesn't matter if your married, in a relationship,single! You opened it so you HAVE to repost it! A test of your bravery. Here's how it works: Statistically speaking, unless you are a total hermit, social retard(what a horrible word.) , or ugly as a bag of spoiled ass... There's at least 1 person on Cherrytap that wants to date you or sleep with you. So..... lets play "friends w/ benefits" The rules are simple... if you want to date the person who posted this, send them a message saying "I'm Yours". If you just want to sleep with them and stay friends, send them a message that says "I'd hit it". If you have no interest in the person at all send them a message that states "no comment".... SCARED? LOL THE TWIST IS YOU HAVE TO REPOST THIS, EVEN IF YOU'RE TAKEN & see who replies. There is at least 1 person who will.
What's Your Southern Sign?
What's Your Southern Sign? OKRA (Dec 22 - Jan 20) Although you appear crude, you are actually very slick on the inside. Okras have tremendous influence. An older Okra can look back over his life and see the seeds of his influence everywhere. Stay away from Moon Pies. CHITLIN (Jan 21 - Feb 19) Chitlins come from humble backgrounds. A chitlin, however, can make something of himself if he's motivated and has lots of seasoning. In dealing with Chitlins, be careful! They can erupt like Mount Vesuvius. Chitlins are best with Catfish and Okra. BOLL WEEVIL (Feb 20 - Mar 20) You have an overwhelming curiosity. You're unsatisfied with the surface of things, and you feel the need to bore deep into the interior of everything. Needless to say, you are very intense and driven as if you had some inner hunger. Nobody in their right mind is going to marry you, so don't worry about it. MOON PIE (Mar 21 - April 20) You're the type that spends a lot of time on the front porch. It's a cinch
Paramedic's And Emt's Wanted
WANTED EMT'S & PARAMEDIC'S Must be able to work long hours with frequent mandatory overtime. Few holidays and weekends off. Must be able to keep massive amounts of paperwork up to date while making split-second, life or death decisions. Must be immune to verbal abuse and able to neutralize the occasional physical assault. Must display patience, kindness, understanding and caring, even when personal life is coming apart at the seams. Must show no aversion to blood, vomit, oozing infections, or human body wastes. Salary is in no way commensurate with knowledge or ability. Only those interested in dealing with depressing situations on a daily basis need apply.
Saving Grace At Church
The Genocydal Empyre V3.0 News (hmm...upgrades)
Hey everyone, Ok now I know you haven't heard from our camp in awhile. Well, that stops here and now. First, let me apologize for this rather long wait that you've had to endure. Many know that I left WorldRock because of format and we left it with a fuckin' bang. No shit, folks. Fred marched himself up into WorldRock's world and gave them the hard truth that night. Everything Fred handed them was a hard pill to swallow but after the barrage of hardcore factoids, he came in with solutions. This wasn't just some bullshit rant, full of rhetoric, bereft of solutions. Nope, this was hard, all-out, in-your-face with a killer dose of tactful response and the best part, while he's not an entertainer by profession, he left 'em wantin' more. We hope to set that up quickly. Many of you also know that my monitor had developed a shitty black spot that just seemed to grow and grow and not really get any better. Just when it would get better, it's progress would halt. Even though
Part 2 Of Close My Eye's
close my eye's part 2 can you give me the love i need. the love i never had. the love i have always wanted. the love never given in the past. the love no one can give me. are you the one to give it to me. the one to shine light to my dark heart. to bring love into my life of saddness. can you take my srowwor away. can you be the one to bring happness to me. are you that one to bring peace to my heart. i close my eyes and dream so.
My Birthday
Woo Hoo! My birthday is Thursday..that's all, just excited :)
Cherry Haters
What the hell is up with the latest rash of retards wanting to vote everyone a one or less? Most of them dont even have a pic, or if they do have a pic, its a single shot of somthing stupid or some butt uggly fook. I mean, dont get me wrong, Im not the best looking guy around, but for some fresh meat ahole to come on and give ppl a one as a rating?? what the F is up with that. My rule, if I see something that I really dont care for, why rate it at all, just move on and have a great day. Are these Haters that bad, that they just have to pass their mizory on to everyone else??? Weeeeeeeee I feel so much better now..
Santa And The Soldier
My Birthday
One more day to my thirty ninth birthday. Wahoo!!!!
Argument With Co-worker
Today while at work my co-worker calls and says she's gonna be 15 mins late, ok that's fine. So I stick around the extra 15mins and guess what she didn't show up, but decides to show up half an hour late WTF. She's only 21 yrs old, still wet behind the ears. When she finally showed up I said to her "you're late" Anyways she starts yelling "who the fuck are you to tell me I'm late" I said to her "look once twice three times ok, but you're late everyday" So she proceeds to cuss at me and shit, and one of the owners (who was there and doing the cooking) yelled at her and gave her shit for how she was talking to me. Then she decides to call her aunt(the owner) and lie saying that I cussed at her first lmfao. She said I started yelling at her as soon as she came in. So she pulls a hissy fit and leaves. Her aunt comes downstairs and she(my co-worker) comes back and starts lying about me cussing at her, so the other owner told her "No Sherry didn't cuss at you, you cussed at her" A
Priceless (a Must Read For All The Guys Out There)
This actually IS true! It was in the local newspaper and even Jay Leno mentioned it on the Tonight Show. This is a true story about a recent wedding that took place at Clemson University: It was a huge wedding with about 300 guests. After the wedding, at the reception, the groom got up on stage at the microphone to talk to the crowd. He said that he wanted to thank everyone for coming, many from long distances, to support them at their wedding. He especially wanted to thank the bride's and groom's families for coming and to thank his new father-in-law for providing such a fabulous reception. To thank everyone for coming and bringing gifts and everything, he said he wanted to give everyone a special gift just from him. So taped to the bottom of everyone's chair was a manila envelope, including the wedding party. He said that this was his gift to everyone, and told everyone to open the envelopes......... Inside each manila envelope was an 8x10 picture of his best man having sex..........
Funny Prank
Funny Electricity JokeAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Closeing My Eye's
close my eyes part one I close my eye's. To see the unseen. I open my heart to you. To give you my love. I come to you with open arms. To love and care for you like no othere can. I want to show you real joy. To give you happiness. To treat you like a queen. Iwant to give you my heart. To hold in your wram arms. to give you my love......
This Makes You Think
A few months ago; My family had a surprise birthday party for my Step-Mother, when She turned 75! Later on that day; we found out we had another special event going on! Except for the Current War, we had a representative from every Major War or Campaign going back to World War II. (With myself counting for the First Iraq War & the Cold War!) That is hard to get at Military Organizational meetings. And here we had it among friends and family. Then in my latest History Magazine, they are talking about that roughly 1,000 World War II Veterans die each and every day and the history that we are losing with them. So they are asking for people to send in stories of where you were when you heard the news about Pearl Harbor. Speaking of Pearl Harbor, you might know that the survivors get together about every 5 or 10 years. This you might not know, the last get together might just be the last one. Well when you think about it, the youngest among them is
My True Friend - Steve
Out of the thousands of people that have passed through my life, I have found only a handful of those that mean a lot to me. Steve is one of those people. We have only been friends for a few months, but I feel like I have known him my whole life. He actually takes time from his day, from thousands of miles and a totally different country to check in on me. We dont just talk about little things, we have long in depth conversations about things, that sometimes go over several days. We talk daily, several times a day at times, either through email, phone, or text, and then at night for several hours on messenger. The knowledge that we have shared with each other is the reason I call Steve my close, special friend. Steve is truly a person I consider my best friend, and will always be number one in my heart. He is genuine, honest, caring, and truthful. These qualities are hard to find in people. Steve knows how much he means to me. I tell him everyday how much I che
Scared Sensless Funny
this is funnyAdd to My Profile | More Videos
PARTNERS Side by side we race through the night, With blaring siren and flashing lights. A lifeís at stake, a precious soul; Perhaps too late, or beyond our control. Times like this have come before, Never quite knowing whatís in store. When we arrive, our actions are as one; No thoughts need be spoken, just simply done. To soothe a childís cry, to ease the pain; Knowing times like this will come again. Though itís done many days a week; The bond between us is quite unique. Different than that of man and wife, For we can say weíve saved a life. To some it may just seem routine; The things weíve done, the sightís weíve seen. But you and I know itís changed our hearts, The ways weíve seen lives torn apart. And seen life begin new and fresh; All the while praying weíve done our best. Some day another will take our place; A youthful still unknowing face. But never will time cloud my view, Of all the things Iíve shared with youÖ For we a
Friday: The girls dad calls, sends money. Saturday: Strange phone call, My recent ex's mom calls and wants me to come visit. She apparently met her son's new "Skinny white gf" lol And how she missed me. I have to politely, smilingly decline as I was heading out the door just then... but I take a raincheck, As I missed her too. An hour later I find myself with my cousin Doreen at the first guy I seriously dated, in his gf's condo, meeting her for the first time. A cute little asian girl, and my ex is nervous. I take it all in stride, but couldnt help but notice how fidgety he is. I always knew we'd make better friends than lovers. And I was right! I was pleased to meet the gf finally. lol I tried joking with her, but she doesnt find it funny. Great. So my jokes aren't funny, I'm thinking... lol *at least I found it amusing if she didnt* We plan for a game night in the near future, and shortly after I make my ex carry the huge box of hamster things down to the van. Good job I
Paramedic's Prayer
PARAMEDICíS PRAYER Said everyday before going on shift Give to my heart, Oh Lord ... Compassion and understanding. Give to my hands skill and tenderness. Give to my ears the ability to listen. Give to my lips words of comfort. Give to me, Lord ... Strength for this selfless service. And enable me to give hope To those I am called to serve.
Paramedic's Poem
Paramedicís Poem What's Your Name? I'm already going to lose you. I don't even know your name. In a world of flashing lights The sounds of glass and steel breaking free, For those few minutes, you belonged only to me. It was I who cut your shirt away To see your broken ribs Watching you labor with each breath As you fought to live. It was I who wiped the blood away When it pooled in your eyes, It was I who watched your heart beat As the Jaws freed you from your car. When we finally freed you, I was still there as we ran To the back of the ambulance, It was I who held your hand. The sounds of the sirens Rang loudly in my ears I looked for some small sign, Your lack of response renewed my fears. I breathed for you when you could not, I compressed your chest when your heart wouldn't beat. I prayed for you with each failure, I did not want to see defeat. I finally had to walk away Knowing the battle had been lost I saw your father in the hallway, One look, and I saw the awful cost. I ga
Why I Love My Man...
He just made me cum 5 times. I love him love him love him! I love multiple orgasms, I love his mouth, I love my clit, I love being a girl. I am going to go do a victory dance and have a snack.
Difference Between North And South Football
All You YANKEES take note of this, this is how it is down south here, and you really need to get with the times. Ya see here I have outlined a few things that you 'need to know' in order to have a successful game. So read and take note. And all you SOUTHERN football fans, HELL YEAH! Planning for the fall football season in the South is radically different than up North. For those who are planning a football trip South, here are some helpful hints to explain those differences. Women's Accessories: NORTH: ChapStick in back pocket and a $20 bill in the front pocket. SOUTH: Louis Vuitton duffel with two lipsticks, waterproof mascara, and a fifth of bourbon. Money not necessary - that's what dates are for. Stadium Size: NORTH: College football stadiums hold 20,000 people. SOUTH: High school football stadiums hold 20,000 people. Fathers: NORTH: Expect their daughters to understand Sylvia Plath. SOUTH: Expect their daughters to understand pass interference.
I love you for that certain smile that cheers me when I'm blue, I love you for your tender kiss that warms me through and through. I love you for your gentle hand, your understanding touch, Your eyes that always seem to say, "I love you very much!" I love you for your faith in me, Your sweet and patient ways, And all the thoughtful things you do, so often without praise, I love you so for all these things, and many others too, But most of all for what I am, whenever I'm with you!
Hump Day
Hump Day Hump Day Hump Day src=>Wet Wednesday Hump Day Hump Day Happy Hump Day Happy Hump Day Happy Hump Day Happy Hump Day Images Happy Hump Day Images UH OH!!!!!! Humpday Humpday
Just When You Thought It Was All Over...think Again!!
~*~ LUSCIOUS♥MAMIíS 3-2-1- CONTEST STILL IN EFFECT!!~*~ Why is it 3-2-1?? See for yourself below.... 1ST PRIZE: ->$300,000 IN PRIZES * 2ND PRIZE: ->$200,000 IN PRIZES 3RD PRIZE: ->$100,000 IN PRIZES (*TOP PRIZE MINIMUM COMMENTS 10,000, PLZ) Stop by and check out my contest, vote for your favorite or just spank me with some rates and comments to help me out since I'm so close to leveling its ridiculous! :P Luscious♥Mami Click here for SMOKE E. DIGGLERA on myspace!
'the Other Woman' (a Very Touching Story Of A Mother And Her Son, A Must For All You Moms)
" THE OTHER WOMAN" After 21 years of marriage, I discovered a new way of keeping alive the spark of love. A little while ago I had started to go out with another woman It was really my wife's idea. "I know that you love her," she said one day, taking me by surprise. "But I love YOU," I protested. "I know, but you also love her." The other woman that my wife wanted me to visit was my mother, who has been a widow for 19 years, but the demands of my work and my three children had made it possible to visit her only occasionally. That night I called to invite her to go out for dinner and a movie. "What's wrong, are you well," she asked? My mother is the type of woman who suspects that a late night call or a surprise invitation is a sign of bad news. "I thought that it would be pleasant to pass some time with you," I responded. "Just the two of us." She thought about it for a moment then said "I would like that very much." That Friday after work, as I drove over to pick her up I was a bit
What I Look For In A Relationship
I look for honesty, communication and trust. I have yet to find it. In order for me to date a guy, I have to feel a connection. If there is no connection, there is no relationship, probably just a friendship. Honesty is a big thing for me. If you can not be honest and open with the person you are dating, then there is no relationship. Communication is also a big thing for me. You have to be able to talk to each other in the relationship. Tell each other everything, no matter how bad, sad, or truthful it is. Without communication and honesty a relationship can die pretty quick. This is a reason a lot of relationships fail. Honesty and trust is a reason why I find it hard to date anyone. Without honesty there is no trust. I have not been able to trust a guy in such a long time. Sad I know, but truthful. My goal is to find someone I can spend the rest of my life with.
The Complete Phobia List, Lol
A- Ablutophobia- Fear of washing or bathing. Acarophobia- Fear of itching or of the insects that cause itching. Acerophobia- Fear of sourness. Achluophobia- Fear of darkness. Acousticophobia- Fear of noise. Acrophobia- Fear of heights. Aerophobia- Fear of drafts, air swallowing, or airbourne noxious substances. Aeroacrophobia- Fear of open high places. Aeronausiphobia- Fear of vomiting secondary to airsickness. Agateophobia- Fear of insanity. Agliophobia- Fear of pain. Agoraphobia- Fear of open spaces or of being in crowded, public places like markets. Fear of leaving a safe place. Agraphobia- Fear of sexual abuse. Agrizoophobia- Fear of wild animals. Agyrophobia- Fear of streets or crossing the street. Aichmophobia- Fear of needles or pointed objects. Ailurophobia- Fear of cats. Albuminurophobia- Fear of kidney disease. Alektorophobia- Fear of chickens. Algophobia- Fear of pain. Alliumphobia- Fear of garlic. Allodoxaphobia- Fear of opinions. Altophobia- Fear of
Funny Kid
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i think...i died. seriously. except im sitting here typing... so i must not be dead... i must just...uhm...feel dead yes that must be it. did yard work for a few hours this morning/early afternoon... then of course one must take a shower to rid themselves of sweat... then i ventured the 1/2 hour drive to the Walmart to pick up an aquarium for Meems...and all the stuff we order to turn it into a terrarium for her venus fly trap...n the other carnivorous plant i cant remember the name of... its actually pretty cool. she's trying to feed it flying ants. muahahahaha bought mahself another mini rose...a yellow one this time...AND a big ol John F Kennedy. if you dunno what a JFK rose is...go lookit too tired to explain it to you. got some sheers n stuff like that too. and a closet thing...cuz Meems closet is just a diaster area and when i have more money i really need to just re-do the entire thing. maybe next month. oh! speaking of next month...
Just Whats Inside
whats in side.... sometimes people just dont understand me. and u know what ? sometimes im glad! but most times then not, im not. im a pretty simple person to figure out. im fun, out going, and even pretty inteligent,lol. but most of all im a bleeding heart. im the type of person who will be there when times are tough and help ya work thru it.the type to be there when things just dont seem that they could get any worse and ya wanna crawl in a whole and just let the world go on without ya, ill be the one to hold out my hand and help u up, brush u off and help ya walk down that road holdin ur head up high. but on the other hand i am the one who is in the hole. im human. i have needs just like others. but im also the kind of person who just doesnt want to be a bother to anyone else too. i try an work things out for myself and well, smetimes it does and most times it doesnt. but i cope with it. ive been in stuations that i thought i was doin the right thing and just failed miserably.
Mommy's Little Angel
Mommy's Little Angel Girl There came a frantic knock at the doctor's office door, A knock, more urgent than he had ever heard before. "Come in, Come in," the impatient doctor said, "Come in, Come in, before you wake the dead." In walked a frightened little girl, a child no more than nine, It was plain for all to see, she had troubles on her mind. "Oh doctor, I beg you, please come with me, My mother is surely dying, she's as sick as she can be." "I don't make house calls, bring your mother here," "But she's too sick, so you must come or she will die I fear." The doctor, touched by her devotion, decided he would go, She said he would be blessed, more than he could know. She led him to her house where her mother lay in bed, Her mother was so very sick she couldn't raise her head. But her eyes cried out for help and help her the doctor did, She would have died that very night had it not been for her kid. T
Mortis Your cold fingers missed me again I stood quite still waiting And you passed me by Taking someone far less worthy Why is it never me? Is it because I ask for too much? I've been ready And waiting on you for years. Is it because of the others? They would get over it. I'm the one who wants you Much more than they do. Yet, here again, I wait Rejected and sullenly alive While once again you take Someone else's breath. Written 3/16/07
The Little Fireman (a Touching Story)
Little Fireman (very touching) The 26-year-old mother stared down at her son who was dying of leukemia. Although her heart was filled with sadness, she also had strong feeling of determination. Like any parent she wanted her son to grow up and fulfill all his dreams. Now that was no longer possible. The leukemia would see to that. But she still wanted her son's dreams to come true. She took her son's hand and asked, "Billy, did you ever think about what you wanted to be once you grew up? Did you ever dream and wish what you would do with your life?" "Mommy, I always wanted to be a fireman when I grew up." Mom smiled back and said, "Let's see if we can make your wish come true." Later that day she went to her local fire department in Phoenix, Arizona, where she met Fireman Bob Klein, who had a heart as big as Phoenix. She explained her son's final wish and asked if it might be possible to give her six-year-old son a ride around the block on a fire engine. The f
I am afraid to show you what i look like. I hide behind the you won't be laughing at me. Am crying for someone to hold me and tells me they love me. Yes im BloodAngel, I'm afraid you going run away like the others. I'm afraid you gonna make me feel worthless. I want to be hidden forever in here I feel safe and no harm is done to me. What you going to do Lestat? I need to feel beautiful and wanted...But i don't. (this is something i came up I hope you like it.) I have more and gonna try and put them on.)
Wtf Where Are All My Friends?
ok so my contest has lack of interest in the other contestants so......... help me get to 5000 comments please please please rules got changed i was in first place and still am but i need 5000comments and yes i'm upset about it but its not my contest so any help would be so appreciated thank you!!!!!
Darwin Award Winners For 2006 (a Must Read For A Good Laugh)
Idiot # 1 I am a medical student currently doing a rotation in toxicology at the poison control center. Today, this woman called in very upset because she caught her little daughter eating ants. I quickly reassured her that the ants are not harmful and there would be no need to bring her daughter into the hospital. She calmed down, and at the end of the conversation happened to mention that she gave her daughter some ant poison to eat in order to kill the ants. I told her that she better bring her daughter into the Emergency room right away. Idiot # 2 Seems that a year ago, some Boeing employees on the airfield decided to steal a life raft from one of the 747s. They were successful in getting it out of the plane and home. When they took it for a float on the river, a Coast Guard helicopter coming towards them surprised them. It turned out that the chopper was homing in on the emergency locator beacon that activated when the raft was inflated. They are no longer employed
Boy She Can Dance
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My Baby Again
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Deadly Farts
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My Daughter
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Cute N Funny
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I Want To Tell You Lies
I WANT TO TELL YOU LIES I want to tell that little boy his Mom will be just fine I want to tell that dad we got his daughter out in time I want to tell that wife her husband will be home tonight I don't want to tell it like it is, I want to tell them lies. You didn't put their seat belts on, you feel you killed your kids I want to say you didn't ... but in a way, you did. You pound your fists into my chest, you're hurting so inside I want to say you'll be ok, I want to tell you lies. You left chemicals within his reach and now it's in his eyes I want to say your son will see, not tell you he'll be blind. You ask me if he'll be OK, with pleading in your eyes I want to say that yes he will, I want to tell you lies. I can see you're crying as your life goes up in smoke. If you'd maintained that smoke alarm, your children may have woke. Don't grab my arm and ask me if your family is alive. Don't make me tell you they're all dead, I want to tell you lies. I w
Funny Dui Test
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Lyrics To My Fav Song... A Day To Be Alone
This song hits home for me. I listen to it at least 2 times a day! Lyrics: A Day to be Alone She said I wonder when It'll be my day Cause I'm not too far from breaking down And all I've got are screams inside But somehow they come out in a smile And I wondered if I'll always feel this way, this way Tell me about those nights you stay awake Tell me about those days you hated me Tell me how you'd rather die alone than being stuck here with me And maybe you've fallen down And maybe you, you took the long way home Baby, you could never love you like me And one day this will fade away In the mirror, you'll see your smiling face And standing next to you will always be me, be me One day you're gonna see things my way You gave me so much room that I can breathe All I've got is pictures of you I was nothing before and I started with you But for some reason, it's supposed to be that way, that way Tell me about those nights you stay awake Tell me about those d
How Not To Rob A Bank
HOW NOT TO ROB A BANK 1. PICK THE RIGHT BANK You don't want to make the same mistake as the fellow in Anaheim, Calif.,who tried to hold up a bank that was no longer in business and had no money. 2. SPEAK TO THE RIGHT TELLER One robber in Upland, Calif., presented his note to the teller, and her father who was in the next line got all bent out of shape about it. He wrestled the nut to the ground and sat on him until the authorities arrived. 3. DON'T SIGN YOUR DEMAND NOTE Demand notes have been written on the back of a subpoena issued in the name of a bank robber in Pittsburg....on an envelope bearing the name and address of another in Detroit and in East Hartford. Conn., on the back of a withdrawal slip giving the robber's signature and account number. 4. GO EASY ON THE DISGUISE One robber dressed as a woman with very heavy make-up, ran face first in a glass door. He was the first criminal ever to be positively identified by lip-print. 5. BE AWARE OF THE TIME To th
Ummhmmm Dats Right, I'm A 3 *smirk*
Saving Grace At Mcdonalds
Grace at McDonalds This is a good story, please read it all the way through. (After the story there are some very interesting facts!): I am a mother of three (ages 14, 12, 3) and have recently completed my college degree. The last class I had to take was Sociology. The teacher was absolutely inspiring with the qualities that I wish every human being had been graced with. Her last project of the term was called "Smile." The class was asked to go out and smile at three people and document their reactions. I am a very friendly person and always smile at everyone and say hello anyway, so, I thought this would be a piece of cake, literally. Soon after we were assigned the project, my husband, youngest son, and I went out to McDonald's one crisp March morning. It was just our way of sharing special play time with our son. We were standing in line, waiting to be served, when all of a sudden everyone around us began to back away, and then even my husband did. I did not move an inch... an
HOT MySpace Comments & HOT MySpace Layouts
My Color
You scored as Blue, You are considered to be a very calm person who takes things one at a time and does not worry too much about the consequences. Whatever happens, happens, is your moto. You are the one people come to for advise on most topics, because you are filled with limitless knowledge. You can handle any situation.Blue89% Green78% Yellow72% Orange67% Purple61% Pink56% White55% Black50% Red39% Which Colour Represents You???created with
Crazy Female
she says she loves my but then sleeps wit my cuzzin , she says she wants to have my child but gets pregnant by some one else, shes says she wants to marry,shes says she'll do anything for me then catches a std, so i said stop callin me, she said no matter where i go she will find me, that girl is crazy someone save me.
Facts About Southern Woman
AINT IT THE TRUTH Southern women appreciate their natural assets: Clean skin. A winning smile. That unforgettable Southern drawl. Southern women know their manners: "Yes, ma'am." "Yes, sir." "Why, no, Billy!" Southern women have a distinct way with fond expressions : "Y'all come back!" "Well, bless your heart." "Drop by when you can." "How's your Momma?" Southern women know their summer weather report: Humidity Humidity Humidity Southern women know their vacation spots: The beach The rivuh The crick Southern women know the joys of June, July, and August: Colorful hi-heel sandals Strapless sun dresses Iced sweet tea with mint Southern women know everybody's first name: Honey Darlin' Shugah Southern women know the movies that speak to their hearts: Fried Green Tomatoes Driving Miss Daisy Steel Magnolias Gone With The Wind Southern women know their religions:
A Cardiologist's Funeral
A cardiologist died and was given an elaborate funeral. A huge heart covered in flowers stood behind the casket during the service. Following the eulogy, the heart opened, and the casket rolled inside. The heart then closed, sealing the doctor in the beautiful heart forever. At that point, one of the mourners burst into laughter. When all eyes stared at him, he said, "I'm sorry, I was just thinking of my own funeral --I'm a gynecologist!" The proctologist fainted!
Creed - One Last Breath
A Portrait Of The Author....... More to come.
This Is To Cool
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Whips?? Me??
You scored as Whips, Your turn on is the "good ol'" whip. You either like to feel in charge during sex, or you like to feel pain. Sex isn't sex unless it's rough.Whips50% Bondage42% Blind Folds42% Chains/Handcuffs42% Biting25% Blood0% What's Your Kinky Turn On?created with
Jimmy Page Vs. Angus Young
The results are in- Jimmy Page-46 Votes Angus Young-26 Votes Jimmy Page is your NEW Champion! By far, this was the best turnout for best axe. I wanna thank all you Cherry Tappers for casting your vote in the bigest and best AXE FIGHT to date! Look for the next AXEFIGHT in my next MUMM and again, many thanks!
For my true friends ...guys this aint about u .Recently my life has changed some will say for the better , some will say for the worse, at the moment I just don't know what to say or think. Let me explain. In my world friends will b there no matter what ,no matter when or where. Everyone that really knows me ...knows that i'll do all that's in my power to help anyone that i can . Much to my dismay some of my true friends r changing colors on me ...and even some of my best friends r doing the same . If u consider someone a best friend or even a true friend ...make sure to tell them every day ...or u will end up with just a bunch of ...
Funny As Shit Please Comment Let Me Know What U Think
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Another Blonde Joke...
A blind man wanders into an all girls biker bar by mistake. He finds his way to a bar stool and orders some coffee. After sitting there for a while, he yells to the waiter, "Hey, you wanna hear a blonde joke?" The bar immediately falls absolutely silent. In a very deep, husky voice, the woman next to him says, "Before you tell that joke, sir, I think it's only fair, since you are blind, that you should know five things: 1. The bartender is a blonde girl with a baseball bat. 2. The bouncer is a blonde girl. 3. I'm a 6 foot tall, 175 lb. Blonde with a black belt in karate. 4. The woman sitting next to me is blonde and a professional weightlifter. 5. The lady to your right is blonde and a professional wrestler. Now, think about it seriously, Mister. Do you still wanna tell that joke?" The blind man thinks for a second, shakes his head, and mutters, "No...not if I'm gonna have to explain it five times." lol blonde
Proper Ems Narrative Descriptions
Fire/Rescue Memorandum Office of the Fire Chief To: All Riding Members From: Chief of Operations Subject: Proper Narrative Descriptions It has come to our attention from several emergency rooms that many EMS narratives have taken a decidedly creative direction lately. Effective immediately, all members are to refrain from using slang and abbreviations to describe patients, such as the following: 1) Cardiac patients should not be referred to with MUH(messed up heart), PBS (pretty bad shape), PCL (pre- code looking) or HIBGIA (had it before, got it again). 2) Stroke patients are NOT "Charlie Carrots." Nor are rescuers to use CCFCCP (Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs) to describe their mental state. 3) Trauma patients are not CATS (cut all to shit), FDGB (fall down, go boom), TBC (total body crunch) or "hamburger helper." Similarly, descriptions of a car crash do not have to include phrases like "negative vehicle to vehicle interface" or "terminal deceleration syndrome." 4)
Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show- Jungle To The Zoo
(Shel Silverstein) The tiger, he looked out of his cage and smiled He said come here boy, I want to talk to you a while He said I once was running wild and free just the same as you But it's one step from the jungle to the zoo Its one step from the jungle to the zoo You better watch out or they're gonna get you too They'll clip your claws, cut your hair, make a pussy cat out of you Its one step from the jungle to the zoo He said son when you go running through the grass You bet look out for all the hidden traps They'll feed you sweets and goodies 'til you're too fat to move Then its one step from the jungle to the zoo Its one step from the jungle to the zoo You better watch out or they're gonna get you too They'll clip your claws, yank your fangs, make a pussy cat out of you Its one step from the jungle to the zoo Only one step from the jungle to the zoo You better watch out or they're gonna get you too They'll clip your claws, cut your hair, make a pussy c
My Birthday
Well I am now a year older and may I say it fuckin sucks. Are you supposed to be depressed and lonely on your birthday? The only person in MY family to even tell me Happy Birthday was my mom and even she didn't get it right! Geez, am I that much of a fucking waste of space!?
The News On Me
well im single been for about 4 months now well actually i had a boyfriend last week but he broke up with me after i got trashd with him.. n nvr mind u it was my first time gettin trashd tons behind that i blackd out alot kinda suckd deff. not gunna do it again.. but uhm yea.. n-e who he ignored me the day after then when i finally got ahold of him he said i think we should break up n get to kno each other more me being me im like fine w/e yano im not mad at you we only went out for 6 days.. but i just dont understand anything theres so much to it yes i get he brok up with his x of a 6month on n off thing 3 days before we got together but the fact he has said so much bullshit to me about shti asks me out then says that six days later but yet doesnt get confusd till i get trashd.. i must have said something i dont remember sayin cuz i had so many black outs.. but yea so thats whats the hap. i miss him n i really like him i just wish i knew the story.. n-e guy help me? i like advise
I've Noticed Something
The only people who ever downrate my pictures are other women. I guess they feel bad about themselves and try to make others feel bad too. That shit isn't going to work on me. It's obvious that they're jealous of either how I look or how I feel about myself. I really feel sorry for them.
Santa's Response (this One Is Too Damn Funny)
Dear Santa I wud like a kool toy space ranjur fer Xmas. Iv ben a good boy all yeer. YeR FReND, BiLLy Dear Billy, Nice spelling. You're on your way to a career in trash disposal. How about I send you a f***ing dictionary so you can learn to read and write? I'm giving your older brother the space ranger, at least HE can spell! Santa P.S. Have your mother start calling you Rain Man! ________________________ Dear Santa, I have been a good girl all year, and the only thing I ask for is peace and joy in the world for everybody! Love, Sarah Dear Sarah, Your parents smoked pot when they had you, didn't they? Santa _______________________ Dear Santa, I don't know if you can do this, but for Christmas, I'd like for my mommy and daddy to get back together. Please see what you can do. Love, Teddy Dear Teddy, What, like your dad's going to quit banging the babysitter like a screen door in a hurricane? Tell your mom to lose some weight and I'll talk to your daddy.
Heres Another
HeartBreaker@ CherryTAP sorry folks but theres another down rater here in cherry tap it just go me befor i had a chance to stop it
Daily Dose Of Zen
1. Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead. Do not walk ahead of me, for I may not follow. Do not walk beside me either. Just leave me the hell alone. 2. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a broken fan belt and a leaky tire. 3. It's always darkest before dawn. So if you're going to steal your neighbor's newspaper, that's the time to do it. 4. Sex is like air. It's not important unless you aren't getting any. 5. Don't be irreplaceable. If you can't be replaced, you can't be promoted. 6. No one is listening until you fart. 7. Always remember you're unique. Just like everyone else. 8. Never test the depth of the water with both feet. 9. If you think nobody cares if you're alive, try missing a couple of car payments. 10. Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes. 11. If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you. 12. Give a ma
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I'm A ..........
What vampire would you be? (pics) Vampire of Seduction Who say's killing cant be fun? As lovly as you are, you must be the Love god/ess of Vampires everywere. The opposite as well as the same sex are oeverwhelmed by you. You play with their senses before you puncture to the death.Take The Quiz Now!Quizzes by
The 2007 Darwin Awards
In case you don't know the Darwin Awards are an annual honor given to the person who did the gene pool the biggest service by killing themselves in the most extraordinarily stupid way. Last year's winner was the fellow who was killed by a Coke machine which toppled over on top of him as he was attempting to tip a free soda out of it. And the nominees this year, in reverse order, are: .......... 7. A young Canadian man, searching for a way of getting drunk cheaply because he had no money with which to buy alcohol, mixed gasoline with milk. Not surprisingly, this concoction made him ill, and he vomited into the fireplace in his house. The resulting explosion and fire burned his house down, killing both him and his sister. 6. A 34-year-old white male found dead in the basement of his home dead of suffocation, according to police. He was approximately 6' 2" tall and weighed 225 pounds. He was wearing a pleated skirt, white bra, black and white saddle shoes, and a woman's wig. I
I Got A Mansion
I have been given a lot of gifts during my time here on Cherry Tap. Mostly for level ups.I have gotten blasts,cars,and so on. I have never gotten a mansion.Well tonight I got a mansion and I didn't do a level up or anything else to get it.Please stop by and show her some love. Stephie@ CherryTAP To show her some love back shes in a Tattoo contest so I'm asking everyone to please stop by and bomb her picture below for me.Thank you.
Welcome to the home page and i'm glad you guys could come sorry for the inconvience it's still under construction
Actual Church Bulletin (a Must Read)
OKay a little explination here...for this one, you have read it and think about it for a minute, this is an actual church bulletin that came from a local church. I think they packed a month into one bulletin, however, this is how it was, copied and pasted here untouched, and in it's original form, so take a min and read it, I'm sure you'll see why it's so damn funny. Ladies Bible Study will be held Thursday morning at 10. All ladies are invited to lunch in the Fellowship Hall after the B.S. is done. The pastor would appreciate it if the ladies of the congregation would lend him their electric girdles for the pancake breakfast next Sunday morning. The pastor will preach his farewell message, after which the choir will sing, "Break Forth Into Joy." Remember in prayer the many who are sick of our church and community. The eighth graders will be presenting Shakespeare's Hamlet in the church basement Friday at 7 p.m. The congregation is invited to attend this tragedy. Thursday night P
Broiled Lamb Chops With Artichokes, Olives And Tomatoes
Broiled Lamb Chops with Artichokes, Olives and Tomatoes Here's a quick and easy way to make simple broiled or grilled lamb chops into an elegant and colorful meal. If you don't have couscous or pilaf on hand, the chops are also great on top of creamy mashed potatoes. Credit: Fran Clinton Servings: 3 Ingredients: * 2 tablespoons olive oil * 13.75-ounce can artichoke heart quarters * 2 tablespoons sliced olives * 1 cup tomatoes * 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar * 6 lamb chops, sprinkled with salt and pepper and broiled for about 5 minutes on each side for medium-rare * Couscous or wheat pilaf, for serving Directions: Heat olive oil in a saute pan over high heat; once hot, add artichokes, olives and tomatoes. Cook, stirring, for approximately 5 minutes or until tomatoes have softened and the mixture is piping hot. Stir balsamic vinegar into vegetable mixture and remove from heat. Spoon sauce over broiled lamb chops and serve with cou
Dr. Hook- Sharing The Night Together
Dr. Hook- Sharing the Night Together You're looking kinda lonely girl Would you like someone new to talk to Ah-yeh, alright I'm feeling kinda lonely too If you don't mind can I sit down here beside you Ah-yeah, alright If I seem to come on too strong I hope that you will understand I say these things 'cause I'd like to know If you're as lonely as I am and if you mind Sharing the night together Oh-yeah, sharing the night together Oh-yeah, sharing the night We could bring in the morning girl If you want to go that far And if tomorrow find us together Right here the way we are would you mind Sharing the night together Oh-yeah, sharing the night together Oh-yeah, sharing the night Would you like to dance with me and hold me You know I want to be holding you Ah-yeah, alright 'Cause I like feeling like I do And I see in your eyes that you're liking it too Ah yeah, alright Like to get to know you better Is there a place where we can go Where we can be alon
Sorry All
sorry all of those i pissed off dint mean too
When The Night Comes- Joe Cocker
(Adams/Vallence/Warren) Hold On I'll Be Back For You It Wont Be Long But For Now There's Something There That's Calling Me So Take Me Down That Lonesome Road Point Me East And Let Me Go This Suitcase Weighs Me Down With Memories I Just Want To Be The One You Run To I Just Want To Be The One You Come To I Just Want To Be There With Someone When The Night Comes Lets Put All Our Cares Behind Us And Go Where They'll Never Find Us I Just Want To Be There Beside You When The Night Comes When The Night Comes Two Spirits In The Nigh We Can Leave Before The Morning Light When Theirs Nothing Left To Lose Theirs Nothing Left To Fear So Meet Me On The Edge Of Town Won't Keep You Waiting I'll Be Around Then You And I Will Just Roll Right Out Of Here I Just Want To Be The One You Run To I Just Want To Be The One You Come To I Just Want To Be With Someone When The Night Comes Lets Put All Our Cares Behind Us And Go Where They'll Never Find Us I Just Want To Be There
Always (a Tear Jerker, Read It)
are you ready for this? Always Her hair was up in a ponytail Her favourite dress tied with a bow. Today was Daddy's Day at school, And she couldn't wait to go. But her mommy tried to tell her, That she probably should stay home. Why the kids might not understand, If she went to school alone. But she was not afraid; She knew just what to say. What to tell her classmates Of why he wasn't there today. But still her mother worried, For her to face this day alone. And that was why once again, She tried to keep her daughter home. But the little girl went to school Eager to tell them all. About a dad she never sees A dad who never calls. There were daddies along the wall in back, For everyone to meet. Children squirming impatiently, Anxious in their seats. One by one the teacher called, A student from the class. To introduce their daddy, As seconds slowly passed. At last the teacher called her name, Every child turned to stare. Each of them wa
The Wooden Bowl
A frail old man went to live with his son, daughter-in-law, and four-year old grandson. The old man's hands trembled, his eyesight was blurred, and his step faltered. The family ate together at the table. But the elderly grandfather's shaky hands and failing sight made eating difficult. Peas rolled off his spoon onto the floor. When he grasped the glass, milk spilled on the tablecloth. The son and daughter-in-law became irritated with the mess. "We must do something about father," said the son. "I've had enough of his spilled milk, noisy eating, and food on the floor." So the husband and wife set a small table in the corner. There, Grandfather ate alone while the rest of the family enjoyed dinner. Since Grandfather had broken a dish or two, his food was served in a wooden bowl! When the family glanced in Grandfather's direction, sometime he had a tear in his eye as he sat alone. Still, the only words the couple had for him were sharp admonitions when he dropped a fork
Native American Proverbs Ii
One foe is too many and 100 friends are too few - Hopi Do not wrong or hate your neighbor, for it is not he that you wrong, but yourself - Pima The more you give, the more good things come to you - Crow Never interfere in a person's decisions - Hopi The lazy man is apt to be envious - Omaha Man's laws change with his understanding of men. Only the laws of the spirit remain always the same - Crow When a favor is shown to a white man, he feels it in his head and the tongue speaks. When kindness is shown to an Indian he feels it in his heart and the heart has no tongue - Shoeshone
Birthday Calculator
7 April 1964 Your date of conception was on or about 16 July 1963 which was a Tuesday. You were born on a Tuesday under the astrological sign Aries. Your Life path number is 4. Life Path Compatibility: You are most compatible with those with the Life Path numbers 2, 4, 8, 11 & 22. You should get along well with those with the Life Path numbers 6 & 7. You are least compatible with those with the Life Path numbers 1, 3, 5 & 9. The Julian calendar date of your birth is 2438492.5. The golden number for 1964 is 8. The epact number for 1964 is 16. The year 1964 was a leap year. Your birthday falls into the Chinese year beginning 2/13/1964 and ending 2/1/1965. You were born in the Chinese year of the Dragon. Your Native American Zodiac sign is Hawk; your plant is Dandelion. You were born in the Egyptian month of Paony, the second month of the season of Shomu (Harvest). Your date of birth on the Hebrew calendar is 25 Nisan 5724. Or if you were born after sundown
The Witch Cont.
The Evil Witch is always around casting her spells and hexes. It is so funny when they backfire on her. Which doesn't happen often. She has so much ugly, foul and discuting things going on inside her body. She has her sidekicks the troll and the giant that just hang on to every word she says, and she just keeps recruiting more followers which is really a shame,. The once nice and sweet faries are turning into her drones and just do anything the witch says.Two of the drones hace escaped her clutches and now see the bright beautiful people around them. One hansome prince has come under her spell and he is becoming very ugly and you can see it more and more everyday. I must do what I can to get him out of her clutches. I just don't know what to do. I just dont know what she is holding over him to make him follow behind her and do as she bids
Not Alone
I stand before u.. Alone and showing u all of me.. My scared body to match my scared heart.. You see me as I am.. U see the pain i carry.. The pain people before u can cut in to me.. The fear in my eyes.. You can hear me take my shakie breath.. As i let u look at me.. I close my eyes to try and stop my tears.. Yet when i open my eyes, there u are standing before me.. Looking at me with such care and understanding eyes.. You see into my heart and soul.. As if you are my other half.. YOu see how scared i am.. How unsure i am to let u see me.. Yet here you are standing before me.. You reach for my hands.. An i start to cry.. An as i look in to your eyes.. You tell me softly.. That it will be OK.. I think to my self.. Why does he still stand here before me.. Then I look up at him.. I see that smile that makes my day.. I see that glimmer he has in his eyes when he looks at me.. The things that are better left unsaid..An i feel my heart beat again.. an my soul feels
I Now See The Truth In Your Eyes
I look in your eyes And realize That for some reason It is hard for me to believe you You say you care But I don't feel it And you never show it You say you have something to tell me Something important But please tell me something How could you forget to tell me You do that to me a lot it seems But all I can say Is I deserve it I'm not sure why I do But for some reason It just all makes sense No one has treated me any other way And I was foolish enough to think That you would be different Which isn't a surprise to me
An Ems Mom
AN EMS MOM is in a class of her own,Like an angel from heaven, like a queen on a throne.Her heart and spirit as large as a mountain,With a smile that sparkles like a sun-splashed fountain.She's put up with me since the first sound I'd spoken,Even to this day - that's a feat seldom broken!While she's fully aware of the danger I face,She rarely shows it not even a trace.But deep within - her thoughts are more prayerful,"Lord, watch over my child - OH please - be careful."A beautiful lady with her charm and appeal,Never missing a birthday or my favorite meal.Like a rare-cut diamond; a priceless breed,Always ready to help any person in need. Not mentioned enough, like a prayer or a psalm,"You're loved more than ever," my EMS MOM."
What Your Name Means
You entered: EVIS MARIE (LUCAS) BUCHANAN There are 22 letters in your name. Those 22 letters total to 86 There are 10 vowels and 12 consonants in your name. Your number is: 5 The characteristics of #5 are: Expansiveness, visionary, adventure, the constructive use of freedom. The expression or destiny for #5: The number 5 Expression endows with the wonderful characteristic of multi-talents and versatility. You can do so many things well. The tone of the number 5 is constructive freedom, and in your drive to attain this freedom, you will likely be the master of adaptability and change. You are good at presenting ideas and knowing how to approach people to get what you want. Naturally, this gives you an edge in any sort of selling game and spells easy success when it comes to working with people in most jobs. Your popularity may lead you toward some form of entertainment or amusement. Whatever you do, you are clever, analytical, and a very quick thinker. If there is too mu
An Ems Dad
An EMS Dad is in a class of his own, Like the king of a mountain or a king on his throne. His heart and spirit make him larger than life, And his smile is like diamonds without any strife. He has been there for me from that very first day, Always there to guide me on my way. Though constantly aware of the dangers I face, He never says a word, not even a trace. I feel his prayers protecting me, His pride for me is plain to see. His love and support he has shown along the way, Is the reason I am in EMS today! Not mentioned enough, my love for you straight from my heart, And may God bless you when we are apart.
A Father's Story (tear Jerker)
On July 22nd I was en route to Washington, DC for a business trip. It was all so very ordinary, until landing in Denver for a plane change. As I collected my belongings from the overhead bin, an announcement was made for Mr. Lloyd Glenn to see the United Customer Service Representative immediately. I thought nothing of it until I reached the door to leave the plane, and I heard a gentleman asking every male if they were Mr.Glenn. At this point I knew something was wrong and my heart sunk. When I got off the plane a solemn-faced young man came toward me and said, "Mr. Glenn, there is an emergency at your home. I do not know what the emergency is, or who is involved, but I will take you to the phone so you can call the hospital." My heart was now pounding, but the will to be calm took over. Woodenly, I followed this stranger to the distant telephone where I called the number he gave me for the Mission Hospital. My call was put through to the trauma center where I learned that my three-
Oriental Grilled Swordfish
Oriental Grilled Swordfish Grilling is great for meaty fish like swordfish and tuna, and the prep is simple because the steaks need only about half an hour of marinating time. Try serving this dish with sliced cucumbers tossed with a bit of rice wine vinegar and a pinch of salt and sugar. Credit: Lifestyle Cooks Servings: 6 Ingredients: * 6 swordfish, monkfish or tuna steaks, about 1/4 pound each * 1/2 cup soy sauce * 2 teaspoons fresh gingerroot, grated * 1/2 cup Chinese cooking wine, rice wine or dry sherry * 2 cloves garlic, minced or pressed * 1/4 cup toasted sesame oil * Lime wedges, chopped green onions, Japanese wasabi (optional) Directions: Lightly rinse the fish, pat it dry and set it aside. In a bowl, combine the soy sauce, ginger, wine and minced garlic. Place the fish in a bowl; pour the marinade over it. Refrigerate for about 30 minutes, turning once or twice. Lift the fish out of the marinade and let it drain. R
Shilo Written by: neil diamond Young child with dreams Dream, every dream on your own When children play Seems like you end up alone Papa says he'd love to be with you If he had the time So you turn to the only friend you can find There in your mind Shilo, when I was young I used to call your name When no one else would come Shilo, you always came And we'd play Young girl with fire Something said she understood I wanted to fly She made me feel like I could Held out my hand, and I let her take me Blind as a child All I saw was the way that she made me smile She made me smile Shilo, when I was young I used to call your name When no one else would come Shilo, you always came And you'd stay Had a dream, and it filled me with wonder She had other plans Got to go, and I know you'll understand I understand Shilo, when I was young I used to call your name When no one else would come Shilo, you always came Come today
Girly glitter comments from Girly glitter comments from Girly glitter comments from
i for got to mention rules are no blank comments and no one under lvl 5 thanx all
I've Learned That
On a positive note, I've learned that, no matter what happens, how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow. I've learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way he/s he handles four things: a rainy day, the elderly, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights. I've learned that, regardless of your relationship with your parents, you'll miss them when they're gone from your life. I've learned that making a "living" is not the same thing as making a "life.." I've learned that life sometimes gives you a second chance. I've learned that you shouldn't go through life with a catcher's mitt on both hands. You need to be able to throw something back. I've learned that if you pursue happiness, it will elude you. But if you focus on your family, your friends, the needs of others, your work and doing the very best you can, happiness will find you. I've learned that whenever I decide something with an open heart, I usually make the right decision. I've lea
Its so lonely when you try to hide yourself , Just so you won't get hurt. but it turns out you'll be by yourself, when youe feelings you try to desert. The world id full of problems, thats easy for anyone to see. you can't even begin to fix them, if alone you want to be. I've learned this the hard way, that everyone needs friends. and now I suffer day by day, I guess this is where my story ends. But you yourself should be cheerful, Don't make the same mistakes i made. for I'm the only one who should be fearful, in the forgiveness I delayed. -Rachel Jenkins
How Now, Mitch!
In case you missed the bulletins, here is the trailer for TV Face, once again. Totally free. Totally uncensored. Totally twisted. July 23rd. Get ready for an awesome horror adventure. Horror web series out on July 23rd!Add to My Profile | More Videos
~ More Hate For Winter ~
Why is there always Someone who says" onh hell i'll just go around them" lol
Please Help My Girl! Comment Bombers Needed Asap!
my girl k-rich needs some more help in her very first contest its all about the cleavage, come check her out!! please go comment bomb the hell out of her pic and help her win this thang!! anything you can do will be greatly appreciated, and we will find some way to repay u for ur kindness!! :) please hurry!!!!
Black Leathur Friday 13
==================================================================================================================== 07-13-07 Black Leathur Friday 13 TLL intro 14BLF13 Led Zeppelin "Black Dog" My Chemical Romance "Welcome To The Black Parade" LIVE Rob Zombie "Black Sunshine" >voiceover: Theme from "Friday The 13th" Pearl Jam "Black" The Doobie Brothers "Black Water" Alannah Myles "Black Velvet" >voiceover Black Sabbath "Black Sabbath" LIVE The Scorpions "Blackout" LIVE Soundgarden "Black Hole Sun" LIVE AC/DC "Back In Black" LIVE Metallica "Fade To Black" LIVE >voiceover Metallica "Blackened Ozzy Osbourne "Black Rain" Atreyu "Lip Gloss And Black" WRR 12sec bump Flogging Molly "Black Friday Rule" >voiceover Testament "Souls Of Black" Amorphis "Black Winter Day" WRR 12sec bump Motley Crue "Black Widow" Lita Ford "Black Widow" Belladonna "Black Swan" Queensryche "The Lady Wore Black" >voiceover Blue October "Black Orchid" YANKED Carcass "Black Star"
Surveys . . . All The Cool Kids Do Them
1. Who were you with last night/yesterday? Hmmm, if I tell you you are gonna want details and I am just in no mood for that kind of discussion right now 2. What woke you up this morning? The fact that I am alive 3. Where are you? Outside your window . . . No donít look 4. Did you kiss or hug anyone today? Oh see I didnít even tell you anything and you are already asking for details . . . damn 5. When was the last time you cried? Well, it was awful sad when Blues Clues was over this morning 6. Ever thrown up in public? Hehehe . . . Um, hehehe 7. Passed out because of alcohol? Yeah and on top of a dead hooker at that . . . Shit forget I mentioned that 8. Who's on your mind RIGHT NOW? Well despite what your twisted mind may believe there is in fact no one sitting on my head at the moment - sure Iíd have noticed by now 9. Would you take a bullet for anyone? Sure if they take one for me first, who has a gun? 10. Where would you like to live? In this la
Never Gonna Give You Up
We're no strangers to love You know the rules and so do I A full commitment's what I'm thinking of You wouldn't get this from any other guy I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling Gotta make you understand * Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you We've know each other for so long Your heart's been aching But you're too shy to say it Inside we both know what's been going on We know the game and we're gonna play it And if you ask me how I'm feeling Don't tell me you're too blind to see (* repeat) give you up. give you up give you up, give you up never gonna give never gonna give, give you up never gonna give never gonna give, give you up I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling Gotta make you understand
Pimp Level Before Name Change
Hello again all my beautiful friends :) I'm begging for your help on this. My new friend callmepdiddy has been neck and neck with me on the contest i've been in and he has for damn sure given me a run for my money lol,,the toughest competetor i could have gone up against. Even though we were rivals in the contest we somehow became friends and I would like for all of you to help him out for me. His goal is to reach Pimp status before CT changes names to FUBAR. Right now he is an Idle Cherry and still needs 10,000 points to reach the next level, then one more level before he reaches Pimp. Please go by and check him out and bomb his ass with some major cherry love and help him level up to Pimp. I love you all and would be so damn greatful if you would do this for me :) Thank you all,,, Batty Ooops I almost forgot,,here is the link to his profile
Fault And Fracture
You were most beautiful as the damage and the trauma. Pounding hard with battered wings of destiny. You were my last great war. You were my heaven ablaze. Riddled with faults and fractures. And I spent my last of days burning my oldest of bridges. And I spent my last of nights killing the best of friends. In the company of thieves, liars, beggers and whores. I'll lay waiting, just waiting for my time to come.
The New Nitelife Mag
Nitelife Magazine is expanding into the Indy market. Content coverage will now include Fort Wayne and a result we are printing more magazines...we will have more readers...and you will get more attention. MODELS, MUSICIANS, LOCAL TALENTS AND CELEBS...we want to feature you. Cover stories, hot pictorials, its all fair game in Nitelife. Hit us up on CT or check us out on the WEB at Respond to the blog if you want to be featured in NITELIFE
11 Types Of Men
I think I know and/or have known someone that has dated at least one of each of the below stated types of men! LOL. Check it out for yourself! And to the guys..what type are you? 1. MR. THUG LIFE Advantages a. Real good at making love b. Fun and exciting c. Makes you laugh d. Has your back, will fight and protect you Disadvantages a. Usually drinks and smokes too much b. Always got drama c. Stays a thug forever d. In and out of jail 2. MR. NAW, I DON'T HAVE A GIRL Advantages a. Will take you out in the beginning b. Will introduce you to all his friends c. Compliments you all the time Disadvantages a. Has a girlfriend who he's been with since the 2nd grade b. Will not get rid of her c. He tells you about her after you've fallen in love with his ass 3. MR. BIG BALLA Advantages a. Will give you money with no questions asked b. Has a lot of style to him c. Will show you some of the nice things in life Disadvantages a.
Surgery Went Good
well has all of u know i had my arm surgery...they put me to sleep...took an hour and a half for both surgeries on my left arm...spent hour in home now and they gave me pain killers but there not strong enough,but i'll make it...i'm so sore ...arm hurt's pretty bad.i got staples and stiches but not sure how many..wish me luck on a good speedy recovery..also i want to thank my family for being there with me u all...also wolud like to thank amy , frank,and fred for being so concerned about me ...i love you all...ya'll mean alot to me.thanks alot frank for all the prayers..thanks to all 3 of you for being the best friends a girl could ask for...i appreciate my family and friends. will keep u updated of changes
~ Russians Need To Lay Off The Vodka ~
Hey All
im in this contest till july 27th come give me hand if u have free time thanx i haven't got the link to the yr vic one yet
I open my eyes I try to see but Iím blinded by the white light I canít remember how I canít remember why Iím lying here tonight And I canít stand the pain And I canít make it go away No I canít stand the pain How could this happen to me I made my mistakes Iíve got no where to run The night goes on As Iím fading away Iím sick of this life I just wanna scream How could this happen to me Everybodyís screaming I try to make a sound but no one hears me Iím slipping off the edge Iím hanging by a thread I wanna start this over again So I try to hold onto a time when nothing mattered And I canít explain what happened And I canít erase the things that Iíve done No I canít How could this happen to me I made my mistakes Iíve got no where to run The night goes on As Iím fading away Iím sick of this life I just wanna scream How could this happen to me I made my mistakes Iíve got no where to run The night goes on As Iím fading away Iím sick of this li
~ More Reasons To Hate Snow ~
I can't believe the 2 women who jumps out of a moving car.
~ Another Reason I Hate Winter ~
This is really somthing you would think SOMEONE would have blocked off the street the 1st car looks like he hits EVERYTHING lol
I Want!! I'd Appreciate!
I want!! I'd Appreciate! date: 2007-07-17 21:01:20 Picture comments/ranks,,,I always return the favor!!! Family members comment/rank my naughty pix(just me folder) some lucky girlz got some uncensored salutes added to my salutes to others folder check those out as well, look at my other folders I know i have a lot of pix so take ur time!!!
Everyone Do Me A Favor
Everyone rate something low dumb broad
What Does Your Eye Color Say Bout You?
what does your eye color say about you I saw this on a friends page......too funny I'M A BLUE+BROWN EYED LEO!!!! PISCES: Caring and kind. Smart. Center of attention. Too Sexy. Very high sex appeal. Has the last word. The best to find, hardest to keep. Fun to be around. Freak in the sheets. Extremely weird but in a good way. Super good in bed. Good Sense of Humor. Thoughtful. A partner for life. Always gets what he or she wants. Loves to joke. Very popular. Silly, fun and sweet. ARIES: Outgoing. Lovable. Spontanious. Not one to fuck with. Erotic. Funny. Take you on trips to the moon in bed. Excellent kisser. EXTREMELY sexy. Loves being in long relationships. Addictive. Loud. Best in bed. TAURUS: Aggressive. Freak in bed. Rare to find. Loves being in long relationships. Likes to give a good fight for what they want. Extremely outgoing. Loves to help people in times of need. Outstanding kisser. Very funny. Awesome personality. Stubborn. Sexual. Sexy. Most caring person you wi
I'm trying my hardest to figure all of this out.
Job Search Update No.2
The woman from North Carolina wrote me today. She has written an email to the President of the second biggest marine shipping company in the world. They are friends. The president is italian and he tries to give jobs to countrymen. Here i am. 100% italian blood. We'll see what happen Stars are by my side so far.
Broke Back Bar Lol
A cowboy walks into a bar and two steps in he realizes it's a gay >bar. "What the heck," he says to himself, "I really want a drink." > >When the gay waiter approaches, he says to the cowboy, >"What's the name of your willy?" > >The cowboy says, "Look, I'm not into any of that. All I want is a >drink." > >The gay waiter says, "I'm sorry but I can't serve you until you tell >me the name of your willy. Mine for instance is called NIKE, for the >slogan 'Just Do It.' That guy down at the end of the bar calls his >SNICKERS, >because 'It really Satisfies." > >The cowboy looks dumbfounded, so the bartender tells him he will give >him a second to think it over. > >So the cowboy asks the man sitting to his left who is sipping on a >beer, "Hey bud, what's the name of yours?" > >The man looks back and says with a smile, "TIMEX." The thirsty cowboy >asks, >"Why Timex?" The fella proudly replies, "Cause it takes a lickin' and keeps >on >tickin!" > >A little shaken, the c
Im Freaking Out
my boyfriend got kicked outta his house sunday he slept over and left last night at like 11 well he was supposed to call me today and he didnt so i dont kno if hes got somewhere to stay or is sleeping outside if hes eating or if hes even okay i would die if anything happened to him and he did say he was going to just disappear for a month and if he disappears from me for a month ill go crazy i need my man to live hes my life my world my fucking everything and i dunno if i should call his mom and see if shes heard from him at all or not ugh =[
My Fine Is
my fine is What is my fine? What is my fine?well i guess that makes me a hevyweight my fine is$ over $15oo.oo prolly more ! The last person to send this to me was over $640!! I must be boring or truly an angel LOL. This is fun to do. Just read the 'offence' and if you've done it, you owe that fine. Keep going until you've read each 'offence' and added up your total fine. When you are done post this as: "My fine is $..." You don't have to confess your answers, just the amount of your fine. Smoked pot -- $10 Did acid -- $5 Ever had sex at church -- $25 Woke up in the morning and did not know the person who was next to you -- $40 Had sex with someone on MySpace -- $25 Had sex for money -- $100 Ever had sex with a Puerto Rican -- $20 Vandalized something -- $20 Had sex on your parents' bed -- $10 Beat up someone -- $20 Been jumped -- $10 Cross dressed -- $10 Given money to stripper -- $25 Been in love with a stripper -- $20 Kissed someone who's name you didn't know -- $0.10 Hit on some o
About Erb's Palsy
About Erb's Palsy Erb's Palsy also known as Brachial Plexus Paralysis is a condition which mainly due to birth trauma, can affect 1 or all of the 5 primary nerves that supply the movement and feeling to an arm. Each baby's injury is individual. The paralysis can be partial or complete; the damage to each nerve can range from bruising to tearing. Some babies recover on their own however some may require specialist intervention. Early Intervention is crucial in order to ascertain the full extent of damage caused. There are tests, which can be carried out that show which nerve/s are damaged. Treatment in the first year of life can have a significant impact on recovery. However, if there is no progress or you are worried, you might want to ask your doctor or paediatrician to refer your child to a specialist within the field of Erb's Palsy. Treatment Available: PHYSIOTHERAPY - OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY - HYDROTHERAPY - NERVE GRAFTS - TENDON/MUSCLE RELEASE What is the
Long story short...I am leaving for Georgia in about 6 hours and I am really nervous about it. I'm going for work and it isn't that I've never traveled before, it's just that I never went anywhere without my family or a friend being present. I don't know, I have to get some sleep. I'm not replying/reading any messages, I'll get back to you when I come back.
Life Is Meant To Be Lived
LIFE IS MEANT TO BE LIVED Life is to be lived. No excuses. No reservations. No holding back. An enchanting story about violinist Fritz Kreisler tells how he once came across a beautiful instrument he wanted to acquire. When he finally raised the money for the violin, he returned to buy it and learned that it had already been sold to a collector. He went to the new owner's home in order to try to persuade him to sell the violin. But the collector said it was one of his prized possessions and he could not let it go. The disappointed Kreisler turned to leave, but then asked a favor. "May I play the instrument once more before it is consigned to silence?" Permission was granted and the great musician began to play. The violin sang out a quality of music so beautiful that the collector himself could only listen in wonderment. "I have no right to keep that to myself," he said after the musician finished. "The violin is yours, Mr. Kreisler. Take it into world, and let p
I Miss My Dad...
Talked to my dad on the phone today. I haven't talked to him since the 4th. It was nice. I told him a little bit about me moving out and looking on He's not so thrilled about that, but I told him that I need to and he has to trust that I'll make the right decision. Dads... no matter how old I get, he's always going to try to baby me. *sigh* Sometimes I really miss him though. He and I could just sit and talk and he'd give me advice - or at least try to. *sigh* Don't get me wrong.. I miss my mom and my younger brother too... but my dad and I were really close. I wish I could've been closer to my mom, but I guess I'm just a "daddy's girl". Blah. This is stupid. I hate thinking about stuff like that because it makes me tear up. Little things tend to do that to me now though. Meh. I'm going to stop typing. G'night.
Looking For Friends In Ohio
So does anyone live near Cleveland Ohio? I'm looking for new friends who like to hang out watch movies, play video games and have conversation in person or on the phone.
Sexual Questions ,,,lets See What Ya Bout
HAD SEX?: why yes...not the 40 year virgin HAD ORAL SEX?: As Much As Humanly Possible - (LOL) Yes USED MORE THAN 3 POSITIONS DURING SEX?: Prefer more! DEVOTED A WHOLE DAY TO SEX?: yes,,even had a cooler for drinks n food so no leave room HAD NOISE COMPLAINTS FROM NEIGHBORS DURING A SEX SESSION?: yes,,,howling when bout to cum,,the wolf in me RECEIVED OPEN PRAISE FOR SEXUAL TECHNIQUE?:yes ,got oh baby i love ya for my tongue action FALLEN OR LOST BALANCE DURING SEX?: slide off bed (had oil on it though)broke a bed or two BROUGHT YOUR PARTNER TO CLIMAX USING ONLY HANDS?:yes,but thats no fun BROUGHT YOUR PARTNER TO CLIMAX USING ONLY MOUTH?: Yes..the all nighter and then some day HAD SEX WHILE TOTALLY DRESSED?: on the sofa to sleeping mom in girlfriends house HAD SEX STANDING UP?: yes ,,up agaisnt the wall ,,,holding her standing up ,, EROTICALLY LICKED FEET OR SUCKED TOES?nope not into feet HAD SEX DURING A ďMONTHLY VISITĒ?: Yes,
Go Vote For My Picture
Hey guys...I need everyones help...I need everyone to go vote for my pic in the Delicious Diva Contest...and ill return the fav!!! Love Tonya Heres the link to my picture:
6 Weird Things Bout You
Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things/habits about you. "People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things or habits" as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you need to choose 4 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says "TAG...YOU'RE IT"! And tell them to read your blog for rules. 1. i get annoyed at people that smacks while their eating ,,,ughhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! 2. hate finding empty boxs in th cupboard ....... 3. i have to say yes ,,,,sex is always on my mind 4. got a thing about top sheets on my bed ,,,i find my self in a choke hold every time 5. can move my bottom eye lid independatly 6. my eyes are two different colors in my right eye
The New Movie!
How many of you have seen the new movie? Do you like it? I think the Prizoner of Askiban was even better. Do any of you read the books first? Then watch the movie?????
look all i ask is that yall notice me andmy profile so yall can send me some more luv and comments.i am kinda down cuz of some probs i been having, so will somebody get this and rape my page or simply leave me some comments ok.
Native American Proverbs
Some of my favorites... Stand in the light when you want to speak out - Crow Life is both giving and receiving - Mohawk (some cherrytap people need to read that one) Stolen food never satisfies hunger - Omaha Ask questions from your heart and you will be answered from the heart - Omaha It takes a whole village to raise a child - Omaha We will be known forever by the tracks we leave - Dakota Never sit while seniors stand - Cree Each person is his own judge - Pima
There's a pain that sleeps inside It sleeps with just one eye And awakens the moment that you leave Though I try to look away The pain it still remains Only leaving when you're next to me Do you know, that everytime you're near Everybody else seems far away So can you come and make them disappear Make them disappear and we can stay So I stand and look around Distracted by the sounds Of everyone and everything I see And I search through every face Without a single trace, of the person The person that I need Do you know, that everytime you're near Everybody else seems far away So can you come and make them disappear Make them disappear and we can stay Can you make them disappear? Make them disappear There's a pain that sleeps inside Sleeps with just one eye And awakens, the moment that you leave And I search through every face Without a single trace, of the person The person that I need Do you know, that everytime you're near Everybody else seems
Let's do this...... 1. Middle Name: 2. Age: 3. Single or Taken: 4. Favorite place to hang out: 5. Favorite pet/animal: 6. Favorite Band/Artist: 7. Tattoos and/or Piercings: 8. Whats your philosophy on life? 9. Tell me one odd/int resting fact about you: 10. What is the craziest thing you've ever done? 11. Ever been arrested/ gone to jail? 12. Do you think I'm attractive? 13. If you could change anything about me, would you? 14. If you could change anything about yourself, would you? 15. What do you wear to sleep? 16. What is your favorite thing to do in the world? 17. Would you go on a date with me if i asked you? 18. If I only had one day to live, what would we do together? 19. If you could kiss me anywhere in the world, where would we have our first kiss? 20. If you could kiss me anywhere on my body, where would you kiss me? 21. What's your favorite position? Why? 22. Whats your favorite picture of me? Why? 23. Why are we friends? How did we meet? 24. Favorite part of a woman/man? 25
True Caring Friends ( Fiesty )
Online friends are people we may never meet.... We see pictures, we see cams...It isn't the same.... We grow close...We care and love one another.... One day we may not hear from one another.... Our hearts will break... All we see is a name on messenger but the person we don't see anymore..... We pray....."Please come back".... All I ask is you remember me in the good times we had..... Keep me close to your heart....Friends forever... Pass this on to all your friends....If I get it back.... I know you care, friends for life
For My Buddy And Crew Radio
It Good To Be Bad
i know how to be notty when i want to and an angel when im not notty
Quote For July 17
The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every day. Never lose a holy curiosity. -- Albert Einstein Bonus Quote: When a nation goes down, or a society perishes, one condition may always be found; they forgot where they came from. They lost sight of what had brought them along. -- Carl Sandberg This public service is brought to you daily by CT's Yoda©, speak to you I will!
Lady Karmicís Contract For Service
Lady Karmicís Contract for service D/s Contract I, ________________________, with a free mind and an open heart; do request of _______________________ that She accept the submission of my will unto Her and to take me into Her care and guidance, that W/we may grow together in trust and mutual respect. The satisfaction of Her wants, desires, and whims are consistent with my desire as a submissive to be found pleasing to Her. To that end, I offer her use of my time, talents, and abilities. Further, I ask, in sincere humility, that, as my Mistress, She accept the keeping of me for the fulfillment and enhancement of O/our sadistic, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual needs. To achieve this, She may have unfettered use of my body any time, any place, in front of anyone; to keep or to give away, as She will determine. I ask that She guide me in any sensual, or scene-related behavior, both together with, and separate from Her, in such a way as to further my growth as a person. I req
Could Ya Give Me A Bit Of Help.....
I've been trying to add some new music to my stash. Everything appears to look okay...the player is there. It is suppose to be an auto start trax, and it says auto play in the html code. will not autoplay for me. I'd sure appreciate it if you'd all have a look, and let me know if they're working for you, and let me know if you have any ideas why it won't autoplay for me... I'd appreciate any info, or suggestions you might have. thanks here's a link to the first one, and then there are also 3 more by The Martins...check them out as well, if you would. a href="" target=_blank>
Laugh For July 17
An Englishman, a Scotsman and an Irishman One day an Englishman, a Scotsman, and an Irishman walked into a pub together. They each proceeded to buy a pint of Guinness. Just as they where about to enjoy their creamy beverage three flys landed in each of their pints, and were stuck in the thick head. The Englishman pushed his beer from him in disgust. The Scotsman scooped at his beer until he washed the fly out and then continued drinking. The Irishman carefully picked the fly out of his drink, then held it out over the beer and started yelling "SPIT IT OUT YOU -------! SPIT IT OUT!!!!"
Hollow Brain
A blonde hurries into the emergency room late one night with the tip of her index finger shot off. "How did this happen?" the emergency room doctor asked her. "Well, I was trying to commit suicide," the blonde replied. "What?" sputtered the doctor. "You tried to commit suicide by shooting your finger off?" "No silly!" the blonde said. "First I put the gun to my chest, and I thought I just paid $6,000.00 for these breast implants, I'm not shooting myself in the chest." "So then?" asked the doctor. "Then I put the gun in my mouth, and I thought I just paid $3,000.00 to get my teeth straightened, I'm not shooting myself in the mouth." "So then?" "Then I put the gun to my ear, and I thought This is going to make a loud noise. So I put my finger in the other ear before I pulled the trigger."
I found out today that my boss was talking shit about me to one of my coworkers. Yeah we dont get along because i refuse to kiss or lick her ass or cunt, so obvisouly we dont see eye to eye or lips to cheek. Am I wrong to think what she did was unprofessional, telling my coworker i was a lazy pos? that she wished she could combined the kiss ass girl and i together to be the perfect employee? i feel uncomfortable at work hmm hostile work enviroment? maybe....
This Is My First Blog
Just wanted to throw a shout out to all my new friends here at CT. Thanks for sharing the love. I try to at least rate and fan everyone I'm frineds with and if you haven't done so please do the same for me. I would really appreciate the support. Thanks to all you hot sexy cherries out there. MUAH!!!
A Letter From Husband To Wife
Dear Sweetheart, I can't send my salary this month, so I am sending 100 kisses... You are my sweetheart. Your husband Allen. *His Wife replied back after some days to her Husband* Dearest sweetheart, Thanks for your 100 kisses, I am sending the expenses details. 1. The Milk man agreed on 2 kisses for one month's milk. 2. The electricity man only agreed after 7 kisses. 3. Your house owner is coming every day and taking two or three kisses instead of the rent. 4. Supermarket owner did not accept kisses only, so I have given him some other items..... 5. Other expenses 40 kisses Please don't worry for me, I have a remaining balance of 35 kisses and I Hope I can complete the month using this balance. Shall I plan same way for next months, Please Advise!!! Your Sweet Heart.
Fun With Style Sheets
I wanted to add something to my profile page that nobody else has. I wrote a short javascript image-rollover script and inserted into my 'About Me' section. You might have come across one of these scripts on other sites. Whenever you move your mouse cursor over an image it changes into something else. Didn't work, CherryTap filters out any javascripts. Not wanting to be denied I decided to try it using style sheets. CSS style sheets are what's used to create user skins. If you want to see what I came up with go to my profile page and scroll down to my 'About Me' section. Now put your mouse cursor over the eyes and see what happens. If you have a slow connection it may take a little while for the images to load. Anyone interested in learning how I did it can send me a message or shout at me whenever I'm On Tap.
D/S LIFESTYLE Negotiation By Pierre Everybody knows what "negotiation" means. Almost everybody in BDSM accepts the importance and value of negotiation in a relationship. On our website we spend a great deal of time saying that negotiation is the key to all successful relationships. And yet.......:( Experience has shown us that different people will have different meanings for words and ideas. The scope of this article is to clearly explain what our values around negotiation are. Some of the concepts will probably look so simple and easy that you may be tempted to just click elsewhere on our site without reading the rest, but please, do not! This is an important concept in BDSM and there are important lessons here! Negotiation: According to the Merriam Webster site: "To negotiate: to arrange for or bring about through conference, discussion, and compromise." In any relationship, before two partners will decide to share time together, a certain negotiation takes place, so bo
Two Children Decide To Cuss
A 6 year old and a 4 year old are upstairs in their bedroom. "You know what?" says the 6 year old. "I think it's about time we started cussing." The 4 year old nods his head in approval. The 6 year old continues, "When we go downstairs for breakfast, I'm gonna say something with 'hell' and you say something with 'ass'." The 4 year old agrees with enthusiasm. When their mother walks into the kitchen and asks the 6 year old what he wants for breakfast, he replies, "Aw, hell, Mom, I guess I'll have some Cheerios." WHACK! He flies out of his chair, tumbles across the kitchen floor, gets up, and runs upstairs crying his eyes out, with his mother in hot pursuit, slapping his rear with every step. His mom locks him in his room and shouts, "You can just stay there until I let you out!" She then comes back downstairs, looks at the 4 year old and asks with a stern voice, "And what do YOU want for breakfast, young man?" "I don't know " he blubbers, "but you can bet your fat ass
Round Balls Of Light
anyone out there if you look at my new pics tell me what you think it is. I have many pics with these things in them, from more than one camera. They move slow but do move sometimes there white and one was green. I will send anyone more pics if they can help me with this. Some you can see throw and tell it is not man made light. HELP ME OUT!!!
I'm In A Good Mood!!!
Yes it i true I am in a great mood! To all of my new friends..thank you very much for being my friend...and to all of my old friends thank you as well....
Who Will Be Next
It's Nothing Really . . . I Promise
Oh I just need to vent really quickly so I can get back to cleaning my damn apartment, because that is so fun after all, lol. Iíve had a lot on my mind the past few days what with some people I have been talking to, some I havenít been talking to, and of course the babies taking up a great deal of my time as well (just because they are so damn cute). Iím a confused mess and I freely admit that right now, but I am not unhappy about it, not sad, not upset, not searching for anything . . . I just am. Isnít that all I should be anyway . . . Just Jessie nothing more?! Well, that is what I am right now. I have had a few people who dropped more or less out of my life at the same time a few weeks ago just pop back in at the same time in the past week. I have not been talking too much to the one person I really want and need to talk to and I canít quite figure out what is going on with them. So, rather than let this all bother me and start to think endless thoughts of what may happen o
Eyes Of Lies
I look into your eyes Where I used to see my future Now within them Is just one big blur They used to fill me with love Sent straight to my heart Now the reflection I see Is us falling apart What happen to use Or , what happen to you I used to be safe In your eyes so blue Now blue is my heart Bruissed and broken on the floor And feel so alone need I say any more You've pushed me away And your eyes they lie I keep falling for them And they keep making mine cry I keep giving you chances to dry up my tears But within a blink of an eye You keep replacing my fears And these broken glass tears Just keep falling to the ground Dropping like lead Though the shatter without a sound And as I lie here alone your eyes , all I can see So I softly close mine and set myself free.
that work place calls tomorrow. that means i have to sleep now...see ya'll after work. toodles.
2300 Comments To Go
Lauria has entered a givaway awhile back. She has stopped voting on hers so many times to help us level other cherrys or bomb someone else. So Im asking my friends and those she has come to level would you return the love to her. Thank you
Rain Water
My friend wrote this and asked me to post it. . .ever obediant here it is When it rains I think of you I think of the storms we saw and the way you screamed Daring the sky to challenge you When it rains i think of you I think of the kisses we shared and the way we laughed Daring the world to challenge us When it rains i think of you I think of the tears I cried and they way I would have begged Daring love to challenge me When it rains I think of you I think of being happy And how it could be now Daring life to challenge my joy Its raining now I am thinking of you
You might have noticed that I'm not on CT as much as I used to be. Well, I no longer Dj on here for starters, and that being said I've got some shit to take off my chest and say. If you don't like it, then don't read it, plain and simple. Here is the truth of why I'm no longer in Inferno, and why I no longer will Dj on here. Over the past while of Djing here, I've taken alot of bullshit. Things such as people not showing up to cover their shifts when I was on Nice and Naughty, and having to fill in for them at the last minute. But the last patch with Inferno just took the cake, and convinced me to say "fuck this BS". The last time I was Djing via Inferno the Dj who was scheduled to come on and take air from me didn't. So I went off air, the result was that a certain person (not naming names here) advised me that having lost/dropped air was "disrespectful to inferno", well you know what? It is not my fault that you and those involved that night were unorganized and allowed this
I Do What I Want!!
Im so ready to go out this weekend. I dont know where to go....Seymore, Austin, Scottsburg, Its time to dance, karaoke and skinny dip...If you see me and Im having to much fun, dont stop me just try and keep
Cold Now
Holy shit its cold in my office now that i'm dripping wet. .. .BRRRRRR
A Really Good Thougth From A Male Friend Of Mine
Body: I know way too many really beautiful girls who think they don't look good... It hurts... because it's our fault, guys I mean. We make girls feel like they have to be perfect. You know what I mean, flat stomach, big boobs, round booty, long legs, sexy lips, and on top of all that, they have to dress like a whore, and be one as well... nobody can measure up to that... and its not fair... because nobody should have to. Girls prefer being called beautiful instead of hott or sexy. The little imperfections are what make people special. If everyone was perfect the world would be so boring, variety is what makes life interesting. So guys, stop making girls have to live up to your, I'm sorry, our... deluded fantasy visions of perfection. Stop acting like boys and start being men... realize that women don't exist to fufill our sexual desires. Stop talking to them solely to get with them, be nice to them because you want to be their friend, not because you want to hook up with them. Say nic
My Live Journal
I won't blog here I blog on live journal so if you want to know about me and my life you can visit my LJ at this address.
Bdsm/ Kink /lifesytle Definitions
Top one who tops another during plays i.e. swings the toys. Bottom one who is hit by said toys during play Dominate one who gets enjoyment from the power of controlling another. Submissive one who gets enjoyment from serving another Mistress / Master A dom / domme that understand the role and responsibilities of the title they hold {usually lifestyle people} Slave one who submitted fully to another as there property/pet possession usually entails Total power exchange and in some cases no limits. Masochist one who gets pleasure from pain being inflicted on them Sadist, one who gains pleasure from inflicting pain on another. Thanks to for putting it so well!
Sexyest Tattoo Contest
`true Friendship"
1 When you are sad -- I will help you get drunk and plot revenge against the sorry bastard who made you that way. 2. When you are blue -- I will try to dislodge whatever is choking you. 3. When you smile -- I will know you finally got laid. 4. When you are scared -- I will rag on you about it every chance I get. 5. When you are worried -- I will tell you horrible stories about how much worse it could be until you quit whining. 6. When you are confused -- I will use little words. 7. When you are sick -- Stay the hell away from me until you are well again. I don't want to catch whatever you have. 8. When you fall -- I will point and laugh at your clumsy ass. 9. This is my oath..... I pledge it to the end. "Why?" you may ask?, "Because you are my friend". ; Friendship is like peeing your pants: everyone can see it, but only you can feel the true warmth. Send this to "all 10" of your friends, then get depressed because you can only think of four!!! (don't send
Im Bored
ok so im just bored. felt like posting a blog because its been awhile since i have. i dont really have anything to say. well maybe i do. here lately theres been a lot on my mind about a bunch of stuff thats been going on. my best friend jp just moved back and its great having him around. we havent been as close to each other since kevin died. its kinda weird being around him and its hard not knowing what couldve happend. and its weird because you never realize how much you have until its gone. we take for granted so much what we have. and another thing, relationships. you can go through everyday loving someone without being able to tell them. hiding the pain each time they mention another guy/girls name and just wishing you could tell them everything without ruining the friendship. left wondering why no matter how much the person their chasing after hurts them and your right there everytime they need someone it pretty much goes left unnoticed. its when their gone forever that you reali
I've had this time around I'm done with you The final time has come I swear Never again will I take you back do you hear Your pleading and begging have no effect on me The last time you abused me was the LAST time I believed your lies, the half-truths you told Never wanting to see the horror unfold Finally free I claim my life again Out looking for another I seek the perfect one Will I be able to find what I seek Or will it elude me until my stamina peaks Finally another one to take your place Will it be better for me It becomes a wait and see until the abuse begins again Created by SF * Just as an FYI - I created this today at work as a reflection of my professional life - not my personal life.
Woman Of My Dreams...
Last thing in my mind, nothing is left to be seen it's a vision of you, only a dream. My head lays softly on the pillow, I imagine it being you lying against you as I drift off into my dreams, there we'll meet the woman of my dreams. I fall asleep fast, nothing to hold me back a heavy fog sets in, and we're here at last You come walking to me, once gliding step after another I walk slowly towards you, looking at your beauty like none other. Your hair blowing in the wind, your eyes see my soul my arms reach out, you I want to hold We get so close, I can smell your perfume why must my dreams be so short, another time another dream
Thank You Everyone- My Happyhour
Hi everyone thanks so much for the fans, rates , and add request. I went through too each and every one of you (all 120 of you) and gave you a fan, rate, and Then accepted your request, Some of you only got 10's and probly wonder why me being a VIC only gave a 10 and not a 11, I Only had 100 10s and Used up 50 of them earlyer today so I apologize for those who got 10s, I am out of 11's. See being a VIC you only get 100 11's per 24hour period. :). THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR SUCH AN AWESOME HAPPYHOUR!!! my happyhour was my REWARD from Cherrytap (marketman) for having so many people join site. I worked hard and it was a nice reward that was not expected. I hope to continue to get people to join the site and I hope to continue to talk to each and every one of you!. PLEASE DO read my profile though if you have not and also PLEASE do check if you rated or faned me, Im missin alot of fans/10s (or 11s :P). So if you could help those MIA Fans/rats find there way home. AGAIN EVERYONE
~ Ennio Morricone - The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly ~
Sometimes i wonder where i went wrong with you sometimes i wonder what and why you did what you did i guess i will never understand why you wasnt just stright with me just pop out the blue and acting like you had nothing better to do then do what you did sometimes when you get close to a person and you push them a way then quit talken to them it makes them wonder every day don't worry i wont call you anymore i wont write to you like i use to i wont lie i will miss you but this is what you wanted so this is what i will do i hope she makes you happy cause i know you went back to her but i will never know why you just didnt tell me the truth.....
I'm So Happy
Ok where to start??? A lot has happend over the pasted few days! So I'll start where and when it all started! lol Yesterday my boss pulled me into her office, it was time for my "90 day overview" (as she put it) Good news she loves how much time, hard work, and long hours I'm willing to put in to make sure the job is done. Not to mention how fast i had to learn a lot of the stuff i'm doing. so I got a raise $11.00/hr and anything over 8 hours I get payed $16.50/hr. Which my days are at least 9 hour days. So we're very happy about that! Also Ernie b-day present came in and of course i couldn't keep it from him so I let him have it today. He got the guitar and amp! he's doing really good with it!! Last but not least I got oden a playmate her name is Melanie. Ernie picked her name its very pretty and fits her just right. Sandy love her always kissing Oden's being a boy about it but she only been here 15 mins and i think he could take or leave her really right now. But he's
~ The Who - The Kids Are Alright ~
Dammm Keith Moon actually looks young :) lol
1. When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought? Man its to damn early to be up 2. How much cash do you have on you? 25.00 3. What's a word that rhymes with "DOOR"? floor 4. Favorite planet? uranus lmao 5. Who is the 4th person on your missed call list on your mobile? no one i dont hav eone 6. If you could punch one person in your life right now, who would it be?my fucking ex hes a damn ass 7. What shirt are you wearing?light pink tank top 8. Do you "label" yourself as anything? Certified B.I.T.C.H 9. Name the shoe brand you are wearing:Im barefoot 10. Bright or Dark room?dark 11. What do you think about the person who took this survey? I love me i fucking rock 12. If you could punch one person in your life right now, who would it be? still my fucking ex who fumped me over yahoo but i still lik him so maybe i should punch myself for bieng dumb bitch lmao 13. What were you doing at midnight last night?hmmm d
so yea... im bored!! nothing new!!! thought i would write a blog well bc i have nothing to do well let me take that back i have tons of shit i can do but am i doing it nah well bc im bored as it is what will happen once i go clean r something!!! LOL!!! k yea so im going to go and find something that might un bore me but i dont think i will find anything!!! so its prob just off to bed early nothing new did it last nite and the nite b4!!!
~ The Rolling Stones - Sympathy For The Devil ~
~ The Band - The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down ~
So it rained and I played in it and I"m fucking soaked through but it was soooo awesome
Last In Line (cute !)
A bus carrying only ugly people crashes into an oncoming truck, and everyone inside dies. As they stand at the Pearly Gates waiting to enter Paradise and meet their maker, God decides to grant each person one wish because of the grief they have experienced. They're all lined up, and God asks the first one what the wish is. "I want to be gorgeous," and so God snaps His fingers, and it is done. The second one in line hears this and says "I want to be gorgeous too." Another snap of His fingers and the wish is granted. This goes on for a while with each one asking to be gorgeous, but when God is halfway down the line, the last guy in the line starts laughing. When there are only ten people left, this guy is rolling on the floor, laughing his head off. Finally, God reaches this last guy and asks him what his wish will be. The guy eventually calms down and says: "Make 'em all ugly again." NEXT TIME YOU'RE LAST IN LINE. BE HAPPY
Passion's Embrace
You alone Hold the key to my heart.. With just a me're glance, I fall apart. I try to say hello, But begin to stutter.. Your very presence, Makes my heart flutter. You unleash something, From deep within.. And It Feels So good... It must be a sin. Something I have never shared with anyone before... You awaken those feelings & leave me breathless... & wanting more. I cherish the passion that we share.. The loving embrace,, & even the kiss.. and without the touch of your hand On my skin... You surely will be missed.. There is No one that can ever take your place.. Because it's you that my passion's embrace
"48 Things A Girl Would Die For"
LADIES: this will make you tear up GUYS : read it. all of it! 1-touch her WAIST 2- TALK to her 3-share SECRETS 4-give HER your jacket 5-kiss her SLOWLY ARE YOU REMEMBERING THIS? 6-HUG her 7-HOLD her 8-LAUGH with her 9-invite HER somewhere 10-let her be WITH you when you're with your friends KEEP READING 11-SMILE with her 12-take PICTURES with her 13-pull her onto your LAP 14-when she says she loves you more, DENY IT. fight back 15-when her FRIENDS say i love her more than you, deny it. fight back and hug her tight so she can't get to her friends. it makes her feel loved ARE YOU THINKING OF SOMEONE? 16-always hug her and SAY "i love you" when you see her 17-kiss her UNEXPECTEDLY 18-HUG HER FROM BEHIND AROUND THE WAIST! :D 19-tell her shes BEAUTIFUL! 20-TELL her the way you feel about her! OH AND ONE LAST THING YOU NEED TO SHOW HER YOU MEAN IT 21-Open doors for her, walk her to her car- it makes her feel protected, plus it nev
Okay Okay
Yes my last name really is BOOM Sarah Elaine Boom Ha, ha. I love it You can call me whatever you want I've heard it all Boomer, boominator, boomerang, boomboom...any variation, i've heard it But mainly, I am called Sis. Yep, thats right Sis. Or Sarie or whatever. Thats just me ENJOY!!!!!!!!
Confusion Has Set In
want to make friends ... have fun .. you know be my sweetnsassy self .. so tell me people whats up whats new whats hot .. whats not .. why are we all here on this little planet and whats the price of tea in china .. lol xx
Let Freedom Ring! Watch All Please
You Will Like IT!!
Fiona Apple - Paper Bag
"Paper Bag" I was staring at the sky, just looking for a star To pray on, or wish on, or something like that I was having a sweet fix of a daydream of a boy Whose reality I knew, was a hopeless to be had But then the dove of hope began its downward slope And I believed for a moment that my chances Were approaching to be grabbed But as it came down near, so did a weary tear I thought it was a bird, but it was just a paper bag Hunger hurts, and I want him so bad, oh it kills 'Cause I know I'm a mess he don't wanna clean up I got to fold 'cause these hands are too shaky to hold Hunger hurts, but starving works, when it costs too much to love And I went crazy again today, looking for a strand to climb Looking for a little hope Baby said he couldn't stay, wouldn't put his lips to mine, And a fail to kiss is a fail to cope I said, 'Honey, I don't feel so good, don't feel justified Come on put a little love here in my void,' he said 'It's all in your head,' and I said, '
~ Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love
clipped from†
Hush now, Don't make a sound, Close your eyes, Silence, Let it enfold you, Shh, Hush, Let yourself fall, Forever silent.
Related To My Contest!
contest IS most comments win 1 month vic, 2nd place is a 1 week blast! ends aug 7th at noon i'm central time! again all players PLAY NICE-NO DRAMA-NO CHEATING!!!! i wanted to try and have 1 contest each month but this is my first contest and i've got a headache already!!! good luck to all players i wish u the best! yours truly, BeeBee
~ Jackie Wilson - Higher And Higher ~
Just Disgusted!!!
today some jerk left some really rude and abnoxious comments on my photos!!! truth to be told it pissed me off because of you who know me they know i'm not one to handle that well !!! I have a tendency to lose my temper over this and today he just made me flat out disgusted!!!
Love In An Elevator...
Stepping up to the door, I press the button. I wait patiently as it slowly makes it's way down to me. People pass by, I say hello, but there's only one person on my mind. The doors open, I step inside and press the button for the 6th floor. This elevator is so slow. It was built so long ago. Makes so many noises, but still works. As the doors shut and it starts moving upwards, I am still thinking just how beautiful you are. I can't take it any more. I shut my eyes, wanting to see your face. I still see too much of the elevator light peeking around my eye lids. I open my eyes and find the light switch. With one click of the switch, the lights are out. All I can see now is your beautiful face. I see your hair as it flows over your shoulders. I can see your eyes, it's almost like you can see right through me. I see your lips, mine longs to feel yours against them. Thinking about you and how much I love talking and being with you. Makes so many thoughts race through m
Things Women Love
ladies: this will make you tear up MEN: read it, all of it! 1-touch her waist 2-talk to her 3-share secrets 4-give her your jacket 5-kiss her slowly ARE YOU REMEMBERING THIS? 6-hug her 7-hold her 8-laugh with her 9-invite her somewhere 10-let her be with you when you're with your friends KEEP READING 11-smile with her 12-take pics with her 13-pull her onto your lap 14-when she says she loves you more, deny it. fight back 15-when her friends say i love her more than you, deny it. fight back and hug her tight so she cant get to her friends. it makes her feel loved ARE YOU THINKING OF SOMEONE? 16-always hug her and say "i love you" when you see her 17-kiss her unexpectedly 18-HUG HER FROM BEHIND AROUND THE WAIST! 19-tell her shes beautiful! 20-tell her the way you feel about her! OH AND ONE LAST THING YOU NEED TO SHOW HER YOU MEAN IT 21-Open doors for her, walk her to her car- it makes her feel protected, plus it never hurt t
A Thank You To Avery Special Friend
After talking with a dear friend( Insearch) I realized that I was doing exactly what that pathetic person wanted me to do.. I let him get to me.. you know what Not anymore:D the pictures are back
Cutest Pet Contest
I need help winning this contest please.
~ Sly & The Family Stone - Hot Fun In The Summertime ~
Contest For Nighthawks
Gordon Parks
"The guy who takes a chance, who walks the line between the known and unknown, who is unafraid of failure, will succeed." Gordon Parks
Why We Marry Them
We found the reason why girls love them southern boys. It's in the way they walk in them Wranglers, the way they talk into them Nextel's. Its the look in their eyes when u mention an 8pt. buck. The way they get to talking bout lift kits and muddin tires. Its all in the camouflage jackets and snake boots, the four wheelers they broke and the truck they ALMOST flipped. It's the stories they tell bout fishin with their boys, the way they love with all they got. Its the home movies that start with "Hey ya'll, watch this!", and the rodeos that result in broken bones and fractured ribs. It's how cute they look all dressed up, the way they make sure everyone knows that your theirs. It's the way they stick up for you when no one else will, the way they make you laugh when you want to cry. One word in that sweet southern accent and them girls are gone. Their mommas raised them right, and they know how to treat a lady. Some people ask what we see in southern
Home is where the heart is. You'll gain inspiration and a sense of security if you pay attention to your living situation. Figuring out what goes where physically helps your mental state, too.
ok I have been thinking about cutting my hair. whne I mean cutting it I mean making it short, something that hasn't been since high school. The reason for this well me getting older and also wanting to et a nice job. Now if any of you watch Big Brother I was thinking of getting my hair to look like Dick's, all spiking and stuff. I don't think I will color it. So what you all think about it. The pictures of me are current so that is what my hair looks like now if you want to know what I look like now.
A Few Days Have Past...
I was thinking today some thoughts. I won't get over this easily. I was walking to my car in the school parking lot and got all these memories :-(. I felt my skin instantly get goosebumps and almost broke down in the parking lot. I want my friend back with me. I want the good times again, like sitting in his car before the next class, being the only ones laughing and carrying on in class, lending each other a hand, just seeing his face in the same room as me.. :-( I miss ky, it is just hurting bad. All I wanted was to be there for him and know what was going on. I know he had cancer, I was there when he told me. I mean I want to be there by his side on his last days. I wanted to tell him how special he was to me. The worst part is he was cremated and not burried. :-(( I really wanted to go see him and talk to him, let him know how things are. He is the only guy I can trust. He never once pulled a move on me and could talk to me without be a hornball. He was a close friend to me but if
~ Led Zeppelin - Dazed And Confused ~
Eternal Hell
All the smiles have faded away, Being replaced by sorrow more each day. Life seems motionlessike time standing still, Dreary and gray,searching for the need to feel. Dreams are gone,hope no longer exsists, Wondering if this was my own cruel wish. Who with any sense would want to live this way, Not wanting tomorrow,or wishing for a new day. Barely breathing yearning for days gone past, My days go to slow wondering when will be my last. Life for me is over,I am nothing but a shell, How could I not foresee this,my own eternal hell.
Wait Just A Damn Minute.
I'm beginning to think that Hooters has nothing to do with owls at all. I suspect that they might be making some sort of breast reference. I'm on to you Hooters people. hehe. I almost said "I'm on hooters"
Eric Hoffer
"It is when power is wedded to chronic fear that it becomes formidable." Eric Hoffer (1902 - 1983) The Passionate State of Mind, 1954
A Guide For People Involved In Consensual And Non Consensual Bdsm
A Guide For People Involved in Consensual and Non-Consensual BDSM Activities BDSM is an acronym for "Bondage, Discipline, Sado-masochism," terms used by the alternative sexuality community for activities such as Dominance and submission (consensual power play) and other roleplaying games, tying up a partner, spanking, flogging, and a variety of other mutually satisfying, CONSENSUAL activities. BDSM is not abuse.Often, BDSM is confused with abuse due to the very nature of its activities. However, the differences, as you will see below, are very profound. Bdsm Activites are always Safe, Sane and Consensual. Abuse is not safe, not sane and not consensual. BDSM follows established rules. Abuse, has no rules. BDSM is negotiated by both partners. Abuse is not. BDSM activities are for pleasure on both participants. Abuse brings pleasure to only the abuser. BDSM, the participant can stop whenever he or she chooses. In Abuse they can not stop. BDSM does not take pla
~ Donna Summer - On The Radio ~
About Me On Yahoo 360
well i just made one of these and it better be fun...ummmm i dont feel lyk typing much so go 2 this website if u wanna no more about me(and u better go 2 this is my yahoo it is:;_ylt=AnpyOgmDGNcQ4W.gwPgEL5y0AOJ3 when u go on that website...then look at my blog and vote on my polls!! thankies
Keep An Eye Out
I saw you, hug your purse closer to you in the grocery store line. But, you didn't see me, put an extra $10.00 in the collection plate last Sunday. I saw you, pull your child closer when we passed each other on the sidewalk. But, you didn't see me, playing Santa at the local mall. I saw you, change your mind about going into the restaurant. But, you didn't see me, attending a meeting to raise more money for the hurricane relief. I saw you, roll up your window and shake your head when I drove by. But, you didn't see me, driving behind you when you flicked your cigarette butt out the car window. I saw you, frown at me when I smiled at your children. But, you didn't see me, when I took time off from work to run toys to the homeless. I saw you, stare at my long hair. But, you didn't see me, and my friends cut ten inches off for Locks of Love. I saw you, roll your eyes at our leather coats and gloves.
~ Donna Summer - Last Dance ~
If you cant' and/or choose not to spell even two-letter words correctly, you are an idiot. There's just no other way to put it.
All my albums are locked for now....I won't be opening ANY of them until I hear from CT Support or a CT Bouncer about the pics of me that were copied and posted on another users page. BEWARE OF THIS USER!!! He will steal your pics too...BTW his profile says he is a woman...IT'S A MAN!!! Please do not ask to view my pics for now...I will let you know when I have opened them back up...Thank you bunches for your support!!
I guess it has been a while since we have last talked, and theres so much that has happend that i need help searching through, i feel lost without you, i feel sad a couple times a day when i know i cannot call you or when i think of you and how wonderfull of a friend i had in you, sad music and lonely tears have been this girls best friend lately and distant memories that seem to only get more distant with the passing of time, my doors have closed down recently due to this over welming saddness i have entered into, i guess this reads the same as every post does huh? i dont understand how one heart can hold so much saddness and again hold so much love for others they have that are still around them, i see you in everything around me brother earth, the flowers, the clouds, when a warm breeze comes through it feels as if it embrasses me like you used to, when the suns warmth turns to the lunar coolness i see you reach out to blow a kiss goodnight to the ones you touched most in life, i mi
~ The Three Degrees - When Will I See You Again ~
Sup Boys And Girls
I am here to have fun and share,share,share! Yes I am having a perky moment but thats life..I am going to add more pics on here as i get them!!!!
Just Another Post
Well you all will notice that some pictures are going to be leaving my profile. And that's thanks to a certain person who hurt me today more then the could ever imagine. I dont know why people have to be so mean but I guess such is life. Sorry if you're a fan of them but maybe sometime in the future i'll bring them back.
strangebrew_haha@ CherryTAP
You Know You Are A Submissive When....
You know you ARE a Submissive when.... -If you hear the drinking toast "Bottoms up!" and instantly obey. -If you are more concerned about the skin on your ass than that on your face. -If a friend of yours tells you he can't get out of the house because he's all tied up....and you get jealous. -If you walk by dog obedience classes and offer to demonstrate from the dog's perspective. -If stocks and bonds fascinate you, but you could not care less what happens on Wall Street. -If you smile and think of a thin, flexible rod when you hear the word "switch." -If you think the best part of going to church is getting to kneel. -If you get excited while looking through the cooking implements drawer of the kitchen. If you visit Alcatraz, stand for hours in a dark cell, and come out flushed and smiling. -If you hear the term "House Whip" on CNN and then get disappointed that they're talking about politics. -If you hear a confused person say, "Beat me!" and you a
A Soldiers Wife
> > > >A WIFE'S REQUEST > >I was sitting alone in one of those loud, casual steak Houses that you find >all over the country. You know the type--a bucket of peanuts on every table, >shells littering the floor, and a bunch of perky college kids racing around >with long neck beers and sizzling platters. Taking a sip of my iced tea, I >studied the crowd over the rim of my glass. My gaze lingered on a group >enjoying their meal. They wore no uniform to identify their branch of >service, but they were definitely "military:" clean shaven, cropped haircut, >and that "squared away" look that comes with pride. > >Smiling sadly, I glanced across my table to the empty seat where my husband >usually sat. > >It had only been a few months since we sat in this very booth, talking about >his upcoming deployment to the Middle East > >That was when he made me promise to get a sitter for the kids, come back to >this restaurant once a month and treat myself to a nice steak. In tur
Arizona Dust Storm
had a good dust storm last night. so all my buds in Iraq... how's this hold up to the shit there? check out the video on this link.
An Entrapment
My love, I have tried with all my being to grasp a form comparable to thine own, but nothing seems worthy; I know now why Shakespeare could not compare his love to a summerís day. It would be a crime to denounce the beauty of such a creature as thee, to simply cast away the precision God had placed in forging you. Each facet of your being whether it physical or spiritual is an ensnarement from which there is no release. But I do not wish release. I wish to stay entrapped forever. With you for all eternity. Our hearts, always as one.
See How Hot You Really Are
Wanna know how hot you are??? You're OK-----teddy bear You're CUTE----red rose I'd Do Ya!!----any spicy gift You're SEXY----dozen roses Let's Be Friends----kitten We can party----any liquid refreshment Wanna get Married??---any big pimpin' gift Repost this and see how many gifts you get!!!
Message Of The Day!!
Never push those you care about away. Cause you might just push hard enough to where they never come back.. &hearts Jen
The Kiss
Before you kissed me only winds of heaven Had kissed me, and the tenderness of rain - Now you have come, how can I care for kisses Like theirs again? I sought the sea, she sent her winds to meet me, They surged about me singing of the south - I turned my head away to keep still holy Your kiss upon my mouth. And swift sweet rains of shining April weather Found not my lips where living kisses are; I bowed my head lest they put out my glory As rain puts out a star. I am my love's and he is mine forever, Sealed with a seal and safe forevermore - Think you that I could let a beggar enter Where a king stood before?
Ee How Hot You Are
Wanna know how hot you are??? You're OK-----teddy bear You're CUTE----red rose I'd Do Ya!!----any spicy gift You're SEXY----dozen roses Let's Be Friends----kitten We can party----any liquid refreshment Wanna get Married??---any big pimpin' gift Repost this and see how many gifts you get!!!
Oohhh Replay
"Sorry, Blame It On Me" Akon† As life goes on Iím starting to learn more and more about responsibility I realize everything I do is affecting the people around me So I want to take this time out and apologize for things I have done And things that have not occurred yet And the things they donít want to take responsibility for Iím sorry for the times I left you home I was on the road and you were alone Iím sorry for the times that I had to go Iím sorry for the fact that I did not know That you were sitting home just wishing we Could go back to when it was just you and me Iím sorry for the times I would neglect Iím sorry for the times I disrespect Iím sorry for the wrong things that Iíve done Iím sorry Iím not always there for my son Iím sorry for the fact that I am not aware That you canít sleep at night when I am not there Because I am in the streets like everyday Sorry for the things that I did not say Like how you are the best thing in my world And how I
How Gentle
How gentle are we rising easy as eyes in sockets turning intimate the hardness: jaw upon jaw, forehead warm upon forehead kisses quick as breaths, without volition Love: I am luminous careless as love's breathing fluorescent glowing the fine warm veins and bones your weight, the sky lowered suddenly I am loved: a message clanging of a bell in silence you are quickened with surprise our horizons surrender to walls Are we wearing out our skins' defenses? -- turning to silk, texture of flashy airy surfaces scant as breaths? I am loved: the noon slides gently suddenly upon us to wake us
Fema's Toxic Trailers
I'm re-printing as it was sent to me... And I think it says exactly what needs to be said! It doesn't surprise me as far as "our government" goes.... Toxic Trailers and Smallpox Blankets Lakota Spiritual Leader, David Swallow, Speaks Out on Dangerous Conditions by David Swallow, Lakota Spiritual Leader and a Headman of the Lakota Nation Edited by Stephanie M. Schwartz and Deja Vue, Indeed: The Evolving Story of FEMAís Toxic Trailers by Stephanie M. Schwartz, Freelance Writer - Member, Native American Journalists Association (NAJA) Toxic Trailers and Smallpox Blankets by David Swallow, Lakota Spiritual Leader and a Headman of the Lakota Nation Edited by Stephanie M. Schwartz © July 16, 2007 Porcupine, South Dakota My name is David Swallow. I live near the community of Porcupine on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. I want to speak today. I want to speak out against ethnic cleansing, genocide, and extermination i
That Cheating Bastard
Until......That day he ask me to have his baby. I said yes as long as you will help me take care of it. So we decided together to have a baby. It didn't take 3 months before I was pregnant. It begin..........When I was in my 1st trimester of pregnancy he decided to get fired from his job. Well he found another one but then money stop coming into the house he said that his job would mess up his paycheck now take it if your working 70 hours a week and your coming home with $100 something is fishy. Well I confronted him and always heard the same story. Well to make a long story short. I always new something was going on. My mom found out that she was sick so I had to move and take care of her. He was never around and it was hard. Well my mom died in July 2001. When she died a part of my died she was my best friend in the whole world. She was the only one that new how I felt with anything. Well one day I was like ok let me try what I learned in school. I told him I know you cheated on me s
Close My Eyes
I want to close my eyes. I want the pain to all go away. A knife rips at my heart, the tears are falling. I want to close my eyes. please help me please show me the way. I am heading down the wrong path tonight. Someone please help me see the light. I want to close my eyes. I want the pain to all go away the past haunts me reminds me of what use to be. I want to close my eyes forever I want the pain to all go away. I am broken inside please say you'll be here to help me see the good because I cant see it I want to close my eyes.
You Are My Friend
Well Cherrytap is great. I just wanted to officialy let everyone that you are my friend and will remain so until you show me you aren't worthy. And I am a great friend to have. I'm not just here for the points. I love to meet new people. I'm the type of person to open a bar just to have people over at my place. My drinks would be cheap, because it's not about the money. There is no cover charge or exclusive list. I'll befriend any old Joe that needs a drink and some cheer. I'm a people person...and for the most part people seem to like me. When I rate and fan i take the time to read each page. If i leave a comment it means that something on your page was interesting to me and if I request you as a friend it means I think you would be a nice person to chat with if there is ever a chance. I'm happily married so I'm not on here to find romance or a quickie.(Though your sexiness may be the reason for a friend request.) So don't think of me as a stranger. I'd love to ch
Fractured Ankle
So...we were packing shit up in our trailors and I stepped over a bag of tent poles and thought i stepped all the way over. someone came around the corner so I looked up and wasnt paying attention to my footing...i stepped on a round tent pole with the left side of my heel and roled to the right. After going to the ER since our aid station was closed and the clinic only takes appointments I found out that I tore a ligament on the right side of my ankle which ripped out a small piece of bone from my foot. Fun fun!
Help Me
I'm asking my friends, family, and fans to come and rate my pictures, comment, rate my profile, my blogs, and my stashes. I wanna get to the next level, Please help! :)
i'm getting sick of guys askin me about my chest and askin if i wanna have some fun. im just here to make friends and to have fun but not the rated R kinda fun. if i want that type of fun i'll go to aff(adult friend finder) but i dont. ok big deal i have a big chest get over it. there are other women on here that have the nsfw pix go see one of them.
Are We Fighting A War On Terror Or Aren't We?
I Don't Care Subject: This Jersey Woman Has It Right This woman should run for president Written by a housewife from New Jersey and sounds like it! This is one ticked off lady. "Are we fighting a war on terror or aren't we? Was it or was it not started by Islamic people who brought it to our shores on September 11, 2001? Were people from all over the world, mostly Americans, not brutally murdered that day, in downtown Manhattan , across the Potomac from our nation's capitol and in a field in Pennsylvania ? Did nearly three thousand men, women and children die a horrible, burning or crushing death that day, or didn't they? And I'm supposed to care that a copy of the Koran was "desecrated" when an overworked American soldier kicked it or got it wet?...Well, I don't. I don't care at all. I'll start caring when Osama bin Laden turns himself in and repents for incinerating all those innocent people on 9/11. I'll care about the Koran when the fanatics in the
I Am Trying To Hang On
I'm hanging on trying to be strong hiding behind this mask so noone see's the tears. I feel the pain it is so deep. I'm hanging on to strings that are thin they could break anytime. I use to know where I belonged but got lost somewhere down this highway that seems to be dragging on and on. Not so sure where I am suppose to go or who will be around to show me the way. I use to know but now I only wonder is it really meant to last is love really real. I keep hanging on, but slowly I let go
Guess What
I just found out that my deployment to Iraq has been postpone...I'm kinda glad for this it give me more time to meet and talk to all my new friends here...
More Q
1. Who was the last person of the opposite sex you slept in a bed with? Spouse 2. Where was the last place you went out to eat? Eat-N-Park 3. What was the last alcoholic beverage you consumed? A little vodka a few nights ago. 4. How many others have you cheated on? None - I'm stupidly loyal and honest. 5. What is more essential - a pretty face or a great body? Without a good spirit these are both worthless. 6. What is the value of all the jewelry on you? none 7. Medicine, fine arts, or law? fine arts 8. When was the last time you got a good workout? I did some weight-work yesterday morning before work 9. Best kind of pizza? the one I ate in an open-air stand in Greenwich Village in June of 1991. It must have been the atmosphere. 10. If you need a new pair of jeans, what store do you go first? K-mart 11. Where did your last hug take place? today before work 12. What were you doing at 11:59 PM on Saturday night? getting ready to go to sleep
New Job?!
So I have my first interview since I got out of school coming up on Thursday morning I'm totally stoked. Its with Crosspoint. And they are the biggest studio in Colorado at the moment specially for Post Production things. Pray for me, wish me luck what ever you feel comfortable with. Tell l8r, Charlie Hustle
I went to the doctor today as mentioned earlier. As I had a feeling that would happen they found nothing . They said that if it persists I need to make another doctors appt.
go vote on my mumm
i need 14,000 comments on this pic please help me out ...tyvm for helping.... click pic below and comment bomb away... or you can copy and paste the pic link... anyway you have both ways to help .... hugs and kisses and licks,,,, xoxoxo...tinytina....
Girl Friend Application
SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE SEND THiS BACK TO YOU IN YOUR INBOX! Ladies Title it "BOYFRIEND Application" Guys Title it "GIRLFRIEND Application" 1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Fave Color: 4. Whats your sign? 5.Phone Number: 6. Location: 7. Height: 8.Hair (color and style): 9.Piercings/tattoos:none.. HERE COMES THE FUN ... ... ...wait's.... 1. Are we friends? 2. Do you have a crush on me? 3. Would you kiss me? 4. ...with tongue? 5. Would you ever ask me out? 6. Would you make a move on me in a movie theater? 7. Would you take care of me when I'm sick? 8. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before? 9.Would you walk on the beach with me? 10. If you heard a rumor about me, would you defend me? 11. Do you/have you talked about me? 12. Do you think I'm a good person? 13. Would u take a nap with me? 14.Do you think I'm cute? 15. If you could change anything about me -would you? 16.Would you dance with me?
Wow Yummy
You scored as WereWolf, WereWolf: Craving rare Meat, feeling caged, aggitated by being around people. Unable to control one's anger or temper. The person will give off symptoms of the shift. They will seem more hostile, blood thirsty, aggitated. They may even growl, bare their teeth or other animal like tendencies. In rare cases, some will physically change. Facial hair will grow thicker or darker, nails will become longer, canine's will seem longer. Embrace your wild side, for you are The Misunderstood WereWolf.Faerie84% WereWolf84% Angel75% Mermaid67% Demon50% Dragon42% What Mythological Creature are you? (Cool Pics!)created with
My Best Friend
I love her to death... There isnt anything I wouldnt do for her. I love her life I love my sister. Hell she is like one of my sisters to me. She is better than any of my sisters have ever been to me. Her name is Tanisha Sanders. She is like a mother to my kids. I trust her with everything that I am! I love you Tanisha!
Beardyman - Kitchen Diaries
this is great:D Beardyman - Kitchen DiariesAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Moving Rocks
A little boy was spending his Saturday morning playing in his sandbox. He had with him his box of cars and trucks, his plastic pail, and a shiny, red plastic shovel. In the process of creating roads and tunnels in the soft sand, he discovered a large rock in the middle of the sandbox. The boy dug around the rock, managing to dislodge it from the dirt. With a little bit of struggle, he pushed and nudged the rock across the sandbox by using his feet. (He was a very small boy, and the rock was very large.) When the boy got the rock to the edge of the sandbox however, he found that he couldn't roll it up and over the little wall. Determined, the little boy shoved, pushed, and pried, but every time he thought he had made some progress, the rock tipped and then fell back into the sandbox. The little boy grunted, struggled, pushed, & shoved; but his only reward was to have the rock roll back, smashing his chubby fingers. Finally he burst into tears of frustration. All this time th
"The true test of any relationship is how both parties deal with conflict. Right now, for example, if you two have to tussle, make sure you both fight fair and, most importantly, are willing to learn from the situation." Tussles?? Conflict?? Hmmm Let's see.. I've thrown an ashtray on the floor a couple of weeks ago... The only "tussling" we do is in Bed... :D I won't fight fair there!!!!! Make Her Squirm!!!!!
Things That Make U Wonder
EVER WONDER Why the sun lightens our hair, but darkens our skin? Why women can't put on mascara with their mouth closed? Why don't you ever see the headline "Psychic Wins Lottery"? Why is "abbreviated" such a long word? Why is it that doctors call what they do "practice"? Why is it that to stop Windows 98, you have to click .."? Why is lemon juice made with artificial flavor, and dishwashing liquid made with real lemons? Why is the man who invests all your money called a broker? Why is the time of day with the slowest traffic called rush hour? Why isn't there mouse-flavored cat food? When dog food is new and improved tasting, who tests it? Why didn't Noah swat those two mosquitoes? Why do they sterilize the needle for lethal injections? You know that indestructible black box that is used on airplanes? Why don't they make the whole plane out of that stuff?? Why don't sheep shrink when it rains? Why are they call
The World Is Your Mirror
The good you find in others, is in you too. The faults you find in others, are your faults as well. After all, to recognize something you must know it. The possibilities you see in others, are possible for you as well. The beauty you see around you, is your beauty. The world around you is a reflection, a mirror showing you the person you are. To change your world, you must change yourself. To blame and complain will only make matters worse. Whatever you care about, is your responsibility. What you see in others, shows you yourself. See the best in others, and you will be your best. Give to others, and you give to yourself. Appreciate beauty, and you will be beautiful. Admire creativity, and you will be creative. Love, and you will be loved. Seek to understand, and you will be understood. Listen, and your voice will be heard. Teach, and you will learn.
Do You Watch Bb?
Big Brother is on. One of my guilty Do any of my friends watch it? If so, what do you think so far???
Precious Gift
A wise woman who was traveling in the mountains found a precious stone in a stream. The next day she met another traveler who was hungry, and the wise woman opened her bag to share her food. The hungry traveler saw the precious stone and asked the woman to give it to him. She did so without hesitation. The traveler left rejoicing in his good fortune. He knew the stone was worth enough to give him security for a lifetime. But, a few days later, he came back to return the stone to the wise woman. "I've been thinking," he said. "I know how valuable this stone is, but I give it back in the hope that you can give me something even more precious. Give me what you have within you that enabled you to give me this stone." Sometimes it's not the wealth you have but what's inside you that others need.
Iam He
I Am He I am he that cares too much and allows this world to penetrate. I am the man that loves too deeply, while others merely perpetrate. Do you see this man or the boy inside, with emotions to great and plentiful to hide? They've shorn my hair and crushed my pride. Taken my land and my wife from my side. A man of honour, whose spirit remains free with love to give, but finding none that need. So take the hand of a distant Crow child and with the Spirit of my fathers, the wolf will run wild. Gi-ga-ge-i-ga-so-hi-wa-ya
Knowing Things
like when ,the trees move that makes the wind blow...
Slowdown Therapy
1. Slow down. You are not responsible for doing it all yourself, right now. 2. Remember a happy, peaceful time in your past. Rest there. Each moment has richness that takes a lifetime to savor. 3. Set your own pace. When someone is pushing you, it's OK to tell them they're pushing. 4. Take nothing for granted: watch water flow, the corn grow, the leaves blow, your neighbor mow. 5. Taste your food. Nature provides it to delight as well as to nourish. 6. Notice the sun and the moon as they rise and set. They are remarkable for their steady pattern of movement, not their speed. 7. Quit planning how you're going to use what you know, learn, or possess. Your gifts just are; be grateful and their purpose will be clear. 8. When you talk with someone, don't think about what you'll say next. Thoughts will spring up naturally if you let them. 9. Talk and play with children. It will bring out the unhurried little person inside you. 10. Create a place in your ho
Just Something To Remember :)
This is my horoscope for today but I thought it was a really good thing for all of us to try to remember so , here it is, sharing it with ya'll. ;) The true test of any relationship is how both parties deal with conflict. Right now, for example, if you two have to tussle, make sure you both fight fair and, most importantly, are willing to learn from the situation.
First Post Pt. 2
I haven't really had too too much time to completely figure out and understand cherrytap but from what I can see it seems as though it's a popularity contest. But really, who cares? Everyone adding me and asking me to rate them and become a fan. What am I becoming a fan of? I don't even know you. And even if I did, it means that we have alot of similiar interests, likes and dislikes. Also, what is a VIC? and why does it cost 15.00 dollars per month? WOW doesn't even charge that much per month. I thought this site was free? What's up with everyone adding you and wanting you to become a fan? Wouldn't it be better and more sincere if I chose to add you as a fan instead of being prompted? If I interpreted cherrytap incorrectly, then please let me know because I would like to appreciate it for it's true value and potential.
Well Guess What ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
I am officially registered to go back to school. HOT DOG!!!!!!!!! Yes. I decided that it was going to be official. I'm excited yes. And you know what...I'm going to be studying Business Office Technology as the diploma but specialize in Business Office Specialist :) It's a 5 quarter program but since I have to do all the other things to get caught up to the level of math and english that I will probably take longer. Soo...I'm looking at maybe a two and a half to three year deal. :) I have already bought my backpack and purchased all my school supplies :) and I have the diskettes that I need. :) I however still need to buy a couple more things like erasers for math...white out, and a few other things including an assignment book. :) I'm excited. Though school doesn't start til october it doesn't hurt to stock up now :) and I just hope that I get all the finanical aid i need without having to pay it all the heck back :) Got to run Laterz
Pic Stealer This user has copied NSFW pics of me with my face showing and has posted them on his/her page in a folder named NSFW...two of the photos are clearly of me and were put on their page without my permission. I asked nicely for them to be removed, but to no avail. These pics are of me taken by me...Careful of this user stealing your pics and posting them. Their profile also says they are female...NOT!!!!! Salute pics show a man.....This USER should be banned from CT peroid!! Ladies you might want to see if any of your photos are posted on his pages as well. Just wanted to warn all of you. UPDATE: He is now posting them under the album named "pics I l
I Wait For You Back East
From gloomy streets of Hamilton To blue Pacific shores I send these pleasant thoughts to you I write them as not chores. Let lust for life lift spirits high Let energies abound Let absence make the heart grow fond Let mysteries confound. Let sand between your toes entice Let sipping wine enthrall Let summer have its way with you I'll have you in the Fall. You are a continent away And yet I feel you near You are a continent away But still I have you here. You're in my every waking thought You're in my dreams as well And if that were not true my dear I could not leave my hell You are my inspiration bright You are a guiding star I look to you to feel alive Even from afar You feel the pleasant wind of West The North entices not The South has no demands on you The East is where you're sought If wings could sprout upon my back I'd take to air today And fly to you at brilliant speed As fast as could be made Have joyful times on far off shores
F.r.e.s.h. New London
F.R.E.S.H Newlondon is an organization that helps get localy grown organic produce into the hands of the community. We started with a garden that we still operate today. We have also have taken over one of the run-down and dilapidated tennis courts, in the middle of the city and built raised beds. So as the community can come and grow their own food. It makes me proud to know that I was the first volunteer, and it is growing just like the vegetables.
Amber Alerts
I know that we all have seen in our bulletins messages about missing children and they ask us to repost. While I feel this is a good idea I suggest that you check the childs name with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children webpage at . They have a list of current Amber Alerts or you can search the childs name. As much as it sucks some people start bulletins about missing children as a hoax just to see how much they spread. Please feel free to repost to your blog or to post it as a bulletin.
I've Never Dreamed
I've never dreamed of sun, I've dreamed of rain. I've never dreamed of fun, I've dreamed of pain. I've never dreamed of doing things that are great, I've dreamed of doing things that are really bad. I've never dreamed of you-being my mate, I've dreamed of me-making you really sad. I've never dreamed of my wedding, becoming someone's wife, I've dreamed of my funeral and all the things people would say. I've never dreamed of having a baby, growing a life, I've dreamed of living all alone every single day. I've never dreamed of having a friend, I've dreamed of being alone as I sit and cry. I've never dreamed of being "on the mend", I've dreamed of being "unwell" until I die. I've never dreamed of a new year, Ive dreamed of finally being dead. I've never dreamed of this ever being fair, I've dreamed of the bad thoughts inside my head. I've never dreamed of being normal again in this lifetime, I've dreamed of resting in peace, in my life after death. I've nev
Depression Kills
Distraught, depressed, I'm hurt and angry, Torn apart with shattered dreams and a broken heart, As the days break and the mornings bloom, I see no light only darkness and gloom. This broken heart I can nurse no more For it is in pieces, shattered on the floor, Please god, hear my cry and heed my call, Show me the way or show me the door, Ive had enough, I cant take no more. So this is me, telling you, Telling you I want to die, knife to my wrist and gun to my head, Now you all know I wish I was dead. As the blade runs up I scream in pain, Oh my god, I sliced a vein, Now thats over there's blood on the floor, I couldn't stop cutting, So I cut more and more, I lay on my bed with a blood stained sheet, Now my death, I'm ready to meet, Wanting to die makes me glad Because its far much better than always being sad. Laying on my bed with an inch of being dead, I woke up from this dream and started to scream, I realize now That was a vision, Tha
Dark Shadows
for when does the ur hand leave the grasp for it has on her throat ... she can't breath.... grasping for air.... then something changes. in a split second she decides to give in .... she tells her body to just let go and relax... let the time come to take the pain away... just then in a silent last breath she is gone for her soul is taken from this place on to dark shadows of a unknown place.
Wake Up America
I'm sorry, but after hearing they want to sing OUR National Anthem in Spanish - enough is enough! NEVER did they sing it in Italian, Japanese, Polish, Irish-Celtic, German, Portuguese, Greek, French, or any other language because of immigration. It was written by Francis Scott Key and should be sung word for word the way it was written. The news broadcasts gave a translation that's NOT even close. Sorry if this offends anyone, but THIS IS MY COUNTRY! Do YOU - sing MY National Anthem in YOUR COUNTRY IN ENGLISH ? ? ? And, because I make this statement DOES NOT mean I'm against immigration!!! YOU ARE WELCOME HERE IN MY COUNTRY. Welcome to come through like everyone else has. Get a sponsor ! Get a place to lay your head ! Get a job ! Live by OUR rules ! Pay YOUR taxes ! And LEARN THE LANGUAGE LIKE ALL OTHER IMMIGRANTS HAVE IN THE PAST!!! AND PLEASE DON'T DEMAND THAT WE HAND OVER OUR LIFETIME SAVINGS OF SOCIAL SECURITY FUNDS TO YOU TO MAK
Don't Cry
Come over here and talk to me I can help if you're feeling blue I can comfort and soothe your pain Who cares if I'm sad too. I can tell you it will work out And that things will be alright Never mind the pain I feel As I fall asleep each night If he has hurt your heart And you think that he's the one I can go and talk to him It doesn't matter what I've become If there is a problem in the home Or if your friends have lied Its not your problem that my eyes burn From all the tears I've cried. I can give a shoulder to cry on And provide a caring ear For you to pour your soul out I'll take away any fear But never mind my broken heart Who cares if I want to die It doesn't matter what I feel As long as you don't cry
Socrates - The Triple Filter Test
In ancient Greece, scholar and intellectual, Dr. Socrates was reputed to hold knowledge in high esteem. One day an acquaintance met the great philosopher and said, "Do you know what I just heard about one of your friend?" "Hold on a minute," Dr. Socrates replied. "Before telling me anything I'd like you to pass a little test. It's called the Triple Filter Test." "Triple filter?" asked the man. "That's right," Dr. Socrates continued. "Before you talk to me about my friend, it might be a good idea to take a moment and filter what you're going to say. That's why I call it the triple filter test. The first filter is Truth. Have you made absolutely sure that what you are about to tell me is true?" "No," the man said, "actually I just heard about it and wanted to tell it to you" "All right," said Socrates. "So you don't really know if it's true or not. Now let's try the second filter, the filter of goodness. Is what you are about to tell me about my friend somethi
An Update
Well its been a while since I wrote a blog other then my drunk blog. Things around here have been kinda crazy. Lots of stuff going on with so little time to get it all done. I live in Sudbury housing its geared to income I had to get my mom to fill out paper work to be able to live with me. They called us July 10 and said she was not approved to live here. I can and have appealed the decision. I dropped off all the paper work today for that so with the next few weeks I should know whats going on with that. Tristen goes to Churchill for a summer program 4 days a week Monday to Thursday and we are going to put him in Fridays also. From 8am-4pm. He really likes it. We walk there from home as we only like about a 10 min walk from the school and all he can say is I am going to summer preschool. What a kid. He loves when I drop it off not so happy when I show up to pick him up. Kieyah is potty training working on it. She has this thing where shes not to happy to pee on the potty when
The Ripple Effect
The Master was walking through the fields one day when a young man, a troubled look upon his face, approached him. "On such a beautiful day, it must be difficult to stay so serious," the Master said. "Is it? I hadn't noticed," the young man said, turning to look around and notice his surroundings. His eyes scanned the landscape, but nothing seemed to register; his mind elsewhere. Watching intently, the Master continued to walk. "Join me if you like." The Master walked to the edge of a still pond, framed by sycamore trees, their leaves golden orange and about to fall. "Please sit down," the Master invited, patting the ground next to him. Looking carefully before sitting, the young man brushed the ground to clear a space for himself. "Now, find a small stone, please," the Master instructed. "What?" "A stone. Please find a small stone and throw it in the pond." Searching around him, the young man grabbed a pebble and threw it as far as he could. "Tell m
Contest Help (edit)
can you help me bomb my tattoo it's in a contest for a vic if you give me comments i'll get you a prize any amount will get you some 11's if i win 500 gets you a salute of me 1000 gets you shirtless salute 2000 gets you ass salute 3000 gets you cock salute every 500 after 3000 is another salute for you or a friend much love bats
Do U Think It's Sexy??...
The Husband Store
A store that sells husbands has just opened in New York City, where a woman may go to choose a husband. among the instructions at the entrance is a description of how the store operates. You may visit the store ONLY ONCE! There are six floors and the attributes of the men increase as the shopper ascends the flights. There is, however, a catch. ... You may choose any man from a particular floor, or you may choose to go up a floor, but you cannot go back down except to exit the building! So, a woman goes to the Husband Store to find a husband. On the first floor the sign on the door reads: Floor 1 - These men have jobs and love the Lord. The second floor sign reads: Floor 2 - These men have jobs, love the Lord, and love kids. The third floor sign reads: Floor 3 - These men have jobs, love the Lord, love kids, and are extremely good looking. "Wow," she thinks, but feels compelled to keep going. She goes to the fourth floor and sign reads: Floor 4 - These men have jobs, love the Lord
Blake Lewis Vs Jordin Sparks - Does Anyone Even Care?
Does anyone actually care who wins American Idol 2007? I know I sure don't. 2007 has to be the most disappointing series to date. Neither of our two finalists have stood out as other Idol winners have done over the last 6 years. Firstly, Blake Lewis has made it due to his trademark beatboxing. The novelty of this wore off somewhere a few weeks ago where every single song had to be beat boxed in when it clearly didn't work. Seriously, what was he thinking. The boy can sing, yes, but he's pretty ordinary. Now for everybody's sweetheart, the seventeen year old Jordin Sparks. I am so tired of being told how old she is. Are they secretly trying to convince me that being so young justifies her struggling voice? Hardcore fans, mock me if you must, but she has struggled to be pitch perfect every single week of this competition. I don't even find her that attractive so I'm lost as to why people love her so much. Perhaps someone wants to say 2007 has been so crap no thanks to VoteForT
Concert 7.16.07
We went to the concert last night and boy did they rocked and so did Staind but truth be told that Daughtery sucked ass. Should have been just Nickleback and Staind. Granted I haven't been to a concert in few but still they were sweet. Four stars I rccommend them
New Start
Symptoms Of Inner Peace
Be on the lookout for symptoms of inner peace. The hearts of a great many have already been exposed to inner peace and it is possible that people everywhere could come down with it in epidemic proportions. This could pose a serious threat to what has, up to now, been a fairly stable condition of conflict in the world. Some signs and symptoms of inner peace: * A tendency to think and act spontaneously rather than on fears based on past experiences. * An unmistakable ability to enjoy each moment. * A loss of interest in judging other people. * A loss of interest in judging self. * A loss of interest in interpreting the actions of others. * A loss of interest in conflict. * A loss of the ability to worry. (This is a very serious symptom.) * Frequent, overwhelming episodes of appreciation. * Contented feelings of connectedness with others and nature. * Frequent attacks of smiling. * An increasing tendency to let things happen rather than make them happ
Feel Like Hiding!
Do you ever feel like you could hide somewhere and hope to God no one finds you? for the past 2 mnths now i've felt like that. I've gotten over the shock of getting my sisters' daughter who's 2 yrs old. She come to live with us around the first of the year. Now i've taken care of children before that wasn't the problem. Before i could always hand them back to their mother but this time was different.She would be here for a long time!No giving her back in a few days when her mom finally strolled her ass through the door. I feel for the girls. See she has two other daughters who live with other family members but it breaks my heart to know that she could care less. Fuckin bitch!All i pray for is that she finally wakes up one morning and realizes what she's missing! I don't have any children,but don't they come first in your life? Anyway to get back to what i was saying. a couple of mnths ago around mine and my brothers birthday we went out to a local bar to celebrate! he left sometime a
I have just one problem of late and that is I NEED TO GET LAID!!!!!! lol believe me it has been far to long lol.
Hey!!!!i Got Something To Say!!
This goes out to all these doorknob yo-yo's out there who don't have a profile pic.....just that big headed stick figure cherrytap thingy...not that i'm cuttin on the cherrytap mascot..i'm not,i'm just sick of these picture-phobic,i see you you don't see me shit!! If these people don't want their identities known....GET THE HELL OUTTA THE TAP!! That's all....thanx for readin'. The Ogre
How I Feel.
You know, I get asked alot about my views on the war and how I feel about it being a US Soldier, and Marine. And I have to tell you, I don't care. I swore an oath to defend this country. I swore an oath to follow the orders of my Commander in Chief, and his duly appointed representatives. I swore an oath to defend the Constitution of The United States. I swore an oath to defend the American public. I Swore An Oath. And I don't care. I don't care about all the bullshit out there. I don't care that I may be called up to go to Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, or wherever else they may send me. I don't care that you hate me for making that decision to put my life on the line to protect you so that you can stand there and critisize everything I do. I don't care. I swore an oath and I will defend it with my very life. Take it or leave it, I don't care. Today, I read a posting put up on myspace by my brother, and I couldn't agree more. I want to share it with you. I think that you might ag
Level Up !!!!
Becoming Free - A Reminder Of The Principles Of Life
1: Life does not work through indecision. Indecision promotes blocks, confusion and stress. Make a decision and allow life to find movement through you. Trust yourself. 2: The 3 C's of life are Courage, Capacity and Commitment. It takes Courage and a commitment to make many of life's decisions, and capacity to follow them through. The 3 C's of a successful relationship are Caring, Consideration and Communication. Communication opens the door between us, consideration allows us to pass through it and our ability to care for each other unites us. 3: Truth is not truth out of timing- yet it remains truth. We are the timing to recognize truth. 4: The mind recoils from the unknown, so we seek to make everything known, and, thus sage. Imagination is the key to the unknown- positive, uplifting imagination. 5: For as long as we search for Our God/dess Self, we deny that we are it. Loving your self reveals your truth. 6: Becoming free is not changing yourself into someone you
Gm Muscle!!
Ok all you motorheads! I need more members in this group! I forgot I had till today. Come join me!! /">GM Muscle
Only Need 10 People
Im trying to get referrals for this site, I only need 10 more... PLEASE help me out. It will be greatly appreciated!! and if you feel generous, pass it on to your friends Thanks so much! You guys are the best!
Apple Break Thru
Apple Computer announced today that it has developed a computer chip that can store and play music in women's breast implants. The iTit will cost $499, $599, or $799 depending on speaker size. This is considered to be a major breakthrough because women have always complained about men staring at their breasts and not listening to them.
Thanks All 7/17/07
For helping me close and dear friend. Thanks to the few that did help out. For thsoe who did help I really appriciate all the help you gave! My friend didn't place first but came in second. I think the gal cheated from waht I heard! Anyway's the ones that really did help I thank you from the bottom of my heart to yours. Please show him some love by congratualting him. Thanks again! Confederate - Elite Hottie -@ CherryTAP
A Blue Ribbon To Make A Difference
A teacher in New York decided to honor each of her seniors in high school by telling them the difference they each made. She called each student to the front of the class, one at a time. First she told each of them how they had made a difference to her and the class. Then she presented each of them with a blue ribbon imprinted with gold letters which read, "Who I Am Makes a Difference." Afterwards the teacher decided to do a class project to see what kind of impact recognition would have on a community. She gave each of the students three more ribbons and instructed them to go out and spread this acknowledgment ceremony. Then they were to follow up on the results, see who honored whom and report back to the class in about a week. One of the boys in the class went to a junior executive in a nearby company and honored him for helping him with his career planning. He gave him a blue ribbon and put it on his shirt. Then he gave him two extra ribbons and said, "We're doing a cla
Sexy Tattoo Contest
HEy Yall am in a contest SEXY TATTOO please come by and comment bomb use link below thank you Music Video Codes By Music
My Yahoo Group...
Its for those that love to tag, tube and create computer graphics. If interested, here is the info. Click to join Taggers_and_Tubers_Avenue
Support Our Troops Contest
Okay it is Contest Time Again.† † I am hosting a Contest Giving away not 1 not 2 but 3 7 day blasts. Lets Show our Support for Our Troops,. The men and women out there putting themselves in harms way in order to protect the FREEDOMS that we have. † These Soldiers can NEVER EVER BE thanked Enough. † They are willing to not only go out there and fight for their own families but they go out and fight for Everyone,† The even fight for people that hate them.† They are willing to put everything into protecting our country and ask for nothing in return. † So here is the Contest. † I want your best picture showing support for our troops.† It can be something you created or a picture you took or one that you have found that you feel shows great support for our Soldiers.† I will need the picture to be in your gallery so I can rip it from you.† If you aren’t sure how to send me a link to the picture in your gallery, put it in a folder titled
Tattoo Contest Now Open
This is a Firework My Words Here are your contestants, give them lots of love and support. Rate them and bomb them.
More Thoughts On Aging
- The aging process could be slowed down if it had to work its way through Congress. - You're getting old when you're sitting in a rocker and you can't get it started. - You're getting old when you wake up with that morning-after feeling, and you didn't do anything the night before. - The cardiologist's diet: if it tastes good, spit it out. - Doctor to patient: I have good news and bad news: the good news is that you are not a hypochondriac. - It's hard to be nostalgic when you can't remember anything. - You know you're getting old when you stop buying green bananas. - Last Will and Testament: Being of sound mind, I spent all my money. - When you lean over to pick something up off the floor, you ask yourself if there is anything else you need to do while you are down there. - You find yourself in the middle of the stairway, and you can't remember if you were downstairs going up or upstairs going down.
Get Your Azz In Here!
Hey I want my friends to drop in and say hi to me tonight....This is where I'll be at! Be there! Much luv, Jackie THE TUNES ARE HOTT AND SO IS THE DJ!!! CLICK THE PIC AND COME GET YOUR'E REQUEST IN!!COME GET IT ON WITH THE TEMPTRESS OF EXTREME "X"
If you haven't rated my page please do. I am new and need some points. thanks.
Proverbs 19:1
1Better is the poor that walketh in his integrity, than he that is perverse in his lips, and is a fool.
You Are A Nerd If...
- If you rotate your screen savers more frequently than your automobile tires - If you have a functioning home copier machine, but every toaster you own turns bread into charcoal - If you have more toys than your kids - If you need a checklist to turn on the TV - If you have introduced your kids by the wrong name - If you have a habit of destroying things in order to see how they work - If your I.Q. number is bigger than your weight - If the microphone or visual aids at a meeting don't work and you rush up to the front to fix it - If you can remember 7 computer passwords but not your anniversary - If you have memorized the program scheduled for the Discovery channel and have seen most of the shows already Comment on this Story | Printer Friendly | Send Story to a Friend | Top
Random Pics Of My Family And Friends
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Just Have One Thing To Say...
Acting Your Skin Color
For those of you who don't know me, and don't find it obvious, I don't really have these views about women, men, white people, and minoraties. The question at the end, is supposed to indicate that. It's asking if I really understand how society is, or how it thinks. In english we were talking about race, and stuff having to do with it. It's a class full of all white people. Last week it was about gender roles. So, there's these people who think you need to act according to a specific set of rules, depending on how you were born. If you are a woman, you best act like one. Like, uh get in the kitchen and make me a pie bitch. If you are man, act like a man. That means be aggressive, insensitive, no crying, go kill something eat some red meat, and take a shot of moonshine without chaser nor flinching. It gets more interesting. If you are white, act like it. Don't listen to rap music, don't talk in Eubonics, don't listen to Mexican music, don't talk in Spanish or use any un-white slan
I'd Do This For My Girl (if I Had A Girl)
Every girl dreams that one day she will find a guy that does these things for her. Even the smallest action can have the BIGGEST impact in someone's life. ē give her one of your t-shirts to sleep in ē leave her cute text messages ē kiss her in front of your friends ē tell her she looks beautiful ē look into her eyes when you talk to her ē let her mess with your hair ē just walk around with her ē FORGIVE her for her MISTAKES ē look at her like she's the only girl you see ē tickle her even when she says stop. ē hold her hand when you're around your friends. ē when she starts swearing at you, tell her you love her. ē let her fall asleep in your arms. ē get her mad, then kiss her. ē stay on the phone with her even if she's not saying anything ē tease her and LET HER TEASE YOU BACK. ē stay up all night with her when she's sick. ē watch her favorite movie with her. ē kiss her forehead. ē give her the world. [note: because if she could she would] ē let her wear your
Today's Horoscope
A conflict arises between your home life and your creative needs. What to do? In some ways, you knew this was coming. It's almost a relief to finally deal with it. Be honest about what you want and you'll find a solution. Note: yes, I do have some conflicts going on. I have decided to tackle both this weekend.
Last night, my wife and I were sitting in the living Room and I said to her, "I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and Fluids from a bottle. If that ever happens, just pull the plug." She got up, unplugged the TV and then threw out my beer. She's such a bitch......
Truth Or Dare
Truth or dare Body: TRUTH OR DARE 7 questions. 7 chances. 7 honest answers. Thats all you get. You get to ask me 7 questions. (Private Message Me) Any 7 questions, anything, no matter how crazy they are. And I promise to answer them truthfully. No catch. But I dare you to repost this and see what people ask you... Bet you won't do it... :]
What A Cherry I Am.
Very new to this site, I'm still learning things so forgive me for not talking to anyone just yet lol, I'm getting around to it I promise.
The Most Important Discoveries
Man discovered weapons, invented hunting. Woman discovered hunting, invented furs. Man discovered colors, invented painting. Woman discovered painting, invented make-up. Man discovered speech, invented conversation. Woman discovered conversation, invented gossip. Man discovered agriculture, invented food. Woman discovered food, invented diet. Man discovered friendship, invented love. Woman discovered love, invented marriage. Man discovered trade, invented money. Woman discovered money, man has never recovered.
Maybe I Am....
Crazy? I am starting to believe that I really am loosing all my marbles. I had the most perfect opportunity in the world to fufill a 6 year dream, and I passed it up. I still don't understand why myself. A bitch? It took me secretly hiding it in her door for my best friend to get her birthday cards from me because no one would answer the door when they saw it was me. So I went back later and slipped it between the doors so she could see it. I don't really know what I did wrong, but I am really sorry. It was good to hear her voice today. A crazy bitch? My ex-boyfriend seems to think that I am stalking him or obsessed or something like that. I left him a comment as a joke and he freaked out on me not to "do anything like that ever again". OK then. Whatever happened to "we really are going to be friends, not just like everyone says"?
Golden Rule
GOLDEN RULE Succulent She-Devil, Sword Drawn in Her Masters Defense, Awaiting the Word to Strike a Lethal BLOW, Poised Like a Huntress Tiger, Arms and Legs Tensed. Ten Red Daggers Stained by Devotion, Baptized on Her Masters Back, Prowling on Her Hands and Knees toward Her Prey with Eyes Feral, Upon Her Masters Command She Attack. Leash Taunt between Masters Knuckles, Snapping to Attract Her Disobedient Gaze, Unchallenged Desire, Refusal to Blink, a Warriors Heart and Soul Ablaze.Hormonal Frenzy Held in Check, Teeth Gritted, Thoughts of Biting the Hand that Feeds, Hair Gripped, Head Snapped Back, as Master and Beast Both Snarl, Proving Who It Is Who Leads. Leash Shackled to Her Studded Collar, Her Arms Forced Behind Her, Leash Wrapped Around Her Wrists, Slack Cinched Tightly and Attached to the Lock Beside the Clip on Her Throat, Rage Clenching Her Fists. Master Stands Superior Eyes Narrowed in Disgust, Her Warrior Born Heritage Stripped Aw
Flight Engineer In Panama
As a flight engineer, I had been stationed in Panama for several months before the December 1989 invasion. Ever since I began my air force flying career, my mother has been concerned about my safety. So I expected a long letter from her expressing her anxiety. But what she sent was a sheet of paper containing six words: KICK THEIRS. PROTECT YOURS. LOVE, MOM.
Please Help Stop The Hunt
WARNING Very graphic content. If you're interested in helping out please go to the site and learn more about what you can do to help. You can sign the pledge
A woman was helping her husband set up his computer, and at the appropriate point in the process, she told him that he would now need to enter a password. Something he could remember easily and will use each time he has to log on. The husband was in a rather amorous mood and figured he would try for the shock effect to bring this to his wife's attention. So, when the Computer asked him to enter his password, he made it plainly obvious to his wife that he was keying in... P... E... N.. I S... His wife fell off her chair laughing when the computer replied: PASSWORD REJECTED....... NOT LONG ENOUGH
We Could All Use One....
Oh daddy daddy all the pain that you've caused,you leave no scar nor no bruise, just a broken heart. Why can't you see all I want is your love? So don't push me away, I'm here to stay. Please don't break my heart. Oh daddy daddy my arms ache for you, so come give me a hug, wrap me in your love, all I want is to belong and all I need is to feel your love. Charlotte Ann Mcfarland Copyright ©2007 Charlotte Ann Mcfarland
Help Help Help
can you help me bomb my tattoo it's in a contest for a vic
Come Check Out My Girl!
hey ya'll! this my girl k-rich in her very first contest and its all about the cleavage!! you know hers is the shit!! please go comment bomb the hell out of her pic and make this a win for her!!! thanks bunches!! kisses!! i'm bombing her pic right now, come join me!!!
Read Alone
Read Alone..... Especially the Poem! I believe whatever is in store for us will be for us. The poem is very true, unfortunately. Make sure you read the poem! CASE 1: Kelly Sedey had one wish, for her boyfriend of three years, David Marsden, to propose to her. Then one day when she was out to lunch David proposed! She accepted, but then had to leave because she had a meeting in 20 min. When she got to her office, she noticed on her computer she had some e-mail's. She checked it, the usual stuff from her friends, but then she saw one that she had never gotten before. It was this poem. She simply deleted it without even reading all of it. BIG MISTAKE! Later that evening, she received a phone call from the police. It was about DAVID! He had been in an accident with an 18 wheeler. He didn't survive! CASE 2: Take Katie Robinson She received this poem and being the believer that she was she sent it to a few of her friends but didn't have enough e-mai
SLAVE! I Own You! Body and Soul. Do I Love You? HARDLY! Do You Love Me? UNDYING! Do I Think of You Every Waking Moment? WHORE TO MY DESIRE, Do You Think of Me Every Waking Moment? CHILLS AT MY DEPARTURE BEGGING THE RETURN OF YOUR SIRE! Can I Live Without You? BEGONE UNTIL I CALL, Can You Live Without Me? TEARS THAT FOREVER FALL! Do I Pray to God for Giving Me such a Slave? I TAKE WHAT I WANT! Do You Pray to God for Giving You such a MASTER? ADMIT THAT YOU'RE A CUNT! God is Your Masters Penis, Your Prayers Answered Only When I Cum, Falling Silent as I Ignore Your Needs, My Needs the First and Final Rule of Thumb.Do I Disrespect You? BITCH GET ON YOUR KNEES! Do You Disrespect Me? I'LL LEAVE YOUR ASS TO FREEZE! Tell Me NO I'll Cut You Loose, Go Find a MASTER that puts up with Your Shit, YES MASTER! EVERY TIME! No Hesitation or You Might as Well Face Failure as I Clothspin Your Worthless Clit. Wear Your Collar Proudly, Leash Held High for
hey im in the sexiest man contest cum spank me!!!!
Where Have All The Good Ones Gone?
Ok what is with the people on all these web sites who seem like they are interested in starting something then just like that leaving, or just stop talking all together? I am so FUCKING tired of these people. What is wrong with them all? Is it me? I am just looking for a friend or boy friend that will spend enough time getting to know me on line so that we can take it to the next level? People are dumb enough to give out all their personal info but dont think about what will happen if they get burned. Where are the nice guys who are not interested in looks, or other superficial things? I would love to find one who is honest and keeps their word. If any one has any thought on the subject please let me know. I dont have the time to go to bars or other places singles go. I want to find one here online first then see what happens. I am honest and truthful is there anyone else out there who is the same.
Amber Alert!!!!!
Date: Jul 16, 2007 8:20 PM Subject: Subject: Amber Alert Body: Jul 16, 2007 4:36 PM Subject: Amber Alert Body: Missing child named Andrea Montoya. She went missing at 2:45pm yesterday. and she was last seen in Gatlinburg at the River Terris hotel in the laundry room wearing a purple coat and grey jogging pants. She is 3 ft tall and weighs 96 lbs. She is originally from Florida and is here on vacation with her grandma and mother. A white jeep Cherokee with Florida sunshine license plate was seen circling the area. Please Repost Amber Alert She was kidnapped just yesterday. it will take 5 seconds to repost.. What if someone sees this that knows something and a grandma and mother get their kid back. how great would that be? so please just take 5 seconds out of your day... YOU'D DO IT IF IT WAS YOUR KID OR SOMEONE YOU LOVED
Curse you Guitar Hero 2 you magnificent bastard! You have successfully turned my wrists and fingers to jello. Now I Have to type with a pencil in my mouth hitting one key at a time. You are as addictive as meth but you're legal you son of a bitch. What the fuck am i suppose to do when the 80's version comes out this month, then GH3 and RockBand a few months down the road. I will have no hands left. They are going to turn black and fall off like I had frostbite or something. I will be left with stumps still trying to do hammer ons and pull offs to no avail. You fill me with such rage and joy at the same time, kind of like my ex gf but more joy. Hats off to you Guitar Hero for being possibly one of the best video games ever. Oh and here's some eye candy if anyone managed to read through that shit I just typed.
Please Read
Subject: u musted read....Body: I was walking around in a store. I sawcashier hand this little boy his money back saying"I'm sorry, but you don't have enough money to buythis doll."Then the little boy turned to the old womannext to him: ''Granny, are you sure I don't haveenough money?''The old lady replied: ''You know that youdon't have enough money to buy this doll, my dear.''Then she asked him to stay there for 5minutes while she went to look around. She leftquickly.The little boy was still holding the doll inhis hand.Finally, I walked toward him and I askedhimwho he wished to give this doll to."It's the doll that my sister loved most andwanted so much for this Christmas.She was so sure that SantaClaus would bring it to her."I replied to him that maybe Santa Claus willbring it to her after all, and notto worry.But he replied to me sadly. "No, Santa Clauscan't bring it to her where she is now. I have togive the doll to my mommy sothat she can give it tomy sister when she goes the
Cold Steel----
Home Remedies.....
AMAZINGLY SIMPLE HOME REMEDIES 1. When choking on an ice cube, simply pour a cup of boiling water down your throat. Presto! The blockage will instantly remove itself. 2. Avoid cutting yourself slicing vegetables by getting someone else to hold while you chop. 3. Avoid arguments with the Mrs. about lifting the toilet seat by using the sink. 4. To treat high blood pressure: simply cut yourself and bleed for a few minutes, thus reducing the pressure in your veins. Remember to use a timer. 5. A mouse trap, placed on top of your alarm clock, will prevent you from rolling over and going back to sleep after you hit the snooze button. 6. If you have a bad cough, take a large dose of laxatives, then you will be afraid to cough. 7. You only need two tools in life - WD-40 and Duct Tape. If it doesn't move and should, use th e WD-40. If it shouldn't move and does, use the duct tape. 8. When confused remember, everyone seems normal until you get to know them
Want A Free Big Pimping Gift
make me a salute pic of your self with my name and ill send you or the person of your choice a big pimping gift..............females only please all shapes and sizes may apply
im totally bored so i thought i would write a blog..i started my diet hardcore yesterday...i think if i see another fuckin vegtable im going to hang myself..they are good in little bits at a time but when its ALL you are eating it gets gross..and quick...Im also gunna attempt to quit smoking either tomorrow or the enxt day..whenever my smokes run gunna be totally emo for the first 3 emotions go insane when i try to quit...blahh...what else can i talk about...hmm im going on a trip in 2 months and im sooo excited. i barely ever leave my house and im going to another country..should be fun..we have fun stuff planned :D....ummmm....HI EVERYONE!!! and yeah if you read my previous blog yesterday...i was just being happens to all of us...some more often :P ok thats all.
25 Words Of Wisdom
1. There are two sides to every divorce: Yours and Shithead's. 2. The closest I ever got to a 4.0 in college was my blood alcohol content. 3. I live in my own little world but it's OK, everyone knows me here. 4. I saw a rather large woman wearing a sweatshirt with 'Guess' on it. I said,"Thyroid problem?" 5. I don't do drugs 'cause I find I get the same effect just by standing up really fast. 6. Sign In Chinese Pet Store:"Buy one dog, get one flea..." 7. Money can't buy happiness but it sure makes misery easier to live with. 8. I got a sweater for Christmas. I really wanted a screamer or a moaner. 9. If flying is so safe, why do they call the airport the "terminal"? 10. I don't approve of political jokes. I've seen too many of them get elected. 11. The most precious thing we have is life, yet it has absolutely no trade-in value. 12. If life deals you lemons, make lemonade; if it deals you tomatoes, make Bloody Marys. 13. I love being married. It's
I Am Not There!!!
I've seen two shows lately that went on and on about how mid-life is a great time for women. Just last week Oprah had a whole show on how great menopause will be... Puhleeeeeeeze! I've had a few thoughts of my own and would like to share them with you. Mid-life is when the growth of hair on our legs slows down. This gives us plenty of time to care for our newly acquired mustache. In mid-life women no longer have upper arms, we have wing spans. We are no longer women in sleeveless shirts, we are flying squirrels in drag. Mid-life is when you can stand naked in front of a mirror and you can see your rear without turning around. Mid-life is when you go for a mammogram and you realize that this is the only time someone will ask you to appear topless. Mid-life is when you want to grab every firm young lovely in a tube top and scream, "Listen honey, even the Roman empire fell and those will too." Mid-life brings wisdom to know that life throws us curves and
Life's A B*tch.............
life's a bitch nd then u die so fawkk tha world nd let's get high......
Reach Out And Touch Someone
I swallowed some pride recently and opened myself up to get my feelings hurt and called a guy I hadn't talked to in months. I've learned the lesson not to let things go unsaid - and I learned it the hard way. I couldn't let the "what if" nag at me. So, I called him up. It was so good to hear his voice. I'd forgotten that warm feeling I got each time he said hello. To my relief he sounded happy to hear from me. We feel right back into where we left off. I'm relieved.
I -Love- talking about y0u`, Cuz i can never Run`0ut of things to[ Say]. I never have a Bigger`.smile. or Louder`[Laugh].x33, &&` even with ||Everything|| that i say, i'm still the [0][n][L][y] one that U n d e r s t a n d s that [I Love You].x3
Mumm Response
Ok, so my new manager is a woman, so that being said there are several things that cannot done to fix the problems. Basically, I "don't" know as much about the way things work as she does.... just ask her. Nevermind the fact that I have been with the company longer than her. Anyway, she is constantly looking to undermind anything I do.
Just How I Feel And My Thoughts
I feel that we really never really know what really happend that weekend I don't think that anyone will ever really know. Maybe there may be something in the Dieary that Chris had or was given after the death of his friend and a fellow great wrestler Eddie G. Maybe there is something in that and maybe then they will truely be able to know what really happened and why it happend. But untill they truely know what really happened and what went on ect. I am not going to pass judgement. I think Chris Benoit was a great wrestler and I will miss him as will alot of people he did alot in his career. And he left way too early just like Eddie and just like Owen and Davey Boy Smith and the others that have gone before it was there time!!! I have been a big wrestling fan for over 27 years and I have met alot of wrestlers and seen alot come and alot go, but one thing I can say that I know for a fact is that they always gave it there all for us fans each and every night that they went out. I for
so i started to take hydroxycut and its been about a week and i have to quit taking it, becaus eits been giving me killer headaches. theres 50$ down the tube... grrr
Some Of The Report Of What Was Found In The Autopsy Of Chris, Nancy And Daniel Benoit Part 3
From The Associated Press: Medical Examiner's Report DECATUR, Ga. (July 17) - Investigators said Tuesday they found steroids and other drugs in the body of pro wrestler Chris Benoit, who killed his wife and young son last month before hanging himself in the family's home. Besides steroids, Benoit's body contained the anti-anxiety drug Xanax and the painkiller hydrocodone, according to a statement from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. The GBI said Benoit tested negative for blood alcohol. Benoit's wife, Nancy, tested positive for Xanax, hydrocodone and the painkiller hydromorphone. The son, Daniel Benoit had Xanax in his system, the agency said. The GBI said it could not perform tests for steroids or human growth hormones on the son because of a lack of urine. The test results were expected to shed more light on Benoit's last moments. Authorities said Benoit killed his wife and 7-year-old son in their suburban Atlanta home, placed Bibles next to their bodies and then h
Too Funny!!
>>One night , after the couple had >>retired for the night, the woman >became > >>aware that her husband was > >> >>touching > >> >>her in a most unusual manner. He started by running his hand >across > >> her >>shoulders and the small of her back. He ran his hand over her > >> breasts, >>touching them very lightly. Then, he proceeded to run his >hand > >> gently down >>her side, sliding his hand over her stomach, and then >down > >> the other side >>to a point below her waist. He continued on, gently > >> feeling her hips, > >> >>first > >> >>one side and the the other. His hand ran further down the outside >of > >> her >>thighs. His gentle probing then started up the inside of her >left > >> thigh, >>stopped and the returned to do the same to her right thigh. >By > >> this time >>the woman was becoming aroused and she squirmed a little >to > >> better position >>herself.The man stopped abruptly and rolled over to >his > >> side of the b
(`*ē.ł(`*ē.ł♥ł.ē*ī)ł.ē*ī ) ♥ęī ē.* Иάtїvє Pяїdє *ēī®`Ľ♥ (ł.ē*ī(ł.ē*ī♥`*ē.ł)`*ē.ł) Natives arent cute, we're so fuckin BANGiiN!! Natives dont just kiss, we make out. Natives dont just play, we have a blast!! Natives dont relax, we chill. Natives dont dance, we party. Natives dont talk bad, we talk shit. Natives lips arent just hot, their the lips you wish you could kiss. Natives dont do it, we do it juciy as hell!. Natives are the best hoky poky dancers Natives arent nice, were the shit. Natives arent just friends, we are pals forever! Natives arent cool, we are fuckin awesome! Natives are sexy! Natives are blessed when they are born because now were proud to tell everybody that we are Natives! Natives are...there isnt enough.!
Tuesday Humor!!!
An attorney arrived home late, after a very tough day trying to get a stay of execution for a client who was due to be hanged for murder at midnight. His last minute plea for clemency to the governor had failed and he was feeling worn out and depressed. As soon as he walked through the door at home, his wife started on him about, "What time of night to be getting home is this? Where have you been?" "Dinner is cold and I'm not reheating it". And on and on and on. Too shattered to play his us ua l role in this familiar ritual, he went and poured himself a shot of whiskey and headed off for a long hot soak in the bathtub, pursued by the predictable sarcastic remarks as he drug himself up the stairs. While he was in the bath, the phone rang. The wife answered and was told that her husband's client, James Wright, had been granted a stay of execution after all. Wright would not be hanged tonight. Finally realizing what a terrible day he m ust have had, she decided
Desert Rose
Two shadows slipping throgh the night, Unaware of the watching eyes. Lovers are they or are they not? That, no one knows... They stop by a spot, And stay there awhile. "As long as this rose is alive and blooming, That is how long our love will be and much more than that..." And with those kind words of love, They disappear through the darkness. Time goes by and the seed grows into the most beautiful of roses. Red as blood, Glowing as fire. With standing the desert heat and the harsh weather. Oh desert rose, I can feel the soft touch of your petals, The warmth it gives. Oh desert rose, I can see the fire of your color, A glimpse of your flames. Oh desert rose, I can hear all the stories that you tell of the desert, Stories of love. But fugacious we are, And so are you. Your once soft petals are beginning to dry, Wilting and taking off once a glamorous robe. Your color is that of amber, Still pretty but unlike before. You quiver and struggle until it is too much
If This Story Touched You, Repost It As
Guy:"Lets have sex right now." Girl: "Can we do what?" Guy: "You know, can I be your first, finally?" Girl: "" Guy: "Why?" Girl: "Because, 1. you have a girlfriend, who happens to be my friend......." Guy: "So, if you don't tell, I won't tell." Girl: "Besides that, I'm waiting for someone special. Someone that I want to be with for the rest of my life to be my first." Guy: "I'm not special to you?" Girl: "You're my friend. That's all." Guy: looks forward and keeps driving. 5 minutes pass....... Guy: starts to run his hand up the girl's thigh. Girl: moves his hand, "Don't touch me.". Guy: tries to kiss her. Girl: screams, "Would you stop." Guy: continues trying. Girl: moves to the back seat Guy: parks on an abandoned street and gets in the backseat with the girl. Starts to kiss her. Girl: pushes him off and scoots over, "Please, don't do this." Guy: "Don't do what, I know you want it, I can see it in your
Call Me......
Call me a slut. Call me a whore. Call me whatever. I've heard it before. Say that I'm fake. Say that I lie. Say what you want. You won't see me cry, because I know none of it's true, but calling me all this shit, ha, what the hell does that make you?
◊ļē.ł®*ē.ł Inside I hurt I cry I fall I'm scared I'm worried I'm sad I'm happy I'm different I change I grow I heal I laugh ł.ē*®ł.ēļ◊
Weezer - Undone (the Sweater Song)
** I know the song is simple to sing, but you know you can't help loving this track** Weezer - Undone (The sweater song) Matt*: Hey bra', how we doin', man? Karl**: Alright. Matt: It's been awhile, man. Life's so rad! This band's my favorite, man. Don'tcha love 'em? Karl: Yeah. Matt: Aw, man, do you want beer? Karl: Alright. Matt: Aw, man. Wow, bra', this is the best, man. I'm so glad we're all back together and stuff. This is great, man. Karl: Yeah. Matt: Hey, do you know about the party after the show? Karl: Yeah. Matt: Aw, man, it's gonna be the best. I'm so stoked! Take it easy, bra'. I'm me, me be Goddamn, I am I can, sing and Here me, know me. If you want to destroy my sweater Hold this thread as I walk away. Mykel***: Hey, what's up? Matt: Not much. Mykel: Um... did you hear about the party? Matt: Yeah. Mykel: I think I'm going to go, but, um... my friends don't really wanna go. Could I get a ride? Oh no, it go It gone, bye-bye...bye Who I, I
Why?? /:)
Why Do Guys Try To Act Tough? Why Do Guys Think Its Cool To Fight? Why Do Guys Always Do Gross Stuffs? Why Do Guys Think And Talk About Sex So Much? Why Are Some Guys Such Jerks? Why Do Guys Care So Much About What Gurl Looks Like? Why Don't Guys Like To Talk About Their Feelings? What Does A Guy Really Want In A Gurl? Why Are Guys So Different From Gurls?
You Didn't Want Me
this is to NO ONE in particular..... you didn't want me....i might have begged you, pleaded with you, gave you my heart and yet you turned me didn't want me no matter what i did or said or even tried to prove to didn't want me pushed me aside for bigger and better my question is SO WHY THE FUCK NOW? you know i am engaged....i am happy for the first time in a long time....i am getting married to a Man that did want me from the get-go...we met, we were perfect for each other, we compliment each other.... do you want me now because i am unavailable.....i am emtionally unavailable too...i love him and always heart will NEVER belong to another
To Be A U.s. Citizen
To Kill an American You probably missed this in the rush of news, but there was actually a report that someone in Pakistan had published in a newspaper, an offer of a reward to anyone who killed an American, any American. So an Australian dentist wrote an editorial the following day to let everyone know what an American is. So they would know when they found one. (Good one, mate!!!!) "An American is English, or French, or Italian, Irish, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian or Greek. An American may also be Canadian, Mexican, African, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Australian, Iranian, Asian, or Arab, or Pakistani or Afghan. An American may also be a Comanche, Cherokee, Osage, Blackfoot, Navaho, Apache, Seminole or one of the many other tribes known as Native Americans. An American is Christian, or he could be Jewish, or Buddhist, or Muslim. In fact, there are more Muslims in America than in Afghanistan. The only difference is that in America they are free to worship
It's going to be another month of bills :(
To You.......
Never say "I luv you" if it isn't really there. Never talk abou' me', if you really don't care. Never hold my hand if you're gunna break my heart. Never say you are gunna, if you don't plan to start. Never look into my eyes, if all you do is lie. Never say hi bee beh, if you really don't mean it. If you really wit me', then please say you'll try. Never say forever, because fukk forever. OnlyLuvBabe!!!
Path Of Deception
The innocent are fed lies and hate the truth hidden beneath a world of betrayal A close mind cannot speak Or see the pains of life coming signs of evil point the way to the path of least resistance nothing in life comes easily so this path is not worth taking treason and a hollow laugh give way to desire or will the demons feed on the death of life and quench their thirst on the blood they spill
Family And Friends
Just stopping what i'm doing to let y'all know i haven't forgot about anyone.As most of y'all know i had a liver transplant not to long ago and i'm doing remarkably well.But others arn't doing aswell as myself,so i've been visiting others who need some support and some love.You see i never thought it would be me that needed a transplant and neither did they.But thats what God hands out in our journeys through this wonderful but yet hard life.So i'm just letting y'all know your in my paryers every morning and night.I don't have time to leave comments on everyones page because i have been so busy and i'm sorry for that.Y'all all are very important to me.If y'all noticed i stopped my Vic status,well i got to thinking what is a bunch of points and ratings.To most on here this is a game but to you my friends,friendship isn't a game to me.I took the 14+dollars and i give it to a needy person instead of throwing in this man pockets just to cause peoples lives to be turned up side down and to
Empty Smile
Walk by me , So i can see your glow again, Smell your scent arouse my inner compassion, Hear your echoing laughter , Without this distance. Oh that feeling of sweet joy, Continual time spent well, Desirable conversations. Brilliant you sought out to be, Your knowledge over beckons me, Consumed with your power to over compress. Your touch is rare, Something extraordinary. Oh those eyes, Eyes of such sorrow, Stimulating your weaknesses, Within just blinks your full of blissfulness. Gazing a crossed those deep shapes of gray, Pass the stone walls & underneath your hate, Blaze of fire & Scars of hope. Step forth my grieving child; Lay down these thoughts Forgive those lies. Oh those sweet lips. That once were mine, Passing through all this time, Kept inside your troubled mind. Fear gasped my breath, For your infection, Seeking this wet, Delightful affection, From your, Puzzling imperfections. © 2007 Millsmind
You Rock
Happy Birthday To Me!! - Come And Comment
It's MY BIRTHDAY!!.... WOOOHOOOO.. Well, it will be this Sunday July 22nd... 33 wonderful years.. And I can tell you that they are getting better!! I am like a good wine... Getting better with age *wink* Drop your birthday wishes on this blog! show your love to your Mistress M!! and let's party!! (you still have time to drop by My wishlists and get My gifts...) Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m
Food Banks
Did you know that there is a greater need for donations to Food Banks during the summer months. This due to the fact that a lot of children that would normaly receive free or assisted school lunches are at home. The next time you're out shopping pick something up for your local food bank. The thing that they need most is high protein items (peanut butter, beans and canned meat). Also feel free to repost this to your blog or post it as a bulletin.
My wife and I were sitting at a table at my high school reunion, and I kept staring at a drunken lady swigging her drink as she sat alone at a nearby table. My wife asks, "Do you know her?" "Yes," I sighed, "She's my old girlfriend. I understand she took to drinking right after we split up those many years ago, and I hear she hasn't been sober since." "My God!" says my wife, "Who would think a person could go on celebrating that long?" So you see, there really are 2 ways to look at everything.
Oooo Yeah?!
Somehow I made it back up into 7th place! help me out just a bit more!!! please vote everyday! I need your help to put me into the tristate hotties calendar! Vote in the Calendar contest as well as playing cards contest! ** Remember, joining with my recruit number gives me five extra vote points! If you're not from the Tristate area, use zipcode-08869. My Recruit ID# is 325. Help me win!! PLEASE JOIN!!!!!!! It will really help me get further! Vote for Miss Lush for July!! Let's do it this time Really! Thanks for all who have been participating and helping and thanks to those who will make me win this upcoming month!!
Some Of The Report Of What Was Found In The Autopsy Of Chris, Nancy And Daniel Benoit Part 2
WWE ISSUES STATEMENT REGARDING TOXICOLOGY REPORT - WWE issued a statement just moments ago regarding the toxicology report on Chris Benoit. The full statement reads as follows. "WWE understands that the toxicology reports for Chris Benoit indicate that he tested positive for testosterone and negative for anabolic steroids. On Mr. Benoit's last drug test in April 2007 administered by Aegis Labs, he tested negative for anabolic steroids and for testosterone. Given the toxicology report of GBI released today, it would appear that Mr. Benoit took testosterone sometime after his April 2007 test and the time he died. WWE understands that his dealings with Dr. Astin are currently being investigated, and WWE has no knowledge of whether Dr. Astin prescribed testosterone for Mr. Benoit at some point after the April 2007 tests. For over 20 years, the WWE has been demonstrating our concern for the well being of our contracted athletes, instituting drug testing in 1987 leading up to ou
It's All Good
I have taken the photo's in which I've made fer my friends an posted them in my stash, I'm truely hoping that it's all good with you guys? If not I shall take them down, but hell why not show every1 how wonderful and beautiful you truely are? Smiles, anyways I do hope ya'll enjoy the things I've got in my stash which is ~ Kisses An Huggess All Over ~
Some Of The Report Of What Was Found In The Autopsy Of Chris, Nancy And Daniel Benoit Part 1
TOXICOLOGY REPORTS ON BENOIT FAMILY RELEASED - Toxicology reports on Chris Benoit, his wife Nancy and son Daniel were released today at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation headquarters. Fayette County District Attorney Scott Ballard opened the press conference saying that all the findings so far still leads that Chris murdered his wife and son and then committed suicide. He thanked the crime lab for giving a lot of attention to this case considering there are other urgent cases that need to be taken care of. He said that they will be unable to reply to most of the questions regarding the crime scene or the investigation as the investigation is still ongoing. Dr Kris Sperry, Chief Medical Examiner at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation crime lab took over to explain the results. Three drugs were discovered in Nancy's body. These were Hydromorphone, a drug to relieve severe pain. Hydrocodone, otherwise known as Vicodin, which also releaves pain as well as Xanax, which is use
This Takes The Cake
It never ceases to amaze me, what I see and experience on CT. Mind you I am a VIC by choice. I sign On by choice. Here are things that make me just shake my head. 1. Error messages that are just down right Rude - I am not a rude person and each time I see this I wonder , is that the type of person they really cater to and those of us that have manners and are kind just have to suffer this immature attitude. 2. Salutes - I thought at first this was great idea, because I am real and this would be a good tool to find those that were real as well, rather then those that are fake and pretend and play the senseless mind games that go on here and else where are the internet. But I was wrong, not only are the fake salutes that are passed and ones that are not following the guidelines written in the CT Bible are also passed. Now you can get one approved and delete it and still gain points. Ok I will just leave it at these two. I am just venting so don't feel like you hav
Shallow Tom
Hey, this is going to be very shallow of me but what can I say. Would you mind clicking on my badge and giving me a good score, see I would like to get 100 to rate me in the top 10. I just want it is all. Thank you, Tom
Whiskey Dix
Glam Slam this Friday night at Whiskey Dix! Featuring The Primmadonnas, Midnight Angel, and Sweden has the bomb! Doors open at 9pm. SO if you want to have a kick ass time in the best bar in town come on out and party! WHISKEY DIX 421 N.7TH ST PHILA,PA NEXT TO THE ELECTRIC FACTORY
This Is The Truth
FAKE FRIENDS Never ask for food. REAL FRIENDS are the reason you have no food. FAKE FRIENDS Call your parents Mr/Mrs REAL FRIENDS Call your parents DAD/MOM FAKE FRIENDS bail you out of jail and tell you what you did was wrong. REAL FRIENDS Would sit next to you sayin íDamn ... we fucked up ... but that shit was fun!í FAKE FRIENDS never seen you cry. REAL FRIENDS cry with you FAKE FRIENDS Borrow your stuff for a few days then give it back. REAL FRIENDS keep your shit so long they forget its yours. FAKE FRIENDS know a few things about you. REAL FRIENDS Could write a book about you with direct quotes from you. FAKE FRIENDS Will leave you behind if that is what the crowd is doing. REAL FRIENDS Will kick the whole crowds ass that left you. FAKE FRIENDS Would knock on your front door. REAL FRIENDS Walk right in and say íIíM HOME!í FAKE FRIENDS Are for awhile. REAL FRIENDS Are for life. FAKE FRIENDS Will take your drink away when they think youíve had enough. REAL FRIENDS W
A Coo Poem I Read
what tru friendz whats that or you just out of your mind lyke that old nigga on the corner sipping jack tru friendz are hard to find you got to look 4 them in the right cloudz or you might get a devil that go behind your back and tell lies im still looking i havent found it yet just keep goin dont give up yet tru friend give us your light so if i have a bad dream i can call you at night please tru friend i ask 4 your grace and hopeing you dont jugde me by actions or my race tru friend im crying out to you hopeing you can be there when i need you that way in the mean time i can be there for you hold i see your light coming up and someday when im board i call just to say wassup here i am i ask will you be my tru friend hoping your not amaginary and blow in the wind but your not your for real and now i can go around saying i have a tru friend
So Help Me, God
I've come to an important cherry tap decision; Rate Me Low and I will take you down with me, so help me god. :) Recent Art! the Summer Weed Fae
Bare With Me
sorry to all i have neglected... But im attending trucking school right now and i go from 7am-6pm and its hard to really get on.. i mean im on but i have to study on here so plz dont get mad it i dont answer u...i will try ok..... thank u... me.....
Thanks Alot
I made it to henchman. Cleared about 15,000 points in 40 minutes ty if you rated my stash. Leave a comment and I'll get you a big pimpin gift.
ANyone remember the song Cotton eyed joe? LMAO! I love this song
7000 Contest
Msnbc Morning Joe Anchor Mika Brzezinski Rips Up Paris Hilton ...
MSNBC Morning Joe Anchor Mika Brzezinski is so sick of hearing about Paris Hilton?s every move that she ripped a leading report on the heiress? recent release from jail to shreds on the air during Wednesday morning?s show. ... TAGS: heiress, Paris Hilton LINK: MSNBC Morning Joe Anchor Mika Brzezinski Rips Up Paris Hilton ... by Castina Pop Crunch from Google Blogs ------------------------ SIMILAR STORIES Anchor Rips Up Lead Story on Paris Hilton - Headlines MSNBC Journalist Tears Up Paris Hilton "News" Story - Bodog Beat MORE FROM BuzzMachine | Daily Mail - UK | Sky News
Go To Jail Paris, Go Directly To Jail!
For reasons of posterity I have saved the text of Paris Hilton's petition to Governor Gropenator that she not go to jail below. If it wasn't real I would think it was satire. (I mean, wow, what would our "mundane" lives be like without Paris Hilton's "beauty and excitement"!)The petition is an example of writing written by and for the incredibly stupid. I'm willing to gamble that Paris wrote it herself. I encourage everyone reading this to sign Paris' petition as Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck or Mao Zedong, or whatever...Paris Hilton will have it much easier than us mundane folk in jail. The jailers will segregate her so that she doesn't get her ass kicked, though I suspect the women in the jail will be more interested in getting her autograph than kicking her ass.Paris will live. She not only broke the law, she showed contempt for the law and absolutely no remorse whatsoever. Let her do her time like the mundane people.To:The Honorable Governor Arnold SchwarzeneggerParis Whitney Hilton
Hans Teeuwen Heeft Sex Met Beatrixje..:p
Making Love
You crawl upon me You whisper sweet nothings to me Your soft hands ez my breast You slowly go down kissing my chest Creeping your way down to my pussy You lick it,you tell me you love it You make out with it You make me feel like its a god. Your penis grows large As you slowly and gentle press it against my skin You kiss my neck and my lips Slowly applying pressure Your long hard cock makes its mark deep inside my wet pussy We both are so hot Barely able to keep it calm I run my finger nails down your back I push my hips up to feel you more I nipple on your chest saying to you "please don't stop". You tell me I'm about to cum I feel it Warm and deep inside me You kiss me and make me feel loved We keep going, I slowly but swiftly move to my side You run your hands all over my breast, while your fucking me hard Moaning uncontrollable You reach over and play with my clit , while your penis is enjoying being thrust by my Squirming , I cum, Your penis is soake
Over N Under
I know youíll be there To see the tables turning Wake up tomorrow And watch the bridges burning I can see it in your eyes I can feel it in my mind I donít care if you realize What you see in my eyes Iím over me being under you Iím breaking free Iím breaking through Iíve overcome all Iím underneath I can finally stand I can finally breathe Remember when we First had the thought of living A perfect picture But I did all the giving Gave up my passions To try to make you happy The joke is over And Iíll do all the laughing I can see it in your eyes I can feel it in my mind I donít care if you realize What you see in my eyes Iím over me being under you Iím breaking free Iím breaking through Iíve overcome all Iím underneath I can finally stand I can finally breathe
Young Black Man In California
being a young black male in California is one of the hardest things to be,your always gonna be known as a drug dealer, gang member, slacker, and the most know one a criminal. I've been known for pretty much all of those names b4 i hit 18, once i turned 18 i changed my life around and started to do the write thing but yet when they police see me they wanna just lock me up even though i dont have a record for being caught doin anything. so even though all the bangin and criminal behavior is gone out of my life im still not free to do much in this state because of what they thin k of us young black men.

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