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Hey everyone, Ok now I know you haven't heard from our camp in awhile. Well, that stops here and now. First, let me apologize for this rather long wait that you've had to endure. Many know that I left WorldRock because of format and we left it with a fuckin' bang. No shit, folks. Fred marched himself up into WorldRock's world and gave them the hard truth that night. Everything Fred handed them was a hard pill to swallow but after the barrage of hardcore factoids, he came in with solutions. This wasn't just some bullshit rant, full of rhetoric, bereft of solutions. Nope, this was hard, all-out, in-your-face with a killer dose of tactful response and the best part, while he's not an entertainer by profession, he left 'em wantin' more. We hope to set that up quickly. Many of you also know that my monitor had developed a shitty black spot that just seemed to grow and grow and not really get any better. Just when it would get better, it's progress would halt. Even though I really couldn't afford it, I splurged later on and grabbed a desk-hog. Gone are the days of my liberal desk space. But it's ok. I don't need my damn glasses to type and my Matrix screen-saver looks beautiful on this monster. That was the gist of it, we were going to go back on the air nearly immediately but then...well, that's when things got hairy. Everyone was screaming at us for a "version change." Initially, I didn't want to do that and my reasoning behind it was this. When we started out as The Genocydal Empyre on Hear The Pulse radio, it was the title of an old band project that was resurrected, reincarnated and pissed off about getting shelved. The computer and I were the band leading the charge. Well, when things soured between me and the station owner, he made huge claims about suing for the trademarks to "DJ Genocyde" and "The Genocydal Empyre." I told him he could have both if he wanted them. His overall goal was to ensure that no one had ever heard of me and if they had, they would think I was some cheap knock-off of myself. To be honest with you all, the previous incarnation on Hear The Pulse was the cheap knock-off. Due to lack of decent programs, equipment and function, I was basically starting out another Howard Stern wannabe playing metal, goth and industrial. By the time Krush picked me up after I had already thrown it all at the previous station owner...they had heard of me and they were ready for what I had. Still, I had to get the Hear The Pulse stink off me and get out of it's shadow, so I did what any computer programmer would do...I made another damn version. I preferred to see it as Anakin gettin' the Darth Vader technogetup but that's just my geeky ass. Anyway, brief history done, you know how it's gone. We've evolved over the past year or more and now, suddenly, people wanted a version 3.0 (which makes me think that eventually, I'mma just slap a damn Omega symbol at the end of this title to shut a great many up) and basically, after the monitor situation was straight, a shift at work suddenly found themselves with far less manpower than any...or so they claim. The night we'd scheduled our comeback, I'd been drafted to work and rumor has it that a damn scout from one of those satellite stations was tuned in and talking. With that in mind, I've let work know that the raise we just received is now of little comfort when they start pulling that bullshit ambiguous "institutional need" shit on me. When they rolled that one out on me and I saw that the team actually had more than enough people to cover everything if they'd just use some friggin' efficient thinking, I could have decked someone for that. Everything got shelved. Promotions, work on the myspace and cherrytap sites, contact, the low-budget film...all of it. We decided to take a vacation. The stress was piling up and the more we thought about it the more we came to the conclusion that we were making a huge deal out of nothing and adding more stress onto us. This was supposed to be fun and lively. This was my escape and it was turning into my job. When we finally came back on the air, we did three impromptu shows (those playlists will be included for a total of five.) The first show was on CherryRock (Simion's channel) and we were met with a great reception. I was already in sort of a negative mood and when I took the air (as Simion was ranting and raving about me being his "mentor" in this business) I decided to piss as many people off as possible. It backfired. Except for one no-talent, no-personality assclown who decided, vocally and rudely, that I should be bumped in favor of him. First, I've never heard of this asshole whom I'm now referring to as Mr. Kennedy (those of you that watch wrestling know who I'm talking about) as he's that inconsequential. Secondly, if I'm already ranting, don't make yourself my target. Third, don't make yourself my target when 99% of the total listenership is already agreeing with me. Mr. Kennedy violated all three rules, causing himself to have a whole lot of angry as hell goths, metalheads, punkers and industrialites unload on him as well as me. Later on I took a look in the mirror and still see no concern for that moron. Look, I'm not made of glass. My ego is not easily shattered but when I'm on the air, I'm using it to my advantage and the advantages of everyone aboard this motherfucker. Stand in the way, you get run over. I've got no time to waste on idiots. Those of you receiving this letter can count yourselves among those who added the weight in to the machine that crushes puny fucktards like that and I'm glad to have you aboard. The second show was on KrushRadio, albeit delayed, and we discovered something after doing the Tales From The Weirdside segment. First, I labelled the goddamn segment wrong and second, this shit was fun again. Now, I could be as nasty as I wanted to and take direct potshots at whoever just irritated the hell out of me (Namely Paris Hilton) and play all the killer music I love the most (Like the stuff you wicked fuckers send in.) Despite a few hitches, it went well. The third show was tonight, Darkside Radio. Towards the end was total annhilation. Misty and Dragonblaze called in so that we could talk about movies and the conversation disintegrated leaving me screaming in frustration on the air...literally. Not much there to report but the impact crater of the show is still there, the loyal fans are still tuning in and the best part is, I'm saving the really important stuff for when we begin rolling this machine with some regularity again. I'm still in talks with CherryRock about possibly doing a show there as well. Who knows what the future holds. Ok, that is the good news and in summary: 1. We've upgraded. 2. We'll be "versioning" again later so we never have to do it again 3. We're still just as well received after our long hiatus. The bad news: 1. We're like Vista...still buggy 2. We're still on the rotational schedule. 3. We're still waiting for that rotational schedule to be a thing of the past. We're working on that part. Now, my creative outlets have expanded a bit. I've also been doing some tie-dyed T-shirts (or at least trying my hand at them) and you can see the results here with full photos and please save the Geno-dyed puns...you have no clue how many times I've heard them and don't worry, I haven't gone all hippie or anything, I just love tie-dyed t-shirts and it's been awhile since I've had one so, I decided to screw about with colors and see how they came out. You tell me what you think. Most of them still aren't done yet and the thing is, even though I haven't officially opened up a business and this was mostly an experiment, I sold one for $10 my second day of doing them. It was a tank top that got dyed. I'm thinking of selling some later on though, just for some spending/smoke cash. You know how it is these days. Anyway, I'm not gonna sit here and bore you with my bullshit any longer. I know what you're wanting to see...playlists, right?! Ok, well, here they are...keep in mind I don't have the dates on these but these were the last five I did. I'm gonna get more on a regular schedule later on. Again, I'm sorry about the long waits and the silence from this end. I just didn't want to send out a newsletter when we really didn't have any news. Thanks for hanging with us though and thanks big time for all your patience with us as we went through some terrible times. One thing before I post the playlists, for anyone wanting interviews, (I know we have a SiNDADDY repeat and Fred Brito threepeat in the works as possible leads) let us know and we're more than happy to do them because right now, our schedule is open and work hasn't been asking for volunteers to work our days off lately. (Playlists Truncated For Public Posting) Again, guys thanks for all your patience in all this and thanks for, again, listening to someone who can amount to the poster child for A.D.D. at this point. Rockin' The Police States of AmeriKKKa, Lord Genocyde.

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