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Baby Girl
she just turned 1 and she is starting to walk on her own i am so proud of her she is my lil angel
Baby Info
Thank you for you: for who you are, However far away; And for the words you send to me, Near mad for what you say. Knowing simply that you're there, Yet thinking much of me, Opens up my happiness, Undone for all to see. How little in me is not touched by you! A friendship is a light that fills the heart, Painting with its gold each darkened hue, Providing warmth to each sequestered part. You are the mirror of my better self, Verifier of the best in me, A bridge across the unsuspected gulf Lodged between what can and ought to be. Expectations can be wings, not bars, Necessary to sustain our flight. The faith of friends in us is wholly ours, Incoming to uplift us to its height. No soul can see itself, but must depend, Each on each, upon a trusted friend. I love you as my closest, dearest friend. Boys and girls can be just closest friends. There is no passion greater than the one That touches not the body but the heart. You mean much more to me than someone who
Baby Grls Naughty Fantasies
baby grl is a new nurse working at an outpatient clinic. The doctor is "showing me how things work". While we are in his office doing paperwork, he catches me bending over the desk. I feel his hand slide up my thigh and under my skirt. As I protest, he insists I need to learn how things work. I feel his fingers guide my thong to the side as he begins caressing me softly. I can't help it and I start to swell and get hot. The gentleness of his fingers brings me to life and my body instantly betrays me by responding to his probing fingers. When he feels this he slides his fingers inside of me, increasing my heat and making me catch my breath. When he asks me how I feel I can only let out a moan. "Good, " he says, as he pushes down between my shoulder blades until my breasts are touching the desk. He unbuttons my blouse and while he is massaging me, he tells me he thinks I am ready. I turn to look at him poutting wondering what he means. He explains that he is going to fuck
A Baby's Hug
A Baby's Hug We were the only family with children in the restaurant. I sat Erik in a high chair and noticed everyone was quietly sitting and talking. Suddenly, Erik squealed with glee and said, "Hi." He pounded his fat baby hands on the high chair tray. His eyes were crinkled in laughter and his mouth was bared in a toothless grin, as he wriggled and giggled with merriment. I looked around and saw the source of his merriment. It was a man whose pants were baggy with a zipper at half-mast and his toes poked out of would-be shoes. His shirt was dirty and his hair was uncombed and unwashed. His whiskers were too short to be called a beard and his nose was so varicose it looked like a road map. We were too far from him to smell, but I was sure he smelled. His hands waved and flapped on loose wrists. "Hi there, baby. Hi there, big boy. I see ya, buster," the man said to Erik. My husband and I exchanged looks, "What do we do?" Erik continued to
Babycakes1955@ Fubar
Baby Daddy
You can't pick and choose when you want to be a parent. You can't just be there one week and not the next 4. You can't just support and feed your kids when you get a wild hair up your ass. If your gonna bring a child into the world you need to either be there or not be there. You can't just be there sometimes, you can't just "help out", and you should atleast ask how your kids are when you haven't seen them for a couple of months especially when before that you saw them everyday. How do you turn your back on a child? How do you stay away so long they forget who you are? How do sleep at night not knowing if they have a roof over they're head and food to eat? How can you live your life without being a part of your childs? There are so many parents who aren't allowed to see their kids and wish more than anything they could and then you got people like my ex who don't even bother. Thinks just because he's "helped out" he's done his part. BS!
Baby Up Date
Baby Can I Hold You
Sorry Is all that you cant say Years gone by and still Words dont come easily Like sorry like sorry Forgive me Is all that you cant say Years gone by and still Words dont come easily Like forgive me forgive me But you can say baby Baby can I hold you tonight Maybe if I told you the right words At the right time youd be mine I love you Is all that you cant say Years gone by and still Words dont come easily Like I love you I love you
Baby Boy
i had a wonderful son on oct 16 of 2007. i didnt think that i could love someone as much as i love him. i love spending time with him holding him feeding him. i will say i do miss him being in my belly.
Baby Boy
Baby, Oh Baby
Well, on Friday my oldest son had to bring home from school his brand new, "baby" daughter, which he named, Sabrina. For his sex-ed class, he is required to bring home a fully automated doll that cries and needs to be fed, and changed, etc. So far, things are not going well for Chris. The baby is crying every 10-15 minutes and has wanted to be fed or changed each of these times. LOL...this has greatly upset Chris. I'm glad that he is getting this experience. Although I know that it's nothing like having an actual baby, it does show him that he needs to be constantly responsible for something other than himself. Even if it's only for a good grade right now. Hopefully it helps him to make better decisions for himself when faced with being intimate with someone and using protection. I'll keep everyone posted.....
Babygirls Pitchures
Baby Daddy!!
yes everyone the ultrasound technician is telling us to expect a far Tom and I have come up with Ava Jade and/or Ava Jane...we dont have much longer to go..only about 7 more weeks or so left..the baby shower is this sunday feb 10th..i am nervous as to who will actually show up..but as long as tempers are in check things will be well everyone i go for the 32 week 3-D ultrasound tomorrow..and we are finding out the sex as long as the baby will find out if it kills you in advance to those who have been there and supported us throughout the whole pregnancy..and for all the well wishes and to all our well wishers...after that we dont have much longer to go until the delivery either..8 more weeks til the predicted delivery date...we will keep you all posted.. well, only 2 and1/2 more months to go..cant wait..then its baby city!!! are going for our second ultrasound the end of January..that will be the 3-D pic..and Tom de
Baby With Ex
Baby With Ex
Baby Boy
baby boy, u can't b real. u got women takin care of u n u want 2 bite the hand that strokes ur ego. how could u b so brain frozen 2 fall victim 2 ignorance. i know they don't teach that in school, but life damn do spill that bullshit up. it is more like u adopt the teachin of some 1 voted probably the most likely 2 teach ignorance. if ur heart is so cold and polar, y try and success 2 capture a warm, lovin, worshippin the ground u walk on woman. if she opens up her legs willin and delighted 2 share her temple with u, she must b thristy 4 love u don't know how 2 share wit anyone, but urself. of course she is confused by the love u share, which is really a diguised, dressed up, wolf guardin a baby in a basinet. damn when hard times just smile at u, she becomes ur victim. wit ur lack of love and comfort, u decide is the weapon of choice. poor baby don't even overstand she is stronger then that. what she hypnotically allow is one's power 2 manipulate her into believin she is weakier
Baby Boy Epic
Baby Boy Epic
baby boy, u can't b real. u got women takin care of u n u want 2 bite the hand that strokes ur ego. how could u b so brain frozen 2 fall victim 2 ignorance. i know they don't teach that in school, but life damn sure don't spit that bullshit up. it is more like u adopt the teachin of some 1 voted probably the most likely 2 teach ignorance. if ur heart is so cold and polar, y try and succeed 2 capture a warm, lovin, worshippin the ground u walk on woman. if she opens up her legs willin and delighted 2 share her temple with u she must b thristy 4 love. of course she is confused by the love u share, which is really a diguised, dressed up, wolf guardin a baby in a basinet. damn when hard times just smile at u, she becomes ur victim. wit ur lack of love and comfort, u decide is the weapon of choice. poor baby don't even overstand she is stronger then that. what she hypnotically allow is one's power 2 manipulate her into believin she is weakier then he. i now know y they say, "u won'
Baby Girl
Have fun forever u do in life, and be good at it.
Baby Eden
Baby J
Baby J@ fubar
Baby Gift
I've had alot of people ask me about wanting to get a gift for the baby so if you would like to here is a link to where you can do so.
*babygirl* Lyrics
"Babygirl" I heard you got the news today heard you got the news today Seems nothin ever goes your way, oh no Yesterday was a-okay Now today you're feelin like you're lost Ohhh And he say, she say (she say) She's too young, theres no way (there's no way) Not on her own (she can never make it on her own) But who cares what they say Cause no one can judge you at all Its not about who's right or whos wrong [CHORUS:] Babygirl take it one day at a time You can't just grow up overnight Babygirl I know you're feelin butterflies But everything will be alright Everything will be alright Everybody seems to notice you Cause you're not really tryin to hide a thing Sometimes you're cool Sometimes your mood swings No baggy shirts to hide the change, no shame Nobody to lie to, to pry with what's inside of you And he say, she say She's too grown Poor thing, all on her own But who cares what they say Caus eno one can judge you at all It's not who's right or who's wro
Baby Sister
Baby Sister Watching you from across the room, I see how much you have grown. I seen you as a young woman bloom. Then to see you in your goddess throne. You are my baby sister. I love you very much. Now a message to you mister, take care of her, feed her lots of fudge. The moment you said "I do", you took her in your reins. The big sister has to let go, so she can show us all , she to has the brains. To be a goddess of her own will. To show her own great guidance and soul . I will always be here when needed still, I now hand you your own wings to make you whole. I love you always and forever more. I know now you listened and I was never a bore. Have a happy rest of your life, You are now some mans wife. As Always, Aka Valarie A Laboy Copyright 2006
Baby Alijah James
R.I.P Baby Alijah
Baby Coming!! :d
I am in need of thoughts and prayers for my Sister in Law and Brother. They are currently awaiting the overdue arrival of their daughter. My Sister inlaw was due to give birth on the 22nd of January and the Doctor has just today induced labor. My family has been through a lot with this pregnacy and are all very anxious to get the phone call from my brother that their little girl is here! Especially since they are based in Japan for the next 3 years. (My sister in law in a RN in the Navy.) So for those of you that pray, and even if you don't....could you just send a thought of safety for mother and child.....and patience for my Brother...(he'll need it most I'm sure LOL) Thanks, JeNn "Life is a flame that is always burning itself out, but it catches fire again every time a child is born." --George Bernard Shaw
Baby Having Surgery
Okay guys my 8 month old baby is going in for surgery tommorrow morning. This wil be surgery number 6 for him. Those of you close to me know the deal with everything. Those of you who arnt he has a detached retina and glaucoma in the left eye which has made him blind. And he has a heart murmer and seizure disorder. He has a hard time with surgerys and being put to sleep. This is the last of the surgerys and the most intense and important. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. I dont know how long i will be gone but i wanted to let you all know what was going on. Thank you all for your support. It means alot to me and to him.
Baby Aiden
Baby News!
I don't know how some will feel about this but I am really excited yet a little scared about my Husband coming home.I mean I am sure he is still the man I fell in love with but you know they say they change when they have been overseas.And I can tell in his voice that he has somewhat but I am just a little worried about how much he actually has changed and if its good or bad.He will have been gone 9 months when he comes back for his R&R.Thank God though it wasn't the whole year like first talked about.We plan on having our bigger wedding when he is home this time.My brother is said that whatever he acts like remember he went through alot over there and there just things he can't tell me or just isn't ready to tell me and that I need to understand that he is probably just as scared coming home and not knowing everything thats happened while he has been gone.But either way EXCITEMENT and just a little scared but if we weren't meant to be then we wouldn't have gotten through all the strug
Baby David
Give me a 10 for Best Best Friend When you were born, it was all I could do to contain my joy when I found you were a healthy boy. Your eyes sparkled like the stars in the sky, the feeling I had in my heart, I swore I could fly. Five little fingers, five little toes, a handsome face, and a cute button nose. When I held you next to me my soul filled with overwhelming glee. Now you are a big boy, I see you've grown so much right before my eyes. Soon you will be a man, don't worry you've got
I am finally having a baby! I am 13 weeks along (3months) I am so happy. The guy Im having the baby with is my boyfriend and he is a good guy Im not just saying that cause we are dating. He is truly a nice guy. I did put a picture up in my gallery if you want to see. Well thats all new news from me.
Baby Time
just you all know i'm make a new lounges so i have a place of my own you'll are welcome to come see it if you want so tomorrow i find out if i'm goting to be haven another baby after after the dr's we are going to p.a. to see my mom so when i get back next week you'll will know if there's gonna be another baby
Baby Boy On The Way!
I know I haven't been doing much on here lately, and for that I apologize. I am expecting a bouncing baby demon boy here in the next couple of months. Been working alot so i can picl up all the stuff i will need ( which is more expensive than I realized, lol). The mother and I aren't dating anymore, but she is still staying at my place until she is able to get back on her feet after the baby is born. We are staying on friendly terms for the baby's sake. There are pics of my prde and joy in a new album.
Baby Gal
Baby Girl
this my old profile that i cant get into couse i forgot my info to log in
Baby I Love You!
Have I ever told you how good it feels to hold you It isn't easy to explain And tough I'm really trying I think I may start crying My heart can't wait another day When you kiss me I just gotta to say Baby I love you come on baby baby I love you Baby I love only you I can't live without you I love everything about you I can't help it if I feel this way Oh I'm so glad I found you I want my arms around you I love to hear you call my name Oh tell me that you feel the same
PLEASE GO COMMENT MY NEW SEXY PICS PLEASE Hey what up everybody me and 1 of my friends on here are having a contest to see who will get the most comments and ratings so help me to win please lol so go comment me rate me do what you gotta do to help me when lol thank you index.aspx?referid=EmailFriends&p=445881&x=.jpg
hey i want to write this blog to ask everyone to pray for my sister and her daughter there are going throught some tuff times right now in there life and the need all the prayer that they can get so if you would all pray for them that would be great thank you and god bless i just got fubar married for the first thime and i hope it goes great
baby i love u with all my heart n soul u mean the world to me n i dont care what anyone says n i cant wait until i wake-up in ur arms naked for the first time
Baby Girl
Baby Love
ok now i know that baby love is great as a matter of fact it is the greatest my grandbaby lives with me and well i think she is spoiling me rotten she is the greatest teacher of pureity she loves unconditionally she tells you in her own way what she needs and likes and she shares her emotions freely now that is what being a baby is all about and being a teacher as well oh yeah and she give out baby hugs and lots of them and baby kisses as well yayness
Baby Boy
Baby Girl
Baby Made
Kissing is a habit Fucking is a game Guys get all the pleasure Girls get all the pain The guy says i love you You believe its true But when your tummy starts to swell, He says 'to hell with you' 10 minutes of pleasure 9 months in pain 3 days in hospital A baby without a name The baby is a bastard The mother is a whore This never wouldn't have happened If the rubber wouldn't have torn
Baby's Hug
We were the only family with children in the restaurant. I sat Erik in a high chair and noticed everyone was quietly sitting and talking. Suddenly, Erik squealed with glee and said, 'Hi.' He pounded his fat baby hands on the high chair tray. His eyes were crinkled in laughter and his mouth was bared in a toothless grin, as he wriggled and giggled with merriment. I looked around and saw the source of his merriment. It was a man whose pants were baggy with a zipper at half-mast and his toes poked out of would-be shoes. His shirt was dirty and his hair was uncombed and unwashed. His whiskers were too short to be called a beard and his nose was so varicose it looked like a road map. We were too far from him to smell, but I was sure he smelled. His hands waved and flapped on loose wrists. 'Hi there, baby; hi there, big boy. I see ya, buster,' the man said to Erik. My husband and I exchanged looks, 'What do we do?' Erik continued to laugh and answer, 'Hi.' Everyone in the rest
Baby Daddy
Baby Boo!
Ok this lovely woman in the link below is feeling up set right now and she feels that since she put her NSFW pics to private that none of her friends wants to show her love at all. So just to prove her wrong on this. I'm asking my friends/fans and family members to go and rate all her stuff and show her the love that she deserves on here. Show her it is worth to stay on here and for her not to leave this site, cause she will be deeply missed by many of her close friends on here!!!! ßåßy ߺº Member : Fubar's Ultimate Bad Girls Club@ fubar
Baby Hayden
Baby Boo!
The person in the link below is one of the biggest scam artist on here. she will cry a river saying she will delete her self b/c no one rates her pics at all. Guys only want to rate her NSFW pics of her. If that was the case then take them off. DUHHHHHHHHHHHH! Well every single week i would go to her page and rate her SFW pics. never once would i ask to see the other pics at all. cause i could care less about them. When i was going to rate her pics this week i found out i was blocked for no reason at all. i have no idea y either. So i asked someone else that i know that was her friend and this person was blocked too. This person would do the same and go a step further. This person would buy the person in the link below 3 bling packs, 7 day blast and 150 on her auction. What did this person get out of it? Well really nothing. He basically got kicked to the curb like a piece of shit. As well he was blocked too. So just a far warring to everyone on here. beware of pe
We were the only family with children in the restaurant. I sat Erik in a high chair and noticed everyone was quietly sitting and talking. Suddenly, Erik squealed with glee and said, 'Hi.' He pounded his fat baby hands on the high chair tray. His eyes were crinkled in laughter and his mouth was bared in a toothless grin, as he wriggled and giggled with merriment. I looked around and saw the source of his merriment. It was a man whose pants were baggy with a zipper at half-mast and his toes poked out of would-be shoes. His shirt was dirty and his hair was uncombed and unwashed. His whiskers were too short to be called a beard and his nose was so varicose it looked like a road map. We were too far from him to smell, but I was sure he smelled. His hands waved and flapped on loose wrists. 'Hi there, baby; hi there, big boy. I see ya, buster,' the man said to Erik. My husband and I exchanged looks, 'What do we do?' Erik continued to laugh and answer, 'Hi.' Everyone in the restaurant
Baby Drevaughn Leo
I had DreVaughn Leo on May 5th, 2008 at 5:52pm He weighted 6lbs 12.2oz and 19inches long. Look in my photoes Baby DreVaughn Leo
Baby Drevaughn
Baby News!
21wks i'm feelin the baby movin around some *update June 19,2008* 22wks now of preg. *june 21,2008* i felt the baby kick this moring *june 24* i'm 6months now *26wks now* the baby is doin fine i'm 25wks now *i'm 7months preg. now* *i'm 29wks preg. almost 8months* *30wks pregnant*as of Aug.14 I been feeling the baby move around and kicking everyday *my check up went well and i gain 8lbs*as of Aug. 20 *31wks pregnant*as of Aug.21 *I'm 8months pregnant now* *33wks pregnant*as of sept. 4 34wks preg. next month i will be havin my baby plus time is flyin.. i think this is goin be about the last update i will post for now i had my baby girl on Oct. 15,2008* as of Jan 2,2009 yea i'm preg. but i'm not tellin who the father is. but i'm tryin my best on handle this. if its a boy the name will be matt. if its a girl the name will be lita. my baby is due oct.23,2008 i get another ultrasound june
Well, our daughter Savannah was due May 28th. Guess what?! She is not here yet! The Dr. scheduled an induction for Tuesday June 3 at 6:30 am...can't wait to see the little booger that has been kicking me for so long and interrupted my sleep for so many months! Any women know how I feel out there? Baby's should be required to come by their due date!!!! How frustrating!
Ya i found out im going to be a dadyy so im kinda freaked out about everything
Baby Beaten Again
(06-15) 16:56 PDT -- A man parked his truck on a country road outside Turlock Saturday night, removed a baby boy from a car seat and then beat the child to death in the street, fighting off passersby who tried to stop him until he was gunned down by a police officer whose helicopter landed in a nearby pasture, police said today. The 27-year-old suspect, who lived in Turlock, died almost immediately where he fell. The child, who according to police appeared to be 12 to 24 months old, was rushed to a hospital but was soon pronounced dead as well. Police officials declined to identify the man and said they were not yet certain who the child was - or in what way, if any, he was related to his attacker. The Stanislaus County coroner's office told police that the agency may have to identify the boy through a DNA test because he was beaten beyond recognition. No information was immediately available about the baby's mother. The suspect "had tunnel vision," said Stanislaus County s
Baby Mya
Baby Shower
Well, It`s come to that time when I go to my first baby shower...July 2nd, Leavin at 10am and I don`t know what time I`ll be back...:) But whenever I get home I will get on here and return all the luv I was showen that day (If I`m not too tired).
Baby Blog
Rylee Nichole is here. She was born on 02/18 at 11:02pm weighing 7lbs 6oz and 19 inches long. We get to go home tomorrow and we are so excited. I still cant believe I am a mommy. I felt a few contractions before I got something for them...after that I didnt feel anything. I was in labor for about 6 hours and pushed for about 45 minutes. I didnt feel her come out either...I only knew she was out she the doctor showed her to me lol. I am gonna post a picture of her and will post more tomorrow. We are getting closer and I am so excited. My appointment went great. My BP was 113/67...I didnt gain any weight the past 2 weeks. They said the baby was head down and I am 1/2cm dilated...which I know aint much but it tells me that I am getting close. I am starting to think that the baby isnt gonna stay until her due date which as long as she is healthy I am ok with that. Richard says she better stay in there cause he isnt ready yet but no one is ever ready. I now go in for weekly appointments. So
For those who knew I was pregnant. These last couple of days I have been in the hospital. I was about 6 wks pregnant. It ended in a miscarriage. I'm doing good. Just in a little bit of pain but I'll do alright. Any questions about anything feel free to ask. Love all yall. *MUAH*
Baby Baby
i had my babygirl Oct. 15,2008 her name is Lita Marie
Baby Americans
Baby Phat Girls Club
BABY PHAT GIRLS CLUB To get in this club f/a/r all members. then PM TotallyHugeObsessedMariahCareyFanatic4Life with the subject line being "Baby Phat Girls Club" men are allowed they will be the girls bouncers GIRLS: ~TotallyHugeObsessedMariahCareyFanatic4Life~@ fubar ~Corky~Fu-Wifey&RL*Fiance 2 §mºkîè~Co-Owner@Club Velocity~Member Of Rating Revolution~@ fubar snugglebunny@ fubar MzCaBiBBW*Fu-Angel*ALL Women Are Beautiful*NO RATE/FAN NO ADD@ fubar *`MZ.LIZ`* FU BOMBER Team Leader for Hot Lil Naughty Mama 636, FU-STREAKER,@ fubar That_Girl~RL G/F To Kranie0561 ** Memeber Of Unique Indi
Baby, I Promise!
it is not ''destiny'' that determines ''love''it is ''choice''our so called destiny is a lie! Relationship last long not because they're destined to last long, relationship last long because two brave people made a choice-to keep it, to fight for it, and to work for it, Meanwhile,other relationships fail not beacause they're destined to fail, they failed because one of the two, or both, made the choice-to give up! BITCHOLOGY - I LOVE IT! ----------------------- When I stand up for myself and my beliefs, they call me a bitch. When I stand up for those I love, they call me a bitch. When I speak my mind, think my own thoughts or do things my own way, they call me a bitch. Being a bitch means I won't compromise what's in my heart. It means I live my life MY way. It means I won't allow anyone to step on me. When I refuse to tolerate injustice and speak against it, I am defined as a bitch. The same thing happens when I take time for myself instead o
Baby, I'd Love You To...
This is an old song by ~LOBO~ that I've always loved. The message is timeless and relevant. It goes straight to your soul... after all, isn't this what most of us want?~ ;)~ I hope you enjoy!~ ;)~ ~LOBO~ "I'd Love You to Want Me" ~
Baby,i Love You So Much
Baby, we have known each other a year & a half, but it seems alot longer than that. I love you with all my heart, soul, & mind. I would do anything for you. I have thought about it alot, & I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You always know when I'm happy, sad, or even mad. I really hope we can last alot longer than me & anyone else have. I would love to wake up with you by my side. We get along great. As far as I know your whole family loves me, & I hope I can keep it that way. But, hell I know me & your daddy argue & aggravate alot, but oh well, I guess. I'm really glad I got to spend alot of time with your family & hopefully there will be more dates that I can to come. I love you so much baby, & I mean it everytime I say it. I want to wake up in your arms every morning. I'm going to love you until the day that I die. I'm always lookin forward to spending time with you, when I don't have to work. I wish I could spend every day with you but i think you would get tired of see
Baby Doll Lounge
Baby Blog
Today is my 12 week check up, this is the 3rd time to see, the baby, I'm so excited. My mom and i are making a girls day of it. ryan has to work so mom is going with me and then were shopping and more then likely getting our nails done. Depends on how tired i get i might swing in to the beauty shop and get my hair cut. But I'll give everyone updates when i get back, take care. Lil evelyn Babies First Picture Ryan & I went to the Dr's office for our first prenatal visit. We got to see the baby(grub worm) on an ultrasound. It was so amazing, that tiny little life force is inside me. I was so happy that I had Ryan there with me. After a poke of the needle we were of to dinner with babies first picture and home video. We keep watching the dvd of the ultrasound, its just so unreal. We head back in for more pictures in a few weeks. For now I'm off to stare at baby goods.
Baby Blog
Baby I Love You With All My Heart
MISSING YOU CORKY My heart aches within from missing you, My lips long for the feel of missing you, Right now all I need is to gently touch your skin, To look into your eyes and see deep within, Just one warm embrace, Just to look upon your face, Just one little touch, From the one I love so much, If I could gaze upon your smile, For just a little while, To know that you miss me too, As I'm thinking of you, To hear the sound of you breathe, Knowing you'll never leave, To see you walk up to me, Then embrace you tenderly, To just be with the one who's sent my heart feeling, And brought about this downpour of emotion and feeling, I sit here alone in my office tonight, And pray that somehow this all turns out right, I've never been one to do more talking than giving, I'm not well off but I work hard for a living, I've told you many thoughts that weren't borrowed or bought, And in lifetime, who would have thought, That I have found someone who was just meant for
at 7:39 am i delivered my grandson i did not even know that my 16 yes 16 year old was carring she said she did not know! but anyway he is 7 11 21 inch long Christain is his name i just thank god that every thing went well  4-22-10 what 2 do on your 37 b-day it is rain here so should i still go out 2 night are stay in with a movie WELL AT LAST IKE IS GONE AND IT HIT REALLY HARD HERE IN ORANGE JUST TO LET EVERONE KNOW I AM OK AND BACK ON LINE
Babydolls Auction
Babygirl In Da House
Just chillin at home!!! Peace Out
Baby Girl In Love!
Today my love I was thinking of you.And I am missing you so much today.Everytime the phone rings I think it's you.And I get sad when it's not.I was feeling so hot today I need to hear your voice.Can't wait untill you call me in the morning.I love you baby so much.I had moved to another site today.Since somebody kept hacking myspace page.Feels good to be here where nobody messing with me.And it's so peaceful I got a ton of diarys and blogs for you to read.Soon as you get out my love. Love You/Baby Girl Wifey Soon?
Babyjesus Sucks Horsedick!
Babyangel1s Blog
The hardest Barriers to break through ,are the ones that we allow people to put before us.........
Babyangel1s #2 Blog
Dont ever let people cut u short,tell them to take a long hike.....
Baby Noah
Baby Update #1 - Offical
Well yesterday's appointment was rather eventful, I should have brought a book with me. Though getting poked and prodded like some kind of science expierement wasn't exactly quiet. I'm not saying I cried, but it wasn't comfortable. I got to see the baby for the first time. The doctor says I am 13 weeks, which I think she's on crack because I was 11 weeks and one day on October 14, 2008 (the day I found out.) Honestly I really doubt I am that far behind. Someone is a bit off. All my tests came back normal except for two, my PAP Smear and my Glucose test. I guess I will find out in 10 more days what those results are, but I hope they are normal. I got over my ecoli infection, and now I have more energy than I know what to do with. So now I am trying to clean, maybe move around a little bit more and try to exercise as much as I can before the baby is born so I have more energy for the baby. My ex is still being the dick, he ignores me now and everytime I say anything he ac
Baby Spencer's Youtube Debut !!!
Babygirls Life
Looking into your eyes and falling in so deep your the guy i been dreaming of and seeing in my dreams. I look at you and reach out to grab and hold your hand as winds blow me down upon grains of sand I get up and see you still standing there with your hair blowing freely in the summer wind. I reach out pull you so close to me give you a kiss for all the worlds and heavens to forever see feeling heavens embrace by the very touch of your skin makes the rainbows forever shine on these cold autumn days the love you bestowed upon to me makes life feels so worth living truely to me inside. Your lips forever truely sealed with a endless kiss your skin forever sparkling in the summer sun as I gaze into your eyes and forever blown away the world in my eyes isn;t truely complete without you standing there next to me forever in this life forever for the rest of my eternity dwelling in the light of heaven waiting for you to appear to take my hand and walk across the endless shores of the ocean
Baby Caylee's Body Found
Baby News
OMG I was sooo nervous, wondering what I was having and the same question was being asked a lot. What is it? Well I found out in the 18th that I am having a boy, a very active boy at that. Iwouldnt be surprised if my insides are bruised at the end of the pregnancy. LoL Sean and I are doing great, getting ready to move to North Carolina and start over. Thinks for the most part have been pretty cool. Except for when my ex moved out without warning to anyone, leaving us stranded with all of his bills. When we tried to get him to talk to us, he didnt have the balls to tell the truth about why he was moving out, but he did have the balls to let me know that if he (my ex) had gotten me pregnant he would still leave me anyway because family life is for people who actually give a shit and he doesnt give two shits about me and he hates kids. Which I found to be a lie because the woman he is dating has kids. Your guess is as good as mine. Well this is Sean and mine's first chris
Baby Roxan
(THIS POST IS FRIENDS ONLY FOR A REASON, IF YOUR NOT A FRIEND KINDLY MOVE ALONG. THANK YOU) I am reaching out to you all in hopes that some of you will find it in your hearts to help me help my daughter. Below is a link where you can help contribute to her happiness and well being. People buy VIPs and BLASTS and HHs and all that silly stuff on here everyday, please don't turn your backs on a good cause. I also included a bit about her in this bulletin and what she is going through. Please take a moment to do what you can. Simply CLICK THE PIC below to contribute, please. Thank you... AJ aka Unique Dream Roxan was born on November 30th 2008 at 6:27pm. She was a month premature and weighed in at 4lbs 6oz. Roxan was born with many complications, some severe and others strictly cosmetic. The entire left side of her body, inside and out, was and is under developed and deformed. Literally head to toe. As of yet the doctors still don't have a reason. We are constantly i
Baby Roxan
(THIS POST IS FRIENDS ONLY FOR A REASON, IF YOUR NOT A FRIEND KINDLY MOVE ALONG. THANK YOU) I am reaching out to you all in hopes that some of you will find it in your hearts to help me help my daughter. Below is a link where you can help contribute to her happiness and well being. People buy VIPs and BLASTS and HHs and all that silly stuff on here everyday, please don't turn your backs on a good cause. I also included a bit about her in this bulletin and what she is going through. Please take a moment to do what you can. Simply CLICK THE PIC below to contribute, please. Thank you... AJ aka Unique Dream Roxan was born on November 30th 2008 at 6:27pm. She was a month premature and weighed in at 4lbs 6oz. Roxan was born with many complications, some severe and others strictly cosmetic. The entire left side of her body, inside and out, was and is under developed and deformed. Literally head to toe. As of yet the doctors still don't have a reason. We are constantly i
A Baby's Hug
A Baby's Hug ~ We were the only family with children in the restaurant. I sat Erik in a high chair and noticed everyone was quietly sitting and talking. Suddenly, Erik squealed with glee and said, 'Hi.' He pounded his fat baby hands on the high chair tray. His eyes were crinkled in laughter and his mouth was bared in a toothless grin, as he wriggled and giggled with merriment. I looked around and saw the source of his merriment. It was a man whose pants were baggy with a zipper at half-mast and his toes poked out of would-be shoes. His shirt was dirty and his hair was uncombed and unwashed. His whiskers were too short to be called a beard and his nose was so varicose it looked like a road map. We were too far from him to smell, but I was sure he smelled. His hands waved and flapped on loose wrists. 'Hi there, baby; hi there, big boy. I see ya, buster,' the man said to Erik. My husband and I exchanged looks, 'What do we do?' Erik continued to laugh and answe
Baby Girl
Babygirl Ericka
I just wanted everyone to know that I found the woman of my dreams! She is the absolute best thing that has happened to me and my family! ERICKA I love you with all my heart and have more love for you then I ever thought I had in me! I want to make it legal and go to Cali and show you how much I love you by giving you the utmost gorgeous wedding with all the wishes you have for it! I love you with all my heart and soul and you make my sun shine even on the most cloudiest of days. You are in my heart, my eyes, my phone (hehe to look at) my pictures all over my house and oh yeah the kids said to tell you "love you mommy 2" I would have to think the most disturbed "boy" Chris for making this happen!! I LOVE YOU NOW AND FOREVER, and THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME THE TIME OF DAY TO LOVE YOU. I will make you the happiest woman ever I PROMISE!! LOVE YOU ERICKA!
Baby Dolls Lounge
hi pepole wat u r doing i am back at my moms and i was going to kil myslef but i thought of my boyfriend shawn todd and how we r getting married someday adn have kids so how r u guys doing
Baby Moma Drama
hay got a qestion for the bar assostiation drink please,,,i drove 2000 miles round trip for a girl to get her made it to ohio and the chick went in to hidding put simply she has problems now that i drove 2000 mile round trip from daytona to ohio then back to daytona with no girl she now wants 150 cash please advise do you think shes trying me or playing me
the name is LOU holla at me girls live in fort lauderdale and thats all
Baby Elephant Trunk Dick
A Baby Elephant's Trunk This couple are out having a romantic meal for the first time together.Suddenly something from the man's side whips from under the table, steals a bread roll and dissappears back under the table. The guy doesn't blink aneyelid and the woman can't tell whether it really happened. She says nothing. Well, damn, the same thing happens again. The woman checks the guy out andsure he makes out like nothing happened so she holds it in. A little timepasses. The, hell, it happens a third time and the woman can no longer holdit in and she speaks up demanding to know what's going on. The man explains."Look, I was in an accident in India.. I lost my ..penis.. thesurgeons transplanted a baby elephant's trunk in it's place and, well, I'vegrown to accept it and hell, It's embarrassing but that's it". "No, no.."the woman says "that's absolutely incredible. And you mean the trunk keepsstealing the bread rolls like an elephant. WOW. Look that's so amazingwould you mind d
hey wanna chat
Baby Gril
Baby Sitting
I posted a mum about how WE as tax payers are giving obama's mother in law $5000.00 a week to baby sit.I asked if that is fair to us. Some ass hole said it is.Talk about an idiot(must be on welfare).Why should this bitch get so much money? Simple because she is a taking piece of shit like her daughter and son in law.They are all crap who will destroy the USA.
Baby Murdered !!!
Baby Names
I want a lil girl and have been tryin to decide what name sounds the best. So please leave comments on which you think is better. I have always wanted to have a lil girl named Jazzmin Lynne or Cassandra. I haven't found a middle name for Cassandra that I like yet. My middle name is Mae. I am french and italian so I have been thinking of a name that means beautiful or princess. I now also like the name Isabella Mae or Isabella Marie and I am leaning more towards that. She would have my middle name if I chose the first one,and first name means beautiful,so that'd be cool. I'd call her Belle or Bella for short. Let me know what you think of the names and thank you.
hi my name is bryan i stay in ohio the yo bord on cam just hit me up and im single but if you not real or single dont holla im trying to find that sos person holla
Hello everyone this babygirl just looking for a good conversation halla back at me if you want to chat.
Baby Bird - A Poem I Wrote
I was a baby bird when I learned how to fly.Would I fly low or would I fly high?Would I fly far or would I stay close, to the other baby birds I flew with the most?Will I grow strong or will I die weak, like the other baby birds found dead in the street?Will I die slow or will I die fast?Will I die first or will I die last?Will I eat well or will I eat crumbs?Will I live well or live in the slumbs?Will the other birds choose me as the leader of the pack, Because I have the strength that the other birds lack?If they choose me to be the leader of the flock, Will they follow me for more than a block?If I leave and never come back, When I'm gone who'll pick up the slack?Who'll be the next bird to take up the lead & guide the flock that I use to feed?Who'll be the next bird to spread his wings & take his place as the baby bird king?I was a baby bird when I learned how to fly, Would I fly low or would I fly high?Would I fly far, or would I stay close, to the other baby birds I flew with the
JAN 3rd, 2010     Wow pregnant again!!
Babymomma Drama On Mothers Day
So...I got a babymomma who is good with the kids but she is "out there"...What do u think I should get her even tho we not together?
The baby is here she was born June 1st at 6:27.  She weights 6pds and 12 ozs  and was 19.5 inchs long.. Welcome baby Harmony Elizabeth!!
Baby Saint Diciples
sweeten ass  fin  to  give head
The Baby Blog
Baby Daddy What A Bastard
i really hate my husband the father of my baby boy. he just doesnt seem to care about our son. he hasnt put any effort to come see his son. Damian is almost 5mths old and his dad has only seen him once. doesnt all to see how he's doing doesnt come to see him nothing he'd rather party with friends. at least his family makes an effort to see him. today his parents came and picked me upand i went to my sister-laws graduation which her brother didnt come. he didnt even call or anything didnt try to come see his son either im so done with the stupid bastard he can go to hell for all i care. he's a fuckin loser who will get whats coming to him karma's a can he even call himself a father. so screw it im done being nice and understandable. so fuck him.
The Baby Dolls Etiquette
~~THE Baby Dolls Etiquette~~   1. All "THE Baby Dolls" members/prospects MUST have a verified salute. 2. All " THE Baby Doll Members" must be female. Once we get the group established we will be adding males to the group. Read "THE Baby Dolls Etiquette" and if you agree to the terms, comment in the comment box with "Agree" you will be placed in the voting folder. 3. Mark aka Slut OR "THE Baby Dolls" homepage must be added to your Family or Friends top 7 list. 4. All " THE Baby Doll Members" will be assigned a team leader who we recommend be placed in your top friends for communication purposes, however, this is not a requirement. 5. You must add "Potential Baby Dolls" to your name while awaiting results of the weekly voting. Voting will occur Friday - Sunday. If you are voted in,your name should be changed to "  THE Baby Doll Members". You may not be part of any other "All Girl" group. (You will be notified via email if your membership has been approved or not.) 6. All "THE Ba
Baby Matthew
well i got a call from the perintologist this morning and thought that everything was gunna be ok. i knew that matthew had spina bifida so this part of the test came back abnormal which was ok. then i get to my dr's appt and find out that they found several sever things wrong with matthew. 1. being alot of swelling on his brain 2. being the fact that they believe they found two spots on matthews back not just one. now no one is sure that he will even make it to birth and if he does they dont' know how long he will live. i am not ok with any of this. this little boy has stole my heart and i haven't even seen him yet. i don't want to think the worst but at this point i am not really given an option. none of this is easy for me to deal with but all i can do is take it one day at a time and hope and pray that my matthew will be ok. but if by some chance he does not make it i know that when he goes he will be with my daddy and he will take good care of my little man. right now all i want to
Baby Mama Drama
Time to start new fresh life has been crazy if you been down wit me then all of ya understand Im still around and have much appreciation for all who has been there you know who you are 
Baby Mama Drama
Baby Gifts
Baby Gifts
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Baby Dolls Very First Live Auction
Baby... Remember...
one minute i need you the next i dont caresure we fight alot but i wish you was thereright here beside me wrapped in my armsill keep you close protect you from all harmsi just sit at home and wait for you to callbut all i here just silence no ringing at alli start to pick up the phone but what do i sayyou'll never get over when i left that one dayi wanted to get past this i wanted you in my liferemember when baby i asked you to be my wifei came back home with that ring that i boughtwe went to my bed and i say baby guess what ill give you my heart from now til the endill be not just your lover but also your friendyou said i do as i placed the ring on your fingerbaby oh baby how those memories they lingerbut that was in the past its time to move oncuz the life i had with you is damn near gonedays and days go bye and i still hear no wordi might be an asshole but this i dont deserveyou cant even call and just say that im okno you dont you make me wait day and daywell ya know what baby i ju
Baby Gifts
baby gifts
Baby Girl
y must the littlest things hurt when u dont care what the other one does n jokin around n shit....cant they see it hurts when they do that.......just somethings i dont want to know.......and y cant ppl just take it when u say that ur happy how u r with sumone..........i just want to bleed it all away..... whats the point in living when i cant live a life with you, i want to be ur everything, i want nothing more then to be ur girl, i bleed inside everyday, it hurts all the time i just want to make it go away, nothing will heal this broken heart of mine  i want to be that girl u always run to, the girl u come home to, the one u say i love you to, your everything, your world, the love of ur life... i will always love you more then you know.......
Babydolls Blog
Baby Shoes
baby shoes
Baby On The Way
Went to my doc appoint and the baby is doing good. The baby is 3.56 cm long so far and i'm 10 weeks today. My do date is May 18th and my sister is supposed to throw me a baby shower. I can't wait til we can see if the baby is boy or girl. On my ultrasound the baby looks like a peanut ^__^ so awesome they have the technolegy to see the baby before it's born. Any way off to the game I usually play. Oh and my next doc appointment is November 18th. Lots of love to all my friends. Trista ^__^ Me and the baby are doing ok. Went for my 2nd check up today and very happy that the baby is so far developing wonderfully. Below are the ultra sounds and hopefully you can desiver them. We're hoping the next check up we'll be able to tell if it's a boy or girl. These are the first ultra sounds.   These are the second ultra sounds.   Hello :) I found out about a week ago i'm going to have a baby. I'm 2 months along so far and tomorrow is my first prenatal doctor visit. Hoping all is well si
Baby Shower Invitations
baby shower invitations
Baby Updates!   Baby Bumbo seat has been recalled.
Babygirl292008 Shit
When I'm gone just carry on don't mourn rejoice every time u here my voice just know that I'm looking down on u smiling and I didn't feel a thing so baby do't feel no pain just smile back! I hate bein alone this shit sucks! Fuck a hater fuck a snitch!
Baby's Daddy
To many people are claiming to be my child's father, can you help me find the true one.... I thought Witchie was it... Dammit she came at me with a turkey baster, had me all tied up and everything... HELP WIcked and her fetus
Baby Make Me Ur Personal Princess
Baby Names
We just found out we are having our first baby together and are so excited:) we could use a lil help coming up with some names both boy and girl names. Thanks for any thoughts on names.
Babyblue's Blogs
I loved you for capturing my heart... I loved you for giving me the love I never had... I loved you for listening to me all those "hard to get through" times"... I loved you for being the beautiful picture in my life... I loved you for keeping me warm all those nights... I loved you for making me laugh and making my heart smile... I loved you for being the love that i couldnt live without... I loved you for being the person that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with... I loved you for having the only heart I wanted to call my own... I loved you for being my everything!! FUCK YOU... For capturing my hear
Baby Moon Facts
I just recently was diagnosed with the disease lupus and mixed connective tissue disease so my life has been a lot different from how it may look in all my photos..NOT SOMETHING I LIKE TO TALK ABOUT BUT IT IS WHAT IT IS!! Lupus is one of many disorders of the immune system known as autoimmune diseases. In autoimmune diseases, the immune system turns against parts of the body it is designed to protect. This leads to inflammation and damage to various body tissues. Lupus can affect many parts of the body, including the joints, skin, kidneys, heart, lungs, blood vessels, and brain. Although people with the disease may have many different symptoms, some of the most common ones include extreme fatigue, painful or swollen joints (arthritis), unexplained fever, skin rashes, and kidney problems. At present, there is no cure for lupus. However, lupus can be effectively treated with drugs, and most people with the disease can lead active, healthy lives. Lupus is characterized by periods of
well i am a dad to be  the mom amy my g/f is 20 weeks along and the baby has a strong heart beat  love u amy and baby cant wait to hold u and mommy in my arms
Baby Don't Cry..
So today i went swimming twice. chilled by the pool with my roomates and some freinds. I heard this girl talking about this guy she i seein. and how he has been a "dickhead' and/or.. so i ask her " do you think that you feeling like this against him, and you knowing he's not here with you to make you feel good and make each other happy by being together is a positive way to be if you both really like each other?" Now i got silence for a few seconds, and then after that silence she walksaway and calls this guy and tlks to him for an hour. Now, i'm kind of curious as to what transpired, but it's nne of my business and im glad that im not in a relationship like that. Two people should enjoy being together. I myself wish i had someone to love again. to know that person, came to where you are at to see you is a remarkable feeling. and to be able to hold someone in front of all your homies and say, "this is mine". I guess in a way im trying to look for love. and another part of me doesnt wan
Baby Fu-gettable
So, like, back in August, of, like, this year, me and. like. Cowboy had, like, a baby. No, like, seriously! We had a, like, baby!Baby-Fu-Gettable! Her name is Lydia and she is,like, now 3 1/2 months old. OMG. And she is cuh-uuuuuute! She's on my picture thingamajigger, if y'all want to peekaboosy. Soooooo, like, yeah, lemme know what you, like, think, kay?O.K. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Anyone who knows someone in need of a babysitter/Nanny, please notify me. I charge fair and have good references. May let them know of me and give them my number and name if they would like to talk to me. 316-617-8553 Danielle Enloe, Thanks for anyone who may be-able to help!    I love kids and love to help take care of children who need to be taught a lesson. I'm fair with the kids and try to teach them the right. I feel that children are the most precious beings because of the fact they are innocent. They do not really know much and thats how i believe they should be, they should be a kid and have fun and play and use their imagination greatly. You only have innocence for so long before you never have it again.    My ranges are between 2 months and 10 years old. If younger, it depends. Prices very on how many kids and for how long. I will discuss prices if you contact me. I do like to have a day where i come over and meet the kids and the family to get the know them and have lu
I am tired of people playing games i am tired of being taken advantage of tired of being used like a kleenex then being thrown away...wish that there was a decent guy who would not do stuff like that to me and not be a creeper or use me for anything..i wish that every girl had a decent guy even my worst enemies!!!!
Baby Mama Drama
Baby Pool Fun With Hellyeah And Marcus Rafferty
The fat bald dude who does the belly flop is one of my closest friends and is a guitar tech for HellYeah and has toured with Korn, Pantara, FlyLeaf, Silent Civilian and learned to play guitar from the great DimeBag Darrell. This is some of the wild shit they do when they have down time between shows.   Headbangers Ball
when i write in these blogs i write from my heart like im writing in my after readng this if ant one even reads it could u please help me with your true comment....ty babyyangelsss..... I have been stuck in this relationship i use to have for the past 6 yrs since the day i meet this man..his name is Max. I literally meet this guy when he was homeless living in a homeless shelter at 25, i had alot of sympathy for him for the fact of him being 25 and home less, and no family to help him, so be being the person i am i helpd him, i literally picked him up and took him out of homless ness with 2 1/2 months i fell in love with his heart and eyes, i didnt care he didnt have anything, i bought him clothes, shoes, cell phone, food, got him a little apt, feel in love with each other, with in the next 4-5 months we moved into our home, i brought him with me, took jim from no selfestem to being the king of the palace...we stayed together for 4 yrs, in total, one day he decided to che
A Woman's Worth You could buy me diamonds , you could buy me pearlsTake me on a cruise around the worldBaby you know I’m worth itDinner lit by candles, run my bubble bathMake love tenderly to last and lastBaby you know I’m worth itWanna please wanna keep wanna treat your woman rightNot just told but to show she is worth your timeYou will lose if you choose to refuse to put her firstShe will if she can’t find a man who knows her worth, mhmnCuz a real man knows a real woman when he sees herAnd a real woman knows a real man ain’t afraid to please herAnd a real woman knows a real man always comes firstAnd a real man just can’t deny a woman’s worthIf you treat me fairly I’ll give you all my goodsTreat you like a real woman shouldBaby I know your worth itIf you never play me , promise not to bluffI’ll hold it down when it get’s ruffBaby I know your worth itShe rolls the mile makes you smil
Baby Boy
it was 2 yrs ago today that i said goodbye... 2 yrs ago today i had to let you go. i wish it didnt have to be this way, i miss you everyday. my baby boy, so soft and sweet no chance to see the world. my heart shattered when you drifted away inside your mother's womb. tho your not here with me today, you're always in my heart, and one day soon we'll never be apart. my love for you grows stronger everyday, my dear little boy. look down on me from up above and keep me strong today. i dont want to show the world how weak i really am. its just between us two, my love for you, my little boy. thinking of the plans for you and watching your future grow. shattered in just a matter of minutes, how could your father do this to you i wonder everyday. no chance for you to see the world, and me watch you as you grow. stay strong for me my baby boy and we'll be together soon.. i love you more each and every day my precious baby boy. R.I.P ~J.M.R~ momma will always love you
Babygirlz Blog
babygirlz blog :) LOL
Babygirl Fu Engaged To Morty74@ Fubar
he tells me,now go and pop that pussy for a real nigga, I already know that life is deep but I still dig you. Niggas is jealous, but really I could care less, I'm in hells kitchen with an apron and a hair net. Devil on my shoulders, the lord is my wittness, So on my lebra scale I'm weighing sins and forgiveness. What goes around comes around like a hula hoop, Karma is a bitch, well just make sure that bitch is beautiful. Life on the edge, I'm dangling my feet, I tried to pay attention but attention paid me. Haters can't see me, nose bleed seats, And today I went shopping, and talk is still cheap. I rock to the beat of my drum set, I've been at the top for a while and I ain't jump yet. (haha ) but I'm, Ray Charles to the bull shit, Now jump up on that dick and do a full split.  Uhhhh, i just started to pop it for a nigga and looked back and told him baby it's real, And he say 'I ain't doubt you for a second, I squeeze it and I can tell how it feel'. he wi
"baby "
to every guy and girl out there i am fuckin taken so wen u message me if the first thin u want to talk about is sexget the fuck lost. i am here to just make friends. if u still proced to message me and talk about that sit i will take action and u will not like the fuckin repercutions that come out of it dont piss me the fuck off. so if u just want to be fiends then message me if not leave me the fuck alone end of the god damn fucking story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you babygirl  
Hello every one I am new at this so plz bare with me, I am a red head from Canada and I live In a city in Iowa and it is ice storming right now! Well I need to go I will be back
Baca (bikers Against Child Abuse)
This was just emailed to me from the mother of one of our (BACA) children. THIS IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT!!!!!!!!!! ................... ................... Dear new found friends, I would like to share with you our story and I how we came to become involved with BACA. About a year and half ago when my daughter was 7 years old. She was touched by her father in an inappropriate fashion. This is a something no child should ever have to experience but it seems even worse when it is by someone you love more than anything in the world. My daughter loved her dad in that way. She was very brave. She came to me the following morning after the incident. I felt my world slip away from under me but I could not show that to my daughter I had to listen to her and assure her that she was very brave and did the right thing in coming to tell me and I also assured her that none of this was her fault. I told her how proud I was of her and that she did the right thing in telling me. I confronte
I have been told by our national site..B.A.C.A. that we have too remove any and all items dealing with B.A.C.A. on any and all web sites....So I will be removing my site soon and I hope you will be spreading the word about B.A.C.A. for me.....thank you all.....good bye....WOLF
Bachelorette Party
Im throwing a party in 3 weeks.. And I need some help.. If any girls got any ideas for games .. I got a few in mind that usually go over well when i throw parties.. but i would love to add in a new game or two.. and for the guys and girls.. one of my games consist of all the girls doing alot of truth or dares along with shots.. send me some good dares or truths i can use for my game.. Lots of Love and Kisses ~Pole Princess~
Bachelor/bachellorette Contest
Back To Reality
I'm praying for snow as I'll be going to Heavenly in Tahoe next week! Time to go snowboarding. I am going to the 49ers first home game versus the Rams on Sunday. This should be awesome!!! Go RAMS!!! In order to announce self-help month, I am taking weekly guitar and golf lessons. Wish me luck as my guitar lesson is at 12:30. B
Back Stabber
Backyard Wrestling Today
today i have to go do a backyard wrestling show i will get to beatup on some innocent kid this rocks
Back To You...
I've been doing this a lot... Because of this... Because of him... Tee hee...
Backgrounds For Your Page
need background rip here...need other help just asked Hi Everybody If you need some backgrounds for your page i got plenty you can rip....if you need more help i will help you...just holla
Back Stabbing Witches
Ok it really bothers me when people stab other people in the back. Two girls used me to find out the address to where my b/f lives. They planned to have him arrested the weekend my dad came up. They thought i would go running home, but guess what i didnt and my b/f is out of jail freaken stupid bitches. So since you tried fucking me over which you did a poor job of doing it is now my turn:) So watch your backs becuz you never know when the cops will be knocking on your doors.
Back For More.
Back Home
ok seriously is it wrong to be picky on who we spend time with? i mean come on we have little time to spare as it is with our lives and yet some just spend their free time with people they can't stand. or have no interest in actually being around. this is why i am single and so picky. i know what little free time i have with work and side things, i want that time to be spent well. so i guess what i am saying is yes i am picky and no i don't care. and if i so choose to want to spend some time with you maybe you should think about that. maybe we all need to think about that and if you don't feel like you want to be around or see someone then don't as i walk through this valley of shadow and death, which has been proven to be what we call life. there is a small glimmer of hope and happiness. we call it love family and friendship. we are who we are by who we choose to be in our life. many people try to enter it but we have the final say on who we keep close to us. the ones who make the mi
Back To Usual
Hey just wanted to updated my situation for all who cared...As u all know my husband left me 3 wks before x-mas...He found another woman and has moved her into our home... Thanks for reading Hugs & Kisses to all Love Lisa
Back From My Vacation
Can I just say My Grandson is THE cutest baby boy in the world :) I didn't want to leave, but alas, I had to come home. I never knew it snowed in Oklahoma, but it does and it did while I was there, and it snowed back here at home also, and we don't usually get snow here. Anyway.....I can't wait to go back again.
Back From My Photoshhot
I got lots of good stuff done this week. Kinda tired but wanted to stop in and tell u had a good trip to my friend belles house. you can check out my two updates this week I got some good gurdle, pantyhose,sexy maide, watch me tanning and getting off.lots of sexy tight dresses to nothing at all.smooches.. Lorie
Back Ground Links
I got my background from Background Codes Background Provided By: SeekCodes MySpace Codes
Back To Normal (is That An Oxymoron?)
So here after the power was out for 6 days where I live it was nice to get our house back up to atleast 68degrees,especially when it was only 43degrees in the house and only 38degrees outside. Good gawd it was flippen cold!!! I realize that things we consider simple i.e. lights, cable, phone ect, are not simple but really luxury. I cant even begin to imagine what life was before we had all these grande things. Haven to go to a pump or creek to get water, then warm it up if we wanted a warm bath. Read by candlelight, cook on an open flame (I mean like campfire open not grill). Im so glad I was born in the middle of the last century instead of the middle of the one before. Ok so last Thursday here in the Puget Sound we had an insane windstorm that left 1.5 million folks without power. Of course I expected to see folks who got power on first taking advantage of that as far as gouging prices on gas and what-not and some did. What I didnt expect was to see so many folks going above and
Back From Oregan
so i just got back to cali it took so long i slept a lot but wheni was awake i couldnt help but think about sex it fucking sucks im so fucking horny
Backyard Wrestling
check out our site if your bored and like the Trailer
Back To The Darkness
First things first......Fuck A Back Surgery!!!! OUCH!!!!! Actually my damn back feels fine, its the fuck'n hip that they SCRAPED(Graphed) Bone from that is killing me!!! This makes surgery #2! Or you could say this is a follow up to fix the 1st 1 as it wasn't succesful. The 1st procedure was supposed to fix the problem, but the bone used(kadaber-AKA....Deadman's Bone) never fused with my spine. I guess my body rejected it. So I was forced to undergo surgery #2!! The Dreaded one!!! This was what I didn't want to go through!! The one I heard was the most painful of them all!!! Now I can agree first hand how bad it hurts, no more guess'n!!! The surgery went very well, & my back fells 100% better, but my hip, guts and the incision on my belly where they went through to do the magic is a sore mutha fucka!!!! Just thought I would tell everyone what happened to my ass, & why I haven't been online as much as ushuall. Now that all of ya know the skinny on me, who wants to be my nurse????? C
Back To My Old College Radio Days
Does anyone else remember this shit? Dinosaur Jr. - Feel the Pain Drivin' N' Cryin' - Fly Me Courageous Eels - Novacaine for the soul Gravity Kills - Guilty Kula Shaker - Tattva Lush - Ladykillers Pixies - Where Is My Mind
Back In The Swing Of Things!
I want to apologize here! I have gone through a lot in the past week since coming home and had a lot on my plate! Trying to be able to walk on my own again - and I am making tremendous progress. The headaches and the nausea are almost non-stop. It's still a process getting back on my feet! On top of that, I am making arrangement to transition myself back to work and to school. Taking tests to see if I need refresher courses and meeting with my advisor about classes and getting online courses for the first semester. Making sure I can have my work schedule and my class schedule coincide and have as little stress about it as possible. I have taken my hits too! I learned towards the end of last week that two of my friends were killed. My friend David was killed by a drunk driver in Nyack, NY. My friend Tina was the victim of a drive-by shooting in New Orleans. To add to this, one of my best friends, Carlos, who is an NYPD officer, was shot on the job a few days ago. He is
Back Online
Sorry I have not been around I have family in town and I don't want them to see the site. So I will be back after they leave of course. Kisses to all. Thanks for the comments on the new pics. jen Thanks to all of you who left comments I have been having problems with my account. It was nice when I got back in to see the love from all of you. So give me time to coem back and rate y'all. see ya have a great weekend cherry lovers.
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just rip if you are on the friends list...
Back And Forth
Back To Work Wench!
so i am going to whine a bit about leaving my house this morning....i didnt want to. i went back to my full time job today after being off for seven months...also after having a baby.i am scheduled for 6 days this week, however i only work 6.5 hours per day so its not too bad. i am in a very fast paced environment where i am on my feet all day and i havent done anything real physical in all the time off because of the pregnancy.i am feeling the atrophy poor lil muscles just ache. on top of that, i work with a crew of people who are about 10-15 years younger than me, so that adds a little pressure to work harder than them so i can advance...ugh! kicked my ass today! the flip side is that this should progress my "post baby" weight loss by double the current rate of loss!lol i also recieved a very warm welcome from the coworkers,whom i have grown to love and missed very much! they are all wonderful and their smiles made it impossible for me to cry because i missed my baby! :) in
Back Ground On The Vikes Pics
Well on Sunday for my bay present from my mom I had there gift of a vikes ticket. The original plan was for me to find some find my shift for me at work on Dec 16th 2006 so we could go spend the nite at Tony's house (my moms co worker). Failing that call in sick. Well because the person I was working with decide to quite the week before I couldn’t call in sick with out losing my job. So the plan was get to the tail gate lot on Washington and Chicago ASAP. On Thursday I got a fone call from my mom asking me what I wanted to drink for the party I go beer wise she goes I m at the liquor store what do u want. I paused to think for 2 seconds and responded the biggest bottle of jag u want to buy me. On Friday I got my pay check went to the costume shape got my war and hair pant, then got a 6 Pac of red bull. So I would have it all ready for Sunday. Then worked. Really didn’t sleep well, so I went to bed at 5 am cause I got home from work at 230 a.m. Woke up
I need a cherry background.. If anyone wants to make one for me, let me know! I want it red black white and gray... no sparkles or anything.. with with on it with my name (Katt Mayhem) somewhere on it too... Any takers?
I had to take a lil break from here for a while, but I am back once again! Sorry to those who have posted and I havent repsonded, but I have been quite busy since I got back from FL.
I had a spinal epidural. It was extremely painful. They said the pain should get better in 3-7 days. I am personally hoping for the 3. Due to back pain and RL issues I havent been able to get on tap much but HOPEFULLY that will soon change. I miss and luv you all. MUAH I am having a mylogram done on my back. It's a very painful procedure and I may end up in the hospital overnight. When I find out anything I'll try to get on as soon as possible because I am going to be in alot of pain for a few weeks from what I understand from this procedure. Sorry I havent been around just had soooo much shit going on around here and most of it's been bad! Thanks and Much luv to all that care and those that pray PLS pray for me and my children. We truely need it right now. I hope to be back soon. MUAHHHHHHHH Em I saw the neuro surg today for my doc appt. He says he can fix my back. I wont be 100% but I will be better then what I am now. He will have to do some fusing of the vertebra though. He said
Back To Djing Again
Come listen to the bad azzed DJ with the sexiest voice on the net Dj Onyx Illuzion at Aftershock Radio 9 pm - 12am est Monday and Tuesday and 9pm - 1am Wednesday and Thursday or in winamp at high band and low band All requests taken and played according to availablity but will get gotten and played during the show. DJ Onyx Illuzion of Xxxtasy all requests can be sent to Everyone's favorite internet DJ Onyx Illuzion makes her return to the airwaves at from 9pm - 1am EST Sunday night thru Thursdays for Aftershock 24/7 Radio my first night was last night and had a few problems but i hope that my friends that support what i do can tune in now and then to listen to me put out some killer metal or even some mellow country sounds depends on the mood but i will say that i have a nightly themed set of songs to get eve
Back To The Hospital
Back Home!
WOW!!! Too jet-lagged to do it all now, but I'll soon post pics, vid and a full report on my big trip. Glad to be home & see all your smiling faces again! For now I'll just say that, for the most part, the trip was awesome! The Maine crew is now infamous on the Colorado and won't soon be forgotten by any who met us, either in camp or on the river! YUCCA, YUCCA, YUCCA!!! Hope to hear from you all soon!
Back To Basics
This may come as a surprise to some, but the apostle Paul writes that we have the mind of Christ within us. This does not mean that we are like God in the omnipotent sense. We have a finite ability when it comes to mental perception. God is infinite in His ability and knows all things. He is omniscient. However, we are His children. We belong to His family, and we have the ability to think on the things of God. But Satan does not enjoy taking a backseat, especially in the area of our thoughts. He knows if he can get our minds focused on negative, self-defeating, and impure thoughts, then most of the battle for our minds will be fought and won by him. Learn to say no to his foolishness and demeaning suggestions by giving God full control of your thought life. You can reprogram your thoughts with His truth when you: - Acknowledge that you have the capacity to think correctly. (1 Corinthians 2:16) - Seek spiritual issues instead of focusing on negative suggestions. (Coloss
Back From Atlantic City
City, not so clean trump is mean. hooters girls love i you
Back From Atlantic City
Back From The E.r
Back from the E.R.They did EKG,Oxegen,Chest Exray,Blood.Everything was normal so they say.They gave me a script of Vicodans.So I just ate lunch so I could eat 1.My symtoms of chest pain are related to the fact my body,doesn't have it's precious Xanax + Trazodone no more.I have been Weening myself off it for over a month.An everdently my body is still feaning for my 7 yr.addiction to these fine benzo's.I had no choice but to ween myself off of them.As I can't get into the City.My various Doctors have been trying to get me off them for many yrs.To no avail.I haven't slept well for 5 nights now.Maybe I can get some herbs Valarian Root that smells like feet.except it gives me Nightmares.Anyway I'm Home an online in bed,resting.The useless people that Live here actually washed the Dishes an did the Laundry.Shity weather here.Hopefully I didn't worry my many Sweet friends to badly.Musta been U-alls prayers that Kept me safe.
After three weeks in the hospital I'm baaaaack!! XoXo -Jason
Back On Ct
Back In The States
Finally an update..... Been back in the states since May 19th. Damn the time has gone on forever, or so it seems! If all goes right I will be leaving to go back to Deutschland on August 30th. Keep your fingers crossed for me! All that I have been dreaming about lately is being back with my hunni! There will be a lot of obstacles once I do return there, for one being the language but as long as I am with Rudi, to me the language can be is an easy barrier to overcome. Every time I think that less then 4 weeks I will be able to look in those eyes again, I semi get that anxiety attack feeling. Yet, I know it is a mixture of anxiety and excitement! The only part I don't look forward to is the flight, going with the cheapest flight, which is most feasible, will have me with 2 stops before I get to Frankfurt, one in Phoenix and one in Philly. Before was pretty simple, from Spokane to Chicago to Frankfurt. I think its day 9.... Things aren't getting a whole lot easier being back in the states
Back To The 80's
I'm back in my home town now. However being closer to my mother didn't last very long. I moved back on July 1st of 2006 to be closer to my mother. In the middle of July my mother had blood clots in her legs and was hospitalized. Something happen....a blood clot may have went to her brain who knows. After her stay in the hospital she was put in a nursing home. She was diagnosed with dementia...the early stages of Alzheimer's disease. They have tried treating her for it with anti depressants mainly. The first nursing home she was put in was near by. That didn't work out for her because the anti depressants she was on was making her bust out in mad rages toward the workers. Again they found another blood clot in her leg and was hospitalized. She was released and put in a different nursing home where she still resides today. I try to get over to see her when I can and between me and her daughter we try our best to please her. She has a sweet tooth that never left her so chocolate is a way
Back Stabbing Cunts
to all of those who have noticed i am back on tap... after a long move and computer issues i finally got everything back up and running...yup that means ill be rating u shortly specially if ur a fan just give me sometime and i will get to you asap
Back Around
Back On Cherry Tap
Back Tattoo Contest
Hey guys I am in a back tattoo contest. Please stop by my page and get the link off of my profile comments and comment bomb me as many times as you can. show me some love....... if you comment bomb me you have to say something different in each comment... thanks so much loves and kisses....
Back Tattoo Contest
Back Home From Surgeon.
Well...Got back home earlier today from having 6 teeth extracted. Went pretty well execpt for one of the wisdom teeth was still under the gum...So he had to split the gum open,remove the tooth in front,and then yank it out....Ewwwww!! Cant eat really....had some soup earlier and some mashed taters for dinner. Face is swollen like a puffer fish and my mouth is hurting. Other than that I can function for like 5-10 minutes before I have to lay down again. Have a great nite and see ya all later on.
Back Agian
One thing history has taught us about ourselves is we get one chance for for every decision. big or small great or mild, chance to make it. i made a choice to leave ct last week. the cause was justified but there was another way to go about fixing it without leaving ct. as soon as i left i felt a great freedom,and soon after along with that feeling came a heart ache for missing my friends. i have pretty much all my friends on yahoo that i had on ct but it wasn't the same. for whatever reasons you cant converse with your friends as easily on yahoo all at once. people are either not on or hidden or you find yourself unable to catch up with them. during my brief leave from ct i did have a time of clear thought to gather my reasons for being here or not being here. my reasons in the beginning where to meet others, share my music, and my art. to make a connection that could carry over past online and into real life. i can say i believe with almost all of my friends i have that. along t
Back After Surgery
I just wanted everyone to know that I am feeling better from my surgery on Monday. I am still on pain pills and in pain but am back. I want to thank all of you that have shown love and concern. And to let you know that if within the last week you have rated, fanned or any of that I am sorry I didn't get back to you. I always go back over my tab and get to everyone but was not able to this week. I hope you understand. xoxo Hope to see you around. Daysha
Backless Black
Just a little cotton candy dressed in liquorice black - a backless thing that throws me just off-balance. Five feet, give or take a couple inches - but any more of her than that and too many men would die, hearts would stop - just a couple inches from the hemline to the knee and from the hemline to the waist and in-between the moon and stars collide. Sure, she wears it, but, in truth, she owns that tiny dress and every man left staring, speechless in her wake. © All rights reserved Scott Adelmann
Back To Work
To all my friends, family and fans! I am fixing to go to bed for a bit and then get up and go back on the road, just wanted to say good nite/ Good Nite! I will be back in a few days and while i am gone my wife will keep my posted on things. See ya soon!! For all the contest goers in my contest I did not get my check today and i promise as soon as i do i will get your prizes. I will have prizes no later than Friday so please bare with me on that . Your friend, Kewlrunning!!!!!!!!! HEY FRIENDS I HAVE TO GO BACK TO WORK AND WILL BE GONE FOR A FEW DAYS I AM ENTERING A CONTEST AND I WILL NEED A THA HELP I CAN GET YOU WILL NEED TO ADD HIM AND FAN HIM PLEASE THA CONTEST WILL START ON THA 26TH AT 5PM I WILL AWARD EVERONE WHO HELPS ME WITH BLAST AND VICS THIS WILL BE MY FIRST CONTEST TO BE IN AND WOULD LOVE TO WIN IF I CAN HERE IS THE LINK TO THA DUDES PAGE »†HøĦ姫@ fubar PLEASE HELP ME AND IF YA WOULD PASS THIS ON TO YOUR FRIENDS TOO I WILL AWARD THEM TOOO!!!!
Back Home :(
So yeah im home now from disney.... totally felt like i was fucking 5 there again wont lie. there was a fair share of little kids that got into my way for ride that i "accidentally" elbowed in the head! oh well, i guess theres always next year :(
Back 2 Good
It's nothing, it's so normal You just stand there I could say so much But I don't go there cause I don't want to I was thinking if you were lonely Maybe we could leave here And no one would know At least not to the point that we would think so Chorus: Everyone here, Knows everyone here is thinking about somebody else Well, it's best if we all keep it under our heads I couldn't tell, If anyone here was feeling the way I do But I'm lonely now, And I don't know how To get it back to good Verse: This don't mean that you own me Well, this ain't no good, in fact it's phoney as hell Yeah but things worked out just like you wanted to If you see me out you don't know me Try to turn your head, try to give me some room To figure out just what I'm going to do Chorus: Cause everyone here, Hates everyone here for doing just like they do And it's best if we all keep this quiet instead And I couldn't tell, Why everyone here was doing me like they do But I'm sorry now
Back To School Time!
With kids going back to sure to watch for signs of child abuse and neglect! Recognizing Child Abuse and Neglect: Signs and Symptoms Factsheet Author(s): Child Welfare Information Gateway Year Published: 2006 The first step in helping abused or neglected children is learning to recognize the signs of child abuse and neglect. The presence of a single sign does not prove child abuse is occurring in a family; however, when these signs appear repeatedly or in combination you should take a closer look at the situation and consider the possibility of child abuse. If you do suspect a child is being harmed, reporting your suspicions may protect the child and get help for the family. Contact your local child protective services agency or police department. For more information about where and how to file a report, call the Childhelp USA® National Child Abuse Hotline (1.800.4.A.CHILD). (Back to Top) Recognizing Child Abuse The following signs may sign
I've been doing a web search for a certain computer program for my 15 yr old son. He wants a program where he can take car and truck body styles, chaises and tires and create his own that he can paint and add decals. I want to encourage his interest but can't seem to find any program suitable for him or what he's looking for. If anyone knows of this kind of program let me know. Thanks so much. Wow! This has changed alot, now if I can only remember how to do this again. This teaches me not stay away for to long. Well anyways, I'm back and hopefully will make more friends.
Back From My Trip
Had so much fun this time,even got to go as far as utah and wyoming, I have alot of pictures to upload here shortly and ones of a beautiful sunset I caught on donner pass in northern cali
Back Online Thanks To My Friend
Back Off!!!!!!
Back From Racing In Europe!
Monday and Tuesday was testing in a Callaway Camaro at Monza, Italy. This was special event for me......I got seat time at the track before I return for a racing event in a few months. More importantly, I was racing at one of the most historic tracks of all time! I have laps video taped that I will post on my website asap.
Hey Gang, sorry that i wasnt online much, just getting out of the hospital here, and feeling great...wish you all a wonderful day...Love Snow Bunny
Back To School
First day of school I dont want to goooooo, oooooooooooooooh goooooooooooooooooooooooooood.
Back To School...damn It
yeap thats right my friends and family as of today i have started back to school. i have four classes on Tuesdays and will at school from 8:30 am to 9 pm (thank god though i have a 5 hour break) and only 3 classes on Thursdays and go from 8:30 am to 1 pm. my current classes are 1. Human Growth and Development, 2. Business Law and Legal Enviroment, 3. Economics (macro) and 4. Speech (only on tues night). so if anyone knows much about classes 2 & 3 ur are more than welcome to help me out with them if ya want. I'll keep everyone informed of whats going on with school and each class as soon as much as im able and when i see it fit, so no it wont be daily or even weekly. well wish me luck, im gonna need it with this semester. feel free to talk to me whenever you want and if im unavalible i'll get back with you asap. love lil devil
Back To School
Well, this is my first semester back to college, starting next Monday.. Here are my classes.. American Sign language 1 Childhood education Economics 1a History 17b Aerobics So this is a full course load... I won't be on line much.. all together that is 14 units ... but I am bustin my ass to get my degree as soon as possible.. next semester will be the same.. I may regret this now.. but I know I won't after its all done.. and I am majoring in Medical admin/transcription.. whichever I like more.. XOXOXOXOX
Back Up The Military Ass Holes
i had a dick head tell me that our government was stupid for the actions taken since 9-11. i couldnt believe it. is everyone out there so damn blind that they dont know what could happen. there is a website you can go to and it will show you threats that have happen on American soil. this is every day that some one in our country finds something wrong with a person or see them as a harm to society. since 9-11 action s have been taken to prevent the same thing that happend that horrible day. dont ever look down on any one serving our military. they are doing a job and what they are told. they are not the ones who make the decision. we take orders and we follow them regardless if they are right or wrong. that is our job. if i ever hear some one say something about the way the government is running things and that the military is doing the wrong thing i will hit them right in the jaw. if you dont know how the military is ran then keep your damn mouth shut. do not speak down on something y
Background Help
ok first stupid fubar question of probably many to come lol how do i put a background on my page i want somethin kick ass army style
Back Again
I have learned a lot in my life but I have to say the I have learned a great deal in the last 5 yrs... Here are some of the things I have learned: 1) Life is too short. 2) Have fun every day. Find someone that makes you laugh. 3) If you are not happy with who you are change!! You make your own choices in your life. There is no one making you do anything. If you find yourself saying I would if I could or thinking I don't want to be here or I don't like where I am in this life, change it. Everyone deserves to be happy. And yes sometimes to change a situation people have to get hurt. But there are ways to limit how hurt they get and you still change and be happy. 4) Go after what you want full force. No one is gonna give you anything in this life. You have to make your own way. Don't sit back and wait on a lucky day, the lotto, or the sweepstakes. You have to make your own good fortune in this life! 5) They say good things come with time and that is true. It's ok to wait
Back 2 Work!
Last school year, completed my first year of working in a middle school as a Teacher's Assistant. And I really enjoyed my work and the kids, but the best part was, I was off all summer long. While school was out, I was off for 3 months!! I really enjoyed my first summer not having to work. I was finally able to do all the things in the summer I have always wanted to do but never had the time bc I was constantly working. So I went to VA on vacation to see my 2 brothers (one has cancer), nephew's 2nd birthday, Uncle's wedding and to sight see. We were gone 2 weeks and we had a great time! After I returned from VA, I spent a lot of time laying out on the beach or at the pool. My older daughter Britt goes to school full time and works nights and my youngest spent weeks at a time at her father's so I had plenty of alone time! And I took full advantage of getting up at noon and putting a bikini on and going to sit in the sun for 5-6 hrs. a day!! I got the best tan I have ever had s
Back In Hell
Well, Here I am.....Again. WTF! Why do I keep ending up over here? What do I hope to accomplish? I know part of why I keep coming back for more is due to the camaraderie, But Damn! Is it really worth all of that? HELL Yes!! I wouldn't trade any of the worst days I have had over here for any other. I love my family with all of my heart. But there is something inside of me that just keeps me in the game.
Backless Black
Just a little cotton candy dressed in liquorice black - a backless thing that throws me just off-balance. Five feet, give or take a couple inches - but any more of her than that and too many men would die, hearts would stop - just a couple inches from the hemline to the knee and from the hemline to the waist and in-between the moon and stars collide. Sure, she wears it, but, in truth, she owns that tiny dress and every man left staring, speechless in her wake. © All rights reserved
.....well this week has been super busy!!! Hope to meet some new peeps....anyways come check us out SICK CREATION TATTOO & TATTOO SUPPLY 121 AVE B SNOHOMISH WA 98290 I am totally glad I am back...uggggg anyways hit me up!
Back To School
Well I did it. I started back to school at my age. I'm going to get my diploma. I'm pretty proud of myself. My 6 year old Tate thinks it's cool that his mommy is going to school like him. After I finish this I plain to go to college to be a vet. I have a long road ahead of me but im ready for it. I've always wanted to work with animals ever since I was a kid. Things are going really good here. Joey is behind me rooting me on. So I'm happy he is helping push me and telling me I can do it. Thank You Honey I love you and couldn't do it with out you.
Back From Vacation
I am back from a well needed rest, "End of the Summer vacation." I will get back to all those that have left comments and mail real soon. I hope everyone have a great and safe Labor Day weekend. Hugs to all my friends and family. Gegi
Back Home From The Hospital!!
Hi everyone well. As you all know I was very sick and got worse... I had to have my father drive me to the hosptital..... I was admitted and in the HOPSITAL for 11 days straight.... They had all kinds of IV's stuck in me filled with strong,, strong Pain narcotics 20 times more potent then Morphine (( called Dilota)).... :-O Also I got serious high doses of Anti Nasuea meds throug my Iv also.... They ran tons of MRIS and cat scans and Scopes down into me throat and belly.... I have a team of 8 differnt doctors plus 2 cardiologist docs on my team.. Because of my bad chest pains I was getting... I had tons of EKGs done also... Fianlly after 11 days in the hospital admitted... They found out I am seriously.. BADLY.... (((((ANEMIC))))..... My blood levels are soo low right now.. The docs have been monitoring it.... Right now when I go back to the hospital in 3 days.. If my blood level is till low and has gotten lower.... They will be doing a ((((( Blood Transfus
The Back Row
Good dead are hard to find. Not like i was looking, but here ya go, yet another shitacular sinematic snack. There's no more room in hell, George Romero bought it all, and apparently rents the zombie theme to high school drama departments. This isn't that bad, actually clean and sharp, a Canadian production, and very well manicured visually. No handi-cam hi-8 16mm wish you had, this is real studio/pretty location stuff. Kinda like a Disney treatment, with entrails. At any rate, it's pretending to be different, and just about pulls it off. What do I know, go plunder it, or not. Timmy Robinson’s best friend in the whole wide world is a six-foot tall rotting zombie named Fido. But when FIDO eats the next-door neighbor, Mom and Dad hit the roof, and Timmy has to go to the ends of the earth to keep Fido a part of the family. A boy-and-his-dog movie for grown ups, “FIDO” will rip your heart out. IMDB (7.5), RT (65%), torrent *a bad cinema blog of bad movies you
Back In The Big Trucks
Back On The Fm Dial
Teenagers again - backseat burning up desire like bubbles rising and tugging buttons, snaps, shirttails until precious flesh warm and moist upon me - windows fogged by then... Kissing hard squirming aching fit to burst and finally being safe inside you and the slow build up to feeling almost passing out as hand finds lovely breast mouth tastes luscious skin sweat breaks out - you rise and fall and rise again - in shadows I can see the place where part of me enters you. Teenagers again - our dams now overfill and we flood forth you fall into my arms and giggle as cars go rushing by up on the highway leading to our bed... © All rights reserved
can anyone at all.. help me with my background, i have read all the support stuff.. but cant get a background goin on... anyone got a few minutes to spare to help a new kid on the block ;)
Back Woods Cookin'
A rabbit or hare may be purchased ready-drawn and skinned. The meat resembles pultry and is cooked in much the same way. Cottontail rabbits are the smallest, bernally weighing about 1 1/2 pounds; jack rabbit about 3 pounds. The domesticated Belgian hare ranges in wieght from 4-10 pounds. Allow about 1 pound of rabbit or hare for each person. (Still not sure I will post up poultry cooking too... lol) Fried rabbit: (Oh my god... ) Cut young rabbits into pieces for serving. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and dip in flour. Proceed as directed for fried chicked.. (WTF.. now I got to do fried chicken blog), allowing 30 to 40 minutes cooking time. Prepare witha gravey. This cook book is crazy as fuck... lmao I am sure we all know how to this.. lol.. Go and cook now. I will find more fun stuff in this book. LMFAO!!! Never know.. Squirrel meat is similar to rabbit but more delicate in flavor. A medium-sized squirrel makes about 2 servings. Cook as directed for rabbit. Sq
Back At Home
Back In A Week
Back From Hospital
I am back home fro a few and would like to thank you for all the love , i am very sick and am making it day to day, please keep me in your prayers and blessings, ill will be on when i can get on, been very rough , and had surgery, which was quiet pain full and took allot of my energy away, i missed everyone and hope all my friends support me , thank you all.......Billy Tucker aka Just Shizzle
Back From Cozumel
just got back from 8 days in cozumel lots of alcohal and diving was a wild trip ended up naked on a stage at the resort...woohoo..they say tequla makes the close come off loved bartering with the locals they tell you the price then you counter then they say lets have a shot of teqiula and barter some more makes for a long day of shopping diving was incredable 86 degree water lots of sealife and sun well will add pictures later
Back To Work!!!
I have finally been released to go back to work and started today....I will not be on as much but will try my best to keep up as much as I can. Of course, my HH giveaway started the day before I went back lol. But I have had a couple of dedicated friends that have been helping me out.....I am coming home from work and maxing my comments, however, if you get bored and want to help a girl out click on the link below and it will take you straight to the page I need comments on.....Anyone that knows me knows each and every comment will be appreciated!! I will not be posting as many comments as I usually did but will try to show extra love on my days off!! Luvs ya all!!!
Backgrounds For Bulletins
Back To The Coast
Well my plans have changed yet again but this time its cause my husband is back so i will not be staying in gloster like i had planned My aunt is now going to have to go stay with my uncle till a time when i can deal with the thought of being near the man i love but whom hates me I just feel that if i stay here in gloster that i will not do well and that i will sink into depression due to the fact of knowing my husband is near and i cant be with him so i have decided to go to the coast an just go back to work there and take care of my mother I will tell you all i love my husband and he and i have both said things to each other that were mean when we were angry I do regret alot of the things i have said but he has deserve some of it for what he has done to me had i done some of the things he has done to me he wouldnt have dealt with it well anyways everyone i will not be online for awhile i love you all if anyone needs me just call my cell loves Ya LP
Back In Hell
Well im back in hell some where i dont want to be all cause i am scared to be around my husband cause all the pain he seems to cause me I do love him i just wish hed get his head out of his ass and grow up and stop telling lies on me and i sure the hell wish hed stop listning to people that dont know the whole truth or just want him to be unhappy cause there are I had to go to the emergancy room tonight all cause i had a panic attack and a migrain so i had a fun day i just wish i could return to 2 years ago and redo alot of things and make sure me and my husband never went to ft drum ny that was the worst mistake of our lifes well anyways ive got to get off the computer and get some sleep its 3 am and i have alot of crap to do today so loves ya everyone and doug if you read this i do love you an miss you i just wish youd actually just give us a chance and stop believing all the lies you made up to push me away and make me look bad good night
Back Problems
I went to the Dr. again today, and he has ordered at least 12 weeks of treatment. At the end of treatment i will undergo more x rays and possibly an MRI. This is because he suspects a bulging or herniated disk. If this turns out to be what is going on I will have to undergo back surgery. He also feels that I may need to have a medically necessary cosmetic surgery as well, but will now more after the treatment that I am to do. So there is back in a nutshell..LOL... I'm in good spirits and am feeling a little better, still having some pain and spasms, but nothin I can't handle. I will begin my treatment tomorrow, and will possibly be going 2 -3 times a week for treatment. (he feels that many times a week is necessary *eye roll* I guess I have to) I know that there is not other way around this, but I still don't like the idea of needing this much treatment, but I will do what I need to so that I'm in better health for myself and my son! So for those that care....t
Back And Faster...
Back Again!
Because a good friend interceded and because I've never before quit anything in my life, I am going to return and see if things work themselve sout! Perhaps I jumped before I looked deep enough. I am willing to reexamine what I thought was a wrong doing and give this site another chance. I want to thank my friend for showing there are two sides to ever problem!
Back To Reality
Caught up in the words that appear on your screen Wanting to believe so much of what is seen Your heart skips a beat with each new person you meet Wrapped in illusion There becomes confusion What is real, what is fake So much of you to give and take Freely speaking words you'd often not say Hoping later, your heart won't pay You wait for that comment, or email, or shout Finding so many ways to overlook your doubt It's different this time, it has to be He's sweet, he's smart, and he loves me What's a little distance When there is no resistance What's and issue or two Love will see you through Then one day you realize its just a dream What you wanted it to be, is all you have seen Your eyes are now open and reality set it in You wake up alone, and your life is not him Though never real, your heart is still cold The emptiness takes its familiar mold And you wonder how long it is going to be Before you head back to fantasy **copyrighted 2007 W
Back Stabbing Bitches!!!
you know, I am really tired of sneaky bitches and all that shit!!!! I have quite a few good friends.. and i am friendly to most people.... and I guess just a little naive sometimes !!!! You see... my best friend... DJ SHOTGUN.... he and I are really close... and this chick.... pretty much pretended to be my friend.. and then started filling my head with crap... making me doubt my best friend and our friendship... she almost... didn't, but almost succeeded in tearing us apart.... so now i choose to have nothing to do with her.... but some how i think she is up to it again... trying to be buddy buddy again with my best friend.... only.. we both know what she was trying to do... for what ever reason... but she helped us get closer to tell you the truth!!! I just hate the fact that this person feels the need to act like this and try to destroy friendships.. for what.. her own amusement?? Fun?? why do girls feel so threatened by me being his best friend that they have to act like stupid bit
Back To Me
People are afraid of themselves, of their own reality; their feelings most of all. People talk about how real love is, but that's bullshit, Love hurts. Feelings are disturbing. Peolple are taught that pain is evil and dangerous. How can they deal with love if they're afraid to feel? Pain is meant to wake us up. People try to hide their pain. But they're wrong. Pain is something to carry, like a radio. You feel your strength in the experience of pain. It's all in how you carry it. That's what matters. Pain is a feeling. Your feelings are a part of you. Your own reality. If you feel ashamed of them, and hide them, you're letting society destroy your reality. You should stand up for your right to feel your pain. Cueshe - Back To Me
Backing Up My Comp
Gloria Campos -Santiago Campos Maria Campos - Maugel Sandoval Kristina (kids names unknown) Tanis Sandoval - Dominga Henry Henry Jr Robert Rita Laura Marie Donald Alex (not known) Albert Daniel (not known) Rachel Ashley Joe B Gilbert Celia Manuel Jr None Frances *Clarence Grube Denis Michael Debbie Pauline- Jerry Weaver Linda -none Julie- none Delphina- John Clark Theresa Yolanda Jerry ? Maria Campos Siblings Clarence Campos 10 kids unknown Gilbert Campos Carmen Mother Sarah Lucero Father Bartolo Rodriguez Letiea Michael Kids Kids? Armondo Kids Kids? Margaret Kids Kids? Conney Kids Kids? Gina Kids Kids? Sarah Kids Kids? Michelle Kids Kids? Irene None Gloria Rodriguez - William Sr William Jr Joey Raylen Delia Rodriguez - Jesus Sandoval Sr Antoinette Ma
You have fantastic hands You rubbed my back today That small touch Aroused me beyond words Thank god you were behind me You couldn’t see my nipples get hard Or that look of pure ecstasy As you moved lower on my back Bet you it would shock you to know I dreamt of fucking you While I slept last night Thought about that while you were rubbing my back I ask you to do it a little harder Squeeze a little tighter Oh god~ to the right Uhh that feels so good Yeah, you have great hands I’ll give you that But will you respond to mine? Do you take as well as you give? I start at you shoulders Poor baby, you’re tense I lean forward and push my breasts into your back Why the fuck should I play fair I feel your breathing change I ask you if it feels good Am I hurting you? All you do is grunt I’ll slide my hands down your back Not a rub, but a caress Can you handle that? Glad for that big shirt you’re wearing now, aren’t you? If only my dream from last
Okay for all my true friends. I am back on fubar again. I have alot of family issues with my baby boy and alot of hater issues on here. So i took a little break. I missed my true friends alot and i hope you all will welcome me back I have some kick ass family on here and love the shit out of you!!!!
holy shit, my "date" mumm backfired.... i was trying to see what was out there and i get ambushed my haters and douchebags!!!! maybe i shoulda just posted a blog instead. but seriously ladies...feed my curiosity....look at my pics, maybe read my little profile and let me know...if the planets were all in alignment and the situation was right...who wouldnt mind going out? simple question...simple answer dont hate...dont be an ass....just tell me
Back To Work
Ok, today was the first day back to work since I dyed my hair black. And now I think I must have looked totally awful before I dyed it. I'm in TOTAL shock how many people stopped me and said how good my hair looked. :O And how becoming it was .. holey hell 8-P
Back At School
So when i was home i saw this guy everyday....and now i miss him.....its changed so much...its only been a day and i already miss that sad or desperate soundin...i just went through so much with him and he was ther for me and now...we can only talk on the phone.....idk what to do...i like him alot but i dont want a relationship 2 hrs away.....i do but i fallin for him..but i cant....idk im so confused..
Back From The Trip!
Ok I am back from the long trip. Over a month. 15,000 miles later. What a blast! Seen the sights, met the people and drove the miles. Lots of photos in the photo section. I have more but they are not all gonna be put up since there are hundreds! I know that there are only two people on this list that missed me but just so yall know that I missed getting on here and making trouble! Have a great week and hopefully I will see ya'll later!
Back To Something I Once Loved!
recently i have been struggling with my commitment to writing in my journal every day... either i have been too tired or i just didn't feel like the day held anything worth writing about... but last night i had a dream it was kinda off but for some reason i remember it very vividly.. i was in a random store and it was filled with beautiful journals... some were blank inside with no lines... some had only lines... but the ones i was drawn to were the ones that had decorated pages with prompts and questions in them for you already... things like "what is your favorite childhood memory" or "name two things you learned today" things like that... well as i thought about the meaning of this... i suddenly thought about my high school English classes and how our teacher would give us a composition prompt every day and we would have to write a page... i use to love doing that cuz i wasn't directly writing about my self but learned about my self that way... so i looked around on
Back 2 Dogg Probz
The Backalley Nightclub
The Backalley Night Club Is Officially Open With Some Of The Greatest People The Best Staff Some Come On Over & Check Us Out
Back In The Rain
So i dont know about this site. I cant really tell yet if i like it or not. It seems that its whole bases is a social whore network site. You know, only talking to new people to get them to rate your pic, or fan you or what ever. I dont think I really like that. I hate fake people. I Cant really imagine myself being one of the people that just click on a new name to say hi rate me. and thats it. I rated a couple of people. But for the most part, you know what! Fuck taht! I dont think that it is a cool thing to do. So unless your some what seriuous about talking to me, or at least pretending to want to talk to me leave me out of your whoriness. Real people need only apply. thank you mike I missed the rain... beleive it or not i really missed it. I went from the capitol of the northwest rain forest, astoria or, to the dry desolate waste of colorado. My face felt like it was constantly about to fall off from the lack of any sort of water in the air. I found out that astoria gets more ra
Can some one help me putting a background on my page
Back In Columbus
Back To Hospital Again..
Back To Leveling
just remember misfits our goal is all about really leveling others not really about leveling within just the family even though that is important we need to watch out for our bullitens for people needing leveled under 15,000 points with pics of 100 and having stash look for there status also that will tell you if they need help leveling up then send the link to the home page so we can check it out if we see it can be done a blog will be done if it cant be done then we wont do a blog because i dont want to do it if we cant follow through leveling someone that wouldnt be fair to that person or you to look bad on either ones part thank you all
Back To Work
well, this week I've finally started going back to work. yeah its a lame job, working a Quizno's but its all I needed. A chance to get out from the house, and be social. Even if that means waiting on people. Being an army wife, and playing that role of the "stay at home do nothing" wife, this gives me a chance to be social. It was good working again, and so far the job seems to work well for me....BUT the best part is I'll be interviewing for an even better job tomorrow as a Vet Tech.
Back With A Vengence
Brought Back By Popular Demand! BACK WITH A VENGEANCE SHOW LIVE IN SPIRITS DEN! TONIGHT @7PM. CLICK THE BANNER TO ENTER Music Provided By Snake Bite Radio Check Us Out !
Back And Doing Great.
Hi to all my friends It has been awhile...Alot has been going on in my life. I got married and now I am no longer married. I am happy with it and doing good. And My grandpa has past away. It has been two weeks and we miss him but we know that he is in a better place and when this life is over we will see him again. Thank you all for being my friends. Hi to all my friends. I have made it back on line. LOL Life for me is great...busy but great. I am now a mother of six children and wow do I have my hands full. But I love them and they are a gift from God. I am working part time and home schooling 4 of my children. I am also taking care of my mom who is very sick. Wow life is so busy but that is good that way I don't have time to think. So to all my friends I hope to hear from all of you soon. I have missed all of you. Hugs and kisses
Back To My Roots!
Back In Hell....
i hate germany sooo much it hurts. for the past 3 nights i have had a dream where i hurt myself, just so my husband wont have to deploy next week for 15 months....i would never do this because of my kids, but im going crazy right now. an in one week ill be all alone over here :(
Backgrounds I Use; Mostly "borrowed"
oooooooooooooo dsdd dfsdsd ddd BROUGHT TO YOU BY! gererr
Back Door Slam Concert
So today is my bro's b-day so last night I paid his way to see back door slam in Philly.It was absolutely fantastic...I think i orgasimed 5 times...lmao. This band kicks ass. You can checkt hem out on the video on my page. BY the way, my bro's name is Hot Rod on my family list check him out and wish him a happy b-day.
Back Tattoo
Ok its that time again, my back tattoo made it into another contest. If you think its that good of a tattoo click on the pic and drop in and throw a few comments my way...
Back In The Good Old Days
"What came first, the chicken, or the egg?" I believe it is fairly obvious that this question is based on an assumption that there must have been a beginning of Time. I’ve thought about it before and arrived at the conclusion that it is equally ridiculous to assume that Time has a beginning and an end as it was for the first people to take sail on the seas to fear falling off the end of the world. The egg came from the chicken and the chicken came from the egg, so, is it not obvious that neither could have come first, and that, just like the three dimensional world and everything in it, Time is round and not linear? Many of us believe that when we die everything ends for us. This is simply not true. Our consciousness continues to evolve after we leave this physical form. All you have to do is take a cursory look into NDE’s (Near Death Experiences) to find that people in deep comas have been able to describe leaving their body, as well as accurately describe the room t
Back In Business
Hello all. Just wanted to let you all know that I am back in great health and feeling wonderful. It was a hard road for recovery after my surgery. but I feel like a million Bucks... Keep an eye out for my Birthday Blast. If you happen to see it please screen shot and send it to me. I have yet to see it. I am back in the lounge too. Working on making it the best lounge ever. Please come by and show me some love. MySpace Graphics & MySpace Awesome music, awesome Staff, NSFW (Adults only) Hope to see you there.
Back For Tonite....
Hi my friends...I've been in,and am going back to tonite....Indianapolis where my 81 yr old Mom is hanging on....pray for her.....I'll let you all know how it is when I'm back next week....I miss you all,and alot has family is together for the first time in years...and being the only Son for my Mom and Big Brother to my 5 sisters has been great......Leave Love and I'll return it when I get back....Peace to all....Geno...The Black Knight.
The Back Door
this is a way a good friend said My blog can be read. Check My other blog post for the one I wished to be read. comments bad or good accepted in the cool rain, the body drenched with downfall, a clap of thunder and a bright bolt of lightning flash, a shadow is seen.....that of the Vampire that lurks in the shadows and springs out as the next flash brightens the court yard..... as another flash of the lightning strikes out and the roar of the thunder blast, she notices he is no longer in the shadows and can not be seen suddenly she feels his cold hands on her arms from behind and the sudden sharp but pleasurable pain of his teeth as they sink into her neck she becomes weak with the bite, both from the soul being sucked from her and of the warm desires she feels his hands move from her weakened arms to her heving breast, nipples hard from the cool rain and the touch of of him they travel down to her thighs, and slides one hand between them to find warm heated mositure araising from
Back In The Capital City
I want to live my next life backwards! You start out dead and get that out of the way right off the bat. Then, you wake up in a nursing home feeling better every day. When you are kicked out of the home for being too healthy, you spend several years enjoying your retirement and collecting benefit checks. When you start work, you get a gold watch on your first day. You work 40 years or so, getting younger every day until pretty soon you're too young to work. So then, you go to high school: play sports , date, drink, and party. As you get even younger, you become a kid again. You go to elementary school, play, and have no responsibilities. In a few years, you become a baby and everyone runs themselves ragged keeping you happy. You spend your last 9 months floating peacefully in luxury, spa-like conditions: central heating, room service on tap.
K , I don't want any haters or bible thumpers tellin me I'm wrong or bad because I smoke . Besides the fact that I like it , it's very helpful for me medicaly . I'm bored so I'm uploading a couple pix. some old favs. + whatever else ...... I'm still afraid that some people on here don't get the fact that smokin is my 1 crutch . I like it n it also has medical uses (for me ) but I would smoke anyway . at least I'm not out drunk driving ........
Back To Work
Just wanted all my loved ones that are close to my heart that I am now back to work. Working a real goofy schedule. I am on 4-10's right now, Monday through Thur. But working today. After my Training period I will be on a 12 Hour Swing Shift. :( So i will be here when I can. Love to all. And hope to chat soon. (b) Cheers Mystically Addicted
Back And Forth
Back Home
Backgrounds I Took From Other Ppl!
Back Again!
I had forgotten how much fun this place is! If u are reading this stop by and say hi! Show some love! I will return the fav.! Thank u! I was on here for a long time! I remmber when this place was Cherry Tap, lol! Here I am Fresh Meat again! Show me some love! Ms Retta I have missed u and cant wait to catch up! Love u All!
Backgrounds For Bullies
> > Hey all its me DJ Tazman and im in a St Patty's Day auction so please come bid on me .I am offering 1.Rate pix durring happy hour. 2.Add to top friends and or family. 3.Added to fu owner blog. 4.Added to fu owner pimpout on my page. 5.I will make you 3 morphs of ur choice. If you cant bid please just rate the pic id appreciate it . Thank you for all the rates and bids in advance !!!! Just click the pic below to go rate and bid
Back Of Best Buy Rec
A friend brought this to my attention. I sure as hell can't afford it, can you? Store Return Policy This policy applies only to purchases made at Best Buy retail stores and may vary slightly from the Best Return Policy. Your original receipt is required for all returns, exchanges, price matches and warranty repair services. All returns and exchanges must be in original condition and include all accessories. All returns, exchanges and price adjustments must be made in the country of original purchase. Best Buy reserves the right to request identification and to deny any return. 30-day return period We accept returns or exchanges 30 days from the original purchase. Please review the exceptions below. 14-day return period We accept returns or exchanges 14 days from the original purchase on computers, monitors, notebook computers, projectors, camcorders, digital cameras, GPS navigation, radar detectors and video games purchased as used. Non-returnable items N
Back Grounds
Back To The Same Ol Shit
Why is it that men always feel the need to cheat. i am the type of girl to stand by man no matter what. i have great heart and am a independant womwn. i dont know what to think but if you can answer this question fill me in.
Background Skins
place text here put text here
Back Stabbing
It's bad when your own family turn on you and have to have some one ight there battes for them. those that have another friend threating another friend do to a family member is known as a back stabber and that isn't right.those that like to back stab are the ones that cause others to have real problems and the one that causs this is jus getting enjoyment and gradifaction for them self's to make them feel better and can't fight there own battles,knowing some one like this is hard to handle for the one that causes the bullshit between friends is not a real friend or family all they want to do is to make themselves look big and bad which isn't right and they should of thought about that before they started the bullsit and back stabbing.
Back To The Grind...
It really wasn't that bad...Nothing like staying up late and trying to sleep in knowing that you can't because of the things you have to do. Those just happened to be one of those days to where there were people to call before lunch and I didn't get to hear what I wanted. Well, part of it I didn't want to hear. lol I called my unit here and was inquiring about my departure date and my mobilization station prior to my deployment, since it was supposed to be next month. YEAH, SUPPOSED TO BE...well, it has been pushed back another month due to them having a large workload to contend with. The good part about it though, I'm not going to be freezing my butt off in Jersey. :-) I'll be in the south for it and that makes me feel ohhh sooo much better. The thing that makes this all that much more difficult to deal with is that I'm not having the communication that I'm wanting or needing. You know who you are if you have read this. Being pushed away from the fact I'm leaving sucks
Ok folks i am sorta back. I cant be on here when my hubby is home. Its a long fucking stupid story that ends with him being an ass hole and me not being able to do shit. But its how it is going to be for a little while. So I will not be on much. But I will be every once in a while!
Back To Life
Back Stabbers!!!!
Back To The Books
Well yes, this is another day, an yet, i still ask myself was it a good thing that i reinlisted back into the army for anothe 6 years, well its kind of hard to say? Cause its more like a threw up, on one side its this way an then on the other side its a different thing. Now i see what people mean when they say you can have everything that you want in life. Cause the harder you work on one, thing, you starts to take away from another part of your life, an well i have did that again, an lost a great person who i held very close to me. No matter what being in the military, its like you have to hide a part of yourself, an never let anybody get real close to you, cause of the fact that you will never know what is going to happen. You want things to go one way, but the miitary finds out an then threw a lop hold in your hold dreams. So now, its left me back to the fact of that i am still in the service, so yea, i must be going to stay single for something, or untill i leave the army, c
Back Of My Mind
Back To Back
Back On Myspace
Come add me!
Back To Being Single
Backward Masking
In light of the country's current economic situation, I thought it a perfect time to share with you my plight. When I was younger, I had only planned to live to be about sixty-three... sixty-five at the most. Therefore, I really haven't planned too much for my future. I didn't figure I would be around to enjoy it, anyway. With my health not deteriorating as I had envisioned, and with all the medical advances made in the last 20-30 years, I'm in a quandary. Apparently I will live well beyond the age of sixty-five. With the Social Security Administration funds disappearing more and more every day (AND since I haven't put any retirement plan into action), I decided to use my lunch break to investigate my alternatives for my post-retirement years. I drove to Wal-Mart to see if it was possible to get a position as a greeter. Much to my surprise, I was informed that they do not hire retired people. They said that it was actually a program that was started by the children of retired people
Back To Back
Back On Fubar
As you can see I am back on Fubar since my back surgery. But I am not fully up to back can only handle so much sitting right now. So while I like to return all the rates everyone gives me. I will sure try to return them back and as soon as I can. Just please bear with me for a little while please. Thank You!! Margarita-Patsy
Back To Work
Hello friends, Being that I will more than likely starting work Nov.11th on 1st shift, I won't be able to send morning messages. I have to be at work at 6:30 am. but I get off at 3:30 pm. Better than 3rd shift I must say but less pay. I'll manage since I have an alarm clock on my Moto razr and Fossil digital wrist watch. I'll be sending my love to my lovely lady friends after work during the week. You can reply if you want. I don't expect anything in return. I'm here to try an please my friends. I'm known to get wordy and sorry I just know how to write and I go into detail most the time. Thoughts can come quick. So thats it for my rare blog. Take care and talk to you all later. Spanish Archer
I am back, and as a slight warning, I have grown a lot in the past few months, I am alot stronger and less likely to care about the judgements set forth by other people. I have an amazing best friend who I spend a hell of a lot of time with and who keeps me strong, and a man. We all learn from past experience and both myself and hopefully my friends have learnt a thing or two. Never allow an internet person to seep into your real life and destroy it, it is pointless... I shall leave with two pondering thoughts... I have learnt from beggers and thieves as much as I have learnt from doctors and schlors. Focus on the future, but do not jepordise the present. In my diploma in criminology I have studied John Does... this one I find fascinating... a man left a Grateful Dead concert in 1995 with no pocessions. He hitch hiked and the car crashed, him and the driver died. The family of the driver did not know who the passenger was. He was between 18 and 24 with long brown hair.
As some of you have noticed I haven't been around much in the past month. I screwed up my back 4 weeks ago. Since my computer was next to my bed and I couldn't lay in my bed or sit on it to be on the puter I had stay offline. I've finally been able to get living room rearranged so I can have it next to my recliner and can once again be here. I'll be back to djing tomorrow though not sure yet what time slot. For those who cared enough to notice I was missing and to check up on me thank you. Love you guys
~backup Singer's~ Blogs
In 1986, Peter Davies was on holiday in Kenya after graduating from Northwestern University . On a hike through the bush, he came across a young bull elephant standing with one leg raised in the air. The elephant seemed distressed, so Peter approached it very carefully. He got down on one knee, inspected the elephant's foot, and found a large piece of wood deeply embedded in it. As carefully and as gently as he could, Peter worked the wood out with his knife, after which the elephant gingerly put down its foot. The elephant turned to face the man, and with a rather curious look on its face, stared at him for several tense moments. Peter stood frozen, thinking of nothing else but being trampled. Eventually the elephant trumpeted loudly, turned, and walked away. Peter never forgot that elephant or the events of that day. Twenty years later, Peter was walking through the Chicago Zoo with his teenaged son. As they approached the elephant enclosure, one of the creatures t
Back Pain Update
1st set of meds and physical therapy is almost over and my back feels good for a few hours then it progressively gets worse the days i have PT, tomorrow (wed) i got a DR appt to talk about the next step which is cortezone shots in my back.
Back To School!
So, after getting the run-around by several companies, I've finally gotten the funds needed to go back to school! Starting Jan. 5, I will be attending Western Culinary Institute in Portland, Oregon to become a full-fledged Chef. Granted, I've been co0oking for about 20 years, so it's not a career change, more an upgrade. Yea for me!!!!
Back Operation
Sometimes in life the best gifts dont need any wrapping paper,pretty bows or anything fancy. Instead all they need is to be loved and cherished and know that no matter what that their the best present anyone could ever recieve.
Background Pic
Back But Not Myself
Monday my son josh and i went into the hospital because of his pneumonia in his right lung. But because of that he was not eating and drinking properly. So him and I have been in the hospital since Monday, got home early today. Just trying to get back into the routines that me and my children are use to. That and since it is Christmas Eve I have a lot to do. I have to get the tree decorated and the living room picked up and get my kids to bed early. So much to do and so little time. I wish that there were more time in the day than what there is. If there were more time in the day I would have everything done already. But right now my son and I are just trying to relax and everything. So yeah I will be on and off for the next few days.
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SALUTE AUCTION today 7pm central Come get some sweet and sexy salutes from these KO Girls!! ENJOY!! This
Backstabbing, Lies, Deceit, Oh My!
I'm done w Relentless and anything to do with it. I still love plenty of the people there, but don't expect me to associate w anyone involved in the bullshit that happened. If you knew what happened, and went along w it, delete me. If you were involved in the decision making process, delete me. I'm tired of fake ass people. Read it and make no mistake: real friends don't sit through shit like this. Interpret it how you please. Kuntbunny: is there a reason i went to bed and everything was great and i wake up and i'm banned? because according to the rumor mill i was banned because that was the only way skyler and ana would agree to come back Dj Mizz B Haven: IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH ANA ACTUALLY. AND YES. ME AND 3 OTHER MANAGEMENT PERSONS DISCUSSE THE SITUATION, AND BASED ON ALL THE EVENTS HAPPENING, A DECICION WAS MADE. THERE IS NO WAY WE CAN HAVE BOTH OF YOU IN THERE.... IT WILL NOT WORK. THE DECISION WAS UNANIMOUS TO BRING BACK SKY, AND YES, THAT WAS A CONDIDITION OF HIM RETURNI
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Back To Work, Travels With Me.
Back In The Day ...
I was just thinking about how different things were back when i was a kid growing up. I grew up in the 1970s, we didn't have video games, cable tv, internet, computers, HD Tv's, hi tech stereo systems, Ipods, MP3s. Bands weren't even releasing albums on cassette tapes til the late 1970s early 1980s. But here are some things we did have that you just don't see around anymore, and if they are still around they are very very rare. Back in the day we had real to real tape decks, we had record players, we had the 8-track tape player, we had telephone booths, rotary phones, slot car race tracks, model train sets, the milkman. There were no walmarts, lowes, home depot, best buy, target, circuit city ect... we had Pay N Save, Fred Meyer Market Time, Pay N Pak, Thriftway, Speaker Lab, Pacific Stereo. For fun places to go we had what we called a front yard, we played in it with our friends. We actually had real life friends that we played with in our yard or we went to their house or we walked u
Back To Me!
i really want to know how to get a cute background on my page...can someone please help me?!!?
Back For The 3rd Time!
Well, I was a member back in the LostCherry days. Then I came back briefly during the CherryTap period. And well, I'm back again for the fubar experience. Not that I remember any of the s/n's I used back then. What do ya expect, I've been drunk since then! Will I ever learn?
Back With A Vengeance
Back In The Mix
Send a heartbeat to the void that cries through youRelive the pictures that have come to passFor now we stand aloneThe world is lost and blownAnd we are flesh and blood disintegrateWith no more to hateIs it bright where you are?And have the people changed?Does it make you happy you're so strange?And in your darkest hour, I hold secrets flameWe can watch the world devoured in its painDelivered from the blastThe last of a line of lastsThe pale princess of a palace crackedAnd now the kingdom comesCrashing down undoneAnd I am a master of a nothing placeOf recoil and graceIs it bright where you are?And have the people changed?Does it make you happy you're so strange?And in your darkest hour, I hold secrets flameWe can watch the world devoured in its painTime has stopped before usThe sky cannot ignore usNo one can separate usFor we are all that is leftThe echo bounces off meThe shadow lost beside meThere's no more need to pretendBecause now I can begin againIs it bright where you are?And hav
Back Again
ok so im back on fubar after a long break i would just appreciate it if everyone would check out my page and give me some advice on making it better. thank you.
Backstabbing Shadow Leveler
so umm i'm back sorta.. got my own apartment...going to art school, work, and i'm doing great..staying busy and living my great life..partyin of but i'm back sorta...gonna check my shit and stuff on pics..well if i ever level or get a vip..still dont wanna buy cheap..well now i got bills of my not spending money on here..yea a no   new pics:    
Back Home!
Just wanted to let everyone know I'm back around. I had left for about a month and went to Indiana to spend time w/my kids and other family. Was stuck up there w/no internet or anything, pretty much completely out of reality. Yeah, I know, blah, blah, blah.  Anyway, if you wanna know anything else, or even give a shit, hit me up and we can chat.
Back Online
after alot of hassle and drama i am finaly back online
Backstabbing Family
Back Home
Made safe back home after 9 hours on the road. Where did I go you ask...well to visit a friend. Is he worth it, I'd like to think so.. Some people have issues with me visiting him. My opinion is that we are adults and if you don't like it tough beans. Am I going back? most definately! Love know who you are.
Back To Reality...
Today is my first day back to reality after being gone for 10 days and I already want to go back. I was in the mountains camping and with a bunch of people that are truly amazing!! I finally found a place where the people are real and accept others for who they are and not how they look or what they have. If the rest of the world could be that way how wonderful life would be!!! I'm spending the rest of the week here and on Friday I'm taking off for another week to Iowa to see my family. It's going to be a fast and furious trip but it will be great cause I'm road tripping it with my brother. Going back to Iowa after being in sunny Cali is going to be a huge shock and I can't wait to feel the difference!!
ok this is here 6 times it shows in stash and the other blog on safari
Back From Iraq
So i just got back from Iraq and getting ready to go on leave and have noe one to but friends to hang out with. They are good friends but I would like to meet someone of the opposite sex. I love fishing and I am plannin on goin tonight. Along with fishing and hunting I like to Cook. BBQ and soem stuff on the stove. I am a simple person and easy to get along with.  If you want to know more about me just ask me. If you like me then just maybe we can hang out sometime.
Back Again
Well, I've been back over here for about 7 months now. Just returning from my first R&R and have discovered that I no longer belong anywhere. I have no one and all the things that I've bought mean absolutely nothing to me. I know that it's my own damned fault and that just makes it suck even more. The thing is, I thought that the old way of life would be what would sustain me. Come to find out, it doesn't nor will it. One night stands and just traveling around the country/world are not, it seems, what I really want or need. I miss not haveing someone to come home to. Someone to be able to share in my "adventures" with. And yeah, someone to hold at night when it's time to call it a day. Who knows if that's really what it'll take, but right now that's what I feel like I really need to make me feel whole again. Of course, there's always religion, lol.
Back By Popular Demand
Ever wanted to be a Angel or a Demon but not Yet a Godfather, Or maybe you wish you picked the other choice and wish you can change it. Well Now is your chance but unfortanitly no Special Abilities or Special Icon. Back By Popular Demand From the Creator of Fubars #1 Train in the Past Now Brings You Angels & Demons. Basically Just a Normal Train But  Can Also Be used as a Leveling Family. Rules & Qualifacations  1.   Must F/R/A The Founder and All other Members 2.    If Already A Friend Must Leave Them a Comment on thier Page Saying Joining Angels & Demons 3.     Dont have a Salute Not A Problem This Time Pay The 25k Fee and your on Send it through Fupal  to The Founder and mention Angel & Demons Fee 4.     Have A Salute Then No Fee Needed to Hop on 5.     In The Request Need To Mention Angels & Demons and Also Must Messege the founder when your done or you will not be added 6.   Must Also Add Angels & Demons Member To Your Name or A&D Now For The Fun To Begin  
After a brief hiatus it is time for a little is to wreaking havok in mumms and true friends who never went away even when I did
Back To Work
you will love this one...okay so pulte gave me an f250 company truck with a 8x 10 single axle trailer to haul material....okay so today i was going to bella via in mesa...ray and signal butte..but anyways back to the story...about 6:30 am i am on the 60 going east bound...and the passenger side rim and tire decided to go for a ride with the trailer...tire shreads and all 5 of the bolts that hold the rim on..shear i am tryen to get over and i see the rim passen me on the freeway...this is right before rural rd...i get all to the left side and the rim hits the median passenger side....then bolts across hitting no cars hitscenter median and crosses all lanes of traffic again...what are the chances of that...short story but oh so funny..had to wait for tow truck to send trailer to shop...hopefully get it back soon enough...just thought i would share my morning with you all.... okay sotuesday my bro in law calls me and ask if i want to go back work for pulte building systems...well
Back Again
Hey, I am back trying this site again. . looks kind of cool. I am pretty social so drop me a line!
Backgrounds For Twitter
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back stabers are hardley your friend they smile to your face straig until the end. but if u stay true to them it wont be thiers but yours see a hatefull drama seeking fool is no good to the force. a hoe is a hoe a bitch is a bitch their is no saving of thier sould i promise you this a lost soul can be found but a tainted heart is no good no happiness here but misery sorrow and a hole lot of fear. i would rather be alone and no my place .. than to live in a group off people constantly lieing to my face. i cannot stand for a lieng fukin bitch nor can i tolerate a fembot a pretendika one so weak she cannot even chose to angel or devil sheel sneek thru the lot . buyer beware shes danger all be ware. this one will lie.act as an imposter or lie do i look fat in this ....oh noooo as they walk behind you .....look at that ugly hoe oh yes we all knwo this m i hope all goonies grow up and pretendikas get real the scanks and sluts i fear are already a bust see if you give all the good
Back Online
So, I got another PC and I'm back online and back to work with the new album. I've set the studio back up and put down some new beats and track layouts for my 5th solo album. That's about all for now, I'll post more about the record/s later.
Back To The Weightroom.
      Back into the weightroom. Don't feel strong, gotta get strong, so it's back to the weightroom. Nothing fancy mostly the 3 major compound movements, lat pulldowns or pullups, some type of rows, crunchs and a little cardio I'll post my max every 3 months for the 3 major compound movements; bench, ATG squats and deadlifts First entry: Bench - I pushed my covers off of me this morning. Felt good afterwards and my form was good. Deadlift - Lifted my dead ass out of bed. Kinda shaky until coffee intake was acheived. ATG squat - I was only able to squat to toilet level this morning. Lots of power though and very smooth movements. See ya in 3 months!  
I there is anyone out there that can make me a nice background I am paying....
Back Up
I hear the words you say to me I see the way you look at me I know what's on your mind so Stand up get up back up now Just stay away I know the fear you hold inside I know what's weighing on your mind There's nothing you can do so Stand up get up back up You're reaching out just to be like me But you've fallen short Still you're following me You had the chance to bring me down But there's nothing left So just stay away from me You can't stand to see my face To know you'll never take my place There's nothing you can do but Stand up get up back up now Just stay away I feel the hate you push on me I see the things that you can't see I know what's on your mind so Stand up get up back up It's not the things you say to me It's not the things that I believe You try to bring me down So stand up get up back up now Just stay away
Back Alone
A vast expanse of scorched earth stretched out before the Angel with the Blackened Wings. His weapon at the ready he walked, looking for a fight. He's been here before, many times. Theres always a fight, and he usually wins, but to him the point is lost. He kicks something on the ground. He looks down, and picks up his old label. "Hero" it says, its not shining anymore. He wore it proudly once, when he was loved. He discards it now, meaningless. He looks around more and see's "husband" on the ground, or whats left of it. She smashed it well. He sifts through the pieces, and finds the last label he held. "Father". He grips it in his hand until he bleeds. The emotions run through him like a bolt of lightning. He puts the label back on, a new determination in his heart. She may have smashed one, and rendered the other meaningless, but this is something she couldnt take away. And in the distance he hears the fight, the battle rageing. The warm feeling spreading back through his broken hear
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Back Home
Want to make a girl feel like shit?  All the guys I know have figured out how to do it, all they do is insist on telling me how hot my best friend is and how they would like to get w/ her.  Hi remember me I'm the fat ugly friend apparently.  talk about a good way to ruin a girls ego.  I mean come on is it really necessary for everyone to tell me how hot she is and i'm not?  Why do i want to know that everyone is attracted to her and not me Guess i'm just feelin sorry for myself cause yeah it gets really really old.   A month or more ago I recieved a call that my quiet town had a hostage situation.  Well it turned out it wasn't, but that a close friend of my brothers and my best friends older brother was in a stand off with police after shooting his wife and the man he caught her sleeping with.  Not a smart move when you know your husband is bipolar and you've convinced him to stop taking his medication.  Everyone survived but the blow to the town was devastating.  This sleepy little to
Back Again
Backdoor Romeo-t-ride 1991
This One is Deep-It actually is Brilliant Writing   Knock at the backdoorClick at the glassGirl inside has got a little surpriseShe gonna get his assAll over town, he's been leaving the girls undoneTelling them all that they're the only oneShe said Bang! Bang! if I catch youWith another womanCome on, Come on don't you buffalo meRomeo came knocking at the doorShe said: "I catch you sucking someone else's dirty lips you're dead for sure"I'll knock at your backdoor most every nightBut you ain't my only stopLong as we keep it out of sightToo bad if I get caughtIt's a better game if you play the sucker rightSo let me spell it outSo you can keep the rules tightI'm just a Romeo knockin' at the backdoorIn the middle of the nightSo, give it to meGive it to 'em, babeBang! Bang! if I ever touch another womanCome on, come on don't you buffalo meRomeo came knocking at the doorShe said: "I catch you sucking someone else's dirty lips
Back On Fubar
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Back Again!
So as some of you may already know, I'm back! My last profile has been active for over four years now. I have been back on the Fu for about a month now and I have already surpassed my level on my other profile.WOW, how things have changed.... Johnny Devil is still here, FUDADDY, CowgirlXtreme, but I see a lot of new faces. We didn't have Cherry Bombs, or Boomerangs, or anything like that the last time... Happy Hours were $100. We did have Bling, and the FU was always awesome!I am glad to have made some new friends.... I'm glad to e back.. Glad to be back.:)  Just wanted to kick it off with a Blog, it's about time. Oh yeah, and I know I'll have some haters, oh to the well.Later! 
Well, here it is, September 21st... 69 days post-op and I saw the surgeon today... had a complete physical including an MRI and (drum roll please) I have been released by the surgery clinic... Free at last, free at last, Thank God Almighty, I'm free at last... (thank you Dr. King for the perfect opening quote.) The surgeon told me they had never released a patient prior to 90 days post-op and those few were all much younger than me and had much less extensive surgery than I did.  In fact, I am their new "poster-boy" for what can be accomplished by laminectomy and disc replacement surgery combined with a regimented rehab and physical therapy schedule.  They asked that I release my medical records (anonymously, of course) to the University of Minnesota Medical School as a case study, which I did. It is now just a matter of sticking to the rehab and physical therapy schedule and "becoming" the new man they promised me and I, in turn, promised myself.  I am still about 120 days, I figure
Back To School!
   Okay, I went back to school on my birthday, August 29,2011 to get my Associate of Science degree in Accounting. I haven't been in school since 1983. I thought I was going to be all pumped up to go and be the best student in my class and so on and so forth. bleh! Same story after all these years, there are people way smarter, more motivated, and just plain better students than me. I do carry a 4.0 still after 2 terms, so not too bad for someone who'd rather relax .     I'm real happy to be going though especially since i'm going on the ins. company dime. I paid into it and was hurt on the job bad enough to have 2 surgeries to fix me maybe 50% better. So I have to retrain in order to be productive again. So here I go, to be a little better tomorrow than i was today.
Back Issues well i guess i will try pne of these things i went and seen the doctor about my back and i guess i really pulled a number on it this time i get a cat scan thur they might think i slipped a disk oh boy now what i have a 3 yr old and a 5 yr old to take care of just if you can keep your prayers out for me if you can that i get better i hope i do thanks for taken your time to read this                                                                                                                                            MMFWCL DJ~JUGAALO~4~LIFE
Back Again
I got booted off FU and had to create a new account. I would love to reconnect with some old friends. If anyone can help me find jesse aka stlyes 24 and matthew the founder of fear i would be so happy.  If anyone else recoginizes me send me a message back. I love and miss my FU friends!
Back In The Saddle Again
so it's been awhile since my encounter in 2009 and i've been fine, working every day. I even re-united with some old high school friends. Anyway,  i have a new crush, this girl is different because she isn't an online crush, she works in the market two stores down from where i work and i buy lunch there every day. The only exchange we've had is the usual 'have a nice day' and 'you too' kind of thing. I want to make a move but i don't know how because i'm focused at work and in 2009 i lost focus and almost got fired. What shouuld i do? (last week) so i told my friend Shane about the girl and he gave me some tips on how to find out wether or not she was single without asking her. After testing it out my co-workers were calling bull shit on what he said. They thought dispite the fact she had a ring, she was single.(cut to today) I came to work today and kept thinking about it, so at lunch i went to the market and asked her co-worker because she had the afternoon shift. Her co-worker said
Back Room Bounce
If you took a big mixing bowl and placed the following ingrediants: Perfection, Obsession, Complexity, Over Bearing, Always in Line and never whines. Take all these ingrediants and you get someone else lol. Im a simple person, who likes simple things.. Cold beer and a ball game, Family and friends. I do whine (100%male cant help it) I get pissed off and I do make mistakes...sometimes ;) But I Love a good joke or a dirty bad one. as long as its kinda sorta maybe funny a little bit. Goofing off and taking care of business. A living, breathing, walking, talking contradiction partly truth and maybe fiiction. (thx Johnny Cash) Anyway, thats me in a nut shell.. and I am a nut for sure.
Back Up
Back Arched
Bacon Vodka
I found this zany recipe online yesterday, I just had to share it!! It's the Drink of the Gods, or so the 'site I got it from says Bacon Vodka Makes up one pint Fry up three strips of bacon Add cooked bacon to a clean pint sized mason jar. Trim the ends of the bacon if they are too tall to fit in the jar. Or you could go hog wild and just pile in a bunch of fried up bacon scraps. Optional: add crushed black peppercorns. Fill the jar up with vodka. Cap and place in a dark cupboard for at least three weeks.(No need to refrigerate) At the end of the three week resting period, place the bacon vodka in the freezer to solidify the fats. Strain out the fats through a coffee filter to yield a clear filtered pale yellow bacon vodka. Decant into decorative bottles and enjoy. THis seems like a waste of bacon and perfectly good Vodka
Why does everyone want my Bacon it belongs to who ?
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Bacterial Vaginosis Help
HTML clipboard If you have a fishy vaginal odor which is accompanied by a gray or white watery discharge and severe irritation around the delicate tissues of the vaginal area, it is likely that you are suffering from bacterial vaginosis. This is an extremely common condition which can effect 1 in 3 women over the course of their lives, although some experts reckon that almost every woman will have had a least one mild attack. Fortunately, natural treatment for bacterial vaginosis can be highly effective and, due to the very nature of the condition, can work much more effectively than expensive antibiotics and over the counter remedies. Bacterial vaginosis is caused by an imbalance of the naturally occurring bacteria within the vagina. Under normal circumstances, the beneficial bacteria within the vagina keeps the harmful bacteria under control by ensuring that the pH balance is maintained at a slightly acidic level. When something happens to cause an imbalance, the harmful bacteria
Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment
Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment If you have a fishy vaginal odor which is accompanied by a gray or white watery discharge and severe irritation around the delicate tissues of the vaginal area, it is likely that you are suffering from bacterial vaginosis. This is an extremely common condition which can effect 1 in 3 women over the course of their lives, although some experts reckon that almost every woman will have had a least one mild attack.Fortunately, natural treatment for bacterial vaginosis can be highly effective and, due to the very nature of the condition, can work much more effectively than expensive antibiotics and over the counter remedies.Bacterial vaginosis is caused by an imbalance of the naturally occurring bacteria within the vagina. Under normal circumstances, the beneficial bacteria within the vagina keeps the harmful bacteria under control by ensuring that the pH balance is maintained at a slightly acidic level. When something happens to cause an imbalance, the harm
well that dance is coming up and i don't know what to wear there but yeah most likey a sluty outfit though and yeah i'm totally stoked about it
He knows if youve been bad or be bad for badness sake.

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