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Sometimes It Feels I'm never Gonna Level and it pisses me off but then i stop and realize none of this shit really MATTERS so i shouldn't get so STRESSED.

i look around at today's society and the culture we live in and i think america is doomed. ESPECIALLY if another democrat gets in, america will COLLAPSE in on itself. The problem with liberals is they have this INSANE ideal that socialism WORKS and that the world is one big happy neighborhood, in REALITY the world is run by psychopaths and MADMEN. Socialism is the gateway drug for communism and we all know how well THAT works. The SOLUTION to problems is SMALLER government, not larger, the bigger the government the larger the chance for CORRUPTION and that shit is RAMPANT in our system today. Politicians are so out of touch with reality it's shocking. the government holds the tab for EVERYTHING they do, gas, groceries, rent EVERYTHING is paid for. they have NO CLUE what the struggle is.


I say someone who ISN'T a politician should get in, i actually WOULD vote for trump if it came to it. at least he DOES shit.

whatup people, got new videos up, although i doubt i'll get any viewers of them or readers of this hahaha. some of the videos are weird or long, but they're all really cool so check em out when you can!

Things are crazy in the world today. first you have that kid who killed twenty-some kids in their own school, then you have the marathon bombers. And let's not forget the psycho doctor who killed live babies and called it "Abortion" in my opinion, abortion at ANY stage is murder. The world is going to hell in a handbasket and there's nothing we regular people can do about it. voting doesn't matter. the government is run by absolute morons ESPECIALLY obama. he has had four years to get the country out of debt and even come up with a budget, but he hasn't done either. it's ridiculous. All that bastard does is sit around, golf, and pay people to tell him what he wants to hear. The whole fiasco in libya with the killed ambassadors should've been looked at immediately and been taken care of. that, my friends, was an act of war. But the regular media swiped it under the table to make sure obama still looked good in the ratings. Now all the liberals are trying to ban guns with their stupid "if we take away guns, gun crime will go down" logic. that's the opposite of what would happen. gun crime would sky-rocket, you know why? because criminals don't legally obtain guns, duh. Look at the swiss, they have an extremely low crime rate because every male at 18 must go into the armed forces for a certain amount of years, then they get to keep their guns. crime is low there because everyone has a gun so there's not much incentive to be a thief or a murderer.

That's It for Now. Let me know what you guys have to say about this

The government has gotten out of control. The country is heading down the road to socialism and fascism. "Oh No!! Fascism is bad!! Bush was a fascist!!" Wrong! Here's the deal: most people don't even know what fascism is. They just call bush one because everyone else does. They think that fascism is just about waging war and stuff like that. That, my friends, is a load of bunk. Fascism is when the Government Indirectly controls businesses. Does that sound familiar? Hmm, i don't know, i wonder, oh wait a second! that shit is happening now!! This president promised drastic change. Well i'm pretty sure that an historically massive debt, an intense weakening of our defenses and a government that thinks it can do whatever it wants is drastic change. They promised that the so-called stimulus package would keep the unemployment rate below 8%, well it's already over 9% the stimulus has, in fact, made it worse. Places are going out of business like mad. They treat terrorists like US citizens, and now they're reading Prisoners of War Miranda rights!!! Agh!! That's for americans!! Obama wants to close Gitmo, but has no clue what to do with the people kept there. Most countries don't want them, and if they are freed they'll just go back to terrorism with a new fervor because they know that America has become weak. Apparently, our president thinks that the constitution is negative. He doesn't care about what he can't do, he's only concerned with what he can do. He ignores it basically. i mean i don't even know anymore. This is just the beginning. Pretty soon our liberties will be more blatantly taken away. So call me a crazy libertarian, or whatever. All i know is that socialism doesn't work and i hope more people start to realize it.

On Sunday night i had a horrible acid flashback and tripped out bad, really bad. (I didn't do more acid, i just tripped out unprovoked) Things started off ok, colors became more vivid, i started seeing things a little. Then it got progressively worse. Those vivid colors started flashing wildly. The first major thing besides the colors was that my left wall started to breathe in and out. The posters on my right wall started to "dance" to the music i was listening to. They then started to rearrange themselves. The crooked ones straightened, the straight ones became crooked. That wall also started to breathe in and out. I noticed someone was watching me from inside my closet. I could see him move, but i couldn't see his face. The walls kept breathing harder, more angrily. The posters started to meld together and the walls started to melt. Keep in mind that i was listening to music the whole time. More people appeared. One was crouching down on the right side of my bed, but when i looked he was gone. He sometimes appeared right above my head. He was always just out of reach. Light started flooding through the room, yet it stayed dark. The Light was in the center of my room swirling like a galaxy. They swirled fast and faster and became brighter and brighter and then just stopped. Everything went black for a moment and then the light of the room returned to normal. Nothing else happened for a bit, then i saw that more people were within my peripheral vision. Some appeared in my direct line of vision, some to my left or to my right. I tried to fix my attention on something solid, which happened to be my lampshade, but that too started to change. It looks nothing like a flower normally, but as i watched it, it started to grow. The lampshade blossomed out and spread into many beautiful flowers. it was like a hundred roses made love to cherry blossoms. That moment of beauty was lost very quickly because i became aware of the people who were around me. Two were on my left, talking to each other. When i tried to look at them they vanished. The sheet on my bed began to move, a lot like how a snake moves. Without knowing how, this sheet was wrapping itself around me. I got free and things calmed down a little. Before long, though, things went nuts again. I saw more and more people, and my music started to just turn into noise. So much was going on i couldn't stand it. People to my left and right were talking so loudly but i couldn't understand what they were saying, and when i looked they were gone. Everything was spinning, the walls were screaming and black hands were reaching out of the tv. My laptop keys started moving up and down like they were the ocean. They turned green, they turned red and back to white again. Eventually i passed out. I literally thought i was losing my mind. But my beautiful, loving, caring girlfriend kept talking to me, kept trying to reason with me. She was telling me everything was going to be ok. Even though she wasn't phsysically with me, she was there. I don't know what i would have done without her. I love her so much.

I am absolutely disgusted and and appalled by the new administration. I'm actually pretty impressed with how unbelievably irresponsible they are. You do not apologize to the world for something a bunch of terrorists did and then blamed on the americans without doing any sort of research. Another thing that i find pretty incredible is how they just pass legislature that makes absolutely no sense just because the "right-wing nuts" don't like it. I'm sick of the malice. This is a country that has always encouraged different opinions. For example, I have friends who are liberal and friends who are entirely conservative, I don't fully agree with either, but i respect their views, and listen to them. They respect my views as well. We agree to disagree. It's much easier than arguing and blame-shifting. That sort of thing is what children do, but i know some kids who have more common sense than the president. I don't think he knows much about history at all. He thinks that Winston Churchill was against "inhanced interrogation" that's not true at all. Churchill was brutal. He did whatever it took to take out Hitler. He did some pretty questionable things. He probably heard it from Biden, because Biden obviously knows history. I mean, come on, he knows that FDR got on TV when the stock market crashed to tell the people that it would be ok. It's a shame that Herbert Hoover was actually the president and that Radio was pretty new, and not many people had one. TV wasn't even invented yet. But whatever the ignorant people can believe an ignorant president all they want. Oh, and by the way, all of you who read this (which probably isn't very many,) I am NOT a "right wing nut" I am a Libertarian. I have some conservative views, but don't think i'm some irrate republican. Republicans piss me off too.
I know it's all big news about that whole new york flyby thing, but it's absolutely unacceptable that Obama is catching very little flack for this. Causing absolute panic and people running in the streets is just ridiculous. Saying it was a "photo opp" is even worse. It's illegal to fly planes that low, you know. I don't know what the hell happened, maybe biden got drunk and hijacked the plane, maybe bill clinton did it, either way it's stupid. You all know if this happened while bush or another republican was president everyone would totally lose their minds. they'd get all crazy and bush wouldn't be able to say anything in retaliation. But with this bastard in office, people just wrote it off as a "blunder." You can't do that and then say, "whoops my bad" Or lie straight up to the mayor claiming that the authorities were contacted when they weren't, because, surprise, surpise, the mayor is the ultimate authority in new york city. No one new. I don't think that it's fair. I think he should get the same amount of scrutiny that bush did. His version of "Diplomacy" has strained relationships with allies and gone buddy-buddy with enemies. He's destroying the country, and people don't even realize it. It just pisses me off. He's not invincible, or above the law, he can't do whatever he wants and he's got to realize that.
Nowadays, it seems that every time i turn on the TV Obama is doing something stupid, or his administration is doing something stupid. For example, this whole "prosecute bush officials" thing. That is just a bunch of bunk. What these bastards fail to realize is that the techniques we used actually saved this country, several times. Another thing they refuse to accept is that these people are NOT US CITIZENS. They have NO constitutional rights. They are enemies who are trying to kill us, trying to wipe us off the face of the earth. You think waterboarding is torture? hah! Have you seen what people like these terrorists do to their prisoners? That's if they let them live. Or what about the vietnamese? what they did to our guys was torture, but no one seems to think of that. Or the Japanese in WWII. They were sick. Vivisection is torture. (a vivisection is performing an autopsy on a living person, usually without any anesthetic) Starvation is torture. Chaining someone to the back of a truck and dragging them is torture. Most of the time these terrorists don't even let prisoners live. They just kill them. Behead them, eviscerate them, shoot them or worse. How do you expect to get information from these people? Give them a cup of coffee and some donuts and say "now, tell me all of your secrets"?! I don't think so. They HATE americans, they wouldn't tell us anything, or if they did, it would be false information. You have to force information from people. Being nice and sweet will not do it. You have to threaten, intimidate, scare. You have to make sure the info they give is correct. This entire travesty, in my opinion, is a big distraction. Obama has sent the economy to hell in a handbasket, and has made a fool of us across the world. This, i believe, is happening so he can distract the stupid masses from the actually problems and issues his administration is dodging. Something like this has happened before, you know. It happened in Rome. The Caesar knew his people were starving and poor, so he distracted them with the gladiatorial games. And the Burning of Christians, lions eating children dressed as lambs, and other attrocities. So don't get all bent out of shape over a pretty lame technique
Everyone is up in arms about those Tea Parties. Everyone says that the people who went to them were whiny, snivelling racists who were all anti-obama, anti-america, and anti-cnn. That's a bunch of bunk. Every american has the right to peaceably assemble. And that's what they did. No one got belligerent, no one threw stuff. Nothing bad happened, no riots. The people came out to support something they believe in, and to protest something they don't. So, if what these assholes are saying is true, then only they have the right to assemble and protest. Then they can get all crazy and burn stuff and protest the war at a hero's funeral. A funeral!! There's the right to assembly, then there is just putrescence. And going to a soldier's funeral, someone who fought and DIED to protect these rights, to protest the very thing they are able to do. Is that right? Cannot a group of people get together and protest higher taxes? Can't we stand up and say no to socialism? And to idiocy in the white house. I refuse to let Good ol' King george obama do whatever he wants. I wish he would crack open a history book. He's doing the VERY thing we revolted for. Communism doesn't work. Socialism doesn't work. "Diplomacy" with insane tyrants who want to annihilate us doesn't work either. You think those monsters will keep their word?! Hell no! Saddam Hussein made promises, He violated 17 UN resolutions; which also proves, by the way, that the UN doesn't work. So next time these idiots complain about a legitimate organized event, they should shut up. Because if their best answer to questions on their retarded policies is "Well, We won the election" then we are going down the drain. I didn't know that an 8 year old had become president. I thought a Man was supposed to be the president. But i see no man in the white house, only a little child clapping his hands and laughing because he won a game of cards by cheating. Get with the picture. Wake up, let us all be. Let us earn our money and help the economy. Don't take our money and use it to throw parties.
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