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Reasons I'm More Gangsta Than You
-- EDIT: This is how Me and Persia Roll -- 1. I've chased a celebrity's limo from L.I. to Manhattan at 1:00 am. 2. I've pumped gas in Harlem at 3:00 am in a mini skirt. 3. I've driven back and forth across the Queensboro bridge until dawn. (..........and all of the above were in the same night!) 4. I've stayed in a hotel room at a truckstop in Carney's Point NJ with a party going on next door and one of the partiers was "Not legal and fresh out of County". 5. I was stuck in said hotel room with Persia when she ran out of cigarettes at 3:00 am. 6. I've driven to Asbury Park NJ in a Tornado 7. I pulled over outside a correctional facility in Delaware to look at a map for directions. 8. I've gotten off the wrong exit and driven through a very sketchy part of Philadelphia with the windows down. 9. I know my way around "the Murder Capital of New England" better than I know my way around my own town. 10. I got Grill, yo!
I'll Stop
When the mountains crumble and no longer stand tall, I'll stop loving her..... When the oceans are gone and the water is dry. When the world can no longer hear my cry. I'll stop loving her...... When the earth stops spinning around the sun, only then will my heart be done. And I'll Stop Loving Her........... Silverthorn 9/26/07
Phantom Skins 9-26-07
Here's some background thumbnails of the newest skins I've made. Feel free to rip any that say "show me da luv" It would be nice if you would rate some of my pics or stash while your on my site, but you don't have to. Hope you enjoy them, and find something that you can use on your site. Any questions on how to make it active on your site, just ask. Please don't rip the ones that say don't rip. They are custom skins that are tagged for my special friends. You'll probably see something here that your friends would like, so please click the share link. I'll help them get set up right. THANKS click pic to see it full size
The Shoutbox
people are forever like keep the shit in the mumms boo whoo you know why because they can't battle alone in the shoutbox just like they can't in real life
A Random 'spam'
this made me shudder..... sanchristo...: hi, i am 30 m from germany. i get turned on, when i am wearing button down shirts, rubber pants or my selfmade plastic wear. i wanna show my fetishism to other people
also see: November 3, 2005 Fuck the South. Fuck 'em. We should have let them go when they wanted to leave. But no, we had to kill half a million people so they'd stay part of our special Union. Fighting for the right to keep slaves - yeah, those are states we want to keep. And now what do we get? We're the fucking Arrogant Northeast Liberal Elite? How about this for arrogant: the South is the Real America? The Authentic America. Really? Cause we fucking founded this country, assholes. Those Founding Fathers you keep going on and on about? All that bullshit about what you think they meant by the Second Amendment giving you the right to keep your assault weapons in the glove compartment because you didn't bother to read the first half of the fucking sentence? Who do you think those wig-wearing lacy-shirt sporting revolutionaries were? They were fucking blue-staters, dickhead. Boston? Philadelphia? New York? Hello? Think there might be a reason all the fu
Jedi Anal Pt @2
need1more: lmao you are a fucking tard ->Psychowolf...: That is a paradox, paradoxes do not exist. Only the force exists. ANd it is strong within your bowels need1more: oh but you are a bitch boy. ->Psychowolf...: Jedi are not bitch boys. Padawans are bitch boys. Hence their forced salad tossing of the council need1more: no salad tosser here bitch boy ->Psychowolf...: Is that an affirmative, young one, that you will toss the masters salad need1more: all thats right your a queer. queers dont have kids. ->Psychowolf...: Jedi have no children, only buttsechs, and with buttsechs comes padawans. And with padawans comes my lightsaber in you. need1more: maybe for your lady and your momma and your kids ->Psychowolf...: Trade me your mother, young padawan need1more: welcome back ->Psychowolf...: Though shalt not insult a Jedi. For the force feeds also off of necrophilia. need1more: aww did you get tired bitch boy. you know little kids are not supposed to be on t
Where Is Everyone?
Can you just say hi if you don't want to rate or leave me a comment? I just want to make sure you know I am here..:( Pweeze?...LOL Hugs and kisses
I Am Done
I am sick and tired of people thinking that all I am here to do is buy blast, buy VIPS, or bomb. I am a person with feelings and I think it is only nice if I try to talk to you that you can at least talk back... tell me to kiss your ass or fuck off. At least give me the courtesy I have given you. NO MORE BLAST!!!! NO MORE VIPS!!!!! NO MORE BOMBING!!!! YOU WANT SOMETHING FROM THIS FATBOY YOU BETTER GIVE IT TO ME FIRST... THEN AND ONLY THEN I MIGHT GIVE YOU SOMETHING BACK. I am sorry I am a great guy and I have people that like me for me.. If you can't handle that I am sorry. I am sick of the ME ME ME ME world. I have alot to give if you want to be friends jump on board. If not then please leave me alone.
I Have Lost You
Travis TrittIf I Lost YouMusic Video Codes By Music I don't understand, The pain of loss is to much. Is that why I can't say sorry, The pain of loss is to much. I still love her, The pain of loss is to much. She gives me pain, The pain of loss is to much. I sense in coming, The pain of loss is to much. The pain to me, From her, The pain of loss is just to much. i gave you my heart i gave you my soul you said i was your world and you were mine i know i am not perfect i have my wrongs i know you have things going in your life but even that does not justify trowing our love away when you love like we did we are suposed to suport i was there when you needed it never leting go now i dont understand your silence is riping me apart. the silence the secret it is all to much the pain is more then any one can endure where is the love all i feel is pain i give you my heart i get pain in return you know how to reach me and you r
I Am Deciding
Ok..I am still thinking about what the heck I am supposed to do about this damn contest considering Fubar was F**ked up. I have to decide how much of that mistake on their part is gonna be a bite in the butt for please have patience. I am thinking that as of right now the standings remain, and I don't think I shold be penalized for something I have no control over. :( Of course there will be those that don't agree..but give me few and I will decide ok?
Private Pics Warning....
This was in a bulletin and it is true...For some reason we can't repost the bulletins or post new ones. PLEASE if you have PRIVATE FOLDERS with nudes or kids pictures DELETE them NOW fubar FUCKED UP anyone can see ALL your photo's DON'T BELIEVE me ask me to view a private folder and SEE for yourself REPOST PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go to your folders turn off the NSFW and then click ok. ignore the error message. then go back and turn it back on and then set it to friends or family only and click ok and its back to how it was LOCKED!!!!!
Sox Rant
One of the most perplexing things about the universe in which we live is the vanishing of odd socks. This is not a new thing for me to rant about, I have struggled with this for years and I certainly am not on my own. Everyone I have talked about this to has been confounded by the constant stream of individual socks vanishing from the laundry basket. However, when I used my day off from work in a constructive way by tidying my room and doing all my laundry, I was yet again shocked when it came to pairing up socks; I had a big pile of odd socks that didn't match up and only a handful of matching pairs. I live by myself and I know my socks. I have my seasonal socks....Christmas socks, Halloween socks. I have socks for every occasion. And I have socks to match my slacks. And white socks with pink toes for house walking and sliding through the hallway. I don't share the washing machine loads and there is only enough room for one persons washing at a time. I have noticed that socks can
Goodbye Baby
All the pain The pain in my life you can't see it but i can Its horrible and discusing I wish the pain wasn't in my life But it is and its killing me The pain is causing me to lose my friends, family and people who i care about The pain is always there, in the car and at school and at home pain follows me everywere I can also see if another persons in pain or upset Pain is everywere in this world its even following you and me right now But the best thing to do is fight the pain I am and its helping a little bit the pain that you feel, but cant touch. a pain you know of, but cant explain a pain so feirce you go insane the unknown pain that clutches your heart and burns in your soul the pain in your life to strong to carry on the unknown pain that clouds your mind and devours your every thought the pain of broken promises broken dreams the pain thats unheard of the pain that's not seen I gave you my all but wasnt good enough I'm not perfect b
What Kind Of Girl Are You
You scored as Hippy, Hippy94% Slut75% Nerdy Girl56% Goth50% Popular Bitch44% Athletic Tomboy25% Loser19% Preppy Girl0% What type of girl are you?!!created with
Missing My Daughter
I am just sitting here thinking of my daughter. She was such a beautiful girl and I miss her so very very much. She was killed by a drunk driver 16 years ago and I still have a hard time. I was a young and foolish kid when she was born and I was a terrible father. I wish I could have spent more time with her. Rebecca had the most beautiful brown eyes you have ever seen, her smile would light up the room and make you just beam with pride. I miss you baby and I hope you know that. If I could I would have been a better father, I was just so foolish. Please forgive me. Please know that I miss you and I think about you every day and I am sorry. With all my heart and love I miss you becs. Your loving father, Shane
Why Women Love Men
1. Men are like ..Laxatives ..... They irritate the crap out of you. 2. Men are like.Bananas The older they get, the less firm they are. 3. Men are like Weather - Nothing can be done to change them. 4. Men are like ....Blenders - You need one, but you're not quite sure why. 5. Men are like ....Chocolate Bars - Sweet, smooth, & they usually head right for your hips. 6. Men are like ... Commercials ....... You can't believe a word they say. 7. Men are like Department Stores - Their clothes are always 1/2 off! 8. Men are like ......Government Bonds - .... They take soooooooo long to mature. 9. Men are like .....Mascara - They usually run at the first sign of emotion. 10. Men are like Popcorn .. They satisfy you, but only for a little while. 11. Men are like Snowstorms - You never know when they're coming, how many inches you'll get or how long it will last. 12. Men are like Lava Lamps - Fun to look at, but not very bright. 13. Men are like Parking Spots - All the good ones are
Confused. Conflicted. Unsure. Doubting. Hurting. Scared. Pained. Sometimes, when you think something is what it isn't really that at all. When you think you have something, only to find out that you have been fooling yourself into thinking it was something it isn't...when you realize that what you have is something than what you thought it was...when you see that you have been deluding yourself..when you realize what an idiot you've been...then what? Insecurities. Worries. Doubts. Fears. Emotions building, doubt escalating. Unsure, unfelt, unknown. Deep dark secrets abounding, wicked thoughts rising. Situations going from bad to worse. Insecurities fueling themselves for no cause, evil intent building inside. Doubting yourself, doubting others, doubting beliefs, doubting hope. Fear controlling, thoughts of what ifs going bad. Consuming my soul, overpowering logic. Fear of loss, fear of pain, fear of hurting someone else. Fear of saying the wrong thing, taki
Window To My Soul...
as dark as the deepest abyss... as black as an obsidian ... as cold as the siberian winter... as motionless as the dead sea... if the eyes are windows to my soul... tell me...what do you see???
Thanks You Guys Have Made Me Feel Really Good Today.
I wanna thank you all so much. I am 14,800 points away from Fuberlord. Thanks for all the new friends for fanning me and adding me. If you guys wanna rate my pics. I ask you to rate my boys. They are my world. I thank you all and wish you a great afternoon. I am cleaning up the kitchen. When I am done I have to clean up my room and take a shower. I will return the love I receive. Thank you all one again. Love you all!!!
Anger Management
You know when you occasionally have a really bad day, and you just need to take it out on someone, don't take it out on someone you know, take it out on someone you don't know. I was sitting at my desk when I remembered a phone call I'd forgotten to make. I found the number and dialed it. A man answered, saying "Hello." I politely said, "This is Chris. Could I please speak with Robyn Carter?" Suddenly a manic voice yelled out in my ear, "Get the right f *** ing number!" and the phone was slammed down on me. I couldn't believe that anyone could be so rude. When I tracked down Robyn's correct number to call her, I found that I had accidentally transposed the last two digits. After hanging up with her, I decided to call the 'wrong' number again. When the same guy answered the phone, I yelled, "You're an asshole!" and hung up. I wrote his number down with the word 'asshole' next to it, and put it in my desk drawer. Every couple of weeks, when I was paying bills or had a really bad d
Sandygirls Hideaway
I just don't get it? I get wonderful comments from my friends, some saying they love me, miss me, hugs and kisses, etc and then I get some that get all pissed off because I get those kind. I love all my friends and appreciate it when they tell me the same. If you want to come to my page and show me love, make comments or whatever please do, but if you're just going to come on here and get upset because you see such comments then please don't come to it. I am not out to hurt anyone, piss them off or whatever, just to talk with those of you that are such wonderful people. Lately I have been getting a lot of drama and I just don't need it. I have enough problems and don't need the aggrivation of some that seem to get off on trying to get me upset. You either like me, love me or hate me, if it's the last one, stay away!
Bedding With My Enemy
Take note, and listen well, Ole dear friend of mine. For I shall not waste one more breath on this. Take Heart what I shall say for I have no time to waste. For my sword has been sharpen, and my will is strong. If you have the thought, and desire to stand by my side. As friend, and family, thru out your life. Then by all means. Do not stand before me against mine Enemy. Know dear friend, and do not doubt my word. I shall thrust forward my sword, hard and fast. Piercing your heart as well as my enemy's. The enemy you have chosen to be with. For My thought is as follows. To bed with my enemy is a dishonor to me. To bed with my enemy is to ignore how I feel. To bed with my enemy is to destroy whatever we had. And, if you decide to ignore my wise warning. To find yourself confronted with me before you. As you look upon my sword as it slide into your heart. Know it was by your choice to ignore who I am. And, as my sword enters you deep. Do not act of inno
Mia For Awhile
Nsfw Pics
i got rid of my nsfw pics so dont ask to see them thanx!
Update On Me..!!!!!!
Hi everyone just wanted to give ya'll a quick update on me.... lol... Again didnt want any of you to feel I was ignoring you ..... I been out of the hospital for 6 days.. after the loooooooong 12 days I was just in for.. ugh!!! Things seem to have gotten worse with me. been going ot the hospital like every other day now.. Just waiting to get the o.k. to ship me down to Boston... I believe I will be at TUFTS Medical center in Boston where they will be doing a blodd transfusion... I could be up In Boston Docs said possible up tp 2-3 weeks.... :UGH!!!!! Not looking forward to that.... Still in lots of chronic body pain and stomach pain losing more wait... couldnt even hold a hot chocolate down... lol... Go figure... But just wanted to keep everyone updayed.. my fatigue level is at its all time worse.... I have no energy at all with this worst flare up I am having .... But I pray it will get better.... Please keep me in thought and mind... :) luv you all!!!! :-D :-)
My Broken Heart
i fell in love with this guy and he said he loved me too. everything was fine 4 the longest time untill he said he needed space, i thought we would get back together. But boy oh boy was i extreemly wrong. I guess i wasnt good enough or pretty enough. but i still love him and i always will but now he talks to me in anger sometimes and it hurts like hell. he knows that i love him but its like he dosent care any more. i waited 4 him to leave his gf i wasnt gonna force him to leave her i was cool with being friends but when i found out that he was single i got up the curage and asked him out. then after he asked for space he would still tell me that he loved me and like and idiot i still believed it. hell i still think that. everyone tells me i got played bad. but now i think that im just not wat he needed. and my heart might heal in time. but ill never 4get the love that i had 4 him. he was really sweet and caring at first then he got moody, i know im not perfect and that i do piss off al
What I Hear All Day Long!
Have any of you sit and talked with my sister TWISTED PIXIE...blah,blah,blah ALL day and night...if you have is this what you hear too??
I'm so bored. Whatcha'll doin? What do you wish you were doin? Plus, um, hi. :D
Sweet October
im sitting here writting this blog because the ratings are off, its raining and im feeling like jotting down some thoughts, i hope you all dont mind?... So, Im going to be out of town this weekend, so give my page some love when im gone, aight?...4real talk Ok, i just got this brilliant idea!!!... Fubar (fu^kin) banned me from doing mums so lets make this my Latest mumm, please comment with ur response? **************************MUMM******************* Ive been thinking about getting a tattoo of a lotus somewhere on my lower body. Should i get it on my Thigh, Or on my Ankle? kind of leaning towards the thigh, and sometimes the ankle seems overated and trashy... what do yall think? Thigh?? Ankle??
Meet Camwhore Monica
LOL Camwhores that come here to spam are fun to mess with. Meet Monica Name: monica (Online) Level: Chill Fu (4) Gender: Female UNITED STATES Buzz: 30% monica: hi ->PieDaDDY: hi monica: hi hun ->PieDaDDY: hello monica: what you doin?? ->PieDaDDY: not much. what you doin? monica: just chillin monica: bored? ->PieDaDDY: me yeah pretty much monica: wanna see me naked?? ->PieDaDDY: how much is it? monica: $4.99 monica: like? monica: its a 24 hrs access monica: we have promo now.. ->PieDaDDY: yeah? well whats the promo code? I might go check it out monica: register then get the 10 digits for lifetime access ->PieDaDDY: I spent about 1000.00 last week and Im pretty much spent on $ and cum till my next paycheck ->PieDaDDY: I always like paying to see nekkid girls sure and If I can save some money its even better monica: like?? ->PieDaDDY: do you do role playing? monica: yes i do monica: i will do what you want me to do monica: http:...
A Weapon Of Mass Destruction....or Terrorism By Easter Bunny
Everyone has friends. At least we hope so. People we can tell anything to. People who will understand us, even when we have made complete jackasses of ourselves. My best friend is Sean. We have been friends for almost 22 years. It's frightening to know that he knows more about me than I know about myself. Being Italian, it's a big joke in our family about the Mob. We aren't "those kind" of Italians. We just laugh about them. People say "good friends will help you move the body" Sean would say, "But, Marina knows who did it." He's Irish, what does he know? Nothing except Guinness. Anyway, Sean came over to annoy me last night. This is the true definition of a friend. He drove 2 hours to sit and watch me fall asleep on the couch. I'm sure there are pics somewhere of me drooling onto the pillow. But I won't see them, until he posts them somewhere. At precisely 8:48pm last night, an explosion echoed through Rockford, IL. The reverberations sent tremors all the wa
I Am Such A Sucker!
Why do I tend to believe people? I have got to stop being so trusting! People can tell me anything, apparently and I am stupid enough to believe them. People suck. ****End Rant****
If A Man Wants You...
IF A MAN WANTS YOU If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay. Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. Allow your intuition (or spirit) to save you from heartache. Stop trying to change yourselves for a relationship that's not meant to be. Slower is better. Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy. If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve then heck no, you can't "be friends." A friend wouldn't mistreat a friend. Don't settle. If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he probably is. Don't stay because you think "it will get better." You'll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better.
hey i am sorry to all who didnt know but yes twizt3d_dead_redneck_lette and i have pretty much been togather for 5 years and now things have been working in our favor we are engaged but have not set a date yet maybe next month when she is here visiting who knows but i do know i love this amazing woman with my whole being and cant wait to be her husband so if ur upset i am sorry but i will not give up on her five years is a long time and our daughter deserves to have me as well so if u want to delete me or what ever but here is the truth
Hunting Journal #1
Well What I plan on doing here is start a journal of my times out in the field for deer hunting. I know most of you will pass this by which is cool I just wanted to jot down some mental notes of this years season. So ok...I am out with my buddy goose hunting and across the field we see a deer pop out of the woods. I grab my binoculars and holy crap its an 8-10pt buck still in full velvet. Now we havent deer hunted this area in over 5 yrs so to see something that big come out we were pretty excited. Since Oct 1st started Bow hunting we figure we are going to wait until Blackpowder to set up on him. So far this season I have setup 2 additional stands, scouted my main area, and also help my buddy setup a stand in a public area we hunt. The signs are all around and I will be going out the first time this weekend (10/6). I am going to sit on the edge of a cornfield. The farmer we have permission from has just cut down his corn in the last week and a half so its looking good for a nice e
Should i cut it off or not? Let me know.
Someone Rated My Photo A "1"-so I Asked Them Why
and they said this: your ugly the picture is poor quilty my choice get over it AND I ASK THIS-WTF IS A 'QUILTY'--IS IT A QUILT THAT'S NOT INNOCENT? scuse me--i'm gonna rate this person all 10's!
The Graveyard Was Creepy
Standing outside the graveyard wall I dared not to go in and walk around, but I did anyway. Taking a step forward, I pushed the gates open. As the gates flew open they made a loud screeching noise that made my heartbeat faster and sent shivers up my spine. As I entered the graveyard, the air smelled musty. Fog was sliding across the moss covered ground and over the cracked tombstones. I felt a cold breeze of wind swipe across my bare neck. I tried pushing the fog to the side, but is swirled around my hand. Sliding my hand thru the fog, I smacked my hand across a tombstone. The tombstone was as cold as the wind blowing against my neck. As i continue walking deeper into the graveyard, I felt as if someone was behind me, I turned around slowly feeling someones cold hand press against my skin but there was no one there as i look towards the gate that I had walked through, it was shut and locked behind me. Pondering in my head I wondered how the gate had been shut behind me and locked witho
Wtf...not Another Drama Queen !!!!
i dont know who this chic thinks she is but i know she is really pissing alot of families off including mine...she has a habbit of jumping from family to family and than had the nerve to sit there and talk shit about us...whe is telling everyone to block us cause we r catching on to her game and telling her to leave our families but she is saying we start drama...this is one chic
Ok, so I was sad today because my VIP expired and I had put up statuses about becoming pink again. Then Rippedflesh comes on my page & it tells me he just bought me a VIP!! :O:O Here he is: go show him some love :D. Thanks. Rippedflesh@ fubar
A Little Dilema In The World Of Me.
So I dated this woman about 8 months ago. (Shortly before the horrible ex-roomate/girlfriend thang). She was intelligent, attractive, had quite a few interests in common with me. I loved spending time with her. The problem was two fold. 1. She and I had a hard time scheduling time with each other due to my job and her job. Add into that she was not allowed to come over to my place because my roomate was her boss (and I later found out that the roomate had a thing for me and was jealous). 2. Until she had dated me she had not dated anyone else for seven years. He reasons for this were because she did not want her son to be come attached to a man who may or may not be around for a long time. So she stayed single. This was a hell of a lot of pressure for me. I was afraid that I would hurt her and possible her son if I did not or was not able to stick around. So I broke things off with her and we have become pretty good friends. Still have trouble getting together but we talk
John Cleese's Letter To America.
Sorry to my American friends, but this is just too fucking funny... To the citizens of the United States of America, in the light of your failure to elect a competent President of the USA and thus to govern yourselves, we hereby give notice of the revocation of your independence, effective today. Her Sovereign Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will resume monarchical duties over all states, commonwealths and other territories. Except Utah, which she does not fancy. Your new prime minister (The Right Honourable Tony Blair, MP for the 97.85% of you who have until now been unaware that there is a world outside your borders) will appoint a minister for America without the need for further elections. Congress and the Senate will be disbanded. A questionnaire will be circulated next year to determine whether any of you noticed. To aid in the transition to a British Crown Dependency, the following rules are introduced with immediate effect: 1. You should look up revocation in the Oxford Eng
just a note to all my friends on here im letting u know i will be deleting my file. it was nice meeting and chatting with all you but right i have alot of issues going on and its hard for me to be here. i will keep in touch with a few of you. it will take awhile to delete so dont worry i will be here for a couple days yet
when my VIP is up i will not renew it until i have settled in my new place, i am moving November 1st so i will not be on for a while. if anyone needs to get in touch with me probably my 3 closest people are the best way to to (P3nis Flytrap - KK, Throatfawk, Gir- Spike) they know how to get ahold of me... i will miss you all when i go and cant wait to talk to you all again when i return! so if you need anything or need to tell me anything you have 3 weeks to do so before i disappear for a little. Mwahs to all x-x-x Riot Girl
Tonight I Wanna Cry
Why is it that when you are at your lowest and have been through sooo much and feel like you can't take anymore....the hits keep coming. i feel like none of the things that happened actually happened. It doesn't seem real. It can't be real. If it is real....everything i have felt and known for the last 2 years is a lie. If that is the case, I have to doubt myself and my judgement and my life. I don't want to get out of bed. I just want to sit here and cry and slee and hope that I wake up tomorrow and that it was all just a dream....but I am not stupid...nor am I Naive. I know that I will wake up tomorrow and try to convince myself that everything will be ok only to start crying. It's over. After about 2 1/2 years...its over. Once again I have been dumped. This time was worse than anything else I have experienced. I was and still am convinced that he is my soulmate and that he is the one for me. I have never felt this way about someone before and I love him more than anyone c
So Close!!
in my giveaway im behind and i could use all the help i can get so please take some time and leave a few comments for me i really want to win my 1st giveaway!!
I Feel
Your love is a lantern That lights my way, Uplifting my spirits, When skies are gray. Your love is a wave That lifts me higher, Into a sea Of tender desire. Your love is a flame, That can never die, For always and ever, It will be just you and I. Your love is a rose, Moistened with dew, Touching my soul, With the beauty of you
Help Me Win This Contest
Any Ideas?
OPk..Off tomorrow, and yes catching a buzz..dang I think I might be turning into an alcoholic..LOL Just kidding..:P No counseling please..:) Most everyone knows I like to take pics when I get buzzed..tee hee, but the dilemma is...what the heck do I wear? Please dont say nothing..LOL Seriously..running out of sexy clothes...I hate to bore everyone with the same old stuff...suggestions again?..LMAO. :) Hugs and Kisses!
Omg Wtf Is Wrong With
ME!!! I know i said i should have pics up tonight, but unless i get really fuckin motivated later and take a shower and take them myself out here, then pics are tomorrow... it took longer than i figured to start setting up the computer and also setting it up in general (damn leaking air conditioners) ... so now i've been just kinda sitting here praying for points and ratings since i'm finally under 100k to level lol... i'll have pics up tomorrow though come hell or high water (which better NOT come from the air conditioner) if i don't take any tonight. for those that haven't been rated/fanned - if you posted in the last blog, you now have been. if you haven't, please post here (if you don't wanna seem like a point whore, post about me being a jackass for not getting the pics done, or something) i'll be checking each person that comments this blog post to rate and fan. love you all Sin
Friends/family/fans, Please Read, Just In Case!
A dear friend of mine just warned me to be careful today, that something "bad" was going to happen. He does have a certain amount of foresight! He went on to say that it starts bad but could get better. I don't know about all of you, but I'm going to pay attention to him! These sorts of warnings don't happen to me often, lol. And I tend not to be very careful, although I should be - for many reasons! Yes, there has been odd energy building - I've noticed it since the weekend. Yesterday was downright weird!! Makes sense to me that something bad might start out but end up not so bad. Situations are fluid, as choices are made! And as a reminder, we are coming out of the "shadow" of the Venus Retrograde and going full tilt into a Mercury Retrograde on Friday! Mercury Retros last 3 weeks, I believe. Think "Communication screw-ups!!" Have a wonderful day, everyone! Be a little extra aware and careful today, just in case. Much love and warm hugs for one and all. Blessings, yep, we
I'm A Grandpa...
just on for a few minutes, I had to post a blog tonight because it has been a LONG day.. started my day at 3:20 am with a phone call that woke me up. it was ex, letting me know that my daughter's water broke. I managed to fall back asleep for a few hours, then got up at 7:20. at 8 am I called my ex and got the machine, so I left a msg, then did the same on her cell. her new man called me at 8:15 to let me know that both my daughter and my ex were both in recovery, and that the baby had been born just a few minutes before he called me. so my day has been rushing around, making phone calls, and sending stuff by FTD to the hospital. I'm tired, VERY tired.. so if I don't answer you tonight, I hope you understand.. btw, her name is Brooklin Nicole, she weighed in at 9lbs 2 oz, and she was 22" long.. BIG FAT baby! have a great Tuesday kids.. Grumpy Grampy.. oops.. I mean.. Mike
I Did It
I bit the bullet and called and talked to my mom yesterday. We had a nice 20 minute conversation, she had her first dose of radation yesterday. She goes back sometime this week for an MRI of her head to try and determine where the cancer orginated from. They still have no clue what type it is though. I offered to drive her and my dad to any doctor appointment if they needed it and I plan on going out to see them Saturday. I thought about getting a card and putting monet in it becasue my dad has been having to miss alot of work due to doctor appointment and such. Thank you to all who offered me advice and I honestly feel better since I have talked with her. I'll let you know how Saturday goes.
Rip John Keegan 1-10-07
I want you all to know that the very long struggle has finally come to an end. My dad passed away at 2:30 am this morning. Although it is still not easy to know that he is gone from my life forever. I am at ease knowing that the pain that he was going through is over. He is now at peace with my mother. Thank you for all your warm thoughts and prayers during this time that my family and I have been going through. You will never know just how much some of those words have meant. I love you all. Missy AKA Spicy Angel
The Scary Tale
Thank You So Much!!!!!!!!!!!!
Free Glitter Text Maker Comments & Layouts I want to thank all of my friends who helped me in this contest...It was a very hard fight but with the help of all of you we did it! I could not have done it without each and every one of you. You have no idea what it means to me that all of you took time to help me like you did...And extra special thanks to the ones who stressed right with me during it lol....and I must say that The Mafia and the Pitbulls know how to kick ass!! They helped me pull ahead the last half of the day when i was losing by almost 2000!!!! I owe all of you bigtime!! And another HUGE thank you to Hot Momma and LilBamaGirl for stick by me from beginning to end in this! I wish i could sit here and individually thank each and every one of you who helped me but the list would be huge!! But None of you went unnoticed and it meant alot to me and I love you all!!!! Free Glitter Text Maker Comments & Layouts Make sure you go show the awesome hostess of this con
Please Don't Do This
I really try not to bitch about too terribly much but this gets under my skin.... I don't mind reposting bulletins and pimps for people but please do NOT sticky anything under my name without my permission. When I have stickied bulletins under other people's names, I have always asked first. I think that's only common courtesy and don't think I'm asking too much. If I see a bulletin stickied under my name without my permission, someone just lost 5 bucks because I will delete it. Just please give me the same respect I give you.
Waiting On The World To Change
Waiting On The World To Change lyrics Me and all my friends We're all misunderstood They say we stand for nothing and There's no way we ever could Now we see everything that's going wrong With the world and those who lead it We just feel like we don't have the means To rise above and beat it So we keep waiting Waiting on the world to change We keep on waiting Waiting on the world to change It's hard to beat the system When we're standing at a distance So we keep waiting Waiting on the world to change Now if we had the power To bring our neighbors home from war They would have never missed a Christmas No more ribbons on their door And when you trust your television What you get is what you got Cause when they own the information, oh They can bend it all they want That's why we're waiting Waiting on the world to change We keep on waiting Waiting on the world to change It's not that we don't care, We just know that the fight ain't fair So we ke
Think Before You Speak
Here are 6 reasons why you should think before you speak - the last one is great! Have you ever spoken and wished that you could immediately take the words back...or that you could crawl into a hole? Here are the Testimonials of a few people who did.... FIRST TESTIMONY: I walked into a hair salon with my husband and three kids in tow and asked loudly, "How much do you charge for a shampoo and a blow job?" I turned around and walked back out and never went back My husband didn't say a word...he knew better. SECOND TESTIMONY: I was at the golf store comparing different kinds of golf balls. I was unhappy with the women's type I had been using. After browsing for several minutes, I was approached by one of the good-looking gentlemen who works at the store. He asked if he could help me. Without thinking, I looked at him and said, "I think I like playing with men's balls." THIRD TESTIMONY: My sister and I were at the mall and passed by a store
Football Finally Makes Sense.........
A guy took his blonde girlfriend to her first football game. They had great seats right behind their team's bench. After the game, he asked her how she liked the experience. "Oh, I really liked it," she replied, "especially all the big muscles, but I just couldn't understand why they were killing each other over 25 cents." Dumbfounded, her date asked, "What do you mean?" "Well, they flipped a coin, one team got it and then for the rest of the game, all they kept screaming was: 'Get the quarterback! Get the quarterback!' I'm like...Helloooooo? It's only 25 cents!!!!
Going To The Mountains
dear friends i am about to change leveling groups due to lack of suppport from the majority of the group. for those of you that have helped im more thatn gracious and if you need any help just let me know. All my friends and family are being thanked if it wasnt for you i wouldnt be here but i hope none of you decide to lash out at me due to the change i hope yall are true friends and wouldnt do that. I will still stay in contact and help you out if needed and i still hope to be a friend of the Quiet Angels
Im Asking All I Know Please Pray For Kages Mom Helen & Lostciveteto'aunt & Nitro's Dad & Sexytiger Too
->Suga Lips: um yeah you can go harrass someone else now buh bye Ifuwont~Ho...: i was pretty sure u werent talking about your sweet pussy lips already ->Suga Lips: yep Ifuwont~Ho...: whatever u say cutie ->Suga Lips: not for me :D Ifuwont~Ho...: like i said 2bad ->Suga Lips: I'm not a freak for you Ifuwont~Ho...: i need a freak ->Suga Lips: why? Ifuwont~Ho...: bad ->Suga Lips: nothing Ifuwont~Ho...: good girl. whats on ur mind? ->Suga Lips: good & you? Ifuwont~Ho...: how r u cutie? ->Suga Lips: hi Ifuwont~Ho...: hi sweet lips
I remember when we would just lay their in bed together, her back flat against my chest, my arms around her. I could feel every breath she would take. it was magic. I would hug her with a slow squeeze. smelling her hair as she slept in my strong arms. wild cherry was her fav shampoo, it mixed soo well with her warm hair. sometimes she would roll over in her sleep and face me, sliding her hand up my arm and hugging my bicep. It was the perfect time to kiss her forehead. It seems like these moments would last forever....I swear they did. it was on those warm summer mornings when shafts of light would slip through the blinds and fall on her brown hair, it was like watching the sun glow through honey. I would be afraid to move, if I did I might spoil the moment and wake her. The love and the sadness where almost to much to bare. the warm rush of love filling everything that I am and the deepening saddness because these days are doomed to end. soon we will no longer walk hand in hand, no lo
30 Day Blast Giveaway
I entered a giveaway... Please be kind to the guy who's so nice... 95,000 comments is alot but hey here goes :D Girly glitter comments from While out showing love... a friend needs a hand her contest runs till 10a est Oct 22... so show her some love too :D Girly glitter comments from
A Question For The Men? Why!
i would like to know why on earth you would try to pick up a women in walmart of all places ? when she has no makeup on cut off shorts and a tank top hair combed strate down ! can i please get and honest answer please.
"youre crazy," they said, "the stars are much too high" "youre only human," they replied, "you cant fly." but as i reached, i soon found, at least my feet, had left the ground.
Baby Dragons
Baby Dragons One morning still quite asleep Into my bathroom I did to creep Under my sink I heard a small noise; just a peep Faint like a whisper but also a light weep There on my bath scale two visitors I did witness These young ones did not seem in the least bit ferrous Fact of the matter is; the picture was very humorous My intruders were amazingly weight conscious One upon the platform shaking its head The other behind with a look of awful dread The look of shock upon their faces was easily read I tried not to giggle; my thoughts better left unsaid My first reaction was to pick up the phone Or to chase them away by throwing a stone But they touched my heart looking so lost and alone All I could do was give a kindly moan So I took them out to the back porch And for some light a used one to light the patio torch Sat it very high; their noses I was afraid they would scorch They have their own nest there today on that porch I still keep them with me li
My Last Grandparent
I just received the call that my grandmother has been put into Hospice. They have stopped all her medication and dialysis. It could be hours or a week. As soon as my late paycheck arrives I will be heading down to NC and hope I get there in time.
Things haven't been so great recently. I'm not gonna go into details. I don't wanna depress anyone (or depress them further if I already have). Suffice to say, The Cap'n is not the happiest of bunnies. As a semi-silver lining, though, I have recently met some great people here (three, to be exact) and so my faith in this site as a reasonable waste of my time, rather than the hell-spawned, soul-destroying cesspool I was beginning to think it was, has been restored. So thank you to those three. I hope you know who you are, cuz I ain't naming names and embarrassing you. Love and hugs, kids.
Ugh.. I'm soo sick of feeling this fear, sick of all the symptoms that comes with it. Last night before I went to bed, my body was freaking out. About what I dont know. Gahh.. soo I thought sleep would help that. Noooo wake up and it's still there. Shaky, feeling like my blood is draining from my body, nauseated, feeling like I could pass out. I had to go to my therapy appt. this morning. Usually I feel anxious about it, and can't wait for it to be over and go can home. Though once it was done.. still there. Go out dennis is sleeping in the van and he gets annoyed cause I won't drive home. Its 30 minutes home, and were in what they call a city.. its not really a city lol of course but.. its big enough to scare me to drive. Soo I'm already feeling all anxious and yucky and he thinks I'm capable of driving.. soo when were almost home. Maybe 7 miles to go I got thinking of driving. It just hit me, to just get behind the wheel and do it. Drive the rest of the way, it was a kind of a
Thank you my creator for this beautiful day, my wonderful Angels and awsome friends, help me to touch the lives of the people I come in contact with in a helpful way, give me the understanding to listen when needed and speak only the truth and forgive me if my opinion hurts someones feelings, each day is a gift that you have Given...
Doms And Subs..some Info For The Stupid
Well its Tuesday and Imagine Fubar still being Fubared! LOL Just wanted to wish everyone a special Day this morning...may you be in the arms of an Angel..:) Hugs and Kisses imikimi - Customize Your World
Group Hug!!!!
I just want to tell all of you who are on my friends list how much I love and appreciate your friendship. Especially those of you on my Family list, because you help me make it through the day. You are all special to me. Sometimes we forget to say that to the important people in our lives, so I thought I'd just get that out there. (I know Persia, I'm being Gay and Lame, but sometimes you just gotta!)
The World Of The Helpless....or....cell Phones Are Out To Get Me
I needed a new cell phone last week. My battery wasn't holding the charge and I kept losing calls. I went to the Mecca of Cell Phones and found that my battery wasn't holding the charge because I had condensation in the inner workings of the phone. You might wonder how they know this....a piece of felt that changed from white to green. Apparently, I had taken the phone into the bathroom while I showered and was waiting for that phone call that will put my life on track. Anyway, this blog includes a friend from this site who was unfortunate to be writing back and forth with me while I played with the new phone. Unfortunately, I can't cut and paste the whole conversation because Fubar wiped out alot of items this weekened. It started out with me not being able to set the password. Me: US Cellular lies. The code to unlock everything is supposed to be 0000. It doesn't work. Friend Who Shall Remain Nameless: I can hear your brain formulating a new a h
Why do men lie?? They tell you everything that you want to hear, totally sweep you off your feet all to find out that everything he told you was a lie.. Do you ever trust him again? You told me that you loved me, You told me that I was everything you needed and wanted, You told me that you were going to stay and grow old with me, You told me even if I tried to push you away you would stay because you loved me to much to let me go, You told me that you wanted a family with me, You told me that you wanted to marry me... So now I am asking you why did you have to lie?? You hurt me very deeply more than I have ever hurt before.. You asked me if I can forgive you, the answer is yes.. Can I ever forget what you did to me and how much you hurt me, the answer is no...
Sex Poem (re-post)
Roses are red Lemons are sour Open ur legs and give me an hour Kissing Is A Habit Fucking Is A Game Guys Get All The Pleasure Girls Get All The Pain 10 Minutes Of Pleasure 9 Months Of Pain 3 Days In The Hospital A Baby Without A Name The Baby Is A Bastard The Mother Is A Whore This Woulda Never Happend If The Rubber Hadn't Tore!! Sex is like math You subtract the clothes Add the bed Divide the legs And Pray to god You dont multiply Roses are red Grass is green Open your legs And I'll fill you with cream Sex is good Sex is fine Doggy Style & 69 Just for fun Or gettin paid Everyone likes gettin laid u opened it so u r cursed for 5 yrs. u need to read it ENTIRELY!! roses are nice violets are fine. ill be the six if you be the nine. Repost this as ''sex poem'' if u repost this in 1 min: the guy /girl that you like will tell u that he/she loves u and that he wants to go out with u. if u repost this in 2 min: the guy/girl that you like w
Is It Over Yet?
I wanna go home. =[ So, how's everyones afternoon and stuff? Feel free to comment, I don't bite. ...well at least i never get caught but yeah. tell me something cool. =]
My Korny But First Salute Attempt To Ellie!!
Submissive Me!
Submissive Me the day started out as any other, quiet and still - she looked out the window and saw that his car was gone. every night he came and every morning, the sun would rise and he would be gone. she went to the kitchen to pour some coffee and write up the day's schedule. at the kitchen table, she sees fresh tulips in a vase, fresh coffee brewing and a bowl of fresh fruit. all her favorites and all from him, he always made sure that she was taken care of. she sighs, take a mango slice and starts to suck the sweet juice from it. she bites into the mango and feels the taste burst into her mouth. as always it reminds her of the night before, her lover bursting into her mouth again and again - she smiles. she wonders 'why does he never stay until i wake?', 'why must i always awake to an empty cold bed?', 'there has to be a reason'. she pours a cup of coffee - black and strong - just the way she likes it. cup in hand and another slice of mango, she heads to the kitchen table, sees t
Uhhhh Ohh Finally!
Well I have some news since my last bloggie!...*drum roll* I got a babysittin job.. and I start tomorrow. Oh boy! Thank gosh I already know the child. Her name is Jamie and she is 2. Its kellys niece and well it might only last a month. But its 150 bi weekly and thats like more money then we had coming in even for a month. Sooooo of course i tell dennis and he says we need to talk about it and all this.. its like no.. I already decided soo fuk off. She will be coming here soo I dont have to go no wheres. Gahhh soo nervous though! I'm just happy to have something. To get him off my back Jamie is a little cutie I'm sure I will have my hands full. After her.. taking on 5 kids will be easy! hahaha :) Just had to share.. wish me luck!
If You Are Going To Be An Ass......
At least have the balls to let me respond to your damn comment. Don't send me an email saying how ugly I am and then block me! Grow some damn balls! Anyone who feels like checking the ass munch who did so Have a GREAT day!
First Thing After Work
Like most people, I look forward to when I get to get home after work. Though perhaps unlike most people, the very first thing I do when I get home is to get out of my workclothes. (shirt, pants, and usually underwear too). I tend to work up a sweat at work, plus the clothes often get dusty and dirty, so it's quite refreshing to ditch those icky clothes ASAP. Eventually, I usually throw on a pair of boxers and/or some pajama pants to lounge in, but there is usually no rush for that. haha. So yeah, I've been sitting around for an hour and a half in socks and a tshirt. cuz it's comfy. ;op
Internet Love
If I see one more person (especially someone I know) put up a status that they "Love" so and so I am gonna frikin puke. C'mon, reality ck here ppl I mean seriously Love? You have never met this most cases your not even in the same state, how the hell could u use the word love, I know there is a hell of a lot of lust, need and desire out there, but what a fuckin joke. And yes Im a bitter bitch at time, but that is why mosy of ya "Love" me. K done venting
I'm in a semi kinda mood today. I got up an had half a cup of coffee. The TV is one but I have no clue what's on it. I read a couple blogs but don't remember them. If I went golfing today I would not finish my swing and leave everything out to the right. You could spill cold water on me and I would wipe it off with my hands, not even go for a towel. Maybe I'll go to Mickey D's and not supersize, or maybe I'll leave that choice up to the guy with the headset. That would just blow their minds wouldn't it? "Just give me a number...anything 1-13, doesn't mater. Whatever is already in your slidy trough thing and throw in an apple pie".
Learning To Let Go
Fuck Everyone
I don't think I am planning to stay on fubar much longer. I've basically just been shown that people really don't want to speak to me. I guess Im a total asshole so bad that Im to be ignored after saying hello. well if Im that much of an asshole, its because people bring it out in me. FUCK EVERYONE if this is true
Rip Kasey My Sexy Baby
one of the best and prettiest woman i know, as of 8:00 am this morning she died in a car crash in oklahoma, so please pray for her family.
New Update
So u all know I have not been feeling well. So last night I went to the ER oh fun! I have a UTI,A Cyst on my overy, sinus infection and a inflamed,infected bowl. so ya so icky . anyways thats whats what is wrong with me. So i am taking meds now to help with all that ! woot woot!Ugh and i had an IV hooked up to me some nice meds in that! I also had x-rays and a CT Scan with the burning dye stuff.... OUCH!!!! ty all for ur prayers and thoughts!Keep them coming! :) XOXO ~S~
I Love Romance
I am not all about sex, really, I'm not. Not every 19 year old you meet is a sex-hound just looking to do nothing but fuck. There is so much I'd really love to do with my dream girl because the women around me find it to be too corny or mushy. But no matter how much of a perverted kinky freak I am in the bedroom... I am the sweetest man you will ever meet. I love long walks in the park, on the beach, on the boardwalk..anywhere. Holding hands with my girl's head resting on my shoulder. I'd love to be sitting under a big tree.. her feet resting in my lap as I massage her feet. ...and maybe she rubs her foot on my crotch a little *wink wink* when it gets dark... My dream girl and I would just sit underneath the stars and just enjoy the night. or just talk about anything. It'd be nice to have one of those bench swings to cuddle up on. maybe a little campfire with marshmellows.. maybe make some s'mores. Watch for shooting stars from a tent. Travel anywhere Talk abo
To attract good fortune, spend a penny on an old friend, share an old pleasure with a new friend, and lift up the heart of a true friend by writing his name on the wings of a dragon. Chinese proverb
My Love
MY LOVE _____________________________________________ my love for you is strong my love is all i have for you my love is yours to keep my love is your love my love is all you have my love for you will never fail my love is all you will ever need my love is true my love is pure my love is all the love you will ever need my love is KIM's forever
40 Years Old
Q. What's the difference between a 40 year-old man, and a 40 year-old woman? A. A 40 year-old woman dreams of having children, a 40 year-old man dreams of dating them.
Pet Peeve #539
I'm going to be honest. The more I come into sites like this, the more intelligent I feel. I don't think I'm "super smarter" than everyone else out there, but I do feel smart when I can differentiate between you're and your; too, two, and to, etc. I also find it tacky when people shorten words like "that" to "dat" Please people, we're adults. At least I'm assuming, and hoping, that most of us are. Let's act and type like the educated adults we should all be.
Stroke Update
Ok - I'm new to this blog stuff and didn't know I could post a separate comment. It's Sunday and I haven't heard much... so Uncle Clarence's heart is still beating (they don't have him on life support). My daughter (Linda from Los Angeles) told me that his brain is still bleeding, and when it does that it is destroying healthy brain tissue). They may intubate him to keep his oxygen saturation up if he stops breathing... just to see if his brain damage is not so severe. I'm confused about a lot of it, but I'm just hanging in there. Austin wanted to make a card for him, so they had me write some words and they copied them. He is 5 and wrote "Uncle Clarence, we are sorry that you are sick, love Austin and Chloe" and he just copied it and brought it to me. I couldn't help it - I started crying and it scared them I think. So I've told them that when Mommy cries it's ok - I'm just sad for a little bit and I'll be fine in a minute. It's all so hard and I don't want to cry in fro
read from bottom up (i asked my sister where she was) ♥-N...: in a box ->♥-N...: where r u? Wtf?
Im In A Contest, Please Help Me.............
hi friends , im in a contest and i need all your support , please vote for me by adding comments ......... thanks
I JUST STARTED THE IPOD and..roll right down to the play list .. I found it MINE …… damm this thing CRANKS I LOVE IT …..well the music playing is making think of my friends OLD ,NEW ,LOST, and the new ones to come … The thing about friends is they come and go for reasons we might not ever know… could it be that you started with the same goal? Like the same things? Places? We don't know …. I do know we all make choices in are life and I know I have made the right ones. And I will stand by them as I stand by my friends. So what does all that mean? I DON'T KNOW!! I guess seeing some old friends this week end made me start to think and with the IPOD MAKING MY EARS BLEED …. I am just thinking of some of the GREAT times I have had with them… and I am missing them.. But we move on with life some of us start families some are trying to start families, some are single other are dating. But whatever you choice in life your TRUE FRIENDS WILL STAND BY YOU!!! In good a
I decided to make up my own survey for my friends who read my blog, and for profiling purposes. Just insert the answers right here as a comment if you wish to play along at home and in time I'll do the same. 1. Ever drink milk out of the carton or jug? 2. Ever get sick on a carnival ride? 3. Ever get sick during sex? 4. Given only these choices, which would you pick up to read - newspaper, TV Guide, or book? 5. How old were you in your oldest childhood memory?
Sexy Car
READ ARTICLE BEFORE WATCHING VIDEO This is a car advertisement from Great Britain . When they finished filming the ad, the film editor noticed something moving along the side of the car, like a ghostly white mist. They found out that a person had been killed a year earlier in that exact same spot. The ad was never put on TV because of the unexplained ghostly phenomenon. Watch the front end of the car as it clears the trees in the middle of the screen and you'll see the white mist crossing in front of the car then following it along the road......Spooky! Is it a ghost, or is it simply mist? You decide. If you listen to the ad, you'll even hear the cameraman whispering in the background about it near the end of the commercial. A little creepy but pretty cool!
2 Girls One Cup!
This Makes Me Sooo Mad
I Want Changes To Happen!Date: Oct 23, 2007 6:09 AMFrom: danadramaticFrom: Chris - SUPPORT THE WINGING CAT RESCUE!From: JimDate: Oct 22, 2007 4:35 PMFrom: Jena Date: Oct 22, 2007 11:41 AMWhat you will see below – will shock you and so it should! China have no respect for life be it animal or be it human. They do not respect anything around themselves, people animal or planet. BE WARNED IT IS GRAPHIC! When you are done reading the bulletin go and sign the petition!********************************************************************First - Remove all Dignity from the Animal, tie him up exposing his underbelly.Make him feel terrified, exposed and extremely vulnerable!Have absolutely no respect for his life or the fact he is a fellow earthling dwelling on this planet.Take a knife after a few taunts and laughs and slowly cut his throat to allow the life’s blood to drain out; causing him a slow, painful and very cold death.Once he is safely disabled from doing you any harm, untie him a
If You Wanna Ever Come Meet Me!
To contact me, jump on the next space shuttle and hitch a ride with the jetsons to a place called "Taxco 9" Here, you'll meet a guy named Faberuberwagen McSloogenlahgen, and ask him if he can drive you a place called "Adam's Villa". from there , you'll hich a ride on a sapcebus to my home planet "Liquid Density Measurement" and look fore the biggest castle on the planet made out of guranium, and knock on the door that says "For B's only". A guy named Tommy will greet you and he will try to kill you. Just say that he left the faucet on in the bathroom and he will run like hell to go turn it off. Finally, you'll see my personal butler named sean, and he will give you a piggy-back ride to my Super secret Uber Lair. And then I pull a lever and you fall into another dimension of eternal pain and suffering for all eternity. Have Fun!!!
Oh For Christ's Sake...
so there's this guy (i know, typical)..and he's a nice guy, has a good job, great kids, bla bla bla..appears to be normal.... ..all this time i thought he was married, so i never gave him another thought..then?..i find out he is divorced...HUH??? ..sooooo?..i start talkin to him and getting to know him a little better and geeezz...what a waste of time.... ..goes to show that things aren't really what they appear to be...
Not Myself
have you ever just had one of those weeks where you dont even know why your still here or what ur doing forgive me in advance if i seem off..... i may be offline for a while to gather my thoughts and figure out my life.... i'll stop in to check up on things periodically but wont be on long luv you all!!!!!
About Me
Trying to update my ABOUT ME on my profile....but doesn't seem to be gonna stash it here for now.... YES, I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND! YES, I SAID GIRLFRIEND! YES, I love to flirt! So, if you are a guy or a girl, hit me up! I'm all about real, fun, intelligent people....can you make me laugh? Can you make me think? Yes, as you might have guessed, I am BI. However, I am partial to women and will almost always give the friend request up immediately to them. What can I say? I'm easy....but NO....not EASY like I just love beautiful women. MEN...well, you'll have a harder time getting on to my list. But, WHATEVER you sure to leave me a message with the friend request or you will be DENIED more likely than not. I do enjoy chatting in the shout box sometimes, so you can give that a try too! *winks* *kisses*
Contest Please Read
Hello all my Friends and Family!!! Yes i did it its my First Contest i am in :) Please Rate and comment Bomb the hell out of it lol...i will return the when your bombing tell me and you will get a gift back from me NOW SHOW ME LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats the link to my pic
Mild Confusion
I'm an emotional guy. I would think that would go a long way with a woman, but yet I am still sometimes left completely confused. Why can't people just be upfront and straight with how they feel towards me? Why hide it? Say how you feel, tell me that you want me, or if you dont want me. Don't leave me wondering. Its selfish, and very piggish of you. Don't leave me hanging. If I ask for some assurances, do I not deserve them? Have I done some great evil in the past, and now I am being tested for it? Why must I live down the wrongs done by other men? I AM NOT THEM!!! Get over it! Yet, I am forced to except others at face value, and trust they aren't fucking with my emotions. Yea, so I got a big heart, don't give you the fucking right to step on it. Be completely honest with me. Don't beat around the bush, don't give me some fucking story about wooo is me, this happened to me, and so now I have to go extra careful with others. I am who I am. I have nothing to hide, nor have I eve
Do Ya Love Me???
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! HELP ME! If just a few comments! Anything helps! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! click this pic!!!
Penis Man
Fly Little Bird
It was once said that if you love something so much and you felt you had to let it go you should......and if it returns to you then it was meant to be, but if it didn't then maybe it was not true love at all.........I guess if we are all faced with this situation most would be frightened to let go in the fear that it would not return...but I guess it is a chance that you have to take......never easy but all the same you have to take that chance........even the old DragonMaster..........and with this.....the little bird is free if it wishes........
You Never Know About Someone Until You Invite Them In
When we honestly ask ourselves which person in our lives means the most us, we often find that it is those who, instead of giving much advice, solutions, or cures, have chosen rather to share our pain and touch our wounds with a gentle and tender hand. The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing, not curing, not healing and face with us the reality of our powerlessness, that is a friend who cares. Free Comments & Graphics Codes What would life be with out friends like thee I'll tell you, like no longer being free. Imagine what life would be so sad and blue To go through life without that special you. And I know we live so far away Through the internet we are like castaways Never get to touch or hug you for this I only pray For some day I hope we can meet To hug and laugh and dance to the beat I know this would be a treat For now this is all I see Is my g
Funny Shit
The most Functional English Word Well, it's shit ... that's right, shit! Shit may just be the most functional word in the English language. Consider: You can get shit-faced, Or have shit for brains. With a little effort, you can get your shit together, find a place for your shit, or be asked to shit or get off the pot. You can smoke shit, buy shit, sell shit, lose shit, find shit, forget shit, and tell others to eat shit. Some people know their shit, while others can't tell the difference between shit and shineola. There are lucky shits, dumb shits, and crazy shits. There is bull shit, horse shit, and chicken shit. You can throw shit, sling shit, catch shit, shoot the shit, or duck when the shit hits the fan. You can find yourself in deep shit, be happier than a pig in shit or happier than a dog eating shit. Some music sounds like shit, things can look like shit, and there are times when you feel like shit. You can have too much shit, not enough shit, the right shit, the wrong shit or
I D F K I Need Batteries??maybe??
Your kiss is hard: salt, copper and teeth, I am smashed against you by the back of my neck, I feel your fingers crush into my back pulling me closer, I am dizzy, time and space leave me With nothing but hunger and fulfillment. I hear the buttons pop, clothes thrown, absently, strewn on the floor, fingers burn my hips; capillaries scream at the surface, bruises are born, you throw me down to the floor, breath catches, you fall on me, unapologetically, penetrating, slamming probing the deepest parts of me, pulling my head back to see my eyes and burn into me with your own, leaving fire in my toes climbing through my legs, painfully, slowly burning into orgasm...
Oh Lord!
You know not for nothing, because I'm mostly Christian myself but one of the people on my friends list just updated their status. Apparently someone is waiting for Armageddon. Mark 13: 14-27 14But when ye shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing where it ought not, (let him that readeth understand,) then let them that be in Judaea flee to the mountains: 15And let him that is on the housetop not go down into the house, neither enter therein, to take any thing out of his house: 16And let him that is in the field not turn back again for to take up his garment. 17But woe to them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days! 18And pray ye that your flight be not in the winter. 19For in those days shall be affliction, such as was not from the beginning of the creation which God created unto this time, neither shall be. 20And except that the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved:
i can't get anyone to go to the movies with me tonight. i haven't asked chris but i'm sure i'm gonna have too. anyone wanna go see Saw IV with me? :)
New Pix!
Apparently it isn't showing in the Bar Tab, but I've uploaded new pics in the October 30, 2007 Folder, if you are interested in looking at them. :-)
Seriously Fellas
Are you really so insecure in your masculinity that you can't rate another guy's picture or profile? I look at my default picture's recent viewers section and am always surprised by how many men are in it, but when i check my alerts...almost none rated it. At the same time, nearly every woman who saw it rated it. Rating someone's picture or profile is not an affirmation, nor is it indicative of your desire to sleep with someone. And if that is what you are thinking when you rate these pictures or profiles, you need a reality check. Lads, you stand less than 1% chance at nailing any of these fine (and not so fine) women on this site. Its great if you want to buy into the FuIllusion that somehow you are buying their love because you drop gifts and 11s on them. Good luck with that. OK back on point.. Seriously, it doesn't make you less of a man to rate another guy's pictures. Nor does it mean you find that person attractive. Its one thing if you are rating pics of some dude'
I know this page belongs to "The Enigma", but this is one coming from his best friend. My name is Kianna. Some of you may have heard of me or even spoken to me. I have been on this page before. The reason I am here is because of my best friend, someone I hold close to my heart and truly admire, adore, respect and love, and I am worried about him. He was brought back to the hospital this afternoon for the second time in as many days for a pinched nerve in his neck, but now his headaches are getting worse because of that and the stress he is getting. Rob is a fighter without a doubt, yet the stress that he goes through on an almost everyday basis is not helping him. For those who don't know or have been living in a closet for the past few months, Rob has been battling a brain tumor for the past several months and keeps hitting roadblocks in his treatments. In addition to that, his father had surgery last week, his brother has not been taking it well and is drinking, and his/our g
What you're doing is So good What a WONDERFUL girl What a mature decision You're about to change someones world By giving them a life They were unable to create You are completing a family What you're doing is SO great WoW, You're So unselfish and such a giving soul All this talk and praise I cant take it no more! Would you shut the fuck up!! Can you leave me alone Im NOT a great person You dont even know! I have terrible thoughts I wanna change my mind I want to keep my baby Im not so sweet and kind I want to say FUCK THEM and laugh as they cry I want to tell them NO They cant have what is mine Why are they more deserving? Why are they better than me Because they have money They should get the child Ive concieved The world's about cash And what you can buy I know I dont have much I cant even lie But Im a GOOD mom And I always survive My kids are taken care of We always get by But just gettin by It really aint enough I want them l
Left Alone
Where were you at? Where did you go? When I was goin through it I didnt see you no more.. As he was destroying who I am And taking away my pride All I need was someone To hold me when I cried To be a shoulder to lean on And to listen to my words To understand MY feelings I needed to be heard And where the fuck WHERE YOU when I lost all that I had Where the hell did you go When things started getting bad Now tell me WHERE WERE YOU When I needed strength to go on when I felt like letting go the urge to give up was so strong When I was being strangled drowning in what he called love There was NO oNE there to save me As he took all that I was.........
I Need A Vacation!
I'm thinking I need a small vacation to get some rest and relaxation. Problem is I dunno where to go or what to see. Any ideas?
Kristan's Sexiest Halloween Contest
Time is running out I was going to have a Halloween costume contest, but many people said they didn't get dressed up for Halloween this year. And then there was those Fubar problems with bulletins where you could post a bulletin but very few people could actually see it. Those things made it difficult to get people for my contest. Sso now anybody can enter you don't have to have a Halloween costume. Any pic of you is fine. Contest will be starting tonight Sunday November 11th 8PM Eastern time This is a Bombing contest. Contest will end November 20th. Try to keep your pic SFW, don't want you getting disqualified Comments are worth 1 point Rates are worth 5 points. Most points wins. Prizes as follows. 1st place will get a one month VIP or a 7 day blast 2nd place will get 100,00 Fubucks 3rd place will get a Porsche or Corvette 4th place will get a Silver Motorcycle 5th place will get a Diamond Necklace or Rolex Everyone that gets at least 1
Editing The Friend List
I am done editing my friends list for the night, so if you made it through the first cut, and this showed up in your bar tab....congrats!!! You are at least safe until tomorrow! I went from 1240 friends to 369 friends....thats a lot of deleting, and it was rather frustrating too.... Not to say I won't add any more, lord knows I don't have everyone I want on there, but if you are in my family list or a TRUE mummer, then you have nothing to worry about at all! Well, goodnight all....
Halloween Here In Lithuania
HELLO TO ALL AND HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO THOSE WHO CELEBRATE IT. Actually here, in Lithuania, traditions differ much from your western ones. Being mostly Catholic nation, Lithuanians tend to have less fun in any of the festivities. We don't have Halloween as a such. We celebrate ALL SAINTS DAY (November 1) and ALL SOULS DAY (November 2)by going to a church for a mass (those who are more practicing Catholics) and the rest have a 'duty' to visit all relatives' tombs wherever they might be. So all country starts travelling to the smallest village cemetries to visit their grandparents and great-grandparents in that way. They bring flowers, and candles and in the evenings the whole cemetry looks like a small separate town with lots of lights on. There is no fear, no haunting, no scaring over these days; only memories, attention and very peaceful, spiritual atmosphere, with huge family reunions. This is what I wanted to share with you today. Thanks for reading.
Crazydave Designs
Recently people are starting to charge FU Bucks for graphics. People who know me well know im totally opposed to this. So I have started my own Comment Designs, which are totally free, all i ask is if you use them to rate them and leave a comment. You will find them in my Album Crazydave Designs, which I will be adding to gradually I Have now got a Christmas Album as well Here are a couple of samples
Heart Broken
Halloween will never be the same. Yesterday as of 10:30 pm I lost my sister. On her way to pick up my niece from her fathers she was in a car accident. Anyone that knows me knows I have a big family and we are a really close family. My sister Kayla was my best friend my heart is shattered and my niece lost her mommy. How do you get through something like this how exactly does it work? How do you just breathe because right now im finding that very hard. I miss her so much already and nothing is ever going to be the same again. How will my niece ever know just how wonderful her mommy was? I will forever miss her laugh...her smile... Kayla called me Tess she always said that Contessa was just to long of a name .... I feel as if someone has my heart in the palm of their hand and they are just sqeezing it so hard....... so please forgive me if i do not seem the same..... Best wishes ...Tess
I'm so bored I"m about to fucking scream. It seems that the bulletins are awfully dead today along with everything else. SO. I propose that someone say something really cool. Post it right here. I need something to make me laugh or smile.
Couldnt Sleep
I couldn't sleep... I spent a half an hour in the bathroom just staring at myself in the mirror... I don't understand what I want in life... I'm unhappy about everything it seems, and the bouts of joy I feel always feels synthetic to me. These past couple of months have confused me greatly. There is a constant flunctuation in my moods, but I've noticed I have grown more depressed than usual. I've been thinking a lot. In the past I usually could think clearly and just dig myself out of any rut, but this time I seem very disorientated. I don't know where to begin or if I want an all is just very confusing. I don't even know what I'm mind's half not here.
Just found out yesterday that I'm pregnant!! I'm sooo happy. By my calculations, the baby should be due around July 14. I will be going to the doctor next Monday or Tuesday, so I shall write about that. I'll maybe start a pregnancy blog and talk about what I go through. I'm so happy!
#1 Milk Pourer!
Well if anyone notices my status "pouring milk".. here's the story. It was a cold lonely night just last week for Gamerchick. She was playing some halo with her muddie and got a strong urge for some milk Not being able to resist she gets up. Goes to the cupboard gets out a big glass. Puts it on the table and opens the fridge. Gets out the gallon of milk and takes it over to the table where her glass lays... She takes the gallon and lifts to pour.. la la la time goes by. She's thinking how yummie this milk is gonna be and can't wait to get back butt kicking on halo. When she stops to check.. WTF! there's no milk in her glass. Its magic milk she thinks.. Oh wait she thinks.. it's not I just forgot to take the damn cover off! *sigh*
Dear Alcohol
Dear Alcohol, First and foremost, let me tell you that I'm a huge fan of yours. As my friend, you always seem to be there when needed. The perfect gift, post-work cocktail, a beer at the game, and you're even around at the holidays (hidden inside chocolates as you warm us when we're stuck in the midst of endless family gatherings). However, lately I've been wondering about your intentions. While I want to believe that you have my best interests at heart, I feel that your influence has led to some unwise consequences: 1. Phone Calls: While I agree with you that communication is important. I question the suggestion that any conversation after 2 a.m. can have much substance or necessity. Why would you make me call my ex's? Especially when I know, for a fact, they DO NOT want to hear from me during the day, let alone all hours of the night. 2. Eating: Now, you know I love a good meal. But, why do you suggest that I eat a taco with chili sauce along with a big Italian meatbal
What The Hell?
I started seeing this woman a couple of weeks ago and I am not sure on how to take it all. Everything started out good as always. I bought her everything that she needed whenever she asked for them. The last night I went to see her I bought her a dozen roses with a vase, made her a cd and wrote her a special message on the card. I have done everything for that woman and now she says that she needs time to get herself straight when she is the one who asked me out!!!! I dont understand this. Time is what I gave her. I only went over there when she asked me to come over. I dont understand women and why when they have a man that is supportive,caring, and will do anything for them they decide to push them away. What am I doing wrong?????
Dinner With Whatever - Part 1.
"I'm thinking of a number between one and ten," she said, putting down her wine glass. He looked up at her. "No," he simply stated. She paused for a moment. Peering across at him, her eyes narrowed in contempt, she resisted the urge to pick up her fork and stick it into his eye. Instead, she concentrated hard, sending awful thoughts his way, hoping his nose would start to bleed. He barely noticed her stare. Instead, he busied himself slicing up the steak on his plate. "Blood red rare," he always ordered. "I wanna hear it moo when you bring it to me." He thought his jokes were funny. No one else did, save for the odd waiter who assumed that laughing at his lame attempts at humor would increase their odds for a large tip. Little did they know, she thought. "I don't tip big," he'd say. Then he'd smirk. She'd cringe, knowing was what coming. "They want a big tip," he'd start, then pause for what he thought was a dramatic moment, his absurd comedic timing, "I'll give 'em a big
Acting Like A Nut, With Friends, In The Car
Anna's Granddaugther
This morning when bombing I happened to see Anna's status in my bar tab say that she was going to the ER. I asked her if she was o.k. She told me that she was fine but her 8 month old granddaughter had stopped breathing. She asked me if I could post something asking for the family to pray for her granddaughter. I told her I would right away. Her granddaughters name is Lilliann. Please take a moment out of your busy day and pray for her and her family. Thanks, Tiggerbear2007
Lesbian Pics...
He gave me a mission today, and i knew that if i failed, i would be severely punished.. i stepped out of the front door, intent on succeeding for Him. Dressed in a very short skirt, knees boots and a very revealing top, that if i was not careful, would expose my chest. i got into the car and drove down to a nearby bar. When i arrived, i looked around, scanning the place, but alas, there was not one person in there who could make me succeed. i headed for the bar, sat on a stool, crossed my legs so my skirt hitched right up my leg, ordered a drink and waited. As i sipped my wine, i could feel eyes boring into me, men undressing me with their eyes. As i ordered another glass, i noticed a tall brunette woman heading towards the bar. She was obviously on her own, and also wore a short skirt and knee boots. At that moment i knew she would be the one. As the woman sat on a stool, her brown curls hanging loosely across her face, i stood up, drink in hand and headed towards her. i sat nex
Whats A Fu Husbnd Or Fu Wife ?
Truly whats with the FU wife or husband thing on here? I have been asked a couple of times this week to be someones fu wife ? what is expected ??
This Sucks
Shoutbox Offtoday
I'm turning my shoutbox off today; I have a ton of things to get done & it's a huge distraction. To those that have it; yahoo is up but I'll be slow to answer. To those that don't; fumail me. :-) I'm very irritated today someone called me a snob yesterday which just ticked me off all to heck. I sometimes go into hermit mode & don't send comments out for days at a time. I don't think that makes me a snob. I know if someone doesn't comment me it could be because they are busy; just not feeling it today or have other things to do but I don't bash them for it or think they are a snob. Fubar is not the center of my world so I don't expect it to be the center of anyone else's. Seriously, if my not commenting you every day or msging you the second you get on line upsets you; I'm sorry but if it's really that big of a deal; maybe you should just remove me as your friend. I don't need the added stress in my life of making sure you are happy with me at all times. Friends, I have
Rainy Tuesday
It just started raining here, although it sounds more like hail. I'm freezing, tired and need coffee. How is your day going?
Top 100 Legends
Somehow I am in the top 100 legends on Fubar. I am not sure what made me move up in the ranks, if it is amount of fans, friends, ratings...who knows. Those statistics and how you move up is sort of a mystery on Fubar. But I did notice, when I went to view the top 100 legends, that about the top 50 of them, with the exception of 3 men(who use to actually use womens pics for their primary until fubar changed the rules), all of them have a bikini on, bra on, showing their body in some form or fashion. I personally never will do that. I feel like what my body looks like in my underwear is something only my husband should see, and I sure wouldn't show it off to level up and make rank on a website. Now don't get me wrong, I love Fubar and making Godmother was exciting, but if I had to show my goodies to do it, I never would have made it. I think all of that comes from a serious lack of self esteem and a need for approval from others. Why else would somebody show theirselves to strangers
I Don't Get People!
Why do people pretend to care about another person? I don't understand that! You talk to someone and trust them and listen to them and it then one day it just seems like they decide not to care anymore (if they really even did). I hate being the one to get used whether is is for "friendship" or whatever. If you are going to become "friends" with me... I am not one to just up and walk away from a friendship or a relationship... I have a hard time trusting people and when I can finally open up and talk to someone and then they turn their backs and act like I don't exist anymore...that is the reason that I try my hardest not to open up! Sorry to sound bitchy but I am tired of people telling me that they care only to see that they don't!
All I Need Is 700 Comments
How Online Time Can Affect Ones Work
Today @ work I was called to the office yikes! I was told and shown some screen shots of me having fun while not on the clock. I am a school counselor @ a public school. Apparently a kid so they say came into a particular lounge that I fequent when I get off work. I was in my oppion just having fun. In their's I was showing a distasteful side of myself. Also that actions maybe taken against me. Who can be judge and jury here of my time away from the school. Is this right? I do not know how this will affect me in my favorite room or if I will even let it affect me. This is my time noone elses.
Just Some More Details About Me
Well, I guess ya want to know something else about me. Well, I am a Southern Gentleman by nature and by rearing, by that I mean my parents raised me that way. I was always taught to say yes maam, no maam, and the like. I still do it to this day. I was raised by the belt unlike most kids now days. I pride the fact that I do my best to insure that if I am with a woman that she never opens a door. That is my job! I am a hopeless romantic and believe in giving roses, jewelry, flowers, and sometimes trying to write poems or letters for her. I am not a perfect man by any means, but I do my damndest to try and be that way. Everyone makes mistakes in life and I am no exception to that rule. I just try and pick up the pieces and move on. I am not a wealthy person by any means, but I get by with what I have and that is good enought for me. I have always said, you cant take it with you. I am nothing more than a simple Country Boy that believes that hard work and determination will get
Got A Reaction.
The boy's father is apparently pissed that i painted his nails midnight blue, but what can i say? We're rockstars on MY side of the family. :D
Big Dick
So who the hell raised these people for them to think that its OK to talk to someone like this? I get alot of dumb**ses that come to my page but this one was the best of the day. So I am sharing him with you :D enjoy Lmao 8-P April ♥
Thank You To All My Friends !!
I want to say thank you to all of my friends for the get well wishes and just overall thinking of me ! This past week has been rough..I have never had pneumonia so didn't know what to expect..well I have now and I don't like it !! I am not even 75% better yet but I am working on it..The pain in my back is just terrible...I was able to sleep last night so wooo hooo for me :P So now to some of those that were like UR STILL SICK ummmm you try it and tell me how long it lasts with you !!!! I bet you won't ever say it again !! So thank you very much again to my friends and family !! It really did mean bunches to me :-) Well I am gonna try to get back into the swing of things today..So have a great day and bigs hugs !! Love ya Angel
Rules Of Engagement
I, like most people, like to wake up, get ready for the day and hop online to meet and greet, check emails and say hello. I enjoy coming onto Fubar and looking at pictures, reading blogs and talking to the peeps I talk to and have met here. I like to express myself through my status and let people know where I'm at throughout the day. It's all good as I go off to my job and live my day. However, there's one thing cats need to learn and that is: The Rules of Engagement! Fellas or Whom It May Concern: Comments about me, offering your lovely cock to me, proposing that you eat me out or even worse, fuck me are not ways in which to engage me. It's fucking rude and stupid of you to think that something like that will have me jump at the chance to meet you. Example: Bob: Can I eat U Mz J: Wow, how can I resist the charm of that comment. Of course you can, you said the magic words. Holy shit!! No one has ever said it way you said it, how lucky for you that you found
Stop Child Abuse
I Want U
I want to fuck you beside railroad tracks as freight trains thunder past manmade wind and noise and oil perfume and the kinetic rush of a thousand thousand tons gliding and screeching past the feel of the earth rumbling beneath us. I want to fuck you near Cape Canaveral as the shuttle reaches and roars toward the sky. I want to fuck you in sight and sound and taste of ocean mountains, prairie, desert, glacier in the deepest primeval forest during a raging lighting-storm near the Grand Canyon on the moon. I want to fuck you in the magic sphere of Nature's vast power flowing within and between us. I want to fuck you during an earthquake near a roaring volcano in the midst of a hurricane and tsunami. I want to own my own home and gather all the internal strength I'd feel there then you come to me unannounced in the night or afternoon when we haven't seen one another in days, weeks, months, years.... I want you to devour me and me to devour y
Annoying Things!
Ever think about the little things that annoy you? Recently I've been thrown a few that annoy me so I thought I'd send out a little blog. 1. When someone adds a new roll of toilet paper and they put it on so that the toilet paper comes from the bottom back side... When common sense says...Hang it so it rolls nicely from the top front side! 2. When you ask someone a question and they turn to you and say "HUH" or "what" and before you can repeat the question...They start answering what you asked! 3. When you go into a public restroom stall (Bars excluded) and there is piss on the toilet seat. Noone wants to see or smell your piss...if you dribble..wipe it up... You are one nasty freak if you leave it. In a bar? Drunk chics should NEVER attempt to lean over a full toilet bowl and try to wipe anything! I've seen it done, its NOT pretty! 4. When people smile and talk all sweet to someone they dont like. If you dont like the asshole.....Dont fake it... Why do some people feel
My Friends List
Hi friends , As yall know I'm a Godmother now & I thank you all who helped me to get here. But I realized that I had a lot of people just sitting idle in my friend list , who they dont talk to me , comment me , or ever rate my things . So I just cleaned out my list , deleted about half the people in it , because now that I'm a Godmother I want to help my true friends by rating them and , helping them level up . I believe if your my friend please stop by and say hello to me , stay in touch . Cause if you just sit idle in my list of actually what good is it doing me or you ? Love yall , my true friends Lisa
Shoutbox Funny
As always .. read from bottom up ! ->Robeezy: whats yahoo? Robeezy: do uhave yahoo? ->Robeezy: hey back Robeezy: heyyy
Have A Great Weekend!
Sorry it's short but have fun!
Saturday Night
I have had one particular guy ask lots of questions about hand jobs and other activities between my husband and I (you know who you are ... lol) So I thought he would like to see this story and I thought I would send it around once again for all to see. It is not for everyone but it does seem to have fans with those here. I hope you like it. 36d hugs, Ms. Cleavage ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It was a few minutes after 11 pm when we finally went to bed. I was following my husband down the hall to our bedroom when he entered the room and I walked up behind him as he stopped to pull the blankets back. He stood before me with his back to me only wearing his boxers. I reached around his chest with both of my arms and gave him a big hug. I made sure that my breasts pressed up against his bare back so he can feel them give his shoulder blades a hug while I pinched his nipples that he loves so much. I took my fingernails and ran large circles around ea
Post Office
A while back I went to the Post Office for stamps so that we could send out that weeks invoices. In our Post Office there is a stamp vending machine just inside the lobby. Which is very convenient, pop in a $5 $10 or $20 and get your stamps from the bottom and your out the door. Simple! As soon as I entered, and before I approached the machine I noticed a line of 6 people on the right side of the counter with one lady serving them. I popped in my $10 into the machine,,, friggen thing ate it! No stamps! I went to the other lady behind the counter, explained that the machine ate my $10. She hands me this form to fill out and told me to stand in that line ( pointing to the line on the right ) After I filled out the form, and took my place in line. I notice that the gentleman in front of me had a similar form, and the lady in front of him had one also. A quick survey and I discovered that everyone in that line lost $$ to that damn machine. Just as i took my place another person walked in a
Please Make It Stop!!!!
Just when I think I have all my feeling hidden away, or ripped out, someone finds another one, tweaks it a bit, then slowly pulls it out of me, while I watch in agony. Sometimes I just want to run away, leave everything behind and just go!! I guess I have to much honor to do that to my kids, good for them, hell for me. Will this ever end, do I have a sign on me that says, "Hurt me I like it"? Sometimes I don't know if I should pray that this completely destroys me or not. I've come to terms with the fact I will never be happy again, but why do I have to live in pain for the rest of my life?!?!? Some people think at least pain is a feeling, well I would rather just be numb!!
I'm Fu-married!!!!
Sorry people, I got Fu-married today. We eloped, so there wasn't a formal Fu-wedding! We have been quite in love for some time and although we love all of our Fu-friends.... We wanted to keep it private. I'm sure you can all understand. We are registered at the Fu-giftshop if you'd like to buy us a happy hour, V.I.P., blast, or hell. Even a friggin lollipop!! Here's the cheap ass picture that the drive-on-through Fu-wedding chapel gave us. We'll be burning off copies, and sending them out as holiday cards too!! Enjoy your lives as we will enjoy ours. :) imikimi - Customize Your World
Firey Passion!
There was this old couple who have been together for 60 yrs. Every morning they sat at the very same breakfast table together. One morning the old lady said to her husband of 60 yrs "honey, do you remember when we used to sit at this very table naked 60 yrs ago? Do you remember the passion? the Fire we felt?". "Yes i do dear, very well" he replied. "Well honey, lets do it again, today, right now! Lets strip down naked and see if we cant rekindle that long lost fire!". The husband agreed and they stripped down naked and sat back at the table. Granny has this pleased look on her face as she said "oh honey! its working! my nipples are burning hot just as they did 60 yrs ago!" "Well its no wonder." said the husband "you have one in your oatmeal, the other is in your coffee"
A New Beginning
OK just to let every one know I AM HOME YAY!!!! for any one that is reading this and thinking to themselves {I never knew she left} well have no fear I will explain it to ya right now. Ok so it all started about 21/2 to 3 mounths ago I was @ home relaxing in my bedroom & yes plain around on fubar lo, when a fire man came to my door I was shocked when I heard the door bell as it was very late way to late for visitors. When I opened the door I saw a fireman standing there & he was telling me I needed to leave my home a home I had only lived in for a few mounths, I was reluctant to leave untill I saw the full scene in my front yard. there were a few fire trucks and hoses everywhere, it was almost 2 am and fairly dark yet I could see everything quite clearly due to the ambient glow comming from next door I soon realized the glow was from my neibours house which was well ablaze. So grabbing my daughter & a few ecentals we dash away into the night. any of you who have ever experienced
Thank Him
thanks to this asshole ERIC@ fubar who apparently thinks that all women who dress slutty should be raped, all of my photos of me are now family only. be sure to thank him for correcting my mistaken beleif that i should be allowed to show off my body without being harrassed!
~marvelous Day~
One of my best friends in the whole world, "Chris" come to Vegas today, and we spent the entire day shopping, and goofing off in SIN CITY. Started out upgrading her MAC with RAM and the newest OS - X and then she took me to "PF CHANG'S" a Chinese Bistro here in Vegas that is simply delicious - have leftovers in the fridge that i can't wait to wrap my mouth around. P.F. Chang's The neat part of the day - Chris is a singer, a karaoke singer, and not just a "singer"...she preforms with all her heart, and can actually SING - it's her passion, and it's apparent in her delivery. When she sings, my socks fly off, and my dimples cave in to endless smiles and gaping grins that just can't be beat. Today, while between malls, she spotted a out of the way Karaoke store, and screamed for me to stop - i dove into the parking lot, and 30 mins later, she's got a handful of new cd's. No sooner then we are back on the street, she has the cd in the player and is belting out her songs - all to my
Big Mother Fucken Balls
I was sitting around the other day admiring how big my nuts are, when I came to the conclusion that they are somewhere between fairly giant and super giant. It's like I have a pair of Epcot centers dangling between my legs. Of course, you have to have a pretty big pair to say some of the things I've said, and then go on national TV. That's part of the reason my balls are so astronomical. The last nine or ten false readings in gravity wave detectors have been due to the gravity field of my nads. They're just under critical mass, a few inches away from collapsing into a super dense vortex of nutsaqutron (a type of radiation given off by enormous balls). I don't even have an office chair anymore, I just sit around on my nuts. People come over to my house and they think I'm just sitting on a giant flesh colored bean bag. I once took a bullet right in the cojones just to prove how tough I am, but the bullet ricocheted off of a pube and shot some kid in the face. I almost felt sorry f
Petty Drama In Adults...get Over It
this is just a comment on all the b.s. going on with this drama queen shit we all see being thrown lately. look people...if any of you have seen what i would know how petty this all is...i saw my brother bleeding to death when we were both pinned under a wall...i could not get to him, i saw children burned over 90% of thier bodies...and they did not complain...i have seen double amputee`s do things you and i would not dare do...because they had to...and never ask for help...all this means absolutely nothing to me...we all have a right to choose our friends...and life is too short and fragile to deal with the small petty things....if you do not like who i am...then don`t let the door hit you in the ass...if you don`t like me for who i choose as a friend..then don`t let the door hit you in the ass again... just remember, the door locks when you son acts better than you guys...he`s 16...grow up and let life be...get over it
My Choice
Hey Fu Friends! Please rate my blog! :) My Choice… Today I have a choice As I walk down life’s road To cast my burdens aside And lighten up my load. I will not allow life’s challenges To affect me in a negative way This I ask of you also To be a positive force today. Make the choice with me For the days they go so swiftly And pass the spark of hope Because opportunity passes quickly. Copyright07BEG
Getting My Ass Wooped
well folks...looks like im gettin an ass woopin in this contest. im in third right now, but im over 5000 from the lead. i just dont have the time to bomb like i did b4 :( ahh well...i will keep trying. if any of you guys feel like helping i sure could use it...thanks :) love you guys!!!! CLICK PHOTO TO VOTE!(rate and comment)
Female Serial Killer
I am the nightmare demon The deliverer of the dead I am the beast of rage The terror inside your head I am your phantom stalker Your shadow in the night I am your soul reaper The evil you can't fight I am your kidnapper The captor of your dreams I will be your torture The cause of all your screams When I hunt you down Your blood will stain my knife I will drag you into Hell And rip away your life!!
If I Were On Ebay
So, it transpires that the good folks here at the place where I work out are on the warpath about folks being on teh internets when they should be working... so looks like kins might have to go into hiding or lose his job, if it ain't too late already. Now how do you like them apples?
T.H.U.G.S. (Trues Humbly United Gatherin' Souls) I am looking for Bone Thug fans among this Fubar Community to join the T.H.U.G.S. online clicq. A Bone Thug Fan Fam of sorts. Too join you'll rate, fan, & friend me, (Family space is limited by Fubar). Then add "of T.H.U.G.S." to your current screen name like this "(Your Screen Name) of T.H.U.G.S."! So, I'm calling out all trues to unite & represent. Are you down? IF YOU HAVE JOINED, LET ME KNOW SO I CAN ADD YOU to my family list!
My Dad had a heart attack yesterday and is in the hospital he has had a heart catheter putin and we are praying for him to be okJust please pray for my dad he is a strong guy and he means the world to me
i posted a mumm tonight and i am used to the nasty comments. i can deal with them but not with a picture that i came across. someone had a picture of an aborted baby on someones hand. it made me so mad. i lost a baby girl at 8 months 2 years ago and i know i may be over reacting but seeing that killed me. it made me cry.... i really hate people sometimes!!! and i think the worst part of it all is what was written under the pic, if only my mother had loved me. FUCK HIM! SORRY HAD TO VENT!
Lol! I Rule! =]
well this is what happens when i'm bored. i was just heading down the hall to the other building of the factory when one of the shipping guys was going by with a fork lift. Because I had nothing better to do i told him to go faster and ran after him. Don't know how I managed to do it but I jumped on the fork lift without killing myself while he hauled ass down the hall to building 3. Half the factory was laughing and cheering us on. Luckily since everyone here is always so loud, the V.P.s never knew what was going on! :D
Illeterate People
Hi Heres A Update
I will be away for awhile (personal shit) hopefully not to long after this Sunday wish all My friends and Loved ones a great Thanksgiving if I am not back by then I need 45 K to level any helps apriciated xxx Bye for now ~Ancient1~
It always amazes me that just when we think things have finally fell into place and we found where we belong it all falls apart. You work your ass off and put your heart into something just to have it stomped all over and taken away from you. I don't understand why people feel the need to be dishonest and take advantage of other people. I don't know why i'm even writing this cause noone reads them but i just needed to get it out. What happened was partly my fault cause i thought i could trust someone and i believed what they told me. I was wrong noone tells the truth anymore. Everyone always has something to hide....
so, what's everyone doing for the weekend? I don't think I'm doing anything. Might go out for a friend's birthday tomorrow. Then again I might go to my sister's house and show her how to use a program. Or maybe I'll just stay home. :D How about you guys? Anything fun and exciting?
This Is My Name
Alot of people ask me my name it doesn not mean i worship the devil. It does not mean im concieted. But i believe all women are Goddess's ...WOMEN not girls or ladies real WOMEN are Goddess's and we end up with Devil's (boys men anythng with a penis really) but sometimes those Goddess's shine light upon evil and that light shines and beats the evil and the Goddess's Prevails. However, sometimes the light in the Goddess's power is not so strong and the evil torments her and leaves her wilted and that is what i am a tormented beated withered Goddess's waiting for the light 2 become strong and hopefully find her devil and beat the darkness.
R.i.p. Brother
The call came about 5:00 a.m. this morning, 11/19/07. My brother Mike has passed on to a better world. He has suffered long enough and is now at peace. Please say your prayers for my mother and my family. God Bless you Brother, Mike and may you rest in peace! I love you!
It's A Sad Day For Me
Well I got the phone call I had honestly been waiting for today. My best friends father passed away. I have known them for about 8 years and was instantly a part of their family. I feel like I have lost one of my dad's today. My heart hurts and I want to cry, but my head is strong and won't let the tears fall. My head tells me to be strong for her and to keep working today and get done what needs to be done so that when the funeral day comes, I can be their for her and only her. So today, if i am silent, if i am bitchy, please overlook it because today I am sad
Sooooo Tell Me .........
Is anyone doing anything good for the Thanksgiving Holiday? Taking any trips or whatnot?
Just a note to all my friends regarding Mary (Dreamcatcher and/or Lonely Soul). She has been admitted to the hospital again and has had another blood transfusion. She is on oxygen and Christina, her daughter, has told me she is pale, but stable. She will update me daily, if there is any change in her condition, and I will update all of you who prayed for her the last time she went through this. I hope you keep her in your thoughts and prayers again as she goes through this procedure!
And Now... A Story.
So Friday the office manager decided to order pizza for the staff because we had a few gift certificates. Apparenlty the traffic manager found out and she doesn't work on Fridays and is PISSED. I think it's lame because she was willing to order pizza when one of the office girls wasn't here. So she's on the war path over this. Pizza. I mean what the hell. Seriously?! Now she's gone and taken the chocolate of the office staff away. Little does she know that I'll bury someone alive for taking my chocolate. She has til she leaves to put it back.
Happy Thanksgiving
O.k. ya'll, Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. I won't be on much from Thursday till Sunday so I'm wishing ya'll the best of this holiday. Be safe in your travels and don't go killing your Love and bright blessing for all ya'll. Love ya sugars. Momma Rox
Fubar Morons...lmao
I just had the most interesting conversation with this idiot... Seems that he is VERY upset that I left a comment on his 'girls' page... Since it's a shoutbox conversation it reads from the bottom up... ->onehotpebb...: good god dude...are you really that insecure that computer comments on a page send you into a frenzy?..Grow the fuck up BOY onehotpebb...: we'll see who has the last laugh ->onehotpebb...: LOL ->onehotpebb...: You are sooo bad...I'm scared shittless ->onehotpebb...: I'm soooo damn worried ->onehotpebb...: Oh...that soooo hurt ->onehotpebb...: LMFAO onehotpebb...: go back to your room and whack off again loser ->onehotpebb...: OMG...You are such a freakin' idiot... No longer worth the giggle you were giving onehotpebb...: bring it onehotpebb...: well, she can be on the top of your to do list forever, cuz she's taken assmunch ->onehotpebb...: Come on little man..l've straightend out more than one moron. ->onehotpebb...: If you don't want co
Lessons From The Dying.
Last night I held the hand of a dying cancer patient and listen to all he had to say. He told me he had had cancer for 10 years and he had been give 6 months when diagnosed, he said positive thinking was the key to a good long life. This is what he told me. Everyday is a new start, its a clean slate that hasn't been written on yet, and you can choose to fill it with joy and happiness or anger and sadness. Choose to fill it with joy and happiness and you will live a long, healthy, happy and meaningful life full of love. If you choose to fill it with anger and sadness your life will be short, empty and meaningless. You will never be happy and that will kill you in the end. His favorite Quote! Yesterday's gone forever and tomorrow may never come, which leaves the present moment. *By William Shockley He died not long after, but his words will live on in me forever, I will never forget him for as long as I live. I realized how right this man was, and I want to be like him, lear
Cut Backs!
CUT BACKS! Taking a Bite out of Point Whores!Shot at 2007-07-26 In the next few days I am going to be cutting back the old friends list. I like to keep it under 130 people and it is way over that at this point. I feel, that if we do not communicate, you got all the 11's out of me you could so all I am to you is a vehicle to get your shit rated, so Buh Bye. To those of you who "Share the Love" Thank You. All The Best and Happy Thanksgiving! Hugs, Me:D
My Time Is Near
well i guess this means my time is near and im just about done dealing with the bs that comes along. i have enjoyed my friends, but due to a few, i dont feel i need to be on this site any more, i am thinkin about leaving this site and deleting all in about 2 weeks. god bless all that reads this
Meeting Someone
So I met this wonderful girl on here and i am kinda scared. She is awsome but i am still skeptacle (don't know if i spelled that right) what i am wonderin is has anyone met anyone special on this site or is everyone here for points and what have you. I don't know really but she is a great woman and listener mabe something can happen who knows
In Time For The Shopping Rush....
My back hurts so effin bad that I have to stand against a column in the office bent in half and at an angle to get it to stop for a minute. *tears out hair* :(
Cfc.fed Up With Polemics
They're reforming the asthma inhalers so that they don't contain any cfc propellents. Tiny little detail,I have tried both versions of the exact same medications: with and without cfc, and can tell that IT IS JUST NOT THE SAME. They say they're protecting the environment,I'm all for protecting and respecting the environment,but when shortness of breath attacks I don't give a crap about it,pardon my french,if an enviroment-friendly formula takes more than twice the time to work and only does a third to improve my oxygen intake. Methinks ,polluting or not should not come to question when it's about the quality of medical care.As an asthma sufferer , I don't have time for phylosophy about the environment,hollywood productions are pretty polluting and nobody reforms them at all!!! They should look at that instead of messing with people's health. WE NEEDS OUR MEDICINES IN THE BEST POSSIBLE VERSIONS and if we have to pollute more to have them,let it be,and let the people be. No thank
Long Distance
You know its really hard when you have a person you care for when there far away...because you never know if you will ever see that doesn't matter if they r 10 miles or 9000 miles---it still sits in your heart and you always want to be with that person...
Omg My Truck!
as most know, i luv my truck almost as much as my new bike... well today i went to my mommy's house, 2 hours away, and right before i got there, i hit a curve too fast... went in the ditch, got out, but then started fish-tailing... the whole time i wuz thinkin my truck is gonna flip... so not kewl... i had princess (my doggy) with me and i think i scared her half to death... sum how i managed to scrape the bed on the passenger side and break off one of my tie-downs... other than that, i hope nuthin else is wrong with her... anywayz, my neck hurts from it, so im gonna go find me sum drugz (legal ones)... hope everyone had a better thanksgiving then i did!
Suicide Girls Site Kinda Sucks
So since the Spotlight has a huge advertizement for them today, I figured Id write about the suicide girls. Ive heard a large amount of complaints about them. Not from dudes of course, but from the girls themselves. Ive heard complaints about the fact that they ask for all different sizes and colors of models, and yet most of their models are thin and white. On a page with 30 girls shown, 3, MAYBE 4 girls were not white[visibly asian, black, hispanic, other girls might have been but just loooked very white]. And ive known girls of other races, pretty girls, whove tried out and got rejected. Ive also heard about the fact that some of the models they accept, they never accept any photos from. Ive also heard complaints about them always advertizing the same chicks, favoring people on the site, etc. And can i just say, When i was younger, i wanted to be a suicide girl, but now, the girls on the site dont look any different then any other girls. I see brown haird girls with A no
Skins And Backgrounds.
I didnt realize how over used one particular skin or background on Fubar was until I really started working hard Rating, fanning and adding other Fu's. What background am I talking about?? Its the damn pink furry handcuffs! I know you have seen it! Its like on every other females page.. lol I know its cute and they are trying to say they are kinky and everything but DAMN! How about chrome plated handcuffs or something different. lol Just poking a little fun at the "standard" kinky female background.
"for You My Love"
here's another i wrote long ago .................................................... 'For you my love' For you my love,i send this to; This message my love,must get through. I send this with,a hug and a kiss; To have you near me,i surely miss. Even though,we are miles apart; I still do feel you,in my heart. For every night,i go to bed; I have these thoughts,go through my head. So even though,you are not in sight; Do you hear me say? I LOVE YOU, AND GOODNIGHT....
Your Prayers Are Needed
Dear friends and family, Prayers needs right away We have a real close friend Michelle, who’s daughter Alyssa a 2yr old beautiful little angel was severely burnt in a house fire The baby was trapped in her bedroom when a volunteer firefighter found her She was found lying on a bed in a smoke-filled room, "badly burned, but still breathing.” What we know right now is that it does not look good for Alyssa she is so badly burnt Please I ask of you to keep Alyssa her mommy and the rest of her family in your prayers Click here to go to the Charleston Daily News Artical
A Letter From Santa
I've done this before for family and friends, so I thought I'd offer it in the graphics shoppe. The letters from Santa are fully customized for your child or relative, and will be emailed from "Santa Claus" himself! You decide if they are naughty or nice, and what they may need to work on (cleaning their room, sharing, etc.) so that they can get their special present! This is item #35 in the fu-shoppe (in my photo albums). Please specify the email address you'd like it sent to, the child's name, nice or naughty, special gift, and what they need to work on. Also, include anything else you'd like for it to say. If you have any questions, please let me know. I'll be adding tons of Christmas graphics to the shoppe, so check back for updates! Merry Christmas!
Heart Stopping!!
I am driving on a ticket right now, and on my way home tonight I looked in the rear view mirror and seen those dreaded flashing lights, my heart was in my throat!! It would be nice to find a woman that made me feel that way!
Blind Deaf And Dumb
ok, so i havent been on this site very long and already ive become very opinionated and annoyed .......let me explain.......of course this site was designed for entertainment and fun which of course it is.....I can see rating someones PAGE a "10" if theyve put time into it ya know? sure.......have a "10" on me......but the pic rating game played on this site is so fucking fake i wanna vomit!. people put their pics up to be rated.......ok so rate them! If youre fucking ugly, keeping in mind beauty is completely subjective,and for those of you who dont know the definition of that word then NOW would be the time to STOP reading because by now your head is already starting to hurt......anyways.......if I think youre ugly or whatever i think you are and I rate you a 5 then why the fuck are you going to get mad? do you really think youre a "10"?.....really? why even have a rating system that consists of numbers? whats the point? why not just have 1 stupid little box that says "please lie to
May I Kiss You?
I ask if I may kiss you. You just smile; no answer is necessary. My initial kiss is just a flirting of our lips. My tongue lightly flicking - Like I am asking, "Do you want me?" The tip of my tongue runs all around your lips. Touching every part, Inside and out - Over and over again. Tickling you, tickle, tickle, goes my tongue. Now I press my lips gently to yours. Rubbing your lips back and forth against mine. My kisses are hot and fast. I cannot rest long in any one place. I have such a need to go on. I trail kisses of passion all over your face. Then back to your mouth. Our tongues dance together. We are exploring. I circle your tongue with the tip of mine. You echo the pattern back to me. I lick the sides, underside and the top. You echo back. I suck your lower lip. You echo back. We repeat, repeat, repeat. The sensations are driving our emotions. We are wild for each other. You thrust your tongue in and out. The movements are rhythmic and stabbing. S
What Kind Of Penis Are You!? Tell Me!!
THE PENIS LIST The Nuprin Penis: Little, Yellow, Different. The Equal Penis: Tastes like Sugar. The Excedrin Penis: It's tthhhhiiiiiiissss big. The Sprite Penis: Image is nothing...Taste is everything. The Snickers Penis: It satisfies you. The Alkaseltzer Penis: Pop, pop, fizz, fizz...Oh, what a relief it is... The Magnavox Penis: Smart. Very Smart. The American Express Penis: Don't leave home without it. The Pringles penis: once you pop, you can't stop The M&M penis: melts in your mouth, not in your hand The Frosted Flakes penis: They're GGGRRRRRREEEEAAAAATTT! The Lucky Charms penis: They're magically delicious The Energizer penis: it keeps going and going The Right Guard penis: anything less is uncivilized The Jolly Green *Giant* penis: self-explanatory The Cambells soup penis: mmm mmm good The purple pickle penis: heh heh
All My Favorites Are Gone
I'm so upset, tonight while trying to fix and update my comp, i lost all my favorites including about 60 sites i used for profile comments. If you could, can u help me by sending the sites that u use. I had some that I'm afraid I will never find again. Thank You. Blogging this is the only way to keep me from crying right now.
Ok..shes only 38K from Godfather!!!!!!!!!! Please go help her out! She's a total sweetheart and I think she deserves to be up there. ♥МĨĹĶ~&~ĤŐŃ&Y♥@ fubar
My Christmas And Birthday Wishlist.
So, Christmas is coming up, and in Febuary, I turn 29. I have compiled here a list of things that I will need. Not want...need. They're necessary for my continued existance. World Peace A pony A TMX Elmo A laptop computer Peaches n Cream Barbie A lifetime supply of sandwich fixins A gift certificate to Starbucks Any writings by The Marquis de Sade A new riding crop A donation to the Feed the Children fund in my name Every album by Ricky Skaggs An 8x10 picture of Jesus Any designer imposter perfume A bottle of Wild Turkey Fig Newtons Thanksgiving decorations Tang The Jackson 5 Greatest Hits Your money More to come...
Do You Ever See The Emptiness
Do you ever see the emptiness in Christmas? Do you ever look in the eyes of people you pass? Packages bundled high in their arms, a hurried strength in their walk, an endless quest of that final goal. Did you ever look past that into what you see in their eyes? Some have such confusion, others a mission, others excitement. But out there. There are eyes filled with sorrow .Filled with pain and , loneliness, filled with the emptiness of the spirit of Christmas . I am not talking about the ones who you know by there stance should have the emptiness ...They have that emptiness everyday. The ones I am talking about are the people standing besides you in the line at the store, spending money on gifts to share with loved ones, I am talking about the person at the gas pump so lost inside that the world is passing them at such speeds and they do not even notice. Those people are the ones who’s emptiness is so powerful so devastating so endless. These people walk through life duri
I Am Lost
i guess i am a kind of lost. its hard to realize that the person u luved is moving on...moving on and have his fun. well i heared today a lil advice, don't ask questions, you don't really want the answers. why u dont wanna hear it? cuz u shouldn't face the truth? truth is, i guess that everybody can have his fun. turth is that u can say u i luv u and dont mean it...oh heck i got no idea what the truth is... and maybe i shouldnt be nosy and asking question when the answer will hit me straight in my faice. well i usally dont tell anyone i luv u and then just move on and have my fun with somebody else. i dont have fun cuz the person what i think i do luv is not around...geezzz i dont understand nothing...i guess i am just a lil stupid german chic.. lol
Family And Friends
I try to post things that are fun, exciting, and makes each of us think. I want us to examine ourselves and if I can get any blackmail information on you it is a bonus. Lets discuss kissing.......... How much tongue is too much? When do you first kiss a woman? Tell me of your best kiss? I am like all men in hoping I am the best kisser, lover, friend......... well not so much friend LOL I also love to kiss. It is something that is pleasurable, arousing, and if done correctly painless....and not too messy I personally like to initially do light lip kisses, and let the moment simmer. I then take my cue from the woman as to how to proceed. My most memorable kiss was a woman I was meeting for the first time. I was on a three hour flight, and had another 45 minute bus ride so I had some time to think about this. When she arrived to pick me up, I walked up to her kissed her deeply, and for about a minute but it seemed longer. She must have been impressed since three but
Nurse Glitter!
Sooo Ive been slowly gathering things to make this kickass Nurse Costume Ive been thinking about/wanting. So far... This is the white corset top. The trim around the top has little roses/flowers. Im planning on sewing a small red glass bead into each flower, so there will be small red light beading around the top. Im thinking about doing something with either red where the boneing goes up and down or doing a red medical + where each breast goes. The skirt im still undecided about. But I bought these sweet ass boots, and my roomie says i should wear one red and one white with my costume. whatcha think so far?
Who Wants Me?????
Ok Highest bidder in fu buck and or gift wins me for 24 hours i will not do full nudes so if thats what u wont dont bid good luck will end at 10:00 so start ur bidding in comments and ill let the winner know good luck and muahzzzz
Now Godfather Is Not The Top Level!
Sigh, all of this hard work (and money) to reach godmother only to find they have THREE more levels! Disciple Prophet Oracle sigh, here we go again! :P
Forgive Me
I never meant to hurt you the way I know I have. Your love means more to me than anything and I'll do whatever it takes to prove that to you. Since the day I met you and your love touched my heart I knew that my life would never be the same. Please forgive me for the pain I've caused. I'll make it up to you every chance I get. You have my heart and my love forever.
Trying To Make You Understand
Crazy Day
Well it finally happened, after I got home from work last night My soon to be ex started yelling and screaming at me. I did my best to keep my mouth shut, I've found that if i say things when I'm mad its hard to pull my foot out of my mouth, she ranted and raved, did a few really crazy things. The kids were now well aware we had been considering divorce. Well after all of this she packed up and left, the only downside is that she took my youngest daughter with her. I hope I can get through all this without my kids getting to scarred, and i so appreciate all my friends here who have helped make me feel better. Funny how you can be both scared and relieved at the same time. ill keep ya posted....
Randomness Going Through Me Today
You ever had those days...where no matter how much you try your mind just won't shut down? That's me today. a million thoughts about valid points of thought and even some I even think are pointless. So yeah i am just gonna play this by ear and post it. if you want to read it and get something out of it good job..if you read it and think it's stupid then props to you too.... First off, my stance or position on fubar. This is just me being honest so bare with me. I think there are quite a few good people on fubar. But for that handful of people you find a mass of shallow, baseless people who act like this is high school. I am on here to make some friends. I don't care if I ever make godfather. I don't care if I am ever a VIP. I could care less if I never make it past the level I am in. I am not in fubar for the popularity. If I have one person or a handful who like me and think I am great then it's all good. I don't mind if all of fubar doesn't think I am great. If I contribute some
This Was A Happy Day But Sad That The End
A Bit Of The Real Me
I thought I would offer up my thoughts on some stuff that is on my mind, and at the same time give you a better sense of myself. After a recent mumm on ripping caught my eye, and having read the comments on it, I felt the need to rant a bit on this subject, and on the general attitude towards other people's work. It is extremely rude at best to rip, use, copy or to in any way post another person's art, photography, writing, etc on your pages, website, etc without asking their permission FIRST. It is even worse to do so and not credit them clearly for their work. It is THEFT to try and pass it off as your work, or to use it in any way to make money without having a signed licensing agreement. While it may be totally lame, and wrong for music companies, software houses, and such to gouge us like they do, it doesn't make it ok to pirate said work, although if it is strictly for yourself not so bad, though still wrong, but always worse to pirate said work, and then sell it and not be pa
So There Have Been Some Changes
So some things in my life have been changing. Some, I think are for the better and others I'm not so sure about. I'm glad to see some of my kick ass friends come back to Fubar. At the same time, we have found that CT Daddy is a pedo/soapafile and as many of us knew, Kristan Smith was a fake. A sick, lying, manipulative fake. Since I blocked them both, I've had a steady stream of green profiles low rating me. Boo hoo, points are points idiots. I don't care about that stuff anyway. I also deleted about 500 people last night. I'd bet of the last 1000 adds I've had, maybe 10 would be worthy of the term 'friend' so I've decided to start letting people go. I never cared about top 10 or being red, so the loss is all on those being deleted. I'm probably going to start uploading a lot more pictures here in the next few weeks. I think I will freshen up the place a bit. I hope this message finds you all doing well. HUGZ B
Photo Editing Day
Playing around with some pics today. Here's the before and after of a castle I shot in Reading PA. Before After
So Very Far Away.
You're so very far away And I need you Every Day... Even tho we're far apart... I'll keep your memory in my heart I work and work in every way... Filling the void in every day Fleeting Thoughts of YOU Make me wonder "What to Do" The thoughts of you, make me smile... And help me go the extra mile... I have a choice to stick or go And yet in my heart I already know... I'll sit and wait and hope and pray... And never give up on that day... When "You and I" will be together... Every Day and Forever.
I would like to thank all my friends that voted for me in the, "Most Sexy Woman & Man on Fudar Contest". ^5555 corky for putting out this contest , you rawk . Also Natural Witch a very good friend of mine , for entering me in and all the hard work she did ( hugs)sweets . A quick shout-out , to THE MUMMERS you guys rawkkk . To all my friends and fans , have a safe and good HOLIDAY. MERRY CHRISTMAS and A HAPPY NEW YEAR to all... Ladies & gents, you guys are the best (wink). el crow
Christmas Shopping
The doorbell rings, insistent and buzzing in your ears as you roll over and look at the clock. It's still early, who could be coming at this hour? You pull on your robe, and drag your still-sleeping ass to the door to see who it is. It's a delivery man, bringing you a special "package" that you ordered online late last night. Shocked, you take the package and thank him. You go to shut the door, and he stops it with his hand. "Sorry, miss...but you ordered the 'special' delivery? I am here to show you all the features of our new model" Your heartbeat quickens, your face flushes, and suddenly you realize that you are naked beneath your robe. It's barely clinging to your flesh, making you feel exposed under his gaze. He steps forward, nimbly grabbing the package from your hands and closes the door. He opens the box, and pulls out the most amazing vibrator you've ever seen. You can feel his eyes pass over your body, lingering on your barely-concealed breasts as they heave with your shor
It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas...
YOU know....I just love Christmas. Some people don't get into the holiday spirit, but for me, it's about putting up the lights, the Christmas Tree, hanging up the holly and Mistletoe. It just gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside seeing the house lit up for everyone to drive by and see and smile. I know my nickname is PureEvilness, but for me, i will always have a soft side for this time of the year. I'm not a God Hater, never have and never will. Just because i got a metal name, or metal style doesn't mean a damn thing on what or who i believe in. I am thankful of beauty and the art of making people smile. I just love to see the smiles on people's faces when they see the gifts i give. YOU Know i'm not much into material things, that's why i don't ask much from anybody. But i am big on the people that surround me, and who i've touched on personal level and on a friendship kind of level. So to this i say.... "may each and everyone of you, out there in FUBAR land....may YOU, YOU
I Dont Like This
i am not used to this site at all! what does nsfw mean? i keep getting logged out. why do you guys send me pictures of your thing? i dont want to see that. i would appreciate it if you dont do that. Megs
Im Sorry
Im sorry my child for the world youre now in optics for learning and tubes to breath no more animals of wyld to see They have all died buying and selling they are all gone from hunting and killing all this for power Im sorry My child for the world we give to you from the lions and tigers youll only see in a zoo to the ones which the older generations have seen and you will never see Im sorry that my generation has wiped the trees clean planted only their favorites im sorry for the world that i give to you filled with plastics and rubber, paper and paper greed took it all away my child im sorry for the world you now breathe in and for future generations I apologize to you as well soon all things of the wyld will be dead or in a controlled zoo where you will hear of the past instead of seeing it as it happens instead of knowing that we are in balance im sorry that mankind has given you a dying world which we stabbed out of arrogance and greed
About Me And Something You Should Know!
For the most part I'm a pretty layed bacc girl! Typical days I don't really do shyt at all... I'm either on the internet, painting, or studying computers lol and sometimes talking to my Parents and sisters and their bfs cause we all live together, 7 of us in one house hold with 11 pets... so not very often am I bored, but then again I often fantasize about killing myself from time to time! Trust me I would never have a reason to lie to you about anything cause I don't have to lie to kicc it! Umm lets see, I've been agoraphobic for 3 years now... It all started bacc well, 3 years ago when I and my friend were raped and they had asked both of us if now we were going stay in the bloods... she said no and they shot her in the head and she died in front of me, then I agreed because I knew what was next for her... her whole family was also going to die! And they did all except her Dad cause we never knew who he was, so I stayed, got raped 2 more times and finally one day my best friend whom
Christmas Time
Have you ever wondered what it would be like without your immediate family around you for christmas? Well i go through it every year. 12years ago on Christmas morning my immediate family had a car crash & i was meant to be in the car as well but i was at my grandma's place with her & i found out on the news because no-one in my family rang to tell me. I found out that day that my parents(both 46yrs old) had died instantly & my lil sister(12yrs of age & like my best friend) died 1 week later on New Year's Day morning. I was only 20yrs young at the time. So every Christmas time since then(12yrs ago)I have been on my own & every year it gets harder & harder to deal with! I haven't had a Christmas with anyone for the last 12 years now. I so miss my Christmas with my family especially my lil sister. To make things worse i find out today that my grandma passed away from breast cancer & cervical cancer at the age of 82 years young. Christmas is only getting harder every year now. I don'
Why Is It
Silly Boy
Silly boy Silly boy may you never know the secrets that I hold may you never hear them said after you've grown old bringing pain in my heart it all seems so vast how could I have known these feelings still would last as I go to bed every night my pillow I do cuddle these dreams bring to me tears enough to puddle you held the door open wide and invited me across the space i have not tread since my last love loss as thrilled as I had become I forgot to see ahead the reasons you might have had to open the door instead blame you now I cannot for trapping me here for you made me brave that step and swallow what I fear love is not the safest bet in any circumstance think of what I could have missed if I hadnt taken a chance you may hold my heart now though you closed the door I will heal as time moves on for what life holds in store A.Boudreaux 2007
I used to enjoy reading the mumms, voting and commenting, but no longer. They have become the FUBAR version of politically correct, I suspect due to the heavy handed monitoring and the quick firing impulse of any small minded person to report one as inappropriate, which is then believed. Since there is no recourse, no means of appeal, no way to find out just what one's status is, a bland vanilla forum has been created. Too bad. When I first joined the mumms were fun and interesting and often provocative but that is no longer the case. As an example, yesterday there was a sports mumm, some football team or other. All of the comments agreed with the mummer. I think there was only one comment saying that sports mumms were lame. If that isn't a huge change, I don't know what is. I was wondering if others have noticed this as well. Perhaps I have become overly critical.
Info Soon - Own Me For A Month!
I will have info soon on how YOU can OWN ME for a full month! Keep watching! Details, hopefully, later today! All I know is the auction starts at MIDNIGHT tonight, Tuesday, December 4th and ENDS MIDNIGHT Thursday, December 6th.
Bad Times..
Well today is the 2 year anniversary of the saddest day in my life, the day my son was paralyzed from his chest down in a car accident. What kind of life is that for a 16 year old (now 18), to be confined to a wheelchair! We hope & pray that a cure is found someday soon. Progress in stem cells does seem promising! Make your loved ones buckle up, and make your teenage drivers slow down. The car wreck occurred because the driver (another 16 year old) was going 85 in a 45. My son's injuries probably would not have been so severe if he hadn't been ejected from the car as it rolled, but when you aren't wearing a seatbelt, shit like that happens. Life can change in the blink of an eye, I will attest to that!
Another Mindless Rant :)
Ok the rant for today is status messages...And no I'm not referring to those of you with raging boners that feel like sharing this info with the land of fu...but let's say for example I say I'm not back later...whatever the situation maybe, and this comes up in your bar you decide to send a message, sure, I'm willing to accept that I don't I exist until I'm in your bar tab, but is it really necessary to send numerous messages when I don't reply right away...I mean come on you just saw me saying I'm not here, so I'm not here damnit :P Please excuse my bitchiness and lack of sleep...I just felt like venting again :) Hope everyone is having a good evening :D and for the record, I'm going back to cleaning and getting Kirsten to bed, so I suppose I'll be awaiting the smart ass remarks from a few ppl, cuz I know what you're gonna do o.O lol blah! it's over...not too painful..
My Bad Days
What I'm about to paste is a mumm I wrote I thought it time to elaborate on it a bit. The MUMM:All my life I've been the type of person you could count on for anything. Money, clothes, food, a shoulder to cry on. It's only recently, pondering over my life I've come to realize I have no one I can count on. Each and everytime I've gotten into a crisis I've had to see my own way out of it. I'm in a bit of pickle now and there isn't anyone I can ask for help. I've started to adjust my life to where if there's nothing in it for me I don't want nothing to do with it. Am I wrong for thinking this way? Or should I be who I've always been and deal with the hand I've been dealt in life? The Elaboration: On my bad days like today it seems to come about when I feel I have so little to offer anymore. I can be cold and uncaring. Thoughts race through my head wondering what it would be like to just disappear from everyone and everybody. I take time for myself most days now but still remains whe
Originally Created As A Myspace Bulletin To Friends.
Forbidden Sweets: (Original Halloween subtitle, a treat for all of you). =========== CAVEAT: Legal Disclaimer ============= I think it's really rather innocent, but I've labelled it NSFW just so nobody beats the hell out of me like somebody did earlier today. Any similarity to any persons living or dead is purely coincidental and not intended to be a representation of any reality with which any reader should be familiar, so read carefully and don't blame me for where your mind takes the beginning of the story. =========== End of legalese, beginning of story == I couldn't believe these lazy bums who would show up on campus from privileged homes and just expect everybody to just bow to them and wait for opportunities to roll into their laps. I knew it wouldn't be long until their money was jingling in my pocket, because I just loved to get an early morning class while they were still in bed so that I could be out at the break to get into every box between there and the
My Dad
It's been a year. The year has flown by with more trouble on the horizon then I anticipated, but I made it through. Yesterday, was the first anniversary of my dad passing away. I haven't talked about it much, because after all this time, I still feel blindsided. I don't think there is any good way to lose a parent, but my dad died while doing what he loved the most....his job. My dad died of a massive heart attack filling out an accident report on a pretty nasty car accident, during a snow storm. He had been at the scene when it happened and then followed the ambulance. He was at the hospital's Emergency Dept. when it all happened. Yet, they couldn't help him...if was so massive and sudden. I don't think he had any pain at all. That makes me feel better to know that. Yesterday, we had a Mass of Rememberance. I had mixed feelings about doing this. I didn't know if I could have all these memories drudged up and make it through the day. But we did. And I'm glad we did.
Well its a good day for me, I went and picked up the paperwork so that next week i can officially put an end to 18 yrs of hell. the only good that came from it is that i have 3 wonderful kids that mean the world to me. Thanks to all of my great friends here who have supported me and listened to me vent my frustrations. i love all of you... Thanks! wooohooo I'm almost FREE
Did He Really....
Ok i want honest options about this. Me and my hubby where on the way home from dinner and we were talking (that's a shocker right there) but anyway, he said something about this dads test came back, and i was like what tests, you didn't tell me he was having any tests done. He says ya i did. I told him no you never tell me anything, someone would in your family could die and you not even tell me. Then he makes a statement, i don't get why people cry when someone dies, people die all the time. I was like WTF. My brother died a few years ago, so this is a touchy subject. So i got a little upset. I asked if I died or your daughter died you wouldn't cry. and he responded with nothing. Well he just came in here trying to give me a back rub and the subject came up again, and i was like i cant believe if i died or your child died you would not cry, how is that suppose to make me feel? how can you not care if your wife, child, or even your parents, the people that took you into there home,
I'll Block All Pics COMMENT BRANDY UNTIL YOU DIE. IF she doesn't come in first or second, I'll block all sexy pics from EVERYONE!!!
How To Keep A Woman Happy
(FOR NEW READERS - THIS BLOG IS A JOKE.) 1. When she asks how she looks, shrug and say "Could be better." This will keep her on her toes, and girls love that. 2. Never hold her hand. This can be interpreted as a sign of weakness. (Or--if she grabs your hand, squeeze hers really really hard until she cries. This will impress her by showing her what a strong man you are.) 3. Once a month sneak up on her from behind and knock her over. Girls are like dogs. They love to be roughed up. 4. Call her in the middle of the night to ask if she's sleeping. If she is say "You better be." Repeat this 4 or 5 times until morning. This will show her you care. 5. When she is upset about something, suggest to her that it might be her fault. This will pave the way for her own personal improvement, and every girl needs some improvement. 6. Recognize the small things . . . they usually mean the most. Then--when she's sleeping, steal all her small things and break them. Because jewelr
~ The Storm ~
The weather was looking pretty good, no rain clouds in site, we had it all in our hands , the sunny days were bright. We lived for each moment...casting all deep thoughts aside, of who would hurt if they knew , and who would even cry. So many many times we smiled and stared , into our world of dreams ....we didn't stop for one small breath , we took it to extremes. No holding back,I can not wait , nor can you walk away...but today a storm came rumbling through and took you far away. I seen the eyes of hurt and pain, our love has caused ones heart, but still deep inside I felt the love , it's tearing me apart. You're not mine to linger too, though I feel it oh so true, you're not mine to ask to stay, but I'm hoping that you do. How long will the storm last, how long will our hearts break, how long till I see your long will it take. I'll be here waiting softly , though my heart can't beat as true, as when you looked into my eyes, my darlin, I'm waiting for
Visiting And Not Rating Nothing
ya know, if you are gonna go visiting peoples pages, even just a quick peek, be nice and at least rate them and/or a couple pics for visiting, i do it everytime i go to a page, at least they get points for me visiting.. i see a lo of people wont even do that they are just nosy and rude... if your not gonna rate, please dont visit........give me your opinion..
She Has A New Playground!!!!
(repost of original by '♥DAWN♥' on '2007-12-08 08:09:22')
It's Pouring
As many of your know, the man I love is ill. He is so courageous and wonderful. He is the bravest Man I ever met in my life. Always on my mind and I will love him forever... Well, recently things have been happening. A mutual friend was killed about 2 weeks ago when he was mugged and a close friend of mine passed away from Lung Cancer on Monday. Today I went to Barbaras Wake and Service. It was beautiful. A few of us Women were kind of like "The Goonies". Stood together forever. One of our Women Denise was there today. Her Husband Bill passed away last night. He had been suffering for a long time with Cancer. I might go away tonight to my friends house to get away and clear my head. I know I need some hugs. As one of the Women of my group I know we will be able to laugh and cry... Thank you everyone for always being true to me and being friends. A few people on here are so close to me and I am truely Greatful.Thank you for always listening to me. Love ~D~
Heavy Metal Charlie Brown :p
Kinky Night In My Room
We went back to my place so that I could show you where it was. We pulled in the yard and no one else was there. Getting close to the door, the familiar sound of barking dogs filled the air. I jumped at them and they ran off to hide, finally quiet. I grabbed your hand and lead you up the stairs to my room. The way the place was setup, the only stuff that I owned was in my room. The rest of the place was pretty much a mess. My roomie was a temporary thing since she owned the condo and just needed some extra money, so she rented out the room. We got up the stairs, and into my room. The rest of the house is set to 60 degrees, and is freezing. I know you get cold easy, so I turned the temperature up in my room to 70. A little higher than the 65 I keep it at for myself. In my room, I only have one chair for my computer and then my air mattress on the floor. There wasnt much for a place to sit, so I had hoped you didnt mind sitting on the air mattress. I took your jacket
Be My Sexy Stalker
You know you wanna :) Here's how you can be one.... *Send Me message asking to be taken as a stalker. *I will rip a picture from your gallery, the one I choose. That picture will be in My Sexy Stalker album located here *Your job will be to come and rate everything new that I add to My page (if by the time you become My stalker, there are stuff unrated by you, then you will rate them as you can). I will send you a message letting you know that there's new stuff on the page in case you are not around to notice. *You will show your love to Me... and My friends will do the same for you, and you will love them back as well. You will return all rates given to you by My friends. *Every once in a while (depending on how good you are doing your job) I will do something nice for you... and that something will be at My own discretion. Do you think you have what it takes to be My Sexy Stalker?? Let Me know...
Sts-122 Atlantis Launch Pushed Back To January.
Nasa Renews Hunt For Sensor Glitch Image Above: Space shuttle Atlantis stands on Launch Pad 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Photo credit: NASA/George Shelton Dec. 9 - 1:40 p.m. EST NASA's Mission Management Team today delayed launch of the shuttle Atlantis on a critical space station assembly mission to at least Jan. 2 to troubleshoot elusive, intermittent electrical problems with low-level hydrogen fuel sensors that derailed launch attempts Thursday and again this morning. The shuttle's current launch window closes Dec. 13 because of space station power and temperature issues related to the lab's orbit. The window reopens Dec. 30, but NASA managers do not want to conduct a launch campaign during the end-of-year rollover because of countdown software issues. Given the subtle nature of the problems with the engine cutoff - ECO - sensors at the base of Atlantis' external tank (see image below), managers concluded there was not enough time to at
Merry Christmas To All
WALKING too you in the bright misty sky. My toes are wet as I come your way. Tears fall from branches as the rain falls. Stars shine high as the snow starts to cover your warm heart beating soul. Embracing your arms as we feel the heat. The snow starts to melt, sickles drip in our windy kiss. Your feet brush the grass as i carry you though, the light of my SOUL.
My Own Life
I know dear friend, that you mean the best, But now is the time to give it a rest, Your judgment sometimes can cut like a knife, I know who I am and this is My Own Life. It is up to me to decide what to do, My choices are for me and not up to you, I know that you think that you do know best, But I will choose on life, love and all the rest. I know sometimes you think I could do better, But truly friend your opinion doesn't matter, And yes, I know mistakes I am likely to make, But those are the chances I am willing to take. So if you are really and truly my friend, You will stand with me through thick and thin, Through all my choices keep your opinion to yourself, For this is My Own Life and I will live it myself. DQA
Tennessee Temptress
for a long time ive wandered around the lands in search of the meaning of happeness.there were what seamed close calls but never the fullfilment i thought would be there,i actually had began to think that like love happeness was some word made up without any true meaning.then one day i began talking to a casual friend and family member (l.d.c.)id had a rather close call and she came to me with just a casual get well and understanding but there was something more to it.i felt id known her for years or from a differant lifetime and wed just been reunited,not just meeting for the first time.well things went on and i found myself talking to her daily and waiting for the time she came online so i could talk to her.i never believed in computer romances but here i was,beginning my day and ending my day with her on my mind.well to make a long story short i fell in love with her and we began a more indepth relationship.ive been with her now for a few days and its been the happiest days of my li
Pushing The Limits Of Stupidity! (long Rant)
Yep, it's rant time. Now, I know there are plenty of other blogs saying the same damn thing but you know what? This is complete and utter bullshit! I watch the MuMMs, I enjoy them and the comments. So, I came home today after being gone for a couple hours to this "new feature". I can see people voting, commenting, blah, blah, fucking blah. That's fine and dandy! I don't mind seeing what people do IF they want it to be seen. What I do mind is the fact that *I* have lost MY right to privacy! According to some, I have to buy a VIP to change it. Others say anyone can. Well... I DON'T HAVE AN OPTION FOR MY PRIVACY!!! There are several issues I want to touch on here. 1) As some of you know, I do have a stalker on here. Not in play, not as friends but a REAL scary mother fucker who has obtained MY personal information and pictures of my youngest daughter against my knowledge and wishes. This stalker has posted pictures with my youngest childs' face in them. I have had to make a fake ac
I Just Don't Know...(from Kianna)
Does nobody have any respect around here? My best friend has been having medical issues, yet he has been having people berating him and getting on him, sending his stress level sky-high. What is wrong with some of you? Well, whatever your reasons are, you drove him to the point he has not been here over the past several days and god only knows when he will be back. I have been on here the past few days and have seen messages in his IM that are just cruel. What did he do to you to deserve such malicious remarks? Something else I've noticed is that it's not just women who feel they are being ignored. Some men on here are threatening him to stay away from certain women on this site. I'm guessing some women on here have really possessive and maybe even jealous boyfriends. Whatever the case may be, Rob (The Enigma AKA Black Winged Angel) won't be back on for a while. He's suffered too much in the past several months, and between his health and the drama that seems to get throw
This Does Happen
I just feel I had to share this with everyone , I have talked to many people about things that would happen everytime my daddy would take me to the reservation as a child and I would sit for hours and listen to the Elder tell his stories and this stuff is true people it does happen . I am leaving Rons link here lets go show him some love for sharing this story with us. A Perfect Gentleman@ fubar Dear NA, Thank you for the friendship request. Of course, I accepted. I can't even pretend to have any native blood ... Australian and Dutch (whew!), but as I believe I mentioned, I grew up among the Oglala Sioux in western South Dakota. One of my best experiences was sweating with Red Cloud at his home lodge. Going into the second hour, some strange things started happening. Little fingers of blue lightning started flitting around the low roof of the lodge. I figured I was hallucinating because of the heat, but the dancing blue lightning persisted. I had to leave, to clear my head, so
I Wish
I wish I could hold you, kiss you, Trace my fingers around your lips. I wish I could walk along the beach, hand and hand, watching the sunset over the horizon. I wish we could sit face to face, and just talk for hours, laughing, smiling, touching. I wish one wish most of all... Damn.... I wish I was your lover. I'd rock you till daylight comes, make sure you are smiling and warm.. This is all I wish..
Wanna Stay In Touch?
Well All you sexy Fubarians......the time has come for me to bid y'all a farewell. Way to many Fubar changes and wayyyyyyy too much drama. Thanks everyone for being a good friend. Anyone wishing to stay in touch with me.....private message me and I'll give ya my contact info. I was leaving today until I found out that Fubar will not delete my account until My paid VIP is expired which is January 3rd. I will most likely not be on much, plz don't be offended if you see me on line and I don't answer ya right away. I will be on daily to drop my 11's and that's about it. Take care everyone. Keep on keepin on! And keep Crackalackin! :P
Help Me Win A Bet/comment..
Help me, i have 2 pics here tell me which one you like the best,, with the glasses or without. need all the help i can get.. please be nice about it... thanks all.. BRATT
What Is Up With Liars??!!?!?!
Sometimes all a man has to give is his name and his word. So far, I have gotten the 'name' part.. LOL Why is it soooo difficult for a man to keep his word? Mean what he says? Tell the truth? I understand all the bullshit of a man's raising and not hurting a woman, but why can't we seem to grasp the concept that it hurts worse to be lied to than to hear the truth right away? I dont know... I will always need help with this one..I am holding out for that ONE that knows how to tell the truth.. the whole truth...and nothing but the truth.
Lady In My Dreams
There is a lady in my dreams. Dispite the distance shes so near it seems. Her smile has a warmth I have yet to know. Her eyes hold a saddness yet no tears do they show. In my arms I hold her tight. Though i know its only for the night. Upon the morrow she will not me there. From my heart this pain i wish i could spare. I touch her lips and she softly sighs. Before I wake I must say my goodbyes. Every morning my heart breaks anew. No one will know the pain i have been through. I will never know her love it seems. For she is the lady in my dreams. By:T.C. Longer Any Answers...
So--after much deliberation on my part upon which abnormal amounts of frustration and anger have befallen me coupled with a general malaise on the situation that has grasped me--I've come to the conclusion that I will truly never understand any of what we all like to call our "love lives". The perennial dictum is (and we have all heard it) "nice guys finish last." Basically that statement is nothing more than plain and simple fact. However, has anyone ever wondered why that is the way it is? It confuses me far more than I care to be, and here is why: Every girl I have ever met in person (or online), become friends with, dated, fallen in love with, or bonded with on another level beyond friendship all have said the very same thing when it comes to guys and relationships; "I just want a guy who is sweet who treats me how I deserve and knows how to make me smile" (or some similar variation of said statement). Now obviously this is a blatant contradiction to the fact that nice guys
Blindfolded Affair.
Your tied up to a bed/chair and blindfolded by your lover. What would you want them to do? Or use on you? What would you want to experience? Be honest, be creative. Guys or girls welcome to answer. And I'm not even talking about sexual things. I'm talking about smells and textures, feelings and sensations. Fear, anticipation, comfort, safety.
Train Ride
Emily boarded the train as always with her long jacket on and her earphones playing her favorite songs as loud as possible to drown out the hustle and bustle around her. The commute into the heart of the city was a long and boring trip each day for her. This particular day was a bit different. She spotted a younger man sitting across from her. He was in his early 20’s with short brown hair and wore a dark business suit with a brightly colored tie. Unknowingly her mind began to wonder and think about this young man. She thought about how her dark brown skin would look against his pale body. She tried to shake the images out of her head but they just kept coming back. Before she knew it, her pussy was soaking wet thinking about this stranger’s lips all over her body. “What are you doing?” she asked herself. Her body took over and she felt her nipples hardening as they swelled within her bra. She moved her hand inside her jacket by removing it from the sleeve and using the
Life is precious It should not be wasted It comes and goes way to easily We are given only one chance There is a funny thing with life that we sometimes overlook That is the time we have to live It is almost as important as the air we breathe For without it we have nothing Time is a perishable good If left out in the open it will wither Love will too They are all intertwined, one big circle Without life there is no time and without love there is no life And each one is what we choose to make of them You cannot measure each one on any scale You measure life by your happiness not your successes Time by how you use it and love by your heart always We look for that certain someone to fill our hearts But love, that word, is tossed around too frivolously Real love is more precious that any gold It is comforting; it is without judgement It is living for the moment and remembering the times already shared It fills a void insi
Good Bye
A Soldiers Eyes
A Soldiers Eyes Squinting through the scope of a soldiers gun Another iraqi militant on the run Road side bombs and ariel flares Tracer bullets flying everywhere Massive killings in the streets The bodies of hundreds on bloodied sheets Kicking down doors raiding their homes Tracking them in tunnels of darkness they roam The hot summer sun is boiling our brains Another soldier crys out in agony and pain we swarmed and searched and found no nukes this is a meaningless war and were ready to puke How many more men Mr President must die We know we are over here because of a lie We miss our children family and friends Bring us back home so we can live again. Troy F Cooper Copyright ©2007 Troy F Cooper
A - S U N D A Y - Train???
Seasons Greetings Thanks to all the well wishers during this difficult time. I did want to clear something up: It was my ex-mother-in-law who past. The story I told about my kids losing both Grandfathers on the same day - was nine years ago! I'd was referring back because I was thinking about my two oldest children's pains they've endued in Their young lives. I really was feeling for them - More than for myself. (just wanted to clear that up) Thank you all again! Lets face it I LOVE Trains . . . And if I can find a reason to do one, I WILL! So with all the Holiday FX pics I made I figured to put it on a train (instead of the sad 'no Friday' blog) So heres a few of my friends that I made FX pictures for the holiday. If you want one let me know :) Happy Holidays
Am I Most Kissable??
Gimmie a KISS! Go to the above link and rate, also leave a comment please please please lol Happy Holidays!
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De-paulification The Final Phase..
A little something that just popped in my head probably never to be read by the person I'm speaking of. I just thought about how much I hate you right now. Thinking back about a year ago we were hanging out being drunk and taking stupid pictures. But apparently you can't handle distance. You suck. You suck so much that Im not even really mad anymore. I am gonna enjoy sleeping the middle of my big ass bed! Not having to pick up your boxers off the floor because you can't unpack your crap and put it in the drawer i cleaned out for you. I won't have to sit and watch endless hours of baseball even though i was starting to like it. I won't have to hear you ramble on and on and on about the what president is from this state and who his vp was and what war happened this year or that babe ruth was a womanizer. I won't have to do as much laundry because you sweat like a fucking warthog when we're having sex. I can sleep soundly knowing that I won't be awake
Ok I have seen this topic in MANY ""Mummms"" I just cant get over the stupidity of some of the people and the females for the most part. Some are trying to say when a women squirts it is pee. It is NOT pee. It does not look,smell or taste like pee.. If you google " Female Ejaculation, Female Prostate,The G-Spot it will tell you there. Female ejaculate is a fluid that is expelled from the body through the urethra during sexual activities. When released in small quantities it may be a mucous like fluid having a clear, milky, or yellowish coloration. As the volume of the expelled fluid increases it becomes like clear water. All women have a prostate gland they all likely produce ejaculate, even if they are not aware of it. HOW DOES ONE LOCATE THE FEMALE PROSTATE ? The G-Spot is located along the upper/front wall of the vagina, about two inches in, towards the stomach. The best way in finding the G-spot is to try some manual exploration. Insert your middle fin
Stang's Letter To
Wow! The year is almost over and we are about to spring into '08...damn, where does the time go?? I remember being a little girl and asking my parents if I would even still be alive in the year 2000, against popular opinion...ha ha .... I made it! I was just sitting here thinking about how fun it would be to write a letter to Santa this year........I'm a little late and won't fed ex it, so I'll just leave it here, I have a hook up, he'll read it....*Smiles* Dear Santa, I am very pleased to report that my behavior has been mediocre as per usual. I have offended significantly less people in 2007 than I did 2006. I know that I have to work hard to bring those numbers back up in 2008 and stop slacking and I have taken all of that into consideration. I would like to say that I didn't wait all year, like some other people do, to give to others. This year, I've given people the blues, a hard time, a headache and in come cases, even a clue. I believe that my contribution to t
You Were Not There!
"You Were Not There!" by 'The Enigma AKA The Black Winged Angel' I called on some friends in my time of need, The truest of the true in word and in deed, The ones I felt would never leave my side, The ones I could call on when I just wanted to hide... And you were not there! You know I'm always there to lend you an ear, Or give an encouraging word to calm any fear. Now I'm the one in need for I hurt like hell, The counselor needed consoling and knew it all to well... And you were not there! Are you upset with me for something I had done? Did I invade your space or ruin your fun? Whatever the reason, whatever the act, Even if it's nothing, there's no escaping the fact... That you were not there! So here now I sit feeling abandoned and alone, Listening to nothing but a Winter wind's moan, With millions of questions swirling in my head, And this feeling of loneliness and wishing I was dead... BECAUSE YOU WERE NOT THERE!!!
I Got A Call From Heaven Today 12/25/2007
I got a call from heaven today. He said that he was near. I got a call from heaven today. He said that he was here. He said he knows the kids are wearing me down. He said he knows I'm worried. He said he knows i'm tired and that I'm growing weak. I got a call from heaven today. He said that he was near. I got a call from heaven today. He said that he was here. He said he knows I moved and that it took awhile to find me but now he'd be my strength and would always be around me. I got a call from heaven today. He said that he was near. I got a call from heaven today. He said that he was here. written by Laurie Shields 12/25/2007
Cleaning Out Friends And Family Lists
Over the next few days I will be cleaning out friends and family lists. I am leaving comments on e1's pages if comments aren't returned or you and I don't talk you will be removed
When I'm with you, eternity is a step away, my love continues to grow, with each passing day. This treasure of love, I cherish within my soul, how much I love you... you'll never really know. You bring a joy to my heart, I've never felt before, with each touch of your hand, I love you more and more. Whenever we say goodbye, whenever we part, know I hold you dearly, deep inside my heart. So these seven words, I pray you hold true, "Forever And Always, I Will Love You g07
Want Some New Year's Skins ?..
New Years Profile Skins!Another Holiday = pretty NEW skins for ur profiles! As always, feel free to browse my skins or click the pictures below to rip the skins u like! Have a Safe New Years and Try not to have too much fun ;) Browse all my skins by clicking here! If you would like a custom one, just send me a PRIVATE ME
Nascar Here I Come?
So last night me and chris went to do some shopping and what not. as i get on the connector to come back i notice this SUV right on my tail and flashing it's high beams, which of course prompted me to do about 20mph, just to piss him off. as we exited the ramp this blatant asshole then decides to honk at the car in front when the light JUST turned green. final straw. chris, infuriated turned around and threw up both middle fingers for a good half a mile's ride. i did what i do best. blocked him in behind a car and me, both of us doing a max of 25. then when he tried to get in front of me i gunned it to about 85mph to block him in behind a city bus as to not pass me. the rest of the trip was about 15mph. do NOT piss me off when i'm driving. i'll make you pull your hair out.
My Son
Thank Jesus my son was able to sign out of the hospital for Christmas Dinner...Knowing he would have to return the next day...He is now back in his hospital bed or his other home as we refer to it...His doctor came in this morning and told him he is dieing...She said that they can not wait any longer to remove his kidneys as they are doing more bad then good for him...Arrangements are now being made to transfer him from Fresno To San Fransisco....They will first start his dialisis and then shut down his kidneys and remove them....We are asking all to pray that Jesus guide the doctors and hold my son as to keep him safe....Please sticky this 4 me....KNIGHTSKITTY
Been Here For 5 Days And This Is What I Have Observed..
I have been here 5 days today and what I thought was going to be an enjoyable time seems to always overcast with certain issues that make no sense. I have seen people get territorial over men or over me when I have in no way approached them into thinking anything will come from it rather than friendship,been ask to get married,to be there girlfriend,sent gifts and ask why I have not responded to there gift because it was sent out of love,why haven't I crushed them.I think you get the picture. There is still the issue going on about the game I played with a friend of mine.I will now take my chances and see if there is probable cause to pursue him.I will let it be known now I do like him very much,but this is our business not yours. What is up with all of this.I was under the impression that this is the Internet and it is a free country,If there is something going on in your life that makes you feel insecure about yourself,please seek help.You have to love yourself before you ca
Yes I Write A Little
Love, compassion, honesty A simple soul made just for me Are you out there, are you searching too? I need a lover, best friend, someone true We see the same moon every night Yet I sit here alone with no one to hold me tight I promise to be your everything, your perfect twin soul A simple girl, a simple heart Needing you, and a fresh start The world tore me up, people lied I got bruised, stepped on, I cried I have gathered all the pieces of my heart, all but one is left to make my heart complete I need you, your heartbeat When my world fell apart Everything stopped for me The rest of the world continued I needed to be set free The love I lost was a powerful fuel For it wasn’t him I was fighting It was with myself that duel God sent me an angel, who makes my life worth priceless, Yet something in me needs more I am searching for another soul to love us both as a whole The hurt has subsided; my prayers answered all but one I am thankful for that I have, but my que
Do You Really Mean It When You Say You
to go through the shit i have had to go through in the last few months? I've been told, yes, i know what your going through, or yeah i know.... blah blah wtfever... Let me get this off my chest before i just spontaniously combust... Well, I left my husband of 5 years, bj, this past august, yest just a few months ago. moved back with my parents in north carolina. that right there is hard too, but better than living with bj. then one night after a particularly big fight over the phone with bj, mom and i went to the local watering hole for a few drinks and man bashing... low and behold i meet a man, craig. i had been catching up with old friends and making new ones and fall completely head over heels in love with craig. a few weeks into it, he makes up all this shit saying he doesn't believe i'm being honest in our relationship, so i drop just about everyone... till i find out 2 months later he had been sleeping with his ex the whole time. well, she lives in myrtle beach, s
What Would You Think ?
OK I LIKED HER COMMENT ON A MUMM SO I FIGURED I WOULD ADD HER (Ms.Cleavage) so I rated and faned her before i added her and she shouted me and here is the rest (The shout conversation ) Ms. Cleavage: so..........................? ->MORE: so ?????/ ->MORE: lol nice Ms. Cleavage: you rate, fan and join... and nothing is stated by you. ->MORE: did i not leave you a comment why i would add you ->MORE: plus had to eat breakfeast lol Ms. Cleavage: yes... Ms. Cleavage: so that is it? ->MORE: what would you like me in a bow Ms. Cleavage: LOL... no Ms. Cleavage: did you know you get points if you leave a comment? Ms. Cleavage: real cute ->MORE: what is Ms. Cleavage: your method of comments ->MORE:what my music comments now i am rateing her and comments on some now these are not dirty one's there my usual comments like (hot legs and good morning beautiful and she had the nerve to block me whats your thoughts ??????? Ms.Cleavage #156363 http://www.fub
01-01-08 (first Of The Great 08 Debate)
Happy 08 Gee - it seem like I haven't seen you since ... since, well since LAST YEAR! Does anybody ever watch the parades anymore? I don't think I have since the 80's Now about you: Do You Watch NY parade? IDK - I guess I've never really been a parade kinda guy ... Thinking back to when I was real young - I remember seeing the big 'ticker tape' parades on TV then seeing a small town one in real life ... just seem to let the steam outta the concept for me So, I start you with a 'small' nonevent Tuesday comment ... Just never like the big "to - do" days! I'd rather celebrate daily events than a hallmark holiday Heres the first comment (greet) from yours truly of the year, I hope it finds you with full of promise and ready to explore that which is unknown: 2008 - let's make it GREAT! YaY I guess I have to say something GOOD about hmmm ... it -IS- the day before "HUMPDAY" Oh yeah THAT -and- it's no longer
Rip To My Son Blake Ashton Perkins Dec 29 2007-jan 1 2008
Blake Ashton Perkins was born on Dec 29 2007 at 1:30am.I went into labor with him on my birthday Dec 28.Blake was born at 25 weeks Gestation.Born at only 6 months he was 3 months early weighing only 1 pound and 7 ounces and 12 inches long. He was taken to a NICU unit.He was on a ventilator and his lungs not not developed yetI thought he would make it thru it it look good for a couple of days till the doctor said he was bleeding on both sides of his brain the doctor gave me and my boyfriend a choice to let him go on like this or to take him of life support and hold him in are arms for the frist time so we decided to take him off life support for he was in pain and the doctor said he wouldent make it past 5 days he passed away on Jan 1st in our arms im so glad my boyfriend and i got to hold him even if it was for just  1 time.You never know pain till you lose a child that was the hardest thing i ever had 2 do but he couldent be in pain any longer.we was looking so forward to to him now h
Your Name In My Next Blast
Ok the First person that buys me VIP will get their name in my 3 Day Blast thats ready to be launched.
Own Me For A Month
I'm in a contest that Drew is having, this will be my first contest...Highest bidder gets to own me for a month...I will rate all your pics and stash during HH will give you 11's during HH...You will need to go to Drews page for the rest of the contest rules, and what you will get out of it besides what I'm offering...Come on, you want that attention from me for a month don't ya??? I promise not to bite TOO hard :D..Some of the rules highest fu-bucks bid wins me--or buying gifts like blasts, tickers, VIP, or anything like that over rides any amount of fu-bucks!!!!.While you're at it, pls rate the other contestants she has running in the contest as a personal favor for me...If you're not interested in owning anyone, just pls visit Drews page and give her some rates for the work she's done...Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this...Oh yeah, click my link to get you to the right place...
I Haven't Been On Much...
I became very sick at the end of October and haven't been able to be on very much since then. A prescription the doc gave me to control my allergies made me deathly ill. A few weeks ago we found out what was making me sick but unfortunately it has taken it's toll on me and I have picked up every virus and infection that has come down the line since. Yesterday I ended up in the emergency room. :-( I apologize for not commenting back or answering many emails. I hope I'll be able to spend more time online again soon. I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years! ~Rose
Sexiest Ride Yet!!! Hop On The Death Train!!!
DEATH TRAIN This is a fan, Rate and Add Train Its an easy way to gain Friends/Fans/Rates so come and ride! Its easy to join and a fun way to meet new ppl Here are the rules... 1. MUST add/fan/rate Conductor (me) and ALL the riders, all people will return the love 2. Contact Conductor (me) by fu-mail when FINISHED Fan/Rate/Add Everyone 3. When adding the people make sure to put DEATH TRAIN in the message 4. If the person is already your friend, leave DEATH TRAIN in a comment on their page 5. You dont have to be lvl 10 or higher but you do need a salute to be added! 6. You will be added after you finish fan/add/rate all the people CONDUCTOR Deathtrain416@ fubar ASSISTANT CONDUCTOR † Lady Faŋ‡azia ~ Fu Mis‡rėss †@ fubar RIDERS Cappy@ fubar *~$inful*~ MiSSin My HoRsE fan/rate/add PLZ@ fubar lauria ♥Shadow Leveler♥ Proud owner of Hopeless Romantic@ fubar HANKSTER@ fubar
How I Feel
I can't sleep, I'm always thinking I'm staring at the wall, my eyes aren't blinking I'm wondering where life will take me, when will it end I feel so alone even though I have my family and friends. I use to know who I was, but now it's like I don't know me I lost myself now, and I may never again be happy. I use to cry and get shy, when I thought people would stare I use to help people anyway I could, but now it's like I don't even care Time changes everyone,and yes I mean all I stand alone, if I don't make it will be because of me if I fall If I never trust anyone, then I'll never get hurt My feelings will never get stepped on or ran through the dirt. The closest one to person, will be the first to do them wrong fast They'll talk behind your back, they'll bring up your past. Sorry if it's the truth and I'm just trying to be real Hate me if you want but this is how I feel Copyright © 2007 Damon Taylor
It Still Bleeds Through
Emotional confusion, Living this illusion, My hands are tied, my arms are bleeding, Begging, pleading, wanting, needing. But still I will bend for you, Never want to end for you. The deepness of emotional ending, Wanting more but still pretending. I still want to break for you, For all the shit i've put you through, For all the things you'll never do, I cover the cuts,it still bleeds through. And I'd give it all away for you, I'm begging it to stay for you, For all the things I'll never do, I cover hurt, it still bleeds through. I cover up my battered truth, I'm a waste of life,a waste of youth. Sometimes I feel I am of no use, I'm hanging by my pretty noose, Wanting to be good for you, Wishing that i could for you, I'm doing all you want me to. I cover pain, it still bleeds through.
Pussy Licking Mmmmmmmmmmm
Gifs at Gifs at Gifs at
Any Takers?
So I was thinking I need a fu wife. Anyone want to take me up on it?
To True Friends
Heres Some of the Greatest Friends You can ever have.. ClassicBeauty"Goddess"AGENT47SuperStarrPrincess***Proud Owner of The Sisterhood***MIZZ SHADY LEADER OF SHADYS POSSE S*U*P*~Hunter~HELLCAT O'NINE TALESBOBBYBONES~DSC ~!~ BobbyT645~!~~Irish The Infamous ~ Plus as well as the Greatest Friends that are above. I want to say Thank You to all my friends that have so dearly helped. i don't want to forget anyone cause I'm thankful for the Love & all the New Friends that I'm meeting now as well that have help so dearly. Cheers to all OF YOU !!
Very Dramatical-n-stuff
So my hair...tis very long..and goal was to grow it to my isnt quite there yet and I find I am restless with it. I want to change it up..thinking curls would be quite adorable...but not dramatic curls...some definite curliness so it simplifies things as curling irons are ineffective and I can't stand hairspray. I need to trim it as its length is difficult...some days. Oh to be a woman and not able to decide what to do... so I will ask if any of you think I should do something different and to let me know what you think would be clever and just perfect for me. by the way I am simply checking in with everyone today if you want to chat say hello...I know only a dozen people actually check my blogs but maybe today will be different :P
today is so uneventful. i'm doing all i can to not fall asleep at my desk. though earlier i noticed something funny i was telling Ruby about. I painted my nails dark blue yesterday because I was so bored....My nails match my hoodie.... my hoodie matches my car... lol. Talk about color coordination.
Bullshit, I've Been Thinking About....
Final Chapter (perhaps) In the end it is the same, A little more silly and insane. Life is not any fun, The light has been taken from my sun. In darkness I find peace, through the light of dark I now sleep. No more bothering presumption, No more busy life consumption. At peace I will stay, at least forever and a day. I have no love to give, everyone shows as i live. "DUMBSHIT, Jackass, FUCK UP.... You no help to anyone. Now you rest where you belong." Those words I fear, I will hear; not to long.
My Daughters Surgery
I just wanted to let u all know that I wont be on as much as I usually am for a few days because my 16 month old daughter Janessa had to go to Childrens Hospital of Pittsburgh to have surgery. She fell and cut her self between the legs and they had to put her to sleep and numb her to get stitches. She went to the hospital on the 6th and had the surgery yesterday. She is home and doing pretty good so far. So please pray for her! She definetly needs it! Oh by the way there are pictures of her in my me folder while she was there!
Sin 101
Hello my name is Sindy. You can call me Sindy or Sin and here is what you should know about me. 1. I'm very sweet until provoked 2. I'm a writer by trade and work in the IT Field 3. I love Greek and Egyptian Mythology...they are my favorite subjects 4. My favorite color is pink 5. My favorite food is Sushi 6. I love music...especially rock, classical and contemporary. My favs are G N R, Metallica (not st. anger ) Jeff Buckley, Three Days Grace...etc 7. I love my family and my friend Miso (she's on my page) and spending time with's my fav thing to do. 2nd and 3rd would be reading and listening to my ipod. 8. I'm here to make friends...not to help you get off 9. Respect me and I will respect you 10. I really do like to get to know people. What you like, what you don't etc...So if you're looking for a nice person to talk to and possibly make a good friend then hit me up. If you're just trying to talk about some dumb shit then keep going. 11. If i did not ask to see y
If You Are A New Lounge Or An Existing Lounge Needing A Shoutcast Server Read This!
Hello everyone, Im just throwing a blog up to tell everyone that Im selling shoutcast servers for Cheap have made alot of sales and have had alot of good comments about the servers its self. You can go to my website and check out the prices. If you have any questions please feel free to click the 24/7 live support link on the site and when you do make shure to click the drop down box on the live support where you put in your name and email address to where its on Shoutcast servers. Thankyou everyone and If you run across anyone that needs a server Please let them know that im up and running. You can also get to the page by clicking the banner below! Prices are allways flexable.. Im not in to selling the servers to take your arm and leg from you.. Im here to help you guys on getting lounges and everything set up!! Please spread the word and let everyone know that im out here and offering Awsome servers and services!! Please leave co
About Me
Name: Kimberly Michelle ... Age: 29 Born: January 6, 1979 in Richmond, VA Currently Live on the southern North Carolina Coast Other places I've lived: Western Michigan, Mountains of NC, South Carolina, New Jersey, Boston, Tennessee...and others I was too young to truly remember. Places I've visited: Minnesotta, Pennsylvania, Canada, New York, Salem Massachusetts...Hoping to add many more to this list someday as I love to travel & explore. Things I LOVE: Music, Art, Animals, Theology, Psychology, History, All things Mysterious, Writing, Reading, Relaxing, The ever changing Sky, Storms, Expression... Freedom, Movement Things I Loathe: Alarm clocks, Telephones, Shopping, Drama, Liars, Cheaters, closed-mindedness, lack of integrity, SPIDERS ~shudder...Clowns freak me out, Discord, Dishonesty, Dispair, Pain, Heartache, Dependance Siblings: 2 younger sisters, both different & beautiful in their own ways Children: Not yet...but hopefully someday Business
To All My Lady Friends
I asked God for Shelter, He gave me a home. I asked God for Wisdom, He gave me Knowledge. I asked God for Health, He gave me Medicine. I asked God For Beauty, He gave me Nature. I asked God for Beautiful Skies, He made them all Blue. Then I asked God for a Miracle, That was when God Created You.
Pwned By Morrigan
I'm PWNed by Morrigan, the Wiccan Warrior. How shall I perform my servitude? Wash her feet and dry with my hair? Nah....too jewish. Shall I...wear dog collar and be her foot stool? Nah....too S & M. I has no ideas but Her Wish is My Command.
Fubar Over Family
I know so many want to know if I'm okay...well yes I will be. Some may even laugh but SiN is not laughing... I am just dealing. My daughter got some scissors today and decided to cut Barbies hair. Then moved on to her own. She is 4 years old and had think long hair down to her ass... I would kill for her hair. Anyways I still love her to death just not a happy camper tonight. So this will be a drinking night, I need a stiff one. She looks like a little Shirley Temple now.. Plus I know things could be worse and I'm thankful she did not hurt herself and also that I used to be a hair dresser... fixed it up to where she look sorta cute. HOWEVER ALL THE LONG HAIR IS ALL GONE! :(
Contest Update!
hey all! i hope everyone had a great weekend! mine was awesome...filled with a whole bunch of laying around being lazy :D:D so, i want to thank all the contestants in my hottest mummers guys are awesome, and have been doing so well!! here are the standings: pebblesinaz - 518 votes misterfeet - 294 votes kristen victoria - 257 votes the bully - 243 votes dan727 - 218 votes alice in wonderland - 193 votes ********************************************** those are the top 6 right now in the standings! dont forget to let your friends know...THEY CAN COME BACK AND RATE AGAIN A WEEK AFTER THEY RATED THE FIRST TIME!! the contest is now closed to new entries. :) if you have ANY questions at all...please send me a shout or private message :) thank you all. i love all my friends!! have a great week :)
Buhbye Biatches :)
My VIP expires tomorrow and at that point my account will be deleted. I was gonna just leave with out saying bye or anything because well you know how people are with that on here, just thinking u are saying it for a rate but lol i have nothing for you to rate :P I thought by just leaving it would be rude with out thanking my friends. You guys are awesome, were always around when it was time to make that final push to leveling. Those whom bought me blasts and VIP's I truly appreciate it; EVERYTHING! And thank you for getting me to the point I am at. I do feel horrible about those whom have bought me things on this site because now its about to just up and poof but its just come that time for me. I can only enjoy something for so long and than it gets old. After the levels increased and I knew it was going to be impossible to reach the final level I did not feel the need or want to level any longer. I do not care what my rank is on this site though it would have been c
I heard about it from Deanna.Your 55 yrs old when are u gonna learn to stand on 2 feet.This is Virtual Realality Most of us this is our last thing before death.Sassy tells everyone your a Simpleton a moron.Your not all there.Your a hell of a Leveler VIP u desire to come here your welcome I'm not the ass I once was.I will be you friend.But this is not the KOW where Drama Rules. I HAVE NEVER SAID MY SISTER WAS A MORON DEANNA WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TRYING TO PROVE? THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE IS THE MORON NO ONE ELSE. i DON'T NEED ANY BULLSHIT, i GOT YOUR NUMBER NO ONE WANTS TO BOMB JIMMY CAUSE HE NOT ONE OF YOU MEANING JEFF AND YOURSELF. NO ONE ASKED YOU TO. I'M BEGINNING TO THINK YOU BOTH HAVE ISSUES.
So You Want To Level Up, Eh?
My name is kins, and I am the best of giving out advice to people on the fubar. Your desire to level up and get more pointz is a common one, and there are a number of things you can do to increase your chances of levelling up. Below are ten easy steps to levelling up. Use them wisely! 1. Make friends! It sounds simple, and it is! Pick a person at random, from off of those moving people at the top, and on their profile page, click "add to friends". This sends a request to people to be on their friends list. People like flattery, so try including a comment about their profile in your request, such as "I see you like the music of Paul Simon. I too like the music of Paul Simon, will you be my friend?" The good part is, you don't even have to like the music of Paul Simon, this is just a lie. Not everyone will accept the request, but lots will. 2. Have lots of photos. More photos means more rates means more pointz. Also, if you wear less clothes in the photos, men will look
I'm stoked. I got a hefty Christmas bonus, most of which went to pay off my car. I got an unexpected property tax return, it went to the same place. I made my regular payment yesterday and guess what my remaining balance is. You'll never guess I'll just tell you. $364!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!! I sooooo can't wait to get that car paid off! And I was sooooo excited about it that I had to tell everyone so :P
Took U 4 Granted
I was gonna call but it slipped my mind, You knew I did that from time to time..... I wasn't mad at you, was in a great mood Hanging with the wife & kids, eating good food.... Figured I'd go to your house soon & talk about life Anything from my job to my lovely wife...... You knew I never had my dad and it was a need You took it upon yourself to lead... You gave be guidance taught me how to be a man I hope you know that I did understand... You felt as my moms brother, it what had to be done You hugged me several times, like I was your son... I should have called and I am feeling it now Man this hurts and I can't even explain how..... I feel so bad, I just should have made a call Even for a few minutes, just to talk baseball... I will never take the ones I love for granted again.... I promise you that until the bitter end.... LOVE YOU UNCLE JOE R.I.P 12/30/07
Fubar Queen Voices Her Appreciation 2 U !!!!!!!!
imikimi - Customize Your World I want to take this time out to Thank All of You who Rated, and Left Comments for me in the Queen of Fubar 2007-2008 Contest. Even if you just stepped in one time and rated or commented Thank You. I want to also Thank Big Poppa and AKAMRS_T for the chance to run as Fubar Queen in their contest. I want to thank the other contestants for being apart of the contest. And Yes Ms. Nic Thanks for being a great challenger. Thanks to Dylon and My fellow Sister Divas who supported me! I also saw so other family who helped me out along the way in my quest for my Queenship, Thank You As Well. But Last But not Least, Most Importantly Thanks Goes out Tremendously to my Family NBSD for all their Constant Love and Support During this Contest!!! Signing OFF.... Your 2007-2008 Fubar Queen, "Thickndaazz4ya"
The Rights Of Gays And Lesbians
I was reading a Mummm about gays and lesbians getting married and what people thought of it. To most of what people was saying I agreed but for some I was highly disappointed. Yes, I am a lesbian and I am getting married in March. I belive in God as much as the next person but I disagree that God will send us to hell for who we love. To the ones who think this way you should be ashamed of your selfs. There is a saying that goes "Dont judge a book by its cover" Although I am a lesbian there is more to us then just on who we date or who we love or who we sleep with. What gives you the right to judge us?
A Gntleman-like Manor
Dear friends i will share with u today another "never forgotten" moment, a moment that will remain in my mind for as long as i will live. It was an early morning, 18 october 2007. I was going to work. My work mate was late, as usual so i decided to take bus. As the bus stopped, i couldnt help but notice a man, around 37 with long hair, talking on the phone. I took a sit and started talking on the phone but looking at him from time to time. Sometimes our eyes were crossing but just for few seconds coz no one was daring to watch more. He also talked on the phone all the time. At some point i realised that i have to get down. The man went near the door of the bus, sign that he will also get down. And i couldnt help but thinking that "what wonderful thing it would be if he gets down and helps me also to get down". The bus stopped! The man got down and without even looking behind him, where I was, he raises his hand to help me get down. In the moment i gave my hand t
A Funny And Different Contest!
I am calling it "The 5 Thinger Discounted Contest!" I have had so much fun with the contests I have been participating in. I decided I have to host one of my own so I can sit on the other side and enjoy the comments and action. NO COMMENT BOMBING! J-Roxx has set a good example with her rates only contest and I would like to go that route. I want something fun and funny that others will enjoy keeping up with as well. So, not the sexiest this or that but instead.... The most creative and original picture using 5 random household items. All pictures need to be SAFE FOR WORK! Some ideas: toilet paper, toothbrush, blanket, game controller. Maybe you fit five random things in your mouth, or tie them in your hair or bathe with them (in a swimsuit of course.) Whatever you can think of that will out funny the next guy. All entrants will receive a gift and 5000 fubucks for playing along! Third Place will recive a 1 day blast and 50,000 fubucks. Second Place wil
For The Expectant Mom
The Lord has sent you a gift from above, Someone to nurture, someone to love. Comfort (him/her) through (his/ her) troubles and fears, Guide (him/ her) through (his/her) teenage years. Help (him/her) through life's troubles and tasks, give (him / her ) advice to whatever questions (he/she) may ask. Understand (his/her) reasons for (his/her) truths and lies, give (him/her) a smile when (he/she) laughs, and a shoulder when (he/she) cries. Before you know it, (he/she) will be walking down the aisle, (he/she) will be all grown up in just a short while. (He/She) take with (him/her) life's lessons learned, (He/She) will also have your love and respect, two things (he/she) will have earned.
Only Me!
The other night I was at work when it happens, I looked like a complete ass in front of everyone. We were on a roof trying to talk down a suicidal patient. When some other medic decides to call my phone. Well I had my phone set to vibrate earlier and had no clue that it had some how gone to loud mode. Well as I am right behind the patient telling him that things will be fine and that I am here to help him, my phone rings and all you hear is the funeral march. Well damn that just made everyone stop and turn, they all had the look of horror on their faces. We thought for sure the patient would freak out, well he didn't and we were able to talk him down after 6 hours on the roof. Good thing he had a sense of humor and wasn't offended, and we were all able to get a laugh after all was said and done. I just don't think I will ever live this one down, and no I am not Death contrary to popular beliefs folks! *Note to self Turn off cell when on scene*
Get A Grip.
Here we go again. Last I checked I was still single and able to decide for myself my actions or lack thereof. I have been on Fubar(remember Cherry Tap) for close to a year now and have seen how this is a microcasim or reflection of what we encounter in the real world with one exception. Everything is a bit more concentrated here. That includes that ugly 6 headed monster we all know and loathe as "Fubar Drama". Seems that some that I have befriended here are of the opinion that their spin on things is not only the best one but the correct one without even knowing all the facts, without trying to see the situation from something other than their own view and are now the Judge, Jury and Exicutioner because of this. Those that have been here awhile know that we all have had a Nasty, Vile, taste of this drama and how fast it can create a life of it's own. Some have had to delete their page altogether and start over while others endure the storm and rebuild. It is now my turn in the barrel w
If You Find Me ......
If you are one of the very few that sees me behind what I show the world then please tread lightly Kindness, truth and giving will touch me and I will answer with compassion, honesty and feeling The sharing can be amazing The passion white hot But ... If you found me by accident then let the temptation to manipulate pass … Walk away without a trace of your discovery For fragile and vulnerable is what lies within ~ unprotected my heart hides nothing and I can be broken easily So If you find me Please ...Tread lightly
Things Guys Should Loose Their Balls Over!
When you have testicles there is some shit in life you can do that should have you stripped of them. Here is some of that shit. -Wear a pink shirt: When babies are born the only thing used to tell the difference between male and female is blue and pink… That never changes. Stop it. -Peirce anything: I see an earing, I think gay. If you aren't gay, buy a calender… It's 2008. -Tan: "I went hunting and killed me a a couple deer today, what did you do?" "I went to the tanning salon." I rest my case -Type any of the following: LOL - TTYL - ROFLMAO - TEE HEE. Say any of that shit out loud… I fucking dare you. -Drink any form of coffee that has more than two syllables in it: COF-FEE . If you say Non fat carmel macciatio, with light foam, and whipped cream… You deserved to be bitch slapped for putting that much work into ordering anything. Steak.. Beer… Check please. -Extending your pinky while drinking: Who the fuck are you… Pr
If You Care...
Alright... thought I'd write about this now cause I'm upset and what better time to do it then now... right? I need someone that is probley just as screwd up as me one way or another... a man who dosen't just stop and say your sexy and fucked up things like hey... wanna date me out of the blue! Some one that actully cares... since no one really does truthfully... today I was gonna shut down Catacones... why? Cause no one wants to come chill in there EVER I work my ass off to promote and get nothing from it... I haven't gave up 100% though... but you know... Caring is the most important thing to me... I would do anything for anyone if you haven't already found that out and I know some of you have! Now because I'm damaged in so many ways... being raped 3 times and beaten in most of my relationships you know I'm Agoraphobic because of all of this... well... then I've resorted to having all my friends from fubar... Thank God for Fubar!!! So... no I can't go and meet you in
You May Live In Canada If....
Forget Rednecks, here is what Jeff Foxworthy has to say about Canuks: If your local Dairy Queen is closed from September through May, you may live in Canada. If someone in a Home Depot store offers you assistance and they don't work there, you may live in Canada. If you've worn shorts and a parka at the same time, you may live in Canada. If you've had a lengthy telephone conversation with someone who dialed a wrong number, you may live in Canada. If 'Vacation' means going anywhere south of Detroit for the weekend, you may live in Canada. If you measure distance in hours, you may live in Canada. If you know several people who have hit a deer more than once, you may live in Canada If you have switched from 'heat' to 'A/C' in the same day and back again, you may live in Canada If you can drive 90 kms/hr through 2 feet of snow during a raging blizzard without flinching, you may live in Canada. If you install security lights on your house and garage, but le
A Snowy Day (straight)
A Snowy Morning (straight) It had been snowing most of Friday night, so when Michelle peaked out her bedroom window at seven Saturday morning, she was tickled. She enjoyed living in Winchester, as it always got a plenty of snow. She loved sitting at her big front window, with coffee in hand to watch the snow fall. She went to her kitchen, only to realize the one thing she had forgotten, on her last trip to the store. She looked out to at the street, it seemed there had been little traffic yet. She thought she would just go by the local diner for coffee. It should be nice, since they have big windows looking across a field. She showered, then put on jeans and a sweater, then grabbed her keys and headed out. This was one time, she really appreciated having a garage. As she backed out, there was already about four inches of on the ground. She took her time, enjoying the empty streets, where all she could see, had been covered in a clean white powder. As she turned o
If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane I would walk right up tp Heaven and bring you back again No farewell words were spoken no time to say "goodbye" you were gone before I knew it and only God knows why My heart still aches with sadness and secret tears still flow what it meant to love you no one can ever know But now I know you want me to mourn for you no more to remember all the happy times life still has in store Since you'll never be forgotten I pledge to you today a hollowed place within my heart is where you will always stay
Snake Bite Radio Now Streaming
Look Who's Streaming Snake Bite Radio !!! FUBAR Lounges The Block - Dysfunction Junction - Spirits Den - Club Twisted - The Cabana Club - Rebel Lounge - Not Your Average Lounge - PrisonBitch Pod - Third Times A Charm - Southern Rebel - FUBAR Personal Profiles Streaming Snake Bite Radio Jokers Wild¢â V 1.0 - ۞FUBAR Funny Man۞The Blocks Executioner۞@ fubar ♫ ¢Ü DJ Aimee ♫ ¢Ü¢â@ fubar ~*~Krazychick~Owner Club Erotic~SBR Promo Mgr~@ fubar
Is It Possible?
We live in a crazy world. There are a lot of crazy people. And then are not so crazy people that simply have different views, morals, priorities, interests or lifestyles than you do. In all of this mess, men and women search for love. We look for treasure amid trash. The Holy Grail: one person that we can love who will love us, that we can respect, and that will treat us with respect. We look for a loving caring partner to have a fulfilling and long-lasting relationship. But where do we find people? We find them at our jobs, we find them in our churches, we find them in bars, we may even find them at a gas station or grocery store. Some have used personals adds or dating services. And they say you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince or princess. And then, you meet people, and they put their best foot forward... try to be likable... This gives you a false picture of who they are. Eventually, they get tired of standing on their “best foot” and you start to see h
Pissed Off
The Death Of A Child
Some random thoughts i found whilst surfing Children are not supposed to die...Parents expect to see their children grow and mature. Ultimately, parents expect to die and leave their children behind...This is the natural course of life events, the life cycle continuing as it should. The loss of a child is the loss of innocence, the death of the most vulnerable and dependent. The death of a child signifies the loss of the future, of hopes and dreams, of new strength, and of perfection. When a parent dies, you lose your past; when a child dies, you lose your future. A wife who loses a husband is called a widow. A husband who loses a wife is called a widower. A child who loses his parents is called an orphan. But...there is no word for a parent who loses a child, that's how awful the loss is! Parental grief is boundless. It touches every aspect of a parent's being...When a child dies, parents grieve for the rest of their lives. Their grief becomes part of them...As time p
To Big For Their Britches
To big for their britches, I've notice that there are people here that once they've reach a certain level here on fubar, that they change their whole attitude, even to their friends that's known them before they've even join on here. They'll shoot up thru the ranks so fast that they become egotistical and start making demands that they wouldn't have ever thought of making when they first sign on to fubar. I just lost a friend like that tonight, because she shot right on up and now she want fubuck for certain acts and when I asked her about this tonight, she just told me to go ahead and delete her and then she blocked me. I feel sad for her, because all in all, this is only a virtual world and it seems like her true personality has come to light because she got to big for her britches. But who'll be there for her if she tries to take this type of attitude out in the real world, her fubar friends? I don't know if there's really that many in fubar like myself, that actually does care for
2nd Neurologist Visit
I had my second visit with the neurologist yesterday. He said my MRI showed no signs of MS but did show a bulging disk in my neck. He said it's possible that we may never find an exact cause for the migraines and all we can do is try to control them. In the time from my last appointment to this one which was roughly 18 days I had 3 migraines and had to go and get a pain shot, which alarmed him at the amount/frequency of headaches I have. He increased my Topamax to 100mg twice a day and I have to return to him in one month. I'm still able to take the Stadol nose spray for severe headaches to try and keep me from having to get a pain shot, so that's a plus. Thanks to all those who worry about me. I ♥ you all. MUAH
Responce To The Kirsten Fuck-wit
While I may be wrong that your husband is not in hospital, you very much over played his condition, i.e. you saying he was "A VEG, HE CANT WALK OR TALK OR EVEN SWALLOW was simply not accurate. His dramatic recovery is proof of this, as is the need for only 3 hours of rehab a day. please note these opinions are that of a highly experienced medical professional, not my own. You "the grieving partner" managed to bog and beg for money within hours of it happening. I find that callous and disturbing that your first thoughts were for poor old you not the "Veg" in the hospital. I will forgive you for your pathetic command of English on the grounds that to quote a friend "you have big boobs" , but I cannot forgive such selfish and callus behaviour regarding the pathetic begging. Maybe you should think about getting a real job, like the rest of the world and stop trying to be some half assed model. As for me attacking you in the mumms don't feel special I attack everyone, its the charac
My cousins trevor and olivia were in an accident.. i just got an e-mail from my uncle.. here is reads.. Trevor and Olivia were in an accident this morning in Perry Florida while headed back to Tallahassee. Trevor may have fallen asleep. The truck rolled several times ejecting both him and Olivia. They were air lifted to Tallahassee Memorial. Joyce and Brain are there. They are in pretty bad shape. They need our prayers!
Omg Sooo Sexy
Ok one thing on here that Bugs the living hell out of me is guys who call me names like hot sexy omg you look sooo good. Reality check ? No I am not hot sexy or any of the above or otherwise words that describe that. I can safely say I have never been hit on in person 1 time, and yea thats true. I can also safely say I am Ugly, Not everyone can be beautiful or beautiful in their own way, bs. Some people have to be ugly and different , such is life Ive accepted im the different one. Yes im beautiful on the INSIDE but thats about it. Dont try and convince me otherwise because to me its just smoke out of your ass. I wont be the girl someone goes head over heels for, just a second option to mess around with because apparently thats all guys think im good for, and when i tell them i dont do that and I want a real relationship They dissapear. So before you waste your breath calling me names thinking im going to do something with you, STOP. Btw my favo
Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut
Much to my delight, our psycho pharmacy tech is being axed. *hmmm, perhaps "axed" is not the term to use for a crazy woman....* Just saying she is a flipping psychopath doesn't even begin to describe what we have been dealing with for the past 7 months. She walks around with the goofy smile and these tiny squinty eyes, and from day 1 I told management that darkness lies behind that smile. It's like she's envisioning disemboweling you, and strangling you with your own entrails. And the inappropriate giggling....NO ONE will have spoken and she'll burst out with laughter. I don't know whether one of her personalities told a joke and she won't share it with us or what. I just hope that the company will pay for kevlar vests for all of us since she will probably come in to pick up her final paycheck with a semi automatic.
~ Please Bid On Me ~
To all my Family, Friends an Fans.. I Moonchild (Dream Weaver), have decided to step out of the norm for me.. ~ Dungeon Master MustangDos~Husband to Troubleina~'s~ is hosting an auction which I entered.. The auction begins Feb, 1 - 8.. Please show me love...
Hearts And Souls Will They Mend.
I have made a lot of friends, won some hearts, and lost a few a long the way. I know I made an impact or an impression enough for them to stay. I am fighting cancer, and life is so trying. Yet I find myself wondering why me. I have been ripped of ever having children, and I married a man whom had two beautiful sons. I took them under my wing, and called them My two Sons. Their father was cruel, and put me down so I had enough told him no more love was there to be found. He took my kids, left me alone. Now I am stuck in life my pockets empty, and my house hollow. My heart, and soul have been shattered, bruised, and tore apart. So how can I find the strength to make a new start. I lost my hero 3 years ago, and god I miss him Dad I love you so. Cancer is a terrible thing, noone should endure the pain. I certainly have enjoyed my journey here in Fubar and the friends I have made along the way. Bauer you are the definition of strength, and thank you for your Blogs. To Pops
It's Not A Week! It Is A Nightmare! Sort Of...
Hello friends, family, and FUbarians! Lend me your eyes. I have not come to bury T~Bear, but to complain for him. But not really... It's hard not to quote the occasional Shakespeare, even if license is taken. Forget the slings & arrows. Somebody might get the wrong idea about me! :) I just wanted to tell anyone that would take time to read my blogs (you know who you are!) to let you all know this news flash! I have a G#@#%^&+n head cold! I get one about every 10 years, and this is my lucky year. I am a terrible patient, especially since there is nobody here to wait on me hand & foot. I knew I had wives for some reason! I guess that is not enough to bring them back - YIKES! Now I am delirious heh heh! So, besides my demanding, drama queen kitty, I have pretty much been a lump since Sunday night. I have been idiotic and going to work, then I come home, meet the cat's demands, and go to bed. I must meet his demands or he might kill me in my sleep. The weather has not been coopera
Inner Child
As I rock myself back and forth..tears falling from my eyes...I see flashes of a little girl, so small ..pale with big green eyes. She looks so scared, confused, alone, heart goes out to her, I feel her pain. I fall to my knees and tell her it will all be ok..she looks at me blankly a tear she wipes away...her lip quivers not knowing who to trust...I hold my hand out and say "come to me little one, I will never hurt you like you have been hurt before ..I will love you and nourish you and never let you go. Our eyes meet...her little hand touches mine, My body our bodies entwine in a soft embrace it's then I knew....that little girl needed a mommy...a mommy she never I opened my eyes...hugging my knees...I knew I had to be the mommy... The mommy of me.
The Infamous 4 Letter Werd
k first i had to take the caps off cause i just realized i sent out three emails with them on. I just would like to know is it wrong for me not to want to live a jerry fucking springer episode anymore. I mean it is possible to live a life free of insane fucking people to love right. I mean i should be able to expect to love someone and have them love me back. Now i don't mean you know say occasionally "i love you" and then go and do every fucking thing in their lives pointing to the contrary. I am prepared to get some hopefully emotion full responses to this but please lets try to keep the accusatory tones to a minimum por favor. I just really think i have a right to tell someone that treats me like that to just shut the fuck up. Am i wrong in that justification . I mean the whole concept of saying you love someone is really just merely like some sorta reminder or to accent the other things you actually do right now and then. It isn't supposed to completely embody the entirety of said
Just So You Know:)
Just so everybody knows I have another account do to some personal reason if you would to add me please shout box me for inform... and I have a new yahoo If you want it please shout box me for it too... :)I will keep this account as long as I have my vip which is for a while.... hope to hear from you soon!! XXXXX Honey!!
She Said Yes!
My girlfriend of two years said yes to my proposal of marriage - which took place on the Carnival Victory. Let the wedding planning begin! Feel free to offer Shinygal your congratulations on her profile: Shinygal - Go Big Blue!@ fubar
Hot Girl / Ugly Friend
There is a phenomenon which all guys are aware of. We'll be walking through the mall on our way to Spencer's Gifts when we see two girls walking next to each other. The first girl will be super sexy, and have the features one would desire when selecting a mate to pop rocks upon / up-in. Then our eyes will focus on the second girl to gauge which will be the target of our sexual dexterity. Often times the second girl will be of slightly lower caliber than the first girl. By slightly lower I mean she would lose a beauty pageant to Jabba the Hutt...she is blessed with nature's perfect contraceptive -Yes, girl number 2 is fat and ugly, aka a 'fugly'. It doesn't make sense - girl number 1 is rape worthy: her clothes are sexy, her makeup is whore-tastic, and she has that look about her that makes my undies sweat. Yet she is a swan mingling with a wildebeest...what the hell is going on? It's like a reality show where they pair opposites together and wait for everything to blow
Down With Haters!
Okay. What the hell is wrong with people? I haven't been on Fubar all day... I come sit down... help a friend with HH... Check my friend requests, my new profile comments... pic comments... And this is what I find from a level 5 male I've never seen in my life that doesn't even have a real pic for his default: And he decided to go nuts with the 1's as well. Then he blocked me. This happened like 12 hours ago. Like I said, i was afk. So I couldn't even shout him and tell him thanks and I hope it was happy hour cuz he made me a lot of points with all his rude hateful comments about my girlfriend and me! So umm... If you care to "thank" him for me... This is him: Your Favorite Lesbian, EZ2FU P.S. Maybe he was mad when he found out I was gay cuz he thought EZ2FU meant "easy to fuck?" ?? LOL
I'm Single .........
And Looking for a Fubar Valentine's Date All you have to do is leave ONE comment on why you believe you should be my fubar valentine's date. The person with the best answer will get me for Valentine's Day! It will be up to me to which answer I think is "best" I will send the winner at least one Fubar gift on Valentine's day and also attach to my name that you are my Valentine's date. This is NOT an actual AUCTION, so that means you can save your fubucks and real money!!! How sweet is THAT? I will be making my choice by 8:00 PM Fubar time February 13th. SO CLICK THE PICTURE AND Tell me why you should be my date IMA SLUT BUT NOT YOUR SLUT ..V-DATE LINK CLICK HERE @ fubar
Never Too Late Lyrics
This world will never be What I expected And if I don't belong Who would have guessed it I will not leave alone Everything that I own To make you feel like it's not too late It's never too late Even if I say It'll be alright Still I hear you say You want to end your life Now and again we try To just stay alive Maybe we'll turn it around 'Cause it's not too late It's never too late No one will ever see This side reflected And if there's something wrong Who would have guessed it And I have left alone Everything that I own To make you feel like It's not too late It's never too late Even if I say It'll be alright Still I hear you say You want to end your life Now and again we try To just stay alive Maybe we'll turn it around 'Cause it's not too late It's never too late The world we knew Won't come back The time we've lost Can't get back The life we had Won't be ours again This world will never be What I expected And if I don't belong
Help Me Win This Milf Contest!!!!
Hey guys!!! You will find that the letter below explains what this is about!! I need YOUR help!! I am in the MILF contest held by a local radio station... please take the time to vote for me!!! Voting starts on Monday, Feb 4th at 7 pm and ends Friday @ Midnight!! HELP ME WIN!!!! Here is the link.... Thanks so much for your help!!!!!!! PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE!!!!!!! Hi Brianna - Just wanted to let you know that you are a contestant in our Feb 2008 MILF contest !! Voting starts Monday at 7pm and ends Friday at midnight. So tell all your friends, family, MySpace and Facebook friends and whoever else to go vote for ya! This month, the first place winner will score gift certificates good towards salon/spa services at the new Douglas J Aveda Institute in downtown Grand Rapids. You can check out what they do at The webpage you'll go to for voting is:
Pitbull Mafia Family Rocks!!!
What This Used To Be...
This WAS going to be where I blabber. Let loose. Rant, rave, and bitch. I'll talk about people, attitudes, personal experiences, and a lot of whining and complaining. [I changed my mind. It's not going to be anymore.] If you're not happy with things like that, or you might get insulted because I mentioned you (not by name, I'll always change that) then I wouldn't suggest reading any of the posts I make in this specific blog. If you think you can handle it, the raw naked truth about my feelings and my thoughts, then by all means, browse and enjoy. I refuse to abstain from saying what I want in here, because it's my blog. It's going to be family only, too. If you clicked on something, it's YOUR choice to be subjected to whatever is in there. Don't come bitching to me about things that I say, because everyone has the right to their own feelings and thoughts, and there very few, if any, people in the world (aside from my Mom - yeah, so what?) who can tell me my feelings are wro
My Sister's Of Fubar
Make an on-line slideshow at
Superbowl 3rd Qt
Your kisses are sweeter, your body still tingling from your orgasm we lay there in each others arms. I kiss you and begin to laugh you say oh no what. Grinning i say don't worry. I begin kissing your neck again you feel my kisses wet as I begin kissing downward. Teasing my way down your belly as I kisses and nibble my way to your belly already it begins to flip as I lovingly make my way down your beautiful body not wanting to miss an inch. Moaning as I reach your clit you moan loudly as I begin to softly run my tongue in slow tantalizing circles. Sliding my finger slowly deep inside of you, moans of pleasure come from deep inside my tongue and fingers causing you to breath faster moan louder the tightening of you stomach tell you your close MMM you growl make me cum baby. I do as you ask, speeding up Teasing you inside and out it builds. You feel me circling harder on you clit my fingers sliding in and out faster and faster your there you feel it coming you grab my hair saying yes
Tag You're It
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1.) Love F1 racing - Ferrari rocks. 2.) Led Zepplin - Greatest ever. Old enough to have seen them in 1972 Sydney Australia. 3.) After 20 years in my job will be finishing in June 2008 - wondering what life will bring after that - scarey thought 4.) FAvorite drink - Rum and coke. Captain Morgen here, Bundaburg Rum back home 5.) Love WOMEN - Gods greatest gift to man. 6.) Life is what you make it - I've made mistakes but you learn to say - well can't change it move on and try and learn 7.) Am a little shy till I get to know you then - You better watch out - LOL 8.) Cant sit still too long. Maybe thats A.D
Speaking My Peace
I want to say thanks to J-Roxxx again for being such an awesome hostess. This was the first rates only contest I participated in and it was fun up until the end. I have to say if you are on my friends list and you in any way think I or any of my friends or supporters cheated in this contest you are sadly mistaken and extremely pathetic. Let me break down the final 24 hours for you. Everyday Misterfeet and I were back and forth and sometimes tied. It made it much more interesting I have to say. He had his friends helping and supporting him as I it should be. One of his friend in particular had the spotlight the day before the contest ended and was able to reach a lot of people. I decided that I wasn't up to pushing anymore and was physically tired that night as well as tired of bugging my friends about the same thing over and over again. So, I let J-Roxxx know I would accept second and put up a blog thanking everyone for their help and that I was done. T
Bombing Family (again)
Ok after all the thinking and listening to all of you this is what i am going to do. I am bring back the bombing side of this family,now as for officers well that is still up in the air so for now Bigdawg69 will head most of this up and i do think most of you know him now the rules will change just a little but for most of all will stay the same. Okay now all of you ask for this and i am going to expect you to live up to your end again we can be one of the strongest bombing families on here but we cant do it with out work and not giving up for giving up is for weak people and i don't believe any of you are weak just please make your yes mean yes this time. every one is to check in with the home page when you sign in every day and read all blogs from myself, Bigdawg69 and the homepage and please leave and your answer on each one. Ok family here we go and all i am asking is don't let your self down along with this family you know it is work and if you do your part we will be
Talking To Grandma
The Letter. My grandmother has raised me for 22 years of my life and it's not like I want to sound ingrateful because I'm not. But now her being her age and everything, she either takes things the wrong way. With me moving out soon, I don't want her to treat me like I'm ten anymore and allow me to live my life. I don't know, she just wants to feel needed, I guess. She needs to makes sure she cooks for me, takes my birth control pills or just to bug me about showering. (No, I don't have an issue showering) And if I tell her that I'm 22 and I know how to care for myself she takes complete offense to it. I really don't know how to say something to her without causing her to be upset at me. But I really can't deal with her babying me like I'm ten. Ms. Chantilly Lace, help me explain things to my grandma. My Response. This isn't an easy thing to deal with, and I'm sorry you're having to go through it. Tell her that you love her and you're thankful for everything t
Eye Pools
Eye Pools Written By me I fell into your eyes. I can not look away. I want to stay for an infinite eternity. I fear to wake from this fantasy of pure ecstasy, For my vision of heavenly beauty, I may lose, To a new reality. If I shall lose my vision of sheer loveliness, My heart shall pain me More deeply than the heart Of a poet should Ever endure. Our meeting, Our fate, Is pure destiny. For I have never felt eyes As intense as yours. I want to speak, But I feel as if Your eyes Have read every page, Have read every note, Have read every word In my mind. The only question left is, “Will you be mine?”
The Beauty Of Love
You came to me in a dream one night. I saw you cast in a brilliant light. A beauty so rare, you couldnt be real. In that very instant my heart you did steal. No distance too far, no space too wide. Nothing on earth could keep me from your side. One smile from you will illuminate any room. The sparkle in your eyes washes away my gloom. Id sacrifice a lifetime for just one moment with you. To feel your love, there is nothing i wont do. I will gladly give my life, if it means preserving yours. A lifetime in your prescence is worth a thousand wars. My heart and soul are yours for as long as I may live. My unconditional love, support, and respect, Ill always give. My world without you would be lonely, empty and bleak. With you at a distance my weaping heart grows weak. With you in my heart my eyes are blind to all others. I long to see you as a beloved wife and mother.
Where The Hell Have I Been??!!
*Waves Hi!* I know it's seemed like forever since I've been around but actually it's only been a few weeks. Historically, when I see people bitching in the bulletins about the site or the drama...I've been very consistant in saying "If you're that bothered...log out". I've taken my own advise. Right now (and this may change later) there is so much "non fun" related things happening on the site that I chose to step away for a while. My real life is very full, I've been working, traveling and working on I have been very active on site for almost two years now and I really just needed a break. The addiction to fubar is a very real thing and I had to evaluate how much time and energy I was spending on here versus how much time I could be doing something else in "real life" that makes me equally as happy and is equally as fulfilling to me right now. I am NOT ignoring anyone. Many times I am logged on but if my status says "BBL", I'm more than likely not around.
Tagging You!!!!
YOU CAN ALL THANK/BLAME Jae my big BRO FOR THIS. Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I am Alex and I am A dork! 2. I snort when I laugh too hard 3. I put chips or fries for you Americans in my burgers hehe 4. I giggle about anything 5. I can kick your ass if I want to but i just feel sorry for you hehe 6. I have a scar somewhere on my body...I am not telling :P 7. I like to play with my food 8. I have 130 pairs of shoes hehehe 9. I have a potty mouth when required 10. I love junk food haha I pick: 1. Fatty 2. Jimmy 3. Brian 4. Ronnie Ron 5. Jae
My Big Night
should i wear my pink thong or my white one for my big date tonight. help me make up my mind?
Ok, This Is What Is Going On....
On February 1,2008 I met the most amazing guy! We met because he posted a mumm that I felt was really worth giving my advice on, I commented, then seen he's in GA as well, so I went to his page, rated, fanned and added him. We started chatting, on the shoutbox at first then on yahoo...I watched him on his stickam on his profile while talking to him...We talked online for hours then we talked on the phone about an hour when he asked if I had anything planned, I said no, then he asked if he could come see me. Normally I would say no and want to know the person longer, but my gut was telling me to go for it and that it was right, so I told him he could. He drove 5 hours to see me, when he got here we ate, then talked for hours, flirted a little lol or maybe alot lol. Then we laid down to go to sleep, we looked at each other and continued to talk. We started play arguing when he said something to me like, "you're just all talk", then I said, "what are you going to do about it PUNK!" Instan
Fun Note: Tag Yer It
The rules are: Once you've been tagged you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose 10 people to be tagged. List their names and why you chose them to be tagged. Don't forget to leave a comment thats says "You are tagged" on their profile and to read your latest blog. Have fun! Ten Weird or Random Facts of Antoinette Aka B.E.A: 1. Im 22 minutes older then my twin sister. 2. Im 5 ft my twin is 5'6 3. Im average weight my twin is 400 pounds 4. Im brunette my twin is blonde. 5. I wear a 6 in shoes my twin wears a 10. 6. Im right handed my twin is left handed 7. Ive light eye's her's are dark, 8. I cant stand my toes to be constricted in anyway. 9. I must have candels & insense. Fresh scents. 10. Ive not seen my birth mother in 15 years. She is moving in with me this summer. Tagging: *Frank The BullDog Cause he gave me my name here. *Beary52447, for my first & last H
My Coke Rewards
Ok I know it's long as hell but damn is it funny! ->Mrs. Robinson: then why do you still reply My Coke Re...: maybe if I gave to shits on what you really had to say I would actually listen ->Mrs. Robinson: maybe we need to just agree to disagree and find you a new psychologist My Coke Re...: no, if YOU hadn't said anything, we wouldnt be in this situation. ->Mrs. Robinson: well if you didn't get so angry and defensive in the first place we would be in this situation now would we My Coke Re...: I would have if you did make that rude comment, but again, that's your ammo, getting people pissed off & then trying to see what truly is wrong with them, when in most cases it absolutely nothing. ->Mrs. Robinson: you could have moved on yourself as well but you chose to be an angry fucker My Coke Re...: well if you didnt want my shoutout, you should have blocked them.......not my problem if you left it open.....again, all you had to say was nothing & I would have moved on, but if you
Ive talked to a few people lately, and of course everybody is asking, how I am. Well the truth is not very well, I feel as if I am a little rowing boat in the middle of the largest ocean, just sailing around aimlisly, without any direction. I have been spending more time with my children and family as well, which is natural. As for the future of me on fubar I dont really know, Ive still got 3 weeks left of my VIP, but my heaert isnt in it at the moment. I know I could take a break from it, but i know from experience the last time, a lot of people just forget about you, you become a distant memory. To leave Fubar would mean to leave behind the lots of good friends I have on here, maybe over time I will be guided on what to do. A couple of people have asked me lately to do them graphics, to be totally honest I havent opened my paint program since last week, or if I do it just sits there blank, my creativity has gone also for a walk around. Hopefully within the next 3 weeks i mig
Blah Blah Blah
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. As real as I try to be on the internet, I'm a very shy person in reality (this may come as a surprise but doubtful). 2. I rarely get cold and have in fact worn shorts on a daily basis for the past year and a half. 3.Sometimes while playing video games or watching football I get really angry and punch myself in the head (not smart I know). 4. I still pick my nose. For one, gross I know, it's just a boredom thing. 5.I'm a lazy bastard, plain and simple. 6.Love animals, someday hope to be a veterinary nurse. 7.I'm half Cypriot, not that I look it, but my mum is a greek cypriot so I am. Have a lot of family fr
Things You Might Not Know
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I'm 5' tall 2. I have a chow and 2 cats 3. I'm scared to death of heights 4. I do volunteer work at a local Elementary school and I LOVE it!!!! 5. I love sunsets at the, surprise 6. I really don't care for sweets 7. I rarely turn on the tv..would much rather listen to music 8. I was a cheerleader...eons 9. I live in Fl and hate 10. I have a zillion allergies...maybe not a
She Picked Me..
YOUR IT TAG cuz Furby said Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. Weird/Random Facts 1.- I'm underage but get served at bars. 2.- I can sit and eat cream cheese right out of the container. 3.- Coconut cream pie makes me sick. 4.- People who are too cocky make me want to slap them. (Jeepman, please read this one! lmao) 5.- My best friend is my mom. 6.- I take better care of my hair than my body. 7.- Pink is my favorite color!!! 8.- I typically always wear black, but I'm not gothic. 9.- I swear incredibly too much. 10.- SugarSpice made me do this and for that I'm mad! (lmao, Love ya Suyer!!) *I'll post those who I pick to do th
Valentines Day... Blah..
valetines day.. a day for love, a day for romance.. a day to chereish your other half and aprreciate having them... a day to treat someone you love with all the love respect and honor you hafve in your heart.. unless.. you don't have anyone to share it with.. like me.. i spent last valetines day alone.. and again this yrear... makes me wonder if i'll ever have anyone to share it with.. it seems not.. i have been let down numberous times, by the ones i love.. i give everything i have and more, i am dependeable, loyal, i don't cheat , beat or mistreat.. but still i get walked on..i get dumped.. i get lied to.. i get used.. for moneyt, for sex, for resources, fro influence... why?? can't someone appreciate me FOR me..isn't there anyone out ther that wants a nice guy?? yeah i'm a little rough around the edges, yeah, i used to be a bigtime hell raiser, yeah i love dirty jokes.. so what.. doesn't every guy??? is there anyone out there that wants me?? isn't there anyone out there who thinks
Tag, You're It
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. Have fun! 1. I'm born and raised in Colorado 2. I owned a construction Company in Denver 3. I've given myself an IV 4. I've never done drugs, and I hardly ever drink 5. I went to CU, but didn't graduate 6. My garage isn't big enough 7. I lived in an RV for 2 years, and loved it 8. My dog died and was 22 years old 9. I have a date for Valentines day 10.I'm gonna be a grampa again in July Passing the torch to. Blueroses, hardtobeat, onesxybrat, Sharon, Tulsa's angel, and Adam Tag you're it now pass it on woodywoodman nailed me with this, so blame him ~}woodywoodman@ fubar
You've Been Tagged!.....tag!!!! You're It!
I have been tagged by 'Lil' Tony19', so I have to write down 10 facts about me! Once you've been tagged.. you have to write down ten facts about you.. then tag at least 5 more people... 1. I was 10 yrs old when I was lost in the forest for 24 hours and made my Dad spanked me 25 times. He was mad as hell! 2. I was in my second yr. college when I joined Gamma Beta Sigma Fraternity/Sorority (GAMBETS), and I was known as one of the terror master. 3. I was in my 3rd yr. college when I had my exchange duo paddling with my senior master brother for 5 consecutive paddles. Bad for him, he allowed me to extend my hand 180 degrees angle that hit him so bad. 4. I was 27 when I got married. 5. I first travel abroad at age 32 at the expense of the company. It was an opening chance of my career. 6. I became a widow at age 44. 7. I am a kind of person who are highly strung to feel well. I mentally exhaust myself too much and rarely get enough sleep and rest. 8. I am att
Tagged !
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I LOVE MY A$$ ! SERIOUSLY I'M OBSESSED. 2. I LOVE BEING SINGLE(90% OF THE TIME)..IT'S BY CHOICE 3. I REALLY LUBBZ MUH HOOKAZ NANI AND RO ! 4. I LOVE CLEANING AND DOING LAUNDRY. 5. I LOVE WATCHING NASCAR 6. LOVE DRIVING FAST,BUT IF MY SON WITH ME I DRIVE LIKE A GRANDMA..LOL 7. NOT A HUGE PARTY GIRL,BUT DO GO OUT 1 OR 2 TIMES A MONTH TO GET MY DANCE ON. 8. I WRITE EROTIC STORIES..I DON'T PUT THEM ON HERE BECUZ I WANNA WRITE A SHORT STORY BOOK ONE DAY AND DON'T WANT MY IDEAS STOLEN. AND YOU BETTER BUY A COPY : ) WHEN I WRITE IT 9. I HAVE OCD WHEN IT COMES TO CERTAIN THINGS.LIKE THE WAY MY HOUSE IS CLEANED AND HOWS ITS ORGAN
Hepatitis C Myths And Facts
Hepatitis C Myths and Facts Fact Hepatitis C is a virus that infects the liver and circulates at very high levels as much as millions of little viral particles in a droplet of an infected person's blood. The virus is transmitted by blood-to-blood contact such as occurs with a blood transfusion, receiving a tattoo from a dirty needle, during intranasal cocaine snorting when sharing razor blades, or when sharing intravenous needles. The virus can have a prolonged asymptomatic period for many months to years and can come to attention through routine screening, at the time of blood donation, or when a person infected with the virus develops symptoms of the disease. The symptoms, which are fairly nonspecific, include fatigue and joint aches. Occasionally, the disease is not diagnosed until its end stages at which time liver failure has ensued. There are many myths about hepatitis C that are perceived as truths. This article will debunk some of these myths and provide the facts abo
Crazy Sex Facts
Crazy Facts on Sex Some sex facts on men 94% of men lie about their penis size. According to condom manufacturers, only 6% of men use extra large condoms. The average man is 5 inches long when erect (no matter what you have heard ladies, that is the truth). 80% of American men are circumcised. Even though Pediatrics say it is not necessary. No matter what all the ads say, nothing can make your penis grow but time (most men reach the end of their growth by the early 20's) There is no correlation between penis size and shoe size, hand size, or nose size. Blue balls do exist! It's technically called "prostatic congestion." Only 16% of men shave their privates. Some sex facts on women Only 9% of women around the globe consider themselves "attractive" (20% of British women do). 43% of women use the term "natural", 24% say they have "average" looks, 8% prefer the term "feminine", 7% say they are "good looking", and 7% say they are "cute", and finally only 2% of women say
13 Steps To Recovery/integration For Soldiers Becoming Civi
13 Steps to Recovery/Integration for Soldiers becoming civi Body: 13 Steps to Recovery/Integration for Soldiers becoming civilians. 1. Admit: "I was in the Army; I have a problem." This is the first step to recovery... 2. Speech: Time should never begin with a zero or end in a hundred, it is not 0430 or 1400; it is 4:30 in the morning (AKA God-awful early). Words like latrine, overhead, fourth point of contact, bunk, and "PT" will get you weird looks; bathroom, ceiling, and workout... get used to it. "Fuck" cannot be used to -replace whatever word you can't think of right now, try "um". Grunting is not talking. Nobody knows what "hooah" means. Admit it: you don't even know what it really means. It's a phone, not a radio; do not use words like roger, say again, send it and conversations on a phone do not end in "out" People will not know what you are talking about if you tell them you are coming from Fort Huachuca with the platoon or that you spent a deploymen
Tagged 3
Dammit Wolfie! The rules are: Once you've been tagged you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose 5 people to be tagged. No tag backs. 1. I was an only child until I was 9. 2. I would rather text than talk on the phone. 3. I have an office supply fetish. 4. I especially love pens and Post-its. 5. This is the third time I've had to do one of these blogs. 6. I absolutely, positively HATE being called baby, sexy, hun, sweetie, or any other pet name by random strangers. 7. I have been arrested once: at 17 for minor consumption. 8. I used to have the "Cocktail Poems" from the movie Cocktail memorized. 9. I have just realized that if you read all these tagged blogs it makes me look like an alcoholic. 10. I supplement my lack of sleep with energy drinks and pure Taurine runs through my veins. TAGGED: Slapnuts Superman Proud To Death Delta Outlaw Havok35
{cc} Mumms
I have to laugh. I don't understand why people who hate my "style" of mumms keep showing up to them. All my mumms clearly have {CC} in the title, and I've gone to making the {CC} first so in the alert box everyone knows EXACTLY what to expect. I try to keep the people who don't appreciate my humor out of my mumms so I don't have to hear them bitch and whine....but it doesn't work. Certain people keep showing up, when I know they despise everything I write. What the fuck? Are they gluttons for punishment or just that fucking dumb?
"new Flash"
Ok lets get this out in the open, So there is no misunderstandings, Its Seems some of my friends, Or that call themselves my friend has a problem with a certain person on my page..Well I am going to be up front and honest about it..He calls himself "The Colonel" and he happens to be very dear to me and he is here to stay.He has always been there for me, He was there for me to talk too, cry too when my Mother past away he really does care and felt my pain, And I had a few other friends that did the same thing.Colonel is a wonderful man and very respectful to me.And everyday that passes he does something special to brighten my day..And I love him for that!!!Plus other reasons... Him and I have both been through some terrible times in our life, and I will always be there for him as he is for me.. I will NOT tolerate childish DRAMA on my page,It's just dumb!!!Life is to short to have to deal with such stupidity.. When I join this site,My only plan was to make s
Wanna See My Nsfw Folders?
Well it's come to this... I've been checking to see who looks and rates which pics. I've noticed that I get half the rates I used to on my regular folders because everyone spends their time in the NSFW folders. That's cool, I'm glad you like looking at them. But I think it's only fair that if I give you a little something (namely T&A), you should give me something in return (namely rates). So for the time being, I have closed my NSFW folders because I'm tired of being fu-used. I'll open them back up when I feel like it. Until then, go rate the folders I have open now. You might learn something new about me! Go figure, I'm not all T&A. Thanks to all of you who rate my pics on a regular basis and are my real friends. To the rest of you, it's up to you when the folders get opened again. And trust me, you'll want them opened after the fun we're about to have tomorrow ;)
Valentine’s Day: For Me To Poop On.
I was looking through my old blogs, and I decided to repost a blog that I wrote one year ago from today.. Mostly because I'm so happy to see that I am still the same cynical asshole that I was.. 360 days ago. Ah yes... Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching. That fantastic day in which I wish that someone would visit me the night before and smother me with a rose scented, pink and red, mother fucking goose down pillow... (It has to be goose, because I've always wanted to experience death by feathers...) Because God knows that the commercialism of "love" and various other Hallmark enriched products is going to be doing that the day of, or for that matter, the entire week before. Sappy love songs.. Chocolates.. I hope all that fucking chocolate goes straight to your hips and your ears bleed from the shitty music written by douchebags with no balls. Meanwhile, anyone that listens to "Every Rose Has Its Thorns" should break that cd in half and slit their wrist
The Guy I Want
To every guy that's said, "Sex can wait" To every guy that's said, "You're beautiful." To every guy that was never too busy to drive across town (or across the state) to see her. To every guy that gives flowers and a card when she is sick. To every guy who has given her flowers just because. To every guy that said he would die for her. To every guy that really would. To every guy that did what she wanted to do. To every guy that cried in front of her. To every guy that she cried in front of. To every guy that holds hands with her. To every guy that kisses her with meaning. To every guy that hugs her when she's sad. To every guy that hugs her for no reason at all. To every guy who would give their jacket up for her. To every guy that calls to make sure she got home safe. To every guy that would sit and wait for her for hours just to see her for ten minutes To every guy that would give his seat up. To every guy that just wants to cudd
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I may have a mohawk, and an earring...but i'm as country as they come at heart. 2. I sometimes struggle between being a MAN...and the urge to break down and bawl. 3. I'm a softy for animals and kids..I'd shoot a room full of grown ups over one 4. Sometimes i get frustrated because I can never think of sufficient ways to show WIlla how much i love her. 5. I've been shot, stabbed, and beaten. 6. I believe that some legends are too universal not too be true. 7. I used to be a youth pastor, and i gave my first sermon at 16. 8. I spent a summer during high school building an orphanage and houses
imikimi - Customize Your World
February 14th
What a stupid fucking day. Fuck off. Feel free not to wish me a Happy one.
Some Vday Graphics :d
MyHotComments since i dont feel like copying and pasting every comment to you, here are the ones i have dubbed as adorable and in need of sharing. love you all! MyHotComments MyHotComments MyHotComments MyHotComments MyHotComments MyHotComments MyHotComments possibly more to be added later
Peace Out :p
OKies well Im just getting a bit too excited and impatient to start over. I want to do it fast and quick because its gonna be soo hard to leave this name and start over.. I just hope I dont cry hahahaha! Sooo I will be doing it well I dont know when.. could be in an hr or not till tonight.. hehe If you want to stay my friend let me know now!!! So I can save your link and re-add you! I just hope I got everyone I need too, if I forgot anyone Im sorry and I hope we can find each other again on this site and can re add then! Last Blog of Godfather GamerChick hehe soon to be GamerKitten Freshmeat lmao :P Peace out
Ya know what I hate more than anything??? When freaking Adam is upset or annoyed, and then like, ignores me and doesn't talk to me, and gets all pissy with me... hello? I mean, I LOVE HIM... HE LOVES ME>... we're supposed to talk to each other and work stuff out together... but... NOOOOO MEN suck balls like that... they're all like "OHHH i LOVE YOU... but i don't want you in my business".... asssholes... so there's my rant for the day
My Ex And Her Day
No one here really knows much about my ex-girlfriend, Bree. We were very serious for a total of six years. We seperated five months ago after she told me that she had seen another guy in college, and had kept in communication with him since getting back together with me. I had sort of felt that she had found someone and resigned myself to the fact that she had moved on, I grew accustomed to it and moved on as well. She eventually moved back home and we started dated and big plans were made. I suppose she had the undying urge to confess before we moved further. And after days of exchanging biting words, we calmed down and seperated as good friends. About 4 months ago her new man moved here as well. We met each other and it was polite but we never became good buds. Bree had been pregnant for six months, apparently they had seen each other before he moved down here and before she had mad her confession to me. All this being said, I received a call late last night that she
Burning Sage
Burning Sage I came here to discuss what we might like to do Once I'd settled my affairs with the estate; Some was yours, some was mine but it all changed over time, And there's still yet more which we must trust to fate. This all occurred to me as I took an evening walk Through the old Blavatsky Plaza down the street As things slowed I socialized, And was pleasantly surprised by invitations To take tea and play Canasta on Park Lane. When the night was creeping in and evening light turned blue, A breeze hissed through the trees like ocean waves; I passed with hesitation by the house I shared with you Where the vacant open windows gaped like caves. As the creaking screen door beckoned, I floated up the walk, Where dried leaves skittered chattily on cement. As the wind began to moan, the eves would start to groan, Giving certain solemn tone to the event. I came here straightaway, with no thought to delay Because I felt the need to decorate your tomb; But
When We Feel That We Are Nothing Special
When we feel that we are nothing special When we feel that we are nothing special To someone else we are more than we know When we feel out of place There might be someone around the corner Who needs us the way we are When we are feeling down There is someone to pick us up When we are alone Just think of that someone And they are there When you feel lonely baby Remember these things To me you ARE special You mean a lot to me To me we are in a place together Even with the distance between us When you feel down I am ready to pick you up When you are alone or lonely Think of me, I am there in your heart

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