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I think it kind of sucks that in order for me to level up, I have to get NEW people to join this site. Everyone I know has already been invited and no one else wants to join. WTF am I suppose to do? I already have the 4 I need to level..they just aren't new, lol.   So how is everyone doing?
Random Sunday Evening Meanderings
I think the fact that a gift looks kinda like an art project from the 'special' kindergarten makes it more endearing, right? RIGHT?   Fuckit.   Why do some women put make up on like they're drag queens?   I don't wanna work tomorrow...wankersssssssssssss...I better get some good dutyfree, 'sall I'm saying.   I don't like people feeling obligated...I hate feeling obligated myself. STOP FEELING OBLIGATED.   People do not seem to understand that I might just do stuff for my own amusement...they seem to think I have Machiavellian tendencies...I don't have the attention span for that kinda shit...I CAN'T EVEN OPERATE A FUCKING SELLOTAPE DISPENSER!!   I still haven't done the stupid pome.   Do you know how many times I lost the sellotape today? Neither do I.   My balcony's starting to look like a lil wading pool...if the ducks land I'm leaving.   Fubar is very quiet this time of the night...*watches tumbleweeds go by*   My "lucky bamboo" seems to be dying - is that a port
Bad Bazookas!!!
See what flashing your bazookas can do??? BREASTS CAN BE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTHFlashing your husband can be dangerous to your health -- and everyone else’s.... One woman from Maine found out the hard way. As she dropped her husband off for work, she gave him a kiss, and then, just for luck, she also gave him a quick flash of her breasts.A passing cabdriver took a look, and then another, and was so intent on looking at the woman's breasts that he lost control of his cab, crashing into a nearby medical building and knocking off a piece of the building -- right onto the woman. Meanwhile, inside the building, a dental technician was cleaning a patients teeth when the cab crashed, and was so startled she jammed the dental pick into a patients mouth -- and he in turn, bit down on her hand so hard that he severed two of her fingers."I'm not sure why I did it," the Maine wife said after the incident, "I was really close to the car, so I didn't think anyone would see it."
Please Help!
My dear friend Guidomedic needs to be bought 12 times!!     Guidomedic@ fubar
One Week!
Now that we have had the rice and flowersThe knot is tiedI can visu'lize such happy hoursClose by your sideThe honeymoon in storeIs one that you'll adoreI'm gonna take you for a rideI'll go home and get my pantiesYou go home and get your scantiesAnd away we'll goMmm-mmm-mmmOff we're gonna shuffleShuffle off to BuffaloTo Niag'ra in a sleeperThere's no honeymoon that's cheaperAnd the train goes slowOoh-ooh- oohOff, we're gonna shuffleShuffle off to BuffaloSomeday, the stork may pay a visitAnd leave a little souvenirJust a little cute "what is it"But we'll discuss that later, DearFor a little silver quarterWe can have the Pullman porterTurn the lights down lowOoh!Off we're gonna shuffleShuffle off to Buffalo
Mumms even if they may be misspelled, shouldn't they at least be intelligible?  A.  Yes  B. We like the idiots
It's A Soulwhirling Kinda Day...
years later, out of nowhere. A box I forgot I still had. pale, near-virgin paper barely creased or ever read. The scent of your lipstick still preserved where you kissed it. The few only words you ever wrote me. "I'm glad we met." "I hope we can make each other happy." "we're a step ahead." ...we're a step ahead... I've heard that one before   I guess my time had come. Time that finally I'd walk in on...I guess my luck had run. Finally all run out, so I'll walk in on...I just want my friends right now. I just want my friends to help me out of this hopeless feeling I'm in, to forget what I saw. Panic in my chest. Clamp around my stomach. Funny when your heart starts beating faster (in a bad way.) God, how do I act? They haven't seen me yet. Turn, you stupid weakling. Walk away and everything will be okay. I just want my friends right now. I just want my friends to talk me out of the stupid things I might do if I go on like this. I should knock you both out right now. God
Stuck In My Head!
ooohh oh ooooh, oh oh oh ohhhooohh oh ooooh, oh oh oh ohhhIt's a cruel cruel world, to face on your own,A heavy cross, to carry alone,The lights are on, but everyone's gone,And it's cruelIt's a funny way, to make ends meet,when the lights are out on every street,It feels alright, but never complete,without you,I trust you, if it's already been done, undo it,It takes two, it's up to me and you, to prove it,All the rainy nights, even the coldest days,you're moments ago, but seconds away,The principal of Nitzche, it's true but, it's a cruel world,ooooh oooh oohh, ooh ooh oooh ooh, ooo wooahWe can play it safe, or play it cool,follow the leader, or make up all the rules,whatever you want, the choice is yours,So choose,I trust you, if it's already been done, undo it,It takes two, it's up to me and you, to prove it,ei ei ei ei ei, oh oh oh oh oh, ye oh oh,ei ei ei ei ei, oh oh oh oh oh, ye eh, ye eh, ye eh,I trust you, it's already been done, undo it,It takes two, it's up to me and you, to p
#2 Friend Jacko
My #2 friend Jacko is only 630k away from leveling...could you guys please help him.  I would greatly appreciate it.   xoxo,   GBT
Insomnia-tic Rants
Ok so im stuck awake, still i dont know how to feel, or if i even feel anything anymore,  i just want to crawl in a dark hole and not come out when i reach out for help to the one person who is supposed to hold my hand and says im  more important then other things, Doesnt reach out to me how am i supposed to react  I sit here and think what do i do wrong. I know its me. It happens in all of my relationships  Maybe I ask to much? When I ask what happened to us? and i get the same answer.  or rather the same silence,  How am I supposed to react?    You cant be in a healthy relationship if theres not an open line of communication  relationships dont grow if there isnt a way to talk threw obstacle's  that appear    Maybe its what my mom says, I'm attracted to the mentally screwed up people Starting with Mel, he had bi-polar then Nick - skitzo. then Zachary - PTSD. and MORE TO name.  and now Rusty. he has issues but ill be nice. and not embarrass him   I feel no love, and
Holy hell... So I'm on the service road of the 75 freeway here in N. Texas a few weeks ago, and my wife and I see this ridiculously painted car.  At first I thought it was some sort of promotional thing, but wondered why they would use such an old car? Then last weekend we saw it in the Kroger parking lot... maybe the guy who owns it works there or something.So naturally being the curious guy I am, I had to go look it up and wow... it's a total fad I had never heard about before.  Supposedly they're called Donks because they're tricked out old cars, most often Chevy Impalas... and the Donk part comes from the Impala logo looking like a donkey.  My dad drove a 68 Impala, that logo looked nothing like a donkey at all. It's a sleek leaping Impala in an oval. But anyway, that's the story. Take an old heap, paint it up with some candy theme, like Skittles or M&Ms and put outrageously huge wheels on it. The Donk. Now maybe I'm being a tad hypocritical here, because as my friends and neigh
The Video Bp & Big Oil Don't Want You To See [video]
Bird Poo
Blame the bird.   Going to see The Last Air Bender tonite.  I loved the cartoon.   My chippers broke and I still have brush on the ground from yesterday.   Is anyone else here related to Geronimo?  Show of hands?   Because I'm way more clear about what I dont want to do than what I'd actually like to do, I end up eddied out a lot.   Rode my bike downhill to the mall yesterday.  Rode back up the same day.  Totally worth the Jamba Juice.   Also yesterday, I came to the conclusion that I need a cape because I'm super retarded.   That about does it.  Wait... No...   THAT about does it.    
Funny Guy
My 15 year old son is cleaning off the top of my dresser in an attempt to kiss up to me so I will give him my Razor phone to use since his is messed up. He found some Campho-Phenique and yells "Hey mama, you still need this camp a hoe stuff?" He makes me laugh like no one else can
Wonderful.....laugh Away At My Annie Lennox, But I Have Had This Fabulous Song Stuck In My Head For Days
      wanna have you 'Cause you're all I've got Don't wanna lose you 'Cause it means a lot All the joy this world can bring Doesn't give me anything When you're not here ... Idiot me Stupid fool How could you be So uncool? To fall in love with someone who Doesn't really care for you It's so obscure... But I feel... Wonderful Yes I feel... Don't you know I feel... Wonderful God it makes me feel so blue Everytime I think about you All of the heat of my desire Smokin' like some crazy fire Come on here Look at me Where I stand Can't you see my heart burnin' In my hands? Do you want me? Do you not? Does it feel cold baby? Does it feel hot? I wanna hold you And be so held back Don't wanna need you But it's where I'm at Thinkin' 'bout you every day How come I was made that way? It's so surreal... But I feel... wonderful Yes I feel ... Don't you know I feel...wonderful God it makes me feel so blue Everytime I think about you All of the heat of my desire Smokin' like some crazy fire Come on
Nsfw Pics
I just don't get it. why do ppl down load random porn on here? don't get me wrong -I LOVE PORN , but I don't want to see random stuff. I want to see the lady that posts it. i want to see her bent over and spreading her legs. I want to see her with a finger dipping inside. And I don't want close ups. I want to see the whole package. The best looking part on a woman is her face. I want to look you in the eyes and picture you sucking my dick. I want to see the smile on your face as I go down on you. If I wanted random porn -I wouldn't get it here -I'd down load whole movies -elsewhere -and for free. Sorry ladies -but it's you and your curves I'm looking for -not some skinny bitch that I'll never get a chance to meet. Not a high priced whore that wouldn't want a 3 hour back rub. not A star whose cunt you drive a minivan down. I want you.
Trusted Friend
You touched my heart    and it sang....       of a song long forgotten.   You spoke to me of dreams,    and I allowed you to know       a part of me that was painfully shy.   You opened a window to my soul,    allowing me to be myself,       and the wind came to cleanse          my fear of intimacy             with the fragrance of cedar.   Your walking stick left tracks across       the tracks I follow in my dreams, And now-       I am reaching beyond that memory,          into the distance of future,
The People You Love
I'm thoroughly depressed this morning over something that happened (which I don't want to discuss here), it has left me desolate and drained. I've been crying all morning trying to sort it out.    The last couple of months have been incredibly fucked up for me and what happened this morning just broke the camels back.   Anyway, thanks to my step-daughter (yes, I still call her that even though i'm no longer with her father) the stress has been lifted. You CAN choose your family .... her father might be a donkeys ass, but she is the daughter I never had.   And I love her!   I need to make something to eat, as i've hardly had anything over the last week and i'm damned if i'm going to make myself ill again. So I have things to do, will probably be back later.
[the Purple Berries Part 4]
I get tired of making up new titles.Well my Gouf Version 1 1/100 is out of box and assembled.Not too many nibs. Not too shabby.Actually I really liked the way he came out.Had to lace about 100 beads the size of a pencil tip but...I dunno that's a point in itself.I started my 1/100 Gyan tonight too. job sucks.Jobs.My brother got the QA job at EA. He starts the 21st.I am stoked.He's staying in SLC but... *shrugs* that's not entirely a bad thing. I think I'm going to start poking at social worker jobs.Been doing it for a year. Could actually be doing itanywherefor more money.Clover's in heat again.And she's being a horny tard when she goes out so... of course I have to watch herAnd of course... its 100 out.Then what happened ohI had a sex dream about a coworker last night.That was fairly awesome.I was skateboarding... y'knowthe way skateboarders do awesome crazy shit in the video gamesand I was talking to the christian about how god damned awesome I am, and ...she wandered off to
This Is My Jam!
I fucking hate it when people say that. Except when I say it, and you better know it's in a mocking tone of every person that has said it every time in the history of the world. Ever.   I'm sick of being sick. I'm also sick of corporate political bullshit at my job, but at least my job gives me awesome benefits which soften any potential blows made against my financial standings when sickness sinks in its teeth.   *breathes* That was a mouthful. That's what she said.   Anyway, I'm "working" from home today. This aforementioned "work" basically consists of me fielding texts and emails while my boss is out of town, as well as coordinating a massive attempt to regain control of my Outlook inbox. Holy copiousness of correspondence, Batman. The last time I organized need-to-keep info and purged expendable emails was in May, and yet I still have 1839.. wait.. 1840.. messages to comb through.   What do I do and why do I have so many messages? I don't even know. I work for a drug scr
Are You Wild Or Mild?
You Are Wild You have a true sense of adventure, and you're always about to take the world by storm. You aren't wild to the point of being reckless, but you do enjoy taking risks. You get bored and restless easily. You crave continual excitement and novelty. You would be miserable if you were stuck by yourself for a day. You thrive off the energy of other people. Are You Wild or Mild? Blogthings: A Fine Line Between Insight and Stupidity
Are You Shampoo Or Conditioner?
You Are Shampoo When a problem comes your way, you jump at the opportunity to solve it. You're especially good at "cleaning house" and making sure a tight ship is being run. You find it easy to let go of the past and move on with your life. You're a big believer in fresh starts. You don't leave a lot of room for junk in your life. If something doesn't suit you, you're eager to toss it to the curb. Are You Shampoo or Conditioner? Blogthings: A Fine Line Between Insight and Stupidity
What Childhood Game Are You?
You Are Rock-Paper-Scissors You are very smart and mentally inclined person. You like games that test your brainpower. You are good at noticing patterns and making predictions. You can size other people up well. It may not seem like there's a lot to what you do, but you have a strategy for everything. You tend to think through every decision you make carefully, but you're also sure not to over think anything. What Childhood Game Are You? Blogthings: Our Quizzes Weren't Written By Bored 12 Year Olds
Why Are People Drwan To You?
People Are Drawn To Your Passion You are intense about every thing you do, and this intensity inspires people around you. It's clear that you care deeply about the others. You make everyone feel like they're your best friend. You are always doing great and interesting things. You leap into action. And while you're busy, you take time to connect and re-connect with others. You are very thoughtful. Why Are People Drawn To You? Blogthings: We're Not Shrinks, But We Play Them On the Internet
The World Isn’t Against You Its Just Fed Up With Your Dramatic Bullshit
How dare you play the victim here? This isn’t high school sweetie and you aren’t a teenager. There are consequences for our actions. Trust is earned and when betrayal comes in you lose any right to claim victim. I’m sure it does hurt but its suppose to… use this and grow. Stop jumping from one man to the next carrying the same problems from one to another. One day you will see and understand what the rest of us do.    I want to let the venom inside me spew into you but I’m better than that and you don’t deserve the energy of my words let alone hate   It’s going to be a rude awakening when you realize you can’t take care of yourself and something big actually happens. It’s true I was never a fan of you, simply you are the reason I don’t have many female friends. You prey on kindness and use it as a weakness. I may be a bitch but I’m up front I will stab you in the front.  I feel like a moronic bitch forever questioni
[pissing The Bed. Part 7]
Man I spent a lot of money this week.Mostly on shit I neededSome on shit I wanted.Alpha Protocolanother western RPG by Obsidian ispretty god damn fun.Its in the same bent and style of KOTOR and Mass Effect, but you're a ninjarg secret agent kthx.Just sucks that I'm pretty sure (because any time you check trophies on a game you can get a good feel for how many missions there are) that I'm 75% of the way through the game in one weekend.*sigh*That's the model now.$60 for one play through in a weekend.I'd go into greater detail but anyone that didn't get it from "this game is like KOTOR "and is still reading would understand the appeal, and any one else wouldn't read the six page explanation I've probably already written in another blog.So blow me.Got another shipment of cerano ham.I'm a happy camper on that front.It was all go go go this weekend though.Moving my granny... all that other general family bullshit that entails.And people arguing over curtains.CURTAINS!!!Thankfully my new uncl
Soooo... say you have a friend of the opposite gender that you met in college.  You hung out a lot, but never really went "there" for various reasons.  Fast forward to the interwebz age, some 15ish years later, and you find them on facebook.  This is someone who's never been overtly emotional or expressive.  Yet, after chatting occasionally online for a few months, they start signing their notes with "Love You" or " ♥ " or whatnot.  What does it mean?
Yeah, baby. That's how good sleep was. I went to bed last night with the slight onset of a migraine, but successfully deployed my anti-make-Amanda-feel-like-crap minions and slaughtered the bitch while she was still in her wake, while I was in the prime of my sleep. This makes sense. In any case, I feel much better today. It's that time of the month again. No, not THAT time, but I certainly wouldn't mind making some corporate losers bleed for 4-6 days. From the head. Our corporate office is in Boston, nestled three hours ahead of us in an alternate reality known at Eastern Standard Time. I received an email this morning from customer service that was sent out with the sole purpose to remind us, the stepchildren in Arizona, that the shipping department stops sending supply orders at 4:30pm EST. Basically, it continued to detail that if we could just go ahead and get our supply order requests in by 2:30pm our time, that would be great. I emailed back, albeit politely and biting my to
Wow. I Can Hear The Mashups In The Distance.
Oh I just love this.  YOUTUBE LINK
Seven Easy Ways To Promote Fubar
Seven Easy wasy to Promote fubarBy iC51NerdGoddessxFSTxFuMzYouTubexFUCT@ fubar Hello Fu's and Crew I have listed a few ways to promote you home of as you know I make videos on youtube to help promote the site and I also send out my mp3s to stations on and off which is one way to promote This site... Want some other ways? Read on: 1. Facebook - Of course but not your grandparents... your life long friends! has a Facebook page and if you have not yet joined this group plz do noe!  Group:!/group.php?gid=99622505954&ref=ts Page: 2. Twitter - Follow Us for all the latest News: Also Follow Scrapper: 3. All and Any Social Networking Site will do... where do your friends hang out? Why not bring them all together into one place? 4. Tagging fubar in awesome places and shooting a photo
Wake Up
three days grace, wake up ill put the video in the comments so it shows up for everyone.     I’m not sober all the timeYou bring me down at least you tryUntil we see this eye to eyeI don’t want you I must be running out of luckCause you’re just not drunk enough to fuckAnd now I’ve had it up to hereI don’t, I don’t want you It took so long to seeYou walked away from meWhen I need youWake up I’m pounding on the doorI’m not the man I was beforeWhere the hell are youWhen I need youWake up I’m pounding on the doorI won’t hurt you anymoreWhere the hell are youWhen I need you I’m not angry all the timeYou push me down at least you tryUntil we see this eye to eyeI don’t want you It took so long to seeYou walked away from meWhen I need youWake up I’m pounding on the doorI’m not the man I was beforeWhere the hell are youWhen I need youWake up I’m pounding on the doorI won’t hurt you anymoreWhere t
Just Ranting
So over time I have learned that it doesn't matter how pretty you are in the face, or how sweet you are to other people. It all boils down to these few qualities you must possess in order to be considered important enough to be adored back on fubar.(notice I say fubar and not real life) Big boobs..the bigger the does not matter what your face looks like, if you are a bitch, or how big your waist line is..if you have boobs and are willing to show them you are LOVED.. If you spend money on people, I know this will make some people mad but hey, it is MY observation so bite me. I see the ones who hand out a lot of bling or other stuff, no matter how they got it, are the people others ralley around. Shallow comes to mind. Now I don't want to take away from the ones who are generous and love to give and NOT receive and do it because they really like making people smile...I see you and I adore you. I know how to tell the difference here. ;) If you are a trouble maker, you know t
I must look like Fubar Support tonight, but this convo made me giggle. :)     gentalwind: hi are you there 7:11pm Suga Lips: hi 7:12pm gentalwind: hi what's up g 7:12pm Suga Lips: Nothing 7:13pm gentalwind: where are you from 7:13pm Suga Lips: NY 7:14pm gentalwind: right on , me,florida 7:15pm gentalwind: how do you like it in here 7:15pm Suga Lips: I like it fine 7:17pm gentalwind: i am new ,this stuff is hard ,does furbar have a training book 7:18pm gentalwind: lolololo 7:18pm Suga Lips: No 7:19pm gentalwind: how do i become better in here 7:20pm Suga Lips: Leave your dignity and self respect under your mattress 7:2
Childhood Memories...
I remember this one time, I was out fishing with my Grandpa, I had to be about 5 or 6. And he cracks open a can of beer, so I ask him "Hey Grandpa, can I have a sip of your beer?" And he looks at me and says, "I dont know, Vince, can your penis reach your asshole?" OBVIOUSLY creeped out, I say no. He says "Sorry, but your not big enough yet"So a few minutes go by and my gramps lights up a cigar, and I say "Hey Gramps, I know you have to be younger to smoke than to drink, so can I try your cigar?" and again, my gramp says "I dont know, Vince, can your penis reach your asshole?" Again, creeped out I say no! He says, "Sorry, but youre not big enough yet"So a few MORE minutes go by, and I bust out a bag of Oreos and start eating them, and my gramps says "Now Vince, I KNOW youre gonna share those with me, right?" And I look at him and say "I dont know, Gramps, can your penis reach your asshole?" And he says "Of course it can, Im a big boy" So I say "Well, then you can go fuck
Idle Thoughts...
Not going to write another poem about your jackass self not going to get all emo and week with self doubt just gonna write a bit  about some funny things the amusements of a tired mind the passings of everything my son does the strangest things as any child does "shaves" naked with a plastic razor  or starts the nuke on fire the smile that he brings to me can never be reduced the love of my child  my shining light can never extinguished my boss is a different kind  of fun and madness too who breaks into a door with a cake knife  and then laughs along with you my friends they all rock my world as any will claim to do but mine really take the prize for putting up with me nothing else in life would ever be the same without these people here by me loving on the way things are even while filled with fear my families kind of... crazy... with one exception still my mother loves me deeply  through all my faults and ill will standing beside me through all my up
Are You A Nerd Or A Geek?
You Are a Nerd You are a total brainiac, and you are really hardcore about sticking to your quirks. You don't want to change who you are. You may have a bit of trouble fitting in, but that's fine with you. You like to spend time alone. You have enough interests to keep you occupied for years. You do have a few fellow travelers that you're close to, and they're as big of nerds as you are. Are You A Nerd or a Geek? Blogthings: Quizzes and Tests and Memes, Oh My!
Ok, I'm more than just a little disturbed by the lady scrolling by who is having foreplay with her popsicle.....   Not a young woman I might add....   Just when you thought you saw it all.....
Stupid Courts
so some of you know about my little mishap 6 years ago when i was in pennsylvania last...others that dont well its too much to write and i dont really feel like writing it all out but anyways....apparently the case is still open for some reason and until i figure it out i cant get into that program i was getting into but i really dont think its anything and neither does my case worker so hopefully it should be figured out today     basically at my court date to get released from jail the judge told me that he was releasing me on the condition i go home so i did   i hate this shoulda been closed 6 damn years ago and it isnt       *UPDATE* it was a clerical error that happened when they entered it from paper into computer
[the Job's Still A Game]
Well in the last 24 hours I've jeapordized my jobanalyzed the CRAP out of my current situationmade a new cover letter and submitted my app to several internships in the area.submitted my request for a new job number from KSGovNow I just gotta... scan my transcripts and write another cover letter for the gov jobs and apply to the four of them I'm qualified for in the next... 3 days?I really don't wanna do that at this EXACT moment.I kinda wish the climate was correct for painting in my garage.I'll update this later. I can't keep my head on right today.   [update]I've been contacted by one of the people in charge of the internships at a magazine in town.They asked for writing samples.I tried to find stuff relevant to their style and their content.It's a paid internship.Minimum wage.At least 12 hours a week- I quickly (but attempted to be subtle) stated that I'd be available for more hours than that.Paid internship.Work experience relevant to my field.Guess what I fucking care about?yea
Holy Mackers!
  Chick or Dude? YOU be the Judge..     I hate the secret admirer game on ANY site.. this stuff's just scary...
Fuck Love
“Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn't it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up. You build up all these defenses, you build up a whole suit of armor, so that nothing can hurt you, then one stupid person, no different from any other stupid person, wanders into your stupid life... You give them a piece of you. They didn't ask for it. They did something dumb one day, like kiss you or smile at you, and then your life isn't your own anymore. Love takes hostages. It gets inside you. It eats you out and leaves you crying in the darkness, so simple a phrase like 'maybe we should be just friends' turns into a glass splinter working its way into your heart. It hurts. Not just in the imagination. Not just in the mind. It's a soul-hurt, a real gets-inside-you-and-rips-you-apart pain. I hate love.”  
No Room In Your Folders For Bounty Pictures? Here Are Some Alternatives!
We know not all street team prospects have a VIP. So, non-VIP people might not all have room in their picture folders to upload bounty. You can upload to your Stash here on Fu. Once you load something, it gives you the image URL. Perfect! If you would like to use another photo hosting site. There are many to choose from. Here are a few. Just upload your pictures to them to get the image URL. You can then post that URL in the Bounty Blog!     If you need any help or have any questions, please stop by the Street Team Support Lounge:
Punk Rock Princess
cause somewhere deep down, im always going to be the dirty skinny punk girl, living on her own at 16 , with a green mohawk, no money, but a fuck load of attitude/i loved this song, and fat mike (lead singer of NOFX), sang it to me, one of my best memories!         Lori Meyers used to live upstairs Our parents had been friends for years Almost every afternoon we'd play forbidden games At nine years old there's no such thing (as shame) It wasn't recognition of her face, what brought me back was a familiar mark As it flashed across the screen I bought some magazines, some video tape scenes Incriminating acts, I felt that I could save her "Who the hell are you to tell me how to live? You think I sell my body; I merely sell my time. I ain't no Cinderella, I ain't waiting for no prince, To save me in fact until just now I was doing just fine. And on and on.." "I know what degradation feels like I felt it on the floor at the factory Where I worked long before, I took control now I answer
I Don't Get It.
I don't understand why on the news we're always hearing about stuff all over the world, crisis and things but I've found that we rarely hear about China unless it's about economic and political stuff.I'm not sure how may of you know this but on the 23/08/10 there was a tour bus held siege in Manila, mainly Hong Kong tourists...with the tourist company Hong Thai. (I've been on their tours before (52)).It's pretty horrible actually and the way the Phillipine government handled it was just absolutely ridiculous.Basically an ex Phillipino policeman went crazy and held a whole tourbus hostage whilst demanding the government give him his job back (he got fired).Obviously he was a wackjob to be demanding that when he's taking a whole bunch of people hostage, I don't see why the Phillipino government couldn't just lie and tell him yes he could and then just arrest him later, what's worse is that the police themselves caused near enough more harm than help.They had plenty of chances to shoot th
The Big Flood ( Hahah )
It had been raining for days and days, and a terrible flood had come over the land. The waters rose so high that one man was forced to climb onto the roof of his house.As the waters rose higher and higher, a man in a rowboat appeared, and told him to get in. "No," replied the man on the roof. "I have faith in the Lord; the Lord will save me." So the man in the rowboat went away. The man on the roof prayed for God to save him.The waters rose higher and higher, and suddenly a speedboat appeared. "Climb in!" shouted a man in the boat. "No," replied the man on the roof. "I have faith in the Lord; the Lord will save me." So the man in the speedboat went away. The man on the roof prayed for God to save him.The waters continued to rise. A helicopter appeared and over the loudspeaker, the pilot announced he would lower a rope to the man on the roof. "No," replied the man on the roof. "I have faith in the Lord; the Lord will save me." So the helicopter went away. The man on the roof prayed for
Been Awhile
Haven't made a blog in a while so here goes nothin'   Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have.  Ralph and Edna were both patients in a mental hospital.  One day while they were walking past the hospital swimming pool, Ralph suddenly jumped into the deep end. He sank to the bottom of the pool and stayed there. Edna promptly jumped in to save him.  She swam to the bottom and pulled him out.  When the Head Nurse Director became aware of Edna's heroic act she immediately ordered her to be discharged from the hospital, as she now considered her to be mentally stable. When she went to tell Edna the news she said, 'Edna, I have good news and bad news.  The good news is you're being discharged, since you were able to rationally respond to a crisis by jumping in and saving the life of the person you love...  I have concluded that your act displays sound mindedness. The bad news is, Ralph hung himself in th
I find myself walking in the woods where the cloud bank is thick & there are lush green trees all around me. Then i see him in the distance everything about him lures me to him as I approach him my eyes meet his pale blue eyes. The milky white skin of his hand reaches out to me instinctively and gently caresses my face. My eyes close from the softness and warmth of his touch upon me,I feel my heart beat with in me and my body quivers with anticapation of his next move the euphoric feeling that overwhelms me is almost to much for me to bear.Then he leaned into me and i can feel the warmth of his breath next to my lips. As my breathing intensifies I feel his lips softly touch mine,I can't move and give into him. As we taste each other the passion takes over and consumes us to the point that I no longer see anything around us now but becomng one with each other. His strenght is evident but he restraines himself,my body longs for him and desires his touch. I now have become apart his world
I'm tired and worn out, I didn't sleep again at all last night! The whole situation with regards to my foot is having an impact on my mental and general health. I have been to the Dr's today after totally loosing it on the phone with my program manager at university this morning. He thought it would be a good idea to see my G.P about my foot and ask for a second opinion. He re-iterated again today that I couldn't return until the fracture had completely healed, he understands my frustrations and finds it a totally ludicrous situation.   My doctor thinks I look 'bloody horrendous' (thanks), my skin is sallow, my eyes black and I have a huge coldsore that appeared yesterday, due to the stress and anxiety of the last week. I confirmed that I felt as bad as I looked. I can't remember the last time I looked like this. She told me to up my intake of amitriptyline to whatever level I needed and told me to take 3 co-dydramols (now you're only supposed to take two due to the paracetamol). Bl
For The Children! My Children!
Ok guys..I need your help!  Kohl's is giving away $500,000 to the top 20 schools with the highest votes..My children's school is #14 currently!  Please copy and paste in your browser this Facebook page and vote for Darby Elementary, Northridge CA ..Please cast 5 votes for Darby :)  I rarely ask for anything!  So just do it!   Thank you!
Bad Day
Having a really hard day today... My daughter hasnt spoke to me since the day before I had knee surgery back in July.... At that time I found out she had done coke and we both had choice words for one another. I am dying inside not knowing how she is doing. (she will be 21 in feb) Today I drove past the place I last heard her to be staying and she wasnt outside so I was going down the block to turn around and I seen her on the porch of those where she did the dope. That killed me, I just kept driving. My heart is breaking, I want to pull her in and protect her yet there is not a damn thing I can do.   The other thing bothering me is I turn 40 this month. Now there havent been any other birthdays I have had issues with but this one makes me feel like my life is 1/2 over. I know tacky buy seriously.....   I am just havin a bad day all around :(
Welcome To The New Gold Wing Street Team Family Members!
Please join me in welcoming our newest Family Members to the street team! They have earned their Gold Wings! In no particular order, we welcome: Gothlette @ fubar SinfullyRawr @ fubar Boss Daddy Tex Fu owned by PurpSlurp @ fubar Synful Syntra aka Mistress Mayhem Boss O... @ fubar Sexy Sinner Asst Chief 2nd Alarm Hottie @ fubar IIWII
Girls Of 4 Moon House - Part 3a
WARNING: Not for persons under the age of 18.Story contains descriptions of extreme violence and sex. Preface:I write in an effort to change the attitude of the deviant reader... paradoxically those that find what I write appealing. It is by my graphic harshness and salacious content that I attract (bait) those readers ... those deviant minds that I can then interact with... in an attempt to change misguided notions and attitudes of abuse against women and children. My methods are deviously unique... but very successful. I write to AROUSE...and then to APPALL... and so the bitter seed is planted. My stories do not glorify the act of coerced sex or violence... nor do I support sexual abuse of any kind.For more information and the complete article on whether sexually explicit material, pornography or glorified violence propagates sexual and violent crimes please go to these links. OF FOUR MOON
Been Busy
well here i am, sitting on this boat glad to have found a job, but jumping in on a boat that has been neglected by the former crew leaves a lot of hard work to get it back to a nice boat again. I have been bustin ass in the ballast talks, trying to get them clean. they are bad.. oh yeah, i wouldnt  drink the water and barely wanna shower in it.  theres a lot of work to do here.. and since im back on the bayou, swamp land in which i used to live..i have to deal with half rate internet wirelss signal.. it i havent even logged on for more than 10 minutes at atime... so..thats what i been up to.. anywhos, im nose is sun burned, my neck and shoulders are red and my body aches... but im getting paid and in better shape again lol thats about case ya noticed i wasnt around...    as you were
Some Days It Hurts.
A day without rain.The wet clouds hover like humpbacks.Their songs muted.Their enormous grins subdued.The alchohol haze fadingas the radio loopsgraveyard to morning chatresurrection story.How long has this tea been steeping?Like cool motor oil and bitters.The world revivesLeaves stretch to dawn's light.Through my prison bars, dry paint on the sillthe kind that saps the moisture out of your fingertipsscreaches against your nails.chips in all the wrong places into the soft spots.A profound hopelessness peeks over the rooftops.Held down by the nefarious blue and grey.I found myself rooting for tyranny behind a sip of shimmering slick oolong.The sun will only bring dry, day, and light.
  A woman is a country that can be enjoyed in a week, but is best savored over a lifetime. - Shawn Priest 9/21/2010   Most of the guys who want a threesome aren’t enough for one woman.   If your junk is so big you flaunt it in your SN, why are you spending all night online instead of being out tearing things up?   Men who start a conversation “I wanna see you naked” make the rest of us men look bad.   Women who start a conversation “I’ll let you see me naked for bling” do the same for their sex.   Bisexual women: making it harder for us ugly guys to get some since Sappho.   Bisexual men: You’re still gay.   Any guy who thinks they are more important than a woman’s kids is thinking with the wrong head. Again.   An hour of begging is not foreplay.   If a person has ink over their whole body, 37 piercings, a Mohawk, black make-up, and believes in hard work, loyalty, truth and love, then that’s what ‘normal&rsqu
For My Friends
I am very fortunate and proud to have the wonderful friends in my life that I do. These friends understand and accept me for who I am. They understand my silences knowing that sometimes I must be silent for my sanity. They accept my lunacy when I throw my good southern fits as well as when I throw material things. Some let me blow off steam and some set me straight. They always seem to know which one is called for at that particular moment. They accept my humor which can be downright trashy! They allow my affection which at times can be hard for me to give. They accept the walls that I sometimes build for my safety because they know it will fall eventually. They tolerate the moments when I am cold and distant because they realize deep inside I care and worry about them.  They know I have my demons and they love me anyway. I adore and appreciate my beautiful friends. So I toast those close to me...I am a better person because I know you. Thank you for allowin
Well Shit.
My laptop is running so slow. I'm not sure what's going on. I thought maybe it was because I had so many other things running, but nope. No more than I normally do and it generally runs fine. Anyway, it's Random Gift give random people gifts and have some fun. Make sure you give something to a stranger and let them know it's for random gift else is this thing going to spread? ....and to think, some people thought I'd forget
Enquiring Minds Want To Know.....
Breast Cancer Awareness!!!
      OK If you know anything about me, you know I support the cause! Breast Cancer doesn't run in my immediate family but it is a cause that I have always felt very strongly about....Every year I try to make sure to get the word out especially during October. A little awareness goes a long way! So with that said please be aware that October is all about the Pink.Its breast cancer awareness month so please show your support and wear some pink!! If you are like me and you don't really like pink....make an exception this month! I do it every October I wear something pink to show support! Breast Cancer knows NO Age, Sex, Race or class it does NOT discriminate everyone is fair game! Women as well as men. please don't think, It can never happen to me, or to someone I love. Truth is it can and does happen to anyone. Please take the time to remind all those people you love so much and hold close to your heart that its that time of year again to get checked out so sit your Mom/
[when It Rains It Pours... That's Not Rain]
God is PISSED.I'm not entirely sure whyprobably all that sacrilege and anger.My car broke down in traffic on the way to help move.So I spent 2 hours doing the tow/repairshop shuffle.AndI'm not spending more money on that thing than it is worth, which is apparently nothing, but heyat least I drove it for 100 miles before it ... died.AlsoAt one point my phone's battery was explodingnow... its just not charging.So...........................I fucking quit.Yup.I quit.I've got my battery in some rice (worked for a day last time I did that) and ... I think I'm going to get drunkand go to bed.Its on 1/8th battery, and refusing to charge. I'm pretty much at emergency communications only right now.Oh yeah... and I had to deep clean my airbrush last night for the third time in a week.I don't know if its fixed or not, but my needle is clearing my nozzle again, that's a good indication that any blockage is now cleared (at least in that chamber).I'm going to bed now.
Engrish. Does You Spreken It?! +omgwtf...take A Joke.
English is a dying language. At least that's how I view it. Sure, everyone speaks it. Well...for the most part. But now everything is shortened into 3+ letter "words." Oh, don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about. You all are guilty. I am too. We all are. The Lol's, Rofl's, Atm's, Brb's, etc etc etc. I've been "Speaking" this "language" for the past 14 years and it saddens me that this is what we have been reduced to. What REALLY gets to me though is when these people who use "Ur" "Kno" "U r" and all that shit try to correct ME when I accidentally use your instead of you're. Are you fucking kidding me? I've done that probably twice in my life and you're going to correct MY grammar when you can't even type out a few extra letters? Wow. Just Wow. My grammar is far superior than most of you assholes out there, and you dare to challenge my intellect by correcting me when you can't even properly put a sentence together? Blasphemous. Look. I don't care if you don't type in pro
Whats The Best Line You've Heard Ladies Or Told Gentleman?
I've heard some doosies in my life...lines men tell...Like Girl I'd drink your bath water (EWW!!!) or You must be from heaven cause i think i'm looking at an angel (ugh) but after posting a line Creole1985 said to me I started getting IM's with "Lines" So Guys Post Your Best Lines...ladies post the best line you ever heard or the worst :)  
*bangs Head On Desk*
If you drink a lot spend 1 hour on the phone with my alcoholic brother.   THIS is why you shouldn't drink so much.     The End.
Ferret Vs Cat
And since Kit is being all bitchy...
[not Tired Of This At All...]
Apparentlyand you'll love thisit costs over $1000 to put stitches in someone's head.I'm pretty sure anyone with a half sterile staple gun could've fucking done this hack job...And you've asked "why do we need healthcare reform"GET ME OUT OF THIS FUCKING COUNTRY!... well, its not soully the country's fault that my life is shit, but I'm quite hateful right now, and I need to shake my fist at something.I never did get around to sending those pictures to my insurance claim adjuster.And that dead mouse under the piano sure does reek.Good news is my entire body went into rage-stress when I called about the bill.COBRA lapsed, nobody contacted me, and I've got until 10/31/10 to enroll.At least it lapsed 2 days after the accident and not 2 days before.I obviously need insurance.Also, my folks are in a God almighty rush to dump the car I JUST got back.Can I at least go to the grocery store first?Can everything PLEASE STAND STILL FOR A MINUTE!?
I Am Giving Away A Hh Or A Fu God(dess) Bling
I have an incredible family on here and wish I could give them all a HH and a God mode. I need your help choosing one of them to whom I should give one of these items. Please nominate one of them in a PM and state your case about why I should choose them.  (creative bribes count)  Did I mention that I am giving something really cool to the person who makes the best testimonial?  
The Argyle Test
You Are Geeky You are highly unique and quite brilliant. You have a few obscure interests that you pursue without abandon. It's likely that you are smart and interested in cutting edge technology. You love gadgets. You are probably very logical and analytical. Facts make sense to you more than people do. You are confident and sure of yourself. You are a competent and capable person. The Argyle Test Blogthings: Take a Quiz. Annoy Your Friends.
My Weird Day
Sooo... today I had an appointment at the Alternatives to CPAP clinic.  It started off with a head CT scan to evaluate the soft tissues in my throat for possible surgery.   Then I talked with a neurologist about my symptoms - for an hour or so.   Then onto an ENT doc, who sprayed some kinda numbing agent into my nose and then stuck a scope down it to see my vocal cords and throat features.  THAT was NOT FUN, just sayin.  And then she made me watch the video from it; that was oogie. Finally, another talk with the neurologist, and his attending physician.  She felt that I may have narcolepsy in addition to sleep apnea.  I have to see my shrink and see if I can go off the antidepressants for a couple weeks so that I can do another sleep study followed by a nap study for narcolepsy.  Apparently zoloft renders their observations inconclusive. All in all, I guess I'll do whatever it takes to stop me from being so tired I fall asleep while driving nearly every day.  Pleh. After the 4 h
This Is Why I Was Not Online..
Hi, here I am sitting in the lounge of my new place for a while… what can I say about the last few months… well that’s easy it was hell on earth as a few of you will know as I came to you when shit would hit the fan with catzilla and the Gimp….. *Falls over laughing* sorry just could not help that… I’m keeping names out of this for sanity sake lol so enjoy the nicknames…Now when I first went there it was just to help out a friend but as time moved on I could see the changes I didn’t say anything at the time because I wanted it to work… but I was naive and silly to think that anything would change! Life was good when it was just us and catzilla even with the guys she had over ;) I really didn’t mind one of them he was pretty decent for a married man lol… then the Gimp came along and slowly everything changed, human contact basically stopped and resentment grew strong in the house… I’m rushing through t
Should I
Should I keep my NSFW pics up or should i delete them?  Hmmm... just a question?
Things That Make You
I had this waiting for me in my shout when I signed on:     SWAGFUNK: you should know that you are a real treasure to behold and there is a priceless quality that shines all around you. You may not see the glow as I see it but there is something that is always lighting up the very existence         He obviously doesn't know me AT ALL.
Kid Calls 911 Because He Didnt Like Dinner Parents Served
 BUFFALO GROVE, Ill. ? A 10-year-old northwest suburban boy didn't like the dinner his father cooked for him ? so he called police.   About 7 p.m. last Thursday, Buffalo Grove police got a hang-up call to 911. A police officer went to the home to investigate.   The boy "stated that the food was edible but that he wanted something more to his liking,'' according to police.   The food, though, wasn't the kid's only beef. The father and son "were having a disagreement about being disrespectful," said police Cmdr. Steve Husak. That included the son "not being particularly thrilled with what was being served for dinner" but also other concerns, Husak said.   The officer talked to the boy about the need to follow house rules and when it's appropriate to call police, Husak said.   Last November Buffalo Grove police received another 911 hang-up call ? this one from a 15-year-old boy upset that his parents had taken away his Xbox game system. The teen wanted to know if it was legal for his pare
Failing To Capture The Moment
This happens quite a lot. I'll be driving somewhere and what seems like pure genius to me at the time, just starts flowing from my brain. I have no way of stopping to write it down, and attempts to record it ends up in a few random snippets of sillyness. Most of what I do capture never ends up seeming as good as it was right then and there when it came to me. I wonder if this "genius" itself is merely a breakdown of systems meant to keep my ego in check, or perhaps some other function of my brain stressed to the point of loosening guard by the act of concentrating on staying alive in rush-hour traffic. I don't do much better in the bathtub, but at least there I have pen and paper, or, my phone. I write or type notes while listening to music on my headphones. A lot of examples of my strange notational doodling can be found here. I don't even care if you think I'm crazy at this point. That's stuff which was pouring out of my head that at the moment, and thought had some kind of gravity
My Fall From Grace
What happened?Slightly awkwardly, I'm not entirely sure to what audience I'm writing this.  What follows is a story you may know all, some, or none of, depending on how I know you, and how well I know you.  However, for the sake of getting it over with, let's assume you know nothing, and tell all.Some background. I worked, from late 2004 until around June of 2010, for one of the Performance Teams of the Local Authority.  Previously to this, I had worked for a university, and previous to that, I had worked for the same team at the Local Authority, in its previous guise as the Research and Information Team.  In total, I worked for nigh on ten years for the team, with the exception of those 15 months spent at the university.  For the majority of that time, I did so with a good reputation, as shown by their decision to rehire me when I decided the university thing wasn't working out.Sometime a couple of years ago, things started slowly derailing.  I went from having a firm grasp on my role
Newb Drinks
So I leveled to Forgotten Fu the other day with the help of some of my friends. Specail thanks to Sproet & Kloverlynn, for Alt'in me a few times. ( I hope I havent forgot about anything) and the rest of you for rating my boring crap all the time :)  So for my next level, I need 100 newbies to send me drinks.. IDK what is effective for getting this done. Should I be trying to talk to some of these obviously fake profiles and some of the Newbie members and adding them to friends to accomplish this? (god forbid I be social)  anyhow, some of you have done this already, So please gimme some tips and pointers. I have time till I get my next 20 million points and dont want to be at the point to level and need a shitload of drinks...   and the GF is coming over today, been out of town visiting for 2 weeks and havent seen her in a while, im sure I wont be on fu, possibly for a few days.. ;)   as you were
1:44pm reply Feet Crazy: ummmmm   cancel Chat 1:50pm reply Feet Crazy: ummmm u were spose to make me a feet salute along time ago!!!!   cancel Chat 1:55pm more To Feet Crazy: You obviously have me confused with someone else   cancel Chat 1:55pm reply Feet Crazy: lol no I dont  
Pappaps Secret Turkey Stuffing Recipe
they denied my mumm so i shall now blog...but regardless..for the non cooks out there...i shall pass along Grandpas secret Turkey Stuffing Recipe..for giggles i shall replace the name of Turkey with Odie1: Take thawed Odie out of bag and wipe off with clean cloth 2: Place Odie on waist high cutting block or counter top3: Gently part Odie's legs and remove bag of innards and neck..dont need any   competition4: Talk softly and calmly to Odie as not to alarm 5: Grab shoe horn and vat of Astro-glide6: Hold Odie firmly but lovingly onto said table7: Distract Odie by placing chicken in pot in front of it, so that Odie believes the holiday is not about him this year8: Put shoe horn into Odie access opening and squeeze in 13oz of Astro-glide 9: Slowly slide into Odie....and release 1 cup of hot melted butter from user supplied sure to slap Odie repeatedly and tell him what a bad lil Turkey he has been10: Once Odie is full of hot melted butter, clean injector off immediately so as
The Ghost Of Thanksgivings Yet To Come
I didn't write this myself, but I think every American should read it! The Ghost of Thanksgiving Yet to Come By Arnold Ahlert  Wednesday, November 24, 2010     "Winston, come into the dining room, it's time to eat," Julia yelled to her husband. "In a minute, honey, it's a tie score," he answered.  Actually Winston wasn't very interested in the traditional holiday football game between Detroit and Washington.  Ever since the government passed the Civility in Sports Statute of 2017, outlawing tackle football for its "unseemly violence" and the "bad example it sets for the rest of the world," Winston was far less of a football fan than he used to be.  Two-hand touch wasn't nearly as exciting. Yet it wasn't the game that Winston was uninterested in.  It was more the thought of eating another TofuTurkey.  Even though it was the best type of VeggieMeat available after the government revised the American Anti-Obesity Act of 2018, adding fowl to the list of federally-forbidden
This Is Her Fault, Blame Her If You Want To
Doing a blog on fu is kinda like a PB & J without bread. Soooooooo at the suggestion of a very old fufriend, who has been with me since fresh meat stage (#1 Fam) I am doing my first blog and probably my last. It is to direct you to my own personal site where I have started my own "blog" because I like bread when I make a sandwhich. This is not, for a change, an attack on fu, but rather a way of saying I like to express myself with a little extra added attraction. Everything on the page is mine with the following exceptions: 1- a thumbnail pic from a fufriend, 2- two of the backgrounds are also from another fufriend (both Native American themed), 3- the walls of gray are words of another fufriend. Otherwise, every other word and pic are from my personal head. OH! and cameras. Go to my site if your interested in constructive thinking rather than bytching. Photo album titled "Created by the heart~~Fertilized by the mind!" I just want you to read. I am NOT looking for points, NOT looking f
Dirty Little Slut
· dirty little sl... status: ~Fam Add+3 Naughty Salutes+CamShow for a God Mode Bli...!   I'd say the name says it all in this case, but shes lieing, shes not a slut, shes a whore.
[that Boy]
I dunno how many of you know the song I'm referencing.But it has a John, a Paul, and a Ringo in it.And a uchalaylee.... euchalayle, euchalale how the FUCK do you spell that word?AnyhowUpdate.Update.As you know- the Kampfer is posed. ConstructedAwesome.I've still got a chest cold.And I managed to buy 4 gifts for four people for about forty bucks.Each.Not 10 10 10 and 10.Marry assmunch.I beat Bioshock, and its one of those pesky two ending games, and Bioshock was pretty much my ace in the holemy "break in case of emergency" game.That book you know you want to read-but you don't want to read it right now.I anihilated it too.System Shock 2 even on the easiest settingWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYharder.And its basically Doom 3.That... progressive-dungeon FPS where you unlock upgrades and solve puzzles and perform tasks.It's kinda the track all single player mode FPS' are on these days.I'm pretty okay with that. Its a great game. Just... not THE.That... golden-crisp apple of FPS/RPG people have been tryi
Lances' Non-rant In Christmas Honor
In honor of the Christmas Season, I shall NOT hate on something. BEHOLD the wonder that which is...Wendy's!I know what you are saying under your breath about Wendy's and how you only eat there when you are drunk, but hear me out. In our current struggling economy, sometimes you need some value for your dollar. You can be the cheapest bastard ever and they still ask you, "Will you be eating in the dining room sir?" You are goddamn right I am going to eat in the dining room, and you are going to serve me too!!! The attempt at keeping it classy when I am as far from it as possible is commendable. Here is a tip of the cap to your chicken sandwiches, baked potatoes and fake flowers on the table. You keep all of us poor bastards from starving.
The Etymology Of "piss Poor" And A Little Lagniappe About Some Other Expressions
Where did Piss Poor come from? Interesting HistoryIn the 16th century is was common practice to use urine to tan animal skins, so families used to all urinate in a pot and then once a day it was taken and sold to the tannery.......if you had to do this to survive, you were "piss poor".  But worse than that were the really poor folk who couldn't even afford to buy a pot......they "didn't have a pot to piss in" & were the lowest of the low.Now, the next time you are washing your hands and complain because the water temperature isn't just how you like it, think about how things used to be. Here are some facts about the 1500s:Most people got married in June because they took their yearly bath in May, and they still smelled pretty good by June. However, since they were starting to smell, brides carried a bouquet of flowers to hide the body odor.Hence the custom today of carrying a bouquet when getting m
Was reading the news on my yahoo home page and saw this title "Disease Pushes Teen To Love". And I just had to watch it. It made me cry.  If they could have a love like this at that age they ,why cant people have love like this no matter what age?
Empty Chairs, The Disembark
If you havent read the previous blog, this probably wont make much sense. The time is here, and still Im embroiled in this swirl of thought about how to approach the holidays. And the more I dwell, the more compulsive I become. Spontaneity seems to be the theme thats coming into focus. In fact, since last xmas, this year has been highlighted with many episodes of think/do. And I am yet to be unhappy that I did. It has become quite a part of my existence. This time around however, there is a bit of escapism involved. But Im calling it vicarious tribute. Its my dilemma and I can call it whatever I want. This coupled with the fact that I dont think my father would be very happy with me knowing I spent the entire holidays in a lost, directionless murky cloud of regrieving. Nevertheless, Ive decided that I will go home for xmas. I will baske in the love that radiates from my grandmother, and enjoy the pampering that only mom can provide. I will have a drink with my brother, and wear my
Had To Share,, For Mel
wild Bill said: ut oh misfits in the house Kit said: don't be a jackass to her here wild Bill said: just a silly joke,geese.... Ford said: Misfit has nothing on Mel....[image] MEL said: You're supposed to charge for those asshole! Ford said: only the nude ones.. and then of course, give you their credit card numbers.. for why, i dunno.. [image] MEL said: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i fucking hate you..... Ford said: why? for giving your secret away or cuz Bill now has a new crush.. named Mel? [image] wild Bill said: she is not even my friend... Ford said: yet.. YET... you're weari
New Years Solutions
No, I didn't mean resolutions. Resolutions are ideas to change without an actual plan to do so. Many people make and break them, year after year. This year, before you set down and decide what it is you are going to change about the past year, also set yourself a plan to enact that change. I would like to take this opportunity to challenge people to make a change in the new year. The change I'd like to see is a small one, but it makes such a difference in your life, and the lives of the women around you. Women, I would like you to do one thing every day to make another woman in your life smile or feel as beautiful as you see them. We all know the litany of spam that comes from men, and it's meaningless for the most part. It doesn't compare to the positive impact that the praise from another woman can give. This is actually something that I have committed myself to doing over the last year or so. I became a Mary Kay consultant because I wanted to make my friends feel as beautifu
Spent new years day laying out at Clovetty and climbing the rock cliffs and frolicking about in ther natural wading pools. Clear site of Bondi and down the coast. Sunday trekked down the grand pacific highway to Stanwell where they were hangliding from the cliffs, then several picturesque stops at the breathtaking beaches with unique lava rock erosions. Then on to Wollongong for fish n chips (flathead tails, calamari, tiger prawn). then the blowhole in Kiama. Camped down in Gerringong, took off this morning &  had brekky and cappys in Berry at a country sourdough bakery. Spent most of the day in Minnamurra Rainforest up the mountain to the falls and back down. Calves are a bit tight but eyes and mind are very happy. From there finished out the southerly trek with the treetop walk in Illawarra, a series of catwalks that takes you up over the canopy looking down on the valley. That was bit foggy but still some spectacular views. Finished out the day at the Robertsons Pie shop with m
How Big Is Your Ego?
Your Ego is Large You're quite happy with yourself. You can't help but have a big ego. You admit that there may be other superstars in the world, but you haven't met any. You tend to be the brightest one in the room, and you can't help but get a big head from it. Just remember that even if people know how great you are, they don't always need to be reminded of it! How Big Is Your Ego? The First Rule of Blogthings Is: You Don't Talk About Blogthings
Working from the comfort of your couch can't really be bad, right? Emails and spreadsheets and phone calls sans the career-inflicted stress of 2010. It's a good start to the new year in a lot of ways. Plus, I had pizza for lunch. I'm always happy when I have carbs! Carbs have left an impression on me.. and my thighs. I think I give the wrong impression online sometimes. This I find quite strange, because I'm a pretty matter-of-fact person. I'm upfront about how I feel about things and what people can expect, or not expect, from me. I'm not here to hurt feelings, step on toes, get involved in your drama, kiss your ass, or play your games. I probably won't show any exceptional emotions. I'm not here to piss you off. I'm not even here to piss off your girlfriend, even though that sounds like a lot of fun if she's a total bitch. Even then, I wouldn't do it intentionally. I probably think you're a good person, at least one that is fun and/or entertaining and/or interesting to talk to, and
1/7 Morning Update
When I checked in on Gran last night I found out her body is retaining over 20 pounds of fluid. Her kidneys are not working so the fluid is going into her soft tissue instead of being filtered through the blood stream. The were trying to drain the fluid but as fast as they were draining, her body was putting the fluid back on. She seemed in good spirits but she always is. As of this morning a bed had become available at the bigger hospital 30 miles away. The nurse I just spoke with said she didn't sleep much and had a rough night. She will be transported by ambulance when the kidney specialist is in and waiting on her this morning. They are putting her in the CCU unit. I wasn't really happy with the nurse I was talking to this morning, every time I was asking a question its like she was not even sure how to answer and just kept telling me at her age things start shutting down. I hope once she gets down to the other hospital the specialist will be able to find out for sure
About My Life
Ok I'm going to start this one by warning everyone its going to be pretty long.  This is something i dont tell everyone but i feel that it will help people understand me better and why i have trust issues with people. Well when I was 6 weeks old my mother had a heart attack with me in her arms.  As she went down to the ground she flung me and i landed in the middle of her bed.  My two older brothers took care of me for 3 days until the downstairs neighbor came home and they got his attention for mom.  At that point we went to live with my grandmother.  We eventually went back to live with mom and along came my little sister.  From there the details get kinda spotty at best, but from what I have come to understand is that mom was heavy into drugs and alcohol and wasn't able to take care of us kids properly.  We all got pulled by the state and of us four kids, I was the only one that got placed with the family (grandma).   Now grandma raised me for the rest of my life but was in and ou
What's Your Personality Like?
You Are the Funny One You have a flamboyant personality, and part of that is being a natural comic. You are very observant, and you always have a joke ready for every person and occasion. You don't hesitate to point out when a situation is uncomfortable, and you are awesome at breaking the ice. Your sarcasm doesn't play well with every type of person, but your friends get and appreciate you. What's Your Personality Like? Blogthings: 100's of Fun, Free Quizzes and 3 Stupid Ones
How to Detect Lies Become a Lie Detector Warning: sometimes ignorance is bliss; after gaining this knowledge, you may be hurt when it is obvious that someone is lying to you. Introduction to Detecting Lies: The following techniques to telling if someone is lying are often used by police, forensic psychologists, and security experts. This knowledge is also useful for managers, employers, and for anyone to use in everyday situations where telling the truth from a lie can help prevent you from being a victim of fraud/scams and other deceptions. Signs of Deception: Body Language of Lies: • Physical expression will be limited and stiff, with few arm and hand movements. Hand, arm and leg movement are toward their own body the liar takes up less space. • A person who is lying to you will avoid making eye contact. • Hands touching their face, throat & mouth. Touching or scratching the nose or behind their ear.Not likely to touch his chest/heart with an open hand. Emo
Abusive Relationships....
Sometimes I wonder how many more late night phone calls or texts I'm going to get from her before she realizes when enough is enough.But as one who has been down that road of terror,utter embarrassment,and fear....the uncertainty of a a world that is so upside down can be paralyzing. It is not the road we fear to walk along,but everything that lurks in the shadows on the path that holds us...and for her,well she has 2 small kids to think about as well. My friend has epilepsy and her husband when going into his self proclaimed battle* goes so far as to head butt her,take a flashlight and turn it off and on in her eyes,hits her upside her temples all in hopes of forcing a seizure upon her and won't do anything but,watch so he can claim her to be an unfit mother and her lose her babies. His mind is not right. He thinks he knows everything b/c he is an x con and tells her time and time again that if she ever tries to escape or leave,he knows all the laws. This coming from a man who smokes
Where's My Damn Reward?
I was on the Domino's page the other day, and I noticed at the bottom it says:   Please reward your driver for awesomeness.   So it got me thinking, where's my reward for awesomeness?  Some people owe me freakin' big time.
Is It...'polite' To Offer To Donate A Kidney????
So here's a lil background. I have 2 uncles on my mum's side of the family. One has always lived here in England and whose family I am closer to. My other uncle is the eldest and he used to live in America till his wife left him, took all their money and abandoned her children too. I have two cousins by this uncle but the eldest (girl) still lives in America and his younger son lives with my uncle, they live in England now too. So my uncle came back cos he needed money and shelter from my grandma even though he took a BIG chunk of my grandad's money when he died to move to the states. So anyways, he came back and he lived with my other uncle for a bit till they had a massive falling out (Oldest uncle is a bit of a jackass) and he moved out. So my eldest uncle now relies on my mother for stuff now, even though way back when he used to just not even bother with her (my mummy's the youngest out of them all). And his son, who is around my age, is a bit he has no social s
In Which I Get Called Ma'am
I'm not much of a girlie girl. I never have been. I hardly wear makeup, I hate shopping for clothes and giggling pisses me off usually. So tonight when I went to the store I was in my sweat shirt, sweat pants and had my hair up in a bun. Usual attire for me and the store.   Now some thing that MOST of you don't know about me is I'm a mom. I have a son about to be 20 and a daughter that's 17. Yeah I'm old enough to have kids that old. Yeah I know I don't look it. And yes I'm told that a lot. So when this young man walked past me and nodded and smiled I smiled back thinking he would be perfect for my daughter and chuckled to myself.   I get to the front of the store and he's actually a clerk there so he checks out my groceries and says, "Can I help you out with those ma'am?" I just stared at him. Huh? Who me?? Umm no I got it thanks. He smiled and nodded again and I was on my way.   Driving home I realized I LOOKED like someone's mom!! That was just too cool! It was awesome to me b
My Uncle, Rip
So since my uncle Mike's murder last week I have been through some emotional turmoil, which I thank those who have been there for me dearly. Today I had to call airlines, which was so hard to do when asking them the details about "sending a body" to a different state. I feel anger, and hate...And the question "why" keeps going through my thoughts. Seeing the troubled images in detail of that the Detectives told us makes it almost vivid in my mind. Why didnt Bryan le just die? Another part of me makes me question my own behavior. Helping a person out and them to turn around and do somthing so cruel to someone so innocent is beside me.. Between planning a funeral, contacting everyone my uncle knew, speaking to family and the arguments they have started on where they want to bury my uncle, i am about to explode. Tomorrow is another day.. I decided to go to work and see if I can get through it emotionally. I hope I can. Say a prayer for the fam
Coming To Terms
(Names of other members used but not in Vain) It was many and many a year ago, In a kingdom by the sea, That a maiden there lived whom you may know By the name of ANNABEL LEE; And this maiden she lived with no other thought Than to love and be loved by me. I was a child and she was a child, In this kingdom by the sea; But we loved with a love that was more than love- I and my Annabel Lee; With a love that the winged seraphs of heaven Coveted her and me. And this was the reason that, long ago, In this kingdom by the sea, A wind blew out of a cloud, chilling My beautiful Annabel Lee; So that her highborn kinsman came And bore her away from me, To shut her up in a sepulchre In this kingdom by the sea. The angels, not half so happy in heaven, Went envying her and me- Yes!- that was the reason (as all men know, In this kingd
[for Something Different]
*rubs eyes*Cold. Like really cold, but sunny.I think for something different (after listening to the The Protomen Act I) I'll listen to In Rainbows for a bit and y'know...try to figure out what in the hell I'm trying to accomplish.Oh yeah...immediate concerns being "jorb".There's an opening for a case manager at Valeo. ... *sighs* of course they're asking for more than just a BA but a specific one.Jesus why am I flashing back to 3 years ago when I was calling restaurants 4 times a week just to beg to fry eggs or cut onions?Whole thing makes my head hurt, also- bills are overdue. This is usually a sign that I'm reluctant to take anything more out of my bank account, despite being able to afford them.So as usaul I'll pay the late fee, probably get a nasty note, and not register any of this shit in my head.I dunno that I really want to work, not in Topeka any way...Though I do have housing covered.And that's saving me hundreds a month. And as much as I hate this refrigerator box, it does
Isn't It Ironic?
So I’m standing around at a NOFX concert… Yeah, I know. I should have thought this through a little better. Anyway, I’m standing at this concert and I have a total Final Destination moment. This happens due to the summation of several factors.  1. I am on the second floor of a bar/club and I can feel the vibrations of the double bass drum from the band playing on the ground floor. 2. The entire building seems to be made completely of wood.  3. There are numerous men who are much too big to be jumping around like kids who are, indeed, jumping around and punching at each other like children. Hereafter these men shall be referred to as fatties, huge bitches, or big ass motherfuckers.  4. These huge bitches are making the floor bounce like a fucking trampoline right underneath my feet.  1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = death trap.  In my mind, I see these fatties causing the floor to give way beneath us. It would splinter like a frozen sheet of ice covering a lake and start to br
Random Facts...things I Like/annoy Me
Complains against men...                       1. YOU DONT GET LAID BY BEGGING FOR IT                       2. NO I DONT WANNA SEE YOUR PENIS ON CAM...oh its so big, are you happy now?(oh and stop video chatting me)                       3. at least friggin attempt a converstation before you ask me how big my boobs are                       4. stop fuckin trying to add me to your collection of females...i want a guy who is all about me                       5. i dont share...ever...(i.e. no threesomes)                       6. im a jealous person...(meaning i dont like it when my guy flirts with other girls internet or not)                       7. call me when you say you are...if you cant do something so small how are you gonna do anything else? be   dependable                       8. just because im with you/interested in you...doesnt mean you have dont get too cocky                       9. dont wreck a sweet cuddle moment by trying to have sex with me...if i want
One year ago today, my life changed forever…     I look back, with no regrets.   It makes no matter where I stand today, or where I go from here…   For the yesterdays will stay with me always.
Planning A Trip
i am sick of looking at 500 websites to find the cheapest flight what website is best?
Keeping The Light (part 1 "bringing The Light")
"On the first day there was passion, fire, chaos.On the second there was awe, breath of the land, wonder.On the third he brought contemplation, stillness, thought.On the fourth day was life, all the noise of grass and earth, joyOn the fifth day there was song, lamenting the loss, understanding.On the sixth day there was rest, silence returning to the land, death.On the seventh day there was cold, waiting to emerge, reborn anew."The chorus of veiled, middle aged men stood silent after their prayers amongst the procession. Their Godking raised his splendorous hand, his robe of  all colors, colors unseen, colors unimagined, sparkled before the gathering of hundreds.His most devout, and loving children all packed into the tiny inner sanctum of his greatest cathedral. Abuzz with hope, the room was alive with silent admiration and worship.The face of their Godking having not aged for as long as their grandfathers' grandfathers could remember. His smile embracing, cooling, and soothing them w
Stolen From Crazylips
1. First thing you wash in the shower?My hair.2. What color is your favorite hoodie?White3. Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?Maybe.4.Do you plan outfits?it depends on where im going 5. How are you feeling RIGHT now? horny6. Whats the closest thing to you thats red?im sitting on it, my red sectional couch with ottoman7. Do you say aim or a-i-m?aim.8. Tell me about the last dream you remember having?I dont remember many dreams...unfortunately9. Did you meet anybody new today?I see new people all the time in the business i work in10. What are you craving right now?Sex.11. Do you floss?Yes.12. What comes to mind when I say cabbage?Its gotta be with corned beef...13. When was the last time you talked on aim?Whats aim?14. Are you emotional at times i can be....                                                                                                                                                               15. Would you dance to the taco song?What is the taco song?
Comment Stalking And Stealing Surveys
This one I stole from Majik after comment stalking Prinny ~   1. Ever been compelled to fill out an asinine survey? *looks around* I think so. 2. Ever tear the tag off of a mattress depsite risk of fine and/or imprisonment? There's that line on there about 'except by the consumer' or something, isn't there? I tore off my tags so I don't have any to check. 3. Ever used an aeresol can other than directed (bonus cool points for as a flamethrower to kill a spider) As a flamethrower, because my brother and I saw James Bond do it.4. Ever put in excess of 5 pringles in your mouth at once? Not recently. 5. Ever been driving and kinda flinch because you dont remember part of the ride? Many mornings on my way to work. 6. Ever sneezed in your hand, and then were immediately confronted by someone that wanted to shake? LOL! No. But I've taken to pulling my shirt up over my nose if I know it's going to be a bad one. 7. What diversion did you create to get them to shake the other hand?
[weekday Update! ... Now With Twice The Ill]
[Real life update]So Sunday I went into the urgent care for some diagnostic tests.I don't really want to publically state what's wrong but here are some fun factoids.It might be a chronic condition that I've had a long time.Its not contagious. Its fairly unique to my anatomy and "something guys just get".And I've got some internal bleeding and infections as a result.WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!So I'm on a 10-20 day anti-inflamatory/anti-biotic regimen, I have to do some home-diagnostic tests, and I'm generally out of energy and in constant discomfort to slight pain along with some pretty high fatigue and lack of sleep and stress.Cancer is ... pretty much out of the equation.Unless I don't respond to medication and then I'm totally fucked.*thumbs up*But due to my test results and my age, all indications are that its an infectionnot cancer.I wonder who I'm trying to convinceme or you?[/real life update][Long ass video game rant that I've probably already written]AnywayWatchin
[i've Given It Some Thought]
and I've come to a succinct, and powerful realization...I feel profoundly defeated by my life.I thought for a while.I always felt that if I stopped fighting for even ten minutes I'd lose.I lost a long time ago.I asked myself if I was defeated.I am.Death is but death.Defeat is but defeat.I'm defeated.Can I come back?I'm not dead.Defeat is not the end. Defeat is not even a pause.With that being said.Somantics is now closed. I hope you'll follow the next chapter.I typically post a defiant yawp, burning with resolve and fighting spirit.I don't think that's going to happen this time.I think that's okay.
Time To Pay It Forward To My Family
As most of my family knows, I am one good Mumm away from leveling for the last time. In the time that I have been here, people in my family have come and gone. But there is a core group who have not only helped me when I asked, but have made this place fun and worth sticking around.   Toward that end, I am going to pay it forward. Starting on April 1st, I'm going to engage in the ''Fubar Family Fun Fest'. Each day, I am going to select a different member of my family, and spoil them in some special way. It could be an ability bling, it could be all my pimps, it could be my points for 12 hours (while I'm actually rating), it could be rating every one of your pics an 11. Who knows, it could be all of those. I'm going to make my decisions when I wake up each day what I'm going to do and who will be the recipient, so you'll never know what you're going to expect. It's my way of saying 'Thank You' to each one of you for being generous, helpful, engaging, and all the other qualities tha
Just Another Rant Lol..
A shadow surrounds me, it grows and breaths… looking around this world I just see the growing stupidity of the human race, why just today I watched as a man drove by reading a book while steering…. The book was placed on the steering wheel so he could read it better…. What the hell is wrong with people? The more I look at life the more stupidity I see. Take my last land lord…. Wow… I once knew a cat lady and I would have to say she is about the same, though there was this one time I went into help the old cat lady move her bed and gods…. I could not wash enough to get the stink off… and the room I slept in was disgusting… I kept quiet because I hate making waves but good gods…. I steam cleaned the floors 5 times and the stink just would not go….I don’t know honestly what the hell had wondered into that room and died but good gods… you know I was as kind as anything and still the bitch stole all my thing
Hotd April 8
Naked Man Battles Police Robot from       take that battle bots
Still Marches On
April 9, 2011 I am the sister of a Marine With pride in my heart My love stands fast Even though we’re apart   His passing left me empty But never alone For his brothers fell in All solid as stone   Where ever I go Whatever I see I know they’ll always Be there for me   I hope they know This love that they share Isn’t given in vain Cause I truly do care   So even though My Marine may be gone His sister with pride Still marches on      
Soul Mate
"People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that's what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life. A true soul mate is probably the most important person you'll ever meet, because they tear down your walls and smack you awake. But to live with a soul mate forever? Nah. Too painful. Soul mates, they come into your life just to reveal another layer of yourself to you, and then leave. A soul mates purpose is to shake you up, tear apart your ego a little bit, show you your obstacles and addictions, break your heart open so new light can get in, make you so desperate and out of control that you have to transform your life, then introduce you to your spiritual master..." — Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love)i Kinda fell in love with all of this, and am reading the book....i have, forever ago, but i guess i see it in a new light. I watc
Who Fakes Their Death?..attn: All Friends Of Adonis God Of Heartbreak Aka Rocky Donovon Aka David Dobbins Aka Rocco Donovini
WHO FAKES THIER OWN DEATH?? (OLD account link/pic here, NEW Account link/pic at the end) Adonis God of Heartbreak He is NOT DEAD.. He is ALIVE but certainly NOT well. I was told on March 31st that he died from lung cancer he tried to fake his own death by claiming to be someone else's (his brother) by texting me and sending me pics of a poor soldiers funeral who died in Iraq and Of a poor firefighter who died in a fire in NY. But anyway The pics will be included further down.. I spoke to his real brother today and was told: (Hes alive and kicking, but I don't see him that much. I sure haven't been using his cell phone and texting anyone. I have no clue whats up with him. This is the 2nd message i've gotten from someone claiming that hes dead and I told them... Wasn't me.) As I suspected he is ALIVE, I was his friend and he made me think he was dead so that I would contact his ex girlfriend in an attempt to make her regret leaving him and in hopes it
Busy busy busy My poor nephew...spent last sat night in the er with him, emergency surgery     anyway...hi
For The People I Owe Points To & A Rant Of Sorts..
Hey Kids, just wanted to touch base with those who I still owe my points for a day to going forward with their specific dates, if you have any preferences, or anything you wish to do or have me run during it, please let me know. These are the people and dates below: 4/16-sat- 4/17-Sun- 4/18-Mon- 4/19-Tue- 4/20-Wed- 4/21-Thu- 4/22-Fri- 4/23-Sat- 4/24-Sun- 4/25-Mon- 4/26-Tue- 4/27-Wed- 4/28-Thu- 4/29-Fri- 4/30-Sat- 5/1-Sun- 5/2-Mon- 5/3-Tuesday- 5/4-Wed-http://fu
I Will Be Missing For The Next Four Days
my next work trip has me leaving fubar for most of the week, because it's blocked on my work laptop   I will be back on Friday
Drama Llama
Anonymous #3 Dear Ninja: How can I have more drama on here? No really, I think it's lacking a bit.Sincerely,The Drama Llama.   Dear Drama Llama, You can always start a torrid fu-affair with multiple people. Don't discriminate, the more the merrier! Randomly send them some NSFWs or cam with them. That way they will get hooked! Have a different fu-lover every week, and make sure to declare just how much you love them every 10 minutes! OR If you want to go really high school, you can always try to break up your least favorite fu and their significant other! To accomplish this, you should probably make friends with everyone else who hates them too. That way no one can actually pin the rumors on you. Once you have your drama pot simmering, turn up the fire and light the flame! You will soon have more drama than even you can handle! Be very careful though! It is definitely a recipe for disaster! The final drama-filled moment you will have is your demise. Make sure as you're implo
Want My Points - Contest Ended 5/5/11
FREE TO ONE PERSON ONCE A WEEK ****Once a week I will give my points to a member for free.  Just leave a comment with the phrase “points for free” and one of you will be chosen randomly.   You will receive my points for 12 hours with or without ability bling.**** Drawing will be done after 6PM FuTime Thursday evening 5/5/11. Winner will be announced 8-9PM FuTime 5/5/11.   PLEASE ONLY ENTER ONCE.  I will choose the time to altruize you no later than 6am the following Thursday.  Good Luck and Enjoy the Game!    ALL LEVELS - SB or PM your offers for my points.  I will accept fubux, ability bling, or bling packs and altruize 12-24 hours with or without running ability bling depending on the offer.  I can also help with other leveling requirements. Talk to me!  
Thank You
To all my Crazies and Minion's and Stalkees,   I want to thank you for all the love and support that you have show my wife and I after the passing of my wife's second dad. It means a lot to us. I will try let you know how much he meant to my wife and I. When my wife (at the time we had just started dating) move out/ran away from her home. Frank and his wife were the one's that took her in, no questions asked. He treated my wife as his own daughter (which meant he treated me like a son-in-law). He took care of my wife and helped her through everything.   When it was getting close to the time for me to leave for Basic training. He (along with a few other people) offered to cut off my long hair. He was the one who cut my hair before I left. While he was cutting my hair is when I propose to my wife. Which meant a lot to both of us. His actual daughter was the maid of honor at our wedding. We also made sure that he and his wife were sitting up front where the brides family sits. They
This Is Brilliant!
  See 1st comment for the vid
The Ultimate Color Test
Your Colors Say You Are Caring When you are at peace, you are: Giving and unselfish When you are moved to act, you are: Giving and warm When you are inspired, you are: Spontaneous and adventurous When your life is perfectly balanced, you are: Connected to nature and the world Your life's purpose is: To reach enlightenment The Ultimate Color Test The First Rule of Blogthings Is: You Don't Talk About Blogthings
What Is Your Happy Word?
Your Happy Word is "Bliss" You are happy because you don't need a lot to be content. You experience happiness in the best and worst of times. You see the divine in everything. You believe that every moment, person, and creature is unique and special. You are an oasis of calm in this chaotic world. You never lose your head. You can feel totally elated and exuberant from the smallest pleasures. You don't hold back when it comes to ecstasy. What's Your Happy Word? Work is Hard. Time for Blogthings!
Breaking The Cycle Of Violence...
I can't sit here and claim I knew Crystal at all, because I didn't. What I know of her is only from those who cared about her. What else I know is that her tragic death didn't have to happen. Too often women (and let's face it, men too) get in relationships that turn violent. They ignore the warning signs of the first smack, the second too, thinking, hoping that they will be the one who saves him. You can't be. Don't sit there and think an abuser will change. Don't wait until they become more psychotic and grab a weapon. Break the cycle and run away. There are safe places you can go to get away. Don't wait, because the next time, might just be the last time. There are a few easy to recognize warning signs that your relationship may have the potential for violence. Please don't ignore them. Break the cycle and find a loving relationship. And if you are guilty of these, please get some professional help to address your insecurities so that you too can find a healthy, loving relationsh
Turning The Other Cheek, Just To Get Slapped Again?
Ninja,I am a disabled mother of a wonderful 6 yr old little boy. I have fought hard to care for my son all on my own for the last year & 1/2 with no help from his father. We were in a 10 yr relationship and a year after our son was born we found out I had cancer. Then it spiraled into a number of other illnesses I have had to deal with. I lost my father & we (all 3 of us) moved in to care for my mother. My son's father left 5 months later because he said he couldn't handle my sickness any longer. 4 months later my mother was gone due to kidney failure. My son & I were alone, we lost everything and were forced to move in with a LONG time friend I consider my brother. Here comes my delima... My mother drilled it in my head that forgiveness is the ONLY way to find true peace in my life. Now my son's father has hit rock bottom. He became a meth addict and lost everything he had and all of a sudden he is "sorry" for everything he did to me and his son. I want to forgive him bu
Creating A Bomb Folder
I do things with a purpose...I want to create a Legs Bomb Folder featuring 250 of our Fu ladies...I do not like my other bomb folders that are just thrown together.  I am determined to create this folder and asking the ladies if they would help. It can be just your legs or a whole body shot as long as it shows legs...I have 5 now which I have communicated with these ladies for quite sometime and it was left to me to choose a photo...which I could do with your permission of course.  I ask that the folder be used as a bomb folder or take your time in rating and commenting...remember I will delete any and all crude comments...this is just to be a nice fun folder where the ladies are sharing one of their many great assets.  So ladies if u please help me create this folder made by all 250 of us :)
Gemini Auction
I will be hosting a Gemini auction in celebration of Gamer Princess (June 7) & My Birthdays (May 31). Gamer Princess will be my co-Host. Deadline to enter will be Mon May 30 & the auction will begin Tuesday May 31 at 12:01 am & end June 7 at Midnight EST. Starting bids at 5 mil each. Please leave a comment if you would like to enter and send me a private message with a link to the photo you would liked used & offerings for your auction.   There will also be a most votes winner for the top 3 ppl with the most.   1st place will win a famp 2nd place will win a  boomerang 3rd place will win a 5 credit bling So make sure to get ppl to vote on your auction photo!! Let's make this a great auction!! Nikki aka Italian Irish Princess aka Mrs. BigDaddyMike     **I am giving myself 2 weeks to get set up for the auction and to get as many entries as possible. So let your friends know and get them to join too!     
I Laughed So Hard..
nader: hello 6:42pm Suga Lips: Hi 6:43pm nader: how are u doing pretty sugar 6:43pm Suga Lips: Fine and you? 6:43pm nader: i am doing very well 6:44pm nader: and just looking to ur picture 6:44pm nader: u look a gorgeous and photogenk girl 6:44pm nader: what u do in ur life 6:44pm Suga Lips: Thanks 6:44pm Suga Lips: I'm a mom 6:45pm nader: thats great 6:45pm nader: u have a boy or a girl 6:45pm Suga Lips: 2 boys 6:45pm nader: hhhh in the first time
[listen To The Blues Until You Punch Out A Window You Own]
That's the only advice I have for you. My stomach hurts, I probably have a secondary infection aaaaand Fuck, I'm fresh out of shows I want to watch.   Fuck! This has nothing to do with the Blues.   Just keep driving til it does. I dunno, working on the character writing, from a very distant "I don't want to touch this, it may burn me" kind of way. Alorid ("Thousand Year Snake") is probably the best character that came out of those exercises, and everyone I know keeps saying they want him as a lead. I'm reluctant because it changes the focus of the story, but as it turns out there is no focus of the story.   So I'm working on that somewhere, and its 4 days in the cooler.   I've only got 2 characters and 2 half characters, and I only like 1 and a half   if THAT made any fucking sense.   going from crazy expression to consumeable product is hard ladies and germs.   I guess this is the difference between jamming and music though. And there is a difference.
3's A Crowd
Dear Ninja, Is it really O.K. If it happens in a 3 way? I always thought a 3 way was 2 girls and 1 guy no matter what. I mean technically 1 girl and 2+ guys is a gang bang right? These modern sex practices have me so confused especially when I myself get do not get any practice! ~ Confused Dear Confused. A 3-some is just that. 3 people engaged in a sex act. 2 girls 1 guy is usually the preference of most men. It can indeed be 2 men, and it's not gay if there is no penetration man to man. Although, I do think 2 peens in the same hole would be in that gray area of just might be a little too awkward if anyone else heard about it. So just keep your swords separate. A gangbang is 3 or more guys and 1 girl, or 3 or more girls and 1 guy. Option #2 would be a lot more fun for the guy. Something seems a little strange to me about how a guy could just sit there holding his peen waiting for his turn to get a little of the sloppy seconds, or thirds, or fourths. I guess the people who are i
Acute Overload
I think I need to go stare at photos of puppies, kitties, and bunnies for a while.
About Me !!!
♥ I Am A Bbw And I Am Damn Proud Of It ♥ How I feel ?I have never been thin.. Never desired to be thin.. I like who I am and my body the way it is.. And if you don't like it you can just step aside. My weight has never bothered me.. So if it bothers you... Don't look...(XX)
[so... Very...agitated]
Today was the thing. I expressed interest, too much interest for this job.   My physical safety is at risk at this position, the person I'd be watching has struck a careworker in the last six months, and has had a regular rotation of careworkers and frustrated family members giving up on him for his behaviour and aggression. My dad insists that I not take this job. My first impulse was "help this person" my second was "I have to take this job, don't I?"   ... well me and dad went back and forth on it, and I'm honestly convinced that in order to get ANY job these days, you have to deal with subhuman conditions. He's convinced otherwise, and of course, hasn't looked for work in the last 5 years.   So, I'm in a cycle of shame, disappointment of myself and others, desperation, and ... I'm scrambling for a good explanation of why I won't take this job. It's probably going to disappoint the person I talked to today, and its probably going to piss some people off. This job... ma
=( Blocking Just Isn't What It Used To Be
  cherry21: surprisingly, you don't look like a troll. thought you'd at least have some funky purple hait 9:47pm reply cherry21: hair** 9:51pm more To cherry21: ok.... 9:52pm reply cherry21: just sayin... i go to respond... and... i was blocked... lmao
My Brother
For Those That Have Asked, Update About My Brother. He Does Have Cancer It Is In His Lungs, It Is Treatable But Not Curable, He Is Going To Start Radiation, Sometime Next Week.. Thank You For Your Thoughts And Continued Prayers.. Tom 
everyone kept asking me... why i quit drinking... apparently i'm not allowed to just say i'm done they figured there must be some logical explination... maybe he got a girlfriend? (you can quit laughing fuckers) maybe he got some disease from some skank he took home(wrong.... condoms the glass slippers of our generation) maybe he blacked out and set some guy on fire in the dumpster... again? (it happens folks) well... i have a confession... there was a reason... and it's a little hard to talk about... i couldn't bring myself to do it in person...  but i've mustered the courage and... think it's time you guys know see i was involved in a near-tragic hit and run accident... where 3 kids and a grandmother were killed on their way to church from what i remember i thought jack in the box was a great idea as i stumbled home after consuming way too much tequila the rest is a bit of a blur but i found puke in my floorboard and a box of half eaten jelly donuts anyway when i woke up t
It's about time I admit my sins It's about time I asked for forgiveness Even though I asked for this I did what I could to surivive I won't deny it make me feel alive And I won't deny I didn't cry I didn't feel any remorse I thought they deserved it of course But this mess truly is all my fault And it's about time to clean it up Fuck I't's not going to be easy at all Instead of being on top I gotta fall I have to make apologies to them and you And in all honestly I hardly want to Well maybe to you I can manage to choke it out Even when I know you'll still have your doubts Oh wow, I almost forgot what this was really about You could say I had enough of the assholes and uses I had all I could take of those deadbeat losers I had enough of the backstabing bitches who liked to talk too much shit
Well Shit
well since someone insisted that i care what people think i'll admit it... probably the only time that is accurate is when i'm called a liar... i don't like being accused of lying i don't lie i find it pointless and beneath me... i don't care if people like me or not if you're questioning if that includes you yes it really does friend or not your opinions don't really matter... anyway.. i don't lie to get women into bed(Seriously i rarely even try in the first place) and i don't exaggerate to impress(your opinion = nothing) and  i'm honest even if it gets me into trouble.... why lower myself? it is a part of my own self worth... one of the very few things i hold as important... and one of the reason i talk so much shit about religion i view them necessary because people are weak... but a lie even if for a good reason is still a lie   *notes about killing gingers and things of that nature don't count as lying as it's not my fault people can't grasp the concept of a joke **also i reta
Blog Whore
cause sharing is caring and what not   i really kinda hate the people who use drugs or alcohol as an excuse for their behavior  i hate all the lame little stories you hear about how some $2 hooker was sucking cock to support her crack habit no people she wasn't! she was sucking dick in an allyway because she was a worthless fucking whore... the crack just gave her an excuse to be who she WAS...   and the low self-esteemed alcoholic strippers... (omg your fatherinlaw/uncle/dad stuck his cock in you at a young age) while this is indeed a horrible turn of events all you'll get out of me is a hey tough luck bitch you're not the only one who has had a hard life... you take the hand your dealt... and judging from your looks you threw away pocket jacks for 2's you could've made something of yourself.... you know all that jazz.... school this and that made a life for yourself  but please do go on and drink yourself stupid and let some guy you don't know plow you and go crying into a
Disclaimer Needed
i've been accused of being an asshole a lot lately and while i wouldn't dare dispute such obvious claims it does lead one to wonder... i mean... when where and how did they come by this information? couldn't have been on introduction cause god knows i've never used a crude term like that to people i barely know couldn't have been over the years i've disregarded or abused people  it just HAD to be on facebook of all things... *Sigh* maybe my brother was right... TEH INTERWEBS IS SERIOUS BIZNISS maybe i shouldn't joke about killing old ladies and gingers or rape or any other topic that people may find offensive   anyway as the title states this is a disclaimer... and as such i've been authorized to share some information if... you were offended by something i may have said recently if... your friends and family are off limits for me to pick on if... you can't take a fucking joke or even recognize it if... you believe the invisible man in the sky will strike me down for all my
We Were Beautiful Once.
Trapped in a haunt. Wondering if I should call, wave, smile or on some faint, distant world where I believe in a fair and benevolent god pray.   Are you safe? Are you well? Are you lonely?   When time stopped that last time did you have to catch your breath or were you just passing through   Wet fingertips dry dusty ceiling.   Were you ever really here? Or just on loan to my wordstarved depravity?   We miss us. Or at least that's what I hoped you'd say.
Lance Hates Stuff! #12 Ii'm Gay For Pay!
You know what I hate?! Identical twins that don't dress the same.Identical twins are the only people that can get away with dressing in the same outfit in public for no special occasion. So, why don't they do it? I don't know either. It pisses me off though. You guys aren't called "individual people who look the same," you are called identical twins. You are clumped as a whole, so you should dress the same, everyday...
And Now Your Weekend Update With That Random Retard
okay so i got barred from my local pub for shoving a cupcake into a friends face.... stupid i know since i do far worse pretty much every time i go out but the owners wife told me not to and yeah like some ragging cunt is gonna tell me what i can and can't do she thinks i'm supposed to listen to her because she owns the place and forgets her place... i as a parton pay money to go out and enjoy myself among friends(and a bunch of people who probably hate me) she's not my mother and not my employer so i really don't give 2 shits what she has to say... but alas i'm barred  well that convinced me to find something better to do so i went to a party last night which was kinda fun 3 metal bands all the food(and beer and liquor but i'm still not drinking) you want, a firework show and live nude body art(unfortunately it was women who i didn't really have any interest in seeing topless) but well it was interesting anyway okay so anyway in about an hour or so i'm heading down to georgia t
Wtf And Wth
Why do men/women cheat?
Well, this was the oddest interview. I go early, which is how I am.  I like to  be early.  Well anyway, it starts, and I get asked : Why did you decide to move to the area? wanted to tell him .. because i wanted to, and it's NONE of his business why I moved.  I just moved .... BUT I didn't. It goes on and other more "normal" questions are asked.  When it was over, I get told the position is taken but the girl who has the position isn't stable.     Really??? Isn't stable.    but I will keep you on top, and call you for training.   yeah, I"m holding my breath.
"fu Whores" Vs "real Whores."...from Another Point Of View..
...from another point of view.... ...always interesting when you break it down hmm?
To Like Or Not To Like
I Am A Cynical Asshole
i'll admit that... but as always there is usally a reason for everything...  mine being life.... ain't it just a bitch sometimes.... okay so daily ranting... i drove over to see my mother to hand her the title to my old car....  so she could scrap it... yeah i don't know why i'm willing to let her get anything else out of me but she's only getting about 260 for it and a tow.... it cost 2400 when i bought it... meh the car my brother has been driving on a now revoked liscense and had 3 accidents in... i say 3 but one of which was his whore of an ex girlfriend who he is sleeping with again... even though she is still fucking the other guy she just had a kid with behind his back and the poor dumb fuck is just too fucking stupid to realize it now don't go feeling any sympathy for the dumb little bitch... i won't have it :) see my brother made his own choices people warned him and tried to help him... myself included... and he does nothing but fuck up constantly and screw everyone else
I'm cleaning my room and found an  old CD that I made in 2007. I had my friends from here tell me songs, I downloaded them and burnt them.  One was "Puff the Magic Dragon". I don't remember who told me to get it, but I did!! lol.   Anyway, is there a place I can download songs now? Limewire is gone :(   If there is, I'd love to do this again. Anyone have ideas?   *****UPDATE***** Tell me a song you think I should download to make a CD of. I need enough to make a CD. =]
Stop All The Clocks.
I lost my best friend of 20 years today.  She was an amazing, mother, wife, and friend. She really understood what it meant to be a friend. Never judged, always listened, constant shoulder, sincere, loving, not a malicious bone in her body, to name just a few of her attributes. I have so much in my head right now, but what I want to convey is how I really feel at this moment. I tend to gloss over things. I think I'll stay in the moment right now. I need to for a change. It's healthy.   This is a poem by W.H. Auden. Grim, YES. It's how I feel.   Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone. Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone, Silence the pianos and with muffled drum Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come. Let aeroplanes circle moaning overhead Scribbling in the sky the message He is Dead, Put crêpe bows round the white necks of the public doves, Let the traffic policemen wear black cotton gloves. He was my North, my South, my East and West, My working week and
My First Tale....plz Be Kind
I have decided that this side of my creativity needs an outlet.  For those of you that dont want me to tarnish your sensibilities, you might want to move on.   I have a deep well of emotions....dark and passionate ones that I dont let out very often for fear that I might scare people off or that they just wont get it.  I am finding that i just cant keep it all in anymore.   The raw side needs to be freed.......   My version of a perfect date might probably be a LOT different than most of yours.  A perfect date to me would start off with a really goodlooking guy coming to pick me up for a night out at a club.  He'd be dressed nicely for the bad boy he is and wouldnt mind a bit that I am dressed any way that I want to be...the sexier the better.  If I wear a skirt, tight jeans, slinky tops, he wouldnt care because to him its ALL GOOD! He would greet me with a sexy smile and hello....being a gentleman with a twinkle in his eye letting me know there is more going on in his head than
  This is not an internet crusade. To me it's fairly fundamental.   Not many people like child abusers (or 'paedos')'s very easy to scream and shake fists online when encountering what you, quite naturally, despise.   It's not so easy to take a moment and consider a few things: - whatever child is in that picture is being/has been abused, exploited and neglected. A child posing provocatively is as clear a sign of abuse as if they were sitting there with an adult actually molesting them. - in many cases, they may be missing and have one or both parents looking for them - Fubar has to delete such content if it wants to remain a site. They do what they have to do - and they are good at it. They're quicker and more responsive than most other sites I've seen. -  BUT when you shake your fist and demand it be removed from your sight, without doing anything else, those pictures, THAT EVIDENCE, disappears into the ether again.   It does not take long to report the images..
Sooo since some of you lovely people seem to be interested in the enigma that is myself I've decided to devote a little time here and there for some random facts, thoughts, rants and the like that you may never get to hear in a general conversation with me. To start this off heres a random rach fact for ya:  I swear...A LOT, i even got scolded at the chiropractor once for accidentally dropping the F-Bomb hahaha. 
Question 4
What is something special or unique about yourself that someone wouldn't know just by looking at you?
New Club
 New club called NSFW Crew, its just a club w/no requirements, sick of all these clubs making you do things, this one, if you want in I will put you in a folder & ppl can rate & like you, if you got time, sure they will get you back, if you wana put it in ur name NSFW Crew thats cool as well if not its kool, just let me know I will put ur pic in a folder & others in the folder will rate you & like you, if they have time & help others in the folder w/level requirements if they have time & no means do I need to level from it or give me stuff for it, just to have fun & help others if you got sum spare time. Peace Alaways.
All This Before Coffee
6:46am Not Tellin...: so which cock is supposed to be yours? 6:47am pc67: NSFW folder and Fucking Fubar babes 6:47am pc67: feel free to comment 6:50am Not Tellin...: aww i can't...shucks 6:50am pc67: you need to accept my friend request first 6:53am Not Tellin...: You are a pig. You objectify women ib the worst possible way. I sincerely doubt that you would like my comments 6:54am pc67: apparently women like them too if i judge by their comments 6:54am Not Tellin...: Sad women with no self esteem, or thyey are hoping for bling 6:55am pc67: or is it simply you that is backward 6:56am Not Tellin...: Sweetheart, I would never fuck someone that has an album titled fucking fubar babes. You likely have some incurable disease and I have no desire to spread it
Nsfw Crew Members
Must have an approved salute! BADassCHEVY Deadboy69 Vindictive Bytch SuperB Hypnotic Red Candi23 Angelize MissBehavin
For Friends
For the friends who have wondered about my silence that I have not been able to message personally.   Some of you know that a fave aunt passed away earlier in the month. I was extremely busy preparing another aunt's house for the gathering after the funeral. It is the family joke that if out of town guest are coming, the women of my family tend to paint the house! It's almost the truth. It isn't that we are trying to impress anyone, we actually do it so WE will know it is clean and ready. Anyway...the funeral was Aug. 25th. We had a wonderful celebration of life for my Aunt Claudia! It was truly a party (it was also Claudia's birthday)! Aunt Claudia would have been proud. My Aunt Annie was cleaning a bit during the party and tripped over a rug. We went to the ER to discover she had broken her shoulder. She is 77 years old and also the one that took care of Aunt Claudia the last few months of her life. I have been with Annie since the fall. I have been the 24 hour ca
Getting To Level 28
Okay, I normally could care less about leveling but I'd like to become one to use some special abilities.  Any suggestions on how? 
Jo (my Best Friend And Sister ) Leaving
Jo     Just so you know how much you mean too me   ................................... You are such a special person and I am so glad I met you, you have the kindest heart and such a lovely way about you, and for me to know you, makes me so lucky, I am so glad that you finely are sorting your life out and I truly believe that you are going to be so happy and have such a nice life down in Cornwall. For the past 3 years that I have known you it’s been a really tough time but I really hope that in some small way I have been there for you and helped, I know there have been times that I have annoyed you, but I hope that you can just remember the good times and the laughing we did, as I will always remember the fun we had, you will always be very dear to me and will always be my very best friend (Just don’t ask me too look after your car keys again or ask me where they are :)) I know you were always going to leave but I never thought it would be as hard for me when the time c
4 Kids
Fuckin'-a! Feeding 4 kids who seem like bottomless pits is a fruitless endeavor....They are never full...I'll have to get a 2nd job just to feed them..../end rant
[return From The Deezart... To ... Exploding]]
Well, I've been home for... 10 hours and I'm already pissed.   First off Vegas S U C K E D. I was there for what? Nine days? I got the worst headcold of my life by the second day and fucking DYSENTERY by the third. I'm still sick.   Yep.   "Hey wanna go get Sushi?" "No." "Hey, wanna go get Indian?" "NO!" "Hey wanna lay down with a cool rag on your head and pretend like you're back home with your dog?"   But needless to say, I soldiered up got caught in traffic, got caught at the airport, got caught in casinos, got caught in a restaurant   the highlight of the outting was probably the 2 days I ate nothing, and the FIVE times I went to the bathroom during lunch, or the 3 times I had to stop on the hour long trip back to where we were staying in the ONLY gas stations for 10 miles with the most RANCID bathrooms on the planet.   Yeah... I didn't have fun. Well, the parts where I hung out with my brother and drank gallons of water and played cards and legend of mana were
Did I Delete You? Here's Why.
I don't feel as thought I have to explain my actions, but I can give a general summary. For personal reasons, I've cleared out the majority of my list. I probably like you, we're probably friends. In fact, we probably text each other or have eachother on Facebook. I didn't delete you because I dislike you in any way. I did it for peace of mind. You are more than welcome to re-add me if you feel as though I have jilted you in some way. I assure you, my "list" here does not determine my friendship with people. I don't believe I need to have you here to be your friend, but if you feel otherwise, by all means, readd me. It's to my discretion if I accept. As for others, we probably stopped talking a long time ago. 
This Place Never Ceases To Crack Me Up
this is exactly as he typed it!  LMAO     Sorry if this email to you seems Bothering but am sure you would understand after explaining my reasons was wandering around when i came across your Profile it was just stunning could not believe my eyes .am sure you must have a lot of admirers chasing you around and even knocking down your door .well won't blame them cause i will be doing the same as well maybe mine will be a little rational cause i will be chasing you with a wedding ring. Sorry for not introducing myself, My name is Raymond. am a Soldier stationed in Afghanistan and am very hard working man and am a fun loving guy, sincere ,considerate in all that i do and also very Happy with what i got. Well was wondering if we could be able to chat sometime cause you look like a nice person to be with, well am looking for a soul mate ,companion, a lover and a soul mate someone to be there for me as i would be there for her as well and a best friends .Would really appreciate it if i can g
Pimp Hand Slap Fest
So I finally used my pimp hand... I was shocked that so many people get all up in arms over it. I wanna thank all of you who took it in stride...took it for how it was meant...a joke. I also had to stop myself from slapping one person all 50 I remind myself that I am a better person than they...and that they will eventually get what is coming to them Karma...she is my friend.
Bring Out The Gimp!
Part 1: Tooling without comprehension Really for the last few weeks ive been playing around and experimenting with the GIMP photo editor with mixed results. ive been doing my damnest to get better at photo editing and effects and i think im really starting to see myself getting better. the bad part about it is that im totally not where i should be and get too far ahead of myself when reading the tutorials. thats my boring update and would appreicate any help or hints about how to use the program, now to get into what going on with me.  Part 2: Im not driving around your sister and spooking your hogs theres a lot of land here where i live and we rented some of it to an oil company for drilling. they even made their own road going up and into the land with the promise that a gate would be set up at the entrance and that a lock would be on said gate. well that lasted for about a year now theres no lock on the gate and any backwoods moron with a four wheeler (ATV) can just ride around a
Tgif Update...10/14/2011
Hey kids, TGIF!...just a quick note on a few things... Don't forget to vote in the swimsuit contest to get your free points as well as the Battle of the Bands (you get alot there too.) .. ..also don't forget that we are trying to bring back the old school bulletin train. If you don't know what that is, check out the bulletin board or use this as a reference, it's actually fun and cool and you could make some new friends... ...and yes, I know about yet another video blog that has me in it. Honestly, it's so pathetic and pointless I think I'm just going to let it speak for iteself...maybe I should do a video blog one day....js.... ..also it baffles me how people can continue to add this "Dud" (see previous blogs for who it is) to their families while he has threatened children making him a top member weekly...he's either a good con or people are that ignorant.. ..also thanks for getting yesterday's fake spotlight wiped out. Tha
Halloween Scares
This year for Halloween, I am going to go with non-traditional types of scares for the kids.  I have put up signs like: Your parents secretly find you a burden and wish they could be rid of you. Children in 41 other countries are better in math and science than you. Someone you are going to school with today will end up in the prison system. Obesity is the number one killer in America, ask for more candy! There is little you can do to change your station in life, you will be as poor or poorer than your parents.   Happy Halloween Kids!
Point Hoars......
12:41pm hatchetman: why did u have to be a prick dude i just did it to get likes 1:47pm Giggity: and is that the point of a mumm? to get the likes? 1:49pm hatchetman: u tell me any other way to get 1000 likes in 24 hours bro when u get to my lvl u will be doing the same thing 1:50pm Giggity: i have no desire to get to your level.... unlike you, i'm not here to "win" fubar.... i'm here because i like my friends 1:51pm hatchetman: idc why u are here its somthing to pass the time away for me period nothing more nothing less 1:51pm Giggity: well, congratulations on winning fubar.... 1:52pm hatchetman: your a prick besides who asked u anything 1:52pm Giggity: you did, dumbass..... "u tell me any other way to get 1000 likes in 24 hours"..... 1:53pm Giggity: enjoy your inconsequential life 1:53pm hatchetman: fuck u bro my life has nothing to do with this 1:54pm Giggity: yeah, i'm sure it doesn't *rolls eyes* 1:54pm hatchetman: rolling your eyes ya we are in the third grade 1:55pm G
Animal Cruelty
My neighbors have three dogs. They got Becca  (the dog I have a picture of) a year ago and were taking good care of her. Soon after they brought home a pitbull who was forced to live outside in the backyard. He has gotten loose several times and attacked our dog Max, the pound has yet to do anything about it except make them get a second dog house. Now they have a third dog that is a little toy thing that they spoil while their first two dogs starve and freeze in the backyard. Whenever Becca gets off her leash she runs over to my families house and she was over here for 3 days recently before they even noticed she was gone. We want to keep her because you can see her ribs and she practically no meat on her tailbone. They came over today and asked us not to take Becca off her leash anymore and we told the neighbor she runs over for food when she breaks it, we can't stop her. The lady said whatever and claimed she fed the dogs twice a day... I miss that dog and I'm gonna steal her before
Fubbies That Kick Butt
Well this goes out to all the true friends i have met here. Lucky my bro you are simply amazing and i am so proud to call you Bro thanks for everything. Famous well your just simply a doll and you are well you, but i wouldnt have you any other way! Photobug i luv ya man! Ready4summer you rock my socks thanks for being there at all times without fail. dj darkphoneix your a world class friend and sexy as hell and im so glad we talk like we do! Dj Marc well well lol your dj Marc nuff said! and jubs well you always get me back if i get you, we dont talk much but i know when i need something your just a SB away. and Dj Crossfire you are a wonderful amazing man that always brightens my day thank you. i thank god for each one of you mentioned every day! if you want a true friend check these people out they arent fake and they mean the world to me. They dont judge a book by its cover and they are always there for advice. and i thank them all for everything they do and have done! I FAWKIN L
Hey all..for all of you that have my email..apparently it has been hacked. I found a draft message that I had not written. plus some friends sent my emails asking if I had sent some crap they received.I have changed my password and sent everyone an email that say do not open unless I write mb in the subject line. I also have a different email. I'll send it to ya...if ya want.  Carry On. :)
Hear This Today And Thought....
When will I see you again? It's a question I ask all the time. It's now the last time till the end. All I need to see is a sign   It's starting to wear me down, Little by little. Feeling like a sick dog. Everything's gone wrong.   Tell me what it takes, To make it like yesterday. One thing that is true. I'll be waiting.   If I only knew what was right. I'd do it in a second to calm down. Oh baby, when day falls to night. My heart always ends up on the ground.   When will I see you again? It's a question I ask al
So about an hour or so ago I was literally "disowned" by my real life blood family because of a post I made on Facebook.   Does this make me an orphan now and can I put myself up for adoption?   P.S. I had a good cry, chugged half a bottle of wine and smoked a joint so I'm fine with being disowned for the moment.   and I LOVE MOST OF YOU FUCKERS (h)
Things Are Getting Complicated Again
Just letting everyone know what's going on. I got a new stint installed in my heart on wednesday. Thanks to my body being a total douchebag it rejected it again. They put a medicaided stint in thursday morning and removed the other, so far so good. I got a few more appointments until I see if I qualify for a transplant. If things go well with this new stint hopefully the surgeries will be over and no transplant will be needed. I'm sorry I won't be able to be around as much as I have been but things are getting complicated again with this damn heart of mine. Just wanted to let you know if I don't respond to your messages and stuff, it's not that I'm be rude or anything but that I may not be here. Thanks
We Wish You A Merry Christmas 2011
                                                      We Wish You A Merry Christmas 2011        We wish you a Merry Christmas    We wish you a Merry Christmas    We wish you a Merry Christmas     now get the hell out of here.      Good times were had    by those that did show    we're happy you came    we'd be happier if you'd just go    we wish you a Merry Christmas    we wish you a Merry  Christmas    we wish you a Merry Christmas    now get the hell out of here!
I wish you knew… What lies inside. Wish I could say… Instead I bide.   So I restrain… When I’d rather not. Pull myself back… A complex plot.   Moving onward... Not the plan. Though I must…  Small wingspan.   Will two worlds collide again? The answer yet unknown. My wish; a dream, of which flies free… I know not mine alone.
Tis The Season....
I just wanted to take a few moments to wish all my wonderful friends here a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of Holidays!  It's been a very trying and worrisome past few weeks, but things are so very much brighter for my family and me.  Our Christmas wish came true.  We got the best present we could possibly receive this year.  I so hope that each of you will receive what your heart desires.     Remember......   Please, if you are able to do so, there are always tiny angels here on earth who need wishes to come true.  Sometimes all it takes is a doll or a toy car to put a smile on the smallest of faces.  Tis the season of giving my friends.  :)   My two tiny angels {Blake and Khloe} are having a warm, joyous,  magical Christmas and I sincerely wish every child could have that.   I know I have seen lots of Humbug statuses and such.  How can you possibly frown when you look into the eyes of a child and see the magic of Christmas?   Happy Holidays my dear friends!  I
Yeah Gonna Do It.
I'm thinking I want to start collecting for the spotlight. I just figure that it's gonna take me a while to get the bucks I'm gonna need. Will you please help me?
Water Your Damn Grass People!!
For some reason people are never satisfied...nothing is never enough...regardless of how much you is just never enough...people have this concept that the grass is greener on the other's not....the grass is the's all about how bad you want it..or don't....if you don't water the grass..then it's going to die...if you constantly walk on is going to die....if you neglect is going to slowly die....appreciate what you DO have..unless you want to lose it....don't look at your ring as a prison..look at it as an opportunity for something great...and if it kills you..then take it off...let it go....those of you who do have someone to lay beside you when you go to bed at don't realize how good you do have it...and you probably won't until you find out for yourself that the grass isn't any different anywhere else...but it is a Hell of a lot lonelier....being alone and scared not to no place anyone wants to be...finding th
Ok so I have type 1 diabetes. I have to give myself 4 shots of insulin a day. My blood sugar when I woke up in the ICU was 1053. Let your head wrap around that. So I am a lot better, still have to get my levels in sync. I am trying to be a good boy but giving up sugar is hard lol. I know they have sugar free goodies and some of them taste pretty good. Anyone who has something positive to say besides watch what I eat and drink post away :)
I know what it means when you call someone your "boo". I also know that as a white woman, it's not really all that normal. However, when did it become popular again....or did it ever stop?   If it's still cool to say "I'm with my boo" what age is the limit? I'm sure a "40" year old woman that looks like she's at LEAST 5 years older should NOT be calling the guy she likes her "boo".   Anyway...I had to blog. It's been a long night and I'm fairly bored.
Flame  A single candle stood between us  lighting up your innocence  and my desire.  A single candle made the moment sacred  and our flesh grew warm  as the flame grew higher. A single fear was all that stood between us 'til your trembling breath  blew out the flame  and lit the fire.   Terry
Eviction Question
Ok..I have a question of a legal nature. A friend of mine lives in subsidized housing. She is subsidized by Community Action. She got a noise complaint against her and the CA people came in to inspect her apartment. They went thru her dresser drawers, looked in between her mattresses, under her couch cousins etc. They found an empty bottle of Patron in her dresser drawer. She is 20 so not of legal age but it's HER house. Now they have started eviction proceedings against her and say she has to pay the full amount of Feb. rent. I don't think she has to pay Feb rent if they are evicting her. Can they legally search thru her personal belongings like that? I think it's invasion of privacy. Anyone know anything about this???? Any help would be appreciated.
I feel sorry for you. I don't know how your mind got things so twisted. I just think it's time you move on. What happened happened about a year ago. The only time you cross my mind is when someone polishes the bling I got you. However, you feel the need to tell me I need to apologize you iin public because I'm a liar and then make your status about me.   Yes I blocked you, I don't want you to come to my page. It's not a huge deal, get over it. You've been blocked before because you whine more than anyone I know.   And just so you know, some of your "friends" talk mad shit about you behind your back.
Broadcast Exposes. And Happy Friday The 13th!...
Hey kids, happy Friday the 13th!! Should be a fun day I am sure. So with this blog I'm going to be bringing you something different. People have been complaining about how their pictures are being flagged but people can get away with crazy stuff in Broadcasts, especially the NSFW ones. I can understand that, but the rule says that you can't use the NSFW-style pic as a default, and the broadcasts that are really NSFW are actually marked as such in the upper right corner of that Broadcast page. You have to make the choice to click on it. I know it's not exactly what some people want to hear but that's probably the response you will get if you ask a bouncer or admin...just a heads up there... However, since the Broadcasts are done on Fubar, they are open to screenshots. Personally, I find some of the people and things that go on there repulsive. A lot of of those people just shouldn't be doing what they do, and of course, in some way, they get taken to task. With that in mind, I've dec
Nutrition Classes
I had my second nutrition class..out of 5. I learned that I am doing everything for one small thing :/ that post surgery will be a HUGE thing. I HAVE to stop drinking with meals. I lost 9.2 this month making my total 25.2 since Nov 18 Still not smokin, still exercisin my ass off (literally) I gotta say, I really feel good. The nutritionist was impressed!
Things On My Mind
Ive never been much of a person to blog whats on my mind. It seems as if now is the time. I am sick of hearing the he said she said bullshit. The this isnt real life.. bullshit, really? What is this make believe? Grow the fuck up its real life but ur just on the internet not face to face. For some ppl it gives them bigger balls being on the internet. for some it gives them the feeling to be more open on how they feel. For some it makes them act completely fake as they believe its not real life, so why not act like a complete ass and make a fool outta their self. Heres the deal lately.. My "friends" have acted one way yet talked a different way. Do u realize how many of you are being played? No, u sure dont.. Kinda sad. Yet most of u are being played by the same circle even more funny in my eyes. Then lets move on to ppl mistaking IFLY to omg I really love you as if im marrying you 2moro. Come the fuck on and get ur panties out of a knot. There are so many ppl that seem so
Family Adding
I am slowly adding family back to the list. It will go as follows if you don't like it then fuck off your not a friend to begin with. The only one that will reserve the spot as number 1 is my wife. Period !!!!!! The rest in my family is not in any certain order and NO I will not list them in the order you think you should be. It will stand as it is and how I added back. If you don't like where you are at then that is your problem, not mine and you can remove me from yours as well. If you caused me any problems about it you probably did not make the cut until I feel more comfortable about it or if you ask me to remove you for what ever reason you had. I don't mean to sound like a fucking bitch, but this is the most childish bullshit I have ever endured in my life. I have not put anyone in any order so don't go there either, I just added back and wherever you fell you fell, with the exception of my BEAUTIFUL wife. Get over yourself, people should not put a pecking order on friend
My Dads Drunk Friends Mad At The Pats Loosing The Superbowl
there was a superbowl party at my house tonight that my parents were having for them and their friends. but of course my mom only has like one friend lol and my dad has like 7 different guys that he works with over. Which they are still here. And thanks to the Patriots loosing this superbowl they are very angry and getting more and more drunk lol bt its kinda funny, they arent getting too out of control at least :p but i just find it funny how the more they drink, the more i notice each one of them staring at me at different times. and when i walk out in the living room to go to the kitchen they all stop talking and watch me walk by :p i like the attention :] but now my mom and dad are arguing in the other room. they all see me in my room on here cause my doors open hehe OMG! I just looked out there at them and they were all looking in!! :D lololol what a night this will be!
Just want people to know. If you have my cell number, delete it....please. I'll be deleting yours too. It's not really anything against YOU, it's just something I need to do.    I'm sorry..............
Erotica Continuation....
I have posted both the original intro and the requested conitnuation below. Sharing this writing is new to me so please do provide feedback and comments....   And so it begins, the blindfold is slipped from my eyes and I find myself nude and tied across the bottom of a four poster bed. My arms placed and bound above my head, my legs widespread but at the same time elevated towards my chest thus causing my hips to tilt and my buttocks to slightly rise from the end of the bed.   My eyes slowly adjust to the bright lights above as I look around the room. My gaze as always is drawn to and settles on Him. Even as I am bound I am captivated by Him, yearning to please him. What games and plans he might have in store I never know. How he will choose to test my limits, to push me and challenge me is not for me to know.   For the moment he sits in a chair off to the side of the bed, body relaxed with legs stretched out in front of him casually. His features give away nothing of what is to
Done (post Could Not Be Found)
  Hell is a fingertip trapped between my lips.Like a buttefly crushed on a vagrant cigarette butt.I forgot the real. Under some blur of flesh and scintillation.Foreign but familiar. Fragrant and coy.Lingering laps of dreams and visions.There I was, happy.If only for a moment in the poppies, on damp pillowsand sweaty, itchy sheets of linen.The gentle pull of teeth and bare skin.The hold.The swirl.The fade.And the flatly alert cigarette after.Sore spots. Pops and swells.Wet messes and lumpy puddles.But for one brief victorious momentvalidated.There.And of some minute use.
Fake Of The Day, 3/9/2012
Here's today's Fake of the Day: Bad Salutes: And the real girl's pics she is claiming to be: Any questions? lol peace.
And He's Not Even From Ohio!
Odinsbane: hi sexy, you enjoying yourself? 2:53pm Suga Lips: Sure 2:55pm Odinsbane: i bet you are with how hot you are hehe 2:56pm Suga Lips: Ha. Right. 2:57pm Odinsbane: im actually being very naughty 2:58pm Suga Lips: How nice. 2:58pm Odinsbane: yeah im doing something ive never done before lol 2:59pm Suga Lips: Putting your balls in a mouse trap? 2:59pm Odinsbane: lol no 2:59pm Odinsbane: why would i do that 2:59pm Suga Lips: Sounds like fun to me. 3:00pm Odinsbane: it does have to do with my balls and dick tho 3:00pm Suga Lips: Yeah, I bet. 3:00pm Odinsbane: im sitting on a couch next to my mom and sister secretly rubbing my cock under a blanket 3:01pm Suga Lips: That's pretty fucked up, dude.
Blessings, Good Fortune, Strength and Peace... I've decided to dedicate a blog to the wonderful people that cross my path for reasons I will not question, but will cherish and remember because I grew from the experience...   Joseph (pronounced YOSEV) I'll start with WOW!! Today was very very VERY windy after work and I was beat, like beat ass beat beat.  So, I wanted a seat (my bus wouldn't be there for at least 20 min and my reg bus stop has no bench) I walk to my alternative bus stop where there is some shelter and a seat :) Joseph was getting off his bus and walking over to the same stop.  I put my bag down and have a seat, blaring Ozzy in my ear my hoodie hood blows off and I see that Joseph is saying something to me.. "Pardon" I say not thinking much of him since  most of time when someone bothers me, they just want to bum a smoke.."Hello" he says "is it windy enough or what?"  "Storm blowing in" I say pulling my hoodie and headphones back up, still thinking he wants a smoke.
Gus, Yes Gus Stfu He's A Gus!!
Blessings, Good Fortune, Strength and Peace... I've decided to dedicate a blog to the wonderful people that cross my path for reasons I will not question, but will cherish and remember because I grew from the experience... Gus, Ok, I’m going to admit this and straight up say “Gus, for a bus driver?? OH COME, YOU TOTALLY COULD HAVE DONE BETTER” Actually, I couldn’t do any fucking BETTER!! He looks like a Gus… GUS *grins* is the driver I had on my bus this morning. I hop on the bus, pay my $2.25 and ask for a transfer with a good morning and a smile, standard policy for me.  Usually, I get a slight smile back and my transfer or even better a “Ya, here ya go!” with a grumble and a huff because people really do suck monkey balls and I’m sure the drivers had a heck of a route…that, or they're just a complete asshole.  50/50, you choose *smiles* “Good Morning, May I have a transfer?” I say with my standard smile.  &ldq
My Private Nsfw Folder Access
If you want to see my private pic folder make me an offer of credits only please. If you have seen my private pics please feel free and leave a comment below.
Grammatically Challenged ..
  Clear HistoryClose DSide 31st Angelmama nate doGG always Buzz:   sh*t faced! Level: Oracle (28) Gender: Male, 30 Location: Jonesboro, GA Status: ASSUALT n RObbERY CHARGES dISSMISSEd! thnCu GOD. but SCREW U Mn!!! Cost me $2000 n 4 days in Minneapolis jail n u tooC my AnGelmama. *Goin to sleep   11:13pm DSide 31st...: ?.. your uGly azz really that mad that u have no booty? lol 11:18pm FvckingCan...: huh? I have a giant fat ass..what you talkin bout Willis?
Damned Earworms...
I read an article on NPR Online which was about songs that get stuck in your head. The article called them earworms. The name has stuck in my mind like - well, like an earworm. Yesterday an earworm infested my brain. I saw a trailer for the movie Alvin and the Chipmunks 3: Chipwrecked. The trailer featured soundbytes from the Chipettes performing a song. These soundbytes stuck in my head, and I wondered if, perhaps, there was such a thing as earwormlets...I finally had to satisfy my curiosity (and attempt to purge this earworm) and Googled the movie's soundtrack. I discovered - among others - one on the Amazon listing for the song called Bad Romance. I Googled "Bad Romance". I ALSO found that Lady Gag-um, Ga-Ga performed it first. I watched THAT video. I was not impressed. So I went back to the Chipettes Version. I found myself humming, then singing, with it, smiling in amusement. I soon discovered that this wasn't necessarily a good thing - it was still stuck. I clicked on their versi
Have You Ever Wondered?
Have you ever wondered why Asteroids are called Asteroids and Hemorrhoids are called Hemorrhoids? Wouldn't it make much more sense the other way around? =D
Miscellaneous Me
I never saw a purple cow I never hope to see one. But I can tell you, anyhow I'd rather see than be one! This was a poem I memorized in the 2nd grade because I thought it was so cute. I'm damn lucky my memory still worked long enough to hold on to that :P   Life is a challenge filled with hopes and dreams. A gift of love and hapiness to help you to succeed. Be proud of what you've accomplished and tell yourself you've tried Cuz if you're always confident you'll feel good inside. This is a sad example of one of my writings when I was 14. I was in the hospital on my death bed from a stupid overdose. Unfortunately all my dark poems were destroyed and I cant remember any of them.   Maybe I'll do a little ranting to go along with these stupid poems you want to hang yourself for reading. Sorry if you lost IQ points, but hey that just makes me smarter than you now.      I've known about you for a while nowWhen he leaves me, he wears a smile nowAs soon as he's away from meIn
Everyone should watch It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia for an entire day to just feel better about themselves.  And to laugh.  A lot.It's supposed to snow tomorrow.  It was almost 80 on Friday.  If those fucking Mayans were right, I got some serious shit to get have been so lazy this weekend.  I feel shame.  And fatness.  And full of pizza.I'm a really good idea person, I just suck at the execution.Religion is a trap.  Gnaw your goddam legs off people.I think we've run out of brilliant.  I would think there has to be a limit.  We're just rehashing the brilliant that came before, twisting it, putting a fresh coat of paint on and shoving it out there as something new.Maybe we've just stopped evolving.  They certainly are doing their best to prevent it from happening. I like my childish things.  I do not need them.  That's the difference.I like surprise sexy pictures on my phone. I think naps keep us young.I'm tired and kinda frustrated and in one of my weird places where I
Easiest Way To Earn Points
Polishing bling is really easy. Just takes some practice to learn which bling are worth the most. It's easier now than it used to be because if you put your mouse over a bling it will tell you how many credits it was worth.  The more expensive the bling was originally, the more points you get when you polish it! So a FuPony is the highest bling you can polish and can give you HUGE points if you get lucky enough to polish one. Bling can be polished about every 24 hours.  So if you get some good bling on a persons page, in about 24 hours, you can stop by and polish them again!!  Sometimes there is fluctuation, so it is approximate.To view someones bling, you can bring up the bling page by clicking "see all" in the bottom left corner of their bling window. The bling is divided into sections. Top section is always favorites. A lot of times, some of the better bling is located up there. See where it says expand on the top right corner. If you click that it makes the window bigger so you ca
Nsfw Marking.....
ok people, this is not rocket science, youll be seeing default pics getting marked nsfw. Fubar admins do this once in a blue moon, they get sick of the slutty pics on every other default picture scrolling across the top. The policy has been in place over 4 years, this is nothing new or unexpected. What happens is this policy merely gets enforced to what it should be. You have not seen it happen too much in the past because people get lazy in marking and unmarking pics.  so here are some facts, and solutions to any complaints. any pic can get marked by anyone on this site at any time for any reason. It is recorded by admins when you mark a pic so if you are abusing the priveledge you WILL lose it. I see other people with pics up for defaults that are just as questionable as mine that are marked! solution: go mark those pics youself, make it an even playing field! orrrrrrrr you can do as I do just not give a crap. admins play favorites! Its a he said/she said issue, most people thin
Help Wanted...
Well since Witchie had to go and altruize me I now have enough points to level...but no motivation to rate 1000 pics of someone running autos or 240 people running boomerangs.....anyone willing to log in an me and do it? I'm thinking maybe a 5 credit bling and 10 mil fu$$? Or just make me an offer...
Giving Back To Our Troops.......
Hey all you sexy wonderful people. I have choose to give me points to someone who is or has served in our military everyday (if possibly) until Memorial Day. I will have the person in my #1 friend spot. I want them to know that we are blessed with people like them who choose to defend our rights and freedom everyday. I was raised in a military fam,  I know they truly are our nations backbone. Its not the goverment Im asking you to support its the ladys and men who stand and defend us that im asking you to support. If you are or have been in our military and need points pm me so i can plan it out. Now if you would like to help me with this and can donate a ability bling or a few credits so i can run one while i give my points that would be great. thank you so very much for everything. our troops for what they do or have done.  ty again Sherry, Part Ii
..I've heard recently that the wonders from the dark corner of the internet known as have located a new server to host their exploitation and child pornography on. So it's back up and running for those who are, have been, and will be effected by this scurge of the internet. So, with that being said, we need to locate the server company as well as any server that hosts their board and/or images and complain until the end of time. Since no resolution has been made regarding the legal investigation, this is all we can do in the meantime. Please, if you know someone posting there, get some PROOF of it (i will ignore he-said-she-said information) that we can expose those responsible if they are on Fubar. Proof means screenshots. By the way, when you are dealing with people from here or there that are truly lowlife, here's an image and probably an accurate representation of the neanderthals that you are dealing with...
Is It Only A Dream Or A Taste Of Heaven?
Damn His Peen Is On Fire...or Burned
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Do You Believe In Forgiveness? (please Vote)
A mistake is always forgivable, rarely excusable and always unacceptable. Always forgive your enemies - nothing annoys them so much. Forgive many things in others; nothing in yourself. Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names. Forgiveness is a funny thing. It warms the heart and cools the sting. Forgiveness is the economy of the heart... forgiveness saves the expense of anger, the cost of hatred, the waste of spirits.
We're Not All Fusluts
I would like to start off by saying that what other people do on this site is their own business. If they get their rocks off by posting naughty pics for people to stroke their wang to, hey... whatever. To each their own. If people are so addicted to Fubar and the bling and being at the top of the FuLadder in rank that they will sell photos of their pu$$y, stick their finger up their pooter on cam, or give out their number for a hot and steamy sext or phone sex session, again... whatever. I couldn't give two sh*ts less what other people do on here, it's not my life. For me personally, I feel that it is demeaning and lacking self respect. I have some "NSFW' photos posted, but there is NO nudity, nor will there ever be. I'm a fan of women like Bettie Page (if you don't know who she is, look her up~ and be ashamed yu didn't already know! She rawks!)~ sensual, erotic, seductive... and classy. If women only realized the power they hold in their sexuality~ but no, some women give it up to an
Monster Luv
Skip the formalities,,she's as bad as can be..Blasts across the galaxy..Her swags pass capacity as she causes casaulities just movin through casually..Heart popping fatalities just became a reality!Burning a candle at both ends if You think you can handle this.Una have You like Dorthy taking a hard trip out Kansas..But she's hard to resist..A work of art on cow sheet canvis..Keep you high like a long bong hit of cannabis..I'm her good boy at the edge of my seat as she tosses a treat!better check with the ouija to see if you had enough wheat in them wheaties to meet..Una's a weapon sweeping fuckers off their feet!!! She gots curves like holding to a street covered in sleet..bring her a bow cause she the package, so complete! I know her body language like scripture and verse..If she was the promise land,I'd be richer laying in a hearse.If a lycanthrope, let me share her curse.Just want my monster even at her worse!! She could gag me to keep me quiet..if she'd like to try it!!Got a vip ex
Well, my laptop is fucked. Everything, program wise, works. My screen is just fucked up. I'm either going to have to get a new screen, check my video card or just break down and get a new laptop. If I'm not around, you all know why.   Love you all!!!
Club Paradise Live Auction !!!!!
Poem From An Old Man
When an old man died in the geriatric ward of a nursing home in an Australian country town, it was believed that he had nothing left of any value. Later, when the nurses were going through his meagre possessions, They found this poem. Its quality and content so impressed the staff that copies were made and distributed to every nurse in the hospital. One nurse took her copy to Melbourne. The old man's sole bequest to posterity has since appeared in the Christmas editions of magazines around the country and appearing in mags for Mental Health. A slide presentation has also been made based on his simple, but eloquent, poem. And this old man, with nothing left to give to the world, is now the author of this 'anonymous' poem winging across the Internet. Cranky Old Man What do you see nurses? . . .. . .What do you see? What are you thinking .. . when you're looking at me? A cranky old man, . . . . . .not very wise, Uncertain of habit .. . . . . . . .. with faraway eyes? Who
Just A Thought V.1
What makes you better than me; what makes you better than the homeless man living under a bridge? Do you judge me? Do you know the choices I have made or haven't made? How do you know what I've been thru? YOU DON'T.  Do you judge the homeless man for the decisions and choices he has made for living on the street? How do you know that, the homeless man didn't have a career a year ago? That his wife and children were killed in a car accident, that he was and still is overwhelmed with grief and lost everything. That is just it - you don't know, you assume. Just because the decisions you've made are right for you, doesn't make THOSE decisions right for me or anyone else. -(and vice versa)- Everyone lives their life accordingly. According to their own standards, right or wrong. The sky is BLUE - water is WET. You don't know why, it's simply what you're used to. It's simply what you were told, what you learned.  Change your perspective, don't judge, open your eyes and your heart.
More From Under
Lyrical Bastard Trapped inside thefeathered silenceof your smileI falterShaky trouble andcleftsthat refuse to hideher excusesanymoreA cage ofmetal mirrorsnestledbetweenbroken sunshinePutrid rain that paintsyour corpse upon my handsin hues of canaryyellowand blood orange deadI am blinded by fearandfilthandcemetary birdsongsTripping on a beakfull of foul notes andhaunting whoever willlisten to meand my painIn those unhinged sighs beaneath the bars of your dirty fingers iswhere I will findrestTouching the wings of severed harmonyandexplode into thesky
They should make a "Rawr" bling. That way I could give it to my Hubby and he could give me one. I'd make it my favorite.    That is all :)
Trash Vs Pathetic + Help
So, as I was working a 24 hour shift yesterday at work, I had a few people hit up my YIM and text me about a situation that went on down here yesterday. And normally, I wouldn't bother with fu while I'm at work other than the occasional update to see if someone PMd/SBd and needed something. However, when it deals with one of my incredibly good friends, that I talk to OFF fubar and that Ive been friends with for 4 years now, it peaks my interest. I don't know where this girl got such a huge pair of balls from...but if you didn't know, a friend of mine has been struggling and battling cancer privately for a while now. She didn't use it to her advantage or as a sob story to get shit off this site cuz shes a classy ass bitch. And for someone who USED to be friends with her to say she DESERVES to be dying and its KARMA coming back to bite her in the ass makes me fucking sick and disgusting. Why did that girl say that you ask? Simply because they are no longer friends. Simply because she d
Aug. 20
Word of the Day: Plenga To play with your balls in public "When I'm horny in the grocery store, I plenga."   Acronym of the Day: AFD All Fucking Day "Sometimes I wish I could sleep AFD."   Now, let's combine them for a little more fun. Whaddya say? Okay, thought so =] "I really like to plenga AFD."   Hope you enjoyed your lesson ;)
Glimmer Of Hope
I havent had a suicidal thought in three or four days. As much as group therapy isnt my thing, I think something about the substance abuse program i'm in gives me hope. maybe its the happier people in the group leaving,praising the place and telling others to stick with it. I want to feel a smile like the one they were wearing, again. I wanted to feel the glow that they were radiating. I have something to maybe look forward to in the next six weeks of this program. hope that maybe someone can really help me. Idk, just something i was thinking about. 
Receipes,advice&lessons For All Interested
            wellcome to my world i'm a chef & cooking is my passion.i'm writing my first book at the moment to be published by xmas with a bit of luck. i still need to add up 12 new receipes (winter food),already done138!!! if any of you are interested,i would like to create 10 receipes for my friends&add them to my book. just let me know on here or pvt msg me with what type of food you like&if its fish,poultry,meat or vegetarian& i wil do the rest so its personalised to your taste. if enough ppl are interested i have the chance,thanks to my publisher to write another one on festive&special occasions will contain 50 receipes& when its out in the spring,some of the profits of that book&i hope i can sell loads will be donnated to research in rare genetic disorder,one of my daughter's illness. there is between 5&11hrs time zone difference with most of you but i always answer back messages. have a great day to you all xoxo Has To Allow Visitation?
A Massachusetts man is seeking visitation rights to the child he fathered after raping a 14-year-old girl, setting the stage for a legal battle in the Bay State. The teen mother was raped by the 20-year-old family friend three years ago and says she still suffers from severe anxiety and depression. She says she is terrified at the prospect of  having any dealings with her tormentor, reports The victim and her family are fighting back, saying the toddler’s biological father is only showing interest in the family now that the child support bill is coming due is not identifying any of the subjects to protect the rape victim’s identity. "She got raped at 14. She decided to keep her baby. And now she has to hand her baby over for a visit with her rapist?" the victim’s mother told the station. The man, who the victim knew from church and who was the boyfriend of her friend’s older sister, pleaded guilty to statutory rape in Norfolk Sup
..and You Thought You Knew Her.
When I joined Fu, I was in a dark place - emotionally. I'd been through an awful lot - my husband walked out on my kids (his step-kids) and me - leaving me a single mom of two young boys, a full-time student, working a full-time job, struggling to pay the bills. I suddenly became a shell of the woman I once was. I didn't even want to leave the house, much less go out with friends or to meet someone new. When my kids were visiting their dad or grandparents, I was completely alone. So there I was - escaping reality, losing myself in Fu. People will ultimately believe and say what they want - and I can honestly say I don't care. Those people are like a cancer, invading every part of someone's being until they successfully bring them down. We've all heard it - "misery loves company," and it's very true. No one needs that in their life. (Here's my advice to some of you - believe in yourself, no matter what anyone thinks or says about you. Only you know the true you!)  I've had a lot of fu
Just want to say thank u to all whos showed support and sent a pinkribbon. I know it probably gets old..seeing in peoples statuses..i want this..need that...etc. I just want to let ya all know .. i truly appreciate it...and if you ever need help I am there for you. Rather its something to do with leveling...or a ear .. I dont want anyone feeling like I am one of these beggars..etc. I am willing to do stuff .. rather pay fubucks.. rate the hell out of ya..etc.. Fact is.. I put it in status.. and figure..if someone wants to get me it..they will if not..they will overlook the status. Alot of my friends have told me theres alot of women who just come outright and asks people for blings. I will not do that. I want people to bling me..cuz they want to. Anyways.. thats allI have to say on the matter.. THANK U ALL
October 31st Hallow Scream Contest
Hello Everyone,   Its about that  time Halloween is tomorrow so what better to do then to get dressed up and win bling in the process!! We are going to have Orgy After Hours first ever Hallowscream Costume contest. To make things fun for those that like to get dressed up and have fun.   Basically the way it works is there will be a male, and a female category.  You must be on cam in your halloween costumes, the lounge gets to vote on there favorite costumes. Winners of each category gets a boomerang.  So 1 boomerang for male best costume, and 1 boomerang for the best female costume.  On top of that there will be other random things gave away that night.  Should be a fun time.   Again dont forget to sign up in advance if you want to enter, there may be some time of prize for those that sign up in advance you just never know what to expect at Orgy After Hours!! Contest starts tomorrow night at 10pm
Fu-owned Auction Xxv Taking Entries :d
A Proud Homecoming
What happened to Patriotism ? What happened to National Pride? what happened to honoring those that for us in time of war that have died.   They went away in a time of great tragedy they went away in a time of great fear they went to a far away land and fought for everything we hold dear.   They weren't forced to join like some in past years, They know of the risks yet still they all volunteer.   He didn't ask for glory She didn't ask for fame, They're just proud Americans and just want to be treated the same.   She's coming home tomorrow He came home yesterday They are among the many heroes of heroes who fight for this great land each and every day.   It's now been 11 years and yet it's getting harder to understand what it is we're still fighting for.     She came home to no heroes welcome He came home to no ticker tape parade it seems we've all forgotten how heroes are truely made.
Why I Love To Push Hugs And Want You To Help.
I am a pusher of drugs and I try to spread joy with them. I haven' t always been like this. I was a "touch me not" person. Then a few weeks ago my feelings were hurt. It doesn't matter who, how, or why. I was goint to do my usual runaway from the problem. I collected a few numbers from friends and was really serious about leaving fubar. Now you may not think that is a big deal, and frankly I didn't think so either. But suddenly fu-friends started telling me that I shouldn't leave --they didn't ask what was going on or any of that nosey crap, they just told me I should not let people that aren't involved in my real life chace me away. They started sending me hugs and little messages about how much they liked me and what a nice person they thought I was. Let me tell you this, I was overwhelmed. and I started to rethink a lot of things. That night a very good family friend for many years died unexpectedly. While I was comforting her greiving family I realized that a hug, be i
Mumm Issues..why Am I Getting Flagged?
  MuMM: Make up My Mind! MuMMs are polls which allow the fubar community to help you make up your mind! Please, no adult or inappropriate content! FvckingCannibal Why do my mumms get dumped to FRIENDS? HUH? WHY? Granada Hills, CA Daydream Believer created @ 01/31/2013 12:22 pm expires in: 22 hrs [FRIENDS] Share this MuMM:
Family Fun
It was a warm indian summer kind of day in early fall in Kansas, Saturday FOOTBALL day. The day started off normally with the kids deciding to go to the football field to play a few games of football.Kirby and Susan decided to go to Kirby's parents house to watch some college football with his family, his brother Scott was there and his dad and step-mom were going to be there too. Lots of ice cold beer several games to watch and some good food to be ate. When they got there Kirby's dad Ben informed them that his wife, Elise was in Kansas City visiting their daughter Lisa and her family for their grandaughter Emily's dance recital. So it was just Kirby, his brother Scott and their dad Ben with Susan being the only female present. Ben had converted his two car garage into a sports bar themed man cave. Beer coolers, refridgerators, flat screen TV, satellite dish, the works. Susan was wearing a tank top with no bra and shorty shorts with no underwear, her usual Saturday attir
Acrostic Name Poem
Acrostic Name Poem by
This past Saturday I had my oldest son's birthday party. Yes it was a week late, but it's better than not having it at all. Everything was great. He absolutely loved it. The cake was what HE wanted and his friends were there to bowl with him. He made out like a bandit and left with 65 bucks and 2 actual presents, lol.   His biological father showed up. He looked at the cake and said, "I don't like it.". WTF? Really? I just looked at him and said, "Good thing it's not your cake. You don't have to eat it.". Well, he didn't. He sat there on his cell phone. He said not one word to his kids...except to tell the youngest one no.   Ugh. I really wish he hadn't even shown up, but I couldn't stop him. I mentioned that I wanted money to pay for half of the party. Did I get it? Hell no. In a matter of a few hours I paid over 130 bucks. I bit my tongue and said nothing because I didn't want to ruin his party.   I don't care though, my oldest loved everything :)
Unsaluted Profiles Scrolling 2/18-2/23/2013
So last week from Mon-Fri I decided to compile a list of the unsaluted scrolling members on the top of the screen. There are quite a few. Check out the quantity. I know some are newbies. But alot are just Catfish in progress or a potential Catfish at best:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, (this one is a level 54 with no salute, any ideas?),, http:
A New Con To Watch
Well here is our newest Fu Scammer/User/Player/Liar/Fake...and the list goes on.... His FU name is King Hatchet ****NOW CHANGED TO  -You can't daze me-****and link is:  He is promising to run a bunch of famps soon to get into people's families, even asked for my help getting people in my family to add him, um no. Show me the famps, then I will help you out. He couldn't, so I didn't. He promised me 2 HH's for all my guidance and help on fu, showing him the ropes, helping him level with point boosts and altruizations, along with a God Mode. I took it with a grain of salt. Today was the day he was supposed to pay up. Not just me, his fu fiancee (now ex), and the one who made him pic tags and a skin. Suddenly his mother dies according to his status, yet he was online rating after writing that status. SMH.  More info on William, check out his myspace profile for his Juggalo Street Crew (, with his full
Maybe I'm A Little Crazy Or Is It Just A Slight Ocd Affliction?
A little advice to women everywhere...especially those with breast implants that may not feel or notice this problem. (and it is a major problem)When putting your bra on, please, PLEASE remember to adjust the girls so that your nipples are uniform. It's a little unnerving when someone with largely high placed implants comes to my desk and she is facing north east and almost forward at the same time. It's like staring at someone with a rogue eyeball. Thanks for your support with this public service announcement.
I am Barbie and I am an alcoholic.  Well first I am really pissed cause i wrote this once and FU ate it . So here I go again. Forced my ass to meeting tonight and as always heard just what I needed to hear.Willingness was the topic and I got to thinking of my willingness to change and be happy and sober or am I willing to remain unhappy and sober. I have really been thinking a lot of emotional acceptance and intellectual acceptance and why they don't come hand in hand still baffles me. But that is very much me . I accept things to a certain extent. I accept I am an alcoholic and I cant drink but I don't always accept what I NEED to do to stay happily sober . I again am in this for the emotional growth at this point as I had stated before. Hell right now I can't accept the fact that I have to rewrite this whole blog. I was very happy with how the last one turned out and took me over an hour to write. But I will deal with accepting FU glitches later.  I have been , as of late,  failing
New Start?? Try Beginning With Aa
Um...what in the bipolar drunk fuck?????????   Clear HistoryClose indin mike Buzz:   blitzed Level:  Demon (30) Gender: Male, 55 Location: Roosevelt, UT Status: our luck has turned around!   1:02am indin mike: son David almost died. 1
Just About Over This Place
You might call this a bitch session call it what u want but i have had just about enough. Im tired of disrespectful people Im tired of fake friends, backstabbers, users so on. Im tired of people who dont appreciate things people do for them is it real hard to say ty? not by bling just say ty geez. Im no longer here to level im here for my fu hubby im here to help  im here for my true friends i dont care if im popular but i want to be appreciated. I have been here 6 yrs and its worse then its ever been. 
~be Real~
Be what you say and say what you mean..don't come at me with "you're hot" or "mmmmm sexy" or "wanna have skype sex"...the answer is NO...take the time...say hello.....get to know ME...the things I like/dislike...what I believe in...what I value in life...find out what makes a a door for me...tell me how you feel....don't be afraid to let your friends know how much you care about me...if you like me, don't talk to a hundred other girls...make me feel like I'm one in a million....push the hair back from my face...gently touch my face...look into my eyes when you talk to me...cuddle with me without expecting anything else to happen....tell me I'm beautiful even when my hair is a mess and I have no make up on...don't just say a bunch of words that I want to hear...tell me the truth ALWAYS even if you know it will hurt me...always have my back...make me little things for me because the little things mean so much more.
One Of Those Days [tmi]
Ever have one of those days were your mind is racing and you can only think of one thing? That's what I'm doing now. It's not that it's a bad thing, I'm just mainly trying to figure out what I want to do first. I've already started hitting the alcohol. Not good, I know, but I wanted it so yeah.. I really need to clean up my room. It's a mess. Kind of looks like a bomb exploded in it. I'll probably go through all of my drawers and toss things that I don't wear. I really need to start getting things ready for the beach. Seeing as how I'm a slacker and always wait until the last minute...I always forget something. Maybe if I start now, I'm leaving next week, I will remember to get everything. I need to shower. It's not that I'm exactly dirty, it's one of those things a person just have to do. Yanno? Oh, and I'm horny as fuck. Really. I have no idea why. I just really want a good fuck. all know what I'll be doing in a little bit. I'm home alone, lol.   Time for another drink
Some People
Equal Rights. Sometimes I feel like I need to define that for some people. I was on Facebook this morning and seen that my cousin compared equal rights to incest. Just pissed me off. Another thing that pisses me off is when someone talks about equal rights for gays/lesbians, they start off with "I'm not gay, but....." Who really gives a flying fuck? I don't. Why can't people just say...."I feel that 2 people, no matter who they love....." A person being straight shouldn't matter. It's a feeling, at least I think that's the word. It makes them look like their belief is greater than someone elses simply because they are straight. Ugh.  I really thought that we were a society that had moved on past all the petty bullshit. Okay, so maybe I didn't think we'd moved on, but you get my point, lol...well at least I hope you do. My thing is this....does the fact that a guy loves another guy make him any less of an American than me? Does the fact that Jane Doe and Jane Smith are married make th
Here Is My First Fu-coward
I am a very nice guy always helping others and making new friends. Today I was caught off-guard by a person who has no knowledge of God Modes and found he is a real COWARD. His name NightShadowZ. I had just stopped by his page and rated, liked, and left a comment on his page because he was running a Cherry Bomb. I stopped next to another profile who was running a God Mode. A little about God Modes. It is different than other blings. Shitfaces are bad for the person running a God Mode. They have the opposite effect hurting their points. Boosts and Cherry bombs are not good either but they will not hurt the persons points it just limits what they can do. I know this for I have run several God Modes in the past. That is why you will see some asking NO BOOSTS OR DRINKS when running one. Now here is what bothers me about this guy. I had asked this lady (running the God Mode) if she wanted a buzzkill. She said yes. I buzzkilled her to help her out. Now this guy NightShadowZ he stopped by t
How To Tell If A Fubarian Is A Social Shithead
I'm finding this place interesting in one particular way. That is, some of these folks show how bat stupid they are in real life by doing dumbass things on Fubar. And the funny part is, they either think the rest of the planet is as stupid as they are OR they're just too stupid to realize how stupid they look. Let's take a look at some of these. I doubt I would have to cite examples due to the fact that these things happen on a daily basis.Hey guys, just because a woman is online doesn't mean she's as desperate as you are. With that said, messaging someone "I want to "EEK" your "AKKK" while "OOBING" your "SHOOBIN" is going to be met with a negative response, if one at all. These so called gentlemen are also in the same lines as the ones that send anatomically personal pics to women hoping by that, it will gain favor. This isn't the 50s guys, if a woman wants to see one, she can find one.Same thing for the ladies. The guys that go ape over your nude pics are the kind of guys you really
Sleeping With Pussy
I like it when my cat lies on top of me and starts cleaning himself. All that furious cleaning motion puts me to sleep. I should roll him around in some dirt.
Dj Bullies
DJ Bulletins (Must be a Fan or Friend of Mabus to Repost)   Excito Diabolus Bully (No DJ Specified)Minister Mabus WindirDJ ZaykoRaVE HarvTaco Grave 20 GUNS Bondage Clown DJJAYTHEUNHOLY Just FCKN JadedCyanide Laced KoolaidSugaSuperreaper DJ Nyx SINISTERKANE SnakebiteJedi Master
Stressed ..etc.
I have been stressed out alot with work lately due to the combining of floors etc.  Seems like my work has doubled..and its hard to keep up anymore.  They demand more..expect more work..but dont seem to adknowledge it.  Heck my job hasnt gave out raises in 6yrs. I guess its the way most places are now..with the way the economy is.  Anyways I get anxious anymore thinking of going into the place. One girl I work with is on xanax.. says she has to have it to work there. LOL.  I have seriously thought about it myself but do not believe in getting on them.  I dont really think they can be good for you.  So yesterday I decided to go to a herbal store and found some pills thta are suppose to enhance  mood... st john wort.   I bought some and hoping to find out if they really do.   I come on here to avoid everyday stress in my life..and escape my real life.  I am not sure its helping me much lately. I take things personal on here.    I have seriously been sitting here today..rating/liking
I don't really get all political in here, but I need to vent.   You know, she probably could have gotten away with it if she hadn't went back after him and attacked him again. It wouldn't have been hard to say that she was so afraid that she blacked out and doesn't remember. But noooooo, she just had to go back. Then she gets up to talk before they sentence her...really, you're going to talk for about 20 minutes and not even say you're sorry...even if you didn't mean it. She wants life, I'd think I'd do anything to get what I want. Oh, let's not forget the thisrt she held up..."Survivor"...really, she'd going to choose that one to show in court. While she's at it, she talks about how she won't be able to see babies in her family and how she won't be in a friend/family members wedding.   You bet ya...that's what happens when you kill someone. You get punished.   She's not a smart one.
Yawn.   I haven't been here or blogged in what feels like a lifetime.   I just wanted to let everyone know I'm still alive and poke my head in from time to time.   To be honest, I have no idea what is going on. Although I do like the new search options. Check out the age ranges. Pretty wild when you see it like that huh?   When I am here I see people have done quite a bit of revisionist history in my absence. And I am sure the fakes and scammers are running wild, without question.   Sorry to those people in the past 3 months that have sent me stuff when I finally got around to logging in to look, it was gone as was the rest of my inbox. Oh well, if it was that important then I'm sure it will still be going on.   Speaking of logging in to look, it's almost as comforting as it is disturbing to see the same people, doing the same shit with the same people, year after year.   *sigh*   One day they will learn.   Until some date in the future...   Peace.
Savor The Moment
I love that moment of confirmation you just got under someones skin when you see them in your live feed "so and so just checked you out" and know the inevitable 1 and block are just about to come but they haven't just yet. It's like I just sit back, sip my vodka, pat myself on the back, and tell myself job well done.
Finally, I Get The Sex In Fifty Shades Of Grey
BY Victoria Coren   So, I've been away for a month. And I've spent it trying to read Fifty Shades Of Grey. On the plane to America, one person in three had a copy. In California, they were reading it on buses and in diners. In Las Vegas, they clutched it in the swimming pool. I assume they were all struggling as much as I was. The world seems united in determination to get through the damn thing, comforted by the solidarity of communal effort – like the Blitz, or when everyone went on the Atkins diet. Most people know the gist, at least, of the story. Improbable virgin Anastasia meets wealthy businessman Christian Grey, CEO of "Grey Enterprises Holdings". (Why not "Grey Business Company Inc Ltd"?) They then spend 400 pages negotiating a contract for her to become his "submissive" – but don't let that sexy word fool you. It's like reading the legal transcript of a two-year planning application, in real time. This book is ubiquitously described as "erotic"; something,
The Doors Are Opened Now...
he was just a baby that no one called angeland they broke his wingsand now he singsand tears roll down his eyesbecause no one heard his criesi worry about my insidesas if it's too much for my mindand i am taking too much onbecause i was long far gonehe was just a baby that no one held closeand they left him therehe knew no one caredi worry about my insidesare these thoughts too big for sizewas i a mistake at birthand not meant for this earthif i see you in the elsewherecan you tell me there is someone who can careand can sew these broken wingsand silence what i sing
Fresh Start
Well...........   From previous blogs that some of you might have read you know that i speak my mind about everything i like and dislike about this place and in life in general.    Today however , im finally going to speak about myself.  I been here for 3 years now. Ive seen everything happen in this amount of time and this is probably the first time it has ever happaned to me on that big of scale... I had a melt down.    I had a fight with my best friend and that turned on to get me so angry i decided to say fuck it with everything and everyone in here.  It wasnt till a couple of days ago that i started to realise that what i did was wrong and i hurt so many people on the way. I also failed to realise how much some people here really care about me and value my friendship to highest of highs. I didnt realise i made so much impact on their lives. Apparently they have on mine as well , cause when i was faced with it today I broke down and felt like a douche  for trying to remove t
My family is super dysfunctional (big surprise). It's constant backstabbing and fighting with each other. Constant drama.I live on the opposite coast from them and it STILL effects me. I have reached a point in my life where I am TIRED of everyone fighting. I think life is too short and I just want everyone to get along but I really am sick of it and I don't want to be involved anymore. What would you do? I feel like just cutting myself off from them for a while, except for my parents.I also feel like cutting them off is wrong because they are my family but this shit just isn't blowing over.I have a hard time just smiling and nodding and pretending nothing is wrong or like I agree with someone when I don't. If I have something to say, I say it and it usually causes a shitstorm! I think cutting them off will hurt me more than it hurts them but I have other stuff going on that I need to focus on and they severely effect my mood and my life, even from so far away. I wish I could change th
Believable Or Not?
If a guy says he saw your picture and loved you at first sight, would you believe him? (Guys, can this be true?)  
Fucktardery Abound!
This is the asinine bullshit that popped into my SB today...had to share :P   12:51pm reply SirAlex: hello slavegirl, you will get done a picture of your tits and a proper doggy picture. asshole viewable. results will be send via email to: ! 12:54pm reply theoneforever: hey hun, can i pls have your yahoo or skype id so we can chat there 1:06pm more To SirAlex: And you just earned a 1 way ticket to Blocked land...well done, fucktard! 1:08pm more To theoneforever: Um, no...
Lessons Learned Part Deux
Speaking of learning who your real friends are lol...I heard a new one today friends: I accidentally deleted you from my family...lolol...okay I've been here 5 years friends...i know how it is IMPOSSIBLE to "accidentally" delete someone from family. If you remove them, you mean to. When you click on that delete button, you have a second change your are asked if you're sure...and it even tells you how long the member has been in your my point is impossible to do it unintentionally. It is possible to delete a friend by accident when deleting pages of members at once. But.... when you keep someone a friend but remove them from family...well...sorry I don't believe the intended to, for whatever reason...
True Things About My Ex
i want to explain what happened with us so people know both sides of the story.  we met online  i did go to her state to meet her. things where good they where working out i was there about 8 months. she then decides she wants to move to my home town in texas 1200 miles away.  the night before we where to leave her daughter gets sick mostly nerves cause she did nt want to leave her grandparents so then my ex decides to leave her daughter 1200 miles apart from her. and just guessing she was away from her daughter 3 months before she wanted to go get her. at this point my family goes to get her daughter 2400 miles round trip 4 motel rooms. then later she wanted to go home since she couldnt get a job in texas. she wanted to get real life married a month before she left even left as a couple. her father comes to get her and drive her back to her home state. the time she was in texas she was not taking her medecine i wont put out what it is but she wasnt taking it. you can look at her sn an
New Picture Rating #2
Frist of all ,I would like to say Thank you too all,who took time to read the blog,..To all that did take time to pic Rate a big Thank you. Prizes will be award as stated in the frist blog on 10/3/13.. Now to list the following winners for this month it was close....the winner for september are.....Angelfire  1971..Rockstar..... the next winner is ....ladyinred....rockstar...the next winner is ......Connie......boomy....the reason 2 rockstar are awarded the 2 ladies really picture rated ..Congrats to all  3 of you.....!!!!!!!!  Now to the new contest..the Prize is a lil Better.....who ever Rates the most pictures for the month of October will be awarded a Vip.....the second  highest picture rater will recive a Rock Star ... and a bling of my choice...the third most highest rater will receive a Boomy and a bling of my choice.. Since I am uping the Prizes this time it will be Only 1 Vip !!!!award..The new picture rating contest will Start Monday!!! Make sure you Date And Comment all fold
Contest Details
Ok so I decided to go ahead and have the Halloween costume contest.  Contest will be open to all ladies on fubar. Everyone that enters the contest will get a Breast Cancer Awareness bling just for being in the contest. First place will get a Rock star bling. Second place gets a Cherry bomb bling. Third place will get a Boomerang bling. There may be other prizes but I dont know for certain yet. Winners will be determined by number of rates on your pic the album will be open to the public. I will open the album from 10/24/13  to 10/31/13 pictures should be ready by or before 10/24/13 but I will accept late entries if you still want to get in on it. Pics can be NSFW no full nudity unless your costume or part of it is body paint. So feel free to make it as sexy as you want. I hope we can get at least a few ladies to be in this. If you have any questions feel free to send me a private message and I will reply as soon as I can.
It was Amway before. Now it's something relating to Marc Accetta.   My friends are trying to talk me into this shit and I'm just not falling for it.   Is any of that worth it? Anyone involved? Knows a person involved?
Should Women Change Their Names After Marriage? Consider The Greek Way
To change or not to change our last names when we marry. For many women in the UK, US, Australia and beyond, this is a complex dilemma that requires much angst, pondering, and discussion over drinks with girlfriends. I have even been asked by a boyfriend what my "surname intentions" were. Do we go the traditional route or keep our own personal and professional identity? Recently, Kate Winslet jumped into the foray with revelations about why she kept her name during her three marriages, and Emma Watson stirred things up by tweeting that Hermione Granger would almost certainly keep the Granger name. But here's a little advice you probably haven't heard before. If you're contemplating whether or not to change your name, talk to a Greek woman (or man). When I called Maria Karamessini, director of the Center for Gender Studies at Panteion University in Athens, she was stunned when I told her how much debate recent articles in the Guardian and other publications had generated on this topic
FYI, if anyone needs a pony to polish and doesn't mind getting blocked for it... 3:57am futime
For My New Gf, Missy
  The depths of my feelings Cannot be defined I thank the Lord daily For making you mine The love that you give me Has opened my heart I thank you, my baby For this love's new start
New Blog Feature..
so, if you're reading this, you've seen our new blog feature. it's still very basic, but we're working on adding more shite to it. it might seem a little buggy at the start. some weird behavior might be caused by our caching layer.. we'll be fixing the weirdness as it happends. poke around.. let me know whatcha think. cheers, -mike
We have blogs YAY!!! So like im blogging.... blog blog blog!!!
Lc Friends
Here's to all all my LC Friends... i have myspace, tag world, and Lost Cherry. I have met so good friends on all of them... But none compare to my Lost Cherry Friends... Luv ya all... Take care and be safe in all you do...
Calling Everyone To Sign Please
I have an Idea for a Pool/Concert Hall and Eatery, for Los and Lettes to hang out, and get gear from. I'm gathering signatures to present to ICP, to show them how much support an idea like mine would have. If you agree, sign the pettition, n pass it on to all your lo and lette friends,
Husband Returning From Turkey
Top thing on my mind today, my husband is heading back state side in about 24 hours and should be here by no longer than tuesday, so I wont be around for a couple days after his return Im sure we all know why. Secondly my larry the cable guy lookalike brother, *as seen in friends and family gallery* peirced his nipple yesterday! after i return from my next visit home i'll be sure to get that shit up, it'll be entertaining his boobies are almost as big as mine :P hahahaha anyway we're all half way through the week keep on truckin'~M.C. Luckert
I Will Never Forget
I will never forget the day we met I will never forget your smiling face I will never forget your sweet kisses & warm hugs I will never forget your beautiful blue eyes I will never forget kissing you goodnight I will never forget waking up to you everyday I will never forget the times we laughed and cried together I will never forget our song, And our symbol we have I will never forget the love we had I just want you to know Never does a day go by and I still think about you. I will never forget anything about you :) I will Always, Always..... Love you Dede

This to all my great friends!Ive meet some very nice people here!All of you have showed some love for me!I care for each and everyone of you!This is my first blog!I hope all of you have a very smooth week!Cant wait for the weekend!To all my lady friends !!!!Hugs & kisses....Keith
Sound Fx
Ok theres only one thing botherin me with this. Bout 15 yrs ago, I almost bit it in a hunting accident. Some strangers hunting on the same land as us (unbeknowngst to us and without permission) fired off several rounds in our direction of the woods, one of which wizzed thru the blind we had built at our fave spot, bout 14 inches from where I was crouched. My point?? It made the same exact sound as the audio alert when someone posts a blog on here, so Im wincing and having flashbacks everytime someone puts there text up lmao! Gawd is there no escape from the past? lol.
Womens Rules (men Don't Read)
"Womens Rules" 1. If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay. 2. Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. 3. If you have any doubt in your mind about a man's character, leave him. 4. Allow your intuition - or spirit to save you from heartache. 5. Stop trying to change yourself for a relationship that's not meant to be. 6. Don't force an attraction. 7. Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy. 8. If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve then heck no you can't "be friends." A friend wouldn't mistreat a friend. 9. Don't settle. 10. If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he probably is. 11. If he keeps changing his mind about the relationship - take that as a big sign that he is unstable. Do you really want to be with a man like that? 12. Don't stay because you think "it will get better." You'll be mad at y
I Think The Lc Shoudl Be 18 N Older
if u agree plz comment cause i have noticed alot of teenagers coming to the lost cherry
Just Sittin Here Thinkin
hey its september 13th 2006... im just sittin here after going on a date with an old freind from grade school.... and well it went very well.. i have noticed though "Do all guys expect something on the first date??" i mean damn of all the audasity.. this guy actually thought i was going to give it to im on the first date.... And people wonder why i dont date anyone... well theres you r answer... xoxoxo angel
Lets Vote Everyone
let see who is right me or the ppl says i am a hottie i am not i am a ugly duckling
Tag... You're It!!!
~*~Tag ~*~ Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things or habits about themselves. People who are tagged should write a blog with their own 6 weird things or habits, and state this rule clearly. Choose 6 people to be tagged, list their names, leave them a comment and tell them they are tagged and to check your blog for details. It's fun! 1. I would like to find true love that'll last forever 2. I am a very senstive person, more then people realize. 3. I can be a very jealous person... not a good thing I've learned!!! 4. Sometimes I sit at my computer nekkie... 5. I don't take compliments well because of being told throughout my life about how ugly and blah blah blah I am. 6. I am addicted to CAFFINE!! STARBUCKS!!!!!! Ok those are all my weird things & habits... Kate, Will, Ashley, Buster, Tony and RUSH :o) You're all tagged..... *Hugs n Kissies* *~*PurteeLadee*~*
Wanna Say Fuck You To The Cuntwhore. Let Her Hear You.
So, this is what the cuntwhore proposes at the moment. You want to bitch and complain, leave me messages here. Why? Cause I'm awesome and stuff. Hate me? tell the world how much of a cunt I am. Love me? tell me how much your cock drizzles for me or how much your twat aches for me. I like bullshit like this and now I have somewhere to put it. My music on my page is too important to be tampered with. Make sure to tell me who you are (your lc name). DO IT!!! If you get a busy server, try again later. Someone might be recording. k and thanks. Get Your Own Voice PlayerManage
Welcome to my blogs, some stuff may or may not offend you, some stuff you may or may not agree with. If anything offends you let me know and I'll do what I can to fix it. Some things might be sad, some happy, and some pissed off. These are just my thoughts. So enjoy the blogs that get posted. AJ aka Simply Phenomenal
Conviction.... A Story Of Head And Heart
A well dressed man approached a Victorian style house from what appeared to be a late model Chevy sedan. I had just left the scene of the crime. My mind full of questions, and I was searching for answers. I walked to the front door and pulled open the screen. The exterior of the house was in good repair ... love lives here sign above the front door.......fits as a first impression. Maybe the two ladies that lived here had a few of the answers I was looking for. Follow the evidence is the cardinal rule, but It had rained all night and most of it had washed away. No Tire tracks and the two victims were still unidentified. A long shot brought me to the doorstep of Miss Jane and Miss Karen(strange names I thought)They were the owners of the Natasha's Flower shop. At some point right around 4 am; the two victims were brutally gunned down on the street in front of the Flower shop. I was hoping the camera, mounted above the door of the shop had picked up something. I wiped my muddy feet on th
A Stupid Poem To Make My Friend Laugh
so many lovers so far away... how can i get to them all in a day... get rid of the miles that are inbetween us... cuz all i want baby is your 8 inch penis! ahahah now laugh damit candy!
Tell Me One Thing
thats all i want, for everyone who reads this to tell me one thing they like about me, weither you know me personally, or just looking at my pictures, tell me one thing you like the most about me. im curious as to find out what ppl really think at first glance.
Over The Mountain Of Challenge
Thursday, September 14, 2006 Over the mountain of challenge When you look at a tall mountain from a distance, it looms very large indeed. It can be difficult to imagine how you could ever climb over it. Yet when you go right up to the foot of the mountain, you're likely to find a trail leading up the side. It then becomes obvious that by taking one step after another, you can indeed make your way over that mountain. Any challenge can be viewed in much the same way. When it is a distant concept, the challenge can seem insurmountable. Yet when you get to the point where you're ready to take the first step, that challenge becomes less intimidating. Once you start working your way through, step by step, you begin to know that you will indeed make it to the other side. Is there a challenge you've been avoiding because it seems too large and intimidating? Go ahead, step right up to that challenge, and you'll quickly see that it's not really as difficult as you had imagined.
Thank You To All That Has Help Me Through It All!!!!!!!
My Little Angel
Hello Everyone
Hey people, I see all the drama going around about people giving unwanted advice and/or opinions...Come on folks, this isn't myspace...I'm basically writing this to introduce myself to everyone... I am a 33 year old armed security sergeant, working for a security/private investigation organization in northeastern Ohio. My hobbies are surfing the net, drag racing, target shooting, going to car shows, and anything else that captures my need for speed. The love of my life, Erin is also on my page, first spot in my family when noone on the list is online... The rest of my family list except 2 are people I know personally, all are awesome people. My friends list is primarily made up of pretty, classy, and curvy ladies that I think have class...I'm not big on the ones that take pics where You can see the ovaries...Come on Anything else You want to know about me, just ask...I love to chat...Oh and become my fan, I return the favor...spread the love and the po
Save Me From The Fog
Exhaustion creeps in like a fog Heavy eyes...heavy mind Breaks in time unrealized Hands of time to unwind. The fog doesn't dissipate Images few and far between Just as quickly as they appear They are gone sight unseen. Sleep doesn't come easily Words heard and jumbled Tasks left undone Wishes made though mumbled. Time goes on uninterrupted Unattached though it may seem Actions occur without involvement Am I there or do I dream? Nerves raw overly sensitive Emotions change in waves Is this sleep I need so badly Or intervention that saves? Tears they do come easily Words shoot out in ire Reaction swift yet unfounded Apologies they do require. Curling up within myself I block the whole world out Freedom from pain or hurt I seek Is sleep the only route? I immerse myself within the fog Nowhere to be found By those I hurt with unsaid words Unintentionally round and round. Is it really exhaustion Or some manifestation A means of escape From sa
It seems that no matter what I do, I can never fucking win. I'm so tired of it!
Need To Get Laid
yeah husband and i are workin on tryin to get preggo if i dont get the dreaded flo today i need to get laid to take some tension off lol and no this isnt an offer for anyone out there just a comment
One Word Can Screw Up A Day.
The one word that can totally fuck up a great day... DRAMA. I fucking hate drama.
This Is Pretty Funny.... I Can't Believe I'm Showing You All This Vid.
It's kind of funny.... Let me know what you think. I don't know what was going though my or my brother and the other kids mind. This was a long time ago we did this. We had some wild eye idea to make a movie... of what I don't know.. So here's my 1st acting debut lol. Enjoy.... let me know what you think... I know it's lame but... Let me know. Get this video and more at
My 6 Things
ok are my 6 (should have been 50) things 1.I can"t stand to see or hear anyone touch their teeth to a fork (spoon)or even do it myself.And anyone who eats with their mouth open, crunches or slurps risks death! 2.Colors! I have to have bright colors on my walls..extreme ones..greens ,oranges , yellows. And it has to be the right shade. The wrong shade will send me back to the paint store in tears to buy another one. 3. I have to have the tv on while im sleeping. Not just any thing will do, it has to be something im interested in watching even if i fall asleep in 3 minutes. Works wonders to drown out all the voices! 4. The toilet paper HAS to roll off from the top! Dishes HAVE to be rinsed 3 times. Every thing HAS to be in its place! Yes im a neat freak! 5. I'm a hermit. I hate leaving the house. If I had someone to do my shopping and stuff , I'd never leave. 6.I have "restaurant phobia" Unless its a place I'm used to..I'm not goin! Come to think of it wa
Pop My Bubble Wrap
Come Vote For Me Please =) Thx
Click on the pic and comment your vote for me...thank you love all who vote for me.. just let me know if I can hepl woth anything.. 1 love
The Big Day Is Set!
So So So
I am officially back for the week, I will fill you in on details of my weekend later. However I did get a SG shoot done, Im going to go work on weeding out the bad ones now and whatnot, Ill post some teasers later, I just hope this one goes through...grr Cross your fingers for me!
If I Knew- I Just Think This Is Beautiful
this is why you should always say i love you IF I KNEW If I knew it would be the last time that I'd see you fall asleep, I would tuck you in more tightly and pray the Lord, your soul to keep. If I knew it would be the last time that I see you walk out the door, I would give you a hug and kiss and call you back for one more If I knew it would be the last time I'd hear your voice lifted up in praise, I would video tape each action and word, so I could play them back day after day. If I knew it would be the last time I could spare an extra minute to stop and say "I love you," instead of assuming you would KNOW I do. If I knew it would be the last time I would be there to share your day, well I'm sure you'll have so many more, so I can let just this one slip away. For surely there's always tomorrow to make up for an oversight, and we always get a second chance to make everything just right. There will l always be another day to say "I love you,"
My Best Friend
My Best Friend My best friend is leaving me. She is leaving this life here on earth. My best friend is dying, life fading fast. She has been a part of my life from the time that not even I can remember. From birth to when I walked, spoke my first word untill I went out on my own. Even after that she was always there for me. Thick and thin, pain and sorrows. Her body once full of life now lays motionless. Only her rapid heart beat and breathing do I hear. To hear her beautiful voice once again. Only in my mind and heart that voice dwells. I watch day and night as the light fades from her eyes. Then one day her eyes no longer do I see. Only the frail pail body that she has become. Her spirit will soon sore with her hawks to the Summerlands. My Best Friend is dying Life fading fast. Our bonds here on earth soon to be broken, but the bonds of love will never be. This bond can only be shared by best friends. The Bond of love of Mother and Daughter. I wrote this May 2, 2
i _____ devin. devin is my _____. i want to _____ devin. without devin i would _____. devin can _____ my _____. meeting devin was _____. devin needs _____. devin reminds me of _____. fill this out & i will love you forever and dance like a white girl. ps, don't just insert words, the sentence would be nice due to me not have to scroll constantly.
Are You A Redneck Like Me, I R A Redddneck
~~~~~~~~~~ARE you a REDNECK???~~~~~~~ 1. Have your ever said Hey ya'll watch this and ended up in the hospital? 2. Used a road sign to sight in your rifle? 3. Drank so much that you have woke up in the bed with a woman who weighs twice as much as you do? 4. Ever threw up in your boot? 5. Woke up naked in your front or back yard? 6. You scratch yourself no matter when are where you are at? 7. When you fart you invite others to come share the aroma with you? 8. You have ever shared a spit can. 9. You got lost in the woods, chased up a tree by wild hogs, then have an owl fly into your head. (Bodine your my hero) 10. Poured you sippin whiskey in your truck to give it enough gas to make it home. 11. Have ever shit on your overall straps. 12. Touched yourself in an impure manner while in your tree stand. 13. Accidentally shot a hole in your house while cleaning your gun. 14. Fell out of your tree stand and break both of your legs. (You D man HD) 15. Gave yourself a hicky b
To whom it may concern .To all who has an add request . Was my online g/f. an aquantance that I knew and thought I'd get along with .I asked time and time again too stop hounding me You will choke me .. She has a fixation about adding ppl from my list and others ppl list . We broke up cause of her jelously. I saw her on my page after we broke up and told her it was over.. and She has still went on my page .. she changes her name so There is no tracking .. I went too her page just now and saw she re added the ppl she told me she took off...she could possibly be vengful now what a name (you not worth my tears ..i knew it was her . duh you go on my page...or any one goes on any ones page ... they'll look at that persons i did .. i saw again new add re-quests. from ppl that she said she had deleted. I Believe she's doing this out of spite. and hatred . She just choked me .. Almost demanding my time at all times while chating ..PS: she will hange her background constantl
Hi guys... I dont mean to be disrespectful or anything.. but I absolutley DO NOT give out my msn to anyone. If you would like to talk to me for awhile on here I might consider it I hope everyone understands :D On a lighter note, If you have any requests for pics please msg me and tell me with the subject Request... I will look them over and take every one into consideration... I have already got good ideas from some ppl Thanks for your time Luv Tanni xoxo
A Poem
for the night has begun the stars are out in full bloom the beauty i see will carry me past my doom for life begins and ends with a kiss which carries you to sweet bliss for how could anyone see what i see in you a beauty none can deny a vision of an angel in the sky
My Next Photo Set
now who wants to see this top come off
My 15 Minutes Of Fame...
In less than a month I'll be making my television debut/premiere, or whatever you'd like to call it, LOL... It's not exactly Hollywood, I won't be walking down the red carpet anytime soon, however my CSPAN debut is almost here. In approximately 3 ½ weeks, I'll be testifying before congress, and the Nation, on matters of National Security. I'll be putting together a robust presentation on how the drug trade works in the Middle East and how it can potentially fund terrorist activities not only abroad, but here as well. This is something that I've had the privilege to work on for the past 6 months, and I tell you what I worked extremely hard to find the nexus between these two entities. I'm extremely excited, yet nervous, I have so many different feelings going through me, that I have to push them aside and focus on the task at hand. It's a bit overwhelming to think that I'll be sitting in front of policy makers, and briefing them on this potential threat. If you would've told me that
Sorry Guys..and Gals...
Sorry everyone been busy today..Wont be leaving any comments today...I'm stressed so please forgive me!
I'm Siiiccckkk :(
Yeah, I feel like crap. It just started today, and I always get worse before I get better. This really sucks. Oh well, I just felt like complaining. When I get sick I can be a bit of a baby lol. Anyway, if I'm not up for any real chit-chat the next few days, please understand. Thanks everyone :)

Will you pick me up when i fall down? Or catch me before i can hit the ground? Will you be there when problems arise? Or make troubles disappear by being by my side? Will you wipe away the tears that roll down my cheeks and off my chin? Or take the pain away before they even have a chance to begin? Will you listen to the stories that made me laugh throughout the day? Or be the one, the only one that makes me giggle in that very special way? Will you hear my hopes, my dreams, my goals? Or help me reach them with every ounce of heart and soul? Will you except the compliments i recieve with no hatred or jealousy? Or make them pale in comparison when you express the beauty you see in me? Will you respect my demons, my fears, my past? Or make me safe and secure so they disappear at last? Will you agree just to save us from arguement? Or
I'm Not Ignoring Anyone At All.
I swear I am not ignoring anyone at all. It's just that I am way overdo with personal projects at home. These projects are really tough and excrutiating. Stay in touch! I'll remain accessable and in touch, but limited to quantity of log-ins.

I get so tired of idiots asking me to get on webcam on Yahoo or MSN. I know who my true friends are because we talk and make each other laugh and have good conversations. True friends don't think of me as a piece of meat. So, if you just want a piece of meat, go look somewhere else. I treasure true friends that don't think of me that way. If you are a true friend, you will not ask me to get on webcam so you can jack off or whatever. Thank you...
What's A Good Man
Women out there constantly say they want a good man, but it seems alot of them have trouble identifying one when they find him. So here's a little help. *A good man tells you the truth, for better or for worse. *A good man will hold your hand in public. *A good man would rather have your make-up run down his new shirt while you cry in his arms, than to stand back and let you cry alone. *A good man calls you daily *A good man wants to hear your voice, even when there's nothing to say. *A good man won't hurt you on purpose. *A good man makes mistakes. *A good man will do all he can to correct his mistakes. *A good man does not cheat on you, gain your forgiveness, then cheat on you again. *A good man will not, and CAN NOT hit you. *A good man can be hurt. *A good man is not perfect, but he tries his best to be. *A good man understands you've been hurt. *A good man will do all he can to erase that hurt...even if he can't. *A good man may not be rich, but has e

Our love knows no bounds It trancends earthly grounds Longing to touch your face To smell your skin to touch your lace Entwined in your arms Away from all lifes harm To capture your heart Our new love will start Reaching out to touch your soul Minds and hearts take a toll Loving you is like the warm sun Making our hearts beat as one
Im Addicted!!
im addicted to the LC!!!i dont know if im the only person who feels this way about this site but i luv it!!!i visit the site spanx to all who started the site!!! *kisses*lix*sux* lil horny college girl
My Game Plan
okay, so its not that many prolly care to much about my future plans but ive been thinkin about it for a lil while now and figure it makes lots of sense in my head so if i put down on paper or on something so i can read it, ill be sure that it makes lots more sense. so im takin an at home comouter course for graphic design and web page development...ive always been a big fan of porn and would like to be a part of the business one wqith this currrent course im takin im gonna use it to start creating porn sites when i finish with the course. now this is just the start of things tho. once this course is finished ill be doin another course for 3-d animation, which i also plan to use for porn purposes, to create my own 3-d animated porn hopin this all works well for me cuz there is monewy to be made in the adult entertainment industry. well once im done with these courses and such and i start to make a name for myself with my websites that io create and the mo
Hey Guys Peter And I R Hanging In There
thanks for who came here to show love and support some of my friends didnt come here or say anything you should of came its a child we r talking about its is life hey if u or your kids were sick and i was your friend i be there for u or kids or wife but u werent there for me or my kids shame on yousso if u give a fuck that my child is stuffering here cause both kidneys failing come on over here and show me you care about me or my kid ,to the ones that show up here thank u sovery much my son peter is also graeful u came to show him your love to a sick boy ,well guys come and say hi to peter tell him something to cheer my son peter up he said its not fun being sick ,so come on guys show peter how u feel,more up dates soon ,still wating on home nurse to come and results on kidney tissues they took from his both kidneys ,hugs kises love and smiley faces
So That's What Is At The End Of The Rainbow...
Fake Tumor, You're Kidding Me Right??
So for those of you who don't know let me give you a little background on some health issues I've had over the years. While pregnant with my second child I gained 80 pounds..close your mouth..yes I'm aware that's a ton of weight. The doctor's seemed to think it was okay because the baby's father was killed. I was also passing out all the time and suffering from vision problems and other assorted issues that they chalked up to stress. One doctor actually payed attention and said "None of this is normal and I do not believe its from your pregnancy" Fast forward a year. I got a migraine, I'd never had one before. I had a catscan, and mri, then two, a spinal tap, my feet started swelling, I started getting pains in my limbs, whooshing sounds in my ears, loss of vision, and the migraine wouldn't go away. Day and night for weeks on end..the migraine stuck with me. I saw specialists and all they did was scratch their chins and send me for more tests. I was finally diagnosed with
If anyone has ever wondered on wether or not you can have a 20 yr old commited... the answer is yes... as long as she ...or he.... hasnt smoked pot... taken required medication.. or drank..within 24 hrs of them being commited.. How do I know this? ...... Better question.... Why do people have to destroy themselves.. I've heard .. I did this because of love.. I did this because I loved her.. I did this because.. blah blah blah Guess what... nothings good enough.. unless they give a fuck themselves... Unfortunatly... Ju didnt give a fuck... I now hate her.. and think she's crazy.... quote unquote... fuck... THIS IS WHY I WILL NOT EVER HAVE CHILDREN... BREEDING IS BAD! On a lighter note... I got hash..and its all good.. ~~sits and smokes figuring fuck you all~~
Sitting Bull
Sitting Bull Hunkpapa Sioux (1831-1890) Sitting Bull, Lakota Medicine Man and Chief was considered the last Sioux to surrender to the U.S. Government. In the early 1850s, the Lakota (Sioux) had begun to feel the pressure of the white expansion into the Western United States. Sitting Bull did not participate in the resistance until 1863 when the settlers threatened the Hunkpapa hunting grounds. He had distinguished himself from an early age as a leader, killing his first buffalo at ten and "counting coup" (touching the enemy without their knowing) at fourteen. Because of his leadership during these times he was named principle chief of the Teton Sioux Nation in 1867. Although the war with the whites ended with the treaty of Ft. Laramie in 1868, the discovery of gold in the Black Hills which was sacred to the tribe caused continued tensions. After participating in the Sun Dance Ceremony, Sitting Bull had a vision in which he saw his people victorious over the white soldiers who
In and out Faster oh faster In and out Harder baby harder In and out Slurp slurp Yummy oh so yummy In and out Push it deeper and deeper Oh yes yes Do it to me In and Out No sweeter motion the you pushing In and out
Racist Comments Being Left On Friend Profiles
About Me
hey!!! this is who i am. i am a nice person. i am overly sarcastic at times. i am a restaurant manager. i love being in control of things there. i am chronically depressed. i really don't know why, but it is there. ummmm, i have a housefull of kids. i never finish cleaning or doing laundry, lol. i am always in a hurry. i cry a lot. i need a new car. i wish i was younger, skinnier, prettier, lol, ya know!!! oh- and richer, gotta be richer. i am always waiting for a child support payment that is supposedly in the mail. nust have gotten lost ---i'll send it out again when i get the check back----ya right. ok. hmmmm- i love lost cherry. i have met so many fun people here. i wanna be a toys r us kid!!!! lol- i think i need to step away from the drink! whoever reads this--- have a great night!!! luv you guys. you rock
Pop My Cherry?
well,this is my 1st one here,thought i'd give it a try,anyone want to pop my cherry amd leave me a lc hug or smootch?
Missing You
Missing You A strange dream came upon me as I lay sleeping in the warm cocoon of your embrace about what my life would be like if you weren't along for the race to me it had seemed the stars still shone but no longer as bright and the sky was still blue but no longer the color of your eyes I had become a shell of what I had thought I was I still laughed but not as often and I still smiled but it didn’t reach my eyes I still talked, moved, and acted the way I'd always done but it was obvious to me that something was missing something or someone I went about my day in my usual way only I noticed there wasn't a smile out of the blue the way I sometimes tend to do when out of nowhere I think of you I felt like I was dragging wherein i usully soar I felt like I had lost something that something in me had died and all i could think as I lay sleeping was how lonely I had seemed but in the same instance i knew and I prayed it wasn't you but when I woke up there
Fucking Ppl I Swear It !!
What is so freaking hard about reading profiles ..absorbing whats said and respecting it ? i dont mean ppl persay on this site, but i am meaning it towards other sites im on.When someone says respect the fact i have a bf who i'm happy and in love with why can't ppl get it ? it's not that hard for fucks sake to respect the sanctity of that relationship. Why is there a need to flirt.. be cyber sexually suggestive even in the slightest and use pet names? If i wanted you to call me by cutesy pet names i wouldn't of created a screen name or told you my real name,RIGHT?.Ugh,argghh, blarhhhhhhhhhh ok im done ranting now the ppl on lc you have not done this .sadly i cant say it about some other sites im currently on .lol maybe those ppl should learn from ppl here lol Batchyld
I Love My Skin On Yours!
Hey everyone. In case you didn\'t know, I love to create skins for everyone to use. Here is a list of the skins I have created so far. Bubbles2 Dolphin Bass Cuff Me Please Irish Love Sparkle Butterfly Heart Bubble Ribbon Cammo2 Celtic Purple Bubbles Cammo3 Purple Dragon America1 America2 Daisy Pooh Bear 1 Devil Girl Sept 11 One John Deer John Deere2 Rush 2112 Sept 11 two Sept 11 Three Sept 11 Four Sept 11 Five Sept 11 Six Sept 11 Seven Sept 11 NINE Sept 11 Eight Goth1 Support Troups Purple Love Unicorn 4 Chicago Skyline Dark Dragon Rush 2 K Chesny Blue Man Group 2 Purple Cat Dragon B Teal Dragon Dragon 3 Red Rocker Smiley Faces Weeeeeee! Pagan Calendar Ocean DragonRed Tiger Stripes Da Bears Smurfette Pooh Sexy Fairy Dark Candle LOR 1 Fairey1 Fairey2 Grim1 Black Dragon zombie Dark Angel White Wolves White Wolves 2 Dark Blue Pagan Black Rose Goth2 China Goth Goth3 South Park Goth Zombie 2 Goth Cry Orange & Blu
Oh The Joy!!! Lol
/rant on Well i find it just funny how lately i see all these profiles going *poof*, and getting Bulletin's saying.. "Im done with LC", or " Too hell with all the drama"... You know what, not to be an ass but you know what, just cuz there is drama floating around, doesn't mean u need to stick your nose in it and get yourself invovled and cause yourself some drama... This is the net, 99.9% of the people (male or female) get Internet Courage and speak up more online than they actually would in person.. I mean come on, would you actually walk up to someone and say.. WAH! Nice tits! or damn honey.. why dont u stick it here... ROFL.. you say yes now.. but I GUARANTEE your full of shit... Anyhow, if you dont like drama, dont try and get involved, stay in touch with just those that seem to be intreged enough to keep up with things that go on that are worth a shit.. So stop your bitching.. and just have your own life... To hell what the asshats that like to create drama thin
Ok Im Writing A Book This Is One Of The Chapters It Is Very Arotic And Tells All Raited Xxxx Let Me Know What You Think?
As I slightly spank your sweet round ass. I hear you moan a little louder with each swat of my hand. My free hand squeezing your beautiful big tits together and pinching your big hard nipples. I tell you how sweet your ass looks and that I am gonna fuck her so good for you. as I lean down and suck on your hard round nipples. I stand next to the bed as I turn you over on your side and face me. I bend your legs inward till your knees touch your chest. Curling you up in a fetal position. Mmmmmmm I see your sweet wet pussy peaking out between your thighs. I give her a good little smack as your hand reaches for my hard throbbing cock. I step back and ask if you want my cock. You quietly say..YES...Do you wanna suck my cock I I say that I smack your pussy just a little harder....OML YES!!!! you scream. I tell you to close your eyes and open your mouth. You feel the head of my cock slide over your lips and start to enter your mouth..I tease you a little bit a
!!!SPANK!!! You have just been spanked! Now bend over and take it like a bitch! Don't cry now this is for your own good. Okay well perhaps you can cry a little maybe a scream or two won't hurt either. But this sure will....!!!SPANK!!! *Kisses and Spanks* Hazel
Spirit Men Ogala Sioux
Black Elk Holy Man of the Oglala Sioux, 1863-1950 Hehaka Sapa, or Black Elk, the great Sioux elder, over sixty and nearly blind, reflected upon the invasion, between 1863 and 1890, of his people's lands by the white man, and sadly recounts their treatment of the buffalo. The "Winter of the Hundred Slain,'' to which he refers, is the Fetterman Fight, commonly described as a ''massacre" in which a Captain Fetterman and 81 men were wiped out on Peno Creek near Fort Phil Kearney, December 21,1866 "I can remember that winter of the hundred slain (1866). As a man may remember some bad dream he dreamed when he was little, but I can not tell just how much I heard when I was bigger and how much I understood when I was little. It is like some fearful thing in a fog, for it was a time when everything seemed troubled and afraid. I had never seen a Wasichu [white man] then, and did not know what one looked like; but everyone was saying that the Wasichus were coming and that they were go
New Tattoo
I've been out drinkin with the boys again. Sorry I'm callin after 2am. There's somethin that I need to say to you. I know its late but this can't wait.. I just got a new tattoo... One love, and one woman, you're my new tattoo. Tonight is the very first night of my life with you.. Until the day I die I promise its true.. Everyone will see my new tattoo. Tonight I saw your face up in the stars.. I stumbled here to paint you on my arm.. There's something that I need to say to you.. So I wrote this song, cause you belong Right here on my new tattoo. I don't wanna see us fade away.. I don't wanna live without you another day.. I can be your Dorean Gray. I won't fade away.. No I won't fade away..
My 23 Year Old Daughter Is Pergo
she is pergo and the due date is may 12 2007 which by the way is my birthday looks like it will be a good year coming up.
Little Goth Doll
Long dark hair and black lip-gloss, She likes red nail polish and a spiked collar. She writes poetry and she likes to dream, She dreams of the dead and what they mean. She's my little Goth doll, Yeah - She's a living dead doll. A short black skirt and a red corset, She likes combat boots and dark tattoos. She don't do cocaine but she drinks slow gin, She doesn't care for you, She don't care for me. She's a little Goth doll, Yeah - She's my living dead doll. She has a bar through her tongue and a ring through her lips, She likes the feel of steel pressed against her tits. She'll take off all of her clothes, through the graveyard she'll roam. If you treat her right she’s gonna make you moan. She's my little Goth doll, Yeah - She's my living dead doll.
As I sit here in the office. My mind wonders to the obvious. A fantasy of mine keeps peeking my interest. Standing in the kitchen the early morning coffee fills the air. I am stiff from my dreamstate, as you enter. From behind you wrap your arms around me kissing the back of my neck. Carressing my chest and whispering for me to stay home today. You'll make it worth my while you say to me. Your hands wondering down my stomach to my pajamas. Tracing my cock with your fingertips as I grow for your touch. Now filling the grasp of your hand. You kneel before me. Below my cock. Opening the refrigerator you take a ice cube into your fingertips. Running it through my clothing. Outlining my buldge until clinging to your movement my cock is now filling your view. Chilly at first but melting to the touch of my tempature. Letting it drip into your lips as I now cast a shadow. One cube, then two into your sweet morning breath. My cock surrounded in chill. Aching as I arch my
I'm Sorry But I Can Only Be Me
I'm sorry I'm not perfect. I'm sorry I'm not great. I'm sorry I'm not what you wanted. I'm sorry I'm not your fate. I'm sorry for being busy. I'm sorry for having problems. I'm sorry for not giving you everything. I'm sorry for having people to worry about. I'm sorry I'm not the best there is. I'm sorry I'm human and have my own problems. I'm sorry I'm not the one who does everything you want. I'm sorry for having feelings and not thinking about you 24/7. I can only be me and there's nothing you can do. I can only be me and if you don't like it then f*ck you. I can only be me and if you have a problem with it then I don't need you. I can only be one person and that person is me. You deal with it or not it's up to you but if you decide to not deal with it then I give you a big f*ck you.
This Pain....
This pain is more than I have ever had to deal with. I can easily say that yesterday was the worst day of my life and even now it continues. I keep waiting for my body to finally let go of this baby so that I can finally start to grieve. How can I grieve a baby that hasnt left me yet? I feel so lost and empty inside. I am pregnant still sort of and yet not. I still feel pregnant and still kind of have my tummy and yet my tummy is slowly shrinking and what is contained inside is no longer alive. It is hard to decide how to feel when I should be grieving this baby when I am still carrying it but its gone.
My Definition Of Love And The Internet!
I do believe there are many different levels to love but saying "I Love You" to a complete stranger online that you haven't even known very long is a bit loose. I have my online friends that I do adore and cherish of course. But then there are the ones I have known for quite some time that I can comfortably say I do love. Considering in my opinion there are many levels of love I feel it's safe to say I do indeed love my online friends. How is there many levels of love? Well that is easy enough to explain. There is the love I have for my children that is unconditional and can never be broken. There is the love I have for my family that is pure and been there my whole life. There is the love I have for the one I date and/or marry who is my true love. Who compliments who I am. Who brought my soul to life and set it on fire. I would be utterly lost without my love. Then there is the love I have for my friends. I love my friends dearly and I would do anything I possibly can to help them
So, I've never been one for blogging. But I've had a rough few days dealing with internet FAKES. It's bad enough I have been lied to so many times, it's worse that real feelings get involved. And worse still, that some really great people have gotten hurt. So I'm going to rant a little. I understand that the internet is just for entertainment to a lot of people. But keep it that way, keep it fun and light, if you aren't here to really meet people and make real friendships. Don't create a personality, use someone elses pics, or any other form of deception, especially if you are eluding to people that there is a possiblity of a reality with them! That having been said.... some stupid hooker on AOL is using my pics!!! It's happened to me before, but this just happened at the wrong time for me! So if any of you have AOL... hit up ATexasPrincess4U .... and remind her that the real Robin lives in Cali... and has a damn cam! And thank you so much Terry for finding this out, and
What I Need, What I Believe
I just want to be with somebody who WANTS to be with me Is that too much to ask for? Somebody who is willing to put as much into a relationship as I am. Maybe I want a whirlwind romance. Someone who will sweep me off my feet. Someone who realises how precious life is and how fleeting it can be. Someone who will take advantage of every moment they have to be near me. Someone who is as crazy about me as I am about them.I just feel so hopeless. Like it can never happen for me. I look around me, and at people I have known in the past. I see so many people who don't even seem to realise what they have. Drugged out crackwhores who are married with families that they dont even care about. (admittedly, they are not too discerning and would settle for anyone, which eases my mind a bit to know that I am not just so messed up that nobody would want to be with me.) I see the workaholics, whose values are so askew that they believe that love equals money. Families falling apart
So Fuckin Sexy
So whats the one thing you wanna do to me I know why limit you to one right ?? but really I can't help it I don't have time to listen to all the things from each guy/girl lol . have fun with it and be creative ... any .. one .. thing
My Boobies Names
Your Boobies' Names Are... Thunder and Lightning Boobie Name Generator
Least In Sight
just letting all my friends know i'm sorry i haven't been around as much but i've been having some medical issues. well after tests everyday for the last week and a half all they know is my kidney is enlarged and i have to have more tests to find out why. gotta luv doctors. anyways, i'm hoping to find something out soon so they can fix it so i'm back to my old self. ~hugs~chrissy~
I am bored. But i was thinking..i wish i was still a virgin...hmmm. But i have only had like 2 sex partners, and thats no understimation...
What part of QUIET didn't you understand? Everyone needs to feel secure...... Couldn't help it Ma, that first step is a killer.. Now what do I do??? It's in there somewhere, I just know it!! I really need to get going, but I just can't seem to get motivated..... Man...I'm getting so fat I can hardly scratch my own butt!!! These morning walks are killing me.. HEY! Gimme my ball back!!! I said go to sleep.... Nice doggie...Good boy! A little power nap.... Sleeping in again...
Smile everybody it's almost the weekend :))
Dog The Bounty Hunter
First off i just want to say that what i post here is MY Oppinion and has not been endorsed by so dont blame them for MY OPPINION!!!!!!!!!! as you know dog the bounty hunter was arrested and is waiting trial for " commiting a crime in mexico" the crime is that" he and his son arested a serial rapiest that was in mexico, here is the thing that pisses me the fuck off first Dog and his son was arrested on US soil for the crime, and is waiting to be tried IN MEXICO, FUCK THAT.. he got OUT OF The country and is in the USA right! what about ALLL THE ILLEGAL WETBACKS FROM MEXICO in our motherfucking county? WHY arnt the mexican police over here colecting ther people breaking the law????? WHAT right dose the mexicain police have to arrest a person in our COUNTRY but we cant go get one of OUR crimnals in there country... How fucked up is that? hell IF mexico likes the idea of serial rapiest in there country i have a solution... load every fucking
Searching For Myself
Please don't wake me I'm really not asleep I've just gone inside my head, to try and find some peace I don't know why I come here, but I know it keeps me warm Hiding from my fears, holding back the tears Just trying to keep my head above the storm Please don't ask me how I feel I can't hear you anywayCause I'm in here dreaming and I'm oh so far away I keep looking for something that's getting very hard to find Hiding from my fears, holding back the tears And struggling with these questions in my mind Why can't I figure out just which path to choose? Why do I always feel like I'm just about to lose? My life's a mystery and there is no master plan I'm just trying' to keep the boy inside the man A lifetime's worth of growing up doesn't change that little kid Who didn't know the road ahead or would have cared even if he did But now that I am older, the memories begin to fade Hiding from my fears, holding back the tears Just falling through life day after day Please don't wake me I'm really
Thanks Guys
Just wanted to say to all my friends fans family that i love you all think of you as my online brothers & sisters who make my day each time i come on with comments ratings friend requests. I love you from the bottom of my heart & i mean that have made some really good friends on here & hoping for long lasting ones. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!
Little Miss Dangerous....
OK Now i guess that this is a weird question ok But if there was this person that was "intrested" but you were to dangerous is that a good thing or bad? Hmm I guess that sometimes things arent what people want or expect and then they come in your life and throw things off maybe for a reason huh? Maybe that the thing that you didnt expect is the one thing that is missing from your life. Fun, Laughter, Someone to talk to and really discuss things with. To talk everyday with just to tell them things like i had a bad day or this happened or that i dont want to talk i just want you to be here and knowing that your there for them makes them feel better? I dunno I also dunno where this blog is headed but to me its something iwant to write and i usually do things i set out to do. But sometimes why do men make things so hard to understand? I mean yes? no? not intrested? go away? Life sometimes throws u a curve and you dont no what to do with it...So then what happens you just put it down...M
Stay Or Go?
there are so many people in my friends that come and look and do not comment and rate if you are one of the ones that come and spend time looking and not commenting then delete your self i will be closing my pix that contain nudity because i have worked hard to get to the level i am at by spending time rating and commenting on a lot of people and if you are not returnung the favor then you need to let me know and i will fix the problem either i missed you in adding you or you are new and i have not gotten to you. i appreciate the fact that you come to my page but i want to also accellerate to the top of lost cherry and that is part of the fun that i have here but i spend time taking and putting these pix in and most of you just look and dont comment when you are blocked and can no longer see the pix what then? if by some chance i missed you leave me a message stating that i missed your page and i will come and rate and comment there are a lot of you that i am still working on getting t
Contest Starts Now (did I Make A Mistake By Entering)
Hello EVERYONE! This Contest I'm entered in is going on right now, it lasts for one week. I finally got up enough courage to enter, I'm hoping I didn't make a mistake. I was entered in last weeks for only 10 hours. What I'm worried about is someone in the contest is popular and has a ton of friends, you know when you get a shout in you box asking you to vote for someone you don't even know. I like to go to the site and see the pic's and vote for the person I want to. It seems that some are more of a popularity contest. I choose this contest site because the rules are a little different then most. It says "Winner is based on the highest rating, not the number of votes so don't forget to vote for the pic's you don't like too." Seeing that put me at ease a little but I'm still wondering if I made a mistake by entering. I guess I'll find out. Thanks for being there and cheering me on you guys mean so much to me! If I never joined Lost Cherry I NEVER would have had the courage
What A Soldier Leaves Behind
Being a spouse of a soldier is a very hard job. Some spouses have other jobs, some stay at home, some have children to take care of and some have both. When our Soldiers have to go we are the ones left behind. We are the ones that have to take care of everything by ourselves. Some are lucky to have family and friend around, while others do not. We no longer have our loved ones by our side for they are away fighting for our freedom. We are the ones left behind to take care of the bills, children, house, repairs, cook, clean, shop, even to eat and sleep alone. We worry everyday if they are ok? What they are doing? Where they are? Are they being shot at? Are bombs going off around them? Are they eating? Are they sleeping? Are they cold at night? Are they to hot during the day? Will I hear from them today? Will they be home on time or has there tour be extended? Will they come home alive, wounded or just fine? These are just a few things that go through our minds everyday. Some sp
The Story Of Sir Jim
I have NO IDEA how Weird Al got my life story but if you want to know the real Sir Jim... Here I am. This is so true it almost hurts. White By Weird Al
Pics N Such
ive deleted some and will return to finish off tomorrow thankyou haters for making me realise i shouldnt post any pics ever:) how stupid ive been C
Cutest Curvy Cherry Contest ~ I Won
The contest is over and I won!! First contest I ever won!! Thanks you so much for all your help :)
Poem: Age Is A Reality
I sent a mesage but will they answer If they do, will they stay a while Getting older further away from my teens Are they really going to be that bothered Age is a reality I am polite,a reely good friend is what they say But they are never first to say hello Though One Hundred hellos a day are sent No one wants to be bothered Age is a reality Lovely looking ladies with hundreds of fans Not even trying as they can get what they want Ignoring whoever they please Throw back the small ones they are no good Age is a reality
The Basket (adult)
The Basket I had a night out with Jane and we went out to dinner. The dinner was very nice, I had picked out a nice restaurant and we had some wine and we were getting to know each other pretty good. I took Jane out dancing and danced up a storm. The night was winding down and I offered her a drink back at my place and she agreed. Jane and I had a few drinks and were necking like high school kids on the couch. Jane asked where the bathroom was and I told her down the hall and when she came back she asked what the basket was in my bedroom. I “blushed” and said that was a how you would say a sexual device. Jane just looked at me kind of strangely and then I explained. I told her that I was in the Navy and stationed in the Philippines. That I was introduced into “Basket SEX” and the more I explained the basket the more she started to get excited. At this point Jane had a Big Grin on her face and I gave Jane a Big kiss. I took her into my arms and carried her into the bedr
I Posted This On Myspace And Got Virtually No Comments. Let's See What Happens Here.
Marriage has always been something that has scared me. It never seemed appealing to me; why would I want to engage in something that has a 50% failure rate? I'm worried that my wife won't relish my hobby of buying cars and learning how to restore them. That's my hobby and I'm not giving it up. However, I think overall, I am sick of being single. It does certainly have some good points though. It is nice not having anyone to answer to. It is nice not feeling obligated to anyone. If I feel like laying in bed all day, I don't have anyone to constantly nag me about getting out of bed. I'm almost 29 years old. I feel as though I should be married by now, or least close to it. Even though I have not quite reached the financial security that I had hoped to reach by the time I get married, I am close enough. I have a lot to offer a girl, if she can see it. I can offer more to a girl than most guys my age in my opinion. I have a lot of potential. I'm an engineer and I work fo
Underage Kids On Lc
Just wanted to post this blog to see if we can get rid of all under age kids on the LC they degrade themselves talking older than they really are. There is a lot of adult stuff on here that they should not see & its up to us that they dont? Come on all Cherries lets keep this site adult only.
I love this site, i love all the love i'm giving...i'm eating this stuff up! I love attention and men giving me attention, however i'll give it RIGHT back.. don't you worry about gimme some love, show me you want some...
I Have Had It!
If you want my yahoo just ask and I will give But let me tell ya if you want me to show you have came to the wrong place cause I am not going to do it! Call me a b*#@! if you want thats fine with me I didnt know you before and I dont need to know you now! I am here for good conversation and to make new friends, So if you think by adding me you are going to get to see anything you are wrong and Might as well not add! And if you have added me and ar disapointed because i am not going to show dirty pics than you may take me off your list!
Mode Of Living
What have I to do with worldly things. My connection with the world is like that of a traveler resting for a while underneath the shade of a tree and then moving on..............
Moving On
Moving on means moving forward...come what may. I have accepted and come to terms with a few things. I have come to learn that loving someone doesn't mean I have to put up with them being insensitive, incosiderate or disrespectful of me. I have accepted the fact that I may never be something special to someone special again and that I may very well spend the rest of my life alone. I have learned to accept that my children may never have a dad. I have learned that no matter how much you love can never make them love you in return. I have also learned to give up on men that I meet on here, Myspace and AOL. They're nothing but trouble and most are just douchebags. I won't date anyone I meet online again. Sorry to say this but you're all just fonts now. It's now time for me to shit or get off the pot. Dating has started again. When I say dating I mean "Real" people I didn't meet from the internet in any way shape or form and I will try to live some kind of normal exi
Manwhoring It???
Ok...I'm a guy and I try and be a good one. I was raised by my mother for the most part and I'm very respectful of women and I treat you all very well. With that being said....I wonder why it is that I'm constantly being taken advantage of....I could get into the crappy details but I'll spare you all. I just feel like I should do like alot of my buddies and start bangin everything with a heartbeat....which goes against my grain......I don't know what to do sometimes....I'm all about being honest...I guess that's more of a flaw than a plus.......I don't know I'm just rambling on...sorry for the confusion.....I'm just nutz today!!!
Lost Cherry Spies
I have noticed that I get people checking out my site which is cool, thats what it is here for. But damn, leave a comment! Nice page, your page sucks, your are an ass, anything. We all win, you get cherry points, I get cherry points, we are all happy! OK, thats all I wanted to say. I am going to go back and dive down Rina's pants, or LatinaHeat as I like to call her. Dessert is served!
Blah is exactly how I feel... I'm going home for the weekend...unfortunately it's been a particularly emotionally rough week. Which is going to get worse tonight. I think I'm breaking up with my boyfriend...all we have done lately is argue argue argue, and I can't take it any more. I mean I love him, I do, but he nags everything I do while I'm at my university for the week, he always gets mad at things I say and he keeps making me choose between him and school, and any one who knows me well knows I am devoted to my love, but first most, to my school. He and I have never been like this, and I refuse to let us go on... So I think it's time for a break, and once we can be good again we'll try again...until deprivation for me...grr Oh wells, wish me the best,wish me luck, hope that he takes it well...and that I cry only a little. I love you guys ~Stina
Ok i wont be here for awhile tonight but i will return....MY daddy had a heart attack yesturday so im going over to be with him for awhile plus i bought a home and trying to set it up so much shit to do uggggh i need like 5 of me and oh boy the fun everyone would have then ....haha! so i geuss ill pop off here love you all and have a great weekend
furry pink bunnies .. who doesn't love a good bunny costume .. I think i might dress up like a playgirl for halloween
My Railroad Tracks
Thanks To A Dear Man....
Ya know i go through more shit than the lord should allow on a regular basis...Incessant problem case ya didnt know i had my 2nd surgery of the year yesterday. Another 3-6 weeks of sick eat....What a quandry?... I have called so many agencies and people my head is spinning. Ranting and raving to my bud on here ...a local who will remain nameless. His response...shut up biotch (lol)...and lay down and rest and ill be there later today....A man of his word he showed up...carried me to the store...bought me groceries and slipped me a $20 and kissed me goodbye and said love ya girl and was off. What does this mean to me? Means YOU ARE THE DEAREST MAN IN THE WORLD TO ME TODAY! Friendship, respect, caring, giving without regard to what you gonna get in return. These qualities are rare indeed these days. Unlike some others who even jokingly have said to me "ill buy you some food but what do i get in return" this man cares about me. Even
Friends I Have... this is my first blog in my whole if it's messy i'm sorry.this site is way better than myspace ,it's easier to use & it's great here.i have 54/56 friends on this site way more than i have on the other site because of the easyness to use it...& i try to talk to most of you when you talk back...some of you are not talking so i'm takeing the a week if half of you haven't typed to me, i'm gonna have to start killing off some of my's just wasting space for people that could hold a great convo with for those who want to stay...type to me...if you just said yes to up your points...shame on those that genuinely want to get to know no this is not me being anal,just me wanting to save space......& space is what counts for people that really want to talk/chat...& i know it's like a pop contest...but you don't have to make it so obvious...if i've pissed any one off...sorry,not what i was trying to do...but if i did then it hi
This Realy Sucks
well the fun is over my wife miss cherry and i came on here to make frieds and have fun but the drama is too much i cant take it any more we will find a site were the people that say they are adults realy act like adults
Poem : Terry
Terry Your a little dog and yet you suffered For that I am Eternally sorry But your sleeping peacefully now You have your rest and no pain My tears believe me are of sorrow Yes a Vet had to end it I am so sorry but it had too be this way Believe me little dog it had to be like this But I just didnt want you to suffer so it had to be So sorry little doggy but it had to be So sorry there was no other way (In memmory of Terry who had to be put to sleep due to Luekemia who I have cried all night about
My Poor Nipples
I have had my ears pierced before, many times. I would go get another hole every time I got really pissed about something, somehow the pain made me feel better. I had my belly button pierced, and thought it was pretty. Today, being in a great mood, unusually, I decided to have my nipples pierced. First I called and played 20 questions with the guy that would be doing it, and then I played 20 questions with some of you here on LC. Well, I didn't chicken out, I made the 45 minute drive over there, pulled my black t-shirt back over my head and unsnapped my bra. The first one was my right one, it was the worst and seemed to take forever. I was trying to be tough and not make a peep. Prepared for the worst I clenched my fists for the left one, I just knew it would be the bad one because it is always so sensitive. This time I let out a little yelp but it didn't hurt nearly as bad and was done quickly. I am so happy I went through with it! I can't wait to take pictures for you all to see!!
In Regards To All The "fake" People!!
hey morning everyone.. well one let me just say i am sick of seeing it in my bulletin board in almost every single post.. did you even realize that all your doing is leveling these people up and making them MORE popular then they already are.. by posting the bulletins with the link in it... people who arent that bright and have nothing better to do all day go and visit their sites.. and comment negative stuff.. (they still get points..) and give them "1's" (they still get points) all you people are doing is making them get more points.. so guess what.. how about me just ignore them entirely.. if they are fake.. let them be fake.. unless its you they are copying why the frig do you even care??? stop reposting the bulletins to give them more points also.. Thanx Melikins Melikins@ LostCherry
just writing this blog to lett you know im going to delete people off my friends list. so if you want to stay please send a message here or on yahoo messanger at jwd3d76 hope to hear from everybody i added take care john
The 8th ~ Weekend.
So everyone keeps asking me how my weekend was. I guess I shall tell you My weekend was fantasmic. And I cant wait till tomorrow cuz i've got the day off. So basically i did homework, partied, partied, and partied. Got really drunk last night XD and other than that i hung out with this boy i kinda like a lot. In other words, I can't complain AT ALL oh and i went to the mall and bought clothes and bath stuffs cuz bubblez are cool! lol Hope everyone had a great weekend.
Have A Great Week love you guys xxxooo
The Love Of My Life
Al mio Amore, Sei l'uomo più meraviglioso che abbia mai conosciuto Sei il mio primo e ultimo pensiero ogni giorno. Ti insinui continuamente nella mio testa e mi distrai, ma che dolcissimo distrazione! Grazie di avermi mostrato come si amo, e cosa significa essere desiderato. Mi hai insegnato tantissimo e te ne sarò sempre grato. Pensare a te mi riempie d'amore e di voglio di stare con te. Non ho rimorsi! Grazie per essere sempre stato onesto e vero. Non vedo l'ora di stare con te in America, amore mio.Ti amo moltissimo, per me sei tutto! Sei l'amore del mio vita! Mwahhhh Tuo per sempre, Chazz
Hereeee We Go Again "cats" Rotfff
If ya love cats ya gotta see these... Enjoy all looooool
I Want To Be King
Please come vote for me
Daily Question #3
what is your favorite thing about yourself (non -physical)?
A Poem
for my day began with you life took its first breath my vision cleared completely my true meaning is found for my love of you is complete for my soul mate is found our love shall stand the test of time giving new meaning and rhyme for your beauty is a beacon for me i shall never forget the first time
How So
how do i love thee how can i put it in words how can i say to you what i want to when my throat ties up when you are near how can i show you how much you mean to me what do i do why does my day begin when i see you wake does this sound so foolish or does anyone care a small kiss or a brief hug shows more than words for never can i ever end my love for you
The 10th ~ A Year's Gone By (a Poem)
a year since the day i finally walked away cuz it hurt to much to stay you'd be gone for weeks at a time no call and no good-bye still every once in a while you come back around just to see if i'm alive but even then you always high. maybe one day i'll see you and smile but right now it just hurts and i think it still will for a while... even though i let you go i love you so... kiss my lips trace its mark with your fingertips tell me something real and stay a while and when sleep finally takes me i want you to go. kiss me goodbye and forever leave this on going show.
My Fantasy
I am a baker by nature and I work at a daycare by trade. I am a single mom and I get lonely sometimes. Every once in a while I fantasize about what I am missing in my life. I miss being with a man. I miss how being with a man feels. I miss how being with a man makes me feel... Since you're all deprived sex-crazed maniacs like I am, this following tale should be right up your alley (I was working in my kitchen, elbow-deep in dough when this vision came to me... oh, and since this is my fantasy, I get to play the heroine, so nah-nah): I'm working in my kitchen, hands covered in dough, when the man of my dreams sneaks up behind me and tightly wraps his arms around my waist. He's desperately, almost violently kissing my neck. As I close my eyes, he runs his hands up and down my arms. I'm virtually shocked into a passionate state - so shocked that I just stand there waiting for the next thing he does to me. He unties my apron and I help - and I can't help myse
Meeting On The Internet?
Day after day she sits there smiling and we exchange our thoughts... Our desires from 2700 miles away. The internet extends it's hands for us to meet from over mountains rivers and street lights. She waits for my tickets each day as the mailman's foot steps come and go, wearing a path in our imaginations to what can be possible. Will her lips be as sweet as described...? Will our eyes lock as they do over pixel? Finally the day arrives with touchdown from thought to California.... straight through. Each footstep brings our thoughts to a boil as I am stuck on the otherside of her security checkpoint... (much less romantic now due to todays terror restraints). She peaks over heads and shoulder to see her destination. I stand at a distance with the upperhand as she has never seen CA. She truststhat I be there and I am. Waiting to pass through her eyes and make our ears ring w/ excitement. There she is! Never more beautiful, even from my imagination... I was wrong! My hand
Internet Jealousy
It's the stupidest thing on earth and such a double standard. I know good and well that men who I talk to talk to other women. I talk to other men. Its the fucking internet. I have a few female friends that I've made here and I like go to check out their pics and give them love. Without fail I see numerous faces I know. No big deal I have hot friends I realize this. Here's the thing about me. No matter how stupid it may be or how ridiculous I know it is I cannot help but get jealous over this. I different types of relationships with these people. Now some are just fantastic friends we leave each other sexy comments and exchange pleasantries. These people do not draw jealousy from me. Its the people that I have special relationships with. Whom I talk to regularly, are people I know in real life, or who I have girly internet crushes on. These people cause this little pit of jealousy in my stomache. The internet may not be exactly real life..but it sure can cause
Would it seriously kill you people to hold an intelligent conversation. Assholes. Im sick of it. < 3 Goodmorning lovahs < 33
How To Hurt A Veteran Or Military Person?
Most people that know me, know that my Honor is very IMPORTANT to me. Well this is true for every military person & veteran I know or talk too. Some people also Realize, that I hate people that pick on others. Again, the Same can be said for all the Veterans I know and Military I talk too Now I'm not talking about the Teasing type of picking on! NO, I mean the real hurtful kind! The kind that leave Emotional Scares or damages a persons Reputation. By, now you must be wondering what does this have to do with How to Hurt a Military or Veteran. Simplely this, We Defend your Rights to say they hurtful things, to protest, etc. So How do you Hurt a Military Person and/or Veteran? Protest at his or Her Funeral? Talk Trash about his/her Love Ones? Burn their Flag? While Those are two VERY BAD Things to do & will get them VERY Angry, it will not hurt them. So do I have you really thinking now!!! This is just my thoughts, but this is how I think
Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things or habits about themselves. People who are tagged should write a blog with their own 6 weird things or habits, and state this rule clearly. Choose 6 people to be tagged, list their names, leave them a comment and tell them they are tagged and to check your blog for details. It's fun! 1. I’m a girl and love football to the point that I get loud and know what the penalties are when they throw a flag! 2. I don’t believe in making beds unless you are washing the bedding. Whats the point? 3. I hate to drive. 4. I ride mechanical bulls AND AM VERY GOOD AT IT! LOL 5. Most me don’t take me seriously when I challenge them to pool until I kick there butts and I think it’s funny! 6. I like to play in the dirt with my kids and one of them is teaching me how to skateboard! :o) Ok, tag, you're it... Lucky Hotstuff3433 Gunner Thumpster4169 Showbob8 $PheonixPhil$
My First Post
This is my first post... Do we get points for blogging? hehe EDIT: Nope...looks like no points have been awarded...drats! :-P
I take you to the kitchen.. slide down to my knees.. rubbing your chest and licking your stomach on my way down. I roll my tounge around your shaft, flicking the tip of my tounge across your head. I lightly dig my nails into your thiegh as you go deep inside my hot waiting mouth. I move back and forth faster by your will. You pull my hair, teasing yourself as your dick glides across my lips. I feel myself welling up inside with juices. My nipples are as erect as your large, hard cock. I glide my hands across my nipples, I get wetter, I can feel cum dripping down my leg. I run my hand down my taunt body. I slide a finger inside and shiver at the feeling. My mouth fills with your precum. Your cock begins to pulsate in my mouth.. i'm dying to taste you. I stare up, into your eyes.. you see my joy as I see yours. I go faster, further down on you. I slide another finger inside.. I can't take much more. You pull my hair, moving me faster, taking you in further.. I begin to cumm.. it's so ho
I Want A Guy Who Feels Like This
When you look into someones eyes, and your breath is taken away...a simple touch from them, sends a shockwave right to your soul defining the very reason for your existence. To lay next to this person and not be able to fall asleep...because subconsciously, you know that you will dream of her, and she is laying right next to you the whole time, but you dread not spending every waking moment admiring her beauty and her charm. Every passionate kiss lasts an eternity. When you are with this person, every day is an adventure or a journey into the unknown...and then true happiness takes place of everything else, life isn't about money, or fast cars, or fancy furniture and a closet full of is about her. Her absence makes you feel begin to long for her touch and crave the smell of her freshly shampooed hair. You would rather spend the day at the mall with her than watch the cavs cook 3 course meals more frequently because now you know that you have so
CREATIVITY "The great enemy of creativity is fear. When we're fearful, we freeze up...Creativity has a lot to do with a willingness to take risks. Think about how children play. They run around the playground without thinking about where they're going. They trip, they fall down, and then they get back up again and run some more. They have a wonderful belief: that everything will be all right. They feel capable; they let go; they play...Not matter how many facts and figures you have, you can't predict the future. There will always be surprises...Creativity helps us realize that we don't have to understand everything. We can enjoy something - feel it and use it - without ever fully comprehending it." -- Faith Ringgold
Thursday Night Fun...
....busting out the coloring book and the crayons, while eating a ho-ho....good times!! (photo to follow - stay tuned!) ;) finished product!!

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