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I want to say thanks to J-Roxxx again for being such an awesome hostess. This was the first rates only contest I participated in and it was fun up until the end. I have to say if you are on my friends list and you in any way think I or any of my friends or supporters cheated in this contest you are sadly mistaken and extremely pathetic. Let me break down the final 24 hours for you. Everyday Misterfeet and I were back and forth and sometimes tied. It made it much more interesting I have to say. He had his friends helping and supporting him as I did...as it should be. One of his friend in particular had the spotlight the day before the contest ended and was able to reach a lot of people. I decided that I wasn't up to pushing anymore and was physically tired that night as well as tired of bugging my friends about the same thing over and over again. So, I let J-Roxxx know I would accept second and put up a blog thanking everyone for their help and that I was done. Two of my friends didn't want to see me give up knowing how hard I worked and how much I had put out up to that point. So they took it upon themselves to KICK ASS! How could I not help, they were doing it for me. So, it was back on. EZ2FU stickied a bulletin and she and her girlfriend MunkeeFu starting shouting everyone they could in their family and friends to help. Well, AshWeee is on her friends list and saw the bulletin and jumped on the PebblesinAZ train and decided I was winning and wasn't giving up. She has 47,000 people on her friends list and gets repsponses because she helps her friends therefore her friends help her. ( A lot like myself only I don't have the guns she does. ) The following day I woke up with a substantial lead so of course his friends were pushing, as friends should to help him. I wouldn't expect any less. We have mutual friends so the good ones knew to either support both or neither. So they pushed and we pushed. EZ and Munkee had a dinner to go to so I actually lost some muscle for a couple hours and they started to catch up. At this point, I shouted all the friends I could find online and asked them to start shouting everyone randomly online. INCLUDING NEWBIES! I thought this was a great way to go as it was a rates only contest, not a "need a salute to bomb" contest. As Misterfeet and I have mutual friends...newbies would be impartial. Well with 10 plus people shouting everyone we could, WE WON. Did I get called a WINNER? NOPE! We got called CHEATERS! Is it even possible to create 200 fake accounts in an hour? To set up that many fake emails? I think not. Was I mad? No, I was hurt. My friend, the hostess, had to ask me if I cheated because she was blown up with crap in her shoutbox and inbox from whiners! At this point even talking about it upsets me. Did I win? NO! I got 1st and got a blast! What I went thru last night, isn't considered winning!
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