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My Living Will
MY LIVING WILL: Last night, my friend and I were sitting in the living room and I said to her, "I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle. If that ever happens, just pull the plug." She got up, unplugged the computer, and threw out my wine. She's such a bitch.
I have dreamed of what it would be like to be held by you from morning til night, night til morning To awaken and still have you next to me, the thought makes me shiver, the thought makes me smile I have dreamed of kissing you to sleep and watching you sleep til the early dawn..memorizing by touch every inch of your body Then to satisfy my own desire, I would kiss you awake, and to hold, and touch you, and kiss you back to sleep And, I too would rest and awaken in your arms by the morning sun, my love
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Bob Marley
“He’s not perfect. You aren’t either, and the two of you will never be perfect. But if he can make you laugh at least once, causes you to think twice, and if he admits to being human and making mistakes, hold onto him and give him the most you can. He isn’t going to quote poetry, he’s not thinking about you every moment, but he will give you a part of him that he knows you could break. Don’t hurt him, don’t change him, and don’t expect for more than he can give. Don’t analyze. Smile when he makes you happy, yell when he makes you mad, and miss him when he’s not there. Love hard when there is love to be had. Because perfect guys don’t exist, but there’s always one guy that is perfect for you.” 
Greenie Sb Codes
just copy and paste in the greenie sb they DO work if you use them           Hello and welcome to fubar. one great way to meet new people is the lounges on fubar. i would like to take this chance to invite you to become a member of one of the hottest lounges on fubar.IN HARMS WAY just click this link to join the fun and welcome to fubar. one great way to meet new people is the lounges on fubar. i would like to take this chance to invite you to become a member of one of the hottest lounges on fubar.IN HARMS WAY just click this link to join the fun and remeber the drinksare on the house!!!!!:D Hello and welcome to fubar. one great way to meet new people is the lounges on fubar. i would like to take this chance to invite you to become a member of one of the hottest lounges on fubar.IN HARMS WAY just click this link to join the fun and remeber the drinksare on the house...Hello
Frustrated, Rambling And All That...
Blue, fitting right now...   Frustrated with everything. Sick of Doctors, sick of meds, sick of every aspect of it all right now. I know a lot of these sentences may be 1/2 thoughts and crude, but I'm not going to bother going through and editing all of it. Pain is worse, my back is getting worse...yeah.   As of right now my next appointment is January 9th, too far away. Uncertain. Still no referral to a specialist or any help, hope. I don't even know if I'm going to get a refill of my prescription anytime soon... Can't it all just be over? 10 months and still nothing.   I feel like I'm losing more of myself each day...   Well, no new updates, voice of happiness or encouragement. Nothing.
Voting On Battle Of The Bands
Now that people are required to listen to the song to vote on it, i feel its a step in the right direction for the contest..however, if half the people are only doing it for the points, and voting for the one with the most votes, i feel the contest is tainted and the rightful winners are getting cheated.  as an artist in the battle of the bands, I want to point out that voting with the one with most votes isnt fair. It isnt a fu auction or popularity contest. We enter our songs to get heard, get exposure and create a fan base. If you arent interested in the music dont participate. Think of it like this, each vote is worth $100 and it is important to actually vote for the song you like.. I personally feel that maybe the points one recieve should be lowered, so it is actually about the music..   my two cents..discuss and comment what your opinion is..   and if you havent added my band page please do, i have the #7 most played song, which didnt win in
Un Problemo
So some folks know I now have 2 almost stepkids....they are great and I adore them but I have one issue with them. In my living room I have a 3 seater sofa and 2 matter where I sit they ALWAYS sit next to me...either right next to me on the sofa or at the foot of the recliner...I know they only do this because they love me but it makes me feel incredibly clausterphobic! My kids have learned that I need my space, but these 2 haven't. Is there any way to express to them that I can't have them on top of me all the time without having hurt feelings?
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How Could An Angel Break My Heart?
"How could an Angel break my heart? Why didn't he catch my falling star? I wish I didn't wish so hard. Maybe I wished our love apart."
Sooner Or Later.
I see you in the darkness. I sit and wait for my chance. Giggle giggle Sooner or later I'll have you. In my bed in my arms. You'll never know it. Blade kisses your neck. Trickle of blood. Mouth starts to salvate. Trickle trickle. Giggle giggle. Sooner or later I'll have you. Duct tape streched and ready. Rope by my side. Giggle giggle. Sooner or later.  
Cherry Inferno!!!
If you are stuck & wondering just HOW IN THE FUWORLD you are gonna get the "Cherry Inferno" Achievement so you can level... Check out this blog by the bouncer Stevens... Its a GREAT tool & I think way more ppl will get the achievement done IF you can follow the directions!!!   Have an AMAZING day on FUBAR!!!!   Yours Truly~ Bama Princess
Life Is Good
Life is good, wow long time since I was on but got bord with other sites. Im still with the same man 3 years4 months, he is my best friend. my boys have moved up the ranks of the service and I will soon be a gramma. My 3 son will soon turn 16 and daughter 14 life is good for me 

i cannot sleep at night until like 3 or 4 in the morning. i feel bad cuz my husband is right in the bedroom down the hall from me. i get so tired but can never seem to sleep. right now i need all the sleep i can get because im almost 8 months pregnant. and i need all the energy to give birth to our son in like 2 months. i wonder why i cant sleep. i aint stressed out. i feel like im fine. i just cant sleep. i get so tired i almost fall asleep typing all this, but when i go to lay down and go to sleep, im wide awake again. i hate it. i just wanna be able to sleep at night like a normal human being.
rate me!!!!!! or dont lame asses!!!!!
Amidst Tousled Sheets
I lie in bed, amidst my tousled sheets, they rub deliciously over my hot skin. I let hands trail, lazily... and in my mind's-eye I see you, reaching for me, tracing my pulsing body... Your tongue traces the inked lines on my back, and I cannot stop the shivers, which run down my spine, nor do I want to. My breasts are full in my hands, nipples tight, and I can feel the wetness slide between my legs, where I wish you were. I slip a finger into my mouth, a poor substitute for what I really want, and then let my hand drift... to tease my moist lips, I writhe and moan, in those tousled sheets and work magic, with my fingers... Incoherent, whispered cries escape me as I arch my back and come in lonely ecstasy... I lie in bed, and think of you.
March Featured Artist
Monthly Featured Artist Just MEE Check out her work by clicking the pic! Hosted by Don't forget to stop by her profile and thank her for the hard work ~X~Just Meee™~X~Founder~S.B.A.B.~&~K.K.S.~X~ĆŦ­­­­МǎҒїǻ~X~@ CherryTAP Conact me if you would like to be next months featued artist. You recieve: A platinum cherry, be featured on, featured on my profile on Cherrytap, In my blog and Bulletins as well as in my Cherry Blast. Thanks to Just Meee and all of you for your continued support! Vlad
Bubbles in the tub, All arond where I sit, No need to scrub, Relax and soak a bit. They envelope stress, Feel it just vanish, My skin they caress, Worries slowly diminish. Lean back, Close my eyes, Feel the tension melt away, Deep cleansing sigh, The end of the day. Bubbles in the tub, All around where I sit, No need to scrub, Relax and soak a bit.
Killa C - Torn
* 12 Fibonacci Goddesses *
********************************************************************************************* * The Maiden Voyage of the 12 Fibonacci Goddesses * ********************************************************************************************* From the central source of creation 12 pyramids of light spiral forth. Within each pyramid is a Goddess. When it all began..... Each goddess swept across the darkness of the void using her magic through the geometry of creation to manifest stories in which your soul can experience. It is time to find the magic within your soul. When you do, you will have the power to create. ********************************************************************************************* GODDESS 1 - SOUND ********************************************************************************************* I am Freya, the Goddess of Sound. Creation all began with a Soul Note which I created for the story of this Universe. I designed the inner ear,
What Do You Do?
When the world seems to be going 100mph faster than you. Things go for everyone else but you? What do you do when you have friends who are they only when they need something for themselves? But when it comes to you they are non-exsistant? What do you do when they ask the world of you but when it comes time to return a small favor they arent to be found or they just are too busy?? When you are there to listen to them but when it comes to you youre a big joke. You wanna know what happens? You end up not trusting. And thing is Im not a trusting person to begin with. And I have lost it all. Things have been boiling up for awhile so when I vent and lash out its from everything I havent said. The things I have said are nothing compared to what needs to be said. Anyways HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY EVERYONE! Get drunk and party. Everyone knows I will be smashed by the end of the night.
Desert Rose
Two shadows slipping throgh the night, Unaware of the watching eyes. Lovers are they or are they not? That, no one knows... They stop by a spot, And stay there awhile. "As long as this rose is alive and blooming, That is how long our love will be and much more than that..." And with those kind words of love, They disappear through the darkness. Time goes by and the seed grows into the most beautiful of roses. Red as blood, Glowing as fire. With standing the desert heat and the harsh weather. Oh desert rose, I can feel the soft touch of your petals, The warmth it gives. Oh desert rose, I can see the fire of your color, A glimpse of your flames. Oh desert rose, I can hear all the stories that you tell of the desert, Stories of love. But fugacious we are, And so are you. Your once soft petals are beginning to dry, Wilting and taking off once a glamorous robe. Your color is that of amber, Still pretty but unlike before. You quiver and struggle until it is too much
Stupid A**holes
Ok, so far tonight I have talked to two very beautiful girls who have recently gotten their hearts broken and listening to their stories has made me sad and also made me realize some things. Both of the girls are outrageously gorgeous and very nice people and I have no clue why a guy would ever break up with either one of them or treat them the way the guys did. One of the girls was getting abused and the other girl got pregnant. Anyway, guys that abuse women are nothing but worthless pieces of s****. They do not deserve anyone. The girl who was getting abuse was going to beauty pagents and she is not stuck up like a lot of other girls that compete in beauty pagents. I got the chance to talk to her for a while tonight and she is a really nice person with a great personality. She really loves him even though he is abusive. She is willing to take him back if he changes. He is not going to change, even if he does he is going to change back to the way he was most likely. I feel reall
Poetry ~ I, Master *part Ii* By Marq
To & inspired by my former slave I, Master *Part II My heart aches from these needs Longing to touch... taste, & feed Your essence beckons... set it free This desire to own... it's the Master in me Soft yet firm...That's My duality Two Old souls met in serendipity But, such is karma... it is the way of things Earned from past trails, this... our reward it seems You complete me, soothing primal desires An I'll keep you warm by my Dominant fire I revel in your service & bask in your submission My sweet slave fulfills her Sir's amibitons Hence, I guide us to Bliss... Love, Lust, & Pleasure A Divine Exchange beyond, most minds' measure For even to me... its hard to conceive So how could another fathom or believe All the ways we suit and sate each other A bless'ed union bound by the trust in one another And by the knowledge that none could replace the void that we fill, in that once empty space It Dwells down deep, few can understand When the role of a
Wats Up Come Say Hi Im On Cam
When your from Beautiful Colorful Colorado.. (my favs are with a * next them) *You love your Broncos, your Avs, your Rockies, AND Nuggets If it snows in the morning you expect it to be gone by lunchtime. You can name the states that make up the Four Corners. You never pack away your coat and sweaters. *You can name only two people you know who were actually born in Colorado. You know the elevation of a town, but not its population. People move onto the highway at 15 miles an hour. *You have absolutely no recognizable accent. If the humidity gets above 25%, you consider it "muggy". You only go to Central City when friends are in from out of town. You think 5-points is a ghetto. You say things like "I don't care how big Golden is, it's still a one-horse town". *You think only stupid people get lost in your town. *When giving directions, you never say "Turn left, turn right", it's always go West, then South. During a thunderstor
Now You Can Own Me
Click on the link and bid on me :) What you get Rate all pictures and stash during Happy Hours for you and a friend 50 11s daily Owned by you on profile Keep you sh!tfaced for the month **Contest comment bombing on request for you or your friends** Daily Profile comment Daily pimp out bulletins Any other request may be considered
The Big "0" & Instant Millionaire
Forever In My Heart
I lost my only brother on March 19, 2008. He had been sick for some time. I loved him so much and he will be missed by all his friends and family. He was 49 years old. Please keep my family in your prayers. Thank you and God Bless you.
6-30-08 47th Entry
Its been 3 weeks today since I saw the surgeon. I didn't hear anything by Friday. I called the surgeon's office this morning and there was still no word *sighs*. Guess I'm in for more waiting BLAH! My brother showed up today. I found out with his health problems he has to do 3 specific exercises daily. I am going to start taking walks with him (20 minutes, I think I can survive that as long as the heat doesn't bite me in the butt lol) so I'll start getting some minor exercise done. Hopefully by the time he goes back home it will be a habit for me. I need to do it anyway. Since I've been off work I've not been walking around no where near as much as I should (bad me, I know). I've been hearing that people that have had the surgery get far more active quickly. I was watching some TV with Chuckie earlier and they were about amusement parks like Dollywood. I think I'd like to make a goal of next summer having enough weight off to go to a place like that. Roller coaster ri
THINGS THAT ARE DIFFICULT TO SAY WHEN DRUNK: 1. Innovative 2. Preliminary 3. Proliferation 4. Cinnamon THINGS THAT ARE VERY DIFFICULT TO SAY WHEN DRUNK: 1. Specificity 2. Anti-constitutionalistically 3. Passive-aggressive disorder 4. Transubstantiate THINGS THAT ARE DOWNRIGHT IMPOSSIBLE TO SAY WHEN DRUNK: 1. No thanks, I'm happily married. 2. Nope, no more booze for me! 3. Sorry, but you're not really my type. 4. Taco Bell? No thanks, I'm not hungry. 5. Good evening, officer. Isn't it a beautiful night? 6. Oh, I couldn't! No one wants to hear me sing karaoke. 7. I'm not interested in fighting you. 8. Thank you, but I won't make any attempt to dance, I have no coordination. I'd hate to look like a fool! 9. Where is the nearest bathroom? I refuse to pee in this parking lot or on the side of the road. 10. I must be going home now, as I have to work in the morning. Mean Mummers
I'll probably get hate mail, hate in my shoutbox, and rated a 1..but quite frankly..i dont really care. I came on this site to meet people and to have fun.. I've met a ton of the most wonderful people who have touched my heart in ways that I cant even express in words. I also came here to spread awareness about my childrens disabilities. I enjoy going to other peoples pages and rate all of their pictures and fan them if they have a profile that is filled out.. I sometimes chat in afew lounges.. Today i posted a MuMM. I have posted one once before a while ago. It was stupid and Nobody looked at it. The one i posted today was technically NOT a mumm.. and I had realized that after the fact and even recognized that by posting a comment. HOLY MOLY .. all the haters. Apparently I have upset the whole MuMM community because they couldnt make up my mind..just throw useless stupid insults at me.. some were like 'i rated her a 1' .. WHAT ARE YOU? 8? Who gives a rats tushy what you rated
The Gift
this it wat i feel for him i miss him so much lyrics included. [Verse 1] You changed my life, it’s really happening. It’s like I’m in a dream. Your sacrifice, it made me change my mind. Thought all men were just the same. (Just the same) You made me trust again, made me feel safe and loved. You didn’t pressure me, gave me a chance to open up my heart. [Hook] I won’t be the one to pull away. Tell me you’re the man that’s gunna stay. I know that this gift can last, say you’ll never leave me, and I’ll always be right here. [Chorus] This gift…opened up my heart to you. This gift… a dream that was built just for two. This gift… is everything I cherished; you want my hand in marriage. Your love is the greatest gift of all. This gift…is everything I couldn’t have. This gift…I accept now take my hand. This gift…showed me how to love thee; this is how it should be. Your love is the greatest gift of all. [Verse 2] You are the only man to show
Valentines For You!
Bid for Your Sweet and Sexy Valentine:
Winter Blonde
WINTER BLONDE As a trucker stops for a red light, a blonde catches up. She jumps out of her car, runs up to his truck, and knocks on the door. The trucker lowers the window, and she says "Hi, my name is Heather and you are losing some of your load." The trucker ignores her and proceeds down the street. When the truck stops for another red light, the girl catches up again. She jumps out of her car, runs up and knocks on the door. Again, the trucker lowers the window. As if they've never spoken, the blonde says brightly, "Hi my name is Heather, and you are losing some of your load!" Shaking his head, the trucker ignores her again and continues down the street. At the third red light, the same thing happens again. All out of breath, the blonde gets out of her car, runs up, knocks on the truck door. The trucker rolls down the window. Again, she says "Hi, my name is Heather, and you are losing some of your load!"
Auction Time
Fnord? Fnord is evaporated herbal tea without the herbs. Fnord is that funny feeling you get when you reach for the Snickers bar and come back holding a slurpee. Fnord is the 43 1/3rd state, next to Wyoming. Fnord is this really, really tall mountain. Fnord is the reason boxes of condoms carry twelve instead of ten. Fnord is the blue stripes in the road that never get painted. Fnord is place where those socks vanish off to in the laundry. Fnord is an arcade game like Pacman without the little dots. Fnord is a little pufflike cloud you see at 5pm. Fnord is the tool the dentist uses on unruly patients. Fnord is the blank paper that cassette labels are printed on. Fnord is where the buses hide at night. Fnord is the empty pages at the end of the book. Fnord is the screw that falls from the car for no reason. Fnord is why Burger King uses paper instead of foam. Fnord is the little green pebble in your shoe. Fnord is the orange print in the yellow pages. Fnord is a pickle
&hearts Do You Want A Personal Salute By Me??? ♥
I am saving for spotlight so i came up with an idea...people are always asking me for salutes but none really seem to help me get fubucks for the  spotlight so I decided to sell salutes.    1.  Normal sfw salutes 250k    2.  Bra salutes 500k    3. Topless salute wearing nothing but my hands and a smile :) will cost 1 million   ♥ In closing IF you wish to have a salute made please private message me with what you would like and when i receive the fubucks I will make them upon payment. ♥ Thank You to all those that have helped me thus far! I look forward to doing business and making new friends Please help me reach my goal..
Ok, so this isn't my actual x-ray, just an approximation of what I saw on the screen at the hospital yesterday...
Hiring Bulletin Revamped
  Come Join The Greatest And Oldest Lounge On FUBAR!! We Need You!!!! We Are Looking for: DJ'S BARTENDERS GREETERS PROMOTERS We're The Oldest Lounge and Station on Fubar, so that must mean we're the best! come find out for yourself! think ya got what it takes??? well come join us n see what we can offer u! IT ONLY TAKES 1 CLICK, N EVEN IF YA DONT WANNA JOB WIT THE ACE CAFE FAMILY JUS COME IN N CHAT N HANG OUT WIT SUM REALLY KEWL PEOPLE N LISTEN 2 THE MUSIC U WANNA HEAR! ALL YA GOTTA DO IS CLICK A PIC, GO ON YA KNOW YA WANNA!!!! WE DARE YA!!!
Recent New Reads
So, as some of you know, I read a lot. And when I say a lot, I'm talking about 4 or more books a week. Most are books that I have already read, in some cases several times over. I enjoy them and its like revisiting friends from the past. The only people who don't judge. But thats neither here nor there. In the past week, I read a book that was just absolutely stupendous. I would urge readers to pick it up. The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. Yes, this is the guy who wrote The DeVinci Code, and Angels and Demons. (Which by the way, I would highly recommend to anyone as well) Dan Brown has a way of telling a story that is almost un-parralled. He gives you all the clues you need, but puts them in a way that you still have no clue what is going on till the very end. It's a fast paced book, and I read it within a day. It is in no way a short novel... The premise of the story is Robert Langdon, a Symbilogist of no small means (currently played by Tom Hanks in the movies) And
Nympho - The 4pm Pst Happy Hour Saturday 10/24/2009 Is Well... A Fake. more for the road…today this fake has a Happy Hour ( I’m sure it didn’t pay for it) check it out… ИҹмРĦǾ[Fu-married to Dj Scorpion]@ fubar I’ll keep this simple so that I don’t bore anyone, I’m a little winded. Lol. It’s page and pics, wow what a hot nurse, don’t you wish it was running your healthcare?
All Hallows Eve
ALL HALLOWS EVE There is one day a year when evil makes all the rulesin the middle of the night there will be lots of ghost, goblins, and ghoulsOn the last day of October the souls of the dead will rise, is what we believethe souls of the dead will walk with the living on this All Hallows Eve Beware on this night of the dead souls, the spirits can deceivethey are looking for souls to take back with them and it could be your soul they retrieveWith everyone dressed in disguise, the dead souls could be right in front of your eyeskeep an eye out because to let one of these creatures touch your soul really would be unwise On this night there are witches that are cooking up a special brewto cast their spells and make them work they may need a body part or twoThey chant the words that make it real and sprinkle their secret ingredients into the stewwatch out if you see something out of the corner of your eye, it might be a witch coming for you There will be creatures roaming about lost and
If only for a momment,Her smile was meant for me.Where could my heart fly,For only her eyes to see. Right now she smiles for another,And I will wait for my time.If it ever comes,a day,When she would be mine. If fate has chosen,Her smile to never shine at me.I will still always be her friend,Because God has willed it to be.
Come Check Out The Hottest Dj In Purgatory Dance Party!!
 JT is his name and thanks to him for winning the auction I was in! Come check his shit out!! :)          
Problems Getting Credit For Mercenary Referrals And Fubar Friend Referrals
***I originally wrote this blog in 2007 about missed referrals. It is still relevant today. This also applies to mercenaries. We do not credit for missed referrals. If you signed someone up and did not get credit, it could be one of the following: 1. You cheated. 2. The person signing up's browser did not track your referral ID. (This could be associated to anti spyware, virus ware or security settings) We will not investigate, credit or debate missed referrals. Here are a few tips to making sure you do get credit. There are NO guarantees that this will work. 99.99% of the time missed referrals are due to user error or the person's computer OR something shady is going on. 1. Use the "Link to this profile" code on your homepage or in fuMafia 2. Use the INVITE link on the upper left navigation panel. 3 If you are linking banners on another site, please use this referral code. TIP: If your brothers uncle was signing on from your laptop or house or your sister's
Want My Points For 12 Hours?
Want My Points For 12 Hours? Well This Is How It Is Gonna Work!  If U Want My Points U Gift Me An Auto 11 R A Boomerang! I Run The Auto R Boomerang During Ur Time!  U Get 2 Pick What Day & What 12 Hours U Want! I Will Promote U In My Status & Will Promote It In A Bully! If I Can I Will Bomb During The 12 Hours U Get My Points! Either Leave A Message Here Or In My SB If U R Interested & We Will Talk About What Day & Hours!  Thanks Sexy Bi Chris =)
This Poem Is About The Loss Of My Best Friend/foster Sister Who Died Unexpectedly On Her 18th Birthday 10/04/2010
As I look up at the stars at night And think of times we shared Memories come flooding back They all show how much you cared Your kind and gentle nature Your smile so big and wide Thinking of these things I know your always by my side You've been a friend when times were hard You've been a friend I can trust In my heart u will always stay Let god take care of u I must In life its hard to find a friend A friend so special and true Whenever I think of this friend In my heart my sister my friendI think of you  
Learned In The Darkness - Part 1
I've learned some things at the darkest points of my life. I'd like to share them, and hopefully, it makes some other people realize, everything truly does happen for a reason.   I grew up around death. As long as I can remember, every so often, a family member or someone close would pass. I never had the chance to know my father's parents, and my mom's passed when I was very young. Even though I was 3 when he passed, I vividly remember my paw paw. How he looked, how he smelled, down to his big green orthodic pillow and his huge blue puppy-dog eyes. I remember him tapping on the bed when we would come over on Sundays, wanting us all to pile in the bed and cuddle with him. He loved us and wanted us close, but he was old, and bed-ridden. I smile to this day thinking about him. My maw maw was disabled, and in a wheel-chair. She passed when I was 6, about a month after she had cataract surgery. She held out through the pain and suffering to see us once in her life. The memory I have o
Just A Few Thoughts.
Current situations have persuaded me to actually sit here once again and put together my thoughts on a blog.. Run for your life.. No names will be mentioned, that's petty and immature, not to mention slanderous and against the law.First subject at hand... "HATERS"... Seriously?!?! What is going on in your feeble little minds other than yourself? Why hate on others ? You could be the same way that others are if you'd literally remove your head from your sphincter.. If one wants to achieve anything in life, it's not just handed to them, the ones that are handed things on a silver platter, I pity you, there is nothing in life for free. one must work to achieve anything in their lives.. No that doesn't mean manipulating and using people, don't even get that concept in your head, that's morally and inconsiderate.. Some people strive to make that their life goal.. Manipulation isn't the best thing to use against people.. Now back to the subject at hand.... HATERS!! Why do you do this? Your l
My Babptism To Fubar
Dear Future Generations of Humanity And so like many things in my life i once again joined another stupid Social Networking Site and went around and had a look.   So i had to Salute, do you know what that was like to be asked to Salute?   Hilarious. So i did it and then Whent to the Lounges and what do i find.   NO ONE IS WHO THEY SAY THEY ARE there Avatars are not them in the Salute.     What is the point of going to the Lounge if the people are not open about who they say they are.   I was clear and said i was Alberto Kang. I wrote it down.   And all these people are giving me Drinks yet when i go and give a Shout in a Lounge they all tell me to go Salute   This site is confusing on the one side it tries to show that people are who they say they are yet in practice in the Loungnes area that is not seen.   So i guess is to just play around a little more see if i meet some new people and can find a good lounge to be online to with some cool people that show
It’s The Most Awkward Time Of The Year
This year has been odd for me, I haven’t put up a tree, I didn’t bother with presents and Ashley is away at her mates for Christmas. That’s what’s happening in my life. Husband and I had some small dealings with dad who was in and out of hospital with his impending hernia op (which still hasn’t happened) so we weren’t really Christmassy! Oh and something I found out, old people in Glasgow are all incredibly racist- my dad is convinced that the reason he didn’t get his emergency operation wasn’t because the hospital was busy, but because Polish and Romanian people are hogging all the NHS beds. He moaned and shouted about foreigners taking over our country and got all racist and angry. It didn’t help that his surgeon was Polish and tried to calmly explain why they couldn’t operate this week. Dad was purple with vile angry racist shit being kept inside his mouth, for if nothing else he isn’t mental. That’s the man w
The Straight Path
I've looked long and hard,For my sraight and narrow pathThroughout all my life,The twists and curves seem last. My true direction now unclear,My focus long since gone.I look forward to more of the same,Wondering why I continue to go on.   Where is my star to guide me,I cant remember the last it shined.All I know now are thse bends and curves,All the regrets I have,Are all I call mine.   Onward I go never forward but to the side,The turns are all familiar But never true.Forever they will keep me never to let go,Because they know,the straight path leads right to you.
This Particular Stylish Dior Looks After Having Particular Person Healthy Reducing Gems
  Chanel J12 Steel & Black Ceramic Black with Diamond Dial Automatic Men Watch $295.00 Among the many acclaimed dior mens watches models certainly is the Bagheera, a line of entirely designed ladies pieces, the very first automatic sit back and watch guys Chiffre Rouge, the Christal Dvd set features a white colored dial of mum of pearl with the aid of 16 diamond bezels sapphire, Chanel Premiere White & Black Ceramic Automatic Black Case Ladies Wa Any malice of dior christian mens watches Logo Blossom Clock, a sequence of special white dial mother of pearl. Maintaining our heart overcoming in the proper fee for perfect effect is actually of utmost significance and at the instant we now have an easy technique to make sure we triumph out in accomplishing which optimal heart charge. The development of the book is by keep an eye on expert Giampiero Negretti which includes the subject matter around the correct historic wording and particulars various interesting facts abo
People Around Me !
Well this will be my first blog ever ! and the way i feel it's going to be a wild ride of maddness ! I'm not to sure what i'm supposed to write about so i guess i'll right about my life sort of like a bio or something ! my last 5 years in life has had more ups and downs than most people have had to deal with in their wole lives !I have been in 2 relationships in the last 5 years both to wemon named angela and both of their dads had the same name which was chuck !long story short both of them decided that they wanted to be with some body else !I am still really good friends with the first one !we decided that we make better friends than a couple ! the second one is a man eater ! I met her 2 days after me and the last angie broke up and my life has been turned upside down ever since then ! I went from haveing everything i wanted to losing everything i had ! and the worst part is that i'm stuck being involved with her family every day because soon after we met i ended up getting a place w
Harold Teen !!
Cataclysmic Cocktides and Other EpijismsHas a New HomeClickHarold is worried about money his gf wants two dollars and won’t “lay for [him]”. So his friend tells him about work at Nick's Store. Harold chks it out. Nick says sure two dollars for work in the backroom.They get back there Nick's got his big Old cock out and tells Harold to bend over the flour for two dollars. Harold eyes pop at the size but he does as he's told. O it hurts Nick let me blow it for you  Nick is cumming O you are so good come back later I’ll give you 5 dollars if you stay all night. Harold rushes over to his gartered girl waiting on the couch, hands over the two dollars tells her she’ll never know how hard he had to work for it. She is O so pleased. Give me a good fuck Harold then you can rest all you want.
Will The Cavs Ever Retire Lebron's Number?
I was looking at ESPN 1st and 10 today and they had the debate on if The Cavaliers would retire LeBron's #23, and I agree with them on this one: It will never happen, so they would have to let somebody else wear that number, because of the way it ended. That bridge was burnt down to the ground, and the whole city of Cleveland (or the whole state of Ohio) hates him so bad. So them retiring that number: ZERO CHANCE
To All Mothers From Their Kids( Lol The Ones That Lvoe Each Other Anyway) , Happy Mother's Day
 I Love you , Mom Ever ceaseless love makes me think of you Knowing you're part of the reason of the good i do, I see your support is what made dad strong, Teaching us it's ok to admit when we are wrong, Of course we fuss every once in a while, You made the mood better by always ending it with a smile, You love me still as if that newborn babe, Always asking how you can help with any kind of pain, Teaching me so many lessons about life, How a TRUE parent understands the meaning of sacrifice, Always placing us and our needs first and then your own, Reminding us no matter what we will always have a home, Making room in your heart for others we and in ours, Helping us to grow and blossom as the sun those flowers, And I know I repeat this often but I still want to say, I love you and know every day that ends in Y is Mother's day                                                                By: Romuald ( Romeo) Tchouante
Witchie Asks....
10 things you cant live without you read it if you feel like it   I miss when you folks blog   my list: 1. Sunrise! 2.  water...not just to drink, I must see some body of moving water or I feel landlocked 3.  coffeh n a shmoke 4.  the unconditional love and acceptance of my daughter 5.  the self soothing of when my fingers touch the strings of a guitar 6.  launching fat wobbly ropes of majik mayonaisse 7.  a kind word for no particular reason (giving and recieving) 8.  laughter...the genuinely uncontainable kind 9.  hugs....deep, lose the world for minute, hugs 10.  the light that beams from someone that is genuinely happy to see you 11. the faint wet smack of a slow kiss 12. Walking around inside the postcard   Ok, so an even dozen!    
Pimp Slaps
Someone has been giving me pimp slaps!  Yay!  Makes me think of other mischief to perform!
The Theme Song To My Life
Seems Like Ive Been Here Before, Just Outside Some Closing Door, Standing Here Just Searching For A Light. You'd Think By Now Id Have It Down I Know I Should Be Wiser Now. No Ones Gonna Bail Me Out This Time... Im Not Getting Any Better At Goodbyes, Im Not Any Better Now Than When I First Began It Hurts Every Bit As Much As It Did Way Back Then... I Suppose I'll Drink Alot The Only Thing For Sure Is Im Not Getting Better At Goodbyes. Friends My Come And Friends May Go But Lovers Memories Die Slow They Wont Always Let You Know Its Time. Even This Shall Pass I Guess And You'll Be Just Like All The Rest And I'll Start Dusting Off All My Best Lines And Im Not Getting Any Better At Goodbyes. Im Not Any Better Now Than When I First Began It Hurts Every Bit As Much As It Did Way Back Then... I Suppose I'll Drink Alot Only Thing For Sure Is Im Not Getting Any Better At Goodbyes ...Im Not Getting Better At Goodbyes. =============================================================================
Stop!! ...are You A Sheep?
STOP! Yes, you. Stop.    Are you a sheep?  Do you follow your friends’ trends, listen to their music and agree with everything they like? If the answer is yes, then you are a sheep! If you are happy like this, stop reading here and move along with your shallow, self-absorbed life.....   ....If you are still reading, either you are not a sheep or you are a sheep that wants help. In that case, listen up, I will only say this once.... My name is "Wolf", and I eat sheep. What does that mean, you ask? That means, I enjoy breaking down other’s perceptions. I really like hurting feelings and offending people. Because if you are offended by something someone says, then you look at it harder.  And in turn, you look at yourself in the process.   I will not sugar-coat this message, it needs to be said in as raw and emotional a way as I can....   STOP BLINDLY FOLLOWING THE HERD!     Herd mentality is what has made you this way. But your subconsc
This Is Why Wolf Needs Adult Supervision....
So, I was in a rotten mood for most of the day (don't ask!) and I decided to have a little fun at someone's expense.   I went jogging and ran by the park along the bike path. It was about 100 degrees today, so I went in to the public bathroom to clean up from the sweat.   I saw a man's feet sticking out from underneath the door of the farthest stall in the restroom and there was an atrocious smell. So, I naturally I assumed he was taking a really vicious shit. Then my evil mind is already at work.... I got really quiet and let everything die down. Other than the occasional "plop" and a little grunting from behind the stall door, it was dead silent. You could have heard a pin drop in this restroom.   Then I let out this insanely loud and savage war cry and flung myself against the door as hard as possible, causing a thunderous "BANG" to resonate through the restroom! I bet that guy has not ever been so scared in his life since he screamed "WHAT THE FUCK?!" and I hear
Talking About Your Needs May Save Your Relationship.
There will come a time in everyone’s sexual relationship when they will have to convey your sexual needs.  Yes I know how painfully awkward it can be to have to do this but the alternative is unhappiness that will seep its way into all aspects of the relationship until everything comes to a head in a inopportune way at an inappropriate time,  unless you are having one night stands.  Though you can use one night stands as a learning tool to make expressing your needs easier, I mean really if you aren’t planning on meeting up with a partner again why not voice your needs.  If you are planning on meeting up with a partner again you still need to voice your needs (more so).  Rather you have the best, most understanding, patient, partner in the world (don’t really believe said combination exists, but even so I lucked out) or someone to just share an orgasm with, if something isn’t meeting your wants and/or needs the other person wont figure it out all on
I Know It Hurts... I Am Sorry.
I Know it Hurts..... I am Sorry.       *I am sorry to all those woman out there who has been disrespected, heart broken, or discraced by a man in anyway. I wish i could be there to help you, hold you, comfort you everyday.   *Its not right the way most of these guys take advantage of your kind heart saying they love you and how they can't stand being apart   *Come on guys, stop playing them for a fool using these nice warm hearted woman like a drug mule   *They just want to love and be loved, is that so much to ask for? Yes they might get clingy, or jealous, or alittle crazy at times. But do you think you are perfect to your core?   *I am so sick and tired of listening to all these stories of men being so selfish, cold-hearted, childish, overly possesive, and jealous.    *All you need to do is Talk. when you are fighting or having an arguement don't go and call her names or begin to mock   *Listen to what she says listen to her feelings, talk it out. don't get all
Compassion In Perspective
To explain the different motivations of engaging in Buddhist practices, one can distinguish the three different scopes. With the lowest scope of motivation, one realises the problems one can encounter in the next life, and is concerned about working to achieve a good rebirth. In fact, this is not even a spiritual goal, as it relates to worldly happiness for oneself. With the medium scope of motivation, one realises that within cyclic existence there is no real happiness to be found, and one strives for personal liberation or Nirvana. With the highest scope of motivation, one realises that all sentient beings are suffering within cyclic existence, and one strives to free all beings from suffering.
Want An Ipad At Less Than Half The Cost?!?
For those that know me, you know I work in the promotions marketing industry.  With this, along with my 15-year radio career, I have quite a few connections in both industries.That said, I know someone who can get hold getting an iPad CHEAP through a contact. These are legit, not off the back of a truck; they are from a canceled hospital contract due to the United States government cutbacks.  The numbers are limited - he has 23 iPads left going for less than half price so it's first come first served.  He has already sold one (picture is below so you can see what you are getting).   Get back to me as quick as you can if you want one.     
The Resurrection
It's the ressurrection, my rebirth, it's time for me to shine. I'm back from the dead, and it's time to take back what's mine. It's been a long time coming, but I'm finally awake. Now there are many walls that I need to break. The walls of negativety, I'm tearing it down. Because I'm done making myself look like a clown. Time to get down to business and put my talent to work. I will know in the future what all of it will be worth. Now, onto the wall of fake friends. I trusted them too much, but they will fall in the end. You know who you are, so I'm talking to you. Because what goes around will come back around, and it'll come back on you. Now onto the walls of self-doubt. Time to get a heavy sledge-hammer to show what I'm all about. It's time for me to let it all go. I'm being reborn and it's time for me to grow. I'm leaving the past behind, and it's long overdue. It's time for my resurrection and my soul to be renewed.
There is a hole in my chest Where my heart used to rest Torn out and ripped apart Shredded into unmendable pieces There is a hole in my chest Where my heart used to rest I did my best to keep it safe However there is nothing left Just this hole In my chest.
99 Things About Guys.. Is This True?
1. Guys don’t actually look after good-looking girls. They prefer neat and presentable girls.2. Guys hate flirts.3. A guy can like you for a minute, and then forget you afterwards.4. When a guy says he doesn’t understand you, it simply means you’re not thinking the way he is.5. “Are you doing something?” or “Have you eaten already?” are the first usual questions a guy asks on the phone just to get out from stammering.6. Guys may be flirting around all day but before they go to sleep, they always think about the girl they truly care about.7. When a guy really likes you, he’ll disregard all your bad characteristics.8. Guys go crazy over a girl’s smile.9. Guys will do anything just to get the girl’s attention.10. Guys hate it when you talk about your ex-boyfriend.11. When guys want to meet your parents. Let them.12. Guys want to tell you many things but they can’t. And they sure have one habit to gain courage and spirit to
The Day The Wrong Way Around
getting mildly feed up with seeing the day backwards ...  i miss sleep! My god do i miss sleep, there is something uncontrollably frustrating about seeing the day come the wrong way round. I dont want the sun to burn my eyes .... hell my lap is burning my eyes... Its slowly getting so bad i feel the sun hit my face and my head throbs for a moment    I am not a bloody vampire lol as fun a role play as that can be... i dont wan the sune to brun my eyes... I am just tired    I miss peaceful rest. I miss sweet dreams... waking up clam and bliss.. ya anyways if it was summer the sun would be burning my eyes already but its not... so maybe i will sleep enough that it wont 2moro
Consider Me Gone
No im not really gone, no im not taken, but right now. I just can't deal with someone else in my life right now.   something has happened and if I bring someone else in two things can happen   One, they could get scared and run away and put me in an even worse place   Two they could stay by my side the whole time and i'll get so attached that I don't think anymore and if its the wrong person i could be fucked for life.   so for now as far as your conserned I'm Asexual.
Forever Flying......
I wish I could be forever flying with my daddy and stepmom right now. My life has taken a turn and I'm in a deep hole that I can't get out of.....emotionally and financially. I think it would be best to leave so I don't fuck up anyone else's life.
Secret Admirer..
from: flu in the pipe she'll fly to the motherland then sell love ... Swaziland subject: surprise buttsects received: 06/19/2012 03:29 pm replied: 06/19/2012 07:07 pm   block this member Hello Dear,How are you doing today?I am Delightful with your personality after I have viewed your profile and I was attracted to contact you so that we can set up a Dialogue that will help us to know better about each other. I will appreciate it more if we start our correspondence with honesty, which I believe it will make us know each other as well. I admired your profile and it gives me joy to know that we have something in common concerning our are such a beautiful lady with a beautiful charisma..I want you to know that you are such a friendly, kind and caring Sensitive,and understanding Humorous and helpful lady with honest eyes Confiding, forgiving,cheerful,all this i see in you.when looking at your beautiful picture i can see that your beaut
Darkness And Light: Thoughts On "the Dark Knight Rises," Jessica Ghawi And Then Some
I don't know what to make of "The Dark Knight Rises." A part of me wants to love, love, love it, just like the initial time I watched "The Dark Knight." But second thoughts turn into quibbling. Which turns into nitpicking. Which then becomes self-destructive. Let's first be clear: Christopher and Jonathan Nolan have created a riveting comic book/superhero trilogy for the ages. Immensely brooding, hypnotic, engrossing. The Nolans' take on Batman is, as a whole, celluloid masterpiece. All three films are a perfect reflection of our present era of faint hope amid cynicism, discontent and bleakness. Each movie explored crucial philosophical themes. But where we geeks and non-geeks alike reveled in the near-movie perfection that lies between "Batman Begins and "The Dark Knight," it's human nature for expectations to be raised way too high. What have we really expected from "The Dark Knight Rises"? Something somehow more than "The Dark Knight?" Something that matches our lo
Thank You!
I would just like to say a BIG  THANK YOU to everyone who helped/traded and let me buy into their fams this past week. And also those who spoiled me with the blings    I achieved my goal -- Turning red on my birthday.    You are all wonderful & amazing and it was a most intriguing little journey to do it. I met some cool new friends, some ridiculous people I hope to never run across or talk to again & of course, the shady ones. All in all it was fun and I thurally enjoyed it haha. Ranking is not as easy as they make it sound-- unless you do it a certain way ;) It's a lot of effort & numbers. Fun all in all though     A special shoutout to Candi, Aylwin, Shreddar, Tim, Greg, My Wifey, Chrissy, Dukester :P , Drew, Benny, Secret Huntress, Jerem, Justin & a few others in my fam. You know who you are-- You guys made today especially special for me
In The S Classic Revive Pleated Skirt Formal Regression
Students younger sister age pleated cheap Michael Kors you are familiar with? !Nowadays, it is also one of the hot spots T stage. Green good campus memories never to return, but in fashion empire, all can stage a comeback. This spring, from youth age pleated skirt officially return! No matter from style or on the material, this season's pleated skirt obvious from the girl's juveniles, but with a refreshing temporary new appearance tells the skirt collocation more possibility. We have to admit that, designers are geeks, any inspiration, any one element can be them into current trend, by all of us love and chase after hold in both hands.When I was a child, we must have all worn like such a pleated skirt! Today season, pleated skirt but you cannot miss one of the necessary sheet is tasted. Use it to tie-in coat, Michael Kors Tote Bag is right choice, young fashion, take you aftertaste scallions time! Cortex pleated skirt is absolutely your this season is the most worth investment sheet is
Rip It Out
Rip my heart out and let me feel no more, Why now? To lose so much, and gain nothing for it. My heart broken, My world shattered, in a downward spiral of pain and tears. Four people gone in one year, Who will be next? is what I wonder. To feel the icey touch of death, and follow the reaper to the underworld. Take me away from all this death, for at least then I will be reunited with my family.  
What Do Your Eyes Reveal About You?
You scored as Passion. You are very passionate whether that passion is good or evil has yet to be determined. You have great power over others and they seem to flock to your service. You are very competative almost to a fault. Perhaps you should let someone else win for a change?Passion33%Diamond Eyes33%Eyes full of Pain17%Mysterious0%What do your eyes reveal about you?(PICS!)created with
Poly, Sluttiness And Other Stuff About Me...
I just want to get this out there so I can stop answering questions -- Yes, I am married but we are poly. So, yes, theoretically we could "get together". This does not mean we will. It does not mean I screw anyone who asks. It does not even mean I have a whole lot of experience. It merely means that if there is someone I have an interest in, I am able to pursue that interest assuming it is mutual. Other things you should know about me: I am submissive. I identify as a slut. It still doesn't make me easy. It's about a certain mindset. I like to call guys Daddy but this does not indicate an interest in incest. And again, it's about a certain frame of mind and type of relationship I enjoy. Speaking of, here is what I seek in a possible relationship: I am a naughty girl and like a man with a mind even more twisted than my own. Someone who can surprise me. Age/size/race truly unimportant so long as you can hold a conversation. Make me laugh and I'm putty in your hands.
Road Trip Part 3
well. what a great time I have been having on my road trip. I been to cape hatteras via ferry boats, played on the beaches of the Atlantic ocean and watched fisherman fish from the beaches, checked out the lighthouses on the way and just a fun time. next stop was in kitty hawk and kill devil hills. seen another lighthouse and found a town called DUCK. lol got some great pics I'll add later from that little town. I went to see where man 1st flew at kitty hawk. the Wright Brothers greatest adventure. its winding down a bit as I get closer to NYC. will be spending a few days in Maryland/Delaware areas and then to new jersey highlands a few days. Tuesday I drove thru the Chesapeake bay bridge, which is about 26 miles long. what a great drive as I drive thru Virginia city in Virginia. saw a few more light houses and stopped at a wild life sanctuary and saw lot as of ducks and geese. well that's it for now hope everyone is having a great time as I am for sure.
Do Doctor's Make Bad Patients?
Really I wonder about this? I've been thinking about it all day because of an incident that happened early this morning. My friend Shane is an installer at my work. Which means he is always out on the road. He was in house today so he brought my birthday present. It was a super cute cell phone holder. He had a razor blade in his hand that he was cleaning some gunk off his name tag with. We were messing around and both went for my present and he sliced my thumb with the blade. Instantly I was bleeding everywhere....and got very whiny. Now let me interject when my children bleed I do not freak out. I'm always calm. I put pressure where its needed, calm them down, doctor them, love on them. I on the other hand wanted my mommy!!! I went to my friend Aimee who IS a mommy and made her take care of me. She made fun of me the whole time and threatened to kiss my boo-boo (no pervo comments nasty boys!). So I wonder are there doctors out there like that...surely its human natu
I Did It.. I Did It!!
Well, I passed the riding portion of the motorcycle class!! woohoo!! I am VERY sore though. I have muscles hurt that I never knew I had...If someone were to tell me that I could do a figure 8 in a box, I would have laughed at them, but I did it... I did go out of the lines some, but I did it and that's all that matters to me. Tomorrow night is the written portion, but I don't think I will have a problem with that!! I never knew riding a motorcycle was so hard and that you really have think about your movements!! I don't care if I ever ride a bike, but the fact that I CAN do it is all I need.. lol.
Before We Open Our Mouth Maybe We Should Know What We R Talking About
things that make you think a little: There were 39 combat related killings in Iraq in January. In the fair city of Detroit there were 35 murders in the Month of January. That's just one American city, About as deadly as the entire war-torn country of Iraq When some claim that President Bush shouldn't Have started this war, state the following: A. FDR led us into World War II. B. Germany never attacked us; Japan did. From 1941-1945, 450,000 lives were lost .. An average of 112,500 per year. C. Truman finished that war and started one in Korea. North Korea never attacked us. From 1950-1953, 55,000 lives were lost ... An average of 18,334 per year. D. John F. Kennedy started the Vietnam conflict in 1962. Vietnam never attackd us. E. Johnson turned Vietnam into a quagmire. From 1965-1975, 58,000 lives were lost .. An average of 5,800 per year. F. Clinton went to war in Bosnia without UN or French consent. Bosnia never attacked us. He was offered Osama bin La
Little Jumps
So I live in this really hilarious suburb. Seattle is mostly a town of suburbs, and there are quite a few truly lovely ones, some really scary ones, and some that are just... dated, I guess. Bothell "For a Day or a Lifetime" (seriously, it's on the town sign) is one of the dated ones. Main street is about 2.5 blocks long, there's a Safeway that still hasn't been remodeled, and there are a few scattered car lots near the major instersection of two highways in the area. I drive right through the center of it usually four times a day. The two and a half blocks of Main St. have assorted restaurants, Main St Alehouse, bakery, drycleaning, music (meaning instruments) store, etc. It's quaint, there are lots of trees and everything is decorated, there are banners that get put up for the holidays and for festivals and things. There are also these really wierd fake people painted on the outsides of the buildings, like they're the vendors standing there outside their shops. I think ma
Unfortunatly I Can Only Love You
When I say I love you I do But this with you will not do I need someone I can lean on Someone I can count on too Yes you are there sometimes For that I am grateful to you But I need someone there full time And that you can not do You told me once you loved me That I could believe in you I was there when you needed someone Where were you when I needed someone, too? The time has come for me to let go Never to expect you to care People may come and people may go But my love will never end
So, I've recently been contact with people that I havent seen or talked to in over 10yrs and I'm really shocked by how much these people have for instance this one girl that I was friends with in high school always swore she would never get married and never have kids....guess what shes married and has a baby sister who is only 12 tells me constantly about how shes not going to do this or that when she becomes an adult but, I tell her never say your not going to do something because you will end up doing it. I always said that I would never marry and I am about to celebrate my 6yr anniversary so, I guess we all change in some way or another...some for the good some for the bad but, as long as we learn from our mistakes than its ok....
I have finally accepted that love does not exist, especially for me. The ones that i cared about proved that they do not care about me. *sigh* done=t wanna sound like a bitch or anythin of the sort, im just writtin my thoughts out on here, cuz i find that this is like the only way i can vent even a little bit. But yeah, i feel like i want 2 die now, but i know that that ain't gonna happen. I am very lonely, and a, wait a min, i noticed something.... MY LIFE IS LIKE GONNA BE LIKE THE 40 Year Old Virgin's lol, o man, that movie was funny... Well, im hoping to gain the money so i can get a jump start on Street Racing. but yeah, back on the topic. Well, I realize that im not very well liked for reasons unknown. Maybe because im not an Ass like alot of men. I guess that is one of the few things that set me apart from anyone else. O well, my only hope is to continue my martial arts, hoping that it will rid me of emotions and such, cuz i find that emoti
Mindy Smith - Jolene [love This Song]
Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene I'm begging of you, please don't take my man Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene Please don't take him just because you can Your beauty is beyond compare With flaming locks of auburn hair With ivory skin and eyes of emerald green Your smile is like a breath of spring Your voice is soft like summer rain And I cannot compete with you, Jolene He talks about you in his sleep And there's nothing I can do to keep From crying when he calls your name, Jolene But I can easily understand How you could easily take my man But you don't know what he means to me, Jolene Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene I'm begging of you, please don't take my man Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene Please don't take him just because you can You could have your choice of men But I could never love again He's the only one for me, Jolene I had to have this talk with you My happiness depends on you And whatever you decide to do, Jolene Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene
Guest Book
For those who can't access or find my guestbook on my page. Here it is for you to sign.
Mumms An Stuff
I Recentlt Placed A Mumm The staff deleted The Name Of it Was Hash I Asked If Anyone Had Seen Any Latly? They Deleted It What A Bunch Of Bullshit!!!!! Also I Took A Survey Once For A Wallmart Card 500$ Never recieved It mmmmmmKinda Screwed Up I Dont Think Fubar Is Really Playing Fair But Thats Just My OPion Kinda Pissed About Now!!!!!!
Female Joke
THE ULTIMATE FEMALE JOKE A woman was sitting at a bar enjoying an after work cocktail with her girlfriends when an exceptionally tall, handsome, extremely sexy middle-aged man entered. He was so striking that the woman could not take her eyes off him. The young-at-heart man noticed her overly attentive stare and walked directly toward her. (As all men will.) Before she could offer her apologies for so rudely staring, he leaned over and whispered to her, "I'll do anything, absolutely anything, that you want me to do, no matter how kinky, for $20.00 -- on one condition." (There are always conditions!) Flabbergasted, the woman asked what the condition was. The man replied, "You have to tell me what you want me to do in just three words." (Controlling, huh?) The woman considered his proposition for a moment, and then slowly removed a $20 bill from her purse, which she pressed into the man's hand along with her address.
Cruel Intentions Korean Version
Another Tuesday
today has been productive actually. considerin last night it was so hot and still that i couldnt sleep even if i wanted to in my room, i went downstairs and read until 4:30. mom woke me up at close to 8 cuz maria had to get to school so i went upstairs and slept more. woke up about 2 hours later, watched "nightmare on elm street" and part of "th longest day" while putting dishes in the dishwasher (had to look somewhat productive). i also worked on training romeo to obey commands for a treat. he doesnt know the usual commands like "come", "sit", "down", "stay"...if he feels like obeying you, he knows "sit" and he knows "shake". of course roxie got in the way but it worked out. i also set up and appointment for a dell technian to come here and replace the motherboard to my laptop so it will work (i hope). the woman said between 9:30 and 5:30 and of course i have to run to carter baron to get tickets for shakespeare in the park's performance of hamlet (3rd time in half a year that
Alone Inside
by Not Bulletproof How many tears must leave my eyes before they are finally recognized? So many days have passed me by, and each day I have hoped to die. Not one soul has asked of me; the pain is there, but they don't see, only the person I pretend to be. I wish someone could set me free. Why do I feel the need to hide? I try to talk. but instead I lie. I bottle all these thoughts inside. Somehow I must've lost my pride. No girl should have to feel this way, yet I live through it every day. The hurt I carry will always stay, it lives within, and will not fade. This shield of darkness is too strong; all who once cared are now gone, and I stand alone, and have for long. If you think I'm happy, you are wrong.
Another A Hole
Just blocked another A Hole from my friends list. Here is what he wrote in my shoutbox out of the blue. Remember read from the bottom up in shoutbox messages. ->KDT: bye KDT: crap on ur ratings grly , I don't care about your stupid ratings ->KDT: and why I am a liar if you cant see them and apparently FUBAR is doing something with maintenance... I see them and so do lots of others KDT: they didn't show ->KDT: I see them and lots of other guys must have been seeing them too because I see lots of 10 rating with photo comments on those pics ->KDT: so why are you calling me a liar ? KDT: said something about maintenance ->KDT: why would lie? you dont see any pics here? http:... KDT: your a liar, I looiked several times already ->KDT: just because you can t see them does not mean they are not there... they are there ->KDT: oh yes they are KDT: the 48 , an 70 are not there ->KDT: 204 pics to be exact ->KDT: studly ... there are LOTS of pics in ALL my pic albums ... KDT
instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 15 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 10 people to be tagged, listing their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog.You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I was a Car insurance Sales person for 5 years 2. I Drove Semi Truck across country for a short time 3. Ive been married twice...divorced twice.. 4. Im addicted to Mountain Dew 5. I have 3 kids, 2 boys 1 girl, 2 are biologically mine and i adopted my girl. 6. Im very sceptic, i dont beleive things unless i see them for myself. 7. I have trust issues lol 8. I hate talking on the phone 9. Im an internet junkie haha 10. Im very into the paranormal community 11. Me and my brother fight like cats and dogs 12. I hate being skinny wish i could gain weight 13. I want to get pug hehe 14. Im a b
to all friends and family please help me godfather all love will be returned and i wont forget those who help
7-25-08 49th Entry
Sure has been an insane time for me lately. My brother came to stay for 2 weeks. It was supposed to be 11 days but he wanted to go home Monday instead of Friday so it went 2 weeks. I was tickled pink! We mended some wounds that have bothered me for quite a long time. Time will tell if he will come again to visit but he said in front of Aunt Liz that he does want to. I'm really happy about that. Of course I been stressing over waiting. And waiting. And waiting. No insurance to surgeon office updates every time I called. Then things around here got BAD. Shane, Sue's youngest son was almost killed in a motorcycle accident a week ago. He is a mess. But luckily he was so healthy that he is improving faster then doctors thought he could. He's had 4 or 5 surgeries so far repairing the damage. Due to having to take care of the animals here, then Dylyn the 3 yr old grandson Sue was added to the picture, I haven't been able to go to Pittsburgh to help them and its tearing m
A woman goes to her boyfriend's parents' house for Christmas dinner. This is to be her first time meeting the family and she is very nervous. They all sit down and begin eating a fine meal. The woman is beginning to feel a little discomfort, thanks to her nervousness and the broccoli casserole. The gas pains are almost making her eyes water. Left with no other choice, she decides to relieve herself a bit and lets out a dainty fart. It wasn't loud, but everyone at the table heard the poof. Before she even had a chance to be embarrassed, her boyfriend's father looked over at the dog that had been snoozing under the woman's chair, and said in a rather stern voice, 'Skippy!'. The woman thought, 'This is great!' and a big smile came across her face. A couple of minutes later, she was beginning to feel the pain again. This time, she didn't even hesitate. She let a much louder and longer rrrrrip. The father a
What does one do when they're feeling used? How does one go about getting it resolved? I am told one thing yet shown another. Over and Over. I am in the midst of the end of a long relationship and altho I knew I ought not begin another I did. A very different one mind you but one none the less. In a short time I have begun to feel like a vessel for someone elses needs and only when it's convenient. When do my needs become important? When do I get to feel secure? DO I have to leave, end it to find out what is real and what is imagined? Or do I just become the doormat once again, forget what I want and serve another? I am nearing the deletion of many sites I use in maybe an effort to be taken seriously. What I thought to be real is becoming a nightmare. I just wish I still had nightmares. I am real. I am a good person. Why can't I be happy? What have I done so wrong? Ever close your eyes ever stop and listen ever feel alive and you've nothing missing you don't need a reaso
Rise Above This (live-seether)taken By Me 11-18-08 Nyc
Seether NYC 11/18/08 -
(how To) Fu-own
(How To) Fu-Own Someone™Fu-Own is a feature that allows members to use their own fudollars(commonly called fubucks) to own another members profile through artificial means. This blogs primary focus is to show the member How To Fu-Own another member as well as educate them with how its setup and show the benefits to being either a Fu-Owner or a Fu-Ownee.The BasicsBelow is What Is Known About The Fu-Owned program:Members must be at least Level 10 (Friend Of Fubar) to be eligible for purchase,Members can be purchased by clicking on the Own Me link on the pertaining members public profile,This will bring up that members fu-Owned profile, where you can also see a list of the members that he/she owns or has owned (and, consequently, go to their profiles and buy them),The starting price of a member is $10,000 fubucks(as of 11/18/2008), but you can pay more by clicking the Set your own price link,Each time a member is purchased, his or her fu-Owned Worth stays the same price unless the S
Gator Raid
GATOR RAID Florida wins BCS Championship over Oklahoma, 24-14 Photos: By Associated Press MIAMI (AP) — The game defied expectations. Tim Tebow fulfilled them. He rescued No. 1 Florida, running through and throwing over No. 2 Oklahoma for a 24-14 victory Thursday night that gave the Gators their second BCS championship in three years. It was hardly a high-wattage matchup of Heisman winners — more a sloppy, choppy affair that the rough-and-tumble Tebow took over at the end. The style won't satisfy fans of Utah, Southern California and Texas, who all want to claim the top spot. No matter to the Gators. They finished far ahead of the Utes in the final Associated Press poll Friday, receiving 48 of 65 first-place votes. "I'll tell you, we're going to enjoy a big win, we're going to enjoy the national championship," coach Urban Meyer said. "Let someone else worry about that. Gators are No. 1." The Associated Press will release its final poll
Fu Marriage - The Ins And Outs
Want to know how to get Fu Married and have your profiles linked to each other? Please read the blog below created by Year of the Dragon on the Ins and Outs of Fu Marriage! Fu Marriage, the Ins and Outs Thanks :) Fyretygress
Pennsylvania Eyes In California Skies!
As she drives down the road She looks curiously in the rearview mirror She sees soccer mom left overs in the back She hears a sippy cup rolling around in the back seat A plane passes by, How she feels the need for clouds in her face The rush of speed of liftoff, the freedom of being closer to God beneath her wings The sensation of a hard banked turned escaping mountain tops She looks to her left and sees the waves crashing in the ocean She thinks back to her days in lakes rushing over waves She's reminded of that little girl and young woman full of joy and happiness Her cell recieves a text, You need to Pick up the kids, I'm running late Another message comes in "Don't forget we are taking my freinds to big bear" Can you watch the kids as I go skiing? Where did her life go? How did it get this way? A woman full of so much inner beauty That only shines through her outter beauty She think of her earlier years of being in control Knowing the limitations Conquering
Care To Trade?
I am a camgirl and am willing to trade one of my camshows for auto 11 bling, Cherrybomb (thats what im most wanting) or blasts. i will also make a salute, either nsfw or sfw, for bling. the barter system was the way of life back in the day lol
Cherry Bomber's Cheat Sheet! (ty To Dove Goddess!)!!
Cherrybombing Cheat SheetTime for Dove Goddess to return the Love to those who helped in making it to Prophet, or those who have Cherrybombed my pics. Below are links that will open a new screen directly in the Cherrybombing Album...(All links now go directly to albums of at least 250 pics)So the next time you have a CHERRYBOMB Bling to burn off in only an Hour... use this list to make it easier and more productive. (Make sure to bookmark my blog version of this list for future use.)Dove GoddessWild HorseThe Pegasus ProjectHome PageAnnaMuerte Bella NoirDawn FuStalkerCherrybomb
Application For Wykked's Harem Toys
So I have decided to keep a lil harem of bishes...They must be my slave and rate me and give me stuffs. drinks etc. lol...In return of being my bish I will do the same for you...So...if u wanna be Wykkeds bish...u must tell me why u deserve the title. lol...MUAH...luvs all of ya...thanks in advance. LOLPs...this was for fun...but I wouldnt mind really having some of my own personal bishes. LOL...kisses you sexy aka WYKKED
You're on the phone with your girlfriend, She's upset She's going off about something that you said She doesnt get your humour like I do I'm in the room, its a typical Tuesday night I'm listening to the kind of music she doesnt like And she'll never know your story like I do But she wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts She's cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers Dreaming bout the day when you'll wake up and find That what you're lookin for has been here the whole time If you could see that I'm the one who understands you Been here all along so why can't you see? You belong with me You belong with me Walkin the streets with you in your worn out jeans I cant help thinking this is how it ought to be Laughing on the park bench thinkin to myself Hey isnt this easy? And you've got a smile that could light up this whole town I havent seen it in awhile, since she brought you down You say you find I know you better than that Hey, Whatcha doing with a girl like that? She wears high heels, I wear
Just So You Know
I have been truly blessed to meet amazing people here.I have also met some pretty horrible people too.I have laughed and cried.It is just not much fun for me anymore.I am not deleting,but I won't be here either. Mumms were so fun for years,but double standard system has just ruined them for me.Some are silenced for the exact same hypocritical stuff others say. I still can't walk without assistance,pain is bad,so yeah it makes me grumpy.That has nothing to do with my decision.While I am kinda immobile I have chosen sites that I can play on with my kiddos and other things. I go to court against workman's comp on next monday,hopefully they will forced to give me new doctors of our choice and we will make progress. I am not gone for good and may pop in for a few seconds etc. The people here are getting too plastic and cruel.Please be careful to never become one of those people :) ================================================== just an update on my injury stuff.... court has been
Test Blog
This is a test blog !!!!
The Truth About Prescription Drugs:
M13: The Great Globular Cluster In Hercules
Illegal Immigration
Let's say I break into your house A lady wrote the best letter in the Editorials in ages!!! It explains things better than all the baloney you hear on TV. Her point: Recently large demonstrations have taken place across the country protesting the fact that Congress is finally addressing the issue of illegal immigration. Certain people are angry that the US might protect its own borders, might make it harder to sneak into this country and, once here, to stay indefinitely. Let me see if I correctly understand the thinking behind these protests. Let's say I break into your house. Let's say that when you discover me in your house, you insist that I leave. But I say, 'No! I like it here. It's better than my house. I've made all the beds and washed the dishes and did the laundry and swept the floors. I've done all the things you don't like to do. I'm hard-working and honest (except for when I broke into your house). According to the protesters: You are Required to let me stay
What Ur Zodic Means~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aquarius - I Can Make You Love Me Gemini - I'm A Lover Not A Hater Cancer - I'm
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aquarius    - I Can Make You Love Me Gemini      - I'm A Lover Not A Hater Cancer      - I'm The Best At Sex!       LEO  - I **** Like No Other! Virgo       - I'm The Wifey/Hubby Type Libra       - I'm Sexy As Hell! Scorpio     - I' m Great In Bed! Sagittarius - Baby I'm freaky Taurus      - I fuck Better Than You Capricorn   - I Can Have Sex All Night Long! Pisces      - When I Put It On You, You'll Be Sprung For Life Aries       - I Love Sex
Ted Despised!  Ted Despised is such an ASSHOLE! I'm going to delete/block him for 10 mins about 10 times tonight! I'm a whore and fucked up but, its all HIS fault!!! ahhhhh I'm going to go cut my legs up, take pics, post them, and link my friends so that they can see how fucking psychotic I really am! By the way.. I really need some money!! Please send!!! I'll send nudes!     
This Is How We The Official Family Street Team Works At Fubar!
I did not ask Becky420 or Tech to do this, but they have tapped into the mantra.  "Passion, Creativity, Relentlessness, Consistency and being Cool" Create Your Own
True Love
Everywhere I go your smile is there When I think of you the stars overhead are bright My love for you kindles even in the darkness of night. When I dream the moon beams down your name And when you're not around my heart aches for you. You enchant me with your eyes The sound of your voice makes all my dreams come true. You are my heart's delight; it burns ever so bright Every time I try to resist you I just realize my love for you is true.
Hunder Lips Of An Angel
Artist: Hinder lyricsSong: Lips of An Angel lyrics Honey why are you calling me so late It's kinda hard to talk right now Honey why are you crying is everything okay I gotta whisper cause I can't be too loud Well, my girl's in the next room Sometimes I wish she was you I guess we never really moved on It's really good to hear your voice saying my name It sounds so sweet Coming from the lips of an angel Hearing those words it makes me weak And I never wanna say goodbye But girl you make it hard to be faithful With the lips of an angel It's funny that you're calling me tonight And yes I've dreamt of you too And does he know you're talking to me Will it start a fight No I don't think she has a clue Well my girl's in the next room Sometimes I wish she was you I guess we never really moved on It's really good to hear your voice saying my name It sounds so sweet Coming from the lips of an angel Hearing those wordsa it makes me weak And I never wanna say goodbye But girl you make it hard t
Stalking Is Not Acceptable
So today's topic of conversation is stalkers.   Now, I'm not talking about your daily rater/commenter. I'm talking about that big ol' bowl of nuts that sits of your page and comments about EVERYTHING. What bling you give to that one, who you fu-marry, who your top friends are, why you don't give them bling and happy hours, and the list goes on... Now, if someone adds you, it does not make them have to buy you stuff, especially if all you do is harass them.   Today's stalker to watch for ___________ (can not say name)   Yeah, I knew you probably already heard of him. He's notorious for harassing members on fu, on yahoo, and on facebook. His most recent victim, well besides his constant harassment of Chris/Icon/Koontzy and anyone associated with him, is a sweet chick that you see around fu by the name of JA. {See screen shots in Stalker folder}   The problem is, we are told that we have to block him. Well, the problem with that is that he has more than one account
I finally made it to Hell goat - level 34 Demon. All I really got was a new level name and a new set of challenges to meet to level! :P But it was fun getting there! I wanted to acknowledge all the help I got in the last 2 weeks. You all has teh awesome! In no particular order - Reeka Kloverlynn Name Crisis Ms Desa Redrum Seabreeze Tchitowngirl Heretic RioIsLovely Sproet CantSleepClownsWillEatMe Dud Witchie Wicked Amazing Grace Pandora Jenni JeniWren Witty Screen Name
Simply Beautiful Beaded Jewelry
If fine jewelry is always your attention, you'll love necklaces, bracelets and earrings to suit your style. In this book you will see over 50 designer Heidi Boyd with a simple elegant signature style change. Turn the page of this book you will find a wide choice of design to your imagination, of course, is that you are more unexpected. The book also let you know how to make jewelry. Or you need to start changing, selection of different colors and styles of jewelry, to help you dress better .... Rolex Oyster Perpetual Lady Datejust Ladies Watch 179173-SJDJ Only Takes $210.84, Read The Reviews · Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Mens Watch 116233-CORJ Only Takes $197.89, Read The Reviews · Rolex Oyster Perpetual Lady Datejust Ladies Watch 179174-WDJ Only Takes $159.06, Read The Reviews
Beautiful Rolex Observe Forces You To Distinctive In Its Authentic Design
  popular and good-looking person! Gucci Replica Watches 101 G-Round Additional motifs on the womans mens rolex watches could can include the quantity of scaled decrease diamonds kissing the public presence, typically taking the identify within the numerals, bordering the check out. The design and magnificence inside the observe rrs determined by the person whether they really need to be smothered with because considerably sparkle simply because they could, or go for any subtler too as alot more conservative compact dose of jewelry. Gucci Replica Watches 103 Series ladies gold rolex watches are certainly not just of outstanding assistance for their price nevertheless for their utilization also. They'll absolutely wind up being worn extra frequently by just girls in comparison with many other diamond jewellery. A diamond look at will definitely boost any piece of attire a lady might dress on your own in. As they may be lots of frequently
this winter has been full of things that are repeated every year but there has a few things that are new and exciting some of wich are minute and mundane but others are once in a life time things like when i realized that change is the only that will make my life for the better i have to grow up and make smarter desisions to better me and my family which i havent been the greatest to but as of late has been good another sign that things are turning around in my life.  sence ive been out of the marine corp i have had many issues that need both medical and spiriual help and its slow but coming along my relationships are nonexsitant in an adault sence but i have my family around to keep me busy i know one day i will find someone that wont judge me for the issues i have as far as my ptsd and and a few other things that are wrong but hey i am a great person and i know when the time comes god will put someone in my life any ways im finnaly in a positive mood and am glad to be in this world
My Unfortunate Saturday
I had to work Saturday for my sister who was out of town. It was a normal day just like any other day I've had to work. I flirted with guests and chatted with friends online. Nothing out of the ordinary. My day ended at 3pm and I decided to do a little shopping for a friend. I went to a store and didn't like anything there so I proceeded to go across town to the other store they have that has more items. I get about a 1/4 mile away from the store and all of a sudden my heart starts racing really really fast. I feel like someone punched me in the throat, my arms went numb underneath from my shoulder down to my pinkies. My shoulders got stiff and my neck did as well. My breathing changed as well. Now I've had my heart race before but it always went away after a few minutes. This time was completely different. It just wouldn't stop no matter how calm I tried to be. I wasn't gonna go to the hospital but I talked myself into it. I get there and they rush me back. They did an IV and hooked m
Finding Me...
I took a step today... and it got me thinking... and I may just be on to something... I may be on the path to finding myself again...   Today I signed up for a dance class. It was a class I have been thinking about taking for the last 2 or 3 years. I'm not sure why I never signed up for it. I think it was anxiety and fear... the very things that have been holding me back from doing anything that I enjoy the last few years. As I was thinking about this class, feeling the excitement looking forward to it... I started to think about how much I loved to dance when I was younger. I always wanted to be a dancer. I took a couple of dance classes when my father could afford it. But I'm not sure at what point I gave up on it. (I did try out for dance team in high school, however I was cut in the last round because the routine I choreographed was considered "too sexy." lol) Then that led me to think about the fact that I had other loves when I was younger that got lost along the way. I loved
Shoutout To All The Ladies On Fubar
Sending a shoutout to all of the ladies here on Fubar. I salute you, and keep your head up and don't let anything or anyone bring you down! Continue to stay strong and remember you're beautiful inside and out.  Always keep God first in your heart and accept people for who they are.
No Title....just Words
My heart feels its been torn in two.....I don't know what to do.....I can't seem to get close to you....I know you have so much on your time ....patience is the key.......I just hope its not to late.......for you and me.......I will walk in the shadows.......waiting for you to see me.....some days are tougher than others......I just want you near......only time will tell......if all this is for real.....I don't want be a dream.....yet I know you aren't looking....for all that I can give.....I don't want to hold back....these feelings I will walk.....alone.....until the time.....when you arrive!
Stupid Encounter #75 Rawrherhighness
Alright.... fun fun... now all these comments you have to keep in mind came from the Whos Who Contest a certain someone did for fun. FOR FUN! Lol... so to take this to an extreme is stupidity! Lets get down to it. The contest was obveously for the best FuTuber. I won 260 to 187... YAY for me. How great it is an "Original" won? Anyways... I do not hate Rawr one bit... but for some reason she loves to hate on me. To say I make fun of people in my Videos is exactully true. If someone fucks with someone I care about then be damn sure I'll make a song about them. Have I got Bling Packs or Blings to make videos for other? Damn rigt I have why not? Show me were thats wrong? Last time I checked I had the freedom to speak my mind and live my own life the way I want to. Besides... it's business at that point... want to hate me? Who cares. 2nd did I get my account suspended for 5 months? Damn right! Everythng besides the cheating thng was absolutly real. I don't hide from people which you can c
Lemon Drops
Feb. 3rd, 2006 | 06:30 am     Seconds pass like an hours timeSleepless days bringing sandfilled nightsBroken and bruised like alwaysDizzied from the cascading pathTruths paralyzed herLemon drops for her eyesNeedles in her earsSuch darkness, such silenceHer mind was a terrible place to be aloneNo matter how loud she screamedNo one ever heard her, or maybe nobody was listeningIt didnt matter either way, no one was there
Protection, Love, & Brute Strength;Surround me in arms, of never-ending length.Weave many knots, Bind with care;Forever-on, Always be there.=So Mote It Be=   -762011- [Astra] 
Lol Had To Get This One Out Of The Mental Attic
   My Crowd   I sit and smile in my seat, People going about the lives, How interesting the are to me, With their attempts to deny, The false people they try do be, Feeling they are never enough, Lost to the false weight they carry, How they are the ones Malone life rough, Then there are the ones with joy, Very true and genuine smiles, Who are happy to just be them, No effort use to try and beguile, Surrounded by true friends, They laughs ring with a different tone, Sharing with each other joy, Everywhere they are with friends is home, I smile as I watch them all, Both living in truth and in lies, Some laughing are quite real, The others hiding from all how they cry, I stand and I walk to join one group, Which one I walk to is plain to see, Only one group would I fit in, Can you discern which group belongs with me?                                                  By: Romuald (Romeo) Tchouante
ý45 Things A Girl Want, But Won't Ask For:
‎45 THINGS A GIRL WANT, BUT WON'T ASK FOR: 1. Touch her waist.2. Actually talk to her.3. Share secrets with her....4. Give her your jacket.5. Kiss her slowly. Are you remembering this?6. Hug her.7. Hold her.8. Laugh with her.9. Invite her somewhere.10. Hangout with her and your friends together. KEEP READING ..11. Smile with her.12. Take pictures with her.13. Pull her onto your lap.14. When she says she loves you more, deny it. Fight back.15. When her friends say “I love her more than you”, deny it. Fight back and hug her tight so she can’t get to her friends. It makes her feel loved. Are you thinking of someone?16. Always hug her and say I love you whenever you see her.17. Kiss her unexpectedly.18. Hug her from behind around the waist. 19. Tell her she’s beautiful.20. Tell her the way you feel about her. One last thing you need to do to show her you actually do mean it.21. Open doors for her, walk her to her car - it makes her feel protected, plus it n
Go Like My Friend Plz
please go like my friend
Girl Crazy.
Stranger in origin, riding warped vinyl. Crackling unenthusiastic against the needle.My head in my hands.My hopes locked in the attic.Perhaps intact.Playthings from innocence.No place in you.Adjacent, or otherwise.I had forgot.So willingly.All the windows left open.Hard winter wandered in.All I had to do was hold on.Reality.With waning gripand that withered, weary heart.Tepid in my grasp.Some canker whispsome foreign blight....or the truth.I was never that strong.I was nothing without you.A shadow dancing quietly on the wall.Looking for that first excuse to hanglimpand with any luckunnoticed.
A Foo Fighters song made me think...   "There goes my HERO, he's ordinary."   I have so many heroes! No particular order.   My Daddio...for being the dreamer, many of which never came true. But he dreamed...what are we without our dreams? ...and for his humor and ability to make people smile and laugh.   My Mom...for strength through so many things a mother shouldn't have to go through...4 children with 4 VERY different views that do not always mix. And humor as well.   Restrictive...for showing and making me understand who and what I am...and making me feel proud and stronger because of who I am.   StormMaster...for accepting me as I am, flaws and all. And, He still cares about me.   Slippery When Wet...for always being my friend when I was not worthy of that friendship.   Madwelshman...because he is strong and has gone through so much and I am so very happy he is in my life. I hope he feels the same! He is a true friend to me.   I'll combine these because I have nev
What My Real Name Means. Fits Me To A Tee.. Just Ask My Friends On Here Who Known Me For Yrs. :-)
You Are Bold and Fearless You are usually the best at everything ... you strive for perfection. You are confident, authoritative, and aggressive. You have the classic "Type A" personality. You are confident, self assured, and capable. You are not easily intimidated. You master any and all skills easily. You don't have to work hard for what you want. You make your life out to be exactly how you want it. And you'll knock down anyone who gets in your way! You are very intuitive and wise. You understand the world better than most people. You also have a very active imagination. You often get carried away with your thoughts. You are prone to a little paranoia and jealousy. You sometimes go overboard in interpreting signals. You are balanced, orderly, and organized. You like your ducks in a row. You are powerful and competent, especially in the workplace. People can see you as stubborn and headstrong. You definitely have a dominant personality. You are very charming... dangerously so.
Ok so I didnt exactly do a daily blog but the reason for that is because of my computer being stupid and not letting me do what I was wanting to do. But now that it is fixed I can do myu blog now. So since my last blog nobody has asked for any advice or anything so I am looking to all of you for some help. I started dating this guy on the 9th (you would of all known sooner if my computer wasnt stupid that day) and with him I have started having feelings that I have only ever felt once and that was a long time ago when I was with the first guy I ever dated. But anyways I dont know what to do cause now it feels like he is trying to avoid me cause he defriended me on a site that we both have and that we was using to talk on since we live in different towns here in Michigan, and I found out that he had defriended me on there when I had gone on his page to try and look at his pictures. I just dont know if I should ask him about it or if I should just wait and see how things go. So if you al
Who I Am And The Way I Am Rises
For along time in my life i've tried to be something that would make people stop and take interest. even on here i've tried to take pictures that will make alot of the beautiful women i see take interest even if i don't drop them a message.on occasion it has worked but not as often as i would of liked it too. it took till a few days ago to realise i was being stupid. i was told to stop being who i wasn't and just be me for a change if no one takes interest then they just arn't worth it.   WHAT I AM   M name is Jay, i'm 21 and live in the United Kingdom but i'd rather leave it at that and not tell my exact location. i'm gothic and love metal music and am constantly drawn to the beauty of darkness.  i like meeting new people and am trying to make new friends from y area for a change. i don't care how old a woman is i'm still willing to chat about what ever they like. i'm learning if i don't get attension then it doesn't matter whats the worst that could happen apart from being ignore
My life is a walk in the rain. That stinging pain covers my body. ice cold shards of my broken heart melt away and fall from the sky, All for that demonic fucking guy. The only one I've ever cared about built me up just to tear me down. The only one I've ever let in, the secret that kept me alive.. Everything about him is my favorite sin. Some say it was wrong, I guess they were right. Sit and think, listening to the whispers of the wind. Souless house, brightened by moonlight. He never wanted to know me, asking for help but he'll never see why I'm broken.
So Lost Starting Soon
can't wait for it on the 4th of october and also survivor is this thursdayalot more shows too....i always love the new season :D also training rigth now for new job gonna be stock supervisor for the brick canadian furniture store....gonna be cool for sure :D :D :D :D :D
Elixer Of Life
Nothing else matters anymore, It's all about the one. The one thing that gives life, Or can even take it away. Tasting and craving it, Wanting and needing it. Every vein in my body Tells me to find it, drink it. I listen to it, Dreaming of the taste. There, now, the prey comes, Startled by my presence. A smile, a polite apology. A smile in reply, a quick movement. It's in my mouth now, Flowing down my throat in Pure ecstasy. Nothing else matters, The body falling to the ground. Now that I have it, I am alive again Forever wanting more.
Killing Time.......... Pt. 4
Lonely, in this white room, there are pads everywhere; chaffing, straightjacket, won't die in there... Save me!, smiling Jesus (get off that Cross); hate me!, screamed masses (I don't care if i'm lost)..... Don't tell me that you're all better (I don't care if you are!) don't tell that you're trendsetters (I don't care if you are!) Lowly, with my head down, there are rats everywhere; feed me, bread and water, I won't die in there... Save me, smiling Jesus! (get off that Cross); hate me, screamed masses (I don't care if i'm lost)..... Don't tell me that you're all better (I don't care if you are!) don't tell me that you're trendsetters (I don't care if you are!) Say you will, take my pills; say you will, fake and ill!....... Don't tell me that you're all better (I don't care if you are!) don't tell me that you're bedwetters (I don't care if you are!)... AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH..... Say you will, take my pills, say you will, fake and ill; say you will, take my pills, say you will, fake and
The Clues To The Great Mystery Are All Around Us!
To understand the mysteries of life you must look around and within. You will see patterns everywhere; patterns that seem to manifest themselves over and over again. These patterns exist intertwined within nature and man bridging the gap between the enigma of self and universe. You see them in spiraling galaxies and the Mandelbrot fractal of fossilized Ammonoidea; growing from the unknown to atoms to molecules to solar systems to galaxies to the paradoxical expanses of the universe with origins and destinations unknown; just like us in birth and death. The similarities of tree branches, rivers and blood veins. The power of cellular division and nuclear fission, the patterns of finger prints like endoplasmic reticulum, or a black opal's play of fire like the nebula of supernova. Moon shots are like protoplasmic lurches, while simple thoughts and observations of the nature around us take us beyond the unknown. The clues to the great mystery are all around us and deep within us.
Have A
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from
I Cant Begin To Know How It Would Feel
I thought of you last night and all your going through I can not begin imagine even walking in your shoe's I know it is horrible to have your dreams taken away But I also feel there is a reason God took your child away. He must need someone so precious and completely adored When I read your story about it I was simply floored I cant imagine the pain you must hold deep inside your heart When God took the love of your life and whats most precious to your heart I pray for your healing and I pray you will begin to understand I pray for forgiveness of those who can not comprehend I know you wanted this and im sorry he took that wish away But I pray he gives you something to brighten up your day This was written for me by a friend PoeticAngel ~~!!PoeticAngel!!~~@ CherryTAP
T's Story
hi, I just happened to see that you stated that you support or invited people who have suffered or struggled through a loss of a child.. I just wanted to say that I have suffered through the loss of a child.... my beautiful daughter who is now 3 years old was and is a twin.....unfortunately my other daughter had passed 24 minutes after birth, they were almost 3 months early. My daughter now who is as i stated 3, she was 2lbs 7oz and my other daughter who passed was 1lb 7oz. It was such a great day and terrible also, talk about a huge mix of emotions.... my ex and I knew early on in the pregnancy that we were going to lose a child. Due to improper development, my child that I lost had an (ancepholie) (thats probably not spelled right) basic terms the top of her head was not developed when she was born and it was exposed. The longest a child ever survived with one was 7 days... my ex and I made a hard choice to not do anything to help our child just to let her pass on her
About Me
heyy yall name bryt and some things you should know bout me is im studying to be an actress, i LOVE to write PoEmS
Let's Not Get Physical
I need to be less physical in my relationship with Aiden and more verbal. Yesterday, while I was editing video clips for my website, I was so proud that I did the whole process myself, I asked Aiden if he was proud of me and he said YES! And I told him I didn't need him to do it anymore because I could do it myself and he said finally its his turn to take a 3 years break, I got mad at that because it's not like I wasn't doing anything for the last 3 years and he was. So I punch him in the ear. He got so mad I didn't know what he was going to do to me. But he calmly just told me, Michelle, you need to be more verbal and less physical. Instead of punching someone in the ear when you're mad, you need to talk about your feelings. Like tell me I'm a lazy and fat or something instead. I think Aiden is the most patient and understanding man I've ever met, and I'm so grateful to have him in my life. So with that being said, I've finally done my STD blog for you, but instead of writing it, I've
Easter Comments And April's Featured Artist
Hey Everyone! Sorry for the delay but I am on the road. Currently in New York! But never fear I have updated the easter comments :) Get more @ I would also like to congratulate "Rick the Webdude" for being the Cherrytagz Artist of the month. Check out his work at Get more @ Ill update more in a few days when I land in Canada! Much love and Happy Easter. Oh and more giveaways coming next week!!! Cheers, Vlad
#1 Part 2
wow got me some more 1's i am so special. lol what i want is for babyjesus to make it so you get notified if some one markes you les than 5 so you can block that person or mark there pics like -10
Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier
On Jeopardy the other night, the final question was How many steps does the guard take during his walk across the tomb of the Unknowns ------ All three missed it --- This is really an awesome sight to watch if you've never had the chance Very fascinating. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier 1. How many steps does the guard take during his walk across the tomb of the Unknowns and why? 21 steps. It alludes to the twenty-one gun salute, which is the highest honor given any military or foreign dignitary. 2. How long does he hesitate after his about face to begin his return walk and why? 21 seconds for the same reason as answer number 1 3. Why are his gloves wet? His gloves are moistened to prevent his losing his grip on the rifle. 4. Does he carry his rifle on the same shoulder all the time and if not, why not? He carries the rifle on the shoulder away from the tomb. After his march across the path, he executes an about face
Dedication To Our Soldiers
Dedication to our soldiers.Add to My Profile | More Videos
Friend Requests (read Before Adding)
BEFORE HITTING THE 'ADD FRIEND' BUTTON, READ THE DAMN BLOG!! I AM GETTING 75-150 FRIEND REQUESTS EVERYDAY. I AM NOT AND WILL NOT ADD THAT MANY PEOPLE TO MY FRIENDS LIST! This is CherryTAP people, not MySpace. I am not here to have a Friends List that can circle planet Earth. I’m keeping it managable. I will only accept Friend Requests from those whom I feel I have something in common. I am not here for the rating, points, or monumental friend lists. One real friend is worth 1000 fake ones. So save yourself the time and humiliation. Read my personal information, if we have nothing in common... DON'T ASK ME TO BE A FRIEND. For those of you who fly in, hit the 'Add Friend' button and fly right back out, you can bet your sweet ass I'm not going to bother visiting your site to check you out. You have qualified for an immediate DENY. What the hell is with you idiots who come back and hit the 'Add Friend' button 2 minutes after I deny you the first time? All that gets you is
Victorinox Swiss Army Inc.'s Newly Opened In North America (connecticut Usa)
Swiss Army shows off new Monroe HQ PAM DAWKINS Connecticut Post Online Article Launched:10/01/2007 11:45:05 PM EDT MONROE — On a day meant to recognize green, the red was hard to escape Monday at Victorinox Swiss Army Inc.'s newly opened North American headquarters and distribution center. From the color of the Victoria Street sign to the scarves many employees wore to the background of the Swiss flag and the company's logo, the red stood out — and that was before the tours of the "green" building began. Charles Elsener, president of the Swiss parent Victorinox Group — and great-grandson of Karl Elsener who, in 1897, created the original Swiss Army Knife — even noted the color of the street sign, thanking Monroe officials for cooperating in its creation. The street is named for Charles Elsener's great-great-grandmother, Victoria. The company started the 160,000-square-foot building in May 2006. In July, it moved more than 100 administrative worke
Best Friends
imikimi - Customize Your World
New Skins 3/16
Yay! Finally Spring Break! I've added some new skins to my list for public use. I will post some previews of the new ones below, but they will not be linked. In order to find them, visit my page, and click BROWSE USER'S SKINS at the very bottom. Preview the ones you want, and then rip if you'd like to keep them. MY SKINS WILL NOT DISPLAY PROPERLY IF YOU HAVE BACKGROUND IMAGES ENABLED on your profile. Those must first be turned off for the skin to display correctly. If you need any help with them, let me know. I'll be adding several more through the night tonight and tomorrow, so check back for the new additions :) ALL THAT I ASK IN RETURN FOR MY SKINS IS THAT YOU DO NOT RIP THE ONES MARKED CUSTOM. Those were made for individuals. Those marked "PUBLIC" are available for use by anyone. "Dance with a Dragon" "Don't Cry" "Patty Betty" "Patrick Bear" "Easter Ducks" "Easter Mix" "Easter Tulip" "Cherish the Moments" I hope yo
50,000 Names
More Sick Lolz.
Jaded - Aerosmith New Demotivators! I have over 180 now, sure to bring the the pic to check out more jaded humor like the one below...if ya like any feel free to help yourself...thanks!
Toilet Paper. I don't care if its top over bottom or pulled from the bottom but for crying out loud if the roll is empty REPLACE IT!
Ummm... Yea
i'm havin serious issues w/ the guy i love. i dont ever wanna hurt him but he's pushin me in that direction. i've tried tellin him what's wrong so we can work on fixin it but he's makin no effort at all to do so. i cry and hurt b/c he wont listen, b/c he wont help. i love him, but he loves fubar more. he just cant see it. i see it clearly and it hurts me so much. all i want from a guy is to be loved and treated as his #1. right now i feel like his #2. baby if u read this i dont want to hurt u but if this isnt fixed i'm gonna have to b/c i'm tired of hurting so damn much. i love u and i always will. i've treated u the best i can and more while u dont do the same. plz if u read this hunny either fix it (and that doesnt include deletein ur account i would never ask that) or we'll both be hurting for a long time. i'm sry it sounds so cruel but it has to be said. i love u always!
Finally Back Online
I was down for six days because when I did the complete system restore the lap top completely froze up rather than completing the process. I called DELL and they said I had a bad partition in my hard drive and sent me a new one. I finally installed it this morning since I have been working 12 to 14 hour days since Sunday when I went offline. Long story short ... I am finally back. 36d hugs, Ms. Cleavage
A Huge Thank You.......
I really wanted to level to Godmother by my birthday ~ December 15th, but thanks to some special people i actually levelled last night!! So i thought i would do this public 'Thank - You'. So please stop by these awesome peoples pages and shower them with the love they deserve. Thank you Barb for the Auto 11 and the Godmother tag you made me as well as all the rating you did, you rock! ♥ ۞~ஐ~Barb~ஐ~۞♥@ fubar ♥SIMPLY ME♥ OKIEGIRL@ fubar The Pegasus Project@ fubar ~Jimette~MissTastiness~Fu*Ange| Team Leader #4~~*Pegasus Project*~Rating Revo|ution Crew~~@ fubar *♥..ABBY..~aka..Lil.Pegasus*♥.*Pegasus Project.~Council~*@ fubar ~Firerose~PegasusProject~RR~Bartender@NeonMoonSaloon@ fubar Gypsysoul member of the Rating Revolution plz sign my guest book ^_^@ fubar ♦CinDragon♦Founder of ClubMystic♦PegasusProject♦FuAngel♦I.B.I.C♦
Hny & Bling!
First off Happy 2009 fookers! Second, I wanted to give a bit of an explanation of why I'm not buying bling right now... I wanted latex :D YAY!!! LATEX!!!! I really... really... REALLY need to paint & it turns out that I have 6 fine women to be my canvas'! *so excited* ♥ Postal
Fubar Emotes
Dead Girls Dont Wear Plaid
when someone fucks with your head, and had intentions on doing so from the first exchange of words and they succeed. when you gather all the information you need to know that everything was a lie, and you have the truth... what do you do with it. im still not satisfied with the knowledge that cuppycake didnt die of meningitis and is alive and well. i have an address and names... i know her real last name and know she is still playing games with another person, and i have passed the information to him thru a mutual friend. there was no closure and maybe thats the problem, what would you do in my shoes? for those of you that know what happened. or even those that dont, what would you do with the info that a person made you believe they were in love with you and never intended on ever meeting or having any type of real relationship with you, and make you believe they died in extreme circumstances? everything from their name and where they lived to how they made a living and their hist
Auction By Popular Demand T-shirt And What !
"It that time of year for a sexy t-shirt and p_nties auction for the ladies to show only what mother gave them to work with! Taking entries at this time. 20K is the fee and a sfw pic of yourself in a t-shirt and p_anties on pt. 2 auction......!" ** NEW WILL BEGIN ON THE 14TH OF THIS MONTH...........LAST DAY FOR PIC IS THE 13TH TY** RULES 1. NO DRAMA PLEASE! 2. PLEASE SEND PIC SFW ONLY 3. ALL FEE SENT TO E-MAIL AND WHAT YOU ARE OFFERING 4. OPEN TO ALL MALE(IN BOXER) AND FEMALE 5. WILL OPEN WHEN GET 10 ENTRIES............! 6. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ADD THE HOST/FAN 7. AT LAST BUT NOT LEAST THE ONE WITH THE MOST RATES COMMENTS A BLING PACK 8. COME ON AND JOIN THE T-SHIRT AUCTION. HOSTED BY:
Video____1. Click Here Video____2. Click Here Video____3. Click Here Glory Hole Wife Big Boobed Miosotis Pregnant Toons Bulky Diaper Punishment Eroticvideos Bloody Fuck Mature Mom Sex Pantiesformen Clips Defloration Free Booty Contest Videos Imageevent Naked Men Jean Louisa Kelly Nude Brasil Women Fuckinggirl Nude Traffic March Simpson Sex Creampie Indian Nude Jewish Pics High Heel Movies Mature Cunshot Girls Skydive Naked Hijab Sex Old Nude Thumbs Nude Women In Bondage Horse Tube Big Orgy Philadelphia Models Jezebelle Bond Fucking Women Beauty Pearl Porn Penis Galleri Fake Olsen Twins Big Tited Lesbians Naked Amatuer Women Fart Girls Fetish Illustrated Sex Stories Body Paint Porn Fuck Proxy Bra Thumbs I Have Big Tits Gay Bear Stories Nude Kim Kardashia Monkey Pussy Tattoos Gag Factor Free Full Christine Taylor Naked Latex Face Sitting Homemade Nude Lists Perth Brothel Michael Pitt Nake
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Holy Shit Wtf
Right Brain/ Left Brain Quiz The higher of these two numbers below indicates which side of your brain has dominance in your life. Realising your right brain/left brain tendancy will help you interact with and to understand others. Left Brain Dominance: (5)Right Brain Dominance: (11) Right Brain/ Left Brain Quiz
Just for a momentCan we forget the pastOnce taken for grantedNow I'm begging forgiveness at last Can you even give meOne thing I ever did rightCome up with a memoryThat didn't end up in a fight Well I know you're a liar Can you tell me onceYou love me firstI'm caught in this desertAnd dying of thirst Do you expect me toBelieve this load of sh*tI've had my fillNow I'm done...done with it I hear you sellingBut I'm not buying no moreAll these F*cking word gamesI lay them at your door Cuz you're a F*cking LIAR
Moonlight Levelup Requirements
REQUIREMENTS FOR A LEVELUP!!!!1.They must be online so they can return rates.As they return rates it makes them go down faster,making it easier to get them leveled.2.All we ask is that the person being leveled rates and fans the people helping them level.3.Must have at least 100 rateable items... pictures must be not ripped and NSFW pictures because you get no points for ripped pictures or for NSFW pictures.4. If they have 20k. Must have 100 sfw pics/stash 5. If they have 30k. Must have 300 sfw pics/stash 6. If they have 50k. Must have 500 sfw pics/stash7. If they have 100k. Must have 1000 sfw pics/stash 8. If they have 200k and autos must have 500 sfw pics/stash 9.Family Member's have priority,please send a message to the Homepage if you need to be leveled.
Oh So Bored
Ok - I've been good -- I cooked brunch for father's day, I have cleaned the bathroom and made up the bed... and I'm taking a little break.  COME TALK TO ME --- it's so dead here --- waaaaaaaaaaaas  up fu's??
Come On, Man...
sooooo, i have this profile on a singles site. it's been there a while and ever so often i go check it just to see what's there. to say that occasionally i find a rare gem would be an outright lie. here are some examples of the usual responses and what i think as i read them.... notice the lack of anything intelligent or creative. What the fuck? absolutely no effort at all whatsoever and you want me to go out with you? fuck you? right... if your message is a good example of your efforts elsewhere, my own fingers can get the job done just as well or better. i'd take masturbation/phone sex over mediocre sex any day. -dam girl you sound relly interesting let me get to know you i you would like send me back something- ffs, did you even read this before you hit send? if not, you can't possibly give a shit about how you presents yourself. if so, then i hope you're sterile. -hey how are you sexy...and wow your hott....i would love to get to know better....- i would rather stab
65 Bling Pack
SELLING 65 Bling Pack To Highest Bidder...Put Bids Here So It's Fair
About Maine Coons (or Why I Love Maine Coons)
The Maine Coon Cat is America's first indigenous show cat. A dozen of these down-east, working class heroes were listed in the program of a show held in Boston in January 1878. Often called the "gentle giants" of the cat fancy, the Maine Coon's origins are shrouded in the mists of time and the legends told by their owners. Many people once believed the Maine Coon originated by interbreeding the American bobcat with the domestic cats brought to North America on the various sailing ships that came to the Northeastern seaboard. Probably the tufted ears and feet of the Maine Coon, which are similar to the bobcat's, gave some credence to this legend. The tuft curls outward from the inside of the ears and tufts of fur are found between the toes. Taking fantasy one step farther is the belief that the domestic cats of New England bred with raccoons. The early Maine Coons may simply have looked like raccoons to the natives, since the brown tabby, with its bushy ringed tail, occurs most commo
Song Title
Ok I have this song on my play list for Fubar, but I don't know the right name of it so that I can down load it and it is driving my CRAZY!  Here is part of the lyrics to it.. if you know the song please lemme know.. and it is Not Korn's ADIDAS  I already tried that one!   I'm wide awake with this damn burning fever I can't think straight I just keep sinking deeper, Star at the walls but I swear I can still see her face... Cause All day I think about you, Everyday I die in this room, Say I'm twisted yeah that's probably true, cause all day I think about... sex
All Good Things...
I haz the sads :(. I should've waited to post this on Friday, since that's the last episode, but I couldn't wait. I'm impatient. (I hope none of these are inactive. :/ How annoying.)  
About Me
Over the last month, Fubar has changed for me. It has been brought to my attention that no one really knows much about me or where I am coming from. This has led to some drama to my friends and myself, people assuming I am this or that, I am NOT one to write much, especially about myself. Everyone is different and everyone wants to know different things, about a person. TRUST is big with me, I am not just going to open up my life and my family to anyone on here. I am a private guy, quiet, honest and truthful. I won't sit here and fill peoples heads full of crap to get things or ask for it, not my style......that's a different topic all together. I am not shy, actually very open and will talk to most about anything, I am single, and I do admit I am a flirt at times, to me it's the way I compliment, to me it is my way of trying to make someone smile and feel special, I mean no harm......but also I see that most do not take the time to get to know me back.....and most actually go tell 20
Testing 1 2 3
July 23, 2010 9:21am more To xX Murderf...: no, i'm sorry I can do that.   cancel Chat 9:21am more To BIGBEN1979: I'd rather not, but thank you for asking.   cancel Chat 9:23am reply xX Murderf...: I just thought you were testing yesterday, since the status was "testing" haha!   cancel Chat 9:23am
Appropriate Hoar Default
Pretty much, this is just a joke for girls who understand the joke at hand. Finny and CHARMiiEPANTS wanted to see my makeup. I found a way to make it into a video tutorial. No, it's not for real. I'm just a jerk. PS. The makeup I use pops up randomly. I gave up on timing.
Get Over It: Some Black Men Like White Women
The inferiority complex. Colorism. He wants a trophy wife. Issues with his momma. Acting ‘”white.” Ego builder. False sense of self-worth. Rejection of his heritage. Acceptance from white society. “Doormat mentality” of women. Every time a brother walks hand-in-hand with a white woman we have some type of psychological diagnosis for him. At least one sister puts her nose up in disgust and another cuts her eyes. On the surface, the anger comes from him looking like a sell-out or choosing her as a trophy piece. “If these were slavery times, she wouldn’t dare been seen with him,” I’ve heard friends say. Jill Scott received attention from her commentary about black men with white women in her Essence piece a few months ago. “We reflect on this awful past and recall that if a black man even looked at a white woman, he would have been lynched, beaten, jailed or shot to death,” she said. “In the midst of this, black wom
Blah Blah
Sometimes when you think things are going exactly as they should, something happens and changes everything. You have to readjust your thinking, look back and wonder, did I do something wrong? Take a step back and evaluate the situation and figure out if this is really what you want. Making the right move is not always critical, but in some instances the wrong move can have a dramatic effect on those around you. I try to do what I feel is best for me and if others think that's wrong, ohwell in the end it is my life and it is what I make it to be. You can either support what I do, do nothing at all, or go away, either way I will move on.
Italian Loverþ
The Italian Lover Giuseppe was relaxing at his favorite bar in  Rome, when he managed to attract a spectacular young blonde woman. Things progressed to the point where he led her back to his apartment and after some small talk, they retired to his bedroom where he rattled her senseless.After a pleasant interlude, he asked with a smile, "So, you finish?" She paused for a second, frowned, and replied, "No." Surprised, Giuseppe reached for her and the rattling resumed. This time she thrashed about wildly and there were screams of passion. The sex finally ended and, again, Giuseppe smiled and asked, "You finish?" Again, after a short pause, she returned his smile, cuddled closer to him and softly said, No."Stunned, but damned if he was going to leave this woman unsatisfied, Giuseppe reached for the woman yet again. Using the last of his strength, he barely managed it, but they ended together screaming, bucking, clawing and ripping the bed sheets. Exhausted, Giusep
Solar Homes
With all the improvements we have had in solar energy since the 80's. Why are the new homes and businesses not being built with solar panels instead of using the old electrical system that is very unfriendly to our enviornment?
If You Want To Know
My computer is dead. I can come on here with my cell but it is a pain,can't respond to people etc grrr .so know that I haven't been ignoring anyone. Not sure when we will replace my computer,but I do know I appreciate my friends here. Huge hugs!
Well Alrighty Then!!!!!
Congratulations! Your happy hour was a great success: lots of people gave lots of love.You collected 6,644,135 bonus points as Happy Hour sponsor. Cheers!337 members leveled up during your happy hour:I ll have to do that agan sometime......Thanks for all the points and congrats to whom all that leveled......
I was at work today( as some of you know i work in a grocery store)....I was helping a couple out with their groceries today because the husband is a paraplegic and they had a ton of stuff...they are senior citizens probably late 50's early 60's...... I go to the car and i load it up..the man says "wait we have something for you" They hand me a rectangular gift bag with a bottle of vodka in it and they say to me "this is from us because you are always so generous and kind to take out our groceries whenever you are here without hesitation" I smiled inside and out because i know that there are still good people in this world and not everyone is out got their own agendas..... *goes to make martini*
Cum Help A Friend.
A friend of mine needs some serious help, anyone & everyone that loves em el do just that... Here is he's link , shower him with love... Points 3,141,495 OUT OF 6,000,000 Needs Buzzkilled 0 OF 3 Pimpouts 1 OF 2 Big Pimpin Gifts 0 OF 5   All luv will be returned!
Forbidden Fruit,written In 2006, By Karen W
Everyone has a tree of forbidden fruit, you may not notice it at first, but its there, calling you name , until one day you turn to look at it, hanging there looking soooo ripe and beautiful. You walk over to it, wanting to taste it, but you know it not right. So you walk away making it through another day. Only to awaken with it calling once again. So you walk over and touch it, then taste it only with your tongue, mmmm so sweet, so you bite it and as the juices flow down your throat, you close your eyes enjoying the pleasure of its taste and feel until its walk away and all the while need and wanting more. Trying to get through the nights, but its in your system so deep it consumes you. Having you in the middle of the night needing the next taste, and with every bite  stealing your soul, your mind until it controls your every move, want every waking moment until you can no longer think for yourself. Losing more and more of you, what is your forbidden fruit? and are you ready
Dear Mr. President
Dear Mr. President, I hear you would like to freeze pay rates for military starting next year Would you also consider cutting your own pay to save more money for our country? While you're at it lets cut down all congressman's pay too. If the people who risk their lives don't get an increase in pay why should we continue raising pay for those who take no risks and reap the benefits? REPOST if you support our troops!
How I Feelright Now. A Poem.
May 1st, 2011, today im feeling...heartbroken(not cuz youre leaving but because you gave up on us) unworthy(you chose an xbox over me and that hurt), exhausted(from a year of trying), lost(dont know how to feel...happy but sad and scared all at the same time.) a poem: Broken Promises. You told me you loved me I told you I loved you too You said together we'd always be I said I would be true You promised you would hold me You promised you'd be there I promised I'd cross the stormy sea To give you my loving care But you never kept your promise You aren't the way you used to be You just gave up on us And you just gave up on me You said let's take a break You said let's just be friends But please for my sake Just say the truth, cause it's the end You promised every day That you would be there You molded my heart like clay Into the shape of a broken chair You promised to me That we'd always have our love You said to me I was all you could think
Redwings/sharks Last Game Wager   shes picking redwings to win, im taking sharks to win.   wager: 10 million fubucks
So...if He's Interested He Would Make An Effort Riiight?
So the guy I went out with has been kinda MIA recently. The last time we went out, we were just about to go dinner but then couldn't cos he had to rush back to work. He apologised after saying he'd make it up to me next time...butt this was like 2 weeks ago. I did text him the other say just to say hi and check in and he did apologise again for not having been around much and that he missed me (dunno whether he said that just for the sake of saying it though). I told him it was okay cos I understand that he would have been busy (cos I was too hence why I left it so late to just send a text) as he was working on his master's dissertation (or something). So I sent him a last text saying I hope it goes well for him and I figured that I'd just leave him to it and not be distracting/annoying. But we have a lot of mutual friends so I know that on his days off he's been going out and stuff which seems to be a sign that he's not as busy as he had been I think. I thought that nooow he would hav
Summertime...r&r..deployments..friendships An Much More :)
The month of May has arrived...Boy where has the time gone?..I have to say i am amazed at how fast this deployment has gone :)..So with that said let me begin this blog...As many of you that have actualy gotton the chance to know me...Know that i am Married outside of fubar...An im a mommy of 4 :)...I came to fubar to help me get through these deployments an meet a few good people along the way.I have to say god has truly been good to me an i have met a handful of good people on here..I have also had my share of the haters....   In this blog i wanna thank most of for most...Erica one of the first girls on here that truly seen me for who i am :)...Shawn who is like the  BEST guy friend i never had An will always remain in my real life.He was one of the first people that welcome me to fubar an seen me for who i really am,we spent i dont know how many nights just chatting an yes i said"CAMING".He will probaly be the last guy that will ever get the chance to see me on cam :)) j
Disassterous Visits!
Dear Ninja .... my Wicked friends is coming to visit me in 3 weeks and shes scaring the hell out of me. She keeps talking about bringing me gifts of vibrators and buckets ...arriving in a trench coat and clogs... and violating my various delicate parts. Should I just not pick her up at the airport ... or move ~Troubled in Canada   Dear Troubled, If it's Wicked, you better start prepping your butt now. She may have sworn off using those beads on herself, but she hasn't said she wouldn't substitute your keister for hers. Anal Ease will help, but a butt plug might be your only hope. Although, I hear the whole chastity belt thing is actually real and there's a site out there that sells them. Rush shipping perhaps? If you do that, though, she's going to want to shove those beads somewhere, and I don't think they cover the hole you are seeking to protect. A chastity belt and a Hannibal mask would cover 2 out of 3 though! If all else fails, there is always the weirdos that post on
Day 1
Day 1.  Your favourite song. Well, there is the first and biggest issue right away.  I genuinely don't have 1 favourite song - like many folk it would depend on the mood of the day/moment.  So, the question is how the hell do I answer this one and what on earth do I choose? I have thought about going for the obvious (a jovi choice) going for the random (something from Chess)  going for the critically acclaimed however I've decided that I'm going to go for something that i return to time and time again year in year out.  I've lots of songs that I do that with, a simply look at my itunes says "59 plays" of x track in the past few weeks.  I love this particular version of this song; the mixture of the orchestral element with the heavy rock side - sort of "fusion" music.  So, i suppose I've failed already with this challenge - I can't say that it is THE no 1 favourite song of mine...but it's certainly in the top 10.  Enjoy and listen all the way through :)
As I slowly watch the pieces of me drift way I realize I am broken and falling apart not know if and when I will ever be whole again. Is it meant to be that all I ever will find are just the scattered remains to put me back together to what I was once or will it always be broken? I sit and listen to the small remaining sound of what is left of my heart listening to it fade away slowly into the distance not knowing if it will ever return also. I sit and try to remember the feeling from when I was whole, and all I feel is the numbing of my heart, as it builds a wall so high that I cant see over it or around it, a wall that is so thick and strong I may never break through.  
"as Long As You Shall Live"
If I shall die tomorrow, with no more life to live I want to tell you that I love you and say thanks for what you give. Everyday I smile, Everyday I know,  That you truely love me no matter where you go. I love you more than life itself, no matter what the change. You will live in my heart forever and live within my soul's range. So if Im not here tomorrow I'll still have something to give, My love will always be here as long as you shall live.
Free is as free can be. what does it take to be truly free? Is it like taking of your clothes and running around naked? Oh what would it be like to be free of desperation. Shall I ever truly feel free? Do I truly feel Free? It is time to let go of this deperation. to be free. Now free of desperation. Where to go? What to do? Shall i just be free and not worry on how to be free? I am FREE!
wow how can it be so hard to figure out something like relationships??? well it really hard to do becasue im having issues with it  and at times it pisses  me off because my feeling get in the way of it all and mess it up big time for me. when it seems to be going good and nothing can ruin it  then something  happens and that messes it up big time and it can just be an attitude  . it really makes you think if you really want to keep dealing with it or just say fuck it and move on to something better . its hard to pick sometimes since the emotions are there with it. then there is also when that person talks about their ex all the time and their past with everything  that  they have done. i know it makes me thing wow this person is stuck in the past with everything and dont want to start new with everything. it just drive  me crazy when there are ppl that like to say things about ppl when that person dont have a clue about that person and how they are like . when will they ever learn to
Light Fill The Soul
  LIGHT FILL THE SOUL           When the moons baths the land in her silver light our souls fill with emotional strength   When the suns baths the land with his golden light our bodies fill with vital strength   when the stars bath the land in their scattered lights our spirits fill with imaginative   strength   So let not the clouds hold back the light we need   So let not the light be kept at bay   It shines I know   It shines for you   It shines for I   It shins for all JPowell
Fashion Women's Moist Cloth Jackets In Winter
Could leather jackets are a couple of the most popular outerwear available on the advertise and there is no symbol of that replacing in the forthcoming. They offer friendliness along with defense against wind and also rain though giving you a sexy and incredible look to boot. If fleece and also puffer coats usually do not fit into your cool temperatures wardrobe, it may be worth your time, effort to look in North Face Outlet women's wash rag jackets. The variety of wash rag coats for females is rather substantial so finding the excellent one can receive a bit of checking. Whether you opt to shop online and at neighborhood department stores, it will be possible to find several different styles of jumper and types involving leather available through either outlet.SuedeAny suede leather hat is one of the classiest kinds on the marketplace. The soft and supple substance is a lot more women and sensitive than normal leather, however offers quite a lot of the same health benefit
Another Slap In The Face
The Guard (both Army and Air Force) do 40% of the missions for the active duty on 7% of the budget since 9/11.  With all we have done to support the active duty we still get treated like the red headed step child.  I'm the active duty afraid we are going to take food off their plate and they still want to give us the scraps? I don't blame the active duty I work with on a day to day basis...I blame those that are sitting in chairs in D.C. who haven't actually seen what the Guard can do for themselves.  Those that make the money choices.  Maybe if they actually left their cushy offices and saw how the Guard has changed as a whole in the last 10 years they might consider it differently.  But I wouldn't expect that from a politician.     National Guard Faces High-Level Opposition in Push for Seat on Joint Chiefs By Justin Fishel Published November 10, 2011 | advertisement A proposal to give the National Guard an equal voice on the Joint Chiefs of Staff hit
No Title
I wanna killwatch the blood spilltake another suicide pillGotta get my fillnot gonna chillthis is my thrillshould i write my willTrieng to go uphillBut I keep fallingFaceing life we're brawlingHow many times will I get knocked downI feel like staying downI'm out of water but still feel like i gonna drownMy heart has a permanent frownI'm hurtingMe and death are flirtingMy eyes can't stop squirtingWalking by mirrors my pain is avertingThese thoughts are alertingDaydreaming bout a murder spreeThe body count rises to 43My heart and mind can't agreeStabbin at your neck I scream 'YAHTZEE!"Does that make me crazyYou think i'm just lazyMy memory is hazyI spend too much time with painIt's like waiting for a trainWhen will this endStarting to become a trendThe anger wants to ascendWill it ever transcendWill it become a realityI'm faceing my own mortality
Just Reminding.....
If I shouldn't be truthful, maybe this site isn't the right one to be involved with. I can not and have not ever lied. That just may sound awful and sad but hey, its the truth. Every once in a while I need to be reminded that good people exsist. A kind word or thoughtful comment helps.  I know that there are good and bad people all through out the world. Hopefully one day the good will out rule the bad. I'm not wondering if the few that are on Fubar can be changed. I know I'm not the jerk whisperer. Maybe all the wretched should get a dose of their own medicine. I'm really guessing that my goodness isn't helping many but the few I help allow me to feel better than I would if I was just another jerk. I just wanted to share some thoughts. This isn't me whinning in front of all of Fubar. It may help the silent few know they aren't alone. Some days are good and some are not that good. We all have them and I know its a fact. I have tried to explain before that it helps me to type or write
Make-in The Money!!!
SO far things are actually going really good I have two jobs and I'm Kickin ass makin that money and saving to get the hell outta here and be on my own with My Man!... But even though I would really enjoy being on my own as of right now i know that its not the right thing cause moms needing some help so Ill be the good kid I am and help her out till shes stable enough and so am I to leave for good and start my life... Some times certain situations fuck things up in life but I think its the goddess throwing us a curve ball. Eh oh well.. I am just Happy! Happy that My man keeps me satisfied and Happy that my family is as close as ever. Things are looking pretty good. Hope they get even better.
New To This Site
I am still working on this page..any suggestions feel free to comment
Who I Like On Lc/ct
Who i like on LC is as follows1.Nicckie,2.Foxy brit, 3.Blue,4.Jennifer,5.Isis CherryLick,6.Sw33tn3r, pirate13,8.Candle,9.Veinfetish,10.Pixie Kisses,11. Tiff,12.Candy,13.Drty Grl,14.Ashley,15.Stoney16.MZ Bossy,17.AprilRose,18. Sweet_titts,19.Laken,20.MISS SHERRIE,21.Nurse Hayley,22.Drianna,23.~*~Haloz~*...,24.~ Shadow Hawk ~,25.Cassandra Lynn,26.Nympho,27.Chatqueen24,28.Baby Animal ¢¾,29.Bobbi Doll,30. I'll Keep You My Dirty Little Secret,31.Amy Amy Amy,32.Tuna,33.Kindred Heart,34 Angel(Angela),35.Starduster766,36.Devil in Cuffs,37.Miss Behavin25,26.'۞WÌLÐÇÄŦ۞® ÖWÑÈR ÖҒ Ŧ.M.Ä.Ғ.ŦRÄÌÑ,RÄÐÌÖ Ñ LÖÚÑGÈ۞', and others i might add to this Blog Later on from Bruce
All Of My Older Works......
i'll start with my earliest attempts and work up to the newer things. as you can see, i have gotten better very quickly...... all of these were made for people on myspace, so if you see one floating around, t'was me who did it...
Alrighty then, It's halloween.. the big bag of candy that was supposed to handed out to the kids went mostly into my face.. I don't regret it though, because I love candy... I dressed up as a starwars, tuskan sandperson... sacred the crap out of a few people.. but then I got way to hot and had to take it off... I was thinking crap.. i don't have a costume anymore.. but the I went to one of my backup costumes.. a ballcap.. with a leaf stuck onto in.. Noone seemed to get it... it was a thinker I say.. they ask what the hell are you? and I simply blow on the leaf hanging from my hat.. Yes folks I was a leaf blower.... Sooo many people didn't get it though.... i was ashamed at the state of people.. maybe they were drunk... maaayyybe... Well the thought came to me, that I'm going to post some of my artwork.. get it rated, not the best stuff, but the comments would be apprieceated!!! Well the voice comment thingy is a hit... i think well I like it :p YAY..
* Meditation * The Maharic Seal *
Meditation - The Maharic Seal This meditation technique is part of the Keylontic science teachings that are published by There is an excellent introduction to the Freedom Teachings here. I have been using the techniques and information presented there since 2003, and I can honestly say they are very beautiful and powerful. They facilitate a very natural and individual journey that is challenging at times, in terms of the classic spiritual metaphor of holding a mirror to one's self. But it is immensely rewarding and loving, in the sense of the absolute awe that one begins to feel breathing in every living thing, large and small. I find it really helps with concentration and shifting blockages in my body more easily. Once you get used to doing the technique it doesn't take very long. There are other techniques on the azurite press website here. If you decide to explore the techniques and material further, be sure to read this guide first. The Eckasha Ma
Its really hard to keep afloat in a world that is sinking more an more each day.But i have managed to survive because i am a survive.It takes more than negativity to keep me down and block my path.Of ambition desire and destiny.Ive never felt so alone at the same time.I feel so alive. My life is 'MINE'
A Big Welcome
Small Update
Well, granted I havent been on here in awhile, guess I have some catching up to do, eh? Spring Semester ended great. I made President's List (4.0) and got a scholarship! Summer Session ended just recently. Waiting on grades, but I'm 99% sure I got 'A's in those two classes as well. Fall Semester is my last semester at my current college. I graduate in December (walk in June) and transfer to my next college in January. Aside from that, I'm now one of the co-heads of an archaeological project at my college. That was and still is a huge honor. And I've been working out in the field off and on in our wonderful 113*+ weather. Other than that, I'm just hanging out now and battling my honor society chapter...long story there and I'd rather not get into it. That's all for now.
Please Don't Do This
I really try not to bitch about too terribly much but this gets under my skin.... I don't mind reposting bulletins and pimps for people but please do NOT sticky anything under my name without my permission. When I have stickied bulletins under other people's names, I have always asked first. I think that's only common courtesy and don't think I'm asking too much. If I see a bulletin stickied under my name without my permission, someone just lost 5 bucks because I will delete it. Just please give me the same respect I give you.
My Blog
Contest Open!!
Contest Scammer...
well the update: the contest i entered a few weeks ago went very well...i came in 2nd and was happy with that...until we found out that the host had scammed the contest. her page has been deleted and no prizes were given. i don't think this person just dissappeared..i do think she has a different account and has gone under a new name but if any of you know the whereabouts of mistress haley she is a fake. to sponser a contest and not even have the nerve to let people know whats going on is just wrong...hell if she didnt have the money she should have said "i don't have the money to give the gifts promised"..but to just leave, change accounts...that is a true coward. i hated this happened..i worked very hard and had several friends helping and i apologize for this scam...peace to ya.
Cleanin Up
ok so yeah now that ive cleaned out my yahoo im workin on this now. so to some you later and have a good life. yeah im an ass and i dont give a damn
ok so i admitt it. i am not the best looking guy. but i feel i am far from ugly. so i do not have big arm or six pack abs. but i am in shape. i may not have a black belt in martial arts, but i can still kick the crap out of some one when i need to. so what if being a bartender is not the best job with great money, but i enjoy it and support myself and have helped others with what i make. so why it that i can not find "my other half"? why is it that the girls i meet only want guys that are model types or that have lots of money? i sit and search myself. i go out and talk to women yet all i get is that they r not interested. i can understand it if they have a husband or a boyfriend. but why is it that i can not even get past the hand shake?
Today I had a revelation.. I dont have but like three friends here.. out of the over 12,000 on my page.. I even begged a friend to start joking with me again.. I am begging people to even talk to me.. and that is so demeaning.. and it hurt so much. What did I ever do? I try and try and try and I try.. but nothing helps.. People tell me to "be yourself" then I will get friends, but that is all I am.. is myself.. and it isn't working.. Nothing I do seems to work getting friends.. I even began to stay away from this site more and more.. to see if someone would miss me.. and it shouldn't have surprised me.. when only those three missed me.. or even said anything about it.. In my two years of being here.. all I have are three ..that care about me.. or even WANT to talk to me.. I even thought about whoring myself around on here.. but I simply can't do that.. it isn't who I am.. I have helped so many people here.. I know it shouldn't be about getting things back from those that y
My Perfect Man
Ok so over the last few months I have been doing a lot of thinking of what I want in a man. What will make me happy in a relationship. Well here is what I have come up with so far. I want a MAN!! Not a boy!! I want a confident, trustworthy, loyal and non abusive man. A man strong enough in who he is to handle me. Someone strong enough to be a bad boy when need to be but wise enough to know its not always required. To be strong enough to handle my strong feelings. To allow me to break down and be a weak female once in a while. Granted I am a very strong woman, but I was raised to be this way. I want to know that me and my children will be safe. I want to feel like a woman next to her man. I want the freedom to be strong and the safe harbor to go to when I need to break down and be weak. Most importantly to have a man that won't abuse me. I want someone that will listen to me when I talk, just like I will listen to them. Someone that will allow me to make my mis
Not Ready To Die
Laying here I feel So alone Memories come Then they are gone Chest hurting So much pain I hear the pounding Of the rain I am not ready To die Lord, hear my Humble cry Theres so much I haven't done I want to live To touch the sun I want to feel My childrens kiss So many things I will miss To soon I feel My end is near I try to wipe Away a tear Hearts left broken I need to mend Letters written I need to send Theres "I love you's" I need to say All these I put off For another day Thinking time Was all I had Oh God, it hurts So bad I can't breath Tightness smothering me Is this to be My destiny So many words Left unsaid Too late to say Them when I'm dead Simple things I didn't understand That time is not Promised to any man That in and instant We can be gone That hour of death Is never known How I will miss Dew on the rose Walking barefoot Sand between my toes A hot cup of coffee A butterflys flight The moonlight glow
My First
Pasta Stuffed Pizza Style
Pasta Stuffed Pizza Style Two great tastes in one easy dish! Make extra and freeze before baking; you've got another meal without any more work! Serving: 4 Prep Time: 25 minutes Cook Time: 20 minutes Total Time: 45 minutes INGREDIENTS: 30 jumbo shells uncooked 3 oz part skim Mozzarella cheese, grated 1/4 cup Parmesan cheese, grated 3 medium zucchini, grated 2 tsp garlic powder 1 cup seasoned Italian bread crumbs 1 1/2 oz pepperoni torn into small pieces 1 large egg white 3 cups low sodium tomato sauce 1 tsp oregano 1 tsp dried basil DIRECTIONS: 1. Prepare pasta according to package directions. 2. While pasta is cooking, preheat oven to 450º F. 3. Toss the zucchini with the garlic powder and put it into a colander. 4. Let it sit 5 minutes and then squeeze out as much moisture as possible. 5. In a large bowl, mix zucchini mixture with bread crumbs, pepperoni and egg white, stirring well. 6. In a medium mixing bowl, stir together the ingredien
It Seems That Somebody Is Beyond Help.
I have no clue what kind of drugs this dipshit is on. But this is what I have received in my messages this morning. It seems he wishes to have a challenge after I have already challenged him. Of course that one he has backed away from out of fear. It sounds to me that he must be gay or cannot accept that he is a lesser man than I. from: Bob (The Love D... Online (Me thinks needle-dick Bounty is hiding!) Plano, TX subject: I knew it would work received: 07/23/2008 01:31 am replied: no block this member Flag as spam I just knew if I posted a couple of naked pics with my cock completely soft, you'd get that big ego going and try to act like you're all big cocked and shit and would spew that shit all over the mumms, which you did indeed.... talking up so much about how much bigger you were than me and bragging all over the place just like you do with everything else... damn predictable indeed. Well, what you didn't know is a friend of mine has already shown m
I'm so broke my bologna has no first name! So now I have to hook! What can I do for you and what will you pay!
"An unexpected windfall will soon come your way" oooh, is someone gonna get me a HH?!?!? :D
It is interesting to me the things that life brings us when we are least expecting it. I have found someone that i find totally amazing. as if out of nowhere he appeared in my life. in actualitly tho, he had been in it before i even realized it. He found me. several times of having been on my page and rating me and re reading my page over and over and one day i walk into where he is. the way he treats me, the patience that he has, the loving way that he makes me feel so wonderful about my self, the thoughtful things that he does....i dont know how i got so lucky as to be the one that was found or that he wants...but i am thankful everyday that i am that one. the attraction, the chemistry, the connection is all there on such a level that blows me away sometimes. he has asked me to be his forever...and i have agreed. i cant see myself spending one moment without him. if it is a dream...then please dont pinch me and please dont wake me up. i want to remain in this dream fo
Well as some of u know mom had a stroke saturday nite. She was in icu fer 3 days n finally got her in a room now.Shes more alret n talkin normal, but theres alot more wrong with her than i'll go into on here. shes sick woman, even though she looks n feels better. So if i anit here or cant reach me on the phone, you know where i'm at. Ty to all my friends fer thier calls n prayersuch appericated i'll let s going on as we go n when i can.
We Can Only Get Pimped 3 Times!!
The new rules are.. your only allowed around the block 3 times.we only get 3 pimps. so why cant we get pimped more then 3 times.if your friends want to pimp you they should be able to.if i new this i would have picked demon. at least you can shitface someone 10 times.I say a least 6 time are friends should be able to pimp us.please comment on this..tell babyjesus what you think on this..thank you..ryellowfast07..
Please Read Everyone-ty(help Needed)
imikimi - Customize Your World! imikimi - Customize Your World! Click on my pic to take ya to the contest linkall help is appreciated!Comments dont count just rates:)Please show the Host some Love while ur there if ya would!
Starting A Lounge?
Starting a lounge? Need a server, contact Revrend DJ Raven of the Krypt Lounge...he is a reseller of servers. Send him a private message or shoutbox ... Revrend DJ Raven R/L BF of DJ City GirlOwner of KRYPT Lounge Owner of KRYPT Radio@ fubar
11 Rules
A friend brought this to my attention. These are "The 11 rules of Life" as written and spoken by Microsoft CEO Bill Gates Rule 1: Life is not fair - get used to it! Rule 2: The world won't care about your self-esteem. The world will expect you to accomplish something BEFORE you feel good about yourself. Rule 3: You will NOT make $60,000 a year right out of high school. You won't be a vice president with a car phone until you earn both. Rule 4: If you think your teacher is tough, wait till you get a boss. Rule 5: Flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity. Your grandparents had a different word for burger flipping: they called it opportunity. Rule 6: If you mess up, it's not your parents' fault; so don't whine about your mistakes, learn from them. Rule 7: Before you were born, your parents weren't as boring as they are now. They got that way from paying your bills, cleaning your clothes and listening to you talk about how cool you thought you were. So before
Sore Spot
So I've been on Fubar for almost 2 years already and I know it is as drama infested as the 8th grade.  Im not here to bitch about it in any way as I enjoy myself and am adult enough to handle it.  However, when push comes to shove I am going to shove right back!  For those of you who "know" me, you know i am a very nice person and would never attack anyone on here or in real life.  So I was minding my own last nite chillin with a cocktail when a "friend" popped into my shout box.  We had some normal chit chat and just kept fu-ing.  He said he was drinking blah blah blah.  He started to get sexual with his conversation and keep in mind this someone I dont know from shit.  So I ignored him and figured he would go away.  He did'nt, he just came back saying he wished he could suck my tits so I was like screw this not happening.  So I told him I had a man already to suck my tits, which isnt true but hey. Alas...No more shout box meassges!!! So I go to bed only to wake up to a message in my
Abounding Admirable Options For Admirable Bashful Bells Gowns
Finding the absolute wedding dresses can absolutely accomplish a helpmate feel actual adapted on her bells day. If you are gluttonous a clothes with added coverage, you may anticipate that your options will be limited. Happily, there are abounding admirable options today in the site of Dressok for admirable bashful bells gowns. There can be adapted degrees of bashfulness in a bells gown, Christian Louboutin Sale , depending on your alternative and any added specific requirements from your abbey or situation. It is actual accepted in assertive churches and synagogues to apprehend that a helpmate not appearance a lot of bark for the ceremony. Inexpensive bridesmaid dresses This can beggarly annihilation from accepting covered amateur to defective a bells dress with continued sleeves and a jewel neckline. Added brides may not be afterward any accurate directives, but aloof feel added adequate in a clothes with added coverage. Cheap Quinceanera Dresses Not alone are there some actual appe
From Rev
It always Makes us Both Feel better Providing that Needed relief After wards I will listen Fully And attempt To understand Your beliefs Treat it Aggressively Take out those Frustrations Beneath If you require My undivided Attention Just do not Dig in Too Deep With your Teeth   You always have the best solutions babes
So Annoyed!
Blah, I hate my job so bad and want to quit but I just can't. Even though it makes me miserable, it pays pretty decent, gives me health insurance, and works around my school schedule. I'm having a really hard time finding another job that is willing to do all that. However, my job is literally eating my soul and I am so tired of being miserable 25 hours a week while having to come home to a ton of school work. I keep thinking about just quitting and taking whatever crappy job I can get til I'm out of college, but I really want to move in with my boyfriend this summer and that won't be possible if I make any less than what I make now. Ahh I'm just sick of working at my dead end job and living with my parents! I just pray I can actually get a decent job once I graduate college. We'll see.
Me, Myself, And I
hi everybody my name is Joyce, i'm 43, married ( to Chalo2916) he is my world, with one son named Keke (also my world).  I'm here for friends only,, If u ask for my yahoo addy, or ask me to cam u'll be blocked.. I don't care about ur nsfw pixs.. You have nothing i wonna see.... I don't appreciate u talking shit in my shoutbox.. if that's all u got to talk about don't waste ur time u'll b deleted or block. Also i don't do lounges, I'm sorry..  I love my family, and friends on here and will take special care of them....I'm just old fashioned and will prolly stay like this ..  I love making new friends so if u like let me know, and i'm sure we can be good friends
May I Borrow Your Cock?
I promise to give it back as soon as we’re tired of it. (No, really. I will.)So, I have a chicken problem: the girls are bored. This boredom is caused by a number of factors. One, the coop is small. Two, it’s very cold outside, and even if the girls were insane and wanted to play outside when the temperature hovers around 0 degrees fahrenheit, I probably wouldn’t let them for fear that their weird little bird-feet would freeze in the snow. Three, I have provided the girls with a sizable library consisting of unwanted books, some of which are old romance novels I found upstairs in my home and most of which are books I found in the barn, books about the Seventh Day Adventist faith, which is, as far as I’ve read, mostly about fearing the pope and believing that all other religions are wacko (which is not unlike my own faith, except I apply the descriptor wacko pretty indiscriminately), and although the books are clearly within reach of the girls
R.i.p. Sgt. Bill Mckenna.
Fallen soldier from LI laid to rest Originally published: January 3, 2011 3:20 PMUpdated: January 3, 2011 3:31 PMBy SOPHIA CHANG Photo credit: Ed Betz | The coffin of Army Sgt. Bill McKenna is carried out of a funeral home in Lindenhurst. (Jan. 3, 2011) Videos  Long Island soldier laid to rest Army Sgt. Bill McKenna, who served two terms in Iraq and died last week of lymphoma, was buried Monday on his native Long Island, where he was inspired to serve his country following the Sept. 11 attacks. Funeral home director Eric Johnston spoke of McKenna's service and sacrifice at the soldier's funeral. "When the call of our country was heard, he marched away with abiding faith in his country and his flag," Johnston said at the Johnstons' Wellwood Funeral Home in Lindenhurst, as about a hundred mourners sniffled and dabbed their eyes. PHOTOS: LI's war casualties McKenna's wife, Dina, believes McKenna contracted lymphoma after being exposed to c
More Fu Learnings
Blame Dr Black, he reminded me I missed a few... RL (married/bf/gf/slave/dom) to = my significant other is as bored with me as I am with them but this makes me look like someone cares and if we sit in separate rooms on separate laptops looking at different nsfw we can pretend to be happy for a moment. FU (married/bf/gf/slave/dom) to = my fu-significant other (and/or myself) is a tad insecure so we need to mark our territory. Also helps people remember we have a right to our fu-drama later. Fu-owned by = this is my only connection to another I can find...pity me. Bi = so fucking ugly I had to open up my chances to both genders in the hope I get e-laid Beauty = is in the eye of the beholder, and I am best beheld after an overdose of paintshop, some carefully executed photo angles and/or some really good beer goggles. Insatiable = I can type cyber for DAYS Goddess = of the Etruscan shape Angel = Makes Cupid look slim Dark Angel = Fat goth Redhead = You really don't want to see
Call Me Crazy But
Alright. So, I bachelorized myself out of an 18 year relationship. I couldn't take another minute of it and the other party really had the wool pulled over my eyes, so I was the fool. However, I'm the fool no longer.   Call me crazy, but shouldn't I feel better, now? In many ways, I do. Thing is, I'm suppose to be changing direction, or getting back on the right path. Yet, I sit here with no direction, waiting on destiny to beam me up and put me in the right place in time. I can see now, that's never gonna work for me. Blind initiative is the best stress reliever. I'm picking up these pieces, and I'm finishing what I started. For a wise band once said, "I know the pieces fit, cause I watched them tumble down." I have several songs finished for a new CD, and animated music videos in the works. I thought that I needed a band, and a small team of animators, but with a little patience I can do it all my damn self! Wish me luck! I'll need it!
Team Mother Pt 1
I listened outside the motel door with nervous excitement. This could either be the beginning of a very exciting trip, or a complete disaster. Knowing the hormonal appetites of teenaged boys, I was pretty sure I would get away with the various sexually depraved acts I was contemplating.My son’s high school varsity lacrosse team was playing in the state finals, which meant a three night road trip. As one of the ‘Team Mothers,’ I had volunteered to help chaperone the twenty-two boys on the team. Yes, that’s right...twenty-two 17- and 18-year-old, athletic, horny boys. I had gotten myself off several times while conjuring up all manner of wild fantasies about this trip in the months leading up to it, and now I was actually about to attempt to make them real.There was a chill in the night air, but I didn’t even feel it as I waited and hoped no one would spot me. Especially coach McGowan. It was almost one o’clock in the morning and all the lights in the
Gemini Auction
I will be hosting a Gemini auction in celebration of Gamer Princess (June 7) & My Birthdays (May 31). Gamer Princess will be my co-Host. Deadline to enter will be Mon May 30 & the auction will begin Tuesday May 31 at 12:01 am & end June 7 at Midnight EST. Starting bids at 5 mil each. Please leave a comment if you would like to enter and send me a private message with a link to the photo you would liked used & offerings for your auction.   There will also be a most votes winner for the top 3 ppl with the most.   1st place will win a famp 2nd place will win a  boomerang 3rd place will win a 5 credit bling So make sure to get ppl to vote on your auction photo!! Let's make this a great auction!! Nikki aka Italian Irish Princess aka Mrs. BigDaddyMike     **I am giving myself 2 weeks to get set up for the auction and to get as many entries as possible. So let your friends know and get them to join too!     
The Mystery Underground June Contest
From June 1-30, The Mystery Underground ( will be giving one lucky NEW member a G-d mode. To enter, you MUST be a NEW member of the lounge and be back at least five times as a participating member of the lounge and check in with myself or Ultimate Sin. Winner will be chosen by the staff on July 1.
Details For Pimpout Game
Having Brain Surgey--i Am Scared
I am having major sugery on the 24th or the 31st. All my doctors are talking w/each other before the surgery. Its brain surgery. I have a tumor that keeps growing and causing me horrendous headaches. I already had problems w/having headaches but these headaches are killer!!!! Make me wish i was dead when they hit they are just simply that bad. They dont know if its a cancerous tumor or not, but i guess i'll find out soon after surgery. Doc says i will be in ICU for 4-5 days and 4 more days on a regular floor. They dont want me to only rely on IV pain meds. But oral as well, cuz i wont have IVs when i go to the phsycial rehab i have to go to afterwards to recover. They feel i will have some problems speaking and walking so off i go again to a phsycial rehab. again!! I am scared that i might die during surgery. Or that i'll have irreversable brain damage. these are all possiblities. the surgeon is the best in Indiana, im told by other patients who he operated on. But w/having MSW already
From Dr. What's Up Webbsta Bro For Thanksgiving :)
> TURKEY RECIPE > > I thought this sounded good! Here is a turkey recipe that also includes > the use of popcorn as a stuffing ingredient -- imagine that. When I > found this recipe, I thought it was perfect for people like me, who just > are not sure how to tell when turkey is thoroughly cooked, but not dried > out. Give this a try. > > 8 - 15 lb. turkey > 1 cup melted butter > 1 cup stuffing (Pepperidge Farm is Good) > 1 cup un-popped popcorn (ORVILLE REDENBACHER'S LOW FAT IS BEST) > Salt/pepper to taste > > Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Brush turkey well with melted butter, salt, > and pepper. > Fill cavity with stuffing and popcorn. Place in baking pan making sure the neck end is toward the front of the oven, not the back. > > After about 4 hours listen for the popping sounds. > > When the turkey's ass blows the oven door open and the bird flies across > the room,.... it's done.
R & B Artist Smoke E. Digglera Gets Major Nod From Hip Hop Star Drake
(Louisville, KY) Hip Hop giant Drake has tapped Smoke E. Digglera to contribute to his new album. On his much anticipated November 15th sophomore release, Take Care, Drake recorded a song entitled Look What You've Done. The song is a tribute to his mother who plays an important role in the success of his career. Drake uses the music from If U Scared, Say U Scared which is a song written by Playa & produced by Smoke E. Digglera. "Drake wanted a song from Static Major's catalog. After viewing the video, on the internet, of Static Major & I on the piano at a studio, singing If U Scared, Say U Scared, he decided to use the audio from that for his song". A full version of If U Scared, Say U Scared was released by Smoke E. Digglera on his third solo album, The Truth In The Booth. Smoke E. Digglera, originally from the R&B group Playa, has released solo material since 2006. Playa reached #3 on the Billboard R&B/Hip Hop chart with their hit Cheers 2 U. Smoke E. Digglera is currently the CHIEF
This Will Make You Laugh
Some Kind Of Stress
Last monday I went to see my neurologist, he had me come early since my seizures have increased and I was glad to have seen him. After explaining the symptoms I have been having, the itching in my hands and feet, and swelling, he said that it is caused by my increased stress; so he prescribed clozipam. My BP was up to 165/95, it usually is 120/70. I am checking into the med center at bowling green for tests, have to have 24/7 eeg and video surveillance. Ive never had to do this before so it will be interesting. Ive told the close family so they can check on momma. I went to spend the night with friends and she fell and couldnt get up, so she had to call my brother across the way to help her. So glad she wasnt hurt, but I guess I shouldnt feel bad, was only the second time since she was diagnosed that I have stayed away from home. Dunno what we are gonna do...
How To Choose The Available Led Daytime Running Light?
May many people ever heard of led daytime running light .It is a kind of light which installed in the head of a car.Recently,many countries and regions say that cars must install led drl.In fact,it is a kind of useful vehicle configuration, it is also called DRL light,many people have already installed it,especially the people from the countries and regions with low visibility.Now let us see how to choose led drl products and where to install the led drl light. Then how to choose the available led daytime running light?Now in the market,there are many different DRL products for us to choose,so we should choose a suitable drl light to install.We should choose the right products with good shape, length,size and glowing effects.To install the drl lgiht will avoid the hassle of ongoing maintenance.Generally, we recommend the use of the High Power LED Day time Running Light.When install the daytime running light kit on vehicles, we should make sure the installation not only meet the distanc
Christian Louboutin Velours Scrunch Boots Black Happens, Good Times,
Siqi, I'm sorry, I do not mean to like this. Jiang Siqi leave the toilet, pour white Christian Louboutin Replica heart heard a loud slap sound. Liang Yan heart mirror, he gave himself a slap in the face. Liang Yan heart came out crying from the bathroom, "Ming Zhege, you have to help me call the shots. Hum, Siqi her Siqi she could not I put you away from her side, so -" Yan Liang's hand clutching his heart his face printed fingerprints, leaning He Mingzhe's arms crying. Guests are around come around to see what Christian Louboutin Velours Scrunch Boots Black happens, good times, how the hostess also crying. "Siqi unpopular with her because I robbed Mingzhe Ge, so just in the bathroom when I could not help but fierce. Mingzhe Ge, I do not mean to take you away from her, I just love you too . Mingzhe Ge, Siqi she blame me. " Jiang Siqi also looked at the crowd standing in the heart Liang Yan, Lu Tianyang standing beside her, Lutian Yang holding her hand ti
Including Myself
Someone that I will ALWAYS hold close to me gave me prob. the BEST analogy of myself that I have ever heard....they said....most people when they are about to get in a pool like to test the water..maybe stick their toe in to get a feel of make sure the water is going to be wat you expect..but not dive in head first and say fuck the water and just deal with the effects of it after the fact..that is SO me...I have been hit with obstacle after obstacle as of lately and apparently it has messed with my head more than I was even aware of....I gave SOOO much of myself to ONE specific person...and I have not had that level of emotion with ANYONE in a long damn time....then for watever reasons..which at that very moment I was faced with so much and when it crumbled all at the same did something to me..and I haven't been the same since....I keep trying to fill that emptiness....I am a jumper without much at once...I can't deal anymore...I am N
A Personal Prayer!
These eyes that I hold, Do not miss much, They reflect weakness at times, They hide pain, But he see's straight yours, If you shed a tear so do I ,If your sad I'll stand by you, If you are hurt I shall try to heal, Just a simple man, Nothing more Nothing less, For my family & friends, Guide them through troubled times, Hope they are well, Tiger's spirit live's in all, No matter how near or how far, You are a blessing, A friend,A family member, I never wish to lose!
August 17, 2012
ANOTHER HANDICAPPED WEEKEND (Lix is off work Fridays & Saturdays) Both ankles have been sore this week, not the awful piercing pain, but the awful ever present, if you move it hurts pain. Today, the physical therapist is supposed to help me learn to navigate the steps without going down them bump, bump, on my butt. Going down isn't as much a problem as lifting my body-weight to go up! I hope I can do this without having to end up on the kitchen floor like I have been doing. I'm ready to be able to go to the kitchen & make coffee & actually carry a cup to drink .. dunno when I can do that! We have learned the wheelchair accessible is not wheelchair friendly. I've had some bumpy rides & pushing over carpeting isn't easy for my pusher, Lix. Another problem we have faced is that a broken bone didn't hand me a Handicapped pass for parking. Yes, I did flag down security in a parking lot & say, "Don't call the cops or the tow truck. See this ankle & this one. And see that wheelchair? We'
Nike Free
ordan shoes within our store consist of oxygen jordan 1, oxygen jordan 6, oxygen jordan 11,timberland pas cher as well as many of new style. You can purchase it and provide huge of affordable jordan shoes, affordable does not show it is rubbish. It comes with multidirectional traction patterns that ensure you enjoy better acceleration and enjoy quick cuts as well.The leather overlays are ideal because they increase the level of durability and also have premium finish. However, you have to remember that you will not have the opportunity to try the shoe you want to purchase.Nike Air Jordan You also need to be wary of the online sale scams. Finally, you may also join an online discussion group. This could be a group of people who are also interested in buying cheap Nike Air Jordan Fusion shoes just like you. By putting your heads together, online, you will find these shoes at a discount price. These shoes are marked to sell and there's no telling how long they will last,Chaussure
Doing It Doggie
The Difficulty Continues...
I feel like I am a part of Dave's life from a distance. We have agreed to back off some and talk a little less out of respect for me and Mike. We still talk on the phone occasionally and online some. I have asked him if this is just useless spinning our wheels....will anything be able to come of us while I am with Mike from the inside or even on the outside with Mikes knowledge and consent? Dave feels that if we want it bad enough we will find a way to make it ok with all of us. I have told Dave that through is past actions that he will ultimately be the one that has to prove himself by moving here when he comes home from Iraq and such and he is aware of that. I have told him that due to how he treated me before...that all decisions are made out of respect and deference to Mike because he is the primary in my life now and though that is hard for Dave to understand...he says he would agree that having me in his life in some fashion is better than not at all. Guess I have spilled
The New Moral Order?
The new moral order, the antiracism became a new form of racism *. To smoke becomes an offence, like drinking. Everywhere, prohibitions following us, as if we were still in playpens. * Please note that by racism I speak about sectarianism in general!
Daily Horoscope Fits Today...finally!!
If you've been keeping up with my blogs the three year anniversary of the death of my fiance is coming up. I also have a new boyfriend, he's fabulous or so I thought, but has suddenly disappeared off the face of the Earth. On my google homepage I get those goofy daily horoscopes. Which I faithfully read and ignore. All week they've been all cryptic and generic as they usually are, could be about love or money, about me or the sagittarius sitting two cubicles down. WELL I'm here to tell you today's writer is a psychic...LOL. We have a family shopping trip today and I'm depressed and confused and angry, not the greatest frame of mind for the combination of "family" and "shopping". Not only that but the new boyfriend was all set to attend this trip and my oldest is really disappointed. (Reason number 8 billion and 12 why I don't let people meet my kids!!) Anyway this is my horoscope for the day: Without being too harsh, consider how someone close to you may be prevent
Have You All....?
rated this blog yet? lol anyway...please spread the word about my blog and what I am doing here...I am trying to spread awareness about miscarriage and infant loss as well as support those that have lived through it....please help in anyway that you see fit...even if its just rating this blog...thanks so much
Pro Bally Dance
Lebanese Belly Dancer
Winners Of Morph Wolf Contest
GUESS WHAT THEIR ALL WINNERS ALL 8 OF MY WOLF MORPH CONTESTANTS RECEIVED BIG PIMPIN GIFTS. First place: SCARLET ANGELS WOLF ~ could not talk this man into taking a yacht. Whats wrong with this picture? Second place: Sexy Alpha Female Wolf ... Raven Family & VIC Pres... The Wolf Pack Family Third place: THE BIG BAD WOLF~PRES.-OF THE WOLF PACK FAMILY Everyone else received big pimpin gifts because there were a lot of morph contest going, so I decided they all deserved something special. Please visit all these great people a let them know how great they are. Also a very special thank you to Game Over. GAME OVER@ CherryTAP SCARLET ANGELS WOLF@ CherryTAPSexy Alpha Female Wolf ... Raven Family& VIC Pres... The Wolf Pack Family@ CherryTAP THE BIG BAD WOLF~PRES.-OF THE WOLF PACK FAMILY~@ CherryTAP ~Tazzy~MEMBER OF THE WOLF PACK FAMILY~@ CherryTAP ~~reddog007~~&~~Cha0ticCherries~~&~~# 25~~member~~of ~~the~comment~~ bomb~~squad~~@ CherryTAP Kaz^An
Ok so any wiccans that read this may know what I'm talking about...last night there was alot of energy going animals were acting dog was barking and growling at everything that moved and didnt...and my cat was being nutter than usual...I've tried to figure out what was going on with the moon but, Im having no luck whatsoever! I know the moon was waxing which means like a time to start things but, cheese and crackers who could start anything with all the damn noise in my house!
Oh Ffs! Stop That!
Okay maybe I'm just ranting today but I am really annoyed that people just do not pay attention. My profile states clearly that I do NOT just randomly give out my yahoo id. Now, I know some of you have it, but not as many as people may think. So, what happens? I get a note or shout with a brief introduction, usually no longer than "hi" then a yahoo id. What the fuck am I supposed to do with that? I Why do some people ASSUME that I even want it? I usually have to chat on site for a bit before I even pretend to go to yahoo. Next, I am obviously dumb as a brick because many times, the convo goes like this: Him: Got yahoo? Me: Sorry hun, I don't just give out my yahoo like that. Him: Oh, okay...I can give you mine.. Wouldn't common sense say that if I hit him up on his then he would have MINE? Dammit, I may be half naked but i'm not half stupid...lmmfao!!! *Growls* Then, once it's been established I do not want to exchange id's it's time for them to sweeten t
Gonna Take A Break
decided instead of leaving I will take a break for a few wont be on very much for awhile
Hot Pussys
Yahoo Has Been Restored!!!
I Know How I'm Going To Go
I'm going to get hit by a car in the cross walk! What is it about the pedestrian/driver dynamic in this town ? I remember staying at Laguna Beach and crossing PCH. Cars would stop if you stood on the curb. Here, in SF, the supposed capitol of compassion-ism, and empathetic leanings, drivers ignore you and, if you step off thinking they'll stop, yer ded bucko. San Jose Ave at about 30th St, right at Mitchell's Ice Cream Parlor. Wednesday mornings the cops have one of their own in street clothes tottering across during the morning rush. There are about 8 cops on bikes just waiting for you to cruise through the cross walk with Mr. Plain Clothes standing in it. It don't matter what side of the street Mr. Plain Clothes is on, if he's between the two white lines, all north and south bound drivers have to stop. It amazes me that as obvious a set up this is, cops are not hiding, lots 'o cars pulled over, and what city dweller can't pick out out a plain clothes cop anyway? cars continue to ju
this is nothin special.. a friend is having problems posting pics in their blogs so i decided to try to do it myself.. btw.. this is my daughter napping.. ttys..HUGS~
Lets Get The Party Started
My Blogs
Are NSFW... :P
R.i.p. Moolah
WWE Hall of Famer The Fabulous Moolah Passes Away Date Added: November 03, 2007 Story By: Marc Middleton - has announced the passing of WWE Hall of Famer, The Fabulous Moolah. Apparently Moolah passed away last night sometime. On behalf of everyone here at the site, our condolences go out to the family of Moolah. No cause of death has been confirmed yet, but WWE should release more details soon. It's believed Moolah was 84.
Another I Want To Share
lynyrd skynyrd tomarrow's goodbye Beautful song
Confused and alone She tries to find companionship Always afraid of being hurt She draws deeper within herself She protects herself without looking afraid Longing to know when the day will come When she can be happy once more When she can be happy without pain A boy will come to her one day A perfect match for her soul She will be afraid, but come to trust In everything they will ever do He will promise to do everything he can To make her more happy To him, the smallest kiss is the largest reward He wants nothing from her, only love He has finally met her, or at least he hopes And anything will be done To seize her love and hold her heart No matter what the price could be done by christine
Sharing My Writing, With My Friends
I have some adult short stories that I wrote myself, which I like to share with my friends. My stories are in my BLOGs and flagged as Adult. In the HEADER of each story, it will tell you what TYPE story it is. Pleave feel free to Leave a Comment on any story you LIKE.
Give This A
OK.. here is the deal.. lets see who knows me at all.. all you have to do it send me a Private message with the answers.. Where did we meet? Take a stab at my middle name? Do I smoke? Color of my eyes? Do I have any siblings? What's one of my favorite things to do? What's my favorite type o f music? Am I shy or outgoing? Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules? Any special talents? How many children do I have? If you and I were stranded on a desert island, whatis one thing thatI would bring? I can't wait to see the answers.
I sent my Soul through the Invisible, Some letter of that After-life to spell: And by and by my Soul return'd to me, And answer'd "I Myself am Heav'n and Hell:"
Baby Visits Doctor (from Tumsfun) :-)
I could barely stop laughing long enough to copy this! Baby's First Doctor Visit A woman and a baby were in the doctor's examining room, Waiting for the doctor to come in for the baby's first exam. The doctor arrived, and examined the baby, Checked his weight, and being a little concerned, Asked if the baby was breast-fed or bottle-fed. 'Breast-fed,' she replied. 'Well, strip down to your waist,' the doctor ordered. She did. He pinched her nipples, pressed, kneaded, and Rubbed both breasts for a while in a very professional And detailed examination. Motioning to her to get dressed, the doctor said, 'No wonder this baby is underweight. You don't have any milk.' I know,' she said, 'I'm his Grandma, But I'm glad I came.'
Tag Ur It
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 15 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 10 people to be tagged, listing their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1.I AM MARRIED TO A WONDERFUL MAN 2 I DJ FOR ACE CAFE 3 WILL NEVER LEAVE THE ACE CAFE 4 BEST FRIENDS R LEZKA AND DARKWOLFE 5 LOVE THE WII 6 LIVE IN THE STATES 7 LOVE CLASSIC ROCK 8 HATE STUPID PPL 9 HATE MEN WHO THINK I WANT TO CAM 10 IF U DONT LIKE ME KISS IT I AM TAGGING ♥DJ Lezka♥Owner Of Ace Cafe&TBR♥Dj Satanics Wife♥SuperBitch♥@ fubar Chelle ~(Manager of Greeters @ The Ace Cafe ♥ TBLDG)@ fubar Noexquz™Please Pray For My Granddaughter Mya Rose**Shadow Leveler**@ fubar ~~Zzippoman~~OTB Bartender @ THE ACE CAFE owner of 'DjVampiricTigress@ fubar HYPNOTIQ HIS
As I sit here in my lonely hell No where to go, no one to tell. Feeling silent tears roll down my face, they can't be seen there is no trace. Alone in this world so big, creeping like an ant on a twig. Seeing others that are just like me Then poof; they are gone, wasn't meant to be. Giving my heart, giving my soul Just one last tug there is to pull. Falling and losing myself deeper and deeper Quietly, I go back to becoming a weeper. Does anyone really know me? Does anyone really care? Does it matter that my world is colliding All that is left is pain and despair.
"grab Your Crayolas" And Hop On Board The "i Love To Color Train!" (40 Riders Plenty Room For More)
Hop on Board Come Color With Us! To join this train all you need to do is F/R/A (that's Fan/Rate/Add) EVERYONE on the train Please be sure to put something in the friend request like "I Love Coloring!", or "I color alot!" Well you get the idea! If you already have them on your list be sure to re-rate them if you can and leave a profile comment on their page saying you are "I'm coloring with you!" or something of the sorts! You must F/R/A everyone on this train! Also everyone that joins after you as well! Or you may be removed from the train! Official I Love To Color Train Tag If you would like an official tag for the train please rate the folder starting with this picture. Leave a comment on the last picture so I know you have rated all 50 of the pictures and that you wish a tag to be made. Also please include a link to a colored picture that either yourself, child, or grandchild has colored and I will add it place of my
Hey Everybody
Thought I would leave another blog on the progress of my son....the crazy dr says the tests are normal...but when I told him about my son forgetting he cooked supper two hours after he cooked ...the crazy nut asked me what that meant....anyway i have to take my son to another neurologist on the 29th of this month....maybe he will have a better dr that can tell me why he is losing his memory....I want my son back dang it....he has always been such a smart kid...especially when it comes to math or business type stuff
May Not Have Home By Next Yr
Ode To Coot
He was a fast machine He kept his modem clean He was the best damn cropper I have ever seen He had these slitted eyes and Im telling no lie He could knock you out with his thunder thighs Taking more than his share whos pics he didnt care I tried to block him but he was already there Now my hands were shaking what was he taking my photos hell be pasting and then he was making it ...Coot you shopped me all night long Yes shopped me all night long Working double time cropping pictures on line he makes them one of a kind and not just mine all mine he deserves no applause just anger of course made a fool out of me and came back to do more had to crop me down then made me look round now Im made to sing and into this ugly thing All the poses hes faking look now its J hes pasting His mind is racing next it will be you Coots cropping all night long yes you Coots cropping all night long
haha a lot of people on here dont have any let alone know what it is or means ive been on her since 06 blah ive seen it all ive read it all i mean come on common sense is ever so lacking on peoples parts with what they say and send you talk to someone for 10 15minutes and just bs talk normal convo no flirting no nothing they ask if your taken ....(if you are) and if your like me you proudly tell them that your taken and how much your wife/hubby/gf/bf means to you then all of a sudden they go through your pics pick out that one pic that in some weird ass mother effin way send off some kind of sexual sense and they leave you one hell of a message pretty telling you they want to jump your bones and more i mean WTF man i say im taken my page says im taken you come off as a nice girl/guy and then you tell me what you want to do to me F@CK! thats just BLAH ! DISRESPECTFUL!!!! in more ways than one another thing that is DISRESPECTFUL is just blatantly sending pics of th
Going For The Spotlight- Need Your Help!!
I need YOUR help!! I have recently found out that after level 25 you are not able to bid on the spotlight so I have decided that I want to try to win it before I level. I only have about 1.5 million points to go before leveling so I am asking for the help of my friends because it won't be possible without you. The winning bid has been running between 14 and 24 million fubucks. Anyone that has a few fubucks to spare and wouldn't mind helping out it would be greatly appreciated. I have one friend that has given me a few million fu-bucks already...without expecting anything in return! Hard to believe, I know! Obviously everyone does not have a few million fubucks to give but it all adds up the same and is appreciated no matter how big or small of a donation. My friends are the greatest and I know you can help make this happen for me! Much love to you all, ~That Girl I wanted to leave a little note thanking the people that have donated so far. I will continue adding as I get
Pure Happyness =]
ok ...lets start off my sayin i have the best man n the world...hes amazing sweet kind caring fun lovin big hearted and n amazing sence of humor... this man has soley takin my breath away and soley stolen my heart ... there is noone i mean noone that has me like he does this man is truely the 1 i want 4ever done searching 4 someone 2 complete me cuz i have found the man that does that... curtis is my other half my perfect mate my 1 n only and i finially found him and im looking forward 2 the future with this man n only this man!!! he takes my frown n turns it upside down without even trying hes so amazing...hes....PERFECT!!! alot of u know i want kids and i have a child that has passed away..but..i have found someone that i want 2 try again with...the thang b4 was i wanted kids but didnt know who i wanted them by and now i know who i want them by... this man curtis is the 1 i want 2 father my children ((n time)) i am hoping n the near future i will have another ch
Auto 11
hey i have atuto 11's on all day will u help me move up a level so i can upload more pic*L*and i'm so close help me please please please:)
A Priest, A Rabbi & A Pagan Priestess...
As part of an Interfaith community project, A Christian priest, a Rabbi, and a Pagan priestess decided that in order to improve relations in the community, they would go on a fishing trip together on a local pond. They're out in the boat, and the Pagan priestess excuses herself to go to the bathroom back on the shore. She gets out, walks across the water back to shore, and then walks back across the water to the boat. The Christian priest looks in amazement, crosses himself, and they continue fishing. It comes on about noon time, and the Rabbi realizes they left their lunches back on shore. So he gets up, walks across the water to the shore, retrieves the lunches, and walks back across the water to the boat. The Christian priest, now completely amazed, and a little bit righteous, thinks, "not to be out done by two heathens, I can do that too!!" So he gets up, excuses himself to go to the bathroom, takes a step out of the boat and promptly sinks to the bottom. While he's flaili
A Christmas Wish
A Christmas Wish By BlueWolf © Snow flakes falling Sleigh bells ringing Hear my heart a calling Over land and across the sea That is where I am longing to be The first noel the angels singing Comes this special wish to you May this eve of Christmas Be merry and bright Make a wish upon a star tonight Take me in your dreams when sleep Softly in your heart I’ll peep Keeping watch over you till you wake Just to see the splendor on your face As you look through your window The ground all covered in a snowflake lace On the Christmas tree if you look close Find the brightest light you see Then you will know that this is me Merry Christmas Baby "I Love You" "Christmas of 2008"
Gone 11-21-08
Alone. Unwanted. Unloved. No one knows. No one cares. She gets fucked over More than once. Will she learn? Probably not. Her life's the same. And will always be the same. She's headed nowhere fast. So fast she's only slippin deeper. Deeper down. Her pain. Her loss. She takes it out on no one but herself. Poor girl. Pity me. Fuck it all. I wanna die. Fuck it, I'm already DEAD!
tazwd2003@...: can i ride u for a moment, i considered replying with a "where are we going?" but i'm not in the mood for such horseplay (dorky ass pun intended) instead, i am content to just fantasize about how awesome this person who nicknames himself "taz" is in bed and how, in fact, i want him to ride me so badly *eye roll* i think i'm missing out on the greatest experience in my life. i mean, no one ever has the intelligence to make such a comment to me without ever having spoken to me before. taz= who wants to be compared to a stocky and fairly retarded cartoon character?
Pizza For Us?
I have 3 finals left until I am done with my first semester back to college. I should be studying right now, but I can't get motivated, blah. I'll be so happy once it's all over.
My Dad And Step Mom R Now Outta My Life 4ever
Last night I was online talking to some of my family, when i found out that my step mother was bashing me to them. I was told all the awful things that this woman has said about me. I  can't take this abuse from my so called family any longer. I called my father and confronted him with what was said, he was yelling at me barly let me speak. I started yelling at him back, that he needs to listen to me for once and he listened to me for about ten seconds before hanging up on me. Before he hung up I told him I want my daughter back and then I never want to see him again, his response was that's not gonna happin. I am hurt that my so called family that was supposed to be helping me is now fighting me for the rights to my daughter. I am really depressed at this point, I feel my father has been taken over and that this woman has put things in his head to make him belive that she is this awesomely nice person when in the real world she is a person who tells everyone how to live and what they
I'm A Nice Guy!
To every guy that's said, "Sex CAN wait"To every guy that's said, "You're beautiful."To every guy that was never too busy to drive across town to see her.To every guy that gives her flowers and a card when she is sick or down.To every guy who has given her flowers just because thats how he rolls.To every guy that said he would die for her.To every guy that really would.To every guy that did what she wanted to do.To every guy that cried in front of her. ....To every guy that she cried in front of...To every guy that holds hands with her.To every guy that kisses her with meaning.To every guy that hugs her when she's sad.To every guy that hugs her for no reason at all.To every guy who would give their jacket up for her.To every guy that calls to make sure she got home safe.To every guy that would sit and wait for her for hours just to see her for ten minutes.....To every guy that would give his seat up...To every guy that just wants to cuddle.To every guy that reassured her that she was b
Archetypes ~ My Screen Name & Why.
This blog expounds on the philosophy and psychology behind my screen name. Some have asked what it is, or why I chose it, so this should be more than enough insight for those that are curious… Archetypes also relate, in some ways, to another blog I posted about Jungian personality types. It delves in to My Personality Analysis, along with the link to take the test yourself. ^^^Click Underlined Link to View... My favorite song… 46 & 2 by Tool. It speaks of transcending ‘the shadow self’ archetype and moving closer to evolving, or the ultimate growth… much akin to achieving enlightenment. When I chose the name a few years back, it wasn't because of any one particular definition, but rather an amalgamation of them all... to represent a vast symbolic meaning. I've used it on Stickam and various other sites prior to this. Here on Fubar, I have not used it before, only my name & Marqus Arealist (Paronomasia on the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, obviously ;) Archety
My Journal
Loss Fat Diet Diet Low Carbohydrate
Journey - Loving Touching Squeezing
You make me weep and wanna die Just when you said wed try Lovin, touchin, squeezin each other When Im alone all by myself Youre out with someone else Lovin, touchin, squeezin each other Youre tearin me apart Every day, every day Youre tearin me apart Oh what can I say? Youre tearin me apart It wont be long, yes till youre alone When your lover, oh, he hasnt come home Cause hes lovin oo, hes touchin, Hes squeezin another Hes tearin you apart Every day, every day Hes tearin you apart Oh girl what can you say? Cause hes lovin, touchin another Now its your turn, girl to cry Na na na na na na Na na na na na Na na na na na na Na na na na na
Video Of My Reef Aquarium
A Poem Xmas Poem For A Repoman
T'was the night before Christmas, and out on the street, Not a sound could be heard under the repo man's feet.  The unit was hidden in the backyard with care,  With hopes that the bank wouldn't know it was there.  The debtors were nestled all snug in their beds,  While visions of driving still danced in their heads When up in the house there arose such a clatter, The Driver had never seen a debtor any madder.  Away to the truck he flew like a flash, To hook up the car and to make a mad dash. He pulled  out of the driveway and didn’t get far  Before they noticed and screamed “He’s taking our car!                                                                                                  ”It’s too late to pay now, its coming with me Contact the bank, and they will give you the fee”                                                                                                               To the end of the street, to the auction we go
Oh Holy Night!
When it comes to religion, I am known as what's called a C&E.  A Christmas and Easter.  I'm down with JC and all, and while I don't really believe in religion, I would like to think that there is someone up there that may give a shit about my immortal soul.  Yes, much like everything in my life, I'm jaded but try to be optmistic.  So, since I am new to the area, I need to select a house of worship.  Turns out the House of Pancakes does not count, even if it is international.  So I have a couple prospects lined up.  One looks to be more modern, while another appears to be more traditional.  I'm leaning towards the modern one, as I think they have a large congregation and will allow me better opportunity to blend in unnoticed.  I don't want Pastor Bob welcoming me into the flock, I just want to get in there, get the word, light my candle and gtfo.  (I know, I'm like a freakin' religious zealot aren't I?)  I did forever ruin Christmas service a few years back.  Have you ever taken a lo
One Life
dont ever settle for second best. never lower your expectations. you will only lose in the end. forgive those who have hurt you...its the only way to let go. open your broken heart, its the only way to heal it. love for passion not for loneliness. always cherish the one you love...always! dont be afraid to love someone completely. if its meant to be it will be. if its not, it never was. dont forget the good times and learn from the bad. forgive but dont forget. hold your friends close. love.
Rayden Bulletin
Son Of A Razzafrazzamother Of Fuck!!!!!!
I was on call at work( for those that dont know: If my job calls and tells me not to come in, i am off for the day)..........I didnt get the call so i made my way to work.....I get in and my boss says "didnt you get my message??"...i said "what message??"...."You didnt have to come in today...."   Son of a razzafrazzamotherfuck!!!!!!!!!!   that is all. as you were......
Please Take A Moment Of Silent For This Brave Young Man Ty
Navy SEAL Lt. Michael P. Murphy fought in a harrowing firefight on a mountaintop in Afghanistan where he and his team were outnumbered.   In a last-ditch effort to save his team, Murphy pulled out his satellite phone, walked into a clearing to get reception and called for reinforcements as a barrage of bullets ricocheted around him.  One of the bullets hit him, but he finished the call and even signed off, "Thank you." and continued to battle.  He was killed in action and later awarded the Medal of Honor.As a further tribute, a warship bearing the name of the Medal of Honor recipient will be christened Saturday - on what would have been Murphy's 35th birthday - at Bath Iron Works, where the destroyer is being built
Just How Im Feeling
War With The Visceral
Title so ironic Pretending that my life is different somehow Because it is mine and deserves a special place That all of my thoughts are unique So keep them to myself And share with few in depth Or recognize So narcissisric & self loathing The times where I have judged well Are the times I have listened to My gut
A Good Man
Im not the type to be shy and not speak my mind and that seems to scared the good guys around here away. guys say that they want sweet honest girls who can hold their own but then when they have a girl like that they seem to not want it. it seems that guys only want the skanky girls and the whores that will do anything just to have attention. im here to say that im not a girl like that i hate being looked at like a piece of meat all the time if i try to have a serious talk or relationship even long distance the guy should want to know about me and my mind more than what he is thinking of my body. and women saying well we will just go lez so that they dont have to deal with the ass hole men that do this to women well sorry girls but instead or ass holes u get bitches so u cant run. y cant there just be a guy that cares about looking at ur face and not ur tits or ass. or one that truely listens and wants to know what u think and not just hear how good u say that u r in bed. like the song
Do Ya Wanna?
Buy me the bubble gum bling? It's too freakin cute!!!!!!!
Demons..i Have A Favor
If any of you have any ability points, could you please use them on a friend of mine? A buzzkill or shit face would be fine..every point counts.  If you do, I'd really appreciate it. I don't have much to offer you, but I'll think of something, lol. Just let me know.   Here's the link::   Angels, you can do something to.....he already has family/points boost, so those don't work..but a pimpout or vouch would be fine too!
I Drive The Hearse
I love this song.  So intense and doubly so in concert.  I don't know why but I've been reflecting on seeing them live on the album release a couple years back and this song along with Time Flies were definitely highlights. I Drive the Hearse (from The Incident) When this freedom stains my coat With the winter in my throat When I'm lost I dig the dirt When I fall I drive the hearse Silence is another way of saying what I wanna say Lying is another way of hoping it will go away And you we're always my mistake Given time I fix the roof Given cash I speak the truth And silence is another way of saying what I wanna say Lying is another way of hoping it will go away And you we're always my mistake When I'm down I drive the hearse When this boredom wears me out Then the sky begins to cloud Sleeping with my ball and chain When she cries I take the blame Pride is just another way of trying to live with my mistakes Denial is a better way of getting through another day And silence is an
Many Car Fans Like New Mi To Car Model Very Much
As reported,appear before wide car fans.of course,this Mi To car model is the first entering into the European market after a rather long time. The car model has a compact and dynamic shape:it is 4.06 metres long, 1.44 metres high and 1.72 metres wide.  The car forms are unframed facet windows,three-lobed motif that distinguishes the front bumper, the form of the headlights and also the led tail lights.The Alfa Romeo Mi.To car model is the product of fashion and high technology.The headlights and led tail lights represent a particular feature: a frame that includes completely different types of material processing.The Alfa Romeo Mi.To car with led lights for cars  really attract a large number of people. Seeing from the whole car,we will find it is really fashion and having aggression.Many car fans like it very much.  This article is excerpted from Dingju Electronic co.,
Dva Bounty Hunter Hall Of Fame 11
{DVA}captin hero just KILLED ĵ.Ä‚.Ô and collected a bounty of $72,558,723,672! {DVA} Sidewinder just KILLED REBEL and collected a bounty of $775,683,594,035! {DVA} Sidewinder just KILLED PEEWEE and collected a bounty of $8,434,040,020! {DVA} Sidewinder just KILLED BIG MEECH and collected a bounty of $77,647,342,352! {DVA}captin hero just KILLED ☠ ŞĄḐĮƧƮĮƇ ƑŲΚĘƦ ☠ and collected a bounty of $9,387,262,935! {DVA} Bill just KILLED Scandal and collected a bounty of $2,264,166,400! {DVA} Johnny Mo just KILLED ʎnƃ ǝuo ʇɐɥʇ and collected a bounty of $56,729,489,600! {DVA} Johnny Mo just KILLED HOLY DIVER and collected a bounty of $29,926,530,072! {DVA} Bill just KILLED RODNEY KING ST... and collected a bounty of $3,668,129,400! {DVA} Bill just KILLED RODNEY KING ST... and collected a bounty of $3,484,722,930! {DV
Easter Playmates Auction
EASTER PLAYMATES AUCTION Auction will open on April 1st & will end on April 7th @ midnight central time. Here Are The Auction Rules! When I get 5 entry's I'll open the auction Entry fee will be 5 mill The min bid must be a credit pack Absolutely NO drama or I will delete your auction. Must have a salute to enter I am not responsible for the highest bidder paying you. Last day to enter is March 31st @ midnight central time. All I need is your offers & a SFW pic Let's Have Fun and Happy Bidding! Fu-mail entry's to Darlin if you like to enter. Bulletin/Auction Brought To You By: Darlin FM2 Jim N AO by Llad
About My Unused Bling!
Even  thou I don't think I should explain to anyone about this I will so I don't have to keep repeating myself so pay attention :-)   Yes I have unused Bling I do NOT spend any cash on fubar that goes for my family so when friends on here give me bling Im not going to use them because Im bored or because I want to be popular. I give out my points pimp people out rate pictures make salutes and thats how I get them.  I will use them when I really need them because if I did use them at the time I got them then when I really needed them I wont have them ... thats called thinking ... I know alot of people on here that is stuck on a level because they used there bling so quickly now regret it  I could use a bling right now to rank top 100 of the day but I want to try it without using bling and I was close last Sunday and I know I could use it :)   I would used my GodMode once I have 50 people in my family so if you want in just send 5 credit bling to me and you will be added ... Every
The Old Man And The Marine
Greetings to you and blessings of our FATHER in Heaven! I recently had another opportunity to re-read this story which someone shared with me many years back.  I now share it with you, perhaps re-share it as the case may be.  I live in the hope it blesses you in ways that only our LORD will know about and be glorified in. "A nurse took the tired, anxious serviceman to the bedside. "Your son is here," she said to the old man. She had to repeat the words several times before the patient's eyes opened. Heavily sedated because of the pain of his heart attack, he dimly saw the young uniformed Marine standing outside the oxygen tent. He reached out his hand. The Marine wrapped his toughened fingers around the old man's limp ones, squeezing a message of love and encouragement. The nurse brought a chair so that the Marine could sit beside the bed. All through the night the young Marine sat there in the poorly lighted ward, holding the old man's hand and offering him words of love and stren
[brain Medicine]
So today I stacked boxes.Fascinating. Right?Today I did about 4 orders in one day.I had help, but GOD DAMNI hit the door two hours later than usual, my back had frozen and was clenched at a steady 7 on the pain scale for most of the day, and before I even patted my dog I went for a nice big slug of brain medicineon an empty stomachDidn't even burn til it hit the bottom.I'm also beset by naggers insisting I "do something". It's only been a monthlighten the fuck upand it has been all of three days since I vocalized that I reallyREALLY don't want to take a giant crapshoot on another degree.Seems pretty fucking pointless in this climate.Henpecked. Naysayed. Bitched at.And my best friend even thinks he has some... upper hand? In that he's working two more hours a week at an Attendant Care job.Yes. He has to wipe a moderately retarded grown-man's butthole once a shift....He also makes less /hour than I do but I haven't had the heart to tell him.He thinks he's king of shit mountain right now.
Nova Thumbsup! Caso Do Iphone Suporta Cartões Sim Dupla
Se você tem um telefone pessoal e um telefone da empresa pode ser um pouco de dor de transportar tanto com você o tempo todo, então você esquecer qual é qual e começar a chamar bebido do telefone da empresa, então você acidentalmente usar o telefone pessoal em uma viagem de trabalho, então você tem que reivindicar algumas chamadas sobre despesas, então você tenta e usar apenas um telefone, mas mudar a rodada de cartões SIM, então você perde um deles ... Você começa o retrato. É chato. Bem, agora um caso novo telefone da thumbsup peculiar dispositivo varejista! pretende resolver todos os seus problemas relacionados com o SIM, pois permite que você troque entre elas com o apertar de um botão. Para fazer o trabalho caso pouco de magia corretamente, você simplesmente precisa deslizar um adaptador em um dos slots de cartão e insira o cartão SIM. Há dois compartimentos e dois adaptadores disponíveis para seus cartões SIM, se eles são versões padrão ou micro. A tampa durável do
Every Possibility
Every Possibility Thoughts are floatingacross thelandscapes of my mind.I am awake and yet,I am almost in another world.Rambling with you into a place of our own making.Walking hand in hand, laughing, in the sunshine. The mind holds every possibility.
(五)冒名顶替给自己延寿 1,似是而非 说不仅的偷梁换柱,说不仅的阴险狡诈,说不尽的冒名顶替,无穷无尽的似是而非的提拔,无穷无尽的似是而非的动作,无穷无尽的似是而非的事情,结果全部都是东窗事发: 一尘不染香到骨, 姑射仙人风露身。 ---------------———————————-------------
Cuidado Para O Seu Sonho De Vestido De Noiva Não Se Transformar Em Pesadelo
O vestido de noiva é sem dúvida um dos principais detalhes da organização de um casamento. Há noivas que já dizem o sim no pedido de casamento sabendo o modelo que vão usar no dia, e outras, no entanto, que pesquisam até chegarem ao modelo ideal. Uma das primeiras e importantes decisões é: mandar fazer o vestido, alugar ou comprar um vestido de noiva pronto? Isto vai determinar o preço que a noiva vai pagar pelo produto. Uma outra prática bem comum é a compra de vestido de noiva online ou no exterior. Esta última, normalmente, é mais barata por proporcionar a compra de um produto de grifes famosas como Vera Wang, Cymbeline por um preço acessível. Porém “este barato” pode algumas vezes sair mais caro do que você imagina. Para noivas que optarem por mandar fazer o vestido: Cuidado com a escolha dos tecidos. Não economize na qualidade, pois um vestido feito com tecidos de má qualidade pode não conseguir dar o caimento desejado mesmo se a costureira for uma ótima
Nothing Like You!!
So you think I act just like you? Do you take me for a fool. There is nothing more I rather do. Then to try to emulate you. Yea right!!! To say I am anything like you Is just a bunch of bull. Wait right there as I take you to school On what it takes to be you. Sometimes you act like a lady. Im sorry make that a baby. Crying when you cant get your way Now is that a really good way to play? For a simple answer you need You come to me and beg and pled. Lets not forget your relationships Lets just say that ship has sailed. You call yourself a punk? Now thats a load of junk. To me youre nothing but a poser. Nothing more then a 2bit loser. So you say I want to be like you? Now you know thats untrue. Why would I want to be a fool? When I can be just plain cool.
Dedication To Amber.....
sweetnsizzilin@ CherryTAP Everyone go check her out. She is sooooo sweet and such a hot and sexy friend to have. You all missing out. Love talking to her. *More going to come soon*
I Solemnly Swear....
I have decided to TRY and change my point of view about CherryTAP. I spent my weekend randomly visiting friends and catching up with their pages. Some of them I'd never even seen. I have no idea if some of them had ever even left me a point...but it was disheartening that I had ALL those friends and I never even attempted to give them some love, with the excuse that it was overwhelming enough keeping up with messages and comments. So I'm done with contests for awhile which should make some of you very happy :) and I am going to concentrate on reaching out to the friends on my list and show them the love they deserve for getting me where I am. I cannot however promise I won't ask for a fan here and there or that you won't see my face on a blast EVER again. I am a CherryTap addict you know!! By The Way DON'T FORGET My 30th Birthday Is DECEMBER 19th ***SMILE***
Why ... Why ... Why???!!!
Why ... WHy ... WHY???!!! Why do hurt the ones we love? Why must they hurt you? If you love someone you aren't supposed to cause them pain, you supposed to be there for them to console them in that time of sorrow! I just can't understand what drives the human race to do the inconceivable things that they do. You know, I have a saying on my blog that says "To love, you must suffer ... So let the pain begin." Well, I loved, and all I do now is suffer. My heart is breaking for the final time. I loved many times before, and somehow, end up with all the same results. It amazes me ... "History always repeats itself." Let me tell you that that is the god honest truth. Why do we not appreciate what we have until it's gone? Why do we not realize we love someone until it's too late? The damage has been done, and no many how many times I forgive, I've been simply made a fool of. I've told all my skeltons, all my secrets, rectified all my lies ... only for the person
To Everyone
Im Anything But The Girl Next Door...=) here i am bored in i thought id write a lil about 36..yes...that is not a typo..=) I have 3 beautiful children..=) 14, 9 and 5..they are my entire life..=) I have great friends not only in real but online..i tend to be very open-minded..assertive and blunt..maybe even too blunt for stubborn and feisty at times..but usually a genuine sweetheart...i tend to wear my heart on my sleeve so yes i do get hurt often..=) i dont fall in love easy..but if i do know that its forever..when hurt it takes me a very long time to recover..sniff sniff...=) broken hearts suck..=) I love anything outdoors...biking, hiking, kayaking..hanging out with friends and family..=) i hangout in pogo online..what can i say i dont sleep much...ive never been to italy but hope to someday...i love al pacino movies...scarface being my favorite..then i like horror, drama, comedies and then love stories...=) my music taste is strange..i tend to pick music by you never j
Website Update
Hey Cherryland: Here is a quick update since the long one wold make me cry haha After the server crash I have managed to get things going like 90% and then my sister showed up out of nowhere to visit me so I dropped everything to chill with her. I dont see her often. Anyways the new server is a pain since im not a Unix guy but im managing. Ok so now I have updated all new valentines stuff go check it out :P Hosted by Also I have disabled the Custom Glitter words cause I need to install something (if u know unix msg me PLEASE!!) Skin generator seems to work for some and not for others and I am working on that now. Thanks for understanding!!! Much Love!!!!! Vlad
De Es Schwertberger
Just wanted to share this artwork here is a link to his site De Es Schwertberger
Until I Had You
Until i had you life was unbearable until i had you love was lost until i had you my heart was breaking until i had you fear of life was gone now i have you life is joy now i have you love is here now i have you my heart is pumping now i have you the life is glowing
Another Relapse-part 5
4-15-07 Papi RH ( Need Entries For-Sexiest Texan Girl Contest)@ CherryTAP Yet again, I have had anoter relapse 8:30 AM CST, I'm not sure about my levels. Till tomorrow, but please pray that they will be as they should. Ryan
Here We Go Guys Add Them Up
EVERYONE LETS WELCOME THE POSSE'S SIXTEEN NEWEST MEMBERS!!!Okay team you know what to do here. Add them, fan them, and show their page love. I always try and pimp out our newest members as they come in but a lot of the times I'm in the middle of a bombing run. If you are a new Posse as of the last week or so then give me a shout. You need to be pimped so everyone can add you. If I do not have you fanned then I don't have you at all. Please hit me up so I can do that please. The Posse is always looking for new members and if you are --> DRAMA FREE
A Short Video Combo Of Me :p
Sorry This IS The one that was suppose to go in lolol
Im Serious He Needs Help
christopher@ fubar to all my friends if u help out my brother i would be so thankful cause dam he needs help and if there is any doctors in the house or shrinks he needs that too i know im his sister lmao
I'm greiving over my friends death. Dr. John Ellis Moffitt, professor of pediatrics and senior associate dean in the School of Medicine at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, died December 6, 2007. Visitation is Monday, December 10 from 5-7 p.m. at Wright & Ferguson on Highland Colony Parkway in Madison. Funeral services will be at 2p.m. Tuesday December 11 at Galloway United Methodist Church in Jackson, Mississippi with visitation preceding the service. Visitation will begin at 12:45. "This is a great loss for the University Medical Center and to the medical community at large. John was a wise and trusted advisor and friend to me. He will be missed by us all," said Dr. Daniel W. Jones, vice chancellor for health affairs and dean of the School of Medicine. Dr. Owen B. Evans, chair of the Department of Pediatrics, called Moffitt "a friend to many, one of the most intelligent and caring physicians we've ever had at this institution." "His dedication to medical education
Sol Children
Once there was this boy from Mars and this girl from Venus. Not only had they come from different planets but different eons. They both lived such very different lives and yet in some ways very similar lives. Very dark painful lives in so many ways. He lost his mother when he was very young and she her father. They both suffered physical and mental abuse from those who should have loved them unconditionally. They both found that this pain forged in them special powers. The power to create tremendous beauty with but mere flicks of their hands. To see things others missed. Some how in this infinite large dark universe they found each other. And for a time they found paradise. But maybe nothing is meant to last forever. And maybe the differences were too much. Fate had other plans and she found her father... The future is yet unwritten... for Kimberly ~Lorenzo the ModernDaVinci
Im So Sorry
5 years. And still the hole is so big. The anger, the guilt. The regret. I tried so hard not to let him see me cry. And now its like i just cant stop them from flowing. No matter what i do, i cant kill the pain. Kill the heartache. Kill the memories that cause me to be stuck in this pit of hopelessness. Its not fair. He was a good person, a good friend, a good father. He had so much more to do, so much more to teach me. I should have died. I should have sufferd. I feel like i died with him anyway, things woudl have been better off that way. I dont deserve any of this. I dont deserve to be happy. I dont deserve a good boyfriend and such a good family. I dont even deserve drugs to numb the pain. Im like a leech, a burden. I feel unworthy of everything that i have. Evenmore so since i have such nice things and i dont appreciate them, i waste them. Why would anyone want to care about me when i care so little for myself. I feel like such a dissapointment. Im nothing that i should ha
drift i slowly drift through the eons that have no name no place no time i drift in the oceans waves as they crash against the shore of my life i dream in vivid hues of color each with its on intrinsicate design i watch as the clouds float by spilling the names of delicates souls walking blind time seems to linger day by day as the sun rises and the moon falls behind a veil of darkness i weep as the shards of tears fall from my eyes leaving behind the cracked porcelain that is my smile this doll you see as she breathes in all that creates vitality winds of ribbons wrap around my feet slowly engulfing me they flow to and fro they dance in shadows and move the hands of time causing the paradox in my mind and i drift the hour glass shatters and the time of age has come.
Song For Him...
the ones i wish i could have and i was going to share to let him know how i felt about him: the second one is the one that says it all... he deserves so much better than me...he always will...everyone says it wasnt my fault but i will always feel like it was. story of the year "anthem of our dying day" kill hannah "lips like morphine" i deserve to be treated better and he deserves a better girl...i wasnt enough for him and i suck at life as usual...
Heavens Word Of The Day
floccinaucinihilipilification Part of Speech: n Definition: an act or instance of judging something to be worthless or trivial I know a few of that here on fubar. Won't mention names!!!!!!
She's Back!!
Omg Jade is back! I am so excited! I have missed this woman!! Purdy please go show this girl some love!! If you don't know her tell her I sent you! She has teh AWESOME!!! JadeLotus@ fubar
Sometimes I think I am too nice. It's so easy to get your feelings hurt when you're too nice. I never set out to upset anyone, ask for too much, or be a bother. I think I need to learn to be a bit colder....tougher. I also need to stop trying to befriend people who obviously don't like me. I am just me. It's hard to be any other way.
Auto 11's Contest. Enter Now!
Auto 11's Contest! RATES ONLY! Contest will start Thursday, January 22nd @ Noon Fu Time and will end Monday, January 26th @ Nine Pm Fu Time. Your Hostess: PebblesinAZ-Kisses to My Fu Valentine Shaun the Scotish Lad-"Member of Princess Leia's crew&@ fubar The folder WILL BE OPEN TO ALL TO RATE! However, the person who also sends me the most New Friends and Fans will also receive a $1,000,000 Fubucks Prize! So, encourage your friends to F/A/R the Hostess for a Bonus! Prizes for Rates will be as follows! 1st....AN AUTO 11 Bling 2nd....A 5 Credit Bling and $500,000 Fubucks 3rd....A Ticker and $100,000 Fubucks Private Message me any SFW Pic you would like to use as your Contest Picture. There will be a $25,000 Entry Fee. Come and get My Goodies and let's have some fun! XOXO
Elmaz Abinader's Profile Of An Arab Daughter
ELMAZ ABINADER's ~ Profile of an Arab Daughter THE EVENTS OF SEPTEMBER 11, 2001, produced grief and fear in many people. And they raised questions about how one's country of origin can become important. In spare, imagistic prose, this piece gives us a snapshot of a dutiful and fearful Arab daughter after September 11. Elmaz Abinader (b. 1954) is a memoirist, poet, and performance artist. Her collection of poems, In the Country of My Dreams (1999), won the 2000 Oakland PEN Josephine Miles Award, and she has been awarded a Fulbright Senior Service Scholarship for study in Egypt. "Profile of an Arab Daughter" was first published in the Fall 2001 issue of Ai Jadid: A Review & Record of Arab Culture and Arts. Mother has fallen and fractured her pelvis. She was reaching for a jar in her kitchen and lost her balance. This is not her first fall. She has two artificial hips and was just recovering from the last time her foot gave way -- that time, her toe caught on the edge of the carpe
Auto 11
Is any of my friends turning on Auto's tomorrow? I know Misfit's is Friday along with Her and Vixen's Happy Hours. Just wanna make sure not too many people in my circle have them. Peace out.
Burning Bridges..................
I live in a abyss of lies and deceit. For there is no means of escape. Those you care about only hurt you the most. Where all others could never even quite make a scratch like you have. For you to block all that was is something that can never be undone. For it remains a cruel state of all that is left of all the bullshit we have shared. You never really know a persons real intentions. For I did nothing at all and I get is pain for my troubles and all my kindness. Do I become something I'm not? Can I ever feel a numb to all you've done? Is there a point where I should just say good bye and never return? Nothing matters anymore.... All I've done is now no more because you have ruined it for everyone. Thank you so very much. All that once was all that I didn't do and yet all I should of done you destroyed it all with one action that can't be ever undone nor forgotten. I hope your proud of yourself. Thank you for making me see all that can be seen when it comes to you. Thank you for maki
I Hate You
I hate the ones who said they loved me and never meant it. I hate the ones who said they loved me, then changed their minds. I hate the ones that loved me, but never bothered to say anything. I hate the ones who never considered me an option to love. I hate people who leave without saying goodbye. I hate everyone who underestimates me. I hate those who have misjudged, pigeonholed, written off or otherwise stereotyped me. I hate being forgotten about. I hate that I waste energy to actively hate anyone. I hate thinking I'm a fuckup. I hate myself for caring what anyone else thinks. I hate that the one person who may be the polar opposite of all these things might never know how much I value him. I hate being afraid to love. Do you hate me?
Get A Gift That Keeps On Giving
I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes!
Chat Or Fulette
How do I use video chat? fubar allows you to video chat one on one with users or play fulette which randomly pairs you with other fulette players. You can opt in or out of the game by clicking on the “fulette” button on the video chat window. Video Chat Set up 1. Connect your webcam to your computer. 2. Make sure your webcam privacy settings are turned on. 3. Go to your homepage and click on the “Launch Web Control” link and the video chat window should pop up with your webcam controls. You will be prompted to approve your webcam connection. Once you approve, you should see your webcam activate. 4. If you wish to video chat one on one with a user, make sure they have their webcam connected and privacy settings correct. Also, make sure you both have opted out of fulette. Go to their fubar page and look for the “Video Chat” link below their profile photo. Clicking this link will initiate your video ch
For once the name fits...I seriously have a CRISIS! This thing is kicking my ass and figured I would give an update. I still can't get to my Crisis account on my work desk top.  So here I am yet again, sitting at my cube mates computer on this account (which Fubar made automatically for going to the page).  I have tried everything. Including trying to decode the cookie files to see if I can get my username and password on my computer so Fu will autoload for me.  Freakin thing is BLOCKED!  This happened for 2 days back around April. I paniced. It went away.  It does not seem to be going away this time.  My computer has been fixed since last Wednesday and still nothing.  My LAST hope is a Face Book page my good friend Witchie has set up for me. According to her, I can log in through face book.  Of course...I have it working and I can't find the link.  AND...what the hell is all the hype about Face Book?  It looks so plain, simple and boring it aint even funny?  Where is Wicked? I need
$5 Million Fubuck Contest
Ok here's how it is going to go ..   Get as many people to you can to come to my page,  rate me, add me and mainly FAN me.. once they have done that they need to send me a drink and in the message area have them tell me who sent them (and that they became my fan) to my page.. the person who sends me the most people that become my Fan will win the $5 milion fubucks..   Pretty simple right..   so lets get started..   Contest will start  Sept. 6th @ noon futime / 3pm est and will end Sept 13th @ 3pm est / noon futime
Don't Be Fooled By Me
Don't Be Fooled By Me Author-Unkown  Don't be fooled by me.Don't be fooled by the face I wear, for I wear a thousand masks.Masks that I'm afraid to take off and none of them are me.Pretending is an art that's second nature with me, but don't be fooled.For God's sake don't be fooled.I give the impression that I'm secure.That all is sunny and unruffled with me, within as well as without.That confidence is my name and coolness my game;That the waters calm and I'm in command.And that I need no one.But don't believe me. PleaseMy surface may seem smooth, but my surface is my mask.Beneath this lies no complacence.Ben
Awake To Early
Ok, here I am again, on my fifth day off from work and still up early in the morning. What is wrong with this shit. Oh well, allows me to get on the comp and play. Trying to decide how to waste my time today again, although I am sure I am going to get started on another paper in psyche. Ever feel like one things consumes you all the time? will be glad when I am done with this school thing, but that isnt goin to be for probably another three years. At least I like my classes, just not the time lost.  
  Sorry for missing yesterday - had a busy day.   So question for today...   Is there a "boss" in a relationship? If so, how far does this dominate role go? Does it cover everything or just certain area of the relationship? Who wears the "man pants" in your relationship?       As with all other questions.. please stay on subject and IF YOU CANT BE HONEST - DONT COMMENT.   Please check out the other questions of the day.   Please Rate This Blog
Human Waste
You attempt To remove The knife From my Back But all the Tears and words You offer Will not heal The scar From your Cowardly Attack Next time At least Do it to My face So I can Have the pleasure Of putting you In your Rightful place Call it What you will You define The synonym Of human Waste
powwow\ POU-wou \verb; 1. To confer.noun: 1. A ceremony, esp. one accompanied by magic, feasting, and dancing, performed for the cure of disease, success in a hunt, etc. 2. A council or conference of or with Native Americans.
From Rev
I guess IDid notMeasure upTo what He thoughtA manShould beBecause when I wouldn't DrinkThat shotHe just had To call me A PussyI told himThat's alright With me My womanLOVESTo eatThat stuffSo there areMuch Worse thingsI could be So True Love Ya Rev
Late Valentines Auction/contest
OK peps..I am gonna host another auction/contest...a late Valentines know I am behind! This one is 4 everyone! So cum all...lmao!    It will start Monday 2/14/11 & end on Sunday 2/20/11! There is no charge 2 enter the auction! I do them 4 fun & 2 help others! Ownership lasts for 1 month! U can accept any bid at any time if u want!    Here is what I need from u if u want in:   1. A link 2 a pic of u (SFW or NSFW)   2. A list of everything u want 2 offer (please no really long lists)   Please send info & pic in a private message not in my shout box! Put subject as Auction so I know what it is! If u need help with ideas I will be glad 2 help out!   Here is how the contest part is gonna work! The winner will be decided on total rates! If there is a tie it will go by rates & comments combined!  Prizes:   1st Place: 1 Boomy 2nd Place: 5 Credit Bling 3rd Place: 3 Credit Bling     So get me ur info asap!   Thanks, Christina =)
long ago their was this boy, 2 year later he was given a brother only for the brother to die 3 days later.. year later, he was given twin sister, and year after that a half brother.. then 2 years later, a dunbass was getting a trailor ready to move in and was unhooking a stove, while holding a cigarette the stove blew up, blowing this boy out the front door, into sum trees not remembering wat happen, except his legs hangin out of the window of the car on the way to the hospital, where he would leave for aobut a year.. learnin how to walk, talk, and write all over again.. then a few years after that, iwas hit by a truck, while riding his bike.. then when he was 12, his mom took off with a 16 yr old kid takin him with her.. they want to all different places til she ran out of money in this town in texas. so she called her mom(his grandma), and the grandma came and got him, he was traded for a bag of food, and $50.. never to hear from her again, til he was going on 18, and
Family Ties
OK, here is one for you, Dr. Ninja. When it comes to Fubar, I am old school. When I put someone in my family, it is because I think they are my friend unless it for a specified reason (like helping them level). Should I be upset when someone puts me in their family because I am a friend, then they remove me to add someone that pays them for a spot? Or, should I just recognize that this is the new Fubar where family can be bought and sold? Sincerely,Questioning friendships   Dear Questioning friendships, Whether or not you are listed in someone's family, unless there was an argument precipitating the removal, you shouldn't really matter. Some of us rotate family members frequently so that people who don't usually get the benefits of famps and such finally do. Sometimes, money is tight and we want some credits. So we sell a spot for a run, then go back to the usual lot. If you think it diminishes your place in their life, you probably want to analyze the fact that you care m
The Journey Called Life ...
How do you expect kids to listen to their parents..when Tarzan lives half naked, Cinderella comes home at midnight,Pinocchio lies all the time, Aladdin is the king of thieves,Batman drives at 200 mph, Sleeping Beauty is lazy,and Snow White lives with 7 guys......We shouldn't be surprised when kids misbehave...they get it from their story books. :)
Just Something Tonight
Love is fate. Fate is love. But fate keeps us apart. But love will pushes me on. Hold on hold on. I wont be gone. Time will tell. But for now its hell.
Webcast Nuisance
THE FUBAR SHERIFF AKA RONNIE@ fubar This person has been wreaking havoc on webcast for about 3 weeks now and it seems that there isnt anyone at Fubar that gives a rats ass that this person is making a laughing stock of Fubar. He needs to be dealt with swiftly and permanetly, This person is far more dangerous to the site than others who have been frozen out of their accounts, my real question is why since he is having an effect on an area of the website that is used 24/7, why isnt a more pro-active approach being taken to stop his harrassment of the members of this site. I know what the terms of service say ,i have read them, Fubar does not get involved in disputes between members. There is one difference,this person is bringing grief on people who have never even spoken a word to him. Is it fair to the membership, for the administration to hide behind the terms of service instead of aggresively taken care of this problem? I say deal with this nuisance now , because i for one will not
Demon Desires Part 1
AI was sitting at the computer playing a game on face book when the phone rang.                 “Hello, hey Katie what’s up?” “Wanted to know if you wanted to go out with some of the girls tonight? We’re going to a new exhibit at the museum.”                 “I don’t know, have to get up early tomorrow for work. What time does this exhibit start?” “Believe it or not the exhibit starts at midnight; it’s a Dark Art Exhibit. The flyer that I picked up says that there will be a lot of dark art, statues, and people who claimed they have seen demons and the devil. Just thought that it might help with your stories, you know give you some inspiration. You were the one who was talking about wanting to write something totally new and different.” Katie was giggling as she spoke.                 “You’re a brat, I don’t care if you are my best friend or not. You knew that there was no way I could say no t
Can This Year Just End Please??
It has been total hell and couldn't end soon enough. My sister and brother in law lost their jobs and had to move in with us, My mother got injured on the job and then instead of sending her to workman's comp they made her keep working and eventually fired her for "not being able to do the duties of work" so we're in a lawsuit over all that which is taking WAY too long, they've decided that she's too screwed up physically to go back to work so now both of My parents AND I am all on disability. I have been all My life and My father was injured on the job over 5 yrs ago so is now. Our house payment went up and the morons didn't say $811.23 they simply said $811 a month so that's what they recieved and they refused it, and since we were already behind on it, they have started foreclosure so the house we spent 15 years of our lives working on and trying to finish while on our fixed budgets is about to be gone. Some days I wish I could just go into the hospital for some stupid reason having
Stuff I Want To Remember And This Is The Closest Notepad
I do a lot of thinking about scientific theory and heretofore impractical applications of quantum minutae to the macrocosm, and hold a personal leaning toward the idea that the reason things are  relatively unpredictable at the quantum level may be the result of consciousness. This makes little sense, even to me. Needs rewriting to elucidate and tone down my overly pretentious writing style. "particles of faith" "quantum anticipation" two things I wanted to remember.   This is me letting anyone who cares to read, inside my HEAD! whoa!   /dork  
Pipa Collapses, Sopa Hearing To Resume In February
The unprecedented blackout of websites yesterday in protest of the highly criticized Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA) legislation saw Wikipedia’s English site shut down for 24 hours, as well as countless other websites displaying their disapproval of the bills. Even Google aired its disgrace by blacking out its Google logo on their homepage. Twitter released data yesterday saying the popular micro blogging service had recorded over 3 million Tweets about PIPA and SOPA. Most were in support of the protest, but as the day wore on some took to Twitter to vent their frustration at being unable to use the websites that had shut down in protest. Senate members rushed for the doors with 18 Senators announcing they opposed the new PIPA bill. Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) blamed the mass exodus on Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) for "pushing forward with a flawed bill that needs much work," according to reports by Ars Technica. One of the chamber's longest-serv
You're My
You're my obsession You're my everything you're a pain in my ass you're everything I never knew I wanted you're the one you push me too far you bring me back you make me smile you inspire me You simply are.
I feel as though my hands are tied yet still my eyes are open wide clouded thinknig, my thoughts confused betrayed, berated, then excused I pay the price for spoken sins while standing outside looking in penalized and heaped in shame unable to defend my name writing thoughts best left unspoken painting pictures deemed provoking how can I not but speak my mind although some find the truth unkind an ounce of truth can set you free from those who call it blasphemy... Michael H. BodorCopyright © 2012
Think About Your Troubles Harry Nilsson
Think about your troubles   Sit beside the breakfast tableThink about your troublesPour yourself a cup of teaAnd think about the bubblesYou can take your teardropsAnd drop them in a teacupTake them down to the riversideAnd throw them over the sideTo be swept up by a currentThen taken to the oceanTo be eaten by some fishesWho were eaten by some fishesAnd swallowed by a whaleWho grew so oldHe decomposedHe died and left his bodyTo the bottom of the oceanNow evverybody knowsThat when a body decomposesThe basic elementsAre given back to the oceanAnd the sea does what it oughta
Never do these blog thingys, usually not interested in them.  But I have to say something about people because they are the most interesting species that walks gods green earth.  And in my time here in Fubar I have seen, met and read tons of profiles.  I have had my share of the sweet people that I was so fortunate to meet and lord have mercy I have met the shits, people with little to no respect for others.  I believe most come to fubar to live out their fantasy because they have no balls, and it makes one wonder if half the shit they say to you in messages and SB, if they would dare say it to your face..I call them SCUM.  Then their are those that the only time they bother to say hi to you or rate your profile is when they want something from you...put out a special ability out there and lo and behold you have new friends I call those ASS SUCKING USERS.  Then there are the  people who comes and like and rate your profile never say anything but a hello and how are you, they read your
Cheap Air Jordan
The very last reason is all the school children are additionally the adherents associated with nike jordans,Air Jordan Pas Cher that they like to match their unique footwear along with others' and they are needing to have a very assortment of Jordans. In a word, Jordans is liked by simply many people. When talk about nike Jordans, individuals will remember the wonderful guy that's the actual california king regarding baseball industry referred to as Michael Jordan. Air Jordan for sale All using the oxygen jordan basketball sneakers within our store are 100% quality.His big walk They also heard the explosion that burst and,Jordans Shoes therefore,cheap air jordan Cheap Nike Air Jordans Shoes is to the direction of the explosion came. Cheap Nike Air Jordans Shoes holding Air Jordan Retro hand,Jordans For Cheap Sale Shoes like a burnished Fork things straight Tang Jun,Cheap Nike Air Jordans Shoes who rushed over.Apart from these soles Air Jordan X design was overall very plain an
Seriousness right now. Whats up with all the jealous females on here, i mean seriously, i never claimed to be any better, or any hotter than any of you. I mean i never once said omg omg im so much prettier. Jesus. Stop with the bitchy comments, and the ignornat words. Its rude, and retarded. I never said i was any different than any of you. Its pretty fucked up. Im sick and tired of hearing guys, and girsl i know coming to me saying, did you hear what so and so said, no i did not hear it, and no i do NOT want to hear it. I don't care about gossip, or rumors, i dont care about what goes on in other peoples drama filled life. It's truly messed up. I have my own life, which i love living, and it's just the internet, so why get so bent out of shape over something someone says? Some of the people on here, exspecially females confuse me. Theres a lot of girls and guys around here, and everyones fighting for attention. Whats the point? Yeah i do have a lot of points, but a lot of them a
Feeding The Flies
It is living inside of me like any virus Stop me if you've heard this all before I'm pretty sure you have but you'd like to be lured back in So smile and flirt "Wouldn't you like to stay the night?" "Why of course not my love, can't you see the skies letting loose?" Suspended like a tight-rope walker over the ocean Blowing kisses to the drowning mass Sainted by your self-sacrificial ways Let me greet you with open arms A knife held in each hand Perhaps then you'd get the point Perhaps you'd understand Stab. Choke. Lie. Choke I'd love to watch you die Choke Oh how I tire of circles Every now and then I'd prefer to repeat life in straight lines At least then I'd see just where I'm headed And where I've come from The buzzing flies await The feeding maggots behind All my life I've been ascending Only to be eaten alive
Internet "love" Sucks (pt.1)
When I first got into myspace it was October of 2005 I met a ton of great people online. I actually met some people in real life. Had a relationship with one or two. There was one very special man though. He worked in the movies in Hollywood. Before you say anything it has been verified that he does actually work in visual effects I have actually seen his name on the big screen. So anyway we talkied online for months, had a wonderful friendship, he brought me out of my shill in a lot of ways. I was still very broken up about the loss of my fiance and he watched me cry onn webcam many nights. Of course it got sexual as well. We came from two different worlds, I was home to him and he was the life I never had. We talked every single day, sometimes for hours. When he started working on Night At The Museum I found out that I was coming to California for a visit. Finally we would meet. My father took me and the kids to L.A. to go to Universal Studios. That night he came an
Being here has been a great time, and m ade many wonderful friends, take care everyone, will be thinking of you all.
These Are Plants That Are Toxic To Your Dog
These are plants that are toxic, if you dog starts experiencing any of these symptoms or ate something that they're not supposed to eat call your veterinarian or poison control immediately. Sometimes produce diarrhea, vomiting: Bittersweet Woody Castor Bean Daffodil Delphinium Fox Glove Ground Cherry Indian Turnip Larkspur Poke Weed Skunk Cabbage Wisteria Causes rash or irritation after skin contact: Chrysanthemum Creeping Fig Poinsettia Pop Mum Spider Mum Weeping Fig Irritating: Mouth may become swollen, sore lips, tongue pain: Arrowhead Vine Boston Ivy Caladium Drunk Cane Emerald Duke Pathos Philodendron Red Princess Toxic - may cause vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, cramps. Some can cause tumors, heart and respiratory and/or kidney problems. Amaryllis American Yew Apricot, Almond Asparagus Fern Azalea Balsam Pear Bird of Paradise Black Locust
Love Love Love!
Halloween Party!!!
I am so excited because I am going to the neighbors Halloween Party. I was over helping them get ready for the party. I bought gooy body parts for everyone to touch including myself. I am going as the Queen Wraith Hive Keeper from Stargate Atlantis. I am very excited about getting dressed up as a mean evil b_t_h! She sucked the life out of her victims chests to give herself substanance. The victims age very fast. I will have pictures later.
Upcoming Surgery
A few weeks ago, while i was at work i had gotten some serious abdominal pains....strong enough to put a big boy like myself to his knees...After spending a few hours in the ER and seeing my family Doctor the following day, it turns out i have Gall Bladder Stones. So for the past few weeks i have been (trying) to watch what i eat, so it doesn't set off another round of pain..(pain usually lasts for 4-5 hours) Anyways I found out today that on Jan. 15th (or unless there is a cancellation) I'll go in for day surgery to have my gall bladder removed....A simple proceedure, in and out in a day, but i'll be off work for 2 weeks on account of being a diabetic...Aparently it takes diabetics a lil longer to heal.. Anywho, i thought i would just give an update on how it was going, cause i know there are a few of you that i told this there ya go :P p.s I fucking hate snow...blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Gotta say thank you again to all of you who left a message on my profile voice messaging..I love them! Woo hoo..brings a smile to my face every time I listen to them..thank you, thank you, thank you!! If you havent had a chance to hear me, go listen to my vioce on my profile page...and leave me a message! LOL Hugs and Kisses!!
Sooooo The Opposite Of Graceful!
So, yesterday my boys and I decided to tackle the spring cleaning in the winter job and switch rooms so they would have more space. We took apart their beds, my bed, washed all the sheets and blankets, cleaned out everything and everywhere and made a bunch of bags for donations. By this time I was tired! So, while trying to put their beds back together I managed to trip over the frame I was screwing into the headboard and did this 180 swirly, turn, lutz into the frame itself landing my big ol booty on my arm. BACKWARDS! I thought for sure it was broken immediately. OMG, IT HURT and I was wailing like a BANSHEE! I sat there are tangled in this mess for a few minutes bawling my eyes out and realized it hurt more when I shook and that I had to get up. So I got to the couch and figured we better head for the hospital. I had shooting pains up and down my arm and it hurt so bad it was making me want to vomit. So we drive all the way there, and 3 ambulances are unloading
Be My Valentine
Would you be my Valentine? If you would like to buy me hearts, please read below, I am going to post all the hearts that are bought for me in this blog at the bottom. Please know that I appreciate every heart that you buy!!!
Meet my new Owner!!!! Hazeyez!! Please stop by her page and show her LOTS and LOTS of love!!! You couldn't hope to meet a nicer person or make a sweeter friend. ~Hazyeyz ~ ~Spanker Bombing Family Member!~@ fubar
Cold Pizza
Cold Pizza by LateNiteFantasy© Love, what is thy name if not a cold and soggy crust humbly adorned with plasticine cheese and the dry, curled slices of rapture past To hold you, to take you in my hands and mouth to feel the coolness of night give way to morning's warmth oh, such joy such trembling anticipation for that luscious first bite of yesterday's delight
So yeah... I'm alive... really I am... miss me? :P
I am absolutely disgusted with what has become prevalent in the one place I sought out for my sanctuary. I posted this comment in the NON-MUMM given here as an example. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Frayed Knot ™ Online (dirty bird...flew the coop!) East Hartland, CT August 11, 2008 @ 10:18 am #128 of 135 How about not rewarding idiots with comments when they aren't capable of following the guidelines of the forum? How bout letting them starve for the attention they seek instead of rewarding them? How about rewarding those who do follow the guidelines and have something worth reading? Why must the stupidity win out in a place where intellect is the ruling force? I detest watching these NON-MUMMS become the popular spot for wasted intelligence. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I find it completely ignorant to give these idiots anything. I feel that if they were ignored they would be less likely to continue posting such crap.
Missing Mommy

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