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Dr Micca Kruger's blog: "Jupie's blog"

created on 01/30/2007  |  http://fubar.com/jupie-s-blog/b50175
When the world seems to be going 100mph faster than you. Things go for everyone else but you? What do you do when you have friends who are they only when they need something for themselves? But when it comes to you they are non-exsistant? What do you do when they ask the world of you but when it comes time to return a small favor they arent to be found or they just are too busy?? When you are there to listen to them but when it comes to you youre a big joke. You wanna know what happens? You end up not trusting. And thing is Im not a trusting person to begin with. And I have lost it all. Things have been boiling up for awhile so when I vent and lash out its from everything I havent said. The things I have said are nothing compared to what needs to be said. Anyways HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY EVERYONE! Get drunk and party. Everyone knows I will be smashed by the end of the night.
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