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DyneOmite's blog: "? firstish ?"

created on 10/25/2006  |  http://fubar.com/firstish/b17753


Alrighty then, It's halloween.. the big bag of candy that was supposed to handed out to the kids went mostly into my face.. I don't regret it though, because I love candy... I dressed up as a starwars, tuskan sandperson... sacred the crap out of a few people.. but then I got way to hot and had to take it off... I was thinking crap.. i don't have a costume anymore.. but the I went to one of my backup costumes.. a ballcap.. with a leaf stuck onto in.. Noone seemed to get it... it was a thinker I say.. they ask what the hell are you? and I simply blow on the leaf hanging from my hat.. Yes folks I was a leaf blower.... Sooo many people didn't get it though.... i was ashamed at the state of people.. maybe they were drunk... maaayyybe... Well the thought came to me, that I'm going to post some of my artwork.. get it rated, not the best stuff, but the comments would be apprieceated!!! Well the voice comment thingy is a hit... i think well I like it :p YAY..
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