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Love Hurts Train
Love Hurts Tag imikimi - Customize Your World OWNERS: ¢¾Ironica**Death Angel¢¾Byte me!!!/Fu-Wifey Of Metal Baby & Dark Prince /Owner of Death~@ fubar ~Metal Baby~CLUB F.A.R. Team Greatness Capt (#1 FAMILY)~ LDC Family~Vampyrez Rave Vixenz~@ fubar Co-Owner: })i({ HER ✌ WORLD })i({ ®@ fubar RULES: 1.) F/A/R ALL MEMBERS FROM IRONICA'S BLOG. 2.) CHECK BLOG FREQUENTLY FOR NEW MEMBERS TO F/A/R 3.) BE KIND TO FELLOW MEMBERS W/GIFTS AND SH*TFACED IF YOU CAN 4.) LOOK FOR BULLYS AND REPOST WHEN YOU SEE THEM FROM THE TRAIN 5.) ADD NAME TO NICKNAME OR PROFILE 6.) NO DRAMA WILL BE TOLERATED!!! 7.) MUST RATE ALL PIXS IN IRONICA'S ALBUM (THEY ARE UP NOW) Love Hurts - Nazareth MEMBERS: Cengin RL BF & Fu Married To ~GoofyLady~@ fubar schwani4474..Owned by Nubian Muscle..Omega Bombers..25 to Life.
4 Minutes!
Omg Im Horny And Wet For The Auto's Live Cam
Bully By Cin
Look who has Auto 11's!! Go by her page and spank her hard! Send her a PM for return rates! ♦CinDragon♦Founder of ClubMystic♦PegasusProject♦FuAngel♦I.B.I.C♦@ fubar (repost of original by 'CinDragon~Founder of ClubMystic~CoFounder of T&L~Gunny's fu-BISH~Natural Witch is my fu-Bish! fu' on '2008-10-26 04:58:14')
Our Newest Member
Please welcome Lost Soul...... Our newest member in the family. PLEASE A/F/R LOST SOUL~CHOPPERS BIKER CLUB LEVELERS CREW ~Devils Advocates Bombing and Leveling Crew's~@ fubar Welcome to the family MsBratt Angel Eyes Basstracker Sexy T
All American Haven
The Last Hour Is Now
Just A Biker
JUST A BIKER I saw you, hug your purse closer to you in the grocery store line. But you didn't see me put an extra $10.00 in the collection plate last Sunday. I saw you pull your child closer when we passed each other on the sidewalk. But you didn't see me playing Santa at the local mall. I saw you change your mind about going into the restaurant when you saw my bike parked out front. But you didn't see me attending a meeting to raise more money for the hurricane relief. I saw you roll up your window and shake your head when I rode by. But you didn't see me riding behind you when you flicked your cigarette butt out the car window. I saw you frown at me when I smiled at your children. But you didn't see me, when I took time off from work to run toys to the homeless. I saw you stare at my long hair. But you didn't see me and my friends cut ten inches off for Locks of Love. I saw you roll your eyes at our leather jackets and gloves. But you didn't see me and my brothers do
This Is Your Life Helly
New Password
THE NEW PASSWORD A woman was helping her husband set up his new computer, and at the appropriate time in the process, told him he would now need to enter a password.. Something he would use to log-on. Her husband was in a rather devilish mood and figured he would try for the shock effect to bring this to his wife's attention. So, when the computer asked him to enter his password, he made it plainly obvious to his wife that he was keying in: P... E... N... I... S.. His wife fell out of her chair laughing when the computer replied: ***PASSWORD INVALID............NOT LONG ENOUGH***
Ok finally started a Facebook send me ya name there so i can add ya all xoxo
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? none 2. Your significant other?none 3. Your hair? short 4. Your mother? sandra 5. Your father? james 6. Your favorite thing? family 7. Your dream last night? none 8. Your favorite drink? tea 9. Your dream/goal? work 10. The room you're in? livingroom 11. Music? country 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? hawii 14. Where were you last night? home 15. What you're not? happy 16. Muffins? strawberry 17. One of your wish list items? car 18. Where you grew up? lampasas 19. The last thing you did? eat 20. What are you wearing? scrubs 21. TV? cbs 22. Your pets? none 23. Your computer?emachine 24. Your life? here 25. Your mood? sick 26. Missi
Guts Or Balls
Guts or Balls We've all heard about people having guts or balls. But do you really know the difference between them? In an effort to keep you informed, the definition for each is listed below . GUTS - is arriving home late after a night out with the guys, being assaulted by your wife with a broom, and having the guts to ask: "Are you still cleaning, or are you flying somewhere?" BALLS - is coming home late after a night out with the guys, smelling of perfume and beer, lipstick on your collar, slapping your wife on the ass and having the balls to say: "You're next." I hope this clears up any confusion on the subject
Fill It Out, Thanks!
1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Favorite position (s)? 4. Do you think I'm sexy? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8. Would you take a shower with me? 9. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10. Would you leave after or stay the night? 11. Do you like cuddling afterwards? 12. Condom or skin? 13. Do you give Oral pleasures? 14. Do you like to receive Oral Pleasures? 15. Have sex on the first date? 16. Would you kiss me during sex? 17. Do you think I would be good in bed? 18. Threesome? 20. How many times would you like to cum? 21. Would you use me as a booty call? 21. Can I use you as a booty call? 22. Do you like foreplay? 23. What is foreplay to you? 24. Can we take pictures of the act? 25. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you? Copy and paste this into your blog to see what your friends answers will be.
Sniff Sniff............hmmmmmmm
This was sent to my mom.. I laughed so hard I was crying..lmao A fart it is a pleasant thing, It gives the belly ease, It warms the bed in winter, And suffocates the fleas. A fart can be quiet, A fart can be loud, Some leave a powerful, Poisonous cloud A fart can be short, Or a fart can be long, Some farts have been known To sound like a song...... A fart can create A most curious medley, A fart can be harmless, Or silent , and deadly. A fart might not smell, While others are vile, A fart may pass quickly, Or linger a while...... A fart can occur In a number of places, And leave everyone there, With strange looks on their faces. From wide-open prairie, To small elevators, A fart will find all of Us sooner or later. But farts are all bad, Is simply not true- We must never forget....... Sweet old farts like you! Kinda brings a tear to your eye - doesn't it?
So I just got done watching the last 15 minutes of the Dick Clark new years count down...Every year it gets more and more depressing. This year especially for me... because coming up in May, it marks the 10 year anniversary of my dads death..I can not believe it has been that long. Why do these years keep going by so quickly? I hate getting older. :-s This is just another depressing babble from me....
Bad Reputation
Ex Gf Code
1.You walked that gives me the right to do what i want,when i want,with whom i want 2. If you replace me,i get to hate you more than i did at the beginning of our break up 3.Dont tell me how important your new girl is to you...because i was just as important if not more at one time 4.Dont treat me like shit if you said "I Love You" at one point in time 5.I was the most important person to you at one point in time,so dont act like i never meant anything to you 6.I get to HATE you for what you done 7.I am allowed to be crazy and wild YOU broke me 8.I am allowed to make fun of you,you did fuck with my heart,feelings,and mind 9.I may miss certain parts/things about you ,but just because i miss some things doesnt mean i want you back so dont flatter yourself 10.Dont talk shit because you know i wont believe it,i know things about you,your not much better These are your rights= 1.You are not allowed to tell me when i am being a bitch or a brat
i kno its random and esp seeing what it feels like right now outside.. but i wish that there was somebody who would join me in my random idea of wanting to grab blankets and pillows and jsut lay out under the stars doesnt matter where were layin outside could be on the roof,on the hood of a car or on the ground in a drive way but jsut bundled up next to each other keeping each other warm and talkin under the stars... even if it was only for an hour its just something i think i wanna do with somebody jsut for the hell and sake of being random and interesting lol.. k that is all ...~MUAH!!!
Peach Melba Ice Cream Pie
* Active Time: 20 minutes * Total Time: 6 hours 20 minutes INGREDIENTS o CRUST o 1⁄4 cup butterscotch or caramel ice cream topping o 2 Tbsp stick butter o 28 vanilla wafer cookies, broken up (4 cups) o 3⁄4 cup peach preserves o 3 pt vanilla ice cream, softened o 1⁄2 cup raspberry pourable fruit o TOPPING o 1⁄2 pt raspberries o 2 ripe medium peaches, sliced o 1⁄4 cup raspberry pourable fruit PREPARATION 1. Coat a 9-in. pie plate with nonstick spray. 2. Crust: Heat topping and butter in a bowl in microwave on medium or in a saucepan over low heat until butter melts. 3. Process cookies in food processor until fine crumbs form. Add warm mixture; process until crumbs are moistened. Scrape into pie plate; press over bottom and up sides. 4. Stir preserves vigorously into ice cream in a large bo
Sweetest Friends Auction Open now until Feb 26th. Extra bonus added. MyHotComments Ok get in here and bid on your friend,he has lots of great things to offer.So lets see what you believe your friend is worth. Which friend of yours is up for auction you ask? Well here they are: Remember its just for fun and to help you and others get farther on this site. The rules are simple. NO DRAMA, f/r/a the hostess and have fun. Its not too late to join. If you would like to enter just send the pic link you'd like to use, your offers and 5k to DJ Bitter Sweet. And a little surprise for all and an added twist I am going to add a little extra bonus. Even if you cant bid on your friends make sure you rate them for the one with the most rates at the end of the auction gets their choice of a 1 month VIP, $20 Bling pack, or a 3 day blast
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I love cats 2. I'm Pagan 3. I'm content with my age 4. I'm a flirt 5. I like raw steak 6. I read too much 7. I can't stand eggplant or malicious gossip 8. I like to drive fast! 9. I cry 10. I detest internet drama and those who cause it
Losing Faith
It's been 3yrs since I've become a in its self not really a big deal, is it? I'm not the only one this has happen to, not going to the last. LIFE GOES ON..THE BIRDS NEVER STOPPED SINGING..MY WORLD DIDN'T STOP. After awhile, I thought about trying to "date"..I tried MySpace, just for one, to see what some of my own children were doing, and it was a way to keep in people there, who of course, weren't who they said they's all good. It was a rude awakening, and I learn a major lesson in life..DON'T TRUST ANYONE.. My second "dating site" was luck was but problems..then a friend, had me try This I could handle..I've learn my lesson..thinking, I could trust people once I thought. or at least some. I've meet online some really sweet people...and become friends with. or at least I thought. I base friendship on being honest, open and up front with me..I'm not one to judge anyo
Witchie likes postin music blogs so I decided to take it upon myself to up the ante I see your Sex&Candy n raise ya a Fuckin Craig Christ biosh!!! might be m0 older but its m0 gooder
Ok so last week a old lady called cops and said our dogs were terring up her house when in fact they were on chains in back yard needless to say the cops took all the dogs to the pound but we got them out the next day.Robby got a painting job last week and was paid today.We been packing stuff we gonna take to ohio and cleaning and smoking of course lol and we decided to sell all furniture and just start new in ohio with everything except our clothes.Im getting so excited about this move.Oh yea I have been a bit sicker lately but Im still doing ok HELLO HORNY MMFWKL NINJA
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~bratt~ & I Trying To Level
Life Before
with a million things runnin thru my head and dont know how to sort things out is like makin me feel like im dying inside. no wait, i am dying inside. i need things to change i want to feel what i felt before.
Salutes For Friends And Fans.
Friends Fans, I'm up for photo suggestions, and thought what better way than offer a those who want their own personal salute from me! Let me know if you'd like one!
Over You
Reminds me of my EX Husband, Thought I would never get over him tearing my heart into shreds. :D
The room spun in a chaotic desperation, even the sober were sickened by the slow motion strobe light effect. amongst the shadows a small child hid, clinging to the security blanket the darkness offered. Mumbling words the child rocked back and forth, her tiny hands balled tightly and pressed agasint her face. not even tightly clenched eyes could keep the tears from rolling down her face. Just outside the shadows a "grown woman" laughed, flirting with her eyes she flipped her hair, and tossed another shot back. It burned the back of her throat and she silently blamed that for the tears in her eyes. the strobe effect was becoming brighter, causing her to laugh louder. shot after shot she tried to forget what she could never remember to begin with. The room pressed agasint the childs throat she seperated her lips, threw back her head felt the burn of the shot, and screamed. The room seemed to pulsate as the scream grew in volume. But the rooms contents went unbothered, the shots ke
Santa Monica From The Eponym Album "savage
Santa Monica from the eponym album "savage garden" performed live Artist: Savage Garden (Darren Hayes/Daniel Jones) Album: Savage Garden 1997 Sony BMG In santa monica in the winter time The lazy streets so undemanding I walk into the crowd In santa monica you get your Coffee from The coolest places on the Promenade Where people dress just so Beauty so unavoidable everywhere You turn Its there I sit and wonder what am i Doing here But on the telephone line i Am anyone I am anything I want to be I could be a super model or Norman mailer And you wouldnt know the Difference Or would you In santa monica all the people got Modern names Like jake or mandy And modern bodies too In santa monica on the boulevard Youll have to dodge those In line skaters Or theyll knock you down I never felt so lonely Never felt so out of place I never wanted something more Than this But on the telephone line i Am anyone I am anything I want to be I could be a super
"venting" At The Mainzer 2004
This was a really bad week for me and I so truly needed to vent. The day was gray and gloom and I did not think things were going to get any better. There was quite the group of us going tonight my brother Edge, his family, a friend of mine and my daughter were all packing up to go. We were all running late, some of us had come from Colusa, Ca. to attend this evening’s event and holiday traffic was already clogging the roads. We arrived to find the first band in the process of setting up, doors opened at 7pm and show started at 8pm. The crowd was already growing as we made our way through to the back. There were actually a few kids hanging out upstairs something I have not seen in a while since most of the crowds have been rather small compared to tonight. I also noticed several booths set up; Power Slave was by the entrance to the main hall I got to stop in and chat with them for a few then Metal Brain Records was also there over by the wall past the bar helping to sell band mer
You Don't Deserve My Tears
You don't deserve my tears © By Portorican PrincessFor five months I have waitedAnd held all my tearsBut last night I let them flowI never again wanted to cry for youBecause of what you didYou don't deserve my tearsBecause of what you didI Gave upI find no hope in humanityBecause of what you didI see no love in a heartI look for the corruptionBecause of what you didI no longer careI try not to feelI try not to cryYou don't deserve my tearsBecause of what you didI lost the only thing that made me happyYou were what got me through each dayBut because of what you didI don't know what to doAll that is left is tearsTears that have been waiting to fallWaiting for me to breakWaiting for me to admitThat I miss your loveBut you don't deserve meBecause of what you didI am now lostAlone without you or anybody elseYou don't deserve my tearsBut I still cry for you
How We Judge...     im KNOW she blew everyones mind!   she defintely blew mine. and i felt guilty. because i too judge before i even saw. how shallow we are
Heavy Metal Ninja....
I wanna be a heavy metal ninja, loved by few hated by most....but respected by all!!!!!!! lol....what the fux you wanna be?
Sell Me
ok so i want to buy a bling pack or a cherry bomb but no one wants to sell me one or anything so i thought i would write a blog about my upsetness thats my new word well yea im upset because yea i wanted to bling ppl and cherry bomb ppl but cant well i guess ill go if your selling pm me will buy for 1mil-hector
Wife Swip
today episode of wife swap my good friens Kevin and Dolly was on it.. Kevin and Dolly own The Heart Of Darkness( the haunted house all the NightStalkers work at) boy could they have found a perfect opposite as they did.. at least in the end they took some good things from each other so their families can grow...i know this is not one of my usual type of stuff i write.. but it i had to just put this out there for my friends to know...
Cowboys & Cowgirls
I need to snap the hell out of this funk. I still can't concentrate on much of anything and that part is driving me insane. Tomorrow I have the appointment for the transitional place, I just hope I am not a blubbering mess there and actually make sense of my answers cuz I am not making any sense to myself right now. The connection I am on today sucks bad, but I can actually shrug that off since my attention span is so shitty.  Just kind of in the mood to shut everyone out, cuz in my mind I don't feel like anyone really understands everything I am going through. It just keeps adding up and getting worse when I didn't think it could get anyworse.
My Fubar Status....
Until further notice, this is how I feel about fubar....I think this is a cool place to meet & get to know some cool people, but over the past few years it's become a political sideshow. I know some people have a life on here...I think it's called addiction...fu-addicts. I'm one too. I have met some really beautiful people here.... inside and out.Here's one of them:   Jui© y~GoT~Him~©®azy Demon Queen! ~ Owned by Sexy & Fine ☠♆MisterJueseppi♆☠™@ fubar   Here's the point: Have fun, live ur life, and I hope fubar leads u to whatever it is u r looking 4.
A Man And His Porn
it's 4 pm and I've nothing to do... as I wonder aimlessly around the carnival of debotary that which is the Internet,  looking at porn like all bored, self-respecting man will do. porn and their stars alike bore me. Same ol' looks, same bad acting. but every once and awhile. a girl I come across just simpley blow me away. no pun intended. then I find myself looking for videos or her NOT fuckin' just simply doing an interview, or on the street. I don't change my favorite porn star often, to retire them breaks my heart, But as of about 7 months ago, I retired my long running favortie "Gauge" for Gianna micheals...shes awesome.   ...and your not.
Car Accident
Just to let all my friends know the reason why i havent been around much. I was in a car accident a little more then a month ago and i have been trying to recover. It wasnt that serious but enough to wreck my sholders and neck up. So please be patient i will be back on full force soon i hope! Much love to my friends.   Lucy
y is it that to me everyone seems to be taken 20 steps ahead and in life and i am the one who is taken 40 steps back no matter what i do i cant get ahead i cant be happy anymore my life has taken a turn for the worse and i cant get out of here wat does it take to get ahead of ur life? why cant i be happy again? i just want to take my steps ahead and stop going back
Im Scared
She Said
Once you said to me, after performing an incredible act, No dirty mind, I'm not talking about that. It was an act of selfless, kindness, far beyond the duties of a girlfriend, so far above, it could have only been an act of love, But back to what you said,  you told me I should have got down on my knees and proposed that second, to which I say your right, but then again you inspire that feeling in me almost everynight. But if each of those feelings were instantly acted upon, I would have asked countless times, and my knees would be gone. I could sit here all night trying to type, searching for the words that mean enough to me, to say what I've found in you, but instead I'll just close, with the simple and true, I Love You
rate these pix for me they belong to my family every 100 rates we get on our tags we get bling  this is a way for us to show our family love so please rate them all :D so we can all be rewarded :D  on the last ID please drop my name so they know i sent you :D Thank you so much for helping me love my family a lil more :D
A Survey - Thanks Azure Dragon!
1. When is the last time you held hands with someone?last night at my local group's pagan meet-up2. You wake up as the opposite gender, what's the one thing you do?go to the bathroom and not have to sit...3. Have you ever crawled through a window?many... and have a few scars to prove it!4. Where is your mom?Biological one is spread somewhere in ashes under the Golden Gate Bridge...5. Morning or night person?Both6. What was the last movie you watched?I can't remember... it's been that long ago!7. Do you have a crush on anyone right now?Yes - my cat's throat since he is being a P.I.T.A.8. You have a difficulty doing..?Anything I don't put my mind to 100%.9. Things about the opposite sex you notice first.That they are male... LOL!10. What do you do when no one is watching?Pick my nose... or maybe scratch my bum - hahahahaha11. Ever been in love?Too many times and it still hurts.12. What's something your friends make fun of you for?Going off on tangents and tirades for causes...13. What is
You wont be his first, his last or his only. He's loved before, he will love again but if he loves you now what else matters? He's not perfact, neither are youand the two of you will never be perfact but if he makes you laugh, at leas once cause you to think twice, and admits to being human, and making mistakes. Hold on to him, and give him all you've got, He's not going to quote poetry, he's not going to be thinking about you every moment, but he will give you a part of him, that he knows that you can break. Don't hurt him, don't change him,don't expect to much from him. Smile when he makes you happy, cry when he makes you sad and miss him when he's not there. :)
I Dare You!
Since I dared you you obviously have to do it :P ------------------ RULE 1: You opened this; you GOTTA take itRULE 2: You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages you and asks!LAST PERSON YOU....[1] Who was the last person you texted?Keisha[2] You were in the car with?Jen ^.^[3] Went to the mall with?Jen [4] Person you talked on the phone with?My mum ^.^[5] You messaged/​commented on Fubar?SSST/F Only answer with True or FalseQ:Kissed some one on your top friends?TrueQ: Been searched By Cops?FalseQ: Been suspended from school?FalseQ: Sat on a roof top?FalseQ: Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on?FalseQ: Broken a bone?TrueQ: Have shaved your head?FalseQ: Played a prank on someone?TrueQ: Had/have a gym membership?TrueQ: Shot a gun?FalseQ: Donated Blood?TrueWOULD YOU RATHER:[1] Eat or drink?Eh... Eat[2] Be serious or be funny?funny[3] Go to the beach or mountains?Oy... I suppose beach since I live in the mountains ^.^[4] Die in a fire or die getting
i hate rain!
Releasing The Demons -godsmack
What do you see when you're in the darkand the demons come for you?If only you could have seen how fucked up my life used to bethen everything starts to changesupposedly healing my painI never thought I'd feel this wayI never thought that I'd see a dayI'd run away from anything or anywhere or anyoneIt's all these demons haunting meIt's all these little things trapped inside of meReleasing me from all my sinIt's taken me all of my angerAnd taken me all of my hateTo learn how my life came togetherReleasing the demons againAnd now I look through my minds eyeAnd see where my past needs to rustIt's always disturbed by these voicesThat echo inside of my headAnother way that I can hideAnother reason to crumb inside and get away from everything and everywhere and everyoneNO!It's all these demons haunting meIt's all these little things trapped inside of meReleasing me from all my sinIt's taken me all of my angerAnd taken me all of my hateTo learn how my life came togetherReleasing the demons...
Sign Me Up For Cloneing!
Ok So i was just watchin a vid on youtube bout a dude that wanted a clone of himself n it hit me like a bolt of lightning!!!!!!!! I need a clone of me so the doctors can amputate his arm n leg n put them on me! How fuckin awesome would that be!!! lol. ok so now im startin to think bout the hell frankenstine's monster caught, but hey they can transplant faces, so why not arms n legs im sure its been done somewhere. Anyways that was just a random thought i had lol. But if they start cloneing people like in multiplicity sign me up!
Melbourne, Day 1.
Wednesday, the day, vanished.  Disappeared.  Gone.  Absent.  Completely.   Long 14 hour flight.  In the very pleasant company of Sarah and her mother Kimberly (immortalized in my pic section).   Verizon promised my phone would work.  My phone didn’t work.  Changed to Telstra, Now the internet on my phone doesn’t work, however at Telstra I did meet Belinda.  A lovely woman….and married.  Pass.   Shuttle has no record of me but gave me a ride nonetheless. Anastasia was the operator.  I dated a woman with that name.  Maybe that explains the special treatment.   Qantas lost baggage, then found it on a later plane.  All of 8 minutes and a complimentary cup of “coffee” later.   There is no coffee in Melbourne.
What A Beautiful Week
Libra  -  Lovescope Weekly HoroscopeThis is your week to experience that one feeling that is seemingly all good feelings in a bundle: unconditional love, trust, patience, and passion. The Universe will make sure that you stay tuned and remain open to this situation, for it's about to knock on your door. Enjoy the anonymity of it all.
God help me...But I went into my dad's house tonite looking to be sure that things were still there and finding nothing to settle these questions...And slowly but surely things are disappearing...I don't know what to do...The step monster is in contact with a lawyer...the number was there right on the caller i.d....A phone call from the VA in Phlladelphia has disappeared from the caller i.d. and she swears no one has contacted her...Money is being switched from one bank account to another within minutes of each other...And tonite when my dad became clear enuf to talk...He refused meds...Demanded to go home...And we couldn't take him...And she turned and pointed at me and told me that "it's your decision"....I'm in a situation where the only one I trust is my dad and he's not capable of controling anything....or telling me anything....With two women battling from both sides...And one who's doing everything in her power to keep him from coming home with hospice care...Another doing every
The Why
So this is to let my FRIENDS know why I'm no longer working in the Velvet Lounge and why I won't be going there as much. Today, as many of you already know, I took one of my 10 month old puppies to the vet. I left myself parked in the lounge while I was gone. It took much longer than I had thought it would... about 3 hours. When I got home I made my pup comfortable and I did get back on and speak in the lounge. There was TWO people talking when I came back. I said hi and did the nammmmmmmmeeeeeeeee thing to them and then to about 8 other people as they either entered the room or started to talk. During this time I was in about 6 IM's and explaining to a person in the lounge what the vet had said about my dog.  I had spent 3 hours finding out my dog has a very serious infection. He had some how managed to shove a stick or something down his throat and into his voice box. Not knowing he had hurt himself it had abcessed and he is a VERY sick doggie (see the new pics in my "More Ran
Come Down To Me
Saving Jane - Come Down To Me   Words fall out of my mouthAnd I can’t seem to chase what I’m sayingEverybody wants your timeI’m just dreaming out loud,I can’t have you for mine and I know itI just wanna watch you shine.Tripping up on my tongue,It’s all over my face and I’m racingGotta get away from youBurning all the way home,Try to put it to bed but it chasesEvery little thing I doWhen the light falls on your face,Don’t let it change youWhen the stars get in your eyes,Don’t let them blind you.You’re beautifulJust the way you areAnd I love it allEvery line, and every scarAnd I wish that I could make you seeThis is where you ought to be,Come down to me.Spell it out in a song,Bet you never catch on to my weaknessI’m singing every word for you.Here I’m thinking I’m slyThen you’re catching my eye, and just maybe You’re thinking what I’m thinking tooWhen you see it on my face, Don’t let it shak
    They say that love makes the world go round, This I do believe to be a truth. However I do also believe that the pain and heartache one may endure, Is actually a reminder that we are still alive and humans amongst paridise. The good and the bad all are a part of life as is the love and pain. Are you alive? I sure am and will survive and one day love again!!
All Lovey Dovey Music
Happy Reunion!!!
Today, my love was released from jail and we were reunited... ON OUR 9 MONTH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!!! It was such an amazing day!!! We found out he was put in for bullshit reasons and that the douchebag that reported 28 people turned in false reports, pocketed the buy money, and lied to the police. KARMA IS A BITCH.   I thanked my lucky stars that my husband is free and we got to celebrate our 9 months of wedded bliss together!! THANK YOU MY ANGELS!!!   I LOVE YOU, ICARUS!!!  WITH ALL MY HEART!   Always, Bella
Explanation To All My Friend, Family And Fans
To all my friends, family and Fans, I believe I owe those of you loyal and faithful members of AD an explanation as to why I decided to close AD. Over the past year.... I have met many challenges, and faced them all down and pushed on. I had put a lot of blood sweat and tears into AD and DZ radio, as had many of the staff. The problems is when you own a lounge, if you want it to be successful you have to delegate like any good business would. Then comes the next problem.... eventually there will be one or more that start thinking that they are what makes the lounge successful. They start thinking they can run it better, and they start forming cliques. As hard as you try to keep everyone happy and show them appreciation.... it will happen anyway. No amount of thank yous will ever be enough... the things you do to show your appreciation will be discounted and eventually there will be drama. In this case you had a group of about 4 or 5 people getting together behind the scenes and comp
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The List.
After getting drunk friday night to pass away my time, and get my mind off of everything, i sat down with a notebook and started writing like a retard on speed to get all of this out. With my lovely friends help, i came up with this list. most of it, unrealistic and will never happen. The majority of it, I will make happen.  Now, for your reading enjoyment, i figured i would share my wonderful, thoughtfilled drunken LIST with everyone on FUBAR and MYSPACE so they can either have something to THINK about or something to LAUGH over. Because seriously, kids. We all have fuckin hopes. We all have fuckin dreams. ANd lone behold! these are motherfuckin mine. What I Want To Do Before I’m 75.(*red = done. *black = unaccomplished)[___] *year it happened in. 1. Go to Amsterdam and smoke weed in a smoke bar 2. Get drunk in an Irish pub in Ireland 3. SCUBA dive in New Zealand 4. Sky Dive in Australia 5. Get a tattoo in Belgium 6. Go to Japan for real sushi 7. Visit my relatives in
Satanism In Hip Hop
Weigh In 1/19/2010
Sooo.. Last Tuesday I was at 278.5... Today I weighed in at 274.25 I lost 4.25 pounds in the first week... Without even working out much (like twice LOL)     yay for weight lost! I took before pictures today... going to leave them in my cell phone... no one will see them until i get to where i want to be...
rip baby limo 01-27-10
25 Ways To Tell If You Are In A Toxic Relationship (repost)
25 Ways to Tell if Your Relationship is Toxic:1) Your partner puts you down verbally, in private or in front of others.2) Your partner tells you he/she loves you but behavior shows otherwise.3) Your partner doesn’t want you to see or talk to friends or family.4) Your partner is jealous of the time you spend with your kids.5) Your partner shows up often at your work unexpectedly or opens your mail.6) Your partner calls you often to see what you are doing.7) You cry often or feel depressed over your relationship.8) Your partner says you would have the perfect relationship if only you would change.9) Your partner wants you to be dependent on him.10) Your partner does things for you and then uses them to make you feel obligated.11) Your thoughts, opinions, accomplishments, or words are devalued.12) You don’t know who you are anymore without him/her, or how you would survive.13) Your friends/family don’t like your partner or don’t think he is good for you.14) You hav
Beginning or getting back to an exercise routine involves more than just scheduling your workouts and joining a gym. In fact, it’s entirely possible to join a gym and never actually go, even as those monthly payments show up on your bank statement. I know this because I’ve done that a few times in my life. Sticking with your goals requires a few mental tricks to help keep you moving, focused and motivated. 1. Momentum. Momentum is a key part of consistent exercise. You know what I’m talking have those weeks when everything goes right: you do all your workouts, eat like a health freak and start to think, ‘I can totally do this!’ Then ‘it’ happens. ‘It’ might be a holiday, a vacation, an illness...something that throws you off your game. Getting back is always tough, partly because you’ve lost that momentum. We already know (courtesy of Isaac Newton) that an object at rest tends to stay at rest, so getting moving aga
Dear Agony
"Dear Agony" I have nothing left to give I have found the perfect end You were made to make it hurt Disappear into the dirt Carry me to heaven's arms Light the way and let me go Take the time to take my breath I will end where I began And I will find the enemy whithin Because I can feel it crawl beneath my skin Dear Agony Just let go of me Suffer slowly Is this the way it's got to be? Dear Agony Dear Agony Just let go of me Suffer slowly Is this the way it's got to be? Don't bury me Faceless enemy I'm so sorry Is this the way it's gotta be? Dear Agony Suddenly The lights go out Let forever Drag me down I will fight for one last breath I will fight until the end And I will find the enemy within Because I can feel it crawl beneath my skin Dear Agony Just let go of me Suffer slowly Is this the way it's got to be? Don't bury me Faceless enemy I'm so sorry Is this the way it's gotta be? Dear Agony
One Question
If I called you up in the middle of the night, To tell you something is just not right, How would you act, what would you do? Would you take the time to talk me through? Or would you tell me it’s way too late, That my problems just have to wait, How would you act, what would you do? If I were to really need you.   If I were to show up at your door one day, What would you do, what would you say? Would you take me in and keep me warm? Or leave me out there in the storm? Or would you tell me you’re busy and to go away, That I should come back some other day, How would you act, what would you do? If I were to really need you.   Sometimes I just need to know you care, Just need to know you’ll always be there, Just a few loving words may be all it takes, To cure my heart when it aches, But I need to know that your love is true, That you’ll always love me like I love you, How would you act, what would you do? If I were to really need you.
4/19/10 Love Tarot
Hi Betty! Here is your Daily Love Tarot Card for Monday, April 19 "The Two of Pentacles card suggests that this matter may put you in a bit of a bind. However, it may offer two distinct possibilities for handling your time, attention and resources as they affect your relationship or love life. With careful consideration, this could actually be a win-win situation for you, provided you are not sending or receiving mixed messages. This could be a chance to double your pleasure or your chances for material or physical success especially when it comes to physical intimacy or children, provided you are adept at walking the fine line between practical realities and your appetites. You just may need to be reminded of the old sayings 'for better or worse' and 'all things in moderation.'"
When I Look At You.......... Written By Me
When I look at you By me When I look at you I see the sun, the moon and the stars. I see everything thats beautiful in this world.I see a momma who loves her babiesI see a woman who loves her familyI see strength and convictionI see love and I see respectI see an un assuming womanI see someone who is not affraid to be themselfI see a flower in full bloomI see a shy girl I see a strong womanI see funI see laughterI see seriousnessI see fearI see trepidationI see sunshine on a dark stormy dayI see a sultry sexinessI see sexy smokey eyes I see eyes that have seen love and painI see happinessI see sadnessI see confedenceWhen I look at you I see what I want
Mother moon she sings to me a deadly lullaby. Cotton candy in my head, sticky sweet, yet laced with dread. Seven beasts with poison tails. Seven days that bleed. I'm just another mouth to feed, and yet I plead...for more.
Whats Going On With Me
I have finally moved back to Vermont..I am single again and need a serious change in my life..I am 35 freaking years old and feel like a cross between a kid scared of life and an old person with many regrets and fears still instilled inside me..I cannot find a job and I am involved in another court battle with someone who terrorized my children..I am trying to build my life..not have to defend myself to every God damned rumor or bullshit lie that my so called friends like to spread about me..I have endured abuse and ridicule and I am tired of feeling like I can't get this right..
Fantasy Love Letter...
I dreamt of you last night..... Your hands caressing my skin, your warm breath tickling me as your tongue tracks along my body. The heat of your naked body roughly pulling me closer in a sensuous rhythm. The taste of your lips massaging mine as they combine in undeniable passion, your hands masterfully exploring as I lay willingly under you.... When I awoke I could still feel the heat of your body and the touch of your fingers longingly tracing the empty sheets...
Confusing Fubar Colors
To many colors fubar makes. Now I need to figure out what dark green, orange, and purple means. I know what light green, blue, pink, white, and red are now. Grr! Please please please help if you can.  Thank you!!
Things seem to fall apart fast, it dont matter when you try or when you dont try, things still just go where they may and it brings me to wonder, do i or dont i care enough to deal with whats going on around me? sometimes i just want to close my eyes and hope it all goes away.  the problems we face i guess are just a test of what will either break us or make us.
Date With Me?
So I have men telling me things like "what I wouldn't do to date you" and it got me to thinking....What would you do to get a date with me?   I haven't been on a real date in a long long time because most guys I have been with were friends already for yrs and we just kinda took it to the next level. I am wanting to be wooed/chased instead of me planning things and going after the guy so I was curious as to who would want to take me out & what you would plan. And please don't give me a fairytale unless you can make it real--- I'm a simple girl but I also love the glamorous/gourmet lifestyle too. Who knows, if you live close to me and I like your plans I might ask you to make a date ;)
Falling Tears
these tears i shed will never go awaythe tears that fall, will remind me of that pain the pain of loss is what i speakthe pain that made me fall to my kneesthis pain is what i so despise but, what can i do but fall and cry i loss my way, to this never ending paini loss reasonto why i should go on the answers i come to will forever haunt my dreams this pain of loss is what truly makes me sceamthis yelling person who is mewill forever continue to cry and sceamthats why i hate to have these tears fall from my eyesthis nightmare of falling tears is what i really despise Tommie Cobb 
Yumpin' Yimminiy!
Wow - Some people run hot 'n' cold, at the drop of a hat! I was chatting with a cute little thing, young enough to be my great-granddaughter, she was friendly, I was friendly - and because I didn't create a yahoo msngr. acct. fast enough for her liking (I'm left to assume), she got miffed, unplugged the chat - and banned me from so much as breathing near her acct.. I'm guessing she hates men in general (she didn't have time to get to hate me for any reason I could think of - aside from me being like eight times older than her, but I didn't realise her age 'til about halfway through our "chat" - I mentioned it, she dismissed it..) but my question is, is this nameless (Ms. Henderson) "member" as rude to people in her daily, in-person life, or might it be a phenomena where virtual strangers don't count or deserve to be treated like a human being? - Hmmnn.. 
[10 Pills]
Well... I have nothing I want to do, and at least 3 days to do it in.Not much has changed in the last 24 hours.I get high.I go to bed.Some asshole calls me.I get up for a bit.I get high.I go to bed.Some asshole calls me.I get up for a bit.stitches come out at the earliest friday.unemployment system was down today.I'm going to try tomorrow without any narcotics.Last round was around 5 and I still probably have too much in my system to responsibly drive.My new car is in the works, its a piece that was in a minor accident, has an assload of miles on it, has a V-8 is going to run approximately $1000.I can live with that.Reportedly has AC and everything else a growing boy needs, just a fuel pump battery and headlight away from being driveable.Still in claims and police report limbo.Dad wants to get this guy, so do I. We realistically don't anticipate that we'll be able to.Houdini Sanchezis Houdini Sanchez.Plastic surgery keeps getting brought up.For some reason a trip to Vegas keeps being b
Attract Women
Attract Women
The question is much deeper than that! The question is do you have any character at all. You can't obtain character without doing something you regret and discovering them regrets. To see the folly in something you have done and you wish to have it to do over but know you can't because it's too late. So you pick that thing up and carry it with you to remind you life goes on. The world will spin without you, you really don't matter in the end. Then you will obtain true character because HONESTY will reach out from the inside and tattoo it's self all across your face. Until that day however, you can not expect to go beyond a certain point.”“Enjoy the power and beauty of your youth; oh never mind; you will not understand the power and beauty of your youth until they have faded. But trust me, when 20 years you look back at pictures of yourself, recall in a way you can't grasp now how many possibilities laid before you and how fabulous you really looked. You are not as fat as yo
Seven In Seven (actually Posted Oct 18 2010 But I Spelled Seven Wrong And Just Saw It Lol! Go English Major!)
"If you have never played Dallas, you should go there."    I lived in a time, where, if someone said something like this to me, i could just hop in my 1988 Toyota Celica and go. I had never been to Dallas, so...thats exactly what I did, well,  what "we" did.  We hopped in the little white two door with a sun roof and no air conditioning and made the trek from the fair grounds in oklahoma city to the fair grounds in Dallas.         It's funny how life takes you down paths, without you even realizing choice leads in to another, and pretty soon, you look back, and you realize you have just traveled down a path.  Somehow, for seven months, my feet, my car, my mind, my body...whatever...were taking me down a path without me even paying attention.  I did not begin this journey...someone else did...someone brutally, violently sent me down this path, i just walked it in a daze..slashing at obstacles without even realizing it....blind, numb, a spook...and somehow, i woke up in Dallas
Fu-robbery I Just Had $3 Mil In Fu-bucks Disappear, What's Up With That? Fubar Took It!
FU-Robbery I just had $3 mil in fu-bucks disappear, what's up with that? Fubar took it! Where does it say it will cost you up to $10 million to choose between demon or angel the first time? Notice the sceenshot of the support lounge, I never got an answer! So much for support!     >
Denied! [a Very Short Story I Will Probably Make Bigger]
Denied!             "Tell me you're joking," I said looking over the paper work.       "I wouldn't have assigned you to the case if I was," my boss said grumpily. "With this new law we have to be careful how we handle these applications now."       "No one would approve him though!'' I said with some exasperation. ''He would bankrupt any company just by himself with the number of claims and lawsuits. This is ridiculous."       "I know," my boss muttered running a hand through his thinning hair. "Just take care of it, Charles. I'll personally give you your bonus and a vacation. Make him go away and for Gods sake, keep him from going to Foghorn. That blowhard knows how to win a lawsuit, especially with Yosimite now heading the Court of Appeals."       I opened my mouth to protest again, but watched instead with some astonishment as my boss scrambled out the door and close it quickly. I shot a glare at the closed door and looked down at the stack of papers. Just g
Love Wasnt Created To Be Enjoyed
Love hurts causes more pain than any other emotion known to man. Love can kill you, it can drive u madly insane, especially when the person u wanna love, wont love u back. We fight for love, we use so much time and energy trying to find love.  Love can make u lose sleep, can make u not wanna eat. Love can make u do stupid and crazy things. Love can make u act a fool, Love can turn into obsession, love can keep u restless, love can make u hurt urself, so the one u love can take pity on u, to come around and maybe comfort u. Love is not a game, its not something u can win, but u surely can lose it. In the end, LOVE hurts.   I wish I could find someone whom could prove me wrong about all this love bullshit.
Happy Thanksgiving
i want more points
Twas The Night Before Gameday !!!
Twas the morning of game day and all through the land the fans were all stirring, with their tickets in hand. A quick cup of coffee, then each Jill and Jack Get dressed in their very best silver and black.   Then out to the car, or the truck or the van to p...ack for their tailgates as much as they can. The stickers are placed in the windows with care And the Raider flags fly in the crisp autumn air.   The excitement is mounting as their engines they start; it's easy to see that these fans have such heart. Then out on the highway there arose such a clatter I ran from my house to see what was the matter.   The morning sun shone with a soft golden glow on car after car traveling below. Fans from the east and fans from the west heading to Oakland to watch football's best.   One fan in particular went driving by. A mean looking dude with a patch on his eye. His face was all blackened, as it scattered with soot and he was dressed all in black from his head to his fo
Coach Handbag Fashion Winter
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Q&a With Sushi Of Important West
  If you have never experienced the pleasure of seeing the well-known drag queen, Sushi – also acknowledged as the home Queen at the infamous 801 Cabaret in Key West – pile up within your eight-foot long red substantial heel for New Year’s, we highly suggest a lowest of tuning into CNN, who cover the event actually year. We rang up Sushi earlier this morning to ask how the show is coming along, and also to come throughout out concerning the second most critical part of her evening – the dress. The movie above, from the earlier year, will provide you with an idea of what to expect. ELLE: How long does it consider one to obtain ready for New Year’s? SUSHI: A numerous hours, I consider my time. ordinarily when I’m undertaking the exhibits it only requires me about an hour, but New Year’s is different, so I like to think about my time. From starting with shaving my legs to hairspraying my hair, it is about three or 4
Used To Be
      You used to talk to me like I was the only one around. You used to lean on me like the only other choice was falling down. You used to walk with me like we had nowhere we needed to go, nice and slow, to no place in particular. We used to have this figured out; we used to breathe without a doubt. When nights were clear, you were the first star that I'd see. We used to have this under control. We never thought, we used to know. At least there's you, and at least there's me. Can we get this back? Can we get this back to how it used to be? I used to reach for you when I got lost along the way. I used to listen. You always had just the right thing to say. I used to follow you. Never really cared where we would go, fast or slow, to anywhere at all. I look around me, and I want you to be there. Cause I miss the things that we shared. Look around you. It's empty, and you're sad. Cause you miss the love that we had. You used to talk to me like I
Quatrain 6-81
Tears, Cries, And Laments, Howls, Terror, Inhuman Heart, Cruel, Black And Making One Shudder With Fear. Blood To Be Shed, Hunger For Bread And Cheese, To None Mercy.
Acheivable Perfection
No one is perfect. Noone can HOPE to be perfect. Those that believe they are and act like they are, are delusional. Those are usually the people that look down upon and use others, but that's not what this is about. While it is impossible for one person alone to be perfect, I firmly believe that two people, together, can acheive this. When your with a woman and you are in love with her, then that love you have will envelope her and fill in all the cracks and imperfections in her being, same as hers should do for you, essentially making you, together, one perfect person. Love can remove all blemishes and failings. From the Bible love is: Peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. If both of you exhibit these not only to each other at all times as best as humanly possible, but also to those around you... your love will make both of you, perfect.
Love is being stupid together.  -  Paul Valery
Hey you all!! Did u want to make a strong gangs? u must have many mobbies and equipment to get sronger and be the strongest.
“desire For A Monster”
Fear not of me… I mean you no harm… Let me set you free… The Darkness you surround yourself… Embrace of me… I long to feel your body close to mine… Your eyes looking in my eyes… Your lips kissing my lips… I long to hold you close to me… Go ahead… Take me… Rub your body next to mine… I wanna feel you deep inside of me… I wanna feel your touch… I wanna feel your heart beat… Take everything out on me… Feel me as I turn your hate and rage into passion and extacy… I will tame the monster within you… Light a candle in the night…
mental images of your fine tune is what I've been nodding my head to lately,Every now and then you can catch me humming your nudity under my heavy breath.   hahahaha! sage francis, how i love you so.  
Space is the breath of art.  -  Frank Lloyd Wright
Mumm's The Word...
Anonymous #4 Dear Ninja My question to you is....what is the most productive/efficient way to do a leveling mumm to ensure proper # of votes and not the standard mummers bashing...Should there be mass amounts of bling ran that day etc etc etc please help   Best answer: The most productive way to get your mumm votes would be to bribe people for them. But, that might get a little pricey. Running an ability bling (most likely a god mode) and offer bombs for votes will help you get some. Having friends promote for you will as well. Perhaps offer an ability bling to the person who helps you get the most votes as well. That usually gives people an incentive to be helpful.   As for the MuMMers, that part might be a little tricky. Since you're not Obi-wan and don't have the Jedi Mind Trick action, you might have to suck it up and take it like a man. Try to stay away from tattoo, hair, or political mumms. If you insist on comment approval, you will be able to slow the flow of the m
Family Dog
Maria, Monica and Jerry – Dog lovers all,   Inner  Peace: This is so true If you can start the day without caffeine, If you  can be cheerful, ignoring aches and pains, If you can resist complaining and  boring people with your troubles, If you can eat the same food every  day  and be grateful
Thinking Of You My Love
Thinking of You My Love       4-23-11     I lay here thinking of you my love. Thinking of the day we are in each others arms for always and forever. Knowing that when we smile we each feel it as though it was a hug around our hearts. Our hearts that some day soon will be one together never to be broken apart. Our love for each other is timeless and no price of gold or silver can buy it. The thought of laying in your arms for always and forever is like having a piece of heaven all for myself. A piece I won't have to share unless a little miracle has come along to make it all that much more special. Laying here thinking of you my love gives me such joy that I have never known. My only wish is to share that joy with you till my last breath leaves my body.
Ugh... I am so damn bored. I am sittin here in this house all by my lonesome. Still I'm bored as hell. Hoping to be moving from Valdosta up by Macon soon. I stumbled across this site by accident. I'm just looking for friends maybe more. Anyways, I'll add more later... 
Faded Memory
I bleed to know i am alive I scream to feel I hurt to know i die I break every time you lie my soul it hides afraid alone lost Im numb from the cut the dagger in my chest trust is a faded memory memories of long ago the cold embraces me life is leaving an empty shell of what once was
Marine Cpl. Mark A. Evnin
Died April 3, 2003 serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom 21, of Burlington, Vt.; assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, Twentynine Palms, Calif.; killed in action during a firefight in central Iraq.
Army Staff Sgt. Nino D. Livaudais
Died April 3, 2003 serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom 23, of Ogden, Utah; assigned to 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, Fort Benning, Ga.; died from severe injuries sustained in car-bomb suicide attack in Iraq.
Wtf? Trying To Figure Out How This Site Works.
Rise Up Singin'. Rise up swingin'. Just rise up.   Friday, August 12, 2011 Divorce American Style       In the beginning, there was chaos.  The kind of chaos that rearranges molecules, leaves you transformed at the cellular level.  At first you're vaguely aware that the ground is shifting.  You  find yourself standing before an open gate. Perched on the edge of an inviting gorge.  You can see the powerful water of the river far below.  You can sense a radical epiphany in the making.  There's something stirring in your soul.  Dangerous voices whispering a new and yet familiar tune.  You're presented with a choice:  crawl on your knees and peek cautiously over the edge, or close your eyes and take the plunge.  Comforting and familiar chaos behind, shadow encrusted and mind numbing chaos to the fore.  Your choice.  Do what something.  Your best?  Your worst? Don't think for a minute, not one ephemeral second, that you can tu
Do You Know Denali Cover North Face History
North Face information Your North Face is a global super brand of Outdoor Jackets. You may then wondering what is the North Face named soon after. In upper Hemisphere, In the n . hemisphere, north slope on the hills may be the coldest, the deepest Buy North Face Fleece Jackets excellent skiing conditions, the most tricky to climb. It indicates the real climbers, frequently fearless the issues. In 1968, Your North Face began styling, producing and selling their unique brands associated with outdoor supplements. Until 1980, TNF was crowned only business of out of doors products like mountaineering shoes, jackets, skiing suits, backpacks, camp tents in U . s citizens. They do finest in 90s. Found in 1996, individuals launched a series of Tekware and shocked everything, use particular material together with particular pattern, they took over as 5A outdoor goods company. Denali can be Buy North Face Fleece Jackets the best quality Fleece some of the North Face, and is some of
North Face Don't About The Difficuty Nevre Stop Exploring Go This Will Try
  A lot of people that tend to have the outdoor pursuits would cost lots of time to prepared our necessaries before they recently whenever the sun changed from blue to grey and rain did begin to poured down. North Face Outlet isWholesale The North Face Backpacks merely great choice while in front of their faces. Each and every factors right In North Face Coupons merchants online has got the top quality ensure making technique special material. Numerous folks would not find out what are their actual needs. When playing drop and skiing, Wholesale The North Face Backpacks some time was short that Rain followed for a few days and then several more days later. Each men comes with a wonderful set of two the experience North Face shoes, causing this to be why North Face shoes are specialised in design towards the greatest comfortableness and endurance. Although North Face merchandise develop the lower price cost, the North Face Outlet has qualified style and design division. Tho
WHAT UP!!!!!! New here, hope to get some adds...)
Grade 9 Ont. Girl Attacked On 'kick A Ginger Day'2
But the comedic intent has been lost at schools across Canada and the U.S. where students have faced assault charges and suspensions for attacking redheads. Picard, who has red hair, said he had not heard of Kick a Ginger Day until Thursday's incident. "This behaviour isn't acceptable," he said. "As such, steps and measures will be taken. Above that,sacs louis vuitton you need to be proactive in teaching empathy to the kids and social responsibility. "We will talk to the kids that this is not acceptable behaviour. You can't be doing this to other people. It's not right. This has to be a teachable moment, that this is not how you behave and there will be consequences for their actions." Gwendolyn, whose long bright red hair frames her pale, freckled skin, had problems with Kick a Ginger Day when she was in elementary school, her mother said. She stayed home from school last year on the designated day that her peers had assigned on Facebook or through online conversations. Russell
Easy And Cozy Services Of Relocation By Chennai Packers And Movers
Relocation is one of the puzzling activities that keep the people busy all the time and make them feel tired. Through all these things people get worried about their relocation and start taking tensions. These things waste the time of the people and make them irritate because of that there are many companies working in this field since long. These companies are very experienced and that’s the reason that they are raising their business in this field and make others burden low. These companies have well experienced workers with them as they use to appoint only those workers who have good experience, skill, knowledge. These companies give some guidelines to their workers and accordingly those workers have to work. These guidelines are mentioned in the policies of the company. These workers have to listen to the demand of the customers as well as the head of the company also. These workers are so good in their work that they use to handle their task in such a manner that their cust
Birds Eye View
you look down the dark path, you deside to follow, as you walk your soul begins to feel hollow, you look up to the sky, as you turn into a bird and fly, as you circle around, and look to the ground, you see what this world has become, you see the poor fighting for scraps of food, you see the one liveing on the streets, you see people cutting others off and curseing at one another, what has this world come to, and what has become of freindship, there was once a time when a handshake ment a bond and a token of good faith, what has this world become, when we have to lock our doors at night just to feel safe, this is the realitey of the world today, where we cant even trust our neighbors, and watch our friends closely, is this how you wish to live your life, in fear and confusion, our do you wish to see the peace that can be, only you can change how you are and it is a brave step, are you willing to go down this path the dark path, and take to the sky, to open your eyes and to
Wonderful Tonight (eric Clapton)
Wonderful Tonight  It's late in the eveningShe's wondering what clothes to wearShe puts on her make upAnd brushes her long blonde hairAnd then she asks meDo I look alrightAnd I say yes, you look wonderful tonightWe go to a partyAnd everyone turns to seeThis beautiful ladyThat's walking around with meAnd then she asks meDo you feel alrightAnd I say yes, I feel wonderful tonightI feel wonderfulBecause I see the love light in your eyesAnd the wonder of it allIs that you just don't realizeHow much I love youIt's time to go home nowAnd I've got an aching headSo I give her the car keysShe helps me to bedAnd then I tell her
Day 4
I didn't do a blog yesterday because i was just beat, and anyway it was the last thing on my mind. i didn't do PT yesterday, but i did this morning.I find myself confused. Though I like the girl I mentioned in my last blog, i find myself interested in another as well. this one has attitude. What do i do? The girl i mentioned first is in my own state, not far from the capital city. the other is 5 states away. we just started talking the other day--literally the other day. What do i do?The friggin garden's done FINALLY...when i washed my hands on Tuesday, i was washing my hands of that garden, literally and figuratively.So now, I go to work every day, and come home tired. but what the hell...that's what it's all about isn't it?
Former Oasis Frontman Releases First Solo Album
LOS ANGELES ( - When artists break free from the bands that have always defined them to take up solo careers, some celebrate their emancipation with radical musical departures.louis vuitton tote Others adhere to the old group's sound as much as possible, either out of fear, habit, or a desire to prove once and for all that they were the brains of the band. Noel Gallagher goes the latter route on "Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds," which almost sounds more like Oasis than Oasis did -- the sole difference being that it's him singing,louis vuitton not embattled brother Liam. It's as if Noel wanted to establish that Oasis would've fared just fine with him as frontman. It's a point almost worth proving. Noel is close to a dead ringer, vocally, for his sibling, so Oasis fans may feel as if not much has changed,louis vuitton outlet at least in the studio. And it must feel as liberating for Noel to get to sing his own songs as it was for Pete Townshend when he started making s
My Brother Can Catch The Fish
Ben Chancey Here is the 121 pound Tuna my team caught. This fish took 1 and a half hours to get in. I was coaching Mike the angler up. He said it was his toughest battle ever by far.      
Need Video`s Or Pics Of Men With Big C--k`s Anyways "
need videos or pics of men with big c__k`s anyways "" ! "" ;) Just now · Comment · Unlike · View You like this.   Rebecca Leuallen 4 minutes ago like the men want to see pics of women with large boobs "" Rebecca Leuallen a moment ago they can be covered like in wet tee shirt contest of women`s boobs "" men do wet boxer brife`s ;) or wet white towels "" ;)
Hate You
why must you make me hate you? when all i wanted to do is love you!! no longer feel loved,it hurts to feel this way. i remember when we loved each other! what a great feeling that was,now all i feel is cold and emptyness. is this just me going crazy in my head? or are these feelings real? some times i wish we could go back to the beginning,to when everything was good and you gave me those butter flies in my stomache and you were the only thing i could think of!! could we possably get back there or is it too late? feel like i am hanging on a ledge here and trying to hold on with all my striength,or should i say fuck it and let go? i know i have wronged to,and i would give any thing to take it all back that i have done to hurt you!! god knows i have fucked up. just want to find our way back!! I am not getting yunger,i am just getting older and dont have time for the games! If we both are not playing for keeps,then i do believe it just maybe time to take the first train out of my life!!!
Podium Finish
PARIS - Paris-based UNESCO has awarded the first medalsfor contributions to the development of nanoscience and nanotechnologiesto Russian Academician Zhores Ivanovich Alferov and Chinese chemistry professor Bai Chunli, the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) said Wednesday. Troy Polamalu Jersey Pink . The Director-General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova, handed the medals on Tuesday night to Alferov, Russian winner of the 2000 Nobel Prize in Physics, and Bais representative Shi Shuyun, Chinese Ambassador and Permanent Delegate to UNESCO. Bai is a professor of chemistry at the Laboratory of Molecular Nanostructure and Nanotechnology in Beijing and executive vice- president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. This award is recognition of the tremendous benefits of progress in the fields of nanoscience and nanotechnologies on our societies, our economies and on all of us,Bokova said at the awarding ceremony. According to Eleonora Mitrofanova, chairperson of UNESCOs Execu
Come To Me
My Very Own Christmas Miracle.
My nephew gets to come home today. It's all I wanted for Christmas. I am so very happy! Thank you all for your encouraging words, thoughts, and prayers!!!!!!
Miami Heat Opens Season With Win Over Mavericks In Dallas
Dwyane Wade did two things on the basketball court Sunday for the first time in his life.First, there was the fantastically instinctual tip-pass, alley-oop from LeBron James that Wade finished with a two-handed dunk. Wade had never seen anything like it before Sunday, let alone participated in such split-second magic. Even the Mavericks’ fans had to gasp in awe after that one. Then the buzzer sounded and Wade, for the first time, defeated the Mavericks on their home court during the regular season. mulberry bagsThe Heat’s 105-94 victory over the defending NBA champions was Miami’s first win in Dallas during the regular season since March 2002. Wade downplayed the significance of the Heat’s win, calling it “just one game,” but he said nearly everything felt familiar about his team despite the long break during the lockout. That’s a good sign given the NBA’s frantic schedule between now and the playoffs, which will leave little time for pra
Asia Stocks Drop Third Day As Ecb Lending Surge Spooks Investors
Asian stocks dropped for a third day, with the region’s benchmark index heading for its first full-year decline since 2008, after a surge in lending by the European Central Bank highlighted the magnitude of the region’s debt crisis. Canon Inc., a Japanese camera maker whose biggest market is Europe, slid 0.7 percent after the euro dropped to a 10-year low against the yen, marc jacobsclouding the earnings outlook for exporters. Elpida Memory Inc. slumped 6.5 percent after a report the chipmaker may seek to delay repayment of bailout funds. Lynas Corp., an Australian miner of rare earths, slid 5.8 percent after China said it won’t lower export quotas of the materials. The MSCI Asia Pacific Index fell 0.2 percent to 112.50 as of 2:02 p.m. in Tokyo, with seven out of the gauge’s 10 industry groups falling. For the month, the index is heading for a 0.9 percent decline, and its 18 percent plunge this year is the steepest since 2008. “Europe can’t avoid an
Science Fiction Ideas :new Military Technology
  the  prototype of a flying space ship has been made and it the newest of military technology. If there was ever a war between us and china we might need to  pic-pocket the blue prints . i think our country is wiser and more advanced in culture. its been this way for years. our country needs new science fiction ideas. we can brain wash them with kfc, and McDonald's but that just makes them more like us. it is  about  thebusiness and economic  competition and i have realized that Russia was dumb because of (NASA)  to copy our ideas of walking on the moon. i really think they are the zombies of the future. For one thing orientals look like aliens and have reached the point of nuclear poverty and i fear the time of its encounter with our nation. The Tokyo sensation of there world has clashed with our neo generic American pop culture of living fast in a virtual gamer show down.  3d is the range of our intelligence. If a nuclear plant where to blow up and all of us where to become alien lo
In My Thoughts
Should you ever feel aloneIf finding times hard to bareYou can still count on me Know I shall always be there   You shall be in my thoughtsIf you are hurting, I feel it tooIt is my friendship sincerity I shall forever share with youThere each step of the wayMy support you can dependI will listen if you need me With love your forever friend For Elizabeth, a dear friend and beautiful soul.
Diary Of An Angry Protester
    Here’s my take on some of the recent protests. * This is the hour of our discontent A defining moment for our generation It is a time to stand and demand our rights A time to shout from every street corner * Where is our piece of the American Pie? Who will pursue our happiness? This is supposed to be the greatest nation on earth Where is the prosperity we were promised? * We believe that every generation should do better than the last And that our kids shouldn’t have to work as hard as we did We believe that education is the most important thing And that teachers ought to do a better job of motivating our kids to learn * We believe that the government should do more for the people And that it shouldn’t cost us more in taxes We believe that corporate America should provide good, high-paying, non-polluting, jobs
These I Vow To Do !!
When loved ones come home, always run to greet them; Never pass up the opportunity to go for a joyride;Allow the experience of fresh air and the wind in your face to be pure ecstasy; When it's in your best interest, practice obedience; Let others know when they've invaded your territory; Take naps; Stretch before rising; Run, romp, and play daily; Thrive on attention and let people touch you; Avoid biting when a simple growl will do; On warm days, stop to lie on your back on the grass; On hot days, drink lots of water and lie under a shady tree; When you're happy, dance around and wag your entire body; No matter how often you're scolded, don't buy into the guilt thing and right back and make friends; Delight in the simple joy of a long walk; Eat with gusto and enthusiasm; Stop when you have had enough; Be loyal. Never pretend to be something you're not; If what you want lies buried, dig until you find it; When someone is having a bad day, be silent, sit close by and nuzzle t
Cell Popping Aka Devil's Fire
This weekend, Babygirl and I attended a ‘Devil’s Fire’ (aka Cell Popping) workshop in the North Bay.   The process intrigues me.  There is something very primal about applying hot metal to naked skin… We learned the basics of the process, how to prepare the subject (whom we call the canvas), the application of the design, and how to use and care for each of the various implements. We picked up a Cell Popping kit, and then it’s just a matter of deciding where she will wear my mark.
I've searched far and long For the one to make me whole But throughout all these travels On my mind, it's taken its toll. My mind is no longer sure Of what it truly needs My heart certain no more If it clearly can see. I even question my soul It has been clouded too There is nothing left of my will It has been taken by you. True I am no longer in control But this does not give me grief I think that I belong with you It's what my heart, mind and soul believe.
The Submissive 's Creed
I will communicate with complete honesty my needs, desires, limits, and experience. I realize that failing to do so will not only prevent my Master and I from having the best experience possible, but can also lead to physical and emotional harm. I will not try to manipulate my Master. I will not push to make a scene go the way I feel it should. I will keep an open mind about trying things that I am not accustomed to or comfortable with and expanding my limits. I will continue to grow as a submissive and as a human being. I will accept the responsibility of discovering what pleases my Master, and will do my best to fulfill His wishes and desires. I will not allow myself to be harmed or abused, I know that submissive does not equal doormat.I will be courteous and helpful to my fellow submissive s, I will share my knowledge and experiences with others in the hope that they will learn from where I have been I will take the time to help those new to the scene start out on the correct path.I
What I Learned Being On Fubar
Here are a few things I've learned being on fubar;   there is a lot of ugly dick in the world. related, a lot of ugly vaginas and titties   we have one of the following social malformations(but not limited to)……inferiority complex social retardation, borderline personality disorder, "I'm a big deal on fubar, but fail at life" disorder, voyeurs, "i just show my face cuz i have a whole bunch of mess happening full body" disorder, narcissism    people LITERALLY have secret lives.     Women will do some funky shit for money to buy little pictures.   Everyone can be a "DJ"   If someone warns you about someone, 9 times out of 10 there's correct info to back it up.   sometimes you meet great people. Sometimes you think you've met someone great and you actually meet and you're like……….. "no bitch. morph back into who you were pretending to be, cuz you aint working for me reality sized."   Apprarently men in their late 60s still like the
Love Is..
  Love Is Me And You HoneyLove Is Being TogetherLove Is Watching Our Children GrowLove Is Watching Our Grandchildren GrowLove Is The Feeling I Have Being With YouLove Is The  Feeling I Have Making Love To You'Love Is 34 years and Many More To GoLove Is Doing Things TogetherLove Is The Closeness I Feel When Im With YouLove Is Diana & JCLove Is Absolutely Me & YouLove Is EverlastingIn Other Words Honey I Love You With All My heart And I Always Will!Your HusbandJC xoxoxoxo  
I Can't Sleep
I can’t sleep Coz I am burning  deep inside I cant dream coz whats real Is burned into my mind I can’t hide from this feeling From this storm inside And I can’t hope Because of all the times My heart has lied I cant’t believe I can’t see, I can feel all the tears you cried I can see all the times you tried Mesmerized I am torn apart Nothing left but scars Empty all the meaning in lies Nothing but vanity Keeps me alive Nothing but empty pride Then there you are In my arms, You pretend to run away You tell me this cannot be While you are kissing me I’d say I’d fallen But hell can’t be this far down. There’s no promise In the fire of your eyes No way for relief Only the promise dawn will release. Then he comes knocking Looking for you Like a fool I follow Like I can protect you From you… And there you go, With my smile on your face He takes you away Where you don’t want to go But sti
What Do You Think??!! Please Comment Your Opinion, Thanks!!
      What do you think i should do??!!       Should i change my style? If so, what should i do then??!!      I wanna try black hair and purple streaks =] lol Let me know!!
Just Talking Lol
So I am still nursing this stupid broken leg. Its not the big fractures that are giving me problems it is where I shattered both bones that are just being real slow to heal. Some days I am on the crutch some days I am off and it is so frustrating. I dont mind the brace it is not a big thing at all. From everything I have read and what the Doctor has told me it could be 6 months before I am completely off everything. UGGGG!!! For those of you who dont know this adventure started the last day of April when I who never get hurt managed to fall down a very steep hill. I broke the big lower bone right above the ankle and the little lower bone right below the knee. Then I also managed to shatter both bones way up them. I spent seven weeks in bed in a full leg cast which sounds like a vacation till you actually do it. Then spent another two weeks in a half cast. From there I got put in an air cast which is basically two pieces of plastic with inflatable air sacs. All and in all I was very luc
Loving all those Special people in Your life Indepth conversations that NEVER get boring Very forgiving of others misgivings and tolerance of other peoples feeling Intrigue and unfathomability of Your own being  Never judging of other peoples Creed, Race, Flaws, Sexuality, Faith, Lifestyle choices and or Wishes  Giving the best of Yourself to others as well as the worst.You need to be Yourself and Not Fake. If You do then You will always be known as fake.
Modestos Vestidos De Casamento
Simples vestidos de casamento   Há uma tendência em curso de embutidos e sexy vestidos de noiva caros, assim como vestidos de noiva espartilho, mas se você está procurando vestidos de casamento modestos, então há uma série de estilos que você pode tentar. Só porque você está planejando usar um vestido de casamento modesto, isso não significa que você não pode olhar fascinante e bela. Grande estilo e modéstia pode realmente ir juntos. Se você olhar para o vestido de casamento de Ivanka Trump desenhado por Vera Wang, você vai ver que ele é na verdade um vestido de noiva modesta que é moderno. Ele tem mangas de renda que agregam pouco à direita do estilo e também cobre os ombros nus. Você também pode ter inspiração de vestido de casamento de Ivanka e tem um vestido com mangas de renda e um vestido cheio. Lace soletra charme do velho mundo e glamour e ficará muito bem em você. Compras durante o inverno para obter grandes projetos de vestidos de noiva modestos. Boutiques e casas de moda
Boredom Fashion
Privacy Illusions
I get a good chuckle from members who post something similar to this on their profile: *********************************************WARNING*************************************** Any institution using this site or any of its associated sites for study or projects - You do not have my permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current or future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications. It is recommended that other members post a similar notice as well. ******************************************************************************************* These people clearly don't understand that the only two things this does is 1) scare away those not familiar with the law; and 2) give the member a false sense of the security of their privacy. For the purposes of this post, lets just ignore the fact that pages of this site are visible world-wide, by people who don't speak nor read E
1st Day Of Rest Of My Life
2 Years?
Well.. it has been 2 years since i blogged on here... last time was in october... now its november.. close enough   it has been 3 years since i was seperated from my husband 2 and a half since my divorce... Things are pretty good. My cervical cancer hasn't shown back up so far... i have had several other surgeries (2 on my foot, gall bladder, and tonsils) but am doing very well now.   I have a great roomie (two actually!) and because of that i have been able to start paying off those medical bills my mustang got totaled 2 weeks after i paid it off but that was a blessing because the settlement paid off my house and put a down payment on my new car my house is a disaster, but thanks to deacon (awesome roomie) it is slowly getting fixed! my dating life is crap... but whatever   umm i dunno what else to say haha
There are some women on this site who behave as if they are bipedal female canines.
After The Birth Of A Child's Hair
  After the birth of a child's hair is what reason?I am a child after birth have hair loss, do not know what reason is caused. Postpartum alopecia is because the hair and other organizations,ghd australia to make the new supersedes the old.Generally speaking, human hair once every 5 years to replace all the time, because the usual hair update is the installment of the people, not easy to detect, women's hair to update the speed and level of estrogen in women; estrogen levels are high, hair update speed slow; low levels of estrogen, hair update faster. Women in pregnancy, the body endocrine "housekeeper" -- the pituitary will appear physiological fat big.Suffer its to affect, gravid female estrogen more than usual.In this way, the service life is prolonged hair, hair loss rate is slow, a lot of hair "extended active duty".After childbirth, estrogen levels returned to normal, the "overage" hair that have "retired", then out postpartum alopecia. In addition, post-partum hai
Not That Level Of Team To Be Able
Get a complete breakdown of the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft. Randall Cobb Authentic Jersey . NEW YORK -- Andrew Luck knew exactly where he was heading and the daunting task he faces. So did Robert Griffin III. What the NFL draft lacked in surprise and suspense with its top two picks, it certainly delivered in challenges for the leagues newest stars. Luck, the Stanford quarterback and overall No. 1, heads for Indianapolis where he must replace Peyton Manning, who merely won four MVP awards and a Super Bowl. RGIII answers the call in Washington, where he will try to soothe a devout but highly critical fan base. "You dont really replace a guy like that," Luck said. "You cant. You just try to do the best you can. Obviously, he was my hero growing up." His selection as the top pick was hardly a stunner. The Colts informed Luck last week that Commissioner Roger Goodell would announce his name first. Right behind him was Griffin; no suspense attached to that pick, either. After being lo
it's strange to look back at how daring and confident  i was in youth.  skiing beyond your capacity.  dropping out of college to pursue a dream.  packing up all you had in your 1982 ford escort.  im not sure what i'd tell myself if i could advise me then.  he brought me here.  which is a place where i can do much good.  for that i'd thank him.  and so would the ones we helped. but. there are sacrifices.  and when you single mindedly pursue them, you miss other things in life.  and now that im technically middle-aged, i regret my decision for a lack of balance. make family, and making a family important.  there's no perfect person.  just the one who cares for you. and forgive the faults that you could make. and i share this wish for your, that you'll learn from my mistake
Wish I Wasn't Here
WISH I WASN'T HERE   To some peoples sadness i'm sorry to say NO this is not a suicide note or even a blog about me hating my life the reason for the title will make sense soon. I've always looked at life as a scale of rivers that we cross to get somewhere we want to go. first there is the river of not knowing, then crossing through that a river of unknown problems and possibilities, then you have the river of progress and finally the river of victory. At the moment it hurts me to know i'm drowning in the river the exact part that the unknown crosses the unknowing. unknowing what i want to do and not knowing what awaites each desision. I used to be strong enough to say when i didn't know what i wanted but now i'm too weak to speak about it. I try my hardest not to hurt people, i hate hurting people but if i tell them i'm not sure what i want they tell me to take some time and think about it which makes me feel pressure. not like they are pressuring me it's a pressure that i can't pre
2013 Korean Fashion Coats For Ladies
Today Korean after 90s beauty model Dovely shows you a demonstration on winter fashionable long coat collocations with the view of her inspiriting dressing! Different types of jackets or coats are relative to a lot of matching styles that not the same. Now Korean Japan brings you her 2013 Korean fashion series. Tall girls in winter are very suitable for short coat matching skirt building modeling which was more slender and thinner. The Khaki short coat, very fine work, flanging fur collar and cuff hem Plush splicing, is a very significant level, a very small range of winter coat, inner sweater dress or outfit sweater + bag hip skirt, very beautiful. Street beat lady milk white fur, with pink sweater, mint pants outfit, highly innovative, hit color mix, reveal the personality, and a street clothes crush rate is very low! Pale pink short cotton jacket, which with a pale grey wool coat is nice, wearing black jeans and high boots, simple, fashion accessories neatly, another

Just another day — Tuesday, 12 September 2006 Uh math class was today. It's not fun, but not too bad. I should have cooked steaks today but didn't. I made nachos instead. a very nutritios dinner. I get to have this time to do stuff instead of talk to my girlfriend, so that's cool. lol. yah, just been doing shcool stuff mostly. I talked to the rotc guy today, and found information out to think about. It's tempting, but I don't know how much I want to do the army thing again. Yah, It's mostly about gender-discrimination and my hair. I'd make some good money, but money can't buy happiness. And I can't pay someone to let me have long purple hair. Some things are just priceless. It's those things that really matter to me in life. Money isn't everything. Shit, I have money now, and i ain't thrilled. My girlfriend's stuff got here today!! how exciting, not. I just have to send it off to her new address. that and her crib. So yah, I was looking forward to stuff before, but o
Ya Kjnow
well my net has been down so i havent been able to be online latley miss u all
Wrestling Fans
My Husband
My husband has got to go to hospital this morning to the Cardio- Respiratory Department. He has got to go on one of them running machines to to test his heart. If he fails he will loose his driving licence and he is not happy about that. He loves to drive and loves to get out in the car with me and the kids.
New Photos
hello every one I have posted some new photos. woul like you all to come check them out. And rate them please.
Week 3 Picks
You All One Way Or Another
it's that time again people....time to get back to life and let the internet drama go for a while. i may or not be back..i don't know yet. what i do know is that something that was supposed to be fun turned out to be a popularity contest and that's really too bad. i've met some really sweet people on lc and, hopefully, they'll stay that way. i'm not going to delete my account yet. i may decide not to stay gone for very long so you all won't lose me and you can still get points for leaving comments and things. i just need a break from all the bullshit. the ones who were the most special to me know who they are so i'm not gonna be sending out special goodbyes to anyone. y'all behave and try to keep the drama down lol...*hugs*
WOW, the loss of a deep seeded love can really be harder to deal with than I remember. So to all of my LC friends, can I have a hug and maybe a kind word? I met my Dom on line, fell totaly in love with him and after almost 5 months realized that I ended up wanting more than he did from our relationship. I told him how I felt and in a totaly adult manner we agreed to part as friends. I know it is my own stupid thinking that got me here, what would make me think I could involed with a married Dom and not fall for him and end up the one getting hurt? They never leave their wives,,, I knew that lol. I know it was the right thing for him to stay with his family and for me to walk away, but that didn't make it any easier. The good thing however is that I did learn a lesson, and I wont make the same mistake again ever. So do not feel sorry for me,, just offer me a friendly hug and a soft shoulder, hold my hand and remind me that no one is perfect and the fact that I did the rig
Thanks God It's Friday?
yay it's friday!! i had a lot of things to do this morning, starting with a meeting for another project lol i'll be VERY busy soon many new projects and things to administrate... my ear still hurts sometimes, i'm not sure why my sister looked at it, and she said it was a lil red, and she told me to still take the pills i think i'll take an appointment for the next week with the specialist my dear friends, i feel happy after all, things are working well and yes, i know i had few hard weeks :) but like the Fenix, i'm back, for more ;) lots of love and hugs for everyone Maria
I dont condone war at all...!! I guess some are needed.. I can kinda understand why we went to Afganastan.. they destroyed our buildings.. But why did we go to Iraq?!?! was it just for Oil?!?! where are all of these weapons of mass destruction that was talked about..?!?! and why did so many young people have to die?!?! For oil..?!?!?! Did you know there is more oil Below Alaska than the entire middle east.. But they cant drill because it will upset some of nature..!! I try HARD not to be a biggot also.. I beleive erveryone should have the right to be involved with any religion they want or dont want to be.. But I was discussing the Muslum religion with a friend the other day.. Did you know that the "Koran" (The Muslim Bible" says that if you arent a muslim you are an infadel... and if you are an infadel you should be converted or killed... Why?!?!?!?! I think eventually there will be some sort of conflict with North Korea.. I remember being a young person and hearing this
Another Party Weekend - November 3 & 4
November 3-4, 2006 - A Party Weekend! It's Another Party Weekend! We are going to be partying on both Friday and Saturday nights, and everyone is welcome to come out and join us. This is a great time to come out to meet me if you have ever wanted to get together with me. If we hit it off, and I like you, I will "do you". :) FRIDAY NIGHT: On Friday, November 3rd, a big bunch of will be at Cheers Bar for our usual Friday afternoon/evening drinks. We will have a bunch of Swingers and other sexually crazy people there, so come on out and hang-out with us, and meet the people you just may want to play with. Everyone is more than welcome to come and join us in a fun, in a very non-threatening environment. As we pointed out in our previous posts, Cheers is just a fun neighbourhood bar that is a great place to meet. So, come on out! We typically get there around 6:00, and stay until whenever. Dress is very casual, so there is no need to try and get "sexy" for Cheers. We sit to the
How Stupid Are You?
Simply put an "X" in all the situations that have happened to you! 1. [ ] I have walked into a glass/screen door. 2. [ ] I have tripped on my shoelace and fallen. 3. [ ] I have choked on my own spit and thought I was gonna die. 4. [ ] I've seen the Matrix a bunch of times and still don't get it. 5. [ ] I type only with my pointer fingers. 6. [ ] I have "accidentally" caught something on fire. 7. [ ] I've told a cop to fuck off 8. [ ] I have attempted to sip out of a straw but it accidentally went into my nose, rather than my mouth. 9. [ ] I have thought of something funny, and laughed out loud and people looked at me weird. 10. [ ] I've caught myself drooling 11. [ ] I've "accidentally" caused an explosion. 12. [ ] If someone says the word "duty", I can't help but laugh.(I just laughed after reading it haha) 13. [ ] I've been into a "Do Not Enter" one way road plenty of times. 14. [ ] Sometimes I just...stop thinking & zone out. 15
My Lucky Stars And Stripes
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Two More Coming Home...
For the last few days my heart has once again been hurting... Two more are coming home, this time one will return here to Fort Hood, his funeral is Monday. My husband just stepped down from command of the 720th MP BN so this one hits a little closer to home... They were both so young, may God bless their families and loved ones. May they both rest in peace, knowing that there are so many who will always be eternally grateful for their sacrifice... They are true heros... 13 Nov 2006 The Department of Defense announced today the death of two soldiers who were supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom. They died in Baghdad, Iraq, on Nov. 9 after an improvised explosive device detonated near their vehicle.Both soldiers were assigned to the Army's 410th Military Police Company, 720th Military Police Battalion, 89th Military Police Brigade, Fort Hood, Texas. Killed were: Sgt. Courtland A. Kennard, 22, of Starkville,Miss. Staff Sgt. Gregory W. G. McCoy, 26, of Webberville, Mich
For the past 2 days I have been feeling ill. Still not better today and feel like shit. I feel so hot and dizzy and all I want to do is sleep.
How Much Do You Know About Sex?
Sex Act Quiz?Congratulations, according to our experts, you scored : 75% which makes you Pretty GoodPretty good, you know more than most but there are still a few things you could learn. Consider yourself one of today knowledgeable people thoughTake the Sex Act Quiz at
Tech N9ne
Who's goin?? See whoever at the chameleon club on thurs, n crock rock on dec 4th. BOUT TA BUBBLE
Everybody is welcome to my page (hiccup)... buuuurp! My favorite holiday is at the brewery. Any brewery will do as long as I can drink as much free beer as I want. Oooh... I just saw another beer crate! I love strong beer... buuurp! Strong lager. Byyye! (Hiccup)
* Alchemy *
Our Golden Years refer to Alchemy Our key: The alchemy of time and conscious evolution. A revolution in our solution to purify and free ourselves from pollution, free from veils of illusion, free being, being free from fears and confusion, This introspection is mirror reflection, mere section of the dissection of all creation's confection = Our predilection: Infusion a fusion of new hues true our electromagnetic frequency fruition: A rendition, sans condition full of love, as is below so is above It is then our Soul Psyche will be free and all will be one to resume in ourspace - space and empty space, matter and antimatter: the matter: where 'me' thinks in terms of 'we" and WE love, live, are free to give, in light, starlight, moonlight, sunlight, by day and night, the wind beneath our wings, uplifts and brings the joy of serene dreams, at the very seams of which deems, like stars which gleam, all that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream, fly high wh
So U Wanna Know A Few Things About Me?
1.Whats in your wallet? alot of credit cards and bizness cards 2.Whats under your bed? ummm nuthin 3.Whats on the top shelf way in the back of your closet? shoes, shoes, and more shoes 4.Whats in your underwear drawer? panties, bras, and socks 5.Whats in the trunk of your car? nuthin, i drive a truck 6.whats in your desk? junk, lol 7.Do you have a super secret hiding spot? If so whats in it? not really... i have no1 to hide anything from 8.Do you feel guily about something right now? If so what is it? nopes 9.Whats the most embarassing thing in your bedroom right now? pornos, probly... and durty laundry (going to do it as soon as i get off of here) 10.Have you done something recently you hope noone finds out about? nopes 11.Whats your last thought before you fall asleep? my boyfriend 12.How long have those leftovers been in the fridge? sinz 2 days ago... 13.If I kidnapped your computer and looked around on it what would I find? nakey pics of me! lol 14.Do y
How Sexy Is Your Name?
Your Name Is Too Too Sexy! :) Your name scored 203 in the "How Sexy Is Your Name Test" How Sexy Is Your Name?
well I turned down another relationship...( from the same guy who wanted me ) ..yes that is me .. always scared to have some 1 love me .. but then did he realy .. he said that he wanted me to be his last .. we have been friends friends for 2 years ... everytime he invited me down .. I would say yes but never go .. hhe said I was cock blocking him .. the thing is , we always forgave one another no matter what .. and always there we need a friend to talk to.. yes we met had some good times... I started to have deep feeling for him and I told him.. then he pushed me away .. but I wasn't good enough then .. he had to go find others ... then till he figured out what he realy wanted in life .. and it was me ... ( 2 years later ). and told me last friday that he wanted me to be his last..a couple of times he had asked me to marry him.. but i thought it was a joke.. after him and I where together the first time .( almost 2 years ago , for a month ) .. I have not been with another man.. b
It Is Better
Buried at
Lmao!!!!!!!! Look At This Picture
Buried at
Lee Evans
Lee Evans : Bohemian rhapsodyAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Baby Girl
Emma Rose... Born: 2/15/07 @ 5:35am 4.4 ounces 8 inches you will with your sister will be in my empty heart forever.. love always mom Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from
Invisible Water
Rough Sex
You prefer Rough sex! You like it ROUGH. Hard, great, wonderful slamming sex is your type of sex. More the product of lust than love - and utterly horny - rough sex is what satisfies you. 'What is the best type of sex for you?' at
What Year?
You Belong in 1974 If you scored... 1950 - 1959: You're fun loving, romantic, and more than a little innocent. See you at the drive in! 1960 - 1969: You are a free spirit with a huge heart. Love, peace, and happiness rule - oh, and drugs too. 1970 - 1979: Bold and brash, you take life by the horns. Whether you're partying or protesting, you give it your all! 1980 - 1989: Wild, over the top, and just a little bit cheesy. You're colorful at night - and successful during the day. 1990 - 1999: With you anything goes! You're grunge one day, ghetto fabulous the next. It's all good! What Year Do You Belong In?
Here's The Lastest On Angel.
Well, everyone, here's the lastest. You know the other day I said that A ngel migt get to come home either late Wendesday or Thrusday, well it looks like it might not be until Fiday now. The doctor did a blood count on her and it came back low, so they gave her two pints of blood and did a catscan on her stomach last night. The results came back this afternoon and she had a abdominal hematoma. Now they are wanting to keep her a little longer to keep a eye on her blood count and all. Right now her blood count is normal and they are hoping that it will stay there. They have her off the pain drip and iv free now. Tonight, when my kids and I went to see her, she had to go to the bathroom and she wound up getting sick at the same time. That's the first time that she has gotten sick since the surgery, something that she didn't want to do. They gave her a shot, I forget what it was but it calmed her stomach down and it also put her to sleep. I know that I should not be getting worried or anyt
What The Hell
So why is it that the movie industry feels the need to take a movie idea and run it into the ground, back up and run over it again several times in the form of pointless sequels. Worse yet why do people decided that Shriek 4, Oceans 13, and such might actually be good and pay to see crap encouraging the movie industry into making more. Oceans 11 was even a remake then sequels sound familiar? it's called Dr. Doolittle. People need to grow some balls and stop supporting these, your paying people to think less jobs and paid lots more then you might i remind you.
Does Anybody Understand
nobody seems to understand i know we have been broke up for over a year but i spent alot of my life with him and i just find out he is already getting remarried i don't understand did i mean nothing i know it is stupid to feel this way and everyone gets mad at me and tells me not to be upset but why shouldn't i be i guess i am just not feeling to good about anything anymore i want to but it is hard please someone out there tell me they understand what i am going though so i know i am not alone in this sorry i know i am babling
Blog For The Day??????
My blog for the day???? Why are we addicted to Cherry Tap. Is it for the new friends, rating pics (blogs & other sorts), or somewhere to really vent. Because we can vent thru blogs (hey, like this one??), vent thru showing pics, taking the pics and rating the pics. We can vent thru placing mumms, reading them & rating. We can vent, well that's just it. We can vent. YOUR CHOICE, do you care if we vent. The meaning is why does someone rate "1"'s. We are all 10's. We're brave enough to show our ass (some of you, literally) on this website. Just by being on it. I give everyone the same, as if I am meeting them in person. I would never downgrade you in public, why should someone be COWARD enough to downgrade on the internet........Being an asshole or bitch, I say NO. Even assholes & bitches are not cowards. It'sjust that type of person(s). I'm not asking anyone to read, rate or even to reply to this. I will have some replys. Will they be sincere...Hell no. They'll be a few smartasses out
Spring has arrived, the lifeblood, the heart and soul of life. Green shoots everywhere, peeping out with sleepy eyes, Leaving behind empty nests of winters slumber Babes, in wonderment marvel at new sensations. Herself especially pleased at the marvels nurtured Through that months long and balmy sleep, Hurrahs, rejoicing in the comfort and wellbeing That shows in the rekindling of new life. She lifts up her skirts of glory, rides a beam of light hearted happiness, her pleasure obvious in the way she celebrates her maternity thrice happy that all is in harmony. Shrills and whistles, tweets and shouts A clatter of noise audible to the heavens That once again the world awakens to celebrate A new and novel difference from the year before. Herself sighs now, her head on His shoulder Happy in the unfailing preservation of her love. The Earth, the foundation of a durable creation Unparalleled, exceptional in any universe amawitch/2007
A Personal Update
As some of you know I had surgery yesterday. I am very sore today. I am not sure how long I can stay on here at a time without the pain being unbearable. I just want to apologize for not being here and not bombing as I usually do. I was diagnosed with Adenomyosis which is internal uterine endometriosis. My uterus is also very enlarged (Double its normal size). I am not sure when but I am going back in for another surgery for a Hysterectomy. I need to heal so my time on here will be less. I apologize for not being here for family contests and such. I will be on here and there and try to keep in touch with all of my friends and family on here. I am also being tested for bladder disease/cancer. So I dont know if that will require another surgery or if they will do it all at once if something is found wrong with my bladder. I just want yall to know I luv yall and will do my best to show I am still here. Blessings to yall and wish me luck. My husband (mating_eagle) has been my angel throug
Cam Shows
I'm a webcam girl who really gets off on doing live sex shows.... ok I'm so I'm a little bit of a slut but who cares... IF you're interested in seeing a REAL webcam show message me below!!! I'm online right now if you want to talk.. I'll give you a real nude webcam show... but here's the thing. The site I host my webcam shows on requires a credit card to verify your age because they won't allow minors to see me and for payment. It´s really cheap the trial membership. If you don't have a credit card DO NOT waste my time! Step by step instructions to get the xxx webcam show from me: 1. Message me on one of the screen name below 2. Say "HELL YEAH" so I know you read these instructions 3. Be ready to use your credit card to verify your age 4. Follow the instructions I give you by messenger to access my free xxx webcam 5. did I mention I do Double Penetration?
So U Think U Know Me Huh So Prove It!!!
prove it. (2 Points) My name: (4 Points) My last name: (4 Points) Am i in love...if so with who: (1 Points) Where did we meet: (6 Points) Take a stab at my middle name: (1 Points) Where do I work: (3 Point) What am I afraid of: (2 Points) Do I smoke : (3 Points) Do I drink: (3 points) Do you think Im a virgin: (1 Point) Do I have any siblings: (2 Points) How many: (2 Points) What's one of my favorite things to do: (1 Point) How many piercings do I have: (4 Points) How many tattoos do I have: (3 Points) What's my favorite type of music: (4 Points) Am I shy or outgoing: (3 Points) Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules: (2 Points) Whats my favorite color: (3 Points) Name something I hate: (4 Points) Name a talent I have: (4 Points) Whats my phone number: (4 Points) What kind of sneakers do I wear: (4 Points) Do I have any pets: (2 Points) Who am I dating/liking right now: (5 Points) How long have I been dating them: (5 points) How tall am I: (5 Points) What
You Seem...
so flussy... so fake... so wrong.. a mistake when you spoke when you wrote.. from those pills that you take.. from the meanings they partake/// you are but a speck let me demonstrate that in this time... you wont be in history books your face won't get second looks and you can't take what you carry with you./ so fake, so phony.. But I realize you're just lonely
Fantasy Fulfilled
Night, candles are lit; shadows dancing on the wall. Window is open for a cool breeze. Sweat is glistening on our skin. My hands are on your chest; my head is thrown back as light moans escape my mouth. I rock back and forth on your hard cock, feeling it deep inside of me; squeezing your chest tighter and tighter. I bend down to kiss you softly but passionately; tongues searching each other out. Your hands are running up and down back. I shiver as a breeze feels cool on my hot flesh. Your hands play in my hair as the kiss gets more intense. I moan in your mouth as my clit rubs on your hot flesh. You roll me over on my back, kissing my neck, my shoulders. Slowly you slide in and out of me; my fingers gently scratching down your back. Your tongue circles my nipples; my back arches as you thrust deeper. Biting my nipples and pulling on them. I dig my nails into you, begging for more; begging for the pain with the pleasure. You rise up, scratching down my stomach. Grabbing my thighs; p
Page Shifting
Sometimes when you go to rate someone's profile and go to click 10 and the page shifts and we notice it and the rating it logged was like a 4 or a 6 because the page shifted, and you go back and click 10 to correct it then get all embarrassed...we have all dont it and had it done to use. SOmetimes we obviously don't even notice it happened and leave the page and the person thinks we rated them a 3. LOL. Well I use to always make sure it took the rating I MEANT to left. But several times in the last few days I have gone to people's pages that are on ym friends list to rate pics or whatever and scroll over to see if I had left them a 10 or an 11...and I have found 3 so far that were at less than a 10. I never rate (or intend to) less than a 10. But I have corrected the ones I found. If any of you ever remember getting rated at less than a 10 by me, please send me a message and let me know so I can correct it. If I did I didn't mean to. But there is no way for me to remember or go back an
Friggin Downraters
I just loathe people that down rate or dont have a friggin clue about how they should be rating - I not sure whether they are truly just clueless or dont have a life and this is how they get their kicks. I know I dont have the time for 'em. So as I encounter them or read a blog or see another one I will add their url in this blog. And the first one is in the cherry spotlight(what was she thinkin - hhhhmmmm) - I will update this list as I encounter these morons!
I am so tired of all this b.s I rate all my friends pictures and stashes. I have more than a few friends here yet only 6 of my friends return the rates I mean come on people you expect me to rate all of your stuff well im not doing it anymore.The 6 or 7 who do return the rates and talk to me and dear friends you know who you are Iloves yas each and every one!!!
Deadbeat Dads
The courts have finally gotten around to taking my deadbeat X to court for the child support he isn't paying. The X, of course has decided to start slinging mud after being told a 1000$ bux or jail time. He DID come up with the bux, but had the case continued because he has "questions" on where my girls live.(HUH?) The girls live with me of course and I never EVER denied him visitation even with him not paying court ordered support, ever. I'm tired of being nice and am considering slinging the mud right back as he isn't fit to be a dad. He doesn't have a pot to piss in as far as I'm concerned(or anyone else for that matter), and I think he's trying to get out of paying support completely. I've bent over backwards for this bastard but only because of the girls. I'm not going to look the other way any longer. Hell, he's even told friends that him being the "dad" is support enough. That being said, he has yet to contribute to the girls support in any way. That includes EVER
Something Abstract
You fill my Thoughts You fill my Dreams You fill my Desires Yet you do not fill my Arms The distance is Afar Time passes Slow The other end of a Phone And CT are I Have As time draws Near The distance becomes Clear Waiting for Beauty My One and Only Cutie My smile says it All I'm in Neverland My tinkerbell Awaits 10 Seconds is Heaven
I Won't Disagee...
I love this song - for reasons that should be obvious to those who know and love me *lol* Yeah, and Kate Voegele rocks. Check out the vid below the lyrics and sing along! I Won't Disagee - Kate Voegele Ignorance is bliss You'd always hear me say But at times you can't deny Those eyes lookin' your way Let me begin by saying what I mean It's a crime against the heart you know To be somewhere in between Well don't be shy I've got an open heart and hand And I just might Have to confess just where I stand 'Cause lately you make me weaker in the knees And race through my veins baby every time you're close to me Take me away to places I ain't seen They say you've got a hold on me - And I Won't Disagree Rock-a-by my baby Don't be blue tonight Oh I'm on my way And I'm gonna make it right 'Cause I've got the feeling You'll be needing love And of all the lonely hearts You're the one I'm thinkin' of I've been told it's gonna take an iron hand To break
Sexual Positions Lessons For Beginners To Experienced Lmfao
Dui = Dumb Under The Influence? Um, Yeah.
Paris Hilton's out of jail. Last night she told Larry King she'll never again drink and drive and previously let Barbara Walters know that she will no longer "act dumb..." Even if her alleged newfound sobriety is real, there will always still be other dumb drivers who get behind the wheel when they're in no condition to drive: After the California Highway Patrol arrested Vivica A. Fox in March, she burped "quite loudly" and tried to play the race card, according to the documents obtained by TMZ. Vivica faces a max of six months in jail and a $1000 fine if convicted of DUI and driving while impaired. Here on, you can see how Vivica said she learned a lesson and regrets drinking and driving because, "it's on your record for 10 years." Wait, that's not the lesson! Moving on... Benedict Goh, a former television personality in Singapore is facing "drink-driving offenses" after being, police say, caught drunk in a stationary car. The allegation is that he lied about w
After Careful Thought And Consideration....
I really love this site but lately I have noticed that people usually don't talk to me unless they need something from me.... they don't take the time to know me or even find out who I am.. I have lately been considering leaving the site but I have some good friends on here who do treat me as a friend so after lots of thought and consideration, effective August 1, I will be deleting anyone on my list that does not have a salute, I have not spoken to on a regular basis, only talk to me when they need something, just added me for the points. I know I will probably never make it to Godfather as I am not a member of the "Popular" crowd but that is ok.. at least I have my dignity.... even comments on this blog will let me know what kind of people I have on my list.... *REVISED (JULY 22) I am now starting to remove those who do not have a salute.. if you have a valid reason you don't have one feel free to message me if you want to stay on my list!
Pray For Baby Logan
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: "Supporting Elijah" Date: Jul 29, 2007 6:57 AM ----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: NiKKiDate: Jul 29, 2007 9:33 AM----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: "Supporting Elijah"Date: Jul 29, 2007 1:12 AMPlease add yourself to this prayer chain and pray for this precious baby boy~~God Bless you Logan....may God himself carry you through this broken road of life...May he make you strong to fight any battle and may he make you faithful in his duty and obligation to protect you and guide you!You are a precious baby boy and deserve nothing but the best of health..God bless you angelKara WPlease sign this and keep reposting to let Logans family know that we ARE praying for him.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1.Kara Williams and Family2.NIKKI RUUD AND FAMILY 3. APRIL & STEVEN SWINFORD-LOUISIANA
Before It's To Late
Just let me love you, hold out your hand, I'm right here beside you, together we'll stand, we can walk through this world, we can have it all, a tomorrow and past, a life to be proud of, I'll always be there, open your arms and heart, my love will never stray, share your life with me girl, Before It's To Late...
Are These Words To Deep For God?
This is where I lay down my blood. Shed the skin of my heart. Heal the scabs I tend to pick. Regard on life and figure in the lust. Hate for the day until I break. Speak to the deaf with a loud but soothing voice. I recommend this method of hate. It seems to fit the pattern of death in our victims we erase to ease the pain. Comfort without drugs or drink. Sex without wet and sweat. Protection from the morbid bliss of reality. Dip into my soul for a look into Gods eyes. Feel the memory of the blind that once held the visions of the Alpha. I am the Omega that Jesus was afraid of. I am not a statistic for you to ponder. I will not be sold. I cannot be bought. But I will gamble my morals for the benefit of the weak children you abuse with MTV. Hate me.
A Story Of A Kindergartener
My youngest started kindergarten this week. :( I'm one happy but sad momma.
Thank You
Thank you to everyone who kept me in thoughts today. It went better than I expected and I get to keep my daughter with me!! he gets 5 days a week but I am her primary residence. Love you all!! Monique
Death Of Superman
I think they should take all the comic books that talk about the death of superman, no mater what seris, and put them in cronilogical order in one hard cover book for sale. I dont mean changing anything, just taking the isues that talk of death of superman in any way and then reprinting them in a hard cover book, pics and all. like a special colletors edition. what do you think? why?? ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~RIP SUPERMAN~
What Type Of Kisser Are You?
What Type of Kisser Are You? Romantic kisserThis kind of kisser will be a good husband or wife.Take The Quiz Now!Quizzes by
A Time To Rest
A Time to Rest so much to be done each day of the week run here run there work work work watch the clock all week long waaaaaiiiting for that day that precious time to sit still to rest time to watch the clouds on the mountain as they float overhead time to watch deer on the ridge eagle on wing the apples fall with the late summer breeze time to take it all in the beauty in each living thing so much to be done each day of the week run here run there get to that day of the week cease all work a time to rest
How Is It
How is it when I look at you I see all the things I want and feel. But , when I turn away and go another direction I see only vainess. How is it when I look at you I see the perfect person I want to see. But, when I walk the other direction I do not see anything that's ment to be. My heart is aching and longing for you to the point that I see and feel you in my dreams. Sometimes, I want to scream and let the birds and the sky and the world hear my pain I feel for you. This is when the darkness comsumes my every thought my soul being, and takes me to that dark place that no one can bring out of. How is it when I look at you I only want to say how I feel . But, when I turn away and walk the other direction I can not bring you with me. Because, then that would only bring you into my darkness and one of use has to be brave. So. listen to your heart and feel the power of our love and soul as it becomes one and we pay no attention to right or wrong we just know that we belong.
No More!!!!!! >.
okay, as much as i love my friends on here...and i do....stop fowarding bulletins to me! i dont come on often enough to care about reposting them or even glancing at them. (i still love you guys) just stop sending me bulletins, i prefer real messages. thanks. :D
Tomorrow marks the 6th Anniversary of the Attack on the World Trade towers and the Pentagon. It marks the day when our freedom was attack by people who want to control aspect of your life. Convert or Die is the goal. Regardless, of your politics, lifestyle, creed, color, and religion, Take a few minutes, to reflect, pray or whatever thank God or whatever Supreme Being, Lifeforce you believe in, for the freedom that you have to be you. And Give thanks to those who defend that right. Miles
I wrote this poem back in the day (7th grade to be exact) so let me know what you think. Thinking about you always put a smile on my face And I can't think about anybody taking your place In my eyes, you're my sunshine, always I love and always see you as mine. Along with with your grace I always want to be your warm embrace. Love has a different power when I'm with you Each minute, Each second, Each day, of my life, I yearn to be with you. The love i have for you can move many mountains Because I want love and shower you like a fountain. So this is my feelings on paper and pen Because your love and heart is where I want to dwell in.
What Religion Is Your Bra?
A man walked into the ladies department of a Macy 's and shyly walked up to the woman behind the counter and said, "I'd like to buy a bra for my wife." "What type of bra?" asked the clerk. "Type?" inquires the man, "There's more than one type?" "Look around," said the saleslady, as she showed a sea of bras in every shape, size, color and material imaginable. "Actually, even with all of this variety, there are really only four types of bras to choose from ." Reliev ed, the man asked about the types. The saleslady replied: "There are the Catholic, the Salvation Army, the Presbyterian, and the Baptist types. Which one would you prefer?" Now totally befuddled, the man asked about the differences between them. The Saleslady responded, "It is all really quite simple. ... The Catholic type supports the masses; The Salvation Army type lifts the fallen; The Presbyterian type
If You Are Going To Be An Ass......
At least have the balls to let me respond to your damn comment. Don't send me an email saying how ugly I am and then block me! Grow some damn balls! Anyone who feels like checking the ass munch who did so Have a GREAT day!
Drama Drama Drama
What I Have Learned...
For Two People destined to be... Forgiveness changes us physically, emotionally and spiritually. It dissolves the weight of resentment and floods us with fresh new energy. It mends our tattered personal boundaries and empowers us to move forward with hope and inspiration in contrast to the traumatic experiences of holding a grudge. When we release this trauma, we rekindle a connection with our spiritual sense. That sense offers us new light and we find ourselves on new ground with another. When we're in great pain we're not very inclined to forgive, we just want to feel better. It’s kind of like having a toothache and recognizing the need for dental work. You don’t want to go to the dentist and feel more pain for an hour, so you stay in denial for a while. But the pain persists and you know that you’ll feel better if you do something about it. So you muster the discipline to make that appointment, go through the experience and get rid of the root problem. Perhap
The Most Adorable Thing Ever...and I Mean Ever.. :d
..just aww.. Make video montages at ..for once, I don't know what to say...this amazing creation bought to you by my girlfriend, the one, the only... A m N e S i A@ fubar ..if you're nice to her, rate her page and show her some love, she might show you how to make one of your own for someone special .. yarly!
Tulsa's Angel's Pimpout
This pimpout is brought to you by AngelinOK. Join in!!!! It is really EASY, even I can do it! lol All you have to do is to add everyone on the list. Fan, rate, and add. Of course you will rate all a 10 or an 11. When done, go to my blog and let me know and I will add you to the list and repost soon. DO repost the bulletins. Have fun meeting great new friends! ***PLEASE ALSO SEND ME AN EMAIL SO I DON'T MISS YOUR COMMENT ON THE BLOG*** THIS WILL BE UPDATED EVERY MORNING. ¢¾ AngelinOK ¢¾ ~ Club F.A.R. ROCKS! ~ Member of The Sisterhood ~ FuBombers ~@ fubar Sweet Mel ~ Official Greeter of Club F.A.R ~ Member of the Sisterhood@ fubar youngsoldier917*****CLUB F.A.R*****.@ fubar FyreDragn**-=*Member of L.O.L levelers*=- & ~~CLUB F.A.R MEMBER~~**@ fubar *~AngL~*@ fubar Paul@ fubar TheSlayer@ fubar *Phantom*@ fubar Ozzy ( I love my baby )
Sick Puppy
My Puppy is very sick she might have cancer. I cant do anything for her. She is by far the most important thing to me. She has helped me through so many bad times. I need to help her but no one can. PLEASE GOD DONT TAKE HER FROM ME TOO !!!!
One wish, just one wish is all I ask, A simple thing, not too great a task. To wake beside you every day, The rising sun's light on your angelic face! To feel you beckoning, as I caress your cheek, Taste your welcoming lips, with love so sweet. Our arms around each other, will never be undone, Our hearts together, beating as one! My heart is yours, my love is true, For me there is no other but you!
I am just letting all of my friends on here know that I still think about them, I have over 360 of you now so it is hard to keep up with all of you. I wanted to let you all know also that I wasn't ignoring any of you and wanted to say "Thanks for being friends with me on here". Over the next few weeks I will try my hardest to send a personal message to each of you just too see how you are all doing. I hope you all have a good year this year, and may all your good dreams come true. Mike "roughstuff" Stalker
~ Give Them The Evil Eye ~
watch how fast he gives that evil look and just laughs so hard , cute kid
Let Him Know
let him know LET HIM KNOW! by Janie If there ever came a time That they need to make a choice She said to take her first For she could not live without his voice Though she was with someone else every single day When she came home it was him that would wipe her tears away Every other weekend she would be with that other guy Kissing, hugging holding hands she was far from shy But if she ever had any problems she would not go to him She would call up the one who was like her best friend Though she wanted to be more than that He would never know Because she was in a relationship And was to scared to let it go Her mind was telling her one thing But only her heart knew the truth She was so confused And did not know what to do So she just stayed with him Since everything was just okay They stayed together for about a year And saw each other everyday She was having some problems Her boyfriend had done her wrong She knew she could not trust h
Feeling Down?
With people’s desire for tranquility and stress relief stronger than ever, fresh research takes an insightful look at flowers and the important role they may play in our daily lives. A behavioral research study conducted by Nancy Etcoff, Ph.D., of Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, reveals that people feel more compassionate toward others, have less worry and anxiety, and feel less depressed when fresh cut flowers are present in the home. “Other research has proven that flowers make people happy when they receive them,” Etcoff says. “What we didn’t know is that spending a few days with flowers in the home can affect a wide variety of feelings.” The Home Ecology of Flowers Study at Harvard uncovered three main findings: Flowers feed compassion. Study participants who lived with fresh cut flowers for less than a week felt an increase in feelings of compassion and kindness for others. Flowers chase away anxieties, worries and the blues at home.
For My Child & Yours...
Autism/Asperger's Picture Train Help Spread Awareness One Person At A Time! Please Copy One Of These Picture Below & Put On Your Profile!!! Heya! My Name is Krystal (EchoAngel). I have an 9 year old son named Jaren. I don't have to tell you that he is my life. My son was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome AKA High Functioning Autism at 3 years old. He isn't stupid, actually quite the opposite, he is brilliant. He has faced a lot of challenges including delayed social skills, facial & vocal cues and body language cues were also some things that were hard for him to catch on. Fortunately, Jaren was diagnosed early and had an advantage that many children didn't. He is overcoming all obstacles one by one. Now he has also learned that everyone has things about themselves that they want to change and in time and with hard work, we all can do anything, not just children with extra challenges. He is learning what his strengths and weaknesses are. His speech skills are years ahead a
Fubar Pts. Break Down!!
FuBar Pts. Break Down WHEN YOU DO THE FOLLOWING YOU GET 3 pts for rating a profile 2 pts for leaving profile comment 1 pt. for rating a photo 1 pt. for photo comment 1 pt. for stash rating 1 pt. for stash comment 0 pts for fanning someone THE PERSON YOUR HELPING OUT GETS 11 pts for you fanning them 6 pts for you rating there profile 6 pts for photo rating 6 pts for photo comment 6 pts for stash rating 6 pts for stash comment 5 pts for page comment Please keep in mind all pts are doubled for you and them during Happy Hour. As you can see when trying to level someone it pays to fan them. Stash and pic rates and comments may be worth the same but I personally find it alot easier to rate stash then pics. Also for those of you that may not have realized as you can see its also helping you out when your helping others :) ... And a side note DO NOT get any points for Ripped Pics...might pay to have a folder of ripped pics for viewing only if you ar
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I love to shoot pool and hang out with friends. 2. I worked in a bar for 3 years and met some really great people. WOW i miss it.. 3. I have 5 children, which i love very much. 4. I finally got to talk to my sister after not hearing from her for 30 years.. WOW, thats a long time.. Love ya sis... 5. ME! Addicted to fubar? Hmmm, could be.. lmao 6. I drive a chevy monte carlo. 7. I was born in Germany, and would love to go back and visit. The joys of being a military 8. I speak my mind and am honest! i try not to hurt peoples feelings, but sometimes can't be helped.. 9. I love to s
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you... 1. I am a big flirt 2. I am provocative 3. I love the beach 4. I am a slut,,,but I am not a whore, I only play one on Fubar :P 5. I am a goof,,,especially when I've been drinking 6. I don't wear Daisey Dukes, I wear Boss Hoggs LOL 7. I need to be in Fubar Anonymous because I am addicted 8. I need to get laid 9. I am a good cook 10. I love fishing Now I am tagging these people DJ BLU DevilGirl luvinjulz Blade BIGDADDYDIAZ
Happy Birthday Ravenous!!!!
Being Played For A Sucker
ever felt like you were being played for a sucker? sucks doesnt it? i for one dont like it and i fucking despise people who do so.jokin around is cool and shit like that but its like i get so sick and tired of makin myself feel like i am doin something good and then you go aroiund finding out that the people that you think you are helpin out the people that you THINK youi are doin good for...helpin someone feel good...feel better is just a fuckin joke. i am in NO WAY gonna take it anymore...if i feel like i am being played around with my friendship and kindness of my heart being taken advantage of then i will no longer talk to you so you can go ahead and just delete me from your list
New Pics With My Blonde Hair
I Only...
have 58k until i level....anyone wanna help me out.
Hurry, Do Me A Fun Favor!
I need a fun favor! My boyfriend is on his way home, he's been out of town for a couple days and fu-less. I want him to have a surprise when he gets there so just go to his profile... tappinit ~~ Proud Owner of PebblesinAZ && babygirl_01 ~~ Humbly Owned by Blairmare@ fubar ...and leave 1 profile comment that says "Pebbles missed ya!" or..."Your girlfriend missed ya!"...YOU GET THE IDEA! Let me know you did and I will send ya TY! xoxo
watching spongebob and it is funny. I know its random but I like random.
50 Questions About Me
1) Do you smoke weed regularly? Why does THIS have to be the first question??? Lol ... no, definitely not regularly 2) Have you kissed somebody in the last 2 weeks? Um, well, yeaaaaa 3) Who was the last person's house you went to besides your own? My friends Ted & Karen 4) Miss someone? Yes, desperately so 5) What's your ex doing? IDRGAF?!?? As long as he ain't doing it with me, I'm all good with that. 6) Is there something you could've done to make your last relationship work? Maybe .. Probably .. But it would have been me not being me, and knowing what I know now, it wouldn't have been worth the effort anyway. 7) Do you like someone right now? I like lots & lots of people until they choose to piss me off :D 8) Listening to music? Ipods are brilliant ... Snow Patrol at the moment. 9) What are you doing tomorrow? I intend on living every moment with a bright shiny smile on my face, making the most of a beautiful day &
Wanna Own Me
/"" target="_blank">
Just Me Nothing More
Why does it become so hard to express true feelings? When did it become so diffulcult to say what you really want? Why can't we see someone from across a room approach them and say "hi" without coming across as too bold? Is being honest really that bad? I mean shouldn't we cut through all the bull shit and say what we really want to without hurting anyone? I want to be able to convey how I feel and not be afraid that someone is taking it wrong. I believe honesty is better than lies. Lies catch up to you and they are meant to deceive. I want a relationship that is open and honest I want to feel I can express how I feel without someone telling me that its not politically correct not to play games. I don't want to feel that someone is sitting in judgement over something I do I want to feel free to express my feelings and not be labeled or branded one way or another life is too short to let others hold u back/ always be true to yourself no matter the cost
Things I Want
Every once in a while I've had enough and just need to scream, even if no one else agrees or listens. So please don't take offense - I'm just getting some things off my chest. I want... - Tom Cruise and Al Gore set in orbit in a capsule to ward off hostile aliens looking for planets with intelligent life. - Network "Reality" TV shows to come with a disclaimer - "The following program will insult the intelligence of anyone over 10 years old. Be advised, the next hour contains only about 5 minutes of original material, the rest of the time being filled with teasers, replays, and commentary on the aforementioned." - Prior to the late 20th century there were only three recorded instances of persons with multiple personalities. Now every psychologist knows a few. Let's work on that one! - I want people to be held accountable for their own self! That's your one responsibility, from now on! Your kid breaks a window and you fix it, you get sick eating something you shouldn't,
250.5 Lbs
Been a rough last few days. Practice have been expecially brutal and then I spent 2 hours at the gym yesturday. So far it has paid off. I will be passing 250 before the weekend. Hopefully if it is another good weekend I'll hit my 10% loss mark of 27 lbs before Monday. Then it's on to the 240 lbs point!
A Real Fan?
> A teacher in Elmira, New York asked her 6th grade class how many of > them were Obama fans. > Not really knowing what an Obama fan is, but wanting to be liked by > the teacher, All the kids raised their hands except for Little Johnny. > > The teacher asked Little Johnny why he has decided to be different...again. > Little Johnny said, 'Because I'm not an Obama fan.' > The teacher asked, 'Why aren't you an Obama fan?' > Johnny said, 'Because I'm a Republican.' > The teacher asked him why he's a Republican. > Little Johnny answered, 'Well, my Mom's a Republican and my Dad's a Republican, > so I'm a Republican.' > > Annoyed by this answer, the teacher asked, 'If your mom was a moron > and your dad was an idiot, What would that make you?' > With a big smile, Little Johnny replied, 'That would make me an Obama > fan.'
He A Lowrater Be Careful
tkr1999@ fubar
Wtf Is This? :o
This is the crazy plastic fetish guy. Excuse me while I go and scrub down my shout box with bleach. Bottom to top =] ->fetishist ...: Yeah, well it ain't happen on my page but good luck fetishist ...: it would be a great help for me cause i wanna try to become fubars most known fetishist. ->fetishist ...: Ummm, why would I wanna do that? fetishist ...: Would be cool if you d publish some of my nsfw pics in an extra folder on your fubar homepage
I Fu-king Miss U...
North Wing At Broomfield High Comes Down
North wing at Broomfield High comes downBy Michael Davidson, Enterprise Staff Writer Originally published 12:39 p.m., June 16, 2008Updated 12:16 a.m., June 17, 2008 Jeremy DePinto had been waiting for this day to come for a long time. The former Broomfield High School student was one of about 100 former and current students, faculty members and area residents who watched this morning as a demolition crew tore down the north wing of the high school. DePinto even got in the act. Before the crew started its work just after 9 a.m., he joined a handful of teachers and their families as they threw rocks through the windows of the abandoned classrooms. He joked that it was a way of settling old scores. "I was tingling. That was a refreshing feeling given how much trouble I was in when I was here. It feels like a little payback," he said as he recorded the demolition on video. "
Check This Sweetheart Out
I want to jus take a moment and let you meet one of the sweetest ladies I know not only here on fubar but outside the computer also. You need to stop by her page and if you make her a friend I can guarantee you will have a sincere one, in everything she does she always thinks of others n no one had been more a pain in da ass to her than me n she never lets on that I am n always is there to help me no matter how duh I am with the pc. I jus wanted to put her up here n give u the chance to meet her n maybe have the pleasure of becoming friends with her like I have. I couldn’t ask for a better friend n if I only had ONE FRIEND LEFT ID WANT IT TO BE HER 'aGEM4life'My Best Freind One FriendBy Dan SealsBest Video Codes This bulletin brought to you by UnknownCowboy
How Horny Are You...
I Can't Keep My Underwear Dry!!!! Congrats! You are one freaky S.O.B. You are constantly thinking about sex, or doing it! You can't concentrate on work, school, anything! I knew I liked you... Take this quiz at
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Winners And Losers
You just sit down, reading or watching tv drinking beer, thinking about your bills and the stress your family gives you you just wanted a moment of peace no murder on the news no gunshots or sirens in the streets. You get drunk, remembering back in the day when life was simple and you knew it all Back then when you left home, telling everyone you got big plans. One by one everyone just left. Victim of chance, who knows but they're gone Last you heard, your ex was married 2 kids So you drank your beer, and wished her luck And your freinds one by one were happy, while you just left one place for another until finally you just sat down in your chair getting drunk Wishing you were someplace else. The years, marking their passing, on a haggard leather face, Your hands never clean, full of dirt and grime Too afraid to clean away the tears. You knew there were winners and losers But too late, did you realize, the courage it took to get up every day a
La Fiebre Eres Mi Primer Amor *my First Love*
Comment on this video! More videos at myYearbook
Angel Of My Heart
Angel Of My Heart by LateNiteFantasy© Angel of my heart She comes to me on a silent breeze Her body sings it beautiful song She is beauty in a rose Her lips like a red rose She fold her wings with so much grace Like a swan dancing on the lake Her eyes are like the sea at night Clear and simple and bright Her hair is like woven sun light It winks to me when she plays at night Her body feels like silk on sheets Her body tastes of honey and cream Her wings are white as snow Her gown is as pink as a rose She is the angel of my heart She is the angel of my heart I lie awake and smile here My Angel has come to Me she sleeps my angel does My little angel of my heart.
Another Asshole
you are fucking disgusting...your gut sticks out further than ur shorts do...ur legs are fat...ur hair looks like it's never been combed before in your life it needs cut too it is just hanging there no style at all...ur face isnt put together right...ur nose doesnt look like it belogns on your face...your eyes are ugly and so is your smile....your teeth are yellow and nasty....guarentee u'd have a freakin reakin pussy...your house looks trashy too like your poor i can tell by ur clothes ur poor too....anyway ur ugly as fuck just thought i'd give u an honest opinion
The Storm
This was wrote for me by a very special friend who have the patience to find out what's hiding behind my mask. TY Bryan. **hugs hun** The Storm From over the horizon, I watched your storm slowly roll in. Filled with electricity and thunder its mystery gathered the interest of my curious soul. Gray dreary clouds of sorrow and despair rumbled it’s warning to me. Many would take shelter and hide from the turmoil and possible destruction offered by the surface of your ominous nimbus. Some would choose to exploit your storms natural path of searching for a relief, merely for their own entertainment and ego. I chose to stand and experience the awesome depth of heavenly creation. Alone on a hill I offered myself to your power of confused grace and strength. But I sustained no fear. Looking beyond the storms confusion I saw more than destructive winds, more than the fires influenced by the fierce punch of your lightning. The stratosphere I gazed upon offered so much that was
The 3 Collars.......3rd Formal Or Slave Collar
The Formal Collar (frequently called the Slave Collar) is the representation of the final stage of commitment between the Dominant and submissive. This collar is offered after the Dominant and submissive have progressed through the 'Collar of Consideration' and the 'Training Collar'. To read more on these prior collars and stages please refer to the articles titled "Collar of Consideration" and "Training Collar'. All three of these collars are given in real life, between live persons actively interacting in or forming serious BDSM relationships. In recent years we have seen the creation of what I can only call the 'cyber collar'. This creation attempts to mimic the real life collar but tends to be exchanged between those who are primarily BDSM cyber fetishers. It is my personal opinion that cyber collars are made of pixel dust, fantasies and illusions. In addition, those using and exchanging these imaginary collars tend to appear and vanish like shadows in the mist, lacking the primary
Get Me
Ok so you know my home comp is unavailable to use for the time being so in the meantime hit me up in email if you want to talk. I can access it at work but not fubar. Hope to hear from all my friends soon! Hugz Love, Kiri
Wwfc Pro-wrestling!!!
Fu Fu -fu Fu
fuwell i fuwanna fu tell u bout fusuzybeths and fusassi's fufriday funight well fu where fudo i fubeagin we fumeet at fuhendricks fufor fudinner fucame fuhome fuhad a fusmoke and fumany fudrinks and fulaughed our fuasses off fuwe decided to fu go fu to fubed fubecause fuwe are fu fucked fu up so fu fuck fuya fusuzybeth and fusassi
53k To Godfather...please Help This Family Member Level.
Mattenheimer McRib@ fubar
With My Mind
In a violent world Where deception's free Things I can't control Taking over me Did they try to take My identity So what the hell Have they done to me! I will take your thoughts away And I'll ignite your fear today Well I can take you far away With my mind This life for me Changes everyday I will stand up tall I won't be betrayed If you play with fire I'll control the flame I'll do anything To make you believe! I will take your thoughts away And I'll ignite your fear today Well I can take you far away With my mind With My Mind - Cold
Genealogy Site With Networking Features (Geni)
All Members Please Read Carefully And Respond!
Dramatic Little People
Are you tired of people who bring drama out of the fucking blue? I am. Seriously. If you're gonna play with me, naturally, you may get the shaft sometimes. But its all in fun, never out of malice. Ever. But when you have to be a tool about it-- then you've got fucking problems. The Scooter Bar is by and far the biggest drama fest I've EVER known. They claim not to have any dramatic people and are friendly. While most of them are, they still keep around the people who have proven themsevles to be little fucking drama queens. The only reason I ever visit that shithole anymore is because TalkSic asks me to see his shows. I help him put on the make-up, joke with him, and generally enjoy the music. But now? The only time I will ever go in there is during his shows and I won't say a fucking word.
7th Coh Auction
Want to own me I am in my very first auctionI am offering as follows1, Rate your pics/stash/blogs etc During HH2, #2 Friend and Family for 30 days3, Link of your Profile on my profile for 30 days4, 1 comment a days for 30 days5, Will make you a pimp out bully to run for for 30 days6, Random gifts 7, Keep you sh*tfaced for 30 days8, SFW Salute9, Will rate/fan/Add 3 friends of ur choiceHH,VIP,BLASTS AND BLING PACKS ALL WELCOME.SO PLEASE COME BID ON ME IN AUCTION.Opens Tomorow
Bulletin Made For Broken Angel's Auction
Come check out these awesome fu'sSee what their offeringMake them your Fu-SlavesIf you don't to bid at least rate the pics
sittin on the front porch watching time roll away i sit back and breath in start to think wheather to stay in this life time is changing in this life my soul is aching all i wanna do is break these chains break away from the terror that is nawing at my brains break away to a new life to start all over in this life time is changing in this life my soul is aching too many times we sit around waiting too many times we dont do a thing too many times we fight in anger too many times we run away
The Salamander
The Salamander Salamanders most commonly occur in freshwater and damp woodlands, principally in temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. They are generally short bodied, four legged, and moist skinned animals with bold patterns and bright colors. Patterns and colors have different meanings to different people. Examining the patterns and colors of the salamander can help us discover the intricate patterns that govern our lives. Unwanted emotional patterns can be restructured or eliminated by the study of sacred geometry and meridian alignments. Like other amphibians the salamander absorbs water through their skin and needs a moist habitat in which to live. Those with this medicine need to be around water for their overall health and well being. Breeding often occurs in the water although certain members of this family breed on land. The word amphibian comes from two words--"amphi" = "double" and "bios" = life. Amphibians divide their life between land and water. From a s
Looking For A Good Owner
(repost of original by 'Unbreakable † ஐ*ღDangerousCurvesღ*ஐ Dylon'sDivaMafia Always owned by T' on '2008-11-19 23:29:33')
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Fantasy In Glass
Midnight. The night was dark, a typically bleak November night, the sky obscured by swiftly traveling clouds, no moon or stars to soften the gloom. Sheldon Black was sitting naked on the floor in the middle of his living room, his legs folded under him, flogging his back with a leather cat o' nine tails, looking out into the night through the large picture window at the front of his house. The house stood on a slight rise in the land, above a slowly meandering stream, affording him an unobstructed panoramic view of the countryside below. The living room was almost completely dark, mirroring the night outside, save for the faint flicker of a candle standing on a pedestal behind him. It cast eerily dancing shadows of his body and his constantly moving arm and whip on the floor in front of him. He was holding the thick leather grip firmly in his right hand, flinging the whip rhythmically over one shoulder, then over the other, back and forth. He wasn't whipping himself with too much fo
Here I Go!
So, after getting the run-around by several companies, I've finally gotten the funds needed to go back to school! Starting Jan. 5, I will be attending Western Culinary Institute in Portland, Oregon to become a full-fledged Chef. Granted, I've been co0oking for about 20 years, so it's not a career change, more an upgrade. Yea for me!!!!
100 Random Things About Me
1.Born and raised in Kentucky 2.I actually like living here... 3.My middle name is Dawn 4.Its plain and I hate it 5.SO not a morning person 6.I hate to be called "goth" 7.Call me "emo" and I'll bite your fucking nose off! 8.I bite my nails till they bleed 9.Have recently tried to stop, ha 10.I dislike the idea of marriage 11.I always drink too much 12.I'm a pothead (go figure!) 13.Green peas make me wanna hurl!!! 14.Suck my toes and I'll be your slave for life 15.I have 3 pets snakes ( Diva, Jack, and Lucius) 16.I have 1 dog (Brandy) 17.Graveyards are my home away from home 18.I love creepy crawlies 19.I'm not afraid of anything 20. ...ok, I still think monsters are out to get me 21.I love feet! 22. Policemen make me really nervous... 23. ...I have a thing for policemen 24.I wanna be a Park Ranger when I grow up! 25.I love the outdoors 26.Science turns me on 27.ignorance turns me off 28.I have a dried owls foot in my jewelry box (its cool) 29.My favorite col
Leveling Pimpout #16
Native American Pride Leveling Pimpout INDIANROSE*#6*~* WESTBOLT*~*JOINED W/ EASTBOLT*NATIVE SPIRIT BOMBER*SPIRIT MOTHER*NAP*SHADOWLEVELER>@ fubar 533k to level This leveling Pimpout brought to you by: Native American Pride Homepage@ fubar
Today's Kick in the Ass goes to USAirways. I've used them more than any other airline over the past 20 years. I've got enough miles with them that I've gotten 3 first class upgrades. But yesterday we parted ways. Here's what happened. 5:30 AM, Thursday December 18th I woke up and started getting ready got a series of job interviews. I had gotten up at 5:00 Am for a job interview, was interviewed all day and then got to the Birmingham airport at 5PM for a 7 o'clock flight to head home. 7:00 PM An announcement was made that our plane would be 15 minutes late due to fog in Charlotte NC. 7:30 PM An announcement was made that our plane would be 30 minutes late due to fog in Charlotte NC. I felt a little sick from not eating. That’s ok, I’d be home in 6 hours. Maybe. 8:00 PM The plane departed Birmingham en route for an hour flight to Charlotte. 10:30 PM After circling Charlotte, the pilot announced, “Sorry folks! Charlotte is fogged in and we’re going to Columbia SC” 1
Lonestar (amazed)
I love this song ! listen to it :)
My Auction
Work Needed!
So everyone knows that the job market right now totally BITES! My job serious stinks right now. Sales are down horribly! I am lucky to have 2 days a week anymore. Its making me sick. I can not afford health insurance. I can not afford to pay my bills half the time...I don't know what to do anymore. I was wondering if anyone knew of some legal way to make a few extra dollars.
Interview With The "vampire"
Cold Al is. Denne setningen fra White Rabbit minner meg om det jeg har tenkt å skrive. Hvorfor er Al kald? Fordi Grace Slick spilte i bandet Jeff-er-Son Star-cheap. Å være kvinne og dronningemne i Ux er ikke noen morsom opplevelse. Vi må holde fast i bildet med Kleopatra som et element av Ux som fenomen. Selv om det ikke er forståelig for den gjevne amerikaner. Og selvfølgelig heller ikke for den gjennomsnittslige kristne europeer. Ann Rices Vampyr-serie er svært viktig for å kunne lage et riss av vår glemte dronning. Men hun klarer heller ikke å anskueliggjøre den kvinnelige heltinnen. Ikke engang som en bi-person. Og som vi skal se, ikke uten å drepe den egentlige hovedpersonen ganske raskt i bok 2. Intervjuet i bok 1 er en bevisst bløff og en måte å nærme seg temaet. En journalist intervjuer en person som påstår at han er en vampyr. Louis, personen som blir intervjuet, er egentlig en bikkje. Synliggjort hinsides enhver tvil i filmatiseringen av boka. En måte å f
Reverse Funnel System Mlm
Reverse Funnel System MLMLearn about making REAL MONEY right nowDue to the recent surge of interest in Ty Coughlin’s The Reverse Funnel System program, many people want to know if this home based business opportunity is the real deal or if it’s a scam. I thought it might be helpful to those who are considering signing up to read a review of my experience with The Reverse Funnel System. Hopefully by the time you’ve finished reading this RFS review you’ll have a better idea of exactly what to expect if you decide to get involved.The Reverse Funnel System is basically an automated marketing process developed by industry insider, Ty Coughlin. It relies on automation to fuel downline growth and duplication and allows anyone, regardless of experience, age, or income level, the opportunity to build a substantial home based business income.The training tools and teaching offered in the members area is all top notch, and Reverse Funnel System members are given the chance to listen in on several
Earn Money And Be In Our Next Issue!
Hi Everyone! I love FUBAR so I am sharing I wanna include some FUBAR girls in each monthly issue of sooooo...... I am looking for girls who want to be featured in our magazine. All you have to do is supply 2-4 high quality digital photos of your sexy ass self and a link to your profile. What we will do is put you in an upcoming issue and link it to your FUBAR profile. Its a chance to show off and make some new friends. If that wasn't enough we sign you up with a nice little link that you can send to all your friends here and elsewhere. When someone checks us out through your link you get $14.95 for each new subscriber to our magazine. Its pretty simple! Drop me a line or check out Cheers, Vlad
Computer has been hacked. It will require a comp. tech to fix. I would suggest if you stopped by my page to run anti virus and anti-spyware. Nearest we can figure out the source is china in the Bejing area. Please take care with this.
Maybe Now........
is the time that I stop messing around and go for what I truly believe is the one thing that will make me totally happy once more!!. Yes I went through the wringer a few weeks back….scared that I was going to lose everything that was important to me and now I realise that I had to go through what I did, just so I could see what I might have lost and very nearly did lose, if I had not started to think things clearly. I have spent that time sorting out my own issues, laying all my ghosts to rest and finally stopped worrying about just what others think or say but that it really is all about what I think and feel…… So….yes…now really is THAT time!!
Waking up without the feeling of purpose. Without the feeling of just being.. like a dream you just can't wake up from.. then you wake.... you realize you did in fact lose everything. you wonder about your friends, your family.. where do you run to? do you run at all? you question yourself about everything you once knew... about who you were.... did it all matter? did anyone care? being lost in yourself is like being lost forever.. then you realize.... you were never found...
Strawberry-peach Chicken Salad
Prep Time:15 min Start to Finish:15 min makes:4 servings Strawberry Yogurt Dressing 2 containers (6 oz each) Yoplait® Original strawberry yogurt 1 cup sliced fresh strawberries 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar Salad 6 cups Bibb lettuce leaves or mixed salad greens 1 lb boneless skinless chicken breasts, cooked and cut into strips 1 cup sliced fresh strawberries 1 medium peach, peeled and sliced 2 medium green onions, sliced (2 tablespoons) 1. In blender or food processor, place yogurt, strawberries and wine vinegar. Cover; blend on high speed about 15 seconds or until smooth. 2. Arrange remaining ingredients on 4 serving plates. 3. Serve with dressing. Cover and refrigerate any remaining dressing. High Altitude (3500-6500 ft): No change. Nutritional Information 1 Serving: Calories 280 (Calories from Fat 45); Total Fat 5g (Saturated Fat 1 1/2g, Trans Fat 0g); Cholesterol 70mg; Sodium 115mg; Total Carbohydrate 27g (Dietary Fiber 3g, Sugars 21g); Protein 31g % Daily Va
Why is it that I still think of you? Why is it tears fall when I do? Why is it that my heart rains? My soul screams? Why is it that I want to be with you? Why is it I can't forget about being with you? Why is it that there is this feeling deep inside of me that won't let me forget about you? Wh is it you?
PLEASE clink on the PICTURE to post your bid minimum bid id 100k so please start bidding
Something from a blog I read. I can guarantee that the above phrase will ring a bell with pretty much every crew from Tolworth to Chase Farm. And probably many crews from Essex Ambulance Service, South East Coast, possibly even Yorkshire and Scottish Highlands. I wouldn’t even be surprised if some crews from Australia and Timbuktu are nodding knowingly. You see, this is the catchphrase of one of our most prolific regulars. Horace Halfpenny is a homeless, alcoholic gentleman with no affiliation to any particular area. He drifts around London, occasionally stopping off at payphones to call 999. Sometimes he asks a member of the public to call for him. But the problem is always the same. Horace’s bowels are hanging out. I’m led to believe that Horace’s bowels are indeed hanging out - but this is an ongoing problem and not an acute emergency. It has never quite been explained to me quite where they are hanging out from, what happened to cause this affliction or why the problem hasn’t be
All Friends Check This Out!!!!!!
280.8 Lbs - 1 Of 26 Done
Week 1 is done & I'm down a couple more pounds! Yeah! Just gotta keep up the good work!!! :0) I got a new link in my bracelet from my mom since I am down another 5 lbs....I'm at 37 lbs from April 2008. YEAH!!!!!! (Now I just gotta find the bracelet......:()
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The Movies
I had planned another lonely night of going out to the clubs and hoping to run into people I have meet this year and enjoyed the music of the night … I just couldn’t decide where to go and since all this is new to me again … it’s been over 20 years since I’ve gone out by myself, for that fact gone out to clubs unless with friends as a “girl’s night out”… this is different. I couldn’t decide where I wanted to go … so I decided to go hang out with my sister who I haven’t spent time with just us in about 6 months. We went to a mall and the movies. We walked the mall as they were closing up .. mostly just to talk and walk. We go into in the movie, sit down and watch the commercials and chat while we wait for the movie to start. A lil back ground before I go into the depth of the story .. I am very open minded and liberal about people, lifestyles, sex, partners … and feel I am not one to judge others quickly. My sister works for an AIDS outreach program so you know her views are much
My Owner
This wonderful man bought me in Radio's auction and now owns me. :o I hope he doesn't make me do housework. Go love on him. :-) Donnie@ fubar
Pimping The Fam:)
I have some of the bestest family on fubar! These are in no particular order. Just the ones that check on me on a regular basis even when I am NOT around and ALL of them I would, have, or WILL hang out with in person someday very soon I hope.Also don't be bitching at me about the chosen pics- I picked the ones that are some of my faves:) What can I say about Tony? He is without a doubt one of the best people I know. ALWAYS been there for me. I hope we will be lifelong friends because I cannot imagine my life without him in it.♠ GaZ ♠@ fubar Justin is pretty much ditto everything I have said about Tony. haha- He is a little harsher though but he doesn't sugarcoat ANYTHING> Don't ask him if you don't want an honest answer. :) ßrøkëŧ§M†ñ - Enforcer @ Club Fantasia@ fubar Lisa- My wifey! I love this girl to death. She is so like me in so many ways. I wish nothing but happiness for her. And we will hang out soon girly..I promise. ~Lisa~Exotic Angel of Exotic Dreams@
So fubar is starting to get on my nerves over little things. The last two tickers took over 12 hours to be approved. So I sent in this one last night at about 1am my time. It was approved by 3:15am my time. Grr!! I wanted it to run from noon to noon. Flippin' a! Someone wanna buy me a ticker? I'll make it worth your while. :D
Friends Is Such A Lonley Word
Friends is Such a Lonely Word © By portorican princess'Friends' is such a lonely wordhe said he wanted to be friendsI stare at our pictureGrinning like goonsWrapped in a blanket of blissI keep this pictureTo remind me of thingsHis kiss as sweet as strawberriesThe way he rolled his eyes when I exasperated hisThe clacking of his castanetsAs he leapt across the stage like a graceful gazelleBut now I only tasteSalty sadnessI hold it on the tip of my tongueTrying to rememberAnd now I only hearThe sound of silence screaming at meAnd now I only seeAshes of incense falling like the petals of a black roseTo stain the carpet as black as my heartHow could feelings so strong vanish like incense?For four years, he said he loved meIt was whispered between kissesI gobbled his wordsAnd in a weekIt was gonehe said, 'Nothing'What did I do wrong?But I knew that was a lieJust when we were starting to fuseLike warm waxhe abandoned meTo the solace of this pictureThat I clutch in my palmThe only remnant I
My First Contest! Rate Me Please!
Come help me with my first contest! Rate my picture, comment (often!) and rate the host (Domonic) profile too! 5 credit bling given to the most creative comment at the end of the contest by Domonic too! Thanks!
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Lost Love.......
I've tried to make you love meYou've tried to find a spark of the flame that burnedBut somehow turned to smoke rings in the darkThe loneliness within meTakes a heavy toll'Cause it burns as slow as whiskey through an empty aching soulAnd the night is like a daggerLong and cold and sharpAs I sit here on the front stepsBlowing smoke rings in the darkI know I must be going'Cause love's already goneAnd all I'm taking with me are the pieces of my heartAnd all I'll leave are smoke rings in the dark
Please Help
i want to collect salutes from all 50 states and countries from around the world, please help me make my folder   please link me when and if you do pleaseeeeeeeeee
 Ok so I am sitting in the pre-op are of the hospital while my mother is waiting on her surgery to be done, and my mother grandmother and I get on the subject of superstiotion. I totally am superstiotos, and I was saying that karma can bite you in the ass if your not careful...OMG my grandmother looks over at me just as serious as she can be and asked me who karma was...I could NOT stop laughing...I asked her if she was serious, and she says, yes I don't think I have ever met her before.. WOW I had to control my laughter and explain it to her, and she was like, omg I feel so silly right now, so now I know where I get my moments from! Thanks grama, you rock!
What Hurts The Most
Right now I feel like my heart just wants to rip out of my chest and yes I am feeding the tears with music even if it is making it worse.  
Drag/ Tranny Day
This week Ive decided to keep the theme secret until Monday morning... its just makes the day so much funner... Hugh (Dame Edna) and I were discussing what to do, there was an array of different ideas.....smurfs, hair bands... but nothing appealed.. Ive always wanted to know what it was like to write my name in the snow with my urine and there it was drag queen/ transsexual day... Hugh you know were going to be the only ones playing..... Needless to say I looked up famous drag queens and found Barbette, she/ he was a performer her story is most interesting and well hell I'm applauding people from different walks of life today.. So throw on your skirts or pants and have fun... Apparently I forot we list... so here it is Barbette= me Dame Edna= my best friend Hugh (makes out) Chi Chi Larue= Alix Seductress= its a secret (for his plot to freak name crisis out) Misty= Blue Eyed Soul Divine=Mop Princess FuFu= Seamus Foofy McBoafeathers= Ketch22 RuPaul= Raist Harvey Fierstei
Reasons Why We Fall For That Special Guy In Our Life.
Reasons why you fall for that special guy: He kissess our forehead. He gets that cute side smile when he looks only at you. when he slips his hand in yours he always squeezes them. He sings your favorite songs to you even though he has a horrible voice....and knows it. He has a pet name for you and uses in front of his family and friends. When his lips touch yours he holds u tighter and makes it feel like he's never gonna let you go. when he's driving he grabs a strand of your hair and just plays with it. Your the first person he comes to when he has a problem. he takes you out in the middle of night to somewhere dark and you lay on the hood of his car looking at stars and talking about anything and everything. He's always there for you even when you dont ask him to be. He has that twinkle in his eye when ever he looks at you. He will pull his car over when ur guy's "song" comes on the radio and get you out of the car just to dance with you. He takes you to see your fa
Nice Guys Finish Last
Who Is Worthy?
It's that time ..I cleaned out my family list on my page so everyone gets a chance to be there.If you think you are worthy and deserving to be put there with the rest prove it to me.. I'm not gonna just gonna put you there because you talk to me every day or you bling me or rate me a lot.The top family are people who have stuck by me my whole time on fubar.The ones who don't bring drama to my page.. ALL MY HATERS DON'T ASK BECUZ U WILL B BLOCKED..        
The sun and moon Quite an enchanted pair Opposing forces in harmony Each with strength and weakness to bear Neither being complete In the absence of the other Each finding balance In the presence of one another The sun bright and hot Determined and strong Only yielding to the moon The moon passionate and deep
Douche #4
  325429@ fubar->HELLCAT: and again never spoke to him before that momentHELLCAT: PFFFT->HELLCAT: no response to that one lol i guess now IM THE BITCH??? hahahahah>HELLCAT: 325429: ok sorry for asking->325429: im so poor thats all i got to eat->HELLCAT: that gets an A+ on the dumbness scale for today325429: ok sorry for askingHELLCAT: SAY YAY UR SO POOR ITS ALL U GOT TO EAT LMFAO->325429: oh brother325429: seriously ?->325429: ya i just sit around all day doing that325429: you fingering your pussy ?Have a great day!  :)  
Response For Spinoza...
Spinoza and are debating on his blog here^^ Do go see his blog so you know what i am replying to^^and my reply was to long to fit so this is just so he could read and reply either on his blog or on here===================== Reply to Spinoza Comment 2Well i am speaking of the blacks in the United states, as in most other countries they do no do the "my nigga" thing, and yes most blacks know some black history, i did not say they were scholars in black history merely know about black history, i do not believe you nor i are scholars yet we know about it, and the majorite of blacks do not use such idiotic terms as referring to each other as "nigga" this is usually teens and 20s. You have seen many, but surely you have not seen the majority of blacks. But i am merely speaking in the US, blacks know key figured in black history they may not know the minor players who have done amazing things.You have yet to see progress in the black community, that sh
Im Up For Auction   im a spaz and cant get link to work*sigh*  
Just A Quicky Update
Have an overnight test on Thursday at Lackland AFB, should be cleared to depart the states within a week or so afterwards.  Then once I finish up some training, I'll be "Leaving, on a Jet Plane".  Been busy on my end.  Really busy.
You Gotta Draw A Hard Line
Best friend, Lover, companion?   more like Lazy Belittler and annoying   I bought into my heart. without weighing the facts You warned me, i didnt listen. i will always love you.. Ill always want you as my bestfriend but i REFUSE to make someone change.. So im almost at a breaking point of letting you go.   id rather have sweet memories as we have had then have the love weve shared become hatred..   as a song played... "you gotta draw a hard line" Now.. Show me what i fell for but preferablly the REAL you   or   As fast as i ran into your arms.. i will run away....   i love you ~fin
Whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man is either a fool or a coward. Whoever cannot take care of himself without that law is both. For a wounded man shall say to his assailant, "If I Live, I will kill you. If I Die, You are forgiven." Such is the Rule of Honor. Thats an awesome quote from one of my favorite bands Lamb of god.  Now that we have the metal portion of todays show out of the way... .... got ya.. Really though this is pretty fucking random there is no purpose to this im just bored as hell and had to do something right fucking now.  SO a quickie about me im 24 im single and i live in bridge city texas and work at tattoo dreams. later Kris
Week 9
Away                                         Home Redskins                                            Falcons Ravens                                               Bengals Dolphins                                             Patriots Chiefs                                                Jaguars Cardinals                                            Bears Texans                                               Colts Packers                                             Buccaneers Lions                                  &nbs
Daddy Said So...
Don't make love by the garden gate... Love is blind, but the neighbor's aint't!     My daddy told me this so very long ago LOL!
Outta Me Onto You
"Outta Me, Onto You" no no no no no no no no no no no no no more no no no no no no no no no no no no no more no no no no more it's gonna be sudden it's gonna be strange i'm gonna turn on a dime give you five cents change it's gonna be long overdue it's all gonna come out outta me, on to you outta me, onto you... one of these days you're gonna push too hard we'll go on like we've always done 'til you go too far yeah one of these days it's gonna reach the top then it's gonna start to spill and it's not gonna stop outta me, onto you... no more... some people wear their smile like a disguise those people who smile a lot watch the eyes i know it 'cuz i'm like that a lot you think everything's okay and it is 'til it's not outta me, onto you... no more some people wear their heart up on their sleeve i wear mine underneath my right pant leg strapped to my boot don't think cause i'm easy, i'm naive don't think i won't pull it out don't think i won't shoot outta me, onto you... most p
Spanglish Words Of The Day:
1.  *Cheese*     The teacher asked Pepito to use the word "cheese" in a sentence.  Pepito replies:  Maria likes me, but cheese fat!   2.  *Mushroom*   When all my family get in the car, there's not mushroom...   3.  *Shoulder*   My fren wanted to become a citizen but she didn't know how to read, so I shoulder....   4.  *Texas*   My fren' always texas me at home wondering where I'm at!   5.  *Herpes*   Me and my fren ordered a pizza.  I got my piece and she got herpes..   6.  *July*   Ju tol me ju were going to tha store and july to me.  JULYER!   7.  *Rectum*   I had two cars and my wife rectum   8.  *Chicken*   I was gonna go to the store with my wife but chicken go herself   9.  *Wheelchair*   We only have one Enchilada left, but it's ok, wheelchair...   10.  *Chicken Wing*   My wife plays the lottery so chicken wing   11.  *Harassment*   My wife caught me in bed wid another woman but I told her, Honey harassment nothing to me!   12.  *Bishop*   My w
There are dreams we all travelSome bring smiles and some fearBeen walking on a long roadWith thoughts that are never clearDrowning in my own eyesLaughing on my own criesSeeking truth in my own liesRising when my soul diesThere are dreams we all travelSome make us rise and some fallBeen riding this tide aloneStruggling while life takes its tollLeft alone within my mindSearching for serenityIf only I could see the truthWhat really lives inside me
Star For Shattered Edge
    The freaks come out Shattered Edge . How freaky are you? Cold Drinks - Cool People - Shattered Edge Is Back Biznatches! Why Aren't You Here Yet? Click Any Picture To Join Us Today!
The Halls Of The Damned
I.   Abandon Hope, All ye who enter here.     All is not silent, In these Halls of the Damned Nor is all dead, In these forgotten sepulchural Halls of the Damned.   (There never WERE rats, in these walls. Only this Ghost, in this wrecked, wrack'd Machine.)   The wine tastes of ashes here, (I WILL show you fear in a handful of dust!) And the runes, writ in red. (My second thought was not that he lied, with every word, but that the world had.)   (This never was about vengeance, Runic or not.Only death lives here.)   I am rising from the East. Upon my leaden brow the Madness Divine grows oh so Cold. My tattered wings ascend me to Powers, As promised in days of Old.   (We do SO float, down here. And I may serve, while becoming more terrible than the Nameless ones. One may indeed summon Tools. And I grow greater than my Prison.)   You MUST NOT let me happen! I implore ye, dinna fail this Test. I'm consuming all, from best to rest. Becoming, I, this long, d
Nothing endures but change.  -  Heraclitus
45 Lessons In Life
1. Life isn't fair, but it's still good. 2. When in doubt, just take the next small step. 3. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone. 4. Your job won't take care of you when you are sick. Your friends and parents will. Stay in touch. 5. Pay off your credit cards every month. 6. You don't have to win every argument. Agree to disagree. 7. Cry with someone. It's more healing than crying alone. 8. It's OK to get angry with God. He can take it. 9. Save for retirement starting with your first paycheck. 10. When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile. 11. Make peace with your past so it won't screw up the present. 12. It's OK to let your children see you cry. 13. Don't compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about. 14. If a relationship has to be a secret, you shouldn't be in it. 15. Everything can change in the blink of an eye. But don't worry; God never blinks. 16. Take a deep breath. It calms the mind. 17. Get rid of
  I puked in my mouth a little.   Now I'd like to receive some kind of damages to my optic nerves due to this.   I'd also like to be hit in the head with a bat so I won't ever have to think of this again.   /End Rant
New Animal Cops
I bought my cats cat nip. 1 eats it, 1 rolls in it. Several lala moments later, the eater tried to get to the cat nip that the roller was still rolling in - claws were unsheathed - the first time ever! I was about to call the children to show them, once again, the dangers of narcotics (cat nip is such to cats). But I got side tracked by the thought of a new spin for Animal Cops. All turned out well. For some reason Garfield came to mind (he is a cat), which made me think of Weird Al and his video FAT. I am pretty sure it was because after watching the cats acting weird I wondered if they might have the munchies, and I did make lasagna for dinner...    
Another Fine Day
Didn't get any studying done, but that's what tomorrow is for. Went to one of my friend's eagle scout ceremonies, then back to the firehouse. Showed a new guy around, bullshitted around, and went on a fire-that-almost-was. Now off to get some sleep cause my sleep schedule is all jacked up again and start another hell week on tuesday. Whee.
Phone Pet Peeves...
I work in a call center. I have found that the general public has NO maners. This disgusts me. Do I call your job & ask you why you do your job like you do? Your boss told you how to do it, so that is how you do it. If you call a company, do not eat, burp, fart, pee or anything else while on your business call. If your child is screaming, put the phone down & tend to your child. If you call someone, & ask them questions, guess what?? They are gonna ask you some back. Don't be surprised by this. If you are calling for the price of something & the answer is not what you expected or what you want to hear, just hang up. I really don't care who else gave you a better deal or why you don't like my price. I don't make the rules, just kindly go away if it does not meet your needs. It doesn't make you a man, a better woman or anything else if you flip out on the phone at me. I am probably playing an internet game & not listening to your stupid rant anyhow. The letter R is pronounced R. Not
Across The Miles
Across the miles (by me)   Sitting alone in a darkened roomfeeling lonley feeling bluethoughts of you dancing threw my headkeeping me from feelings of dread Your love is felt across the mileswarms my heart and makes me smilemy love for you grows expedentialfills the emptiness that envolopes me You are my heart you are my soulyou are my muse my insperationI love your eyes I love your smileI love the way you look into me I think of you I can not help ityour in my head were you belongyour thoughts of loveyour thoughts of hopebring me happiness and help me cope You are the one that’s ment for meyou bring me life you bring me loveyou are the one I will always cherishuntil the day I ultimatly will perish
The 9th, Revised, By Me
The Enumeration, (or) The Numbering of, certain Rights in the constitution Shall NOT be construed, taken, or used, to deny, OR to disparage, defame, dismiss, disregard, disrespect, or belittle, other Rights retained by the people. Amen  
Blasphemy... Aborted Atheist #2
Okay I met this new girl like a week or so ago, I was just telling raven about it and thought I would blog about it.Well she wants to move in with Me after a fucking week of seeing her, I understand her living situation isn’t the best but… it has only been a week and I am unsure if I want to take that step after so soon. She said she loves Me too, and that she wants to spend the rest of our lives together. But there are several problems, where she lives is not the best, she is always out in the cold because she is homeless, she says she is clean, even though she has like six fever blisters around her mouth and boils on her arm.I also know she is a hooker and will sleep with anything on two feet, but is this a reason not to let her move in?Last time she was over she was here, she walked out with My TV, when I asked what happen she said…she needed a fix then called Me a punk bitch, but when she was sober she said she was sorry… but should I still let her move i
Laying trainqually Eyes fixed upon her memoirs Intensly drawn to the piece She submits her words No sense of difficulty Eagerly transitioning line by line No intent on waisting time Beauty often rests reticent Only omitting here or there For what is seen when gazing upon her Serene yet potent What is she supressing Does she lay somber Or slumber frail It is only to be seen Dark in appearance Sheltered by a spirit Stripes hide this figure Distracting us from truly viewing Total realization is obscure No longer enchanted with self expression Her body exhibits motionless conduct now Mysterious seems to be her game This is one who shall not be tamed Eyes set with ambiguous purpose Distracting and misleading She remains composed She remains enticing She remains a figure
A hungry soul for a passion so deep a slender body for an eye to keep Mounds steep with a curvey barrier sweet haven south on the carrier Soft yet firm rump on the straight away tender eyes for color unknown today Short radient hair whisping in the breeze the color of brown like that of the bare trees Hands rough yet delicate with sturdy fingers auroma bold and intoxicating in the air it lingers Soft wanting lips waiting for something  special to smother a playing mind awaiting its cover A thirsty soul wants to come and play a toned body shines at it lays Rocky chest fuzzy with a heart that beats a mind with games never to cheat Bold yet glistlening demon stick on lower deck awaiting a hot moist cove
A Very Dark Story
Life with a sweet smile....far off and a sunny kingdom of Searsen, There live nice and happy town's people that live there life in happiness into one day when an out sider came to town. no one known what was going to happen to their happy little lifes. Darkness came and a all black figure walked down the street and stoped at the end watching the ladies of the night work. "oh oh fuck me fuck me" she said. "yeah! oh oh yeah! you like that?" the John said. The figure walked over to them very slowly. "hey buddy if you want some, you have to wait your turn after i'm done!" the john said stall hitting it. "no I don't want her" the Figure said in a whisper. "then what do you want then?" the john said. A evil laugh came over the Figure and said "the both of you!" as he grab the lady by the neck and impale her with his sword. "what the fuck man she was only 14 years old! and i was getting off on that!" the john said. "well you can stall get off" the Figure said picking up the girl by the neck l
Brain Freeze
I seriously would like SOMEONE to explain something to me about a brain freeze issue I have. I LOVE slushy drinks. ALL slushy drinks! I drink frozen cokes, or ICEE's whatever you call them in your area all the time. Yes, on occasion, you get the brain freeze. HOWEVER, at SONIC it is different. VERY different. My guess is that there is some ingredient in the slushies at Sonic that is not in other slushy formulas OR it has to do with the actual machinery they use there. When I drink any slushy from Sonic, I get MEGA brain freeze. I am talking about the kind that no matter HOW slow you try to sip it, or press your tongue to the roof of your mouth, take a sip of water after it, or whatever, it is a brain freeze SO intense, it actually makes me sick to the pit of my stomach, and I almost feel like I am going to pass out and/or puke. Slushies from Sonic don't slide down your throat fast either.  They seem to glue themselves to you & slide so slowly, that the pain lingers for ages. On one
looking for some friends
Hate Is All You Need
People are such a great inspiration, for hate.'re a whore whore ho ho whore.And your picctures are fugly. You wouldnt even go for much ona street corner.So stop trying to get some on here. youre not BBW.More like BUW.big ugly woman.On a side note. I hate when people call other people fat. like its a news flash to them"whaT? im fat? i thought i was wearing a size 4 all these years!! thanks for the update!"  If you're tooo active on Fu, im gonna delete you. Leaving people lame "i showed you love today arent i amazing?" statuses right and left? GONE. Uploading thousands of pictures of you on your crappy cell phone using the same pose? Double GONE.the people on the right all have crappy blogs. like i really want to bother my busy day with listening to them on howFU should have fucking twilight bling. I boycott that idea right now. SHut that fucking idea down.Burn it.I see a JohhnyDevil blog. Now those are better then the rest on the right side list.I feel like bitch slapping so
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Bregalad's Song
O Orofarnë, Lassemista, Carnimírië! O rowan fair, upon your hair how white the blossom lay! O rowan mine, I saw you shine upon a summer's day, Your rind so bright, your leaves so light, your voice so cool and soft: Upon your head how golden-red the crown you bore aloft! O rowan dead, upon your head your hair is dry and grey; Your crown is spilled, your voice is stilled for ever and a day. O Orofarnë, Lassemista, Carnimírië!
To Start With
 First let me explain what this blog is for alright ; There's a few people out there who claim they know me but in reality  only a handful of people truly do know me ; in fact they are my blood family or very close friends . Whom I have known for countless of years  because I'm a very private person  and it's hard for me to let just anyone get to really know me . I'm pretty sure alot of you understand what i mean by that........... I'll write more when i get a chance to 
When U Think Life Sucks
ppl think that their lives suck some ppl have an easy life i know from personal record how hard life can b ive never had a normal child hood was a punching bag for 13 yrs ive been made fun of picked on cause i look diffrernt talk different wasnt born with a silver spoon in my mouth never had things handin to me i worked for every thing i have ppl judge way too quick bout a person get to know b4 u judge
asses are great too.  watching Bulletproof. Sandler and Wayans. actually still pretty funny. 
Enjoy Your Freedom And Rights...
Why I have not been around much: I am a Sergeant in the Marine Corps, which is a pretty decent rank. It's not the highest enlisted rank, but it is a decently high rank, for those who don't know.  In the Marines Corps, organizations are called "units", and units are made up of 400 - 500 Marines.The lowest rank in the Marine Corps is a "Private."  In most units in the Marine Corps, Privates generally get treated like little kids, get in trouble for everything, and have to do a big majority of the manual labor.  The higher the rank you are, more respect and authority often follows. That being said, I am in a unit that is corrupted with favoritism politics and its senior leadership (Staff Sergeants and above) tend to lose their minds over little unimportant stuff, rather than the stuff that should matter.  Plus, it seems to not be important as to how good you are at your job, or how good of a leader you are...what seems to matter is if you kiss ass to the right people at the right time.
Last Night Was A Stupid False Alarm
                        Okay last night was so fuckin stupid...I have been a storm chaser for almost 7 years now and this is one of the stupidest false alarm I have recieved from a partner of mine in the field...He said there was a wall cloud about 5 miles north of town so I grabbed my camera and got dressed and went...By the time I got to where he was he told me it was just a false alarm because he didnt turned on his laptop and looked at the radar...He was just looking at the fucking sky and thought it was a wall cloud...Grrrrrrrrr it just pissed me off right there....I know it sounds stupid to get pissed about it but shit man before the dude thinks he sees a wall cloud comming he should go to sources first to find out whats going on and then just wait and see what its going to do...Not just jump the fucking gun and say well, gee I see a wall cloud but my computer isnt on...What the hell man.
Im so confused and dont know wut to do I love him with all my heart but he fills my heart with lies I just wish that it could be real and not pretend thats all I want is for this to be real "hurt" "anger" "love" is wuts in my leg carved it there so i'll never forget the hurt anger and love I feel I thought I found something finally to make me whole again after loosing my girls but it feels like im fixen to loose again its like a never ending battle that im always going to loose at no matter what I do I can give u my heart and my soul but it seems its never good enough for u.. all I want to know is why all the lies... I have came clean and told u about my life I told u things no one else knows but its seems all I get back in return are lies I cry and cry cause do u realize how worthless and sad I feel inside like I can never truely be loved like I want to be loved maybe Im expecting to much when everyone else tells me I've always expected to little I changed my life I changed everything
Chop Suey
Want to make a girl feel like shit?  All the guys I know have figured out how to do it, all they do is insist on telling me how hot my best friend is and how they would like to get w/ her.  Hi remember me I'm the fat ugly friend apparently.  talk about a good way to ruin a girls ego.  I mean come on is it really necessary for everyone to tell me how hot she is and i'm not?  Why do i want to know that everyone is attracted to her and not me Guess i'm just feelin sorry for myself cause yeah it gets really really old.  
Giw Show
Potter's House Christian School and Global Impacrt Wrestling  Proudy Prsent :Christmas Classic GIW'S 1st annual Toys and Food Drive  Sat. Dec. 11th, 2010                          @The Potter's Huse Christian School Gymnasium 1150 Lane Ave S.  Jacksonville Florida 32210 Doors open 6 pm Beltime 7:15 pm           Advance Tickets $10.00 , Day of the Show $5.00 and a new toy  or                                             $5.00 and four food items    GIW will be hosting a one night turny to crown the very first  GIW  Champion               Feturing PHCS'Sown Coach Patterson - vs - The Millon Dollar Player                                  W/ special guest ref. Christian  Genesis     Plius other matches, come outand suportyour local indy wrestling scene                                       and we will see you at the matches !!!!!!
Maxx's Blog
Who Am I?
Have you ever had a feeling that things aren't all that they appear? I have.   I was born into a Christian family.   They have loved, supported, and taken care of me my entire life.  We have fought, laughed, and loved eachother to the fullest.  I know that when disaster hits, they will never leave me.  However, I also know that there are rules that I have to follow as well.  Rules chaff at me.  But I guess they are supposed to keep me safe.  They didn't, but they are supposed to. My life was a golden one when I was younger, but I have been angry since before I could remember.  I got everything I asked for, and yet I never had friends who understood what I really wanted.  I was bullied, teased, and made-fun of.  As I got older, women didn't seem to get along with me.  I tried to be nice to them, but my sense of humor is more like a mans.  I am very upfront and women seem to require a softer approach. But life is good.  I have my horses, they are my life, my love, my passion, and ev
Holy Crap
I knew I was sentimental... I knew I liked to keep things as keepsakes.. But goooood lawwwd...I am a borderline hoarder lol I spent the day organizing my kitchen and de-cluttering it OH MY GOODNESS...I had shit from when my mom was still alive, that I have never once used in 12 years... It was hard, but I purged A LOT   Yay me!
The Glow Radio Wednesday Hump Day Rock Block
Wednesday Night on The Glow Radio: First up is DJ Siren spinning 80's,90's,& Today's Rock & Metal. starting at 3pm pt/4pm mt/5pm ct/6pm et/11pm gmt next up is DJ Reese & her "Shut Up & Rock!!" show; starting at 6pm pt/7pm mt/8pm ct/9pm et/2am gmt Closing Tonight is Tony the Misfit & his Freak Show featuring the best in Rock, Alternative, & Metal Music  at 9pm pt/10pm mt/11pm ct/Midnight et/5am gmt   Tune in to The Glow Radio on iTunes; you can find us under Classic Rock in The Radio Directory & on Microsoft's Media Player's Internet Radio Classic Rock Section or you can go to our website at: ___________________   Tune in and enjoy the best tunes anywhere on the Web.  The music community for the coolest cats in town!     
Feelin Alone!
Does anyone ever feel like your alone and unwanted? I feel that way most of the time. I just feel like noone but my kids loves me. I am basically a single mom of three wonderful kids. Don't get me wrong I love my kids but I wish I had a man who loved me for me and love my kids. I just feel like I hate my life. I need a change in my life. Hopefully with me working, I can. My kids father lives with us. I have tried to make it work with us but it seems like he don't want it to work. He wants his freedom but wants to use me at the same time. I feel like going outta my mind!!!
The Glow Radio
Tuesday on The Glow Radio: The Reverend DJ Furg & his "Church Of Rock" he will be spinning a mix of Punk Grunge,Rock & Metal starting at 3pm Pacific/4pm Mountain/5pm Central/6pm Eastern Next up is DJ Siren & her "Sins Of Rock" Show spinning her mix of 80's & 90's,Rock & Metal starting at 6pm Pacific/7pm Mountain/8pm Central/9pm Eastern Closing the night will be the Bossman James Bound spinning his Smooth Grooves and Romance Music starting at 10pm Pacific/11pm Mountain/12am Central/1am Eastern   Tune in to The Glow Radio on iTunes; you can find us under Classic Rock in The Radio Directory or you can go to our website at: ___________________  
Metal Up Your Azz..,,/
I love metal to me it's the best kinda music there is,although I admit I listen to other kinds of music too. I prefer metal to all else. So Raise Your Horns High In The Air And Scream..."METAL UP YOUR AZZ!!
Mental Property Damage
I wrote this last night but didn't post it. haha. So................................ hahaha. I ditch my friends to come home and write a stupid ass blog! lmao. Not really. I was going to work some more on my research paper but I just realized that I have an extra 8 days that I was previously unaware work on it. I LIKE this.I think something that is funny about me is that I let people drop all their shit on me. This leaves me with noone to drop my shit on. Because too many people see me as that person that doesn't get frusterated or overwhelmed or too crazy or too annoyed or anything at all. I never get anything at all. Besides everyone elses' everythings. But thats just because I don't normally like to talk about things that bother me and if I do...I will be very sarcastic or jokey about those things. I don't like people to know my problems or to try to formulate a special ashely plan to fix my life. And then again, I really dont have that many things that bother me or that m
30 Day Song Challenge - Day 3
Day 01 – Your favorite song (Somebody to Love - Queen)Day 02 – Your least favorite song (Lips of an Angel - Hinder) Day 03 – A song that makes you happy ♥ ♥ ♥ this song and this video. Day 04 – A song that makes you sadDay 05 – A song that reminds you of someoneDay 06 – A song that reminds of you of somewhereDay 07 – A song that reminds you of a certain eventDay 08 – A song that you know all the words toDay 09 – A song that you can dance toDay 10 – A song that makes you fall asleepDay 11 – A song from your favorite bandDay 12 – A song from a band you hateDay 13 – A song that is a guilty pleasureDay 14 – A song that no one would expect you to loveDay 15 – A song that describes you Day 16 – A song that you used to love but now hateDay 17 – A song that you hear often on the radioDay 18 – A
About Me!
Jewelry Boxes
Jewelry GiftShe took off her old leather shoes and tried on the silverones, which fitted her as well as if they had been made for her. Finally she picked up her basket. "Come along, Toto," she said. "We will go to the Emerald Cityand ask the Great Oz how to get back to Kansas again." She closed the door, locked it, and put the key carefully inthe pocket of her dress. And so, with Toto trotting along soberlybehind her, she started on her journey.Discount Jewelry There were several roads near by, but it did not take her longto find the one paved with yellow bricks. Within a short time shewas walking briskly toward the Emerald City, her silver shoestinkling merrily on the hard, yellow road-bed. The sun shonebright and the birds sang sweetly, and Dorothy did not feelnearly so bad as you might think a little girl would who hadbeen suddenly whisked away from her own country and set downin the midst of a strange land. Costume Jewelry  She was surprised, as she walked along, to see how pre
The Overpowering Glam Of Wedding Party Gowns
When brides march straight down the aisle, all eye are riveted for the wedding ceremony dress; Cheap Special Occasion Dresses the bridal apparel will be the cherry for the cake so to talk and all brides are stunning within their stunning wedding ceremony dresses. What's about these gowns that fire the imagination of small girls and stoke the longings for grand weddings? The apparel of the Lifetime Cheap Evening Dresses Every woman has her favored apparel and there are gowns to mark milestones within their growing-up many years and throughout their changeover from girls to women. But the most beneficial apparel of all will be the wedding ceremony dress. Girls have visions of satin and lace, pearls and bows, misty veils, and flowers, operating within their minds once they envision on their own in a very bridal dress. They see on their own as princesses prepared to float aside to some magical land. Cheap Prom Dresses The wedding ceremony gown or apparel will be the ultimate dress; Chea
Standing at the door I pause for a second. This is my first scheduled time with Terry since I had to spank her so she would leave Isabella and I alone. This was pre planed so I had not talked with her and she did not call to cancel the date. I have to assume that all is alright but I am a little apprehensive. Terry can be a bit of a brat at times, and to be frank, I am concerned that this will be one of those times. I was pretty hard on her and this was the first time I had to address the problem directly.   One more breath to calm myself and I knock three times on the plain wooden door on the small rambler. I listen but do not hear any noise from inside, no musing, no talking on the tv, no music, nothing. She usually at least has the radio on. Maybe I have been stood up and that is how she is going to strike out at me.  If that is the case, we will simply have to end this. I stop myself.    I have been a concerned about this over the last two days. Isabella and I had a wonderful n
Age Of Aquarius
What does Age of Aquarius mean?"What lies ahead for Humanity? With all the problems we have, it's hard to believe our future is bright. Inflation and recession, environmental deterioration, diminishing resources, unrest and oppression in developing countries, and apathy, loneliness and lack of direction in developed ones all combine to severely cloud the horizon... It may seem fantastic, but the signs in the heavens point to an extraordinary renewal in the years just ahead. If we recall some recent trends, this prospect doesn't seem so outlandish. It wasn't too long ago that we heard about the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, and about the revival of spirit among the new generation. We can still hear the echoes of John Kennedy's call to action and see the vision of Martin Luther King's dream. Before he and his dream were shot down in 1968, he said we as a people "would get to the promised land." The promise seems empty now, yet the planetary cycles support his prophecy. Fo
What You've Done.
Don’t tell me you want to work things out. You still run in circles and expect me not to doubt. I sit here and wait, with my heart breaking even more. It’s time to leave. There’s the door. Don’t you dare say you still love me. You’ve lied a thousand times, it will never be. Keep running, as long as it’s not to me. Until you’re gone, I’ll never see clearly. You've torn me apart, and the pieces are scattered. You're just making it worse, my outlook is shattered. Forget it. I don't regret it.
Gone With The Sin
I love your skin oh so whiteI love your touch cold as iceAnd I love every single tear you cryI just love the way you're losing your lifeOhohohohoh my Baby, how beautiful you areOhohohohoh my Darling, completely torn apartYou're gone with the sin my Baby and beautiful you areSo gone with the sin my DarlingI adore the despair in your eyesI worship your lips once red as wineI crave for your scent sending shivers down my spineI just love the way you're running out of lifeOhohohohoh my Baby, how beautiful you areOhohohohoh my Darling, completely torn apartYou're gone with the sin my Baby and beautiful you areSo gone with the sin my Darling
I Was Never The Sun (1.3)
The mercenary had forgotten flight as he surveyed the forest that suddenly collapsed into dimly lit city. Little shacks and ramshackle lean-to farms seemed to just lurch from the cool tilled dirt under the lamps and shards of unnatural light hanging from crooked poles and rusty lengths of chain or old twine like strands of some blind, drunk spider stumbling into overnight civilization. Only this tepid yellow light bore into outsiders' eyes like some cold irrate and pulsing sun, one grew accustomed to the faint hum after a few hours, but the light itself would cause headaches and a dissorientation of day and night even among the locals. At the heart of the city, among the temples, tradesmen, and bustle, there was always a meandering life to the cobbled streets. Peddlers, venders, bleary eyed locals all unsure of why they couldn't sleep, and all coming to the consensus that business may as well resume. Maybe they'd just take a light stroll through the gardens, make an offering, buy s
Should The U.s. Arm The Libyan Rebels?
It's kinda like that same old song -- a cruel dictator clings to power and President Obama is criticized for being "slow to act." he did say Libya's Moammar Gadhafi must go. But, it wasn't fast enough -- or strong enough -- even though some say he's treading carefully because there are still Americans in Libya. That's not stopping Senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman. Lieberman told CNN he understands why the Obama Administration waited, but now "we ought to provide (the Libyan rebels) with arms." McCain said the President should impose a "no-fly zone" over Libya -- so Libyan pilots can't attack their own people. "Get tough," McCain said. "I understand the safety of American citizens is our highest priority. It is not our only priority." Both senators stopped short of saying U.S. troops ought to be used to help topple Gadhafi. Tough choice -- because who really knows who's leading the opposition in libya? Former CIA officer Jamie Smith says there's "no
Why Couldn't It Just Wait?
                                                               Why Couldn't It Wait?           She told me not to worry,         everything would be alright         That was the last time I talked to her         I'll never forget that night.           She was my reason for living,         She was my shining star         the last time I heard from her         she was getting in her car.           What was so important?,         why couldn't it just wait?         I wish I could take it back         but now it's too late.           They say words can't hurt you,         but that's not true at all,         I got the words I dread the most         when the sherriff made the call.           I was told about an accident,         out on route 99, for some reason         her car crossed the double line,         she didn't see the other car         coming around the bend         the skid marks started 50 yrds away         and here is where they end.            Among
The truth can't save you. No amount of steel umbrellas and twitterpation can keep this from happening. Just another hailstorm of broken glass and accidents waiting to happen. But the world keeps on turning Perhaps too fast. Punctuated, exclamated by an ejaculate of denial. All the lies and checks the system burns through in the first five seconds This is not happening. This will not go unpunished. This did not happen. This will pass. This is not my blood. I can still feel my legs. I'm not sure what I held onto in that moment I'd like to say it was hope fear desperation final negotiations with jesus and all the wisemen and their fancey hats What the hell is murr anyway? Brings me back to the memory of a headache. Opioid withdrawal? Muscle regeneration? Nerve death? In explicit detail and gratuitous length. Remembering the chill of half of your blood falling out of you and the slow dizzy drip into the ground as the sky falls out of your fingers and the firm ce
Hmmmm Where To Start
i donno where to start but i felt like wrighting life has been throwing me some pritty shitty curve balls latley and its not getting any better save for 2 special ppl in my life my kid and my new hubby my friends who have been there are awesome too but even now a days its nothing but drama with them i love them to death i really do but its like i feel like i cant do anything right in their eyes every turn i make is wrong and i get shit for it or they just wont talk to me at all i donno too much goin on not enough brain power or time to figure it all out i keep biting off more than i can chew and then more gets trown on my plate that i donno what to do with lifes a bitch then you die i can remember who told me that way back in high school but they were fuckin right wen will things just slow down just enough for me to catch up?
Air Force Staff Sgt. Patrick Lee Griffin Jr.
Died May 13, 2003 serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom 31, of Elgin, S.C.; assigned to 728th Air Control Squadron, Eglin Air Force Base, Fla.; killed in action near Diwaniyah, Iraq, when his convoy was ambushed en route to Baghdad.
Best Bets At Toronto Film Fest 0
It is the most powerful, prestigious and influential film festival in North America. It launches Oscar campaigns for Hollywood,juicy couture and domestic-award campaigns for Canadian and international cinema. And it feeds the moviegoing beast, whether your appetite is for mainstream, avant garde or anything in between. But it is also overwhelming. Running from Sept. 8-18, there will be 268 features and 68 shorts shown. Run times total 28,526 minutes. This year's epic, The Story of Film: An Odyssey, is 900 minutes long -- in extreme relief next to the 20 seconds of Ars Colonia. So we need help. No one, not even festival co-directors Piers Handling and Cameron Bailey, has seen everything. This guide, a combination of my experiences and expert advice from insiders, singles out highlights in every program -- from the celebrity-adorned Galas to the experimental wares in Wavelengths. For your convenience, programs are listed in the same order as in TIFF's program book:............
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Someone Special
My daughter's best friend mum past away this morning from a very bad disease called AMYOTROPHIC LATERAL first attacks your nerve system, then your brain and spine then the rest of your body...Its a very painful and long death. And no cure for it. She was told about 3 and half years ago that she will not live past 3 years. But she proved them wrong and live 6 months longer. She got to see her son graduate high school last year and her daughter is 15 years old and is in the 10th grade and unfortunally she will not be physcial there to see her daughter graduate. But I did promise the mum that I would be there for the daughter when she's passes.    She used to sing to her daughter and mine all the time. And when she was told her husband said write down ur wishes and i will fill them to my fullest...So they did everything on her list and she got all her wishes. Which I'm happy about but very sad that she was young and had been taken away from the family. They are the type
Creating Art On An Ipad
David Hockney has always been an avid doodler, whether meandering the English countryside or the decidedly un-countrified landscapes of Los Angeles. So much so, in fact, that when he started having his suits and jackets custom-made at Savile Row in the 1970s — he’s been among the most successful painters in the world for about that long — he had them sew in a large interior pocket to hold his sketchbook. Over the long march of technology from then to now, Hockney’s suits haven’t needed alteration.sacs louis vuitton Now on display at the Royal Ontario Musuem is “Fresh Flowers,” a selection of images made with Hockney’s current sketchbook of choice: Apple’s iPad, which, through a remarkably simple and adaptable application called Brushes, has become a suit-pocket studio of sorts to indulge Hockney’s ever-curious eye. It makes for an unconventional museum display: A row of small screens, all of them vertical, fastened tight to
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Arab League Calls For Syria Dialogue Within 15 Days
At an emergency meeting in Egypt, Arab foreign ministers decided not to suspend Syria from the organisation. Damascus expressed reservations about the plan, which proposes the two sides meet for talks at the League's headquarters in Cairo. Meanwhile, heavy fighting has continued in several areas of Syria. Activists said Syrian security forces have launched a new offensive on Zabadani, a town near the Lebanese border,longchamp outlet while clashes were also reported in the provinces of Homs and Idlib. The unrest has killed at least 3,000 people, mostly unarmed protesters, since demonstrations broke out in March against President Bashar al-Assad. Damascus has faced mounting international pressure over the crackdown. 'Clear differences' In Cairo, Arab foreign ministers met for an initial three-hour session without Syria's representative, before later holding talks with Syrian diplomats that lasted late into the night. Qatar Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim Al-Thani, the chair
Awwwwww Best Thing I've Read All Day ♥
This picture is from an article called "The Rescuing Hug". The article details the first week of life of a set of twins. Each were in their respective incubators and one was not expected to live. A hospital nurse fought against the hospital rules and placed the babies in one incubator. When they were placed together, the healthier of the two, threw an arm over her sister in an endearing embrace. The smaller baby's heart stabilized and temperature rose to normal.
Life As A Movie
FADE IN; Onceuponthesea looks confused. He wrote 3 episodes of his blog yesterday including a very touching and well written story and now t hey are nowhere to be found. He looks fu-depressed. and hopes all that work wasn't for naught. No more seriously crafted fuwritting until i know it wont disappear. FADE OUT
My first blog...bear with me!   I'm watching Johnny English and cringing at the way he conducts himself.   He is clumsy, silly and can pass the blame when necessary but always manages to come up trumps, smelling of roses!    How many movies have you watched, thinking you could have written the same part of the script from your own mishaps?
Joe Pa
so, honestly... maybe it's because i could give a shit about football, and yeah i guess it sucks that he got fired and stuff.. but, if i were one of the victims or someone close to the victims, i'd be fucking pissed that the biggest concern is on who got fired... riot because young innocent boys were taken advantage of not because of who lost their jobs.....   i guess in america football is more important than ruined lives... but, thats ok. i didn't have much faith in our society anyway.
Hey Jude
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Review Anti-dumping
Question: What exactly did Jay Cutler do that warrants such heavy criticism from it seems like just about everybody in the NFL? I mean, he played, he got hurt, he sat down. Jimmy Graham Jersey . It happens all the time in football; everyone will get hurt at some time in their career and every player reacts differently. That was the problem; the reaction of Jay Cutler. There really wasnt one. He was very stoic, very matter of fact, very unemotional. Compare Jay Cutlers MCL sprain to Maurkice Pouncey, the centre for the Pittsburgh Steelers and his high ankle sprain. You cant. The TV cameras caught the collapse of Pounceys ankle and his reaction was emotional. In the end, you could see he genuinely needed crutches. Done deal, he was hurt. There was not one of those indicators from Cutler. I know the difference between an MCL tear, a sprain or a strain. I have experienced all three levels and a tear is impossible to play on because your leg cant carry your own weight. It is possible to pla
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Quote Of The Day
Monday, December 26, 2011 Creative approach When you’re faced with a tough problem, get creative. When you’re confronted with a difficult challenge, that’s your chance to take a creative approach. Don’t get your thoughts bogged down in the difficulty of the situation. Instead, get enthusiastic about the creative possibilities. Don’t get trapped into overanalyzing what’s already been done. Take advantage of the opportunity you now have, and create a completely new approach. You never have to be stopped by those who say it can’t be done. With a positive creative approach, it can indeed be done. Step back, give yourself some perspective, and open your mind to all the possibilities, even the ones that seem outrageous. When you’re confident that you’ll come up with a creative solution, you will. History is filled with examples of people who have used creativity to turn negative situations into positive value. Get creative,
An Error
Movements in the world of hockey Sunday: National Hockey League TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING-Recalled D Scott Jackson from Norfolk (AHL). Tony Gonzalez Womens Jersey . American Hockey League AHL-Suspended Springfield D Jake Taylor for one game for his actions in an April 10 game at Hartford. ECHL ELMIRA JACKALS-Announced F Tim Spencer was recalled by Binghamton (AHL). Authentic Clay Matthews Jersey . The 25-year-old, who scored both goals in Pittsburghs 2-1 victory over Detroit in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup final, had played through the injury "for quite a while" according to GM Ray Shero. Authentic Marques Colston Jersey . The high costs of the Spring Festival are a real financial burden for me, Song Pingyang, who works in Chongqing, said during an interview with Chongqing Evening News. 
Everyone Wants Love
Everyone wants to feel loved and wanted. Everyone wants to hear those 3 lil words...            I Love You. Everyone wants to know there is someone out there who will be their                  One and only. Everyone wants to know they are not alone trying to battle this cruel               world. To Sum It All Up....Everyone Wants Love......           
Calling All Artists: Win A Ds Lite!
That's right! I'm having a contest! An art contest! The prize is a white DS lite in its box w/ manual and wall charger.   Details here:
For Longer Than Forever
Maybe its intuition, Something’s in life you just don’t question, Like in your eyes, I see my future in an instant, And there it goes, I believe I found my best friend, my lover, Most of all I found my soul mate. As long as the sun brings the sun rise, Weaving our unbreakable bond, That’s destined to last for a life time and beyond. For I have made an everlasting vow, That my heart will always be yours, Through it all from now until the end of time, It is you that I love, And it’s you that I shall spend my life with. From the moment that I first met you, I knew you were the one,
I love you, you love me, were a happy family with a great big hug and a kiss from me 2 you, wont you say you love me 2. Just figured everyone needed a song stuck in their head for the day.  You are VERY welcome!!! Things: I'm kinda enjoying finding pics for the pic of the day folder.  I don't care if nobody cares about them....well....maybe I do a tad.  One problem with the evolution seems to be that if it is a NSFW pic, people don't notice it was posted. Have you ever noticed that if you wand your curser over the yellow highlighted notice above the bar tab that you have see messages sent to a perfect stranger from a perfect stranger?  I kinda do it just to see the surprises from time to time. It is funny when you can see some "interesting" conversation. Make sure you wish Kunty Kit a very Happy Birthday!
My Ride To Harley Davidson
I had my first motorcycle at 13. It was a Honda 75 Enduro, and was hooked on riding since then. Tearing up the desert in northern Nevada was heaven. I have had a few bikes since then and know that riding is in my blood. I had happened on a few old outdated magazines called "In the Wind", and "Easyriders", and while I knew they existed, had never owned a Harley. I read the articles, and the stories about how it was to be free in the wind, the joy of the open road and no real destination in mind, but in those same stories were countless accounts of these machines breaking down and I thought "why the hell would anyone pay for something that costs more to fix than own, and spend more time in the shop than on the road ??? Fucking insanity !!! Right? I decided that a Harley was not for me. Then one day, I was in my local harley shop (they do have really nice gear), and as usual, a salesman would come up and start a convo about which bike I rode, and once they learned that I did not have a Ha
Such A Thin Line Between Love And Hate
Hi Fu-bies, This is pretty much going to be a venting session..... Why as lustfulpeople is there such a thin line between love and hate. Also how someone new with out all of our old relationship problems awaken the youthful side of ourselves. I am madly in love with a special someone. I can not wait to be by his side aND HAVE THE LIFE WE BOTH WANT.  We have been playing hit and mainly miss. The universe has finally shined upon us as an US. Keeping my fingers crossed and my breathe held. Bye
Find The Cheap Yet Amendable Web Host Solution
You would like to make sure that you consider all the aspects for your site successful and productive. For this to occur, you would need to be in constant communication with your web host provider to ensure accomplishment is not affected any time. To find more information on reseller hosting and similar site and webmaster related details, visit the Web Hosting.Hosting is the key to the success of a website. But to be successful it, you have to do research on the best hosting services provider available in the industry. If there are fewer loading, the attainment of your site can be affected. In addition, cheap hosting solution may not be able to offer the diverse needs of a successful website, which requires web content, videos, images, and graphics are loaded properly. Track the attainment of your site with the proper reports to help ensure the progress of your site regularly. Cheap hosting services often may also not support attainment-driven web servers for sites.Therefore
What Is Happiness?
i'm a weird kind of guy yes i dress werid to a lot of people like right now i'm wearing black tripp shorts a black dickies shirt a pink and black tie with special chuck taylors with the riddlers and question marks all over them in 98 degree texas weather but in my opinion in what makes me so weird is that i havent trully felt happy in a long ass time and yes it's the same bs story that a lot of people have.  I lost my mom when i was 17 years old and i lost my grandma when i was 12 i delt with the depression and pain and i'm ok with both of them being gone now yea it still hurts but i know there still here with me but what gets me is if i'm so ok with them being gone why cant i get happy i've had some really good things happen in my life in the past 4 months i finally came home from being over in south korea for a year i got to see my family i recently just got my first brand new car a 2012 mazda 6 (yes i know i'm a american soldier and i'm driving a foreign car 31 mpg that's all i gott
Japanese Bangs Hairstyle Farewell Childish Improve Temperament
For the hair, the bangs are very important. Not only a beautiful fringe for hair extra points, you can also upgrade your temperament. Xiaobian to introduce you to four bangs hairstyle, you bid farewell to childish, transform into fashion the influx of women.Light cooked girl bangsFor the face: round-word faceLiu Qi, the love of many of MM, Qi Liu always seem Wizard and lovely, but if want to see tired lovely Qi Liu, MM can try Qi Liu thirty-seven boundaries and bangs to be slightly curled effect , so that the Qi Liu to add a little more mature, feminine. Boundaries bangs can be modified face, round face or the MM-word face is very suitable Instyler Australia Rotating Irons Combin.Carve slightly curled bangsFor face: oval round faceCarve the bangs into something within the roll, with the overall shape of the fluffy and even more naughty and quite feminine. Carve the bangs can not be too short, or the proportion of the face look weird, and can not play the effect of the modified face. If
For My Beloved Wicked Evil One

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