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Last Weeks Flowers Dedicated To And Inspired By....
woooooooohooooo I finally posted it...KINSI... ♥ YOU! His arrangement *grinz*   ♥ PoStaL
A Lil' Update
Well The other day at work, I started having chest pains, sweating, dizzieness and a fainting type feelin'   So, I went to the hospital After 2 EKG's, 1 CT Scan and 2 Things of Blood work done They concluded that it was'nt a Heart Attack or a Blood Clot in my Lungs   Infact, they have no fucking clue what's wrong with me   so, I have to see a Cardiologist on the 15th of July to find out   but my memory seems shotty, I feel weak, light headed all the time ..   this sucks .. I want to know wtf's wrong   oh, I'm more than likely diabetic and I suffer from Hypertension Joy   and I still have random pains in my chest ..
Oh I Get It!
So this is fantasy land! We all are escaping our daily lives to come be entertained and live that alternate life we don't have or can't have normally. Gee, I have been such an asshole to have forgotten that real life has no place here.   So when some guy starts talking to me and being flirty I should totally disregard the fact he has a girlfriend or wife and I should just forget that I have any morals whatsoever too! I apologize for not offering my webcam up for a free show to get your rocks off sir! My very bad! Perhaps you would like my number too so if you feel the need to cum while fantasizing about me or anyone with tits and use me as a voice or moan to aid in this fantasy of yours, here it is. 860-689-5427 feel free to dial it and waste my minutes because lord knows they don't get used otherwise. While I am at it why don't I take some nude photos for you so you can have these too, yes I know my belly fat makes you extremely aroused. Lets not discount my gorgeous tits. I think
How can you walk away so quicklyHow can you move on so fastI would do anything for you What will it take for you to figure that outMy heart cant take this nomoreYou are my world you are everything to meYou used to say I was the same to youPeople say move on But love dont go awayplease pull me from this bed of roses the thorns are too much..
Lustful Longing
Tell me what I'd have to change. Who would I have to be To slip into your arms; for you to make sweet love to me. Must I climb the highest cliff; swim along the ocean floor Crawl over broken glass - would you demand that I do more? Could you take me as I am, with my issues and my flaws Pull me to your chest without a hesitation or a pause? Slide your hungry tongue between my parted lips. Run your anxious fingers along my quivering hips. Wrap me in your passion, expose your every need. Press your steamy lips to mine, every secret freed. Sprinkle your tears across my cheek, confess every desire Moan my name, call me yours, and set my soul on fire. Need me more with every breath that slips into your chest, Please me nightly, miss me daily, never compare me with the rest. Grip my wrists; look in my eyes, and say the words I long to hear Kiss me roughly, and weep my name, forever hold me dear. Do I ask for wishes that could never quite come true? Is my sin, my greatest fault, that I can't s
My very being is slowly fading Every moment I spend awake I become more of nothing I sought a dream Why? Because you made me believe Now I stand Vacant With nothing left Shattered dreams Broken hopes You coward
10 Words That Don't Exist, But Should..
10 Words That Don't Exist, But Should 1. AQUADEXTROUS (ak wa deks'trus) adj. Possessing the ability to turn the bathtub tap on and off with your toes. 2. CARPERPETUATION (kar'pur pet u a shun) n. The act, when vacuuming, of running over a string or a piece of lint at least a dozen times, reaching over and picking it up, examining it, then putting it back down to give the vacuum one more chance. 3. DISCONFECT (dis kon fekt') v. To sterilize the piece of candy (confection) you dropped on the floor by blowing on it, assuming this will somehow 'remove' all the germs. 4. ELBONICS (el bon'iks) n. The actions of two people maneuvering for one armrest in a movie theater. 5. FRUST (frust) n. The small line of debris that refuses to be swept onto the dust pan and keeps backing a person across the room until he finally decides to give up and sweep it under the rug. 6. LACTOMANGULATION (lak' to man gyu lay' shun) n. Manhandling the "open here" spout on a milk container so badly that one has to res
Attention All 2nd Alarm Hotties!!
As many of you know, some time a go, one of our founders, Firechief, left the group.  He left the other founder, Blue Demon, and Annipoo the Norwegian Goddess in charge. However, we find it hard to continue this group, cause of all that has happened. So, we want to rebuild the group, starting from scratch.. We want the group to becomme a 2-part group, one for males and one for females. Blue Demon and Annipoo will be the founders of this new/old group. All of the current hotties are more than welcome to stay with us. We need your help to help us choose a name for this group, something new yet bold. Please help us out, and if you have any questions, just ask. Xoxo - Upper management Top suggestion at the moment is to make it hotties and hunks. Girls remain 2nd alarm hotties, and guys will becomme 2nd alarm hunks!
Did You Know?
You have always had my heart, even when we hurt each other. I have loved no other like you, nor has anyone loved me as you do. I know I will never have what I lost, but.... I still love you.
Nice Witchy Writeing
Come with me if ye dareBeneath my veil and in my heartMy Magick is all aroundAs is my shadow here and nowI walk the ways of light and darkSometimes hard to tell them apartFew be they who understand my wayI am different and not a followerI sometimes watch others aroundHow they laugh and loveI wonder how long it lastsFor me they never dolove comes and goesThey say they will never walk away,and love you foreverHow can any promise what they can not keepfor nothing here lasts foreverSometimes I am like the Owlset out side watching lifeI am like the crow I come and goI am of the night yet I live in the lightI am a daughter and priestess of the MorrighanI am MysticMoonCrow
Yager Bomb
I am up for auction once again! I have some awesome offers this time around. Check Them Out!    
A Poem From Emptypiecesnow
Now The Melody Is Renewed A time spent apart from My Fire Words written to reach her heart Have been wiped clean from her slate Now the new sun rises giving fresh start I have missed My Fire’s sweet voice Her melody that brings passion to my spirit Eyes like gateways to heaven A kiss with a lust deep within it My Fire’s body carved from the night sky She is the untamed mystery of love She graces me with her touch Her heart I take hold of Let me hid in the feathers Of the wings of this phoenix Let me take in all of your scent Let my soul pour onto your lips Now My Fire open your ears To the notes we have pursued As the sun pierces the dawn Now The Melody Is Renewed ps all my other poems got deleted by fubar..
This Is Me. True Story.
I hate drama any kind of drama or imaginary drama! If you like drama...GTFO! I'm here for FRIENDS. I'm a flirt. Can't be helped. It's the Gemini in me.  I like to believe people are good. Sometimes I have poor judgement or invest my time, feelings, & emotions into the wrong people. Whatever. I'm human. I'm extremely shy on first meeting. People who know me do not remember this lil fact! Wonder why?? Hmmm... ANYway, I'm messy, funny, goofy, friendly, flirty, I am nosy, noisy, sometimes lazy. I'm definately messy. I have a weakness for ice cream...vanilla with caramel on top is my fav....MMMMMM! I love Italian food. I am probably the whitest Mexican you're ever gonna meet. I don't know Spanish but I can understand most of it. Like my page says, I should haved been a southern girl. I love my country but Metal/Rock is my roots. I may be a country girl one day and have my boots and cowboy hat on the next listening to Metallica, Bon Jovi, Mellencamp, or Chevelle. You just neve
How To Spend A Hot Summer Day..
It seems that a blond, a brunette, and a redhead were having a deep philsophical conversation about being stranded in the dessert. The brunette said, "well if I was to be stranded, I would want to have water". The redhead thought for a minute and said "well I would want to have an umbrella, to protect me from the sun". The blond shook her head "y'all are both stupid. I'd take a car door. That way if it gets too hot, I could roll the window down."  
One Month Anniversary
I've been on FUBAR for one month now;  made it to Level 16 (Fu-gee) and I'll probably level up again tomorrow. After that, I'm figuring it'll take longer. I guess I'm doing OK... the people I asked were non-comittal.  How fast DO the early rankings go by for most people?  
"let's Get One Thing Straight"....
Ok, I signed up for this site back in 2006 because I was fascinated with the idea of sharing comments and rates of pics from different users including the unique and lovely nsfw pics. At the time, there were no "bling packs/credits/tickers"...But you had to prove you were worthy of being on the "family" list to see each other's wild side. Here I am 3 years later and it is impossible to find those who still have the "show me yours and I'll show you mine" mindset. Now all of a sudden, all of the users who want bling packs are nothing more than your average whore...shit I can't sugar-coat it because it's true. I am interested in being friends with users on here, but if I have to pay you to see any of your nsfw pics...then your wasting my time because I got no time whatsoever for you....others might have the stupidity to blow their money on you, but not me. I don't charge for mine, so you shouldn't charge for yours. If for some reason you feel the need to charge people on here just to see
Outdoor Recreation
This is one of my blogs please read and contribute if you find any thing ineresting. Here is another one that some may find interesting.  I've put together yet another one this may apeal more to the ladies feel free to contribute or comment.  
Men think woman are stupid they are living with a female and turn around and try very hard to get another female. the female he lives with is paying for everything, why is he trying to be with me.  He says he loves two people and he cant ever have one.  He says to me I die if I can have you and i will really die if i cant have you as a friend too.   He is imming me and calling me but hello i have my man so why do i want an ass.  He tells me he wants to show me his new hair and explain things to me so i go to my computer and then comes on with his gf and asks me why I want to see his cam.  So why bother me at all.  All you are doing is digging yourself a whole to live in. Just leave me alone and get a life like I told this person this morning grow up and act like a man and stop hollaring at me you.  You called me a whore in my lounge but if anyone is a whore its you.  I am with a man who has a job, and that treats me like gold.  If I wanted a dead beat asshole I would find my baby's dad
Pimpouts For A Whole Week?! Dayum!
[AUCTION STARTS SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 26h AT 9 PM FUTIME!!] Now, I'm gonna try this again. Maybe I didnt make myself clear enough. I'm in need of fubucks yet again. But instead of auctioning myself off on some random person's page, i'll start this up and let it run for a week and see what happens. 3 pimpouts a day for 7 days [21 Pimpouts Total]100 11s a day for 7 days [700 11s Total]3 Animated Tags [Curoius? Check my Pics] I'm going to start this Auction off at 2,000,000 fubucks. This auction will end Sunday October 4th and 9pm FUTIME
Fickle Hearts
A fickle heart never gives all. Living out it's lonely life from back behind it's wall.   As good as gold, it may be. When love gets too close, it has the tendency to flee.   It's afraid of loves rejections and pain. It has nothing to lose, yet nothing to gain. Darlene
break from these chains i pray today that my life is free from sin and temptation gotta fear of those flames cuz theyll come up and bring you down] thats why i say gotta pray                chorus down on my knees hoping that youll see unguide my way please forgive my sins i cry out to you hoping that youll hear faith hope and love now i believe     today is a day of religion walk down a path its a long a far road no-ones beone cuz          pre chorus im taking my time pray to the lord im taking my time on my knees im taking my time everynight im taking my time pray to the lord      chorus   forgive all of your sins tmw might be the last day on this earth so be ready cuz      pre chorus
Dj Shadow Remix Contest & Some Of The Entries
This week, we have not one but TWO runners-up for the DJ Shadow Remix Project. -"Missing On The Motorway (Shadow Vs. Everything But The Girl)," Remix by Tiger Mendoza (AKA Ian De Quadros) from the UK. This is a brilliant Mash-up that includes Shadow's "Blood on the Motorway" (from "The Private Press" album). DJ Shadow: "The rare mash-up that creates an entirely new take on both source tracks, awesome job." Take a listen: -"This Time (Now Is the Time Mix)" by Suonho (AKA Tommaso Berardocco) from Italy. Shadow says this remix of his track "This Time," (from "The Outsider" album) is "A very tasteful and well-arranged interpretation that amps up the funk quotient." Check it out: DJ Shadow and the team continue to go through all of the remix entries day by day. Even if you posted a mix at the beginning and haven't been selected yet, don't assume that you didn't win; Shadow is listening to the mixes out of order, so keep checking back! Here are the Rem
Black Friday Specials On Bling, So Im Offering Goodies For Bling Packs.
For a 25 credit bling pack (it will be $10 bucks on black friday)  rate 100 pics 11's  1 sfw salute 2 imikimis Add to fam/top friends   For a 65 credit bling pack (will be $25 bucks) All of the above, plus.... Link to profile on my page Auto 11 or Cherrybomb (your choice) 1 special MILFItaliana salute   For a 135 credit bling pack (will be $50 bucks) All of the above, plus.... Another Auto 11 or cherrybomb or a combo of blings worth 35 credits (your choice) A Ticker message from me, promoting you!   For a 350 credit bling pack (will be $125 bucks) All of the above, plus.... Another 130 credits that you want.... Give you all my 11's for a week       Any other offers I will discuss with you personally... thank you and have a happy black friday :D  
i dont know how this night got turn around i dont know why u are mad.there alot of things i dont know. all i know is i love u and always want to be with u.i dont know how u be mad. or not talk to me .all i do know is i love u more with each passing sec.u can fill a book with what i dont know like i dont know why ppl use this site to hurt ppl ore break ppl up. u know i love u u know i always been there. look in your heart u will know i always will. i mean look at all we been though u and i always fine our way not once have i every try to hurt u ore use what i know agasit u and i will never dothat even if my heart rip into . for i turly love u u are my heart my soul my world my everything. and u know its ture. look how many years it been. dont let this site do us in for when this site is gone and all the fake ppl it be me who still love u and be at your side
Michael Schumacher Signs Up For F1 Return With Mercedes
"Seven-times Formula 1 world champion Michael Schumacher will come out of retirement to race for Mercedes next year, BBC Sport understands. The German, who will be 41 on 3 January, has signed a contract and the deal will be announced imminently. Schumacher will partner compatriot Nico Rosberg in the team that won the drivers' and constructors' titles in 2009 in its former guise as Brawn." I know it's been on the cards for ages, but it's good to have it finally confirmed.  I could not be happier - Best Christmas Present Evar. From BBC Sport
My New Year's Wish For Ya'lls!!
My Wish for You in 2010: May peace break into your home and may thieves come to steal your debts.  May the pockets of your jeans become a magnet for $100 notes.  May love stick to your face like Vaseline and may laughter assault your lips! May happiness slap you across the face and may your tears be that of joy. May the problems you had, forget your home address!  In simple words ............
Let's Blow The Roof Off This Mofo!!!!
Because The Caturday Mumm Poofeded
There was a stupid MuMM that Poofed, which we were making a Caturday MuMM. So I am posting this blog entry as a Caturday forum. Post all the pics you want, but PLEASE keep them CATS!   Rock on!Shawn, AKA DurhamNtx
Dear Diary
Dear Diary,               I stand half naked in front to the bay window, I reach into my bag, I pulled out my book and pen, I being to write to you, diary. This is my resource to keep my wicked deeds straight. I no longer know how many I have killed or will kill in the mere future. All I know…             I have killed again today. I found it thrilling. But I guess I will tell more to you. All my hidden deeds that brought death to men and women, who mistreated others, I choose them…because of my past. No one has to the divine right to hurt someone else. I can no longer stomach what is going in life, so what I had to become is now…             Is no longer lightness or goodness in life, it has become darkness seeking out justice for those who can’t fight back like….me at one time in my dark past. I am no longer sure….I’m making the wrong or right choices, but do know…             Give those back what they place others…is
Hate Him
She wants to hate him, but she just can't find the way,Whenever he's around she doesn't know what to say.Her chest tightens, whenever he is near,She doesn't know why she even cares.He's hurt her before, but she still can't let go,Why she still likes him, she'll never know,He makes her breathless, but he makes her sad,She doesn't know why and it's driving her mad.She doesn't understand why she just can't let it be,She whispers to herself,"Why does he do this to me?"She hates herself for being so weak,Whenever he's around she can't seem to speak.Her heart beats faster and she finds it harder to breathe,Will he ever understand why she wants to leave?He leads her on and expects her to be fine,But he doesn't know she's nearly crossed the line.Her cuts get deeper, she finds it harder to bare,Where ever she goes, he seem to be there.She hates seeing him when he's with his girlfriend,It hurts her so bad, and she wants it to end.She's tearing her self apart, she has no control,She doesn't know
I'll be sitting in the back waiting for whoever to notice me again... If you do find your way back, I'm sure its only temporary. I'm not going to speak over everyone to get someone's attention. I've tried, its tiring, and very unhelpful. Are you wondering who you are yet? You could be wrong.
A Must Read!
Countries follow a lengthy, predictable course.1. From bondage to spiritual faith;2. From spiritual faith to great courage;3. From courage to liberty;4. From liberty to abundance;5. From abundance to complacency;6. From complacency to apathy;7. From apathy to dependence;8. From dependence back into bondage.Countries peak fairly early. Citizens flourish, trumpets blare, and God sheds his light on thee. In a few generations, everyone puts their Faith in the national Hype. Everything will always get better because the Society is so unique and glorious and brilliant. A skip or two later, everyone is so comfortable they can be manipulated with promises of greater comfort at no expense. The meanings of the words found in the Eight Stages of History become muddled through misuse, ignorance, and poltical-minded education. The comfortable, ignorant society begins to implode under its own weight. Everyone wants the reward but no one wants the responsibility. Dependence becomes the norm.The thoug
Pink- Don't Let Me Get Me
This song is the story of my life, lol   Never win first place, I don't support the team I can't take direction, and my socks are never clean Teachers dated me, my parents hated me I was always in a fight cuz I can't do nothin' right Everyday I fight a war against the mirror I can't take the person starin' back at me I'm a hazard to myself Don't let me get me I'm my own worst enemy Its bad when you annoy yourself So irritating Don't wanna be my friend no more I wanna be somebody else I wanna be somebody else, yeah LA told me, "You'll be a pop star, All you have to change is everything you are." Tired of being compared to damn Britney Spears She's so pretty, that just ain't me Doctor, doctor won't you please prescribe somethin A day in the life of someone else? Cuz I'm a hazard to myself Don't let me get me I'm my own worst enemy Its bad when you annoy yourself So irritating Don't wanna be my friend no more I wanna be somebody else Don't let me get me I'm my own w
Obama has decided that there will no longer be a "National Day of Prayer" held in May. He doesn't want to offend anybody. Where was his concern about offending Christians last January when he allowed the Muslims to hold a day of prayer on the capitol grounds.
Virgo Fo R Me Love Card
  Hi Betty! Here is your Daily Love Tarot Card for Friday, April 23 "The Temperance card suggests that the timing may be right for sharing your feelings, getting together, creating something new or pouring your heart out, but don't expect a quick fix. This could be the beginning of a creative process of cooperation, diversity, sexual compatibility or testing of the romantic waters, so be prepared to go with the flow or to set new relationship goals that can work for the long term. Patience, trust, compromise and self-control can bring moderate, consistent and stable results as long as you are not afraid to get your feet wet."
Back in the 80s it had been my dream to be a comic book writer.  Spent some time living in Manhatten, but nothing i did ever got picked up and I couldn't land a spot on a major title... even as freelance. Last night i got an inspiration for a book but I've got no idea as to how to even find and artist or how to market it, so, here it is in just a written format.  There's very little description to be provided on purpose.  I don't want give you a picture of the character and i don't want him to have a name for now.  There may be incongrueities and most will be on purpose as well, I want to give the impression of a fractured ego, a lack of sense of self... a destroyed narcicissist.  Everything you read is what the character is thinking, hearing, seeing and, as I am writing this on the fly, so to speak, please excuse the typos, misspellings and such, eventually I'll fix them. So, I present the gritty chronicles... Feed back appreciated... DP
The Art Of Trolling
1) Pick your victims carefully. Who do you want to engage and enrage? What social group do you wish to leave tearing at their hair and smashing their keyboard with frenzied vein-popping fury? If it's the naive Yahoo Answers is your stomping ground, although difficult to know who's trolling who. To wind up complete strangers looking for kicks or kids to groom, try Omegle. An added bonus is meeting a fellow troller and sparking up a dialogue that will leave you both feeling refreshed and warm inside. And, of course, the new kid on the block: Chatroulette. The only limit is your imagination; think hanged bodies, 2Girsl1Cup, your little bro demanding TOGTFO, the zombie apocalypse. 2) Message boards and forums. A bountiful place for wind-ups and lulz. Since internet immemorial trolls have been signing in to Christian message forums to call Jesus a zombie rapist and piss in the eyes of God. This is stating the tiresome obvious but remember: whatever forum you're in take the opposite stance,
There's A Nut Case Out There! Lol
The other day I started getting messages from an unknown person.  Of course it's a new profile with no picture or anything. Here are the messages in the order I got them. 5/19 subject: hi i guess you get to be mikes (BLS) news victim to be date raped and put down, but how much do drugies and drunks and guys with no job turn you on, gl with him and have fun going through everything that he put me through subject: ps lets also not forget how he don't have a car cus hes a drunk and can't drive with out crashing subject: pss while you at things with mike be sure and ask him about how quickly he forgot about the 100+ cams in wal-mart where he works to prove the harrassment he gave to me but anyway i am done gl you have ha
Just A Poem
   "Souls"Mine, is yoursand Yours, is mineto share together until the end of timeSouls alikeare we twoand forever love, is all I'll doTo hold you closeto my heart of flametogether we willplay this gameKnown as lifeand all it hasstanding side by sideno moments will I let passMy heart for youmy soul is yoursthe golden keythat opens all doors
My Poems
dusty old stone  i fond a stone dusty and oldeye's don't see the beauty so deeponly heart and soul can see the diamend it keepsit sparkels only for me to see whate secrets it keepsmy secret beauty dusty and oldkeeper of diamends keeper of soulsthats what i fond in a dusty old stone   crying ever felt like crying like your whole world is dyingever feel like running and hiding while your whole world is dyingnothing left dut ashes no ground left standingnoting to fight over but ashesscattered by the wind washed away by tearscrying over ashes crying over lost grounddrowning in tears running from fears noting left but ash covered tearsleft with a burning soul consuming fire surrounded by ash coverd tears broken down world whit noting left to burnflames dying light faiding darknes risingtears drying noting left than wind scatered ashes geting older geting older is noting to fear geting older is not geting old just wiser it happens to all of us evry year evry day age is just a number
Happy 4th of July!On this Independence Day weekend I have been doing some reflections about it and what it means to me. INDEPENDENCE. A state of perfect irresponsibility to any superior; the United States are free and independent of all earthly power. 2. Independence may be divided into political and natural independence. By the former is to be understood that we have contracted no tie except those which flow from the three great natural rights of safety, liberty and property. The latter consists in the power of being able to enjoy a permanent well-being, whatever may be the disposition of those from whom we call ourselves independent. In that sense a nation may be independent with regard to most people, but not independent of the whole world. Vide on of Independence.Source: Bouvier's Law Dictionary, Revised 6th Ed (1856) Hmmm but is this reality.  When this nation was fought for and formed by our founding fathers...yes.  Today "We the People" are dependent on oil, living in shelters
Cleaveage - The Side-effects
I love cleaveage, and so do you. If I had a pet angelfish, she'd love cleavage. My grandma probably loved cleaveage, and so probably does the squirrel right out side my window staring blankly at the light pole. Obama loves cleaveage, and even Ray Charles does, even though he can't see it. My computer loves cleaveage, my Fubar account loves cleaveage, my coffee, boots, guitar, yahoo messenger list, taskbar, broken partition, and all my bathroom acoutraments love cleaveage. Ok so you get the point. The subject is cleaveage. Why would anyone discuss cleaveage, you might ask... Well it's because it's a treasured and beautiful thing that women passively showcase and abuse. In my opinion, in my own mind, women use cleaveage to attract attention like catnip to kittens. Well, newsflash: It works, and that attention might not be the kind you expect. I think in some cases, it can attract undesirable attention, like stalkers, and effectively, rape. Not cool. I know. Not a cool subject. But it's
The Memories
A vast expanse of scorched earth stretched out before the Angel with the Blackened Wings. His weapon at the ready he walked, looking for a fight. He's been here before, many times. Theres always a fight, and he usually wins, but to him the point is lost. He kicks something on the ground. He looks down, and picks up his old label. "Hero" it says, its not shining anymore. He wore it proudly once, when he was loved. He discards it now, meaningless. He looks around more and see's "husband" on the ground, or whats left of it. She smashed it well. He sifts through the pieces, and finds the last label he held. "Father". He grips it in his hand until he bleeds. The emotions run through him like a bolt of lightning. He puts the label back on, a new determination in his heart. She may have smashed one, and rendered the other meaningless, but this is something she couldnt take away. And in the distance he hears the fight, the battle rageing. The warm feeling spreading back through his broken hear
kljlkjlkj kjkjlkjkljl
When I look back on my life nowadays, which I seem to do, what strikes me most forcibly about it is that what seemed at the time most significant and seductive, seems most futible and absurd. For instance, sucess in all it's guises; being know and being praised; ostensible pleasures, like aquiring money and seducing women, or traveling going to and fro in the world and up and down in it like Satan, explaining and experiencing what ever Vanity Fair has to offer. In Retrospect, all the exercises in self-gradifaction seem pure fantasy, what Pascal called, "licking the earth"
7/31/10 Dilbert
Echoes...[this One Was In The Wrong Catagory For The Longest Time..i'm Glad I Roamed And Reread It..:d]
Two hearts long to embrace two souls to entwine to bring low the distance that once did divide. To play symphonies of desire, love and passion their orchestras concertoing the realities of what was once merely imagined. Lamented by lovers in poem, prose and song since time unremembered this lamentation doth all they feel, need desire...belong. For when their dreams doth become their reality The sharing of all that is their body, soul and being will resonate with the lamentations of all the lovers since time unremembered and echo unto eternity.....
2nd Amendment And The Right To Over Power Oppression Of Our Liberties As Americans Read More: Http://
  The bill of rights are a limit to, not a strengthening of government. They all apply as limits to our own national government. The 2nd amendment is not designed to strengthen the security of the national government from any type of foreign or domestic invasion. It is designed as a check on the power of government here, in the US. the 'security of a free state' means simply that to make certain we remain 'free' (have liberty), the citizens must be guaranteed the right to possess weapons. The 'arms' are our guarantee that we possess the ability to 'secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.' the amendment is basically a guarantee to us that the government will not be able to take our rights away, because we will have the ability to force the government, at the point of a sword if necessary, to protect John Locke's natural rights of life, liberty, and property (or in our case, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.) We threw off the british yoke of despoti
The Midnight Sky
Within the candles of the midnight sky,Flow tears from my heart I cannot lie.~My love for you stands not alone,I pray the lord to bring you home.~I search the Heavens for your sweet smile,My loss of you my hearts denial.~At night I kneel and pray my love,Counting the candles, which flicker above.~I close my eyes and feel your touch,My dreams of you I love so much.~I look for you I cannot lie,Within the candles of the midnight sky.
Help My Friend Out
IIP aka JUGGS Owned by BigDaddyMike8in@ fubar
False Hopes And Belief In The Impossible
I'll never understand how people can believe in things that just can't be real, even when all evidence proves them wrong. They continue to cling to the belief in ghosts, gods, aliens, or government having any positive value to society.At the same time I'm supposed to believe that there's some way I can ever find someone and be happy, even when all the evidence says the opposite. I'm expected to cling to some hope that if I just change the right things in my life and hold on long enough things will change. I've tried all my life, even thought there was hope for awhile, but nothing ever really changes. I've done everything I can.I'm tired of being alone, but I can't take having hope and losing it again. I don't see anything that can change things at this point. All I can do try and forget what it felt like to have hope, because it was never real.
A childhood that one would cringe at Becoming a mother in high school Leaving your child behind to fight for your country Losing your child to death Losing your sibling to a terrorist activity Meeting someone you love... Becoming happy again... Becoming a wife... Becoming a mother to two more beautiful children Becoming an ex-wife Feeling not happy once again Picking up the pieces and starting over Homeless Alone Afraid Put that wall back up around your heart Learning to trust again Slowly Letting Someone Into Your  Life Again Hurt again Pain again Never again Cement That Wall Into Place Survive Live Love yourself Love your children Breath Laugh Live Survive Again...    
What The F????
Why can't Mountain Dew just keep the throwback version? Can the Dallas Cowboys win with Tony "I took Jessica Simpson to Cabo San Lucas instead of putting in more time to beat the NY freakin football Giants of East Rutherford New Jersey" Romo as thier QB And another thing either the Giants and Jets drop New York from thier geographical indicator in there name and change it to where they really are, or in the Jets case move back to the actual state of NY or they both drop the NY and just go by the team name. Last I looked at the calandar we are in the 2nd decade of the new millenium and  the 21st century. Where the hell is my hover car, food replicator and holographic TV set?        
New Fuspacebook Homepage Style
From the desk of Scrapper for those that have not seen it or can't view: Our NEW fuSpaceBook home page is being rolled out to newbies. people who are signing up will be getting the home page. everyone else will stick with their current home page, including existing newbies (people who signed up in the last couple days). Everyone can select it from the settings page if they want to take a peak. it's pretty simple, Please let me know if you you see any bugs or issues. Thanks _________________________________________________ From me .... Check it out, if you dont like it, the good ting about it is that you have a choice  to change it!
It's Music Lyrics People, Now Tell Me The Song Ffs
For months I put what seems to be jibberish as a status, why? Because there are so many on this site that claim to be DJ's (which means they have a knowledge of music) orlovers of music. Well you sub-human morons, this jibberish I put up are, in fact, song lyrics. Not rap crap, or hip hop burp noises, but songs with actual music instead of "BOOM BOOM BOOM". Why do I put these lyrics up? To see just how many or you dribble drooling children can come up with the song and artist without going to google. So far, only 2 have been able to, and those 2 I expected would know the answers because they actually do know music. So, you troll-resembling nitwits, start rubbing those 2 semi-comotose braincells that you have left and see what you can come up with. Is there a prize, reward, etc...? Yeah, the satisfaction of knowing you really are worth saving from being gobbled up by the rest of the zombies that troll this God-forsaken whore sponge of a website. That is all.
Why Is My Account Blocked And My Name A Bunch Of Numbers!
**FROM SCRAPPER'S BLOG**     It seems there are some users who are not playing straight with you about the facts. fubar is for fun but there is also a business side. We do not like to delete or ban good users. Our good users will attest to it. If you are a person who is not playing straight or who has spent over 400 bucks and isn't willing to verify they are who they are, then don't be butthurt or make excuses about this. You are the problem. Clear up your account and quit whining to your friends. If you are a rincarnate, you will be deleted. The following are the reasons you will see people in numbers or banned.  1. They have chargebacks, disputes or are contesting services they have received and used. (They stole from us)  Often times these people hustle people to log in and spend money on them and then whatever friendship they have goes south. The person who spent the money charges back and the account holder who hustled the money plays dumb and tells fubar we are t
"UNITED" The beat of my heart flows along with the music, the music of the horses breathing, the horses pounding hoof beats, and the horses' heart beat as we as one united being gallop across the open land. I hear the gushing of the rivers and waterfalls; I hear the whispering of the trees deep in the forest, I hear the whooshing of the sands in a desert storm. I hear the lonely cote cry to the moon and the proud wolves rejoice a life of freedom. The beat of my heart flows along with the music, the music of the horses breathing, the horses pounding hoof beats the horses' heart beat as we as one united being gallop across the open land. -Cassie hart
Words To Love By
Come inside my love and join meI'm your worst nightmareThrill my cool flesh with kissesOoh just right there!I can feel your heart a-thumpingYour blood, your soul, my body pumpingCome and taste the bitter fruitI will drain you of your juiceLet the straining serpent loosePut your head into my nooseCome and kneel, boy, before meKiss my sacred altarCome to me like a ramTo the slaughterFeel my poisoned stingTonight I'll spread my wingsCome and taste the bitter fruitI will drain you of your juiceLet the straining serpent loosePut your head into my nooseI've been left in misery but then how can I refuse What have i got to lose?Take my blood,take my juice!Come and taste the bitter fruitI will drain you of your juiceLet the straining serpent loosePut your head into my noose From...Intercourse with a Vampyre by Inkubus Sukubus
My New Year's Resolution
You Should Resolve to Get Fit You know you should love your body at any state, but you think you'd be happier if you were a little fitter. Your body will thank you, as well as your jeans! It doesn't take a lot of exercise to make a difference. You don't have to commit to a crazy fitness goal - just try to get moving and see how it feels. If possible, try to find a workout buddy. It's hard to exercise without support, and a friend makes it a lot more fun. What New Year's Resolution Should You Make? Blogthings: Free Quizzes for Everyone
The Glow Radio
THE 2010 TOP 50  ROCK COUNTDOWN Tonight I will be counting down the Top 50 Rock Music of 2010 on The Freak Show. I will not be taking any requests during this part of the show After I will be doing my regular mix of Rock, Alternative, & Metal Music starting at 6pm pt/7pm mt/8pm ct/9pm et/2am gmt     Tune in to The Glow Radio on iTunes; you can find us under Classic Rock in The Radio Directory & on Microsoft's Media Player's Internet Radio Classic Rock Section or you can go to our website at: ___________________ Tune in and enjoy the best tus anyhere on the Web.  The music community for the coolest cats in town!    p FREE Music/LIVE DJs: Pick Your Player!
I Have A Small Problem
I think I have an addiction.. I got scrubs for christmas... 6 printed tops and 3 solid pants.. Just tonight I bought myself a solid top, a printed top, and 4 pair of solid pants :/     someone STOP me lol
And Thennn...
I'll be in Greenville, NC next week. I'll say it again, North Carolina, not South Carolina, 'cause no matter how much I type it, people seem to keep assuming I still mean the latter. NORTH CAROLINA. And then, I'll be working at a psych ward doing the same thing I do here in Arizona. For those of you that never paid attention in the past, I work for a toxicology lab and do the first step of drug testing for patients taking prescribed controlled substances. The only difference in NC is that I'll be working at a substance abuse account; the work is the same, but the patients are slightly crazier. And then, I'll be making as much of my stay a vacation as I possibly can. Hopefully, this includes meeting some cool peoples, like Park (too dark park) and Matt and Jessica (CAM, may his account RIP, and barricade). And then, I'll watch at least one sunset on the Atlantic coast. And thennn, I'll come home and it will all be back to boring normal. And thennnnnnn.. NO AND THEN!
The first wealth is health.  -  Ralph Waldo Emerson
Hi To All My Fave People
SDMF@ fubar     That guy up there, he is a friend of mine...he needs fans to level. If you could pretty please help him..well I will do a favor for you I might even let you pick said favor.... You can unfan him after...just please fan him...and if you wanna say i sent ya and toss him a rate or comment that would be cool too :D
Screw Politicians, Politics, Religion, Etc.. Yada Yada, The Thing, The Thing
A few months ago I decided to turn over a new leaf, but I didn't really do anything other than what I was doing before.  There were no new roads to travel in the virtual world, and all things I saw were variations of the same nonetin garbage that has been flowing out of the foetid sewer of the collective consciousness since the dark ages.  Only one thing stood out in my conception, the word "Free", and how believing in the idea of freedom was more like captivity than some forms of actual imprisonment.  We're all told from childhood that we have "roles" and "expectations" that we must fulfill in order to become "productive".  Whatever that means these days.  We kill the Earth to save it, we are actual parasites feeding on this planet, and what humanity needs to do is engineer a real plan to fly into space, and teraform a celestial body, such as the moon.   We could start by teraforming the nastiest parts of Earth, until we have refined the process.  After having refined the process we
Tutorial How To Make A Website
Proper a website stuff involves either acquisition to get a website on your own, from signaling to eat, or using online and offline put plaything software, which provides you with shortcuts. The otherwise is the cheapest choice in cost of money, not measure but whichever way you superior, never rehash compass of what makes a website neat. Every newbie strength score many sweat in making their own website and don't deuce where to benefit, not omission for you.The perform support that you should do is founder to reckon of an music for your new website. If you already hump what you necessary to overhaul your website around, repercussion this convey. Explore distinguishable jewellery sites for layout ideas. Brainwave and straighten set all of your ideas, no target how undignified they may seem. There's no better pretend than the net to transfer an music into prosperous. You can also get amend by searching the web with belajar bikin web.After that, you should constitute your mart. What kind
In The Arms Of An Angel
Slowly fading away into dreams;Hazy and tainted, yet so clear,A release from all that darkens the mind,Dreams of lying in the arms of an angelWhere comfort covers my soul,And peace overwhelms.Whispers from far away reach my ears;So faint and soft within the reveries,That bring a smile upon my face,Reveries of lying in the arms of an angelWhere all worries vanish,And tears do not exist.A warmth sweeps over my being;Never cold or distant are the thoughts,Awaiting the strong and sure embrace,Thoughts of lying in the arms of an angelWhere hearts sail without burdens,And smiles never soften.My heart grows weak it seems;Yet within plays a melody so strong,A melody that will forever sing, never fade,While lying in the arms of an angelWhere freedom surrounds the spiritAnd sorrow is only a myth.
I Was Away For The Last 2 Yrs...this Is Why...
t | Delete post by ~Amie~ on April 04, 2011 Like on FanBox | Like on Facebook | Comment I"m back after 2 years...anyone interested in the rollercoaster ride of a story, holla!! lol...its one hell of a train wreck! ...I missed u all...come show some luvin'!!! .....   Here we go! night after my husband went to work I packed up my kids and left, driving all night from Fresno, California back home to Ogden, Utah...My husband is an abusive man, both mentally and physically and I couldnt take anymore. When I arrived in Utah I was turned away by my family because they thought I was being selfish for wanting more out of my life, I then got stuck staying with my oldest sons dad, not such a good idea but I had nowhere to go.  A few months down the road I found out my sons father (his name I'll keep to myself 'cuz hes not very well liked) was using and selling meth...I was at a pretty low time in my life, so curiosity got the best of me, I figured what the he
Money Over Bitches?
Do money and women go together? I seen the difference on my road trip.... I'm from the West Coast, most women out here is about having men take care of them financially. Not all women out here..... Although in the South where I just traveled from, seem to be more Independent and have there own shit that they brought with their own money!!!!! Without the attitude of saying I don't need a man to be with. Yeah, I know that's a double edge sword in itself; however, I could appreciate the women down there oppose to these women out here. Not belittling any of the women I know that are true stand up women....
News Of The Weird - Lead Story
LEAD STORY A tank and several armored vehicles with dozens of SWAT officers and a bomb robot rolled into a generally quiet Phoenix neighborhood on March 21, startling the residents. Knocking down a wall, deputies raided the home of Jesus Llovera, who was "suspected" of running a cockfighting business, and, indeed, 115 chickens were found inside, but Llovera was alone and unarmed, and his only previous connection to cockfights was a misdemeanor conviction in 2010 for attending one. "We're going to err on the side of caution," said Sgt. Jesse Spurgin. Adding to neighbors' amazement was the almost-fanciful sight -- riding in the tank -- of actor Steven Seagal, who had brought his "Lawman" reality TV show to Phoenix. [KPHO-TV (Phoenix), 3-21-2011]
dandle \ DAN-dl \verb;    1.  To move (a baby, child, etc.) lightly up and down, as on one's knee or in one's arms.    2.  To pet; pamper.
Common Sense Rules To Live By
Okay since I'm continuing on my rant, I guess I'm going get back on my soap box and hand some a little common sense to those who apparently either do not have it or lost it in their quest to be something that they're not on the Internet. 1) If you are in a relationship but want to be friends with a member of the opposite sex, BE UP FRONT about your status. Do not pretend your live in girlfriend/wife/significant other does not exist especially when you're on the computer. There is nothing that kills a potential friendship than lying about who you are. 2) If you work in the military or you work in security or any other job that uses the Internet constantly for information, it would be my greatest suggestion that you do NOT post any pictures that would compromise yourself (pictures of your genitals, et al). There is nothing worse than your boss making some kind of comment in regards to your penis size and what site he found this on. It would be much worse if your spouse caught these pic
Meet Fuck Buddies Tonight
  How to Get a Free Gold MembershipThe Ultimate Adult Personals Free Loophole To Gold Membership: This loophole will give you free gold membership to the largest sex and personal's site in the world.Step1:If you follow our step-by-step tutorial, you will know why is the most popular hookup spot on the internet, well at least for the Gold Members, which you will soon be! The guide below will grant you full access and we will show you how to complete the steps, step-by-step, without fail. It is important to follow the steps correctly, failure to do so will result in wasted time. This is a loophole in the system, how long will it be open, who knows, however it is smart to take advantage while you can.Step2:Click here to go to the sign up page if you have not done so yet, then click the button near the center of the page that says JOIN FREE Sign Up Now.This is a critical part of the process and must be done even if you already have an SexZdate
New Broadcast Rules (mine!)
I have decided that some rules are in order for all of you to abide by...Please understand I will BLOCK you of you can't follow them.   1) Please respect that when my kids are home and I am online DON'T tell me to flash you...I won't do that in front of them. 2) Don't BEG to see my tits ass or vajayjay trust me I think seeing a grown ass man BEGGING for that is downright PATHETIC! 3) Don't ask for my number!!! There are only a select few I have given it to and will NOT be giving it out again. 4) RESPECT MY BODY!!! If you don't like what you see MOVE ON!  4) I am in a committed relationship, I am here for friends please don't ask me to dump him for's pathetic. 5) Don't EVER call me a bitch, slut, cunt etc that will AUTOMATICALLY get you blocked! Well if you can abide by these rules we can have a fun chat...if not it's been nice knowin ya. :)
om/user.php?u=516416&friend=516416" target=_blank> Secrets
What Should Most Of Us Pay Attention To Winter Outdoor Area Activities?
Very, keep popular and prevent icy.North Face outlet Out of video game because of the the winter months, in order to enhance the activities, almost always wear smaller, to bodily exercise in place of the queue is easy to trap cold. You need to put on a great coat, along with other activities accessible to take off remember. Again, merely finished trend, due to the circulation of blood quickly, hurriedly cooling body shape, so do not ever feel the icy within a short while. But this occasion the pores open, hard air set up to encourage the body, inducting hidden deterioration, and so see the cold, this truth is, the body is really a large degree of all infringement. Chilly air is likely to increase the body lean muscle mass cramps, lethargy response to considerably increased exercise, decreased resistance to hold off until the frustration or illness risks, as exercise promptly add to his prepare, good balmy work. Fresh, make total preparations. Frosty cold, adjacent area ca
Halloween Costume
A Black man and his wife are going to a Halloween party in a couple of days, so the husband asks his wife to go to the store and get costumes for them to wear. When he comes home that night, he goes into the bedroom and finds, laid out on the bed, a Superman costume. The husband calls to his wife, "What are you doing, honey?" he says. "Have you ever heard of a Black Superman? Can you take this back and get me something else to wear?" The next day, the wife, not too happy, returns the costume and gets a replacement. The husband comes home from work and goes into the bedroom. There, laid out on the bed, is a Batman costume. He yells to his wife, "What are you doing? Have you ever heard of a Black Batman? Take this shit back and get me something I can wear to the costume party!" The next morning, his irate wife goes shopping. When the husband comes home again from work, he fins there, laid out on the bed, three items: one is a set of three white buttons, the second is a thick white belt,
North Face Fleece The Boss Had Stick Them Off . Everyone Saw The Gallows Great You're Looking For One
e windwall 1 jacket wall while in the alley fever currently brewing there , under this stone locals hsiu said a guy surnamed ancient stone tablets name north face Wholesale The North Face Vests jackets sale, women with a pole beat rogue security , people praise his tablets , he became after his death God , arrested four armed dragon monster , monsters carved on stone see Tarzan kind of Major Combat Mana , wine has failed . clearance north Wholesale The North Face Vests face to steal trade secrets in mind , peep the wine process , a monkey barking increase the factory North Face Hoody, the boss had place them off . everyone saw the gallows , the moment the BritishWhlolesale North Face Denali Jackets Chinese everyone was killed inside the shelf will work . clearance north face definitely go ahead and take stand i always can England , death of British civilization to grain devils . north face vest women point out that china sentence having a large knifed bloody death , the Br
The Hit List
Occasionally, I'll go back and look through some of my older postings and read them and let the golden memories radiate all over me.  Wait, no that's some other fetish thing.  My point here is that I have some good blogs, some you may have seen, some you may not have seen.  What I am going to do here for you is post a list of some of my own personal favorites.  I'll keep it in this one blog, even though it points over to entries in another blog.   Guys Rule! Beautiful New York Morning Pete does his part for NYC Tourism I Know How To Save A Life Embrace the Suck Numb is Dumb Dork, Dweeb, Geek, Nerd Sex and Thank You Smoking for the Children Yeti Dave Mac Elroy Variations Something Corporate Douche of the Day (Vegitarian)
Chapter 19
three strikesChapter 19I began pacing in the white, flurry snow covered ground, making my way to Jesse's house. He demanded that since I was his girlfriend, I would have to hang out with him once in a while. I tried to argue with him, but he threatened me with the money. I wrapped my beige cardigan around me tighter, as the wind grew stronger. I cursed under my breath. Why couldn't Jesse come pick me up from my house? That way, I wouldn't have to walk in this freezing cold weather. I was thankful when I saw Jesse's large mansion, and sprinted up the driveway. I rang the doorbell, while I heard loud chants from the inside of his house.He must be throwing a party. Hannah opened the door a moment later, holding a red party cup in her hand. "Kendall, hi." she sweetley smiled, letting me in.
To Be Successful In That Situation
(Sports Network) - The Texas Rangers try to open their season with consecutive wins this evening when they resume their season-opening three-game series against the Boston Red Sox at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. New Orleans Saints Meachem Jersey . The vaunted Rangers offense picked up right where they left off last season, as pinch-hitter David Murphys two-run double on the chalk sparked a four-run rally in the bottom of the eighth, lifting Texas to a 9-5 victory on the day they raised their first American League pennant. Obviously any hit in that type of situation feels great, Murphy said. To be successful in that situation is as good of feeling as there is in the game. My first reaction was it was going to be foul, but it was staying straight instead of tailing off like it normally does. I was running and then I saw it hit chalk. Elvis Andrus and Josh Hamilton added RBI doubles in the pivotal frame, and Neftali Feliz struck out two in a perfect ninth to cap the cele
Random Thoughts..
If you find true love, never let it go... hold onto to tight. True Love is the most beautiful emotion to expierence in our lifetime. So, if you have that special person in your life right now... hold on to them tight, don't lose that special bond and if you haven't found that person, keep searching they are out there waiting for you to open your heart. 
In Regulation
A boy shows his self-made no smoking poster during a lecture in the kindergarten in Shenyang, capital of Liaoning province, encouraging their fathers to quit smoking. Jimmy Graham Youth Jersey . [Wang QiboChina Daily] To protect people from exposure to secondhand smoke, seven cities in China will take the first steps in creating legislation on stopping smoking at public venues and workplaces. Under the project, jointly held by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease(UNION), the cities - Tianjin, Chongqing, Shenyang, Harbin, Nanchang, Lanzhou and Shenzhen will implement a smoking ban in public and in workplaces. Currently, smoking is allowed in certain areas in public places, and experts said the enforcement of smoking bans is poor. This project would create strict legislation to guarantee 100-percent smoke-free public venues and workplaces and figure out a feasible and forceful working mechanism to en
Finish The Game
. -- NASCARs season-ending party is heading to Las Vegas. Victor Cruz JerseyMILAN, Italy -- Schalke swept to a stunning 5-2 victory over defending champion Inter Milan in the first leg of their Champions League quarter-final at San Siro on Tuesday. Marques Colston Jersey . Dejan Stankovic gave Inter the lead after 29 seconds with an astonishing volley from around the halfway line, but Schalke levelled through Joel Matip. Diego Milito scored his first Champions League goal of the season to put Inter back in front, but Edu scored the first of his brace to bring Schalke level before halftime. Inter nearly retook the lead soon after the break, but two goals in quick succession from Raul Gonzalez and an own goal from Andrea Ranocchia put the German side in total control. Inter defender Cristian Chivu was sent off in the 62nd and with the home sides defence stretched to its limit, Edu added his second goal in the 75th minute to give Schalke one foot firmly in the semifinals. "It was a great
Earned Runs
WALTHAM, Mass. Jimmy Graham Womens Jersey . - Playing better may not save the Orlando Magics season. Playing harder just might. The team that charged into the Eastern Conference finals with 14 straight wins rolled over Saturday night when it lost its hustle -- and its third game in a row -- against the Boston Celtics. Another loss Monday night would give Boston a sweep and end Orlandos hopes for a second consecutive berth in the NBA finals. "Im somebody who says Im never shocked," Magic coach Stan Van Gundy said after practice Sunday, "but I was shocked (Saturday) night that we didnt handle the situation better and play with more intensity and determination." Down 7-0 in the first two minutes. Trailing by 16 points in the first quarter. Never closer than 14 after that. And behind by 32 before Boston coach Doc Rivers began clearing his bench in the fourth quarter. When the 94-71 rout was complete, the Magic could hardly believe their predicament. They had the second-best regular season
One "holy Shit" Moment After Another... But In A Good Way
This day has been filled with one "Holy Shit!!!" moment after another... and only in the very best of ways.   Seriously, numerous times today, I've been so pleasantly surprised that I've exclaimed, "HOLY SHIT!".   I wish more days were like today, but then again, if more days were I'd be unable to appreciate them quite as much and I'd be exhausted and catatonic from trying to keep up. So, I guess, maybe it's best that days this good aren't the norm.     Mistress Genevieve
still cant believe that people read this, but i guess i never will understand the reasons why people do things. its cold outside and i think i can feel it trying to creep into the house. i wish the cold would stay away. i think most people who like the cold, like it because they have an excuse to be close to thier prospective mates. i like it in the summer time, and the fall. i fucking hate tim and eric.
25 Years Ago Today
Seems hard to believe but 25 years ago today, as a senior in high school, 4 of my friends and I left for our big spring break trip to Florida.  First time doing anything like that on our own.  We didnt have any wild & crazy plans and we didnt have a lot of money to spend.  We had been saving all school year and planned on camping at a campground near Daytona. We planned on leaving about noon but one of the guys who was driving decided to get his car repaired that day and didnt show up until much later.  We did finally get on the road about 3 oclock with plans on driving straight through to Florida without stopping.   The trip was a blast.  Hanging out in a car for that long doesnt seem so bad when you're with your best friends.   As we drove down I-75 through Knoxville TN at about 3am still laughing and making fun of our friends in the other car over the cb radio, my friend, Bob, who was driving noticed a bunch of police cars coming up behind us all with the flashers and sirens going.
Aim Express,a Web Version Of Aim
AIM is really an instant messaging app that is dependant upon im process named OSCAR. This kind of web-based messaging protocol makes it possible for consumers to talk with one another in the chat window instantly. Realtime is truly a phrase regarding the capability to immediately and even simultaneously send out and get text messages. America Online IM is an element of the included dial-up internet access plan distributed by America Online. This system was then distributed around the population on the web page for the main systems at that moment, including Ms windows and even Apple Macs OS as well as OS X. More Information : These days, AIM is accessible for top mobile phone devices and then systems making use of the Windows Mobile, iphone 4, Android os or perhaps Blackberry mobile phones systems. The rise of AIM has authorized America online to update their particular instant messaging program to a fresh, easy-to-use and lightweight AIM Express.America Online I
Blog From Twiguy28teamcullen- A Conversation I Had With An Agnostic Woman About Christianity(please Read The Entire Thing Before Coming To Any Conclus
Agnostics are much easier to talk to about this because, unlike atheists who don't believe in God at all, agnostics just don't believe the existance of God can be proven or disproven. I would like to stress that the question behind this conversation was NOT whether God existed or not. In fact, that is besides the point. The point of this discussion was that "if" God did exist and you had to live by a certain set of morals and values and did not accept the gift offered to you that would save you from the consequences that go with breaking those morals and guidelines(which, in the case, that gift was Jesus Christ being beaten and crucified on a cross for your sin), would you deserve those consequences? And in Christianity, the ultimate consequence is Hell. But, the ultimate reward is eternal life through Jesus Christ.   Now,here we go. Me-"Do you think you're a good person?" Her-"Sure, I consider myself a good person." Me-" Well, may I ask you a few questions to see if that's true?
Nike Air Max Tn
the material is soft,Chaussure Nike TN and NIKE AIR MAX TN the style is changed from long to short, also the unique are permeability and bright appearance. Also Nike introduced Nike Kobe series, with bold yellow color, it is hard for youngers to move their foot into other brands. what makes this Adidas Originals Stan Smith 80s White/Green a classic is its aged midsole, which is created by using a softer vintage brush. This indeed made the shoes look aged like it's been in your shoe cabinet for years now. The Adidas Originals Stan Smith 80s White/Green is now available at Cali Roots, A foul choice of nike air max 90 pas cher shoes can ruin more than justifiable your feet.Nike Chaussures Homme and tn nike Your feet are considered to be your skeleton's foundation. If you have a incorrigible with the foundation of a erection, you ruin surpass up having problems with the turn up of the building. Make reliable to pick up the shoe and consign it a skimpy bend. Quality shoes longing be struck
Selecting The Reliable And Affordable Vps (virtual Private Server) Provider
Do you want to host your website? Are you looking for a managed vps hosting? You are in the right place. We are amongst the leading virtual private server hosting providers in India. According to sources, all small scale companies are turning towards getting managed vps hosting services. A virtual private server Windows is cost effective and provides you with all major facilities of a dedicated server. The most important thing is you can actually customize your virtual private server windows. Undertake the services you want and pay for that only don’t pay for unwanted services. Isn’t that great? Very few web hosting companies are actually coming with these grand ideas. We are one of them.  A virtual private server Windows provides you with the facilities like:       *Complete System Isolation*Full Administrator Access*RDP Connection*99.9% Uptime Guarantee*Unlimited Bandwidth*Setup Within 15 minutes *No Setup FeeWhat more can you ask for? Besides these facilities, we also pr
Propriétaire De Carrière Pitstone Est Déçu De La Police Ne Peut Arrêter Les Baigneurs
«Ce n'est qu'une question de temps avant que quelqu'un ne soit tué", sont les mots d'avertissement de la carrière propriétaire Tim Clark.   Le directeur de la carrière Pitstone était censé rencontrer Hertfordshire police d'élaborer un plan d'action pour empêcher les gens de se baigner dans sa carrière de Icknield Way supérieur, mais la police a dit que depuis rien ne peut être fait. Un porte-parole a dit que la Gazette de police ne peut arrêter les baigneurs, mais ne peut les mettre en garde et il ya aussi pas de problème avec les gens Parking sur le point d'herbe près d'un rond-point suivant sur le site. Olivia Finucane a déclaré: "Il n'y a pas d'appel à la participation de la police. Le propriétaire a fait tout ce qu'il peut pour sécuriser le site et d'avertir les gens des dangers. " Les gens ont été effraction dans la carrière pour se baigner et s'allonger au soleil pendant les journées chaudes depuis plus de cinq ans et M. Clark est inquiet pour leur sécurité pomme de douche é
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AT&T and Verizon were cancelled unlimited plan to seek new customers, and we have been reported before, they also take measures in recent months to reduce the number of users is hanging in the old infinite products. Meanwhile, sprint the only other large operators to provide unlimited data package plan has already been enumerated the plan to attract new customers' key. canada goose parkas   But unlimited data may not desirable. "Change provider just like your house before financing," alex Goldfayn technical adviser. "This is complex, but not some people take light." canada goose jackets   In switching, meter signal quality and connection speed in your area. Early termination fees is another consideration: unless you last a contract, cost can be as high as $350 to leave, it depends on your phone, you how many months left. cheap canada goose   Still want to switch? Consider until at least early September, Goldfayn said. This is when the apple may be introduced a new iPhone, t - mob
Walk Away
I will fight no longer Can you see that Im stronger? Memories is all I have of you There is nothing more to do I will let you go from my mind and heart Its better that we are torn apart I have been lost in myself far too long Looking for a way to excape what I did wrong You will never see that it wasnt me So leave my sight because you are free You will never see the real me
Dreaming Dreaming is my time To Explore my Mind Keeping time and taking notes Feelings and Emotions running riot Making a Movie  One image at a time Bringing thoughts to the fore front  Living and feeling everything  Loving every moment Bad ones creep in but I shoo them away Taking stock of my life  Dreaming about people, places, times and environments  Pleasing and enveloping my whole being Mental time out and my time to heal My space to be who I want to be.
Member Contest
To My Little Sister,
I wanted to let you know how very much you are loved. I'm not saying this for any particular reason, other than I think you should know how incredibly wonderful you are. And that someone in you life ( namely me... Your Big sister and best friend for the fast 39 years) feels overwhelmingly grateful for you. The top seven reason that you are wonderful. I LOVE YOU! Sister Marilyn
One More Time
sick n fuckin tired of dealing with my parents bullshit relationship they have with eachother... .... I do so much around here for them both and what gratitude to I get for it???? nothing... a big fat zero...I called mom to let her know another bill she was waiting for arrived and to see how much to put on it for payment...well instead of being grateful, i got bitched i say fuck you mom n dad.. go to hell and never come back... wil be so glad when they are both gone
Typical Day On Law & Order: Svu
*gavel sound* *gloomy mysterious music, while a young couple is about to make out in central park* 3 seconds into making out, girl freaks out cuz he touched her boob and she wasn't ready....... in the process discovers a 14 year old boy face down inthe dirt with a corn on the cob shoved up his ass. *gavel sound* olivia & elliot show up "so what we got?" "teenage male, found face down, with a vegatable where the sun dont shine" olivia ponders who could do such a terrible thing with the existential dilemna of him being male and probably deserving it in some way. elliot stands there in the most manly way possible showing his navy poppeye crackerjack froearm tattoo. (gets the women interested) *gavel sound* back at the station, the captail yells at them for something, everyone sees the ugly guy and wonders how he got an acting gig ice T shows up "sup, I'm a gangsta cop........ w3rd" *gavel sound* oh look the uber hot DA that the men fap to and the women flick their bean to at
Diseñadores De Moda Y Ropa Ecológica
Eco-friendly ropa es un término que ha llegado a ser de uso común en los últimos diez años, y este uso es el resultado de la reciente investigación científica intensiva que ha estado produciendo evidencia que nosotros los terrícolas que cambiar nuestros hábitos de vida. En cada momento de nuestras vidas, estamos viendo productos cambiados o modificados para cumplir con normas ambientales más estrictas.-abrigos de mujer En la moda, también estamos viendo ese cambio. Los consumidores de hoy son mucho más conscientes de la exposición a los productos químicos y los hábitos derrochadores del pasado. Por eso, muchos diseñadores de moda son mucho más conscientes de los tejidos que están utilizando para sus diseños. Así que muchas de las telas que todos daban por sentado que en el pasado tienen un lado oscuro real para ellos. Los materiales sintéticos, las fibras hechas por el hombre por lo general derivados del petróleo, se ha demostrado en muchos casos a causar irritaciones de
Snow Falling ...part 4
Snow falling has she walks alone wounding if he is thinking of her. She judged him to soon, now she is afraid to upset him with words of reassuring him of love. She pushed him away so far away she can't love him. Her heart is cold as the snow is falling on this winter night. She made it home from the bus stop. The rain came to snow, as she lays down on her bed. She can smell him on her  her palms are hot moving down on her body thinking of him. Screaming out this name. O David. O David. As she opines her lags and toss them back feeling her fingers going in side her. Deep, and deeper. Then she lets go, and her body felt weightless, and it seemed  like she was falling, falling. A disparate part of her body jerked as if she had never felt this way before.Yes, Yes.. She opened her eyes..... The snow was falling steady this night. She had pick up a cig, thinking of him. the phone was ringing....                 Short Story Part 4  bY cHistine 
My First Love...
You were my first love.  The one who carried me inside you for 8 1/2 months.  The one who held me first.  The one who gave me nourishment.  The one who rocked me to sleep every night.  The one who kissed away every boo boo.  The one whom I first smiled at.  The one whom I first spoke to.  The one whom I first toddled to.  The one whom I first ran to.  The one whom I first confided in.  The one who held my hand when I hurt the most.  The one who always had a special snack for me after school every day.  The one who made me feel like everything would be ok after my  first break up. The one who fixed my make up and fixed my hair when I got married.  The one who held my hand when I gave birth to my only child.  The one who stayed with me in those first weeks of motherhood.  The one who taught me how to be a good mother by leading by example.  The one who was by my side when I lost my father even though you had been divorced for years.  The one who came to me when my marriage was falling ap
Improved Husband
"Ever since we got married, my wife has tried to change me. She got me to stop drinking, smoking and running around until all hours of the night. She taught me how to dress well, enjoy the fine arts, gourmet cooking, classical music, even how to invest in the stock market," said the man. "Sounds like you may be bitter because she changed you so drastically," remarked his friend. "I'm not bitter. Now that I'm so improved, she just isn't good enough for me."
Fat Old Bird Lmafo
 LADYHOTTBOTHERED's photos (91)  chat me! check this person out give a drink private message gift Blast! gift Ticker! gift VIP! gift HappyHour! bling me! gift Bling Pack! Photo Albums Default QUOTES I BELIEVE AND FEEL [8]  
¿cómo Elegir Un Tablet Pc Se Adapte A Sus Necesidades
Compra de computadoras de tableta puede ser difícil debido a las ofertas disponibles. Sin embargo, teniendo en cuenta una serie de factores tales como la calidad de la pantalla, la portabilidad, duración de la batería y conectividad le ayudará a elegir el adecuado tableta pc superior para sus necesidades particulares. Pantalla: La resolución de pantalla determina cómo un texto nítido e imágenes hacen en su dispositivo. La mayor resolución de la pantalla del dispositivo que elija el mejor. El tablet PC con una resolución de pantalla de 1280-por-800 o mejor es recomendado. El nuevo iPad es actualmente la Tablet PC superior con la mayor resolución de pantalla. El PC pizarra tiene una resolución de pantalla de 2048-por-1536 a 264 píxeles por pulgada. El texto y las imágenes hacen claridad y nitidez de que no es posible ver los píxeles individuales en una distancia de visión normal. Portabilidad: El más claro es el PC pizarra a elegir la mejor, ya que esto significa que usted pue
Action India Home Products Offers Spy Cameras In Delhi India
There are so many gadgets are available in the market, like tablet, smart phone, spy devices etc. this type of gadgets are developed by professionals engineers and their quality are excellent. Spy gadgets are famous of their external and internal feature means their functionality is excellent as compare to other devices. So many spy gadgets are introduced in the market. Some products are pen, cap, CCTV, pinhole etc. Spy Camera means a camera which is hidden at a particular place. Some people use CCTV camera at their house but this device can be seen easily, now a small camera is fit at their Door bell which is hidden and nobody can’t see them. A Company who sell this product for a long time named Action India Home Products. This company provides various services for example: - Product Quality: - Their products Quality are excellent because they buy all products from reputed manufacture company. Their testing department checks all gadgets and then it is available for customers.
Mother Fainted
A little girl ask to her mom ."How old are you?" Mom warns . "It is not polite". "Ok", the little girl says ."How much do you weigh?" "Now really ," the mother says , "these are personal questions and really none of your business." Undaunted , the little girl asks," why did you and daddy get a divorce?" "That is enough questions , honestly!" The exasperated mother walks away as the two friends begin play. "My Mom wouldn't tell me anything ." The little girl says to her friend "Well,"said the friend ,"all you need to do is look at her drivers license It is like a report card it has everything on it", later that night ,the little girls says to her mother ," I know how old you are . You are 32". The mother is surprised and asks ,"how did you find that out?" "I also know that you weigh 140pounds ." The mother is past surprise and shocked now. " How in heaven 's name did you find that out?" "And ,"the little girel says triumphantly ,"I know why you and daddy got a divorce". "Oh really?"Th
Heaven's Couple
My life was nothing more than dust in the wind I stood silently and you found in this crazy world At night you wonder if I really love you I found that the person who saved me was you I was nothing more than dust in the wind You picked me up You knew I fell in love You knew that my touch would make you tremble You knew this was not terrible It was your once in a lifetime love The one who would live his life as yours Stand with me Show me your soul I am the one you want to hold Put your arms around me Dance with me in the rain I will show you no pain WHen I look in your eyes you know it is real It is now once again your time to feel I was dust in the wind Our love is what we win You saved me I held you Our love is stronger than any pain we have ever felt We look in each others eyes We are intense Love has no boundaries I will never lose you baby to the rest Hold my hand we will go through life You will soon be my wife When I hold you life will say Tha
Well I'll Be Damned..
Holy shit, a blogger! ahem ahem (taps mic) "I'd like to thank the academy, and my producer, and all the lil ppl that made this happen, and..." Well Im just so happy I could just fart little daisy blooms whilst skipping and leaping across a field, like Im in one of those 70's cartoons where the character runs in place while the background moves behind them. You'll never escape my verbal onslaught now!! (cues the Dr Eeeevil pinky to corner of mouth) MUUUUWAAAHHAHAHAHAHA MUUUUUUUUWAAAHAHAHA HA HAAA!
Think Before You Speak
Think before you speak... Here are six reasons why you should think before you speak - the last one is great! Have you ever spoken and wished that you could immediately take the words back... or that you could crawl into a hole? Here are the Testimonials of a few people who did.... FIRST TESTIMONY: I walked into a hair salon with my husband and three kids in tow and asked loudly, "How much do you charge for a shampoo and a blow job?" I turned around and walked back out and never went back My husband didn't say a word... he knew better. SECOND TESTIMONY: I was at the golf store comparing different kinds of golf balls. I was unhappy with the women's type I had been using. After browsing for several minutes, I was approached by one of the good-looking gentlemen who works at the store. He asked if he could help me. Without thinking, I looked at him and said, "I think I like playing with men's balls." THIRD TESTIMONY: My sister and I were a
Stoopidly Funny
when where together. can love fill our heart. i love you i truly do. sleep is sweet when i dream of you. whith this poem i have one thing in mind. you have to read each word in every line. when can i sleep with you.
I Quit Smoking Today
...crack that is.
This Is True
You have a sexual IQ of 142 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
Finally Together
She married and had 12 children. Her husband died. She married again and had 7 more children. Again, her husband died. But, she remarried and this time had 5 more children.Alas, she finally died. Standing before her coffin, the preacher prayed for her. He thanked the Lord for this very loving woman And said, "Lord, they're finally together." One mourner leaned over and quietly asked her friend, "Do you think he means her first, second or third husband?" The friend replied, "I think he means her legs."
When NASA firts started sending up astronauts, they quickly discovered that ball-point pens would not work in zero gravity. To combat this problem, NASA scientists spent a decade and $12 billion developing a pen that writes in zero gravity, upside down, underwater, on almost any service includining glass and at tempatures ranging from below freezing to over 300` C. The Russians use a pencil.
Giving Up !!!!!
Well, I'm not really sure how to start this blog. I don't want to sound like a whiny wife or a cold hearted bitch but I guess that what I am. I am giving up!!! I am giving up on any chance of ever having a happy marriage. It is just too much pain for me to keep putting myself and my children thru. I have busted my ass for 10yrs now and nothing has changed. I take that as my sign that it never will. I met my husband 10 yrs ago and we hit it off just great. I could have never asked for a better man. We were like the perfect match. We had so many things in common and always agreed on everything. Never a dissagreement or argument over anything. We were always happy and smiling. We never wanted to spend one moment apart from each other. Now I can't say that about us. These days the only time we speak to each other is when we are fighting. Seems like these days we say "Fuck You" to each other more than we say 'I Love You". That doesn't sound like a marriage to me!! He has turne
Zen Thoughts
ZEN THOUGHTS A day without sunshine is like, night. On the other hand, you have different fingers. I just got lost in thought. It was unfamiliar territory. 42.7 percent of all statistics are made up on the spot. 99 percent of lawyers give the rest a bad name. I feel like I'm diagonally parked in a parallel universe. Honk if you love peace and quiet. Remember, half the people you know are below average. He who laughs last thinks slowest. Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm. The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese. I drive way too fast to worry about cholesterol. Support bacteria. They're the only culture some people have. Monday is an awful way to spend 1/7 of your week. A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory. Change is inevitable, except from vending machines. Get a new car for your spouse. It'll be a great trade! Plan to be spontaneous tomorrow. Always try to be modest,
Hey D.b
[verse 1] I'm feeling this brother like um... Like a big fat person likes their tums Like hot Krispy Kremes everybody wants some Like Sisqo is feeling girls in thongs I've been feeling this brother like ah... Like a, like a ghetto brother likes a stack of Money in his pocket when it's nice and fatter How he gets, oh, it just don't matter... [b-section] He's got me so...high I don't know why. I don't know why he's always on my mind You said to let go and I tried, but I Can't let him go. He's so fine He's got me so...wide Open inside, You keep on saying he has me so blind. (You) said it's not love but you lying 'Cuz I have to have him in my life. [chorus] Hey DB He ain't doing a thing for you You knowing that his love ain't true I know that the hell you should do. You need to cut your love off And show your man who's the boss So next time he piss you off Let him go cuz it's not your loss. [verse 2] I'm feeling this brother like a rat does cheese He'
Wow I Don't Get It..
So this is what blogs are like here.. ok that's different than what I'm used to. I'm still trying to figure all of this out.. AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
strange how things go...things blow up in your face, and you think what next...and you just dont want to be the cause of anymore pain, i have come to a point where i dont want to lose friendships, i dont want to cause hatred between some of my friends...... i have no idea what is going to happen with me....but i know i will live....i have 3 children that i love more than anything....and i know that that can never be taken from me....i am who i am...just a plain guy tryin to entertain people at a karaoke show, makin a few friends on the way (hopefully), and trying to deal with my shortcomings.... another day has come and gone, but i am still here... ROCK OUT
Lol Rate My Blog Too But.......
~to Everything~
To everything there is a season... And a time to every purpose under Heaven. A time to plant... And a time to uproot. A time to pull down... And a time to build up. A time to weep... And a time to laugh. A time for mourning... And a time for dancing. A time to scatter stones... And a time to gather them. A time to embrace... And a time to refrain from embracing. A time to seek... And a time to love. A time to keep... And a time to throw away. A time to tear... And a time to mend. A time for silence... And a time for speech. A time to love. A time for Peace. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 This poster hangs at the foot of my bed honoring my son who passed away on 19Dec2000.
Thanx Abks!!!
read it & click on it to show abks sum luv!!!
You are The Wheel of Fortune Good fortune and happiness but sometimes a species of intoxication with success The Wheel of Fortune is all about big things, luck, change, fortune. Almost always good fortune. You are lucky in all things that you do and happy with the things that come to you. Be careful that success does not go to your head however. Sometimes luck can change. What Tarot Card are You?Take the Test to Find Out.
Something You Should Know.
I am very open and honest, so here goes: I have the worlds smallest penis. I charge $5.00 to see it and $1.00 to touch it. I have a problem saying NO to women so I tend to get into trouble a lot. Considering my problems I have had to become very good at giving ORAL to women. I also tend to be shy around beautiful women because I am afraid they will laugh at me. I am kind of sensitive but I have met some very sweet and caring women that make me feel better about myself.
Lookin For Bi Females
I aint sure what it is but we have been lookin for a Bi female to have fun with it will be my gruls frist experience and she is egar to find a woman to love us both hell she can even be bi courious her self so that we all willbe new at this lol do you live in the Oklahoma city or sourrounding ares if so contace us at babydol112352@yahoo or
#2: Nsfw
You know what grinds my gears? This "Not Safe For Work" thing. Here's why I liked LostCherry in the first place. You could put up pics that you can't put up on MySpace or any other site that you otherwise have to pay for to use. Since this NSFW thing, I've noticed I've been on here a lot less. I think this site's starting to turn into the very site they were supposed to be the opposite of in the first place. And not just because of this NSFW thing. Have ya noticed a lot of the bulletins in recent months? Yeah, me too. That's why I have shut them off. No offense, I deal with enough drama in my own life. I don't really want to read about anyone else's, thank you. This site used to be fun. And I mean FUN!!!! But as with all things, when it gets too big, it gets corporate. And soon you're just like the thing you're were trying to be against. So apparently we can't post adult stuff here anymore. It's cool. I'll simply find a place where I can. I'm sure someone knows of on
Airline Disaster
It's Friday!
I'm thankful it's Friday! Not that my weekends are particularly safe from craziness, these days, lol. This is one of those long days for me, so I won't be back online until much later. Just thought I'd warn those who try to keep track of me!! Knowing me, I'll spend way too much time online this weekend, playing catch-up. Taylor is feeling better, thank the Goddess! Tim, my delightfully naughty grandson, is grounded but taking it fairly well. I think the drawn guns scared the s**t out of him!! Good!!! Have a great Friday, everyone! Love and Blessings to all! And hugs all around!!
Top 10 Songs To Listen To While Stoned :d
'Twas the night before Jesus came And all through the house Not a creature was praying, not one in the house. Their Bibles were lain on the shelf without care, In hopes that Jesus would not come there. The children were dressing to crawl into bed, not once ever kneeling or bowing a head. And Mom in her rocker with baby on her lap, Was watching The Late Show while I took a nap. When out of the East there arose such a clatter, I sprang to my feet to see what was the matter. Away to the window I flew like a flash, Tore open the shutters and threw up the sash! When what to my wondering eyes should appear But angels proclaiming that Jesus was here. With a light like the sun sending forth a bright ray, I knew in a moment that this must be The Day. The light of His face made me cover my head; It was Jesus! Returning just like he said. And though I possessed worldly wisdom and wealth, I cried when I saw Him in spite of myself. In the Book of Life which He
Up Coming Bithday !!
Well you know that your getting old when no one makes a fuss over you birhtday any more..... My birthday is comeing up in 4 day and to my family its christmas eve!!!!!!!!!Not my birthday .....It will ok i guess. So i will live.. well anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME .. If for some reason.. they change the mind i will let you al know have a great christmas all
So many beautiful women in the world, where's mine?
Can Anyone???
yeah i was just wondering if there was anyone on my friends that can draw really freakin good?!?!? and if they would be willing to help me out with a lil sumthing. if ya think you can help and you can draw it would be hella awsome if ya would give me a shout or a msg or sumthing! please and thankies!!! ~heather~
My Luv Style.. :*)
Your Love Style is Eros For you, love is all about the passion! And chances are, you're currently in love. You have a strong physical response to love... And you are great at committing (As long as the person makes your toes curl!) What's Your Love Style?
A Follow Up 2 Last Night's Blog
ok here is last night's bulletin and blog: Just a note...if u talk 2 a woman that doesn't look like an ogre on the net, expect her 2 have many male suitors and know that u probably aren't the only person she will be chatting with. hey and the same goes 4 u possessive women who think u own a man just cuz u get a lil mushy with ur words on the net. and if u can't handle it cuz ur inecurities have led u 2 become a jealous person, then maybe the net isn't the right place 4 u 2 be meeting people. u might be better off hitin up that chick down the road that lives by herself and has 15 cats and stays home every night in front of the t.v. watchin reruns of her favorite soap opera. hey there's someone 4 everyone! now the reason i wrote the bulletin and blog was beacause of the following person tripping cuz apparently i didn't dedicate enough of my time 2 him...sorry i had 2 get my son 2 sleep and couldn't chat on yahoo with him the moment he wanted me 2! Happy Birthday Rev. Dr. MLK Jr.
See Ya
Preacher & Babies
> There was a preacher whose wife was expecting a baby so he went before the congregation and asked for a raise. After much discussion, they passed a rule that whenever the preacher's family expanded, so would his paycheck. > > After six children, this started to get expensive and the > congregation decided to hold another meeting to discuss the preacher's salary. There was much yelling and bickering about how much the clergyman's additional children were costing the church. > > Finally, the Preacher got up and spoke to the crowd,"Children are a gift from God," he said. Silence fell on the congregation. In the back pew, a little old lady stood up and in her frail voice said, "Rain is also a gift from God, but when we get too much of it, we wear rubbers." > > And the congregation said, "Amen."
Childhood Pretty little ponies All lined up in a row. Mother comes stumbling in Kicks them and flying they go. One glance at her tells me She drunk, let the fun begin. You see in my house, Being seen is a big sin. She gets in my face Tequila on her breath. I sit there and tremble Five years old and scared to death. A raised hand I flinch, I know what comes now. A black eye And it's my fault some how. Outside the world moves on Inside my childhood is gone. I cry in bed later that night I cry in bed and tremble with fright. I am hungry, I've not been fed I wonder how long it will be until she gets her wish And I am found dead. Isn't childhood fun? Long lazy days, playing in the sun? Yes, it can be, but not for me. I was never alive, at birth I ceased to be.
I Need To Say
Big Pimpin Giveaway
***BIG PIMPIN Gift Giveaway*** There is no time limit, you MAY bomb yourself, and rate yourself to win one of the following prizes: Mens Bracelet COST 7500 = 25 ratings, 850 comments Diamond Earrings & Platinum Cherry COST 10k = 25 ratings, 1000 comments Mens & Womens Ring COST 20k = 25 ratings, 2500 comments Rolex COST 25k = 25 ratings, 3000 comments Motorcycle COST 50k = 25 ratings, 6000 comments Tropical Vacation COST 75k = 25 ratings, 7500 comments Corvette COST 100k = 50 ratings, 10,000 comments Porche COST 125k = 50 ratings, 12,000 comments Yacht COST 250k = 100 ratings, 25,000 comments 30 Day Blast = 20,000 comments Sign up now and start bombing your way to the prizes. If we run into Happy Hour, then we ALL get double points...that's right, YOU & I get double points for ratings and comments. This is because I am a VIC Member and can offer you this. ? Venus ?™®© Queen of Eternal Night~Saxxy: SBAB&KKS~@ CherryTAP Here are your con
Hello! For all of you that don't know what I do for a living here is a little bit about it. I do basically 2 things, working on a 3rd. Firstly, I am a Mary Kay Consultant working on building both my customer base and my own personal team. I am working toward my very first car which is the VIBE. You can visit my personal website to check it out. Secondly, I substitute teach for the elementary schools in my district. I try to stay busy with that about 2 to 3 days per week. Sometimes those 2 or 3 days are full days and sometimes only 1/2 days. It just depends on what they need me for. Thirdly, I also am an Independent Distributor with Herbalife. Herbalife is a health and nutrition company. They have all kinds of different stuff from protein shakes, to soups, to snacks, to energy drinks and different vitamin supplements that can help with a variety of ailments. So there is the basic background of what I do. If you have any questions feel fre
Phobia List
FEAR OF: 13, number- Triskadekaphobia. 666, number- Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia 8, number- Octophobia. A- Abuse: sexual- Contreltophobia. Accidents- Dystychiphobia. Air- Anemophobia. Air swallowing- Aerophobia. Airborne noxious substances- Aerophobia. Airsickness- Aeronausiphobia. Alcohol- Methyphobia or Potophobia. Alone, being- Autophobia or Monophobia. Alone, being or solitude- Isolophobia. Amnesia- Amnesiphobia. Anger- Angrophobia or Cholerophobia. Angina- Anginophobia. Animals- Zoophobia. Animals, skins of or fur- Doraphobia. Animals, wild- Agrizoophobia. Ants- Myrmecophobia. Anything new- Neophobia. Asymmetrical things- Asymmetriphobia Atomic Explosions- Atomosophobia. Automobile, being in a moving- Ochophobia. Automobiles- Motorphobia. B- Bacteria- Bacteriophobia. Bald people- Peladophobia. Bald, becoming- Phalacrophobia. Bathing- Ablutophobia. Beards- Pogonophobia. Beaten by a rod or instrument of punishment, or of being severely critic
Bomb Train System
Ok First off, This is for everyone thats in a contest or for people how help them out by doing some comment bombing. This how it will work: 1. If you're in a contest post your contest link in this blog comment 2. If you post your contest link, you promise to COMMENT BOMB the other contest pics that other people post (example) Say if there's 10 people that posted their contest link and you have 10 people doing some comment bombing and each one leaves at least 50 comments, That's 500 comments comming your way 3. If that person isn't online to see their comments, then send them a private message saying you did so. Please say how many comments you have left them, so they can return the favor.
Darn!! This Is Me
What mental disorder do you have? Your Result: GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) You can never seem to calm down and always feel anxious for unknown reasons. You tend to not be able to concentrate and have headaches or other anxiety symptoms.OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) Manic Depressive Paranoia ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) What mental disorder do you have?
I can hardly believe it.. it's finally warming up here. after the mildest December I can remember, we had the coldest winter in thirty years in this area (NW PA). I've exprerienced every shade of blue, witnessed countless accidents on my hour commute to Erie, and prayed through numerous white outs that I'd make it to work, school and home. The college only cancels class when there are reports of accidents on the interstate. One night while stil at work we received reports that there was a fifty car pile up that started with a tractor trailor which swerving to avoid another trucker outside of his truck which started the awful chain. The accident blocked all my roads home and closed down I90 for six hours. You get home after a night like that and kiss the snow at your door. The nightmare is about over (but reoccurs every winter around here) and driving through the snow belt, aptly named, will become a white blur left over from this winter. Today it was round 50 degrees, tomor
Premonitions Of Pain
Have I made a mistake Have I Set myself up for a fall I find myself waiting for the heartbreak You know it always comes as if inevitable It's not that I'm pessimistic It's just I have been through this so many times I try to be optimistic But I know what to look for I know all the signs Could it be that for me my happiness is forbidden I have premonitions of pain and they are relentless They show me misery misery endlessly Always continuously always for me Tell me I'm wrong tell me it's a dream Tell me I'll wake up tell me this please Because if not I'm truly alone Wishing my heart could be made of stone @2007 LOKI
Eyes in the darkness Always watching Always knowing Mist swirls around me now I feel his embrace I know I shouldn't But he calls to me Wanting me to be his forever
Over The Sea
Madness. Insanity. I often wonder whether I'm going insane or not, or if I have something inside of me that will one day be triggered, pushing me over the edge into insanity. Today, in our overly politically correct world, we used the term mentally ill, but the real word is insane, crazy. There used to be insane aslyums, now there are mental health facilities. It makes me wonder, have we come any closer to helping those that are crazy, or are we just making it easer to ignore them, to "adjust" them to daily life, drugging them into a sort of tranquility that makes it easier to deal with them, or to tolerate them. There was a time of electroshock therapy and lobotomies, now there are "miracle" drugs. But do they really help? Do they really make the insane not so crazy? If I were to lose my mind, would anything bring me back? There are days where I feel that I've lost control over my mind somehow and other days where I feel just fine. But in the back of the recesses of my mind, there is
My Porn Star Name Lol
Dizzy Lizzy's sexual nickname: "She-bop" Take this quiz at
Discussion Between Me And My Boy Tubz
my boy tubz stayed the night and he just got picked up and we were having a talk about if me and chrisy got married right now, how the world would turn to hell and I would be the supreme ruler over all, and we'd have the best of everything, weed and all and we'd have all our homies smokin up with us and everything, the world would become molten lava and flames cept for one piece that I lived on and everyone that set foot on my piece without permission would desintegrate. Being the chrisy don't like pot she would either get to like it or die and the second she did the world would turn back to normal and then we'd have a whole shitload of ppl mad at us and ready to kill us and then we'd die, she'd be in hell and we'd die and go to hell to, we'd remarry and then the ground would split open and out would pop us and we'd say "WE'RE BAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!" yeah me and my boy Tubz are fuckin crazy like that, mind you none of this would actually happen irl just in our imaginations, and Tubz is my
My Last Poetry Blog
Child Wipe Away Your Tears I see the tears and the pain in my childrens eyes and there hearts. As they cry cause thier Mama is not there to comfort them and tell them it's ok; but my children Mama is letting you know everything will be ok, so my children I say to you all wipe away them tears, cause I'm always with you cause your apart of me. Poem By: Charles LaMark Nelson
Which Hole?
A man playing on a new golf course got confused as to what hole he was on. He saw a lady playing ahead of him. He walked up to her and asked if she knew what hole he was playing. She replied, “I’m on the 7th hole, and you’re a hole behind me, so you must be on the 6th hole.” He thanked her and went back to his golf. On the back nine, the same thing happened, and he approached the lady again with the same request. She said, “I’m on the 14th, you are a hole behind me, so you must be on the 13th.” Once again he thanked her. He finished his round and went into the club house and saw the lady sitting at the end of the bar. He went up to her and said, “Let me buy you a drink to show my appreciation for your help.” He started a conversation and asked her what kind of work she did. She said she was in sales, and he said he was in sales also. He asked what she sold. She replied, “If I told you, you would only laugh.” “No, I wouldn’t,” he said. She said, “I sell tampons.” With
WOW. just posted my first MUMM....kinda like the first hit of crystalmeth I ever took.....(don't do that nynmore) both high and low lol.....still gonna do the MUMM thingy tho......g
Slide Show
Its Been A Bad Week....
imikimi - Customize Your World I just wanted to apologize to all my friends,fans, and family for not being up to date on rating all the new stuff you have uploaded in the past few days. Monday at 2:00pm my very best friend of 33 years Frankie past away...he was only 43. He had a very long battle with Cirosis of the liver. So as sad as I am for his loss I am truely at peace with the fact that he is no longer suffering. But that is why I have been unable to be on here. I will be on more as the days pass!!! Thank you for reading this and being understanding of this. ~*~WE LOVE YOU FRANKIE...until we meet again~*~
4th Of July
I just wanted to make sure I was able to wish everyone a very happy and SAFE 4th of July! I know most ppl wont read a bulletin, and unfortunatly I dont have time to send everyone a comment, although I may still try lol. So dont drink and drive, and please remember all of our men and women that fight every day not just in the past for our right to be free. Enjoy your freedom responsibly! Love and hugs!
well i have to say that i have met someone really nice. been talkin to them for just a short while. its so nice to meet someone and make friends with them and have no expectations. just get to know each other. its nice to feel happy. to not be so stressed. it still cracks me up that my ex wants to follow me around on here like i dont know whats goin on. i am free and i can do what i want. i just want to scream "get over it and get on with your life" just leave me alone. anyway im not gonna worry about it cause right now im very happy with the way my life is goin. couldnt be better. ive learned to take things slow and not move so fast. its so much better this way. well i wish everyone happiness in their lives. may God bless all of you.
Have To Remove
If anyone is removed from my friend list for what seems like no reason...I am only removing people that add stash after stash to the tune of 20 or more one after another. cause i get tired of hearing it. I don't get stash anyway. I mean really who gives a shit about what videos you like..How about spending more time on taking pictures of yourself rather than posting a thousand pictures of some model you think people want to see...if i wanna see models i'll go to a model site.
My Rant For The Daty . . .
so 2 of my pics were flagged NSFW... yet my boobs were covered then i see all this females where their boobs hangin out all over lostcherry, cherrytap, fubar... whatever the hell the name of this site is anymore even the today's cherry spotlight girl has her boobs hangin out in a bra yet theirs don't get flagged?!?!?! can someone please explain to me why?????????
Anthology Of Wisdom
"Gold, for the instant, lost its luster in his eyes, for there were countless treasures of the heart which it could never purchase." Charles Dickens "Happiness is the meaning of life, the whole aim and end of human existence." Aristotle "Happiness may be a more authentically religious value than righteousness." Rabbi Harold Kustner "Even a happy life can not be without a measure of darkness and the word 'happiness' would be without a meaning if it were not balanced by sadness." Carl Gustav Jung "What you resist persists." Carl Gustav Jung "I accept life unconditionally … most people ask for happiness on condition. Happiness can only be felt if you don't set any conditions." Arthur Rubinstein. "If you listen carefully, you get to hear everything you didn't want to hear in the first place. Shalom Aleichem "The question is laid out for each of us to ask: whether to hold on or drop the mask." Martha Boesing "When you have become willing to h
Love Hurts
I'll let another tear drop fall to wash away the pain I'll let another tear drop fall to wash away my shame Another little tear drop will wash away your touch One more little tear drop for memories that hurt so much I'll let another tear drop fall to wash away the years And one more little tear drop to wash away my fears If I sit down and cry hard enough and let the tear drops fall, Maybe I will forget and won't remember you at all.
The Warmup
This is my first (innocent-ish) attempt at soft erotica...with the option to expand on it later if enough feel it's worth expanding upon. It wasn't my best day, but it also hadn't been my worst. I'd been feeling there was something lacking in my life for some time, but couldn't quite put my finger on it. I was driving around aimlessly after I finished my shift, when I noticed that I was near your apartment. I decided to drop by (risky, I know...I should always call first). I knock on your door, and you answer with a smile crossing your face. I apologize for not calling first, giving you our traditional greeting hug. You ask what's up since I never just 'drop by'. I ask you to sit down with me, and I tell you about this untold need as best I can, which isn't a lot. Suddenly, it occurs to me. I ask you if you would cooperate with me in an experiment of sorts. To do that, you would need to remain completely still, and not reciprocate anything unless I say so. The
hit (Play) on the player to start the song..*sigh* anyways, as summer of 2007 comes to a close in the coming weeks, it's time to reflect on the events that have transpired not only on here, but in our real non-fubar lives as well. This time of year for a vast majority of people represents a time of "change" and sort of a "back to reality" feeling because "summer fun time" is over and some sense of "reality" kicks in be it school, work, getting ready for the holiday season or whatever your case may be. Personally well, there are other issues... ..but I don't need or want to address them here, I guess at some point in the past I would've done so without hesitation, but considering the state of things and watching friends, family members and people close to you change right before your very eyes, it's best to just leave details and names for a later, more appropriate time. It just sucks that it's come to that but it is what it is right?... far as the "Snoogums Boogums" aka Be
Come On
Okay who has a crush on me? Come on fess up! Hopefully I'll have an answer when I wake up. Pretty please? :D
Best Tag Contes
here are the rules please read carefully Rules: 1. Please Fan, Rate & Add Me 2. Rate & comment your Favorite Friends Tag & others if you wish. 3. Bombing is permitted..You can comment as many times as you want, & You can even comment your own pics. 4. No fresh meat. You need to be level 3 or higher 5. ABSOUTLY NO DRAMA whatsoever or I will remove the voter & the contestant from the contest 6. No down rating or negitave comments allowed if so you will removed without notice! 7. No lude or inapproiate comments or pictures allowed. 8. Tags that are not activated after 48 hours, will be taken out of the contest. 9. If u belong to a family, Please respect other that dont have family 10. IF I CATCH ANYONE CHEATING YOU WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY DISQUALIFIED!! here is the pic please go and rate and comment the heck out of me
On Mtv
we just had mtv here taping for there new reality show check out jeff doing piercings
What Sucks
Which Were Your Favorites?
Which were your favorites growing up? Just because I loved this.. cracked me up!
My Sonnet To 21st Century Love
Love, a fickle and demanding Master, Takes from your heart and soul, Making you surrender all control, And more often then not ends in disaster. It demands and perverts the mind, Making one enamored with 'the one,' Blinds to their faults as if they're the sun, Making promised to each other that bind. Then life and love dawns to reality, And they become their true self And love turned into a fatality, With sad little to do for help. When love is at the wheel Your only hope is just to feel
I respect my family, people who help others, soldiers, firefighters, EMS, cops, friends of mine and AC/DC and thats about it. I get tired of people I don't even know telling me I should respect them. Women like "KinkStar Sin ** Rate/Fan/READ PROFILE." who go on here and show strangers pics of herself getting plowed and shoving a dildo in herself, in my eyes don't deserve my respect. No matter how much she asks for it. So if I have no clue who you are and you want my respect, don't bother!!!
Odd Food I Like
FRIED DILL PICKLES 1 egg, beaten 1 c. milk 1 tbsp. flour 1 tbsp. Worcestershire sauce 6 drops hot sauce 3/4 tsp. salt 3/4 tsp. pepper 3 1/2 c. flour 1 qt. sliced dill pickles Wesson oil for deep frying Combine first 5 ingredients, stirring well. Set aside. Combine 3 1/2 cups flour, salt and pepper, stirring well. Dip pickles in milk mixture and dredge in flour mixture, repeat process. Deep fry in hot oil, 350 degrees until pickles float to surface and are golden brown. Drain on paper towels.
Ah, Lonely
lonely, bored, website is somewhat confusing right now too. maybe today I'll figure out a little more.
purple hair in the up close what to say if anything, or how to fill in the air then we fell back again and listened to the talk words of happy or go lucky or you fill it in 'leave some balance baby' overheard in a day lit bar on purple brick wrapped by black iron spoken by a boy in black hair pulled by nervous, or anxious, or just plain bored hands maybe just the need to do something, subconcious action made by overmoving mind hand then he came that gap toothed smile well spaced friend the one filled with too much thought...thinking past color, past what fiber can stand he sat. i smiled. and we spun it back and started again.
Everyone Is Asking...
so here it i have been having stomache problems so my dr who is also my boss set me up for a catscan w/ contrast... i dono if any one ever had one b4 but i had to drink all this nasty shit last night n today till 5oclock, n when i get there n think the worst is over they tell me i have to get an iv which is also ok until they tell me i have to sign this paper sayin i was told i can die if allergic!!! well i said fuck no n being the baby i am i called my dr n yes he had to talk me through it on the yes im a sissy neway im home n done with that shit n yes i survived it, n that is y it says NEVER AGAIN!!! LOL now im going to shower n go get drunk as hell...hope everyone has a good wknd.. toby AKA... coronagrl
Bf/gf Application
bf application Body: bf application Body: If you're a boy, title this girlfriend application and if you're a girl then title this boyfriend application. Repost this and see who's eligible to be your special someone. Have fun!! Send it back in a message if you think you could get the job... :) lol Name: Age: Phone Location: Height: Hair (color and style): Eyes: Piercings/tattoos: What Do You Think Of My? Personality: Eyes: Face: Hair: Clothes: Humor: Choice of music: Manners: Friends: Decisions: W0ULD Y0U... [] go out with me? [] give me your number? [] kiss me? [] let me kiss you? [] watch a movie with me? [] take me out to dinner? [] drive me somewhere? [] make love to me? [] take a shower with me? [] be my bf/gf? [] hug me? [] buy me food? [] take me home to meet your family? [] would you let me sleep in your bed if I didn't have one? [] smoke pot? [] sing car karaoke w/ me? [] sit in the doctors office with me because I didn't
20 minutes time folds in, stretches out. it is not a thing to rest trust upon. i sit to reflect, to breathe and 20 minutes is longer than a roadtrip i took once. 20 minutes. the time it takes to make coffee, then sip it with a cigarette. At average speed i make it to work in 20 minutes. by foot. around 20 minutes is my average long distance sunday afternoon chitchat. 20 minutes with a migrane or 20 minutes making love. i dare you to tell me that these measure up as equal. 20 minutes in line and 20 minutes laughing with a good friend. surely one stretches beyond what i can endure while the other barely allow me to settle in. so, once again, i say time doesn't measure up; nor should it be used to measure by. today 20 minutes with myself. too long for comfort and much much too short. this self i'm left with, what i measure time by.
to all my friends who would like me to sign their guestbook I would be happy to,I'm just not to sure of which photo to add,if you look threw my photos and let me know which you prefer I would get it done,thanks ,love you all
That Is It!
My Love For U
ok you really want to know what i'm thinking Your lips your arms your smile I am going to lay down and close my eyes and dream of you You are my first thought in the morning and the last thought at night You excite me and stimulate me and bring light in an otherwise dreary day You are affecting my concentration and jumbling my though pattern You heighten my senses and drive me crazy most of the time Its unimaginable the changes you have brought into my life A little poetic? Perphaps but thats all part of who I am and how I express myself. Love is more than just feelings and emotions.........Its the way you look at things and experience them Even if you said goodbye tomorrow I would hold the memories we shared in my heart forever. It is better to have kn
Some New Users Downrating Members
This is a rant lol or a rave who knows. But of late there are a number of new fubar members who are downrating. Please just take the time to copy the following I found in the bulletins, and send it to the new users. NOTICE RULES OF KINDESS Hey whats up, if you just joined, WELCOME Ok Some rules of kindness... DOWNRATEING is not nice and is not acceptable. If you dont like a photo don't rate it. People get irritated real fast and upset if you downrate someones page, photo. Or thumbs down there stash item. What is down rateing do you ask? That is when you intentionly rate lower then a 10. This is like fliping someone off just ruder. If you don't like the photo or profile DONT rate it. Simple as that! Please take this in to note when visiting fellow members of the site to have respect for one and other. Sure if someone came to your page or pictures and rated them all lower then a 10 you would be fliping out right?. Have some respect, treat others as yo
Guest Book
Hope all who view my profile sign my guest book it would be nice.
why is it that all people want to do is treat the people closest to them like shit and expect to be treated like gold. Someone very close to me keeps promising to open up cuz they are like a brick wall and keep everything in well she was suppose to open up three days ago and still hasnt. you know some people want you to back off before they open up.which i can understand but when i back off i get nothing. if you make a promise then keep it if not dont make it cause all that makes you is a liar. why say your gonna do something then not do it. you know this person wanted me to back off and i did and diddnt say anything about her promise for three days and nothing has been said. then to top it all off this person has a fubar page and has all these pictures, now let me remind you she is the most important person to me, and there is not one picture of me anywhere on her page. thats bullshit how can you be close to someone and not even admit that they mean something to you no matter how much
Yes I Still Love You All
Sorry I haven't been around much. But normally around this time of year I take a break from the internet, since I have been a teen December has always sucked for me. I have lost a few close family members around this time of year in the past. Also December 15th was the day me and my ex separated, don't get me wrong I am happy without her, just feel it should have waited until after xmas for the kids that year. So that's why I really haven't been around much. Also for those of you that have my number, sorry I am not ignoring you. My cell phone has been acting up lately and isn't working very good. I am taking it in today to get fix. Chris
Attitude Is Everything
There once was a woman who woke up one morning, looked in the mirror, and noticed she had only three hairs on her head. Well," she said, "I think I'll braid my hair today?" So she did and she had a wonderful day. The next day she woke up, looked in the mirror and saw that she had only two hairs on her head. "H-M-M," she said, "I think I'll part my hair down the middle today?" So she did and she had a grand day. The next day she woke up, looked in the mirror and noticed that she had only one hair on her head. "Well," she said, "today I'm going to wear my hair in a pony tail." So she did and she had a fun, fun day. The next day she woke up, looked in the mirror and noticed that there wasn't a single hair on her head. "YEA!" she exclaimed, "I don't have to fix my hair today!" Attitude is everything. Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle. Live simply, Love generously
15 Things To Do At Wal-mart While Your Spouse/partner Is Taking Their Sweet Time:
15 Things to do at Wal-Mart while your spouse/partner is taking their sweet time: >> >> 1. Get 24 boxes of condoms and randomly put them in peoples carts >> when they aren't looking. >> >> 2. Set all the alarm clocks in Housewares to go off at 5-minute intervals. >> >> 3. Make a trail of tomato juice on the floor leading to the rest rooms. >> >> 4. Walk up to an employee and tell him/her in an official tone, >> ' Code 3' in housewares .... and see what happens. >> >> 5. Go the Service Desk and ask to put a bag of M&M's on lay away. >> >> 6. Move a 'CAUTION - WET FLOOR' sign to a carpeted area. >> >> 7. Set up a tent in the camping department and tell other shoppers >> you'll invite them in if they'll bring pillows from the bedding department. >> >> >> 8. When a clerk asks if they can help you, begin to cry and ask >> 'Why can't you people just leave me a
Why Men Don't Write Advice Columns
Dear Ted, I hope you can help me here. The other day I set off for work, leaving my husband in the house watching the TV as usual. I hadn't gone more than a mile down the road when my engine conked out and the car shuddered to a halt. I walked back home to get my husband's help. When I got home I couldn't believe my eyes. He was in the bedroom with a neighbour, making mad passionate love to her. I am 32, my husband is 34 and we have been married for twelve years. When I confronted him, he tried to make out that he went into the back yard and heard a lady scream, had come to her rescue but found her unconscious. He'd carried the woman back to our house, laid her in bed, and began CPR. When she awoke she immediately began thanking him and kissing him and he was attempting to break free when I came back. But when I asked him why neither of them had any clothes on, he broke down and admitted that he'd been having an affair for the past six months. I told him to stop or I would leave
just wondering how this thing works
Join Us - Part 3
JOIN US FOR THE FREE DRAGON NEWSLETTER FROM DRTURI.COM JOIN US ITS FREE - SIGN UP FOR THE FREE DRAGON NEWSLETTER FROM DRTURI.COM ARIES AND SAGITTARIUS Sagittarius is a wonderful temperamental match for Aries as both fire stimulate each other’s. Together they are impetuous people who like to entertain others and enjoy all that life has to offer. But both of them can be impulsive and brutally outspoken. With fire involved arguments can reach a scorching point. Aries aggressive sexual tactic is not always to the liking of Sagittarius' playful style. However both have wonderful senses of humor and tremendously enjoy each other's companionship. Sagittarius want to learn languages and travel and Aries is a master communicator. They are good match and a good sense of adventure will support and promote this duo forever. ARIES AND CAPRICORN Capricorn is unadventurous and Aries taste for innovation and experiment may not please a conservative soul. Aries fire is restless, turbulen
My Porn Name
Your 'Porn Name' revealed... Peony Pear gel DoucheLather, rinse then repeat is your motto.. you are the exotic flavour of coconut and kiwifruit keep trying babe you will become a high class hooker one day...How do you compare? Take this test! | Tests from Testriffic
Mystic dreams..silent skies one last kiss we seek softness of skin the depth of your eyes with you I am so weak Moonlight shines, waters still emotions rise and fall horizons neverending as actions say it all Winds as soft as feathers pass by as quiet as a whisper sounds of heartbeats racing as he give himself to her Passions released, bodies meet minds wander to forbidden shores seduction takes flight as each soul wants more and more Eyes glistens as winds blow a gentle kiss the want, the urgent need ends in vivid moments bliss Waking up so suddenly body filled with such desire I still see your face..feel your touch but its gone as quick as fire.
All About Women..
WOMAN'S PERFECT BREAKFAST She's sitting at the table with her gourmet coffee. Her son is on the cover of the Wheaties box. Her daughter is on the cover of Business Week. Her boyfriend is on the cover of Playgirl.
Ty Coughlin
Ty Coughlin is a self-proclaimed beach bum who lives on the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii. He’s a well-known entrepreneur who has just launched a brand new project that is taking the Internet by storm called The Reverse Funnel System. Basically, The Reverse Funnel System is a fully automated, online marketing system that puts a twist on the popular “funded proposal” approach. The goal of this program is simple, automation and duplication. By opening his proprietary system up and allowing others to use it, it allows brand new home based business opportunity owners the chance to quickly get their businesses off the ground. As someone who has been involved in the work from home industry for many years, I can tell you first hand that this automated network marketing program is going to make a serious mark in the MLM industry and many of the top income earners are already jumping ship to join Ty in this opportunity. Ty Coughlin
Contest Pic-bomb Away Baby
I am in a contest and could really use all of my friends help! Just click the link below and bombs away :) Thanks everyone!
Can This.
Recycling one aluminum can saves enough power to run a TV for 3 hours.
Easter Wishes To You!
Happy Easter My Dear Friend! SEXY & HOT COMMENTSCLICK HERE!
Deception And Disgust
I started talking to a man on here and this morning I get up to find in my shout box a link to a web site followed with "something you should know about your buddy" I usually don't follow links that are left like that but curiosity killed the cat and I did. I found out that this man was on the National Sex Reg for sex with a 10 year old. This was not that long ago. Anyone who knows me I have a soft heart against people and am forgiving as long as you are up front about something you have done. BUT one thing I find too hard to forgive is a sexual misconduct especially when you are any age and she is 10!!!!! Well actually there is never any excuse or right age to do it. Granted if you are 18 and you are dating a 17 year old and her dad finds out and gets you arrested for rape that sucks but you should have thought right? But it made me realize how easy it is for sick people to make their way into innocent people's hearts, minds, and house. So in effort of that kind person who left me a m
Lying naked with you skin against skin feels so good without and within my hands tell you things I can't say while trying to rub your pain away this connection I feel so familiar and strong is it just me? could I be wrong? I lay there and listen to your body respond the same desires and needs of our hearts brought us together making a start bringing us here where skin upon skin we've started a journey let it begin ALB 4-3-08 copyright ©2008 by the author. All rights reserved by author.
Recipe For Revenge
Whip me to a lather with your sour sarcastic tone, slice and dice me with your words that crush me like a stone. Spread acidic slander as you cut me down to size, sprinkle bitter rumors and then garnish that with lies. Mix in cups of salty tears of things better unsaid, pour in rancid memories from things long buried, dead. Dish it out while it is hot as hot as you can make it, now I know the recipe let's see if you can take it.
sometimes i wonder if it's gonna be alrighty, sometimes i wonder why i even care. there are days i wish would never come and times i wish i'd never wake up. i blame myself for the chaos in my life for if you look deep enough there is no other to blame. sometimes at night i can not sleep wondering if anyone care aint that a damn shame. who would really miss if i died today, the hearts that would break and the lives it might take. i remember the sayings that where once my own don't trust anyone and life a bitch and then you so don't get pissed enjoy the fucking ride. i leave you with this and nothing more, i go to bed not knowing what may happen but whatever happen i know that my sons will be alright. i love my boys, i love my wife, i love my family but hate myself
Disturbing Domestic Violence Video
Man Accused Of Improper Behavior
Man accused of improper behavior Monday, April 21, 2008 2:08 PM CDT A Sallisaw man is facing felony sex crime charges in connection with an alleged sex game he made three teenage girls play in his apartment. Charles Alan Prudhomme, 20, was charged Tuesday with lewd molestation, two counts of lewd or indecent proposals or acts to a child under 16 and one count of indecent exposure, according to court records. At about 11:15 p.m. on March 27, Sallisaw Officer Travis Buchanan met with a woman at the police department regarding her 13-year-old daughter, who was mentally challenged. The woman told Buchanan that her daughter left her Sallisaw home at about 9:15 p.m. that same evening with a 15-year-old friend. The two were going to another location to get a friend and return home. The woman allegedly gave the trio instructions to return home quickly but they had not returned. She told Buchanan that she did not know where the other teen lived, but she had heard m
Update Info On Surveys & Offers
Many of you are asking about 'unpaid' surveys. Here are some common questions and answers: Q: I have taken a lot of surveys in the past couple of weeks and have not received credit for them...why not? A: Please be aware that you are only to take each survey ONCE. Taking the same survey once a day for weeks will not credit you. In essence, this is like 'gaming' the survey companies. If it appears in your bar tab (which it should not), do not take it again unless you never completed it. The survey companies nor fubar will give you credit for repeated surveys. You can however complete offers more than once, but please be sure to hold on to your receipt, just as you would any other purchase, for proof of purchase through fubar. Q:Why are some of the surveys in my fuBank disappearing? A: If you find that completed surveys/offers are disappearing we ask that you clear your browsers cache and cookies. If that doesn't work, please consider: are they surveys you have taken before? Many
True Friends Part 1
True friends are there for you when no one else gives a damn. True Friends there to put the pieces of your broken heart back together. True Friends will hold you when you cry and say nothing at all. True Friends will give you advice when you ask for ir and ONLY WHEN YOU ASK FOR IT!! A true friend WILL NEVER EVER TURN THEIR BACK ON YOU NO MATTER HOW LONG YOU ARE STUCKL ON STUPID!! A true friend will never ever go off on a perspective boyfriend/girlfriend with out you asking them to. A true friend will always have your best intrests at heart. A true friend will never ever choose sides between you and another one of there friends.
Rip Monica
I found out today a friend, Monica, passed away on tuesday May 6th. They wont say what she passed of, but the chances were high that it was a Overdose and/or Suicide. I dont know what to think, or where to begin start thinking. Just tuesday or wednesday of this week i finally looked around and felt happy to be alive. I wonder what Monica felt. I should have contacted her more, asked how she was doing. I couldnt have done anything to change or stop what happened, but i maybe could have let her know she had been in my thoughts, since i had thought of her but hadnt spoken to her in almost a year. I dont know. Of course I find out as im climbing into bed and now here i sit. not really wanting to be on fubar being perved by people who cant read a status message saying ive lost a friend, but not wanting to sit alone with my thoughts.
• An ordinance in Newcastle specifically bans couples from having sex while standing inside a store's walk-in meat freezer! • Cheyenne Citizens may not take showers on Wednesdays. • In Wyoming it is illegal to tattoo a horse with the intent of making it unrecognizable to its owner. • It is illegal for women to stand within five feet of a bar while drinking. • It is illegal to wear a hat that obstructs people's view in a public theater or place of amusement. • Wyoming required that every inmate of the state's training school for girls be issued crinoline bloomers. • You may not take a picture of a rabbit during the month of June.
When I Stare Into The Stars
when i stare into the stars all my fears subside and my heart stops to hide all the tears ive cried become tears of a love that died cause the one that lied now that i cried all those tears for the love that died theres no reason for my heart to hide
Thabnk You All Ty For Sharing This
This is a day late, but then this should be everyday. thats right people today is national Armed Forces Day so in honor of this speical day i decied to post a bulletin in honor of some my friends in the Armed Forces, go show these soldiers some love and thank them for what they do! this has both current and pasted military in it. idrmofs7 Fu Owned By LIL DEVIL!!AND FU OWNER oF Gingerella!@ fubar U.S Army 2-22@ fubar ©hΆÖwÑ Bõ®Ñ ÅnÐ ®@Ì$ΣЙ ☺☺'@ fubar --Dj--ShaDoW-- -The Ace of $p@des- _-H3@D Dj @T ~^~Devils Playmate~^~@ fubar *~*DJ FIRE*~* ERICA'S R/L BF & FU HUSBAND~*~ Member of Club Far@ fubar MUSTANG@ fubar ĐĴ ŜpǐҜe -- DJ @ ~RÈLÈñtLȧ§ RÄÐÌÖ~@ fubar Demon Doc@ fubar GI JOE
Brother Passed Away Leaving 4 Kids Alone
to all my friends on 39 yr old brother left this messed up world yesterday 5-20-2008. he was a father of 4 children and 4 grandchildren.died on his first grandsons birthday. he now joins his wife and our mother that will welcome him home. the sad things are no insurance and he still has 2 kids under 16 years that are going to have a hard way to go trying to burry there father and keep there life a float. we have started a fund raiser for them and if anyone wants to help local or far im going to include a mailing location to send anything that might help them get through this time, no cause of death as of this time. he went to sleep and never woke up. william wilson/kids 1703 south chicago street #42 joliet illinois 60436 815-726-3212 or 815-666-8699 GOD BLESS THE FAMILY...
Miracle Grow
One evening a husband, thinking he was being funny, said to his wife 'Perhaps we should start washing your clothes in Slim Fast. Maybe it would take a few inches off of your butt!!' His wife was not amused, and decided that she simply couldn't let such a comment go unrewarded. The next morning the husband took a pair of underwear out of his drawer. 'What the Hell is this??' he said to himself as a little 'dust' cloud appeared when he shook them out. 'April,' he hollered into the bathroom, 'Why did you put talcum powder in my underwear?' She replied with a snicker, 'It's not talcum's' Miracle Grow'
Luis Ayvar - Quiero Vivir Para Tí
So herez tha break down: Mondayz SUCK! They are like waking up from a hella hot Natalie Portman, Chocolate Pudding Midgetz & Balloonz Dream to find your actually in bed with Roseanne Barr on amphetamines! I Hate Mondayz! Today wuz Tuesday. Tuesday'z arent supposed to be as bad as monday'z. Right? seemz to me like maybe monday and tuesday got together and plotted some shunnanaganz against me. Just a thought. Just a thought.
Another Day, Another Heartache
So ive been home for a week now. i thought being home would be easier. its not. i miss him every day and i hate it. i cant get the thought of him w/her outa my head. it makes me sick. and i cant seem to stop crying. i cant hate him. ive tried. if i could hate him then maybe it wouldnt hurt so bad. but my heart just cant seem to agree with my head.
Love & Hate
I just don't know where to start 1. i have confessed my pass wrong 2. i have allow whatever because of my pass sins 3. tried to talk 4. i've cried until i thought my heart would stop which felt like a good wayout 5. i think i felt everything i ever put her thought 10 folds 6 i'm even acting like she did help i'm in prayer for my spirit now
My New Job=teh Awesome!!
So... I started my new job on Monday, and let me say this. My expectations are pretty high for atmosphere at work, recently... Apple Elk Grove was awesomely fun, Comtek was an amazing growing experience with some of the coolest coworkers ever (not to mention my awesome bosses, Larry and Rob) despite being one of the most shitty work situations EVER (blame Mike @ Mad Dog for that one). So, how does my new job stack up to those interesting positions?It's not nearly fair. Pearson School Systems is a company that I didn't think existed, at least outside of the city limits of Mountain View, CA or Cupertino, CA. Amazing atmosphere, everyone there is (gasp!) happy! My trainer/supervisor is a fucking rockstar, and so far it just feels like home.That's right. Four days into training and it feels like home.I'm pretty blitzed out by the heat right now, so I'll probably textually ramble on more later, but here's the scoop for now:Still no band. Still broke. Still hot as balls outside. S
Mini Me !!!!
Add Request.
I can't add anymore pics or I would have uploaded this one. my pending friend requests: clear all | accept all From Date Message ACCEPT | DENY Richie Rich (G... Online (Online) 2008-07-24 08:06:40 Please pretty please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Well on May 11, 1997 at 22 years old. I had the bike wreck. I bought a racing bike on Tuesday put another front end and lights on it. Friday I took it to the drag strip. Sunday on Mothers day I had the wreck because some one pull out in front of me in a Ford Explorer and I hit the back coner for it and totaled them out and my bike at over 100 miles per hour. Their was a state trooper right their eating and he said I was doing over 100. I was in a choma for 6 months. But mom said I was still in a coma for along time. I am very lucky to be here because I died several times. Motorcycles are real danagerous because people pull out in front of you all the time. I can`t walk now and im in a wheelchair. But what put me in
Th3 V1p3r
My Friend Needs Help
my friends needs help leveling up so please help her Rachel aka 'Tennisgirl1987 - Club F.A.R. Member, Shadow Leveler, Fu-Single'
Please Help
hi all. i'm in a contest and need your help. pretty please? Click this pic and bomb it with comments, and i'll reward in some way if you leave a lot. 100 comments = fubucks. 300 comments = bling 500 comments = naked pic xoxo Annette
Spotlight For My Birthday
New Direction
Hey Hotties, I wanted to take sometime to let all of you know that we are in the process of making some changes to the (once biggest and best known group on LC, CT and now Fubar) I have taken on a new position, that requires me to be gone alot more and with that I had to appoint Flirt as my "Chief of Operations". Along with this change I have agreed to allow her and the SR staff to make some changes also. This includes but not limited to the following. 1. New Prospects Shall be requited and voted on Bi-weekly 2. New Team Chiefs 3. Able to appoint new officers 4. Design & Create a new promotions campaign Girls, Many of you have been with us a long time and its my wish that you stay with, however I asked that everyone that has been here over 8 months, to stop in and see Carrie and asked if there is anything you can help with. I will be doing my best to be on at some point daily and doing what I do, however unless you are in the “Charter “ your impute is needed and re
Diana Auction 2
FIRST TIME FOR SALE!!!!! ~ÐiAnA~ ( NO FAN-NO ADD)@ fubar This awesome lady is for sale for the first time. Might be the last too. So don’t miss this chance! Go check her and see with what she’s tempting you!!! CLICK PIC TO PLACE YOUR BID!!! this bully brought to you by: ♫BlackWidow♫@ fubar
Blog This
My life can be summed up in 3 words ... Better Than Average.
You take the good with the bad Smile when you're sad love what you got & remember what you had Always forgive but never forget Learn from your misstakes but never regret When things go wrong just remember life goes on.
Wanna Play Pharoh's Elimination? rules r simple enough! 1- R/F/A Pharoh 2- rate pharoh's pyramids (only 11 pix) 3- send pharoh 50k to enter. (Pharoh is canadian prizes cost more) 4- message Pharoh with a link to the pik you wanna use. Pharoh@ fubar The prize is your choice of 1month VIP and 500G's or 7day blast and 500G's (thats half a mil and could go up depending on how many enter) How to win?? easy! get the most points and don't be Eliminated! Points will be: rates = 1 point comments = 5 points BUT you can ONLY comment YOURSELF your friends can ONLY RATE you but they will have to R/F/A Pharoh this is a SELF BOMBING contest at the end of everyday the person with the least points will be Eliminated. and the rest keep going eliminating 1 a day till the last Fu is standing to claim the prize contest will open on september 7th at 7pm FUtime and will close at 7pm FUtime everyday for Elimination and will re-open again at 7:30.
Me Depression
Why am I sad when things go so wrong. I feel like the angels have sung their last song. Today should be the happiest for me. But why o why does he keep yelling at me. Over the phone and in the car in the house and thats not all. I try to be strong and do what I can but Depression is like that ASShole Man.......
So I said alot of messed up crap in my past blogs, and for those who know me on myspace....there too. I was going through a sh*tty time so I told alot of false information. For starters we were in love. He always wanted our baby. I know I b*tched alot I I will always be sorry for that. I took him for granted. I know now that he always loved me. I thought I was unhappy being with him, but it was just me pusing him away cause I was afraid. I love him now, always and forever.
A New Start
We are moving to Gillette. I'm so excited!!!
These Are The Things That Make Me Smile And The Things That Make Me Mad
i love to sit at home cuddled up to a good movie i hate sitting in from of the tv all day i love to walk in the park i hate to walk because i have to i love to have sex all night long i hate for a man to think all i am is a sex toy wonder why i wrote this dont even ask me i was just bored and wanted to do something silly
Garfield For 10/3
Just A Little Info For You
I just wanted to take a minute and let you all know that i havent been around much since ive got this new job. Its a full time job this time...WHOOT!!!!! Something i really needed. I do miss all my friends terribly and try to get on when i can...usually a little at night and on the weekends!!! One of the things ive changed is the numbering of my friends and family, not for any reason other than i dont believe in puttin a number on them....if you really talk to me and know know how i feel about you and i dont need to put a number on you, cause the number i give you may not be how i feel anyway!! So Please dont take it to heart that your not a number anymore...if you are on my friends.... and family list especially, you know how i feel!! So yea i guess im making some changes in my life, but they are changes i need to make, just know i love you all dearly and will be here when i can ... just as before!! and if you cant get me here, then you know other ways to
Im Home Bishes :p
Well I'm back!!!! Had to take a trip to the county :( but at least now I got my probation taken care of YAY!!!! No more warrants on me :D I missed you all so much!! I hope everyone has been doin good. Lovers Ya, Lexi
Most if any of you will know, that on December 1st I will have been on Fubar/Cheerytap for 2 years, and in that time I have seen a lot of changes and even been through a lot of changes too, both on here and in my private life too, but then anniversary blog will be coming out on that day. The reason for this blog is to let you all know that as time goes by in the very near future, there will be a few what I can only call, sweep changes, I shall say no more right now but if things carry on as they are now then it will happen and they will all be for the good of me as I feel now is the time for them to happen, and don't worry they will be for good and not bad, but I will ask just one thing of you all, please respect me for my decission and be happy for me, I will still be there for you all, but as I say, this is for me......... Peace and love to you all
232.5 lbs this morn. Walked all day at work yesterday, pushed a few printers around at Encore and then went biking to finish the day off. Ate decent. Protein pancakes for breakfast, leftover chicken with rice for lunch, and Seared Mahi Mahi with brown rice for dinner.
God's Busy
God's Busy If you don't know GOD, don't make stupid remarks!!!!!!! A United States Marine was attending some college courses between assignments. He had completed missions in Iraq and Afghanistan . One of the courses had a professor who was an avowed atheist and a member of the ACLU . One day the professor shocked the class when he came in he looked to the ceiling and flatly stated, 'God, if you are real, then I want you to knock me off this platform. I'll give you exactly 15 minutes.' The lecture room fell silent. You could hear a pin drop. Ten minutes went by and the professor proclaimed, 'Here I am God. I'm still waiting.' It got down to the last couple of minutes when the Marine got out of his chair, went up to the professor, and cold-cocked him, knocking him off the platform. The professor was out cold. The Marine went back to his seat and sat there, silently. The other students were shocked, stunned, and sat there looking on in silence. The professor e
No-one Want To....
Damn no one want to Fu-Owned me anymore??? No one love me!! sniff..sniff that was so sad that anyone don't want me here :-(
I Love You
Sparkle Zombie!
What Word Describes you the Most?OutgoingFriendly and soiciable. You love people and you want to meet as many of them as you can. Hell, You can stay up all night talking to someone that lives on the other side of the world if you got the chance!How do you compare? Take this test! | Tests from Testriffic Loves people? Not so much. Stays up all night talking to someone who lives on the other side of the world? Just on special occasions!
Remains Of Caylee Anthony May Have Been Found!!!!
ORLANDO, Fla. -- Authorities said on Thursday that they are seeking a search warrant for the Orlando home of a missing 3-year-old girl after a child's remains were found nearby. Orange County sheriff's spokesman Carlos Padilla said that investigators cordoned off the home belonging to the grandparents of Caylee Anthony, who lived at the home with her mother, Casey Anthony, although the two often stayed elsewhere. An Orange County water meter reader found the skeletal remains of a child around 9:30 a.m. Thursday in a wooded area while taking a bathroom break near South Chickasaw Trail and Suburban Drive, less than half a mile from the Hopespring Drive home of George and Cindy Anthony, Local 6 News reported. Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary confirmed that the skull of a child had been recovered. Deputies said it's too early to tell if the remains, which were later taken away in a medical examiner's van, are that of Caylee. Local 6 News reporter Jessica D'Onofrio confirmed th
This is to all have a very safe and wonderful Xmas.
I got very little sleep last night. What sleep i did get seems to have been filled with this freakish dream/nightmare I had.... It's pretty vague and short but still messed up... I was with my Dad and my Ex-Stepmother. My Grandmother was there along with my half siblings. It seems to have been my Grandmothers house but it wasn't quite the same. Then it flashes... We (myself, my Dad and my Ex Stepmother) are all in a truck going to some hillbilly place. Run down, crap everywhere. But they let me bring my new little kitten with me. All black and cute as hell. Anyways, we are in some strange contraption that I suppose is supposed to be a house. I'm playing with my kitten and notice something odd about his purr. Somehow I realize he had eaten my cell! (Don't ask I have NO fricking idea). So i run and tell my dad and he says it's normal?!! That he'll just crap it out and be fine. but I can tell by the look on his face, he's lying. Awhile goes by and I see the poor thing fight
A Dream...
. Once upon a moonlit night, I had a dream it felt so right. for in that dream we made sweet love, t'was a like gift from heaven above. Our eyes were fixed in a lingering gaze, was magic between us, a mystical haze. The need to be taken was so apparent, we read eachother, as though transparent. When at last our lips did meet wrapped in your arms it was so sweet you kissed my lips in such a fashion, t'was new to me to feel such passion. My womanly curves your fingers explored the feeling it gave me, I simply adored your lips they followed their heavenly trail I breath in deeply, and sighed on exhale. I surrendered my all as you kissed me so sweetly I had no will, you had me completely, under the spell of your lingering kiss, a beautiful moment I cared not to miss. As though by magic my clothes hit the floor, am stood there naked, and your eyes they explore. Standing proud, my body it shivered it trembled at the thoughts your gaze had delivered. My
The Balance Of Life
Last night as I was driving along an empty streth of Highway, I looked to the horizon and took a good look at the moon. It was extremely low on the horizon, one of those moons that you think you can reach out and touch. It was full, had a red/orange tint and was mezmerizing. In a word, it was beautiful. Today, the newsman at the radio station where I work told me an area family of three died in a fire. A 33 year old mother, her 3 year old son and 1 year daughter perished from a fire of unknown origin. I didn't know the family. This is my life, this is our life: there is beauty and tragidy everywhere in the world. It's giving me pause to think, and to realize, maybe we need to pay attention to which end of the teeter totter we're sitting. Find something beautiful in life today.
Up For Auction
Check It Out:
Capital City Tourney
Britt, Zimmerman win at Jefferson City Invitational LDR Staff Jan 20, 2009 JEFFERSON CITY — Justin Britt and Tyler Zimmerman were champions on Saturday as Lebanon placed fourth at the 12-team Jefferson City Invitational. Britt (heavy weight) and Zimmerman (140 pounds) were both 5-0 on the day. Trevor Byrd (215) placed second for LHS, while Nick Nekola (152) placed third and Aaron Starnes (135) placed fourth. Dave Stewart won the junior varsity heavy weight title, going 5-0, and Wyatt Byrd (215) took second. The Lebanon JV also placed fourth in a 12-team tournament. Lebanon will host Rolla on Thursday.
I'll be busy the next few days We lost my Grandma on Tuesday January 27, 2009,I saw her on Sunday she was at the store we were selling girl scout cookies i had hugged and kissed her that day she was well and smiling as usual. She had just moved into a rockin retirement center. She turned 89 in December and was getting somewhat depressed hanging around her house by herself so much. So for her bday she got a new cat and also agreed to moved to be able to socialize more. She loved the new place it truly looked like a resort. Remind me to get insurance for assisted living. Anyway she died happy peacefully in her chair, remote control for the tv in her hand think she fell asleep watching tv. We Love her and miss her. Of course with her passing thoughts of what I should have done come to mind just like with everyone, but Im working hard now getting her house clean ready for all the guests to come and helping my mom prepare everything. Love you Grandma
Would You???
this is a survey someone posted on myspace bulletin and these are the answers i filled the end he read them and LOLed himself. he contacted me laughing telling me i was soooo wrong...haha so enjoy and dont be shy to rate if you liked it. 1.YOUR NAME: NOnSTALKING girl 2.AGE: legal 3.FAVORITE POSITION: you give me the position and i give you a raise 4.DO YOU THINK THAT I'M CUTE? yea, paperbag cute 5.WOULD YOU HAVE SEX WITH ME? depends on what kind of brand of paperbag you use 6.LIGHTS ON OR OFF? off, you look hot with the lights off and my eyes close 7.WOULD YOU HAVE TO BE DRUNK? extremely, with distorted vision 8.WOULD YOU TAKE A SHOWER WITH ME? yes, then take another shower afterwards, alone 9.HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT ABOUT HAVING SEX WITH ME? yes, you were wearing nothing, laid on a white bed with blond silky hair blowing into the wait that was brad pit that i was thinking of...nevermind 10.WOULD YOU LEAVE OR
Please Read New Friend!!!
Hey All You New Friends!!! I Love Geting THem And I LOVE Showin Them Love...SO If You Wanna GEt Some Love In Return Private Messag Me And Lemme Know ya Rate Me...Then I Will Be MORE Than Happy To Return The Love...Cuz That's What Sharing Is!! Now On To Serial Stuff.. I TOTALLY HAVE A BOYFRIEND. AND I'M TOTALLY PREGNANT WITH HIS CHILD...I REALLY LOVE HIM AND WILL NEVER FIND A MAN AS GOOD AS HIM IN MY EYES. PLEASE DON'T TRY AND PERV ME PLEASE DON'T WASTE TIME...I DISLIK HAVING TO TAKE TIME OUT OF MY DAY TO GO TO YER PAGE DIS-ADD YOU AND THEN BLOCK YOU. IT'S ANNOYING. SO JUST DON'T TRY.... KAY Haveing Just Said All That...I FULL ON Appreciate Your Friend Request And Hope We Make A Friendly Connection!!! Have Some Freakin Good Clean Fun... xoxo ♥Nichole
Regina R.ip...thanx Melinda Xoxox
1st Auto 11
Ran my 1st and last Auto 11. Not even a million points. Not worth the cash put into it with snail rating. I would like to thank the ones that helped: ALTON COUPLE- they were awesome and please make sure you help them whenever you can, the love they return is awesome MOCKSIE- she took time out of her life to rate everything I had with no expectations in return. Yes she has a life, but she was kindly returning luv i gave to her in past WILDBILL10169- Again rated everything with no expectations in return TBONEDADDY- thank you so much for the help. Rated all my pics with no expectations in return Dee and MB I know you all would have helped so no worries. I will always be there to help you guys My disappointment is that I have rated and re-rated the same people's pics over and over every time they run an auto 11 and so many of these people didn't even give a 1 pic rate........lesson well learned.
He Is Talentless
Ok this is a stupid blog but im goin to write it anyway ... Keanu Reeves, in my opinion has no talent. Regardless of movies hes a stupid surfer like guy in all his movies. I find all of his movies to be lame an stupid. Yet sumehow he keeps making movies, WHY? WHY i ask do ppl keep watching his movies? Hes as bad an actor as Jean Claude Van Damm or Chuck Norris.. That brings up another question why are they still showin reruns of walker texas ranger lmao ok im done now
Guarded and protected I shall serve out my days As it is so much easier than navigating haze The one who breaks the curse of the spell I've so entwined Will own me complete soul, body, and mind
This Is....
Who I was... A very shy girl, A writer, A caring person, A music lover, A friend, A daughter, A happy person (most of the time), Who I could have been... A lover, A friend, A person that might have made it worth it (if given a chance), If they would pay attention to things more than in that "friend" way. Just because I am the "sweet" girl doesn't mean I don't have those urges or feeling towards people. If you pay attention in the way I speak to you or look at you, you might actually notice it. I can be flirty if I feel something for you although if I feel there is no chance then I won't bother. Lately this is all I have been feeling. I find a guy I have a connection with and I know there is no chance so I don't bother. And the result of all the disappointment is... Who I've become..... A stronger individual, An independent soul, A person who strives on being single, A writer, A caregiver, A music lover (especially that of the local p
Oh Noes I Be Tagged
okay I almost made it through the day with no tag on my ass.... PoStAL you're lucky I like ya! hahahaha Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I say "peace baby" too much... but I like it!!! 2. I love love love MUDSLIDES... as if ya didn't already know! 3. I sometimes scratch the sheet cause the sound soothes me to sleep. 4. My house is clutterfucked right now, cause I can not throw good stuff away. 5. I pray everynight.... hell sometimes all day long. 6. I buy the giant box of swedish fish & hide it from my kids. 7. I would love to live where the person who tagged me lives! 8. I dance around & sing into
So On....
Unbeautiful Leslie Roy Don't hang up, Can we talk? So confused It's like im lost. What went wrong? what made you go? Don't pretend you don't know This is me Im unchangeable When did we Fall apart? Or did you lie From the start? When you said Its only you I was blind Such a fool Thinking we Were unbreakable It was you and me against the world And you promised me forever more Was it something that I said? was it something that I did? Cuz I gotta know What made me unbeautiful. Ive been told Whats done is done To let it go And carry on And deep inside I know that's true Im stuck in time Im stuck on you We were still untouchable It was you and me against the world And you promised me forever more. Was it something that I said? Was it something that I did? Cuz I gotta know What made me unbeautiful Wake up, wake up, wake up Cuz im only dreaming Get out, get out, get out Get out of my head now Because we're much better All together
"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. Friendship often ends in love; but love in friendship- never."
I Need A Spring Fling
Come be my spring fling woot woot click the pic below, love me up cuz i love back!! :):)
Bomber Giveaway ~ 1 Mil Fubux & Other Prizes
Bomber 1 Mil Fubux GiveAway MORE PRIZES TO BE ANNOUNCED Ends after HHs Sunday All Bombers w/ More than One Bomb! Entered into 500k GiveAway Plus an additional 5 - 100k Giveaways for all the luvins! PlayinHard Jane Doe CuteNSpunky lilsnoop Special K ~**Tara**~ Autos On Debbie Barry DJ Silky FanMe Tingergirl Hypnotic Red JC Mohammed Ninja The Bastage
Only 17 Million To Oracle! Lol :p
Oh no! Not again! Yes, again. I'm running auto 11s again on Sunday April 5th starting around noon EST. I ONLY have 17 million to Oracle! LOL Stop by and drop off some love, but let me know you did in case I miss it. I really want to keep up and repay all your lovely people the best I can. ♥Amy Amykins ♥@ fubar
Tis the time to mourn, for he has left us. But he would not want it that way. He would want us all to celebrate him moving on to a better place. For now he is at peace, and no longer suffering. He was a great friend to many of us, he could make you smile when you were down. He always seemed to know what to say. He will be remembered always. For he is close to our hearts, in many ways.
What Is The Primer Of Shadows?
For those of you not thoroughly entrenched in what's in my world, this blog will be a place that will get you up to speed and do as my friend would say "get your learn on...". I will fill this up with the items I think that people would like to know about. If I am asked questions about things that I post, of course I'll still write back. This is pretty much a place to jump in on stuff that I post and you want to know a little more. So, read and Enjoy!!!
Okay i have an Auction folder, go place your bids! Currently up for auction:   Nurse Naughty ~*ViXeNz LoVe*~   both auctions end April 15th!!! make your bids!!!
Rating Revolution , Bombers < Friends , You Are Awesome
I was hoping to level by my Birthday in 3 weeks , I am Overwhelmed, You are all incredible !
Adventures Of Nakita Part 2
I have a dilemma.. My lawn has grown out of control and I must go mow it. I have a great mower enough gas and its gorgeous enough to do it.. (no snow) One thing lies between me and mowing the lawn....         You might not believe this being as cute as she is, can cause so much terror in my life. But when I start the lawnmower up She gets this look in her eyes... Her desire to eat my lawnmower takes over her cute innocent self and over powers here... So After the "vacuum" incident do I dare let her outside while i mow the grass. or do i lock her in the house so she will watch me threw the window, not only giving me a look that can kill with foam frothing at her mouth ? Wicked
Star Gazing
Looking upon the beautiful dark sky, you see the sparkling of a special someones eyes, but the sparkle is only polaris (the north star). Pulling your attention off the star you start seeing more of this special someones face seeing the beautiful compliction against the dark sky. You wish you could reach outh and glide your finger tips against this beautiful compliction wishing is was your special someone. The sad thing is that its not really them every night. Looking more and more into the sky, you wish you could hold your special someone in your arms but can't, the good thing is that you will always have them in your heart until the day ou die for all eternity.
Another Friend Lost :-(
ursceal@ fubar I don't know what happened yet. I just talked to him like Monday. He msg'd me to make sure i wasn't involved in the train collision in DC. I'm truly saddened by this news. James... you, my wonderful friend.... will be sadly missed.
Memeorial Link For Perla Schultz
Other then free will, love is the only thing god dont control, he lets us decide on how we use it. And many of us men take advantage of the fact its there and we seem to forget what it really means. So to all you women out there, Im sorry as a man for being so damn stupid to let pride over run my heart and not show you love can be real. And to all the guys, wake up as i have and realize real love dont come around much, so live the love you have now or it will be gone in a blink.                                                                                              frankielee  
In No Hurry
What to do when frustration sets in Where alienation is the next of kin and solitude cannot be found and you are standing on less than solid ground.   Well my friend, that is where I am. and from what I can see there is no end.   Now do not feel sorry No need to worry As you can see I am in no hurry.
A few weeks ago i got hit by a car and fractured several ribs. As a result I developed complications and spent some time in hospital recovering. While away I understood how random occurrences can change the way you see life. For a while I did not think I would get through it. Happily I did. Although Fubar has many faults, one thing makes it special and that is the real friends you make here. Thank you to those people and I'm happy I made it through. You know who you are and thank you x
About Me
okay... I've been here for awhile... have made some great friends... really feel I need to update my about me but not sure what to say... any ideas from my friends and family would be greatly appreciated... not much of a writer and not good and talking about myself...
*fake Scammer Alert*
Check the blog below and to the left with the same title...don't forget to rate , tell your friends and post your comments as always and please don't forget to rate it a 1, 3, 6, 10 or 11..:D
I Have A Naughty Fetish.
Hi friends this is about a Fetish I have besides the fact that I have snakes for pets, I get alot of flack as it is about the fact that I do have snakes for pets. This is a very kinky naughty fetish I don't post nothing about it because alot of people think is gross and weird, I have been into this sence I was a kid now I pay to watch it online or to see it in person I know it would be very hard to find a woman into this it's all good to me I am fine with it. But the fetish that I have don't keep me single like the fact that I got pet snakes lol. but if anyone would like to know what the fetish realy is please feel free to contact me via my yahoo or e-mail ok. and please don't treat me bad or like im some kind of freak because of this ok or even befriend me ok. Thank you for your time.. Jay
Fibromyalgia & Narcolepsy. Why I've Been Gone.
My friends and Fu Friends have been asking and wondering why I have not been online much or very sociable. Well I have not been feeling well or sleeping for quite some time now. My doctor has finally discovered the reason. I suffer from Fibromyalgia & Narcolepsy.  Here is alittle information on those health concerns in case you are not sure what exactly I suffer from. Fibromyalgia syndrome affects the muscles and soft tissue.  What Is Fibromyalgia? Think you might have fibromyalgia? Learn more about fibromyalgia with its chronic muscle pain, fatigue, sleep disturbances, and tender points. What is fibromyalgia syndrome? A syndrome is a set of symptoms. When they exist together, they imply the presence of a specific disease or a greater chance of developing the disease. With FMS, the following symptoms commonly occur together: anxiety or depression decreased pain threshold or tender points incapacitating fatigue widespread pain  Narcolepsy Narcolepsy is a neurological disor
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A New Baby Big Brother Baby!!!
Dearest Spankie
Came into my life...a love...of a good friend Now a good friend I love... honest sweet a connisseur of silly a chef decency and open mind a mistress of what is pretty and kind... I hope that dancing is what you do at night and I hope the smile shines in the daylight Can't say I thought I would gain so much from someone I dont know... And yet its wonderful... A love..of a friend... So amazing when the universe makes these circles connect.. wonderous is the powers that be and gratitude for making room in my heart for yet another unconditional thing You are are mom, you daughter you are life on life's terms... with no expectations and that is freedom some days so continue what you are being love those that love you Shine on with all that you are ITS OK! A love.... of a friend and now a friend that I love!   (hugs Spankie!)
Professional Way Of Solving Sexual Problems. Viagra Pro.
twisting in my stomach,am i sick again?don't knowstinging in my eyes,will i cry again?maybecurl up and pretend,am i sleeping?not reallyjust close my eyes,hold my stomach,and stay very stilljust wait and you'll will be as if i'm not even here.maybe i'm still nobody, ormaybe i am somebodyand just cant see it yetbut no one tells me so ill stay quiet.stay still, andpretendjust to see what happens next
Im having naughty thoughts........     that is all.
ok my fantabulous friends of mine!!! i miss ya'll soooo flippin much BUT!.... i'm working like a bajilon hrs... seriously 12 hrs a night, 6 nights a week til january... bad news i never sleep and am never on for more then 5 minutes, good news i'm makin moneyz!!!!! too bad my car has broken down 3 times in 6 weeks takin most of that moneyz but yeah i'm makin it and possibly getting my own crib come febuary 1st wo0t!!!   i moved out of psycho's house and now rent from super cool guy and it's nice here!!! :) house is clean and quiet for the most part and it's just sooooo much better then were i was before but i might still get my own place in febuary when the apartment is ready and i have the money or i might stay here and get my boob job i always wanted haha it's undecided at the moment... oh oh oh maybe i'll do a mumm about it hah!    anywho i miss ya'll and gimme luvins while i'm gone and if you want it back then send me a private message saying so cuz my bartab seems to always be
Im Hosting A Auction
I will be taking entrants from Friday Jan. 15, 2010 until Monday Jan 18, 2010. The Auction will start on Monday Jan 18th @ 9pm Central & end on Sunday Jan. 24th @ 5pm central. Entry fee will be 50k fubucks & will have a opening bid of 100k fubucks. ******YOU MUST HAVE A FUBAR SALUTE TO ENTER!!!**** Also please F/R/A the hostess There will be no drama tolerated PERIOD! If any bidders or contestants are caught causing drama, YOU WILL BE REMOVED AND BANNED from continuing this auction or any other auctions I will hold. It is the responsibility of the Auctionees to get their prizes from the highest bidder. The 3 with the most rates will receive a gift of my choosing. Whether it is fubucks, a ticker, bling or a blast.... I will promote as much as possible but it is highly recommended that you promote your own personal part of the auction.. the MORE you PROMOTE, the HIGHER the BIDS! Please send your fubucks, list of offers & a link to a CLEAR picture of you, NO LATER than Januar
January 20 2010
Astrology - Today's Gemini Horoscope Here is your Today's Gemini Horoscope You're feeling the urge to socialize, and it is a great day to expand your network. Mood:Energetic Lucky Color:Silver Lucky Number:22 Lucky Time of Day:12am
Who Wants To.............
I am in the mood to cuddle but no one is near *sigh* who wants to cuddle?
New Auction
For Texas Drifter ...
My wish for 2010 is that people will understand that children with disabilities do not have a disease; children with disabilities are not looking for a cure but ACCEPTANCE........93% of people won't copy and paste this, WILL YOU be one of the 7% that does
with everything said about love and caring about a person..... what is love ??? really.....what is it? i always thought for the person u love n care for u would b willin to fight no matter what or whom it is even if it is fightinthe person themselves so what is it??? bcuz im so dumb i dont even know wut it is appearently. i always thought love was fighting to stay no matter how hard everything gets. also helping to change each other and talk to each other no matter what it is. saying the words i love u is actually meaning those words not throwing them around one second n then the next just give up on something like its nothing. i believe if there was any love in the first place  both parties would b willing to change and after givin ur all thats when u can call it quits. would someone plz explain to me if i am wrong..........bcuz if im willin to change n prove myself why wouldnt the other person?? isnt it bcuz that other person never loved me in the first place???!!!???!!! i dunno mayb
Claim Game
you claim love , for me , for life , for us , but I don't believe I claim love , for you , for us , but I wear my heart on my sleeve to be with you in front of all , that snicker ,  that point , that have no clue that I see them ,   waisting time out there own little lives, but I am always focused on you like walking and breathing , like swimming and getting wet , like getting lost inside your eyes like singing a song , after we've made love all day , it's like living to be alive with out you I would shatter , broken beyond repair yet I am steel encased in thick concrete , as long as you are there by my side , my life , my everything , no
I'm Already Broken, You Can't Break Me Anymore
You can't break me to pieces,I'm already broken.You can't make me cry,I'm already crying.You can't make me hurt,I'm already dying.Through this I know the worst has come,My nightmare has just begun.I feel scared and alone with no one around.I choke on my sobs, but you'll never hear a sound.I want to be breathless, to feel no more.I'm already broken, starting at my core.I'm weak and I'm fragile if you don't already know,I do my best to make it not show.I'm broken and shattered, shaking inside.All I want to do now is run..and forever hide.Maybe if I'm alone no one could hurt me anymore.I can live in my own pain and misery,Maybe he won't even miss me.
Dj Sixx
direct link is:
I am STRESSED.  I have been off work for 5 weeks now because of my health.  It is not anything major.  I do not have cancer, nor do I have heart diasease.  I do have high blood pressure and diabeties. The federal DOT is starting to crack down on health issues with truck drivers so the doctor is being extra careful. But I am not making any money, my doctor has had my paperwork for my short term disability for 3 days...and I found out he is not going to be in the office next week. It's getting to me, I can tell, my friends can tell.  They are asking if I have a headache, or why I am not smiling or joking around like usual.  It's affecting my blood pressure adversely.  I want to punch something.  I need to get laid, lol.  I need a good cry.  I am getting to the point that I don't give a fuck. But.  I hope you're having a good day.
Natures Obstruction
Nothing can stop me,Not even a Volcano,Is that all you got?
I Really Want You
Many prophets preach on bended knee. Many clerics wasted wine. Do the bloodied sheets on those cobbled streets mean I have wasted time? Are there silver shores on paradise? Can I come in from the cold? I killed a man in a far away land, my enemy I'm told. I really want you to really want me, but I really don't know if you can do that. I know you want to know what's right but I know it's so hard for you to do that. And time's running out as often it does, and often dictates that you can't do that. But fate can't break this feeling inside that's burning up through my veins. I really want you- now. No matter what I say or do, the message isn't getting through, And you're listening to the sound of my breaking heart. I really want you. Is a poor man rich in solitude, or will Mother Earth complain? Did the beggar pray for a sunny day, but Lady Luck for rain? They say a million people bow and scrape to an effigy of gold. I saw life begin and the ship we're in and history unfol
Staind - Outside
And you,You bring me to my knees, again,All the timesThat I could beg you please, in vain,All the timesThat I felt insecure, for youAnd I leaveMy burdens at the doorChorus:But I'm on the outsideI'm looking inI can see through youSee your true colorsCause inside you're uglyYou're ugly like meI can see through youSee to the real youAll the times that I felt like this won't endIts for youAnd I taste what I could never haveIt was from youAll the times that I've criedMy intentions, full of prideBut I waste more time than anyoneChorus:But I'm on the outsideAnd I'm looking inI can see through youSee your true colorsCause inside you're uglyYou're ugly like meI can see through youSee to the real youAll the times that I've criedAll this wasted, it's all insideAnd I feel, all this painI stuffed it down, it's back againAnd I lie, here in bedAll alone, I can't mendBut I feelTomorrow will be okChorus:But I'm on the outsideAnd I'm looking inI can see through youSee your true colorsCause inside you're
Make It Stop
So Im feeling lost.. alone and confused.. I dunno what to do.. I guess its my hormones.. but atm.. I really dunno.. I dunno where he is.. I dunno if he`s avoiding me or if something has happend... I have tried calling but can`t get through to his phone.. All I can do is wait.. I feel betrayed.. lead on and stupid.. stupid for thinking I wouldnt be hurt this time.. Ive been hurt by every guy I have ever met.. I should have known.. I dun wanna hear from anyone that hes a shithead... I dun wanna hear anything negative at all.. all I need is sum support.. I dun need pitty.. just someone to listen to me when I feel like shit.. I guess being pregnant dun help.. cus I dunno if Im this sad cus of my hormones or what it is.. all I know.. is.. that I can`t stop crying
Is It Weird
Is it weirdThat my top 3 fave songs are about suicide Is it weirdThat I was picked on in school Is it weirdTo be told you're throwing your life away Is it weirdTo be called stupid by your parents Is it weirdTo get angry for no reason Is it weirdTo want to hurt everyone around youIs it weirdThat last year I thought I was someone special Is it weirdThat I thought I was attractive Is it weirdThat I now can't stand to look in the mirror Is it weirdThat after all the pain she caused , I still want to hug her Is it weirdTo give up on true happiness Is it weirdTo feel so much anger, hate and pain Is it weirdTo feel like noone cares
Old Friend
me and my wife just found out that one of our old friends in school is missing and presumed dead she was a great person so if you are religous or whatever u do please pray for her and her family. here is a link on the curent staus of the search  
  System of a Down--Toxicity Conversion software version seven.0Looking at life through the eyes of a tired hubEating seeds as a pastime activityThe toxicity of our city, of our cityNow, what do you own the world?How do you own disorder, disorder?Now somewhere between the sacred silenceSacred silence and sleepSomewhere, between the sacred silence and sleepDisorder, disorder, disorderMore wood for the fires, loud neighborsFlashlight reveries caught in the headlights of a truckEating seeds as a pastime activityThe toxicity of our city, of our cityNow, what do you own the world?How do you own disorder, disorder?Now somewhere between the sacred silenceSacred silence and sleepSomewhere between the sacred silence and sleepDisorder, disorder, disorderNow, what do you own the world?How do you own disorder, disorder?Now somewhere between the sacred silenceSacred silence and sleepSomewhere between the sacred silence and sleepDisorder, disorder, disorderWhen I became the sunI shone life into th
The Voice Of God
Revered Yankees PA man Bob Sheppard dies at 99 By RONALD BLUM, AP Sports Writer 43 minutes ago Email Print NEW YORK (AP)—Bob Sheppard, whose elegant introductions of stars from Joe DiMaggio to Derek Jeter(notes) at Yankee Stadium for more than a half century earned him the nickname “The Voice of God,” died Sunday. He was 99. The revered public address announcer died at his Long Island home in Baldwin with his wife, Mary, at his side, the Yankees said. Sheppard started with the Yankees in 1951 and he last worked at Yankee Stadium late in the 2007 season, when he became ill with a bronchial infection. He recorded a greeting to fans that was played at the original ballpark’s final game on Sept. 21, 2008, and his audio recording still is used to introduce Jeter before each at-bat at home by the Yankees captain. When the team moved into new Yankee Stadium last year, it honored him by naming the media dining room after him.
Sex Sales!!
There is no greater proof of this than a high school cheerleader car wash.
Well It's Goodish Stuff
I have a date tomorrow. He wanted me to decide on stuff to do so I gave him option: blues bar, wildlife fundraiser in the historic Corey district, Weird Al Yankovic, or dinner and a movie. he didn't choose Weird Al so he's not getting any on the first date. I also think he might be married because calling me seems to be an issue. That's why i called theis blog goodish.   My cousin's friend jeremy called me though. my cousin said he was over weight. i don't remember him because I was impaired. he sounds fat on the phone. like he might have a mouthful of chicken or something. But I like dating fat guys. Dating fat guys means unlimited, guilt free carbs on dates. fuck yea to not having to pretend I like plain salad. I haven't updated anything else because i don't want to talk about it. But I like you. isn't that enough?
Blur Review:
 Blur Review: by Chris M. Arnone  Like Need for Speed engaging in a Glee-style mash-up with Mario Kart…but it could have used more of both. Blur had a great marketing campaign. Cutesy little characters racing around in a faux Mario Kart or Mod Nation Racers style with cutesy little cars firing cutesy little weapons. Then one little ball of adorable pulls over, gets out, and watches real licensed cars racing asphalt streets with destructive weapons. The theme: Mario Kart grows up. View entire article ►     Achievements, Blur Review:, Cheats, FAQs, Forums, News, Nintendo Review Blog, PSP Review Blog,
Alzheimer's Test
  Alzheimer's Test How fast can you guess these words? 1. F_ _K 2. PU_S_ 3. S_X   4. P_N_S   5. BOO_S 6. _ _NDOM                           Answers: 1. FORK 2. PULSE 3. SIX 4. PANTS 5. BOOKS 6. RANDOM       You got all 6 wrong....didn' t you?
My New Awesome Owner!
rick aka mr 420my wife to be is HOTSY TOTSY@ fubar   Go n luv up on him!
A Short Enlighting Rant...particall Random...
Oh i tell ya.. this life... is for the unexpected...there comes a time when all you begin to think about are the things you truly want in life.. the goals you want to achieve the people you want to surrond yourself with...and after just cant keep fighting it..and like fighting a current.. your eventually going to lose...there's alot of people who rely on others for there decision making... instead of just getting up and doing it themselves... there are people who crumble under the pressure of other peoples judgment..people who fail to acheive simply because others believe they will simply fail.... a few things that i have come to find a reason in and taken strongly to recently...Live for yourself.. not for what other people want or need you to..everyone is only concerned about succeeding for themselves  be friends with people who are positive and that will stand by you no matter what...we all make horrible decisions at times.. but if we accept our faults we c
Swiss Made Rolex Watches For You
As we all know, Swiss made Rolex, a watch brand that could not be more widely known, is the first choice of many celebrities, VIPs, sport finishes or other well to do persons. The people are looking for top-notch prefer clock always to own a Rolex. It’s just amazing to be able to these watches from an ordinary watch with gold and silver orders a clock with surprising design, type, colors and different accents just be developed. There is so much variety with Rolex watches you spoiled for choice. Have a clock for every profession and every fantasy. These watches come in wide range of colors such as pink, blue, green, gold, white gold, stainless steel, etc. No wonder these watches look on your wrist very elegant and stylish. You can learn more by going online and check out the whole range of Swiss made Rolex watches. While what Swiss Rolex watches out are formed, is its rates. These clocks don’t come cheap. One must have very large sums of money out to own a peel Rolex wat
Updated How To Get A Morph
How to get a Professional Quality morph? Rate 250,11's during Happy Hour or 500,10's.Cherry Bomb a high capacity folder.Doing this usually will get 1-3 morphs. Cherry Bomb or Boomy Bling 5-10.Family add where Boomy's are unleashed atleast 3 x's a week.1-3 weekly.Last Option 1 million Fubucks,an there non refundable,if I choose to refuse doing the morph the fubucks are mine to keep just for lack of cooperation or disrespect.
Emo Blogging Tips
A tumour (or tumor) is what you get from cancer. A tuber is a potato. I may care about the former, if I don't think you're full of shit because your apparent diagnosis and symptoms (reported and demonstrated, or not) are at odds with everything currently known about any form of cancer. I will definitely not care about the latter.   If you need attention, or solace, or comfort...don't use the pain of others to get it - be honest, you don't want me to keep your neighbour's hairdresser's aunt's dog Trixie who has arthritis of the left paw in my thoughts, you want me to tell you I (h) you. I probably won't, but you have a better chance.   Your 'poetry' (yes it gets inverted commas) is not the work of a tortured artist whose genius is just ahead of its time. It is more reminiscent of a 13yo who's suffered their first papercut. Yes, you are soooooooo alone. Deal with it. Yes, nobody understands you. Deal with it. Yes he treated you like JASSOTI, maybe that's because you are. Deal with th
True Life
I came home from work about a quarter to 3pm. I ran upstairs so excited to tell you about my day. Then, I saw the door. It was closed, but I knew what was going on. So, I knocked. "Let me mute the tv", I heared. I waited. Then a reply of "what do you want"? " I just wanted to let you know I'm home from work......hey did you ever get the dining room table or the christmas tree"? She simple replied back "yeah, they're both in the garage". The last words I heared from my Mom. 45 minutes later I hear my father calling my name. So, naturally I went to see what was up. I was only down the hall. First words I hear out of his mouth is "I can't wake your mother up". "What the fuck you mean you can't wake her up", I replied. I look in the bedroom and I don't see her anywhere. I run around the corner and she's laying on the bathroom floor. I just panic. I run over to her and see she's not moving or breathing. She's laying there lifeless with purple & blue as her skin tone. I had no
Staying Silent
"I'm cold" "I'm tired". "You should be used to this by now" My mom replied with a tone dripping with aggravation, to my brother and sister's "Complaining". I stayed quiet for a few reasons. One, I was old enough for her not to think twice about hitting me. Two, I'm the oldest, and I have to stay strong and set a good example for the kids. and third, because I WAS used to this.   We were homeless for years. Everyday was about the same, with a few different shitty situations everyday, I'd like to think that was "gods" way of making sure we never got bored. We'd wake up wherever we passed out, Go searching for a way for my mom to get high, Wait while she got high, then walk around town for awhile, try to keep up with my mom as she ran from (Imaginary) Cops, go to the soup kitchen for lunch, take the bus somewhere for a few hours to keep busy, search for a way for my mom to get high, wait while she got high, then walk around town just as the sun was
A Bridesmaid Is Acknowledged As A Outstanding Honor
Getting inquired to become a bridesmaid is acknowledged as a outstanding honor but a bridesmaid dress, Dressok that will most in all probability only be put on once, could be pricey when you don't know tips on how to locate outstanding deals. There are various methods to preserve on bridesmaid wedding dresses , and also this write-up will provide you with ideas regarding how to store wise and get bridesmaid outfits below $100. Sometimes the bride's family members shoulders the price within the dresses, Cheap Couture Wedding Dresses but in most instances the bridesmaid pays for her personal dress. when the bride pays for your dresses, she can preserve income by obtaining a seamstress to produce the outfits for your complete entourage.Cheap Simple Wedding Dresses She could also opt to obtain the outfits in the similar shop in which she will get her wedding party dress, for the reason that bridal stores normally provide discounts for wholesale purchases. In situation the bridesmaids mus
    Today's question....   If you had to give up one of your 5 senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste), which would you give up and Why? How do you think it would affect your life?         As with all other questions.. please stay on subject and IF YOU CANT BE HONEST - DONT COMMENT.   Please check out the other questions of the day.   Please Rate This Blog
Life In A Homeless Shelter
About 4 years back I was living in a homeless shelter, some say it's the worst place you can be! I have to agree to that but at the same time you learn alot about who you are while you are there..I learned a great deal about me and well weather anyone reads this or not I know I was able to talk about it and feel better about myself. I was there for 6 months no friends no family in a state where I was all to new to. Every day we had chores to do which was ok it helped them out. Every morning we had different classes we went to, but the one that I enjoyed the most was one that was done by a man named Jerry. There was many things we talked about one that stayed with me the most was that though with a life of pain he helped me to see that the pain that was inflicted on me was never my fault..NO ONE ever asked for some pain to be put on them..The one thing he helped me see was I needed to forgive myself cause all my life I had blamed myself for that pain when in all it was not to forgive th
Bang Pow Boom By Icp
Lyrics to Bang! Pow! Boom! : Ladies and gentlemen, you've all come a long way to be here tonight, and we say welcome. Welcome to the Dark Carnival's very extraordinarily special presentation. You have been personally selected to witness this once-in-a-lifetime, breathtaking, bomb-ass event. Live, and in person! Right here! Right now! Without further ado, please welcome the dynamic and explosive Dark Carnival superstar attraction himself! This is BANG! POW! BOOM! With a Bang! (BANG!) Say goodbye to everything! Your complete annihilation is the reason he came! And a Pow! (POW!) He's wiping everything out! Turn your whole fucking world into a mushroom cloud! And a Boom! (BOOM!) It's your inevitable doom! Nobody escapes, and everybody's consumed! Welcome to the Dark Carnival supershow You're our specially invited guests, and I'll tell you what fo' Cuz you're the evilest pedophiles, rapists and abusers All together we've got fifty thousand of you losers You're all about to witness an incr
It's Cool
It's cool the way i am.  Why ask. Because i am the way i am.
You Are In Love With Her
If after seeing her; You smell the fragrance, Of the absent flower; You feel the pleasant excitement, Causing a little shiver; You like to forget to blink, And only continue seeing her; You think that everything in the world, You can conquer. If while talking with her; You feel that days are too short, And clocks tick too early; You take her pretending anguish, Most seriously; You enjoy the vibrations of her lips, And glimpses of her teeth; You imagine that you two are up in the sky, And the whole world beneath. If after bidding farewell to her; You want to think about the dresses, She had so beautifully put on; You repent for not observing her minutely, During her association; You feel that your words to her, Could be put in much a better way; You decide to make her happier, During the meeting next day. If while missing her; You do not like to talk to anybody, But only to think about her; You avoid the familiar faces, And sit in a quiet corner; You imagine that she is next to
The Lack Of Manners
Everyday I witness how society is falling apart, a failing economy, a ridiculous educatonal system, America's decline. And none of those examples affects us all as the general lack of manners in todays society. Honestly, when was the last time you saw a man open the door for a lady, or, doff his cap when entering a building> How many even know that to walk down an avenue with a lady, that the man walk next to the street? What about a hello or other greeting when econtering someone on the street? If you only greeted 1 person a day, and they in turn, soon we wouldn't be strangers, and would probably end up freiends, or at the very least aware of the other, less suspicion, less antagonism, less violence?
The Majikal One's Survey
1. Ever been compelled to fill out an asinine survey? who hasn't? 2. Ever tear the tag off of a mattress depsite risk of fine and/or imprisonment? lol not in the store, but THE moment I get home hellll yes 3. Ever used an aeresol can other than directed (bonus cool points for as a flamethrower to kill a spider) I entombed a spider in Aquanet :D 4. Ever put in excess of 5 pringles in your mouth at once?  nope 5. Ever been driving and kinda flinch because you dont remember part of the ride? Nope, I don't drive after I drink...but it has happened as a passenger 6. Ever sneezed in your hand, and then were immediately confronted by someone that wanted to shake? yes...  7. What diversion did you create to get them to shake the other hand? Told em I had just sneezed lol  8. Ever been so drunk you ate all the individual components of a sandwich, but never actually made a sandwich? (ie-peice of bread, piece of meat, piece of cheese, squirt mustard in mouth)  I've been that drunk 9. Not
BAH!! i want a fucking magic wand to fix everything. :( a little bit of New infomation about Grants dissapearance (see last blog please) has narrowed the search area. BUt. still nothing. A fresh search team went out to day and for his familys sake i just hope this is brought to a close asap. I can't imagine what his wife and daughter must be going through. Be kind to people, especially your loved seriously never know when they may be taken from you.
Sexy Portrait Contest ~ Info
  As a graphic artist, I've always appreciated the beauty and sexiness of a woman, and have tried to capture that in my artwork...   What I would like to do is come up with a contest that would allow friends & family to enter a sexy pic (nsfw allowed) for a chance to have it done by me in an original piece of art -- actual, hand-drawn artwork, not photo-manipulation! My portraits have gone for up to $100, but I haven't done any in a lil while, so I'd like to do some now.   What I would like to request is this, as far as pics: a decent sized pic w/ clear definition (video cams don't really make pics I can work from) color or b/w, doesn't matter a pic you would like drawn, not just some random pic... did i mention sexy? topless/revealing welcome & the art will be respectful   I may decide to go with both a (nsfw) and "clean" winner, should there be enough entries -- I may even do top 2 of each! I will also be awarding a bling pack (25 creds) to the Top 5, and possibly more
A List Of 28 Things That Will Make You Think That There Is Something Seriously Wrong With This Country (repost)
What in the world is happening to America?  Perhaps you have asked yourself that question from time to time.  Today it seems like everything is falling apart.  Our economy is crumbling, our politicians are incompetent, we have just gotten involved in another war, corruption is everywhere and the Americans people are so addicted to entertainment that hardly anything can wake them from their stupor.  It is enough to make you think that there is just not much hope for America.  But the truth is that we should never give up.  It is when the times are darkest that the greatest heroes arise.  We truly do live in challenging times, but that just means that there are great victories to be won and great stories to be written.  There may be a whole lot of things that are very wrong with America right now, but that doesn't mean that the game is over quite yet. Unfortunately, right now most Americans are completely asleep.  Just like during the declining years of the Roman Empire, m
Extensive Sleeves Bend Halloween Parties Cosplay Institution Clothing
Every admirer connected with anime persona will definitely want to clothes way up within cosplay costumes. Vocaloid cosplay costumes might be the most suited approach to screening your imagination, area towards the smoothness collectively which has a lively procedure for lightening an event. Any cosplay outfit will not be comprehensive without the need of each one of the add-ons built by it. Perhaps after the cosplay outfits is rather very carefully picked, preservation in your mind, cosplay school uniforms the actual actual physical built, appearance, particular person figure and many others, it can be complete only if each one of the add-ons including shoes or boots, dragon soccer ball z trunksproper hair pieces plus guns are usually determined cautiously.Cosplay wig a necessary consider gratifying this kind of. There are actually reasonably a handful of on the internet merchants in addition to list stores that will marketplace cosplay hair pieces. Dependant on the cost, you will fin
After a few weeks of levelling, I finally levelled yesterday.  Now that THAT'S happened, I don't have the urgency to  even remotely attempt to start to level.  I'll still be on here, but not at the pace I was going at these last couple weeks.  I'm sure though, I'll get a wild hair up my ass and really start getting points, but for now I'm mentally beat lol
3's A Crowd
Dear Ninja, Is it really O.K. If it happens in a 3 way? I always thought a 3 way was 2 girls and 1 guy no matter what. I mean technically 1 girl and 2+ guys is a gang bang right? These modern sex practices have me so confused especially when I myself get do not get any practice! ~ Confused Dear Confused. A 3-some is just that. 3 people engaged in a sex act. 2 girls 1 guy is usually the preference of most men. It can indeed be 2 men, and it's not gay if there is no penetration man to man. Although, I do think 2 peens in the same hole would be in that gray area of just might be a little too awkward if anyone else heard about it. So just keep your swords separate. A gangbang is 3 or more guys and 1 girl, or 3 or more girls and 1 guy. Option #2 would be a lot more fun for the guy. Something seems a little strange to me about how a guy could just sit there holding his peen waiting for his turn to get a little of the sloppy seconds, or thirds, or fourths. I guess the people who are i
House Of Cards - 107
I have no heart of stone yet I write songs of being alone my melody can never exist unless its you I have kissed as I walk down the halls a voice to me it calls the queen can be tough why does life seem so tough the king is a true demon he lacks important reason has a chip on his shoulder with truth he could be bolder in this house of cards I have my place I'm a deuce but I dream of an ace 
Let' Start Somethin'
Let me get that. Let me drag that. kick back, stack that. I'ma drop this dark track, Bring it back, oldschool for you damn fools... Hell Yeah!! We steady white boy mobbin'. you laugh but what you droppin'. I'm never stoppin'. This life of mine hasnt been great, but im straight. smokin a cigerette on a fucking milk crate. Goin to work, I'm never late. I go hard in the paint. Let's rock baby, My beats are heavy, and B Ran's guitars will break the levee. Cruisin in a Chevy, listening to deadsy! Let's start someting to make everyone run. Call Gun Ganun, and tell him to bring the shotgun. Have some fun, and before we're done, We might lt you run... World's spinnin' round. No need to go down. On top of my game, can you hear the sounds? So i'm gonna bring the beat back, and let the money stack. so kick back, and relax.
Mexican Army Prepares To Destroy 300 Acres Of Pot (repost)
by ANGELA KOCHERGA WFAA Posted on July 16, 2011 at 10:14 PM BAJA CALIFORNIA, Mexico — Soldiers in Mexico are preparing to set fire to the largest marijuana plantation ever discovered in that country. It stretches across 300 acres, and soldiers say they will need about two weeks to destroy the fields. Authorities say at least 100 farm workers tended the massive plantation, which is the size of about 225 football fields. The pot plants are valued at $160 million, and marijuana is the biggest illegal cash crop for drug cartels in Mexico. "It's estimated that 95 percent of marijuana that comes into the U.S. comes in through the Mexico and Central America corridor," said Diana Apodaca of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration in El Paso. Marijuana busts on the border are down slightly from this time last year. "We're looking for drugs, but the amount of pot seized in San Diego has more than tripled, and there's a spike in Texas in the Rio Grande Valley," Apodaca
Just Letting You Guys Know
I just wanted to clear up what my intentions here in this blog are.   I'm getting some negative comments from people about my blog.   first of all,I can't spell and as lazy as it sounds, I might not spell everything correctly all the time but I honestly don't care. The more I write my blogs the better my writting will be so just chill out and let a nerd talk.I don't normally type out my feelings I'm used to the good old paper and pen so just give me some time to get better at this online bloggng thing. second of all yes sometimes I copy and paste is the thing I dont claim it to me me who wrote it and said it im just blogging about stuff thats on my mind,things people said,clips i get from the news..i always say and this came from and then paste it..if someone has already said something and its just as good or better than how you would explain it you should prob just leave it alone. Everything I put in " " is from someone else okay? there is nothing wrong with using s
The Advantage Women Have Over Men On This Site
You know I have been on this site for a while and have seen and noticed a great many things.  There is one thing that I have realized though that sticks out the most. I have realized that in my time here, I am only going to level so far.  I will reach a point at which I will no longer be able to level because I am not willing to pay actual money on this site.  Now to get to the title of this blog...........OK before that, I am sorry if this offends, upsets, pisses off, or angers anybody that reads this, if it does, that means its probably true about you :).  Anyway, the advantage women have on this site over men is that most women don't have to spend money on this site.  I see every day all over this site status messages that say family access for a 12 credit bling pack, or something similiar.  Now we are all intelligent individuals here, and lets see, well we all know whats in family albums (nudity), and we all know that credits have to be bought with real money.  Now lets put these
I slid my finger a crossed it! and OMG it stood there begging me to rub it, I almost came in my jeans this was sooo exciting! I had just one chance left, so I took it and BAM! It exploded with intense brilliance.. .I polished my first FuPony! Aug 8th 2011 NauttiKitten
A Story For A Friend Who Has A Bday Coming Up......
     WARNING: THIS IS A FANTASY EROTIC ABOUT 2 ADULTS ROLE PLAYING,I DO NOT CONDONE NOR PROMOTE CHILD ABUSE IN ANY FORM!                    Happy Birthday Daddy Today is my Daddy’s birthday and as his naughty little gurl, I want to make it a very special birthday. So I start the day out by buying him a cake, decorating the house and picking out a sexy outfit to wear for Daddy. I take a long soak in the tub and make sure my body is all pretty for Daddy. He loves it when I’m all shaved and smelling good, so I pay close attention to doing just that. After my bath, I go to get dressed; I picked a very short skirt, no panties, thigh high stockings, lacy bra, a half t-shirt that exposes my belly and the really high heels Daddy bought me so I would look more grown up for Him. He says even though I am his naughty little gurl, I should always dress like a young lady for him, a sexy young lady at that! I get all giggly when Daddy talks to me like that and it makes me so hot for D

When someone fucks up                   Let it go.     If they keep fucking up
Music I Have Wrote
Push By: Jeremy French   Little girl, don' t stop your ways that your momma told you would catch up with you one day. Keep pushing through the dust that she put on you. You'll find your way. Push the dark aside, let yourself shine. Another beam of light will strech across your face. Hold on tight so you don't get crush, little girl, don't stop, push. Push yourself so they see you. Push away from all their abuse. Push to the center of the truth. Push your way through. Push your way to find me, when your day has become gray. Push yourself to find tomarrow, as you push yourself each morning just to stay awake. Just push alittle more, when you feel your out of strength. Keep pushing forward, everytime they say you can't. Keep yourself moving forward as they try to build you walls. Keep yourself pushing for you will never fall. Little girl don't let them force you into a rush. Little girl, I understand you more when you push. Push yourself above them, all that is fake. Push yourself aside
Im Just Me
seriously I am so tierd of people trying to change me to who they remember... im tierd of being who i was... i know who i want to become. and i still have an old part of me with me to remind me i dont want to be that no more....people change and i think im changing for the best. My so called best friend cant seem to accept me for who i am right now... sure im a backet case, but after all the shit i been put threw of corse im not who i was... after all thats said and done ill be fine and ill be better then ever and if she cant deal with it then i know she wont be there in the end, it makes me sad but at the same time it is what it is. All i know is my soulmate will be there, and that is what matters to me.... and ill be there for him always and forever... i love you RICK and i want to say thank you for everything that you do and everything we go threw.. without you... id be no one.. i love you daddies... kitty
Lyrics To Rolling In The Deep
There’s a fire starting in my heartReaching a fever pitch, it’s bringing me out the darkFinally I can see you crystal clearGo head and sell me out and I'll lay your shit bareSee how I leave with every piece of youDon’t underestimate the things that I will doThere’s a fire starting in my heartReaching a fever pitchAnd its bring me out the darkThe scars of your love remind me of usThey keep me thinking that we almost had it allThe scars of your love they leave me breathlessI can’t help feelingWe could have had it allRolling in the deepYou had my heart inside of your handAnd you played itTo the beatBaby I have no story to be toldBut I’ve heard one of youAnd I’m gonna make your head burnThink of me in the depths of your despairMaking a home down thereIt Reminds you of the home we sharedThe scars of your love remind me of usThey keep me thinking that we almost had it allThe scars of your love they leave me breathlessI can’t help feelingWe coul
French Budget Targets High Earners
BIG COMPANIES and the rich will bear the burden of new revenue-raising measures in a highly political budget approved yesterday by French president Nicolas Sarkozy. Just nine months away from a presidential election, France’s high earners will face higher taxes as the government seeks some €12 billion in extra revenue by the end of next year to help bring public finances under control. Unveiling new austerity measures, launched after the country’s growth stuttered to a halt in the second quarter, French prime minister Fran?ois Fillon said: burberry outlet cheap “We have passed the threshold of tolerance on debt.” Though he also scaled back forecasts for growth from 2 per cent this year and 2.25 per cent in 2012 to 1.75 per cent in each of these years, Mr Fillon said the new measures would ensure France could meet its promise to cut its budget deficit from 5.7 per cent of gross domestic product to a marginally better-than-expected 4.5 per cent next year and
Love Is Patient.....
  "Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. 1 Corinthians 13:4"
Fashion Trendy Ugg Shoes
Railcar ugg sale is trumped-up in so countless options ranging from significantly more rewarding child to substance plus the ensign and combinations are private ugg boots outlet unspeakable. In subject, a chick can aspiration from the nastiest, probably the most astounding effect and be whiz to produce out the design inside a short traveler reward. Also suede hid and breathtaking design to some produce can acquire all from the becoming utilised to produce a UGG Classic Tall boots squeeze. Some Brainwash vagrant purses also a mixed header of supplies put on in them. being an picture tack or likely a cervid might use a strip of child or ugg boots australia overseas pockets. Traveler plastic bags is often put on over a direct or irascible human body or their hobo bags, private coach internet which have two units of handles. it is effortless to useless the glenohumeral joint belt and own the flurry by fairing. Erst you could have a legitimate Railcar winnings, specific if it is actually ob
So....this Is The Deal....
My mom's BF is a jerk. And she seems to think that ALL the good guys are gone!!! I tell her "not so mom" so, im trying to prove it. Im posting a pic of her to my page and im welcoming all the "GOOD guys" from KC to fight for her affection!! Now that ive made my point vey LOVELY mother is 5'2" average build (no woman EVER tells her weight) ;) brown hair and eyes, great SMILE ;D and has a plentyful D cup. posting a pic. Oh yeah...shes 44, so for all you 50yr olds trying to talk to to my mom instead :) REMEMBER: You MUST be a good guy. She already has a loser, she DOESNT need 2!!   Thanks, Amanda ;)
Leafs Lock Up Schenn: Five Years, $18.5 Million
Somewhere at Leafs camp Friday, out of sight of the media,sacs louis vuitton Luke Schenn probably allowed himself to crack a little smile. At 21 and after three seasons with the Leafs, the big D-man signed his first big-time NHL contract, a five-year deal worth $18.5 million U.S. By all accounts, the term and dollars are well deserved. The contract takes Schenn, who recorded a career-high 22 points last season, into the prime of his career. At that point, Schenn could cash in even more. “What you see if a classic, hard-nosed shutdown Canadian defenceman,” Leafs GM Brian Burke said in announcing the deal. “(NHL GMs) all dream about taking players like that.” Burke said negotiations got serious the last two or three weeks, and that two-, three- and five-year deals were considered — four would have taken him to his arbitration year. Several young players — Winnipeg’s Zach Bogosian, Boston’s Brad Marchand and John Tavares of the New York
Words To Make You Go Hmmm
Thoughts On Tyler The Creator And Ofwgkta. Talk To Me People
I have friends that love them, firends that can't stand them, and friends that think they are crazy.  I wanna hear what your thoughts on them are.  Personally I just think they are kids with a don't give a F*#k attitude that just so happens to rebel against not only society itself but religion as well.  You can't deny the talent is there, but message is really twisted and is coming from a really dark place.  One might argue that Eminem came out in that same direction and look at where he's at.....this is true, you just don't exect to hear it coming from a bunch of teenagers.  I just want to hear other peoples' views and take on it. 
Have Puzzle-free Relocation Services By Experts
People get shift from one place to another due to studies, job and many more reasons. But no need to get worried about the task that how to finish them as there are professional moving companies are available near by your locality. The quite experienced professionals handle all the tough works in an appropriate manner. These workers handle the task flawlessly so that they can maintain the good relationship with their customers and company. These packing and moving companies never irritate their customer they always listen to their demands and accordingly they complete the whole work. These workers handle numbers of services in which they give excel result to their customers. These workers work according in a planned process by which they never skip any of the important tasks as they know that they may get difficulty in later processes. So they handle the things one by one and achieve their target in the desired time limit. Packers movers Hyderabad based companies help their workers ve
Look For Me On Itunes Just Look For Big Hitz
Born John Webb, John Silas Wilson A.K.A. “BIG HITZ” was born in Chicago Illinois along with eight siblings. Problems in the household ended or so it would seem with his mother losing the rights to all nine of her children. “BIG HITZ” then lived in foster homes, orphanages, and group homes for about five years before a family he was staying with took him in. “BIG HITZ”, 13 at the time was happy but his new family loved government money more than they loved him and when it came to his music “Hip Hop-Rap”, the family that took him in didn’t want him listening to “Hip Hop-Rap” or writing it. But “BIG HITZ” had his first taste of “Hip Hop-Rap” by listening to a rap group called Bone Thugs N Harmony and later, another rapper named Nas. “Big Hitz” had been writing since the early age of 13, and by the time he was 14 years old, he took his first step into a studio to do his first s
Every Guy Needs To Know About These...
You can't tell me thats not fucking awesome.
Paired Info Different Types Of Canada Goose Girls Kensington Parka Articles
   Older women may examine hooded sweatshirts as being a essential item of garments in their own outfit they also also can use one that departing sprinting otherwise participating in football. You can use your own personal hoodie with the sweatshirt nor who has a coat, shopping ingenious coupled with a smaller amount main interpersonalCanada goose cases.A majority of these bits of outfit will show up very well even though combined with heaps of different Canada Goose Females Kensington Parka articles and reviews advertisement they are usually relatively successful in cases where the rainy winter happens to come and even the times you don't relish to locate solar-generated lost. Though if you need, they can't head to completely who has proper purpose however you are an ideal liquid in order for the nice wines. They could be especially your own personal holiday vacation cost in a range of things and that's why an absolute hoodie really not often known off an indivdual's clo
Dear Mom And Dad
Dear Mom and Dad, Look me up and see, what I've become. Despite what I've been through, where I come from. You hand delivered me, through Hell's gate. Signing those papers, sealing my fate. You slept warm and cozy, wrapped up in your bed. Not once did I, run through your head. Every Time I heard, that door creek. I knew what was coming, I didn't dare speak. I laid there shedding, my blood tears. As my cries, fell upon def ears. Innocence shattered, taken from me. I knew this wasn't the way, life should be. In my youth, I was older than my years. Fighting, struggling, facing my fears. I had to find a way, to come alive. And I did, the day, that little girl died. In her place stands a grown woman. I have found my voice. Life didn't really, give me a choice. I am strong, yet I am also weak. I hold my head up high, choosing to speak. But not to you Mom and Dad, you're not worth my words. They go out to the voices, that are never heard. The victi
Love This
Format by XxprettixX ----------------          ♥It's pointless being a
Stand By Me
The Game Winner
TOKYO -- Look out Ichiro Suzuki and Daisuke Matsuzaka. Premier Joe Flacco Jersey . A pair of baseball-playing robots that can pitch and hit with incredible results have been developed in Japan. The pitching robot, with its three-fingered hand, can throw 90 per cent of its pitches in the strike zone, wont need any relief from the bullpen and never asks for a pay raise. The batting robot, which has a sensor to determine if pitches are strikes or balls, hits balls in the strike zone almost 100 per cent of the time, doesnt swing at pitches outside the strike zone, and is guaranteed to pass all drug tests. The two robots were created by University of Tokyo professor Masatoshi Ishikawa. "The demand level of the robotics technology of each robot is very high," Ishikawa said. "What was difficult was to create a mechanism to satisfy such a high level of demand." The pitching robot throws a plastic foam ball at 25 miles per hour, but Ishikawa is hoping to increase the speed to 93 m.p.h. and make
Single Point
PARIS - Two-time Grand Slam champion Mary Pierce isnt ready to hang up her racket just yet. New England Patriots Tom Brady Jersey . Despite being sidelined by a knee injury since 2006, the Frenchwoman told sports daily LEquipe that shed like to play again at the French Open. "I care about Roland Garros. If I could stand in centre court for one match, that would already be a big victory," she said. Pierce, who turns 34 next month, won the French Open in 2000 and the Australian Open in 1995. She ruptured a ligament in her left knee in October 2006 in Linz, Austria, in a match against Vera Zvonareva. She hasnt competed professionally since. "I dont feel its the right moment (to announce my retirement)," she told LEquipe, adding that her left leg is weak but tests indicate her knee has recovered. Ryan Grant Jersey . Vanek, however, didnt rule himself out of the series tied at a game apiece. Buffalos top goal scorer was injured after he was hooked and slashed by Bostons Johnny Boychuk durin
The Second
. The main opposition Democratic Party has outstripped Asos long-ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) in opinion polls ahead of the closely watched election for the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, mirroring its lead for the upcoming national election. Victor Cruz JerseyToronto, ON - Looking for the perfect gift for mom?  Nothing says “Happy Mothers Day!” like a massive lineup of five highly-anticipated hockey match-ups, as TSN and TSN2 deliver live action from the IIHF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, 2009 STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS and 2009 RBC CUP on Sunday, May 10. Clay Matthews Jersey . Games are available on-demand at (See complete hockey broadcast schedule below.)  Coverage begins at 10 a.m. ET with the Bronze and Gold medal games at the IIHF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP from Berne, Switzerland. Both games feature TSNs Dave Randorf and Dave Reid calling the action from the broadcast booth, with Rod Black hosting from the TSN Studios alongside Hockey Insider Darren Dreger and guest analyst T
Baby I Love Your Way
Something New
Dark Desires the darkness in my life has been cast aside by an even darker light, this twisted, delightful, beauty that makes the darkness shine, to hold her would be so sweet, but to touch her a sin, to taste he lips would be pleasure, yet the agony begins, I fear the distance that keeps up apart,is not far enough, to keep me from falling into the darkest of loves, though she is perfect in anyway you can imagine, she is not free so our journey cannot begin, My dark desire haunts my dream each night and each morning becomes a shimmering light, leaves me breathless when I speak her name, and in my heart will always remain, a desire I must complete, for I shall never accept defeat.
Day 186
Well, I've swapped my affections to another. This one, T, by initial, is feisty and smack talking...and i actually see her on a semi-daily basis...we're coworkers. She smokes, has some OCD, and just totally cute...makes me want to cuddle her, though if I tried, she'd either try shanking me, biting me, or do her utmost to take my balls off...if not any combination of the three. but what the hell, i want to date her. she just...idk i want to date her, not just to screw her.
Advantageous Store
Buying Generic Medicines online is more profitable to customers, than purchasing offline. This service offers access to consumers across world to get benefited. Generic drugs like others are also goes through the tests and prove itself as safe and quality medicine for illnesses. Online stores offer medicines for issues like men’s health women’s health, skin care problems etc. Pills are categorized as Men’s Health pills, Women’s Health Pills, Skin care pills, Antibiotic pills, Anti depressants pills, Heart & Cholesterol pills, Sleep Aid pills, Hair loss pills, Heart & Cholesterol Pills, Anxiety Pills, Pain relief Pills, and all natural pills. Online stores offer economical generic medicines rather than offline stores. And moreover they sell a segment of medicines which don’t need doctor’s prescriptions. Drugs manufactured for men’s health or specifically for recovering from impotency. Generic alternatives are much econ
First Kiss
The stars sparkle and glistenUpon the black velvet skyTo the sounds of nature they he sides his hand up her thighA cool crisp breeze slowly blowsUnseen embers begin to ignitePassion's fire continues to growEnhanced by the energies of the nightThe pond reflecting the light of the moonHe eases into her while his lips softly tease hersThe night echoing the sound of the crickets tuneYet everything around the couple blursTwo hearts flutter and beat as one...Electricity grows filling the air...Caressed by the warmth of the rising sun...with the first kiss of dawn their souls they now share. ~RavenMoon
Thank You
I wasn't looking for you. I wasn't thinking about finding someone to love, someone to love me. I was looking for a friend, someone to kill time with, someone to laugh with, someone to argue with, someone to bounce ideas off of, someone to relate to, someone to help my rational mind grow... I found so much more. You became my lover, and my best friend. You became someone to spend time with, not kill it. You became someone cry with, not just laugh. You became someone to run to, not just relate to. You became someone who made my heart grow, not just my mind. I had forgotten how to love, rationalized away my emotions, attributed love, hate, pleasure, pain, fear, guilt, lust, passion... all to baser instincts which must be overcome. You taught me to love again, taught me that my baser instincts are necessary to life, happiness, joy. You taught me that feelings, even the bad and painful ones, are beautiful and should be embraced. You're gone now, but never forgotten. The gifts you have
The Placing Of The Blog
                                                     OOP'S                                                                                     FOR THE LAST FEW MORNINIGS I'VE BEEN WRITING                                                                                                     IN THE WRONG SPOT THINKING I WAS BLOGGING I GUESS                                                                                          AS WE SAY IN CALI,I WAS HAVING A BLONDE MOMENT,FIRST                                                                                    ALLOW ME TO SAY NO DISRESPECT TO ALL THE BEAUTIFUL AND,                                                                             INTELLIGENT BLONDE'S OUT THERE, BUT HIM NEEDS YOUR HELP TO                                                                     BECOME,A BAD MOTHERFUCKER, OR WHAT EVER COMES NEXT LEVEL IS                                                                  BUT I CAN'T DO IT WITHOUT YOUR HELP SO PLEASE, RATE M
This pain does not seem to go away I feel it each and every day I don't want us to end this way What can I say to make you stay?    
Shampoo Will Hurt The Hair?shampoo On The Hair Without Damage To Decrypt
Shampoo is in our daily life must hair means, and the hair washing frequency but has always been a controversial topic, then wash will hurt the hair? Especially frequent shampooing people, for the high frequency of shampoo will hurt the hair,ghd australia this problem is also quite close attention. In order to be able to help us better to protect the hair healthy, below, good hair net for everybody to analyse shampoo on the hair damage, and their ability to adapt to the hair shampoo, we hope to help. We know, normal people per square cm scalp tissue distribution of 144 - 192 sebaceous glands, the sebaceous glands every day in the continuous secretion of oils and fats.After washing hair, after 4 hours, the fat will back covered with hair, make hair appear natural luster and elasticity. The shampoo will hurt the hair do this problem, whether is it right? Shampoo every day, as long as the correct use of the method, not only will not damage the hair, can stimulate the sebaceou
Batterie Exovolt Plus Portable Qui Peut être "empilées"
Si vous faites une utilisation particulièrement intense de vos appareils mobiles, vous êtes probablement conscient de la limitation imposée par la batterie lg ku990i . Qui peut échapper à certains jours, tout et tout le monde "moins" de ses smartphones et les tablettes doivent trouver un moyen de garder ces appareils en fuite après une prise de courant. Exogear peuple, connu pour avoir développé des accessoires pour les appareils Apple, a présenté sa plus Exovolt, une batterie qui peuvent être empilés dans des modules spéciaux pour augmenter leur capacité à se recharger. Facebook a récemment observé dans une conversation sur la vie de la batterie sur certains smartphones. Chacun des participants a parlé de son expérience, et au-delà des différences entre les modèles, le message sous-jacent est le même: ". Pas assez" A été jusqu'à présent la semaine de la batterie de ces téléphones de base au début du siècle. Il est clair que c'est un cercle vicieux: Avec l'utilisation croi
Family Update
Hello my dear, wonderful family :) And anyone else reading this lol I have noticed within my family there is an actual significanta mount that aren't really running famps so much anymore. A few of you have gotten in touch with me and let me know why or letting me know you can't. SO thank you for that. There are also quite a few I have in my family that have never and don't ever run stuff but you're my friend and I haven't gotten 100% into the game yet. And then there are just some that are sitting there banking off rates, or at least it looks that way. So here's the deal. I usually leave people in my family for at least a month of no running famps before I will boot them. There are quite a few people in that boat. So here's my forwarning; I have people who ARE runing stuff that are hitting me up. If we had a PERM fam trade, I will continue to keep you in until I need to make room. Those of you that I DO NOT have one with, don't be surprised if I boot you. And since you're not really
Wake Me Up
Wake me up when you make up your mind .... my love summer comes and pass winter begins.. I may not last                                                                                                                                                                                        bY Christine .... 10/4/2012
Oh Grow Up
Manners are never over rated or under appreciate, and I don’t care what age you are (unless we are talking little little children) when you’re out in public its common sense and courteous to use them.  I like to think I’m not elitist or a snob and a minor indiscretion is no big deal and can usually be chalked up to nervousness or ignorance, if someone is just outright rude I will proceed to look down my nose at them even if they are way older than me and that is what this shop-girls rant is about.   Now I make sure to smile and greet everyone cheerfully when they come into the boutique.  It’s what my job asks of me, not matter if I am tired or grumpy or sore or any other number of things it is what I do. After greeting I offer assistance and if none is wanted I go away.  Now as a costumer you can choose to either acknowledge or ignore me neither choice bothers me because I am just reading off script pretty much at this point.  Now if someone needs help or just
I Carry Your Heart ~by E.e. Cummings
This is one of my favorite poems by E. E. Cummings and I'm posting it with my wisdom in mind...i carry your heart with meby e. e. cummingsi carry your heart with me (i carry it inmy heart) i am never without it (anywherei go you go, my dear; and whatever is doneby only me is your doing, my darling) i fearno fate (for you are my fate, my sweet) i wantno world (for beautiful you are my world, my true)and it's you are whatever a moon has always meantand whatever a sun will always sing is youhere is the deepest secret nobody knows(here is the root of the root and the bud of the budand the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which growshigher than soul can hope or mind can hide)and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars aparti carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)
Escort Girls Paris Not Just Sex Workers
Usually to common people, an escort girl is compared to a call girl. For them, there is no difference between a call girl, sex worker and an escort girl. That is how escort girls are highly misinterpreted. It is true that some escort agencies provide escort girls for sex services, but not all escort girls are sex workers. Escort girls are usually hired by rich people to accompany them in parties, holidays, movies, business trips or any kind of recreational acts. These escort girls are usually provided by escort agencies who charge fees, which is completely negotiable. The escort agencies usually charge for services other than sex since laws do not permit to take any kind of fees for prostitution, but people hiring escort girls usually pay to her separately for her sexual services. But in some countries, sex services provided by escort agencies or even in a brothel are permitted through licensing only. Sexual services are usually not the reasons why people hire escort girls. Sometimes,
What We Really Want?
There are many times that I wonder of things that I really want. Most of the time, I want this and on other times, I want this. It is hard to determine what I really want. But later on, I would realizze one thing; Are these things I wanted are really important? Sad to say, those things are not important.  I am really thankful to my teachers in the Tuition Free Bible College where I studied for how many times. 
A. M. T. H. (harvey Dent)
Tell me how can the worst day of you life not be the day you watched a tear fall down the face of the woman you love more than you can ever show? Though actions weigh more than words, feather like as you stand on that scale showing a ZERO. Dreamed of being that hero of the heart and soul but you're more Dent than Wayne, poisoned seed begin to grow. Now she regrets ever loving you, hugging you, kissing you, or even fantasizing about fucking you; just counting down the days until those last ounces of love finds its way out her door. Maybe it's better that during these dark distant days of weather where the sun never rises and the moon takes shelter, that the idea of staying in each others lives is tougher than the rubber that bounces you back in her arms until they close. Holding you tight standing on her toes you still look over her head towards the world around with its bright lights putting on a lustful show, letting go. Pushing you softly away off the bed, put on those clothes and tr
Wanna See A Dirty Video--of Me??
well==ok--not a dirty video--but a rare performance snippet of my 8/8/2006 rock show doing my 2004 song "Dogpark". here's the link---just push 'play video' love ya's
Anti Money Anti Hate...
haha yeah right anti money lol just the song i am listening to , gatta love the OLD marilyn manson stuff . for sure !! today was uneventful i went shopping and rode on a bus for an hour befroe my freind and i realized ,,, hey , we have been here before. i love having days off Lillith
Damn I Miss It
It was only alittle over 2 yrs ago I thought I was with the woman I would spend the rest of my life with. I was so in love with her it was scary. Well that's gone now, we both grew and just decided we weren't for each other anymore. So now I sit here and wonder will I be in love again. I meet someone about a yr ago I thought I fell in love with but it just wasn't ever really there. I keep meeting girls that I think are amazing but live way to far away. Not having much luck around where I live, I meet someone I like and either they are already with someone else or just end up not being my type. Well to all of you out there that have someone you love good for you and make sure you cherish it. Love is a beautiful thing. Chris
About Me
hey!!! this is who i am. i am a nice person. i am overly sarcastic at times. i am a restaurant manager. i love being in control of things there. i am chronically depressed. i really don't know why, but it is there. ummmm, i have a housefull of kids. i never finish cleaning or doing laundry, lol. i am always in a hurry. i cry a lot. i need a new car. i wish i was younger, skinnier, prettier, lol, ya know!!! oh- and richer, gotta be richer. i am always waiting for a child support payment that is supposedly in the mail. nust have gotten lost ---i'll send it out again when i get the check back----ya right. ok. hmmmm- i love lost cherry. i have met so many fun people here. i wanna be a toys r us kid!!!! lol- i think i need to step away from the drink! whoever reads this--- have a great night!!! luv you guys. you rock
Onion Booty
If you women like big dicks this one is for you & for the guys who like big plump asses this one is for you too. So enjoy
View And Submit Restaurant Reviews
allows website visitors to view and submit restaurant reviews
Im Really Fed Up
im so fucking tired of ppl thinking that just cuz someone looks good that they have no fucking heart. all they care about is whats showing on the outside my heart is the best part of who i am ya i may be pretty but so what even at 44 i look good but if ppl took the time to know me they would know im so much more then a good looking woman . and the true men i know are beautiful on the inside and they truly hate being labled as just a peice of meat when u find love yall look at the persons heart because when u see the heart of a person no matter how beautiful the outside is the tru heart wont let u down. dont judge by whats on the outside because sometimes its so ugly on the inside. why cant ppl just be happy for ppl in love why do they want to distroy happiness and rune it out of not haveing what someone else has i just dont get it. im not a lil gurl out playing lil gurl games im a woman who demands special care so if u arnt real dont even talk to me fake ppl wont last in my life, i lov
hi all my lovelies... i just wanted to take this opportunity to let y'all know that i may have to take some time on the weekends to send out comments. my new job has me getting home close to 7PM and by the time i give attention to my girls and my man, and eat and all that other crap, i don't get online until 'round 8PM and even then, i gotta pay my bills and check my emails. :( i hate that i gotta put LC on the backburner until the weekends, but i'ma try my best to get some comments out during the week. i just don't want y'all to think i have forgotten about y'all because THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE. i love all y'all!! so please don't delete me 'cos you haven't heard from me!! i have the greatest friends!
i wonder what it would be like?
A Memory
A Memory Current mood: depressed Category: Writing and Poetry I have a special memory, Of one very close at heart. Me and that precious memory, No one will ever part. I think of her so often, Someone I held so dear. A memory of a loved one, Whos been gone now for a year. Her image I see clearly, The smile upon her face. I never will forget her, No one can take her place. I watched her as she suffered, Then saw her getting weak. She'd smile and hold my hand, And I'd kiss her on the cheek. A loving aunt so dear to me, We laughed and we had fun. Until the day God whispered dear, Come be with your son. Written In Loving Memory Of A Special Aunt By Eileen (AKA Sweet) April 18th,2006
i did not think it was possible to miss someone this much. he has only been gone since tuesday, and it feels like a lifetime. to not be able to touch him when i want, get a hug, see him smile, hear him laugh. wake up and know he's right there. to not have his help with the house and the kids. it is so empty here with him gone. i can't stand it. for 3 years, we have not been apart. now this seems endless. i am filled with a loneliness i can't describe. i wish i could have held him a little longer, kissed him a little better, spent a little more time before he left. i feel so alone. 4 kids in the house, and i feel lost. next friday cannot come soon enough for me.
The power’s been cut. The lights are all off now. Nobody is coming back. The souls been shut down and the heart has is condemned. The mind has passed judgment that the pain it’s felt is too much to deal with anymore. The wrecking ball is on its way to tear down the structure for good. It’s no ones fault, but sometimes things need to be destroyed to better a situation. This is what happens when a bad element moves in. It lessens the value of other properties in the surrounding area. In time I’m sure that someone will try and rebuild on the site. It’s my job as Landlord to make sure no other tenants ever step foot in there again.
God dammit! NOONE EVER GIVES ME CREDIT FOR ANYTHING! They always think I cant do or wont! Always yelling at me calling me dumbass! And its everyone that does it. MY parents are getting better they are the most improved and my job they are also seeing that I can do things. But friends, my brother, other family members. They never give me credit or think I can do it and still treat me like im 10! Im fucking 18 yrs old! Will I ever get a break?
It kind of seems that if I have a boyfriend I'd have more fun.Cause you know,all the alone time and shit. But this isn't fun. This is boring and monotonous. Everytime we go somewhere,it's the same places. And everytime he acts so timid and afraid to be foward.Though I've told him that if he wants to do something, then I'll probably be game. But still. It's the same things over and over again.
by grant gigi adele there was something in her eyes, that made me feel i'd lived a thousand lives with her, there was something in her smile, that took my soul to a time, forgotten, there was a word she said, that brought an echo to my past, there was something in her touch, that sent me to a place where love began, there was this fire in her kiss, that lit a forgotten moment in my heart, this is how the tale began, eons of time, life after life, even death couldn't stop this love.
Do You Really Read??
i was wondering if all you beautiful ladies actually read all the comments we leave on your picts... i know you get bombarded with comments (and ratings)from the second you post a pict.... be honest now...
"we Are One"
Brown, Yellow, Red, Black, White, Democrat, Republican, Blind, Deaf, Rich, Poor, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Moslem, Free, Prisoner, Servant, Professional. It makes no difference. Because to our Creator we are all the same, as it should be to us. A wise man said: don't judge another unless you have walked in their shoes. We have the same Capacity for Love in us, We feel the same amount of Pain, We feel the same amount of Joy, We feel the same amount of disappointment, The same amount of understanding The same amount of Misunderstanding. How do we choose? do we Love another because they look and live as we think they should? Have you ever seen a Cat & Dog that Love and care for each other? but yet they look so different, they think so different, they are completely alien to each other! but yet they know it really makes no difference and each allows the other, to be different, Love Knows no difference. If You feel down

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