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John Webb Wilson's blog: "BIO"

created on 10/22/2011  |  http://fubar.com/bio/b344256

Born John Webb, John Silas Wilson A.K.A. “BIG HITZ” was born in Chicago Illinois along with eight siblings. Problems in the household ended or so it would seem with his mother losing the rights to all nine of her children. “BIG HITZ” then lived in foster homes, orphanages, and group homes for about five years before a family he was staying with took him in. “BIG HITZ”, 13 at the time was happy but his new family loved government money more than they loved him and when it came to his music “Hip Hop-Rap”, the family that took him in didn’t want him listening to “Hip Hop-Rap” or writing it. But “BIG HITZ” had his first taste of “Hip Hop-Rap” by listening to a rap group called Bone Thugs N Harmony and later, another rapper named Nas. “Big Hitz” had been writing since the early age of 13, and by the time he was 14 years old, he took his first step into a studio to do his first song called “ I represent”. Having a “Hard Knock Life” and hitting a rock bottom couldn’t stop “BIG HITZ” from writing and pursuing the American dream. Through writing and doing music, he found sanity in all of the madness that was going on in his life. At the age of 19, “BIG HITZ” moved in with a friend from High school and formed a group called “BASS & TREBLE” After successfully putting together a Record called “ THE BASS & TREBLE 7 HITZ ep. “BIG HITZ” had a huge sense of accomplishment but the Record went nowhere. After splitting with his friend and partner, “BIG HITZ” set out to build a strong solo career. After recording a solid demo and song catalog, “BIG HITZ” decided to move from Michigan to California.living in michigan brings you to present day. Written By Gisele S. Uwitonze

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