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Ok, Im Torn..
My ex hubby was a complete moron and was arrested for embezzlement. Complete shock, never been arrested before, we were a regular middle class family. My kids are torn up about it and my oldest (15) won't talk to his dad at all. Should I force the issue? Or let him be mad as hell and talk to him when he's ready?
Woot! Looky Looky! Muah
PebblesinAZ is BACK in Full Fu Effect! I can Blog, I can Bully and I can... HAVE A HAPPY HOUR! PebblesinAZ™@ fubar Friday, October 10th @ 8 am Fu Time! Be there to Rate for Bucks! Bling Me, Blast Me, Sp@nK Me, Spoil Me however you like! It's a long way to Oracle but I'm on my way! OH, and I have 500,000 Fubucks and a Family Add for the FU that sends me an Auto 11's Bling for My Happy Hour! Help me make this my best Happy Hour EVER! Thanks and Luv to... Owner of "NINEMMRUGER" , ~~~Dreamgirl~~~, , & PebblesinAz@ fubar Go ADD, FAN and RATE him and tell him I said Thank You for being such a Sweet and Sexy Owner!
Ma Nama Na
4 Sale
Vittorio Sabadin A collectors piece. As far as I know its the orig. Please email me for mor pics., might be able to ship to buyer but there would be S&H charges It has the artist signature front & back rosewood base perfect cond. A note about the Artist Vittorio Sabadin was born at his family home in the North Italian village of Bassano, DelGrappa in 1952. Inspired since his childhood by the work of classical Italian masters, Sabadin spent his life exploring and developing his own strong artistic need to express himself through sculpture. For Sabadin the artistic process always begins with inspiration, A deep emotion or value communicated to the artist through some life experience. Such experiences may come at unexpected moments, the true artist must be patient, waiting deliberately to seize upon a unique inspiration and only his hands and raw using in draws from unrelated elements a totality which achieves expressive content far beyond the literal meaning of their summ
Auto 11s
As mush as i think they are un fair om people that can have or have money every one gets 3000 10s 100 11s aday ill rate any one help any one
hi i know im never on, but just give me a chance and one day i will catch up and in answering everything i need to go kids need me :) love alwayss dee oxo ... hey paulg and dee ,. everything will be fine it just takes time
Sex Survey!
Do you like sex rough or sensual? Depends on the mood... there are times i love to take my time and make it last.. other times i like to be wild and fun... Do you prefer to be with the opposite sex or the same sex? Or both? im bi take a guess LOL How often do you like to have sex? I can go for months without sex, and there are times where i just gota have it.... Is sex a top priority for you? Not really. Do you have sex face to face with your partner? Depends on the face LOL How often do you have wild crazy sex with a complete stranger? It's been a while, but I'm not against it. How do you do you feel about one night stands? It's been awhile but personaly its not my thing.. How many one night stands have you had? College was fun, let's leave it like that. What's your favorite position? I really don't have one.....hmmmm Where's your favorite place to have sex? dont have a favorit YET! Do you prefer to make love or fuck? who cares its all the sa
Dfl Info
Bette Boop Train
The Rules: 1. Stop by Boopmebaby's page and rate her Betty Boop folder... Start with this pic... 2. Rate, Fan, Add, and Comment each person on the Party List. If you are already friends with someone, check to make sure you have re-rated him/her and leave a comment... "Born to Boop" or something like that... 4. Private message Carrie when you have completed rating each party guest. She will make you a thank you tag... And add you to the guest list... 5. When new people join the party... You must rate/fan/add/comment them back... DO NOT just ACCEPT the friend request 6. Repost the bulletin so it can be seen by as many people as possible. 7. NO DRAMA... You agreed to the rules... So, be sure you follow through... No cheating... Please... ****************************** Below is the gift tag you will receive... Feel free to save and upload your tag or rip it... But if you rip it, you will NOT receive points when someone rates it on your page. Please l
Can U Tell Me?
you call me: "redneck" "Hillbilly" "Slaker" "Cracker" "Honkey" "Whitey" "Gringo" "Sage" "White trash" and you think it's OK. But when I call you: BLUE GUM jungle bunny spear chunker coon wet back jiggaboo porch monkey sand nigger rag head towelhead Camel Jockey Gook Spook nigger kike slant eyes or Chink or if i tell you to learn english you call me a racist. -You have the United Negro College Fund. -You have Martin Luther King Day. You have Black History Month. -You have Cesar Chavez Day. -You have Yom Hashoah -You have Ma'uled Al-Nabi -You have the NAACP. -You have BET. -If we had WET(white entertainment television) ...we'd be racist. -If we had a White Pride Day... you would call us racist. -If we had white history month... we'd be racist. -If we had an organization for only whites to "advance" our lives... we'd be racist. -If we had a college fund that only gave white students know we'd be racist
Tuffguy And The Fab 5
Very Sad Today
One of the sweetest young ladies is not only leaving the Friendship Circle but leaving Fubar due to personal problems. She has always been a ray of sunshine with her sense of humor and her "from the heart" comments on pictures. I have had some wonderful conversations with her and she is just like her name.....sweet. She has made tags for people and has been so happy and gracious when things were made for her. I will miss you Sweet Mafia Princess and hope, with all my heart, you will come back again someday. Luv ya hon. Hoakie, Founder The Friendship Circle
11 22 08
Congratulations! Your happy hour was a great success: lots of people gave lots of love.You collected 1,122,845 bonus points as Happy Hour sponsor. Cheers!203 members leveled up during your happy hour: LQQKin 'Freak' (9) Roland 'Psycho' (8) cj1977 'Pimp' (17) *Sam*_The One&Onlii 'Friend of fubar' (10) xxKweenBitch420xx♥Offical Fubar Booty Fugative♥ 'Minion' (14) Poppy Trulo 'Grasshopper' (3) Poohgrl122178 'Psycho' (8) tangled4u 'Chill Fu' (4) iitzstace 'Chill Fu' (4) lbrychic 'Idol' (15) Brooklyn Boi 'Newfu' (1) yapma 'Fu-ling' (2) ASTRO CREEP 2000 'Pimp' (17) raymond 'Fu-ling' (2)
Contest Reminder
Just a quick reminder that the funniest pic contest starts this Thursday at 5 pm fubar time and ends this Sunday 5pm fubar time. The winner(s) are determined by the highest rates NOT comments. Downrating other pics is encouraged. Send me your pics or the link in a private message. Pics can be nsfw. The pics can be one you found, made, or even photoshopped. You can enter up to 3 pics. Most comments have been about mumms or mummers (imagine that :P). Prizes are as follows: 1st-auto 11's 2nd-20 credit bling 3rd-10 credit bling 4th-5 credit bling 5th-1 credit bling
09/08/08 - Seige Of Derry Parade Part 1
09/08/08 - Seige of Derry Parade Part 1
Tag Your It
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. I DID IT (almost) ALL ONE WORD ANSWERS! It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? *dead* 2. Your significant other? *Sigh* 3. Your hair? *Brown* 4. Your mother? *Poof* 5. Your father? *ok* 6. Your favorite thing? *WeedWacker* 7. Your dream last night? *Nightmare* 8. Your favorite drink? *SexOnTheBeach* 9. Your dream/goal? *Colorado* 10. The room you're in? *Living* 11. Music? *TOOL* 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? *Colorado* 14. Where were you last night? *Home* 15. What you're not? *Sane* 16. Muffins? *Blueberry* 17. One of your wish list items? *Mountains* 18. Where you grew up? *Everywhere* 19. The last thing you did? *Coffee* 20. What are you wearing? *Clothes* 21. TV? *Su
Fu Wedding
There will be a FuWedding in the The Real Red Dragon Lounge @ 7pm Eastern, For NaughtyMicki & NawtySmoke . Plz come and join the celebration & cerimomy performed by Rev. Mass . Hope to see you all there. Tomorrow night!! Dec. 10th @ 7pm eastern @ the Real Red Dragon Lounge
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? desk 2. Your significant other? dream 3. Your hair? messy 4. Your mother? dead 5. Your father? florida 6. Your favorite thing? dog 7. Your dream last night? forgot 8. Your favorite drink? coffee 9. Your dream/goal? love 10. The room you're in? bedroom 11. Music? rock 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? King 14. Where were you last night? Woods 15. What you're not? married 16. Muffins? blueberry 17. One of your wish list items? girl 18. Where you grew up? Michigan 19. The last thing you did? stokefire 20. What are you wearing? barefoot 21. TV? no 22. Your pets? Starr 23. Your computer? mine 24. Your life? toughfun 25. Your mood? sleepy
"offisielle Rykter"
Det betyr at det som har skjedd de siste dagene har vært sentralt dirigert. Koden brukes antagelig fordi det virker for utrolig og vanvittig for ryktesprederne. Og det gir misbruket et skinn av legitimitet. Jeg lider med dere alle som tar det for god fisk. Spesielt de som kom innom for å fortelle meg hva de skulle igang med selvfølgelig. Dere har min støtte og velsignelse selvfølgelig. Bygdebarn.
Creature Of Night
You Scored as You are a Vampiric Elf!Congratulations my friend! You are a Vampyric Elf. Your kind are few and far between! Your hobbies include drinking the blood of innocent victims or just draining it and mixing it with herbs and spices. You were once one of the noblest of white magic creatures but you turned against those who you loved, most likely because of lost love, and turn yourself into their greatest fear to punish them all! You are a Vampiric Elf! 92% Fallen Angel 83%
Here it is Christmas day and I'm running the air conditioning. This is the day I really miss the snow. Christmas and snow go together
from the darkness and the fire burned deep with in hides a secret a secret of time that cannot be concealed by fate lost for eternity it may seem such a secret longs to be set free and burn so purely through the heart but hidden it shall remain for now. smoldered by a chilling rain a fire that refuses to die smolders blackening lungs with it's smoke of despair and failing hope. winding through like vines on a tree destiny twists an untold story with no fathomable end. wittled to the core searching through the ice for a shard of truth upon the broken glass of the mirror that holds blood with in of a thousand dead and twice as many dying. shifting through the sands beginning to sink further grasping for a branch nearby to pull out from the pit of eternal slumber. cutting the brain for thoughts, means of escape tearing the heart desperate for answers to a hidden question or perhaps searching for the question already holding the answer unsure uncertain confused and lost in a sense of no
Autos On Level Up On Me
Tandoori Chicken
Prep Time:15 min Start to Finish:13 hr makes:4 servings 1/4 teaspoon water 1/8 teaspoon ground mustard 1/2 cup Yoplait® Fat Free plain yogurt (from 2-lb container) 2 tablespoons lemon juice 3/4 teaspoon paprika 1/4 teaspoon ground cardamom 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/8 teaspoon ground ginger 1/4 teaspoon ground cumin 1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes 1/8 teaspoon pepper 1 clove garlic, finely chopped 4 boneless skinless chicken breasts (about 1 1/4 lb) Lemon slices, if desired 1. In small bowl, mix water and mustard; stir in remaining ingredients except chicken and lemon slices. Place chicken in shallow glass or plastic bowl. Pour marinade over chicken; turn to coat with marinade. Cover; refrigerate at least 12 hours but no longer than 24 hours to marinate. 2. Heat oven to 375°F. Remove chicken from marinade; discard marinade. Place chicken in ungreased 13x9-inch (3-quart) glass baking dish. Bake about 45 minutes or until juice of chicken is clear when center of thick
STOP BEING MY SECRET ADMIRER!!! >.< i no want you peoples! haha
Same Thing Take 2 I Have Autos On Plz Rate Blog A Ten
AUTOS ARE ON MIZZ SHADY TRUE CHIXOR WANTS AUTO'S :) OWN BY highride & 2nd alarm hottie SO DEAR I LOVE HIM THAT: With him I could endure all deaths without him live no life.. I'm looking for my Romeo I have auto on today and some new pics guys.. Come show Mizz Shady some love now Love me up good guys.. ..... Click any pic and you will be home free baby.... For everyone who joins this lounge today only will get $5,000 fubucks payable by me. Mizz Shady.. You need to shout me and let me know you joined ok.. You need to say Mizz Shady sent me.. when you enter then join.. Then let me know you did.. Just click her for the lounge thank you Best Kept Secrets
YOU KNOW YOU ARE A TRUE WISCONSINITE WHEN:  1. Your idea of a traffic jam is ten cars waiting to pass a tractor on the highway.  J  2. 'Vacation' means going up north past Hwy 8 for the weekend. 3. You measure distance in hours.  4. You know several people who have hit deer more than once.  5. You often switch from 'heat' to 'A/C' in the same day and back again.    6. Your whole family wears Packer Green to church on Sunday. 7. You can drive 65 mph through 2 feet of snow during a raging blizzard, without flinching.  8. You see people wearing camouflage at social events (including weddings and funerals).  9. You install security lights on your house and garage and leave both unlocked.    10. You think of the major food groups as beer, fish, and venison.  11. You carry  jumper cables in your car and your wife or Girlfriend knows how to use them. 12. There are 7 empty cars running in the parking lot at Mill's Fleet Farm  at any  given time.  13. You desi
45 Questions
1. What is your full name? 2. When is your Birthday? 3. What is your e-mail address? 4. Do you smoke? 5.How many sexuall partners have you had? 6. If you can't answer, is it really that many? 7. Can you cook? 8. What was your dream growing up? 9. What talent do you wish you had? 10. Favorite place? 11. G-strings or thongs? 12. What was the last book you read? 13. What zodiac sign are u ? 14. Any Tattoos and/or Piercings? 15. Worst Habit? 16. Do we know each other outside of Fubar and if not why don't we? 17. What is your favorite sport? 18. Pesimist or Optimist attitude? 19. What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator with me? 20. Worst thing to ever happen to you? 21. Tell me one weird fact about you: 22. Do have any pets? 23. Do u know how to do the macerana? 24. What time is it where u are now? 25. What is your favorite flower? 26. If you could change o
The worst thing about being lied to, is knowing that you werent worth the truth. *kttn*
I've Returned...again
Well I have not been on this site for a very long time. I think it was still Lost Cherry when I checked things out last. Lets see if I can do a rundown of major events. 1) Dallas and I moved into our own house. We rent so we don't own it, but its a huge house. We love it. 2) Soon after moving we got married. We got married Oct. 31st 2007. We are very very happy. I love him so much it still bugs me to be away from him while I'm at work all day. I know...its sickening. 3) We've been through some bad times where we were jobless and then got new jobs that didn't work out, then jobless again...I finally found the perfect job working for a University. I get benefits and time off and all that good stuff. Its heaven and I get a long with all my co-workers. I think I've found my place. 4) Dallas is doing his own thing by running a mobile mechanic business. Its starting to do pretty well. If you need some work done to your vehicle and you're within a reasonable driving
Barb Is 190k To Prophet!!! Hayulppp!!!
To All My Real Friends
I just wanted to say goodbye to all the ones I have become really close too but at this point in my life I feel that it id best that I leave for a while. Those who I consider a real and true will know how to reach me. Much Love SwtChrryPie aka Michelle
Sleeps With Butterflies--tori Amos From My Lady Angelface
Comment on this video! More videos at myYearbook
Please Help These Folks
Watch This Video
My 1st Car Wreck(march 19th, 2009 About 3:00pm)
Went into town and dropped off some mail at the post office came back home, come up over the railroad tracks in town and hit a bump coming off of the tracks and went to brake as i was turning left but instead i didn't manage to get my foot on the brake and hit the accelerator and spun the tires and ran into a mailbox on the right side of the road and tried to recorrect the car and then over-corrected it as i came back onto the road and saw a truck coming about 300ft in front of me coming from the corner and over-corrected and rolled the vehical and landed back on my tires facing the opposite direction of the way i was coming. I'm fine, noone was hurt thankfully including myself, i walk away from it with a rash from the neck seatbeat and a bruise on my left side, and very shaken, but other then that i'm fine.
Made These When I First Joined Fubar :-)
At First Sight
  Memories take me back, To the night that I met you. Back when we were young, We found a love so true. My heart skipped a beat, As you walked across the floor, Little did I know, It was you I would adore. It happened at first sight, When you glanced at me, I found love that night, My true destiny. Our love grew even stronger, And we've raised a family. After all the joys and sorrow, You're still standing next to me. So after all these years, And all the time together, You're still the only one, That I'll love forever. It happened at first sight, When you glanced at me, I found love that night, My true destiny.
Help A Freak! Lol
I need you to rate this pic for me and leave a comment that you rated it.  I'm in a contest where rates AND comments count.  So please do both!   Thanks! See the comments for the pic link because this new blog system sucks so any link I post in here just links you back to my blog ugh!      
Now Do You Believe??
Several years ago, I dated this heifer woman, whom I had the misfirtune of having kids with, as well... This woman was so lazy, she even fought me tooth and nail on getting a job. I worked constantly. I remember this one week well.... I worked every day, for 6 days, 12 hours each, but since I wasn't sleeping well before that week anyway, I was mad tired daily. I would come home at 9AM and head right to the bedroom, sleep as long as I could. Those days, she actually let me sleep at least 8 hours, instead of 2.. I would get up and head out the door practically, to play with kids and such, and then I'd go back to work directly from the yard, where I grabbed my cuppa joe, etc etc... Never went ito any other part of the house, except the bedroom, living room off the side of that, and the bathroom, off the side of the living room. Never once went into the kitchen the whole weel. I finally got a day off, though, and decided to help a bit around the house, it was
20 Days Left
Well, I got 20 days til I'm supsed to be fighting in Kearney, Nebraska.  This fight as been moved twice, and I am over anxious.  I don't really know how else to calm down but to write about it, so I am just bullshitting my way thru a blog just to feel better.  I have halted training for a few days just so I can relax, and tr and escape from the fight, but I just can't get it off my mind.  What makes it worse is BOREDOM.. Sitting here doing nothing isn't helping much, but that's just the way the cookie crumbles. I feel tired, sore, and drained both physically and mentally, from having to wait longer and longer.  Having personal and financial issues (not that everyone else isn't), but that just makes the lead up to the fight more stressful.  20 days... I've dealt with worse before, but sometimes you feel overwhelmd and just have to vent sometimes.  Anyway, Just felt like writing I guess.  So thanks for reading, and I'll see yall next time!! CJ 'GameBoy'
Bored? You should go rate this guy. Not for any particular reason, just because. ♥   I'm not what you're looking for@ fubar
Crazy Days Behind
Somedays I still find myself thinking about him. Not nearly as often as I used to. The pain of heartbreak has been dulled down by time and effort to replace his memory with other people places and things. The new life I have started without him is so much more rewarding and healthy. There is no reason for me to ever think of him again. Those days are past me now. I finally got out. Going back even if only in my head would be insane. This is what concerns me most. I really must be crazy and need some clinical help or maybe some drugs to fix my broken parts. I still go back to those days in my head. Sometimes I try to figure out just where I got so off track. Why could I not see what was right in front of me. Could his lies have been that good. Or did I need to believe them. Why would I want to be so mislead. He was never that good at the game so how come he won? My heart got broke but more than that my spirit was wounded and left to die. I now that no one can explain to me
Another Downrater
Watch out fpr this fucker he started downrateing my pics    
So they say home is where the heart is. Im not so sure u can say that since i dont really have a place where my heart is comfortable. I have had so many peices chipped away in the past there isnt much left to be sated with anywhere. Even now as i sit in my temporay home i feel so out of place. Being single and feeling the full weight of being alone in the world with the only family for hundreds of miles being my brother who is dar to busy with his 1 year old. So liek grasping at straws i reach out for people. I guess the world wide web woudl be a great place to reach out except we all know how meaningless online relationships are. you are never really honest open real and exspresive. our u may be untill you relize that on the other side of that screen is another person with feelings emotions a past and future and everything else that can burn you or go worng. So there you are with the choice of actuly trusting this person with ur emotions and then things get thrown into reverse. So the
Spotlight Day 4
Well, looks like I have enough cash to do it now, in just four days.  It's been a ride, and you guyses have been all awesomes and shit. brought to you in part by Pixeh, Kit, Vanima, Misty Melons, Jai, Joker, OMFGSHOSHONNI, Tom, Brain Ninja, Nursie, Postal Florist, LaLa, Jeniwren, Majik, Bunnz, NinjyStars, Hairduz123, Luna Deuville, Sproet, She Devil, Faeriesue, Not tellin, 9987, MooMoo, Moet, Deacon, Lipstick, Frayed Knot, Mistress of Wolves, Gabe, Muss, Yssup, Noone, Babybootay, Whorasaurus Sex, Morgan Le Fay, Cute But Psycho, Goddess Kevauna, Jan, Black Widow, Pan, Kisses Papercut, Cory, Witchie, Jennie28, CQQrsLightGirl, WooGirl, Karma's Bitch, TopKnotch, Silver Diamond, Kit, Cataine, Sugit, Master Of Puppets, Trippitaka, Angel on the Moon, Crystal, broken, KissedByTheSun, ticktick....BOOM, GutterSlut, Porch, Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekakakakakakakakakaka, Tamz, Kittie, Misfit, Mrs Badcrumble, YOTD
Re-grand Opening
IT'S THE GRAND RE-OPENINGOF THE HOTTEST LOUNGE ON FUBAR!!~~COWBOYS & COWGIRLS SALOON~~Where we play country all the time!!!COME JOIN US ON JUNE 13TH FOR THE BEST TIME EVER!!! Stop by our Homepage:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Bully by:MscFrk
Eternal Pentance
isolated imprisoned by my own emotion, laying hollow broken by the vary thing i yearn;your touch still like fire,ice still running its course;why can i not,be a corpse so this pane could fade; nothing so sweet as it once seemed,all their tainted memories and no ears;to allow these mourning feelings breathe,i find myself alone the last thing i need;treading days like a death sentence,my useless immortality; unable to end this eteran pentance,the sin i cannot seem to redeem;what is it i have done,that is utterly unatoneable;please just let me break free,im now lost in loathing;with nothing left to dream,knowing ill only be appointed to disappointment;
So, lately, I've been running bombs quite often and I've noticed 2 things that really stand-out in my mind. 1.) If you want me to bomb you, atleast rate, fan and add me. Don't just JUMP in my shoutbox, and expect to be bombed. Just because I make 29k off bombing you, doesn't mean anything. I'll gladly pass right over you and bomb someone without 11's who has atleast taken the time to do the afformentioned. 2.) Most people...NOT ALL OF THEM...don't bomb you back. I'm okay with that, but I'll just remember it the next time around. If you say you're gonna' bomb me and don't, I'm okay with that, too. But fuck ya'. =) So, if you can read this and understand...then you're good to go. :D Happy Cherrybombing!   P.S. Fu-Hubby runs 24/7 Auto's, so rate, fan and add him. He bombs friends first. :)
Man's Relationship With Dog Goes Beyond Petting
 SPOTSYLVANIA, Va. -- A Spotsylvania man's family turned him in to police after he admitted to "fooling around" with the family dog, according to the Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Office. Robert John Ward, 66, was arrested Monday for alleged bestiality. Deputies began investigating Ward after a family member called authorities with the allegation. Ward admitted to a deputy that he had touched the dog inappropriately and that he'd had the dog perform sexual acts on him, according to the sheriff's office. A vet examined the dog and found that her anal glands were swollen, the sheriff's office said. The accusing relative said the dog had been acting strange for several weeks. Ward's being held without bond at the Rappahannock Regional Jail. ***********   Dumbass
Totaly Me
Sexy Comments & Profile Graphics
Little Green Snakes
Little Green Snakes   Green Garden Grass Snakes can be dangerous. Yes, grass snakes, not rattlesnakes. A couple in Sweetwater, Texas, had a lot of potted plants, and during a recent cold spell, the wife was bringing a lot of them indoors to protect them from a possible freeze. It turned out that a little green garden snake was hidden in one of the plants and when it had warmed up, it slithered out and the wife saw it go under the sofa. She let out a loud scream. The husband who was taking a shower ran out into the living room naked to see what the problem was. She told him there was a snake under the sofa. He got down on the floor on his hands and knees to look for it. About that time the family dog came and cold-nosed him in the butt. He thought the snake had bitten him and he fainted. His wife thought he had a heart attack, so she called an ambulance. The attendants rushed in and loaded him on the stretcher and started carrying him out. About that time the snake came out from
Scrapper's Mumm About Salutes
What would you do in this situation? created @ 06/19/2009 07:57 am mum expired. [EVERYONE] Many of you have seen my hall of shame this week. We ousted a fake that honestly one of the best I have ever seen. Salutes are kind of funny. I have seen some real shitty salutes, but I can tell its that person. Well, I call these people shape shifters. It's really annoying. So I am going to put this out to you and this is an honest question.If you were approached by an admin who questioned your salute and identity and asked you to go on cam to prove who you are would you.A: Get on cam and say FUCK you scrapper I am real. B: Say fuck you scrapper I don't need to show you I am real.Ok wait.......don't answer yet. I listened to every excuse she made and I created "The Golden Package." I will mail you the following and all you have to do is get on cam for 3 minutes and wear the fubar shirt I am going to send you. Golden Package1. Brand N
An Old Farmer's Advice
* Your fences need to be horse-high, pig-tight and bull-strong. * * Keep skunks and bankers at a distance.* * Life is simpler when you plow around the stump.* * A bumble bee is considerably faster than a John Deere tractor.* * Words that soak into your ears are whispered...not yelled.* * Meanness don't jes' happen overnight.* * Forgive your enemies. It messes up their heads.* * Do not corner something that you know is meaner than you.* * It don't take a very big person to carry a grudge.* * You cannot unsay a cruel word.* * Every path has a few puddles.* * When you wallow with pigs, expect to get dirty..* * The best sermons are lived, not preached. * Most of the stuff people worry about ain't never gonna happen anyway.* * Don't judge folks by their relatives.* * Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer.* {Wisdom has 2 parts - having a lot to say, and then not saying it} * Live a good, honorable life. Then when you get older and think back, you'll enjoy it a
 come and vote on me this is what i am offering: make tagsx3 put in family put in top friends buy a gift everyday for a month rate all photos & pages if a bling pack is offered all above buy gift, rate all stash
Making A Better Tomorrow
I never knew there would be a better tomorrow But you've come into my life and taken away all my sorrow My days of sadness are a thing of the past Because I have found true love at last My days of emptiness are gone for good Because you fill a void in my heart that you should You've opened a window You've shown me the light And my love for you will continue to burn bright
How I Feel
If I could have just one wish,I would wish to wake up everydayto the sound of your breath on my neck,the warmth of your lips on my cheek,the touch of your fingers on my skin,and the feel of your heart beating with mine...Knowing that I could never find that feelingwith anyone other than you     Love is the greatest feeling,Love is like a play,Love is what I feel for you,Each and every day,Love is like a smile,Love is like a song,Love is a great emotion,That keeps us going strong,I love you with my heart,My body and my soul,I love the way I keep loving,Like a love I can't control,So remember when your eyes meet mine,I love you with all my heart,And I have poured my entire soul into you,Right from the very start
It's Gotta Stop!
God had made us free,  to do as we will. Also gave endless glee, over every thrill. On we go in a spree, never standing still.   Having love eternaly, never having fill.   That is how we will be,  till the day we ill.   Evermore you and me, for love you can not kill.
Anal Beads And Pearls
Anal Beads and Pearls I love to have you hard dick in my tight ass. But since your not here, I will have to settle for the next best thing, Anal Beads. Cum on over to the member's sextion as I spread my ass wide and show off my blue anal beads in my tight ass. Before you know it I have the pearls rubbing all over my wet swollen pussy lips. Shoving them deep in my pussy. Make it all nice and full. Be sure to check out my videos. I have 38 of them with more to cum. My newest one is "Exercising Naked" I rub and play with myself while I am exercising until I cum down my legs.  Lots of bouncing and bending over showing my tight asshole. XOXO Kisses XOXO Exotic Flame-- Hugs and KissesExotic Flame
Racist Cunt, Anyone?
This morning there was a mumm posted calling fubar a white racist.  This mumm was reported not because the mummer had an issue with fubar, or with white people as a whole, but because the way the person went about spewing his vile racist hate in general.  This twat waffle made Dana look like a cross between Santa and a cuddly teddy bear.As always, read from the bottom up... and as Raist says, comments are our friends.->879999: You have no clue what my political leanings are. You have no clue what I think of Obama as a president OR as a person. You just assume you know me, my thought process or my political leanings. Now, begone little boy.879999: because i'm not yours; i biracial too; but i care; u don't->879999: You are a disgrace to your race, and to the HUMAN race as well. Be gone.->879999: I never said I was mad we had a biracial president, ya twat waffle. And you have no mumm, genius. You lost it. I wasn't the only one that reported you, by the way.879999: rasicist; your the one w
In My Memory, Always.
In my memories, always. Jordan Tay 26/4/83 - 4/5/08 You disturbed me when we were young and ignorant we fell in love unknowingly short but sweet it was memories for me  i couldnt find a reason why i got mad because nothing u did ever made me mad all these years we lost contact, and we gained it back We've drifted apart so many times but each other the friendship becomes stronger you've grown so much thru the years no longer the boy who goes around disturbing others or playing prank  now a responsible man who's standing with the Lord Do not stand at my grave and weep;I am not there. I do not sleep.I am a thousand winds that blow.I am the diamond glints on snow.I am the sunlight on ripened grain.I am the gentle autumn rain.When you awaken in the morning's hushI am the swift uplifting rushOf quiet birds in circled flight.I am the soft stars that shine at night.Do not stand at my grave and cry;I am not there. I did not die.- Mary Elizabeth Frye As i press the rewind bu
Traffic Light Cameras
                      As a traffic cop, I’ve seen quite a few automobile accidents involving cars speeding through red lights. So when our police department was charged with the task to study the feasibility of using traffic cameras, I was all for it. Studies have shown that the red-light cameras act as a deterrent and the rate of accident due to people running red lights were reduced by as much as 30%. That is a significant improvement. Imagine the number of lives that these cameras have saved.                   Red-light cameras could soon be coming to an intersection near you, as well. Numerous cities and metropolitan areas have considered using cameras to catch motorists who drive through red lights at major intersections. Use of cameras would not only help deter drivers from committing a dangerous driving action, but also raise much needed revenue for the city. Faced with a reduction in revenue from diminishing property taxes and other traditional funding sources, man
My Thoughts Today ...
I'm sitting here wanting to help a man I love dearly, he won't give me a clue as what to do.  I don't want to dree him away from me. I'm sure he doesn't realize how much I hurt not being able to do anything. I feel helpless. Rght now I'm so so lost. What do I do??? I'm even a lil pissed off I have the kind of heart I do.. if I didn't care so much or love others I wouldn't be hurting. *sigh* ... life goes on.
Privacy Settings--yes Or No?
I swear, babyjesus does some stupid things on fubar. This is what im goin to start with.... IF you come to my page/pics/blog etc and i dont see you checking me out in my bartab, i am goin to either, rate you 1s. I dont care if you are a friend, i dont care if you are in my family, i dont care if you if you are not a friend on my list. i think this setting is a way for people to be a coward to be sneeky.  Click Here to make the adustment, i dont hide from nobody, and i sure as hell hope you dont either. This is a warning to everyone, i hope others agree with me, if you dont agree or like what i am goin to do, block me becuause i dont need cowards on my page.   If the link does now work here is the link in full     Rate and comment -- you agree or disagree?
Yet again I am going to attempt the weight loss crap..   I am doing it a different way though. I am not going to jump in and kill myself with workouts and eating less like i used to.. This time, I am starting out by changing my diet... no gym time.. just diet changes.. I am going to try to keep a journal and keep this blog up to date... I am planning menus for each day and trying to keep my calories, fat, carbs, and proteins in a specific range. The ranges are: Calories:1840-2190 Carb:207-356 Fat:41-85 Protein:60-192   seems pretty doable (btw i got these numbers from I have a set menu for a week at a time and am trying to eat just that.. i am going to TRY to drink only water (or juice when it is noted) but i am a coca cola addict... and coffee... I will be weighing in on Tuesday mornings at 5:30 am NAKED haha....   Starting weight.... (holy crap i don't wanna post this...) 277.8   i r cow
Once Upon A Time Chapter 5
What She Doesn't Know What she doesn't know Is that his heartbreaks when she isn't near What she doesn't know Is he would give his last breathe to calm her fears What she doesn't know He is happy just knowing her What she doesn't know Is he will remember her forever What she doesn't know Are all the things he can't seem to tell her
Samhain Poem
SamhainRed leaves are carried in the salt west windAnd turn to brown on dry soil.The sun is bright still, but not warmOn the last rich gold of scattered fall.The great wheel turns, another yearOld, bright gold with death.Bare branches now, the Old Lord's limbs,Chill wind the Old Lord's breath.Like dancing leaves on sleeping branchesThe dark tide of memory is stirred.The deepest thought-flame now is kindled,Consuming, the fire in ancient words.Samhain, the thin veil opens, fingersReaching through the blackness deep.Through the grey cloud wisps, old voicesShapes, shifting, slowly creep.Mab's red-eyed dogs, howling, wanderThrough the fields as soil grows hardSearching for uncounted jewelsThe Fairy Queen's forgotten shardsThe last red morsels, undevouredReturned to Her who granted birthMab's womb, given up its children,Shrivels, cold with the hardened earth.In meadows that the scythe has tastedNow the Samhain fires are highThe circle dance is weaving, spinningOn graceful foot, on darkened
Going Back To Hali.
So this mornin, I was FREE!!! thats right too do as I wished. This doesn't tend too happen that often,so when/if it does..I tend to make a big scene about it. *begins parade* So I took my happy go lucky bottom to our water front,I always love goin there...specially when its not -32 degrees yet. Lots of joggers,lots of people rushing to go nowheres.! I took a couple pictures and what not..that I might post later,or even better on my facebook account since I dont have too level to post em. :| Oh for the ones that dont know where I call home.. it would be Halifax,Nova Scotia. Prob most dont know where it is,I mean I still get asked if we have running water,carpet..and if we keep penguins as pets. Never..gets...old... Interesting facts: *Largest amount of Titanic victims are buried here In Halifax,actually about 5 mins away from my house. *First man made explosion in history happend here before the Atomic bomb. *NOT everyone that lives here likes...lobst
Beautiful First Love Over Again
With nostalgia found in summer dreams,we will be happy, together again,in yonder fields by shores of the sea,we will sing of our love in simple refrain.Can you hear me my dear? I am calling,in summery breeze, 'neath the foliage shade,soon autumn leaves will be falling,too late to hear a melodious serenade.With nostalgia found in summer dreams,a lifetime's love could never be in vain; for where'er I walk is where you will be...our beautiful first love over again.
How To Build A Wife
Plastic Surgeon 'Builds a Wife' Updated: Sunday, 01 Nov 2009, 3:27 PM MSTPublished : Sunday, 01 Nov 2009, 3:26 PM MST By MIKE BRODY (MYFOX NATIONAL) - German plastic surgeon Reza Vossough got married with the intent of turning his bride into the ideal wife. Five years later, he says he has created his perfect woman. The Sun reports that Vossough performed eight operations over the past five years on his 33-year-old wife Cany. He made changes to her chest, thighs, eyes and face. Cany, who had her breast size increased from an A cup to an F cup, says she loves her new look. "When your husband is a plastic surgeon, then the scalpel is your friend," she said. Reza is also happy with his creation. "When I first met Cany, she had physical deficiencies, but I could see there was something there," he said. "She had big hips and big thighs, so we made corrections, then did a little bit more. ... It's better than nature could do." Sarah Burge, a 49-year-old British woman, holds the
10 Stupid Things
Instructions......             Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you.     1.I'm sick of filling this thing out.   2.I've been to 17 states...I think it is. Too lazy to count again right now.   3.I like watching the tween/teen shows (i.e. Hannah Montana, iCarly)   4.I've been known to cry at Hallmark commercials. :/   5.I love boobies, including my own and Kisses Papercut's.   6.I have to see what time it is before I close my eyes and go to sleep.   7.I still call my comforter my blankie.   8.I'm obsessed with penises.   9.I like saying penis because it sounds funny.   10.I blame Philemon and Kisses Papercut.       The only person I'm choosing is Per, becaus
lord , som ppl seriously blows my mind. last couple off days i been named called, cus of a game. lol like imma sit in a corner n cry cus somone callin me names. wont happen. i dont give a shit, if me helpin my friends, n doin somthin gd for somone makes me a bad person, then hell, then im hella bad. get it straight i dont give a shit, call me wut ever u wanna call me, but seriously grow up, its like bein back in high school, sheesh , those who know me, knows who i am, they know i am a nice person, dont do drama, just cus i dont sink down to theire level dosent mean im weak n dont know how to fight back, just lazy at times, lmao but seriously keep the shit comin, n il show ya how big off bitch i can be, n il do that with a smile on my face :) *gets up n dances, n sings* keep on hatin keep on hatin ur makin me famouse :D:D:D peac out
I Have Become Patrick Bateman (sans Body Count)....
I have all the characteristics of a human being: flesh, blood, skin, hair; but not a single, clear, identifiable emotion, except for greed and disgust. Something horrible is happening inside of me and I don't know why. My nightly bloodlust has overflown into my days. I feel lethal, on the verge of frenzy. I think my mask of sanity is about to slip.   Everything failed to subdue me. Soon everything seemed dull: another sunrise, the lives of heroes, falling in love, war, the discoveries people made about each other. The only thing that didn't bore me, obviously enough, was how much money Tim Price made, and yet in its obviousness it did. There wasn't a clear, identifiable emotion within me, except for greed and, possibly, total disgust. I had all the characteristics of a human being — flesh, blood, skin, hair — but my depersonalization was so intense, had gone so deep, that the normal ability to feel compassion had been eradicated, the victim of a slow, purposeful erasure.
A Clue, He Needs One.
To sexysoldie...: yeah, not cool indeed. sexysoldie...: lol wow really? that is pretty jacked up To sexysoldie...: lol Wel puddin most guys want something perverted in return..that is something I pass on of course..due to be a lady.Plus I promise I can live without. sexysoldie...: awwww a guy should get you one! To sexysoldie...: well I cant say no.. I might buy some after christmas and whatnot. sexysoldie...: u want one? To sexysoldie...: I dunno lol I just dont. tis sad its true but I will get over it lol sexysoldie...: hey how r u? awww how come u dont have a vip or blingp ack?   You could smell the hint of send me some nakey pics and I'll sportcha a bling pack/VIP a mile away. Do I look like the type of gal that would do so?God I hope not. later days.
English Flag Skin
Here's a new skin I just made for Lisa-Jane. Here's a preview To rip it to your profile use this URL
Gotta Love The News Media
Early Dismissal     It is near the Christmas break of the school year. The students haveturned in all their work and there is really nothing more to do. All thechildren are restless and the teacher decides to have an earlydismissal.Teacher: "Whoever answers the questions I ask, first and correctly canleave early today."Little Johnny says to himself "Good, I want to get outta here. I'm smartand will answer the question."Teacher: "Who said 'Four Score and Seven Years Ago'?"Before Johnny can open his mouth, Susie says, "Abraham Lincoln."Teacher: "That's right Susie, you can go home."Johnny is mad that Susie answered the question first.Teacher: "Who said 'I Have a Dream'?"Before Johnny can open his mouth, Mary says, "Martin Luther King."Teacher: "That's right Mary, you can go."Johnny is even madder than before.Teacher: "Who said 'Ask not, what your country can do for you'?"Before Johnny can open his mouth, Nancy says, "John F. Kennedy."Teacher: "That's right Nancy, you may
Baby Names
We just found out we are having our first baby together and are so excited:) we could use a lil help coming up with some names both boy and girl names. Thanks for any thoughts on names.
Proud Soldiers Daughter
She tells me today,Her searches all come to an end.She has looked all around,For the return of love she did send. I have seen her beauty,And heard her call out a plea.So to you my beauty,Today I offer you love from me. My words come from my heart,All deeply etched into my soul.They are my greatest gift,Maybe more than I know. So friend take my words,And forever hold them dear.And call anytime your heart needs love,And I will always be near.
When A Girl....
When a GIRL looks at u with eyes full of questions ... she is wondering how long you will be around. When a GIRL answers ' I'm fine ' after a few seconds ... she is not at all fine. When a GIRL stares at you she is wondering why you are lying. When a GIRL lays on your chest .. she is wishing for you to be hers forever. When a GIRL wants to see you everyday... she wants to be pampered. When a GIRL says ' I love you ' .. she means it. When a GIRL says ' I miss you ' .... no one in this world can miss you more than that. Life only comes around once make sure u spend it with the right person .... Find a guy .. who calls you beautiful instead of hot. who calls you back when you hang up on him. who will stay awake just to watch you sleep. Wait for the guy who ..... kisses your forehead. Who wants to show you off to the world when you are in your sweats. Who holds your hand in front of his friends. Who is constantly reminding you of how much he cares about you and how lucky he is to have you.
Moving Toward A Career Online
I have kicked and scratched away in moving into the 21st Century lately. I felt comfortable back in the 20th. I've owned businesses before, and failed twice. Neither made it past the second year, and neither were on the internet. It seems to me that this new strategy may have some upward mobility if it were to catch on. So, I finally sat down and entered into the Internet business line. Being new at this, I imagined that it would cost me an arm and more to get started. Although it costs, it wasn't as much as I expected. Yet, I still have to shop around for marketing and advertising and coming up with the funds to handle this most important aspect. I'm still shopping around on this, but the site is finally up and running. I've gone into the gift shop career, and for some reason I am always trying to make a successful career in retail. Maybe it's the one area I have yet to succeed in. I like art, and in many respects gifts can be considered as such. So, if you're interested, check out 2
And The Winner Is
So we have a winner...the beautiful and smart (way smarter than you bastards) LilTease" target=_blank>LilTease">href="" target=_blank>@ fubar (Thank you Hellyion for showing me how to do that...again)   To clarify for the slow ones (MOST OF YOU) 1. When Lord of the Rings was filmed here, I was refused a part as an extra because I was too tall. LIE, I coulda been an Orc if I'd wanted to.   2. A few years ago I initiated adoption of an 11 year old girl. True. 3. I am the only member of my immediate family who hasn't been on television. LIE. My mother holds that dubious honour. 4. I was once arrested for trying to correct the grammar on a shopping mall sign. LIE. I was never arrested for it. 5. When I was six, I was awarded the school prize for excellence in literature. True. I didn't name the award. And for the fucker that thought 13 would make me 'a bi
My Fuwedding!!!
My fuwedding was beautiful. i thank all those that helped make it what it was hugss. Crypt it was beautiful ceremony, u came thru for me yet again - is it any wonder that i say u the best boss. you rock. Punisher the music rocked. Thanx for doing it I know u been busy latly and appreciate u taking time. Crypt's Insanity thanx for putting up with my ditzyness over pics and times and making not one but two beautiful bully's. Riffraff you a true friend. I know u will grr at me saying that and poofoo it away but thanx. DJ Nookie thank you for being there for me( i know wasnt easy and im sorry for that). But u know what true friendship means at least in my book and i love you for that. To all that came or messaged that they couldnt make it or came late even. IT MEANS SO MUCH TO ME THAT SOME PPL STILL CARE. I HAVE LOST A LOT BECAUSE OF A PERSONAL DECISION AND AM GLAD I DIDNT LOSE AS MUCH AS I WAS WORRIED I DID. To all that choose to not come and had no plans on co
Odd One
Odd one your never alone I'm here and I will reflect you both of us basically unattatched to anything or any one unless we're pretending You live your life in your head Some call it imagination I'd rather focus instead On anything except what I'm feeling, what I'm feeling Aye, it's gonna be ok Aye, we're gonna laugh at this one day Odd one, I wish I was you You're never concerned with acceptance We are all desperately seeking out and fitting out with anyone who will accept us Aye, it's gonna be ok. Aye, we'll both laugh at this one day Hey, it's gonna be ok. Hey, gonna laugh at this one day Aye, it's gonna be ok. Aye, we'll both laugh at this one day Don't let someone tell you you're no one Don't let someone tell you you're no one
We slip close in the spaces that bind, the places that rend and tear under the relentless scrutiny of our demands. All of us are falling. Falling in, falling out falling into, sometimes landing with sickening thuds that produce rivulets of blood and scars that shine near as red. I like you because you are wounded, wounded like me in different contexts that make it interesting for us to compare the twists of the places where we stitched ourselves back together again, to try again. To try to not try again. I like you because you are smooth and unstained, glistening purely in your idealistic unrealities. Sometimes it gets to be a bit much, then, I like you simply because you are pretty. With this hand I’ll hold yours, and that one cradles the tender slivers of this friends hope. That ones love. Yet anothers despair. Clutched in the warm dampth of my fragile fist that nests them safely, close to me, where I can see the pulsing of life in these small wayward dreams. You dream of despo
Exciting Breakthrough! While the world has waited, the last 16 years researchers have been working on an amazing breakthrough in science within an area known as “Redox Signaling”. With over 30 million dollars invested, their discovery is a quantum leap beyond anything we’ve previously known about how our cells function at the molecular level. Some are calling this discovery the biggest breakthrough in biological science since the creation of penicillin or discovery of DNA. The newly discovered science has recently been put in the form of a consumable product. It is not a drug, herb, vitamin, mineral, juice or nutrient. There are no stimulants, side effects or toxic substances. It is being called a redox signaling communication product and it’s the first of its kind in the world. The high impact results have many in the medical and health communities scrambling to learn more. The Company, named “ASEA” along with its Atomic Physicist, Gary L. Samu
4 Year Old Drummer
this kid is amazing. 4 years old.. wow
watching the storm clouds rolling in feeling the darkness enveloping me waiting for the downpour let it raid down on me hide away my tears desperate for the light to shine in the darkness begins to smother me deeper and deeper i fall harder and harder it becomes losing all the light and the air darker and darker it has become
This Must Be The Third
They say bad things come in three.  If you've read any of my other blogs you would know that I already had two so this must be number three.   I was babysitting my nieces last night and while they were playing one of them ran right through the charger cord for my Blackberry and shot it across the room and in to the wood stove door.  It has died a painful death. Lucky for me I am not a gambling man and I bought the insurance so I will have a new phone in hand Monday afternoon.  The problem is I lost all my contacts.  If you were on the list please resend me your info.  If you would like to be on the list, send me your info too.  If you've been texting me I haven't been ignoring you.
The Reckless Use Of The Word "rape"
      I have noticed that a lot of people put rape their cherries/molest their like button in their status.  I know people are trying to joke or be sexually appealing.  However, others and I find it appalling because of  what these words stand for.  It is sickening to see so many people use these words so freely. Some things are not and should never be a joke.  There is definitely nothing sexy about rape/molest. Rape: the unlawful compelling of a woman through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse Molest: to make indecent sexual advances to; to assault sexually  When the word molest is used in proper context it usually refers to a child being sexually abused. I want people to be aware of the damage they can cause with the reckless use of these words.  Some things never go away no matter how far you go in life. Fubar is suppose to be an escape, so please make it pleasant for everyone on here. This is my personal crusade to make people aware. If you want to sta
Missing You...
It's when I close my eyes that I am with you....Your eyes skimming my bodyYour hands caressing my flushed skinYour strong arms pulling me close to your pleasuring physiqueYour lips passionately stroking mine in an erotic rhythm My mind lost in a daze of sensationMy body submissive to your controlMy heart racing in a flurry of butterflies with nervous excitementThe deepest part of me aching for you to give me release...Never wanting to open my eyes again..   
Taking A Break
Just wanted to let everyone know. I'm taking a break from fubar. I've made some awesome friends on here, made some enemies, had some fun, laughs and all that good stuff.  I'm taking the break because there's.... something wrong with me and I can't figure it out.  Last night was one of the scariest nights of my life.  I honestly didn't think I was going to wake up in the morning.  I thankfully did, even though there are some people that probably wish I didn't.  I've been overloaded, overwhelmed, and over worked recently.  Last night I opened up and said some things to people.  Some I should have and needed to, others that were just said out of pure emotion... the emotion of being scared and wanting to hurt people to make it easier on them in case I didn't make it.  I know this is/was foolish but it's done and I can't undo the past.  I'm sorry for those that I hurt and thankful to those who cared and listened.  BTW, I'm known as a drunk on here, I'm doing this with no alcohol in my syste
How To Add A Video To Your Fu-blog
This is for Misfit. Cause I love her. Well, I guess it's useful to other people too. But you can thank her.
Lazy Americans
Take people off of unemployment insurance and make them realize that they actually have to work to provide for their families. Help them get into the labor pool instead of the unemployment lines. If they want to draw unemployment and there is work, farm labor or whatever available and they decline, then decline their claim for unemployment or welfare. Lets help to teach Americans that it is better to work than to stay at home and starve. If we need to better serve this labor pool ,that has no other choice than to work at this level, then let us improve the conditions to what they need. Americans would gladly work at Tyson foods or someplace similar if they could get the jobs away from the illegals. Lets us help the companies to provide transportation to these jobs from Urban areas and then we could also mitigate the damage that is being done to our society by the illegal population.To those who say I am educated and deserve a better job because I have a degree, I say get
Really???? Sad
NJ student secretly taped having sex kills himself // // Buzz up! 16 votes Share retweet EmailPrint By ERIN VANDERBERG and GEOFF MULVIHILL, Associated Press Writers Erin Vanderberg And Geoff Mulvihill, Associated Press Writers – 46 mins ago PISCATAWAY, N.J. – A college student jumped to his death off a bridge a day after authorities say two classmates surreptitiously recorded him having sex with a man in his dorm room and broadcast it over the Internet. Rutgers University freshman Tyler Clementi jumped from the George Washington Bridge last week, said his family's attorney, Paul Mainardi. Police recovered a man's body Wednesday afternoon in the Hudson River just north of the bridge, and authorities were trying to determine if it was Clementi's. ABC News and The Star-Ledger of Newark reported that Clementi left on his Facebook page on Sept. 22 a note that read: "Jumping off the gw bridge sorry." On Wednesday, his Facebook page was accessible only to friends. Two Rutg
Just How I Am Feeling Atm..
You still haunt me in my dreams Still make me fall down to my knees When did my life become so gray? The day you went away..   I will never have you back The pain hit like a heart attack Someone stab me in my eyes Sew them shut so I can die   I will never be the same Dont want to play their silly games I know I will never win That I will never see you again
Art Make One
To me art is a great way for me to escape. Anything goes in my world. If I want the light on the left or right. If one object wants to float while all the others can't; that's my prerogative. If I want water to be pink it is. If the clouds want to be green that's no problem. You get the point. I wield the world were as reality wields me. I love to work on anything from life to imagination. Being that my traditional training gave me a solid background in drawing what I see not, what I think I see. It is my belief that this has helped me to unlock new potential. This meaning that now that I have an understanding of the reality around me it helps me to create my own with greater power. Of corse art is in the eye of the beholder, it may be feces to you. I love the way that Cazzon was constantly honing in on his target. You can see it in the still Life's. Carving in on the fruit, each mark getting him closer to that fruit, not just some fruit. This is something that sticks with me. Anthony
The Thoughts Of The Broken Hearted
I Want to cry I want to scream I want to tell you mostly.I hate that im afraid of everything   I hate that your the one thing i want most but cant have  I hate that you let me go before i even got to say goodbye I wiish that you would come back to me  I wish that i were strong enough to say NO to you I wish i could believe my own lies I tell you to cover up the pain you left I need to move on says my head I need to hold on says my heart I envy the way this hasnt hurt you at all I envy her I envy the fact that you dont understand what this feels like at all I want to hurt you I want to be with you I want this nightmare to be over I wish i could make things to the way they were before I wish i could change time I wish I could change you  I wish I could have hurt you before you hurt me I need you out of my thoughts I need you out of my heart I need to start doing things for me I hate that i gave you something that i can never have back Im tired of hoping aimlessly
Learn It..and Learn It Well.
In song and in dance,I express myself as a member of a higher community,I have forgotten how to walk and speak.I am on the way toward flying into the air, dancing.My very gestures express enchantment,.I feel myself a God.Supernatural sounds emanate from me,I walk about enchanted.In ecstasy like the Gods I saw walking in my dreams,I am no longer an artist, I have become a work of art.
Show Must Go On!
i met an unreliable canadian girl! boo!
My 3 Wishes For Fu 2 Fix/change
Alot Of Good Points. I think the stash has gone out the window .. you find a lot if good things in stash and its a new avenue of interaction that could likely expand the site day to day usage. Perhaps Something to Bring it back again. maybe a stash bomb like the cherry bomb.. rate a stash of x amount for x amoutn of points for x amount of time. People dont like rating pics anymore i think that is a big feature than needs attention again. we used to do nothing but rate pic by pic. so y not benefit from it now? perhaps a boomerang type bling for pic rates.. i rate so n so's pic an 11 i get an 11 pic rate. or double points bling so that no matter what u do for the next hr or 2 is DOUBLED.. lastly i think that there should b more abilities added to angels n demons. the same things have been around sense the theme was introduced. something like.demons: ability to "wreck bling" as in force x amount of someones bling to become dirty.. x amount selected @ random. angels: ability
President Dumb Ass!!
Dear Mr. President, I hear you would like to freeze pay rates for soldiers starting next year. Would you also consider cutting your own pay to save much more money for our country? While you're at it, lets cut down congressman's pay too. If the people who risk their lives don't get an increase in pay, why would we cont...inue raising pay for those who take no risks and reap the benefits? Repost if you agree!
I sit here with the music blaring through the speakers, my fingers floating across the keys, my baby at work and I can't help but think about what how wonderful my life is. I have a wonderful husband who loves me dearly and would do anything for me if I ask. I have a wonderful family. I have everything I could possibly think of. I lucky to be alive. I know now that I made the right decisions for my life for me to be where I am right now. I recently found out that my ex boyfriend who I spent 3 years of my life with was murdered. He was shot multiple times in his apartment by his best friend. He was into some shit that got him in trouble. When I was told I was a mess. I couldn't help but crying. The love of my life stood by my side. Hurting for me and trying to take some of my pain away. He tried to make it easier on me. The family got together on thanksgiving and had a wonderful day. In the back of my head I was still in mourning for the loss of someone who made an impact on my life.
At first I was afraid, I was petrified. When you said you had 10 inches, Lord I almost died! But I'd spent so many years just waiting for a man that long, That I grew strong, And I knew that I could take you on.... But there you are, Another lie, I was ready for a Big Mac and you've brought me a French Fry! I should have known that it was bullshit, just a sad pathetic dream, Should have known there was no Anaconda lurking in those jeans! Go on now, walk out the door, Don't you promise me 10 inches, then turn up with 4! Weren't you a brat to think I wouldn't find you out!? Don't you know we're only joking when we say size don't count??!!! {chorus} I will survive! I will survive! Cuz as long as I have batteries, My sex life's gonna thrive! I will always have good sex, with a handful of latex! I will survive, I will survive!....Hey! Hey! {2nd verse} It took all my self control not to laugh out loud, When I saw your little weiner standing tall and proud! But to hell with all your egos an
I told you that I could make you happy, I told you I could love you. I promised you I would never hurt you. But you are the one who keeps hurting me!! So I release you from my heart, you don't  deserve my heart, you don't deserve my love.Your not worth the tears any more. Go away from my heart, it doesn't need you anymore All the tears I wasted on you, you don't deserve them either. You played with my love for you, and maybe one day, I'll forgive you. But for mow I'm just gonna have to hate you. I want you to know how it feels, cause I wanna see you cry, I wanna see you hurt. Because that my friend is what I truly feel you deserve!!!!!I don't wanna hear the I'm sorry's any more, they can never replace the love I had for you. The dreams I had for us. They are only wasted nights. One day my heart will sing again and it won't be because of you, it will be because I finally found the one who wants to take my hand, who wants to dance with me. The one who wants me in his life, It may not be
Deep Thoughts...
Deep thoughts, by Reaper.....      Sometimes I set and thini, other times I just sit.....      The atomic number of zinc is 30...      The human head weighs 8 pounds....    
Seasonal Footwear
While all guys have an innate fashion sense, sometimes the weather throws us off of that fine balance between the slobby comfort we desire and the incredible good looks the world deserves.  I encountered just this exact dilemma while attending firstborn's swim meet this past weekend.   I have always enjoyed the comfort and airiness of sandals.  They are perfect for summertime, beaches, and indoor swim meets.   But I found out that they are not so great when you need to move the car out of a reserved parking space to the visitor lot a quarter mile away.   Lesson Learned:  Personal comfort wins over fashion. No sandals outside in the Minnesota winter. 
Instructions For Life
  1. Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully. 2. Memorize your favorite poem. 3. Don't believe all you hear, spend all you have, or loaf all you want. 4. When you say, "I love you," mean it. 5. When you say, "I'm sorry," look the person in the eye. 6. Be engaged at least six months before you get married. 7. Believe in love at first sight. 8. Never laugh at anyone's dreams. People who don't have dreams don't have much. 9. Love deeply and passionately. You may get hurt, but It's the only way to live life completely. 10. In disagreements, fight fairly. No name-calling. 11. Don't judge people by their relatives, or by the life they were born into. 12. Teach yourself to speak slowly but think quickly. 13. When someone asks you a question you don't want to answer, smile and ask, "Why do you want to know?" 14. Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk. 15. Call your mother. 16. Say, "bless you" when you
Subs' Needs
I need to feel safe. Before I can begin to open my submissive nature to You I need to feel safe and have reason to trust You. To let down my walls and give You control of my will may take time and testing before I feel safe enough to permit either of us to go beyond the initial stages of our relationship. Even after I've given myself to You fully, I need to be reminded I am safe with You. I may like to feel the thrill and excitement of fear and the unknown, but I need to be sure no matter how You stimulate those emotions during an intense scene or situation, I will remain safe in Your care. I need to know You accept me for all I am. I will be many things to You as our relationship grows and I need to know You accept me as a person during each transition along the way. I need to know You accept me as a friend, lover, companion, and Your submissive but also accept me as parent, child, employee, community member or other roles I fill in my obligations to family or society. I need to hav
Whats It Like Dealing With A Person With A Tramatic Brain Injury
My dad...the reason i left NYC and a prominent job making more money then i could spend. He turns 60 soon and having a bday party for him. i have no clue what to get him, since his brain is like a fucking 3yr olds now...why am i just called..apparently dad opted to give birth out his asshole and clog the upstairs toilet...not a big deal normally...but it happened at 2am..with his incredible intellect now...he decided to just let it go and would deal with it when mom woke up or i got home from work today...the problem just fucking flooded the 45K renovation i just got done with 2 weeks ago in their downstairs family room...shit everywhere..and about a foot of fucking water im leaving work early to go deal with that what do i get a fucking soon to be 60yr old for his about a fucking screwdriver so he can tighten up the loose goddamn bolts in his head and fucking think for once....god motherr fucking damnit to all helll..fuck fuck shit
Affluence creates poverty.  -  Marshall McLuhan
30 Day Song Challenge? I Accept!
[I stole this from Alix who stole this from someone else.] The 30 Day Song Challenge! I'm not sure I'll make it through this entire challenge, but I'll give it a shot. Here goes.. something. Day 01 – Your favorite song   I don't really have a favorite song. This just happens to be the most yearned for song as of late. I like it. I like it a lot.   Day 02 – Your least favorite songDay 03 – A song that makes you happyDay 04 – A song that makes you sadDay 05 – A song that reminds you of someoneDay 06 – A song that reminds of you of somewhereDay 07 – A song that reminds you of a certain eventDay 08 – A song that you know all the words toDay 09 – A song that you can dance toDay 10 – A song that makes you fall asleepDay 11 – A song from your favorite bandDay 12 – A song from a band you hateDay 13 – A song that is a guilty pleasureDay 14 – A song that no one would expect you to lo
One that eats other beings basically We define beings as animals As opposed to plants But aren't they organisms as well To be free from the moniker PREDATOR One must derive sustenance from the air & soil DIRECTLY NEVER to consume another living thing So can we all agree that Human Beings are Predators Even Vegans The closest I have seen a Human come to non Predator status Are a few men in India who eat nothing but leaves from The Neem Tree Or those that eat only soil Those people don't live very long & their lives Are quite unpleasant AGAIN!...shall we all agree upon PREDATOR STATUS  YAY!!!!!.....Now it's just a matter of degree And since the Human Being has evolved to the Truly impressive point of breaking the barrier Of this planet & travelling to the Moon Based on the concentrated Amino Acids & Sulfates Derived from eating COOKED MEAT Can we even contemplate things like Philosophy & Irony Or even define what a Predator is And yet we bother to do so We go so f
Just Walk Away!!!!!
It's about learning to dance in the rain!********************************************************************************** There are people who can walk away from you. And hear me when I tell you this! When people can walk away from you: let them walk.I don't want you to try to talk another person into staying with you, loving you, calling you, caring about you, coming to see you, staying attached to you. I mean hang up the phone. When people can walk away from you let them walk. Your destiny is never tied to anybody that left. The bible said that, they came out from us that it might be made manifest that they were not forus. For had they been of us, no doubt they would have continued with us. [1 John 2:19] People leave you because they are not joined to you. And if they are not joined to you, you can't make them stay. Let them go. And it doesn't mean that they are a bad person it just means that their part in the story is over. And you've gotto know when people's part in your
Deaths Companion
We chatted as if we shared the same thoughts and feelings, Our laughter filled the emptiness deep within creating more meaning; Time we shared with one and another building a bond so strong, A friendship builton honesty and trust that will last very long; One would think this was all two would need in a relationship.   As the talking and laughter would continue through the night, Our bodies grew closer and our arms wrapped each other tight; Honesty like this between two people you would think couldn't be, Trust here isn't a question that we ask because we understand -see; No matter what happens at least we will always have our friendship.   Unable to realize the truth we seemingly grew closer, but further away, The honesty wasn't honest and the trust couldn't be trusted -who's to say; Arms unfolded and the emptiness seemed to come back into our lives, Unknown to what was realling to come we weren't prepared for the strife; But now the end has come and even death has rea
Show & Tell
                                                            Show & Tell        Billy & Samantha were nervous,      today was show & Tell,      Mrs. Murphy said it would begin,      at the beginning of the bell.        Mary was first,     " My Daddy is a Doctor,       he helps the sick get better."        Alex was next,      " My Mommy is a Postal Carrier,        she makes sure you get all of        your letters."        Susie came up next,     " My Daddy is a Musician,       he makes all kinds of songs,       some short, and some long."        Bobby was next,      My Daddy is a comedian,      he makes you laugh      'cause he likes to joke and gag.        Billy & Samantha went up together,     " Our Daddy's in Heaven now,         and can't be here today,       he was a soldier in the Army,       he loved his country & fought for this."       and together Billy & Samantha unfolded        The American Flag.     
natediggity009: what does fap mean anyways?unknown: masturbatenatediggity009: ok but why?unknown: why masturbate?natediggity009: why does fap mean masterbate?unknown: idkunknown: i think it is something someone on fubar came up with cause masturbate is NSFW and therefor cannot be used in a lot of mummsnatediggity009: all i can come up with is finger anal penetrationunknown: that is kinda hot tho....LOLnatediggity009: lolunknown: did I say that out loud? natediggity009: not what im thinking of when someone says masterbate thoughunknown lol!natediggity009: so if i asked someone if they wanted to watch me masterbate im sure they would be shocked if all they saw was me sticking a finger in my assnatediggity009: just sayinunknown: lmfao!natediggity009: fubar people are wierdunknown: that explains why I fit rit in huh?natediggity009: nobody should fit in with themunknown: hahaunknown: The onomatopoeic representation of masturbation. Often used to suggest that something is attractive.unknown:
Going Home.
  Going Home Today we say goodbye to someone we all love, as we grieve our loss , she begins her journey to Heaven above.   She came here for a visit, and stayed for 65 yrs.  her life was filled with laughter, love, happiness and a few tears.   She'd have four children, she loved with all her heart, there's a piece of her in each of us, and there, she'll always be a part.   She would travel the country, and make many friends, she loved everyone of them, and for them her love would never end.   She now stands in Heaven, with her Father, Mother,  two brothers and a son, God sent her here for a purpose, now that purpose is done.   As we say Goodbye,  there's one more journey she must roam,  our mother's not going away, God has called her back home.                                                               
I Dunno Wtf To Call This One Either
Days go on and on...I always look for a wayto make them go faster. Faster days to get some point that I can't namefor some unknown reason. A race with no rhyme or reason...spinning wheels in muckthere's no logic to this mess. Maybe one day the destination...can be this clear placethe end result of a rainbow. A peaceful place with you...but who would I be thenif not this mess of a person. Do we embrace the we embrace the chaosor continue this mad dash.
Cosplay University Uniforms Get Your Own College Lifestyle Again
It turned out usually noticed several cosplayers used cosplay school uniforms exhibiting on their own within cosplay get-togethers. In truth, university consistent cosplay is an the most popular cosplay pleasurable routines, and plenty of people today wearing cosplay school uniforms have the aims connected with bringing these good quality recollections in education.A lot more innovative thoughts are being used about vogue cosplay costumes. In regards to cartoons university clothing, this also adds up. The best transformations in colorings of the garments specifically come to be evident. Previously orange design and style exhibits us a new dolce glimpse, this particular colourful anime university consistent should do improved around accentuating this person's women residence. This short-sleeved whitened top can be designed through dark colored ribbon wrap, bunches and also tie hem sprained ankle, appearing to be seriously elegant. Your smaller top was made to end up being light this occ
Top Ten
WOW, almost everything!!Top ten of (almost) everything. Really quite interesting and informative. GEOGRAPHY
The Truth
BUCHANAN TO OBAMA   Finally............It is Said Publicly.    I have never seen the white side explained better! Pat Buchananhad the guts to say it. It is about time.       BUCHANAN  TO  OBAMA       By  Patrick J.  BuchananBarack says we need to have a  conversation about race in America .. Fair enough. But this time, it has to be a two-way conversation.. White America needs to be heard from,  not just lectured to.... This time, the Silent Majority needs to have its  convictions, grievances and demands heard. And among them are  these: First,     America has  been the best country on earth for black folks. It was here that  600,000 black people, brought from Africa in slave ships, grew into a  community of 40 million, were introduced to Christian salvation, and  reached the greatest levels of freedom and prosperity blacks have ever  known.. Wright ought to go down on his knees and thank God he is an  American.Second, no people anywhere has done more to lift up blacks
The Shadow
The Shadow I am a shadow, a lost soul, Wandering through life, searching, Searching for the illusion that is happiness, an illusion that temps all men. This happiness which is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing that provides peacefulness, joy, pride and love, a blessing that gives the soul reasons to live. It is a curse for happiness is only temporary, an illusion, a curse for it shows the soul what it may have but never hold. This glimpse of happiness seen by the lost soul,  slowly drives him apart from those around him. Slowly it drives him mad, torturing him, taking his mind and turning it away from life,  and any chance of holding the illusion. For he knows that happiness is not his to hold or to keep, that this illusion will torture him until the day he dies.
Will It Ever End
Do You Thing The Earth Will Ever End
Feelin As Low As The River
Another day has turned it's page. I still don't understand why I am constantly feeling down. I miss my old life. I miss my baby girl. 2 years old and i avnt been seeing her because I have nothing to give her. No materials, or love because I cannot love myself. This whole world has turned upside down. Katey is a great mom and a very responsible person. Shes got a good job and is hopefully doing really well. But do i really miss her? All i have is a glimpse. No image, no stillframe. Her presence is no longer within my eyes its all heartache from here on out. I know i fucked up, multiple times. But, why did things have to get as bad as they did? Yea, I smoke weed. Get over it. Soon I'm going to get my card so it will be legal. All I'm saying is that it has effects on me that are medicinal, and that is that. I may have other problems that are not fully understood by people (even though they say they get it) They Don't!! I hve kept this job, and right when i started makig money, child su
Read My Work On Bookise Daigo   The LINK ABOVE is to my profile on a writing site. I have no fans so my work doesn't get looked at much ....  So I am posting it here to ask for  you all to  go there and look it over.  If you like my work leave a comment there or here on this post.    I would  very much love that... and if you really like it I will send you a drink...  much love.
Things I Learned From Porn...
1. Women wear high heels to bed . 2. Men are never impotent. 3. When going down on a woman 10 seconds is more than satisfactory. 4. If a woman gets busted masturbating by a strange man, she will not scream with embarrassment, but rather insist he have sex with her. 5. Women smile appreciatively when men splat them in the face with sperm. 6. Women enjoy having sex with ugly, middle-aged men. 7. Women moan uncontrollably when giving a blowjob. 8. Women always orgasm when men do. 9. A blowjob will always get a woman off a speeding ticket. 10. All women are noisy fucks. 11. People in the 70s couldn’t fuck unless there was a wild guitar solo in the background. 12. Those tits are real. 13. A common and enjoyable sexual practice for a man is to take his half-erect penis and slap it repeatedly on a woman’s butt. 14. Men always groan “OH YEAH!” when they cum. 15. If there are two of them they “high five” each other. (and the girl isn’t dis
Libyan Officials Say Military Remains Strong, As Rebels Advance
Despite mounting evidence that Libyan strongman Muammar al-Qaddafi is losing his grip on power and running out of options, his government is putting on a brave face amid recent rebel gains and the deteriorating situation in his besieged capital Tripoli. On Thursday, the country’s Prime Minister Baghdadi Ali al-Mahmoudi insisted the Libyan military was strong enough to end the conflict, but said it was "high time for a cease-fire" citing the increasing bloodshed. Speaking through an interpreter, al-Mahmoudi also rejected press reports and rebel claims that they have taken control of the strategic port city of Zawiyah,juicy couture just 30 miles west of the capital, after six days of intense fighting. "I want to assure you the Libyan government is still strong and resilient and is in control of the country and all its territory,” said al-Mahoudi. "Az Zawiyah is under our full control.” "In terms of our military strength we are powerful enough to finish this fight, but t
Great Kisses
I want to kiss you softlyI want to kiss you slowI want to look deep in your eyesI want you just to know. I want to feel your bodypressed up against my ownI want to feel your heartbeatI want to hear you moan. I want to taste the sweetnessas I linger on your lipsI want to feel you shiverunderneath my fingertips. I want to hold you near meand protect you through the nightand chase away your nightmaresuntil the morning light. I want you to believe in what isand what can beand know that I love youjust as much as I know you love me. I LOVE YOU MY WIFE
Gotta Snow Cone?
For those of you who have lived in New Mexico , you know how true this is. They actually have a Chili Cook-off about the time Halloween comes around. It takes up a major portion of a parking lot at the Santa Fe Plaza . Judge #3 was an inexperienced Chile taster named Frank, who was visiting from Springfield , IL .   Frank: "Recently, I was honored to be selected as a judge at a chili cook-off.. The original person called in sick at the last moment and I happened to be standing there at the judge's table, asking for directions to the Coors Light truck, when the call came in. I was assured by the other two judges (Native New Mexicans) that the chili wouldn't be all that spicy; and, besides, they told me I could have free beer during the tasting, so I accepted and became Judge #3."   Here are the scorecard notes from the event:     CHILI # 1 - MIKE'S MANIAC MONSTER CHILI     Judge # 1 -- A little too heavy on the tomato. Amusing kick. Judge # 2 -- Nice, smooth tomato
How To Get In A Short Period Of Time Relating To North Face Fleece Jackets
The new Denali Shirt is created with recycled cloth as part of The North Face commitment to sustainability. Denali dependable fleece fabric comes from 87% recycled information, and the Denali pascal fleece fabric provided by 65% Buy North Face Outlet recycled stuff. These items are made from 90% post-industrial spend and 10% post-consumer waste materials, stopping your flow connected with materials within the landfill and then creating worthwhile materials because of waste. All the North Face will save Twenty.9 excess fat of And also carbon emissions per yard involving Denali solid fleece clothing, and approximately 40 pounds of green house gases and even 0.42 tommers skrrrm gallons of gas will be saved for every Denali good fleece jacket. I reside in the a Pacific Northwest plus almost every man has the jacket. This keeps every person warm therefore we use it pertaining to 300 days or weeks out of the twelve months, its good for rain (no get saturated) and a blowing wind (
It's True
I’m   literally in shock When a someone finds me attractive.  
There Pieces Striped Bikini
  Small set of striped bikini skirt is very dynamic. Sets let you enjoy the little skirt on the beach playing volleyball in it!Chest bow to show the wind super cute girl   striped Bikini, sexy and dynamic set in one of the ultra-compact bikini , very suitable for confident, customer seeking sexy, wide horizontal stripes in the visual that can make the chest more plentiful, the cute little pants seems to be "not safe" system belt, in fact, common security, Distance bikini cup size and capacity can be adjusted freely, freedom to wear more comfortable, after wearing a sexy bikini pants to hip-shaped Alice Johnson, the overall visual symmetry that bit more slender legs.   Bikini is sexy, is the charm, is the release of hot body   The a swimsuit with a three-piece sexy bikini steel trust, the Korean style fashion design effect Awesome oh breast augmentation buy sexy bikinis      
I Been Living In Vegas For 3 Year!!
How fast time has just flew By!!  Geez! I never thought in X Amount of Years. That I would have actually moved to Las Vegas. Living with few select of friends & no family lives around me.  It was Extremely Very Hard in the First 2 years.  I moved to Vegas with only my clothes & few selective boxes. All my family & friends from California. Always told me that I would fail to live out of state, with no family around. I was also told that I would gamble all my money away & end up living in the street.  Coming up on 3 years living in Vegas, less than 2 weeks from now.  It just goes to show, sometimes when we take chances in life. To process to better our own life.  It could be possible with hardly any money with you. You have to be discipline & hard on yourself. To make your dreams come true! Never listen to others that put you down  & always minute every minute count!! And Never forget to be Responsible for all your own Actions!!  =) Have Faith & Always follow you Dreams!!  =)
Immortality ( Your Greatest Gift Or Worst Nightmare )
If you were given the chance to accept it would you? I imagine a lot of people's first response would be to jump at it. Perhaps in the distant future we will have advanced medical science enough that it could offer some form of immortality but I cannot imagine a more terrible fate for those that would choose it because not all people would want to go on forever. For those who would they would still face a barrage of potential misadventures over multiple lifetimes that would eventually end in their demise. You are only as safe as your ability to risk manage and even then not aging would not save you from a firey car crash. A person who could defy the odds and avoid calamity over thousands of years would carry the baggage, the scars, the memories of watching everything they ever cared about, everyone they ever loved leave them. We were never meant for such a distortion of nature. No human heart could bear that kind of pain. Your greatest fantasy would become your worst nigh
Sunrise to Sunset I will wake, I will rest But my love for you will stay at it's best.   Each moment we make, will never break Time is not an issue, cause forever I'm with you No more tick tock for the clock This is our twilight.   So iv come to my senses as we lay in the rain I'm a Dick, your a Jane Let's make this kiss and start our fame.   Sunrise to Sunset I will wake while you rest And give you a kiss for the best.   -Alex Deer
Where Am I?
This year started with a heartbreak for me...a big life change followed and now I can say I am healing. But where do I go? I found work now and I love it but I am having this fear of what's to come. What will happen to me in the next 5 years or so? Last year my mind was made up on what I will do but now I feel like I have nothing to look forward to. I feel old....People my age have families already. I feel envious of them. When will I have mine?! Also, I wanna study further. Maybe proceed to med school but I will graduate in my mid 30's and then what? Maybe I was just used to planning my life with someone over the years that's why I feel lost now. I feel scared being alone but I need to get used to just having myself to lean on from now. Begin to love my singleness. Got to get back to my hobbies, spend more time with family and friends, doing good in every little way. Still I miss having someone around. Well, life will always be a constant change. We just all have to love, laugh, cr
[that Burp Tasted Like Drunk]
Gotta say, I had higher hopes for the Charlie Sheen roast.   ... what? Oh. Nah, seriously, that shit looked thrown together, bunch of nobodies and a slapdash production with a few jabs that have been done funnier on forum posts, the highlight was of course the three (out of what, 12?) funny people involved. One of them was John Lovitz. The other two were William Fucking Shater.   ... okay some credit to Seth.   But seriously- that was chop steak at best.   Had a couple bourbons tonight. Had a lot on my mind the last... month.   I dunno. I could use a cigar and a consolation prize on the side. I'm just not very excited right now. Played about 30 hours of Dragon Age, and I stand by my previous statements on the topic Never Winter Nights 2 without the bugs, crashes, 30 minute loading screens, and kobold killing more blood more party member whining (for better and worse) and intentional underwear scenes.   I did intentionally initiate a romance with the bisexual
tchotchke \CHOCH-kuh\noun;    1.  A trinket; a knickknack.
Comfortable And Easy Relocation In Gurgaon
The work of shifting process brings lots of unbearable situations that create lots of trouble in human’s life. Every people want to shift their goods safely to the new place at the desired time. But people are unable to do the complete work on time as they have to do their other personal works also. At that time they need assistance of some experts who complete their work properly and swiftly. So, don’t take tension as several packing and moving companies are working in the market to make your resettlement easier and smoother. They offer you several services as per your demand and requirements. When these moving companies are available to do the full work properly then the customers are free to do their other personal works. The packing and moving companies have team of talented and skilled workers who never distress their clients while working. Their workers have all the important knowledge that is required to complete the resettlement task appropriately. The manager of t
Canadian Helped Gadhafi's Son Flee Libya: Report
A Canadian man has admitted to helping Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi’s son flee the country last month, according to the National Post. The Toronto-based newspaper reported that Gary Peters, president of the Cambridge, Ont.,longchamp outlet private security firm Can/Aus Security & Investigations International, was Saadi Gadhafi’s longtime bodyguard. Peters, a landed immigrant, told the National Post that he was part of the team that helped the slain dictator’s son escape across Libya’s southern border to Niger. Peters said that he was shot in an ambush returning to Libya and came back to Canada to seek medical treatment. The National Post reported that Peters had worked for the Gadhafi family since 2004 and continued to serve as a bodyguard during the NATO campaign against the dictator, which ended in his death earlier this month. The Ontario man vowed that he “broke no laws” in an interview with the National Post, despite the United Nations s
Your Love Is A Lie
I fall asleep by the telephone. It's two o'clock and I'm waiting up alone. Tell me, where have you been' (where have you been) I found a note with another name. You blow a kiss but it just don't feel the same. Cauz I can feel that you're gone. (feel that you're gone) I can't bite my tongue forever, while you try to play it cool. You can hide behind your stories, but don't take me for a fool! You can tell me that there's nobody else (but I feel it!) You can tell me that you're home by yourself (but I see it!) You can look into my eyes and pretend all you want, but I know, I know Your Love is just a lie! (Lie! Lie!) It's nothing but a lie! (Lie! Lie!) You look so innocent, But the guilt in your voice gives you away. Yeah, you know what I mean (know what I mean) How does it feel when you kiss when you know that I trust you [ Your Love Is A Lie lyrics from' Could you be more obscene' (be more obscene) So don't try to say you're sorry, or try to m
Darwin's Theory Revisited ( It's Time To Evolve )
It is interesting to note that when the "Modern AeroDynamic Principle" was developed it was widely assumed that it would explain all observed phenomena..... then along came the BumbleBee. This theory says the BumbleBee should not be able to fly.... yet somebody hasn't told the "Little Bugger" this so he goes right on doing it ! With the advent of high powered research computers to analyze motion and identify it's algorythems we now know that insects are "Masters Of Flight" achieving maximum lift on the edge of stalling so the BumbleBee is able to lift its body off the ground despite having what according to our understanding of aerodynamics is an " insufficient wing area." Does this mean that "Modern AeroDynamic Theory" is wrong? Not at all.... simply incomplete. One might look at a myriad of partially successful theories in our modern world like Quantum Mechanics, String Theory, Relativity and Darwinianism that seem to be at an impasse and draw the same conclusion, that
Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
She Had Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
Sweatshirts Are One Of The Most Popular Items Of Clothing Around
For people who like wearing Franklin Marshall sweatshirts or who like seeing other people wearing sweatshirts. A sweatshirt or sweatshirts should be the main item(s) of any photos you post and there should be a person or people wearing them. Sweatshirts are one of the most popular items of clothing around. Male, female, young or old, loads of people wear them. So we want you to post as many photos as possible of yourselves or other people wearing sweatshirts I was just wondering if anyone has seen the grey-with-blue-trim Franklin Marshall sweatshirt that Kyrie has been wearing to games at the Duke store? I assume its Nike gear designed specifically for the team, but on the off-chance people with connections know: is this the case? Where would I start calling/contacting to see if its available for public purchase? I need some new Duke gear for this season, and those sweatshirts are fly!!! Mods feel free to move/merge this with anything else.
I Love You
I can’t stand being without you. It’s Like living without sun. Your lightOverwhelms anyone near it. Just to be near you is aVictory in my eyes. I want to be with youEveryday of my life. You’re amazing and I love how easy it is to beOpen with you. It’sUnbelievable how much I Love You. You know exactly how to make my smile. You’re soOdd, but my love for you isUncontainable. Always and forever, that’s what it is.Rarely do you find that anymore, yetEveryday here you’ve been. Always watchingMe, waiting to see what I do.Always over using, I love you.Zany and crazy,Intelligent andNaive, but aGiver and a lover. I Love you.You are amazing. I am forever and ever yours.
Top Long Sleeve Franklin Marshall Hoodie
Hey if your looking for some great deals on some Franklin and Marshall I might have found some for you. I recently visited areopostale for some great deals. I am wearing one of their tops now that is one of my favorites. It is actually a hoodie and is one of the more comfortable tops I have other than my lounge top for the night time. Here is some quick info about some or one of their tops that is presently on sale at a very cheap price. ($68.00) I say cheap and inexpensive because you are getting a name brand and getting it at a reasonable cost to you. I was at Wal-mart a few days ago and they had some similar hoodies that I thought was a little pricey so to speak and they were not made as well as the one that I am wearing. Maybe your not just looking for a Long Sleeve Franklin Marshall Hoodie   so perhaps you are searching for some jeans, blouses and much more. Visit the link in the first paragraph and find out more of what they offer. I encourage you to check them out before bu
Why To Intall Led Brake Light On Our Cars?
     Why to intall led brake light on our cars? Most people know the importance of the Led brake light .It decides if we can drive safely.     The common problems for the led brake light are two-the light does not light up or always on, no matter is the former or the latter situation,it will effect the driving.    Led brake light is the most important led signal light of the led fog light.The common car led brake bulbs have two types-led rear brake light and high brake light.We often see that some brake lights on both sides,while the driver himself is unaware of the problem,This situation is very serious, if it is congested road in the urban areas, may result in minor rear-end and it is a waste of time and money;     If it is on the highway will lead to serious accidents, not to mention that at night, even during the day, the brake light problem is also dangerous.So when we use this kind of led lights for cars,we should pay attention to them,and improve our driving safety.
Many Car Models Have Already Used Led Lights
@   Includes LED lights for automotive purposes. The LED lights can be used for either the interior or the exterior of the automotive vehicle to illuminate the surrounding areas.      All LED lights for cars are manufactured to ECE standards. No more burnt out light bulbs, broken filaments or dim light bulbs.Automotive Compatibility: The LED lights work on boats, ATVs, motorcycles, RVs and quads. LED lighting works on any model of RV, ATV, boat or quad.      Many car models have already used led lights.Any make or model of a car such as a Mazda6, Passport, Harley Davison, Subaru, Sentra , Lamborghini, Pontiac, Mustang, Armada, Nissan, Miata, Taurus, Xenon, Spectra, Toyota, BMW, Ranger, Tacoma, Pathfinder, Thunderbird, Hummer, Escalade, Porsche, Corvettes, Ranchero, Ford, etc are all compatible with led led light.
Stay Cheap Ugg Boots
stay cheap ugg bootsToo expensive and high quality can only wear one year,There,You know the difference,Clothing market in the shoes of a leather material is used,Let the boots dry naturally,In lots of cases,s face it,These handbags are ideal for both men and women due to its toughness and its lasting for a longer time period,Nursing Method,If your UGG boots are especially dirty or soiled,Second,A new level of awesomeness was born into the fashion world when this line came about,But it must have hurt even more the next night,Not only do you need to avoid using a washing machine or hot water,The Ugg boots will unquestionably make you obvious in a style,and a sheepskin sock liner for more comfort and ease,These Louis vuitton shoes make women exceptional and exclusive in gaze and also stats her sense of fashion and quality.making it an even more public disagreement,t always wear something that goes with brown and tan,than that is surely what Kanye West makes,Several people to
The Rest
Farragut, TN (Sports Network) - Chris Kirk fired a nine-under 63 Saturday to grab a one-stroke lead after 54 holes of the Knoxville Sentinel Open. Charles Woodson Kids Jersey . Kirk completed three rounds at 15-under-par 201. He will go for his second win of the season on Sunday. PGA Tour veteran Kirk Triplett carded a five-under 67 to finish three rounds at minus-14 and is alone in second place. Triplett has been alone or tied for second after each of the first three rounds. Gavin Coles (64) and Travis Bertoni (65) share third place at 13-under-par 203. Keegan Bradley also fired a 63 to soar into a tie for fifth at minus-12. He stands alongside David Hearn (66) and Ben Bates (67). Second-round leader Gary Woodland stumbled to three double-bogeys en route to a two-over 74 at Fox Den Country Club. He fell into a tie for 14th at minus- nine. Kirk got his round going with birdies on one and three. He converted back-to- back birdie efforts from the seventh to move to 10-under. The Knoxvill
In My Dreams
In My DreamsIn my dreams I see your faceYou’re the one that makes my heart raceIn my dreams you hold me tightYou make everything seem so rightIn my dreams you’re always to my aidYou are close to me whenever I’m afraidIn my dreams you’re the perfect guyYou never hurt me, you never lieIn my dreams I’m always your girlAnd you treat me as a precious pearlHow I wish for this dream to come trueCause in there I love you and you love me too
Kinda Nervous
I have to have a nuclear stress test over the next two days. According to my appears that I had a heart atack some time back...The dr does not think this is the case, but wants to be safe. I am sort of nervous about it. Any of you jerks ever have one or know someone who did?
How Do I Make You See
How do I make you see That we are supposed to be together For all of time Our hearts entwined forever   How do I make you see I would do anything for you No matter the price No cost is too great to be with you   How do I make you see That in my life I need you And no matter what happens I will always love you
Day 177
Day 177 R and I have fallen out of contact with each other, after I shot my mouth off...sad but i guess that's what happens when you get a crush on your best friend, and ask her where your relationship is headed. Instead i've fixed on a coworker of mine. She's cute, feisty, and makes me giggle. And tiny.Why do i fall for the tiny ones with the interesting psychological problems?because i have IPP myself? prolly.ah well...she's cute goes on and on...ya verk ya verk ya verk and den ya die, as de old svede said.
5 Years....
I never thought I would be alive 5 years after my father's death. I truly didn't...but I am. I just knew I would die of heartbreak.....BUT I DIDN'T!   Why didn't I? I had longed and wished for it, for so long. It couldn't be that I am stronger than I believe....JFC! That would mean I have some sort of backbone. WTF? I guess he taught me more than to make people laugh. Cheers! My are sooooooo missed and loved more than ANYTHING.
Perfecr Imperfections
perfect imperfections My thoughta feelings and insecurities, A poem if you will, Truth is true even if you lie to yourself It is Truth styll- Right if you allow it to be Solution like needs to be And my questions, perceptions and unresolved issues Of whats with you and me Perfect reflection of an imperfect collection Perfect is a lie The truth is you and I Is there no happy medium? The choice is but to choose between yelling or silence? Negative attention or no attention?? Supercharged or no charge at all?? The shortest distance between two points is a straight line And the ability to keep a distance right next to me you have mastered just fine. I don’t understand any of it at all… Tyme continues to move on, we continue but not together, we just exist Independently of one another, alternating ownership of an attraction meant to resist Silence is by far better than the fight…I never get to choose, silence when you want it to be and argument when Im right And in the s
Let Me Take You There - Plain White T's
I know a place that we can go to A place where no one knows you They won't know who we are I know a place that we can run to And do those things we want to They won't know who we are Let me take you there I wanna take you there I know a place that we've forgotten A place we won't get caught in They won't know who we are (they won't know, won't know) I know a place where we can hide out And turn our hearts inside out They won't know who we are Let me take you there I wanna take you there Let me take you there Take you there Take you there Ooohhh Ooohhh Ooohhh Ooohhh I know a place we'll be together And stay this young forever They won't know who we are Let me take you there I wanna take you there Let me take you there Take you there Take you there Ooohhh We can get away to a better place if you let me take you there We can go right now cause every second counts Girl just let me take you there Take you there
Canada Goose Outlet Canada Goose Parka Canada Goose Jackets Canada Goose Shoes Canada Goose Handbags Cheap Canada Goose
President barack Obama and republican candidate mitt romney has melted the position of guns restrictions for many years. When they say shock and sadness in the blood of Colorado cinema, neither suggested more strict gun control will have a great effect on, the idea has faded out political debate. canada goose outlet   Romney signed an assault weapons ban, as governor of Massachusetts. But as with become republican nominee, now he himself as a candidate of the tube who will protect the rights of gun owners. canada goose parka   Obama called for renewed federal assault weapons ban in 2008 during the presidential campaign. But because of his election, he did not attempt to do or push other gun control scheme, either. canada goose jackets   No one may improve the gun control a campaign issue-in addition to romney's insistence, barack Obama was elected President against gun owners. All said they will protect the second amendment right to bear. Look at the evolution of the candidate's
I Know, You Know - Steve Franks And The Friendly Indians
In between the lines there's a lot of obscurity I'm not inclined to resign to maturity If it's all right, then you're all wrong Why bounce around to the same damn song You'd rather run when you can't crawl I know, you know, that I'm not telling the truth I know, you know, they just don't have any proof Embrace the deception, Learn how to bend You're worst inhibitions tend to psych you out in the end I know, you know I know, you know I know, you know I know, you know
A Touch Unfelt A Poem By Me That I Wrote Way Back In 2009
How can you ache and crave for someone's touch When you have never felt it? I do this for yours, though, And the yearning grows more each day I have never wanted anything in my life As much as I want you When you whisper such sweet love In my ear when we talk You make me melt into a puddle Of complete helplessness You have become my every waking thought And my every dream at night I breathe in so hard Trying to catch my breath when we can't talk I close my eyes so tight Hoping when I open them you will be there But I know I have to wait Until the time is right It seems so far away That I think I am losing my mind I want to breathe in your scent And keep it with me all day long I want to taste your love for me By kissing your sweet lips I want to feel your body next to me So when you leave for awhile I can hold on I just want you to know That I really do love you When the day comes and we are together You will always know and feel this I will always hug, kiss and love you Every moment o
Firefox Os Vai Invadir Território Do Android E Do Iphone
Há lugar para mais um sistema operacional de smartphone no mercado? A Mozilla, organização que criou o browser Firefox, acha que sim. Desde o ano passado, ela desenvolve o que já foi apelidado de Firefox OS, um sistema para dispositivos móveis que deve estrear em 2013. E o Brasil pode ser um dos primeiros países a recebê-lo.   Com o nome oficial de Boot to Gecko (B2G), o projeto tenta recuperar o idealismo que norteou o desenvolvimento do navegador Firefox. Para Andreas Gal, diretor de pesquisa e desenvolvimento da Mozilla, o Firefox foi importante para evitar que padrões fechados, exclusivos de determinadas empresas, dominassem a web. O plano é que o Firefox OS tenha um papel similar no mundo dos smartphones. Além disso, ele pode permitir a fabricação de smartphones mais baratos e ajudar a popularizar esses aparelhos. Gal esteve, nesta quarta-feira, no evento The Next Web Latin America, em São Paulo, onde falou a “O projeto é viável sim. Não vamos construir um eco
You Should Record What You Eat As Well As Your Weight Gain Or Loss Over Time
If you're a weight attentive person that enjoys to read almost everything about healthy diet, then you may be unclear about the number of meals a person must take in. While most people are bred on about three meals per day, the newly released statements on the subject of 3 meal diet program makes us to imagine that we were using a bad diet practice for long. Previously, the total number of meals you consume each day has never been an issue since we advocated the slogan - the less you eat , the more you shed weight. Having said that, if the recent reports are to be agreed on we need to make some serious modifications to our eating plan. Nutritians typically prompt us to spread our food consumption equally during the day. Morning meal is the most essential meal for the day. Breakfast will provide us the vitality for carrying out different activities through the day. A reasonable lunch will give us a sufficient amount of calories to get throughout the entire day. Given that, you no longer
My Birthday
Today I got many gifts that were so special to me so here it goes, mainly from my boo..aka Papii I got a 135 bling pack V.I.P Flowers which are in my pictures 150.00 cash A icecream cake from Baskin and robbins A Swedish Massage $ 105.00 and he tipped them $20.00 A bottle of Moscotti Wine Patron tequila and a suck and blow shot in a tube Los Compadres with a friend A birthday card made for me from my son and kisses all day That was just today to make me smile because of my hard days I have been having. I am so thankful for my boo, he shined a light today that I needed to see. I needed a smile . I am relaxed beyond belief and tipsy too. Woot  I will add if I forgot something, it has been one rip rawring day and even though I am sore from my surgery, I enjoyed every minute of it.
Mind Is A Spiral Maze
It's like a movie reel in slow motionLoseing all emotionTrapt in a spiral mazeMind stuck in a dazeFuture and present is the sameSuch a disapointment that I cameThe things I want don't want meDisturbing thoughts that won't let me beTry holding onto a hopeNever learned how to copeNow all I do is walk around and mopeConstantly feeling crappyWill I ever understand being happy
My Lil' Cousin
I just heard some bad cuz has lost his home in Seaside, NJ.....please i need ideas to help him out....I feel terrible that he needs a place to live and i can do anything for him living so far away   thanks,   Supe.
We Are All The Same!!
Times have changed, and its not really prearranged. Take my hand and see the light, one second later we will unite. We are all the same, different likes with a different name. Today is the first time of all, you may choose to rise or fall. I can help if you'd like or not, sharing is mutual, sold or bought. All we are is all we've been, we can't change with a loss or win. All that ever has mattered is within you, the first star will help you see through. Cry out it might feel better, to release the pain, in every letter. I am here just till I burn out, you are here to shine in all you are about. Stand up and stake the claim, we all are the same.
Children Gone
Why the children ?  The innocent ones  How can they come to a school with guns? ...  Children gone , families ripped apart  Like a brutal stab to everyone"s heart ...  M tears fall .. my skins crawls  What  is this world coming to ? .. When will you come , God's precious son ... ?  Praying now .. seems all i can do ...  Filled with fear , saddness , and dread.  
Encontrar Barato Electrónica De Consumo En Línea
Si usted está haciendo planes para la electrónica barata en línea, inicie con la compra en la web. Definitivamente va a ser capaz de identificar cada una de las nuevas cosas a la mayoría de los precios efectivos. Las opciones tienden a ser ilimitado, y fácilmente puede ser capaz de excavar prácticamente todo lo que quieras y no tengo necesidad de. - moviles chinos Conseguir en línea ofrece realmente llegar a ser preferido como resultado de la comodidad junto con la simplicidad de localizar los artículos que usted quisiera. No hay ninguna necesidad de combatir el tráfico dirigido o incluso dedicar algún tiempo a las tiendas para encontrar un producto que está viendo. Para su propia comodidad, buscando sitios web junto con evaluar los gastos y los fabricantes. Electrónica de consumo comerciantes en línea Los reales en línea tiendas de electrónica de consumo proporcionar todos los productos que se obtienen en el reparto o inferiores tiendas de precios. La elección es sobre tod
Bored, So Squeeze...
As I, travel in my aura. Nora, explorer of what is myself. The little me that discovers the cover for all to see is different from the soul that's rarely felt. They all fear what they hear without getting to know. Manson. Anti-social superstar, they boycott my show. Growth on hold like the hairs retreating behind the fore. Head, above the clouds yet grounded beneath the toes. So before a word is spoken they already on know like Marty Mcfly, back from the future. Observer of what's to come. You people showing dumb. Writing scripts to what is me like prepared stories of reality tele-V. But i'm above the influence, major anti-druggie. Refusal to befriend those who impatient to get to know me. I'm far above the clouds like Zeus above you kings. Mount Olympus to any little castle you want to dream. My life force may bleed oddity yet the odds that is me living pass 23 was slim and grim. Film of my death envisioned in the mind of the teen who had no future because a life was never seen. Books
The Flu Is A Funny Thing
So this past weekend was suppose to be a weekend with the boyfriend. Minus work and other pointless/not so pointless shit. We had his Mom cover my Friday evening shift so we could go out to eat and spend time together like a couple. Sweet, huh? Wanna know how it went, as if the subject of this blog wasn't enough..... On Friday I went and got my paycheck cashed. Waited around for him to get off work at 7pm. By 6:30 I was feeling horrible. I still took a shower and took some meds so I could go out and probably feel better. We got to the place and when we got out food I took MAYBE 5 bites of food and I was done, lol. I just could not eat anymore. We left and went back to his house. It wasn't even 11pm by this point and I was gone....out for the count. According to him I snore when I'm sick, lol. He said my face, neck and arms were really red. Little did we know I had a fever. I was asleep and he thought I was just hot, and no, not that sexy hot either. Saturday came around and I woke up
Hay Baby
So my homepage opened and I saw the new bling thats been appeared to be a red assed spider monkey smoking a cigarette and it said hay baby!  I don't know if it's just me, but it seems like I must be missing something here.  lol I mean don't get me wrong, I would love to see a monkey smoke a cigarette, but the hay baby part has to be when it goes to the bar and tries to pick up another monkey?
We enter a second term with a myriad of challenges for the US Economy. Debt is skyrocketing since President Obama took office and at his inauguration the President hinted at dramatically increasing spending for things like climate change.After 4 years without a budget we are told that no spending restraints will be considered by the President even though we are borrowing - 60 percent of everything we are spending and adding to our kids and grand kids future "tab".At the same time the President's spokespeople are talking about further increasing taxes on everyone earning what they define as high incomes. That move is sure to decrease employment as people redirect their spending from paying marginal employees to paying taxes to Washington.Here's what we need to focus on now in America...Business is under attack by an Administration that seems clueless about economic realityWe need to...Legally - aggressively - avoid every dollar of tax we can...Export EVERY job we can to low cost - quali
They Say
[refractory Sloth]
Funk.And not the George Clinton kind.Shortly after my last update my Dad's mother passed away.I'll stop you at the "so sorry".We didn't get along.She was 91.In the meantime I've been playing a lot of Magic, some of my ideas are bombastic and hilarious, others get trounced by 15 year olds recreating the same collection of cards they saw on the internet from a tournament winneroverand overand overand overso it get's a little annoying when some pimply moron beats you with someone else's idea.But it does give me something to do with my brother.No real kitchen innovations, I do have a color scheme for my next project, I have started construction, don't have the paint yet. No real progress on any writing.Friend of mine had a crisis, it kinda nudged me further toward getting the hell out of did the huge amount of money I'm getting back from the Tax man.Expungment paid for... surplus of cash.Even with buying $30 worth of cards a month.I can't -really- do worse with any job right now,
The Glitzy Glamour Photo Contest!!!
Here they are ... the lucky chosen few. Everyone can vote once. The three categories are:  1) Sassiest  2)Prettiest  and 3)Most Glamourous over all. If you're leaving a vote, please use this format: 1) Sassiest - 2) Prettiest - 3) Most Glamorous -   Prizes!!! The man with the most votes for "Sassiest" will be awarded 6 million fubucks. The man with the most votes for "prettiest" will be awarded 1 million fubucks and a somewhat sfw salute from yours truly. And the man with the most votes for the "Most Glamorous" will be awarded a fucking boomerang provided by my inspiration: Vixen
2006 So Far For Me
Ok 2006 so far for me has been a up and down year for me this is in the australian date way not the amercian date way so if i am confusing you you will soon see what i mean people 10/1/06 my friendship with my best friend geoff came to a end of a best friend friendship of 16/17 years on this day and then on the 22/1/06 i got to meet a rock band called Silent Reprise and hang out with them they're are from Melbourne here in Australia they were awesome on the day i got pics taken with them and then in may just before mother's day i got to meet in person An Australian Country musican called Lee Kernaghan and he signed his new album the New Bush for me it was a honour meeting him for me and then on the 2/7/06 i got to meet a Australian pop/rock musican/songwriter/producer called Mark Lizotte aka Johnny Diesel or Diesel he signed 2 copies of his new album called Coathanger Atennae and then i asked him if he wouldn't mind signing some earlier album covers for me he said that's no problem
A Stupid Poem To Make My Friend Laugh
so many lovers so far away... how can i get to them all in a day... get rid of the miles that are inbetween us... cuz all i want baby is your 8 inch penis! ahahah now laugh damit candy!
At The Pool
mmmmmmmmmm baby i walk past the pool and i see you there laying in the chaise lounge with your shirt off and just in your shorts enjoying the sun no one eles is around the pool is empty and i walk by you and go in to the pool, your still laying there so i playfully splash water on you to get your attention. you sit up and a smile crosses your face you come into the pool and come near me all i'm wearing is a tshirt and bra and a pair of shorts. the water is a little cold so my nipples are showing you reach over and undo my bra and slip it off and toss it up where the towels are u get me in to one corner of the pool and start rubing my breasts and kissing my neck as i have my arms and legs wraped around you i feel your hard cock up against me so i reach down and i begin to start stroking you. feeling you getting harder and throbing mmmm baby u feel so good in my hands i slip off your shorts and i slip off mine i guide your cock to my pussy and i slide
A Walk To Remember
Well this is muh second one.. Went out today to have fun with muh friends... Went for a want with mamma Dean.... Then we stood on the corner.. Then went up with Amber... The had to come home.. Maybe be going to a home game tomorrow... I hope they do something for Tony... He was a good friend and only 19 he had passed away on 9-3-06 "We miss you Tony" Rest In Peace.. ~*Lots of Love*~
For I Love Him Lots
love is like this crazt unknown thing and as for me i love this guy a lot i shall not say a name and i shall not give a hint but he means the world to me and its amazing how much one person can have so much love for another and how with just one touch he sends u to heaven a friend i'll be to you and share each day and when youre blue, ill cheer you i want to run though fields,maybe hop and laugh sing to you and never stop myy love
I feel the filthy hands of my past self gripping hold of me so tightly I choke and gasp for air but can never get a full breath. I feel the pain all day, the pain and the burden of all the weight upon my shoulders, all the weight, all. Mine, mine, mine. Wanting to spiral down out of control holding on to the crutches of the past romanticizing the effects of substances with no real substance at all. To feed on the empty nourishment of false hope and promises they offer for fleeting moments. Time, time, time. Tick tick tick it goes away and gone again one more day is behind me one more dissapointment in the past one more morning I don't have to dread. Everyday I try to pry myself away from the cold knarled fingrtips of the girl I used to be. Free, free, free.
Why are people sooooooooo disrespectful?~!?~?? I just so happened to be in the ladies' room when my dog started barking up a storm. Thank goodness he only barks when he hears something out of the ordinary, else I wouldn't have thought twice about it. So I hurried and opened the back door (in retrospect was a bad idea) where he was standing.. too late to see WHO! BUT! Some effin' idiot scrounged around the deck looking for who knows what (You have to actually BE on the deck to see anything.. it's surrounded by bamboo on the 'open' side). "Thank you for leaving junk around!" Anyway.. do I have to arm myself every time I open the door now or what?!? Ugh I'm so pissed! I'm GLAD I didn't have to defend myself against said IDIOT. But damn it!!! Grrrr!!!!!!
I Think God Hates Me.
The clock reads 5:00 PM as I rest my head on my pillow. As I cut myself from the world and enter the dark abyss of the inside of my eyelids, I try to remember the last night I got a respectable amount of sleep. My memories amount to nothing. My mind is as blank as an empty sheet of paper. I let a smile erupt across my face because after taking a short nap, I know my brain will finally be at ease. In the two hours I attempted to catch up on some shut eye, I received 7 missed phone calls. In the two hours I thought would be heaven, I had 2 friends show up at my front door unannoucned. God must hate me.
Australians Got It Right
Australians got it right, multiculturalism has only served to dilute our Sovreignty and our National Identity! Food for thought - to this I say AMEN ! Gordon Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law were told on Wednesday to get out of Australia, as the government targeted radicals in a bid to head off potential terror attacks A day after a group of mainstream Muslim leaders pledged loyalty to Australia and her Queen at a special meeting with Prime Minister John Howard, he and his Ministers made it clear that extremists would face a crackdown. Treasurer Peter Costello, seen as heir
Raining Again!!
woohooo i absolutely love raining days!!!! most of people would say: are you f* crazy? well maybe lol, but what can i do if i like those gray days with a lot of water, and mostly in spring and summer, when the rain is warm! okay, i'm doing a backup of my desktop computer here at the office, because i'll have to install W2k3 Server ... hmm more than one will ask wft is that :D well, it's Windows 2003 Server so i'll be off for the day, and i'll be back in the night when i'm home it's a perfect begin of week, and i feel great :-) yesterday i had a nice sunday, just relaxing, watching tv, and doing stupid stuff at home... i didn't feel this in long time i'm free...
Im Sorry Fans And Friends
Lately i been Very Bussy in WWE. Most of this is Preparing My Body for Future Shows.I Finally Won That Intercontinental Title i was Looking foward to it. But Now im also a Target so ill have to Work harder to Keep it I Came here to apologize to all my Fans and Tell them that if im not on leave me a message ill try to answer ok love Jeff Hardy
A Letter From Mom (sorry Not My Mom)!
Dear Son: I'm writing this letter 'cause i know you can't read fast. We don't live where we did when you left home. Your dad read in the newspaper that most accidents happen within 20 miles from home, so we moved. I won't be able to send you the address because the last family that lived here took the house numbers when they moved so they would'nt have to change their address. This place is really nice. It even has a washing machine. I'm not sure it works so well though: last week, I put a load in and pulled the chain, and I haven't seen the clothes since. The weather isn't bad here. It only rained twice last week; the first time for 3 days, and the 2nd time for 4 days. About that coat you wanted me to send you. Your Uncle Stanley said it would be too heavy to send in the mail with the buttons on, so we cut them off & put them in the pockets. Your brother John locked his keys in the car yesterday. We were really worried because it took him 2 hours to get me & you
Ok I know I said I would be gone for a few days,, but I am sooo excited. I am going to my first subbie only munch on Saturday and I am sooooo excited I am gonna pee on the rug like a puppy. I am off and running now! Thanks to all who have supported me, offered advice and just been my friend. Kisses ~SSS~
Tag New Game
Here's the rules ,list six weird things or habits about yourself, list six friends you would like to play tag and comment they'll so they will check the blog for details. Here Goes 1.I,m very kind hearted I'll do anything for anybody thats if they help theirself first. 2.I dont like people who misses with kids i hate that with a passion. 3.My Biggest Habit is I Love Smoking My Weed. 4.I don't like loud talking people that you can hear down the street. 5.I do collect a lot of angels thats my good habit i got. 6.I can't stand a stupid drunks or stupid people. Friends id Like to play!! skilltepop ,Naughty4x4,Crowe008,Wckdangel,Tami*Lynn,Lost69angel
Magic Arrows
Games by
Please Read!!!
Hey this is for mainly my friends from the Tri-State area...Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. Most know that I do charity work for a local non profit organization out of Cinci. Next month, on the 10th of November, the 6th anual Dance for the Heart of It, dinner and dance is being held at The Syndicate. This is a great time to get dressed up and have a wonderful time!!! The money goes for a great cause and includes dinner, drinks, live entertainment by Soul Pocket, and auctions!!! For more information please check out the web site at, or you can click the link on my web page. If you are not able to come at least check out the upcoming events...something may interest you. Thanks so much!!!........Echo From the site... This is the 6th Anniversary of Aubrey's death and we appreciate everyone holding a special place in their hearts for this date. We want to make this night a celebration of Aubrey's life so thank you so much for keeping this date special. It's time
Hells Ya
The band originally formed as Pezz in 1993, when vocalist Ben Kowalewicz, guitarist Ian D'Sa, bassist Jon Gallant, and drummer Aaron Solowoniuk, met at the same high school in Streetsville, Ontario. They released a few independent recordings and caught the attention of Juno-nominated producer Brad "Merlin" Nelson, with whom a full-length CD, "Watoosh," was recorded in 1998. After toiling in indie rock obscurity and many repeated cycles through the Toronto club circuit, the quartet changed its name to "Billy Talent" in late 1999 after a character ("Billy Tallent") in Bruce McDonald's film adaptation of Michael Turner's 1993 book "Hard Core Logo". The change was also a reflection of the band's sound and attitude: aggressive emotional punk rock. With the goal of crafting memorable songs that fire away like ammunition with precision hard-as-math rhythms, Billy Talent recorded a four-song e.p. in September of 2001 that they called "Try Honesty". Their live show put audiences in riot mod
Why Is It.......
......that I seem to have no luck with gettin laid at all. Sure I am with someone and want to stay that way but I want to see how it is with others. I have only been with one woman in my life sexualy and am curious how it would be with others. I have been on craigslist in my area and no luck there for the 4 months I have been looking. And for anyones info I havn't had any for 6 months approx (feels like it too). Just sure wish there was someone out there local that would help me out with this...... Just a little vent and hope noone is offended by it.
Are You A Lady?
You Are 88% Lady No doubt about it, you are a lady with impeccable etiquette You know how to put others at ease, even if their manners aren't the greatest. Are You A Lady?
Help Me
I am totally depressed. My "ex" wife is a vindictive person and won't let me talk to my son. I am not looking forward to these next two holidays. I actually hate them. I have lost the spirit of the season. I need someone to help me get out of this funk. It really really sucks ass
You scored as Normal Sex. You like to do the things the way they were meant to be done. But this doesn't mean you can't be an animal in bed.Oral Sex78%Normal Sex78%Anal Sex55%Orgy55%Gay Sex55%Phone Sex44%Cyber Sex39%What kind of SEX do you love? (pics)created with
To One And All...
Gonna be a busy rest of the week, so I'll just say it now... Hosted By Remember, It's not about stuffing your face...It's about being thankful for your many blessing! And yes, we are all so very blessed in so very many ways! Kisses to all!
todays my bday.... damn.
Showing My Wang
I love ladies watching me jerk off especially when they comment or c2c with me but when its time for them to show its always oh my cameras broken or my kids are sick bullshit get ya tits and pussy out and shove your fingers in while u watch me its all good and we both get off so if ya wanna join the party add me my emails are on my profile xoxoxoxox ladies only ok
Slow Burn (adult Only)
SLOW BURN (for one very special man) Softly hands slide longingly over naked human flesh Lighting a flame within that burns so deep so hard so long Eyes closed to the world outside Open only to passion’s desperate plea In the mind the eye does see does feel does flow a river of coursing fire Hands so firm Take hold upon desire as it calls Lovingly caressing a woman deep inside Urgent moans and murmurings aching only for more more tantalizing Oooooooohhhhh's lips on erect nipples warm tongue delves within her soul whispered heat upon her skin driving her further on fingers rake her burn a slide between waiting thighs lips swollen pouting full the eyes of her lover devouring as he watches from the door his erotic delicacy sensitivities awakened her fingers a firey tongue lapping spirit mind and soul her gentle ministrations now a persistent unrelenting burn panting breaths fill the air plunging ever deeper until her sacred river flows
Anyone Going To Comment Me?
hey guys I feel unloved here as no one has commented me in the average joe contest come on now I know I'm not that damn homely show me some love heres the link go comment me some at least. Just copy and paste into your browser it will get you there. Thanx and happy and safe Holidays to all my friends on cherrytap...huggs David
RESOLVE resolve to not resolve in years but in days each one fresh and new a palette of colors unique awaiting the brush to contemplate stirring to life the infinite awake in me the beauty of the day let me paint the world I see splashing words upon the page and letting them fall in rainbows in shadows in the crystal of the eyes ever the word of the poet paints the lives lived and days RESOLVE
Something I read recently that really struck a chord with me.....The Bathtub principle. A very basic principle which translates into 'let go' to gain inspiration. . . . sound familiar? Anyways, according to the article creative revelations come to most people when thier minds are involved in an unrelated activity. Mental fermenation, as they like to call it, or incubation. Although you aren't physically envolved in the problem, your brain is still working towards a solution. "They surmise that associative conections between ideas and imagination that already exist in the mind become weaker and are transformed by new information". . . . and so we experience sudden intuitive enlightenment. Almost forgot, to mention how the Bathtub principle came about. Legend has it that Greek mathematician, Archimedes, was stepping into his bathtub when the principle of fluid displacement came to him. Anyways, that was a little something I found interesting enough. xoxo
One Big Rasict
Drkangel6~ DarkMoon family member Just so you all know.. This is ONE BIG RACIST.. I added a black man to my friends list and he shot off with the "N" bomb... He followed me around Cherry.. Went to my friends pages and looked at the comments I left them and what they left me.. saying I was fucking all of them. Calling my friends no good motherfuckers, {Which they have seen the conversations, they know I am telling the truth.. A few have seen other conversations where Drkangel thought he owned me.. ordered me to leave Cherry.. Counted all my comments.. watching if I added anyone to my page.. acting like I was his woman.. his property.. And fuck.. I don't even know the man. I just met him last week.. and I just had a conversation with someone that just met him too and she said he scares her and she will tred with caution. I asked Cherry how to get my shouts back and if I get them back.. or a record of them.. I will show you all how big of a lunatic racist he is...another thing I
For The Lost Child
Your broken heart and silent tears Can never replace the one lost dear. Why this happened no one knows The hurt and the sadness in your eyes show. Put on a brave face you think you must, Even for those in whom you trust. Never letting the pain come through, Though it would be alright for you to do. Destiny and fate had other plans, Another time you will walk hand in hand. Know that for now she is where she should be, She'll be back again to take place in our family.
What Is True Friendship???
i think true friends should be there no matter what happens! we all have good days and bad days!i have people around me who do not apreciate me! it hurts so bad!!! i dont ask much from my friends! i am very understanding! i am not just saying that! i get hurt so bad from things u would not believe! i wish i had someone who would just understand me! i know it can be hard! i am so very complicated! what a crazy life!! i hurt so deep inside!!! well i have to take life by the balls! stop feelimg sorry for my self!!!well whats on your mind about it!!! latters!!!!LILA
10 Thoughts For 2007
reprint from an E-mail I recieved Ten Things to Ponder for 2007... #10 Life is sexually transmitted. #9 Good health is merely the slowest rate at which one can die #8 Men have two emotions: Hungry and Horny. If you see him without an erection, make him a sandwich. #7 Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day; teach a person to use the internet and they won't bother you for weeks. #6 Some people are like a slinky... not really good for anything, but you still can't help but smile when you shove them down the stairs. #5 Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in the hospital dying of nothing #4 All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism. #3 Why does a slight tax increase cost you two hundred dollars, and a substantial tax cut saves you thirty cents??? #2 In the 60's, people took LSD to make the world weird. Now the world is weird and people take Prozac to make it normal. AND THE NUMBER ONE THOUGHT
He greeted me with a kiss and a hello. It had been to long since I felt his lips on mine, his hands on my body. I have forgotten what it is like to be this happy. He kisses me and stares into my eyes. He loves my eyes, and I love all of him. His skin is so soft and he knows all the right things to say. I don't know how much longer I can fight this feeling, I want to be HIS.......
__________________ Global Marijuana March - May 4th, 5th, 6th - Everywhere (globally) __________________ Translated Global Marijuana March info on Girls Gone Weed RE: Global Marijuana March - May 4th, 5th, 6th - Everywhere! ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Jack Herer Date: Feb 5, 2007 5:02 PM
Hi All
Want a chat
Migraines Hurt
I am going to make this short, my head is killing me, I am getting so sick i cant sit here, I am sorry I cant comment help anyone at the moment , I tried but I am getting so sick I cant keep sitting here, to all my female friends hugssssssssss and love, and to the one male bud, handshake and highfive, sorry but I gotta go, peace out
Free Tibet
Haha not much to say! Im out of beer Need more but Im tired! Havint smoked weed in 4 days God reality so sucks! Crazy bush is goin to get us all killed! My myspace link is in my last blog thats where I usually am atleast once a day umm thats about it! Free Tibet....
The Man On The Beach- Chapter 4
Krissy set the green cup down on the counter softly. The ringing still in her ears from the doorbell. She could just barely taste the bitter liquid on her tongue. Wiping her mouth, she approached the door. She grabbed the handle, pulling the door open slowly to reveal John, the man on the beach. "Hey, I was walking on the beach after you left and I found this...I assume that it is yours?" He said, showing the homeless black book with the small rips and tears. "Oh my god, you- Where did you find it?" She asked frantically, offering her hand out to take the holder of her thoughts from the strong man's hand. "I found it on a pile of sand next to where we were talking. Out of instinct, I thought it was yours." He said to her, grabbing her eyes with his and smiled. How could she be so beautiful? "It is... Did you read it?" She cringed. "No, I didn't. There's probably something in there I don't want to know." She looked into his tender dark eyes and found herself at loss for w
Ever had an itch you just couldn't satisfy? Maybe you'll relate to this poem. An itch to be scratched - A lust unmatched - An empty bed - "Let's go!" she said. And on the summer's afternoon we loved until we saw the moon. Exhausted, laying there exposed upon my belly, I proposed she scratch my back to top it off - and soon she did, so soft, so soft. Nails as sharp as 'Wiltshires' creep like slugs upon a compost heap across my sweaty skin until I feel an itch she can't quite kill. "Just up a bit." She hears me say. "Down a bit...the other way. Up a tad. You've gone askew. Slide across a touch or two. A little harder. Damn it! Swat it! Keep going, yes, you've almost got it. Listen woman, can't you tell. You're nowhere near it. Bloody Hell!” I fling my body in the air and land atop the carpet bare Grinding hard upon my back searching for a pointy tac to give me what I really need - a decent scratch that makes me bleed Bewildered, she is stari
There is so much nonsence and disagreement regarding Wicca that I post this, an excerpt from a free online reference. It does not mean that I agree with everything shown, but it is a good introduction to Wicca. As you will see in reading there is much controversy regarding it. It certainly it has come a long way from the few naked people dancing in a secluded area in the West country of England to help in fertility, crops etc. A form of worship of the Mother earth, the Goddess Wicca. ..well I hope you the reader find the following helpful...bright blessings Wicca From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search For other uses, see Wicca (disambiguation). The pentagram within a circle, a symbol of faith used by many Wiccans, sometimes called a pentacle. Wicca Portal Wicca is a Neopagan religion and a religious movement found in various countries throughout the world. It was first popularised in 1954 by a British civil servant named Gerald Gardner[1] af
American Soldiers
American SoldierAdd to My Profile | More Videos
A Moment Of Truth
A moment of truth A moment of truth In wonder I gaze into your eyes The beauty the love I saw inside To hold such a truth that you can�t hide Is the love I see way deep inside? ~**~ To be the one That is so blessed Leaves me wondering What I did to see this? The truth of one that holds my heart ~**~ There are Wonders great and small For us all to see But the greatest wonder of it all Is the beauty and love I see inside of thee ~**~ Like a river, like a clear blue night They sparkle and shine That lights your gentle loving soul That touches the every heart of mine ~**~ Where did I find a love so rear? For it was in your eyes That I first saw it there That love that I hold That moment of truth is all mine. ~**~
Dunno , Somthing About Sex ....
You scored as Hot. You are Hot, you scream and are wild, people love doing anything sexual with you.Hot100%Violent88%Wet75%Exciting75%Soft38%Sweet25%Awkward13%Shy0%What is your sexual style?created with
Mr. Confidence
first let me say - this is the darkest most negative little 'poem' ive ever written - it was written a couple years ago - and now i give you 'mr confidence' ------------------------------------- i am like... a billion fucking people youve never ever met i am the upper 1% the eschelon of human brokenness... i am the hallmark of intelligence used for its most ignorant ends i am mr. confidence i do not censor i dont remove i worship the purity of the crude i am an absolute mistake a wasted truth thats developed and grown more warped and wrong each and every day and i am a carbon copy thats degraded faded into a black and dirty smear as worthless as anything else youre likely to have the misfortune of hearing here and i... will fuck you for the joy of knowing i fucked you for the joy of knowing i will never love you i will never be the one that wakes up in the morning with a smile on their face i will only be the one that wants to escape
Soulja Boy
Man Soulja Boy is wild this man got some crazy songs but the best onehe got is called "booty meat" its just a song for the ladies to say shake that booty meat ha ha but you can check out the the dances on cause they get down t soulja boy
Mothers Day
hey, dano here wishing all you moms, moms to be and never gonna be a mom, happy mothers day!! hope you all have a great day, as you should!! take care, kisses. be safe. dano
My Dad
As I sit here and I'm thinking, thoughts are running through my mind, so many things I wanted to say to you, but the words were so hard to find. I knew you were always there, to catch me when I fell, after all you were my father, you loved me I could tell. Most people only knew your outside, with your hands calloused hard as steel, but I could see your gentle soul, it's was just something I could feel. I feel like there's this dark cloud, that hangs above my head, I wish that I could turn back time there's so many things I left unsaid. There were things I want to tell you, feelings I had you couldn't see, I wish I could let you know right now, just how much you meant to me.
Laying in your bed With your pillow under my head Cool spring breeze swirls about Delivering the fresh scent of lilacs Through the open windows of your room Hours ago your alarm clock rang Removing you from my arms For work calls Though I wish you were still here Snuggled up to your chest Hearing your calming voice Whispering, “Good morning beautiful” I could lay there forever All my problems seem to fade When you are next to me For hours you will be gone Working hard If there is a job to do You will get it done Because that is how you are Looking at the clock on your headboard Counting the hours until you return For when you walk back through the door A smile will be shown Bright across my face Happy to be with you again To feel the love you have for me By the way you bathe me in such sweet delicate words The gentle touch of your hand across my cheek Tells me I’m no longer dreaming For your time away has ended I lay smiling in your bed Where yo
I went to see Tool in concert last night. I'm still recovering. I don't think i've ever been so amazed in my life.
In Celebration Of The Solitary Sin
A fragement, supposedly written by a poet named "Anon" or "Onon" in the late 16th century. If one is able to ignore the misogynistic undertones, this lewd bit of scribbling is quite amusing on a purely purile level. Enjoy... "Imagination! Potent Sprite That brings to every yearning Wight What most he wants, and instantly! Imagination! Let me see Discovered in thy Sacred Glass The Image of that Perfect Lass Intended from the Flood for me, My lawful wedded Wife to be! She died a thousand Year Ago? Will not be born till Hell sees Snow? I'll wed her yet in Fancy's Bow'r Enjoy her, ev'ry Leisure Hour; Build her a House or Mansion fair Of Substance thinner than the Air, And solitary , doubled be By blessed possibility! Art thou a Separated Twin? Then find thy Better Half within And join in Union Sphericall Thyself to self, as Plato's Ball. No ancient Goody weighs thy Bed; Betrothed art daily, nightly wed. Meek as upon her Wedding Night. Forever young, though t
Unbeatable Sunday
Sometimes you just have to pull the release valve... if you don't, you're just going to internally combust... that is what kind of day today became. Today was the second day I've been back to work since my week and a half off... I knew Thursday I was in for a handful today; being that my email wouldn't pull up all day correctly and I had over 400 emails to plow through and deal with... today was attempt two (and I am still not through all of them). I work as a quality supervisor in a call center.. the job is fast paced and stressful.. Sunday used to be my slow day, but I knew after vacation that was changing, just wasn't sure just how big of a change it would be. My eyes were opened as I dealt with issue after issue from a new line group that opened under me. New agents on the floor, fresh out of training with their ears wet and attitudes intact. The day began with the electricity going off briefly and got progressively better.... Around 1pm today I was notified that o
Aiken Gets Into Spat With Woman On Plane
TULSA, Okla. - Singer Clay Aiken apparently got into a dispute with a woman during a flight to Tulsa, drawing some scrutiny from FBI agents but no charges, a newspaper reported. ADVERTISEMENT The 2003 "American Idol" runner-up was on the Saturday morning Continental Airlines flight for a evening show, and concertgoers said afterward that Aiken joked on-stage about being beaten up by a girl earlier in the day. FBI Special Agent Gary Johnson told the Tulsa World there was a dispute between a male passenger and a woman on the flight. He said the man was a former "American Idol" contestant but did not give his name. Johnson said the dispute was over the male passenger's foot resting on the woman's armrest. He said there was an allegation the woman gave the male passenger a "minor shove" during the argument. "At that point the flight crew was able to resolve the situation," Johnson said. Tulsa Airport Authority spokeswoman Alexis Higgins said the passengers were held until F
Female Ejaculation
What can I say except that orgasm is MORE important than just squirting. Noone should ever pressure a woman about squirting as it can make them more inhibited. IT IS NOT SOMETHING TO EXPECT AS IT IS RARE. I am not here to compete with other women, but to be amongst them online. And while cumming/squirting is a "rush", for years I couldn't free my body up. I believe women are goddesses and that nurturing makes them climax. This takes time, knowledge, trust and comfort. Yah woo me for my newsletter, as I am not in here much, but I write funny stuff and get info on these sexual things and welcome your feedback.
Hey All
Love you all. I am new to Fubar and I love it. it is always busy and I love that. So show me some luv. go ahead, write. I double dog dare ya!!!
Not Sure What This Is And If Anyone Knows Please Let Me Know Thanks Jami
Your Kissing Technique Is: Perfect Your kissing technique is amazing - and you know it. You have the confidence to make the first move. And you always seem to know what kissing style is going to work best. Sometimes you're passionate, sometimes you're a tease. And you're always amazing! Are You a Good Kisser?
More Fun Quizzes at
Behind :(
I'm so far behind in this contest, I'm putting on a sad face... :( see??? heeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllp!!!!!!!!!!! I need lots and lots of comments to get up in ranks. And it's Happy Hour too. :D
A Poem Tonight
Time has faded me away broken and beaten let me sleep to hold my last moment inside Let me hear the last sounds this world gives me just sit here touching my hand let my tears run free they are my memories its the only thing i have left take them to heart and let me be free By Jason Hartle
Look Here
Feel The Love
I just want all my friends and fans to know how much I Love ya'll for helping me level up when I need it. Ya'll are the best thanks...
Girls Or Grown Women
Girls want to control the man in their life. Grown women know that if he's truly hers, he doesn't need controlling. Girls check you for not calling them. Grown women are too busy to realize you hadn't. Girls are afraid to be alone. Grown women revel in it-using it as a time for personal growth. Girls ignore the good guys. Grown women ignore the bad guys. Girls make you come home. Grown women make you want to come home. Girls leave their schedule wide-open and wait for a guy to call and make plans. Grown women make their own plans and nicely tell the guy to get in where he fits. Girls worry about not being pretty and/or good enough for their man. Grown women know that they are pretty and/or good enough for any man. Girls try to monopolize all their man's time (i.e., don't want him hanging with his friends). Grown women realize that a lil' bit of space makes the 'together time' even more special-and goes to kick it with her own friends.
Might Help U
I have a friend who wors on computers and he sent me this link to help my compuer speed up ...after he used and seen it worked i went ahead and use it...well any how i thought maybe there be someone out there might need it like i did but here is the link and its free...its not a spam u can hit me up and ill tell u about it.. copy n paste mu@@@@
Daddy's Here
Her hair was up in a pony tail, her favorite dress tied with a bow. Today was Daddy's Day at school, and she couldn't wait to go. But her mommy tried to tell her, that she probably should stay home. Why the kids might not understand, if she went to school alone. But she was not afraid; she knew just what to say. What to tell her classmates, of why he wasn't there today. But still her mother worried, for her to face this day alone. And that was why once again, she tried to keep her daughter home. But the little girl went to school eager to tell them all. About a dad she never sees; a dad who never calls. There were daddies along the wall in back, for everyone to meet. Children squirming impatiently, anxious in their seats One by one the teacher called a student from the class. To introduce their daddy, as seconds slowly passed. At last the teacher called her name, every child turned to stare. Each of them w
Wow, a small earthquake 85 miles from here and I have no internet or telephone for over an hour.... BS. So my ex asks me if I want to use her truck to move, which normally would be cool with me, however her boyfriend returns after 6 days of absence, no explanation, and she bitched to me each day he was gone. Hell, I just wanted to use the truck, but I'm not going to make a big deal based on her and her boyfriend...Am I wrong for telling her to get bent and enjoy her worthless boyfriend? Not that I give a rats ass anyways...LOL
Salutes For You
just wanted to let you know I like to take pics of all kinds if you would like a salute or a pic dedicated to you,are even a certain pic suggestion just let me know,I love you all and you all look great!
Hey Ladies.. If you have dark hair and dark eyes.. be careful.. A man here is ripping pictures without permission.. He just ripped mine.. Here is his link... ricky@ fubar He has an album full of people he has ripped.. titled.. "Just couldnt help myself"... so if you have dark hair.. and dark eyes.. Go see if he ripped he ripped me.. Mother fuckeres should learn to ASK first.. Thank you.. Cassie..
Contest Ends Tonight
just a reminder the contest will be ending tonight at 7pm eastern time.album will close at exactly 7pm so get your comments in now.prizes will be rewarded tonight.
Whats Going On Here???
Registered For The State Test.
i will be taking the state test january 19, 2007. can't wait. woo hooo
Web Cam Or Cyber
You know i see alot of mmumms about this subject. As i see it i am not for or against it its up to the ppl that are doing it. But lets face it most of the complaints come from women on here that got there asses showing on there profile or provoctive pics up . One thing i always hear is i am here to make friends or some other bs. This is not Myspace its fubar if you want friends and talk to nice men or nice women go there they have bouncers and other regulations on what you can and cannot post. This site is mostly for adults and adult things happen here. Like i said i am not taking either side but lets be realistic most ppl are here for that we are not serving milk and cookies here so if your going to show your ass and that dont go just for the women you got to figure the projection you put out there for the fubar community is the reaction your going to get from ppl.
Always Yours
Waiting in this moment. For something I can't describe. As the thought of what can happen. Teases my mind. Wanting that dream of us. Floating just beyond my grasp. Unable to comprehend the power of what we could be together. While the thought of you drives me to distraction. Time and time again. Craving to feel your lips pressed against the back of my neck. As your breath tickles my bare flesh. Causing me to bite back a moan. Not wanting you to know the extent of the effect your having on me. Your hands lightly glide up my sides. Making my body shiver, and my mind cry out for you to take me. As I quitely stand, letting you do what you will. I can feel your body, the great length of it pressed against my back. Every part of my being longing for you to turn me around and reveal yourself to me. As your hands encircle my breasts. Your thumbs flicking back and forth over the areola. Unrelenting in your desire to tease my nipples to buds. Feeling your arousal grow. Beckoning a moan to fall
I Got Tagged
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. okay here goes ....... 1. I sometimes snort when I laugh hehe. 2. I sometimes pick my teeth with my earing. yuck! 3. I have a crazy hamster that likes to stare people out. 4. I have roughly 25 pets including rats, scorpions, centipedes, tarantulas, hamster, goldfish etc. 5. I drink too much vodka on a regular basis. 6. I smoke 20 cigs per day. 7. I have more gay friends than straight. 8. I stalk Justin on a regular basis. (In fact am doing it now) :-P 9 I have a thing about eyebrows its what I find most physically attractive in
Oh No...
Oh No... By Arthur Bartlett It's happening again, and it's killing me Second by crawling second Minute by inching minute Hour by watch-watching hour Day by Dreadful day Year by youth-taking year Two decades have given the slip and then some, but I caught those A life full of uneventful happenings, irrelevant to this timeline Or, that's how it would look if I weren't me I see that not many care about hospital trips and bed-ridden laments They just want me to fix their problems, tell them that their behinds are perfectly fine And I get to smile at other users and be their best friend when giving advice, And stifle my anger at fellow surfers' taunts of "EAT IT," and "Everyone else is worse." The cries of one I've never met, and cooings of one I'll meet yet These cause me ponder I wonder at how I've survived. I remember asking someone if they loved me, and she said yes As she was packing to live with someone else I remember another, who said the same, At the sa
Life is hard life is painful but life is also love when you have love in your life you have something to live for something to cherish and something that will always be there for you when u are down and out and it feels like walls are closing in on you. But when u go through life and there is no love u have nothing to live for but wishing that u can love and somebody would love you back.
Up For Auction
come on people i can be all yours for a long time just stop and bid on me in this auction I am offering a lot if you want to own a soldier then you'll do it. lol
A guy walks in and sits down at the end of the bar. Just a few seats down from him, there is a very buxom blonde with huge size 44DD breasts. The guy orders a beer. The bartender fills the mug and slides it down the bar. It hits the lady's boobs and splashes all over them. The bartender goes over, retrieves the mug and licks the beer off. Each time he calls for a beer this happens. So after his third beer, he decides to help the battender out. The next time the bartender hits her boobs, the man jumps up and starts to lick her breasts...AND SHE DECKS HIM!!!. He's laying on the floor moaning and groaning, "Jeez...then why do you let the bartender do it?" Get it comes......... "Because," says the blonde, "he has a licker license!"
My Ass Is Up For Auction...thx Slutty/shorty!
Here's ya chance , my ass is up on the block, bent ova? hmmm not just yet, but if the price is right, hmmmm just might be!! So show sum luv and come visit me....just click the pic below..muuuaahhhh
The Gift Of The Magi
THE GIFT OF THE MAGI, by O. Henry ... posted for a good friend One dollar and eighty-seven cents. That was all. And sixty cents of it was in pennies. Pennies saved one and two at a time by bulldozing the grocer and the vegetable man and the butcher until one's cheeks burned with the silent imputation of parsimony that such close dealing implied. Three times Della counted it. One dollar and eighty- seven cents. And the next day would be Christmas. There was clearly nothing to do but flop down on the shabby little couch and howl. So Della did it. Which instigates the moral reflection that life is made up of sobs, sniffles, and smiles, with sniffles predominating. While the mistress of the home is gradually subsiding from the first stage to the second, take a look at the home. A furnished flat at $8 per week. It did not exactly beggar description, but it certainly had that word on the lookout for the mendicancy squad. In the vestibule below was a letter-box into which no le
Before I Was A Mom
Before I was a Mom, I never tripped over toys or forgot words to a lullaby. I didn't worry whether or not my plants were poisonous.. I never thought about immunizations. Before I was a Mom, I had never been puked on. Pooped on. Chewed on. Peed on. I had complete control of my mind and my thoughts. I slept all night. Before I was a Mom, I never held down a screaming child so doctors could do tests. Or give shots. I never looked into teary eyes and cried. I never got gloriously happy over a simple grin. I never sat up late hours at night watching a baby sleep. Before I was a Mom, I never held a sleeping baby just because I didn't want to put her down. I never felt my heart break into a million pieces when I couldn't stop the hurt. I never knew that something so small could affect my life so much. I never knew that I could love someone so much. I never knew I would love being a Mom. Before I was a Mom, I didn't know the feeling
Pay It This!
> PebblesinAZ says... These Awesome FUs have helped me in one way or another over the last few days. So, go show them lots and lots of love and FAN, ADD and RATE, RATE, RATE them! They will give the love back! After you have showed love to each and every one of these FUs, Private Message me and I will include you on the next Pay it Forward Bulletin! *Pink0828*~*~Owned By Tendercop~*~@ fubar SingleDad38 {{{{{ SHADOW LEVELERS }}}}}@ fubar *TAMPA FAN* Fu Owned by ~BrwnEydRebel~ Fu Owner of ^^Tat2BunnyLuv^^@ fubar DJ KIDD ROCK~LOVED & OWNED BY DJ DEVILISH DESIRE ~@ fubar NJ_Nice_Guy ~*~Humbly Fu-Owned By Mrs. Bubbles~*~@ fubar ♣~~♥~~★Ðå Ìrï§h þrïñ¢ê§§★~~♥~~♣~~W.¥.K.Ð~~@ fubar
Female Testosterone?
As you probably know, I'm a guy. Nothing real earth shattering there. I consider myself an average guy in the real world, polite, nice, moody but level headed most times. Here in the fu-world perhaps I'm above average, judging from the profiles I read while rating. (yes, I read profiles. Amazing huh) I admit, most of the profiles I read are female profiles. Many of them lay down laws of don't ask for this, don't expect that, so on and so forth. I'm not a woman but I understand some lesser developed members of my gender tend to act stupid. Then again, this IS an on-line social interaction web site set up as a "Bar". You really must expect things like that to happen. So, what's this have to do with "female testosterone"? SImple. Men are not the only ones to act stupid on here. I have a lot of favorite cases of Female Testosterone. I've read profiles that insist no one refer to them as "hun" "babe" or things of that nature. Yet, they themselves have NO problem private messaging me c
Im Fine
Hh Contest
Here is the link for a contest I have entered. 50K comments wins the HH:
Last Few Hours
WE have gotten some bad news about an hour ago about the girls dad , He will be gone in 4 more hours . My heart is so crushed , I was happy they gave him till december but he took a turn for the worst last night , He is in a coma and will not wake after 5 tonight . Now the girls are back to where they started and it will be awhile till they heal.Just wish it was not fathers day now :(
~inside Out~
I stare in to the eyes of my competitor, And I know I’m in for battle. My promise to you is I will not lose, Because I know your life depends on it. I did not mean for this to happen, But I can not betray or deny you. Some people seem out to harm you, So I’ll use my dying breath to defend you. They say it would be for the best, But I think their opinion is only a test. Some people look at this as if this is terrible event, But what my LORD creates could only be a blessing. Although I can not feel your heart beat, I am overcome by its rhythm. I have never seen you face or kissed your lips But I love you unconditionally. With all of the confusion It’s heard not to get caught up in the illusion. A family I know we will never be, But still I must stay true to me. Some people say I could take the easy way out, Just a secret between us three, But I will not compromise my believes, To please yours or my own needs. As the tears fall, I pray they was
Oh What A Feeling
"you're It!"
You’ve Been Tagged Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I am a major dork! 2. I fish for fun! 3. I have been to prison. 4. Was in foster care for 3 1/2 years. 5. I am way way way shy in person. 6. I am a true blond...darker now than when i was a kid. 7. I really dont like talking about myself. 8. I have seen a few people die. 9. I have a fetish or two LMAO. 10. I am shy in real life! Jolene, Thomas, Mater Daddy, Oppe, Keith!
I think its time for a vacation! I have been working tons of hours at work. On top of that its come to a point were my only grandmother can not live by her self anymore. So we have started to move my grandma in with my parents. Not only is it metaly draining but emotionally draining. Knowing that one day in the near future that my grandma's house will no longer belong to our family. The house my grandpa and grandma built with there 2 hands gone! I spent all weekend long taking care of a friend of my when he got out of the hospital and the hold time being compared to a women i have never met and if i did i would kick her A$$ if. I don't understand men that what to be with a women that is selfish, uncaring ect. My dad have surgery yesterday and will need 2-4 more in the next couple of months My son getting into more trouble Then today I was ask if would take a new position with my company . I don't know what to tell them ! So take Vacation in August and i want to take a we
4th Of July
I wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe 4th OF july
Once upon a time we were best friends. Yet we were worst enemies. I didnt know you and you didnt know me. Here we stand today walking hand in hand. All along we thought of eachother. Yet we never gave the other a passing glance. I thank god everyday he gave me a second chance. We were lost loves who never even began. To beggining a new life. When there was no hope for a tomorrow, you showed up and brought back my heart. Thank you for a fresh start. So heres to me and you, lost loves that we have had, that allowed us to be together. You have my hand, my heart and my soul forever.
Almost The Worst Day Of My Life
well it started off bad we were late driveing to gail tx. . we thought we were going to be slow drilling all night but the tool pusher said it was too slow, so had to do a bit trip well we are only 4.650 feet deep so it wasn't going to be to bad so we thought i was up in the derrick for 7 hours last night then i knew i was going to have to pull a double today thats not to bad i do it all the time lol. well when the daylight crew got there the only had one hand with the driller and he said he needed someone else to stay with us . that put the chainhand off his game plan on the floor . i'm up in the derricks with a short stand of drill pipe trying to tell him that it was short ,but he never looked up at me. so i tried to latch it anyways, i snagged it !!! i don't know why the kid hung on to the pipe but i was yelling snagg !!! snagg!!! at the top of my lungs it drug him across the floor to the other side and was over his chest . i'm still screaming for him to move and he's laughing at me
From Mystic Faeirie
Liberated Spice Club United Owner* R/L WIFEY 2 Big Jimmy--DSC***Life Saver@ fubar She did it!!!! Please show Liberated Spice some REAL Fubar and Club United LOVE. She worked so hard for this and deserves a great spotlight. We lub you Liberated Spice!!!!!
OMG!!! I am Fu-Owned. Add/Rate/Fan him he is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! ~~~HUGS/KISSES~~ lovemaker*fu-bombersown by peggysue@ fubar
Sadist’s Lullaby
Sadist’s Lullaby Fire. Ravens. Marching forward...time keeps moving on. There seemed to be a mix-up in the red brick house near dawn, but slowly changing, ever changing, elevated minds, I curse you, under, my breath deeply... now the time has come, with claw marks, bruises, bitten ankles, hearts bleeding from men, you had your chance now, real big chance, now you must lie in it. There was a day then, back in the day then, I would sit and wait, so quietly, so naively, so stupid with my grin... you gave me things like diamond rings and some form of PTStressDisorder, while you watched me cry, then one day, that hot June day, I realized I was wrong, how dare I let a little man with petite hands play me like a song, a bleached blonde junkie drunk with abortion papers, an OCD Nazi, a schitzophrenic voodoo dollie, oh, and Mommy Dearest to boot! I shot them all in my head, some hung by a noose of their own hair, I watched them fall, one and all... here are the cr
The Latest
will be moving and wont be on from tonite til friday nite the earliest
Fun - Naked Melee
thanks todo everyone who is making my birthday special, with the wishes and giftes.
Instructions For Parents!!!
Always laugh when you can, It's cheap medicine. Whatever you do, put romance and ethusiasm into the life of your children. The soul is healed by being with children. Blessed is the man who keeps in touch with his childs heart. Children seldon misquote you. In fact they usually repeat word for word what you shouldn't have said. Teach a child to trust in God, not the morning headlines. It is better to bind your children to you by a feeling of respect, and gentleness, than by fear. The roots grow deep when the winds are strong. The tongue is the deadliest of all blunt instruments. When you're dealing with a child, keep your wits about you, and sit on the floor. That energy which makes a child hard to manage is the energy that afterwards makes him a manager of life. A world without children is a world without newness, regeneration, color and vigor. The surest way to make it hard for children is to make it easy for them. Don't limit your child to your
Just One Vote!
Send a rate my way.....thanks in advance!!
Life is full of twisting roads and dead end paths. Plenty of U turns too. My life has been twisting and turning, had some dead ends along the way and even some wrong directions. But for every stall arn wrong direction I've always managed to find my way to where I belong, even though I usually end up taking the long way with a U turn or 2 along the way
You are The Empress Beauty, happiness, pleasure, success, luxury, dissipation. The Empress is associated with Venus, the feminine planet, so it represents, beauty, charm, pleasure, luxury, and delight. You may be good at home decorating, art or anything to do with making things beautiful. The Empress is a creator, be it creation of life, of romance, of art or business. While the Magician is the primal spark, the idea made real, and the High Priestess is the one who gives the idea a form, the Empress is the womb where it gestates and grows till it is ready to be born. This is why her symbol is Venus, goddess of beautiful things as well as love. Even so, the Empress is more Demeter, goddess of abundance, then sensual Venus. She is the giver of Earthly gifts, yet at the same time, she can, in anger withhold, as Demeter did when her daughter, Persephone, was kidnapped. In fury and grief, she kept the Earth barren till her child was returned to her. What Tarot Card are You?Take the
Seduction Methods
If you're reading this, I hope you're actually interested in doing it. However, it's much more likely you're just curious. And that's okay. You could also be reading it so you know what to avoid. Spoilsport! But I think we should get on with it. First, definitions. I define sex as "the giving and acceptance of pleasure." Orgasm doesn't really matter. What matters more is that both (or more) parties are all into giving and receiving pleasure. And yes, you must both give and receive in order for it to work. I do derive some pleasure from pleasuring others, but don't expect that to be the sum total of sex between us. The other definition you need to keep in mind is that I don't think of myself as homosexual. Oh I like guys (and I am one), but if you ever ask me what I am (and I'm feeling incredibly honest) I'll say I'm sensual rather than any form of sexual. The difference is how you approach sex. Most people (and definitely most guys) are sexual. All they really want is to plug it in
Hvorfor Oda?
Tja. Hun var en vakker og selvstendig kvinne. Og hun kan sees som foranledningen til skuespillet vi skal gå inn på. Oda var en del av Christiania Bohemen og er morsfiguren for kvinnelig selvstendiggjøring i Norge. Hun var gift med Christian Krogh. Det spesielle med Oda er at alt hun skrev ble brent. Vi vet lite om hennes historie utenom andres beskrivelse. Det mest aparte kan være Hans Jægers besatthet av henne, beskrevet bl.a i Syk Kjærlighet. Oda er long gone idet vår historie begynner. Selv om hun døde først i 1935.
What Makes Me Happy
What makes me happy is the little things in life.Things that come from the heart.A stranger holding the door open for you--finding a card or a sweet note on the table from someone who loves you-or having a flower place on your car. Little things that dont cost alot but come from the heart.In alot of relationships, ppl buy gifts and then think-'I spend alot of money on this for you,whats in it for me'. That is soo wrong. Its not about money. Its about the thought!! Alot of ppl dont put thought in anything when buying gifts. Me tho, it makes me happier when I can buy someone a gift when they least excpect it. The smile on their face makes me soo happy!I dont spend alot of money-but when I surprise a co-worker with a small present, (leave it on their desk before they get there without a note)-well--I stay far away so they cant see me-but the look on their face, well, its the best thing ever.It doesnt have to take alot to make others happy.I think:make someones day and maybe they will do t
Sitting on a stair Waiting for your presence As the clouds pass by. More than just an echo in my mind. Will you come? This impatience stings like poison, Burning in my breath. In my soul. Encompass me with your passion, For our fate is written From obscurity. Abnormality. It is certain From my heart's curtain.
My Hangouts
mostly on line with 1. 2. 3. this is where i be lol from 2 pm to 11 pm daily
Jaymee & Whatnot
Ok...... I'm OFFICIALLY PISSED! With all of the blogs and whatnot posted about Jaymee (Cuppycake)...... Seriously, my REAL family would tell strangers over the internet to FUCK OFF! The recent events have caused me to re-think my own arrangements..... Just so you nosey bastards know, ~J~ is in charge of practically everything, but if you bother her, I'll haunt your ass! Plain and simple....
Check This Out
The Eagle (wo-ha'-li)
The Eagle is the great sacred bird of the Cherokee Indians and of nearly all native tribes. Eagle figures prominently in their ceremonial rituals. Each Tribal group has its own stories and legends concerning the Eagle. Only the greatest warriors and the Medicine Man wore feathers of the eagle. Eagle medicine is the power of the great spirit, the connection to the Devine. It is the ability to live in the realm of spirit, and yet remain connected and balanced within the realm of earth. If someone dreamed of an eagle or eagle feathers, the town organized an Eagle Dance as soon as possible. This could only be done in late fall or winter as the songs sung during the dance angered the rattlesnakes. The eagle could only be killed by a proffessional Eagle Killer who knew the proper ceremonies for turning aside vengeance by the eagle's spirit. There were only certain times when the eagle could be killed, usually only when an Eagle Dance was held.
No Tears In Heaven
The four Soldiers sat around an olive drab painted footlocker playing cards. Actually, the group was comprised of three Soldiers and one Marine, all wearing desert camouflage uniforms, their blouses removed exposing brown t-shirts, not because they were hot, rather it was just more comfortable to have them off. “Let’s go for six Top,” the Marine Captain said to his partner. “Six it is then Sir,” First Sergeant McNeely agreed. Julian McNeely was from Newark, New Jersey and had served in this man’s army for just over 17 years. He took a lot of shit for his first name while coming up through the ranks, especially while at basic training, but only his brother got away with ribbing him about it in recent years. Julian McNeely’s partner in this game of spades was Captain Mike Williams from Sarasota, Florida. Private First Class Williams attended the United States Marine Corps Officer Candidate School at Quantico, Virginia and graduated as Second Lieutenant Williams on September 9,
Cat's Snowstorm
Cat's Snowstorm We are driving along a long and empty road as the first snowflakes hit the windshield. This doesn't seem to be a great place to get stuck in a storm, especially late at night and after a night out dancing at the clubs, but here we are. I'm wearing a nice button up shirt and slacks that is nice and dressy but still casual. You on the other hand, decided to really go for it tonight, knowing how much i love the sight of you in your short skirts and tops that show a lot of cleavage. You have on this skirt that goes to about mid thigh with a little slit up the side, and a pretty little top that sparkles and feels almost like silk and has a very plunging neck line. Topping it off with your favorite pair of knee high platform boots with a 4" heel. You know that I've been going nuts all night because I haven't been able to keep my hands off you on the dance floor, My hands caressing your exposed legs or the back of your neck and my lips kissing and nibbling everything that I
Adopt Me Maybe
Music Playlist at Adoption Auction begins 11/4/08 @ 8am and will conclude 11/5/08 @ 3pm (PST) You will be the owner of an Adorable Alien Dog for 2weeks after the end of the auction. Click here to Adopt me :D Auction Host Princess Princess@ fubar
Sex Signs
table width="380" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" align="center" border="0" style="border: 2px solid black; background: white;" bgcolor="#ffffff"> Your Sex Sign is... Treat you with respect and you'll give your lover incredible sex - night after night. While you're a bit old fashioned, you're a sexual expert. If someone is serious about wanting you for keeps, you won't let him or her down... (but you will go down!) Virgo, you are strikingly attractive - with the best legs and firmest ass of the Zodiac! More than anything, you must be treated with respect - no one night stands, no quickies in the back of a car. You consider lovemaking an event, and you will spend hours creating the perfect scene for love: Perfumed sheets, wine, candlelight, lingerie.... No one can beat you for sexual know-how. You are a technical expert. You know all the places your lover wants to be touched... and you can arouse anyone with your tongue and hands. You'll take special care to fi
Sweet Leaf
Alright now!! Wont you listen? When I first met you, didnt realize I cant forget you, for your suprize You introduced me, to my mind And left me wanting, you and your kind I love you, oh you know it My life was empty forever on a down Until you took me, showed me around My life is free now, my life is clear I love you sweet leaf, though you cant hear Come on now, try it out Straight people dont know, what your about They put you down and shut you out You gave to me a new belief And soon the world will love you sweet leaf
It Has It's Advantages.
I just paid my bills online. As some know, for the past year I have had one or another family member staying on and off with me. My nephew, my son, then my mother. Wellllll.... First bills without anyone else using my electric, water, cable, etc..... Over $75.00 less!!!! I ♥ being single! Especially when I am the one paying the bills. :P
My 1 Year Fu-versary
It's her 1 year fu-versary!!! Go love her hard!!! Sweetpeabayba All love returned!!! And then go make her day And place a bid!!
hmm...subjectline didn't quite qork out like i wanted it to. i think protesting is just plain awesome. and it's a right we have that not a whole lot of countries have. sure, they could protest...that doesn't garuentee they won't be taken from their homes and shot during the night afterwards. sure, i might hate what you're protesting, like kitten-eating or something, but you've got that right and dammit if i'm so freakin' proud and happy you've got it. wish i didn't live in such a pissant state so i could be involved in more protests. i'm ever so slightly bisexual. and so as not to have to explain it every time, i just identify as straight, because i believe that sexulaity is a continuum, not a binary. but i digress. even if i was like....THE UBER STRAIGHT i would still be protesting for gay rights. but i don't travel well right now, and Wyoming...yeah, isn't that the state where those guys killed that gay guy...?? that's what my state is known for, bigots and bad weather. whee
$5,500+ Yesterday!! Happy Thanksgiving!!
5Dimes Casino!! I can play the lottery and NOT leave my house!! God loves me… DateTicket NumberDrawingPlaysAmountTicket CostBoxedNumberWinning Number Prize Won 11/25/200825718494-116MI 6:53PM Pick 41$0.50$0.50N8-5-8-98-5-8-9$4,500.00 11/25/200825718499-116MI 6:53PM Pick 41$0.50$0.50Y8-5-8-98-5-8-9$375.00 11/25/200825754099-10MI Midday 12:24PM Pick 31$0.25$0.25N8-8-68-8-6$225.00 11/25/200825753009-8MI 6:53PM Pick 31$0.25$0.25N0-1-00-1-0$225.00 11/25/200825753024-313MI Midday 12:24PM Pick 31$0.25$0.25N8-8-68-8-6$225.00 11/25/200825753212-96MI 6:53PM Pick 41$0.25$0.25Y5-8-8-98-5-8-9$187.50 11/25/200825754107-10MI Midday 12:24PM Pick 31$0.25$0.25Y8-8-68-8-6$75.00 11/25/200825753011-8MI 6:53PM Pick 31$0.25$0.25Y0-1-00-1-0$75.00 11/25/200825753027-313MI Midday 12:24PM Pick 31$0.25$0.25Y8-8-68-8-6$75.00
Omg I Am So Happy!
Josh aka Dj Drac ordered my ring yesterday for us to be engaged. It will be in 2 weeks for us to pick up. He is having it engraved inside as well. OMG i love him so much and love that he wants to marry me and I can't wait to marry him and spend the rest of my life with him. He is a guy i never imagined i would find in my lifetime ever!! I am so thrilled!!
Yeah, I Actually Read
favorite books...more than 10, though, but fuck it. i like what i like. 1.Lisey's Story (my tattoo comes from this) 2.Duma Key Both of those are by Stephen King. His latest novels...a lot of people didn't like them and don't like him (too wordy they say), but I've been a constant reader for over half my life... 3.Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk (i'm also reading choke which is good). this book threw me for all kinds of loops. there wasn't a chapter where i didn't sit and wonder at some point "what the fuck?" 4.Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson... this needs no explanation 5.Sex with Kings by Eleanor Herman...basically a history of the royal mistress.. funny take on history. i'd like to read the next one 'sex with queens' 6.Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper, Case Closed by Patricia Cornwell. This is amazing. Cornwell actually extracted mitochondrial dna from the envelopes and stamps of jack the ripper letters and lays physica
The Game Ft. Lil Wayne-my Life
[Lil’ Wayne] And I’m grindin’ till I’m tired They say you ain’t grindin’ till you tired So I’m grindin’ with my eyes wide Looking to find, a way through the day, a life of the night Dear Lord you’ve done took so many of my people but I’m just wonderin’ why You haven’t taken my life (x3) Like what the he­­ll am I doing right? ( x3) [The Game] The hazing has BEGUN Take me away from the hood like a state penitentiary Take me away from the hood in the casket or a Bentley Take me away, like I overdosed on coc­­aine Take me away like a bu­­llet from Kurt Cobaine Sui­­cide (Sui­­cide..sui­­cide..), I’m from a windy city, like “Do or Die” From a block close to where Biggie was crucified That was Brooklyn’s Jesus shot for no fuc­­kin’ reason And you wonder why Kanye wears Jesus pieces (My Life x3) ‘Cause that’s Jesus people and Game needs the equal Hated on so much, “Passion of Christ” need a sequel Yeah, like Roc-a-fella needed Sigel Like I needed my father, but he neede
Two years ago, while procrastinating about writing a paper or studying for some exam, I created an account on what was then called cherrytap. A boy I was lusting over had mentioned it in an off-hand kind of way. "Oh, it's just some dumb site. Kind of trashy." Trashy, you say? Five minutes after creating my account, I had a headache. The format of the page horrified me. The scrolling photos at the top frightened me. And the noises! shhhhhhhhhhhhh-BOOM! cha-ching! donnnnnnnng! SOMEONE WANTS TO BE MY FRIEND?!?! Wait. This someone just left an ascii sexxxy truck on my page, informing me that I've been run over by it and instructing me to run over other people I believe to be worthy. Oh, what to do? Lacking a CDL, I left the truck parked on my page, and I looked around, trying to find people who weren't tattooed truckers or cherubic sexxxi angels. There weren't many. I suppose there still aren't. Dizzy, head aching from the sparkle hump-day/thirsty-th
Christmas Survey
do you believe in santa? no, i put 5 sleeping pills in the cookies and 17 in the milk. next day, daddy was passed out under the christmas tree. did santa ever give you christmas present? i must have been better then last year because this time he didnt shit in my stocking...and wipe his ass with my wishlist. what did you want for christmas? a shot gun to shoot reindeers, drunk proof bottle of riddlin so mommy ill never be able to open it. a puppy, and a unicorn...cuz if santa exist and obama made president, then so do unicorns. what did you get this year? a gerbil, a barbie doll, coal, matches, riddlin, a leash with no dog. santas one sick S.O.B. did you enjoy your gifts? did for a little while...but my gerbil got caught in the mouse trap, my matches were taken away cuz they were scared i might burn down the place, my barbie was taken away and said i was beating her when all i was doing is pretending she was daddy and momma. momma ate all my ridd
Found Remains 'very Strong Lead In Solving' Caylee Case
ORLANDO, Fla. -- Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary on Thursday said human remains discovered in wooded area near the home of George and Cindy Anthony are "a very strong lead in solving the case" involving Caylee Anthony, who was last seen in mid-June.
A Christmas Story For People Having A Bad Day:
A Christmas Story for people having a bad day: When four of Santa's elves got sick, the trainee elves did not produce toys as fast as the regular ones, and Santa began to feel the Pre-Christmas pressure. Then Mrs Claus told Santa her Mother was coming to visit, which stressed Santa even more. When he went to harness the reindeer, he found that three of them were about to give birth and two others had jumped the fence and were out, Heaven knows where. Then when he began to load the sleigh, one of the floorboards cracked, the toy bag fell to the ground and all the toys were scattered. Frustrated, Santa went in the house for a cup of apple cider and a shot of rum. When he went to the cupboard, he discovered the elves had drank all the cider and hidden the liquor. In his frustration, he accidentally dropped the cider jug, and it broke into hundreds of little glass pieces all over the kitchen floor. He went to get the broom and found the mice had eaten all the straw off the
Wheel Of Fortune
You are The Wheel of Fortune Good fortune and happiness but sometimes a species of intoxication with success The Wheel of Fortune is all about big things, luck, change, fortune. Almost always good fortune. You are lucky in all things that you do and happy with the things that come to you. Be careful that success does not go to your head however. Sometimes luck can change. What Tarot Card are You?Take the Test to Find Out.
[the Grumble.]
So, it's 9 months in 9 out this dec. I'm still painfully single, yet I'm getting compliments left and right, acknowledged as fun, funny, smart, interesting/odd, and attractive So what the fuck am I doing wrong? Empty inboxes, a growing stockpile of condoms, 2000 stanzas later and I'm feeling very square 1. Sure I started a new career, my goddaughter is being born, I'm regionally published woopty fuckin doo. I want a relationship. A DAMN good one too. Hey, at least the coffee at my office rocks. Good things are happening, I'm not in jail, I'm working, my oddball unfamily is growing, and hey, I'm cute (even if I'm unfuckable.... or even unwriteable) Guess I just wanted some acolaides (sp) for my first day of work in forever or at least a fucking kiss when I got home. God that sure is asking a lot. Everyone at the office was talking about the christmas party, asking if I was bringing a date... maybe thats what brought it on today. Guess I'm weird for being the only single nonchristian.
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They Say...
They say true love is usually found right in front of you, but we never see it.... I looked in the mirror and wanked... They lied, the mooks..
Please Read
=== 'joshsui is Fu Married to Miss Pimpin19' wrote the following at '2008-12-24 03:27:39'.. > > PLEASE PLAY SONG FIRST > > > > > IN MEMORY OFCaylee Marie Anthony>In rememberance of a beautiful three year old girl by the name of Caylee Marie Anthony. She was such a sweet, loving, caring, and pretty child. She was just like a little angel.>I don't see how anyone could be so cold hearted to do something to such a sweet little girl.What Happened?Little Caylee has been missing since sometime back in June. The police weren't notified of Caylee's disapperance until a whole MONTH later, after she had disappeared. Caylee's own mother [Casey Anthony] wasn't the one to call and confront the police. CASEY'S mother [Caylee's grandmother] called and notified the police saying that the mother has confirmed the disappearance of Caylee and the trunk of Casey's car smelt of a dead body. The police jumped on the case rather quickly and Casey was brought to jail with charges of first d
Well it's been along time since I have blogged so here goes.......I'm still in BFE Idaho but it's kewl I'm single and loving every damn minute of it. I can finally be me for a change and don't have no one to answer to.....I have my own place and juss bought me a truck all on my own with the help of no man or no one. I have finally got my independence back and damn does it feel good. No more being miserable and trying to please someone that can't be pleased. It has been a hard road for me this past year but I have survived and thanks to the ones that have been here for me.......You know it's funny how life throws us curveballs but I am a survivor and have always been one with or without someone special in my life. I have proved I can make it on my own and can stand to be alone without a man......too bad someone of us can't say that (NO NAMES MENTION) but ya'll all know who I'm perfering to LMAO. I'll be home around April sometime it's time for me to close the Idaho chapter in my life an
Isnt Easy Getting Devorced
no matter how long uve been married & then separated devorce is hard i have been away from my husband for well over 8 years & finally paying way to much finacaly & emotionally for something he is sitting back & not even helping me on. I know im ready to be devorced from this so called human being but what was supposed to cost me under $400.00 is now almost $1000.00 & what was supposed to be 3 weeks is almost 3 to 4 months. I thank god him & i never had children together, then he would make it harder then this really is now. I'm in 1 state he is in another & all he has to do is answer the door & sign 1 or 2 pieces of paper you think he could do that much heck no he cant & now the judge is threatening to pull us both in court. Well there is no way in hell i would allow him near me or even see me. I thought he would have wanted this over more then i do but im finding no matter what once some1 controls you they dont want to stop. He is trying to control me & im hoping he is figuring out t
Support Our Troops
Thank you to all my friends for showing your support over the holiday season. Being away from loved ones during the holidays is really tough. For those of you that sent packages and cards you are not forgotten. You have shown me that you really do care and support the Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, and Sailors that put their lives on the line each and everyday protecting what is dear to us, our freedom. Words will never describe what I felt when I received them. Thank you all!
Drink Mixes
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Does He Hear My Heart.....
She sits daydreaming In a dream world. Anxiously wondering Does he think of me………. He seems so perfect It just cannot be……… She hopes to one day feel his touch Feel his love……. At the thought her body quivers And her body temperature rises If she only had him near…….. When she hears his voice The distance disappears………. Her heart skips a beat and races She tries to act unaffected…… Does he know what she is thinking, Or does she hide her secret well………………….
Very Fun!
o,last night,my cat jumped out the windows and got gone in the dark soon. It took me more than 5 hour to look for him, but nothing. When i decided to go sleep and to continue it tomorrow,I saw it stay beside the door and want to go inside.
Are You Freakin Serious?
My feet are cold. The End. Part II; So is my nose. Ok seriously, being jobless sucks, I am so damn bored.
Lebanon Vs Rolla Wrestling
Lebanon comes up big in close matches Israel Potoczny Jan 23, 2009 Lebanon’s ability to pull out close match’s was the difference on Thursday as they defeated Rolla at Carr Gymnasium 42-27. Wrestling at 135 pounds, freshman Aaron Starnes set the tone for the win when he defeated Joel Laney in overtime 4-3. Lebanon trailed 21-6 when Starnes took to the mat, with the Yellowjackets only six points coming via a first period pin by Kyle Hansen at 125 pounds. Tyler Zimmerman, the state’s No. 6 ranked wrestler at 140 pounds, followed Starnes with a pin of Don McDonough, cutting the Rolla lead to 21-15. Freshman Austin Brawner trailed Ryan Heflin by five points with 15 seconds remaining, but came back to force overtime and win the 145-pound match 11-9. Nick Nekola followed at 152 pounds and gave LHS its first lead at 24-21. Nekola and Tyler Chavez were tied at six when Nekola pinned Chavez at the 2:42 mark. “We won all the close one’s,” Lebano
It seems as of lately people have not been able to understand my way of thinking. I guess I may appear to come off as "cold-hearted". For starters; I question everything. It is my logical side. Even if there is not a puzzle in front of me. My brain will event one. It will work overtime until it finds something in my life to question. People don't seem to understand why I don't believe the bull most people dish out. Along with being logical; I have to see some things in order to believe it. Of course there is my other side that is caring and emotional. Sometimes my logical side kicks that sides ass.
50 Greatest Rock Guitar Live Solos
1. Crossroads - Eric Clapton (Wheels Of Fire/Cream) 2. Stairway To Heaven - Jimmy Page (The Song Remains The Same/Led Zeppelin) 3. Machine Gun - Jimi Hendrix (Band Of Gypsys/Jimi Hendrix) 4. Statesboro Blues - Duane Allman (At Fillmore East/Allman Brothers Band) 5. Comfortably Numb - David Gilmour (Pulse/Pink Floyd) 6. Suicide Solution - Randy Rhoads (Tribute/Ozzy Osbourne) 7. 316 - Eddie Van Halen (Live Right Here Right Now/Van Halen) 8. Star Spangled Banner - Jimi Hendrix (Live At Woodstock/Jimi Hendrix) 9. La Villa Strangiato - Alex Lifeson (Exit Stage left/Rush) 10. I'm So Glad - Eric Clapton (Goodbye/Cream) 11. Cortez The Killer - Neil Young (Weld/Neil Young & Crazy Horse) 12. Freebird - Allen Collins/Gary Rossington (One More From The Road/Lynyrd Skynyrd) 13. Texas Flood - Stevie Ray Vaughan (Live At Carnegie Hall/Stevie Ray Vaughan) 14. Wicked World - Tony Iommi (Past Lives/Black Sabbath) 15. Heaven And Hell - Pete Townshend (Live At Leeds/The Who)
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20k comments for 3-month VIP Currently at 10,171 comments (+590) AUTO-11 BLING; LAST ONE TO BE AWARDED AT 50K COMMENTS! ALMOST THERE!!! Currently at 47,020 comments (+1,371) I am suggesting that the 2 ga's above be finished first.....bombing is such a pain, and such slow going right now that I really think it is too much trouble to bother with the 2 bling ga's unless you just want to bomb them...if we ever finish these two, we will finish the two small bling giveaways.
Threesomes Share Now, here's what you're supposed to do...and please do not spoil the fun. Start a new note, delete my answers and put in your own. Tag your friends and tell them to tag you. The theory is that you will learn a lot of little known things about each other. Three Names I go by 1. hey you 2. hey there 3. billy Three Jobs I have had in my life 1. ac tech 2. pizza delivery 3. bud distribution center Three Places I have lived 1. PA 2. FL 3. NC Three TV Shows that I watch 1. Animal Planet 2. South Park 3. Discovery Channel Three places I have been 1. All over the country excluding Hawaii 2. my bathroom 3. mental ward Three people that e-mail me regularly 1. no 2. one 3. e-mails me Three of my favorite foods 1. pizza 2. chicken 3. steak Three things I would like to do 1. cure cancer 2. go be with my dad 3. meet someone that is Real Three friends I think will respond 1. Postal Florist 2. Peace & all that 3. Things I am
Unknown Soldier Acrostic Poem
This isn't exactly a good poem necessarily. It's main redeeming feature is that it is done as an "acrostic" on the words "UNKNOWN SOLDIER" as you can see in RED. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: MY ROLL OF DICE (C 1998 ) Josie Roberts Understanding is the prize, see his presence in their eyes. Neighborly tosses to save the dross. Kingship at reasonable prices to entice it. Neighing like a horse when you divorce. Only believe if they practise what they preach. Wishing we knew more about the things we dare to adore AND Slowing down enough to give encouragement. Obeying when you can, asking about the obligations of righteousness. Loving truth where you find the tooth. Dating your friends w/o having sex. Insisting on order and no wishy-washy when the chips are down, with exceptions if blessed. Expecting envy to turn into faint praise of the emptiness. Risk a little to save a few friends from grief or at least from torment.
Sweetangel Come Enjoy
=== ' ~Freak~' wrote the following at '2009-02-17 19:38:28'.. > > > > > > > > Auto 11s are running so come by and make yourself a lot of points. Show heaps of love! Love making new friends so feel free to fan, add, rate me. All love will be returned as well as random blinging so stop by and show some love. > > So don't miss out. Stop by and make a lot of points for yourself and make a new friend as well. > > sweetangel@ fubar > > > > > > > > >
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Amazing, You Have To Watch This!!!
Feeling Down
Today is very tough for me. I miss someone very much, and there is no one i can talk to about her. We have made plans and i have every intenion of acting on them, it sjust sometimes its so hard to be without this person. This is the only way i can communicate my feelings for this person. I dont know who will read this. I guess it doesnt matter these are my thoughts and i need to get them out.
Aren't They The Best?
I just have to share this story....This morning about 4 am...I had a bad nightmare,which woke me up screaming. As much as I tried to fall back to sleep I could not do it. I paced and thought and finally decided to have a bowl of ice cream. As I went to the freezer I realized that I wanted more than anything just to hug my two kids, whom by the way were sleeping in their beds. Now I thought hard about what I could do that would make me feel better, and still make them be okay with the fact that their "crazy Momma" had woken them up, just to get a hug and a peck on the cheek. The solution I came up with was..."Dessert for Breakfast"... after all, in our home we have a breakfast meal occasionaly and say "Breakfast for Dinner" ,right? So, with this thought in my head I proceeded to my 12 yr old son's room and MUAH...a big kiss I gave him and he opened his eyes...and said "UGH"...This isn't looking good , I thought...But just stuck to my story and said ...Hey, I am having dessert fo
LADIES!!!!! Have I got a deal for you!!!!! Have you ever seen a Soldier walking down the road and thought to yourself "DANG! Wish I had one of those!" Have you seen a Soldier in his dress uniform and thought "Where can I get me one of them?" Have you ever seen a Soldier and wished that one would show you how he handles his gun? Well step right up, place your bids ladies. Step right up and you may very well have yourself one very SEXY, young at heart, agile, mobile, sweet, lovable Soldier. Not only will he put your picture on his page, you have the great honor and privilege of having him place your name, next to his. List of items offered--currently--are: He will be at your beck and call and rate EVERY picture, blog, and stash item you have. He will do his damndest to make sure you are at 100% FUBAR all the time. He'll make a couple of shout out bulletins for ya. He'll make some pretty danged awesome SFW salutes for you. (minimum 2, more will
"""Sweet words are easy to say,Sweet things are easy 2 buy,But sweet people are difficult to findLife ends when U stop dreaming,Hope ends when U stop believing,Love ends when U stop caring,Friendship ends when U stop sharing.So share this with whom ever U consider a friend.To love without condition,To talk without intention,To give without reason,And to care without expectation is the heart of a true friend...Forward this to all the people whom U consider as your true friend.Life is short, Break the rules,Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly,Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably,And never regret anything that made you smile.""""
Live Auction
Offerings   I don’t offer you a glance Not a turn of my head or eyes In your direction, because it’s your direction.   I don’t offer you my opinion Because I would waste the effort To explain what you would not care to understand.   I don’t off you any thought Because that would involve my heart And it hides at the very thought of you.   I don’t offer you my time As it has become so clear to me That it is the only thing I really have left that is mine.   I don’t offer you what you expect Because what you expect is the world When all that is left are shadows and distortions.   And I offer this explanation With no hope of your acknowledgement Or acceptance, because it is offered for my sake   Not yours.
Evening At A Funeral Service....
Well most people who go to a Funeral Service are quiet and respectful.... but nooooo.. not my best friend Sandi.... I was walking in behind her into the Chapel..there was an older gentlemen holding the  door for us,  I notice Sandi has a hole in her pants... umm in the buttal region... *blank stare*..... she didn't believe me... I have no idea why....*dramatic pause*... she puts her hand down there and lord and behold!!! theres a huge hole in her seat and around to the cootal area.... she says... too loudly... and I quote..."   ohhhh FUCK "....I'm like Sandi, we are in a chapel.. so she says "oh shit I said fuck" and then she said "ohhh God"  ... bless the lil old mans heart...he laughed and told her to enjoy her night...first time I have ever been told to enjoy a funeral....  thank god the woman had a jacket on and tied it around her waist..... I could just see her bending over the Widower with her buttal area hangin out for all to see... I laughed inside the entire Service...*blank s
New Saying 5-4-09
The Gods in the sky hang their heads in envy with one swipe of my sword and i will end your misery
mine died any ideas where i can get a basic morph for freee  
Bla Bla Bla
well james went back home to spend time with his mom and to get some work done. we got alot of stuff to put into storage.  but the car we have is not big enough and we dont have the money for gas. i dont know what to think about humanity anymore...there is a few people that  i trust...i dont even trust my boyfriend...just because i have not met him yet. other then that im doing great.
Dell Computers
its funny that for the longest time i never had any problems with my computer up untill my mom passing away and ever since then its been one problem after another. So far $350 in having a tech guy coming out to look at it only to fix some problems and after he leaves more arise.  First problem i was having was the whole thing freezing up anywhere from 5 to 15 mins after getting online (didnt matter what i was looking at...fubar..emails...ebay) so i made the 1st appointment to have someone look at this POS. by the time he got here (3 days later) when i'd try to start the computer i was getting the blue screen. So mr. techguy takes the tower to the shop and comes back an hr later with the computer working ok (fixed a corrupt file which kept triggering the blue screen) but the main problem still existed (freezing up).   Second time mr. techguy came here i had him scan and clean the entire computer for all the bugs and things not needed hoping that it would also help the freezing proble
Leaving This Drama Zone!
There was a time long ago when I did actually like fubar, but since the coming of all the fuckin' drama and stupid shit like that emo Fu-marriage BS I've since stopped using this site, this is the first time I've even bee on here in months cuz everytime I tried to log on annoying people would (go figure) try to annoy me. So while I'm not going to fully delete my profile I may take down my naughy pics as this site is no longer any use to me. If this bumms you out or twould still want to view my pics including new ones I can be found on these sites. I'm on this one more often: my name there is NickkiH8sYourFace if you do a search on the site you'll find me. I'm also on this one: name there is Nickki Hates Your Face ,as above do a search on the site Well g'bye fubar I shall keep you for my stash but other that I'm out bitches!
A Trembling Sigh
As I sit here, the walls close in I wonder what is yet to come.The shadows grow darker toward meMy light starting to fade some.The tears streak down my faceMy will lost to all.I shudder with resignationI am about to fall.I sigh readying myself for the killI tremble waiting for the slice.I wonder when it will happenI worry will death be nice.My pain is plainly seen on my faceMy darkness has grown high.I laugh at Death, he angersI grow quiet with a trembling sigh.
ok this is here 6 times it shows in stash and the other blog on safari
About Fu-owning Me
Saying It Allowed
That Triune Term of Promise May be easy to pronounce, But the heart worn down by obstacles Pounds more than just an ounce. But there seems no simple remedy For this condition or its aim Since the most sincere of efforts Renders results that are much the same. I've had no prior experience with this I've wondered whether I could And now that it envelopes me, I'm not so sure it's good. No purity in thought or will No picture makes it better, No gesture grand or small Neither utterance nor letter. If I could free my tongue from care And the words stuck in my throat, I might just wrench the syllables out, And passion's flame emote. Consistency and honesty Add nothing to my vote, No Hymns nor Works of Mercy, No Harmony of phrase or note. The Heavens willingly supply no device: No offering and no sacrifice Can demonstrate my intent precise, Nor any miracle suffice. If declaring had a substitute It could ease this tug inside my chest, And th
Halp Me Jesus!
So I am going on my approx. 38th or so hour of no sleep. Insomnia is killing me. My body feels like I'm dead but my mind just can't stfu. I flop around in there like a damn fish out of water. Ugh. Nothing is helping anymore...I fail at sleep.
Dark Series Skinz - 8/10
I've added 3 new skinz, all of them part of a new series of dark art themes. I have several more to add, and will be putting them up as I have the time. To rip a skin from my collection, visit my profile and scroll to the bottom. Click the link that says BROWSE USER'S SKINS, and then click RIP beside any of the ones that you like (please rip only those that are marked PUBLIC). In order for them to display correctly, you can not have any photos from your albums enabled as a background image (or it will show up as the background with only the border of the skin displayed). As always, my skinz are best viewed at 1024x768 or higher. Previews of the new skinz are below. Actual images used in the skinz are much larger. "Troubled Soul" "Tragedy" "Forever"
Dj White Witch's Bully @ Universal Storm
A Gentle Kiss
A Gentle KissYou blew into my life like a breeze upon the trees,Took me by surprise...made me weak upon the knees!A gentle kiss that touched the night,Hidden from a star-lit sky!All my dreams, once untrue,Could finally come together because of you!Whispering words of love that can heal a heart that will not mend,You'd become my life...all my time is yours to spend!Everyday, I thank God for that special night,That you blew into my life!All because of a gentle kiss,That touched that endless night!
Cool Website?
Wow just found a cool new website on mma gear. Its called pennyfresh and it sells stuff for super cheap, one at a time. Really cool idea. Check it out!
A Thought
take me take me away away from all that I am all that I was I was alone alone I take Alone I take me  
Somehow, Ya Just Gotta Luv A Kid's Take On Life (and Marriage) !!!
1. HOW DO YOU DECIDE WHO TO MARRY?     -You got to find somebody who likes the same stuff. Like, if you like sports, she should like it that you like sports, and she should keep the chips and dip coming.  -- Alan, age 10  (good plan, Alan)   -No person really decides before they grow up who they're going to marry. God decides it all way before, and you get to find out later who you're stuck with.  -- Kristen, age 10    2.  WHAT IS THE RIGHT AGE TO GET MARRIED? 
Ryan Scheckler In Portland
My son and I drove for 3 hours south to go to Clackamas Town Center (in Portland OR) in JC Penny's to see Ryan Scheckler (professional skateboarder) to get his autograph and it turns out he is a teenage heart throb too for we waited in line for over an 1 1/2 hours to get the autograph signed picture and my son was the last to get the autograph.  The line was filled with screaming teenage girls. See the pics of him and me in line getting the autograph in my stash area.
Thanks 2 Fu!!
  Well …its that time again . lol . It’s my second blog an im writing this sat watching nothing, contemplating what is my Fu birthday, my first !! WOOT!!I’VE BEEN HERE A WHOLE YEAR,BLIMEY!!!LMAO. so while I have your attention, I want to say THANK YOU. Thank you for being a friend, I know I don’t say much an when I do its usually crap but bare with me, I kinda grow on you. Lol . Does’nt mean to say I don’t  love you each an everyone one of you, because I do !!I’ve met some FUCKING KOOL MUTHAFUCKERS!! People im proud to call friends an would be welcome in my home. I also lost some friends too, so Big up to them!! I didn’t want to mention names but …I want to mention One fuckin beautiful soul. One that has truly opened my eyes an has such an effect on me. I owe her so much, fuckin love the shit outta her. ‘Deadhead chic’, Mel. You lady are the dogs bollox, big dangly hairy one’s, beautiful in every bloody way!! Yo
Picture Morph
I am wondering if anyone can help me out and make a morph of me of the devil pic and a picture of me from my default? Anybody that can help that would be awesome thank you :)   Katie
Twat Waffle
1. twat waffle 506 up, 108 down love it hate it buy a twat waffle muga vagina that is so shriveled up that it looks like a defrosted waffle.Jo went down on Mary and thought he was eating Lamifer Sep 13, 2004 share this2. twat waffle 223 up, 123 down love it hate it buy a twat waffle mug1. A foolish, inept, or unattractive person. 2. Someone who you find in extreme annoyance.President Bush is such a twat Priscilla Dec 13, 2004 share this3. twat waffle 147 up, 108 down love it hate it buy a twat waffle mugA meaningless insult; can be used to refer to anyone or anything that you dislikeYou stank twat waffle.
Happiness :)
Things that make me happy...       1. Cats   2. Curling up in my snuggie (yes I have a snuggie!), in front of the fireplace with my cats, with a cup of coffee and a book or my laptop on a rainy cold day   3. fruit pie   4. Walking on the beach searching for cool rocks, meteors (yes I found one!) or polished glass.   5. People that make me laugh.   6. A good cup of coffee   7. Rainy days   8. Going up to Grass Mountain having a picnic and laying back watching the clouds   9. My car-it's so cute!   10. Making people laugh and smile   11. Honking at golfers as they tee off   12. Keeping my body and mind in shape   13 studying ancient history.   14. Going to Dublin or Las Vegas to gamble, eat and have fun
Chocolate Rum Balls
Chocolate Rum balls: 1 (6 oz.) semi-sweet chocolate bits 3 tbsp. corn syrup 4 tbsp. orange juice 4 tbsp. rum 1/2 c. confectioners' sugar 1 c. finely chopped nuts 2 1/2 c. crushed vanilla wafers Melt chocolate bits in top of double boiler. Add corn syrup, orange juice and rum. Mix all ingredients. Refrigerate short while. Shape into 1 inch balls. Roll in confectioners' sugar. Keep in covered tin in cool place.
Are You A True Friend?
What a friend is? You help them when they need it, you give them shelter when they have no other place to go. your the ear on the phone, when they need someone to talk to. Your their shoulder when they need you to lean on. They forgive you for the things that you do. They appreciate the things you have done for for them.. or for a kind word... they dont hold you responsible for the actions of others.. they dont blame you for things that happened, that you had no control over.. they overlook things that others cant or dont. ..they dont see you as others do..they dont see you for what you were in the past.. but for what you are now..They are there for you no matter what..They dont look down on you for who you choose to be with.. they may not like it but.. will try and stick by you and what choice you that choice turns out to be a mistake or not..they are there to catch you when you fall. Can you say you are a true friend?
I Am Blessed.
I have a wonderful family.  I have an amazing husband.  I have fantastic friends.  I am a lucky girl.   Tonight, I suffered from 2 seizures while in the arms of my husband.  We're unsure of the cause but I thank my lucky stars that I married such an intelligent and loving man.  After my seizures, I slept for a few hours, comfortably settled in his warm and strong arms... protected, protective.  He is my beacon of hope.  He is the brightest star in my night sky.  He is the love of my life.   People may say I'm crazy for marrying at 20.   I say it's the smartest move I ever made.  I can't imagine my life not being his wife and him not being my husband.  We could have dealt with being engaged for a few more years, but our love is something beautiful... magical, almost. He's smart.  Handsome.  Loving.  Talented.  Sweet.  Caring.  Kinky.  Adoring.  Creative.  Romantic.    And best of all?  He's mine.   "I loved you then, I love you still.  I always have, and I always will."  
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Must Read
Around age 10 my dad got me one of those little badass compound bowbeginner kits. Of course, the first month i went around our landsticking arrows in anything that could get stuck by an arrow. Didyou know that a Farmall tractor will take 6 roundsbefore it goes down? Tough sumbich.That got boring, so being the 10 yr. old Dukes of Hazzard fan that iwas, i quickly advanced to taking strips of cut up Tshirt doused inchainsaw gas tied around the end and was sending flaming arrows allover the place. Keep in mind this was 99.999% humidity swampland sothere really wasnt any fire danger. Ill put it this way- a set ofpost hole diggers and a 3ft. hole and you had yourself a well.One summer afternoon, i was shooting flaming arrows into a largerotten oak stump in our backyard. I looked over under the carportand see a shiny brand new can of starting fluid (ether). The lightbulb went off. I grabbed the can and set it on the stump. I thoughtthat it would probably just spray out in a dissapointing mann
Oh Heavenly Father...
During one of the several snow days we have recently had, my daughter announces “Mommy, I am a Christian and I need to go to church. When will you take me?”Well quite floored, I asked her how she knew she was a Christian? Her response was “Because I believe and God, and you don’t.” After explaining that many religions believe in a god or gods, we had a discussion based on what my lunatic sister had been teaching my daughter, facts, and the stuff in the bible. We discussed this for several hours, me asking questions, her asking questions, and actually had a very good discussion. At the end of the conversation she said she wanted to think and we would talk about it again later. Thinking nothing more of it, we went several days without any further discussion on the matter. Finally, tonight on the way home, she announced “Mommy, I know why bad things happen to people. It is because God is really evil.” I laugh of course, and say, “ok honey, w
Friendship~–noun1.the state of being a friend; association as friends: to value a person's friendship.2.a friendly relation or intimacy.3.friendly feeling or disposition.Friend~–noun1.a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.2.a person who gives assistance; patron; supporter: friends of the Boston Symphony. Ok now that i have that out of the way...what does it mean to you when someone says they are your friend...or that u say that you're their friend??? is it someone you can trust???  someone you can run to when you need advice, or a shoulder to cry on....what about judging??? if you are really friends with u judge everything they do...or do you trust them???  i know for me when i have a friend, a real true friend, i dont judge them..i like them for who they are & trust their decisions...i mean we all have our moments...where we may rub our friends the wrong way or maybe do something that they are not happy about...but if they ar
Mummers Gone Wild
a few of the mummers had a party over the weekend ....just thought you would like to see some of the pictures     someone told Peacey is was an Easter party...ooopps     Rio had just a tiny little bit much to drink....dont judge     you can ask Jai about this yourself ... when I did he got kind of defensive     Skully grew his hair back.... just be nice and tell him it looks great he is sensitive     Boo is SUCH an attention whore !     it was nice that Boops had a weekend pass and could show up    
The Babies Are 24 Hours Old!
Posted:  Tues, April 13, 2010 @ 9:37p.m.   Yes, they have survived....all 3 babies....for a little over 24 hours thanks to Ethar's diligent care efforts.  When I came home today, Ethar told me that Lurch has taken over "daddy" duties.  Lurch would sneak a baby out of the box and clean it if Ethar wasn't constantly watching.  Lurch is extremely protective of them...he won't allow Fukker anywhere close to the babies.  This is good since Fukker didn't respond well to them. The two black ones are girls and the gray one is a boy.  This is one Ethar caught of Lurch blocking one of the girls from trying to wander, blindly, off the sofa. See the tuft of white fur sticking up on the gray one?  I've named him Mohawk. Anytime the kittens are out of their box, Lurch is right there watching over them.  He seems to instinctively know that they need their asses licked to stimulate the whole pissing process cause as soon as we finish feeding one of them, when we put it down....even if it's facing hi
Read This U Will Love It..i Promise..p
This explains why I forward jokes.A man and his dog were walking along a road.The man was enjoying the scenery, when it suddenly occurred to him that he was dead.He remembered dying, and that the dog walking beside him had been dead for years.He wondered where the road was leading them.After a while, they came to a high, white stone wall along one side of the road.It looked like fine marble..At the top of a long hill, it was broken by a tall arch that glowed in the sunlight.When he was standing before it, he saw a magnificent gate in the arch that looked like mother-of-pearl, and the street that led to the gate looked like pure gold.He and the dog walked toward the gate, and as he got closer, he saw a man at a desk to one side. When
Imma Paddle Witchie...
Ten random facts folks you read do it1.  I'm potty-trained.2.  my fave food is pasta - with My sauce, preferably 3.  I love sci-fi and fantasy books/movies4.  I love blue5.  I like music - almost any kind 6.  Weird Al is my hero! 7.  I'm a hopeless romantic (well, I thought so until the shot...)8.  I'm more of a smart ass in real life9.  I love to cuddle - ALMOST as much as sex10.  my guilty pleasure is Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. And other FAMILY (I.E. not CHILDREN'S) movies PS - I WILL get you, Witchie woman! Rock on!Shawn
As the wind whispers The world results in change The clouds float by slowly Always out oWhich always hangs around Always out of range The tree's leaves fall Red, green, orange Beautiful for all As the wind whispers The grass lays down  It bows to the sun Which always hangs around As the wind whispers The ocean ripples with life As the wind whispers A smile crosses my face Whispers in the wind Produce a kindred soul We all need somebody Somebody special to love   ***Another poem I wrote in 99***
Watch Out
I'm sorry, so sorryI'm sorry, so sorryI'm sorry, so sorry"I'm sorry to sound so cold about this, but, what I needed to have is an experience with the person. Possess them in ways I wanted. I had to evict them from their human bodies."Watch out this Demoness will find youWatch out she could be right behind youWatch out she will bind and confine youI promise that I'll be the last one that you see as you bleedWatch out this Demoness will find youWatch out she could be right behind youWatch out she will bind and confine youI promise that I'll be the last one that you see as you bleedI'm back again stronger than ever and much deadlierDominating my victims, leaving corpses dismemberedYou'll never meet a bitch so sick, so wicked and vicious like meDeath is an art and I'm the artist painting this gory sceneI kill you sensuously, I take your soul as you bleedI touch myself, cum on my fingers as you still try to breathePlease, don't underestimate cause I'm a broadI'll leave you castrated and che
Week By The Numbers
3. total number of hair clients on Friday. 3. Total number of nail clients on Saturday. 3. number of french manicures done on other student's clients (really? is it that hard?) 1. number of hair clients missing an ear. (not my fault, he came in that way.) 357. number of freak outs had while cutting the thickest, curliest hair I have ever seen. I couldn't even hide the freak outs. It went: cut hair, OH SHIT! oh we are good nevermind, repeat for an hour. 6. number of times I asked the educator to check that haircut. 2. number of times the educator freaked out on me for freaking out. I kinda deserved it. 1. Number of Swedish films seen over the weekend. did you know "what the fuck" is pronounced "what the fuck" in Swedeish. 4. number of referrals given to me already by that curly haired girl (she works in the call center at school! Fuck yea!) 102. percentage of people that tipped me for my services. (one of the people I painted for another student tipped me) 38. number of dolla
Life At Its Worse
Easy way out Sometimes I wonder if I will be free,I think death needs to come to me,that's no more bills or heartache see,I believe it's the best way to be!I want to take my life right now,I want to end it someway somehow,I am tired of living through this pain,I see nothing that I will gain,I just want to say goodbye,Fuck this world and fuck this life,If I come back to this place again,I will repeat this letter my friend.
PHILADELPHIA -- A 21-year-old New Jersey man has pleaded guilty to intentionally vomiting on a man and his 11-year-old daughter in the stands during a Philadelphia Phillies game. Matthew Clemmens of Cherry Hill, N.J., pleaded guilty to simple assault and other charges Tuesday. Clemmens Police say Clemmens stuck his fingers down his throat and vomited on Easton police Captain Michael Vangelo and his daughter during an April 14 Phillies-Nationals game after his companion was ejected from the park. Sentencing is set for July 30. Assistant District Attorney Patrick Doyle says sentencing guidelines call for Clemmens to get probation. He says the Vangelo family is satisfied by the plea. Clemmens' attorney was not immediately available following the hearing.  
 Yesterday was really hard on me not that the date was the 25 of May, it holds some very speciali meaning as well.  May 25, 1964, will live as a date that changed my life forever , because on that date I lost my mother in an automobile accident , a careless act in my opinion , the sad thing is I never even knew my mother because I was only 10 months old at the time . people have told me not to dwell on it but its kind of hard when a person gives you life and then 10 months later is taken from you , all a person to do other than question was I the cause of all of this .  The wreck had taken alot ofrom me but it had also given me alot  
Should I
so me and my GF just broke up, were better at being friends.. so i let her go or get her back
If you hear a guy saying, "Damn baby shake it!!" they are probably talking to this sexy bitch!! X)
Redneck Love Pome
Roses is red an' my neck's red too an' you make my lips pucker like a big plug o' chew. If you was my shed i'd be proud to have made ya an' if you was my gun,in my rack i'd display ya. Cuz yer sleek like a bas boat an' hotter'n fire yer more grippin' to me then a new set o' tries. I'm a sad. lovesick fool jus' a-caryin' a torch            an' i whine like them houn' dogs         that's under my porch. Cuz you make my head spin like i'uz drinkin' white lightnin' (I ain't use to much thinkin' i confess it's a mite fright' nin'.) But yu'v stol my poor heart like that big ol' tornader that come through last month an' took off with my trailer....
im thinking about mass friend requesting just to do it. and every person that "likes" me and rates my photo. but im not going to rate shit. just request. because im bored. BORED GOD DAMNIT. ooooooooooh sweet jesus!!!! the new episodes of futurama werent bad.
More Info About Me
Well lets see those who have read my comments know I have a Great sense of humour Down to earth type of guy, dont let the music industry get to my head. if I commented more than Four of your pics, it's because I think you're Hot ! My new CD is about to drop in Late August, Hope you'll pick it up at my website . if you're on myspace- feel free to friend me at You'll notice I have a ton of Hot Lady friends there as well. (its a Hobby what can I if you havnt heard of me or my music yet,I'll give you a quick rundown, I was charted in Top 10 Rock and Indie Artists for Canada (Source- Myspace Daily Music charts) also #1 Latin and #1 Latin Indie Artist. (Source Myspace Daily Music Charts) I spend most of time recording Tracks and New Material,so not into the bar scene at all in fact I dont get a lot of time to socialize as my work keeps me very busy. whic
Falling In Love
This is who I am. I have my own beliefs. It's what I've learned growing up in a world where love is thrown away every single day. I am morally challenged and I find it a good thing actually. If I keep getting knocked down I realize that if we fall we must learn to rise. I have a theory in which I say there are three c's. You have to be calm, cool and collected. If you are calm then know that you are aware of what you are doing no matter how tough the situation is. The cool is you never turn to violence even if the person had hurt you. Know that they are human as well. It sounds pacifistic and chickenish but the good guys that had not retaliated were the ones who made the biggest difference out there. Collected are the thoughts that you keep and even no matter how awkward or clumsy the situation gets there's always something to follow up in your head. Life is that unplanned and unpaid adventure you book one and you might not end up where you want to but if you have something that c
Too Awake To Sleep, Yet To Tired To Do Anything But Sit Here. So Here's A Random Blog.
Outside the massive front windows I hear a chorus of crickets providing me with a symphony of chirps.  I hear the fans whirring overhead, and I feel its cool, delicate brush of air against my skin.  The darkness outside is so thick, and then a car rushes by on a deserted road, perhaps heading for home from a long shift of work.  Perhaps they couldn't sleep either.  I had a mostly uneventful day.  While juggling with my 7 month old I played a few games of Starcraft 2.  I failed miserabley, but at least I had an enjoyable time.  And now, it's Sunday.  Creeping in slowly, only to rush passed us to greet Monday morning.  I wish I could cling to Sundays, and skip Mondays all together.  And now, I'm sitting here reading this paper I am writing contemplating the media and it's responsibility in our society.  Media obligations to be an informant in government actions.  Media obligations to provide to the viewer unbiased, truthfuly information about many things.  But my, how the media has fail
If you could be honest just once in your life. One moment to speak the right down brutal truth, no matter how evil it
Long Distance Relationship I’m an internet guru…IT geek…so I end up finding some of the most eligible men…online. So in that, I met someone named Jeremy…lived in South Carolina…and he burned me really bad. There’s some pertinent things I learned from this relationship thing we had that I think needs to be thrown out there. Overall LDR are HARD. It takes a lot of trust, communication and commitment from both sides. Here’s something I’ve designed for myself and others to follow…guidelines. 1. Both interested in each other. Being in a LDR where only one person is interested and the other isn’t WONT work. I think this one is pretty obvious and doesn’t need explanation. Although once a guy starts dropping back on communication…I assume he isn’t interested anymore and move on> I suggest you do the same if he does it to you. 2. Reassurance. I AM a person who needs A LOT of reassurance…sorry&h
Masochistic Bitch
Soooo I am in a fuckin mood....people suck and even listening to my pissed off rage the fuck  on and  get it outta your fucking system before ya go out and just start shooting some random fucking asshole because he has socks on with his hideous fucking jesus sandals and smells like shit because the liberal fucks in Boulder think rocks make for good deodorant   I had to repierce my own lip because I swalled the post when the stone came off, yes brilliant and no I never retrieved it. Well....course I didnt have the right angle to shove the piercing needle back thru by myself so I thought what an idea..take the blunt internally threaded post you have...and just shove the mother fucker until it rips back thru the membrane that managed to close up in a matter of hours...yes I am a masochist...but that was not much of an orgasmic endorpin rush...hard to believe eh Ohhhh and I got my nipples double pierced ...yeah that one was enjoyable tho so I will end my rant...and go google m
Today's Rank:#791
Love The Way You Lie Collaboration/cover Lyrics
LYRICSVERSE ONE I've been tryna figure out a way of what I wanna say But everytime I'm about to say it, my pride just gets in the way  But tonight that aint' the case, I came to say what I wanna say My mind can think whatever, I promise I won't obey  I've been fighting through the stress, tryna get if off my chest But I guess, you're the only who truly knows me best  And we fighting every other day, but now it's nothing new It's another typical day of the life of me and you  Some things you just can't fix, that's the way it gotta be So I put the blame on you, then you bring it back on me  Don't you see that we throwing these problems up in a circle? And if we continue with it, our love will never go further  It's the truth babygirl, don't act like you don't know Everybody else does, we easily let it show  We holding on to something that we will know never last So maybe we should call it quits and just leave it in the past, what you think...   VERSE TWO Been here for
 BADGIRL MFKN OG U...: so was that like sarcastic? 1:45pm more To  BADGIRL MFKN OG U...: yes 1:45pm reply  BADGIRL MFKN OG U...: why do you have to be an asshole? 1:46pm more To  BADGIRL MFKN OG U...: why do you insist on being full of yourself? 1:47pm reply  BADGIRL MFKN OG U...: how do you figure i am being full of myself when im tryin to help my family? you're really that clueless? 1:48pm more To  BADGIRL MFKN OG U...: making an issue of ten blings getting polished, youre family is still gonn get a bunch of point whether or not your bling gets polished 1:48pm reply  BADGIRL MFKN OG U...: so you feel its YOUR JOB to be rude to someone you dont even know? 1:49pm more To 
Hello All :)
I was just wanting to say hello to everyone :) Happy Holidays!   Lady Jazmin Endless Chaos
Sex And Good English
Monday - December 13, 2010
I am auctioning off my points for Sunday the 13th of December.... This auction will close at 6PM CST on December 13th, 2010.... The points will be given from 6:30 PM til 6:30 AM.... This will allow for a reset which will generate more rates; thus more points.... Please leave only auction bids in the comments section below.... Thank you and have a wonderful day/night....   I will accept the following: - Fubux - Ability Blings (Boomerangs, MegaPolishers, Famps, Auto 11s, Cherry Bombs, God Mode) - Bling Packs - Happy Hours, Blasts, Pimp Outs, etc....   * Will also consider multiple day bids....   **Remember: You get what you bid for, someone else just does all the work for you....
gambrinus\ gam-BRAHY-nuhs \noun; 1. A mythical Flemish king, the reputed inventor of beer.
Peeling Back The Layers
Peeling back the layers with all faults exposed. Memories of past regret lay raped from constant thought, scars are the souls decor lining the walls so sweetly with bitterness of before, some ripped open, others slowly healing....the deeper ones lay quite, not speaking the warnings of what is to come.  A vision dies by the hands of fate.... Tears of anger stream down the face of the lover, burning the soft flesh. Silent sorrow poured into the pillows at night while the other slumbers so deeply beside, never knowing the pain that is released from his own oblivion. Teasing with the softest of touches he brings the pleasure to surface, a touch of heaven too soon torn away only to leave the lover alone once again.  Careless words are spoken that shred the spirit and deadens the heart, the mind poisoned with hurt and anger slowly builds the scar covered walls, mind racing trying to catch the heart before it falls so deeply into the abyss of lies and false hopes.  Begging for
Gahhhhh Revenge Drama Blog
I fucking hate this.   First off, yes I like to antagonise people. Some people NEED antagonising. They need to get their heads out of their arses and realise that there's a whole world of opinion and fact and reality that doesn't actually relate to their pea-brained fucking notions of the world.   Second, I do not operate in a pack. In fact, I'd go so far as to say I deliberately avoid packs and resent their involvement in something I am quite happy to deal with myself. Why? Because I'm an insular motherfucker, and the youngest girl who wants to prove she doesn't need her big brothers' help. Also, because in any group interaction, the interaction goes to the level of the lowest common denominator within that group. And on here that's pretty fucking low. So truth, reality and discussion go by the wayside and it becomes a war of 'I know you are but what am I' or a goddamn witch-hunt.   To the gentleman that thinks I'm persecuting him. Ironically, the first few times you made creepy
List Of Fav Movies Top 10
1. Breakfast Club 2. Top gun 3. Gladiator (with Russel Crowe) 4. The Ugly Truth 5. Alice in Wonderland (with Johnny Depp) 6. Men in Black 1 and 2 7. Field of Dreams 8. Radio 9. The Spongebob Squarepants Movie 10. Jeff Dunham movies
New Photos
What would you want to see any ideas appreciated!
Fu Friendship...
I came to this place as a little escape from reality and to meet some new friends and have some fun. I know that Fu is a game and its here to make money but why can't the people seperate that from the true friends and people they meet here. Am I less of a friend if I don't buy you bling, credit packs, pimp you out etc? Once you establish a friendship is that friendship defined here soley by how much money you spend on a friend? Why must the only time anyone pays attention to you is when you are buying them bling and credits? I have met some people here that I consider to be every bit of a real friend as the ones I physically interact with on a daily basis. I guess when money and attention are involved I am simply expecting too much out of people. Recently limited my spending here and wow you know who your real friends are when you have no credits left. :) When you are rolling in credits everyone wants to be your friend and is always so thankful for what you can provide them.  How a
Fashion Necklace
Jewelry BoxesEvidently the Munchkins weregood farmers and able to raise large crops. Once in a while shewould pass a house, and the people came out to look at her and bowlow as she went by; for everyone knew she had been the means ofdestroying the Wicked Witch and setting them free from Necklace,The houses of the Munchkins were odd-looking dwellings, for eachwas round, with a big dome for a roof. All were painted blue,for in this country of the East blue was the favorite color. Toward evening,  Charm Bracelet,  when Dorothy was tired with her long walk andbegan to wonder where she should pass the night, she came to ahouse rather larger than the rest. On the green lawn before itmany men and women were dancing. Five little fiddlers played asloudly as possible, and the people were laughing and singing,while a big table near by was loaded with delicious fruits andnuts, pies and cakes, and many other good things to eat.Diamond Rings  
Why must you torture me so?Can't you just love me as is?So sick of the treatmentI'd rather have the disease.You beat me mentally,it's really sickining.Just put me down,right in the heart,here, I'll help,I'll hand you the gun and show you where to aim.How can you say you love me then leave?To know the cure is heartbreak,I don't even want to stand your pain.Can't I just lay down in agony and sleep?You are my wicked witch and love is the poison apple.Why do you treat me like this?I handed over my soul over to youand now as my blood turns to ash,to you I say,I love you and goodbye.
autodidact \aw-toh-DY-dakt\noun;    1.  One who is self-taught.

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