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I just have to share this story....This morning about 4 am...I had a bad nightmare,which woke me up screaming. As much as I tried to fall back to sleep I could not do it. I paced and thought and finally decided to have a bowl of ice cream. As I went to the freezer I realized that I wanted more than anything just to hug my two kids, whom by the way were sleeping in their beds. Now I thought hard about what I could do that would make me feel better, and still make them be okay with the fact that their "crazy Momma" had woken them up, just to get a hug and a peck on the cheek. The solution I came up with was..."Dessert for Breakfast"... after all, in our home we have a breakfast meal occasionaly and say "Breakfast for Dinner" ,right? So, with this thought in my head I proceeded to my 12 yr old son's room and MUAH...a big kiss I gave him and he opened his eyes...and said "UGH"...This isn't looking good , I thought...But just stuck to my story and said ...Hey, I am having dessert for breakfast ...and it is ice cream....come have breakfast with Momma...He stared for a second and then grinned...OKAY MOMMA, he replied...Next, was my 16 yr old daughter's room, she is a toughy to wake up and has been known to be crabby a bit...lol.I did the same thing...She looked at me with sleepy,puzzled eyes, shook her head...knowing that when I got an idea in my head it was impossible to shake it..and said SURE MOMMA...We trotted out to the kitchen all wrapped up in our blankies and got bowls of ice cream...snuggled on my love seat and ate the huge bowls. When we finished..I told them ..it is only 6 am...if you two would like to go back to bed ..go ahead...I am going to relax here..They got up and started down the hall...I then heard my son say to my daughter quielty.."Momma must have had a bad dream...and was lonely." My daughter replied..." Yup...I think so...I hope the ice cream and hugs and isses helps her to go back to sleep...we will not tell her we know ...OKAY?" My son agreed... and here I sit dumbfounded...how in the world did they even know? AREN'T KIDS THE BEST?
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