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Who Felt The Earth Quake Today ?
Who felt the Earth Quake today on 6/23/10 ?
The Coffeehouse
Hard to say at any given time who's the mouse and who's the cat? So we play our cat and mouse game of attractions and passions. I could be her tomcat, she would be my tomboy. We flirt a generation away the tomboy wants to play, ya know, I have never seen her is a dress or skirt. The tomboy and her tomcat, or the tomcat and his tomboy; sounds like the title of a book, one of those super sleuth action-comedy and impossible romance novels all in one Of course the x-rated love scenes would be left mostly to your imagination i.e., "what's wrong dear?" "Mom, a man made love to me, we did everything mom. He did things to me that I can't get out of my mind and it's interfering with my work and I did things to him, well, I can't believe I did them and  I want more of him." Her mother looked at her the way mothers do and; "It's alright dear, now, tell me the truth, what's troubling you." She just looked at her mom with exasperated amusement and said "whatever." She is in her 20s but
My Buddy
Hes a damn good friend get back with me ur friend always donnie
I showed Deb fubar and she wasn't happy with it. Myself, I don't spend too much time here. Glory to God N  
My Favorite Guy...
Migar65@ fubar
One of my neighbors boasted how they owned all these lot's only to find it is lot's 1, 2, 3, and 4. The lot next to me isn't owned by a church but a person. Imagine that and how deep it is. All the neighbors are very quiet except for the one that boasted. Lier always lie. They never change. Booze always loosens the tongue to boast. Glory to God N  
True Lies: By Me
Questioning Dreams
Why do i dream of being a slut Of being used by others But not having my own needs satisfied Why does the thought of Being unworthy Fill me with such pride Longing to feel pain Given for another's pleasure Received with grace Why do i dream of being tied down Not able to move a limb Being control at the mercy of another Why does this appeal? Freeing my mind Fulfilling my wants Taking away my fears There for another to take Accepting with grace Why do i dream of humiliation Of being unworthy of love Yet knowing I am loved and wanted Degradation Head bowed eyes cast down Lowest of the low Not worthy of you But only in my mind Humbled in grace Why do i dream of punishment For the slightest misdemeanour Wanting to take pain disciplined by your hand Fearing the pain But longing for it Fearing your wrath But looking for it Fear and pleasure entwine Submitting with grace
Panda's Prayer!
We live in the tree's, Under the cool summer breeze, Chewing on Bamboo shoot's, as happy as can be, Black & white fur, Soft as soft can be, Can I be your pet for a little while, Live in peace for eternity? Those Lumberjack's have no place here, why I why can they not see, The crystal tear's shedding within our Family, Our sibling's have nowhere to swing, No laughter to be heard, Amongst the leafy suburbs, Those fucking Buzzsaw's deafining me, No tree's stand, No fruit grow's in these grove's, Were wasting away, Man could not care for our welfare, Fur is replaced by tick's & decay, Left just as another sorry sack off bone's, While your making paper , For money & your work, The last remaining bear's fight for there home, We are no longer seen where we used to be, Happy & free, Our only chance off survival, To be taken in cage's fed unaturally , No life this is, For the bear's that used to care, Crawl's back into my shabby bed off hay, Looking for the day ahead, We can
Happy Independence Day! Glory to God N  
What Treasure Causing Pain Brings
It's confusing to me, watching as I do, the things people do to bring them personal worth. Those that seem to want to cause pain in others to give themselves a sense of power or control is the undermining of society today. Antagonists that only bring others down to feel a socially higher status has been going on for decades, even centuries...but does that make it right, or does this actually point to a Neanderthalic mentality of "might makes right"? The barbaric way people tend to treat each other behind our backs is appalling and a disturbing sign that the human reace seems doomed to destroy itself. When did allowing the abitlity to feel and show honest emotions become a liability and not a strength? When did backstabbing become the norm? The glorification of such antics on TV's so called "reality shows" has done more to erode our sense of morality than pornography ever thought of doing (at least porn admits what it is). S0, the ability to make someone else feel this a stren
My Freedom
Im going to take this moment to say what  I want to ..I mean that is my right..right? Fuck you to all that have hurt me, dont forget karma is a bitch! Bite me to all the ones that thought I would never amount to anything. laugh now! Kiss my ass is to the ones that think they are better than me, get off your high horse already! Drop dead to most of my family, you people make me sick! Hello to the people I will meet soon enough. Goodbye to my loved ones that passed away. RIP Aunt Judy I love you to the one I will fall for one day.. (maybe) I do to the one I will marry, where ever you may be You bastard! to the husband that gets me pregnant..shit hurts, I wont lie. Remember people for who they are, not what they can do for you...Remember people for what they did, to better someones life..not make yours better.
I Don`t Think You Know,but .....
I Don`t Think You Know,but .....I don't think you willever fully understandhow you've touched my life.I don't think you could ever knowjust how truly special you arethat even on the darkest nightsyou are my brightest star.I don't think you will ever fully comprehendhow you've made my dreams come true.You are an Amazing & Awesome person, Carl :)
Theres Is A Reason For Everything
Theres is a reason for everythingTheres is a reason for everything,I have come to believe this is true,there is a reason why our paths crossed,Theres is a reason for everything,there is a reason why I joined the site,there is a reason why I wided up in the same place as you,there is a reason why threw theese years,we are still so close,you told me there is a reason for everything,you no what Carl,now I believe why i wided up online,cause the reason is you,we have shared so much with each other,you make me feel so comfortable,when no oneesle could,I can`t wait to meet you and see where this takes us,all I no is I can`t go threw life not finding out,You have brighteren my smile, when I thought I couldn`t ever smile again,I am so happy rigth now Thank You for coeming into my life,I do agree ,there is a reason for everything YES!!
The Blaze In My Head
have a great time and get fukked up!  as the day is long; and so the damage goes on!  PRIZE!    have a good time and never say good bye.  consistant bikkering; they are the way, they love the way, I AM THE WAY!  kill em one, kill em all!  have a great time and get fukked up!  we will never give away what we have won!  this is a part of me, you are a part of my mind, so get in line to get fukked up!  have a good time while the cool corrupt as the day goes on and so the damage is done!  gonna tare this god damn world apart, gonna break humanity, gonna piss gasoline and set the world on fire!  have a hella good time while the cool corrupt!  get a hella high and never have to say goodbye!  get in line to get fukked up!  they love the way, the are the way, I AM THE WAY! 
Hey There..
hey new here and i dont know how to chat here..OMG!..but im online at yahu and msn now..if u want to chat with me im always online there and add me and drop me a message ok?.if ur interested add me there.. sophiamadisonsmith ..i hope that someone will try to chat with me there and teach me how to chat here..thank you..
I was a one sick pup for a long time and now I have to reassess everything. Be it the Stint, right to my finance. Myself, including my mind is sort of straigtened out a bit. Look out? No, but time honestly look at where I am on this sandy road. Glrory to God N  
Make Any
See if the following make any sense? I gave up long time ago? Also, can't open a closed mind? What was given up and why is a closed mind so dangerous? Glory to God N  
Hey How Are U Doing?
hey..whats up?.this is sophia madison but u can call me sophia for from missouri and i really love to travel!.i want to meet new friends and im single for almost 2 years..never been married and i have no kids..but u know what im bored..wanna chat sometime?.im always online at yaho and msn..try to add me there if u want to chat..and drop me a message ok?.mine is  sophiamadisonsmith ..take care!.muuuaahhh -_-
Sabatoge A
Someone is often silent until another shows up around me. Already sabatoged a relationship and will again. Hoorah! No Stint. My mind was made up on recent event's. Ain't sticking around for all to do whatever? Weight gain is two pounds over night and the swelling is in the ankles, feet, and toes. Means fluid is everywhere, from my Heart to other organs. Annette, it wasn't because I gave up recently. I gave up long time ago. Way before you ever made Earth. Yes, I'm a member of something and there is unfinnshed business to take care of. TEMPLER ON GUARDE  
Don't Want
I don't want my potential future to be so emotional as some get, when discussing certain subject that I get disturbed. I had 25 years, off and on of that with my ex wife, and 3 month's of it from my then live in girl friend. Please, I read it and hear it. I don't want that Heart ache of reliving my past. If this is personal to you then I'm sorry. I keyed in certain job or profession in certain place. There was 25 listed. Granted some are agency selling to get you a job but I found it astonishing. Morning is shot but made it to Acme and PO. I'll see what the afternoon brings? Glory to God N  
We are going to let the clock run out on me. TEMPLER ONWARD
I purchased my home, car, and everything else. Nothing was ever given to me. Glory to God N  
Nothing To
Wednesday and nothing to post. It's a slow day. Glory to God N  
Nothing To
There's nothing to post because I lead a boring life. Changed the oil and filter for Deb. It was hot and humid but Providence showed me Mercy. Afterwards it became very hot and muggy. Were it not for Deb I would not be here. Were it not for Deb I'd be gone to wherever? Many there was to ask and demand me to have this surgery but only Deb is still here. They don't call and I don't. They don't knock and I don't. They don't say hi and I don't. To each there own. God shows Mercy as God sees fit and not according to man or woman. Glory to God N  
Plz Read And Help
Ice Cream
I hope no ever reads this , I fill that I am at my wits end. I can not take anymore.  Life will never get better, it never has! I fill as though I will never escape the binds that hold me in hell.  How long must a soul suffer , how long? Crying over all the pain trying to pretend that life will get better yet it never has! They broke me long ago!  Know I have nothing left no heart, no soul no hope and no love! Wishing that the end was near!
Love Or Hate
   I wounder if people know how easy it is to Love and how much Energy it takes to hate?  Love never comes so easy. I believe most couples are not in love at all. Love is respect and compramise as well as sacrafice. I was told this by my Nana Christine Guiliano. "You have to find somebody that loves you more then you love them."  I really was taken by that statement. I have always given myself more to my partner than they for me. Love is like a flame it burns fierce and wild at first. Over Time it becomes coals hot and stronger. Love is all about respect as well. For guys we just want to be respected by our partner and loved. Woman desperately just want to be loved rather than respected. If she feels loved than she will feel respected as well. Guys want to always offer solutions to problems woman want to tell and know that someone will listen. Love and Respect its as easy and as comlicated as that!    Hate is so much easier than love. It takes more energy to hate someone than it does
Your sake and that of my sis two possibly four appointments will be cancelled. You jumped the gun and what are you getting out of all this?  
Forsed To Rate 10's
It pretty fucked up how this site will not allow you to use the numbers 1 through 8 on people but will allow you to use 9, 10 & 11. how fucking stupid is this?...VERY FUCKING STUPID!!!...why not just erase 1 through 8 & have visible clicks of 9 through 11. why is rating someone low considered down rating?...I rate 9s some to. I never rate 10's because no one on this site is perfect. so from now on i win NOT! rate at all. i refuse to let this site control my rates.
Today Sunday August 22, 2010.
Today Sunday August 22, 2010. Well it looks like all my family brought me here to Chatsworth, GA for is so they can slam and persecute me online, with me not having anyway to defend myself. My ex has my son convinced that I was on porn sites and that I am into younger women than my daughter. This is not true, I am into women not girls, I have also visited military websites as well as the sites I belong to. He doesn’t even take the time to get to know where I go online before accusing of such. The adult sites I go to are, Adultspace, and Watchersweb. They do not allow kids in those sites. Besides when did it change where children can tell parents what sites they can or cannot visit inline? I have not violated any online rules. Well here it is 2:20pm the 23rd and still no food stamps and no food in my house, so another day without food. I am starting to run low on coffee and sweetener to boot!! Well at 7:45pm on the 23rd I broke down and offered pay for a can of Ravioli from my dau
Dreaming Again
DREAMING AGAIN   I dreamed of touching you You and felt my body shiver Shiver like the first time Time I touched my first girl   I dreamed of kissing you You with your perfect lips Lips that ignite in me Me feeling such passion when we kissed   I dreamed of holding you You so close to me I can Can smell your sweet scent Scent more amazing than any other   I dreamed of looking into your eyes Eyes so beautiful to make my heart cry Cry as I see all of the love  Love you have for me reflected in your eyes   I dreamed of heaven Heaven on earth I dreamed Dreamed of our hands and souls entwined Entwined sharing every tomorrow together   I dreamed I was the happiest Happiest man in the world Our friendship like no other You and I together forever Yes the happiest man in the world                        Dreaming again...I am dreaming of you   By Scott A. Scherer  
This Pome I wrote in my Sophmore Reading class in High School from the flood by Annie Dillard we had to make up a pome related to the story we read. Death: You Cannot live. Its natures way. It's sure fier. I cannot belive my eyes. Everything imaginable is zipping by. It a fist. At repressed rage. I dont know.  
Out Of My Sight:
I think about you each day and each night. I just want to hold you tight. I hate when you get out of my sight. I just sit there every night thinking you will come back when it gets light. But its already light you still havent came back to Me. Why not is it because we faught. I am sorry if I hurt you. But come back into My sight. Now your back in my sight. I can hold you tight as I want to in the night by the light. Wrote 10-10-97
Jesus Oh Jesus Listen to my plea. I have something to say. I fill like I am comeing apart each day. My fillings tell Me to look the other way. I try to look the other way but everything seems to get in my way. I have to face so many problems. Wrote 11-9-1998
God Listen To Me:
God look at Me. Tell Me what you see. I see Myself as a person with so many problems. Will they ever go away. Or will they stay with Me. Each day I face a diffrent problem. I try to clear my miend of them,but when I do they come back. Wrote 6-29-1999
Another One Has Gone Home
Another One Has Gone HomeGod, I know you are listening,So please remember me. Please don’t forget about me, In this time of heartbreak and loss.Remember me and the man who made me.Remember the day you made him, Such a priceless piece of creation.You made him and knew that he would make me.God, remember how you crafted him.You made him with such an amazing heart,And unconditional love to match your own. Strong yet gentle arms to guide me.Please Lord, take care of him for me.Watch over him until I get there.There I will sit next to you,You and the man who also made me.That day I will rejoice again. There will be much rejoicing And celebrating in Heaven that day,On that glorious day when we meet once more. Sweet, precious God please remember,Remember him, now in your sight,In your heart so you can watch over him,Him, the man who I loved so much.God, please help me get through this.Through this deep pain that I have, Because he is now home with you. He is now one of your cho
How Deep Is The Water?
HOW DEEP IS THE WATER?                                       How deep is the water??? He wondered as he entered the water from the bank and started to swim. There she was in the boat ahead, ready to follow him everywhere he went. They were on their jet skis, such small bodies for such big machines, but they seemed to handle them well. They would ride along side of him talking to him and keeping his mind off the occasional pain in his muscles. How deep is the water??? He wondered as he entered into his 4th hour of swimming. They seem bigger now, at his side. But still, when he turns and looks in their faces, they are the same in his heart. They smile back and keep talking to him, helping him forget the hours that have passed. How deep is the water??? He wondered as he looked at his watch and realized he’d beenswimming for 8 hours now. He looked back and she was still there in the boat, where she always was, ready to throw him a line to bring him aboard if he grew
On Wings He Comes
ON WINGS HE COMES   Here He comes… Don’t you hear Him? Don’t you see Him? Can’t you feel Him? Your skin crawling like a thousand bugs come to life.   Did I not warn you? Did I not tell you? Did you not listen? What? You didn’t believe me? Ha, ha, ha…You foolish human…   Don’t you know what you do? Don’t you see what you have brought? I told you didn’t I? I warned you didn’t I? I warned you about the pleasures you sought.   How dare you think you could get away? You can’t outrun Him. So funny are your screams and tears. He lives off all…you see. All of your nightmares and fears.   Please run, it will be fun to watch. Please hide, and let me set my clock. I can feel you…What, you don’t think He can too. I can even smell your fears. Foolish human…such foolish tears….   Don’t you know what you do? Don’t you see what you have brought? I t
Well, I Can Dream…can’t I?
WELL, I CAN DREAM…CAN’T I? When I look at you…I start to dream…..You make me remember walking hand in handAlong the beach and bare footed in the sand.I dream of making a home againWith a woman who holds my heartTightly and tenderly in her handsI dream of love again.I dream of long evenings spent Cuddling together under a blanket Watching the fire burning in the fireplaceSeeing the light flicker off of her face.I dream of night time rituals Of brushing her hair before she sleepsAmazed at how much love I feel As I dream of this.I dream of a thousand kisses and hugsOf making love in every roomOf laying on a soft blanket Under the stars gazing at the moon.When I look at you…I start to dream…I see a face, it is blurred in my dreamTell me, do I dream of you??Well, I can dream can’t I?By Scott A. Scherer  
Driving down a multi-lane highway today, in the center lane.  Vehicle in each lane beside me and slightly ahead decide it's time to be in the center lane.  No signal from either of them.... One of my passenders spilled their drink when I had to hit the brakes hard.... I don't know about you, but I like my car and don't drive like those 2 idiots.   just sayin'
It's All You
When you speak, that beautiful noise leaking from your lips soothe my aching heart. That fills the other half of my soul. It wraps around me like the beating sun on an August morning. When you touch me, those coarse but gentle hands up my arm and around my neck arouses me with aggressive passion. It powerfully conquers my mind and flesh. You pull me in faster than any great black hole in the universe can pull the smallest grain of sand. When you love me, those amazing words whispered softly into my ear and your warm embrace make me feel safe. Your love shelters me from any nefarious demons in my closet. It swallows my form taking all of me in. My every stunning flaw draws your affection for me, making me love myself and with all of that, love you.  
Something I Dont Get!
Why it it on here I seem to get more guys hitting on me then I do girls trying to talk to me?  I just not seeing what you guys see in me that girls are not I guess espeically since I am straight. Just curious what everyone has to say.
  "Contagious"(feat. R Kelly & Chante Moore) [Verse 1]It's 2 A.M. I'm just getting in about to check my message,no one has called but my homies and some billcollectors.Cellular when somebody wants to borrow moneyI two-way her she don't hit me back something is funny.So I called her mother's house and asked has she seen my baby.Roll my six around looking for that missing lady.Got back in turned the TV on and caught the newsthen I put my hand on my head cause I'm so confused.And then I turned the TV downcause I thought I heard a squicky sound,somethings going on upstairsand I know nobody else lives here"bump bump bump" as I get closer to the stairways all I hearthen I hear my babies voice in my ear screaming out....[Chorus:]You're contagious, touch me baby, give me what you got(and then a man said) sexy lady drive me crazy, drive me wild(And I just can't believe this shit)[Verse 2]I ran downstairs looked in the closet looking for that ooo,said a prayer cause only God knows what I'm
Rain Drops
I feel the rain falling on my skin, cool drops falling and running down my body...They become your hands as they begin to slowly run down my face and neck, making visions dance wildly in my mind... Onto now my aroused awaiting breasts they travel, running down to the tips of my nipples and dripping off onto the ground below... The crease between my breasts has now become a valley in which they run down to my stomache touching so softly and gently... father down they move caressing me touching my inner thighs causing their own twisted delight, they are teasing me... Moving down my legs calves and ankles and off the tips of my toes I notice they have made a picture below, a puddle of water to some, but to me a passionate pool of rain drops is what I see...
Anti Spam Warriors!
This one is for you.   Honestly…All those who go around looking for content to shout spam on, in my opinion is very sad! Think about it… THIS IS THE INTERNET, you can choose what you do or do not view, yet you take the time out to eye someone else’s space and then even more time out to tag spam or report it…After they posted one, YES ONE, link!   Why was it so hard for you to just ignore it?   Don’t get me wrong I know there are folks that do abuse the internet, corrupt and clutter it with crap… But someone, who is, trying to promote their legit business why would you try and get in the way of that???   Yet you don’t take time out to report the repeated adverts on T.V that consistently and continuously promotes junk food, and what ever other sleaze you can think of!??   You confuse me… Internet police, you all have too much time on your hands!!!   Perhaps I do too for even writing this, but it is REALLY jarring arrrrrrrr
Where's The Fucking Green Gum.?
Doing my homework with jeanie and alison. homework party in the lounge :) best day kind of :\ ... Looking for some gum that jeanie just spit out... having some great laughes now only to crawl on this floor looking at shows and wondering "Where's the fucking green gum.?
This Is Too Funny.
A man and his wife were working in their garden one day when the man looked over at his wife and said, “Your butt’s getting huge. I bet it’s bigger than the barbecue.”With that, he proceeded to get a measuring tape and measured the grill. Then he went over to where his wife was working and measured her butt.“I was right, your butt is two inches wider than the barbecue!”The woman chose to ignore her husband. Later that night in bed, the husband felt a little frisky. He made some advances toward her, but she completely brushed him off.“What’s wrong?” he asked.She replied, “Do you really think I’m going to fire up this big-ass grill for one little weenie?”
Some Of The Things I've Noticed Lately.
Some of the things I've noticed lately are somewhat alarming to me. Appernatly, people are no longer judged by who they are on the inside, but rather by what they chose as a career, how popular they are, where they live, or what their backround is. I realize that while one must be mildly attracted to a person physically, one's physical apperance should not be the end all and be all. In today's world of social sites, instant messaging, and other high tech advancements, people are putting too much stock into a person's popularity, career, or other marteriallistic status, ie how much money they may or may not have, or what kind of car they drive. I for one, who expierenced first hand this type of behavior. Before I enlisted in the military, people never gave me a second look, or a second thought. I was simply another person who blended into the backround or was overlooked. But once I returned home from Missouri  a soldier, it all changed. People started wanting to shake my hand, ask for m
Fubar Fun Wheres It At
Fubar Fun is their anyone that sint into the DRAMA  I cant stree it enough i hate that word but its all you here from other. I want to have fun and fun is what I want  where is the fun and not the drag me down people        
Maybe its just me, or maybe not but I was gone from this place for awhile and last I checked you had to be 18/an adult to be here.  So perhaps someone might explain to me how it is that a male without a shirt on and pants on..yes I said PANTS!! has his photo yanked cause its not rated pg..really?? Well lets reflect shall we! since you only have to be 13 to get into a pg movie I guess we are expanding our clientel here at fubar, no? well then Get a freak'en clue and lay off the censorship! I'm not saying we have to all have full on porno profiles but we are all adults here.  Also the salute thing is a little out of control I can clearly ready all required info on the one I submitted yet it would seem those in power said no cause its a little blurry, again WOW!! really? uggg am I crazy here or are we turning into fu fu bar:P
I Dont Understand
ok things i dont understand .. first off what to do with a husband who you want to believe but cant because he lies. how do you tell if you just want to believe him or if hes telling the truth? wow this really sucks.. ive srpent the last few hours making two fubar accounts one with and invite and one with out and invite, i wanted to see if you could add a person to your profile page if they didnt invite you to fubar. from what i have found you cant... the only way to have the invite by "......" is to have been invited to fubar by that person in an email. so why is it i want to believe my husband when he tells me he didnt invite her??? wow i must be stupid.. he told me he didnt and i believed him for a few days but now im like wow im stupid, and what the hell am i going to do about it anyway i have done what i can to make things right for us, i gave him a second chance, but i guess when there is a will you will find a way.. he bought me a car and a house to try to make things look ok li
Just Litttle Help
 just want to help friends out
Some Days It Just Doesn't Pay To Get Out Of Bed
So as of today ~ he seems to have it all under control ~ I thought this trip home was fantastic..that is until I found the thumb drive ..complete with at least 100 pictures of wonder he spends so much time watching that stupid show ~ she's blonde, six foot five inches tall, boob job, blue eyes and stick you can see I am none of those things ~ along with her pictures..were tons of pictures of naked or as close as you can get to being naked ..sprawled out all over the semi's he seems to be so in love with...for a split second I thought I was in love again...16 years ...and not until 2006 did he make me feel like less then a woman..and even then I knew it wasn't the end of all this ~ he's just managed to hide it better..that is until this weekend..when I found his 'stash' ~ no wonder he never sleeps with me...or cuddles or for that matter kisses me...the hugs are the same you get when you're saying hello to an old friend you've not seen in ages...he tells me I'm beaut
New Year!
It's 2k11 and I'm excited for what's to come. Everything that I can't deal with or tolerate will get left behind.... Smooches!
2011 Mission To Improve My Life And Public Image
Now the big mission for 2011, first, most of my rants will now be discussed in private. Second, start moving away from peeps, activities, places that have negative influences on me. Third, have more fun. Fourth, not put so much effort and emo into finding a partner. Fifth clean up my public image.
Motivational Note
"The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It's a very mean and nasty place... and I don´t care how tough you are, it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently, if you let it. You, me or nobody, is gonna hit as hard as life. But ain't about how hard you hit... It's about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward... how much you can take, and keep moving forward. That´s how winning is done. Now, if you know what you worth, go out and get what you worth. But you gotta be willing to take the hits. And not pointing fingers saying: You ain´t what you wanna be because of him or her or anybody. Cowards do that and that ain´t you! You´re better than that!"
Now These Guys & The Bitchassness Of The Fumafia Bouncers Who Lick Ass Crack & Play Favs Like T-moble.
Guess I'm a go for the gold & force your hand. Don't really care for the out come.... So Do what you.... [ photo: ] check this out tho. Can u say cry baby cry.....
Chivalry Is Dead
Wonder how and why sending flowers , gifts , trying to communicate to get closure of any kind gets me charged ? Then this person sends ex wife personal e-mails between us from 3 months previos she musta saved em and e-mailing everyday there is miles of words. The sad thing is all these e-mails basically tells all about my life good and bad I bared my soul some things said were only known by me I trusted was honest and now i'm in the fire. This lady also saw fit to send gifts i had given her to my Ex wife, phoning her @ home to  villanize me. I honestly can say I fell in Love With this garibaldi highlands women and it seems i still love her and don't understand, how i can love a person so soon. But when ya know ya know. LOve this lady more than i ever loved anyone including my ex wife that i was married to for 10 years. Do i need to be beatin for being a love sick romeo or what Cuz Tawnya is the one, i feel ya only get 3 chances to find your queen she was it.
T Oo Much Eight
Jace's Law : Say It Like It Is~no Offense
A woman wants a man to: Wild and rich Be there for them- just not to availabe Lust after her beauty- just not in public it's sexual harrassment Man handle them- Be cafeful you could wind up with an assult charge Take charge- as long it's her decision that's RULED Let her act like a man without consequences- the law let's her be violent and you can't do shit about it Let her have the "Wallet"- she can always have her "Side" fun Get her that "Pickett fence" for her- so she gets it for free when you divorce Need I say more... Why do you think they get in where they fit in when it SUITS them In the END you got Screwed only for what they can get out of you~ then she'll leave or you leave her KARMA is a BITCH in the end though   It's been me & my boys for 4 years without a woman around ~ I might be a nice guy & lost everything to pay for my 3.5 year divorce~ It was worth it I saved my boys from abuse, I have full custody. So all you disrespectful BITCHES could only wish~ In
There's nothing wrong with believing in fairy tales, because in the end, we all live happily ever after, However you've forgot one important detail...Not everyone we fall in love with means its a happily ever after after story... Most of the time its just... Once upon a time...
What Does Ur Zodiac Sign Says
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My Naughty Challenge
Are you up for the challenge? Fill out the questions below honestly, let's see how daring you are. 1. On a scale of 1 to 10, rate how naughty you think you are: 2. Do you masturbate? 3. Own any sex toys? If so, which one is your favorite? 4. Are you multi-orgasmic? 5. What is your bra size? 6. Anal sex, yes or no? 7. Blow jobs, yes or no? 8. Where is the kinkest place you have performed a sexual act? 9. Ever fooled around with the opposite sex? 10. Ever hooked up with a complete stranger? 11. Would you consider yourself submission, dominating, or a lil of both? 12. Favorite type of panties to wear?
My Mood
i want to take my shiny new boots and place them on the head of a small kitten i want to smash it slowly beneath my heel i want to feel it twitching and clawing at my boot i want to watch it as it suddenly stops i want to pick up it's corpse and throw it at a bus full of small children   suffiecient to say i'm overly happy at the moment.... how are you?
Me David And His Wife Kris David And Kris Adventure This is based on a true story, before I go on to the main story I have to set a preface. The girl who’s name is Kris this was my Best friends David’s wife. I had known her in High school, she was basically a slut, and I didn’t know her really well, till years later. when David started dating her. During the dating period, she would always hit on me touch my leg or grab my cock playing. I didn’t think this was cool so I confronted David three times about it. I guess he talked with her because she stopped till they Got married. David and Kris had not been married a year I used to go over their house and watch the cowboys game every Sunday. As I would sit there on the couch I would be ask to turn my head, as she gave David a blow job on the couch beside me. Afterwards she would turn to me and smile. Well on this particular night we got finished watching the game and Kris says, “ let’s go for a ride gu
1st Edition
- liars - breaking promises - saying you are gonna do something and have no intention of doing it - being ignored - men who think that saying, "I'm hard and jacking off" is a pick up line, and worse, that it will actually work! - people who put up a profile picture that is deff not them - people who only put up pictures of themselves from 10 years ago - jealousy - most women - being treated like a possession - guys that think that you have nothing better to do than sit in front of the webcam for their own viewing pleasure - crack whore welfare moms - silence in lounges - my neighbors - the best friend's ex  
The Truth Of It Is
Hi, Mommy. I’m your baby. You don’t know me yet, I’m only a few weeks old. You’re going to find out about me soon, though, I promise. Let me tell you some things about me. My name is Angel and i'm a girl, and I’ve got beautiful brown eyes and black hair. Well, I don’t have it yet, but I will when I’m born. I’m going to be your only child, and you’ll call me your one and only. I’m going to grow up without a daddy mostly, but we have each other. We’ll help each other, and love each other. I want to be a doctor when I grow up. You found out about me today, Mommy! You were so excited, you couldn’t wait to tell everyone. All you could do all day was smile, and life was perfect. You have a beautiful smile, Mommy. It will be the first face I will see in my life, and it will be the best thing I see in my life. I know it already. Today was the day you told Daddy. You were so excited to tell him about me! …He wasn&rsq
This is how I feel most of the time:Suicide, suicideYour presence is nearSuicide, suicideI wish you were hereSuicide, suicideTake me awaySuicide, suicidePlease make it todaySuicide, suicideAn answer, for meSuicide, suicideI need to escape, be freeSuicide, suicideI’ve had too muchSuicide, suicideTake me, do your touchSuicide, suicideLeave the rest behindSuicide, suicideYou’re all over my mindSuicide, suicideLet me pass in peaceSuicide, suicideI need to release by Lisa French.
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I know you are with me even though you are miles away. The love that you have for me is nothing I cant deny I need the crisp rivers to walk away these tears\ Breathless from my mind's eye.    Take away this skin of lies. Show me another way to be brought to life. Forever with you;my rose of light. SHow me the way awaken with you.   Shaken from the past of scars. Another simple apology of another hope. But if forever was only to be with you; my rose of light. Show me who He is and I am awakened with you.  Awakened with you.  Awake me with you.  Unshame with you.  Away.  With.  you.
Yes, It's A New Profile.
Yes, it's a new profile, I got bored of the old one. That's all. :|
The Wheels Of The Bus
The Wheels of this bus go round and round over the hills and through the dales the wheels of this bus are full of air never too much but just enough the wheels of this bus are fucking big for such a short bus they are fucking big.
Ice Cream Dream
Ice Cream Dream   Sittin' back for a moment of mental release body enveloped deep within the leather of your lazy boy seat light breaking through the the window to find.... You awaken from slumbers with erotic thoughts heavy on your mind.    Totally roused from this seeming never-ending dream with longing desire for some refreshing ice cream.   Make no mistake, within these words lies a deeper message  Sometimes a meat and potatoes encounter ain't always the best vestige.  Mama always said "life's short indulge and start with dessert"  Mmmmm, cool tasty treats guaranteed to please- What flavor to start with first???Maybe....   "Ample Breast Delight."  Nipples full, a beautiful presentation  Swollen , hard-textured, nice and tight  Suckled between your waiting moist lips  Tongue so hot and wet-teasing those delicious nipple tips 
I'm Losing Myself - 688
Where could I be, what is this person you call me?? How can I give you stuff, that isn't raunchy or tough?? Don't know what to say I feel, because its not known that all is real. Termination of life is final in the end, if we broke up, that would happen my friend. Are you my friend?? Actually, I am in need, late last night we planted a seed. Squirt oh baby it feels so good, now grind great I hoped you would. If I lost yesterday and lose tomorrow, you'd forget me from head to toe. The things I do aren't memorable, but everything is loved and variable. No same shit different day from this chic, start my fire, light my candle, flick my bic.   I'm losing myself standing on solid ground, my knob wants your turning have you wound?? I'm losing myself in this time and place, have I given yet enough reason for someone or anyone to remember
Ayana Angel Takes A Cock In Her Amazing Ass
Come And Gone
It semed only like yesterday, when i fell in love with you I was the happiest man in town, there was nothing i can do Iwas so in love with you, iwanted to be with you Then you took my heart, and you knew what to do you broke it in half nothing mattered to you All you could tell me is that the other guy loved u more, he walked out on you so many times before and yet you say you love him, more than you love me, is that all that matters is the 2 words he said is it all that really matters, is thinking our love is dead? was it ever really alive? is all iam to an empty shell? and all i can do is think of you and watch myself go to hell, in just 3 months, all is reallly done and i see you come and Gone  
You Are
You are the sun in the morning, The Moon at night, You are what makes things wrong feel right. You are the stars people wish on, The 4 leafed clover hard to find, You are my angel when the world is unkind. When everything is bad and I look at you, I know that theres nothing that can make me blue. You are the light at the end of a tunnel, the flicker in the dark, The ocean when it glistens, the flame that firecrackers start. You are the lightning when it crashes, the thunder that roars, Each moment I am given with you I often adore, When I hold you close and you embrace me with care, Its the greatest embrace that any one can share. You are the heart in my chest, it beats just because of you, Theres no mystery left because I found all your clues.
Your love has got a hold on me, Feels so good but drives me crazy, I feel your touch I can hardly speak, When you come around I get so weak,   Ch1: Is this love or is it lust, The feelings are good but hard to trust, My mind says no but my body says yes, Especially when my heads on your chest, Hopeless romantic put to the test,   You walk on by and not look my way, Its strange to see the games you play, Hurts me deep but still I stay, but ill keep my head up and live each day,   Ch2: Is it love or is it lust, The feelings are good but hard to trust, My mind says no but my body says yes, Especially when my heads on your chest, Hopeless romantic put to the test,   You drag me to you then push me aside, When something goes wrong im there for the ride, Your attitude changes as much as the tides, What happens next you got me terrified, You keep me guessing because you lied,   Ch3: Is it love or is it lust, The feelings are good but hard to trust, My mind says n
Tough Tiger - 630
Mr. firm thighs, look me in the eyes, I'm needing to feel, that your real. Not a dream so, ready, get set  and go. Come on drive me, your looking but I don't see.  What could make you rock, are you saying its time to walk. Before I lose every last chance, give in for one more all night dance. It will not hurt, unless you think I'm dirt. I've been used before, but there is the closed door. Invite me in, don't run, trust me, it will be fun. Tough tiger, I know you wanna play, then I could have you feeling real good everyday.
Tonya., Lovingly Yours, Heidi & Jacob Xoxox
Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh!Caught in a bad romanceOh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh!Caught in a bad romanceRah-rah-ah-ah-ah-ah!Roma-roma-mamaa!Ga-ga-ooh-la-la!Want your bad romanceRah-rah-ah-ah-ah-ah!Roma-roma-mamaa!Ga-ga-ooh-la-la!Want your bad romanceI want your uglyI want your diseaseI want your everythingAs long as it's freeI want your love(Love-love-love I want your love)I want your dramaThe touch of your handI want your leather-studded kiss in the sandI want your loveLove-love-loveI want your love(Love-love-love I want your love)You know that I want youAnd you know that I need youI want it bad, your bad romanceI want your love andI want your revengeYou and me could write a bad romance(Oh-oh-oh--oh-oh!)I want your love andAll your lovers' revengeYou and me could write a bad romanceOh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh!Caught in a bad romanceOh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh!Caught in a bad romanceRah-rah-ah-ah-ah-ah!Roma-roma-mamaa!Ga-ga-ooh-la-la!Want your bad romanceI
The Office (chapter 6-8)
6. Josh awoke feeling a little guilty that he hadn’t called Erin to check on her after she left last night. He had, perhaps in correctly, assumed that she wanted to be left alone. He wanted to find out how she was doing without the others finding out that they’d gotten any closer, so he picked up the phone. "Erin?" he asked, when the phone was answered. "Hey Josh, I was getting ready to call you." She answered. "You were?" Josh couldn’t help but sound a little surprised. "Yea, I wanted to check to see if we were still going to meet for breakfast," she paused, "and I wanted to apologize for leaving like that last night." Josh felt a little relief, "I was just hoping that I didn’t cross the line and offend you in any way," he said. "It certainly wasn’t my intention." "Oh, you didn’t offend me," Erin assured him. "I just was kind of confused and a little drunk." There was a pause on the line when she moved the receiver to the other hand. "I als
Women And The Power They Where Born With..
The only other weapon that has the = power to money is PUSSY. You women know it's true. Pussy has the power to make a man do ANYTHING. And I mean A N Y T H I N G!!!!  I have seen Father & Sons turn on each other. I have seen some of the dumbest females get jobs they where well under skill for that job but get it anyway..I have seen women go out to clubs dead broke and get in free plus get drinks the hole night with out paying. I have heard of guys killing over PUSSY. Tell me how many men pull over to help another guy you never seen before beside the road with his car broke down? But let it be a woman you never seen,shit the % is well over    Hell the other day this sexy ass Mexican lady was coming out a store. This babe was so fine I turned around wasting gas just to go back and speak to Thats just the power she had over me. Shit I love women and I love sex. I'm not knocking women at all so don't take it that way..I'm just making a point...You women got it going on...Y
Hey There
i wish i can get my life on track again i smoke and drink anything to get me fuck up really bad.    and i went to this bar and start to make out with a guy and it was good but i want a real man now that loves to party and kick it up.   yeah that's what i am talking about.
Business Voip Phone
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God Is Busy Working; Talk To Igod! :)
igod :))
Cold As Ice.. My Body is Numb..My Eyes Are Sewed Shut.. My Ears Cut off.. My Mouth is Stapled Closed..I feel Everyone Around Me So Cold... Will I Ever.. See.. Hear.. Talk.. Again.. Its Death Near By.. I Feel like A cold numb death body On A Morgue Stab... Will I Ever Be Warm Again.. Ifeel Like I Should Crul Up In A Ball And Wait It Out... Or Should I Go On And Think To Deal With Not seein .. hearin.. talkin.. Bein Cold                       
Next Store Neighbor Oops! Full Story
Next Store Neighbor Oops! Full Story Ok currently Im 20 and a college student. I do have a part-time job. So To save money. Im staying with my parents. Last Year I lived in a frat house. And I endded up always not have any extra money every week. So my parents offered my the spare room to save cash so, I could worry about paying other bills off.Ok so now you know the back story. Well as of recent , My work hasnt been giving me too many days. So , I usally go out late and party with my friends. About a two weeks ago , I came back late and I dont remember much. I was really wasted. So when they dropped me back off at my house. I guess , I was really loud. So I went inside my room and passed out. I got home about 4am.Around 10am I here knocks on my door. Like Banging Felt like the police where at my door. I had a killer headache as it was. So I slow Get out of bed and open my door. Its my mother , Shes like hey hun sorry to wake you but , Karen from next store needs helping moving her
Strength In Time...
Time passes by and things happen sometimes to drag us down. Sometimes it is more happening to one then to another. I personally have gone through things most wouldn't even think of. Time and time again I get up and continue on. There are those who know me and some of the things I have been through but only 1 really knows everything about me. To write out everything would be a novel and it would shock many because only part of my life has been told and it has had people drop their jaws. Stress is an every day thing for me and so is depression. Someone once told me to "just get over it" like depression is just something you get over. Had a family member tell me that I have nothing to stress about or to be depressed about and to stop feeling that way. Its easy to judge others but how about judging ourselves. My life is mine and sometimes I need to vent. At this moment I am not feeling emotionally sound but I hide it to keep from having to explain to others why I am the way I am. Everyone
Yntb Chapter Two
You Name this blog...I cant ! Part 2 Current mood:indescribable I couldnt believe the diologue that had just transpired out across the airwaves in the wee hours of the morning. I felt so many things at once. Like I had broke thru a barrier within myself.  Was I crazy?  This is not like me! The compliant lil goodgirl. The meek and mild mannered self... that I had always been on the outside.  Inside just faunchin' at the bit to be turned loose, be free, be me... But also a rage was flowing like molten lava underneath the once calm shy quiet girl. My husband knew better than to say one damn word to me for the actions I had just taken over the cb. He may have been shocked, but he knew not to say anything to me all!  He and I were over. It wa
Yntb Chapter Five
You Name This Blog ! I cant ....Part 5 Note:  I'm getting these out there in the open rather quickly and Im not trying to blog gag y'all! Im just putting it all out there for you to read at your choosing!   I was sitting on the floor, in total agony. 30 days had passed and my children have not come home. I was a zombie at work. The bastard responsible for taken the photos had been arrested, but his parents got him out. He was placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. His parents would be coming into work as I was leaving. The horrible looks that they gave me...How their eyes made me feel. The husbands glances were more of embarrasment, maybe something there that would suggest that he knew that his son could be capable of such acts, but would never admit it. But the mother's....Her looks were so sharp so penetrating that she had murdered me many many times over. I held no anger towards them. It was not their doing. It was their sons actions. A
Yntb Chapter Nine
You Name this Blog...I cant ! Part 9   Rolling back down the interstate, I reflected on the undercurrent of events that had taken place earlier. What was I doing? Was I just having some fun to take my mind off of the realities of life? Or was I really capable of throwing away all common decencies to get back at my husband???  Could I cross this line I am toe to toe with? I didnt know...but my mind was racing with excitement and fear and a sense of a strange new power that I never knew existed within me. I was beginning to think a little differently. It was just barely past the conception stage...but the seeds of change had definitley been planted. Maybe pain had alot to do with that! Immense, intolerable pain. Yes I was there. You dont rip my children from my life, Take away my home and my job, and expect me to Thank God above for it and have more faith that it is for my good. You dont give me a fucked up low life miserable son of a good woman, who is responsible for the current s
Yntb Chapter Ten
  You Name This Blog...I Cant! Part 10 If anything I did not expect my husband to walk away from that. I'm not saying he shouldve decked Slo-Poke for that comment. But a man who loves his woman, or any man, probably wouldve addressed that, instead of walking away. But I didnt help, by starting it off with innuendo. I wasnt being innocent. I didnt want to send the issue over the top. Porchdawg had a temper that was vicious. It was slow to boil, but if it got had to be careful. You could get hit, or a planter thrown at you thru your windows, or shot. I didnt want to go right back to the truck. I was in shock, and redder than red could be. I was embarrassed by Slo-poke's statement, but at the same time physically and mentally turned on by that extreme boldness. A lil bold and out there in your face, cocky, arrogant with a splash of ego and I'm having to put on extra panti-liners! I was 33 years old being lured into god knows whatever by a 26 year old! If He had a plan..
Yntb Chapter Eleven
You Name This Blog...I Cant!...Part 11   Slo-poke opened the door for me to climb into his truck. Instantly I feel why he is in nothing but his boxers! He kept his truck hotter than a pizza oven! Good God, Slo-Poke. How can you breathe in here? He turned the heater down as I am throwing open his driver side window. I hung my head out of it like a puppy gasping for fresh air! He jumped over into the jumpseat of his truck and sat back assed wards in it. His feet up over the back of the seat with his head laid back on the dash. I just sat in the drivers seat facing him. "So here we are" I managed to say. Not knowing what his response would be. I had no illusions. I had thoughts but I wasnt going to be the initiator of them. Maybe I was a coward...who knows? "Tell me what youre doing with him, why are you two still together?" (Jump right in there Slo-poke, why dontcha?) I hate mood killing conversation! For the next 3 hours we talked, more like I talked and he listened to me pou
Yntb Chapter Twelve
You Name This Blog..I cant! Part 12   I felt like I was in a Carnival. Just simple and and at peace. The sounds and lights just whirling around me, but I was the one calm. Slo-Poke looked over at me and said.."you know I want to change your life, I want to give you more than youve ever known. And I can do it!" "Please dont tell me that, I'm vunerable right now. I didnt tell you my whole life story so that you would want to take pity on me and try to fix things in my life. I cant tell you enough tho, how much it meant to me for you to let me purge my emotional septic tank as it were. Thank You for just being with me as I crumbled. I didnt want to be alone.You can obviously see I dont have much of a support system in my husband. I just need to get home. So do you. You have a family at home, waiting for you there. Porchdawg walked in to the truckstop and met us at the video games. We decided to get some breakfast, some to go coffee and be on our way. Slo-poke hollered back on the
Yntb Chapter Thirteen
  You Name This Blog...I cant! Part 13   I went back to the bunk. I had to digest what was going on here. I could smell an ulterior motive a mile away..What was Slo-poke up too?   I knew that this was no casual meeting between he and I. You just know sometimes when someone crosses your path, it isnt for the here and the right now. But looking for love or an extended relationship was the last things on my mind.I didnt want a casual fling, a fuckbuddy or anything that resembled male and female intimacy! Men have scared the hell out of me! Lesbianism was starting to look like a viable option. But I didnt want to have to fight over clothes and makeup either. So that was out! I wanted to be with my kids and my ex and I would not be seeing each other for 3 weeks. Rather, I would be going to see my kids, and I hoped that he choked on his copenhagen in his sleep and died! I just layed there as we went down interstate 44. God, Missouri needs to fix these damn roads! Every 15 feet theres
Yntb Chapter Fifteen
YNTB...I CANT!....Part 15 It was kinda neat seeing Slo-pokes yard. All the trucks. The terminal. It was under construction for things like,  driver guest quarters, a laundry and work out facility. This is where most of his loads came from. But it wasnt exactly the company he worked for. His company was down the road a bit. We went there and spoke with someone in the maintenence bays about Buzz. He wasnt there, so Slo-poke made a phone call and got him on the line and after exchanging some info, he handed the phone to Porchdawg. I could hear my husband.."Yes , Sir. I would like to be fair and give my employer 2 weeks notice. But I think I could be back fairly quickly, within a few days to fill out the paperwork and do the physical." In my mind I am Praying..."Dear God, Please dont make me stay on this truck any longer than I have to. Please open up whatever doors I have to go thru and I will walk thru them,  each and everyone, but Dont make me stay on this truck!...AMEN..."   It wa
Yntb Chapter Seventeen
YNTB...I cant! Part 17 Charles had one of those typical bachelor style apartments. The one where the kitchen is just about as small as the bathroom. It did make navigating around here a little easier. I looked in the icebox for something to make. Old pizza, a small tub of margarine. Nope , nothing here. I looked in the cabinets and found some Ramen style oriental noodles. Yuk!  It was that, or the old pizza... and God...who knew when the coroner would show up to pronounce this stuff in a cardboard box, dead! I opted for the noodles. I would just leave out the packet that you are supposed to put into it! I sat down on the sofa to eat and turned on the tv. Why does late night tv only offer you "get rich quick,  by doing nothing from home schemes" and re-runs of "Walker, Texas Ranger"?  Finding anything at all to help me to relax on the boobtube was futile. I turned off the tv and decided to tidy this space up a bit. I looked at the phone and remembered the phone card I had. I guess I
Yntb Chapter Eighteen
YNTB...I Cant! Part 18   "I'm only gonna ask you one more time..How the fuck did you know I was here? You have no right to be here! " " I knew that you would call Charles. It's not like you had anyone else to call" "You God Damned....Prick. I dont want you here, take your sorry no good worthless wifebeating ass and die in a hole." I will see you in Divorce court, before I see you in hell!" "aw,... my good lookin lil sex kitten is all that's no way to be,  is it?" "Like you really give a chit about what I feel...You never have. It's all been about you and your career and your drugs. When did you ever start caring about me as your wife or my children? You put us thru fucking hell with your thinking about you all the time. I dont even want to talk to you. I would rather watch worms eat youre corpse!" "Be that as it may, I'm here to take you to Missouri. I'm going to start that new job." " You dump me off on the side of the highway like a piss bottle, and now you show up
Yntb Chapter Twenty
YNTB...I Cant! Part 20   Life sometimes is so full of risks.We take gambles everyday, everywhere we go, with every person we come in contact with. I knew the risks for getting back  with PorchDawg. It was desperation mixed with a blind hope that I will get to Missouri, or I was going to die trying! It didnt matter how anymore, as  much as just doing it. I had already lost everything. There isnt anything more to be taken from me. The only thing left to me, was my determination to succeed.   Realistically speaking, time and distance was 11 hours and 500 miles from where I was..... to where I wanted to be.This time there wasnt a sleeper to go crawl into and get away from him. He was in his personal truck. We were going to be less than a foot apart, on this whole trip. He told me he had orientation for the new job out of Springfield. He had to go thru it in order to be officially hired. So I calculated I would much rather go with my soon to be ex, than a stranger. At least I knew wha
Yntb Chapter Twenty-four
  YNTB...I Cant! Part 24   I loved my dad and stepmom. They meant well. I needed the comfort zone that only home can give, but you know, that comfort always comes at a price. It usually comes with parents falling into the role of parents giving advice and they wanted me in the role of the 15 year old daughter listening to that advice! I somehow knew they would want to take my situation over and fix it all up nice and tidy quick like. Like the last 16 years of my life as an adult could be handled in the fashion of a 30 minute sitcom with a happy ending after the last commercial! Their help isnt what I needed. Their love care and support, as I worked out the difficulties in my life, is what I needed from them . Not money, not really advice, just safe haven. But I am on their terms to a point. The first thing I needed to do was find a job. I could help out monetarily. I knew it wasnt all good financially, for my parents. After a week straight of Hamburger Helper, you realize that al
My Favorite Lover (erotic Fiction)
I had a lover who was a lovely and beautiful married lady a few years older than me, maybe even five. I was 44 when I met her and I figured she was around 49, maybe even 50. She was a nurse and been on the search for a lover like herself -- someone who was completely uninhibited when it came to love making.She had reddish brown hair that fell just below her ears and eyes that were a deep brown. It was almost as if she could look right through you with those eyes, too.Deb was about 5'7" and I'm guessing she weighed around 170 pounds. She had nice looking boobs, a great ass and a pussy that was ever so slightly covered with public hair. She kept her pussy trimmed and neat, making it easy to go down on her, which I did with great frequency. In fact, some of the biggest pleasure I ever received from her was eating her out.In addition to banging our brains out, we would also meet for coffee from time to time. We tried Starbucks once but quickly discovered it was far too small for intimate c
Mature Lady (erotic Fiction)
One night I was working a late shift at a truck stop I used to work at. There was a mature woman named, Katherine, cat for short. I was about to get off from work, then she asked for a ride home she told me she didn’t live to far the truck stop. So I agreed to take her home. She told me her son lived with her and might not be home yet and ask me to wait with her because she lived in the middle of nowhere I said fine. I got her home, and as she had said her son was not home yet so I walked her up to her door , she open it and we went in. I sat on her couch. She brought me glass of tea and cements to have a conversation. While waiting she told me that her son usually gets in late. And she wanted to get me alone, when she first laid eyes on me she was a mature 50,s lady with short brown hair skinny but had a nice ass on her. She got up without any notice and went to her bedroom. Came back in a black nightie barely up to her top of her legs, very sexy, I told her. She smiled at me. S
Some Days....
I don't even know why but I get out of bed and just instantly either want to break down in tears or feel completely useless and wonder why anyone in the world would even want Me alive. I'm not saying I would ever try to kill Myself. Hell I've been clinically dead 4 times and on the brink several others and I remember them all. I know what's happening after I die and I'm not afraid but not looking forward to death either. I just wonder how anyone can find anything in Me that they actually like when I am in My own body and can't. And then there are the ones that DON'T seem to want Me around or like Me. And that's when I want to and feel like I have died inside even a bit. Why am I writing this? Hell I have no damn clue. I just have felt completely useless all day and can't seem to stop crying (yes, I'm male and cry, fucking sue Me) for absolutely no reason. I don't know if it is the heat....or the fact that I've basically been cooped up for almost a month now between the hospital and not
Before I Lay Down, I Am Up Late
I would just like to thank everyone there is to thank. Whether or not you are aware of it, you have aided in letting me know niceness does still exist. And to the rough riders who have tried giving me the raw style... Thank you for letting me know that I am not grossing everyone out. I may just be another piece of meaningless meat in the earths population but you give me hope. All of you.... Today, well still having problems with my desktop. I gave it a good blow and it booted the fuck up but froze shortly after.  Must of not blown good enough.  Maybe if it wants to work I will vlog again.  No joke, dammit!! I will be back but not in black but in white.  Joking around every once in a while helps break the monotey of everyday life.  Seeing the brighter side helps me avoid the colder, dark side.  Thank you!! More will be posted providing the DT will BTFU. LOL, I'm always right where you left me. Please remember I will have a good day if yours is better!!
An Erotic Vamp Short Story. Nsfw
A Kiss at Midnight       The city is bustling and the people run around like ants under glass.  Most people have no bearing to what happens in the night past their own lives. They go about their business from day to day wake up and go to sleep.  But there is another life that lives at night when they go to sleep.  The pure energy that runs through the night the lust, love, and the passion that feeding off of a stranger when the shadows grow large.  But you smell it in the air when the night is long until the sun starts to peek up at dawn.  As the keyboard stops clicking and the writer sits back in her chair.  She starts to proof read the editorial she just finished and looks at her watch and see she still has an hour to get it sent in to meet the deadline.  Then she signs her name Mortisha Draconus.   She sends off her editorial to the press office of the Gothic Tribune where she has worked at as a writer for the past five years.  Trying to show the nightlife of the local city wh
Free Beer And Hot Wings - 993
How can I say what you do to everyone that does hear, parting isn't sweet because it means sorrow I fear.   When you come back to fill in somewhere, I am filled because you care.   To those that think you are a waste, just haven't got your taste. Nobody is perfect and if they are complaining, must think they are the god damned sun while its fucking raining.   Life is busy loving alot of things, I'd like to say thank you to Free Beer and Hot Wings!!
My desktop is saddening me. It don't wanna work. Doesn't even get close to booting. I even gave it two blow jobs today... I'm thinking its time to transport some files the shuck the bitch. Unless someone has computer fixing knowledge and reads this. Something is telling me that isn't gonna happen. I won't be able to cam any till August. That means no vlogging. I would like to but I can't fix something I have no idea of how to fix. My mic cord got cut too...  I'm gonna try to get another laptop early but its iffy... This laptop is mine but I told my daughter she could use it when she ruined the one she got to do online schooling with. I wouldn't feel correct in taking it back now. She is not taking this laptop with her when she moves out. Although I am not so sure she will move out. She is not a people person. Doesn't help matters, huh?? I will try to come back when I possibly can. Fair thee well!!
Perhaps Perfection Is Attainable
Just maybe... if I was convinced that I was ever seen as attempting to try as much as I am that would be so sweet. Now it is not news to be that at times life sucks royal shit. But see, I know it can be getting better every second too. I believe company helps. Solitude can be good sometimes but not all the time. It is bad to be away from life too long. This morning I had strawberry milk with strawberry cream cheese on a bagel. I am wearing a yellow shirt and yellow shorts. My lighter is a small, green bic and my cigarettes are menthol so they are in a green package. You know what?? This is the most I have matched in my entire life. Scarey huh?? I'm not meaning to bore anyone. I just have this as my own personal vent system. So deal!!  If you read this I would like to thank you. Catch ya later!!
The Beginning, Generation X!
Episode 1: Before I fell in love with the Ramones, and after I had broken off my puppy love affair for Kiss (which I revisited very often later in life to reap a very rewarding adult relationship), there was Generation X (the band and this album). Billy Idol on vox and face (but he is VERY good), Tony James as the driving bass and creative force, Mark Laff pounding out the binding beat, and the guitar virtuosity of one very young but HUGELY talented Bobby "Derwood" Andrews (who I've shared a few emails with; yes, I know, I'm a fanboy. Deal with it!) and it was like doing crack cocaine, mixed with speed, cut with adrenaline, then purified with rocket fuel, a savage punch in the face, and MDMA. Really. I mean it. Released in 1978, EVERYTHING about this album is pure emotion to me. The very first time I heard Kleenex in 1982 or 1983 it jarred me, and grabbed me, and never let go (even though I knew Billy Idol's career path was already doomed) . Simple, charged, and underp
Demonic Anger
I put up with peoples shit in real life and now on here what the fuck is peoples problem? Theres this lounge called Tonic and the owner is a fucking asshole along with a bitch who shows 1 of my profile pics to every 1 in the lounge bc she dident know who I'm why the fuck is it peoples business to know who I'm and wanted know why i blocked her well bc she a fucking bitch  her attitude sucked ass and started attacking me for no reason.   Damn right I'm pissed.   MY IDENITY IS NO BODYS FUCKING CONCERN! PEOPLE SHOULDENT GIVE A SHIT!
Burning Pleasure
Touch my skin to feel the burning of your pleasure,Caressing me with a love that is real.As I feel your wet eager lips our hungry tongues indulge in their craving. Stimulating, pure intoxication as your hands flow over me;Touching ever curve and every part of me.I move my legs apart automatically, desire and love is taking over me. You put your hands on my breasts, I feel a sensation so exciting when you kiss my nipples.Let me feel those sensations as I feel you deep inside me.You got me trembling and wet,I feel you as you are pausing deep inside me, then I feel you pull out and push back in. I moan from pure delight and ecstasy.This fire is so intense, so full of energy and heat.Even water could not destroy the fire inside of meBecause you make my erotic senses rise while you take me farther then I've ever been
Figures another lounge owner being a complete dick really if your guna make a lounge dont make people listen to your shitty ass music u play then kick them its called freedom of choice.
Imagen This
You me holding hands on a beach then cuddling together on a nice warm bed naked feeling each others bodys and having the greatest sex of our lifes every night. Never letting each other go with no lies or drama tareing us apart.   Send me a message if you like this
There's A Huge Difference Between
There's a huge difference between having sex & making love.   Having sex doesn't make you a slut, and being a virgin doesn't make you a saint.   No woman is ever too tired for sex. Sometimes, we'd just rather spend our energy on things that we actually get something out of.   I would rather cuddle then have sex. If you are good with grammar you will get it.  
Men Were Born Between
Men were born between a woman's legs and spend the rest of their lives trying to get back in them. There's no place like home.
Girls Spend Hours Deciding What To Wear
Sleep is just like sex; the more you get, the more you want.   Condoms & Hearts...When either one breaks, shit gets ugly. Girls spend hours deciding what to wear, and all guys do is try to picture us naked.
Sunset Paradise
Ha Haaaa!
A joke is always funny to the person who is telling it. Also to those who support the view. No one is innocent of this. But think back to grade school when some one picked on the child with a learning disablity or the one who was too this o... r that. Hey some of you laughed or even started it. Some may have been on the opposite end and were hurt by the laughter. All sides of this political B.S. are F.O.S and guilty of the mud. But we as adults need to check ourselves on two things. 1. before we choose sides remember the pain, or laughter. 2. Ask yourself if you would laugh now? Or do you remember what it felt like to be laughed at? - If you do ad in social injustice that still remains visible several hundred years later. Put in the fact that the game is rigged to hold you to a totally different standard and if you adjust, the rules are changed to favor those who make them. I know some say "why complain?" Well it is not a complaint just a fact of life that if left unchecked, can and
As I Did So Did She, And We Both Knew This Was It, Love
I was young then, peaking in the physical formGirls took notice as I did with themMe and one shared glances and gentle conversationTraded glances and obvious lust lead to a beautiful ventureOn my bed wrestling two friends on the verge of adulthoodWrestling turns to fondling and glance turn to gazesI go in for a gentle kiss aiming for her lips It lands on her neck and a moan eruptsHer hand roams down and finds my bulgeIt grows by the touch of her soft skinIntertwined in a tumble of lustOur destination in sight and engines on full towShe removes her under garment as I remove mineShe put herself on top of me and lays on my chestI slowly insert myself into her I feel her soft breath on my neck as she moans I pick up pace slightly all the time kissing her clavicleShe continues to moan softly and sweetlySounds of passion fill the roomSounds that fuel me and ignite us bothMy rhythm increases with her moaningWe both know that soon we both will explode with pleasureSo I kiss her neck harder tha
Perfect Match
Perfect Match We’re a funny breed, you and I You’re happy to walk, and I like to fly A funny breed you and I When we’re not smiling, we cry You like my fingers, I like your back You like to touch, and I like to scratch And together we make a perfect match And together we make a perfect match Yeah, together we make a perfect match Perfect match, perfect match Together we make a perfect match We’re a funny breed, you and I You like the water, I like the wine A funny breed, you and I You like the elevator and I like to climb You like to talk, I like to listen Your lips like to smile, mine made for kissing And together we make a perfect match And together we make a perfect match Yeah, together we make a perfect match Perfect match, perfect match Together we make a perfect match I like street walk, you like dirty talk I like Great Caesars Ghost, You like Paradise Lost You like Hot Wax, I like alto sax Funny breed you and I A funny breed, a funny breed, a funny
An Excerpt From "torture"
Known to the locals as the "Manic Maniac", Delanger had stolen several knives from the local butcher's shop while it was closed. No one in Manic had ever thought of locking up after closing because everyone was so close, no one would ever dream of stealing from anyone else. Manic had a sheriff, but he wasn't available all hours of the day. Sometimes the sheriff would lock the doors of the department, plop his legs on his desk, and rest until his hours were finished for the day, collecting the same paycheck no matter what he happened to accomplish. During the robbery, Delanger had an urge to practice cutting up some of the pigs that were hanging in the freezer. He sliced them from neck to anus and didn't feel a thing. He saw how the pig's blood had coated the knife. He ripped open the pig's skin and placed his hand inside the pig's body and moved it around slowly in the warm blood. The warm blood felt good in the cold freezer. He didn't feel anything otherwise, such as he shouldn't be i
My Poetry
Okay a Friend had inspired me to do this so here is a few pieces of my poetry that i had written a while back WAKE UP Wake up and realize your life is going downWake up and turn that frowney face upside downWake up because the world is not going to hold up for youWake up and get moving realizing your mission is to make the world proud its trueLet go of all of the dead weight that is holding you downLet go of the insecurities that cause your depression and replace them with a crownWake up for today is a brand new day and every new day brings a clean slateEach and every one of us that wakes up every day is the subject of our own fateFairwell goes to the attitudes that are constantly downRealize that life is about what you do with it and in your own puddle of tears cease to drownBe strong and honest with youir dealings today with your fellow manBecome inspiring the person that Hallmark is banging down your door for your face on their newest movie and your face is on the wheeties brandAl
Halloween Poem (1st Attempt Let Me Know What You Think?)
Broken skin of an empty vessel, Eyes pitch black on a face of a broken angel, Body mangled left alone with her heart still beating, Moaning of her voice with words no-one will ever hear, Lips quiver in horror and fear, To what furry and wrath whom done unto her, The scent of her innocence is no longer there, For her skin is bright and fair and so is her hair, Gasping words of pleading echo’s in the cold damp air, For whom is she pleading? Death maybe be upon us that much is clear, Holding her head in my arms covering her body with my coat cause she has nothing to wear, Then she whispers in my ear with her tender voice gasping for air, She said something only it wasn’t so clear… something horrifying, As if to say whoever done this was…. was near!!!    
Me Pt 3 & 4
03/05/2007 @ 09:03 pm "SAM" pt 3  So I was born in the multi transitional year of 1985.. The 80's were cooking by now and yet everyone was preparing for the turning of the next decade. New technologies were brought to light, the professional wrestling business was the in thing with Hulk Hogan as its poster child and Sgt. Slaughter invading GI Joe cartoons.. My life was beginning and almost ending in the same breath. I was born to a mother who didn't have a lick of responsibility and a father who didn't give a shit about her and wanted to use me as a pawn. My grandparents didn't want to see anything happen to me so by 1987 I was now living under the care of my grandparents who I've called mom and dad my whole life. My birth mother pretty much wound up being like a sister to me because that's what she was. A friend and not a mother. My father popped in a few times after their divorce and then never seen him for a long time after. I grew up in a loving and caring environment and was tre
Hey Honey
This the wife how is it that u can talk sweet to this girl. but me u act like a dick to me!!!!!!!and this true!
hello good ladies ou there am looking for a serious lady in my life ..... serious only
 I wake up with a yawn and a stretch… thinking about how horny I am…. when suddenly I hear a knock at my door… rolling over to look at the clock I realize that I had slept in and the maintenance man was scheduled for this morning. I holler “One Moment!”, jumping out of bed I search for something to cover my naked body… spotting my red silk nightie and the robe that matches laying on the floor I throw them on, not worrying about putting on any undies, forgetting that both robe and night gown just barely cover my ample ass. Running down the hall to meet him at the door. I open the door… to find a very handsome man standing there never seeing this one before I smile and tell him to come on in. I apologize for making him wait and smile at him sweetly. Ushering him towards the broken sink in the kitchen. As I open the cabinet to show him the leak I feel a slight breeze flow up between my legs as the ac turns on right under my feet. Realizing my behind was being revealed I hurriedly move m
The idea of a private “underground” dinner club, boasting fine dining and ambiance made the invite an easy acceptance by Krissy. Never one to miss opportunity of a relaxing evening with friends or workmates, she looked forward to the festivities. Her dining mates would be a new crowd, with promotion came new acquaintance and she now had touched the glass ceiling at work. The only dinner companion she was familiar with was the hard charging, confident blonde that had been helping in Krissy’s transition into the new digs at work. Always sporting high-end designer garb and perfumed scent with heels as sharp as her wit and accelerated wisdom, Donna, the mentor of Krissy, controlled whatever room she entered. Knowing she’d be under wing made Krissy at ease attending the event. She had also been informed at time of invite that the normal office dress code of professional spec need not be followed, not that Donna followed the code at work precisely anyway. Yes, her blouses always had collar a
Tipps, Wie Sie Das Beste Tablet Pc Pick-
Warum würden Sie wollen ein Tablet Laptop? Kurz bevor ich mein erstes ein kaufte ich verwendet werden versuchen, herauszufinden, wann ich es zu benutzen. Ich definitiv erworben Notebook, warum würde ein android tablet mehr werden verwendet? Würde ich einen Weg finden, "Ruhestand" meinem Laptop, und verwenden Sie nur eine Tablette und Desktop? Ich bekomme den Job aus Wohnsitzes erfolgt etwa ein einzelner die Zeit, so dass ich mit einem Desktop beim Ausführen, dass, da es eine ehrliche wenig Typisierung, zusammen mit einem größeren Bildschirm benötigt ist sicherlich der Nutzung. Also, ich würde mir für meine durchführen zu verwenden, die sich aus Mangel an einer Tastatur und erhalten einen kompakten Monitor. Ich wusste, ich wollte eine Person, aber was würde ich es? Ich glaube, ich versuchte zu rechtfertigen Erwerb einer mehr Techno Gadget. Personen kaufen ein Tablet-PCs für viele verschiedene Ursachen sie weit mehr tragbar, dass ein Notebook, diese leichter, die Batterie l
It's A Touchy S's a touchy subject!
During Sex
During sex, women love to take control. If she instructs you on how to please her, I suggest you listen. - Online Shopping For Computer Products
Have you seen the price of software these days? I figure this would be a good place to ask as there are students here as well as older people. They have new and improved picture formatting tools, such as color saturation and artistic effects; let you transform your visuals into works of art. They are the only ones I have found who have the best price on the student version for Microsoft Office. CostCaptain Ratings
True Love
Does any woman believe in true love or its just appreciation for each other
Right Now
Right Now This is what we’re living for Here is your chance Take off your pants Climb into bed with me Or take that chance And fucking dance Until your soul's set free Do you think That you are free When you wake up And go to school Or go to work Or get fucked up The only freedom that we have Is the freedom to choose it for ourselves Do we live like this Do we die like this
Lean In 2013!
To all elected officials if you don't do your job. May your pockets go LEAN FOR 2013!!If you lost the art of negotiation and compromise is filled with B.S. or frustration. Let your pockets go LEAN FOR 2013!! If we go off the cliff, your careers first butt-heads as the "dead weight stiff". If poor and working class are to fall, let your career in politics plummet below to cushion us all.I say it is time for your performance reviews. Damn the rhetoric and face-time on sorta factual news.Poof just like that, your benefits are cut. Limited groceries, no gas money for the car or for your truck. No free Cadillac health plan, no Government check, Nope your just shhhh outta luck! Struggle... like the rest of us, fried, tired, used up and burned. No more giving you any nu uh none ...... of our hard earned. Impossible, wow can your eyes actually produce tears? U lazy, only fighting and passing 200 or so laws. In how many years? It is simple my dudes, No hard workee no jobee. To both left and rig
Secrets Of Beautiful Russian Women Dating
Is dating pretty Russian ladies perilous? Do you ask yourself a question whether it is worthy to marry Russian woman? Many men who want to date Russian women are puzzled by many questions. Marriage Russian girls topic is always being discussed especially when it concerns online dating. Let's talk deeply about Russian women dating. I won't astonish you by saying that beautiful girls are dreams of men. I bet that every man despite his looks dreams about dating a beautiful woman some day. I don't find it to be something vicious. It's In human's nature to seek for beauty and harmony in outward things. Russian women are famous for their beauty and intelligence. They have many other merits which men are looking for in their future wife. Most of the women living in Russia are excellent wives and mothers.There are so many beautiful women in Russia who don't think highly of themselves. It is a peculiarity of Russian culture that women are shy and timid, even though they are very beautiful. Desp
Scottish Insults:
Scottish insults: She had a fanny like a stab wound in a gorilla's back Look's like she's been dooking for apples in a chip pan Had more hands up her than Sooty! She's got a face like a dog lickin piss off a nettle It looks like she's been set on fire and put out with a golf shoe! She's got a face that could make an onion cry. I wouldn't ride her into battle. Everyone has a right to be ugly, but she abuses the privilege I wouldn't do her with a rusty pole Mair chins than a Chinese phone book She smells like an alkies carpet She has seen more japseyes than an oriental optician It's like shaggin a pail of water. It's like shaggin the sleeve off a wizards cloak! she's killed more cocks than a fowl butcher Fanny like a ripped out fireplace Face like a sand blasted tomato Arse like a bag of washing She sweats like a dog in a Chinese restaurant She's seen more helmets than Hitler Face like a stuntman's knee She's got a fanny like a badly packed kebab Like opening the w
Obama Closing Air Defense System On U.s./mexico Border: Texas & America Vulnerable To Attack From Low Altitude Missiles And Aircraft Sunday, January 2
Obama Closing Air Defense System on U.S./Mexico Border: Texas & America Vulnerable to Attack from Low Altitude Missiles and Aircraft Sunday, January 20, 2013 1:31 Share in Share  0 (Before It's News) Call your Congressmen and Senators immediately and demand that the recent budget cuts do not affect the security of America’s borders. The Federal Government wastes billions of dollars on things they should not even be involved in, but securing our country’s borders is one of the jobs that the federal government is actually supposed to do! Obama has always pushed massive cuts in the military as part of any budget cuts he will accept in fiscal deals. Obama seems to be getting what he wants, and it will leave America’s borders vulnerable to attacks and other infiltrations. Air Force’s Air Defense Radar Systems along U.S./Mexico Border will SHUTDOWN on March 15th, 2013   On January 17th, 2013, Exelis Systems Corporation sent out an email (see emai
Too Bad - Ugly Kid Joe
Too many times I've seen your kindWashed upon the shoreToo many times you locked me outJohnny knockin', knocking at your doorYou're looking past the mirrorYes, you've reached the other sideYou're striving for the pinnacleBut you're holding on too tightAnd when you hold the ticketFor your one way rideYou wonder where you're goingAnd you can't hideToo bad, too bad, JohnnyWhat you gonna do?Too bad, too bad, JohnnyNow your time is throughSo many highs and lows right nowWhat are we to doYou know we're trying so damn hardJohnny just to try and talk to youYou're swimming in an oceanIt's so black and coldI feel you got the notionAnd it's eating at your soulAnd when you hold the ticketFor your one way rideYou wonder where you're goingAnd you can't hideToo bad, too bad, JohnnyWhat you gonna do?Too bad, too bad, JohnnyNow your time is throughShe said, she knew the answerHe was falling, falling fasterRound and round and round, no where to goSomeone had to help the boyHe said no, no, noSo many mixe
The Beginning
A long time ago, in a state far, far away, a child was born. The year was 1972, Monkey's mom became the bearer of the terror known as me. What a nice Valentine's Day gift! This person she created is highly opinonated and does not pull any punches. Some of you will not agree with the Monkey, but you will find what is said to be enlightening, funny, interesting, and sometimes just plain stupid. Monkey is not the person that has tunnel vision, Monkey has a very open mind and likes to see the way other people think and try to understand them. Do not be offeneded by anything you read, if you are then Monkey says, "Go read something else!"  Do not think because Monkey was born a Yooper, and generally raised in the woods, that he is not educated. Monkey is a high school graduate, an Army brat, a retired military veteran. Monkey has been places not a lot of people have been, and has seen things most would not like to see.  Monkey would like to thank those that decide to follow this blog. Mon
Super Magnesium, Professional Magnesium Supplement |
Super Magnesium is for professional use by doctors for those with severe magnesium deficiency. Magnesium contributes to the alkalinity of the body and acts as a natural laxative for the bowel. In addition, it calms nerves, makes the body more flexible especially in muscles, nerves, ligaments, tissues, joints and tendons. Super Magnesium is readily available in a normal balanced diet. But for some people it may not be possible to source or absorb all the magnesium they need. Bio Magnesium plays a major role in the absorption of calcium, and therefore critical in preventing age related bone loss. It is advised to take half the milligrams of magnesium to calcium in your supplement regime. Magnesium assists in the body’s uptake of both potassium and calcium, and a magnesium deficiency promotes deficiencies in calcium and potassium.
Faster Than The Speed Of Light - Bonnie Tyler
I don't want to let another minute get byThey're slipping through our fingers, but we're ready to flyThe night'll be our cover and we'll huddle belowWe got the music in our bodies and the radioAnd when the morning arrives it'll all be goneDisappearing in the crack of dawnWe better make our move now before the sun is awakeIt's time to put up or shut up and to pick up the paceAnd I don't want to let another minute get byLove is going to get us while the moon is in the skyWe may be running out of night, but never running out of steamWe're acting on a hunch, and we'll be acting out a dreamThere really isn't any time to loseThey're going to catch us if we wait until it gets too lightYou're such a pretty boyLet me show you what to do, and you'll do itBut you gotta move fasterFaster than the speed of nightFaster than the speed of nightFaster than the speed of nightIt's all we ever wantedAnd all we'll ever needAnd it's slipping through our fingersFaster than the speed of nightFaster than the s
Entry Two
The look of your eyes has always caused me to become aroused, while we were driving down the highway. As you drove down the road I could fell the familiar pressure of my cock starting to press tightly against my jeans, causing a little discomfort. After a couple of miles of this I pulled my cock out and start to stroke it slowly. I see your eyes drift toward my moving hand and when you see what's going on you get a grin on your face, now attempting to drive and look at me stroking my cock. You reach over and starts to gently play with my balls; I shiver and moan in response to your gentle manipulations still stroking my cock. Taking a finger, you play with the tip of my firm cock and getting your own finger cover in pre-cum, sucking on it and looking at me with that lustful, sexy look on your face.We pull into the driveway and you turn of the engine before you start to help me stroke my cock. You then bend over and start to lick the pre-cum off of the top of my now rock had cock; remov
Entry Three
This is just a little taste of what it may be like with us together for a night. I can see it clearly. We walk back to your room, hand in hand and you turn to look at me. We keep walking and you let go of my hands just before your bed as you fall back into it. I smile as you bounce slightly on it and tilt my head watching your chest raise gently up as you take in a deep breath and stretch. Even though you're clothed, I can still make out your hard nipples and I decide to play with you a bit. As you let the breath out, I move close and start to crawl up the bed towards you...right on top of you. I sit right above you and just look down into your eyes watching you smile for a moment. My hands start to trace up your sides, then your arms, up to your hands. I grab your wrists and grin as I lean down and gently kiss you. Slowly, I move your arms above your head and start to kiss your neck. Soft bites and gentle sucks begin to make your stomach stir and your body tingle. Tracing my lips bare
Bad Boy's Get Spanked - The Pretenders
You're not supposed to do thatYou know you're not allowed toBut you seem to get some kind of kickOut of doing what you're not allowed toYou deliberately defy the rules'cause the law's upheld by foolsShit on thatBad boys get spankedYou can look but don't touchBut no you can't resistDon't you ever think about the consequenceGuys like you never doThat's the kind of stuff boys are made out ofThat's the kind of stuff girls are made out ofBad boys get spankedBad boys get spankedYou don't listen do you assholeDon't be a punk all your lifeSomeone's gonna sort you outThey'll try to make a man out of youSay yes sir, say no sirSay yes ma'am, say no m'amShit on thatBad boys get spankedBad boys get spankedGet spanked, get spankedCome here, get spankedBad boys get spankedCome here, get spanked
To Do, To Do Tada!!
The people that know me will understand, others will just have to try to keep up. I feel as though things are a changin'. I am serious. Before I got my shower I was like 'oh my, another day'. After my shower I have changed my mind. That is right, its possible. I feel better, which is great. I have no bad feeling that I will spend another Valentines Day alone. I poured myself a cup of coffee, after the shower. I was ready to go get today's mail. It hasn't run yet, but still. It isn't any small feat to get it either. It is inside, but the hallway is really cold. It helps out if you put on shoes and socks and a warm jacket. I have many worries, and I know it doesn't fit into any of anybody's world. If I share a few, its not me downing anyone or anything. Perhaps it is just nothing, I ain't that sure. I worry about my breathing. I worry about not getting an more of my poetry out to everyone that has interest in all poetry. I would like to get some poetry made into songs, but I am not as w
Valentines Day Massacre
it maybe valentines day but thats when i strike any mother fucking people crazy in love cupid would be sick i take that little asshole and slit his neck cause im cool like that miss around with me it's like a car wreck yeah i live a hectic life stayin high as a kite grab your neck and squeeze it tight with all of my might like a unholy knight step up to me better step right cause you bumped into me at night wicked till the day I die this is a valentines massacre put your wife in the back of a van with a plan of a hatchet in the back hack hack hack till i see the blood go splat cause im crazy like that as i start to laugh like a psychopath leaving the van in a blood bath than i take home to take your life like a pro this is how i roll black hood over your head as i head for the tool shed suit up kinda looking like dexter cut off your hands arms and feet i'm the elite killa you neva heard of leave the tool shed in a blood bath i see these other mother fuckers and hiding
Someday, Hopefully
I just heard that song 'Deserado', never realised the song sounds like its talking to me. I am not trying to say anything like that is my song, but still. I am not comfortable opening up alot, because I have been hurt both mentally and physically. I have the strength to admit that I am not the strongest bitch around. I could be the most shy and careful. Doesn't sound that much like a bitch, to me at least. I have been called a bitch and a slut, just because as soon as I use to get thrown away somebody else would pick me up.  Not that much anymore. Sometimes you need to be alone, to find the person you really are. Not everyone might agree, oh well!! I can't please everyone at the same time. The next nimb rod that comes on to me isn't going leave staisfied in any shape or form. I'm single now, but I am farming dragons and in Our Destiny. My lounge is still hoping to soar. Without cussing and cams, it still rocks!! I need staff that is trustworthy. You don't have to put the loung name
No News- Sos..
Same ole situation.... course this time my eyes are messing with my head. I have my glasses on, it doesn't matter if they are on not. I can barely read the computer screen. There is a high lighted shine gleaming. I hate it when this happens. Its in my left eye, oh damn. My head kinda hurts too. Awe well!! Everything has a reason. This has happened before. I haven't figured out why it happens yet. Before I go on, yes I am single. That is the perfered place right now. I don't feel 100% well and I am not going to burden anyone. So just know, there shall be no play for awhile, okay?? There are alot of different things I want to say, because I would like you to know. Just incase anything goes wrong. There is like this castle I am in and it doesn't matter who comes to save me, I can't and wouldn't if I could change for any tom, douche, or larry. I am me, accept me as I am or watch me hobble away. Ya all got another thing coming if you just want a play toy, that makes me want to delete ever
Credits For Cash!
Now I few months ago I was ask from one of my friends " where can they sell there modelling pictures for money?" I couldn't answer the question because thats a question I always wanted to know also! so I searched on Google for that question and I found a little intersting site called  This site is about (from the About us in the page) (ELM) is a digital marketplace for buyers to directly interact with adult content creators. Although the focus of the site is amateur porn, custom fetish clips, and amateur adult content, we welcome a wide range of adult content including audio and written work from amateurs and professionals alike. What makes ELM different from other "adult" sites is we only allow people who create and star in the content to sell that content. This means no 3rd party creators. Real amateur porn and custom adult content direct from the performers themselves. There are 2 categories of content featured on ELM: Custom J
Stand In The Storm - Meat Loaf With Lil Jon
This town splits right down the middleThere's rich and poor, black and whiteRight down thru the saints and the sinnersAnd the ones who mightThis world is tough as a splinterThere's ones that flinch and ones that fightRound here you can sure tell the difference'tween the rocks and the rolling typesI know I'm gonna stick with yaWhen the hard times hit[Chorus:]Somebody's gotta stand in the stormIn the lightning, when it poursBe strong enough to lean onShow you what a backbone's forSomebody's gotta stand in the stormSomebody's gotta stand…[John Rich with Mark McGrath:]Well, nobody likes a white flag quitterLeaves you there, tucks and runsLife's comin' and it hits like a hammerKicks like a shotgunI ain't out here looking for troubleI'm no stranger to an uphill fightYou need a hand when it all starts slipping?You can bet I'm-a hold on tightWell, you know I'm gonna stick with yaWhen the hard times hit[Chorus:]Somebody's gotta stand in the stormIn the lightning, when it poursBe strong e
Afraid - Motley Crue
Do you, do you wanna bleed? Do you, do you wanna live in vain?It’s only life She’s so afraid to kiss An’ so afraid to laugh Is she runnin’ from her past?It’s only life She’s so afraid of love Is so afraid of hate What’s she runnin’ from now?Do you, do you wanna scream? Do you wanna face the strange? Do you, do you believe? Are you, are you afraid of change?It’s only life She’s so afraid of this And so afraid to ask She hides behind her maskIt’s only life She’s so afraid of pain And so afraid of blame It’s driving her insaneSo insecure There is no cureWell, she’s so afraid She’s so afraid of death She’s so afraid, afraid of life The drama in her head Getting louder all the time Getting louder all the timeShe’s so afraid, afraid to lose Been so afraid of fame Everyday she feels the same It&rsquo
Dose It Look Right To Have Your Kids Calling A Stranger
i may not have kids but i sure as hell would not tell my kids to call a total stranger DADDY what type of mother dose that to her 3yr old son just Because You meet men on here dont men u are going to make your kid call him daddy and think that its cute when its not the kid knows who his father is and i think that is going to mess that lil kid up 
If You're Here...
You might as well sit a moment.  Would you like some tea?   This is the world inside my head...tread carefully.  If you don't like the things you stumble across here, feel free to turn back the way you came, but please do not deposit you're negativity before you go.   Otherwise, I am always open to friendly debate, constructive criticism and grammatical corrections ;)   Enjoy you're stay...and, for your own sake, steer clear of the smiling cat.
Something Like Closure
The night is dark, inky black without a star in sight to comfort me The air is stale and warm, my throat burns with every drag from my cancer, yet I continue to smoke, fighting the true disease that eats at me I am waiting...for what, I'm not sure... An explanation? An apology? A declaration of remorse? Anything... As I drift back among the memories I am faced with the reality I had, for so long, chosen to ignore So much time wasted drowning myself in your empty words and forgotten promises And now, the truth in your lies has been laid before me and the blood from the battle that could not be won stains this path I walk I have descended from your high, landing hard on this cold plane of existence A picture perfect Love...but pictures can be deceiving, and the canvas you painted to lure me is fading, wearing so quickly with time passed Blinded by feelings and underestimating the true nature of the beast A brilliant disguise, the soul I fell in love with has become lost behi
Skipping Stones
Sitting next to you on the rocks The glassy blue lake is still in the silent calm of the night…   A clear, dark sky overhead Blankets the shore in brilliant stars…   I feel the soft breeze as it dances across my skin…   I look at you as you skip another stone from your pile…   Watch as the stone disrupts the slumber of the water, Causing it to sneak up on our toes…   Over the faint sound of water rushing downstream, Over the chirping of the crickets’ song, Over the rustle of the light wind through the trees nearby, I hear you draw in a long breath and it brings my attention back to only you…   The full moon lending perfect light, Our eyes meet and I am lost…   As that remarkable smile spreads across your lips, I am reminded that the simple pleasures lie in moments such as this…   I am content to be forever lost in you…  
Looking For Friends And Sex
hello :) im a new from this site if you interested to me can you try to add me in my YM here's         thanks for adding :) 
Road Block
Not one clear thought Stuck Shackled to the emptiness without a key No hairpin, no tool I could use to remove this weight The pen stops Nothing Re-read, and read again No word comes easily Where is the inspiration I had yesterday? The muse of my past has abandoned me But what of the future? Irrational are such hopes And I’m out of Ink   Copyright 2011 Ella Valentine
Lounge Rules
Nightmare Nation Rules!!   1.) NO DRAMA, drama will not be tolerated at any level. 2.) NO DIRECTING CAMS, directing cams will result in immediate ejection. 3.)RESPECT ALL STAFF. 4.)WHEN HIRED DO YOUR JOB, no slacking. 5.)ABSOLUTLY NO NUDITY ON CAMS!!!!   In this lounge we want you to have fun, relax, be yourself, be respectful. FOR STAFF: Please if you have a problem take it to the head of your section. FOR GUESTS: Please if you have a problem with staff go to there Head person. If you have any furthure questions about the rules please do not be afraid to ask! Thank you  N-N Staff
Man! I Feel Like A Woman! - Shania Twain
I'm going out tonight-I'm feelin' alright Gonna let it all hang out Wanna make some noise-really raise my voice Yeah, I wanna scream and shout No inhibitions-make no conditions Get a little outta line I ain't gonna act politically correct I only wanna have a good time The best thing about being a woman Is the prerogative to have a little fun and... Oh, oh, oh, go totally crazy-forget I'm a lady Men's shirts-short skirts Oh, oh, oh, really go wild-yeah, doin' it in style Oh, oh, oh, get in the action-feel the attraction Color my hair-do what I dare Oh, oh, oh, I wanna be free-yeah, to feel the way I feel Man! I feel like a woman! The girls need a break-tonight we're gonna take The chance to get out on the town We don't need romance-we only wanna dance We're gonna let our hair hang down The best thing about being a woman Is the prerogative to have a little fun and... Oh, oh, oh, go totally crazy-forget I'm a lady Men's shirts-short skirts Oh, oh, oh, really go wild-yeah, doin' it in styl
As the lies Fall from your lips Distorting my perception Of this deception Anger begins to tear at my soul Breaking the girl Of the heart you stole No remorse for the wicked ways You used your words whispered sweetly The music fades out As the light brightens Seeing the emptiness in your eyes Followed by the hollow echo I could no longer swallow Clever the disguise had been Masking the sin Kept beneath your skin Speaking of that which had no meaning While that which you meant You were not speaking   Copyright 2007 Ella Valentine
The Creature
 The melodic and graceful movement of the creature draws me in. The feeling of its ice-cold, glassy scales across my bare and vulnerable self is entrancing. But I forget… I forget to keep my distance and the creature strikes, sinking its ivory teeth into my veins. For a moment, all I can feel is the slow trickle of the poison. Then the creature is gone, quietly slithering away satisfied, and all I am left with is the bittersweet taste of the venom remaining on my lips.   Copyright 2002 Ella Valentine
Care not for my expressions as they are not written here for you Think not of my afflictions as they were not yours to bear Ask not of my convictions as my answers won’t be true Want not of my affections as I have none left to share   Try not for my concessions as pride won’t allow such a thing Speak not of my possessions as among them you no longer lie Beg not of my discretions as my scars will surely sing Ache not for my confessions as they will only make you cry   Copyright 2012 Ella Valentine
The Suction Cup Vibrator: The Single’s Blessing
"How single men and women can benefit from using a suction cup vibrator" Have you ever felt that all-consuming urge to have sex, but the problem was that you don’t actually have a partner to have sex with? Masturbation can only go so far to satisfy you, and you don’t have the time, energy, or effort to spare to go out and find someone to have sex with, even if it’s just a casual hookup. What do you do then? Having a dildo handy for whenever the urge strikes you would be the answer to your problems. Dildos are cheap, easy to find, easy to clean, easy to store, and is ready anytime you want to get busy. Visit a store like EroticToyTown, which is a comprehensive online sex toy store, and you will find a whole range of dildos that can fit any budget or need that you might have. One of the most popular types of dildos for single people looking for some action is the suction cup vibrating dildo. These types of dildos are usually made from latex, rubber, or silicon and mo
Lay me down on a cloud of sorrow While I embrace the pain swimming in your eyes Give me a reason to wake on the morrow And just for you I'll blur these lines   Tempt my will with your imperfections Speak the words I dare not say Break through the wall mortared with excuses And the fears that keep these dreams at bay   On the banks of another world you stand And I yearn to cross these waters like so many times before Yet firmly planted I'll remain in this land Until the vessel brings you safely to my shore   Copyright 2013 Ella Valentine
Mr Maccorkindale
Actor Simon MacCorkindale, 58, dies after losing battle with cancer By BEN TODD and KATE LOVEYS UPDATED: 20:23 EST, 15 October 2010   Actor Simon MacCorkindale, who starred in TV's Casualty, has died after a four-year battle with cancer. The 58-year-old actor passed away in the arms of his wife, actress Susan George, in a clinic in London's Harley Street at 10.30pm last night. Paying tribute to her husband today, Ms George said: 'No one could have fought this disease any harder than he did since being diagnosed four years ago. 'He fought it with such strength, courage and belief. Last night, he lost this battle, and he died peacefully in my arms. 'To me, he was simply the best of everything, and I loved him with all my heart. He will live on in me forever.' Cambridgeshire-born MacCorkindale was the son of an RAF officer and was educated at public school Haileybury. He built a 30-year career on stage, film and TV playing handsome, often caddish roles.  He first intended to fol
Go To A Bar And After A Few Drinks
Two dwarfs go to a bar and after a few drinks pick up two prostitutes and take them back to there hotel rooms. The first dwarf can't get an erection, his depression is made worse when he hears his friend shouting "HERE I COME AGAIN.. ONE.. TWO.. THREE... UUH!!" All night long. In the morning the second dwarf asks the first "How did it go???"" The First says "it was so embarassing I couldnt get hard.." The second shook his head saying "YOU THINK THAT'S EMBARASSING!! I COULDN'T EVEN GET ON TO THE BED..."
Cowards & Fairytales
Just another forgotten relic of the past you choose to bury A shade of the dream he promised to paint for you alone is all you have left   How can you look at yourself girl?   You fell for it Again! The charm, the sickly sweet lies You fell for the fractured fairytales they package in little pink paper with frilly bows and glitter Turned your open heart into a failed experiment   Are you happy now girl?   Copyright 2013 Ella Valentine
I Only Thought I Was Moving (forward)...
yesterday i had a dreami have yet to figure out what it meansyou were there with your hand in minelike nothing ever happened and the both of us were finei saw a smile on your faceit was like i'd never left this placei felt as though i were a creature of comfortnot lost in a world revolving around hurti wish i could take back all that has transpiredfrom the previous years and make the past a liari wish that i could bridge the chasm that has grown between usand return to a time when it didn't hurt so much to trustand watch the sun break up the clouds before my eyesand see the dream of us realized
Untitled 2
Rain pours, Pounding on the window like a lonely traveler hoping for a place to rest his head Hundreds of candles light the way Giving hope to broken hearts Tongues slide across lips dripping with passion Skin caressing skin, Fingers trailing curves ever so lightly Whispers in the night Echoes of bliss surround two souls Eyes staring deeply As if searching every desire locked deep inside Yearning to be set free Pleasures Un-numbered More than just a moment of heaven, Even if only a Dream Copyright 2013 Ella Valentine
Take A Stand Against Gay Marriage
It amazes me how so many supporters for gay marriages  are trying so hard for equal rights on same sex marriage. I mean seriously , marriage is nothing more than a piece of paper with legal writing and approval. Why are you homos, lesbos, and queers so obsessed with a piece of paper with your names written on it? I don't see nothing important about that. lol
Come To The End Of The Line
I'm gonna to kill myself not much to live for and all the people i wanna to get to know i'll proobably never meet those who i created friendship on line and in real life i cared about there never be enough to really get to know since all of us have such busy lives so much time sepnt on here the internet thinking i found osme incredible people to knwo and care for but chances are i won't ever meet them nevermind be a part of something i want more than anything thats be a part of their lives even if in a small way not just always stayin in touch or emailing deep shit real connections with some of you great people you undoubtedly are i thought i could strong not allow anything to stop me or defeat me but i am just ready to quit end it all i don't know how much longer or excatlyw ehn i am doing this but its over my enthuasime and love of life are gone my spirit and soul all but gone dan hills "long road" summed up almost my entire existende five easy pieces i am was am the jack nichols
Gate To Hell
‘Gate to Hell’ found: Scientists recently found a cave known as the “gate to hell” in ancient Greco-Roman mythology. At least three other places in the world are known by similar names—the burning gaseous pit in Turkemenistan, the 2010 Guatemala sinkhole of historic proportions, and a historically treacherous pass between Nepal and Tibet.    The "Gates of Hell" in the desert of Turkmenistan, shown in a screenshot of a YouTube video, is a giant pit of toxic gas opened during Soviet drilling in 1971. (Screenshot via The Epoch Times) ‘Gates of Hell’ Burning in the Desert of Turkmenistan A crater in the desert not far from the village of Derweze (also known as Darvaza), Turkmenistan, spews toxic gases and has been burning for decades, earning it the name “Gates of Hell.” In 1971, when the region was under the reign of the former Soviet Union, a Soviet drilling rig hit an underground cavern, which collapsed into a pit about half
Going To Need A Cloak...
i am the poison you could not swallowi travel too many roads you just can't followand i can't see them leading me anywhere but deadit's not that they are wrong, it doesn't matter what i doin the end i'll face the truth, just the same as youso how can you doubt the wandering in my head?i've always walked aloneyou say i should have settled long agobut that could not stop the burning in my mindi've always chose to see a different angleand turn a square into a rectanglethat doesn't mean i won't find all i want to findso if i am searchingdoes that truly make me bad?to the point you would discard melike a passing fadso i am left with none except a sillouetteas you fade into the sunthat just makes me more secure in my beliefthat no matter what i doi'll never find reliefso i'll keep on travellinguntil this road is done
An Old Man On The Floor...
there he is lying on a hardwood floorwith only dreams of yesterdayno way of telling what his mind has storedor how he found his wayto the place he's in from where he's beenhe has no friendsjust knowledge of an endonly that and nothing morefor the old man on the floorhis days are spent in readingon a bench in the outside airi'm sure that in his thoughts he's seekingfor one individual that careswhen he gazes toward the landscapewhat does his mind's eye see?is it a reflection of an old man drapedin the sullen cloaks of miserysomewhere from his yesterdayhe's reached this point todayhe has no friendshe breathes out his endonly that and nothing morefor that old man on the floor
Each Leg Across The Plane...
it's a battle for the better meto beat what's got the best of mei've got forces that seem to come from Godand i've got forces that seem rather oddand they are all after meone side whispers pain and pleasureright here, visible, in this day and agethe other shouts in heaven store your treasurein light of future morrows place your soul inside a cageand now i'm caught between the twowayward as it weresometimes the teeter rocksand then balance loses sway
Cube U35gt, U23gt, U9gt3 E U30gt Mini Con Rockchip Rk3188
Mar, 09 Apr 13Alessandro CreaPDFStampaA- A A+Ancora tablet da 7 e 8 pollici da Cube: questa volta si tratta dei modelli Cube U35GT, U23GT, U9GT3 e U30GT Mini, sempre basati sul Soc RockChip RK3188 e Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Immagini e specifiche tecniche complete. tablet cinese Appena ieri vi abbiamo proposto le schede tecniche di tre nuovi tablet Android proposti da Cube, azienda cinese che oggi ha introdotto a listino ancora altri quattro modelli, tutti con diagonali comprese tra i 7 e gli 8 pollici e caratterizzati dalla presenza del nuovo SoC RockChip RK3188, adottato anche per i modelli descritti ieri. Uno di questi quattro nuovi tablet inoltre ha anche una cornice particolarmente sottile attorno al display, mentre tre su quattro adottano schermi IPS, ma vediamoli più nel dettaglio, partendo dal Cube U35GT, un prodotto molto simile al Cube U33GT Mini visto ieri.Anche in questo caso troviamo infatti un display IPS con diagonale di 7.85 pollici a 5 punti di contatto, con risoluzione
Have A Look
8934155@ fubar
Oscillation (brain Waves To And Fro)...
for everything that is stoneand for all that turns to dustfor everything that becomes aloneand for all that turns to rustwe breathe until we ceasethen find supposed peacetoward the earth or heavensi can't wait that longmy soul is just not that strongi only chase after starsi only wander much too faryet the miles beneath my feetsignal nothing but defeatno matter that i tryi know i'll never flyi'm not allowed to spread my wingsearth's gravity fucks me as it singsit's not so much the questionof even if i couldbut more to beg the questionof even if i shouldwhat difference would it even make?there is no stolen breath to takeall will pass before my eyesand sorrow is tomorrowoh i hear those criesachievement cannot outpace my soulneither love could be my goal
Bag In Sale
From classic to modern, and both become the hearts of the ladies love. Interesting to say, the rise of package decoration is closely linked with the evolution of clothing. Louis Vuitton Outlet £¬ Since the end of the eighteenth century, with the belt she wave-type skirt Slim clothes, the ladies will be divergent bag picture,Fun to find the bag of personal items can be loaded.Louis Vuitton Outlet The first fish mesh pouch momentum into the sky, this beam on a long rope pouch easy to hold in the hand, become a veritable "package decoration. For centuries, the trend of fashion accessories like fashion in general, with each passing day, keeps changing. Status is gradually increased, as ladies dress in an integral part of, such as package decoration. Based on pop culture, a different era status, on different occasions, a woman's package decoration has evolved out of the endless changes in the form of.19th century Europe to open its xxx, large travel bag out of Europe became a necessity.
I woke up to check on stuff and i see a bunch of people talking and argueing like freaking Monkeys having a hissing fight over a coconut in the bloody spring! I pritty much went to another site and checked on stuff again and same bloody fucking thing but it was in japanese and a few germans and french wore bitching about someting stupid.   Why Why are some people so fucking bloody stupid!? I ask my self this same damn question every day some of you are going to say after reading this  Because we are human ect ect You may be right but I was hoping in our unlocked mysteries of the human DNA would let us be smarter then abunch of marmoset monkeys hissing over a coconut or a melon on the moon!
Between The Lies/my Own Pain
As I said I remember every thing well this is just 1 of these thing's I remember the face to done damage to me this week this year She don't relize it but there is now a Demonic Rift that has now opened in her home for hurting me making me confused about life for a day That girl who made empty promises to me over skype I liked her as much she liked me. There is a mistake she made though going back to a man who will never treat her right I sensed his lies when she told me he kicked her out. Good thing I only got a passport not to go to Dartmouth Canadia I'm going to japan to meet up with a few contact's of mine this summer. She said I was going on a [Guilt Trip] No It was me realizing that this world is full of evil and bull shitting lies that she will never see in her eye's. As it say's in the Subject of this blog that she will never see Between the lies! I'm typeing this out bc i need to controle the dark hate with in that came from my old apt and tryed to take controle of me 3 year
Don't be racist with me, Don't be nasty, I want fun just as much as you do.  I'm not like the other quick bitches you want.  No one night fucking stands and quick cyber get offs.  You want that call 1-900-EZ SLUTS.  I know what I want and I like what I want.  I'm real, down right to the mother fucking point! You don't fucking like it, KICK ROCKS and MOVE the fuck on!  You wanna roll in my Never land, step up Like a real MAN/FEMALE and treat me like a real WOMAN....                                                  
Sometimes, We Fail
It's been months Can't bring myself to delete your number Pictures of you found in unexpected places Your laughter on the wind Little reminders of your absence Fill my quietest moments with regret If I had only been better Maybe I could've seen how far you'd gotten How alone you'd grown How deeply hurt you'd been More attentive, more understanding Less holed up in my own little trove of broken things Maybe if I stopped always making it about me I owed you that And I'm learning I cannot change what is done Only take you with me forever and be the one I should have been for you Maybe I'll never delete your number Who could fault me that?   Copyright 2013 Ella Valentine
"Passion. It lies in all of us. Sleeping... waiting... and though unwanted, unbidden, it will stir... open its jaws and howl. It speaks to us... guides us. Passion rules us all. And we obey. What other choice do we have? Passion is the source of our finest moments. The joy of love... the clarity of hatred... the ecstasy of grief. It hurts sometimes more than we can bear. If we could live without passion, maybe we'd know some kind of peace. But we would be hollow. Empty rooms, shuttered and dank. Without passion, we'd be truly dead." 
It comes on the wind the depth of this feeling it forces its way into little cracks and crevices dark corners untouched Holding imagination hostage for the whims of its desires It ravages doubt leaves jaded hearts in question of their walls and lonely souls in yearning for all they had been promised Drapes the darkness in neverending bright illuminating a path that has left the walker bloodied and broken   Copyright 2013 Ella Valentine
When we are apart,I want to start,Knowing its wrong,I stay strong,I play one song,Wanting you here in a thong,The stuff I wanna do to you,You know I'm being true,Kiss you from head to toe,Let your mind go,Me you can trust,This will never be only lust......
We're In This Together - Nine Inch Nails
I've become impossible holding on to when when everything seemed to matter more the two of us all used and beaten up watching fate as it flows down the path we have chose you and me we're in this together now none of them can stop us now we will make it through somehow you and me if the world should break in two until the very end of me until the very end of you awake to the sound as they peel apart the skin they pick and they pull trying to get their fingers in well they've got to kill what we've found well they've got to hate what they fear well they've got to make it go away well they've got to make it disappear the farther I fall I'm beside you as lost as I get I will find you the deeper the wound I'm inside you for ever and ever I'm a part of you and me we're in this together now none of them can stop us now we will make it through somehow you and me if the world should break in two until the very end of me until the very end of you all that we were is gone we have to hold on when
When The Sun Goes Down - Kenny Chesney
  Sun tanned toes ticklin the sand Cold drink chillin in my right hand Watchin you sleep in the evening light Restin up for a long, long night[Chorus:] Cause when the sun goes down, we'll be groovin When the sun goes down, we'll be feelin all right When the sun sinks down over the water Everything gets hotter when the sun goes down All day long just takin it easy Layin in the hammock where it's nice and breezy Sleepin off the night before Cause when the sun goes down, we'll be back for more[Chorus:] When the sun goes down, we'll be groovin When the sun goes down,we'll be feeling alright When the sun sinks down over the water Everything gets hotter when the sun goes down This old guitar and my dark sunglasses This sweet concoction is smooth as molasses Nothing to do but breathe all day Until the big moon rises and it's time to play When the sun goes down, we'll be grooving When the sun goes down, we'll be feeling alright When the sun sinks down over the water She thinks Kracker's Sexy
The Fake
Well this a odd turn of recent event's I thought I had a connection a guided path of an old friend who will be the 1 for me turned out to be a stupid mind game. I did't fall for it this time I just told her well if your going to be a bitch about what you said then don't ever bother talking to me in your life or in the next life because i won't be there when you need me. I ask this though why do girl's play stupid ass mind games and play with a guy's feelings? Seem's stupid anyway  if she do's try to contact me again well she's going to have more trouble then a house with poilergiest activity.
Her Best Friend
I vibrate her very soul, please her at her own control. I sneak in, and/or glide about, I tease her best without a doubt. I rely on her, faithful love, triple A batteries from above. I tuck so many in at nite,,,,, push tiny buttons, o so right. I heat up now the more u use, vibrating hard to blow her fuse. I travel in pockets , purses too. Wherever we go, were coming through... I am woman's very best friend, I stay hard and hot no end. I go fast, go deep, and I go slow...I am at masters control. I don't bitch, and moan and i don't care, me vibrate in her underwear. I shake her walls, soft wet,,inside. Hot, slow, ,,,,vibrationals, deeply slides.. She wraps fire love around me, pushes, shoves, and almost drowns me. She cries out moans and grinds, sometimes loves me from behind I heat up,,, and I'm made to tease, I fill up, guaranteed to please. Turn me on, I'll get her off, she'll come squeezing, so hard, so soft. I vibrate wet slick lost control, make love to h
Fucking Lame Fu Fuckers
Why in the hell would someone that I don't even know try to get shitty with me cause I don't want them to contact me without them having a salute? I was nice about it too. They went as far to send a drink that way they could send a message in the drink. How desperate is someone to try to contact you that they go through that kind of trouble then get pissed when you let them know your preference. Ignorant fucks!
Executive Sales Position
      Executive Sales Position   If you love sales and don't like a cap to your income potential then this may be something for you. Powerhouse Payments is located in Valencia, CA our relationship with First Data allows us to offer some of the most flexible payment acceptance options in the industry, allowing merchants around the world access to a variety of point-of-sale (POS) payment solutions to meet their business needs when accepting Visa, MasterCard & Discover.   Our compensation plan allows our Sales Executives to get paid what they are worth, so I challenge you to check us out and see if there is a fit for you here in the merchant service industry.   Duties and Responsibilities:   Account management tasks such as customer follow-ups. Make outbound calls to current and potential clients. Fact finders and conduct research. Provides product and service communication. Maintain and grow a list of clients for new business accounts. Maintain
The Pit
I heard a hissing in my little cube. I searched in vain like a dull rube. I finally found it down on my desk. It spewed forth gas smelling quite grotesque. In it's little container burning on out. It would soon run out there is no doubt. It reminded me of me only spewing hot air. Trapped in a way that didn't seem fair. I cracked it in half and threw it away. I stared down at it as if it would say. "Please... please don't toss me right on down. Please... please don't let me fall and drown. Down in the garbage to waste and spoil. With a dirty old sock and a piece of foil. I'm not useless I can still make fire. I promise you this; I'm not a liar." It didn't matter what it said. I could still hear the hissing in my head. Lifting it up and dropping it in... to the bottom of the old, dingy bin. As it clanked and laid so still I spoke to the object to make a deal. "Move with my mind and climb right on out. Don't sit at the bottom to silently pout. If you are real this
One More Try
I know who I want to be. I'm far from it, but I can still dream. See this is how I see it. If you give up on your dreams and just manage what life throws at you, that makes you kinda just there. Going places but never reaching out for what your heart may desire. Ya know, dontcha?? Not the ultimate impossible things, but the possible things that are just a little outta reach. With hard work and maybe blood, sweat and tears you can obtain what was started the fire in your heart that is burning hot. I have had this certain dream for going on twenty seven years. It has had a few different forms, but the same inner goal. I will never give up, even if there are many who say it is a waste of time. They may not have ever had a dream, and I know that is not my fault. If for just one moment they would just put aside their need to be number one and look at all that I have done. I know for a fact that one of the people that said that is still drinking beers ever night in the garage with his frien
Falling For The First Time- Barenaked Ladies
I'm so cool, too bad I'm a loserI'm so smart, too bad I can't get anything figured outI'm so brave, too bad I'm a babyI'm so fly, that's probably why itFeels just like I'm falling for the first timeI'm so green, it's really amazingI'm so clean, too bad I can't get all the dirt off of me.I'm so sane, it's driving me crazyIt's so strange, I can't believe itFeels just like I'm falling for the first timeAnyone perfect must be lying, anything easy has its costAnyone plain can be lovely, anyone loved can be lostWhat if I lost my direction? What if I lost sense of time?What if I nursed this infection? Maybe the worst is behindIt feels just like I'm falling for the first timeIt feels just like I'm falling for the first timeI'm so chill, no wonder it's freezingI'm so still, I just can't keep my fingers out of anythingI'm so thrilled to finally be failingI'm so done, turn me over cause itFeels just like I'm falling for the first timeAnything plain can be lovely, anything loved can be lostMaybe I
Evil Eagle Eye
the eagle is bald and disappearing these days , but the eagle is bald.. Flying high and rattle snakes play. The rattlesnakes are all balled,,,, Balled up all in a cave, The eagles are all bald and disappearing these days .. The beavers stay wetter when bald, the beavers eat the woods like a shiny chain saw. There is so much more beaver Damn action, Beavers lovin beavers when the beaver is bald. The american Bald Eagle. Disappearing these days. The rattle snakes love to bite fight and live in the caves. the eagles.are out flying high.. hunting for.rattlesnake slaves. The beavers.getting wetter. Diving into the shave. The beavers sliding wood in for the save, The beavers bald and turns us into, The evil eagle eyes....... of The rattlesnake Slaves... Sent from my HTC on the Now Network from Sprint!
How Fights Started .......
One year, a husband decided to buy his mother-in-law a cemetery plot as a Christmas gift ... The next year, he didn't buy her a gift. When she asked him why, he replied, "Well, you still haven't used the gift I bought you last year! And that's how the fight started.....   I asked my wife, 'Where do you want to go for our anniversary? It warmed my heart to see her face melt in sweet appreciation. 'Somewhere I haven't been in a long time! ... She said ... So I suggested,  How about the kitchen? 'And that's when the fight started....   My wife and I are watching Who Wants To Be A Millionaire while we were in bed.. I turned to her and said,  Do you want to have sex?  ''No,' she answered. I then said,  Is that your final answer?  She didn't even look at me this time, simply saying  Yes. So I said,  Then I'd like to phone a friend.  And that's when the fight started....   I tried to talk my wife into buying a case of Miller Light for $14.95.Instead, she bought a jar of cold cream for $
Oil And Back
Out of the tub they start to dry off. He watches her as she dries herself off. Watcing her body looking at every inch. She is done and goes to lay down on the bed. He finishes drying off. She is laying face down on the bed. He lays down on top of her. Rubbing his body against hers. He sits up and starts to rub her back. She has oil in her bag she says and he goes to get it. He pours some oil on her back and starts to rub it in. Massaging her back massaging her deep. Rubbing his hands all over her back. He pours some more oil on and now not only rubbing and massaging her back but now going down to her ass and legs a little bit. After a little while he lays his body on hers again. With her covers in oil he rubs in and they move together. She says it is now his turn. He lays on his stomach and she is over him with the oil. She pours some on him it is cold at first then she stats to rub it in. her hands feel so good on his body. Rubbing and massaging his muscles. She does his shoulders and
Fat Old Ugly Women With Nsfws
      Ok seriously sum ladies shouldn't be posting NSFWS on a social site. Especially if your fat, ugly, old, and wear glasses. This  poor lady is a perfect about
Nikki Sixx's Mother Died
Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx has revealed that his mother, Deana Richards, passed away yesterday (June 8, 2013). Sixx’s simple tweet, “RIP Mom 5-5 1939 to 6-8 2013,” unleashed an outpouring of support and condolencesfrom his fans both on Twitter and on his Facebook page. From an early age, Sixx — born Frank Carlton Serafino Feranna, Jr. — was raised primarily by his mother and grandparents after his father left the family. No further information is known at this time about the circumstances of RIchards’ passing. We would like to extend our sorrow and thoughts to Sixx and his family at this difficult time. In a seemingly related Facebook post from yesterday, Sixx writes about pain, loss and inspiration: Writing a beautiful song about regret…..Pain always serves up the most brutal truth. I cannot see a ray of sunshine and not find the beauty in the inevitable rain cloud coming in behind it…I have made mistakes….Do lyrics an
Paper Dress - Toadies
So what we did would redefine the perfect function to realize some kind of potential... And underneath the paper dress she knows we're different shoulders and a neck shrug away this distance Now in my home and in my car I can't help but hold my thoughts eventually drink back to this day Wherever we go Wherever we go This ghost will follow Wherever we go Wherever we go This ghost will follow Wherever we go Wherever we go This ghost... AAYYEAHH!!! 
Just In Case
I was just wanting to let you all know, I just might not be real smart, but I do have a fragile heart. I have fragile bones and they are getting smaller. My kids are getting older and now both are taller, than little ole me. Please if you can, be gentle, just try and you will see. I use to be stronger and faster. The key words are use to be. I don't want to be a slave or a master. All I am or all I ever want to be is just me.
"the Next Day At Work"
She came back with a few pieces of mail and smiled as she pointed at my helmet. "I didn't know  you had a bike."    "Yeah, i've been riding since i was old enough to have a license. there's nothing like feeling the wind on your face as you ride the open road.""Oh, i can think of at least one thing that feels better," she said with a wink, but you are right, the feeling on a bike id=s great! It's been a long time since i've been on a bike, though. Maybe some time you'd give me  ride?"   I'd love to let you ride me, err, with me, i mean."    She smiled back, obviously enjoying the flirting. "Well, i'd love the ride either way."   "Tell you what Bianca, i've got a few things to do this afternoon, but how about i pick you up after work and we'll go for a bit of a ride?"
Lying on the floor she weeps, her soul cries for help once more. Nobody can hear her; she lies there all tattered and torn. Staring into the darkness, always wondering what’s in store. Thinking of him her heart cries with pain and forlorn. Who will save her from the devil’s henchmen? She cries out in agony, still no one even pays attention. The breath of life escapes from her body like fire. Her soul grows weaker, her body continually grows tired. Who will save her? Help her escape this dreaded pain. She looks to him even though her heart thought it wouldn’t love again. He stands before her, hands stretched and inviting. With hesitance she looks, no longer does she feel like fighting. She reaches up and grabs that outreached hand. Still really weak, he helps her to stand. The smile in his eyes comforts her only slightly. Once again she can feel her heart beat lightly. Who are you? She wonders to herself with fear. He places his hand upon her cheek and
New Song
Just the song it's been on my mind so I figured I put it on wax what do you think fam??? -In world news today, officials agree that Joseph Bruce and Joseph Utsler ,alias Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope must be stopped -After being monitored by secret service agents for two years -Evidence leads fbi officials to believe that icp are a gang literally dope lyrics promote drug usage and distribution -De...grade women, influence gambling, promote and teach gang violence and more importantly -Its influencing our minors and destroying our young community -Officials of fbi say, icp the lords of underground rap and they music must be stopped We got this whole motherfucker on a mission Now the whole entire world's gotta try to come up with a quick decision They claim fam threats to society And now they callin on the fbi to try and make somebody quiet For the bullshit they done to us Violent J ,Shaggy 2 Dope, Blaze or Boondox never gave a gun to me So gangsta rap ain't done shit for that I've even se
No Pain
Time and fucking time again, I need to just sin. That makes me too sad,  I already know I am bad. You have no sort of luck, in being the first to say, "I am a sorry fuck".   One more day won't make it any better, I have accepted, I won't get any wetter. Just turn away you don't have to run, I am fed up with hoping I will find my one. Take her instead of giving me any chance, she starts your fire and I can't even dance.   I don't want anything, I'm done waiting for the damn phone to ring. No one will want any used good, I will never hope they could. I wish the best for all of the rest, when you get god so hot and are already undressed.   With no pain there is less trouble, no have and no hold it won't ever double.
In All Of My Many Days
I have seen some animals tortured, kids beat to a pulp, and then there is Fubar. I have tried to get through to so evidently thick skulls, you really could be nice to people that are not that well known around here. The majority around here anyway are people we don't all know. Even if they don't have blasts or happy hours, they are needed. I kinda am thinking you might not have alot of friends anyway, if you can treat others as a joke or a play toy. First of all, it doesn't speak highly of your intellegence. Second of all, it doesn't scream any gladness that they chose this site to maybe spend some time at or some money on.   I treat others like I would like to be treated. I already know not every soul is the same. If the people that get their feelings hurt had any chance of treating some of you bad, you could be in for some damaging times. That could just be why some people make a second profile; to like still see one that blocked them and broke their heart. Yeah, I know some people
Meeting Peggy Sue's Dad
It's the Spring of 1957 and Bobby goes to pick up his date, Peggy Sue. Bobby's a pretty hip guy with his own car and a ducktail hairdo. When he goes to the front door, Peggy Sue's father answers and invites him in. "Peggy Sue's not ready yet, so why don't you have a seat?" he says. "That's cool." says Bobby. Peggy Sue's father asks Bobby what they are planning to do. Bobby replies politely that they will probably just go to the malt shop or to a drive-in movie. Peggy Sue's father responds "Why don't you kids go out and screw? I hear all of the kids are doing it." Naturally this comes as quite a surprise to Bobby and he says "Whaaaat?" "Yeah," says Peggy Sue's father, "Peggy Sue really likes to screw; she'll Screw all night if we let her!" Bobby's eyes light up and smiles from ear to ear. Immediately, he has revised the plans for the evening. A few minutes later, Peggy Sue comes downstairs in her little poodle skirt with her saddle shoes and announces that she's ready to go. Almost
One bright, beautiful Sunday morning, everyone in the tiny town of Johnstown got up early and went to the local church. Before the services started, the townspeople were sitting in their pews and talking about their lives, their families, etc. Suddenly, the Devil himself appeared at the front of the congregation. Everyone started screaming and running for the front entrance, trampling each other in a frantic effort to get away from evil incarnate. Soon everyone was evacuated from the Church, except for one elderly gentleman who sat calmly in his pew, not moving, seemingly oblivious to the fact that God's ultimate enemy was in his presence. Now this confused Satan a bit, so he walked up to the man and said, "Don't you know who I am?" The man replied, "Yep, sure do." Satan asked, "Aren't you afraid of me?" "Nope, sure ain't," said the man. Satan was a little perturbed at this and queried, "Why aren't you afraid of me?" The man calmly replied, "Been married to your sister for ove
New Memo
To: All EmployeesFrom: Management As a result of the reduction of money budgeted for department areas, we are forced to cut down on our number of personnel. Under this plan, older employees will be asked to go on early retirement, thus permitting the retention of the younger people who represent our future. Therefore, a program to phase out older personnel by the end of the current fiscal year, via retirement, will be placed into effect immediately. This program will be known as SLAP (Sever Late-Aged Personnel). Employees who are SLAPPED will be given the opportunity to look for employment outside the company. SLAPPED employees can request a review of their employment records before actual retirement takes place. This phase of the program is called SCREW. (Survey of Capabilities of Retired Early Workers). All employees who have been SLAPPED or SCREWED may file an appeal with the upper management. This is called SHAFT (Study by Higher Authority Following Termination). Under the t
Chicken Wire
An old man was sitting on his front porch down in Louisiana watching the sunrise. He sees the neighbor's kid walk by carrying something big under his arm. He yells out, "Hey boy, Whittier got there?" Boy yells back, "Roll of chicken wire," Old man says, "what you gonna do with that?" Boy says, "Gonna catch some chickens," Old man yells, "you damn fool, you can't catch chickens with chicken wire!" Boy just laughs and keeps walking. That evening at sunset, the boy comes walking by and to the old man's surprise he is dragging behind him the chicken wire with about 30 chickens caught in it. Same time next morning the old man is out watching the sunrise and he sees the boy walk by carrying something kind of round in his hand. Old man yells out "Hey boy, Whittier got there?" Boy yells back "Roll of duct tape." Old man says "What you gonna do with that?" Boy says back "Gonna catch me some ducks". Old man yells back, "You damn fool, you can't catch ducks with duct tape!" Boy just la
Chineese Dinner
Wrong - Depeche Mode
I was born with the wrong sign In the wrong house With the wrong ascendancy I took the wrong road That led to the wrong tendencies I was in the wrong place at the wrong time For the wrong reason and the wrong rhyme On the wrong day of the wrong week I used the wrong method with the wrong technique Wrong Wrong There's something wrong with me chemically Something wrong with me inherently The wrong mix in the wrong genes I reached the wrong ends by the wrong means It puts the wrong plan In the wrong hands With the wrong theory for the wrong man The wrong lies, on the wrong vibes The wrong questions with the wrong replies Wrong Wrong I was marching to the wrong drum With the wrong scum Pissing out the wrong energy Using all the wrong lines And the wrong signs With the wrong intensity I was on the wrong page of the wrong book With the wrong rendition of the wrong hook Made the wrong move, every wrong night With the wrong tune played till it sounded right yah Wrong Wrong Too long Wrong I was
A Change Is Gonna Come - Seal
I was born by the river in a little tent Oh and just like the river I've been running ever since It's been a long, a long time coming But I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will It's been too hard living but I'm afraid to die Cause I don't know what's up there beyond the sky It's been a long, a long time coming But I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will I go to the movie and I go downtown Somebody keep telling me don't hang around It's been a long, a long time coming But I know a change gonna come Oh yes it will Then I go to my brother And I say brother help me please But he winds up knockin' me Back down on my knees There been times that I thought I couldn't last for long But now I think I'm able to carry on It's been a long, a long time coming But I know a change gonna come, Oh yes it will
Just Sorta
I have taken time to notice that I know not everyone is the same. I know duh, right??  Some can handle things very differently.  At this moment in time, I have two comments I am scared to veiw, its tearing me up. I think they might be bad, but then agin I haven't pissed these people off. I don't think so anyway. Its like common curtisy isn't it, to tell someone if they rub you the wrong way?? Yeah, yeah common curtisy is something of almost ancient times, but that doesn't mean its completely old news. Sometimes I see others in a struggle and I offer my help, that is what you call common curtisy. I clean the litter box and the rats cage, that is common curtisy. They can't do it for themselves and my kids don't want to do it, that is when supermom comes to the rescue. My arm still hurts, just incase your wondering. I can't let things go undone. I wanted to do this a little different. This is something I have to remember. lets hope it works out Stay safe, the week isn't over yet!!
Any Advice
I'm 40 years old. I had 1 son who is now 21 he has a gf he wants to marry has moved out. I'm married to a man that went to prison for abusing his daughter. all his kids are grown and on thier own now.I'm at a point that I want to give up on my life here but don't know where or how to go. I have no family left they have all passed away. I'm on my own and scared I'm currently unemployed and have no car and am living out in the stix of east texas . I wish I had someone to turn to but I don't. How the hell do I get out of this hell
My Daddy - Vindicated Tears
Her hair was up in a ponytail Her favorite dress tied with a bow.Today was Daddy's Day at school,And she couldn't wait to go.But her mommy tried to tell her,That she probably should stay home.Why the kids might not understand,If she went to school alone.But she was not afraid;She knew just what to say.What to tell her classmate,Of why he wasn't there today.But still her mother worried,For her to face this day alone.And that was why once again,She tried to keep her daughter home.But the little girl went to school,Eager to tell them all.About a dad she never sees,A dad who never calls.There were daddies along the wall in back,For everyone to meet.Children squirming impatiently,Anxious in their seats.One by one the teacher called,A student from the class.To introduce their daddy,As seconds slowly passed.At last the teacher called her name,Every child turned to stare.Each of them was searching,For a man who wasn't there."Where's her daddy at?"She heard a boy call out."She probably doesn't
Wow, Nano Is Fun
An Excerpt from my nano: My character has a computer stalker, and here is what she writes to her, lol, yes, 'her.' 'What some people do not realize is that I am a defendor. A defendor will pick up her shit and go at all costs to protect the f ucking society. This is the shit I am prepared to do for right now, and never come back the F uck here anymore. It is true also that I am very damn sensitive, but not after a damn solution has been found. Thus, a damn soultion has been found for this shit! When it breaks it breaks, and I do not care either. I may leave probably before the shit breaks! I do not care anymore, and I do this because it might even be a new start for me! Who the hell knows!? But, it still stands for me, when it breaks and my computer can no longer take the effing viruses (because I am a broke ass person-Iam not damn rich, btw) there will be nothing I can do to pay for the damn shit placed on it, thanks So, if you're thinking this was another, think again...
Demon Names For Yall To Look Up :d
New Definition
HERE IT IS: my new definition to pain, I biked fo what seemed like three blocks to pick up some sliced ham and litter, now not only did they not have litter but the ride killed me. I went and biked three fourths of the way back and picked up litter. My right knee has felt the severity of pain before, but it hasn't shaked so much and wasn't feeling so painful. My arm hurt this morning, so I did stick a medicated pad on it. It may have not felt the best, but my knee has had way better times. Tomorrow at nine I need to go and register my son for some back to school supplies. As I have beeen told, I won't get my weekly allowence this next week, I am hoping I will be okay, I am not sure. We shall see. I hope everyone is having a great day. If I don't get back to you, I have fallen asleep or I just fell and can't get up. I am tired of this get this done, get that done day. When the sun sets I will relax with a beer.
Bite Back - The All American Rejects
You couldn't break me in the end... (oh no) And such a freedom I enjoy When you're deaf to the sounds you trust If that was all you've got, my friend... (oh no) Then set yourself to disappoint Yeah... Feels like I'm strapped down on this table... so tightYou've got me stuck to a razor's edge And I'm trapped in a deadbolt glove You stand to cut me or enable... oh no And such a streak starts steading headsAnd I live for the things I love Sad, but maybe it's true Push you back's what I'll do And it's just enough To keep you back one second longer Take a little more than what I've got It's all I have to please you Break a little piece of what you want Bite back the hand that feeds you Remember when things seem so stable... you know that I compromise just to appease Yeah, you take but you take too much If what you need's not seeming able... yeah, right Then maybe it works when I leave Yeah, you fake what you say you love Sad, but maybe it's true Push you back's what I'll do And it's just en
Your Star - All American Rejects
  She screams when I'm away She's been gone before.I worried all the time, why worry anymore?Now I go, awayNow I know, todayI picked out your starTurned night to dayA simple whisper from your voiceAnd I fade awayYou wish for loveYou pushed me awayYour love for me was everything I needThe air I breatheShe, now she's all aloneHer eyes they drown in tearsTheir love was meant to lastBut she is blind with fearNow I go, awayNow I know, todayI picked out your starTurned night to dayA simple whisper from your voiceAnd I fade awayYou wish for loveYou pushed me awayYour love for me was everything I needThe air I breatheLeave me beNow I'm freeLove reflecting everythingYou want spaceI need you to help me see this throughThere she goes, there she goes, there she goesI picked out your starTurned night to dayA simple whisper from your voiceAnd I fade awayYou wish for loveYou pushed me awayYour love for me was everything I needThe air I breatheI picked out your starTurned night to dayA simple whisper
Daddies Gonna Save My Soul - Golden Earring
I was born the son of a tycoonSuccessor to a vast fortuneBeing spoilt without concernFor the future tricks I'd turnI found the wrong directionDue to daddies overprotection refrein:With people in a state of tranceThere's no use for common senseWhat you do is use the coinJustify what you're destroyin'Following the family code...I misbehave - lose controlCause daddies gonna save my soul What to think of a man of meansThat wheels and deals behind the scenesI radiate potential dangerAccepted as a well known strangerAt all the jet-set partiesI'm tampering with the ladies! refrein:With people in a state of tranceThere's no use for common senseWhat you do is use the coinJustify what you're destroyin'Following the family code...I misbehave - lose controlCause daddies gonna save my soul
A Moment Of Retrospect....
Here I sit... Completely lost to feelings I shouldn't be feeling, I can't even give reason as to why I have them... Just something deep inside is hurting and falling apart. Why you ? What's so special about you that speaks to me? I feel like I've basically thrown the middle finger to the fates and cut the string in my tapestry. Wow how can I just completely fuck up a wet dream?
Hating On " Blue" Monday .... Should Then Start Our Week On "terrible Tuesday" Instead ?
Yes or no ?
Inner Lights Dim
Beauty begins inside. It shines brightly through the dark clouds of the mediocrity of life. My beauty dims more and more everyday. My inner light can't break through the clouds to bring light to another living soul. I'm damned to suffer through this life... I'm cursed with over whelming feelings of inadequacy. I want to find light again... I want to shine through it and break the storms center. I'm just nothing more than an eye of my own destruction. If I can't shine I would rather be done with it all. 
Dominant Roles
OWNER One of the things we can note about other BDSM roles, such as top, bottom, dominant, submissive, master, and slave, is that there's an implicit recognition that the partner in each case is a respected, fully-functional, human member of a two-person team. This is not the case with owner/property roles. An owner possesses property who, in the context of the relationship or their activities together, has limited rights and who is often objectified or dehumanised. Typically, the property is simply used for some purpose by the owner. This can be sexually, where the property is simply treated as a cunt to fuck, for example. MASTER The important factor with dominants and submissives is that the submissive grants the dominant long-term authority to engage them (the submissive) in an agreed range of activities without seeking permission on each occasion. Confusingly, many people consider the terms master and slave to be equal to dominant and submissive, respectively.
Choosing The 'right' Dominant
He strides into the room, the long tail of his black coiled leather bullwhip flicking like a snake's tongue against the immaculate sheen of his high black boots, boots she will come to know very well. He squares his broad shoulders, tossing back his unrully mane of black hair, his dark, piercing eyes above high, arrogant cheek bones, scanning the assembled company... Contrary to popular fiction, the average Dom wears a business suit, not leather trousers, and is more likely to ride a pick up truck than a dashing steed. He won't remove the clothes from your back with an expert flick of his 12 foot whip – most wouldn't know what to do with a bullwhip if you were unwise enough to give them one and are perfectly capable of dealing with you with just the flat of their hand. In short give up the romantic hero cliches and remember that what's important is skill, and control, and decisiveness, and assurance, not height or tight buns or a large wardrobe of ruffly shirts and
The Basics Of A Bdsm Scene
Most BDSM scenes can be broken down into three phases: Warm up, scene proper and after care. Each phase serves a distinct function. A skilled dominant can blend them together so that the transition from one phase to another is smooth and natural. While most BDSM authors will agree on the importance of the warm up, the bulk of BDSM literature focuses on the techniques such as bull whips or fisting, which are usually associated with the scene proper. This article will deal solely with the warm up. In many respect the warm up is the single most important part of a BDSM scene. It is that foundation upon which the entire scene is built. The main physiological function of the warm up is to stimulate the release of endorphins. They are part of the body’s defenses against pain. Endorphins are chemicals produced by the nervous system to control pain, create euphoric feeling and modulate the release of sex hormones. Endorphins do a number of practical things for a BDSM scen
Safety - Scene Preparation
In BDSM, a scene is the stage or setting where BDSM activity takes place, as well as the activity itself. The physical place where a BDSM activity takes place is usually called adungeon, though some prefer less dramatic terms, including "playspace", or "club". A BDSM activity can, but need not, involve sexual activity or sexual roleplay. A characteristic of many BDSM relationships is the power exchange from the bottom to the dominant partner, and bondage features prominently in BDSM scenes and sexual roleplay Aside from the general advice related to safe sex, BDSM sessions often require a wider array of safety precautions than vanilla sex (sexual behavior without BDSM elements) In theory, to ensure consent related to BDSM activity, pre-play negotiations are commonplace, especially among partners who do not know each other very well. In practice, pick-up scenes at clubs or parties may sometimes be low in negotiation (much as pick-up sex from singles bars may not involve
Every Second
You only have one life to live, and maybe more than a little bit left to give.  I know I won't make that much difference, but I would like to ask that you look past your ignorance.   There are words you think you know and use, that in short are nothing but verbal abuse.   To call any soul an idiot or retard, is worse than dealin the wrong card.  Its hurtful and sick, for you to assume you know best, tells me any users of that language are by far not the ones I wish to caress.  I have a heart and I have a mind. Both do say to never be unkind.   I listen to my heart all the time, its a curse that would give up my last dime.  I will stay as I choose to be forever nice, I know I can't restart my life all over twice.  One ride per person, not everything will go okay, cherish memories, hope for a tomorrow and love every second of today.
i lay in the grass and look up at the sky as i lay there i see the dark sky full of little lights . as i lay there  i fell soft wet drops fall form my eyes. i wipe them away but more fall for my eyes. then i remmber i'm a broken elf that is lost in the dark woods felling all alone.  my heart is broken and not knowing what to think . i say what i fell and everyone tells me i should not fell that way.  i must be a broken elf.  i wonder should i just walk in to the dark woods and keep going and not look back are stay and keep feeling the way i do
"the Debt " Part 5
Bobby had promised Kathy for years thath they would get  away someplace to have fun and not talk about work all weekend. the first few time she believed him but after several aborted attempts to get away she gave up hope. Something was always more important to him than their get away. On a Thursday, which was the next to the last day of the month, he walked into her  ofice. she had no time today for his horny adventures or idle chit chat. "Get out of here Bob!" kathy said angrily. "I don't have time for you today. It's the end of the month and you're just in the way right now. Try me again in a few days." "Come on luv," Bob pleaded. "Give me a few minutes and you'll be glad you did." "I can't stop for two seconds today let anlone two minutes," Kathy protested. "There's too much to do." "It's about our get away that we've always planned," Bob baited her. Will resume at another time:)  
I Need
I need you to know, before I just have to go.  Into nothingness again, I'm not going to feel bad, like you always sin. You may not have been meant for me, but its always nice to dream when I can never be. Where you are, its hot without me, its better that way that is how its suppose to be. I am sad our chat time is all gone, I am not that smart and its not wrong. I'll be okay one day, that much I know. It is still hard to say, everyday people come and go. I might not be the best around, or even the best underground. I can't walk the hall of fame and I don't know all the stars by name. What is wanted, to me don't matter that much. I will feel when you need my touch. I need you and me to be at least okay, before I lay down the bestest way. There was never a need for me, and never shall a need be. I am just one, going down slow, I'm here just needing you to know.
Walk - Avenged Sevenfold
Can't you see I'm easily bothered by persistenceOne step from lashing out at you...You want in to get under my skinAnd call yourself a friendI've got more friends like youWhat do I do?[Pre:]Is there no standard anymore?What it takes, who I am, where I've been belongYou can't be something you're notBe yourself, by yourselfStay away from meA lesson learned in lifeKnown from the dawn of time[Chorus:]Respect, walkWhat did you say?Respect, walkAre you talking to me?Are you talking to me?Run your mouth when I'm not aroundIt's easy to achieveYou cry to weak friends that sympathizeCan you hear the violins playing your song?Those same friends tell me your every word[Pre][Chorus x2]Are you talking to me?No way, punk![Chorus x2]Are you talking to me?Walk on home, boy
Where Am I Going? - Kottonmouth Kings
Life is dream It's funny thing too sometimes On the road of life it's full of surprisesTwist and turns we look toward the sky for some guidance The sun goes down and it risesWithstood the sands of time And we'll find new horizons [Jonny Richter]sometimes I lay awake at night and try to figure it out is my life going north is it heading south I'm walking on a fence between wrong and right trying to keep a level head try to keep my goals in sight it's hard as hell in this world today friends I've known for many years started acting strange things I cared about before seemed to just fade away now I'm left with these questions of today "When is the train gonna get back on track when am I even gonna care bout that why do I always get dealt the bad cards took the easy the road so long and now my lifes hard"Still I try to make it work out for the best and I know I've gotta clean up all this messif I knew when I started and where this all would end I'd prolly do it all over again[Chorus]I don'
My Bloody Day..... (careful Bad Words Ahead)
Ok I know I know I have not written a blog in a long ass time but well I didn’t need to. Took mum to the repatriation hospital today to have her knees looked at, and guess what… after an hour they decided she had no problems that they could see in the X-ray they have…. So what the fuck? she can barely walk, can’t kneel or bend over, cannot lay on her sides…. They even touched her knee and asked if it hurt and she all but cried because of the pain and still they say they don’t understand what’s wrong with her….. we have gone to doctors and specialists and had X-rays and MRI’s and still they say THEIR X-ray doesn’t show it… so I want to know who the fuck is not giving them the right bloody ones….. This is just so infuriating…. My life? FUCK MY LIFE…… no emo statements that just sums it up at the moment…. Planning a trip to Canada but with all the bullshit in my life I don’t k
St. Louis
...literally... fireworks, cheap tirck in concert at the arch... just a short time before that I sat out for a road trip not expecting to finsd what was waiting for me... the smile, the charm, the sexual desire and the connection. I spent two weekends with the most amazing guy ever and it left a lasting impression that I still haven't been able to shake.... I was messed up with my home life and unfortunately it did't end well with him.  I was able to make contact to only to get a reply with a song,,,, Blurry... I still to this day listen to it and can go back in time, to a moment, that left it's mark on my heart and in my memory.   The sex was amazing beyond words no doubt, but the connection made those two weekends, at least for me was uncomparable.... I feel it ended on a bad note and I simply want to say hello to the guy who made this girl's fantasies come true, who made me feel more al;ive than I've ever known and has become someone I can't forget.  I hope life is good to you and I
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Father And Son - Cat Stevens
FatherIt's not time to make a change,Just relax, take it easy.You're still young, that's your fault,There's so much you have to know.Find a girl, settle down,If you want you can marry.Look at me, I am old, but I'm happy.I was once like you are now, and I know that it's not easy,To be calm when you've found something going on.But take your time, think a lot,Why, think of everything you've got.For you will still be here tomorrow, but your dreams may not.SonHow can I try to explain, when I do he turns away again.It's always been the same, same old story.From the moment I could talk I was ordered to listen.Now there's a way and I know that I have to go away.I know I have to go.FatherIt's not time to make a change,Just sit down, take it slowly.You're still young, that's your fault,There's so much you have to go through.Find a girl, settle down,if you want you can marry.Look at me, I am old, but I'm happy.SonAll the times that I cried, keeping all the things I knew inside,It's hard, but it's
Have I Told You Lately - Van Morrison
Have I told you lately that I love youHave I told you there's no one above youFill my heart with gladnessTake away my sadnessEase my troubles, that's what you doOh the morning sun in all its gloryGreets the day with hope and comfort tooAnd you fill my life with laughterYou can make it betterEase my troubles that's what you doThere's a love that's divineAnd it's yours and it's mineLike the sun at the end of the dayWe should give thanks and pray to the OneHave I told you lately that I love youHave I told you there's no one above youFill my heart with gladnessTake away my sadnessEase my troubles, that's what you doThere's a love that's divineAnd it's yours and it's mineAnd it shines like the sunAt the end of the day we will give thanksAnd pray to the OneHave I told you lately that I love youHave I told you there's no one above youFill my heart with gladnessTake away my sadnessEase my troubles, that's what you doTake away my sadnessFill my life with gladnessEase my troubles that's what you
An Unheard Cry - Elizabeth Walker
Your love is indeed perfect, perfectly refinedsuch a love anyone would desire as I do for mine.Closely I follow your lead hoping my life will turn aroundyet I miss your footprints and stumble and fall down.Eyes now glitter heart starts to flip, for your love so many times do I trip.You come around and life soundthen leave me alone and my heartache is shown.No goodbye tonight was a pain.You held her hand and left all my smiles I could only feign.I want to cry, I want to yell, I want to die, all this life is hell.Dysfunctional, depressed, confused and lostto get a good life back what will it cost? Hold me in your arms until my tears don't fallI need somebody to be my protective wall. 
Affordable E–commerce Website Service Provider, Melbourne
The advent of the internet as created an abundance of opportunities for businesses to profit and prospers. And a proven way to capitalize on the advantages of doing business online, via the internet, is through the use of e–commerce (the technique of conducting business communications and transactions online with the help of the internet). This technology, while still relatively new, has become the preferred way of conducting business for many organizations across a wide range of industry sectors. The main types of e–commerce businesses consist of: B2B, B2C and C2C. What’s more, all the latest technologies and techniques are being incorporated into e–commerce solutions to help foster and promote online businesses. With this in mind, in order for your business to flourish in the online world, it’s essential to have a well-planned and implemented e–commerce web solution. Recent studies have shown that businesses still rely on physical avenues –
To All Guys
hey guy's if you want to know about me just talked to me on skype >> sharon.jones5301  i am new in this site i want to know more about the site so i can use it properly and i can get fun there.if you got time hit me up on facebook too. facebook =
It Matters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am GREAT!!! Not something I usually say or even think. I got the fan working on the desk cooler for the laptop. Maybe like no big whoop to you, but it matters to me. In short I have discovered that the usb port it was plugged into, doesn't work. After yankin' it a little I plugged it into the port on the otherside of the laptop. Onto other news.... I ain't gonna take much more of the sex orinated, fudge packer's on this site. I can't text right now and I don't text strangers. I don't want to see any monkeys or snakes either. May be something not understood by many, but I am in love. I know my status doesn't state that, it doesn't need to. I have found what I have been looking for my whole life. May never get to hold him, but the love is there. Every question in some way deserves an answer and I am not so sure that everyone knows, but I am not that able to go real fast. If you wait for me, I will wait for you. That is the best I can do. I don't know a whole lot of people that will e
Special Delivery
 She jumped up as soon as she saw the surgeon come out of the operating room. She said: 'How is my little boy? Is he going to be all right? When can I see him?' The surgeon said, 'I'm sorry. We did all we could, but your boy didn't make it.' Sally said, 'Why do little children get cancer? Doesn't God care any more? Where were you, God, when my son needed you?' The surgeon asked, 'Would you like some time alone with your son? One of the nurses will be out in a few minutes, before he's transported to the university..' Sally asked the nurse to stay with her while she said good bye to son. She ran her fingers lovingly through his thick red curly hair. 'Would you like a lock of his hair?' the nurse asked.. Sally nodded yes. The nurse cut a lock of the boy's hair, put it in a plastic bag and handed it to Sally. The mother said, 'It was Jimmy's idea to donate his body to the University for Study. He said it might help somebody else..... 'I said no at first, but Jimmy said, 'Mom, I won't b
Reptilian Desire
I know what you want, I know what the snake needs, magically there is a caution sign when the dugout bleeds. Finding out wasn't so tough, I would surrender for dedicated love. Here it is, I don't wanna tie you down, I want you to look beyond and accept the clown.   I will take the good with the bad, to have a chance to be there for you whether u r happy or sad. I know the demon dwelling, is uncontrolable when it feels  the need to start swelling.   In this girl filled world wide and full, I would like to be your lady shoveling and not dropping the bull. Only one wish before it becomes anywhere near real, just let me gently mount when you want someone to fill.   We have the heat to start the fire, now we just need to quench your reptilian desire.
'sweetie' Sting Lures Thousands Of Alledged Pedophiles
A "virtual" 10-year-old girl named "Sweetie" lured hundreds of alleged pedophiles -- including 254 Americans -- into offering money to have the girl perform online sex acts, a group that fights child sex abuse claimed today. Dutch child protection charity, Terre des Hommes, created "Sweetie" to carry out the international sting operation. The group said it was able to obtain the names, IP computer addresses and online contact details of more than 1,000 suspected perpetrators in 65 countries in just over10 weeks. It passed the information on to Interpol. Although national and international laws ban online child sex tourism, Terre des Hommes claims only six perpetrators have been convicted of this crime, which appears to be the latest trend in online child exploitation "If we were able to identify 1,000 individuals in just two and a half months last summer, think how many of these people could be identified if governments took a more active approach," Albert Jaap Van Santbrink, the g
Its Just As It Should Be
I still hurt. I can not make it around town whenever I want to. I kinda guess you might not be able to understand that and you can trust me that I don't want to understand myself. I am all together still living, but the idea of living hurts like hell. The pain hurts so much that I have thought why don't they just chop off my legs. Now my breast hurts, yes I thought the same thing. And my tooth, same damn thing arrived in my brain. I went shopping today, my feet haven't forgiven me yet. Same shit, different day. Blah, blah, blah!! I will survive. Me and my oral antibiotics are doing just fine. I may drool, I may cry in my sleep, but I am just peachy. No big problems on the horizon, unless I have cancer. My mom has it, my dad had it. It doesn't scare me, its just as it should be. The world shall still turn, the candle will still burn. Maybe I won't be around to see the end, but I don't really want to, my friend. I do believe that old saying, friends are God's way of giving you siblings
Whispers In The Dark
She thinks back to the night before, her lovers touch on her skin, a smile forms on her lips. She closes her eyes and can still almost feel him on top of her, taking her in only the way that he can. She bites her lip, anticipating the next rendezvous, wishing she could feel him inside her at this moment.... Looking up into his eyes, his lips against hers, telling her that he wants her to tell him just how much she loves his cock... She does as he asks, not only because it pleases him, but also because it pleases her. She can release her inner slut with him, and after it is all said and done, he is pleased with her, and treats her like a lady....The woman who was once insatiable has now met her match...She enjoys every minute spent with him, anticipates the next time, and fears the end of it all... Neither of them want a relationship, but what an erotic pair they make when they surrender to lust....She thinks about how he feels inside her constantly, the taste of his lips, his skin, and
If time was going that fast it seems possible that I ought to be able to go fast too. Thinking just about fairness, I guess. Every single time I want to think that I might be able to relax, I need to do the exact oppsite. Sometime, somewhere it just should be possible. Its just a little easier to travel in my dreams. Really it is; it costs less and there is less pain involved. When you don't go out regularly, it is a little more difficult to make friends. I understand how it might be thought of as too bad, so sad to admit that most of the people I know are on the internnet. I already know that I should really not believe anything on the internet. I have heard that alot on the internet is lies and scams, but the same can be true in real life too. You can get hurt alot more worse in real life too!! This is mainly what I am trying to make a point of. When you already have been hurt in real life the internet can be an escape. A safer place from the isolation and inner shame you may feel w
Hearts Say So Much
I passed worry today, without one word to say. I want to somehow explain, its still there, but I can see past the pain.   Where ever we are, our hearts  are together, then we choose to hold on forever. I feel your arms around me, so there is no fear of what might be.   As I feel the warmth and shine, there is no reason to not feel fine. In the simplest terms and meaning around, there is love and you don't need to hear a sound.   Hearts say so much, when it isn't possible to touch. Love is just our crutch, as our hearts say so much.
British Monarch's Family Tree - Since George Vi
                                                                                                                      George VI1895–1952r. 1936–1952   m. 1923Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon1900–2002   Mary, Princess Royal1897–1965   m. 1922Henry Lascelles, 6th Earl of Harewood1882–1947  
Satanic Seduction
SATANIC SEDUCTIONPenile foreskin.....forked like the tongue of a serpent snakeRazor sharp talons rake her skin....He dominates and breaks her in.....Guiding her position he makes her bend Over his lapGives cheeks a slapStretches her on her back supineWrists handcuffed to bed rails ankles alignedWith spreader restraint....He aquaints his gluts with her absStraddling her torso He grabs her breastsMore so Masturbating his phallis......Her warm wet chalice of a mouth opensShe's hopinto be soaked inHis Pleasure......She flicks her tongue across the head just for good measure......He stiffens in shockForcefully he feeds her cockHard as a rock he seeds herSo satisfying no denying that he needs her 
Online Love....
        The title....hmmmm, is that a question?  or an answer? You can decide, ya'll, this story is about a Love from afar. to most of you, a "long distance" romance, if you will. He talked to her online, on the phone, and helped her orgasm time after time. Yet, they had never met face to face. In his mind, She was perfect. She had a smile that made HIM smile, each time they "got together". He got her to relax, then talked to her the only way a Lover can, her heart, AND her mind melting until they couldnt stand being apart. Then, he made the mistake most online loves hate, saying the wrong thing. He told her he loved her. Apparently, she was merely infatuated with him, his words made her horny and wet. But he loved her! What to do? should he try and meet her in person? He had already seen every naked picture she had, as they were posted on the site they frequented. more....
Anger Unbound
I have watched, waited, and helped where I could in this nauseating miasma of society. I have conducted behavioral experiments of my own- and yes to the fucktards- I am qualified to do so. My experiments have proven several disappointingly, even regrettable, theories. One, there is no family unit now. Divorce is as rampant as an STD. Over 70 % of men, and 65% of women, only care about getting their fucking sex jollies and do not fucking care who gets hurt in the process; their spouses, family, or kids. And kids? Do not fucking make me laugh. Because most of these kids today don't get their asses busted, or their faces slapped for popping off the first fucktard backtalk thought they have, enough or at all. Psychotherapists, psychologists, LPC's, and LMFT's, have conspired with entitites like Department of Human Services (DHS) and Child Protective Services (CPS)-who's names vary from state to state, to make children a "hands off" area. And as such, children are disrespectful to adults, a
Against Me And My Wishes
I am usually walking straight into the wind, I don't mind too much just makes me stronger, even when I bend. One day I am gonna be done, I know nobody will say she was the only one.   Acting like nothing will break just isn't who I am I wish you knew that I wasn't fake. I am tried but true, was Tricity now PrincessElizabeth to you.   When everything don't know where to go, I want to scream I can't, so now you know. Not alot of age on the outter shell just excelled age inside I can see below, but I don't want to go to hell.   Against me and my wishes for a better life too, I just wish you the best in all that you do.
California Men Sentenced To Life In Cold Case Killing
SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (AP) — Two defendants convicted of killing a Southern California man who stopped to give them a ride 24 years ago have been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. The Victorville Daily Press reports 47-year-old Anthony Christopher Solis and 49-year-old Ruben Abad Sr. declined to speak during the final phase of their trial. They were convicted of murdering 56-year-old Herbert Santos, who was found dead in March 1989 from multiple stab wounds. Before sentencing the judge read a letter from Santos' sister, Mildred Valdez, who wrote that she had prayed for over two decades that the case would be solved so her family could have some closure. The Sheriff's Department cold case team reviewed the investigation two years ago and re-submitted evidence found at the crime scene.   ~~ Same as before. I do not know the guilty or the victim. Just posting because it occured near where I grew up~~
Be Careful!
"Defamation" is a catch-all term for any statement that hurts someone's reputation. Written defamation is called "libel," and spoken defamation is called "slander." Defamation is not a crime, but it is a "tort" (a civil wrong, rather than a criminal wrong). A person who has been defamed can sue the person who did the defaming. (For in-depth information on defamation claims, check out Nolo's Defamation, Libel & Slander section.) Defamation law tries to balance competing interests: On the one hand, people should not ruin others' lives by telling lies about them; but on the other hand, people should be able to speak freely without fear of litigation over every insult, disagreement, or mistake. Political and social disagreement is important in a free society, and we obviously don't all share the same opinions or beliefs. For instance, political opponents often reach opposite conclusions from the same facts, and editorial cartoonists often exaggerate facts to make their point. What the vi
If Just For A Moment
I was going to type a mumm, then I decided against it. That would be like I wanted to be liked. Not many people do like me. It is their choice. I give them the freedom they believe they need. Like me if you wish, you can hate me if you desire to. I am discusted by myself, so I don't think anyone should like me. I have deleted alot of my mumms.  I am sorry if I took up too much space on the internet. I didn't mean to.... I know, I am fat and ugly. Go ahead and laugh, its your right to act how you wish. I have met some really nice people here. Some people on here have been everything but nice... I know, Fubar isn't like real life. I receive more trash talk in real life. I don't need this!!  Hopefully, my days will get better. I am not that sure. Should of just stayed out of everybody elses life. If just for a moment, think of the possibility that everyone has a heart, some of us are just more willing to share the truest of love.
Qud Dul Cores
I Am Thankful
With everything that is happening and everything that has happened, I am thankful everyday I can open my eyes. I remember that there are people that are alive and can't open their eyes or even say what they are thankful for. Now I guess, you can go ahead and laugh at me, but lest we forget thee real reason we should be thankful. Someone or anyone might not find comfort in them forgetting all that has been done without their help. We have thousand of people shooting, flying, and fighting to keep some kind of peace. I seen a video on youtube and I do hope I posted it. I have a comment to add. The video started with a question, "why would you bring a child into this world. If I could I would, in hopes of maybe creating someone else that would be around when all the fighting ends. Someone that could help any lost soul find comfort with arms to hold them. Someone that just may be thankful that they are alive to see the another dawning or setting sun. Loving the memory that there were peopl
Oh Hum....
I shall watch my 'p and q's' if the same curtsy in given to me. In the bloody end of everything, that is all it comes down to. I haven't even thought of hurting anyone. That never shall be my main goal. I just don't see any aid I would be given in causing pain. Just may give me more of a hiked up ego, but it is a damn good thing that I ain't got anything even close to an ego. Today is tomorrow's yesterday. Puts a slight damper on things if this year's life is the next year's yesteryear. I somewhat didn't want to be alive to see the music I listen to in highschool become anywhere near a forsaken classic. This world is still turning and hopefully I won't be around to see it die. I have promised myself that I will aid the best I can in keeping nature alive. I don't belong to an association or club that may be able to help me out, but I am a human with a heart. That is all I really need. My acts of kindness may already be helping, even if it is unnoticable now. I do apologize if not all
Getting Better
I thought I would tell ya something that I know not everyone will understand. I am not rich, I get something nice maybe every two years. Something really nice every 10 years. We are living in an apartment that take most of my social security just for rent, on the apartment and garage. We receive a wireless internet signal for free. I am going to Catholic Charities today to pick up some presents for my son. They have offfered me five toys from Toys For Tots. I bought my laptop from a pawn shop and I happen to know I don't have to tell you any of this, but even if I am alone in my quest, I shall not outright bloody lie to anyone. I did not, do not and never will resort to lieing.  I may need to wait out in the cold today, so hopefully my internal heater will turn on and keep me toasty warm. Those of you who have a car may not realise how lucky you actually are. If I had a car I would be happy. The insurance and protective care would go hand in hand. I use to have one, just didn't get to
Escape - Rupert Holmes
I was tired of my lady, we'd been together too longLike a worn out recording of a favorite songSo while she lay there sleepin' I read the paper in bedAnd in the personal columns, there was this letter I readIf you like piña coladas and getting caught in the rainIf you're not into yoga, if you have half a brainIf you like making love at midnight in the dunes of the capeThen I'm the love that you've looked for, write to me and escapeI didn't think about my lady, I know that sounds kind of meanBut me and my old lady had fallen into the same old dull routineSo I wrote to the paper, took out a personal adAnd though I'm nobody's poet, I thought it wasn't half badYes, I like piña coladas and getting caught in the rainI'm not much into health food, I am into champagneI've got to meet you by tomorrow noon and cut through all this red tapeAt a bar called O'Malley's where we'll plan our escapeSo I waited with high hopes and she walked in the placeI knew her smile in an instant, I knew the curve o
My Walk Has Not Ended - Nelson Mandela
“I have walked that long road to freedom. I have tried not to falter; I have made missteps along the way. But I have discovered the secret that after climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb. I have taken a moment here to rest, to steal a view of the glorious vista that surrounds me, to look back on the distance I have come. But I can only rest for a moment, for with freedom come responsibilities, and I dare not linger, for my long walk is not ended.” Nelson Mandela (1918-2013)
Forever Appreciated
A call from a child in the middle of a busy day at work can be awkward. But calling your father between periods during a hockey game—well, it could be embarrassing especially if the request is for a bedtime nursery rhyme. Our father in this case obliges his young daughter. A moment made even more charming by the great song "Do You Believe In Magic" underscoring the fact that love isn't always convenient, but is appreciated forever. Love... Pass It On.
Joy And Hope
“Joy and hope are never separate. I have never met a hopeful person who was depressed or a joyful person who had lost hope... It is important to become aware that at every moment of our life we have the opportunity to choose joy. It is in the choice that our true freedom lies, and that freedom is, in the final analysis, the freedom to love.” Henri Nouwen (1932-1996);
Pvcombank Từ Thế Mạnh đến Không Khoảng Cách
Ngân hàng Đại chúng- Vietnam Public Bank và tầm nhìnNgân hàng TMCP Đại chúng Việt Nam Vietnam Public Bank - PVcomBank là kết quả của sự hợp nhất Tổng công ty Tài chính cổ phần Dầu khí Việt Nam (PVFC) và Ngân hàng TMCP Phương Tây (WTB). PVcomBank thừa hưởng những thế mạnh của hai tổ chức này với mong muốn đưa PVcomBank có thể tiếp cận với các khách hàng lớn, dự án trọng điểm, để có thể cung cấp các dịch vụ thân thiện cho khách hàng như thực hiện đầy đủ các giao dịch huy động vốn, dịch vụ thanh toán, phát triển các mảng dịch vụ ngân hàng bán lẻ. Sự tương hỗ này sẽ tạo nên tính &
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Destiny Bends - Rza
[Intro: RZA]Yea, I wanna dedicate this song to my friend Paul WalkerUp in the studio last nightWriting for myselfI decided to write a song for youPeace brother[Verse 1: Will Wells]Every time I think about you all I see is your smileAnd your bright blue eyesThanks for the time and the smilesYou shared with meHow you equally respected my art and talked to meA young father just learning what it takes to be… a manSharing time with your daughter, you had a planTo drive in the wind, surf on the seasRealizing the love for a woman who becomesA mother exists… and I seeHow can this be? You were set free from your worriesNow you are gone in the breezeGone in the treesI thought we had another day to smile and laughIn the wind, how can it end?I’m grateful to meet you, may we meet againPaul, my friend[Hook: Will Wells]On that highwayWhere heavenBeginsI lost a friend…[Bridge: Will Wells]But destinyBends, bendsBut destiny bendsYea, it bendsI lost a friendFriend…On that highway
Give The Gift Of Travel For 2014
Give the gift of travel for 2014 & come join me and my Krewe for our 8th Annual Group Trip Adventure @ Hedonism II resort in Negril, Jamaica from June 21-28, 2014 (or any days in/around this timeframe). Check out details at: or email: or check: For those that know Hedo, no explanation is necessary. For those that don't know Hedo, no explanation is simple....
Describe One Physical Change You Would Make To Yourself If You Could And How This Would Change Your Life.
When we are young we are usually told how cute and precocious we are, then when puberty hits so does the “constructive” criticism from loved ones, and straight up bullying sometimes from others.  It happens to almost any body shape.  If you are thin you will be told to eat something, if you are overweight you will be told to not eat and this is okay because well honestly these are just jokes and really if you want to take it personally the person saying them is only doing so because they are very concerned with your health after all.  Again so it falls under “constructive” criticism and it’s done in such an underhanded way that it buries itself deep and sticks around more than just being called names.I can guaranty you that someone who is over/under weight knows exactly how much he or she is without being told by others.  I also guaranty they know all the health risks that come with their body shape and the medical facts that are spewed at them by “c
Faith Vs. Science And Our Justice Compared To God's Justice
“Faith and science have one common goal-the pursuit of truth. The difference is that there are limits to the truth that can be learned through science. The truth that can be learned through faith is infinite.” This is one of my favorite personal quotes. A wise scientist knows that faith is the driving force behind science. After all, without faith, what compels us to take that next step towards discovery?The question that follows is- "What do we put our faith in(if anything at all)?" Our problem is that most of the so called "most intelligent" scientists put their faith in their own limited intelligence. This is where we are getting our information and entrusting the fate and future of the world?! And look where it's gotten us lol. We put our faith in man's limited intelligence instead of putting our faith in the creator of man's very existence! Someone once said "we are only human". That is one of the wisest statements anyone could ever make. Acknowledging our flaws and li
Totally Against The "hellfire And Brimstone" Approach
Many non-Christians and/or Atheists have a very negative opinion of Christianity that stems from a SINGLE bad experience they may have had that involved one Christian or pastor in particular. Which is not an uncommon occurance. But,I hope this blog can set the record straight about how and why this happens. I've said before that there are numerous reasons some people are resistant to the Christian faith. But, in this blog, I'd like to focus on one of  the biggest reasons why people are initially so turned off,guarded,end up hostile towards Christianity and then, eventually  so determined to invalidate it. And that reason is because some Christians can be very judgmental and extreme in the way they approach people. I'm sure many of you out there will agree.(Some of the people most effected by this come from a very difficult background or already feel shame over things they may have done which might be one of the things that keeps them from turning to God to begin with. So, Being judged
Laissez Nos Robes Spice Up Your Soirée Parties
précipitant pour une soirée ? Avec l'arrivée d' une vaste collection de robes de soirée, offre tout ce qu'on peut imaginer - . Des petites robes noires de longues robes aux couleurs à la mode , de robes fourreau soigneusement conçus pour des robes polyvalentes princesse En exquise sélection de belle robe de soirée longue de emodeshop , Mesdames va sûrement trouver le vêtement unique qui met en valeur le mieux à leurs actifs et met en évidence leurs charmes intérieurs. Si vous recherchez une Robe de soirée rouge dans une ambiance décontractée meet-up , une robe de taffetas genou longueur de dentelle accentués est un choix parfait que ni insiste trop de sa personnalité , ni inadéquations l'occasion. Pour des événements plus formels , comme les bals de finissants , des billes ou des fêtes de mariage , une robe en mousseline de soie -parole longueur avec soigneusement placé volants ne peut jamais manquer. Pour l'élégance cool, n'hésitez pas à consulter ces modèles

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