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Dark Divas Night 4
Confessions Party Pictures 2
I'm new to Fubar and just wanted to say hello to everyone out there.
Fubar Addiction
Never realized how addicted I was to this site until my laptop crashed on Thursday and I couldn't get on the internet. It was like I was going through drug withdraw. I was moody, and couldn't sit still. Tonight when I finally got my desktop working and connected I was so excited I couldn't even stand it. Thanks to everyone on here that understands this addiction and feeds it regularly. LOL
If I Had Eyes
If I had eyes in the back of my head I would have told you that You looked good As I walked away If you could've tried to trust the hand that fed You would've never been hungry But you never really be The more of this or less of this or is there any difference or are we just holding onto the things we don't have anymore Sometimes time doesn't heal No not at all Just stand still While we fall In or out of love again I doubt I'm gonna win you back When you got eyes like that It won't let me in Always looking out Lot of people spend their time just floating We were victims together but lonely You got hungry eyes that just can't look forward Can't give them enough but we just can't start over Building with bent nails we're falling but holding, I don't wanna take up anymore of your time Time time time Sometimes time doesn't heal No not all Just stand still While we fall In or out of love again I doubt I'm gonna win you back When you got eyes like that
People Watching
Well I'm just people watching The other people watching me And we're all people watching The other people watching we We're as lonely as we wanted to be We're all as lonely as we wanted to be Just as lonely as we wanted to be I'm just you, you're just me But it's only true if we believe Well there really ain't no use in stopping What nobody never told me not to do So I'll keep people watching, watching me now Finding my way back to you We're as lonely as we wanted to be We're all as lonely as we wanted to be I'm just as lonely as I wanted to be I'm just you, you're just me But it's only true if we believe I see so many feet going so many ways People passing by, they got nothing to say All on our own, just watching and confused Nobody told me what to do I can't stop breaking all the rules And I'm just people watching The other people watching me We're all people watching The other people watching we We're as lonely as we wanted to be We're not so lonely as we
Jungle Gym
The city is my jungle gym Look at this big great world that we're living in There's lots of fun to be had on these streets We can take a ride just you and me It's a jungle gym It's a jungle gym Trolley cars and buses too All the big kids going to school I'm going to get a treat from the ice cream man Catch me catch me if you can It's a jungle gym The city's nitty gritty but it's so much fun We can take a ride go tell everyone It's a jungle gym Sha la la la la la la la la la These streets have got a rhythm It's a funky beat The more I learn inside the city The more I learn in me It's a jungle gym It's a jungle gym Movie theatres and museums Fishing in the pond ABC's 123's bring your friends along Flying kites way up high into the blue sky We can take a ride Just you and I It's a jungle gym It's a jungle gym! Sha la la la la la la la la la This city's nitty gritty but it's so much fun We can take a ride go tell everyone It's a jungle gym It's a jungle gym
Must be your skin I'm sinking in must be for real cuz now I can feel and I didn't mind it's not my kind not my time to wonder why everything's gone white and everything's gray now you're here now you're away I don't want this remember that I'll never forget where you're at don't let the days go by glycerine I'm never alone I'm alone all the time are you at one or do you lie we live in a wheel where everyone steals but when we rise it's like strawberry fields if I treated you bad you bruise my face couldn't love you more you got a beautiful taste don't let the days go by could have been easier on you I couldn't change though I wanted to could have been easier by three our old friend fear and you and me glycerine [repeat] don't let the days go by glycerine I needed you more when we wanted us less I could not kiss just regress it might just be clear simple and plain that's just fine that's just one of my names don't let the days go by could'
Fund Raiser
Biloxi Roller Derby is going to Rock the Coast! We are having our first fundraiser at Marig's in Edgewater Village this month and we want you there to celebrate the birth of Co-Ed Roller Derby in the South!! We are so proud of how Roller Derby in Mississippi and in the Southeast has evolved over the past 2 years to allow us to have Men's and Junior's Divisions along with our Women!! Roller Derby is taking over the World. Don't miss out! Hosted By: Biloxi Roller Derby When: Friday Jul 25, 2008 at 10:00 PM Where: Marig's 2650 Beach Blvd in Edgewater Village Biloxi, Mississippi|25 39532 United States Description: Biloxi Roller Derby
Sit right next to me Against the glass where we both can see Focus on the ground In disbelief of where we used to be What should I do now? I'm upside down fighting with gravity I'll just lock the door And they won't know How to find me I couldn't share it You never saw it Coming around Even the bad parts Move along Better than they should Now I'm waiting here to disappear Have you ever been so tired of yourself? And I'll meet you here in the troposphere Lately I just haven't been myself Back here on the ground You're halfway gone And the traffic drowns you out Driving past your school I grew up here Looking at you I couldn't share it You never saw it Coming around Even the bad parts Move along Better than they should Now I'm waiting here to disappear Have you ever been so tired of yourself? And I'll meet you here in the troposphere Lately I just haven't been myself
I returned a bag of groceries accidentally taken off the shelf before the expiration date I came back as a bag of groceries accidentally taken off the shelf before the date stamped on myself Did a large procession wave their torches as my head fell in the basket? And was everybody dancing on the casket? Though it's over I'm dead and I haven't done anything that I want Or, I'm still alive and there's nothing I want to do I will never say the word "procrastinate" again I'll never see myself in the mirror with my eyes closed I didn't apologize for when I was eight and I made my younger brother have to be my personal slave Did a large procession wave their torches as my head fell in the basket? And was everybody dancing on the casket? Now it's over I'm dead and I haven't done anything that I want Or, I'm still alive and there's nothing I want to do So I won't sit at home anymore and you won't see my head in the window and I won't be around ever anymo
Don't Discriminate!!!!
AND THIS IS NEXT....DON'T DISCRIMINATE A SCENE AT CITY HALL IN SAN FRANCISCO 'Next.' 'Good morning. We want to apply for a marriage license.' 'Names?' 'Tim and Jim Jones.' 'Jones? Are you related? I see a resemblance. ' 'Yes, we're brothers.' 'Brothers? You can't get married.' 'Why not? Aren't you giving marriage licenses to same gender couples?' 'Yes, thousands. But we haven't had any siblings. That's incest!' 'Incest?' No, we are not gay.' 'Not gay? Then why do you want to get married?' 'For the financial benefits, of course. And we do love each other. Besides, we don't have any other prospects.' 'But we're issuing marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples who've been denied equal protection under the law. If you are not gay, you can get married to a woman.' 'Wait a minute. A gay man has the same right to marry a woman as I have. But just because I'm straight doesn't mean I want to marry a woman. I want to marry Jim.' And I wan
You Are Mustard Your personality is strong and distinctive. You are beyond quirky. You can stand alone in the world well. You are a strong individual. You sometimes work well with others, as long as there aren't any other strong personalities involved. Your taste in food tends to be simple yet high quality. You can really get into a perfectly prepared sandwich or simple fresh salad. You get along best with ketchup and barbeque sauce personalities. Get you with a salsa personality, and things might become downright nasty! What Condiment Are You?
Are You Horny ???
I Can't Keep My Underwear Dry!!!! Congrats! You are one freaky S.O.B. You are constantly thinking about sex, or doing it! You can't concentrate on work, school, anything! I knew I liked you... Take this quiz at
Fifty Dollars Is Fifty Dollars
Morris and his wife Esther went to the state fair every year, and every year Morris would say, 'Esther,I'd like to ride in that helicopter.' Esther always replied, 'I know Morris, but that helicopter ride is fifty dollars, and fifty dollars is fifty dollars' One year Esther and Morris went to the fair, and Morris said, 'Esther, I'm 85 years old. If I don't ride that helicopter, I might never get another chance.' To this, Esther replied, 'Morris that helicopter ride is fifty dollars, and fifty dollars is fifty dollars.' The pilot overheard the couple and said, 'Folks I'll make you a deal. I'll take the both of you for a ride. If you can stay quiet for the entire ride and not say a word, I won't charge you! But if you say one word, it's fifty dollars.' Morris and Esther agreed and up they went. The pilot did all kinds of fancy maneuvers, but not a word was heard. He did his daredevil tricks over and over again, but still not a word. When they landed, the pilot turned to Morris and
Comical Driving Etiquette
*Dim your headlights for approaching vehicles,even if the gun is loaded and the deer is in sight. *When approaching a four-way stop,the vehicle with the biggest tires always has the right-of-way. *Never tow another vehicle using pantyhose and duct tape. *When sending your wife down the road with a gas can,it is impolite to ask her to bring back beer. *Never relieve yourself from a moving vehicle,especially when driving. *Do not remove the seats from the vehicle so that all your kids can fit in. *Do not lay rubber while traveling in a funeral procession. *Do not remove the marlboro from your mouth before telling the state trooper to kiss off. *If you are a female and get stopped by an officer,showing him your tits and ass,is a sure way to get out of a ticket. *Put brush guards on all of your vehicles. *When taking a shortcut off road,be careful not to hit anyone who might be walking. *You must have big tires on all vehicles,(even cars). *A Jack Da
My Favorite Band
Tainted *kiss Is Up For Auction
Pink- Heartbreaker
my 9in cock is rock hard wantin some love in nc sc let me know if u would love to have ur pussy licked and fucked real good
Robert Plant - Ship Of Fools
On waves of love my heart is breaking And stranger still my self control I can't rely on anymore New tides surprise my world it's changing Within this frame an ocean swells Behind this smile I know it well Beneath a lover's moon I'm waiting I am the pilot of the storm Adrift in pleasure I may drown I built this ship it is my making And furthermore my self control I can't rely on anymore I know why I know why Crazy on a ship of fools Crazy on a ship of fools Turn this boat around back to my loving ground Oh no, oh no Who claims that no man is an island While I land up in jeopardy More distant from you by degrees I walk this shore in isolation And at my feet eternity tries ever sweeter plans for me I know why I know why Crazy on a ship of fools Oh, crazy on a ship of fools Turn this boat around back to my loving ground Oh no, oh no Ship of fools Turn this boat around back to my loving ground Oh no, oh Crazy on a ship of fools Oh, crazy on a ship of fools Turn thi
The Movie
It was a pretty normal day as far as normal days go for the both of us. Working different shifts, my wife, Rachelle and I didn’t get to see much of each other. When we did see each other, we would talk about the day, eat and maybe get a quickie in before one of us had to get some rest or go to work. I wanted to spice things up a bit, get us out of the normal day to day rut that we had fallen into; so with a semi hard cock, thinking of what I might say, I began to text my wife. “Hey baby, I was just thinking.” I thumbed. “Oh yeah? What about?” “I was thinking about how hot you looked with that corset on, the one you wore for our Halloween party.” “Oh Yeah?” she replied, I knew it got her wheels turning, thinking about the hot night we had, especially after everyone but a couple of my friends stayed late. I think she came at least 20 times that night. Now my wheels were turning, and I began to message Rachelle again when I was interrupted by her incoming text. “Lets go
The Beach
On a warm night out on the beach, we sat next to the fire mesmerized by the flames. I could smell my wife’s hair as I sat behind her as she leaned up against my chest relaxing with my arms around her. My wife leaned her head back onto my shoulder and whispered into my ear “I love you”. I responded with an I love you as I kissed the side of her face. I started feeling my way around her perfect body , exploring, searching. I placed one hand on her left breast and made circles around her nipple rings as my other hand fell to her already heated thighs. She closed her eyes and moaned quietly in my ear. I felt her hand slide up inside my shorts to find the hardening rod pressed against her back. My girls swim suit was dry and silky, but I wanted to feel her skin. I grabbed one of our big towels and put it over our shoulders to be a little secretive. I slid her left breast out from the triangle bikini it was hiding behind. At the same time my fingers dipped into the bottoms of her swim suit.
John was cursing under his breath as he waited for the last of the customers to leave. Five before eight, he locked up the store and flew home in his Jetta. Sharon had promised him a 'special' night and he wasn't going to be late. He barely took time to eat an energy bar as he got dressed. Usually, he'd head to her apartment in his work clothes and they'd go from there. Sometimes she jumped him as he arrived, but usually it was dinner, a movie, or just snuggling by the TV. This time, he'd been told to be ready. He'd also been instructed on what to wear. He straightened his tie and his suit coat and then strode out to his car. His suit always made him feel distinguished and powerful. He'd had it tailored to fit his lean, muscular frame and it flattered him. The drive to Sharon's was far too long, a series of thoughtless drivers and ill-timed lights put him at her door at just after nine pm. He knocked and was greeted quickly by the door opening and a sight that brought a wide s
He had walked over to her head and looking down at her ... "Did you enjoy that?" he asked with a slight smile on his face. She noticed that he had his soft eyes on now and was not the cold look she had witnessed earlier before the crop ... "I do not enjoy doing that, but you left me with no choice. You do not struggle when I do anything to you or you get 3 wacks with this crop, he put the crop to her face and she winced looking at it. Her buttocks were just so enticing, whilst she was thrashing and struggling, it took all of his willpower not to take her there and then, but that would have been a big mistake, she needed to learn what was punishment and what pleasures he could give her. The two needed to be separated or she would never submit fully to him. She could be a very dangerous adversary for him, even though he was a big man, she was strong and her anger was vehement. He watched as her breathing forced her ribcage to rise and fall and her buttocks and torso were sh
Boy Toy
It was a hot summer night the moon was full. The town was even brighter then the moon. Crowds filled the streets. Businesses open all hours. Where was I to go? I was looking for a boy toy one I can train to play with and and listen to every command. boy oh boy. What was a girl to do in this situation. I just wanted A guy to play with my cock take my cock and obey me when I speak. My poor toy is sitting at home all alone needing attention and I am going to find what it needs tonight. As I drove down the streets searching pondering what I was looking for someone that seemed like fun, sexy, hot, kinky, one that would take my command seemed like it was taken for ever driving and driving I would find one get out of the car walk up and talk to him and see what he was doing see what kind of trouble he liked to get into. Some was just not into going and haven fun drinking and enjoying the night others had girlfriends. So my searching ended up going to a bar and dancing the night away all
A Slave Is A Slave Is A Slave
In the magical land of Gor, a slave is always a slave. They can attempt to run away, but someone else will just enslave them. Once they are branded, they can never truly regain their previous status, once a slave heart, always a slave heart. If a slave girl is good, she usually is treated pretty well, when they are bad, their lives are fairly miserable, its good encouragement to be pleasing and serve their Masters well. Either way, they don’t stop being a slave no matter how they act or feel. Whether smart, or stupid, feisty or meek, submissive or dominant personality, they are always a slave . Their Master’s just don’t accept any less than their surrender, even if they have to be taught how.On the planet earth, many self-identify as Master/slave. Many of the slaves often say that your acting un-slave like. I don’t think this is possible; a slave’s actions don’t make them less of a slave if they are owned property. It might make them a bad or naughty slave, but not “less” of a slave
Im So Tired
Yup thats right, Im exhausted. I just got back a little while ago from walking to Grocery Outlet. I had to push Ky in the stroller all the way there and then loaded the groceries in the underneath basket of the stroller and walk all the way in the 77* heat that the weather says feels like 77* and Im like NO IT DONT, ITS LIKE FUCKIN 99* But whatever, so I walked all the way there and back and when I was walking back I was right in front of Sagemi Tei and this lady stops me and trys to sell me this natural crystal lamp thing for $30. Which I so dont have and I was all nice and tried to point her to a shop that might buy it. Then I got to give directions to Huntington Beach the state beach that is, to these 2 beautiful Irish Bombshells. And yes they had the accent and all. So all in all, Im hot, Im tired, and Im disgustingly sweaty, but... I had a great day,
Financial Strains
Ok, here goes. My wife and I have been having struggles since before Christmas last year. Now, before you think of me as an asshole, I'm VENTING and not COMPLAINING! First, my wife was working for an awful doctor. The doctor belittled her all day long. Told her how stupid she was and how she was incompetent. So, I told her to quit that job and find something else. Well, she was going to get another job but her dad was also at the time dying of Cancer. So, we decided that she needed to be with him before he died. She would get a job after the first of the year. Well, her dad died on the 19th and we helped with the burial and funeral expenses. Then, after the first of the year, we ran low on money and I couldn't pay my child support to my ex by the exact date she wanted. I had been paying by personal check for 7 years. She now said that she would take me to court for child support if I couldn't do it myself. So, for anger, I told her go ahead. Well, she did. And I got rev
Orthodox Jewish Wedding
A modern Orthodox Jewish couple, preparing for a religious wedding, meets with their rabbi for counseling. The rabbi asks if they have any last questions before they leave. The man asks, - "Rabbi, we realize it's tradition for men to dance with men, and women to dance with women at the reception. But, we'd like your permission to dance together, like the rest of the world." -"Absolutely not", says the rabbi. "It's immodest." Men and women always dance separately.' -"So after the ceremony I can't even dance with own wife?" - "No," answered the rabbi. "It's forbidden. -"Well, okay," says the man, "What about sex? Can we finally have sex?" -"Of course!" replies the rabbi. "Sex is a mitzvah, a good thing within marriage, to have children!" -"What about different positions?" asks the man. -"No problem," says the rabbi. "It's a mitzvah!" -"Woman on top?" the man asks. -"Sure," says the rabbi. "Go for it! It's a mitzva
My Midget
Broken Heart
broken heart Having your heart broken is the worst thing in the world. You can not discribe it to anyone.. it is just an aching pain that wont leave you no mater what you do to mend it.. You feel like you can trust someone and you feel like you can give your all.. trust your heart.. just think to yourself yeup this is the ONE person in the world who wont let me down. who will love me no matter what.. but.. no they turn around and prove you wrong and you think.. what the fuck is the point anymore? What can i do anymore.. i am who i am.. i love with all my heart.. i cry my eyes out till they almost bleed... but i have more love to give.. i know this.. the person who does not want this love.. does not deserve it.. This is what keeps me going, I hold my head up high and think, I know that someone out there wants to find me.. becuz to them I will be perfect and I will complete them, and they will never want to risk losing me..
The Knotted Rope
One day a young cowboy and cowgirl decided to get married. He was a man of the world. She was an innocent bride with no experience. After the wedding they left for their honeymoon. While driving down the road, the new bride sees two cows having sex. The new bride asks, "What are them cows up to honey?" The husband, a bit flustered, answers, "Why can't you see? Them cows, they're roping!" She replies, "Oh, I see!" After a few more hours of driving they pass two horses having sex. Again the bride asks, "What are them horses doing honey?" The husband answers again, "Them horses, they're roping!" She replies, "Oh, I see!" Finally they arrive at their hotel. The couple washed up and started to get ready for bed. When they got in the bed, they start to explore each other's bodies. Things are going along fine until the bride discovers her husband's penis. "Oh my!" she cries, "What is that?" "Well, darlin'" he chuckles proudly, "That's ma'rope!" She slides h
Alyssa Lies
my little girl met a new friend, just the other day, on the playground at school between the tires and the swings But she came home with tear-filled eyes, and she said to me "Daddy, Alyssa lies" Well I just brushed it off at first, 'cause I didn't know how much my little girl had been hurt or the things she had seen. I wasn't ready when I said "You can tell me" and she said... "Alyssa lies to the classroom, Alyssa lies everyday at school, Alyssa lies to the teachers as she tries to cover every bruise" My little girl laid her head down that night to go to sleep. As I stepped out the room, I heard her say a prayer so soft and sweet "God bless my mom and my Dad and my new friend, Alyssa *oh*I know she needs you bad Because Alyssa lies to the classroom, Alyssa lies everyday at school, Alyssa lies to the teachers as she tries to cover every bruise" I had the worst night of sleep in years as I tried to think of a way to calm her fears
As The Embers Burn Bright
Imagine creating pleasure Together 'til daybreak It starts with a thought In the dreams we partake Share with mutual desires Where passions blend Using our imaginations Nights together we spend As firelight sets the mood With a dreamy design Romance we embrace With candlelight and wine As the embers burn bright Desire stirs the heat With inhibitions shed It's within dreams we meet Just liked it when I read it :o)
A Chance Girl don't you know it's all I can do To keep my hands off of you Anytime you're around When the stars come out at night I dream of holdin' you tight Everytime I lay down It feels so good for me to have you this way The only other thing I wish I had was a chance A chance To tell you how I feel about you And how it feels to live without a chance A chance To tell you I'll love you forever Knowing that I'll never have a chance Sometimes reality hurts And you wonder if life's worth Living at all Knowing no matter how much you care You'll never have a prayer Of having what you want At least I've been close enough I could taste Beauty at it's best But never a trace of a chance A chance To tell you how I feel about you And how it feels to live without a chance A chance To tell you I'll love you forever Knowing that I'll never have a chance A chance, a chance To tell you I'll love you forever Knowing th
Darkness ~ Disturbed Don't turn away I pray you've heard the words I've spoken Dare to believe, oh for one last time, Then I let the darkness cover me Deny everything Slowly walk away to breathe again On my own Carry me away I need your strength to get me through this Dare to believe, oh for one last time, Then I let the darkness cover me Deny everything Slowly walk away to breathe again On my own On my own On my own On my own On my own Dare to believe, oh for one last time Then I let the darkness cover me Deny everything Slowly walk away to breathe again On my own On my own
Kiss Or Sexx
So lets play the kiss or sexx game. The rules are simple... if you want to kiss the person who posts this, send them a private message saying Yep, I'd kiss you... or if you want to have sex with the person who posts this send them a private message sayin Yep, I'd hit dat... SCARED? YOU HAVE TO RE-POST THIS!! And see who replies. There is at least one person on your Fubar list that wants to kiss you so... Repost this as: Kiss or Sex.
Shenanigans @ The Gun Range!
Ok, so, I spent HOURS AND HOURS going through high-rise evacuation classes and some bomb-recognition stuff. Lovely. I'm already commissioned in North Carolina, but, my company required me to go through the training ALLLLL over again. No problem. Should be a breeze. Or will it? Did really well on all my written exams - didn't pay much attention to the stuff I already knew. I made something like a 97% on the written exams. Went to a specialized class about banks, etc. No problem. Then it's rangetime. I've NEVER EVER EVER failed a gun course. EVER. Then I go to shoot the piece of crap revolver issued to me. I wished I coulda used my Glock. The minimum score in North Carolina is 80% in order to pass the qualification. At 7, 9, 15 and 22 yards. 57%. WHAT THE HELL! I've never shot like this before! Then 3 more times I failed it. WHAT THE HELL. So, I practiced over the weekend. I felt so frickin' low it wasn't funny. I've never done this poorly. Then again
Angel's Son
Life is changing I can't go on without you Rearranging. I will be strong I'll stand by you (You were fighting everyday) (So hard to hide the pain) (I know you never said goodbye) (I had so much left to say) One last song Given to an Angel's Son As soon as you were gone As soon as you were gone I have a new life now She lives through you What can I do Feel so alone now I pray for you We still love you I can't believe you're gone I can't believe
ask me what you whant to know im new at this blog thing so its just mess me talk :)
Engineers And Astronauts
I am an astronaut. I can travel faster than the speed of sound. And whilst I'm not the first woman to go into space, I'm sure I'm the first one to do it buck-naked. The orgasms I have with my new lover transport me faster than any space shuttle, and when I come, I go far beyond Mach One. Gravity doesn't mean shit to me when I let go. I soar through space on my adventures. I always see the stars. My new lover Frank is a very talented Dutchman, and he's an engineer too -- what he can do with his amazing hands is probably illegal in some part of the world. His long fingers frantically plunge inside my pussy, stoking the power to my engines. Every time he hits my G-spot, stabbing me with pleasure that makes me want to explode, I channel the power instead, so I don't self-combust. Frank looks me right in the eye whenever we make love. He holds me with his gaze, and imprints himself on my circuitry, with every thrust inside my growing heat. He is the spark that ignites me, and I blaze
The Pickle Jar
The pickle jar as far back as I can remember sat on the floor beside the dresser in my parents' bedroom. When he got ready for bed, Dad would empty his pockets and toss his coins into the jar. As a small boy I was always fascinated at the sounds the coins made as they were dropped into the jar . They landed with a merry jingle when the jar was almost empty. Then the tones gradually muted to a dull thud as the jar was filled. I used to squat on the floor in front of the jar and admire the copper and silver circles that glinted like a pirate's treasure when the sun poured through the bedroom window. When the jar was filled, Dad would sit at the kitchen table and roll the coins before taking them to the bank. Taking the coins to the bank was always a big production. Stacked neatly in a small cardboard box, the coins were placed between Dad and me on the seat of his old truck. Each and every time, as we drove to the bank, Dad would look at me hopefully. 'Those c
News For My Friends
Hello to all my sweet, wonderful friends.....I just wanted to give everyone a heads up on how things are going in my life..........I recently got married on June 27th, 2008 and everything was going wonderfully but things changed for the worst last Thursday night........The man I married, showed a side to me that scared me to death......A heated argument got out of hand and he assaulted me........I still am in shock but later I found out he was stealing from me, my family and he true side came out that night....I also found out that he was doing this to support his pot habit( which he kept from me)........The marriage is being annulled as soon as possible and I am just trying to get on with my life as best as I can.............Thankyou to all my friends for always caring about me..........Hugggzzz & smiles to you all.
Ugh, Sunburnt!
Ok, today was my OFFICIAL first day in the field. What a bore! But, the money is OK, I suppose. I'm so sunburnt it ain't funny. From this day on, I'm gonna bust my ass to get where I want.
Thank Goodness For High Crime!
Thank goodness for high crime in Charlotte. Bank robberies, murder and general crime is way up. Could be the weather, the water or just bad DNA. Who knows? I'm personally glad for it, though. I say, the more crime, the better. JOB STABILITY. I don't have a boring job, usually. I deal with the underbelly of society, and LOVE IT! I'm so sick about people bitching about Security Forces and the Police - not only locally, but, WORLDWIDE. Look, someone has to police the world. Someone has to police and secure locally. People need babysitting. It's a nasty world.
Looking For An Ipod?
Shop At Spencers
Alexis Gour I Hate You!
I put the 9mm glock to your head and gently squeese the trigger blowing out your fucking brains on the wall in all kind of crazy figures So what are you gonna do now you piece of shit how fucking stupid can a girl be you've should have known better Weaving my world from the cord of your soul as i slowly fuck the bullet exit hole through the funeral mist I drag you to my temple dead yet so alive living in my dreams Nothing brings me greater joy than the memory of when I wiped that smile from your lips the look of horror in your eyes as I pulled out a gun and pointed it at your fucking face!
Creatures Of The Night
...............ETHEL........ Ethel was a bit of a demon in her wheelchair, And loved to charge around the nursing home, Taking corners on one wheel and Getting up to maximum speed on the long corridors. Because the poor woman was one sandwich short of a picnic, The other residents tolerated her and some of them actually joined in. One day Ethel was speeding up one corridor when a door opened, and, Kooky Clarence stepped out with his arm out stretched. "STOP!," he shouted in a firm voice. "Have you got a license for that thing?" Ethel fished around in her handbag and pulled out a Kit Kat wrapper, And held it up to him. "OK" he said, and away Ethel sped down the hall. As she took the corner near the TV lounge on one wheel, Weird Harold popped out in front of her and shouted "STOP! Have you got proof of insurance?" Ethel dug into her handbag, pulled out a drink coaster, And held it up to him. Harold nodded and said "On your way, Ma'am."
So I Made It To Dc...
on thursday 12am! The plane trip was totally not what I expected, therefore I was perfectly fine. I just didn't like landing... I hate when people slam on their brakes and didn't realize that the planes had to. So yeah... But anyway. When I got here we went to a little dinner, which was very cute and ordered way to much food ;) lol of course we didn't eat it all. But it was great. So after that we came home and went to sleep. When we got up and ready Thursday night we went out to "AdMo" (Adam's Morgan, a little city I guess you'd call it) and we went to hookah, where I got to meet up with my friend Jerry who moved out here when he joined the navy. So I was really glad I got to see him, and then we went to tryst and had some food before we headed home for the night. So now today is Friday! And I am told that tonight we will be going to a place called "Ultra Bar." I am super excited and can't believe tomorrow I will officially be 21! It sure is awesome, I can't wait :)
Heres To You
"!!NAUGHTY APPLICATION!!! 1. Your Name: Jim Age:25 Location: Johnstown, Pa 1.Favorite position: Doggy style 2.Do you think I'm cute?. Yeah 3.Would you have sex with me? Any time 4.lights on or off? On 5.Would you have to be drunk? No ma'am 6. Would you take a shower with me? Before and after 7.Have you ever thought about having sex with me?As soon as I saw your pic 8.Would you leave after or stay the night? It would be morning, so the ? is not applicable 9.Do you like cuddling afterwards? Not gonna lie, nope 10.Condom or skin? of course I preffer skin but its really up to you 11.Have sex on the first date? If you're up for it 12.Would you kiss me during sex everywhere, especially your back and shoulders 13.Do you think I would be good in bed /? can't really say 14.Would you use me as a booty call? yes 15.Can I use you as a booty call?yeah 16.Can we take pictures of the act? I have a good camera 17.How long would we have sex? Untill
What Do I Do
There is some one i really like. I want to hold her and kiss her. I know if I really told her how I felt it would be wrong. She is a very sweat person. I want to make love to her all night long, but all I can do is want. She is so close but so far. Some say I may tell her, but till then I just stand out looking in. I know that is the only way I can be with her. I don't think she would really care if I told her any way, so I will watch from a far.
The Forest
The Forest Here I stand Once again In this Dark never Ending forest The light Which once Guided my way Is gone Though I May stumble Along the way I shall pick Myself up To continue On my Journey through This never Ending forest Known as Life By: Kat 7/5/08
Hidden Deep within There hides A woman Who longs To find Her way Back Yet she Is scared to Take off The masks That she Has worn For oh So long What will Become Of her Once she Removes Her masks Will the Haunting emptiness Disappear Once she Finds her True self By: Kat 7/5/08
The Paths
The Paths I stand Here on This path Wondering Which direction To go Neither path Has been Traveled upon In a very Long time Which path Should I Take Which path Holds the Least amount Of heartaches Through both Paths are Long and Hold many Surprises I shall Chose one Path to Walk alone By: Kat 7/5/08
Facts Of Life (cups Or Coffee)
The happiest people in the world are not those who have no problems, but those who learn to live with things that are less than perfect.” A group of graduates, highly established in their careers, got together to visit their old university professor. Conversation soon turned into complaints about stress in work and life. Offering his guests coffee, the professor went to the kitchen and returned with a large pot of coffee and an assortment of cups - porcelain, plastic, glass, crystal, some plain looking, some expensive, some exquisite - telling them to help themselves to the coffee. When all the students had a cup of coffee, the professor said: “If you noticed, all the nice looking expensive cups were taken up, leaving behind the simple and cheap ones. While it is normal for you to want only the best for yourselves, that is the source of your problems and stress. Be assured that the cup itself adds no quality to the coffee. In most cases, it is just more expensive and in so
The Auction
Missing You
Wondering if your thinking of me right now. Thinking the same thoughts. Staring at the same clouds. Missing me like I do you. Afraid of never hearing my voice again. Afraid that in my dreams is where I'll only be able to see you. Every once in a while, I'll see you in the distance. Wanting to run to you, hold you, kiss you. Tell you how much I miss you. Tell you that I'm so sorry, I LOVE YOU so much. Begging you never to leave me again. Sitting here fighting back tears. Faded memories coming back like yesterday. My GOD what I wouldn't give to just hold you ONE time. For just one smile. To hear you say, everything will be alright. If you were here with me right now. I'd give my everything to make sure you never left again. Never shed a tear, never have another worry, or fear. A million words cannot express my feelings this moment. I can only say. I miss you more and more everyday. Love you Angel. Cassandra L. Morning Dew My Mother.
Dj Tony Is Live @8-12 Cst Tonight
Made the toast, Burnt the eggs, Never got the hang of them, Just another other day. Caught the bus, Forgot the change, Looks like I'll be late again, Hopefully they won't complain. My lifes so pitiful, Give me one good reason why I shouldn't end it all, If there's a reason then I haven't found it yet. And I'll try every drug I find, Except maybe heroin and cyanide, But theres a reason I just can't afford it yet. Oh, its just another overdose Went to work, Saw you there, But you never seem to care, For a single thing I say. I set the clock and went to sleep, This anxiety I keep, Through another fucking day. (Looks like that's all today i'm dying) My lifes so pitiful, Give me one good reason why I shouldn't end it all, If there's a reason then I haven't found it yet. And I'll try every drug I find, Except maybe heroin and cyanide, But theres a reason I just can't afford it yet. Oh, its just another overdose. My life's so pitiful.. Pitiful.
Clinton Got A Blowjob
Pesky "teen Mothers"
THOSE LITTLE HUSSY'S JUST MAKE PROBLEMS in the community! yet and still, for whatever reason they might have become entangled within the role of expecting parent, SHE's PREGNANT> That said, when the baby comes into being, it has to eventually attend school. Now, that said, let us not forget that even a TENAGE MOTHER is just that... a MOTHER. She needs to attend PTA meetings for her child's representation and take part ...among the older women, as a WOMAN speaking for her child's interest. I'm saying all that because I was a "teen mother"... despite listening to and obeying the "will and whim" of my mother. She didn't buy me an abortion nor send me out of town to save my "dignity." In fact she seemed to enjoy the staring eyes and gawking expression that I met with around our hometown. The real hurt came when I tried to make positive suggestion in the parent teacher association meetings. I was totally ignored, disregarded and even scoffed at with recommendations that I bring my mother in
Song Of The Day 7/24/08 - Bryan Adams - Pleas Forgive Me (extra Innings)
Still feels like our first night together Feels like the first kiss and it's gettin' better baby No one can better this Still holdin' on, you're still the one First time our eyes met - the same feeling I get Only feels much stronger - I wanna love you longer You still turn the fire on So if you're feelin' lonely don't You're the only one I ever want I only wanna make it good So if I love ya a little more than I should Please forgive me - I know not what I do Please forgive me - I can't stop loving you Don't deny me - this pain I'm going through Please forgive me - if I need ya like I do Please believe me - every word I say is true Please forgive me - I can't stop loving you Still feels like our best times are together Feels like the first touch We're still gettin' closer baby Can't get close enough I'm still holdin' on - you're still number one I remember the smell of your skin I remember everything I remember all your moves - I remember you yeah I remember
Naughty Application
"!!NAUGHTY APPLICATION !!! Your Name: Age: Location: 1.Favorite position: 2.Do you think I'm cute?. 3.Would you have sex with me? 4.lights on or off? 5.Would you have to be drunk? 6. Would you take a shower with me? 7.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 8.Would you leave after or stay the night? 9.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 10.Condom or skin? 11.Have sex on the first date? 12.Would you kiss me during sex 13.Do you think I would be good in bed /? 14.Would you use me as a booty call? 15.Can I use you as a booty call? 16.Can we take pictures of the act? 17.How long would we have sex? 18.Would you tell your friends about me? 19.Would you want me for a b/f , g/f or friend? 20. Will you fill this out & send it back to me?" Also < IF YOU HAD ME ALONE, LOCKED UP IN YOUR ROOM FOR A WEEK & I HAD TO DO WHAT EVER YOU WANTED ME TO DO, WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH ME? TELL ME IN MY INBOX... CUZ ITS A SECRET
About Me
My name is Leann and I am 31 years old. I enjoy reading, surfing the net, chatting online, scrapbooking, photography, walking, hiking, singing, listening to music, ghost hunting, traveling, going to antique / thrift stores, spending time with friends and family and so much more. I collect vintage Pyrex dishes and vintage pictures of people I've never met. I love cats and have 3 of them. I enjoy a good conversations, silliness and being goofy. I feel like sometimes I could talk for hours and never run out of things to say. I like music lyrics that I can relate to my own life. I "love" to sing even though I don't have a good voice. I feel at ease when I sing. I have a creative side but don't use it as often as I would like to. I enjoy sunny weather but hate heat. I enjoy friends very much and I would go out of my way to make someone smile or laugh. I like to be complimented but it also embarrasses me. I feel that a guy and girl can be friends without there being a physical a
Please Step Aside... If You're Going To Die
...and let the next man speak. That was the sentimentality of our EXCELLENCE AWARD at Eastern Michigan University. THe CREATIVE EXCELLENCE PROGRAM is an annual affair which allows those with excessive mental faculites a place to vent their cares. I was slated for a presentation of my PLANNED DEVELOPMENT designed for OAKLAND COUNTY. TRAE ACRES, a golf community with a 30 acre lake connected to PROUD LAKE RECREATION area, was a masterpeice. I designed it in response to a co-worker and her community of investors who were stretched to tight purse strings with no relief in sight. The development would reap over $300000000 at finalization of all three phases and would include single family homes and land condos, a nune hole golf course less than three miles from an 18 hole course, riding stables within 5 miles and a small airport and ski reserve within 7 miles. It would win best prize easily... if I hadn't begun to feint. The two guys ahead of me wrapped up their final five minutes with a q
This Stupid F*cking Car!
I have come to find out that replacing the clutch in a front wheel compact sedan is like trying to nail jello to a tree.... No matter how hard I swing the hammer, its just not going to stay where I want it! I would have it done at a shop but damn the prices are soo frikin stupid. I have gotten quotes for between $350 to $700 just for the damn labor! I am SO in the wrong business. Wish me luck or hand me a match and an oily rag. If I can't fix it soon, I am gonna torch the damn thing, twice. Most of my freinds know I have been a gearhead since I could turn a wrench, but DAYUM this thing is killin me.
My Life The Past Two Weeks
I would like to apologize to all my friends for not being here as I should be ... The past 2 weeks have been hell to say the least ... last weekend we had 4 funerals in 2 days including that of my childhood friend Julie ... and on Tuesday evening of this week, our dear friends lost their 14 month old son Damien, so we have another funeral on Monday ... to top things off, my aunt and uncle had their baby (a girl) early this morning and she is having some heart and lung trouble so please say a prayer for my little cousin Dianna Dawn .. I love you all and hope to be back in the swing of things soon ... hugzzzzzzz, Sexy LiL Sharky the Angel of HRR and the Mad Man's Wife
Apples And Wine
Women are like apples on trees. The best ones are at the top of the tree. Most men don't want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid of falling and getting hurt. Instead, they sometimes take the apples on the ground that aren't as good, but easy. The apples at the top think sometimes what is wrong with them. When in reality, they're amazing. They just have to wait for the right man to come along, the one who is brave enough to climb all the way to the top of the tree. Now men....Men are like a fine wine. They begin as grapes, and it's up to the women to stomp the shit out of them until they turn into something acceptable to have dinner with. Share this with all the good apples you know
Does Your Wife Want A
I DIVORCED HIM OVER 30 YEARS AGO, the father of my two children, the first "love" and relationship in my life. I divorced him and ever since have been plagued by his presence. Some people go in search of the BLACK PLAGUE which killed millions of people in NEFERTITI's time; I tend to weild useless compassion for those who have even done me harm in earlier days. That is or can be as bad as digging up the "BLACK PLAGUE." Please don't tell Zahi Hawass! While he lays in his Egyptian catacomb lined with King Tut's royal treasures, I sit in a leaqsed apartment in the bowels of the USA weight the pro's and cons of helping a man that battered me without mercy for the entirety of our relaionship. He's married again.. the sixth time. He has never had a home of his own, although he's been the cause of two women losing the homes their husbands left them in.And yes, he is the shit on the stick... perhaps the stick as well... in all of his children's lives and minds. EVERCLEAR has a better chance o
Viper Is Looking For All Staff
~ Another Pound Of Flesh ~
All Read Now!!
Song Of The Day 7/29/08 - Ozzy Osbourne - Mr. Crowley (extra Innings)
Mr. Crowley, what went on in your head Ohhhh...Mr. Crowley, did you talk with the dead Your life style to me seemed so tragic With the thrill of it all You fooled all the people with magic Yeah you waited on Satan's call Mr. Charming, did you think you were pure Mr. Alarming, in nocturnal rapport Uncovering things that were sacred manifest on this Earth Conceived in the eye of a secret And they scattered the afterbirth Mr. Crowley, won't you ride my white horse Mr. Crowley, it's symbolic of course Approaching a time that is classic I hear that maidens call Approaching a time that is drastic Standing with their backs to the wall Was it polemically sent l wanna know what you meant I wanna know I wanna know what you meant yeahhhh....
All Over Again
I absolutely hate people that listen to my problems, pretend to care about me, and then blows it up on my face without defending themselves. Though I should be use to it, I don't think anybody can get use to the feeling of having their heart stomped on after you just got done picking up the pieces. But maybe that's just me. Someone's got A LOT of explaining to do. Which means I offically have no reason to trust people again.. yay :) P.S. I love punching bags :)
The Earthquake That Hit Today
Okay, so we had that earthquake today. I have heard it was a 5.4, 5.6, and even 5.8 so I really dont know what it was, all I know was that Levi ( my ex husband ) had taken me to an interview and Im in there talking with the manager and all of sudden everything is shaking. We both went to a doorway. Kinda surreal, I hate earthquakes and am deathly afraid of them, but since I was in an interview I had to force myself to keep calm, and it actually worked, Im proud of myself. Okay off to the news about it.... ************************************************* 5.4 Quake Jolts Southern California Robert Jablon, Associated Press July 29, 2008, 4:26 PM PDT LOS ANGELES -- The strongest earthquake to strike a populated area of Southern California in more than a decade rattled windows and chandeliers, made buildings sway and sent people running into the streets on Tuesday. But there were no immediate reports of serious injuries or major damage. What's Closed, Delayed After
"new Hott Lounge"
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Frontstretch Newsletter 7-28-08
Frontstretch Newsletter 7-28-08 THE FRONTSTRETCH NEWSLETTER Presented by The Best Seat at the Track, The Best View on the Net! July 28th, 2008 Volume II, Edition CXLI Today's Top News Johnson Survives Excessive Tire Wear to Win at the Brickyard by Phil Allaway Typically, when a person looks back on a race -- or any large-scale sporting event, for that matter -- they will normally think about great individual acts, or perhaps the overall concept of team play. Sunday's Allstate 400 at the Brickyard was not one of those times. Instead, it will best be remembered for three things: excessive tire wear on Goodyear's right side rubber, short green flag sprints, and the over half-dozen competition yellows thrown by NASCAR during the event. Oh yeah, and Jimmie Johnson won, too. Through the mess caused by the tire problems, Johnson had the best car all weekend at Indy. The No. 48 had the fastest times in practice, won the pole on Saturday morning in qua
Recipe For Sex
A RECIPE FOR AHEM.....SEX 4- Laughing eyes 4- well-shaped legs 4- Loving arms 2- Firm milk containers 2- Nuts 1- Fur-lined mixing bowl 1- Firm banana DIRECTIONS: 1. Look into laughing eyes. 2. Spread well-shaped legs with loving arms. 3. Squeeze and massage milk containers very gently until fur-lined mixing bowl is wet. 4. Gently add firm banana to mixing bowl, working in and out until well creamed. For bed results, continue to knead milk containers. 5. As heat rises, plunge banana deep into mixing bowl and cover with nuts, leave to soak(preferably NOT overnight) 6. The cake is done when banana is soft. If banana doesn't soften, repeat steps 3-5 or change mixing bowels. NOTES: 1. If in unfamiliar kitchen, was utensils carefully before and after use. 2. Do not lick mixing bowl after use. 3. If cake rises, leave town!
"LAZINESS SAYING" 01. Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after. 02. Anyone can do any amount of work provided it isn't the work he's supposed to be doing at the momebt. 03. If it weren't for the last minute, nothing would ever get done. 04. A conclusion is simply the place where you get tired of thinking. 05. Never put off tim tomorrow what you can avoid all together. 06. Early bird gets the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese. 07. Early bird gets the worm but the second mouse gets to live. 08. Ambition is a poor excuse for not having enough sense to be lazy. 09. If at first you don't succeed, give up, no use being a fool. 10. "I have noticed that the people who are late are often so much jollier than the people who have to wait for them." 11. The best oart about procrastination is that you are never bored because you have all kinds of things that you should be doing. 12. The sooner you fall behind, the more time you'll have to catch up. 13. A wat
"LIFE SAYING" 01. Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional. 02. Birthdays are good for you- the more you have the longer you live. 03. Life is a test and I didnt take very good notes. 04. The meaning of life is to give life meaning. 05. It is hard to understand how a cemetery raised its burial cost and blamed it on the cost of living. 06. When everything is coming your way, you're in the wrong lane. 07. I intend to live forever-so far so good. 08. I used to have a handle on life, but it broke. 09. Don't take life too seriously, you won't get out alive. 10. Oce over the hill, you pick up speed. 11. Middle age is when the broadness of the mind and the narrowness of the waist change places. 12. Opportunities always look bigger going than coming. 13. Experience is a wonderful thing. It wnables you to recongnize a mistake when you make it again. 14. I started out with nothing, and I still have most of it. 15. A day without sunshine is like well, night. 16. I fe
"NONSENCE SAYING" 01. I'm not insensitive, I just dont care. 02. I used to be indecisive, now I'm not so sure... 03. Don't use a big word where a diminutive one will suffice. 04. Constant change is here to stay. 05. I know it sounds like I'm in denial, but I'm not. 06. As I said before, I never repeat myself. 07. Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else. 08. As long as I can remember I've had amnesia. 09. All generalizations are false, even this one. 10. Once you can acept the universe as matter expanding into nothing that is something, wearing stripes with plaid comes easy. 11. That place is so crowed, nobody goes there anymore. 12. I know that there are people who do not love their fellow man, and I hate people like that! 13. Everyone hates me because I'm paranoid. 14. I can resist everything except temptation. 15. You non conformists are all the same. 16. I have decided to be indecisive. 17. My imaginary friend thinks you have some serious problems.
"SLEEP SAYING" 01. You know you should go to sleep when the sheep your counting start to hit the fence. 02. The only cure for insomnia is to get more sleep. 03. I want to die in my sleep like my grandfather. Not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car. 04. If I didn't wake up, I'd still be sleeping!
"STRESS SAYING" 01. You know you're stressed out when when you can hear mines. 02. If it weren't for stree I'd have no energy at all. 03. Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most. 04. Usually I try to take it one day at a time, but lately several have attacked me at once... 05. I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it. 06. Everytime I think I've hit the bottom someone lends me a shovel. 07. A great education has made me what I am today-stressed!
Frontstretch Newsletter 7-30-08
THE FRONTSTRETCH NEWSLETTER Presented by The Best Seat at the Track, The Best View on the Net! July 30th, 2008 Volume II, Edition CXLIII Today's Top News by Bryan Davis Keith Better Late Than Never? NASCAR Apologies for Brickyard 400 Debacle Following one of the worst Cup races in recent memory on Sunday in Indianapolis, NASCAR's Vice President of Competition Robin Pemberton came before the media with guns blazing, adamantly disavowing the severe shortcomings of the event as well as the responsibility of the sanctioning body and Goodyear for the results. But by Tuesday afternoon, those guns were busy shooting nothing but white flags. After a vocal and unanimous chorus of criticism from NASCAR fans and journalists, Pemberton was singing a different tune during a video teleconference with the media. "I can't say enough how sorry we are, and it's our responsibility being NASCAR that we don't go through this situation again," he said in apologizing for
Monsters On Main Street (monster Jam)
THE ULTIMATE FREE FAN EXPERIENCE By Scott Douglass Despite 103 degree heat, huge crowds turned out Friday in League City, TX, for a special Built Ford Tough Party in the Pits and Monster Jam parade through the streets of the beautiful community in southeast Texas, and again Saturday night at Houston Motorsports Park for a full blown, star-studded Monster Jam event, all totally free for the greatest fans in motorsports thanks to Ford Trucks and the lucky Monsters on Main Street grand prize winner, League City’s Michelle Stockton. Frankly it was a weekend love fest! The fans loved every minute of it and all the drivers and crews loved being a part of such a special and unique event, a weekend that frankly only Monster Jam and Ford Trucks could pull off. Ford Trucks marketing exec Todd Eckert, who has become quite the Monster Jam color commentator for this event, was chatting with me about just how special this event, now having completed its third wildly successful run, really is.
Fun Friends And Forwards
We share recipes, kids craft ideas, time savers around the house, party ideas, camping tricks and hints, national sports articles, national news articles, clean jokes, and more more more. This group is not intended for minors. Every now and then an R rated share comes through. If you get freaky... then no peeky!!
If I Close My Eyes Forever
Baby i get so scared inside and i don't really understand is it love that is on my mind or is it fantasy Heaven, is in the palm of my hand and its waiting here for you what am i supposed to do with a child of prejudy Chorus: If i close my eyes forever would it all remain unchanged if i close my eyes forever would it all remain the same Sometimes its hard to hold on so hard to hold on to all my dreams its not always what it seems when your face to face to me like a dagger you stick me in the heart or taste the blood from my blade and when we're asleep would you shelter me in your warm and dark grave Chorus: If i close my eyes forever would it all remain unchanged if i close my eyes forever would it all remain the same Will you ever take me no i just can't take the pain would you ever trust me no i'll never feel the same I know i've been so hard on you i know i've told you lies if i could have just one more wish i would wipe the cobwebs from my eyes
The Come Back Gang!
Show Me Your Grrrr Face
Ok, i'm still fairly new to this so i'm not going to make any promises. I've recently put up a Grrr face album. It's just for kicks so if you have a grrr face picture that you would like to share, hit me up. Thank you and come again.
First Blog Entry
No New Topics to Discuss as of yet.. Keep you posted when something new happens...wait wait sorry false alarm...
Give Meaning
Give meaning What can you do to give this day meaning that will extend far beyond your own concerns? How can you live so as to make something beautiful and valuable flow out from you and into the lives of others? If you stay too tightly wrapped up in the affairs of your limited ego, life becomes painfully empty. Yet you can escape that dreary prison in an instant. Choose to give your own special meaning to life. Concern yourself not with what it will get you, but with how much beneficial influence it can have. You are connected to a whole world of possibilities. Inject a unique and valuable vision into that world, and it can take on a magnificent life of its own. Give meaning to life, and nurture that gift. Give meaning to life, and follow passionately where that meaning leads. There are things you can create and express, things you can begin, things you can promote and develop that can come only from you. Let the substance of that meaning out into life, and know the
Daily Humorscope 7-31-08
Aries (March 21 - April 19) You will discover you have a certain flair for copywriting, and will pick up a little extra spending money by doing window signs for stores, such as "Going Out Of Business. Waaaah!" Taurus (April 20 - May 20) At the same moment you read this, someone will be thinking about you and smiling. In a moment, they'll be laughing outright. Gemini (May 21 - June 20) Nothing unusual today. Unless you count that episode with the iguana... Cancer (June 21 - July 22) Try to avoid nibbling on things today. Despite recent developments, you don't actually know your friend that well yet. Leo (July 23 - August 22) Let the golden sun of happiness burn away your inner fog of disgruntlement. Remember: gruntled people are more fun! Virgo (August 23 - September 22) You will begin an evil project, in secret. You will be successful. Although why you want to produce a cross between a St. Bernard and a chihuahua is anybody's guess. Libra (September 23 - October 22) Whil
Frontstretch Newsletter 7-31-08
THE FRONTSTRETCH NEWSLETTER Presented by The Best Seat at the Track, The Best View on the Net! July 31st, 2008 Volume II, Edition CXLIV Breaking News by Tony Lumbis Lawsuit Filed Against Specialty Racing Involving Former Driver, Front Row Motorsports has learned that Kevin Lepage and Front Row Motorsports owner Bob Jenkins have filed a lawsuit against Specialty Racing, LLC, freezing the assets of the company while attempting to acquire its owner points, equipment, and money they claim they're owed. The basis of the suit began in late May, when Specialty Racing informed Lepage that they did not have sufficient funds to run the Nationwide event in Dover, Delaware. In response, Lepage informed Specialty Racing about a proposal that would allow Bob Jenkins from Front Row Motorsports to supply a car, transporter, and engine to run under the No. 61 banner that weekend. The lawsuit states that after speaking to a NASCAR official, Specialty Ra
Newman Agrees To Drive For Stewart-haas
Posted: July 30, 2008 Sporting News staff report Ryan Newman, driver of the No. 12 Penske Dodge, has agreed verbally to drive for Stewart-Haas Racing next season, according to sources. The 30-year-old has been in limbo for a 2009 driver's seat since declaring that he and Penske Racing were parting ways. Joe Gibbs Racing President J.D. Gibbs confirmed Sunday that Newman was not being considered for a ride at JGR next season. Once a deal is signed, Newman will drive the No. 4 car, and two-time Sprint Cup champion Tony Stewart will be in the No. 14 for Stewart-Haas. Stewart spokesman Mike Arning told that talks are ongoing with several drivers and that "any verbal agreement with a particular driver is premature." One factor that makes the deal more attractive for Newman would be that his former Penske crew chief, Matt Borland, who guided Newman to 12 of his 13 Cup victories, is currently the competition director at Stewart-Haas.
Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even to the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story. Avoid loud and aggressive persons; they are vexatious to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. Exercise caution in your business affairs, for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals, and everywhere life is full of heroism. Be yourself. Especially do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love, for in the face of all aridity and disencha
Frontstretch Newsletter 8-01-08
THE FRONTSTRETCH NEWSLETTER Presented by The Best Seat at the Track, The Best View on the Net! August 1st, 2008 Volume II, Edition CXLV Today's Top News by Kurt Smith Childress Family Donates $5 Million To Medical Center Richard Childress, owner of Richard Childress Racing, and his family have partnered with the Wake Forest University Medical Center to form the Childress Institute for Pediatric Trauma. The Childress family has donated $5 million to the project. They are currently involved in a fundraising project with a goal of $20 million. "Most people don't know that traumatic injury is the biggest killer of our children," said Richard Childress. "The Childress Institute for Pediatric Trauma will be the focal point of a national movement to improve the level of pediatric trauma care available across the country. We will assemble the right team to conquer this national crisis in pediatric trauma. The Childress family is committed to making the Childres
Bird Feeder
I bought a bird feeder. I hung it on my back porch and filled it with seed. Within a week we had hundreds of birds taking advantage of the continuous flow of free and easily accessible food. But then the birds started building nests in the boards of the patio, above the table, and next to the barbecue. Then came the poop. It was everywhere: on the patio tile, the chairs, the table...everywhere. Then some of the birds turned mean: They would dive bomb me and try to peck me even though I had fed them out of my own pocket. And others birds were boisterous and loud: They sat on the feeder and squawked and screamed at all hours of the day and night and demanded that I fill it when it got low on food. After a while, I couldn't even sit on my own back porch anymore. I took down the bird feeder and in three days the birds were gone. I cleaned up their mess and took down the many nests they had built all over the patio. Soon, the back yard was like it used to be...... quiet, sere
Agression Around Movie Industry
AMAZES ME. I turned to writing in an effort at curing "depression" and the resulting material was suggested for submission to the film industry. I made the attempt at getting it done on my own and catastrophe evolved. WHEN "WAITING TO EXHALE" came out my manuscript was on the table. It too was about a single woman taking on the challenges of life and motherhood while addressing her "hormonal" issues and desires. Career was her driving force, completion of raising her children... her motivation. She was alone again. Finished with one life and ready to begin another. UNLIKE THOSE WHO EXHALED at the best opportunity allowed by HOLLYWOOD, the feminine focal point within my pages got laid aside. If she can not get a breath of air from WHOOPIE GOLDBERG and DWAYNE JOHNSON who received the manuscript... she'll smother along with the rest of us WOMEN AT THE "Y" IN OUR PATH OF LIFE.
A Little About Me
What's up everyone this is my first blog so i don't know how good it will be. So i'm 37 years old i live in a little town in North Carolina. So naturaly it's "Go Tarheels" I like most sports i'm way into the computer but not so much that i'm a geek. I'm far from that. I joined fubar along time ago and quit but im back looking to make some new friends. I have few friends where i live so i'm on the pc a lot thought i'd try and make some here. I'm pretty much over my party years so looking for a new way to pass the time and still meet some new cool peoplpe. If your into making friends not just for points or some of that stuff drop me a line....Later
Do It Ya Damn Self Ernestine
...after all, TIMOTHY is your kid. IF YOU CAN'T DEAL WITH HIME... or can't handle him, call his dad like all the rest of us do! THAT'S WHAT I SHOULD HAVE TOLD HER. My cousin's son is, according to her.. LEARNING DISABLED. She says he's "slow" and needs to be drugged just so he could sit in a classroom and not be beligerent to the teachers and other authoritative figures LIKE HE WAS AT HOME. He slammed his grandma in the head with the garage door... they said. He stole his aunts rings... they said. And goes on and on. WHY NOT JUST CALL JOHN and tell him to take his son for a while. INSTEAD, she called me and asked if I could write a letter to President Clinton (in 1994) and explain that her son was umbearable and in need of remedial education that was not available n Harvey... Hazelcrest or Markham, Illinois. Instead of calling the other parent, she asked me to help her get the President of the United States involved. I don't know the response... I wrote the letter from my co
More Grey Down There Than On My Head!
I WAS TRYING TO FIGURE OUT A WAY TO GET GREAT HAIR... you know the "grey hair means more wisdom" tale? I have very little grey on my head but discovered that grey poontang hairactually exists! WOW! they didn't mention that in health class during junior high or high school. my mother never mentioned it... and neither did those older women we all get referred to for "hanging out around" ...just so we can keep up with EXPECTED CHANGES in body, mentality and attitude. I guess I could have asked some of those old folks but... it just did not come to mind. OH, and you can glue or weave on grey hair to look wise... but I'm not sure about an answer for the grey hair that comes on to your pubics. I guess it makes sense... after all, if your hair is straight... pubic hair is straight. If your head hair is kinky... so is your pubic hair. If your hair is grey...... right. I thought perhaps it meant you were getting too busy... in bed. UNDUE STRESS.
Not Nagging..."starvin For Progress"
I WAS LOOKING FORWARD TO MY SON AND, maybe my daughter getting their relationships on. My son's first choice was not someone his own race but KOREAN! WOW... I was tickled pink (it doesn't go good with a sallow yallow complexion either) Iimagined the outcome in offspring.... thumbs up! Unfortunately, he lost the girl when my daughter smashed into him bitchin about "how come she ain't no black girl".... "GARCIA" ain't no black name...they ain't exactly black EITHER. That dummy could not sit on command. So nw I;m hoping he comes out of the doldrums about his first ideal for family and life was thrown and blown by his big sister. She... his "know it all" sister, has children by no on eshe really wanted. FINE TUNED LIFE PLAN right? She can dictate to her brother but could not get her own thing straight. That's it from a muthuh. I'm partial to that attitude about relationships myself. Other than a different ethnicity, she had a good to get along with personality... was pretty good people an
My Doctor Isn't A Doctor! My Realtor Isn't Licensed
and who knows what other professional licenses are being used by someone who never went to class a day in his ro her life for the professional role they are faking! SOMEONE USED MY REAL ESTATE license in Michigan. Though it doesn't take long to attend required courses, study for and pass a state licensing exam, someone took a chump path to accessing multi million and other high priced properties. My license and area where I worked was in OAKLAND COUNTY MICHIGAN... the West Bloomfield area...WAABEEK, HUNTER GLEN and FOX VALLEY areas. It's the area my broker focused his office skills for new and used residential properties. Imagine placing your home on the market... it gets put on MLS and someone not known by authorities legal or licensed... accesses your home with the realtor pass key. It's like going to the doctor for hives and him admitting you to the hospital to have your groin pulled. Or another example... you go to college, pay your student fees... buy your books and pay the semes
Looking For A Gf/wife - Anyone Interested For £300,000
I am very rich and am offering £300,000 for the right woman to be my gf/ wife, anyone interested?
£400,000 For A Gf/wife?
ok its up to £400,000 - any interest?
Lol, £5,000000,00000000,000000000
all that just to be my gf - come on must be someone out there, lol
Master Finds His Treat~
Having decided to go to a costume party for Halloween and having no partner at the time to take you, you decide to wear a combination outfit...It starts with one stocking black and one white one going up your short legs. The classic schoolgirl skirt plaid only yours is red plaid to attract some attention...On top you wear a tight gold belly top a water filled pushup bra beneath to accentuate your lovely B-cup breasts making them look at least C. To top it off you have on a little princess tiara and little black high heels. You walk into the party and look about the room and go to the bar to get a drink...something yummy and fruity the bartender mixes you a Malibu coconut rum and pineapple juice drink topped with a cherry. You ask how much and he only smiles at you and leans over the bar to whisper...nothing if you'll dance with me when I am done in a few minutes for the night. Looking up at him with your big brown pretty eyes you just smile and say "Sure..." Oh could it be another l
The Rede
The Dark Pagan's Rede ~ Dubh Paganach Rede ~ Sgathan "Shadow Witches" Rede For those who walk a shadowed path, For whatever reason, because it is a path in your soul that calls too you, A particular goddess of dark paganism that calls too you or who you are, Trust your heart and follow what it speaks, as it will never be wrong. We are Witches, We Are Ancients, Those that stand out amoung shadows. We are weavers, healers and shamans, and warriors, Judge and Jury And This is our Creed. Do not Offend, But Defend Give your kin a house if they have no home Remember in all forms are we the goddesses children in one way or another She is the weaver, the threader and the cutter of Life No matter what name she is called, she is the great mother, The All, The Source Know the Great dance and the Spiral is never ending and your day's walk long, and most often someone will try and break your paths But when the wolves tear at your heels, remember only the hardest paths ar
Song Of The Day - 8/5/08 - Eminem - Till I Collapse
till i colapse - eminem Yo left, yo left Yo left, right, left Yo left Sometimes you just feel tired, feel week. When you feel weak, you feel like you wanna just give up. But you gotta search within you. Gotta find that inner strength And just pull that shit outta you And get that motivation, to not give up And not be a quitter. No matter how bad you wanna just fall flat on your face And collapse. Till I collapse I'm spillin' these raps As long as you feel 'em. Till the day that I drop You'll never say that I'm not killin' em. 'Cause when I'm not, then I'ma stop pinnin' em And I am not hip hop, and I'm just not Eminem. Subliminal thoughts, when I'ma stop sendin' em Women are caught in webs Spin'em and hock venom Adrenaline shots of penicillin could not get illin' to stop Amoxacilline's just not real enough. The criminal cop killin' hip hop villain a minimal swap To cop millions of Pac listeners. You're coming with me, feel it or not You're gonna fear it
Death Of Love
Tormented thoughts spin out and twist into yet another web of cleverly lined chaos Misery masquerading as hollow smiles and carefully planned words. Incessant ramblings of a self-induced confusion Submerging the truth beneath a kaliedoscope of pretty techno colored lies I've lost sight of myself again Apologetic tones and crumpling faith Hand picked lines to make the delusions fit; picture perfect Self medicated thoughts swirl crimson upon cream Hard to find the truth clawing beneath the surface Another headache for yet another Flase hope that has withered away to nothing Ashes to Ashes Dust to dust With trembling hands I will collect what remains of us Incinerate blessed thoughts with the wrath of long since bitter memories There in the flickering flames, I find an eerie sense of belonging Creator of chaos, Keeper of sin With this death of love, I find the will to finally force myself to live I refuse to be numb
A Comforting Tear
A tear fell on my pillow last night Though, it did not belong to me Owned by a love so powerful A presence, I knew, only one could be I asked, "Why do you cry by my side" Replying, "My child, I will comfort you For fear is the last thing you will feel My love shall guide you through" My body felt at peace last night For once, I did not worry All the tribulations in my life This man was willing to carry I asked "Why do you want to help me now After all this time I have called upon you" Replying, "My child, you have doubted me Now it is your turn to follow through" As he kissed my forehead & went on his way I realized, never was I alone For, in his heart, held my soul And his love for me has always grown
There are no words For the way You surround me. I love You like the falling rain. This way I ache for You It is the sweetest pain. Like I'd do anything in this moment for the sake of pure longing. You make me feel As if my very essence travails for You. Not just a whisper in the wind This passion is a substance. The prayers fall from my lips Like jewels slip from a necklace. These words fall to the page Like pearls slip from a strand And all of it falls at Your feet. I want to set You As a seal on my arm I want to be marked by You forever. Sometimes I want to Carve Your Name into my wrists Let the blood run down Like You did for me But this is not needed I cannot betray Your grace. Now the blood runs through my veins No longer dripping through my fingers. I'll no longer be a slave To a broken heart, No longer be ruled by the memories. I was broken glass, You picked up the pieces You make me complete And beautiful like You are. You brought peace To a
The Story
All of these lines across my faceTell you the story of who I amSo many stories of where I've beenAnd how I got to where I amBut these stories don't mean anythingWhen you've got no one to tell them toIt's true... I was made for youI climbed across the mountain topsSwam all across the ocean blueI crossed all the lines and I broke all the rulesBut baby I broke them all for youOh, because even when I was flat brokeYou made me feel like a million bucksYou do and I was made for youYou see the smile that's on my mouthIt's hiding the words that don't come outAnd all of my friends who think that I'm blessedThey don't know my head is a messNo, they don't know who I really amAnd they don't know what I've been through like you doAnd I was made for youAll of these lines across my faceTell you the story of who I amSo many stories of where I've beenAnd how I got to where I amOh but these stories don't mean anythingWhen you've got no one to tell them toIt's true... I was made for youOh yeah well it's
Never Dream Alone
In the cold, in the cold winter Under the full moon like a midnight sun In the cold winter Underneath the stars Fall asleep with my hand on your heart I wont let it skip a beat In the cold, in the cold winter Hey love, I wont hurt you Night will come and go I wont hurt you You'll never dream alone Dreams, dreams in a vivid slumber We're connected, when I hold my breath You're the only one who knows how to wake me And Underneath the stars Fall asleep with your hand on my heart You wont let it skip a beat In the cold, in the cold, cold winter Hey love, I wont hurt you Nights will come and go I wont hurt you You'll never dream alone I wont hurt you Nights will come and go I wont hurt you You'll never dream alone
I Believe
I love the time and in between The calm inside me In the space where I can breathe I believe there is a Distance I have wandered To touch upon the years of Reaching out and reaching in Holding out holding in I believe This is heaven to no one else but me And Ill defend it as long as I can be Left here to linger in silence If I choose to Would you try to understand I know this love is passing time Passing through like liquid I am drunk in my desire... But I love the way you smile at me I love the way your hands reach out and hold me near... I believe... I believe This is heaven to no one else but me And Ill defend it as long as I can be left here to linger in silence If I choose to Would you try to understand Oh the quiet child awaits the day when she can break free The mold that clings like desperation Mother cant you see Ive got To live my life the way I feel is right for me Might not be right for you but its right for me... I believe... I bel
Improving The Welfare System
As a die-hard materialist, I am quite fond of the impact consumerism has had on society. It gives intelligent people the chance to improve their means while idiots cause their own destruction. You can squirrel away funds in a savings account or max out your credit cards; you can pay your bills or go into debt. You are the master of your fate by way of how you handle your finances, and whether you rise to the top or declare bankruptcy is entirely your responsibility. Or at least, ideally it would be. The US is remarkably good in this regard, but imperfect. In many places it is still very difficult for hardworking, determined, worthy individuals to achieve their dreams due to poverty or discrimination. I find this tragic, not out of sympathy, but because it could be holding back some of the greatest and most amazing people of our time from making history. Jacobean economics teaches us that it is small businesses trying to find a foothold in the market that are the most innovative and
Bearing False Witness
Lying is a bad thing to do. Naturally, I endorse it wholeheartedly. I'm evil, remember? I have always found it fascinating, the double-standard we have, that "lying is wrong," yet not only is it often condoned, it is even required of us every day. Don't blame a prank you did on a classmate, but when grandma gives you the fifth woolen sweater this Christmas, smile and tell her you love it. Don't keep your wife in the dark about who you're really "going bowling" with, but tell her that dress does not in fact make her look fat, even if she's the envy of a hippopotamus. You get the idea. When we lie in order to protect ourselves from social disapproval, it is called politeness. We mask our real thoughts, feelings, and intentions behind honeyed words and false smiles. When we lie to protect ourselves from any other kind of problem, it is called dishonesty. See the hypocrisy? The most ironic thing of all is that one of the Ten Commandments, "Thou shalt not bear false witness agai
Hey everyone i am currently trying to get members for a group i have created. it's for women only though but i also know of other places where you can help get weed legalized. please if you read this and are interested let me know. if you are not interested then cool you keep your opinions to yourself.
Nsfw Advertising Packages
Twelvefifteen's Advertising Campaign. Personally I think it is a great deal, his sites are super. He is also a reputable guy in my opinion, get in on his advertising while you can! While he does not track he puts your own hard links up that you create so you can track it yourself to see how well it does. He is aiming towards bigger companies and sites to be able fill his advertising placements. With the ad placements your ads will be seen by a wide variety of people and other sites which will only benefit you and your site. If you are interested contact me at or contact him directly at in the subject link please put Inquiry on Advertising. Thanks His pricing is as follows: - $3000 - 300x250 top right side under the search box - main page, category pages, video pages. - 120wx240h soft-core banner on image galleries. - 30 galleries scheduled per month on tgp, or partner account given to submit y
Gossip Kings
Hey Everyone, just to let you know there is a new Celebrity Affiliate site which seems to be pretty good. It is in beta testing now so get in on it while it is hot. I signed up today and checked over the galleries and tools that they have and there is a ton already!. Anyway signup today! Gossip Kings
Simply Me
Brett Favre Is A Jet!!!
Brett Favre is a Jet PDF Print E-mail Written by UsTailgate Thursday, 07 August 2008 BallHype The Brett Favre era in Green Bay is now officially over. The month-long saga has finally come to an end, with the Packers agreeing to trade their future Hall-of-Fame quarterback to the New York Jets, has learned. The exact compensation was not immediately known, but it is believed to be a single draft pick that increases in value depending upon how the Jets perform during the 2008 season. "Brett has had a long and storied career in Green Bay, and the Packers owe him a tremendous debt of gratitude for everything he accomplished on the field and for the impact he made in the state. It is with some sadness that we make this announcement, but also with the desire for certainty that will allow us to move the team and organization forward in the most positive way possible. "We respect Brett's decision that he could no longer remain here as a Packer. But
Ruhgeena... I'd Want Somebody To Live With Me...
I went out to rescue my stepfather... after my mother gave up and fled the coop! I know he didn't means he wasnt Jesse Jackson.. the one REAL "SOMEBODY"... he needed someone to stay at the house he'd chosen to rent BECAUSE the rent he was paying for it was EXTREME. Unfortunately that sems to be the trend for everyone or anyone wanting to have their own roof over their heads.. mortgaged or leased.She jumped out and asked us, one at a time, if we might stary there to "help" him out. My son moved into one of the rooms and no sooner than he could begin to register mail to come to the Oxford Drive address, the computer he had on the dresser for college homework was "messed with." It had to go into the shop for repair before he could do any homework on it. I movedmine into the room so that he would not have to UNenroll from classes he'd already started... mine was nuked soon after. By nuked, I mean the computer would not respond to the command promt. I took mine in for repair as well. He une
Super Sexy Linkage
college teen Tatum Reed gothy chick in socks big titties Swinging-Beauties Yoko-Matsugane Evelyn-Kazantzoglou Yummy-Leah JEISA CHIMINAZZO Green-Light-Beauty Carmen-Loves-Football Barbie Addison
Nine Inch Nails - Year Zero (full Album Playlist)
Nine Inch Nails - Year Zero YOUR WELCOME :D
About Me // Aug. 9
I have been single for Five Years and I was born in NC. My birthday is on Halloween. I remain single because I can't find someone I trust to be with and someone that is worthy of my TIME. I love life, languages and culture, traveling and kissing. Should be traveling to the UK, GERMANY, and ITALY this coming MAY. Let me know if you want me to stop by and pay visits! Thank you for your comments and rates - I appreciate you. All the best for everyone here... May you find what you are looking for and continue good health... Good journeys always, ~jenn ========================================== Ich bin einzeln für Fünf Jahre gewesen und ich war geboren in NC. Mein Geburtstag ist an Halloween. Ich bleibe heraushebt, weil ich niemanden finden kann, dem ich vertraue, mit zu sein, und jemand, der würdig von meiner ZEIT ist. Ich liebe Leben, Sprachen und Kultur, reisend und Küssen. Sollte zu den Vereinigt Königreichen, DEUTSCHLAND, und ITALIEN diesen kommend
A Pvt Summer
Updated List Of Where I Can Be Found
Do You Think You Can Be A Top Salesperson?
Do you think you can make it as a salesperson selling sex toys? If so click the banner and try it for free. Who knows you may be able to make big checks like me. I make over $7500 a week. Can you do it too?
Time For A Dish?
Are you ready for dish thats got more channels for less money than you're paying for cable? Try Dish network and see for yourself how much better it is. I switched and I love all the new channels I get. I even get my local channels.
Wanna See Me On Cam?
Looking For You!!
I am looking to meet ladies in and around the Upstate New York area. I have recently come out of the closet and I am very Bisexual. I am looking forward to exploring everything from emotional to physical, to sexual experiences with a girl to spend time with and get to know very intimately.
Bully 4
< Check out Who Is On Air At Hidden Pleasures! Dj Darkside! What are you waiting for just touch her lips to enter! (repost of original by '~Dj Cone~ dj's air traffic controller/Doorman @ Ace's up!' on '2008-08-09 09:00:29') (repost of original by 'DJ Darkside~*~Erotic Desires Head Enforcer~*~ ♥DJ Gothic Angel's RL HUSBAND♥ *WnC' on '2008-08-10 11:03:58') (repost of original by 'IP ÃkÄ CP InsanePatient ® Fu-Owned by Rebbie SER/The Basement/GFR Dj' on '2008-08-10 11:10:59')
I Love The 90's :)
Lil K~1981 (I'm totally a 90's kid :) If you're under the age of 11 or shouldn't even read this. (more like under the age of 20! :) Just because you were born in '97 doesn't mean you're a 90's kid. It's not like you could remember the original Simpsons. ( I use to have Simpsons trading cards! HEHEHEHEH! Love it :) I am sorry but three conscious years of the 90's just won't cut it! You're a 90's kid if: You remember watching -Kenan and Kel -Doug -Ren & Stimpy -Pinky and the Brain (one is a genius, the others insane! :) -AAAAAAAH Real Monsters! -Rockos modern Life -Animaniacs ("we're insaney to the max!" ) -Gargoyles -Rocket Power ( I remember watching all these shows after school :) -You've ever ended a sentence with the word "SIKE!" -You just cant resist finishing this "In west Philadelphia born and raised" ( "on a playground is where I spent most of my days. Chillin out maxin, relaxin all cool and all shotin some b-ball out side the school
What My Name Means....
You are a seeker of knowledge, and you have learned many things in your life. You are also a keeper of knowledge - meaning you don't spill secrets or spread gossip. People sometimes think you're snobby or aloof, but you're just too deep in thought to pay attention to them. You are wild, crazy, and a huge rebel. You're always up to something. You have a ton of energy, and most people can't handle you. You're very intense. You definitely are a handful, and you're likely to get in trouble. But your kind of trouble is a lot of fun. You tend to be pretty tightly wound. It's easy to get you excited... which can be a good or bad thing. You have a lot of enthusiasm, but it fades rather quickly. You don't stick with any one thing for very long. You have the drive to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. Your biggest problem is making sure you finish the projects you start. You are the total package - suave, sexy, smart, and strong. You have the whole world under your spell, and
All About The Scorpio
The Scorpion is one intense little creature, with enough poison in its own tail to disable or kill a much larger opponent. But the problem with this kind of built-in biological weaponry is that it must be mastered in order to be used most effectively. You Scorpios can use your "stinger" for self-defense, using your powerful emotional awareness to render your opponent harmless. But there is a sexual component of poisonous tail also, and until you learn to control those strong urges, you may find yourself in uncomfortable situations. Scorpio is the only sign that has three animal totems. First, there is the well-known Scorpion with its active tail. Second, as the Scorpio learns to master its passion and hold its instincts at bay, it changes into the Eagle. The Eagle has more perspective, for it flies high above the surface of circumstances, swooping down with its power only to kill prey for food. In its third form, the Scorpion becomes the always-peaceful dove. The real meaning of Sco
In Loving Memory Of Kyla Paige
I'm posting this in memory of my daughter, Kyla Paige. She would have turned 5 on Jan. 13th, 2008. Anyway..... Here all all three of my birth stories. They're very compeling; so please read if you haven't already :) If it can give one person out there some hope, I will be happy : I have to go back to when I was about age eleven. I was diagnosed with a cromosome dificiecy called Turners Syndrome (TS). With TS comes many minor charecteristics and minor medical problems. The main one being short stature (I only stand about 4'9) and another being little to no overian function. With that said I was told at age eleven that I would not be able to bare children. At the time I didn't care because I was only eleven..... I was just like whatever..... I can adopted when I'm ready. When I was thirteen I started my menstul cycle on my own. I was upset but of course my mother was exstatic. I didn't understand at that time what staring my wonderful monthly cycle ment for me. Then when I was
Why Private Pics? How To See Them
Puerto Rican Big Thick Booty In Jeans
Slap That Big Booty
The Recipe For Anna 3 parts Fun 2 parts Dignity 1 part Happiness Splash of Sweetness Sip slowly on the beach What's the Recipe for Your Personality?
Song Of The Day - 08/12/08 - Linkin Park - Numb (feeling Again Edition)
Numb - Linkin Park - Linkin park Numb - Linkin Park I'm tired of being what you want me to be Feeling so faithless, lost under the surface, Don't know what you're expecting of me Put under the pressure of walking in your shoes [Caught in the undertow, just caught in the undertow] Every step that I take is another mistake to you [Caught in the undertow, just caught in the undertow] I've become so numb I can't feel you there, I've become so tired, so much more aware I'm becoming this All I want to do is be more like me And be less like you Can't you see that you're smothering me? Holding too tightly; afraid to lose control 'Cause everything that you thought I would be Has fallen apart right in front of you [Caught in the undertow, just caught in the undertow] Every step that I take is another mistake to you [Caught in the undertow, just caught in the undertow] And every second I waste is more than I can take I've become so numb I can't feel you there
It takes a special someone to reach the inner depths of your heart. I belive I have started allowing him inside this ole torn and tatered heart of mine. I just hope he bears with me thru out the days and nights that are restless and weary. He likes me for me and shows me all the love and kindness a woman could ask for. Just pray that I am the woman he wants for all time!!
Hey all Just droppin by to update ya all. Sophie turns 7 on the 20th and Sophie and maggie both are going to school this september. i cant wait, i am moving into my own place in a week.. i am soo HAPPY!! im at home now with my son's, the girls are camping, i miss em. but anyways, Finally my marriage to rod is ALMOST done, our divorce papers are FILED..YAY!! I'm currently seein my best friend Jordian, hes the best guy I've ever had in my life, hes kind, sweet, he treats me and the kid's good. Hes currently fighting cancer, hes going through chemo therapy..:( but hes doing ok. I miss him, but i will see him sunday, i cant wait. Well im doing ok, and just waitin on gettin my LIFE back to the way i want it. THANK GOD.. but i will keep you updated, Oh Aiden's hair is redder then ever. Still has Amazing blue eyes. hes 17pds, 28inches long. but hes good, and has more character to him. Jordian, Xander, and Aiden are the loves of my lifes, when it comes to men. and sophie and maggie are too.. N
13 Steps For Going From Military To Civilian
13 Steps to Recovery/Integration for Soldiers becoming civi Body: 13 Steps to Recovery/Integration for Soldiers becoming civilians. 1. Admit: "I was in the Army; I have a problem." This is the first step to recovery... 2. Speech: Time should never begin with a zero or end in a hundred, it is not 0430 or 1400; it is 4:30 in the morning (AKA God-awful early). Words like latrine, overhead, fourth point of contact, bunk, and "PT" will get you weird looks; bathroom, ceiling, and workout... get used to it. "Fuck" cannot be used to -replace whatever word you can't think of right now, try "um". Grunting is not talking. Nobody knows what "hooah" means. Admit it: you don't even know what it really means. It's a phone, not a radio; do not use words like roger, say again, send it and conversations on a phone do not end in "out" People will not know what you are talking about if you tell them you are coming from Fort Huachuca with the platoon or that you spent a deploymen
One Small Computer
Ok my friend told me about this computer that is so small yet just as powerful as a standard laptop so I bought it to see for myself and I love it. You should check this out and see for yourself how sweet this thing is.
Naughty Application
NAUGHTY APPLiCATiON" ***Best one will get a reply*** 1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Favorite position (s)? 4. Do you think I'm hot? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8. Would you take a shower with me? 9. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10. Would you leave after or stay the night? 11. Do you like cuddling afterwards? 12. Condom or skin? 13. Do you give Oral pleasures? 14. Do you like to receive Oral Pleasures? 15. Have sex on the first date? 16. Would you kiss me during sex? 17. Do you think I would be good in bed? 18. Threesome? 20. How many times would you like to cum? 21. Would you use me as a booty call? 21. Can I use you as a booty call? 22. Do you like foreplay? 23. What is foreplay to you? 24. Can we take pictures of the act? 25. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you?
Excited I Think!!
the last few letters are really exciting for the kid to have written. he wrote about how he got to fire the m249, which was f'n awesome!! insane and Godly! but the m240 was bigger and badder version. the m203 is so badass! (that is a gernade launcher i think. he wrote about gernade being shot out from it. lol what do i know about these guns. i know my hunting rifles thats it). anyways, live gernades and other stuff like the 50cal., mk47 and at4. he wasnt crazy about the m16/m203 couldnt hit the wall for crap with them after laying down on the ground with it cause he couldnt see through the scope right. he shoots lefty even though he's a righty. guess that would be a problem. i keep telling him make sure you are holding it right and lookin through w/the correct eye.then theres the m19automatic gernade launcher which is an OMG! he blew everything up with that. that is insane!!! he fired the 50 cal which ammo is the size of footballs!!! lol. then he gets his class A suits i think thats
Prayer For Peace
Lord, make me an instrument of your peace, Where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; where there is sadness, joy; O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console; to be understood as to understand; to be loved as to love. For it is in giving that we receive; it is in pardoning that we are pardoned; and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.
The Greatest Saint
Saint Paul the apostle (Hebrew: שאול התרסי‎ Šaʾul HaTarsi, meaning "Saul of Tarsus", Ancient Greek: Σαούλ Saul and Σαῦλος Saulos and Παῦλος Paulos[1]), the "Apostle to the Gentiles" (ca 5 - 67CE) was, together with Saint Peter and James the Just,[3] the most notable of early Christian missionaries. Unlike the Twelve Apostles, there is no indication that Paul, born in Tarsus, ever met Jesus before the latter's crucifixion.[4] According to Acts, his conversion took place as he was traveling the road to Damascus, and experienced a vision of the resurrected Jesus. Paul asserts that he received the Gospel not from man, but by "the revelation of Jesus Christ". Fourteen epistles in the New Testament are traditionally attributed to Paul, though in some cases the authorship is disputed. Paul had often employed an amanuensis, only occasionally w
Soul Worn Thin
Just one more trip to some place nice We'll float away in space tonight Now that your soul has worn thin You co-exist through flesh & blood not life You were not willing to sacrifice All of the drugs to stay alive I know it's hard to stay alive Just one more chance to say goodbye I know it's hard to stay alive You'll go to a good place now This poem is a farewell now, my friend You were not willing to sacrifice All of the drugs to stay alive I know it's hard to stay alive We saw you floating away, drifting away We saw you float away, stay alive You were not willing to sacrifice All of the drugs to stay alive I know it's hard to stay alive
Looking For A Good Time?
Sum Of It All
I always thought that I'd do something crazy If ever saw you out with someone else But when the moment came that night I couldn't say a word, I stood there in the dark all by myself. I could of said a million things All I did was keep it locked inside.
I'm Sorry, Friend
I'm sorry friend I don't know what to do I try so hard to be a better person to you I screw up a lot and I ignore you too I don't know why but I still love you You're my best friend I know we can make it through let's make this friendship last and make it better and true I know you're getting sick of me I'm getting sick of myself too I don't know how many times I can say sorry to you But really, I am I'm such a fool I let such a wonderful friendship break in two I'm gonna push aside the past now I'm gonna be nicer to you I want to make this last and show what better I can do You're my best friend still and you're my favourite too Just remember the good times and I know we'll make it through
The Seeping Madness/broken Hearts
Madness seeping through every pore in my body its bitter taste beckoning to me to give in i don't want to it calls an calls out to me tempting me with PLEASURE, POWER, but i try keeping my distance.... Atleast i thought i was strong enough appears i've done it again tearing the heart out of another chest why have i done it again...whats wrong with me that makes 4 so one of them i'm trying to repair yes Brandy i mean you theres alot going on in your life an i can't do a fucking thing about its tearing me up inside that i can't be with you that i can't help other then talk... i want to do more i'm sorry for the shit i've done an the stupid choices i've made.. All i want is to make things better again an console you anyway i possibly can but it seems more an more that i'm just a failure of a man i'm 22 an still havn't amounted to anything i know you don't care but i do... GRRRRRR FUCKEN SHIT DAMMIT FUCK
My Son, My Soldier Im So Proud
Anna Nicole Smith
HOLLYWOOD, Fla. (AP) - A medical examiner began an autopsy Friday on Anna Nicole Smith, whose mother blamed drugs for the former Playboy playmate's sudden death that ended an extraordinary tabloid life at just 39. In another bizarre twist to the case, the husband of actress Zsa Zsa Gabor, Prince Frederick von Anhalt, claimed that he might be the father of Smith's infant daughter. Two other men are already waging a paternity battle over the little girl, who stands to inherit Smith's estate. Von Anhalt, 59, told The Associated Press he and Smith had been having an affair since the 1990s. "She wanted to be a princess," he said. "I think she had too many drugs, just like Danny (Smith's late son)," Smith's mother, Vergie Arthur, told ABC's "Good Morning America" on Friday. "I tried to warn her about drugs and the people that she hung around with. She didn't listen." "She was too drugged up," Arthur said. "By the last interview I saw of her, she was so wasted.
I am finding this whole thing here kind of strange... (ummm clearing my throat).. This so wrong because you all don't approach me in public but you do here.. My thoughts?? There is a new epidemic of brave people online that are total cowards out in the real time real life world.. Ok let the hating begin lol...
Swingbatt I Now Bloody Hate The Thing
stupid f*cking game!! f*ck me, what ever c*nt it was invented swingball wants b*stard boiling!!, there i am, batting f*ck out this ball when it f*cking smashes me right in the gob, i'm screeching me f*cking head off and i rip the c*nt out the ground, me f*cking neck is tangled up in the sh*tty string and i've gone down like a sack of sh*t on me a*se, it was'nt all bad like cause me mate's girl nursed me better burying my head on her,­ but anyway, i look up and theres me filthy old b*stard c*unt of a neighbour p*ssing himself at his door, "think its f*cking funny do ya, you fat smelly old f*cking t*at?" i'm shouting, "aye i f*cking do" he's shouting, "well laugh at this then ya withered old c*nt", i've grabbed the swingy pole sh*te and f*cking launched it javelin stylie straight through his f*cking window, he aint f*cking laughing now!!.
This Sucks
i am on house arrest right this moment and it one ever told me that being confinded to the house and all of its walls was gonna suck this bad.... holla at ya girl!!
Song Of The Day - 08/18/08 - Styx - Fooling Yourself (angry Young Man Edition)
Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man) - Styx You see the world through your cynical eyes You're a troubled young man I can tell You've got it all in the palm of your hand But your hand's wet with sweat and your head needs a rest And you're fooling yourself if you don't believe it You're kidding yourself if you don't believe it How can you be such an angry young man When your future looks quite bright to me How can there be such a sinister plan That could hide such a lamb, such a caring young man You're fooling yourself if you don't believe it You're kidding yourself if you don't believe it Get up, get back on your feet You're the one they can't beat and you know it Come on, let's see what you've got Just take your best shot and don't blow it You're fooling yourself if you don't believe it You're killing yourself if you don't believe it Get up, get back on your feet You're the one they can't beat and you know it Come on, let's see what you've got Just take
Song Of The Day - 08/18/08 - The Beastie Boys - Intergalactic (crazy Monkey Dancing Edition)
Intergalactic - Beastie Boys Intergalactic Planetary Planetary Intergalactic Another Dimension Another Dimension x5 Well now, don't you tell me to smile You stick around, I'll make it worth your while Got numbers beyond what you can dial Maybe it's because I'm so versatile Style, profile, I said It always brings me back, when I hear 'OOH child!' From the Hudson River out to the Nile I'll run the marathon to the very last mile If you battle me, I will revile People always say my style is wild You've got gall, you've got guile To step to me!? I'm a rapophile! If you want to battle you're in denial Coming from Uranus to check my style Go ahead, put my rhymes on trial Cast you off into exile Intergalactic planetary Planetary intergalactic x2 Jazz and Awol that's our team Step inside the party, disrupt the whole scene When it comes to beats, well I'm a fiend I like my sugar with coffee and cream Got to keep it going keep it going full steam Too sweet to be
Submissive Etiquette
Submissive Etiquette You will always refer to me as Ma’am. As your immersion progresses, you may wish to refer to me as Mistress, but I will never require that you do so. In your daily life, you are to both dress and conduct yourself in a manner you believe would be pleasing to me. You are to show kindness and consideration to others routinely. You are never to argue with me, but you are both free and encouraged to express your thoughts and feelings. It is my role to instruct you and your role to submit to my instruction. Your behavior is to always conform to your role. The Six Basic Skills of True Submission You are to review these six basic skills closely and strive to put them into practice as best as you are able. These form the bedrock of your submissive experience. 1. Honesty: Without honesty, there can be no trust. Without trust, true D/s cannot exist. You must pledge yourself to be purely honest with me in every conceivable way, as I must pledge the same to you.
August 31st is my last day on Fubar. So if you actually wanna talk to me after I leave, my myspace is... Either way, nice knowing yas. Well, the ones I actually talked to anyways.
Got The Munchies? I Know I Do!!! :-p
The Airwaves Are Getting Hott!!! Have you heard DJ Munchies, yet? If not, you have no idea what you're missing out on! He plays a lot of everything, and takes live requests. DJ Munchies plays every night from 11pm to 2am Central in The Love Shack. Stop by and get the Munchies!!! This bulletin brought to you with love from: ~Meagan~R/L GF/Fu-Wifey of DaMunchMan~Sarge's Bad Girls~ Who knows? Maybe you'll even catch me on the air!!!
Song Of The Day - 08/19/08 - Slipknot - Duality (two Of A Kind Edition)
Duality - Slipknot Duality - Slipknot I push my fingers into my eyes... It's the only thing that slowly stops the ache... But it's made of all the things I have to take... Jesus it never ends, it works its way inside... If the pain goes on... Aaaaaaah! I have screamed until my veins collapsed I waited as my time's elapsed Now all I do is live with so much hate I've wished for this, I've bitched at that I've left behind this little fact You cannot kill what you did not create Now,I've gotta say what I've gotta say And then I swear I'll go away But I can't promise you'll enjoy the noise I guess I'll save the best for last My future seems like one big past You're left with me 'cause you left me no choice I push my fingers into my eyes It's the only thing that slowly stops the ache If the pain goes on I'm not gonna make it Put me back together Or separate the skin from bone Leave me all the pieces Then you can leave me alone Tell me the reality Is
Won't Be On For A While.
I just wanted people to know that I won't be on for a while due to a Hurricane threat (Tropical Storm Fay). I will be back on as soon as I possibly can.
life is difficut but lot of person , can live with there stlye very happy .but what is most improtant in you life ?
Help Some Of These Ladies Out
Big Boobs are as American as Apple Pie!
Brigit Pendant Brighid
Brigit Pendant Brighid ~ Goddess of Fire, Healing and Smithcraft Pantheon: Celtic Element: Fire,Water Sphere of Influence: Abundance and Fertility Preferred colors: Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue Associated symbol: Eternal Flame, Mantle, Well Animals associated with: White, Red-eared Cow Best day to work with: Friday Best time to work with: Sunrise Strongest around Imbolc Suitable offerings: Fire, Coins, Blackberries Associated Planet: Venus Daughter of the Dagda, another aspect of Danu. Goddess of Fire, fertility, the hearth, and all feminine arts. She is believed to originally been honored as a Sun goddess. She is also associated with healing, physicians, agriculture, inspiration, learning, poetry, divination, prophecy, smithcraft, animal husbandry, occult knowledge. Other aspects of her are Brigid the Physician and Brigid the Smith. She is also the patron of other crafts such as wool-dying, weaving and brewing. A goddess of regeneration and abundance, she was greatly bel
~ Spell For Temperance ~
~ Spell for Temperance ~ If you are concerned about substance abuse or drinking, but don’t believe you are an addict or alcoholic, a spell for temperance (balance, moderation) can be a good choice, and is wise to perform during a waning Moon. On your altar, have representations of the four elements, a piece of amethyst, a symbol of substance use, and a symbol of sobriety (for example, a shot of whiskey and a shot glass full of water). Optional: the Temperance tarot card and a drum or rattle. Ground and center. Pick up each elemental symbol one at a time, saying “I am balanced by [air, fire, water, earth].” Repeat “I am balanced, I am temperate” over and over while drumming, rattling, or clapping your hands. Send power into the amethyst. Drink the water, saying, “I choose this.” Carry the amethyst with you as a temperance charm. Pour out the whiskey near your front door.
No One ~ Alicia Keys
I just want you close Where you can stay forever You can be sure That it will only get better You and me together Through the days and nights I don't worry 'cuz Everythings gonna be alright People keep talking They can say what they like But all I know is everything's gonna be alright No one no one no one Can get in the way of what I'm feeling No one no one no one Can get in the way of what I feel for you You you Can get in the way of what I feel for you When the rain is pouring down And my heart is hurting You will always be around This I know for certain You and me together Through the days and nights I don't worry cause Everythings gonna be alright People keep talking They can say what they like But all I know is everything's gonna be alright No one no one no one Can get in the way of what I'm feeling No one no one no one Can get in the way of what I feel for you You you Can get in the way of what I feel I know some people search the wo
hi guys if you wnat me to coffe or meet me its ok.. but bee gud boy lets talk about nice... im open minded to everything you like dont worry guys im model... im not bad girl if you want me chat me fiona@
Antivirus Program
what kind of anti virus program do you have
Red Colored Glasses
You See The World Through Red Colored Glasses You live your life with intensity. You have strong emotions and experience everything vividly. You judge all interactions through the lens of power. You determine who has the most power and how to improve your position. You face challenges with courage and strength. You can will your way through any problem. You see love as the utmost expression of your passions and desires. Your romantic life is very passionate and overwhelming. At your worst, you are easily angered and quick to fight. You will go to war with anyone. You are happiest when you are expending a lot of energy. And you love the feeling of danger! What Color Glasses Do You See the World Through?
Friendliness Score
Your Friendliness Score is 79 (Very Friendly) You are an amazing friend. Anyone who has you as a friend is incredibly lucky. And judging by how many friends you have, there are many lucky people in this world! You can talk to people easily, and you often turn strangers into friends. You are also a good listener. You are there for your friends when they need to vent, without judgment. Overall, you have a genuine interest in people and their lives. And your friends can tell. Taking time for your friends is very important to you. And because of this, you have lots of deep and meaningful friendships. How Friendly Are You?
What My Driving Says About Me
What Your Driving Says About You You are high strung and easily worked up. You have a heck of a temper, and you're ready to fight anyone who ticks you off! You tend to go by what you feel - not by the facts at hand. As a result, you tend to make a lot of uninformed decisions. You are not a fair person in the least. Justice be damned - you get whatever you can for yourself. You are an extremely tense, volatile person. Your reactions tend to be over the top. You have mixed feelings about authority figures. You understand their place, but you believe their power needs to be in check. You are not a very focused person. You have trouble walking and chewing gum at the same time! You don't feel a responsibility to anyone but yourself. You value your freedom more than anything else. Your ego is normally in check, but sometimes you get a bit egotistical. You tend to be a little self-important at times. What Does Your Driving Say About You?
You Are Impact You are very unique and quite striking. You are forceful and aggressive. You never go unnoticed, and people recognize your power instantly. While you make your presence known, your message is a bit fuzzy. You are not the easiest person to understand, and you're not one for details. What Font Are You?
Need To Level
i cant level peeps, no idea??? I cant rate your pics mate till my level increase please help:-)
Good Words
When you follow what you love in life, challengesCan be tough because the stakes are high. You set your whole heart on reaching your goal And you want, so badly, to succeed! It's not always easy. But, doing what you loveMeans that, each morning, you awaken with Passion and excitement at your core. It means you're finding hidden strengths you didn't Know you possessed. And, you're equipped to getOver obstacles and disappointments with grace. Most of all, it means no regrets. No matter what, you're living an exciting life, Doing what you were born to do!!! When the big positive things are compelling enough, you'll hardly notice the little negative things. When your focus is on accomplishing what is truly meaningful and significant, then the everyday distractions and annoyances become quite insignificant by comparison. In every moment, your focus is on one thing or another. When you can stay focused on the good and positive things that mean the most to you, the little an
~ Mars Day Charm ~
Today is Tuesday, ruled by Mars. Sacred to the god of war, this is a good time to prepare for conflict. Sometimes disputes resolve gracefully; other times, you must assert yourself in ways that other people just won’t like. Use this charm to store power for when you need to say no and make it stick. You will need a square of red cloth, red thread, and a red stone such as a garnet. You’ll also need at least one Mars herb such as garlic, thistle, or pepper, and an essential oil like dragon’s blood, galangal, or ginger. Bundle the herb and stone into the cloth, add one drop of essential oil, and tie with thread. Focus on absorbing the Mars energy of the day. When you need the stored power, apply one drop of essential oil to the bundle and one to your wrist, and carry the bundle with you.
*Blessed Freya's Day! *Light Green candles *Burn incense of Apple Blossom, Ambergris, Saffron, Verbena, Sandalwood, Myrtle *Friday is ruled by Venus *Friday's angel is Haniel *Friday's stones: Emerald, Rose Quartz, Amber, Jade *Work with Love, friendships, affection, partnerships, money, sex, protection, healing *Lucky Sign: Friday Is The Lucky Day For Taurus And Libra *Dieties: Freya, Diana, Aphrodite & Venus, Asherah, Auriel & Uriel, Bes, Brighid, Corn_Maiden, Dionysus & Bacchus, Elaine, Eros & Cupid, Frigg & Frigga, Hathor, Hestia & Vesta, Inanna & Ishtar, Nerthus, Sirtur are honored today.
Elaine ~ The Triple Goddess (maiden)
Pantheon: Celtic Element: Water Sphere of Influence: Passion and Laughter Preferred colors: Blue Best day to work with: Friday Associated Planet: Waxing Moon The maiden aspect of the triple goddess. She is passion, viatlity, beauty. She is the impetuosity of youth, the joy of spring.
Naughty Application
"!!NAUGHTY APPLICATION !!! Your Name: Age: Location: 1.Favorite position: 2.Do you think I'm cute?. 3.Would you have sex with me? 4.lights on or off? 5.Would you have to be drunk? 6. Would you take a shower with me? 7.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 8.Would you leave after or stay the night? 9.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 10.Condom or skin? 11.Have sex on the first date? 12.Would you kiss me during sex 13.Do you think I would be good in bed /? 14.Would you use me as a booty call? 15.Can I use you as a booty call? 16.Can we take pictures of the act? 17.How long would we have sex? 18.Would you tell your friends about me? 19.Would you want me for a b/f , g/f or friend? 20. Will you fill this out & send it back to me?" Also < IF YOU HAD ME ALONE, LOCKED UP IN YOUR ROOM FOR A WEEK & I HAD TO DO WHAT EVER YOU WANTED ME TO DO, WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH ME? TELL ME IN MY INBOX... CUZ ITS A SECRET...
think about droping this
Taking A Break
thinking of not coming in for a while need to get my head back on right. so bye bye to all my friends and families. I'll see u on the wrong side of the road maybe. time for this trucker to hit the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Private Pics...
They are private for a reason, only people i add to family are able to see them!
The Time Has Come For Juggalo Metal?
damn lo's and lette's i know i've been M.I.A for a couple of days but what a couple of days it has been. i had a dream the other night and it was juggalo metal. the sound was just off the fucking hook. all i could see was rows and rows of juggalos in a mosh pit that seemed to have no end. they were pummping their fists high into the air and banging their heads like like psychotic freaks and it was me and 4 other cats that i cannot put a face on on the stage just fucking cranking out the most wicked fresh metal that would just blow your fucking heads off.i have played guitar for years and never really did anything with it. and the past few days since this dream music has just beem flying out of my fingers like wild fire. i don't know how to explain it but it's an almost orgasmic i have had my 4 track running and recording all of this shit. could this be a calling from the carnival? i don't know but it is a hella strong driving force for me right now and i have to answer it. d
That's Mine!
"I got that one!"... "Well I own all the green ones! There's another one now!" ... "I want all the cars that start with letter "C"" then a loud scream, "MAAAAAA! he's touchin people." That's driving along with chilcren in the car. In particular, driving ... or riding in my case, along with siblings in the car that my mother... a single parent/divorcee'... was driving in or/around Chicago to and from my grandma's house. The "I got that" syndrome was our infantile claim for future desires... wants... and what could become goals, with the right idiom applied. Mine developed NORMALLY... as for my siblings, I can not determine where they got off. One brother, a US MARINE Leatherneck (at his father's suggestion) self acclaimedly "never wanted to be RESPONSIBLE. Get that... an IRRESPONSIBLE Marine!" And another Marine who digs potatoes...(every woman who was ever a little girl that jumped rope knows what that means)... at the mention of entering a HEALTH CLUB... BALLY's to be specific. What'
Girl Falls Off Bike
girl falls off bike
My Olypmpic Event Is
Olympics Quiz by fun quizzes!Fun Quizzes | Quizes for MySpace » MySpace Quizzes
I'm A Tiny Cum Guzzler.
I came to the bar today to find a man to have a glass of wine with and let nature take its course!! Check out my personal bolg at Also check out... for some hot live action!! Pm me guys, lets start drinking. P.S my cam is on LIVE right now. Check my personal blog for more details!! kisses xox
Married Life
Once apon a time I fell in love with this man,who became my husband.Things went well for a while then shortly after things started to unravel.I cannot understand for the life of me why he is like the way he is now.Mind you,I am NOT talking about this to get a sorry ear so much as I need to get this shit off my mind in written form (I guess in this case typed out). My love for him is dimming quick with every passing moment.Anytime now his mouth opens to speak I start feeling sick,wondering what stupidness will spill forth. He seems the lack to understand how the real world works and is a hopeful dreamer.I can understand some of his actions/words are ment in well and good however alot of it is pure cannon fodder.The other day is a good case of the madness I have to deal with.... Yesterday morning the only truck we have spiked in temp. to 250 degrees for a second and then it went down.While my husband was driving it back home. Now he never tells me this shit as I left to go see my f
Making Love In The Kitchen
She was standing in the kitchen preparing to boil eggs for breakfast, wearing only the 'T' shirt that she normally slept in. As I walked in almost awake, She turned and said softly, 'You've got to make love to me this very moment.' My eyes lit up and I thought, 'I am either still dreaming or This is going to be my lucky day.' Not wanting to lose the moment, I embraced her and then gave it my all; right there on the kitchen table. Afterwards she said, 'Thanks,' and returned to the stove, her 'T' shirt still around her neck. A little puzzled, I asked, 'What was that all about?' She explained, 'The egg timer's broken.'
Hallway Fantasy
You call me on your way home and in a stern tone, no idle chit chat, no laughter, no smile in your voice, you tell me to have your drink, your smoke, and the leash ready for you. You demand casually that I be in the black fishnets with the red lace tops and the 7" black stilettos, nothing else. I assure you I will be ready and you hang up with an almost growled "I love you, my slut." My heart races a million beats per second at your peculiar mood, and I run around the kitchen to the bedroom to get everything ready. I pull my hair up into a high ponytail and slick on a heavy layer of liquid black eyeliner with one hand and a shiny pout of blood red lipstick that won't even come off if you pour turpentine on it. I know you'll be irked at the thought of tasting the lipstick, but will delight in seeing my painted lips sliding up and down your cock, so I chance it anyway. I hear your heavy footsteps follow a car door slamming and haul ass to the foyer, pulling the leather handle of
The Cabin
It seemed like she had been driving all day, the afternoon sun's rays long since softened into evening. Hours and hours it had felt like, listening to the quiet hum of her tires against the pavement. Nervously she licked her lips as she glanced down at the single sheet of white paper resting against the center console. One single line of text sat in the exact center. "Meet me in the mountains. You know the place." She did know the place. It was her family's old hunting cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It had been empty for a long time, of people anyway. The old metal bunks still stood, the haphazard and mismatched living room set still sat arranged as it had been years ago, the strong wooden beams still held the roof sturdy after all this time. It was a picturesque little cabin, made for generations of hunters, but it was sparse on the inside, giving just enough comfort for a night before heading out into the snow at dawn. The fireplace in the common area was enormous, its mas
A Day To Remember
Kittyn awoke knowing it was the day. She had visualized this day many times, never really believing it would actually happen. Daddy had taken her fantasy and turned it into reality. She had been put to bed early last night with instructions to sleep late, but not too late. She stretched and got herself out of bed. She decided to take a long, hot shower to loosen up her muscles and allow herself to be perfectly groomed. Daddy had taken her to a spa yesterday, getting her a full Brazilian wax, as well as getting her legs waxed. She loved the silky feeling of her now smooth skin. Daddy had also said that if she was a good girl today, he'd take her back tomorrow for a full spa day. She stepped into the hot spray, lathering up her favorite vanilla body washing and cleansing her skin. She washed her long red hair, and treated herself to a deep conditioning treatment. She rinsed her hair and stood for a few moments under the hot spray, letting her muscles relax. She stepped out of the sho
Ebony's G-spot
The G spot was the hottest strip club in town. Going to the strip club was usually her Daddy's idea. But being the submissive she was Ebony loved watching the women in the strip club perform. The fantasies they gave her were never ending. Her Daddy knew that about her and loved her reaction every time they went. He especially loved watching his little one in the VIP rooms getting lap dances and the other perks that came with it. He knew she enjoyed the club sometimes more than he did. It was her Daddy's birthday and her question of what he wanted the most was met with a quick answer, a trip to the G spot. This was their favorite strip club but she wasn't sure how this could be anything special for his birthday. Even though Ebony wasn't sure, she could never deny her Daddy anything. She got dressed for the club making sure everything including her outfit was awesome. Ebony loved dressing for her Daddy because he always reminded her how beautiful she was in and out of clothing. Tonig
Daddy's Babydoll
The air was cool, as she slipped her dress from her slender shoulders. She looked towards the window and walked over, carefully shutting it then drawing the curtains. There was no need for her neighbors to see her private life, even though they barely know her and she barely knows them. She had recently moved into the area two months ago after leaving the security of her parent's home in order to accept her "dream job" in the neighboring state. She walks towards the closet and retrieves the latex corset, latex stockings, and stiletto heels. As previously instructed, she dons the submissive clothes that He had picked out for her just two days ago. She attaches the golden nipple clamps which are connected to one another with a chain to her already stiffened and engorged nipples. With a sharp hiss of air being rapidly drawn between tightly clenched teeth, she can feel the highly erotic stinging sensations growing increasingly present in her throbbing nipples. She briefly admires hersel
A Sub's Morning
I awoke on my knees with my arms painfully tied above me. I tried to move my legs and realized they were stretched between a pair of bars. I couldn't stand with my knees strapped together. I sighed trying to stretch at least parts of my body, it was unfortunately not working. I leaned forward stretching my back, pushing my nipples out forward, that's when I heard him, his heavy footsteps on the floorboards. Dear goddess, what have I done this time? The door opened and I saw a bit of light flood the room. I looked around trying to assess where he had me in the house. The door shut behind him and once again the room was dark. I looked up at him as he stood in front of me. "You're pouting little one." I hadn't realized I was "Yes, Daddy." I looked at the floor. "You know better don't you?" his voice was calm. "Y..yes Daddy," I stammered over the words this time. The room was too dark I wasn't prepared for it, I felt the back of his hand sharply across my cheek. Tears c
The Good Girl
The text message on her phone simply says, "you will submit to your Daddy tonight." When Amy gets that text she knows what I expect. She knows when I will be arriving and she knows what she must do. Its not a long laundry list of things. I have my standards and she knows that they must be met. I am flexible to be sure. Amy knows that when she submits that she must be cleanly shaven. I have no use for cute pussy hair trimmings, she knows exactly what she is to wear. Though like I said before she has some flexibility. If she chooses to wear the football jersey she must have wear thong panties and have the vibrating egg already in her shaved pussy. Its kept on a low speed just enough to stimulate but nowhere close to getting her off. If she chooses to wear the nightie, she doesn't have to have the egg in but she must not wear any panties. In either case she has a butt plug firmly nestled in her ass. She knows as soon as she gets the text message that she needs to put it in. She doe
Daddy's Princess
At the age of eighteen You had took me in when i had no where else to go, You was like the dad i had never had. Over the past six years id drifted from place to place and when the job at the local store working at night came available i didn't think id get it but tried and to my surprise i did get it. Working the late shift was when we met, You came in for some groceries and we got chatting. You came in regularly from then on and i did not hesitate to say yes when You offered to take me out for a coffee. From the beginning i told You everything, my age and my upbringing, You were so easy to talk to and You asked where i lived. Blushing and lowering my eyes i told You of the room i had in a house that was full of drunks and junkies. You offered me the spare room in Your house rent free but i would be more like Your house keeper than a lodger and i had to promise to enrol back in school. You let me have time to think it over and although i wanted to jump at the offer straight away i l
Ebony's Tattoo
Ebony looked in the mirror that morning admiring her choclet skin trying to find the perfect spot for her Daddy's mark. Of course it was his decision where it went. But she enjoyed wondering where it would go. She admired the symbol and name she already wore that bore the name he gave her. His voice quickly brought her back to reality and into the tattoo parlor where they now sat. Ebony stood and walked behind her Daddy and into the backroom. She nervously looked around as her Daddy explained to the tattoo artist what his baby would be getting and where. Her Daddy told the man he wanted two tattoos so they would need a second artist. He said they could both be done at the same time. Her Daddy gave the man a paper that spelled out specifically want he wanted both tattoos to say and where he wanted each placed. The man couldn't help but think this must be some kind of joke. Surely this tall dark man did not want these words tattooed where he said he did. Ebony couldn't help but notice
Daddys New Toy
I stepped off the plane, treading carefully down the metal ramp in my five inch black pumps, and starting searching through the crowd of people. Somewhere in that ocean of faces He stood waiting for me. I tugged at the hem of my black nylon dress, a little self conscious in its short length , knowing I was bare bottomed underneath it. I scanned the airport waiting room. There were men of all shapes and sizes: tall handsome men, short balding ones, some that looked like fashion models straight from Paris. No big surprise; after all,this was Los Angeles California, the city of beautiful people. But I didn't see Him. The man I had traveled hours for, the man I had waited my entire life for. I was reaching into my bag for my cell phone when I felt a hand fly up between my legs from behind. A voice whispered through my hair: "Don't move lil'slutgirl, Daddy wants to inspect you." I felt His body press flat against my back as his fingers probed deeper inside me. Hundreds of people mi
Eddie Grant- Do You Feel My Love
"A slave who lies to her Master, either won't be owned long, or is owned by a fool."
I require that a girl ALWAYS voluntarily submits - but that isn't enough, she must submit *joyfully*.
"By your words, you shall be known."
Defines A Man
"What defines a man? His actions.. his words... his integrity... his honesty."
Men Love Women
"Men love women. Men own and dominate women. Those two things do not exist separately for me."
A Master protects his slave and those of others even when he has no self interest in doing so. This is the sign of one who is truly worthy of the title Master.."
Beyound Desire
"A male is neither man nor Master if all he can do is force a girl to bend to his will .. it takes a Master to take her beyond desire .. to need."
Zero 7 - Destiny
Stone Roses - I Wanna Be Adored
Kid Rock N Rev Run Again Woot
J. Geils Band Lead Singer Again Woot
Hip-hop Lounge Wont Play This
hip-hop always had a message since it started video's like this is ture hip-hop open ur eyes and ears to the real music
Song Of The Day - 08/26/08 - D12 - Fight Music (ld Was Late Today Ediiton)
Fight Music - D12 Fight Music - Eminem, D12 [Chorus: Eminem] This kind of music, use it, and you get amped to do shit Whenever you hear some shit and you can't refuse it It's just some shit, for these kids, to trash they rooms with Just refuse whenever they asked to do shit The type of shit that you don't have to ask who produced it You just know - that's the new shit The type of shit that causes mass confusion and drastic movement of people actin stupid [Kon Artist] I come to every club with intention to do wrong With a prosthetic arm And smelling like Boone's Farm Hiding under tables as soon as I hear alarms Paranoid thief that'll steal from his own moms Kunivin Kon Artis with a bomb Strapped to my stomach screamin' "Let's get it on!" A lust that love the drank Drunk driving a tank Rolling over a bank Cops see me and faint It's drastic I'm passed my limit of coke I think I'll up my high by slitting your throat Push a baby carriage into the street
Water Sign (pisces) Thats Me
Pisces: 19 February - 20 March Sensitive, imaginative, intuitive - but indecisive, changeable and unrealistic too and that's what Pisces is and more. There are two planets specifically associated with the sign, Jupiter and Neptune. Both of these planets lend their energies to expanding the imagination and letting your feelings run free. No wonder the other signs seem dutiful and dull in comparison. Pisces is the sign of the psychic, the healer, the intuitive who is in tune with the synchronicities of the universe. Pisces nature is emotional, sensitive and subjective. Your imagination and intelligence are subtly insightful. The Pisces soul is one of mystery and longing. As mentioned, Pisces is a sign that deeply reflects its ruler, Neptune, the planet of fantasy and illusion, romanticism and phantasmagoria, compassion, sympathy and the supernatural. The Pisces mind is like no other. Like a vast, swirling ocean, the Piscean inner world is a rich tapestry of impressions and se
Beautiful Words
if there was no sun your beauty would still light up the skies like you do my eyes there is no sunset in this world that could even come close to comparing to your beauty and there are no words that could even tell just how beautiful you really are cause your beauty would put the most beautiful angel sent down from heaven to shame
Is There Love
if there was no sun your beauty would still light up the skies like you do my eyes there is no sunset in this world that could even come close to comparing to your beauty and there are no words that could even tell just how beautiful you really are cause your beauty would put the most beautiful angel sent down from heaven to shame
When People Talk About Love
When people talk about love they usually mean the feelings between two people. If you dont give it nourishment love can become bitter and cold; and cause it to fall apart and die. With the right nourishment it can grow to be a beautiful feeling. Love is like a rose with the right nourishment it can grow to be a beautiful flower. If it is not nourished it will wither and die. So if you have love keep it happy and nourished and one day it will be the best thing in the world you could ever dream of having.
Untill U Came Into My Life
ntill you come into my life it has been full of missory and pain. My world was crashing done around me and I felt my heart going cold and then the thought of you entered my mind and all I could think of was you in my life. Now that i have you my heart has mended itself and has grown to love you. You are the very person my heart has long for and waited for to come and show me love again. You have come and turned my world right side up and changed the course of my life for the good. My heart beats every passing minute to hold you in my arms. The thought of you makes me quiver with satification that i am the one you choose to have and hold. With every passing time were not together my heart longs to see you and my mind plays tricks on me. I will always love you with every breath i take you are my one and only true love.
When I Wish Upon A Star
when i wish upon a star i wish you were near and not so far but that star tells me that your not as far as you seem to someone must be wishing on the same bright star and getting the wishes i wish for i wish you were near and not so far cause you are my shinning star
Love That Once Was
In a world full of sorrow and pain two hearts come together to love each other. They fall in each others arms to never leave the other so that they might never have to be alone again. Many days pass and their love grow stronger for the other until a day when she meets his best friend and says she feel in love with him and she took the boys heart with her when she left. To this day he loves her but he knows that he will never find her again so he falls to his knees and prays that he will find a love true and kind that will never leave him. He prays for a woman to come into his life and change everything for the best and someday this will happen but untill then he stays strong to himself helping others with their relationship problems so that he wont be hurt while he waits.
heres the story and i hope yall can follow this...... when meeting someone new on the internet, i have learned that most expect a girl to put out at the first meeting. if not they are called the worst names you can imagine....however, when still talking to the person you have met, you explain on the net just what your expectations are and what you will and will not do on a first date. now my question is, why after filling ur head full of BS is this guy expecting me to do what he says when he says it and how he wants it? there are some who say they repect womens feelings in the matter but when it comes down to it, they actually push the hardest...they lie the most..then once they get what they want..POOF!! it dont matter if it took them months to get it or not....the calls stop, the texts stop, no more hangin out....and then one day out of the blue you would most likely run into this person on the street. they would claim to be one of ur oldest friends and yet while you have ur back
Places To Kiss Your Lover
Behind their ear. Tip of their nose. Back of their neck. Underside of their forearm. Curve of their waist. Palm of their hand. Inside their wrist. Under their chin. Their eyelids. Inside of their ankle. Their collar bone. Tips of their fingers. Their spine. Small of their back. Their tummy. Behind their knees.
Meanings Of A Kiss
Kiss on the hand - I adore you. Kiss on the cheek - I just want to be friends. Kiss on the chin - You are cute! Kiss on the neck - I want you. Kiss on the lips - I love you. Kiss on the ears - Let's have some fun. Kiss anywhere else - You're the best.
Types Of Kisses
Below you will find a variety of kiss types. If you find some that catch your fancy, feel free to try them :-) Butterfly Kiss - With your faces less than a breath away, open and close your eyelids against your partners. If done correctly, the fluttering sensation will match the one in your heart. Cheek Kiss - A friendly, "I really like you" kiss. Often the preferred kissing method of a first date. With your hands on your partner's shoulders, gently brush your lips across her cheek. Earlobe Kiss - Gently sip and suck the earlobe. Avoid louder sucking noises as ears are sensitized noise detectors. Eskimo Kiss - With your faces less than a breath apart, gently rub your noses together. Eye Kiss - Hold your partner's head with both hands and slowly move their head in the direction you wish your kiss to go... then slowly kiss up towards your partner's eyes and give them a tender kiss on top of their closed eyes. Eyelid Kiss - While your partner is resting/sleeping wit
Looking For Djs & Promos
University Of Michigan's Hell Pits...
I FELL INTO ONE... or nearly did. That's right, the BOARDING HOUSES where anyone that qualifies as a student in between classes can live for three months until their on campus dorm or apartment is available again. It would have been hell and of course, I would have been the DOMINATRIX of the thing. No way was I gonna live down to any of their standards... clothes thrown around the livingroom pots all over the kitchen and elsewhere an worse...people all over everywhere all hours of the night...and DAY! GAHHHHHHHH! I didn't go there... HURON TOWERS offered vacancies in their 21 floor twin buildings.. a row of duplexes opened up on ANN ARBOR's hill area.. and I moved into a culdesac. Them kids were gonna be in for a three month term with hell if I had moved in. NO THANKS U of M.... keep that.
Def Leppard- Animal
Michael Jackson- Bad
Music Video: Bad by (Michael Jackson) Music Video Code by Video Code Zone
Just Another Site
There is no diffrence between this site, Adult Space, and My Space, its the same types of people just with diffrent faces, in fact, they should change the name to wasted space, it fits the crime. i came here has a invite to cheek it out, and i did. we have all come to the conclusion a cock is a cock and a pussy is a pussy but who on here has a heart?
I can not belive, there are people on fubar, incluing the staff, tha think someone would hurt them selves over some a$$ hole on this site. I poasted a mumm earlyer for the "mumm haters" ... long story short it said how would you like to see me die.... IT WAS A FUCKING JOKE!!!!!!!!!! Grow up people, the management of this site need to do the same.. If you are in management of fubar and you are reading this... you cut me off when i tried to poast a comment to my mumm stating that it was just a joke! Get over yourelves fubar... my world does not circle around this site. And futher more....ITS AN ADULT SITE!!!!!!!!!! Maybe the prissy a$$es that can not handle a little bit of PG 13 need to go back to FU%#ING MYSPACE and play with the little girls and boys.
This Does Work Ya Know :)
Law Of Satanism
Lex talionis, the Law of Retaliation (lex/legis f. nom, "law" and talio/talionis f. gen, "retaliation, returning like unto like") informed much of LaVey's Satanic formulation. "Do unto others as they do unto you" supplanted the directive to "do unto others as you would have them do unto you", so that you are only to give compassion and sympathy to those who deserve it. It is a reactive rule, compared with the Christian proactive rule; by the rule, love, compassion, and sympathy are not to be wasted upon "ingrates"; these are to be given only to those who the practitioner feels deserves them. The religion of Satanism, as LaVey espouses it, is centered almost exclusively upon the concept of being one's own god; as such, values and attachments such as love, affection, and caring, along with opposing concepts such as hate and wrath, are to be disseminated at the discretion of the individual Satanist. LaVey felt that intelligent and strong people spent too much time caring for psychic vampi
In Between
Let me apologize to begin with Let me apologize for what I'm about to say But trying to be genuine was harder than it seemed But somehow I got caught up in between Let me apologize to begin with Let me apologize for what I'm about to say But trying to be someone else was harder than it seemed But somehow I got caught up in between Between my pride and my promise Between my lies and how the truth gets in the way The things I want to say to you get lost before they come The only thing that's worse than one is none Let me apologize to begin with Let me apologize for what I'm about to say But trying to regain your trust was harder than it seemed But somehow I got caught up in between Between my pride and my promise Between my lies and how the truth gets in the way The things I want to say to you get lost before they come The only thing that's worse than one is none The only thing that's worse than one is none And I cannot explain to you In anything I say or
"1-900" Income
I CAME UP WITH "PRONTO LOTTO" as an answer to LOTTERY PLAYERS need to gt access to mutiple winning lottery numbers in the MIDWET STATES. My 1-90 numberwould provide up to date info on draings for MICHIGAN, NEW YORK, OHIO, INDIANA, ILLINOIS, WICONSIN and CANADA (across the line from Detroit)... but never came into being BECAUSE the UTAH originating venor for the 1-900 INFO SERVICE "get rich quick" business failed to provide numbers purchased for $500 during a conference held in Southeast Michigan in 1990. The closest i got to starting that business was to pay the monies, originate outlines for use of my 6 purchased lines; and relay my intended use of the company communication links.
A Minute....
Hello everyone! I finally have a minute to sit down and update this thing. I remember when I used to be able to sit down at least once a week! LOL! So, Kade started school last week.....6th grade! Whew! That is hard to believe. It seems like only yesterday, I was taking him to his first day of Kindergarten. He is loving his new teachers and is still attending the magnet school. This year, in preparation for Jr. High, he is switching classes all day...and he LOVES it. Other than that, things with his medications have become much more stabilized. He is very happy, healthy and adjusting back to life as he knew it! I am proud of him every day for the things he has endured in his short life! He is going to be a strong man one day! I am still working myself to death most of the time. Just trying to stay one step ahead. One day things might slow down, but for now, it is keeping my mind occupied and off of other things! I'm still looking for that one man ready to settle down! LOL! W
New Pics..
Yeah I'm being vein, so check'em out!
Are You Martha Or Maxine..??????
ARE YOU MARTHA OR MAXINE..??????? MARTHA: Stuff a miniature marshmallow in the bottom of an ice cream cone to prevent ice cream drips. MAXINE: Just suck the ice cream out of the bottom of the cone, for Pete's sake! You are probably lying on the couch with your feet up eating it, anyway! MARTHA: To keep potatoes from budding, place an apple in the bag with the potatoes. MAXINE: Buy Hungry Jack mashed potato mix. Keeps in the pantry for up to a year. MARTHA: When a cake recipe calls for flouring the baking pan, use a bit of the dry cake mix instead and there won't be any white mess on the outside of the cake. MAXINE: Go to the bakery! Hell, they'll even decorate it for you! MARTHA: If you accidentally over-salt a dish while it's still cooking, drop in a peeled potato and it will absorb the excess salt for an instant 'fix-me-up.' MAXINE: If you over-salt a dish while you are cooking, that's too bad. Please recite with me the real woman'
The Witches Federal Law Memorandum
The First Amendment; Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances." The Witches Federal Law Memorandum Statement of the Facts: Witchcraft in the United States is a living, growing religion. As a religion, Witchcraft is protected by the Constitution. The Law has the obligation to serve and protect Witches in their religious endeavors, equally as much as it protects the rights and freedoms of other groups. In the United States today, Witches are entitled to the same rights and protections as other groups under the First and Fourteenth Amendments. ISSUE I: Is Witchcraft recognized as a legitimate religion in the United States? Witchcraft is recognized in the United States as a legitimate religion. In 1985, Dettmer v Landon (617 F Supp 592) th
09/03/08 - Hinder - Nothin' Good About Goodbye (and Thats The Truth Edition)
SONG VERSION BELOW Nothin Good About Goodbye - Hinder LYRICS BELOW I rolled up my sleeves today Cause I thought that this was over But then you called to say You forgot that broach of your mother's Every time I try to cut the cord You come crawling back with some excuse You forgot something There's nothing good about goodbye I could swear I saw you cry I always knew you'd wind up falling harder There's nothing good about goodbye Just say goodbye I rolled up my sleeves today Cause I thought that this had ended But then you called again To tell me how you're gonna blow my best friend And every time I try to cut the cord You come crawling back with some excuse You forgot something There's nothing good about goodbye I can swear I saw you cry I always knew you'd wind up falling harder Falling harder Every story has two sides In the he-said-she-said fight Always knew you'd wind up falling Falling harder There's nothing good about goodbye Just say go
09/04/08 - Nonpoint - Bring Me Down (try It Edition)
SONG BELOW Bring Me Down - Nonpoint LYRICS BELOW I'm gonna make it rain on you. I'm gonna bring the pain to you. Put you through a nightmare that you'll never wanna sleep again. And when you open, you open your eyes I hope you've said your last goodbyes. And all your hoping to see my demise Is only causing me to rise You can try hard, hard as you can You're never gonna bring me down You're gonna fight but i'm gonna win You're never gonna bring me down You really think you have a chance Against the army in my head Fighting like you took my children And say I'll never see them again You can't understand how serious I take the way you look at me My intention isn't to discuss this It's to see if you can bleed You can try hard, hard as you can You're never gonna bring me down You're gonna fight but I'm gonna win You're never gonna bring me down
Whats Up
I am trying to get the hang of this. If anyone wants to talk, send me a message. :) Take care
if you want me come and get me if you more hot im here for you ifm you like to talk to me chat me in ayhoo messanger...
With Arms Wide Open
standing before the one and only, i stand with arms wide open waiting to receive the judgement that is going to be delivered my life is about to change and i close my eyes hoping the time that i have to live is given a much needed boost! with bated breath i wait, unsure of what the powers to be are thinking! after days of struggle to reach a consensus, it has come to this, time to take the decision is now! as i take a breath i wait to know my fate i wait to know if my appeal to live life has been granted or denied! i wait with arms wide open ready to receive the judgement that is going to be handed out to me!
Dyeing To Express
It seems like i’ve been sleeping For a thousand years without a thought without a purpose without a voice without a soul until you walked into my life. All this time All these years I can’t believe, I couldn’t see I can’t believe, I was in the dark With you so near me. Now that I know what I’m without- don’t let me die here don’t leave me breathe yourself into me make me feel real bring me to life! I’m always thinking of you thinking of expressing myself but my words just blow away just blow away, when I look at you It always ends up to one thing I just can’t think of the right words to say. How can you know me so much And I know you If nothing is true? I know you understand me But why do you feel the need to tease me? Why don’t you just tell me It might be easier to please me Anywhere I go anywhere I look I cannot find a better person than you should I tell you how awful it feels giving off our time alone don’t you feel the pain
Into The Sunset
once always a madrush every single day and night lots of things to do, lots of places to go to. time, i wish i had plenty of caught in the swirl of madness running helter and skelter dreams shoved away to a corner! time came to a standstill the moment you entered my life darkness that filled my soul has been replaced by the sweetness of your smile! sitting here lost in the thoughts of you time has come to a standstill prolonging the pain of not being with you! thinking about the moment standing before you, looking into your eyes, i whisper the words that’s tearing my heart apart! as i wait for the moment that will bring us closer, i just wish time comes to a standstill when you and me walk hand in hand into the sunset!
Down To Earth
tapping to the song being played out i sat quietly sipping a refreshing drink the lyrics seem to be very known yet my mind is far away from it the music is what i hear the music is what i am listening to! legs wanting to clamber onto the dance floor my mind travelling somewhere far away my soul flying in the darkness inside me my body stays rooted to the seat tired of dancing every single week i sought a respite from this seeking to end this once and for all i removed the dancing shoes and threw them away! now, tapping to the song playing right now i think of the time when i threw everything away for life! my mind is still travellling somewhere far away my soul is still flying in the darkness inside me my body is still rooted to the seat and my legs continue tapping with the new shoes that keep me firmly on the ground!
Life In Darkness
a sparkle in your eyes a flutter in my heart happiness like never before thats what i feel when i see you! one smile in your face wipes away the frown on my face heart beating once alone now finds home in the arms of a special someone as i wind along the roads travelling like a man on a mission leaving behind the empty and sad faces that line up after a hard day’s work passion beating deep down inside and i pictured you waiting patiently for us to walk down the sands of time together, with love lighting our path; as my thoughts gather momentum, the urge to break down the barrier that i built around myself grows stronger and stronger! with my resolve slowly breaking down, under the spell that my heart has found itself in a confused mind smiles in the twilight dreaming of a life in the darkness!
Enjoy The Show
with the game long over i made my way out of the ground being neither the winner nor the loser played my part so damn well i came out in high spirits even though it ended in a dull draw with the skies sporting a dull grey look i walked away from the main road into the offbeat path! a solitairy bird flew over my head and like a plane on a air show put on a performance befitting a gold medal questions buzzing inside my head already now started crawling with more velocity why? what? how come? where? when? how? plenty of questions to choose from yet the answers evaded me all the time; barrage of questions everyday; trying to find a reason for all that happened! questioning everything that’s happening! the more i searched for answers the more harder it became to find one! venturing out of the madness that i despised i created a new madness inside me! tension building inside me all the time, thoughts weighing me down every minute, tired of search
Beginning Of The End
flowing like the waters from the mountain top you slowly engulfed all my thoughts; as darkness crawled upon me and covered my soul and heart i left life and entered a new world full of bright, twinkling light! gazing up into the sky with the stars for company i began to drift away into the beauty of the night! like a meteor lighting up the night sky, like a flood washing away everything in its path, you came in and swept me off my feet, swept me off this darkness and back into the light! unsure of where i belong with thoughts of you on one side and darkness extending its hand from the other! clouds of whispers kiss my ears as the angel speaks to me and tries to set my soul free; while the devil devil plays inside my mind to take me back to darkness; i wonder why i am still not dead! standing on the edge, with a game in full flow i am just waiting for it to end, i am waiting for a new beginning!
standing at the shadows with the sun fading away into the horizon hand in hand, we stand watching the waves lap at our feet; a gentle breeze catches your hair and lightly blows it in my way, caressing my senses and causing me to lose my breath; standing there in silence, heart beats filled the empty air; with darkness closing from all sides love emanating from us, we stood there; reactions unknown, to the words that i say; dreams of a joyous future suppressed inside; i pen my words as poems to set my soul free; while dreams of us continue to haunt me day and night; desire transforming into dreams now wander through my mind, searching for a release to become as one, with you by my side. as the sun settles beneath the horizon, the gentle sound of the waves sing lullabies with my emotions weighing me down every day i hold your hand in mine, safely cuddled in my dreams!
Your Birth Chart Says...
and he went on to talk until he was a bunch of rattled nerves. He ended the phone call with, "Ikay, I'll tell ya what. I'm mailing this now... my friend finished it... I'm gonna send it to you then when you have it, let me know. Call me or I'll call you when ithink you haveit.. I'll tell you what it's saying. He hung up the phone and whatever spooked my friend and EX-coworker who was now a proud resident in training in the nation of AUSTRALIA, was sittin gon him and him alone. I did not have a clue of what his problem was. Dave used to tell me about how he was a hippie, he road a motorcycle and one day he was going to trip off into that mentality again/ After he made his quota of income for an annual salary. Evidently, my sun signs were a bomb for the future in the particular alignment devised by his friend... a professional astrologist. Dave's wife had agreed... in testimony... to the terror on her husband's face. It was something to be concerned about. I never found out EXACTLY wh
Bill Melendez, ’peanuts’ Animator -- And Voice Of Snoopy -- Dies At 91
In his nearly 70-year career, the animator worked on Disney films including 'Fantasia' and 'Bambi,' and Warner Bros. characters such as Bugs Bunny. He's best known for the 'Charlie Brown' specials. By Charles Solomon, Special to The Times September 4, 2008 Animator, director and producer Jose Cuautemoc "Bill" Melendez, whose television programs and theatrical films featuring Charles Schulz's "Peanuts" characters earned four Emmy Awards, an Oscar nomination and two Peabody Awards, died Tuesday at St. John's hospital in Santa Monica, according to publicist Amy Goldsmith. He was 91. Melendez's career extended over nearly seven decades, including stints at Walt Disney Studios, Leon Schlesinger Cartoons (which later was sold to Warner Bros.), United Productions of America and Playhouse Pictures. In 1964, he established Bill Melendez Productions, where he created his best-known works, including the holiday classic "A Charlie Brown Christmas" (1965). Over the years, his films were honor
Goodbye Grandpa
Good Bye Grandpa Current mood: depressed Wendsday morning @ 929 am I lost my Grandfather. Jack Shmidle died in his home of heart failure at 90 years of age. Loved my grandfather very much, he was a wonderfull man and lived a life many wish they could have. Raised 3 Grand champion Appaloosa horses, wrangler and stunt man for Roy Rogers, old drinking buddy of Merle Haggard among many things. I must look at the bright side of this ( yes there can be a bright side to Death). His legs no longer hurt him constantly, his hearing is once again perfect, and he is hopefully sitting back with a Cold beer and a double whiskey watching both of his wives( who proceeded him in death) fight over him LOL Or they are comparing notes and laughing. Good bye Joeseph " Jack " Shmidl I Miss you very much
~before You~ A Poem Ben Found Online But Gave To Me!
Before you, I was just hanging out. My days were all hubbub, no beauty. Bordem seemed what life was all about. Excitement meant going to a movie. Then I feel in love with you; my mall opened to a sudden rush of sky,trees turned into happiness; and all the things I had forgotten made me cry. The loves that fasten one to life grew strong; you, the thought for seeing you, your touch, my love for those i'd loved my whole life long, knowing, but not feeling it too much. You brought my life to life, my love a flower, now love me well, and through me taste your power. Thank you Ben aka Duck!
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Short Story Series
Necros Fidelis: Fidel Necros By Raymond Pelletier Just moments into restricted airspace and not too far off from Vatican City. They had already recieved radio warningsto correct their paths, warnings which were ignored. Now both Jumbo-jets facing a confrontation by a squadron of five fighter jets with orders to deter these two passenger planes, by force if necessary. To take them down if they don't comply. These fighters are in for the surprise of their life. The pilot of Jude's jet glances back to Boo and Jude. " Excuse me ladies, but there are a couple of unfriendlies coming right at us. Any ideas?" Jude grins at Boo as she begins to type in a command in the console infront of her. " I knew this would come in handy someday." A couple panels slide open on the console infront of the pilot and co-pilot seats. An AMRAM pad pops up and secondary joystick slide into place. Jude jumps on the intercom and calls Clif, Moln, Sash and Sol to join her in the cockpit. Clif replies fro
Short Story Pt 34
Necros Fidelis: Warnings By Raymond Pelletier Boo and her crew flying high and just minutes away from the Vatican City No-fly Zone. There is only one issue now. The pilot in the other jet is on the verge of changing direction to avoid the restricted zone. Boo has to act fast and prevent this. She can formulate a plan to correct this problem. It's just a matter of implimenting this plan. It's Jude that comes up with her own plan to assist Boo in her plan. Getting out of her seat and making her way over to Wayne. " Wayne, I need to talk to you and we don't have much time." Jude says bluntly to him. He looks up at her. " What about?" " To what extent do your nano-bots work?" " What do you mean, extent?" Wayne asks, not fully understanding. Jude sighs, thinking of a way to reword. " Can your nano-tech alter metal and machines?" Wayne thinks about it for a moment, then he nods hesistantly. " The tech is organic in structure, but it is feasable. Why?" " Well we are going to ne
Short Story Pt 33
Necros Fidelis: Mile High By Raymond Pelletier Thousands have fled the holy city, deaths number just over a million. MAny people didn't stand a chance. It was a massacre on the grandest scale. Involvement from a very diverse group, from common man, a unique cyborg, a succubus, animals indiginous to the area, zombies, a powerful necromancer and a Goddess. No one group has ever faced such attrocities, aside the Jewish populace during the holocaust perpetrated by Nazi Germany. Now this brutality, not centered on a single race with ideals of superiority, or inferiority. This culling is centered on a just diverse group as these hunters. Though an extremely diverse group, this group has one commonality. Belief in a god, or gods that don't exist. This massacre not sensless as the holocaust, but to prove a point and to get that very point across. Words by themself would not have worked, as these very people are so strongly convinced of their trully blind faith, nothing but a very po
Short Story Pt 32
Necros Fidelis: Death March By Raymond Pelletier Once Eclipse has flown off and the three Gods had vanished from wence they came. Boo once again disappointed that she has missed the opporitunity to speak with them, as well as her desired wish to confront the Blind Mad King, yet she knows that the time will come when the confrontation will come. As it is, Boo has to regather her people and prepare for the march on the city. The suspended anmation that Clif, Moln, Sash and Sol had been placed in has begun to fade and slowly movement returns to them. Wayne still laying on the ground. The nano-bots already going to work repairing the damages done by Eclipse. Now Necromancer is a different story, Boo thinks he is dead, as she can not sense any life coming from him. Though she is shocked to see a figure coming from the direction that Eclipse had knocked Necromancer. As the figure draws close enough, Boo can see why she couldn't sense any life signs from him. She had seen the tran
Short Story Pt 30
Necros Fidelis: Unholy Land By Raymond Pelletier After spending nearly a week at sea. Boo and her crew has about massacred all life aboard the S.S. Ark. Within the first couple of days, a great majority of the passengers have been slain. Through the remainder of the voyage, they have patroled the corridors and explored every cabin and chamber. Searching for any survivors of the dining hall massacre, as well as any persons who had not attended the dinner. The cruise ship has sailed across the Atlantic ocean and through the Mediterranean sea, pulling into an Israeli port not far from Jerusalem. Boo and the others gathering on deck, last one to arrive up top is Necromancer. There is no sign of Shadow King. He had disappeared almost two days ago. Necromancer glares at the city before them, then he looks to Boo. " We should go ashore very soon, the ship will be departing in a couple of minutes." " How is it departing? The crew is dead!" She replies. " This I know, this is
Short Story Pt 29
Necros Fidelis: Dead Sea By Raymond Pelletier Everyone has gathered up on the bridge. The scene is pretty gruesome, corpses strewn all over the place, limbs had been torn from the sockets. Walls and machines drenched in blood. The look in the eyes of some of the decapitated victims frozen in time, an expression of pure terror stuck there for all eternity. They all look around and can only imagine the carnage that had taken place here. Boo pacing back and forth as they each tell her about where they each had struck. The only ones who hadn't killed yet were, Clif, Moln, Sash and Sol. They had played it smart, they had mingled with the crowds of people. Getting to know them and gaining their trust. It wasn't all too hard, just play acted. These people weren't all too different from anyone else, it was just that every other word out of their mouth was God this and God that, overall they hadn't even a clue tot he reality of it, or lack there of it. These four men acting th
Short Story Pt 28
Necros Fidelis: Rocking the Boat By Raymond Pelletier So far Shadow King has started the slaughter. So far the absence of the coks has gone unnoticed. Mainly in part because a huge buffet was prepared and set up for the passengers in advance. If the cooks disappearance had gone noticed, it would have sparked an investigation and in worse case, mass hysteria. The others have yet to join in on the fun. They are waiting and planning. Putting into consideration each of their talents and where their gifts would be most suited for the purpose. Shar had found herself infront of the ship's security office. Dressed in an elegant shimmering blue gown, brushing her hair out of her eyes and knocks on the door. The door opens, standing there is a plump man , close to six feet tall, short curly brown hair. His shirt wrinkled, but tucked in neatly. " Can I help you miss? There a problem?" She shakes her head. " No, no problem. I was just passing by and figured you could probaly use some c
Short Story Pt 27
Necros Fidelis: Smooth Sailing By Raymond Pelletier For the past couple of weeks, the massacre at the Jesus Camp " Camp Apostle". It has been plastered al over the news, from local stations, to Global news. They are calling it the greatest tragedy since the Holocaust and the Nazi Concentration camps. Boo couldn't help but feel proud, she has made history. The media was also smart enough to tie , Darkstone Cathedral and the Darkstone Mosque massacres to the slaughter at Camp Apostle. Most of it is speculative at most, but they are on the right track. They are even comparing these slaughters to the Crusades of Medieval times. Boo has gathered a select few of her followers to the warehouse. Her first choices were obvious. She has called upon Clif, Moln, Sash, and Sol. Though she has also called back Wayne and a couple others. She only waits for the others to show up, a little impatient. So she proceeds to tell her fiends about her next plan of action. Looking at her friends
Short Story Pt 25
Necros Fidelis: Onto Camp pt1 By Raymond Pelletier The weekend has finally come, it's now Saturday, just shortly after noontime. The warehouse on the pier full of life as crowds of people gather inside. The rumble of motorcycles and roar of engines fill the air as more and more people show up. The sound drowning out the shouts and hollering of the followers already inside. All of them anxious in the anticipation of the hunt. The noise so loud , all the seagulls have to congregate at the end of the docks, away from the quickly growing crowd of people. Inside Jeremy's warehouse, Boo standing atop the spiral stairs, looking over the large crowd below. The crowd had grown from being just her bikers that had arrived at that small church during her re-reemergence, to a vast variety of different people. All had come together after feeling Boo's presence. From rich business people, all the way down to the Middle-Class and homeless. All descendants of the four men who had accompanied Boo on
Short Story Pt 24
Necros Fidelis: Jackpot By Raymond Pelletier Pham leaving the warehouse, reassuming the form of the grayish black tabby and strides off toward the heart of Darkstone City. The cargo ship that Jeremy had been waiting for had finally arrived. The forklifts that were once sitting idle in the back corner of the warehouse, now humming about the docks, filling the warehouse space slowly with freight. Some of the stuff having been shipped from Japan and some from Australia. Though it's the stuff from Japan that interests Jeremy the most. Boo had been disturbed by all the noise being made down below. Looking out into the warehouse from the end of the hallway. One of the Dock employees was standing just under the Spiral stairs, talking with one of the crew members from the Cargo Ship. He was telling the sailor how proud he was that his child was excited to go to Jesus Camp this coming weekend. The Camp always opened on the first weekend o
Short Story Pt 23
Necros Fidelis: Home by the Sea By Raymond Pelletier Dawn slowly approaches the horizon of Darkstone City. Shar had gone on without Boo and back to the hunt for prey. A more refined hunt criteria, her prey not as abundant, yet still many in numbers. Pham still in pursuit of Boo, observing this odd woman, trying to figure out what to make of her. Always staying just out of sight, in the shape of various animals as not to arouse suspicion. Boo just arriving at a warehouse on the waterfront, this place owned by one of the Followers within the Biker Gang. All of them had gone off earlier that night, they had gone to help one of their own, who had called shortly before Boo had left for her walk. Only Jeremy, owner of the pier side warehouse had remained behind. He was expecting later that morning coming in from overseas. Seagulls flying in the salty sea breeze, as well as large flocks feeding on spilled fish guts along
Short Story Pt 22
Necros Fidelis: Shape Up By Raymond Pelletier Boo and Shar in the dark cover of the forest. A scene most men could only dream about, two very attractive women in the woods, in the dead of night. The tension in the air is thick, wrapped in their own instance, they fail to noticed they are being stalked from above. Perched high up in a tree nearby, listening to their every word is a Short Asian looking woman. Her hair is short and dark, slim yet attractive features on an Olive tanned skin. Though the two women are unaware of being watched, Shadow is not oblivious to it and vanishes unseen and unnoticed from their side. It isn't until the watcher hears Shadow climbing the tree and realizes that she has been found out. Shadow is almost upon her, when she sees what is scaling the tree. Panic floods her mind, giving in to her fight or flight instinct, she leaps from the branch that she is perched on. In mid-fall, her small huma
Short Story Pt 21
Necros Fidelis: Seduction By Raymond Pelletier Deep within the slums of Darkstone City, inside a small apartment building that appears old and crumbling with lack of maintenance and ill repair. Bricks and mortar chipped and broken away from the outside of the place. Sounds of passion filter through the thin walls. All the neighbors have grown accustomed to all the various sounds and noises that come from all the other tenements in the building. All of the residents have grown even more used to the noises that come from apartment 469. Though there aren't that many apartments in the building, number assignment has been in the hands of the residents since the building had gone downhill, making it a nightmare for the postal service. Just inside Apartment 469, sounds of erotic indulgences reverberate through thin walls. The small place decorated in Asian arts and furniture. Decorative vases, tapestries and paintings s
Short Story Pt 20
Necros Fidelis: Into Darkness By Raymond Pelletier Boo had just made her escape up the brick wall of an apartment building. The Officers still in shock from what they had just witnessed. Even with all the super humans present in Darkstone City, they still can't get used to this sort of thing. Both of them turn to center their attention on the victim inside the truck. There is yet another surprise in-store for them. Max's body has vanished from the vehicle, leaving only a pool of blood and smears across the back window. Sitting on the front bumper of the cruiser, both of the Policemen sipping on the coffee they had picked up before this call. The dark green Chevy pick-up truck in front of them, as they await the Crime scene unit. The street light just above them flickers on and off. They look up at the light and shrug. " How long until CSU, shows?" asks the driver. " I don't know, ten minutes tops." replies his
Longing In my mind I see your face I long to feel your strong embrace Holding me so very tight I dream about you day and night The passion burns so very strong But it has been so very long My body still burns for you And there is nothing I can do So I lock my lust away Hoping there will come a day When we will meet again Then I can release what is within
If Tomorow Never Comes
Sometimes late at night I lie awake and watch her sleeping She's lost in peaceful dreams So I turn out the lights and lay there in the dark And the thought crosses my mind If I never wake up in the morning Would she ever doubt the way I feel About her in my heart If tomorrow never comes Will she know how much I loved her Did I try in every way To show her every day That she's my only one If my time on earth were through And she must face the world without me Is the love I gave her in the past Gonna be enough to last If tomorrow never comes 'Cause I've lost loved ones in my life Who never knew how much I loved them Now I live with the regret That my true feelings for them never were revealed So I made a promise to myself To say each day how much she means to me And avoid that circumstance Where there's no second chance To tell her how I feel If tomorrow never comes Will she know how much I loved her Did I try in every way To sh
The Dance
Looking back on the memory of The dance we shared beneath the stars above For a moment all the world was right How could I have known you'd ever say goodbye And now I'm glad I didn't know The way it all would end the way it all would go Our lives are better left to chance I could have missed the pain But I'd of had to miss the dance Holding you I held everything For a moment wasn't I the king But if I'd only known how the king would fall Hey who's to say you know I might have changed it all And now I'm glad I didn't know The way it all would end the way it all would go Our lives are better left to chance I could have missed the pain But I'd of had to miss the dance Yes my life is better left to chance I could have missed the pain but I'd of had to miss the dance Garth
Truely. Madley, Deeply,,
Verse 1 I'll be your dream I'll be your wish I'll be your fantasy. I'll be your hope I'll be your love Be everything that you need. I love you more with every breath Truly madly deeply do.. I will be strong I will be faithful 'Cos I'm counting on a new beginning. A reason for living. A deeper meaning. Chorus I want to stand with you on a mountain. I want to bathe with you in the sea. I want to lay like this forever. Until the sky falls down on me... Verse 2 And when the stars are shining brightly In the velvet sky, I'll make a wish Send it to heaven Then make you want to cry.. The tears of joy For all the pleasure and the certainty. That we're surrounded By the comfort and protection of.. The highest power. In lonely hours. The tears devour you.. I want to stand with you on a mountain, I want to bathe with you in the sea. I want to lay like this forever, Until the sky falls down on me... Bridge Oh can't you
When you light those candels up there on that mantel setting the mood I just lye there starring silently preparing to love on you Well i can feel the heat from across the room ain't it wild what a little flame can make you want to do Chorus I melt Everytime you look at me that way It never fails any time any place This burn in me is the coolest thing that i'v ever felt i melt Don't know how you do it I love the way I lose it everytime What's even better is knowing that forever yur all mine The closer you get the more my body aches One little stare from you is all it takes Repeat chorus twice Everytime you look at me that way I melt, I melt Rascal Flatts
Forever Works For Me
Baby you made me, the happiest I could be. Tonight when you told me, you're love is here to stay. So I took out my calender, the second I got home. And I wrote your name on every page. I can see you Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. How 'bout Friday night? We might as well spend the weekend Gettin' all our plans just right. 'Cause now that I know together works for you, Forever works for me. Two weeks from Sunday, ten years from next Monday. As long as I'm with you, it doesn't matter much. We can go some place for away, or just stay home. It feels so good to be in love. I can see you Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. How 'bout Friday night? We might as well spend the weekend Gettin' all our plans just right. 'Cause now that I know together works for you, Forever works for me. 'Cause now that I know together works for you, Forever works for me. January, Febuary, Summer, Fall and Spring. Every week and every day, I'll gi
Like Red On A Rose
Like red on a rose When your lips first smiled at me I was captured instantly To each his own Like blue in the sky The gaze of your willing eyes Touched something deep inside The truth be known That I love you like all little children love pennies And I love you 'cause I know that I can’t do anything wrong You're where I belong Like red on a rose And I love you like all little children love pennies And I love you like good times of which I’ve known many And I love you 'cause I know you give me a heart of my own You make my blood flow Like red on a rose Alan Jackson
Amish Woman
An Amish woman and her daughter were riding in an open buggy one cold, blustery January day. The daughter said to the mother, "My hands are freezing cold." The mother replied, "Put your hands between your legs,the body heat will warm them up." So the daughter did, and her hands warmed up. A few days later, the daughter was riding in the buggy with her boyfriend. The boyfriend said, "My hands are freezing cold." The daughter said, "Put them between my legs, they'll warm up." The next day, the boyfriend is driving in the buggy with the daughter. He said, "My nose is freezing cold." The daughter said, "Put it between my legs, it will warm up." He did, and his nose quickly warmed up. Again, the next day, the boyfriend is driving with the daughter and he told her, "My penis is frozen solid." She once again, gave her standard advice. Later that day, the daughter is driving in the buggy with her Mother. She asked, "Mother, have you ever heard of a penis?" The slightly concer
Lonliness Wrote This One Back In Highschool
i am happy, i am sad i dream of you when i am mad why do you dream of someone else, who doesn't love you when i could hold you in my arms i fell for you, and only you baby, i wish you knew me, the one i thought to be lifes a dream, lifes no fair you are crazy, for long hair i dream of you, you dream of me the one and only for you lonliness is hard to be with you
Sadness Wrote This In Highschool ( Just Found My Book)
i am sad, i always cry when i am mad, i always try i cy every day, i cry for love i want every way, i want a dove sadness lies in my heart when we are far apart i dream of you, i feel you why be apart, when your in my heart and there you'll stay till judgement day
Here Is A Poem I Wrote Back In Highschool
life apart my life away, the one i hate i wish for you to apear now and not late the dreams i have are good why be late how we are in the mood lifes apart, the one that affects the heart
Everending Happiness Another One Wrote In Highschool
the meanings of these poems i was sad and i was lonley for love everending happyness i am happy, i am sad i get happy, i get mad i follow you, you follow me what does it take to love how does it feel to be with the one and only me i fly in a hover, to search for my one and only lover this is the everending happyness meaning: i was stuck in a loveless PIT with no one to love and i was sad so i wrote about it in highschool
Broken Hearts Another In Highschool I Wrote
sadness comes, sadness goes hearts together, then they break like broken hearts broken hearts hurt even if you feel like dirt i hate to be alone, i hate to be single i am the one with the broken heart i lost my true lover the one who knows how to hover the name isn't easy, the name is sadness Meaning: i know its corny but i was hurt that i was single AGAIN in highschool and sadness wasn't my lover its just part of the poem i was heart broken so i wrote about it
Life Is How You Are Wrote This In Highschool And Somewhat Based It On A Final Fantacy Character Wrote This On The Date 4-29-2006
life is good, life is bad i like leblanc, she is blonde she is a thief, so she is bad why like blondes they make you mad blondes can be hot and sometimes they are not i wish i can be like leblanc she is beautiful her purple dress her tattoo on her breasts her red fan her bug intennas everything of leblanc thats why i wish my life was her life except my name would be Vampiria my name would be evil i would have everything except my hair would be black and the heart tattoo on my chest would be black to represent DARKNESS meaning: thats how i wrote it and i love black and the dark arts plus i wrote this in 2006 and i just found my book so i have to share some of my work with you all i am not hating on blondes its just how i wrote it
Imogen Heap - Headlock
Red Hot Chilli Peppers - This Is The Place
Dave Brubeck - Take Five
Stevie Ray Vaugh - Texas Flood
Johnny Cash - Personal Jesus
Emmylou Harris - Wayfaring Stranger
Rodrigo Y Gabriela - Tamacun
I Havent Done Anything In Sometime
I havent been on this pages in a long time. Anyways...... Im happy with everything that is going on in my life. Im getting my little man into school right now and im finishing up with all the courts for child support and cusdey of him too. So a lot of stress is going away and im not letting that much stress come back. Also im with a really good guy right now. So im all happy. Anyways i gotta run for now. I gotta finish up somethings at the house before i go get my little man and i have a few errors too do to before i get him. talk to all later. rena
Xavier Rudd- Let Me Be
OK- found the place, foudn the skydivers lounge, and time to step waya from the keyboard and pee. nice to meet you too Bing bong! FF
Motley Crue's Mick Mars: 'i've Always Been About Melody And Tone'
Mick Mars came into this world as Robert Alan Deal. He was born in Terre Haute, Indiana, on May 4, 1951. His family relocated to California where the young musician played in a series of blues bands; none of them were very good and none of them ever did anything. He finally changed his name to Mick Mars, changed his hair color to jet black, and after placing an ad in a local newspaper, he ran into Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee and with the band name in his back pocket, this new group became Motley Crue. That’s how Mick first met his future bandmates back in 1981. Now, 27 years later, he is still with the band. But it hasn’t been easy. The band has gone through drug-addicted members, car accidents, management changes, record label changes, and a whole lot more. And the guitarist has seen his fair share of suffering. When he was just 19 years old, Mars suffered from a terrible arthritic disease. As someone who slaps a piece of wood across his shoulders every day, this wasn’t the best t
Game 1
After starting last season 0-4, this year had to be different. They dug themselves out of that hole and won four straight and nearly clinched the division. This season has to be better, and it started with the reigning NFC South champs, the Tampa Bay Bucs. It started like any fan wants a season to start. We got the ball and took about 4 minutes to drive up the field and score on a 39 yard pass to David Patten in the endzone. But that was it for a long time. The Bucs came back and scored to tie it up on a Phillip Buchanon int and later on a field goal to take it into the half with the 10-7 lead. Both teams continued to struggle moving the ball and it wasn't until the Saints finally got a field goal to tie it with 2:49 left in the third that the scoring exploded. Tampa Bay went right down the field and retook the lead again on a field goal. But then, former LSU standout, Devery Henderson broke away from his defender and found himself all alone as he jogged into the endzone
If These Walls Could Talk
If These Walls Could Talk by Christelle Duvenage If these walls could talk, you'd know my body is dead, my mind has been taken over, that's why I am so scared, I can't control it, anger is making me blind, I've been left here on my own chained to a hate of some kind. If these walls could talk. If these walls could talk, you'd know about my fears, about all those nights I screamed for help, about all my fallen tears. You'd know about the demons haunting me at night, you'd be able to help me keep my fire alight, if these walls could talk. If these walls could talk they would say that it's all right, God sends His angels to look over me at night. They'd encourage me, say though I am alone it doesn't mean I‘m on my own. He watches me, from above and showers me with all His love, if only these walls could talk.
09/09/08 - Living Colour - Cult Of Personality (i Want In Edition)
SONG VERSION BELOW Cult Of Personality - Living Colour LYRICS BELOW (And during the few moments that we have left We want to talk right down to earth in a language That everybody here can easily understand...) Look in my eyes, what do you see? The Cult of Personality I know your anger I know your dreams I've been everything you want to be I'm the Cult of Personality Like Mussolini and Kennedy I'm the Cult of Personality The Cult of Personality The Cult of Personality Neon lights, a Nobel Prize When a mirror speaks, the reflection lies You won't have to follow me Only you can set me free I sell the things you need to be I'm the smiling face on your T.V. I'm the Cult of Personality I exploit you Still you love me I tell you one and one makes three I'm the Cult of Personality Like Joseph Stalin and Gandhi I'm the Cult of Personality The Cult of Personality The Cult of Personality Neon lights, a Nobel Prize When a leader speaks, that l
The Darkness
The Darkness by Christinia If only it were so simple, to cruise through life smelling roses; but the obstacles blacken the countryside, and we unwittingly crush them beneath our boots. Dreams sustain us through the madness; goals give a finish line to our race. Yet they change with every turn, around every wall, and remain elusive throughout the quest. Mistakes are made, and regrets are our luggage; we will drag them with us to slow us down. The victories are flashes of light, sudden and unlasting, which allow us to glimpse the road ahead before darkness descends. Love is bitter, yet it is the bread that keeps us. Over and over it fills us up, only to starve us. The people whom we love shape our destinies and our strengths, yet leave us cold and alone in the darkness. There are others trying to race to the end; occasionally, we bump into one or two. The bonds we form help us down the path less lonely but eventually, we lose each other in the darkn
Waiting by Dawn D. Wanting, lusting, to be held, to be loved, to feel warmth, to feel your beating heart. Wanting to be sheltered from the cold, heartless winds. Falling into invisible arms; into an abyss of love. Wishing, hoping, that my desires will be filled; my desires of loving warmth. Wanting to be held, comforted, loved. Dreaming of passionate embraces, of tender kisses, loving words, romantic nights. Waiting for undying love.
09/09/08 - Nine Inch Nails - The Hand That Feeds (goin Back To Basics Cause My Picks Stink 2day So Far Edition)
SONG VERSION BELOW The Hand That Feeds - Nine Inch Nails VIDEO VERSION BELOW The Hand That Feeds - Nine Inch Nails LYRICS BELOW You're keeping in step In the line Got your chin held high and you feel just fine Cause you do What you're told But inside your heart it is black and it's hollow and it's cold Just how deep do you believe? Will you bite the hand that feeds? Will you chew until it bleeds? Can you get up off your knees? Are you brave enough to see? Do you want to change it? What if this whole crusade's A charade And behind it all there's a price to be paid For the blood On which we dine Justified in the name of the holy and the divine Just how deep do you believe? Will you bite the hand that feeds? Will you chew until it bleeds? Can you get up off your knees? Are you brave enough to see? Do you want to change it? So naive I keep holding on to what I want to believe I can see But I keep holding on and on and on and on
Yngwie Malmsteen: New Album Details Revealed
artist: yngwie malmsteen date: 09/09/2008 category: upcoming releases The cover artwork for legendary Swedish guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen's new studio album, "Perpetual Flame", Due on October 14, the CD will be the first-ever Yngwie effort to be released via Rising Force Records (distributed via Koch) and it will mark the debut of Malmsteen's new singer, ex-Judas Priest/Iced Earth frontman Tim "Ripper" Owens. Featuring twelve tracks of "pure six-string metallic bliss" (which stretches to almost 70 minutes total), the album was produced and engineered by Yngwie himself, and mixed by Roy Z (who has previously worked with Judas Priest and Bruce Dickinson, among others). Joining Yngwie and Ripper on the album are keyboardist Derek Sherinian and drummer Patrick Johansson (Yngwie contributed bass, additional keyboards, and vocals, as well), but on tour, Michael Troy will supply keyboards, and Bjorn Englen will be laying down the bass. A supporting tour of the U.S. and Canad
After an absence of several months I am back. I am looking for new friends around the world to chat with and learn about.
Enemies Be Warned
all those who are my enemies and i am writing this for you this just came to me enemy of hate those who broke my heart die in hell and fall apart or you who don't know me you never will because i am evil and you shall see for those who find me shal suffer a worse fate on a much later date FOR I AM TAKEN AND YES I AM FORSAKEN i love my new life and i love causing strife so if you fuck with me i shall ruin your life forever and make you leave me alone and disapear and run away making you say NEVER so be warned those who cross me and who want to know me because there is nothing like me AND DARKEST NIGHTMARES!!!! there will be more when i think of it
Yeah Really Click This Link And See :) this is where you will find me when I am not here and challenge me to a battle, new battlers I let win, old ones lmao bring it on xxxx
Golf Vs Sex
A golfer is in a competitive match with a friend, who is ahead by a couple of strokes. 'Boy, I'd give anything to sink this putt,' the golfer mumbles to himself. Just then, a stranger walks up beside him and whispers, 'Would you be willing to give up one-fourth of your sex life?' Thinking the man is crazy and his answer will be meaningless, the golfer also feels that maybe this is a good omen so he says, 'Sure' and sinks the putt. Two holes later, he mumbles to himself again, 'Gee, I sure would like to get an eagle on this one.' The same stranger is at his side again and whispers, 'Would it be worth giving up another fourth of your sex life?' Shrugging, the golfer replies, 'Okay.' And he makes an eagle. On the final hole, the golfer needs another eagle to win. Without waiting for him to say anything, the stranger quickly moves to his side and says, 'Would winning this match be worth giving up the rest of your sex life?' 'Definitely,' the golfer replies, and he makes
09/10/08 - My Chemical Romance - Teenagers (100th Post To The Blog Edition Woo Hoo!!!)
SONG VERSION BELOW Teenagers - My Chemical Romance VIDEO VERSION BELOW Teenagers - My Chemical Romance LYRICS BELOW They're gonna clean up your looks With all the lies in the books To make a citizen out of you Because they sleep with a gun And keep an eye on you, son So they can watch all the things you do Because the drugs never work They're gonna give you a smirk 'Cause they got methods of keeping you clean They're gonna rip up your heads, Your aspirations to shreds Another cog in the murder machine They said all teenagers scare the living shit out of me They could care less as long as someone'll bleed So darken your clothes or strike a violent pose Maybe they'll leave you alone, but not me The boys and girls in the clique The awful names that they stick You're never gonna fit in much, kid But if you're troubled and hurt What you got under your shirt Will make them pay for the things that they did They said all teenagers scare
Wanna Come Chat And See Me In Action?
I'll be doing some live webcam chat for check me out and if you find me say hi. I'll be wearing my sexy outfits and putting out real live sexy shows for you. Help spread the word of your favorite thick Filipina girl Tyung Lee!!! I would love to chat with my friends and fans!!
A Good Dream
Place where I came from... Current mood: artistic Category: Art and Photography Grass coveres the hilltops Rolling on forever Unto a fair green forrest Crystal rivers Saphire ponds Fill the land with pulsation Smoke rising From chimnies Of the hill dwellers The sound of cheer It rises Escaping the earth At the sight Of tenderly cared for Garden beds From never ending Blue skies to Glorious star struck nights Towards infinity The generations Have done well To keep the world simple And create for posterity A perfect place to dwell
+ + + L'ame Immortelle - Bitte Bleib Bei Mir + + +(stay With Me)
eMptY you see me everyday We talk Briefly you walk away As we speak i listen all the while my heart glistens just until you walk away man how i wish you would stay Stay and hold my hand because to me your a brand a brand on my soul but you don't you walk away leaving me Orlando
New Drugs For Women
DAMNITOL Take 2 and the rest of the world can go to hell for up to 8 full hours. EMPTYNESTROGEN Suppository that eliminates melancholy and loneliness by reminding you of how awful they were as teenagers and how you couldn't wait till they moved out! ST. MOMMA'S WORT Plant extract that treats mom's depression by rendering preschoolers unconscious for up to two days. PEPTOBIMBO Liquid silicone drink for single women. Two full cups swallowed before an evening out increases breast size, decreases intelligence, and prevents conception. FLIPITOR Increases life expectancy of commuters by controlling road rage and the urge to flip off other drivers. MENICILLIN Potent anti-boy-otic for older women. Increases resistance to such lethal lines as, 'You make me want to be a better person. ' BUYAGRA Injectable stimulant taken prior to shopping. Increases potency, duration, and credit limit of spending spree. JACKASSPIRIN Relieves headache caused by a ma
People come into our lives during different seasons for different reasons.... People come into our lives to help us through the good times and tp support us through the bad times. People come into our lives to be a party on the go and to be a shoulder to cry on. People come into our lives to just pass by without a word or to sing a song that has never been heard. People come into our lives to help us through a crisis or to rejoice when life is going our way. People come into our lives for just seconds at a time a blink of an eye not meaning a thing. People come into our lives to be there when we fall and to stand in our place at times of need. People come into our lives not only as people but as a new friend that we share our hopes and dreams with. People come into our lives to change it without even realizing what they are doing... caring, hoping, giving, just being themselves. People come into our lives with no intention at all
That Someone Special....
That someone special that arrives in your life... on the wings of and angel just when the timing is right. That someone special that arrives in your life... to start a new chapter in your great big book of life. That someone special that arrives in your life... to give you hugs and little insights you missed before. That someone special that arrives in your life... making you think without questioning how this happened and what will be. That someone special that arrives in your life... with thoughts of love and fantasies coming true. That someone special that arrives in your life... with open hearts and and looking forward to so much more. That someone special that arrives in your life... who makes us dream again and wonder what could be. That someone special that arrives in your life... with wishful memories of places unseen by two new souls. That someone special that arrives in your life... who just wants the little simple things in life worth holdin
What Kinda Guy Do You Attract
What Kind Of Guy Do You Attract?Bad Boyyou love em' w/ a little edge, don't ya! Hop on a motorcycle and ride till ya die w/ ya parter.Your parter is a crazy ass mofo. if i were you I would have the cops on speed dial. (for you safety)Myspace Quizzes
I Finally Realized....
~ I finally realized it makes no difference who I am.... I am me and for some this is not enough. ~ I finally realized that it makes no difference if I am their for others because as soon as I need them they are not there for me. ~ I finally realized that no matter what I think about myself that others will always see things differently then I do. ~ I finally realized that one does not always get back what they give to others. ~ I finally realized that if you expect others to react one way then they will most generally react in another. ~ I finally realized that if you expect nothing from people then maybe you can actually be surprised by them and in return not get hurt. ~ I finally realized that even when you don't expect anything something can and normally does happen. ~ I finally realized that even what we want, no matter how small, is not what we ever get. ~ I finally realized that if we expect the worse then when the best comes around we miss it completely.
88 Lines And 14 Words
88 LINES AND 14 WORDS By David Eden Lane (P.O.W) Long ago in endless time Somewhere in empty space The Gods gave substance to themselves And to this earthly place Then the sons of the Gods chose the earth To carry on a fight That started in another place Between darkness and the light Now the Aryan were the sons of the Gods And order was their cause, For chaos cannot prosper In the light of Nature’s laws The Aryan spread across the earth And taught the Folkish way, And for a time order reigned, But ‘twas a short lived day For darkness had a battle plan And an army all in place ‘Taws stealth and wealth and cunning In the hands of an alien race The alien brought the darkness To every folkish land Stole their wealth and heritage With usury’s hidden hand Purchased kings and fostered wars So kindred Folk were slain By those of selfsame kin and blood On every earthly plain The alien taught the Aryan That a Nation’s not a Race Nor culture, nor kin
I wanna know how many people are into facesitting.....comment????
I Will Color Your Life
I Will Color Your Life Like the sweet red wine upon your lips, I will intoxicate and cloud your mind. I will give you wonder. Like the fragrant red rose, my essence will invade your senses. I will give you beauty in all forms. Like hot red blood, I will course through your veins and fill your heart. I will give you life for I will be the reason your heart beats. Like the crisp red apple, my sweetness will play upon your tongue. I will sustain you. Like the golden sun, I will illuminate you. I will warm your soul. Like shiny golden coins, my heart will be your treasure. I will enrich your life. Like the warm golden sand upon which you tread, I will bear your weight. I will be your foundation. Like the golden sounds of laughter, my love will lift you up. I will be your contentment. Like the blue sky that stretches across the horizon, I will frame the beauty that lies before you. I will show you the possibilities. Like the cool blue water that carved out the might
Stain On My Soul - Haiku
our past like a stain seeps into my withered soul like blood on white silk
If I Died Today
If I Died Today if i died today it wouldn't really matter i've said the things that needed saying done the things that had to be done loved the people that held my heart left the ones that trampled upon it said "i'm sorry" for the pain i've caused thanked the ones for the joy they brought saw many things that filled me with awe and fed my soul with the things i've learned gave my heart to the one who owns it left it there in his safekeeping so, if i died today it wouldn't really matter everything is said everything is done love was given and duly received pain was dealt hearts were shattered then reassembled only to shatter again there's nothing left undone so, if i died today it wouldn't really matter anyone
Let Sleeping Beauties Lie
Let Sleeping Beauties Lie do you know what it is to sit and wonder to wait and ponder the many possibilities to doubt your capabilities to know that what you are is greater than what you were but to think of yourself as being placed upon a shelf like a cast aside toy of some petulant little boy to watch your fairytale become instead a parody of hell mirror mirror on the wall I am the fairest so fuck you all once Sleeping Beauty, now the Evil Queen a heart so black has never been seen your kiss awoke this one so wicked the veil from my eyes was magically lifted for the very first time I saw my reflection in the fear in your eyes, there was no deflection my poisonous kiss stole your will your darkest desires I did fulfill and all it cost was your tainted soul I tasted it once then swallowed it whole under my spell you are destined to remain your craving for cruelty, your penchant for pain chains you to me like a prisoner fated to walk in the hell that he has
Beware The Falling Angel
Beware the Falling Angel her wings, they will enfold you her siren's song bewitch you can you hear her calling beware the angel's falling beware the falling angel her halo is quite sharp you won't be able to catch her without being lost yourself within her hand she holds a remnant of her past a tarnished star she plucked from the darkened sky she holds it out to show you a piece of a life once lived but like the fallen angel its radiance has dimmed and like most falling angels she knows the price she's paid to reach the heights of heaven was more than her soul was worth she's looking for a saviour that will sacrifice his all to catch this falling angel and stop her fall from grace there is no way to save her her fall will never end until the angel spreads her wings and finds the grace within beware the falling angel you cannot break her fall enfolded in her tattered wings you'll tumble to the earth so when you see the angel fall s
Storm Within
Storm Within my heart lies still there is nothing within the wet heat of tears upon my cheek lets me know I still live pain striking like lightning hate rolling like thunder tears falling like rain a storm raging within destroying all that lies in its path
I'm feeling in love,you'll find me at home. Tears of pain from what you took .You took away my life and I cried .I cried when you said you didn't care .For some odd reason my mind was clouded with fear, angst and respect .Deep down within the Valley of my soul I hoped No... I prayed you did care Reality is truth and the truth does hurt .It feels like ice cold hands of death .Strangling the life from within me So I cried Because I didn't know what else to do.I cried so I could curse you with my tears. My tears of pain...
My Special Friends
They are always there to shelter me, To me give hope, to help me see. They words are strong, and firmly spoken, But their promises are never broken. Through the good times they were there, And the bad, they helped me bear. they heart is gentle, caring and warm, Whenever I was hurt they cried too, And when I helped someone they pride shone through. Their love was never silent or restrained, And though life was hard, the good in they remained. They helped me, My Special Friends.......
Heath Ledger Can't Take My Eyes Off You
09/14/08 - Supertramp - Just Another Nervous Wreck (ugh... Late Edition)
SONG VERSION BELOW Just Another Nervous Wreck - Supertramp LYRICS BELOW I'm feelin' so alone now They cut the telephone un hunh Yeah my life is just a mess I threw it all away now I could have made a fortune I lost the craving for success... And as the Acrobats they tumble So the corn begins to crumble While in the mirror She admires a brand new dress... Live on the second floor now They're tryin' to bust the door down Soon I'll have a new address... So much for liberation They'll have a celebration Yeah I've been under too much stress And as the clouds begin to rumble So the juggler makes his fumble And the sun upon my wall is getting less Don't, give a damn Fight, while you can Kill, shoot 'em up They'll, they'll run amuck Shout Judas Loud, they'll hear us Soldier, Sailor Who's your tailor They'll run for cover when they discover Everyone's a nervous wreck now I used to think she was so nimble Would have bought her as a
Rock Favs & More
I made this video playlist at
I need some bling! Please help. Keith
warehousebiker@ fubar this page has stunning photography please please take a look and enjoy!
All Female Fget Together -party & Dance
o.k. ladies here i go again. in oct. i will be traveling to birmingham for some classes. there is a big party i will be attending and would love to bring some of my friends as guests. would like to meet up for dinner, get better aquainted for those of us who aren't then go back to ball room for a big dance party! i have a suite reserved for any other fun we might want to have. ok the catch, no men are allowed in the suite. that is only for us ladies tohave some fun. i can't keep men out of the dance because it is open to all. actually a charity dance. but anyway if anyone is interested in getting together oct 12 or 13 let me know if you have any questions about it just ask. i will clue all in to as what we did last year and before that. i go to this every year for those of you who don't know, you can also reach me on yahoo messenger as lauradee39
09/15/08 - Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch (sorry Slackin Again My Bad )
SONG VERSION BELOW BLOODHOUND GANG - The Bad Touch LYRICS BELOW Ha-ha. Well now, we call this the act of mating. But, there are several other very important differences between human beings and animals that you should know about. I'd appreciate your input. Sweat baby sweat baby sex is a Texas drought Me and you do the kind of stuff that only Prince would sing about So put your hands down my pants and I'll bet you'll feel nuts Yes I'm Siskel yes I'm Ebert and you're getting two thumbs up You've had enough of two-hand touch you want it rough you're out of bounds I want you smothered want you covered like my Waffle House hashbrowns Comin' quicker than FedEx never reach an apex just like Coca-Cola stock you are inclined To make me rise an hour early just like Daylight Savings Time Do it now You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals So let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel Do it again now You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals So let's do
Military Man
My name is Steve Grangers, a tall young black man living in Boston. It's December 24, 2008, and I'm just having some fun in the city. Vacation time, know what I mean? Cool. Yeah, man. It's been a tough year for me. After dealing with mean teachers, male and female stalkers, political correctness gone mad and female sociopaths, I made it. I've recently graduated from the Boston Metropolitan Military Academy. It's a private military college which prepares men and women for military life. It's also a real viper's nest, though it doesn't look that way on the outside. Think psychopath central. Oh, yeah. I'm lucky I made it out alive. But that's a story for another time. Right now, I'm having some fun and trying not to reminesce. The Boston Metropolitan Military Academy was founded in 1999 by U.S. Army General James Randolph and his wife, Philanthropist Sarah Edge. They intended the Boston Metropolitan Military Academy to be a fine military institution, like West Point or the Virginia Mil
Halloween Surprise
"You've got mail." That's the message the subbies see. Knowing it could be orders they open it right away. Four subs, four different computers but the same invitation. Message reads, "Please Come! Its Halloween Costume Party! You MUST be here at 8:00pm sharp! DON'T BE LATE!" The only differences were in the sender. lil'tude and Dara received their invites (commands?) from Max1954. Beth and Wildone received theirs from Master Darrin. The subbies decide to get ready and ride together, the instructions being so incomplete, just a time handwritten directions left for Beth by Master Darrin. What are They up to? It's getting late, dark and cloudy out, thunder raging but the sky has yet to pour the promised rain. Dara, the lovely harem girl driving the lot of subbies, bared belly quivering, elbows tude, "HEY woman, which way from here?" Tude sits up tall in the seat, looking proud in her leather bustier and mini skirt, fully the Domme, "Hell, I don't know - Beth has the directions. W
Pony Girl Story 2
Now, the last thing she wanted was for her new master to find out what she had been up to, so she had crept in ever so quietly. Fortunately for her the stables, where she slept, were quite a distance from his room. It was large house by anyone's standards, complete with servants' wing. Set on sprawling grounds with lush paddocks and gardens, it was very different from the tiny flat down town she had had shared with the two other girls. It was a lovely place to live. Now the stables were not like you might think. They were not designed for four legged ponies. No, these were for the master's lovely two-legged variety. Each spacious stall had been well appointed. A large bed to the side of the room set very low to the floor, a couple of pieces of occasional furniture, and a large bathroom towards the back. He had been generous with their accommodation; as a very wealthy man, he could afford to be. He could buy just about anything he wanted badly enough, and so he did. Two other pony gi
One Lost, One Gained
"It's not fair." Tears slid down an angel's face, delicate features trimmed red by emotion. A shuddering gasp was drawn into weak lungs, dulled eyes looking at the woman as his heart broke. A trembling hand lifted to her face, brushing those tears away gently. "You have well learned nothing in this life is fair." His voice was a hoarse whisper that he had to strain to hear. "You must be strong my little love." A coughing fit wracked his body, contorting his handsome face into a mask of pain. Nurses came running, pushing buttons and administering more medication through the IV's connected to his arms. The respirator was checked on and when all was determined to be back under control, they left the terrified girl alone with the dying man in the room. There was nothing left to do but keep him comfortable now. "Please, you just cannot die." Her voice broke and she fell against the bed sobbing. "Listen to me." His voice remained a whisper, but hinted at the strength he had once
The Awakening
The rough carpet scratches my knees as I patiently wait, hands clasped delicately in my naked lap. There is a slight chill in the air, which does nothing to set my senses at bay. Like a lover's hand, it caresses my spine and raises the hair on the nape of my neck. I dare not shiver; somehow, I intuitively know it would displease Him. "Ah, little one, I see you have no problems following orders. Excellent. Now keep your eyes closed, and don't move a muscle until I say otherwise. There's a good girl!" His hand idly fondles me, repositioning and correcting my posture to suit his desires. As he spreads my knees even further part I almost gasp but manage to simply inhale deeply through my nose. The cool air hits my exposed pussy lips like the sting of ice water on hot flesh. My cunt twitches, the juice that had been gathering dries almost instantly, but instead of diminishing sensations, it only calls further attention to that area. He chuckles at my reaction, and I hear his footst
Please Don't Spank Me In Public
It was around the time that Mark broke off with Amanda that he first met Karen on the tennis court. Mark was a 32-year-old bachelor, the tennis pro at the club who thought that he could charm any woman. He easily won Amanda over when they first met. Amanda was a 28-year fun loving girl, who worked as a secretary and was unhappy that she always had to take orders. Initially, their relationship was perfect, the sex was fantastic, or so Mark thought, but later on, Amanda seemed less and less excited about their lovemaking. Mark could not understand what was going on and slowly they drifted apart. Karen, on the other hand, was a successful businesswoman, happily married yet totally independent. Although she was 38-year-old, she was fit and trim. She always dressed neatly and in the latest fashion. Even at the tennis court, her tennis outfit was a sleeveless and thigh high trend. Every time Mark played mix double with her, his mind got easily distracted by the sight of her bikin
Going Offline For The Night
BYe guys.. u're all awsume... just leave me messages..... commets you name it.. going to bed.. got college.. tommrow.. so yah just leave me stuff =D... love you all bye guys. PS:: i'll finsh editing my page tommrow BYE. love crazyash
Richard Wright: Wish You Were Here
The news that founding Pink Floyd member Richard Wright has passed away from cancer at age 65 will no doubt bring a barrage of stories detailing the assorted onstage/offstage twists and turns of the group's long career. And make no mistake: Over the years, the group's combination of both the bizarre and the bitter when it came to their internal affairs was as much a source of fascination to their legions of fans as their often brilliant music, which have generated enough album/CD sales that if laid end to end would probably stretch from the London architecture school where they first met in the early 1960s all the way to that dark side of the moon and back again--and probably a few round trip's worth at that. Trips, of course, of both the physical and mental variety, were what Pink Floyd's earliest recordings such as "Interstellar Overdrive" and "Astronomy Domine" were all about--especially in the day-gloed days before their original guiding force guitarist Syd Barrett went on a fe
Spiderman/avengers/punisher Artwork On Ebay (re-post)
Ok, in a break from tradition, here's a bulliten that doesn't concern my Dracula work, lol. Instead, news of a sale of some of my Spiderman & other Marvel characters artwork on ebay. Click the pic to see the pages on offer.
David Banner
Biz Markie
Patience - Gnr
Shed a tear 'cause I'm missing you I'm still alright to smile Girl, I think about you every day now Was a time when I wasn't sure But you set my mind at ease There is no doubt you're in my heart now Said woman take it slow It'll work itself out fine All we need is just a little patience Said sugar make it slow And we'll come together fine All we need is just a little patience (inhale) Patience... Ooh, oh, yeah Sit here on the stairs 'Cause I'd rather be alone If I can't have you right now, I'll wait dear Sometimes, I get so tense But I can't speed up the time But you know, love, there's one more thing to consider Said woman take it slow Things will be just fine You and I'll just use a little patience Said sugar take the time 'Cause the lights are shining bright You and I've got what it takes to make it We won't fake it, Oh never break it 'Cause I can't take it ...little patience, mm yeah, ooh yeah, Need a little patience, yeah Just a little patience, y
Hey there is there anybody here from Colorado!?
88 Precepts
By David Lane (P.O.W) “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth.” Before we start I would like to say that until the White race realizes that there is only one source from which we can ascertain lasting truths, there will never be peace or stability on this earth. In the immutable Laws of Nature are the keys to life, order, and understanding. The words of men, even those which some consider “inspired” are subject to the translations, vocabulary, additions, subtractions, and distortions of fallible mortals. Therefore, ever writing or influence, ancient or modern, must be strained through the test of conformity to Natural Law. The White Peoples of the earth must collectively understand that they are equally subject to the iron-hard Laws of Nature with every other creature of the Universe, or they will not secure peace, safety, nor even their existence. The world is in fla
Can You Will You Help
Rain Drops
Maxine's Thoughts
SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT.. ( SEX AND CALORIES ) Sex is like math..You add the bed...subtract the clothes...divide the legs...leave your solution...and pray you don't multiply..!! Having nice sex burns 358 calories,while having rough sex [ make it hurt ],burns 543 calories. *Taking off clothes....with consent....12 calories. without consent....187 calories. *Taking off her bra or his underwear....With 2 hands..8 calories..With 1 hand..12 calories..With mouth..85 calories. *Put on protection....Hard...6 calories...Soft...315 calories. *Foreplay....Looking for target..8 calories..Finding G spot..92 calories..I don't F***ing care...0 calories. *Entry....Holding him/her..12 calories..On the floor..8 calories. *Different Positions....Missionary..358 calories..Doggy..316 calories..69 Lying..286 calories..69 standing..512 calories..Italian Hanger..912 calories. *Orgasm....Real..112 calories..Faking..315 calories. *After "O"....Lying in
Real Drift Addiction
Street Drifting
Hip-hop / Top 40 Mashup Dj Video Mix Mash Up -cb Shaw
On Buying Women Drinks
I really don't see the point in buying fuBucks. Girls don't respect guys who buy them drinks. It's a waste of time buying meals, drinks, or gifts for a girl who I haven't slept with. Dating is for TOOLS.
Peep It
I am only gonna have 1 crush and one fan. That's all Im gonna do so that way it will really mean something and be special....So I can only hope you fight for it. Well see who really wants some of me!!....Chad
Who Would Have Believed?
No one would have believed, But it is possible to break one's own heart. I know this to be true because, I broke mine when I fell for you.
Station Fire 100
You may notice that I recently uploaded a whole messload of pictures under my new album "The Station Fire 100" Unfortunately, I was unable to upload all 100 of the images that belong there because I reached my photo limit. I don't want anyone to think that I purposely left out pictures. When finished, this album will contain the pictures of all 100 station fire victims, which include my sister Dina. When you get a moment, take the time to go through these images. These people deserve a moment of time to be remembered. Many had children. Some didn't get a chance to enter that phase in their life. Some were too young to even drink. The youngest were 18 and 19 years old. Thank you ahead of time for taking the time to view these pictures. I just wish I was at a high enough level to upload all 100 right now. JEZZY~GEE
Desire. To covet,want,a transient longing for someone or something.Does it involve greed? To some degree yes,does it involve envy,yes.The Buddhist teach that to Desire is to inflict your own suffering;why would anyone desire so only to cause there own self inflicted pain? Perhaps it is the "pain before pleasure" notion or simply the transient feeling of wanting the allure of the deviant fantasy of the unobtainable. For myself all to often the things I want are not necessarily the things I i truly need.To be free of want is to be no different then to live without pleasure,taming the how and why to need and stepping outside oneself to is the real challenge.With all thing attainable we lose are real self in the process;it is a price that only you can decide for yourself. I'm not usually one to blog or write something so interpersonal,but there are always thoughts that deserve to be written.
I am sooooo fucking pissed right now... I have done EVERYTHING to make her feel better about herself and her situation I have offered her an open door and 2 open hearts to welcome her... I have loved her for the last 4 FUCKING YEARS... and she is fucking around with a guy AGAIN the second one that I know of... if not more... WTF HELL She gets pissed when she disappeared w/o a word for 6 months and my HUSBAND puts up a thing on our myspace pages about us looking for a steady gf but yet she can be fucking around with these guys... HELL FUCKING NO... Please give me your thoughts people...
I really get tired of these fuckers in the lounges and the gay shit towards me so i thought i would just get it out there in the open on this blog i have one friend who is gay that i have respect for only because i have known him from when he was not gay other then that i am just going to say if i am in your lounge fuck off withthe gay shit towards me becuse as this bloog title says i hate fage hold on........................................................FUCK FAGS GAYS LESBIANS DYKES ANSD THOSE LIEK THEM FUCK THEM GETTING MARRIED OR EVEN HAVING THE SAME RIGHT HAS MARRIED FOLKS OR HAVING KIDS SO FUCKIN DONT CALL ME GAY ELUD TO ME AS A FUCKIN FAG I HATW IT AND BECAUSE OF THE DUMB ONE I HATE THEM ALL IF YOU ARE READING THIS AND YOU ARE GAY I SEND NO APOLOGIES FUCK OFF AND FUCK YOU
Getting Re-started
It has occurred to me, not only now but when I was on before, that asking to be a friend of someone seems to be implying you want to look at the NSFW section of their pics. Personally, I just find it fascinating to meet people from all "walks of life". My orientation is straight but I do not have a problem with anyones beliefs or desires. I had asked some other guys in the past to be added as friends but for the most part was ignored or was given some really rude ass comments. As you can see, most of my friends are women. I wonder why..Lol. I respect everyone as human beings, and though it's highly unlikely, would hope that everyone else could do the same.
Tim Mcgraw "lay Me Down" Support Our Troops
United States Military Power
If You Support Our Troops Watch This
Rose Of.....
As I plant a seed into the soil, the soil of my unpredictable life. Hoping for each seed to blossom throughout the darken night. Without the knowledge of knowing what each seed will form into... But a rose I wish upon a star for this precious seed to be I will pray so my rose will be a rose filled with love and beauty With Gracefulness and Charm A rose that would be viewed as a quantum characteristic that accounts for the existence of love A while It took to search for the perfect seed, till I found the one that spoke the language of love back to me The seed of desire that will blossom into A perfect love for me to call my own. The petals on that rose Will be the petals that present my life such a life I will live, for all I long for is to find the perfect love to call my own... Such beauty, such desire Such sweet scent I want you to hold proudly I will not fear to see what you might become For I shall not walk away I will be here waiting for you You a
Your words vibrate through my soul Awakenings and racing thoughts on the go My heart has been hit You need to know My friends flash warnings Love and concern casts their doubts How could I know They steer me away In the shadows I stay Not letting go My mind has lost control I just don't know Ulterior motives Player on the move All possibilities What do I have to lose I voice my fears Heart already shakes and quivers You listen and feel "Patience" you reveal I'm scared I'm excited I'm anxious I'm delighted Emotions unlocked I let you in Feelings enhanced There's no return Your words sing to me Time soars by I'm entranced by you Pure laughter and joy I feel a great loss When we're unable to talk I can never get enough You've become a part of me I follow my heart It's all I can do Time will tell If our love is true "Patience" you say Patient I will be Shutting out The voices surrounding me
Not In Her Storm
I see the clouds rolling in and oh how it looks like rain And it is always I fight for the welcome change When it rains it pours on this heart of mine So, I take the storms I feel to her each time. But I know she has lived under her own pouring rain Yet under her water her heart still doesn't change She can walk away from what hangs overhead And, not in her storm, are words left unsaid. Not in her storm have I ever felt alone Her storm ends, so I, may find my way home It's for me that she pushes away her own rain So, that I may find comfort in calling her name. She lives in this world for the sake of another's heart God, how she eases the miles when worlds apart And she never wanders when your world falls through Not ever in her storm would she do this to you. She has wings that I know not only I can see Cause only an angel could find strength to carry me It's the way that the eyes can surely view How her heart's written so clearly in what an angel can do.
Feelings Of A Confused Heart
Just a room in your apartment And a window letting in Light from streetlights down below And the stars from up above Just a woman lying close To the man she truely does not know Though the room is dimly lit Moonlight gently bathes us there Words unneeded! As he gently kisses her head Knowing she will soon leave Cause there is no reason for her to stay One more night of stolen bliss Then the cruel light of day! So for now let passions stir And the world shall fade away Lovers now, but not for long Still playing those cruel games I care not what the world may say Problems now or problems past I took my chances with fate Our stolen hours have engineered All I know is that I hav feelings And this memory will always last!
Wanting, lusting, to be held, to be loved, to feel warmth, to feel your beating heart. Wanting to be sheltered from the cold, heartless winds. Falling into invisible arms; into an abyss of love. Wishing, hoping, that my desires will be filled; my desires of loving warmth. Wanting to be held, comforted, loved. Dreaming of passionate embraces, of tender kisses, loving words, romantic nights. Waiting for undying love.
losing all I can see. nothing remains. dripping slowly away the tides recede and I stand alone. I look down from the precipice that is my life and wonder where the tides go. will they return to fill my gaping soul? or will the waters dry to flow no more and leave me standing and breathless? all I can do is wait. watching from my precipice, all I can do is wonder.
When I Cry
You see the pain that lies in my eyes, But, alas, my eyes are dry, I won't cry. No, I won't cry. You see the anger that burns from my gaze, The madness that sets my eyes ablaze, I won't cry. No, I won't cry. You see the fear that closes my eyes, The smile I wear is but a disguise, I won't cry. No, I won't cry. You see the hope that is finally dead, I cannot trust for my heart has been bled, I won't cry. No, I won't cry. You see the love that lies within, But I shall never love again, She won't cry. No, I won't cry. You see death's hand that has glazed my eyes, No one saw me die inside, They won't cry. No, they won't cry.
My Gift To You
I live through my dark existence only to bask in your beauty your eyes that shine like sapphires your smile that brightens even my sad existence I envy the wind that runs through your hair that touches your lips I long to touch you to hold you in my arms but I cannot for your heart belongs to another so, I can only love you from afar your friendship means more to me than anything this world provides but like an angel you touched my heart in a way that I've never felt before cause I've never known what love is until this day I know that we are only friends but my heart wishes it to be more so I will still hope and dream that one day I can feel your lips pressed to mine to hold you in my arms and say, "I love you"
Open My Soul
Don't just open my eyes, open my soul! Join your heart to mine to make me whole. Give me a world I've never been shown, show me the places I've never known. Teach me to see through your eyes. Take me to heaven through your sighs
I Am
I am ... A woman With a full heart, hidden Somewhere in an empty room ... With eyes not quite of autumn's gold, and yet Neither all of summer's green; I wonder ... If love is a tale made for children -- A granting of sweet dreams in their innocence -- A honey-coating to help their throats Choke down the bitter draught ... I hear ... A voice that whispers warnings, half-formed, Bodiless as hope, until I swear I cannot draw Another breath unless this spectre be unmasked, His lies mangled 'neath my righteous tread; I see ... A woman, proud, uncompromising, Diaphanous as air -- less, even, than the tears That fall in desolation about her weary feet, Salt poison pooled upon the withered ground ... I want ... A measure of quietude, a certain silence, The echo of alone which heals me of dreaming, The nothing that stills the wanting, The numb, the cold that laughs at pain; I am A woman, hidden ... I pretend ... That I can live forever -- that Time Has no puissa
You Are Like A Dimond
You are like a diamond You glimmer and glow And shine so brightly Some, like me, draw close To feel your warmth, your heat Only to find none You are like a diamond You are bright and strong But you have no warmth, or love It’s a terrible game To play with people’s hearts Like mine You are like a diamond You will last longer than most But you will have no love No warmth to back up that bright light So what kind of life will it be? Besides long? Will you regret it someday? Regret being so much like a diamond Regret being so cold And look for me A find me gone? Can I ever leave? No, I can never leave you I am drawn to this cold light This false sense of warmth you give I keep wishing and hoping That someday, you will give warmth But, this will never be
Seek Not My Heart
Oh gentle winds ’neath moonlit skies, Do not you hear my heartfelt cries? Below the branches, here about, Do not you sense my fear and doubt? Side glistening rivers, sparkling streams, Do not you hear my woeful screams? Upon the meadows, touched with dew, Do not you see my hearts a’skew? Beneath the thousand twinkling stars, Do not you feel my jagged scars? Seek not my mournful heart kind breeze, For you’ll not find it ’mongst these trees. It’s scattered ’cross the moonlit skies, Accompanied by heartfelt sighs. It’s drifting o’re the gentle rain, A symbol of my silent pain. It’s buried ’neath the meadow fair, Conjoined with all the sorrow there. It’s lost among the stars this night, Too far to ease my quiet fright. No gentle winds, seek not my heart, For simply ... it has torn apart.
All My Life
It was not so long ago when I thought I'd never meet someone like you. Wrong was I, thinking I'm in control Believing I'd never fall. All my life I thought no one would melt a heart like mine, a heart so cold, a heart hardened by the past, protected by shields so vast. Slowly I was falling without even knowing. Only to find out too late I have no choice but to accept my fate. I could dream, I suppose forever, I could hope you could love me until I wake up to reality. I wouldn't do a thing to hurt you but I just have to let go. I can't hold on much longer 'cause for us there's no forever. I cangt make you love me nor will I try Just dont say you love me when you love someone else. 4:27 PM - 0 Comments - 0 Kudos - Ad
My Feelings For You
when i see you, you are peaceful and sound and when i see you my heart begins to pound then i turn myself around and i feel as if i were floating above the ground at night in my bed i lay thinking of when i saw you that day and how all your beauty in every conceivable way shines like a golden sun ray every part of you is perfect without a doubt it brightens my day to see you when i walk the normal route it's even better to see you when i'm out and about you're a person the world could not do without maybe just my world you are my boy you come into view and my head twirls your eyes shine like the ocean during the morning sun rise if you only knew how much i am falling for you i'm writing this hoping you know then i can let my feelings go
My Heart Believes In You
I kept my head up high, and then you came my way. I have been hurt so many times. My heart filled with so much pain. but now that pain has gone away. For I have found a place I want to be. This place I see is with thee. For in your arms I have felt and seen, a wonderful feeling that I cannot believe. A safe haven in your arms just for me. Now I give my heart to thee. For my heart believes in you.
He Calls To Me
He calls to me across the miles Night winds carry his whispers They float on the breeze and through my windows Falling gently upon my ears - Hush - I hear him now. He calls to me from the heavens Glittering stars cannot compare to the sparkle of his eyes When he looks at me, I am consumed by the fire I see him now. He calls to me through my dreams Dancing together in the shadows of my sleep Where we laugh and love once again I am in his arms I feel him now. He calls to me Every moment of every day Distance couldn't keep us apart When destiny drew us together I'll hold him for eternity As long as he keeps calling.
What Love Is About
Sometimes at night, when I look to the sky, I start thinking of you and then ask myself, why? Why do I love you? I think and smile, because I know the list could run on for miles. The whisper of your voice, the warmth of your touch, so many little things that make me love you so much. The way you support me, and help with my emotions, the way that you care and show such devotion. The way that your kiss, fills me with desire, and how you hold me with the warmth of a blazing fire. The way your eyes shine when you look at me, lost with you forever is where I want to be. The way that I feel when you're by my side, a sense of completion and overflowing pride. The dreams that I dream, that all involve you, the possibilities I see and the things we can do. How you finish the puzzle that lies inside my heart, how that deep in my soul, you are the most important part. I could go on for days, telling of what I feel, but all you really must know is my love for you is real.
Give Me The Wind
I am at my best with the wind in my face, When overcoming the challenge, with pace. The pace that requires more effort, more strength. But once gained momentum, endures with great length. It's easy to sit back, placid and calm Comfort is only a relative balm. It seems an advantage, better than strife But is dulled by stagnation, stifling life. Progress needs movement, energy, drive, No chance for improvement if you do not strive. Nothing's for nothing: cause and effect. That which you work for, you've more chance to get. So give me the wind, let it blow in my face, The more I confront, the more strength I'll embrace. Steps are not mounted, nor challenge o'ercome. Without certain courage or effort be done.
Each And Every Person
The Little Things From Home
The End
When the end comes most are ready For some this is not true Most are ready this is true Most are not ready to give up their life When the end is nearing most know when it is When the end is here some aren't ready to go So when it is your turn to come to the end And even if you are not ready It is your time and you will go
What Love Is To Be
All I ever want was to be part of your heart, And for us to be together, to never be apart. No one else in the world can even compare, You're perfect and so is this love that we share. We have so much more than I ever thought we would, I love you more than I ever thought I could. I promise to give you all I have to give, I'll do anything for you as long as I live. In your eyes I see our present, our future and past, By the way you look at me I know we will last. I hope that one day you'll come to realize, How perfect you are when seen through my eyes.
Into Every Life
She looks into air, herself falling rain Dripping coldness past, memories old pain. Drops fall, the puddling her damp water-life. Spiraling a mirror, self-lonely strife. A sigh, one frown, crying soft saddened tears. Storms of remember - through bleak yesteryear. Clouds a-whorl, dark sky sheltering fair heart. But how can she joy, while taking no part? Cov'ring cold soul, corona of defense. Defying the stab of her fate's intents. This is madness, she thinks in plaintive cry. I'm here, on the cusp, of lay down and die. What my destiny, but an empty-off dream? A plaything with which gods and angels scheme. Am I doomed then to live, time never-free? Subsumed wholly 'neath life's scattered debris? Is justice, outside this torrential doubt? Perhaps more than sorrow, painful fall-out? Is love, perhaps, just a sliver of sun? Shining through mists, revealing Avalon? Personal paradise, which I can own, Evoking happiness, hither unknown? She raises fro
She Walks Alone
She walks along this lonely street no one to dry her tears massage her tired feet or calm ever present fears Seeing life through tainted heart making everything gray Alone, her life, anew to start Always searching for a way But life goes on no matter what That fact she cannot quell Memories ne'er to be forgot Within her heart they dwell So she keeps walking this lonely street Keeps searching to find her way Every night she lies down to sleep And prays tomorrow's a better day

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