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HardCorePrincess's blog: "suveys :-)"

created on 11/20/2008  |  http://fubar.com/suveys/b260602
do you believe in santa? no, i put 5 sleeping pills in the cookies and 17 in the milk. next day, daddy was passed out under the christmas tree. did santa ever give you christmas present? i must have been better then last year because this time he didnt shit in my stocking...and wipe his ass with my wishlist. what did you want for christmas? a shot gun to shoot reindeers, drunk proof bottle of riddlin so mommy ill never be able to open it. a puppy, and a unicorn...cuz if santa exist and obama made president, then so do unicorns. what did you get this year? a gerbil, a barbie doll, coal, matches, riddlin, a leash with no dog. santas one sick S.O.B. did you enjoy your gifts? did for a little while...but my gerbil got caught in the mouse trap, my matches were taken away cuz they were scared i might burn down the place, my barbie was taken away and said i was beating her when all i was doing is pretending she was daddy and momma. momma ate all my riddlin and said sorry she thot it was candy...which is silly cuz how could she not know when it was in a child proof bottle...they should make it drunk proof...then she would never get into it and then they replaced the dog with me on the leash and go every where with it. did you see lots of family? yes, i brought a camera so i can record my family argueing and then stick it on youtube and call it, my disfunctional family...15 videos in the past year...awesome which is your favorite family member? i would say uncle mark, but i have 42 uncles that i met over the past year. they seem to come over after momma goes to the bar. have you given any gifts? yes, the gift of truth... my 7 yr old cousine gave me a hug and told me she loved me...i told her she was adopted then i walked away. and a pack of cigs to my 12 r old cousine. how much did they like the gift? the 12 year old loved it...the other im not sure she just laughed and said i was silly but then had this pondering look on her face all night...i wonder what she was thinking. how was the cooking? it was so delishes. even though my aunt said she slaved over the stove all day...but when i thought about it...isnt the microwave above the stove??? did you sing christmas carrols? alittle, such as rudolph got run over by my daddy. santa wants a little hohoho. grama wants her 2 front dentures. did you and your family share christmas stories? yes, how the grinch should be smoked. uncle luis met santa in jail. how to skin a reindeer what would you like to share for christmas? i would like to share that im not for the word "X-mas"... Christmas stands for the birth of jesus christ, not so they can take his name out of his own birthday... F**K those who say x-mas and have a merry CHRISTmas... and a happy new year:-)
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