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DreamX's blog: "one of my poems"

created on 09/18/2006  |  http://fubar.com/one-of-my-poems/b3827
You just sit down, reading or watching tv drinking beer, thinking about your bills and the stress your family gives you you just wanted a moment of peace no murder on the news no gunshots or sirens in the streets. You get drunk, remembering back in the day when life was simple and you knew it all Back then when you left home, telling everyone you got big plans. One by one everyone just left. Victim of chance, who knows but they're gone Last you heard, your ex was married 2 kids So you drank your beer, and wished her luck And your freinds one by one were happy, while you just left one place for another until finally you just sat down in your chair getting drunk Wishing you were someplace else. The years, marking their passing, on a haggard leather face, Your hands never clean, full of dirt and grime Too afraid to clean away the tears. You knew there were winners and losers But too late, did you realize, the courage it took to get up every day and start it all again.
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