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DreamX's blog: "one of my poems"

created on 09/18/2006  |  http://fubar.com/one-of-my-poems/b3827

no one knows

No one Knows no one knows what its like to be a star fading away a million miles from home the light dimming to nothing No one knows the fall when you were on top as high as the tallest mountains and when you reach out for help but there was no one there No one knows the pain kept inside the self loathing weighing you down The sadness of mistakes on your consience and the hatred of many staining your soul No one knows sorrow from lonliness with tears across your face your eyes closed and mind breaking down No one knows the struggle to get up each day and fight hard for a love that doesnt come no one knows the strength to keep a good bye from their anger By Jason Hartle
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