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Alis Volat Propriis's blog: "!Respect!"

created on 10/14/2008  |  http://fubar.com/respect/b252269


haha a lot of people on here dont have any let alone know what it is or means ive been on her since 06 blah ive seen it all ive read it all i mean come on common sense is ever so lacking on peoples parts with what they say and send you talk to someone for 10 15minutes and just bs talk normal convo no flirting no nothing they ask if your taken ....(if you are) and if your like me you proudly tell them that your taken and how much your wife/hubby/gf/bf means to you then all of a sudden they go through your pics pick out that one pic that in some weird ass mother effin way send off some kind of sexual sense and they leave you one hell of a message pretty telling you they want to jump your bones and more i mean WTF man i say im taken my page says im taken you come off as a nice girl/guy and then you tell me what you want to do to me F@CK! thats just BLAH ! DISRESPECTFUL!!!! in more ways than one another thing that is DISRESPECTFUL is just blatantly sending pics of things saying "ILL TAKE YOU PLACES ONLY GOD HAD SEEN AND BEEN" yo WTF im sure in your ever lovin pee brain of a mind you have you think you could do that for me HAHAHA you loser oh heres a good one....when some lady or man on here has NSFW marked private and ppl beg their asses off to see em and ppl actually giving into this "begging" and then after they look they proceed to go and tell that persons S/O SHIT whats the deal with that effin bullshit for one if i wouldnt show anyone my GOODS on here i aint going to become scum and be like everyone else...2 what fuck are taken ppl doing loading that shit in the first place i mean if you they are comfy with it thats cool but still if your TAKEN in my opinion a taken person shouldnt do it its disrespectful to the one they are with on so many levels or going through your pics and saying things on each one that would make you turn 3 shades of red and ppl leave that shit there knowing that their friends that think very highly of them will see it and there wife/hubby/gf/bf will see it and will def say something about it and then they wonder why they get into it with them ....ummm yeah when you allow someone to do that ppl see you and a whole diff light and its not a very pretty one at that if your single i can understand A LOT of things cuz your single but TAKEN dude have some decency,morals and repsect its really not that hard to do (im constantly removing thing that would deff blow my mans mind and certain friends if i were to ever leave half the shit that was left yeah ppl would wonder what the fuck was wrong with me cuz thats just not how i roll) i mean i do understand that there are some good looking ppl on here(most are fakes and ho hos and some are just good looking in their ways ha) but damn im not going to sit there and paw all over them and tell them i they make me feel like jumping through my screen and jump their bones while sittin there good god come on now plus im taken i dont see other ppl the same way i see him and damnit to hell i get so tired of tellin ppl the same effin thing everytime i turn around..... that i dont cam,dont give my #,dont send nudes,dont post nudes,dont flirt,i dont send sexual comments,i dont send sexual messages or gifts,i dont want a side of ass,i dont want to cyber,i dont want know what you want to do to me, I HAVE EFFIN MORALS!!! where the fuck is everyone elses MORALS at?!?!?!? maybe i just have too much respect for others and myself....hold on.....is there even such a thing as havin too much respect??? im pretty sure their aint but half the shit that i see and hear on here i would never in a million years do it i would just never lower myself to being anything than myself and i wouldnt want other ppl to see me as some trashy lil girl cuz im not far from ever bein effin trashy i am 100% woman and 100% respectable at all times i NEVER EVER EVER cross the line to where i know im doing something wrong or will make me feel guilty later,or hurt or disrespect someone that i care about oh dear god haha i vented Bom Chicka Wah Wah
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