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Midget Lol
Blah Blah Blah
In the next few days i'll start adding pictures. I'm still not a point whore, and don't expect anyone to rate them. I'm sure most of you a sick and tired of me deleting them. As some of you know, i go through mood swings. If you wanna be Cubby's friend, you have to take the good, with the bad right? I won't apologize for being me, but i will say sorry for those that miss me, and my comments when i'm gone. My back has been very bad the last few weeks, so i won't be great at leaving comments yet. But you know me. :P
Hi. I Am A Taurus
I was reading my astral profile and it says: Taureans are most compatible with Virgo and Capricorn I don't know any virgos or capricorns. I think this is why I am single. Does anyone know any single Virgin or Goat? I prefer men with jobs and a pulse. Ok thanks.
Cant Take It Anymore
My Yankees are fucking pathetic, they cant even win in NY!!First time in 13 seasons they definitely will not make the playoffs, i am disgusted!!
Not Any More.......straight Up...
8 Words With Two Meanings
Eight Words with two Meanings 1. THINGY (thing-ee) n.. Female....... Any part under a car's hood. Male..... The strap fastener on a woman's bra. 2. VULNERABLE (vul-ne-ra-bel) adj. Female.... Fully opening up one's self emotionally to another. Male..... Playing football without a cup. 3. COMMUNICATION (ko-myoo-ni-kay-shon) n . Female.... The open sharing of thoughts and feelings with one's partner. Male... Leaving a note before taking off on a fishing trip with the boys.. 4. COMMITMENT (ko- mit-ment) n. Female.... A desire to get married and raise a family.! Male...... Trying not to hit on other women while out with this one. 5. ENTERTAINMENT (en-ter-tayn-ment) n. Female.... A good movie, concert, play or book. Male...... Anything that can be done while drinking beer. 6. FLATULENCE (flach-u-lens) n. Female..... An embarrassing byproduct of indigestion. Male....... A source of entertainment, self-expression, male bonding. 7 MAKING LOVE
Fk'n Bored
Holy shit...I am so damn bored today...anybody got anything good? Need some Ready to start drinking... /blah
You Know You Want It
Auctioning off an auto 11...bidding starts 2pm easten on 1-1-09 and end on 1-4-09 at 9pm. The starting bid will be 70,000 fu-bucks...fubucks will be the payment method you may use bling or other cash items but will only be counted for the amount of fu-bucks earned for that your bid in the for of a comment in the auto 11 auction pic folder.. payment must be recived by the higest bidder before i send the auto bling...if highest bidder can not pay the next higest will be contacted...gook luck everyone
Push Me 11-07-08
Suffocation. cut off my airway to life. fuck me over. spit me out. Drown me in my own pits of hell. cut my wrists slice my throat. Gag me, strip me, leave me bare. Share my deepest darkest secret to the rest. I'm fucked up the way it is. Why not push me farther?!
Who Wants A Auto Or Cherrybomb Bling?
Bling Auction
alrighty, I am going to hold a short auction for a cherry bomb or an auto 11 for fubucks. Winner decides if they get a bomb or an auto.  I will only award one.  The auction starts now and runs until 8pm CST (or 6pm fu time).  Good luck to all :) Bidding starts at 3 million. Good luck to all!  Post your bids in the comment section. --------------------------------------------------- Congrats Devil Pup :D thank you everyone!! I closed the blog right as my computer flipped to 6pm so Devil Pup had the final bid of 15.5 million.  any bids after that are null and void.  thank you everyone for playing!! (h)
Happy Hour
Hi ya'll Please visit my R/L best friend, StarShine, tonight, Tuesday 6-9-09 at 8PM Fu-Time, for her very 1st Happy Hour!!! (she is #1 on my friends list) PS: since most mah friends are point whores, she will also have Auto's On!! hahaha ~♥™StarShine™♥~BTYG~Owned By Texas_Guy~@ fubar Thanks!!!! Have a great day! peace baby
im in love he runs from me.   im in love i chase him away.   im in love too drunk to   finish this   go fuckin   figure - lmao    
Before You Ask
Lately I've seen a lot of status messages asking for VIP, Cherry Bomb (both bling and to be bombed), Auto 11, bling packs, tickers, and blasts. Now JAK isn't a millionaire, but on occasion does have some funding to do certain things. No one will ever get a Happy Hour from JAK until he hosts his own first (then maybe there might be a chance...slim..but still a chance). If you come to me be prepared that what I may ask of you that you might not want to do. Not everything is bad (but there are moments). I will not give in just to make you happy (constant begging will irritate me to the point where I will remove friendship/fan and if it continues BLOCK). Should this bother you, DON'T ASK or get offended. If you want to remove me let me know so i wont bother you. Also, it would be appreciated if you could at least rate some pics too. thanks for reading this, John "JAK"
Zone 5 Tribute (fighting 5th) Final Roll Call
Akasha, Samhain Ritual
"Tonight as the barrier between the two realms grows thin, Spirits walk amongst us, once again. They be family, friends and foes, Pets and wildlife, fishes and crows. But be we still mindful of the Wee Folke at play, Elves, fey, brownies, and sidhe. Some to trick, some to treat, Some to purposely misguide our feet. Stay we on the paths we know As planting sacred apples we go. This Feast I shall leave on my doorstep all night. In my window one candle shall burn bright, To help my loved ones find their way As they travel this eve, and this night, until day. Bless my offering, both Lady and Lord Of breads and fruits, greens and gourd."
Rio Is Lovely
Wow..I seriously don't even know what to say. Rio IS lovely and amazing and generous and wonderful and so many other things.     She bought me a HH and I don't know how to thank her.   You are an amazing person and I'm glad I know you.  
Omg, Ebay Find Of A Lifetime!
I finally got my pads that I won off of Ebay. They are pretty much brand new! They might have been used two times at most. They aren't even broken in yet. These bitches are handmade in Canada. Retail Price : $1800 My Ebay price : $277.51 I LOVE EBAY!!!
Retarded Game Playing Bitch Leave Me Out Of Your Fucking Drama.
  Show Recent Messages (F3) Debby Me: you thereDebby Me: you therekerry lively: I posted a vidkerry lively: of him drunk back stage after a show lolDebby Me: hiDebby Me: lolkerry lively: and he was like aww wtfkerry lively: lolkerry lively: he was a bear today he left me no choiceDebby Me: its strange i cant see the youtubes in blogs for some reasonkerry lively: i dunno i hve the link..what browser ya useDebby Me: mozillaDebby Me: but i wanted to chatDebby Me: im very confused about a few things to be honestkerry lively: that is whykerry lively: my friend uses thta and cant see themkerry lively: whatDebby Me: and i know i am a soft person, but im not stupid kerry, there are a few things that do not make sensekerry lively: whats thatDebby Me: why did you dog me in the pastkerry lively: umDebby Me: what did i do so wrong to youkerry lively: because it was easier to attack you than the man i lovedkerry lively: and honestly you came at me just as hard debbyDebby Me: whenkerry lively: wha
I can't feel my senses I just feel the cold All colours seem to fade away I can't reach my soul I would stop running If I knew there was a chance It tears me apart to sacrifice it all But I'm forced to let go Tell me I'm frozen But what can I do? Can't tell the reasons I did it for you When lies turn into truth I sacrifice for you You say that I am frozen But what can I do? I can feel your sorrow (I sacrifice) You won't forgive me (...) But I know you'll be alright (...) It tears me apart that you will never know But I have to let go Tell me I'm frozen But what can I do? Can't tell the reasons I did it for you When lies turn into truth I sacrifice for you You say that I am frozen But what can I do? Everything will slip away Shattered pieces will remain When memories fade into emptiness Only time will tell its tale If it all has been in vain I can't feel my senses I just feel the cold Frozen But what can I do? Frozen Tell m
Last Sigh Of Evening
Oh send me out sailingOr to capture a thoughtRowboats are rowing,In a circular spotThe spirit’s not quelled, Or even distraught.After noons and good evenings of imagined farewells,such is nary a thing that was never for naught.Because life is a rondo, structured and sweet.Tormenting passion comes ‘round, takes a seat.Sun, moon and stars cause predictable scarson heavenly bodies, full and complete.A superior night is in sight,the moon remembers its place.The last sigh of evening fades off into spaceand I no longer know you in the dark on repeatwhile the stars wink and freckle and speak. Poem By Tammy C.
Something I Wrote July10-17th
Sandcastle I stand upon a moonlit beachWith the Atlantic ending at my feetNorth east wind whips at my backFor penance and grace I sorely lackI stand with sadness across my facePlaced on Earth this lonely placeThe tide calls deep as it pulls the sandFrom under my feet where I standI'm in its trance but I won't goBut stand my ground with all I knowWhat life throws me I won't denyMakes me flicker wane laugh and cryBut one day soon my sands of timeWill drag me out with evening tideTill all I am is a memoryAn epitath that stands for all to readBut my heart has caught every grain that fallsThru my hourglass yes, I will catch them allAnd transform this life to infinity  With a place, a castle for you and me
Before I go to work... My rant goes out to all the girls out on fu who are in their 30's who think its still cute to wear their hair like they are three. Such PIG TAILS. We all know who you are..girl in spot light today, gross disgusting. And if any of you think that a female that old is hot in pigtails, please go register as a sex offender (coz they look three) right now, and delete me from your friends list. Thanks.
Test Date 1 2 3
test date 1 2 3
Was In The Paper
jhjkhkjhjkhjkh hgjkgkjghkj
In Case Of Fu-hiatus
Hi hi, it's time for that unusual update. :D I know I returned and all to fu not long ago and the scene these days keep on growing and growing. Oh how has the cherry bore so much fruit over these past few years. Let alone the amount of people :D In a few months, I don't know when but in a few months I will take a leave again out of fu...after all I gots a life outside here. I need to spend some time again but I'll be back....hmm Fu might evolve again but if you need to contact me, Come find me on facebook at Emmanuel Fabic. I'm usually there if not then I'll catch you all on the flip side but I gotta be back, I want to have my 5th anniversary acheement (inside joke) here just like WOW! :D  That is all, if you need my YIM hit my shout box. I am not giving it to everyone here... :P 
3 Randoms
You can share 3 things if you like.Just a silly game. 1) I'm basically a nice guy, but I DO have a MEAN streak... 2) I like pretty women, but minds turn me on more than beauty. 3) I have the attention span of a squirrel on coff-
I wish that i could stop looking behind me I always feel like my past is right beside me But nobody know what the future holds I try to look ahead but i just cant see past my own nose I tend to feel the scars deep in my soul And it renders me incapable of growth Somehow, someway, I need to let it go these bags are heavy and they make me slow some days i feel like they dont even exist  I guess thats why my hands are closed fists Maybe i should open my heart and not my mouth My eyes wide shut as I try to look about these fears burn inside of me and scream my name So much more I try to be, only myself to blame when i fail to find peace with in but where do I begin   I am only flesh and blood  
                                             DriftingAnd as I reflected :   I saw myself drifting through life;                             Alone.      Floating through time and space             Reaching out                For a hand                       a touch                          a smile.       Finding only a void                a nothingness    Internalizing the grip that lonliness has placed on my heart,              my mind,                 my soul.        Kissing my cheek with a tear;              Wanting             &nbs
Ugg Australia Boots Winter The Most Fashionable Choice
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Barbourville Fireworks
  Barbourville Fireworks
Another Night I Must Overcome
As I sit here, the fog of Richmond surrounds my head. I sit and as many before me, i ply my trade putting thought to page, naked to all save my fig leaf. I am no different than those who have already reached plutonian shores. I gaze at the stars and ponder their meaning. There is no tale of daring, no plight of a hero. No forlorn maiden awaits rescue, no telling of the rains or of great victories. No they are just stars, and i am merely mortal, as those before me. Their fixed plains guide me through the darkness as the mariners of old. The musty air is parted by the tinge of brandy. I as many others are lost found and spared and slaughtered under those stars. The light of distant suns my only companion in the chill night air. I retreat to my antechamber, for i am only human myself and the piercing hand of death is too much to bear. It is for that purpose i sit here, for the night is long and the abyss wide between us. So brilliantly they do burn however. When pushed against their count
My Nighttime Prayer
Goodnight friend, May Death pass you by tonight so that you may live another day and May the Angels of Hell Protect you from the Sins of Heaven...Amen. {WRITTEN BY:Roy Venezia Jr}
Being Told
Interesting as it may seems,but lot of guys are not been control by their girls,they just are after something at first and many will fink they are bin controlled, after getting it,,,,,,Guess what THEY WILL BE DUMPED, THATS IS WHAT SOMEONE TOLD YOU
More On My Travels.....
Hello everyone, I figured I would send in a little update. I am going to be heading to New Orleans on March 15th to stay the night with my husband... Then it is Texas... I will be buying collectable shot glasses and a few other things as well why I am there. I also plan on having one hell of a night of beautiful memories... I will be taking lots of pictures and posting them so everyone can see. I know this is short and sweet and will be updated more once the day gets here. Talk soon hugs and loves Rie 
I Am Bi-polar......
It amazes me that they just love to hate me, but they can't leave me alone.  One peeps says because I ask him about corn and maize...he thinks I am a racist!  I wonder how he would have handled it if he had been seated at the dinner table and Captain Ahab would have asked him to pass the corn!  He probably would have stood up and called the Captain a racist!  What fun!  Listed below is what prompted me to post this piece....I happen to look in at the ladies and how they were talking about me and how they wanted to screen shot my comments to tattel tale on poor little bi-polar joseph, oh for the shame of it all!  Anyway, read below a portion of what i cut and pasted:   Josefs mumm is down there Dr Black said: i'm blocked.. Peacey fu owned by fu wifey said: I'm shocked. SHOCKED I say Dr Black said: i know.. what person in their right mind would block sweet little ole' me? Peacey fu owned by fu wifey said: he blocked me, unblocked me, blocked me again. he made some serio
The strength to rise from the pain, to continue at all cost, The strength to prolong all the shame, Knowing that you've lost, The strength to smile, when all you feel is anger, to substitute bad days, for the best ones you can remember, The strength to say 'I'm lost' when your pride has blocked your sight, to say 'please love me', though I've never done it right, The strength to say you love them, knowing there may be no reply, to stay by their sides at times, when all they do is cry, the strength to try again after many times of failing, to finally open up after many years of waiting, The strength to fall in love, though sacrificing your heart, to keep a loved one close while knowing you've grown apart, The strength to say ' I love you' when all else has gone wrong, to keep on waiting for you..... regardless of how long,
"Many of us spend our whole lives running from feeling with the mistaken belief that you cannot bear the pain. But you have already borne the pain. What you have not done is feel all you are beyond that pain."
Left Wing Loons Blaming The People That Live In The South For The Tornado Outbreak...
This is so outrageous I feel I had to share. Left wing lunatics and progressives, like Obama , with this global warming thing are now officially out of control. Now, according to several sources in the left wing press, they are actually blaming the southern states themselves for their own policies regarding climate change for the tornadoes that ravaged them in the past few days. So what they are saying in layman's terms is: You did it to yourself. I can't make this up, check it out here: I felt it so ridiculous I had to share. Remember this when you hit the ballot box in 2012 if you are in the areas effected by the severe weather. This is a new low for the left wing extreme progressive democrats dontcha think? ...god. Peace.
Tale Of The Broken Heart
I stand outside the door of the room where I have kept my heart since the devastation.  Key in my hand a stare at the door,  dare I open it?  Risk devastation again?  I lower myself to look thru the keyhole and peek thru it, I can see the scars.  Remnants of the pain.  Permanant damage I wonder?  I straighten and look at the door, the bolt, the lock.  I turn and lean my back against the door and close my eyes.  Thinking of the defenses I have spent years building.  Hiding behind physicality and dispensing with emotion.  At war within myself, desire and rationality at odds.  Should I do it, try to love again?  I turn put my hand on the bolt, the key in the lock and pause.
1000 Lotus Blossoms
under the stars over looking the heavens where the light shined over the paths of fatein the wake of you coming nearthe lotus blossoms glide over your hairin the golden mist of the sunyou walk the path ever so clearwith your red eyes and ever lasting lustyou bring closer the sword of lightand strike down with 1000 lotus blossomsthrew the gentle air sweeping and swirlingbreaking the path that has been walked uponand the lotus blossosm return into the golden sunonce again.
Dragon Tears
Dragon's eyes, gold and bright, Shining out Into the night. Fire rising through the mist, Lighted by the sun's first kiss. People fleeing, full of terror, Except one girl with golden hair.  Brave is she, strong and bold. Never bound to any hold. Scales of green and gold, glittering blue  In the morn, shining through. "Brave are you, not to fear me," says he. "I will not harm you...You may go free." His golden tears fell all around. Dripping softly to the ground. "Why do you cry, Oh Dragon sir, "The maiden asked to be quite sure.
The Way Forward For Car Disc Player
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I'm cleaning my room and found an  old CD that I made in 2007. I had my friends from here tell me songs, I downloaded them and burnt them.  One was "Puff the Magic Dragon". I don't remember who told me to get it, but I did!! lol.   Anyway, is there a place I can download songs now? Limewire is gone :(   If there is, I'd love to do this again. Anyone have ideas?   *****UPDATE***** Tell me a song you think I should download to make a CD of. I need enough to make a CD. =]
Spotlight Drawing
The idea is to have a daily spotlight drawing. Requirements are that the member must be at level 48. The member must have a minimum of 1 billlion fubucks and everyone that meets those requirements has an equal chance......The cost to the winner is 1billion fubucks
Understanding People
well let me tell you all I was e-mailin this member back and forth she was getting flirty she requested my friendship I accepted!she also fanned me and I fanned back I also rated her profile an 11 and I rated all her pics 10ns.I even bought her...I get back on and she blocked me!!!SMH thats all I can do.I kind of find it humorous!thanks for reading peace out my friends....
Fubar Is The Best.
I think that fubar is the best place to be because you get to meet different people on here and get to see there photo's and get to rate there pic from the highest to the lowest.
Today 11-11-11
While in downtown Phoenix ,I saw the most humbling thing that I think I've ever seen .There was this gentleman sitting in a wheelchair watching the Vet Day parade.When the Color Guard marched past him ...he arose from his chair and saluted .To some this might not seem like a big deal ,but as I soon found out he wasn't allowed to stand or put any weight on his legs ,for it caused him great pain ...Just goes to show that some things in life ...ARE WORTH ALL THE PAIN
Successful Packing And Moving By Professional’s Assistance
Packing and moving is a tough task but with the help of professional people this task can be easily get windup. The professional moving companies are handling numbers of relocation in a day in different parts so they have good experience and knowledge to complete the task systematically. The moving companies have trained workers and with the help of them these companies are making name and fame in market. The efficient workers of these companies take the whole responsibility of the relocation to complete the task according to the demand of their customers. The coordination of the team is very good which help them to complete the task at the desirable time. Packers Movers never make their customers feel pathetic as they never allow their customers to handle any single task. These workers handle all kind of relocations according to their specialization. The main services which they offer to their clients are packing, moving, loading, unloading, unpacking and rearrangement. For all these
Hosting An Auction
I am now taking entrants for my new years auction. Entry fee is 5 mill or 3 credits. If you pay with credits, your bids will start at cash bids only. Taking entrants until thursday January 5th @ 7pm central. Will start the auction Friday January 6th @ 8pm Central until Friday January 20th @ 8 pm Central. All entrants have the right to accept or refuse any bids at any time. There will be NO DRAMA! If there is any harassment of any kind, you will be blocked from bidding in ANY of my auctions. Will need your list of offers, link to your photo and payment no later than January 5th @ 7pm central.  Please SB me if your interested. Thank you.
Hands Off My Fu Pony :~}
ok...i really dont like to vent about stupid shit but im gonna this mornin and it has to do with my pony. I checked my livefeed this morning and wouldnt you know it, my pony got polished...yayyyyy for them till i noticed what level they were..LEVEL 55, really?? There are a ton of level 54's (me included) that need to polish 10 to level...your that fuckin greedy that you needed to do that, you couldnt have hit up a level 54 and say..hey, i got a pony for ya..FU GREEDY!! FU GREEDY!! FU GREEDY!! lol Im not mentioning names, they know who they are...and i'll be watchin them.  Just stay off my page, foolio and we'll be coolio lol:P                                                                   till next time.....over and out...                                                                       the princess
Contraceptives In The Treatment Of Alopecia Doctors Say Baseless
  Most patients with hair loss alopecia will just try different methods to cure alopecia, as soon as possible, even many students use contraceptives deployment "hair shampoo," expert said this unjustified abuse, male contraception induced hormone secretion disorder may grow breast, chest.The crowd continued alopecia "younger", white-collar workers, students also have hair loss, sociologists believe this because mental tension,ghd australia excessive pressure led to the "social" disease easily induced mental disorders.6 hair loss than to the regular hospital, the doctor reminds, hair loss may be some Department of internal medicine disease early warning, "top priority" need to take seriously. College students should use contraceptives hair loss treatment The pill to treat trichomadesis?Dalian University Students with "have a try" attitude began to try. Recently, the city of Dalian a college junior small Cheng told reporters, the bedroom a hair loss problem brother very muc
20 Ways To Become More Self-sufficient Before 'the Crunch' Arrives (repost)
(NaturalNews) One thing you don't want to be during the coming "crunch" -- a polite word for "collapse" -- is dependent on the system. The more you can take care of yourself, the better off you'll be physically, financially, emotionally and even spiritually. Here are 20 ways to become more self-sufficient while you still can:1) Get a small solar system that can be used to run a laptop or recharge batteries2) Drill a water well and install a hand pump or solar-powered DC pump3) Set up a rainwater collection system or barrel4) Stash some cash: stock away some green dollar bills and lots of U.S. nickels5) Own and learn how to use a handgun, rifle and shotgun6) Store some ammunition7) Own and know how to use a water filter8) Start a garden this spring and acquire more food production skills9) Save garden seeds so you can plant the next generation of food10) Acquire a wood-burning stove for heat and cooking11) Possess a large quantity of stored food; enough for at least 90 days12) Get to kn
Hahaha Hilarious!!!!!!!!!
lol i'm still sick congested and my voice sound like a Teletubbie... *groans* lol i have no fever but i feel like if i played rugby with the national team lol hahaah i found this *sneezes* it's very funny hahaha well everyone can continue giving me love because i'm stupidly sick (fucking low deffenses) hahaha that could be me!! (luckyly i have a treadmiles and i know how to use it lol) HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!
Robbers Beware!!!
I just heard the cutest story on the news yet! A 4 year old boy from Durham NC saved the day when he heard something in his home, This little hero dressed up in his Power Rangers costume and went fighting-sword and all! The robbers left the home-dropping the credit cards and other goodies throughout the home.....YOU GO BOY! No need for an ADT Security system in that household.
Getting My Computer Back Today!!!!!
im so happy my computer is back today so ill be putting new photos up very very soon...and my bday is in 2 dayz!!!!!! lil horny college girl
yminpkn@ CherryTAP
I Met Me Once
I never knew who I was until I met myself in New Orleans and I wasn't to happy with what I found. I accepted me for who I was and knew I wouldn't be him for very long. To bad he will never know me. I let him die on the street car and I didn't even cry. He as well as I know all things die. Death is a beautiful thing because it is a part of life. Life is beautiful and it is full of death. I am still here, always living, always dying, trapped between the illusions of good and evil.
My Life
Sunday, March 26, 2006 my life Current mood: depressed Category: Life It started back when I was just five years old, I remember it like it was yesterday... I was coming back from California, I went there with my babysitter when we pulled up to the house there was no body there. The house was completely empty & not a single neighbor knew where they went. All anyone could tell me was that they'd left in the middle of the night. My babysitter decided to take me to her mom's (we all called her grandma) house to see if she had heard anything & to see if maybe my sister was there. She lived only a couple of blocks from "grandma" but she hadn't heard anything either. This was the beginning of my new life with new parents. Everything was good for awhile, we used to go on alot of outtings like camping in the summer @ Fort Stevens Natural Park on the Oregon Coast. It used to be so cool, once we even went to Canada on Motorcycles....they had to bungie me on when I
Strong Woman
Stu Smith
Well what can I say about Stu without gushing all over the place. I was introduced to him by a guy who I had briefly chatted to and I put out a blog that I was looking for an artist for the Scarybirds project. Anyway I got a message off Jeremy saying he was working with a guy called Stu Smith and he was crazy. Well that kind of did it for me so I mailed him I had no idea of what his work was like. We chatted on the phone and I was kind of vague in telling him what I wanted but I asked him to draw me what a daughter of hell should look like. Anyway we have been working together for just over a year now and I tell you, I have never laughed so much in my life as his sense of humour is off the wall and his talent is off the scale, he manages to draw what has been inside my head which is brilliant as half the time I cant explain in words. please check out his website just the writing alone will have you in stitches - Stu Smith he also has more at Stu Smith - Art Wanted My tw
Sr Moments
FAMILY Three sisters, ages 92, 94 and 96, live in a house together. One night the 96-year-old draws a bath. She puts her foot in and pauses. She yells to the other sisters, "Was I getting in or out of the bath?" The 94-year-old yells back, "I don't know - I'll come up and see." She starts up the stairs and pauses, "Was I going up the stairs or down?" The 92-year-old is sitting at the kitchen table having tea - listening to her sisters. She shakes her head and says, "I sure hope I never get that forgetful - knock on wood." She then yells, "I'll come up and help both of you ... as soon as I see who's at the door." LITTLE LADY A little old lady was running up and down the halls in a nursing home. As she walked, she would flip up the hem of her nightgown and say "Supersex." She walked up to an elderly man in a wheelchair. Flipping her gown at him, she said, "Supersex." He sat silently for a moment or two and finally answered, "I'll take the soup." OLD FRIEND
Moving Thoughts
MOVING THOUGHTS Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one so that when we finally meet the right person, we will know how to be grateful for that gift. When the door of happiness closes, another opens, but often times we look so long at the closed door that we don't see the one which has been opened for us. The best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a porch and swing with, never say a word, and then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation you've ever had. It's true that we don't know what we've got until we lose it, but it's also true that we don't know what we've been missing until it arrives. Giving someone all your love is never an assurance that they'll love you back! Don't expect love in return; just wait for it to grow in their heart but if it doesn't, be content it grew in yours. It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone, an hour to like someone, and a day to love someone, but it takes a lifetime to forge
A Big Welcome Ii
A Mother's Day Poem
A Day Is Not Enough On scary nights when rainstorms comes, You never cease to make me wonder, How Through the pounding rain and howling wind, Your calm voice seems to chase away the thunder, How cuts and scrapes that come with youth, Brings pain that seems will never go away, You magically make it seems to disappear, With your gentle touch, kiss, and promise of a band-aid, When days seem long and friends cant be found, You always seem to instinctively appear, Carrying a joke and an offer to play, My loneliness would then disappear, You give to me so often and freely, You give with no thought to yourself, Even when at times I act brattish when ill, You still give me so much love and return my health, I know not the words to say to you, How do I, what I feel in my heart, truly to you convey, Except to let you know that I love you always, And appreciate you yearly and not just on this Mothers Day By: Romuald (Romeo) Tchouante
The Lost Book Of Nostradamus 3
11/2/2007 Dear Readers: Just a little reminder that the next and last broadcast of “The Lost Book Of Nostradamus” will be aired Saturday November 03 05:00 PM. I will also take this opportunity to thank you for the tremendous support I received for NOT standing for doom and gloom and I understand your frustration. Many of you really wanted to see and hear more of what I had to say about those drawings but again I did not fit the negative “pattern” usually accompanying any and all Nostradamus’ movies. During the taping I emphasized how important it was for any Nostradamus’ “translators” to be aware of the curse placed by the Prophet himself and the misinterpretation of his obscure quatrains. Well before attending the taping in San Antonio I knew none of the guests had “Cosmic Consciousness” and knew absolutely nothing of the 16th century rare astrological methodology used by the Prophet. I received TONS of emails of support and gathered a few at the end of this newsletter. First
Poem: Cold.....
COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL. PLEASE DO NOT COPY WITHOUT PERMISSION. THANK YOU. Written as a companion piece to 'The Victim' Cold snow falling Cold in the heart Siren's are wailing Lives fall apart Cold rage does grow Cold air, frozen tears Uniforms show Yellow tape causes fears Cold logic, write report Cold emotions, don't feel Media outside consort Shock sets in, all real Cold sweats, fear of night Cold courtroom, facts arise Justice to make right? Memories in minds eyes
~ Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway - The Coser I Get To You ~
The closer I get to you The more you'll make me see By giving me all you've got Your love has captured me Over and over again I try to tell myself that we Could never be more than friends And all the while inside I knew it was real The way you make me feel Lying here next to you Time just seems to fly Needing you more and more Let's give love a try Sweeter than sweeter love grows And heaven's there for those Who fool the tricks of time With the hearts in love they find True love In a special way The closer I get to you The more you make me see By giving me all you've got Your love has captured me Over and over again I try to tell myself that we Could never be more than friends And all the while inside I knew it was real The way you make me feel The closer I get to you The more you make me see By giving you all I've got Your love has captured me The closer I get to you A feeling comes over me (Me too)
Now Hiring Dj's
Valentine's Day Auction
Space Hotties Valentine Auction February 13th at 9 PM EST Auction will be in our lounge Space Hotties & Friends all entries most be Space Hotties and listed with LordGarfield by Sunday February 10th by 12 Noon EST! LordGarfield will be our auctioneer for this auction and host of all pictures and lists for this auction! The Hottie will have a list of what he or she is willing to offer the bidder in the auction the bidder will offer FuBucks, Blast or Vip the Hottie being bid on has the right to turn down any bid she or he does not think fair or good enough and the auction for that Hottie will continue or the next hottie will go up for bid if there is more then a 3 minute wait between bids! This auction will be live and we will be announcing everything on our radio live in the lounge at the time of the auction! If you have
Him Making Me Yearn
no foreplay no warning no sexual energy exchanged when I unzip your jeans push them down toss panties aside lay you on the side of the bed spread your pink lips exposing your clit slowly circling with my tongue smelling your excitement licking just the clit up and down two strokes a second steady rhythm feeling it grow throbbing hard sliding down to enter tasting you fully sucking your engorged lips back to clit strong relentless tongue flicking against you three male fingers enter so tight and wet licking, licking, licking a finger probes your anus slowly till halfway feeling your contractions wanting to cum needing to cum pleading to cum begging to cum hips like a carnival ride wanting, needing, pleading, begging fighting back and losing surrendering to the wicked tongue moaning, groaning, screaming waves of pleasure tingling of toes and fingertips nipples ice hard pussy pushing my fingers out wetting the bed with cum turning your over fo
Well what do you think.. is this me? I think so. Spontaneous. High appeal. Rare to find. Great when found. Loves being in long relationships. So much love to give. A loner most of the time. Loses patience easily and will not take crap. If in a bad mood stay FAR away. Gets offended easily and remembers the offense forever. Loves deeply but at times will not show it feels it is a sign of weakness. Has many fears but will not show it. VERY private person. Defends loved ones will all their abilities. Can be childish often. Not one to mess with. Very pretty. Very romantic. Nice to everyone they meet. Their Love is one of a kind. Silly, fun and sweet. Have own unique appeal. Most caring person you will ever meet! Amazing in bed..!!! Not the kind of person you want to mess with- you might end up crying.
In Another Auction
so go bid on me lol
Just "i"
You cannot see the tears That streaks my face, Because I need you I hide them from you. You cannot see the pain That is in my heart, Because I love you I hide it from you. You cannot hear the tremble That strains my voice, Because I sing to you I disguise it for you. You cannot know how Much I miss you, Because I do not tell you I deceive you. You cannot see the break In my heart Because I don’t want to lose you I cry silently One day you will understand how much I love you!
There We Go Agan
Daily Horoscope
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Live On Cam Boys Love Me
Might be back. Who remembers me?
imikimi - Customize Your World GET IN HERE AND OWN YOUR VERY OWN HOTTIE!!!! PLENTY TO PICK FROM................. ~~CHRIS AKA MAGIC~~ ~~SUSAN AKA FUN~~ ~~ANGEL OR DEVIL~~ ~~JoKeR~~ ~~Bad Boy~~ ~~Bad Girl~~ HOST: ~~DREAM GODDESS~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THIS MESSAGE WAS BROUGHT TO YOU BY: KO~~dream goddess~ ~fu wife &owned by magicfun cpl~~
Asking For Stuff
You know i hate when people ask me for stuff. I really do. But its ok to hate me back cause HINT HINT Me wants one damnit.... God, i have sunk lower than i ever have before. No i havent.... Wait till Happy Hour before giving me my plane. There, thats the lowest. Hehe Hate me? I do. :P
My Midget
There's no way in hell I'm putting this on my MySpace! lmaooo =]
Just Wondering
Why is it that sooo many more Women (Ladies/Girls) than Men (Gentleman/Guys) take the time to write a "lil" something about themselves and place it in their About Me section of their Fubar page???
Tuck Train
Nsfw Pics
Please add me as your friend / Fan, rate all my pics and stash and send me an Msg when you are done and I will add you to the pics. Thank you
Come On Do It... You Know You Wanna
† Skitz †@ fubar SnakeEyes Radio@ fubar ( first prize: 1 month vip, second prize: 7 day blast, third prize: 50,000 fu-bucks and personalized "SER ♥'s...." picture. )
My Headstone Will Say This
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Nursery Rhymes
Mary had a little pig, She kept it fat and plastered; And when the price of pork went up, She shot the little bastard. ******************** MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB Her father shot it dead. Now it goes to school with her, Between two hunks of bread. ******************** JACK AND JILL Went up the hill To have a little fun. Stupid Jill forgot the pill And now they have a son. ******************** SIMPLE SIMON met a Pie man going to the fair. Said Simple Simon to the Pie man, 'What have you got there?' Said the Pie man unto Simon, 'Pies, you Dumb Ass' ******************** HUMPTY DUMPTY sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the kings' horses, And all the kings' men. Had scrambled eggs, For breakfast again. ******************** HEY DIDDLE, DIDDLE the cat took a piddle, All over the bedside clock. The little dog laughed to see such fun. Then died of electric shock.
The 12 Drugs Of Christmas
Dance Dance Dance
I'm a lickle bit smitten with this song. Oh to have been in the park that day. *hums* *taps feet* *sings* *dances* A gracious hat tip to Audiogasm for having introduced me to Lykke Li. Thank you!
why are there people who pretend to like you for who you are, but immediately they want to change everything about you, I don't understand, I am who I am and nothing less! Accept me or don't!
A Grandfather Writes Of His Love For His Son And Grandson.
Thank You Son © BlueWolf51 © Thank you Son for the gift you gave to me A happier grandfather there never will be This beautiful little boy, so tiny, so small Brought joy to my life, smiles to us all. I see you in his face and his eye's so blue This little boy is a carbon copy of you And just like you, he will grow O so fast These precious moments you know wont last Cherish every second, every minute, every day You'll be astounded by how fast time fly’s away I know a wonderful Father you will surely be As wonderful as the Son you have been to me There are no words on earth or up above That for you and Kymyn can express my Love Love Dad / BlueWolf51 Dedicated to my Son PJ and grandson Kymyn
Help a pimp out lol He only needs 138K till GODFATHER.if u could show a bit of love to him it would be great!!!! xoxo DJ Master Pimp@ fubar
A glimmer of hope to know you care to know you want me to know you're there interest it comes and fades away nothing changes just the day it seems to be the way it goes a vicious cycle my heart knows I let go i have no hold waiting i am to be told we can be friends this is true but wasnt my hope when i kissed you the hand is open laid down by me i cant take more misery the flowers bloom refusing to die why must this make me cry?  
Southern Cutie Is A Fake.
Oh yeah! We got another good one here…look at those Fu marriages and bling, wedding rings to!! But who the is it?… Using this as her default image and with no real salute even attempted, people I guess assume this is her… ..but in reality it belongs to this Canadian girl, check out the French on this page..and is far from a Southern little cutie…actually, we don‘t know what “it“ is at all… ..even whatever it claims to be, it makes no sense…why don’t we all ask “it&
John Bradshaw
"Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God." -- John Bradshaw (1602-1659)
Just letting you all now that with my hubby coming home I really won't be on at all. We have a lot of time to make up for. I'm sure you all understand that. Thank God this deployment is finally over!
Going For A Bike Ride
Going with my husband this morning for a bike ride for about 5 miles before the Seahawks game today ... he is trying to lose some pounds and wants to build his strength back up in his legs after his stroke last year. It is just amazing that he had his stroke 10 months ago and he is doing so well that he can ride a bike for 5 miles.  
Obummer Trifecta
A friend of mine who happens to be a girl.... who served in the military had this to say in a bulletin to post and I wanted to share it with you."obummer Trifecta:President obummer just completed the UNHOLY and ANTI-AMERICAN TRIFECTA:---1st president in 110 years to miss the annual Army-Navy Football Game.---1st president to not attend any Christmas religious observance.---1st president to stay on vacation after a terrorist attack.Add to that, he's the first President not to stay in Washington for Christmas for the last 20 years. Past Presidents did not leave Washington for Christmas vacation until after Christmas. This was done so that their staff (Secret Service, Air Force One Crew, Limousine transport, Presidential advancing logistics etc.) could be with their families for Christmas.He's the most narcissistic, self-absorbed President ever elected. And this is just his first year!!"------That's just the half of it :D need I say more?
I'm The Cure For Wrinkles. Partially To Blame For Your Crows Feet Though... Character Building.
To: The few who have to suffer my company regularly. I've often caused you to choke on some food or beverage substance while reciting a litany of popsicle stick jokes that I may or may not remember correctly. Opps. Let me apologize ahead of time for channeling my inner 12 year old boy as well as the following: The golden retriver who is distracted by chasing smaller animals and barks at the strangers down the street. The construction worker... I really couldn't explain why I feel compelled to whistle at folks. The special needs kid who likes to hang out in windows(car windows, bus windows, store windows, etc) But really... who can resist making faces at people checking thier own reflections? The cartoonist. Is it really bad that I can point out a handful of character traits exhibited by people who are mean to you that remind me of specific cartoon characters or should be characters? The chiuaua. I will hump your leg for cheap thrills. It doesn't take booze and there's no way a p
To All People 20 And Under
The Origin Revealed According to Steven Hager, editor of High Times, the term 420 originated at San Rafael High School, in 1971, among a group of about a dozen pot-smoking wiseacres who called themselves the Waldos, who are now pushing 50. The term was shorthand for the time of day the group would meet, at the campus statue of Louis Pasteur, to smoke pot. Intent on developing their own discreet language, they made 420 code for a time to get high, and its use spread among members of an entire generation. While our teens feel that they know something we don't, you can let them in on the fact that it was your generation that came up with the numbers. A quote from one of the Waldos in the High Times article states, "We did discover we could talk about getting high in front of our parents without them knowing by using the phrase 420." Fortunately, your teenagers will not have that same option.
I Am Giving Away A Hh Or A Fu God(dess) Bling
I have an incredible family on here and wish I could give them all a HH and a God mode. I need your help choosing one of them to whom I should give one of these items. Please nominate one of them in a PM and state your case about why I should choose them.  (creative bribes count)  Did I mention that I am giving something really cool to the person who makes the best testimonial?  
Thank You
We have always Used the words Just in Different ways It was good To have someone To turn to That made us Feel That way Times have Changed But those Words remained And now Are more Accurately defined The things You have grown Comfortable in Sharing Keep you in My heart And mind
Here's To You, Mister Fubar Millionaire!
So just a few minutes, I had some random person I "fu-owned" bought from me by some random douchebag dude.  Normally, no big whoop, but this guy decided he had to SB me a "Yeah bitch, take that!" comment.  My simple response was "???" to which I received a "I got more fu-bucks than you can ever hope to have, so don't even think of trying to buy her back!" If you have to live in a fantasy world of fu-bucks to validate your value and self-worth, I strongly suggest you nibble on the barrel of a large caliber handgun, pull the trigger, and rid the REAL world of your fucked up DNA from the gene pool.  I'll even donate the gun!  LOL
Broken Angel
A sparkling darkness, Consuming the light, Love is the fire, That swallows the night. A broken angel, Before my eyes, She forges the chains, That she wears with pride, Bound by a promise, And gravity's lies, Bright as the morning, The light in her eyes. Love is the answer, Love is the key, Love is the reason, Between you and me... Past are the memories, That cut to the bone, Scars on our hearts, That prove we're not stone. Wounded and weary, Dying of thirst, One drink of your morning, An end to my curse. Your sparkling darkness, Consuming the light, Your Love the fire, That swallows the night, Love is the answer, Love is the key, Love is the reason, Between you and me. Bright as the morning, The light in your eyes, Your love, the fire, That swallows the night, I found an angel, She'd broken her wing, As soon as she heals, I know she will leave, So I lead with my heart, All hope is belief, Love is the answer, Love is the key, Love is the reason , Between you and me, A broken an
A Beautiful Soul
A beautiful soul is arriving this day to stay,Inside my heart where there is always light.No one else can cast a shadow to douse our life,We spend our lives together not parting from sight.We sit by a cozy lit fire to unwind before we dine,we whisper words of endearment as we sip chilled wine.Our words of love flows through our beautiful soul,making each other complete and whole. Lovingly we touch our beautiful souls; caresses soft and light,kisses so feathery we can barely feel its delight.  oh! how exquisiteit feels to be touched so light; its almost too surreal this beautifulsoul, how he takes me to the highest heights.His love makes me feel so elegant; our love is well spentembraced in each others arms, a night with eloquent intent;augmented by our love we both represent; loving ourselvestill we're both content, basking in our gift of love in life's segments.A beautiful soul enclosed in a dream where lovers hide; casting noshadows to disguise what we hold inside, I close my eyes. R
Just Writting...
contrary to popular belief I am not perfect, I am not a saint, I am not a mind reader, I am not a millionaire... what I am is an imperfect bitchy broken mess with a heart a mindset that cause me a lot of pain and happiness all at the same time... A girl with a mindset that everyone ELSE needs to be happy and my needs and wants will come later or that the people i am caring for will take care of my needs... and in the end there usually isn't enough of anything left for me... Why is it that no one can see that all i want is for some one to love and care for me as much as i do for them... i want them to think of me before themselves... goodness knows i think of them and their wants and needs before my own... why is it so hard for others to do the same... I am tired of feeling used and abused and bitchy...
St Patrick's Day Auction
The page will be hosting it's first auction for St. Patrick's Day. All Angels and Hotties are free to enter and all others will pay 1 million fubucks. I am going to place a 2 million fubucks minumum bid on it. If you are interested, please see the picture in our default folder for rules and info. 
Why Ugg Boots So Popular
UGG boots are the boots of a legendary brand, first saw her in person will be the ugly bulky appearance but not understood, but is such a popular boots, the Eurasian land, and is now in the world have whipped up a pop style, this is a gust of mainstream stars in Europe and America brought. UGG boots are the rise in Australia during the First World War, the name of reason is originally called ugly boot, it was a nickname for the Australian uggs, are one of the round fur boots straight until 1994 by an American registered trademark of ugg. So is the U.S. brand UGG boots. And manufacturers slowly enter into China from Australia. Australian UGG boots and then learned of old and registered by the United States after the gas halo, and also began its own production of the ugg boot. However, it does not mark UGG. But JUMBO UGG and UGG another high-end brands CGM. What are single, that is, directly over the authorized UGG production orders, also called the original single. In recent years, wi
A man walks into a bar and immediately realizes its a gay bar. He thinks to himself I'm not gay but I really want to drink so he walks up to the bar. The bartender asks " what's the name of ur penis?" The man says "man get out of my face, I'm not like that, just give me a beer." The bartender replies "I'm sorry sir but I can't serve you until u tell me the name of your penis." The man says "okay what's the name of your penis?" The bartender realizes ' mine is named nike, you know Just do it." The man thought for a moment then replied " mine is named secret." The bartender replied "Secret?" The man explained you know, "strong enough for a man, made for a woman."
Things I'm Unsure About
I know it's not nice to call people names but what about when someone really is an idiot?   And another thing...I've never been against welfare but lately I've seen some SHOCKING misuse of it, from a childhood friend of mine. She's my age, has a 2-ish year old daughter (adorable) and holy lord is she milking the system. If I were her I'd never go back to work at all. She lives in a luxury flat...has enough money to take out phone contracts to get all the latest phones, and she spends more money on clothes than I do...and of course she doesn't have to pay for any healthcare or anything. Her flat costs 700 pounds a month in rent. The government gives her 690-ish a month for RENT. And then she gets ANOTHER 600 or so for everyday things, and she also gets 200 a month from the father (she definitely gets this as it's done by CSA)   I mean, I don't wish hardship on her and her daughter buy holy hell I don't think she should be living in luxury. :\ Over here there are normally design
Club Paradise 3 Year Anniversary Blowout Party
Look What We Accomplished In Three Hours! (this Doesn't Count The 1/2 It Takes Me To Water Js)
Plants n SEEDS Planted! 06-29-11   Veggies and Herbs   Basil (plants) Aristotle grows to 24-36” Pesto Perpetuo grows to 36-48” Basil (seeds) Custom Blend sprouts in 5-10 days height unknown   Mint ‘Garden’ sprouts in 8-10 days, height 1-3’   Dill Bouquet sprouts in 20-25 days, height 30-36”   Tomato ‘Tumbling Tiger’ put this one in a hanging basket on sunny side of porch. Maturity 60-80 days yellow striped sweet cherry.   Cucumber (plant) Cucumber Armenian Melon matures in 55-60 days Need to trellis.   Flowers (plants)  I’m hoping the all reseed, they a
Road Trip
going on road trip with my boo to: El Paso,Phoenix, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and Albuquerque tell me the must see's and must Eats
The Horror Of Blimps
The horror of blimpsLast week while travelling I stopped at a Zany Brainy store and saw that they had a blimp for sale. It's called Airship Earth, and it's a great big balloon with a map of the Earth on it, and two propellors hanging from the bottom. You blow up the balloon with helium put batteries in it, and you have a radio controll indoor blimp. I'd seen these things for sale in Sharper Image catalogs for $60-$75. At Zany Brainy it was on clearance for $15. What a deal! Last night my wife was playing tennis and it was just my daughter and I at home. I bought a small helium tank from a party store, and last night we put the blimp together. Let me tell you, it's quite a blimp. It's huge. The balloon has like a 3 ft diameter.We blew it up with the tank attacched the gondola with the propellors, and put in batteries. Then we balanced the blimp for neutral bouyancy with this putty that came with it, so it hangs in the air by itself neither rising nor falling.  It was easy and fun, a
October 2011 Boob Salutes
I am doing boob salutes for the month of Oct in exchange for a Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon Bling.  No bra, just skin.  As natural as it gets. I will not be writing on myself, as this causes redness for the next salute if I do multiple ones at once. Your message and fu-name will be on a piece of paper.  My fu-name will also be included. Each salute will also include the Breast Cancer Association Ribbon to symbolize the reason for the salute.  I apologize in advance for any wait.  It may take up to a week for me to get the salute made and sent to you.Please be patient as the turn-around depends on how many salutes have been requested. You MUST follow the details below if you wish to have a boob salute: Open a Private Message (PM) and put BC Salute in the subject so I know what I am opening. Include what you want the salute to say.  Usually this inlcudes your fu-name and a small message. I will reply to your PM and inform you of the turn-around time.  Do not send the bling unt
A Cat's Will
A CAT'S WILL When humans die, they make a will To leave their homes, and all they have to those they love. I too would make a will, if I could write. To some poor, wistful, lonely stray I'd leave my happy home, My dish, my cozy bed, my cushioned chair, my toy, The well-loved lap, The gently stroking hand, The loving voice, The place I made in someone's heart, The love, that at the last Could help me to a peaceful, painless end Held in loving arms. If I should die, Oh! Do not say: "No more a pet I'll have To grieve me by its loss." Seek out some lonely, unloved cat And give my place to him. This is my legacy, The love I leave behind, 'Tis all I have to give.
Patch Of Green
I saw her sitting aloneAt a corner table Of a poorly lit innHer blouse pinkThe color of Sweet smelling rosesShe had no clueWho else was in the Tavern and did not careShe was reading From what looked like a diaryOccasionally taking notesInfrequently sippingFrom a half empty glassOf sallow wineHer hair was colored Gold as shiny as King Tut’s venerated chairShe looked like a modelUnsuspectingly posing For a photo shootWith her cheek bonesPlaced high in her face Her eyes made of jadeWhen I looked at her From the far side of the room A butterfly entered the localeAnd softly settled On the rim of my wineglass Levitating my heartOn occasion she would Posture a smile more Captivating than a Mona LisaI stood up slowly My feet growing colder As I approached her Hello, I said To myself as IHaughtily fought My chi and feigned Indifference as I soberly Lost course and Spun toward the exitLeaving my rose behind And keeping it my secret Nobody noticed As I solemnly walked past T
Bah Humbug
Ok, at the risk of sounding rude, I absolutely hate Christmas because I hate most of my family, their loud, rude, ungrateful, fat, undisciplined, loudmouth, opinionated, under-educated, group of surrealistic asshole I have ever met. I get sick of year after year, being bugged about what I want and then telling someone what I want but not getting it, You know what I want, I want to sleep all day, I want a carton of my brand of cigarettes, a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label, and a blowjob. after that leave me alone. until t's time to eat.
Daddio Thoughts....
Perhaps I am growing stronger now...I can think of and remember my Daddio since his passing, without crying.......fucking finally!   I love you my darling Daddio....there is nothing better than a father's love. Even after death, I can feel his love. I can feel him, still. And he is not ashamed of his baby.
It's A Boy
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Look At Me
Look at me Do you know who I am? What do you see? Do you give a damn?   Look at me closely Look deep inside Look in my heart It's open wide.   Look at my soul Do you see what I am? Do you feel the real me? I am not a sham.   Look into my eyes They are only for you Honestly tell me Will you ever be true?   Look at me I'm dying inside You love is all I want When will this pain subside?
*she Feels *
She feels  pain  sorrow,She has a black hole in her heart, soul. She feels hate anger she thrist she needs to feed she waits for him.She feels him she knows he is there but does he still (Love's Her) Its like (Daji Vu) again they came in circles again. She feel him all over again she (Loves Him) with all of her heart and soul, They both know they belong together.She is all he needs he is all she needs but she feels like she lost him again, She gave him back what he lost  a long time ago Darkness Honor Respect Trust Faithful Honest most of all (Love)But now they both bleed again the pain and sorrows tears of blood.   BY DEVILINA DEMONESS
Ok well today was an ok day. I didn't have to baby sit(thank god) and I got a new bed. But I'm not looking forward to tomorrow because I do have to baby sit and clean the basement more. But I cant really complain to much about baby sitting because I am at least making some money. I just wish I had a better paying job so I could save up money faster so I could move out plus I would love to have extra money so I can do other things instead of just handing it all over to my mom(yes I still live with my mom and that is only because of the fact that I dont have money to move out). But I guess I am single again because the guy that I am suppoed to be dating isnt talking to me yet again. And I am getting so tired of him ignoring me for no reason at all. I mean I didnt do anything but love him and he is walking all over me and treating me like shit and ignoreing me. Can someone please tell me what I should do to get a guy to stop playing games with me, I am tired of guys only wanting sex from
There are times, My life seems so empty. There are times, I feel so alone and uneasy. There are times, I don't care to live any longer. There are times, Everyone else seems much stronger. There are times, I feel no love at all. There are times, Deeper into depression I fall. There are times, I know I'll die all alone. There are times, My family would be happier if I were gone. These are the times, Of my cursed life!!!! AUTHOR: JOE S.
Sometimes you can see me here. And if you are brave you can listen to me singing just click on the note. Broadcast Yourself LIVE
Hi Everyone...if you are interested please add me to your yahoo, my id is all of my friends I've known awhile you already know that I get in moods and disappear off of CT every once in awhile I would hate to lose communication with any of ya'll. Love ya! Tina
Another Fantastic Support Of My Cause.....
Please stop by and show this great friend and supporter some love! She has a section devoted to spreadng my message. check it out! froggie@ CherryTAP
Salute Info
What is a Fubar Salute? A salute is a candid photo of yourself proving to the world that you're the real person behind your Fubar profile. Your face should be clearly visible, along with a clear HAND WRITTEN note with the following three things: 1. Your SCREEN NAME, 2, Your Member ID number , (which is located in the end of your URL address; 3. AND, the words: *Photoshopped or any “type” print set will NOT be accepted. *Grainy and barely legible salutes will NOT be accepted. *Salutes placed in a PRIVATE album will NOT be accepted. If you would like, the following items will be accepted as a complimentary add ons to your Salute: You may wear your Fubar or CT t-shirt, and show your Home Page (which has to be clear) as part of your background. Please include the above three items to ENSURE your salute is verified. All Salutes are approved by the Fubar bouncers. Using fake or bogus photos will result in your account bein
Hope I got it right this time! Created a guestbook, stop by and sign.
Busy For A Bit
I am going to be helping my family member so I will be busy for pretty much the rest of the afternoon. If anyone gets bored and wants to talk to me there they can help me bomb! LOL CLick the pic and leave a few comments anyway..if you like..:) hugs and kisses
Halloween Spirit ??
Getting into the Halloween spirit ?? If you need to feel bewitched ... Request "Dennis Paul - Under a Spell" If you like Monster Rock ... Request "Dennis Paul - No Rest for Me" These tracks are available for request on Rock 365 net ... the home for music Have an awesome week !! Dennis Paul P.S. More New Cool Banners available on
Losing Another Friend
Speaking with my Love (Glenn) this evening, I found out a man I had befriended that was away on a ship was mugged when he went to port in California. His name was Christopher and he was a real good friend. I am in complete shock. He was mugged and shot last week. He was 35 Years old and a Ship Designer. During my year on Fubar I have lost people I really have loved in one way or another. This makes me understand that life is so precious. One day at a time I realize I am truley blessed to have the people in my life that I do. Never take anyone for granted. Never wish that the last discussion you had with someone might be the last one you ever had. My heart feels loss for this wonderful friend. Keep his family in your prayers. Rest in Peace my Dear Friend Christopher. You will be missed. Forever in my Heart...with my Love. ~D~
A Wonderful Sunday To All! - No. 1 Pimp Site   Well, it's all quite here at the house.  I'm by myself, so thought I'd drop in to say "HI", to all!   We discussed last night about going to church this morning.  Needless to say, I didn't get up as early as would have been needed to make it to church, and even though I didn't have time to get ready, Lee and Kirk were able to get ready in time to leave, so it is "boys day out at church" today.  It doesn't take them quite as long as it does "us women".  lol  Church should be over with in about 30 Mins., and then I may be meeting them someplace to grab a bite of lunch.   Other than that, I don't there's a lot planned for the rest of the afternoon.  After Lee and Kirk left, I did get a load of laundry thrown in the wash....I don't know why I always let it pile up like I do.  It seems to always get put off until I have umpteen loads to do.    Lee has today, Monday, and Tuesday off.  Kirk is off today, but works all day tomorrow, and is reall
My Video
I have been accused. LOL, and rightfully so I might add. Anyone that knows me, and knows me well, well how do I put this, I was told that for a guy, I sure do cut the male species down and was asked "So you don't like yourself and men"? LOL, yes it is true, I cut down the male species probably more than any twenty heartbroken women put together, I do like myself though. Now, before I get a lot of flak from the ladies, especially those that don't know me let me at least make my case. You see, men don't think, and a lot of them don't feel the way women do. To them being a player is the coolest thing in the world, it is said that men are intellectually driven and women are emotionally driven, on the whole it is pretty accurate (no ladies, let me make my case). You see it is very rare indeed, that a woman can rip out a mans heart where it devastates him, not saying it can't happen for it can (I know), but to women it is devastating almost always because they get involved very
1st Comment Link For The Lounge
Fashion Trends That Make Me Want To Drink Bleach Vol. 1
My blogs are few and far between, and I doubt that many people care, but now and then something inspires to write on here. In today's case, it happens to be the following:Plaid fucking shorts. I don't know what asshole decided these were "in style", but he should be strung up from a tree and beaten with a nail-covered bat. I seriously cannot begin to understand how a female can look at this......and not just point and laugh. Everytime I see a fuckin' guy who wears these fucking things, I wonder what's going through their head. "Yeah, I need some shorts. But...I want to look like I'm about to go play golf at any given moment. Oh, and I also want to look absolutely ridiculous." Well,'ve accomplished your goal. Buying these shorts should guarantee that for the next 5 to 6 years, your penis will not come within 3 feet of a vagina. You should have to sign a fucking waiver upon purchase or something....."I, ___________, agree to not engage in sexual activity with a female for the n
Beautiful New York Morning
A little background, every morning this big 4 door Avalanche tries to fit in this tiny space, and they are always over the lines basically using two spaces. What made it beautiful was this big pink sign I saw taped on the drivers side window that said "Learn to park in the lines." What made it New York is that it was signed "You Dumb Cocksucker."
Mass Control Give Away Bonus
Mass Control Give Away Bonus Mass control is the latest marketing system that has been created by Frank Kern and could potentially revolutionize how we market online. The possibilities are countless when you consider that Frank has tried and tested his Mass Control marketing system within many different niches and under many different circumstances. The chance to improve your overall marketing skills and to obviously increase your income by using Mass Control within your niche or with in a niche that you are planning to go into. I suppose you may not know who the man behind Mass Control so I'll give you do the low down. Frank Kern is one of the most in demand marketers out there but he has chose to remain under the radar and to only work with a select group of his choosing. He used to be big in the marketing arena but a few years ago he decided it was time to go underground and completely cut of all contact with his subscribers, disappeared from seminars and eventually stopped wo
You may be a high school drop out, but you certainly know how to penetrate the enemies defense! Seriously, are these same people that were up in arms because Madonna wrote a song called "Papa Don't Preach" tripping over themselves to say what a great example this "Insert Nascar Racetrack" Palin is because she's "keepin' muh baby!" Without going into my personal feelings on the matter, the amount of hypocracy this shows, easily surpasses earlier examples. "But But, she's Pro-Life and wants to teach Creationism in the schools! We must LOVE her with all our hearts!!"
Wykd - Pot O' Gold
WYKD Radio Presents Pot O' Gold!! ~WYKD~WYKD~WYKD~WYKD~WYKD~ There is Currently 500 fubux in the pot ! ~WYKD~WYKD~WYKD~WYKD~WYKD~ Entries : ~WYKD~WYKD~WYKD~WYKD~WYKD~ Here's the LowDown! ~WYKD TYKTS are 500 fubux.~ ~When you purchase a tykt whomever you buy the tykt for will recieve the tykt graphic.They will only recieve it once.~ ~I will keep this updated so you can keep track of how many tykts everyone has~ ~Whoever has the most tykts will win the pot o' gold.~ ~The amount in the pot will increase with every purchase~ ~There is no purchase limit~ ~YOU CAN NOT BUY TYKTS FOR YOURSELF~ The Rulz: 1. This is for fun, no drama tolerated! 2.You can ONLY buy tykts for other people NOT YOURSELF !! 3. Send Fubux and link to who the tykt is for to RAIN ONLY. 4. Winner will be announced in Blog 5. Please be patient after purchase we will get your orders as quickly as possible.
No Desks
No Desk Back in September of 2005, on the first day of school, Martha Cothren, a social studies school teacher at Robinson High School in Little Rock , did something not to be forgotten. On the first day of school, with the permission of the school superintendent, the principal and the building supervisor, she removed all of the desks out of her classroom. When the first period kids entered the room they discovered that there were no desks. Looking around, confused, they asked, 'Ms. Cothren, where're our desks?' She replied, 'You can't have a desk until you tell me what you have done to earn the right to sit at a desk.' They thought, 'Well, maybe it's our grades.' 'No,' she said. Maybe it's our behavior.' She told them, 'No, it's not even your behavior. And so, they came and went, the first period, second period, third period. Still no desks in the classroom. By early afternoon television news crews had started gathering in Ms. Cothren's classroom to report about this craz
Swiss Steak
Swiss Steak 1 pound beef round steak, cut into 3/4 inch thick 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour 1 tablespoon cooking oil 1 16- ounce can tomatoes, cut up 1 small onions, sliced and separated into rings 1/2 cup sliced celery 1/2 cup sliced carrots 1/2 teaspoon dried thyme, crushed 2 cups hot cooked rice or noodles Cut meat into 4 serving size pieces. Trim fat. Combine the flour, 1/4 teaspoon salt, and 1/4 teaspoon pepper. With a meat mallet, pound flour mixture into meat. In a large skillet brown meat on both sides in hot oil. Drain fat. Add undrained tomatoes, onion, celery, carrot, and thyme. Cover and cook over low heat about 1 1/4 hours or until meat is tender. Skim fat> serve with hot rice or over noodles. serves 4
3 Whiskeys :)
A man walked into a bar, sat down, ordered 3 shots of whiskey, drank them, then left. This continued daily for several weeks. Curious, the bartender asked him one day, "Why do you always order three shots Whiskey?" The man answered, "Because my two brothers and I always used to have one shot each, and since they've both passed on, I've continued to order the three shots in their honor." The bartender thought that this was a very noble thing to do, and welcomed the man every time he visited the bar. Two weeks later, the man walked into the bar for his daily visit and ordered two shots of whiskey. Surprised, the bartender asked him why he only ordered two when had had always been ordering three. The man answered, "Oh, I've decided to stop drinking."
A Little Fubar Christmas Song
On the 12th day of Christmas my Fubar gave to meeeeeeee...... 12 Picture Comments 11 Profile Ratings 10 Requesting Friendship 9 Members Fanning 8 Friends a Shouting 7 Days of Blasting 6 Months of VIP 5 Blings I Loveeeeeee 4 Tickers Tick 3 New Fans 2 Auto 11's AND A HAPPY HOUR TO LOVE ON MEEEEEEEEEEEEE. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!
Koala And Lizard
Koala and Lizard A koala was sitting in a gum tree... smoking a joint when a little lizard walked past, looked up and said, 'Hey Koala! What are you doing?' The koala said, 'Smoking a joint, come up and have some.' So the little lizard climbed up and sat next to the koala where they enjoyed a few joints. After a while the little lizard said that his mouth was 'dry' and that he was going to get a drink from the river. The little lizard was so stoned that he leaned over too far and fell into the river. A crocodile saw this and swam over to the little lizard and helped him to the side. Then he asked the little lizard, 'What's the matter with you?' The little lizard explained to the crocodile that he had been sitting with the koala in the tree, smoking a joint, but got too stoned and fell into the river while taking a drink. The crocodile said that
My Papa : )
My Grandfather Passed away today at the age of 92. He was such a wonderful kind man. I'm sad that he is gone, but relieved that he is no longer in pain and at peace now. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for the thoughts and prayers to my family. It means alot to me!! ~Jen :)
Updated New List
Hi all just wanted to update the newest list here. There hasn't been many new ones in the past few months Mostly holiday trains, personal leveling trains etc but I've added the few I have found floating around here. I've had one problem that's really been getting to me. Please do not add me to any personal leveling trains without me asking to. I've been being added to trains that's only purpose is to level one specific person. To me this is not a train, if I want to go and help that person I will all by myself to begin with. One time I was added and wasn't even the persons friend to begin with. If I wish to be on a train then I will do the required work and ask to be put on it. Just because I run this blog don't mean I want to be added to every one that goes by. This is a list of all the new trains I've gotten since the last main list was updated. If you haven't already joined them please come hop aboard :) New Train By aGEM4life Dr Seuss Train
True Love
I believe that a man can love a million women but a real man only loves one woman a million ways. Please feel free to leave me your thoughts.
The Irish Ballerina
A large woman, wearing a sleeveless sun dress, walked into a Bar in Dublin. She raised her right arm, revealing a huge, hairy armpit as she pointed to all the people sitting at the bar and asked, 'What man here will buy a lady a drink?' The bar went silent as the patrons tried to ignore her. But down at the end of the bar, an owl-eyed drunk slammed his hand down on the counter and bellowed ' Give the ballerina a drink!' The bartender poured the drink and the woman chugged it down. She turned to the patrons and again pointed around at all of them, revealing the same hairy armpit, and asked, 'What man here will buy a lady a drink?' Once again, the same little drunk slapped his money down on the bar and said, Give the ballerina a drink!' The bartender approached the little drunk and said 'Tell me, Paddy, it's your business if you want to buy the lady a drink, but why do you keep calling her a ballerina?' The drunk replied, 'Any woman who can lift her leg that high has
Suzy Is Up For Grabs!
COME AND GET HER! China Suzy Is Up For Auction Do you want to own her? Well click on the link below and go make an offer. She has offered the usual things like:- Owned in your name Keep shit-faced SFW Salute (NSFW if VIP or Higher) 500 11's a week if VIP offered 25% of any Blings offered will be spent on you AND she has already added:- 200 stash rates a week during Happy Hour Rate all SFW pics in HH if less then VIP Family Access if VIP offered (she does not have one now) An invite to her "private Pics" if 6 month VIP or Higher Negotiations are open for offers of $150 plus What are you waiting for? Click the B & W pic and make an offer!
A Father......
   Your morning thought for the day:   The most important thing a father can do   for his children is to love their mother.       Henry Ward Beecher   
Yeah? Yeah??? well.. well... um.. well, i skullfucked a midget! so there!... she sorta walked into it..
I Am Getting A New Kitty
Yes beings I have lost one of my cats to feline Lukemia"spell check"I went online and got another one coming today. I am thrilled, I know he cannot take the place of the one I lost but he can help ease the hurt and heartache, I have got a heart that is soft when it comes  to caring for misplaced animals. I love them all big and small. I was so happy I had to blog about it. Keep your fingers crossed for me that he will get here safe and sound, His name is Hamilton
Use Viagra Pro And Astonish Your Wife.
Love Trees
200 ???s
200: My middle name is: plain199: I was born in: a hospital room198: I am really: a martian197: My cell phone company is: ripping me off196: My eye color is: hazel green195: My shoe size is: 7194: My ring size is: unknown193: My height is: 5'6’’192: I am allergic to: morons191: My 1st car was: crashed into a Mt side190: My 1st job was: where I met my ex husband189: Last book I read: long and it dragged out188: My bed is: in the bedroom187: My pet: is furry186: My best friend: is a butthead185: My favorite shampoo is: in the shower184: AIM name: is MIA183: Piggy Banks are: supposed to full of coins182: In my pockets: stuff181: On my calendar: days and dates180: Marriage is: a crazy institution179: Sponge Bob can: kiss my ass178: My mom: is the meanest person on Earth177: The last three cd's I bought were: bought a lonnnnnng time ago176: Last YouTube video watched: was in a mumm recently175: How many cousins do you have? 4174: Do you have any siblings: yep173: Are your parent
A Sunny Christmas
A Sunny Christmas     Every year at Christmas timeThere's not a sign of snow.Instead we spend our yuletide daysIn the sun's warm cheery glow.     We have the best of Christmas things,The lights, the gifts, the bells,(And "snowbirds" who arrive en masseTo fill our beach hotels.)     The glorious weather fits right inWith our happy Christmas mood,And we can also walk and runWithout having to be snowshoed.     So don't feel bad for your Florida friendsWho have no snow or ice.We think our sunny Christmas hereIs a holiday paradise!
Terms & Conditions Chapter 26
Terms & Conditions “Come sit with me Edward” Bella said beckoning me. I stood there for a moment, and then slowly took the chair next to her. “I’m sorry that I kept you in the dark, that I never answered you when you asked me” she said and sighed. “Look Bella, you frustrate me sometimes, but I really do love you” I said so softly that I didn’t think she heard me. “Edward I know you love me, it’s not you.  I just needed some time to think” she said as she raised my chin to make me look at her. “There’s just so much going on right now, but I have thought about it since you left” “Bella you don’t know how much that broke my heart.  I know I don’t have a heart, but it hurt like hell when you just stood there and didn’t say a word” “I have come to a decision Edward.  Would like to hear it?” she asked me. “Not if it’s going to hurt Bella, I don&rs
I try so hard to escape my past. I wish everyday that these feelings won’t last. I feel like I’m drowning in a sea of sorrows. Fighting to swim to see tomorrow. My will to fight fades more every day. All the beautiful things now seem so gray. Searching for something that I can’t find. Feeling like I’m losing my mind. Will I make it back to where I was? The happiness I remember is all a fuzz. As I float in this sea alone, My memories start to roam. I’ve made it though this once before. Now I pray I can make it once more.
Kinda Scary
P { MARGIN: 0px } UL { MARGIN-TOP: 5px; MARGIN-BOTTOM: 5px } OL { MARGIN-TOP: 5px; MARGIN-BOTTOM: 5px } UNDATED - Is your tap water safe? According one group, if you live in Pensacola you might want to rethink the next time you reach for the faucet to satisfy your thirst. The Environment Working Group, a research and advocacy group, released their findings from a three-year study that tested municipal water supplies across the U.S. They found that Pensacola, Florida had the worst tap water in the country.Since 2004, the group analyzed water quality tests from 48,000 communities in 45 states. From those tests, the EWG rated 100 big city water utilities. Listed below are their findings.Cities With Best Water 1. Arlington, TX2. Providence, RI3. Fort Worth, TX4. Charleston, SC5. Boston, MA6. Honolulu, HI7. Austin, TX8. Fairfax County, VA9. St. Louis, MO10. Minneapolis, MNCities With Worst Water 1. Pensacola, FL2. Riverside, CA3. Las Vegas, NV4. Riverside County, CA5. Reno,
Bombing List For Ability Points 3/21/10
LoneWolf92@ fubar Chaotic Princess@ fubar WickedAzz beotch piggy owner of Bronco and owned by wyocowboy@ fubar mcautions@ fubar BrightEyedAngel e5ljsmiths Babydoll@ fubar Fzy69me@ fubar Bigred@ fubar naughtyprecioussub@ fubar FireBaby Owned by the Sexy Bratt@ fubar Silver Fox FuMarried ToRacin39inMt@ fubar Archaic Angel@ fubar Devils Advocate@ fubar Bratt Fuowned by jeffdahl@ fubar
Need Drinks From New Members
New Members, I was hoping you could do me a favor and send these two gentlemen drinks, really appreciate it ;)thank you hugs and kisses
So Bad - Eminem feel that baby?Yeah, I feel it too.Damn.You know..i'm so glad we could spend this time togetherSee, not as crazy as you thought I was am i?Heh.. I'm the American dream! I'm the definition of white trash balling,I'm right back on 'em, with the(*scratches*) I can't call itSame shit, different toilet, oh you got a nice ass darlin'!Can't wait to get you into my Benz, take you for a spinWhat you mean we aint fuckin', you take me for a friend?Let me tell you the whole story of Shady's originYou'll be sorry if you slam my Mercedes door again!Now, it all started with my fatherI must have got my pimping genes from him, the way he left my mamaI'm a rolling stone just like him, word to Johnny Trauma (??)Keep my entourage with me, baby i'll make a promiseThere aint nobody as bomb as, me i'm as calm asThe breeze, i'm the bees knees, his legs and his arms i'm aS-superstar, girl, i'm ready for you mama!Why you think the only thing I got on is my pyjamas? [Chorus x2]So badSo good tha
Bald Pussy Or Hairy Pussy
Well i prefer Bald Pussy cuz i think Hairy Pussy might tend to smell like piss
Im Getting A Mac :)
So those of who just don't know what it is I do, I'm a student at TSTC Marshall double majoring in Multimedia Publishing and Webmastery. That being said, I got my hands on a MAC Book. What does this mean? MACs are the leader in graphic and video editing. So to celebrate this (and my going back to class starting August 30th) Anyone who comments on this blog will recieve a free image made by me. :D Will p.s.anyone who had pictures made from me before knows my work was never crappy.. but having a MAC Is so much better to make purdy stuff with :D
so here i was running on the track here at balad and all of the sudden i see and hear the CRAM GO OFF! that stands for counter rocket artillery mortar. it's machine that can shot down anything that comes close to the base. im running and holy shit! they fire off into the air to shot down a rocket. there are alot of these things on base here. one just so happen to be right next the gym. man that scared the fuck out of me hearing that i look uo and i see the tracers going up into the air it was fucking AWESOME!.
Rant Of The Day
Am I the only one who wishes they'd bring back special characters in names so the groupies stop putting "x" as every other letter? An example, for those who don't know what I'm talking about:  xMs mInAjxFuCTxTpCxED 
Green Fingers
I thought it was about time for another stoned blog ....   The plant in question is my first attempt at growing my own.   Him: When do you think your plant will be ready??? Me: I thought it was starting to smell the other day ... Him: Of weed??? Me: Well yeah, I thought it was that until I realised that it was the raspberry candle beside it ... Him: *speechless*  
Ever get this strange feeling that something is about to happen? Soemthing good, or something bad and it suddenly changes your mood either positively or negatively? Happens to me some times. I cant explain why I get these feelings, but most of the time they are pretty accurate. so I'm a bit worried, cause right now I got a terrible feeling. I hope it's just gas and will pass with nothing happening.
Badly =(
I thought earlier that this surgery went well. I am in so much fucking pain I cant stand it. I think besides the two holes under the knee I think he punched a hole in the side to relieve pressure. I can not even get up on my own, I have had Ken help me with everything. I am so fucking thankful that he is here or I would probably end up in the emergency room.  I am hurting, not really into being on the computer but I had to get up to try and eat some peaches just to have something in my stomach. 
Make Up My Mind Syndrome??
About the Author I'm Bobby Rio, one of the founders of TSB. I tend to write about what is on my mind so you'll find a mix of self development, social dynamics and dating articles/experiences. I've recently compiled a book with over 177 free PUA Openers...It took me awhile to put this collection together. Also, I just released another free report on small talk calledSmall Talk Tactics.   See All Posts by Bobby Rio  Women have something called “make up my mind syndrome” and once you realize that life becomes a lot easier. This goes for all phases of a courtship. Girls want to be led. This gives them an out of things go wrong. It resolves them of blame. This way in their mind they can say that it wasn’t their decision. For example; Instead of asking a girl if you can have her number, tell her to give it you. Hand her your phone and tell her to type it in. She’ll do it. When you ask a girl out, never say “What do you feel like doing?” or &ld
Fake Patek Philippe Watches Seem To Be Precise Books Of The Principal Swiss Monitors
indissoluble bond by way of celebrities. It is a common popular online application to see babes wear patek philippe uhren watches studying at a variety of adventures, no matter commercially aware or no-commercially aware campaigns. He thinks the laws the relationship regarding celebrities and then famous business watches has always been more and more deeper.Tracing bicycles of babes wearing celebrated watchesIn 1851, Cali king Victoria bought a Patek Philippe enameled surface watch, designed with sparkling jewelry, and using a world of golf handle create with 13 sparkling jewelry inlaid by way of 18 Okay gold, that could be extremely valued. This may be 1st record relating to celebrities bearing well-renowned patek philippe golden ellipse watches. At that time, babes always found famous monitors with their special money, with no need of other intimate relationship except clientele.With the progress society, the partnership between babes and definitely-renowned watches carri
dear bloggy,   hey, im tired and have really nothing to say my mom is in the hospital and will be having surgery on her leg tomorrow.   love,.   ruthie
Word Of The Day 12/29/2010
Word of the day: Random. I don't even know how I came up with this word. Make sure you all get your New Year's Bling before the big night!..haha..peace.
The Glow Radio
Saturday Rock Block on The Glow Radio: The Reverend DJ Furg & his "Church of Rock"  he will be spinning his mix of Punk, Grunge, Hard Rock & Metal Music starting at 3pm pt/4pm mt/5pm ct/6pm et/11pm gmt next up is The Mistress of Hard Rock & Metal; "Thee Witch" starting at 6pm pt/7pm mt/8pm ct/9pm et/2am gmt next is Tony the Misfit with his Freak Show featuring the best in Rock, Alternative, & Metal Music starting at 9pm pt/10pm mt/11pm ct/Midnight et/5am gmt   Tune in to The Glow Radio on iTunes; you can find us under Classic Rock in The Radio Directory, you can find us on Microsoft Media Player under Internet Radio in the Classic Rock Section or you can go to our website at:
The Love Of Money Is Not The Root Of All Evil
So the saying goes Money is the Root of all Evil. If you believe this to be true then give me your money. Same concept the Church uses to take from you but not I. I work hard for my money and though this is a fact. Money can not bring a person happiness no. Happiness comes from the money earned, you see if I go out and work an average job and look at all the millions of people doing the same what is the secret to these million dollar men. Simple productivity and honest integrated thinking as well as selfishness. Yes selfishness because in reality a selfless person will take what they can from another it is impossible to be both selfless and honest. A selfish honest person does not take from other producer's they teach and protect values through their success. If I discovered the next big step in humanities essence of life would I be happy that I am rich or would I be happy of my accomplishments? The money is just an extra added bonus. Money is the root of your success
Update. Not Drama, Just Facts. [updated With Picture]
I've had severe lung and stomach problems going on 4 years now. Doctors up here (PA) can't find anything wrong. I have an appointment with the First Responders Clinic in NYC in April. They want to rule out Mesothelioma, and a few other diseases that many of us who worked at Ground Zero are dying from, and have died from. I don't know for sure what the outcome will be, but I will update when I do. I don't want sympathy, nor do I want pity. I volunteered with the Red Cross to help my friends and fellow citizens, and that was a risk I was willing to take. At least I know that if I don't make it much longer, my children and family will be well taken care of, and never have to want for anything again. That's it. Nothing more to see here. Move along. :)      
30 Day Photo Challenge
Day 01 - A picture of yourself with ten factsDay 02 - A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longestDay 03 - A picture of the cast from your favorite showDay 04 - A picture of your nightDay 05 - A picture of your favorite memoryDay 06 - A picture of a person you'd love to trade places with for a dayDay 07 - A picture of your most treasured itemDay 08 - A picture that makes you laughDay 09 - A picture of the person who has gotten you through the mostDay 10 - A picture of the person you do the most ****** up things withDay 11 - A picture of something you hateDay 12 - A picture of something you loveDay 13 - A picture of your favorite band or artistDay 14 - A picture of someone you could never imagine your life withoutDay 15 - A picture of something you want to do before you dieDay 16 - A picture of someone who inspires youDay 17 - A picture of something that has made a huge impact on your life recentlyDay 18 - A picture of your biggest insecurityDay 19 - A picture
The 5/6 Rant...bin Laden, Obama, Blogs, Fakes & Well...just Click It...
TGIF!...yes, a lot of new stuff of course. I'll spare you my senseless babble for a second and get right to the point of a few things I wanted to touch base on at the moment.... Real stuff..and oh btw..Osama Bin Laden Is Dead. A report from an Al Queda affiliate sent this morning confirms that fact that their leader, Osama Bin Laden is dead. D-e-a-d. I know everyone's dying to see the pictures of his brain gushing out of his head, and his missing eye. In a time where "Black Ops" is a big video game, this should come as no shocker here. It would provide "proof" persay that he is indeed dead. But Obama decided -not- to release the photographs of it and video of his body being tossed into the ocean. To understand the logic behind it, you have to understand the logic behind this administration and how they view America. They said they did not want to "inflame" any further, Muslim tensions that might spark retaliatory actions against Americans at home or abroad. Ok, I get that, I r
Dva Bounty Hunter Hall Of Fame 9
{DVA} Hattori H... just KILLED {SCz}-(COM) mon... and collected a bounty of $26,984,881,400, with $4,857,278,652 going to turf tax! {DVA} Hattori H... just KILLED $$ A.O.D. $$ and collected a bounty of $20,850,306,200, with $3,753,055,116 going to turf tax! {DVA} Sidewinder just KILLED prec and collected a bounty of $18,039,364,570, with $3,247,085,623 going to turf tax! {DVA} captinhero just KILLED LOCKJAW ™ CSI and collected a bounty of $4,129,635,000, with $743,334,300 going to turf tax! {DVA} Johnny Mo just KILLED {TF/LCN} addie and collected a bounty of $3,588,053,600, with $645,849,648 going to turf tax! {DVA} Sidewinder just KILLED K.o.K. Unleashed and collected a bounty of $55,591,092,000, with $10,006,396,560 going to turf tax! {DVA} captinhero just KILLED blah blah blah and collected a bounty of $7,951,950,000, with $1,431,351,000 going to turf tax! {DVA} Sidewinder just KILLED hive o bees and collected a bounty of $18,096,178,200, with $3,257,312,076
Wade Brower
Downward Spiral Of A Cheater by: Wade Brower stop before you do it think a while your wife or some one you love when did, because of you, they last smile, bet its been a while dont it is not worth it fifteen minuets then you squirt it now the satisfaction is gone but thier pain still lingers on please dont go that route you big baby go ahead pout let all your frustration out now she is now leaving you why how wow how did this all come about and happen proboably all the name calling and slappn cant get her back now she left cause it all was too much her heart could take no more one to many times she heard ,W***E! so her and the kids are gone life with her was somthing to adore but, youll have that chance NO MORE! Copyright ©2008 Wade Brower
Today's Stuff..
Hey kids, happy hump day! Just so you're all aware there will be fun stuff soon per usual, hell I even have a Happy Hour next week! Anyways, here's today's band for Battle of the Bands, good tunes! check em out and vote... Icelus@ fubar So be sure to check them out and vote to get your max points! Easiest pts on Fu by yeah, weird week...but hey it's to be expected...haha peace.
Cash For Klunkers
The person who calculated this bit of information is now and has been a professor at The University of West Virginia in Morgantown for the last forty some years.   A clunker that travels 12,000 miles a year at 15 mpg uses 800 gallons of gas a year.   A vehicle that travels 12,000 miles a year at 25 mpg uses 480 gallons of gas a year.   So, the average Cash for Clunkers transaction will ruduce gasoline consumption by 320 per year per vehicle.   The Gov. claims 700,000 clunkers have been replaced so that's 224 million gallons saved per year.   That equates toa bit over 5 hours worth of US gas comsumption. More importantly, 5.333 million barrels of oil at $70 per barrel costs about $373 million dollars. So, the government paid $3 billion of our tax dollars to save $373 million dollars.   We, or should I say our government spent, $8.04 for every $1.00 saved.   Do you think they'll do just as well with the Health Care Plan?
I Need To Level Please
I really need to level ..... So if you can help with me getting a god mode I would really love some credit donations lol.. if ya can ..... who ever helps.... gets a surprise of course.... so if ya can help let me know.. thanks in advance!!!!!!
The Lolz Of Fu Sometimes
someone's status says, "send me bling credits , so i can buy my friends fu marriage" I responded "tells your friends to go get jobs, like real married couples :P said friend wanting to get fu married says, "hey jerk off, both me and my bf have jobs, now go watch your porn or whatever it is you do" oh the 31 flavors i can go on this one :D first off, you cant afford your own fu marriage? here's a thought, DONT GET FU MARRIED! next, getting your friends to beg for credits so THEY can buy your fu marriage for you? oh wait, they arent buying it, the suckers who gave them credits are buying it, so its not even a genuine gift. How embarrassing. I dont care what your situation is, all of fubar is PLAY MONEY, there is nothing on here that is ever needed..... EVER, including bling. Honestly if you can't afford the stuff that costs money on fubar, ride out the free part of it for all u can may not get to the top, but you can certainly go a long way. Don't ask me to spend my hard e
The Best Way To Distinguish Womens Winter Weather Apparel
From the using many weeks this nippy years connected with winter weather will probably wander on the to the north, and so make it a point to ready people clothing collection with the breaks along with the snowy days to weeks in to the future. The primary portions to pay attention to usually are certainly ones winter weather apparel. Because of the time period you will be reading this article at this time there undoubtedly usually are a multitude of vogue internet websites that contain disclosed what is considered with in addition to what is considered available with the recent season. Expend several North Face Jackets connected with time checking online to uncover this season's proposed models, types, material, in addition to colorings. When you finally accomplish this, you may have a notion on what winter weather apparel you possibly can have on in addition to what kind really should be entombed with your armoire. Women of all ages exactly who tend not to buy winter weath
The Lonely Loner
Chased from the world I once shared with manNow I must seek asylum wherever I canBlamed for so many things I've never doneThey point and say "there, he's the one". Once like the buffalo my numbers were greatBut now for some company I constantly waitMy sleep is filled with dreams of days gone byand each morning I awake with a tear in my eye. They call me a predator, they don't understandI'm simply a hunter with no gun in handI desire no trophy to hang on my wallBut just a full belly when night starts to fall. Envious of my dog cousins and his master's loveAnd howling with loneliness to the Heaven's aboveThough I long for a touch or a pat on the headBy nature's decision I'll have freedom instead. Married for life to such a beautiful mateUntil last winter when a bullet decided her fateThe pups are all grown and gone from the denAnd I'm too old and stubborn to start over again. Now I'm truly a loner the legend is trueBut forever searching for a friend like youIt's so hard to express b
How To Be A Mean Mother
Burberry Sale Levels Of Taste
AbstractA la richerche du temps perdu is commonly a e book burberry sale that turns upon diverse amounts of visual response, ranging outdoors of your habitual and predictable on the way in which to extreme coruscations of involuntary memory. being a report using the decrease using the French aristocracy while in the Belle Epoque right up until pursuing WWI, Proust's novel is commonly a perceptive, trenchant and humorous thing to consider of levels of taste. Modes of self-deportment ,speech, decorum and words could perhaps be the invisible skin color that defines standing and self-worth within outdoors world. Oppressively, and persistently they are barriers or gateways for entry into or exclusion from the sociable circle. even though there may be copious literature on Proust as sociable commentator and Proust's relationship on the way in which to arts, there may be small to the main reason of fashion, curious supplied that style is ever-present in his penetrating medical studies using t
Zipcode Absence
I'd like to understand why Fu helps members hide their general location.  Naming the country where you live seems so silly, especially when its a large country.  What would be the harm of showing the zip code the member used to sign up?  Why do I want to know the location?  Good question - it would be easy to argue that its none of my business... [yes, I'm opening this blog for achievement points]
Godrej Glides Your Kitchen Into Delicacy
You already know that kitchen appliances may not be operated through out the day, but once they are in operation, you can’t take slightest of chances. Safety is first and last for this appliance segment, and when you have Godrej stuffs to accompany you, you are relieved that at least this safety measure is well taken care of. believes in similar manner, and the Godrej specific link at that this online gadget shopping major maintains just brings you the gadget from Godrej that turns your kitchen operation a smooth and safe one. In the age of LPG crisis, people are opting for microwave operated gadget stuffs.
Deep In Dark
 deep in dark woods of love is real pain you love and give all you can to be one love is real at one time not for long as we see it . It can last min, or years how do you know its a chance you take with love  deep in dark woods of love is real pain you love and give all you can to be one love is real at one time. We love to be loved and feel love so nice to here the words of love funny thing of love we can not go with out it in our life or stay away from it run away no no love is here to stay love is all around us so take love and be in love fall from the sky of love on full moon of love     by christine 
One Of My Favourite Quotes
“The secret source of humor is not joy but sorrow; there is no humor in heaven.” ― Mark Twain   people always complain i have a sick/horrible/tasteless sense of humour.... truth is... the world is a really messed up place... a lot more messed up than most of you would ever want to know about.. if you actually understand where i'm coming from... all the stuff i say would seem quite fitting :)    
You Said Goodbye
Like a rose you withered away, said goodbye. you tore down the bridge, and the rain contiues to fall, cant stop the pain, like a sky scraper, i almost made it to the top, then you tore it down to the ground. the smiles are all faded. The memories no longer exist. For all that i did, or tried to do,  you never even cared to say thank you. but now you say goodbye, please tell me why. i walk away with a sigh. Dont think it even mattered to you. so not sure it was even worth my time. To try and keep you smiling, keep you from crying. cause i can still hear the hurtful words, that you said to me.
My Nvidia Blog
Acid Reflux - (part 2 - Continued)   Surgical treatment The standard surgical treatment, sometimes preferred over longtime use of medication, is the Nissen fundoplication. The upper part of the stomach is wrapped around the LES to strengthen the sphincter and prevent acid reflux and to repair a hiatal hernia. The procedure is often done laparoscopically. An obsolete treatment is vagotomy ("highly selective vagotomy"), the surgical removal of vagus nerve branches that innervate the stomach lining. This treatment has been largely replaced by medication. Other treatments In 2000, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved two endoscopic devices to treat chronic heartburn. One system, Endocinch, puts stitches in the LES to create little pleats that help strengthen the muscle. Another, the Stretta Procedure, uses electrodes to apply radio frequency energy to the LES. The long term outcomes of both procedures compared to a Nissen fun
Kerala Travel Tours & Tourism
Tamilnadu temples  :-  Rameshwaram temple   Now we are talking about Luxury trians, Which is the one of the best trains in world, we called them the deccan, palace on wheels etc. all about those luxury trians mention below :-  Luxury Trains : -  Golden Chariot, Deccan Odyssey, Palace on Wheels, The fairy queen   Some other links which is related to my best tourism place Kerala tourism Kerala Honeymoon Package Kerala Tour Packages
17 August 2012
Today I got a cortazone shot in my back.  They injected the shot into my spine and while doing so missed with one of the needles ro where I had a small siezure.  I should be fine now but will be on bed rest for the next 3 days.  If I am not on here don't worry I am either just sleeping or in the ER.  I will keep you posted.
OH Daddy, I'm feeling very discouraged today.  I wish you were here to help me.  I don't know what to do and I really need to hear your voice.  It always comforted me and kept me going.  But since you've been gone, I've had to go it alone and it's so hard.  I need you, Daddy.
An Ingenious Strategy
An Ingenious StrategyIt could be like getting what you wantSometimes it seams to be teaching you how to say no, or using correct fontsBest of all, helping you to turn a seemingly negative statement into a powerfully, positive, dynamic strategyThis comes from truly wants, in being happy In the world is everything from decorating a cake to a phone callLearning is the host to knowing knowledge that leads into wisdom in having a ballBut to beg the differ, wisdom is a thing that turns into something that you teach othersThat is when two might become quaint in being lovers Professional teaching is introducing personal recollections and collections of memories in memoir feeling from aboveImagination in inspiring a guide to creating and sharing instructions in enchantment in passion that leads to love
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Complaints Filed Against Me At Wal-mart!
1. June 15: Took 24 boxes of condoms and > randomly put them in > people's carts when they weren't looking. > > 2. July 2: Set all the alarm clocks in House > wares to go off at 5-minute intervals. > > 3. July 7: Made a trail of tomato juice on > the floor leading to the restrooms. > > 4. July 19: Walked up to an employee and told > her in an official tone, > 'Code Red' in house wares..... and watched what > happened. > > 5. August 4: Went to the Service Desk and > asked to put a bag of M&M's on layaway. > > 6. September 14: Moved a 'CAUTION - WET > FLOOR' sign to a carpeted area. > > 7. September 15: Set up a tent in the camping > department and told other shoppers he'd invite them in if they'll bring pillows from > the bedding department. > > 8. September 23: When a clerk asks if they > can help him, he begins to cry and asks Why can't you people just leave me alone?' > > 9. October 4: Looked right into the security > camera; used it as a mir
Lost All Meaning... 05/30/02 -for Cory
Lost all meaning When you lose the best thing in your life... everything loses meaning. When they are taken from you. And you can never hug or touch them again. Never laugh, or see their eyes looking at you. And have that feeling that you can never break the love between you. When you BEST FRIEND'S life is taken from them at the age of 22. And your funny plans of getting married when you get old, never can happen. When you feel like dying, cuz you miss them so much. When your heart is in a thousand pieces and you felt it shatter the day you heard they were gone. What do you do? How do you cope? What do you feel? Nothing... heart broken, words unspoken, never seeing feeling or knowing. Never telling, never whispering... No more... Just gone Lost all meaning. Cory Alexander Edwards March 17th 1980- May 27th 2002 I love you I miss youWritten on the 30th of May 2002
Her First Dp
Details Of Vacation (long)
Friday September 15, 2006 Today was the start of my vacation. I worked till noon. Sat on a train for a while which was (of course) delayed. By the time I FINALLY got to Jerry’s I was beyond vacation mindset. We did some last minute things and packing and double-checking to see that we had everything we needed for the trip. Joe showed up to drive us to the airport. We decided to just grab a bite to eat at Midway since we were both starving. We found a little place called the Illini and had the best freakin burgers ever….and beer!!! I was LIT before we even made it to our terminal. Going through security and what not was a breeze! But keep in mind, if you’re wearing a studded belt…take it off. It will definitely set off the metal detector. In route on the plane we had a few more drinks….him 2 me 1. The flight was only just over an hour and a half long. We landed in Washington Regan National Airport and went to hunt down our luggage. As we were walking outside my brother pull
How Happy Am I
You Are 88% Happy It's unlikely that you know anyone happier than you. You know how to be happy, no matter what life throws at you. How Happy Are You?
Cherrytap Gifts
I love the presents on Cherry. They are one of the reasons I got so many of my friends to join. I also think it's super cool that they change and add them all the time. I noticed today they added christmas ones. AND a new V.I.C. present!! I used to be a very large fan of the diamond ring. Now they have diamond earrings!! That is super freaking fun :) I soooo wish I could buy myself presents. I know that's selfish but its like shopping! Have a great day Cherries!
Suckage And Ct Stress Release
There was once a time when I would have shuddered at the thought of even logging on to CT while at work. However, with the failure of my hard drive on my pc at home last month, I couldn't resist jumping on a few times a day at work just to see how everyone was doing. When the IT police didn't come pounding on my door, I began to grow more bold. Now, here I sit, like many others, spending half of my work day chatting with friends, answering messages, and reading comments. I try not to go to my profile page because there might be naked pics there, and likewise with actually visiting my friend's profiles... which isn't much fun. But it's still a great stress release to be on here and check out the stuff that I feel I won't get into too much trouble for looking at if I'm caught. The suckage is that my work software is web based and incredibly slow. CT only makes it slower. So it's a double edged sword. I spend work time on CT and then, even when I'm not being a naughty girl, C
confused about life now and probly foreever...i just wonder what someone like me cantfind a ladie.that when she meats me wont turn around and run...iv gaven almost all my heart away and have a little left it seems like all ladies ant look for a a real thay wont a thug one that will bet the crap out of them ...sorry i was rased differnt then thatand i dont cuss them out where is the ladies who will just wont to be cuddle and just talk...some one is out there looking for me if it is u hurry up and wating for u till we meat my love ill be lost in this stupe world alone......
Spamming Your Porn Links
Ok guys, is not a porn site. Nor do we promote it. If you are a member of a Porn site or own a Porn site, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT spam your porn links on Fubar. If you spam your porn links, you will be reported to Scrapper himself.....
The Nail
A merchant had done good business at the fair. He had sold his wares, and lined his money-bags with gold and silver. Then he wanted to travel homewards, and be in his own house before nightfall. So he packed his trunk with the money on his horse, and rode away. At noon he rested in a town, and when he wanted to go farther the stable-boy brought out his horse and said, a nail is wanting, sir, in the shoe of its near hind foot. Let it be wanting, answered the merchant. The shoe will certainly stay on for the six miles I have still to go. I am in a hurry. In the afternoon, when he once more alighted and had his horse fed, the stable-boy went into the room to him and said, sir, a shoe is missing from your horse's near hind foot. Shall I take him to the blacksmith. Let it be wanting, answered the man. The horse can very well hold out for the couple of miles which remain. I am in haste. He rode forth, but before long the horse began to limp. It had not limped long before it began to stumble,
I'm sure one of my latest uploads may be NSFW, although to me, they seem pretty mild. My apologies if anyone is offended by any sexy images. I try to be good. Have a good night ya'll. mmmmwahhhh.... Tina
Mythical Creature
very wierd considering that I am in fact a sagittarus and that is the sign for them You Are a Centaur In general, you are a very cautious and reserved person. However, you are also warm hearted, and you enjoy helping others in practical ways. You are a great teacher, and you are really good at helping people get their lives in order. You are very intuitive, and you go with your gut. You make good decisions easily. What Mythological Creature Are You? Pics!
I know most of my closest peeps have already signed my guestbook, but theres about 600 ppl on my list and only about 10 have signed in the week that i've had it up. not bitching or anything but i get to everyones new items fairly quick and would like at least most of you to at least sign my book, even if you dont get to the ratings. also if your past of the dark realm or wnc, if your being harrassed in any way, dont be shy, let me know and i'll take care of that problem!
Friendship is like pissin your pants.Everyone can see it but only you can feel it's true warmth.Thanks you for being the piss in my pants!!
Samoan Pride
TRUE SAMOANS Roses are red SAMOANS are brown thats my race so don't put it down!! My SAMOAN pride I will not hide My SAMAON race I will not disgrace My SAMOAN blood flows hot & true My ISLANDAH peeps I will stand by you thru thick & thin till the day we die Our SAMOAN flag Always stands high I yell this poem Louder than all the rest. cuz every 1 knows SAMOANS ARE THE BEST!!! SAMOAN Pride in my mind SAMOAN BLOOD is my kind So step aside and let me through Cuz its all about the SAMOAN crew Lifes a bitch and then u die but if your SAMOAN You die with good ass pride!!!! JUST SHOWING SUM LUV....
Sometimes I feel as if my hands are tied. Others emotional states effect me when they constantly lash out at me. The Drama breaks my heart but sitting back taking the anger and abuse no longer is healthy for me. Kindness often gets confused for Weakness. I found myself talking to someone who is absolutely beautiful. He has been facing something way beyond my comprehension and funny...he let me just "blab" on the phone like a silly High School girl. I then realized after the conversation was over, that sweating the small shit is just a waste of energy, emotions and time for me. The courage and kindness of this person made me truley respect him as a beautiful human being.... Randomness of my thoughts, emotions and details of my life now have become not as important to me as just the simple things in my life..such as my daughters smile..and the voice of a wonerful friend...
Sexual Issues #6
This section will actually be on performing oral sex and some of the questions i have gotten. so first up is: Performing Oral Sex on a Male Fellatio When it comes to HIV, giving a guy a blow-job was initially thought to be a safe activity. However, developing research over the years shows that it is not. It is a "medium" risk activity and the virus can enter tiny abrasions in the mouth, such as those from brushing your gums and teeth before sex. Play it safe - USE A CONDOM! That has the added benefit of not having to taste the semen. Start out slowly, touch the penis, stroke, gently grip it in your hand, slowly moving up and down the shaft, getting faster as he becomes aroused. He may be producing lubrication (pre-cum) at this time. Then kiss, lick and start to suck on the head of the penis. Flick your tongue on the head, then up and down the shaft of the penis. You can also kiss, lick, and suck his testicles while stroking his penis. Now, gently take the head of his penis
ok...get back from the courthouse and my bosses next client is in the office. They have to fill out a little paperwork, i.e. name, address, etc., well, my favorite (and only) co-worker, being the smart person that she is told my boss that they were ready. When looking at the file, he couldn't find this information sheet. So here I am, looking high and low for it and she is just sitting on her ass doing nothing. "I don't know what I did with it???" So for kicks, I start looking in the trash can. Get this...yes it is in the trash can. "I didn't put it in there!!!" Then how the hell did it get there??? I just got back in the office. I hate her!!!!!!!!!
Major Fubar Fuck Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
go to your folders turn off the NSFW and then click ok. ignore the error message. then go back and turn it back on and then set it to friends or family only and click ok and its back to how it was LOCKED!!!!! PLEASE if you have PRIVATE FOLDERS with nudes or kids pictures DELETE them NOW fubar FUCKED UP anyone can see ALL your photo's DON'T BELIEVE me ask me to view a private folder and SEE for yourself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Dark Haired Sailor
With his soft dark eyes and sweet lips, I see his face as he darkens my doorway.... Standing at about 6' tall, this lean gorgeous man comes into my home. He walks over..looks in my eyes and says "Hi Baby..." His kiss, so soft and deep, I feel every part of my body get warm. The passion released between the two of us starts to unfold... Stroking my hair he caresses my shoulders, moving down my back and slowly across my chest. His hands move the fabric of my blouse to one side as he kisses me down to my supple breasts. I feel myself get moist with his lips and mouth sucking my nipples...moving his hands down he slides my skirt off feeling my soft skin. Gliding his hands back and forth heslides his singers in my wettest part of my pussy. Rubbing my clit I feel myself cum in his hands. He then lies me on my bed, wet and getting hotter. His face slides down my naked body..sucking and licking me...sucking my clit I feel him lick and suck the sides of my hot wet juicy pussy. He makes me c
5th Annual La Decompression October 13th
5th ANNUAL L.A. DECOMPRESSION STREET FESTIVAL NEW LOCATION: Sante Fe between 4th and 6th St Bridge, Artist District Downtown LA Main gate is located on MATEO STREET AND PALMETTO. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 13th, Noon until 11 PM $10 in Playa wear/$15 in non-Playa street wear Children under 12 are FREE rain or shine, it's PLAYATIME! It's that time again! Time to grab those dusty boots you just don't have the heart to clean off and experience the art, the culture and the thrill of Burning Man, brought to life on the streets of downtown Los Angeles. This is an annual event to bring the spirit of Burning Man alive in our community. PARTICIPATE! Just like Burning Man, this event is put on through volunteer efforts. We are currently looking for volunteers the day of the event. If you are interested, please contact: This is an art event. Come, immerse yourself in eleven hours of art and performance with theme camps, art cars, art installa
Don't Miss This!!!
If you have not been to our lounge recently, you're missing out! Click this link to visit us in IRON HORSE SALOON ~ IHS ~ ( ADULTS ONLY XXX):
Iq Test
Now Godfather Is Not The Top Level!
Sigh, all of this hard work (and money) to reach godmother only to find they have THREE more levels! Disciple Prophet Oracle sigh, here we go again! :P
I Miss Him
IT'S PRETTY FUNNY THAT YOU OPENED this because in the next seven days you will:*have sex* have someone fall in love with you* find money you've been missing* your luck will change for the better in all areas... love, happiness, job, money,BUT...first you will have to repost this with 1 of these titles:"I'm a lesbian""I'M HORNY""I GOT ARRESTED""Just to settle all the rumors...yes I did!!""I'm getting married!""My dad got the job!.. I'm moving to Japan!""I miss him""Guess who i kissed last night!""I guess it was never meant to be""I'm gonna be a daddy!""I'm gonna be a mommy!""I'm moving!!!"I miss her""I miss him""I want SEX""I'm Moving out of state!"BEWARE IF U DONT REPOST THIS U WILLL HAVE BADLUCK FOR 2yr
To Sa
Twisted thoughts of lust and risk I drive the feelings In hopes to only taste your kiss Feeling you around my waist Your hair draped across me I grip your hips and crave your taste The growing hopes that we will touch We talk of desire And the grasp of us will be too much I stroke your hair and kiss your face I long for you As each moment I dare not waste There in the sunset's gaze I hold you tight In the eyes of eternal days
Come On ~help A Lovie Out~
plz click the pic below, comment/rate 4 the contest I'm in...Ty....The Jas
yes this is about you... as Bilbo Baggins said "I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve."
Shadow Levelers List
So many always love new friends. Who wouldn't love to have a leveler as a friend? I have the best team on Fubar and I want to share them all with you. We are growing in leaps and bounds. If they aren't your friends you are missing some of the most giving Fubars. They go day in and day out to show nothing but love. ♥ BooBoo ♥ Founder of Shadow Levelers.Owned by Gary@ fubar Passionman71~ Shadow Leveler~Fu-owned by Anna~@ fubar Fu-King Yeahmon {Shadow Leveler} Proudly owned by Farscapecat~Proud owner of DoubleD~@ fubar Let me introduce you to the members of Shadow Levelers lauria♥Shadow Leveler♥{{H&L Bombers Co-Founder}}Owned by LoneWolf@ fubar ♪♫♥♥Teresa♥♥♫♪@ fubar GARY~SHADOW LEVELER~fu owned by Lauria~R/L ENGAGED TO BooBoo~ FUMARRIED AND OWNER OF~ BooBoo~~@ fubar MrDiamond ~ Shadow Leveler~ Owner of Jaysbaby@ fubar ღ Ððµßlê Ð ² §håÐðw Lêvêlêr &ღ Wï£ê¥ †ð §þåzz PROUDLY
Exploiting A 15 Year Old Girl?
..came here for the latest blog? Look down and to the left on the blog list. Called "Hannah Montana" Thanks....
To My Friends
I will not b on much at all now as my father has been told that he is now dieing and nothing docs can do for him, they can't even give him how much longer he has to live. HOPE ALL HAVE HEALTHIER FAMS/LIFES...theres no hell cause we live in it. One question i always ask myself, it hurts so much to lose ONE u love but how much does it hurt that person having to lose ALL he loves. :(
Hybrid Cars Aren't's Some Truth About Them...may Shock Some Of You.
...Who killed the electric car?...a movie on the truth about how big oil kept down any innovation in any kind of technology that would truly try and make Americans and people all over the world less dependent on foreign oil and cut down on their record breaking profits. Both enlightening and infuriating at the same time this is. It's an 11 part video, and they run kind of long. So if you're bored go get some coffee and a snack and take it in....thanks again for reading, viewing and of course, rating...
My Best Friend
"Tonight I sent an angel to watch over you, but it came back. When I asked why, it told me that angels don't watch over other angels." - Anonymous
Please --just One Rate (1 Vote) - 10 Sex Of Your Time!!!!
update --- 6/23/08 ----- Dave kicked me out for the 2nd time --- so don't waste your time; I'll never be in the contest.... thanks everyone for your help - i love you all! ............................ I have a chance to be in a REAL calendar! I'm in the M.O.D of the Day Calendar Contest - it'll take 15 seconds to click on this link below (rate the picture) and that makes ONE vote for me. You can actually rate it once a week...THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP -- yell if you need help leveling! Island Girl
Monday Failure...
Ice Cube - Check Yourself - Ice Cube ...ahh yes, about 40 more from the "Fail" series. New pics sure to bring the lolz. Some of this stuff is sure to bring a smile to your face, other people's "Failure." the pic below and it will take you to the album full of cure for the Monday blues... ...feel free to spread the word. Thanks to those who read, enjoy and rate as always. Hope everyone has a good a week as Peace.
Can You Believe This Manwhore????
You know that you want to help this MANWHORE level up. I mean come on, he is the BIGGEST flirt on all of Fubar, so come on.. let's all help him level to INSIDER!!! Make sure that you ADD/FAN & RATE this sexy MOFO!!!
Lauren's Memorial For Moxon
Sirius a good dog. Share Yesterday at 2:14pm I, a child Try to reach the stars. . . Sirius is so near. I run to the nearest hill My reach is always too short Wait till I am a grown man! Now, I am old and bent with years No more running to the hill and mountaintop-- Yet, a warm, steady, life-giving glow Reaches me from Sirius . . . the unattainable. I collect White iridescent and evanescent starbeams For my trip home to Sirius the dog star. --Boris Levinson "Dream" i love you, Moxon, and miss you terribly. sleep well.
It's All About Me!!
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U Can Own Me..i Dont Bite......hard!!!!
[ photo: 1045727824 ]
Look At This!!!
"age Discrimination"
This has been on my mind for some time. Everyone can see that I'm in my 40s. Most of Fubar members are in their 20s or 30s, but I have seen a constant degree of insults by the younger people in here especialy when I'm asking for their imput. If it's not regarding my age, its the insulting way they correct my spelling errors, and it's pissing me off. I think there are better ways to talk to someone then to cut them down. If I were a woman in my 40s I would be getting hit on by the same sex crazed boys who find it fun to take their own insecurities out on someone who has already sowen his oats. What the fuck is wrong with my age that gets to you. Do you not think that I should be on here? When your in your 20s its cool to be here and if your in your 40s your a perv or something? At least I don't spend all day hitting on girls. Remember this kids .... one day you'll be 40.
Colour Of Your Heart?
Boredom strikes Your Heart is Red and Green Your heart is serene and peaceful. You are down to earth, laid back, and secure in who you are. You bring strength and sanity to relationships. You're good at communicating and working through problems. What Are the Colors of Your Heart?
Broken Live(seether)-filmed By Me Nyc 11-08-08
seether nyc - Seether live,taken at the hammerstein ballromm NYC on 11-18-08 by me.
Still Looking For Fu-bucks! Final Codes Contest Underway!
MY COKE REWARDS® Male, Old North Syracuse, NY FINAL CODES CONTEST IS UNDERWAY! RULES:1) THE PERSON SENDING THE MOST OF THE FOLLOWING VALID CODES SENT:MY COKE REWARDSPEPSI STUFFMILLER HIGH LIFE EXTRASSTOFFER'S DINNER CLUBIF UNSURE ON WHERE TO FIND THESE CODES, CHECK OUT A COUPLE OF OTHER BLOG POSTINGS I HAVE POSTED.2) THERE WILL BE EIGHT PRIZES TO CHOOSE FROM FOR THIS CONTESTA)50 Free Downloads From Universal Music & $49.50)B)$10 Gift CertificateC)$25,000 Fu-BucksD) A Year Subscription to Golf DigestE) Brunswick Bowling Centers Certificate For: Two Hours Of Bowling, Shoe Rental, & Pitcher of CokeF) Indiana Jones & The Crystal Scull Wallpaper or Screensaver G) Text Twist Computer Game
Thanksgiving And Stuff
this ain't poetic or any kinda thang. just a bubbly note on an intoxicated evening. just a moment in time that slowed for...a moment. and a thought in a head emptied of stuff. just a day of stuff emptied of thought. it's just. just not this. this is just. not. began like this... people fuck you over. it's true. the person that fucks me hardest would be me. and it ain't even a fun kinda kinky. liminal. my favorite word. my way path lost again and on the way to duct taping new found injuries i remembered something. well, i didn't, but it seems like a good way to begin...a kind of 'once upon a time'. or not. again. thankful. i thought. remembered. meant. forgot. i forget a lot sometimes. almost more than i've ever known. or more. it's sometimes hard to tell. sometimes like always. always like never. again..i degress. not in a dress. in blue jeans dressed in cocktails. not cock. not now. i'm tired and have a headache. ache. again.
1-17-09 Auction Rules
> Human Auction Saturday January 17th @ 9:00 P.M. EST RULES!!! #1-NO DRAMA-Any in appropriate behavior will get you banned. #2-Must be a member of the Forbiden City to participate #3-Half of the money earned on your sell is yours the other half goes to the lounge for future promotions #4-Starting bid is 10,000 Fu-Bucks #5- Ownership lasts 1 month #6-You must put owned by your owner in your name for the duration of the ownership #7-Must send a comment to your owner every day that you are online #8-Must rate at least 200 Pics and or stash #9-Must be present to be auctioned off Please get back to DJ Slick if interested, A.S.A.P. ~DJ Slick Owner of The Forbiden City~ Send messages with questions our way too, we will answer them as quick as we can. Will be great fun hope to see everyone there.
Im Getting Close..
Extra! Extra! Read all about it. Unnhibited_one is up on the auction block! So click on pic and Rate,and if you want to own me leave a bid aswell! Plus i am only 606k till i make it to insider so stop by and show some love! Quick, run and tell all your friends. Spread the word. a>
We Want Your Panties/boxers!!
It's A PANTY RAAAAAAAID HaHaHaHaHa!!! Ok Ladies Grab ur Pertties Lace Find Ur Fav Pair Of Granny Panties (ok forget the GrannyPanties) lol But Dig In Ur Draws For Ur SemiFav Pair Of Undies & We Auctionin Them Off To The Highest Bidder... Gent's find ur fav pair of Tighty whities, Boxers or Roo's.. ONLY SERIOUS ENTRIES PLZ
The Way Of The Bayou
June 18, 2009, 8:18 pm The Way of the Bayou By Dan Baum Lori Waselchuk for The New York Times Members of the Jazz Vipers play in the Spotted Cat nightclub on Frenchman Street in New Orleans. Five weeks after Hurricane Katrina, I was wandering around the ruins of New Orleans as a writer for The New Yorker when I heard some really dreadful news. The city was just starting to show signs of life. A few restaurants had opened, albeit with very limited menus — burgers, red beans and rice — served on plastic plates. For those of us who’d stayed through the crisis, these small miracles were our first taste of cooked food in a month. More important, though, was the symbolism. Live music was returning; Coco Robicheaux sang at Molly’s, and three members of the Jazz Vipers played at Angeli. For the first time since the disaster, it was possible to see a future for New Orleans. And then a bombshell: All of the city’s real estate records had been in the
Why Is t when you pour your heart out to someone,90% of the time you et the anwer"I dont  know what to say or WOW?"I feel like i have put a damper on our friendship by telling this person how i felt.Was i wrong for doing it?
Enneagram Test
Your result for The Quick & Painless ENNEAGRAM Test... 6 - the Questioner Thanks for taking the test ! you chose CY - your Enneagram type is SIX (aka "The Loyalist").   "I am affectionate and skeptical"   Questioners are responsible, trustworthy, and value loyalty to family, friends, groups, and causes. Their personalities range broadly from reserved and timid to outspoken and confrontative.   How to Get Along with Me • Be direct and clear. • Listen to me carefully. • Don't judge me for my anxiety. • Work things through with me. • Reassure me that everything is OK between us. • Laugh and make jokes with me. • Gently push me toward new experiences. • Try not to overreact to my overreacting.   What I Like About Being a SIX • being committed and faithful to family and friends • being responsible and hardworking • being compassionate toward others • having intellect and wit • being a nonconfor
On The Insanity Road
I swear people are trying to drive me insane.  I'm one of those people who is fine with being single until I find someone really worth dating.  Now there's always been this one guy I've been into for a while now.  We've never got to meet cause something always happens to screw it up.  Although I am good friends with his cousin and we hang out sometimes.  And now he works so much it's impossible to try anything even though we both like each other.   Well a couple months ago I was hanging out with some friends and the one chick I know, her boyfriend at the time was like I wish I had met you before I started dating her.  WTF?!  Since then they have broke up.  He's like hardcore into me.  To the point at times I want to run the other way because it's like slow the hell down.  I hardly know you.  You hardly know me.  Back off for now, give it time or else you're going to ruin things already.  I've tried to explain how I am to him.  How I don't just jump into things.  I've met too many peo
Find Out Who Truly Is Your Role Model.
DON'T SCROLL DOWN YET!! FIRST, DO THE SIMPLE MATH BELOW, THEN SCROLL DOWN TO FIND YOUR HERO. It's CRAZY how accurate this is! 1) Pick your favorite number between 1-8 2) Multiply by 3 then 3) Add 3
Good Morning
His eyes flutter open. Blinking against the morning light he shifts down into the bed, pressing his arm and leg a little more firmly against you.Taking a few moments to gain his wits and allow his brain to begin to function again, he turns over and carefully drapes an arm over your back as he takes in the sight of you.Laying mostly on your side/belly, an arm cast over the edge of the bed, your soft deep breathing is rhythmic in his ears. Gently his hand moves along your back, touching your skin and caressing you.He gives a tender kiss to your shoulder as he sighs and slides out of bed. Moving slowly so as not to wake you, he moves off to the bathroom intent on a shower. Whispering softly he says "I'll be right back love to wake you up."He strides quietly into the bedroom, wrapped in a towel about the waist. Running the fingers of one hand through his hair he looks at you and smiles. The morning sunlight catches the stray beads of water on his shoulders and back, causing them to gleam b
I Am
the PROUD owner of a beautiful and intelligent College Girl. :D That is all.           (by "owner" blog posted means married to,not owned under legal contract.Just bound by one)
Just A Test... Darrian Failed!
         DARRIAN CAN'T GET HER BLOG TO WORK...                                       DORKALENE!!!                                            
Buffalo Theory
A herd of buffalo can only move as fast as the slowest buffalo. And when the herd is hunted, it is the slowest and weakest ones at the back that are killed first. This natural selection is good for the herd as a whole, because the general speed and health of the whole group keeps improving by the regular killing of the weakest members. In much the same way, the human brain can only operate as fast as the slowest brain cells. Now, as we know, excessive intake of alcohol kills brain cells. But naturally, it attacks the slowest and weakest brain cells first. In this way, regular consumption of beer eliminates the weaker brain cells, making the brain a faster and more efficient machine. And that, is why you always feel smarter after a few beers.   Beer Is Good!!
This Will Get Love Lol
You will NOT die if any ofthe following happens: 1)  Someone does not buy you before your current owneeship expires.  Studies have shown that people who are allowed to have their value return to 10,000 fubucks do indeed live to see the next day, and may even survive to see the next! 2)  Someone doesn't get you that ohhhhhhhhhhhh so CUTE new bling that pops along.  You do NOT need every one that shows up.  Quit being so fucking shallow and greedy.  The same studies show that a lot of bling is really just an older picture set to Blingee-level sparkly graphics. They even reuse the same old pictures they have previously used, just made it a different colour, called it something different, or added a word or whatever to make it SLIGHTLY different.  Come on now, dipshits, remember all those fucking dragons that looked the same?  Or the two kissing fish?  they couldn't even wait a few weeks to rehash THAT one.  Bling does not equal love.  if you equate it as such, you are a particularly sha
Thank You Reality Tv...
Reality tv has its fans and critics and has since shows like 'Survivor' has made it prime time entertainment. It is all very similar no matter what show it is, a group of fairly diverse people are put into some sort of odd circumstance and feuds and friendships develop and drama ensues. This is all well and good as long as people keep paying attention. The thing that caught my attention as I am a reality tv watcher on occasion is how well it captures some aspects of our culture. On two different occasions I have watched people have been voted off for being 'the biggest threat' aka hardest worker/best player. This perfectly portrays what happens in a real workplace. Instead of the hardest worker being praised, more often than not they are brought down but other clicks and stabbed in the back by various means. So, on a small scale, reality catches this aspect of our culture quite well. And I know what most will say...'it's just a game'....'I would for all that money' ...My only point is
It Just Looked Like Fun
Blame Philemon.  I know he got it from someone else, but it's his fault I saw the damned thing. ------------------------------------------------------------ Do you have any alcohol bottles in your room? Ummm yeah, I have some Mike's Hard Pomegranate in my mini-fridge  Last person to text you? Shawn (h) Do you think you like anyone? Yeah, but I really should stop thinking so much...   Who's the biggest whore you know? RL?  Dirty Chris.  But since none of you know him, I'll say online it would be.... hmmmm...  I plead the 5th Do you prefer to be friends with boys or girls? Srsly?  Neither.  I prefer to be friends with men; most women I know are either too catty or I'm too prone to want to switch teams ;) Ever been so drunk someone else had to carry you? No, but I've fallen on a cop once when I was drunk... ahhhhh Senior Walk memories Had sex in a movie theater? Not really... in high school I got fingered a few times but that's as far as it got Has any one of your f
how ironic it think im working on becoming part of the medical marijuana society in more ways than just being "medicated". on the 215 prop...Epilepsy was one of the 3 main medical reasons to have legalized marijuana. im an i voted for it. now...after years and years im on my way to further my experience to shed light on the benefits of medicinal marijuana for those with epilepsy. not to forget about having the condition, not to "switch" everyone with the condtion to use it either! to promote awareness! of the condition and what is available to help remedy it. there has been so many people with "back pain", "insomnia","anxiety" that NEEED it...yet there are also those who have more severe medical conditions that have been shown to have great success with medicinal patients. not only does it help the pains and the bad effects of certain also helps educate those who have no clue what some patients are afflicted with. knowledge! sympathy! u
About Time A Politician Said It
Prime Minister John Howard of Australia Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia Law, were told to get out of Australia on wednsday, as the government tageted radicals in a bid to head off potential terrorist attacks. Seperately, Howard angered some Austalian Muslims on wednsday by supporting the Australian spy agency from monitoring mosques. IMMIGRANTS NOT AUSTRALIANS MUST ADAPT, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. Take it or leave it im tired of this nation worrying about offending some individual or thei culture. Since the terrorist attack's in Bali we have seen a surge in patriotism by the majority of Australians. This cultrue has been developed over two centuries of struggles trials and victories by millions of men and woman who have sought freedom. We speak mainly English not Spanish Lebanese Arabic Chinease Japenease Russian or any other language, therefore if you wish to be a member of our society, LEARN THE LANGUAGE. Most Australians believe in God. This is not some Christian
I Really Don't Understand...
So I'm just sitting here always it seems...and I got rather confused, so if anyone can give me some insight it would help. Ok so here goes...I get that some women are whores and men too, but if u find that one person that is head over heals for you...why would you go seeking the greener grass (and yes this means both men and women)? I could never really grasp this...are there really people out there that are never meant to be with just one person? Or is it just an ego thing...are we really that insecure that we have to see if others are interested. Ok end of my little
Remebering The Sacrifices
I can't forget 9/11, I was in the ARMY and stationed overseas, at the time in a disclosed location, the followings of 9/11 will replay in my mind from there on out, Due to Operation Iraqi Freedom I have lost 64 ARMY brothers and sisters.
9/11/1991- First day I put on my dog tags. Took then off three years later after my tour. 9/11/2001- Ten years later. Found my tags in a box and put then on for nestalgia reasons I guess. Got to work to find out my/our world was turned upside down. I can't help but think about it every year when I put them back on for this one day. Should I have stayed in or not. It feels like an eye opener sometimes.  I've never really had anything I thought worth fighting for. Till I realized I could lose my freedoms, my safety, my comforts. And yes, I'm wearing my tags now, as every eleventh day in September.  Very few things are held close to my heart. This day sits all the way on top.  That's all, I just felt like putting some things to writing.  Look to your friends and families and be greatful they are there. For life is ever so fragile.   In war, there are no unwounded soldiers. ~José NaroskyThis nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave. ~Elmer
What I Realised Today...
Or maybe I've realised this a long time ago but it's just hit me today more than usual.   How goddamn lucky I have it. That there are REALLY bad people in the world. That there are people ho have suffered something I can't even begin to imagine, that there are people still suffering and that there will always be people suffering. That there some TRULY ignorant, stupid, idiotic people in the world...people that are too far gone to be realise their stupidity and their bigotry. That there are people who just disgust me beyond belief.   Today I've really have just realised what a complete and utter idiot that I myself can be. I don't know if I'm just caught up in the moment or what, but all these things are true and it's time I finnaly acknowledged it.   I can't empathise with people who have suffered. I can't really offer comforting words no matter how hard I try, so whenever someone tells me something...I don't know what to say but it doesn't mean I don't care, but everytime
6 Poems
Once all the smoke has cleared, Things will never be the same.  Where once hearts were true, Now to others they cast blame.    May this never become of us,  A friend like you,I would never let go. True friends in this world,  Mean more than most will ever know.    So if we can we should be true, And value each other to the end.  This is my message to you all tonight,  Those who are my friends.   #2 You see me in different shades, In all different points or degrees.  But when you read my words, Then you get the inner me.  You may believe I'm something I'm not,  my looks can be very decieving.  If you take the time to read my words, Then hopefully your heart can start believing.  When I look at you,I see your beauty,  I feel your eyes,your smile,words that ring true.  Now you know all of me,  But do I know all of you. No 3 With the beauty,  you all surround me with.  You all mean so much to me,  Trust and believe,my words are no myth.   Each passing da
The Champion Lionesses World Cup Of Hockey 2010
World Rosary 2010: The champion Lionesses, the girls of the lids After the title obtained before Holland last Saturday, for the Glass of the World of hockey on feminine lawn, The Lionesses were carried of all the Argentine newspapers. Next, and like historical file, we leave to them the lids of the principal national newspapers, in his respective editions of Sunday, the 12th of September of 2010.  
Native Herbs And Meds
The old ones tell us that at one time, the animals, fish, insects and plants could all talk. Together with the people, they were at peace and had a great friendship. As time went on, the numbers of people grew so much that their settlements spread over the whole earth, and the animals found themselves cramped for space. To make things worse, the people invented bows, knives, blowguns, spears, and hooks, and they began to hunt and kill the larger animals, birds and fish only for their hides. The smaller creatures, like the frogs and worms, were stepped upon and crushed without thought, out of carelessness, and sometimes even contempt. The animals decided to meet in a council to agree on measures for their safety.  The
So Here's The Story...... Plz View Pics In Default As Well
UPDATE............. They IP banned me for sharing my blog........... Guilty conscious? When they changed the godmode bling without warning I happen to be running one, I came home from an appt to find it over with no explanation, so I forwarded my report to support inquiring why it ended  after LESS than 5,000,000 pts and 24hrs and almost 15 minutes..... While awaiting I saw Scrapper scroll thru my live feed indicating the rules had changed. I asked him in an sb "why did they change it without warning?", his response "why does it snow when the weatherman says it won't?" then blocked me immediately...... Ok first, I don't pay the weatherman to be wrong or screw up, no money out of my own pocket so no real harm done to me..... 2 really? that's how you handle customers? I have spent several THOUSANDS on this sight and that is how I am treated? I wasn't rude or difficult, did NOT deserve such disrespect.  After talking to a few ppl about this issue I was informed that Scrapper likes to "PU
Just a little FYI if you saw I booted you and wondered why. It's because you either...  A. Hardly run stuff any more (whatever the reason) and I've left you in a few weeks without booting you. B. You're a good friend, but you don't play the rate game. If you don't care about rates, it shouldn't matter to you if you're in my family or not. And you're more than likely in my top friends, even if it's not the 7 showing. C. You booted me for whatever your reasons are.  Fact is, I'm not going to tell you I'm booting you because I made it CLEAR when we traded what my terms for perm add were. If YOU are or were having issues for whatever reason, are or were on vacation, feel free to SB me and LET ME KNOW so I keep you in! But if you're going on an emo crusade and youre talking about quitting, change ur name to numbers, decide not to run things for weeks, why would I keep you in my family? Especially if you're higher in rank than me? I'm not going to let anybody mooch off of me. It's that s
Expression Type Piaget Watches More Than A Few Watches
Breitling Replica Watches Bentley He's over a exceptional figure in the world of sports activities he's fashionable incredibly generous man or lady who founded a school inside Senegal, a clinic throughout Sarajevo along with a distinctive middle for street children in Peru. Michael Schumacher is about the initially representatives connected with piaget possession watches He highly forked out to the development of the actual Swiss brand. The three remarkable timepieces because of Look at Variety Eileen Schumacher are: Speedmaster "Legend", Speedmaster Broad Arrow in addition to Speedmaster Racing Chronometer. Breitling Replica Watches Navitimer The Speedmaster "Legend" incorporates an piaget ladies watches 3301 Caliber routine. The selfwinding movement posesses a column wheel procedure also like a Rhodiumplated finish including a 55 hrs power reserve. The view too includes a scratchresistant sapphire ravenscroft and a stainless steel event which has
A Thought For Today
The Devil Left His Bags
You put the devil out, but you let him leave his bags.Never quite looked at it like this before...You got out of a bad relationship because it was bad,but you are still resentful and angry.You let the devil leave his bags.You got out of financial debt, but you still can't controlthe desire to spend on frivolous things.You let the devil leave his bags.You got out of a bad habit or addiction,but you still long to try it just one more time.You let the devil leave his bags.You said, I forgive you, but you can't seem to forgetand have peace with that person.You let the devil leave his bags.You told your unequally yoked mate that it was over,but you still continue to call.You let the devil leave his bags.You got out of that horribly oppressive job, but you're stilltrying to sabotage the company after you've left.You let the devil leave his bags.You cut off the affair with that married man/woman,but you still lust after him/her.You let the devil leave his bags.You broke off your relationship
My Turn Ons/turn Offs
I get asked this question a lot so I figure ill answer it for everyone now. And this is nonsexual. Turn ons: I'm not a hard man to please at all but here are some things I do appreciate. *kindness *confidence - confidence is key to anything. *good hygiene *brush your teeth *neat appearance(I know we all have sloppy days but know how to take care of yourself.) *have respect *have at least a lil bit of a bad/naughty/freaky side (I'm not a fan of prudes or people that find every little thing offensive) *honest *loyal *know when to be mature(age really is just a number, maturity really is what counts) Turn offs: This one will ruffle some feathers and ill probably get accused of insensitivity or racism but I don't care, this is MY list not yours. *bad hygiene - if you smell like a fish market, I don't wanna be around you, shower douche whatever you gotta do. Don't care if you're Beyonce' if you smell bad then nogo. *teeth - if your teeth are nasty, instant nogo. Buy a toothbrush and some mi
Seasons Of The Heart...
I sometimes sit and wonder about where it all went wrong, don't dare to sit and ponder it often takes too long. Things happen for a reason  this much i know is true, life floats by like a season as people pass on through. They come and go like a summer's breeze and fall like autumn rain, in the winter's chill and freeze we wrap up warm to hide our pain. Just as the spring arrives anew we think about what's past, starting a fresh with a love that's new a special bond that lasts.
Checking Back In ....ltns
It's been a long time since I logged in here. So I figured I'd post an update for those that care. I'm still going to school but changed my major to small business, I also have started my own business which can be found at so come visit with me there anytime :) School is going well, I just have to make sure I can keep up with my course work and with all the things you have to keep up with when you start a business. And I am the only person producing the items for sale so that's makes things a little more hectic :) But it will all work out in the end I'm sure... My kids are growing the youngest just turned 17... it's crazy that's for sure.   Well take care and leave me a message if you like :)
3 Stages Of Pain (in Poem Form)
Polestar EclipseStage One "White Noise"Sudden intense betrayal constitutes unfortunateInability to see the flame come apartBurning on the other side of the heartIt is so bleak & so terribly darkStirring life inside a deciduous parkSelect emotions try to cease flowingDangerous feelings if no light is showingThey battle in static, stubborn & slowingFaith is unhinging, experienced & knowingLeaving behind a shock, rippling & numbingBarriers shift as new things are comingNumb is peaceful, although away peace is runningMolten rock pain rising from depths, quite stunningStage Two "Unhinged"What a site to see; monkeys going crazyConfusingly lying to themselves & can't seeFrightening creatures lacking consistancyKnow what they want, then change their mindsAllowing assumptions in between linesContributing idiocy unto their peersBuilding useless walls around all their fearsDisgraceful these morons w/ their hateful tearsSuch disappointment to be in the gene poolAdding pain to more pain right along
2 Worlds Combined.... Together We Could Destroy, Together We Can Shine, But Being Together There's A Wrong & A Right
Everything i told you was nothing but the truth  I mean what i said about I’m no good for you  Your world and my world are 2 very different worlds   I can’t change who i am to be accepted within yours    You can’t survive what my world has in store        We both knew what we were from the very beginning  Just 2 people that found each other when it was least expected   The timing was all wrong, you were single.... i wasn’t  I have a daughter and you couldn’t be her father  What’s in my life is nothing but chaos  Unstable and unpredictable something that punishes  For you, you have built a life that is very simple and complex  You have a routine and a plan for what’s ahead   I could never slow down to exist what u have created  You couldn’t keep up with the twists and turns my life throws in   I’m on the go from the time i wake up    You get to rest till you decide times up   You have a job that you go to every day
Stolen From "im Your Everything Kgb"
LET THEM GO! BY BISHOP T.D. JAKES.... There are people who can walk away from you. And hear me when I tell you this! When people can walk away from you: let them walk. I don't want you to try to talk another person into staying with you, loving you, calling you, caring about you, coming to see you, staying attached to you. I mean hang up the phone. When people can walk away from you let them walk. Your destiny is never tied to anybody that left. The Bible said that, they came out from us that it might be made manifest that they were not for us. For had they been of us, no doubt they would have continued with us. [1 John 2:19] People leave you because they are not joined to you. And if they are not joined to you, you can't make them stay. Let them go. And it doesn't mean that they are a bad person it just means that their part in the story is over. And you've got to know when people's part in your story is over so that you don't keep trying to raise the dead. You've got to know when i
i saw u in a dream once, everything u were, are and will be. i fell in love with that moment and u in it, who i was when i held ur hand... left empty when i awoke...
Walking Away
The reason I walk away in the middle of conversations is because I have nothing to add to the conversation. I have no life, I don't do anything to contribute. I mean, how many times can you tell someone "I went to the beach today" or "I laid in bed with an ice pack on my arm" or "I cleaned the house" without having you all want to blow your heads off. I am a boring person. Before my arm went to crap, I could do things and had things to talk about. I figure, if I walked away from the conversations, you all could talk to someone more exciting (or someone you really wanted to talk to)  and could add things to the discussions. and I am very sorry that I do that.. I know it just makes you mad and ticked off. And it makes you not want to talk to me at all and move on. Most don't even hit me up anymore because of this. And I completely understand. Thank you for reading this. 
This Great "economic Recovery" In Stats..
Here's some interesting facts for those that pay attention to, I don't know...actual real life things around them... And thanks to The Slut for this: He gave this to me awhile ago I just found it. The article is very informative, someone should sent it to Obama. Have a good weekend, peace.
Diplomatic Lexicon/dictionary
Since so many of us (I'm not excluding myself necessarily) find it difficult to negotiate the complicated waters of two dimensional communication, I decided that I would work on a lexicon for all my friends, family (once I've figured out what that means here), and those with whom I attempt to strike up a conversation.  I'll be adding entries as the need arises.  Eventually, I'll bring some order to the presentation.   1. "I'd like to get to know you":  This phrase is not an umtimely reference to the lyrics of a bad 60s folk tune.  When I use the phrase it means that I would like to take the time to find out who you are.  The key element is time spent.  Of course, there is no way to measure the appropriate amount of time required to get to know you.  Please note:  the phrase does not mean:  I'd like to meet you in a sleezy motel room, have sex with you for a few hours, and then disappear.  If I were to want such things, I'd just say "I'd like to meet you in a sleezy. . . etc. 2. "W
A Secret Desire
She's Back In The Hospital
Since the last gall bladder scare she's been on the patch trying to quit smoking. Eating healthier and generally taking better care of herself. Today, She went to see a surgeon about her options and they thought they would go with a scope-type operation to remove her gall bladder. Possibly early next week. They were happy with her non smoking and diet keeping. The doc did tell her that it isn't always a fatty or fried food that can bring on an episode. It can be as simple as a piece of lettuce... So tonight while nibbling on a salad, One comes on! Took her in and they give her some morph, do some tests, and she'll be getting the surgery tomorrow morning. Teh munchkin is in bed. Second day of school tomorrow. I'll get her in and go hit the hospital.  Hopefully she can come home tomorrow... Keep my Suzles in your thoughts. Thanks.   Dud I'll be crawling in shortly. So don't get pissy if I stop answering stuffs.
More   You don’t see him but others do The real man that lives inside you All you see is pain and strife Never looking at all your blessings in life   As a father I am sure you would do just great You are kind, loving, and sensitive; you harbor no hate You always look at the facts put before you, you see So fair and loving in punishment you would be   As a husband I am sure you would be the best Showing your love so much better than the rest A lucky woman your wife would be For the man inside you is a real man indeed   As a friend I can say that you give your all You are always there when they reach out and call You give of yourself more than anyone should And you’d make things all better as only you could   So even though that man you don’t see He’s there for everyone else who’s in need. He’s courageous; he’s honest, not spiteful nor proud That’s why heaven already has your name on a cloud
In And Out Of Time
"The sun has come. The mist has gone. We see in the distance... our long way home. I was always yours to have. You were always mine. We have loved each other in and out of time. When the first stone looked up at the blazing sun and the first tree struggled up from the forest floor I had always loved you more. You freed your braids... gave your hair to the breeze. It hummed like a hive of honey bees. I reached in the mass for the sweet honey comb there.... Mmmm...God how I love your hair. You saw me bludgeoned by circumstance. Lost, injured, hurt by chance. I screamed to the heavens....loudly screamed.... Trying to change our nightmares to dreams... The sun has come. The mist has gone. We see in the distance our long way home. I was always yours to have. You were always mine. We have loved each other in and out in and out in and out of time." - Maya Angelou (Madea's Family Reunion)
Code For Profile
An Orphan's Curse...
Happy Halloween...and A Rant..
Hello kids and Happy Halloween!! Usually I post this yearly October blog about the ramblings and happenings of this always-fu-crazy month...but honestly this year.. I haven't been here all that much. Not that it's a bad thing, nope. Not that there's any drama with me, nope. It's called prioritizing Fubar with your real life and sometimes, there just isn't enough time in the day to sit here 5,8, 18 or 36 hours (for you widowmaker people...crazy I say..ha.) Some people on here should try it sometime, you know taking this place -not- so seriously and spending time time carving a pumpkin or having a real life drink...imagine spending that $25 entertaining yourself real life instead of tr
Final Inspection...swiped From Bamagirl74
Final Inspection by Sgt Joshua Helterbran   The Soldier stood and faced GodWhich must always come to passHe hoped his shoes were shiningJust as bright as his brass."Step forward you Soldier,How shall I deal with you?Have you always turned the other cheek?To My Church have you been true?"The Solider squared his shoulders and said"No, Lord, I guess I ain'tBecause those of us who carry gunsCan't always be a saint.I've had to work on SundaysAnd at times my talk was tough,And sometimes I've been violent,Because the world is awfully rough.But, I never took a pennyThat wasn't mine to keep.Though I worked a lot of overtimeWhen the bills got just to steep,And I never passed a cry for helpThough at times I shook with fear,And sometimes, God forgive me,I've wept unmanly tears.
so much passion I felt today. It was heaven each and every way. The kisses were so soft and sincere. I seen our love, and I seen it very clear. It was time and space that stood still. My how you've shown me this is so real. Yearning for just one more taste of your kisses. Just one more touch , a hug anything to be near you. You are the one to make all my dreams come true I love you, and the only wish I have is to be near. Oh baby you've calmed all of my fears 
Hesitate Stone Sour Lyrics
HESITATE Stone Sour   You were my fire So I burned Til there was nothing left of meI touched your face I held you closeTil I could barely breatheWhy give me hope Then give me upJust to be the death of meSave the rest of meCuz I see youBut I can't feel you Anymore So go awayI need youBut I can't need you Anymore You hesitateNow and then You come around Like there's something left for meWe were one Ooooo. You were everything
Picking Womens Canada Goose Frosty Apparel
More times than not, looking for clothes meant for the winter season are generally higher priced. This is really actually real for girls who enjoy to rotate its fancy dress outfits yearly to help keep together with up to date design development. Womens winter apparel are actually mandatory features almost any cool style. Winter wear come into play alternative, designs and styles, sizes, render, plus prices. And so, when scouting for or even a obtaining off season apparel, Canada Goose Jakker adult females should look into plenty of motives related to fashion, aspect, and price and many others.The most favored kind winter months layers would be the extensive applications. These layers are really wind-resistant and could make available further character when held up against other sorts of cool wear. Women that frequently in the garden during wintertime needs to choose to get complete jackets specifically throughout the time of blustery plus very cold nights. Alligator layers
A Soldier's Christmas
'Twas the night before Christmas, he lived all alone, in a one bedroom house made of plaster and stone. I had come down the chimney with presents to give, and to see just who in this little house lived. As I looked all about, a strange sight I did see, No tinsel, no presents, not even a tree. No Stockings by mantle, just boots filled with sand, On the wall hung pictures of far distant lands. With medals and badges, awards of all kinds, A sobering thought came through my mind. For this house was different, it was dark and dreary, The home of a soldier, I could now see clearly. The soldier lay sleeping, silent, alone, Curled up on the floor in this one bedroom home. The face was so gentle, the room in such disorder, Not how I picture a United States Soldier. Was this the hero of whom I'd just read? Curled up on a poncho, the floor for a bed? I realized the families that I saw this night, owed their lives to these soldiers who were willing to fight. Soon round the world, the
What's Sopa/pipa?..
Ok enough about snatch for 20 credit what that SOPA/PIPA stuff is on top of the site is today? Maybe this video will help you get a better idea about what our lovely Socialist President and his cronies have in mind for the might just blow you away... Thank you Jess for the link....Word to the wise don't sell your junk for cheap or you will be mocked incessantly. If you get good $$ go for it.. haha have a good day ---> Peace.
When tomorrow starts without meAnd I’m not here to seeIf the sun should rise and find your eyesAll filled with tears for meI wish you wouldn’t cry The Way you did todayWhile thinking of the many thingsWe did not get to sayI know how much you love meAs much as I love youEach time that you think of meI know you will miss me tooWhen tomorrow starts with out mePlease try to understandThat an angel came and called my nameAnd took me by the handThe angel said my place was readyIn heaven far aboveAnd That I would have to leave behindAll those I Dearly LoveBut When I walked through Heaven’s GatesI felt so much at homeWhen GOD looked down and smiled at me From his golden throneHe said This Is EternityAnd All I promised youToday for life on earth is doneBut Here it starts a newI promise no tomorrow For today will always lastAnd Since each day’s the exact same wayThere is no longing for the pastSo When Tomorrow starts without meDo not think we’re apartFor every time
The Darkness
A woman afraid Afraid of the darknessAfraid of what she might find.Why should she be afraid?There is nothing in the darknessshe should keep that in mind.She said there was painand loneliness in the darkness,and that she was not to blame.What did she do and why did it happen in the darkness? ~RavenMoon
Anger Sets In............
Update And Stuffs On Me Cause Hugh Asked Me To Do It!
HAI! Just letting everyone know I am alive and happier than EVER! I am dating a wonderful guy that makes me look like a midget :) football season is here for my kiddo.Signed my nephew up to play on his team,so my hands are full! Practice for 2-3 hrs a week etc etc etc. Pain in my back sucks, but my guy helps me sleep :) My computer is a brat grrrr I have been too busy to be online. If only the app for here was better! If you want to reach me message me on fb. I am on there with my phone a lot..too much sometimes. I miss a lot of you! It is crazyyyyyyyyyy how happy I am. When you get away from negative people that is what happens. Cory is full of the negative,but we are staying civil for Peyton. Woot for divorces though!   Much love and stuffs Kit Kat Kathy Katherine or whatever you call me
Red's Canadian Militia Top Bounty Collections (bounties Worth Over $100 Billion) - Page 3
TOP BOUNTY "WALL OF FAME" (Bounties over $100 billion) >>>Assassin Canadienne francaise {Red's Canadian Militia} just KILLED BOUNTY CASH and collected a bounty of $142,312,146,648, with $1,000,000 going to turf tax! >>>RCM CANADIAN EH just KILLED ΜΔ⌋Λ⊂∉ and collected a bounty of $201,691,609,818, with $1,000,000 going to turf tax! >>>~CanadiAnna~ just KILLED DELLAGOTTI and collected a bounty of $129,464,449,842, with $1,000,000 going to turf tax! >>>~CanadiAnna~ just KILLED ⊕ LT81(blitz) ⊕ and collected a bounty of $117,887,501,441, with $1,000,000 going to turf tax! >>>~CanadiAnna~ just KILLED {⅂} ⊥ᴎƎ⅂IS and collected a bounty of $175,324,253,601, with $1,000,000 going to turf tax! >>>Assassin Canadienne francaise {Red's Canadian Militia} just KILLED _♥__♥__SKY__♥__♥__ and collected a bounty of $195,096,242,103, with $1,000,000 going to turf tax! >>>Assassin Canadienne francaise {Red's
Happiness In Life
Happiness In Life There is a part of meI only find with you There is a tenderness I only feel with you When we were togetherall was right in my world The sweetest passion and the most gloriousfulfillment. Touching you was like Handling rare works of art The same sense of wondernand delight and awe The joy of a beautiful sunrise And the satisfaction of finally getting the happiness of life
Aropack’s Artwork Services
The process of creating artwork is very critical to the introduction of new products in the market or the re-launch of products already in the market. For a product to be sold in large numbers, bold and beautiful packaging is essential. Similarly, to re-launch a known product, its existing packaging has to undergo a sea change or it would never be able to create the necessary buzz in the market. So, the role and importance of creating packaging artwork can never be underestimated, since no product can ever sell with inappropriate or dull packaging. At Aropack, we give wings to your words. You have an idea in mind and we convert that into project management, repro and pre-press services, template creating and branding, bar coding and pharma-code generation, color management, translation services, Quality Check services of a third party artwork, and brand guideline control. Our expertise lies in consumer packaging or the process of packaging products according to the specifi
Usado Sua Capacidade Barganha Para Os Vestidos De Casamento Desconto
Os vestidos de casamento com desconto estão disponíveis no mercado em design diferente e olhar e da cor que você pode escolher com base em sua escolha. Você também deve comprar os vestidos de casamento desconto para o seu casamento com base no tema de sua decoração do casamento e do lugar onde o casamento é arranjado-vestidos de casamento 2012. Na internet você vai encontrar diferentes tipos de empresas que vendem o vestido de casamento ou baratos vestidos de dama de honra a um preço com desconto e assim a partir dele você também pode selecionar o seu vestido de noiva que você vai usar durante o seu casamento. Existem muitos sites de onde você pode comprar os vestidos de casamento desconto ou outros vestidos baratos do baile de finalistas por um preço muito acessível. Você também pode comprar o vestido de casamento para si mesmo durante a temporada de casamento fora como durante esse tempo o preço do vestido de noiva é baixa como não há demanda do vestido de casamento dur
Excerpt Of Seragam Kerja Kantor Murah Di Surewi
Tulisan ini merupakan kutipan artikel saya yang di ikutkan dalam lomba seo Seragam kerja Kantor Murah di surewi. Adalah salah satu manufaktur garment di Tangerang yang supplier pakaian seragam kerja. Baik untuk seragam kerja kantor murah di surewi, seragam kerja pabrik, seragam kerja lapangan dan jenis pekerjaan lain yang memang diperlukannya keseragaman para pekerja. Surewi Wardrobe telah berpengalamam dalam menangani pemesanan seragam kerja kantor murah di surewi. Dan tentunya harga dan bahan di sesuaikan dengan kesepakatan. Disamping itu Surewi Wardrobe juga menawarkan desain yang cocok yang disesuaikan dengan jenis pekerjaan yang akan memesan seragam kerja kantor murah di surewi.   Kira-kira cukup segitu kutipan artikel saya yang di ikutkan dalam lomba seo Seragam kerja kantor murah di surewi.
If only love knew.......... If only love knew that you made me cry and how often I wish I would die. If love only knew my feelings for you then love would of shown you how to be true. If only love knew how much I loved you then love would have shown you how, too! If love had a heart it would have never had to start. If there is no start then there is no end! Written by me, Mistik
About My Poem's
i express my self through poetry it's the only way i know how to say what i am truly feeling at the time every one i have written myself so i am asking you please do not take them UNLESS you ask... every one says i have true art with my poems so i would like to share them with you.... i will be adding new ones as i write them thank you guys so much for veiwing them ents you guys are the greatest ALWAYS: Queen of the night
It is obviously discribable yet so wonderously indescribable, compromising yet never compromised. It is strong & powerful, yet soft & gentle, give & take...sometimes giving more...sometimes taking more. It is sweet, kind & compassionate. It inspires, encourages & supports. It stands face to face, side by side, back to back & always hand in hand. It is a look in the morning, a touch in the dark, a whispered word. It is a connection...not knowing where one stops & the other begins...2 hearts...1 heartbeat, no matter the distance between them. It is wanting to shout it to the world yet wanting to wrap it up & keep it to yourself. It is so intense it reaches deep inside your soul, holding you captive, yet set you free to soar high above the clouds. It is passion that knows no bounds & cannot be exhauted, passion ignited by an eternal flame that won't be extinguished...satisfied yet wanting more. It is reality laced with fantasy, or perhaps, fantasy laced with reality. It is end
Tonight I was at an open mic night in Baton Rouge and did a 5 minute standup bit. It was my second attempt at it. Folks laughed but I definitely showed my lack of experience. I had fun and hopefully I can do more attempts. I was nervous as a chihuahua with the DT's but if I didn't do it what would have happened? nothing. It isn't easy but also, it was good. The main thing I need to do is work on my act more and develop it then go back for more. Some things were easy laughs and I used an old burlesque joke that had them rolling. One of the easiest topics is talking about the differences between men and women. I shied away from the racial and political stuff because it can be a sensitive subject if you don't know the crowd. You could go from laughs to being strung up in a heart beat. Well, I'm going to work on some more material and come up with some good captions for my pics in here. Love y'all you folks been great. Remember ladies, it's a good thing to have a breast exam and even bette
An Angel Inside Me
An Angel Inside Me By Shannon Moir Although you were not meant to be, you were the little Angel inside of me. All of the tears, worries and cries, Who would have known we would have to say good-bye. Me and your daddy only knew each other a short while, We didn't plan to have you but excepted you with a smile. Our lives so quickly began to change, Our future plans had to be re-arranged. Nine weeks went by, Easter was there, This is the day I needed Hospital care. I couldn't believe what was happening to me, The little person was leaving that was inside of me. We named you Mackayla if you were a girl, and maybe Joshua if you were a boy, Didn't really matter as long as your birth was a healthy and happy joy. When your daddy and I heard the news that you were gone, I began to wonder how could our broken hearts go on? We didn't get to see you, We didn't hear your cry, We didn't get to see you in all the cute clothes we did buy. My precious Angel I want you to k
God's Beauty Tips..
God's Beauty Tips Please consider . . . * For attractive lips, speak words of kindness. * For beautiful eyes, look for the good in other people. * To lose weight, let go of stress, hatred, anger, discontentment and the need to control others. * To improve your ears, listen to the Word of God. * Rather than focus on the thorns of life, smell the roses and count your blessings, giving thanks for each one of them. * For poise, walk with knowledge and self-esteem. * To strengthen your arms, hug at least 3 people a day; Touch someone with your love. * To strengthen your heart, forgive yourself and others. * Don't worry and hurry so much. Rather than walk this earth lightly, walk firmly with determination and leave your mark. * For the ultimate in business, casual or evening attire, put on the robe of Christ; it fits like a glove but allows room for growth. Best of all, it never goes out of style and is appropriate for any occasion. * Doing these things
Thats The Way
When you look at me a smile for you i would walk a mile A wet kiss of you lips the soft curve of you hips Your long red hair it all takes me there Thats the way that I love you Your kisses on my neck make me work up a sweat Our bodies in motion Like the waves i the ocean The feelings we feel together we hope won't take for ever Every day our love grows and I don't care who knows Thats The way that i love you Your sweet gentle kiss is all that I miss Its just so bitter sweet when our lips meet Just like a fine wine our bodies entwine The nails of you fingers bring a feeling that lingers warmth of your breath on my ear it takes away all my fear Your gentle caress It simply arrests My heart feels aglow with all that it knows Your like a breath of fresh air it always take me there The warmth of your lips the feel of your finger tips You make me want to fly my feelings for you so high
My Own Private Iraq
In The Mood For Love
He left me again with this hopeless feeling of loneliness and longing and dreams of those dresses… and not just because I knew I was lonesome although not alone. It’s just me and this silent wordless passion is maybe what really separates us in all our similarity. I am not as loud and more mind than body I guess that’s why I am here at home where the words are everything. In the old days, if someone had a secret they didn't want to share they went up a mountain, found a tree, carved a hole in it, and whispered the secret into the hole. Then they covered it with mud. And leave the secret there forever. So he left me and still I will be back in this hotel room in Honkong waiting for days of being wild. I love him so.
I Am Me
I am just me....I don't try to be anything that I am not. What you see is what you get. I don't play mind games and don't like them played on me. I like alot of things and am willing to try almost anything once...maybe more if I like it the first time.
hey my name is michelle lee ledoux i live in regina sask with my auntie and uncle. i've had a pritty rought life so far but things are getting better and i am happy about it. i've been in foster homes''group homes, i've actually been without a home for a while but now im doing better. i really miss my sisters and i hope to see them soon and also my mom . i don't miss my dad thought because he beat me all the time so yea. well i don't go much else to say so peayce out ad me on msn if u would like
May you find serenity and tranquility in a world you may not always understand. May the pain you have known and the conflict you have experienced give you the strength to walk through life facing each new situation with optimism and courage. Always know that there are those whose love and understanding will always be there, even when you feel most alone. May you discover enough goodness in others to believe in a world of peace May a kind word, a reassuring touch, a warm smile be yours every day of your life, and may you give these gifts as well as receive them. Remember the sunshine when the storm seems unending. Teach love to those who know hate, and let that love embrace you as you go into the world. May the teaching of those you admire become part of you, so that you may call upon them. Remember, those whose lives you have touched and who have touched yours are always a part of you, even if the encounters were less than you would have wished.
Draw Me A Picture....cry Me A River...
"Draw me a picture...cry me a river..." That's the theme of today's special edition of "Real Life on Tap" as I like to try and talk about, vent about and such. Things that people do and how they act on here sometimes defies all logic and common sense. Personal interactions with people normally, let alone in an online social site such as this take on a different meaning for each individual that logs into here, whether it be with one profile, or for some people on here, multiple profiles. Today's topic is the now-apparently-departed web author Jeremy Crow. Jeremy Crow has for quite some time now, taken an apparent dislike to the level of near obsession, to me and the Orly owl, my brother and even my girlfriend as well as some other notable cherrytap figures whose names I won't mention here. Calling us "fakes" and "frauds" while in the same click of the keystroke claiming that he was not here for rates, popularity, etc..etc. Sometimes Mr. Crow's "Musings" sounded more like jealo
Totally Fed Up.. Men!
Ok, so I never talk about my personal life on here.. at least not relationship wise. My baby's father and I have been seeing each other off and on for a little over 5yrs. I met him through his mother because she and I are friends and he was originally from CT, I met him when he came to visit her on one of his trips. I'm almost 32 and he's 26.. we met right before he turned 21. Anyway, the pregnancy wasn't planned but when I told him about it, he was excited.. he's like "you better eat right, don't do this, don't do that" and saying he wanted to be at all of the appts and u/s, etc.. We've never lived together but this summer, he moved 2 streets over from me. Over the last couple of months he's been a real jerk.. only time he even hugged me was when I told him my mother died in July. He's been very distant and we almost act like strangers. At one point he got very mad at me when I brought up the ultrasound and told me he didn't want anything to do with the baby now or later and that he d
I Must Be Stupid.......
...Seems like time and time again I find people telling me "untruths"..... Look, I sold cars for 15 years..I may be blonde but I catch on after a while. Checks in the mail... I will respect you in the morning.. I will call you back.... You really do look great... I won't tell anyone... Call you tomorrow... I think you are beautiful... No it's only you Baby... and ofcourse... I love you.... No matter how little the lie is..there is someone on the other end of it. Seems like I keep getting crushed today. Friends and all...little lies hurt.
A Dog's Purpose
A DOG'S PURPOSE: This is a wonderful story I just had to share =o) A Dog's Purpose (from a 6-year-old). Being a veterinarian, I had been called to examine a ten-year-old Irish wolfhound named Belker. The dog's owners, Ron, his wife, Lisa, and their little boy, Shane, were all very attached to Belker, and they were hoping for a miracle. I examined Belker and found he was dying of cancer. I told the Family we couldn't do anything for Belker, and offered to perform the euthanasia procedure for the old dog in their home. As we made arrangements, Ron and Lisa told me they thought it would be good for six-year-old Shane to observe the procedure. They felt as though Shane might learn something from the experience the next day, I felt the familiar catch in my throat as Belker's Family surrounded him. Shane seemed so calm, petting the old dog for the last time, that I wondered if he understood what was going on. Within a few minutes, Belker slipped
Omg Again
2007-9-19 12:51:4 shay2187: ok did you see the up load please comment and rate and you should have furbar mail damedifidoanddamedifidont: k damedifidoanddamedifidont: i see that you sent me mail that is all. damedifidoanddamedifidont: ok i see it. nice attempt. i asked for a tag i could put on the fsm site. and the fish are going on direction and the arrows are going in the other direction. but nice attempt. ty shay2187: toy just ask me to make you a tag shay2187: tag shay2187: your welcome shay2187: shay2187: there the picture please rate and comment ty Show Recent Messages (F3) shay2187: happy humday back to you shay2187: hump damedifidoanddamedifidont: Happy talk like a pirate day and Happy hump me day shay2187: getting started on your tag damedifidoanddamedifidont: ok damedifidoanddamedifidont: BUZZ!!! shay2187: clicking now dame
Joint Custody?
On Sunday, I felt like everything was going so well...I found myself on a Roof Top wrapped in a Red Garment at the top of a Fire Escape, being Photographed by a Photographer from the Arts League of Philadelphia..Beautiful day..Sunny wind in my hair.... Later that day when I got home, I worked with another Photographer. We made some real soft photos. I may have worked hard that day but it felt so rewarding. I worked this week at my regular job. All seemed well but I feel like the CHAOS levels increase constantly. The politics and office BS I can not feed into. Not worth it plus I have far too much work to do to be drawn into that. Feeling a little under the weather since the Roof Top..probably because I modeled nude there for 4 hours...I have felt the increasing tightness in my chest. Funny how things ex husbands wife calls me..explains my daughter had an asthma attack at school. Since day 1 the school has not called or sent any correspondence to me. Joint Custody? Shar
Can't Choose Your Relatives
My fuckin uncle is screwing wth my stuff. I plan to have words with him. This keeps up and am throwing his fuckin ass out. He can find another place to live. Fuck this shit.
Red Flags ~ Don't Close Your Eyes
Signs to look for in a battering personality Red Flags Many women, young girls and the parents of them are interested in ways that they can predict whether they are about to become involved with someone who will be physically abusive. Usually battering occurs between a man and a woman, but lesbians can be battered too. Below is a list of behaviors that are seen in people who beat their girlfriends or wives; the last four signs listed are battering, but many women don't realize this is the beginning of physical abuse. If the person has several of the other behaviors (Three or more) there is a strong potential for physical violence. The more signs a person has, the more likely the person is a batterer. In some cases, a batterer may have only a couple of behaviors that the women can recognize, but they are very exaggerated, e.g., will try to explain their behavior as signs of their love and concern, and a woman may be flattered at first; as time goes on, the behaviors become more and more
Hey everyone if you would like please sign my guestbook, I would be honored. Thanks "Sarge"
For My Brothers
Here is a Bikers prayer src="" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket" /> (repost of original by 'EXECUTIONER/Every thing I do I do for you' on '2007-11-28 06:31:34')
~ Gordon Lightfoot - Sundown ~
I can see her lyin back in her satin dress In a room where ya do what ya dont confess Sundown ya better take care If I find you been creepin round my back stairs Sundown ya better take care If I find you been creepin round my back stairs Shes been lookin like a queen in a sailors dream And she dont always say what she really means Sometimes I think its a shame When I get feelin better when Im feelin no pain Sometimes I think its a shame When I get feelin better when Im feelin no pain I can picture every move that a man could make Getting lost in her lovin is your first mistake Sundown ya better take care If I find you been creepin round my back stairs Sometimes I think its a sin When I feel like Im winnin when Im losin again I can see her lookin fast in her faded jeans Shes a hard lovin woman, got me feelin mean Sometimes I think its a shame When I get feelin better when Im feelin no pain Sundown ya better take care If I find you been creepin round my back st
Txbrats Death
she died of a heart attack 1/14/08 between 6:30 and 8:30
This is a list of people coming up. It has been brought to managements attention that because the rules state 2 people a day that some people feel obligated to level people when more is added. This was not the intention so we are making a pending list of people we find and would like to be leveled. Members are more then welcome to rate these people even after the two on the main blog are leveled. Just remember to do it at happy hour this will double your points. ======================================================================================== DJ Reverend @ fubarneeds 29513 with 122 pics and 773 stash Bubba's Girl ~Don't Make Someone a Priority if all you are to them is an Option~@ fubarneeds 24360 with 167 pics and 8 stash...thanx Buck ========================================================================================
Oh Noes, This Again
so you dont want to hear about my good song? and you dont want to hear about how i am getting on with all the things that i can get done the sun is in the sky & i am by my lonesome so you don't want to hear about my good day? you have better things to do than to hear me say god its been a lovely day! everything is going my way i took out the trash today and i'm on fire... so you don't want to hear about my good friends? you dont have the guts to take the truth or consequence success is in the eye of the beholder and its looking even better over your cold shoulder i'm not suggesting you up and line me up for questioning but jesus think about the bridges you are burning and i'm betting that even though you knew it from the start you'd rather be a bitch than be an ordinary broken heart so go ahead and talk about your bad day... i want all the details of the pain and misery that you are inflicting on the others i consider them my sisters and i'd like their numbe
Your Indiana Leagues
There are now 7 Roller Derby Leagues in Indiana. Naptown Roller girls- Indianapolis Bleeding Heatland Roller girls- Bloomington Terrorz Of Tiny Towns Roller Girls- Columbus Fort Wayne Derby Dolls- Fort Wayne ROSI- Roller girls of South east Indiana- Evansville Lafayette Brawlin Dolls- Lafayette Nashville (startup league) Nashville This is a growing sport, for men and women, have aggressions, try roller derby. The competitive nature of the sport helps with body and mind. We would love to see you at a bout, doesnt have to be ours, but support roller Derby in your town. Hell ya probably didnt even know it was there! Google is a beautiful thing.
Wtf Is Going On?
June 7th... I am off for a while. Gotta run some errands and then get salutes made! I'll be back a little later. Leave some luv! xoxo Read the rest of the blog to get caught up and for some things to do. xoxo June 6th... Oh yah, I am in a giveaway and need all the comments you can spare...or stand to leave...on this picture... Approximately 40k more comments and I get a Happy Hour! YAY I won't be online much today...or at least not until later this evening. The kids and I are going to spend the day getting sick of each other. lol. They were off doing their own thing and in and out yesterday....while I bawled and bawled about Baby Trace. I am so thankful for my wonderful kids and that they are here with me so it's CRAM THE LOVE time! I'll check in later. xoxo New awesome FUs have been added to my Naughty and Nice Auction so be sure to bid and show love! June 5th... In the last few days there is sooooooo much going on that I figured I
The List!
Will be updated as the requests come in so you can see what your doing :D thx You decide when ur done playing to collect your Fubucks! freakylibra*@ fubar FreakyLibra -bucknasty -luvinlife -hawksgirl51 ~Metal Baby~@ fubar Metalbaby -babyboy -иosferatu -'♥Ironica♥(slygirl)/Fu-Wifey of Metal Baby ONLY -Brwneyedgirl35 -~Ancient1~ -Jennicense ÐJ Må$†è® RåvèñWº£ƒ~@ fubar Master Raven -(DJ)&(Fu Pastor&Judge)♚ḾăŞŦěŗ ӍɨɖȠɨ&# -DJ ღWildღ RedSpirit ButterflyMajic@ fubar ButterflyMagik -nic...just nic -Ta Ta's pwo... THE Slut™-@ fubar TheSlut -Sweets -*~DJ Ashley™~*~ -Porno Pirate -~Tiffany~ -♥ ÐJ TIÑK ♥ -*Rusticlette™* -April Marie aka 'Pirate -hot_desirable_toy -Anarchy is Peace not Chaos -'Pedro El Diablo Rojo - Beyotch De Gutter' -Blakkie ~*Chaotic Vamperv* -Miss Trouble™ -~sailor saturn~doll SeXyMoMmA712.@ fubar Sexymomma712 quit at
Why I Like Butterflies
What Doesn't Kill Us........
Just an update for those who know me.... I had to make an emergency run to Rochester MN ex needed to be transported to one of the Mayo Clinic's hospitals for admission. He had an Echocardiogram yesterday morning and the Docs didn't like what they found. They also think he has bacterial endocarditis....a bacterial infection in the heart tissue. And his blood pressure is off the charts....that is nothing new! So, Bill (my ex) is looking at lots of nasty tests today, lots of meds for the infection and BP,....and ultimately surgery for the two heart valves that are damaged. He is not a happy camper! I have a full compliment of clients to treat today, tired as I am. Hopefully I won't have to make another flying trip to Rochester today.....I will plan to be there for the surgery, given some warning. Life is an interesting thing.... Much love, warm hugs, and blessings for one and all! Later! Muah!
It has been a week since I have been home and today I am going to venture out and see how well I do amongst the living. I have been spending all my time pretty much at home all day every day (except for the tour of Qwest Field) and I need to get out. I will be hanging out at a Starbuck's this morning and sip on my mocha for awhile and then do some shopping for awhile and then come home and prepare for tonight. I intend to have my husband all to myself.
Death Race
Jensen Ames was set up, and sent to prison. It's the future, and prison's are now run by the corporations. Mans thirst for more has turned the PPV cage fights into Death Race, where prisoners race each other in souped up, iron plated, heavy weaponed cars. In the last race, Machine Gun Joe, played by Tyrese, took out Frankenstein. So Hennessey, played by Joan Allen, "arranges" for Jensen Ames, played by Jason Hottness...I mean Statham. He was a driver on the outside, and a good one. And she needed someone to wear the Frankenstein mask, with the same skill set. And it goes from there. Ames is blackmailed into driving, and the games begin. The script was somewhat predictable. Loosely based on the 1975 film Death Race 2000...and I do mean loosely, it gave a few new twists, but nothing spectacular. But this movie was about the action, not the plot. The same basic themes run through both, don't trust big government/corporation. Jason Statham was...well...Jason Statham.
Barbecued Pork Ribs With Maple Rub
1. 2 pounds maple sugar 2. 1/4 cup salt 3. 2 tablespoons paprika 4. 1/4 cup freshly ground black pepper 5. 2 tablespoons fresh thyme leaves 6. 4 cloves garlic, minced 7. 2 lemons, zested 8. 1/4 cup olive oil 9. 4 (3 pound) racks of pork spareribs Nutrition Info Per Serving * Calories: 830 kcal * Carbohydrates: 53 g * Dietary Fiber: 0 g * Fat: 48 g * Protein: 43 g * Sugars: 48 g About: Nutrition Info [This link will take you outside Yahoo! Food] Powered by: ESHA Nutrient Database [This link will take you outside Yahoo! Food] 2. Cooking Directions 1. Combine sugar, salt, paprika, pepper, thyme, garlic, and zest; spread on a sheet pan; let stand at room temperature overnight so sugar will be hard and dry. Grind in food processor to fine powder. 2. Brush ribs with oil; lightly coat with sugar mixture. 3. Preheat grill or grill pan to medium hot; grill ribs, fat side down first, until meat is just com
100k Fubuck Just Rate One Folder
Je suis un navire vide, casse, et perdu. Avec un coeur qui pas et ne permettra pas l`amour dedans ou dehors. Vide, fonce, et froid est tout ce qui est la. (dont ask)
The Hanged Man
THIS WEEK'S CARD: THE HANGED MAN They say that going back to someone or something from your past isn’t normally a good idea, as though 'going back' is a 'step backwards'. Although this may sometimes hold true, it ertainly isn't always the case. Finding yourself in such a dilemma can cause a state of impasse or limbo where you really don’t know what to do for the best. This brings me to The Hanged Man card, a card that normally indicates the need to make some kind of self- sacrifice, or indicates a need for you to give someone or something up. We all know how very difficult this can be! ;- ) Contemplating how challenging such situations can be, especially when it concerns affairs of the heart, inspired me to write The Sign Post reading, which is now part of the membership readings. How do you know what or who you should give up? Are you considering giving up the right person or the right thing? Are you looking at your situation from the right perspective? Perhaps
Auto 11- 2
&mywidth < < TYPE HERE < <
Bubble Bath
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Come Join
        Batman's Girl and Delicato Fiore "The Sisters"  are doing their first auction!  Entry fee 25,000, NO DRAMA OR ENTRY WILL BE DELETED!  The Playmate Auction wants YOU to join in the fun. Follow the link to Batman's Girl's page to see her blog!.  PM with offers and link to the picture you wish to use.  Bidding will start at 100,000.  We are not responsible for non-payers and you are responsible to promote yourself.Ladies Come Dazzle Us, Gents Show it Off!Auction starts first thing Friday morning April 10, 2009 at 9:00 a.m.¢¾Batmans_girl fu married to batman 25 @ fubar (repost of original by '♠ MustangsGal ♠  Forever Belonging to My Babe  ♥ AL ♥' on '2009-04-05 17:31:38')  
with this special deliverybecuase i cant be theretoday i'm sending hugs i would love to sharesent with my loving touchwarmth you can dependsomething to hold ontoshare hugs from a friendknow you are thought of it seems the perfect wayhugs are coming to youto comfort you each dayfor my ever lasting hugsreach and hold you tightbecause i care so muchmorning,noon and nightcopyright jas 2009
The Latest Bad Thing
i lost my job yesterday. i don't know how much more of this i can take went to unemployment, was told to file over the phone or online, then came out and got a parking ticket   still no job, you can't talk to an hr person, they don't return calls. to apply you have upload your resume, then fill out a form with everything that was on the resume. this is insane. if my friends here think ive abandoned them because they don't hear from me, its because i devote each day to the job search I send out 30 reume's a day by email, I'm so tired of getting no answer or being told that they have no use for someone with my talents. I have a very bad feeling that I'm going to lose the place that I've lived 4/5ths of my life in and have devoted the last 24 years to. It's breaking my heart. Got thru the holidays, not without the usual family garbage, month 6 of the job search begins
Poison Veins
Poison  Veins You called last night, You really wanted to see me. I agreed to met you, After three long years. You really looked different, But it didn't matter to me. The more I looked at you, The more I liked the new look. It has never been about your look, As much as about your heart. There is something about you, Your essences runs through my veins. There is something about me with you, I run through your veins too. You are my poison, And I am yours. What did we do in the life before? We both know deep within our souls, Or the poison in our veins, Wouldn't run so deep. Would not attract so bad. Would not keep bring us back. To the place where we started again. Dee Parenti All Rights Reserved
Just Like You
Info For Members And New Members Of The Enigma Far Train
By The Grace Of Kings
This stage this page this battle ground3000 miles to Graceland on the edge of a soundI'm out of pennies, in for 88 poundsThe jury by fire is out for deliberationDeliberately denouncing the dichotomizing divisions of their own convoluted sense of self preservationIt's a goddamn shame this happy little nation couldn't withstand time's unforgiving nature
Caddy's Addicted To Lasor Pointers
Genesis 15   Genesis 16   Genesis 17   Bible Reading Plan -- Complete NIV Bible in a YearRead the NIV Bible in a year, reading three chapters daily and five on Sundays.
boomer for sale . place your price
Information Requested
Anyone have any personal experiences flying with united airlines?   Want info, good or bad.
Come Join The Mafia.
Looking For a mafia home? Come where you can be yourself, chill with friends and show off your unique talent.  Click the picture below to join The Lustful Dragon Mafia or copy, paste and enter into your browser to come to us.
Hidden Secrets
Her heart is lost,For now it cant be found.It cant hear my words,Deaf to any sound.Like trying to fight a tornado,Or beating my hands against a wall.Its so out of my reach,And to me it will not fall.I cannot give up ever,It would make my words untrue.Now I wish for happiness,And that happiness belong to you.
Her eyes had my heart,Before her lips said hello.So deeply caught in a trance,It had nowhere to go.Shes held mine from the start,Now to bring her heart to me.And through all my words,Her mind will begin to see.To be her first thought of the day,And at night as she sleeps her last.To be the greatest of loves to her,Never to repeat ones of the past.She glows like the sun in my eyes,I hope in hers to I will shine.As I long for the day you tell me,Beautiful,the day you tell me your mine.
The night sky was moonless shrouding the city in a cloak of darkness, she stood silent and still unnoticed unseen, this was a regular place she visited frequently, she stood down an alley in the cover of dark leaning her back up against a brick wall the ally was thick with the stench of rotten food and stale alcohol to one side was a restaurant across the way a pub above the foul stench of the ally there was the familiar smell of ash, fresh beer, and burning tobacco. What little light shone down her eyes would capture it and glimmer ever so softly. Suddenly the door of pub flung open and it looked almost as though a cloud of smoke emerged the loud chatter and music spill out onto the street, stumbling out of the cloud was a drunk man his hand out stretched touching the cold brick wall as he walked as though he had no control of his legs he managed to find his way half way down the ally his fingertips brushing along the rough brick work guiding him, the drunken lout takes a few side way
Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That.....
I think it's time I come clean about me and Crisis. I had been bombing his folder pretty heavily as I have been with all my friends. he sent me a message: > > > > > > > === 'Name Crisis' wrote the following at '2010-10-22 05:21:45'..> > > > > > > >> > > > > > > > I feel like I owe you for all this bombing. I have a big box of Fransia wine and some bubble bath that comes in a champagne bottle. Wanna make out?> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > === ' witty screen name' wrote the following at '2010-10-21 19:02:22'..> > > > > > > > >> > > > > > > > > Your photo album was Cherry Bombed by: witty screen name 146 photos in the album were rated an 11 and you've received 8,030 points and fuBucks!   I DID want to make out. I asked him to wear that pink lipstick he has on in that one pic that "he says" mel made him. He told me he already had it on. Meh, what can I say I like it a little freaky. We met at a bar that was half way between his state and mine. We ordered 12 shots of whiskey a
Need Your Help!
My little brother and his fiance are trying to win an egagement session (photography). They are behind in votes. You can easily vote! Just click the link and you will see the poll. Vote for Michael and Jennifer. It's that easy. Just one click!   C'mon FuPeeps! I know we can knock the voting out tha ballpark! :)
    How do you deal with someone who is COMPLETELY amazing BUT....   Has had somethings happen in their past, apparently, and are insecure with you. Yet they wont talk to you about it. Or they are just constantly looking for stuff to make an issue about. Going as far as to twist up things you say into completely NOT what you were saying? Always making you out to be the bad guy when you are just trying to make them happy. And hanging onto the bullshit THEY put in your mouth for an insane amount of time. Putting you on the defensive for shit you never even did or said.   Is there anything that can be done? How long do you try to stick it out - even after you have done all you can think of... ie, passwords to accounts, showing texts - Hiding NOTHING from them.. making sure everyone in your life knows about them. How do you help them get over it, and stay over it - and get back to just having fun and enjoying each other - instead of being completely drained trying to fix something t
Janey Godley’s Podcast “episode 24”
(Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language) In the twenty fourth episode of Janey Godley’s podcast the ladies chat about Victoria Beckham's nine thousand pound handbag, Ashley's scuppered Christmas plans and Janey chats about her dad in the hospital. This Christmas special has Ashley singing a childhood song, Janey discusses the pros and cons of swinging and there is a new 'The Bold Alec' story which is translated by Ashley. Obama and his 'Don’t Ask Don’t Tell' repeal gets discussed. Janey tells us all about her first flat and Ashley moans about footballers again and wonders if homophobia will be stamped out in premier league football in the UK. Happy Christmas everyone! Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the world gets to hear it on Janey Godley’s podcasts, expect some bawdy language and home truths, as Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie lead you down the roads less taken in their fantastic weekly podcast. Listen as mother and dau
Louis Vuitton Handbag Fashion Week
In a show with such an astounding number of beautiful designer handbags, I barely know where to begin. Who would have thought after last season’s tribal tassel disaster that Marc Jacobs would come up with such a feminine, pretty, and functional collection of handbags at Lv handbag. I would have been the last one to guess it – in fact, I remarked to a friend last week that I was barely even looking forward to the Vuitton show. But that’s the genius of Marc Jacobs. Just when you think that you’ve got him pegged, when you think that you know what he’s going to do and how you’re going to feel about it, he veers off in the opposite direction at full speed and gives you the last thing you could have ever thought he would come up with. This season, he took us straight back to 1940s France, with tea-length tweeds, tailored waists, and bosom-hugging dirndls. The look reminded me of the French farm girls in the opening sequence of Inglourious Basterds, but w
Standing in the corner In the darkest recesses Of you heart and life...   Waiting for you to need The understanding ear Needing the one who is there No matter what happens Or who you think will Walk out of your life.   Always there hiding Waiting to be the one Invisible now but not always.   Do you know she is there? Wanting to be the one you run to Feeling forgotten and alone? Do you know she is there Needing you to say Something, anything that will Let her know you will be there too?
Attn: Family
I got way to much stuff on my mind atm. Its weird how things happen... The news I got a few days ago has affected me more then I thought they would.. I wasnt prepared for this.. and now I cant decide what to do.. well. I have decided, but I cant make up what to say... and its bugging me like crazy!! I keep going over it in my mind, over and over and over...But it doesnt get better, it just get worse. Its now making me unable to sleep...     I hate this!!!
I took the road that went to the light,The other road was tempting But didn't feel right I felt this huge load go away And disappear down memory lane, There the price was only pain, With its emptiness And heartache, Things seem much better to surrender And find your peace within the world, Because the light is nice, And feels divine as you make your way Down the path of life.!Always be good to yourself!
Please Read This!!!!!!!!!!
A friend of my parents who lives in Rexburg, Idaho went missing on his way to Boise for a business meeting, his whole family is very worried and if you live anywhere in the north west i would appreciate a repost. Keep him in your thoughts and prayer at the very least. This is the Article ELMORE COUNTY -- Police around the state are searching for 57-year-old Grant Moedl of Rexburg. He's been missing since Wednesday afternoon. Moedl's wife says he was travelling to Boise for a business trip, but he never made it to his appointments and hasn't been heard from since he left. Police pinged Moedl's cell phone and found the last time it sent out a signal was Wednesday evening near Mountain Home. Moedl was driving to Boise via Highway 20 (Arco, Fairfield). Moedl is 5'6" tall, 150 pounds. He has gray hair and a mustache. He has blue eyes and wears glasses. He was driving a silver 2008 Subaru Outback with the license plate 1T 194. Anyone with information should call police, or the Madison
I Wrote This When I Realised How Easy It Would Be To Become Homeless
On The Streets   People stop and ask you why But they don't care if you live or die When your on the streets your on your own You can't get no place if you got no home   Don't know where your going to sleep Don't know when your going to eat You'll sell yourself  so you survive When winter come will you be alive   Don't know whats around the bend You ask yourself will it ever end When life gets to much for you to take Wondering where you've made mistakes   Street are cold and dangerous You have to do what you must Cause when your on the streets your on your own You can't get no place when you got no home    
Disease Of Your Affection...
    don't lie to make me happy i don't need a tainted charm your false feelings bring emotional harm i am afraid of loneliness our love no longer true but can i stand alone without leaning on you disease of your affection penetrating me your beauty like a virus attacking violently not to worry, ill be fine i'll make it through the day but when tomorrow comes i'll have the courage to walk away 
Dime - Pitbull
Ayer me dijistes que me amabasQue no había quien nos separaraQue yo era tuyo y tú eras míaPara nuestro amor no habían medidasPero de repente todo cambióYa no eras la misma cuando hacíamos el amorHoy me pides que me vaya sin ninguna razónTu no sabes cuánto daño le hace a mi corazón, perderteDime como olvidarteSi no quiero alejarmeNo me pidas que me vaya, no(Que no me vaya no)(Que no me vaya no, no)Que no ves que ya no puedoQue sin ti me desespero(Muñeca tu eres la razón que yo hago)(Todo esto es la razón que yo he trabajado tan duro)No me pidas que me vaya, no(Yo te quiero dar una vida diferente)Yo te quiero con todo mi corazónPero no entiendo la razónPorque siento como tú y yo no somos lo mismos, a lo mejorEstamos acostumbrao'Y no estamos enamorao'O maybe es algo que da algoY viene y se va como un moraoPero mami let's work it outEs un daño profundoPensar en los añosQue tu y yo vivíamos juntos¿Y que todos esos años se fueron por gusto?(No, no)No me digas eso mamiEso yo no lo puedo acept
No Subject
today is not going so well it is really hot and allready people in my house are going at it. anyone who says living at home forever is great i say yeah right. 
‘haboob’ Hubbub: Arizonans Protest Common Meteorological Term As Evidence Of Muslim Infiltration | (repost)
The dictionary defines a “haboob” as a thick dust storm that blows in deserts. Arizonans, however, define a “haboob” as a jihadist harbringer of Muslim infiltration. Hearing local weathermen call Arizona’s recent massive dust storms by a term they’ve used “for decades,” one Arizona resident said, “I am insulted that local TV news crews are now calling this kind of storm a haboob. [...] How do they think our soldiers feel coming back to Arizona and hearing some Middle Eastern term,” he demanded. And if this is suddenly the guiding principle on acceptable vocabulary, Arizonans should eye words like algebra, pajamas, khaki, coffee, giraffe, lemon, orange, mattress, zero, and alcohol with suspicion.
♥ Im not hot or gorgeous. I don't have an amazing figure or a flat stomach. I'm far from being considered a model, but I'm ME. I eat food, have curves (that go the wrong way), love my PJ'S and will go without makeup (once in a while). I'm a random & crazy, & I don't pretend to be someone I'm not. I am who I am, love me or not, I wont change ME!!!  ♥
My Weekend (second Time)
Friday night was the formal night for my 20th class reunion. I had a really good time, I was shocked Today was the family picnic part, again...had so much fun. It was actually a treat to see everyone...there were only 2 people there that were not extremely friendly 2 guys that used to dog me for being fat... Now they are....I still am, but I am confident and fun They are sad and lame :D
The 46 Secondary Vows
The forty-six branch vows require that you abandon the following actions: Vow 1- 7 are related to the perfection of generosity. 1. Neglecting to pay homage to the Three Jewels each day. Having taken the bodhichitta vows it is necessary to accumulate merit. You should therefore take refuge in the Three Jewels, make physical offerings and prostrations, verbal praises, requests and mental homage each day. 2. Following the mind of desire. If you do not restrain yourself from acting out delusions, indulging in desire, and do not know contentment, you will constantly grasp at material comforts and the enjoyments of cyclic existence and break this branch vow. 3. Not respecting elders. Elder Bodhisattvas, that is those who have taken the bodhichitta vows before you, are objects of respect and objects of offering. Not showing them respect will break this branch vow. 4. Not replying to questions. * When someone trusts you and sincerely asks a quest
Cuando llegó Don Facundo a aquel lugar sólo había grandes hectáreas de tierras sin cultivar, probó e intentó toda clase de siembras. Los campos eran extensos y los caminos pedregosos. Después de un tiempo de intentar sembrar algo, observó que, en los bordes de los caminos y campos en barbechos, crecían arbustos sarmentosos, con ramas arqueadas y espinosas. Al comienzo no prestó mucha atención, pues los frutos eran rojizos y ácidos cuando los probó.     Un día observó, que los frutos rojos ahora eran de color negro, con duda tomó unos cuantos, cuidadosamente los puso en su boca y eran sabrosos...   By Pink
That Day...
That Day.... It was a steamy August nightWhen you first crossed my pathAt first I hid from sightBut that would never last You were but a strangerIn a place I knew so wellLittle did I know it would beThe beginning of my hell I was such a social butterflyJust flitting around my friendsI had so many of themI thought it would never end But then you took my handAnd in your charming waysYou started down a pathWith the DEAD END sign hidden in a haze By the time I saw the darkness fallMy friends I could not findYou held my hand even harderAnd led the way; I was blind But then one day, I woke upSurrounded by people I never knewAnd when I tried to get awayYour grasp was like super-glue It was then that I noticedThe pure evilness in your eyesI was unable to make an escapeAnd no one could hear my cries Then one day, the sun came outand on me, it began to shineThe law they came to take youAnd, in essence, gave me what was mine And as I stood there lettingThe sun shine rain on
At the National Medical Association Annual Convention & Scientific Assembly, in New Orleans, Dr. Carol Burright, M.D., revealed to a select audience (including USBM representative William Thomasen) that she had discovered a vaccine for Cancer and tested it on 1,000 volunteer patients, attaining a 100% success rate.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -This discovery and all knowledge of it never left that room. Nobody present that evening has any recollection of what happened or was spoken; not even Dr. Burright herself.Nobody except for the USBM representative who later defected and made this report publick.Thomasen went publick with his knowledge of Burright's vaccine on 17|9|2, six weeks after discovering that his son had Bone Marrow Cancer.On 21|9|2, Thomasen tragically died, running naked into the middle of a long stretch of I-465. Doctors announced that, while autopsying Thomasen's body, they determined that, though Thomasen ha
Sensitive Finger
whilst standing in the kitchen at mum and dads i educated my sister.... Me: hey sis did you know when a woman menstrates her middle finger is less sensative ... (flips her off) mum and dad crack up laughing behind me and my sister pulls a horrified look then a not funny shell look   yeah probably had to be there, but try it out some time :)
I'm Fixin' To Tell You Something About Being Southern
I'm fixin' to tell you something about being Southern: Being Southern doesn't mean that I'm not well educated. I may say 'ain't' and 'y'all' and 'honey', "bless a lot of hearts", and I might even 'piddle' around. I'll greet you with a big "howdy". I might refer to my grocery cart as a 'buggie' and by golly that's okay......! I'm polite and say "Ma'am and Sir". And if you hear a Southerner say "Oh Heck naw!", you'd better run!! If you're proud to be Southern click like 'right smack dab' on my status, and then go over 'yonder' and copy and paste to your status..When you get done with that.. grab a glass of sweet tea and thank God you were raised in the South!!!
Good Friend
I was coming home the other night from work. And got a phone call that would change my life from a friend of mine, who had some bad news. I, being in shock from what they just told me, proceeded to them that they was crazy. That the person they was talking about was at my house right now . So when I turn the corner to my house, his truck was not in the drive way as usual. So I got worried about it and I went in to see if he had at least come by , when I enter the house there was no sign that he had been there at all. I then walked in to the kitchen and my phone rang again it was the person that called me earlier. They confirmed that it was true. I turn around and seen a bottle of rum on the bar I took it into my hand and riped the top off of it. When I turn up the bottle before I knew it half of it was gone, by then I got back on the phone and we finished talking . Right after that, I got the off phone with them and then another friend called. She was crying and told me it was all tr
If Your 30 And Over You Might Think This Is Hilarious
If you are 30, or older, you might think this is hilarious!   When I was a kid, adults used to bore me to tears with their tedious diatribes about how hard things were. When they were growing up; what with walking twenty-five miles to school every morning.... Uphill.... Barefoot... BOTH ways...yadda, yadda, yadda   And I remember promising myself that when I grew up, there was no way in hell I was going to lay a bunch of crap like that on my kids about how hard I had it and how easy they've got it!   But now that I'm over the ripe old age of thirty, I can't help but look around and notice the youth of today. You've got it so easy! I mean, compared to my childhood, you live in a damn Utopia! And I hate to say it, but you kids today, you don't know how good you've got it!   1) I mean, when I was a kid we didn't have the Internet. If we wanted to know something, we had to go to the damn library and look it up ourselves, in the card catalog!!   2) There
Beginning December, Foodie Style
SO, I'm at it again :D
I believe in angels,The kind that heaven sends,I am surrounded by angels,But I call them friends.
Lady Love
You're a shining star, an ever lasting light, The fire in the forest burning wild and bright, You're an angel flying high and free, You're a beautiful spirit to whom only I can see, Your mind is as deep as the ocean floor, Full of life to which I adore, I would love to swim deep within your mind, And explore the secrets that I may find, Your face holds the beauty of a rare black pearl, You're a heavenly creature, one hell of a girl, Your lips are as sweet as grapes on the vine, Mellow to the taste, as an expensive wine, Your heart is as a lock and bolt on a door, To which I and only I have the key for, So when you're down and lonely and need a close friend, Just call on me and I shall let myself in, You're a bird of paradise, a fish in the sea, You're a dream within a dream, you're everything to me, You're a Goddess floating in the heavens above, You're my girl, my woman, My Lady Love.
Reporting Photos - Why Letting Your Personal Agenda Rule You Is A Bad Idea
The Terms of Service, paragraph 7 again: "You are solely responsible for your interactions with other Members., Inc. reserves the right, but has no obligation, to monitor disputes between you and other Members." Case 1 While perusing the photo queue, the part of the site where bouncers review the pictures the community reports to us as offensive, I noticed nine pictures reported of fully-clothed, newborn children. All nine were clearly safe-for-work, and they were all reported by one person (an account with no  primary photo or salute) on one person. Any bouncer who sees something like this immediately notices red flags: this person is usually trying to get the site involved in his personal agenda against the other person. When questioned about it, his response was that those children were all abuse victims and the album's owner was the abuser, and he felt that reporting the pictures as NSFW would be the appropriate solution. I advised him that if he ha
Little Things...
Wearing her best evening dressor nothing but a smileknowing how much I love herfor her I'd give my lifejust holding her and loving herto whisper in her earall those silly little thingsthe things we hold so dear Michael H. BodorCopyright © 2012

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