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Just a little FYI if you saw I booted you and wondered why. It's because you either...

A. Hardly run stuff any more (whatever the reason) and I've left you in a few weeks without booting you.

B. You're a good friend, but you don't play the rate game. If you don't care about rates, it shouldn't matter to you if you're in my family or not. And you're more than likely in my top friends, even if it's not the 7 showing.

C. You booted me for whatever your reasons are.

Fact is, I'm not going to tell you I'm booting you because I made it CLEAR when we traded what my terms for perm add were. If YOU are or were having issues for whatever reason, are or were on vacation, feel free to SB me and LET ME KNOW so I keep you in! But if you're going on an emo crusade and youre talking about quitting, change ur name to numbers, decide not to run things for weeks, why would I keep you in my family? Especially if you're higher in rank than me? I'm not going to let anybody mooch off of me. It's that simple.

Just wanted to make that clear as I have been switching my family around this week. I hope people dont go completely emo on me for it. I'm playing the rate game and want to rank. If you fit into any of the above categories, and someone who runs shit comes along and wants to trade, I will boot. Otherwise I'll leave it alone. 

-Mz. Iowa 

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