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darkle \DAHR-kuhl\verb;    1.  To grow dark, gloomy, etc.    2.  To appear dark; show indistinctly.
Oh No She Didnt!
so a friend of mine stopped by with some photos of her friends wedding that happen to have been this wkend..... wow the bride was a big big girl that had a strapless gown,, Im sorry but if ur a big gal u don't need a strapless gown... no one wants to see ur arm flap or that piece of fat that hangs over the gown when u raise ur arms... that's just nasty and well not very pretty and do u really what to be remembered that way? I have seen big brides with some beautiful gowns that wasn't strapless... Am I the only one that thinks this way? I am not trying to be mean but come one thats just nasty... I am kinda a big gal and I could never embarrass myself or the ppl around my by showing the xtra fat on my body. Strapless gowns r for small and mayb med. gals not for 300 and up.. smh
Sabre Dancing...
Ever Seen A Koala Move This Fast
Its all supposed to be a game, but to me its not. I am here to get a break from my real life, but finding fu getting into it. its not supposed to... it hurts... over and over, and I am powerless to do anything... 
Black Keys - Next Girl
The look of the cake It ain't always the taste My ex girl she had Such a beautiful face I wanted love But not for myself But for the girl So she could love herself My next girl Will be nothing like my ex girl I made mistakes back then I'll never do it again With my next girl She'll be nothing like my ex girl That was a painful dance Now I got a second chance A beautiful face And a wicked way And I'm paying for her Beautiful face every day All that work Over so much time If I think too hard I might lose my mind My next girl Will be nothing like my ex girl I made mistakes back then I'll never do it again
The Sellsword's New Pants. (part 3)
"Greywood Fief" Byron echoed over his dry lips. Had a nice ring to it. Probably meant there was some absentee lord collecting taxes once a season, and providing little if any protection. Funny business lords, taxes, and land. Something he had managed to avoid his entire life, save the very upfront payment for services delivered. The township was arranged in a large, disorderly ring within the spiked log fence, there were huts with small yards and vegetable gardens, pens for pigs and goats near almost every home. Their composition ranged from clay to log, domed to peaked, hay-thatched, chimneyed and quaint. No sizeable beasts for plowing or transit seemed to be present, judging by the stretched hides and dangling, shrivelled meat in a few of the yards, it appeared that Greywood was predominately fed by game and carefully planned micro-harvests. Which meant they'd have to dry their meat, and preserve seasons of fruits and vegetables. Pickling and curing! Byron cursed his useless coin
The Satanist
Sup fubar...i been Gon for a while but im back...anyway we going to adress somethign right quick. and some of yall this may apply to and you might get mad but fuck it , you can kiss the crack of ghetto NYC black ass 2 times.Im a go in real quick on these "Hail Satan" peeps....yeah satanist...ok so like my first thing is i understand the whoole dark prince thing, but seriously...y'all go extra with this shyt. wtf gives...y'all are worst than the goth is not that bad dude, add some fucking color to your woredrobe dude, and leave people cats alone, animal sacriface doesnt do shyt cept make you look like a fucking idiot. And for the love of God your not going to be come a zombie and they dont exist, stay the fuck out of the grave yards at night...that shyt is just creepy! Now lets say that one day, for shyts and giggles you manage to summon satan...THEN WHAT? if he really is the bad ass yall say he is, have you not stop to think heis going to fuck you up for calling him up and
New Song
So this one's not done,  but it's a good start.. wooot woooot   untitled by:ard 11/19/11 If the world ended tomorrow would ya stay for tonight? Could we make love by armageddon's light? would ya walk with me, into eternity could we go right up to heaven's gate? would they let us in or make me wait? could ya wait awhile so I could bask in your smile   (chorus) Don't tell me I'm crazy Say you're my baby I'll do whatever I have to Girl why are we waiting We could be a great thing I know that all I need is you   I can see you've been hurt by how you wear your' scars Give me a chance and I'll heal your heart It'll be alright if you're by my side We could take a walk in the moonlight Or just get lost in eachother's eyes I can set you free just walk with me   (repeat chorus)
End Of War In Iraq
The White House declares war in Iraq over today.. So this is Christmas and what have you done,Another year over, a new one just begun.And so this is Christmas, I hope you have fun,The near and the dear ones, the old and the young.A very merry Christmas and a happy New YearLet's hope it's a good one without any fears.And so this is Christmas for weak and for strong,The rich and the poor ones, the road is so long.And so happy Christmas for black and for whiteFor the yellow and red ones let's stop all the fights.A very merry Christmas and a happy New YearLet's hope it's a good one without any fear.And so this is Christmas and what have we doneAnother year over, a new one just begun.And so happy Christmas we hope you have funThe near and the dear ones, the old and the young.A very merry Christmas and a happy New YearLet's hope it's a good one without any fear.War is over if you want it, war is over now
Top 15 Picks You'll Need To Be Cozy & Elegant This Specific Winter
Top 15 Picks You'll need to be Cozy & Elegant This specific Winter Cold temperature Outerwear Essentials Have you been wondering what you ought to comprehensive your slide and also wintertime don necessities? Listed below are the Best picks?aif a person don't get these, you'll absolutely need to buy them. Canada Goose Gents Trip Parka No matter whether you're inside the deceased associated with winter season inside Spain, sloshing with the huskies and also sled throughout Alaska or perhaps wanting to keep hot inside city acquire the best classy, your Adventure Parka may be the winter months staple you need?ait's durable, never goes out of style, and may make you stay dried up and protected featuring its water-repellant complete and also mid-thigh period. You'll experience robust with the coyote coat receiver collar, duck lower fill up, heavy-duty freezer, energy pants pocket about the remaining sleeve as well as fleece-lined handwarmer wallets. Canada Goose Could Expedition
My Amazing Southern Friendy Boo Gave Me A Sweet Salute:) Xo
Mother Offers Self, Daughter For $25 Debt...
This is our sicko story of the day. Wonder if this woman has a Fubar account or what she would do for a bling pack. Sick. Check out the video here below: WTF is wrong with people today? Sick. Peace.
You have a choice between paying .5%, 1%, 2%, 5% and 10%. The banks are owned by different turfs that enter the lottery. Once the bank is acquired, they get to keep it a random time frame between 12 and 24 hours, it is protected for half that time.  Once the protected period is over, other turfs can knock the bank back into the lottery by causing the Boss, Underboss, and all Lieutenants to be dead all at the same time. This takes some strategy as the HL is not always immediate.Some turfs choose to pw protect their banks. This is because only the 10% bank have limited transactions each day. The others have a limited amount of transactions ie: deposit and withdrawals. The % that the bank charges is added to the turf tax of the turf that owns it at the time. Some people will repeatedly deposit $100 at a time because it eats up the transactions for the day and causes the turf to not make so much money. If our allies or friends own any of the banks and they have a pw in place, we will have
Web Hosting Lamp – The Perfect Of Web Hosting Reviews
If you’re searching for a professional looking site, get a great web hosting lamp with positive web hosting reviews. We can help you make valued decisions by providing advanced website hosting search options. The web hosting industry is growing and today every online business regardless of its size is opting for a cheapest web hosting that is resourceful and reliable. Helping such businesses are names like ‘Web Hosting Lamp’. The site offers a source where clientele can review best hosting sites; give out their honorable opinions and top web hosting sites based on their effectiveness and performance. ‘My hosting Lamp’ has gone on to be the perfect choice among prospective clienteles owing to the website’s unique and soporiferous take on web hosting reviews. The website uses an absolute ranking system to rank websites and give clienteles a straightforward review of where a hosting service is on the basis of ranking of website. Today, the web
  六,  千推万阻不安防盗,  1,2012年07月08日9:04,今天早晨量防盗门的安装尺寸,结果测量安装宽度的尺寸与我在睡梦中的尺寸一模一样是87厘米。也就是说,中国卡扎菲操纵家奴,即凶奴:中国国家安全机构的人员又还在我家里对我测脑子。 2,在我去找防盗门的时候,中国卡扎菲操纵三ߑ
Runaway - The Corrs
"Runaway" Say it's true, there's nothing like me and youI'm not alone, tell me you feel it tooAnd I would run awayI would run away, yeah..., yeahI would run awayI would run away with youCause I am falling in love with youNo never I'm never gonna stopFalling in love with youClose the door, lay down upon the floorAnd by candlelight, make love to me through the night(through the night, through the night...)Cause I have run awayI have run away, yeah..., yeahI have run away, run awayI have run away with youCause I am falling in love (falling in love) with youNo never I'm never gonna stopFalling in love with you...With you...And I would runawayI would runaway, yeah..., yeahI would runaway (runaway)I would runaway with you
Korean Fashion Chiffon Shirts Or Lace Shirts Are Summer Popular Style
  Each season has its advocate hit, popular style clothing. For this summer's pop top style, chiffon shirts or lace shirts is the best chioce. Here is to come with our wholesale fashion online shop to learn coat fashion snow spins the collocation of unlined upper garment unlined upper garment, bud.   Blue chiffon unlined upper garment, the collar is white petals design, more show delicate sweet. The design of cultivate one's morality, show thin and easy. With the naked color of tall waist shorts, more show is tall and feeling.   Pink chiffon sleeveless shirt, white collar joining together, can counteract the pink outfit is tender feeling well, more fashionable breath. With white shorts, colour collocation photograph echo.   Wave some snow spins unlined upper garment, the design feeling? Dew shoulder design, irregular garment place, full of the smell of big shop sign. Choose white pencil pants to match, will more show relaxed and temperament.   The color stripe unlined upper ga
Hire The Best Web Developers For Your Web Project
  A well appearing & well-designed website is the main face of particular business in WWW. A person should ensure that his website need to be correct in order to represent business in a better way among clients and prospective online visitors. For that you should hire web developer who is well specialized and skilled in web-designing to develop web portfolio. In fact, a talented programmer can give more stability into a custom web-design and advice in making it perfect. A skilled coder is the physician of the custom website design which is as the heart of a accomplished and achieved running online portal. Taking help along with the instructions of a dedicated professional plays a very significant role in developing a perfect website. An experienced programmer deploy a large scope range of result-oriented web solutions depending upon the business need strive to effective development task of a website which leads to long-term result and high productivity. Hiring dedicated expertize f
Willie The Freak - Immortal Ego No One
I met the person who became Willie the Freak on an online business network he is an executive headhunter who has to behave himself but he had such a twisted sense of humour that we were going to write a story which was a bit of a pisstake on business networking and about how Willie the Freak was holed up in the Castle of Networking in the Southern Realm of Mediocrity as he has the secret list of names tattooed uner his eyelids, i thought this was funny as the guy was a big networking and has a huge network on Linkedin, but I think we are getting another story, as Todd, mr Sinister Urge himself is writing a story for us, so cant wait to see that, as we have found an animation studio willing to do us a couple of trailers. forgot to say that Stu Smith the artist got all his mates to send him photographs of them posing for the severed heads. the picture of willie is in me albums if you want to go check him out. Creating Willie the Freak, for what it took to put him together
Hey Yall
im a girl that loves animals and i love rock and i lk eap haaa man i also got a boy friend im not that wild ok soo yea well come on peeps where the hell are you halla at your girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My Mom Is In The Hosp
Hey everyone. I have had a really shitty day. My mom went to the hosp today with chest paine. They don't know what exactly is wrong with her. Please pray for her and our family. Thanks everyone!
So Embarrassing
As several of you already know I posted some private pictures today. Meant for family only but in all my super geniusnous I forgot to set the album options BEFORE I posted the pics. LOL some of you got a real eyeful I bet and thank you for rating and all the comments. I apologize that they became private again but those are just not pics I want to share with the world. I'm still embarrassed!! I wonder how many other people have had horrible LC moments like that. Surely I'm not alone :)
Nailed It
Using your mouth Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your mouth. You are incredibly sensual, a great kisser and a seductive lover. You drive all of your partners crazy with your mouth. Take this quiz at
Master's Creed
Above all else He cherishes His slave, in the knowledge that the gift she gives Him is the greatest gift of all. He is demanding and takes full advantage of the power given to Him, but knows how to share the pleasure that comes from that precious gift. He is in control of himself first and foremost, so that He may control others. As a stern and demanding Master, He can cause His slave to cry real tears. As the consummate lover, He will then kiss the tears away, without stepping out of character. In times of trouble, a Master will leave the roles behind, to be a supportive friend and partner, never forgetting that this is still a loving relationship between two caring individuals. He is quick to understand the differences between fantasy and reality. He would never ask His slave to put Him before her career, or family, just to satisfy His own pleasure. To win His slave's mind, body, spirit, soul, and love, He knows He must first win her trust. He will show His slave humor, k
Ok, for all you ladies who seem to think Tom is all nice, sweet, can’t or won’t harm a fly your right but you have another thing coming see there is another Tom as well. Some of you have poked at me about grabbing your hair and such and you just don’t know; you are messing with the Genie in the lamp. Just cause I don’t have a picture of my nut sack swinging in the air, the crack of my ass in a picture or tats all over my body; should by all accounts tell you that TomTom is very different than most and there are just a few on LC that even have a idea of the other Tom that lives inside Tom. Yes, they is another side to Tom thus the name TomTom meaning two or Gemini; there is a sweet and caring man on one side who treats a lady as a lady should be treated and who loves and fears the Lord. However, there is a Dark Tom in which only and I do mean only those that understand and can handle a man who knows himself and likes himself should even think about playing with this other side.
Am I Hot
would you cum and visit me and have some fun if you came to Australia ?
What Will The Porn Of Your Life Be Called?
The porno of Wickey's life will be called ... "Life of a sex addict" 'What will the porno of your life be called?' at
Trust I had it all I gave everything ~ my heart and soul It felt oh so true and real Only to fall to pieces With my soul left to bleed I had it all Trust in my man Respect for him I gave everything My all, my everything Only to fall to pieces With my soul left to bleed I had it all Or so I thought My trust deceived My love tarnished I gave him my heart to cherish Only to fall to pieces With my soul left to bleed Now all Trust is broken My Faith has failed me Loneliness sets in once again I ask you now… How can I Trust? How can my Faith in Love be restored? When it felt so true and real… So honest and sincere?
Dx Entrance At Cyber Sunday Ppv
Why I'm Not Here Much!
Hey guys. I wish I could be on here, but I am so busy. I got a new job so I work until 5:30, then I go straight to school. By the time I get home, I am exhausted. I spend my weekends doing homework! I am sorry but I will peak in when I can!
Sexiest Texan Girl Contest
Papi RH@ CherryTAP Sexiest Texan Girl Contest Hey ladies lets see who is the Sexiest Texan Girl Rules: Any picture you like of you that is SFW Profile must show you are in Texas Taking Contestants, 1 spot left Current Contestants. JoJo@ CherryTAP CuteNChubby@ CherryTAP TexasCherry@ CherryTAP ~Chelsey~CT Wifey of MakeMeYourAddiction@ CherryTAP SWEET SEXY LATINA Texas Tea ~FFF of CT~ CT Wife Of~Inferno Radio *DJ*~DJ Devil Dog@ CherryTAP justzan@ CherryTAP Cheeto@ CherryTAP Alexis@ CherryTAP Abby angildna
Tears Stained Letters
Other day I came across the letters you wrote me I sat down and read them And the tears started to flowing down my checkss They talk about our hopes and dreams What we wanted for our future But it didn't work out the way,we thought it should You were gone more and more I could not understand why Thought you wanted the same things I did I guess I was wrong about that We didn't have the faith to make it work That was so many years ago Time to throw out the letters And the memories that go with it Looking forward to better days With out you,good-by for ever Sign:marion g
The Anti-military And Anti-vic Mummer....
Those of us with open minds understand that you get all kinds and varieties of people on social networking sites such as here or myspace. For the most part, people are open-minded, like what they like and do what they do. But in some instances, the level of hate and/or ignorance is just astounding. Take for example this user's comments pulled from one of the mumms from last night. Many mummers have gotten the reputation as being ignorant, self serving, hateful and vengeful. That's why so many people are afraid to post a simple question on there that have any knowledge of said issue. It's sad that this forum has come to this, because it gives the lot of people that do enjoy the Mumms a bad name. It's just a matter of judging people by how they act and how you are treated by them I assume. The mummers I know that have been up there along time are great people with an ability to sort through the nonsense and waste of bandwith that alot of the - dare I say "Mumm Imps" - seem to enjoy putti
Monterey Bay
Early in the morning to rise, get them out and give them a safety briefing and signed out of the area. Board two vans and my car and we are off. Silly LT wants to go through Los Padres and up Hwy 1 to Monterey, a 2 1/2 hour trip. 3 stops later because of car sickness, we arrive in Monterey. A Stop for coffee, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Bubba Gumps, A Glass Bottom Boat ride, Shopping, lots of shopping and an urgent call to return due to a large vegetation wildland fire. 80 to 85 all the way back on Hwy 101. Get back, on standby, not so urgent afterall. The entire time having fun, right? Yes, however my mind always drifted off to Oregon and Lynda. That is where I wanted to be all day.
Need A Spanking yes im still sensative.. i asked soemone i cared about a completly ridiculous question today and caught myself while doing it. i think being so stinkin tired and still not right and being at the coocoo job today i am just making myself more insane. to add insult to injury someone insulted me and made me feel desperate. tell me to go home and spank me.
who want chat please come ok
Do I Need To Pull It Out?
Mmm Beermainds
Yahoo! News Well, you don't see something like this every day Wed Oct 24, 11:30 AM ET An Australian barmaid has been fined for crushing beer cans between her bare breasts while an off-duty colleague has been fined for hanging spoons from her friend's nipples, police said Wednesday. Police in Western Australia said the 31-year old barmaid pleaded guilty in the local magistrate's court to twice exposing her breasts to patrons at the Premier Hotel in Pinjarra, south of the state capital, Perth. The woman "is alleged to have also crushed beer cans between her breasts during one of the offences," in breach of hotel licensing laws, police from the Peel district of Western Australia said in a statement. The barmaid and the hotel manager were both fined A$1,000 ($900), while an off-duty barmaid was fined A$500 for helping to hang spoons from the woman's nipples, police said. "It sends a clear message to all licensees in Peel that we will not tolerate this type of behavior
Heres The Link Hahahaha
Read Before Contacting Me!
If you email me or send me a shout be respectful or you do not get a reply back, and i can not answer 100 shouts all at once if i don't answer you that means i missed your shout, do not start cussing me out because i didn't answer you, i am not ignoring you i am just getting way to many people sending me shouts at once. if you are disrespectful to me or insulting in anyway shape or form i will block you, and if the shouts are getting way to much i will turn them back to family only. Everybody: just cause I post NSFW photos does not mean i am a whore or slut, i am a fetish model do not send me a shout telling me how hard my pictures got you, or how horny i make you i really don't want to hear it, I have already put a lot of men on block for sending me nasty comments, and one more thing don't beg me to come look at your NSFW photos and i don't care what size you say you are online, and if you send me a shout about how big your cyber penis is you will be BLOCKED DO NOT SEND ME A EMAIL
I am DEEPER than you think I hunger to be an obstruction of your mind. I thirst for you to figure me out. You have now entered my masquerade. You can uncover your facade. I believe myself to be genuine and I would never betray the ones I love. I value my family and those who are REAL. I like to be fascinated by the annonymous. I am constantly thinking Inspire Me... Intrigue Me...Indulge Me... with your mind then your Body I have Loved... Lost... and Learned. Love is my Law... Passion is my Worship Nature and Sensuality are my Shelter and Companion Peace and Order are my Attitude Perfection is my Attack I crave for Passion...for knowledge...for Life!
I Think I'm Addicted To Work Lol
Well i worked 6 days last week at 9-10 hours a day and i think it got the best of me this morning. What i do is called replenishing at the safeway distribution warehouse. I work up in the towers, all boxes are labeled with number, i cut open all the boxes and cut the plastic on all products than send them down it's appropriate shoot for orders to be packaged before being shipped out. If the shoots are full we have to understock them, which means put them under the shelf. Well i had a dream that i was working and i was looking for a certain box that was in understock, so i woke up, went into my pants pocket and pulled out my lighter, lit it than looked around for the understock box, than is when i asked myself..what the hell am i doing, i'm at home in bed so i put the lighter away, got up and came on the computer for a bit than went back to bed.
Far in the distance This is the view from the other side How did I let this pass me by? Took me for granted Planted thorns in this garden of mine What are the chances? My hope has died Please have mercy You've unnerved me I don't deserve this pain So don't break my heart, I ain't never done nothing to deserve this I'm torn apart You've had your fun, do you suppose I earned it? Do you not see how I'm begging on my knees? Don't speak, don't breathe, You bring out the devil in me Thinking it over Those were days dark as ebony nights The end of October seemed like a lifetime I had a suspicion But didn't want to believe you a liar You had a mission to prove me right You took my trust Ground it to dust Found out I knew better And I don't wanna feel the pain And I don't want another day Shackled to your ball and chain You're entirely to blame And I'm so tired of explaining The sensation of no Novocain I don't have a prayer if There is
Flying To New York Tomorrow
Well, it's not for a fun trip. My cousin just past away so I will be out for a couple of days starting tomorrow, Feb 20. He was a Brooklyn Police Officer. He was only 50. I will be returning Saturday. See you all when I get back.
A 15 Yr. Old School Kid In Arizona........
WRITTEN BY A 15 yr. old SCHOOL KID IN ARIZONA : New Pledge of Allegiance (TOTALLY AWESOME) ! Since the Pledge of Allegiance and The Lord's Prayer are not allowed in most public schools anymore Because the word 'God ' is mentioned.... A kid in Arizona wrote the attached: NEW School prayer: - >Now I sit me down in school >Where praying is against the rule >For this great nation under God >Finds mention of Him very odd. >If Scripture now the class recites, >It violates the Bill of Rights. >And anytime my head I bow >Becomes a Federal matter now. >Our hair can be purple, orange or green, >That's no offense; it's a freedom scene. >The law is specific, the law is precise. >Prayers spoken aloud are a serious vice. >For praying in a public hall >Might offend someone with no faith at all. >In silence alone we must meditate, >God's name is prohibited by the state. >We're allowed to cuss and dress like freaks, >And pierce our
Too Funny
Are you male or female? To find out the answer, look down... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Look down, not scroll down.
Heart Ache
This is an odd Blog. I am posting it with my cell phone. Many of you know what has been going on with me here lately but most of you don't. Well I need to vent before I go crazy so if you don't know about my last week then you are about to. A little less than a week ago a very close uncle of mine passed away. He had heart trouble but was given a clean bill of health 3 days before we lost him. My whole family made the trip to attend his very emotional funeral. He was a veteran so he recieved veterans honors. Well my grandma was not healthy enough to make the trip so we placed her in the hospital for observation. well her health dropped this morning very fast and very bad. The doctor was asking us just a while ago if she was a DNR and if she has a living will. I am scared because I will not be able to handle lossing her as well. This has been a very hard week and I am almost at wits end. My grandma is to me what most peoples mother is to them. Like I said I am on my cell so if you send m
I've been played and cheated broke my trust, without a doubt The time has come to say goodbye no more lies I started to open up my eyes to see clearly, inside, the real you the pain now, is starting to fade away no holding on today I wont look back now wont shed no tears I wont fight back now wont even try to care I started to open up my eyes to see clearly, inside the real you the love now is starting to fade away no holding on today I wont look back now wont hold onto fears I wont fight back now wont even try to care Sick of the lies and the games I see so clearly my chance to walk away walk away from the lies and the games my chance to walk away walk away from you You played me, for all you could lost the game moved on, and moved along could you move on from me you and her, now your free I started to open up my eyes to see clearly, inside, the real you the pain now, is starting to fade away no holding on today By:S
Earth Day
"Happy Earth Day!" she proclaimed. The bees are mysteriously dying, the ice caps are melting, the rainforests are disappearing, and were suckling up every natural resource on our planet, Happy Earth Day! I so enjoy watching the lazy halfwit who is more concerned with their media inspired "uniqueness" than to walk the extra 10-feet and put their soda can in the recycling bin as opposed to the garbage. (but at least they didn’t toss it on the ground) Happy Earth Day? "The world’s vanishing crop biodiversity worsens global hunger. Well, maybe if we stopped over producing everything, perhaps the world's biodiversity wouldn't be trampled on by mindless fools. It's Earth Day, alright. It's more like the countdown to impeding doom that we brought upon ourselves. HAPPY is not the word I would choose... especially for the one day of the year we hope people are conscious about their planet. Everyday should be Earth Day. AS ALWAYS Kristin
One Single Rose
How True
Dear Tawnya, Here is your couple's love horoscope for Monday, May 5: Your emotions are running high today, and you may be looking for a shoulder to cry on. It's good to know that your sweetie is always there to cheer you up. Don't be afraid to ask them for a little extra support.
Another Knee Surgery
I just wanted to let everyone know that I am having surgery on June 4th. They are going in and cleaning out my left knee. There is arthritis in my knee and a small tear in the meniscus. I am going to also ask my doctor if he can look at my hips because some days they hurts so bad I can barely walk.
It's A Boy
Ok gang its 1:52am here and i am exhausted i am running on 2 hours sleep at this point so i am gonna give you the stats for now and will do pics and whatnot later. Name: Eljin Kai TOB: 1:44pm Wgt: 7lbs 1.4oz Length: 20 in Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue He and mom are both doing wonderful and i will update you more later
Tagged! Grrr
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 15 random things, facts or habits about yourself. At the end you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names. Do not forget to leave them a comment that says..."You're It!" and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I am a submissive but I like to be forced into it 2.Kiri isnt my real name but its what i want to go by. 3.I hate feet! 4.I am a rocker but still have the country in my blood. 5.I get very lonely. 6.I crave attn. 7.I can put ranch dressing on anything. 8.When I was prego i ate watermelon and sweet pickles together. 9.Most think I am a bitch but I really am not...only when i fell backed into a corner! 10.I'd like to bite Rebbie for makin me do this. 11.I secretly like women lmao. 12.I am obsessed with Emanon butt lmao... 13.Running out of ideas now.. 14.I have to change my hair color at least every other month.. 15.I am playing
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Sweethearts@ fubar
Invite To All My Friends
Yesterday I was in a great mood, feeling really good about myself and happy. I had an appointment with a trainer at the gym at 4pm so i decided I'd get there early and do some cardio. I go to the locker room and change, got my ipod. Start walkin up to the treadmills and a cute girl walks by me looks me up and down and gives me a grin. A few minutes later, into my run a bit, another girl looks at me and I really must be lookin as good as i feel i think. Get off the treadmill to meet the trainer takin off my ipod I go to slip it in my pocket...huh no pocket...I was sure these shorts had pockets...I look down and it looks like i am ready to smuggle somethin up front, and at that point I realize that the shorts were snug on my ass too....I reach back and feel the draw string...FUCK I have my shorts on backwards. So my day ended on a humbling note...
Rating Revolution Family
Hope you all don't get mad at me for adding your Rating Revolution tag's to my folder.Scooter told me that i can do that.If you have any problems with them go to scooter about it.I am so happy to be in the family.You guy's rwak.And thank you for having in it.SexyBitch aka Rating Revolution Family
Bulletin For My Auto 11's That Ashley Made
EMANON Will have his Auto 11's On ....Woot!!! Emanon~~Forever Fake~~Father of The Fallen Ones" />@ fubar Lets all go and rate him. I know everyone of myfriends and his is going to help him too. Hehas done so much for all of you and I have donelots and never asked a thing out of you. I amasking you to rate Emanon hard today. Here is my offer to you if you must do it for greed.1. 15k for every 100 pics you rate on Emanon
My Man
Andrew "test" Martin
Rest In Peace Andrew Test Martin The following is from a bulletin post on myspace He was also a friend of mine who I've known for 5 years and introduced me to several other wrestling stars who are also my friends. Andrew James Patric Martin aka "TEST" will be missed by all those who knew him including myself. RIP bro Andrew "Test" Martin, a former world champion wrestler, was found dead in his Harbour Place apartment last night, according to Tampa Police. Police say at this time there is no indication of foul play. At about 8 p.m., police responded to the Post Harbour Apartments, 725 Harbour Place Drive, to check on Martin, according to a media release. A neighbor reported that she could see into his apartment through a window and that Martin appeared motionless for several hours. Officers entered the apartment and found Martin dead. He was transported to the Medical Examiners Office for an autopsy to determine the cause of death. The date of the autopsy is undeterm
Can you be my heroine I can be a carcrash It's easy to pretend I'm cool like Johnny Cash Nah it's not easy Nah if it's worth keeping For your own You can be my Bonnie I'll be your Clyde It's easy if you want me Shut the door and close the blinds Nah it's not easy Nah if it's worth keeping For your own Would you be my date tonite I can be a train wreck It's easier in the light Then again what did you expect Nah it's not easy Nah if it's worth keeping For your own
30 Days Of Being Owned By The Best!
2009 Down Rater Contest
Auto Or Bomb Auction!
Auction closes Wednesday July 1st at 6PM, Central Standard Time or 4PM FuTime. Highest bidder will receive Auto or Bomb, your choice! Place your bids :-)
What If I Said....(repost)
What if I said....I love youJust what would you doWhat if I said....It's you I wantWould it be my dreams you'd hauntWhat if I said....It's you I needWould you make me beg and pleadWhat if I said....All the things I feel insideWould you run and hideWhat if I said....I love you
Ask Me Any Question
1 question1 chance.1 honest answer.Thats all you get.You get to ask me 1 question. (TO MY INBOX)Any question, anything, no matter how crazy dirty or wrong it is.No catch.But I dare you to repost this.And see what people ask you
B-day Hh
Ok so here's the deal...I haz a b-day HH Wed @2PM Fu time...and I would like for my friends to be here if possible....aaaaaaaaand yes I wanted to brag lol (ty so very much Frederick). Also ty for all the love u guys show me all the time! Lubs u all (h)
Arguing With Myself
Just so much! So much pain! So much hate, anger, lust, love. Passion hidden. Life lost. Love not found. Everything wanted and it's at your fingertips that retract. Always wanted, but fear holds us back. Even me. I am scared. I am petrified of losing.  I am petrified of winning. Letting go. Life still spins. The search stops yet still goes on. So CLOSE!!! So far away. Is this to be it? So many ages passed. It's all gone, but infront of my nose. Chasing shadows in the dark. Where are they? Looking for the contrast of white on white.  I see it, but where is it? Time still slipping. Gotta catch it. Have to catch time. Have to find the shadow. Can't see the white........... You can't see the white because you're not supposed to.  You're not supposed to find the shadow. The answer is in the rant, let go.  There is no spoon. There is no secret, there is no secret ingredient. There is nothing but everything. You're not supposed to get it. Life is chasing shadows in the dark. The only real que
Nfl Skins!!!
(This idea stolen from Papi, just so you know) I haven't been on as much, as some of you may or may not have noticed. I started working and although it's not 40 hours a week, it's a job none-the-less and takes time out of my day. I also have 3 extra people living in my house now (so the total is now 6) so cleaning up after and cooking for 6 people is very time consuming. (They don't do much around here, which pisses me off, grrrrr). On top of that we're packing up and will be hopefully moving soon. Oh, and my mom is going in for surgery soon, so I've been trying to do more to help her out too. Between all of that, which I'm sure doesn't seem like a lot, but it is, I just don't have a lot of free time anymore. I do get on when I have time, and I try to keep up with everyone that I can. It seems that I have lost touch with some very important to me and for that, I'm sorry. I don't mean it and I hope that I'll be able to catch back up soon. If you would like to stay in touch with me o
I don't really blog & all but just wanted to say thanks to all of you for all the Birhtday loving!!!!! I have met some really cool & special people here, that make my life outside this box even better! (you all know who you are) So thanks again for making a simple day seem so special! Happy Labor Day! and peace baby
Want My Points For 12 Hours
Ok Fu's ..Its auction time again , but this time its a lil different ..Im auctioning off all of my points for 12 hours . Wouldent you enjoy being able to level without raising a finger ...And for those of you who are level 30 you would also be given credit for 8 ability points ..The auction will beginn at 10pm fu time sept 23 and will end 10pm fu time friday the 25th...Starting bid will be 5 mil , but of course cash offers over ride fu bux and if an auto is offered it will be used while you are my point bennificiary...please comment below with bids . GOOD LUCK
Bomb And Auto Auction Open Until 1pm Central
auction for auto or cb starting bid is 7 mil good luck    
Something I Do In My Spare Time... A Little Poetry.
--My Fate--Looking through the hour glass,Counting each second.Not really knowing where I'll be&& where I'll go from here.Looking through my eyes,I'm amazed by all the beauty that surrounds me.It's a wonder I have found it when I did.I'm amazed,What such fate surrounds me,On my journey through life?Will I stray from the right path?Will that fate lead me to an ending path?I can't walk it alone.I need someones hand to hold,To help me make it safely home.-Shyra
Time Travel
If I had to choose between betraying my country and betraying my friend, I hope I should have the guts to betray my country.Edward M. Forster1879-1970, British Novelist, Essayistmore famous quotes
1st Fubar Blog Entry
ok... so I've been a part of the fubar social network for over a year! I know, because the achievement popped up! I don't quite remember how I stumbled upon this social network of sorts, but its been quite an experience. But honestly, Its been 2 days of activity... I didn't do much with fubar after signing up. It wasn't until I got an invite to fumafia by my miss deva that the fubar activity has gone through the roof. So... the achievements happened as if they were falling out of an overstuffed pez dispenser... I have an actual blog of my own, You may have seen those links somewhere. Yeah, they belong to me. It felt good to type that in these troubled times (DRINK)
Missing Children : Missing Abducted Children - Watkins Abduction Story
Activia To Help Your #2
Me and the red headed lady ( i wont name names) have been on the activia 14 day challenge for a while now and I have to admit as mundane as eating yogurt daily is, there is no turning back for me..   It all started when Seamus (the ass) scared the living crap out of me talking about how pregnant woman get hemorrhoids, he started to tell me horror stories of big ass tissues with blood hanging from my hole and that night I had nightmares... all i could think of was having balls of blood dangling out my butt hole. The next day that red head told me that you can get them if you push to hard when pooing. Since most woman my age don't poo everyday i was in mortal danger. a day later (3 days of backing up) i swear to god i gave birth to a poo, the girth on this thing was beyond anything i have ever seen. Yes woman do look before they flush.. I was screaming out in pain and the whole fucking time i was cursing Seamus for his hemorrhoids.... I went and got bran, senokot and activia that d
5 Dinner Guests
Im sure this has been done before....I dont care....If you had 5 dinner guests (dead or alive) Who would they be and why??   My 5: Martin Luther King Jr.          Hugh Hefner           Salma Hayek            my biological father(whom ive never met)             and my hot english professor from college.....
Please Stop Interchanging Words . . .
A few things lately have been really bothering me … and I’ve been seeing it more and more online.  It’s the mixing up, or interchanging of words, that do not mean the same thing. Let’s start with the two most common I see everywhere - Misogyny and Sexism. Sexism (or being Sexist), is a bias toward a person based on their gender.  It’s not just, or always, men being biased toward women.  There are plenty of female sexists in the world. Misogyny, in its basest form, is the hatred of women.  Which usually includes violence toward women.  And it’s not just limited to men hating women — one can be a woman, and hate other women.  (This type of misogyny is a bit more rare, of course.)  (Also, let’s not forget the term Misandry - which is, at its basest form, a hatred of men.) Let me also say that while misogyny always involves sexism, sexism does not always involve misogyny.  (The same with misandry - it always involves s
Faces Of The Fallen
A Real Man
A Real ManA real man is a woman's best friend. He willnever stand her up and never let her down.He will reassure her when she feels insecureand comfort her after a bad day.He will inspire her to do things she neverthought she could do; to live without fearand forget regret. He will enable her toexpress her deepest emotions and give in toher most intimate desires. He will make sureshe always feels as though she's the mostbeautiful woman in the room and will enableher to be the most confident, sexy,seductive, and invincible.No wait... sorry... I'm thinking of wine.SHIT!
Spent some time at the hospital with Mom today.Not much change.They do have some other people that go to the same Dialysis center with the SAME infection.Makes me furious!!!! The ICU nurses were total bitches and I had to show my cunty side.My mother enjoyed it lol She is kinda twisted....... lol Gotta love her. I truly appreciate all the thoughts,positive vibes and prayers.They do mean a lot to me.   huge hugs and lots of love Kit
There Is No Such Thing As 'part-cherokee.
"There is no such thing as 'part-Cherokee.' Either you're Cherokee or you're not. It isn't the quantity of Cherokee blood in your veins that is important, but the quality of it . . . your pride in it. I have seen full-bloods who have virtually no idea of the great legacy entrusted to their care. Yet, I have seen people with as little as 1/500th blood quantum who inspire the spirits of their ancestors because they make being Cherokee a proud part of a their everyday life."
Updates On My Wreck
10-8-10 Hey everyone! I wanted 2 let yall know what is going on! I was in a car wreck yesterday 10-7-10! This guy ran a red light & hit me so hard it tore the tire & axle from the transmission on my car! I had 2 cars in front of me..they went through our green light & I followed! I got about 50 feet from where I was going about 10 miles per hour at this point..this guy comes from my right going about 35-45 miles per hour & hits me in the front passenger side full force! He did not even try 2 slow down! After he hit the front he bounced off & hit the back passenger door! The air bags deployed when he hit the front passenger side! There where 2 cops behind me that saw everything thank God! I was driving, my mans mom was in the front passenger side, my baby girl was in the back passenger side & my mans oldest was in the back driver side! We all got taken 2 the hospital by ambulance! My lil girl is ok..she just was more scared hen anything! My mans mom is ok..she is just a lil banged up
For Blksheep
Idk Just Ranting I Guess
I left my bf october 9th 2010 but here i am i came back coz he promised things would be diffrent which they arent so im stupid for comming back to help him get his life in order when i cant even get mine together i mean i look for jobs nothing in return i try to  push myself too far (so say ppl around me) then i get frustrated so bad idk what to do i mean half the time i wanna just end it all well most of the time. Idk what anyone says about cutting yea some ppl its an act to get sympothy not me i get stressed so bad when i start thinkin of ending it i cut my arm on the top and then things are ok im not stressed anymore i been in the hospital for mental break downs 3 times in my life but i just dont know how not to keep from being so stressed
The Glow Radio Saturday
  9pm PT/10pm MT/11pm CT/Midnight ET/5am GMT    Tune in to The Glow Radio on iTunes; you can find us under Classic Rock in The Radio Directory, you can find us on Microsoft Media Player under Internet Radio in the Classic Rock Section or you can go to our website at: ___________________ Tune in and enjoy the best tus anyhere on the Web.  The music community for the coolest cats in town!    p FREE Music/LIVE DJs: Pick Your Player!  B  Click here p Membership Forum: Sign Up For Specials! 
Looking For Tat Ideas. Explanation Below.
So here is the deal. My Fiance is pregnant with my first baby. She will be having it sometime in September. We have confirmation through ultrasound that our baby will be a girl. So I came up with the thought that I might want to get a tattoo with the baby's name, and date of birth on it. But I want to make it special. Like I said, she should be born in September, so I want to come up with something taht will be special to signifying her. So, any advice, or input on different ideas on what the design should look at will be welcome. Thanks to everyone in advance who helps with this one. 
Personal Move
I've locked up most of my photos for friends only, thanks to some "members" that took a disliking to following the Fubar Terms of Service. I am still amazed, even at my old wrinkled bucktoothed age, that adults act in this manner.   Goddess help our children in the future world.   The human race is failing
General Thoughts
I hope all of you that read this are doing well today. I am back from Washington DC were I had to attend some summits. It is always seeing  business friends that I have not talked to in a long time. Gas prices are finally coming down and bit and I hope people are not still not happy though. gas is still way to high and should be under $3 a gallon. it is amazing that people I talk to are happy with gas below at $4 a gallon. if they keep thinking like that we will contunie to pay morefor gas than we should. for some reason a lot of my tv shows I watch are being cancelled. That suks! chick at least is going to come back for a half a season before they cancel it. I bet they want to see how the new story line goes before they decide if they renew it for longer or not. finally please let me know if you like the general thought or if you want me to stay on just one subect for the blog. Peace and love to all and remember it takes less mucles in ur face to smile, so smile :-)    
John (if I Die Today)
[Lil Wayne]Fo' fo' bulldog, my muthafucking petI point it at you and tell that muthafucker fetchI'm fucking her good, she got her legs on my neckI get pussy, mouth and ass, call that bitch triple threatWhen I was in jail she let me call her collectBut if she get greedy, I'ma starve her to deathTop down, it's upset been fucking the world and nigga and I ain't cum yet!You fuck with me wrong, I knock your head off your neckThe flight too long, I got a bed on the jetThe guns are drawn and I ain't talking bout a sketchI pay these niggas with a reality checkPrepare for the worst but still praying for the bestThis game is a bitch I got my hand up her dressThe money don't sleep so Weezy can't restAn AK47 is my fucking address, huh[Rick Ross]I'm not a star, somebody lied I got a chopper in the carI got a chopper in the carI got a chopper in the car[Lil Wayne]Load up the choppers like it's December 31stRoll up and cock it and hit them niggas where it hurtsIf I die today, remember me like John Le
Hi The Two Biggest Credit Whores I Sugest You Noe Sent Them Nothinng  both girls only know how to use you anbd cheat you out of points I have not see anything where I prospered from there two if you reeally want to see what I got frome these to I will show you it is noothing that really impressed me
FORGIVENESS I have learned two things about Forgiveness.  First, forgiving someone is a gift I give myself, not a gift I give them.  If I hold onto a resentment, I only punish myself. As someone once told me, holding on to a resentment is like drinking poison, expecting the other person to die. So no more resentments for me. Second, I have learned that I never have to forgive, if I never blame.  After all, they were doing what THEY thought was best, given what they knew at the time. Even if they deliberately tried to hurt me, I only satisfy their ambitions if I allow myself to be hurt.  Why would I give someone that power over me? So there is simply no need to blame. But if I find myself slipping into blame, I can end my agony by remembering these two lessons. PS This goes for myself to.  No good comes from blaming myself for things, I can learn from the past and move on to better things without blaming myself for what I did not know.
One Reason I Am Not On A Ton Of Social Sites
Facebook Stole Every Number in Your Phone; Here’s How to Undo the Damage   Published August 12, 2011 | BGR advertisement This may come as a shock considering how seriously Facebook takes your privacy, but if you’re a Facebook user with one of Facebook’s mobile applications installed on your iPhone or one of several other smartphones, you’ve been robbed. Each and every contact stored on your phone is probably now also stored on Facebook’s servers, as was re-re-rediscovered by Facebook users this past week. Whether or not people in your contact list even have Facebook accounts, their names and phone numbers are likely now in Facebook’s possession.  There is probably a clause buried deep within Facebook’s terms and conditions that makes this invasion of your privacy OK on paper, but odds are still pretty good that it’s not OK with you.  Complete instructions outlining how to remove all of your contacts’ phone number
jointure \JOIN-cher\noun;    1.  Property given to a woman upon marriage, to be owned by her after her husband's death.
Come One, Come All
Lets take a look inside this girls mind........ She fools everyone,  you can't tell by her smile but every day she wakes up and fights for that smile... She once had everything. her fairytale had come true, or so she thought. She was inlove and thought the feelings were mutual. She gave her life to this guy forever, only for one day him to decide that another girl could do it better. Which I don't blame him, This girl didn't give him the best she could. She took everything for granted. A 4 year relationship with a baby ends in a divorce after being married for 2 months. That killed her. but no one knew. She was and still is and forever might be dead inside. She feels dead inside. and doesn't understand how she is supposed to take care of another person when she can barely take care of herself. and how is she supposed to love another person when she barely loves herself. that's really all I got for now.... I try to forget.. but it's not that easy :( And please. Don't judge this girl...
Halloween Funny
A couple was invited to a swanky Halloween Party. She got a terrible headache and told her husband to go to the party alone. He being a devoted husband, protested, but she argued and said she was going to take an aspirin and go to bed, and no need for his good time to be spoiled by not going. So he took his costume and away he went. The wife after sleeping soundly for an hour awakened without pain and as it was still early, she decided to go to the party. Her husband didn't know what her costume was. She thought she would have some fun by watching her husband to see how he would act when she wasn't with him. She joined the party and soon spotted her husband cavorting around the dance floor, dancing with every nice chick he could, and cropping a little feel here and a little kiss there. His wife sided up to him and being a rather seductive babe herself, he left his partner high and dry and devoted his time to the new stuff that had just arrived. She had let him go as far as he wished, n
Marmot Mens Jacket Will Cover The Ideal Warmth For Yourself This Valuable Winter
Marlon Brando and even Fred Dean happen to be famed representations have been better known for their leatherette jackets that they applied. If you find yourself looking to buy moist cloth jackets in your case, you'll see that there are various configurations to select. Not every boyfriend can be very much the same through the matching design fleece as a result learning how to choose the perfect form of cardigan is not optional. Men have a propensity to such as leatherette jackets due to the a sense of size and elegance and the contentment. Albeit there are many jackets which may be perfectly found on the industry however, you need to learn that there exist some products or services stated in the business. On the other hand most of them are not very good we are able to North Face UK all the needs. Whereas in the this specific view marmot jackets are getting to be the choice of many automobile quality and durability. Efficiently, I'd personally state that marmot aviate hat i
I Got Green Eyes / Hazel Eyes /brown Eyes ( They Change Color...lmao
GREEN EYES -Sex Addicts!!! People with green eyes have the most passion put into relationships, they have long lasting relationships. People with green eyes are also the horniest and most beautiful. They long for the touch of another. People with green eyes are very sexy and very attracted towards the opposite sex. You will meet the person you're going to spend the rest of your life with if you repost this. HAZEL EYES -People with hazel eyes are very loveable. They are really hot and are awesome to be around. They don't enjoy 'pet names'. They don't care what people think or say. They are very satisfying and they love to please. They can exceed your pleasure standards. They are very laid back, chilled and love to just be around. If you repost this and have hazel eyes then you will be happy soon with the person who is on your heart. BROWN EYES -Either sexy as hell or are adorable. Loves to make new friends. Their relationship tends to be very honest because if they aren't truly in love,
Nba Lockout Has Taught Players Nothing About Owners' Bad Intentions
Derek Fisher Moncler Storeis putting faith in reason at the NBA lockout bargaining table. That has traditionally been a terrible idea. Fisher's naivety speaks to the players' lack of respect for the owners' complete lack of a conscience.Nov 25, 2011 -will rejoin NBA lockout talks on Friday in a move that could prove to be legal suicide for the players' own antitrust case. Fisher, who led the players' union as its presidentMoncler Vest Women, had recused himself from the rekindled talks this week based on the fact that his participation would certainly lend credence to the NBA's argument that the dissolution of the union last week was a sham, a move made to open up a legal avenue but otherwise a false claim.Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski reports that Fisher has considered the issues, and with the hopes of getting a deal done. Players filed antitrust lawsuits about 10 days ago. AndMoncler Boots already Fisher is willing to put the legal play in danger because he thinks that a) a deal can ge
It's Right Before You.
It's right before you. By Bendigo Daugherty · Monday, December 6, 2010 She wants something that's right before her eye's. But she doesn't see its' right before her. Starring into her eye's with a gentle smile. Standing by her side when she feel's like she has no friends at all. I'm the one holding the umbrella keeping her dry as I get soak to the bone. But I'm just a friend nothing more nothing less. She doesn't see my pain...
How Amazing And Joyful Can You Make This Christmas?
Here is a whole new dimension to make your life more cheerful and colorful. There are a lot of things that you can do this Christmas that might seem small, but the sweet memories they will bring are going to be super fun. We are talking about some small ideas that will make this December 25th a great time as you share with family and friends too. Here are some tips for you to make use of 1.  There are many of us who have a creative touch to them. How amazing would it be if you can make personalized gifts and cards for your friends and family. You could make anything; you could make Christmas ornaments, useful gifts and even fun goodies for one and all. Don’t forget to click away and share pictures on the web. 2.  If you are good at cooking, then make some wonderful treats for your loved ones. This shows them all how much you care about them and how much them mean to you. You could make cookies, fudge, brownies and so many other goodies for them. If you have a blog that shows off
I'm starting to think part, if not all, of Charlie Sheen's "tiger blood" and "winning" was an act. Check out the picture.....   What do you notice??   Well I noticed that his thumb is blocking him from actually drinking. Don't you remember this scene? He was suppose to be high above a crowd. I don't remember if he was cutting a ribbon to something or not..but he was doing something, lol.  At any rate, this was right after the whole "winning" started......   Again, maybe it wasn't real???
Mumm In A Blog
Dear reader... I have this newly discovered thirst for life away from my computer, however, it seems to be interfering with what I thought were *friendships* Seems if one does not log in daily, people forget all about you...well me anyway. So.. Should I try to log in more often in hopes I will not be forgotten or Keep livin my life to please me and not have many friends at all?
In my dreams, I am haunted by dark, forbidden pleasures, a love I can never have.  It tears my soul apart everytime I close my eyes.  I try to run from it, but it draws me back in.  I can't resist it, the eternal love it offers.  How can I run from that dark eternal love?  That spriritual, erotic connection that my body and soul crave so much.  What man is out there, pulling me to him, to his eternal love?  I know he's out there, but where?  I must find him.
Most Ridiculous Item Of The Day...
Yes my friends this is getting to a new low and I think we just might have it. This picture below was taken from an auction that is currently in progress. This is just for 20 BLING CREDITS. That's right 20 stinking credits. Check out what's being offered: I figure at the rate this is going, someone will be giving head for 20 credits next. God forbid it was a FuPony. Think about it... Also I'm working on another wild faker blog, this one with a twist. Just more proof you never know what or who you're dealing with sometimes...but that's the later. Have a good week! Peace.
I Love You
I love you with all I am And all I'll ever be. You are my moon, my sun and stars, My earth, my sky, my sea. My love for you goes down and down Beneath both life and death, So deep it must remain when I Have drawn my last faint breath.
My Birthday :)
Hello everyone,  My birthday is on May 3rd. I would love some awesome birthday salutes from my friends an family memebers here. You all have been so awesome. If any one wants to buy me bling or anything like that, that is cool, but i am really wanting lots of b-day salutes :)   Love you all xoxo Donnie
A Magical Message
  A Magical Message May I please have a moment out of your precious time. And share a dream with you that may just help you unwind. With this special message a dream is what we can create. With magical abilities with both of our hearts and souls at stake.   Please allow us a moment to close our eyes being well aware. And dream of our biggest dreams if we only dare. We must believe this magic is truly happening right now to us. Being very gentle and kind to our hearts for it is only in ourselves we must trust. Allowing our imagination to begin stirring while feeling the warmth of magic occurring. Believing with both of our hearts that we know one of our dreams will create a desiring spark.   Now see your dream take form and give a smile That type of smile you haven't had in awhile!
Somewhere In There
Lately my minds been such a mess That I've had no relief and no rest Too fcused on being a mother I forgot everything else Forgotten how being my own person felt I've become a shell of who I used to be I look in the mirror and don't even see me All I see is circles under my eyes And the ugly shades of my hair from fading dye Nails bitten don so far they bleed From trying to fill everyone elses needs Expected to be a giving mother and wife To which I've dedicated my life Not that I'm not thankful, I am I get to stay at home while he works his ass off for uncle sam It's just to the point where I stopped caring for myself And had too much pride to ever ask for help  Now I'm stuck in this chaos of my mind with no reprieve This smile is only meant to decieve I can only hope this darkness will eventually leave
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Casando Pela Segunda Vez: Opções De Vestido
Se você está planejando casar pela segunda vez então vai precisar de escolher e comprar um vestido de casamento apropriado. Com o passar dos tempos, a sociedade tem ficado cada vez menos tradicional, como resultado, têm aparecido diferentes tipos de vestidos para noivas no mercado, sendo por isso, hoje em dia, mais fácil escolher um vestido para um segundo casamento do que era há uma ou duas décadas atrás. Na sua escolha, uma das decisões que precisa fazer é se vai ou não utilizar um véu e grinalda. Nesse ponto a tradição dá uma ajuda, quando é o primeiro casamento do noivo, é perfeitamente aceito que a noiva utilize esses acessórios, porém, se também o noivo já tiver casado anteriormente, há que evitar essas peças. No design, os cortes simples e discretos são uma das escolhas mais usuais, porém, existem muitos modelos de vestidos curtos e despojados, das principais marcas de moda, que contêm pormenores cheios de classe e que deixam esse tipo de vestido de casamento com t
Convergence: Globalists Push Russia-eu Merger
William F. JasperNew AmericanDec 2, 2012 An op-ed column appearing in the November 25, 2012 Gulf News, entitled, “Need for Europe-Russia institutional integration,” by former Russian Foreign Minister Igor S. Ivanov is one of the latest globalist paeans to East-West “convergence.” “Without a fundamental reset,” argues Ivanov, “relations between Russia and Europe will continue to decay, eventually becoming characterised by benign neglect.” To avoid this undesirable situation, Ivanov avers, “Russia and Europe must identify where their interests converge” and work toward “partnership,” “political cooperation,” and “political integration.” “Convergence” is a key theme of policy elites the world over, especially those associated with the Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA), the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), World Policy Conference (WPC), Trilateral Commission (TC)
I Have A Dream
I have a dream  That my daughter will be treated equally ..  The she will loved not for the colour of her skin  But for her kind heart and soul    I have a dream that she will do something to give back to humanity ..  She touch lives with her kindness..  And that she will successful enough to give back to the community in which she lives ..  I have a dream , that she won't let the racism around her poison her heart , but will she everything as challenge to overcome ,  to make things better ..    I will always have this dream , and this love for eqaulity among us all ..  I pray that others will keep this kind of dream  and  create own dreams for thier  children  as well ..    Let us use love , instead of hate !!! Let us use kind words to encourage rather then sad ones to hurt . avenge etc ...  Lets us have courage to do the right things ..    And let her Know that once i'm gone i'll live on in her heart , in her soul forever ..  And may she continue to pass on the dre
Who (woman only) would do me?
I'll be on vacation starting 9-15-06 at 12pm. i return on 9-25-06. i dont plan on having a computer near me the whole time i'm gone. just a few cervesas, margaritas, and a bottle of tanning lotion. xoxox wish you all could lay on the beach for a week with me. i will miss you but not think of you! lol if that makes any sense love you my beautiful smart cherries!
Back On
OK just finished moving this weekend I am in my new place now and got the cable and subsequently internet hooked back up this afternoon. I survived YAY!
this is starting to get out of control i mean come on's one thing, to send out the mass response comments but now i'm actually starting to get sales spam in my personal opinion- this has no place being in CherryTap this kind of thing should be able to be stopped so untill further notice......i WILL delete any account that sends actual solicitation to my page
This Is I How I Feel For U
What I LOVE ABOUT YOU i love the way you look at me your eyes so bright and blue i love the way you kiss me your lips so soft and smooth i love the way you make me so happy and the way you show you care i love the way you say i love you and the way your always there i love that you are with me and glad that you are with me A geltle word like a spark of light illuminates my soul and as each sound goes deeper its you that make me whole there is no corner no dark place your love cannot fill and if the world starts causing waves its your devotion that makes them still and yes you always speak to me in sweet honesty and truth your caring keart keeps out the rain your love the ultimate roof so thank you my love for being there for supporting me my life ill do the same for you you know my beautiful darling baby and soo my darling wife The Hell Did They Know!?
Tony -- [noun]:An oral sex master 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at
This is my first blog and I might not be doing it right, but here goes. I would like to know where PRINCES DARK ANGEL's friends are, she needs your votes, so go help her. PLEASE
Anchorage Fun...
My best friend lives up in Anchorage (well not really she just goes to UAA). So we planned this little vacation .where I go up to Anchorage for 3 weeks and than we both drive back down to Ketchikan. It all started on May 4th when I woke up early that morning to get on the 7:30 boat to go over to the airport. I get over to the airport and see that my plane is running late because of mechanical problems. But I headed up leaving Ketchikan at 9 o¡¦clock. First I stopped in Wrangle and then Petersburg and than the last stop was in Juneau. I arrived in Anchorage around 3:30 and Athena was waiting for me outside of the airport. Her car was very dirty!!...hehe¡Ksorry Athena just thought to tell everyone but the first thing we did was went through a car wash¡Kyeah it was a lot of fun¡Khehe¡Kafter the car wash we went to the university and I got to eat college food for the first time¡Kit was actually pretty good. I also got to meet some of Athena¡¦s friends. While we were sitting in the common
Drink Up!!
HERE IS A GOOD RECIPE FOR A DRINK I MADE!! DRINK WITH CARE!! HAHAHAHAHA!! "THE CHESAPEAKE BAY BREAKER" 1 shot Light or Clear rum 1 shot Dark rum 1 shot Vodka (premium or top shelf brand) 1 shot Gin (premium or top shelf brand) 1-2 shots Blue Curacao Orange Juice or Pineapple Juice MIX ALL SHOTS together and fill glass with juice. When mixed right it should be fluorescent blue/green in color, and taste like a fruit drink. If the lights go out you should still be able to see your drink!!! Hehehehehe!!! ENJOY PEOPLE!!!
I Need A Hug...
I think being so tired from being sick last week has effected my thought proccess.... I am exhausted and unable to finish tasks at work...but I am so stinking stubborn I won't go home from work to get some rest.... Either I need a hug or a spank...
Simple Minds-don't You Forget About Me
Simple Minds Videos | Music Video Codes | Seattle Real Estate
I Love This Movie
Decompression 2007 Information
The official Southern California Decompression brought to you by the Burning Man communities of San Diego and Orange County. For three days, we will revel in creative expression, unleash our inner outrageous artist, and celebrate intentional community, all while having copious amounts of FUN! With inspired art displays and opportunities to join and and make your own interactive art; dazzling, raucous performances and relaxing spots for socializing; wild parties and meditative spaces for spirituality and contemplation, Fuego De Los Muertos will be the event you don't want to miss. Come join us for three days of Art, Music, Fire Performance and the celebration of life! It is that time of year again folks. For those of you that didn't get to join me at burningman this year have a chance to join the regional event happening Oct 19-21, 2007. This event will only cost $35 and is near the Pechanga Resort and Casino. Hit me up for details or visit one of the two sites listed below..
The Power Of Magic
The Lovely Magician I love your magic the way you seem to make a smile appear, How do you do that, The way you take on life's weight, Yet walk with it without breakin stride, How do you do that, The understanding you pull out of nowhere, Almost like a rabbit from a top hat, How do you do that, The way you remind me of attractive you are, Simply by being you, How do you do that? The way your beauty shine brighter than a rose, And this is hours before you've shown your lovey image, How do you that? I sit and wonder and ponder and simply can't figure it out, I can solve the question of life, I can deduce the origin on all light, I can solve the riddles of the Sphinx, But I still can't understand how you do that, And now i think on it, i don't want to know, I just watch , smile, and hope the show won't end. By: Romuald ( Romeo) Tchounate
Endtimes Cabaret
Another sad song at end times cabaret, Listen in, the singer is all blue words, the band down beat but not a missed note my friends, not a one. The bartender is all cheap drinks, for your sad words, and last call is hours away. Have a seat, it is all on me, light a smoke in the dim atmosphere, it's not sorrow, it just seems like that in here, listen to the song. Sure things don't add up, sure things go away, they hurt - they heal, grab some of the air, let it go, we are all wounded but not for long, patrons come and go, much like you. The owners stay and stay.
From Heaven's Door
Knockin' On Heaven's Door Lyrics Merry Christmas from Heaven's Door... Please stop by and check us out..good music...great people.. and an all around awesome place. Just click on the banner below and hope to see you there... Hugs and Much Love... Cassie.. Owner of Heaven's Door..
A Very Merry Christmas And Happy New Year - No. 1 Pimp Site   Well, I could go on and on with all sorts of excuses, like the rush of Christmas hitting me, having to work, prepare food for company, and make arrangements for trips, to my computer giving me fits, and just not enough time all around, in general.  But there is no excuse...I didn't make it here before the event to wish you all a VERY ... - No. 1 Pimp Site   But, I suppose, regardless of the time, I did finally make it, so I'm saying that it's better late than never.   I hope you were able to share some wonderful times, and memories, with family and friends over the Christmas season.   This time of year can always be bittersweet, enjoying all that goes with the celebration, yet missing, and longing for those who are no longer with us to celebrate the miracle that happend and was born unto us in Bethlehem.   This was our first Christmas without my Dad, so naturally, we too felt the longing in our hearts for someone tha
call me lazy! As some of you know Richard and I went up to Branson and got the 3 kids from his sister again. She couldnt take care of them...she is still living in a hotel room with her bf. Anyway yesterday some girl called me lazy because I dont have a job and I am still living with my mom plus she was making fun of me cause I had no car. Well I wasnt blessed with parents that could give me anything I wanted. Which I am greatful for because I like having to earn everything I want. I will get a car when I have the money earned for it. As for the lazy part...I do laundry every single day (sometimes more then once)...I do dishes everyday...I clean...cook and make sure these kids are taken care of. They arent my kids but I love them like they are and I know someday that I am gonna make a great mom when I have my own baby. Lazy is far from what I am and I hate stupid bitches that have to call me names to make themselves happy. (had to vent)
Can I Have A Minute Of Your Time?
I'm in a new contest, Please click on the picture below and leave me a few comments if you have a minute or two to spare it would be greatly appreciated! Much love ~That Girl
Thoughts To Ponder...
Thoughts to Ponder... *I can please only one person per day. Today is not your day. And tomorrow isn't looking good either. *I don't have an attitude problem. You have a perception problem. *Everyone has a right to be stupid. Some just abuse the privilege. *Young at Heart. Slightly Older in Other Places. *Last night I lay in bed looking up at the stars in the sky and I thought to myself, "Where the hell is the ceiling?!" *Show me a man with both feet firmly on the ground, and I will show you a man who can't get his pants off! *We have a strange and wonderful relationship. You're strange and I'm wonderful, or should that be I'm strange and you're wonderful? *Never put off until tomorrow what you can avoid doing altogether. *If swimming is so good for your figure, how do you explain whales? *It's gonna be like threading a needle with a haystack. *The trouble with being in the rat race is that even if you win, you're still a rat. *Am I g
I can now eat the pancakes of victory, instead of the pancakes of shame! Edit: I had been up for over 20 hours doing something for work that wasnt going well, and I was about to give up and make breakfast, when it started to work
Come On Perv With Me .....
love's story Once upon a time, there was an island where all the feelings lived: Happiness, Sadness, Knowledge, and all of the others including Love. One day it was announced to the feelings that the island would sink, so all repaired their boats and left. Love wanted to persevere until the last possible moment. When the island was almost sinking, Love decided to ask for help. Richness was passing by Love in a grand boat. Love said, "Richness, can you take me with you?" Richness answered, "No, I can't. There is a lot of gold and silver in my boat. There is no place here for you. Love decided to ask Vanity who was also passing by in a beautiful vessel, "Vanity, please help me!" "I can't help you Love. You are all wet and might damage my boat." Vanity answered. Sadness was close by so Love asked for help, "Sadness, let me go with you." "Oh....Love, I am so sad that I need to be by myself!" Happiness passed by Love too, but he was so happy that she did not even hear wh
More Fakes, Excitement And Such....
...this is silly, stupid and funny. But it goes to show I guess. Check out what happens when a fake gets exposed and doesn't know what to do because it gets locked down for trying too many times to get fake salutes verified I guess... Got its' account locked down by admin and its' fake salute attempts deleted. So what does the stupid fake do when this happens, it makes a new account!! ♪♥ kãt¥¤luv ♪ ♥ Member:Fubar's Ultimate Bad Girls Club.XoXo♥♪@ fubar ..funny thing is is that this lame fake even links itself to its' old account in its' name.. even though these claims by the owner of this retardation, as show below that they are all "100% REAL".... ...the truth goes more like this.... ..anyways, this fake takes their pictures from this porn site, linked below.... click to check out the real girl... ...why are people so dumb? Oh and on a side note about "cheaters and scripters,"...seen this on yo
May 10, 2008 Quote of the Day "Don't carry a grudge. While you're carrying a grudge, the other guy's out dancing." – Buddy Hackett
Im so fucked in the head from the thing that you said so blown away by what you said today the suicidal thoughts that ran through my head if i didnt stop and think id sure as fuck be dead suicide contemplations still run through now i think of the people and i wonder how those brand new are the ones that care and the ones who hurt me are those thatve been there thats some fuckd up shit, i feel so betrayed you guys takin shots at me when you cant get laid? that shit was confidential but fuck it lets tell em all say it was a fuckin joke man you got some balls and in my own god damn house, what kinda shit is that stop and think a second, where the fuck you at? you have no idea how the fuck you made me feel was 3 seconds away from 6 inches of steel the worst part is you dont see it as wrong maybe you will realize once you read along i just cant get over the feelings inside the moment you sad that is when i died inside you think i took off so i could go hide i thought o
My Fantasy.......
As Everyone Knows I'm Bisexual, I do Not Hide that..... I have meet a lots of sexy girls here and i have FANTASIES with them but there is ONE GIRL who DRIVES ME AND MY MAN NUTS!!! Here is her Picture: Screen Name is: ☆Hypnotic★Starr☆™' Real Name is Private.... Well, I been having very naughty thoughts of her and telling those to my Man and I have been asking her to come Houston.... But not getting nothing out of her..... I will not Lie I do sneak around her pictures (NSFW ONES) And I do get a little wet to be honest, I do not touch myself for respect to my man.... I have had lots of wet dreams of this woman and I can't help but tell what happend this morning...... Some people know I work at night 11:00 p.m to 6:00 a.m., I got home to do my thing on FUBAR like everyone does, specially now that I'm running An Auction.... I got HORNY like every day but this time I got what I wanted some fun... I started to suck his dick and I g
"i Think I Can!! I Think I Can!!"
Cyanide & Happiness @
Are You Cool Enough To Be Pink?
The Pink Panther - The Pink Panther Are you cool enough to be pink? Are you ready for this? If you could answer yes, It's time to join the Ultimate Pink Panther train! It's easy! First please rate the pictures in the Pink Panther Folder starting with this one. Please leave a comment on the last one. Then just fan, rate, and add everyone who has joined before you... or leave a comment on their profile if they are already your friend. In the friend request, or comment, put "Cool enough to be pink!" or something similar. When you receive a request or comment, please rate, fan, and comment back. When you are done with everyone on the list, send me a private message so I will know to add you. We're all here to have fun, so no drama please!
Faith's Pimpout
Faith is one of the sweetest girls I know, she always has a smile on her face and is always helping people out.. Stop by and leave her some good lovins and help her level up... she's been here for awhile.. ♥ MzFaithAlicous♥ ™ *Greeter and NOOB Counselor@HIPHOPZ* *-luvsHerPapi***@ fubar Click on any pic above to see what this hot gurl all about! Let's show her how we do it Fubar style! Please Re-Post!
Your Mind is 40% Cluttered Your mind is very free. You've liberated yourself from most worries and problems. And even if something does start to clutter your mind, you're easily able to let it go. How Cluttered is Your Mind?
My Auction And While Your There Bomb Me On The Golden Ticket Portion Lol
We Will Speak For The Horses
As you approach the auction house the first thing you see are the eyes looking out through rusted caged windows. The horses get as close as they can to the air, the sunlight they know is out there, but they can’t get too close or their eyes will be impaled by the bent and rusted prongs. Still, they look out, hoping to see something familiar, someone coming to take them home. Every horse has a different story. For the horses at auction, the look in their eyes all begs the same question: what did I do to deserve this? These horses are in a dark, man-made and operated cement hell. They are poked and prodded and crammed, sometimes 50 horses, into single pens. Some horses fight, some try to stay to the side to avoid getting kicked. Some are hurt; some are mares trying to protect their foals. Others are just trying to stay on their feet so they don’t get trampled. There are tired and wounded workhorses. Colicking horses. Injured racehorses standing on three legs that still wear sweat from
Blah Fkkity Fkk Fkk
Okay, so here it is... Two days before Thanksgiving. While I try my damndest to be thankful of everything I DO have... I still can not help but to think of what I don't have, and the crap that has been happening. So, I'm just going to get it out of my system, and hope it works. So, Friday, I get laid off my job. A permanent layoff. So, I have a new baby in the house and no job. That's just great, eh? And, right before the holidays?? How freaking nice is that? I got a decent severance package, but what do I do about Christmas? Use all the last money I'll get from my job to give the kids a Christmas? I mean, I do qualify for unemployment, but as many people know, it only goes so far. So, either I give the kids a nice Christmas, or save the money for things we really need. With the economy the way it is, who knows how long it'll be before I find another job. And, when I do, I'll be starting all over again from the bottom. This SOOOO sucks. Another thing, I found out
A Christmas Story
A little long, but oh so funny! It is well worth reading! This is an article submitted to a 1999 Louisville Sentinel contest to find out who had the wildest Christmas dinners. It won first prize. As a joke, my brother Jay used to hang a pair of panty hose over his fireplace before Christmas. He said all he wanted was for Santa to fill them. What they say about Santa checking the list twice must be true because every Christmas morning, although Jay's kids' stockings overflowed, h is poor pantyhose hung sadly empty. One year I decided to make his dream come true. I put on sunglasses and went in search of an inflatable love doll. They don't sell those things at Wal-Mart. I had to go to an adult bookstore downtown. If you've never been in an X-rated store, don't go. you'll only confuse yourself. I was there an hour saying things like, 'What does this do?' 'You're kidding me!' 'Who would buy that?' Finally, I made it to the inflatable doll section. I wanted to buy
Hi. I'm freezing & i currently hate babyj. is it possible to rate him a 1 & block him? stupid bling is disabled so i can't buy any bling for you wonderful people :s
Rfs Scam
RFS scamLearn about making REAL MONEY right nowIf you're checking out different home based business opportunities, there's a good chance that you've probably heard something about The Reverse Funnel System lately. The Reverse Funnel System is an online home based business opportunity that is fairly new, but has been stirring up quite a bit of excitement in the work at home industry. In this short article, I'm going to give you my Reverse Funnel System review. Hopefully by the time you're done reading, you'll have a better idea of exactly what the RFS is all about and whether or not it's for you.The Reverse Funnel System is an automated marketing system for building a network marketing business. It was developed by entrepreneur Ty Coughlin and uses the funded proposals approach.In a nutshell, The Reverse Funnel System takes a high converting sales process and adds automation. It eliminates the need for traditional network marketing sales techniques such as hotel meetings, phone calls, a
Cucumber Slices Provençal
Prep Time:10 min Start to Finish:10 min makes:32 appetizers 1 large English (seedless) cucumber, chilled 1/3 cup sun-dried tomato spread 3 tablespoons crumbled chèvre (goat) cheese Fresh basil leaves, if desired 1. Make lines or indentations lengthwise down cucumber at 1/4-inch intervals, using vegetable peeler or tines of fork. Cut cucumber into 32 slices, 1/2 inch each. Place on paper towels to drain. 2. Spread each slice with about 1 teaspoon tomato spread. Sprinkle each with about 1/2 teaspoon cheese. 3. Serve immediately, or refrigerate up to 1 hour. Top each slice with basil leaf just before serving. Nutritional Information 1 Appetizer: Calories 10 (Calories from Fat 0); Total Fat 0g (Saturated Fat 0g, Trans Fat 0g); Cholesterol 0mg; Sodium 5mg; Total Carbohydrate 0g (Dietary Fiber 0g, Sugars 0g); Protein 0g % Daily Value*: Vitamin A 0%; Vitamin C 2%; Calcium 0%; Iron 0% Exchanges: Carbohydrate Choices: 0 *% Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
A Desire!
Once upon a dream of desire my heart tis yearning it longs for the fire my mind is aflame at the thought of your touch it longs to feel it, it wants it so much The feathering of your tongue wisp o'er my breast to bring a new hardness upon their sweet crest to feel that sweet whisper, makes my thoughts come alive my desires for you, insane does me drive To feel your magic flow as your fingers explore pure ecstacy, pure pleasure, a touch I'd adore To fix with you that hypnotic gaze explore all the treasures of the bodily maze to tread the unimaginable garden of pleasure my dreams don't come quite up to measure To feed on the burning desires within to feast on the lust, to caress the sweet sin to feel the crack of your whip of desire it burns inside, I long for your fire The tangling of limbs, the touching of lips, the longing for us to be joined at the hips wanting to live that tempestuous storm all these desires in me...have been born...
"a Flower"
when day light arrives passion will follow between you and i we join as one together in two but forever as one by shana 98'
Tag It Baby!!!
YOU HAVE BEEN TAGGED! Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I LOVE THE SMELL OF THE RAIN 2. I HATE TO DRIVE A CAR 3. I HAVE A PATICULAR COLONGE (ON A MAN ) THAT TURNS ME ON BEYOND BELIEF 4. I'VE NEVER FULLFILLED ALL MY FANTASIES (KEYWORD ALL) 5. I'VE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO STAY MARRIED..LOL 6. I HAVE TOO MANY FETISHES ..LOL 7. I TAKE LONG BUBBLE BATHS (WITH MY FAV TOY) 8. I HAVE TAKEN MYSELF TO ANOTHER ASTRAL PLANE (PLEASE DO NOT ASK) 9. IM A TERRIBLE SMARTASS..(TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT) 10. I HAVE A TERRIBLE SENSE OF TIME AND AM ALWAYS LATE I TAG EVERYONE THAT COMES IN HERE!!
I have a few things to rant about, so I'm putting it into one blog. It starts off with my main rant: rumors, homophobics & stupid co-workers. My good friend/co-worker had surgery 6 weeks ago & just returned to work about a week ago. Another friend/co-worker told me that the rumor going around was he had a sex change operation. Great, huh? I'm 100% positive that if he was straight this wouldn't even be in peoples minds. Close-mindness . On to the other rants: I went outside on my lunch break last night & there were cat paw prints all over my newly washed car. From the hood to the windshield to the roof of my car and down to the trunk. WTF?? Why is there a cat roaming in the damn parking lot & why is it walking on only MY car?!?! This isn't really a rant, but just an observation: Why do the same people keep admiring me in the Secret Admire game? I've had like 4-5 guys admire me like 20 times. Ok, I get it!! I think I'm gonna stop clicking on them. Have a nice
Video____1. Click Here Video____2. Click Here Video____3. Click Here Male Chastity Photos Exgirlfriend Photos Free Orgy Video Nylonmodel Blonde Gay Men Naked Famous Men Escorts In Negril Hung College Guys Hard Throatfucking Fetish Online Game Boys Handjob Eve Mendes Boys Sucking Cock Devon Hardcore Girls Blow Jobs Neighbor Wife Little Penis Pictures Hentai Animal Porn Erin Moran Fakes Hentaiparadice Homamade Porn Nickelodeon Hentai Moms Masterbating Sons Nudes From Brazil Peehole Pics Analmovie Free Mature Horny Milf Camel Toe Porn Lewd Granny Krystal Steal Naked Escorts Champaign Free Horsefucked Girl Black Stripper Amatuer Home Videos Mini Skirt No Underwear Free Hentai Dbz Moms Suducing Boys Picturemag High Boot Fetish Heather Brooks Kirston Dunst Kid Lesbian Emma Watson Thong Free Sybian First Timer Hairy Smart Crossdresser Fuck 3d Porno Clip Deepthrought Clips Lil Kim Naked Black Female Muscle Naked
50 $ Challenge
Thats right 50 real dollars !!! and whats it for .. just one hour of your time !! Ok here is the deal .. If you know me ..I like to have fun on here ( hello thats what its all about) yeah Im a Dj folks say Im pretty good .I have the ability to put folks on air with me ..ya know where this is going .. sooooooo The deal is you would have to set in the hot seat .. questions and answers .. Yep everyone is going to hear you .. I will be doing a live show with one on one interview of the top 50 of FUBAR .. The questions will be strange and very off the wall the show might go 1 hr or little longer .. its all about having fun !! getting to know a person instead of just a picture ... If you think you might be up for this .. let me know .. Ok .. why is it called 100 challenge cause there are a few people ... that are WANTED ALREADY !! Yeah I will talk to you .. lol .. the higher you are the more money is it going to cost !!! everyone will be voted on via a mumm !! so le
Mar 21, 2008 4:12 AM All I need is her smile, And my feelings start to awake. To touch her deeper in her heart, Will my words be all that it takes. I cannot hope with just my words, Her heart would become mine. Everyday I must show her, That I am worth her time. I want her open to me, To tell me what she feels inside. To feel completly at ease, Like the waves of a moonlite tide. For her to open her arms to me, Her mind,heart and soul. To have her give them to me. To me that is my goal. Here is the first one I wrote for you Beautiful
Vampire Myth Vs Fact. Can I Get A Duh? But For Some It Is Needed.
Misconception: Vampires are undead; are corpses; are immortal. Truth: Real life vampires are normal, every-day people from ALL walks of life, race, background, religion who work normal jobs, have normal families and live normal lives. They are neither immortal, nor all-powerful. Misconception: Vampires can not enter sunlight; are harmed/killed by running water, crosses and garlic; live in coffins, etc. Truth: Real life vampires may be light sensitive, but will not burst into flame anymore then anyone else; might be afraid of water but are not harmed by it; have no issue with holy symbols nor food items; and live in normal homes like everyone else. Misconception: Vampires are evil; vampires are affiliated with Satan, the Devil, or some other evil lord/master/demon Truth: Vampires are normal people and come from every religion and faith on the planet and have as much potential to be a good person as they have to be a bad person the way everyone else does. Vam
life is shit. not sure if anyone knows this, but it is. I suggest a few things to brighten up your world... 1. break wind on a regular basis. feng shui lots 3. masturbate a lot 4. have a good shit it can make you feel a lot better 5.never drink more than your friend 6.avoid affairs with married people 7. dont worry about anything cos it seriously aint worth it 8. dont tell the doc about those voices you hear ;) 9.cancel your facebook account... that site is seriously bad for ones health 10. cancel your ebay account as its seriously bad for ones pocket... 11. make me your best friend in the whole world.. cos im so nice,cheerful and generous :)
Intimate Strangers
I haven't come here for forgivenessI don't expect your sympathySome bridges burn beyond recognitionSome chances aren't meant to be But in this life of quiet desperationIn my moments of timeless indecisionIn the language between weeping and angerLies the soothing comfort of intimate strangers I am naked this roomI feel the spotlight I embrace its warmthI share my open woundsDriving my demons back into the dark And in this life of quiet desperationIn my moments of timeless indecisionIn the language between weeping and angerLies the soothing comfort of intimate strangers Eyes close...light fades away...fades awayNight goes...hollow words we say...fade away
Leveling Requirements
A lot of people are not aware of the requirements for each level after 30, so I am posting them for easy reference. I will do ANGELS first, and then DEMONS. At the bottom of this, I will also be putting the Level 31+ User Agreement. ANGELS Level 31~ 105,000,000 Points Must have had 100 ability points spent on you. Must have been added as family by at least 50 people at time of levelup. Level 32~ 120,000,000 Points Must have at least 25,000,000 fuBucks at time of levelup check. Must have won the spotlight after reaching level 31. Level 33~ 140,000,000 Points Must have been rated 11 by fubar family. Requirement must have been met within the last two weeks and after reaching level 32. Must reach the weekly top score in 1 of the top5 arcade games after reaching level 32. Level 34~ 165,000,000 Points
My Journal
Low Carb Low Fat DietFree Weight Loss Help
Forex Robots!
I love this forex robot I'm working on. Guys, it's awesome! Not as awesome as Fubar tho...
Im In My 1st Auction Please Help Me Out
Revelation 21   Revelation 22   Bible Reading Plan -- Complete NIV Bible in a YearRead the NIV Bible in a year, reading three chapters daily and five on Sundays.
On Religion...
As far as any type of religion goes...well, I guess people will believe what they WANT to believe, and create their own personal reality based on those beliefs, and adhere to it. Hell, because our country adheres to a concept of freedom of religion, I could walk around worshipping a grilled cheese sandwich if I believed in it hard enough. Does that seem crazy? Sure, to most people...but maybe not to the person who HAS that belief. Does that make it a religion? Most people would say no, but who knows? It sure wouldn't be the norm, but maybe somewhere out there, there are a bunch of people standing around a big skillet somewhere watching cheese melt and praying away. Are they right? Is their faith valid? *shrugs* All depends on your point of view, I guess. Just don't try to convince me that I'll find nirvana if the bread is toasted just right... *chuckles* I'm tired, babbling, and getting a bit silly here, so I guess I'll just try to simplfy what I'm trying to say. Point One: You hav
grrrrrr...... why is it that people work so hard at making you fall in love with them and then fuck your world up...... a year of my life gone to an asshole.....   why cant you just be honnest and straight forward... i told you all my expectations, where i wanted to go what i wanted to do and so on over a year ago... then you move thousands of miles away, promising visits and to move here and such, just to keep me wrapped around your finger but FUCK THAT.. i'm done its over and there is no chance of it ever going back. you had my heart and threw it in dirt. i'm over it all your broken promises and plans. i;'m not to be put last after all your club meetings and working on your cars hanging out with friends... i cant even get 10 mins of your time just to talk about whats going on..... this is my good bye... i'm gone its over P.S FUCK YOU!!!!  
Snake Eyes Radio 4 Lyfe
With You
Just want you to know  your on my mind, lately that seems to be all the time.omg girl you are so damn fine.Just watch and see Im gonna make you mine.Kissing you on the forehead and holding you tight,cuddling and caressing all through the night. being with you is oh so right! I am not up for a one night stand,with you I am looking for the full time plan. just trust me and go hand in hand,I promise to be the greatest man.never be mean or treat you like crap,just let you know that you are all that!with you it would be great as far as I see,loving you til the end of time is great by me.with you in my arms is where you should be.
My Perfect Man... (subject To Change/add)
Intelligent, outgoing, patient, sweet, loyal, loves to cuddle, non-drinker, positive, no kids, no baggage, loves cats, all heart, kind, not all about sex, drug free, ambitious, handsome, attractive, quick witted, funny, understanding, great family, christian, greatjob/career, dosent give up, knows what he wants isent afraid to get it, isent boring, honest, creative, never been married, drives, loves to play video games, man of God, trustworthy, smokes, loves giving, also loves to recieve, can cook, abad boy with a good heart loves music. Is NOT a man whore Dedication Not Egotistical
Mine Mine Mine!
I really think I need to work on my sense of entitlement. :o
Be Ok
This has been on my breast cancer playlist for a LONG time... but it's more special to me now that I've seen her play it live when she opened for BNL last month.     I just want to be ok, be ok, be okI just want to be ok todayI just want to be ok, be ok, be okI just want to be ok todayI just want to feel today, feel today, feel todayI just want to feel something todayI just want to feel today, feel today, feel todayI just want to feel something today[CHORUS:]Open me up and you will seeI'm a gallery of broken heartsI'm beyond repair, let me beAnd give me back my broken partsI just want to know today, know today, know todayI just want to know something todayI just want to know today, know today, know todayKnow that maybe I will be ok[CHORUS]Just give me back my piecesJust give them back to me pleaseJust give me back my piecesAnd let me hold my broken partsI just want to be ok, be ok, be okI just want to be ok todayI just want to be ok, be ok, be okI just want to be ok todayI just want
Females Need Self Respect!
Females should have more respect for themselves. Just because you get on cam naked for a guy does not mean that they like you, or even think that you are sexy! they are thinking that you are the whore that you really are! there is other ways that you can get the positive kind of attention and you can start with having some class.
My Everything
Goodbye Was the last thing you said to me No why A million reasons without a word   You walked out and never looked back I tried so hard just to hate you In tears is how you left me Ripped my heart out after all we've been through   You can't see What you mean to me I'm so broken Not another that completes me   Why did it have to be this way Why did you just walk away How could this be You were my everything   Long gone I've tried so hard just to move on It hurts When I think back to the memories   Every time I see you now The tears stream down my face My mind starts to race again And think about what I did wrong   I miss you so much Just want to feel your touch The taste of your kiss So many things i miss   Why did it have to be this way Why did you just walk away How could this be You were my everything   I won't go on My fingers runs across the trigger It won't be long I'll soon end this anger   Then a hand reaches out There's a voice in
Blog Cherry Popped
Ok, so here is my first blog on this thing since I have been part of this site, twice removed. I have known it as lost cherry, to cherry tap, to this. Guess it is time to start getting into the game a little and see what happens.   Purpose of me blogging here? Putting my demented thoughts out there for those that would share similar interests, random thoughts, ramblings, possible poetry, psycholoigical discussions, anything that may be interesting, or offensive yet itneresting *lol* however there needs to be a little bit of respect in accordance with this as well. I have seen on this site and others the careless ramblings and comments made to other peoples blogs. If you dont like it, leave it. What is the purpose of insulting it? What am I supposed to do, go to my room and cry because you dont like it?   So with that being said, I guess this will be a way of possibly connecting to other people that does not seem to be working in other applications on this site. If there is anythin
Go Vote For Skye
They are having a best asset contest for Ozzy tickets and I really like to win so go and vote for me please and thank you.
Tension In West Asia
Tension in West Asia The tension once again marred the peace in the region when Israeli, code named Operation Sea Breeze or Operation Sky Winds, intercepted the six ships Gaza Freedom Flotilla carrying some 10,000 tons of aid for the isolated seaside territory. Activists aboard the flotilla’s largest ship, the MV Mavi Marmara, clashed with Israeli Shayetet 13 Special Forces as the commandos abseiled onto the deck of the vessel. Nine IHH activists were killed by the Israeli troops and seized 682 persons. The flotilla, organized by the Free Gaza Movement and the Turkish Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief (IHH) was carrying humanitarian aid. IHH is a Turkish NGO established in 1992 and officially registered in Istanbul since 1995.  The Gaza area has been blockaded by Israel for three years. The Israeli government had urged the flotilla not to try to breach the blockade before the ships set sail from waters off Cyprus and offered to take some ai
Thin Line Between Heaven And Hell
You've got a thin line between Heaven and Hell You make it easy to cross 'cause you hide it so well You're so sketchy with the games you play You drag men by the heart in your own special way To you breaking the rules seems fair As long as you get what you want, you just don't care You smile so sweet as you watch them falling Breaking hearts is your true calling This is your game, so lets play by your rules But I'm telling you now darlin', I am nobody’s fool I know your motives and I know them well You've got a thin line between Heaven and Hell
A Poem
You're the first thing I think ofEach morning when I riseYou're the last thing I think ofWhen I close my eyesYou're in each thought I haveAnd every breath I takeMy feelings are growing strongerWith every move you makeYou're an angel from abovewho takes away my painMy love for you is so strongIt's always just the sameYou're the miracle in my lifeWho can always make me smileJust knowing that you care
The Glow Radio Friday's
Friday  on The Glow Radio: DJ Kellie Khaos is LIVE NOW !!! Today is Freaky Friday's where Anything Goes & she is spinning a mix of all styles of music including Country Music, Popular Music of Today & Yesterday next up is the Rev DJ Furg and he will be spinning his mix of  Punk, Grunge, Hard Rock. and Metal Music on his Church of Rock starting at 3pm Pacific/4pm mt/5pm ct/6pm et/11pm gmt next up is The Mistress of Hard Rock & Metal; "Thee Witch" starting at 6pm pacific/7pm mt/8pm ct/9pm et/2am gmt next is Tony the Misfit with his Freak Show featuring the best in Rock, Alternative, & Metal Music starting at 9pm pacific/10pm mt/11pm ct/Midnight et/5am gmt   Tune in to The Glow Radio on iTunes; you can find us
Give Me My Xxx , Help Make A Change !!!
It is a true shame that there are such rigid GENRE definitions in popular music today! You've got POP, ROCK, COUNTRY, R&B, AAA and HIP HOP. This may be fine for most musicians, but there is a very unfair gap in music the way it is. ROCK music is split into two formats MODERN ROCK and ACTIVE ROCK, both of which do not accept SOUTHERN or COUNTRY-LEANING music at all. Then there's COUNTRY. COUNTRY is a market controlled by NASHVILLE'S inner-workings. Video outlets such as CMT and GAC have created 'back of the bus' programming like "Wide Open Country" and "Edge of Country" to relieve the pressure created by the growing movement of outsiders in the field, but it's not a fair representation of the broad scope of these underdogs. Radio stations have created late-night and weekend specialty programming to play these artists as well, but again, this is just placating these tremendous artists. These artists are multiplying in number year by year and this brings us to our cause:WE W
Detroit Tigers 2011
February 14, 2011 marks the start of Spring Training as it's reporting day for pitchers and catchers! YAY! I have high hopes for my Detroit Tigers this year.  A little sad that Johnny Damon moved onto Tampa Bay, he seemed like a good fit with the Tigers, but we seemed to have gotten a decent DH in replacement of him in Victor Martinez.  Also I was sad to see that Jeremy Bondermans contract was also not resigned only because as a person he was such a wonderful guy and has been with the Detroit Tigers his entire career, through some really bad years.  But as a pitcher he has just lost his mojo, hopefully he can find a good fit with another team. Was very disappointed that Armando Gallaraga was traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks and hopes that he does well there with for Manager Kirk Gibson and Coach Alan Trammell (both former Detroit Tiger stars).  I will be keeping an eye on the D-Backs this year just for that reason alone.  Happy to see that Joel Zumaya is back and healthy and looking
User Training Available
Starting December 22nd, we’ll be offering a series of webinars for users of the Lead Generator. The first ones will be GoToMeeting webinars, which means that attendance is limited to 15 people. But starting in January, we’re going to run them as GoToWebinars, which will have much more capacity. The idea is to offer three levels of training: Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced techniques. The Introductory seminar will cover basic Registration and Posting of your company’s data, as well as Basic Search. The Intermediate sessions will cover searching for leads, prospecting and responding. And the Advanced sessions will cover blogging, contact management, and advanced search techniques.[....] For More Details  
So I'm thinking about deleting this account. I know, all the lil drama whores threaten that constantly for attention. I'm not doing that. I'm just writing this as a way of trying to get my thoughts together. See, fubar used to be fun. I had a bunch of friends on here. We talked, we had fun, times were good. But now every time I log in, I'm left with nothing but negative feelings about it. Half the people I used to talk to aren't on here anymore. A bunch of the ones who are left are all caught up causing drama crap that's completely unnecessary. And the handful that don't fall into either of those categories... things on this site with them leave me feeling very.. underwhelmed. I'm not sure its still worth having an account here anymore.
Passionate Kiss
A passionate night between me and you I can't begin to tell you the things I want to do. First we can dim the lights and get closer..... No, wait, that's too fast, let's go back and move a little slower. I'll kiss your lips that are so soft and sweet, then move on to your cheek that's so smooth and unique. Then I'll move right along that little ear of yours... Whoa... my, my... let me move along your chest... Uh, oh I missed a spot, let me move back up to the neck As I move my tongue around and around you start to feel it as I go down slowly and as I kiss your chest your hands go up ...but I'm not finished yet.... I go further down towards your navel... As I move down past your waist line I begin to kiss.... Oh, I just wake up to realize it's a dream ! A passionate dream fueled by my deep love for you.
The Corridor
"The Corridor"          By:PennRockStairs, black like granite  Over run, dirty,unwashed  Like highway roads  Forever stained with rubber  Lead to the future  Unsure and unanswered You yell “Is anybody there?” Eternity echoes back at you So long, it has no sense of time No smell, and nothing to hide Its pitch black, you can't see a thing You search your pockets You find box of matches You light a match and keep going You light one after another You walk the corridor You see no end As you walk you pass many doors Over and over You hear distorted whispers Passing like thoughts, like moments Twisted tongues are on the other side You make another step You walk for hours For weeks, months, years, and decades You reach the end 
New Dream
am broken in to piecesam falling in to my sorrowes am trying to get upam trying to mend my pieces how chould this happenwhen someone is good am trying to change my point of viewwhen all I can see is you am trying to change my lifewhen everything is a lie how to see my painwhen you make it happen you put it here you put it here am broken coz you dont carebut life is shortI'll stand Up AgainEven If I know I'll Fall again I'll Fight My WayEven If You Choose Not To stay I 'll wake Up from My old dreamI'll make new Dream dream That WILLShow ME the right way The way that love how should be
The Wise Woman's Stone
  The Wise Woman's Stone    The Wise Woman's Stone     A wise woman who was traveling in the mountains found a precious stone in a stream. The next day she met another traveler who was hungry, and the wise woman opened her bag to share her food. The hungry traveler saw the precious stone and asked the woman to give it to him. She did so without hesitation.    The traveler left rejoicing in his good fortune. He knew the stone was worth enough to give him security for a lifetime.     But, a few days later, he came back to return the stone to the wise woman. "I've been thinking", he said. "I know how valuable this stone is, but I give it back in the hope that you can give me something even more precious. Give me what you have within you that enabled you to give me this stone."     I thought of you when I read this for you are more precious than the stone in the way you touch peoples lives!! Smiles Ray   Sent to me by my friend Dancer...THANK YOU 
Global War On Drugs Has Failed (big Surpise)
NEW YORK (Reuters) - A high-profile group of global leaders declared the "war on drugs" a failure on Thursday and urged governments to consider decriminalizing drugs in a bid to cut consumption and weaken the power of organized crime gangs. The Global Commission on Drug Policy, which includes former presidents of Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Switzerland, said a decades-long strategy of outlawing drugs and jailing drug users while battling cartels that control the trade had not worked. "It's not peace instead of war, it's a more intelligent way to fight ... the use of drugs," former Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso, chair of the commission, told a news conference in New York. "Stop the war on drugs and let's be more constructive in trying to reduce consumption." "We cannot have one recipe. It's not so easy to say stop the war on drugs and let's legalize, it's more complicated than that," he said. "Between prohibition and legalization there is an enormous vari
The Worry Doll
“Mathew,” Tilly asked during lunch in the cafeteria, “can you please come over tonight and help me with this trigonometry?” She flipped through the pages of the current chapter they were studying and the numbers and symbols that met her eyes might have well have been French. It seemed she had an incapacity to grasp the concepts the advanced math course’s teacher attempted to educate. “Can’t Tills,” her best friend answered back, “I have basket ball practice tonight. We have the big game against Donovan High School on Friday, and if I miss a practice coach won’t let me play.” She felt the tears begin to well up and her bottom lip poked out. It was a trick she became adept at during an early age. Now, that she was a young teenager, the talent came without coxing at the instant it was called upon. “Aw, Tills,” Mathew shrugged. “Now, don’t cry.” “You know how I’m doing i
Of all the things in the world, I could not ask for more, all my life I've wonderedjust what I have lived for,but now all my prayers are answered, no more questions in my mind, all the sadness, now left behind.I have found something so rare, something so pure and true, nothing in my life mattered, until the day I found you.You have become my strength, savior and song, living life with out you, could be nothing but wrong.You are my love, you are my hope, without you in my life, my whole being couldn't cope, of all the the things in this world, I never thought I'dneed you like I do, a true love that lasts forever, all this, because I found you.
5 Years On Fu
Yes I have been here that long.  Doesn't really seem like it but July 15, 2006 was the first time i logged into this site and I haven't missed many days since.  I have seen the comings and goings of the "Reds", seen the first two male "Reds", seen the drama that ensued on a daily basis in the bulletins by this one or that one.  I have survived Lost Cherry, Cherry Tap and now of course Fubar.  I remember "Sweet Suzy" and all the fun it was to see what she would do next.  If you don't remember ask me but if you do you will chuckle and of course the Sporks drama.   All this being said, I want you to know why I have stayed here 5 years.  Everyday I get up and open this site and for me its never really been about status (although I managed to top out at #18 years back), or the bling or the popularity.  It's been about people and friendships that I've formed.  People like JohnnyDevil, Hellcat, Tomcat, Donna, Eric, Jonel and many more, some who are real life that I have had the pleasure to
Time For Coffee?
Having arrived at the Gates of Heaven, Barack Obama meets a man with a beard. 'Are you Mohammed?' he asks. 'No my son, I am St. Peter; Mohammed is higher up.' Peter then points to a ladder that rises into the clouds. Delighted that Mohammed should be higher than St. Peter, Obama climbs the ladder in great strides, climbs up through the clouds and comes into a room where he meets other bearded man. He asks again, 'Are you Mohammed?' 'Why no he answers, I am Moses; Mohammed is higher still .' Exhausted, but with a heart full of joy he climbs the ladder yet again, he discovers a larger room where he meets an angelic looking man with a beard. Full of hope, he asks again, 'Are you Mohammed?' 'No, I am Jesus, the will find Mohammed higher up. ' Mohammed higher than Jesus! Man, oh man! Obama can hardly contain his delight and climbs and climbs ever higher. Once again, he reaches an even larger room where he meets this truly magnificent looking man with a silver white bea
10th Planet? Maybe...
  Astronomers have discovered an object in our solar system that is larger than Pluto. They are calling it the 10th planet, but already that claim is contested.   read more at   I happen to believe that we will discover atleast 4 other planets in our universe.That will go with the rest of the constellations...however I also believe that discovery of more "stars" "planets" whatever you want to call them will go on and on forever.. Also I find it very naive for people to rule out "planet x. The planet that we cant see that is moving around the sun that we wont see untill its too late .We found pluto 75 years ago and we still don't know anything about it! we find out new things every day and to say that this planet cant exist is pretty ignorant if you ask me.
Geography Of A Woman And A Man.
Between 18 and 22, a woman is like Africa - half discovered, half wild, fertile and naturally beautiful! Between 23 and 30, a woman is like Europe -well-developed and open to trade, especially for something of real value. Between 31 and 35, a woman is like Spain - very hot, relaxed, and convinced of her own beauty. Between 36 and 40, a woman is like Greece & gently aging, but still a warm and desirable place to visit. Between 41 and 50, a woman is like Great Britain, with a glorious and all-conquering past... Between 51 and 60, a woman is like Israel - has been through war, doesn't make the same mistakes twice, and takes care of business. Between 61 and 70, a woman is like Canada - cool, self-preserving, but open to meeting new people. After 70, she becomes Tibet - wildly beautiful, with a mysterious past and the wisdom of the ages.... an adventurous spirit and a thirst for spiritual knowledge. THE GEOGRAPHY OF A MAN Between 1 and 80, a man is like Iran - ruled by a couple of nuts.
Stings And Things
Few things make me feel tiny and sad and hearing my dad tell me he tried to go to the Transport museum on his own this morning is one of those things. He got on a bus to Georges Square in Glasgow to catch a bus to the museum, but there was a marathon race on in the city centre and he got overwhelmed with the crowds and just headed home. The thought of him being pushed about in crowds and feeling vulnerable makes me feel deeply scared for him.   It makes me sad; because he wanted to go somewhere and at almost 80 years old he didn’t bother asking me and tried to go on his own. He was heading somewhere where there were heaps of families all milling around and he would be that one wee man on his own. Why didn’t I think to ask him? Why did I sleep to midday and not notice his loneliness? I hate feeling like this, this guilt and stupidity when in actual fact he likes going places on his own and feels independent. Having an elderly parent is amazing and also a blessing but don&r
Fire Fighters
Our captin just quit now I have to decide if I want to be the asisstant chief or not what you think
A gentleman is simply a patient wolf.  -  Lana Turner
Press Release
PRESS RELEASE: Everybody is encouraged to copy and paste this press release to local newspapers in their area. YOU MAY NOT change anything in this press release, other than submitted by:   If asked for an interview, please send them to us!   Thanking you in advance!     Press Release: Newly Formed Group Defends Witchcraft Rights And Beliefs   The United States is a nation whose very foundation, the Bill of Rights, guarantees its citizens freedom of religious beliefs. Yet those citizens with beliefs that fall well outside of Christianity are often misunderstood and persecuted. There seems to be a rising voice in American politics that non-Christian beliefs are somehow less valid than Christian beliefs. One arena where we have seen this is the attack on our President by those claiming he is Muslim, which they appear to believe invalidates his ability to lead our nation. Another arena is such outspoken organizations as David Barton's Wallbuilders, who advocate a Federal accepta
   Freedom from the heart. A world of pain lifted, Life energy Floods my mind. Earth opens, Individuality returns. Values once forgoten returns with the opening of a floodgate. Relief and release spawned from the ashes of love.   
Random Opinions About The Media And Dumb Asses!
The Michael Jackson "trial" concluded yesterday. It's all over the fucking internet and tv. All these people are bitching(mainly black of course) that no justice was served. This doctor who's also black received the maximum 4 years in prison. That is if he makes it out alive. Never was a fan of the "pop faggot" myself. He obviously paid these doctors for surgery and medication and ultimately an "overdose". Not the fucking Doctors fault. Most of you would of done the same if that queer would of offered you money under the table. No offense b/c he's dead, yet who gives a fuck? It's done&over w/...move along! One of the main problems in America is people dont know when to shut the fuck up, they constantly bitch&argue, and then you wonder why we have what we do socially and economically!
The Nail Art Chernobyl Incident Of 2011
Microsoft Xbox
plan5878's Profile PLAn JaMS WiTH u   
"If I could reach up and hold a star for every time you made me smile, I would have the whole night sky in the palm of my hand."
Lavínia Vlasak: 'tenho Preferido Saias Longas E Vestidos Compridos'
Quase seis meses após dar luz à pequena Estella, a atriz Lavínia Vlasak (36) subiu na passarela, na noite desta terça-feira, para participar do desfile da coleção de alto verão da Karamello, no Rio. Ela usou um vestido verde - sua cor favorita - e com recortes nas laterais. Em conversa com CARAS Online, Lavínia falou sobre o próprio estilo. "Estou curtindo muito saias longas, vestidos compridos. Hoje gosto de algo mais confortável e que dê para abaixar e levantar sem problemas, por causa da criança", disse. Para a atriz, moda não tem segredo: é aquilo que cai bem. "Gosto de ver desfile porque é um grande show. Há peças usáveis, outras não. Gosto de ver essa mistura", afirmou. Lavínia confessou que ainda está perdendo, com muita malhação, os quilinhos adquiridos na gravidez. "Nada é de graça nessa vida. Tem que suar bastante", declarou a atriz, que também é mamãe de Felipe (3). As crianças são frutos do relacionamento com o economista Celso Colombo Neto, com quem é casada
Texas Hippie Coalition
THC is up for Album of the Week at REVOLVER Magazine! VOTE PEACEMAKER and let's take this thing!!!    (feel free to vote as many times as you want)
Cut Your Energy Bills And Save Energy
One of the major concerns of many people right now is the increase of power energy. With that reason, people have problem on their increase energy bills. People used energy most of time. In fact, each of individuals rely on the energy so that is the reason why there are too much used of energy. Too much used of energy can give negative impact to the people and to the environment so it is important nowadays to look for possible solution to cut off energy consumption. When people used abundant amount of energy, these can definitely increase their energy bills. In addition, these too much energy consumption can destroy the environment through climate change. When people used much energy, it can increase the carbon emission which can destroy the environment. So, it is necessary to look for effective solution, in order to avoid these negative effects of too much used of energy. Conserving energy is the best solution for individuals can be able to save energy and cut off the energy bills. H
You Da One - Rihanna
"You Da One" [Intro]You the one that I dream about all dayYou the one that I think about alwaysYou Are The One So I Make Sure I Behave!My love is your love, your love is my loveBaby, I love you, I need you hereWith me all the timeBaby we meant to beYou got me, smiling all the timeCause you know how to give me thatYou know how to pull me backWhen I go runnin, runninTryin' to get away from loving yaYou know how to love me hardI won't lie, I'm falling hardYep, I'm falling for ya but there's nothin wrong with that[Chorus]You the one that I dream about all dayYou the one that I think about alwaysYou Are The One So I Make Sure I Behave!My love is your love, your love is my loveYou the one that I dream about all dayYou the one that I think about alwaysYou Are The One So I Make Sure I Behave!My love is your love, your love is mineBaby come, take me now, hold me nowMake me come aliveYou got the sweetest touchI'm so happy, you came in my lifeCause you know how to give me thatYou know how to pul
An Open Letter To The Elected Class Regarding Gun Control
Dear ______________: I realize it is customary to begin missives to elected representatives with the words Honorable Senator ______________ or Honorable Representative ______________, but I believe that title must be earned. Frankly, you (I am referring to you individually and to Congress as a whole) have not done so and, therefore, do not deserve to be addressed that way. However, the purpose of this letter is not to criticize you, but to inform you about what is happening in the country you were elected to serve. According to a recent poll, Congress’ favorability ranks below lice, cockroaches, colonoscopies and root canals. Have you for a moment stopped to wonder why? It’s because a vast majority of Americans believe that Congress no longer represents them, but instead represents big corporations and, mostly, themselves and their cronies. The recent “fiscal cliff” deal is a perfect example. It socked a tax increase on 80 percent of American workers while dol
'natural Vs.traditional'
Hey Did you know 3%hydrogen peroxide can cure the common cold??drop some in each ear leave it in for a few minutes till it bubbles then drain this will 'nip it at the bud' if your feeling a cold come on try it...not to mention it will also clear your ear wax...just one natural remedy heres more....i personally am not a big fan of traditional medicine i think its all just a money making industry..not really a cure for fuk all...u have to go straight to the source of the problem and thats where alternative comes in..big big believer of the alternate way!!if u share the same views then youll like this to it and bookmark it for future reference
First Attempt At Movie Making
I found i had microsoft movie maker on me computer so had a go at putting the images together etc, if you can give me some feedback on this that would be great okay the link below to youtube is not working i cant seem to get access to the site and i dont think its just my computer, typical eh, just when you finally post something worth showing people it fucks up, hope its back tomorrow okay now its back jeez i can go to bed now
Work Of Art
You Are Best Described By... Impression, Sunrise By Claude Monet What Famous Work of Art Are You?
Angel's Touch
A falling star on a lonely nights dream Fell from heaven and whispered your name It happened during a conversation with an angel And if the angel could touch me I know I'd never be the same. A wish was made on the star that fell The wish caught me whispering your name Heaven's angel eyes captured my soul and stole my heart And if the angel could touch me I know I'd never be the same. Copyright 2006
i open my door with a shirt on and a thong soon as u step in my door i will look at u going to hug u and kiss tell u how much i missed u ........then i take ur hand while u let ur bag fall down we both going to my bedroom we dont talk alot ............ in my room i start to kiss u bite ur lips gentle suck on them ........slide my tongue down on ur neck kiss and bite u gentle there while i put my hands under ur shirt and play with my finger nails on ur nipples....... u have ur arms around me run ur fingers over my back down to my butt and feel so good .........i start to pull up ur shirt i want to lick ur chest....... i start to take ur shirt off....... start to lick ur chest and get down to ur nipples........ take them in my mouth and suck and bite on them gentle......... and u start to moawn low it makes u feel so good while i suck and kiss and bite u........ i have my hands on ur pants and open the button and the zipper i can feel ur dick getting hard ............we still standing in
You are 90% Bisexual You are very bisexual. The choice between guys and girls is often agonizing for you because you really don’t have a preference. But you always double up your chances every night for getting laid. Take this quiz at
Are You A Real Man?
It Takes A Real Man IT TAKES A REAL MAN TO LOVE WOMAN Only a REAL man can take on the challenge of a woman's passion. He can hold on even when she's buckin and thrashin. A REAL man loves the feel of a woman's breasts. And definately appreciates her in all of her sexiness. A REAL man can handle a woman's desires Her softness and wetness just sets him on fire. A REAL man will love her without any shame And tell anyone who asks, "She's the best in the game." A REAL man will honor the beauty within And be thankful that all that goodness is his. A REAL man will appreciate her for who she really is. And cherish and love her no matter what anyone says. It takes a REAL man to love a lady To hold her close and to call her his baby. So, to all of the men out there: If you think you're a REAL man Who's seeking a treasure Look for a REAL woman Her love is without measure. We are easy to find Just look a
Naked Pics
HA HA made you look, dont mind me I'm totally bored, come talk to me. I'm not as mean & nasty as everyone says I am
People Come Into Your Life For A Reason
PEOPLE COME INTO YOUR LIFE FOR A REASON I am sending this to you to see how many actually read their comments.Your response will be interesting. Pay attention to what you read. After you have finished reading it, you will know the reason it was sent to you. Here goes: People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that person. When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually. They may seem like a godsend and they are. They are there for the reason you need them to be. Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand. What w
Like A Boy
Ciara BRAND NEW VIDEO!!!Add to My Profile | More Videos
You scored as Bondage. Your turn on is bondage... all out. You don't have a specific part of kinky sex that turns you on more than any other... everything working together turns you on. And why shouldn't it? Sex isn't sex without all the trimmings.Bondage92%Whips83%Chains/Handcuffs83%Blind Folds75%Biting42%Blood0%What's Your Kinky Turn On?created with
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Got new pics an stashes if u like to see them an rate them to my friends anfans
I Am The Mystery
I am the mystery you want discover, the forbidden of your Apple of Eden,the Serpent crawling on your filthy Paradise I am your bloodred rose, full of thorns, fleshing in you Pain and Pleasure together for xever and xever Know me and find thy ecstasex A gift for You: "If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you; If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, but make allowance for their doubting too; If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, or, being lied about, don't deal in lies, Or, being hated, don't give way to hating, and yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise; If you can dream - and not make dreams your master; If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim; If you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two imposters just the same; If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools, Or watch the things you gave your life to
Strange Colors Are All Around
Strange colors are all around the patterns make no sense who would think that bronze and green would create a beautiful sun or cream and red come togther to make a lovely tree I see blue and orange here they make a warm blanket togther yellow and silver are over here they make up a vast night sky how strange it seems that these things are made here where I need them most a whole world of colors come togther they create my resting place where I come when the real world stark and cold gets me down I come here to recover myself and prepare to start again in a world I do not enjoy this place is dark and still yet there I must always return until once again I am depleated then I can return to this land of dreams where strange colors are all around.
Changing Your Display Page
A new option for your homepage has just been enabled that offers you a few options on how your homepage displays. If your homepage has changed and you don't like the new version or you wish to try the other versions, go to your Profile Settings page and change the "HomePage Style" to Original, Newbie or Power.
Angry Teacher
Why Girls Are Special
Some girls don't like haters, other know that sometimes a girl is just trying to get attention, or thats how maybe she sees her world. it's her right. Some girls will fight one day, then make up the next if they were friends long enough. Some girls like mumms, others don't. A girl will always treasure you if you write in her mumm. the mumm means a lot to that girl who wrote it. Some girls who are mothers need saultes, they are raising future men and women. Girls like gifts, tens, stash rates, and a lot of love from each other. All girls need another girl to believe in them. Imagine being of the same species and having someone not like you. Girls need to be listened to and understand. Sometimes they need hugs from friend family and loved ones, and they need protection, too. If this means anything to you, come along and be my friend. Gifts and drinks appreciated but not expected.
Kristopher 3 Months
WOW ....all i got to say is wow how time flies Lil Kristopher is 3 months old.... He is laughing and cooing ... i am learning his ticklish spots .. God forbid i walk out of the room boy he puts up a Fuss....He must love mommy... I just got a new job , Punkin will be babysitting on the days daddy has to work too... well when and if u get a chance sign my guest book and leave me a voice comment :).. talk toy you all soon .. *~*PurpleNiteShade*~*
News Flash: Paris Hilton Taken Sobbing In Shackles To The Twin Towers Jail
BREAKING NEWS - updated 6/8/07 at 6:55pm PST- Round IV: Judge Orders Paris Hilton BACK TO JAIL FOR 45 Days- Paris is dragged screaming and sobbing from court to jail in handcuffs and shackles - Video- How LA Attorney Convinced Judge to Send Paris Back to Jail at the Twin Towers- How LA Attorney's Office Convinced Angry Judge to Send Hilton Back- Judge Sauer Remands Paris Hilton's Sentence; Hilton Taken Screaming and Kicking From Courtroom Back to Jail- LA Attorney and Judge File Order To Have Hilton Appear Back in Court- Paris Hilton's Sentence Reduced Before She Goes to JailNote: The media was in a frenzy this morning (June 8th) over the fact that Paris Hilton was being taken to the hearing in police custody. MTB reported this last night after obtaining the city attorney's motion which specifically stated that Hilton would be taken into police custody. So why was it such a BIG NEWS item this morning? Because CNN read my blog. I can prove it. Anyways, yet another scoop for MTB! :-D Ori
Domestic Violence
press reply copy and paste as a bulletinTURN UP YOUR SPEAKERS!!! Think its ok to boss a girl around?slap her around a few times and teach her a lesson? She's just a dumb "bitch" a "slut".No! Shes a human being, a girl that deserves to be loved and respected. Not used and thrown out like a piece of trash. A "man" should NEVER hit a woman. And should never force his girl to have sex with him, thats not something you do to the person you supposedly love. So if you're aganist Spousal Abuse please repost this! And if you don't you're not going to die or be raped by a toaster, you're just cold at heart. and if your a guy thats man enough to repost this good for you. click reply to poster, then copy into a new bulletin.
Business Stuff
I am looking for some input for my business. Want to know what you would buy for someone offline. Considering starting an EBAY store and then making a website if it starts going well. Bath Syrup-basically a bubble bath Bath Melts- a little cube (or other shape) that you toss in your bath and let melt for a nice yummy bath Bath Bombs- fizzes in your bathwater really nifty to watch Bath Cookies- look like cookies! but goes in your water Bath Milk- basically something that you add to your water that will help soften your skin Bath Salts- well... duh Bath Tea- basically a tea bag with herbs and other stuff in it that you set in your bath while water is running FACIAL PRODUCTS Scrubs, Masks, cleansers, toners BODY PRODUCTS Lip balms in assorted flavors Headache relief pots-rub on your temples to help get rid of headaches. Body Masks Foot Bath Hair treatments LOTIONS/CREAMS body butters aftershave creams lotion bars-solid lotions cuticle cream An
My New Site
CHECK US OUT HERE!My new site with Games including trivia channel, Movies to watch, Up to 3 Cam viewing at once, Profiles and buddies, And the best damn chat around. Click the pic!!!
Tigers Are No. 1
Tigers are No. 1 Fans turn attention to San Antonio. By JORDAN RAUBOLT of the Tribune?s staff Published Monday, November 26, 2007 Gerik Parmele photo Sarah Huebner, center, celebrates with other fans Saturday night in the stands of Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City after Missouri beat Kansas 36-28 and clinched the top spot in the national football polls. "Armageddon at Arrowhead" is over, but Tigers fans now face another doomsday scenario. How do you get to San Antonio, Texas? After claiming Big 12 Conference North Division title and the No. 1 ranking for the first time since 1960, the University of Missouri-Columbia heads to the Alamodome in San Antonio to face the University of Oklahoma for a chance at the conference crown on Saturday. That gives MU fans only five days to make their travel plans. Tickets for the game went on sale at 8 a.m. this morning, with prices ranging from $79 to $99, but the approximately 8,000 tickets available through MU so
Ok i know i havent been on much but some know y.... but i may be gone for a bit longer now...i think i have to go sit off fines i owe tomorrow...not sure till i get there so i guess i will be jobless again and have to start all over again grrrrrrrrrr....... but if im on tomorrow i guess i am ok and they gave me a chance to play catch up now..... but if not its been real hope to talk to ya all later.... ooh if i do i might be in the franklin county jail or jackson pike in columbus ohio for all u who wanna know or may wanna write so im not so bored huh lol.... ooh and my real name is John Haudenshild and if ya want i should write back send a self addressed stamped envelope...... ok but hopefully they give me another chance grrrrrrrrr........ talk to ya all later...... lots of love Tongue :p
i need to make some money to move i have some shirts i am selling the price is 15.50 please give some advice what to do thanks sonia
Aunt Carol
Aunt Carol The teacher gave her fifth grade class an assignment: Have your parents tell you a story with a moral at the end. The next day the kids came back and one by one began to tell their stories. Johnny, do you have a story to share? 'Yes ma'am. My daddy told a story about my Aunt Carol. She was a pilot in Desert Storm and her plane got hit. She had to bail out over enemy Territory and all she had was a small flask of whiskey, a pistol and a Survival knife. She drank the whiskey on the way down so it wouldn't break and then her parachute landed right in the middle of twenty enemy Troops. She shot fifteen of them with the gun until she ran out of bullets, killed four more with the knife, till the blade broke, and then she killed the last Iraqi with her bare hands. 'Good Heavens' said the horrified teacher. 'What kind of moral did your daddy tell you from this horribl
15 Weird Things About Me..
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 15 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 10 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I have 21 piercing in my ears so far, cause i love earrings 2. I only wear heels , I go from 4" to 6" heels, i am partial to the 6" ones though. 3. I hate spaghetti. 4. I cant go thru drive thru windows if i am driving, i have to park and go inside. 5. I am very shy in person. 6. I wear my brothers ashes in a mini urn around my neck. 7. I am scared of everything yet love mystery books and movies. 8. I have never met a pair of high heels i didnt like. 9. I can only drink beer if it is extremely cold, i will add ice if needed. 10. When depressed i cut my hair every day. 11. I would rather eat pretzels than a regula
A Update
ok just a quick lil update to my previous blog (if u didnt read it, check it out)..My "friend" Jennifer?..Yeah shes a cu*t. She owed me money after she moved out and she said she would pay me on payday!... Guess what she did a DAY before she got paid?...LMAO..deleted her fubar account and BLOCKED me on myspace. I hope when she gets to hell satan sticks his horns up her ass! Moral of this story...Dont lend people money who have fucked you over many times before. (yes she fucked me over before but it was over a year ago and im always one to give second chances..) Thats ALL :) -Ash
Nascar Fans
If got tickets to the August sat nite and Sun nite races. Where do I stay heard its in the middle of nowhere Help Please
Usmc And Usn Gunfight Rules.
USMC Rules for Gun fighting: 1. Bring a gun. Preferably two guns. Bring all of your friends who have guns. 2. Anything worth shooting is worth shooting twice. Ammo is cheap. Life is expensive. 3. Only hits count. The only thing worse than a miss is a slow miss. 4. Move away from your attacker. Distance is your friend. (Lateral and diagonal movement are preferred.) 5. If you can choose what to bring to a gunfight, bring a long gun and a friend with a long gun. 6. In ten years nobody will remember the details of caliber or tactics. They will only remember who lived. 7. If you are not shooting, you should be communicating, reloading, and running. 8. Use a gun that works EVERY TIME. "All skill is in vain when an angel pisses in the flintlock of your musket." 9. Someday someone may kill you with your own gun, but they should have to beat you to death with it because it is empty. 10. Always cheat; always win. The only unfair fight is the one you lose. 11. H
About Me
As I sit here all alone & wonder what to do Guess I could get up and do a thing or two My body on the outside may seem young & good But on the inside I feel as if I'm hundred & two This is for all the ones who have mis-understood for who I am or what I might say Only if they could walk in my shoes for a single day.
Good Morning, One And All......
Enough with the drama! At my ex's request, I AM NOT going to be sitting at the hospital during his surgery. It'll just be too stressful for him, not knowing what his Mom might do or say. Fine! I've told my Mom and daughter to back off.....I'm doing what he wants me to do. As it is, the Docs changed his surgery date to September 24, from September 23. I will send prayers and positive energy! It has been a busy week, work clients calling daily! A good thing, but I need to schedule people a week or more out. And attempt to maintain some balance (and my boundaries, lol!). The guys are all doing well in school. So far Dakota, the 14 year old, is giving me the most problems.....he has his first real girlfriend. Although he sees her at school, they seem to need constant telephone contact after school! Hello?!?! I need to use the phone.....NOW!!! Things are becoming more interesting all the time in my life, more to the point, in my spiritual life. Lots of work being done.
Best Boobies
Ok lets try this out. You ladies send your best boobies pics to me, I will post them up here and we will get a vote going to see who has the best Boobies. Ok? So lets give it a try :P
Girl Parts Name
LMAO Your Girl Parts Are Named: Twat Waffle Girl Parts Name Generator
A Reminder To Get Your Flu Shot
Better than a Flu Shot! Miss Beatrice, The church organist, was in her eighties and had never been married. She was admired for her sweetness and kindness to all One afternoon the pastor came to call on her and she showed him into her quaint sitting room. She invited him to have a seat while she prepared tea. As he sat facing her old Hammond organ, the young minister noticed a cut glass bowl sitting on top of it. The bowl was filled with water, and in the water floated, of all things, a condom! When she returned with tea and scones, they began to chat. The pastor tried to stifle his curiosity about the bowl of water and its strange floater, but soon it got the better of him and he could no longer resist. 'Miss Beatrice', he said, 'I wonder if you would tell me about this?' pointing to the bowl. 'Oh, yes,' she replied, 'Isn't it wonderful? I was walking through the park a few months ago and I found this little package on
FYI If you delete your account and come back... I'm not going out of my way to track you down and add you. Same goes if you deleted me "by accident". I can only assume I'm not on your list now for a reason. I will accept if you choose to add me back, but I have enough disappointments in my life now. I don't need to deal with a rejection or a pity accept. That is all for now.
Annipoo Is Back
Annipoo is back on the Fu-bar after being savagly beaten by her Ex,, she sustained broken bones and is still recovering.. soo this is a Friend alert.. go visit her and leave love..Let her know how special she is. click the link below and show you care. Annipoo the Norwegian Goddess*Chief of Operations 2nd alarm hotties*Daddy's levelers*Abbys G/F@ fubar Brought to you by Abby.xoxo
Thanks To All
Auction Openings
im taking autction entries until the 31st of may 4pm eastern time so if you want to be in my auction send me a private msg with the link to ur pic and ur offerings and the auction will open on june 1st  and will close on june 14th at 3 pm eastern time
Auction I am in this auction come bid on me and I will make it worth while
Lyrics of Devour Marilyn Manson I'll swallow up all of you Like a big bottle of big, big pills You're the one that I should never take But I can't sleep until I devour you I can't sleep until I devour you You're a flower that's withering I can't feel your thorns in my head This is no impressionability You're not crying, this is blood all over me You're not crying, this is blood all over me You're not crying, this is blood all over me And I'll love you, if you let me And I'll love you, if you won't make me starve I used to hold your heart to neck I know I'll miss you if I close my eyes But this is loaded with an open film I'll see you and I'll blow your heart to pieces I will blow your heart to pieces I will blow your heart to pieces I will blow your heart to pieces And I'll love you, if you let me And I'll love you, if you won't make me starve Oh oh oh oh... Oh oh oh oh... Oh oh oh oh... Oh oh oh oh... My pain's not ashamed to repeat itself Pain's not ashamed to repeat
Points Breakdown
Fubar points Breakdown WHEN YOU DO THE FOLLOWING YOU GET 3 points for rating a profile 2 points for leaving a profile comment 1 point for rating a photo 1 point for photo comment 1 point for stash rating 1 point for stash comment 0 points for fanning someone THE PERSON YOU HELPING OUT GETS THE FOLLOWING 11 points for fanning them 6 points for you rating thier profile 6 points for a photo rating 6 points for a photo comment 6 points for stash rating 6 points for stash comment 5 points for page comment Please keep in mind all points are doubled for you and them during Happy Hour As you can see when trying to level someone it pays to fan them Stash and pic rates and comments may be worth the same but I personally find it alot easier to rate stash than pics. Also for those of you that may not have realized as you can see it is also helping you out when your helping others A side note too: You DO NOT get any points for RIPPED PICS.. might pay to h
I am on facebook more. If you would like to add me there Find me at   See you soon.   Kelly
Justin's Most Recent Interview :)
Britt credits wrestling for rise on Tigers depth chart Israel Potoczny Oct 15, 2009 Justin Britt is hoping Elvis Fisher goes to the NFL. Fisher, the Tigers starting left tackle, is the only thing between Britt and the field as the former Lebanon High School standout has risen to No. 2 on the University of Missouri depth chart. A native of Saint Petersburg, Fla., Fisher spent his first year at MU as a redshirt freshmen. Then, in 2008, he went from No. 2 on the Tigers depth chart to being named first team Freshman All-American. In town for the Lebanon-Hillcrest game on Oct. 2, Britt took a moment during halftime to talk about his rise up the Tigers depth chart during his freshman season as a member of the University of Missouri football team. “I would like to say, ‘yes.’” He said when asked if he saw himself competing for a position on the Tigers line next season. “But I am behind the best lineman on our team. Maybe next yea
How Not To Handle Stress
So when I get stressed and overwhelmed I do the worst thing ever...nothing. I have a research proposal due on Tuesday, as well as a quiz and a midterm. I'm so overwhelmed by the idea of it that instead of taking things one step at a time and studying, I've just procrastinated to hell and back and done nothing. For example, instead of studying for my midterm or looking through journals for articles on my research, I am typing a blog on Fubar. The work WILL get done, it always does, but unfortunately I now only have one day to accomplish it. Thankfully I only have 1 class tomorrow and am off work. Wish me luck. I seriously am going to study before I go to bed though.
Genesis 1   Genesis 2   Genesis 3   Bible Reading Plan -- Complete NIV Bible in a YearRead the NIV Bible in a year, reading three chapters daily and five on Sundays.
She wonders is she in my dreams,In my thoughts in the day.Will she ever relieze shes all,Shes all in everyway. She could be the beat of my heart,If she ever wanted to.Everytime I'd see that smile,My heart would run to you. For now on your shelf,Watching you go by.Everyday without you,My heart slowly dies.
Video On Shooting In Venango County Pa
1 state trooper killed ... and suspects wife killed
Stanza 365 Week 8
Week 8 of Stanza 365 is underway. Today's poem is another one inspired by the big nor'easter that hit here this past weekend. Cabin Fever Climbing the walls as they’re closing in, the last of my patience wearing thin. Plotting and pacing and wasting away. My sanity slipping with each passing day. Waiting in vain for a chance to break free and wondering what will become of me. How much longer will I have to stay in this place alone with these scars that time cannot erase? You can find the rest at
wait my dear ... no jealousies silly thing ... you can't know how i feel come take my hand i will show you the flame burning secrets, burning wishes ... your name don't be insecure, don't be afraid ... i'll hold you tight oh, virgin weakness, infinite sweetness ... that's you so let's dance all alone i want to kiss you, want to feel you deep your silly skin, a tender touch, a sign that promises so much i want to kiss you, want to feel you deep and so we dance nothing ever spoils my joy of loving you, of looking in your eyes ... i couldn't be that blind that i won't crave for you and still we dance all alone i want to kiss you ...
Just A Song I Wrote
    You’ll never know how much you mean to me You’ll never know how great our love could be You’ll never hear I love you baby And you’ll never feel my touch If you don’t open your heart       If you don’t open your heart If you don’t open your eyes Try to feel this love so deep inside Baby please don’t say goodbye     You’ll never know what a best friend I can be and You’ll never know what your love does to me and You’ll never know if you don’t take the chance Take my hand, this is our last dance I’m standing before you My love is strong, my love is true But you’ll never know     If you don’t open your heart If you don’t open your eyes Try to feel this love so deep inside Baby don’t say goodbye   Inside my heart lies a pot of gold for you to have and you to hold In this life you’re all I need you keep me safe, make me complete It’s all right
Hottest Gals& Hottest Lounge Ser Is #1
Stopped Cold
its hot the sound of the AC is  tink tink tink crinkle like winter snow under my boot in july im not cold im not cold cold cold if the heat wont stop i will cold stop if you could here it would you think the same hear wondering this makes me smile but not that smile its bitter cold stop i tell myself, but i wont because i cant stop cold so i sit and listen to the tink tink crinkle tink and wonder what you are thinking cold stop and because i cant you will do it for me stop cold tink me you nothing and everything is gone and where that makes any difference i cant see stop  cold stopped cold
Backwards Longshoreman
The Glow Radio
Monday on The Glow Radio: DJ Furg is Live later spinning Rock, Grunge, Punk, & Metal starting at 3pm Pacific/4pm Mountain/5pm Central/6pm Eastern next is DJ Siren and she will be spinning her blend of 80's, 90's,Rock,Alternative, & Metal Music starting at 6pm Pacific/7pm Mountain/8pm Central/9pm Eastern next is TonytheMisfit follows with "The Freak Show" featuring the best in Rock,Alternative, & Metal Music starting at 9pm Pacific/10pm Mountain/11pm Central/Midnight Eastern Tune in to The Glow Radio on iTunes; you can find us under Classic Rock in The Radio Directory or you can go to our website at: ___________________ Tune in and enjoy the best tus anyhere on the Web.  The m
Lol @ 11 Months
I still hate the format of these blogs. Maybe that is why I abandoned the Fu. This was where I chatted up my friends.  Yes, I have a few. Maybe I should try this site again. 'Tis been almost a year since I have hung out with you peoples. NO I DON'T DO THE MAFIA THING, SO DON'T ASK. Shit. Got laundry and dishes to do.
Auction Time.
Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Let's give thanks to some of the wonderful friends we made on the Fu. It's Auction Time! Entry Fee is 150,000 fu-buks CO HOSTED by TwauneValentino.... It will start November 22nd at 12 noon CST and will end November 29th at 12 noon CST.                                                         Minimum bid will start at 200k.                                                                                                                                                     If you are interested please send me a 150,000 fu-bucks entry fee.Please send these to the Co-Host for picture creation.                                                                                                                 Twaune is my #2 Family Member :PThe link for the picture you like to submit.                                                                                                                                     A list of your offer for the highest bid
Bitch Just Got Hacked!!!!
this bitch just got hacked by the bestiiee....freakindsheets15 this girl is amazing and has the biggest titties and ass ull ever see......i love this grll i wood bend over backwards for this grrl she has the most amazing personality and deserves respect and if any of u guys break her heart or fuck with her ill kick ur me im in brazilian jujitsu bitch!!!!!!
On And Off With Fu
To those who actualy read my blog posts and friends that I have on here. I have been absent from here for long periods of time I do show up once in amhile and help my friends and family. The reason I have not been on here is due to medical and personal reasons, if you ask I may tell you. My time on fu will be dictated by my meds, school and personal life. if you want to be pimped when I come on send me a pm with time you will be on and I will help you, family first then friends and heavy raters. If you are a true friend and are interrested send me a pm or a text if you are lucky enough to have my cell number and I will fill you in. I would be very happy if I could have some new bling or if someone feeling very generous a god bling would pull me out of my state of saddness. I just thought I would put that out there, probally won't get it but thought I would ask. Everyone have a great day, month and rest of year may it be safe and happy. MFKN OG Phil B. 
A Morning Rant.
So this morning as I sit down with my first cup of coffee I begin to chat with a couple of "friends" on here. I say "friends" because on here, the internet in general, I barely know most of you. And that's ok, that is what the internet is for. Anonymous chatting with people we would never get to met in our "real" lives. I recieve a message in my shoutbox that just says "bigins". Ok first of all LEARN to spell. Secondly, when in today's society did that become acceptable behavior? I mean honestly you would never walk up to a woman in the grocery store and say nice tits. And if you would then you have many more problems then I'm prepared to address here. In today's circle of internet etiquette I notice that many people, men and women, say things behind the screen they would never say in the "real" world. Why is that? Is it because you feel safe? Is it because we're so sex starved and deprived we don't care? Or is it just a lack of manners? Why is it that here I'm very passive and usual
"Without you being just the way you are, we would not have such beauty."The feeling of hopefulness sometimes comes from someone helping us. Think back to a time when you had lost hope. Many times we regained our optimism because someone gave us a
dear bloggy,   my laptop charger is broken so i need to buy a new one today so i can write this stuff on my computer. i need to work out but its not going to happen today because i have to work 2:30 to 11 :( im also going to go shopping before i go to work. so i can buy more panties :D i dont know im just kind of sick of things. but i think everything will work out in the end i just need to keep stressing till then. oh i got a 3.5 gpa.   love,   ruthie
Chapter 1 Gabrielle
It was a night so dark and treacherous, filled with the shadows of the monstrous creatures born of nightmares. I could hear the wind howling at my back like the sound of an animal left to die in the woods. It sent chills along my spine as it glided over the grass like a snake in the water, moving flawlessly. My great lion paws padding the earth leaving barley a mark as I shifted back to my human form. My tail was always the last bit to go back to place as I walked upright on my two human legs. I swept my strawberry blond hair from my face as I used the back of my hand to wipe the still warm blood from my mouth from the kill I had just made deep within the dark forest. I walked to my car, parked just to the side of the road in the edge of the shadows just as I was about to open my door a figure swooped from the darkness much faster than a normal human, or even animal that I was aware of. Before I even knew what was happening I was on the ground and I felt fangs sinking into me. Fangs
Things Im Sick Of
smokers who cant use the ash tray, quit being lazy ,use the damn thing, thats what its there for! lounge inviters who cant read profiles or prfile names for that matter, quit being lazy, learn to read!
Bigotry And Politicians
A friend of mine was troubled a little while back over one of his friend's comments who is a politician in California. He wrote on my friend's Facebook wall some unsavoury comments about Islamic people,Christianity being the superior religion. He also showed me a a couple of emails that he had received from him, claiming that all people that are Islamic are terrorists.  Oh did I mention that my friend is  originally from India and is Islamic?I suggested that this man was NOT his friend and to dump him.. he wasn't worthy of his friendship. (with friends like that, who needs enemies?!?)  I was curious (and still outraged) that a "friend" could do this to someone else's religion and race, so I went on his blog.I almost wished that I hadn't . There was so much hatred  on there against Islamic people, It was unreal.a quote from his blog : " Islam is a violent and dangerous religion which has been a threat to world peace for over 1400 years." I also like "who is responsible for 9-11? Islam"T
No Tomorrow
Since you’ve been gone there’s a darkness, nowhere a light to be foundThe clock on the wall’s holding back the time, It’s clear that I’m just going downYou and I, were made for one anotherAnd I believed that dream, for too longAll that you left was a letter, I can’t get it out of my mindNo more laughter, no more sun, alone at the scene of the crimeNow here I am, searching for forgiveness, yeahBut nothing seems to matter anymoreThere’s no tomorrow, only fire in the rainYou say you’re sorry, but only memories remainYou can’t tell me there’s a reason, why I should go through all this painAnd once again, once againI call your nameLove was the wrong destination, and I can’t find healing touchBut I won’t forsake, I won’t give up, g uess I still need you too muchSo here we are, strangers to each otherWhen once we held the whole world in our handsThere’s no tomorrow, only fire in the rainYou say you
I Hate Emo Poems
I HATE EMO POEMS I'm sick of poemsthat that talk of deathand how your stupid boyfriend leftlets not get upand get a lifejust grab your paper, pen, and knifelets talk of bloodupon the floorand lovely darknesswe adoreall you sayis "my life rots"and then you write your emo thoughtsno one caresabout your dreadsand how you justwish you were deadthey aren't as deepas you might thinkwhen you say in them"my life will sink"I reall
Team Mother Pt 2
I watched Cory massage his shaft, taking special pleasure in the sight of the droplets of pre-cum gathering at the slit of his cock. There was a magnetic draw that seemed to be pulling my mouth toward the fat head of that thick penis of his. I rose up on my knees to keep myself from succumbing to the temptation.This put my tits at about the same level as his cock. I took a hold of my boobs, lifting them and squeezing them. My nipples were thrust out, seemingly reaching toward him. I inched one slowly forward until it just brushed the tip of his cock before pulling it away. There was a sharp intake of breath, and his hand began to move faster. One point for me. I repeated this seductive torture with my other nipple, and was rewarded with Cory taking it up another notch.“Work that hard cock, baby,” I encouraged him. “I want your cum on my tongue.” I reached up from below and lightly tickled his hairy scrotum. “Empty these big fat balls into my mouth, Cory. L
Graph: Income Inequality In U.s. Worse Than Ivory Coast, Pakistan, Ethiopia (repost)
GRAPH: Income Inequality In U.S. Worse Than Ivory Coast, Pakistan, Ethiopia As ThinkProgress has repeatedly noted, crucial services and public investments for Main Street America are being gutted as taxes on the richest Americans are the lowest they’ve been in a generation. Yet many Americans may not know exactly how unfair this is, as the country has grown increasingly unequal at the same time. Using data from the CIA Factbook based on the Gini coefficient — a measure of income inequality within a society — ThinkProgress has assembled the following graph, which demonstrates that the United States is now about as economically unequal as Uganda and more unequal than countries like Pakistan or the Ivory Coast: Income inequality in the United States is actually higher than at any other time in modern history since the Great Depression. There is also a tremendous amount of inequality even in life expectancy, with the American Human Development Index reporti
Men are born to succeed, not to fail.  -  Henry David Thoreau
A Rant & Reality Check...welcome Back!....
So it's been awhile. I figured that I would write -something- to let everyone know that I am not dead, contrary to what some wish ..I've been busy with real life things and sick for about 2 weeks now. Yanno, a job with overtime, etc. Making progress, going forward, doing important things. That's about the extent of it really. Real life has to take a leading role, which it always should.. ..but I have peeped in and out, used my pimpouts where they are best needed and stuff in the past month or so. Safe to say, based on what I have seen, Fubar is doing just fine in my "absence"... ...or is it? ...let's see. I don't have any current fakes to nuke, no cheaters to break news on at the moment. Mostly because I've been disconnected or as some say truly "unplugged" from all this for a hot minute here. Of course I am sure they are rampant and I'm sure the same people are doing the same stuff they always do. I mean, take 15 min to look around. It's not that hard to realize
Mutual Respect
You know I understand that we all come from different places and different worlds, but in what place and what world is "Hey sexy nice tits wanna cam" an acceptable way to start a conversation with a woman.  A little about me.  I am 27 years old, born and raised in Dallas but a single woman who worked three jobs just to make sure we lived in a decent neighborhood.  Now where i come from that is not acceptable.  Acceptable would bee "Hello (Her name), My name is (your name), how are you today".  It's fascinating to me just how hard it is for guys to have a descent conversation with a woman on here.  I dont know maybe I am just weird.  But guys if you are just trying to get her to let you see her private pictures, you will most likely be dissapointed.  Where i come from, what I am talking about is called Mutual Respect.  Show it and you will have much better conversations.  Just a thought.  Hope everyone has a great day.
ambsace \EYMZ-eys\noun;    1.  The smallest amount or distance.    2.  The lowest throw at dice, the double ace (two ones.)    3.  Bad luck; misfortune.
Military Retirement
Military retirement is not a Entitlement, it was earned! Our benefits aren't some kind of charity or handout! Congressional benefits = free health care, outrageous retirement packages, 67 paid holidays, three weeks paid vacation, unlimited paid sick days - now THAT'S welfare. And Congress has the nerve to call a Military retirement an Entitlement? Re-post if you are sick of their stuff, and ashamed of our "leaders"!!!!!!
Tangled Roots, Buried Deep
Like tangled roots buried deep, entwined as one we are complete, a raging fire so quick to burn, like savage winds, so quick to turn, through the smoke, we see the scars, among the embers is where we are, beneath the surface, that's where we'll be, for all of time, infinity.
Just Wow
This past week has been just wow ... It has been an emotional round of ACM (Look that up it's a military turm specifically fighter pilot turm)  And Right now I'm giddy. I need a Grinectomy (Surgical removal of the grin from the face a made up turm) And I beleive it is only going to get better. *Looks to his one sleeping peacefully* Yeah only going to get amazing. For I have found her. *Looks to who I have to thank for this* Thank you for everything, and especially for introducing us I don't regret a thing.
How To Last Longer For Men – Find A Solution For Tonight!
Imagine this guys: you meet a beautiful woman and she comes home with you. She is SO gorgeous that you are ready to go in mere minutes. But, as you prepare to have hot, steamy sex with her, you start to wonder: how to last longer for men in bed … because you always finish way too early. Certainly, you want to please her and make her climax, but the whole time you just can get it out of your head: last longer in bed for men, will I tonight? Is this you? Does this scenario sound all too familiar? Well let’s explore some solutions to your sexual dilemma so you can avoid this bedroom faux paw once and for all.   How to Last Longer for Men – Are Drugs the Answer? You could try different drugs that will help to make you last longer in bed men. But do you have the time and the money to see doctors every month just to get prescriptions? Can you afford to pay as much as $25 per pill? Did you know that drugs that are even approved by the FDA have as many as 70 known side ef
Janey Godley’s Podcast Episode 63
(Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language)   In episode 63 of Janey Godley’s podcast this week is dominated by Ashley’s illness- she has tonsillitis and can hardly speak.     The comedy duo go into a debate about the ongoing controversy of the special needs woman Ceri Reese on last week’s X Factor in the UK, kids doing cage fighting gets the once over and then Janey tells stories from her childhood and talks about the Roma homeless in central Glasgow. The Burkha ban in France gets the ladies ranting and Dublin is the city of the week.   Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the world gets to hear it on Janey Godley’s podcasts, expect some bawdy language and home truths, as Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie lead you down the roads less taken in their fantastic weekly podcast. Listen as mother and daughter banter, bait and burst with laughter.     Please do listen and comment on the Janey Godley Podcast at: Episode 63  
Common Sense
Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as:-Knowing when to come in out of the rain; - Why the early bird gets the worm;- Life isn't always fair; - And maybe it was my fault. Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies, don't spend more than you can earn and adults, not children, are in charge. His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well-intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a 6-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition. Common Sense lost ground when parents attacked teachers for doing the job that they themselves had failed
Beautiful Morning
Beautiful Morning Daylight flows in as morning does break You find yourself waking with a deep seeded ache And there your Master sleeps by your side Your need for him is something you cant hide Slowly your hand slides down his chest No wanting to disturb him from his rest But deep within there burns such a fire Not knowing if you can curb your desire Gently you wrap your hand around his cock Enjoying the feel, so warm and so soft Slowly you start stroking up and down The burning ache inside grows in leaps and bounds Slowly under the sheet, your Master starts to grow You slid down the sheets just above his toes Lower your crawling down on the bed Softly and gently your tongue teases the now throbbing head Taking him in deep, as far as he will go The passion now growing as he continues to grow Back to the head, with no time to waist Catching the first drops, savoring the taste Quickly now, your throat takes it in deep Feeling th
Word To The Wise, Don't Get Sick
Get sick for a few days, not that active on here, and get bumped down a few notches or even off family or friends. So I'll just have to not get sick from now on I guess. Oh well, I should expect things like this. Almost 5 years, and one thing is still me, gimme, talk to me, pay 100% attention to me and only me, or get bumped. Well I don't play that. Accordingly, since I've been bumped down for appears to be no reason buy my absence due to being sick, I have adjusted my family and friends list. I'm not a fair weather friend and those that are have been put after my family and friends that seem to be. If anyone is all butt hurt, I"m sorry,  but I don't like earning my way into a persons trust and I make every effort to work to stay there. 
p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }   WATER?   It flows and falls   It rises   It brings life and hope   It crashes in violent waves with passion and purpose   It trickles and gently gives of it's self   It flows along it's way bringing nourishment   For those who have it, is is every where   For them it often is taken for granted   For others It is scares   Foe them It is more precious the gold   By now you must know of what I speak   No not water   Were did you get that?   I speak of   Love   JPowell
Week 6
     Hey there, sexy people!  King Jeremy with my Week 6 NFL predictions!  Week 5 was 7-6 for me, so let's hope this week gets better.  Here now are my picks............     Carolina @ Atlanta:  Atlanta     Indianapolis @ Cincinnati:  Cincinnati     San Francisco @ Detroit:  Detroit     St. Louis @ Green Bay:  Green Bay     Philadelphia @ Washington:  Philadelphia     Buffalo @ N.Y. Giants:  Buffalo     Jacksonville @ Pittsburgh:  Pittsburgh     Houston @ Baltimore:  Baltimore     Cleveland @ Oakland:  Oakland     Dallas @ New England:  Dallas     New Orleans @ Tampa Bay:  New Orleans     Minnesota @ Chicago:  Chicago                                                                                           (ESPN Monday Night Football)     Miami @ N.Y. Jets:  N.Y. Jets
The Little Warrior
The Little Warrior   Not much more than four foot tall, With no manly strength to show, A braver soul you would never find, A true hero for one and all.   With wisdom way beyond his years. And a heart as big as they come, He  looked his enemy in the eye, And returned it a cheeky smile..   No fear showed  on his baby face, As he fought battle after battle, An inspiration for all around him, His beautiful, kind soul shone strong.   Wrapped in the arms of his Mother’s love, The little warrior hung his head, An amazing fight he had fought, With the courage of 100 or more men.   But the time had come to say goodbye,
dorsal \DAWR-suhl\adjective;    1.  Situated on the back    2.  In Anatomy situated on or toward the upper side of the body, equivalent to the back, or posterior, in humans.    3.  In Botany pertaining to the surface away from the axis, as of a leaf; abaxial.    4.  In Phonetics articulated with the dorsum of the tongue.noun:    1.  In Phonetics a dorsal speech sound.    2.  In Anatomy a dorsal structure.
Shoppers Tutorial Best Skiing Jackets Buying Internet
Because buying the right snowboarding Jackets is so essential to your safety and comfort, following a few key rules of thumb when shopping will be able to enhance your water skiing experience immeasurably.In choosing the right snow clothing as well as equipment it is far better follow the a few layer rule of thumb. Using four different tiers of ski clothing and additionally appropriate extra accessoriesNorth Face Outlet can provide you with the nearly all sufficient volume of insulation from gnawing on winds and even temperatures not to mention the least injurious ski escape ever. Any under and even base layer regarding ski dress is made up of long-lasting yet to be able to thermal pants and body clothing that embrace close to the epidermis in a attached manner, and then a pair of good quality ski footwear. Some hosiery intended particularly for snowboarders also work most certainly for snowboarders to provide exceptional warmth and possess padded sheets that protect your shins.The
Rant From An Atheist
I am writing this blog, assuming noone will ever read it. This just a place for mee to bounce some crazy thoughts floating around in my head. There is no structure, just a blast of thoughts. Feel free to comment, criticize, or if you want to discuss the "mysteries" of life, let me know.   It was two year ago that I was in college studying science and mathematics. I wish that I could have stayed in school, but unfortunately I suffer from the problem that so many of us struggle from... Lack of money. I had to drop out. At the time I wasn't even sure that I wanted to stay in school. At the time I was experimenting heavily with drugs, and smoking two packs of cigarettes, and drinking heavily. Yet I could easily scrape through classes without studying. Especially in Calculus, and Chemistry. I was unsatisfied with my life. I was at the time a Christian, perhaps not a very good Christian(non denominational), but I know the bible pretty well. I came from a moderately wealthy, conservative fa
What Do We Do With All Our Rage
regrarless of how evolved we think we are.,there are still times when the dead lurches of the dreaded ego come back to life, bringing with them their stock in trade; fear, insecurity, judgement etc. and for me, recently, rage. Now rage is one of those primal feelings that is going to do some damage to something.It plays out in various ways. Turned within it can become depression, self hate, guilt etc. in addictions tx we used to tell people that it would come out the side of their necks. The event is just the trigger. This time for me it was about some money that I found out I wasn't going to get. But that ignites  the whole caldera of anger and resentments that burn wildly, like white hot melting rivers just beneath the crusts of our skin. My bathroom door was made of balsa wood and cardboard. My first instinct was to punch a hole in it.,but I quickly rejected that option; I write for a living, and I'd feel prettty dumb if i fucked up my hands and could
Impression Services
Roofing Services VoIP Providers Antique Dealers
Do You Know
Do you know?Do you know what it's like to....laugh when you feel like screaming... Walk when you feel like running or to cry when you feel like dying... How about to live, when you don't want to...or to sleep when you feel like moving.... How about winning when you feel like your losing... Do you know what it feels like to lose a friend right when you need them.... How about feeling pushed away sitting next to someone... Do you know what a hug feels like when they don't mean it... Or to have someone walk away from a hug when you need it... I Bet You Don't 
Goofy Me
Original Video - More videos at TinyPic
A Reason, A Season, Or A Lifetime
 When someone is in your life for a reason, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed outwardly or inwardly.  They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support to aid you physically, emotionally, or spiritually.  They may seem like a godsend, and they are.       They are there for the reason, you need them to be.  Then, without any wrong doing on your part or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up or out and force you to take a stand.        What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled; their work is done.  The prayer you sent up has been answered and it is now time to move on.    When people come into your life for a season, it is because your turn has come to share, grow, or learn.  They may bring you an experience of peace or make you laugh.  They may teach you something you have
Government Sites Hit, Syria Says; Toll Seen Rising In Homs
BEIRUT, Lebanon — marc jacobs Explosions in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo struck two targets associated with the military and police early on Friday, Syrian state television reported, as the central city of Homs was reported to still be under siege with sporadic tank fire ripping into contested neighborhoods, pinning down residents in their homes. He blamed the government itself for carrying out the attacks against what he said were two heavily guarded security compounds that it would have been difficult for civilians to approach. “This regime is playing a well-known game, seeking to distract the world’s attention from the massacres in Homs,” Captain Wawi said. Another Free Syria Army commander said the rebels had carried out an operation against security headquarters before the bombings, but that they had nothing to do with the blasts- marc jacobs bags . Much of the government effort to quash revolt has centered on Homs where activists said another 1
Turf Tax Records
**************************Turf Tax Records************************** 4-28 $4,834,078,524 #1 Taxed Turf!!! (No Rackets) 4-21 $137,553,591,967 WTG Vipers! | 6-19 $178,537,316,316 #1 Taxed Turf!! | 11-12 $174,492,889,248 #1 Taxed Turf!! 11-13 $190,042,901,983 #1 Taxed Turf!! | 11-14 $169,811,419,511 #1 Taxed Turf!!| 11-15 $155,634,219,564 #1 Taxed Turf!!
You want me to change my thinkingMy patience for your stupidity is shrinkingStill pictures of your dead corpse apear while im blinkingKeep blameing it on my smokeing and drinkingThe only time I can feel at peaceThe rage and depression start to decreaseThen I deal with an idiot that makes it increaseI just want to releaseMy heart starts raceinMy mind is on a different stationYou say its a thought that leads to this feelingI wanna throw you though the ceilingI get feelings of rage and i don't know whyI get feelings of depression and I start to cryI'm feeling worse then beforeThe same routine it's just a boreHow many different medications will I exploreI'm fighting an internal warHow long before I end up on the floorOr six feet underNo wonderI feel like my heart and mind is torn asunderWanna know why I can't remember what you said?I had a different convo going on in my headYou tried to judge me while my file went unreadI told you im not normalDo I have to write a letter and make it formal
Laura Neiva Posa Para Revista De Loja De Roupas
Laura Neiva foi convidada para estrelar a revista da loja Bobstore. A atriz foi clicada por Paulo Reis em um prédio antigo no centro de São Paulo e usou looks da coleção de primavera da marca. Durante as fotos, Laura falou sobre a atuação no filme O Menino no Espelho que foi adaptado da obra de Fernando Sabino. “O filme se passa nos anos 30 e a minha personagem usa roupas já com influencias dos 40: saia mais curta, paletózinho mais justo- roupa online portugal. O figurino foi quase todo feito especialmente para o filme por Ricardo Pereira, o Rica, figurinista que desenvolveu até sapatos e bolsas para reproduzir fielmente o estilo de época”, conta.   Além do longa, Laura também estará nos curtas Mundo Invisível e Des, exibidos na Mostra Internacional de Cinema de São Paulo e no Festival de Veneza, respectivamente. Sobre possíveis trabalhos em novelas, a atriz conta. “Penso nisso agora pois tinha um trato com a minha mãe e a minha empresária. Combinei
Use And Rehearse Technique Of Conditioner
Combined with the people concerning the request unceasing enhancement of hair health, style hair hairdressing product also continually promotes, however generally people know the fact that purpose of shampoo, was useful about the conditioner a lot does not understand. Nevertheless the conditioner takes us to nurse the head of hair necessary one product, the conditioner is useful the overall knowledge that really has no alternative but to be aware of. For can assist everybody put in place the best understanding to hair health, in an effort to helps everybody in terms of possible maintain own hair health, a few pounds from conditioner the main effect as well as other aspects, further understood that together the conditioner is useful. Generally believes that hair offers the negative charge, the conditioner is helpful displays to the elimination of electric charge. After conditioner hair wash, will enable hair to possess more negative charges, thus produces the static electricity, cause
Running Results To Election Mumm Contest
Voting created @ 11/6/2012 05:42 am expires in: 20 hrs [EVERYONE] VOTE,VOTE,VOTE created @ 11/6/2012 05:55 am expires in: 20 hrs [EVERYONE] Today is vote day! created @ 11/6/2012 05:58 am expires in: 20 hrs [EVERYONE]   Election Day created @ 11/6/2012 06:02 am expires in: 20 hrs [EVERYONE] So what's your favorite part? created @ 11/6/2012 06:31 am expires in: 20 hrs [EVERYONE] FuFool influence created @ 11/6/2012 06:32 am expires in: 20 hrs [EVERYONE]
Musings, Rants & Cons Archived Posts Oct-nov 2012
Musings, Rants & Cons Archived Posts Oct, Nov 2012: Same Old Shit: Fubar's Time and Irony: Idiot of the Day: Obama is a liar: Idiots that say " I don't care about Fubar": Pink for October:
Dva Bounty Hunter Hall Of Fame 26
{DVA} Bill (Nee... just KILLED † ßrøĸeŊ † and collected a bounty of$9,499,058,029, with $1,000,000 going to turf tax!  {DVA} Bill (Nee... just KILLED ]ᙣ[BLOODY MONEY and collected a bounty of$56,168,053,346, with $1,000,000 going to turf tax! {DVA} Bill (Nee... just KILLED Shall We Dance and collected a bounty of$39,998,902,912, with $1,000,000 going to turf tax! {DVA} Bill (Nee... just KILLED ¤ §†iℵgEr¤ and collected a bounty of$11,213,118,700, with $1,000,000 going to turf tax!  {DVA} Bill (Nee... just KILLED {ƉƔ} 2 Bit (w)Hor and collected a bounty of$4,958,587,452, with $1,000,000 going to turf tax!  {DVA} Bill (Nee... just KILLED CYNICAL {UIF} and collected a bounty of$6,750,925,073, with $1,000,000 going to turf tax! {DVA} Bill (Nee... just KILLED 
due to travelling to Poland ~I will not be around till next Sat. I am gonna miss all of you xox,Scanner
Visit This Free Adult Forum Site
There are SO many absolutely stunning women (and men) on CT, and I would be so thrilled if you came by this FREE ADULT FORUM SITE and checked it out. There are lots of people who would love to talk to you. Granted, it's no way near as cool as CT, but it's still a place to meet people and be nice and naughty :D So please, feel free to drop by and check it out, and if you feel compelled to do so, please, take a moment to sign up. You can set up your own gallery and blog and start off posting in the forums right away. Post whatever you'd like, either pics of yourself, of others, random porn, whatever! or simply post a discussion subject. Whatever you do, I'm sure it will be of some fun. So please, stop on by :) **kisses and hugs** **Oh, and of course, you men can feel free to stop by as well, after all, the more, the merrier I always say
2006-09-25 12:15:24 OMG KATJA...YOU ARE SO SWEET..I will keep that angel close to my heart..I can not believe that you see what you do in me..others just scruff it off like I am nothing..But YOU..YOU SEE!!!...I will never ever forget you!!..Thank you so much for brightening my day...ANd I know you are real..thats what make you priceless..The card is absolutely Beautiful..I have put it on top of my tv in the living for everyone to see, and for me to remember how special you are...And the kind words that you have written to me, touched my heart once again..Thank you for caring and being my friend KATJA....I love you Dearly!! Dearest Donna! It is easy to see you for who you are. We are alike in so many ways! You are true and genuine, and to me you are truely an angel who lights many hearts with the love you have to give! Any person that has the opportunity to know you the way I do, is lucky and has a golden treasure in you. How could I do anything ~ but love you, your personality
Heartfelt Strings
Caught between the strings of life Cutting deep like a jagged knife Listening to the sounds of a beautiful melody Thinking as if it were only yesterday Knowing it must have only been lies You hear the thoughts as the child cries Weeping deep and sighing low Is it a friend or just another foe? Thinking of the others as if on judgment day If only I knew of the strongest way Carry me through the strings of time Playing as if it were only mine Written by: JJ 073002
It's Freaky Friday Five Time! Yay Mahn!
Okay, I keep doing this because some of the answers I'm getting just rock my socks!! I also see a lot of lurkers, don't be shy, hop in, answer the questions and have fun with this. So, here goes for this week...have fun..oh and remember, it's okay to play pretend here, I know some of the situations may or may not be applicable to everyone. Let's do it! 1. You bring your significant other to a family function held at a hotel. Your significant other retires to his/her room early and leaves you to party in the hotel bar with your family. You engage in a little innocent flirting with a hottie in the bar (nooo not one of your family memebers....LOL). Later that night, the hottie has gone door knocking in the hotel to find you and they manage to wake up you and your significant do you explain that away? 2. You buy a new cell phone ( I hear some of you giggling already), you go to the cell store to have things switched over. You manage to forget that you'v
Buried at
Best Ct Marriage Contest
Fuck Buddy Contract
THIS AGREEMENT SHALL COVER THE FOLLOWING RULES AND PRINCIPLES: 1. No sleeping over - unless it is very good and we need to repeat it in the morning. 2. No meeting in public except for dinner or drinks before the events of the evening. 3. No calls before 9 PM - we don't have shit to talk about. 4. None of that "lovemaking" shit - only sex allowed. 5. No emotional discussions (i.e. Where are we heading with this? Do you love me?) The answer is no, so don't ask. 6. No plans made in advance - that is why you are called the "backup," unless you are from out-of-town, then it's only a one-time advanced arrangement. 7. All gifts accepted - money is always good. 8. No baby talk - however, dirty talk is encouraged. 9. No asking for comparisons with former lovers - it's really none of your damn business. 10. No calling each other "friends with privileges" we are not friends, just sex buddies. 11. Calling out the wrong name during sex is OK - don't be offended.
Come Kiss These Lips!
I just saw this and all I can say is that she rocks! Go show this photo some love and bomb it. -----ORIGINAL POST--------------------- PLEASE GO TAKE A LOOK AND LAY DOWN SOME LOVE!!!!! SEXY KISSY LIPS!!!!! BOMB THE HELL OUTTA ME GUYS!!!!
X Mas
Ok all each and every one of you were great when my mom was sick and now I am asking for prayers again. My family is having a tough time this year, and not only is the mortgage hard to meet but paying the electric and gas are a real challenge as well. On top of the financial, last June I found out my 7 year old has a form of autisim, and that has been a huge adjustment for the whole family. I don't want things for me, but would all of you please keep your hearts open for my kids, so that they will have a great holiday even though my is so broke she cant buy a gift at all. Thank you friends, I love you all. tink
What To Do If You Have Issues With Another User
This is a great bulletin so I wanted to Blog it: ok kids. this is from scrapper himself. DO NOT run to him if you are having a problem with a user. do not run to a bouncer if you are having a problem with another user. Block the person, or put your photos to NSFW if you wish them to not be ripped. Read #7 of your Terms of Service. It cleary states you are responsibly for interactions with other users. not scrapper or bouncers. They are NOT referees. Lets all somehow just learn to block or get along. Number 7 of your TOS is posted below: learn it live it love it. 7. Member Disputes. You are solely responsible for your interactions with other Members., Inc. reserves the right, but has no obligation, to monitor disputes between you and other Members.
Approximately Half The Man He Once Was...
As many of you know, I have an ongoing love affair with fitness and health. As such, I am involved with a supportive, motivational group. My group has grown significantly over the months to include approximately sixty people or so. Well, one of the individuals I've encountered previously weighed four hundred and eighty-five pounds. Today, he weighs two hundred and forty-nine pounds. That is a loss of two hundred and thirty-six pounds. That amounts to two people. You cannot imagine how utterly proud I am of this man. His doctor encouraged him to have surgery, but he resolved to lose weight the healthy, ol'-fashioned way. He still has a bit of weight to lose, but he's doing ever so wonderfully. He doesn't even look like the same person. Even his feet are smaller. Where once he had no definition, he now possesses a fair amount of it. His energy has greatly increased. His blood pressure has lowered significantly. *I have to be off to the post office before it closes, as I
What Is It With Ct Today??
->xxDirtyBoy...: no xxDirtyBoy...: hi sexy ..wanna c my hot cam ?? 218184: seeya ->218184: mm id on't know u..and by now i kinda don't wanna talk to u so yeah :) don't bother 218184: u want totalk ->218184: sure...alright i'm at work..bye 218184: jsut asking ->218184: why do u care? 218184: hows thesex ->218184: we're alright :) 218184: how u and ur man doing ->218184: HEY THERE 218184: hi
4ever + A Day
Once upon a time inside a shower of petals not just any pedal, but rose flower petals White, Red, Yellow, Pink and White I laid my body, my soul, my flesh onto our haven a haven we built with trust, understanding & love a love filled to the max of premium, quality of serenity.....I floated My spirit, my dreams, my hopes spreaded and burst in the sky like fireworks when you smoothered me and showered me Your arms doubled my heart and I BECAME YOU I became anger and a yearing, a burning inside me made me scream to the world, to hell and U held me down and I BECAME YOU Your soul cried and the tears covered me and drowned me.... we rocked deep How kisses so passionate, so sweet sweep over my body now like a hurricane lifting me twisting me arms that once so secure so caring hold tight close with no sign of air........... of life Thur me Da' man was killed sorry son-of-a-bitch who can't get pass the many shades of love Thur me with lov
The "run"
Hello everyone! Well, we finally did it! We got another dog after 9 months or so without one. Her name is Starla, she is a 1 1/2 year old Black Lab mix. She is very active and loves to be outside or with me and the kids. She has some bad habits we are going to try and break her off. Like chasing cats and our neighbors' cows. She is also very loving. She sleeps in the kids' room at night. Sometimes on their floor or in their beds. During the day she likes to take her naps anywhere she feels comfortable sometimes the kitchen floor sometimes the living room floor. It took her a couple of days but she will play with her toys on her own. We think she has buried her "squeaky" bones somewhere in the house. Probably a closet or in the laundry room! LOL. Overall she is a really great dog! I'll try to get some pictures of her up here soon. We got her from the Humane Society last Tuesday afternoon. I wasn't planning on coming home with a dog that day it just sort of worked out th
Im In A Contest Here Is The Link
I just entered this contest and for every 15,000 comments i get a 7 day blast and every rate counts as 10 comments o could my friends come help me please hears the link to the pic
Fubar Smiley Faces
Here are some smiley Faces, etc. That you can use on FuBar. You will find the rest @ : ) = :) : ( = :( : D = :D : @ = :@ & hearts = ¢¾ & spades = &spades & diams = &diams & clubs = &clubs ( N ) = (N) ( Y ) = (Y) ( B ) = (B) ( D ) = (D) (BTW: You need to take the spaces out, for them to work) Please leave a Comment if you know of any others. (Add spaces so I can see how to make them)
Need A Spanking yes im still sensative.. i asked soemone i cared about a completly ridiculous question today and caught myself while doing it. i think being so stinkin tired and still not right and being at the coocoo job today i am just making myself more insane. to add insult to injury someone insulted me and made me feel desperate. tell me to go home and spank me.
Wahoooooooo Posse
I'm just a regular joe with a regular job, Im your average suburbinite slob, I like foot ball and pornos and books about war, I've got an average house with nice hard wood floors, A moment of dennis leary, to illustrate a point I am man hear me belch. I am not the super sensitive cassanova nor am I don juan, but I think the ammount I bring to the table is adaquate. Why oh why must you rant on so do you ask... I grow weary of the constant "boys v. girls" on blogs and smug flashes of what used to be insite about 40 years ago. Damn it I wanna see tits and ass in quantities, women I dont know what they want to see but maybe they can drop a line so I know the score. Yo Soy El Hombre Con El Plan Meistro y el plan es... if you acctually are screing you dont always talk about it, or transversly complain about hearing abou it. So everyone just get some or lots in twos or threes and lets all just enjoy our Fu-ness. Thats just my opinion... I could be wrong. Chris
THE UNCIVILIZED TRAGEDY OF THE HUMAN PARADOX Human beings were not created to be civilized. We were created to survive.Human beings are much more social creatures then most would have you know and for reasons that are not excepable to social standards. Never the less, those needs that drive people to one another are ever present just underneath the surface of the people you've just met, are meeting now and are going to meet all at one and not in order. The maturity of patience I think leads a person to value wisdom over knowledge because when you have wisdom you don’t own it leaving you humble before what you hear, see and feel unchanged by what you want to exist over what actually is and yet wisdom inevitably becomes a part of you. Which in my opinion is a beautiful thing because what you have learned can never be stagnant always changing forever growing with you’re understanding of the world around you and the people in it. Wisdom stands humble before what it dose not yet know, and
Once again i was tested, but somehow i kept my cool. For awhile there i was scared, thinking i was going to end up being the fool. You really had me going, with false pretenses of love. I thought you were someone special, a gift from up above. You tried to grab my heart, and completely over take me. And for awhile you had it, but it really wasnt meant to be. Because i have looked into your eyes, and saw what you was really about. You could never love me for me, so there was always that doubt. That you would never change, No matter how hard i tried. I didnt want to deal with that hardship, i couldnt handle all your cries. I tried to comfort you as a friend, but you completly shut me out. You refused to let me talk, no matter what i tried to talk about. So I leave you to yourself, to suck up your own misery. You will no longer bring me down, I am stronger then you will ever be. I thank god for his friendship, that keeps me from going insane. I thank god for his love, that
My Girlfriend
i really want a girl, if u like me maybe messenger me at my screenname at a hot man at uk clairestevens666
Here in this solitude I hear my inner thoughts I not only hear, The thoughts in my head But the breath of the Gods Whispering through the trees This freedom is rejuvenating While my spirit floats about me My entity leaks Into the surroundings Providing me with A new form My hair becomes the grass My limbs are now roots and trees My breath mixes with Gods To become the wind I have lost myself completely now To become one with nature
Decisions Made...
As many of you may or may not know i have been embroiled in this internal struggle with the values of my employer. The fire at his property across the parking lot from where i work and live which was also his property has been the deciding factor in my decision finally to leave his employment. I am his property manager, and as i watched out my office window in tears at the flames and smoke my main concern was the safety of the tenants...not money...or loss of property. Unlike to my boss, these people are my neighbors, friends and adopted family not just tenants that fill his properties and his bank accounts to fund his vacations, projects and the latest gift to his young wife or kids. Wayne - a fisherman who loves his boat and the water more than anything in the world. Barry- Longtime electric boat worker who likes to dance, loves art and cooking and gardening. Matt and his new wife - Navy sub guy who saw the fire from the submarine, newly married, just recently los
Not Strong Enough.......
I don't know if im strong enough to get threw this. Now of all times i am not sure that i will make it threw the night knowing at any point in time the phone will ring and it will give us the news that he's not with us anymore. I'm trying so hard to be strong and i'm not doing a very good job of it, I find myself slowly losing grip of everything. Everyone is counting on me being strong but im not sure i can be i dont think i can make it threw this i feel so lost. How will i manage this knowing everyone else will look to me for strength when i have no strength to give. I feel so powerless and there is nothing that i can do to change that, No matter my screams of pain or tear filled eyes will change the fate that we're all bound to. No it's not time yet it cant be he is suppose to live long enough to see his first great grand child. How could he be dying he was so strong, and how do you let go, I can't just say goodbye its impossible im not strong enough to do this not again
so i'm visiting my parents and staying the night cause blake is working tomorrow so i always come over here and spend sometimes with my parents while he works on i'm eating gummy bears yumm yumm anyone want some i'll share well i might lol anyways blah blah blah... :)
Thank You All :d
width="100%"> Very Sexy Comments & GraphicsTHANK YOU ALL MY FRIENDS yes thank you all for the the gifts over 300 i get yesterday...thank you for the love you all showing me....i want too thank you all from the deepest of my heart it was overwhelming ...i cant sent ll thank you back i get lost in the mail he he he but this is how i wane thank you for the love the gifts the comments you all made my day special ..... a special thank you too my best friend Angel and Lady T they know why .... and a thank you to them who game too the lounge and made my lounge full of happy people.. thank you thank you thank you ... Music Video:Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
S*u*p* Family Members
Allow me to introduce my bombing family to you - Shady's Underground Posse, or S*U*P We are a small yet dedicated group but always looking for new members. If you're interested in becoming a part of this awesome bombing family, then please contact myself, Mizz Shady or Sexygranny1967. Here are the members of the group Founder of S*U*P - Mizz Shady I WANT U 2 WANT ME Captain 2nd Alarm Hotties Promotions S*U*P Homepage Shady's Under Ground Posse S*U*P* III Promoter/Recruiter/new members bulletin issuer MishNumber1 ♥ Fubar World Cruise & WISEUKF Owner ♥ of SUP, Club FAR & Shadow Levelers Promoter/Recruiter SexyGranny1967>Shadow Leveler>Promoter/Recruiter of S*U*P>Club FAR>owner/owned of mishnumber1 Members *MsRetta*S*U*P* ~Judi~SIXX SLAVE~LEVELER / BOMBER~*S*U*P*~ Dusty S*U*P* mister bukkake of SHADY'S S*U*P* crazyrabbit69 = Shadys S*U*P * - Confederate Bomber - Club F.A.R.-
Ty Ty Official Pimp!
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Your It
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1.i can't sleep without the tv on 2. i am a gadget geek 3. i pace when i talk on the phone 4. i draw a blank when you say its a test, totally forget my own name. 5. i twirl my hair 6. i mess up words and sing way off key on purpose 7. i don't step on cracks or lines when walking. 8. i HATE peanut butter 9. i have a crazy scar on the back of my ear where they stapled my ear back to my head 10. i like boys with tattoos
Wanna Own Me??
Ive Always Known (it Was You)
I can see your face when i close my eyes you match the vision in my head I've dreamed someone like you would come into my life I've prayed for you time and time again I long for the sound of your voice its not like i have a choice I constantly think about you theres nothing else i can do I get this feeling inside when i think about you its something i cant ignore I know theres things in this world that you cant explain your eyes relieve all my pain I've always known it was you even before i met you i don't much believe in fate i guess its never too late I got the chills the first time i saw you you were the girl I've seen in my dreams I knew right then id have to have you my life will never be the same I've always know how you'd be Ive always know you'd love me your eyes are all that I've seen you've always been in my dreams you're in my dreams
Your Own Account
I ask everyone if you casually say hello or send a gift, that you please keep your account to yourself. I do NOT appreciate thanking someone for a gift by saying "Thank you Hun" which is something I often reply to gifts, only to receive a nasty "HE's not your Hun" as a reply.(Obviously a woman logged on to this mans account and was so rude as to read his mail..thank GOD I am divorced!!!) For me, Fubar is a place I go for entertainment and to talk to friends. My real life has enough of it's own Drama. I do not need to innocently be pulled into someone elses Drama.
this is why i never get offensive why i am not quick to judge nor assume why i dont react in certain ways to certain things ==================================================== Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. ==================================================== see love is an understanding of the heart it knows when to say and do things so when someone says they love you and they hold nothing against you and dont act a certain way to things and stand beside you 100% its because they REALLY TRULY LOVE YOU so the next time someone says "i love you" just take in to consideration what comes with that love because once its gone its gone now maybe some of my friend
A Dark Corner Of My Mind
thoughts flying familiar shadows searching waiting wondering an enigma kind yet cruel seeing yet blind it waits stalking innocence eyes flutter pulse races sweat beads nails bite flesh torn answers found unwanted and discarded tears fall inner demons scream quiet solace darkness overwhelms silence has won
Own Me
Shawty has never been in an auction before, so let's show her what it's like.... Click on the pic above to see what she is offering. Let's show her how it's done!! Please Re-Post, Sticky under her name for 500k fu money!
My Middle Finger
My middle finger   My middle finger is so special I can’t live without it I use it for several stuff and for one thing I really don’t want to miss it I see your eyes now already thinking what is he writing But I’m honest, without that finger I can’t live I guess even you cant But hey, I know you all are thinking wrong now you are all so dirty minded without that finger I wouldn’t be able to write normal with a pen What the hell did you have in mind…???? by Mr Smiley
I Am
i am the beauty of everything you are not...the haterd of the makeup on your fake face...the heel to your fancey expensive lether black boot...i am the mosh to ur envied little pit...the height of ur jump and the sole of your downfall.....the smeared mascara around your eyes..... the baggy shirt sitting in your closet......the triple A batteries in your pocket the camera that remains off....the dream u wish was real...the honest opinion...the little child inside the woman.....the real....the honest...the scared....the tactful....the grown up.....the little black cloud to rain on your parade.....the shoe string the hits the floor when you walk..... that tap in your foot or foot on the seat......the dirty car.....the muddy floor.....the foot prints that i dragged in......i am the love ....that you can not find....the bottom of the heart....the unknown fear that noone else is aware of......the penny at the bottom of the pool.....the blue inside the eye.....the little imperfections that n
Auction Ends Feb 28th
I'm up for auction and it doesnt happen often click the pic to bid and make sur you read the comment I left there. .
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4 Years ago you made your choice, you made your choice to walk out.. to throw my heart aside like it never felt a beat.. i couldnt make you stay.. no matter how hard i tried. I gave up my life for you, my dreams, my heart, my soul.... I was so happy during those years ... 4 years have gone by and i still think about it everyday. I shouldnt , i shoulda let it go along time ago.... but it still hurts.... even to this day. I tried so hard to make you smile everyday and make you proud of me.. and somedays i still do... Ive tried sober and ive tried drinking... ive done everything im suppose to , to move on and forget you...but i still miss you.. Your so deep down in my soul i cant shake the thoughts of us.. It seems so hopeless at times, I sometimes wonder if i choose to be alone for the simple reason of thinking of you... Youve moved on.. I need to. But i still miss you..
Name Change
Changing the name . Last night got involved in a MuMM that spun out of control. Long story short Some woman have nothing clever to add to the discussion, out of nowhere starts accusing me of being gay .Now I'm confident of who I am and what I represent and to set the record straight this was a false accusation borne out of pure lack of wit. I'm definitely not gay lmao but this little stunt they pulled has garnered me some unwanted attention from the homosexual community and my former name ..Lil Bear is some twisted gay term I've heard. So in an effort to supress this attention I'm doing away with the name.
2nd Verse, Same As The First...
OK. Drinking game. Same rules as last week, which is you make them up, I follow them, no matter what they are. I get to make two this time 1. For each new person that posts in the blog I take a drink. 2. After the 15th person posts in the blog, I get on cam. (Ask Danorok what happens, he has the screenshots). Now, give me rules. Ready, set, GO! 3. Drink every time Ms. D says to. (Ms. D) 4. Drink every time someone does the tounge smile :P (AngelicDarkness) 5. ViperVenom's hidden rule (ViperVenom) 6. Drink every time I see someone getting bombed in the SB (Clowns) 7. Take a drink for every rate I receive. (Besame Como) 8. Take a drink every time someone comments on a mumm. (Idaho) 9. Take an extra drink with everyone. (Mikey)
Ghost P
A Ghost with no soul no heart and is just cold no one can love a ghost oh so You may say you do but he feels you dont You cherish and him but there is nothing there for him so as he goes off inot the night he looks back and know there was no place for a ghost to be a sight
Stop In The Name Of Love
Blings And Things...
I have noticed a lot of blings and such lately..Just wanted to let my friends know that I do not spend real money to buy things here...Fubucks  are one thing, cash is another.. In times of economic uneasyness Please do not spend real money on blings and such for me.  It is not that I don't appreciate the gesture, it's just that I am sure there are better ways to spend hard earned bucks.. Send me love yur bucks..It means just as much to me..  Thanks. Lots of luv...xox
This Is How U Can See My Nsfw Pics
  So ya wanna know how you can see my NSFW pics ?? It is real simple ..  $10 Bling pack gets you in for a week $20 Bling pack gets ya 2 weeks $50 Bling pack gets you a month$100 Bling pack gets you 3 months An auto 11 or cherry bomb also gets you a month a month vip renewal gets you 2 weeksa 3 month vip renewal get u a month a 3 day blast gets you a weeka 7 day blast gets you 2 weeksa 30 day blast gets you a month A happy hour gets you in for 6 months Wanna know what's in there ? I will give you a hintThere is a little of just mesome of me and my toys a little of me and my gfa little of me, my gf and our hubbys Anita
Softball Time..
Kids are doing the softball thing so time for me on here will be limited and very spuratic.  Stop by and say hey, send some drinks, etc....I'll always return the favor. Smitty
Where Do I Even Begin?
The government has gotten out of control. The country is heading down the road to socialism and fascism. "Oh No!! Fascism is bad!! Bush was a fascist!!" Wrong! Here's the deal: most people don't even know what fascism is. They just call bush one because everyone else does. They think that fascism is just about waging war and stuff like that. That, my friends, is a load of bunk. Fascism is when the Government Indirectly controls businesses. Does that sound familiar? Hmm, i don't know, i wonder, oh wait a second! that shit is happening now!! This president promised drastic change. Well i'm pretty sure that an historically massive debt, an intense weakening of our defenses and a government that thinks it can do whatever it wants is drastic change. They promised that the so-called stimulus package would keep the unemployment rate below 8%, well it's already over 9% the stimulus has, in fact, made it worse. Places are going out of business like mad. They treat terrorists
Today, I was babysitting. The kids were thirsty, so I poured them both a cup of the green juice I'd found in a jug in their fridge. They downed it in a flash. It wasn't until later on after I'd poured myself a cup and taken a sip, I realized I had given them margarita mix. The kids are 4 and 2. FML
The Man...the Myth...
I just watched the Michael Jackson memorial on television. And while I am a little put off by the media sensation surrounding his death, this service was beautiful. I can understand the need these people felt to memorialize emulate celebrate him.  So much of the media hype that's surrounded him throughout his life and now in his death has nauseated me. But this...this gave me hope for humanity. So many people coming together to mourn and celebrate the life of one man...ONE MAN. The world united in a common grief. We can still work together after all. Anyone who frequents the MuMMs has seen much of what I have to say on this subject. I am very vocal regarding it. I've sat on this site watching people make horrible jokes about this man and call him a pedophile. And, it's sickening. Whatever you believe he did in his life...whatever wrongs you attribute to him...he is a man who never had a moment's peace while he was alive, and now that he's gone, he still doesn't get
Labels can be Dangerous, when someone labels another person. It may be that when a person does this they feel that way about themselves down deep inside. Is there any other reason to why they choose to project their issues on another. if one doesn't know how to handle this it can be devastating and damaging to them not only emotionally and mentally it can hurt them with their self esteem. What kind of character does a person truly have and how does this reflect the relationship they have with themselves? The reality is the only way to take a label or comment whether it's negative or positive is to say Thank you! Each person decides how to take it and it solely depends on their relationship with themselves. Sometimes when we fail we learn and sometimes we don't. Some of the greatest and most amazing people throughout history failed many times until they accomplished what they set out to do in the first place. We are always learning and always have constant and never ending improvement i
It seems more often and more often I sit wondering why do I even keep trying. My life just pretty much sucks. I just can't seem to get things together. Lately it seems I think about death alot. Don't know why, just have been. Sometimes it just gets so hard to stay positive and not let things or people bother you. I've gotten really good at hiding my pain from others but it's really getting to be too much to bear. The only thing that has been keeping me going is my faith in God. That has been my only reason for living. I have nothing else. I have no home, barely holding onto a car, have no money and have no one in my life. I've always been able to pick myself up but lately it's like what's the point. Just soooo tired........
What I Really Want
I've been pondering this again... Shit has been crap, lately... Fuck the goat in my ass... I want some recognition for the fact that I'm mostly harmless. I want to stop being the flower on the wall. I want some people around to notice. I want to stop taking the fall. I want your undivided attention. I want my come-uppance due. I want to divert all your dissent and I want the one and only you. enough of that... i want someone to take me aside and put my head in their lap and stroke those spots above and behind my ear and tell me that i'm actually not a piece of shit and that i really am a likable and liked person and that i shouldn't worry about what others say no matter how it hurts and that i really should just come be with them until things blow over and i should focus my all on what i really want because i deserve it and goddammit SOMEBODY MAKE ME FUCKING BELIEVE ALL THIS PATSY BULLSHIT COMING OUT OF MY FUCKING MOUTH BECAUSE THE LAST FUCKING THOUGHT I'LL HAVE TONIGHT IS HOW I CAN'T
Open Arms
Lying beside you, here in the dark Feeling your heart beat with mind Softly you whisper, you're so sincere How could our live be so blind We sailed on together We drifted apart And here you are by my side So now I come to you, with open arms Nothing to hide, believe what I say So here I am with open arms Hoping you'll see what your love means to me Open arms Living without you, living alone This empty house seems so cold Wanting to hold you, wanting you near How much I wanted you home But now that you've come back Turned night into day I need you to stay So now I come to you, with open arms Nothing to hide, believe what I say So here I am with open arms Hoping you'll see what your love means to me Open arms
An ex friend of mine told me once "Your body is here, but your heart and soul are somewhere else".  At first, I was confused, and didn't really understand what they meant.  Until recently...  As most of you know, I have moved from my home in Maryland... to Georgia (lived with said ex friend).. to Wisconsin (stayed with a female friend of mine)... and Now I'm in Washington.  And now, it makes total sense.  That ex friend of mine, was right this whole time.  And I wanted to actually write this, in hopes that he reads this... because I do, in fact, want to thank him.  Because of him, and his constant complaining, it made me realize, that I was in the wrong place.  I should have made other decisions a long time ago.  But now that I have, and it's finally my reality, I do want to thank him for being there, and making me see this.  I found the love of my life.... on fubar... of all places.  Odd, huh?  But ya, know, I haven't even been here for 12 hours, and he's great. :)  And this ex-friend
Tattoo Party!!!!!
Hearing the many birdsHappily singing their songsSharing sweet melodiesEven with all lifes wrongs. Seeing the frost, glisten in the sunAs it rises to a new dayBringing forth such wonderWhile we each go our own way. So no matter the path you choosePut on a happy faceSpreading cheer to all you seeAnd leave love you can retrace.
Wavy Me (thanks Claire!)
Stanza 365 Day 365
A couple of days into week 6 of Stanza 365 and still going (insert Energizer bunny joke here lol). Today's installment includes a slight verbal typo in the podcast. I guess I should wait til I'm completely awake before reading it. :P Find it and all the previous installments at ...
Fake Salute Of The Day...
And the winner is…. With stolen pictures from… That fake salute looks like an alien…lol And of course if any of you want to enjoy good tunes and great people, feel free to stop by The Original Danger Zone by just clickin the pic below…always hiring , greeters, DJ‘s and cam candy…:D…peace…
Gotta Get This Off My Chest
I was in an auction, my first. my winner, DragonMaster775 is a looser. I spent 2 days rating and commenting on his every pic, blog, etc, giving him drinks all week and showering my new BF with mad fu-luv. he finally startin' shout boxin me.DragonMaster775:married or not, I WANT are just too good to be trueme:Hi, BF!!! Yes, I'm married, happily with 2 kids. How's your weekend?(this was when my man gave him a cooler of beer with a message to check himself, to watch his game)DragonMaster775:I know you are married...My weekend is ok I guessme:r u seeing anybodyforgive my askin, it just seemed like from your pics that u've been hurt in the pastDragonMaster775:i am single and not seeing anyone..and didnt appreciate some guy messaging me about not being able to have youme:o that some guy is my hubby sitting next to me on his computer, silly. u really don't know much about me yet.DragonMaster775:either way, he is blocked and so are you. I make one comment as a joke, and ASSHO
19/30 - Achilles' Heel, A Haiku
  Achilles' Heel, a Haiku Enraptured by your potent aphrodisiac. My Achilles' heel.  
Hockey Gods!!!!!!!!!!!
Our father who art in Philly, hockey be thy name. Thy will be done the cry will be won on ice as it is in the stands. Give us this day our pucks and sticks and forgive us our penalties, as we forgive those who cross check against us. Lead us not into elimination but deliver us into victory. In the name of the fans, Lord Stanley, and in the name of the Flyers. Amen.
A star hits and fades As love soon does in my heart Another then another I toss them aside They go back to their computers and video games I find that I'm always second to a machine They buzz and whiz and swirl They don't give the love that I do or can I am still alone with that urge to kill the machine Let it stop and have time for them to know me And me know them I am still here All alone No one to love No one to love me the way that I love in return Spend a lifetime to compete with a machine Spend a lifetime with ones who don't love me I think that I'd rather just be alone 
For those that missed it in the other blog, my former band had a reunion to headline at festival out in the country yesterday. The 15 acres or so were littered with tents and campsites of the partygoers, as it is encouraged to stay as opposed to leaving after a whole day of sun, drinking, and exhaustion. It is an opportunity for me to see a lot of ole familiar faces that I generally dont get a chance to get together with throughout the year. This one was no disappointment in that homecoming effect. Mid day, things were parlayed by the usual afternoon shower, which blew over and things recommenced. 2 more bands played , then we were up, with the crowd primed in full form Throughout the day, I had talked with strangers in the crowd, to find out it had really been played up about this last band being a literal walk-on, one member flying in from Maine, another from Cali, another from NorthCarolina, and the other from a neighboring county, and were just gonna take the stage with no rehe
The Golden Rule Please read this carefully.  This is not a joke. I see this happen daily and you come to support frantic and expect us to put out your fire.    DO NOT GIVE ANYONE ACESSS TO YOUR ACCOUNT!  This means DO NOT give anyone one your login info, password, etc. If you do, you are asking for trouble. DO NOT GIVE ANYONE YOUR PASSWORD OR LOG IN! You are the ONLY one that should access your account. This is in our terms of service and is for your benefit. Read 1 and 2 until it is CRYSTAL CLEAR!   This is some of the stuff you open yourself up to. -that dude you were fuengaged to who bombed for you while you were at work. He will give your password out to his other girl and she will get jealous and you two will start war. If you are stupid enough to allow someone into your account, then you are probably stupid enough to allow that person to buy bling.  That dude will buy his sanchita some bling packs, and you will come crying to support that you were
Random Bits Of Saturday Happenings And Stuffz...
Ahh yes another fun week of happenings. Please don't forget to click the "follow' link on top puh-leeez and thank you.... There's just soooo much right??? Anyways, between site crashes and all of the fun stuff, just a couple of randoms to throw your way this happy weekend Sat.. Remember the last blog about the Jack Carson disaster? Well, it turns out that once again my friends, the truth came out in the end. It usually does. So despite the horrific amount of backpedaling, sidestepping and credibility killing things for the involved that happend with this over the past week, at the end of the day, the girl was a fake (probably the real girl from the cell phone pic anyways) and has since deleted. The real girl's profile was found on myspace, some German chick as shown below..I won't even get into the drama and the lies and all that, just the facts and results please. I sure did learn alot about some of the people involved though with this mess, that's for sure...anyways, here's the ch
As I walk threw the ashes stumbling as I continue to walk threw and I yet to fall to the ground crying in pain and sorrow and wondering why I must feel this way and what has lead my love life and decisions I made along the way to lead me in a past to ungreatful things. sometimes I wish that it could have been different. I could of choice a different path to my love life better or could of fix mistakes along the way to fix what I have did in the pass. as long days like these you cant fix what u screwed up in the pass and I try to build of it and be strong and move forward. Sometimes it gets hard and tuff but those are chances and toughness u go threw to build yourself to move forward and build a stronger but yet successful on to last as long u have a good well strong relationship that could last forever. As for some people could have dreams of different things or situations that could lead to thinking that the relationship u had was just a sign or telling u something from
Not Sure
still not sure what exactly I'm doing this weekend, got a couple options.
The Planet Hardest Watches A Review Of The Rado V10k Discounts
Omega Replica Watches Speedmaster Omega Replica Watches De Ville With this year rado original diastar watches Geneve became the public timekeeper of Dakar Rally Yr with Rado Dakar watch ?¡ìC some type of chronograph with case that is definitely designed out of particularly rare metal tantalum. The product features diamond like carbon coating. Among the known drivers of Dakar identifies the view as ???fascinating with respect to complexity, difficulty as very well as ruggedness??¨¤. The look at entered industry in the beginning from the year. All the series of these wristwatches is limited to only 182 products: this was the amount of any participants of earliest Dakar Rall
Wanna Win A Boomy?
    Bling Contest contest opens when i have 10 enteries (send me a SFW pic of you to use) there is an entry fee of 5 million fubux (contest is for seriouse players only) Prize is a BOOMY how do you win? Have The Most Points When Contest Closes Rates = 10 points comments =5 point NEW rate/fan/add = 15 points (with ur name on it) *Bonus points* Ticker's (sent to me with your name on it) 10 extra points Pimp Out's (make sure ur name is in the message) 25 extra points Bling (sent to me with your name on it) 50 extra points per credit Blast 60 extra points contest opens when i have 10 enteries (send me a SFW pic of you to use) contest closes 2 weeks from start date there is an entry fee of 5 million fubux (contest is for seriouse players only) NO DRAMA! message me your pic and 5 mill Entry fee Thank You! MFKN OG BBW BI PRINCESSX2nd Alarm Hottie@ fubar REPOST PLEASE?

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