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Yes I have been here that long.  Doesn't really seem like it but July 15, 2006 was the first time i logged into this site and I haven't missed many days since.  I have seen the comings and goings of the "Reds", seen the first two male "Reds", seen the drama that ensued on a daily basis in the bulletins by this one or that one.  I have survived Lost Cherry, Cherry Tap and now of course Fubar.  I remember "Sweet Suzy" and all the fun it was to see what she would do next.  If you don't remember ask me but if you do you will chuckle and of course the Sporks drama.


All this being said, I want you to know why I have stayed here 5 years.  Everyday I get up and open this site and for me its never really been about status (although I managed to top out at #18 years back), or the bling or the popularity.  It's been about people and friendships that I've formed.  People like JohnnyDevil, Hellcat, Tomcat, Donna, Eric, Jonel and many more, some who are real life that I have had the pleasure to meet.  Some I consider family.


I came to this site 5 years ago not feeling very good about me.  Within hours of posting I began to realize that the way I saw myself and the way others saw me was vastly different.   I will always be eternally grateful to my many friends for the boost to my ego and self confidence.  It woke me up to the fact that just because someone tries to bring you down (ie past relationships); in fact, you have to love yourself and find the goodness in you.  If you can do that, no matter what anyone says about you it will not deter you in life.


My friends here have listened to my woes, made me laugh till my sides hurt and generally gotten me through some very difficult and trying times without most of them ever knowing it.  I love all of you and for that I am eternally grateful for this website.


Just as in life everything changes so did Lost Cherry to Cherry Tap and from that to Fubar.  Some roll with change well other's don't and have come and long since left.  People blame the site for lots of thing which in fact stem from their own drama seeking but  I personally want to thank BJ and Scrapper  for the time I've been here.  I am truly blessed by all the people who have been so kind to me.  Without Fubar I would have never had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people.

So in closing this blog I want you to remember to pay things forward, help a friend if you can and generally not get caught up in the hoopla and make some real lasting friendships.  

I am looking forward to the next 5 years with bated breath and anticipation cuz you know when i finally get to level 50 BJ will add more levels lolol j/k.


Love you guys!

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