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Once upon a time inside a shower of petals not just any pedal, but rose flower petals White, Red, Yellow, Pink and White I laid my body, my soul, my flesh onto our haven a haven we built with trust, understanding & love a love filled to the max of premium, quality of serenity.....I floated My spirit, my dreams, my hopes spreaded and burst in the sky like fireworks when you smoothered me and showered me Your arms doubled my heart and I BECAME YOU I became anger and a yearing, a burning inside me made me scream to the world, to hell and U held me down and I BECAME YOU Your soul cried and the tears covered me and drowned me.... we rocked deep How kisses so passionate, so sweet sweep over my body now like a hurricane lifting me twisting me arms that once so secure so caring hold tight close with no sign of air........... of life Thur me Da' man was killed sorry son-of-a-bitch who can't get pass the many shades of love Thur me with love you got back at the world and I opened myself.....I opened myself My eyes became oceans full of life sparkling jewels, sparkling, clean, deep meaniful and yes dreamy my skin I gave like untouched sand under your fingers pulling you closer to your home to your start my belly shallow and smooth despite the tracks of life before, before the wind blew to resmooth me o'er my thighs opened to swallow you holding precious the possibility the gift of life the gift of paradise which you approached as if you were afraid of finding yourself baby....of finding that King that powerful man that father that father U father my leggs proved able strong movements of sea-serpents that danced, that invited that held that locked and unlocked like testing keys And thur me thur the rage n the hurt n the pint of guilt n shame that your eyes took out I opened myself and I drowned you in me cause I AM LOVE and cause you said and I said forever and a day The tears ran like rain because I never knew the love you knew see it was always pure and simple we laugh, we cried, we walk, we talk we didn't run half way and walked the rest!!!! we either ran or walked we cry real hard and whine next So why love me, why love me then hate me with such passion with the precision of pistons with the motion of locomotion why hold me tight why cling to me with desperation why strap me on as if life depended on me like if you didn't surround me to/in you that life our life, mine and yours would fall off the earth and yet and still I open myself to you and I melt through and through I blew and mixed with the wind and I was no longer myself I WAS YOU and I heard my own voice and I saw the love I was mix and change like a painter's dipping pool Red, Silver, Purple and Red and I was lost and I tried, i sighed and I was happy yet so sad yet so confused love your eyes flashed the word and your eyes were my eyes so I wondered was it really love Thur me which forever brought many days where you lost and regained your manhood your truth your essences and life came life came Thur me you fought the world baby and you won and genocide won't find it's place with us Thur me you found your peace a path in which U walked and even the trees bowed in your presence Thur me I gave you the love that I knew U deserved that your eyes, your heart screamed out that it needed yelled out to me stopped.....my entire existence of me as a whole...so I gave you half so I gave you all and I BECAME YOU We laughed, we cried, we walked, we talked and it was pure and it was simple and it was an understanding it was a knowing a knowledge that we were one Heaven and Earth,,,the sky baby and you said and I said forever and a day You put your hand on my life source between my extensions that you take so much pleasure in reassuring yourself that I wanted you as much as you needed me and you lay feeling it pounding it beating against your palm and you rub around it calming it as not to see it bust-out and wiggle about the floor And you taste the salt that spilled over onto my lips and my nose and my cheeks and my breast and you dragged it with your lips and tongue down my stomach through me and YOU BECAME ME And the mountains that you were oh so strong collapsed before me and deep inside of me And your hands rubbed and caressed me caressed my soul and I started to fly and i wanted to hold and we held each other and YOU BECAME ME Waves flowed over me and you didn't leave the source til' you laid lifeless deep inside me and I opened myself....I opened myself and YOU BECAME ME you reminded me you inside of me Pure and Simple You gave me forever and a day.............
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