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Trina's blog: "BANKING"

created on 02/23/2012  |  http://fubar.com/banking/b346674  |  1 followers

You have a choice between paying .5%, 1%, 2%, 5% and 10%. The banks are owned by different turfs that enter the lottery. Once the bank is acquired, they get to keep it a random time frame between 12 and 24 hours, it is protected for half that time.  Once the protected period is over, other turfs can knock the bank back into the lottery by causing the Boss, Underboss, and all Lieutenants to be dead all at the same time. This takes some strategy as the HL is not always immediate.

Some turfs choose to pw protect their banks. This is because only the 10% bank have limited transactions each day. The others have a limited amount of transactions ie: deposit and withdrawals. The % that the bank charges is added to the turf tax of the turf that owns it at the time. Some people will repeatedly deposit $100 at a time because it eats up the transactions for the day and causes the turf to not make so much money. If our allies or friends own any of the banks and they have a pw in place, we will have it listed at the bottom of our turf page under the section that only our turf can read what the password is. Please do not give this out to other turfs.

Some of our players have chosen not to bank. Making this decision is more complicated now than it used to be. The figures below are an examples of how much of your money you would lose if you had a 100 million dollar per hour cash flow, and were banking your cash at the 10% and 1% banks

100,000,000 x 10% (or .10) = $10,000,000.
100,000,000 x1% (or 0.01) =$ 1,000,000.

This shows you that it is far cheaper to opt for a bank with a lower % when its available to you. However, if across an entire day you find yourself being attacked only a small number of times it can be even cheaper to not bank at all. If you are only attacked 3 times for 100,000 you've lost only 300,000 as opposed to 24 million banking your entire day's income at the 1% bank.

Safe Houses also help to reduce the amount of times your enemy can get money when they attack you and win. See Safe Houses

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