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Well this will be my first blog ever ! and the way i feel it's going to be a wild ride of maddness ! I'm not to sure what i'm supposed to write about so i guess i'll right about my life sort of like a bio or something ! my last 5 years in life has had more ups and downs than most people have had to deal with in their wole lives !I have been in 2 relationships in the last 5 years both to wemon named angela and both of their dads had the same name which was chuck !long story short both of them decided that they wanted to be with some body else !I am still really good friends with the first one !we decided that we make better friends than a couple ! the second one is a man eater ! I met her 2 days after me and the last angie broke up and my life has been turned upside down ever since then ! I went from haveing everything i wanted to losing everything i had ! and the worst part is that i'm stuck being involved with her family every day because soon after we met i ended up getting a place with her father and brother ! I asked her 5 times if she was positive that she wanted to get a place together because i didnt want to be 5 months into a lease and then have her decide that she didn't want to be into the relationship any more ! So 5 months to the day later she tells me she wants to be single again ! I was dumb founded !since then she has been out running the streets while ive been sitting here with her family ! I'm sure there are alot of people on here that have been olied too and cheated on and abused ? but i swear that angela number 2 is a master in all 3 subjects the only thing is that she is a master at doing all 3 to other people ! she plays with peoples emotions like they don't have any feelings at all !and then she just takes off and leaves u to try to deal with all of the damage that she has done to u ! all i want is someone that will care about me as much as i care about them ! i don't get off on hurting peoples feelings ! I don't go out to bars and run around or cheat on the person i am with ! I don't keep a bunch of secrets hidden away or do anything that i would think might hurt the person that i am supposed to be in love with ! I'm not into beating up girls either ! so maybe someone can tell me what it is that i am doing that is so wrong ? I am very open minded and i am a super forgiving type of person ! and trust me when i say that i put up with shit that would make alot of other people end up on the evening news ! I clean my own everything !dishs,laundry,house ect... so it's not like i just sit around like they did in the 50s and wait for the woman of the house to take care of all the chores around the house ! I can also cook pretty good and not just from the can or t.v. dinners !so what am i doing wrong ? can anyone tell me ?

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