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I Dont Need Someone Like This!!!!!!
I Dont Get It...
someone very very close to me decided to eat a few bottles of pills and all while i was at work and they were at home. i am crushed. they did not die, but they are sitting in a psyche ward somewhere that no one has the information to give me cos i am not "family". bullshit! i am the only family this person has here. its hurts deep inside that they didnt feel they could come talk to me. hell this person stayed 4 nights at my house last week and had thanksgiving with my family and me. i didnt even know it happend till 24 hrs after he was carted to the hospital. now i have to wait untill the hospital decides to release to know if they are ok or to hear anything. i cant function right. everything i eat tastes like cardboard. i feel useless and i dont know what to do . now because i am bi-polar ppl are here and wont leave me alone. they say i need to be around ppl so i dont go off and do something "stupid". yea i am so upset someone else treied to off themself that i am going to go do it. t
I Dont Care
im sorry but there is noone else who knows the adress to my b/f's apartment acept the one person. And this one person cant stand my b/f so i know she got the adress and reported it to the police. so you can sit there and tell me you didnt call the police all you want but i know from sources you did.
I Don't Understand The Stupidity
Ok so does any one else NOT find it odd that a killer whale attacked his trainer? If you still don't get it....let me break it down for you. killer whale attacked his trainer killer whale attacked killer whale KILLER!!!! If you still don't get it go for a swim in a killer whale tank, they really like when you do that. Jack ass.
I Dont Ask For Much.......
could ya come vote for me and spam me.......take 5 minutes and show some love??
I Don't Get It!!
One of my So called "friends" Deleted themselves off my list without explanation im not talking about just one of those Internet type friends but This friend I've known in RL too! we were friends w/benefits for a hot minute a few months ago but thats over now but hey i dont care..WHY Can't we still be friends w/out benefits? Anyway...SOO....He was on my friends list and he delted himself and I sent him a Thankyou card here on CT and Thanked him for being my friend and he was there during a time in my life i needed him and he didn't even accept my gift....GRR... SO i'm wondering WHY????? I did nothin' too him!! I treated him with the upmost respect and sincerity!!!Putting his happiness FIRST in our friendship above everything else. I stepped back and went on the backburner just as he asked me too.....and NOw I guess as far as HE Is concerned im out of his life completly.. I dont like that because WHEN i'm on GOOD tERMS with someone i just dont' stop talking to them i'
I Don't Even Fuckin Know
Ok this weekend was my HS football team's final game in the playoffs. Friday my friend Kandice and I headed down to College Station to party and spend the night with a friend of mine. Anyway she stayed pretty quiet since everyone at all the parties was from my hometown(one of the reasons I really like being down there) and I of course stayed with her but still managed to mingle some. When I first met her I had a crush on her and I thought I still would now. But maybe I'm a little ahead of myself: After the game where our school lost to hers(hence why she came with me) I had told my sister that she could come with us and we'd probably all(the three of us and my best friends J-berg and Murph) would end up back in Waco to chill. Anyway we go back to Jeff's apt where we'd left our stuff and hung around for maybe a half hour and then I asked Kandice if she wanted to go back to Waco or stay there the night again. She said she wanted to go, so we said our good-byes and got on the road. The
I Don't Understand
I don't understand why im here.. i get treated like shit by the people i love (not all of them but hell most of them) but i can't fucking help it but still be there for them. I don't understand why i have to treat her like a queen, i mean she defiantly should cause i wouldn't be here without her. but i feed her, i make sure she doesn't drop her cigarette on her brand new jacket, i make her coffee everytime she's askes, i do dishes, i do laundry, i never say no to her, i listen to all her problems, i go with her to her appointments cause most of the time she doesn't remember what the doctor says, the only thing i don't go to is her group cause i can't go to that. Hell i even dress her!! I know shes on meds and i know they make her tired but when she fucking tells me that i treat her like shit.. how dare she say that! it really hurts.. it really fucking does! I feel like a servant and ya know what im getting tired of it, yes i don't have a car or my license or any money for that mat
I Dont Know!
Just maken my first blog, today 12-5-06. I want to say hi to everyone. You all have a great day!peace and love
I Don't Wanna Be Me
im going to attempt to sleep soon, i have to be up early and it seems i havent been getting a whole lot of sleep lately. today was kinda meh, ok i s'pose. i felt somewhat exhausted half the day, dustin was commenting on how i seemed like a zombie tho i didnt think i was that bad n saying how thatd seem bad when i have a review, but i dont act like a zombie with customers, they had me checking in grocery and running till for 8 hrs straight what do you expect? i didnt move around at all i stood in the same hour the whole time, thats enough to melt anyone's brain staring at a piece of paper and dealing with ppl for 8 hrs with out being able to sit. and i don't do great with morning's the manager is aware that my mind wont wake up before 4 pm. ive told her ill do what ever she needs me to do, ill work whenever but i cant help if my brain feels mooshy all i can day is work around it the way i have done all my life. i may be losing my midnights too because the manager's son is now workin
I Dont Get It Sometimes
you work your ass off with someone and together trying to make something work (no i am not talking about the wife, ex-business partner actually) and you think you know them. next thing you are getting screwed and your own livihood is in jeopardy! how can someone be so damn mean and not give a rats ass about someone's family?!?! not to mention even their own???????? word to the wise here people, you never know just who you are dealing with and who you can truely trust.
I Dont Know What To Tell Ya
i dont get it. seriously.. i just all think that maybe ill say something to make me alright in your book? fuck that.. and fuck your book - fuck my book too.. do you get it?.. lets try again -- I WOULD FUCKING LIKE US TO BE REAL.. oh.. right.. we arent clear on what REAL is.. ok.. ill refresh.. real is unfucking unadulterated honest to abraham or god.. or whatever it is you feel that is important/sacred truth.. ok.. still not clear right? .. i mean. what u fucking feel.. in your heart of hearts.. geezus we only ended up with the expression 'heart of hearts' cuz no fucking one could figure out what their heart was.... u know.. 'human'. feelings. like.. alright lets get elementary.. like.. you feel something.. and it invokes some sort of an.... emotion we call it.. a FEELING? ever have that?... no.. grr. forget i ever threw it out there. im just trying to connect here.. and it aint working.. like.. you think something is.. say.. good.. and you go - wow.. that is good.. see - THA
I Don't Want To Grow Up...
You Are Somewhat Mature You definitely act like an adult sometimes, but a big part of you is still a kid at heart. While your immature side is definitely fun, you're going to have to grow up sooner or later. Are You Immature?
I Dont Wanna Go!!! :(
well 3 more weeks and im going back to fort jackson sc...grrrr 3 more months of hell and not being able to see anyone or do anything...well if anyone wants to keep in touch with me let me know if not ill be back in march or april
I Dont Know Why
people keep calling me Kirsty, the next door neighbour has been calling me it for nearly 10 years now, the woman in work keeps calling me it and there is a couple of me friends who do too, so maybe I should change me name.
I Dont Think Ive Done This One....
1. What is your best friend's grandma's name? beats the piss outta me....phyllis? 2. Where is the weirdest place you have a mole? *scratches head* i dont think i have mole...i have freckles...but i dont think i have a mole 3. Who was the hottest teacher you ever had? Ms. Thannysaurus...yes, that was her name...5th grade...she totally had my back when everyone picked on me and even toldthe girls, "you jsut wait and see" thats right you stupid hookers...she was HOT too. 5. What body part do you wash first? left armpit 6. Do you hover over the toilet in public bathrooms? i hover period (rocketpack) 7. What's the strangest talent you have? i can talk and talk and talk...and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and somehow all these meaningless, deadend little stories all link up togther somehow....poeple get irritated with me 8. Do you have an innie or an outtie? innie 9. What's your favorite flavored pringle? no pringles 10. Have you ever been tied up?
I Dont Like My Nights
With my dad tryin to hit my sis after she screamed at him last night, Then getting really sick and being put down tonight i wish my sis was home last night. Dad tried to give mom alcohol, and it wasnt by her choice, he propped her up and and put it in her tube, both me and my sis lost it plus the meds that she was supposed to have for a few more weeks ran out last night. But im not feeling as sick tonight, the kideny infection isnt feelin as any worse this mornin and i still got 30 eps of full moon wo sagashite to watch today while my sis is still at work. wish me luck lol Plus i love my Ct friends, you guys are the best support and friends i've really needed. Hope your christmas is coming up good, and wish i could repay ya guys.
I Dont Want To Miss A Thing !
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing Video - Aerosmith lyricsAerosmith Music Video CodesMusic Video Codes by VideoCureFree Layouts
I Don't Get It.
Oh, look. A mumm I don't understand. Clearly the fault for this lack of comprehension must belong to the person who posted it. I am far too clever to be this easily confused.
I Dont Know How To Chnage My Background
someone please write me back in a messgae and tell me how to change the background please its driving me crazy
I Don't Know..
Everyday I put on this happy face for everyone, I listen to everyone's good news and their bad, always the one that everyone leans on..and I'm not really complaining about that, I like to be there for people and glad that I'm the one they choose to come to...I just get so tired of petending like I'm always happy and let my hurt or sadness build up then one little thing can just set me off and the tears just start flowing. I hate feeling like I'm all alone and can't talk to anyone about certain things. I know I have some great friends on here and irl but it's still hard to open up...So I figured I'd put some things down here so some of you would at least get an idea. It's hard to be a bitch when you're so fucking sensitive sometimes lol If you've gotten this far..thanks for reading.
I Dont Believe
you can tell me its forever as you kiss my cheek we can spend the nights together every day of the week but when you say its forever thats when i stop I dont believe in promises made from the heart I dont beleive in promises because they fall apart we smile at each other holding hands as we walk along talk about what he or she did and how its just wrong and how it would never happen to us at all and how we will always be together but its not that simple because I dont believe in promises made from the heart they leave you cold alone sad and choking on things that fall apart
I Don't Know What To Think About Her.
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing ~ Aerosmith
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing Video - Aerosmith For My Dark Lover, He Knows Who He Is... lyricsAerosmith Music VideosMusic Video Codes by VideoCure
I Dont Fucken Lol
hey everybody can we go use the bathroom pllllllzzzzzzzzzzzz
I Dont Normaly As For Prayers To God Or Just Pray To Your Higher Power
Prayer Request I understand that life in Iraq is very difficult to bear right now. Our troops need our prayers for strength, endurance and safety. Send this on after a short prayer; please don't break it: "Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as they protect us. Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. Amen." When you receive this, please stop for a moment and say the above prayer for our troops around the world. There's nothing attached; Do not let it stop with you, please - of all the gifts you could give a US Soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Marine deployed in harm's way, prayer is the very best!!! Thank you.
I Don't Think Men Fully Understand!!!
i honestly don't think ya'll do! granted there are little girls, and yes there can be 35 year old little girls out there.. i am here to talk about woman... actual woman!!! if were getting to know a man we like to hear from you.. no we aren't jealous or clingy we like to know how your day went. hear the sound of your voice in our ear... and we all know we hear this one alot *woman* your to clingy i need space... what the hell is that all about. if u needed space then why did u say u wanted to be with me? and its not that were clingy, we like to be shown that were appreciated and that u still want to be with us. we like to be touched... not in the "ohh yeah baby hit the spots that u know get me going" but just a simple hand on my leg or a touch to our shoulders... something small; is that really what u call clinging.. or when we know your out driving and its rainy, and u don't feel like calling or texting or anything... we blow your phone up.... why, u ask? maybe because accidents happen
I Dont Need Love
Like a flash of light in an endless night Life is trapped between two black entities 'Cause when you trust someone, illusion has begun No way to prepare, impending despair Did one say so cruel: "Tis better to love than lose" Ignorance is bliss - wish not knew your kiss So many times been burned, this lesson goes unlearned Remember desire only fuels the fire - liar Betwixed birth and death, every breath regret I pity the living, envy for the dead Emotionally stunned, in defense, I'm numb I'd rather not care than to be aware - be scared I don't need love Are a thousand tears worth a single smile? When you give an inch, will they take a mile? Longing for the past but dreading the future If not being used, well then you're a user and a loser World renowned failure at both death and life Given nothingness, purgatory blight To run and hide, a cowardly procedure Options exhausted, except for anesthesia - anesthesia I don't feel anything.
I Don't Care If You Like It Or Not...
I've decided that I really like the GooGoo Dolls.
I Dont Need!
i dont need a boss some one to tell me to so this or to do that! i dont need a "so called" friend some one who claims to have ma back then turn around and stab me in it i dont need alot of people in ma life tellin me what what i need to do i dont need a nigga who's gonna claim that he loves me and then go sleep wit every mary tammy and jane i dont need family tryna run ma life, startin drama and all that i dont need love smootherin me, lyin to me, tyin me down and all that but i will tell you what i do need for maself to be free and not crowded time....time for me to be ma self i just need to be ma self and stop bein who every one else wants me to be!
I Dont Care
The lady that wrote this says she doesn't care.† I don't care, either! WOW ........ is this laying it on the line or what? The lady who wrote this letter is Pam Foster of Pamela Foster and Associates in Atlanta . †She's been in business since 1980 doing interior design and home planning. She recently wrote a letter to a family member serving in Iraq ....... Read it! "Are we fighting a war on terror or aren't we? Was it or was it not started by Islamic people who brought it to our shores on September 11, 2001 ? Were people from all over the world, mostly Americans, not brutally murdered that day, in downtown Manhattan, across the Potomac from our nation's capitol and, in a field in Pennsylvania ? Did nearly three thousand men, women and children die a horrible, burning or crushing death that day, or didn't they? And I'm supposed to care that a copy of the Koran was "desecrated" when an overworked American soldier kicked it or got it wet? Well, I don't. †I don't care at all.
I Don't Feel This Old
My score on The What is your REAL age Test:You are 50 years old!! Link: The What is your REAL age Test (OkCupid Free Online Dating)
I Don't Know...
I Do Not Like...
I don't like the new advertisements above the pictures. Not only because they are annoying, but also because they lead to nowhere, pretty much just scam websites. But I understand this site needs the money due to the increasing number of members so I won't complain about it anymore.
I Dont Know.
uhh okay new here and uh.... im listening to some rock..... so. umm.. im here. So heres the idea of this blog: ever broke up with someone u love? if u did, reply to this please.
I Don't Know...
It's stupid really. A silly little reminder of what will never be. Oh, I can laugh and smile and pretend it's all ok. In fact, that's exactly what I plan to do. I just need a little time to compose myself. It's getting harder and harder to do. What I want to do is cry. Maybe it's fear. I'm afraid of what will happen if I stay, afraid of what I'll miss if I leave. What if it's true? What if it's another lie? These questions run through my head. I ignore them as best I can. I feel like i'm dying inside. Soon there will be nothing left. It hurts after finally feeling ALIVE after all this time. For so long there was nothing. Then the flood came, now it's gone. Do you notice something different in the way I smile or when I look at you? Do you really notice me at all? Do you see the pain or do I hide it too well? If suddenly wasn't there, would you notice that? You know the truth. If I told you I felt nothing, would you call me on it? If I said goodbye, would just accept accept that? If I tr
I Dont Do Multiple Blogs
I have learned over the years that there is no way I can blog in multiple places... so... I blog in only one place and anyone that is interested in the things I have to say can find it here please leave me comments on there, I enjoy reading them
I Dont Know If Im Better Or Not
well the first med the doc put me on sucked.i was very ill so she put me on 2 different ones.they seem to be working.the head ahces are better but my vision is still getting blurry and things still get very cloudly but im not in no where near as much pain.the one pill is a steriod witch is to open the blood vessels in my still trying to get back being ablie to type i mean i know what i want to type but what comes out is a different story all togather.i still see spots and flashes and now thanks to the steriods im hot and sweating.i have to speak to my doc tomarrow and tell her how i am.i dontknow tho.How am i? if the headaches are gone cuz my vessels have more blood flow,whats makeing them have less?no one can be on steroids that long esp me. ive taken them MANY times in my life.i dont know i guess is all just a waiting game still.
I Don't Care
The lady who wrote this letter is Pam Foster of Pamela Foster and Associates in Atlanta . She's been in business since 1980 doing interior design and home planning. She recently wrote a letter to a family member serving in Iraq ....... Read it! "Are we fighting a war on terror or aren't we? Was it or was it not started by Islamic people who brought it to our shores on September 11, 2001 ? Were people from all over the world, mostly Americans, not brutally murdered that day, in downtown Manhattan , across the Potomac from our nation's capitol and in a field in Pennsylvania ? Did nearly three thousand men, women and children die a horrible, burning or crushing death that day, or didn't they? And I'm supposed to care that a copy of the Koran was "desecrated" when an overworked American soldier kicked it or got it wet? Well, I don't. I don't care at all. I'll start caring when Osama bin Laden turns himself in and repents for incinerating all those innocent people on 9/11.
I Don't Even Know...
I don't even know what to write but I want to write. I'm so tired, worked today. Everyone thinks the department where I work is the best and easiest. It is, don't get me wrong. But the only time I'm working there WITH someone is one morning a week. The rest of the time, it's just me. I cover the employee breakroom in a supermarket and it's a nice one. But when it's just me, I have to stock everything, clean everything, get everything, do all the paperwork, and ring everyone up. BY MYSELF. When you're all by yourself, that's a lot to do. Especially when you get into a flow and then you have to break the flow to ring people up. Then you try to get the flow back, only to have to ring someone else up. And because most people think it's the easiest job around, they have no idea that every week, I get a new list of what I can or can not provide down there, as well as new forms and new rules about how to fill everything out. So the point is: Yes, it's an easy job. But it's a
I Don't Care!!!!
Are we fighting a war on terror or aren't we? Was it or was it not started by Islamic people who brought it to our shores on September 11, 2001 ? Were people from all over the world, mostly Americans, not brutally murdered that day, in downtown Manhattan, across the Potomac from our nation's capitol and in a field in Pennsylvania? Did nearly three thousand men, women and children die a horrible, burning or crushing death that day, or didn't they? And I'm supposed to care that a copy of the Koran was "desecrated" when an overworked American soldier kicked it or got it wet? Well, I don't. I don't care at all. I'll start caring when Osama bin Laden turns himself in and repents for incinerating all those innocent people on 9/11. I'll care about the Koran when the fanatics in the Middle Eaststart caring about the Holy Bible, the mere possession of which is a crime in Saudi Arabia I'll care when Abu Musab al-Zarqawi tells the world he is sorry for hacking off Nick Be
I Don't Beleive In Good Byes
I keep rollin' it over and over All the things I want to say I'll never quit, give up, or forget you My love will stand in the way Chorus Cause I don't believe in goodbye And I believe it takes time To build something strong, it won't take long For you to believe in me, just look in my eyes I don't believe in goodbye Where love goes we must follow And let our hearts lead the way We'll be the last of the true believers First in love and last to stay Chorus I don't believe in goodbye And I believe it takes time To build something strong It won't take long for you to believe in me Just look in my eyes I don't believe in goodbye I don't believe in goodbye I don't believe in goodbye I don't believe in goodbye
I Dont Know How??
Anybody can help me out to make my Lounge a cool place that would be awesome to hear from ya!! Or if you know anybody that can help me out let me know. THANKS YOUU. I really want it to be yeah!! short and sweet...
I Dont Want To Know What That Is
I Dont Know
You take away I feel the same You take away I feel the same All the promises you made to me you made in vain I lost myself inside your tainted smile again Cause you can feel my ANGER You can feel my pain You can feel my torment Driving me insane I can't fight these feelings they will bring you pain You can't take away Make me whole again I feel betrayed Stuck in your ways And you rip me apart With the brutal things you say I can't deal with shit anymore I just look away Cause you can feel my ANGER You can feel my pain You can feel my torment Driving me insane I can't fight these feelings they bring only pain You can't take away Make me whole again
I Don't Get It!
Okay so I get how you get a C in math cause I suck at math. And I even get how you get a C in Science cause I hated Science. But HOW THE FUCK do you get an A- in Spanish which you donít even speak and a C+ in English?! Only my fucking kids I tell ya.
~~i Don't Look Good Naked Any More~~
MEDICAL PROBLEM "Don't laugh!" said the patient. "Of course I won't laugh," the doctor said. "I'm a professional. In over twenty years I've never laughed at a patient.Ē "Okay then," and the patient proceeded to drop his trousers, revealing the tiniest willy the doctor had ever seen. It couldn't have been bigger than the size of an AAA battery. > Unable to control himself, the doctor started giggling, then fell laughing to the floor. Ten minutes later he was able to struggle to his feet and regain his composure. > "I'm so sorry," said the doctor."I really am. I don't know what came over me. On my honor as a doctor and a gentleman, I promise it won't happen again. Now...what seems to be the problem?" > "It's swollen," the patient replied.
I Dont Know
I dont know why Im doing this. I have to say that I have really fucking horny right now. One of my friends sent me something and now Im horny. Im just going to have to deal with it right now and wont be able to do anything for awhile about that. I should get going as I have to get up early for work tomorrow.
I Dont Understand
do i have a pic for profile
I Dont Know....
I feel like the worst granddaughter in the world. My Grandpa had a heart attack some time last week, the doctors are even sure when it happened. I found out on Friday night when my grandma called to tell me. I tried to be strong and not cry for her sake but I couldn't hold it in for too long. I intended to go visit him on Saturday but all I could see in my head was my grandpa hooked up to IV's and having tubes and machines hooked up and starting to get tearie eyed. It hurts to just imagine him like that. I don't want to see it. So I didn't go on Saturday. I told myself i would go today, but I couldn't bring myself to go again. I Started getting choked up and didn't want to show my weakness in front of him. From the sounds of it he is doing much better than he was when he first went in, but just talking and thinking about what could have happened makes me start to cry. I can't imagine my papa not being here. Or Maybe its that I can see it and I don't like it. I don't know but I feel lik
I Dont Care
Well you're all spaced out like a UFO You're a semi hemi baby but your motor's blown Strung out electric sippin' antiseptic Drop you like a hand grenade Murder city devil never on the level Kill you with my serenade I don't care what I gotta do to love you I don't need, need you to love me too I don't care what I gotta do to love you I don't need, need you to love me too Kickin out the jams like the "MC5" You're a nuclear bomb in a cold nosedive Strung out electric sippin' antiseptic Drop you like a hand grenade Murder city devil never on the level Kill you with my serenade I don't care what I gotta do to love you I don't need, need you to love me too I don't care what I gotta do to love you I don't need, need you to love me too I don't care what I gotta do to love you I don't need, need you to love me too I don't care what I gotta do to love you I don't need, need you to love me too
I Don't Know
I don't know what you want anymore, I don't know who your with, or who you want anymore. So now I'm confused, I'll take my things, go, leave you and head out the door. Maybe you'd like me to stay, I can't decide forced this way, maybe not now ever I'm sorry about the words I said that you've kept and remembered. Now I'm sick in my stomach, its like a mess, and I must confess I doubt you'd understand. Some nights I'll hardly sleep at all, I need some time away to crash, to feel, to think and fall, I'm sorry when I leave/left you alone. I'm sorry for these stupid notes and that song. I'll leave your life again and forget those stupid things I said.
I Dont Understand...
I just don't understand. I feel really low right now.
I Don't Like Sweets....except Blowjobs, Because Blowjobs Are Sweet..
I'm eating Velvetta Shells! So blah!
I Don't Know How Much I Can Take
Anymore, when I hear the words "I Love You", its just too hollow and empty. I wish I didn't have trust issues, and I sure as hell wish that people didn't give me reason to feed in to those trust issues. It's getting to the point where the words mean nothing, and I can't even believe it when my own daughter tells me she loves me. I don't know, this is such an emo post. I just can't take much more of this.
I Don't Even Know What To Say About This
PITTSBURGH (AP) ó A 15-year-old girl has been arrested for taking nude photographs of her self and posting them on the Internet, police said. The girl, whose identity was withheld, was accused of sending out photographs of herself in various states of undress and performing a variety of sexual acts. She sent them to people she met in chat rooms on the Internet, police said. Police seized her computer and found dozens of photographs stored on the hard drive. Authorities did not say how police learned about the girl. She has been charged with sexual abuse of children, possession of child pornography and dissemination of child pornography.
I Dont Know Why Im Posting This But It Is Very Interesting So Umm Yea.. Just Want To See The Response.. Actually Dont Respond Please Dont..
Giving .........head....... massages the jaw....while burning 32 calories. Swallowing foreign body juices is actually like taking vitamins and it whitens your teeth The American Dental Association says that semen cuts plaque better than mouth wash, so suck a dick and save a smile. Having nice sex burns 358 calories. Having rough sex [make it hurt] burns 543 calories. Take off her clothes with her consent.........................12 cal without......................187 cal Take off her Bra With two hands..........................8 cal With one hand.........................12 cal With mouth.............................85 cal Put on Protection hard ........................... 6 cal soft..........................315 cal Foreplay Looking for target...................8 cal Finding G spot ......................92 cal I don't F***ing care.....................0 cal Entry Holding her..................12 cal On the floor.................8 cal With Differen
I Don't Need You To Tell Me I'm Pretty...
I don't need you to tell me I'm pretty That's something I already know A fact that I sometimes forget But its embedded deep in my soul I'm not going to lie and say it isn't nice to hear it once in a while That when pretty words are spoken that I don't giggle or smile But I don't need you to tell me I'm pretty That my voice is the sweetest sound My skin is soft as spun silk Or my beauty knows no bounds For what you see with your eyes Isn't what I hold true My beauty is not judged with sight My beauty is not judged by you. I don't need you to tell me i'm pretty Cause thats all you see The superficial coating on a magnificent piece of me. By Me.
I Don't Want
I don't want your money I don't want your fame I just want to hear you say my name I don't want your bills I don't want your life I don't want to hear you talk about your wife I don't want your sorrow I don't want your pain I don't want to live without you But I don't want things to remain the same I don't want to miss you In the dead of the night I don't want to compete for you Or put up a fight I don't want to be sad When you walk out that door I don't want to be lonley for you anymore I want you with me I want you by my side If we are in public Or if we have to hide
I Don't Get What's Going On
This person...I don't know. They have no clue what they want to do. I ask, and they don't know. But, they do things that indicate they're not happy. They've told me. I'm like, "If you aren't happy, and you are TRULY showing it, why are you there?" It doesn't make sense. To show that you've tried? But, you aren't happy? What are you trying to prove? I don't get it. It hurts. I just don't know.... Indee
I Don't Know Pt 2
Does she love me, does she hate me? I don't know, what does she think of me? Maybe shes let me go, I just don't know. How does she see me, maybe I'll never know. She understands me, I can make her smile, this I know. Could she make me smile and blush, or is this all too much?
I Dont Know Whats Wrong With Me?
so this is what she typed in her myspace blog today...does anyone know anything about all this...does anyone know what i can do to help her...please someone tell me something i can do for her...please "so i woke up this morning at 10 n went on the computer...then 4 some reason i stiood up...then i don't quite remember what happened after that but when i finally realized what was happening i was standing in place shaking all my body was jerking...i was leaning against the wall...i could feel myself jerking but my vision was super blury...i couldn't see anything...the i eventually saw the chair in frount of me..i could see the blue but i couldn't make it out cuz it was fluffy...then i sat on the ground in place untill finally my head stopped shaking and my vision cleared...i looked at the was 12:27...i lost about 2 hours today...i don;t know what happened...i guess i was shaking or something because i remember standing up to like go weigh myself or take a shower
I Don't Know
It's weird. I have known that you could write blogs in here since i created my account. I have just never started one. A site I use to belong to had them also. I loved writing my poetry and short stories in it. My feelings of helplessness and despair when my mother was dying. Just my general thoughts. Then one day a friend of mine passed away and some terrible things were said about him and his family. I backed them up all the way and still do. That is when I started to get verbally attacked. In my own blog/journal...whatever you want to call it. So I started writing everything in french. That really pissed alot of people off. It's bad when you lose your faith in something. I know that anyone can read these. ANd make a comment. But I draw the line at attacking a persons private thoughts. Well I guess that is all I am going to put in here right now. Who knows, I may start writing stories and stuff again.
I Dont Know What To Do
i dont know what to do. i love him and i dont want to let him go. but he still has feelings for his ex, i know that he thought that she was the one but she cheeted on him and is pregnant with that guys baby. she frikin used him. it seems like ever since he found out that she was pregnant he doesnt want me as much. like he wishes that the baby was his and he was still with her. i dont know what to do. it hurts, but it always does. i dont even know what we are...... im not going to do fuck buddies not again. im not ment for that i end up caring and you cant. he doesnt want to talk to me he trusts her but i dont think he trusts me. i want to cry so much. help me
I Dont Underdtand Y Guys Do This.....
Why Cant guys realizethey are not redy for a relationshipin the beggining instead of 2 months or so into it...... on February 13th no less.... The day b4 Valentine's day!!!!!! After i go crazy getting an outfit (lingerie and all) for Vday.... and i ran around to get a him an awesome Bday gift..... GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ..
I Don't Do V-day.....
I Dont Know
im lost when its new like this cherry tap
I Dont Understand
it was a chilly Valentines Day when i had to go to the doctors for my monthly prenatal check up.. im in the room waiting to see the Dr. and when he went looking for the heart beat was unable to find it so sent me for a ultrasound.. karen the tech did the ultrasound.. and all you saw was the baby with no heart beat i knew it was bad but hurt even more with Dr. Bennie coming into the room and said Gia im so sorry.. who do you need to call.. funny who do i call.. no one lives near by anymore.. so i called Terry in hysterics.. didnt know who to actually turn to.. called a few more ppl.. but of course none of them live in the same state as me..then called the baby's "father" who was visiting his girlfriend in Texas... at that point i realized how much he cared.. then ended up in the hospital for them to induce labor.. went through it all night.. talking to Terry and Brian.. while in labor.. they were the hands i got to hold over the phone.. not the baby's "father"... then at 535 am Emma Ros
I Don't Miss You
I donít miss you Your touch Your kiss Your taste Your look Your smell I donít miss you Your glare Your gawk Your frown Your ugly Your mean I donít miss you Your calm Your ornery Your passion Your hate Your laugh I donít miss you Your smile Your lust Your love Your want Your need I donít miss you I lied I miss you JR-10-04-06
I Dont Know
well as u already know, i dont know lmao so i'll just ask how every one on here is doing?
I Don't Really Know Why Im Here
except to have another venue to potentially harass others :-p
I Don't Know Anymore..
crying && feeling alone i really need love guys :(
I Do Not Struggle In Your Web
The weekend left much to be desired. Thursday was the return of the 'Dancing Mach-ine' only for me to be left at the club all by my lonesome. Friday I experienced something I have never done before. But it was exciting and I got to dance in a cage. The only bad part was driving on the freeway with no plows in the 4in of snow we got. Saturday was my lazy day and I needed it. Needed to recharge my batteries. Obviously I spent most of the day on here though. And Sunday was the worst. I had realized that I somehow lost my IDs and card. So I had to go through the hassle of reporting those and I'll have to replace them. Man I needed to hit something so bad yesterday. Good thing I have football practice tomorrow. I am my own worst enemy. When you look in to my eyes you see the truth yet you continue to doubt me and dance around the question. I have allowed addiction and feelings of euphoria blind me to what has been so evident. Have you ever been in the presence of a being so powerful y
I Don't Know What To Call It
Iíll be open, show my soul to you From my first breath I knew, There can be no one else but you Every single day I awake, Thinking, when the day will come When I can feel the strength of your arms, Our souls to be one, Carry me, letís fly away Just the two of us, nobody else Where are you? Thereís nobody else Thereís nobody else, thereís nobody else That I want to spend the rest of my life with Let there be nobody else But you We will love each other truly Be madly in love, for all eternity My love, my devotion, my loyalty Only for you, only for you We donít seek to complete one another, We seek to compliment each other And we support each other to be complete on our ownÖ You are secure enough to not be possessive Our love shall be insatiable, every moment I wish to be with you I wish to see you all the time, that even when we kiss, And close our eyes, I want to see you in my mind Because I start to miss you even thenÖ When I breathe you in, I
I Dont Need No Titles
Once upon a time, When i awoke from the deepest slumber, I gazed upon a sun setting so spectacular, no words could ever hope to capture its beauty, I dreamt of the pale white moon, no chains could ever lash to and bind its wild ways, I met a starry night and knew of truth and happiness and it seemed stars made smiles in the night sky, The sun, the moon and the stars did not know, they were the sun, moon and stars, but they most certainly are indeed. They did not know how they move men, to words and good deeds, If i may be so bold, you are more beautiful than any sunset, more moving than how a moon moves moon kissed tide, and your smile makes stars drop dead from heaven, green with envy.
I Don't Get This Shit...
no MATTER What i post in stash or blog hardly anyone reads them let alone leaves a damn comment....thinkin maybe i should just stick with other site i am on, at least theres some reply and convo over there.
I Don't Know How To Tell You
I don't know how to tell you But this i know is true Since the first tilme I met you My heart belonged to you. I wrote this when i was younger...........:) ohhhhh to be young again!!! LOL KDP
I Dont Have A Name For This One!
life sucks when ur as ugly as me, guyz dont like u cuz ur not skinny with perfect hair, teeth, boobs, ass. Guyz only want to fuck sumone like me cuz im jst another girl they can fuck cuz she wants a guy to like her for once in her life...... she'll never be loved like in the fairytales ... but life is not a fairy tale for her its hell....... All She dreams is to be happy like in a fairytale..... she dreams of her love...... The Love That Will Never Be... Everyone Says U Will Have The Right One.... But Is That Right One Jst Takin To Long..... She Wants To End Her Life.... But Gets Told Not To Cuz Her Dream Will Come Ture...... But Yet It Has Not.......
I Dont Know What Love Is
I often wonder what love feels like. I often wonder is there anyone that knows how to love. For i was never shown or taught what love is. I know what i feel when i love someone, And how it feels how to give the love unconditionaly. But for me to feel or know the feeling of someone loving me unconditionaly. So i often wonder is there truely any uncondtional love?
I Don T Wanna Do No Wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dizzom's current project is gaining momentum among the club scene. Written by TONY CHRISTIAN and POPPA DIZZOM, ďDAMN U LOOKIN GOODĒ is a celebration of todays urban women of all shapes, sizes, and color. Produced by TONY CHRISTIAN aka AUTOPSY for RHYMES OVER MATTER and featuring Miami R&B sensation J-Shin ,ďDAMN U LOOKIN GOODĒ is one of those songs that everybody loves, from the hardest gangsta to the most sophisticated lady. Heavy bass, strong hook and aggressive vocals combine into a southern-crunk crossover classic. For years Poppa Dizzom has collaborated with several industry heavyweights. Working with such top acts as Trick Daddy, Trina, Michael Sterling, JT Money, and King Sporty (writer of Bob Marley's reggae hit Buffalo Soldier) has developed Poppa into a strong presence in South Florida's music scene. In addition to his various collaborations, he had briefly signed with D.G./Def Jam. Dizzoms' multi cultural Jamaican and American roots along with growing up in W
I Dont Care If I Lose Friends Over This One!
Month One Mommy I am only 4 inches long but I have all my organs. I love the sound of your voice. The sound of your heart beat is my favorite lullaby. Month Two Mommy today I learned how to suck my thumb. If you could see me you could definitely tell that I am a baby. I'm not big enough to survive outside my home though. It is so nice and warm in here. Month Three You know what Mommy I'm a girl!! I hope that makes you happy. I always want you to be happy. I don't like it when you cry. You sound so sad. It makes me sad too and I cry with you even though you can't hear me. Month Four Mommy my hair is starting to grow. It is very short and fine but I will have a lot of it. I spend a lot of my time exercising. I can turn my head and curl my fingers and toes and stretch my arms and legs. I am becoming quite good at it too. Month Five You went to the doctor today. Mommy, he lied to you. He said that I'm not a baby. I am a baby Mommy, you
I Don't Know If This Works
Shi@ CherryTAP
I Dont Know Why
do you ever get the feeling that when you try so hard. that your only going backwards not forwards. Its just a game I guess and some play it well well im not playing games. love will coquer and find a way to the person your in love with. what ever happened to just plan love well I guess we will have to find out feelins we share just happen to be true hold on and never lose control I just dont know why
I Dont Get It.
We are told what we are doing is the 'right thing', we are 'liberators'. With the death toll slowly rising, are we really doing the right thing. Most say we are 'upholding democracy' and keeping america safe. Thats their arguement. At what price though? We are forgetting the other terror. Crime. Thats the forgotten war. The drug dealers who shoot and kill innocent people, the people who think that "Oh gee the morons are in charge now and all my voting is gone to waste Im gonna meet my buddies at the bar" so after a few bars and being a little tanked, they get delusions of grandure and run red lights and crash up peoples cars or run over people. The war on terror is really in our backyard. Drug dealers, criminals, spouse abusers, and the run in the mill, as I like to call them 'cross burners' or cluster-necks (like on the King of the Hill). Thats my opinion, and yes Im from a big city where crime is down. But Im from where you people call the person who is running for a President
I Don't Understand.......
I don't understand why I care so much. Why do I let things hurt me when I can't change them anyway? Why do I sit here crying over someone that doesn't and won't cry over me?? Why do I love you soooo much when I really don't know who you are? Why couldn't you just be honest from the begining? How could you hurt me this deeply? Why don't you care? Am I a bad person?? What is so unloveable about me?? Did you ever REALLY love me? Why won't my heart let you go?? Is that what you really want?? These are just some of the questions that go through my head on a daily basis. Just incase you wanted to know.
I Dont Bite
come rate a pic leave a coment im getting beat by a girl ooooooo it hurts
I Dont Do Blogs Much
But this one might change my mind. Seems like everyone likes me here on tap and so I might keep this one updated.
I Dont Smoke Alcohol!
N I dont drink Marijuana either:P
I Dont Know Anymore..
hmm so i dont really know what im doing anymore with anything.. and it is really pissing me off. but i could really care less now.. im just to tired to really do anything anymore. but who gives a shit.. im fucking high as a mother fucker right now could care less what happens and im feeling fucking great! i dont know what the fuck im doing with anything wooo fuck it though im outtie laters CT! .:Skittles:.
I Dont Care Anymore
Anti cannot control me or anyone else, I found out where my friends lie, If anyone wishes to still talk to me im still here, he cannot tell me who I can or cannot talk to, you wish not to talk to me that is fine, but I have several others like Elmo and Trin that wont mind talking to me, and theres nothing he can do, they are not just his friends and he renounced me as his daughter, so he has no say so any longer on what I do, You said I was being cold hearted dad....well guess what, now I am......and you know what, be thankful you made me this way...along with several others along the way, but you were the icing on the cake........SO here it is the new and improved darkened Lora Havic
*~i Donít Want To Love You~*
ďI donít want to love youĒ The more I try to resist you The weaker I seem to get. Every time I see you I fall more in love with you I just want to hear your heart beat I donít want to love you Or ever hear your voice I wonder what youíre thinking If youíll ever give me a second thought I sure miss the feeling The whole idea of loving you Time is all I have Since youíve been gone I sure miss everything about you I will be waiting for you Hoping you will return to me I just wish that for once I was important enough to talk to Donít set me aside like I donít matter. By: Teresa Abeyta© April 14, 2005
I Don't Belong Lyrics
Kevin Max - I Don't Belong Lyrics And so we broke, and so you decided It was you, it's always you Even though we were friends I felt uninvited The fraternity of fools And I'm drowning slowly (going down) And I'm fading like ink that's a hundred years old I don't belong, say I'm wrong Told you that you should have known me better I don't belong, this is my song, this is my song You made me a prince you made me a pauper Then you turned and closed the gate Even though I messed up there wasn't an offer, love No mercy, oh no grace And I see right through you (see right through you) You wanna be just like me don't you I don't belong, say I'm wrong, say I'm wrong I don't belong, this is my song Told you that you should have known me better (stupid things I've said and done) Oh don't you walk away (battles that I've lost and won) Shame, shame, shame on me (what I used to think was wrong) I'm for the underdog, I like the one that don't belong I don't
I Don't Have The Answer.
I don't know where some of my real life friends got the idea that I have the answers to all their questions, but I get asked about things I really didn't want to know about. I have a friend, who was asking me about a problem she is having, that not only did I not want to know what it was, I don't know what to tell her. Apparently her husband tried to help with their financial problems by going out and turning a trick with a man. He came home and told her about it and gave her all the money he had made. At first she didn't believe he had done it, because no matter how he complained about how much his ass hurt, he apparently spent all day sitting on it without so much as a single squirm. That being said, however, ever since, he hasn't had an erection. So now she's starting to think he really did do it and that her problem isn't just did he cheat on her or not, but is he even straight. This one is way over my head. Not only will I never look at her husband the same way ever ag
I Don't Know What To Do
What would you do if someone you know was your friend and then left thier stuff in your car you asked them to take it out and then called them as still didn't. Would you Sale it and keep the money? Or would you take it to them and give it back?
I Dont Understand
I Don't Know
New all of this. Looks confusing all these points and whatever. Anyway I noticed on my profile it said I was 30. I am not. I am 29 last I checked.....
I Do Not Fan For Free!
I Don't Wanna Lost This Pain(poem)
i know i hurt you i know you hate me that's why i don't wanna lost this pain it's a reminder of what i did it's there so i can't do it again i don't want anyother man i don't want to see you there i know this sounds weird but i can't look at you with out crying it's weird how you have this hold on me i can't win i'm nothing then an empty shell that's why i don't wanna lose this pain it's there to let me know i hurt you so i won't do it again i think your gone never to return to me so i'll fly high and wtach you from above i'll leave this world knowing how much i need you but also knowing i can't have you i don't wanna lost this pain
I Dont Care What This Quiz Says, I Have Never Met These Cows Before In My Life
You are 71% kinky You are kinky. You are always up for trying something new in the bedroom... or wherever else you chose to. Take this quiz at
I Don't Get It...
I Don't Understand
I don't understand were some of these family come up with there name mostly the ones for outcast?? I can understand the need belong but point of an outcast is to find othe outcast not to just be a part of some but to be apart of real family blood in blood out. Do not come into my world if there is fear in your heart. I think that when you start a family it should never grow out of contal it should be close friend and should never grow to 800+ people cause how the heck are you going to talk to 800+ people?? How can you be loyal to all of them see and that makes gang and lose the point of be a family and belong cause there will always be those that say my family is better the yours which makes hate makes fear that leads to the darkness. The darkness is forever it takes you in like an old friend and can cush and kill you. I have seen heaven and hell and everything in between. I have seen god and goddness I dance with demons and shot a game of pool with death. I all I say is be true to you
I Don't Know........
I didn't do this to hurt you. You are STILL the love of my life! You always will be. I didn't think it would be soooo hard to be friends with you! I am not making it this hard, you are. I thought I was making your life easier. Talk to me about what it is that you want me to do! I don't want things to end this way! You know that you have my heart, mind and soul!!!! Just talk to me!!!!!!!!!!!
I Don't Know What I'd Do Without You
I don't know what I'd do without you By: doobiedoo48326 To you: For keeping my spirits up. For never letting me down. For being here for me. For knowing I'm there for you. For bringing so many smiles my way. For being sensitive to my needs. For knowing just what to say. For listening better than anyone else. For bringing me laugther. For bringing me light. For understaning so much about me. For trusting me with so much about you. For being the best. For being so beautiful. I don't know what I'd do... without you.
I Don't Get It...
I've had to block someone else. Apparently they were unable to read my profile and still asked for my number. *head in hands* it's almost not worth it to bother with CT. I mainly log on to say hi to certain people and to vent on occasion. That's about it. But I dont' get it. I've written that I will not give out my contact information. I certainly don't have any nude photos or even anything marked NSFW. What in the world gives the impression that I want anything more than to hear a good joke or something? Am I doing something wrong here? Maybe it's time to clear out the friends list again. Ah well.
I Don't Want To Be A Poet
I Don't Want to Be a Poet I'll be a Marxist, a Communist A pacifist, an anarchist, a Democrat Red, white, green or blue Whatever I can do To get in bed with you --The Bastard Fairies, Memento Mori I don't want to be a poet Just to be heard by other Poets or would-be poets At some phony Open mike poetry Readings or poetry Slams with everyone Desperate for attention-- I don't want to be a poet Just to be lost in the Nameless crowd of others Like me, analyzing my style And imagery, taking notes Of what works and what Doesn't-- I don't want to be a poet If being a poet means Being a part of some Closed and exclusive Community of those Who think they know The true meaning Of my words-- I just want to walk the Streets away from other Poets because that is What I do best when I am alone-- For poetry is a personal Business, not to be Confused with some Circus performance Or competition of who Has the most spectacular Act in the show--
I Don't Give A F*ck Anymore
I donít give a fuck anymore Iím so over you Iím so over me I canít do what you need I canít be who you want Iím me and it is what it is I donít give a fuck anymore I am exhausted I have nothing left I grit my teeth and wait for a response Itís all to complicated To walk on egg shells and worry I donít give a fuck anymore You canít comfort who I am You canít change what it is Life is as sucky as you make it I made my happy and you are jealous I donít give a fuck anymore Iím not sorry anymore Itís to old to care I have no sad for you You annoy the fuck outta me I donít give a fuck anymore
I Don't Wanna Be Like You
ACCEPT I DON'T WANNA BE LIKE YOU! Heaven knows Heaven knows I tried To be like you To be a part of you tribe Id rather leave it all behind But thats alright Im not your average type No mr. clean - hey I wanna be me Cant you see - Im the exception to the rule I know what I want And I know Im gonna get it That is why - Im the exception to the rule Dont push me too far The way I am is just because I dont wanna be like you I dont wanna be like you The walls can be shaking The earth could be quaking I still dont wanna be like you Im hog-tiedndirty Im tough and mean Keep your wall street slickers And the american dream You (ve) done me over and over You (ve) tried to tie me down Why dont you step out of the shadows Dare to roll the dice Let it roll - and dont you push me around Cant you see - Im the exception to the rule I know what I want And I know Im gonna get it That is why - Im the exception to the rule Dont push me too far The way I
I Don't Always Get To Know Why.
I may find myself caught up in wondering why something happened while asking myself, "What did I do wrong?" or "Why did this happen to me?" If the situation is something I can change, I can plan how to change it. I can look at my options or ask someone else's opinion and ultimately decide what to do. If the situation is one in which I have no control, I might never get to know why it happened. I might have to understand that it just did. When I'm wondering why, sometimes the hardest answer to accept is that there isn't one. I won't always understand or be given the reasons for certain situations. I will do my best to accept that sometimes things just are the way they are.
I Don't Allow Cheating In My Contest!
Ok this came to my attention these people are cheating and they are out of the contest! thank you maria === '$R Whi+e Knigh+~CONFEDERATE BOMBERS FAMILY MOD~CLUB HOUSE CHERRY TAP MOD~A.F.H ENLIGHTENMENT MOD~' spewed forth the following at '2007-03-31 09:49:54'.. > > > THE TOP URL IS THE LINK TO THE NAME FOR UR CONTES & IT'S A FEMALE'S ACOUNT WITH HIS PICS ADDED > ~*one'SEXY'couple*~{Dirty South Crew}~'s url: > > > THIS ACOOUNT BELOW HAS HIS FACE & WAS MADE LESS THEN 4 DAYS AGO. > hottttttttttttttt stufffffffffffffff@ CherryTAP > > > > LOOK AT THE DATES THESE 2 ENTERED CT & ONLY FRESH MEAT & LEVEL 2 STILL AS OF DEC 05. THIS IS WHY THIS GUYS SO FAR AHEAD OF ME > CENTER> > hoss@ CherryTAP > > ADAYAWAYģ@ CherryTAP > >
I Don't Wanna Work, I Just Wanna Bang On Me Drum All Day!
(Originally Posted on April 17, 2006)Well, I have a doctor's appointment at the VA today.† Therefore, I didn't go into work yet.Truthfully, that isn't the only reason I didn't go there.† On Mondays, Idiot-Boss has a companywide morning meeting that is extremely demotivating.† While I could have been at work for 2 hours, I decided I'd forgo the pleasure of it today.And he can kiss my ass.I really can't wait until I find a new job.† It'll either be that or else I'll start a competing company against his company.† And since it looks like he just wants to destroy his company, mine should overtake his in nothing flat.
I Dont Even Like Baseball
I'm going to an Angels game tonight. *shrugs* I'm not really into baseball all that much. I'm not gonna lie, I usually will get into a live game by 4th or 5 inning. But the ONLY reason I agreed to go? They have Amber Bock. Best beer ever, I say. Other than Guiness. That's for Tap Beer. Amber Bock and Guiness I'll ONLY drink if its from tap. Bottled or canned, both taste like pisswater. Bottled, I'll take a Corona. Canned...Heineken, the big Keg Can...ONLY. I'm such a boozer! This blog started out as a Baseball blog, and ended up about beer. KTHXBYE!
I Don't Say It Enough
I don't say it enough I don't say the things I should I don't know if you want to hear them I know that girls are not Allowed to say what I say to you. You are protective, YOu are wonderful You make me laugh You make me unsure sometimes You say big words I cook, and clean, and I try to be what I want to be I want to be someone you are proud of I want to be that wonderful person I know I can be. You don't let me finish my thoughts You don't let me go into big explinations You don't want me at 21 You don't tell me where this is heading You don't tell me what we are. All of this is ok All of this is fresh All of this is wonderful All of this is in my best intrest All of this is just you being you. Me to be me that is what I want Me being with you Me being with friends Me telling the others I'm with you Me constantly saying I only want you. So I guess this is where I stand So this is where I pour my heart out So this is where I hope you list
I Don't Wanna Work...
(Originally Posted on July 17, 2006)Today I came into work and found an email from my new supervisor/project aministrator asking about (among other things) my happiness level. Since I used to work with him before, I told him about what's going on here now. It got me a bit upset.And then I found this picture, located here:Pretty much describes my feelings. Not just that picture, but the series of them.tag: job, career, anger, work, office politics
I Dont Know Why I'm Sharing This Info...
But i was perusing the net (as usual) and came across some pictures of...well...nude lady parts. And I am going to tell you all something. Some women are...uh, bushy. And on my worst day, I am not. I mean, I still have to "mow the lawn" *cough*, to keep it neat and tidy...but even though, i dont have a frickin tumbleweed in my pants. Ick. I saw one undercarriage with so much hair...i'm slightly traumatized. And sickened. Same goes for you fellas. TRUST ME when I say, TRIM! First of all, its nicer to look at, and it gives the illusion of more "length". *cough* Okay...and so ends this episode of TMI w/ Strawberry!
I Don't Know Why?
"I don't know why?" You left me here high I don't even know if I'm alive I think I'm stupid I can't even stand up I love this feeling It makes me happy I happen to laugh at stupid shit I don't get why I'm horny, stupid, and high I don't know why I treat my self like this I start to go into a dream but I'm awake It's about me and my homies we are sittin here getting high It is pretty cool but I start to follow someone I don't know who he or she is They are just telling me to come So I do and I lay down on the bed and start to feel him press up against me It feels good cause I'm high but then he takes off his hood and he is my personal demon But all of a sudden I awake and he is sittin here on the bed with me I scream, he asks me " whats up?" I tell him "nuthing I'm just confused I understand why to I'm just very high" "I hope I'm okay, I see things I'm not supposed to see" He says "like what" I say " people ,things, and y
I Don't Remember Where I Got This Picture At...
(Originally Posted on August 3, 2006)But I really like it.† The woman is sexy and creepy at the same time... tag: image, sexy, creepy
I Donno This About Nothin
like i said it about nothin see nothin ___________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________
I Don't Get It
I never will understand racism. What makes anyone think that their skin color or ethnicity makes them better than anyone else? The sad part is that there is not one ethnic group who is free from racism. If races are divided and men and women are divided, how in HELLLL can we ever hope to come together as a people?? Tradgedy doesn't do it. Well, it does it for maybe 15 minutes and then everyone goes back to hating each other. I'm wondering this a lot these days. You even have division between Muslim sects. I never quite understood why they seemed to even hate eachother until I got older and started asking questions and seeking answers. Who knew there was 2 factions of Muslims, Suni's and Shiites. How could we even know that when the only thing, even as little kids, that we hear is "Today a Muslim extremist suicide bomber killed 50 people..." That just plops all Muslims into one group and that hardly seems fair. Neither is it fair to assume that just because you live in the Middle Ea
I Don't Get It
what is up with the bulletin board here? i'm reading thru the "headlines" and all seem to request that you repost whatever it is. and then ones like "well, guess you know who your friends are". can anyone enlighten me?
I Don't I'm Stupid!!
I usually consider myself rather smart but this site could take some getting used to....
I Don't Know How Many More Blows I Can Take . . .
As if losing my friend Zeb as horrifically as he died last month wasn't tragic enough, I got a phone call last night from my friend Amy telling me that another friend of mine, Chayla, decided to blow her brains out over the weekend. She was 26 years old. How many friends is one person supposed to lose tragically in ones' lifetime? This is the 9th friend I have lost over the past 10 years to tragic, less-than-natural circumstances, and the 2nd in one month and one day. I really don't know how to feel right now. I am SO F*#&ING ANGRY, in addition to the hurt, and I am pretty much numb. She had so much going for her - just got engaged back in February, a wonderful man, a great new career . . . all gone . . . Forgive me if I just don't feel like talking to anyone right now . . . but I am just struggling real hard to try and understand the cards that life deals us right now . . .
I Dont Even Kno What To Think
blah guess this day has sucked alot
I Don't Understand
Why do all the feelings come? They come and go. I feel sometimes I'm caged within. Some the meaning of them I just dont know. Why do I hurt so much? And hide when really I need to let them show. I hide behing laughter and smiles. Inside I'm a shaken bottle of carbonated emotions that wants to blow. Sometimes I feel like I can take on the world and my mind tells me I can do anything. Lack of sleep send an adrenaline rush. Other times I can't drag myself from death like sleep. I drag through the day and toss and turn in the night. I wish I knew what I felt. I wish to know myself. by JMC "I Dont't Understand"
I Don't Know
I know that moving is going to be the best thing for us but I feel bad about leaving Cottage Grove. From Oregon to Texas is a big move. Some times I can't wait to move and other I wish it would take longer. Its good I've always want to travel but this ain't just traveling it's premenat. If anyone reads this and could give me a good heads up about what I'm in for give me a heads up. I think thats why I want to wait cause I don't like going somewhere I don't know anything about weird and I want to travel.
I Don't Feel Like Dancing
I Don't Do Windows
PHILOSOPHY OF HOUSECLEANING! I don't do windows because ... I love birds and don't want one to run into a clean window and get hurt. I don't wax floors because ... I am terrified a guest will slip and get hurt then I'll feel terrible ( plus they may sue me.) I don't mind the dust bunnies because ... They are very good company, I have named most of them, and they agree with everything I say. I don't disturb cobwebs because . I want every creature to have a home of their own. I don't Spring Clean because . I love all the seasons and don't want the others to get jealous I don't pull weeds in the garden because .. I don't want to get in God's way, HE is an excellent designer! I don't put things away because . My husband will never be able to find them again. I don't do gourmet meals when I entertain because . I don't want my guest
I Don't Understand
i don't understand how you make me feel everytime that you're around i don't get how you can be so loud but yet, you did not make a sound i don't understand why my heart skips a beat whenever you say my name i don't know if all the things you do or say are part of a mind game i don't understand why i get all nervous when you just casually walk by i don't really get it.... i really don't get it... how your presence can make me sigh i don't know why i melt inside whenever you sit next to me i seriously don't understand how these weird feelings came to be what is it about you... yes... you... that makes me feel like this??? and why oh why... why why why!? do i yearn for just one kiss??? why do you get me all twisted with your smile that's oh so fine... when you said hi to me the other day i swear i was on cloud nine! i can't believe the things you do and yet you're totally unaware how all day i can just look at you... and stare... and stare... and
I Dont Need A Hero
I dont need a hero, I only need you, my friend To listen and try to understand me till the end I dont need a hero to rescue me I am my own person, this you will see I am unique in my own special way Not one woman out there is like me to this day I dont need a hero, but i do need Love Though i am my own person, its always better as "us" I dont need a hero, but a tender touch Soft to let me know that i am loved I dont need a hero, i do need someone true to me To give my heart, to trust and to see I dont need a hero, but sometimes I have to cry Please understand im human, and all i can do is try I dont need a hero, but i do need someone to love Because I have so much to give, but will never give up. by Amber
I Don't Care How Many Friends I Lose Over This!!!!!
I DON'T CARE HOW MANY FRIENDS I LOSE OVER THIS!!!!! Month One Mommy I am only 4 inches long but I have all my organs. I love the sound of your voice. The sound of your heart beat is my favorite lullaby. Month Two Mommy today I learned how to suck my thumb. If you could see me you could definitely tell that I am a baby. I'm not big enough to survive outside my home though. It is so nice and warm in here. Month Three You know what Mommy I'm a boy!! I hope that makes you happy. I always want you to be happy. I don't like it when you cry. You sound so sad. It makes me sad too and I cry with you even though you can't hear me. Month Four Mommy my hair is starting to grow. It is very short and fine but I will have a lot of it. I spend a lot of my time exercising. I can turn my head and curl my fingers and toes and stretch my arms and legs. I am becoming quite good at it too. Month Five You went to the doctor today. Mommy, he li
I Don't Have Time For This!
Why does it always happen this way? When you've got a zillion and one things on your plate, you've got deadlines to meet, appointments to keep, blah, blah, blah...that's when you start feeling like crap! At first I thought it was allergies...I DO live in Florida.. Now, I'm not so sure. I can't afford to feel all punchy and tired, with my sinuses going haywire. I have a big presentation for work coming up. I still have to fix some of the slides and pull some numbers for my powerpoint presentation. I have shopping to do. My cousin's wedding shower is tomorrow. I need to spend some time cleaning my house. And the list goes on... I haven't been sick in my immune system decides NOW would be a good time to break down on me? This better be an allergy/mind-over-matter thing. I don't have time to be sick.
I Don't Care If I Lose Friends Over This..
[[Month 1]] Mommy I am only 8 inches long but I have all my organs. I love the sound of your voice. Every time I hear it I wave my arms and legs. The sound of your heart beat is my favorite lullaby. [[Month Two]] Mommy today I learned how to suck my thumb. If you could see me you could definitely tell that I am a baby. I'm not big enough to survive outside my home though. It is so nice and warm in here. [[Month Three]] You know what Mommy I'm a boy!! I hope that makes you happy. I always want you to be happy. I don't like it when you cry. You sound so sad. It makes me sad too and I cry with you even though you can't hear me. [[Month Four]] Mommy my hair is starting to grow. It is very short and fine but I will have a lot of it. I spend a lot of my time exercising. I can turn my head and curl my fingers and toes and stretch my arms and legs. I am becoming quite good at it too. [[Month Five]] You went
I Don't Believe
You aren't the guy I fell hard for You aren't the guy I still care for You have changed Changed for the worse When you are with them do you still think of me when you light that up tell me one thing Do you even think abotu how it affects me I don't even believe you anymore I miss being so close to you do you miss being close to me do you miss me being in your arms Do you miss giving me those tight hugs And not letting go Do you miss anything about me I know this is all about me But you say you still care And I don't believe you
I Dont Need
I dont need your love your pity or your care, WHEN i GET HOME AT NIGHT I dont need you there I dont need some friends to help me on lifes way I just want to be alone I dont care what people say I dont need the sunshine the flowers or fine I dont need loving hands to take away life's pain I dont need a loving god to forgive me of my sins I dont need this life I dont care if it ends I dont need anything or anyone you see? If in this life we meet walk by and let me be
I Do Not Care
You like another girl I do not care I like you anyways I like you so much alll I wanna hear Is that you like me too That I'm more important then her That I mean more to you I don't care that you like her I just want to know Know that I mean more to you I don't care that you talk about her and not us Can you tell my ears want to hear hear that you like me too Taht I am more important then her That I mean more to you I like you so much I don't care that you talk about her Like she is some angel I just want you with me and not her It may be selfish I don't want to lose you I'm not letting you slip away Like every other guy I don't care I like you so much All I want to hear Hear that you like me more Taht I'm more important then her That I mean more to you I don't care that you still talk about her I still like you
I Dont Know What To Put Here As The Name
I'm not Gothic,i'm just dark I,m not a whore, i just know what i want... i am not superfical, i just like nice things I not a bitch,i just dont like you I'm not ignorant,i just dont care I'm not moody,i'm just a girl I'm not lazy,I'm just recovering I'm not morbid,Im just realistic I'm not dirty, i just have a really good imagination I'm not obsessed,Im just passionate Im not a freak, i'm just not you!!!!
I Don't Know Who I Am By Dj~belladonna~vamperv Goddess Vdc~last Chance Dj~skitzer69's Wife And Chew Toy~
I don't know who I'am I don't know who I'am So I'm digging deep inside To Find out who I'm truely am And like the person i find I want to be a normal girl Who doesn't feel like this I want to move on with my life But i need to find me I want to smile and laugh And actually mean it And join in with the joke Feeling all happy and Not all broke I want to be seen As the person I'm Truely am But how can i do That when still I don't know who I'am
I Don't Care
"Are we fighting a war on terror or aren't we? Was it or was it not started by Islamic people who brought it to our shores on September 11, 2001 ? Were people from all over the world, mostly Americans, not brutally murdered that day, in downtown Manhattan , across the Potomac from our nation's capitol and in a field in Pennsylvania ? Did nearly three thousand men, women and children die a horrible, burning or crushing death that day, or didn't they? And I'm supposed to care that a copy of the Koran was "desecrated" when an overworked American soldier kicked it or got it wet?...Well, I don't. I don't care at all. I'll start caring when Osama bin Laden turns himself in and repents for incinerating all those innocent people on 9/11. I'll care about the Koran when the fanatics in the Middle East start caring about the Holy Bible, the mere possession of which is a crime in Saudi Arabia . I'll care when these thugs tell the world they are sorry for hacking off Nick Berg's head
I Dont Know Something That Popped In My Head
smoke a blunt drink a beer kill someone your time is near we dont have time to play these games just pull my hair and say my name you came here with one thing on your mind to get fucked proper and smoke a dime to get felt up and drink a brew then wake up in the morning and bid adu no feelings hurt i made you squirt you hurry and put on your skirt you spend the day wondering is he thinking of you you love the dick does it love you too your heads spining with thoughts of last night you want him as a husband which makes you his wife so as it started you say it ends you drink a beer and cry with friends they smoke your weed and call you a whore what comes next a knock at the door he stands there with roses, candy, and shit he said i hope you dont want me for my dick the sex was good and that night was great but for days i sit and wait i sat, drank, and got clowned by these hoes he looks at them and said time to go he grabs their shit and tosses it out the door look
I Don't Blog
hmm well i don't blog so this may be my one and only blog ever.... well thats all i got.. so have a good day/night..
I Dont Know...
What up toeverone!!! I really need the love!!!
I Dont Understand People
well this is my first in most likely a long line of pointless ranting that people prolly wont read anyways but here goes. i dont understand why people cant just be who they are instead of playing games with my emotions. i dont undertand why people cant say what they really think or feel. what is so had about that? and the excuse i dont want to hurt your fealings is pathetic! do you not think it is hurtfull if you make me believe that you are my feind for who knows how long and then one day you are just gone or then you finaly decide to tell me all the things you thought about me from the beginig. if you dont like me thats fine just tell me. if you dont wanna talk to me tell me!! dotn make up pathetic excuses to why you cant talk or are to busy. but what i hate most of all is thse people that like drop off the face of the earth dont ignore me i would rather you tell me to go away than ignore me. grow up be a man and speak your mind. its not like i am going o be crushed if you dont
I Don't Need No Doctor
I Don't Feel Like Loving You Today -gretchen Wilson
I don't feel like loving you today, So don't you even try to change my mind, The best thing you can do right now, Is just go away, Cause I don't feel like loving you today, I don't wanna talk about last night, I'm angry and I haven't had much sleep, And I'm so tired and bloodshot, they ain't no tellin' what I'd say, I don't feel like loving you today, But you know I will anyway, Even though we make it hard sometimes. I'll wind up forgiving you and probably loving you, For the rest of my life, But I don't feel like loving you today, And I've got 16 hours left to go. I might tell you that I'm leaving Even though you know I'll stay, Cause I don't feel like loving you today. But you know I will anyway, Even though we make it hard sometimes. I'll wind up forgiving you and probably loving you, For the rest of my life. But I don't feel like loving you today. I just don't feel like loving you today.
I Don't Mind But
Lots of people come to profiles and go through others photo pages and when they see one they like they rip it to thier page which is fine with me. The problem I have with someone ripping a photo from me is that they take the time to go through my photos and take the one they want and leave with out even a thank you, no rating, not even a fuck you.... It seems to me if you have the gull to take from someone you should at least leave a comment, a thank you or a rating.
I Dont Believe Im The Only One With A Embarrassing Story! Come On Dont Be Shy!
One of my very embarrassing moments, and believe me I could write a book. It was a night out with a mate I hadnít seen for a long time. We were both young free and single and getting lots of wanted attention from guys all night. The night was coming to an end and we had, had lots of fun. I noticed a cute guy watching me that caught my eye earlier in the night, I smiled and he came towards me to and started talking to me. While I was talking away I started getting stomach cramps and feeling light headed. I excused myself and made a sharp exit for the ladies. My tummy was in a bad way I must have eaten something rotten earlier on in the day. I must have been on the toilet for 10 mins before it passed. I made my way back to the dance floor where my friend was and the guy I had to rudely leave. I looked at my friend and asked Ďare you ready to leaveí she replied Ďyesí I continued to exchange numbers with the cute guy. Suddenly while I was talking a spout of wind arouse a
I Dont Need You!
please don't come back to me. i don't want to have any option of taking u back. after all u have made me go through. after realizing i'm such a stupid idealistic fool. i don't want any part of that me again. i'm surviving. i'm thriving in fact. don't spare me another thought. i don't want or need your pity.i don't want to be patronized. the only thing i really asked for was honesty. and you couldn't even give me that. let's not be friends. no friend of mine lies and back stabs me. if it were only this easy to get over you.. even if you were a lying cheating 2 timing (inaudible) helping me get over you (Featuring Lari White) (Travis Tritt/Lari White) You ask who's lying in my bed Is it really love we're making My heart's hanging by a thread She's the only reason it ain't breaking Do you ever cross my mind Darling fact is you still do That's the reason she is here Wiping your old memory clear She's helping me get over you Helping me get over you One kiss at a time '
I Dont Want To Be A Good Girl Anymore
been there done that. i was a good girl. they thnk im stupid. and being sweet just isn't in anymore. being a good girl? All ex's cheats on me. All friends back stab me. i want to change, to do some rebel things that bad girls do.. but i can't, i just can't. i want to curse the way that other girls curse. why can they say the word f*ck you and even just by writing it doesn't feel right to me? Why can they talk about sex like it's the most normal thing in the world and having multiple counts of it from multiple men just really rocks? i love sex too. i want to say what i wanted to say, i want to stop caring to what other people will say... so what if i'm not a good girl. who give a damn? So what if im not sweet? I don't even know whats the real me. the only thing i understand is that behind the pretty smile and sweet look is a rebelious woman that wanted to be out and have fun... can you give me that without prejudice... since i never ever judge a person for wh
I Do Not...
I do not have the answers, sometimes I don't even have the questions, sometimes I have nothing but empty thoughts that drift upon the breeze... Have you ever chased a snowflake, such a fragile, delicate, and beautiful thing, crystalline sculpture, in purest white? Have you ever caught that flake, and watched it as it fades in the warmth of your hand, softly dissolving, to a tear drop? When I see the snows fall, and disrupt us all, block our roads, close our schools, bring down power lines, and cause death and destruction I sometimes think of that delicate snow flake and wonder how something so small, so gentle, so fragile, can be so destructive. Then I look at us, people, and we're just the same, so many fragile people, and yet when one or two voices band together we can cause such pain, and such misery. I don't want to see drifts, and blizzards, death and destruction, I just want to hold the delicate people, to see them for their individual beauty, and to care for them,
I Don't Like The Drugs (but The Drugs Like Me) Music Video Code By Marilyn Manson :
Music Video:I DON'T LIKE THE DRUGS (BUT THE DRUGS LIKE ME) (by Marilyn Manson)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
I Dont Want You Anymore
there you go again. why do you always think that you can always go back to me? you have ignore me for so many times, then after i get so furious you'll text me back after a few days telling me you love me... is this a joke? I stupidly accepted you back for all it's worth. but you are wasting my precious time. i have loved you so deep it took me awhile to realize how i stupidly treat myself just because of loving you. how many times have i've told you to leave me alone. then you will go back to me each time like nothing happen... well hear this... i don't want you back anymore, i have been so great without you. i realize now how much you mistreat me. so please go. i dont want anything to do with you from now on. are you listening? geezzz... get a life!!!
I Don't Think I've Ever Said This Before.
To every one that ever thought they knew me, had me, liked me, saw me in a special light. You'll never get me back Forget the name now, as I have long forgotten my own. You'll only hurt yourself, to try and change me back to what I was when you knew me best. Just let go and I'll fade. The choice is yours I decided to put it all on every one else. Your opinion of me is no longer any of my business. All scrambled up inside as right now fades away and a future grows on the horizon. So few points in life are registered as here afters. This morning, tonight, right now from here after the things I've done that didn't build. I am a different kind of man. My conscience is light up and clearly guiding me. Ethics and morals are to small. To define something with a single word would be injustice, wrong, insufficient, misappropriation. I can't be strong with a single word to hold me up. A single idea bigger than words would be as nice as a night filled with dreams. Forgotten with the b
I Dont Care Who Walks In To The Bar!
This whole so and so walks in to the bar every time some one joins the site is getting very ANNOYING! i really dont give a dam who joins or walks in to the bar as they say! if i wanna be nice and welcome people and rate them i WILL but i dont need to know of EVERYONE who joins the site! any one else agree with me on this? i know im not the only one whos getting annoyed by this!
I Dont Know
If the world thinks its wrong to love you F**k the world and all the people in it. You gave me reason To believe in myself That someone like you could love me. But no Not now. It's been torn and ripped away. Now I know true love isn't real. You hace showed me this With your coldness towards me the hurtful things you say. Is it you are trying to push me away? I wont go You cant make me Hate me Hurt me I'm still here Standing strong for you No matter what you say or do to me. I will always be there for you. Could this be the true meaning of "I love you?"
I Don't Know How To Love Him
I Don't Like ...
I don't like Monopoly I dont like connect four I dont like hypocracy I dont like the guy next door I dont like crying I dont like death I dont like dying I dont like meth I dont like head trips I dont like games I dont like "he said" sh*t I dont like naming names I dont like hockey I dont like force I dont like jockies or Or their horse I dont like hurt I dont like pain I dont like dirt I dont like rain I dont like life I dont like the sun I dont like knives I dont like guns I dont like clouds I dont like this world I dont like it loud I dont like bad girls I dont like to fish I dont like to hunt I dont like that b*tch I dont like the word "cunt" I dont like rumors I dont like gossip I dont like tumors I dont like faucets I dont like the city I dont like my home I dont like feeling shity I dont like this poem!
I Don't Get It...
Why is it that women now days say that they want a real Man, one who will provide for them, protect them, love them, shelter them, value them, ect... and then criticize and reject those that are? Why is it that when the full blood of a Man is upon Him, and He sees His female, and will have her, that it should be then that He is not a real Man, but is called a beast, a brute? Women say they want a real Man, but do not recognize One when they see Him. They are quick to point out flaws, say He is overbearing, rude, cruel, when He is being a true Man. But then, these are the same woman that really just want what "society" has deemed a man, a milksop who is walked all over and controlled by a female....not a true Man. Why would you want a man that lets you get by with anything? That lets you walk all over him, lets you do and say anything? How can you respect a man like that, much less live with him? That isn't a man, he's an overgrown boy!!!! What woman out there would
I Don't Care How Many Friends I Lose Over This!!!!!
I DON'T CARE HOW MANY FRIENDS I LOSE OVER THIS!!!!! Month One Mommy I am only 4 inches long but I have all my organs. I love the sound of your voice. The sound of your heart beat is my favorite lullaby. Month Two Mommy today I learned how to suck my thumb. If you could see me you could definitely tell that I am a baby. I'm not big enough to survive outside my home though. It is so nice and warm in here. Month Three You know what Mommy I'm a boy!! I hope that makes you happy. I always want you to be happy. I don't like it when you cry. You sound so sad. It makes me sad too and I cry with you even though you can't hear me. Month Four Mommy my hair is starting to grow. It is very short and fine but I will have a lot of it. I spend a lot of my time exercising. I can turn my head and curl my fingers and toes and stretch my arms and legs. I am becoming quite good at it too. Month Five You went to the doctor today. Mommy, he li
I Dont Want You Anymore
i dont want you or anything you have to offer me. even if i am sick or living on the street i want no part of the life youve created. sometimes i do wish that you and i had remained what we were .. two people that met and parted saying goodbye as easily as we said hello ... in the fucking gym .. in highschool... with that asshole rapist adom parker.. my red and yellow laces were mine ..and you.. you were just some pudgy punk rock kid ..and me i was just the outspoken loner who everyone thought said everything on there mind .. but i had so many glad we finally parted .. what youve become is so sad and im -katherine
I Dont Wanna Go:(
Hey everyone! I wanna write this one to everyone! I have to more. So im gonna lose the net for about a month:( Plzz dont forget about me! I will come back as soon as i can! and i will return all the love! Plzz dont let anyone talk shit about me while im gone! I wouldnt let it happen to you, so dont let it happen to me! I promise i will be back As soon as i can get the cable turned on in my apartment! Me and mom are moving out and gettin our own place! we will miss you all! And to all my Bombshells..Im still in the family, and will never leave u guys! You guys mean A LOT to me! If you really wanna talk and not miss me, Write me and let me know, and ill give ya my cell number!! Because im keeping it on, so all my friends can reach me! Plzz show me some love while im gone! Ill miss you all:( Love always, Jessi
I Dont Know
Randomness i tell you. I feel like everything just stoped and things are starting to sink in. Life wise i guess. Everythings going by so fast never really relized it till now. The only thing i really have to look forward to now im my life is finishing college, a career and a family. I just want to do what im passionate about and thats videogames, anything else after that is a plus. I doubt the family thing cause i guard myself to much to many times being burned. Don't want to risk it. Umm yea blah blah blah. Poem time maybe. In my travels never knew what was to come Walking past this morning sun, the morning mist kisses my skinn, and the wind whisps away sins guys named min i dont know lol I give up. I never know what to write. To many things on my mind. I guess whatever you guys who ever read this let me know what you want to hear about and maybe i can stay focused, Later all
I Dont Want To Miss A Thing =(
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing >> I could stay awake just to hear you breathing Watch you smile while you are sleeping While you're far away and dreaming I could spend my life in this sweet surrender I could stay lost in this moment forever Every moment spent with you is a moment of treasure Don't want to close my eyes I don't want to fall asleep Cause I'd miss you babe And I don't want to miss a thing Cause even when I dream of you The sweetest dream will never do I'd still miss you babe And I don't want to miss a thing Lying close to you feeling your heart beating And I'm wondering what you're dreaming Wondering if it's me you're seeing Then I kiss your eyes And thank God we're together I just want to stay with you in this moment forever Forever and ever Don't want to close my eyes I don't want to fall asleep Cause I'd miss you babe And I don't want to miss a thing Cause even when I dream of you The sweetest dream will never do I'd still miss you babe And I don't want to miss a thing
I Dont Think I Really Want To Know What Kind Of Tricks She Can Do With Her Vagina... Part 1
so as last week was a blur... here i am trying to recouperate still from the lack of sleep and jet lag that had encurred heh... well lets just say that my trip to CLT to LAX and back to CLE was quite an adventure... first stop: charlotte, ncso as one girl ditched upon arrival I was pretty aggro, but as I forgot a USB cord to my camera, that turned out pretty well as I had to run to WalMart during my off time and bump Candykiller to a later slot in the night... both chicks were pretty cool and easy to work with, sophria hadn't done anything like this before so she was kinda sketched but Candykiller had worked with a few other sites (and oddly enough it became a small world as we knew about 3209284 of the same people in the music industry heh) so we got along great... these shoots were pretty regular with just clothed to nude style stuff but as I cant post that stuff here, here's a few clothed samples... and check my profile on cherry tap for some more risque shots as well... but as I
I Dont Know!!! Isnt That Sad
Go on, rediscover your inner child. How long has it been since you've done something for the heck of it? It's time to do something totally silly. Pointless fun will refresh your soul -- which is, after all, the point.
I Dont Get It....
I dont understand why music is blamed for everything.Not just any music underground music.Come on now you guys can come up with something better than that lie.Theres always an excuse for someones actions.We never blame the person doin wrong.It's because of the music,or mom&dad.....or the poor kid didn't have money.FUCK THAT....The VT shootings were fucked up...I agree,but still that guy did what he did for his own reason,and if you wanna believe the reason was music your just as fucked as he is.Trust me if im pushed to my max and am still being pushed im not goin to hesitate im goin to come out fuckin shootin too.I dont give a fuck just like alot of other people.Just because I dont give a fuck does not mean music did it to me.Life is hard and the last thing anyone needs is someone ridin they'er ass.So for the closeminded people that can't think for themselves and need the news to tell em how to feel,here it is from someone that knows.......JUST FUCK OFF AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!If
I Don't Like Cats Anymore.
She just pissed on the carpet. After I threw her in the litterbox 5 times because she was walking funny. I know she knows where the litterbox is and how to use it, she used it when she had to poo earlier. Hell, she sat in her poo. Ughh... At least it wasn't poo. Oh well, I don't have to think of toy ideas now, she doesn't deserve one. Grrr.
I Don't Deserve Your Perfect Love
Empty here, without your eyes --Broken, and it's no surprise. You left; I wasn't good enough. I don't deserve Your Perfect Love. You are too good for boys like me; You'll always be a Fantasy. The ones to See, But never Touch -- What I Need and Want so Much You are the One I want to Hold -- It's no surprise you chose to go. I know my love shall never meet The greatness to whom I compete. There is no more significance -- Love's based on just appeal... I know my body won't suffice; There's not a heart my face could steal. Here, you lock me --here, I'm bound-- Locked In chains, I Rocket Down You walked away (I'm in the dark ) And Left me here to Sit and Rot And everyone's pasts are full of mistakes; Although mine depicts many more than most make... I don't really see someone falling for me So I guess I'll just drown in absurd fantasies...
I Dont Believe Anymore!
I Dont Think I Really Want To Know What Kind Of Tricks She Can Do With Her Vagina... Part 2
in continuation of the previous blogs, this was part of my recent trip to LA... read my last few blogs to get the full story on this one :pshoot day 2: swallow my children ugh so I had to get up at 530 to meet rotten at his room so we can start our day of hell... we roll to starbucks to buy a box of coffee some protein shakes (not that kind sicko) and groggily head to the Tuxford house up off of rt 5... this place is huge... tennis court, work out room, 5 or so rooms downstairs, a movie room upstairs with a huuuuuge screen, a pool, a upper deck with a heart shaped bed on it... and just way more space than I can imagine haahah... we get there and its still chilly and dark out but Chris and the chick from the first scene have arrived when we unpack everything... i scurry around, not knowing what goes where and just try and help out... as far as everything else I just wait to see what hell comes my way that Im sure to fuck up heh... after everyone settles in Johnny Thrus
I Dont Do This Often So When I Do It Please Read And Pass This Along To Everyone You Can
I Don't Understand It
its drives me crazy when I hear and see on the news a millionaire wanting to help a third world country, feed the the homeless and give your dollars to people in other countries who really need it..OK that's nice but this to me is like winning the lotto and helping the people next door get a new home when your sister or brother is living in a shelter..HEY a little reality check here!! feed American kids help your country fix the problems that are here first (knock knock anyone home) there are children in this country that are homeless and go to bed each night wondering if they are going to have to go to school without lunch or wondering if they will have a place to sleep tomorrow night, yes the "richest" country in the world HAS POOR PEOPLE, people that need food cloths, and a Roof over their head mostly children of poor parents are the ones who suffer. The very same company's CEO that got to be a millionaire by selling YOU their products thanks you by sending the money
I Don't Even Want To See Him
Well, some of you know the story about my brother being, somehow, the biggest prick I've ever met. He's 34 years old, married to a trashy wife, has 2 kids that are the only good thing he ever did. Well, He owns his own roofing company (which supports illegals by the way), and his mom (my dads ex) Has a half a million dollar house andmakes that much each year. Yet they want to sue my dad (who makes ten dollars an hour as a maintenence guy!!) for $94,000 in backed child support. And Lisa (his ex wife) was the one who a) gave him permission NOT to pay the child support because he is BROKE. B) is feeding my brother all these stupid ideas about my dad beating her!!!! My dad did no such thing! So Last december my grandmother (dads mom) grew ill, and was put in hospice care. Hospice is basically, YES, care for people who are TERMINALLY ILL. My brother then accused my dad, HIS OWN WIFE, my sister and my mom and one nurse of EUTHANIZING my grandmother!!! He keeps coming back and beggi
I Dont Think I Really Want To Know What Kind Of Tricks She Can Do With Her Vagina... Part 3
and as to the final installment of my la trip... this was what had transpired part of the friday night that i forgot to mention and then all of saturday before i went running to LAX to sleep on the flight back to OH on sunday...shoot day 2: swallow my children so i forgot to mention that last night after Roxy's scene with Rotten that as that was the last shoot for the day we were pretty good to head out as I was exhausted and my legs hurt from standing all day... well Roxy decided that she didnt need to wear pants in leaving as she had clothes to change into when she got in her car... so she leaves in a tanktop, panties and shoes and heads out... well right before she leaves Johnny Thrust SPEEDS out of the driveway in a pissed off manner... we just dont think about it until seconds later we hear a screech and then the neighbors yelling "YOU FUCKING HIT MY DOG"... we first think it was roxy as she had just left, but as she was still in the driveway we see johnny get out of h
I Dont Understand.
Maybe I just dont understand the whole NSFW rating thing. I just got an email saying that 4 of my pics are NSFW, and I didnt just reacently upload them. They have been there since atleast February. So if anyone knows, please if you can make it clearer to me, I would appriciate it.
I Dont Get It..seriously
ok this is my Memorial Day Weekend rant.... People tell me Im cute, Im hot, Im datable, they wanna meet me and get to know me. Some even are like oh yeah we will hook up and shit. This would be the 4th year in a row I have been stood up. No calls that plans are changed, no calls they arent gonna show, nothing. Do I deserve this? I mean really. I am known to bend over backwards for people when they need me. When they got a bad day they come to me and ask for my help. And then I get screwed in the end. Do I really deserve this?
I Dont Get It.....
I dont get it.....a chick or a guy can have shout outs to their partner all over thier page...and in thier SN and even tell the people that shout at them that they are happily in a relationship and yet the people are so freakin hardheaded...they still make perverted comments. I just really dont understand how some people can be so freakin dimwitted to keep tryin after they obviously just got shut down. HELLO...can they only type and not know how to read or what? I just really dont get it.....
I Don't Live To Please
Graphics & Layouts
I Dont Know
I think that I want to go back to school next semester but I really dont know. It's hard to commit but I hope that if I go in the mornings that I will be more likely to go but that will mean no more sleep overs at Matt's.
I Don't Want A Pony!
I want a mini horse!!!!!!! I would name him.... Radish.... So he'd be the horse radish!
I Dont Care What You Think After You Read This
Not that anyone really cares, I'm bored so sue me!! Anyways, I'm sure some of you come across these stupid bullitens such as this one that I have copied and pasted here: goes!!! I'm about to to make some Enemies...more Haters...and just plain piss some people off!!! But guess what...I could care less!!! I just want to voice my opinion on the subject of FAKES...FRAUDS...and BEGGARS!!! I Love Cherry Tap...but...I'm beginning to realize just how fake and weak people are on this site!!! Few people are honest and open about who they are...Guys and girls are profiling them selfs as someone there NOT!!! If you are a a Man and put up your OWN pic...Girls too!!! If you are a cross proud and come out of the closet!!! Many of the TOP Cherries are nothing but FAKES!!! If you are here to boost you weak ass ego...realize one are who you are..."Top of the list"-"1000s of Fans" only got there because you are Weak,Fake..and have no confidence in
I Dont Care
I dont care if you hate this And I dont care what you think of me. Im sorry for all the pain I put you through And Im sorry I couldnt be who you wanted me to be. I dont care about whats become of me And I dont care about the feelings I've lost. I just have to be me as me No matter the cost. I dont care what intentions you may have had And I dont care if we didnt settle the score. I hate whats happened between us But truly, I just dont care....anymore.
I Dont Ask...
OK i guess i got entered into a contest for prettiest eyes...I dont enter contests but i guess my cousin (THANKS DESTINY) entered me...So please click and vote and say hello just something like that for me...THanks again...i guess...
"i Don't Wanna Stop" Video Contest
Ozzy wants a video for his new single "I Don't Wanna Stop". He knows there are tons of talented fans and video directors out there that have what it takes to put it together. So that's where you come in. Ozzy and his band shot performance footage of the entire song on green screen from multiple camera angles. Footage is posted at for you to download. The director can download performance footage and then make your own video using your preferred type of video editing software. Use all of your own footage, use some of the band's, it's all up to you, just use your imagination. And remember, it's Ozzy, so make it fucking ROCK! Visit for all the contest details!
I Do Not Understand
I Dont Get It
so ur bf breaks up with u cause he confused on what he wants tells u to move on. so u start hanging out with guys then he gets flippin mad even though he already got a new gf. men make no sence at all.
I Don't Care!
This woman should run for president Written by a housewife from New Jersey and sounds like it! This is one ticked off lady. "Are we fighting a war on terror or aren't we? Was it or was it not started by Islamic people who brought it to our shores on September 11, 2001? Were people from all over the world, mostly Americans, not brutally murdered that day, in downtown Manhattan , across the Potomac from our nation's capitol and in a field in Pennsylvania ? Did nearly three thousand men, women and children die a horrible, burning or crushing death that day, or didn't they? And I'm supposed to care that a copy of the Koran was "desecrated" when an overworked American soldier kicked it or got it wet?...Well, I don't. I don't care at all. I'll start caring when Osama bin Laden turns himself in and repents for incinerating all those innocent people on 9/11. I'll care about the Koran when the fanatics in the Middle East start caring about the Holy Bible, the mere possessio
I Dont Understand
How come in one thought i think it is totally wrong to date online yet in the same breath I find it okay? I mean I find it soo weird because the person isnt really there. How can someone develop feelings for this person? I dont understand it. Ive dated online before and I was crushed when it ended. And my mom left us kids for a man online, maybe thats why I have a little hate for the idea. And you never know if the person is cheating on you which really digs at someones mind. And if you really like this person it crushes you. I dont know where I stand on the matter anymore. Many people find people online because of various reasons. Well for me People I know cant handle my responsiblities here. I dont know....
I Donít Know
I donít know what I feel, I donít know what is real. Iím living in an illusion. Thereís to much confusion. I donít know what to say, I donít know where Iím going, just away. Iím losing myself, losing my faith. ĎCause I know itís to late. I donít know what to do, I donít know where Iím going through. Iím full with fear, full of shame. Itís enough with that stupid game. I donít know what to think, I donít know what, but I sink. Knowing it was all a lie, No matter how I try. I just donít know it anymoreÖ
I Don't Get It...
I don't get it. Our company has a warehouse/release program since we do name badges. It makes it easier for people who have a high turnover or who just need one badge at a time usually. To demonstrate how it works we set up a "dummy" program. We give people the login and password and they can log in and play around with the program to see all the features and even go through the process of releasing a badge without having to worry about actual badges being created. It's a great tool and I've sent many people there and walked many others through it. More often than not I've sold people on the idea after they've tried it out. So my boss comes over this morning and says it's about time to dump the program and restart it with fresh lines and so on. Not a problem. I can figure out how to do that. But he also seems to think that it needs to look more like a real program. With a dummy company that looks like a real company and dummy customer shipt to address. I'm n
I Don't Understand
Is it ever wrong to feel? Is what one feels inside able to be judged by another? When someone says what they feel should anyone have the right to complain about it? It is how someone feels so it can't be wrong. It might hurt but it is someones feelings. We don't choose how we feel.
I Dont Know
well to all u men out there that give me complements thank u very much, and if i say something that u take the wrong way then im very sorry. i am not use to complements and do not know how to responde to them, so i just think that u have to be joking with me most of the time. because of the way i have been treated in the past and how i was treated growing up. i dont say these things to be mean or anything i just dont know how to respond to ur complements it is new to me and so i have a tendecy to just kind make light of them. and i want to apologize right now if i have offended anyone or if i do offend anyone. but i have only had mostly negative remarks about me in my life and that i have grown to just make a joke out of it because im sure that i am not every attractive because of the way i was told how unattractive i am since i was 14 yrs old. so i just want to apologize now. THANKS FOR ALL OF UR COMPLIMENTS AND I DO LIKE TO HEAR THEM BUT I JUST DONT BELIEVE THEM MOST OF THE TIME
I Dont Wish To Brag...
...But Im going to see Motorhead tomorrow night with BACKSTAGE passes!!!!! I get to drink JD with Mr Lemmy Killmiester!!! I AM ROCK!!!!!
I Don't Wanna Kiss You Goodnight
I Dont Have
Deep secrets will come to light in an organic and fruitful way, as long as you let them emerge on their own. This might go against your first impulses, but do try and let it happen naturally. Breathe through it.
I Don't Care If I Lose Friends Over This
Mommy I am only 4 inches long but I have all my organs. I love the sound of your voice. The sound of your heart beat is my favorite lullaby. Month Two Mommy today I learned how to suck my thumb. If you could see me you could definitely tell that I am a baby. I'm not big enough to survive outside my home though. It is so nice and warm in here. Month Three You know what Mommy I'm a boy!! I hope that makes you happy. I always want you to be happy. I don't like it when you cry. You sound so sad. It makes me sad too and I cry with you even though you can't hear me. Month Four Mommy my hair is starting to grow. It is very short and fine but I will have a lot of it. I spend a lot of my time exercising. I can turn my head and curl my fingers and toes and stretch my arms and legs. I am becoming quite good at it too. Month Five You went to the doctor today. Mommy, he lied to you. He said that I'm not a baby. I am a baby Mommy, your baby. I think and feel. Mommy, what's abortion? Month Six I can
I Dont Need Superficial Friends Thanks Anyways
Just for once I would like to chat with someone, who's not superficial. Who doesn't pretend they're something they're not.Someone who is forth coming in all that they say. The way I see it, if you can't be liked for who you are, that you have to pretend or hide from the truth. Then your not worth my time, or the person your hiding from is not worth yours. All my life I have been judged, by everything about me. And I say..Oh well. I am who I am. And I have no problem with it. So if you do..then move right along and join all the other superficial jerks. Because I have no time for you or your nonsense.
I Don't Know
so i'm trying to figure out why i care so much...i have an ex boyfriend who doesn't really seem like an ex boyfriend...everything we did as a couple we still do now as ex' a way i feel like when i'm asked out i have to say no but then i ask my self why when i know he is talkin to other far as i know it's just talking but i know he is a flirt...i don't know i'm confused and the worst part is that today is my b-day and he makes me feel bad for asking him if i should feel obligated to say no since we aren't anything...and maybe i used the wrong word when i said anything cuz i do care about him...i went as far as telling him that i love him which i never say unless i feel that i truely meant it and it's something hard for me to say even to my own family but now i think to my self why am i being so stupid and holding on to something that just might not be worth holding on to...he tells me all the time im not his girlfriend and i shouldn't get mad that he talks to other girl
I Dont Understand How Someone Could Hurt Someone So Helpless
I DONT UNDERSTAND HOW SOMEONE COULD HURT SOMEONE SO HELPLESS Kristy Reynolds and her husband are parents to a beautiful little baby boy named Kaleb. He is 6 months and 3 days old. A couple weeks ago Kristy picked Kaleb up from home care and noticed something was wrong. She immediately took him to the hospital where he was diagnosed with Shaken Baby Syndrome. He now has meningitis in response the the surgeries on his brain, his body can't regulate his temperature, his heart rate drops every time he is moved, and he has seizures. He is also blind. His sitter shook him so hard that he is in a coma, had to have spinal fluid drained from his brain, and doctors think that if he lives he will be a vegetable for the rest of his life. Brain scans show that his brain tissue is dying and his brain is shrinking. Kristy and her husband refuse this diagnosis and pray for their little boy. I'm asking you to join them in this prayer for Kaleb.Her myspace
I Don't Care Anymore..
If every picture was meant to be 10s, there wouldn't be a rating system. As long as it's not marked NSFW, why worry about it? Even the top pictures have low ratings. If someone marks me a 4, fine. I guess I'm a 4 to that person. Does a 10 really make anyone more of anything? Touch the Darkness @
I Don't Understand
I don't understand.... My wife left me... And I don't understand. After the last child was born, she told me we had to cut back on expenses -- I had to give up drinking beer. I was not a big drinker, maybe a 12-pack on weekends. Anyway, I gave it up but I noticed the other day when she came home from grocery shopping, the receipt included $45 for makeup. I said, "Wait a minute I've given up beer and you haven't given up anything!" She said, "I buy that makeup for you, so I can look pretty for you." I told her, "Hell, that's what the beer was for!" I don't think she'll be back.
I Dont Know Anymore!!!!
Sometimes I feel so lost like I'm in some weird maze everytime I think I found a way out I find myself even more lost than before..... I feel totally invisible like I'm there but I'm not!!!! I'm finding myself bringing in all this information I wish nobody would have told me and now I can never seem to sort it back out... All my fears and emotions keep piling up on me and I cant seem to fix it... Have you found yourself wanting to be everything to the person you love but everytime you find yourself falling short.. I feel like I can never do anything right.. I keep trying to figure out why he even stays I dont understand why him or anyone else would want a nothing like myself...
I Dont Love You...
Wow another blog to make.. Im so stupide
I Don't Get It
Well hmm I was just wondering what the hell was wrong with a past mumm i made and now I can not do anymore mumms I just don't get it. The subject was shout box and i was only suggesting that maybe they should improve the shout box to be more like yahoo a lot of people get sick of the shout box acting up and having to click on the name all the time thats all i said and now cherrytap shop made it so I can not make another mumm that really annoys me so what the hell people
I Don't Get It
Well hmm I was just wondering what the hell was wrong with a past mumm i made and now I can not do anymore mumms I just don't get it. The subject was shout box and i was only suggesting that maybe they should improve the shout box to be more like yahoo a lot of people get sick of the shout box acting up and having to click on the name all the time thats all i said and now cherrytap shop made it so I can not make another mumm that really annoys me so what the hell people
I Dont Care If He Commited Suicide
The Rabbit wolverine touched all our lives when he steped foot into the squared circle...he was THE BEST THERE EVER WAS THE BEST THERE EVER WILL BE
I Don't See Why
people get all gay over stoleing pics i mean unless its pics of you or family who cares
I Dont Understand
i meet chris benoit many years ago, he was one of the nicest men i could have met, but i'm guessing that i was wrong about benoit, i just don't believe all of this i have watched his whole carrer from new japan to wwe, and i just hope his soul never rests.
I Dont Get It
why do people wait till your off line,leave some odd comment on your page and block you so you cant ask wtf are you on about!!!grrrrrr
I Don't Regret A Mile
====================== I've dreamed many dreams that never came true. I've seen them vanish at dawn. But I've realized enough of my dreams, thank God, To make me want to dream on. I've prayed many prayers, when no answers came, Though I waited patient and long, But answers came to enough of my prayers To make me keep praying on. I've trusted many a friend that failed And left me to weep alone, But I've found enough of my friends true blue To make me keep trusting on. I've sown many seeds that fell by the way For the birds to feed upon, But I have held enough golden sheaves in my hands To make me keep sowing on. I've drained the cup of disappointment and pain And gone many days without song, But I've sipped enough nectar from the roses of life To make me want to live on. ~by Howard Goodman (gospel singer)~ ! Excerpt from his song
I Dont Know What To Bother Putting Here.
By now, I've at least figure out that change isn't always bad. But it is scary, Its always scary. I don't understand why so much change has to happen all at once. Almost exactly one month ago, one of my close friends and room mates packed up all of his shit and moved out, without a word. Ive still not heard a word from him. Yesterday my other room mate, who is my best friend, told me she was moving out as well. She might be out as quickly as 3 or 4 days, but shes at least giving me my 30 days notice and rent like we had agreed. Friday will mark two weeks since I had to put Prancer to sleep. Two weeks without him, after 16 years in my life. The relationship I had with that dog will be greater then ANY relationship I ever have with a human being. No one will ever fully understand. Ive recently had a ex boyfriend apologize and decide he wanted to get back together with me, then he didn't, then I was driving him away with who I was before, but he doesn't like who I am now app
I Don't Understand
You know....I have met a lot of really nice guys in my lifetime and yet the sad truth is that most "nice" guys are completely overshadowed by the "other" guys. Here recently it seems like all the guys I meet are professing their undying affections to me and stringing along several others at the same time. Either that or they seem like a really nice guy for a while then all of a sudden this horrible dark side emerges. What ever happened to the truthful, honest guy who takes you out on a date, opens every door for you, knows how to order a bottle of wine, and at the end of the evening doesn't expect anything more than maybe a kiss good-night or the possibility of another date. Now I'm not saying there doesn't have to be more but why does it have to be expected. A "nice" guy likes what's in a girls heart not what is in between her legs. I am so tired of guys who feel like they have to play games with women's hearts. They have the "I like her, but I'll hold on to her and her just in case"
I Dont Wanna Be An American Idiot,..... By TERENCE HUNT, AP White House Correspondent 25 minutes ago WASHINGTON - President Bush, moving toward a constitutional showdown with Congress, asserted executive privilege Thursday and rejected lawmakers' demands for documents that could shed light on the firings of federal prosecutors. Bush's attorney told Congress the White House would not turn over subpoenaed documents for former presidential counsel Harriet Miers and former political director Sara Taylor. Congressional panels want the documents for their investigations of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' stewardship of the Justice Department. The Democratic chairmen of the two committees seeking the documents accused Bush of stonewalling and disdain for the law, and said they would press forward with enforcing the subpoenas. "With respect, it is with much regret that we are forced down this unfortunate path which we sought to avoid by fin
I Don't Fit In!
I was recently reading a WIKIPEDIA article about one of my favorite bands. Curious about merely who the singer was or how many there was (dynamic vocals). Who the band is, is irrelevent. I say this for a reason... As I was reading on down, I noticed a section that "LABELED" the group such as genre ( black metal, heavy metal, hard rock, techno)... So I sit there shaking my head.. Thinking "man WTF"? So why can't people be a little more eclectic about music, my self for example and my wife also... We both like black metal, heavy metal, hair metal/rock some popular and rap....*takes breath*, hell reggae. My wife may be listening to MIMMS right now and I may be listening to KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, and we could switch and be just as happy as the next... Everything in life seems to fall into a catagory by the infamaus "them" or "they, who ever they are" I just wish people could wear there hair one way and listen to music another way, or dress one way and talk another way. Do yo
I Don't Know Her Name
The sun hadn't rose And she took my breath away. Little did I know What I was getting into that day. Her head slightly to the left her beauty I could not ignore. Her lipps begging to be kissed like none I'd seen before. Her soft flowing brown hair her beautiful olive skin. Made my heart forget that day the hole it had been in. When my eyes caught hers so soft,so sweet,so caring. I knew I had to take this chance even if it was quite daring. I am here now to take your heart to places really much higher. Because opposite what you believe I'm here to light that fire.
I Donít Get The Drama
So this was inspired by a friendís blog and I didnít want to leave a four page comment. I just donít understand the drama on CT. Feel free to be offended about anything I have to say, while reading it you will understand how little I care. Do the math, the number of women who have kids vastly outnumber the childless women on the site. And most are also either married or happily taken. There are very, very few single, childless women on this site. Most of the profiles of women I have read have some kind of disclaimer or blog about how they donít want to cam, or hook up, or see pictures of a guyís penis. With the sheer volume of those blogs, it must be some kind of epidemic. I saw a profile of someone with very strong opinions, most of which were very different from my own thoughts and beliefs. This person was one of those ďif you donít believe the same as me you should be killedĒ kind of people. They even said things that were close to that in their profile. People with certain
I Do Not Believe In Coincidences....
A week to the day before pro wrestling wife Nancy Benoit was found murdered in her suburban Atlanta home, the body of former pro wrestler and manager Sherri Martel was discovered in her mother's Alabama home, the cause of death unknown. Martel, a pro wrestler in the WWE Hall of Fame who went by the ring name "Sensational Sherri," and who later managed the likes of "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase, Ric Flair and "Macho Man" Randy Savage, was found dead by her husband Robert Schrull at her mother's home in McCalla, Ala., on June 15, according to the Tuscaloosa News newspaper. Click here to read how Nancy Benoit's death was posted to the Internet hours before police found her body. Linking Martel to the deaths of Nancy and husband Chris Benoit and their son Daniel is former pro wrestler Kevin Sullivan, a man once married to Nancy Benoit and who also was Martel's friend and booker. Following World Wrestling Entertainment's announcement of Martel's death, wrestling Web s
I Don't Want To
I can live without you. The thing is that I don't want to. You don't see the others who want to be mine. You don't seem to see how much I want to be yours. Am I here just to be hurt? Am I here for myself anymore? Or is it that I have become so used to this. That I have trouble walking away? Guy 1 wants to take me out when I am free. Guy 2 wants to just be with me. Guy 3 knows about you, and dislikes what we are. Guy 4...well there is no guy 4. So what do I do. You are not going to be mine for so long. And knowing that I can live with out you, hurts. Knowing that I don't want to hurts even more. I don't seem to matter to you these days. I don't seem to rank on your list of importance. It seems that you are going East, while I want to go North. Our paths don't cross anymore, and I don't like that. Are you keeping me around so you are not so lonely? Are you keeping me around because you do see yourself with me in the future? Do you actually think about your
I Dont Like To Sugarcoat
'Tell me the truth,' says a loved one. 'Uh-oh,' you say -- but to yourself. You're savvy enough to know that usually when people utter those words, it's the last thing they mean. Be diplomatic and use a little sugarcoating. Too bad I don't like to sugarcoat, but i don't like to hurt ppl either, unless they've hurt me, then it's a free~for~all!!
I Don't Even Know What To Say.
I am flabbergasted. I have spent a great deal of time building walls and mazes to shield my heart from getting broken. Along comes a man, for whatever reason walked right through all of those and melted places in my heart that hadn't ever seen the light of love. Wholly I put my trust in this man. I believed it when he told me that he loved me ... that he had never known a love like mine before. That his greatest wish had been realized, a true love and a great mate for the rest of his days. Yet here I sit not a scant few moments of life later. Holding the pieces of my broken heart. As I peer into that abyss, its seems that all of the color has drained out of my life again. I have already begun to doubt my worth.
I Done Gone And Done It It Now
I Don't Wanna Care
Here's another day Another girl left so confused Trying to find a way In the common likes of you But you're so undecided Stringing me along And it hurts just thinking 'bout one day your here and then your gone Nothing to say Wont hesitate Can't walk away from you You weren't there When I was scared Now all I wanna do is forget about love So I don't wanna care about love No I don't wanna care about us I don't wanna care at all anymore I used to only care a little bit But now I care way too much Now this love thing I wish I never felt it before I don't wanna care anymore Trying to brace myself For the fall coz you didn't catch me Promised that you would hold me tight, be the one I need But I stood waiting for you to come give me a ride Back to what love's supposed to be; I guess that was a lie You and I now I don't how I could have fallen so deep Coz you weren't here to wipe all my tears Erase it from my memories I don
I Do Not
i do not ask for you all to rate my pictures i rate because i want to i pick and choose who i rate i dont ask for anyone to like me they just do i dont ask for you too have a crush on me thats on you i dont ask for gifts i dont as for blast or vics geesh why is it that you try to do something nice and i still get people pissed or upset with me
I Dont Do Chain Crap
I Don't Get It...
Someone, fill me in... How the hell are most of my pictures NSWF? HOw the hell is a stomach NSWF? Ass and pussy I under stand that.. But a body shot, fully dressed, besides the ones in my bathing suit...HOw the fuck are they NSWF? Seriously..
Id On Yahoo
hey everybody if you woulf like to get a hold of me on yahoo i'm come by let me know who you are and i will add you
I Don't Know What I Am Doing....doing Anyway Though Haha!!
Just saying Hi to all... working on figuring this pretty cool site out... but hello in the meantime...
I Don't Understand People
how can a 60-year-old man still act like a teenager sometimes? when it comes to having an attitude like a hormonal teenager....maybe it is a split personality or NO probably little too much alcohol....I don't understand...if you know that you have a alcohol problem not saying that you drink too much...but the alcohol alters your personality....a sweet old man...into a mouthy old crotchety man....does he not realize it? or just doesn't care that's what I would like to know
I Don't Know Anymore.
I could use some advice. Good advice. As you know, I'm dating Jake.... Lately, he's not been answering me. Not been talking to me. NOTHING. Last week he was supposdaly in jail for 2 weeks.. Ok.. So when he got out, we talked for 4 hours.. Everything was fine. Now, he's stopped talking again. Not answering when I call him. Now, when people ask me if I'm dating someone, I say yes,but I feel like I'm lieing to them...... Granted, he does work construction, and here they work 'till dark.. Fine..But when we first started dating he'd call me on his breaks, or get on yahoo...that's stopped to....... It feels like he doesn't want to be with me, but just don't want to tell me. I don't know what to do........... What's this mean? I got a huge crush on someone now that I went to school with,he lives just down the road from that bad? Should I leave Jake???????????
I Don't Care What Any1 Thinks About Me!!!!
Ok as you can read from the subject line, I don't care what anyone thinks about me. I am sick of hiding this from everyone. I am married and I have been bisexual for a very long time, Yes my hubby does know about the way I am, an he is fine with it. I have been looking for a girlfriend for a while now and I seem to be getting no wear. Well I cant really say no wear beause I have been talking to this one girl and I have meet another one and her and I are now best friends. So if you think your interested in being friends and more with a married bisexual person then get in touch, but please what ever you do dont judge me or say smart ass things, because thats not why I put this up for. I put it up beacuse I dont what to hide that I am a bisexual person any more. I am trying to come out of the closet you might say. This might shock some of you but I have been this way for a long long time and you liked me before you knew this so that should not matter to you if you really like me for me. I
I Don't Hate Hate Me
You called me names, you made me cry you made me wish that i could die your taunts were pains i'll never tell i hope you burn and die in hell maybe that was a bit too strong i could never hold a grudge that long but my amity is lost towards you of this, at least, i know is true i'll never try to be your friend and if you try i'll put an end to all your folly ad all your pride so you, in truth, should step aside 'cause you dont know me but i know you there are many out there just like you you're nothing but another clone society-altered but God-sown so in you i know there's some good though you've not as much as you should but still i thank you for your hate after all, it was a part of fate from hate a fiery passion was born and now your taunts go on forlorn for already i am on fire so great a blaze not to admire so bright a light not to hide away so strong a will not to obey so torrid a flame not to retreat so abundant a fuel not to depleat so feed the fire,
I Don't Know If...
... it's the copious amounts of 'Blood On The Tracks' I've been listening to, the never-ending oppressive heat, the on-off wheezing in my chest, the return of my anxiety attacks, or the thick black malaise I'm fighting off, but I feel an end coming....
I Don't Know
I don't know who I am anymore, I'm not sure if I have ever known. I don't know where I'm going in my life I'm sure I have never known. Some where in between becoming a mother, In between becoming a wife, I have lost myself somewhere along the way. For once in my life I wish I could, find myself and finally know me. I need some tome alone to find, who I an and where I want to be. I'm lost some where inside, could someone help find me find myself? I just want to know who I am I have no idea who I am anymore. Please help fine me!!! Written on: 8-25-06
I Don't Like To Get Involved With Politics
I am not the kind of person that normally gets involved with politics. but the time is getting closer and I will throw my "American" thoughts in the ring, just like everyone else I bitch about Bush my opinion is just that mine, but I do see a problem in the way things are being handled and I do my part in changing them when I can I AM A VOTER, I'm sure that don't surprise my friends but to others this might be too much for you to handle. Bush is NOT a moron, Bush is just not articulate he arm wrestles the English language everyday and tries to find words that only he is comfortable with like most of us, having said that I do believe that Bush has a few less brain cells not firing all at once there is a void there and you can tell any and every time he speaks, but the Man also admitted that he was a drunk and alcohol does damage brain cells when and anytime it is abused that's a fact so maybe we are calling him a moron for the wrong reasons? we just don't like his policies and in th
I Don't Get It
Why are people afraid of love and afraid of commitment nowadays? Is it that hard to get to know someone and see that person for the real person that they are? Noone is perfect but dam. Why have so many expectations? Why does everything have to be YOUR way or no way? I just don't get it sometimes. There's so much more to life than having that "perfect' person by your side. Take the good with the bad. Many people pass up a lifetime opportunity because things aren't the way they want it to be. Learn to compromise and let things happen. Stop playing the games and learn to love.
I Dont Even Know What Subject This Would Be...
So Im talkin to a friend of mine. Im seeing shes takin some abuse for some "things" that arent necessarily her fault. At what point do you realize the problem and aim to fix it? I fixed mine but its trickling down and since I am so fond of her, Im seein that these same issues are still a constant. Is CherryTap really such a place that there are lines drawn and either youre on one side or the other? Has it come to a handful of people dictating to the rest of us how or what we should think or say or do to others? Im 33, a female, a manager, a mom, and by God Im the last word in my household which means Im a fairly strong minded person who makes her own damn decisions on shit. If you are on my list its because for some reason, whether your actions or mine, I liked/you liked something I/you read or saw. To stay on my list you need to stay yourself...Dont go changing to suit someone else or be what someone else wants you to be. If you have trouble with other peoples drama, t
I Don't Know
Ok, I fucked up again. I donít get it. I feel like I have the Midas touch of shit. †I started to get to know someone, opened up† & let them in.† I said somethingís when I should have kept my mouth shut & went to bed. Now Iím on the outs. I guess I donít know what this world wants of me. I want the usual, Happiness, Security, Freedom, Health & lots of time to enjoy it.† It seems like every time I get near one. Something goes and stirs the pot. †Why is it some people just seem to get stuff handed to them, and people like me have to fight with their dying breath to keep stuff. † Ok, so I guess I retreat into my tunnel, hide from the light of day This world is to cruel for me anyway. Drift like the sand on summerís day breeze, shifting and blowing every which way This world is to cruel for me anyway. Under a foot, or tires tread, I stick to the souls live amongst the dead This world is to cruel for me anyway. Hope is for someone, not for me. I must l
I Don't Know What To Do
I am pregnant and just dont know what to do or anything like that. My man up and left me. I just hate this but I am strong and I know that I can do this all by myself with the love and support of my family. I just don't know about him.. what should I do..
I Don Git It. . . .
Billy Bob and Luther were talking one afternoon when Billy Bob tells Luther, "Ya know, I reckon I'm 'bout ready for a vacation. Only this year I'm gonna do it a little different. The last few years, I took your advice about where to go. Three years ago you said to go to Hawaii. I went to Hawaii and Earlene got pregnant again. Last year you suggested Tahiti and darned if Earlene didn't get pregnant again." Luther asks Billy Bob, "So, what you gonna do this year that's different?" Billy Bob says, "This year I'm taking Earlene WITH me!"
I Don't Practice Santaria...
I ain't got no crystal ball. I had a million dollars, but I... I spent it all. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE yummy yummy bacardi hurricane! And so. Heh. Yesterday was a long day. Was up for over 24 hours. Thankfully I didn't have to drive home from Springfield and I was able to stay in town. Definately slept later than I intended but it was oh so good. Talked to my brother today. Had to get some advice about buying something. Heh. Anyways, I'm a little tipsy right now so I'm not thinking about what I wanted to write. Oh well. XOXO
I Don't Get It... But Its Funny..
Okies.. I dont know what the big fuss is over me??? lol. I cant help but I dont have big boobs like Jenna Jameson or Christina Dolce.... I arent skinny like them..... THey got gots perfect 20 bodies and flawless faces.. I dont have any of that.. Lmao!!!!.. I dont know why every says I am sexy or a hottie or cute of what not.. I joke in my pics.. lol But thats me I joke alot.. lol.. Thats my personality.. I dont know.. I just figured I would ask... lol....... :) I am just your average run of the mill girl.. Just being ME!!!! heheee...... But thanks for the compliments.. hehehe..... :0)
I Don't Know
I Don't Give A Fuck About Your Steenkin Band
I was recently asked by an acquaintence who is the drummer and booking agent for a local band to help him in filling open slots on the bill for an upcoming local show. I was able to aid him in securing a band from the Columbus area, which is a good 3-4 hour drive for them to come up here. I asked a band I am not entirely thrilled with who is local to this area if they would be interested in also playing this show. Let me elaborate on the persona of this band...they call themselves a "metal band" when they are nothing close to metal. They look like a bunch of Abercrombie and Fitch pansies who were getting high one day and decided it would be a great idea to learn to play guitar and start a band to get chics. They almost got kicked off the bill when they were given the chance to open for Drowning Pool because they had a hissy fit about their soundchecks as well as went around telling all the employees of the venue that Drowning Pool was getting them signed that night. Number one, when yo
I Don't Care....lmao
1.Ever wonder about those people who spend $2.00 apiece on those little bottles of Evian water? Try spelling Evian backwards: NAIVE *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* 2. Isn't making a smoking section in a restaurant like making a peeing section in a swimming pool? *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* 3.OK.... so if the Jacksonville Jaguars are known as the "Jags" and theTampaBay Buccaneers are known as the "Bucs," what does that make the Tennessee Titans? *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* 4.If 4 out of 5 people SUFFER from diarrhea...does that mean that one enjoys it? *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* 5. There are three religious truths: a. Jews do not recognize Jesus as the Messiah. b. Protestants do not recognize the Pope as the leader of the Christian faith. c. Baptists do not recognize each other in the liquor store or at Hooters. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* 6. If people from Poland are called Poles, why aren't people from Holland called H
I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means
Cyanide & Happiness @
69-i Don't Mind
I don't mind writing you a million love songs I don't mind being strong when things go wrong I don't mind Waiting for you out in the rain I don't mind sharing laughter and some pain Cuz what I want, is all I got And What I got, is all I want Now I don't mind giving you both heart and soul I don't mind giving you diamonds and a band of gold I don't mind sharing a lifetime love affair I don't mind facing the end when I know you'll be there Cuz what I want, is all I got And What I got, is all I want Cuz I believe love should last forever When we give our all No one can say we couldn't stand the weather No matter where we fall Cuz what I want, is all I got And What I got, is all I want
I Don't Know Much
Artist: Aaron Neville Album: Unknown Title: Don't Know Much Linda ronstadt featuring aaron neville (barry mann/cynthia weil/tom snow) Look at this face I know the years are showin' Look at this life I still don't know where it's goin' I don't know much But i know i love you And that may be All i need to know Look at these eyes They never seen what mattered Look at these dreams So beaten and so battered, hoo°≠ooh°≠ I don't know much But i know i love you And that may be All i need to know So many questions Still left unanswered So much I've never broken through And when i feel you near me Sometimes i see so clearly The only truth i've ever known Is me and you Look at this man So blessed with inspiration Look at this soul Still searching for salvation I don't know much But i know i love you And that may be All i need to know I don't know much But i know i love you That may be All i need to know I don't know much But i kno
I Dont Think Ill Ever Understand People.
people are strange. for starters if u ask someone for their # and they DO give it to u, y would u not call them? or if u do call them and u start to talk often y would u just stop talkin to them? how does one get strong feelings for someone they have NEVER met? i dont get that at all. but if u find yourself feeling that and the person is like me and doesnt understand how u could feel like that, dont get mad. it doesnt mean they dont like u at all, it just means they are lookin at the facts. u dont know each other so how can u be in love? and dont get mad if they see someone they think are cute. thinking someone is cute doesnt mean yur gonna go fuck them the first chance u get. it is possible to think someone is cute and NOT b involved with them. nor does it mean we only want that cute person. i just dont get people. if u cant b honest or stright with me, move along.
I Don't Think..........
you guys are getting the point of this picture. LOL
I Don't Know
I Do Not Have The Power... Don't Give It To Me!
Ok, I guess maybe I need to vent a little bit. I have a few people in my life that I care very much about, some of them I understand totally and some of them I don't. But the last few days I've been wondering if they get ME at all. I am not some all powerful person, I can't fix anything for anybody but myself, and I sure as hell do not have the power to make people feel any particular way. If they feel something, it's because they choose to, or allow themselves to. When I am friends with people, even when I am unable to help, I try to make small gestures to just let them know that I am there when they need me. If this is offensive to anyone, then sorry. Ignore the shit!! But don't get pissed because I care... I guess sometimes I just don't know how not too, especially when those people have been there for me. I am who I am, I have feelings just like everyone else, and sometimes I DO try to hard, and I am working on it. Geez, I've been on time out for a week, I'm
I Don't Like Birthdays
(or why I shouldn't) I share my birthday with: Ernest Hemingway, Paul Wellstone, Janet Reno, Garry Trudeau, Robin Williams, Brandy Chastain, and Josh Hartnett. On this day: John Scopes found guilty in the Scopes Monkey Trial. Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin are the first men to walk on the moon. But I digress. Why, you ask? Here are the highlights (or the low-lights, you decide). * On my eighth birthday my dad stops off at the car wash he owned at the time to check in before taking me to Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor. He gets into a altercation with a customer who is threatening one of the teens that works for him. As my brother and I watch through the back window my dad punches the guy out. My brother starts to cry, my dad beats the guy up and my mom starts to scream. No Farrell's. No ice cream. Birthday over. * On my thirteenth birthday my dad gives me Shelby Foote's seminal books on the Civil War. "The Civil War: A Narrative." The books ha
~i Dont Play When It Come To My Money~
this blog was posted on my other some parts may throw you off....but keep reading and give your feedback please. i just really need to VENT today..cus i swear there are some TRIFE folks in this world.... i filed my income tax back in feb. and got it back in like a week....but then after i got my money i got a letter from the irs stating that they owed me some money and they would be sending the rest of the money. so i told the person that done my taxes about the letter and she was like oh okay, ill be on the look out for it. so some weeks passed...till no check or deposit in my bank account... so i call the irs to find out whats going on....they tell me i needed to talk to the person that done my find out where the money i called the broad again to see if the money had been posted in her account or if she knew what was going on. so she is so full of it...she goes to tell me well i don't know what they are talking about becau
I Dont Know.
Current mood: cheerful I've been thru things in this life, that most people fear about. I've had a gun to my head, ive had my house broken into at gun point. I've lost everything in a housefire. I saw the street life, live and in color. I've lost friends, loved ones.. and even enemies. Ive watch my mother struggle for her life. I've saw my fathers death flash before my eyes. I've had my heart ripped out, and stepped on. I've had my heart mended. I've felt lust. I've felt being used. I've felt being hurt. I've felt hate. I feel love. I feel honesty. I feel trust. I feel optimistic. I feel .. like an angel. I feel like a devil. I see with both eyes open. Without a blur. I see everything coming together. I feel him. I see him. I have wonderful friends. Even the best enemies. I have me, myself, and I. I have the worlds best boyfriend. The worlds best friends it has to offer. And the best family, a person could ask for.
I Dont Think
I watched you sleeping late last night, Lying there in the moon light, I thought to myself how great it would be If I could always keep you here next to me. You may not believe it to be true But I really have fallen in love with you. I want to make you happy always And love you in ways that will always amaze. If You give me the chance to prove That to you I would always be true I love you in a way that I have never felt before And being with you could never become a chore. Every thing about you is perfect in every way, Everything except, I dont Think you will stay
I Don't Want To Be Your Friend
I Don't Want To Be Your Friend - Cyndi Lauper I don't wanna see your face I don't wanna hear your name I don't wanna thing Just stay away baby Don't wanna know if you're alright Or what you're doin' with your life Don't wanna hear that you'll stay in touch maybe I'll get just fine So if you're goin' then darlin' goodbye, goodbye Don't call me in the middle of the night no more Don't expect me to be there Don't think that it will be the way it was before I'm not over you yet And i don't think i care And i don't want to be your friend I'll forget we ever met I'll forget i ever let Ever let you into this heart of mine baby You just gotta let me be You gotta keep away from me 'cause all i want to be is just free of you baby Don't you come around And say you still care about me Go now, go now Don't call me in the middle of the night... You take it casually, and that's what's killing me I'll get by just fine So if you're goin
I Dont Know What They Are Talking About... *grin*
Your Seduction Style: Sweet Talker Your seduction technique can be summed up with "charm" You know that if you have the chance to talk to someone... Well, you won't be talking for long! ;-) You're great at telling potential lovers what they want to hear. Partially, because you're a great reflective listener and good at complementing. The other part of your formula? Focusing your conversation completely on the other person. Your "sweet talking" ways have taken you far in romance - and in life. You can finess your way through any difficult situation, with a smile on your face. Speeding tickets, job interviews... bring it on! You truly live a *charmed life* What Kind of Seducer Are You?
I Dont Get This
You know what completely baffles me on this site is how many people especially women post pics of their children and then in another folder they have fairly nsfw or completely nude pics. Myspace alone deleted almost 30 thousand sex offenders from their site. The odds are pretty high at least to my thinking that there must be sex offenders on this site. I sit here reading all these bulletins from people on my list and i see how many complain about stalkers, guys bugging girls about sex pics..... etc. I can go on foever about that. The fact is. This is an adult site. I know the biggest arguement is you want to share your family with your freinds on here and thast a valid argument. But also consider saftey for your children. I really think if you want pics of your children on the site then YOU should be responsible and not post pictures that can draw attention to predators. Its just common sense.
I Dont Get It?
So many instances over the last 2 yrs have I found women prefering to become involved in a "friends with bennies" relationship rather than the traditional monogomus couples relationship. I have been asked to be in so many of those type of relationships that it is making me wonder if women even want true love anymore or are they out for the fun of it all. I as a man find it hard for me to have sex without involving emotion with it yet these women seem to thrive on it. I am seeing it more and more and I just wonder if its the norm now.
I Don't Expect U Soon
I don't expect you soon to love me, Nor are my own feelings clear. Passion is the ornate entrance To a world we crave and fear. We cannot know where this will take us, Nor whether we will ride for long, But pleasure is the overture That flows into the larger song. So come with me with open mind And heart, and we the time will prove With laughter and with joy unfettered, And, perhaps, someday with love.
I Don't Like This...
I'm sick damn it and i don't like it. I don't like being sick at all and the fact that i'm sick to the point where i can't really talk to much blows donkey balls. A few days ago my tonsils started hurting me so i started gargling with the normal stuff to get rid of the pain and everything thinking it would work. well my tonsils had another plan. they swelled and got the lovely white patches on them which didn't help in the least. finally i went to the doctor yesterday bc the swelling and pain was just too much. when i finally was seen by the doctor she shuttered when she looked at them. so i'm antibiotics and other stuff. i'm feeling better but i'm not really talking bc i know i'm going to hve to go to work on monday and i'll need to talk. ontop of everything i'm hoping that i get this job that i interviewed for. this job would be a great opportunity and i really just want to get out of the place that i'm at. i want this job really really really bad so i'm hoping that i
I Dont Get Any...
It seems that everytime I post a MUMM it gets deleted and I get banned. Not that I am crying about that, but what really makes me mad is I have no idea why I get banned or when I will be UN-BANNED I sent an email to Scrapper, and he doesnt seem to respond. If I broke one of his unwritten rules, find, but at least be kind enough to answer the questions of the people who you are depriving of the full Fubar experience!!
I Don't Know......
Sometimes we say and do things and people don't understand. I got into an argument with my ex earlier and disappeared on someone that I care a lot about and I tried to apologize but I do not think that he wants to hear it. You see he was sending me a file which contained something that he made me. When I got it open it was so pretty that it touched me. And when my ex saw it he got upset and started yelling. So I went to the bathroom and he followed me and we started yelling back and forth and he signed me out of yahoo. And that person not knowing what was going on thought that he made me uncomfortable or upset me when what I felt was far from that. I really hope that I hear from him tonight. I will miss him if I don't. I really wanted to talk to my teddy bear tonight :( but he is upset with me....
I Dont Understand It
why is it that some people in this world just dont want to be happy. they do things to themselves to purposely make their lives miserable. i know this kid that has so much potential..hes insanely smart. he dropped out of highschool, decided it wasnt for him, hasnt tried to get his ged, and doesnt plan on going to college, his dad is willing to give him a brand new gar if he just gets off his ass and gets his ged but nope. hed rather rely on other people to drive him around. then he has the balls to complain about how shitty his life is. he comes to parties bleeding everywhere from carving random crap into his arms. it really makes me sad. i know this kid has a good heart and a lot of potential but it just doesnt matter to him. why cant he just try and be happy. look at me, ive just lost my best friend in the world. my mother. the one person whose always been there for me through thick and thin. when my dad was trashed and taking out his frustration on me shes the one who would save me.
I Dont Know What To Think...
You know Ive been on here for quite sometime.... and I love all the people that Ive meant and have talked too but what boogles my mind is that MEN... well some of them always want me on cam getting naked or being dirty... Yes I have dirty pictures but that dosent mean Im a whore and want to get dirty on cam, and if I dont show them they get mad..... Im I putting to much of myself out there... I just dont know... I mean its fun to play but I personally dont need to be on cam doing it... Can someone help me see it from a better point of view? Then like they yell at me cause theyre like well u have dirty pics on ur profile so what, i love looking at them and I love looking at other peoples, its hott that dosent mean I want to talk to on cam so we can get off.... maybe Im being too diffcult I dont know if any men can help me understand this situation itd be greatly appericated.. Thanks P.S. Their is nothing wrong with getting off its the fact that u dont know or dont even get to try to k
I Don't Know What It Is...
but it just seems like one of those days when all of the women I talk to today have an attitude. I have been nice and friendly (I think), but all I get are short quick answers (or no answer at all). Is it nationwide today? Is it me? What is going on?
I Dont Even Know What To Say About This
another weirdo in my SB bitzpiezes: ever babysat a naughty lil boob-grabber before? lol I really did not know how to respond to this, so I ignored it like most lol
I Don't Get It
how come the people you block can still e-mail you?
I Don't Think Of All The Misery..............
I don't think of all the misery, but of the beauty that still remains. --Anne Frank We don't find the rewards of today by searching through our misfortunes. Pausing to seek out something good for everything we find bad is a step in the right direction. We may find the good outweighs the bad. But how much more chance we will have of living a happy day if we skip over our setbacks and concentrate as much as we can on what is going well. It is smarter to look for diamonds in a diamond mine than in a garbage dump. Let us discard our failures, using only what we have learned from them to achieve success. Looking back at missed opportunities will make it impossible for us to recognize new chances to enjoy life to the fullest. Looking only for beauty is a beautiful thing in itself.
I Don't
I don't have to do much, I don't have to lie I don't have to not be me. I don't have to try to make you laugh I am allowed to be who I am I am allowed to pay for things I am allowed to find you amazing I am allowed to love sleeping in your arms I don't want anything else right now. I dont' think I ever could I don't want to stop kissing you. I don't want to stop spinning I am wonderful when I am with you. I am thankful, and nice, and kind I am what I've wanted to be. I am just being myself. I want to cook you 10 course meals I want to wake up to you every morning I want to watch you get ready in the morning I want to share my small creeky bed with you.
I Don't Have A Clue What This Is And If Anyone Knows Please Let Me Know Thanks Jami
I Dont Know
i dont know anmymore im just tired of everthing i just need to move out and get the fuck away im tired of being ignored i feel neglected and unwanted is all... and it sucks and its not just my family its my friends too and it hurts alot...
I Dont No
1 is for haet 2 is for love 3 is 4 the girl i like i like you hope i hope you can like me to. what is hope . byezzz 4 the girl i like and you to ........
I Dont Feel Like Writing Shit!!
LOL. Whut u ain't read the headline? I did'nt write shit cause i ain feel like it! minus 10 cool points! LMAO!!
I Don't Understand.
The basic concept of wanting to be alone. And then harping because you are. I mean, is it because you want attention? If soooo, just say you want attention. Why make a big deal of out something you initiated anyway? IDK. Sometimes I just wanna open fire on certain people. But fists do the best damage. :D
I Don't Know
I Don't Get People!
So, in the Cafe wher I work, they have a station where you can get omlets. They also have ready-made breakfast sandwiches there. I go over to get a breakfast sandwich and there are a bunch of people huddled around waiting for their omlets, which they've already ordered. But yet they all feel the need to block the sandwiches. I said "excuse me" so I could get one and I got the dirtiest looks. Hey, don't blame me because you have to wait.
I Dont Work At A Spa
I dont work at a spa. I'm self employed but want to open up my own healing center. Perhaps my own massage institute. Im all bout pushing products. Today is friday and I have 6 massages to do. from 12 noon till 9PM. I got a massage yeaterday and it was great!
I Dont Need
I look in the mirrow everyday so i know what i look like. I dont need someone else putting me down or talking trash about me. I know im a big woman i know whats flabby and whats not. I really dont give a dang if someone thinks i look like crap coz you know what i happen to be a very beautiful person on the inside even on the internet im a beautiful person. I dont have to show my body to get rated. hell if i had to show my body for that id never get rated. I refuse to change who i am just to make a few ppl online happy. i am always honest if you dont like it dont talk to me. I dont talk crap to ppl personaly i have a man. I happen to be very faithful. i dont need to screw around with someone else online to make me feel better about myself or how things are in my real life. I dont have to tell anyone what size my breast are coz frankly its no ones biz but mine and my b/fs and yes he happens to be on this site as well.
I Dont Hate You Anymore
I canít hate you anymore I forgive you for the hurt I forgive you for not being there for me when I needed you I forgive you for not knowing the devil would take you I am letting go of everything we were It still hurts but I donít want the light to leave my eyes because of you When I look at a picture of you my heartaches for the man you once were I know now that you did love me but you danced with the devil for too long to ever love again So I will keep the good memories in my head I know you were damaged as a child I understand I am lifting the pain away slowly I cannot change the past I am accepting it for what it was I donít want to waste another day stuck in the shadows of my mistakes I have been going in endless circles for way too long I will not blame this life on you I let it control me; I am now taking back control I wish things could be different but wishes do not always come true Youíre a troubled soul that no one ever understood I kno
I Don't Know?
If any body can find out more about this chick let me know here is her name Angela Devi, Big Thanks to who ever fins out more information!
I Don't Know What To Think.
My Marine has a comment on his profile stating that this person hopes he and "Melissa" will have a great wedding and a good new life together. At first glance, I thought it might be someone just trying to get him into trouble or something. However, he IS home this weekend bringing his stuff to his Aunt's house before he gets deployed back to Iraq and his phone has no reception because of how far into the sticks he is. So, I can't talk to him about what I read and he hasn't been online since Friday to read it himself. I don't know what to think, I just found out my ex is having a baby boy with his ex that he cheated on me with and my mom's jumping down my throat because I won't give her one of my last 2 cigarettes. I want to move NOW!
I Dont Get Men!!!!
I Dont Care Who Sees This
ok this is no copy n paste job. this is real. i'm giving myself two days. in two days i will decide if i want Jeff back in my life for real. i will ask my friend's sister's boyfriend for his number (fucked up huh?) or i will forget about him. i love him so much & he is where my heart belongs... but i don't know if i'm driving myself crazy for nothing or what. He isn't online nemore and his gramma changed her cell phone number.. and i can't reach him at all when he does talk to me it's i love u baby and i miss holding you which i love to hear but am i just being a lovesick fool? i don't know what to do.. if ur going to be rude and comment go fuck urself and go somewhere else i don't have time for you.. but if ur a friend please help me the fuck out i'm lost....
I Don't Need You, I Want You
I DON'T NEED YOU to tell me who to be I WANT YOU to love the person that I am I DON'T NEED YOU to hold me back from what I want I WANT YOU to encourage me to dream big I DON'T NEED YOU to tell me that I can't I WANT YOU to believe in my strength to succeed I DON'T NEED YOU to tell me the right way to do things I WANT YOU to share the wisdom you've gained through your experiences I DON'T NEED YOU to solve my problems for me I WANT YOU to listen with an open mind and offer your advice I DON'T NEED YOU to satisfy me sexually I WANT YOU to enjoy a mutual expression of our love I DON'T NEED YOU to sit back and let me have all the glory I WANT YOU TO stand with me as we conquer our goals together I DON'T NEED YOU to worship me I WANT YOU to share the gift of your love with me I DON'T NEED YOU, I WANT YOU
I Dont Need Him
How can you hate someone and still want to make them the center of your world? Even if I never see him again I just cant help but to hate what he has become. I havent talked to him in years but still I want him the same as before. I want to show him I dont need him to live my life. That he was wrong about me. About everything. Hes the one who needs me. I dont need him. Now he can kiss my ass and go to hell. There was a time when he was all I thought I would ever need in my life. The he proved me wrong. I found the truth. I dont need him.
I Dont Know Anymore...
Well here I go again...wondering what the fuck is wrong with me and men. I dont understand them at all and I get this feeling of uncertantity. Before you say "oh be more confident" I really dont think its that, i tend to come on too strong or try to hard (definite turn off I know) I guess I'm too passionate about finding "mr.right now" I dont even know if that guy exists for me. I wouldn't go lesbian I've dreamed of having a family (yes I know that can happen with another woman but I love men too much to give that dream up)...I guess I'm "too young" to know anything. It just gets so hard and confusing sometimes. I'm lonely.
I Don't Get It!!
People are odd creatures. Curiosity killed the cat and it has nine lives - so why do we need to know so much about a person and what motivates them to act in certain ways? I tell you I need a break, and you want to know why. I tell you because I don't think I'm being fair to you and don't want to be a person who uses people as props in life, and you're confused. i wish I could tell you more, but I'm afraid of hurting your fragile ego, if you were a cat you'd be on your last few lives - just leave things be.
I Dont Understand This...
Why is everybody dogin everybody, every mumm i read, all the comments. I dont get it, you cant be nice to someone, is that to hard for some people. DAMN!!!
I Dont Get It
I dont get it why does love have to be so cruel? you treat someone like a queen and do your best to provide for them and they say they love you and appriciate everything you do for them but thats not enough. you get stressed out and have problems in bed and your the bad guy. they say they have needs and you cant give them these needs. you know i have needs to i need to have less stress worring about money from day to day cause your helping some out that you love very much and again thats not enough. i just dont get it why is love so cruel to me.
I Don't Know
I don't know I dont know to to speak to you Everytime i go near my heat skips a beat We pass and look at each other but we say nothing, we just keep walking Are you shy to talk to me or do you just dont care if you see me I dont know what your thinking i dont know how you feel Everytime i see you, you sometimes look at me with your beautiful Hazel-Green eyes And everytime you look at me my heart beats fast. i dont know if you notice me But i hope that you will.
I Dont Think So
smiles_hi_2000 (8/22/2007 11:24:50 AM): OMG.. smiles_hi_2000 (8/22/2007 11:24:57 AM): My friend from wokr just txted me.. smiles_hi_2000 (8/22/2007 11:25:08 AM): A cardmember just tried to have phone sex with her! pyrofalcon13 (8/22/2007 11:25:13 AM): lol smiles_hi_2000 (8/22/2007 11:25:30 AM): That's not funny! pyrofalcon13 (8/22/2007 11:25:51 AM): it is a lil smiles_hi_2000 (8/22/2007 11:25:56 AM): .... smiles_hi_2000 (8/22/2007 11:26:13 AM): You've obviously never been the victim of sexual harrassment smiles_hi_2000 (8/22/2007 11:26:50 AM): The fact you find that funny sickens me. smiles_hi_2000 (8/22/2007 11:27:47 AM): You'd prolly be a sick fuck too.. and do shit like that to a girl and think it's okay cause it's funny pyrofalcon13 (8/22/2007 11:27:57 AM): no smiles_hi_2000 (8/22/2007 11:28:31 AM): Fuck you... smiles_hi_2000 (8/22/2007 11:29:07 AM): I bet you'd find it funny that a man beat off while on the phone with me too huh? pyrofalcon13 (8/22/2007 11:29:37 AM):
I Don't Shave
Okay, so I am outting myself right here, right now. I don't shave my legs or my armpits and I like it that way. It's not gross to me and I think it is stupid when people act like normal body hair that is fine for men is ugly on women. I don't want my adult female body to look like a prepubescent child. I shave my bikini line and I keep it tidy but other than that and plucking my eyebrows, I let myself be natural. It's low maintenance which leaves more time for fun things ((!!))and it's soft and never scratchy like razor stubble can be. I never mind when women ((or men!)) choose to shave, but I also must say that it's just not for me. Cheers! happiness to all, whether you shave or not~
I Dont Want To Talk About It
I Don't Fault The Police...
I Don't Feel Normal
When the Moon Sets That's when you're at your best I don't feel normal because I can write this poem from deep within, but no one else understands me? Or if they do, they just put me off until it's conveint with them. But I have a raging Soul, and I have to speak When only lonely crickets chirp Sounds more inviguating than a burp When you and I lay next to eachother I dream our daughter has a brother When your next to me I'm close to you When you're holding me I relax like an Alley cat When your lips touch mine I enjoy the best of the wine When we talk to God He listens When we read God He writes We listen When I've accepted him He keeps an eye for us
I Dont Give A Damn
i dont give a rats ass about dont think i`ll be ofended if u rate me with 1 ...
I Dont Have The Words To Say Thanks
Mt. Lebanon church members give time, money to help Marine injured overseas 'I don't have the words to say thanks' Sunday, August 26, 2007 By Joe Fahy, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette An emotional Dawn and Tony Gower, left, join relatives and friends in prayer in their Bethel Park home yesterday. From left are Dawn and Tony Gower, Tony's son Andrew; friend and fellow Marine Kyle Ferkett of Pleasant Hills; Ron Niedermeyer, Dawn's brother-in-law; Candace Celento, Dawn's daughter; and Michelle Niedermeyer, Dawn's sister and Ron's wife. Recovering from war injuries suffered in Iraq, Sgt. Anthony Gower has been unable to make needed repairs to his Bethel Park home, a dream his wife, Dawn, has cherished for years. That dream was realized yesterday as they witnessed the efforts made by strangers to transform the home. "I don't have the words to say thanks for what you guys have done," Sgt. Gower, a Marine reservist, said as he stood hand-in-hand with his wife in a living room fre
I Dont Get Some People
well here i am sittin here at pc and i come onto this site to chat and mingle with the friends i have made on here and reach out and try to meet others but theres a few on here that ya start to talk to rate their pics comment here and there on them then maybe a add friend and fan comes to play well theres been a few that allows this and then next thing ya know you are gettin blocked for no reason at all nothing is said or done wrong for that. for the people that i talk to regulary on here they know i am not like most the fellers on here to bash,and make some of the ladies on here uncomfortable in our conversations but i guess the ones that have blocked me either wanted points and thats it or idk whats the just bothers me cause im here to meet and make friends i dont care were im at on the list or were i rate but thats their perogative if they wish to do so theres some on here that dont give other people a chance or credit and if i go to a profile and rate pics and things a
I Dont Know
So today was a different kind of day. But it didnt start off today it started off a while back but goes to last night. Well last night my x boyfriend kyle's friend Danny calls me up tells me to go to this party they were at. So i was like alright me n my friend Alyssa went and i couldnt stay long. Well At The party i met up with them met a few more of there friends.. yano we just chillen. so kyle(x) decides to go play beer pong ehh w/e yano let him do his thing. well i was talking to his friend danny which is a good friend of mine since we all started to chill w/e yano.. so im there hanging out w/e having fun laughin jokin well danny tells me hes cocked.. so i put my elbow on his shoulder n he goes n puts his arms around me n pulls me closer to him. which was weird for me but i was like yo w/e yano hes cockd i wouldnt let anything happen.. well then i was talkin to him more jokin around n he wouldnt tell me something so i kinda pushed his face to look at me to get him to tell m
I Dont Get It!!
Ok i was apart of 2 families on here but because one family has become bigger and better. The other one dumped me. I just dont get it!! I guess that just shows you which group is the right one to be in!!! Thank you FU Bombers family! Also i just wanted everyone to know the reason i havent been around is that i have been really sick. I come on when i can. To those that have stuck by me thru this .... Thank you. Or like my fav song goes.... Love me or hate me, its still an obsession. Love me or hate me, that is the question. If you love me then Thank you! If you hate me then F*** you!
I Dont Understand This...
these are some articles that i just do not understand. In a clear violation of constitutional rights, administrators at Hanover High School suspended a student Tuesday for sketches of pentacles on her face for the Wiccan Spring festival of Beltane. The student says that necklaces and other forms of the symbol had been confiscated or stolen by other students. Administrators claim the symbols were a Ďdisruption to the learning process.í CEDAR LAKE | For the second day in a row, a Hanover Central High School freshman came to school with pagan symbols sketched on her face and was sent home by school officials. Hanover Superintendent Michael Livovich said the symbols on the girl's face are disruptive to the educational process, and she will be sent home each day if she refuses to wash them off. On Tuesday, Sky Holeman wore a pentagram symbol below her eye to mark the pagan holiday of Beltane, and school officials sent her home. Holeman returned to school Wednesday with more
I Don't Care...
I don't give a rats ass if my last blog entry was heavy handed, it was meant to be. I'm sick of it.
I Don't Get It
i just don't get this at all...i don't know if its just me or if this guy is retarded... MuMM: So How Many On Here Are Breakfest People? Or Do You Just Wait Till Lunch? me:i wait until i get the munchies bad some random douche: hat guy, you spell "twat" like that..... thats it...all he said was that...i'm so fucking lost...if you understand please enlighten me
I Don't Get It.
why do i NEVER coincide with what Libra says: LIBRA - The Harmonizer Nice to everyone they meet. Can't make up their mind. Have own unique appeal. Creative, energetic, and very social. Hates to be alone. Peaceful, generous. Very loving and beautiful. Flirtatious. Give in too easily. Procrastinators. Very gullible. Being alone makes me happy, I am NOT gullible, not nice t everyone I meet, and i'm NOT social
I Don't Know What To Say...
I have some stuff going on in my life right now that is really starting to take its tool on my brain and body.... I don't want to talk about it right now, but if I seem funny or untalkative, I just want you all to know that it is not any of you! You guys and gals are great, I'm just stressed out right now...I'll be back to my normal self soon, hopefully! Something I will tell you all is that one of my closest friends has been put through hell for far too long(I wrote about her in a previous blog) Her name is Eldrena K. Jones and after a month and a half of stupid court battles, they will be taking her off life support tomorrow(has been in a coma for over three months), and I will miss her dearly, but it is about time they stop her suffering. Due to her condition she is in now, there is no chance for survival....She turned 27 yrs. old on July 21st..... Other than that, I won't tell you what else is going on because it is a fight that I have to get through on my own. Unt
I Dont Know What To Do ...
Ive been married going on 9 yrs, and it seems lately its all falling apart. when it comes to money and bill issues, pretty much i am the one to blame or so it feels. He races, and we have three boys together. Hes mad because he cant race alot, with the way things are today. Money is so tight, well I have been a stay at home mom for so long, that I have adjusted to it, and its hard to get a job now days. when you have only had one job, and I could have pretty much sworn he said something along the lines of me not having a job. I babysitt, clean, take care of stuff, if not for me, he wouldnt have alot of stuff, because I do it all. Anyways..I have been upset all day by this stuff. And I am a emotional mess, so just to let you all know. Oh and he basicly told me today he is saleing everything we have so we can afford to live. I just dont know why someone would want to put racing before there kids, and I told him that. If you have kids these days its hard to raise them. and play. I ju
I Dont Fucking Care If _____ Your Friend Wants Me To See Yer Lame Ass
I Don't Believe
ďI don't believe in fate or destiny. I believe in various degrees of hatred, paranoia, and abandonment. However much of that gets heaped upon you doesn't matter - it's only a matter of how much you can take and what it does to you.Ē ~Henry Rollins
I Don't
ďI don't want to know. I don't need it. I don't want the information that millions of people have. I don't want to be fed these boring facts and figures. Then you'll become one of the masses. I'd rather starve my mind a bit and have to search out nutrition in stranger places.Ē ~Henry Rollins
I Don't Understand
Maybe ya'll can help me. Why is it that because I have something dangling between my knees that I am automatically a typical jerk off looking for only one thing? Woman always assume that since I am a guy I am just using them for sex and will discard them and treat them like shit. I am really tired of this shit I have been cheated on by all of my gf's but I don't go around calling all girls sluts and shit hell I don't even say that about them, but hey i am the bad guy right? I have never once been in a relationship for sex or looks but I am a guy so by default that's all I want right? Go ahead women tell me why I am a pig and guys what do u think about all of this?
I Don't Have A...
I Dont Snore I Moan..
osh says: i should go to sleep Josh says: im sorry to leave you all hot and bothered and thinking about sex Becca says: lol Becca says: dont worry im not! haha Josh says: but now you are hehe Josh says: lol Josh says: i am...23 3/4 hrs a day... Becca says: lol Josh says: (i think about food the other 15 minutes) Becca says: even when ur sleeping? Josh says: psh...yeah Josh says: i dont snore...i moan Josh says: lol
I Don't Know
I am only really on here right now because i don't what else to do at this point. I just found out a few hours ago that my cousin Ryan was killed in Baghdad. He was just home a week or so ago. I am numb and would appreciate all the support and prayers I can get. I will be traveling back home to Indiana it is just a matter of time. I don't know any details yet. Thank you
I Don't Get It...
Okay this is my first blog. I'm a little upset at that the moment. I don't understand people and why they do what they do. There this guy that I met when I was 15, went out with him for two weeks, found out he had another girlfriend. Okay obviously it was over!! A month later he apologized and wanted to be friends. I said fine. Well then he disappeared for about two years. Then he pops up out of no where and wants to pick up where we left off. I was like no. At the time I had a boyfriend. Then he disappears AGAIN!! Well, then another two years later, he pops back up again. Told me he was a changed person and needed real friends in his life. I said okay, I'm here if you need to talk. Well the fucker disappeared again!! Then another year later, he's back in my life with surprise. He ends up working for the same company I was working for, which I thought was weird. I'm like is this guy stocking me? Anyways, he kept trying to get me to cheat on my boyfriend and I was lik
I Don't Understand......
I dont understand some folks and their requests.I look at the questions being asked and ask myself why would they ask that.I understand its for a reason ,but the reason isn't clear or yet understood.I wouldn't mind any of those things if the reason were determined.I'm trying to figure this out to the best of my ability. Anyhow,i would like to try to figure this whole thing out if the situation at hand was changed.I try to fix the problems at hand and seem to put the reasons of being either misunderstood, or digging the hole deeper that I have already placed myself in.
I Don't Even Know Anymore
This poem has a twist, that everyone will miss, except for that someone who cares, that someone I know is there. That someone this poem is about, will know its him without a doubt, that someone said its okay to be sad, and for some reason it made me glad. But I still want to cry, because I feel so empty, I guess the reason why, is because he isn't with me. And I can wait, even though it'll be hard, hopefully I'll find the gate, to her closed and confused heart. ****i didnt write it, but its EXACTLY how i feel****
I Don't Mind The Stashes
I would just rather see pics or something like that. Naked pics are always my favorite. Give me something I can sit here and eat Cheetos and jerk off too? That would make me happy!
I Don't Care If You Read This,,it Is Just Something I Needed
I can't sleep, I barely eat, My knuckles are split open I've a headache on and off for over 2 weeks. All of these people, Putting on this big show This is such a fucking joke Though these sheep are to blind to see. Why am I struggling with this Why can't I decide if I want to stay or just let go There are a handful of you, yes From which I do not want to drift But for the majority of this I wont fucking miss it one bit. And even so,they few whom come to mind Those that made the impression That they would be around for quite some time. A couple of you Im not even sure If I should waste my time. My head is fucking pounding I can't breath through my nose. Oh yeah,and another one of my friends just died That's something no one knows, I tried to talk about it Though no one had the time. So much for being there at a very crucial time. It's nice to chat with my friends, Too bad it's only when it is convenient for them Why can't anyone just
I Don't Get It
Why is it that if you're a nice person and try to do the right thing nobody likes you? You can be honest and genuine and people don't think you're worth their time. When did people decide they only want to be friends with or date pieces of shit? Why is one of my friends constantly being shit on and stood up just for being a nice guy? Do we have to be sick self-centered assholes to have people like us? I am sick and tired of people over looking what could be the best thing in their life. ARGH!!!
I Don't Know What To Call This...
Tantalizing would be the word to describe. The built up feeling that I have inside. Just waiting to get you reeling. Looking in my eyes you know I share the feeling. Excitement is building to a extreme pressure. This wanting and waiting for that release of pleasure. Mmm... The way you lick your lips. Envisioning you with me has my mind eclipsed. The ecstacy of our hormones drips. I imagine my hands gripping your hips. Lip locked in a torrent of lust our lips meet in a fire of a kiss. Yes my new lover I do too feel this wonderful bliss. Stoking my fire you get my flame hot. Like a moth to a dancing flame you have got me caught. In a frenzied embrace our hearts race. I am getting more and more ridged in that special place. Our temperatures rising so high we can't stand the heat. Nervous and excited the feeling is complete. Our fingers touching, searching, and feeling in a swarm. Liberating each other from the clothing that is enclosing the feeling so warm. Every artic
I Dont Know Any More So What If
so what if i towr out my heart and handed it to u what would u do? would u throw it at me and run away? would u throw it on the grown and spit on it and stomp it in to the ground? would u hold it and never let it go? would u chearush it and hold on to it for ever?? would u throw it in to the fier and wach it burn?? or would u just break it again and throw it in my face as u spit on me?
I Don't Have Mother Issues
Well my run inís with karma never seem to end, itís not that these are life ending run inís or anything Iím either a walking poster boy for Murphyís law, or a real life Forrest Gump. Being that Iím not entirely mental and look nothing like Tom Hanks Iím going with the Murphyís Law poster boy. Murphyís Law being that which can go wrong will go wrong. Most of the cases I have to work on have some new and interesting twist to them that no one has ever happen to them or that happen so infrequently that that they canít remember the last time that happened. Itís not just the job, if I get in line at the store - itís the slowest line At a light Iím behind the person waiting for a different shade of green or trapped behind that guy who wonít pull up so you can get to the turning lane If I say something itís the wrong thing Try to do the right thing and it turns around and bites me in the ass Try to do a favor and it turns out it didnít need to be done. Iím not
I Don't Ask For Much... Do I?
Ok Friends and Fans... I usually dont ask, but I have been rating and voting like crazy and I just can not seem to level up. I am so tired of being Regular... I so wanna be a Bad Fu!!!!!! I only have 13,344 points to go... ok so ya that is not only, but any help would be returned and greatly appriciated. Thanks to those that helped allready!!!
I Dont Know How To Love Him
I Dont Care
Personally, I don't care who or where this originated from. It speaks volumes. *********************************************************** This woman should run for President. Written by a housewife from New Jersey and sounds like it! This is one Ticked off lady. "Are we fighting a war on terror or aren't we? Was it or was it not started by Islamic people who brought it to our shores on September 11, 2001? Were people from all over the world, mostly Americans, not brutally murdered that day, in downtown Manhattan, across the Potomac from our nation's capitol and in a field in Pennsylvania? Did nearly three thousand men, women and children die a horrible, burning or crushing death that day, or didn't they? And I'm supposed to care that a copy of the Koran was "desecrated" when an overworked American soldier kicked it or got it wet?...Well, I don't. I don't care at all. I'll start caring when Osama bin Laden turns himself in and repents for incinerating all th
I Dont Know What To Name This One
i have given serious thought to just deleting my fubar page and making a new yahoo name again the site changes im not fond of .. it lags now where i didnt b4 friends i thought i made have seemed to change maybe its the fever who knows if u can give any decent reasons not to delete this aacount by all means say so
I Dont Know If This Is How.......
u do this but............ here is the link THX in advance 4 aanyone who comments
I Don't Want To Say Goodbye
I don't want to say goodbye. I don't want to go alone. I don't want to live my life without you in it my friend. I don't want to say goodbye. You have been my friend for so long now, picking me up when i had fallen. wiping the tears that so often fell. you walked beside me through it all. I don't want to say goodbye. you helped me to see the beauty within, see that life wasnt so bad. You helped me to open up with my feelings. I don't want to say goodbye. I have known you to long and cared to much for you, i don't want to see it end. I don't want to say goodbye. I can't see my life without you in it and don't want to know the heartache it will bring. I don't want to say goodbye. I know i can't be there to wipe away the tears, but know i was always there in your heart. and in my heart you will always be. I don't want to say goodbye.
I Dont Know Why (poem)
....whenever i see something glitter it reminds me of your eyes i don't know why why i feel this way about you i've never thought i would fall for someone like you someone who i knew could never make me happy but then there you are standing right infront of me i have never liked your attitude the way you feel about life and love it's the complete opposite of what i believe in but here i am fantasizing about your eyes who would've thought that the last person on earth i'll ever fall in love with was the one i actually do have strange feelings for feelings i've never experienced on another human being and here i am feeling them with you the taste of your lips they send a secret message to my mind the touch of your hand they set off something i couldnt understand but i know one thing's for sure i like feeling these strange feelings about you....
I Don't Give A F*ck! **read**
I am getting real tired of getting tons of messages from people complaining they can't see all my pictures. When I accept a friend request, I leave a comment on each persons page. Included in that comment is a link to my blog with detailed instructions on how to set your fubar setting so you can see all my pictures. The link is also on my main page, just in case I didn't get to leave a comment. There is no reason anyone should be writing me to find out 'how to see my private pics.". I HAVE NO PRIVATE PICTURES! And if you look in the "fubar Bible" there are instructions. Now if you are too fucking lazy to do any of this... Then I guess you have a problem. Because I honestly don't give a fuck if you can't see all my pics. I get nothing from you looking at my NSFW pictures. I don't need you to be able to see me naked to feel good about myself. I get no points for you looking at my pictures. I am not making a penny off you looking at them. SHIT, all I get is complaints & requests
I Dont Understand
I don't understand all your lies, your hate, They're wrong, but when you realise it'll be too late, Because I would have slipped away from you, And there won't be nothing that you could do, I don't understand the way you are, You have hurt me now, it's gone too far, And you never did anything but doubt me, But now I'm stronger than you'll ever be, I don't understand your twisted mind, And I'm sick of hearing all of your lies, And it seems that you have never told me the truth, And right now I hate you, I don't understand what you're like, Are you happy now you've messed up my life? I can't believe that I could never see, That you were never there for me, I don't understand anything about you, After all that we've been through, I don't wanna let you near me, Now you're making it hard for me to breathe, I don't understand why I trusted you, It hurts so much when you disaprove, And now I'm going forever, And I won't think about you, not now, not ever.
I Dont Cut Myself When Sad I Deprive Myself Of Everythinng Is That Is Good In Life
HELLO FUBAR PEOPLES!!! Yea so we all get bored, life is naturally boring. We drink, do drugs, maintain those wacky friends that we always spray wash the furniture after theyíve sat on it; we do all this in the vain hopes of keeping ourselves from that all engulfing state of misery. Well for most i wouldnt say it goes that far but for me it does! i hate being bored, it makes me depressed and when im depressed i get self destructive. So guess what i got bored and ive decided that for the next 30 days im not going to smoke, drink, or have any caffeine what so far the kill count is 3 and humans dont burn as well as running out of things to do to pacify angry lil nicotine receptors in my brain! AaargÖ.
I Dont Have A Name For This
I Don't Understand???
I posted some mumms tonite. and well the one was about whether i should be upset with my sister becouse she still hangs out and dates these people that have called my sons racial slurs...I did write NI**ER but just like i did right there. Now why a few hours later i get a email telling me it was NSFW and they have deleted and next time i'm deleted all together..umm...does it mean that someone didnt like it and reported it and it just automatically gets deleted or what happened? Is there a rule i freaking broke i don't know. anyone that can share some light on this for me would most be appreciated..thx
I Don't Think Anything Gets Me More....
Than seeing my close friends hurt. Especially friends I consider to be like sisters. I hate when people feel that they can do what they want and then not give a damn about the consequences and deny shit when the proof is right there for every one to see. It's times like this that these people should be very happy I don't live too close.... I've been known to lose my temper over shit like this and fuck people up. ****END RANT****
I Dont Wanna Miss A Thing
I don't want to miss a thing (?) I could stay awake just to hear you breathing, Watch you smile while you are sleeping, While you are far away and dreaming, I could spend my life in this sweet surrender, I could stay lost in this moment forever, Where a moment spent with you is a moment I treasure, (Chorus) I don't want to close my eyes, I don't want to fall asleep, Cause I miss you baby, And I don't want to miss a thing, Cause even when I dream of you, the sweetest dream will never do, I still miss you baby and I don't want to miss a thing Lying close to you feeling your heart beating, And I wondering what you are dreaming, Wondering if it's me you are seeing, Then I kiss your eyes and thank god we're together, I just want to stay with you in this moment forever and forever forever (Chorus) And I don't want to miss one smile, I don't want to miss one kiss, I just want to be with you right here with you, Just like this, I just want to hold you close, I f
I Don't Get It. (warning: This Will Probably Piss Everyone Off!) the guys on here are just basically guys. Most don't have this "ooh yeah baby let me show you how naughty I can be" shit going on with their photos and such. Some look like decent dudes, and some look like wanna be player gangsta wanker types. But why do so many of the girls on here dress like they're in Jugs magazine?? Do they have such low self-esteem that this is the forum they use to pick people up and show what a porn star they can be? I know this is an "online bar" but would you go into a real life bar in just your thong and a bra and broadcast to the whole place that your some horny chic looking to get laid? Maybe I'm just too old fashioned. I'm not old. Hell I'm only 34. And maybe I'm not what some people would call hot because I don't dress in clothes that show all of what I got. I believe in leaving a little something to the imagination. I just don't get it. What ever happened to getting to know someone, becoming friends with people, and then if things become intimate
I Don't Get People
My friend called me and says she is pregnant with another man's child. She is married to a very close friend of mine. She wants me to break the news to him but I don't feel comfortable doing that. I am at a loss on what to do now. I have a funny feeling that she is setting me up because she is jealous of our friendship. I hate being in situations such as this. It makes me so uncomfortable.
I Don't Condone Theft, But.........!
Hourly Update Thief walks out of Victoria's Secret with 350 bras Associated Press Tucson, Arizona | Published: 09.26.2007 advertisement FLAGSTAFF ó A thief with a hankering for sexy undergarments slipped off with hundreds of bras from a Victoriaís Secret store in broad daylight. Police in Flagstaff say theyíre taking a close look at how the thief managed to take off with about 350 bras while the store was open. The anti-theft tags hooked on the bras did not trigger a store alarm. The theft from the store at the Flagstaff Mall on Sunday was not captured by surveillance cameras, police said. They suspect the items may be resold, and are monitoring Internet auction sites. The bras are worth an estimated $15,000. Karma is a bitch! :D
I Don't Know What To Do At This Point
i can't do mumms anymore... so this is how i do it... i found out that my 16 year old daughter is having sex... and is denying it when me and her step mother found out that the guy .... told his mom..... him and is mom have a good relationship and open... and it turns out that my 16 yr old is a lil player.... she swears up and down nothing is going on, but we believe the guy.... what NORMAL teenage boy would liar to HIS MOTHER saying he had sex with a girl when he didn't..... saying it to his dad.. maybe .. but to his mother.... question is..... me and her step mom want to bring her to the DR. so she can get a check up... just because of this new found info plus..... we feel maybe she is due to see the woman dr. are we wrong?.... and how do we go about telling
I Don't Understand
I don't understand how someone can want to call me every day, smile so big and beautiful when she sees me, want me to give her kisses, pout playfully when I don't give her ENOUGH kisses, talk about the trips we're going to take together, curl up in my arms all night and in the morning tell me how well she slept, tell me she misses me when she hasn't seen me for a while, tell me she wishes we were together when I'm on the road, tell me she likes me, she loves me, she's "getting used to" me, smile with me, laugh with me, not want me to let go when I hug her and then one day out of the blue just up and say to me, "I'm not in love with you. The idea of our having a life together has never crossed my mind. We're just friends hanging out together. Sorry I wasted your time." I don't understand it and I don't think I ever will. I feel sad and so sorry for her because she's such a beautiful person and there is something so fucked up going on inside her. So sad. But it's not my problem -
I Don't Care
"Are we fighting a war on terror or aren't we? Was it or was it not started by Islamic people who brought it to our shores on September 11, 2001? Were people from all over the world, mostly Americans, not brutally murdered that day, in downtown Manhattan , across the Potomac from our nation's capitol and in a field in Pennsylvania ? Did nearly three thousand men, women and children die a horrible, burning or crushing death that day, or didn't they? And I'm supposed to care that a copy of the Koran was "desecrated" when an overworked American soldier kicked it or got it wet?...Well, I don't. I don't care at all . I'll start caring when Osama bin Laden turns himself in and repents for incinerating all those innocent people on 9/11. I'll care about the Koran when the fanatics in the Middle East start caring about the Holy Bible, the mere possession of which is a crime in Saudi Arabia . I'll care when these thugs tell the world they are sorry for hacking off Nick Berg'
I Do Not Blog For Fame.
I donít write for fame. Category: Blogging Anyone who assumes that obviously doesn't know me very well. I have been keeping a journal since I was in the first grade. It sounds obsurd, but it's true. I was very advanced as far as language and reading comprehension is concerned when I was a kid, and I wrote and read books. A LOT. I have moved most of my journaling online because the keyboard can keep up with my thoughts much easier than a pen can, even though I still journal on paper, so I have something just for me. Most everything I say is tongue-in-cheek. If anyone who reads my journal is too uptight or takes every little thing that I say seriously, guess what? You don't need to read my blog. I'm not going to cry about it if you don't like my perspective on things. I am a blunt person. I have a vulger, politically-incorrect sense of humor. Not everyone likes my honest nature, and yes, sometimes I say things without thinking and put my foot in my mouth. I
"i Don't Understand"......
I DON'T UNDERSTAND... Why we can't have morality without dictating religion. Why we can't have differences without hatred. Why we can't have disagreements without belittlements. Why we can't love a higher spirit, but each in our own way. Why we can't feed the homeless but can rebuild the world. Why we can't find charity for our neighbors but can pray for a stranger. Why we can't see our own faults but can so easily find them in others. Why we can't see the good but so readily point out the bad. I DONíT UNDERSTANDÖ Why love doesn't return the gift of generosity. Why we profess to value honesty then lie to protect ourselves. Why success can't be won without deceit. Why we abuse the world but cherish possessions. Why profit means more than the method that achieves it. Why what people say isn't what they mean. I DONíT UNDERSTANDÖ Why we complain more about what we don't have instead of seeing what we've alre
I Don't Understand
Why can't you tell me what I did? You at least owe me that don't explanation right? I was going to do anything to make this work out, but I can only do so much. You need to try to. I've cried over you all d. I cried till my eyes were red and swollen, I've cried until I can't cry anymore, I wish you could feel that much pain. I want so badly to cry again, and let the pain out and release it....I can't cry anymore. I thoguht you were dfiffernt, I thought you better, I thought maybe this one time I had founfd someone to care for me and hold me in their arms and never let me ago, but you were just another heartache wating to happen. We will never be the same and no we won't be friends i wouldnt be able to stand seeing another girl with you...I was just another girl to yuo wasn't i? I wasn't special like you made me believe i was, I wasn't different. I would have done anything for you, anything I would have dropped everything and anything just to be there for you. I'm th
I Donít Follow Rules. I Make Them To Follow Me.
I should have followed The Rules. Yes, I know I'm not much on doing what I'm told to do, but The Rules would have helped, if I'd just followed them. Besides that, there is testimony that I know of for certain that The Rules work. Rule 1 - Never under any circumstances be the first to proclaim your love. Don't even tell him you like him. For some reason, this it equivalent to rat poison for men. They die immediately after you reveal this bit of information to them. Rule 2 - Don't sleep with him after only half an hour. There is no way he's got that much sexuality to him, and you want him to call you for something other than the fact that you gave him a beejer and he didn't even have to ask your name. Rule 3 - Never let him see you without your makeup and hair done. Guys will tell you that they don't care what you look like. They say that they think you're the most beautiful when you first wake up in the morning. But think about it. When was the last time you
I Don't Want To Go...
A soldier ran up to a nun. Out of breath he asked, 'Please, may I hide under your skirt? I'll explain later.' The nun agreed. A moment later,two Military Police ran up and asked, 'Sister, have you seen a soldier?' The nun replied, 'He went that way.' After the MP's ran off, the soldier crawled out from under her skirt and said, 'I can't thank you enough Sister. You see, I don't want to go to Iraq.' The nun said, 'I understand completely.' The soldier added, 'I hope I'm not rude, but you have a great pair of legs!' The nun replied, 'If you had looked a little higher, you would have seen a great pair of balls....I don't want to go to Iraq either
I Don't Want To Be A Wolf / This Is For You
you've looked, inside when I don't want to let you in. you've tried to move things into me, tried to reshape everything. and now my eyes are turning red. inside. I don't want to reshape just for you why am I forced to escape from you, and like a wolf I'll attack even if it's you I think I pull this room together well then i let you into me you change everything and inbetween........and I don't want to be a wolf. I'll bite. remember me in motion, remember the me you knew. I know you've seen me strike when i'm cornered. and all you had to do was listen. and i would never show my teeth. remember my smile remember my charm you tried to change, so bared my fangs but remember I don't want to be a wolf Dave Walther This is a message for you: I know that you think that no one knows how you feel, and that your all alone. And yes, I am speaking to you....directly to you. You are not alone, and there are people who care.....i care....if you
I Dont Bite Ladies
Please leave comments & rates Hey ladies can u take all of me? 1Zingerbug on imikimi - Customize Your World 2imikimi - Customize Your World 3imikimi - Customize Your World 4imikimi - Customize Your World
I Dont Know I Feel Sad
i dont know whats up with me well i do but i dont care to share it but i feel sad today and i can share that in refections i just see my self spinning away form whati need i sit here in my castle really i am in the penthouse in the middle of a beautiful sitting starting out at the rain the shiny roads and the lights ans they go by thinking of those things that r leaving me bond in this sad way of mind i dont know i just ... i dont know i need a hug and music is giving me goose bumps
I Dont Know
I Don't Have To Feel This Way Anymore
Up in the morning Politely yawning Theres frost on the roof of the car First cigarette puffs Gold links in my cuffs Egg on the shirt of my heart Fingerprints in the dust with my name Squint my eyes to see from my fame Spot the words that fall from my lines The deafness hides the light from the blind Stop starting journey The road returns me Back to the world in the evening The stage rehearsals Voice on the circles Blah blah my way to the celing I cant see the walls from the chairs Are there people sitting out there Feed me with a frown or a laugh Featureless the faces that ask Tonight Im cracking Im murder acting Footlit the visual of my lines Ill smoke and drink it Ill eat and think it Miserable the murder plot unwinds
I Dont Understand It
i thought i was over this depression shit but once again its back. i just dont understand y i keep feelin like this for no reason. i should b used to being alone by now but i guess i aint. i just have this hole in me that i cant seem to find the missin peice for. my kids make me smile everyday but they arent what is missin. i guess my biggest fear in life is to live and die alone. but people say only way to get over ur fear is to face it and maybe that is my destiny. maybe i was ment to do good to all and still live this life alone. no one would miss me livin like that so i guess thats a good thing,for them. idk i just hate feelin like this and aint really no one to talk to bout it cuz i dotn wanna look weak or feel like im just being stupid and cryin over nothin.
I Don't Get It......
Why does he have to be so mean to me at times? I love him with every thing I have but yet he still has to be so mean and cocky. I try so hard to be what he wants and needs. AND sometimes I just feel like he would rather not be here. Sometimes I can see the distance in his eyes as if he's a million miles away. As if he's thinking about someone else and wishing he was there instead of here. I just don't know anymore. I know he'll say thats it not me, he just has alot on his mind, but it doesn't change the fact that he makes me feel that way. yeah so we get into a little tiff today over the cell phone bill, he mentioned about the number of text messages that i had going out. So I mentioned the number he had going out but my bad was that i misread it. He sorta gives me attitude about me misreading it and said that I yelled at him. Which btw I didn't. So I said hmm thats funny i don't recall yelling at you. He's like okay you BARKED at me. Yea i was pissed well more like hurt at the way h
I Dont Know
I dont know whats wrong with me and why I feel like this... i feel like im failing college when i know damn well that I'm doing great. Anytime i'm not DOING something...i feel like im wasting my time and theres something i should be doing. And I like him, and he likes me, and im complicated and its stupid, but I dont know if i'd want it any other way. Life is Complicated, and I just want something to level me out..... wine it is then.
I Dont Give Everybody A 10
and apparently that makes me a big ol' bitch on FUBAR but ya know what??? I DONT FUCKING CARE!!! If everybody was supposed to rate everybody a 10 then the whole rating system would NOT even be on here. so for all you assmunches who get your panties in a knot over not being given a 10 BITE ME!!!
I Don't Cyber...
and I don't have a webcam. And no, I don't want to watch you jerk off on yours. Thx. :)
I Don't Want To Be In Love
The highs are oh so marvelous, But the lows, they tear your soul, The second that you lost, You knew you'd never be whole. A moment lost in time, But frozen in your mind, The two that said forever, Left that world behind. Her heart still beats for him, But nothing good can come, From the chaos they've created, The creatures they've become. She cannot stand the mirror, A reflective crown of thorns, Eyes once full of promise, So empty as she mourns. In younger days, she'd always pray, That love would find its way, She never once thought to ask, If it would come to stay. She gave her heart and came to learn, There is no guarantee, You roll the dice and take a chance, And hope it comes to be. Spirit tired, faith expired, She wants for love no more, She just prays that she will make it, Not drown before the shore.
I Don't Know What
anyone wants to see as far as me taking pictures so if you want to see something inparticular, let me know. Because I don't know what to post. thank you
I Don't Know How They Do It
Brief background: Most of my friends here know I'm in nursing school, and am graduating in May. I work as a nurse extern on a medical floor. I love it. The other day I worked with a new nurse. Just barely got her license about 6 weeks ago. Together we had 5 patients, all difficult. High acuity, we call them. So she passed the meds and I did most everything else. It was a long day. I ended up spending most of my time in one particular room, where we had 2 patien, both aphasic (could not speak), bedridden (could not walk), with NG tubes (could not eat), continuous IV fluids (could not drink). They were both total care patients. Could not do anything for themselves. They were restless. One was violent, although we all knew he didn't mean to be. The other pulled out his NG tube and tried to pull out his IV and foley. So I was busy, along with a "sitter" (someone who watches patients to make sure they don't hurt themselves or someone else), trying to keep these two patients calm and
I Don't Wanna Be Me.
I Don't Even Know What To Call It.. Help
Sun sets golden in sky sea waves Rolling light refracts in hundreds/thousands of directions Sends shards between us, slicing through time/space I fall back to loving you Thick snow flatstacks piled in streetside mountains Gray, blearydreary lamplit frozen piles under Purple dark sky punctuated by starlights I am wrapped in crystalline tangents Strings of goose pimpled frigidity Emanating from your eyesÖ Horns blow, street chatter, lights harsh/twinkling Reflected in the orange brown firmament in your eyes Hypnotize me captive, stammering, unable to reason Knowing that from this moment Every second, every hour will somehow grow The infant love I feel for you Snow tufts gathered in the storm drain, feeding Yellow green grass babies, reaching faces raised, and Eyes open, ever upward to the chill warm rays of spring There was life inside of me, growing Unfurling inside me, stretching, reaching, Pushing against the fleshy boundary Keeping him from the light
I Dont Even Know How To Explain It...
ok should i explain this?....i have this friend...i like him...from what i understand he like me...ok anyway...hes really good and reading people and tonight...he sat there and told me all this shit about me...and for a while i sat there going no no no hes wrong fuck all that....but the more i thought about it...he was right...and i dont get bugs me...but not in a bad way...more of just like a WTF does me know this shit...cause some of it was things i didnt even know about me...untill he pointed it out and i thought about it...i dont get it i really dont...
I Dont Have To Feel This Way Anymore
Up in the morning Politely yawning Theres frost on the roof of the car First cigarette puffs Gold links in my cuffs Egg on the shirt of my heart Fingerprints in the dust with my name Squint my eyes to see from my fame Spot the words that fall from my lines The deafness hides the light from the blind Stop starting journey The road returns me Back to the world in the evening The stage rehearsals Voice on the circles Blah blah my way to the celing I cant see the walls from the chairs Are there people sitting out there Feed me with a frown or a laugh Featureless the faces that ask Tonight Im cracking Im murder acting Footlit the visual of my lines Ill smoke and drink it Ill eat and think it Miserable the murder plot unwinds
I Dont Believe In Love
I Don't Believe In Love Lyrics For my know who you are :)
I Don't Like (repost Of My Blog From Myspace)
I Don't Like: Christmas Will Smith Flowers ('cept stargazer lilies) Birds Khaki Cargo Pants Khaki Cargo Pants Disney Movies(except TRON) Work Fuzzy Bunnies Rainbows('cept Skittles) Sports Puppies Clowns The Special Olympics The Regular Olympics Beck Kid Rock Hanson Oprah Rosie O'Donnell Sally Jessie Rikki Lake Maury Povich Jenny Jones Montel Williams Jay Leno Geraldo Larry King Don Imus Steve Dahl Dr. Laura Urkel Michael Medved Tom Hanks Spike Lee The Crocodile Hunter Madonna Andrew Lloyd Webber Pauly Shore Ricki Martin Ice Cube TLC Kid Rock Rage Against the Machine(mostly) Dick Biscuit er, Limp Bizket or whatever Perfume and Cologne Stupidity Children Kermit the Frog The Osmonds Sister Sister The Kennedys (Although this group keeps getting smaller and smaller) D.A.R.E. France Stomp Commercials Pokemon The Blue
I Don't Care (radio Edit) By Milk Inc. Feat. Silvy
I Don't Get It
I don't get it. Why would God create us then leave us to deal with the devil who he calls "the god of this world"? I had this preached to me the other day when I said the devil is just an excuse to put fear in people's head. So the devil is the "god of this world" and the only way to get out of his grasp is to believe in God...ok confused thought there was only one god and thought that the devil was a fallen angel. This is why I hate religion not saying God doesn't exist but come is always changing and they have the same answers over and over again and claim the bible is full of truth and blah blah blah but guess what....I don't believe in anything that man had it's hand on because we all know of corruption and if Noah's ark was found to be a fable and yeah it has a good moral behind it, then what else are we to believe??????? FUCK THAT don't come at me with your religion shit
I Dont Know?????
such is life to always want something, and never get it. silently we suffer inside from this want, always dreaming that we'll get it. Praying to an unseen God, hoping with all our might. I sit back and wounder if this is just lust or if I can actually care this much for someone. Listing to sad music, always woundering if it happens if it will turn out like everything in the past. So hard to pour out your emotions and except the consiquences will you be turned down, will you be excepted, or will they turn thier back for ever, afraid themselves of what might happen. or is it you, afraid that it might actually turn out the way you dream of it to be. Silently I watch the tears fall, wondering did I fuck it up so bad that I will never have the chance Ive dreamed of. Yet she talks to me, WHAT THE FUCK, what to think, my god the heart ache pours from my soul and through my eyes you can see my pain. so close...........yet emotionally so far away. will I ever be
I Dont Wanna Know
Hold up, let me answer my phone Some bitch callin me about some bullshit probably I'ma call you right back I'm doin' this mixtape right now Now back to what I was sayin [Verse 1 - Mario Winans] Somebody said they saw you The person you were kissing wasn't me And I would never ask you I just kept it to myself [Chorus - Mario Winans] I don't wanna know If you're playin' me, keep it on the low Cause my heart can't take it anymore And if your creepin, please don't let it show Oh baby, I don't wanna know [Verse 2 - Mario Winans] Oh baby I think about it when I hold you When lookin in your eyes, I can't believe I don't need to know the truth Baby keep it to yourself [Chorus - Mario Winans] I don't wanna know If you're playin' me, keep it on the low Cause my heart can't take it anymore And if your creepin, please don't let it show Oh baby, I don't wanna know [Break - Mario Winans] Did he touch you better then me (touch you better then me) Did he watch y
I Don't Understand Things
I don't understand how I can find something that makes me so effing happy... to only have it be taken away from me... I don't think that I will ever be truly happy in life... or if I ever really want to be. Why should I be when all that happens is it comes back to bite me in the a** and hurt me. I had something great this week end... and because of a misunderstanding it is gone... I was all smiles all week end and now... I just sit teary eyed at my desk wondering how I can go from being so happy this mornin to this. I feel crushed... chewed up and spit out. I live my life day to day just trying to survive in this life.. sometimes wondering why I even bother... but...I know I am here to make other people happy... even if that means that I am miserable. So... I give up... I give up on trying to be happy... I give up on trying to find somewhere for me to fit in... I just give up!
I Don't Know If This Matters,
but I don't really care about the points system on here. I will gladly give points to any page I visit, but I'm not that into it. I justed wanted another way to express myself and meet other people. I appologize if I have upset anyone with this information, but that's just my own personal opinion. Stay cool.
I Don't Freakin Think So
Once upon a time~~~~~~~~in a land far away,~~~~~~~~a beautiful, independent,self-assured princess~~~~~~~~happened upon a frog as she satcontemplating ecological issueson the shores of an unpolluted pondin a verdant meadow near her castle.~~~~~~~~The frog hopped into the princess' lapand said: " Elegant Lady,I was once a handsome prince,until an evil witch cast a spell upon me.~~~~~~~~One kiss from you, however,and I will turn backinto the dapper, young prince that I am~~~~~~~~and then, my sweet, we can marry~~~~~~~~and set up housekeeping in your castle~~~~~~~~with my mother,~~~~~~~~where you can prepare my meals,~~~~~~~~clean my clothes, bear my children,~~~~~~~~and forever feelgrateful and happy doing so. "~~~~~~~~That night,~~~~~~~~as the princess dined sumptuously~~~~~~~~on lightly sauteed frog legs~~~~~~~~seasoned in a white wine~~~~~~~and onion cream sauce,~~~~~~~~she chuckled and thought to herself:~~~~~~~~I don't freakin think so
I Don't Want To Fall In Love
I don't want to fall in love To fall in lust is perfectly fine by me But unfortunately, the business in the sheets most of the time wraps the heart within it. Sweaty being trying to find completion for only themselves fail to realize that the heart makes a bond more satisfying than the dirty sheets filled with lust and regret It's not what people are looking for regardless of how hard they try to make themselves be seen So let me start over I don't want to fall in lust I don't want to pretend that there isn't a world of love and kindness waiting to be discovered if only one were to look I've looked and I've found the sweet nectar that makes a relationship beautiful But it seems that it's an imitation or the liquid I put forth is to no one's liking But I've tasted it I've nurtured it And it was snatched from me I've fallen in lust and I have pursued it enough times to know that this wasn't the way for me Gratifying my body must go hand in hand with gratifying my heart
I Don't Want You
I Don't Want You I don't want you To love me forever, Just for the rest of my life I don't want you To tell me never When I ask you to be my wife. I don't want you To miss me too much But you can kiss me until I catch fire. I don't want you To do anything Unless it's what you truly desire. I don't want you To be a dream in my life, A ghost or a non-entity. I don't want you To be anything at all But right here next to me.
I Dont Wanna Grow Up
ever reach that point where you juswt want to explode?? Im sure you have....nothing is wrong but nothing is right just want to run away for a couple of days and escape lifes harsh realities?? laughing because you remember what your parents said when u were a kid "u got it easy right now" Ever just wanna let loose and be a kid again??? when the most minescule thing like you and a friend got into a fight was the worst thing that could happen....Damn it im having a midlife crisis at
I Don't Know How I'm Supposed To Feel
I donít know how Iím supposed to feel Or what Iím supposed to say You treat me so badly Why do you treat me this way? You yell at me and cuss me There really isnít a reason You talk to me like crap You make my life no fun I donít understand what I did Where is the love you have for me? You say you love me with all your heart This is what I donít see How you can treat me this way Like you donít even care I did nothing wrong But pain is all I bear I canít take it anymore I am so sick of living like this You are a control freak You arenít the one I want to kiss You talk to me like Iím not even a person I have feelings too I am always sad and upset My feelings have been destroyed by you I donít understand why you do this to me Do you get happy watching me cry? This I donít understand And I ask ďWhy?Ē You have no answer for why You think its ok to treat me this way It isnít as bad as six years before But I am sick of living this way My heart f
I Dont Have A Clue What Im Doing Here
I dont have a clue what Im doing here , But it seems fun So I will just go with it. :) I had a woman tell me I was A Fake arse ......:( Well now If one is gonna say things like that as a coment PLEASE remember to allow Me to leave a comment on your spot...... Failing this May Or May not lead to a downrate for yourself :( I dont think I wanna have to do this but if it continues I May just. This place rocks though Looking forward to makeing new friends :) :)
I Dont Need Man
div align=center>I Don't Need A ManBy The Pussycat DollsBest Video Codes
I Don't Get The Human Heart
well here i sit waiting to go to work and thinking about someone dear to me, who is far away. ok well actually 2 people. both i have feelings for but in different ways. 1 is an ex the other i am seeing where we will go, but both live far from me. other than family members who would have thought i could care for 2 people at once. the feelings for the ex are fading but still linger maybe because of our history and our kids, the other i met and we had a BLAST. so much so that i never wanted to end when it did, but will hopefully have more soon. oh well now i have to go to work and think about mainly 1 person til i can talk to him again!! you know who you are. sorry all i was just bored and needed to vent, but thanks for checking. When I originally wrote this I was thinking of 2 people. now I am sitting here thinking about only 1 person in this blog. He has my heart and has since 1999,we have not been split up for too long, only about a year, I try to let him go but, somehow we always e
I Don't Know
alright i kinda feel like i need to blog this cuz it's been on my mind since it happened: started on wednesday morning...i usually have to dress my lil bro for school and such ya know....i didn't get up on time cuz i wasn't feeling really by the time my parents woke up his bus was already mom got him dressed and took him to school... our car wasn't working right and but could drive it somewhat.. so after she dropped him off...on the way back the car started going sideways and whatnot form what she told me and she was backed up into a ditch...she was bad injuries just really sore from it...thankfully sheh ad her cell phone and called home and my dad went and got her ugh i feel as if no matter what i should've got up but couldn' bro would've been on the bus and she wouldn't have had to drive so my dad had worked on the car and was trying to finish it up b4 going to work but he couldn't and his job has this lame ass point system...get 3
I Don't Know How I Feel About It...
...but my father went out to the bar yesterday for most the day and when he eventually made it home, had a woman with him. Now this may seem perfectly natural, aside from the fact that my mother only passed away 8 weeks ago. I appreciate that everyone deals with grief in their own way, and that sometimes you feel like you just need the closeness of someone, anyone to make the pain go away but...idk... My younger sister is really angry and my brother doesn't yet know. My dad hasn't even aknowledged the whole thing, maybe from shame?? I just want the man to be happy y'know?
I Don't Know
I don't know what it is with all these guys checking me out, leaving comments, and shouting at me I like girls sorry. thanks chuck
I Dont Know???
hahaha i just tryin' it out ?????????
I Dont Care This Is For Kev... If You Dont Like It Suck It
Love like I know it. I sit here, I wonder, I feel strong, I surrender. We laugh, We cry, We hold hands, We deny. Why? I'm sitting here, again, I'm wondering, again, I feel strong for a second, and that second derives and.. I surrender, again. Why? My love isn't love as you know it, It's love for a friend who I care for, Much more, I realise, that needs me for. So, I grasp my hands as you used to, So, i lift my head like you used to, and I smile they way you made me smile, Because, love is a word, love is a meaning, you are a love of mine, through out, beyond, all time.
I Don't Drink No More
A song I wrote, the "drink" covers, horse, dope, smack, and junk too! I been there, done it, a whole bunch of times! Anyway for a freakin' virtual bar; I DON'T DRINK NO MORE By WILLY SENKIWSKY 11/24/04 9:30 p.m. G-Harp, Key of D, Slow Shuffle I started drinking as a child Uncles gin and Camels was my style I slept it off then; was too young to go wild! I drank to get incoherent The older I got wilder I went I'd go to a bar with money leave without a cent (Spoken: And wonder who left the dents? In my car, head, etc.?) (Chorus) To me I'll just have one drink today Is like sayin, I'll only stick it in half way! When I start drinkin ain't no way to stop Which is how I got to know a few cops! I got tired of being on the outside of open doors And being wounded though I never been to war All of this and more is why I don't drink no more! :angry: I now know that I can't take even one sip Some say you can't teach a dog new tricks I'll bet ya the dog ne
I Dont Know What To Do
im just wondering what life would be like with out me in it. would it be better or would it be worse. would the world be a different place. would people that i touched be the same if i wasnt here. would people i touched in one way or another even still be here if i wasnt here. this has been on my mind alot lately. and i want to know from my close friends on here what they think?
I Don't Get People!
Why do people pretend to care about another person? I don't understand that! You talk to someone and trust them and listen to them and it then one day it just seems like they decide not to care anymore (if they really even did). I hate being the one to get used whether is is for "friendship" or whatever. If you are going to become "friends" with me... I am not one to just up and walk away from a friendship or a relationship... I have a hard time trusting people and when I can finally open up and talk to someone and then they turn their backs and act like I don't exist anymore...that is the reason that I try my hardest not to open up! Sorry to sound bitchy but I am tired of people telling me that they care only to see that they don't!
I Do Not Want This Poem To Go Too Deep
I do not want this poem to go too deep. It's premature, and love's too far away. But there are things I feel the need to say Rather than more days of silence keep. I hope for you it's not too great a leap To hear me talking to you in this way. My fears sometimes my sentiments betray, Telling me to put my thoughts to sleep. Ever since we met I've thought of you As something more than just a passing friend. You seem so lovely, like a melody That haunts me with the wisp of something true. You haunt me still, and so I won't pretend: I tell you this that you might think of me.
I Don't Know Why My Feelings Are So Strong
I don't know why my feelings are so strong. It's as if some giant crane jerked me aloft And swings me through the softness of the night. I don't blame you if you're scared, for so am I. It's as if I'm deep beneath the sea: Though life is vivid, I can hardly breathe. Free me from my anguish; come with me! The two of us can wing across our skies Gliding where we will in joy and love.
I Don't Want You
I Don't Want You I don't want you To love me forever, Just for the rest of my life I don't want you To tell me never When I ask you to be my wife. I don't want you To miss me too much But you can kiss me until I catch fire. I don't want you To do anything Unless it's what you truly desire. I don't want you To be a dream in my life, A ghost or a non-entity. I don't want you To be anything at all But right here next to me.
I Don't Normally Do Blogs...
but I figured I should have at least one. And to mark this special occasion, I'll post lyrics to one of my favorite songs. don't ask what it's about, I'm not sure anyone really knows... All I can say is that my life is pretty plain I like watching the puddles gather rain And all I can do is just pour some tea for two And speak my point of view but it's not sane It's not sane I just want someone to say to me I'll always be there when you wake You know I'd like to keep my cheeks dry today So stay with me and I'll have it made And I don't understand why I sleep all day And I start to complain that there's no rain And all I can do is read a book to stay awake And it rips my life away but it's a great escape Escape ... All I can say is that my life is pretty plain You don't like my point of view You think that I'm insane It's not sane ... I just want someone to say to me I'll always be there when you wake You know I'd like to keep my cheeks dry today So stay with m
I Dont Want To ( Ashley Monroe)
I could go out tonight and find some stranger It wouldn't be wrong No, It wouldn't be wrong Cause it ain't no crime, no felony There ain't no chains here holding me down Holding me down There ain't no place here on this earth I'd rather be So why would I leave? I could want somebody else I could need somebody else I could love somebody other than you, but I don't want to There is no good out there for me now Theres nothing I can't do without I can't live without You make me feel like heavens pooring down on me I know I'm free I could want somebody else I could need somebody else I could love somebody other than you but I don't want to I could dream somebody else, be treated like a queen by someone else I could love somebody other than you but I don't want to I don't want you to leave I could want somebody else (I could want somebody) I could need somebody else (I could need somebody) I could love somebody other than you but I don't want to I could dre
I Dont Want U Back Either ( Right Back At Ya)
I Dont Think I Will Ever Understand Guys
So there was this guy I was talking to and he said something so insulting and hurtful to me, it made me realize why I had some issues with guys... He told me that since I was a thick girl I was the kind of girl that was not good enough to date but I was good enough to hook up with every once in a while. So the way I am taking it is that Im not pretty enough (lets face it, we know he didnt like my personality)...I dont have the body he desires...but I am good enough to fuck on occasion...if that is not insulting on all levels. Let me tell you guys something...we females have feelings ok...they get hurt like urs does when we are insulted. Its bad enough that there are so many people who make comments about big people that are negative...yes we know we are big, we look in a mirror everyday. You dont have to tell us every day and you dont have to bring us down.... I am proud of who I am...yes I have issues with my body but what girl doesnt...But I will be dammned if I am gonna
I Don't Know Why
I Just Don't Know Why I stand here alone surrounded in darkness, confused and disoriented unsure of which way to turn.I don't know why.Left deserted, hollow, and brokenunsure of why my eyes have filled with tears.I don't know why.I do know it means something.I just don't know what.I see a little book here at my feet.It is familiar but foreign just the same.I just don't know why.These words I have heard before.I read the pages and I see me.I just don't know why.As I read, a movie appears before my eyes,I have the leading role.I just don't know why.I cannot help but to be mesmerized unable to turn away.I just don't know why.These are my words.I can hear myself saying themand it's I that I see struggling for air.I just don't know why.One simply little breath I see myself prayfor there in the grip of the beast I lay.I just don't know why.That's him the beast.He's what has consumed my sleepless nightsand tormented my days.I just don't know why.He is real, he does exist,and there I am.Tha
I Dont Know
why i am the one at the end of the night... all alone... why one side of my bed.. is always cold.... why cant anyone .. want just me... why im not good enough... i am me i know i am beautiful... but why cant i just belive it.. why do all women need a man to jusify themselves? i lost one of my best friends and my heart is empty i have expected breaking his heart and feel proud of it for standing up for myself which is good but why does everyone see it as good... it is but its bad ... i lost one of my loves on of my pieces of my soul but i stood up for myself something i wish inever had to do.... god i wish u all read this i need help .. im drowning say something anything please......
I Dont Know What I Am Doing
slimshaddy2009@ fubar
I Don't Play Online Games
This is my fun and games so please don't bug me about playing games
I Dont Understand Y
People on here thinks when they first talk to someone they should get perverted!I dont understand cause i dont want to talk about ur penis or any other private area.I wonder if u talked to someone who liked it and u thought everybody does? So dont talk to me unless u Have something to say
I Dont Get It!

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