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Sick In The Head!
well when i decided to get sick. looks like i have to do it the hard way. i quit smoking recently has been 4 and 1/2 weeks now to improve my health and to quit exposing my children to 2nd hand smoke. either way it was the right thing to do. the kicker is... since i quit the nicotine that cause my blood vessels to constrict is no longer in my system. and unknown to me i had a under lying medical problem. there is a strong history of anuerysims within my family and i am at the age where they usually get us. between 39 and 65 (i'm 46), and since i quit smoking i have been getting sharp stabbing pains in the back of my head. like a idiot i tried to ignore the headaches. now it is affecting my vision and motor skills. went to the doctor and got sent straight to the emergency room..... since i have no health insurance i am forced to go through the charity hospital system... i sat in the e.r. for right at 14 hours just to get a test schedual. so now i get to play the waiting game and hope
Well I guess I should have seen it coming. All 3 of my kids have had the stomach bug, why shouldnt Mommy get it??? I could feel it last night before I went to bed, I knew it was coming. This morning I woke with terrible tummy cramps, even my skin hurts. All of this the day before my birthday :-( I was supposed to go to a concert tomorrow night, guess that wont be happening now either. Another birthday disapointment. *sigh* Okay, Im done complaining...for now!
ok, I ain't gonna lie....I am sick as sh!t~ I haven't felt this bad in years. I went to the dr this morning and I have strep throat....ugh~! My fever last night rose to 102.2 and I was freezing under 2 fleece blankets~! I am sitting here now teeth chattering. I am going to go lay down after I take my Tylenol. I hate being sick~! The dr said with the move and as stressed out as I have been about wonder I am sick. My body is shutting down needing a break~! So I plead with you me out. I don't feel like sitting here chatting trying to get votes. PLEASE ask all your friends to vote for my rack in the contest #1032R. Right now I am sitting in 6th place....not where I want to be~! I do hope to get online later so maybe I can get a few votes myself.....thanks~! ~~smooches~~
Sick On A Saturday!
This sucks. With the change of weather in Arizona from miserably hot to almost cool it's common to get sick. Sure enough my kids were sick and I was hoping to avoid it but...didn't happen. So I woke up Saturday morning with a crappy sore throat and the phlegm draining from my nose to the afore mentioned sore throat. YUK! I had plans tonight damn it. lol.
Sick Today
Woke up feeling terrible this morning and have been off the computer all day until now. Even as bad I feel I had to stay awake and watch my Seahawks beat the Chicago Bears 30-23 this afternoon. Great game... and way to go Kearny for your 3 sacks in the game. Matt play fabulously with NO interceptions. Now... I am going to watch the Bills play the Patriots... as much as I would like to see the Bills win this game I seriously doubt they will. I so much want to see the Pats lose. I have never liked them. Don't know why, just have never liked them.
Have you ever been so emotional and so confused that you make yourself sick? I think that's what I have done. I'm so confused... and there is one person in particular that I know will read this and then I'll feel worse and gosh darn it!!!!!! I hate it all! I ask for too damn much. People can't be there for you all the time, they have their own stuff, that's why I try to have more than one person to depend on. Well today that got me in trouble. The person I ended up depending on was my ex. We talked... a lot... about a lot of different things. We talked about what went wrong, what went right and all the misunderstandings. The thing is, I think now we might could make it work. HOWEVER I don't think I want it to. I found a really great person. Someone that I'm really looking forward to spending all my time with. This person could easily become my everything, permanently. I hate long distance. HATE!! I am not the type of person that can go for days, weeks, months without being touched. So
Sick Of Turkey Fest!! (locals)
For those of you local to Springfield, Mo... Sick of family bugging you, sick of turkey, sick of football? Come out Friday night, November 23rd at 8pm to GroundXero on the corner of National and Commercial....Hear some great metal bands and hang out with some great people. Have a drink with me and let's party!!!
You know what, I really hate being sick. This is the time when I really feel alone. I don't have anyone here to take care of me. No one to bring me soup and worst of all, no one to come and just give me the slightest kiss on my forehead just to show me they care. I don't have anyone to talk to and even my texts aren't being returned, which, wow, I am always talking to people during the day. Why does no one love me today when I need them the most? Blah I hate being sick!!!!
Sicker Than A Dog
I had to go to urgent care because my flu bug has turned into bronchitis and am laid out on drugs to keep me from coughing... I will stop by now and then to say hi but that is about it for this weekend it appears. When I sit up like I am now to type this blog I end up having a coughing fit. The dr. said that if this keeps up they may need to admit me into the hospital because it will develop into pneumonia. I sure don't want that to happen. I can't wait until tomorrow when my Seahawks will shatter the Rams. GO SEAHAWKS!!!
Sick Of Fubabies.....grow Up!
I could have sworn that when I joined Fubar it said 18 and older which led me to believe it was an adult site. Well it's not! This is a place for moody whiney ass babies who want to bitch about everything and then go tattle tailin to the fubar shop because they dont like my freedom of speech. This is my page, my blogs, my mumms, my pics and if you dont like em then why the hell are you looking. Oh and this blog has been marked NSFW to save time for those who will report it. My kids dont even argue and act as childish as alot of people on here. I posted a few Mumms today...1 about a pic that was marked as NSFW and another was a joke that I seriously forgot to mark as NSFW well within 5 minutes of me posting the joke, it was deleted which is fine....the one about my NSFW pic was deleted also which again is also fine...but dear god, This place is gettin dumber by the minute....even the kids on Myspace have more freedom than we do on here!With all that said , I doubt I waste much more tim
do ppl really wait till you dont feel good to start shit or to pick on me?? I dont feel good wahh me I know.. but if you see my status say sick. and you aint got nothing nice to say to me. THINK THUMPER and try again another day.
The Sickness Faq
WHEN WAS THE SICKNESS RECORD RELEASED? March 7, 2000 WHAT DOES M.O.L. STAND FOR? Meaning of Life HEBREW IN STUPIFY? The phrase "ta fa ched" is used in the song, which means "be afraid" SYMBOL ON SICKNESS COVER? It shows the monster being born. This is the monster that society has created by years and years of its efforts to subjugate the individual inside the womb, gestating. The monster is not David Draiman, nor is it any band member. M.O.L. DVD? This is Disturbed first DVD, released on June 4, 2002.
Sick Little One
How can it be, such a small child, lying in her crib. Her tears of pain from the illness ripping out my heart. Every cough tempting me to jump up and gather her in my arms, holding her tight. But I know, she must sleep, must get rest. Her eyes red, puffy. Her nose irritated by all the wiping. Her hands clammy and cold. Her little body fighting. When your little girl is sick your heart is pulled from its chest, run through the deadliest devices and pushed back into your chest. How to explain to one so small that it will end, you don’t, you cant, they wont understand. But you want them to. You so want to make them know all will be better, just in time. She still smiles, plays, runs around and acts happy. But that is short bursts, mostly sits in her chair and looks at me as if I should be able to free her of the horrible illness that has taken her. I know it is only time for her to be well again, but a couple weeks to me is so much longer to her. It will pass I tell myself
Early this morning I had to go to the ER cuz the fact I am pregnant with Bronchitist with an ear infection and asthma. My asthma is killing me right now. I got Amoxillin and Ambien for sleep, new inhaler..thank god for that thing. It's really bad right now. I was running a low grade temp while I was there too. I am just sick. Hopefully thsi shit goes away SOON!!! They had to give me breathing treaments like always. Having Broncular Asthma sucks really bad!!'s almost time to go get kids today. I am picking up my neighbors lil girl too. Well, I need to go blow my nose before the river starts.... Lata Maranda
Sick Again
im sooo tired of being sick. i get sick at least 2-3 times a month. i guess it comes with working at a daycare but no one else gets it as much as me. my emune system is like totally dead i think. about 2 years ago i was in and out of the hospital for my heart so maybe thats what happened...they didnt fix my heart problems and on top of that my little fighters are gone :(. i hate being sick and having no one to take care of me. well my mom does but shes sleeping and so is my sister. all i wanna do is cuddle and be held..that always helps.
Sick Of Hearing The Whining
Sick Jokes
An extremely modest man was in the hospital for a series of tests, the last of which had left his bodily systems extremely upset. Upon making several false alarm trips to the bathroom, he decided the latest episode was another and stayed put. He suddenly filled his bed with diarrhea and was embarrassed beyond his ability to remain rational. In a complete loss of composure he jumped out of bed, gathered up the bed sheets, and threw them out the hospital window. A drunk was walking by the hospital when the sheets landed on him. He started yelling, cursing, and swinging his arms violently trying to get the unknown things off, and ended up with the soiled sheets in a tangled pile at his feet. As the drunk stood there, unsteady on his feet, staring down at the sheets, a hospital security guard who had watched the whole incident walked up and asked, "What the heck is going on here?" The drunk, still staring down replied: "I think I just beat the shit out of a ghost!"
Sick Weekend
I hope your weekend was better than mine and the reason I say this is because I was in the hospital. For those of you close to me know that I've been really sick for the past six weeks with a cough. Well, I went to the doctor Saturday, December 1, 2007. After explaining to the doctor what was going on, he sent me immediately to the hospital. He believed I could have a blood clot in my lungs. I rushed to the hospital full of fear and tears in my eyes pondering whether I was going to be really sick and die and leave my family behind. Well, after arriving at Blodgett Hospital and being admitted immediately with chest pain, I was put in a room on a nice white blanket covered hospital bed and given one of those white tags on my right on, so they can make sure who you are. I had an MRI done and after that they wonderful doctors at the hospital discovered a "thing" on my right lung. My doctor explained I had pneumonia. THANK GOD. To my great rel
On top of all my health issues I have come down with a nasty sinus cold....complete with ear infection, congestion, and headache. So if ya dont see me on here for a cpl days u knw why...just thought I would let everyone know.
Sick Crusade
Your disgusting flaws that make you true. The chemicals you abuse and reality you subdue Your Dilated pupils so empty and dark Your sense of pride and your rude remarks The independence you hold so tight The lies you believe and insist to recite The straws, the rocks, balls & blades Your life is just a sick crusade One of these days it won't be fun One of these days there will be nowhere to run You'll be trapped in this cage of powder and pills The dreams you have you'll never fulfill. Its all just a sick crusade But eventually it will all fade. And you'll realize it was only yourself you betrayed. And you'll wonder why you ever begun on that sick crusade
Sick Puppy
My Puppy is very sick she might have cancer. I cant do anything for her. She is by far the most important thing to me. She has helped me through so many bad times. I need to help her but no one can. PLEASE GOD DONT TAKE HER FROM ME TOO !!!!
Sick And Tired
ok my feelings got hurt and now I am p*ssed off....I am sick and tired of getting walked all over...I am sweet,kind,and loving to everyone but I get sh*tted on all the time and I am sick of it...I am tired of being nice and I am tired of bending over backyards for ppl just to get fcked over...I am always there for ppl and I try to do for them but what the fck do I get??? nadda unless u are my true friend and you guys know know who you are...I never b!tch or let sh!t get to me but I am just to the point its getting old...So I am thinking maybe I shouldnt be so passionate and caring....maybe I should try to be one cold hearted b!tch....ok thought I would feel better after getting this off my chest but I dont but whatever....
Sick Asshole
You are one sick person if you dont repost this i feel for you if this doesnt touch you because this is just wrong. read this. its disgusting Walking in my nighty; rubbing my eyes My fathers sitting on the sofa with his friend He pats the seat in the middle; i sit Shivering so cold; a quilt he lends "Jessy you love me dont you" a smile Their breathe spirts weep "Daddy you know i do; what is it?" He smiles at his friend; his hand creeps His friend takes my hand; looks me in the eyes Daddys creeping up my nightie; cold hands I try to pull his hand away; grip is strong! They look at one another; nod; something planned I feel my palms sweat; Daddys under my knickers "Daddy im going to bed! Night" Pulling again But there grip is to strong for weak me I look at both; and ask, who are these men? His fingers going up me; pulling away His friend leans forward; a kiss? Why? His toungue moving mine; my eyes squint Lean back and away; "Why are you doing this?" No
Sick Of Lame Morphs, And Other Bad Graphics
I am so tired of the endless bombardment of morphs, and other tools which seem to make everyone believe that they are an artist, or can create something artlike in a few quick steps. It wouldn't be so bad if people didn't insist on flooding every part of this, and other sites with the results of their non-effort. I hate to disillusion the masses, but it takes actual skill, and talent to create good, or even decent graphics of any sort, and more so for animations. No tool can substitute for understanding of a process, and skilled use of tools to produce something by design. Of course if you start by using bad graphics, photos, or art, you will end up with even worse results. Good work takes real time, and effort.
I dunno how much I'm going to be around.. Or when I'll be around.. Seems someone gave me a nasty bug that's had me getting sick the past 2 days.. Dunno what this bug is.. But I know you don't want it. So just a heads up for everyone I know.
The Sickness Of Insanity
Deep inside of my darkening world I pace the wooden floors back and forth There lies my fears There lies my greatest horrors There lies my ever growing insanity My minds eye that is buried deep within Sees what is becoming of me Slowly but surely I am breaking down Slowly but surely I am turning towards the ever growing negative Soon I will forget That I hated all of this I hate all of the dreams I hate all there is to know about me My reality is what unleashed The greatest sickness there is to know The insanity that is within me Is the sickness in me
Sick =[
Well I wanted to thank everyone for the get well wishes and all of the friend requests and such, I am not feeling well, I have a cold or the flu or something and just feel plain I won't be around much until I get better muahhh to all of you!!
Sick To Death
I am sick to fucking death of dating guys who are immature assholes. I am very up front about the fact that i have a son...ok single if you are going to date me and be my boyfriend and be in a relationship with me you have to see me not just when he goes to his dad's house every other weekend but you have to involve him as well...the every other weekend drunk fest and booty call is good fun and all but give me a fucking break, i paint a picture very thoroughly i give explicit guidelines on what i want, i dont want to be a convenience, if you are going to be with me then be with me not just when you feel like it or when my son isnt in the way of you getting a piece of ass and believe me for those of you who are married you know you can still get some after the kids are asleep...but damn it i am about annoyed at boys that cant handle the truth...i give opportunity after opportunity to redeem yourself and yet you still come out smelling like a douche bag...wait to go bonehe
well its been a rough week.First Monday my son got pinkeye and was out of work and school for 2 days trying to keep him from passing it to the rest of the family. Then Tuesday night at work I fell in some oil , landed on my right knee and messed it up and ended up getting about 4 hrs sleep 2 days in a row for physical therapy, doctors, lab, and pharmacies trips. Light duty and still working 12 hr shifts. Then Friday night the kids go to their dads perfectly healthy, and by morning he was taking her to the clinic with stomach pains. He didn't reach me until 1 pm Saturday. By then she was being rushed to emergency surgery to have her appendix removed. Im only home to pick her up some things.Ive been staying with her all night last night and probably tonight too. she came out of surgery ok but shes in a LOT of pain. Just thought id give a heads up for why im online but not REALLY online. much love, stressed out lol Tina
Sick Sick Sick Sick Sick Sick Sick Sick Sick
today i went to work only lasted 20 minutes. i have the stomach flu. i got it from my daughter. now i so sick. i kinda moved into the bathroom. i hope this gets over with soon i cant miss any more work. i was on 17 today wish is the only register that sells smokes. and when your burning up with fever sweating alot and trying not to pass out. was not fun. i am worried about how the bills will be paid. that it is making me even more sicker. well i better get some rest. blog later
Sickness Part 2
Kelsey is doing much better.recovering nicely with a few minor irritations. but to add to my hell week my 17 yr old son wrecked and totalled his car last night.2 more feet it would have been his driver door.he was coming off the off ramp about to turn left STOPPED at the stop sign, looked right...clear...looked left a truck was coming but had his signal light on and slowed down slightly so he assumed he was turning onto the on ramp.he wasnt. slammed into his drivers side front fender.not a skid mark they ticketed Nate with failure to yield.but he DID yield so i don't know how that works. impact was hard enough that it completely obliterated his left headlight and pushed the fender in deep enough that the hood wont open and knocked the right wheel completely off the axle. bottom line is hes lucky to be alive and im grateful for that. But now hes left with no ride and may have to quit his job. when it rains it pours. *sighs* Temptress
Sick Of Men...
My baby bought me a blast yesterday... And in the last 24 hours I've had nearly 100 friend requests... 4 of which were from women. I'm tired of men wanting to be my friend! I don't get along with men.. i don't even have many male friends in real life.. I relate to women... i don't even LIKE men! (generally speaking, of course) Does the word "lesbian" scare all the women away from my profile, and do all the FU ladies have a problem with giving luv to other women? I promise you, you can be my friend and the GAY won't rub off!!! Ladies: If you offer a friendly gesture, I'm NOT gonna hit on you JUST because I'm gay! i'm happily spoken for , thankyouverymuch. Men, take heed as well. If I could have just ONE chic say hi in my shoutbox for every 15 men... or ONE chic send a friend request out of every 15 men... I could be happy and not so irritated. AND... I only have 3 gifts under my Christmas tree on my page!! :(
Ugh! I am sicker than a dog today! Hell for the past few days. I feel like shit. I am off tomorrow...WOOHOO! YAY! LOL. I have a Sunday off...dont tell no one. LOL. I dont kno what I am gonna do... Ashley wants to go to the swinger club with she is having a friend go. LOL. This is gonna be a riot. So once I get better...guess where I am going. I am tired as fuck. I dont kno what is wrong with me. I am starving! I dont kno what I want tho...I want something with substance! Well I am gonna get for now...just wanted to let you kno that I am alive.
Sick Of It
once a man told me its better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. he must not have loved. the pain of lost love is worse than any. it actually has the ability to kill.
Sick & Tired
You know, I'm tired of people lying to me. I don't usually like talking about my personal life on the net but I don't know, I feel I need to write or something or else I'm going to explode. All throughout my life I've tried to be a good friend/boyfriend/son/etc. From family to so-called "friends". Friends who like to use me whether it be money, a ride somewhere, anything. And me, being the fucking moron I am, always says sure. I guess it's my fault for not saying no but I was raised to always do good unto others and they will return it back. Well, I've done 28 years of good things so where the fuck is my "good in return"? How can you call someone your "best friend" when you don't even talk to them or hang out with them unless YOU want something from me? You act like I'm the best person in the world when I around then I leave and you go talking shit behind my back. That's fucking bullshit. Real friends don't do that. If you've got a fucking problem with me, step to me. D
Sick Perv...block Him
Sick Of The Bullshit!!!
What should I do??? I always put out all kinds of affection, and do all kinds of shit for the person I am "with"... Single right now, but I started talking to someone lately... Well I am tired of having my heart ripped out... WTF do I do... Just give up all together, or keep trying hoping it doesnt happen again pushing me over the edge??? Please let me know...
What a way to start a blog, I'm sick. That's all there is to it. Stuffy Head runny nose all around sick. On a good note it's only day three and I'm already Wasted Fu. No bad for someone who doesn't have a real picture. I'm still looking for pets in the Boise area. Real people who would like someone to take care of them and love them. In return all ask is love and affection. It's hard because so many people have trouble seeing themselves in a relationship with many other people. So many people want a commited relationship with one person. At least my former Fiance and current lover agrees with me on this. Veriaty is the spice of life. I want several people to love. But I guess what makes it real hard is I don't belive in causual sex either. I have to have a real connection to someone before I can get in her pants. Maybe I'm just too picky. Oh well back to the real world. Have a good one all and may the Jester Smile on your path.
yeah i am im going back to bed
I'm going on being sick for 4 days now. So naturally I've had a lot of free time to sit around and check out fubar, do online shopping, play a few new games, and oh yeah, blog! All of which I usually don't have too much time for. I've spent a lot of my time listening to music, I tried singing along for a bit but that didn't work out so well for me. My cat Bonzai has been keeping me a lot of company, except when he ambush's/randomly attacks/tank cat's me. I barely watch any T.V. so that's not an option for entertainment. I was hoping to be able to go out tonight, my bud Gerry was wanting to go play some pool but I'll have to pass. I wouldn't want to get him sick too. I guess that's all I got for now, I'll leave you with this.
Sick Or Sane
"Sick Or Sane" Take me to a hotel room And tie me to the bed of my mistakes Kiss me like I paid for this Please don't stop till you've raped all my faith Am I a little sick or a little sane? Cause I feel a little sick I'm sorry I forgot your name But this is the first time I've played this game I know I made a big mistake Paying you to suck out all my faith And the white coats, just don't get it, I'm a genius, with a headache.
Sick And Tired
If you are like me, and sick and tired of strippers and other b.s. around the world like corportate lies and idiotic celebraties, then you should visit and lots of peeps are there and lots of posts offer different topics and comments. Come join the discussions.
Sick Sad World - My Lil Sis...
SICK SAD WORLD Looked at the crying of two souls Entangled in an embrace of love and hardship How can such sadness come from something so beautiful? Man isn’t it a sick sad world… To allow such beauty to be so sad To make a soul sick and old When the world is all it truly had To guide it to the direction of love To guide it to the direction of torment Man isn’t it a sick sad world… Did we choose to be here only to forget as we are spat out of the womb? Or did we get placed here to be lost in this world? Man isn’t it a sick sad world that teases us with happiness and envelopes us in Sadness… Drama… Hatred… Sometimes disease… Give me a cigarette! Give me some pills! Give me some cancer! Give me some sex! Give me some excitement! Give me some AIDS! Give me some depression! Give me some happiness! Give me some murder! Where did it start? And, when is it going to end? Man isn’t it a sick sad world… I
Well its cold/flu season and I work in a pharmacy so I know everyone has been getting sick here the past few weeks. So it's no surprise to me that working in a pharmacy I probally just picked something up. But this time has me a little scared. Started Tuesday night I came home and my skin was itching like crazy. I thought just the weather etc so I took a hot bath and had some oatmeal stuff thats soposed to be for dry skin in it. About 15 minutes out of the bath my whole body in different spots broke out in a rash that burned and itched at the same time. My dumb ass makes it worse and rubs lavender lotion all over it. Half hour later my bodys on fire. Next day at work I go to the pharmacist. She says sounds like I had an allergic reaction to the oatmeal stuff and tells me to take benadryl and use only cortisone lotion on the rash. So thats what I've been doing for the past 3 days. Now it's Saturday night and I get a high fever and start coughing as well. The benadryl just makes me tired
Sick Blahhhhh
ugh... i feel crappy... 104.5 fever last night yay me!! coughing,stufy,chills,achy,you get it...
Sick Of Egg Shells
flat out i am sick of this "don't offend anyone" bull can't say this and you can't say that because you could offend someone and than they will throw a fucking hissy fit like a damn two year old. guess what life is like that everyone has their own damn opinion and guess what IT MAY BE OFFENSIVE! what happened to the days when there were sickos like gg allin around shoving bottles up his ass on stage not giving a damn who they offended...or when people actually spoke their minds without fear of pissing someone off...has the world really gotten to the point that everyone watches what they do and say because heaven forbid someone might get the world full of grown up toddlers that can't handle "offensive" things in their midst. well get the fuck over it...the only person i worry about seeing certain behaviours is my 3 year old son. if you are over the age of 21 you really need to lighten up and realize people are going to live their lives the way they choose, and
OMG. WTF? Ok, enough internet lingo. But seriously, what the heck...I'm sick AGAIN! This time it's my allergies. This makes three weeks that I've been sick with something. First it was a cold, then a horrible sinus infection, and now my allergies. I guess it's my allergies. My eye is watering, I'm sneezing like crazy, and I have a stopped up/runny nose. I'm eating pretty healthy, drinking plenty of fluids, and trying to get enough sleep. Yet I can't seem to get well. Grrr. This just pisses me off!! I'm tired of being sick. I've got so much to do this semester and I'm losing valuable time. I guess I'll stop at CVS on my way home and get some allergy medicine. It better be my allergies if I spend my hard earned money, lol. So, thanks for reading this. Obviously, you have nothing else better to do either. :P
Okay so I make plans to go out tonight, I wake up yesturday and I feel like I'm getting a cold then I wake up today and I have a bad cold now...Every time I make plans to go out it gets ruined by something! All that happens on top of my co signer for my trailer I was going to buy got denied...then my checking account gets over I owe around 150 in fees! My life cant get any worse can it? It probably will and it really sucks. Anyway I am sick and I am going to go back to bed now I was just blogging cos I was bored..
Sick..... Ick.........
I have been in bed for the last two days. I am still down and out but there is only so much of laying around I can stand. So the overwhelming urge to play on my new computer for awhile has won, and here I am, on my new computer, already contemplating going back to bed till I feel better. I have been spoiled, because while I have been sick, my hub and mom inlaw have been taking care of the kids and house, but in the morning, I have to get up because hub will be leaving for work at 6:30 a.m. my stomach is queasy, my body aches, head, shoulders, neck, back. I just feel completely icky from head to toe. I doubt anyone has noticed that I have been gone, but yep, I have and just incase anyone wondered, I thought I would come leave a note. Gonna try to stop by and show my true friends a little love before I go back to bed. xoxoxoxoxox everyone. love yas
well i never fucking get sick. Until this week. Fever,cough you name it i got it today. The fever is bad enough cause I think i'm hearing shit. The cough is causing lack of oxygen to my brain so the halucinations are a wee bit funnier to me.
Sick Of This Shit
if u wanna stay on my list tell me now cuz im tired of being not talked to when yall r online it makes me feel like im just eyecandy to yall but im not i am human and if u wanna stay on tell me. CUZ ALL I SEE IS PEOPLE ADD ME BUT DONT TALK TO ME SO IF U DONT TALK U WILL BE DELETED OR WORSE BLOCKED.
Sick Of Life
Paralyzed. Nothing's getting through to me. Hypnotized from all my surroundings. I wanna be something I could never be. I wanna say things that I could never say. Yeah, I'm gonna do it again! Sick of my life. I'm tired of everything in my life. Dragged down. Rubbing my face in the ground. No time for the undecided. I wanna know why I've always felt alone, And I wanna love. Why am I untouchable? Yeah, I'm gonna do it again! Sick of my life. I'm tired of everything in my life. I never wanted to be sick of my life. I'm tired of everything in my life
Sick Of My Job & There Petty Bs!
yeah i will probably ramble on,cuz im so pissed due to my job and there lame azzed bare with me if you do take the time to read this. friday of this past week,i got a counseling statement aka: being wrote up if that helps explain it.cuz of my new asst manager which i might add is a kiss azz and brown noser,all due to me not taking a call in order that wasnt even in my area of the deli,yeah i took the call and put them on hold and gave it to a person who was in the area. a day later im wrote up over that lame azz chit.i was so pissed i was in tears,i proceeded to rip the asst. a new azz in the managers office and told her what i thought of her azz,for hours she wouldnt talk to me or even look in my general direction which was ok with me being i cant stand this bitch.i couldnt beleive i got wrote up for such bs!but being im a full time associate..blah blah blah im supposed to go out of my way to do that chit.i told them you dont pay me enough to run around with my head cut
Sick Puppies- All The Same
I don't mind where you come from As long as you come to me I don't like illusions I can't see Them clearly I don't care no I wouldn't dare To fix the twist in you You've shown me eventually What you'll do I don't mind... I don't care... As long as you're here Go ahead tell me you'll leave again You'll just come back running Holding your scarred heart in hand It's all the same And I'll take you for who you are If you take me for everything Do it all over again It's all the same Hours slide and days go by Till you decide to come And in between it always seems too long All of a sudden And I have the skill, yeah I have the will To breathe you in while I can However long you stay Is all that I am I don't mind... I don't care... As long as you're here Go ahead tell me you'll leave again You'll just come back running Holding your scarred heart in hand It's all the same And I'll take you for who you are If you take me for everything Do it all
will it never seems like i can get good news when i go to the dr's offices. 2 weeks ago after i did a MRI on my neck, shoulders and arms and hands ( couldnt use my arms or hands after surgery in OCT) the results were i hav bkundging disk in my nack and hav a hernia from the colon cancer i had in 06. I had ptscan last week and the rusult was i still hav cancer cells in my lungs on both sides and there were many. they told me i will be doing chemo for the rest of my life. they can not remove it all so they are going to try and contain what i hav from spreading again. i will and cant work again while i am in the army and most likely for a very long time after that. apply for SSI and they told me it will be 5 months be4 i get approve if i even get approved. The army is stil working on getting me out on a medical retirement and thats gonna take 4 to 6 months.
Sick, But Feelin Better
This morning when i woke up i felt like crap. my tummy was really upset. i took medicane, thought of a girl ;), drank few cups of tea and now I all better. WOOOOO HOOOO
I won't be home for those of you that know me. I've been sick the past 3 days so I'll be back on once I get better which won't be long hopefully. Take care.
Lookie who I won in an auction...Go show him some mad FU-LOVE. sicks#17 --Husband To LuLu414-- OWNED BY "Bottoms Up" *****CHECK OUT MY BLOG******@ fubar
sickness I lay here quietly on my bed wrapped in my blanket of warmth, my thought are scattered and the feeling of loss surrounds me.. my soul is broken and i feel it tearing inside me.. each rip brings pain,,. the very thing i want...i cannot have.. i cannot hold.. what i would give to be wrapped in the arms that would never let me wrap my arms around the one that is the my love, and know without a doubt there is nothing else.. but life awakes me from my slumber and i'm forced to live broken.. maybe i always have been.. i want to scream.. i want to throw things i want to... FUCK!! it doesn't matter what i want..not here ..not just can not be.. but the pain refuses to leave and i bury myself deeper into the warmth of my bed...each thought sharp..ripping my flesh... an open wound bleeding. this love that is inside me is overwhelming..a sickness i want to throw up.. i fight the sickness but the fear will not leave.. the fear of wanting when i shou
ok bad girls heres the deal im sorry i havent been here like i should be for you all the problem is i have been seriously sick and still am. will be back in full swing before long i hope... if i have not added you to my friends please let me know so that when i am back i can do so..... once again i am sorry if i have let you down and hope for your forgiveness... hopefully be back into swing before long. thank you
Hello everyone out in Fubar. Just wanted to pass a message on that ryan wont be for a few days. He had a mild heart attack this morning while at work. Please pray for him.
Sick Of The Micro Managing Here.
I recently posted a mumm showing the lunar eclipse and asked people if they saw it, to my suprise after half the people said yah, or thanks for posting the video i get my mumm deleted. it amazes me that they wonder why people wont pay for this site... well when they delete a mumm like that, and then send you a message that says it was inappropriate or had nsfw content it just pisses ya off. Now i know for sure im never gona post a mumm again, why? well why should i ask anyone here for their input when half the idiots out there report a very friendly thing like that just to get it deleted.
Gonna go lay down Im being attacked by an Horrible flu type thing thats just having its way with me .. I hope NONE of you get this .. OMG .. *putting on my mask* Givin hugs to all Wen :) hope you all have a great nite . im gonna go to bed and ride this out .. Xoxoxox
Sick Of The Pretenders
I am so tired of people telling me what a player I am, people who don't know me, have talked to me one time. Where are you getting your info? no one ever asked me. Who have I played? I am on the verge of deleting this account, because of the psycho biatches who are stalking me, and won't leave me alone, they are all over my page, on fake accounts....saying things, leaving comments, blogging, etc.... I have never once publicly said anything about these people, and I'm sick of them saying things about me, when they haven't even asked me, met me, talked to me etc.... Do not judge, lest thee be judged thyself I am not a pretender. So maybe I picked the wrong person/ people to talk to. I am just trying to be a genuine friend, and I expect the same. The rest of you, can kiss my fat arse. Stop stalking me, and talking about me. Just go away.
Sick And Tired
due to apparent lack of respect, and drama queens, I will no longer be using this profile. to My real friends, you can contact Me on Myspace or yahoo messenger. there are only a few that I even talk to on here anyway. it is sad that people have to be melodramatic, and cause friction for others just to make themselves feel like they are worthy. to My real friends, thank you for being here. I will stay in contact with you. to the children that obviously dont know how to act, ...FUCK RIGHT OFF YOU SNIVELING LITTLE BRATS!! GROW THE FUCK UP!!!! goodbye and good luck.
Sick Of The Bullshit
I dont get people. Esp when room mates are involved. People and their bullshit who want to cause drama between people. If your that unhappy, dont mess with other people!
Sick, Ya Dig?
Bleh, I feel awful. I have felt awful for a few weeks. I made a doctor's appointment today. Hopefully I can go in and get another panel done soon. I'm sure a new tattoo did not help matters, as I always get sick after I get some work done. My body is finicky and does not take well to new things. New ink makes me have flu-like symptoms until I heal. I hate not feeling well. I'm never actually well, but I hate feeling like it.
Sick Like...?
I was diagnosed with Grave's Disease in January 2003. I almost had a heart attack on the freeway. Grave's Disease is hyperthyroidism. My thyroid went into hyper mode late 2002. I had become a vegetarian and the lack of protein and natural hormones from animal flesh disrupted the balance. I lost 20 pounds in a month, was eating just about everything I could find. It was fantastic. And then, I woke up one day for school and couldn't breath. I felt like I just run a marathon, having sat up in bed. Scared the crap out of me. It took me 2 hours to get ready for school, something that normally would have taken a half hour. I drove to school that morning and while I was stuck in traffic, I had what was the precursor to a heart attack. I went to the emergency room where the er physician couldn't pull his head out his ass long enough to take a blood test. Instead he prescribed me zoloft and xanax for high anxiety and bi-polarism. Neither of which I have. I went to the hea
Sick.... Disabled pregnant woman used as target practice Story Highlights Investigator: "This is heartbreaking" Dorothy Dixon was 6 months pregnant and lived in the basement Housemates tortured Dixon for weeks, and withheld her social security checks Dixon also had a year-old child, who weighed 15 lbs. at time of mom's death ALTON, Illinois (AP) -- Banished to the basement, the 29-year-old mother with a childlike mind and another baby on the way had little more than a thin rug and a mattress to call her own on the chilly concrete floor. Dorothy Dixon ate what she could forage from the refrigerator upstairs, where housemates used her for target practice with BBs, burned her with a glue gun and doused her with scalding liquid that peeled away her skin. They torched what few clothes she had, so she walked around naked. They often pummeled her with an aluminum bat or metal handle. Dixon -- s
This has been going on forever, and it's been all over the boards, I'll post it here in case anyone needs to be informed...thanks...more from me soon :D THIS IS THOMAS I HOLLAND JR AKA TJ AKA SCOOBY HE IS A CHILD MOLESTER!!!!! HERE IS HIS MYSPACE LINK HERE IS HIS FUBAR LINK ~~~DJ Scooby Doo ~~Owner of The RGS~~Back home in NY~~~@ fubar AND HERE IS THE LINK TO THE PROOF THAT HE IS A CONVICTED CHILD MOLESTER And for those who just want screenshots of the conviction for VIOLENT SEXUAL ACTS ON A 10 YEAR OLD, REPEATEDLY, Then here they are! THE PICS ON THE SITE HAVE NOW BEEN UPDATED CAUSE HE FINALLY REGISTERED WHERE HE LIVES!!!
Sick Of It
I'm out in the wonderful world of dating. I am at the stand point of really hating it. Every single I have been on a date with has promised the world in hopes of getting pussy in return. When I don't give it up, they run like Forest. Every single one I have come across is either mental or so desperate for sex they don't give two shits about anything else. They will pay for dinners and nights out on the town, or anything you please. They will throw on the charm and make you feel like a princess. Anything for the chance to get you into the sack. FUCK YOU! I know I'm sexy and I'm beautiful. I love sex, love love love sex... BUT that's not all I think about. I don't revolve my life around it. Yeah I'm bitching right now. Hell Yeah I am. I am sick and tired of going out on these lame ass dates with the expectations of sex. And I turn them down and they say "oh its okay, I want to take it slow" "I like you a lot" "Your worth the wait".... and.. then.... They never call again.
It was beautiful here today! Sunny, 70, no wind, just right! I drove past a neighbor's sheep. The new lambs were all out, playing, prancing, jumping up in the air like they were happy as could be....and all I could think of was Clarice Starling. How sick is that? "Well, Clarice - have the lambs stopped screaming?"
Sick As A Dog
well ppl im sick as hell .. on salary and yet i have to work this weekend .. short shift but i feel like crap... the facility where i work has a shortage of nurses ... if wed stop firing them cause the DON is pissy then wed be much better off ... sorry to whine but ugh ... i need a vacation somewhere tropical and relax without a care ... any takers ??
Sick Of Being Tired. Tired Of Being Sick.
I'm sick of the computer, but sick of having no where to go. i'm tired of little kids and talk of relationships. my insides are melting together...I'm kind of worried. I'm tired of medication and step by step repeditive days. I'm sick of hearing that i'm not liked " like that" so i'm giving up...sticking my nose in a book and ripping the word love anything close to it from my vocabulary. it just causes me to much heart ache then its worth.
Sicko. (this Is About Sex, Too. ;) )
How sexual are youcreated with You scored as A SickoYou are a SICK FUCK!! You would do almost anything to get off. You know how to be wild, try new stuff and let loose and be crazy. You are at the top of the Horny/Sexual ladder, a very coveted paosition by many. People call you Sick, but those are the ones that think it but don't have the balls to do it. You will be an exploding sex partner, if they can handle it.... Rock On. A Sicko 80%Very Kinky 70%Average 50%A WUSS !! 10% Uh, apparently, I'm a sicko, according to this test. *shrugs* I dunno, I just like what I like, go with the flow. Not into golden showers or anything. I tend to take control and fuck you like the horny little slut you are, and take you to as many orgasms as I can pound into that wrong? OK, I'm as flawed as anyone; it's not like I have high self esteem or anything. But over the years one of the areas I have learned to let
Sick Of It
Im doing my best to trust him. Tryin to believe the things hes telling me but its so hard. I have this feeling that something just isnt right. Hes changed....a lot and i dont know why. I didnt think I did anything wrong but maybe I did. All I know is I cant take much more of this. Its tearin me apart inside. Our ex's sure as hell arent making it any easier and I dont want to let go of him but Im sick of being so paranoid all the time with no way of really shutting it out. When we are together I believe its just me, that Im his only one but then something comes up and all that paranioa comes back...100 times stronger. I act happy around everyone cuz I dont want them to know Im really falling apart. Just incase it is just me over reacting I dont want them to hate him or think he did something wrong. Hes never really gave me a reason to doubt him but lately things just havent seemed the same. I really dont understand any of it and its not something I can really talk to him about w
I'm having abnormal uterus bleeding, from what the doctor is saying now I've got to have an ultra sound done come Monday, a little concerned to what it maybe thats going on however hopefully nothing to serious!
Sick, Tired And... Scared :(
I'm scared... I'm writing my master thesis about body horror on the screen. If you don't know what body horror means watch some of David Cronenberg's movies. But there is a big problem. My supervisor. He hates me. He is rejecting all my notes. My notes aren't bad. I'm trying to do my best but it's really hard to do this. Two days ago he told one girl, that her thesis is a piece of shit, a crap and he had to get drunk because he couldn't look at that. As far as I know her notes were good. But who knows... He's a jerk and I don't like him. But I'm so scared... I want my thesis to be good. I don't know what to do :( I'm powerless :(
Sickness And Memory
located at
Sick Of Stupid Crap
I don't accept requests without a salute pic. I tell people this in a polite way even though it's stated more than once on my page. I had one of these conversation with the person below early yesterday. Then last night I got this: 11:30 PM Revolver -...: Hmm so you're divorced. What a surprise that is.... 11:44 PM ->Revolver -...: not sure what thats supposed to mean but whatever i guess 11:45 PM Revolver -...: It really wasnt meabt to be rude, really. 11:45 PM ->Revolver -...: k (After this point, I closed the top on my notebook & went to bed.) 11:46 PM Revolver -...: Just ignore me. You have your ways and that is just fine. Take care Hun. Directly after this exchange: Revolver - The ... re-rated you a '1' from a '10'! So, this morning I said: ->Revolver -...: funny... you insult me, saying it's not surprising i'm divorced... i mean how is that anything other than an insult? i reply, you say you meant nothing by it... i say k & go to fucking bed. then you get pissy
Sick Of All This Shit
im sick of giving a fuck about anything any more. ive been talking to recruiters and figuring out a way to get back in. they say if i can produce a clean bill of health that i can get back to my old unit. i just cant take anymore of the shit here at home anymore but im still wishing i had a reason to stay for a particular person. but thats not gonna happen. might as well just say fuck it and go back to war...
Sick Part 2!
Heard back from the doctors today, ultra sound came out fine however the PAP did not he stated that I have PRE-CANCER cells so now I've got to have a DNC done to find out if it is bonine or malignant. My appointment isn't til the 7th of July so we shall see what happens then!
Decided to go to the cafe this morning 'cause I was hungry. Ordered Two egg, bacon, sausage, mushrooms and a fried slice, as well as toast and tea. Point of this is, you ever order something, then halfway through eating it wonder why you're eating it? I mean that fried slice was so greasy it was unreal, was making me ill eating it but being the pig I am I still did, lol. Just felt nasty afterwards. Anyways, that's enough of that
im sry for everyone that i love i havent been on here as u should know i got married 2 weeks ago well it begun a couple of days after i got married i thought i had come down with a stomach bug and to come find out it wasnt a stomach bug after a catscan and a uppergi later i have a bacetrial infection in my stomach and a real bad ulcer and 6 gall stomes in my gallbladder inwhich will be removed in a couple of weeks im sry i havent been on but being sick all the time and loving the porclain goddess like i have i havent been able to do much so wish me a speedy recovery because i need it
Sick Computer!!!!
HEY all my wonder-FU friends just want to let you all know I have been fighting a few nasty puter bugs and I am hoping soon I can come and spend more FU-time with you all....hugs and kisses , hope all is well , missing you ,ALL!!!!
This is going out to everyone on my messenger list...I am sick i do not mean just a cold i am severely sick medication doctors gave me is not working.. I have been sick since Saturday morning Cell phone has been turned off since then So please do not call house if you have that number....I am in bed complete rest..Going back to Doctors Wensday. Please lay off all the calls I will get back to you all when I am able.. For the ones that truely know me You know I never get so sick I am unable to talk or anything else So again I will keep you all informed when I am well again...Thank You all for understanding and goodnight
sorry people ive been really sick so i havent been on much soon as im better i'll be commeting ..peace
Sick Monkeys: Research Links Vaccine Load, Autism Signs
The first research project to examine effects of the total vaccine load received by children in the 1990s has found autism-like signs and symptoms in infant monkeys vaccinated the same way. The study's principal investigator, Laura Hewitson from the University of Pittsburgh, reports developmental delays, behavior problems and brain changes in macaque monkeys that mimic "certain neurological abnormalities of autism." The findings are being reported Friday and Saturday at a major international autism conference in London. Although couched in scientific language, Hewitson's findings are explosive. They suggest, for the first time, that our closest animal cousins develop characteristics of autism when subjected to the same immunizations – such as the MMR shot -- and vaccine formulations – such as the mercury preservative thimerosal -- that American children received when autism diagnoses exploded in the 1990s. The first publicly reported results of this research project come in bo
Sick Of The Bs
You know it's funny how 1 person can cause so much shit. I have tried staying neutral with everyone, I've tried being nice. BUT, I will not stand for liars to continue to cause problems & stick their noses in where they don't belong. SBR Family is a tight family, we have overcome all this other crap that has been thrown our way & we will get through this too. I am not picking sides, but I have realized who I can & can't trust. I'm sorry if some of you feel like I went behind your backs about one thing or another, I haven't said shit about anyone except one person. I've expressed my feelings and everyone else that knows me knows that if I don't like something I am gonna call it out. I am so sick of hearing oh no they blocked me among other things. I block people when I feel the need to when things are not looking right. Yes I blocked you , you want to be friends with me you know what you have to do to change that. People really need to grow up & quit acting like they are in kinderga
Sick And Tired Of It......
I am so sick and tired of these holywood people making movies that are political. And im not talking about movies that show historical politics ... i am talking about making movies to show their political stance on current issues. Recently i heard a interview with John Cusack about a new movie he not only stars in, but wrote and i believe directed. Its coming out soon called War Inc. Its a satirical approach on the war in iraq, and how he feels its being privitized. I really wish these holywood idiots would stop making movies like this. Keep your political idiology and views to yourself. I will not see this movie, nor will i rent it. I will not pay to listen to someones views on current events. I get enough of that via the news, and the current talk shows out there. I am not paying even 1 dollar to get some blow hards view on politics. If i wanted their view id watch or read a interview on it. I use to enjoy Jon Cusack as a actor, now i could care less. I hope those of you who fe
Sick Man
Randy the vampire is stealing others pics not just of them but also their kids making new profiles then sending shouts such as this : cheeseonmy...: 200 screennames or cheeseonmy...: your daughter will go down (NOTE: THE PHOTO HE'S USING IS OF A 3 YEAR OLD GIRL)
Sick Of Dreaming
i loved dreaming when i was younger but dreaming isnt fun anymore. things seem to real and too intense and i wake up feeling like i havent even really slept. hopefully it will stop soon.i dont know though they say that you try to wor5k things out that you arent willing to work out in real life so maybe its my bodies way of forcing me to deal with shit.the thing is i dont feel any better after the dreams. they just depress me.
Sick Of Fake Ppl And Their Fake Ass Profiles
Sick And Tired
I have been drawn to a part of my life I had thought I had closed off . But there are certain people I will not mention that had to keep pushing . And push they did and now I have to a certain point shuned and shut certain people out. I really didn't want ot go down the path , but i had no other choice . Fathers day last Sunday really sealed it in my eyes. Then what really put the nails in the cofffin so to speak , is when my roommate compared me tro her ex , and said her ex can run circles around me. I can't handle it any more . I know people will understand this change or oh well
So, now, she's trying to get people I haven't wanted to talk to in months to bring me into voice conferences! LOL! Pathetic! She could have avoided all of this but, instead of owning her part, she tried to make it seem like me, catching her in lies, was something I did wrong! Liars HATE getting caught! LOL! Her: "I don't like the way Leslie talks to you. She's VERY disrespectful." LOL! Birds of a feather screw over peoples' lives, together. The real problem, here, though is she gets to "play the victim" instead of talking about the person that REALLY victimized her (But, I'll get to that in my other blog: "Her Dark Secret" where ALL the dirty little secrets will be revealed! LOL!)
god i love being sick ( can you tell im being sarcastic)? its even better to be woken up at 12fucking20 to puke my brains out all over the floor,the trash can , and the toilet which half my puke ended up not falling into,but hey at least i have the day off tomorrow so i can be sick then until then im going to try and go to bed
Sick Of The Repost This Is Real Life Bulletins....
First off, THIS IS FUBAR. This is an online bar that ppl are SUPPOSED to come to and have fun with their online friends. Secondly, I would NEVER walk into a RL bar handing out candles for someone that I never even knew existed for ANY cause. So, I am not about to do it here on Fubar either. Third, I come online to Fubar to have fun, and I dont really care if John Doe that never even said Hello to me blew up his car and then was run over by a garbage truck. Now, lots of you will think I am mean and coldhearted. And for those that want to think like that, I dont care. REMOVE ME. I do not sit and go through newspapers looking for strangers that have died so I can go to their funerals or make memorial posters to stick to my car or send their families condolences... Hence, I am not doing it on Fubar either. I am on Fubar for the Fubar related things. I am on Fubar for my Fubar friends. I am here for the Tours, lounges, auctions, pics, and all that good stuff. I am here to have a
Sick Of Getting The Short End Of The Stick
i am really fucking tired of up front with pretty much everything when i meet new people because ive been fucked over a know what ive found out? people are just going to keep fucking me over and making me feel like shit, and people are going to keep letting me fucking sick of crying over jerks and im sick of crying period.i guess thats really all i will ever have in store for me, people who just want to hurt me and if thats the case then ill just be a fucking lone for the rest of my life.
i'm sick of everything in this world i want death to come my way take me away from this world hurt seems to be the thing i do the most it is the thing i love the most i want to be hurt it makes me who i am if that is weird to you then judge me if you want but hurt its what i love it makes me feel alive i try not to hurt others but sometimes others get hurt i only want to hurt myself never want to hurt others i'm just so sick of this world there is enough hurt in this world i want it to stop even though i know it will never stop i have a different kind of view then most you may not like it it is a part of who i am i changed alot in this life i think it is for the better change is good being the same is a bore i'm sick of this world i want the end to come my way to show me that there is a better place take me away from here take me in ur arms hurt me as u will show me love show me pain show me true life i'm sick of everything in this world take me i
Sick Fucker
Hulk Hogan Is A Dirty Son Of A Beach (TMZ Exclusive)
Sick Of It
Good To Know That If I Ever Need Attention All I Have To Do Is Die lyrics Am I correct to defend the fist that holds this pen? It's ink that lies, the pen, the page, the paper. I live, I learn. You will always take what I have earned. And so aid my end while I believe I'm winning. Our friends speak out in our defense. Pay ten deaf ears for two months rent. We burn their gallows they erect, and cut the nooses they tie for our necks. [Chorus:] You constantly make it impossible to make conversation. Keep us comatose but audible. And I like it the farther I get out. We pass it off but it's all on us. Only common conversation, it took everything I got. And I like it the farther I get out. Once said, always said. I will hold the past over your head. I'll speak my mind whenever I feel slighted. I am hellbent on extracting all of my revenge. Take heart, sweetheart, or I will take it from you. We slip concealed back to the keep. Concede to do the work for free
The Sickness Of Our Kind Knows No Bounds...
> > > A restaurant in Tampa Florida, is proudly offering lion meat from South Africa to attract gluttonous gourmands. Under a heading which gushes “A Taste of Untamed Delights” a food journalist from the local newspaper writes: > > “the lion is farm raised in South Africa and processed in Colorado….the meat was less tender than the others and came with part of the bone, making it difficult to cut. The taste is difficult to describe, sort of a cross between pork chops and ribs.” > > > > The article focuses on the taste of the dish, and makes no mention of any other relevant considerations. Such as when the patrons of this Tampa restaurant order lion meat they are supporting one of the most vicious and destructive industries in the world. Such as their money goes back along the commercial food chain until it reaches the canned lion breeder in South Africa, enriching him and encouraging him to continue his grisly trade. Such as that South Africa is the world capital o
Sick Of Ppl
Sick With Lust
My forehead starts to sweat and temperature rises, Looking at you, my thoughts aren’t s surprising. The curbs of your hips turn me on, The voluptuousness of your breast thrills me. The pucker of you full lips give me a rise. Wow, I’m hypnotized. I’m so sick I can’t drive. My mind is blown thinking of you just, These symptoms I’m having are me sick with lust. by Sterling P. Carroll
I often get asked what is the cause of my severely sick and disgusting sense of humor. Emotional trauma? Mental disturbance? The answer is...yes, ok. But thats really not the official reason. The reason is...Chernushki (transl: black rhymes). To be exact, short sadistic poems that had a Godly status in post-Apocalyptic Russia and were told by kids and adults alike. My father was a sucker for those, and he would always tell me his favorites. It is really hard to translate the brilliance of Chernushki, since the rhyming is lost during the translation. Here are some that my dad used to tell me before I went to sleep as a lil kid: A little boy climbed in a fridge Someone in the basement turned on the generator The boogers froze in his nose really fast Now he will never try to eat salami An old man found a pineapple He had no idea that it was a handgranade He took a pocket knife out and started to peel it His ass found found 10 miles away A little boy turned on a meat
Sick Of It
tired of the lies tired of the pain tired of the way he use to say my name tired of the hurt just tired of it all now i am really sick and tired of his love he don't have for me at all all he said was lies and i ended up getting hurt no one to now trust no one to now love but none of this matters for there is no longer an "us"
Ugh I feel like crap today...
Sick Song Jugalose Only
if you like icp check out there web site insane clown
Sick Sick Sick -- Blech!
Ok, as mentioned in my previous post, I am a sick person. I will actually now, briefly touch on the illness I suffer from, so that I may better explain my life. I have Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Which is cancer, but it is not a terminal cancer. Hodgkin's Lymphoma is actually supposed to be one of the most "easily cured" cancers around. When I was initially diagnosed in 2001, I had so many doctor's tell me: "Oh if you had to choose a cancer, this would be the one to choose, because we can get rid of it". My self I was thinking more along the lines of "If I actually get my choice - I want NONE!" But there I was, I had Hodgkin's Lymphoma and I did treatment for the majority of 2001; had two lung surgeries, as well as a bunch of CTscans and other tests, procedures and such. I got the "all clear" in January of 2002, and was very excited. I was thrilled to be alive and healthy. This got me to thinking, and I ended up leaving my husband, in Sept of 2002. At the end of 2005, I was under a lot of
Sick Really
well i have no voice and my nose hurts it hard not to be pissed off but at least i can still type who know how long ima feel this way i hope to be back on my feet in a few day
Sick Love
Let me be your motivation Your inspiration The nightmare in your head Let me pick you up Breath you in Make you sick agian I'll hold your hand I'll take controll Turn your world around If you let go I'll take your soul And burn your world down Love me because you want to Love me because you must Sleeping sweetly in my arms As I smother you with trust I know that you are the one The subject of my sick love.
Sick Humor!! I Love It!!!
A cruise on the Pacific goes all wrong , the ship sinks, and there are only 3 Survivors; Bob, Tom and Debbie. They manage to swim to a small island and they live there for a couple of years doing what's natural for men and women to do. After several years of casual sex, all the time, Debbie felt absolutely horrible about what she was doing. She felt having sex with both Bob and Tom was so immoral and bad that she killed herself. It was tragic, but Bob and Tom managed to get through it. After a while, Bob and Tom resistance to nature urgings waned, and the inevitable happened Well, a couple more years went by and Bob and Tom began to feel absolutely horrible about what they were doing. So they buried Debbie
Sick Mofo's
So yesterday was a bad day. First off I got a call from my fiance's mom asking me to take him to the hospital because he may off broken his wrist. That isn't the bad part, the bad part is after we got home from the hospital my fiance decided that for what ever reason (I think it was the painkillers) to call his ex to talk about their daughter. Come to find out that the sick-twisted fucked up mother fucker that the dumb cunt married was caught molesting my fiance's daughter. Luckly that mother fucker is sitting pierce county jail! Because if my fiance wouldn't do it I would! Now I've only met this sweet little girl (she's 9) once and I love her with all my heart as if she was my own. I wish I could just hug her and tell her that mommy made a mistake, it's not her fault. Please we could use prayer, positive thoughts, healing energy, what ever you believe in is needed, for us, and our little angel.
Sickening Twists - By Me
Sickening twists Forgotten mists Nights in the loam Forever the mind roams And the fingers hit the keys Trying to report what the mind sees Drinks of whisky And darkened thoughts risky Droughts of liquor And loves succor Life rolls on an on Another night another morning sun Looking And digging For the word And the sword Whispers in my head As I prepare for my bed Forever the fight Forever the past's sights Another drink As the cat's bell clinks One more drink yes again I want it to rain Off with the lights A darkness bright Off to take a piss Water hitting waters hiss Off to bed And dreams in the color red STR 2:24am 12-23-04
Sick Of Dumb Asses On Fubar
Why is it that fubar can mark pix tht show ur bra w your face in it as nsfw but yet bitches get to dress in lingerie n shit and flaunt it n they dont get marked....I think fubar is getting stupider by the minute and trust me this isnt the only site on the web were u can meet people n have fun n shit...I am about to say fuck fubar all together them hypocrite bastards
Sick Of This
I'm not sure to post this or not, just wanted to let all my friends know that I talk to on a daily basis or see me around anyway...I was feeling a bit ill yesterday had a bit of a sore throat & stuffy nose, no biggie, figured it was just my allergies, well around 3pm I got up from a nap & felt as if a freakin freight train had run right into my body! Of course I went downhill from there, spiked a 104 almost 105 temp, had 2 asthma attacks from coughing so hard & so much & my throat felt like sandpaper lol...not to mention my body was just aching & I fell over twice cuz my legs were like jello lol! So anyway I went to the ER last night & of course wouldn't you know it I have the flu, broncitis AND a sinus infection...yea I cant get just one...gotta shake it up LOL! The Dr told me had I waited until today to go in I would have probably had full blown pneumonia. So they gave me some pretty strong breathing treatments of Prednesone(steroid), 2 steroid pills & 2 antibiotics...I'm feeling
The Sick Rose
THE SICK ROSE by: William Blake (1757-1827) O ROSE, thou art sick! The invisible worm, That flies in the night, In the howling storm, Has found out thy bed Of crimson joy; And his dark secret love Does thy life destroy.
Sickkiedoll/ Tankgirl..a Traitorous Whore
Well apparently I'm the new topic of Dominy Hogan's new rants. I believe it's all stemming from the fact that I wouldn't come visit her in Oakland a few weeks ago. She also has ran her cock sucker about Porn too because he mwould'nt drive to nigger town to put it too the OLD NASTY JUNKIE RACE TRAITOR WHORE! She claims to be Proud and White yet she's slept with dirty spicks like Mike Muir and her buddy down the street an Armenian douche bag well just call him Slapnuts! I often wonder how her husband would feel about her sleeping with MUDS? Hope fully she can quit the tweeking and pull the syringe out of her arm long enough to detox and come back to reality. And then the funniest part of it all... is this mud loving whore had the nerve to threaten my life.. Well my dear Dominy Hogan.... You know my address come to my door at anytime... you're always wlcome. But too bad you could'nt answer the phone when i was in LA friday and saturday... you could've come and made me disappear.. lol or a
Sick Mo Fo
Evangelist: 'Puberty' is age of sexual consent Six children being interviewed following raid on Arkansas compound Evangelist Tony Alamo denies wrongdoing, compares self to Jesus Alamo, a convicted tax evader, has a long history with law enforcement LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas (AP) -- Since Tony Alamo's start as a California street preacher more than 40 years ago, the self-styled evangelist's story has been colorful and checkered. When his wife died of cancer, Alamo claimed that she would be resurrected and kept her body on display for six months while their followers prayed. It would be 16 years before her body was returned to her family. For a time, his elaborately painted denim jackets were a must-have in Hollywood, but sales contributed to tax problems that landed him in prison for four years in the 1990s. Alamo was charged but not convicted of other crimes, including child abuse. Now the 74-year-old is accused by former church members of abusing children and running
Sick And Tired Of Da Bullshyt!!!
Ok here it is I am absolutely tired of the whole every 4 years 2 pricks cum together to ejaculate a whole lot and stll not get the job done!! (What i mean to say for those of you who will say WTF is he talking about??) The whole Presidential election process is a bunch of bullshit where i get 2 candidates who have nothing in common with me, fighting for the chance to tell me what to do for the next 4 years. All the while lying about how much they care!! Give me a fucking break!!! So who do I vote for hmmm?? Well as a, supposed, minority i am told, i am supposed to vote 4 Obama, and as 1 who definitely loves money and aspires to be among the financial elite i am told to vote for McCain!! Well I have a better idea for everybody fuck both of those uptight ass geezers and stand with me. I am saying no to both and saying yes to the first one of those lying bastards who comes up with $5000 for my vote. other than that I am going to go in the both and write my own name on the damn ballot scre
Sicks#17 Fu-owner For October
RED GURL's FU-Owner for OCTOBER sicks#17~click pic to R/F/A~
Sick To Death Of Bullshit
Sick Of It
I'm done, I've had enough; love is an sick and elusive figment of the imagination that I will never find and nor will it ever find me. Quite frankly, I think that I'm probably better off alone; because it seems that whenever I get set in a "relationship" I always leave a path of destruction behind me. It is getting to the point where I can no longer repair the emotional pain or damage that I have set upon myself. I am just gonna let life go on without me trying to find a significant other, because they tend to waste my physical and mental time.
I am sick and freaking tired of all the cyber sluts! I mean come on ladies! Be classy! Does it feel that good to be known for how much clothes you took off then about who you really are? I am a lady and i will be judged on that and nothing else. I waNT my man or any man to want me for who i am than how many blowjobs ive given or how many men ive fucked. Trust me if it came down to it, a MAN really wants a classy woman rather than a sluty one!
Sick Of It
Dark and dreary My body oh so weary From the battle society has blessed me with The blood has stained my hand for quite some time But this is the point, to delay the inevitable They can’t honestly believe they can stop me DO THEY??? They can harm me I want my enemies to make me bleed, Inflict their so called pain Want them to do something, wave after wave has fallen to my blade But they JUST KEEP COMING, An endless army of lost souls Souls lost to their mindless dedication to the system
Sick Of It
Sick Of It All
Ok so now its been 2 1/2 months that I've been with my boyfriend. Things were amazing at first and I thought that maybe he was going to be different from the rest but I'm starting to see that may not be the case. He no longer makes attempts to come see me, he's always "forgetting" to call me back when he says he's going to and most the time he says he for some reason doesn't get my text messages but he's the only person who doesn't. I don't understand it. And every time I try talking to him about it he tells me that nothing has changed and it's just me. Yet the thing that really I talk to one of my ex's more than I do him now. I just don't know what to do. I'm so sick of being the only one tryin to make our relationship work. Yet he gets angry if he hears I'm talkin to or hanging out with one of my male friends. I'm just so sick of it all. I just want to give up right about now. I mean once again I let someone in, even my daughter loves I don't know what to
Sickos Lol
Upadate to anyone who was wondering wtf happened to me this morning or who had no clue that anything happened im doing better now ,but everyone heres been sick ,i finally got it pretty bad and decided to take some of the hubbys ammoxicillan , 10 min later is went into anaphylactic shock , luckily i had an epi pen before my airway got blocked ,i still feel light headed im afraid to rest so ill just stay with my friends a few more hours, ty for caring. Im still swollen my face looks horrible lips look like theve been stung by bees and welps still allover but i dont itch and i can breath better. So basically I could have died in 10 min had I not used an Epipen I had left over from a kid who I used to watch that was allergic to bees .Thank God.I love my Fu Fam Ty For all your support especially Drksolrider
Hey my Friends. I am just letting my peeps know that I have caught a BAD stomach virius. Last 3-5 days. You get sick every 30-45 min. Like clock work. Was up Wed. for 29 1/2 hours solid. Being that Tony bailed I had no one to help but my Mom. Thank GOD she was off work. On the 26th hour of being sick. I finally got some meds to stay down long enough to get some sleep. I woke at 4AM as usual and got sick once. Sitll very weak and The meds. I was given make me Sleepy! Now that I can take em and hold em' down. I will be sleeping today. Don't think I will be doing much Fu'ing till after the weekend. It is my Son's 9th B'day Sat. and we have the party to take care of. So this weekend I will be doing lots of family stuff. I just hope I have the energey for it. LOL Next week they are sending me for pre hysterectomy testing. It looks like it may be the 1st week of December when they do it. I do hope I bounce back quick from that. I have to pack up my apt. and get ready to move Jan 17th. Just m
Sick Again
Just thought that I would write & let those who care know where I been. I woke up Thursday with a sore throat & laryngitis. As the day went on I started coughing. I haven't been out of my house since Thursday night. My parents stopped & bought me nytequil & other cold medicine but it didn't help. The only thing it has helped with is making my coughing more bareable. Knowing how my immune system is my parents decide to make a doctor's appointment. Couldn't get in until Monday. I can manage during the day but when night time comes the coughin gets so bad. I say I can manage during the day as long as I don't get hot & no air fresheners,purfume,colgne are sprayed . I'm getting tired so I'm going to try & lay down. Will write again when I have more strength . PLEASE KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED I HAVEN'T CAUGHT THE FLU.
“Sick” I think there’s something wrong with me I fear that I’m not well Cause I woke up this morning And man I look like Hell! My cheeks are puffed and swollen, There’s lumps here on my head My tongue it looks discolored I’m heading back to bed Four hours later on Once again I’m in the can Staring in the mirror I give myself a scan Now my eyes they have no pupils And my flesh is turning black My skin it looks so putrid And it’s begun to crack I go to call the Doctor I try to dial the phone But my finger snaps off cleanly And I can see the bone What the fuck is wrong with me? I scream into the air Then my gaze drops down to see My finger lying there But it’s not the only thing My eyes have just now found Beside it there’s a pool of flesh A puddle on the ground One would think I’d freak out Or that I’d go insane But more pressing is an urge I have A desire to eat brains How convenient, when I hear the sound Of the postman at the door
Sick To Death!
I am sick to death of men telling me that they love me, they want to be with me...blah blah blah! Horseshit! I fall for it because I think there has to be someone for everyone. I'm human and I demand to be treated as such. I have feelings like everyone else does. So, why does it seem that just because I want to find someone to have in my life, means I have to be shit on each and every time I try. I am not an abusing post! Don't treat me as such! I don't want to have to change who I am in order to be liked or respected or loved. I am who I am and you all need to realize it. The sooner the better! Normally I leave this space for my creativity...but since I am not feeling creative at the moment...I will use it as my soap box.
Sick Of It!
It really has become very pathetic that in a place where we can be our selves that so many hide behind false mask's. The whole of the internet has become corrupt. It was supposed to be a place where people can come, escape reality and BE THEM SELVES. Yet how many people fain at friendship, only to sit there and talk smack behind your back. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. The art of flaming has evolved. People need to wake up, this place, the whole of it not just fubar, has become a breeding ground for hatred and bigotry. I'm of a much older skool of net head's, back when it was pure, before the day's of flaming other user's. We are a community with out border's. I am who I am, I say stupid shit, I do stupid thing's. By no means am I perfect, nor do I wanna be perfect. I am happy being imperfect cause it is my flaws that make me who I am. All these whiny ass attention whores and false faced retarded monkey's need to wake up. This is not what the internet was designed to be. From here
Sick And Tired....
I'm sick and tired of people adding me just for the freaking points on here. I'm not adding anyone else unless they are willing to speak to me. Gawd, grow up people, this is a place to freaking meet people and shit. Stop trying to add me if you not willing to take a chance at a friendship. and for those of you who haven't figured it out, I'm not a dayum walking mat. I am me, i demand respect. I give everyone WAY TOO much respect and get walked on way too dayum much.
Sick Of It.........(some Explicit Language, Read At Own Risk)
This is my first one.....and probably my last too. I am done trying to add people as friends....I have added a few yesterday and most accepted, a few didn't....I don't care if a person doesn't add me, that's their choice.....but when a person doesn't accept and then sends me a personal message that says "Why would I wanna be your friend ? You are one ugly ass, cheese dick looking mother fucker".............that shit was down right fuckin mean and not called for. If you don't want to add me as a friend then fine, just deny the request.....keep your stupid ass childish rude remarks like to yourself...... Anyway, I am done trying to add new people as my friends, and further more....I am thinking about deleting my account here on fubar.............this site was cool at first, but it has turned into one great big giant popularity contest and I think it now sucks rotten eggs out of an @ss-hole.......I somehow doubt that BabyJesus intended his pride and joy to turn out like this......nothin
Sickly Creature
So everyone around me has been getting the stomach flu since Friday...i've had it since saturday and it sucks. All my body wants to do is vomit even though I haven't really eaten anything. Would it make me feel better? Eh we'll see I guess...
Sick Of The Fakes (repost For Sir Lick A Lot) I Totally Agree With This!!
This Site Has Gone To The Dumps With Everybody Acting Like Fucking Spoiled Little Kids In A Toy Store With All These New Features And All You People Care About On Here Now Is If Someone Has Auto 11's And If Not You Won't Rate Them What The Fuck Is That Uhh That's Just Fucking Bullshit.. I Came On Here To Make Friends Not Fakes That Like To Act Like Little Inmuture Teenagers That Are Still In Jr. High Or High School And Act Like Oh Look What I Got Oh Or Ohh If You Don't Have A Certain Thing(Whatever It Mite Be) I Can't Be You're Friend Or Do Anything For You, Are We Not Adults On Here Anymore And Have We Not GROWN OUT OF THAT STAGE Years Ago ??? I Am Getting Really Sick And Tired Of All The Fakes On Here I Am A Person On Not A Number On You're Friends List I Am Not Someone That Will Stand By And Be Ignored On Here Just Cause I Don't A VIP Or A Auto 11's That Just Shows Me How Shallow And Fake People Are On My Friends List And On Fubar Now Days. So If You're Going To Act Like A Fa
Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired
I'm being a big fuckin baby cuz I have a sinus infection that is making me cough like no other. I hurt so bad and I just want to stop coughing. I've been drinking tea and cough syrup like it's going out of style, plus I'm on antibiotics. I just want to feel better!!! ok I think I'm done being a baby.
bein sik blows!.....and i dont like it. so im staying in bed till i feel better. not to mention what crappy ass weather we r RP
Sick And Fed Up
I'm over doseing on medicines that don't work for me. I'm thinking of sticking myself into a hospital because I feel there must be some kind of infection going on here. So with that, I may not be online for quite a while or until I feel the light of my monitor isn't going to render me blind and cause my head to explode. SOOOOOOOOOOO....I'm out!
Sickness Inside...
You look at me and you don't see Hide it all inside so well I am infested with your sickness You call me sinner You elevate me as a saint You can't seem to see The disease in me comes from all of you I'm not what you think I'm less than what I feel I've broken myself too many times trying I've sacrificed myself too many times dying I take what is given and hold it all in Pray I don't let it out again I will keep all I have recieved I have given up on what I once believed Fingers dragging across numb skin I can't feel when more illness is put in You can never purge me I refuse to let this out I will not infect the world I suffer that others may not
A Sick Day Turned Out Great!!
God must have had a plan for me. The entire time I have worked for my company I have never taken a sick day. Last week, prior to my Son leaving for Basic training, he was sicker than a dog, even as I dropped him off on Monday, he was still sick. Well, as it turns out, he was kind enough to leave me a going away present. Yesterday however is when it started to get worse. I got home from work, took my temp and I had one. Thought my face and forehead felt a little warm. Anyway, I went to bed early, slept like crap, got up early and headed to work. When I got to work, I apologized to the boss in the event I get anyone sick since I had a fever yesterday. He then said "then why are you at work?" I was like because I was scheduled. You see, I am hard headed, I do not call out for anything. My Boss, made me go home. Who was I to argue. The BEST surprise EVER!!! I have been talking to my Son on and off today. He got his Cell Phone back as he is flying to his final destination of Fort Sill,
I never wanted to be sick of this life I live So far down below what I need The end to suffering begins with her I'm so damned tired of climbing Higher and higher yet no sun do I see It's taken all my anger and hate I've pushed so hard to get this far I've run up against so many walls My head hurts so much from the struggle Tear me away from myself Help me sew the ragged edges of my life together I bleed to release my demons I'm dead inside, broken How many different faces must I show How much pain can I take before I blow When will I learn to pray Releasing my rage into you For all I've done forgive me Wish I knew how to love Can't breathe with you so far away This life is killing me Can you help me live true life Help me be unforsaken I wanna feel the change coming down Pouring over me like rain Looking out through the eyes of a broken mirror Scattered and shattered Can this change be real There is no
Sick Sex (down To Up)
Ah, I love my little Dutch friend ->Sandros: it s because I shaved them Sandros: this feels a little strange, Father ->Sandros: good boy, there we go Sandros: yes Father *squeezes ->Sandros: could you fondle my testicles while I insert this Michigan cucumber? Sandros: yes Father ->Sandros: ofcourse, you can call me Father; il ike it that way Sandros: you know whats best for me, priest ->Sandros: maybe we can first insert a cucumber in there to loosen it up? Sandros: oh oh, now what? ->Sandros: oops, it doesnt fit,hmm Sandros: *spreads cheeks ->Sandros: well, then , spread your cheeks! Sandros: yes priest i know. and i dont wanna go to hell, i wanna go to heaven! ->Sandros: if you tell, you know you will go to hell, right? Sandros: yes mister, yes, im a very big boy, i can keep secrets, i promise ->Sandros: no, sweety, it will be our little secret; you are a big boy, right? big boys keep secrets Sandros: do i have to tell mommy about this,
The Sickness
I think I'm getting sick. My youngest had it yesterday and her fever peaked at about 101.2. My middle one ended up with it today and her fever was 102.6 when I checked it. I feel bad because I yelled at her because we were doing some yard work and she refused to help. She was complaining that she didn't feel good, but she does that all the time.. so she ended up grounded because she wouldn't help... (yes, it was revoked after I took her temperature, I'm not that shitty of a mom). I have to work tomorrow. It's me that has to cover these things. I really don't have a choice. It's either that, or these parents don't get to see their kids, and they only see them once a week anyway. I just spent almost an hour in the bathroom. I haven't had intestinal cramps this badly in a long time. I have no fever, but fuck do I feel like shit.
Sick Of It All
I'm sick of all the bullshit in washington, every bastard is either an obama lapdog, or the one holding his leash. Those who aren't these things are too afraid to criticize him. Oh no, he's black if i criticize his filthy commie policies, i'll be considered racist. I am not a racist, some of my closest friends are black and hispanic and so on. But if challenging obama's policies and standing up for what's right and just makes me racist, well so be it. I know that i'm not and everyone i know also knows. There are striking similarities between america now and rome before it fell. It's leaders distracted the people so they could avoid dealing with the issues and real problems. They imported way more than they could export. Obama isn't psychotic like nero, or a lunatic like caligula, but he's doing the same things. This also happened to the soviet union, they kept on spending money until they just ran out. Here's the deal: if people would just shut up about the economy, it just mig
I have this urge. But I can't seem to identify it. Can you help me find the surge. That surely supplies it. Thoughts are compressed, And words don't impress. They just digress, That is all at best. Sinful desire makes the fire higher. Indulgence is okay but too much is bad. I come to take you for hire. If you end up dying I'll be glad. Never will I be mad. I will not even get sad. But glad like Tupperware. I can feel the hate from everywhere. Hoping that you simply leave. If you don't with my knife, I will have to cleave. I will be happy once you've lost your life.
i feel sick to my stomach right now because I feel like i was holding someone i love dearly back.He found someone who makes him happy and even though i still long to be with him his happiness means the world to me.I feel like i've alienated him and thats why he is so distant from me he is not the only person that i have alienated tho i've pushed many people away and i feel horrible about it.idk i just feel bad right now.i've had a horrible past few days.Itd be nice if someone would tlk to me right now.maybe try and cheer me up.
Sick Sinus Syndrome?!?
I GUESS I was in the right place @ the right time:  This was diagnosed while I was in recovery for general surgery, leading to something I've PROBABLY needed for some time:  a pacemaker. 
just wante my true friends to know my condition is gettin vvery bad cant stay awake long at at a time so plz forgive me if i dont get to u i still love u its just so hard now for im not askin for pity just want to let u know why im not here as much need liver transplant but cant get 1 till im bout gone thanks to all who have stood by me thru this u know who you are i lost my insurance so its tuff now anyway love each and everyone of u! love kanan
Sick A$$ People
So, I logged into a chat room which I haven't done in quite some time since Yahoo shut down the rooms I use to go to. Obviously, not much has changed. Well, I guess I shouldn't say that. I just had some guy trying to convince me to fuck his dog. Yeah...welcome to the world of the internet.
I dont think I am gettin swine flu, but I just woke up with my throat bein totally swollen, hurting, and makin it painful to swallow (yeah, go to town with this one). WTF?? ouchies :(
Sick And Tired
sick and tired     dynamic i will remain it's my choice not my fault you choose to blame... i claim nothing of my own i am nobody maybe you should leave me alone...     5.3.09 fester
Sick Child
So I woke up this morning very tired, and realized that I didnt get a whole lot of sleep lastnight....mainly due to my son was up and down all night last night not feeling well... He has a fever and I am hoping that it breaks soon...I cant stand seeing him so miserable...
Sick Of It All
Sick And Tired
I am sick and tired of guys just wanting me for sex.  I'm not a slut...get that through you're fucking heads!  If you're on my friends list, and all you want is sex from me, delete yourselves immediately.  I'm a tomboy who likes to hang out with guys, work on cars, stuff like that.  I'm not going to fuck around on what I already have in my life.  If there is still that small chance that you just want me around as a friend, nothing more, go ahead and add me to yahoo messenger...blue_eyedangel_1981
Sick Babygirl!
So I went to my gyno because I thought I was having complications from my surgery that I had last Friday.  He told me that my cervix was healing 'beautifully' and that I would not need to return next week for my follow-up... however, he was concerned about my raised blood pressure, my extreme paleness, and excessive weakness.  He himself had the flu last week/early this week... So chances are while it didn't display symptoms while he was doing my surgery, I caught it while in surgery. My symptoms, besides what already stated, are random headaches, random bouts of extreme lethargia, body aches, chills, nausea, and feeling like I'm burning up when my temperature isn't even 98 degrees!! So, my gyno, being the nice guy he is, didn't send me to my PCP, and instead treated me himself.  He sent me for blood work and gave me a script for Keflex to keep whatever infection I may have at bay.  He couldn't give me a definite answer, but he's taking care of me... (which reminds me... I need to ta
Sick And Tired
I am sick and tired of the shit that people do. they act one way and then they do shit and act another. I hate it when people are happier talking to someone else then talk to the people that they say that they love and are happy to be with. I also am sick of people writting shit on there pages and not telling me the one they should be telling. I am so sick and tired of it. I am sick and tired of when I want so loving it's im to tired or not in the mood, but if others want it, it's go to be now. I am sick of people chatting it up till late into the night and is always has a smile on there face and is not happy if they have to talk to me. I give up, I really do. I am sick and tired of going through this shit.
Sick And Tired.
I am so sick and tired of the drama of my life. My ex still wont take no for an answer. He is still trying to get me to come back to him. What part of NO doesnt some people understand. I am just so ready to go into hiding. I am tired of him blaming me for everything that has went wrong in his life in the last two weeks, then to have him turn around and then expect me to get back with him. I just dont understan it. He is not giving me time to get passed the fact that he ripped my heart out and shredded it. Why cant some people just understand that once trust is broken, it is almost impossible to restore. I dont want to go through that kind of pain with him again. I know that is what would happen. So, why would I put myself through that? I cant be with someone I dont tust and I dont trust him. Will probably never trust him again.
Sick - If U Wonder Where I Been?
Sickest Of The Sick
I caught your ass backstage, you were claiming you're the shitBut you ain't nothing but a little bitch with cum drip off the lipSaying you're the sickest of the sick well that's a fuckin' jokeThe sickest thing you've ever done is all that cock you smokeWhile I'm droppin' some skills up and down this whole trackAttack your whole crew so hard watch them all fall backI'll slice across your throat with just one single cutWatch your head fall off and that hole is where I nutAnd I've been around this murder shit for way to longBleeding out my fuckin' eyes I'm packin' flesh up in the bongDestined to be on Hell's most wanted hit listDoes these actions on my own no one's twistin' my wristWhile I'm feeling alive inside I fucked your bride while she criedShe said she was a virgin well I guess she fuckin' liedCause I split that bitch up in so many little piecesHer hand's stuck in time, for help is where it reachesSo invite me to your party cause I'm bringing the diseasesSpray the plague on everyon
Sick A$$ People
This is truly sickening. There are several people my mom works with that have been affected by this. One lost her son when he was ten years old. His was one of the graves affected. She said it was like losing him all over again. Another woman went to check on her grandmother. Nothing but a hole. Another went to check on her parents...there were different headstones in place. July 10, 2009 (ALSIP, Ill.) (WLS) -- Thousands of people have come to the cemetery since Wednesday looking for answers about that happened to their loved ones.We know the soul rests in peace. The desecration of bones though is criminal neglect. That's why this place should be closed down the it's a crime scene until there is a reorganization of the books," said Tyron Page whose mother was buried at Burr Oak. Thousands of families are waiting for word on their loved ones remains. ABC7 talked with some of those families on Friday. As many as 300 bodies have been removed from their graves at the historic African-Am
 gettin worse everyday it seems . have I said M S really kinda sux ?   It's slowly (but not slow enough) taking away my freedom . I've decided that I'm not getting any gimpier than I am .  My youngest daughter asked me how did I know .  I simply told her cuz I said . (wish it was that easy)
Sick And Twisted Love
Down on my knees my heart in two i was once unbreakable but now im lost without you I'm lost without ur touch,without you kiss,without ur sweet embrace.I wish to kiss your sweet sweet lips just for a taste of your undying affection. You are my master and i your slave for you break me night after night and i love you more each day.You beat me till im blue but i still care for you.My heart yearns for your affection as each day grows and grows but you see me as a pain that gives you unbearable blues.You look at me with disgust and realize i am your pinup doll to treat as you wish.With my heart on the floor you prey on my weakness and make me wish i never did exist.I lay here now in this cold dark bag the bleeding has stopped and my heart beats no more i am alone and without your love but unfornately for me this came too soon.
Sick And Tired
Got your bag on your shoulder, Never thought once about thinkin' it over. Feel like you're the only one, Who's ever been in a bad situation. Now you need to take yourself a love vacation, 'Cause after all, what's done is done. Sick and tired of being sick and tired. Everything around you's growin' old. The days drag on, the nights last forever, Every day's tougher just to keep it together. Forget everything you've ever known, Except for home. He made a promise he couldn't keep. I bet he's not losing a bit of sleep, Over how you're getting down the line. Now don't you fret, now don't you worry, Don't get in too much of a hurry, 'Cause up ahead's that city limit sign. Sick and tired of being sick and tired. Everything around you's growin' old. The days drag on, the nights last forever, Every day's tougher just to keep it together. Forget everything you've ever known, Except for home. Home is where the heart is: That's what somebody once said. (Yeah.) I think your heart is where y
Fuck you all and fuck this earthLook into my eyes and see the abortion birthCriticized decay or fuck the escapadesDon't mean shit to me so fuck trends and your Holy waysFuck your lives I just don't give a shitPut the gun against your head and listen as the fuckin' hammer clicksKill yourselves and end all your painOr let me do it myself it will all be the sameCause your trends and your statements don't mean shit to meSo fuck your lies and your bitch ass realityLife's just a dream, I raped insanitySo fuck all this shit it's time to be meI'm SickTanicK and I'm as real as it getsLets play Russian Roulette and place your motherfuckin' last betsCause when the hammer clicks and there's nothing leftI'll take your soul just like I took your last breathSickTanick, it's a ten letter word, ya heardThat rips inside of your mind, it's gonna take you on aSickTanicK, and I'll take over your life, don't hideBecause I'm speaking from inside of your mindSickTanick, it's a ten letter word, ya heardThat ri
Sick Ass People!
BOSTON -- A 3-year-old Lowell boy was hospitalized after he was found locked in a dangerously hot attic, nude and covered in his own feces and vomit, police said. His mother, Kristin Paquette, 27, will be facing charges of reckless endangerment to a child under 18 and assault and battery on a child in Lowell District Court on Friday. The odor of human feces and urine was overwhelming and the temperature in the Lenox Street attic was estimated to be over 100 degrees, police said. The special needs child's condition was not immediately released. A relative of Paquette's who did not wish to be identified, talked about the arrest Friday. "I just want her to get help and let her know that her family still loves her. And we need to get to the bottom of whatever happened," he said. The woman's, a 6-year-old boy and a 9-year-old boy, were removed from the home and put into protective custody. A fourth child who was not at home at the time will also be placed in protective custody. Lowel
Sick Thoughts Of Me
Sick Thoughts of Me by Courtney Leigh Spruiell   Living in the darknessSinking to the edge of insanityDiving into the madnessAs the void calls my nameDizzy with perverse thoughtsLaughing at the screamsLoving the monsterNever afaird of what I amAccepting my true colorsYou judge me before you know meNever hiding from my true imageYou laugh and mock meYou call me perverseBut aren't we all sick in way or another?
Sick Of It All
i want ppl who dont know shit about me to  stop saying shit about me.i fuckin sick of  the high school bs on here. from now on i will only talk to ppl i know. so if u dont know me stay the fuck away from me
 I know this much I need to get my medicine as soon as possible or I would really would hate to see what would or will happen .  I have been without my seizure medication for well over two going on three months, and I am starting to feel the effects of not having it . What people really do not understand is if I go without it for to long I could and might either slip into a coma or I might die .  But I know alot of people who I thought were close that would love to see me out of the picture , that isn't going to happen anytime soon I guarntee you that .  My immediate family is concerned I know ,but there ase others like I said would love to see me gone , because they think I am going to leave them something , how wrong they are .
you have imprisoned me hereyou have bound me in chainsmy innocents has leftand only hatred remainsyou are the gluten, that feeds from my sinsyou destroyed my spirit, and severed my limbsyou veiled my beauty with your cloth of deceiti sit in decay, the rotting flesh starts to reekyou left me here to die in this holeyou left me with nothing but a deranged soul   dla
Sick Of The We Cant Have Relationship Cause I Dont Want To Lose U Crap.
this is lol letter to one person sorry what the fuck kind of shit is that.  stupid, u dont want me say so.  if u do and u chicken then stop being such a chicken.  do u really think its going to help a friendship for one party to reject the other come on.  u lose that person no matter what once one person falls in love with other friendship is gone.  it hurts to much for that person to be friend.  u called it ultimatum but its only way it can work.  lol the song my way or the highway is playing.  yeah its my way or the highway it has to be cause i love me.  u would tell me to step up and do this with any other man as my best friend.  why cant u see that now that its u.  well u eiher will hate me or not.  i will lose u probably lol most likly but i will stop hurting eventually and maybe i will be able to move on.  u care about me i know so i know u want that.  i ruined friendship by falling in love.  sorry about that its stupid.
I am so sick, I had a cold, it started to go away, I camped in the freakin woods with the cubscouts & now I can barely move. I have not showered yet today. I need to pick my kid up in less than an hour. I will likely still be unshowered. Holy Crap I feel like shit.
My oldest is sick. I have a few things I need to do today...don't think I'll get around to doing it.  Blah. I need to sleep. I'm tired. A nap is in my NEAR future.   Love my friends
Sick N Tired.
Sick F*ckers
Police Warning to Online Members State police warning for online: Please read this "very carefully"..then send it out to all the people online that you know. Something like this is nothing to be taken casually; this is something you DO want to pay attention to. If a person with the screen-name of DreamWeaverGrey contacts you, do not reply. DO not talk to this person; do not answer any of whispers or requests for private chat in Pogo. Whoever this person may be, he/she is a suspect for murder in the death of 56 women (so far) contacted through the Internet. Please send this to all the women on your buddy list and ask them to pass this on, as well. This screen-name has also been seen on Yahoo, AOL, AIM, and Excite so far. This is not a joke! Please send this to men too...just in case! Send to everyone you know! Ladies, this is serious.
Sick And Tired
I know this blog is really pointless, since none of u read anything on here unless it benefits u in one way or another. I'm so sick and tired of seeing this bullshit all the fucken time on here. PLEASE RATE MY PAGE AND I'LL RATE U BACK or LEAVE ME A COMMENT AND I'LL RATE U BACK! Most of the fucken time it never happens on here. B/c of the fucked up ppl on here r so full of shit and they're complete fucken liars. This one also gets me laughing all the fucken time on here, especially if i see it in a blast. PLEASE F/A/R and i'll do it right back to u! Ok i understand the fan and rate, but not the stupid ass add part. How the fuck r u going to add me unless u fucken remove me as a friend and add me back? Like DUH! Shake ur stupid ass head and use some common since if u have any. Also for those stupid ass morons on here that beg for stuff such as blings, HH's, blast. Get a fucken life and go out and buy ur own. Unless ur that fucken cheap and u can't do it. For me if i ca
Sick Of The Jerks, Need To Vent
I feel like I'm venting a lot lately but holy crap, these jerks won't leave me alone. Now I have created an album especially for them... has a few guys already there. Two of which have made comments on a friend of mine's page! (I'm in an auction there.)  I know I shouldn't let these guys get to me but their behavior is really bothering me. Thank God they don't know me IRL or I might even be scared. Wish there was a way to get the worst of the worst flat out banned from here. :( So I block the assholes and I blog... but its the guys that should be reading my blogs that I can guarantee you never will. So what if I have cleavge shots and pics of me in my undies? That doesn't mean I'm not still a human with feelings. I still deserve respect. You want a girl with no self esteem that doesn't care what you say to her? You've come to the wrong page. I'm NOT gonna have cyber sex, phone sex, webcam, etc. So DO NOT message me telling me all about your big dick or what you would do to me if giv
Sick And Tired Of Bullshit!
There are a few people on this site who truly know me and every day I come and I go and I wonder where the hell some people get off. 1. I judge people by the way they treat me, I am not going to make a harsh decision about someone from a one line on a Internet site. 2. I am not who you think I am, I have a heart and feelings stop telling me I dont. Im not a girl who gives two shits about popularity. I could give a flying fuck about how many points I get. And for those who truly dont know me when i do hhs its cause i usually buy them for a friends as a joke.. 3. Im a giving person, if you dont get to know me you will never understand.  I guess what im getting down to is dont come talk to  me for a week or a few months and think you know the real me. You dont you cant possibly. I have a heart of gold but  you haven't gotten there to see it. Im amazed at peoples judgements and utter lack of understanding on this site. Im pretty sick of the bullshit to be honest. I couldn't give a ra
Sick Puppies - All The Same
I dont mind where you come from As long as you come to meBut I dont like illusions I cant seeThem clearlyI dont care, no I wouldn't dare To fix the twist in youYou've shown me eventually what you'll doI dont mindI dont careAs long as you're here[Chorus]Go ahead and tell me you'll leave againYou'll just come back runningHolding your scarred heart in handIt's all the sameAnd I'll take you for who you areIf you take me for everythingAnd do it all over againIt's all the sameHours slide and days go byTill you decide to comeBut in-between it always seems too longSuddenlyBut I have the skill, yeahI have the will, to breath you in while I canHowever long you stay is all that I amI dont mind, I dont careAs long as you're hereGo ahead and tell me you'll leave againYou'll just come back runningHolding your scarred heart in handIt's all the sameAnd I'll take you for who you areIf you take me for everythingAnd do it all over againIt's always the sameWrong or RightBlack or WhiteIf I c
Sickness Lol - Read Bottom 2 Top
exoticnero...: and no you would not have to be alone XavierAcorea: u have paypal?  exoticnero...: well I would gladly watch you anytime XavierAcorea: I'm no dummy LOL exoticnero...: am if I ever did, it would not be on this site, I would make it worth while XavierAcorea: yeah exactly exoticnero...: like that would ever happen,heheh' XavierAcorea: SO u can show your goodz off in video exoticnero...: what is with the stupid webcam control crap, this site gets more bizzare
Sick Puppies---your Going Down
Define your meaning of war To me it's what we do when we're bored I feel the heat coming out off of the blacktop And it makes me want it more Because I'm hyped up, outta control If it's a fight I'm ready to go I wouldn't put my money on the other guy If you know what I know that I know It's been a long time coming And the tables' turned around Cause one of us is going One of us is going down I'm not running, it's a little different now Cause one of us is going One of is is going down Define your meaning of fun To me it's when we're getting done I feel the heat coming out off of the blacktop So get ready for another one Let's take a trip down memory lane The words circulate in my brain You can treat this like another all the same But don't cry like a bitch when you feel the pain It's been a long time coming And the tables' turned around Cause one of us is going One of us is going down I'm not running, it's a little different now Cause one of us is going One
4 all u gujys that just want 2 get on yahoo or cam 2 cam, just 2 show what u have and want 2 c something from me 2 help u get off, just don't bother, If I don't feel it then I don't want 2 c it. Move on 2 someone that will,
Doctor said i can't go back to work till next week.... yay... blarg
Sick Rambling.
I think it's stupid when people put outfits on their dogs. Or when they treat their dogs like little mentally challenged babies. REAL fucking stupid. Mostly, I just don't like little dogs because I see no purpose in them. Dogs are for protection, to me. My dog would fuck a bitch up for trying to mess with me. Anyways, I get my dogs hair shaved sometimes because she sheds and it gets all over the house and whatnot. So a few months ago when it was pretty cold I bought her a dog sweater. That way she wouldn't be cold. Because I got her shaved as a convienence to myself and the couches. I don't think I would ever walk my dog while she is wearing her dog sweater because I believe in some way that it would embarass her. But I felt a responsibility to buy her a dog sweater for when she is in the backyard, like when I am not home. She doesn't seem to mind it. But it's starting to warm up and I am pretty happy about that, because dog outfits are stupid.also, i realized something about fubar. th
Sicked N Lust
sicked n lust in another depressive state it's to late things to say things to say should keep them bottled up but it goes to a explode to reek havoc and chaos u say things that u'll never forgive nor forget skin itches it crawls wants to rips it off to stop the itching to stop the pain that u feel feeling dirty in a way that u never seem to get clean forever in lust never finding love true love is there such a thing as that? or is it the false prophet that we all look for but only very few of us find this.
Sick Of Fuwhores!
It's pretty fucking sad when females on this site (not all) feel they can charge people bling credits, bling, fubucks ect... for access to nude pictures of themselves. Has anyone ever taken the time to look at some of these girls salute pics? seriously, there are girls on here that have no business being naked in the shower let alone CHARGING guys to see nude pictures! Just the other day I saw a newbie come in and within 6 hours she was fuwhoring. How is it that a guy and a girl can join the same exact day and a month later the guy is a level 24 (if he's lucky) and the girl is a 28? Its bullshit that the females are allowed to fuwhore at all. I think if a girl is fuwhoring, she should be banned for life.
Man those were some sick ramps... No, unfortunately we're talking about another kind of sick and not a gentler kind of sick- remember how I was ... pretty ill and secretive about it with most of you a couple months ago   Welcome to the sequel.   Uh this scares the shit out of me for three reasons- 1. I either have the same mystery illness and the symptoms were treated but not the underlying cause (is there such a thing as "the little c"?) 2. I have some sort of propensity for infection- meaning I could have some underlying issue that is affecting my capacity to fight infections 3. I am a catastrophe magnet and got a 1/10,000 infection twice in the same year.   Yeah... ... ... ... I actually screamed in pain a couple nights ago. In front of people. I think that has happened six times in my life. I'm feeling really optimistic about this- especially since I keep getting my doctor's answering service.
so sick i am so i am i am sick, so disease i spread not noticeable at first different you be, even if not known sick, so i am, i wish to spread disrupt what is pure and taught you only know what is preached year after year there is no right there is no wrong only popular opinion sick am i or sick are you?
Sickos/psychos Of Fubar
SirAlex- hello, i have to admit that you have a very submissive appearance to me. it seems as if you are waiting for someone who takes control. you have a sort of body language as if you are that sort of female i prefer to see with a collar around her neck instead of a necklace. and i am sure i am correct about your personality, in that case you see it as pleasure and privilege to show the needed respect by addressing me as sir when you thank me for this little gift..
Sick Of Fubar's Favoritism
i feel like shit today i think i got the flu
Sick Freaks In Sb
roberrrt: i wanna buttfuck you 8:03ammoreTo roberrrt: im gonna buttfuck you first, and no lube 8:03amreplyroberrrt: i can take it baby 8:03amreplyroberrrt: how big is ur strapon dildo? 8:04amreplyroberrrt: u ever buttfuck a guy before baby? 8:07ammoreTo roberrrt: 14inches ad 5 around, last person it made bleed and they screamed 8:07ammoreTo roberrrt: and its a dildo 8:07amreplyroberrrt: i want it in me 8:08amreplyroberrrt: would u force it down my throat? 8:08amreplyroberrrt: goddamn, you are one sexy fuckin bitch 8:08ammoreTo roberrrt: only thing going in your throat is my shit as i looooooove ska t8:09amreplyroberrrt: your gonna shit on me? 8:09amreplyroberrrt: i would let u shit on my mouth 8:09amreplyroberrrt: ur into that huh? 8:09ammoreTo roberrrt: hell yes!!! im gonna shit IN you not just on you and make u lick it all off 8:09amreplyroberrrt: thats so sexy 8:10ammoreTo roberrrt: sexy is bringing my husband to come come you with his buddy 8:10ammoreTo roberrrt: c
Sick And Tired...
A wise man once said: "The only appropriate response to an outrageous situation is outrage." That wise man was my Dad. I’m pretty sure he was quoting somebody, and while I know there’s a virtual equivalent of "Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations" on the web somewhere and I think I even bookmarked it once, using it right now seems like more trouble than it’s worth. Actually, outrage itself is getting pretty hard for me to muster up these days, because frankly, I’m exhausted just trying to prioritize everything intolerable I experience in five minutes. I mean, on the one hand there’s Ethnic cleansing, but on the other I just stubbed my toe, really hard, and that makes twice today. Do you know what I’m saying? I mean, yes, sure, fine, all my clothes are made in third world sweatshops by malnourished preteens and if I don’t wear this crap I have to go naked because my dead end job just barely covers the bloated, grotesque debt that I'm in.
Sick... if there's  some thing to say .... say it... just say it... she don't need  cigs or drink on... or food or fun... she can be on her own... she let you do things with her but she can't do them with you... that's ok... she is finding out the hard way... and it's not with you.. if she wants to drink and hang out at her house party then so be it... but it's funny how it's all play one way... don't know what to say Sick Sick she  stands tall.. no it's not her.... not letting no one make that call. She falls  she falls  but no one  knows her at all. If you ask mean it she listens she listens ...  take it all back.. all back.. so done .. Sick run ... not being there for no one done Sick of it all.... standing tall she makes the calls ..                                                                                                                                                       . bY     cHristine                                                                        
Sickness And Marriage.
My youngest son is sick. Out of nowhere he has a fever, upset stomach and stuffy nose. I swear, he was fine earlier today. I'm left in the position now that I may have to call in to work tomorrow and tell them I can't make it in. Thing is, if I do that...I'll have 1 day on my check. Another thing, he can't stay here with me. My Mom just got over pneumonia. I can't set her back. I don't have a bank card so it's not like I can get a hotel for tomorrow day and night to stay with him. And no, I don't have a credit card either. The boys' dad sucks and having him help is out of the question, so I don't know what to do. Suggestions would be helpful.   As for the marriage part. Since I'm up, for at least another 30 minutes, I decided to venture over on Facebook and see what was going on there. Looks like a friend of mine just got engaged tonight. That's wonderful news, really. But it got me thinking......what's so wrong with me? I know my boyfriend loves me, really I do. But it's been 3 year
Sick Sad And Really Funny
Sick Sad and Really Funny by Kenneth Matlock on Saturday, January 5, 2013 at 7:11am  Maybe it's just funny. Maybe it's just sick. Hundreds of lesbians love to talk about my dick. Well, not mine specifically. Some say they hate it. Some say it's just fine. It doesn't really matter. Because they're not touching mine. I hear a million tiny jokes about why men are sad. Then ten million tiny men get extremely mad. I don't. I smile and carry on. When I realize I don't have to squat when I want to pee. I just unzip my fly give a wiggle and I'm free. A quarter hundred girls can't all just be lying when they say my dick does just right though I know those lesbians are dying. Dying to tell me just what they don't like.   If you hate it so why is it in every book.. each and every little speech and angry little look. Just like men who bash on girls and measure them a whore.. It's all just the same, just another person who's a bore. Nobody took an interest in what
Sick Freak
Friend: havent had my dose of cage today so the sick freaks still in me lmfao wait that sounded wrong Me: lmfao Friend: oh no
hey all, how you doing? I'm alright, had to call in sick, as I got a cold, sore throat, ear ache. i slept till about 2:30pm then woke up, nyquil knocked me out. Then I was meaning to organize alot of things so I just did it. Still got a lot to do, i love my apartment, for a one bedroom, brand new everything, (repainted walls, new flooring, new cabinets/counter, new baseboards, new light fixtures, I have a stainless steel fridge, stove, microwave and dishewasher, brand new bathroom). I love it here, I couldn't ask for a better place, It's sad that people have to put down others cause because one doesnt own a house or isn't married.  Anywho, I'm going back to cleaning... ciao!
Sick Of It.
You know, I'm getting sick of this not being able to eat anything we have here. I have to keep an eye on my sodium. I'd went to the store and got what I thought was healthy food. Which I might add, it's not that they are "bad", it just they have sodium. My sodium levels are fine, but I'm to watch my intake, at least until I see the cardiologist.   I would love to have some bacon.....or about the pork chops that I bought. Hell, I'd even like to have a handfull of chips that were brought when my Mom passed away.   Instead, I'm living off of baked chicken (with no seasoning), tuna (rinsed) on ONE slice of wheat bread.....and yogurt. Every vegetable that I eat, I have to drain and rinse about 4 times. This is crazy. I'm starving for food that has taste.   I'm whining...I'm sorry.
Sick Of The Bullshit
I'm sick of the bullshit.And all of the lies.You are being selfish,And it's really not fair.I'm sick of your carelessness.I'm sick of all your lies.You don't realize what your doing.You really need to open your fuckin eyes!!!These people your associating with,Are never gonna change.When will you realize,Your so called "best friend",Is fuckin deranged.You ever hear the saying?,Fool me once,shame on you,Fool me twice, shame on me.How gullable and naive can you really be?!?!It's only a matter of time,It will happen again,And you will be sorry.And in the end when it's all said and done.You will be the one in the end hurting,Cuz you will be the one left with no one!!!
Sic Semper Tyrannis, You Sockdologizing Old Man-trap
I’ve never doubted that my nephew Patrick would graduate high school.  Yesterday having been the last day of class for him, he and Donovan were out at our house today where several shingles had blown off the roof from sixty-mile-an-hour winds in some places that we’ve got homeowners insurance for to replace our sister Mary’s couch.  I wish we’d gotten photos of Sarah and Jeffrey bringing the cushions up the stairs (Mary lives in our basement) and then teaming up to bring one out to the back of our house for garbage pick up.  Unless someone drives by and wants it before Friday (but it sags in the middle and is missing a leg, so we’ll see) it goes to that couch room in the sky … so if the devil wears Prada, what does an angel wear?   Tonight after work (once again, everybody at our house is off but me) Minot High School’s baccalaureate service is being held at Our Redeemer’s Church in the southeast of town, and we’ll be at that for
Sic Wid It
It's the Southern Devil, that's right Stitch MouthAn unholy motherfucker stayin' drunk in the southOn that Jager mixed with period bloodChristian corpses down here duried in the Tennessee mudThey will find you, distribute your parts evenlyAll across the stage you even pray to beSpared from my slaughterBut I gutted your girl and ass raped your little daughterIn her anal hole until it ain't as swoleShe didn't die pure her virginity was stoleI'm a scumbag feelin' viciously sickA dirty motherfucker make you eat with our shitThen I puke in your mouth then I face fuck youBalls on your chin until you swallow my gooAnd if you don't like my puke, cum and scatThen I'll pick the scabs off my cock and make you eat thatGet sic wid it, get sic wid itPull the guts out that bitches ass and then hit itGet sic wid it, get sic wid itOpen up the pussy, take a shit it inGet sic wid it, get sic wid itPiss and skeet in a cup and make her sip itGet sic wid it, get sic wid itStick your finger up her colon and
Sid And Nancy
A comedy about life. In this film, Paul Giamatti (Miles Raymond) and Thomas Hayden Church (Jack Lapate) play two guys out on a road trip to relax a bit, in California's wine country. Miles is a struggling novelist who's depressed over his lack of success, and his failed marriage while Jack is also a struggling actor, whom is getting married. A week prior to the wedding, Jack and Miles both decide they want to go to California to ravish in the taste of fine wine. However, Jack has other plans as he tries to arrange it to where him and Miles can sow their wild oats. Meeting two fascinating young ladies, Maya (Virginia Madsen) and Stephanie (Sandra Oh), the two men are forced to examine their morality. "Sideways" is basically a story about life and the choices we make. Whether we choose to live in the past like Milo or the present like Jack, this story has something for everyone as it's filled with romance, deceit and comedy. Thomas and Paul were great together in this film, and Alexander
A Side Of Me That You All Never Knew Some Do But Now All Do
I know some of you I talk to on a daily basis know my beliefs in the heavenly father and alot of you don't but in this blog I want to tell you alittle more about who I am an what I am about. For a few months I had walked away from the heavenly father which is probably a shock to some of my closer friends who know me very well but some changes have taken in my life that brought me back to reality and made me realize just "what the heck was i thinking and where the heck have I been". Sometimes in life we tend to get lost and find ourself in a darker place but if we continue on that path that we have found ourself on we may never find the light at the end of the tunnel again thank god for me it was shown to me again. i have done some pretty stupid things in recent weeks I have probably hurt well I know I hurt some very close and special people to me and in which I am sincerely sorry for my actions and i just hope they know that if it weren't for them and they know who they are I wouldn't
Side By Side Links
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Sides Of My Mind...
Sometimes i wonder how i ended up here you know im sitting here writing this blog and i could have been dead countless times never to talk to any of you again....but here i am writing this blog.... thanks to you who were there for me even though most of you were just online when i needed it.... now i am going to be alive and well if anyone ever needs anything just let me know
Side Effects (do You Love?)
If you love me let me know, show it, scream it, shout it to me to your heart. Make me feel it, mold me. Try to make me feel your pulse on my hands in my head in my own heart. I want to wake up every morning feeling, hearing your heart beat. Seeing a peaceful smile on your face. Knowing that I helped cause it, knowing your heart beats, and it beats for me. Love, love it, love is what? What do you feel when you look into my eyes what do you see? My soul, my love, my heart? Tell me what you see. Tell me what love means. Does you heart beat? Who does it beat for, does it beat for me? Love, tell me what love means. If you don’t love me then let me go stop holding onto something if you don’t want it. Let it go if you have no interest in it, if you have no interest in me. Please let me go if you don’t want me if you don’t need me. I am a big girl I can take the words, your hints “I’m sorry I don’t love, I don’t love you, I am leaving
2 Sides Of Love
LOVE....the best and worst thing to happen to a person Love brings all the happiness and joy a person could ever wish for Makes you feel ALIVE and no one could harm you But there is something that can harm you That thing is LOVE It's a bitch with no forgiveness Love can be your best friend or you worst enemy Make you feel so warm inside Feel as though you caould fly Fly so far that nothing could ever ruin you happiness But for the real world, there's no happiness Only dark skies filled with rain clouds PAIN and AGONY surrounding your EMPTYNESS Pain from the wound in you chest Emptyness from your heart being ripped out of your chest And the agony of knowing that love has defeated you So there you stand, outside in the cold And the rain won't stop You stand ALONE Looking around to find nobody in sight You catch a glimpse of something on the ground You look to the ground and see that is where you heart lies And the only thing you can do is wonder Wonder how love co
2 Sides, One Heart
There are 2 sides to a heart. Each side of the heart is just as important as the other. These 2 sides cannot function without the other. They must learn to work together if the heart as a whole is to survive. The one side is still pure This is side is still new Still full of hope Still full of dreams White as the falling snow Without pain Without regret Without disappointment Without being broken Each promise made has been kept Each word spoken is true Each beat is strong Full of life. The other side of this heart is purple This side shows the signs of pain It has been lied to It has been used It has been played It has been broken many times This side does not trust This side does not believe This side does not want This side is weak Not wanting to live anymore. These two sides come together and make the other better. Where there has been pain it is once again filled with joy. Where there has been lies it is once again filled with truth. W
The Side Bar
I keep all my thoughts Every feeling I earn It is all Written down On pages And napkins Or envelopes Whatever happens To be around You will get to Know me Understand All that I Think As soon as you Learn To decipher Invisible Ink
Sidewalk Serenade
Hear the sidewalk serenade On the streets of every city I'ts a sad,sad serenade That fills your heart with pity All the junkies have a part Co-starring with the hooks Dressed to play the leading roles Complete with zombie looks Like the pavement cold and grey Are the feelings of the dwellers It's so hard to be a star Among the buyers and the sellers Hear the sidewalk serenade It'll turn your head around It's a heart break serenade Hear the dieing city sounds Dog eats dog in the city Only the strongest survive To learn the ways of the street It's learning to stay alive Yeah they all have a place In the sidewalk serenade People are the main course And death is the marinade The stage is filthy,dirty Where the dieing winos lay It's not so much the dialoge It's more the manner_____________Of the play. Jimbo/Copyright/1/76
A Side Of Shaq I Felt Like Sharing
There are moments in life when you miss someone so much that you just want to pick them from your dreams and hug them for real! When the door of happiness closes, another opens, but often times we look so long at the closed door that we don't see the one which has been opened for us. Don't go for looks, they can deceive. Don't go for wealth, even that fades away. Go for someone who makes you smile, because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright. Find the one that makes your heart smile. Dream what you want to dream, go where you want to go, be what you want to be, because you have only one life and one chance to do all the things you want to do. May you have enough happiness to make you sweet, enough trials to make you strong, enough sorrow to keep you human, enough hope to make you happy. The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything, they just make the most of everything that comes along their way. The brightest future will alw
Sidewalk Chalk Art Stash !!
Happy Monday all I hope your week kicks off to a good start. I've done a sidewalk chalk artwork stash, come by and check them out - they are very clever. Please leave some luv, thanks as always. Have a great day ! Lin xx
After a few days, the cash reserves had dwindled down. But with a magical piece of plastic all would be better, no? The machine beeped angrily at our hero and spit the card back out. He tried again. And again, the machine resounded with its disapproving beeps. Our hero knew that another try and the machine would consume the card leaving him totally stranded. What to do? He had already consumed a portion of Ramen noodles over the course of the few days. That's not to say that "real" food had not been dined upon... A mysterious creature known as "Wee Willy" had been lurking about town, and as it would turn out, had reportedly hiked with Cotton and his family back in 1980. Willy took our hero about town and on more than one occasion had taken him to Dot's for a burger, fries and a pitcher of beer. Now this bothered our hero a bit, because access to money was right there in that little plastic card, but alas, the numbers to access the funds could not be obtained. How does some
The Sides
One side always tires to do good The other tries to break through Only one body but two sides What is she suppose to do? The good side is loving and caring Always looks toward the positive Nothing can stand in her way She makes friends easy, tries to do no wrong But there is something missing This is only one side of her problem The other side is trying to hold back the wrong She never seems to do anything right Everyone looks at her like she is different She wants people to love her but they all seem to treat her bad She wishes she could have some of what the good side had But in reality nobody knows the truth This is the same person only in different moods She hates how she feels like there is always a missing part, like she only has half a heart What can she do to combine these two sides? She just needs someone to hold on to, stand by her side.
A Side Note From What My Mother Taught Me...lmao
Just thought to pass this one because it was hilarious when she told it to me: Upon my 18th birthday, I moved out and when the last thing was being taken out to the car, my mother, bless her heart, put both hands on my shoulders, kissed me on the cheek and said, "I love you and take care of yourself. I have only one piece of advice for you: Don't ever waste a good boner." HAHAHAHA....I still to this day take her advice!
Sidewalk Art
Sidewalk Art
Why are you so unkind to me? What have I done to deserve this treatment from you today? We went our separate ways a long time ago Vowing to never hurt one another again with words spoken in spite All I did was explain why I wouldn’t be there Why I wouldn’t be able to do the one thing you asked of me Doesn’t my happiness count in your eyes anymore? Everyone else is overjoyed for me this week And yet I have heard nothing from you You barely acknowledge my existence But tell everyone I am to blame for the continued silence between us I refuse to believe you are that arrogant or such a pain After all you are my brother and I love you But one thing still remains a boundary between us And it is not my doing this time but yours Until you figure out what went wrong I remain on the sideline Created by SF
Sideshow Bob
My False Percula Clownfish must be smoking crack. This morning I saw him hosting in my Goniopora coral. Over the last few days my wife and I have seen him testing it out so I thought something was up. Although it's kinda cool, I am worried he will hurt the coral. It is an extremely fragile coral that is one of the hardest to keep and so far it has been doing great. I'll try to get some pics of it posted, looks really cool. I just hope he doesn't fuck shit up...
well just when shit is going goood i hit a wall agin at my job i got supended because of this shit here on pa tht i went to jail on is on my record so they supended me till they find out more about it hope everything gose well so i can get back to wrk and make up for lost time and money
Side By Side
They lie on the table side by side, The Holy Bible and the TV guide. One is well worn and cherished with pride, Not the Bible . . . but the TV guide. One is used daily to help folks decide, No, not the Bible . . . but the TV guide. As the pages are turned, what shall they see, Oh, what does it matter, turn on the TV. Then confusion reigns, they can't all agree, On what they should watch on the old TV. So they open the book in which they confide, No, not the Bible . . . but the TV guide. The Word of God is seldom read, Maybe a verse as they fall into bed. Exhausted and sleepy and tired as can be, Not from reading the Bible . . . from watching TV. So then back to the table side by side, Lie the Holy Bible and the TV guide. No time for prayer, no time for the Word, The plan of Salvation is seldom heard. But forgiveness of sin, so full and free, Is found in the Bible . . . not on TV. -- Author Unknown
Side B
I send the crew on ahead to scout out in the hum-v I stay behind and patrol on foot. The recorder haunts me teasing me to find out whats on the other side . I move on as i press play and listen on . "Those bastards i told them i told them i would make them pay.... They didnt listen ..... Fuck my skin is still burning my mind is lost ,but i know what i must do , I have killed four of the doctors so far i used my bare hands choking the life out of them. Then the hunger took over i couldnt stop . Once my teeth sunk into thereflesh i just continued to eat . I dont know whats going on but im finding my self enjoying it...... That bastard gaurd shot me but its funny i dont feel any pain ,and i dont seem to be bleeding that badly ................ I thought i killed that doc what the hell is he doing up .HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA looks like hes joining the party now ....... The ones that havent been completly been devoured seem to want to play as well it looks like im finally makijg frie
Sidewalks define the path in most neighborhoods. In dreams, the sidewalk often feels more like the yellow-brick road in The Wizard of Oz, intended to help you stay on course. The sidewalk is interesting because it often leads to scenes that would not be found in a neighborhood. Instead, the sidewalk leads to mountains, caves, volcanoes, etc. It often leads the dreamer to the next place in order to move the dream story forward. As nonsensical as this sort of appearance of a sidewalk may seem, it is merely a method that your unconscious mind uses to further the dream story (such as the use of a well-known object or person as a bridge between story elements). It is important to recognize that dreaming about a sidewalk as a significant symbol of the dream interpretation is rare. More often, the sidewalk is simply part of a common street scene. Does the sidewalk take you to a place that sidewalks usually don't go? Is the sidewalk or the street that you are walking along a familiar on
Side By Side
As i look into your eyes I can see we were meant to be together holding each other all through the night And as the years go by, i will always be by your side when your standing tall or even when you fall i'll be by your side till the day i die all i want in my life is to have you as my wife to have you in my life is a dream come true every night it would be me and you With your beautiful green eyes i could never tell a lie so when i say i love you every word is true
Side Work??
Ok so I have been working a lot at my current job and not making much money in it, with also going to school to get my degree I don't really have tons of extra time. Some one came to me the other day and asked me to do some computer side work which is what i used to do before my current job. I did the job and made a good bit of extra cash for it. So I started thinking that I could make some extra cash on the side but it may hurt my current job, and school work due to the time it cost to do the work. I'm just going crazy on what I should do about all of it. Should I do some more side work and hope that it doesn't hurt my school work and job, or should I just forget about it and do what I have already? Guess I'm looking for some advice...anybody got some?
Sidewalk Chalk
Sidewalk Chalk More Kinder Crafts Make your own sidewalk chalk from Plaster of Paris. Supplies needed: * Plaster of Paris * Large plastic bowl (like a big cottage cheese container) and stirrer (to mix the plaster) * Tempera paint (liquid or powder) * Disposable plastic gloves * Small paper cups, an egg carton, or paper tubes reinforced with duct tape This is a messy craft - wear old clothes and work outside if possible. Have an adult handle the plaster of Paris. Before starting, collect a large container to mix the plaster in and a few smaller ones to mold the chalk in. Paper cups and egg cartons work well for molding the chalk. - If you want to make a large chalk in a paper tube, reinforce the tube with duct tape and tape up one end before adding the plaster (unreinforced toilet paper tubes and paper towel tubes fall apart when the plaster is added). Wear plastic gloves to protect your hands. Do not breathe in the plaster dust. Mix a smal
Side By Side
A woman's husband had been slipping in and out of a coma for several months, yet she had stayed by his bedside every single day. One day, when he came to, he motioned for her to come nearer. As she sat by him, he whispered, eyes full of tears, "You know what? "You have been with me all through the bad times. When I got fired, you were there to support me. When my business failed, you were there. When I got shot, you were by my side. When we lost the house, you stayed right here. When my health started failing, you were still by my side... You know what?" "What dear?" she gently asked, smiling as her heart began to fill with warmth. "I think you're bad luck... get the fuck away from me."
1 Sides Friends !!!!!
dont try to make to many friends on here, they will say"ive got ur back " when ur down and out and then without know that knife gos through ur back from them. and they will be one sideed if u ever get into a bind on here and walk away frow u like u never was alive trust me ive been there and it fucking sucks so watch out who u befriend on here
Side Show
If sidewalks could talk, what would they say? If they had eyes, what would they see? If we had the knowledge that they had consciousness, would we walk upon them the same? If I were a sidewalk, I would ask that those who tread on me tread with light feet. I would encourage those upright to walk further, and introduce themselves to my less trod upon siblings on the back streets and alleyways; you'll always find more interesting stories there. Sidewalks are privy to wanderers, waders, street performers, homeless hopefuls and lovers, young and old. They are far more traveled and wise than walls. Walls wait, observe, tower and block. Sidewalks lead the curious and the informed towards their destinations. Like a dog blissfully leading a blind man. There's nothing more honorable than that. If I were a sidewalk, I would know people. You can tell so much about a person by how they carry themselves, and even more based on the types of shoes they wear. Sidewalks are the wise, old men of p
Side Of A Bullet
Side Effects
well its been a week and 2 days since i started my new meds.. overall my head feels better.. it has slowed down alot r but the side effects from me upping my meds this week have taken its toll... ive been nuaseated all day worked on 3 hours of sleep did inventory on one hour of sleep.. and right now .. i just want it to go away i feel like shit .. im dazed and feel like im disconnectted with myself... i hope i feel better soon this is the reason why i dont like meds cuz its supposed to make u feel better but u end up feeling like shit for weeks before u feel truly well about things... its times like these i wish i hand somone to hold me
ok this is another song I received the same day by the same person... Sideways - Citizen Cope, Santana
Sidewalks define the path in most neighborhoods. In dreams, the sidewalk often feels more like the yellow-brick road in The Wizard of Oz, intended to help you stay on course. The sidewalk is interesting because it often leads to scenes that would not be found in a neighborhood. Instead, the sidewalk leads to mountains, caves, volcanoes, etc. It often leads the dreamer to the next place in order to move the dream story forward. As nonsensical as this sort of appearance of a sidewalk may seem, it is merely a method that your unconscious mind uses to further the dream story (such as the use of a well-known object or person as a bridge between story elements). It is important to recognize that dreaming about a sidewalk as a significant symbol of the dream interpretation is rare. More often, the sidewalk is simply part of a common street scene. Does the sidewalk take you to a place that sidewalks usually don't go? Is the sidewalk or the street that you are walking along a familiar on
Side Saddle ?& Cheering Oh Boy ..
I went out with a friend of mine today .. we went first to the "toy" store and spent quite a lot of time there checking each and every thing out ... had a lot of fun ... but that wasnt the end of our day .. we decided to go out to lunch .. she suggested we go to a place called "Texas Roadhouse" Ive never been so i said Sure .. why not .. the food was delish ! if youve got one near and have never been .. go .. its well worth it .. just a lil warning . if youre allergic to peanuts .. dont go ! .. Well.. we had our lupper .. and id had a few too many Iced teas' excused myself to the lil girls room .. came back .. sat down and found about 15 people surrounding me I was looking more than a bit confused .. and thru this crowd came this girl with a Saddle on this contraption .. with a BIG smile on her face .. saying We heard its your birthday .. I turned to my friend and said OH MY GAWD YOU DIDNT !!!! .. well.. of course this was attraction attention .. and I was diving under the table
Sometimes in life, we walk down paths that lead us in the wrong direction somehow. And when we find out that, that's happened, we try to turn around in the middle of that path, and get caught up SIDEWAYS--- unable to go forward to where we were going, or back, to where we had been before. In MOST cases, we're able,(As Humans) to figure out how to get "Un-Stuck" and continue on our journey, to wherever it was we were going in the first place. But--- there are some, who can NEVER quite get turned back around the right way, and end up going thru life with no direction or destinations. Sadly enough, our society renders those people "Un-fit" or a "Burden", and either puts them in a Prison somewhere, or a Mental Institution for "Safe -Keeping",until they are "FIXED". Isn't that what our society does to lost dogs,stray cats, or wild animals who've wondered in from their natural habitat?-- Makes me wonder, if "Whoever's In Charge" & "Makes the Rules" isn't turned a little "Sideways" themselve
Side Show
- - - - -
Side Kicks Are For Heroes
I'm Always trying to come up with a logo,but for what? So I can be known! Got Talent a rubber mallet how the hell could you have found it? Born in the North raise in the South,So I know how to turn this party out. Hate my life think to much,got 3 songs,you and what I want to do running though my mind..I see things that other people don't pay attention to.I work hard,make it honest I remember when you wern't cool unless you had a pager now it's a "Side Kick" those use to be for heroes.Now I feel like a Zero,but I to add 6 of them after a 1 and be done! Retier at 31 make life fun,have no reason to run! Money ain't everything it won't be there when you're dead and gone,wrong and ain't shit if you're alone nic nac paddie wack give a dog a bone hope you're there by the time I get home..No one wants to be alone it sucks I'd ratter be froze till they come up with "the Cure" "It's Just Like Heaven" write another "Love Song" you can hit a bong I'll take mine in a glass on the rocks with a fox
He cuts his flesh to no avail The pain may numb but its still there He can see no way out of what others have created Poisoned by what he has allowed to happen He has no one to blame for what he is He hears the voices daily They are his only friends He lies to himself to believe No faith in the words of others Failure is all he feels Lies are all he knows He welcomes you to his sideshow Step through the curtains See the human disaster Gaze upon a true abberation See what life has done to him Caution.....
Sideways Tango
youd like to think this was about some dirty little secret... truth is... this really has nothing to do with sideways...maybe it should be called the long distance tango....i show i care and you ignore me you show you still care and ill ignore you... back and fourth its a loseing battle between broken hearts trying to prove god knows what... maybe that were stronger while we hurt when we show no emotion to that of whom we cherish... i think that thats the way it goes....when u show weakness and emotion it makes the other party obvilious to the fact that they are hurting you they dont see it or they know they do and they ingore it.. and then you wonder why they do such things... because when you build your esteem back up..when you build your strength and heart back to stable... they show there weakness... or well i dunno if its weakness excately.. maybe they jsut realize that they were being douchebags all this time for acting like you didnt exist... im just.... there has to be a p
Sexual excitement from either viewing or riding upon trains.
SIDEWAYS {GREETER/PROMOTOR @ EXOTICA'S CAGE} OWNED BY ~ღLÄTÌñ QÚÈÈñღ~&♥ &">@ fubar 99,087 to fu-king
Sidewalks define the path in most neighborhoods. In dreams, the sidewalk often feels more like the yellow-brick road in The Wizard of Oz, intended to help you stay on course. The sidewalk is interesting because it often leads to scenes that would not be found in a neighborhood. Instead, the sidewalk leads to mountains, caves, volcanoes, etc. It often leads the dreamer to the next place in order to move the dream story forward. As nonsensical as this sort of appearance of a sidewalk may seem, it is merely a method that your unconscious mind uses to further the dream story (such as the use of a well-known object or person as a bridge between story elements). It is important to recognize that dreaming about a sidewalk as a significant symbol of the dream interpretation is rare. More often, the sidewalk is simply part of a common street scene. Does the sidewalk take you to a place that sidewalks usually don't go? Is the sidewalk or the street that you are walking along a familiar one
4/18/2009 @ Eastern Hall in GR, MI my bro's band is having their new CD release party! Details on thier "myspace" site! Come down and check'em out
Sidestep, For The Victory
I don't like censorship. So, again: for those who wish to keep in touch with those who are leaving, and those who are leaving who wish a place to gather, check out this cool site I found and put in my stash!!1oneoneone It's ... wow, fubar is pretty gay sometimes. C/p for the win.
Let me begin this rant by stating I am THOUROUGHLY pissed that i am wasting daily rants on fubar events... I meant this blog for polotics (one of my passions) and societal issues.  But as it seems we're all STUCK in a quagmire of childishness I'm stating my positon once and for all. I am friends with nearly anyone who will take my sorry ass in and I frankly do not give a good god damn who you are or aren't friends with... I'm tired of trying to please people.  Yesterday I was deleted from a friend for 'lieing'... I don't even know what I lied about!!!!! I actually fretted over this... until it occurred to me... It's a computer!!!! why spend the mental energy? Understad this about me... because FUBAR is an online computer thing, I do have a certain detatchment to it.  I do too often treat it like a game and forget there are people attatched... sorry, I do treat flesh and blood folks different from online. Secondly, I am a drunk!!!, (don't know how to get rid of these italics) It's n
Side By Side
A woman's husband had been slipping in and out of a coma for several months, yet she had stayed by his bedside every single day. One day, when he came to, he motioned for her to come nearer.      As she sat by him, he whispered, eyes full of tears, 'You know what? 'You have been with me all through the bad times. When I got fired, you were there to support me. When my business failed, you were there.
Sidelong Girl
Would you like to dance? Sidestep trance taken, shaken pulled and tornworn, long forelorn for what's not warned. And warmed. Or scorned...shields of steel, but the beat..the heat from you feel? Or are you as hard inside as how you hide? Lie to me. Hide from me, and all to see, your peeling smile won't fuck you free.But you'll bite your lip, play plush...push for pain again...again. Careful not to feel you steal with zeal. But do you take, or merely reel.Seraph eyes, ink grin, but you're not a sin, you're lost within. What shapes you make with shallow skin. What shadows play on puppet strings.You're amazing in the daylight, but so suited in the dark. Or not..for when you're unsuited... Your flesh sings of spice and smoke. It smells of juniper, and crushed flowers.But it's not in your skin that you spend your hours. Elated, lie to me, you're all you've hated. And you hate me..sate up your all the things
Sideways Down The Mountain-scape
    ANT ᵀᴴᴱ ЯANT - Brass Knuckle Poets Society said:  We brush off the flakes, Forward-looking BKs, with goggled-covered face, we do not hesitate, to sleigh down the mountainscape sideways, like we were on borrowed days, time is fragile like freshly frozen lakes, Cali kamikaze is the chosen way. Cú Chulainn - Brass Knuckle Poets Society said: So-Cal steelo meets the Tao of the Bay. So cold, that we numb to distaste - adrenaline rush and it feels fuckin' great. Speedin' over powder, and it's powder to the face. Red Stripe on the mountain, like we run this fuckin' place. We don't need a highway to heaven; we hit the freeway to play. We go hard in the paint. We side hard on the mount, 'cause we been drivin' all day. Against B.K., you look like a fuckin' stain. The speed is the rush; who gives a fuck about the pain. We some moguls hittin' moguls; you can kiss the fuckin' taint... ANT ᵀᴴᴱ ЯANT - Brass Knuckle Poets Society said: We shoo
Sidewalk   A sidewalk not traveled To you or From you to me. Like a song not heard This sidewalk not traveled To you or From you to me A flavor not tasted As I close my eyes to think of you yet This sidewalk not traveled To you or From you to me A bed not loved in Memories of touches missed
2 Sided Heart
many things i have came into my life and yet there was things i screwed up along the way and many things i could of kept in my life. everyday that goes by me i sit there and think if it was worth trying for or worth dieing for over that little chance i had in my heart or the god gift of shining down on me and telling me some ways that i could change my life or start over.but i know somewhere in my heart and little knowing of the childish things i have done and foolish mistakes i made i know there people who are how there that feel like i do and i know there some people in my life know who they are and know what i have done this time around and many more other times threw out life. *sighs* yet i still want to change my ways many ways then one i have come to mind about it and yet in my heart is makes me feel black hearted and cold inside. those days i come to feel when i know things some of been done long time back and the motivation i need to keep me going everyday many pe
2 Sides To Every Story, But Its Life!!
There's always 2 side to every story told no matter what kind of story it is. Lately I have been feeling betrayed, stabbed in the back, lied too & many other feelings to go along with it.  I had a very good friend of the family pass away & was buried on 9/11/2010.. I went to reach out for the 1 person that was always suppose to be by my side to help me get through the rough times. But nope he couldn't even get online or fkin call me cuz he was to damn busy playing cards with his buddies. I'm sorry I maybe wrong but if u love someone & wanted to marry her, you'd drop anything to comfort her when she's hurting deeply. I have always been there for ppl and it just seems like the one time I needed someone he turned his back on me which hurt me even more then I was already hurting. Let alone I was reliving the whole 9/11 cuz I was there, I saw the hurt children, adults, etc & doing everything I could to help out that day. But for some reason all that didn't matter to him. Back in july of 201
Sidewalk Prophets' New Start, Exercise With The Newsboys
So the day after Martha’s birthday, the fifth of February twenty-eight days from now, we will no longer deliver the Minot Daily News.  Although I had bandied this idea about in one of my semi-conscious dazes riding with her, I knew it was up to Martha to make the choice (not a decision; a decision is made based on what’s most beneficial or least hurtful to you, while a choice is that plus what you want anyway) no matter how I was dragging; I’d support her either way.  Between the front bumper on our van nearly falling off, waking at four thirty every morning, though Martha did let me sleep in Thursday morning, and Sarah attracted to the light downstairs when we’re sorting the papers like a moth to a flame and clamoring to come with us when we know and she’s hopefully aware she needs her sleep more, it’s just not cost-effective for us to keep running the route.  We have some ideas how we’ll make up for that, but I ask your prayer with us for the
Side Effects Of Diet Pill Still Concern Regulators
The Food and Drug Administration continues to have concerns that a weight-loss drug it is reviewing for the second time can cause birth defects and heart problems, documents released by the agency on Friday show- mulberry bags for sale . The agency appears to be increasingly concerned about assessing the tangible benefits of weight loss in terms of improving health and quality of life. Dr. Janet Woodcock, the F.D.A.’s top drug reviewer, mentioned this emerging view in a talk at an investor conference on Thursday. Vivus, which is based in Mountain View, Calif., argues that in addition to losing weight, users of Qnexa in the clinical trials had improvements in blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol and some other health measures, compared with those who got the placebo- mulberry sale . Instead, the agency and Vivus are discussing ways of keeping pregnant women from using the drug. That, however, could be difficult. In the clinical trials, women had to use rigorous contrac
Sideshow At Nascar R&d? C'mon
CONCORD, N.C. -- mulberry bags Charlotte Motor Speedway mascot Lugnut and a public relations person wearing a chef's cap and apron delivered fried cupcakes. Sprint Cup Series driver Landon Cassill delivered burgers made by sponsor Burger King. A Sprint representative delivered Chick-fil-A sandwiches and salads. Hendrick had almost no shot with the commission that consisted of former Indy Racing League and Goodyear executive director Leo Mehl, Bowman Gray Stadium promoter Dale Pinilis and former USAC chairman John Capels- mulberry sale . The commission hasn't overturned a Cup penalty since 2005, and it rarely reduces one. By the way, Kyle Petty said on Sunday in Las Vegas that some members of the 45-member commission are not alive, but all three at this hearing were. "All I can tell you is I believe in my guys and I believe in the system," he said. "You won't know until it's over- mulberry bags for sale ."
2 Sides To A Story Right ?
As George Zimmerman's supporters work to stem the rising tide of public outrage aimed at the neighborhood watchman who shot and killed Florida teenager Trayvon Martin last month, a new picture of the victim—culled from the 17-year-old's Facebook and Twitter accounts and witness testimony—has emerged. "With a single punch," the Orlando Sentinel, citing police sources, reported Monday, "Trayvon Martin decked the Neighborhood Watch volunteer ... climbed on top of [him] and slammed his head into the sidewalk several times, leaving him bloody and battered." "That is the account Zimmerman gave police," the paper said, "and much of it has been corroborated by witnesses, authorities say." Zimmerman's attorney, Craig Sonner, says that Zimmerman acted in self-defense and is not a racist as some have portrayed him. "I think we need to let the investigation come forward and let all the facts in this case come out," Sonner said on the "Today" show. "I think it's going to tell a diff
Side Effects Taking Probiotics
How should we illustrate probiotic? Most certainly we can tell that they're bacterias which usually live in our digestive system. They are vitally important for our wellness and valuable in the prevention of a number of illnesses. We can get them via certain kinds of food or dietary supplements. One of the quickest as well as most effective methods for getting these kind of valuable microorganisms is as simple as getting probiotic yogurt. Acidophilus lactobacillus is probably the most prominent bacterias contained in probiotic yoghurts and also their positive aspects for the health and wellbeing are incredible.Is probiotic yogurt really effectiveMicroorganisms are all around and also in our entire body. The immune system can offer positive aspects from good bacterias and the harm unhealthy microorganisms can do to our own body is usually efficiently stopped. A probiotic yogurts usage is the most beneficial way to get most of these microorganisms in our system. These bacteria will reduc
Side. We Were Too Close And Bumping
MIAMI -- Anxious to avoid an Orange Bowl shocker, the Florida State Seminoles kept getting tricked. Justin Tucker Black Jersey . An onside kick fooled them, as did a fake punt, and a pooch punt by Northern Illinois star quarterback. But the final score was no surprise. Florida State had too much speed and depth for the Huskies and pulled away for a 31-10 victory Tuesday night. Senior fullback Lonnie Pryor, voted the games outstanding player, ran for a career-high 134 yards and two scores in only five carries. Senior EJ Manuel threw for 291 yards, while the Seminoles stuffed Huskies QB and all-purpose threat Jordan Lynch for most of the night. "Im glad Im a Nole, and Im glad the seniors went out with a bang," Pryor said. "I always wanted to be MVP of a bowl, and I told myself that every time I get the ball, to try to make a big play." The victory was a consolation prize for the No. 13 Seminoles (12-2), who began the season with national championship hopes. Theyve won five consecutive bo
Side Effects
I just don't know where your world ends where mine begins, I walk in circles around the bed that I lie in I can see me but from both angles, I can see tears when I smile I feel the numbing pain of the dope slide into me I want to regreat it but before I can it seems I all but forget it I sleep with my eye's wide open. I'm stuck on the ceeling but feel nailed to the floor thier is a moment to myself that I will never forget, I shake I shiver even from time to time I qiver my brain misses moments my body fades from here to there i'm sure by now my soul is out wandering the streets alone. I'm up, I'm down if I could I'm sure I would wonder all around I hold onto the walls in my mind and let lose an awseome cry I beg the last moment to never repeat itself I streetch my strength to the limit I push my pain hold to the edge. I ask an empty room to forgive me I beg the outside voice to come back I can't even remember how it all started but now i know it's all about to end too asleep can't pre
SIDELINE decisions Spectator Everyone can argue As if argument matters We all made up our minds at 16
Sidney Jourard - The Transparent Self
“If we want to be loved, we must disclose ourselves. If we want to love someone, he must permit us to know him. This would seem to be obvious. Yet most of us spend a great part of our lives thinking up ways to avoid becoming known.” “Indeed, much of human life is best described as impersonation. We are role players, every one of us. We say that we feel things we do not feel. We say things we did not do. We say that we believe things we do not believe. We pretend that we are loving when we are full of hostility. We pretend that we are calm and indifferent when we are actually trembling with anxiety and fear.” “Of course we cannot tell even the people we know and love everything we think or feel. But our mistakes are nearly always in the other direction. Even in families -- good families -- people wear masks a great deal of the time.”
Sidney Crosby Amazing Deke In Practice [2-10-08]
Sidney Crosby - Next Question
Sids The Silent Killer-
A lack of answers is part of what makes sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) so frightening. SIDS is the leading cause of death among infants who are 1 month to 1 year old, and claims the lives of about 2,500 infants each year in the United States. It remains unpredictable despite years of research. Even so, you can take steps to help reduce the risk of SIDS in your infant. First and foremost, put your infant to sleep on his or her back if the baby is younger Searching for Answers As the name implies, SIDS is the sudden and unexplained death of an infant who is younger than 1 year old. It is a frightening prospect because it can strike without warning, usually in a seemingly healthy infant. Most SIDS deaths are associated with sleep (hence the common reference to "crib death"), and infants who die of SIDS show no signs of suffering. While most conditions or diseases usually are diagnosed by the presence of specific symptoms, most SIDS diagnoses come only after all other possible c
Sids : Rip My Beautiful Grandson
My first grandson Jackson passed away from Sids at 2 months old Dec 28,2005. These are some of the pictures I took of him the 2 months we were blessed enough to have him in our life. Only The Best A heart of gold stopped beating Two shining eyes at rest God broke our hearts to prove He only takes the best. God knows you had to leave us But you did not go alone For part of us went with you The day he took you home. To some you are forgotten To others just part of the past But to us who loved and lost you The memory will always last
Sid Vicious--for Jodi--our Beloved Brother
MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE. HE SERVED HIS COUNTRY WELL. thanks to sweetlou aka lucifer for sending this to me
Sid Vicious Says He's Been More Successful Than Hogan, Austin & Rock
Story posted by Tim Brown on January 17, 2008 Between The Ropes January 11th, 2008 Archived online at Former WWE and WCW World Champion Sid Vicious recently sat down with Brian Fritz of Between the Ropes to discuss Ric Flair, a possible return to WWE, and more. Sid addressed the rumors regarding a return to WWE in the near future. “Well, honestly, I’ve left in in their court over there. I did a show up in Connecticut … actually, I was working with (Jerry) Lawler. Johnny Laurinaitis at the time was the talent coordinator for that company. Now I heard last week and this week as well that he no longer has that position. And all these are rumors, of course, and I don’t know anything to be one-hundred percent true, but I feel like he has been replaced and I don’t think someone would tell me that if it wasn’t true … Really, these talent people, they don’t have the say-so; it’s going to be Vince or whoever’s running the show. And I’m sure that they know I’m avail
Sid Vicious/sex Pistols: My Way
'sieg Heil Bush.' Bush Denies Iraq War Is Lost
'Sieg heil Bush.' Bush denies Iraq war is lost 22 Apr 2007 President [sic] George Bush says sectarian murders have dropped by half in Baghdad since the US-Iraqi military buildup began in February, rejecting a Democratic leader's claim that the war is lost. Bush spoke at a high school in suburban Grand Rapids to about 500 students and members of the World Affairs Council of Western Michigan. Outside, dozens of protesters shouted anti-war chants and held signs that said "No blood for oil," "End imperialism now" and "Sieg heil Bush."
The warning never came But it should have Emotions left dangling Upon a thread of hope Out there in the world beyond Lay a heart abandoned Reason no longer mattered And sanity held no value It was not openly apparent That all would soon vanish Yet it came quietly in darkness Whispering the farewell With daybreak came the emptiness Love had surrendered to the siege
Sieg Heil Fubar!!
Recently I have been banned from leaving comments on profile pages and on photos. When I wrote Fubar as to why, they just said,"You have violated the terms of service and please refer to them" Soooooo, I read them and I couldn't see anything in there that I violated. I have no nudity on my page or in my photos. My comments I leave on my friends pages are tasteful. (I've seen way worse from others then what I ever put up) I'm drama free. I replied back telling them that. (waiting for a reply) So Fubar,why you going after the little fish instead of the sharks?? Is it a power trip? I have no problem with censorship if it's done to 'ALL' who violate the TOS. And not just a select few. (still don't know what my crime is) Well getting my square peg ass outta this round peg hole site. Gina
The Siege
Do you feel the arrival coming? That you instinctively grab the extra layer speaks volumes. This is not mere diligent behavior by him of course. Soon you will bow to the force of inevitability. The sunlight may confuse your senses. But do not hesitate to shore up your defenses. Rehearse your drill. Become impervious to that evening chill. Will you spend this siege isolated? Or will romance become your barrier of mortar and fill
Sieg Heil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hitlers oppvåkning om det samme scenarioet. Hess (som riktignok var jødehater han også) forklarte ham om Egypt. Og kanskje noen videre teorier. Italia danner bildet av en damesko. Og en hæl. Dette fører til antagelsen om at Hitler er en typisk "symbolsk handlende" person. Det er dessuten måten å få med seg mennesker på kriminelle handlinger og ting de umulig kunne gjort alene. Og du har sikkert gjettet den neste antagelsen: Japan. Hvorfor i all verden satte han Japan av alle til å angripe Ux? Det er vilt og selvmotsigende. Hvis han ikke var snedig nok til å se likheten mellom asiatene og indianerne og visste at det ville skape trøbbel for den hvite amerikaners moralske forsvar av sitt land. Jeg lurer imidlertid på om han kan ha hatt andre årsaker. Et forsøk på å skjule noe heller enn å avdekke. Det er nemlig Hitler i et nøtteskall. Skjønner han noe gjør ikke du det. Du bare jubler med. Som eksempel kan nevnes "arbeit macht frei". Freya er den nordiske kjærlighe
Siegfried & Roy (aka Bling Whoring)
  12:25pm Ackbar: i have an idea, but it involves you, a tinychat chatroom, and your ability to get a woman to write my name on her tits=] 12:26pm MFKN VAN H...: lol what do i get out of it? 12:27pm Ackbar: do you wanna hear what i had in mind? Itd be private, of course. 12:28pm MFKN VAN H...: sure 12:29pm Ackbar: or you coudl take the picture, for me. I want to see a vegetable in your anus, or your penis stuck inside a vegetable. 12:33pm MFKN VAN H...: ummm not gay and don't do vegetables 12:33pm Ackbar: i swear, if you put your penis in even an avocado, a melon...or, shit, shove it deep in some peanut butter, ill give you the bling you want. 12:35pm MFKN VAN H...: why do you want to see my penis in food so bad? 12:35pm Ackbar: some people like cars, some pepsi versus coke. My thing is genital insertion in food products. And, i can deliver. 12:36pm MFKN VAN H...: sorry can't do that
We are under siege where I live at the moment, armed policeman running round everywhere looking for one man who is leading them on a merry dance. They hae even drafted 100s of police in from elsewhere.   Jesus Christ this guy is 6ft 2" built like a bloody brick shithouse and is ugly as sin .... it isn't as if he doesn't stand out!   Funny shite!
Siente Mi Amor...for Leandro
like a moth to a flew... heading for your inevitable self-destruction... for you know no other way out...we knew... you most beautiful heartbreak...
Sierra Nevada Mountains
FuBar Family, Friends, and Fans, I just want you all to know that I will be away for a week on vacation in the beautiful Sierra Neavada Mountains. I'm sure my addiction to Fubar will make the first night or 2 difficult, but I know I will survive. Hope you all have a Wonderful Week Ahead and I'll see everyone soon. Sir Dave P.S. I am bringing laptop, so if I get a WIFI connection I can peek in on everyone! ~smile~
Just got the phone call I have been waiting WEEKS for. ALL of her test results came back negative!! We are now waiting to take her up to the allergist in the hopes of finding out what actually is wrong!!! Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers!!!! I wish I could express my gratitude better!!! *hugs* I'm one overjoyed mama!!!
Today my daughter Sierra-Grace turns 5. For those new to my friend's list, this is a miracle in itself. She lost her twin in utero, and was in and out of the NICU unit for the first 2 years of her life. She was diagnosed as Failure to Thrive, and spent several years in physical and occupational therapies. She had also been under the care of a dietition and neurologist. This year we faced another challenge, which was a Leukemia scare. Luckily the testing for that came out negative, but they have yet to determine the cause of her illnesses. She has more testing tomorrow. I just wanted to post a blog to say thank you, to God, or whichever higher power you believe in for another full year with my baby girl. Every day is a miracle, and every year even more so. She asked me yesterday if she was going to be 5 when she woke up, I said "Well if you want to be technical, you won't be 5 until tomorrow night." She looked at me for a second, and said "I don't want to be technical". M
Siesta Key
Hello from Clearwater! Just got back from Siesta Key beach, and oh that was nice. Played some beach volleyball and kicked some ass. The water was incredible and can see why its one of the top beaches in the world. I think right now, I am slightly darker then some Mexicans, because I was asked to play soccer. Now we are getting showers, getting dressed and going to Britts Laguna to eat. We went earlier and the food and drinks were awesome, so heading back like we promised them. Tomorrow is supposed to be Disney World, not sure though since Howie's wife being preggo wasnt sure what she wanted to do. My sister and I may just have to take the car tomorrow. Thats all for now!
Sie Unbedingt Auf Die Ästhetik Der Küche
In der kleinen billige tassen Küche, die Schränke fast besetzt die gesamte Wand des Raumes, die einen Hängeschrank, Schublade und operativen Bereich Edelstahl Geschirr Waschplatz und Kochbereich drei Arbeitsplatten sind. Schubladen und Hängeschrank: eine der Komponenten von Schubladen und Hängeschrank auch Küchenutensilien, entwickelt früh wollen sollte gute interne Struktur und Nutzung, erhöhen Sie die clapboard oder direkt über die Einstufung ermöglicht es dem Verbraucher leicht Aufbewahrung von Zubehör.   Harde-Zubehör ist scheinbar die dunkelsten Teil der Küche, aber es ist am besten nicht, um das Teil zu ignorieren, in der Regel, eine Küche Harde-Zubehör Schubladen Griffe, Edelstahl Geschirr Konvergenz der Tür Scharnier-, Schubladen Gleit-System, alle Arten von Körben und Racks an der Wand, etc.. Die Chengdu Becken Klima, wie auch viele der Geräte bei der Gestaltung von einigen schlecht beraten genug, um die meisten der Küche leicht im Licht, vor allem im Winter schz
Sie Verletzen Mich
Ich hasse ist allein, aber seines ebenes schlimmer, mit jemandem zu sein, und zu fühlen, wie Ihres allein. wie Dosenleute so herzlos handeln?, warum sie macht, werden wütend wenn Ihre Verletzung dadurch?
Well last week I was in the hospital for a week.It was all to monitor my siezures & wouldnt you belive I didnt have one not a one.So Im gonna have to be reschedueled to go back in in.SUCKS!But after I got out of the hospital I started having them without a problem.I dont wanna go back but in order to have the surgery to get rid of these things I got to.I know in the end I will be better but for right now I miss my kids & my husband.Ill keep everyone updated,Laters.
Sighing On The Outside - 07/15/01
From the outside I look fine, I look good. I cry on the inside, you'll never see me for myself. I am dying on the inside. Lying on the outside. Falling from my footing, sighing on the outside. Leaving the hurt, and taking in pain. Seeping emotion, and taking on all you have. Lying on the outside, sighing on the outside.
I hate this town!! :P I got used yet again.. When will my arse learn.. My gift is also my curse.. Damn Jay-z!! lol
I'm in a mixed mood. I'm happy and full of energry and a little not so good all at the same time. I'm in the not so good mood for a few reasons. One school....mondays suck. enoguh said. two"Friends"I'm a little tired of them. Not all just the ones who seem to think I'm a child and can't think for myself. I'm in a good mood 'cause for the most part I think life is finally going my way. I'm in love an dhe loves me for Me. thats just amazing to me. I love him so much! I'm so thankful I met him and he chose me. ok I'm done now
Sigh~ The Things I Wish I Had In A Guy
1-touch her waist 2-talk to her 3-share secrets 4-give her your jacket 5-kiss her slowly are you remembering this? 6-hug her 7-hold her 8-laugh with her 9-invite her somewhere 10-let her be with you when you're with your friends keep reading 11-smile with her 12-take pics with her 13-pull her onto your lap 14-when she says she loves you more, deny it. fight back 15-when her friends say i love her more than you, deny it. fight back and hug her tight so she cant get to her friends. it makes her feel loved Are you thinking about someone? 16-always hug her and say i love you when you see her 17-kiss her unexpectedly 18-***HUG HER FROM BEHIND AROUND THE WAIST!!!*** 19-tell her shes beautiful not sexy! 20-tell her the way you feel about her! 20-u need to show her you mean it too 21-kiss her on the lips 22-dont ask her to buy you stuff. you buy her stuff 23-tell her what feels good 24-make her feel loved 25-buy her stuff. small thing
Well it cost me $304 to fix my car. That is two times plus four what it was going to take for me to jump off a bridge. I opted not to though. My sway bar (whatever the fuck THAT is) was broke and needed replaced, I needed new brake pads, new windshield wiper blades, a front end alignment, and something else but I can't remember what it was. Oh well, such is life
*sighs And Cries*
im sitting here at almost midnight trying not to cry. i have had the start of a migraine all day. all i wanted to do tonight was curl up and spend some time with the man that i love. but that didnt happen. right now david is out driving around because he slept most of the day. shit is going on and i dont know what to do or what it is. why wont he just talk to me? well, im off to cry myself to sleep. god this sucks! Blessed Be, Jen AKA Dark Queen
The Sight That Breaks My Heart
by r08r17 It was month of May when Rowena told me that his brother will going to have an operation. I was shock and at the same time worried on what will happened during the operation, but I didn't told her about what I felt about the news. So I accompany his brother to the hospital for some series of check ups a
Yesterday was a little hectic... I actually had "pics" taken for Drew... There's another Army wife here at Hood that is building up her portfolio and I became a small part of it I suppose... Needless to say he LOVED the pics, I posted 11 out of over 60 in my photo folder labled NEW ME ME ME 9/29/06... Be nice if you visit, these are a new kind of pic for me... I was super uncomfortable at first but after a few minutes hey it was easy! Looks like it's going to be another boring weekend around here and that's just fine with me. I hate feeling rushed and it's pretty much like that all week so a slow, laid back weekend is always what I want :o) We do have to go up to the Commisary today and pick up some things for dinner tonight. Drew's parents are coming over,ha that also means that I need to clean clean clean... Anyone wanna come help?? Ahhhhh on another note tomorrow is 1 OCT which means the MP Ball is next Thursday, it's the kids last month of football/cheerleading, Hale
It's all over now no more pain no more hurting no more let downs no more expectations to live up to it's all gone all it took was a simple hole. the blood drips out flowing like a river. so much of it for such a simple hole. I can't feel anything any more I am dead The lines are beginning to blur I can feel things changing Things inside of me are shifting All falling into place These feelings are changing me I feel so different now Will this be a new beginning? Or my end?
Well last night, me n Charles got into it really bad. I'm jus tired of fightin' with him and I told him I don't give a shit anymore, cuz seems like he's ALWAYS gettin pissed off at me for stupid shit. I told him he's controllin' my life and he is. There's certain people I can only talk to, there's certain things I can or cannot say. And with this one job I wanna get, but its over night and he don't want me to get it. He's not lettin me lead my own life. Before I got with him, I was always doin' what I want to do. And now, if I say no or somethin' god forbid he gets pissed off at me. I'm tired of him, I really am. I have no place to go around here either. I have no friends or family. And if I try to make friends with someone, he gets pissed off cuz its usually a guy. Well I'm sorry that I get along better with guys than I do with chicks. I mean, most of my friends are guys, pretty much. And today I was on the phone with my momma. *sniffs* I sure do miss her ALOT. Since I've been tol
As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed ever let you down probably will. You will have your heart broken probably more than once and it's harder every time. You'll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken. You'll fight with your best friend. You'll blame a new love for things an old one did. You'll cry because time is passing too fast,and you'll eventually lose someone you love. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you've never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you'll never get back. Don't be afraid that your life will end, be afraid that it will never begin.
why are you doing this to me?
I honestly don't know what to do anymore. So much shit is on my mind right now. I can't even begin to put into words whats going on in my mind. I got a bit of good news last week friday. I'm now full time at work. I now have a steady, stable job. A job that offers me benefits, Paid vaction and all the good shit. Which is stuff I really need. Well the benefits. I haven't had insurance since I was 19 years old and I am almost 24 now. A couple more months and I'll be 24. I am not really looking forward to the holidays or my birthday. Its gonna be a bummer.
I really miss Ding Dongs. Really. And don't tell me about King Dons. They just aren't the same.
somehow, you get to me get under my skin so deep i think you'll never come out. you invade my waking moments, my dreams... my soul. i may never know what will become of you but i am so proud knowing that i contributed to your existence. in a few weeks, you will turn 5. it seems like yesterday i held you, looked into the eyes of my creation and thought to myself that i would never possess my own heart again... because you will always carry it with you. i love you and always, always will.
Let it go Just let it go Watch me fly away from all the shit in my life Watch me smile Watch me laugh Watch me not see that knife in my back Let me hide Please don't see All the pain that's inside me I know it's ugly As am I It makes me bitter Fills me with Hatred And all this I try to hide Don't let me look Don't let me see Don't give me a reason to see me I don't want to relive all this shit that has happend to me I want to go To run away I don't want to do it alone I always do I'm tired of it But I'm not strong enough to stay and fight I'm tired of dealing I'm tired of dealing I do it once more Everyday It gets a little eaiser I'm not really dealing like I'm supposed to be I try to pull away Every single day Doesn't work I get pulled in I want to make him feel better than I do... Let me sigh Let me plead You let me do these things You let me be me It's a scarey thought You know me being me Don't know if I want to do it Not sure
I'm having a hard time, man. I'm so sick so the shit I get from guys. This guy is trying to make me feel bad because he keeps canceling dates on me. I crack jokes that we'll never see each other again, as long as we live, and he says I'm being negative. I'm not being fucking negative, I'm being fucking realistic. 1 date he stood me up, the next date he cancelled last minute, today's date he just never called. I'm done making an effort. I'm done being the one to call, just to get the voicemail, and no return call. I don't care if he's sick. You say you're going to call, you fucking call! Even if it's just to say, "Hey, I can't go out tonight, I'm too sick." Common courtesy, man. That's all I ask. We'll I'm not contacting him anymore. If he wants anything to do with me, like he says, he can call me. He can text me. He can find me online and talk to me. He can ask me to go out. He can set a time, and actually get his ass there. I don't need this. I'm not going to go chasing after if you a
well here it is at 2 am an i am just sitting here just a tad depressed. my job sucks. things seem to be going well in other parts of my life. yet again my mother has vanished with out a trace, but not that it suprises me or anything. my mood alot lately has been just so depressing, angry an well its just seems to be a daily thing for me now sad isn't it? well in 9 days i will finally be 24 , and then in dec my daughter will be 3....time just goes by to quickly. hard to believe that winter is almost here. this next year i am hoping will be so much better than this one. so much drama, and to many bad things have happened
-sigh- Some People Are Just Plain Lazy Or Dont Give A Flip!!!
I have had it with some people, I just went delete crazy on my friends list because they wanna be added to my friends list and they dont wanna leave comments or nothing. Sorry if I sound so bitchy but I am so tired of it. I add these people, go comment the hell out of them, and they dont have the decency and respect to comment me not even one time, even tho they know that I have commented them but oh well, they just got a kick in the arse for being so damn lazy! I have about half of what was on my friends list now, and I am not going to add any more friends unless I know them or they comment me then rate me then ask for friend request, that is the only way...some people have gone point crazy!!!!!
Sighs And Cries
i sit here an cry sitting back seeing the world pass by hearing my sighs shatter silence like glass breaking hearing time slowly click on by feeling lonliness grip me tight an firm hopeing to hear a sound come through as i sit here an think of you
Yeah, it's my first blog here....wish it could be a better one, though... These past two weeks have been hell. I have Volunteer work to do on Thursdays, had a test on Tuesday, had to go to Tucson yesterday AGAIN, and today......*mock laughs* Today was just the cherry to go on the top of the Sundae. At work today, the department head, Bonnie, called Teri, Jess, and me over and said that Julie, my boss, wanted to talk to us. Right when she said that I had a bad feeling. I had it since Wednesday when she said the whole Medical Records department had a big meeting next Thursday. So we all go upstairs and go over to the confrence room up there. Right when I walked in there I realized that the worst had happened. April, the human resources manager, was sitting in there with my boss. We all sat down and the first words Julie said were, "We all knew this day was coming..." You want to know what sucks the worst about this? It's not losing the job....It's losing my coworkers. We've all
Sigh... So Pretty
I gave you everything, all I could give It might not have been, the life you thought you'd live I know it feels good, to have you by my side Even though I know you could, just break my heart wide I just have to ask you, one more time. Did I make feel like number one? Did I help you see like stars in the sun? Did I make you feel like number one? Did I make you feel like lifes just begun It's like a puzzle, a piece that just fits You never really needed to look for it In your eyes I see my future and my past And, I never really thought that we wouldn't last I just have to ask you, one more. Did I make you feel like number one? Did I help you see like stars in the sun? Did I make you feel like number one? Did I make you feel like lifes just begun The way I've seen, all the good times and the bad Been waiting for the next part we never had To the highest mountain, yeah I would climb I just have to ask you, one more time. Did I make you feel like number one? D
Sometimes I feel like I"m running out of things to do in life....
Six o'clock in the morning My head is ready to explode I can't believe I made it home alive I don't remember where I went Or what I was drinking And now it's made me sick And I'm not denying That I get this way When I try to get over you I get this way When I try to get over you Sometimes it hurts So much to lose the one you love Sometimes it hurts So much to lose the one you love I tried so hard to hate you But it only makes it all worse I only end up hating myself And as my hatred grows So do the lies It's hard to face the truth sometimes God I feel so useless God I hate myself When I try to get over you I hate myself Will I ever get over you Sometimes it hurts So much to lose the one you love Sometimes it hurts So much to lose the one you love And after all this time you'd think I'd understand the way you feel But no I only think about myself And it's driving you away I always knew it would one day Sometim
How the hell can I raise my self-esteem when I have that fuckin' piece of shit callin' me names and everythin' ? He told a friend of mine that I am ugly, selfish, lazy and a bad human being. I mean he use to call me beautiful. He use to say that I'm his dream gurl, and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. And now look at what he's doin' to me. He's makin' my life a livin' hell jus with these mssgs. I know they aren't true, but still, they still pierce my heart so deeply that I ache for comfort. Then he turned mean on me, did I do somethin' wrong?
i have met so many wonderful guys on here! Wanna thank you all for the love and kindness you have given me! this is for the ones who are rude and crude....i have had to block 3 guys today....not a good thing. Yes my pics are a little risque....but doesn't mean i am open to cam 2 cam.....i dont play with young boys....will not make me feel matter how big you are....i try to be nice about this and invite you to be a fan.....calling me names only will get you blocked to all that have shown me love and respect have a great weekend!! xoxo....Becky
I am sitting here and it just seems that nobody is really up to talking tonight. But that is OK I can just curl up and find a movie or something to watch... :P I still love you all and hope that you have a wounderful night... ;)
I keep feeling.. like, I don't know. I wish life was simple once again. I hate feeling like I've lost something.. like I'm so empty. Blah, whatever. God fill my hole please because I'm tired of wishing he could do it for me.
Today idk...i'm bummed today. this guy i used to date called me the other day and we hung out. nothin' happened, i wish something did happen tho. and b4 he left he kissed me...KISSED ME!!!! it felt so damn good, i couldn't stop thinkin about that kiss. now i haven't heard from him in a few days...i'm sad.
Sigh - More Car Problems Than I Thought...
My Dad has been the one conversing with them. As a single woman for most of my life, I have learned to lean on my Dad so that I don't get screwed by the automobile industry... The latest and greatest news is that: There are two problems: 1. the air conditioner which will take about $1300.00 to fix. 2. the water leak which will take about $1200.00 to fix plus the tune up you requested plus sales tax. Because we are heading into the winter months, I won't need my AC as much (excepting for those Texas 80/90 weather days still in the Fall/Winter months).... it looks like option 2 is the only one that is going to be fixed THIS time around. I hope that they fix it quickly because I am paying $42/day for the only rental found left in town on Monday. Augghghghghgh.... I'm off and running to vote... Laters!!!
♥ They took my momma to the hospital cause she got worse, she turned all kinds of colors, and shit and the emt said that it doesnt look good ♥ So like now im sad. And ofcourse my brothers NO where to be found so ive got gabby and kailey so i cant go up to the hospital and if something happens to my mom and im not there, lets just say my brother will be just about damnd dead ♥ Cause ill kill him myself. =/ I knew my mommas cancer was getting worse, but i didnt know it was this bad. Jesus. Today has been the most complicated day ever. I tol my brother he needs to start raising his fucking kids, and im beyond woah pissed and now this. ♥ And the one person.. Fuck NEVERMIND! I dont even give a fuck anymore =/ ♥ Yeah i fucking do ♥ ♥ Fucking fuck fuck ♥ I miss my momma. I miss my kimmiecup. But atleast im not crying. Which is a plus. Considering im ALWAYS crying anymore ♥
I don't know why, but I've been REALLY down all day. I can't seem to get out of this mood. Ever feel that way? Anyway, I've got to get ready for work. That will pull me out of my mood -sarcasm-
:: Sighs::
There are alot of things going for me at this time and at the same time there are alot of things happening to make me wonder why i even exist. I have got my GED now, which took me a long time to get...because i was scared and unconfident in myself......yet in the back of my head i knew i could do it, and pissed at myself for not doing it sooner. Work is going well and things of that sort are fine, im able to support myself and two other people......but now for the problems that i need to get off my chest... To my loving father mordechai {aka anti-cupid...aka Vengence and so on} I love you very, very much, and hope things are going well which everytime i talk to you you have been down....and it hurts me......I wish things would get better for you soon, but for some reason it seems sometimes you dont need me anymore....or at times you in a rush to get me off the phone unless you have something in your life you want to talk about........I love you...and wish you get better soon.
Why is it that I'm 19 and often considered the sweetest person but has never had a boyfriend? I know that I am shy but so are other women. The thing that really upsets me is that all the guys I have spoken or met have told me the same thing: 'Oh I am not like that other guy' or ' I'm different'. But the second I refuse to have any sexual activities with them, they dump me! They then tell me 'Oh I thought that we are both adults and can handle that kind of thing'...honestly do I have the word 'Slut' tattooed on my head? Cause I am not like other girls my age group that are desperate to lose their virginity. Not saying I'm waiting for marriage but I wanna lose it to someone even if we break up, that I won't wish that I had lost it. I can't find one guy that will have an intelligent conversation with me without it getting sexual. People: There are better things in my than having sex, it is good to have some fun but it shouldn't be the main issue of any relationship. Well there is my rant
I do not wish to do anymore laundry. The End
hgdsfhakldnadbvkasdfwlhekjdahsdlgkdhaslgkdas thats how I can explain my life now.
So I get out of the shower not too long ago, get all dressed, and other things and I look at myself in the mirror and I think to myself, "Why can't I see what other's see?" I stand there studying every bit of myself. Sometimes I think that I may see something but it just fades. So I try getting that thing whatever I saw back into my head but it doesn't return. I continue to study myself. I look at my hair, my eyes, face and down towards my belly. I do that stupid sideway look towards the mirror and pat my belly. I just hate what I see. I can't see what other see so when I can't see it, I feel that they're lieing to me. Why do I worry so much of how I look? Why can't I just deal with it? Or why can't I just see what other's see. I know that I put myself down a lot, and I honestly hate it when I do that but I can't help it. Sure, sometimes I get bored and I take random photos of myself, trying to find something that's semi decent and when I do...I share it...then I learn
So much end of the quarter stuff to do and not enough time. I have a stomach bug again so taking my exam today should be interesting.
I am tierd of being lied to... i hate being heartbroken
Well, so far the only thing I can tell here is we visit each others pages...rate and leave comments...what am i missing?
Sight Revoked
Your eye's do you no good, I decided to cut them out, this idea will do you some good. Beside's, the stench coming from the wound in your chest, no more can I take second's pass, The less breath's I choose to take.
Sigh Where Does This Lead.....
*sighs* i sit in this dark time...i see life how it is now...for once...i thought of someone else...and its too late...i tried so i sit and watch the world...seein it pass by and think to myself...when in this life do u learn to forgive...forgiveness can be deserved but only if u want it bad enough and prove u deserve it...but what happens when ur time runs out...when u finally do what u need to do but then figure out u ur time has passed...what then?...when u want that one thing and out the window it goes...i look up and see it turn red...the streets go dark...i feel the drops falling...i look from the ground and see the ppl running fleeing...i look around tryin to figure out why ppl r running from the rain...then i realize the drops r a dark deep red...i look up and see myself the blood running down my chest...the smell of sulfer and gun this my fate...because of the loss...idk ...i sit down and close my eyes...when i open them i look into the mirror and see the
Its 11 pm and I'm sitting here by myself as always. Brookes sleeping and Lindsay's at work, I think,who know he never tells me where he's going anymore, but it's ok,I still have my family guy...
I often wonder if I will ever find The One thing thats only mine. Someone who's compassionate in all that they do. Someone's who's honest and true. I wonder if he is out there looking for me. I wonder if it was meant to be. Will I live this life alone Or will I find someone of my own. Maybe I know him but he's to scared to speak. Maybe he thinks im really a freak. If your out there and your searching for me In your heart is where I'll be. Listen to it closely and make sure every word is clear in case our incounter is coming near. So there is no misunderstanding about how we feel Lets just keep it real WRITTEN BY '~~!!PoeticAngel!!~~'
today is my stepgrandparents visitation. I am really dreading going. I don't do well with dead bodies. Ive never really had to deal with one. Except one summer like almost 2 years ago when a resident at my work died on my shift. But this is different. This is family. The other familes funerals I've been to, the casket was closed. I guess it's just hard because almost 2 weeks ago I saw them alive. I mean granted I didnt know them very well, they are still family and I should be there for the rest of my family. I know my dad and stepmom really need me right now. Especially my stepmom. Those were her parents that she lost. My dad told me that it would mean alot to Jackie if I was there. He's coming to get me later on today. I have no idea with church is. I don't know Menasha at all. Then hopefully after Brian gets done with work, he'll come there. I hope.
i wish there was a way to not feel something for someone. i wish there was a way to stop yourself from falling...knowing that there is going to be pain when it all ends. the more you fall the more you know its going to hurt and the harder it is to stop. the whole time your falling you have the hopes that maybe this fall wont end and this was the right cliff to jump off of...ya you may bang against the sides once in a while but thats ok, your still falling. then it hit the bottom and the world shatters and falls around you and you wonder why you took a chance. you know the answer even tho you asked the want/need to be loved and to have that is worth any risk. doesnt matter where you find it or where it finds you want it. you take the bait knowingly and you run with it... soon the pain will pass and and you will again look for that elusive thing called love. so i will sit here with my many rolls of duct tape and my shattered shards of my hea
this site isnt fun anymore sooooooo sad i am
Why is it that all the people that you think are intresting are far away? The commute would be a hellva thing to deal
*sigh* I Found Him!
dazed and confused feeling things i should not because i should not feel at's not supposed to be like this........i thought i was beyond it to control it hard and cold, non-feeling....i guess i was, whatever am i to do? i don't like feeling like this.....why do i feel at all? more than likely it will crash all around me and leave me even more jaded and hateful torward all...ahhhh well.....what will be will and i don't guess i can change it........karma is a bitch and a half......more later
well can someone just email me. something happened today and im upset by it.
I know that I should try to find somebody new.. But all I find is myself always thinking of you.. You dont even know it.. And why should you care? Your happy just pretending that Im not even there.. Forever means nothing if I dont spend it with you.. But theres just nothing more I think I can do.. I try to tell you I love you but you just dont stop to listen.. Then I guess youll never know that Im the one your missin.. Give me just one minute and look into my eyes.. Forget your friends.. Forget the world.. Forget the pain and lies.. Forget about what people say and what other people might see.. All I want you to think about now is what you think of me.. Cause nothing really matters except for the people you love.. And it kills me inside not knowing what you think when your all Im thinking of.. Maybe I am wrong and you really just dont care.. But why sometimes do you act so sweet if no feelings are accually there.. All I want is for you to tell me exactly how u feel..
*sigh* Pack A Lunch This Is A Long Story Lol
Well I had an interesting Friday night. My married friend decided to "Hook me up" with this guy since we were going out to our usual hangout. Well, my friend and I have completely different tastes in men so I was kinda apprehensive as to whether or not I was gonna hurl or drool, but, I decided what the hell. We we were on our way to the bar when he calls and wants us to come over to his house (I guess he wanted to size me up) so when we get there, I noticably gawked, this guy was gorgeous!! Apparantly he liked me too because he kept touching me every chance he got. Anyways, I got a bit ahead of myself, the whole reason my friend and I decided to go out was because her husband is a drunk and goes out all the time without her and she wanted some payback. We kinda sorta snuck out hehe. Well we get to the bar and everything is going smashing, then, who decides to show up? Yep its the husband.. I was thinking my friend was in some big trouble but he grabbed a bottle and left. So
*sigh* I Love Things That Make My Life Easier :p
All day I think about it, it gives me butterflies deep in my know the ones...those flutters that come from memories of the night before OR anticipation of what is to come. I can't concentrate at work, it seems like a 9hr shift that will never end. People talk to me and i'm so stuck in longing that I miss half of what they say. I wonder why I didn't book the day off for this momentious life changing moment. Then I remember that without my job I wouldnt be able to enjoy the evening ahead...again the butterflies kick in. Wonderous, fluttering deep down. I check the clock...10am...only 8 more hrs...I look again...1pm LUNCHTIME (wondering silently if I can even wait til 6pm...I contemplate a lunchtime quickie, how crazy and exciting would that be?) Then work gets busy and I can't leave, let alone sneak away to a place that I have been longing for all day. The 3 o'clock hr hits and I realize its not much longer...I make a phone call, send a few texts just to be sure my
I miss the 80's and 90's. I miss hairbands. I miss Growing Pains and Who's the Boss. I miss The Wonder Years. I miss the ABC after school special. Remember when the only reality TV show was The Real World on MTV?
How does one cure a broken heart? How do they find a way out of the dark abyss of their sorrows? I feel so empty inside and I don't know how to shake this depression. I am not talking over any guys, this is more personal, more painful. Those closest to me know what I am talking about. It hurts so bad to not be able to talk to him, hold him, kiss him...HUG him...he was and is my life and with him gone I feel like my world has crumbled around me. Sometimes I don't know why I even bother with anything. Sighs... I miss him so much, I cry myself to sleep thinking about him. I don't know why they are keeping him from me...I didn't do anything wrong to deserve this torture. All I am guilty of is being human and loving him with all of my son was the sunshine in my life and now without him in my is dark and cold.
why is life so difficult? Why?
I feel like shit and hurting and people tell me i'm gonna be fine...I wish once just once people can feel how i feel for a few minutes and know what i truely go through on a daily basis... I know people mean no harm by saying just gets to me at times and it makes me feel i will never get better....BLESSED BE
Well tomorrow is my last day being popular. I will no longer have a blast or be a VIC. So I will slink back into obscurity. *sigh* Not sure if I can go back to being one of the normal people!!
Lol, it's crazy how I can't really explain how much I love him. He is just so wonderful. He makes me feel so unique, so special. The way he listens to everything I have to say...the way I can go to him and just cry because I'm so frustrated here. He is just so fucking cute, lol. I sit here and think of him when I can't see him. Today he came over but had to leave early because of my stupid stepdad. It was great seeing him today. When he holds me it just makes all the stupid things go away. Lol, I cried when he left. But...I have his Axe spray now so I doused my stewie blanket with it so I can sleep at night. I miss him so much. I can't stand being away from him. I was so pissed that he had to leave that I had one of my insane thoughts again, lol, I almost said "fuck it, I'm leaving and I'll be back tomorrow". I wanted to go home with him, so bad. I swear I almost did. I love him so so so much.
A Sigh From The Depth
Can heavenly breasts such stormy passions feel? We could nestle very nicely In the cradle of our dreams Gently hold each other tightly 'Neath the silver of moon beams Lay your head upon my breast love I'll stroke the hair back from your eyes Lips below.....taste mouth above To swallow kisses....softly sighed Let us dream of bliss and rapture Joined in time, with light as core Sofly sleep in twlight's capture On our waking....dream of more
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Sigh Breeze
when we dance love dance steps I reach under your water you climb onto my island with bare foot steps and cling to my tree root you say the winds are strong and you want me to hold you fast and slow when you rock from the gusts you say you are glad I am strong and that I can bend that way where you need me to be for moments just before you let go and float on sigh breezes...
Sighs For Banana
Finally I have my shower done My skin is smooth and dry I stroll bare into the kitchen Curtains opened to prying eyes It’s time for my evening snack Will a plum or an apple do My vision turns towards bananas And somehow my thoughts of you Amazing how its shape and size Begins to tickle my tummy Reminding me of times with you When learning was so funny Leaning over the kitchen table My short robe reveals my pride I gently hold this delicate fruit As I stir the souls outside With pearled nails I peel its cover Revealing the tip of my wants desires Maybe if I pretend enough It will quench my burning fires Slow at first I suck it in Savoring its pleasant taste I’ll not bite down and ruin its shape Enjoyment is never done in haste I’ll lick it soft and press my cheeks
::sighs:: having a bit of a depression spout....I just got offline with my mother {Yea i know my real mother, never thought i would talk to her again..}and found out some terrible news. She had been to the doctor and had test ran and after several years of her being in pain she found out that within a year she will become a paraplegic because she has degenerative disk disease in her neck and back... Its depressing to hear her talk about it because she keeps telling me she rather die than be in a wheel chair, and as much as i hated the things she did, I dont know what I would do if she passed away, it would kill me......and knowing my mother, she has made attempts..........I dont know how to deal with sitting here typing quietly not able to hold back the tears streaming down my face because it hurts so much......
Sigh, Another Excuse To Stay Up A Bit- Robert Simpson
Until tomorrow, this will be available over RealPlayer... Robert Simpson's (1921-1997) symphony no. 11, one of two of his symphonies I've yet to hear (and the last of them, premiered after his death). (One of his brass band works is also in the program.)
For years I have walked among the broken in spirit and in heart. I have been through eating disorders, severe depression, self mutilation, rape, miscarriage...the works.I have been betrayed and screw over more times then I care to admit. As it is RIGHT NOW I have so much shit going on, it seems almost alot to bear... 1) this whole court thing. My god, I have to go down to the courthouse tomorrow to schedule the appointment for my hearing on this stupid supposed shop lifting act. *rolls eyes* this is bad enough. If they do decide for some reason to prosecute, I am truly hoping all I get out of this is some sort of fine. I have NEVER been in this type of trouble before and frankly, I dont like it. 2) My parents have been married 36 years.. in August of '06 my mom left. We have been through hell with mom and dad...damn father and his suicide attempt(almost success)..and now mom has had to refile the divorce papers for the THIRD fucking time and now she wants ME to take them to hi
Yet again he comes to me with his questions. And what does he think it will accomplish? Does he need me to tell him the truth? He already knows the answers he is asking me, so why does he do it? I am not cruel. I loved him with all of me. I took those vows I said I do...and I meant it. He says he meant it, he says he loved me. He just couldnt show me, he didnt know how to love me. I could understand that I suppose, and I have forgiven him for walking out. I dont call him and tell him I blame him for any of my unhappiness. I dont know that its my job to ease his worries. I hope he can find peace within himself. We do have a beautiful son, and that is my only concern. I can't fix anyone but me.
.. *sigh*
Well here I am, sitting at work.. Nothing to do, bored, hurt and angry. I think the first thing on the list is pretty much self explainitory, but let me expalin the other two. I'm angry because I'm sick and tired of people getting preferrential treatment becasue of the way they look. Anyone that treats anyone differently because of the way they look needs their heads read, just because they're deemed as being 'beautiful' by society's standards doesn't make them any better of a person than anyone else. We're all the same on the inside, which is what really counts anyway. I couldn't care less about looks or material possesions, give me someone with a good personality and a good heart and I'll show you the makings of a great friend. Okay now on to point number 2. I am hurt because someone I love and care for a whole lot has been taking forgranted everything I have been doing for them lately. I haven't slept a full night in almost 2 weeks because I have been using that time to help this pe
So my federal taxes finally came in today and for the past few weeks, I have been keeping my eyes out for a certain nice new/used lens I having been wanting on ebay that has a stabilizer on it. (YAY!) Now that I actually have the money, there isn't one lens I want up for bid! =( I am SO bummed right now. I don't feel as bad as I would if Spring was a bit closer, as Spring is quite a fun time for me photography-wise. =D It sucks, I have so many ideas but my current lens isn't giving me the focal range I want and it makes things hard for me. I have to compromise, and I don't feel I should have to at this point in my artristry/career... I have to rethink a shot to make it work and it annoys me. If I have an artistic idea, my medium needs to be able to capture it as I see it and it isn't happening. That just leaves me feeling unfulfilled with what I have. Disappointing myself is the worst. Boo to that! Ug, this sucks. My bestfriend is looking up prices for me tho. (She works at a ph
i hate not knowing what people are thinking...
why do people think I'm retarded? Do I look stupid? K thanks..
I was spoiled when first joining other online chatters. In the beginning, I met several life-long, genuine, true friends and have been able to keep several of them. I didn't have to get use to being "just like all the others". I had very close bonds and met many people in person. I had a blast, loved every minute of it! To this day, I'm still in touch with quite a few of them. Lately though, it seems that the more years that pass, the less sincere and genuine a lot of people are. It gets old being told the exact same things as others. Especially if they are matters of the heart. It just makes me bitter and causes me to view that person in a negative way. Perhaps it is just me. Maybe I ask too much when I ask for sincerity. Blah! I'll get over it, won't I? lol :) Have a fabulous weekend, everyone.
I don't know... writing things down is sometimes easier for me. Reading Jaz's letter to Michael opened holes again. It made me think how neither of us got to say goodbye to each other or anything. We never got to see each other, we didn't get to spend time together. I still can't help but think of all the shouldve couldve things. Idk, everything just flooded back again. I hate when it happens and I don't want it to happen anymore. Especially becuz I'm so happy with Michael now. I know we are the same in a lot of ways and this perhaps the most binding. Oh well...they called him in for work tonight. I'll make him nap when he comes home tomorrow. *I miss you Chang.* Love you guys. I love you Michael.
i just dont know
So deep, it’s lost To get it back is the dream For to long To many tears There is nothing left Dig deeper It has to be there Just find it There has to be something left You can’t give up What if there is, and we think there isn’t? It could be the last chance Then what? You stop, and walk away Just try No just do Find it It’s there I promise I saved a piece for you It was my secret You didn’t know No one did If you look You will find it Move around You’ll see it Right in front of your eyes I can’t give you hints I know where it is It’s my information I have to keep it from you You’ll know why once you find it You’ll feel it It’ll be all yours For you and only you My heart
Hey lovlies..So i've seen some of my friends with tons of messages on their voice comments..I haven't got a new one in ages *tear*...Plz take a sec to leave me one. It dosen't cost anything :)....It will make me SMILE!! :P x0x -Ash PS. if you have one too let me know and i will leave you a message.
hey stop worryin about what i do and write... its like borderline stalking... (u know who u are)... so get a life...and stay out of mine..
OK so since class was cancelled i sit...tryin to gain points on this silly addicting site...haha... kids are currently napping...and my oldest is at school....we'll leave in about 20 minutes to go pick her up... very eventful day consisted of....rating pix...and profiles...and leaving comments...and writing these silly lil pass the time...*sigh* hopefully....i'll be able to get off this silly puter and get sum REAL work done...haha...grrr...damn addictions...well just know that since i have kids...i'm not always sittin at the puter...*wink* .....anyways...i hope ya'll have a great day....rate my newest pix if ya haven't already!!....CHEERS!!! xox ~~Danni
*sighs* Some Peoples Children
So, Screaming Icarus(dan) seems to have a hate on about Matts, and since I'm a Matt, and a former close friend of his I can only assume that it is partially directed at me. So be it. It's tricky with people you grow up with, because generally you grow apart. Such was the case with me and Dan. We were good friends all through Highschool and then I went off to collage. Came back the next year and we were still friends, not as good as before, but still friends. Then I moved away again. Life fucked around with me a bit and I changed, which was natural. I ended up moving back to my home town again and tried to hangout with dan again. The only problem was that he didnt understand where i was comming from now. My outlook on life had changed and so had his, but in an different direction. Subsequently we started drifting apart. Now there was a bunch of shit that kinda went on between us, as is bound to happen when close friends break apart. But I thought we had left on realitivly good terms
I don’t think I’m a typical girl. I thought about that last night after an incident brought to mind another from years ago and a conversation at work a few weeks ago. At work we had been discussing having had houses or cars broken into. When I was in high school our house was broken into and we were upset. When I first moved here…actually about a year after my car was broken into. Now Nickey said when her car was broken into she felt violated. Me, I raged in the parking lot for about thirty minutes swearing and ready to kill the people who had done it. So last night I get home and as I walked in the door I thought I heard water running in the laundry room. I wondered if perhaps the sink was leaking or maybe the toilet was running. I dropped my bag from work and headed into the laundry room. Upon opening the door and stepping in I found my self in a lake with a waterfall. My water heater was gushing, and I do mean gushing, water from the front and the top. Th
On my way home from work yesterday, I noticed my hands were swelling. By 8pm, I had little balloon hands, and damn did they hurt. I guess I had an allergic reaction to something. But the thing is, in my 25 years, I have never had an allergic reaction to anything. So, they told me I needed to go to the hospital... OMG, bad idea, I was there till midnight, and I ended up leaving since I had to be at work this morning. They hurt like hell today, and still swollen, but it'll be alright. On to the real reason I am posting today. I'm not sure if any of you have heard of the Jessica Lunsford case, but it was a 9 year old girl here in Florida who was kidnapped, raped and murdered. Anyway, they are in trial now... And OMG this is some bullshit. The fucker who did this to her is playing the I'm insane card. Before the trail started, he was a normal man reading newspapers, now he is in court coloring in a dinosuar book and acting like a damned 4 year old. Lawyers are treating him like a baby s
I was all giddy tonight, and i'm just blah...and it's sucky. I just wish sometimes that I still had crazy girl friends like I did back in high school. Someone to go out and be crazy with. I mean, not all the time. Just someone around to be close to. A best Friend I guess you could say. I had one, like a year ago or something. And then something happened and she stopped talking to me. That's what happened in High School... I don't know, I guess I'm just missing that female connection. My husband is great, but a women needs females....darn it! My Mother in law can only do so much seriously, and I'm not close to my family. So I don't really have anyone and I guess that's y I am all depressed and sad tonight....I don't think this made any sense...but oh well.
I keep thinking bout someone but dont really know what to do.. she plans on going to the army and doesnt do LD relationships and neither do i... i think i may have found someone.. but i just cant quite somehow put it shes really cool... but idk how she feels bout me...
I feel like I am stuck in a perpetual grinder of sorts and it throws me out at the top so I get some airtime and then I land back inside of it and feel like I get ripped to shreds again. But I am working on grabbing the meat hook over my head and pulling me to safety. I'll be alright. I really feel like I am making progress though. Slowly, but surely. I truly think these a.d.d. meds are REALLY REALLY REALLLLLLLY going to help me out alot with this and the whole finding myself and growing up deal. I really think it will be a tremendous step. I can't wait to go see my doctor this wednesday. Then maybe I won't bother people so much and they will enjoy having me around more than I don't have to sit at home all the time anymore. I mean I don't have to now. It is just there is nothing to do here, except hangout with friends. And I tried to tonight with Justin and Tierney but in the end I ended up forgetting my wallet so I had to go home anyway. And the other one needs space so I am trying to
- Sigh -
I just got back from the movies. I had to take Ella with me. It was hard work, and kinda of annoying, but my friends enjoyed it. I hated the feeling of being a mom though. It was scary. and everyone was looking at me as if I had lost my mind. Thank God that situation wasn't real. :/ Eh. I'm heart broken. As usual. Go figure. LALALALALAaaaa. My brother has his name on some firefighter wall. :] It's real sad... I wish I could have gone, but I didn't... Oh well.
When chaos reigns without a purpose When the swell of sound becomes too much Crushed between the cogs that work us When I feel I'm slowly losing touch Sometimes I drive to run from all my demons Sometimes I drive so I can be alone Sometimes I drive to see the world in a different light Sometimes I drive for no reason at all When the walls close in around me When the ceiling's caving in When the anxiety surrounds me When my patience is wearing thin Sometimes I drive to run from all my demons Sometimes I drive so I can be alone Sometimes I drive to see the world in a different light Sometimes I drive for no reason at all The open road unwinds before me An onyx ribbon spreading out No idea where I'll be going Sometimes the journey is what counts Sometimes I drive to run from all my demons Sometimes I drive so I can be alone Sometimes I drive to see the world in a different light Sometimes I drive for no reason at all Sometimes I drive to run from all my
today was interesting. that fight from this morning turned into a major hoopla! ah well. the day is almost over and i go to hang out with Ms. Chris. ...happiness is...going to see Chris' random self be... well... random. =) maybe i can get her to dance for me again tonight!
it is noy my day today.. my best friend called me a few hours ago and told me that she decide not move in with me..... so I guess I am not going to have a roommate.. but I will have a date in 2 days with a great guy :) I can't wait!! I hope the date will go very well.. wish me a luck.. :) I hop everyone is doing good!! :)
I need to get to the next level so I can upload more of my new pics... this sucks
Sometimes I just fucking hate my life, wishing the pain could just go away :-( Why can't it be easier to fall out of love than falling in love?
Its finally sinking in... the fact that my hands were smashed, 5 more weeks of this, future theropy. i won't have all of my hand after all of this. its frusturating to say the least. At the beginning, I just played it off. But after staring at how my hand looked for about 10 minutes last night... *sigh*
I just need to vent for a bit(so please forgive the pity party I just need to get this out) and the past few days has just been a drain on me emotionally. The smile I wear was just to much to even try and put on for today. It's a sit listen to sad songs and cry day. When you get told you are more of an obligation than a true soul mate love cuts to the quick. When you realize that you will never be that girl to the person that matters most to you. When your spouse chooses his hand over you. When they say no if you don't have contacts in and make up on you aren't pretty and then when you are done up your just eh ok. Just to have one person find beauty in have one person (other than kids) love you with a all their heart. To be that special one who holds that place in their heart. to be special enough for them to do things they really dont like doing just because it makes you happy... ok I'm done with my pity party now. Sorry I had to get it out somehow
I cannot leave here, I cannot stay, Forever haunted, more than afraid. Asphyxiate on words I would say, I'm drawn to a blackened sky as I turn blue. There are no flowers, no not this time, There'll be no angels gracing the lines, Just these stark words, I find. I'd show a smile, but i'm too weak, I'd share with you could I only speak, Just how much this, hurts me. I cannot stay here, I cannot leave, Just like all I loved, I make believe. Imagine heart, I disappear, seems, No one will appear, here and make me real. There are no flowers, no not this time, There'll be no angels gracing the lines, Just these stark words, I find. I'd show a smile, but i'm too weak, I'd share with you could I only speak, Just how much this, hurts me. I'd tell you how it haunts me, I'd tell you how it haunts me, (cuts through my day, and sinks into my dreams.) I'd tell you how it haunts me, (cuts through my day, and sinks into my dreams.) You don't care that it haunts me. O
Alright people I have a serious Cali-Ache! I am Soooooo home sick it isn't even funny! I am absolutly misrable here! I came here to help my Mother in law cause her Husband was very ill. But now that he is no longer with us it is a nightmare around here! She is just so rude and hateful to me and my kids. She never misses a oppertunity to put us down or tell me what I am doing wrong! Her big thing is that I let my kids "Do whatever they want" Let me tell you, if that is the case I would be a hell of a lot less stressed out everyday. I just don't get it. I can understand that she is unhappy and that she is angry. But when she starts in on me and my kids I have to draw the line! There is no reason that she needs to say thins to us. I can not stand it cause I just bite my toung and say nothing at all... Yeah I know me. say nothing. Yeah that is right I have respect for my elders. and that is what is all boils down to. She has taken advantage of us in many diffrent ways and I
*sigh* Again
Well I dont even wanna know all the details from last night. I got drunk. Tequila is....cruel... I had fun. I feel like shit. I fucked up my knee pretty badly. Going to the doctor tomorrow. Send healing vibes my way hugs and kisses, Jen
Sight Seeing
I have really enjoyed this past year. I have taken off and went sight seeing alot. I'll try to give you all some idea of fun things I have found to do. One was a trip to Burkittsville, Maryland. I didn't do looking for the Blair Witch, actually I had been to Harpers Ferry, Va. but I will make a seperate entry for it. I went to Burkittville to check out Gravity Hill or Ghost Hill, whatever you prefer to call it. You drive to the bottom of this hill, stop and put your car in neutral, take your foot off the break and you will roll back up the hill. I isn't a very steep hill, but it was very interesting. The locals will tell you that it is the ghosts of Civil War soldiers still pushing their cannons up the hill.
Sigh... Day Off
Im lying in bed listening to the rain drops outside my shutters. Sounds so peaceful... yet not putting me to sleep. sigh.. sleep... i miss that right now... so yes.. my last blog i was pulling a double against my will ... im so tired of bull shit.. YOU DONT CALL OUT TEN MINS BEFORE YOUR SHIFT STARTS!!! NOT FUCKING COOL.... sigh... and i tried to get him to cover my shift ... no dice... had to get off of working a 16 hour shift and go home and get back to work 8 hours after i was finished... sigh.... i just wanna sleep at least i dont have to walk into the bar tomorrow... ill get my check on thursday when i go to work... night
Sigh More Soul Searching
Where the mind does silent swarm Thought of love and fondness warm Dreams of joy and sweet caress Looking into soulful eyes and caring less About all the worries of the day Living this moment and what comes this way Accepting what does before me unfold Is the plan laid out for life ages old A destiny that is the divine drive And the sole purpose for being alive What life brings and what is to be Is what is meant for all to see Life lived free of selfish desire Burning the past on the pyre Living now and being content This is the road that is heaven sent Being at peace and letting go Allowing life to happen and then to know That it matters not of this world we see We need only walk on faith to live happy and free By R. Thomas Dinsmore Times when things take turns that I could do without change me and yet I reamain the same ... I wonder what is coming next ... I know one thing better strap in and enjoy the ride ! LOL
Sighns Your Burned Out
Signs You're Burned Out 10. You're so tired, you now answer the phone, "Hell." 9. Your friends call to ask how you've been, and you immediately scream, "Get off my back, bitch!" 8. Your garbage can is your "in"box. 7. You wake up to discover your bed is on fire, but go back to sleep because you just don't care. 6. You have so much on your mind, you've forgotten how to pee. 5. Visions of the upcoming weekend help you make it through Monday. 4. You sleep more at work than at home. 3. You leave for a party and instinctively bring your ID badge. 2. You blasted your daily planner with a .357 magnum a week ago, but still haven't been able to miss a meeting. 1. You think about how relaxing it would be if you were in jail right now.
my cats are killing a mouse :( and i am sad..and i dont even like it..the poor mouse is ripped open and still alive...*cries* poor thing... xXx
*sigh* There's Always Something Bad...
It never really seems to fail. I can be on top of the world, happy as I can be, when something happens. An accident, fall out with a friend, something of my own doing... It just seems to happen. This time, it's not any one person's fault, nor was there any wrong doing... A very good friend of mine has been fighting cancer for several months now. I was under the impression things were going weel and she was pulling through just fine. That is, until I had a conversation with her yesterday. She's scheduled to go into surgery soon to remove the cancer. That much I knew, what I didn't know was just how severe it had progressed. After we talked for awhile, she told me that during this surgery she has to have her uterus, overies and parts of her kidneys removed. It's a serious operation, that could be fatal. She said the doctors told her she'd have a 50/50 chance of making it through the surgery. That's not saying anything about if the cancer would come back or any other
Well, my best friend's daughter Gracie(seen in a lot of my pics) has been staying with us pretty much all week. I'm happy, I treat her like my own daughter. But I'm out of money, out of food stamps, and kinda screwed until my check comes in(supposed to be this week, but havent gotten it yet.) Deanna didnt send her over any change of clothes or toys. So she's wearing Zach's clothes, luckily I found some blue jeans and a grey shirt to fit her and I found some of my little pony tail holders and put her hair in pigtails so she doesn't look like a boy.
Well tomorrow is court....UGH!!! I have gone over the report w/my lawyer today and things are looking well but god seems like when I try and mend my relationship w/my mom seems like things go backwards....Why is it parents have to come up and make shit up lord....So here Iam worried about court tomorrow and at the same time worried my bf who Iam really starting to fall for is goin to just throw me away as well tomorrow...LONG story dont ask just I guess its me being insercure AGAIN!!! Sure we have a LDR but man I hate not being able to trust him and lord knows I want to cause I REALLY want me and him to work out for the best!!! Well hopefully with court tomorrow I'll come home in a good mood and things will be good between me and my bf as stay tuned for tomorrows report haha
My mom was rushed to the hospital today after collasping in the bathroom so things are going to be interesting for me for a little while

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