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*sings* itsssssss a beautiful day in the neighborhood a beautiful day in the neighborhood...wont you please die??? wont you please die? *stops* yes i realise thats not the way the song goes...but like...this is my world and you're just reading about it so i can do whateva i want. deal. monkeys sitting under my table/desk playing with something she shouldnt be giving me that cheesey baby grin whenever i lookit her at that says 'arent i cute?' yes she is...but she's still wickedly entrenched in the terrible 2s. question of the day. where the ass is my check. this is osmething i'd sincerely like to know...however since tomorrow is a technically stupid holiday...i wont find out til tuesday. they should seriously get rid of columbus day. asshat didnt even discover america. hence the reason we're not called columbia. tards. *shakes head* yay for baseball. yay for new computer games. yay for finally finishing Eldest boo for book 3 not being out. yay for having othe
True Friendship...
If women had udders and cows had breasts what would be shown in The Sun? Would it be Daisy the feisty heifer boasting 98-100-91? Would it be Sharon the Croydon belle With udder attached to her sternum? She'd have admiring bullocks throughout the land though four-teated Sharon'd spurn 'em. Would Farmer's Monthly become a jazz mag top shelf stuff not for sale to the nippers? Would Playboy become a livestock guide a rattling good read for sheep dippers? This fascination for lactiferous glands raises questions I believe worth pursuing. Who was the first man to milk a cow and what did he think he was doing?
Jus A Bunch O Dicks
ok so the whole u posting ur dick thing not sexy!!! now if you posted your dick in someone thats hot, or your dick near a pussy also hot, but not jus your dick and not jus naked girls... k i'm not like u I cant get off lookin at a dick i need to see it at work or at least about to go to work!!! c'mon do me a favor here I don wanna see your dick unless it is close or into some damn hot pussy ok?
Being Kinky
I smile as I draw smoke into my mouth from a cigarette, my lips closing around it provocatively. I know you would have loved that, in your own kinky way. I cross my legs, my black skirt hiking up my thigh to reveal a smoothness like cream. I know you would have loved that, in your own kinky way. I toss aside the cigarette, reaching across to sip my coffee; I lick my lips, catching the stray droplets. I know you would have loved that, in your own kinky way. My hand caresses the handle of the coffee mug; the warmth seeping into my fingers. I know you would have loved that, in your own kinky way. You aren't any different from the others; your heart so easy to crush like paper. And in my own kinky way, I love that.
My Thoughts
Fubar baby dont be just lookin for a lil luvs... Just a friendship thing.. not crazy or fake... wanna them good things from up above... Now u might be my 4-eva..only GOD knows that 1.... so for now lets be true friends and have sum fun... You might be just a friend or even a passer by thats fake,..either way you touched my life... good or bad i had ta take... so watch out world...cause your in the category you chose...Move it round, change up a bit,till u can get it right...Cause baby aint nuthin like a real brutha...true ta the game 4-eva... Yea lifes game...its a matter how u play you , good or bad,,, You can make it what ya make it.... JUST BE TRUE...
Don't Forget...
Get your mammies grammed this month :) or remind the ones you love to get their mammies grammed :) I also stashed a whole lotta breast cancer awareness taggies , well in my stash obviously, feel free to right click save anything you like in there. :)
I Am Just A Normal Guy But All My Dreams Are Kinky
I'm just a normal guy, just as plain as one can be. My Mum & Dad were average folks, & that's how they raised me I don't understand it, it's to normal things I'm geared By day my life is sane, but at night my dreams are weird I'm just a normal fella who goes off to work each day I do my job, lunch with my mates, each week collect my pay But in the night I dread the bed, each night is just the same Cause all my dreams are kinky, one overnight sick game. I'm dressed in a G-string tied in a bow There's a chicken in a garter belt, Oh God no! Birds fly by and wolf whistle overhead Don't roll over there's a roo in the bed ... 15 Strippers all in a row All with bra-straps ready to blow One pretty lady dancin' in my lap Don't you touch or you'll get a nasty slap. I'm just a normal guy, just as plain as one can be. My Mum & Dad were average folks, & that's how they raised me I think one day when I was small, Ma dropped me in the sink By day I'm just a normal sod, by a
Roo's 3 Month Vip Contest
a new contest is in place. Here are the rules: Im going to need 14 contestants who submit their photos via private message for me to post. The first picture to get to 30,000 comments wins. The winner will receive a 3-month VIP upon reaching the 30,000 comments. Second place will receive a 1-month VIP Third place will receive a 3-day blast. All other contestants, gifts. Contest will last one week. Ill give you a status update on when this will be (of course after receiving all 14 contestants) **No NSFW pictures** FYI: For those that already have a VIP can change the 1st place to a 1-month blast instead of a 3-month VIP. Update: 11 contestants already. Still need 3 more people. As a heads up, after receiving all 14 contestants, ill give a half hour warning to provide time for bulletins and mass messages to your friends. Wanna make it fair. Roo's link ... ®Øó™@ fubar Thanx, Roo
States That I've Been To And Lived In
create your own visited states map or check out these Google Hacks.
That For The Blokes
Now I'm old and feeble, And my pilot light is out, What used to be my sex appeal Is now my water spout. 'Twas a time, when of it's own accord From my trousers it would spring, But now I have a part time job To find the blasted thing. I used to be embarrased To make that thing behave, For every single morning It would stand and watch me shave. But as old age approaches It sure gives me the blues, To see it hang it's withered head And watch me tie my shoes.
The Perfect Man
The perfect man is gentle never cruel or mean he has a beautiful smile and he keeps his face so clean The perfect man loves children and will raise them by your side he will be a good father and good husband to his bride The perfect man loves cooking cleaning and vaccuuming too he'lldo anything to convey his feelings of love to you The perfect man is sweet writing poetry from your name he's a best friend to your mother and kisses away your pain He has never made you cry or hurt you in any way......
12 Days Of Christmas Letter
12 Days of Christmas December 14, 1972 My dearest darling John: Who ever in the whole world would dream of getting a real Partridge in a Pear Tree? How can I ever express my pleasure. Thank you a hundred times for thinking of me this way. My love always, Agnes ======= December 15, 1972 Dearest John: Today the postman brought your very sweet gift. Just imagine two turtle doves. I'm just delighted at your very thoughtful gift. They are just adorable. All my love, Agnes ======= December 16, 1972 Dear John: Oh! Aren't you the extravagant one. Now I must protest. I don't deserve such generosity, three French hens. They are just darling but, I must insist, you've been too kind. All my love, Agnes ======= December 17, 1972 Dear John: Today the postman delivered four calling birds. Now really, they are beautiful, but don't you think enough is enough. You are being too romantic. Affectionately, Agnes ======= December 18, 1972 Dearest
Its A Boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We found out Friday that my daughter is havin a baby boy.....his name will be Xavier Silias Lovik and I am so excited!
Come On Now ~fuck~
I was going to write about something totally different than what will be seen.It has been in my mind for days now ,but for now it will wait. I try my best to be kind to everyone.I may not respond at times either due to I am not here and it takes awhile to bleed off to show me offline or I simply will not talk to you because of how I am approached.When I am approached in this manner it only tells me you didn't take the time to read my profile to know about me.I put the effort in writitng what I wrote so that ya'll would have a understanding of me and so this would not happen,so when it does happen I feel totally 100% disrespected.I love to make new friends but how do you become a friend to anyone when they talk to you as if we are on ADULT FRIEND FINDER or PASSIONS or why not just type in FUCK ME NOW.Granted this is suppose to be an adult site and also like a online bar,but if someone approached me in that manner in a bar to be honest I wouild knock the fuck out of him.Is it because
All Day Sucker
Beautiful lollipop Sweet and tasty I lick and sink in your flavor, Thanx for dewing me a favor. Holding you in my hands make me feel so good, You are my good tasting lollipop So wet by my tongue, I am having so much fun, Thank you my beautiful lollipop.
The Night Before Deerhunting
'Twas the night before DeerHunting, when all through the camp, Not a creature was stirring, not evena bug on the lamp. The guns were all cleaned and put in theircases, Awaiting being loaded and fired at 100 paces. The hunterswere nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of 10-point bucksdanced in their heads. And Dad in his long johns, and I in my baseballcap, Had settled our brains for a short winter's nap When out onthe trail there arose such a clatter, I sprang from my bed to see what wasthe matter. As I hurried to the window to see what was going onthere, I saw an old green pickup truck with nine hunters in the backthere. With a fat little driver all dressed in orange from his head to histoe, I knew in an instant it must be Uncle Joe. More rapid thaneagles, the hunters they came, And he slammed on the brakes and calledthem by name. "Now Tom! Now John! Now Bill and Mike! ComeRick! Come Chuck! Come Zachary and Spike! Get in t
You Gave Me Inspiration
© All rights reserved. You Gave Me Inspiration by BlueWolf © The inspiration I gained It came from knowing you As your words touched My loving affections grew I know I will never forget All those times we shared Your words reached me In knowing that you cared Special feelings inspired I shall remember evermore The boost I had needed Enabling my heart to soar Interacting heart to heart Love came shining through You gave me inspiration Of which I will forever value ...............
In A Giveaway
Yep ive enetered a giveaway...I need 15,000 comments....So if your feeling bored stop by and drop a few comments! Thank you!!!!
Thankyou To All Who Helped
as it says above would like to say a big thankyou to all my friends/family that helped me to level up THANKYOU ALL XXXXXX
History Of Grand Funk Railroad.3.
Randy's Hunting
Randy's hunting at the farm Hoping Steph's his good luck charm. Wanting to just shoot a buck Crossed his fingers, wished for luck. Randy went to climb a tree Got all the way up and then had to pee. Climbed back down to start his flow... And what did appear but a really big doe. He had to pee, but he wanted that doe So he cut it short in middle of the flow. He aimed his gun, got ready to shoot when all of a sudden he had to toot. He couldn't hold it, that stinky ole fart And let it go, it ripped like a dart. The doe looks up and wrinkled her nose And Randy looked down as he wet his clothes. The doe just laughed and took off in the trees And Randy got mad and finished his pee. Then packed up his gun and got in his truck And decided he'd forget about killing a buck.
This Place Is Absolutely Amazing.
I'm simply intoxicated by fubar. I'm just sitting on my lanai, drinking a tall glass of water, and amazed at this system. i can't even BEGIN to imagine the scope of Absolutely brilliant. Brilliant. It's so freeing not to have to worry about what you say (up to a point). People are respectible, friendly, open, and kind and welcoming. THIS truly is Happy hour. thanks guys! Now - give me lots of points for the nice words Ken
Now I'm Doing Good.
I used to mess up on everything I did in life, and now I go 2 School and read a lot of good books meet new friends online and just have a good time. I thank all my Fubar friends who talks 2 me on yahoo and let me know now 2 give up on myself so easy Thank You I Love You All....
Hunting Time
It's hunting time and there they go Bright and early, lot's of snow Jim is there, waiting to see Boom, he shot and Killed BAMBI. The friggin thing she is so small. He can't hang that one on the wall. He turns and looks and sees another And thinks that it might be Bambi's Mother. He aims and fires cuz she sure looks big. The bullet hits, she falls like a twig. He really wishes now that he missed her Cuz now he sees he killed Bambi's SISTER. He goes into the house right after that and with a drink in hand he sat and shook his head with great dismay and said "Boy, I've had a friggin bad day." The next one I shoot with any luck I hope will be the biggest buck and then all of them will see I don't just shoot and kill Bambi's.
Cold N Wet
Now, here I am with my gun Bow and arrow's are all done. Still waiting to get that friggin deer Still drinking all of my Ginger Beer. My gun is loaded and ready to fire My butt is sore and my feet are tired. But I'm a hunter and will get my deer And when I do I'll drink my beer. It's cold, it's wet, standing in this muck Still waiting for that friggin buck. I've seen some does, but they won't do My ass is froze, my lips are blue. All of a sudden, he did appear There he stood, the friggin deer. I aimed my gun at the friggin buck And shot--and hit my friggin truck. And now my truck with two holes in it Is mounted on the wall bove where I sit. And as for that ole friggin deer Well--Next hunting season will soon be here.
I Wait
History Of Grand Funk Railroad 2.
Hello All
have good 1 :)
Help With Leveling?
My awesome friend Fuchead is ready to level. He only needs less than 1500. I've already rated all his pix, so I am no help to him today. :( Will you show him some love please? It is greatly appreciated.:) Ladies, he's hot too! Here's a link. Check him out... fuchead the second@ fubar
Fire Hunting Deer
pad Fire Hunting Deer The summer days were in their prime, The wood-paths dim with somber shade; The song-birds trill’s their mellow chime, Gay flow’rets blossom’d in the glade; Uncut, unclear’d, the virgin woods Of oak and male fring’d the shore; While the umbrageous evergreen, Darkling, in towering height lean’d o'er Woods, where the raccoon, lynx, and bear, And dun wolves, made their secret lair. Up the calm river, as the shades Of glimmering eve began to creep, The hunters, in the birch canoe, With setting-pole and paddle-sweep, Eager by torchlight to ensnare The deer, when darkness shroud the air. Battling the rapids of the stream, Fair shone the scene in twilight dim; The feeding ducks burst on the wing, Or ‘mid the sheltering rushes swim; The heron flaps his dusky plumes, The raccoon climbs the nearest tree, The pied kingfisher startled flee, The must-rat hastes across the tide, The woodpecker like arrow dart; While high o’erhead, on
Tiff's Birthday Woohoo We Had Fun
History Of Grand Funk Railroad.1
when my VIP is up i will not renew it until i have settled in my new place, i am moving November 1st so i will not be on for a while. if anyone needs to get in touch with me probably my 3 closest people are the best way to to (P3nis Flytrap - KK, Throatfawk, Gir- Spike) they know how to get ahold of me... i will miss you all when i go and cant wait to talk to you all again when i return! so if you need anything or need to tell me anything you have 3 weeks to do so before i disappear for a little. Mwahs to all x-x-x Riot Girl
Nj Vs Fla 10/6/07 Highlight Of The Game
i had great seats for this fight.. GO PANTHERS!!!!!!
Brit Stuck
NaomiBrits On TourA great friend of mine is stuck on level 13Only 6250 to goPlease Go And Show Her A Heap Of Fu Lovenaomi Brits On Tour@ fubarThank Ya'll:-D ♥ ♥ ♥ :-D
Yes I Like The Profile Pict 2 >> Ty Hun.
Ty for making the photo ; on my profile and always hugs. love the ring twriling and love showing thru it . hugs .. diana ty again.. hun.
Come Check This Out
Hey everyone, we are having a contest to see who can get the most members in this lounge. Please come help me and visit and join this lounge make sure you send a shout to the owner djbubba and say that i sent you and you joined because of my invite. That way I get credit for you joining. Love you all. Just copy and paste in browser the link below. thanks for your help winning the contest. The lounge is The fire pit
New & Improved Biker's Clubhouse Bar & Grill
Pain, Fear And Loss
This morning I was woken by my best friend, calling about a man we both worked with. He has Stage IV cancer and he underwent surgery to remove his tumor yesterday. Overnight he had to MIs and is in a coma. He is not expected to make it. His cancer was detected late...only a couple of months ago. He is a good man with a good family. And I cried, and I prayed. Just now I read about a sweet little baby girl named Breanna, who passed away today. Her mother and grandmother are both members of Fubar and I reposted the bulletin requesting support for the family. I have never known a child that I've lost so I can't fully grasp the pain that Breanna's mom and grandmom are going through. But I do feel their pain, and I prayed. My mother called me this afternoon to announce that her divorce from my mentally, emotionally and physically abusive stepfather was finalized. She called to celebrate the end of an era of pain, self-doubt, and dispair. We shared, and I prayed. That prayer was in
Ok...what's Up????
I have posted a mum, had a friend contact fubar support and now I am posting a blog on this subject. I know most of you have seen people with much more stash than 2000 entries now at 2000. Has fubar limited the number of stash entries? Is it a mistake still waiting to be corrected? I am at a loss! I have spoken with quite a few friends who are very upset because they lost most of the "overage" in their videos. I uploaded videos that meant something to me. If you know, please inform me. Thanks!!!!!!
Another Episode Unravels
I was sitting around with M yesterday listening to music with one hellacious buzz. Waiting for BKS to get home from work. Telephone rings, caller ID says "Private call". I innocently answer the call thinking it's my daughter or my brother in law. There is a male voice asking for BKS. I tell him she is not home and it's been a couple hours since I've heard from her. Caller identifies himself as Officer Bondy from the BPD. Wants BKS to call him back. A couple minutes later here comes BKS through the back door with some serious 'splaining to do. Seems Amanda, a girl she knows at work, lives with Tony. Tony talked BKS into depositing a couple of checks into her banking account via ATM. Looks like Tony got put of the vehicle to stick the deposit envelope into the ATM after BKS had accessed her account. Problem is the envelope was empty. BKS unwittingly gives Tony the cash for the checks he was supposed to deposit. I don't have a clue when all this went down but BKS got 2 letter
A German's Point Of View On Islam
A German's point of view on Islam A man whose family was German aristocracy prior to World War II owned a number of large industries and estates. When asked how many German people were true Nazis, the answer he gave can guide our attitude toward fanaticism. "Very few people were true Nazis "he said," but many enjoyed the return of German pride, and many more were too busy to care. I was one of those who just thought the Nazis were a bunch of fools. So, the majority just sat back and let it all happen. Then, before we knew it, they owned us, and we had lost control, and the end of the world had come. My family lost everything. I ended up in a concentration camp and the Allies destroyed my factories." We are told again and again by "experts" and "talking heads" that Islam is the religion of peace, and that the vast majority of Muslims just want to live in peace. Although this unqualified assertion may be true, it is entirely irrelevant. It is meaningless fluff, meant to make
Sounds Like Dumbya No matter what the question is, Rudy says 9/11 BY HELEN KENNEDY DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER Sunday, October 7th 2007, 12:56 PM For Rudy Giuliani, 9/11 is the answer. To almost anything, it seems. After all, it's why America fell in love with him on that darkest of days, when the mayor was the only person on TV reassuring the nation. It's why he's the Republican front-runner for President. === this guy is a fucking douchebag "For me, every day is an anniversary of Sept. 11," he said in Florida last month. Giuliani wastes no opportunity to bring up 9/11 on the campaign trail. Sometimes, it looks like a stretch. Here is "Jeopardy, the Giuliani Edition," where 9/11 is always the answer, but the questions may surprise you: WHY DID YOU FLIP ON GUN CONTROL? "There are some major intervening events - Sept. 11 - which cast somewhat of a different light on
Apothecary Dreams
To All My Friends
Text on Image Generator
To All My Friends
to all of my friends just showing some love to many to stop by and leave love
Rating And Comments
Ok guys I just have to say something !Now this may sound bitchy but it isnt meant to be. When you come and read a blog take the time to at least rate it.It won't take any time or effort really...just push the button. also if you think it was a total crock of shit ,a waste of time etc....say so. I promise! I want to write so I value your opinions good or bad so long as they are honest.oh yeah one last thing??? Hehe ahhhh well since I asked you to do this about sign my silly guestbook too?
Favorite Car
What is your Favorite car for under 100,000
Demon Crew Roll Call
Please rate, fan and friend everyone on the list. I know its alot to ask, but if we keep each other leveled we can do so much more to help each other MASTER Cain ~Demon Crew Co-Founder-Master to Blood Vixen~SkOoTeRz GoThIc GoDeSs@ fubar Fallen Angel ~ Demon Crew Co-Founder~ Member of the Stiletto Girls~@ fubar ~_~Ashley ~_~ Crew Leader Of The Demon Crew ~_~@ fubar *~£ÎßÊ®Tÿ~* ♥ Demon Crew Recruiter♥ Slap Happy Bombers Newbie Support@ fubar Brown Eyed Beauty~Demon Crew~@ fubar ~*Ç£ÃÿMØ®Ê*~ *Demon Crew* & *B.O.T*.@ fubar Gwen aka Untamed Anjel**Demon Crew**@ fubar
Ocd = Obsessive Cleaning Disorder
I have a problem. I start cleaning something, and I can't stop. I was dusting the desk where the computer is, cleaning the computer and so forth. I noticed quite a bit of dust in between the keys of my keyboard. The air can wasn't doing the job, so I pried off each key and then attacked the inside of my keyboard with Pledge Multi-Surface and Qtips. Then cleaned each individual key before I put them back on. It's a sickness, I tell you. But my keyboard is SPARKLING! At least, until the next person makes me splort my drink all over it.
One of my first CherryTap friends :D He needs a bump on his level! 39k to go "Zz"@ fubar hes got great pics.. dont forget the priceless album lol xoox
~~the Brothel~~xxxwarningxxx
The Brothel The madam opened the brothel door and saw a rather dignified, well-dressed, good-looking man in his late forties or early fifties. "May I help you?" she asked. "I want to see Valerie," the man replied. "Sir, Valerie is one of our most expensive ladies Perhaps you would prefer someone else," said the madam. "No. I must see Valerie," he replied. Just then, Valerie appeared and announced to the man that she charged $5,000 a visit. Without hesitation, the man pulled out five thousand dollars and gave them to Valerie, and they went upstairs. After an hour, the man calmly left. The next night, the same man appeared again, once more demanding to see Valerie. Valerie explained that no one had ever come back two ni ghts in a row -- too expensive -- and there were no discounts. The price was still $5,000. Again the man pulled out the money, gave it to Valerie, and they went upstairs. The following night the man was there yet again. Everyone wa
Sign My Guest Book
sign my guest book
Mummer's Gotta Love'em Cause We Can't Shoot Them Lol
As you can see below, i was rated lots of one's today by a guy that clearly has no self esteem. went to the mumms to see what was going on and came across his, he was bashing ppl of fubar for thier morphs, dirty pics, and other things, so ofcourse i commented on it, lol i should have known better. I just made a very common sense observation that if didnt want to come aross any of the things in his mumms that he should leave fubar. well he shouted at me in the shout box with "ok spanky", well ofcourse not totally knowing what he was talking about i asked him if that was supposed to be a dirogitory comment at me..he proceead and continue to show my big boobs cause that was all i had, and in response to the comment i left on his mumm he retaleated with " and here comes the big boob fatty" which i thought was pretty funny, well he then came to my page and rated these pics 1's until i blocked him. just wanted to let all of my friends know to be on the look out for this guy if he hits ur pag
What Kind Of Car Are You?
I'm a Ford Mustang! You're an American classic -- fast, strong, and bold. You're not snobby or pretentious, but you have what it takes to give anyone a run for their money. "Take the Which Sports Car Are You? quiz.
Yay Pics Up! Lol
Posted my birthday at the bar pics lol... some are me, some are random people that were there, lol i also went last night so i'll probably have more pics up when leepus puts them on here so i can steal them from him :p new pics are in the album creatively titled... Birthday ... lol ok so it's not creative ;) check them out though lol ;) Love you guys, Sin
Good Head
1.) There is more to it than the clit: The clit isn't the only part of the vagina that loves attention during 69. The vagina isn't just for your dick. So stop ignoring it. Put your finger(s) in it, use a vibrator, a carrot (not my thing but I thought I'd throw it out there), something, ANYTHING but play in it please. I mean for crying out loud your face is covered in lady juices so why are you afraid of getting your hands dirty? 2.) You have options: Speaking of the clit, there are more sensations we like other than you flicking it with the tip of your tounge. Suck it, bite it (not too hard- I can not stress this enough) or agian use your hands and give it a little break so she doesn't orgasm in 30 seconds or less. Alternate and repeat. Do you like it when a woman just bobs up and down on your dick with her mouth and nothing else or do you like it when she sucks the whole thing, then just the tip, licks it, grabs it and jacks you off while sucking it and plays with your balls? We l
Wanted!!!!!! ( Lmmfao )
Other Sites I Visit.
Along with Fubar, I also have accounts in MySpace.Com, LiveJournal.Com and Yuwie.Com. Thay all are under my screen name of "Shellcase". So check them out.
Idiot Test
go take the idiot test and post your results here
The Use Of Meth
Of all the drugs that I've tried in my life, meth is the one that I thought would put me in my grave..... and it would have, had I not had a strong family who love me and was able to step through the meth wall, and brought me back to life! I LOVE YOU MOM, DAD, CYNDI!
Chill Out 10/07/07
Text on Image Generator
Chill Out
Jack Kerouac, From 'mexico City Blues'
The wheel of the quivering meat conception Turns in the void expelling human beings, Pigs, turtles, frogs, insects, nits, Mice, lice, lizards, rats, roan Racinghorses, poxy bucolic pigtics, Horrible, unnameable lice of vultures, Murderous attacking dog-armies Of Africa, Rhinos roaming in the jungle, Vast boars and huge gigantic bull Elephants, rams, eagles, condors, Pones and Porcupines and Pills- All the endless conception of living beings Gnashing everywhere in Consciousness Throughout the ten directions of space Occupying all the quarters in & out, From super-microscopic no-bug To huge Galaxy Lightyear Bowell Illuminating the sky of one Mind- Poor! I wish I was free of that slaving meat wheel and safe in heaven dead
The Pain Of Love
At one time I believed in the saying till death do us part of the vowels you take on your wedding day!!! I would have never thought that the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with only wanted to spend 10 years with me. I never thought that she would not want me in her life, then one day she left. I fought hard to save my marriage until I couldn't fight any more then I went into a dark place inside my self. Now I am embracing the darkness and turning it into light, yes being single sucks, yes devorce sucks, yes I am a little upset with women in general, but not all women are evil, just like not all men are assholes. The only problem I have is the dating scene really and truly sucks big time. You may feel a connection with someone but ether they have issues or you have problems, then tere is my favorite, we can be friends but I don't think that anything can happen, WHY because I'm still trying to get over a bad relationship.(like I am Not. Most men get this reaction Why????
Life Is Too Short Don't Waste It!!
I got a new job and I love it!!! I work Days now for the first time in my life!! Spending time with my hubby and kids at night are so great!! Just wish I did not have to clean all the time lol!! Jim and I have meet and Greets 2 times a month for our CCA swingers group!! The lifestyle is an awesome thing!! Trusting eachother is a must with this lifestyle! some of you probably do not undertsand the lifestyle but.....It definetly has it benefits!I love life and all the peole in my life that make it special!! Thanks to all my fubar friends too!!!
Countdown To My Birthday!
Unspoken Thoughts
So many things unsaid, Why did we end up like this? How did we end up like this? Now a son without a father, to grow up and wonder why he doesnt have a father that loves him Wouldnt you want different than what you had A family with love I was always by your side through it all the beatings, the mental abuse, deporting, alcholicism so where did it get me? Now I look back and think what if I left you the first time you hit me? What if I never met you? Where would I be? What kinda person would I be? Although my life has paved me a road I long to stray away from the normal Should I just leave and never let you see him again? How would that effect him? How would that effect me? My heart in a way will always belong to you even after all the problems I still love you Pray you will find your way and get over your weaknesses Pray to someday start a family life we once started 4 years ago Will it ever happen I dont thinks so Your too far gone now My heart breaks ever
More Movies I Like3
I'm the girl who will put her head on your shoulder, not because she's sleepy, but because she wants to be closer to you... I'm the girl who likes to be kissed in the rain, more than inside your bedroom I'm the girl who is incredibly picky, but when I find someone I like I want to spend the whole night curled up in his arms... I'm the girl who never forgets all the sweet little things you do for me... I'm the girl who never gives up hope even when I tell others I have... I'm the girl who once I let you into my heart, there's always a place there with your name on it, and even if we spend time apart, I'm the girl who never forgets you... I'm the girl who loves to end a hug with a kiss... I'm the girl who you can talk to you about anything... I'm the girl who laughs at your jokes... I'm the girl who will have many inside jokes with you and will remember each one... I'm the girl who will brag about you to all of my friends... I'm the girl who loves it
Very Deserving!!!
Hit this guy hard.......He give love to all each and everyday. What an awesome person and if you dont have him as a friend be sure to add him!!! GONE FOR THE WEEKEND ~!~ BobbyT645 ~!~ TAKEN ~!~@ fubar
Jump On Wsc Short Bus
Ladies and Gentlemen of The Storm! We are in the process of getting our own short bus, the bus will be part of the Jokers Wild Short bus line, we may even be the beginning of a complete fleet 2. Woo HOO!! All you have to do is visit Jokers Wild Short Bus Home Page and then to the blog marked "Small Bus" leave a comment that you are with WSC and want to be put on our Bus! Joker has given us 72 hours to get as many of our peeps as possible signed up or he will fill our remaining seats with random riders. There are only 25 seats available. So far we have Ozzfanatic2 as our Driver, and me Luangel ( guess i get to sit up close to my baby baby) So get on over and sign up! Heres a link to the JokersWild Short Bus Home Page. Make sure to show Joker's Wild and the home page some Wicked Storm Crew Luv!! TO JOIN THE RIDE.LEAVE A COMMENT ON THIS BLOG . Come Ride Our Bus!! Posted by Lucretia~~LuAngel
That's Not My Sox!
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I must admit that I have often thought of leaving it all behind and letting everything go I was lost and alone, as I always am, So many people around me, Yet no one seems to care. They say they understand and love me very much, But just when I Trust to love, they forget and move on. I held the knife so close as tears, mixed with blood, Began to fall slowly. Like a foolish child I cried. Knowing that I could end it all now made my mind draw a blank. I put the knife away and tried to wipe the blood, that ran faster than I can describe. I knew suicide wasn't the answer I was looking for. I knew there was a reason for me being alone. So many bad things happening at once - They can make you forget About the good qualities of life. Even though life is hard, and trouble an inevitable part of it. If you decide to leave it all behind, maybe you will, but I can guarantee that others ....Your Mistake will haunt
age sex location
More Movies I Like2
Alone Again
Four o'clock in the morning Afraid to open my eyes Another day of grief, A day of fear. All alone I feel. I try to justify all the pain, All of this guilt before my eyes. Another day of confusion, A day of wondering. Is it ever just going to go away? All this pain that I feel, And all this anger, is it going to stay? Ten o'clock in the evening, Afraid of the nightmares. Again my breathing stops. All I can do is stare into the night. What is it that causes this feeling? Another night of crying, A night of hiding, Alone once again. My heart feels empty, And I can't cry another tear. Another day wasted on insecurity, A day of wonder. Is this ever going to end?
it really pisses me off to no end that some guys just assume that all i wanna do is talk about sex. i like talkin about alot of stuff so try something new..suprise me every now and then
More Movies I Like
"public Suicide"
(this one like wrote itself in a half hour!) "PUBLIC SUICIDE" SHOOTING his mouth off in the parking lot 10 gauge, 12 gauge-i heard a shot brains on the windscreen, they look just like snot. public suicide- -now that's hot. I WANNA DIE JUST LIKE HE DIED IN A VERY PUBLIC SUICIDE SELF-INFLICTED WOUND IN THE FRONT SEAT OF MY RIDE I WANNA DIE JUST LIKE HE DIED if he botched this,he'd be a vegetable head but he didn't botch it-now he's dead lightning fast projectile made of lead start the investigation--call the feds aimed it with surgical precision must have had amazing periferal vision blew out his brains in the parking lot why didn't anyone tell him to stop?
Me In The Shower...
Hey you saw me in the
Wicked Witch
Wicked Witch There is a demon An evil mind Inside us Oh I know, I know We all know the rules When water will be shed The wicked witch is... This is the end of all the miracles Farewell to you yellow brick road Everything she is asking for It all belongs to her Now she's gone into nothingness There she waits Still I can hear her singing in the room In the room I know she's gone I've thought "She'll never fail, All magic will be gone The day she'll melt away" This is the end of all the miracles Still I hear her singing in the dark Truth has changed, her voice it stays the same Farewell to you yellow brick road Still I hear her singing in the dark While times goes on her voice will fade away "They are all, they're everything, they are mine Silver shoes you're mine, you are mine You are mine." Hate will live on This is the end of all the miracles Farewell to you yellow brick road The wicked witch is dead...
Movies I Like
Buried at
Horny Sox
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a good friend of mine is in a contest and she has helped a lot of ppl win contest level up and get giveaways just asking all my friends and fans to stop in and rate her and drop a few comments thnx .....
Wheres Mine?
Hey..i got to thinking...Maybe some of you would do a salute for me? I think that would be way cool! No nsfw though..LMAO come on!! I dare Ya!!! Hugs and kisses
Please....rate And Comment :)
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We Have Our Own Bus!!
GO HERE TO JOIN THE RIDE !! Ladies and Gentlemen of The Storm! We are in the process of getting our own short bus, the bus will be part of the Jokers Wild Short bus line, we may even be the beginning of a complete fleet 2. Woo HOO!! All you have to do is visit Jokers Wild Short Bus Home Page and then to the blog marked "Small Bus" leave a comment that you are with WSC and want to be put on our Bus! Joker has given us 72 hours to get as many of our peeps as possible signed up or he will fill our remaining seats with random riders. There are only 25 seats available. So far we have Ozzfanatic2 as our Driver, and me Luangel ( guess i get to sit up close to my baby baby) So get on over and sign up! Heres a link to the JokersWild Short Bus Home Page. Make sure to show Joker's Wild and the home page some Wicked Storm Crew Luv!! Come Ride Our Bus!! Posted by Lucretia~~LuAngel
Need Help For Christina
she is behind in her contest we need ur help stop by and rate and leave some comments
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Want Me
The way you look at me, Makes me wanna scream, My bodies going crazy, I need to feel this, I need to feel this, Take me, Push me, Pull me, Touch me. When my eyes meet yours, Subtle changes in body heat, become overwhelming, I can't breath. You see me watching, You flash that evil smile, Walking over, Taking control, One kiss, and I'm in your trance. Your arms around me, My body quakes, shakes, and starts to yield, I want this, I want this, Take me, Want me, Want me, Have me, Let me...
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Maybe I Am Heavenbound! Maybe Not! Come And Find Out 2!
Okay! This one works and will bring you to my lounge. Come enjoy the music and feel free to please join my lounge. I am also hiring bartenders, bouncers and promoters. I need tons of promoters to get my lounge off the ground. So, come join my family. You need to click the middle pic to get in the lounge. COME SEE THE NEW Maybe I am Heavenbound Lounge!!!CLICK PIC TO COME AND VISIT!!!! (repost of original by '*DJ_LIL_WOLF*co-owner *HELL FIRE AND BRIMSTONE*' on '2007-10-07 11:48:05')
Whats Up?
weather has been shitty lately...and monday the library is closed...but i will check back on tuesday weather permitting...hope y'all are doing well.. eric
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Amanda~the One Of Your Dreamz
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Show Love 2 Whyte Booty On Her Day
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This Should Be Good, I Hope :p ...
You and your friends and family are really clicking today -- but it doesn't stop with them! In fact, you're in sync with almost everyone and ought to be able to make a good impression wherever you go.
Fake Peopleon Here
come on people why add people just so others can see u are on others lists to get points or look good why dont u chat make a friend maybe 1 day u might need one do u people agree with me or not let me know..........
Blog Blog Blog
Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Mumms Aren't The same Any More Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Mumms Suck Now Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Mel's Gots Some Nice Tits Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Even If They're Photoshopped Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Mumms Aren't Real Mumms But Polls Now Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Beauty Needs To Get Some Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Cristilee Needs More Point Whoring Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog B
i sit here and wonder wonder what i should have done to make u want me i sit here and wonder wonder what i did wrong for u to be interested in the tv i sit here and wonder how things will be until we see each other again i sit and wonder if things could have been different i sit and wonder wonder if ur feeelings are real i sit here and wonder and wonder and wonder
Introduction Ever had an itch you just couldn't satisfy? Maybe you'll relate to this poem. ITCHY An itch to be scratched - A lust unmatched - An empty bed - "Let's go!" she said. And on the summer's afternoon we loved until we saw the moon. Exhausted, laying there exposed upon my belly, I proposed she scratch my back to top it off - and soon she did, so soft, so soft. Nails as sharp as 'Wiltshires' creep like slugs upon a compost heap across my sweaty skin until I feel an itch she can't quite kill. "Just up a bit." She hears me say. "Down a bit...the other way. Up a tad. You've gone askew. Slide across a touch or two. A little harder. Damn it! Swat it! Keep going, yes, you've almost got it. Listen woman, can't you tell. You're nowhere near it. Bloody Hell!” I fling my body in the air and land atop the carpet bare Grinding hard upon my back searching for a pointy tac to give me what I really need - a decent scratch that makes me bleed Bew
New Member
Just joined, and already like it better that myspace. More interaction between members. Thank for the opportunity CJ
My Mumm's Very Funny :)
I really enjoy making mumm’s lately. I find that the answers I get are really interesting so I thought I’d share some of the more interesting thoughts with you all. It’s ok to… Be naked in your house, move to be with an internet interest, fill in guest books, and take off the top half of your clothing first when getting down and dirty with your partner. It’s also ok to say something mean if its well intentioned if it helps the person move on from an old long standing misery. It’s not ok to… Throw in bullshit when people in chat prefer to know about your real world, Its not ok to give a simple kiss to a married friend, but same friend its ok lol to sleep with her if she and her husband aren’t having sex anymore. It’s not ok to be taxed on lottery winnings, but it is ok to be taxed on that interest for the rest of your life. People on Fubar really seem to agree that Tattoo’s are the best! Lots of positive feed back and those type of mumm’s received the highest views and rati
Light-up Warlock's Staff
The foe shall be wary of your might. Price: 14.99
What I Took Out
ok so i updated my whole profile just now and i really didnt want to kill the cool stuff i had to say in it so im just leaving it in this blog lol It really is possible to find love, you just don't have to find it when begging for sex! To attract love, one must be open to receive it. Love, Now that is an over statement. I've met a lot of interesting people in my life. Married one and almost married another. I'm not saying that there isn't a man out there for me, I'm sure there is. I'm also not going to say "oh i haven't found him yet." True, he has not found me yet lol. Although I am getting older, I do have time and patience. It'll happen when it's supposed to. I'm single again, and for the first time pretty much since I was 19. I want to live. I want to enjoy my life. I definately know that my happy ass will settle down one day, but whenever that day comes, he had better be worth it! I know that I am!! I know this is going to sound stupid, but I'm really not here to
Looking For New Photos
ok its your turn . what kind of photos would u like for me to put on here. let me know and i see what i can do.
Thanks thanks to all my new friends who added me just showing you all some love
Warmth Of A Woman>.poem >diana
warmth of a woman is to be receptive of the man and to love and understand that he is just who he is he works hard to provide and she stands always by his side so lovingly there to support all he belives in and what he does for her she loves him ten times more for he is her knight and shinning aromour so she is his darling wonder she trys to seduce him in ways and this is to give him love and show she cares and when he is sick ;she is there to nurse him back to health ... cause with out him she is not To be whole and complete is want she wants With out him she is neighter or not. This woman of little doubt .... is what im talking about Warmth is to her, to give, with no holding back To do all and more if she can; To express to her man , That she loves him and he is very wanted ; for him to of found her and give her the chance; To do all for him to please her man. Was a life time of wishing and wanting to ; of be loved
Halloween Horror Nights
Well, I am just writing a little bit about my week. And the time I spent with my daughter. Well we made it to Orlando safely, and having a good time. Well I could tell my daughter and her friend were. We went to a mall located not to far from our motel since the room was not ready when we arrived. The prior planning made the day pleasant and looked for and exciting evening. I was a bit somber, but was not going to show my emotions and ruin a good time. Just a little bit of a lonely feeling being there by myself. It will be OK and everything will be fine, I will do my best to be myself. Well the time spent with my daughter and her friend was a lot of fun. Halloween Horror Nights was OK and had a wonderful time. I tried to notice and watch people tonight. Things like there actions, as well as words spoken during the evening. I noticed many smiles and couples actually holding hands being in Love. And even a couple of guy's angry because someone bumped one of them. Even th
The details of life's big adventure are a bit much for you today, but you can get support from at least one level-headed friend or family member if you ask. You can tell this is a temporary situation. *********************************************************************************************************************************************************** Want to go on an adventure with me? You all have a Delicious Sunday:D
What # Are U? I'm A 9
Your birth date describes who we are, what we are good at and what our inborn abilities are. It also points to what we have to learn and the challenges we are facing. To figure out your Birth Number, add all the numbers in the birth date together, like in the example, until there is only one digit. A Birth Number does not prevent you from being anything you want to be, it will just color your choice differently and give you a little insight. Example March 20, 1950 3 + 20 + 1950 = 1973 1 + 9 + 7 + 3 = 20 2 + 0 = 2 Keep going until you end up with a single digit number. 2 is the Birth Number to read for the birth date in the example. #1 THE ORIGINATOR #2 THE PEACEMAKER #3 THE LIFE OF THE PARTY #4 THE CONSERVATIVE #5 THE NONCONFORMIST #6 THE ROMANTIC #7 THE INTELLECTUAL #8 THE BIG SHOT #9 THE PERFORMER ========================================================== # 1 - THE ORIGINATOR 1's are originals. Coming up with new ideas and executing them is natural.Havi
Uncle Paul
'Hello?' 'Hi honey. This is Daddy. Is Mommy near the phone?' 'No Daddy. She's upstairs in the bedroom with Uncle Paul.' After a brief pause, Daddy says, 'But honey, you haven't got an Uncle Paul.' 'Oh yes I do, and he's upstairs in the room with Mommy, right now.' Brief Pause. 'Uh, okay then, this is what I want you to do. Put the phone down on the table, run upstairs and knock on the bedroom door and shout to Mommy that Daddy's car just pulled into the driveway.'
Later On
I said before I am hung over.LOL I will get to the rest of the salutes later ok? I need to find another tube of lipstick too..LMAO Hugs and kisses
Cum Play With Me And Make Me Pretty
Can u fix pictures up in all ways some of these girls have amazing pictures with animation and so on I want some.. Can you play with me too and make them for me
Funny How Certain Bar Drinks Are Called...
Last night I had finally drank a Screaming Orgasm, 4 different Spirits in one drink...why that drink was called that. I don't know, the drink should have been called the Sandman's Revenge or Oh, Shit! (the reason for Oh, Shit! is how you feel when your pain medicine hits and you get high, lol). Well, I was in between both of Sandman Revenge and Oh, Shit! and my face facing up to the stars, my Son asked if I was sleeping... (Don't you just hate that when someone asks that???) Anyways I said "No"... But of course I was sleepy, so the Screaming Orgasm did me in and all I wanted was blissful sleep. Sleep I did, in the Ottoman in our livingroom, mind you all we live in Anchorage, Alaska where our temperature is dropping into the 30's at night time. I woke up in the same chair I was sitting in watching Rat...crap! The Movie about a famous Rat as a chef. That was the movie that my Screaming Orgasm was taking me out in Sandman's Revenge. I woke up at 7:30 am in the Ottoman and slightl
Sexiest Attitude
This contest runs for a week...please stop in and show him some love by leaving comments
Mastercard Wedding,,,,priceless!!!
You got to love this guy. This is a true story about a recent wedding that took place at Clemson University . It was in the local newspaper and even Jay Leno mentioned it. It was a huge wedding with about 300 guests. After the wedding, at the reception, the groom got up on stage with a microphone to talk to the crowd. He said he wanted to thank everyone for coming, many from long distances, to support them at their wedding. He especially wanted to thank the bride's and his family and to thank his new father-in-law for providing such a lavish reception. As a token of his deep appreciation he said he wanted to give everyone a special gift just from him. So taped to the bottom of everyone's chair, including the wedding party was an envelope. He said this was his gift to everyone, and asked them to open their envelope. Inside each manila envelope was an 8x10 glossy of his bride having sex with the best man. The groom had gotten suspicious of them weeks earlier and had hired a priva
Pieces Of A Broken Man
Pieces Of A Broken Man Here it is I'm laying it all on the line even my heart to. I've been crying over you since the day you left out my life; now my heart is feeling so much loss so the only thing I can do is go to pieces, so now I must go broken down with my heart and go lock it away again to be safe. Poem By: Charles LaMark Nelson
This Mountain....
I often sit and wonder where my life is headed. How many more mountains must I climb before I reach the top. How many more will I meet along my journey. It is a tall, steep mountain but I climb it everyday. Sometimes I slip and lose my ground;sometimes I hit a deep ravine. But I always find a way to pick myself back up and start climbing again. I have accrued some passengers on this journey. 4 to be exact. 2 of them will soon embark on their own journeys in life. 2 will follow me for some time to come. It is a risk I take, climbing this mountain and I have crossed paths with many temptations; some of which I did succomb to, and many things out to hurt me; a couple of very venomous snakes to be exact. Much to their dismay, I'm still standing. I am tougher than they thought. And I have met many that were just merely nuisances; ticks in life that try to suck your spirit dry like the blood from your body. I said to them, HA! You will not change who I am either. I will continue this journey
Warmth Of A Man > Poem >>diana
Warmth is in his smile, all the actions he does , with out a word. Little things he ,will do such as a romantic poem A jesture or a song, A card sent or a hug or a kiss, doesnt always have , to be one of these; Can be just him in-need, reaching out and sick A spoken word; that he loves you most or just a sigh ; That is all you know. All things big and small , tell you all his warmth. Add all these up and many more Like the warmth of him as your online It comes thru all the waves ; To reach to you and lingers there; thru the day. Oh want warmth he sends your way . If you just pick up ; on what he,s trying to say. belive him now; And every day ; cause this is him a sending your way; All his love ; He is trying to say it is real and will be . Just please; Do belive in what he,s trying to say . Dont doubt or it might push him away. hugs diana God Bless all;;;
Hope He Likes
a new contest is in place. Here are the rules: Im going to need 14 contestants who submit their photos via private message for me to post. The first picture to get to 30,000 comments wins. The winner will receive a 3-month VIP upon reaching the 30,000 comments. Second place will receive a 1-month VIP Third place will receive a 3-day blast. All other contestants, gifts. Contest will last one week. Ill give you a status update on when this will be (of course after receiving all 14 contestants) **No NSFW pictures**:P THE HOST OF IT ®Øó™@ fubar THIS WAS BROUGHT TO YOU BY $DJ BABY BOY$ ~DJ FOR THE GIT-R-DONE REBEL FAMILY & BOMBSQUAD~{ DIRTY SOUTH CREW}@ fubar
Lol,,,kids Will Say Anything!!!!
A professor was doing a study testing the senses of first graders using a bowl of lifesavers. The professor gave all the children the same kind of lifesavers, one at a time, and asked them to identify them by colors and flavors. The children began to say: > > > Red...... cherries > > > Yellow... lemons > > > Green.... limes > > > Orange.. oranges > > > Purple... grapes Finally the professor gave them all honey lifesavers. After eating them for a few minutes, none of the children could identify the taste. Well," the professor said, "I'll give you a clue... It's what your mother might sometimes call your father. One little girl looked up in horror, spit hers out and yelled: "Oh My God! They're assholes!
3-month Vip Contest / Giveaway
Hi friends and family! I'm in a contest and I want competition. lol This is copied from Roo's blog... A new contest is in place. Here are the rules: Im going to need 14 contestants who submit their photos via private message for me to post. The first picture to get to 30,000 comments wins. The winner will receive a 3-month VIP upon reaching the 30,000 comments. Second place will receive a 1-month VIP Third place will receive a 3-day blast. All other contestants, gifts. Contest will last one week. Ill give you a status update on when this will be (of course after receiving all 14 contestants) **No NSFW pictures** FYI: For those that already have a VIP can change the 1st place to a 1-month blast instead of a 3-month VIP. Update: 6 contestants already. Still need 8 more people. Thanx, Roo ®Øó™@ fubar
Birth Test,,,,i Am A 4
Your birth date describes who we are, what we are good at and what our inborn abilities are. It also points to what we have to learn and the challenges we are facing. To figure out your Birth Number, add all the numbers in the birth date together, like in the example, until there is only one digit. A Birth Number does not prevent you from being anything you want to be, it will just color your choice differently and give you a little insight. Example March 20, 1950 3 + 20 + 1950 = 1973 1 + 9 + 7 + 3 = 20 2 + 0 = 2 Keep going until you end up with a single digit number. 2 is the Birth Number to read for the birth date in the example. #1 THE ORIGINATOR #2 THE PEACEMAKER #3 THE LIFE OF THE PARTY #4 THE CONSERVATIVE #5 THE NONCONFORMIST #6 THE ROMANTIC #7 THE INTELLECTUAL #8 THE BIG SHOT #9 THE PERFORMER ========================================================== # 1 - THE ORIGINATOR 1's are originals. Coming up with new ideas and executing them is natural.Havi
I work at Autozone and come home from work, yes my life is boring. If your life is pretty much the same let me know.
" Whisper"
Poem: Denno. With a blush and a whisper lips brush my face her scent always present in every space I close my eyes the picture is clear her embrace is strong with out any fear I remember as if it was only yesterday alas time has past its almost a year with out you my love I cry many a tear and yet with a blush and a whisper you are still here.
well ive had a pretty good weekend so far :) it is our thanksgiving so i have a turkey with all the trimmings cooking have a great sundy fubar friends and family xo :)
Colombus Day
Tomorrow is the anniversary of the year 1412 the year the United States of America was founded. It is a very special day to me because I live in the best country in the world. God Bless the USA
Put The Mirror Away....
In the recent past I have noticed the tendancy of men (white/mud/and even W nationalist to become more and more feminine. Not so much in a Homosexual way but in the narsicistic and vain way of the woman. One of the most disturbing traits of this from supposedly educated and racially aware white men is to "manscape" or trim body hair and sculpt their bodies in ways naturally not consistant with the male of the species. At 37 years your scars, body hair and round middle like a badge of honor and not somthing to be ashamed of. One of the first things in the Communist manifesto is to "Opiate the masses and feminise the men (i.e. fighting force) If your men are more worried about there abs or armpits being hairy than the enemy invading there land and destroying there culture than they no longer deserve to be.. Wake up! Stop standing in the mirror admiring yourself and use your brain for somthing besides a recepticle for the filth and lies the liberal commie media has force fed you for deca
Building Cosmic Consciousness
10/7/2007 Dear Readers: As always the only way to make you aware of the power of predictive astrology is for you to pay attention and to keep an eye on the forecasts and finally compare the results at a later date. This is why I always write “You and the future are my only witnesses.” Building” Cosmic Consciousness” is quite easy if you are willing to open your mind to the working of the Cosmic Code. For example when the moon travels the critical, detail-oriented sign of Virgo perfectionism/organization) you will notice people born with a strong Virgo influence cleaning around. When the moon is in the sign of Leo (love, romance, children) you will unmistakably see lots of kids around you or if you travel in a waxing (negative) one of them will share the same cabin than you and cry all the way to your destination. When the moon goes through Gemini you will find yourself going nuts with so many errands and so many things to do at once, because Gemini is a dual sign forcing activ
These eyes have cried the tears that fill the ocean blue Lying there The pieces of my newly reborn heart Fading in front of us Those now so distant memories Those rare blissful moments Repeating in my mind You brought me here To this world of false hopes You've got me lost Now I cant find my way out
Happy Thanksgiving Canada
I hope all my canadian pals have an awesome holiday this weekend, please stay safe and act responsibly. I also ask that when you sit down to turkey dinner this weekend, that you take a few moments out to give thanks to our troops who are away from their loved ones and hard at work for our freedom...
I Am In A Contest
to all of my friends, i am in a contest and could use all the help i can get ,, help me
Guys' Rules At last a guy has taken the time to write this all down. Finally, the guys' side of the story. (I must admit, it's pretty good.) We always hear "the rules" from the female side. Now here are the rules from the male side. Please note... these are all numbered "1" ON PURPOSE! 1. Men ARE NOT mind readers. 1. Learn to work ! the toilet seat. You're a big girl. If it's up, put it down. We need it up, you need it down. You don't hear us complaining about you leaving it down. 1. Sunday sports. It's like the full moon or the changing of the tides. Let it be. 1. Shopping is NOT a sport. And no, we are never going to think of it that way. 1. Crying is blackmail. 1. Ask for what you want. Let us be clear on this one: Subtle hints do not work! Strong hints do not work! Obvious hints do not work! Just say it! 1. Yes and No are perfectly acceptable answers to almost every question. 1. Come to us with a problem only if you want help solving
I Was Stupid
To Bi Or Not To Bi
My friends are all bi-sexual, And happy in that contextual. They like the guys and like the girls, Straight hair or ones that have cute curls. Don’t have strict heterosexual thoughts, Like lessons they had once been taught. Both viewpoints they will always see, Opinions are relaxed and free. The lips of one are like the other, And either sex they like to smother. Heterosexuals claim one choice, Bi-sexual have a different voice. Vi vent la difference they can claim, Heterogamy's loss will be our gain. A menu offering just one thing, A jaded palette soon would bring. The girls are soft but guys erect, So toss a coin and then select. And when it’s time to go to bed, Joy’s got a headache, just take Fred
I Need To Go M.i.a. For A While
I need to just get away for a I want to. I just need some time away. I will not be on fubar. So if anyone really wants to reach me you can e-mail me at I know it seems not so bat like, but that is the one I have people use for me. The ones I feel I can really trust may get the bat one. Just if you do mail me let me know who you are so I am not confused. LOL. I blew up today....and hope I will not more. Bottles things up inside and now they want out. So I do not want to risk anyone. I just need to get away. I will be back, just not sure when.
Just A Thought
Last night i waz at my house smokein tweed & drinkin & i had a thought..when i listened ta Pac's music I felt every lyric u know "It aint eazy", "So many tears", & "Lord knowz" just ta name a few i felt his lyricz then when it waz Bad timez 4 me, with Pac u felt everything he waz goin through cuz u were goin through tha same shit n one since or another.What would be cool, if we could hear tha 2 pac of 2day cuz it haz gottin better 4 me so it prolly would have gottin better 4 him 2 & then his rappz 2day..know u know they would be off tha f'in hook.....Just a thought!
Need Help Plz
friend is behind in contest out of comments plz help
It's Funny,
Ok, so lately my blogs have been all serious and stuff. I came across something I wrote as a response to a dead relative scam thing. I am very distressed to hear this. Alot of people with the last name of hampton have been dyeing recently. And all of them have been very rich. It seems so unfair that all these other ppl with my last name are rich but not me. It's also kinda scary that all these ppl with my last name keep dyeing. I hope i'm not next. It's almost like someone is going around killing them and their entire famlies so they can get their money and give some of it to me. If its you then your one sick son of bitch. That's what i like to see in people. It makes me feel better about life knowing that I'm not the only one that does things like that. So send me back your name, address, account information and ssn so I can help you out.
No Clue What To Do!!!
So... here I thought that with my mom and brother coming down to visit for the week end we would have a great week end. Just relax, hang out, have fun. Boy was I wrong! See... things wiht my mom have not been good for some time now. I don't know how many of you have read most of my blogs, but a few months ago I wrote about a problem that my mom had. To make a long story short about then... she had hurt her back really bad and had to have some tests done. Well, the doctor gave her some pain meds that she had a really bad reaction to. She would get somewhat violent, lost time, argue about everything. Well, at the time she was also diagnosed with depression. So, she has been on anti-depressants for some time now. Well, she would have her off days but nothing like back then. Wll, apparently she went to the doctor on Thursday and (her doctor is a POS!!! Harldy around and when he is he just doesn't give two sh*ts) he wound up giving her the same pain meds for her back that she had troubles w
Castleberry's Food Recall~list Has Been Expanded!!
Castleberry's food recall~list has been expanded!! Check this site. It has the list of all the expanded recalled products from the castleberry manufacterers...botulism! This can be deadly if you have had this and dont get treated .... Please let everyone you knoww about this!!!
A Start!!
Doing Soso
have been having complications from the miscarriage...have been extremely light headed the last few days from the blood loss...still hurting alot...certain people think i should go to the hospital but im gonna give it a lil longer unless the choice is taken away from me...if im not online for a few days that is y
Firefighter's Hall Joinnn Usssss
Okay so I'm pluggin this lounge but it's cool because you NEVER KNOW WHO YOU'RE GONNA MEET. And you never know if you're going to get a gift. People in there are great page/pic perves and will rate the hell out of you. So come in in...
This Love That We Share
How I miss you is hard to comprehend, There are times the pain is so great, Fore we are so very far away. I fell in love with you from our first meeting, This is something I have shared with you, But do you know just how much. I know I wear my emotions for you to see, I am not afraid of letting them show, How else can you know the depth of them. Perhaps they can be smothering at times, Though they are not meant to be, I just want you to know exactly how I feel. No guess work, no wondering, Facts and details of these feelings within, You have brought to life things long dormant. For that and so many others things I am grateful, You mean the world and more to me, I would cross any ocean, climb any mountain to see you happy. You have shown me a love that I thought would never be mine, Years of loneliness erased from our first hug, our first kiss, How full of happiness and joy my life has become. Our time of togetherness will soon approach, Once it is he
The Parent's Place !!
Come check out The Parent's Place !!Relax listen to oldies,Gripe bout your kids And get some Parenting advice! Click here to check it out:
My Space Sucks
hey hey peps i know my space sucks compare to this but if you have or want to join me here too MySpace URL: for people that are stupid highlite the link copy n paste to web search or highlite link n right click on search. your fan/friend/family hope to see you on myspace if not who cares whatever
Happy Turkey Day Canada
wishing all canadians a great thanks giving also new pics up
Deep Within
always deep within my soul i knew we have a love like no other what we share is something others only hope for and dream of but few ever experience. our love is magical beyond belief away without hesistion you give yourself completely you have reached the very depthes of my soul bringing out emotions i have never knew i had and unveiling an ability to love like i never thought possible ©2007
Any Angels Friends Online That Would Care To Help
I am in a contest and I have just maxed out of comments for my user level. If there is anyone of my friends, angels club friends, or family that wouldn't mind going to help me out I would be so greatful. You have to be level 5 or higher with a saluted pic. Thanks again Bitchy Babygirl Here is the link
For A Friend
a new contest is in place. Here are the rules: Im going to need 14 contestants who submit their photos via private message for me to post. The first picture to get to 30,000 comments wins. The winner will receive a 3-month VIP upon reaching the 30,000 comments. Second place will receive a 1-month VIP Third place will receive a 3-day blast. All other contestants, gifts. Contest will last one week. Ill give you a status update on when this will be (of course after receiving all 14 contestants) **No NSFW pictures**:P Thanx, Roo ®Øó™@ fubar
Gifts For My True Friends!
I will be leaving Fubar in less than 3 weeks so I have alot of Fubar bucks and want to spend before I leave. I will be sending alot of gifts out to my TRUE friends on here. SO if you get some just know how special you are to me!Thanks again to my True friends! Muaaahhh
let use take you to the world of all your darkest devilish desires fufilled
The Questions Women Ask To Be Evil!
women ask questions that are traps either way you answer and even if you say no they badger you until you mess up such as 1. which one of my friends would you sleep with? ahh if you answer you wont ever see her again so pick one that you dont like. 2. What would you change about me? yeah answer that one sucker! you know that nothing will only get you "oh come on there is something?" 3. what would you do if i died? oh there ya go everyone knows eventually they would move on and find a new companion but try to tell her that 4.Do you think i have gained weight? i figured this one out actually and the answer is ..... ha i aint sharing unless you pay me that is valuable info there so if you know anyother stupid questions post them here and maybe we can start a support group to find all the right answers lmao
Just a friendly out for fake people and liars disguised as your friends on Fubar! I have found too many to count on my page, one reason why I am leaving! Watch out!Muaaahhhhh
It sucks... Because, Usually when I cry.... I can look in the mirror... and it stops.... The tears fade away with reality... I wake up from a temporary sleep... and I can't cry anymore.... When I see myself upset... And realize I shouldn't let myself cry. I shouldn't admit to such a pain. I always could look in the mirror and know I would stop crying. It wouldn't take the pain away completely... but, it never failed to make me stop. Ease the pain a bit. Better than nothing. and more importantly... It always worked. A sure-a-fide way to make me hurt less Not this time. not now. I look into the mirror... stare at those big sad brown eyes... and it didn't stop. The tears kept rolling from my eyes... down my face...falling to the ground.... Close my eyes. Breath. Look up at the mirror. Still crying? Why won't it stop. Will it ever stop? My only comfort..the mirror... shattered. Shit. Seven ye
Omg! My Hair Is On Fire! Lol
Hello we doing? Decent here...LOL Work is going very well. I am getting the overtime I need. YAY! LOL. The job is extremely easy. Especially when you either do Main Gate or Truck Gate. I am getting a bit frustrated tho at trying to get help with some of the procedures that you are supposed to do because its confusing. But what am I gonna do. :) Its still easy. Well...I forgot how lonely it is when you are on your own. My apartment is so quiet at nite. I get really lonely some nites. I really did last nite. Just felt extremely alone. Its funny. I hate being alone...and yet I want to be alone. Maybe I dont kno what I want...which is probably true. I just want to be happy. I am happy to a extent. I guess either way I would be either happy or depressed one day or another....what can I do? I do miss wanting to cuddle....I do miss kissing someone...but I dont miss the heartache that comes with love thats for fucking sure. Just have to give it time I
It is a mystery why we fall in love. It is a mystery how it happens. It is a mystery when it comes. It is a mystery why some love grows and it is a mystery why some love fails. You can analyze this mystery and look for reasons and causes, but you will never do anymore than take the life out of the experience. Just as life itself is more than the sum of interests and attractions and commonalities that two people share and just as life itself is a gift that comes and goes in its own time, so too, the coming of love must be taken as an unfathomable gift that cannot be questions in its ways. Sometimes,hopefully at least once in your life-the gift of love will come to you in full flower and you will take hold of it and celebrate it in all inexpressible beauty.This is the dream we all share. More often,it will come and take hold of you, celebrate you for a brief moment,then move on.
Come Join Dj Vinyl*dark Pleasures Radio*
Come join in to some hot topics and cool music!!! dont worry,,, we wont ban you for anything haha Click on the link and ENJOY!!! !!!!!YOU WONT REGRET IT!!!!!
You Want One?
I am trying to do some personal salutes, and if you are interested in having one from this hungover woman let me know in a comment here ok? Hugs and kisses P.S. It may be a bit..Takes a bit for me to get the makeup off, and today they are going to be the same pose..LOL
My Mom Still Sick
Hello all. My mom is still in the hosplital. We thought she would be released today and back to the nursing facilty. However that is not the case. Her MRI of her brain came back and she has restricted air way in her vascular veins in her brain. This is what is causing the memory lose. Sorry if i spell things wrong. She also has Demenisa on top of the Bit polar and Parkins Deasease. We will not know more until they run more test on Monday.She might be looking at surgery to correct but at this time we are not for sure. This is just an Update on her. My sister is still sick with her Kidney stones and if it shifts much more she might have to go out of state to have a surgery to get them out. I just ask fgor all my friends to have my family in your thoughts and prayers. I sont know what i would do wwithout u all. I hope u enjoy ur sunday.... thats all for now. luvs to u all! ~SULTRY~
Morph Requests?
if you've requested to have a morph done and it hasn't been done yet, please contact me. I'll need to know what pic of yours that you want me to use for your morph(PIC MUST BE LARGER THAN A THUMBNAIL PIC PLEASE), along w/ either a pic OR some ideas of what you want your pic to be morphed in to , if you don't have any ideas then let me know and I'll choose something that'll work for ya...thanx......Jade :hugzz: :D
it has been too long its like i don't have time to be me anymore, and that's not right! work sucks, having 2 jobs sucks! having 2 baby boys is beautiful, i love my family! whatever happened to my theme? creative minds have no time, no time to be lost hated, or taken for granted, no time to be anything but themselves. Its just amazing to me. Times are changing but I have not changed, only my mindset has changed, prioraties have changed. why does everything have to change.... I'm tired, tired of exspectations and inclings of hope. I WANNA DO IT!!!! I want to be what I said I would be! I WANT TO MAKE IT!!! I want to go where I have always wanted to go! why is there so much sacrifice of ourselves? why does so much feel so inclined to just bust in and get in our way???? I don't think I am even meant to understand, so it does not really matter. things inlifew can not always be stopped, call it fate or our set course, but I'm going to make mine happen, you watch!
2 Movies
Yesterday I saw 2 different movies in the theater. The 1st one I saw was The Brave One starring Jodie Foster and Terrence Howard. It was an excellent movie! Had plenty of action and the story line was fabulous. The 2nd movie I saw was Eastern Promises. Ugh, what a dud. It was terrible acting, and the storyline was just strange. Its not a good sign when people are laughing in the theater when someone gets their throat cut because the scene was so terribly done.
New Immigrants
NOT printed in the Orange County (CA)Paper...................?? Newspapers simply won't publish letters to the editor which they either deem politically incorrect (read below) or which does not agree with the philosophy they're pushing on the public. This woman wrote a great letter to the editor that should have been published; but, with your help it will get published via cyberspace!? New Immigrants From: "David LaBonte"? My wife, Rosemary, wrote a wonderful letter to the editor of the OC Register which, of course, was not printed. So, I decided to "print" it myself by sending it out on the Internet. Pass it along if you feel so inclined. (signed) Dave LaBonte Written in response to a series of letters to the editor in the Orange County Register: Dear Editor:? So many letter writers have based their arguments on how this land is made up of immigrants. Ernie Lujan for one, suggests we should tear down the Statue of Liberty because the people now in
Help A Friend Level!!!!!!!
I have a friend who is sick of being on the same level and wants to advance!!!! This is to all my Fu-friends that i am calling on,, I need your help!!!! Rate all her pics please!!!! She a cool mate!!!!! If ya do this for my friend i will owe ya one when ya need me!!!! THANKS GUYS
when I'm bored I tend to be stupid, and when I'm stupid I tend to tell people what I really think of then, and when that happens they end up not talking to me for a while, unless I told them I want them or think they are hot!!! When I"m bored I make things up, like that time I went to the ghost towne and pretended like I saw a ghost to make things interesting then everyone was freaked out whitch started to freak me out and I fell in that big mud puddle and then he got in trouble for the mud in the car because he wasn't even supposed to have the car... or when I sat with gordon watching fireworks feeling crazy on the 4th and we were with a whole bunch of ppl I dont know and I pretended I was high just to be funny and they al thought that i was but really i was bored out of my mind. When I'm bored I sometimes get to thinking about what Ihave done with my life and why I'm here and who I am and want to be. When I'm bored I'm told that there is this bitch mode that comes out because no
Things That Don't Belong In The Bathroom.
1. Plungers. Are you a crappy shitter? A plunger may help you out temporarily, but keep in mind that you're just avoiding your problem. Instead of fixing your shitting disabillity, you bypass dealing with it by using an oversized suction cup to squeeze your extra burrito through the piping. What are plungers for? They unclog the toilet. So how does the toilet clog? I looked it up in my Shitionary and it listed three plunger plunders that cause clogging: The shitter is a fatass The shitter is constipated and hasn't shat in 2 weeks The shitter uses half of a roll of toilet paper Here are the permanent solutions: 1. If you are a fatass: Lose some god damn weight. Nobody likes your fat ugly ass and you have bigger problems to worry about than a clogged toilet. A plunger is not going to help you lose weight, so deal with your disability before somebody mistakes you for the mascott of Italy. 2. If you are constipated: 3. If you use half of
Song I Love If Anyone Finds It For Me I Will Never Forget It
lost in this life i'm livin can't seem to find my way, like a blind man searchin in unfamiliar tarrain, and it's cold, no light on my soul i'm sinkin deeper in snow, i jus can't get out this hole, i gotta find my way, lets get a grip on things, and make sence of it all, i need somebody there for me that cares for me when i fall lost in this life i live in , i can't seem to find my way, like a blind man searching in unfamiliar tarrain and its cold, no light on my soul, I'm sinking deeper in snow, i jus can't get out this hole, i gotta find my way i'm lost chorus only, by the paper boys
Help Her Out Please
Ok she is in a vip giveaway can u all spare a few comments for her please!!!!
she reminds me of a crab, even the way she works, backs up with her little cart into her little hole , looks at you like its all your fault she's old. funny; if she even noticed it would make her even more mad, but it's probably the most attention she's ever had
Seahawks Vs Steelers
The game is ON... I will be gone for the next 3 hours watching my Seahawks do a rematch to the Super Bowl two years ago. Back in 3 hours.
Missing Him
not that it would come as a shock, after getting married and having a child with someone, and loving someone for so long, missing them just gets harder and harder, but what really sucks is that I know he will never change. Thats Just the way it is. I trusted him , I thought he would be the man he promised and when I found out he was worse than the man I feared I had to do something, I went about it the wrong way and for that I'm sorry, but now I know and he has moved on even though we are not yet divorced, and he is working with my brother for lack of being able to hold down any other job, so it just makes it hurt so much more to know that we will never be together again because he will never change, also he has moved on... but I still miss him and I think I always will, even though he isn't the one for me because he was not willing to be the man he should have been, or willing to fight for me... But I am missing him.
I fight for a country that hates me for my skin, but i'm still a soldier. they hate me for my talk and my walk. I fight for a place where my family is not safe unless they are behind me, And yet im still a soldier. i fight for a place where people are mugged robbed and raped...but i'm still a soldier i fight for a pice of ground that little to now care about...i fight for a person who hates me cause of what i do. i fight for a place that is bound by blood and greed, a place where money run the world not life, i fight for a place where life is so fast that it blurs by you like how cars on the road zoom and then come to a stop and crash...i fight for a place where a man it not looked at in his eye to tell his worth but looked at his face to tell he is nothing...where a pice of paper tell you what you know and don't know...what you have been tought and learned...a place where knowlage is not just power but its it life I fight for a place where a man lives and dies free. where he can ca
That Sweet Bud
My breath is hot, warm as I softly exhale on the inside of your thigh. One hand holds your waist, while the other moves slowly down, clutching your leg. Slowly I move upwards, kissing and nibbling every now and then, in a path that only leads towards my final feast. My hand moves inwards, my thumb moving to softly press the head of your clitoris. All the while my tongue darts to flick at your lips, tasting your juices. Slowly I rotate my thumb, rubbing in circular motions. I press closer to push my mouth to suckle the moisture coming from you. I move my hand now, allowing myself to let my tongue flick at your clit, while my fingers move to probe your wetness, swirling around your entry until they enter, worming their way in a hook like motion. my face is all wet you have cummed and i have done my job which is fun..
Proud Of You Boy
Those are the words we all want to hear What ever the game you want your dad near If he is not it removes your drive So you look for other ways to survive Everything you do matters you know Try your best to be good in the show If no-one is there to see what you do You have to step-up and do it for you You do what you can your best for now The best you can for their attention some how All they need to say is I’m proud of you I love you no matter what you do Remember this in the children you raise The one thing they crave it’s your constant praise If they fall be there for them Help them up to start again Without you there they’ll stray for sure You’re here to teach them good to the core They’ll love you for it until the end Keep your love strong and compliment them Thomas Vern Ellison Jr. 09/04/07
Children are what keep life up to par Not where their from or who they are But because their the future to carry on They need guidance and love to be show If their yours your responsible you see Step up to the plate and teach them to be Good people with love of right and wrong If you do not they will not belong Our children’s future is out there for all Make them strong to answer the call Be there with them through think and thin You choose which cycle they will begin My parents did good for what I can tell If yours did not then break the spell I have no kids to teach you see But several are there and think of me Not because I’m good or perfect you see Because I’m the same with consistency They do what I ask not out of fear Because they love and want me near So take your time and teach what’s right Before they are gone and out of sight They will respond if you ask them to do Live your life right and teach them too Thomas Vern Ellison Jr. 09/05/07
Henna Tattoo's
Very hot mama here 41yrs old waiting to talk to you Listen, learn,love, live,
Need Help
Calling all Firefighters, Police and Military!!! I need your help. My department is one of the poorest in the county. But still we give everything in us to our community. We have applied for the federal grant several times but keep getting turned down. We need to very badly update our turnout gear as well as other equipment. We have had to rely on donated gear, from turnout gear to our air masks When we joined the department we are given a brand new nomex hood and forestry jumpsuit, and not all of us have a jumpsuit. When my first set of gear started showing signs of heat damage I had to beg for a replacement. for a year I was the no name firefighter because the lettering had come off my set years ago. So I was excited that I might finally get to belong to someone. We had been given several set of gear but none fit anyone on the department. so after searching every set of gear I finally found a set I could wear, and it had lettering. but it was beyond it service date, as was many o
What I Need
You know I read this on a page about relationships the author was listed as UNKNOWN. But it really sounded like me. I'll wait for the guy who sleeps next to me and feels at home...who watches me smile and smiles himself...who will not run away and become scared when he falls hard ...who fights for what he feels no matter what...and who's brave enough to tell me all his feelings right there and then- even if it means knocking on my door at 3 am or driving 5 hours just to let me know. i'll wait for the one who i get lost in random conversations with...for the one who acts silly just to make me laugh...for the one who can calm me down better than anyone else... for the guy who is proud to hold my hand, knowing i'm his, and only his. i'll wait for the one who feels his bed is empty if i'm not there...for a guy who will take my hand to slow dance with me in the middle of his bedroom floor, i'll wait for the guy who takes all the crap his guys give him for spending so much time with me
Contest Bully
BE WARNED THAT THERE IS A COMPLETE ASSCLOWN IN OUR MIDST! Beware that this guy is a jackass and disgusting and completely disrespectful to women!! downyourthroat@ fubar
First Year As A Mom
I wrote this shortly before my daughters first birthday...last year...hope you enjoy. My first year as a mom... I can't believe the time has gone by this fast. I will be celebrating your birthday in a couple of weeks, as well as my first year as a mom. The whole mom thing still hasn't fully set in yet. But no doubt in my mind you are my little girl and I love you with all my heart, more than I thought I could love any one person. It's almost scary to think that I have created you and I will now teach you about the crazy world that we live in and tell you the differences between right and wrong. Over the past year I have seen you grow so much. It seems like only yesterday that I was bringing you home from the hospital and tending to your every needs. Waking up every couple of hours in the middle of the night just so you could get the nurishment that you needed. I have seen your first smile, first laugh, first crawl and your first steps. I wait patiently for your first word. Wo
If You're Bored?? Mmmmmm
So? you're bored and tired of all this drama and all going on?? JUST LAUGH IT OFF WITH THIS!!
Rollin' W/saget
I made this music playlist at
A Warrent Has Been Issued...
A warrent for the arrest of your heart has been issued due to the fact that it belongs to me now and you are no longer in control of it... I must also inform you,that you have the right to remain silent,while i kiss you from head to toe...You also have the right to be represented and overcome by an intense passion before sexual questioning...any thing you say during sexual intercourse WILL BE USED IN YOUR FAVOR in a court of love.. Court pleads this case of untrievened desire and satisfaction,which will result in the action of me having complete control over your sexy body...I am going to blow your mind in every sexual way imagable and then some for years to come...You are hearby sentenced to live with me...the possiabilty of parole DOES NOT EXSIST!!!You shall be loved forever in maxium security in the facility of our home... DATE...____________________ SIGNATURE..._____________________ HEREBY SWORN BEFORE THIS COURT OF LOVE..
Job Well Done
two people completely connected feeling incredible senses everything else leaves their minds for that short moment in time all you feel is this incredible pleasure all you want is for this feeling to remain and it is so hard to contain so you moan and scream nothing in the world feels as good it seems like a dream as it gets harder and faster you get to feeling like you are in completely ecstasy you begin to hear a beat, a melody you change positions but all of it is so delicious bodies become sweaty and moist all over and dirty wetness is so wonderful the intensity becomes stronger it won't last much longer so you climax take a deep breath, go outside smoke a cig and relax
Don't Understand People
Life is not that complicated if people would just be honest. Honest about how your feeling, what you expect, what you want from friends/family, etc. Sure people might get pissed off in the short run.. but you find out who your true friends are pretty damn quick! If their just after something.. they disappear. If they really do care, they'll stick around and at least try. Sick of people saying one thing and doing another. Not fun.. and just ends up hurting. Nobody seems to think of other people they just think of how whatever benefits themselves. I'm fuckin sick of self centered lazy people. And yes I say lazy cause relationships.. hell even friendships require some effort. Anyways.. that's what's on my mind. Take it or leave it.. but I will speak my mind. Women are supposed to be these wimps that will take all kinds of shit.. and give only the best they have in return. You get out of things what you put into them. I refuse to be a weak woman. I am me!! Rant for
Tiger Eyes...
tiger eyes... tiger eyes glare at me i know damn well that i should flee, but fear itself holds me down in his gaze, i feel bound.. i try to run, but my legs won't move i know he can kill me, he has nothing to prove, his shoulders shift, as he gets ready to pounce, now i flee, with all my energy..every ounce.. he chases me, as a cat would play with a toy he wants to make me suffer, oh how very coy, my legs carry me as fast as they can my life flashing before my eyes as i ran.... lord, take me now, don't make me endure this pain.. this pointless flight is driving me insane, he is catching up with me now.. getting closer, how to kill me, he knows just how.. claws tear into my tender flesh just as easily as a dagger cuts through mesh, my last moments as i lie.. and all i see, are that tigers eyes... monica
Wedding Invite 2
Join Us In Celebrating the Wedding Of Dirty South Crew's and Extreme X's Own DJ Ivory Tigress and Earthwalker at Extreme X lounge on Sunday, Oct 7 at 10 PM EST. " /> " /> Free Graphics at hostdrjack.comVisit www.hostdrjack.comHost Your Images & Videos FREE CLICK HERE! Free Graphics at Plan to be there with us as we share and celebrate this beautiful time with two of our closest friends!!!
So Good
He lays me down & spreads me out on his bed. He tells me he wants to relieve my stress & help me rest my head. He runs his fingers through my hair & he kisses my lips, He takes away the tension by playing with me below my hips. As my legs are up high in the air, I feel like I have no worries or cares. He plays with me so hard I let out a slight yell, & I wonder if something this good will put me in hell.
Its that time... and i dont feel great... i want comfort but i feel so gross. e-comfort is better than nothing right?
Anger Management
An Old Classic! When you occasionally have a really bad day, and you just need to take it out on someone, don't take it out on someone you know, take it out on someone you don't know. I was sitting at my desk when I remembered a phone call I'd forgotten to make. I found the number and dialled it. A man answered, saying "Hello." I politely said, "This is Roy. Could I please speak with Robyn Carter?" Suddenly a manic voice yelled out in my ear "Get the right f**in number!" and the phone was slammed down on me. I couldn't believe that anyone could be so rude. When I tracked down Robyn's correct number to call her, I found that I had accidentally transposed the last two digits. After hanging up with her, I decided to call the wrong number again. When the same guy answered the phone, I yelled " You're an asshole!" and hung up. I wrote his number down with the word asshole next to it, and put it in my desk drawer. Every couple of weeks, when I was paying bills or had a really bad day,
Crazy Baby
When you in a bit off a bad mood watch this video and you will laugh and forget about your problems lol
Corruption... Looking deep into your eyes I see corruption Kissing your sweet lips I taste corruption Listening to your words of love I hear corruption You were my life But almost my death You were my salvation Then almost my destruction Turning love to hate A love that will never die But a hate that grows Like a destructive mushroom You fill my head with pain As your light burns out my eyes Seers the skin from my bones You turn me to ash in your passing But the Phoenix rose again And so shall I Sweet new love will fill my heart Will distil the poison you filled me with From darkness comes light From lust comes love May you rot in hell Melt into your own corruption Like candle wax on a saucer You are nothing m
I have found that when you least look for the things you want, the quicker they come to you... Although, I found out how easily they can pass you by. This is because you are so busy feeling sorry for yourself, or trying too hard to make it "ALRIGHT" that you do not see what is in front of your face. I met a wonderful man, on the a matter of fact, here at FUBAR. I almost passed up his friendship and the chance to be happy because I wasn't seeing the whole picture. If it hadn't been for an emergency that arose recently, I think I would not have seen exactly how much this man had come to mean to , not only me, but my children as well. So I ask this time you think that you need or want more or something differeent out of your life...turn around and look ... for your dream, life, and future may be right in front of your eyes... do not give that up. Thank-you Rick. I love you!
Papa Smurf, My I...
I know it's wrong, but it cracked me the hell up! I made this music playlist at
The Fabulous Mrs. Parker
Woman wants monogamy: man delights in novelty. Love is woman's moon and sun; man has other forms of fun. Woman lives but in her lord; Count to ten and man is bored. With this the gist and sum of it, What earthly good can come of it? - Dorothy Parker -
Movie Stores Need A "shitty" Section.
Movie stores need a "Shitty" section. It's like everything starts out happy and the guy has lots of money and a beautiful girl who loves him then gradually he loses it all and in the end he dies. Yay. It's demented that people find it entertaining to watch people be miserable. They usually call them drama or something. I dunno, maybe they are Drama. Who cares. The point is that there's a specific category that I think all these movies should be stuck into. And it shouldn't just be drama because some dramas are sweet. Like that one where you see Nicole Kidman's boobs. Movie stores need to revamp their entire drama section and replace it with a "See Nicole Kidman's Boobs" section. And instead of all the garbage they have before and after the boob scene, they should replace it with footage of John Goodman's ballhair under a microscope. The video store Crazy Mikes has an "employee recommendations" section. What a load of crap that is. These scrumbags walked in with a high school dip
New Pics
my new pics are of my step dad and real good friend Tony... I work with Tony... a couple of the pics Tony was trying to show off.. We were working on our deer lease.... i dont like pics of me taken, so thats why none are of me :)
Just Let It Go
Some like it wet, Some like it dry, Some like it soft, Some like it hard, To some it’s just a few hours of fun, For some it’s the true bonding, Some like it with a group, Manage a trios? Hand Job, Hard on, Hug me, Kiss you, Fuck her, Abortion, Depression, Condoms and Rubbers, Doctor’s and mothers, Lust and Foreplay, Let it go away.
Santini Extreme Escape To Protest Torture Worldwide
Planning is currently underway for Santini to present an extreme escape that will be a political statement against the worldwide use of torture. David Blaine stood on a pole in New York's Central Park and Criss Angel stayed in a tank of water in Times Square breathing air via a tube but what Santini proposes to do will be far more difficult and painful. At a notable Toronto location sometime in the next few months Santini will be painfully stretched on a Medieval rack and will remain in this uncomfortable and extended position for a number of hours before attempting to finally escape the machine (should his muscles even be functional after being stretched thusly for a number of hours). Discussions are currently underway to have Amnesty International, ( The reknowned human rights organization), sanction and assist in promoting the protest/escape. Details will be released as they are confirmed and become available.
Come On My Ladies
Last Bit Of News For A Bit
Well.... I won't be online again until October 15th sometime.By that time I'll be back from Domcon... and I'll be getting ready for my birthday. If you have my number I wanted to let you know.. don't call it.. I won't be (not gonna be here....) I'm gonna go enjoy being bound and flogged and who knows what other trouble I can create while in Atlanta.(Ron... am just about ready for my'' Right now am finishing getting ready to be a stage girl at the NightMoves Magazine Adult Entertainment Awards on Monday evening.Then it's off to Atlanta. Once back.. it's time to get ready for a party for my birthday(or hatching day as i call it).Then it's some final rehearsals for the Taboo Masquerade Ball on the 27th. Enjoy the rest of your weekend darklings and I'll be in touch when I get back. Dark embraces and bloody kisses, Jezebel Tempting
Vistors Today
I had vistors today that made me cry today, three little kittens that touch my heart today, Someone threw them in them woods and can't keep them I gave them to a little kid who wanted a kitten and I went over there and gave them to the little kid she loved the parents thanked me today and that I made their day and the girls day today, today it made me happy to give three little kitties that need love today, it made my heart feel good to see love hit a lonley kid today that need love to a three little kittens that are liek kids to to get love t oo The end this is a true storie I have written cause I'm the one that found the threes kittens today, I bet a friend prayed for me today not to be loney today thanks to my friend
How To Tell A Girl You Love Her.
There's this girl that I'm totally in love with. I've been thinking about ways to tell her I love her. Here are a few of my ideas - 1. Take her to a really romantic setting in the woods in late evening. Pull a candle out and some wine. Light the candle next to a log and sit down near a pretty flowing creek with fur trees and the fresh smell of fallen pine needles. Smile and look her in the eyes and ask her if she's cold. Girls love it when you're romantic and caring like that. So she'll probably say yes. If she says yes, put your arm around her and everything is cute and cuddly and blissful. However, if she says no, grab a tree trunk and knock her into the icy creek. Let her float down the current a little then pull her out by her hair and ask, "How about now?" And she'll probably say yes. Of course she'll say yes. Girls are very predictable like that. Then offer her your jacket and tell her you're only giving it to her to silence the annoying teeth chatter. If she gets hissy, push
If Today Is Ur Birthday......
If today is ur birthday congrats! its mine too! OK big deal its our birthday , or my birthday so what its just another day to reflect on life,The Good The Bad and the Ugly !!!! GOOD:the great things u did , after ten years of retail ive ventured into a whole new world of employment,,, I now work with mentally retarded and developmentally challenged adults, its a big switch, Good; also includes The great people ive met and beacame friends with and u know who u are, some of the more recent one stand out the most!,Good: is dropping some more pounds, tryin to look good liking myself AGAIN BAD: the bad is well all the shitty things that happen,the last year has been rough emotionally,financially... .Within the last year i've been seperated from a longtime (11 years )friend and partner, while that is also being handled differently.BAD: money well hell unless u have a great high paying job who am i kidding of course ur finances are bad lol.UGLY u want ugly?????? UGLY IS HELL FREEZING OVER
Minnie Kitty's Pet Contest
Runs until 10/12/07 @ 7pm eastern!! Comments will be greatly appreciated!!
Mario Brothers
Life is rushing to make up on lost time I have to stop and catch my breath Move to the stands and catch a good sit Take some time to look around Get myself a slice of life Just so I can stay sane Going through my life
The King Of Random Says....
I found that bin-Laden fucker. I'm going to smash his nuts with a slege hammer. I'll put it on Pay-Per-View. I need a good corprate sponser. Speak English. Ever hear the one about the 3 midgets walking down the street? Who is this Sean Early guy? Death to Chocolate. Where's that damn invisible midget? I conqured BK's Quad Stacker, and I got the crap to prove it. Cherry flavored anacid. I like the soft-core porn on Cinemax. I had a dream last night I broke the anorexic Olsen twin in half. Meg didn't find it funny. My son is the coolest thing under 3 feet tall. The talking smilies at the top of the page scare me. Or turn me on. Whatever. Dora The Explorer drinks Corona. I want to meet Lee Emery. Swingers are funny. Have we finally found a chick for the coolest guy this side of the universe? I would have never seen it coming. Stay tuned for more. SmackDown and ECW the day after Christmas!! REDGUY!!!!!! I'm B-B-Q flavor!! Let's g
Weekend Drive
It's a beautiful fall morning. I've got part of our day planned out already, all the way down to the perfect picnic spot. I've packet a large basket with all of our favorites, nice soft blanket along with everything we will need to have an enjoyable afternoon together. We don't get as much time away as we would like. The place I have picked is secluded along side a small creekbed. The skys are clear and blue as far as the eye can see, the leaves on the trees are changing colors and there is an ever so slight breeze. You are curious as to what I have planned but you will not ask. I've got on a halter top that has an oriental design to it and a jean skirt, something simple and basic but you like this outfit. We arrive at our destination and you just look around and smile. As we climb out of the jeep to unload, you walk over to me, pull me in close and kiss me very passionately. I return this kiss just as deeply. I melt everytime you kiss me. The way your lips feel against mine
Hope Your Neither.
There are two kinds of slaves, the prisoners of addiction, and the prisoners of envy. --Ivan Ilich No emotion brings us more personal pain or wastes more of our time than envy. When we envy, we are never free from stress, because envy takes no holidays. Shakespeare called envy the green sickness. Envy magnifies molehills into mountains. Just how foolish envy truly is becomes clear when we think of it as a row of hooks on which to hang grudges. When we envy others, especially our family members, we blind ourselves to the good we could see in all people. We are ignoring life's flowers to gather bouquets of weeds. When we envy the accomplishments or possessions of another, we will be better off if we look to our own prized possessions, to those things in ourselves that no one else has in exactly the same way. What riches do I have within and around me?
Working Out Of Town Still
Greetings All. Well, I promised an update and here goes. I am Still working and living during the Week down at Fort Myers, Florida. We are doing the Archaeological Survey for an 8000 acre Citrus Grove (Oranges, Grapefruit, lemons, etc). We are currently nearing the project's end and up to this week have not found a damn thing other than an old Hand adzed (a wood working tool - think carved) part to a wagon hitch (prob 1920s-30s). Now at least, we have something of interest,,, a town. Yep,,, a whole Damn Town. We know that it was first settled in the early 1900 and was abandoned sometime between 1944 and 1953. It is all plowed up Grove now. We spotted it on an old aerial photo. I did some research and found out that it was a small community called Corkscrew Settlement. It contained about 20 odd families at its height and although it never had a store or a church, it did have a school between 1923-1946. Around 1946, it got its first "all-weather road" (a hard Shell road). A sm
Realize It ...or Not....the Truth Is The Truth.
Do you understand where you are right now? You are in a place, a time, and a set of circumstances toward which you've been moving your entire life. Do you realize the enormous opportunity that now exists? You are more experienced and better prepared than ever before. Each past failure is now a positive and valuable lesson that you've learned about what works and what doesn't. All the disappointments you've ever known have now combined together to create a powerful and meaningful determination that permeates your life. By this point in your life, your dreams and desires are more in line with who you truly are than they've ever been before. And now you're perfectly positioned to actually achieve them. Do you realize how truly unique and powerful this very moment is? This is the moment when you can begin to fulfill your greatest possibilities. This is the moment you've been working your way toward for a long time. You are here at last, so fill your world with the lifetime of ric
why do ppl get fu married? real marriage isnt bad enough? gawd ppl you look like morons with these fake marriages. If by some slim chance you actually do meet these so called fake ppl, you really think you are going to want to marry them? i have a lot of guy friends on here who are always crying to me because some bitch on this site played them or was fake, or whatever, do me a favor, run fast, dont take this crap so seriously, just have fun. thats why im leaving soon, i cant deal with fake ppl, and not many can deal with my bluntness and honesty. i dont fall for mens crap, and well guys dont even bother anymore lol i love my friends, you know who you guys are, the ones on my list who dont talk to me, well why add me? come say hi but not if you are easily offended and if you are into fat chicks, please dont even bother lol love most of you, tolerate the rest
Top 5 Reasons Not To Get High.
Top 5 reasons not to get high. 3. "Weed makes you paranoid" But it's the good kind of paranoid. It's the kind of paranoia which there's no actual threat. Sober paranoia is like, "I'm in an airplane and we're going to crash, oh no!" Weed paranoia is like, "I'm in an airplane and we're going to.. oh wait, that's a squirrel." 3. "Everyone knows potheads are losers" The only way to get a bad reputation from smoking is if you talk about it nonstop like you're trying to impress people or use being high as an excuse for being stupid. I hate those people. They'll be like, "Oh shit, I spilled your beer hehehehe I'm so high." Don't talk about it, do it. The fragrance of weed reminds me of burnt pizza. Because every time I get high, I throw a pizza in the oven. And every pizza I've tried to bake have overbaked because I was baked. Then I'm sitting there contemplating, "Do I smell smoke? This is weird. I must be really high. How could I smell smoke when my nose is in th
Ayo Technology
Hate That I Love You
Bubba's New Truck
Bubba's New truck...... One day, Jimmy Joe was walking down Main Street when he saw his buddy Bubba driving a brand new pickup. Bubba pulled up to him with a wide grin. "Bubba, where'd you get that truck?!?" "Bobby Sue gave it to me" Bubba replied. "She gave it to you? I knew she was kinda sweet on ya, but a new truck?" "Well, Jimmy Joe, let me tell you what happened. "We were driving out on County Road 6, in the middle of nowhere. Bobby Sue pulled off the road, put the truck in 4-wheel drive, and headed into the woods. She parked the truck, got out, threw off all her clothes and said 'Bubba, take whatever you want'. 'So I took the truck!" "Bubba, you're a smart man!. Them clothes woulda never fit you".
Return To Salem
PLEASE REPOST This is a sad story and I can believe this is happening in the US. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rhonda Gruber... has been arrested.. on the warrant it said "practicing witch" I need every pagan you know and all paths to KNOW what's going on. Here's what she posted to her yahoo groups pagansnightout...... My name is Rhonda Gruber AKA Wicked Lil Witch and I am a Proud Witch. I am currently being persecuted as a Witch by a Lt. Kevin Duke of the Horry County Police Dept. My life and the lives of my family and friends are being threatened and destroyed by this man with the backing of countless other officials. I was arrested Monday Sept 10th '07 by Lt Duke for Breach of Peace, Child Endangerment/ Neglect and 1st degree Harrassement. This all began around the end of May '07 from many false police reports from a neighboring family, The Luisettis, who also seemed to think I deserved to be arrested for my religious beliefs. They stated such in their police re
Down Rates
If you're going to down rate don't fucking rate at all! Let me tell you most of it's done out of jealousy or negativity! It's humanity at it freaking worst. It's a damned shame that you can't even come to a place like this to have fun and enjoy yourself. It's the 5th time that this person has down rated my freaking pics and it's sad to say that it's all over a troll of a little man. Who bye the damned way, I have nothing to do with! Yeah you know who I'm talking about. Now here I sit tell you to bite my ass! ~~Rayven Pissed Off Red~~
Morning Everyone:)
Walk It Out By Dj Unk
Sorcerer - Luck Number (56-23-12-8-15-44)
Vampires - Slide1
Show Women - Kissing
Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!
Get your own glitter and more at I just wanted to wish every1 a happy Thanksgiving. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. The holiday season is offically here and I hope we all have as little stress and as MUCH FUN as we can threw the new year. Get your own glitter and more at
Still Awake This Morning -- So Far!
Last night worked an overnight shift, but getting off early because (1) I stayed after my shift due to a fire alarm going off in my work building earlier this week (due to one of the volunteers, as we discover, decided to cook something in the toaster on wax paper) and (2) I needed to get off work a little earlier to head off to a 5K run. No, not me! I don't run well. Never learned how to run even in Elementary School. I helped stop traffic to aid in the runners running. Yesterday, I had found on a bargain table at Barnes & Nobles (where I have some of my best treasures) a DVD & Card Instruction on the exercise forms of Tai Chi. I have always wanted to learn but never found it possible to afford the classes and, when you are working 2-3 jobs oftentimes, it can be hard to fit in a class in the schedule as well. This morning, I bring it in the home and went through the warm ups okay (excepting bringing the knee and twisting the foot around while the weight is on the other leg.
Make Me Scream
Body aching, Clit throbbing, Pleasure flowing Envelope me Caress me Let me bask in you Fill me From the front To the back Bend me And meld me Make me yours For the taking Pleasure me Enslave me Never free me From this making Give unto me the pleasure you never give to another Fuck me Grab me Bite me God make me scream Make me fly Flow through my veins Let me inhale you Beating in my heart Carnal Pure Animalistic True nature at its best Racing And pulsing Never fading Cum inside me And cease me Never releasing me
Hole In My Leg
i hit my leg with an ax yesterday so that put me down for a day or two so i should be here today any way my leg though is killing me i had a 3 inch wide 2 1/2 inch deep cut but i did not hit the bone but this is a reminder to always be care full and accidents can happen to anyone worsted ive ever done and i regret for being in a hury to get done to much to do on one day off but sence i had to spend half the day in the hosital i did not get anything done so allways slow down and think about the next move please i know i will from now on
Thumbnail Clarity
In the interest of all fubar surfers and all web surfers, in general, I hereby demand that one of you techy nerdy folks find a way to make thumbnail pictures clearer. Last night a friend of mine, here, had accidentally clicked himself right into the profile of some drunken, worn out, old lady that I am sure he would have rather not seen. Today, and on many occasions, I found myself looking at at abomination of a so called man because of what the damn thumbnail picture looked like. Therefore, I must protest the quality of thumbnail pictures and refuse to be held responsible for entering the profiles of the uglies and not leaving ratings and/or comments. Note: If you techy nerdy people already have a way of doing this; I suggest you deploy the troops and get crack-a-lacking. Note II: I abhor morph pictures. For those of you who have them: You are not a fucking celebrity. You are not a fucking eagle, horse, dog, cat, or god damn unicorn. You are not a porn queen. Okay, may
The Sweet Taste Of Love
The Sweet Taste Of Love The sweet taste of love Still lingers in my mind A succulent tasty morsel A treasure worth its find A wet and juicy fruit That fills my mouth with joy Like candy to a baby An edible sexy toy With nectar sweet as honey A syrup of flowing silk Like a bubbly kind of lava As smooth as warm clear milk It breathes with scented oils Like a flower in the mist And blossoms when caressed By the feel of a lover's kiss A dessert at its very best When embraced with lots of love I know I'll never get enough Of this treat I'm thinking of
The Heat Of My Desire
The Heat Of My Desire In the still of the evening Without sunlight to intrude I see the twilight's in your eyes As the moon sets up the mood Playing music soft and low While romance fills the air I can't help but feel aroused The very moment you come near You submit to my embrace While candles flick their flame And the smell of sweet perfume Seems to drive my lust insane As I look into your eyes And run my fingers through your hair I taste the sweetness of your neck As I nibble at your ear I then whisper words of love As you answer with a sigh And in a very sexy way Your sweet body comes alive Your the heat of my desire As we slowly come undress I then start to lay you down While you welcome my caress With your luscious sexy curves You have a taste I can't resist And your breast show some response When I touch them with a kiss As I soak inside your love To a sexy love condition Feeling passions start to rise While making love in all posit
just a note to all my friends on here im letting u know i will be deleting my file. it was nice meeting and chatting with all you but right i have alot of issues going on and its hard for me to be here. i will keep in touch with a few of you. it will take awhile to delete so dont worry i will be here for a couple days yet
Today On World Rock Radio
Click banner to enter lounge 12:00PM EST (Noon) For requests, hit me up on yahoo at krayzeecreeme Click banner to visit Cujo's MySpace page! 2:00PM EST For requests, hit me up on yahoo at jrmoose75
Queen Nassy The Vampire & Next Fubar Godfather :d
The V4mpir3 Queen Wants to be our next godfather. Lets all pitch in and give her a hand & make this happen for her. She has tons of pictures & stash to rate.QUEEN Nassy V4mpir3 B!tch NSFW@ fubar
S&m And Abuse.....
The key difference between S&M and Abuse, is "consent". BDSM.... * Is based on the safe, sane, consensual theory * S&M is a controlled environment * S&M has safe words to stop the scene * In a S&M scene the dominant looks out for the well being of the submissive * S&M can be an erotic sexual encounter * In S&M both partners are enjoying themselves * in S&M the dominant respects limits * In S&M there is mutual respect * In S&M the relationship is fulfilling * In S&M both parties feel they contribute towards the relationships * In S&M one can ask their partner to "play" * In S&M relationship there is trust * In S&M a submissive voluntarily serves the dominant * S&M is about building trust * S&M builds self esteem * S&M builds the spirit of a submissive ABUSE * Abuse is not negotiated * Abuse is an out of control environment * Abuse does not have safe words * An abuser does not give a damn about the victim * Abuse is always one sided * Abuse is never negotiated
Oct. 7th *sunday Showdown*
Good Morning Wicked Storm Crew! ~~Keep Bombing TxMom! Might just be a few surprises this evening so keep an eye out, Pardner! Below are her links: Tx Mom of 5 Another member Majically Delicious MILF is in a long term contest, I will provide a link to her pic but you will have to rate, fan, and add the host first, the link will give you an error but then send you to the host page if your not already a friend. A new member Heartistic Soul is having a contest, called the Cherry Chase. We need to support her in this effort... here is a link to her page. Make sure you go by meet and greet, pass out gifts, drinks etc to all the contestants. Great opportunity to RECRUIT!!! We still need new members!! We are still trying to get entries for our "internal" Tag contest, this reporter is aware of several members who have plenty of talent in this area, so get your entries in soon. This contest will be run anonymously so that we get a true winne
Types Of Sex
The 1st kind of sex is called: Smurf Sex. This kind of sex happens when you first meet someone and you both have sex until you are blue in the face. The 2nd kind of sex is called: Kitchen Sex . This is when you have been with your partner for a short time and you are so horny you will have sex anywhere, even in the kitchen. The 3rd kind of sex is called: Bedroom Sex. This is when you have been with your partner for a long time. Your sex has gotten routine and you usually have sex only in your bedroom. The 4th kind of sex is called: Hallway Sex. This is when you have been with your partner for too long.... When you pass each other in the hallway you both say "f*** you." The 5th kind of sex is called: Catholic Sex, which means you get Nun in the morning, Nun in the afternoon and Nun at night. The 6th kind is called: Courtroom Sex: This when you cannot stand your wife any more. She takes you to court and screws you in front of everyone. And last, but not
October 7, 2007
You are feeling exceptionally stable and ready for whatever lies ahead. It may be a good time to plan for the future, as you are confident enough in the present that you can afford to take a few risks.
Blk 4 White Female
Hello everybody, looking for the open minded single or divorced females to get to know.
Core "the Angle"
Have I ever thought of this before Did I ever look behind the door Have I ever tried to understand Did I listen to the other hand Have I ever tried to see Parts of you that aren't a part of me Did I ever really want to know Or am I just drifting with the flow Lead me to the angle of your life Let me see from there Lead me to the angle and I'll try To see the world from there Why is it that I'm so full of hate Why am I so dumb, but so afraid Have I ever tried to understand Did I listen to the other hand Why am I so dumb Why am I so blind So narrow-minded Why am I so dumb Lead me to the angle of your life Let me see from there Lead me to the angle and I'll try To see the world from there
October 7, 2007
You are feeling exceptionally stable and ready for whatever lies ahead. It may be a good time to plan for the future, as you are confident enough in the present that you can afford to take a few risks.
Giveaway Lovin For Kathy
Shes in a giveaway for a week blast!! 14.500 comments needed..
The Rebels Lounge
Lots Of New Pics!
So, I added new pics in my default, important people, random friends & apple butter fest albums .. please take a look & stuff :) !!! *smoooooches*
I think I got this part 1-513-322-1385.... bear with me Im a ninny I guess and wanted to read the tos and all but for now.. its up for voicemail! xo
I confess to having many lovers. I confess to craving for my lovers lips. To having found more ecstasy in passion, then in prayer. I confess to pray still for my loves warm embrace. To have him in me fulfilling the very core of me. I confess to having yearned for the fire to be set ablaze. I confess to having known love, and in knowing it. Known that I have received it as well. I confess to many things here. Yet I repent nothing. I took the only life that was offered me. You have damned me were I stand. But there is no penance for my crime. Because I have only committed one, and neither you nor God can forgive it. I confess to having love and throwing it aside. For the want of men. Fearing more being owned by one man, then shared by many. I ask no forgiveness from your hypocrisy. I have confessed to being many things. To having welcomed men into my arms and bed. For the sake of loving love. Yet not loving the man. You all of you who have power. Cower from what you see in me. A women th
See? Told You Birds Were Evil!
Wanda's dishwasher quit working so she called a repairman. Since she had to go to work the next day, she told the repairman, "I'll leave the key under the mat. Fix the dishwasher, leave the bill on the counter, and I'll mail you a check ." "Oh, by the way don't worry about my dog Spike. He won't bother you. But, whatever you do, do NOT, under ANY circumstances, talk to my parrot!" "I REPEAT; DO NOT TALK TO MY PARROT!!!" When the repairman arrived at Wanda's apartment the following day, he discovered the biggest, meanest looking dog he has ever seen. But, just as she had said, the dog just lay there on the carpet watching the repairman go about his work. The parrot, however, drove him nuts the whole time with his incessant yelling, cursing and name calling. Finally the repairman couldn't contain himself any longer and yelled, "Shut up, you stupid, ugly bird!" To which the parrot replied, "Get him, Spike!" See - Men just don't listen!
Luton Town
I got on the train and made my way down To meet a friend in Luton Town I got there early, and had a drink WOndering what she would think Id got a call and put my drink down And made my way across Luton town Into another pub I went Another £3 on a beer was spent Then i heard on the window a knocking sound As I sat in this bar in Luton Town Not a smile but a motion an offer Asking me if I want another beer Of course i said yes, damn who wouldnt So she went off to get the drink What was on her mind, what did she think Anyway it all went well One old lady heard wedding bells And then with Vanilla Ice we both got down Partying in Luton Town So Emma this is for you Im so glad i came saw you Im so happy a good friend ive found On my trip to Luton Town HAAHHAHAHHAHA!!!
Friend Requests
I just want to say that I have met a lot of great people and some really good friends here on Fubar/Cherrytap. I love you all but I have been getting alot of friend requests lately and just want to say that if you think your going to see dirty pictures of me or something your not, sorry. I dont have any naked pictures I like to be sexy but as far as the skin showin my default picture is about all youll see of me. So please dont bother sending me a friend request unless you see some things we have in common I am definitely a good friend to have I will help you out anyway I can but I am not 1 of these point whores selling my fuckin body to level so thankyou but please move on if thats what your here for. Thankyou for your time!
John Cleese's Letter To America.
Sorry to my American friends, but this is just too fucking funny... To the citizens of the United States of America, in the light of your failure to elect a competent President of the USA and thus to govern yourselves, we hereby give notice of the revocation of your independence, effective today. Her Sovereign Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will resume monarchical duties over all states, commonwealths and other territories. Except Utah, which she does not fancy. Your new prime minister (The Right Honourable Tony Blair, MP for the 97.85% of you who have until now been unaware that there is a world outside your borders) will appoint a minister for America without the need for further elections. Congress and the Senate will be disbanded. A questionnaire will be circulated next year to determine whether any of you noticed. To aid in the transition to a British Crown Dependency, the following rules are introduced with immediate effect: 1. You should look up revocation in the Oxford Eng
Attention Everyone
Attention everyone: No harrasing people commenting is allowed People commenting are allowed to comment anybody they want to. If someone goes and comments your page and then go comments someone else thats their business, if you don't like it then keep it to yourself. No name calling allowed. Just because they came to your picture 1st doesn't make them your property
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Our Tax Dollars @ Hooking
Friday I took off from work to go to a doctors appointment when i got thru I met up with my Mom, and we went down to Coden to catch bait for fishing Saturday. When we arrived @ the site we would be catching bait there was a Mobile County Crew doing very little work " as usual " , but I mean to the point that half a dozen or so County workers had stopped working and walked out on the end of the concrete seawall and were fishing until they saw that we were watching them then it was a scamper to their trucks and they picked up their road signs and were leaving at a fairly fast rate and it was well after lunch time "1:30 p.m." Now do you wonder why it takes so long to get anything done by the County. I see it as Our tax dollars @ Hooking!
Ya I Suck
So one of the coolest ppl on here... Her birthday was yesterday. And I forgot! Kick me in the butt... smack me.. Im a bad girl! PLEASE go show her EXTRA love today broken_hearted420 friend of pitbulls fubar wife & real g/f to djpogobob@ fubar
Dj Lil Wolf
Come Rock out with Dj Lil Wolf Live in the Fire Pit!! Youll hear all the greatest hits from Country to Rock and everything in between!!!
Lil Wolf
Come Rock out with Dj Lil Wolf Live in the Fire Pit!! Youll hear all th egreatest hits from Country to Rock and everything in between!!!
If You Only Knew What It's Like To Know
"Unfaithful" Story of my life Searching for the right But it keeps avoiding me Sorrow in my soul Cause it seems that wrong Really loves my company He's more than a man And this is more than love The reason that the sky is blue The clouds are rolling in Because I'm gone again And to him I just can't be true And I know that he knows I'm unfaithful And it kills him inside To know that I am happy with some other guy I can see him dying I don't wanna do this anymore I don't wanna be the reason why Everytime I walk out the door I see him die a little more inside I don't wanna hurt him anymore I don't wanna take away his life I don't wanna be... A murderer I feel it in the air As I'm doing my hair Preparing for another date A kiss upon my cheek As he reluctantly Asks if I'm gonna be out late I say I won't be long Just hanging with the girls A lie I didn't have to tell Because we both know Where I'm about to go And we know it very well Cause I k
My Life
I am at a point in my life where I just don't know which end is up anymore. I question everything now, don't know whom I can trust or even what I can trust. I have everything changing in my life. I have been going through a divorce, had a job promotion and have been having to find a place for my two sons and I to live all at once. It has made me a basketcase for divorce has taught me alot, I am alot stronger in some areas than I ever thought, but in other areas, such as matters of the heart I am scared out of my mind. Every time I decide to go with my heart, I find that I can't trust my hurts. The ones that I thought I could trust, believe, count on....the ones I thought would be there no matter what...aren't and that just rips my heart out. It hurts
Written Words
Written words By ERIC Ethan If I written the words of love, caring heart, passion and kisses on a piece of paper. You put them in your pocket or in a book the words may faded away but they leave a good memories in your heart The End
A shadow of light A ray of dark A fiery raindrop A sodden spark A moonlight field A green, green sky A question to the answer The reasons but not why A hearts thought The beat of my brain My emotions are All mixed up again Shall i say it Yes I wont Shall i do it, Yes but dont She does care doesnt she She doesnt want to be with me But perhaps she thinks of me everyday Perhaps she doesnt know what to say. Should I makethe move first Should i let the bubble burst What if her emotions arent true What if she loves me, what to do....
Open or closed the image is the same An angels face without a name Where is she Where will she be Only in my eyes can I see Is this a figment of my lonly mind Or is this a love I might just find What is her name, the colour of her hair All I notice are her eyes her stare Is there a story A secret to hear Where is she I want her near I open my eyes the world is bright The image is gone out of sight Back to reality no love to be fed Until i close my eyes tonight in bed.
I see your face across the room And know we will be together soon Your eyes tell me that I see you move and turn away I know I`ll have you today Your smile tells me that You walk past and catch my glance Soon we will have our dance Your lips tell me that We part together in a haze You will come back to my place Your kiss tells me that In the entrance we undress Soon we will caress Your sighs tell me that Naked we fall together We will be here forever Your touch tells me that Together our bodies entwine This is a love define Your heart tells me that Deeper we fall into each other Forever destined to be my lover Your pushes tell me that Heaving breasts and muffled noise Our bodies together moist Your moans tell me that Faster Faster the pace intense Your body starts to tense You like it like that Together we slump in a tired heap....
Little Boy Lost
Little Boy lost alone on the street Little boy lost waiting to eat Little boy lost so scared and so cold Loss of innocence to a man 50 yrs old Little boy lost blank expression in his eyes Working for a meal, working for guys Little boy lost outside kings x station Little boy lost, with cuts and abrasions Little boy lost no family or home Little boy lost all on his own What a caring man under his wing you go Little boy lost so desperate,so low Little boy lost needs to dull the pain Little boy lost injecting again Little boy lost memories begin to fade Little boy, lost behind the masquerade Little boy lost years of abuse Little boy lost alone and confused Little boy lost no mind of his own Little boy lost,how many seeds have they sown Little boy lost deep in despair Little boy lost stains in his hair Little boy lost What taste in his mouth Little boy lost alone in the south Little boy lost a distant memory Little boy lost, whats happened to thee Little boy
Ball And Chain
I have these dreams of life and death This body is all that's left Put me in casket or throw me in the sea But whatever you do don't cry over me. Burn the picture's of me to get rid of your pain I can't take it anymore I'm going insane I was held prisoner in my own mind I was chained down through the passage of time. That iron ball at the end of the chain Is slowly but surly driving me insane So throw me in a dungeon and throw away the key Because the world doesn't need anybody, anybody like me. My spirit is slowly floating away My feelings are to hurt to stay The world is through here comes the end The blood rushes out of my veins as I cut myself again. I'm dying, Dying everyday My world is cautiously fading away So I leave you now with the smoke of a gun Death as we know it has now begun.
New Uniforms...
I have been in the navy for over 17yrs..and most of it, i wouldnt change at all with the time that i have done. our uniforms have always been distinctive if not a bit of fodder for gay jokes, but you could always tell a sailor in his uniform. there has been serious discussion over the last 2+ yrs or so about uniform changes. SERIOUS CHANGES! I have had the same style of unifoms with the exception of the working uniform. it was called dungarees. the pants were like blue jeans but not quite as cool. if you can imagine the back pockets on most jeans, we had 4 of them. 2 on the front and 2 on the back. over the right back pocket, our name had to be stenciled on the pants to facilitate returning of your pants back to your rack when laundry was passed out when we were out to sea. they were also true bell bottoms. the reason for this was, that if we ever had to abandon ship in the ocean, we could take our pants off over our boots, which you wanted to keep on when you entered the water inc
After 21 years of marriage, my wife wanted me to take another woman out to dinner and a movie. She said, "I love you, but I know this other woman loves you and would love to spend some time with you." The other woman that my wife wanted me to visit was my mother, who had been a widow for 19 years, but the demands of my work and my 3 children had made it possible to visit her only occasionally. That night I called to invite her to go out for dinner and a movie. "What's wrong, are you well?" She asked. My mother is the type of woman who suspects that a late night call or surprise invitation is a sign of bad news. "I thought that it would be pleasant to spend some time with you," I responded, Just the two of us." She thought about it for a moment, and then said, "I would like that very much." That Friday after work, as I drove over to pick her up I was a bit nervous. When I arrived at her house, I noticed that she, too, seemed to be nervous about our date. She waited
One Moment By Eric
One moment By Eric Ethan If I took one moment I wanted to be with you to know you face to face. To understand me to hear me out tell you how I feel with my heart, give the greatest kisses and hugs that last forever, to tell how it is lonely sometimes, to share things with you fly to the highest top down to the bottom of the sea. Travel places WE never seen, spend that night with you near the fire , just cuddle with give the greatest kiss on the cheek and neck and lips to tell you how much you mean to me. You the cure that open my heart and made it red so lets fly together and write a new chapter in our lifes that it would be happy ending forever, The End
1000 Behind
need comments plz
1000 Behind
need help plz
The Passion In Me
```The passion in me ```````````By Eric Ethan I have a lot of love to give to people who heart is broken, I want to shower praises of good wonder and gifts to make them smile. I’m the guy who love to give great kisses and great hugs, I’m the lonely guy who love to write poems of love and passion to their hearts. I’m the guy who can give the greatest love of them all, and make their heart feel sunshine in their heart, I’m just a normal guy who likes to make breakfast for you and treat you like a queen, I have passion in my heart that is on fire to make the greatest love forever. The end
Another Great Song
another great song im working on in the making its about drugs an struggles an hassles in life its called rhyme junkie's featuring my boy supreme he's the producer behind it you can see him at look up jumpof supreme the almighty thats where you can see him in real life doing his work but the next song is track 2 for my cd im working on with him gonna be some featured artists like internal rhyma mc levels an marxx its gonna be crazy
But Yeah Bitches...
Sorry im not online much since ive [swear to god] recieved sixty-fucking-three messages from people bitching about it. Im actually having a life right now so rawr. UUUUUUUUUGGGHH my tummy is fucked up right now from taking Tylenol 3's with no fewd thats a lesson. ANYWAYS ive got a cell so if you want my fuckin' number just message me and if youre a hawtie [joking] But if youre not horribly hideous/have a good personality then ill give you my number
Imperfect Girl
I am an imperfect girl, Yeah that would be me. However, I am just Dee. I know my faults, I know them well, But yet they don't bother me. On the other hand, I have some very good qualities. Like truthfulness, honesty, And a love that can set me free. Sometimes it is hard for others, To fathom what I am about. There are many facets to my personality. I use my writing as a means, To express all the various parts of me. Using paper and a pen, I write it down and let it all out. I have had many in my life that shake there heads, And say "that would be Dee." I hold my secerts believe it or not. So don't think you even know me. I am a hard one to figure out, Just know I am an imperfect girl indeed. Dee Parenti All Rights Reserved.
Aussiebum, Flaunt Series,
Aussiebum, Animal Series
3 Gay Men And A Drill
Hot Guys 1
Hot Guys 2
Hey All
NuttinButtSexxy hope you NuttinButtSexxy
Awesome :)
Awesome is all I can think right now. Yeah, I have been tired and down lately....but this morning it is time for a change. I wake and first thing I got to look for is the awesome design of our creator in action. The dealing of the moon, a star, Venus, and Saturn. It is awesome. Even more so it is more a testament that life is no "accident". The universe is too complex and designed and, sorry, but you do not get that from something that had no designer behind it. Who do you think created science? I know this may seem silly, but it is true. If you line yourself up north and south when laying flat on the ground....with your head north.....the position we all think is looking up is actually looking forward. We are looking forward from our planet. Makes you feel like we could start sliding down a slide with that thought....but it is true. It makes me think of more than the issues I been having eat away at me. It makes me think of more than just myself or even more than people....but
Trying A New Site
I know a lot of you have had problems with the NSFW situation here, and have been looking for a new "home". Well, it's not exactly like Fubar - But it's closer to an "Adult" oriented Myspace - I invite all of you to join me there, and no need to worry about the NSFW police. Now only if they had MUMMs. *sigh*
Have A Giggle Or Two .... Guys Get Over It
WOMAN'S PERFECT BREAKFAST She's sitting at the table with her gourmet coffee. Her son is on the cover of the Wheaties box. Her daughter is on the cover of Business Week. Her boyfriend is on the cover of Playgirl. And her husband is on the back of the milk carton. WOMEN'S REVENGE "Cash, check or charge?" I asked, after folding items the woman wished to purchase. As she fumbled for her wallet, I noticed a remote control for a television set in her purse. So, do you always carry your TV remote?" I asked. "No," she replied, "but my husband refused to come shopping with me, and I figured this was the most evil thing I could do to him legally." UNDERSTANDING WOMEN (A MAN'S PERSPECTIVE) I know I'm not going to understand women. I'll never understand how you can take boiling hot wax, pour it onto your upper thigh, rip the hair out by the root, and still be afraid o
Wsc Bombing For 10-07~~~ Sunday Showdown!!
Good Morning Wicked Storm Crew! ~~Keep Bombing TxMom! Might just be a few surprises this evening so keep an eye out, Pardner! Below are her links: Tx Mom of 5 Another member Majically Delicious MILF is in a long term contest, I will provide a link to her pic but you will have to rate, fan, and add the host first, the link will give you an error but then send you to the host page if your not already a friend. A new member Heartistic Soul is having a contest, called the Cherry Chase. We need to support her in this effort... here is a link to her page. Make sure you go by meet and greet, pass out gifts, drinks etc to all the contestants. Great opportunity to RECRUIT!!! We still need new members!! We are still trying to get entries for our "internal" Tag contest, this reporter is aware of several members who have plenty of talent in this area, so get your entries in soon. This contest will be run anonymously so that we get a true winne
Im Finished!
just a note to all my friends who know me as you will know i am a motor sport photographer my job is very long and very! dangerous so it has come to a point where i have to look out for myself and my safety i have my family i have to think of my friends also every day i go to work theres the big chance i may not come home over the past few years i have had some very close calls and have pushed my luck enough standing on a corner of a race track with a car/motorbike coming at you at 200kph out of control is risky business. motor sport is something i love so much but upon great thought i realize it isn't worth dieing for i will miss it so so much but i will move my specialty to other photographic endeavors this has not been easy for me but for my future and my family i think this is for the best thank you for your time and reading this.
This is a great new feature fubar is now providing for its users. It allows you to leave voice messages for other fubar members without giving out your real phone number. Every member of fubar is set up to receive voice messages from other fubar members using Jangl. If you want to call someone and leave a voice message, Jangl makes that simple as well, using your Jangl account. To call someone and leave a voice message, click on “Call Me”. This link is located on every member profile, immediately below the member name. Next, verify the phone number from which you will be calling. You must use the phone number of the phone you will be calling from. (Jangl gives you the option to store phone numbers in your Jangl account.) Jangl will have you set up a pin number to use to log into your Jangl account. Make sure you read the Jangl terms of service and check the box that you agree to them. Complete these quick and easy steps and you are ready to make a call to anyone that has a fu-mai
Jangl Information - New Feature
This is a repost of the original blog created by Sinderella on the new Jangl Feature: This is a great new feature fubar is now providing for its users. It allows you to leave voice messages for other fubar members without giving out your real phone number. Every member of fubar is set up to receive voice messages from other fubar members using Jangl. If you want to call someone and leave a voice message, Jangl makes that simple as well, using your Jangl account. To call someone and leave a voice message, click on “Call Me”. This link is located on every member profile, immediately below the member name. Next, verify the phone number from which you will be calling. You must use the phone number of the phone you will be calling from. (Jangl gives you the option to store phone numbers in your Jangl account.) Jangl will have you set up a pin number to use to log into your Jangl account. Make sure you read the Jangl terms of service and check the box that you agree to them. Comple
You know, I just want to perv on some sexy pics. I really Love the naked female form and would like to see as many as I can so come on girls help a brother out. LOL
10 Things To Do To Keep Yourself Occupied While Your Gf Is Shopping At Walmart
1. Grab some boxes of condoms and put them in other peoples carts when they are not looking. 2. Go the to clock isle, and set all the alarm clocks to go off within 5 minutes of each other. 3. Move the Wet Floor signs to a carpeted area. 4. Hide in the clothes racks, and wait until someone walks by, then wiggle the hangers and say in a strange voice, "Buy me Buy me". 5. Impersonate a Walmart employee and give people directions to the wrong Isle. 6. Go into the changing room and put on a moo moo, then come back out and ask someone if this moo moo makes your ass look to fat. 7. Go into the changing rooms wait for 10 minutes then yell, "WHERES THE TOLIET PAPER?" 9. Bring a bra up to a walmart employee and ask if they have it in a size smaller then an A-Cup. 10. Go into the toy isle, and locate the loudest toys they got, and press as many buttons as you can within a minute and walk away.
Nice And Naughty
20 Ways To Maintain A Healthy Level Of Insanity
1. At lunchtime, sit in your parked car with sunglasses on and point a hair dryer at passing cars. See if they slow down. 2. Page yourself over the intercom. Don't disguise your voice. 3. Every time someone asks you to do something, ask if They want fries with that. 4. Put your garbage can on your desk and label it "IN". 5. Put decaf in the coffee maker for 3 weeks. Once Everyone has gotten over their caffeine addictions, Switch to espresso. 6. In the memo field of all your checks, write "for Smuggling diamonds". 7. Finish all your sentences with "in accordance with The prophecy". 8. Don't use any punctuation 9. As often as possible, skip rather than walk. 10. Order a Diet Water whenever you go out to eat - With a serious face. 11. Specify that your drive-through order is "to go". 12. Sing along at the opera. 13. Put mosquito netting around your work area and Play tropical sounds all day at work. 14. Go to a poetry recital and ask why the poems d
Prayers Needed Please
my family just needs prayer , we were told today that my cousins one yr old daughter might have cancer in the lymph nodes in her neck. her mom is like a sister 2 me so this is really breakin my if u could please keep them in your prayers i would appericate it thank u all for reading this here is a pic of the baby and her parents kelly n adam - her mom n dad kayliegh MAY GOD BLESS U ALL THAT HAVE PRAYED AND REPOSTED MY BULLITEN TO GET MORE PRAYING FOR HER ..IT MEANS SO MUCH TO ME THANK U ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART AND MUCH LOVE N RESPECT TO U ALL
way is it when you are haing a good time with people someone always got to piss u off by saying something dumb. but you know you been drinking and you want to do something but you cant it fucking sucks sometimes to let someone walk over you because you dont want to go to jail but the asshole needs there ass kick but you can always wait to you are not drunk thats what i say
Star Wars Halloween Costume
Star Wars Halloween Costume Shop for star wars episode costumes by clicking here - fulfill all your costume and party decoration needs! Star Wars is one of the famous movies and the characters are so famous that many would want to dress up as their favorite Star Wars character. However you might realize that there is a bit of a weird sentiment following the star wars trilogy. So just pick your Star Wars Halloween Costume wisely. If you want to dress up as Yoda, I'm sure no one will object and in fact it might actually help you get the ladies if you're a male geek who is a teenager. You require the following basic accessories for your Star Wars Halloween Costume: Gloves, Boots, Belt and Holster, Corellian vest, Rebel Trooper Vest star wars, starwars, starwars halloween costume, star wars halloween costume, star wars dress, starwars dress, star wars halloween, star wars costume, starwars costume, yoda,
Find A Guy
Oral Pleasures
Talking is so close to sex. You get satisfied after that... ORALLY :) :) :) :p :P :P PS This came out from a conversation with one nice person - sounded quite funny and witty when in live. Hope you get my point. Didn't mean to be vulgar :)
Love Is
Scarred For Life @ The Rock Shop Oct 13
Hi everyone, We are playing The Rock Shop October 13 with Waist Deep Madness and The Blacksmithz.Gonna be an awesome show.Get yo' butt down there or we'll come lookin for ya! ;-) Lookin' forward to an awesome night of Rock n Roll! Seeya there. S f L This is my sons band so if your in or near fayettville show up & party with us. lookin forward to meetin some new friends.
I can see her now Dancing around, her drink in hand All her baggage in tow I just want to forget and let go Of all the joy, all of the pain I took your guilt and placed it into me And now I kiss it goodbye Our last dance ended fatall Who's sleeping on my side of the bed tonight? Have you ever cried so hard? Baby you just died There she goes again Another masquerade in false circumstance She'll fuck you just for the taste I just wish I could replace all the memories Of what makes my blood run cold And as your blood flows through me I say goodbye to what we had She came and went I gnawed through my lip Makeup smeared in her eyes Each sob's a reason to say goodbye. Sometimes when you're holding on You'll never see the light With flowers in her hair I gazed upon with dead lovers eyes She never looked so good And I never felt so right - Atreyu
Ummm Read
Ok, I may just be out of it or somthing. But well heres another of my rants. Yes I know I rant alot. Get Over it. I am lonely. I really Liked a guy. But I know I stand no chance because I am sick. I am really shy when it comes to telling someone I like them. I can't help it. I was Always the geek in school, so yeah It scares me to get turned down. It takes me right back to my past. Plus I am scared to be with anyone, Lately I have gotten sicker I mean this is the sickness I have been. I hardly am able to get out of bed. Well needless to say it sucks But yeah back to the rant. I just don't want to get with someone for the fear of me getting so sick that I just mite pass...Ummm....Away... I just don't want to leave someone with that Kinda heart brake But on the other hand. I don't want to die alone. I wanna feel love again if that happens. But I don't want someone to be with me Out of pitty...Then it is meaningless... Then I die with a unreal love. W
It's so hard to see when your eyes are rolling in the back of your head It's even harder to speak when everything you say just comes out wrong Gutted like a pig, all you want is the world to bleed, someone somewhere stole your desire The pain akin to, being punched in the throat, and stabbed in the chest You would rather bleed than be without her Gone are the tender whispers dancing in your ears Replaced with lackluster memories you cry, your screams play in your empty room It's so hard to see when your eyes are rolling in the back of your head It's even harder to speak when everything you say just comes out wrong Your bed swallows you whole as the days bleed together, torment on the lips Of a loved one, and if you try hard enough, You can almost taste her, feel her pass and Scream, OH GOD WHY ME - Atreyu
Real People.
yeah its been a while since Ive ranted on something.. i guess this is the time... ya know... ill tell you what... there are so many of u that i hear from on a regular basis for so long now... i just want to say that it genuinely means alot to me. theres a real sense of loyalty... super special people help me DAILY with my street team... and so many of u write to check in with whats going on with your lives... wow.. i sound like a pussy.. let me fix that real quick... FUCK YOU! ok... anyway...LOL ... getting on to the point here....... there are people who act like they are a higher level... maybe because their job, or who they know, maybe how they look, maybe how they fuck. but you know what? they dont mean DOG SHIT if they arent quality people. well.. KAZY SAYS.... these people can suck my cock.... 1. people who dont think they have issues. we all have fucking issues. the fact someone thinks they dont have an issue shows they have a major issue. 2. people who think
The World Of Today
Here I sit in the middle of Iraq with too much time on my hands. As I sit here my mind tends to wander and think about my life, the world around me, and the ones I hold close to my heart. Every day I am reminded of the havoc that this war has wrought on these people. I find myself questioning why I am here, wondering if the small part I play is going to make a difference. There are some that are glad we are here, and others that detest our very presence. People stateside question why we are here, even the soldiers question it at times. I have come to realize that US citizens take way to many things for granted. Living in the states has spoiled so many of us. For the most part we all live quite well compared to these impoverished people. We know where our next meal is coming, we're able to drive down the road without having to worry about being shot at or blown up. We can go shopping without worrying about someone walking up and destroying the whole store without anyone
The History Of Straight Edge And The Spread Of The Straight Edge Lifestyle Into A Worldwide Philosophy
The History of Straight Edge and the Spread of the Straight Edge Lifestyle into a Worldwide PhilosophyA fifteen year old skater in a confrontational and sparring spirit approached an older teenager on the street. The younger one spoke in a scrutinizing manner with a twist of an East Coast dialect, apparently meeting his older peer for the first time. "Are you or aren't you?", the young skater said. "Am I or am not what?", the older teen said, sort of smugly, but puzzled. "Straight Edge!", the young teen answered in a matter-of-factly way. "Well," said the older teen, "I don't drink, and I really don't smoke or smoke pot or anything, but I don't know. I really don't label myself as 'Straight Edge'", he said a little righteously and maturely. "That's way lame!", said the young skater, abruptly ending the inquisition and laughing at himself while walking off. "That," the youngster thought to himself, "is what killed Straight Edge, and at the same time, it's what made it grow into an enorm
Activists Face Six Months In Prison For Anti War Poster
ACTIVISTS FACE SIX MONTHS IN PRISON FOR ANTI WAR POSTER ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Pamela's Protest Date: 06 Oct 2007, 22:32 ACTIVISTS FACE SIX MONTHS IN PRISON FOR ANTI WAR POSTER----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: Guerilla OZ: RIOT/GMA Prophet (RIP Aaron Russo)Date: Oct 6, 2007 10:10 PMWashington, D.C.-- Three activists who were arrested at a press conference near Lafayette Park appeared in Washington D.C. Superior Court yesterday where they were given a trial date of January 3, 2008, and face a six-month prison sentence. Adam Kokesh of Iraq Veterans Against the War, Tina Richards of Grassroots America, and Ian Thompson of the A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) Coalition where arrested during a press conference near Lafayette Park where the National Park Service deployed mounted police and a SWAT team to disrupt it. (See URL for video below.) The press conference was called to display the lawful way
Skin VideoSkin lyrics - Rascal Flatts lyrics Rascal Flatts Music VideosMusic Video Codes by VideoCure Sarah Beth is scared to death To hear what the doctor will say She hasn't been well Since the day that she fell And the bruises just won't go away So she sits and see waits with her mother and dad Flips through an old magazine Till a the nurse with a smile Stands at the door And says will you please come with me Sarah Beth is scared to death Cause the doctor just told her the news Between the red cells and white Something's not right But we're gonna take care of you Six chances in ten it won't come back again With the therapy were gonna try It's just been approved It's the strongest there is I think we caught it in time Sarah Beth closes her eyes She dreams she's dancing Around and around without any cares And her very first love is holding her close And the soft wind in blowing her hair Sarah Beth is scared to death A
Tough VideoTough lyrics - Craig Morgan lyrics Craig Morgan Music VideosMusic Video Codes by VideoCure She’s in the kitchen at the crack of dawn Bacon’s on, coffee’s strong Kids running wild, taking off their clothes If she’s a nervous wreck, well it never shows Takes one to football and one to dance Hits the Y for aerobics class Drops by the bank, stops at the store Has on a smile when I walk through the door The last to go to bed, she’ll be the first one up And I thought I was tough Chorus She’s strong, pushes on, can’t slow her down She can take anything life dishes out There was a time Back before she was mine When I thought I was tough We sat there five years ago The doctors let us know, the test showed She’d have to fight to live, I broke down and cried She held me and said it’s gonna be alright She wore that wig to church Pink ribbon pinned there on her shirt No room for fear, full of faith Hands held high singing Amazing
Life Is Not Fair
The Pain of SufferingLIFE IS NOT FAIR – BUT GOD IS GOODSUFFERING IS A PART OF LIFE. Dear friends, do not be surprised at the painful trial you are suffering, as though something strange were happening to you. 1 Peter 4:12purosis (poo'-ro-sis) – burning, fiery trial. THREE KINDS OF SUFFERINGCOMMON SUFFERING In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world. John 16:33CONSEQUENTIAL SUFFERING You will suffer… bear the consequences of your sins...Then you will know that I am the Sovereign LORD. Ezekial 23:49CHRISTIAN SUFFERING. In fact, everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted. 2 Timothy 3:12SUFFERING CAN DRAW YOU TO CHRIST. But rejoice that you participate in the sufferings of Christ, so that you may be overjoyed when His glory is revealed. If you are insulted because of the name of Christ, you are blessed...if you suffer as a Christian, do not be ashamed, but praise God that you bear that name... 1 Peter 4:13-14, 16I want
# 1
This is the Pimpout for this Week lets work real hard on leveling our family on this bully there is a special person on this that is not a memberand who hasn't been around to be with fubar we wanna wish him well and show him love so if u could please stop by his page and help him reach godfather all help is appreciated and we will check to see who visits to show appreciation back to you and we have learned photo comments are worth a good amount of points so rate and comment to help eachother. If you are getting rated from this pimpout rate back please !!! ~FAT SONNY~@ fubar cheriangel -Happily Married {WTC}@ fubar "Whisper 2 Me"AKA:~(desires)~~(D.S.C)~W.T.C~{ Proud Member}~Bartender 4 Guilty Pleasures!!~@ fubar Southrn Comfort { DSC, W.T.C, D &DC, Barbit*ch for Virgo's Lounge}@ fubar blue eyes~wife to john dreamdemon~,CLUB F.A.R. ~~W.T.C. MEMBER@ fubar Thank-you and Have Fun Rate and Comment Founders And Tribal Council !!!
What This Blog Is About
I Lost The list of who has featured on the pimpouts so i don't remember who is all on them and who hasn't been on them so from now on i after i make the bully this is where i am going to put them so that i leave nobody out and do it fair so we all get love and leveled hope u all understand my silly butt !!! SugarSpice
Re: Freedom Rally!
RE: FREEDOM RALLY! ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: VANMETER SAYS FREE RENO NOW Date: 07 Oct 2007, 02:03
You Think You've Got It Bad?! Look At This!! No More Complaining!!!
When a soldier returns home he finds it listen to his son whine about being bored. keep a straight face when people complain about be tolerant of people who complain about the hassle of getting ready for work. be understanding when a co-worker complains about a bad night's sleep. be silent when people pray to God for a new car. control his panic when his wife tells him he needs to drive slower. …to be compassionate when a businessman expresses a fear of flying.
I`v just discovered, how redicilous some people are (Scorpionchic)Just becaurse you have an other openion and i write what i meen, then this person got totaly childish, just to laugh over. Some people need to look at themself, and begin to see what and why people, don`t like your attitude. It`s a shame, that i cant tell this exatly THIS person that, easy enough to see, has been blocked, just becaurse i rated a pic of a singer, who killed himself and told her, what he were. A W.......... Just laughing of such a child. Get a grip, B.......
My Life
The court date, looming ahead like the shadowy gallows of yester-year. Head hanging low...eyes unable to focus on anything except the ground. My face becoming so hot....the tears swelling in my eyes as the first uncontrolable tears stain "twin" lines of black eye liner down my cheeks. Emotions flooding my head, heart, and soul. Are you there God? It's me Hancel...Taking everything in me to just breathe...10 months, 15 days, 6 hours, 14 minutes, 21, only a matter of days before finding out where the cards will fall. Will they? Won't they? Life altering decisions left in the hands of a third party that can change the course of my universe in the blink of an eye. To have money or not to have money....that is the desiding the expense of my heart Wolfgang and my soul Glenn. So...whether you believe in God and miracles or not I beg of you good people out there please send up a positive thought or two that my boys will be returned to me in 8 days, 6 hours, and
Oct 7
October 7, 2007 Quote of the Day "It is good to act as if. It is even better to grow to the point where it is no longer an act." – Charles Caleb Colton
Crying As I Type...
...we sat for dinner and next to us was an elderly couple. Maybe in their 80's. They were so sweet and I kept looking over at the woman. She was very small in stature. She was wearing blue trousers and a blue and white striped blouse. Her white hair was curled and she had gold earrings on. Her paper thin skin on her slender hands daintily picked at her food. She kept fussing w/ the gold bracelet on her left wrist. It was so cute how she would huff and puff everytime it would get in her way. Her feet barely reaching the floor. They dangled the way a child's would at the dinner table. At one point she caught me looking at her and she smiled. I didn't look away and I smiled back and said "hello". I then turned back to my food and I felt a tear start sliding down my cheek. I quickly caught it and wiped it away before anyone noticed. Why was I crying? The woman reminded me of my grandmother. So small, so fragile yet strong in her resolve and a personality to match. A flood of sadness
O Im So....
about to become single again.. here.. my b/f left thhis fucking house about 7 hrs ago ... no fucking calls or anything fucking thing... all i ask in respect that he calls me to let me know that he is ok....but not a damnthing... im so fucking pissed its not even funny... i will keep u all posted if i become single or not... or if he is even still alive... fuckin men
How To For Profile Settings....
_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ HOW TO GET TO PROFILE SETTINGS AND WHAT THE PAGE CONTAINS One way to go to your profile settings, is to go to the gray tool bar and hover over "My" Home | My | Top | Latest |INVITE-NEW! | Fun & Games | Gifts - NEW! | Lounges | Help | Logout When you hover over "My" this is what you get a drop down menu.... Photos Profile Stash MUMMs Blogs Contacts Blasts Lounges fuBank Account Messages Favorite Photos CLICK "PROFILE": This will bring you to your profile settings. (Account Settings will be the Default tab when you go to profile settings!) This is what you will see when you scroll down... view my profile as everyone else here to edit your CORE interests.note: your email and mobile addresses are NOT displayed on your public profile!
Pics That I Can Not See
I will be deleting all females on my friends list who have private photos that I can not see. It is no fair to me for you to be able to see my dick but I can not see your private photos. If you want to keep me as a friend you need to fix this problem, if not you will be deleted from my list.
Why Did I Get
I don't have any naked or offensive, discusting pics on file so why did I get this from ? [quote]One of your photos has been marked as NSFW (Not Safe For Work). Please make sure ALL your NSFW photos are flagged as NSFW and placed in an NSFW album. Your photo was marked NSFW because it was either offensive or NSFW in nature. Also, your primary photo and all your background photos may not be NSFW photos. NSFW CONTENT IS NOT ALLOWED in the public areas of the CT. You can define a new primary photo and background photos by clicking on images link. Continued violation of 'fubar' policy, will result in your account being deleted without warning.[/quote] This place is getting pretty sucky.....
Looking For That One Only Serious Women Need Apply
Any ladies on here willing to find love regardless of distance, I believe in it. I am single and willing to find love anywhere if the woman catches my eye and my heart. I am starting to believe the womean for me will not be from right up under my nose. I believe God has someone for me somewhere in America. I live in a small town in the south and as you all know or maybe you do not know the south is very racist and I do not exactly have my share of Hispanic, Mixed and White women which I prefer. So I am taking my search on the road for the sexy woman I will spend the rest of my life with. I am for real about this so do not laugh at me. This is Fubar Bachelor lol
Desperate To See...
Ron Mueck - Funny bloopers R us Ron Mueck is AMAZING. REL
Hello Everyone I'm new and I found this web while on Myspace and I stumbled over this one and I thought it was bad ass and I was right. Punx Unite
My Online Status
It doesn't always pertain to you. Maybe it pertains to one, all, or none at all. Take them how you will everyone cuz this CRAZY BITCH no longer gives a FUCK!
Special Request~~ Help Her Out ~ Beautiful Nightmare
Below is a link to a young lady who came by my page asking for WSC help. Due to our current obligations, I was forced to tell her we just didn't have any comments to spare. However she can actually win a second place prize with the most rates. Seeing as how these are not tied up by any other reason please go by and give her a rate! She seems a very sweet young lady and her man is totally committed to her he was bombing his heart out for her. Thank you all Lucretia~ LuAngel~~~ 'ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳஐ† .«·´¨*·.¸¸.«...BeautifulNightmare...·».¸¸.·*¨`·». †ஐ' Get this widget | Track details | eSnips Social DNA
Drinking Game But Looking For More Drinking Games...
Drinking Games Drinkopoly What you need: - A group of people (6-10 is good) - A monopoly board - A shot glass - A tall glass - Bottle of alcohol - Every person should have a drink How to play: Every person brings a bottle of liquor. It's good if this can be planned in advance so that the largest variety of drinks can be made with the different types of alcohol present. You might also need things like tabasco,orange juice, lemons, etc. (The iDrink website is extremely helpful. I wish it existed when we first played this game.) Depending on the number of people playing and the number of drinks that can be made, assign a different mixed drink or shot to each colour or property. When someone lands on that property that person has to drink whatever drink has been assigned to it. If there is someone that is not drinking it may be wise to make them the 'banker', who mixes the drinks to ke
Anne's First Erotic Massage
Anne's First Erotic Massage by p_l_chill © Anne couldn't hide her nervousness when she shown into the window-less room by the older woman. She had no real idea what to expect. It contained a massage table, as she imagined, and a shower recess in one corner, but the other was occupied by a large spa tub. The lighting was low yet bright enough to pick out the pink tones in the piles of fluffy towels on a shelf. There was also a single chair, so she sat in it, sensing that this was expected of her, and wondered what the coming hour would bring. She registered there was piped ambient-type music playing at a low level - no doubt to help relax the clients. Moments later the older woman slid the door open again, looked in and told her "Have a shower, sweetie. Relax." Anne nodded; a shower, okay. She understood that bit. Making sure the door was firmly closed, but rather alarmed to see there was no lock, she quickly stripped off her shirt, trousers and shoes, arranging them on the chair
Anna's First Taste
Anna's First Taste by JustPlainMerrie © Elizabeth loved the way Anna's ass looked in her jeans. She also admired her huge tits. Sometimes she felt guilty indulging in naughty thoughts of her new young co-worker but damn it she was alluring. Anna had long brown, curly, thick hair and dark eyes. Straight teeth, big contagious smile. Her skin was olive toned, true Italian. She was only 19 and completely bursting with life. There was a problem though. Anna had a boyfriend and everyone knew about him. Elizabeth couldn't sure if she'd ever go for her but she wanted to find out. Anna was into sports like rock climbing and sky diving but at the same time was an avid church goer. One could never be sure of those church types. One day while she was on her break, Anna brought in a few gossip magazines and was flipping through them. She went on and on about certain stars and their drama but when she turned the page to Angelina Jolie, her laughter turned into a serious but hypnotic look
Anna's Awakening
Anna's Awakening by So drained © It all started when my best friend, Anna, abruptly decided to stop being my best friend after I put my hand up her skirt. It wasn't my fault, and I still maintain that's she's deep in denial about her feelings about me in particular, if not other girls in general. We were both 18, in our last year of school. She begged me to cut the class we had together last period and go back with her to her house. Her parents were working, as usual, so we were all alone there. And of course she had this unbelievable pot that she cajoled me into smoking with her. After one hit of that stuff, I was tingling all over and could barely think straight. It was like I could feel the blood pumping through all my extremities, and could especially feel it coursing through my breasts, engorging my clit. I was turned on just being around Anna, pretty much all the time, but we got stoned together, it was all I could do to keep quiet about the way I was feeling, all hot and bot
Angry Insight
Angry Insight by eclecticdreamer © Candice sat in the corner, her foot tapping anxiously on the bar stool as butterflies performed stunning feats of acrobatics in her stomach. She watched the door as she sipped her fourth whiskey sour. Her head hurt, her heart hurt, but her resolve never wavered. In her mind, there was only one way to get even with her cheating fiancée. "Better slow down, Ms. Muffet, before a spider decides to take your tuffet." Candice looked at the bartender in surprise. The woman was looking at her in amused concern. "You sure you should be here?" "Mind your own business," Candice snapped, while her mind screamed for a comforting shoulder to cry on. She downed the last of her drink in one gulp unable to stop a wince as the whiskey burned her throat. "Alright then, I will. 'Nother round?" She pointed to the empty glass in Candice's hand. "Yes. Please," Candice said with an apologetic sigh, but the bartender had already turned her back to her. It was a
No Roses
No roses grow here now, the ground is much to dry. When the only water they get love, is from the tears that I have cried. No roses grow here in sunshine, the dark moved in to stay. When you took your laughter with you, and tore my heart away. No roses grow in summer, nor spring, or in the fall. And winters bite is bitter, no roses grow at all. No roses grow in splendor, their beauty for my eyes. You left and took the joy dear, you took the shining sky. No roses grow here ever, you salted hard the earth. Now only nettle thrives here, in the dark that you gave birth.
Angie's Day In Court
Angie's Day in Court by aussie_ella © Angie Mueller stared in the mirror as she drew a shuddering nervous breath. She was due in court in about two minutes and she wasn't really sure she could do it. She'd only been with the firm a week when Mr. Doppler had started forcing her to give him blow jobs, and she hadn't imagined that telling the HR Manager what was going on would end with her giving evidence against a senior partner in court. By the end of the day either she or Mr. Doppler were walking out jobless, him with a criminal record perhaps. The only saving grace in the whole mess was the prosecutor. Just the thought of Jenny Cutler made Angie lick her lips. The woman looked incredible in a suit, all curves and professionalism, with killer legs and an amazing ass. She was of average height in those heels so she must be fairly short out of them, Angie imagined. Jenny had a long thick wavy mane of dark brown hair with that auburn sheen Angie loved, and wore it differently every
Angie Finds A New Friend
Angie Finds a New Friend by secret_steph © Angie looked at her watch. "10 minutes late" she thought. She could feel the call coming. One that was much like the others. "What would the 'reason' be this time? A buddy needing help? Late with a homework assignment?" Angie always managed to meet the guys who just lacked commitment. Oh they were good on the first few dates. The normal dinners, movies and whatnot. But as soon as things got more significant the guys would drift off into the foggy night on the train never to be seen again. Unless of course the awkward times when she would be alone at some food court eating her slice of cheese pizza and see him off laughing with some blonde gymnast type. Life had played that card a few too many times. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't always some short little girl with perky A/B cup breasts and blonde, angel-like hair. It never failed to leave Angie self conscious about her 5'10 frame and her not so perky C cup chest. Guys were
Ich Bin Der Weg ( I Am The Way)
Do you feel the life in you? You aren't alone anymore I'll never leave get rid of you No one will come between us Stop fending yourself off And just let me happen Whether you want to or not I will never leave again Can you feel me? Can you feel me? We are eternally united Be ready for me I'm still invisibly small Yet everything grows with time You don't need to touch me Or be around my power to understand Truthful blessed are those Who beleive, without seeing Can you feel me? Can you feel me? I am the way Can you feel me?
The Condom Pack
A Older man and his young son are in the local store, when they happen to come across the line with condom...the young boy is happens to come across the small box of condoms...the young boy asked his father why they came in so many different amounts in a box...then his father explained...well the box of three are for high school teenages, one for friday, one for Sat. and one for Sunday...the box of 6 is for the college student...2 times on friday, 2 on Sat. and 2 on Sun....then the young boy looked to the one with 12...what about this one, he asked...the father looked sadly to the pack of 12...thats for a married for every month of the year... Not mine...i heard it some where...:D
Me Inside You
Let me inside you - let me inside you In your veins - in your brain Let me inside you - let me inside you Through your pore - show me more Let me inside you... Push me through the hardness of your troubled tissue Choke me through the thickness of your blood Lead me through the darkness of your entrails I'm comin' - I'm comin' Push me, choke me, lead me, baby Let me inside you... How many tears in your face? How many tears in your face? How many wasted tears? With me, inside of any... How many beads of sweat on your skin? How many beads of sweat on your skin? How many wasted beads? With me - With me, inside of any... (Inside of any…) Let me inside you (Let me!) Let me inside you (Let me!) In your veins - in your brain Let me inside you (Let me!) Let me inside you (Let me!) Through your pore (Let me!) Show me more Let me inside you (Let me read your mind) Let me inside you Let me inside you In your veins - in your brain In your veins - in your
What I Dislike: October 7
I figured that since I really dislike or flat out hate a lot of things either in the world, or here in the state of New York, or anything at all that seems to annoy me. I'd like to share my thoughts in case anyone has questions on it. This is my own personal thoughts, so what I say may or may not be true. If it offends anyone, all I have to say is I'm sorry you don't like other forms of opinions. So onward! Dislike for October 7th: Escape Being Bored With Alcohol. You might ask, why am I on this site if I plan to badmouth alcohol? I'll answer simply with this... this site doesn't have to do with anything that involves alcohol except watching a meter go up or random photos of people with alcohol. I'm really getting annoyed lately with everyone in the world finding nothing better to do with their lives except discover the essence that being drunk is what it is. I'll admit I've had red wine before, and yeah, I'll admit to having champagne, but why is it that nearly everyone I mee
Angie & Rachel
Angie & Rachel by SweetOasis © The evening drew to an end, Rachel invited Angie inside. Placing logs onto the fire, she went to the kitchen to get a bottle of wine. Bringing two glasses back with her, she asked if Angie would care to have a drink. Pouring the wine she set the glasses on the coffee table taking a seat next to Angie. Snuggled in under a blanket, resting her head on Angie's shoulder. Angie instinctively putting her arm around Rachel. As Rachel took the opportunity to link their fingers, bringing their linked hands to her lips. She gently kissed the back of Angie's hand. Turning to face Angie, Rachel brushed her lips against Angie's. Tracing them with her tongue, tasting the sweet nectar of the wine, gently nipping on her lower lip. Angie parted her lips welcoming Rachel's tongue, eagerly meeting it with her own. Straddling Angie's hips Rachel let out a soft silent moan, teasing Angie's tongue. As she lowered herself over Angie's lap, gently caressing her thighs. Slowl
Angela by hunterwren © It was a dumb idea. A friend told me about it and I guess I thought it might be good for a few laughs. And maybe I would meet somebody nice. It was a speed dating service that matched rich guys and hot girls. Silly, I know. Since I hadn't met anyone nice in a while I thought I would try it. I knew that I was going to meet a lot of jerks but I thought there might be a chance of meeting someone nice who could squire me around town and spoil me for a change. My last boyfriend was always broke (a starving artist type) and wound up owing me a lot of money that he still hasn't paid back. So I called the place. It was located in midtown, not far from where I worked, so went in for an "interview." It was obvious from the stares I received as I walked through the door that I was going to have no problem. I'm 5'9', 120 pounds, with long shoulder-length brown hair. I'm in terrific shape. To put myself through law school I was a personal trainer, which allowed me to m
Your Love Is Killing Me
Who do you think I am? Why did you come again? What does it take to make you drop me? Who do you think I am? I wish it wasn't me I wish you would agree I wish you wouldn´t always hurt me I wish it wasn't me Stop my agony! Help me! Rescue me! Won't you ease my pain! Help me! Hate me! Your love is killing me! Who do you think I am? Why do you start again? What does it take to make you scorn me? Who do you think I am? I wish I was alive (if only I had a chance) I wish you could revive (but would it make any sense?) I wish I could return your feelings I wish I was alive Stop my agony! Help me! Rescue me! Won't you ease my pain! Help me! Hate me! Your love is killing me! Who do you think I am? Why do you fight again? What does it take to make you curse me? Who do you think I am? I wish I was like you (if only I could believe) I wish I could renew (but I will bring you to grief) I wish I could erase my ego I wish I was like you Stop my agony! He
Amazing Idea For A Car! Look At This!
This is the new Mercedes Benz SCL600.This car is really different. That's not what is different about it.That either......and now for the 'really different' part: Here is what is different.No steering wheel, you drive it with a joystick.
My Soubrette
You can do what you want - I will never forget you You can do what you want - I will always beget you - again You can do what you want - I will never forget my soubrette You can do what you want - I will never forget you Time to put your love back in your hands Time to give your love a second chance You can be what you want - I will never ignore you You can be what you want - I will always adore you - again You can be what you want - I will never ignore my sweet whore You can be what you want - I will never ignore you Time to put your love back in your hands Time to give your love a fucking sense You give me reason to live You give me reason to realize You give me reason to live You give me reason to realize You can say what you want - I will never forget you You can say what you want - I will always beset you - again You can say what you want - I was fucking upset - your kismet You can say what you want - I will never forget you Time to put your love ba
Andee Goes Away With Lauren
Andee Goes Away with Lauren by camel© I'd been away with Lauren before, and we always seemed to have shared this mutual interest for each other. But since neither of us had ever really experienced a same sex relationship, the mood just seemed to remain sexually charged but reserved. This weekend would be a little different, however. Usually a few of us attend the annual pharmacy conference and share a hotel room. But this time around our coworkers had opted to skip it and stay home. Personally, I was looking forward to it. It's not often that I get the chance to have an escape from my husband and kids and just let loose. Lauren was my sexy 26-year-old blonde coworker. At work she rarely revealed the naughtiness that lay underneath her professional life; except for the occasional surprise fondle of my ass and the times she would come up behind me and rub her breasts against my back. She was married, but didn't have ay children yet. Of course, this showed, as her body was tig
My Own Private Prison
I'll fill you up with a new kind of glamour I'll make you frown with a true kind of tremor I'll lift you up 'cause my God's just arisen I'll take you down to my own private prison I'll fill you up with the breath of the rotten I'll bring you down to the lost and forgotten I'll wrap you up in the sweetest apparel I'll make you frown with a view down the barrel I'll take you up to my own cemetery I'll drag you down girl - I'm too solitary I'll lift you up 'cause you're my only treasure I'll make you frown for my own private pleasure Nothing can tear us apart Nothing can tear us apart You won't save me from love that hurts me You won't spare me from life that kills me I'll fill you up with a new kind of glamour I'll make you frown with a true kind of tremor I'll lift you up 'cause my God's just arisen I'll take you down to my own private prison Nothing can tear us apart Nothing can tear us apart You won't save me from love that hurts me You won't spare
Amy's Confession
Amy's Confession by truelifeconfessions © Hi, my name is Amy, I'm 19 and live in Surrey in the UK. I love sex and I just love reading about dirty things that other people have done. A while back I found a site on the internet all about people's confessions, all the naughty things that they had got up to. It really turned me on and I was pretty soon adding some of my own kinky confessions too, what a slut I am! I chatted to some of the other girls who were putting up stuff, sexySarah and sexybabe and their stories about girl on girl. I was thinking more and more about girl on girl sex and it was turning me on thinking about it. I had been doing other stuff with Andy and Lee that I had written about but I was obsessed with what I'd read from these girls, so.. My friend Lisa is well fit, all the boys fancy her, she has the best body of all the girls, she doesn't know about Andy, she just thinks that I am with Lee. As far as I thought she wasn't bi at all, we only ever talked ab
Ich Will Deine Seele (i Want Your Soul)
You're full of life, Your heart is made of Gold. I want to feel your longing I've always wanted you. I can't wait anymore Even though you're doubtful, I know you're on the verge, Of losing your mind. I want your soul, Squeeze up against me. I want your soul, Let me inside of you. I want your heart. I lied to you Shamelessly used you I have stained your blessedness with my sins. One's win is another's loss. Now give me the filling for the hole in my chest. I want your soul... I can't wait anymore, Soon I'll be with you I can't wait anymore, Because you belong to me. I want your soul Squeeze up against me. I want your soul, Squeeze up against me. I want your soul, Let me inside of you I want your heart. (I want your soul) I want your soul. (I want your soul) I want your heart.
Ambushed by fazza91 © "Isn't she an absolute stunner?" Kevin had shouted, his beer in danger of spilling as he staggered to one side trying to get a better view. He was keenly intent on the ample breasts trying to bounce clear of the low neckline as Suzanne bopped energetically on the dance floor just metres away. Emily looked at him ogling their guest in open-mouthed disgust. In six years of marriage, especially in his drunkest moments, her lousy husband just couldn't keep his comments on any pretty girl's looks to himself. But he had unknowingly echoed her own thoughts barely seconds earlier. Her eyes had been trained on the well-toned muscles on Suzanne's long bare legs and arms flexing as she danced about. There was poetry in the way her hands moved through the air, sensually roaming her body at times, or ran through her long tawny hair. Occasionally, the dim lights would highlight a raw, uninhibited expression on the breathtakingly lovely face as she shook her carefree hea
No O
ok so the website for mcdonalds monopoly game screwed me up today, it does not take O's in its code thing and had me thinking my keyboard was screwed up. it was not until I switched keyboards and tried the keyboard I did have on this computer on another computer that I discovered that it was not my keyboard but their website, they should put a disclaimer on their website that your O's will not work
Amanda by hunterwren© I'm a femme lesbian who works for an investment-banking firm in Chicago. In my line of work it is hard to meet women like myself. After my girlfriend and I broke up for the last time, I became very lonely and bored. I was 36 years old and single for the first time in a long time. At first I thought that I would love my freedom, but this euphoria didn't last very long. I was lonely, and eager to find a woman like myself. I hit the bars with some friends but I wasn't finding what I was looking for. I called Christine, an old girlfriend of mine, and we spent a weekend catching up and spending the night together at a hotel downtown. It was great to see her, and the sex was fantastic, but she had a girlfriend and I didn't want to create any drama. Apparently they were in an open relationship, but I was looking for my own partner. Like me, she was a very successful businesswoman with a lot of contacts. She gave me the card of someone she met when she was in Los
11 Signs Ur Crazy For Someone
11 signs ur crazy for someone ¢¾ELEVEN: You walk really slow when you're with them. ¢¾TEN: You feel shy whenever they're around. ¢¾NINE: You smile when you hear their voice. ¢¾EIGHT: When you look at them, you can't see the other people around you, you just see him/her. ¢¾SIX: They're all you think about. ¢¾FIVE: You realize you're always smiling when you're looking at them. ¢¾FOUR: You would do anything for them, just to see them. ¢¾THREE: While reading this, there was one person on your mind this whole time. ¢¾TWO: You were so busy thinking about that person, you didnt notice number seven was missing ¢¾ONE: You just scrolled up to check & are now silently laughing at yourself. NOW MAKE A WISH. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO...... ¢¾¢¾¢¾¢¾¢¾¢¾ ¢¾¢¾¢¾¢¾¢¾ ¢¾¢¾¢¾¢¾ ¢¾¢¾¢¾ ¢¾ ¢¾ ¢¾ ¢¾¢¾ ¢¾¢¾¢¾ ¢¾¢¾¢¾¢¾ ¢¾¢¾¢¾¢¾¢¾ ¢¾¢¾¢¾¢¾¢¾¢¾ ¢¾¢¾¢¾¢¾¢¾¢¾¢¾ ¢¾¢¾¢¾¢¾¢¾¢
Amanda by hunterwren© I'm a femme lesbian who works for an investment-banking firm in Chicago. In my line of work it is hard to meet women like myself. After my girlfriend and I broke up for the last time, I became very lonely and bored. I was 36 years old and single for the first time in a long time. At first I thought that I would love my freedom, but this euphoria didn't last very long. I was lonely, and eager to find a woman like myself. I hit the bars with some friends but I wasn't finding what I was looking for. I called Christine, an old girlfriend of mine, and we spent a weekend catching up and spending the night together at a hotel downtown. It was great to see her, and the sex was fantastic, but she had a girlfriend and I didn't want to create any drama. Apparently they were in an open relationship, but I was looking for my own partner. Like me, she was a very successful businesswoman with a lot of contacts. She gave me the card of someone she met when she was in Los
Along Came Julie
Along Came Julie by Lil_kitty © I was home alone; without boyfriend to call (I didn't want one) or a family to hang out with (they were out on a holiday for 3 days) . Normally I really like to stay alone, but not when I'm horny. In such moments you just want someone to get inside you and fuck your brains out. And it drives you insane when there's no one to do it, especially since you can't just relieve yourself on your own. Once you're used to long equipments, short fingers just don't satisfy you anymore (especially when they belong to you). Too bored to stay stuck, I opened the computer and got online. To my luck a girlfriend of mine was also there. She's bi(sexual) and that's the only part of her that's not a part of me. But anyway, we got to talk and I told her that I was lonely and so horny that I could easily insert the largest thing I could find to release it. Afterwards she asked me if I'd like her to come over and help me with this problem, saying she's got exactly what
Why Studying Is Better Than Sex
10. You can usually find someone to do it with. 9. If you get tired, you can stop, save your place and pick up where you left off. 8. You can finish early without feelings of guilt or shame. 7. When you open a book, you don't have to worry about who else has opened it. 6. A little coffee and you can do it all night. 5. If you don't finish a chapter you won't gain a reputation as a "book teaser." 4. You can do it, eat and watch T.V. all at the same time. 3. You don't get embarrassed if your parents interrupt you in the middle. 2. You don't have to put your beer down to do it. 1. If you aren't sure what you're doing, you can always ask your roommate for help. Not Mine just had to post it...
Along Came Julie
Along Came Julie by Lil_kitty © I was home alone; without boyfriend to call (I didn't want one) or a family to hang out with (they were out on a holiday for 3 days) . Normally I really like to stay alone, but not when I'm horny. In such moments you just want someone to get inside you and fuck your brains out. And it drives you insane when there's no one to do it, especially since you can't just relieve yourself on your own. Once you're used to long equipments, short fingers just don't satisfy you anymore (especially when they belong to you). Too bored to stay stuck, I opened the computer and got online. To my luck a girlfriend of mine was also there. She's bi(sexual) and that's the only part of her that's not a part of me. But anyway, we got to talk and I told her that I was lonely and so horny that I could easily insert the largest thing I could find to release it. Afterwards she asked me if I'd like her to come over and help me with this problem, saying she's got exactly what
Moonlight From Crematory
The dusk Falls - time is drawing near The sky lit blood red - the moon displays it`s glory The gusts carry`s a silenc hymn to my ear Oarkness surrounds me wich a veil of silk Coldness chisels signs wich my breath Close your eyes - close your mind And dancing in the moonlight Close your eyes - close your mind and dancing in the moonlight My feer carry my softly as on clouds The luscious odour of the nightwind Slips into my nose From a distant I recall The howling of an animal Shadows moving in rhythem wich the trees The night has never seen the grey of day My hands caressed by moonlight My eyes close to the melody of night Close your eyes - close your mind and dancing in the moonlight Close your eyes - close your mind and dancing in the moonlight The night has never seen the grey of day My body drifts like in a Fairy tale Close your eyes - close your mind and dancing in the moonlight Close your eyes - close your mind and dancing in the moonlig
Needs Help Please
i need help bombing and rateing my pic for my 1st contest in. PLEASE HELP ME COMMENT BOMB AND RATE ME! Follow the link below please and show me some love!
This Shit Hurt
Things I Have Learned.......So Far 1) That my knee does not like concrete. 2) That I would rather give birth through my nostrils than feel this pain. 3) That it is perfectly ok to break the commandment "Thou shalt not kill" when the x-ray tech bends my damn leg to get that special fuckin angle x-ray. 4) That it is great to work in EMS and know about drugs and instead of the ER Doc giving me the pain meds they think I should have,they ask me what pain meds I want. Oh Hell Yeah!!! 5) Pain meds are fuckin GREAT!!!! I still feel the pain......I just don't give a fuck. 6) Pain meds make me say cuss words,especially the word fuck and even make my fingers type them. 7) That sliding across the floor on my ass is much easier than using crutches when your sides are sore and feel like both your tits are broke.However,it does not work well outside. 8) Driving with my left foot is a challenge and that I approach the windshield quickly when I brake using the foot I don't no
What Women Would Do If They Had A Penis For A Day
10. Get ahead faster in corporate America. 9. Get a blow job. 8. Find out what is so fascinating about beating the meat. 7. Pee standing up while talking to other men at a urinal. 6. Determine WHY you can't hit the bowl consistently. 5. Find out what it's like to be on the other end of a surging orgasm. 4. Touch yourself in public without thought as to how improper it may seem. 3. Jump up and down naked with an erection to see if it feels as funny as it looks. 2. Understand the scientific reason for the light refraction which occurs between a man's eyes and the ruler situated next to his member which causes two inches to be added to the final measurement. 1. Repeat number 9...... Not Mine...just something i found and had to put here...hehe
What Men Would Do If They Had A Vagina For A Day
what men would do if they had a vagina for a day 10. Immediately go shopping for zucchini and cucumbers. 9. Squat over a hand-held mirror for an hour and a half. 8. See if they could finally do the splits. 7. See if it's truly possible to launch a ping pong ball 20 feet. 6. Cross their legs without rearranging their crotch. 5. Get picked up in a bar in less than 10 minutes ... BEFORE closing time. 4. Have consecutive multiple orgasms and still be ready for more without sleeping first. 3. Go to the gynecologist for a pelvic exam and ask to have it recorded on video. 2. Sit on the edge of the bed and pray for breasts too. 1. Finally find that damned G-spot.
Silly Reason To Wake Up
Have been doing thisthat with my iPod. Remembered that some tracks were missing information and remembered where some performer data I was missing (for now unavailable LPs) was... (in this case, for a brief quintet for oboe and strings by Danish composer Vagn Holmboe written when I was a very few years old and recorded just a couple of years after. Oboist on the LP was Mogens Steen Andreassen (also known for his Bach performances). Since I have the number of the LP, I have that it was recorded in 1973 ( though probably premiered in 1970 ([]=3887) (that latter website seems to give a timing of 27 minutes - and yet: the recording does not sound "cut" but is 13 minutes long. ... odd.) The oboist, Mogens Steen Andreassen, seems to have been known for his solos in Bach cantatas. (Speaking of Bach cantatas, if you don't know that side of his output but like the composer a lot, let me
Stinky Beans
LMAO A very good friend and I were trading youtube links....came across this one omg so funny. I needed the laugh so bad it made me cry again lol
Baby Love
Baby Love by BearsBabyBee © You've been antsy all day, wanting to leave work. Kissing me goodbye this morning while I was still sound asleep before you left for work just wasn't enough. Ever since we found out that we're expecting him, you haven't wanted to leave my side. Working a few hours a day while I'm at home with my now big belly seems to drag on forever, day in and day out. But it's time to go home and you say your goodbyes quickly and race out the door. It doesn't take you ten minutes to get home, and you run up to the door, but walk through the house slowly because you know that since pregnant, I've been taking naps at this time of day. Tiptoeing into our bedroom, you indeed find me propped up on three pillows, dozing away, my tummy bulging in front of me and my chest rising and falling slowly with every breath I take. You smile to yourself and walk over to the bed quietly. I open my eyes and smile at you, half asleep as you whisper, "I'm sorry baby girl; I didn't m
Scattered Brains
Um, I forgot what I was gonna......oh, yeah. K. I am getting more lost as of late. Not in a physical sense, I feel like my mind is the ultimate maze, and the emergency map I have is a blank sheet. I think that it's mostly stress, compounded by the unfortunate quantity of damaged, destroyed, and misfiring neurons that compose my grey matter. However, I don't think that is the only neurological deficit that I am dealing with. I can't quite get a bead on it. Confusion, tics, balance issues, and chemical imbalances are there, but I know not the exact cause, or any cures. My docs don't really know either. I hope that I can be of use to find a cure that will help others.
The Yearning
wanting you wanting to be with you needing to feel your touch yearning to feel your kiss lips so delicate and smooth hands so soft and gentle feelings inside My heart skips a beat I want you even more Your so close if any closer I'd reach out for your hand I wanna taste your skin I wanna feel you inside of me passionately thrusting rip my top off tear away my panties cut off my bra tell me you love me your everywhere everywhere I think everywhere I go i want to taste you Damn I just wanna be with you now
All Thanks To A Bear
All Thanks to a Bear by lonely_texas_breeze © She loves the crisp mountain air in West Virginia, the beautiful streams and the cool evening air that even in the summer time, gives her goose bumps. This time she has two weeks vacation to spend taking photographs and hiking. She didn't decided not to waste any of her precious vacation time, so she rented a cheap motel room just outside of town, so she didn't have to drive so far to go on her little adventures. The first sunset hits since she made it to town, she watches it while sitting on the rear bumper of her jeep. Sunrises and sunsets have always captivated her, she never understood why exactly, but if she sees one, she will stop and let it take her in, have its way with her, and then release her when it is done. After she comes too again, snapping back into reality, she heads for the shower and off to bed. The next morning, she is awaken by small sunbeams shining in through the window. She smiles at the thought of what s
You Might Remember This...
The Airport
The Airport by The_Black_Knight© Editor's Note: Every story stems from the vision of the author, whether by pure imagination, actual experiences, or a hope of what is to come. This story is a tribute to a woman who has become a great inspiration to me, and what I hope will become a long fulfilling relationship. A special thanks to sunny55235 for her great support and encouragement, and for being that much needed editor. Standard disclaimer: If you are under 18, offended by sexually explicit and erotic stories, or it is illegal where you are to read/possess such material, STOP READING NOW. This story is copyrighted © 2007 by the author. No part of it may be reproduced or reposted without expressed written consent. Part 1: The Airport He'd been waiting there for a while now, thirty minutes to be exact. He checked the clock on the wall and it just didn't appear to be moving fast enough; a glance at his phone verified that he still had more ten minutes to wait. Impatie
Afternoon Picnic With Delight
Afternoon Picnic with Delight by freebydesire © Sometimes it is those little moments you get with that special person that you remember forever. They are moments you capture without even trying. They sneak up on you when you least expect them. I love those moments, those unexpected surprises in life. It's Sunday and my love and I want to get out of the house. I have had little time to explore the state I live in and we want to explore a bit today. We pack a lunch and a Frisbee, a blanket and some drinks and load the car for an afternoon spring drive. We head north with no real direction, just enjoying the day. We drive for a while, listen to music, talk, enjoy the scenery. There is a historic marker up ahead and since we both love history, we stop to read the marker and there is large field nearby with trees and a creek. We are a bit hungry so decide to take a rest here and have some lunch. We grab our things and head down to an area by the creek where there is a tall Oak tre
After So Long
After So Long by DS3ET1RC6 © Sam looked into the mirror and sighed. It was her parent's best friend's 25th anniversary party, and she was not looking forward to the night. The only thing that she had to look forward to was the thought that their two gorgeous sons would be there. She smiled, thinking that although she was still friends with one of them, she hadn't seen the other since high school. She had had the biggest crush on him then but he never felt that way. She looked forward to making him regret that, considering that she had become quite the swan after her awkward duckling high school years. She pulled on a red lace thong and matching bra and stopped to admire herself in the mirror. Her long legs tapered to a neat, slim waist and then into her large 36 C breasts. Her small 5'4 frame was topped by her long brown hair, cascading in soft waves over her shoulders. She pulled on her daringly red dress and stilettos, applied some lipstick and smiled into the
Affirmation Of Love
Affirmation of Love by cdhawkeye96a © Before the day progressed further, her heart compelled to once again view the video tape. As she pushed it into the machine she said to herself, "I must transfer this to DVD before it gets ruined." Though she had viewed the video eight times over the last five months, she viewed the ceremony as if it was her first time. Each time she noticed something new. The camera zoomed past the bride and groom to focus upon Ken, the bride's brother, a local judge and elder in his church. His baritone voice deliberately articulated the words. His cadence was measured and rhythmic. Ken: "We are gathered in this home in the sight of God to affirm the marital union of Joseph and Nancy. Twenty-two years ago today, before family and friends this couple exchanged their vows love and have since lived as one in their hearts. We who are gathered here are able to attest that Joe and Nan have sought the best for the other. Each has given their best to and fo
The Touch
I envy every girl that has touched your body I desire nothing more than to feel you in every way strip away my clothes lay me on the bed kiss me gently tell me what it is you see caress every inch of my body kiss my lips feel my passion tear away your clothes lye beside me look into my eyes see my passion burning for you all the built up desire slowly unfolding as I sit on top you with my legs spread wide with each thrust, full filling a long awaited fantasy the touch of your hand on my skin like water flowing down my body the lusty look in your eyes melts me inside with the ever burning flame of passionate desire that is you
Almost Magical
Almost Magical by piltdownman© "-Do you trust me?" Moira asked. The sun was setting over the southern Ireland countryside, sending long, soft shadows from to tree to hedgerow and slowly turning the sky red. They sat on Moira's couch in her quiet cottage. She had her arm around the younger woman's shoulders. Sinead's school books lay scattered on the coffee table. It was a long moment before Sinead answered with a barely discernible nod. "I want you to turn around," Moira told her softly, and guided Sinead when she began to move. "-That's right, lean against me. Try to relax." She turned a little to the side so that Sinead could lean against her and sensed the younger woman's cautious anxiety. "-There's nothing to worry about," she told her gently. "I'm just going to show you what I mean, okay?" The setting sun through the open window bathed the two of them in it's soft, warm light as Moira reached around Sinead and began to unbutton the younger woman's blouse.
It's A Meez!
I made one in honor of Halloween, my favorite holiday. Apparently, I like to put a lot of spices in my brew =)
To Swing Or Not To Swing?
Why is it that if you are a swinger that people automatically think you are gonna jump into bed with a perfect stranger? I am a Bi female and married, we swing, but is that any reason for us as a couple not to have options? I have guys message me all the time and first thing they say is "Wanna fuck". I am not a prude but come on now boys, I want to get to know what goes in my bed before I get it there. Show some respect! I would appreciate some feed back on this if anyone could please!
Allison's Rabbit
Allison's Rabbit by JustBeyond © It was very good to see her after such a long time. It had to be at least six months since I had been out with Allison. She was living and working in St. Louis now, far from Florida where I now lived. Allison was even more beautiful than I had remembered. Her long blonde hair was tucked up in a messy bun; her jeans were low on her hips with just a hint of tan skin peering through the gap between her pants and the tight t-shirt that showed off her ample breasts. She took off her sun glasses and smiled at me. I hugged her tight, "I have missed you!" "Hop in." she ordered. Her little white VW Cabrio had the top down and was running. We had talked earlier and decided that she and I would have dinner and spend the night, just like old times. I jumped in, I couldn't wait until dinner. Allison and I dined while casually reminiscing about old times. We met the first day of high school. She and I lived a block apart and rode the same bus. We were inseparable
Allison Serves Up Twat
Allison Serves Up Twat by AmyHart © Allison Springs knew, of course, that she was a stunner, a looker, a hottie, a cutie. And yet none of those words actually fully described the beauty and sex appeal of the 22-year-old blonde social worker. She was more. Much more. At 5 feet 10 inches and 125 pounds, her 34DD – 21 – 34 figure was topped by a face that was that of an angel. She was a glorious, natural blonde and was everyone's definition of a sexy dream. Men and women alike. But Allison knew there was no place in her life for males. And, no place for assertive females. Her life consisted of being waited on and pleasured by an assortment of very submissive females, those who lived to service superior blondes. And her looks made it very easy to capture those who wanted to worship what she had between her legs. And Allison loved letting them worship it, to show their low position in life and to honor that which was truly superior. But she was growing bored lately. The five lo
Allison by HappilyM © The cold rain slashed like a razor blade, people were in a hurry to return home from a hard day at work. Allison was no exception. Her tall brown leather boots were nearly soaked through. Every mud puddle that she was forced to walk through made her wince; the boots that she had bought only two months ago were ruined. "Damn weatherwoman! She said it was going to be sunny," she fumed, to no one in particular. Finding safety in a negligee store, muttering again, to herself, "Well I guess I need a new pair of panties." The warmth of the store blanketed her, the smells of vanilla and jasmine permeated the air. Taking a deep breath Allison started to relax and warm up. "May I help you find something in particular? You know, with your fine porcelain skin and dark hair, I think a jade green—or no, better yet a dark amethyst—would look great on you. Something that laces up the front, showing off your sensual curves, with maybe a deep cut to accentuate your melon
Allie by got_the_lyfe © Allie was headed for Samantha's house. It was Friday night and her friend had called her to tell her that her parents were out of town and that she was putting on a big, loud party. Boys, drinks, all of it. Just the kind of place a cute, single 18-year-old like Allie wanted to be. She walked briskly in the dark, excited and impatient. She'd been out of a boyfriend for a few months and she missed the sex. With any luck she'd find a new one tonight. Or at least get drunk. Maybe both. She definitely looked nice; at about 5'3", Allie was a bit on the short side, but the rest of her made up for it. Her short legs were beautifully curvy, toned and firm from frequent workouts. Her thick thighs merged beautifully into a gorgeous bubble-butt that tonight was shrink-wrapped in a pair of skin-tight black jeans. Allie was a bit of a punk, so that meant they were slightly ragged at the knees, and topped by a thick, chrome-spiked belt. Her flat stomach was left partly
All The Time In The World
All the Time in the World by B5Ranger © After almost four years of my blood, my sweat and many of my tears, I finally had the desired results I wanted. I've been heading up a project at the university I teach at, and since my grant on this project is rather small, most of my assistants are students from my classes. I had called in the Dean of the Science department, the Dean of the University, and the board of the company that has been funding my project. The demonstration had gone as well as could have been expected for not working at all. I couldn't understand what went wrong, but at least the Dean's and board members were understanding of what is being tried. "I don't understand what went wrong." I told him, totally frustrated. "Dr. Wine." The CEO of the board called me. "We know that you are on the verge of a break through, and you have our assurance that your funding will continue." The Dean of the Science department, Dr. Jennor spoke up. "Dr. Wine. I already expla
Un Named
The cold reality has finally gotten to me Cruelity, deciete, and heart ache, i can see clearly All it is, is a repeat of my history Why can't i be happy is the mystery My heart has been torn out too many times Guys keep feeding me the same lines All i get is rejected Never accepted It should be routine I should be used to the mean But i give in Hoping its not the same thing i was in I am going to be alone With my heart now stone Chipped and broken Is the future spoken Life has nothing to offer My heart will never be softer I poured out my heart They still ripped it apart I don't care if i live or die I rather death than to cry They aren't worth the tears But i still cry when no one hears It all ends the same With heart ache, and i'm to blame
All In The Black And Pink
All in the Black and Pink by ebonymistress © I had just finished my last semester of college and landed a great job at Garston's Preparatory. I would be the new PR person. I was surprised be getting the offer so soon after graduation, but the old PR person had suddenly found out that she had cancer, and decided that her health was more important for the job. So I went in and interviewed, and well the rest is history. I knew right away that I was going to love the job, first off the salary was almost three times what our professors had told us we would be making upon graduation, secondly I was provided with a new car, and thirdly I was provided with my own apartment adjacent to the school. The only thing in life that I was missing was a man. I had broken up with my boyfriend a couple of semesters ago; when I found out he had slept with my roommate. So in that department I was kind of low, but for everything else I was on a natural high, and little did I know I was going to be gettin

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