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Alisha Goes Black
Alisha Goes Black by TheBiggestThing © All people in this story are over 18. This is pure fantasy Alisha started walking through the halls of her school. The school day was over, and it was the start of Christmas break. She was so happy she was going to spend her entire break with Mike. Mike had called her during 4th period, and told her he would pick her up around 5:45. Alisha decided just to stay at the school, and finish her art project before Mike got there. When Alisha got in the art room she saw Olivia. Olivia and Alisha were good friends, but they were also reviles in the art show that there school had every year. "Hey Liv. What ya doin?" ask Lish. "Just working on this art project that will blow yours out of the water." Liv laughed. "Oh is that so?" Lish ask? "Yeah that's so," Liv said. Rachel pulled her art project out of her cubby, and started to work on it. Alisha sat across the room from Olivia. They both would look up from there projects, and gave
Alex Goes Slave Shopping
Alex Goes Slave Shopping by Crew Cut © It's so much easier to get slaves these days. Ever since Sybilla SlaveMistress opened her Saturday morning slave market downtown. Previously, girls who wanted to work as sex slaves had to either take out advertisements on PlasmaVision or undertake tiring personal visits to potential Mistress's residences. My last slave had left to marry and settle down in unholy matrimony with the girl of her dreams. Bloody nightmares more like I thought when Abigail first introduced me to Tommie. But after a few heart to hearts I realized the big Diesel with a heart of gold wasn't interested in taking advantage of sweet little Abigail and I was happy to give her away. Fuck, why do I still stereotype people? What hope is there for us lemons when us lemons are so damned un-pc? I guess I still struggle to overcome suspicion of other Butches. Which is odd, really, because I don't mind a fuck with another Butch from time to time, specially in a three-or-mo
Noob In The Mumms
This guy thinks its cool to call girls whores.
Alex Ch. 01
Alex Ch. 01 by CatherineKissesGirls © I watch Alex from the house, or sometimes I watch her from the stables, when she is out at the ring. She is so natural on our Andalusian Little Betty, her black hair pulled into a tight French braid and tied with a white grosgrain ribbon. Alex only braids her hair when she is teaching a lesson. When she rides on the trails by herself she wears her hair loose and curly, and I about die. Alex began working on our farm two months ago, while I was still away at university, after Hazel got pregnant and stopped giving private lessons. Alex, wrote my mother in an email, "is a sweet girl, though quiet. She is staying in Hazel's old room and keeps to herself, much to your brother's dismay (she is quite beautiful)." Stacked, is how Casey put it exactly. Her body is breathtaking. It took my breath away anyway, which I never expected. I had a few girl crushes at school, but nothing came of any of them, excluding Vicky, my lab partner, whom I kissed o
Ailiana's Tub
Ailiana's Tub by JuicyPeach © "Catch you later!" she called out to the rest of the office staff, as she slung her bag over her shoulder and headed out to the truck to go home for the night. Ailiana knew that that would be her last human interaction until the next day. Settling into the drive home, her painted on smile slowly faded away, into a frown. Her husband was working overnight, yet again, and that left her alone all night. He worked more nights that she thought he ever would, and that played a big role in her unhappiness as a wife. She was a young wife, 25, and had been unhappy for a few years now. Ailiana felt trapped though; the mortgage, dogs, marriage. It all played a big role. She loved her husband, that was a fact, but lets just say that the sex life left much to be desired. Honestly, unless she pleasured herself on the nights he was working, she would never get off to orgasm. She learned to just let him fuck her when he got home, and then go finish herself off
Again...please Again...
Again...Please Again... by jenyes © Sprawled out over your vanity or dresser. Perfume and brushes and jewelry boxes tosses aside or still under me as you pound me. Your hand wrapped up in my hair, pulling my head back as your hips drive me into the solid surface. Imploring me to fuck...fuck like the bitch i you do all the fucking. I cry out as i orgasm and you fuck me harder. Then as you near you own orgasm, you pull out of my pussy. And in one motion, you slide completely up my ass. Holding there, you breathe in my ear how you are going to bitch fuck me. Fingers gripping my face then three pushing into my mouth. I can see and I watch you in the mirror. Behind me, so domme and proud and hot. Your need to use me consuming you, consumes me. I feel your hips pull back, drawing your cock almost out of my ass before you pound back in swiftly and fiercely. I beg you to fuck me. You now have the measure and you use it. Taking my ass, fast and hard. Both our vo
Look At This
Afternoon Swim
Afternoon Swim by Tawny T © I was living in a small university town, doing graduate study on my degree. The university was very good, but it was in the Bible Belt, and the town was Dullsville personified. An aunt had died leaving me a sizable inheritance, and I could concentrate on my studies, most of the time. I'm female, and single. I had several bad relationships with men that left me with the feeling that I could live without them for a long while. Still, I am human and my sex drive still sits there and simmers in the background. One bright point in Dullsville, was Susan, a lovely, rather shy married woman, only a couple of years my senior. She was studying at the University, taking some courses in the same field as I. We studied together from time to time, and became friends. Her husband was Mr. Dullsville himself. They had a backyard pool with a high privacy fence around it, and she invited me over often to swim after classes, and when I had a half day of classes. I love s
Afternoon Detention
Afternoon Detention by TaraNSean23 © I still can't believe that Mrs. Brockerstone gave me detention for being late, I mean I was in the classroom when the bell rang. I've been sitting here for 5 minutes and she hasn't shown up. Oh wow, Ms Patterson just walked in! She is so cute. She is about my height 5'2 and very petite. She is wearing this long denim dress, which looks like it has snaps going all the way down the front. The bottom 5 snaps are undone which goes right about her knees. "You must be Kelly Richardson, Mrs. Brockerstone won't make detention this afternoon so she asked me to watch you. You are the only one in here. So do you have something to do?" "Yeah, can I read my English or do I have to do math?" "Whatever keeps you busy and quite." She sat down at the desk and pulled out a stack of papers, probably her classes' homework. I wish she was my math teacher. Mrs. Brockerstone is such an old bag. My best friend Julie has her. I just see her a lot in the hal
A Little Dilema In The World Of Me.
So I dated this woman about 8 months ago. (Shortly before the horrible ex-roomate/girlfriend thang). She was intelligent, attractive, had quite a few interests in common with me. I loved spending time with her. The problem was two fold. 1. She and I had a hard time scheduling time with each other due to my job and her job. Add into that she was not allowed to come over to my place because my roomate was her boss (and I later found out that the roomate had a thing for me and was jealous). 2. Until she had dated me she had not dated anyone else for seven years. He reasons for this were because she did not want her son to be come attached to a man who may or may not be around for a long time. So she stayed single. This was a hell of a lot of pressure for me. I was afraid that I would hurt her and possible her son if I did not or was not able to stick around. So I broke things off with her and we have become pretty good friends. Still have trouble getting together but we talk
Afternoon Delight
Afternoon Delight by Saybrin © "I think I'll go for a hike up the mountain a little farther while you boys get the fire going. Carly, want to come with me?" The question was directed at my younger brother Josh's girlfriend, who was three years his junior having just turned 18 the week before. Carly and Josh had decided to join me and my boyfriend Brett on our yearly camping trip, and tonight was the first night we'd be spending out in the wilderness. Our tents had already been set up and the guys were getting ready to build the fire we'd be cooking dinner over tonight. After a long day of hiking up the mountain, I needed to take off for a while and relax. I figured Carly needed to do the same, and I was correct when she accepted my invitation. "Yeah, that sounds like a good idea," Carly replied. We both grabbed our backpacks and took off on the little-used trail that wound its way upward. "Be back in an hour or so," I called over my shoulder and winked at Brett as he loo
After Work Delight
After Work Delight by matron222 © I arrived to the apartment miserable, throwing my briefcase down by the door. As any administrator, I brought my work and my problems home. I was thirty-eight and my career was succeeding but taking a toll on my nerves. The only positive thing happening was my lover, Tessa. After meeting her six months ago at a party, we fell instantly in love and decided to move in together. For me, she was a real catch. She was tomboyish at six feet tall with a muscular build. Her skin was dark and she had long black hair that fell to almost to her butt. She was ten years younger than me and had different ambitions. She worked in shipping at the same hospital where I worked but she left her job at four and still had a life. Despite her age, Tessa was the more dominant. She insisted I dress nicely every day, often choosing my lingerie, jewelry and perfume. She liked me to look like a real lady although she herself wore just blue jeans and a shirt to wor
Tattooed Feet so theres the link to go voice for my pretty tattooed feet
Show Me What You've Got
Show me what you've got boy Tell me what you need Let me be your plaything Come do that dirty deed Fuck me now I plead Take me like you mean it Teach me right from wrong Put me at your mercy Make me sing your song Fill me with your juices Baby it's been so long Shake me like your rag doll Watch me come apart Reach into my velvet place Keep my stolen heart Hold me like your treasure That's my favorite part Whisper to my soul now Pluck me from the ground Melt your flesh into me Impale me on its crown Shower me with your pearls The best I've ever found
Help A Friend
BIG PAPI@ fubar help a good friend of mine to level
Hey You All!!!!!
hey i know i havent been around much but i am asking for some help on a contest there is another one going as well. i have been having a lot of problems but i am in trying to help out as much as i am able to here is her link to her contest come show her some love ty.......(LOVEABLESISSY)
After Work Ch. 1
After Work Ch. 1 by Silkboxers © Emma Jones looked up from her PC. It was the end of a long day at the advertising agency and she felt very strung out. As the computer shut down, she cast a long look around the office at her colleagues all getting ready to leave on the warm Friday evening. Emma wondered what they had planned for the night. Her gaze lingered on several people. Stephanie had only been at the agency for a month, but had already caused quite a stir, not just because she was very sharp and had generated business for the company, but through her dress. Both men and women noticed her constantly, and Emma's eyes caught her profile, high breasts, nipples outlined through her sleeveless top. Slim legs wrapped in a printed satin skirt, the curve of her buttocks making the material ripple as she bent down to retrieve her bag, which had slipped under the desk. On the other side of the partition Steve was straightening out his tie. Emma was sure this was a premise to sta
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Take me... hard, without mercy... threaten me, a growling whisper detailing the liberties you own, making me slave to the senses, animal in desire - making me want more, crave more... wish and beg for more - taken for more, then more.
oh im sorry...were you under the impression something important would be typed here? i'd say im sorry to disappoint you...but im not. out of safety and peace of mind its safer to retreat to the private place. cuz im me...and if i have a choice...between prying eyes and non prying eyes? well gee...which one do you think i'll pick? ciao.
Take Me
My hands tremble at the thought of touching you, My heart palpitates thinking of the things we’ll do, I run my fingers over my lips, Imagining your taste, your kiss, I become excited, and there is a catch in my breath, Mmmm…imagining your mouth on my breasts, Tongue teasing the peaks and making me ache, The fire burns hotter with each move you make, My hands reach down to grip the hardness that has formed, My mouth slides down over you, tasting you, mmmm, my mouth, wet, warm, Your hands in my hair, guiding, The taste of you is delighting, I feel you tense and jerk with each flick of my tongue, I smile, and continue, wanting you to lose control, wanting you to cum, I pull you deeper into my throat, the sensation is intense, That your hands grip my head and the cumming begins to commence, You smile down at me as I lick the last drop from you, And I become even hotter, knowing what you’ll do, You pull me up off of my knees, And state that it’s your tur
How Did You Find This Site
how did you find this site
New Dragon Pics
ok everyone i got my dragon album done for now with some new art work come check it out and drop me some mad love hope to see you all checking them out
what ya do here
Adela by lesbiaphrodite© I lay on the bed for a moment after the door closed and listened to her footsteps go down the hallway of the hotel. The elevator door opened and closed. I then rose to stare out the window. I watched the busy Manhattan sidewalk vacantly until I caught sight of her as she walked across the street. Her blonde, wavy hair became tousled by the wind. Her eyes, deep green, looked ahead, as though she were lost in thought. The golden hue of her skin made her appear to be glowing from the inside. Her black coat covered a red shirt and a pair of jeans. Underneath, she had a beautiful body. Full-swung breasts with pale pink nipples. A flat stomach with a small inward belly button. A perfect heart-shaped ass—finely cleft. A triangle of soft, blonde downy hair covered her sex. I could still taste her in my mouth. I watched until she vanished from my sight, and I had the sensation that she was still there. I strained to smell her perfume, but it was gone. Adela, t
Taser Story
The occasion was our 22nd anniversary and I was looking for a little something extra for my wife Toni. What I came across was a 100,000-volt, pocket/purse-sized Taser. The effects of the Taser were supposed to be short lived, with no long-term adverse effect on your assailant, allowing her adequate time to retreat to safety.... WAY TOO COOL! Long story short... I bought the device and brought it home, loaded 2 AAA batteries in the darn thing and pushed the button. Nothing! I was disappointed. I learned, however, that if I pushed the button AND pressed it against a metal surface at the same time; I'd get the blue arch of electricity darting back and forth between the prongs. Awesome!!! Unfortunately I have to explain to Toni what that burn spot is on the face of her microwave. Okay, so I was home alone with this new toy, thinking to myself that it couldn't be all that bad with just 2 AAA batteries,... right? There I sat in my recliner, my ca
A Drop Of Inque B
The Account Executive by wild_jay © Ginny was a 'natural'. Her salesmanship and account management skills had landed her a position with one of the top ad agencies in the Bay area. She had systematically acquired several high profile hi-tech firms and signed them to global contracts. Her account portfolio had over doubled in the past year, as it had the two previous years. Ginny was high energy, a dynamo rising quickly in the eyes of the firm. She had set a reputation for winning. I knew of her as I had competed with her for a number of accounts. Ginny was tenacious, and her agency's capabilities and professional reputation gave her a clear advantage. We had met socially at business functions, she had always attended alone as had I. Contact with her had always been slightly strained, I felt she viewed me with caution, as she would any competitor. In spite of her 'all business' demeanor I found her incredibly attractive. Ginny had strong features and a compact athletic lookin
Act Of Forgiveness
Act of Forgiveness by smhgirl2002 © I watched her as she walked into the fitting room area. I followed closely behind and my excitement grew as I watched the door close behind her beautiful body. I waited for a brief moment and then tried the door. It was locked. I softly knocked on the door. “Just a minute.” “Open the door please,” I said stubbornly. “Find another room if you will not wait,” came the reply. “There aren’t any available rooms, so I thought perhaps we could share?” Nothing but silence. I knew the young girl was breaking. Her defense was diminishing, as her arousal heightened. I took control of the situation. “I only need to try this one shirt on, I will be but a minute, now open the door.” It took exactly three seconds for the door to open. I stepped inside and closed the door. “Thank you. I will hurry along,” I said as I pulled my shirt up over my head. I was not wearing a bra and her eyes were fixated on my small, perky breasts. My nipples h
Accidents Will Happen
Accidents Will Happen by decimus © When the doorbell rang I thought it was Kev back early from work. We'd only just moved on to the Reader Estate and I figured that maybe he'd forgotten his keys. I was unpacking boxes but I'd dressed up a bit for him. You know, short skirt, tight top, high heels, a bit of lipstick in all the right places - he hadn't been showing much interest recently. So I just called out, "Come on in!" Then I bent over a box as provocatively as I could. Well, you should have seen the color I went when in walked one of the new neighbors. German she was. Or at least she had some sort of accent. She had a bossy attitude too but she was friendly enough. I think she saw the funny side. Magda, that's her name. She soon got me chatting, found out that Kev was a salesman and away a lot; found out that I used to do a bit of waitressing and bar work. That was when she offered me the job. "We call it the Reader's Wives Club." She said. "But it's only a joke
Construction of my pics is complete, there are many of my baby, a couple of me, one of my wife, and a few of my 3 older children, enjoy.
...a Swift Kick In The Groin
It is October 6, 2007, 7:00 pm. I just found out that my oldest daughter is not mine. She is some other man's daughter and her mother, laura, has been lying to me for 3 years now. So, I guess that I don't have a daughter. The baby that was born when I was married to lucy is not mine. She has bright red hair and blue eyes. I have 2 children now. Aaron, my oldest son, and Kyle, my youngest son. It is rumored that I have another son with a woman named Peggy Bicknell, and one with my first g/f, Patricia Horan. How to know? Who to believe? Maybe someday, when Jesus comes back, I'll find out how many children I have. It feels like I have lost something, even tho I did not have it to begin with. I thought I had a daughter named Shalee........................
Into The Void
tonight after hanging out with best friends for one of their bdays, I came home my head all fucked up. it was just the 3 of us hanging, which we haven't done in quite awhile. while the other 2 were talking, I was sitting not speaking because I really wasn't part of the conversation.this went on for a while & decided to just up & leave, see if they'd notice - I've been home for almost an hour & I guess they didn't. I've done this before, nothing new, but but those times I was usually pretty drunk when I did.this time I just felt it was different. I feel blank,empty,nothing. like I am going back into the void I was in before. here but not really here & nobody noticing I'm not my usual self. at this moment in time I really don't care much about myself or my future. I think that when I die, there will be no sadness that I am no longer alive & won't be missed by anyone. I mean, who really gives a fuck about me anyway? I don't......
Hello All
I am on a friend's PC since I came home Monday and found I was robbed of all my valuables (TV, stereo, computer, money). I have changed all my locks and am going to get a new laptop on Wednesday and will be back online again. Shay, sorry on the delay in chatting, but I will devote the day to you wednesday. Love everyone - Wayne
For Txmomof 5-girl In Same Boat As Me Lol(i Have 5 Too Duhhhh)
2000 behind please help me 1st and keep it
Verified With Snopes
Subject: Verified with SNOPES--this is unnerving IN ORLANDO LAST WEEK, AT A CITGO STATION REGULAR GAS WAS PRICED AT $2.82 PER GALLON, NO CUSTOMERS, HOWEVER ACROSS THE STREET WHERE FUEL WAS SELLING FOR $2.85 PER GALLON AND ALL PUMPS THERE HAD CARS WAITING TO FUEL. Have you noticed how the Citgo signs have disappeared in the past 7-8 months? Very clever move by Chavez.But guess what CITGO IS CHANGING ITS NAME...this is serious Americans...make sure you read. " -------- NEWS FLASH -------
Canada's Health Care
Subject: Canada's Health care system from a Canadians point of view. Hey Guys; I saw on the news up here in Canada where Hillary Clinton introduced her new health care plan. Something similar to what we have in Canada. I also heard that Michael Moore was raving about the health care up here in Canada in his latest movie. As your friend and someone who lives with the Canada health care plan I thought I would give you some facts about this great medical plan that we have in Canada. First of all: 1) The health care plan in Canada is not free. We pay a premium every month of $96. for Shirley and I to be covered. Sounds great eh. What they don't tell you is how much we pay in taxes to keep the health care system afloat. I am personally in the 55% tax bracket. Yes 55% of my earnings go to taxes. A large portion of that and I am not sure of the exact amount goes directly to health care our #1 expense. 2) I would not classify what we have as health care plan, it
I'm Sorry!
I'm sorry I haven't been on here all that much lately. I've been running into some family problems that need dealing with. I have been trying to get through all my emails and such that have been building up for the past week or so... Please bare with me. But I do at least check this every night, so if you need me or want to talk just let me know. Missing everyone so very much! Ciao! XOXO
Veteran's Day
> > > Since November 11th is Veteran's Day, I thought this would be a nice way > to > thank our troops for their bravery. Here's something cool that Xerox is > doing... > > If you go to (paste this link into your browser)you > can > pick out a thank you card and Xerox will print it and it will be sent > to a soldier that is currently serving in Iraq. You can't pick out who > gets > it, but it will go to some member of the armed services. > > How AMAZING it would be if we could get everyone we know to send one! > This is a great site. Please send a is FREE and it only takes a > second. > > Wouldn't it be wonderful if the soldiers received a bunch of these? > Whether you are for or against the war is immaterial...our guys and gals > over there need to know that we appreciate them. > > Please keep this going! > > > >
Backseat Oral
Backseat Oral by POFD © It was close to 5 PM one November evening when Isabel called me to invite me out for drinks. We worked together and had been seeing each other for awhile. With her lovely, slightly-accented voice she suggested something more than cocktails and hors-d-oeuvres. We left work together and, getting in our cars, headed to Shirlington, where there was a pleasant tapas bar. The bar was her choice because it was midway between my house and hers. Isabel was 40, but didn't appear to be middle-aged. It helped that she was Cuban; her Latin ancestry gave her lovely olive skin, dark eyes and beautiful, lustrous dark brown hair with hints of red. She had a trim figure with a perfect ass and full breasts. Live every other Latina I met, she loved sex. If there was one complaint that I had with Isabel, it was that she was married. She had recently filed for divorce. Still, I was fucking a married woman. "Not the first time", I thought. We got to the restaurant, Toro, and
Lvlin Help Needed
DJWickedRayden/ Fusion Radio- barbiie bodyguard/ Jade Fubar son@ fubar plz help my friend lvl he needs 3,490
A HUGE congrats to Monkey Butter and Big Beautiful Juggalette!!!!!! *BiG BeAuTiFuL JuGgAlEtTe*~ 2nd place with 3,138 wins a fu ticker or choice of big pimpin gift!! woop woop! *MoNkEyBuTtEr* ~1st place with 4,019 comments! wins a 7 day blast!!woop woop! CONGRATS !!!!! I want to thank all the contestants.......ya all did an awesome job!
Babysitting Her Sister
Babysitting Her Sister by badboisumtymz © I had been going out with Cara for a little over a year when things had begun to change. I still loved her, we still went out barhopping and our sex life was out of this world, but things just weren't the same. You see, Cara was different than most of the girls I had been with. Although she was attractive and had the best personality in the world, Cara was the single mother of three bratty kids and her increasingly larger figure was beginning to get in the way of my desire for her. That and her fuck the world attitude. It was cute at first, but then it got to be a bit trying. To make things worse Cara's younger sister Kristin had moved into the Cara's apartment building a couple of months earlier. She was new to town and had no friends, so she was a constant third wheel. I loved Kristin's company and found it exciting to steal glances at her tight body, but at some point in the evenings I wanted to fuck my girlfriend, so my tension gradu
Babysitter's Dirty Little Secret
Babysitter's Dirty Little Secret by Grace_Crites © The sound of the school bell jerked me from my trance. It was 3:00 pm and the school halls were soon flooded with students rushing to their buses. I was in no hurry to get home that day. My mother was taking me to the Health Department for my first pap test and birth control pills. I turned 18 just two-months ago and had sex for the first time last month. Although it was a bit painful, my boyfriend was very gentle and made it an experience to remember. Since that night my boyfriend comes over every time we have an opportunity to be alone. We always practice safe sex but my mom wants me to take every precaution possible. I walked out of the health clinic with my little brown bag. We piled into my mom's SUV and headed home. She had a book club meeting that night with her girlfriends and dad would be working late as usual. As we pulled into the driveway I was excited to call my boyfriend and invite him over for some fun. Unfortunat
How Come
Hello...nice Meeting You...bit
It really was nice meeting all of you and friends. I'm going to cancell my FUBAR account. It's just toooo much negativity and obscenity. I know this is a bar...but in RL bars arn't this bad lol. I like the shoutbox thingy...but guess my MySpace is enough. I run mine...texwolfie and the one for my dad...WWII B24 Memorial. I will cancell this account sometime next week time for replys and questions.....Texwolfie
Babysitter by indianbarbie86 © As I'm a student at University, I often find myself strapped for cash if I want to have a night out so I sometimes earn £30 a night by taking care of children while parents are out for an evening. And I'm well known around the town for being a very reliable young lady (They often feel obliged to pay me extra for all the cleaning and dishes done etc). Anyway, a received a phone call from a man saying his wife was out of town on business for a week and he wanted to go out with his friends for the night and asked if I could look after his 8month old baby. I was more than happy to do so as babies are easy to look after and dads usually end up paying me more money. I showed up at 8pm like asked, wearing a comfortable valor red rare skirt, matching hoodie, short tank top inside and my timberland boots. In was wearing a matching headband to hold back my big long black hair from my face. I decided to take a book incase there was nothing on TV. I rang th
Baby Sitting
Baby Sitting by Pencoch2 © This is a true story though the names and places have been changed. To ensure that the younger generation appreciate the sensuality of the incident, I am giving a précis of the mores, prevalent at the time. In the sixties in the U.K. there were few "enlightened men" who believed that women were entitled to enjoy sex as much as the males did. It was quite common, for girls to remain virgins, until their marriage and married women never to have had an orgasm even though they were mothers of children. A frequent scenario in the households was of the husband coming home from the pub, slightly drunk, taking his wife to bed, kissing her roughly, putting a finger into her vagina, wiggle it around then get on top and literally use her body as a masturbating machine. Should the wife actually begin to feel aroused, providing the husband could last long enough she might climax. The others lay there frustrated and the more daring actually played with themselve
Broken Again
yes i lost a great guy today, its my fault, ans i feel like total shit.. thought i finally found my love but like my mom always says i fuk everything up all the time.. i guess im just useless like i've always been told..
Baby Maker
Baby Maker by No Panty Girl © It was an honor to be chosen as a "breeder". After a all-inclusive series of psychological and physical testing only one out of ten applicants were selected. A breeder's duty was to be a surrogate mother for wealthy couples children where the wife was unable to conceive. For her services the breeder would be looked after during her confinement and receive a lump sum payment of fifty thousand dollars on successful delivery of the child. The catch was the breeder would not be impregnated by artificial insemination but in the old-fashion way, the prospective father would fuck her until she was knocked-up! The fucking would take place with the wife present in the bed during intercourse, the breeder only supplying a viable receptacle for his seed. Potential breeders were comprehensively listed in a catalogue complete with a nude photograph and vital statistics. The prospective clients were allowed to select girls from the catalogue and inter
Buy U A Drink!!
A Bbw Class Reunion
A BBW Class Reunion by BigDonGStone © * I think it is most important for my readers to understand that I had no intention of hitting the son-of-a-bitch. I had planned on simply speaking with him and expressing my displeasure with how he had spoken about his wife. I'm getting ahead of myself though so, before you determine whether I'm a bad guy or not, I'd better tell you the whole story. I was attending my 30th high school reunion. Not normally my kind of thing but I'd skipped the twentieth, and the tenth was still way too clique-ish for my taste. So here I was nursing a CC and soda, while Jenny Waters babbled on incessantly about how much money her husband made when he sold their last house. Of course only after she had painted the rooms and redone the drapes. Sponge-on, sponge-off, twin roll, texture paint, blocking, stitching, sewing, blah, blah, blah, drone, drone, drone, and so forth. It's not that I wasn't happy for Jenny and her husband. It's just that I didn'
This being my first blog I have to say what I think has been on every American's mind!!!!! YOU'RE EITHER WITH US OR A F***ING TERRORIST! "IMMIGRANTS, NOT AMERICANS, MUST ADAPT!!" I am tired of this nation worrying about whether we are offending some individual or their culture. Since the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, we have experienced a surge in patriotism by the majority of Americans. However, the dust from the attacks had barely settled when the politically correct" crowd began complaining about the possibility that our patriotism was offending others(ARE YOU F***ING KIDDING ME). I am not against immigration, nor do I hold a grudge against anyone who is seeking a better life by coming to America. Our population is almost entirely comprised of descendants of immigrants. However, there are a few things that those who have recently come to our country, and APPARENTLY some born here, need to understand. This idea of America being a multi cultural community has served only
Baby Maker
Baby Maker by No Panty Girl © It was an honor to be chosen as a "breeder". After a all-inclusive series of psychological and physical testing only one out of ten applicants were selected. A breeder's duty was to be a surrogate mother for wealthy couples children where the wife was unable to conceive. For her services the breeder would be looked after during her confinement and receive a lump sum payment of fifty thousand dollars on successful delivery of the child. The catch was the breeder would not be impregnated by artificial insemination but in the old-fashion way, the prospective father would fuck her until she was knocked-up! The fucking would take place with the wife present in the bed during intercourse, the breeder only supplying a viable receptacle for his seed. Potential breeders were comprehensively listed in a catalogue complete with a nude photograph and vital statistics. The prospective clients were allowed to select girls from the catalogue and inter
Getting Ready To Say Goodbye Is Hard To Do
How do you say goodbye to your parents? My father is getting ready to pass on. I know he will be better off, but it still hurts more than words can ever describe. I will miss him terribly and hope some day that we will be together again. He is only in his mid 50's so I only got to share 35 years with him. If you love someone don't ever let a day go by without telling them you love them. I hope that one day they find a cure for huntington's so that noone will ever have to suffer from this cruel disease.
For Pantera Still Rocks
Somehow I got far behind.... but there is time to catch up..... its for a 30 day blast.... if you need something to do then go and leave a comment or 2... at least rate :) thanks
Playing A Game
This Is Very Important-please Show Them Love-soldier Missing Son's 1st Bday
It's Sgt Gibson's little boy's first birthday party today... All of his family will be there... All but one, in person, that is... His Daddy wouldn't really miss it for the world... But he will have to attend with angels wings on... And, Ironically...he will be missing it, in person... For the world... Thank you Brennan...for caring about the world so much... But, everyone will be missing you today... God..he looks so much like you! Happy Birthday baby... R.I.P. Daddy K.I.A. 12/10/06, Iraq...your family has this watch
A Bad Day For All
A Bad Day For All by Just Plain Bob © Author's disclaimer - all participants in this story are over eighteen years of age. * Angela Mellon had a very bad morning. It started with an argument over money with her husband Dave. She burnt the breakfast toast because the toaster stuck in the down position. When she stuck a knife in the toaster to push down on the release spring the toaster made a "pssst" sound and stopped working altogether. She dropped the pot to the Mr. Coffee on the floor and it shattered sending pieces of glass all over the place. When she tried to vacuum up the really small pieces the Hoover quit on her and she checked and found that the belt had broken. She got the spare belt out of the utility drawer in the kitchen and while trying to change the belt the screwdriver slipped and she stabbed the palm of her hand. "Shit!" she cried and threw the screwdriver across the room. "That's it! I'm not going to do another fucking thing today. I'm not even going to g
Awesome Barbershop Afternoon
Awesome Barbershop Afternoon by pudgiebuddy © I had been going to the same barbershop for about ten years. It was a small, bucolic, little, mom and pop shop full of housewives-turned-hairdressers that never were good enough to work in a real salon. They did the job for my ten minute buzz job, though. They also fueled my teenage MILF masturbation sessions when I was going through that stage. About two years into college, though, the MILF's at the barbershop got a new addition to their staff. The summer before I left for my third year of college, I walked out of my car and got hit with a wave of the hot, humid, inebriate-breath that was Michigan August weather. I hurried to the door of the barbershop, swung it open, and raced inside. It was obviously their break hour because the ladies were standing around talking to each other snacking on sandwiches or salads. "I'm sorry, we aren't taking anyone until 2." Came a voice that I had never heard before. I lifted my head and looked
Holy Crap!
i made it to psycho-fu, thanks to a lot of help from my dear ones (luv you all!!!!) But you gotta be kidding for the next level jump!! I'd have to be on 24/7, especially since i'm only 1-handed typing and on drogs most of the time! oh well i've got some bucks for gifts again...and maybe i'll spring for a blast or vip...
Away On Business
Away on Business by lookinground4u © I was away on a business trip for a project we were getting ready to complete. I had a nice hotel suite, with all the luxuries, but I was away from my girlfriend. After a few weeks on the road I was beginning to get tired of masturbating and just thinking about sex. I would daydream about sex I had in the past, different woman, positions, everything. Daydreaming and jerking off were not satisfying me much at all anymore. My boss was going to be flying in and seeing how things were going on the project. We had known each other for several years, and always flirted but nothing ever came of it. My boss, Lisa stands about 5 foot 2, weighs maybe 105 pounds, just had breast implants, a small tight ass, has a gorgeous smile and is just a knock out. She has shoulder length blonde hair and bluish green eyes. She's my boss now, though, not just a friend. I picked her up at the airport and she was dressed to the nines. Short skirt, tight top and loo
21st Quiz
Your Kissing Grade: A You are truly an amazing kisser. Your kisses are extraordinarily mind blowing. Whether you're naturally a good kisser or not, you've taken the time learn how to be the best kisser possible. Anyone would be lucky to get a kiss from you! How Do Your Kisses Rate?
Growing Old Together
This Story is dedicated to my beautiful wife Desaree. In hopes that we grow old together and have a fruitful life full of love and happiness. Different from the one described down here. I love you Desaree! One fine day, an old couple around the age of 70, walks into a lawyer's office. Apparently, they are there to file a divorce. Lawyer was very puzzled, after having a chat with them, he got their story.... This couple had been quarreling all their 40 over yrs of marriage nothing ever seems to go right. They hang on because of their children, afraid that it might affect their up-bringing. Now, all their children have already grown up, have their own family, there's nothing else the old couple have to worry about, all they wanted is to lead their own life free from all these years of unhappiness from their marriage, so both agree on a divorce.... Lawyer was having a hard time trying to get the papers done, because he felt that after 40 yrs of marriage at the age of 70, h
What do men really want from gals??? Do they truly enjoying playing with our hearts...or are they just to dumb to realize what they are doing! Why do they seem to always want their cake and eat it too!!! Honestly....Is there anyone out there who just wants ONE woman???
Twentieth Quiz
Your Karaoke Theme Song is "Margaritaville" You are a true party animal, but your style is mild and chill. Kicking back with a few friends and a few drinks is all you need to be happy. You certainly don't feel pressured to be a part of any party scene. In fact, you avoid trendier spots. You've been known to kick loose anywhere and everywhere. All you need is a cooler. You might also sing: "Gin and Juice," "Love Shack," and "Red Red Wine" Stay away from people who sing: "Wind Beneath My Wings" What's Your Karaoke Theme Song?
Prayers Needed Please And Thanks
my family just needs prayer , we were told today that my cousins one yr old daughter might have cancer in the lymph nodes in her neck. her mom is like a sister 2 me so this is really breakin my if u could please keep them in your prayers i would appericate it thank u all for reading this here is a pic of the baby and her parents kelly n adam - her mom n dad kayliegh
I just need to Vent...........Now all this Drama with my children's daddy is driving me crazy. I never realized how hard it is to end things with someone. I love him for giving me my children but thats it... i feel like saying thanks and walking away. but i cant take them from him even if he doesn't deserve to be around them because they are to wonderful for him... I want to move on and possibly have a relationship with an amazing man but i have this BIG DRAMA CASE.. i hate drama be leave me its so stupid but for sum reason i got stuck with it. How can i move on and allow someone to come in to my life and have some crazy person calling me all the time.. i have tried everything to get him to back off but it seems nothing works... yeah he is the father to my kids, and we where together for 4 years.. but if things cant work then way push it.. he doesn't get that i don't love him and don't want him any more... HE has done to much to me that its in possible for me to even love him... I WANT
Be Straight With Me
People still aren't being direct enough with me. I want people to be as direct with me as my profile is. Don't message back and forth with me all day before you speak up and say something, or even worse, till you decide to ignore me because I'm annoying or boring you.Also, don't add me as friend because I am nice when you know we have no common interest. Then turn around and delete me a day later because I bored you and you didn't find a thing I had to say interesting to talk about. I won't hold it against you if you say you're not interested up front. I'm actually more offended and hurt by people leading me on, even if it's out of politeness. It's still dishonest to lead someone on.Also, not telling the complete truth is still lying. I don't care how you put it. Tell me whole story, don't leave important things out for any reason, even if you think it's a good one. Example: hitting it off with a girl and she is honest about everything, but she isn't telling everything, like not saying
I'm posting this to let everyone know that to me friends means people that actually talk to me. Not about adding everyone on internet for quantity. I want quality. I want friends who do more than just say "hi" from time to time as if they care. I'm only interested in genuine friends on here that actually care about me and actually want to talk to me. People have lives, and things come up. I get that. But it's also not how often you speak to me, it's if an effort was made and how you do it. I got a friend, Chris, we talk sometimes as little as only once a year. But yet when we talk we still manage to really talk, catch up, he actually asks me how I'm doing, what I'm doing, etc. I don't fault him for the time between our chats, because I know he tries. What upsets me are those that have the time, but don't make it for me, yet still want to say they are my friend. Those are the ones I'm through with. Enough rambling for now.
All About Me
Few things about me...I'm generally always a nice guy, outgoing and caring toward others, even strangers if they seem like a good person. Always trying to help and be good to others...I'm also very straight forward about who I am...My profiles are as honest as I can make them. You can't get mad at me because I'm not as expected when I already put everything out upfront.About me:I'm 25, an easy going open minded guy...I'm single, I can be romantic but I am not going out of my way to find romance or get into a relationship. I kind of go with the flow and see what happens. If things happen they happen. But know this up front. I'm undecided on kids and if I do decide to have them it will be well down the road. If you have kids, I certainly don't mind being a friend or dating, I'm not discriminating, I'm just not ready to be serious yet.My interests:Video games, tv shows (I collect them on dvd since I work lousy hours and don't see anything when it's actually on..). I'm also into anything t
Help Me???
The Movie Redline
Ok so I watched that movie redline tonight and oh my god have they totally run out of material they gotta steal stuff from movies from the 80's???? In one of the early scenes it shows a woman looking at a crash photo of her dead father and several things are wrong with the editing job done here. first off I believe they said it was nscra race that he was in and the car has winston cup stickers on it. two it said he died in 2001 so winston cup was defunct by then, three when they cut to the video sequence the name on the car is Cole Trickle....They stole from the main crash sequence on Days of Thunder!!!! How crappy is that!!!! Not only is this whole sequence historically inaccurate in every way possible but they did not even bother editing the name on the freeking car. I say lame and we should all write the studio telling them to have better attention to detail!
Did you ever look back on some of the people you have dated and just wonder "what the fuck was I thinking?" I was just thinking about the few guys that I've been in "relationships" with and all I can do is just laugh and wonder WTF? I could also just kick myself for wasting my time with these idiots and I can't for the life of me figure out what attracted me to some of them. Oh well. It's been a whole year and half since my last relationship, so obviously I am being more precautious, or picky ;)
Nice Guys Finish Last And I'm Living Proof
Nice guys always finish last I know it sounds cleche but in my experiance guys like me ALWAYS finish last. Seems that no matter what I do or how hard I try, I always loose the girl. I'm single, been questioned a few times as to why. And well the answer is i'm nice so I loose the girl. When I get close to a girl, in the back of my mind I wonder from time to time if it's worth pursuing a relationship. Sometimes it seems so damn pointless, since I'm always getting the short end of the stick. But, call me a gluttion for punishment or just a complete idiot because I'll try again and again to get that right girl. Hell who knows maybe I've already met her and I just have to get there. To step up to the plate, look into her eyes and give her a deep kiss that can remove all doubt as to my feelings.
Please Keep Them Also In Your Prayers Ty Cherie Aka Brew
I Will Marry At 28
Put a x in every box that applies to you [ x] You know how to make a pot of coffee [x] You keep track of dates using a calendar [x ] You own more than one credit card [ ] You know how to change the oil in a car [x] You've done your own laundry [ ] You vote in every election [x] You can cook for yourself [ ] You think politics are exciting TOTAL SO FAR: 5 [x] u show up for school/college/work every day early [x] You always carry a pen in your bag/purse/pocket [] You’ve never gotten a detention [ ] You have forgotten your own birthday at least once [ x] You like to take walks by yourself [x] You've watched talk shows [x ]You know what ‘credibility’ means without looking it up [ x] You drink coffee at least once a week (or tea) TOTAL SO FAR: 11 [x] You know how to do the dishes [x] You can count to 10 in another language [x] Your parent(s) trust you [x] You can mow the lawn [x] You can make adults laugh without being stupid [ ] You remember to water the
Awakenings: Seduction By The Sea
Awakenings: Seduction By The Sea by Gentleyetwildguy © You are wrapped in my arms, snug with your back against me. As usual, I awaken before you do, watching you, savoring the sweet perfection of you next to me. Inhaling deeply, I imbibe the heady scent of you, pausing for a moment to trap your essence within me. The sunlight creeps in, casting soft shadows in our cliffside villa. Clad in a white satin slip and a thong, you look like a goddess from a dream. The view from the bed is breathtaking; the dawn and the rising sun turn the sea a golden hue. The birds make a gentle melody against the background of waves crashing against the rocks far below; two courting squirrels playfully pursue each other across the branches of the Banyan tree outside our bedroom. Our clothes lie scattered on the day-bed, a reminder of the urgency with which we made love after dinner. I kneel on the bed; rousing you gently with soft kisses. Cupping your cheek with one hand, I kiss your lips as my ha
Awakening by TwistedTania © Thanks to Eddie for his help, patience and giving me the confidence to finally share my story. * This is a true story Well where can I start? From the beginning, I suppose. Picture this: a bored 30 something housewife, married her high school sweetheart, and then almost 15 years later felt like she was screaming inside with boredom. That was me, and I felt like I was abnormal because I wasn't enjoying lovemaking -- it was always over too soon, was always the same; and if I dared to suggest something out of the ordinary, I was looked upon as if I were dirty. So what did I do? I left. I did try everything to salvage my marriage, but I couldn't live my life the same as it had been. I needed more than he was prepared to give. Six months later I was a sexual wildchild willing to try anything, and for that I give thanks to Ken for opening me up and showing me that there is more to lovemaking than lying on my back with my legs spread. I met and mar
Awakened by DuosChick © I'm slowly awakened from my bed thinking that he was comfortably sleeping next to me. I open my eyes and blink at the hungry look in his eyes as I see that he is already hard and ready for me. He helps me from the bed and slowly and lovingly kisses me. The kiss intensifies as I hear him growl low in his throat as he thrusts his tongue deep inside of my mouth claiming me. I moan in response as I just hang on as he manages to back me up against a wall pressing his body against mine as he continues to devour my mouth. Just when I feel like he is about to suck the very life out of me he rips his mouth from mine and turns me to face the wall. He positions my hips with his hands and gently holds onto my shoulder as he keeps me in the position he wants. I moan out as I feel him nudge apart my legs. He growls softly again as he sees how wet I already am just after a few kisses from him but he decides I'm not wet enough so he steps even closer to me so I can feel
The Auditor
The Auditor by Gyll © Periodically, the company gets audited. Usually, it's the same two or three firms that do it, we seem to rotate between them depending on whether it's the government or private customers that require the audit. No matter the company, the routine is the same. A group of accountants show up and we've worked out a process, it's actually pretty painless. They meet with each group and review the key components, we have some boiler plate we give them to fill in the necessary blanks and then we all go on our merry way. Sometimes, they have some follow-up question, but generally, it's pretty bland. While the auditors are always very nice and professional, they generally are guys, although occasionally, sometimes a rather pleasant looking woman will be part of their group. When that is the case, they are almost always very young, pretty much straight out of college, just stepped out in the world and want to get some experience. That makes for a nice distraction d
Fucking Pleasure!!!!!!!!!!
i fuckin love it sucking biting, whipping, spanking,forcing 'oh damn i love it all hold it till the point where I'm choking then release and slap me in the face you cum harder and harder bite my nipples and pull my hair hold a knife on my throat while you fuck my tight ass tie my legs up and fist fuck my cunt smack me around make me hurt make me cry make me suck u make me fuck u fuck me so hard i cant walk use every part of my body make me cum make me bleed suck me and fuck me till i'm black and blue
An Autumn Interlude
An Autumn Interlude by MayhemLass © I love to make love outdoors ... not sure if you've ever done that but it's quite wonderful. And autumn in Canada is the very best season to enjoy. so I imagine ... The air is crisp and cool, the sky that intense almost impressionist blue that only occurs in the fall. Around us, the forest is a blaze of colour – red, orange and yellows illuminate and shine, shimmering almost painfully against the deep cerulean blue of the sky. We walk, hand in hand, crunching leaves underfoot, our breaths frosty but bundled against the cooler sweet air. You turn, you take me and push me against the knarly, rough bark of a large oak, its great limbs bedecked with a gaudy somehow magnificent show of falling leaves. I close my eyes, just feeling as your lips meet mine and your cool hands clasp my sweatered waist. We kiss, deep, long and passionate and I feel the ache begin deep within. Against my slender hips, I feel you stirring. Your hands fumble at my
Poetry - "like No Other"
LIKE NO OTHER By Leslie W. B. I will love you like no other. I will fill the hollow spaces. I know your needs By what you want. And what you want is me. I will give you What you don't have. I will chase away your loneliness. I will love you like no other, If you watch me, You will see, That all your missing pieces, Are stored inside my heart.
So Bored!
Man, I Can’t Believe That I Am Sitting Here On A Saturday Night At Midnight Writing In A Blog. I Wish I Was Out Right About Now And Having A Few Beers Or At Least Doing Something Fun. But No Unfortunately I Am Sitting Here Bored As Hell. I Had Fun Last Night Though. I Went To Utah Vs. Louisville Game And Had A Good Time. There Were About A Thousand Soldiers That Attended That Game. Believe Me I Was Checking Them Out Too. : ) How Could You Pass Up A Man In Uniform. ; ) When I Saw All The Men It Made Me Think Of Tony! Tony, Is My Buddy That Is In Korea Right Now. The Game Started Getting Interesting By The Third Quarter. It Looked Like A Few People Almost Got In A Fight Several Aisles A Way From Us. Surely, They Wouldn’t Be Fighting Over The Game. That Sounds Pretty Stupid To Me. About 5 Minutes Later The Cops Came And Asked What Was Going On. I Think I Like Night Games Better. You Don’t Have To Worry About The Sun Or Anything In Your Face. It Was A Pretty Good Crowd
At Work
At Work by rayvyn © She had called the Facilities department an hour ago to have someone move her fax machine and clean up the tangled cable mess under her desk; even though she was told that someone was on the way, no one had shown yet. With a heavy sigh, she acknowledges that it is a long holiday weekend and most people have left already to start their fun but she needed to finish this one report for a big meeting on Monday and she didn't want to work on it over the four days so she decided to stay and finish it. She stops to wonder if it was Andy that would be the one to move her machine. Maybe Andy had already left, thinking I had left early, too and would fix it before I come in on Monday morning as he is here early enough. Oh, well, she thinks to herself, just deal with it until then. She kicks her 3-inch heels off under her desk and gets to work on finishing the needed report. As she nears the end of the report, she hears someone come into the cubicle area she works in
Backstrokers do it on their backs, Breastrokers do it underwater, Flyers do it with their hips, Freestylers do it any way, IMers do it four ways, Sprinters do it faster, Divers do it deeper, and Distance swimmers last longer, Any way you put it, swimmers do it better
The 1st Rant
Hey, I'm not a lumberjack, or a fur trader.... I don't live in an igloo or eat blubber, or own a dogsled.... and I don't know Jimmy, Sally or Suzy from Canada, although I'm certain they're really really nice. I have a Prime Minister, not a president. I speak English and French, not American. And I pronounce it 'about', not 'a boot'. I can proudly sew my country's flag on my backpack. I believe in peace keeping, not policing, diversity, not assimilation, and that the beaver is a truly proud and noble animal. A toque is a hat, a chesterfied is a couch, and it is pronounced 'zed' not 'zee', 'zed' !!!! Canada is the second largest landmass! The first nation of hockey! and the best part of North America My name is 'Joe' "And I am Canadian!!!"
At The Table
At The Table by IntimateSpirit © She invited me over for lunch one day – a day off work for her was a delicious excuse for an afternoon tryst. She was in a rather flirtatious mood, and did her best to dress the part. She wore a very cute, short plaid skirt, tight low cut sweater to show off her curves quite nicely and a pair of heels to match the sexy thigh-high tights. She would turn an absurd number of heads if she went out dressed that way – but we had planned to stay in. My one request had been that she let me surprise her with dessert. Through the meal our conversation was pleasantly animated by touching one another here and there – some rather innocuous while others much more provocative. But all very pleasant. I offered to clear the table after we finished and while I clattered about a little in the kitchen she asked rather excitedly, "What did you bring for dessert?" Over the noise of my preparations I called back, "Just be patient – I'll bring it out in just a moment
Poetry - "healed"
HEALED (January 5, 2004) By Leslie W B I remember, When just your touch would make me cry. The original pain, Its invasion, its betrayal, Were carved into my spirit, rough and jagged. I couldn’t feel your tenderness When the memories of his selfish crimes Blocked them from my heart. But I grew taller than the shadows, Nurtured by a Greater Love. I could feel the cold receding, and a beauty flowering within. For the first time ever, I stood naked before a full-length mirror, Not afraid, nor ashamed. And when I stretched across the sheets, And felt your hands glide over me, I felt your heart, Felt the very essence of my presence in your need. I knew it had nothing to do with selfish intent, That all you simply needed was all of me. And that is what I gave you. I thought about the miracle, the surrender and the trust. And suddenly I felt the brilliance, Felt the flames growing, Felt the eruption, And heard my voice from somewhere else Release itself in celeb
A man escapes from a prison where he had been kept for 15 years. As he runs away, he finds a house and breaks into it, looking for money and guns, but only finds a young couple in bed. He orders the guy out of bed and ties him up in a chair. While tying the girl up to the bed, he gets on top of her, kisses her on the neck, then gets up, and goes to the bathroom. While he's in there, the husband tells his wife, "Listen, this guy is an escaped prisoner, look at his clothes! He probably spent lots of time in jail, and hasn't seen a woman in years. I saw how he kissed your neck. If he wants sex, don't resist, don't complain, just do what he tells you, just give him satisfaction. This guy must be dangerous, if he gets angry, he'll kill us. Be strong, honey. I love you." To which the wife responds, "He was not kissing my neck. He was whispering in my ear. He told me he was gay, thought you were cute, and asked if we kept any Vaseline in the bathroom. Be strong, h
At The Restaurant
At the Restaurant by summaswine © We were at the restaurant – the elegance in our dress portrayed the elegance in the atmosphere. We were in the back corner of the room, the lighting, soft and romantic – making us look our best. You looked so sexy and your eyes never left mine. Your slight touches sending an electric jolt through my system. We start with delicious wine smoothly going down our throats. And then you start..... You start very quietly telling me what you plan to do to me when we get back to the hotel. As I put a shrimp in my mouth, you say, "Summer, when we get back to the hotel, I'm going to kiss you hard against the wall. You'll feel how much I want you when I kiss you. I will hold your face in my hands, but your whole body will feel how much I want you when I kiss you." Captured by your words, I'm responding – as I always do with you. I don't know what to say and you tell me to say nothing. To just eat, drink, and listen. So I do. You know I'll do whatev
I Love Catwoman
At The Park
At the Park by jf1978 © It's a nice quiet Friday afternoon one summer. I'm on school break from college, hanging out at the park, nothing better to do right now really, other then enjoy the nice weather. I take one look at her, dressed in a black tank top, no bra, khaki shorts, nice long legs, and sandals. She was older then I. I am only 23, and she was in her mid 40s. Hell, I just finished a semester with a really hot instructor, and I was looking forward to finding someone to get a certain fantasy out of my head. Slowly, I made my way towards her (heart pounding heavily in my chest, while taking in the nice view of body). I sat down on the bench next to her, sat back, relaxed, still nervous and wondering what, if anything is under the shorts. I gaze forward for a moment, hoping that I don't stutter, and casually ask, "What brings you here?" (being this close to her, I suddenly realize my hardening dick, and wondering if my jeans are loose enough to not give it away). I
Poetry - "torch"
TORCH (C) By Leslie W. B. The muted colors of our daily lives Are painted on canvas in measured stripes. Our predictable patterns follow, day after day, Like the solid line on a long stretch of highway. How did we become what we said we wouldn't? How did we lose the spontaneity we once treasured? Raking leaves and falling in. Running barefoot in the rain, through the tall barley, And into the wood shed... Crazy love, breathless and wild. Noisy, free, and wonderfully new. I cannot accept this faded living. There is too much fire left in me. How I miss the way you used to kiss me, Starting with my eyebrows, eyelids, And working down, down, Down into every brilliant hiding place, Where the fire was ignited, And you carried the torch.
At The Office By Analglory
At The Office by AnalGlory © It's been a rough Monday so far. Figures are behind schedule, analyses are falling short of predictions- it seems like the pieces just aren't fitting together as they should. You lean back in your chair to stretch your arms and legs. Its 9:30 and you have not gotten up from your desk all morning. You look down & out the window of your office. 17 floors below, you see cars scurrying about. Looking straight out, there is a sea of rooftops & just beyond that is the big blue water. Wishing you were out there, you end your long stretch & are turning back to face your computer when a girl just outside your office catches your eye. You've never seen her before. You are excited that there's a new girl in the office. Aaahh... New flesh to feast your eyes on. Her hot body catches your eye every time she walks past the open door of your office. She bends over to file something, and you can see her panties perfectly from where you are: g-string. From underneath her
Is it ever okay to keep a secret that concerns the person/people you love? There are times when we find out things that we know would be harmful to our loved ones, such as their husband/wife is cheating, maybe their child is gay, or maybe someone they love really doesn’t feel the same way about them, but hasn’t told them and has no plans of telling them. Do you tell the person the truth or do you keep quiet because it is not your business to tell? This has to be a tough decision because you care about the person who doesn’t know the secret, but you don’t really want to be the one who breaks their heart with the news. On the other hand if you don’t tell them what kind of brother/sister/mother/friend etc. are you that you would know a secret that concerns them, but won’t tell them? Then again who are you to break up a seemingly happy home with the news that someone’s husband/wife-boyfriend/girlfriend has been cheating? But then again if you know the secret and say for instance i
At The Office By Justachicky
At The Office by justachicky © I was expecting him to show up that day, we had an appointment after all, so it really was no surprise when my secretary buzzed my office to let me know she was sending him up. He was the first man I'd had an affair with. I thought things were long over between us, the last time I'd seen him, just a few weeks prior, he'd hardly even hugged me, much less shown any interest in the way things had been between us. Today, he walked into my office, shut the door behind him, dropped his computer bag beside my desk and walked to where I was sitting tilted back in my office chair, hard at work. I looked up to smile and tell him to sit down I'd be done with what I was working on in just a moment. I never got the chance, he placed his hands on either side of my chair, leaned me back farther, nearly causing the chair to flip. I reached up and grabbed his arms, pure reflex reaction on my part, but as I touched him, I remembered why I liked holding onto his str
so many ppl in this world look at me and say im not there type.. or that im just not that pretty.. an sad thing is it hurts.. though there are some that thing that im very pretty and thats great and all, but its the ones u want that will hurt more.. when u want them to be the person that thinks ur pretty and ur worth loving.. though in so many cases that does not happen.. i know in the 10 years i was with my ex.. it was so painful at times.. cause he would always go be with others, yet come home to me and say im so sexy and beautiful.. being he did it so much ihave had to question men.. what really sucks is im questioning men that are or was good to me.. like i try to find the bad in it all.. the more quite time ihave the more i see my self not feeling as if i will ever be abble to change that.. i got a call from some one in my pass. asked how was my love life and things like that.. an then this week i hear all about his new gf.. an i do mean all about.. mind u this so was not what i w
I Am Looking
hey if there is any women who like to meet to have fun, go out for great time shout me or email me.... I pefer some close to my area, ( Niagara Falls Area.) well shout to me I am listening, lol mike
okay...a man is very horny, and just as he takes the corner he see's a porn house, but all he has is 2 dollars...but he goes to the door anyway...the guy at the door stops him...he says sorry the only way you can get in is if you have at least 100 dollars...but the man begs, and would do anything to have the door man says fine, give me the 2 bucks go down to the 3rd door on the right, keep the lights off and you have to wear this black condom...the man does not care, he goes down and does his thing and walks back the door man....and says Man that was the best sex i've ever had, but just one thing...why the black condom....the man at the door have to respect the dead some how.......hehehe.....
At The End Of A Stressful Day
At The End Of A Stressful Day by swingin_cat© It was 7.30pm. Working overtime and returning home late was no joke at all, especially when there was no one at home to return to. Well, time to relax and unwind after a stressful day. No dinner until much later; stressful days kill ones appetite. And save the bath until much later – put your feet up for a while. Those were Amanda's thoughts as she entered the house. Feeling a great weight loss from her shoulders as she dropped the briefcase from her hand, she made her way up the stairs and to the bedroom. Now, she knew that she could really relax. The first move was to shed her work clothes. First, she began to unbutton her blouse hurriedly, until it was tossed on to the bed. She then slipped out of her shoes. As she unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor, she stepped out of it, and made way to roll her black hold-up stockings down one by one. Sitting on the bed, she pulled each foot out of her stockings, and suddenl
Love ooooooh, ahhhhh, ooooooh aww hell let me not pretend… right now I could drop kick love and put em’ in a choke hold…. Damn you love! ………… on to our previously scheduled blog….Love Are you in love? Well I was once and I tell ya love is no easy thing to deal with. It sometimes seems like every time I gained confidence in love, something came along and for the two steps I moved forward, I got pushed three steps back. Sometimes I wonder if love should just be forgotten. I think I could find enough people (love haters) who would help me tie love up, gag em’ and drop em off in the river somewhere. But honestly if we did that love is so sneaky and smart that it would find a way out and laugh in our faces. Maybe some of you have the answers, because I definitely don’t!!! Why is it that you can love someone but do things intentionally to tick them off? Why does it hurt so bad when you break up with a person you know you didn’t need to be with in the first place? Why
At Least Let Me Blow You
At Least Let Me Blow You by AdmiralG © "At least let me blow you." What? Did I hear that right? After a few seconds of staring in space to let my brain digest what it heard, I looked down. Sure enough, she was kneeling in front of me, lowering my zipper. I thought back, trying to make sense of it all. A half hour ago, I was driving across the country to visit relatives. It was a sixteen hour drive, and I was making pretty good time. Traveling alone, I could usually last as long as the car between breaks. I was on a fairly long empty stretch of highway, running through an area that was mostly farmland. It was a warm day. The clouds seemed to be gathering for a late afternoon cloudburst. Not unusual for this time of summer. Up ahead, I saw a car on the side of the road. It looked like some sort of compact car. The driver was trying to fix a flat tire, but appeared to be having trouble. I pulled over to offer a hand. This was going to be a rush to get fix
As You Wish
As You Wish by kujmous © She slowly woke to the smell of vanilla and juniper. As her eyes opened, she was confused. It was not like her to be awake at this hour on a day off. She slowly stretched keeping the covers over her as she yawned and opened her eyes as far as they would go. The room almost did not appear to be the room in which she fell asleep. The soft orange glow of candlelight speckled and flickered in all directions. Gorgeous bouquets of roses and lilies and lilacs cascaded from every nook and shelf. The crystalline decor was placed to create such gorgeous reflections and refractions and spectrums of light. Silk draped from every surface so perfectly that the objects of the room were negligible. She was consumed such a splendid and ethereal creation that she could scarcely fathom how this could be accomplished without even the slightest bother to her delicate slumber. She blinked forcefully, thinking that perhaps, when her eyes refocused, the world would be normal
yes i know alot of you have been leaving me comments my wireless card went out of my laptop and the pc on this boat sucks its a dell and is slow as hell we rely on a cingular wireless card to get signal and when im down on the lower mississippi like this trip we dont have good signal (just ask becky ) the phone service sucks .
The Craving
I bite my lip in lustful longing for your gaze. In my dreams, I wantonly offer you passions beyond your wildest fantasies. When I see you, I lower my eyes as I feel a deep heat rising through my veins. You write beautifully, and I secretly haunt your pages of poetry of love gone wrong. Your words resonate in my being, and I empathize with your pain. But I am selfish, and long for your words of admiration to be for me. When you write to me, I feel my heart quicken as I read the script you have wittily printed. It skips a beat every time you compliment anything I do, and i desperately crave more from you. I feel like a schoolgirl in love- but I’m not. I just want you. Lust, passion, romance and desire...that's what I long for. I kiss the bruises you leave on my wrists; I feel your caress as I press my fingers upon the tender flesh. I savor the blood that is drawn from a scratch, for that scratch was drawn by you. God-like proportions and stoic reticence, I crave yo
The Disappearing Act
SO.. I went to Salem this weekend to visit my mom, sister, and nieces. It was a good time I guess except for the hangover that haunted me all day. After visiting with them I went to go see a few friends before I left town to come back to this hole in the mountain town called Oakridge. I went to see one and ended up seeing three all the the same place. Of course it was good to see them and chat for a bit, but I did get an earful about how I left town and it was like I fell off the edge of the Earth never to be found again. So on the drive home I was thinking about past friends and how what he said was true.. I do disappear off the edge of the Earth when I skip town. I guess I do it so much that I never really notice that I do. I also don't mean to disappear the way I do, but things happen, and I guess I get caught up with work and trying to make new friends in the new area. So to those folks out there.. sorry.. I will eventually come back around to say hi.
You Know You're From New York When...
You Know You're From New York When... * You think Central Park is "nature." * You're paying $1,200 for a studio the size of a walk-in closet and you think it's a "steal." * You've been to New Jersey twice and got hopelessly lost both times. * You pay more each month to park your car than most people in the U.S. pay in rent. * You go to dinner at 9 and head out to the clubs when most Americans are heading to bed. * You have 27 different menus next to your telephone. * Going to Brooklyn is considered a "road trip." * America west of the Hudson is still theoretical to you. * You're suspicious of strangers who are actually nice to you. * You take a taxi to get to your health club to exercise. * Your idea of personal space is no one actually standing on your toes. * $50 worth of groceries fit in one paper bag. * Your doorman is Russian, your grocer is Korean, your deli man is Israeli, your building super is Italian, your laundry guy is Chinese, your
The Artist
The Artist by redUK © Her husband had just left and she started getting ready to go out, she was excited at the prospect of what she was about to do. Her heart pounded faster in her chest as she tightened the corset strings, encasing her slim body in tight black satin. She put on her boots, he liked those she remembered as she fastened them at her thigh. She checked herself in the mirror and smiled. She had been looking forward to today, the day it was finally going to happen. He was an artist and she had offered him something that he found very hard to refuse. She was going to model for him. She slipped her long black coat around her, grabbed her bag and walked out of the flat, the cold air making her naked skin tingle, she found the thrill of being almost naked under her coat was making her pussy wet with anticipation. She would be at his studio soon and then the fun would begin. He hadn't been an artist for long, and was excited at this prospect, never before had he had a
Lest We Forget
Seventy-one Canadian soldiers and one diplomat have been killed since the Canadian military deployed to Afghanistan in early 2002. April 17, 2002: Sgt. Marc D. Leger, Cpl. Ainsworth Dyer, Pte. Richard A. Green and Pte. Nathan Smith were killed by friendly fire when an American fighter jet dropped a laser-guided 225-kilogram bomb on the soldiers during a training exercise near Kandahar. All served with the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Battle Group. Oct. 2, 2003: Sgt. Robert Alan Short and Cpl. Robbie Christopher Beerenfenger were killed and three others injured when their Iltis jeep struck a roadside bomb outside Camp Julien near Kabul. They were from the Third Battalion Royal Canadian Regiment. Email to a friend Printer friendly Font:****Jan. 27, 2004: Cpl. Jamie Murphy died and three soldiers were injured by a suicide bomber while patrolling near Camp Julien in an Iltis jeep. All were members of the Royal Canadian Regiment. Nov. 24, 2005: Pte. Braun Sc
Stargate Movie Trailer
I Did Miss Something
Hmm..this whole call me thing is confusing to me right now. Do you have to have a home phone for it to work? I mean I have not had a need for one so I never got one. Hard to believe right? Well...I do all my communicating on here, and if I need to talk to my family I go through yahoo. So do I have to go out and by a phone now?..Anyone that can help let me know..:) Hugs and kisses!!
Stargat Sg-1
Yes You Can Get Satisfaction
Softly he whispers her every fantasy. Runs his delicate fingers through her messy hair, yet so soft it is. He peacefully strokes her porcelain skin, and eagerly, yet slowly, places his hand on her chest. Kisses her pain away and wishes away the rest. The only thing he could do is hold her, yet she so obviously needs much more. He begins to kiss down her neck, biting her ever so intensely here and there. She begins to moan in complete pleasure. She begins to remove her already half torn items from her body, and so do he. She forcibly pulls him to become her shelter again. His hands begin to wander and explore her untouched body. Her innocence is screaming. Screaming so loud the world is on their toes. She digs her nails deep into the flesh on his back, and he tenses. He,who is now rubbing her body so gently, brings his hand on her inner thigh. He, against her brings his soft lips down, so down, making it so hard for her not to scream. He looks up at
The Condemed
Rewind Life???
If you could rewind your life to a certain point, what part of your life would you go back to? You would be allowed to make any changes to that certain point in life that you wanted to make. Do you think that if you could do this your life would have been completely different? Or would it have been worse because you missed out on one of your life lessons. Do you think some things that happened were meant to be and even though they may have been negative, the end result helped to shape who you are today? Would you go back to make changes or would you go back just to take a look at yourself or just for the memories? Or if given the chance, would you decline the offer to rewind to a certain point in your life?
Grid Iron Gang
The Beginning Of My Story
In 1985, McCalister had it all. A wife who loved him, fresh out the academy, and an expert in his field. But as much as he has, the last several years have been nothing but brutal to him. His wife Regina has left him for another man, his ten year old daughter was murdered brutally, and all he has left is his job. McCalister devotes his life to his work and nothing else. The year is now 2005 and now McCalister is stricken with guilt over his daughter's murder. He's consumed to find the murderer. He works day & night. Everyone around him says he's a loner, McCalister calls it DETERMINATION. -Chapter 1- On a stormy night in the year 2005, McCalister lays in his bed in a cold sweat. He rarely sleeps here. Most of the time he's at his desk at the station. As he closes his eyes, an all to familar sound rings in his ears. *ring telephone* McCalister looks over at it and just lets out a sigh as he knows it's just a reminder of what he has grown accust
Scorpion King
So what good things do we have planned for the holidays coming up ??
I saw you pull your child closer when we passed each other on the sidewalk. But you didn't see me playing Santa at the local mall. I saw you change your mind about going into the restaurant. But you didn't see me attending a meeting to raise more money for the hurricane relief. I saw you roll up your window and shake your head when I drove by. But you didn't see me driving behind you when you flicked your cigarette butt out the car window. I saw you frown at me when I smiled at your children. But you didn't see me when I took time off from work to run toys to the homeless. I saw you stare at my long hair. But you didn't see me and my friends cut ten inches off for Locks of Love. I saw you roll your eyes at our leather coats and gloves. But you didn't see me and my brothers donate our old coats and gloves to those that had none. I saw you look in fright at my tattoos. But you didn't see me cry as my children where born and have their name written over and in my
Why Proactive Dating Works
Here's what doing your own picking and emailing first will do for you By Kathryn Lord Special to Yahoo! Personals Updated: Oct 6, 2007 If you are like most of my romance clients, you wish that love would "just happen." Men as well as women cringe at the mere thought of taking action that might make finding love more likely. It's understandable that women are reluctant to make the first move. After all, most of us over 40 were taught to sit and wait. We kind of like being pursued. It's safe. And then there are books like "The Rules" that dictate old-fashioned female passivity for new-age women. But men? That's right, ladies, they are as scared as we are. Maybe more. Perhaps love will "just happen" for some of these people who are "just waiting." After all, each of them has indeed done SOMETHING: They have posted a profile. They've made a semi-public statement that they are single and looking. Maybe, just maybe, Mr. or Ms. Right will see it, be in the 65-75 percent who will act
Make A Wish ,forget Me Not
Art Professor
Art Professor by Horny Couple © I was horny and it didn't help that I was nude. My name's Christine and I am an artist model in the Midwest. Posing for art students didn't usually make me horny but this was Tim's class and his classes, or should I say Tim, had an effect on me. I've had the hot's for him since the first time I modeled for one of his classes. Tim is about 45 and very nice looking, about 5''10" with a nice build. I am an attractive 41-year-old MILF with a nice body, perky 34B tits, a neatly trimmed pussy, slim waist and a very nice ass. I started modeling about five years ago and have loved it ever since. I enjoy the variety of people for whom I model. However, Tim was different. From the first time that I modeled for one of his class, I was thinking sexy thoughts about him. My nipples became hard and my pussy got wet. While Tim would explain to the students what he wanted them to do during this class, I would glance at his crotch wondering if he had a big cock.
You may need to try something a wee bit out of the box today, but you know that your friends will support you no matter what. Now is a great time to reach out beyond your usual social circles, too. ***************************************************************** I am out of it, lol if you need my help and I can give it please let me know. I wish you all a good night. Love B.E.P. Aka Antonio
Walking Tall
Jerk It Out
Wind me up Put me down Start me off and watch me go I'll be running circles around you sooner than you know A little off center And I'm out of tune Just kicking this can along the avenue But I'm alright Coz it's easy once you know how it's done You can't stop now It's already begun You feel it Running through your bones And you jerk it out And you jerk it out Shut up Hush your mouth Can't you hear you talk too loud No I can't hear nothing cause I got my head up in the clouds I bite off anything that I can chew I'm chasing cars up and down the avenue But that's ok Coz it's easy once you know how it's done You can't stop now It's already begun You feel it Running through your bones So you jerk it out Coz it's easy once you know how it's done You can't stop now It's already begun You feel it Running through your bones And you jerk it out And you jerk it out And you jerk it out And you jerk it out Oh baby don't you know you really gotta je
Who Cares
does anybody really care or is interested in remaining my friend? take care, john
What I Want
i wanna go jump in puddles ... and run and hide imn a lil cafe wher i used to life ... Ali is there and he be able to tell i was having a bad day he would listen to me make me latte or a white mocha then drive me home or just go for a drive by the beach and we would listen to the rain and talk we were best friends a world ago sex ruins that kinda thing but anyways he helped me last time maybne i should go say hi but he would be closed by the tiem i got here
What Do You Think ???
Petition Circulates To Rename Stretch Of 401 'Highway Of Heroes' Thursday August 23, 2007 Staff A scene that's repeated itself all summer long played out again along a stretch of Highway 401 Wednesday when the body of Private Simon Longtin was carried to Toronto. Thousands of Canadians waving flags stand proudly as the military vehicles carrying Canada's casualties from Afghanistan roll by, in a show of support for their families and our nation's mission there. And each time another fallen solider rolls by, as two more will when the bodies of Master Warrant Officer Mario Mercier and Master Cpl. Christian Duchesne, killed Wednesday return home, the crowd returns to the same spot on a bridge overlooking Highway 401, to salute the heroes and those they leave behind. That's the reason an online petition with thousands of signatures has surfaced and been passed along to the province's Transportation Ministry, all to change the name of the 172-kilometre stretch of t
Oot And A'boot: Bye-bye To The Agorophobic Period
Well, I was on the verge of going to Huntington Gardens today with Julie Simone, but I opted to go home from where I was at that time.  On the way I had managed to pop in the gym and work out for an hour before going the rest of the way home and work some.Well, I just got asked by My friend, Reece, who I haven't spoken to for weeks, to go with him for some motorcycle rides to some clubs downtown... sure, why not.  It's his treat and other than hiking, watching movies at friend's houses and working out it had been about 2 weeks since I actually went out-went out... so why the hell not.  It will be good for Me.Tomorrow, I'll have to hit the gym really early.  I'll be busy a bit because have invited My friend Deana to join Me and My friend John (and some other friends of his) in attending The Brewery Art Walk. Sadly, I doubt I will go with John's whole bunch after to Philippe's afterwards, but you never know.Then Wednesday I am headed to the Paramount lot to see this yet un-released movie
The Pacifier
Aqua Fun Bath Gel
Aqua Fun Bath Gel by Naxos © Aqua Fun Bath Gel Do you enjoy sex in your bath? Does the water and soap sting your nose and eyes? Then you need to use new Aqua Fun Bath Gel and Sexual Lubricant. Behind the lovely female announcer we can see a young couple in a large tub with soapsuds piled high. The boy playfully takes the girls head and pushes it down into his submerged lap where presumably his erect cock is waiting. She is under for a few seconds and surfaces with a squeal of pain. "Oh Mathew, this soap stings my eyes," she cries. "Can't you do something?" He looks to the camera and says, "Tina, I have just the thing!" He climbs dripping from the tub with his dick pointing unbendingly straight ahead. He runs – cock bouncing - out of the room. "Let the water out of the tub and refill it with fresh, sweetheart," he calls over his shoulder. Tina drained the tub and stood soaking wet and naked while clear, clean, hot water filled the love-tub back up to its brim. T
Live, Love, Laugh .................
You know none of us is guaranteed tomorrow...... Like Tim McGraw Sings...Live Like YOU Are Dying! The older I get....Hey now comments on my age either...... Life get shorter and shorter...... Tell someone that you love them and say it and mean it. Love you guys.....
I Just Can't Keep It In.
I felt like dying. I felt closer to death than any other moment before. I could see the sudden flashbacks of my sister almost falling off a cliff into rocks. Closer to death as if he stood over me, as if he stood among us waiting for his moment. As if he reached in and yanked out my soul and crushed it before my eyes. It was as though I died yesterday. I felt the energy slip through my fingertips and drain my body lifeless. Life ceased for a few moments as I processed what was happening. It couldn't be happening, could it? This really couldn't be going on, could it? Why me, why now? I've thought about this constantly for the past year. . .Yet now that it's here I've never felt so unprepared. So scared. I smacked her hard. My hand was numb, and I felt as though my lungs caved in. But I still yelled, I told her to knock it off and put the knife away. She held it at her left wrist, just standing there. As if she was waiting for us to leave before she did anything. I couldn't believ
April Showers
April Showers by silat69 © Cold morning fog hung low in the air as I made my way out to deliver newspapers that January night. The time was about 2am and I was a little early. I sometimes regret ever taking on this business. The rising cost of fuel was killing me and my car was falling apart, but there was something that drew me to it. There was one incident in particular that occurred that made me thankful I ran this route. I'll never forget it. It happened about 2 weeks ago. When you're delivering papers you kind of crawl inside yourself and become a little more observant to the world around you. It's a completely mindless job so why wouldn't you be keeping your brain active somewhere else. Anyway, close to the end of the route the hour is getting up on 4:30am. In the winter it is still pitch black outside and not many people are stirring about. I deliver to a little rural burg around this time. There is a house on a side road that meets the corner of the main road on which I
Apprehension by flutterbyspirit © Edited by Angel Love You had been away, our first separation since meeting. I was apprehensive, not knowing if you would be coming back to me, wondering if things would be the same between us when you returned, not knowing if you would even speak with me, let alone want to continue what we had begun only weeks before. I answer the door and you're standing there. I want to jump in your arms but instead move aside to allow you to walk past me. I tell you to sit on the lounge and I go and get us both a glass of red. I sit beside you, your eyes disappointingly glued to the news. I sit there sipping my wine, my eyes on you. I can't stand it anymore. I lean over and start kissing your neck, moving up to your ears and nibbling on your lobes, while my hand slips inside your shirt where I play with your hardening nipples, my fingers circling, caressing and pinching them while I continue to nibble and kiss you. Still you sit there watching the news
My Fantasy
I had a dream about you. You were with just with bra and panties on, so i took you flung you on that giant 4 poster bed...I tied your wrists and feet with satin rope ever so soft and smooth, yes your legs were spread very very wide on that big bed and i could see your panties already getting moist, but to finish my fantasy i blindfolded you and i told you that tonight was your nite i just wanted to give you pleasure. i started to kiss you our tongues play and we kissed hard and started to bite each others lips that gave us erotic pleasure, i played with those sweet suckable and chewable breasts till i saw u starting to thrust your hips up to me you needed to be touched now i saw your nipples oh so hard i sucked them and chewed them till i heard loud moans, i looked down at your panties and they were so soaked i think you had came already from just kissing. So now is your time lover i will make you cum and cum then cum again, i take my hands and starting touch
70 And 90% Off
hey there fubar people, just wanted to let you all know that if you live close to a Dollar General store, you need to go check out the big sales. 70% off summer/spring clothes and shoes. 70% off last years winter clothes 70% off certain housewares 70% off spring flowers and some garden supplies and best of all 90% off swim toys!! googles are only 10 cents!!
Little More Info
Ok just to give you alittle more info about me. I have had the job paying way mucho dinero,about 4,000 a month. Advertising...and yet with my income and my ex's income I was miserable! I had everything I could ever want at anytime. Yet I never was ok in life. So as far as making a bunch..i don't need to. I am content with simpler things like going to garage sales and making a home out of others peoples junk./.LOL Does that make sense to anyone out there? I mean I am sure if I really wanted to I could go and get a better paying job, but its not about the money for me. I just want to know if you think its a decent enough wage...maybe I should do a mumm about what the options could be. Oh wait I can't mumm! LMAO Oh well, I guess I really want to know if you all think I should go with my heart instead of following the almighty dollar..although I don't think I will do that..LOL Oh heck I don't know what I want to know..LOL Besides I think in the long run I am going to find a gu
The Anniversary Gift
The Anniversary Gift by stockspark© * The rain batters against the window of the office as I stare out at the dark October evening. Just then a noise comes from my computer, and as I turn I see that the calendar reminder is flashing "ANNIVERSARY". Swine is that the time I had better hurry and get a move on. Grabbing my coat I head off out of the office. Luckily, the exclusive clothes store is only a few streets down and I should not get too wet. The store closes at 5:30 and as I turned the corner I could see the curtains drawn at the front and there standing inside the door is the owner just getting ready to turn the sign to closed. She is tall and shapely in the right places with her flame red hair tied in a bun. Her eyes are highlighted by the dark eye shadow, those luscious red lips blossoming in their full colour. The top two buttons of her loose fitting blouse are undone showing her fabulous cleavage and her tight black skirt hugging her thighs and flared out just befo
From The "toronto Sun"
They call it the Highway of Heroes -- that stretch of Hwy. 401 between Trenton and Toronto along which travel the sad processions of hearses carrying the bodies of Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan. Most of them are repatriated to CFB Trenton and then sent to Toronto for autopsy before being returned to their home towns across the country, and it has become a bit of a tragic tradition for television cameras to record these final journeys. The images of flag-draped caskets rolling up the highway and the crowds of people who come out to line the overpasses to pay their respects are hard to put out of your mind. You'd have to be one hard-hearted Canadian to fail to be moved by the sight, so often repeated in the last few months. Now, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty has said he'll officially consider redesignating those 172 kms "The Highway of Heroes" as a memorial, and a lot of people seem to think that's a good idea. The talk shows have been effusive. And as the Toronto
Anybody Up For It?
Anybody Up For It? by Cat_photobuff © Aww what a waste! All you guys out there, reading my stories, playing with yourselves as you imagine being one of the characters, stroking your delicious cocks. I'm here all alone, not a cock in sight. Its my second favorite past time, right after writing this stuff, playtime with a cock. Doesn't anybody want to join me? Let me describe a typical movie night at home with me: I like to sit on a nice comfy couch with a man, watching a good movie, my hand resting gently on his lap. I'm in my little boxer shorts and tank top and he's wearing just a pair of sleep pants. While I'm all curled up in his arms I start to lightly caress his balls. Then raking my fingernails up and down the shaft, I can feel the stiffness, as his lovely cock starts to twitch a bit. I like it when men play with my breasts, rolling my nipples around between thumb and forefinger. I could have my breasts massaged for hours and never grow tired of it. Once a man's prick i
Multiple Myeloma
Multiple myeloma is a type of cancer that affects the plasma type of white blood cells. Myeloma cells tend to collect in the bone marrow and in the hard, outer part of bones. Sometimes they collect in only one bone and form a single mass, or tumor, called a plasmacytoma. In most cases, however, the myeloma cells collect in many bones, often forming many tumors and causing other problems. When this happens, the disease is called multiple myeloma. Please note that cancer is classified by the type of cell, or the part of the body, in which the disease begins. Although plasmacytoma and multiple myeloma affect the bones, they begin in cells of the immune system. This type of cancer is different from bone cancer, which actually begins in cells that form the hard, outer part of the bone. You should know this because the diagnosis and treatment of plasmacytoma and multiple myeloma are different from the diagnosis and treatment of bone cancer.
Fast & Furious
Well, It Has Happened
It has finally happened. I feel like I am running off all of the people who care about me after they find out how I am. I am trying to be me, and sometimes, I can't be me cause I am scared of running people off. Everyone that I talk to says that they can handle me the way I am, but as soon as they find out, I am right back to being alone and shuned for being me. I should just get use to it and maybe then it would not hurt so bad. I know that I am just venting, but this is how I really do feel sometimes. There are times that I wonder, why bother. I bother cause I hate to be alone, and maybe that is my problem. I try too hard. I guess that I should just go on with life and quit wondering if I will be alone. I am just destined to walk down the path of life bymyself without friendship. To all of you that are my friends, I thank you. Maybe you have seen how I am and realize that I am what I am.
Anticipation By Sacura
Anticipation by Sacura © Oh! Please don't stop! Oh Fuck! I'm almost there.... Oh...oh... *beep beep beep* Ugh! The sound of my alarm ruined a perfect dream. My fingers were toying with my nipples as my hips wiggled in anticipation of my dreamtime orgasm. As I groggily stretch and begin to focus, I remember what day it is. My lover is coming home today! This is my last morning waking alone. In just 3 short hours, I'd be in the arms of the man I love and by far the best lover I've ever had. It isn't that he has the body of a god or a cock like a porn star. Rather, he is erotic...sensual...adventurous. Oh, don't get me wrong – he has an amazing cock. It's just the right size for any and every opportunity and hard as a rock. Any bigger and it would be too big for some of my favorite activities. He is tough looking, tattoos covering his arms and well placed scars that give him that air of intrigue and add to his sexual draw. The thing about him that captured me, however, is th
Application # 2 You Pick The One You Want To Fill Out
October 6, 2007 I am the Perfect Boyfriend Boyfriend Application Name: Age: Hair Color: Hair Style: Eyes: Birthday: Zodiac: Piercing/tattoos: Why do you want to be my Boyfriend? If I chose you to be my Boyfriend... what's the first thing you'd do with me or to me? What are your hobbies? How do you stay in shape? Are you a top or bottom? Do you fuss over looking good? Which side of the bed do you prefer? Do you do drugs and/or alcohol, if so what? What's your favorite feature about me? What is your best feature? Why would you make a great Boyfriend? How would you make me happy? If I called you at 3 am & wanted to hang out because I was feeling lonely and bored what would you do? It's my birthday. What would you do? It's Christmas and I want more than one present. What do you do? How would you show me that you really like me, in person? Do you like the
Pitch Black
Midnight Train
Wrong or right loose or tight Day or night In your cold arms you hold him tight No more crying or fighting tonight Tears are dry when love walked away Did not say even a simple goodbye But it’s ok not for long I will stay. With the wolves I am running today What a blast you have nothing to say In your cold hands you hold him tonight No more arguing or fighting in sight Just me looking at you what a shocking sight In your cold eyes colder than any other night A look of fear and a shock in your eyes when I came in. You were in for a surprise What did you think? I will let you go? And shame in my heart I will let it grow? No way my love no way not tonight You are no more and forever I will stay Smiling again under the falling rain Waiting for my last midnight train
Girls Will Be Girls
Violet lay on her bed wearing nothing but a purple silk dress, she waited for a few minutes then called out "Im waiting for you" her body heat was rising with tension and angst waiting for Isabelle to come in the room and "play some games" with her. Violet began to shiver slightly as Isabelle slowly strides into the room and towards Violet wearing nothing but a G-string, she crawled along the bed towards Violet then slid her fingers ur Violets leg then bit her lip gently. Violet leans forward as to allow Isabelle s fingers to her sweet spot and licked Isabelle s cheek "play time" she whispered as Isabelle stuck her fingers deep into Violets pussy and lay on top of Violet french kissing her. Violet sucked on Isabelle s boobs for a while while Isabelle tried to slide off Violets purple silk dress, Isabelle then pulled her fingers out from inside Violet and then squeezed Violets ass tight and started french kissing Violets pussy. Violet began to sweat immensely while Isabelle's tongue fla
The Chronicles Of Riddick
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Anticipation by justachicky © I find myself lost in a world of daydreams of late. It seems even the most mundane task allows my thoughts to drift to the building frustration that you've so easily built up inside me. I sit here, rubbing lotion on my legs, but before long, I close my eyes, and instead of my hands, it is yours that caress slowly up and down my calves. You stop to push the pad of your thumb firmly into the soft flesh behind my knee, and then increasing the pressure, you move up my thigh until your thumb just grazes the crease separating my thigh from my ass, then you move back down to my ankle. Circling your fingers around my ankle, you hold it firm as your other hand caresses back up my leg. You move slowly, applying pressure when I try to pull my leg from your hand. You move to the other leg, rubbing your hands firmly up the back of my calf to the back of my knee, where your fingers slide over the sensitive skin. My body moves almost of it's own free will, ha
Knockaround Guys
Anthony And Gracie - La Etapa
Anthony and Gracie - La Etapa by Anthony_and_Gracie © "Where you want to go?" asked the driver in his heavily accented English. Anthony opened his mouth to answer but before he could speak, "We want a club, something fun, something exotic," said Gracie as she gave Anthony a sideways glance and a smile. "Too slow, it's my choice," she added with an adorable smirk. "Something exotic...I know a place, but it is expensive," added the driver. Anthony rolled his eyes, "Oh, here we go..." "Hush," shushed Gracie, nudging Anthony with her elbow. Turning to the driver, "Tell us about this place." "La Etapa...The is a dance club, but on Thursday nights they put on a show...something exotic," he added with a laugh. Anthony glanced at Gracie who was looking at the driver with slightly squinted eyes —a look he knew meant she was trying to decide if she could trust him. After a moment her expression softened and her playful smile reappeared. "Okay, take
Another Letter From Omaha
Another Letter From Omaha by kaltes © You just like to mess with me. You love watching me push the envelope. I love watching you covet me. I love it when you tell me what to do. Put your mouth up against the bars of the cage and lick it off my fingers.I know what you want, I just don't know how you want it. Yet. Oh, yeah, there are a lot of other women in the world who are so sexy. It' s true. You can never get enough of flirting and tits, black lace and of games and looks and caresses and little laughs and bitches who run their hand down your chest and spank your ass and tell you how great you look in a hat. All in little boxes, all with their little games and tricks. Each so beautiful in her own way, so special. And I'm willing to describe them all while you fuck me. And willing to let you watch me play with them , and especially willing to watch you take your pleasure in their pussies. But not here and not now. Because we're still on first base. There are so many ways i
Ratings And Comments
Just thinking to myself why so many women wants to be rated and fanned on here the expect all others to rate and fan them but most of u all are pretty bad at returning the ratings and all that stuff even just a simple comment I allways try to strive to the fact that all people that send me a friendrequest wants to keep in touch and to get to know me but lately i ahve started to feel otherwise i mean come on people i'm really not that antimidating or careless ask anybody that have talked to me=) and feel free to share your thoughts on it as well Master P
Another Brief Encounter
Another Brief Encounter by sarahloveitt © Rocco went into the hotel bar. He hadn't been in this particular hotel before, but it was a four star rating, and the cocktail bar was well furnished. Being early afternoon, however, there were very few people in. The lunch-time drinkers were back at work. But the one he was looking for certainly wasn't here. He had another good look round, but no - Daphne wasn't here. Ah well, maybe she'd be a bit late. He glanced at his watch. Spot on 2.30. She might have had cold feet. Anyway, he'd wait a while in case she turned up. Pity. And he was getting nicely sexed up in anticipation - that pic she had sent him of her vulva, inner labia thrusting out from the confines of the outer lips, was terrific. Where the hell was Daphne? Daphne - not her real name he supposed - was a writer whom he'd met on the internet. Having read a few of her submissions, Rocco decided she was a highly sexed woman with a vivid imagination. He got in touch with her, a
Apply Here
The Official Boyfriend Application THE OFFICIAL BOYFRIEND APPLICATION Just a reminder: be completely honest with all your answers, I will be double checking applications using Google to ensure honesty. Any false information will automatically nullify any chance you might have had. Thanks, and have fun. This application must be filled out in its entirety in order to be considered for the position that you are applying. Photographs may sway my opinion one way or the other, feel free to attach any that you think may help you gain this position. BASIC INFORMATION 1. Full legal name 2. Age 3. Height 4. Weight 5. Eye color 6. Measurements 3. Natural hair color 4. Current hair color Last First Middle CONTACT INFORMATION ( ) - ( ) - 9. Home phone 10. Cell Phone 11. Email GETTING TO KNOW YOU 12. Are you a virgin? Y N 13. If no, how many past sexual partners have you had? 14. Have you ever had a sex change? Y N 15. Do yo
Anonymity by istanbulnoir© See Talynnda's picture in her profile... I had never seen a woman like her before. It was the sheer unlikeliness of her that thrilled me. The unlikeliness of her walking down a street like mine, and when I could least have expected it, the unlikeliness of how things unfolded, and the unlikeliness of her unusual and incredible beauty. Maybe I should call it her sexiness, rather than her beauty. I'm still not sure. She was beautiful, but not in any conventional; by which I mean stereotypical and banal sense. It was proportion. She was not slim, but you could not call her heavy either, but she had such large natural breasts, and they pointed proudly straight outwards. They seemed like they were too large for her frame to carry them, but she was having no trouble with that. He face was pretty, in a sexy kind of way, her skin as white as milk, and she had these extraordinary full lips, that were the sharpest mix of red and pink, and piercing grey eyes
Ann's Escapades
Ann's Escapades by Joancdnj © Ann started dating Jimmy in her senior year of high school right after they both turned 18. It seemed all of their friends had birthdays around the same time so everyone was strutting around in their new status as an "adult". Even though she gave up her cherry right away she found that even with fucking Jimmy once or maybe twice a week, she was constantly horny. Fortunately her older sister Jennifer taught her about vibrators and allowed Ann to borrow hers. Ann knew she liked dating Jimmy because he had money and a car. His family was rich and spared no expense. This also made Jimmy popular with the jocks because the quarterback on the high school football team, Lance, liked being able to count on Jimmy for a car when he wanted to take his current girlfriend out to one of the many lover's lanes and fuck her. "Hey, let's take the girls out for a burger and then someplace to fuck," Lance suggested to Jimmy one warm Friday night just before school l
Anniversary Dance
Anniversary Dance by Funseeker53 © There he was, wearing a black tuxedo and looking more handsome than ever. Smiling seductively with those dimples I could get lost in and eyes that twinkle brighter than any star I have ever seen. Jeff held out a single red rose, leaned close to my ear and whispered, "Happy Anniversary, Honey." I smiled. "Two years." "Two years," he echoed. His breath blowing across my cheek. My lips parted instinctively and we embraced in a warm, lingering kiss. "Come on, we're celebrating!" he announced, suddenly pulling away. He whisked me into the bedroom, and I couldn't help giggling, "Oh yeah? How?" "Limo, dinner and look!" Jeff opened the closet door and there was a beautiful cocktail dress. I took it out and held it against my body, "Perfect". Later that night in the restaurant, we indulged our every craving-expensive champagne, caviar, fondling each other under the table. We feasted on lobster and used our tongues to clean the b
Annette by FFwriter © I woke up with sunlight streaming through the bedroom window. My head hurt a little, but not as much as I deserved. I'd stayed up late the previous night drinking with my brother Sam, his girlfriend Annette, and their friend Mickey. Mickey was staying over so he and Sam could get up early to go fishing, and what had started as a couple of drinks had evolved into something more serious. I got up and wandered around the house; went to the bathroom, put the kettle on to make tea. Sam and Mick had obviously left hours ago, and hadn't bothered to clean up before they went. I checked the news on the internet till the kettle whistled. As I got up to go to the kitchen, I heard a voice from Sam's bedroom calling "make me tea if you have any mercy!". I opened Sam's bedroom door. Annette was lying under the doona, looking angelic as always. I'd been hoping I'd catch her undressed, but no such luck. "What if I have no mercy?" I asked. "Oh please," she said. "You
The Fantasy
It sits in the back of my closet. It's on the hanger I bought it on too. It's my little black dress. It's a halter dress with a plunging neckline. No sensible young woman would be able to find a bra that sat low enough, I have two that do the job.. Right between my bust, right where the neckline ends sits a silver diamond. It's about as big as my fist and it pulls my breasts tight. It draws in the eye and makes you salivate. The dress hugs my hips and waist... Then it carefully becomes an A-line skirt... a short A-line that ends about two inches above my knees. Short enough to keep the eyes moving, long enough to keep me a mystery. Tomorrow night is a University wide Winter Semi formal, I had planned on going. I'm not going... I mentioned it last time I saw Beloved, but he dismissed it from his mind; last night when I brought up that I was not going, he complained that I never told him these things... Let the fantasy begin... My black stiletto heals tapped the hard carpet
Anne's First Business Trip
Anne's First Business Trip by womenlover © Scott had hired Anne as a part-time office assistant during her freshman year of college. At the time, the entire office staff were middle-aged women and while they were efficient in their work, none of them would ever be mistaken for a beauty queen. Scott was use to working with young attractive people in his previous position and was determined to liven up the place with every new hire. Anne was an easy choice. At 5' 7" and approximately 130 pounds with shoulder length blonde hair, she was stunningly attractive, but she quickly proved to everyone that she would be more than just eye candy. She was far more mature than most college students and her outgoing, down to earth attitude became contagious and everyone took an immediate liking to her. Scott absolutely loved having Anne work for him. Not only was she cool to talk with and great to look at, but as time went on her responsibilities increased and she became one of his most valued
Rush Hour 3
Anne & Scott Return To The Office
Anne & Scott Return to the Office by womenlover © My name is Scott and it's been over six months since I took my assistant, Anne, on a business trip where we ended up fucking each other silly. For all the sordid details and a little more background on the two of us, I encourage you to read "What's Goes on out of Town Stays out of Town!" I have thought about all of the ramifications that could develop from fucking your assistant, and trust me, very few of them are any good, but for some unknown reason I can't seem to get her out of my head. I know all too well that good pussy can cause you to do many things you wouldn't normally do, but there's more to it than that with her. I have as much fun if not more fun talking and hanging out with her as I do fucking her. Ok, definitely not more fun and maybe not as much fun, but still it's fun nevertheless. And I have no doubt that she feels the same way. So what's the problem you might ask? Well the fact that she's my assistant is par
Anna And Her Student Teacher
Anna and her Student Teacher by lacerezareinita © Anna was easily the most attractive girl in the choir with her long black hair and tiny waist. Her hips were full and round, and she carried herself with an intimidating air of confidence, even though she was only 5'2. Michael was her student teacher -- not fat, not thin, not short, not tall, but it was the fact that he was her teacher that made her want him so badly. He was attractive in all the right ways: boyishly handsome, funny, sarcastic. Michael was set to graduate college in a few weeks, and his last project was to student teach a high school choir. He thought there might be some pretty girls there, but he never imagined that one of them would be so beautiful that she'd invade his thoughts every night. The first night he stroked his cock thinking of her, he felt guilty for wanting a student, but soon it became so routine that he forgot her age -- just 18 years -- and focused on her soft lips, round hips, and perky breast
Anna Belle
Anna Belle by cstone2007 © This story was written for Anna Belle. It is my own creation and I hope you enjoy it. Anna Belle It had been a long week at work and while the bosses were out of town the workload had increased if anything. Anna Belle and I are coworkers and long term friends. In all the years we have known each other there had never been a spark. Nothing to build upon and more often than not things had been "friendly professional". What changed you might ask? Well, Anna was in a relationship that seemed to be turning more serious until out of the blue she was sent on trip overseas. What started as harmless banter about the trip turned a little more exciting with the discussion of how she would survive the month long ordeal without any physical relations. Toys were suggested discussed. Her interest in this topic peaked my curiosity. I have always been the naughty risk taking sort and this conversation would definitely have caused our HR department some extra w
Your Support Means A Me And To Thousands Of Others.
Im walking this for jeffrey October 20,2007 Please help me reach my goal of $200 to help the society reach its goal of $70,000 on this walk. HERE is the link to my homepage/ The Light The Night Walk will return to the beautiful 24th Street Park along the Boardwalk in Virginia Beach. Please join us as we walk together to accomplish the Society's mission: to cure leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma and improve the quality of life for patients and their families. You have the chance to be a part of something great. The Society is the largest voluntary health organization dedicated to finding cures for blood cancers. Because of the success of Light The Night walkers across the country, we are well on our way to accomplishing our mission! The Society is investing millions of dollars in the most promising blood cancer research available and seeing tangible results that improve the quality of life of patients and their families.
An Answer To Her Heart
An Answer to Her Heart by RedHairedandFriendly © Author's Note: There are brief lesbian undertones to this erotic coupling story, but the sexual action is heterosexual. Thank you to AussieAngel for the story idea. ~ Red * "You're sure?" Jade whispered against Gabi's neck. She felt her lover's chest rise and heard the heavy sigh escape her lips. "Jade, I'm sure," she told her and hugged her tight. She then loosened her hold and used one hand to tilt Jade's head upwards. "I am not upset. I am not hurt. I am not angry. I love you and I want you to do this, because if you don't," she kissed her forehead, "you'll never know. Right?" Jade bit her lower lip and nodded her head. "I love you too. I just..." "Enough baby girl. I am okay with it. I know you need this. In a way I need it too. I want you to be sure you're where you want to be... with me." Gabi slid her fingers into her lover's black hair and coaxed her forward. It didn't take much for Jade to meet her half way
Different View
This Guy is awesome.
Amy's Seduction
Amy's Seduction by rich0524© Amy was in a quandary about what to do with Thomas, her longtime boyfriend. After three years of an on and off relationship, he had asked her to marry him. Several times during that time, they had drifted apart and dated other people, but always seemed to find each other again. She liked him and they were comfortable together, but he was such a geek. She was a brunette, with large brown eyes and a beautiful smile. She didn't have an hour glass figure, but all the curves were in the right place. At 24, she wanted to marry and begin a family. Her problem at the moment was her feelings for Thomas. Liking someone wasn't the same as love, and starting a family under those conditions didn't appeal to her. Amy knew Thomas loved her and would provide security while being a good husband and father. That was another thing she was unsure of. He was only the second man she had made love to. The first was too painful to remember and making love to Thomas wasn't
Angie And The New Pool
Angie and the New Pool by ccountry © It all started very innocently. Patty and I just installed a pool with this huge deck around it and invited about 40 friends over to christen it. One of the couples invited was Joe and Angie. They were the parents of one of Patty's kid's friends. Joe was a Jack and Coke drinker and Angie a beer drinker. I had never meet Angie before but she was a looker. Not very tall but a very pretty face and a body to match. Our parties are always very casual with everyone helping themselves to food and drinks. I spent most of my time around the bar and the grill doing burgers and brats so I didn't get much time to talk to Joe and Angie until later in the night when they wanted to start doing shots of tequila. There were about a dozen people left when Joe started pouring the shots. Most people were feeling no pain by this time so the shots went down pretty easy. After the second shot Joe said he had to go take their baby sitter home. He said he'd be bac
Angel Is The Centerfold
Angel is the Centerfold by call_me_dana © When I originally wrote this, I wrote it to the lyrics of J.Geils Band "Centerfold". I included the lyrics in the story as bridges from paragraph to paragraph. For copyright reasons and Literotica rules, I needed to remove most of the lyrics. If you know the song, you know the lyrics anyway ... I hope you enjoy. ############## "She was pure like snowflakes No one could ever stain ..." As the plane began it's descent into Los Angeles, I found myself reflecting back on my high school years. I really couldn't believe ten years had passed since graduation but here I was flying into town for my ten-year high school reunion. I had thought seriously about not going, but had a change of heart at the last moment. My assistant talked me into going, telling me I needed a break from work and that I would probably have fun seeing old friends. I've learned in the three years she has worked for me that Tracey is usually right on social matter
An Angel In White
An Angel in White by Many Feathers © I honestly don't remember very much. The wet roads, rain coming down so hard and so fast that the windshield wipers couldn't even keep up with it. The appearance of headlights rounding the curve blinding me for a moment, a moment in which I saw the deer crossing the road just in front of the other driver. And then nothing. And I hate not being able to see, to move. I don't know what happened, or even what's wrong, if it weren't for the sound of her voice I might have given up wondering or even caring a long time ago. Time for me has no meaning, it's become eternal, a prison in a black void that occasionally is softened by the sound of her voice, that sweet melodic sexy sounding voice. And it matters not to me what she even looks like, even if I could see her. It is simply the sound of her that pierces the darkness of my despair. "And how are we this morning?" she asks in that soft sexy voice of hers. I hear her as she moves about the room
Kickboxer & Bloodsport
My Newest Photo Issues
Sorry, the photo you specified doesn't appear to be associated with your profile. if you just uploaded it, try waiting a minute to let it sync up.Sorry, the photo you specified doesn't appear to be associated with your profile. if you just uploaded it, try waiting a minute to let it sync up. Sorry, the photo you specified doesn't appear to be associated with your profile. if you just uploaded it, try waiting a minute to let it sync up.Sorry, the photo you specified doesn't appear to be associated with your profile. if you just uploaded it, try waiting a minute to let it sync up. Sorry, the photo you specified doesn't appear to be associated with your profile. if you just uploaded it, try waiting a minute to let it sync up.Sorry, the photo you specified doesn't appear to be associated with your profile. if you just uploaded it, try waiting a minute to let it sync up. Seems I must be Deleeting others of Fubar out of my Pictures.Peace
An Amazing Night
An Amazing Night by sandybeach99 © I ring your door bell. You answer the door in your silk boxers. MMMMM! You look so sexy Baby! You pull me in the door and take my face in your hands and our lips meet. First a sweet kiss, then it becomes more passionate as our bodies are pressed together. Our bodies seemingly remembering the other. Remembering the passion and satisfaction of our last encounter. Our lips and hands roaming one another. I hold you close to me not wanting the moment to end! Passion and excitement fills the room. You have set the mood as always. Candles... I catch a glimpse of the firelight in your eyes. You look so passionate at that moment. You look hungry for me. My panties get wet thinking about it Baby! Wow! I know you don't think so, but your eyes are wonderful! Your smile is so sexy! I cannot get enough of you Baby! You are pressed up against me, we are swaying back and forth as if we are dancing. Just staring into each others eyes. Savo
Dont You Wana Know
What did you think that I will do? In my bed naked he is next to you Seven years of my life I spent loving And caring for us and living for you Today I am happy and where are you? Six feet under and god . I don’t think He will bless someone as bad as you. In that dark I lay to my god I pray For this second chance that he gave Me today but I wish you can hear what I have to say death is not a wish but It’s only a way from you to stay away. So to hell you go and here I stay With a smile on my face and in my heart. a pray i say go to hell and forever stay I will live this life to the end of my last day
" High Flight"
High Flight Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of earth And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings; Sunward I've climbed, and joined the tumbling mirth Of sun-split clouds - and done a hundred things You have not dreamed of - wheeled and soared and swung High in the sunlit silence. Hov'ring there I've chased the shouting wind along, and flung My eager craft through footless halls of air. Up, up the long delirious, burning blue, I've topped the windswept heights with easy grace Where never lark, or even eagle flew - And, while with silent lifting mind I've trod The high untresspassed sanctity of space, Put out my hand and touched the face of God. Pilot Officer Gillespie Magee No 412 squadron, RCAF Killed 11 December 1941 ------------------------------------------------- During the dark days of the Battle of Britain, hundreds of Americans crossed the border into Canada to enlist with the Royal Canadian Air Force. Knowingly breaking the law,
Amy's Illicit Desires
Amy's Illicit Desires by Big Gunz © Amy had wanted Jack since the moment she had met him. Even though he was dating Julia, one of her best friends, and regardless of the fact that she too had a boyfriend, for as long as she had known him, she had secretly lusted for him. There was just something about him that she could not get out of her head. He was a good looking guy, taller than her boyfriend Pete, but not quite as muscular, and certainly not as nice. Quite the opposite actually, as he usually came off as a bit of an asshole when people first met him. Still, there was a certain something about him that stirred something within her. At first she tried to push her dirty thoughts of her friend's man out of her mind, passing them off as a sort of taboo fantasy, lusting after someone you should not, and certainly would not, ever have. But as time progressed, she found it harder and harder to keep her illicit desires suppressed in the back of her dirty little head. To add to Amy's
Moonlight Densetsu
Amber Lets Go
Amber Lets Go by sinful_princess © Amber was lost in thought as she drove through town towards his house. Her truck sputtered and billowed smoke, reminding her of the need for its over-do oil change. "I could use a good lubing myself," she thought as she made the turn onto his street. She had been seeing Matthew for about a month now, but their meeting came on the tail-end of a nasty break-up between her and her ex of two years, and she found herself holding back. She really liked Matt, was on the verge of adoring him actually, but when it came to sex she just couldn't get comfortable. The few times they ventured into that territory he was very attentive, and she found him extremely attractive, but when his hands touched her in certain ways strains from her past seemed to envelop her and she couldn't stop herself from closing off. The man she had given herself for the past two years had not been kind to her. He had been attentive in his own ways, sexually aggressive and a
Amber Leigh
Amber Leigh by jamma32 © As he turned onto his street, Bo squirmed in his seat, trying to stretch his tired back. It was nearly 10 pm and his day, which had begun at 6 am, was nearly over. He thanked God it was Friday and that he wouldn't have to perform a repeat of the day, or the week for that matter. His wife, Kelly, had been out of town the whole week. She was a corporate trainer and her company had been expanding which meant she traveled a lot. She'd left the prior Sunday and would return Saturday afternoon. Then, on Tuesday, she'd be off to Atlanta for meetings. Bo respected his wife immensely and loved her dearly. As their child had grown to school age, Kelly had decided to return to work. She was tireless at her work and with their little girl. However, in the past year, as her star rose in the company, she had begun to travel more and more. The increased separation and stress had begun to take a toll on their marriage. Their sex life, which had been fun, regular, and at ti
I am so sorry for not being on as much as I use to be... But I've recently got a job and I'm working OT... I really will be responding to the love shown and given to me since Monday of last week... Well i love you all my family and friends....
Wild Wild West
Story Of Sand And Stone
Amber by sinful_princess © Amber stretched a long piece of packing tape across the top of the box, it contained her favorite books and all her DVD's; the last of her packing was finally done. She stood and stretched her petite 5 foot frame. At 110 pounds she filled her clothes out nicely, bordering on the cusp of slim to curvy. Her chest was a modest B cup, but her hips flared out from a small waist and flat stomach, leading down to strong toned thighs supporting a backside that could only be described as a "bubble-butt." She pulled her long dark hair from its pony-tail and gently massaged her scalp and temples as her mind became inundated with painful thoughts and emotions. With her large dark eyes closed and the stereo belting out mournful music she didn't notice the car pull up to the driveway. "Do you need any help loading that into your truck? Obviously you've stuffed anything you could fit into it, and I know for a fact you're not strong enough to take care of it on your o
Amazing Grace
Amazing Grace by Doug Thomasthis © No matter when or where they met, her instant insatiability always amazed him. He'd never met a woman whose needs were so well-defined, and who wanted it all -- right then and there.... no matter where they happened to be. She could never get enough of their raw, roaring, primal sex. They had gotten to know each other's bodies so well over the past year, yet there was always a need to quench a deep, hidden thirst for a bigger, better, more intense orgasm. Grace was unlike any other woman he'd been with. Yes, she indeed had a more intense, advanced libido. Some women indeed do have a special gift -- a finer tuned sense of passion and sexuality. She'd told him of days riding in the car, a passenger oblivious to her husband's nonsensical mutterings. She'd be engrossed in a book with a naughty passage. She read it over and over, moving her thighs together just the right unobserved way to give herself an intense, yet secret, orgasm without ever touc
The All-night Train
The All-Night Train by SexComa © One train service ran all night at the weekends, transporting to and from the city a motley crew of passengers comprising sweaty revellers and bleary eyed shift workers. Steve, one of the latter, was in good spirits after finishing his shift, and, once on board, he had successfully avoided the attentions of the angry drunks, whose stops had come and gone. The train was out in the pitch-dark boondocks now, the concentrated lights of the city well behind it, and only a few passengers remained. One of Steve's fellow passengers was an interesting sight, indeed: she had clearly come from a club, her cheeks flushed and skin shiny with sweat. Her left leg (exposed bare all the way up to the thigh by a very short skirt) jiggled restlessly up and down as if she could still hear the beats. She sat on an aisle seat at the opposite side of the carriage from Steve, one row up and facing in his direction, and Steve found that he could steal glances at her refl
Made It Through The Party!!!!
Well my son's party went well. He got so many gifts that I don't know where I'm goin to put everything lol. He had such a great time and got everything that he wanted. I made a deal with him, I told him that if he learned to tie his shoes daddy and me would buy him Marvelscape (it's a game like risk but there is more to it, not really the game for me lol) and it worked and I was shocked. He is so proud of the fact that he learned to tie his shoes (it's a big thing for him cuz he is autistic and some things are harder for him then most 8 year olds) he has to come and show me every mornin that he tied his shoes. I still can't get over the fact that he is 8 and the baby will soon be 2 (in like 4 months OMG lol). Anyways I am goin to bed now cuz I am so tired from this party but I will be back in the am to help bomb and anything else that I need to do. Love to you all, talk to you in the am!!! ~berta~
Nsfw Again!?!?
You know, I am getting sick of the idiot who is flagging my photos. This is the latest photo that has been flagged NSFW. Now I see women in their profile pics with their boobs hanging out and those are fine but this one isn't? I am about sick of the double standard shit on this site and the cowards that have nothing better to do then go around flagging photos. Screw this crap.
to hell with all you downraters you should all be booted. seriously.............
Alternate Plans
Alternate Plans by techsan © Author's note: the following story is purely a work of fiction and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental. The author wishes to express his gratitude to Angel Love for her editing to make this a better story. * "Oh, wow! I love this décor! It's so masculine." I wondered what the tall, shapely blonde meant by that remark. She was running her hand over the long, thick wooden dining table as if it was some sort of sensuous object. I was wishing she was rubbing those fingers over certain of my body parts instead of the table. Or maybe I could rub certain of my body parts down between that never-ending valley between her generous sized knockers. "Well?" she asked, looking at me questioningly. "I'm sorry. I didn't understand your question." "I just asked what the monthly rent is on this place." "Oh, yes. It's $1800 a month for the apartment, including kitchen privileges in the master suite downstairs and all util
Alpa, A Sweetest Thing
Alpa, A Sweetest Thing by Ashwagandha © Hi guys, this is Sujith, doing my first submission to Although I wanted to submit another story of mine as my first one, but I haven't finished writing it. Will come soon with that, for now I would like to share one of my true experience here. This is about me and one of my friend's sister, Her name Alpa. My time with her when I was 21 and living in Mumbai, India. I was working with a media company than. If I tell you about myself in brief, 6'1"/195lbs/good looking etc. Anyways, me and Alpa were very good friends. If I describe her, she is Indian version of Keira Knightley, 5'5" height, 100 lbs (about 45kgs) very slim, her waistline was only 24". Shoulder length hair, beautiful eyes and the best part on her were her breast. They were not very big, but they were so firm and upright, she had wonderful pair of nipples. I actually happened to have glimpse of them through thin material of her clothes often. Alpa, being my fri
Men In Black
Alone Tonight
Alone Tonight by vetteman © She was alone under the sheets tonight, she couldn't help but think about his hands moving over her tummy towards her stiffening nipples. The chills and goose bumps she got as she laid there thinking about how good it felt brought her own hand beneath her nighty, her fingers lightly onto her soft belly to trace a sensuous path towards her breasts, trying to relive the past and bring life to her dreams. She wanted to cup her breast as he did, to gently cover it with the same warm pressure, the light circular friction of his palm on her swollen nipple, his finger tips gently kneading the soft skin at the sides of her breasts. The tingling she felt when he would let them drift into her soft sensitive arm pit ran all the way to her clitoris. She opened her legs involuntarily remembering the feel of his knee on the inside of hers and how he slowly parted her thighs. She pushed her other hand lightly down her pelvis and into the curls of her pubic hair
Well..Here I am again all...:P LOL I have had a heck of a week. I was supposed to get my cousin started on a freaking profile but that didn't happen..LOL we got too drunk and looked like hell the next day..LOL So..another time....I think shes nervous...come to find out she has a new man in her life..twerp didn't even tell me..LOL so...had a good time in Indiana. I get back and it seems I have been offered another job. Looks like I might just go with the flow although it isn't something I am used to. I would be working for a major internet company, and don't want to say who, but they are about 1 hour away from here. Thats the only down fall...The good thing is they are willing to pay me 14.00 an hour. Thats good isn't it? I mean..hey...I am used to making more but sometimes you just gotta do what makes you happy instead of jsut going throught the motions right? I am actually in need of advice if anyone has any. Let me know if I should go for 14.00 an hour, if thats like
Alone At The Office
Alone at the Office by justachicky © If I had known you were alone at the office yesterday, I would have made a point to stop by and try my hand at distracting you away from the work that has kept you so busy. I envisioned you letting me into the newly re-decorated conference room. I can see, better, I can feel you push me down over the table, and I can feel you nibble on my creases, until I'm begging you to let me cum. You tease me more, I'm gripping the edges of the table, hungry for the release you won't let me have. Then, you slowly, tortuously lick my pussy, and stopping just briefly to tell me how good I taste, you suck on my clit and the orgasm I've been craving slams through my body and I scream incoherently. I smile as I begin to breath regularly again, because I think that the next time you sit at this table for a meeting, or a conference, or just lunch, you'll look down the length of the table, and you'll be able to imagine my face pressed against the cool surface
Almost A Date
Almost a Date by marriednot2eachother © She sat at her desk and looked at the clock. Fifteen more minutes and I can leave. She reached down to massage her aching feet. The price her poor feet paid to be just a little bit taller. At only 5'1, the 4 inch heels she wore gave her some much needed height. She had a rough day. Her boss, a beautiful woman, made her day hell. She was so demanding and it seemed like Donna couldn't do anything right. She couldn't wait for the day to end. Donna secretly desired this woman and would do anything to make her boss happy. Most days she loved to see her sexy boss. She was always dressed so hot. She wore clothes that just screamed, "I want to be fucked". Donna took on some of the same looks as her boss. She now wore short skirts that hugged her round, shapely, firm ass. Her blouses were almost sheer and left nothing to the imagination. Donna loved nothing more than to show off her ample breast. Even at the age of 38 her 36 C breast were still ve
Ally Cats
Ally Cats by takerslover © His body collides into yours, crushing you between him and the brick wall. The sound of the club's rear entrance door slamming shut is drowned by his growls and your moans. The dumpsters hide you from view of the street, but the light overhead... You feel his hand moving above you and a moment later you're plunged into darkness. His hand returns to your body, groping your breasts through the thin silk covering them. The softness of the fabric against your nipples makes them painfully sensitive and he takes full advantage of it, pinching them and rolling them between his fingers, eliciting moans of pleasure from you. During this assault, he captures your mouth with his, swallowing your moans as if they were life giving water. Your hands unwound from his thick neck and slide over his chest. You easily unbutton the front of his shirt and let your hands roam over his bare flesh. You can feel his muscles dance beneath your touch. He's so strong, so powerful
Bad Boys
Just Another Word ???
THE MOST FUNCTIONAL ENGLISH WORD ... Body: Well, it's shit ... that's right , shit! Shit may just be the most functional word in the English language. You can smoke shit, buy shit, sell shit, lose shit, find shit, forget shit, and tell others to eat shit. Some people know their shit, while others can't tell the difference between shit and shineola. There are lucky shits, dumb shits, and crazy shits. There is bull shit, horse shit, and chicken shit. You can throw shit, sling shit, catch shit, shoot the shit, or duck when the shit hits the fan. You can give a shit or serve shit on a shingle. You can find yourself in deep shit or be happier than a pig in shit. Some days are colder than shit, some days are hotter than shit, and some days are just plain shitty. Some music sounds like shit, things can look like shit, and there are times when you feel like shit. You can have too much shit, not enough shit, the right shit, the wrong shit or a
Bad Boys 2
Alley Fuck Before Her Wedding Day
Alley Fuck Before Her Wedding Day by Jeremy1 © This happened after a major row, alcohol fuelled, with my girlfriend. I stalked out of the flat we were living in on the edge of town and made my way down to the old town area of the city. It's an area where alcohol is available cheaply and the music is loud. The people are a bit younger than me (some of them are much younger – I'm 43) but I wanted the privacy that comes with crowds and I sat alone for several hours, drinking cheap gin and adding to the sense of injustice I felt. Bitch! Time came when I didn't fancy it any more though, and I knew I'd have to make my way back and start the whole business of making up. I stood up and left the bar and made my way outside. A scent of cheap fast food and the noise of the crowds passing happily up and down the street didn't improve my mood. "Excuse me, mate." A voice, seemingly addressed to me, came from an alleyway on my left. A girl in her mid twenties was there – seemed respectabl
Alley Cats
Alley Cats by alexlexy © He was gorgeous and funny, unfortunately he had a girlfriend, so I had no chance of bagging this hotty, but then again was he looking at me?? Our eyes met and that was it, it was like heaven we couldn't stop staring at each other, but I knew I had to stop he had a girlfriend which lived on my block, I wouldn't be able to live with the guilt, would I??? 2 hours later were outside in the ally together and im really turned on by now, just waiting for his soft lips to touch mine, the wait seemed like ages but when he did, it felt so right and I knew at that moment I was going to fuck him senseless and nothing was going to stop me, not even knowing his girlfriend was still inside the club! He moved his lips as if he was sucking ice cream from a cone; I moved mine in motion with his, He viciously ripped my new denim skirt, which cost me the earth, but I didn't care, all I wanted was his long hard penis inside my wet vagina!!! We tore at each other's
A Lonely Mind
The person who tries to live alone will not succeed as a human being. His heart withers if it does not answer another heart. His mind shrinks away if he hears only the echoes of his own thoughts and finds no other inspiration.
Pirates Of The Carribean 1,2,3
Being on Fubar, I see that a lot of members have tattoos. Now some of the artwork done is pretty good. Some honor 9-11 or POWs, and some are dedicated to the wearer's family. That is all cool. But my question is: How do they withstand all the pain of the needles? I would just die. And I can see having one, but why get so many? Does having more than one slowly poisons your skin? My wife wants one. I just couldn't do it. Maybe I am just too much of a scaredy cat.
Family Guy Sued Over A Jew
Peter Griffin may need a Jew, but Fox needs a lawyer. And one music publishing company needs a sense of humor. Bourne Co., which owns the rights to the Oscar-winning Pinocchio song "When You Wish Upon a Star," has filed a copyright breach lawsuit against Fox and the Family Guy creator and producers, claiming they illegally lifted the tune and damaged the company by repurposing the song with "anti-Semitic lyrics." The Family Guy's version, "I Need a Jew," appeared in an episode of the animated series titled "When You Wish Upon a Weinstein" and was sung by patriarch Peter Griffin upon realizing he needed to get his finances in order. Bourne, which filed the lawsuit Wednesday in Manhattan's U.S. District Court, claimed the song was "a thinly veiled copy" of the original and damaged the tune's standing as a "cultural treasure epitomizing the wonders of childhood." "With its theme of wholesome hopefulness, the song has gained worldwide status as a classic," the lawsuit read. "By
All Mine
All Mine by Andy69e © Pulling aside her knickers I caught site of her perfect pink pussy. I had seen Kate so many times, had imagined what she looked like underneath her clothes, and now I found a thin delicate line reaching up towards a small patch of dark curly hair. I looked up at her, her small pert breasts gently rising and falling with sleeping breath, eyes closed, dreaming in twisted drunk images and visuals. Her mouth hang open slightly, caught how she had collapsed with arms flailing and legs giving way beneath her. It had not taken much for her to get drunk. Vodka and beer quite a combination of intoxicants. At nineteen, Kate was in full womanhood. Skinny with long slender legs and small ample breasts, she had an ass you could lose yourself in for days. I had watched her saying goodbye to her parents as they filled the car with suitcases. Another holiday in the sun. I had watched her like I had always watched her; with fascination and lust, mentally undressing her and
Who Like~s You
Who Likes U?? lets find out who has the BALLS to say they like you, repost this Under " Who Likes You??? " to find out! or youll have bad luck for 7 days. Reply!!!!!!! with a number to the following options (yes you can pick more than one): 1-I want you now 2-eww never 3-I dont like you 4-I have a HUGE crush on you 5-I'm in love with you 6-I think im still in love with you and i shouldn't be... 7-I really want to talk to you and get to know you and hopefully something will happen... 8-I'm with someone else but for some reason i still have feelings for you 9- I want to marry you 10- I miss you 11- I want to makeout with you again 12- I want to makeout with you for the 1st time 13- I want a relationship with you 14- I want to hold your hand 15- i love you and would enjoy makin sweet love 2 u right now 16- I'm scared of liking you 17- I have a gf/bf but i like you... 18- I love you okay lets find out who likes you, repos
All In The Diction
All in the Diction by Viviene Valo © Henry felt lonely in the big city, no matter how many girls he looked at. Small girls, tall girls, it didn't matter anymore. He liked pretty much anything that came into view through his horn rimmed glasses. Although his penis would grow faster at the sight of a young girl, fresh in her college sweatshirt and tight jeans, eagerly reading a book, or typing away at a laptop. To escape from his cramped apartment was grand, but to see a flock of young girls was even better. But the looks, they didn't mean anything at all. It was just mind fucking. It wasn't flesh on flesh fucking. No, all these college coeds learned in the university was how to tease. At first he thought they were really interested in him and what he had to say. He talked on length about Joyce, could recite whole monologues of Shakespeare, and could quote freely from Marx. But, really, these girls thought his English accent was cute to listen to. He noticed it in class, these lazy A
All In A Days Work
All In A Days Work by Sweet_Shay © The cab pulled away from the curb quickly and methodically worked it's way through the hustle of the airport traffic. Shay was so glad to be out of town to get away from the craziness of the main office. She was happy when the boss asked her to take a flight to Michigan to look over a few things at one of the smaller field offices. The fact that she was going to get to meet the guy that took care of that end of the business was a bonus. They had spoke on the phone many times and the idea of finally getting to meet him excited her. As the cab pulled up to the building, Shay began to gather the folders she was flipping through on the short ride. The cold, winter air rushed into the cab as the driver opened the door. Shay pulled her coat close as she gathered her purse and briefcase. This was to be a day trip so there was no luggage to mess with. She paid the cabbie and made a quick dash to the doors to get in from the cold winds. The elevat
Explosion At Atlas Castings
Today, there was a series of tremendous explosions that rocked the Americast Atlas facility here in Tacoma, my place of employment. At this point, I have no idea how many injuries/casualties have been sustained but I'm praying tho the powers that be that none of my mates were injured or worse int he blast. My heart and prayers go out to the families who are still left worrying for their loved ones. Anyway, yeah, I'm also worried abou tmy employment status.... My job means the world to me, for it's one of the last things that brings me happiness in this life. Anyway, I'll shut up now. Again, I hope and pray that everyone in the plant is ok....
so my shoutbox isnt working and that makes me sad...very sad. so message me if you wanna talk :). i could use a NICE conversation after tonight
Why did you leave without saying goodbye? DId you not love me? Did I not make you happy? Why did leave me with the burden of not knowing what to do? Did i disappoint you? Did meet your expectations? Why do I hurt so bad, did I deserve to have my heart ripped without being or knowing it? Why do i live with with all these things with no answers. Can you answer my questions?
The Marine Trailor
Sad Song #1 In G Minor
I sometimes feel this way...:-(
Airport Hotel
Airport Hotel by sundancekid © It was getting late. Dawn sat at her desk watching the clock. It seemed that the time was passing so very slowly. Her body was tingling as she thought about the evening ahead; it had been ages since she had last seen him. She looked again at one of his stories and realised she had to go to the bathroom to masturbate....again. Since their last meeting they had discussed their fantasies over the internet and he had written stories which had made her wet just reading them, and in a few hours time she would get to meet him again and savour his long, thick cock. He had sent her some instructions which she would follow to the letter; they were simple but clear: Arrive to meet him at the airport wearing smart business type clothes; a blouse, skirt, stockings and high heels. She must not wear any panties when she meets him. In her luggage she must bring some clothes to dress like a school girl. He had also instructed her to make sure her pussy was fr
Did I Dream
I feel as if I had a dream Of warmth and tenderness a deep embrace, a warm caress a brief but fleeting sureness A sureness that I could feel full so full of passion full of strength Full of a dream or was it purely a fleeting moment but a moment when of a past memory or a dream or what I wait to have Oh to feel the feelings deep within forever and a day to know the moment did occur or is it best to leave it be a dream to be fulfilled a yearning craving knowing that sweetness can occur I think I'll savor the dream until I can until I can't until I refuse to accept another fleeting moment In My Life.
Well where to start with this one.... I would normally post my blogs on myspace and all but if I did that then certain people who dont need to see it will and it will be pointless cause then it will cause more problems and not help with fixing problems.,,,, The person that I am dating at the moment is jobless.... I am working six daya week and anywhere from 12-14 hours aday. I am doing everything that I can to take care of her burdens and debts and needs as best as I can and I have actually put my needs and debts on the back burner to say just so that I can take care of her and her things and try to keep her from being sad and depressed and all.... Yet she complains to me and makes comments about how she hates not haveing any money herself and about having to wait for me to get home to get some money from me. That she cant do anything till after I get home cause she doesnt have any money. That she cant stand seeing just the walls of the apartment all day long and me being around e
Airport Escapade
Airport Escapade by thirdarticle © Sitting in the waiting area of Terminal B, Gate 19 at the Dallas airport, Brett looked up from the book he was reading to see her bold, striking presence as she marched up toward the counter where the airline employees were appearing busy as they punched the computer keys. She turned to her husband to answer his inquiry of where she was headed, "I just want to check and make sure this is the right gate." The way she addressed her husband, it was clear who wore the pants in that relationship. Her self-confidence and the commanding air she exuded mesmerized Brett. It did not hurt that she wore low-rise tight jeans and a fitted sweater that just could not quite reach the top of her jeans, thereby providing all observers with just a hint of her flat olive-colored stomach. Brett felt his pulse race as that initial intoxication of instant attraction to another person washed over him. He craved her. He wanted to roll her sweater up just a bit more so
Airplane Flight
Airplane Flight by atenai © Daydreaming while half-asleep in an airport terminal isn't going to get you anywhere, but it certainly makes for a decent story! Hope you like this spur-of-the-moment account of my fanciful "trip". As always, feedback is greatly appreciated. ~A * * * * * Plenty of time. Somehow, whenever I plan enough time to get through security, I never need the time. Yet, whenever I plan a specific (shorter) time, I get stuck. So there I was, sitting at a Starbucks Coffeeshop, eating a minimal breakfast, and waiting. $6 is a little much for a croissant and a chai, but I guess it's Starbucks, and it's an airport, so I get double the extortion. By quarter of nine I had finished my breakfast and wandered down the ramp to my gate just around the corner from the Starbucks. Other people seemed to have the same dilemma as I, as most were sitting around reading, quietly talking, or listening to music, and all of them had the same bored expression. Assuming the sam
Again by flutterbyspirit © Edited by Angel Love * You arrive just in time, I'd had a stressful day and my body was full of tension. All I wanted to do was relax and enjoy some good company. There you are standing at the door with a beautiful bunch of wildflowers and a bottle of wine. I invite you in with just a smile and you follow me to the kitchen so I can find a vase and wine glasses. As you open the wine I arrange the flowers and thank you with a small kiss. We move into the lounge room with our wine. I sit on the lounge and you start kneading my shoulders, relieving me of all the stress I held. Your hands are like magic, warm and gentle, yet firm and strong. I relax into your massage, closing my eyes, letting my mind drift away. I feel your breath on my neck and sense your closeness, my arousal instant. I feel your hands move down my neck to my chest, then inside my top where you find my hardening nipples. Your soft kisses send what feels like electric shocks through
An Afternoon Delight
An Afternoon Delight by clownxxxdust © It had to have been the most perfect day ever. We were on our way back home from our picnic from nowhere. Literally, we packed some sandwiches and beer and headed out to the desert. I loved our spur of the moment trips. We were driving back in his old Ford truck, the windows rolled down and the radio blaring loud. There was no one else on the two-lane highway for miles. The sun was still high in the sky and the air was hot and humid. I was sitting next to him with my head propped underneath his arm that was stretched out along the seat. I loved this truck, it was old and rickety, but I felt safe in it with him. I was stretched out on the seat, one foot propped up out the window, the other foot resting comfortably on the floorboard. The breeze through the window felt good flowing up my short skirt. We didn't fool around during our picnic. We made a pack that we would wait until we got home, just to torture ourselves, thinking of what we wer
An Adulterous Affair
An Adulterous Affair by FawnLowery © I hadn't planned on committing adultery--it just seemed to happen. I'm executive secretary to Tom Crawford, senior partner in the Crawford Law Firm. It was Friday afternoon, and I was trying to clear my desk so I could leave work by 5:00 o'clock when Lee Matthews stopped by my office. Lee is the newest attorney to join the group. He asked if I could find a file for him before I left for the day. "You're not working late again, are you?" I asked merely to be polite. He was in his dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and his tie loosened. He looked like he'd been sweating over a project. I knew he was handling the Smith case, and awaiting a trial date. Lee perched on one corner of my desk while I crossed the room to the file cabinet. I heard him expell a loud sigh and I turned to look at him. "I'm cutting my teeth on this case, Lanie," he said shaking his head. Everybody in the office called me Lanie, sort of a nickname for Elaine
This week has been a lesson for me about the way things are and the way you want things to be. After my divorce I wanted to stay on good terms with my X wife for my daughters sake. I have tried to be nice and its gotten me nothing but screwed. And I have come to realize even though most people want to believe there is some goodness left in the world. The stone cold reality is the world is cold and heartless. Not leaving any place for anything good, kindness and mercy are nothing but weaknesses that others will exploit. I am from the south and believe honor and integrity and still know people who do what they say. But such qualities are rare in these times and I now know that I must learn to adapt are I guess I deserve what I get. So for now on kindness and worry for others are weaknesses I will no longer burden myself with. Will finish later
Another Mad T.v W/ Cena
This Weekend Only
ONE TIME ONLY!!!! PTB Solutions is making a 1 time offer for ANYONE with a internet radio station. This is the deal. Shoutcast Hosting, Website hosting (including domain name and creation if needed) With unlimited listener capacity. Fully Dedicated Server* This weekend only for $250 for 1 year plus the dedicated server cost monthly at only $125/month. Contact "esdsoftware" on yahoo for more information.
Cena On Mad T.v.
Afternoon Train Ride
Afternoon Train Ride by LitReader2006 © As always, for Julie. You're standing on the platform, waiting for the train. It's an unusual day, you had the opportunity to get away early, and he was able to clear his afternoon as well. A perfect meeting of need and opportunity, far to rare to pass up. It's early afternoon, so you expect the train to be mostly empty, although you really don't know, this isn't your usual train, you're meeting him, you'll spend the afternoon together, and then he'll drive you to your normal station and your car. The train pulls in and you board. Climbing to the second level, you notice the train is indeed mostly empty, in your car there is only a couple of women, sitting together on the lower level, at the far end of the car, surrounded by shopping bags. Clearly a successful hunt for them. You settle in and present your ticket to the conductor, he punches it and you're left basically alone. You watch out the window, this isn't your normal trip, so the
Afternoon Session
Afternoon Session by jenyes © The graying light of early evening allows a faint shaft of light to cross the room. I notice it but he doesn't. I quick shift of my eyes confirms it and I can see you in the doorway. The light thrown as you opened the door. He's too intent to pay much notice at this point anyway so I let my eyes meet yours without any resulting change in his actions. A faint smile crosses my lips but I tremble seeing your eyes widen in shock at the sight of us together. You take in the small pile of clothes between you and the bed. I wonder if you are putting together how they ended up there. Are you asking yourself, "Did he undress her or did she do it herself?" "Was he able to enjoy the view of her before?' "Did the clothes precede a quick jump into bed or did they stand and caress first?" Eyes shifting up from the floor, you focus on the bodies on the bed. I'm amazed that he still hasn't noticed you, as we are laying sideways in full view. Perhaps his eye
Afternoon Passion
Afternoon Passion by Erotic_intelligence © Their time together whether it was on the phone or talking on line were like brief pauses in the routine of life. Steady and sure, their conversations turned so deeply erotic it always left them breathless. The tension of the days melted in those conversations as their voices softened and they were able to guide each other into a warm state of being. Their hands would roam while listening to the guidance of the other and soon a climax would erupt for both of them, reminding them both of the simplest comfort in life, the intimacy of another person. It is phenomenal that two people who live hours apart can share intimacy. It is a testament to the complexity of the human mind that two people can come together so intimately yet live so far apart. They shared all the little details of their lives and listened when things felt sour around them. They sought out brightness in the world when the routine would feel dark. They helped each other t
Afternoon Delight By Pearlnecklace
Afternoon Delight by PearlNecklace © This is dedicated to and inspired by the one I love. I'm incredibly blessed to call you mine. Love you always, Handsome. Having just woken up after a mid afternoon nap I walk through the apartment to get a drink. I'm dressed in my customary sleep attire; one of your t-shirts and nothing more. I smile as I lean back against the kitchen bench, recounting the deliciously erotic dream you'd been starring in as I napped. I feel a tingle of arousal spread through my body like a lightening bolt. It spikes off and teases my nipples, making them hard before finally pooling between my thighs to leave my sex feeling hot and damp with desire. I glance up as I hear your key in the door, then the distinctive sound of the door opening and closing. Your keys clattering onto the hall table is the next sound followed by your bag landing on the floor near the table. I know the first thing you'll do is look for me, quietly moving through our apartment because
Cena Vs. Big Show--battle Rap
First 25!!! Are You Gonna Be One Of Them?
Afternoon Delight By Bbwsadieml
Afternoon Delight by bbwsadieml © "I need a shower." I say as I get out of bed. "Will you help? I'm so tired I can barely move." With a smile, you follow me into the bathroom, pulling two fluffy towels from the closet as you pass. I start the water, nice and warm, and slip behind the curtain. You follow me inside, gathering me in your arms, bending to press a kiss to my temple. You then lean my head back, pressing your lips to mine, your hands cupping my face. I purr from the back of my throat before you lift your lips from mine. You bend my head farther back, drenching it in the spray of warm water coming from the shower head. Reaching for the berry scented shampoo, you suds my locks into full lather, massaging my scalp with strong, sure fingers. I fall forward against you, leaning into you, using you for support. I am jelly when you touch me. You rinse my hair, keeping the suds from my eyes and then apply a coat of hair conditioner before rinsing that too. You the
Boy Crowned Homecoming Queen, Parents Outraged
(KSDK) - Parents call it a prank that went too far – a high school student ran for homecoming queen and won. The controversy: the queen is a male student. Aaron Zaggy, a senior, ran for 2007 Homecoming Queen at University City High School and won. The idea, he said, came from a good friend. "We just slapped up some posters and did it. And won," Zaggy said. Zaggy thought it would end there. It didn’t. "I didn't run but my best friend ran. And she was really mad, she was upset,” Jasmine Anderson, a senior, said. Zaggy received permission from the University City School Board to run as Homecoming Queen. Voting was open to the entire high school, but only half the student body cast ballots. Zaggy beat the first runner up by nearly 20 votes. One week after he was crowned, some parents are now sounding off. A crowd packed the room where the Board of Education met Thursday night. "A queen is a female. A woman. A girl," one person said. "I would really like to see a for
Afternoon Delight
Afternoon Delight by KerrFuffle © They met during a job interview. She was in charge of fundraising for a cutting-edge nonprofit organization, having left behind a stultifying job adding to the already overflowing coffers of a renowned Ivy League college. He was extricating himself from a long legal career, hoping to lead the nonprofit's strategic growth plan. It was a panel interview with five interviewers and one job aspirant. He had a submitted a requested writing assignment that had taken the panel by surprise with its sharp originality and capacious worldview. He had aced three previous interviews, and his appearance before the panel was eagerly anticipated. As everyone gathered and made their introductions, she was pleased by his non-traditional appearance: older, shorter and grayer, yet crisply dressed in tailored wool slacks, ecru buttoned-down shirt, lyrical flowered tie, and fitted navy blue blazer. He sported a neatly trimmed beard that belonged on his face, and a thi
After Work Special
After Work Special by CeriseNoire © This is my first submission on Literotica. Constructive feedback is welcome. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - It had been one of those really stressful Fridays at work. My students had been quite ready for the weekend and their behavior reflected their impatience. My legs were sore from standing all day, and by the time I got out of my car, I could scarcely bear to be on my feet. When I finally opened the front door, I sighed in relief. I stepped in, dropped my bags on the floor, and slipped off my shoes. Then I headed to the study and found my husband there just as I had expected. He was so intensely focused on his work that he didn't hear me come in. "I'm home, Hon," I said, startling him. "Hi Honey," he answered as he got up to kiss me, "how was your day?" "Stressful. Actually I'm going to shower and take a nap. Don't let me sleep too long. OK?" He nodded, and I headed toward the bathroom. Once there, I took
Got My Collar!
Got my new collar in the mail today.. didn't get a chance to 'try' it but was able to make sure it fit. Gonna need some breaking in, but I do have to admit... I'm addicted to that leather smell. Still have to get my shirt ordered today though. Damn shit sucks though, everything good is fing imported from London. NO ONE has anything decent to wear around here. It's either that or I make it myself, and I'm to damn lazy to do that. In any event, things are shaping up to be a wild halloween party. Been talking to a few people that wanna meet us that night so it should be a blast! Let's just hope myself going as a slave doesn't freak anyone out!
After Work Delight
After Work Delight by lishipie02 © Summertime is always hot and sticky in central Indiana. For anyone working in an ice cream shop, that statement is doubly true. One summer night I found that NOTHING could be more true, but not for either of those reasons. I had been working there for over two years, earning spare money while I was in college. I typically worked night shifts with the high schoolers since I was so close to them in age. Staff changes happen a lot in fast food, so when one of the guys had been there for almost a year we already had a pretty sturdy friendship built. He often closed with me, and many times we were the last ones to leave. That night had been extremely busy. The ninety-degree weather, combined with everyone's summer activities, had a lot of people out and about and wanting ice cream to cool off. Three baseball teams later, everyone was exhausted. Alex and I finished up much later than the rest of the shift. We had always been fairly flirtatious
Battle Rap A Fan
Im Pimping Some Friends
i bet you allwas wondering what i was doing..Lol now you know..Big hugs too all of you. This pimpout is of some of the mnay friends who make Fubar fun.These are some of the most giving people I have seen on this site.They are always there for there friend at no cost and never ask for anything back. No matter what the situation they always show love. If you dont have them I recommend you add them and find out for yourself exactly what I mean. Many of these give of themselves too help so many others out. Sweet~Ga~Girl (wife of screwed-n-tattooed)Member of the Confederate Family@ fubar ۞WÌLÐÇÄŦ۞®ÖWÑÈR ÖҒ Ŧ.M.Ä.Ғ.ŦRÄÌÑ,RÄÐÌÖ Ñ LÖÚÑGÈ, Ç.W.Ö.Ғ@ fubar RJeezy۞NeaNeasEverything۞C.W.O.F President۞MdDallas personal Dancer۞@ fubar kelli2you(Founder of the quiet angels)@ fubar Jim~D.S.C.~FB hubby to Mystefyi~@ fubar *~♥SÚLŦRY™♥~*ÇÈõ õҒ Ŧ.M.Ä.Ғ. ~*FAN BEFORE U ADD*~Wife to Er
After The Office, The Sex
After the Office, the Sex by Jeremy1 © My partner and I returned home after a night in the pub that had started straight after work, so I was still in my business suit. As sometimes happens, I made a joking remark about what we should do now we were home to Caroline, but instead of laughing it off she made it known that sex was on right then and there. We'd both drunk a fair amount and were suddenly very horny, so it wasn't a time for a lot of foreplay. I kissed her briefly while I fondled the front of her jeans and she made a grab for my dick. Then I pushed her onto the bed and started to rub her pussy harder through the fabric of jeans. I quickly undid her 501s, pushed my trousers down to my ankles, then loosened my tie but didn't bother doing anything more with my clothes. I pulled her trousers down, then knelt in front of the bed in front of her. As I parted her pussy lips with my fingers and began to run my tongue up and down her vaginal opening, paying special attention to
After The Halloween Party
After the Halloween Party by SirRian © Chris was looking forward to the night ahead of him. If there was one holiday he loved as much as Christmas, it was Halloween. Memories of being a kid collecting candy had always been a source of nostalgia. Now in his early 20s, Halloween meant parties. The candy had taken a different form now that he was older; from chocolate bars to some shots and women dressed in the most seductive costumes designed by man. Chris chuckled at this thought. The costumes that these women wore were most definitely the work of men. From skimpy school girl costumes to the skin tight Playboy bunny costumes, Chris love it all. Recently, Chris ended a two year relationship with his girlfriend, Gena, who had been cheating on him almost since they started dating. Why she had stayed with him at all was beyond him, but Chris was more amazed that she had managed to keep it secret for so long. Tonight was the first real party night without Gena and the leash she ha
After Soccer Practice
After Soccer Practice by rednights © Dan Connors tossed his keys and wallet on his kitchen table. It was an unusually warm April afternoon, so Dan had used his boss' absence as an excuse to skip out of work a few hours early. He loosened his tie and cracked open a cold beer from the fridge. At 30 years old, Dan was rarity in his neighborhood- a single man in a community filled with families. But with his parents retiring and moving to Florida a few years earlier, Dan had taken the opportunity to move into his parents' old home. Sitting down to check out what was on TV, Dan heard the sound of a car door closing across the street and looked out the window to see his neighbor's daughter, Emily White, getting dropped off from soccer practice. Dan had been eyeing Emily since he first moved in and since her recent 18th birthday he felt a lot less guilty about his increasingly frequent and wild fantasies about her. With a perfectly toned and tanned body, Emily was the object of desi
Official Endgame Trailer
Official Endgame Trailer
After School Club
After School Club by Mirari © Day One It was a normal day for Daemon since leaving high school. He was told that he would be going to a new school that would take care of all his educational needs and would help him in his college career. The boarding school, Spring Hills was surrounded by a large forest area and in the distance he could see a large tree. The bus gently turned as the rode curved seeing the large building of his new boarding school. Daemon remembered what his foster-parents told him where he would be going. Shaking his head he quickly put the thought out of his mind. The bus pulled up in front of a large red bricked build with adult students wearing their uniforms and talking about their classes. Taking a deep breath he got off the bus. Daemon had short black hair and tan colored skin. He wasn't really tall but had a toned figure that made the girls look twice. The truth was he worked out and likes to practice his martial arts. "Hello Mr. Black." replied
After School By Pagrl
After School by pagrl © I was finishing up some work at school when the principal came in.? "What are you doing here still? Don't you have a life or anything?" He asked.? How could I explain to the man I idolized when I was his student that I needed to be as good a teacher as he. Even 11 years later, my school crush on him hadn't diminished. His dark brown eyes exhilarated me. The grey in his hair only highlighted his young face. "I'm sorry Mr. D." How could I tell him that I just wanted to impress him? "I just want to finish grading these papers and set up the lab equipment for Monday." Hands on the tall, black table at which I was sitting, I twisted around in the metal stool. My back cracked loudly. A gentle un-tightening of muscles followed the sharp pain. "You know, too much work makes a girl boring. Go, we're the last two here. I want to lock up and turn on the alarm." Damn, I disappointed him; I wanted to show him that I could handle my first teaching job with
Cea Gets Punk'd
After School By Schoolgrrl
After School by schoolgrrl © "You seem a little flustered, Joanna." I could feel him standing there behind me, his lips grazing the top of my ear, his breath hot on my neck. All I wanted to do was let my body sink back against him, to let him know how badly I was aching for his touch between my legs. But we were in public, and I had never let Stephen see the effect he has on least, not consciously. Stephen is my professor – my graduate research advisor, to be exact. I've known him for several years now, and I've wanted him since the moment he walked into the classroom. He is a lot older than I am, probably twice my age in his mid-fifties, with a very imposing presence and a sort of mischievous smirk on his face most of the time. I always wonder what is behind that look when he flashes it in my direction. He has a dark, brooding sense of humor, which perfectly matches his dark eyes, and a lovely thick mane of gray hair that makes me want to touch it every time I see it
After Hours Happy Hour
After Hours Happy Hour by grlnxtdoor © We agreed to meet around six at the local bar for a few drinks. The four of us had become really close friends in the past four years. Even though our careers had taken us to different companies, we had always managed to stay in touch with emails every so often. We even met for lunch occasionally. But tonight we all just needed to get out and unwind with a few drinks. You and I sat next to each other by coincidence, which made me happy. Little did you know I had a slight thing for you, but we were both married and I'm pretty sure there were no reciprocated feelings on your end. The four of us laughed all night and talked about things we had never talked about before, namely sex. We made a lot of confessions. After a few hours of laughing and carrying on, it was time to head home. Personally I would have rathered stay out all night. Nothing much was happening for me at home and the hubby was out of town. I was hot and bothered by the co
Right Now
Happy B -day Angie Babe
After A Long Day
After a Long Day by Madam_Butterfly © After a long day at work all I can think of is to get home and relax. Fortunately for me, you have the same idea in mind. As I unlock the door to our apartment, you are waiting to pounce on me from behind the door. Instantly, I feel your strong arms snake around my waist from behind as your lips press against my neck. "Finally..." I hear you whisper, "I've missed you today. I can't get you out of my mind," you say gruffly. "That voice of yours will always send shivers up my spine." I whisper breathlessly. You spin me around and pull me close into your chest and I can feel your arousal pressed against my stomach. It's obvious you've been planning this attack all day long. You pull my chin up so that my lips may meet yours and you devour me in a moment, pulling fiercely at my clothing - ripping it away with such fervor. I moan shallowly into your mouth and the vibrations only seem to encourage you. You lift me from the floor and car
Bad Bad Man
Adventures With Leslie
Adventures with Leslie by icumonyourshoes© ** Note: This series Adventures with Leslie is a sequel to the series Things to Do with My Slut (aka Adventures with Emma). For any reference on the characters please see the original series. Thanks. ** Chapter 01 -- Game On It had been 3 full weeks since I had seen or heard from Emma, Vivian or Penny. I was beginning to wonder if the game was truly over. I did not want to press the issue but I was beginning to worry. I pressed through the days that passed in a fog, wondering what, if anything would happen next. That all changed on that Friday morning. I was headed to work when my cell phone rang. I was delighted to see Emma's office number in the caller id. "Long time no speak," I answered. "We are having a lunch meeting you need to come to," Emma informed me. "Sounds like you are back to being in charge," I observed. "A great leader sees it through until the end," she replied, "and does not desert those that follow
Not Listening To Doctor = Bad Cristi! :)
I guess I should have listened to my doctor! I tried to lay in bed today but couldn't stand it any more. I have done some laundry. Then, the laundry was not folding itself so I had to hold it which then caused my neck to hurt again. I guess that was idiotic on my part? I just can't sit still for very long. So now my neck is in pain. We are having friends over for dinner. Peter is making a yummy dinner. Steak with melted blue cheese on top with twice baked potato's and green beans. Henry helped Peter out today with the cabinets in the garage so I wanted to have them over for dinner to thank him. I would love, love, love to have a glass of pinot nior with my dinner but it says no alcohol with my meds I am on. So I guess I need to be a good girl. Anthony started driving school today. He has it this weekend and next for the education part of it and then he has to do 4 driving lessons before getting his driver's permit. He is excited. I will not be excited about the
Adventures Of Alley-cat: In "heat"
Adventures of Alley-Cat: In "Heat" by simplysarah001© Michael sat on his patio working as he did most days, concentrating as he typed, a soft clicking sound filling the quiet afternoon. Michael glanced out of the corner of his eye and saw the girl crawling out of the patio door. A sigh escaped his lips. Alley-cat had been incessant this morning, pawing at him for food, circling in and out of his feet trying to get attention and now, he was sure, she wanted a specific type of attention. It had to be the cooler weather that was making his little alley cat so frisky. Frustrated from the work that still needed to be done; he didn't have time to give in to her needs. Being a cat person, he appreciated his little alley cat, but not today. Her 'heat' was just something she would have to suffer through by herself. Alley-cat crawled out onto the patio, giving him wide birth, the anal tail he had inserted that morning after a good cleaning seemed to swish against the back of her thighs
Adventures In Babysitting
Adventures in Babysitting by shyguy1368 © Hi my name is Kyle. I have blue eyes and shaggy brown/black hair, 5'8 155 pounds, but it's all from working out. Well my story begins the summer after my third year of college. I was returning home while all my friends were going on backpacking trips and to internships where their schools were and here I was packing up to head home to live with my parents. Well at least that's what I thought I was going to do all summer. That was, until my mother told me that the new neighbors were going to Hawaii for a month and needed a chaperone for their 18-year-old daughter. Since they were new in the area, they didn't know anyone they could trust. Mom being the bored house mother she was had befriended the neighbors and offered my services. I jumped on the opportunity. Getting paid eight grand for a month of sitting on the beach making sure some stuck up rich girl doesn't get raped; you bet. I had it all planned out; just take the girl to the beac
Over And Over Again
Adventure Island
Adventure Island by Lazarus © Geoff lay on the beach looking up at the clear blue sky. He though how in different circumstances this would be the perfect view on the perfect beach. But as he sat up and looked at the wreckage around him he remembered all too well the horror of the night before. He remembered being awakened by the claxon and herded into lifeboats. It all seemed like a dream as he recalled the fear and confusion surrounding the wreck. He still did not know what had happened. He remembered watching the ship sink after the lifeboats had launched. He heard the officers counting passengers and the relief in their voices as all their charges had made it safely to boats. The sea had been rough as the lifeboats struggled to stay close to one another. So rough in fact that he remembered all too well most of the passengers heaving over the sides of the boat. He recalled with shame how he had wretched uncontrollably until there was nothing left in his stomach. That's wh
Adult Bookstore
Adult Bookstore by MOVIEFAN4© I walked into the adult bookstore as usual, hoping to find an interesting encounter but so often disappointed. It was Saturday night about 11:45 p.m. and the parking lot had a dozen cars or so. I got tokens from the clerk and headed back to the video booth area. On my way back to find a booth I caught a glimpse of a petite blonde in cut off jeans, a blouse and high heel "come fuck me " shoes already watching a movie with her boyfriend/husband. They were hugging closely in the booth and I could see she was stroking his cock. I went into the booth across from them so I could keep an eye on the action. I started to watch some movies which only made me more horny. I could see him playing with her ass and tits. I was very nervous about exposing myself to her so I just watched for the next 15 minutes. They kept fondling each other and I was hoping their play would get more nasty. She turned around a couple of times and caught me staring at them. One time s
Did You Miss My...
last post about rates and fans? you thought i was going to say something else didn't you? you sick bastards! lol anyhow, for those that just joined my friends and most of this goes for anyone else as well: You'll notice i have not rated or fanned anyone this weekend when added, please don't take offense, i just moved and i hate IE and the computer that i'm using until i set up mine crashes firefox if someone sends me a shout. ugh. Please post here if i have not rated/fanned you, or even if you're just not sure, this is the blog i'll be using to rate and fan when my computer is set up. if you haven't rated/fanned me, i would appreciate if you do so, and as i said, just post here and i'll get you in the next couple days. Love you all, Sin
Fly Away
The Truth
I'm Getting Pissed Off With The State Of Maine.
Ok there's this new thing states and cities are starting to do and I think it's really really dumb. MAKING IT AGAINST THE LAW TO SMOKE IN YOUR PRIVATLY OWNED CAR IF THERE IS A MINOR IN IT! 1: I own my own damn car and I'm be damned if ANYONE is gonna tell me NOT to smoke it at any given time. It's mine I paid for it and that's all there is to it. 2: When I smoke my windows are down and I blow the smoke outside and I even hold my ciggy near the window so that smoke goes out the window too. 3: Here in Maine Children under the age of 13 need to be in the back seat my kids don't sit near me when I smoke. The smoke doesn't even get close to them (see the above) 4: DON'T PEOPLE THINK THAT THE DAMN COPS HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO THAN PULL SOMEONE OVER BECAUSE THEY ARE SMOKING AND MAY HAVE CHILDREN IN THE CAR? (not all cars have clear windows some have tinted like mine and if I'm getting pulled over alot because of this you best as hell bet I will be complaining about all over the damn pla
Adonis Aquired
Adonis Aquired by 75corner © I do not know why I did it. It just seemed to happen, like I was floating under some spell. One moment I was chatting with my girlfriends and the next he was next to me, leaning across the bar to pick up his drink. I met his crystal blue eyes, he smiled at me and now... Now we were at his apartment, this man I had just met, in his bed, his fingertips gliding lightly over my nipples, his hands firmly grasping my breasts. I gasped as his lips touched me there, sucking my nipple into his mouth. He squeezed my breasts more tightly, bunching them together so that he could flick his tongue back and forth between them. I held him tightly, pushing his head into my bosom. I reveled in the feel of his hot, naked body against mine and breathed in deep, ragged breaths. My Adonis left my breasts, trailing his tongue down my cleavage, to my stomach and gently licked my bellybutton. He continued further, grazing my sparse bush, then kissed my clitoris.
Accommodating April
Accommodating April by jaybare © Standing in front of the mirror, Jason opened his robe. His recent weight gain had rounded his stomach, just enough to sag a little on his hip bones. He ran one of his hands through his chest hair, and across his stomach, patting it lightly. Shrugging off the robe, he turned in profile and flexed his buttocks. He admired their shape and strong dimples. Lightly caressing them, his hands rounded his thighs and reached the front, stopping just short of touching his thick penis that was already turning hard. He looked down at his dangling member, grateful for its fullness and length. Even soft he was impressively sized. Even more impressive was April and how easily and readily she accommodated him. He let one hand graze his balls, squeezing lightly while the other wrapped around his cock (April's husky voice in his head, she says it better) and tugged lightly, his fingers lingering over the head, one digit stroking that sweet spot over and over, the
Accidents Never Happen
Accidents Never Happen by Sylvan © In my sophomore year of college, my parents were quite okay with me living with a female friend, but (obviously) Marie's mom wasn't as keen on her living with a guy, even one who wasn't her boyfriend. I'm a pretty nice guy, though, and once she met me, Marie's mom quickly warmed to the idea, and we signed the lease for our apartment. While Marie's mom was okay with me, she would have been rather displeased to learn that Marie's boyfriend Matt was essentially living with us 95% of the time. I can only assume she was in denial, because after the two of them had been going out for a year, only some rather puritanical morals would have kept them apart. I, on the other hand, didn't have any such regular relationship. I went on dates when presented with a workable opportunity, but rarely had much success getting them into the bedroom. I did have several female friends, but none of the with-benefits variety. So when my friend Rachel was visiting, I
Why is it that when you open yourself up and let all of your guards down something happens that makes you wish you had kept your heart of stone. I have more often that I care to admit, opened my heart up to someone and been hurt so badly that I feel like crawling in a dark hole and never coming out again. My problem seems to be that I am too trusting and I am always trying to find the good in people even when there is no good in that person. Now I am at my wits end. I don't feel like I can trust anyone again. I feel like it isn't worth it. I feel empty, hurt, scarred, alone and broken. I may never trust another soul again...not after all I have been through in life. So what should I do, continue to let people use, abuse and treat me like shit? Or should I just give up and never open up my heart and soul again? Personally, I like the second option.
Above & Beyond The Call Of Dutyabove & Beyond The Call Of Duty
Above & Beyond The Call of Duty by Border Legion © I have just recently retired from the US Army and have recently found the Literotica website and wish to share with you of an erotic instance which occurred to me while I was stationed in Germany. Throughout my military service I had always maintained a physically fit body. I am 6'2" tall and my weight is about 188 pounds. I love jogging and racquetball, which I have continued my daily running program into civilian life. A few years ago the Army started using computers and I was selected to learn computer, which were being incorporated into our particular skill specialities and then train others in my unit. I have found a relentless passion for computers and everything there was to know about them. I have one particular fetish that really turns me on. Seeing a female in a green plaid pleated skirt with matching nylons and a white silky blouse. I have always thought the female body to be an extreme turn on with the softness
Skan Pride
"you Just Cleared The Bar"
quote-yes a quote from a drunk man after i finished my set at a bar 2 weeks ago--i couldn't talk about it-does that mean i played so horribly that no one could bear to be in the same building as i played?--wow--i haven't been heckled by anyone for over 2 years-it left me full of self-doubt, useless feeling and quite suicidal for days- i can't believe that happened. i played an acoustic show--i practiced so hard for it--and someone said that. and to add insult to insult--i requested friendship on myspace from a worker at the bar--they refused me. i don't think i'll be playing anywhere anytime soon. thank you very much Currently listening : Melancholia Falling By Steve Lieberman The Gangsta Rabbi
About You
About You by kittin © Take your wife, lie her down, close your eyes, and taste her as if it is the first time. Tease her with your lips. Nibble and suck on her clit. Picture my head thrown back and my back arched as you bring her close to orgasm. Hear me begging you to finish me as she moans and screams through her climax. Lick clean the juices that flow from her body. "Can you taste me baby?" Glide your cock through the wet folds of her pussy. Take her softly, gently. Feel her muscles respond by gripping you and pulling you deeper. Despite how she may plead, resist the urge to fuck her. Save that for another night. Tonight be tender. Keep a slow and steady pace. Hold her tightly to you as your cock feels and explores the depths of her body. Visualize me there, taking you. Hear my moans as they escape from my parted lips. Feel my hands on your back pulling you close to me. Can you feel my nails scraping your tender flesh or my breasts rubbing across your chest; my nipples
Kick Me When I'm Down!!!
I was just catching up when.... Error: you've reached the daily photo comments limit for your user level. I'm all out....Help!!!!!!!!! My kitty needs Comments and Rates....any help will be Greatly Appreciated!!
Mumms The Word.
Tonight I posted my first MUMM. So please check it out. I'll do more interesting ones as I think them up.
Sometimes Yah Gotta Laugh
Okay this is only for you if you have a sense of humor....please turn up your speakers and take this for what it is........I'm not debating anything, merely sharing something I made that I think is funny as hell.........
Asmodeus by Sexxy Vixen © "Oh you have got to be kidding me!" muttered Laura as she glanced over the note left by the realtor. "What?" asked her husband, Ben. "On the list of the things suggested by the realtors who came to the Open House is 'clean out closets'. We're totally sunk if prospective buyers go looking through our closets." "It's just one closet. Clean all of the rest of them out, and maybe put a sign on our closet." "What kind of sign? Warning! Closet haunted by evil spirit!?" "We don't know that's what it is." "Yeah sure. The varying tropical and sub-zero temperatures and the weird sounds and movements are just a quirky characteristic of the house." "It's possible. We've never seen any indication of it being anything else." "Believe what you want." Laura balled up the note and tossed it in the trashcan. "Surely they wondered why all the other closets are crammed full of stuff but ours is practically empty." "Maybe they didn't even look in our
Don't Take The Girl
Accepting New Members
Hoping To Get Surgery Soon....
Well I finally went to talk to my doctor about losing weight. I've been fighting doing it for years because I don't want to get lyposuction or however the hell you spell it or anything that's not safe. After my parents had my sister when I was 15 I really gained weight and have had a hard time losing it, but after having my kids HOLY COW MAN! I've had a hard time losing it. I've lost 3 pounds in two months....NOT GOOD. So even though most people tell me I aint fat I see it and I know how much I weigh and I aint saying but YES I'M A LITTLE MORE THAN 100LBS OVER WEIGHT! Everyone tells me I hide it well, really well because I'm 5'3" so yeah I do hide it well. But I'm not happy with the way I look and fell and I have a hard time playing with my kids. So I want to lose the weight. Well my doctor didn't believe the weight that the nurse took and she made me stand on that damn scale again, and she saw how much it was and said "Where the hell are you putting in?" I told her I think mostly my
Asmodai by MagicaPractica© Chapter 1: The Extraction It stood opposite him, across a stone table with a dip in the center where a scene had been conjured in some sort of silver liquid. Two monks were traveling along the road together, one older, grizzled... a veteran of many years. The other was younger, just eighteen winters with a soft creamy complexion and light brown curly hair. He waved his hand over the pool of silver liquid and the image focused on the boy. "Look at him closely," he commanded the succubus standing across the pool from him. "Yesss, Massster," it replied in a sibilant hiss. The voice grated on him but the form was a pleasure to behold. He looked at the creature as it stared into the scrying pool. It had taken the form he required of it, a beautiful peasant woman; dark limpid eyes, dark brown hair flowing to her waist, an olive complexion and a ripe body under the white blouse and long dark skirt. He felt his body stir at the sight but he was not
Arachnophobia by wallpaperwendy© APRIL 19TH It's been threatening to rain for days. Humidity's been higher than I can stand, and my hair seems to be taking on a life of its own. Chemically straightened, and I still can't keep control of it. I admit to being a bit of a control freak (friends may testify to that being a bit of an understatement, but who's telling the story -- them or me? Yeah, that's what I thought), and my hair's one of those variables that refuses to allow me remain in power over my surroundings. I'm in my dorm room, and the AC's busted (surprise, surprise). I'm basically down to my underwear, trying to cool off. Now, that's the thing I can't stand about hot weather: there's only so much you can take off while still remaining decent. That's not to say that I'm not proud of my body -- I may be only five feet tall, but I keep in great shape, if you don't mind my bragging. I dress modestly, pin up my hair, and try to avoid drawing attention to myself since I g
Anti-Socio by 4degrees © Warning: contains graphic violence. * Deep in the back of the alleyway I watched as the morbid flesh dangling procession slunk by, their steps taken with care as if walking on the last existing glass photos of their remaining loved ones. Cat-stepping dead, they were, and I could smell the stink of decay just as perfectly, as if I'd rooted in face-first to the rotten softness of one of their buttocks. Lucky for me, there was some sort of distraction in the street, compelling the walking dead to press forward instead of taking notice of my warm live body, crouched behind a dumpster there, and waiting for the coast to be clear. Who knew, if it ever could be again? I didn't. That was a given. Waiting it out, I was, much like I'd done after brutally raping that pigeon feeding woman who was well into her geriatric dementia, well enough to not have ability to put into words what had happened to her, I was sure. As soon as the deed was done and I'd pulled
Go Red Sox
I had to hit the sack last night before the end of the game as my ass was dragging. Damn shame too because I missed one hell of an ending with Manny just blasting it out of there.
If I Could Fly Away
Live Like U Were Dying
Accepting New Members
My Take On The Canes So Far This Season
Well looks like it's back to the same ol Canes as last year...Like last year,we started off 3-1 and then finished 6-6 on the year and sqeeked out a bowl win over Nevada...I can see losing to Oklahoma 2nd game of the season,and from watching Canes virtually destroy Texas A&M,and then struggle to beat Duke just like last year,and then turn around and lose to North Carolina today is just sad...I mean come on now,did Butch Davis intimidate us that bad that we allowed the tarheels to score 27 straight points ,for crying out loud what happened to our D,and is Kyle Wright trying to lose the starting job again,so he passed for 300 yrds and 2 TDs,but he had 4 INTS,GOOD GRIEF SHANNON,these are the cupcakes of the ACC,if we struggle to beat Duke and then lose to NC,then I can only imagine what's going to happen against GT AND FSU,and then the rest of our season,Shannon get it straightened out or you will be no better than the coach you replaced,atleast Coker had a 60-15 record,and your record is
Always The Same
Always the Same by 17_seconds © "forgive me father, for i have sinned . . ." maybe if i were there, maybe if i had the opportunity. I shift uncomfortably on the cushion, where so many have sought redemption before. I'm no longer here, I'm there, it's no longer him, now HIM . . . .... If i were there, you could have me. If I were there, you could prove it to me. Take whatever this broken mirror can give and sliver it even more, Push me. Push me to the breaking point and ruin me. Your eyes question; I push harder. Help me. I'm begging. 'I can't feel it. I can't feel it, even though it's all over my skin and every nerve pulses with it." You laugh. "What can't you feel?" "Anything," my breath, so shallow, wild, wanton . . . My hair is too tight. My scalp is being pulled and divided. My head is going to explode, my skull to be crushed into the sweetest of fragments, all that once was. I reach up and violently remove the fastenings winding my brain tighter and ti
Why It Sucks To Be " Gg " Sometimes !
Reasons I'm here doing this & NOT gettin some ! #1) I was breast fed by my father, Mom only liked me as a friend. #2) If it wasn't for "pick-pockets " , I wouldnt have any sex life at all ! #3 ) I allways get " boooed " by peeping Toms' . #4) Even hookers tell me " Not on the 1st date " ! #5) I went to a discount massage parlour & it was " self-serve " ,.. #6) My dog even hates me, his favorite bone is in my arm ! #7) I knew my ex was cheating on me when my parrot started saying, " Go out the window, he's home " !! #8) Even when I was a kid , I was so FUGLY, I had to " trick or Treat" over the phone ! #9) I worked in a pet shop when I was a kid, people kept asking , How big I'd get " #10 ) I had really bad acne as a kid, 1 time I fell asleep in a Library & a blind man was reading my face ! #11) Now I only smoke after sex,...which explains why I've had the same pack since 1983,.... #12) Found a hooker 1 night, I dropped my pants & she dropped her pric
Passion is a word which involves so many feelings. I feet it when we touch. I feel it when we kiss. I feel it when I look at you for you are my passion!!
Wtc 911
Mit Engineer Breaks Down Wtc Controll...
MIT Engineer Breaks Down WTC Controll...
The Cabin
The Cabin by griffiev © Jubilee was running through the hallways of the X-Mansion. She was almost always seen in the company of Wolverine so it was not uncommon to see her heading in that direction. What was uncommon was the speed that she ran to the room of the canknuckle head. When she got there, she witnessed Logan tearing his room to shreds! "Wolvie! What are you doing? Stop it!" screamed Jubilee. Logan, however, wasn't given to reason at this point. He was tearing his furniture up with his adamantium claws with a near berserker rage that frightened Jubilee. Still, she remained there determined to calm Logan down. "Logan! What's wrong? Please, talk to me," Jubes said this in a softer tone of voice. This seemed to work as he calmed down and slowly sat on the floor, letting out a moan as he sat. "What was with you? Don't you know what this stuff cost Prof. Xaiver?" said Jubilation. Logan just looked up at her breathing heavy. "You know, don't you?" asked the y
Rain In The Garden
Rain in the Garden by RedFenix © She stood outside in the garden, letting the rain cascade down around her. It matched her mood perfectly. Earlier that day she had her worst fears confirmed. Her suspicions about Emma and Scott had come true. Psychic images she thought that had been brought about by the recent onslaught from Phoenix, were real. She knew their marriage had been in trouble. Had known it for quite some time now. But she was avoiding it, not wanting to face it. She also knew Emma wasn’t solely to blame for Scott’s infidelity. Scott was just as much at fault. Real or psychic, it didn’t matter. Even if they hadn’t physically done anything, the thought had at least been in Scott’s head. From him, that was enough. Hearing footsteps behind her, she wiped at the tears that were mixing with the raindrops on her cheeks. She shivered as the dampness of her clothing working its way into her bones. With a simple thought, she could ignite a small furnace inside of he
Love......... Maybe.........
You are my Stars You are my Sun You are my everything My number one I am nothing Without your love From the ground below To the sky above You are my goddess I worship you here When i am with you I feel no fear When we're together I'm complete I need to touch you To feel your heat We share a soul, You and I We feel each other Across the sky I long to hold you Keep you safe Hold your hand And keep your faith I am your knight Forever more I will protect you 'Till deaths door.
Space Cowboys
Space Cowboys by Kassiana © Author's Note: From an idea by a friend on another site comes this story of role playing, X-men, funny stuff, and hamsters. It's probably much funnier if you've ever played a role-playing game. I combined it with another story a role-player told me about a game where he had giant space hamsters, and his players got out of hand with them. This is the result. Disclaimer: I made up the game of Space Cowboys and the Fantastic Gaming House company. To my knowledge, there is no space game with Old West names for the skills, character classes, and so on. If it actually resembles anything other than a smart-ass gamer's imagination, that's not my doing. Void where prohibited. Shouldn't you be reading the story, instead? ************************************* There was a small, dark room on the mansion's third floor, usually empty. It had occasionally been used as extra storage space. Oddly enough, if someone were listening at the door today, they would he
Simple Gifts
Simple Gifts by Kassiana © 'Tis the gift to be simple, 'tis the gift to be free, 'tis the gift to come down where you ought to be, And when we find ourselves in the place just right, It will be in the valley of love and delight. --Shaker Hymn Christmas packages had been piling up under the tree at Xavier's School for the Gifted, because most of its students lived there year-round. Guards had also, reluctantly, been posted over the gifts after someone opened up a SuperSoaker early and effectively ended the pyrokinesis class. There were only five more days until Christmas, and classes had been cancelled this afternoon due to snow. Outside, things were proceeding much as expected. The more mischievous students and X-men were having violent snowball fights. Others were making snow mutants and other things out of snow. A few kids were making a sledding run down a haphazardly crafted snow hill. Only a few people remained inside, and they were mainly discussing Christmas p
The Girl
The boy he cried In his new home He had to move Beneath this dome His parents told him Not to weep He would be fine After sleep And so he went To his new room It was bare This place of doom A single bed Was in this place He wept again Tears on his face He hated this He had no friends No-one to play with His heart descends He hears a voice On this sad day From the hall: "wanna play?" A young girl, she stood In strange attire He didn't care A playmate, here! They played all day And into the night They didn't care Nor did they fight At last his parents Came to him Twas time for bed In bed they popped him He slept so well And when he woke No sign of his friend To whom he spoke He ran down the stairs And looked all around Where is the girl The friend he had found? He searched through the house There was no sign of her Till he went to the library And it was there that he saw A black and white photo Of the house that he
The Knights' Love
There once was a prince, In days of old, Whose body was broken, But who's heart was bold. Who lived alone, Throught fear and blight, His appeareance was such, Many laughed at his plight. True love he sought, Through many a year, Yet people avoided him, Through laughter or fear. He heard a tale, Of a princess fair, Who lived in sadness, In a Dragons' lair. He climbed on his steed, A stallion, grand, And took off by himself, To distant land. His journey was fierce, Many bandits he fought, And many a monster, He challenged and fought. Till one day he arrived, In far away land, To rescue his maiden, From evil's dark hand. He entered the cave, As quiet as grave, It was then that he saw her, His true love brave. Twas love love at first sight, When there gazes did lock, Their adoration, they knew, Would hold them in stock. She was chained to a wall, Near a dragon who slept, The keys to her bonds, Round the vile creatures neck. The pr
Logan's Return
Logan's Return by Mndom © There are many different X-Men lineages. There is the comic book lineage, the fantastic cartoon show, the movie, and the new cartoon show that follows depicts the characters as teens. This story will follow the version I know best, the movie. I may make some changes in character inadvertently. If I do, I apologize. Logan sighed to himself. As he looked into the icy snow before him, all he could think about was his past. He thought about meeting with these "X-Men" and saving the world from Magneto. He was happy to do it, as deep down he really was a good person, but he still hadn't remembered who he was. That's why he was here in Canada. That search had consisted of 5000 acres of wilderness near an abandoned laboratory. In the month he had spent in the cold, he had found very little to remind him of his past. In essence his past was still a closed book. Shaking is head; he decided to return to the only place that had actually felt like a home to him in
In The Beginning
In The Beginning by DarkTalon © Sweat rolled off of Hank McCoy's brow as he made his way into the locker room area after a particularly difficult training session in the Danger Room. The Professor had pushed the kids hard, harder than he'd ever done before. They were coming into their powers, for sure, but why did he have to make everything so tough? "Hey, Hank," Bobby Drake hailed as he sat down next to his teammate. Wiping away sweat, the youngest mutant at Xavier's Academy sighed. "That was a tough one, huh?” "Sure was," Beast replied, eyeing Warren Worthington III as he wandered into the locker room, folding his wings behind his back. Warren quickly stripped down and stepped into one of the over-sized showers, wanting to get back to his room and take a quick catnap. "I was kind of surprised at the difficulty level. I didn't think we were ready for that.” “We'll have to be ready for a lot of things from here on out.” Hank and Bobby turned in unison to see the skinny, quiet S
She watches me Throughtime and space With careful hand And beautiful face Her heart is mine Her soul is strong And in her eyes I do no wrong I need her more Than than the air i breathe And when i'm gone I shall not grieve For i know now Through grass and tree We'll be together For eternity
An Ending Of Sorts
An Ending of Sorts by PenanceS © Scott Summers looked over the open window of the home that he once had shared with his wife, Jean. But his bed was warm now. Their marriage was long gone. It's kind of hard to carry on a relationship with someone who is dead. He loved her more than life. But with this most recent battle with the Phoenix force had left them all drained, especially him, after all, he had to stand there and watch as jean had automatically turned on the beta beam, and disintegrated herself. He knew that it was best all around, for the being known as the Phoenix force that was contained inside of Jean, was a ravenous brute who wanted nothing, except to satiate the hunger that was raging inside of her. It was Jeans mind that had finally prevailed over the Phoenix force and that had allowed her to do what was necessary and pull the trigger on the laser beam that had finally ended her life, shooting a beam of pure energy across through her forehead and liquefying
Wolverine's Desire
Wolverine's Desire by 2052Dreams © (...a follow up to Wolverine Confidential,12/05) **** It was warm in the cemetery, the sun glancing off the headstones and beaming down on him, heating his skin. It painted a halo around the woman as she walked toward him. He squinted his eyes and leaned forward, thinking he must know her. But he couldn't see her, couldn't remember her. A small child trailed behind, cautiously peeking around the woman. She came closer and as she became clearer, he froze. "Oh God," he whispered. "Is it you?" It can't be, he thought. "Silver Fox?" His mind seemed sluggish, clouded. Is it her? He felt disoriented, something's not right. "Hello James." No one called him that anymore. Her voice was gentle, just like he remembered. She was dressed in native Indian clothing, beautiful and graceful, as she had always been. He took a breath and realized that he had been holding it. He loved her, his heart, his wife. "You're here?" He shook his head, confusio
Wolverine Gets A Little Upset B
Wolverine Gets a Little Upset by 2052Dreams © Katherine retreated from the stall, her own emotions riveting her, and stopped. She was still warm from the water and the heat of his mouth and his touch. The core of her cried out for him and she gritted her teeth against the need. She leaned her forehead against the wood of the shower, and angrily thought, it's not fair, I'm not ready. I want more, something of him, anything, she thought. Then, as she grabbed at an idea, she stepped back into the steamy shower, and Logan raised his eyes, the full heat of his gaze flooding into her. "Katherine, what are you doing?" He said in complaint, "You're driving me crazy." "I want to touch you." She whispered, and he frowned in confusion. With that as enough of an answer for her, she circled to him, put her hands on his chest and pushed gently until the back of his calves came flush with the wooden ledge that served as a bench. She pushed once more and he frowned again and sat. Then, she
I Hate Myself For Loving You
Miami Vs Marshall
MIAMI (AP) -- Randy Shannon's debut as coach of the Miami Hurricanes was a breeze. Javarris James ran for two touchdowns, Tavares Gooden and Calais Campbell had interceptions to set up easy scoring drives, and the Hurricanes recorded six sacks while beating Marshall 31-3 Saturday. Graig Cooper ran 12 times for 116 yards in his first college game, James rushed for 99 more and Kirby Freeman completed 9 of 21 passes for 81 yards and a touchdown as Miami (1-0) won its final season-opener at the Orange Bowl. Bernard Morris completed 16 of 27 passes for 162 yards for Marshall (0-1), but was intercepted three times. Unranked entering a season for the first time since 1998, Miami looked at the opener as its first chance to prove this isn't the same sort of team that stumbled its way to a 7-6 record last season. The Hurricanes didn't waste time suggesting their new coach will change things around. Shannon is a Miami native, was a star linebacker at the school and spent 1
Wolverine Gets A Little Upset A
Wolverine Gets a Little Upset by 2052Dreams © [This follows up Wolverine's Desire, which followed Wolverine Confidential. I will do my best to finish the story in one or two more parts at most, after the characters tell me what is going to happen. Of course the character of Logan belongs to Marvel.] * The room blazed white as the beast-men simultaneously fired their weapons. Katherine watched as if in slow motion, as the two blasts hit Logan square in the chest, his head snapping forward as the force sent him catapulting backward in a ball of fire, arms and legs sprawled as he slammed into the far wall of the library. "NOooooooooooooo," she screamed as she saw him lifelessly slide down into a heap on the floor, and launched herself into a run toward his unmoving, smoldering form. "No, princess," a beast-man said in a low, hollow voice, and then backhanded her across the face, dropping her to the floor, the force knocking the breath from her lungs. Stunned, with pain s
Miami Vs Oklahoma
NORMAN, Okla. (AP) -- By the time Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford threw his school record-tying fifth touchdown pass, the bad memories from past Miami games were long gone. Malcolm Kelly caught three of Bradford's TD passes and Reggie Smith returned a fumble for a score as the No. 5 Sooners rolled over Miami 51-13 in their first meeting since the Hurricanes swept three games in the 1980s. "That didn't matter," Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops said. "It makes for a good story, but that's a long time ago." Bradford completed 19-of-25 passes for 205 yards in his second career start as the Sooners (2-0) evened the all-time series at three games each. All three of Oklahoma's losses came in a three-year span when the Sooners went 33-0 against all opponents except the Hurricanes. Stoops said he introduced his players to the rivalry's history on Monday, but after that "they're rolling their eyes. That's 20-some years ago. Most of them weren't even born." Stoops said even he had
Wolverine Confidential B
Wolverine Confidential by 2052Dreams © "Alright then, you're warned." She whispered and gave up, falling into her escalating tensions and ricocheting thoughts. As the last strand of her conscience was snapped by her need, she whispered, "Logan...?" Her voice now fractured and pleading, causing him to look up at her with his lust-glazed, gray eyes, "I want you, please... please." Oh, Jesus. A bolt of pure desire hit him at her initiative and he reveled in the sound of her voice, her plea. Heat pooled in his groin. She had accepted him. God, he felt weak with relief, lust, and a sense of triumph. He had never had a woman like her; never even thought of it, never let himself. But he would have her, and by God, Xavier and anyone else who gave a crap could go to hell. Holding her arms with one of his hands, he used his other to grab the elastic of her underwear, tugging in down to her thighs. Then, he slipped it down one of her legs, pulling it taut and lifting her leg to pop it
Miami Vs Florida International
MIAMI (AP) -Kyle Wright threw an 80-yard pass to Lance Leggett for Miami's longest offensive score in nearly two years, and the Hurricanes beat Florida International 23-9 Saturday. Darnell Jenkins had a career-high 108 yards receiving, Javarris James ran for 92 yards and Kenny Phillips and Chavez Grant had interceptions for Miami (2-1). The Hurricanes held a 428-264 edge in total yards, sending the Golden Panthers (0-3) to their 15th straight loss. Wright finished 10-of-19 for 224 yards, and Francesco Zampogna kicked three field goals for Miami. Wayne Younger threw a 65-yard touchdown pass to Trenard Turner midway through the final quarter and A'mod Ned rushed for 87 yards for FIU, which lost 35-0 last season to its foe from the campus 9 miles away. Michael Dominguez and Anthony Gaitor had interceptions for FIU. Younger ran for 66 yards and threw for 105 more. Miami took control late in the third when Wright found Leggett down the right sideline for a 23-3 lead. Leggett
Wolverine Confidential A
Wolverine Confidential by 2052Dreams © He reached the door and wanted to hack his way through it. God damn Xavier, and her too. They could both go straight to hell. Xavier had calmly pronounced that the sessions were over, that no more were needed, and looked at him like he was some kind of pathetic fool. Did he really expect him to believe that drivel? He'd seen a lot in his screwed-up life, more than either of them, things that he'd rather forget, but at least he knew what the score was. He had disgusted her, she wanted rid of him. Did they think he was a fucking moron? He knew exactly what had happened. He could see it in her eyes and face that last time. How long was it now, six weeks? It felt like a century. God, he didn't want to think about it. Shame poured through him at the memory and he cringed inside. He'd disgusted her and she'd bailed. She was trying to hide her disgust but he knew better, he knew what he saw and by God, she owed him an explanation. She could damn
Miami Vs Texas A&m
MIAMI (AP) - For one night, everything worked for the Miami Hurricanes, who finally got that signature win the program has craved for a couple of years. Kyle Wright threw for 275 yards and two touchdowns, Graig Cooper scored twice and the Hurricanes stymied No. 20 Texas A&M's high-powered offense in a 34-17 victory Thursday night. The win was only Miami's second in its last nine games against a ranked opponent dating to the end of the 2005 season. And it was never in doubt. The Hurricanes (3-1) held the Aggies (3-1) to 38 yards in the first half yards in taking a 24-0 lead, ensuring their final Thursday night game at the venerable Orange Bowl would be a memorable one. "It was a Thursday night game, prime time, so the nation got to come out and see what we really have as a University of Miami football team," Hurricanes coach Randy Shannon said. "I'm pleased with the victory, but I just said in the locker room ... we'll come back Sunday and get ready for our next oppo
Spidersuite by Stormer1_1 © Part One: Love Is Stronger Than Pride At last their mouths meet in an ecstatic embrace, years of repression melting away in it's heat. He cups the small of her back and pulls her body tight against his, soft lips immediately upon her neck as she clutches at him. With the soft sound of a zipper her wedding dress pools to the floor, revealing scant lace and garters underneath. Without a word, she turns and closes the door, locks it. There is a pause between them as the moment thickens. At the pull of a pin, her golden red hair falls in cascades around her shoulders. Acutely aware of her nearly naked body, she can literally feel those hungry blue eyes drinking her in, slowly savoring, devouring each of her delicious curves. He embraces her shivering form again. His shirt comes off and she is rendered breathless at the sight of his exquisite physique. Her hands are shaking as they run softly over his pectorals, down the hard ripples of his stomach.
Fubar Love (lol)
I met you on somebody's homepage You thought you had known me before I brought you a crate of papaya They waited all night by your door You probably wouldn't remember I probably couldn't forget FUBAR love in the surf in the pouring rain Everything's better when wet FUBAR love it's drivin' me mad It's makin' me crazy FUBAR love it's drivin' me mad It's makin' me crazy But lately you live ON THE SITE I never see you alone But we need some definite answers So I thought I would write you a poem The question to everyone's answer Is usually asked from within But the patterns of the rain And the truth they contain Have written my life on your skin fubar love it's drivin' me mad It's makin' me crazy fubar love it's drivin' me mad It's makin' me crazy You treat me like I was your ocean You swim in my blood when it's warm My cycles of circular motion Protect you and keep you from harm You live in a world of illusion Where everything's peaches and cream We a
Wedding Invite
Join Us In Celebrating the Wedding Of Dirty South Crew's and Extreme X's Own DJ Ivory Tigress and Earthwalker at Extreme X lounge on Sunday, Oct 7 at 10 PM EST. " /> " /> Free Graphics at hostdrjack.comVisit www.hostdrjack.comHost Your Images & Videos FREE CLICK HERE! Free Graphics at Plan to be there with us as we share and celebrate this beautiful time with two of our closest friends!!!
Miami Vs Duke
MIAMI (AP) - Kyle Wright returned from an injury to throw a game-sealing touchdown pass to DajLeon Farr with 2:15 left, and Miami escaped an upset bid by Duke for the second straight year by beating the Blue Devils 24-14 on Saturday. Wright was 19-of-23 for 230 yards and two touchdowns for the Hurricanes (4-1, 1-0), who won their Atlantic Coast Conference opener for the first time in three years. Thad Lewis completed 18 of 27 passes for 241 yards and two touchdowns for Duke, which dropped a 20-15 decision to the Hurricanes last year - and gave Miami fits again, all the way to the final minutes. His 31-yard pass to Eron Riley got Duke (1-4, 0-2) within 17-14 with 9:46 left, and Duke was driving deep in Miami territory later in the final quarter. But Eric Moncur's sack - one of nine by Miami - ended a drive with three minutes left, and two plays later, the Hurricanes' offense sealed the win. Graig Cooper, who had a 2-yard TD run earlier in the fourth after a c
A Thought
surpressed by loneliness bound by pain,what would it take,to make it all change? angered by passion,never to be shown,anguished by love never to be shown!!!! tortured by many,just asking why,bowing his head,as he tries to hide. a moment of peace,remembering one time,almost forgiving,almost to shine, grasping his heart,to stop the pain,here in this moment,nothing has changed!!!!! by;Paul A. 10-6-07
Miami Vs North Carolina
CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (AP) -Butch Davis' latest reclamation project took a major step in the right direction. Brandon Tate scored on a long end-around in a spurt of 27 points to start the game and Connor Barth kicked four field goals to help North Carolina hold off Miami 33-27 on Saturday, giving Davis his first ACC win against a program he once built into a national champion. Anthony Elzy ran for 95 yards and a score for the Tar Heels (2-4, 1-2 Atlantic Coast Conference), who turned in a dominating performance to take a 27-0 lead at halftime then hung on as the Hurricanes (4-2, 1-1) twice rallied to within a touchdown in the second half. Davis had played down his first game against the Hurricanes earlier in the week and said after the game that beating Miami didn't make the victory anymore special. "Winning the game is the most important thing for this football team," he said. "My total focus is on the University of North Carolina football team and I'm just proud of the wa
Spiderman Rescues Paris
Spiderman Rescues Paris by Master_Vassago © There she was, not long after her home movie had hit the internet Paris Hilton had managed to sneak off and hide from most reporters and also to manage to land a good television show. She seemed a bit vapid and not quite the smartest cookie but Peter didn’t care. He still thought she was hot. Tonight was the finale of her show and she was in New York to do a few photos and play nice with the press. Interestingly enough Peter had been asked by the Daily Bugle to cover this and get some good pictures of the woman everyone in America right now loved and hated at the same time. “MS. Hilton, over here,” were the screams Peter heard as he snapped a few pictures of the blonde debutante. She had been a model and never failed to look sexy in his opinion, what he wouldn’t do for a few hours alone with her. Paris paused and twisted and turned for all the photographers and answered a few questions as she headed into the theater to help pre
Spiderman Meets Christina A.
Spiderman Meets Christina A. by Master_Vassago © The MTV music awards were being held in New York this year and as luck would have it the Daily Bugle needed a photojournalist to be there. Peter Parker was finally going to get to see Christina Aguilera up close and personal and photograph her. Peter dressed in a nice tux and waited patiently behind the curtains photographing the singing stars as they came offstage from either presenting, performing or accepting an award. Finally there she was, the hot little blonde vixen that had shed the teenie bopper image and was now all sensual woman. His eyes widened as he stood there getting as many pictures of this foxy 22 year old as possible. She had recently appeared in a few magazines less than fully clothed and he wondered if he played his cards right if he could interest her in doing a photo shoot with him. "Christina, Christina," the girls in charge of make-up and hair were calling to her vying for a moment of prep time. To
Go Seahawks
I just saw the guys on NFL NETWORK and they are saying that the Seahawks should be beat the Steelers in Pitts tomorrow morning (10 am PT) GO SEAHAWKS... show them who should have won the super bowl a couple of years ago. Get More at
My Night With Spider-man
My Night With Spider-Man by griffiev © After defeating the vampire Michael Morbious, Spidey thanked the X-Men for their help in stopping them. He then put a surprising french-kiss on Jean Grey in a joking manner. This, of course, didn't set too well with Cyclops but he let it slide since it was in good humor. Jean, however, was actually turned on by the brazen act and wondered what else was behind the mask. About an hour later (8pm), Jean excused herself from the X-Mansion to go out on the town. "I'm going to catch a show downtown", she told her teammates but she really was going to find something else....or someone else. From what she knew of Spider-Man, they say that he hung around Empire State University a lot. Jean figured that would be a good place to start. She takes a taxi cab from the Mansion and headed over to ESU. She is wearing a casual Jade colored dress that goes down to her knees with flesh-colored pantyhose and Jade high heel shoes to match. She then gets
For Sadistic
ANARCHY and I are in a Happy Hour Giveaway we need to reach 24,000 comments each. I know it sounds like alot but with your help we will get there.... So if you could stop by and leave a couple of comments we'd really appreciate it :) ANARCHYS CONTEST PIC: MINE: Also FAN/RATE/ADD the hosts while you're there they are great ladies!! bbG©... Have You Seen My Gerbil?@ fubar Stephanie Lynn@ fubar MANY THANKS TO YOU ALL, HAVE A GREAT DAY/NIGHT
She Hulk Goes Out
She Hulk Goes Out by fanficnut © She Hulk was in a bit of trouble. It was not due to super villains. It was not due to aliens attacking earth or an asteroid coming to earth. It was not even due to a demonic force coming down on people. It so more deadly and threaten. It was lawyers. She Hulk was carried away with fighting a the Blob. She lifted the villain up over her shoulder and chucked him into a building destroying several city blocks. Nobody got hurt thanks to Dr Strange protection. That did not protect the property damage. She Hulk got sued big time. She needed some money and good press real quick. So she decided a contest. It was called win a date with She Hulk. She was going to give a lucky fan a good time. Avenger didn't know about this because she posted some risky pictures. It was pictures of her flexing in the nude. Her perfect Amazon breast stood up straight and perky. Her sexy green body dripped in sweat from the a workout. One picture she had two 5000 pound bar be
Alter Ego
Alter Ego by PenanceS © Bruce Banner screamed as the needle entered his arm. Why oh why were they doing more tests on him, again? A slight tendril of hatred burned through his brain and he wanted to kill all of the doctors around him. Both the Doctors and General Ross were to blame for his misfortune. It was the whole mess of them that had caused him to get in this trouble to begin with. Them and their damned Gamma bomb, of course, he had never known that his father was the one that had set everything into motion. A shock ripped through his brain and all that he could think about was Betty, beautiful Betty. The helmet was designed to keep his animalistic, more feral side at bay, making it possible for the doctors to perform the experiments that they needed to and at the same time, not let Banner's alter ego, known as the "HULK" out. He thought about his best friend and research assistant, Betty Ross on a beach the last time that they were on a vacation, and the time
Another Man Baked His Wife's Cake
My Horoscope For Today...
I surely hope is not over yet! "Something big goes your way and you end up doing quite well for yourself. It could be a small victory at home, or something huge -- either way, you should find that you're feeling great by bedtime." Just rated and fanned a lot of folks..hope I get the same respect back. Some have awesome avatar morphs! Still searching for that elusive job. Have a great weekend folks!
She Is A Downraters
Whispers In The Dark
Whispers In The Dark by griffiev © Hell's Kitchen, not the nicest part of New York City. Not safe during the day and it is certainly not the place to be at night. But, on this night, a guardian "angel" prowls the rooftops of this run down section of town. A guardian in a blood red outfit with rippling muscles that pop through the suit. He is sightless and yet, he sees without seeing. He has seen things that no other man has. The man who wears the costume of a devil has the heart of a hero. Yes, this man is Matt Murdock. Defender of the constitution in a court of law by day but at night, he is Daredevil. The scarlet vigilante who prowls the streets like an avenging angel of death, except that this angel soars from rooftop to rooftop thanks to years of physical training. However, this night would see Daredevil have an encounter of a different kind. A woman in a tan trenchcoat was walking on the sidewalk trying to get a cab with no luck. As she pursued her luck, two men standing i
To Love A Loathsome Enemy
To Love a Loathsome Enemy by PenanceS © Matt Murdock stared out into the darkened night, looking out into the city of Hell's Kitchen, patrolling again, endlessly. Trying to ease the ache of loosing the love of his life, Electra Natchios with endless patrolling. He knew she was still alive; she had to be. She was the best friend that he'd ever had, not to mention one of the best fighters that he'd ever known. He remembered the time at the playground, and the two skilled warriors were evenly matched. "You're holding back... don't." He'd told her. And then a dance had occurred between the two of them that would last for a long, long time. He'd taken her to his apartment, high above the city he'd offered her as wine and a place to sleep, which she'd eagerly took, entwined in his arms. He could see her body by the scents that she gave off. The jasmine of her perfume and the lusty taste of her tongue as it tangoed with his. He had clocked her a good one in the mane
Fade To Black E
Fade To Black by Cactus Jack © As I decended I checked my teeth in the mirror wondered if I should have shaved, then realised that I’d had a chin full of stubble when I’d first seen Jennifer, and that hadn’t stopped her from climbing all over me. I checked my nails, and as I did so realised that my hands were very slightly shaking, from anticipation as well as excitement and nervousness. Was I really about to cross the street and meet Jennifer Garner, me a lowly English journalist and she a gorgeous actress? Did moments like this ever happen in real life, or had I fallen asleep on my bed and still as yet not woken up? I pinched the skin on my bare arm and decided that pain I felt meant that I wasn’t dreaming. A ding, and the doors glided apart, and the expanse of the lobby was before me. I crossed the tiled floor quickly, walking evenly so as not to draw attention to myself, and even managed a nod and smile to the girl behind the reception desk. A desperately thin man wearing re
An Obedient Wife
OBEDIENT WIFE There was a man who had worked all of his life, had saved all of his money, and was a real miser when it came to his money. Just before he died, he said to his wife, "When I die, I want you to take all my money and put it in the casket with me. I want to take my money to the after life with me." And, so he got his wife to promise him with all of her heart that when he died, she would put all of the money in the casket with him. Well, he died. He was stretched out in the casket, his wife was sitting there in black, and her friend was sitting next to her. When they finished the ceremony, just before the undertakers got ready to close the casket, the wife said, "Wait just a minute!" She had a box with her, she came over with the box and put it in the casket. Then the undertakers locked the casket down, and they rolled it away. So her friend said, "Girl, I know you weren't fool enough to put all that money in there w Truth Tv Trutubelive 911 Was Inside Job Truth TV TruTubeLIVE 911 WAS INSIDE JOB Watch wearechange live video and chat on Watch trutube live video and chat on Watch beck911truth live video and chat on
Fade To Black D
Fade To Black by Cactus Jack © I stood like a statue for a moment before the words sank in, and then I knew it was time to get the hell out of there. I silently shot my hand out and grabbed my phone and slipped it into my pocket, never taking my eyes from the movie star and the make-up artist making out with increasing fury before me. There was a scrap of paper scrunched into the bottom of my pocket and I pulled it out with a slightly shaking hand and saw a stub of pencil on the work counter to my right, and forced my eyes away from the kissing girls while I scribbled my cell number and also the name and number of my hotel. I’d had mobile communication problems before, and there was no way I wanted a poor signal or my battery to go dead if a beautiful and obviously horny actress was going to call me. I was about to drop the scrap on the counter when a thought popped into my head, a thought relating to a conversation we’d had earlier, and I can’t explain why but I also quickly scraw
Fade To Black C
Fade To Black by Cactus Jack © ‘Curiousity made me enter my name into a search engine,’ she said, smiling again. I drew my knee up higher and placed the tape player in my lap. ‘Hey, we’ve all done it. Even those of us who aren’t famous.’ ‘Find anything?’ ‘Only that I share the same handle as dozens of doctors and a few serial killers. I’m sure you had much better results.’ She shook her head and still stood lapping up the icy air. ‘Bits and pieces on the show, some pictures of me and rest of the guys, but nothing juicy. I was hoping for loads of cut and paste fakes of me with big boobs and a skinny ass.’ She laughed at this and moved back from the wall. ‘I think you’ve probably made it when you find a bunch of fantasies about you. What do you think?’ What did I think? At that moment all I could really think about was getting back to my hotel room and jacking off to the mental image of Jennifer leaning over the air-con and the aural memory of her incredibly sexy voic
Fade To Black B
Fade To Black by Cactus Jack © The guy that stood before me was weighed down with a huge script casing, several bungee cords wrapped around one arm and a tray of sodas balanced on the other. ‘This is a closed set, chief,’ he said, cocking his head to one side and wiping the perspiration from his forehead onto the sleeve of his T-shirt. I fumbled around in my back pocket until I found the laminate the security guard had given me and held it up. ‘Sorry,’ I replied. ‘I guess I should have been wearing this.’ He peered at the press pass and his face broke into a smile. ‘Ah, no problem. Who bothers with that crap anyway.’ He juggled the sodas onto the other arm and held out his hand. ‘Jamie Selkirk, production assistant.’ We shook hands and he thrust the tray of cans in my direction. ‘Give us a hand with these and I’ll sort you out.’ If you’ve never been on a movie set before you’d be surprised at the level of inactivity that seems to be occurring. Of course that’s not the case, b
For One Of Our Godfathers!
OK boys and girls...I've officially been given the green light for this. Fat Sonny has finally caved in and said "MAKE ME A GODFATHER" which means now more than ever we have to hit his page, rate and comment the crap out of EVERYTHING, buy gifts...whatever it takes to get his happy ass the points to knock it down. He has 2,465,037 Points to go and from what I've seen on here this could take as little as 24hrs or as long as a week. Lets get this done ASAP!!! You won't see him online but rest assured all of the love will be returned in one form or another. ~FAT SONNY~@ fubar (repost of original by '~shady326~ *GOONIES SHORT BUS DRIVER AND BUS STOP LOUNGE SECURITY*' on '2007-10-04 06:17:00') (repost of original by '★☆★ƒreedom ίsnt ƒree★☆★**No Salute=No Add**' on '2007-10-04 07:00:46') (repost of original by '~shady326~ *GOONIES SHORT BUS DRIVER AND BUS STOP LOUNGE SECURITY*' on '2007-10-06 13:04:54') (repost of original by '
Fade To Black A
Fade To Black by Cactus Jack © This story originally appeared in a slightly different variation, and I owe much thanks to the following authors who offered support and encouragement; Carnage Jackson, TRL, Tim Bisley, VoodooJoe, KMB and Victor Field - a guy couldn’t wish to ride with a finer posse of ruffians. 22nd May, 2002 I stood in the ever expanding line that snaked away from customs and stretched back and forth on my heels in a vain attempt to get some life back into my legs. I was thirsty, badly in need of a shower and starting to feel rapidly pissed off. The flight from London to Los Angeles had seemed as long and drawn out as always, the food had been poor, the movie had been worse. A woman roughly the size of Alaska had shoehorned her way into the seat next to mine and had insisted on making small talk until the meal arrived to take her mind off conversation. While she was shovelling mashed potatoes into her mouth I’d escaped to the bathroom for as long as possible
My Faq List...
Since very few read my FAQ list on my profile I thought I would post here in my blog as well. I am beginning to get many questions all day that the answers are posted in my FAQ. So here is my FAQ list from the profile home page. 1. Married? Yes, very much so with the absolute best man I could ever hope to marry. We are extremely happy and have been for over 21 years. 2. Family? We have 2 sons, 27 and 12. Oldest is in the USAF and is stationed in California. Youngest is in the seventh grade here and wishes he was in college so he could be drafted into the NFL. I also have 3 grandchildren from our oldest son. 3. Occupation? I am a obstetrics nurse at the local hospital. That means I assist with baby deliveries and care for the new mom and baby till they are discharged. I am also what we call the DADDY NURSE for the dads during C-Sections and make sure they dont pass out while they are in the OR for the delivery. 4. Are we in the lifestyle? Not yet. We would
Kurt's Dream Come True
Kurt's Dream Come True by Mr. Marvel © * Note all characters are property of Marvel Comics Inc. and are in no way involved with the writing of this story. This is a piece of fiction and is not real. Kurt Wagner A.K.A. Nightcrawler, was sitting alone in his room, wondering what his life would have been like if he wasn't born x-gene positive. He wondered what he would have looked liked. But he realizes that he is different, he's a mutant. He is 5'8, weighs 138 pounds and has blue fur all over his body, has only has three digits on each hand and has a functional blue tail that ends in a triangular point. His special ability is he can teleport over short distances, through a side dimension, that leaves him smelling slightly of sulfur. "Hey Kurt, you there?" A voice said, coming from his comlink. "Yeah Bobby, I'm here. What do you want?" Kurt asked. "Professor X left instructions for you, to ensure that Stacy X settles in as comfortable as possible." replied Bobby. "
Inga Breaks Captain America
Inga Breaks Captain America by lilguy © Inga stands 6.5 feet tall and was solid muscles. She was amazingly beautiful. She was true goddess. Her breast were huge and at cartoon proportions. They are like two gigantic beach balls. There was nice sexy curves to her body. Her hair is blond and her eyes are blue. He body is very tone. She superhumanly strong and durable. Her power is only match by her depravity. She enjoy crushing men with her sexual skills. She brings them over the edge till and make them beg her to stop. She love violence and very sadistic. She was German and her army of women slowly was taking over. Inga Held one of Nazi guard in her arm. It was a fellow Amazon Helga. She was not strong as Inga but she was beautiful and stronger then most men. Helga red hair seem frazzled. The women had been making love for hours after Inga victory over the army. She had destroyed Captain American army singled handedly with her bare hands. The pussy juice had soaked the bed and dr
Scarlet Witch Destroys Evil Empire
Scarlet Witch Destroys Evil Empire by sarahhh© Captain America called Scarlet Witch into his office. "You saved the day again, Scarlet! Now please tell me exactly how you saved the life of that Dutch porn star, Lillian de Dong." "Well Captain, as you know Lillian suffered from that rare Hawaiian disease known as lackanooky. How the hell she got that in the Netherlands I have no idea. What with all those horny flight attendants from KLM Royal Dutch Airlines on the loose in the neighborhood looking for a goose. This assignment was easy. I just put a hex on Lillian which induced her to eat me." "Dear Lord, is she a cannibal?" "No no, Captain America. You don't die when Lillian eats you. You . . . um . . . well . . . it's more like going to heaven. My God, that girl loves to munch the rug." "Munch the rug?" "Yeah, you know—beaver dinner, box lunch at the Y, tuna taco, bearded clam—" "Okay, okay, I get it. Next time let me watch. That's an order." "Only if you pr
Lil One Needs Our Prayers
A dear friend of mine needs your prayers. Her family has just found out that her 1 year old niece KAYLEIGH may have CANCER in the lymph nodes in her neck :( Let us all pray for a good outcome!!!! LITTLE KAYLIEGH HER PARENTS KELLY AND ADAM Please send your blessings and well wishes to her aunt (my friend) ~ ♥ ~ Vî×èñ åkå bººgîè$ Mºmmå ~ ♥ ~@ fubar Many thanks for your support (repost of original by '§AÐI§TI© LIGHT~Ånarchy §kulls Mistress~Grow Room Entity' on '2007-10-06 02:30:45')
Flunking History: Captain America
Flunking History: Captain America Artist: MysticMorgan Date: 08-04-2002 Art Notes: It was around 10 o’clock at night and I was looking for some old comics that I had in my father’s attic, when I noticed a rolled up old poster leaning against the wall. Wondering what it could be, I sat on an old crate by it and slowly unrolled it. I noticed that one corner was taped back in place by old yellowed tape and that there was a hole at the bottom. But it was the overall image that shocked me. Here was a Captain America that I didn’t know. The date was 1918 on the poster, that would be World War One, but Cap was created to fight the enemies of World War Two. I took it down to my scanner and watched it as it came up on my screen. I thought about using Photoshop to repair it but it would have destroyed the history of this Captain America dressed in the WW1 Doughboy uniform and I knew it must have been a treasure to my Grandfather, so I post it as it was found, torn tattered and stained. I care
You Gotta Read This It Is Funny!!!!
Naughty......but funny! .The Why's of Men 1. WHY DO MEN BECOME SMARTER DURING SEX? (because they are plugged into a genius) 2. WHY DON'T WOMEN BLINK DURING SEX? (they don't have enough time) 3. WHY DOES IT TAKE 1 MILLION SPERM TO FERTILIZE ONE EGG? (they don't stop to ask directions) 4. WHY DO MEN SNORE WHEN THEY LIE ON THEIR BACKS? (because their balls fall over their butt-hole and they vapor lock) (You're laughing, aren't you?!?!) 5. WHY WERE MEN GIVEN LARGER BRAINS THAN DOGS? (so they won't hump women's legs at cocktails parties) 6. WHY DID GOD MAKE MEN BEFORE WOMEN? (you need a rough draft before you make a final copy) 7. HOW MANY MEN DOES IT TAKE TO PUT A TOILET SEAT DOWN? (don't never happened) ****And the personal favorite: ***** 8. WHY DID GOD PUT MEN ON EARTH? (because a vibrator can't mow the lawn) Remember, if you haven't got a smile on your face and laughter in your hea
Jiveman1: Sheeeet, man, that honkey mus' be messin' my old lady got to be runnin' col' upsihd down his head! Subtitle: GOLLY, THAT WHITE FELLOW SHOULD STAY AWAY FROM MY WIFE OR I WILL PUNCH HIM. Jiveman2: Hey Holm, I can dig it! You know he ain't gonna lay no mo' big rap upon you man! Subtitle: YES, HE IS WRONG FOR DOING THAT. Jiveman1: I say hey sky, s'other say I won say I pray to J I get the same ol' same ol. Subtitle: I KNEW A MAN IN A SIMILAR PREDICAMENT, AND HE ENDED UP BEING SORRY. Jiveman2: Knock yourself a pro slick. Gray matter back got perform' us' down I take TCBin, man'. Subtitle: DON'T BE NAIVE ARTHUR. EACH OF US FACES A CLEAR MORAL CHOICE. Jiveman1: You know wha' they say: See a broad to get that bodiac lay'er down an' smack 'em yack 'em. Subtitle: EARLY TO BED, EARLY TO RISE, MAKES A MAN HEALTHY, WEALTHY AND WISE. Together: Col' got to be! Yo! Subtitle: HOW TR
For Mom...don't Know What To Call It
Have you ever felt like u had no one.. Just wished that there was someone that could love you unconditionally Kiss your tears in the bad times Make you smile in the worst and best off all just love you for you I used to have that..Now I'm left alone in the dark This is what I yearn when I lost you Coz you were the one who never ever gave up never let me down Coz you were the one I could trust completely Love so deeply Have you ever looked into the mirror to find that your smile isn't ur smile Stand tall when it's torture Pretend it's not affecting you that all your putting on is a show for your friends to see that you're still STRONG and that I'm over you being gone.. Too proud to cry There's nothing but emptiness inside I'm too proud to cry All that's left is my dreams and hopes to survive another day Figuring things out, taking a day at a time Knowing that you're still with me in spirit Gives me the wings to fly But still I'm Too proud
I Am Who I Am
I am who i am.I cannot change to suit you, or anyone else. It is time to stop hiding it and if i lose friends than so be it.
Rolling Stones-anybody Seen My Baby?
She confessed her love to me Then she vanished On the breeze Trying to hold on to that Was just impossible She was more than beautiful Closer to ethereal With a kind of Down to earth flavor Close my eyes It's three in the afternoon Then I realize That she's really Gone for good Anybody seen my baby Anybody seen her around Love has gone And made me blind I've looked but I just can't find She has gotten lost In the crowd I was flippin' magazines In that place on Mercer Street When I thought I spotted her Getting on a motor bike Looking rather lady like Didn't she just give me a wave? Salty tears It's three in the afternoon Has she disappeared Is she really gone for good Anybody seen my baby Anybody seen her around If I just close my eyes I reach out And touch the prize Anybody seen her around (Rap) Anybody seen my baby Anybody seen her around If I just close my eyes I reach out And touch the prize Anybody seen her around Los
I Ran
Hello. For those of you who requested me as a friend, thank you so much. I am new to this site and I am still in the process of having some pics done so I can upload them to my page.
C@ndl3 Tr@!n 2009
Eyes Oif The Insane
Wanna Hypnotize Your Sex Partner?
18 Hypnotize Your Lover- deeper. The book that will teach you the art of hypnotic seduction, how to hypnotize your lover for erotic adventures, and overcome sexual dysfunction. This new version has more scripts and stories and ideas for creating the hypnotic adventure you are looking for. This item COMES WITH the CD (newly re-recorded) version of the Interactive Hypnotize Your Lover which lets you put your lover in a trance with my voice and then turns it over to you to give suggestions, read scripts, or create triggers. Also includes Irresistible You- Hypnosis for Magnetism (re-recorded) this new version will make you magnetic and irresistible. You will love the way you seem to attract the attention of others and the special connection that they feel with you. This is probably one of my most popular programs. People are always amazed at how dramatic the results are. Find out for yourself! Click the link below! Spice it up! Hypnotize your Lover and Get The Hottest
just got my father in law pissed off at me because i threw something in his face.. he expects things to be done so quickly and gets pissed off when it doesn't get done.. BUT 10 years ago he started doing tile on the floors... me and my husband are finishing them now... now my FIL is all mad at me for saying that plus any time i try to do something I don't get help around the house example we need to get rid of a ton of things in our house so we have space.. my father in law will not get rid of ANYTHING my husband helps me go through stuff for about 10 minutes and then disappears... so i stop going through shit.. but i am the one that gets bitched at... When i first moved in this house i spent 2 fucking hours cleaning the DINING ROOM.. JUST the dining room.. the next day.. its a disaster... but i still get bitched at for the house not being cleaned... YESTERDAY my father in law had someone doing an inspection on the house to get it refinanced.. didn't te
Bisexual Pride...
MyHotComments MyHotComments MyHotComments MyHotComments
Being my blog I have every right to talk about what I so if you dont like what you are about to read then feel free to go back to your homepage and have a nice life. What I cant figure out is why women feel it necessary to lie to someone. If you arent interested in a guy then why dont you tell them that instead of saying you are and want to get to know them to just turn around and ignore that infuriates me because Im a great guy and Im worth getting to know but you women insist on being gluttens for punishment and always go for the guys that you know are going to treat you like crap over and over when there are guys out there like me who will treat you as you should be treated; loved and cherished. So I ask you why?
Music, Unix, Lilypond...
Lilypond ( is the program I've been using to create the music score images in the background and in my gallery here, among other things. I have some long-term projects that involve it, that I mentioned in earlier posts in this blog (and in Musicstuffs.) The version I was using, and getting used to, was LilyPond 2.0.1 - very far from being up to date, but with the computer I had, the most recent one I could install. With my new machine I installed 2.6.3, but hadn't yet gotten around to successfully doing anything at all with it (except having it crash on me a few times, and seeing why :) ). I found out that I could attempt to install a much more recent version, though, so I'm trying to do so now. (One thing about the FINK project is that it takes care of almost all of the installation on a Mac for you- don't need to know a ton about configuration of environment variables, or to compile programs on which this and that is dependent - it works out the details, asks you to
Women In Acu's???
Who else finds women in ACU's, and BDU's incredibly sexy?
Stupid Tats
you know how common can women be, holy shit , i mean a tatto should be a way to express your self , but as i am looking at pic after pic of some woman with a buterfly tattoo or rose or heart on their breast. honestly it makes me throw up in my mouth,
I Have A Tattoo
Well, I got my tattoo. It took 2 1/2 hours to complete the work with only one smoke break for the artist. He did a great job! Did it hurt? Well, yeah at times it felt like I was getting stuck with a hot poker, but over all it was very tolerable, pain level maybe 2 or 3 out of 10. I later found out that the artist (owner) only elects to accept tattoos that are large, custom and amazing to do. He's got quite a good reputation and he travels through out Canada on a regular basis to work. He told me he cleard nearly 90 K last year adn this year he'll do more than 100 the tattoo is 5 x 5 inches and its still healing. I'll have some more photos once it heals more. Level me up so I can post more pics. Hugs I hope you're all having a great (Canadian) Thanksgiving :)
Getting Ready To Leave
I've got just a bit before Lee gets home, and we head out of town for our weekend/day visit to friends. We'll be arriving around 11:00...but I'm sure won't go to bed till the wee hours. There will probably be plenty of coffee on hand when we get there too. Well, I did get some new pictures added...I suppose they're ok. I wasn't pleased with my hair at all ... the humidity took what curl I should have had after curling it...and just made it... One of these days I'll get one that's better, but didn't have time to mess with it today. You probably saw the notice come through your alerts, or here's the link to the start of them. Well, probably won't be on the puter till later Sunday evening, and then probably not for very long, as I'll probably be pretty tired, and have to work on Monday. So, while I'm gone for a few hours, I hope you all have a GREAT Fu weekend, and I'll be catchin' ya later on when we get back
We walked into the house and it was very big. The stairs were winding to the upper level of the house. He came up from behind me and I could feel his hot breath on my neck. He kisses my neck.AS I feel him kiss my neck, I reach up to his head grabbing his hair. He reaches around and grabs onto my breasts through my shirt. I can feel my nipples getting hard. He pushes me to the stairs, we dont make it even 2 stairs and he pushes me down. We start to kiss, so deep. I grab the outside of his pants to feel his hardness getting bigger. I unsnap his jeans and unzip his zipper. His manhood comes out in one tug. Wow, I havent seen that big in a long time maybe in videos but never live. I take it into my hand and it starts to get even harder from my touch. I start to put my lips on it, kissing it, licking it, teasing it. I take his head of his cock into my mouth. He moans. I take his whole cock into my mouth and as I look up at him I can see him get even more excited. I start to suck him real g
Come look at my stash videos!!
Smart Cricket Contest
Attention everyone, I would consider it a personal favor if you help out my friend Smart Cricket. She is behind in her contest and could really use your help. All of your help would really be appreciated. Please stop by and drop her some comments. Thanks, Tiggerbear2007
why do we have to pay taxes on something we own free and clear? this makes no sense to me. is this just government got wild or what? i say if you own it you dont have to pay taxes on it
The New Call Me Feature!
(From: SiN DeReLla™ Blog) The New Call Me Feature! This is a great new feature fubar is now providing for its users. It allows you to leave voice messages for other fubar members without giving out your real phone number. Every member of fubar is set up to receive voice messages from other fubar members using Jangl. If you want to call someone and leave a voice message, Jangl makes that simple as well, using your Jangl account. To call someone and leave a voice message, click on “Call Me”. This link is located on every member profile, immediately below the member name. Next, verify the phone number from which you will be calling. You must use the phone number of the phone you will be calling from. (Jangl gives you the option to store phone numbers in your Jangl account.) Jangl will have you set up a pin number to use to log into your Jangl account. Make sure you read the Jangl terms of service and check the box that you agree to them. Complete these quick and easy steps a
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Football Standings
NFC East Team W L T PCT PF PA Net Pts TD Home Road Div Pct Conf Pct Non-Conf Streak Last 5 Dallas 4 0 0 1.000 151 72 79 19 2-0 2-0 1-0 1.000 3-0 1.000 1-0 4W 4-0 Washington 2 1 0 .667 53 49 4 5 1-1 1-0 1-1 .500 1-1 .500 1-0 1L 2-1 NY Giants 2 2 0 .500 88 100 -12 10 1-1 1-1 2-1 .667 2-2 .500 0-0 2W 2-2 Philadelphia 1 3 0 .250 84 73 11 9 1-1 0-2 0-2 .000 1-3 .250 0-0 1L 1-3 NFC North Team W L T PCT PF PA Net Pts TD Home Road Div Pct Conf Pct Non-Conf Streak Last 5 Green Bay 4 0 0 1.000 105 66 39 12 2-0 2-0 1-0 1.000 3-0 1.000 1-0 4W 4-0 Detroit 3 1 0 .750 114 121 -7 14 2-0 1-1 2-0 1.000 2-1 .667 1-0 1W 3-1 Chicago 1 3 0 .250 60 95 -35 6 1-1 0-2 0-1 .000 0-2 .000 1-1 2L 1-3 Minnesota 1 3 0 .250 67 59 8 7 1-1 0-2 0-2 .000 1-2 .333 0-1 3L 1-3 NFC South Team W L T PCT PF PA Net Pts TD Home Road Div Pct Conf Pct Non-Conf Streak Last 5 Tampa Bay 3 1 0 .750 81 44 37 7 2-0 1-1 2-0 1.000 3-1 .750 0-0 3W 3-1 Carolina 2 2 0 .500 82 87 -5 9 0-2 1-0 1-1 .500 2-1
A Naughty Little Poem
She whispered "will it hurt me?" "Of course not" answered he "It's a very simple process, You can rely on me." She said "I'm very frightened, I've not had this before. My friend has had it five times And said it can be sore." It was growing rather painful Tears formed in her eyes It was hurting quite a bit now It must have been a size. "Calm yourself" he whispered "His face filled with a grin "Try and open wider So I can get it in." "It's coming now" he whispered "I know" she cried in bliss Feeling it deep within her now She said "I am glad I'm having this." And with a final effort She gave a frightened shout He gripped it in anguish And quickly pulled it out. She lay back quite contended Sighed and gave a smile She said "I'm glad I came now You made it worth my while." Now if you read this carefully The dentist you will find Is not what you imagined It's just your dirty mind!!
It's 7:22 am. Another sleepless night. Each bill that I paid was followed either by a groan that was not of the enjoyable kind! or an empty feeling in my pocket. I don't usually complain but when it comes to the problems that keep on coming I can't help but be sad and hurt. Bills, haters, jobless, motherless, a relationship where I don't know what's going on half of the time and no one I can completely trust makes it an accumulation of frenzy and leads me to want to be isolated and shoot myself. And to top it off the money keeps decreasing and then the celebrations of Aidil Fitri (kind of like christmas) are coming up...oh my yea I'm staying alone. I chose not to go back because I have my dad and stepmother waiting for me in the house that my mother used to live in. I'm not exactly chummies with my stepmom since she said to me a lot of hurtful things, and this was when my mom just passed away. I choose to let go yea easier said than done and furthermore I'm li
Is The Site Changing Its Name Again?
How odd... I just looked at one of the sharemails and noticed that it referred me to and I checked to see what was, and it's an alias for - for now, I couldn't help thinking. I think I've missed a memo.
So I'm going down the road on my bike for a sunny ride out to Montauk Point, a common biking destination around these parts, when this bitch in oncoming traffic decides to make a left turn across my lane. I had a split second to react so I lock up the brakes and try to veer around her. I'm posting this because I DIDN'T FUCKING MAKE IT! Close, real close, but no cigar. If I could have scooted over another foot I wouldn't be cursing about a brief encounter with a dumb, Taco Bell ™ obsessed twat-bag who "didn't see me." That's right folks! SHE DIDN'T FUCKING SEE ME!!!!!!!!!!! How fucking dumb can you be and still be a member of the animal kingdom? Was she so obsessed with scarfing a fucking Chalupa ™ down her multi-chinned throat that she can't watch where she were going? I hope she gets a Grande-Sized ™ helping of E coli ™ next time so she winds up shitting out her kidneys like a fucking Salad Shooter ™! Rhonda, another mark for the Tribunal. I'm going t
Angeleyez Contest
Attention everyone, I know there are a lot of contest going on right now. My friend Angeleyez could use all of your guys support. The last time I knew she was behind. I am not sure by how much. I have enclosed a clickable link to her picture. Please stop by and drop her some comments. All help will be appreciated. Tiggerbear2007
Massage Menu
TOMMY THE ROCK-N-ROLL SWAMI'S Massage 4 Stars list: THE SUPERMODEL (swedish-american) Full body relaxing massage. This massage utilizes techniques that increase the circulation, mobility, promotes detoxification and tones the body. Long soothing strokes and moderate pressure relieves stress and tired muscles. Designed specifically for maximum relaxation. Get ready for the best mini-vacation ever! One-hour $100.00 1-1/2 hour $150.00 THE ACTOR (deep tissue) Full body with deep tissue/acupressure in areas of complaint. This massage gets deep into the muscular structure and combines acupressure that is very effective in stripping away adhesions, stiffness and restoring flexibility of movement. Bring a bullet to bite down on! One-hour $130.00 1-1/2 hour $175.00 THE CHAMPION (spo
Come Joim Me In The Bikers Clubhouse
come join the fun meet new friends
A Poem ;when U Thought I Wasnt Looking , Written By A Former Child >>.
WHEN YOU THOUGHT I WASN'T LOOKING (Written by a former child) A message every adult should read, because children are watching you and doing as you do, not as you say. When you thought I wasn't looking, I saw you hang my first painting on the refrigerator, and I immediately wanted to paint another one. When you thought I wasn't looking, I saw you feed a stray cat, and I learned that it was good to be kind to animals. When you thought I wasn't looking, I saw you make my favorite cake for me and I learned that the little things can be the special things in life. When you thought I wasn't looking, I heard you say a prayer, and I knew there is a God I could always talk to and I learned to trust in God. When you thought I wasn't looking, I saw you make a meal and take it to a friend who was sick, and I learned that we all have to help take care of each other. When you thought I wasn't looking, I saw you give of your time and money to help people who had not
Friends W/ Benefits
It doesn't matter if you're married, engaged, in a relationship, single, gay or straight! A test of your bravery. It will be kept a secret!! Here's how it works: Statistically speaking, unless you are a total hermit, social retard, or ugly as a bag of spoiled ars... There's at least 1 person on your hoverspot that wants to date you or sleep with you. So..... lets play "friends w/ benefits" The rules are simple... if you want to date the person who posted this, send them a msg saying "I'M YOURS" If you just want to sleep with them and stay friends, send them a message that says "I'D HIT IT" SCARED? LOL THE TWIST IS YOU HAVE TO REPOST THIS, EVEN IF YOU'RE TAKEN & see who replies. There is at least 1 person on your hoverspot that wants to date you, and maybe more that want to sleep with you. SO... re-post this as "friends w/ benefits"
Moving On...
I hate what I’ve become; I feel like I lost sight of what is really important to me. I let myself become someone’s play toy. I guess I am only good enough to hangout with if he wants some. I really for once thought I was special to someone; then I realized he only told me the things I wanted to hear to get into my pants. The first time anything happened he swore to me that he didn’t plan on that happening. Now, sadly I learned that girls do get attached from sex and that sex is pretty much only just gratification for most men. Its time for this little dolly to move on. Just like most of my friends said; I do deserve better.
hearts are what give us feeling, makes ua cry, makes us laugh, makes us human beings when things go terribly wrong, you may not know it but tho they at times it cant be true you can die from abroken heart, no i dont mean strokes,or heart tqaacks or anything like that, i mean pure down right broken heart when someone just walks right out of your life, you put your heart and soul and life and love into this peson, been with him/her for so long that you know each other for that long that u read them like a book. Then? poof she/he says its over with just like that tells u that "they" dont love you like that anymore....all of a sudden your heart starts to ache tears well up in your eyes, u do not know wht to do but things just fall around you into a billion pieces! a month goes by you still in that daze where she/he left ya....your heart goes deepere and then just decides to stop....and u are gone. I dont mean to be depressing here but it can happen....our hearts are very much a part of
2nd Quarter Final: France Beat New Zealand 20-18
New Zealand (13) 18 Try: McAlister, So'oialo Pens: Carter (2) Cons: Carter France (3) 20 Try: Dusautoir, Jauzion Pens: Beauxis (2) Cons: Beauxis, Elissalde France set up a World Cup semi-final with England after a stunning win over hot favourites New Zealand in Cardiff. The All Blacks dominated the first half but only had Luke McAlister's try to show for it, with Lionel Beauxis's penalty being France's lone score. McAlister was sin-binned after the restart and Thierry Dusautoir took advantage to score and level the score. Rodney So'oialo's try restored the New Zealand lead before Yannick Jauzion's try which turned out to be the winner. France's pre-match intentions were made clear by their unblinking staring-down of the haka, but the early loss of Serge Betsen, knocked out cold in a fourth-minute ruck, disrupted their plans. Dan Carter's early penalty put New Zealand ahead and when McAlister ran straight at and through the French defensive line,

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