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Chapter 5
At the Pearly gates Peter had returned from his meeting with Himself. Himself and Herself now knew that Death was acting up again. This wasnothing new to Him, his angels seemed bent on rebelliousness every few millinia or so. Peter returned to the gate doors podiam, relieved Azrial, resuming his post beside the book of judgments. "Excuse me, sir angel, do you recognize me in my human skin? Can I ask you a question?" Peter looked up and saw a lost soul. How those tugged at his heart. On looking closer, he noticed none of the light that should have shone around a newly rehabilitated soul. They always had a light shining around them and a weariness that just begged for relief. " What in the world are you doing here? Where is your halo? In fact I should know you were coming, but I have no new name on my list." " I'm lost sir angel, Death never came for me, and I dont know wht to do. I could cry if I could, but I dont think my soul can do that yet. Please tell me wh
Chapter 6
Death was having a cry. The first one he had ever remembered having. This woman was fun, witty, outraious, and had no fear of him at all. " So what should i call you, i mean i cant just keep saying Death this and Death that can I?" Those eyes looked up at him waiting for an answer. he knew all the names in the history of the humans existance, but none really mattered one way or another. 'What would you have me call myself." " I think that you look kind of like some of the rock stars around here, rough, scarey, dark and lean. Uhmm, lets call you BOB. Just Bob, that way if I get mad at you I can call you Robert too." Again with the eyes looking up at him. He had never expected or needed someone to look up to him, so this wasd a heady experience. " Bob, I like it." Turning around Death twisted it around on his suedo tongue, savoring the way the name just flew off of him, so short, curt, strong sounding. " by the way Bob, my name is Melissa. Glad to meet ya." She stuck out
Chapter 7
"Peter, Peter, these things have a way of working out. Simply find Death and you will know where to send the young woman." Himself wasd in a great mood having won an arguement with Herself about whether any new animals needed to be discovered on earth. He just loved to create and every once in a whle he threw a new species at his humans just to see the delight on their faces when they "discovered" it. Herself didnt appreciate it, as Her job became more complicated with each new creation. After all she was the care taker of the earth and it was up to Herself to keep the life going that Himself decided on a whim to create. Herself's job was infinitly more demanding, and for this reason she kept a tight rein on his creativity. Peter was flabberghasted. Never had he remembered Himself putting this much responsibility on Peters shoulders. He usually came down on his creations of humans like a wrath. A lightening show, a earthquake or two. but of course this was not a humans faul
Chapter 1
Chapter One: Home Again Tanner continued down the trail, pushing away the briers which over the years had attempted to take over the open space which the path provided. There were also parts of trees which had died since his last passing that lay across the narrow corridor. At times he had to stop and break or drag the old limbs out of his way, in order to get to where he was going. And after a few minutes of clearing the path once again, he was staring at his goal. Finally, his eyes caught sight of the one thing which brought him back on this quest. Sitting upon the outstretched branches of a huge red oak, were the remnants of what he remembered as the one place where his dreams came alive: The old tree house. Time had taken it’s toll on the once mighty fortress. Bits and pieces of boards, all of which he had carried to this place were strewn upon the ground below, poking out of the years of leaves which tried to hide and reclaim the now moss covered and rotting lumber. T
Chapter 8
Death was besides himself. he traveled to the Pearly Gates, rushing toward Peter and Azrial. " Peter, Peter, I lost one! I lost a soul, what am I going to do now? You have to help me please, Peter, help me find her before I'm responsible for her nonexistance." if Deth could be discribed as disheveled, that is what Peter would have said. Death looked frazzled, disheveled, distraught and decidedly scared, much to his delight. "Well my friend," Peter could afford to use a condensating voice now," just where did you leave her? You only have to back track and Im sure you will find her. After all, shes a lost soul, how far can she travel?" Peter thought this was delightful, a real kick in the pants. Imagine, Death scared!!! This one ought to be good for a few thousand years of laughter. Death turned away from Peter thinking " what now?" Perhaps Satin had an answer. Winking down there, he saw the Gates "manned" by his least favorite demon, Orda. he hated to think that he mi
Chapter 9
Melissa had made a lot of changes in the last year since she met Death. she had kicked her heroin habit although she still drank and indulged once in a while in the natural drugs. She was going to school and had decided that she wanted to get into a business she could make lots of money at. To suppliment her income she till "escorted" men and the tips were great. This was something she had thought of doing as her business, but the way things were in society, she would never have the respect she felt was due her in that field. after all society still called it prostitution, or hooking. But Melissa knew it was more than just that. Along with the sex came alot of talk. these poor men needed someone like her to dump their troubles on, or to just get things off their chests. And she was more then willing to listen. bonus being that she got paid for it, but she wa also very receptive to the woes and chains of agony that these guys came to her with. After all seh was a sensitive ki
Chapter 10
Death listened but was thinking, " same old girl I met before, doesnt know when to shut up and let me talk." "And another thing, just what were you doing here the first time? You never were very clear about that. I remember being in the hospital, they gave me meth, and then I was home. You followed me there didnt you? I clearly remember asking you to sit down and have a talk with me. and that satan dude shows up.... My god it was all real, it wasnt just a dream or a mirage or anything like that. You came to take me away didnt you?" At that Melissa finally shut down. We call Him, Himself, and Her Herself." Death said quietly. Melissa justlooked up at him again waiting for something else... and clearly Death was not sure where to begin. so Melissa being who she was, friendly escort girl and all, put her talents to work. Reaching out she gently touched Death's arm, " Ok, lets start at the beginning of this crazy scenerio. I was high, you came, we talked, you left, I
Chaparral On Saturday
I cant wait to go to Chaparral this weekend. I need to ask them several questions. I plan to get a quad here soon after we buy a truck, plus I'm thinking about trading in my bike, so I need to see what all could be done, etc. I also want to see if I can find someone to ask about sponsorship. Never hurts to ask. I could use the discounts. So, Saturday we are going riding with my cousins, then off to Chaparral!
Chapter 1
Chapter 1 “Kim, you look so beautiful in that shirt I bought you!” Jamie said as she snapped a picture of her standing up against the bar. Jamie had given Kim a red and black off the shoulders shirt for her birthday, which happened to go great with Kim’s favorite pair of dark jeans. The shirt made her eyes glow like firelight upon the darkest night of life. Her breast were just showing enough to make men do a double take to see her well form body and cute shape butt that was something to just lean up on and ride up close too in a slow, but very erotic dance of forbidden pleasure. “Thanks Jamie, but do you have to take so many pictures?” Kim asked as she looked around the bar. Kim was looking for something, but not sure what she was looking for or hoping to find to make her birthday a little more exciting than just hanging with her friends. She loved with all her and soul, but she was tired of the same old thing with same old friends, she wanted passion and mystery within her l
Chapter 2
Chapter 2 It was around one am when Chris and Kim entered the park entrance. They walked a ways in before anything was said. The lights were dim and the moon was full and bright as if the sky was waking upon a new day, but yet it was still night and magic was about life. How she loved the night, it was simply and unrushed. “Ah, such beauty” “Huh?” Kim said turning around to look at him. He was looking her over with sharp piercing eyes. “You’re so beautiful” He said hissing slightly. It’s funny how she had only just now noticed that. She looked at him and just barely caught a glimpse of his fangs. She stepped back as he stepped forward. She could yell, scream and run, but it would do her no good for he was a vampire. He’d catch her in seconds, plus there was no one else close enough to help her. They were alone within the park. “Is some thing wrong?” He asked as steps toward her. “Oh no, I just don’t like begin so close to people.” She answered as she stepped back again.
Chapter 11
Death winked back to the shore of the boggy lake he lived by and found an absolute throng of souls milling around, thousands upon thousands. As soon as he appeared, the souls convdrged on him,guestions,laments,shrieking, a veriatable cacaphony of noises. "Souls, please listen up. Hey, back away from the cowl, now, back away now. I cant help any of you until I understand how manya re here and see with my eyes whos sho.... i said BACK OFF from the cowl. yeah yeah I know its red, ok.... Now its black." Death finally got some room to think quickly about matters. "Now listen up, accidents will happen, so listen closely. Suicides to my rights, and that includes drugs, alcohol use or anything else that may have caused you to pass before your time. On my left, old age, still born, or just not your fault. In front of me I want simply accidental deaths. Has everyone got it now? Please be timely, Im on a schedule here, and you must get going. Begin now. As the souls started
Chapter 12
Death haveing rested a bit, and played with his bony friends in the lake, shook out his cowl and decided it was time to return to Melissa. Never having had to worry about looks before, he thought last time about what Melissa said he should try , the red cowl, and liked it. So he willed it, so it was. Looking at himself in the lakes reflection, he thought he might look better, hard to tell with all that fog and mist. But he felt better for trying and winked out Melissa's hiome once again. this time it was dark and he saw no one in the fron room. He waw a dim light coming from another part of the apartment, so he guietly went toward it. the door it led to, was open jusat a scant bit, enought for Death to see Melissa on her knees in front of the bed. He thought "prayng, perhaps she is." Opening the door...... "Hi, Im back, and Im all clear to listen to...." Death backed quickly out of the room as things began to fly toward him. he could hear her as she was coming out" w
Chapter 3
Chapter 3 Chris softly pulled Kim to him and kissed her shoulder. “Good evening little one” He whispered softly into her ear. She yawned and rubbed her eyes. “Did you sleep well?” Chris asked as he sat up, she did not answer him. “You know Kim; I know more about you than you think.” “Oh really now….well, I guess I know more about you too.” She said to be smartass. “Like what do you think you know about me?” “That you were an asshole, but now you’re a stalker and kidnapper as well.” She saw her words seem not to move him. “Does the name Raven Nightrain, mean anything to you?” Kim sat up at looked at him dead in the eyes. “That my mothers name, but where, how did you find that name?!” He smiled softly, and pushes some of his hair back. “She is, well was my fathers best friends’ wife, and you are his daughter. This also makes you my fiancé.” He said softly. Kim was in shock. She had never met her father, and when her mother was still alive, she could never remember a time
Chapter 13
Marrissa's soul may have been shriveling, but her strength and talent had grown. she had learned to lift things, toss them bout, make them disappear. she could temporarily inhabit a body, making it do all manner of things, while the owner of that body was aware of it and could do nothing. Her favorite thing to do was to inhabit an old friend or teacher at an important function and in the middle of a conversation say or do something totally outragious through the body. Farting out loud, belching, or just in general being a pest. Marrissa had also learned to go anywhere she wanted to in seconds. She enjoyed giving money to the poor, taking it from the rich, you know, kind of like a 21st century Robinhood ghost. While she did a lot of good things, like preventing robberiers of stores, purse snatching, or beating of innocent children and other victims, what she did was bad things to them, really horrible. Of course the horrible things she did, were mostly to people who deserved
Chapter 14
Marrissa materialized in the living room at the same time as the woman, pulling a blanket from the couch she threw it up and over the woman, who immediately fell down to her knees, keening and praying some kind of shit. After letting the woman babble a bit, she pushed her way into the body, stretched to get the feel , turning her " head" left and right looking for the telephone. " George, this is Dawn. Come get the kids now. I can't handle this shit on my own. In fact I can't handle anything anymore. All I want is my drugs, my money and my booze. Bring the papers with you, I'll sign em, really, no no no, not a joke, I am not gonna call the cops. Are you kidding? Im losing it here George. The house is haunted, my body is being possessed, my mind is gone, all I want to do is get rid of these damn brats and go find some z's. Now George, come now!" And with that Marrissa hung up the phone and settled down on the couch. " hey kids come in here now." Slowly the childr
Chapter 15
Marrissa had taken to visiting the hospital alot in between her good and bad deeds. The peacefullness of the place was a balm for her. A lot of people thought hospitals were noisy busy places, and of course for the living and surviving they are, but for the passing soul it is a quiet surreal kind of noise. Calming. Well for the most part. Every once in a while a soul fought passing, causing frenzy in the emergency rooms, when all was for aught anyway. The ones that Marrissa loved the most though were the stupid ones, the ones that she could convince that this was hell and they were never gonna leave the hospital for eternity. Boy those were good times. But for right now, Marrissa was just floating along looking for something to do, someone to connect with, some peace. Sometimes she thought of that handsome angel Satan, and wondered really just what that was gonna be like, probably give her a vibrator with no batteries and make her look at him all the time. Now that would b
Chapter 16 Oops
Death and Melissa had decided to make a list of all the places a lost soul might decide to visit, haunt, wait, whatever. The list was short as each of them had no experience on the subject. Melissa even called a medium that was advertised, to get advice. She was promptly told for a hundred dollars her whole life could be layed before her. When she tried to get answers about where abouts of a lost soul, the person hung up. So on the list they had compiled, was written 1. Graveyards 2. Churches 3. Hells gate 4. Heavens gate 5. Hospitals/clinics The list being so short had everything to do with ignorance and nothing to do with how to get started. Melissa looked over at Death, and found him staring at her. "What are you looking at? Dont do that, makes me think you wanna take me with you." Death was thinking exactly that, and didnt know why as he had no heart, or feelings or wasnt supposed to anyway. "Whats it like?" "Whats what like?" "Being alive, doing stu
Chapter 4
Chapter 4 Her heart fell as she stepped into the room. There were pictures of him and her mother everywhere. Pictures from many years ago were hanging on the wall, but the one picture that stood out the most was a family portrait. She stepped close to the portrait to see it better. “It’s you.” A voice said softly. “I know that’s me, but…” “It is the only family picture we have. Only I have a copy. Your mother refused to keep one. She said if you where to see it...” He paused. “You would start questioning her and she was going to have a hard time as is. She didn’t want the questions.” “You abandoned use!” “No! I did not. Kim I had no chose. If I had stayed with you two and tried to have a family with a human wife. I would have lost both of you!” “You did, the day you left.” “Kim, please don’t. It is bad enough I lost your mother, and when she died I wanted to come and take you here. I really did, but I promised your mother.” “My mother died and I was put through hell. Yeah da
Chapter 17 The Beginning
As Death contemplated about his inability to grow appendages, Melissa was organizing the "list", adding questions and notations. " Uhm Bob, can I ask you something?" " What?, Oh yes, anything." " How did this start, lets go back to the beginning and figure out how you went wrong. I think thats the only way we are gonna be able to get a head on this problem." "Ok. I have a book, it list the time and places I am supposed to be to greet the soul, take it to its appropriate place and go on to the next one." " I got that Bob, I want to know about that day." " That day listed Marrissa as a successful suicide, she was supposed to be in the room you were in. But Marrissa never made it to the hospital, and you were put in the room as an overdose, sent home and I followed your trail instead of hers." " My trail? Explain please." " Every soul leaves a trail of energy that can be followed. I know you know what I am talking about because everywhere on this Terra you hea
Chapter 18
Death wandered over to the Gate and of all the surprises he could have had this was a biggie. Manning the Gate was an Elder. Himself must really be serious this time. " Hello Death, I hope all is well with you. I havent been here in a long long time. I'm not sure you would even remember me. But I can see by your stunned appearance that you do." " Hello Elder Dagda. I never thought to see you here on Himself's plane. I thought you had all retired, to, well wherever it is you retired to." " Himself and We keep in touch. You know how it is with Gods and Goddess's, well perhaps you don't. I'm sorry, sometimes I forget. We never really had an angel of Death in our time. We had AAFea and Nemon but they werent really doing what you do. Then of course there was Morrigan, but he is a different sort. Anyway, Himself says go on in." Death entered the Gate but could not help but look back at Dagda. "Wow, what a presence" he thought. Now to find the right cloud. Lo
Chapter 19
The heavens were in an uproar. Herself and Himself not speaking, Peter had quit his job at the Pearly Gates, Satan had left for who knows where noone really knowing if he was serious about quitting. Death had said he quit. The Angel Chameul met outside with the Gods Dagda, Miach and Echne, the other Angels Aine, Dana and Anahita hovering nearby. " So now what? Is this our chance to take over again. Or do we help a brother Himself in need until this crisis is over. Any suggestions?" " I say we just love and support Himself and Herself, staffing where we can, and wait till they can work things out themselves. My concern is the souls that will be passing, do we really want to call back in Morrigan? I mean all that she is a Goddess, but she had a hard time giving up that power over war, life and death. We could ask her to limit herself to just death. Think she'd go for that?" " hmmm Perhaps, but what about the Gates to Heaven? Who could we get to do that? Maybe the Ang
Chapter 3
Chapter 20
The Elder Gods Miach and Echne appointed themselves, well really they volunteered themselves to approach Elder Goddess Morrigan to see if she might "man" the gates of hell. All of this depended on whether or not she would only do that, as she was known to like control of war and life also. Meanwhile the Angel Chamuel, who was given administrative authority over the meeting also took it upon himself to find someone who could be in charge of the Gates of Heaven. She was leaning towards Gabriel as she was the only female Angel in the upper management. Elder God Dagda went to visit Himself. The Elder Goddess Aine, Dana,and Aine's daughter Angel Anahita went for a walk having not been in this realm for a few eons. As they passed the Gates of Hell they saw Elder Goddess Morrigan in a fast and seemingly furious conversation with Elder God Miach. She was a glorious site with her sword and flames surrounding her. They waved at each other and went on their way. Peeking betw
Chapter 21
"What the hell is going on here. BOB!! Its been almost another year and this time you bring company! I dont get it. I worked on your problem for months, didnt hear from you, then I finally give up and you just blink on in without a thought and ....with company. Ugly company, well wait a minute. You," she points at Satan," I've seen you before. Your pretty cute. But who road all over your face? I mean come one, you should be the Devil or somthing, is that snot coming out of your nose? Ugh! Go wipe yourself or shower or better yet LEAVE!" Melissa was beside herself, and as usual when she was in a tither, she talked and talked incessantly. Death was used to this, it was something he loved about her, but the other two were new to this game. " Death, introduce us to your beautiful and sexy friend here, wont you. I remember "running" into you for a second, but we werent formally introduced." Satan bowed down and then looked pointedly at Death. "Melissa, Satan, and Orda.
Chapter 22
Melissa whirled on Death/Bob " how dare you chase someone from my house. this is not your place, and you cant tell people that they can or cant be here. You have no right! Besides he's kinda cute, might do me some good to get on his good side since you said most of us go to hell first anyway. By the way, what was that comment about you quitting? You quite your job? How can death quit? Does that mean that no one is going to die, and if they do who is going to your job. I mean wont there be even more lost souls wandering around?" "Melissa just what am I supposed to say? You know that I needed your help, but alot of things happened since the last time I saw you. I didn't quit, I threatened to after Himself told me I couldnt love you........" "What!!! What did you say? You loved me, you told that to Himself? To like the power dude. The one who controls all of this. And your not even supposed to talk to me in the first place. Great Pal, you just set my wheel back a couple
Chapter 1 - Dreams
Dreams As I lay in bed thinking of what my place in life is, the realization of the truth overcomes me. How can anyone choose who they become? You can have desires and goals in which you may achieve, but do those actions truly lead you down the right path? I feel everything that happens has a purpose; not always of our choosing however. Though, most times the true meanings are never revealed to us. As we watch our lives unfold before us questioning why, there is something inside that brings comfort to our souls. The key is to embrace this feeling rather than ponder on the immediate outcome; whether it’s good or bad. Our dreams are the stories told by our spirit and soul. Many times they seem unclear and without meaning, but the soul only speaks truth. Learning to study and understand that truth is the first step to self-enlightenment. It may come in our dreams or simply through those daily life experiences, but we must always keep our ears and hearts open. If you igno
Chapter Eight
EIGHT When I was in high school, being skinny was, for the most part, a very good thing, mainly because it afforded me escape options not available to those with a larger size and girth than I. Simply put; when being pursued by four football players that were much larger than me, I could fit through spaces they couldn’t, and thus avoid the ass-whipping. Running is not dishonorable when you know you can’t win. However, when walking armed patrols on the DMZ (De-Militarized Zone. I still haven’t figured out why it was called De-Militarized when the entire presence there was military) skinny wasn’t a good thing. Why? Because occasionally we’d come across a Spider-hole, which was the mouth of a small tunnel, generally dug by the North Koreans. When we found one of these someone was required to crawl into it, armed with only a .45 caliber pistol and a charge of explosives, usually C-4, go as far in as they could, set the explosives, and crawl out. Once out we’d detonate the charge and bri
Chapter 1
Chapter 1: I don't know how well this will pan out but I was playing Uno last night on Xbox with my friend Restr1ctive. And when me and him get togehter to play something happens. It feels like I'm talking with a friend who I've known my whole life. Even though me met on here a lil bit ago. Well anyways, last night we were playing and we were thinking that it would be great to make a lil book. Now this book is gonna be based on everything that we talk about on Uno. I know it sounds a bit weird but bear with me. If you like to laugh this might be for you. Now onto what we started to talk about. The first thing that we had encountered as we began to play our game is that someone else had joined in. Can't really remember what this person's name was but I know it had Lord in the beginning so we will call him Lord. As we were playing we noticed that Lord was a lil kid, about the age of 12. Now like all kids they always have their friends over. Well on this particular occasion, it was
Chapter 2
Welcome back. I am here to continue talking about what me and my friend, Restr1ctive talk about on Xbox Uno. Last time I talked about two lil boys kissing. This time I'm going a lil further than that. Everytime I seem to get on this game with my good friend, he always brings up this one time he was playing in the afternoon. He said that he was bored so he decided to play a game of Uno on Xbox. As he was joining a game, he noticed that two others had cams on them. It's nice to have cams nowadays. It's cool to see who you are playing the games with and talking with. Almost feels like you are there with him playing these games. But this day was horrendous for my friend. And I feel he has been scarred for life. Now as I had said previously I don't care what your sexual orientation is, that is your preference. But for my friend, ths day had significantly scarred his brain. As he looks up at the tv screen to play his game with what he thought were two guys playing Uno, he actually noticed
Chapter 3
Suck and Blow! Well what all can I say about it. It's kind of self-explanatory. We were laughing so much about this I could not breathe. Ok, let me set the scenery. Here I am with three guys: restr1ctive, Zion and Masterasteroid. Now during this evening of talking with these guys, I found out a lot about what people think. Now suck and blow. It's exactly what is means. We were talking about some pretty sexually related things. So take it as you may, but all us women suck and blow! Until next time, Ciao!
Chapter 4 Of What I Learn On Xbox Uno.
Ok so now you are getting the just of our night. We play uno until the wee hours of the morning and just bullshit about everyday life. Well the sexual part of everyday life. If you haven't noticed, there is one thing that is consistant, when we play Uno on Xbox Live, there are some good times going on. Especially when you have the sense of humor we do. Now we are playing Uno, and in the midst of our game, I dropped the controller. Mainly because I was laughing so hard. And just as I dropped it, i yelled out, "Omg, I dropped it!" Everyone started laughing so hard that I dropped it again. I mean come on. Yoou can't see the other person who is talking and your mind is in the gutter and you hear omg I dropped it....what else would you think....I know It's funny as hell.....we thought that too. Until next time Ciao!
Chapter 5 Of What I Learned On Xbox Uno
Ok I don't know where this came of the guys just said it and all we could do is laugh.... Remember, it's never too big for the head. Hmm. I know I know you are probably wondering what we were talking about when someone said this. To tell you the truth I have no idea. But isn't it funny. I mean just think of the possibilities this saying could uphold. LOL. Got you thinking, now didn't I? Until next time, Ciao!
Chapter 6 Of What I Learned On Xbox Uno...
So now I guess you are wondering what all we talk about during this simple family game of Uno. Well there are lots that we talk about...For example, the next one we talked about was deep breaths. Now I'm sure you are pondering what the hell we were talking about when it comes to the words "deep breathes"... Honestly, I was laughing so hard to what we were all talking about, and being that I'm a smoker, it all caught up with me. It felt as if I was in the middle of a heart attack. I could not breathe to save my life.... what an oxymoron that is. Ha. I was also coughing so harsh that I had some nasty flem come up from the back of my throat...but I will leave on that note because there is a chapter on that as well... just keep reading and you'll see. Until next time, Ciao!
Chapter 7 Of What I Learned On Xbox Uno
Now that you can see we are a few of the worlds gutter-headed people, I'm sure you can imagine what else we were saying, thinking and laughing at. Well this next one is a doosey. Ok so now I have told you about all of the people we were playing this game with. There's me, Restr1ctive, Zion and Masterasteroid (aka M.A.). So as you all know the four of us were playing Uno on Xbox Live. We were all talking about different stuff, you know how people are on there and what all we've encountered playing the game with other people. So far, as you can tell, all of our minds are in the gutter. Not really sure what led up to this next one but Zion has an infactuation with chicks who snore while they sleep. Now, I know you're probably thinking, Oh My Goddness. What is with these people? LOL, I'm sure you have no idea. Well, we were talking about "stuff" and Zion, who was in his own lil world, just came out of no where and said, yes especially if they snore. "OMG! What did he just say", I thou
Chapter 8 On What I Learned On Xbox Uno.
Being Pwoned "Hey, I have a question. What does this word mean P-W-O-N-E-D?", says Restr1ctive. "What the hell is that?", I asked. He replies, "Some people say it as if they own you..." "Huh?", I asked earnestly. "You know, like being owned." Okay. Now I know you're giving us some weird looks. But it's funny as hell. Some people according to Restr1ctive have actually used this word in that sense. So, anytime someone had laid a Draw Four Wild down they always said "Oh Damn! You've just been pwoned!" Until next time, Ciao!
Chapter 9 On What I Learned On Xbox Uno.
Being pwoned often. Lol, now if you have ever played Uno, then you know there are Draw Four Wilds throughout the whole deck. Well being pwoned in this game is basically laying this card downa nd making that person pick up cards. Now if they challenge it on this game, and you lose the challenge you will have to pick up two more cards....Now when someone has a lot of cards in their hand to begin with 6 more cards is a lot. I mean you can't even hold those amount of cards in your hands in real life and on a tv screen it just starts piling up on one side of the screen. When it comes to the color that is being played it scrolls through your cards to find the color..... Now just ask Restr1ctive on this one, I was pwoning him...and extremely often. Until next time, Ciao!
Chapter 10 On What I Learned On Xbox Uno
How our night started out was I invited Restr1ctive to a game of Uno on my Xbox Live. He entered the game and we started playing. At first with the two young boys kissing and the convesations we got ourselves into... When some of the stuff we were saying were coming out of our mouths all we could do was laugh... then Restr1ctive got the idea of writing to the Penthouse Forum. And it starts like this... "Dear Penthouse Forum, I don't know what all to say about this but I'm very disturbed by what I saw today. I involved myself in a small game of Uno On Xbox Live with a very good friend of mine. You can have up to four players in a given game. The next thing I know someone else had joined, it was two young boys by the age of 12. And what they did next astonished me. They started kissing....I am scarred for life on this. How can I get this image out of my head? "Dear Penthouse Forum, And then she cleared her throat... "Dear Penthouse Foru
Chapter 11 On What I Learned On Xbox Uno
This next one is way out in left field. To tell you the truth, Zion was the one who came up with this one. As soon as he said it I was dying of laughter. And the thing is he didn't even elaborate on it. Turning the remote vibrator up to maximum volume. Now I know the girls are like "Wooohoooo! That's what I'm talking about." I'm sorry but I will have to agree on that. Nothing is better than having a B.O.B. (battery operated boyfriend for those of you who don't know what it is) I mean come on, they don't talk back, they don't bark orders, and they don't tell you how to live your life. Now that's one boyfriend I'll never get rid of. Ok, ok I'm sorry for all you guys who I have offended. I know for a fact that there are plenty of great guys out there. I for one should know, I've met quite an abundance of different people through my life. But there is one thing I will say, guys don't be afraid to use the remote control vibrator. It can spice things up to a
Chapter 12 On What I Learned On Xbox Uno
Ok this next one just makes fun of myself. I love laughing and I love making other people laugh. In fact last night I told Restr1ctive last night that we should take this on the! What fun I would have. There is one thing that I love doing sing I was a lil girl and that is singing. I love singing, I've always dreamed of being a singer in a rock band. I love music. It's a great way of letting people know how you feel about things and way to voice your opinions without having to hurt someone or something else. So I always have music on. it keeps me calm and comfortable. And when I'm comfortable with people I will sing around them. The only thing is when they focus on me singing I get self-conscious. So last night here I am playing Xbox Uno with them and I have my laptop sitting right next to me with music playing. And I have my own play list on and I'm getting into some of the songs. I start to sing and then everyone else shuts up. So I stopped singing and yelled at them. The
Chapter 13 On What I Learned On Xbox Uno
This one goes along with the who it's never to big for the head. After this was said it got me thinking. For what you may ask, well for a nice come back of course. And being that our minds were in the gutter that night, the only thing that came to my mind was " as long as the head doesn't spit" LOL! Go ahead laugh out loud. We did. And we laughed at that one for a good few minutes straight. I know I know. I crack myself up sometimes. What can I say I'm a regular comedian. You can thanks my step-father for that. I learn from the best. Well keep this one in mind because it goes along with some more to come. Until next time, Ciao!
Chapter 14 On What I Learned From
I am the one who sucks. Yes, I have discovered that when playing with three other guys, I am the one who sucks. That's ok. I don't mind. I know my place. Besides if I don't who would. I mean I don't expect a guy to suck. Oh yeah and another thing, I suck and I'm fucking good at it. *Smirks* Until next time, Ciao!
Chapter 15 On What I Learned On Xbox Uno
Last chapter we talked about how I suck. Well yes. that is the truth. I won't put myself down because I like the dick. Well this chapter focuses on how I still suck. When we were playing the simple game of uno, anytime someone would play a card that I didn't like, I would say that they suck. But, alas, everytime I was corrected and they told me that I'm the one that sucks. Well I can't disagree with them. I do. LOL. But what am I to say to that? You guys lick? Come on, that doesn't sound right. But I wish more of you guys would. Just about every guy I dated doesn't go down on a girl. So needless to say I am unexperienced in this field. I've done lots of things in my lifetime. I've tried a lot of things, but there has only been one or two guys that really loved to go down on a girl. Now come on men. I know for sure there are a lot of you out there. Where the hell are you? I know you don't live in the western part of PA, because I've lived here most of my life and well you are scar
Chapter 16 On What I Learned On Xbox Uno
I make enough noise for the four of us. Yes I said that. And it's probably true. You see there were four of us playing, and the other three were guys. Now we got on this subject because Restr1ctive had mentioned that he had some complaints from some girls about how he is quiet while having sex. Most guys are, but don't fret girls, they love it just the same. I on the other hand, I make a lot of noise if it feels good. Hell yeah and I'm not afraid to say it either. I'm a very vocal person. Singing in the shower or in bed. So if you ever hear someone shouting "OMG, yeah right there!", then it's me....No matter where you are. I have a big mouth and I'm not afraid to show it off. So get ready big guys...Make sure you bring your ear plugs.... Until next time, Ciao!
Chapter 17 On What I Learned On Xbox Uno
I had it on the tip of my tongue. Yes I'm sure you're thinking omg here we go again. Well to tell you the truth, it's exactly how it sounds. When we were playing our small family game of Uno, we were coming up with ideas on what I could blog about. Well during this time, I was coming up with some good ideas, but in the midst of all this chaos, I kept forgetting what it was I was trying to think of. I hate when this happens. I associate this as "brain farts". But I'm sure you're bored with what I have to say about that...let's talk about what I could have had on the tip of my tongue... Hm, let me think.. a head... cum... gum... tic tacs... a nipple... a finger... let eh possibilities be endless... what do you think I should have on the tip of my tongue? Until next time, Ciao!
Chapter 18 On What I Learned On Xbox Uno
I don't know if I told you but when playing these kinds of games, if you have a certain cam made for the Xbox console, then you can show yourself just like on a computer cam. Now, I don't have one of these per say, but one of our esteemed friends, Zion, had one. He seems like a good person, very funny and loves to engage in some good conversation. Well while he was talking with us during our game, he was making some good hand motions. Yes I said it hand motions. And I'm sure the only thing that comes to your mind is the one and only "up and down"...well you're right. It just seems he was obsessed with this hand motion. That's ok hunny, there are a lot of guys who I'm sure has had a problem with carpal tunnel due to the Penthouse mag. LOL! So what other hand motions could be taken as sexual oriented? Can you think of some...I'm sure you them and we'll talk about it in one of our later editions of "What I learned on Xbox Uno". Until next time, Ciao!
Chapter 19 On What I Learned On Xbox Uno
Clearing my throat and making room. Let me elaborate on this subject. I am tom-boy kind of girl. I love outdoors and I love just acting like myself. Well when I drink certain kinds of carbonated beverages, I get the burps. And I mean they can be loud but they can also be very small. Well, as we were laughing our asses off i kept getting flem stuck in the back of my throat. Sometimes when I laugh so hard, I can't breathe flem moves around and goes down the wrong pipe. I was choking quite a bit that night. Almost sounding like I was being choked by a dick in the mouth. LOL! As far as making room, well that night I had eaten cheeseburgers, fries and mac and cheese. Well we had made two cheeseburgers each. After eating a bowl of mac and cheese and all my steak fries, I had eaten one cheeseburger. There was no way that I could eat the other burger. So after I had eaten I kept drinking my soda. What was funny was that every burp tasted like my cheeseburger. And every burp I had w
Chapter 20 On What I Learned On Xbox Uno
Press start, move down 5 then press a.. If you can figure this one out let me know... Ciao!
An old cowhand came riding into town on a hot, dry, dusty day. The local sheriff watched from his chair in front of the saloon as the cowboy wearily dismounted and tied his horse to the rail. The cowboy then moved slowly to the back of his horse, lifted its tail, and placed a big kiss where the sun don't shine. He dropped the horse's tail, stepped up on the walk and aimed toward the swinging doors of the saloon. "Hold on there, Mister," said the sheriff. "Did I just see what I think I saw?" "Reckon you did, Sheriff. I got me some powerful chapped lips." "And that cures them?" the Sheriff asked. "Nope, but it keeps me from lick'en 'em."
Chapter 1: A Most Heinous Crime
On the afternoon of 6 May 1993, West Memphis was rocked by the news of the discovery of the mutilated bodies of three eight-year-old boys. Rumours regarding the nature of the murders spread like wildfire through the town. It was soon well known that the boys had been cut with a knife, raped and at least one of the boy’s genitals had been cut, many of these rumours were based on inaccurate police assumptions. By 12.00 p.m. the next day, police were questioning their first suspect, Damien Echols. Several weeks later Jessie Misskelley, an associate of Echols, confessed to the murders, implicating Damien Echols and another friend, Jason Baldwin. Soon after, following a confession by Misskelley, the three teenagers were arrested and charged with the murders of James M. Moore, Steven E. Branch and Christopher M. Byers. The citizens of West Memphis were relieved that the monsters that had committed these heinous crimes had been apprehended and justice would be served. There was a great dea
Chapter 2: The Victims
According to the families of the three boys, they were last seen together between 5:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. on the evening of 5 May 1993. The three boys had finished school for the day at Weaver Elementary School at 3:00 p.m. Steven Branch went home but left shortly afterwards, according to his mother Pam Hobbs. Christopher Byers’s step-father, John Mark Byers, arrived home at 3:10 p.m. but Christopher was not there, his brother Ryan arrived home at 3:30 p.m. Chris did not have a key to the house and was expected to wait outside until Ryan arrived to let him in. John Mark Byers drove Ryan to the courthouse for a 4:00 p.m. appointment. After dropping Ryan he drove to pick up his wife, Melissa Byers from work. They both arrived back at their home at 5:20 p.m. to find that Chris was not at home, although there was evidence that he had been there. Soon after, John Mark Byers left home to pick up Ryan, but on the way he found Christopher riding a skateboard. He took Christopher home where
Chapter 3: A Grisly Discovery
The next day began early for John Mark Byers. At 6:30 a.m. he called Denver Reed and arranged to meet him at 8:00 a.m. In the meantime, the search resumed in the Robin Hood Hills area, with Terry Hobbs, Diana Moore, Byers and a number of others. After meeting with Reed, another search was conducted until 1:45 p.m. when Sergeant Mike Allen found the first body of the missing boys. Although his unsigned report doesn’t state the exact location of the discovery, it implies that the body was found in a creek. An hour later, the body was removed from the creek by police officers. Shortly after, the second body was found, 25 feet away to the south, by Detective Bryn Ridge, then the third a further 5 feet away. Twenty minutes after the third body was located. WMPD contacted Crittenden County Coroner, Ken Hale. He was informed that the bodies were found near the Blue Beacon Truck Wash. By the time he arrived, all three bodies had been removed from the creek (or drainage ditch) by police off
Chapter 4: Prime Suspect
The day after the boys’ bodies were discovered, Lieutenant James Sudbury, of the West Memphis Police Department, contacted Steve Jones, a Juvenile Officer for Crittenden County, Arkansas. During their conversation, Sudbury and Jones expressed their shared belief that the murders had strong overtones of a cultic sacrifice. Jones then informed Sudbury that there was one person he knew of that was involved in cult activities who could be capable of committing such a crime. He named Damien Echols. They agreed to meet at Damien Echols’s residence to interview Damien. At 12:00 p.m. on Friday 7 May 1993, Sudbury and Jones arrived at 2706 South Grove in Broadway Trailer Park in West Memphis, Arkansas, where Echols lived. They talked briefly with Damien’s mother, Pamela Hutcheson, and father, Eddie Hutcheson and gained their permission to interview Damien. They conducted this initial interview in Damien’s bedroom. At that time, Lieutenant Sudbury took a Polaroid photograph of Damien Echols a
Chapter 5: Witness
Certain that they had their prime suspect, police would focus their investigation toward looking for evidence which would enable them to arrest Damien Echols. Any known associates of Damien were questioned. Both Damien and close friend Jason Baldwin received many visits from police who would often park nearby at night in the hope that such intimidation would break them. On 6 May 1993, the day the bodies were discovered, WMPD received a call from Don Bray at the Marion County Police Department to inform them that a young boy was there who claimed to know something about the murders. Aaron Hutcheson had been at the police department with his mother Vicky Hutcheson when he had told Bray that the boys had been "at the playhouse." WMPD officers told Bray that the location was near where the boys were found. However, no playhouse was found when the police took Aaron to the crime scene. Later Aaron claimed that he had actually witnessed the murders, claiming first that he had seen men in t
Chapter 6: Confession
Jessie Misskelley was brought in to WMPD for questioning on 3 June 1993. During the course of his interrogation, which lasted for several hours, Jessie was given a lie detector test and the police succeeded in securing a confession from Jessie of his own part in the murders of the three boys. He named Jason Baldwin and Damien Echols as his accomplices. According to Jessie’s defense attorney, Daniel Stidham, Jessie claims that he and his friends were first approached by the police and offered a reward for information about the murders. Jessie was later taken into WMPD for questioning despite the fact that they did not have a written waiver of his Miranda Rights signed by Jessie’s father, a legal requirement when police interview minors. Normally this breach of a minor’s constitutional rights would be sufficient to have the subsequent confession quashed. For some reason in this case Judge Burnett chose to allow it. In his confession, Jessie claimed that Jason Baldwin telephoned him
Chapter 7: Evidence
When WMPD officers arrested Damien and Jason they took with them warrants to search their homes. From Jason Baldwin’s home police seized a red robe which belonged to his mother, fifteen black t-shirts and a white t-shirt. From Damien’s they seized two notebooks which appeared to have Satanic or cult writings in them, a red t-shirt, blue jeans, and a pair of boots. After divers searched an area of a lake behind Baldwin’s house, a knife was recovered. A witness from the State Crime Laboratory testified that she found fibers on the victims’ clothing which were microscopically similar to four fibers found in Jason and Damien’s homes. None were found in Jessie’s. A red fiber found on Jason’s mother’s robe was microscopically similar to fibers from James Moore’s shirt. A green polyester fiber on James’s cap was of a similar structure to those found on a blue cotton-polyester shirt, belonging to a child relative, found in Damien’s home. Fibers from this same shirt also matched with one
Chapter 8: Questionable
With almost no evidence to link Jason, Damien and Jessie to the murder scene or the victims, apart from Jessie’s questionable confession, police continued to interrogate any acquaintances of the three teenagers they could find. Of all the people interviewed none could testify to having seen Damien, Jason and Jessie together at any time in the past. This hole was soon filled by Jerry Driver who testified under oath that he had once seen Damien, Jason and Jessie walking together wearing long black robes and carrying staffs. During the trial this may have been convincing testimony for the jury but in light of Driver’s own admission that he had often interrogated Damien for unsolved crimes in the area over the previous twelve months, its credibility is highly questionable. The fact that Driver faced embezzlement charges in 1997 and resigned from the probation office further diminishes his credibility. To place Damien and Jason at the scene of the crime, police were able to find three wi
Chapter 9: "cop Cult"
In order to prove pre-meditation and motive for Jason and Damien’s trial, the State called on the testimony of Dr. Dale Griffis. Griffis had received his doctorate from Columbia Pacific University in 1984 after studying by correspondence for four years. Since that time he had proclaimed himself as a "Cult-Cop" and gave lectures and seminars on the dangers of adolescent involvement in Satanic activities. It is difficult to determine his qualification for the term "expert," as according to the F.B.I there is very little evidence to substantiate stories about Satanic ritual murders in the United States. It seems that Judge Burnett, while questioning the validity of the discipline of social psychology as studied by Dr. Ofshe, did not have any problems with the rather dubious credentials of Dr. Griffis and allowed his testimony to be admitted. The basis of Dr. Griffis’s testimony was that the crime scene "Bore the trappings of occultism." In his opinion, the most salient points in this c
Chapter 10: Other Suspects
Despite the WMPD’s focus on Damien as their prime suspect there were other possibilities which were not thoroughly investigated, a situation which could easily lead to the assumption that police chose to ignore any evidence which directed the investigation away from Damien Echols. On the night of the murders, at 8:42 p.m., the police received a call from Marty King, the manager of the Mr. Bojangles Restaurant near Robin Hood Hills. He reported that a black man "dazed and covered with blood and mud" had been in the women’s restroom for about an hour. Officer Regan Meek followed up the call by driving up to the drive-through window. She testified later that she had not gone inside as the restaurant was out of her ward. She also agreed that it had been near to the area where the boys were last seen. After the boys were found, police followed up on this report and took blood samples from the toilets. These samples however were mysteriously lost and no results are known. This incident be
Chapter 11: New Evidence
Prior to Jessie’s trial, Daniel Stidham had asked WMPD officers whether a criminal profile had been made on this case. He was told that none had been done. After the trial, he learned that the officers had lied to him. The FBI had presented the WMPD with a cursory profile in the form of a survey to be conducted to trace any Vietnam veterans in the area at the time of the murders. This determination was made solely on the nature of the injuries to Christopher Byers’s genitals as the FBI had not received all of the crime scene reports normally required for an in-depth criminal profile. All efforts by Stidham to procure the services of a reputable and qualified Criminal Profiler before the trials were fruitless due to the lack of resources available. It was not until after the three young men had been convicted and sentenced that he was able to secure the services of Brent Turvey, who agreed to take the case pro-bono. Brent Turvey has a Master of Science degree and is a highly qualifie
Chapter 12: Epilogue
The situation today in the West Memphis Three case is that three young men have been in prison for six years. One of the them faces death. The evidence in the case is not strong enough to support a guilty verdict, yet all of their attempts to have their case re-tried have failed. It begs the question how can this happen? Isn’t the legal system designed to protect the innocent? How can it all go so terribly wrong? The problem is much easier to identify than the solution. The problems with this case began from the moment the bodies were first discovered. Lack of experience and professionalism on the part of police at the crime scene meant that it was not properly protected and vital evidence was either destroyed or not collected at all. The failure to keep the sticks which held the boys clothing down in the creek is a prime example of this. The removal of the bodies from the creek before the medical examiner had arrived meant that more vital information was lost. The same lack of e
Chapter 13: Updates
UPDATES MAY 1999 TO JANUARY 2001 According to a news item on the website, John Mark Byers, the stepfather of victim Christopher Byers was imprisoned after having his parole revoked for attempting to sell drugs to an undercover police officer in Jonesboro, Arkansas. The hearing was held on May 26, 1999 in Sharp County where he was found guilty of violating the conditions of his parole and sentenced to serve 96 months in the Department of Corrections facility at Pine Bluff, Arkansas. On March 31, 2000, the Arkansas Times reported that Edward Mallett, counsel representing Damien Echols, had accused Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee of making false statements regarding his clients’ case. Mallett told the paper that a false statement regarding DNA evidence in the case was made via an e-mail issued from the Governors’ office. The message was sent in response to one of the many hundreds of e-mails sent to the governor's website after the repeated airing of Paradise Lost: Rev
Chapter 14: Bibliography
Transcripts: Edward Mallettí's post Rule 37 hearing argument, which he submitted to Judge Burnett in the Circuit Court of Craighead County, Arkansas, No. CR93450 & 450A, State of Arkansas – Plaintiff/Respondent vs Damien Wayne Echols – Defendant/Petitioner Post Rule 37 Hearing argument Brent Davis' post Rule 37 hearing brief, which he submitted to Judge Burnett, in the Circuit Court of Craighead County, Arkansas, No. CR 93450 & 450A Damien Echols – Petitioner vs State of Arkansas – Respondent Respondent's Post-hearing Brief Judge David Burnett's 6 page Rule 37 order in the Circuit Court of Craighead County Western District No. CR 93450 & 450A State of Arkansas – Plaintiff vs Damien Echols – Defendant Order Detective Mike Allen's report on his interview with a book store owner about Damien Echols's book buying habits Document, written, but unsigned by Detective Sgt. Mike Allen of the WMPD dated 12/31/93. Transcript of signed statement of Lt. James Sudbury of the WMPD regard
Chapter 15: Fiona Steel, The Author
Fiona Steel is a former marketing and business administrator whose writing talents include writing top-selling, marketing and training video scripts for international companies as well as writing training manuals on business skills and computer software. With a teaching and psychology background, Fiona developed an interest in crime writing from the perspective of the psychological aspects of the criminal mind. Her particular interest is the woman’s involvement in criminal matters, both victim and perpetrator. Fiona lives in Queensland, Australia with her writer husband and three children.
Chapter 12 Reconciliation
Chapter 12 Reconciliation The wake had went well and the joy that was Phil was remembered and felt by all. Not long after the funeral, May Tanner decided to move. Faith moved in with her boyfriend and May sold the house and moved into a condo. Kent was back on the ludes again, so my circle of associates was low and that was how I liked it. Jane and I went out a couple of times, just as friends, but our different circles drew us in different directions. I pretty much drifted from class to class, putting forth only the effort needed to get by and no more. Many things no longer made sense to me. It was one afternoon, about two weeks after Phil died, that Lauren approached me in the smoking pit. “Uh, Brad?” I looked up at her. She looked nervous and uncertain. I flicked down my spent cigarette and leaned back against the wall, arms crossed on my chest. “Well?” She swallowed hard, “Well, I just wanted to tell you how sorry I was to hear about Phil. I know how clo
Chapter One
Well, to start off with I'm not too sure on what I'm going to be doing. I have seemed to have fallen into this depression that I'm trying to pull myself out of. I am happy and satisfied with where I am living at right now. I love being with my Sister's. They have helped me sooo much. You couldn't ask for a better family than the one I have. They have protected me, and have supported me in everything and every decision that I have made. I love you, Kristie and Tera. You are the greatest sisters ever. The thing is is that I'm debating on going back to my husband or not. He really wants me to come back home, but I'm not sure on what to do. I do want to go back, and I really want to work my marriage out. I love and care for my husband an awful lot. I have let a few things get in between our marriage just as he has done some things that's broke the marriage up, also. Both of us realize now what it is that we need to do to work this out, and we are both willing to do it.
Chapter 13
Chapter 13 Different Strokes Lauren and I got along famously after that day. I drove her to school in the mornings and brought her home at night. One a couple afternoons we went to the park and walked through the woods. The physical aspect of our relationship stayed at necking and that was how I wanted it for now, even though she had intimated that she was open to more. In time, the prejudiced friends she had left behind were a faded memory and she had fit into a new, more tolerant group. Not actually metalheads, but more acceptant than the girls she left behind. They helped her to make the transition from the rigid, judgmental group to a more casual, leisurely clique. And Lauren was actually starting to enjoy it. Finally, the night of the dance arrived. After I dropped Lauren off at her house, I raced home to get ready. I wanted everything to be perfect. I had seen and spoken to Lauren’s parents in passing, but I knew that tonight would entail the obligatory ‘conver
Chaplain's Manual Entry On Wicca
This is perphaps the best non-pagan description of wicca I have ever seen. And would recommend it as lititure to be shown to any non-pagan (esp. family members) questioning what wicca is. While is is a little out-dated in reference to it's focus on Covens rather than solitaries, It is an excellent Primer. The "Chaplain's Manual Entry on Wicca" I would like to pass on for those of you interested, the text from the USAF military chaplain's handbook pertaining to Wicca. Excerpt from the Military Chaplains' Handbook... (pgs 231-236) [page headers read "Wicca; Witchcraft" on odd numbered pages, "Religious Requirements and Practices" on even numbered pages.] _______________________________________________________________________ WICCA ADDRESS: No central address. Wiccan worship groups, called covens, are essentially autonomous. Many, but far from all, have affiliated with: Covenant of the Goddess P.O. Box 1226 Berkeley, CA 94704 OTHER NAMES BY WHICH KNOWN: Witchcraft; Go
Chapter Two
Well, I spoke to my husband and there is a place for me to go to when I get to Eugene. I have decided to go ahead and go, so that I can try to work thinks out with my husband. I feel that it's only fair, because he is doing what is needed on his end. I am now waiting for a call from my friend that is suppose to be picking me up to take me down there. If he doesn't take me then I have a ride down on Monday. So, I'm most likely going to be gone by Monday at the latest. I do want everyone to know that I'm not going to have my comp with me, so I'll get on as much as I can until I do get my comp with me. I'll have to go to the library, or to a friends house in order to get on. I'm really looking forward to getting back with my husband. I miss him very much, and have been wanting to get back to him for a while. Anyways, there is a party going on here tonight so I am going to go and have some fun with Baby Sis before I leave. Thanks for taking the time to sit and read m
Chapter Three
Well, my friend finally called me and he isn't sure if he is going to be going South tonight. So, if he doesn't then I'm catching the VA Van tomorrow afternoon to go. I am looking forward to working my marriage out, and I love and have missed my husband an awful lot since if been gone. I want to thank my sister's very much for all their help and support that they gave me. I am going to miss them dearly. I'm upset about leaving, because I already miss them. They have been a lifesaver for me. What I love the most about them is that they aren't being judgemental towards me at all. They stand behind me no matter what decision I make. I love you Kristie and Tera. I'm gonna miss you an awful lot. Anyways, I want all of you to know that I'm going to get on as much as I can in order to chat with all of you. I love all of my friends that I have met on here, and I hope that all of you are still here when I get back. I hope that all of you have a good week, and I look forward t
Chapter 14 Reflections On A Lifestyle
Chapter 14 Reflections on a Lifestyle The end of May came and, with it, the end of school. This time, when Q-96 played Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out”, I could believe it. Lauren and I were at the Overlook as the song played, watching the sunset on the water, tossing rocks over the cliff’s edge. We had been seeing each other regularly for a little under two months and the charm hadn’t seemed to wear off yet. We had settled into a life that combined the best aspects of my metal existence with her high society life. Lauren had finally convinced me it was alright for us to make love and, though she had been a virgin, she proved to be one of the most sexually exciting, experimentive girls I had ever known. Thought the age of safe sex was still years in the future, I cared enough about Lauren and myself, that I took precautions. Lauren curled in my lap and began tracing circles on my chest. “Like the man says, ‘School’s out, completely!’ What happens now?” “Summer.” I s
Chapter 1 - Beginning
Most days you wake up knowing your life has purpose, some days you get through soley on hope and other days you haven't a clue nor reason for your existence save the skin you're in and the sensations you feel, the joyful and sometimes morbid thoughts that pervade your mind, until the end of the day when epiphome stikes you like lightening. Somehow incidents throughout the day contibute to this enlightenment but as they happen they seem to be not much more than a moment in time; a moment you are unlikely to forget for all time. Today is the beginning of those events. A day when visions and sightings; feelings and intuition proposition your mind yet seem meaningless at the time; but, come to light in a chain of events that only tomorrow can reveal. You awake, stroking the hair back from your face, feeling that timeless urge for sex but realizing you are alone, you touch yourself for memories sake as if to say "I rememer you" or " alright,you're still there." Your pussy answers with t
Chapter 1: Pushing The Button
When my mother was a first-grade substitute teacher, she found a little boy and girl behind the piano, naked, fondling one another. How the little rabbits got to third base while under my mother’s hawk-like gaze mystifies me. Even as a precocious teenager, I was seldom this fortunate. If only I'd known the piano was for varied kinds of music-making. Growing up on a farm and ranch in the middle of Dakota territory, I was relatively unsupervised--except for all things sexual. A surreptitious rub would earn me a dirty stare. Though all the farm animals were free-loving creatures, human sexuality was taboo. I knew very little about sex, and the information I had was about as accurate as leaflets dropped over war-torn countries. I knew nothing about female genitalia save for the fact that it felt good to touch between my legs. I knew little more about boys—what was this flap of flesh? I had seen my brother piss his name in the snow, and I felt a bit jealous; later, I tried
Chapter 2: Oh, Ken!
A friend who worked at a daycare told me about a little girl who would pleasure herself with crayons. I never inquired about the details—I’ve no idea if she tried to make her pink a little pinker or if she just made a holy mess out of her pants (“Suzie! I told you not to fuck the BLACK crayons!)—but the story fascinated me. I cannot recall any erotic encounters with Magenta or Burnt Sienna, but I do recall my Barbie dolls being a bit frisky. My Barbie collection was scant—it consisted of identical twin Barbies, identical twin Skippers, and a lone Ken doll. Because of the gender imbalance in my toy collection and the impression that none of the women wanted to date stuffed animals, Ken had an active sex life. The Barbies and the Skippers would go on dates with him individually or sometimes as a fivesome, where the women had to share him. At the end of the date, the women would seductively slip off their plastic stiletto heels and tight jean jackets. Ken would stroke his helme
Chapter -2
Chapter 2 (More Stirrings in the Night) (if you didn't read the Prologue and chapter 1, you'll be lost.) Arriving home for you, is about as exciting as running into an ex, you don't want to be there but there are things you need to do here. Freeing yourself of all clothing you begin making your dinner. A few lucid sexual thoughts invade your mind making you wet and the occasional fondling of your creamable hole adds to the growing tension and need for release but you promise yourself 'later', when you have more time to be totally attentive to those thoughts. You sit at the table, looking out the window and across at the park, a view that extends over treetops into the vastness of the woods. Your eye catches a small clearing, a space devoid of trees and wonder why you hadn't noticed it before. You finish eating trying to erase the thought but somehow you feel lured to this spot, like a moth to flame, erotic and sensual feelings drown your emotional responses. Thats it! You have to g
Chapter 25 { The Invisibel Man
XXV. THE HUNTING OF THE INVISIBLE MAN For a space Kemp was too inarticulate to make Adye understand the swift things that had just happened. They stood on the landing, Kemp speaking swiftly, the grotesque swathings of Griffin still on his arm. But presently Adye began to grasp something of the situation. "He is mad," said Kemp; "inhuman. He is pure selfishness. He thinks of nothing but his own advantage, his own safety. I have listened to such a story this morning of brutal self-seeking! He has wounded men. He will kill them unless we can prevent him. He will create a panic. Nothing can stop him. He is going out now -- furious!" "He must be caught," said Adye. "That is certain." "But how?" cried Kemp, and suddenly became full of ideas. "You must begin at once. You must set every available man to work. You must prevent his leaving this district. Once he gets away, he may go through the countryside as he wills, killing and maiming. He dreams of a reign of terror! A reign of
Chapter 26 { The Invisibel Man
XXVI. THE WICKSTEED MURDER The Invisible Man seems to have rushed out of Kemp's house in a state of blind fury. A little child playing near Kemp's gateway was violently caught up and thrown aside, so that its ankle was broken, and thereafter for some hours the Invisible Man passed out of human perceptions. No one knows where he went nor what he did. But one can imagine him hurrying through the hot June forenoon, up the hill and on to the open downland behind Port Burdock, raging and despairing at his intolerable fate, and sheltering at last, heated and weary, amid the thickets of Hintondean, to piece together again his shattered schemes against his species. That seems to most probable refuge for him, for there it was he re-asserted himself in a grimly tragical manner about two in the afternoon. One wonders what his state of mind may have been during that time, and what plans he devised. No doubt he was almost ecstatically exasperated by Kemp's treachery, and though we may be able
Chapter 27 { The Invisibel Man
XXVII. THE SIEGE OF KEMP'S HOUSE Kemp read a strange missive, written in pencil on a greasy sheet of paper. "You have been amazingly energetic and clever," this letter ran, "though what you stand to gain by it I cannot imagine. You are against me. For a whole day you have chased me; you have tried to rob me of a night's rest. But I have had food in spite of you, I have slept in spite of you, and the game is only beginning. The game is only beginning. There is nothing for it, but to start the Terror. This announces the first day of the Terror. Port Burdock is no longer under the Queen, tell your Colonel of Police, and the rest of them; it is under me -- the Terror! This is day one of year one of the new epoch, -- the Epoch of the Invisible Man. I am Invisible Man the First. To begin with the rule will be easy. The first day there will be one execution for the sake of example, -- a man named Kemp. Death starts for him to-day. He may lock himself away, hide himself away, get guards a
Chapter 28 { The Invisibel Man
XXVIII. THE HUNTER HUNTED Mr. Heelas, Mr. Kemp's nearest neighbour among the villa holders, was asleep in his summer house when the siege of Kemp's house began. Mr. Heelas was one of the sturdy minority who refused to believe "in all this nonsense" about an Invisible Man. His wife, however, as he was subsequently to be reminded, did. He insisted upon walking about his garden just as if nothing was the matter, and he went to sleep in the afternoon in accordance with the custom of years. He slept through the smashing of the windows, and then woke up suddenly with a curious persuasion of something wrong. He looked across at Kemp's house, rubbed his eyes and looked again. Then he put his feet to the ground, and sat listening. He said he was damned, and still the strange thing was visible. The house looked as though it had been deserted for weeks -- after a violent riot. Every window was broken, and every window, save those of the belvedere study, was blinded by the internal shutters.
Chapter 29 { The Invisibel Man
THE EPILOGUE So ends the story of the strange and evil experiments of the Invisible Man. And if you would learn more of him you must go to a little inn near Port Stowe and talk to the landlord. The sign of the inn is an empty board save for a hat and boots, and the name is the title of this story. The landlord is a short and corpulent little man with a nose of cylindrical proportions, wiry hair, and a sporadic rosiness of visage. Drink generously, and he will tell you generously of all the things that happened to him after that time, and of how the lawyers tried to do him out of the treasure found upon him. "When they found they couldn't prove who's money was which, I'm blessed," he says, "if they didn't try to make me out a blooming treasure trove! Do I look like a Treasure Trove? And then a gentleman gave me a guinea a night to tell the story at the Empire Music'all -- just to tell 'em in my own words -- barring one." And if you want to cut off the flow of his reminiscences
Chapter 2 { The Lost World
Chapter II: Try Your Luck with Professor Challenger I always liked McArdle, the crabbed, old, round-backed, red-headed news editor, and I rather hoped that he liked me. Of course, Beaumont was the real boss; but he lived in the rarefied atmosphere of some Olympian height from which he could distinguish nothing smaller than an international crisis or a split in the Cabinet. Sometimes we saw him passing in lonely majesty to his inner sanctum, with his eyes staring vaguely and his mind hovering over the Balkans or the Persian Gulf. He was above and beyond us. But McArdle was his first lieutenant, and it was he that we knew. The old man nodded as I entered the room, and he pushed his spectacles far up on his bald forehead. "Well, Mr. Malone, from all I hear, you seem to be doing very well," said he in his kindly Scotch accent. I thanked him. "The colliery explosion was excellent. So was the Southwark fire. You have the true descreeptive touch. What did you want to see me about?
Chapter 3 { The Lost World
Chapter III: He is a Perfectly Impossible Person My friend's fear or hope was not destined to be realized. When I called on Wednesday there was a letter with the West Kensington postmark upon it, and my name scrawled across the envelope in a handwriting which looked like a barbed-wire railing. The contents were as follows:-- "Enmore Park, W. "Sir,--I have duly received your note, in which you claim to endorse my views, although I am not aware that they are dependent upon endorsement either from you or anyone else. You have ventured to use the word `speculation' with regard to my statement upon the subject of Darwinism, and I would call your attention to the fact that such a word in such a connection is offensive to a degree. The context convinces me, however, that you have sinned rather through ignorance and tactlessness than through malice, so I am content to pass the matter by. You quote an isolated sentence from my lecture, and appear to have some difficulty in understandin
Chapter 6 { Moby Dick
CHAPTER 6 The Street If I had been astonished at first catching a glimpse of so outlandish an individual as Queequeg circulating among the polite society of a civilized town, that astonishment soon departed upon taking my first daylight stroll through the streets of New Bedford. In thoroughfares nigh the docks, any considerable seaport will frequently offer to view the queerest looking nondescripts from foreign parts. Even in Broadway and Chestnut streets, Mediterranean mariners will sometimes jostle the affrighted ladies. Regent Street is not unknown to Lascars and Malays; and at Bombay, in the Apollo Green, live Yankees have often scared the natives. But New Bedford beats all Water Street and Wapping. In these last-mentioned haunts you see only sailors; in New Bedford, actual cannibals stand chatting at street corners; savages outright; many of whom yet carry on their bones unholy flesh. It makes a stranger stare. But, besides the Feegeeans, Tongatobooarrs, Erromanggo
Chapter 4 { The Lost World
Chapter IV: It's Just the very Biggest Thing in the World Hardly was it shut when Mrs. Challenger darted out from the dining-room. The small woman was in a furious temper. She barred her husband's way like an enraged chicken in front of a bulldog. It was evident that she had seen my exit, but had not observed my return. "You brute, George!" she screamed. "You've hurt that nice young man." He jerked backwards with his thumb. "Here he is, safe and sound behind me." She was confused, but not unduly so. "I am so sorry, I didn't see you." "I assure you, madam, that it is all right." "He has marked your poor face! Oh, George, what a brute you are! Nothing but scandals from one end of the week to the other. Everyone hating and making fun of you. You've finished my patience. This ends it." "Dirty linen," he rumbled. "It's not a secret," she cried. "Do you suppose that the whole street--the whole of London, for that matter---- Get away, Austin, we don't want you he
Chapter 3 { The Return Of Sherlock Homes
Holmes had been seated for some hours in silence with his long, thin back curved over a chemical vessel in which he was brewing a particularly malodorous product. His head was sunk upon his breast, and he looked from my point of view like a strange, lank bird, with dull gray plumage and a black top-knot. "So, Watson," said he, suddenly, "you do not propose to invest in South African securities?" I gave a start of astonishment. Accustomed as I was to Holmes's curious faculties, this sudden intrusion into my most intimate thoughts was utterly inexplicable. "How on earth do you know that?" I asked. He wheeled round upon his stool, with a steaming test-tube in his hand, and a gleam of amusement in his deep-set eyes. "Now, Watson, confess yourself utterly taken aback," said he. "I am." "I ought to make you sign a paper to that effect." "Why?" "Because in five minutes you will say that it is all so absurdly simple." "I am sure that I shall say nothing o
Chapter 8 { Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea
CHAPTER VIII MOBILIS IN MOBILI This forcible abduction, so roughly carried out, was accomplished with the rapidity of lightning. I shivered all over. Whom had we to deal with? No doubt some new sort of pirates, who explored the sea in their own way. Hardly had the narrow panel closed upon me, when I was enveloped in darkness. My eyes, dazzled with the outer light, could distinguish nothing. I felt my naked feet cling to the rungs of an iron ladder. Ned Land and Conseil, firmly seized, followed me. At the bottom of the ladder, a door opened, and shut after us immediately with a bang. We were alone. Where, I could not say, hardly imagine. All was black, and such a dense black that, after some minutes, my eyes had not been able to discern even the faintest glimmer. Meanwhile, Ned Land, furious at these proceedings, gave free vent to his indignation. "Confound it!" cried he, "here are people who come up to the Scotch for hospitality. They only just miss being cannibals. I should
Chapter 9 { The First Men In The Moon
WE ceased to gaze. We turned to each other, the same thought, the same question in our eyes. For these plants to grow, there must be some air, however attenuated, air that we also should be able to breathe. "The manhole?" I said. "Yes!" said Cavor, "if it is air we see!" "In a little while," I said, "these plants will be as high as we are. Suppose - suppose after all - Is it certain? How do you know that stuff is air? It may be nitrogen - it may be carbonic acid even!" "That's easy," he said, and set about proving it. He produced a big piece of crumpled paper from the bale, lit it, and thrust it hastily through the man-hole valve. I bent forward and peered down through the thick glass for its appearance outside, that little flame on whose evidence depended so much! I saw the paper drop out and lie lightly upon the snow. The pink flame of its burning vanished. For an instant it seemed to be extinguished. And then I saw a little blue tongue upon the edge of it that tr
Chapter 12 { The Jewel Of The Seven Stars- The Mummy
'When we recovered our amazement, which seemed to last unduly long, we did not lose any time carrying the mummy through the passage, and hoisting it up the Pit shaft. I went first, to receive it at the top. As I looked down, I saw Mr. Trelawny lift the severed hand and put it in his breast, manifestly to save it from being injured or lost. We left the dead Arabs where they lay. With our ropes we lowered our precious burden to the ground; and then took it to the entrance of the valley where our escort was to wait To our astonishment we found them on the move. When we remonstrated with the Sheik, he answered that he had fulfilled his contract to the letter, he had waited the three days as arranged. I thought that he was lying to cover up his base intention of deserting us; and I found when we compared notes that Trelawny had the same suspicion. It was not till we arrived at Cairo that we found he was correct. It was the 3rd of November 1884 when we entered the Mummy Pit for the second ti
Chapter 13 The Mummy { The Jewel Of Seven Stars
The first unexpected words may always startle a hearer; but when the shock is over, the listener's reason has asserted itself, and he can judge of the manner, as well as of the matter, of speech. Thus it was on this occasion. With intelligence now alert, I could not doubt of the simple sincerity of Margaret's next question: 'What have you two men been talking about all this time, Mr. Ross? I suppose, Mr. Corbeck has been telling you all his adventures' in finding the lamps. I hope yon will tell me too, some day, Mr. Corbeck; but that must not be until my poor Father is better. He would like, I am sure, to tell me all about these things himself; or to be present when I heard them.' She glanced sharply from one to the other. 'Oh! that was what you were saying as I came in? All right! I shall wait; but I hope it won't be long. The continuance of Father's condition is, I feel, breaking me down. A little while ago I felt that my nerves were giving out; so I determined to go out for a wal
Chapter 5 { The Lost World
Chapter V: Question! What with the physical shocks incidental to my first interview with Professor Challenger and the mental ones which accompanied the second, I was a somewhat demoralized journalist by the time I found myself in Enmore Park once more. In my aching head the one thought was throbbing that there really was truth in this man's story, that it was of tremendous consequence, and that it would work up into inconceivable copy for the Gazette when I could obtain permission to use it. A taxicab was waiting at the end of the road, so I sprang into it and drove down to the office. McArdle was at his post as usual. "Well," he cried, expectantly, "what may it run to? I'm thinking, young man, you have been in the wars. Don't tell me that he assaulted you." "We had a little difference at first." "What a man it is! What did you do?" "Well, he became more reasonable and we had a chat. But I got nothing out of him--nothing for publication." "I'm not so sure about that.
Chapter 3: The Picnic
I’m sitting in my back yard, staring up at two giant oaks that shroud my little grassy nook for most of the day, thinking of how different this is from where I grew up. I grew up on the great plains, able to see farther than my short legs could carry me. My parents’ farm was eight miles from the nearest town, which was home to twenty people. The second-nearest town was a booming metropolis of four-hundred. Lacking any kind of social outlet on the farm, I turned to books for entertainment and company. I read voraciously. Mostly crap. My parents’ book collection consisted of the bible and a few self-help books, as well as a guide to stain removal. The selection of books available at the library wasn’t much better. I went to an under-funded catholic school, and the library was one room, about the size of my bedroom. The school’s book collection was much like my parents’, minus the stain-fighting recipes and plus a shelf or two of Nancy Drew. Even if there had been a greater
Chapter 3
As you indulge your own presence lost in your senses you hear a whisper in your ear. "My dear you've stumbled into a lumberjack meeting and err,.. umm you're rather inappropriately dressed, as well" You scream "OMFG!" and attempt to cover up, rather hopelessly, as 42 men some smiling some leering at you make you feel naked anyway. With that thought in mind you drop your hands to your side and then your brain starts talking to you. "What the fuck were you thinking? You're naked in the woods with 42 burly men!" A few of them begin walking toward you with menacing looks in their eyes. The lead man puts up his hand to stop the others from advancing further. He undoes his coat and drapes it over your shoulders, leading you back to the entrance, picking up your cloths on the way. he hands them to you, so you can get dressed and sends you on your way. Needless to say, your walk home is filled with "I'm such a friggin idiot" thoughts, as embarrassment and humilty keep you engrosse
Chapter One
when after struggling for two hours to make conversation with two co-eds you've only just met outside a McDonald's in suburban jersey, you cant help but ask why. are you so desperate that when they casually slid their car in behind yours, blocking you in so you cant get away, you pretend not to notice? does their attention stroke some need in you? fill some void, some loneliness left behind by the last few months of homelessness ? well its like this. you're sittin on the back of your best friend's '86 camaro eating cheeseburgers and sharin a coke. you've just got off the highway after 10 hours worth of driving that should have taken 5. you're exhausted and damn glad to be out of the car. being an 18 year old guy, you dont mind a bit when you notice the two girls parked a couple spaces to your right pointing at you, staring and eventually sauntering over, clinging to each other as if one has any more of a spine than the other. they invite you to some party one of their friends is havei
Chapter 3
Well, the trip north was long. Gawd it was long! Full of delays, but that made our meeting all the sweeter. I stepped off the train in Eugene, Oregon into a rain storm. Grace informed me that this was normal. I like the rain, but come on!!! It is very beautiful up there. I love green and it was soooo green. She showed me the sites, both of them. We sang karaoke in a Red neck bar. Surprisingly, they loved me and my selections of songs. Elvis went over big there. Finding some one who you have so much in common with is rare, and I am blessed to find her. It was hard to leave, but I have a job and a daughter to tend to. She wants to come see me next. To be continued.....
Chapter 4: 30 Days Later
A month later my baby is on her way south. I am so anxious about her arrival that I even cleaned the toilet. She came down to share my daughters high school graduation with us. It was nice having her there. The next day we went to Mexico for the afernoon where we dined on inexpensive Mexican food and 50 cent Carona's. I found out American food is very expensive there. I don't know, but $19.00 for 2 hot dogs is ridiculous. After the afternoon in TJ, we went to an outstanding concert, The Outlaws, Marshal Tucker Band, and The Charlie Daniels Band. It was better than I ever could have imagined. The rest of the weekend was a lazy, low budget weekend, we walked on the Pier in Oceanside, went out for karaoke, but started too late and couldn't get into my favorite club, went to see my friends band perform on Sunday and just enjoyed each other's company. Come Tuesday morning, I tried to get her to stay an extra day, but she had to go home. We did come to t
Chapstick (a Mom's Story)
CHAPSTICK So, we had this great 10 year old cat named Jack who just recently died. Jack was a great cat and the kids would carry him around and sit on him and nothing ever bothered him. He used to hang out and nap all day long on this mat in our bathroom. Well we have 3 kids and at the time of this story they were 4 years old, 3 years old and 1 year old. The middle one is Eli. Eli really loves Chap Stick. LOVES it. He kept asking to use my chap stick and then losing it. So finally one day I showed him where in the bathroom I keep my chap stick and how he could use it whenever he wanted to but he needed to put it right back in the drawer when he was done. Last year on Mother's Day, we were having the typical rush around and try to get ready for Church with everyone crying and carrying on. My two boys are fighting over the toy in the cereal box. I am trying to nurse my little one at the same time I am putting on my make-up. Everything is a mess and everyone
Chapter 1: Writer's Block
This is getting really insane. When I was younger I used to draw and write all the time. Ideas would come pouring into my brain from everywhere. I would look at something and get some sort of twisted storyline about what said item could be used for, the journey it took to finally reach my hands, just kinda make up little vignettes about it. For example I'd look at an orange and think what would happen if someone else had this orange? What if this woman had this orange and she just found out her husband was cheating on her? Would she freeze it and then when he comes home bash his skull in with it? Or would she blind him with the juices from it and then shove it down his throat making him asphixiate? Never thought of an orange used as an instrument of death huh..... til now. >:) Anyway, I still have my ideas. They are still constantly coming to me everyday. In fact I have several ideas for short stories or what could be actual long stories that I have written down. But despite all the
Chapter 2: Guy Questions
I love men. I want to get that out of the way first. If a guy is handsome there is no doubt I am right there drooling over him. I also don't believe in this whole "ALL MEN SUCK!" thing. It's not true. Same way that all women do not suck (in more way than one deary ^_^!) But there's a few things I have to wonder about... For example I love knowing when men are attracted to me because lets face it, its such an ego boost but please you do not have to keep telling me that. I really appreciate it but the more you tell me I'm sexy the more I wonder if that's all that your intentions are. Basically guys it's like this, tell the truth about what your intentions are from the start. If you are looking just to hook-up let a girl know. Do not lead her to believe that there could be more to it. If you desire to know her more but of course want the hooking up then please say it! I can't tell you how many times I have had guys tell me that they think I am cool but when they find out that I don't
Chapter 3
screaming loudly as her clothes are cut away,,she feel a set of hands on both her thighs as she struggles against the chains, feeling the chain bite into her ankles looking rapidly around the table, she can only watch as all the men decend on the table,,suddenly her breasts are being groped and squeezed hard bringing tears to her eyes, her nipples being tweaked and pinched, rough hands squeezing her thighs as they move all over her legs,,suddenly she screams louder then before as she is roughly penetrated by several fingers and forcefully finger fucked. thrashing about as she is violated, turning her head to the side she looks over and sees Mr Kramer, her gaze captivated as her body is being raped. Mr Kramer slowly walks over to the table , running his hand along jaclyns cheek for a moment, making a motion with his hand, all the men stop and step back away from the table, Mr Kramer reaches over and unchains her arms and legs, leaveing the chain lease hanging from her neck.
Chapter 3
screaming loudly as her clothes are cut away,,she feel a set of hands on both her thighs as she struggles against the chains, feeling the chain bite into her ankles looking rapidly around the table, she can only watch as all the men decend on the table,,suddenly her breasts are being groped and squeezed hard bringing tears to her eyes, her nipples being tweaked and pinched, rough hands squeezing her thighs as they move all over her legs,,suddenly she screams louder then before as she is roughly penetrated by several fingers and forcefully finger fucked. thrashing about as she is violated, turning her head to the side she looks over and sees Mr Kramer, her gaze captivated as her body is being raped. Mr Kramer slowly walks over to the table , running his hand along jaclyns cheek for a moment, making a motion with his hand, all the men stop and step back away from the table, Mr Kramer reaches over and unchains her arms and legs, leaveing the chain lease hanging from her neck.
Chapter 3
screaming loudly as her clothes are cut away,,she feel a set of hands on both her thighs as she struggles against the chains, feeling the chain bite into her ankles looking rapidly around the table, she can only watch as all the men decend on the table,,suddenly her breasts are being groped and squeezed hard bringing tears to her eyes, her nipples being tweaked and pinched, rough hands squeezing her thighs as they move all over her legs,,suddenly she screams louder then before as she is roughly penetrated by several fingers and forcefully finger fucked. thrashing about as she is violated, turning her head to the side she looks over and sees Mr Kramer, her gaze captivated as her body is being raped. Mr Kramer slowly walks over to the table , running his hand along jaclyns cheek for a moment, making a motion with his hand, all the men stop and step back away from the table, Mr Kramer reaches over and unchains her arms and legs, leaveing the chain lease hanging from her neck.
Chapter 3
screaming loudly as her clothes are cut away,,she feel a set of hands on both her thighs as she struggles against the chains, feeling the chain bite into her ankles looking rapidly around the table, she can only watch as all the men decend on the table,,suddenly her breasts are being groped and squeezed hard bringing tears to her eyes, her nipples being tweaked and pinched, rough hands squeezing her thighs as they move all over her legs,,suddenly she screams louder then before as she is roughly penetrated by several fingers and forcefully finger fucked. thrashing about as she is violated, turning her head to the side she looks over and sees Mr Kramer, her gaze captivated as her body is being raped. Mr Kramer slowly walks over to the table , running his hand along jaclyns cheek for a moment, making a motion with his hand, all the men stop and step back away from the table, Mr Kramer reaches over and unchains her arms and legs, leaveing the chain lease hanging from her neck.
Chapter 14 { The Jewel Of The Seven Stars- The Mummy
During my waiting for the summons to Mr Trelawny's room, which I knew would come, the time was long and lonely. After the first few moments of emotional happiness at Margaret's joy, I somehow felt apart and alone; and for a little time the selfishness of a lover possessed me. But it was not for long. Margaret's happiness was all in all to me; and in the conscious sense of it I lost my baser self. Margaret's last words as the door closed on them gave the key to the whole situation, as it had been and as it was. These two proud, strong people, though father and daughter, had only come to know each other when the girl was grown up. Margaret's nature was of that kind which matures early. The pride and strength of each, and the reticence which was their corollary, made a barrier at the beginning. Each had respected the other's reticence too much thereafter, and the misunderstanding grew to habit. And so these two loving hearts, each of which yearned for sympathy from the other, were kept
Chapter 6 { The Lost World
Chapter VI: I was the Flail of the Lord Lord John Roxton and I turned down Vigo Street together and through the dingy portals of the famous aristocratic rookery. At the end of a long drab passage my new acquaintance pushed open a door and turned on an electric switch. A number of lamps shining through tinted shades bathed the whole great room before us in a ruddy radiance. Standing in the doorway and glancing round me, I had a general impression of extraordinary comfort and elegance combined with an atmosphere of masculine virility. Everywhere there were mingled the luxury of the wealthy man of taste and the careless untidiness of the bachelor. Rich furs and strange iridescent mats from some Oriental bazaar were scattered upon the floor. Pictures and prints which even my unpractised eyes could recognize as being of great price and rarity hung thick upon the walls. Sketches of boxers, of ballet-girls, and of racehorses alternated with a sensuous Fragonard, a martial Girardet, and a d
Chapter 10 { The First Men In The Moon
HIS face caught something of my dismay. He stood up and stared about him at the scrub that fenced us in and rose about us, straining upward in a passion of growth. He put a dubious hand to his lips. He spoke with a sudden lack of assurance. "I think," he said slowly, "we left it ... somewhere ... about there." He pointed a hesitating finger that wavered in an arc. "I'm not sure." His look of consternation deepened. "Anyhow," he said, with his eyes on me, "it can't be far." We had both stood up. We made unmeaning ejaculations, our eyes sought in the twining, thickening jungle round about us. All about us on the sunlit slopes frothed and swayed the darting shrubs, the swelling cactus, the creeping lichens, and wherever the shade remained the snow-drifts lingered. North, south, east, and west spread an identical monotony of unfamiliar forms. And somewhere, buried already among this tangled confusion, was our sphere, our home, our only provision, our only hope of escape fro
Chapter 15 { The Jewel Of The Seven Stars - The Mummy
'Now, as to the Star Jewel! This she manifestly regarded as the greatest of her treasures. On it she had engraven words which none of her time dared to speak. 'In the old Egyptian belief it was held that there were words, which, if used properly--for the method of speaking them was as important as the words themselves--could command the Lords of the Upper and the Lower Worlds. The "hekau", or word of power, was all important in certain ritual. On the Jewel of Seven Stars, which, as you know, is carved into the image of a scarab, are graven in hieroglyphic two such hekau, one above, the other underneath. But you will understand better when you see it! Wait here! Do not stir!' As he spoke, he rose and left the room. A great fear for him came over me; but I was in some strange way relieved when I looked at Margaret. Whenever there had been any possibility of danger to her father, she had shown great fear for him; now she was calm and placid. I said nothing, but waited. In two or
Chapter 11 { The First Men In The Moon
SO we two poor terrestrial castaways, lost in that wild-growing moon jungle, crawled in terror before the sounds that had come upon us. We crawled, as it seemed, a long time before we saw either Selenite or mooncalf, though we heard the bellowing and gruntulous noises of these latter continually drawing nearer to us. We crawled through stony ravines, over snow slopes, amidst fungi that ripped like thin bladders at our thrust, emitting a watery humour, over a perfect pavement of things like puff-balls, and beneath interminable thickets of scrub. And ever more helplessly our eyes sought for our abandoned sphere. The noise of the mooncalves would at times be a vast flat calf-like sound, at times it rose to an amazed and wrathy bellowing, and again it would become a clogged bestial sound, as though these unseen creatures had sought to eat and bellow at the same time. Our first view was but an inadequate transitory glimpse, yet none the less disturbing because it was incomplete. Cavor w
Chapter 3: Life Isn't Ours To Keep; It Is God's And He Can Take It Back When He Wants.
In order to fully understand the kind of person I am, or anyone for that matter, is to look at my upbringing. I was born into an unstable household with parents that I truly believe resented each other with a passion. My mother, a hard working woman who busted her butt to try and support her family. Who had a daughter who is her everything. My father an alcoholic drug addict who valued the partying lifestyle over his family and actually being a man and taking care of his wife and child by actually going to work. But this is not the complete root of my story. My mother had her family there to help out and support her and I in any way they possibly could. My grandparents and my Uncle Tom lived not even a 1/4 mile away from us. We could see their house from ours. They were there for everything for us. Through my parent's divorce and so on. My grandfather passed away too soon for me to have alot of memories but I do have some that I cherish. My uncle went to the Air Force and that left
Chapter I
After beeing online for weeks on CT i just need to clean up my profil and all the dead links and it goes like that: Chapter I: My Family Ten days for family members to show we are still a fam & btw those who are close to me no need to worry I know who counts Yay Yours Desire
Chapter One
Chapter 1: The Beginning Summary: Casey had Leukemia when she was younger. She didn't tell George, Marti, Derek, and Edwin about it. But when she goes in to a relapse her world gets turned upside down, but who will there to pick up the pieces when she has to go through some rough times including the past and present and maybe the future... eventually a Dasey but not right away. My first Life with Derek fic so please be nice... And enjoy it. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Casey stirred in her sleep, turning over to her right side, opening her eyes and squinting at the sudden brightness of the morning sunlight. She sat up and yawned and stretched and got out of bed and walked out to the hallway. Still not quite awake, she walked sleepily down the hall to the bathroom; she was almost there when she bumped into someone. "Watch where you are going Casey. Jeez not even 7 o'clock and your already bumping into people." Derek looked at Casey w
Chapter Two
Chapter 2 : Councilors and Health Class Thanks you so much for all of the reviews. I'm not sure if im gonna kill her off or not, and its not like A Walk to Remember very good book and movie cried at both...and now on with the story. --- Derek was downstairs eating a bowl of cereal when Casey came down. He watched her move around the kitchen. Casey sat down in front of him with a bowl of frosted flakes and a glass of orange juice. They sat quietly eating when someone spoke. "So are you feeling better?" Derek asked. "Yeah." She answered back. "Good so Casey what's going on in Loserville?" Derek smirked. "You should know, since your apart of it." Casey shot back. " Oooo, touchy." He drawled. "Oh, shut up!" she snapped. "No. Why don't you stop being and so bossy and maybe I'll stop." Derek glared. She rolled her eyes and put her bowl in the sink and stomped off up to her room. Derek was just about to finish up when Marti, Lizzie, and Edwin came into the
Chapter Three
Chapter Three Well I'm back, sorry it has taken my so long to update it, So much stuff got in the way school, my parents splitting up, so heres the next chapter. Thank you for all the reviews I go so many and it means a alot. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Derek was on hit computer looking stuff up on leukemia. It was Saturday afternoon and Derek couldn't shake the look on Casey's face out his of his mind.' Why did she look that way?' he wondered. He sighed and got off of the computer and went down stairs to get some thing to drink. When he got downstairs, he couldn't find anyone, and shrugged it off since it was Saturday George and Nora probably took the kids out to do soomething like they did every weekend. Derek turned the corner and jumped almost out of his skin. He grabbed ahold of the wall and tried to control his heart and breathing, he saw Casey sitting on the counter reading a book of some sort. Finally
Chapter Four
Chapter 4 Thank you so much for the reviews. I'm not sure as of yet what I'm going to do with Casey, but I like happy endings so I have a good idea what I'm going to do. This is a Dasey. I do not own the show If I did I would have a lot of money and I have zip. But I do own this story and any idea that is put into this story Here Chapter 4 and I Hope you enjoy it -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Derek was laying on his bed staring up at the ceiling, thinking about how strange Casey had been acting so strangely lately. He wondered why. Tomorrow was Monday and the paper just needed to be typed up and it would be done. He sighed and grabbed the phone and dialed Sam's number , after a few rings someone picked up the phone. " Hello?" The voice said. " Hey Sam, what's up man?" Derek asked. " Oh, nothing much. Wanna do something later?" Sam asked. "Video games and pizza at my place." Derek suggested "Sure, make it pep
Chapter Five
LWD is not mine just some characters i make up and the storyline. Everything else belong to Disney channel and the creator of the show. I'm sorry for the long wait. I just graduated in high school yesterday and I've been working and haven't had chance to update. So heres the next chapter of my story. Tell me what you think. And PS to too some people I do not need practice writing!! you know who you are if you read this. Please read and Review!! thx Chapter 5 Derek groaned at the sound of the alarm clock and got and dressed for the day. Derek went down and saw Lizzie and Nora at the counter eating their breakfast. “Wow, I didn't think you'd be up for a little while longer.”Nora kidded. “What?” Derek asked blankly. “Well, your out of school for the summer.”Nora reminded him. Derek looked at her as if she was crazy. She nodded and he groaned and headed back upstairs to his room. Laying back down, he tired to go to sleep and it worked and then she felt someone shaki
Chapter Six
Hey thanks to everyone who reviewed the last chapter. I was told to lean your head back when your nosebleeds so thats what I put. I have the characters OOC because I need them to be for this story. Yes anemia is a sign of Leukemia, I'm using it as a sign so Derek won't know whats wrong with her just yet until they tell him. Keep him in suspense and completely clueless. So heres the next chapter The next morning. George and Derek were loading up the SUV with the last bit of luggage that they were taking along on the trip and everyone else where getting there last minute items that they were taking along with them, such as, CD players, Ipods, books, toys for Marti to keep them content on the long drive to Florida. Casey was brushing her hair and grabbed her bag as she heard her mom yelling for her to hurry up, she started for the door and quickly turned around to grab the bottle of pills and headed downstairs, out the door to the car. George was closing the back hatch, Ed
Chapter 1
Hey its Luvergirl, This is my newest story. I'm working on the Next Chapter of Savin Casey, and should have it up in the upcoming weeks as well as this one. Tell me what you think. I'm having a lot of fun with this one. Life With Derek is not my show just the story and plot is. --------------------------------------------------------------- Cry of the Moon Casey has a secret, one nobody knows not even Lizzie, a deep secret. One she only knows. Every month on the day of the full moon, she shows her true self. Lets the spirit take over her being, letting her be free from the stresses of the normal world were she has to pretend to be a geeky, clumsy kid, when she can be graceful and proud. The trouble is theres a growing danger, someone knows her secret and wants to kill her. What will she do? What will happen if Derek find out her secret? The thing is she's a werewolf. Return to Top
Chapter 2
Hey whats up? Here the the first Chapter Have fun reading it. Please Read and Review! The Character's are OOC in this story so you have been warned. I do not own Life With Derek just this story and its plot Chapter 1 Casey sat, tapping her pen against the surface of her desk waiting for the bell to ring so she could go home. She glanced at her watched and sighed. Five more minutes. “Hey Case,” her friend Emily Davidson called to her from the right. She looked over. “What?”She asked back in a low voice. “What are you doing tonight?”Emily asked. “I have a test in Spanish tomorrow, I have to study for.” Casey answered back. “Oh, well take a break tonight and lets go to the movie. You've been studying all week for this test, you know it well enough by now.” Emily suggested. “No I'll have to pass Em,” Casey smiled apologetically. “Okay,” Emily sighed. Casey let out an inward sigh, she had plans tonight. The full moon was in the next couple of days and lik
Chapter 3
Hey there! Here's chapter two. Thanks for the reviews everyone I do not own this show Disney does and whoever came up with it. Chapter two. Casey was now running through the park across the bridge into the woods on a path that circles the town. She ran up a steep hill using all her leg muscles that were protesting the climb up to the top. Casey stopped to catch her breath and took a deep drink from the bottle of water and with that broke off into the run to home. It was past 4:30 and her mom an stepfather would be home making or finishing dinner. She couldn't wait to get home and jump into a steaming hot shower. She past the water fountain in the town square and past the high school, down the street turning the corner. Casey was running in the direction of her house and saw Emily and Sam walking together towards her. They hadn't spotted her yet and she took that time to jog in to an alley way that would take her to the end of her street and to her house. When sh
Chapter 4
Hey, guys hows it going? Thanks for your reviews. Jess Mariano I do not own, I just love his character, and Milo! Hes sooooo hot! Lol Okay okay! I just think Jess and Casey would make a good couple and would make Derek really jealous, but that won't happen yet. Chapter Three The new kid The next day Casey woke up in a good mood and got ready for school. Today she decided to dress a little bit more daring than what she wears every other day. She walked over to her closet and looked through her clothes and spotted a pink tank top that fitted her curves and a pair of hip hugger jeans. She put the clothes on and looked at her appearance in the mirror and she liked it and warmed up the curling iron to curl her hair. When she was finished her hair was a wavy sheet down her back and she grabbed her bag and headed downstairs. “Good morning Sweetie.” Nora greeted. “How about some breakfast before you go?” “No thanks mom, I'm gonna get going and I'll grab an apple,” Casey fo
Chapter 4: Travel Diddling
The Captain has requested another chapter in the diddling saga, and because I strong-armed him into posting a blog purely to entertain me, I feel the need to honor his request. Quid pro quo. You know how that works. Lately I've been longing to get in touch with my German ancestry, and so I've been preoccupied with thoughts of travel. And, in typical stream-of-consciousness Sugar-fashion, I was thinking about diddling experiences with regard to travel. Travel. Diddling. Travel diddling. [I know, I know... you're diddling your thumbs right now, thinking, "Get to the fucking point, Sugar." I will. Be patient.] As you know from the first few chapters of the diddle blog, the early part of my life was very sheltered, having grown up too far from town (this is a generous misnomer for 'gas station') to escape my parents. When I left to go to college, it wasn't much better. I had a roommate, Char. (Pronounced /shar/, though considering the degree to which she styled her ha
Chapter Two...the Rules
Chapter Two The Rules I started looking around the large room and saw a large grandfather clock over on the wall. It was 7:30 I had some time before dinner and thought about a nap. But truth was I could not have slept even if I had wanted too. It had been a long week of medical exams and then what I had to go though in the doorman’s office. I almost laughed at my self thinking I would not do that again. I went to my bed and saw a package laying there on the bed with the word “RULES” in bold black ink on the front. I opened it up and found a list of rules of things I could and could not do. As a “young one” I was very limited as to where I could be, see or even set. I could only watch when they had gathering and could not do any spell work unless it was in class and I was under guidance of the instructor. If I was asked to do anything by an Elder I had to obey with out question. And I had to earn the right to have control of my body and my thoughts. Until then they belonged to the
Chapter Three...the Classes
Chapter Three The classes Jack woke me up at what I found out was around 5am. “wake up sleepy head you don’t want to be late for your first day of class.” He said as he ran his hand down my body. “Oh don’t do that or I’ll never make it in time.” I said sleepily. He laughed and gave me a hard fast kiss and jumped out of bed. I saw that Chastity was already up and dressed and I asked Jack what I need to ware noting they where not in robes. “you only have to ware the robes to dinner and at gatherings. So I went and took a fast shower and got dressed. I pulled my hair up in a quick bun. And was ready to go. Jack took me down to the café, where they had coffee and muffins and then he walked me to class. To my surprise he walked in with me and went to the desk up front. Oh wonderful I thought my room mate and new lover was also my teacher. This should be fun. I took a set and saw the people who I had ate dinner with the night before all set down in there desk Good morning class t
Chapter 4
Chapter Four Beltane On Tuesday I walked in to my first class and Jack was there. He had already been up and gone when I had woke up this morning. And on the board he had the word Beltane. Jack stood at the head of the class and began to speak. “As you know Saturday night is the first full moon of spring and is when we hold our fertility rites. This well be the first gathering for most of you and I have been asked to prepare you for this event. Ten woman from the family have been chosen to act out the rite this year. They well each lay with a male masked elder. The father of the children that come from the rite well never be known. Though we do know they well be of elder blood. The children are raised to be the leaders of the family. Each elder today was made in the same way. Even Father was made this way. And only at this one time of the year is pregnancy allowed. You, as young one’s well act in no way. Your only there to support the family and to watch. This is also whe
Chappelle's Show - Prince Vs Charlie Murphy
Chapter I
Chapter I The Initial Meeting We've decide to meet at a hotel in Raleigh. There is a bar in the lobby where we have decided to meet face to face for the first time. I'm nervous, what is he going to think. I take a deep breath and walk into the bar, I see you immediately. You have been sitting there watching the door, waiting. I smile, you smile back and get up and walk towards me. You take my face between your hands and kiss me. We sit down and have a couple of drinks to get acquainted. Neither of us can wipe the silly grins off our faces. You ask me if I want to get something to eat, I say no we can always order room service. You stand up and take my hand, we walk to the elevator and go up to the room you have reserved. I have butterflies in my stomach. A little nervous and a lot excited. You wrap your arm around my back, running your hand up and down my ass. I can already feel my pussy getting wet. The elevator stops an
Chapter 1
..02-23-2007 Melbourne, Australia 3:33 am Chani Morgan was startled from her deep dream-laced slumber. She felt the cold clammy perspiration gathered at the back of her neck. Her pulse beat rapidly, as the darkness of her dreams drew back to the far recesses of her mind, the fragments barely there for her to hold onto. A mirror and a face looking back at her. Her face, but how could that be, she wondered. Then it was gone. Nothing left but the uneasy feeling of being watched. She shivered and opened her eyes, only to welcome the all too familiar darkness she had woken to for the past ten years, ever since the accident at age thirteen. The accident that had left her blind. Reaching for her walking stick, Chani pulled herself into a sitting position, placing her bare feet upon the cool hardwood floor. She always looked forward to those first steps. They brought to her a sense of pleasure that she would have other-wise over-looked. Her only goal each and every day was quite simply to
Chapter Two Verses 38-39
Chapter Closed
so i ask this question to all you readers out there...... What does a person do when they have finaly found everything they have been looking for in life? What is left after you have put all the puzzle peaces in to you? So those of you who know me know that i am adopted and that i have been looking for both my biliogical parents for a long long time now well yall the serch is finaly over beucase i have finaly found the missing link. i found my father and it didnt go as bad as i would have expected. he wants to get to know me and who i am and is more than willing to form some sort of relationship with me. he is a great guy and i can now see where i get some of my trates from becuase i am alot like him even on the non phyical stuff like the books we read and the food we eat so its intresting to say the least. i have never before in my life felt like a whole human being untill now becuase now i know where i come from and some of why i do the things i do. i feel whole and
Chapter One
I see the curtain flitting in the darkenss, the slight breeze and the full moon making the night seem so empty. I am laying on my bed, the sheets down at my feet, its just too hot to be covered even though I am without clothes to shelter me from anything as well. I close my eyes and wish the night would end...for the lonliness that consumes me has begun to take its toll. I wait for know who you are. I see you when I close my eyes at night. I see your body laying against mine, and that is the vision that takes me into a deep sleep.... I wake to the touch of a hand..caressing my body...along my legs and up to my thighs. I feel warmth on my waist and shoulders and I sigh "you are here". I feel your breath in my ear..and you whisper "don't talk, don't say anything" I hold my breath, and allow my body to become hot with desire for more. Your hands touch my shoulders and down to my breasts, cupping them with a slight firmness..knowing they are yours. You slide y
Chapter 37....."on The Road Again!"
Well, it looks like another lil road trip for me and my belongings. Lately, my life has been goin ok since i left my ex & had finally gotten myself on my own two feet again....but as everyone one knows, life only throws u more bullshit in ur way just as soon as things get better. Where i am stayin at right now is awesome, but i cant afford the rent of $300 and all of my bills on top of it all (not to mention tryin to get my licence back and eventually gettin a car of my own also). And all of this is starting to take a toll on my friend and her family...not to mention me as well. I do give them money when i can, but because my job is deciding not to give me a full 40 hours of work & the transportation to get there and back home is ridiculously hard to manage.....stress in the household i vacate right now is sky-rocketing. And thats not good on me right now, seein that i have a divorce, bills, work & money problems, and other lil shitty things drowning me as i type, i have to do what i
Chapter Four - The Surprise
A month and a half passed before David came back from his overseas tour. “Terri, David is on the phone.” She hears her mom call out. She rushes to get the phone from her mom. “Hello?” “Hay babe. I wanted you to know that I made it back safely. Did you miss me?” “Of course.” She answered, excited to hear his voice. “I got back yesterday. I would have called you then, but I was too jetlagged.” He apologized. “I totally understand. I wasn’t expecting for you to call as soon as you got home anyways.” “Thanks for understanding.” He said. “I was wondering, I have to stay here in Chicago to work at the studio during our time off from touring, and I was wondering if you wanted to come up and join me?” “Well you know I wouldn’t be able to pass up an offer like that, but I’ll have to find someone to stay with my mom while I’m gone.” “Ok, well, let me know when and I’ll make sure that you have a ticket waiting for you.” He said. “Well, let me call my brother and s
Chapter Three – On The Road
The fallowing morning seemed to come way too early with the sun peeking through the curtains and into her eyes. Waking to find she was alone in the bed and hoping that it wasn’t just a dream, Terri groggily lifts her head to look around the room for the one that had comforted her through out the night. “Good-morning.” She hears him whisper to her from the table at the foot of the bed. Hoping not to awaken their friends in the bed next to her, in a tired but soft voice she asks David, “What are you doing up so early?” “I couldn’t sleep to well. Too much on my mind. So I got up and started working on another song.” Crawling to the end of the bed she climbs up to her knees and asks, “Did you get ANY sleep?” then she settled in a more comfortable position. “Very little, I’ll probably end up lying down later on while we’re on the road.” She felt herself slouch and began playing with her fingernails. Quickly drifting into thought of how short of time she has left to be
Chapter Two – The Show Must Go On
With David still holding Terri’s waist, and her still holding Michelle’s hand, they make their way to the front of the building where, just outside the door, John, Adam, Adam S., Jason and Mike were all waiting. They were still discussing the whole incident while waiting on David, Dan and the girls. “I’m going to let them watch from side stage.” David announces to the rest of the guys. Michelle let go of the small train and went over to give her husband a hug. “That’s fine with me.” Jason answers. “I’ll show them where they can stand.” They make there way over to the back of the stage where David gives Terri a quick kiss on the cheek again, “I’ll see you all after the show.” Then he turns quickly and runs off to great the eagerly awaiting crowd. “Sorry for the delay, we had an incident happen, but everything’s alright now” They heard him announce from the stage. Terri turns to Michelle, “Now I really feel like shit.” “Don’t, babe, he did it for you. That should
Chapter One – Knight In Shiny Leather Pants
As they wait in line to see the band, Michelle fumbled through her bag to see if she could find a napkin. “I found one. Now let me try to get some of that blood off of your face.” Dabbing at the blood. “Ouch” Terri flinched at the pain. Trying to hold her friend’s face still with one hand and still dabbing at the dripping blood with the other, “Well you don’t want David seeing you like this do you?” “No. Not really.” She answered. “Why in the world did he have to wear those spikes?” Still worried about her friend’s wounds, Michelle said, “I don’t know why you won’t let me take you to the hospital.” “You know I couldn’t miss seeing him. I may never get another chance.” She says as she fidgets and brushes at some of the dirt and grass on her cloths. “Hold still, it’s running down your cheek.” Michelle grabbed her friend’s jaw again trying to get the streak of blood. “I can’t believe he found me here. All those spots we ducked into and the people he had to wade throu
Chapter From A Book I Was Writing
She led me by the hand into the bedroom. It was dimly lit by a small lamp on the night table. Catherine walked slowly around the room lighting candles, occasionally turning to look at me. The king size bed had a dark maroon comforter with black silk sheets which I would come to find out later. The combination of her perfume mixed with scented candles was a fragrance I will never forget. As she walks over to me, I stand there fixated on her eyes. "I have been waiting for this moment from the first day I met you", she whispers. I gently place my hands on her face as I bring her lips to mine. That first kiss brought out feelings in me that I had not felt in a long time. It was that feeling you get from your first love, before the pressures of life fade it from memory. Our lips entwined, I begin unbuttoning her blouse as she reaches down towards the button on my jeans. Our clothes fall to the floor breaking our kiss momentarily as she removes my T shirt. I back her up aga
Chapter 1 (i Am Nothing Without Spellcheck)
Of course life in prison wasn't what Robert Stark had in mind. Dreams of wealth, fame and loads of beautiful women was what he had in mind as a matter of fact. Who wants to worry about gettin shanked every other day? Everytime to the cafeteria was a test in patience. It all started when ...
Chapter 17
Chapter 17 --> --> I wanted to go by Dakz so much that I want to change it to my real name. Brian didn't do that much for his name, I did my best to get his street name out like mine. I had a lot on my mind to really think about making my street name the most powerful in Reno. " Jeykl if I get killed, would you tell my parents I was a good person!" I said to Brian looking at the mini waterfall at the riverbank. Brian stopped walking in circles to look at me. " Dakz you don't have to worry about anything!" Said Brian, I wanted to believe him but I simply couldn't. I am sure he knew as much as I did that if we do not leave Reno we would die in this lame town. I use to love Reno a while ago, which was when I was a college student. The streets are a lot harder to survive on then most people think, some needed to live this life style to understand.
Chapter 1
it's quite odd having this feeling i have right now.. a mere emotion of emptiness revolving in my mind.. quite weird.. quite absurd.. how this longing affects everything i feel and all the words i have just heard.. *sigh* i have to be strong.. i know this won't take too long.. but there's still this melancholic feeling i have inside my heart.. i just hope.. i won't fall apart.. everything has its own reason.. that's one thing i always put in my mind.. i am happy.. i know i am.. maybe it's just because of this obscurity of the things i have right now made me began to doubt.. am i doubting?..or am i just longing?.. longing for your touch.. yearning for your presence.. and longing for every single moment that i'll have with you when you're already here by my side.. but don't worry.. i know i'll be alright.. i do really love you.. it's just that.. uhhmmm.. i am really missing you so much...
A Chapter From The Novel That I'm Writing.
I couldn't figure out which part I wanted to show, so instead, I just uploaded and entire chapter. Please let me what you think and leave comments. SHUT DOWN Kayla was seated at the desk in her room, surfing the internet, and listening to some of mom and dad’s old favorite jazz tunes as they streamed to her computer from the family’s network server. It seemed as if it had been raining periodically for weeks, yet it had only been a few days; thank goodness for air conditioning. The time drug on for what seemed to be an eternity. It was a hot and muggy evening as she sat listening to the music. Without any notice, the song just stopped right in the middle of her favorite part as the artist held the note for what seemed like an eternity. “Now what in the world is going on?” she exclaimed as she realized that she had also lost her internet access when she found herself staring at the infamous white page stating ‘Internet Explorer cannot display the page’, instead of the hom
Chapter 2, More Complete History
My first brain surgery was 12/11/06, a “gross total resect” (there is probably more verbage to describe the specific location, but I never learned it). It was by all accounts a fantastic success, removing all the visible tumor. By the next day my right hand was showing improvement. I went home on Dec. 13. I started chemotherapy on 12/26 (my 43rd birthday), an oral medication taken once a day, with virtually no side effects. Along with chemo, I started a month long, daily, regimen of radiation treatments. Supplementing that was a clinical trial of a substance that was hoped to enhance the effects of the chemo/radiation. It was as an aggressive attack against the cancer as possible. This all took place from the end of December 2006 into early February 2007. During this, I was also having “focal motor seizures” – brief periods of uncontrollable spasms of my hand and arm. It happens frequently with brain cancer; I even had a few before being diagnosed. They were happening alm
Chaper 1
The sun had been down for hours when I finally left work. The parking lot was empty besides my car, my body exhausted from a long day of work. I opened the driver's door and placed my briefcase inside then I climbed inside and started the engine. Pulling out of the parking lot and heading home, the roads were empty on the drive home so the normal twenty-minute drive in heavy traffic only took about fifteen minutes. Pulling into my driveway, I pushed the button on the garage door opener and pulled my car inside, the closed the door. Stepping out of the car, I looked around at the mess in the garage and thought to myself "girl you really need to get out here and clean this mess up one of these days." I turned and unlocked the door leading into the house. I open the door and drop my keys on the small table, sat my briefcase down on the floor and kick my shoes off. Feeling the soft plush carpet under my feet. Slowly I walked down the hall enjoying the darkness of the
Chapter 2
The material holding me securely to the bed feels like satin, it is cool against my skin as I twist trying to free one of my hands, with no luck he has me tied securely to the bed so that I cannot escape. I can hear movement in the room, but I cannot make out where the stranger is doing until I hear the bedroom door open. "Where is he going? What does this man want form me? I have not money in the house, now jewels, nothing of value. I have got to try and get away but how, he has me tied securely to my bed by these satin binding and every time, I try to me they seem to tighten up around my wrists and ankles." I strain to hear the stranger then my ears pick up his voice. It is deep and muscular, it sounds like he is on the phone with somebody. "She is ready and waiting for your arrival. He was right her body is so tempting, I just want to taste her and take her for myself, but I know what my orders are. I shall away your arrival." Then the stranger returned to the bedroom, on
Chaper 3
Slowly I start to stand up form the dressing table, She gives me a once over before placing a leather waist length jacket on me. Then with out another word we all leave the room, her in front, then me and him bringing up the rear once in the outside I notice a long black limo, the driver standing holding the door open for Mistress Jade. She walked with her head held high and with pride in each step. As we neared the limo, she moved aside and had me enter first; I could feel the driver's eyes on my body as I climbed into the limo. Mistress Jade followed me into the limo, once inside I noticed that there were candles lit, and soft music playing. She gave orders to the driver as to our destination. "Pet, why don't you lay down it is a long drive to our destination, lie down and rest I shall awake you when we arrive." Something in her voice relaxed me enough to lay down with my head lying against her legs. As my eyes started to close, I could feel her fingers starting to run lightl
Chapter 4
I do not know how long I slept, before feeling warm water upon my body. Then as I began to awaken, I felt agonizing pain shooting through my body, as the metal, which had been biting into my flesh for many hours, was removed. The feeling of blood returning to these parts of my body was almost more then I cold bear, the returning blood caused my nipples and clit to ache and throb. A moan of relief left my lips as the pain started to subside. "Masters little pet is starting to wake up." I could hear the girl's voice but could not see her, for my blindfold was still in place. I could feel two sets of hands upon my body washing me. "Who is there, I can feel your hands but can not see you." There was no response to my question, only the warm water washing my body. I could feel their hands running over my breasts teasing my nipples as they continued to wash my body. Then I felt a hand between my legs washing my slit, the sensations were to much for me to bear I started to moan tryin
Chapter 5
The moment He left the room, Jade started undoing my restraints. She lowered my legs down on to the bed, and then she released my hands. "Come pet, you must be ready for what he has planned for you tonight." "I feel so weak, I do not know if I can take any more. My whole body feels weak, what did he do to me? What was in the wine?" " Those answers will come soon pet. Trust me when I say that a new strength will come to you very soon. I need for you to stand and slip on this robe, so we can leave the room." I forced myself to stand up form the bed and slip on the robe Jade had placed next to me. Once I had it on, she took my arm and lead me out of the room, instead of going down the grand stair case she lead me toward a door at the end of the hall. The door slid open to reveal and elevator. Once inside Jade pushed "D" and the elevator started, it is decent to the lower level of the mansion. When the door opened, my eyes grew wide; the room was only light by torches and can
Chapter 6
His words echoed in my head, as he extended his hand to help me stand from the chair I was sitting in. "My sweet Jade is waiting for you, go now, and have fun shopping today my pet." He allowed me a few moments to freshen up before escorting me to his office door, before he opened the door he pulled me to him and kissed me passionately. "I shall see you when you return to me" I tried to reply to his statement but no sound would come from my mouth. He opened the door for me, as I passed by him a shiver ran up my spine. I wanted to turn back and look upon his face one last time, but in my heart, I knew that if I looked back he would know that I was not going to return. Instead, I forced myself to keep going until I found Jade sitting in the family room with the man who had helped abduct me from my home. "There you are pet. Is your Master done with you so that we may go shopping?" Jade smiled as she spoke. "Yes Mistress he wishes us to have fun on our shopping trip t
Chapter 7
I laid there on the bed trying to calm my ragged breath and wildly beating heart. "Was that a dream or was it something else?" Slowly I climbed out of bed and looked around trying to remember where I was. Finally, after a few moments, I got dressed in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt so that I could go and find something to eat for dinner. I walked out of the room and down the hall toward the elevator. As I neared the elevator, I heard a female's voice saying "yes Master it will be done." Upon hearing her words, I felt a shock course through my body, ever nerve seemed to jump to life just by hearing those words. I looked around for the owner of the voice but did not see anybody at first then I noticed a young woman speaking to somebody in the doorway of one of the rooms. Her head was lowered as she spoke to whom ever it was. I guessed that it was her Master, and then he must have moved aside because she entered the room. I secretly longed to know what was going on inside the room
Chapter 8
The bar was dimly light which made me feel a little more comfortable. I made my way over to the bar and took a seat, the bartender walked over and looked up over before asking what I wanted to drink. "A Michelob please." "Would you like bottle, car or draw little lady?" I thought for a moment before responding, "I would prefer a bottle." He reached down into the cooler and retrieved a bottle of Michelob; he popped the top and then sat it down in front of me. I picked up the bottle and took a long swallow; once I can, quenched my thirst I scanned the clubs clientele. There were groups of people sitting together like co-workers or a group of friends who get together on a regular basis. There were a few sitting off in the darker corners of the club, perhaps they were couples who were making out or just like a little privacy on a first date. I could feel somebody watching me as I drank my beer. Two people walked up to the bar and took the empty bar stools next to me. They
Chapter 9
Without thinking about it I headed down to the lobby, the clerk behind the desk smiled at me as usual and waved. I waved to the friendly clerk but did not smile this time, instead I headed out the door and out into the warm late day sun. I started walked down the street with no clear idea of where I was going. After a few blocks, it felt as though I was being followed and that made me very nervous after what had happened last night. Without looking back to see if my instincts were correct, I just started to run with no clear idea of where to go, as I rounded a corner I noticed a cab stopped against the curb, so I jumped in and gave the driver an address, which I hoped was Master's house. I sat back in the seat as the driver headed North on the highway, still feeling as through I was being followed, but I could not bring myself to turning around and looking to see for sure. Instead, I slip down into the seat more trying to hide from who ever might be following me. The drive notic
Chapter 10
“Jade takes her down the hall and makes her ready for my use as I see fit. We will see if this little slut is truly ready to give all that she is to me and me alone.” “ Yes Master, as you wish.” With His hands still clutching my hair tightly, He forced me to look up into His eyes. I could see a deep fire burning behind them, but I could not tell if it was anger or pure animalistic lust that burned behind those eyes. “You will go with Jade by crawling on your hands and knees and do not even think about speaking a single word while she prepares you for my use. You are about ready to take a journey that you have never dreamt of in your wildest dreams. I felt my heart jump while He spoke, but at the same time I felt ever nerve in my body awaken and I knew that this is where I belonged no matter what Master desired. Jade turned to walk down the hallway and Master released his hold on my hair allowing me to follow Mistress. I fallowed Mistress down the long hall like a puppy being
Chapter 11
Jade left the room with a bow leaving Master alone with me. In my bonds, I trembled with excitement and fear of the unknown. I was not afraid of Master, or of His temper. In my heart, I knew that I was safe and that He would not bring undo harm to what belonged to Him. With all of my scenes gone I had to rely on my mind to since where Master was in the room, ever once in awhile when He moved I could feel a breeze, and if He walked a little heavier I could feel the floor move below the devices that I was attached to. I had by now lost all scenes of time, and feel asleep still hooked up to the contraption that I was starting to think Master had created. I awoke to my arms being lowered and me being lifted off the contraption. I tried to open my eyes and realized that I was still without my scenes. I could feel some body’s hands rubbing my arms trying to get feeling back in them. The hands felt like Jades, so I relaxed and let the pens and needles take over my arms as they
Chapter 12
I rested on the bed, dozed until I heard the door open, and saw Jade enter the room carrying a tray of food. “How are you feeling today little one?” “I am well Mistress, a little sore but my heart, and mind is at ease. It is only my body that aches.” Jade walked over to the bed and sat the tray down over my lap. “Eat at least a little bit little one, it will help you heal physically.” I looked over the bacon, eggs that Jade had placed in front of me, and that was when I heard my stomach rumble with hunger. “You are hungry little one; I hear your stomach rumble.” Jade said with a laugh. “I do not know if I am hungry for food or for Master’s touch. The hunger that I feel for Him is so over powering that I cannot tell which is which, and at the same time when I think of His touch I physically become hot. It is as though I am having hot flashes that I can not control and honestly do not wish to control.” “ In time you will know the difference between the hungers that consume y
Chapter 1
It started out as a normal day. Rebecca woke up at 8:00am, ate a quick breakfast, got a shower, dressed, and started her walk to work. As she passed the park, she got the eerie feeling she was being watched but there was not many people out this early. She just let the feeling pass and continued on her way to work. While getting her daily Iced Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks, she got that felling again, this time getting chills down her spine sensing that someone is behind her. She turned around and saw a dark figure quickly disappear from the window. She paid and rushed out the door just in time to see the figure dash around the corner. (Rebecca) Oh lord, now I’m seeing shit. Rob was right, maybe I do drink too much caffeine. Now I am losing it, I just admitted Rob was right. She slaps herself and peeks around the corner to see if the figure is still there. She convinces herself that she is just seeing things and continues to walk to work. As she spends her day working, cooking for t
Chapter 4 Of My Poetic Fairy Tale....
enjoy!!! What she doesn't know Is that his heart breaks when she isn't near What she doesn't know Is he would give his last breathe to calm her fears What she doesn't know He is happy just knowing her What she doesn't know Is he will remember her forever What she doesn't know Is all the things he can't seem to tell her
Chapter 5
Here is chapter 5 of 13 of my poetic fairytale...hope you enjoy! What she doesn't know Is that his heart breaks when she isn't near What she doesn't know Is he would give his last breathe to calm her fears What she doesn't know He is happy just knowing her What she doesn't know Is he will remember her forever What she doesn't know Is all the things he can't seem to tell her
Chapter 6 An An Update
doc says the foot is healing fine...still wants to keep the staples appmnt is next is the next chapter in my fairytale He is from here, she is from there But when they are together, they don't care They share the same earth, they share the same sky None of it seems to matter when they look into the others eyes When he takes her to where she's going, will he go back to where he's been Will they have to go thier seperate ways just start all over again Do they live for the moment, and wait for the answers to come unfurled Or do they break it to thier hearts that they come from different worlds
Chapter 7~enjoy!
The knight has done his duties, he has brought her safely home He bids her fairwell, and he turns to leave alone Fighting back tears, as to not look like less a man But before he can take a step, she takes him by the hand "Please don't leave my knight , stay if would" "But I dont know I can, or even if I should" "But there is something you should know, knight, something you should hear" "In you I have found my strength to fight and chase away my fears" "But, my fair maiden, you had the strength all along" "It's there every time you smile, or dance to a birds song" "Dear knight, just honor this one last request" "Promise you will return for me, before your dying breathe" He takes her in his arms, for an eternity it seems A weight has lifted from his soul, his heart is finally free "I shall return for you, I just dont know when" "There are many miles between us and they seem to never end" "I must return home to tend to matters there" The
Chapter 8
here is chapter 8 of my poetic fairy tale...the weather is supposed to be nasty the next few days so if you dont hear from me thats why..hope you are enjoying the story! There is no other He would cross the miles for There is no other Who makes his heart soar There is no other Who instills such passion There is no other Who brings this joy beyond comprehension There is no other For whom he would traverse time and demensions There is no other Who is worth more to him than the Heavens There is no other And he will be with her even if it takes forever For there is no other
Chapter One
Chapter One: “The Believer” Gwjuan Robinson Miss Robinson more than likely doesn’t think of me as often as I do her. Talk about finding light in your darkest hour. Walking into my newest job, I knew no one, thought my manger was exceptionally attractive and hated kids. Not the ideal job for a teenage girl working at an elementary school in a ritzy suburb of Indianapolis. But when I walked through the double doors of the arts and crafts room, a heavyset black woman glanced up with a grin that will always be etched in my heart. I shrugged it off at first, checked in with my tall, dark and handsome new supervisor, and proceeded to stand in the middle of a room crowded with tables, chairs and screaming children. Counselors were being hounded by elementary aged school children that needed help with their pipe-cleaner projects. Looking back at those doors, I’m glad I didn’t make the b-line for the door at that moment, because next thing I knew, a woman approached me with a giant smile. S
Chapter 1
Yesterday I finished the first chapter of the novel(for which I still haven't decided on a title). This is the furthest I've ever gotten into a novel attempt, so I'm very happy. It's only four pages, but it feels like the right place for a chapter break. It's a .pdf file, which I think (I hope) everyone can open. Here it is, enjoy. Chapter 1 This is just the first edit, but I think most of it will stay as is. Ps. I just downloaded Cute PDF Writer and it's awesome. :D
Chapter 1 Html Version
Apparently, the pdf version of chapter 1 doesn't seem to be working for some, so I put together an html version. The formatting won't be as good, but at least it will open. lol Chapter 1
Chapter #3: The Love Letters
Well dear reader, it seems we find ourselves here again. If you're just joining the Erotic adventures of Steve, then you can catch up by reading the first 2 chapters under my other blog "Sex Story in progress". Enough business, let's get on with chapter 3, shall we? As this is my storyline, I've decided chapter 3 will take a little turn for the romantic. This chapter will feature 2 erotic letters. Although not as graphic as the first 2 chapters, I think quite a few people out there will enjoy these letters as much as I did. Let's consider this: 2 lovers, far apart, but none the less severely attracted to each other. The idea was to write a letter to one another as to what a night would be like with the other. Not to hard, but exciting all the same. Especially when written with the other in mind. So, sit back, relax, and let's enjoy the ride together....... Letter #1 Over dinner you noticed my lusty gaze. The look you have grown to know. Grown to love, because you know what
Chapter Two The Battle
It was a desolate morning with the sun hiding behind a blanket of clouds hovering the horizon looking like they could engulf the earth. Inuyasha and his friends awoke with the sound of trees rustling in the distance and an erie familiar stench in the air that made them all shake with an uneasiness that disaster was coming. “I smell a demon nearby and it carries Narakus scent,” exclaimed Inuyasha. Miroku and Sango agreed as the rose to their feet. Feeling her heart almost jumping out of her chest, “I sense a jewel shard and its getting closer” in a whisper of a voice from Kagome (who is just starting to get over larenjitus). Kirara transforms and Sango and Miroku jump on in a flight to see what this demon could be. Kagome and Shippo get onto Inuyashas back so they could keep up with the gang. Inuyasha thinking “Maybe this time I will find Naraku.”M Up ahead in the distance they see a demon, standing about three stories in the sky, eyes so evil that you could easily mistake him for the
Chapter Three Unvailing Nightmare
It was clear evening when Sesshomoru returned to where he left Seashore with Jake and Ran. They were sitting around a small fire that Jake had prepared for them. Still covered in her cloak that her wolf father gave her she looked up with a sigh of relief on her face to see that Sesshomoru had returned safely from wherever he had gone. Rin with a gleam of excitement in her eyes welcomed his return. “Lord Sesshomoru, I am glad you are back.” “My lord was you successful in defeating Naraku although I wish you took me with I could have helped you.” Stated Jaken. Sesshome just sat quietly feeling a presence close by but unsure what it could be. She looked around to see if she could see what she was feeling. But she saw nothing. Kagura hiding behind some trees watching them sternly curious as to who the person hidden under the cloak could be. “Sesshomoru insisted that everyone get some sleep because they were to go on a journey in the morning. He sat beside Sesshome close to the fire and loo
Chapter 12 { The First Men In The Moon
I FOUND myself sitting crouched together in a tumultuous darkness. For a long time I could not understand where I was, nor how I had come to this perplexity. I thought of the cupboard into which I had been thrust at times when I was a child, and then of a very dark and noisy bedroom in which I had slept during an illness. But these sounds about me were not the noises I had known, and there was a thin flavour in the air like the wind of a stable. Then I supposed we must still be at work upon the sphere, and that somehow I had got into the cellar of Cavor's house. I remembered we had finished the sphere, and fancied I must still be in it and travelling through space. "Cavor," I said, "cannot we have some light?" There came no answer. "Cavor!" I insisted. I was answered by a groan. "My head!" I heard him say; "my head!" I attempted to press my hands to my brow, which ached, and discovered they were tied together. This startled me very much. I brought them up to my mout
Chapter 13 { The First Men In The Moon
FOR a time neither of us spoke. To focus together all the things we had brought upon ourselves, seemed beyond my mental powers. "They've got us," I said at last. "It was that fungus." "Well - if I hadn't taken it we should have fainted and starved." "We might have found the sphere." I lost my temper at his persistence, and swore to myself. For a time we hated one another in silence. I drummed with my fingers on the floor between my knees, and gritted the links of my fetters together. Presently I was forced to talk again. "What do you make of it, anyhow?" I asked humbly. "They are reasonable creatures - they can make things and do things. Those lights we saw..." He stopped. It was clear he could make nothing of it. When he spoke again it was to confess, "After all, they are more human than we had a right to expect. I suppose -" He stopped irritatingly. "Yes?" "I suppose, anyhow - on any planet where there is an intelligent animal - it will
Chapter 9 { Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea
CHAPTER IX NED LAND'S TEMPERS How long we slept I do not know; but our sleep must have lasted long, for it rested us completely from our fatigues. I woke first. My companions had not moved, and were still stretched in their corner. Hardly roused from my somewhat hard couch, I felt my brain freed, my mind clear. I then began an attentive examination of our cell. Nothing was changed inside. The prison was still a prison-- the prisoners, prisoners. However, the steward, during our sleep, had cleared the table. I breathed with difficulty. The heavy air seemed to oppress my lungs. Although the cell was large, we had evidently consumed a great part of the oxygen that it contained. Indeed, each man consumes, in one hour, the oxygen contained in more than 176 pints of air, and this air, charged (as then) with a nearly equal quantity of carbonic acid, becomes unbreathable. It became necessary to renew the atmosphere of our prison, and no doubt the whole in the submarine boat. That gave
Chapter 10 { Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea
CHAPTER X THE MAN OF THE SEAS It was the commander of the vessel who thus spoke. At these words, Ned Land rose suddenly. The steward, nearly strangled, tottered out on a sign from his master. But such was the power of the commander on board, that not a gesture betrayed the resentment which this man must have felt towards the Canadian. Conseil interested in spite of himself, I stupefied, awaited in silence the result of this scene. The commander, leaning against the corner of a table with his arms folded, scanned us with profound attention. Did he hesitate to speak? Did he regret the words which he had just spoken in French? One might almost think so. After some moments of silence, which not one of us dreamed of breaking, "Gentlemen," said he, in a calm and penetrating voice, "I speak French, English, German, and Latin equally well. I could, therefore, have answered you at our first interview, but I wished to know you first, then to reflect. The story told by each one, entire
Chapter 1
So I decided to take the Friends Photo Album off my page because I figured my friends may not have wanted their pics online for everyone to see. I did keep one pic up, but I moved that to my Word Album. It's of a very spiffy fellow who keeps a bounce in my step and a smile on my face. :D
Chapter 2
A little more serious and a hell of a lot more painful. . . Yesterday was December 15th. I didn't notice that until a few minutes ago. It's funny that everyone is so excited about Christmas and all I feel towards the damn holiday is anger. If I hadn't been sick last Christmas, I would have been there for their last one. Papa and Gramma were both in such great health then. How was I supposed to know that God would take them away from me? Papa was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer in April, two days after my birthday. We were hopeful at first, but our prayers crashed around us when his cancer started spreading faster than anyone of us could have anticipated. Within no time, the cancer had spread to his lungs, stomach, liver and then finally his pancreas. Shortly after, he died. Three months and three days after his diagnosis, he was gone. He passed away on July 15th. In our hearts, we always knew that if one of them should die, the other would follow soon afterwards. They were ve
Chapter 3
A list! 1.) I will NOT hand out my yahoo messenger, especially if your first words to me are do you have one? So stop asking. 2.) Do I have a cam? Yes. Can you see it? NO. 3.) Stop saying my man is really lucky because if you look at my profile, it says I'm single and I'm not lying about it or fogetting to change it. I really am single. 4.) With that being said, I'm not looking for a relationship on this site. I'm looking for friendship and harmless flirting. Not for a fuck buddy or a boyfriend. 5.) I took a lot of my "naughty" pics down because I was getting sick of the comments. I should have seen them coming, but I was just having some fun. Now I regret putting them on here in the first place. Oh by the way. . .not showing nudes so don't fucking ask. I think thats it. HUZZAH
Chapter 4
By the way, I know I'm in a bad mood today. Well, technically, I was in a bad mood yesterday and it carried over to today. Anywho, Thursday was supposed to be my Papa and Gramma's 60th anniversary but if you read the other blog then you know that they both passed away in July. So I'm upset about it. I'm also upset because of boy issues. I like someone who lives two hours away and he's in a relationsip. I also like someone who lives where I do, but is having problems of his own. Ugh. I just don't know what to think anymore. FUCK.
Chapter 5
Tears and pain are a part of life. I can't be the strong person I want to be all the time so tonight, I'm letting the tears flow. Uncle Al is in a coma with no brain activity. He's dying. I keep telling myself all things happen for a reason and that whatever happens, everything will be ok. At least he'll be with Papa and Gramma. He'll be happy there. There are nights I just want to be held by someone I care for but my heart and mind aren't clear on that subject either. Who is it that my heart wants and would they even want me? I've seen so much pain and loss this year, but I've gotten stronger from it. It took me a while, but I realize that tears and pain are a part of life and that self mutilation isn't. So tonight, I'm taking away the smile and releasing my pain. I just hope one day, my real smile will be worn on my face more than the fake one.
So, we had this great 10 year old cat named Jack who just recently died. Jack was a great cat and the kids would carry him around and sit on him and nothing ever bothered him. He used to hang out and nap all day long on this mat in our bathroom. Well we have 3 kids and at the time of this story they were 4 years old, 3 years old and 1 year old. The middle one is Eli. Eli really loves chapstick. LOVES it. He kept asking to use my chapstick and then losing it. So finally one day I showed him where in the bathroom I keep my chapstick and how he could use it whenever he wanted to but he needed to put it right back in the drawer when he was done. Last year on Mother's Day, we were having the typical rush around and try to get ready for Church with everyone crying and carrying on. My two boys are fighting over the toy in the cereal box. I am trying to nurse my little one at the same time I am putting on my make-up. Everything is a mess and everyone has long forgotten that t
Chapter #2
Mmmmmmmmm.....Very hot..I say as I watch you take my cock and stick it between your big beautiful tits. As my cock slides between your tits I look over across the room and see two vibes lying on an end table. I then get up and tell you to get on the couch and get on all fours. I walk over to the table and pick them up and say...Mmmmmmmm...looks like your wanting to be a naughty little slut tonight. I walk back over to you and smack your ass good and hard....and then smack that sweet wet hot tight pussy as your moaning with your mouth open staring at my cock. I rub my hand over your ass and smack her again and ask...are you my hot sexy slut..and smack your sweet round ass again...OML YESSSSSSSSSS you scream..I am your slut....What do you want me to do to you I ask...As I smack your pussy good and hard. Fuck me scream..fuck all my holes at once.....pleaseeeeeee.....I put my cock in your mouth and slowly fuck it while you moan and wait for me to fuck that sweet tight ass and y
Chapter One- (entire)
Please rate and comment "Honestly" Chapter One “Yeah” Phoenix said quietly as she picked up her cell phone while signing the latest copy of her book Darkest Obsessions. “So… How’s your signing going?” Steve asked “Pretty good… It was slow at first but it has picked up over the past hour or so. People really like this book.” Phoenix answered smiling as she signed another book. “Thank you. I loved your last book so much. I can’t wait to read this one.” the petite dark haired girl said with a smile as she took her book. Phoenix watched her walk away and found her to be an interesting individual with her long baggie black gothic wide leg pants with chains hanging about. The combat boots she wore we new, but the part that caught her attention the most was the jade green trimmed in black lace bustier she wore. It would have been considered inappropriate on most people but she pulled it off nicely. Her hair was short and dark. Sl
Chapter Two - (entire)
Please rate and comment "Honestly" Chapter Two The ride to the was a quiet one. Donovan seemed to be distracted by something. He had not acted like the man in the bookstore since he stopped and was looking around. Maybe I wasn’t imagining that feeling of being watched. She thought to herself, and she looked over at Donovan sitting behind the wheel stone faced, constantly looking in his review mirror. The light from the dashboard lit up his features nicely, yet brought out something in his face she hadn’t noticed before, something frightening. The radio playing softly and the purring of the supercharged engine of Donovan’s wild strawberry 1969 Dodge Charger was the only things that broke the silence. It must have been a night for love songs on the radio, or just the station, first it was Love of a lifetime by Firehouse, then to Let’s Make Love by Bryan Adams then final song was Phoenix’ and Adam’s song Lonely Road of Faith by Kid Rock. Hear
Chapter 3 Nsfw !!!!!!!!
My heart is pounding as your words echo in my ears, it feels as if it will take me over soon. I want to speak to you but every time I try my heart leaps to my throat and the words refuse to leave my lips. Tears form in my eyes as I look at you and know that I will never be the same for having loved you. You place your cheek to mine, your scent is sweet, like pure seduction, warming me to my innermost depths. I wrap my arms around you and pull you close , scraping my nails on your back gently. You slide down my body as you work your way to my center again, placing small kisses along the way leaving a trail that feels like fire all the way down my body. You part my legs slowly, taking in the sight of me by the light from the candles around the room. "You look so beautiful right now" is all you say to me. You lower your mouth to my body and slowly start running your tounge just on the inside of my thighs, you get closer then you flick your tounge on my most sensitive of spots making
Chapter I: Get To Know The Person
Well here is the first installment of the world according to Bud. As always stream of consciousness and with full typos :). I guess i don't have anything more important to say than anyone else who takes the time to tickle the keyboard but I'm honored that you, poor reader, have taken the time to check out my ramblings. The subject that strikes my fancy today is describing my impression of Fubar so far, from the eyes of a newbie. I have had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people and truly make some great friends. I can definitely see how this would become an addiction and i'm doing my best to keep going to work and eating dinner etc. I suppose if i don't I'd end up sleeping at the keyboard and wasting away to nothing. Well, all joking aside I have really enjoyed my time on Fubar. It definitely took a little time to get rolling and find my social niche but it was worth the time investment. I think by taking your time and letting friendships develop it makes the rest of the in
Chapter 2
THE HOUSE .2. “Hey Steve and Sammy, look at the house. It looks so scary don’t you think Steve?” I said. “Yeah man, it looks haunted. Is this the house you were telling us about?” Steve asked. “Yes,” I told him. “Dude, lets go inside and see how spooky it is.” “Sherrie, are you insane?” Sammy said. “Who knows what’s in there. For all we know the dude from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre could be living there!” “Yeah, bet he can see us now and he’s gonna come out to kill us with his chainsaw,” Steve joked. “Whatever Steve, like that’s gonna happen. That only happens down south,” I joked. “Come on; let’s go check out the house.” As I get out of the car I say, “What are you chicken?” “No,” they both replied as they get out of the car. “Hey, what about Joe’s house?” Sammy said. “Oh, about that. That was just an excuse to get you to come with me,” I told them. “You punk!” Sammy said shocked with a surprised smile on her face. “You should have just told me.
So, we had this great 10 year old cat named Jack. Jack was a great cat and the kids would carry him around and sit on him and nothing ever bothered him. He used to hang out and nap all day long on this mat in our bathroom.Well we have 3 kids and at the time of this story they were 4 years old, 3 years old and 1 year old. The middle one is Eli. Eli really loves chapstick. LOVES it. He kept asking to use my chapstick and then losing it. So finally one day I showed him where in the bathroom I keep my chapstick and how he could use it whenever he wanted to but he needed to put it right back in the drawer when he was done.Last year on Mother's Day, we were having the typical rush around and try to get ready for Church with everyone crying and carrying on. My two boys are fighting over the toy in the cereal box. I am trying to nurse my little one at the same time I am putting on my make-up. Everything is a mess and everyone has long forgotten that this is a wonderful day to ho
Chapter One
So I thought it would only be fitting to start a new Blog since it is the new year and has been for well over a month. Speaking of well over a month. . .I haven't been on this site for a while, huh? I don't know if anyone noticed that. But hey, I'm back now! Then again, don't know if anyone will notice that either. Hahaha. I'm just little ol' me. Nothing special. Anywho, I went MIA because I came back to school and had to deal with a lot of bullshit and try to sort everything out. I also am no longer single fella's and ladies. I met an awesome guy named Scott. We've only been dating for two weeks, but he's a sweetheart. I'm sure I'll write more later when I feel like it. :D Also, give me some time to get adjusted to this site again. So if I don't add you right away or something, don't worry bout it. I'll get to ya! Peace out homies.
Chapter 3
THE HISTORY .3. Oh, my God! This house was built in the 1800’s and the people that lived here were rich. About a year later the guys’ wife becomes ill and dies. After the wife dies he becomes suicidal and hangs himself in his library. The house went up for sale of course and a couple bought this house. The wife complained about hearing noises in her room and the library. About a year and a half later the man and wife and their two kids were found murdered. They never found out who killed them but on the bedroom wall, written in blood, there was a message saying: This is our house! The house was empty for about two years and then a man bought it. He was an artist, who painted scenery pictures. It mentions he bought the house because it had beautiful scenery. It also mentions that he was trying to paint, when he left the dinning room for a few minutes. He came back and something was written in red paint, it said: This is our house, get out! You will not take our house f
Chapter 4
SECRETS REVELED .4. “June 1, 1802: Dear Diary, I just got married yesterday to a wonderful man named Matthew Cretan Rogers. Matthew has a lot of money and has good qualities about him. We moved into the house that Matthew built for me during our engagement. My mother gave me this dairy for a wedding present. She said it would help when I get lonely after my daily chores are done. Living in this house scares me because it’s so big and hardly anybody is here with me except my handmaid. I finished making clothes and soap for Matthew and me. I hope he approves. May 10, 1803: Dear Diary, I’m not feeling good today. It’s hard to get out of bed. My body is sore from yesterday. Matthew and I got into an argument and he beat me. He didn’t approve the cloth I bought. He said it was too expensive. I deserved it. I should have bought the cheaper cloth. I feel so bad. Sincerely, Sue Ellen.” “Dude, she did not deserve to get hit just because she bought expensive cloth. I’d f
Chapter 1
Mike and I have been together for about 3 yrs. now. Both coming out of failed relationships, we had our share of button- pushing. I guess you would say, we felt we had to test one another's boundaries and commitments to each other. Scared to actually step out of our safety zones and afraid of being hurt again. Alone, I had been through one traumatic experience after another. I was a single mother battling not only poverty but the government as well. I have 2 children, each with individual problems of their own, My oldest, Cole, my son, had emotional problems I couldn't, reach or fix, no matter how much I desired it. Cheyenne, my daughter, with a handicap of her own, she was born with Down's Syndrome, but given the mother I am, I had always denied the fact, pushing her own limits of strengths and never letting her give in to her weakness, fighting every professional who tried to stand in our way, or putting her in a stereo-typed category, This was bittersweet, in both rewarding, a
Chapter 2
At the time Mike and I met, I was dating someone whom I thought I was falling madly in love with. He was an older gentleman that showed me that not all men were jerks and that I was worth something to be cherished. I had not ever felt this way before and I confused kindness with love.Mike would later show me the difference with his love and compassion and understanding. I thank God every night he walked in my line that night. I was working at Wal-Mart / in the toy department, the first time Mike and I met. He walked in looking for pool chlorine, I was atop a ladder putting stock away, and was looking for any reason to climb down and take a break, so this give me the perfect opportunity, the moment our eyes met there was an un describable spark., I didn't know what it was , but it was different from anything I have ever felt before. I walked him over to where the chlorine was and had a little small talk, as I excused myself to climb back up my ladder, I felt his gaze follow me. He pret
Chapter 3
I called in the following day, using my woman problems as an excuse, the truth was I only had the one day left in the toy department, I was scheduled to transfer to cashier the following day, I took the day off the recoup my mentality. Working the toy department was a lot different than running a register all day, spending time with my children seemed to make everything worth whiled so we spent the day playing video games together instead. Mike had went in the department looking for me. He had no idea that not only had I called in that day, but I was also to be transferred the next day, he was afraid he would never see me again. I am so grateful for fate tat he never gave up on me because within a week or so he finally found me in one of the many long lines. I looked up and there he was. I felt he was just as nervous as I was and he flirted with me as I was checking him out. It took him a few more trips to get up enough courage to ask me out. When he did I was so nervous that I blu
Chapter 1
She argue's with her boyfriend , in the parking lot of the "Broken Bridges", the local tavern. He want's to go home, she want's to stay. It has been a long day, and she needed to let her hair down and drown her sorrow's for awhile. She stomps out of the car and slam the door. She is glad she has her own car, and she is glad they live separately. The man in the Bronco watched the whole spectacle, he just pulled in the lot and started to get out when he noticed her. She was the most exotic woman he has ever seen, she was dressed in a uniform of some sort's, look's like she was a waitress or hostess somewhere. She was late 20's or early thirty's , her companion was definitely mid- forties. She had strikingly thick shoulder length, fiery red hair, like her temper. He didn't get a glimpse of the man but he looked like he had scraggly wild hair, they both wore glasses, but she seemed to look classy with the red frames on her strong face. He seen her walk inside, he knew he was supposed to h
Chapter 2
The girl looked up at him, "You know Mary and Todd" she asked." "yes, Todd and I have known each other for year's, we used to work together, quite astonished that they knew the same circle and he has never laid eye's on her before, he would have remembered such a delightful creature. She shifted her attention to him, "what a coincidence, Mary is my cousin, My name is Jessica, Jesse, for short. She had the sexiest smile and the biggest brown eye's he ever saw. I'm Bob, ass hole for short, at least that is what my friends call me." "Why? " She asked. "Just what they call me" Fred the drunkard, not happy at all , that Bob had stolen what he thought was going to be his piece of ass for the evening blurted out' " You know you look good from the wait down " Bob hearing this got ticked off while Jess seemed to not have noticed, she was too tipsy to even let a small thing offends her and bring her down from her high. "Fred, either you apologize to the lady, right now, or I'll knock some manner
Chapter 3
While soaking her feet, Jesse, felt drawn to tell him her story, How she had lost her kids, because she and her husband fought. She was dating the guy she lost her virginity too years earlier, but he doesn't understand. How she live's alone, but can't bare to be home, without her children so she throws herself into her work and stay's drunk the other part of the time.That she lives two life's because if the coalition was to know she laid in bars to kill the pain, she would never get her kids back, so she pretends by day to be so strong, but at night the pain is overbearing so she drowns her heartaches with tequila and loud music in bars.He partly is taken back by her honesty, and for the first time feels compassion for a woman. He sits in the lounge chair and listens as she pours her heart out. Jesse doesn't know why she feels so compelled to tell this guy her life history all she can feel is relieved that she is getting it out. They sit there for at least a few hours her talking , h
Chapter 4
She looked like an angel lying there , her beautiful face glowing in the dimmed candlelight. She looked up into his face, and she felt a feeling she had never felt before, her heart was pumping and she felt like a queen in his arms .There were no worries, just him and her,lost in their own little world. She could lock her fears out , because this wonderful man, with his eye's, has assured her, at this moment in time, she was the only thing that mattered. His touch was electrifying as he slowly examined her every womanly weakness. Spreading her legs, he dived hungrily into the moistened bush, to him , she was the most sexual being he had ever met, to her, he was a paradise,her own special knight in shing armor, that she had alone, and she did not have to share with anybody. She opened up and let her self be free to loose control. She pulled his head deeper into her, lifting her ass up, she had never felt such wondourus lovemaking before, and she was ready to let him have all the juices
Chapter 5
Who was this young lady, who was so full of sexual energy,she made Bob feel like he was young again, he had never met any one so appealing before, she made him want to listen, to care, to feel for the fist time in his whole life, to love, "what the hell am I saying? " he pushed that thought aside and replaced it with " this woman is wild in bed. He didn't want any part of love, he's fifty, he's too old, it's too late to start to have these feelings now, especially with a woman that is 20 years his junior, and had a lot of baggage, and kids, no he would never tolerate kids. Looking at her as she slept , he thought to himself, I need to try to keep this woman holding on as long as I can, because one of these days, she's going to realize, who I really am, she's going to realize she deserves everything, I can't or refuse to give her. But for now, I want her . Jesse, woke up and looked into his eye's. Feeling relieved he was smiling she stretched and asked "What time is it?" "A little after
Chapter 6
Well in that case, I must tell you, I am seeing someone, that I have been seing for six years. I am not going to break her heart. If your ok with that than, I would love to see you again." Jesse thought about it, she has dated married men before, so he was seeing someone, it really didn't matter to her, she had her own life to lead so she agreed. He had a smirk grin as he thought an overwhelming feeling of relief sweep over him. They left in his jeep,he dropped her off to her car, exchanging numbers, and saying their farewells. Bob waited to make sure Jesse's car got started, before he drove off.His first impression of this needy girl, was she has a lot of potential, he would help her grow into the wonderful young lady he knew she could be and return, she would bring life into his soul she would awaken every emotion he has either never had or have thought were buried when he buried his parents. He would later find out that, this one woman, could teach him more than he ever bargained f
Chapter 7
Jesse drove to her meeting with the caseworker, feeling confident, for the first time, she knew if she just did everything the case plan said she would gain the custody of her children again. Cody 6, scared of being removed from his mama's loving arms, and Sarah, her four Yr. old precious little girl,7 born to her with a disability, Down's Syndrome , they called it, Jesse didn't care to her, they were her only reasons for living, and she 'would be damned if the State would take that away from her. They could not see how much her, and her loving angels needed each other, and their loving bond, right now they were at her mother's house, but it wasn't the same thing as having them with her, it was like they ripped her whole world away, and she was not going to let them get away with that. She 'tried to push the pain away, but it became overwhelming, and the hurt she was feeling, worked as a weapon against her, she resented all those involved, she resented her husband for pushing he
Chapter 8
outside just smiled and nodded, but secretly, she was feeling this deepened rage that had built into her, she would, however, dislikable as it were , to do everything to please this dumb bitch so she could have her angels back.She would do whatever it took grinning and bearing through the pain, until they came home to her. Her heart was broken as she left the office she needed to go check on her babies before she met Mary and Todd at Javier's house to get some of her things to move into her new apartment, separate from her shared residence, apart from her soon to be ex. pulled up to her mother's driveway, they ran up to her like it was Christmas or something , rushing into her arms, almost tackling her. "Mama, Mama" ,they happily yelped hardly giving her enough time to get out of the car. "Hey babies, how's my angels this morning?" Jesse said her voice trembled as her eye's swelled with tears. Can we come home mommy?" Cody asked . " not yet, " She tried to answer, choking back the
Chapter 9
Jesse, walked into the kitchen where her mother was doing dishes. She made herself a cup of coffee and sat down, at the table. In her mother's eye's , Jesse , had a lot of growing up to do, and she never let her forget it, Her mother was married, and she didn't care for Frank, the husband, Jesse, found herself always fighting with him, their arguments would always end the same way, he would throw her out of the house, and she would always return the next day ignoring the fact he didn't want her there. "So, how did it go,?" her mother asked, They gave me a case plan, I have to complete, I want to try to have it done before my next court date." Well, as long as your partying all night, you will never finish the damned thing, Frank snorted out his two- cents' Shut the fuck up, Jesse shot back, "mom, could you for once in our relationship, get him to stay the fuck out of my business? "well Jesse, he is the one supporting them right now?" mom defended the ass hole. Why the hell could she e
Chapter 10
Letting herself in,Jesse felt all the memories rush into her spirit, as she walked through the lonely house.She tripped over one of Sarah's dolls lying in the middle of the floor, she picked the doll up and threw it across the room. Immediately regretting what she had done, she picked it back up , falling to the floor, she wept. The frustration conquering her soul, as ,Jesse,sat there crying like a baby, holding the doll, and wishing she could back up time. "Why did this have to happen to me? What have I ever done to deserve this? Lord please let me have my children , I promise, I would do anything , if you just let me "She prayed and bargained with God, but he seemed not to hear her, she sat there and sobbed, she felt she was loosing control, she wanted to die, fortunately , she even then thought of her babies, She knew they needed her and with that it gave her an ounce of strength, to keep holding on. She heard Todd's truck pull up., she had to compose herself, so she walked into
Chapter 11
Jesse was glad Mary had found Todd, he made her happy. Mary has been through a lot in life, and when her husband was murdered by his pregnant mistress a year ago, she stayed so strong , and Jesse admired that. She often wished she could be as strong as her cousin , but Jesse, did not think she had enough courage. They were disassembling the kid's bunk-bed when out of nowhere Todd goes. "Should we ask her?" Mary shot him a now is the not the right time * look, but by then Jesse was curious. "Ask me what?" she inquisited. " How's the water , under the moonlight, while your drunk off your ass." Jesse, choked on her Pepsi, she had completely forgotten that they had even known each other, and didn't even know they had already ran in to each other. Huh! How did you know she asked, not that it mattered it just shocked her. We met at Jake's for breakfast this morning." He was quite impressed by you, and asked if you were the one that was supposed to be his blind date." J
Chapter 12
Well, if you could make it a late dinner,then I would love to. I was going to my mother's house and spend time with my kids, but we do evening prayer's around 7 and I could meet you somewhere, by 8 would that be to late? she explained. "Jesse, that would be great, would you like me to pick you up. Say at your apartment at the time." " "do you even have my address, she teased Ya, Your cousin gave it to me, he teased, explaining he would tell me about it at dinner. See you then, she said excited. " Oh and Jesse, he added Just incase I have never told you this, I think your an incredible woman and I am looking forward into getting to know you better." She was awe-struck, to say the least with that remark, never had someone, especially on their first day, complimented her like that , and, it made her flattered. "bob,that was.... I don't know what to say." She said, feeling like a school girl . Thank- you , she responded, I mean it, out have been on my mind today, with that
Chapter 13
Arriving at her mother's house , just in time to give the kids their evening showers, she decided to kill three birds with one stone and gathered them in the tub with her she showered while they played in the tub, she felt happy, watching them play and splash. Cody, washed, his sister's hair, with the baby shampoo,he kept telling her "Sarah better close your eyes, your gonna get soap in them, Mom she won't keep her eyes closed. Mom explained that baby shampoo was made for that purpose. "That's a good thing mommie, cause Sarah refuses to listen, and I don't want to see her hurt herself." Cody sounded so grown -up , Jesse couldn't/t help but to be proud of him. She loved the fact he protected her, because right now they will need each other more than ever she thought, feeling saddened, but covering her emotions, by letting the water run down her face to hide the tears she felt building up. Hurry up guy's grandma, just called for dinner .let's finish up , turning off the water and climbi
Chapter 14
She ignored the pain , running into the bathroom, and quickly getting ready, she dabbed on some make-up, she had to mask herself, so what she was feeling inside didn't show on the outside. She got dressed quickly, she needed to stop at the local bar and grab a pint of vodka, she knew she needed to loosen up before she met Bob, she had to kill the numbness, and she had no other way of doing it, except to drown it out. It was hard for her to live her life, without the crutch of alcohol. It didn't get rid of the pain, just numbed it so she could keep moving .Without it, Jesse found herself not wanting to get out of bed, no motivation to live, just drop dead, she felt helpless, and the voices in her head was always screaming at her. She looked in her mother's cupboard and found some outdated tequila, she took a swig feeling the burning liquid reach her blood , she felt a little calmer, she took one last look at her babies and headed out the door. She knew that she needed to get a into her
Chapter 15
" Good Eveing." Jesse greeted him as he was walking up the sidewalk. "well hello there. " he said in a sexy voice. Jesse,thought he was the most intelligent man she has ever known, she wasn't use the classy treatment, the men she had dated or married before were like her, and had no mannerisms, or knew how to treat a lady, this man was a true gentleman , and for once, she was going to enjoy being treated like a queen. "Do you have any preference? " He asked as he unlocked her door. 11 I am game for anything." " Do you like pizza?" " I love pizza!!!" She exclaimed. "Then I know , just the place" Jesse, fidgeted with the knobs on his car stereo, and she found an upbeat Madonna song. He looked at her with such admiration, how could this vibrant young lady be interested in me? he thought to himself, and more so why was he taken by her. It's like she possessed him and if he wasn't careful, she could become his obsession., that is one think that he will have to avoid, women are trouble
Chapter 16
They went for a few drinks at the bar next door, she found an instant friend in the bartender, as they sat and chit-chatted while he played pool with the guys.She felt good and the empty spot was buried deep into her heart. She was free from worry, and she felt alive. She took a dollar to the jukebox and played some of her wild crazy music everybody but her hated, she didn't care it made her feel good, between the new man in her life and the alcohol, Jesse was developing ,or awaken another personality. The sexy party girl by night, by break of dawn , the ugly depressed out of control looser who lost her kids.She felt she needed this personality to balance out, to stay strong. As dumb as it might sound, her reasoning was, if she would party and to have fun to kill the pain, she would balance out the fear and low self esteem she had during the day, so while she went through this long process of courts, case plans, caseworkers, and not having her kids by her side all the time, she wo
Chapter 17
She kissed him, slowly, enticing him as she worked her way down, she knew her slow movements were teasing him because she seen his cock twitch with anticipation, she slowly, with her tongue, traced the outline of his erect he let out a little groan, as she moved her tongue slowly ever so slightly to his belly button. " Are you enjoying this? She asked in her best Mistress Sapphire voice. no response, so she grabbed his thigh and squeezed."what, I didn't hear that, she demanded. He was tuned on with her edgy control, " Yes, he begged, don't stop. Jesse, knew how to please a man, of the many talents she had. She lifted his semi-hardened rod, and licked off the pre cum, that oozed out of the top, tantalizing him as she consumed him deep in her hot mouth, dancing her tongue around his shaft as she sucked in and out moving up and down, he thought to himself, she gives the best damned head I had ever had and there was something unique about it, he was pleased with her orally fucking him.
Chapter 18
Time had passed,and it seemed the more to completion her case plan got, the more her caseworker added to it, she would no sooner finish one task,then another was added. Jesse didn't know if they were trying to piss her off and see how much they bended before she broke, yet, the more obstacles and challenges they gave her, the more she wanted to prove the dumb asses wrong. She was sent to a physiatrist, they wanted her to hold a job, for at least 6 months, they told her she had to start from day one of the new place,it didn't count that it was a transfer, this inferriorated, Jesse, But she just grinned and bared it , deciding that was up to the judge, when her court date came, they wanted her to be established within her own residence for at least 6 months with 3 bedrooms, were these people crazy, do they know how much 3 bedrooms cost.They also wanted her to pay child support for the kids while they were not in her care. It was like they were trying to force her to give up, but they wo
Chapter 20
Bob brought out the best in Jesse, his involvement in her life gave her confidence and the motivation to the through the worst ordeal of her life more easily. She decided to move out of her apartment, and in with her best friend Carol, and family. She wanted to save her money , to get a better apartment for when the children came home. Carol, offered her, the time that she needed to get on her feet. She also relied on Carol's moral support, Carol knew she was fragile and she wanted to make sure Jesse could never be alone. She also got transferred to a town 20 miles away. She thought with a fresh start in working there would be easier, nobody knew what was going on, so there was never any hard stares, or quirky questions. The only people who knew were the managers, but she knew they would never treat her any different than they had before. With all the steps taken to assure her, Jesse was still weak, living by the bottle more and more. Jesse , hated dependents on anything, and was alway
Chapter 21
One night in the pool,Bob was saying something cute,to cheer Jesse up, and then it happened. They had been seeing each other every night , except Friday, (the only night he set aside for his other lady friend),for a total of 3 months. " I love you" Jesse murmured naturally, diving in the water, praying he didn't hear it, she couldn't believe she said it.This love shit was not part of the bargain, she didn't have the time , or energy for a relationship, and she wasn't quite sure he even wanted her. Bob wasn't sure if he heard the girl right. Did she just tell him that she loved him? as soon as she said it, she dove underwater and didn't give him any time to respond, maybe he mis- heard it, he was getting senile he thought. He was developing feelings for her, but is this what he wanted? She was so damned sexy, and he admired her strength. The harder she fought for those damn kids, the more he desired her. She was a fighter , that's for sure, sure 20 years ago, if they had met, but now,
Chapter 22
Jesse, for the next three weeks analyzed, the night in Bob's pool, this is crazy, if she, falls in love now, and he rejects her, she could crash and burn, as much as she felt she needed Bob in her life, she needed her kids more so she went up to a friend , she used to date, they had been hanging around together a little in the afternoons she was off, knew he wasn't happy with the living arrangements he was in so Jesse, advised a plan to accommodate both of them. She needed him to help her get an apartment , and pretend to be her new love interest, in return she would be his trophy wife, and together they were to raise her kids as a family, being friends, instead of lover's, it was a good plan, now all she had to do was convince Ron that, she figured, it wouldn't be to hard, he already mentioned he never has gotten over her, she knew she was using him, but she didn't care, all that mattered to her, was presenting a strong family front, the government was a sucker for couples, especiall
Chapter 23
Jesse, visited Cody and Sarah, as much as time allowed. If she was scheduled later in the day, she would go over and help ready them for school. They couldn't tell that she was working hard to make sure they came home. She hoped that Frank and her mother was watching what they said in front of them. They didn't understand that hanging out all night was the way she coped, and she never stopped working home to bring her kids home, nor will she ever. They looked at it like she was using them as a free babysitter so she could party. She was tired, and didn't' have any more energy to waste, so instead of arguing, she let them think what they wanted, they will soon find out, their assumptions were incorrect, but right now, she couldn't win, she had to save all the energy she had to focusing on bringing Cody and Sarah home. She hadn't called Bob in three weeks, and as much as she missed him, she had to keep her focus on the most important goal of her family's life. Bob, couldn't understand
Chapter 24
I am fine ,I just have a lot going on right now. " She heard in the background that her other tables orders' were up, so she tried to rush the conversation. "Bob, we are extremely busy right now, but I promise I will call you as soon as we slow down a little bit and I take a lunch." Promise, he asked Promised she returned with that she hung up , and went back to work. Bob, sat at his desk, and wondered, he could not believe he made the poor girl promise to return his call, he has never cared whether women returned his calls or not, yet he was still under her spell, he needed her, he couldn't put his finger on it yet, but this one was different. He was supposed to pick up his pool schedule for the month, but now he wanted to sit and wait for her to call. He sat there waiting, thinking, obsessing, , she was under her skin, and he would do whatever it took to have his cake and eat it to as they say. He would sit there and figure a way to keep her holding on, without giv
Chapter 25
The Phone was ringing Jesse was real nervous she Knew that eventually he would call and she would have to face him- running away , definitely was not the best way to handle anything. "hello" answered the voice, on the other end." Jesse all of a sudden was all choked up and had to force herself to speak. "Bob, this is Jesse, I told you I would call" she finally mustered up. "Is everything ok Jesse, I haven't heard from you in about 3 weeks I was just wondering. " Everything is fine, I ...I was just busy." Jesse, stammered. Hearing the nervousness in her voice, Bob asked the unimaginable. Did I do something wrong Jesse? You seem so distant. " She knew she had to tell him the truth, but a phone call on her lunch hour was not the time or the place. " No, Bob, You have did nothing wrong, could we meet later, I'll explain everything, I promise." "Sure, I miss you, what time do you get off?" In about 2 hrs, but I want to check on the kids so I will be free around 6 p.m.
Chapter 26
Jesse drove to her mother's house and checked on Sarah and Cody, playing a Nintendo game with them, making sure that they knew that they weren't just abandon. She never wanted them to feel alone and scared, she always took time to check on them daily, even if it was for an hour or less, and she let them know she could call her anytime they needed her. She would be there as soon as she could. She was never away from a number where she couldn't be reached. Her mother knew the number's to all her friends, all her hangouts, luckily she had friends who were caring enough for her to do this.She called at least 3 times a day no matter where she was or whom she was with. In a way, from the outside , her mother was right, it did look like Jesse was using her as a free babysitter, so that made it tough to defend herself in any argument to such a fact. She knew the truth, she knew the empty pit in her stomach every time they were not around, she knew the pain in her heart, yes she knew too well t
Chapter 27
Once in the comfort surroundings of the bar,Jesse ordered a shot of Goldshlugger and slammed down a white Russian, before she called Bob, and told him where she was. While awaiting his arrival, she ordered another round of both the shot and the drink. She couldn't help to be nervous, she knew she had to tell him the truth. Unsure of how to tell him, or how he would even take it, she knew that it had to all come out. She was hoping it wouldn't make him change his mind, she felt the safest when he was around, she had developed 2 different personalities. He was the only person she could let her sexuality soar, he only knew her as that personality, she never introduced the other personality, she was sure that he saw glimpses of it, but also sure, he didn't notice there were 2 of her, and that by day, her life was led totally different than it was led at night. It was too confusing for her to explain that to him, hell she didn't quite understand it herself. He walked in the bar looking as
Chapter 28
Let's get out of here, and go have a pizza next door then, ya up, he teased. Come to think about it I am hungry, and could probably eat a whole one by myself, she joked back. So they went next door and 'ordered 2 personal pizza's there he did some of the talking. He started the conversation with, "I know , I haven't let you in, I wanted so much to tell you my story, so many times, but I was sure you had too much to deal with already , and I didn't want to burden with you. He went on to tell her That he was the black sheep of his family, which was hard for her to believe, considering he was the most intelligent, caring, and passionate man she has ever met. He told her that his brother- in- law was a great doctor and he made him feel worthless whenever he visited his home town of Virginia city He parents were both alcoholics and he was raised in a bar. He was married when he was 21, and quickly divorced shortly after. He moved to Florida with a girl, bought a house together, th
Chapter 29
"Bob", Jesse interrupted."I have something to tell you. I have done something that is going to change the way we do things, but if you still want to we could work around it." His eyes got bigger as he wondered what she was trying to say. "Jesse, what are you getting at?" "Wait, before I tell you, I must explain something to you. I Know sometimes I do the all wrong things for what I think is the right reasons, but I have to explain why I did these things. I did it in hopes of it will be helping to get my kids back, you must understand it was for no other purpose." "Jesse, did you go back to your husband?" He asked disappointed. "Hell no! ,1 would never do that again." She said in a hardened tone. "Than what is it, the suspense is killing me, and I am too old as it is." He joked breaking the ice, and trying to conceal the fact that he was a tad bit nervous. "promise you won't be mad?" Jesse said as innocently like she was a child with her hands caught in the cookie jar. " I
Chapter 30
He thought to himself how cleaver this girl was, she had totally turned the tables around on him ,this turned him on he felt that, she was now his equal, at least in the mental games that men and women play with each other. He knew that even though he didn't care for the situation at hand, he couldn't say anything because she was right, it was exactly what he was doing to her. He didn't know what her motives were, but he wanted to see. He was falling for the devilish angel, for whatever reasons, and he did need her in his life. Her uniqueness shone through her spirit and something inside her cautioned her heart. This is exactly what he does. His only reply was "lets go home and get naked" Jesse took that to mean that he understood and that he was willing to change the rules. This delighted her, for now she could have her cake and eat it to , now to bring Cody and Sarah home would be the icing, she felt confident she knew she could conquer the world, Bob had that effect on her.Ya,
Chapter 31
In Bob's arms, Jesse felt at home, never had she felt so much love and she was never more desired. Bob had never felt so alive in his entire life, Jesse brought to him what he thought he could never feel. He knew that he had to keep her in his grasp because she was his light. He watched her as she gracefully swam in the pool, by the moonlight she looked like a beautiful mermaid, she was everything he ever have never asked for in a woman, young ,vibrant,compassionate, sexy so full of energy, the turmoil he debated over and over in his head was that even though she was everything he could ever hope for was that it was just too late in life he was over 50 stuck in his ways and didn't know if he could give her what she needed or deserved, but for now he would have to keep her hanging on until he figured it out. He jumped in and snuck up behind her and swooped her in for a long awaited kiss. "Did I scare you? he teased. "oh, ya, like anybody would sneak in your private gat
Chapter 5
THE MURDERS .5. The ghost of Matthew grabs Steve with his hands, picking him up off the ground and strangles him. The ghost drops him and Steve falls to the ground gasping for air. The ghost then grabs a knife and stabs Steve in his stomach. Steve looks down at where he’s cut and looks at his hand, which is covered in blood. The ghost grabs his hand and cuts off his fingers one by one. Steve is screaming in fear because he doesn’t want to die. Ryan, Sammy, and I try to help Steve get up, but the ghost pushes us off, making us hit the wall. We all scream, “Stop it!!!” but we were too late. The ghost cut out his heart and threw it at me saying, “You weren’t suppose to find out. Nobody was suppose to find out and because of you all your friends are going to die!!” We ran to a window and tried to break it with a chair. The ghost grabbed hold of the chair and threw it at us. When the ghost did that, it hit Sammy in the leg and she fell. The ghost came after us and we tried
Chapter One Of Emerald
Emerald 1973 Rising. Up and up, rising to the sky still smoldering came the embers. Floating, twisting and turning, going in circles, they glowed the color of the burnt orange Challenger parked by the roadway. It was parked next to a Willy's wagon, one of the favored beach combing vehicles for the surfing and partying in crowd here. The Challenger, though, was new being this year’s model. 1973, the last year for the famous three hundred forty cubic inch, all American muscle, mopar engine under its finely detailed hood. Forty yards from the parked American muscle and the party wagon, the embers flew from the fire as a group of teenagers danced almost pagan like to the sound of Deep Purple and the taste of Pabst, the blue ribbon beer, at least that's what Billy called it. Billy had followed the Challenger here knowing that with it came Freddie Miller, Flagler Beach football hero, and boyfriend of Sarah Rosen. Billy watched as the drunken party moved closer to the waves
Chapter 4
4. Katy woke at seven thirty the next morning and lay in the bed, feeling Jared’s arm wrapped around her. She nestled back close to him and thought of the previous night when he had come home before bar closing time. There had been no fire fight this time, no dramatics from either of them, and he hadn’t tried to force himself on her. Jared even seemed mostly sober when he came home for a change of pace. They had sit and talked about how each of them had lost their jobs the previous day. They had decided not to make a big deal of it as they were even on this one, though this was Jared’s fourth job since they had been together and only Katy’s second. They had retired to the bed room and cuddled to sleep being very reminiscent of days past when life was good for the couple. Katy slid from Jared’s arm and went into the bathroom to brush her teeth and then have some coffee. Jared came in the kitchen just as the coffee was finished and they enjoyed a morning cup together with very
Chapter 6
THE FINDINGS .6. The police get to the house and see Sammy’s body next to the door. The police go through the house and find Steve’s body. They go up stairs and find Ryan half alive on the floor. On the wall written in blood was a message: They shouldn’t have come. They shouldn’t have found out about my secret! The police take Ryan to a hospital to see if he’s all right. “Well, you only have a couple cuts. You’re lucky,” the doctor told him. “Thanks,” Ryan said shaken up. Ryan tells the police what happened and then his mom came and got him from the hospital. The next day I called Ryan to see how he was doing. Ring, ring. “Hello?” Ryan said. “Hey, how are you doing?” I asked. “I’m ok. Just a little scared,” he replied. “Yeah, me too,” I told him. “The police said that they didn’t find the diary or the letters.” “So,” he said. “So. We have to go back in there and find them,” I said forcefully. “You are crazy. After what happened last night you s
Chapter Excerpt. Fro Being Found.
She looked back to her car, the other truck sat parked beside hers, three men sat unmoving inside the truck, watching her. Tess nervously gazed behind herself and then back to her car. Pushing up her sunglasses, she began to walk casually, but cautiously towards her car. Watching the three men in the truck very carefully. She heaved a sigh of relief as she watched the truck back out and leave. She shook her head at their stupidity as she walked up to her car, quickly glancing over the body. Then glancing down the exit road to the interstate, she inhaled a deep breath and ran a hand threw her hair; pushing her hair out of her face and exhaled as she unlocked the car. Glancing down to the exit again before sliding into the seat. She backed out and headed for the exit. The two trucks sat waiting along the road ahead of her. "Oh shit," she mumbled as she pulled past them. They pulled out behind her and followed her to the interstate. "Bye bye. Play time is over monkey boys." She g
Chapter 7
BACK IN TIME .7. “Sherrie are you sure we should be doing this?” Ryan asked as we opened the door to the abandon house. “We have to do this,” I said. “This house looks different in the daytime.” “It doesn’t look that spooky,” Ryan said. “Here’s the deal, we do not split up. We check out the house together.” “Deal.” “Let’s check out the place you and Steve found. I brought some flashlights just in case,” I said. “Ok.” We go to the secret room and start searching for the letters. I’m going through the desk and Ryan is going through the rest of the room. “Ryan, come here. I found a necklace. Its inscribed Sue Ellen.” “Sherrie, did you say that?” Ryan asked. “No. I think someone is in here,” I replied. We go up stairs to see if there was anybody here. As we get out of the secret room the house was different. It looked new. There weren’t any dust or spide4r webs on anything. “Ryan, are we still in the4 same house,” I asked. “Yes. But nothing is th
Chapter 8
THE ATTIC .8. We went up stairs to the study and looked. We tore the room apart and still couldn’t find the diary or the letters. So we went room to room. Still nothing. It started to get dark but we both didn’t care anymore. We had to find them. We had to free Sue Ellen. We went up to the attic. “it’s going to take forever to find them in here. The attic is humongous!” I stated. “Well, stop talking and start searching.” We must have been searching for about 45 minutes until one of us found something. “Sherrie, I think I found something!” Ryan says excited. Ryan pulled up a loose floor board and stuck his hand in and pulled out the letters and the diary. “Yes!!!” We both say excited. “I give you guys credit. You came back and found my hiding place. I knew you two would come back,” Matthew said. “Run!” Ryan screams. We started to run to the front door and Matthew grabbed my shirt and slammed me against the wall. Then he went after Ryan. “Give me back t
Chapter 1
The Sentence It’s been said that evil times are always begun with some kind of dark omen. Tonight, when I walked out of my house I noticed the blood red moon in the sky. A few wispy clouds were moving slowly, partially covering it. I took a deep breath and started walking. I was tired and brooding. Deep in thought I made my way to the bar a few blocks away. Usually at this time of night there’s always some kind of noise from people yelling at each other, police sirens wailing, even the occasional gunshot. But it was dead quiet, and you know I got that eerie feeling that something was watching me. The bar I was walking to, was this seedy, dirty dive hole in the wall. In fact it was called the Hole in the Wall. It was never full. And as far as I can tell every time I’ve walked in the song Along the Watchtower was always playing. Whenever it stopped the bartender would always put a few dollars into the jukebox. Always it was the same song. I sat down at the bar coun
Chapter 3
The eyes of the heart may have opened at last Could it be that the maiden is just within his grasp The sound of his heart beating echos in his ears Could she be the queen he has longed after for so many years The knight is still unsure of his next step He doesnt want to make a move he will later regret So for now he will proceed with care As to not chase away this maiden so fair
Chapter 4~
A Scarlett Rose: "Divided together" Blue skies and gray clouds molding and mixing together whipping winds in hurried waves lazy summer of hot Dixie days. Scarlet hair waved in swaying flow through the town shops, She'd go, non-shilant in her steady pose dressed in delight, a Scarlett Rose. "Miss Scarlett," Sergeant Sylvester delighted. Scarlett turned slightly acting frighten ... "Oh." Hugs exchanged in gusts of glee ushered into the shadows so not to be seen. "The Yankees have taken over the town what in Gods name are you doing around ..." Kissing pressed to quiet her lips "" she blurted, hands on her hips. "I had to see you, us Reb's are hidden down river," Miss Scarlett felt uneasy and began to shiver. "Don't come to town tomorrow...okay?" Sergeant Sylvester hoped she'd obey. "Miss Scarlett? Is that you?" asked a voice from out of the blue. Turning to see who called her name her heart beat twice the same. "Captain Doodle," Scarlett
Chapter 1: Love Thy Neighbor (before You Take His Life)
Pulling herself out of bed knowing she will never get back to sleep. She pads to the kitchen to grab her morning coffee, passing through the den she hit's the power button to make her screen come alive. Fifteen minutes later, sitting at her desk with her coffee put aside getting cold she is completely wrapper up in her latest novel. After 6 hours of typing, she closes her laptop and walks over to her bay window where she curls up on the seat watching her neighbor leave for work. Younger than her supposed 37 years, He owns his own company that is just starting out. He is a starving producer/director and also has his own band. He has the charm, personality, business sense and ultimate rugged good looks. She has watched him for the last month. Gotten inside his head slowly day by day until she has learned his every physical need and sexual fantasy. This one is going to a challenge for her. Just what she enjoys. And for the last two weeks she has been draining the blood of victims and
Chapter 2: Mind Reading A Vampiress
Leighton slams her laptop shut. After sitting in front of a blank screen for four hours watching the cursor blink, she finally gives up. For weeks now she had been able to think of nothing but Thane and the night they had together and hearing her soul mate crying to her from so far away. She needs to find him. Knowing that as a writer, her job can be done from anywhere. There is nothing holding her here at the Cape. Except one day the possible return of her maker. But wouldn’t he be able to find her no matter where she might go? She lets out a deep sigh, so many questions about this immortal life that has not been answered. She thought he would be a teacher of sorts to her, like a parent teaches a child. But she has neither seen nor felt him since the night he made her what she is today. For the most part Leighton is happy with her life. But when the loneliness sets in she wants to run outside and the daylight and scream to the entire world that she is a vampiress until death fro
Chapter 3: He Takes My Breath Away...
After letting Cain live, Leighton knew it was time for her to move on, to follow the voice she hears deep in her heart. She had to leave NOW! So within two days she was packed and on her way south. She planned on making her first residence in Atlantic City, New Jersey. As she drove that night so much crossed her mind. The lives she had taken and the one she left behind to live with the memories of what had happened between them. Cain would forever burn in her mind. She knew she should have taken his life but he gave so much of himself to her that she just couldn’t take more. All these thoughts were still in her mind when she finally reached the lights of Atlantic City. She had to find a motel quick as the sun was coming up. Finding a vacancy and making her way into her room just as the sun was coming up over the horizon. She fastened the curtains so no light could get in and dropped into bed. She intended on sleeping till late afternoon and then making calls to acquire her own place
Chapter 4: Made Into Her Own Maid
Leighton hated flying, granted the company jet wasnt as bad as having to deal with people on public planes. It wasnt long after take off that Leighton fell into a deep sleep, dreams coming to her that she wasnt prepared for and didnt understand. Upon waking up she was extremely confused. She had dreamed of Ravid and though she couldnt see his face she felt a discomfort that she didnt understand and it made her uneasy. It was nothing bad really. Nothing to fear. She felt him very near which confused her. Could he be here? She knew he was at a long distance the last time she felt him cry out to her but was it possible that with everywhere else in the world there was for him to go that he could be here where she is? But why the uneasy feeling? Shaking her head not understanding anything, realizing the stewardess was telling her its time to get off the plane, Leighton stood and grabbed her things. Getting off the plane she seen her boss waiting for and made her way to him through the crowd
Chapter 5: When He Comes Back
Leighton spent the next few weeks home doing nothing but working on her novel, not once did she give thought to Antonio. Wanting to make sure that she had her book completed 6 months earlier as had been requested.. Shawn and his boys had left for vacation so she had nothing else to do really. But she was taking the "day"ť off tonight. She felt that she had gotten far enough ahead that one night off should be no problem. She dressed comfortably and decided she would just go for a long relaxing walk and enjoy the night. Things had started to make a little more sense to her in the last few weeks. She knew now why she was having uneasy feelings about Ravid. She learned that even though he is an important part of her life, he is not her soul mate. Now she just needed to find out what important part he would play, And of course to find who is truly her soul mate. She hears him and she feels him deep within her. She just cant find him yet. As she walks she lets her mind drift where it will an
Chapter 6 - You're My Best Friend
Waking as the sun started going down, it all came back to her like a dream and she didnt even have to see him to know he was truly there. Putting her face into the pillow he had been laying on she could smell his scent. Immediately her body tingled and ached for him. She got out of bed and stretching, made her way into the kitchen smelling the aroma of coffee and dinner. Sitting down at the table with her coffee (cappuccino, he remembered) she was aware when he entered the room. He walked over to the oven and peeked inside. As she watched his every move. This is one man she could never grow tired of. Even if she had to just sit on the sidelines and watch him from afar for the rest of her immortal life, she would be content. Now that's love. "And Leighton you're a damn sap!" she griped at herself in her head. She watched him as he turned to look at her and smile, forgetting he could read her mind like an open book she gave him an ugly look and went to take a shower. Closing her mi
Chapter 7 - A Knight In Shining Armour
For months after having him back in her life, Leighton stayed to herself. Having Shawn and Anthony over sometimes for a late lunch here and there, but that was it. So much going through her mind. That last night he had given her some very valuable information now she had to figure out what to do and if he was telling the truth. She learned that she didn't have to take lives. He told her that as long as she didn't take their life she could in return let them drink from her without turning them, to make them better. But it was a very fine line and very chancy. After a lot of thought Leighton decided this was what she wanted. Mainly what made her come to that decision was her hatred for killing innocent people and if she did mess it up then the victim would die but wasn't that what she had been doing anyway? The victim would die and she just wouldn't let them feed off of her so then they aren't turned. Since coming to that conclusion last night, Leighton had decided to go out tonight. She
Chapter One
Chapter One “Yeah” Phoenix said quietly as she picked up her cell phone while signing the latest copy of her book Deadliest Desires. “So… How’s your book signing going?” Steve asked “Pretty good… It was slow at first but it has picked up over the past hour or so. People must really like this book.” Phoenix answered smiling as she signed another book and handed it back to her fan. “Thank you. I loved your last book so much. I can’t wait to read this one.” the petite dark haired girl said with a smile as she took her book. Phoenix watched her walk away and found her to be an interesting individual with her long baggie black gothic wide legged pants with chains drooping down. The combat boots she wore we new and tightly laced, but the part that caught her attention the most was the jade green trimmed in black lace bustier she wore. It may have been considered inappropriate for most people but she pulled it off nicely. Her short black hair
Chapter Whatever.
The one you love, and the one that loves you, are never the same person. - Invisible Monsters.
Chapter Two
Chapter Two The ride to the boardwalk was a quiet one. Donovan seemed to be distracted by something. He had not acted like the man in the bookstore since he stopped and was looking around. Maybe I wasn’t imagining that feeling of being watched. She thought to herself, and she looked over at Donovan sitting behind the wheel stone faced, constantly looking in his review mirror. The light from the dashboard lit up his features nicely, yet brought out something in his face she hadn’t noticed before, something almost frightening. The radio playing softly and the purring of the supercharged engine of Donovan’s wild strawberry 1969 Dodge Charger was the only things that broke the silence. It must have been a night for love songs on the radio, or just the station he had been listening to, first it was Love of a lifetime by Firehouse, then to Let’s Make Love by Bryan Adams then final song was Phoenix’ and Adam’s song Lonely Road of Faith by Kid Rock. Hearing that so
Chapter Eighteen
Chapter Eighteen “This should be it.” Marcus said as he stopped and looked up to a manhole cover above them. “We’re back at headquarters already?” “No…We’re at my apartment building.” He lifted a foot out of the muck that lay in the sewer bottom. “This is nasty, and I need a shower.” “I thought you said that werefolk don’t bathe. You just lick yourselves clean.” Phoenix smiled as she climbed up the heavy rod iron ladder. Crawling out of the sewer and into the light Phoenix turned to lend Marcus a hand out. “Boy this smells better.” “I‘m not sticking my tongue to this.” He said looking himself over then looking at her. “A shower and a change of clothes and you will smell better too.” Marcus said waving his hand in front of his nose playfully, he making a disgusted look. “Oh like you’re much better. I can only imagine what you smell like after a shower.” “What was that suppose to mean?” Marcus asked smiling as he stepped onto
Chapter One
So Far I really think I can get used to this life. I have a real Family. A mom a dad, a girlfriend and a son. Could it be any better. I have a job that pays 1500 a month for 4 days a month working maybe 2 hours tops no lie. I dont have to pay rent. All I have to pay is utilities. How great is that. All my life I struggled to the point of being homeless living in the streets, moving from state to state city to city, getting job after job doing everything taking every chance and still getting no where and finally all the hard work paid off. Its really hard to get used to though. I still freak when I spend money. I still ask my g/fs opinion before spending the money. I have a son to think about now and I have a mom who's finally happy and is in love. I've been through hell as many of you all have probably been. My only advice which may sound funny is actually a country song. It goes " If you're goin though hell keep on movin dont slow down if ur scared dont show it ya might get out before
Chapter 1
Dark Fantasies Elizabeth pushed away from her desk so she could stand up and stretch some after working for hours on a project. Just as she reached one of the windows in her study her computer chimed letting her know that she had an instant message. “It can wait a few minutes. I have got to let some fresh air in here other wise I am going to fall asleep while working on this project.” She said aloud while opening the curtains for easy access to the window. Just after she opened the window her computer chimed again telling her that she has received another message. “I hope it’s not the client wanting to make changes again to their web site. If it is this will be the firth time he has wanted to change the site in the past twenty-four hours.” She thought as she slowly made her way back over to her large oak desk. Reluctantly Elizabeth reached for her keyboard to open the instant message that was on her screen. To her surprise the message was not form the client but her bes
Chapter 2
Chapter 2 Just after Elizabeth sent the message to Beca, Jane buzzed her to say the client had arrived for his appointment with her and the design team. “Please show him in.” Elizabeth quickly adjusted her suit jacket so that she looked professional for the meeting. When the client entered her office she stood up and extended her hand to him “Good to see you again Mr. Johnson, please have a seat. Can I get you anything to drink?” “No thank you Miss Lord, I am fine. How are things coming along with the site that I have requested?” “I believe that you will be very pleased with the outcome. We have finished the site and it looks just as you have requested. It was a difficult task creating an adult site, but I believe we have all of the things you have requested. Here is the business proposal and the business plan as you requested.” Elizabeth handed a copy of the documents to Mr. Johnson so he could look them over. As Mr. Johnson looked over the documents he started so to sm
Chapter 3
Chapter 3 Elizabeth finished dressing for work and then went downstairs to have her morning coffee and check her messages on her computer before leaving for the office. After pouring herself a large cup of coffee she went into her home office and turned on her laptop, to her surprise she had another message from Beca ‘Hey girl, why don’t you fly down Thursday night and forget any luggage we can go shopping Friday and get you new cloths for your stay. It will be my treat, I just want to see my best friend and spend some quality time with you before the guys arrive for the party Saturday, some of them might even start showing up Friday so I can introduce you to some of the people I have been honored to meet over the past few years.’ Elizabeth replied ‘I will check and see what the earliest flight I can take out is and let you know later on today.’ Then she sighed off her computer and finished drinking her coffee. She thought for a few moments and decided that it was time to lea
Chapman, Ks
Chapman, KS….for those of you that don’t know…I have some huge ties to that town and spent a lot of time there my entire life. My mother’s parents moved into a brand new house in 1942 and lived there their ENTIRE lives. They raised 7 kids in that house. There was a family farm out in the country…ha like Chapman was city living…on a back gravel road between Chapman and Enterprise (an even smaller town west) but my grandparents wanted to live in town. Over the years they owned and operated the only movie theater in town in the 1960’s I think, raised a bunch of kids, my grandmother had a daycare in the house and my grandfather worked for the railroad, not mention the countless grandkids and great grand kids that passed through those doors. I was born in January of 1969 and for EVERY single summer after I spent in that house along with various cousins. The year I turned 14 my parents shipped me off to Chapman for an extended stay. I was getting in with the wrong crowd and my parents tho
Chapter One From The Book Of Seven Tales. A Sort Of Thank You.
Copywrite D.H. Hollingwood. From Burrows to Butterflies. Chapter One. One fine summer’s evening Billy and Benjy Burrowberg went for a quick and easily caught supper. They scurried from Brockden heading towards the land of the Tall Walkers. Fighting their way through the undergrowth along the stream they emerged into foreign food foraging territory. It was growing dark but the moon, freshly risen and ripe, gave them their bearings as they crept across the open field to the safety of Bramble Lodge. This was the old and deserted home of the deceased Rodentene family. ++++++++ Many ripe moons ago the younger Rodentenes were very good friends of Billy and Benjy - they spent many happy hours there with Rolie and Rosie. Sadly something very playful and innocent became an unfriendly and long standing feud between their respective families. The troubles began during a game of Dig-A-Burrow, a tunnelling contest the youngsters played, when poor Billy lost all sense of direction an
Chapter 1:the Streetlamp
I once had a dream, That I talked to your heart, As it reminded me of a place I once knew... Where the street lamp stands At the end of the lane, Where the songbird used to sing in the dead cherry. It can remember the sounds of long ago August youth.. Yet now, distant laughter haunts the night unseen As nothing grows but rusted swings that cry in the cold April wind. My heart burns there too...
Chapter 1: Hope (the Awakening)
I saw a robin today.. Behind the burned out church.. That someone, please tell me, Why so much depends upon a piece of Broken glass that lives in the filthy March snow? Shattered against walls that wear graffiti covered skin.... Full of one hope and a single dream, forgotten as the addicts walk by... I just sank to my knees and cried..
Chapter 1: Edge
I don't even know when this was written. Things were pretty rough and blurry between 1996-2000... Hypocritical eyes burn into my feet as the world looks up at me peering over my mind's edge.. Arms flail for balance and peace as the world chucks bannana peels and rocks.. But as I look down, just remember.. Sooner or later, I'll have to piss..
Chapstick Elves
So in the last 2 months I have purchased 4 tubes of chapstick and for some reason they all end up missing. I have come to the conclusion that like underpants gnomes and sock trolls, there are also chapstick elves. So I am trying to think of a way to catch their little hands in the act, but can't figure out how. I could set up the videocamera and hope to catch them that way, or I could cleverly devise a trap and catch the little bastards in a mouse trap or something? Plus I need a really yummy flavor that they would like to have so I am thinking maybe something fruity like watermelon or strawberry to draw them in. I'm going to catch the little bastards.
Chapter 4
Chapter 4 Elizabeth entered the suite allowing her eye to scan her surroundings slowly so that Jay would not notice. “Please have a seat while I go and fix us both something to drink.” Jay headed over to the bar near the balcony. “Do you still drink Jack and Dr. Pepper, or have you changed to something a little more famine?” He watched Elizabeth as he awaited her reply to his simple question. Elizabeth sat on the couch and slowly licked her lips trying to find her voice to reply to Jay’s simple question finally she found her voice. “Jack and Dr. Pepper is just fine. I have not changed my choices in my preferred alcohol over the years.” She laughed softly as Jay smiled and started to fix each of them a drink. As he was coming back to take a seat next to Elizabeth there was a knock on the suite door. Jay sat their drinks down and went to answer the door. “Room service,” “Right on time,” Jay opened the door to allow their dinner to be wheeled in. “Where would you like your dinne
I might be the only one who looks at life and relationships / Friendships the way I do., But I believe, that Every one person in this world is basically a book. We all have chapters Each year adding a chapter,. We are the authors writing it as we go... But we have co authors people Adding stuff in from time to time, You know the people we let come into our lives,. Of course our books start at one being the day of our birth to our birthday and so on and so forth, You get what I mean! Some people are Quite open with their books, Like myself,. I have no problem letting you begin from the start; and others are quite closed.. and protective Only wanting you to start from the middle the chapter they are on right then and there ... I believe the best way to know who a person is today, and Accept them and understand them is to start from the beginning of their book. If you only start from the middle where You come into their book, It's easy to get lost and confused and get upset if th
Chapter One Of Filbert A Story From The Book Of Seven Tales. Burrows & Butterflies Another Thank You
This is Chapter One of the story that everyone seems to like more than the other six. It is Chapter 19 in the book. THIS STORY WAS WRITTEN POST SURGERY SO IT JUST GOES TO SHOW THAT A LOBECTOMY WORKS WONDERS. HOWEVER IT IS NOT RECOMENDED JUST TO REMOVE A LONG STANDING BLOCKAGE IN ORDER TO BE ABLE TO SIT DOWN AND COMPOSE FLUENTLY IN ENGLISH! Thank you. Copywrite Delphine Hollingwood 1907 FILBERT FOIS GRAS' BRIDGE BUILDING AND KARMA LESSONS. CHAPTER 19 Unceremoniously Filbert Fois Gras flew in and landed at what looked a good watering hole for the night. He was surprised by the racket around and had trouble understanding all the foreign quacking. The crickets idly dropped their C’s incessantly saying, “Ricket, ricket, ricket,” and as he had never learned beetle patter Filbert had no idea what they were whining and whittling about. Oh well, he thought, I can turn a deaf ear again for one night and wend my way back home if I don’t like it. Filbert had travelled from far
Chapter One.
She threw back the blankets and rose from the bed. A sheen of perspiration glistened on her skin, pasting her shift to her so that every line and curve was accentuated, and as the cold night air touched her flesh, the heat of it quickly froze. Her lungs seized momentarily and she fought for breath as she reached for her robe. The cold stone floor kissed her naked feet as she hurled herself across the room, past the window through which the pale light of the twin moons shone, past the fire in the hearth that had turned to ashes, through the chamber doorway and onto the stairs that spiraled treacherously downward in a steep descending arc that promised a long and painful fall to one who was not careful where they tread. But she knew the way. These stairs were as familiar to her as her own skin and she maneuvered acrobatically around the slippery worn spots in the stone, skipping steps where that stone had begun to deteriorate and crumble with age and disrepair. Nothing had been
Chapter 2, Complete
My little children, these tings write I unto you, that ye sin not. And if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ te righteous: 2 And he is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world. 3 And hereby we do know that we know him, if we keep his commandments. 4 He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his commandments, is a liar and the truth is not in him. 5 But whosokeepeth his word, in him verily is the love of God perfected: hereby know we that we are in him. 6 He that saith he abideth in him ought himself also so to walk, even as he walked. 7 Brethren, I write no new commandment unto you, but an old commandment which ye had from the beginning. The old commandment is the word ye have heard from the beginning. 8 Again, a new commandment I write unto you, which thing is true in him and in you: because the darkness is past, and the true light now shineth. 9 He that saith he is in the light and hateth h
Chapter 1
1ST CHAPTER Although it stands to reason that a samurai should be mindful of the Way of the Samurai, it would seem that we are all negligent. Consequently, if someone were to ask, "What is the true meaning of the Way of the Samurai?" the person who would be able to answer promptly is rare. This is because it has not been established in one's mind beforehand. From this, one's unmindfulness of the Way can be known. Negligence is an extreme thing. The Way of the Samurai is found in death. When it comes to either/or, there is only the quick choice of death. It is not particularly difficult. Be determined and advance. To say that dying without reaching one's aim is to die a dog's death is the frivolous way of sophisticates. When pressed with the choice of life or death, it is not necessary to gain one's aim. We all want to live. And in large part we make our logic according to what we like. But not having attained our aim and continuing to live is cowardice. This is a thin dangerou
Chapter 2
2ND CHAPTER It is said that much sake, self-pride and luxury are to be avoided by a samurai, There is no cause for anxiety when you are unhappy, but when you become a little elated, these three things become dangerous. Look at the human condition. It is unseemly for a person to become prideful and extravagant when things are going well. Therefore, it is better to have some unhappiness while one is still young, for if a person does not experience some bitterness, his disposition will not settle down. A person who becomes fatigued when unhappy is useless. Meeting with people should be a matter of quickly grasping their temperament and reacting appropriately to this person and that. Especially with an extremely argumentative person, after yielding considerably one should argue him down with superior logic, but without sounding harsh, and in a fashion that will allow no resentment to be left afterwards. This is a function of both the heart and words. This was an opinion given by a pries
Chapter 3
3RD CHAPTER Lord Naoshige once said, "There is nothing felt quite so deeply as giri. There are times when someone like a cousin dies and it is not a matter of shedding tears. But we may hear of someone who lived fifty or a hundred years ago, of whom we know nothing and who has no family ties with us whatsoever, and yet from a sense giri shed tears." When Lord Naoshige was passing by a place called Chiriku, someone said to him, ' 'In this place there lives a man who is over ninety years old. Since this man is so fortunate, why don't you stop and see him?" Naoshige heard this and said, "How could anyone be more pitiful than this man? How many of his children and grandchildren do you suppose he has seen fall before his very eyes? Where is the good fortune in that?" It seems that he did not stop to see the man. When Lord Naoshige was speaking to his grandson, Lord Motoshige, he said, "No matter whether one be of high or low rank, a family line is something that will decline when i
Chapter 4
4TH CHAPTER When Nabeshima Tadanao was fifteen years old, a manservant in the kitchen committed some rude act and a foot soldier was about to beat him, but in the end the servant cut the soldier down. The clan elders deemed the death sentence appropriate, saying that the man had in the first place erred in matters concerning the ranks of men, and that he had also shed the blood of his opponent. Tadanao heard this and said, "Which is worse, to err in matters concerning the ranks of men or to stray from the Way of the Samurai ?'' The elders were unable to answer. Then Tadanao said, "I have read that when the crime itself is unclear, the punishment should be light. Put him in confinement for a while." Once, when Lord Katsushige was hunting at Shiroishi, he shot a large boar. Everyone came running up to see it and said, "Well, well. You have brought down an uncommonly large one !" Suddenly the boar got up and dashed into their midst. All of them fled in confusion, but Nabeshima Matab
Chapter 6
6TH CHAPTER When Lord Takanobu was at the Battle of Bungo, a messenger came from the enemy camp bearing sake and food. Takanobu wanted to partake of this quickly, but the men at his side stopped him, saying, "Presents from the enemy are likely to be poisoned. This is not something that a general should eat." Takanobu heard them out and then said, "Even if it is poisoned, how much of an effect would that have on things? Call the messenger here!" He then broke open the barrel right in front of the messenger, drank three large cups of sake, offered the messenger one too, gave him a reply, and sent him back to his camp. Takagi Akifusa turned against the Ryuzoji clan, appealed to Maeda Iyo no kami Iesada, and was sheltered by him. Akifusa was a warrior of matchless valor and was an accomplished and agile swordsman. His retainers were Ingazaemon and Fudozaemon, stalwarts in no way inferior, and they left Akifusa's side neither day nor night. Thus it happened that a request was sent fro
Chapter 7
7TH CHAPTER Narutomi Hyogo said, "What is called winning is defeaing one's allies. Defeating one's allies is defeating oneself, and defeating oneself is vigorously overcoming one's own body. "It is as though a man were in the midst of ten thousand allies but not a one were following him. If one hasn't previously mastered his mind and body, he will not defeat the enemy.'' During the Shimabara Rebellion, his armor being still at the encampment, Shugyo Echizen no kami Tanenao participated in the fight dressed only in hakama and haori. It is said that he died in battle in this attire. At the time of the attack on the castle at Shimabara, Tazaki Geki was wearing very resplendent armor. Lord Katsushige was not pleased by this, and after that every time he saw something showy he would say, "That's just like Geki's armor.'' In the light of this story, military armor and equipment that are showy can be seen as being weak and having no strength. By them one can see through the wearer
Chapter 8
8TH CHAPTER On the night of the thirteenth day of the ninth month in the fourth year of Teikyo, there was a group of ten No actors moon-viewing at the house of Nakayama Mosuke, a foot soldier, in Sayanomoto. Beginning with Naotsuka Kanzaemon they all began to make fun of the foot soldier Araki Kyozaemen because he was so short. Araki became angry, killed Kanzaemon with his sword, and then began striking at the others . Though he suffered a severed hand, Matsumoto Rokuzaemon came down into the garden, seized Araki from behind with his other hand, and said, "As for the likes of you, I'll twist your head off with one hand!" Grabbing away Araki's sword, he pushed him to the doorsill and pressed him down with his knee, but as he seized him by the neck he became faint and was quickly overpowered. Araki quickly sprang back and again began to strike at those around him, but now Master Hayata (later known as Jirozaemon) met him with a spear. In the end he was overpowered by a number of
Chapter 9
9TH CHAPTER When Shimomura Shoun was on service at the castle, Lord Naoshige said, "How wonderful it is that Katsushige is so vigorous and powerful for his age. In wrestling with his peers he even beat those who are older than he is." Shoun replied, "Even though I'm an old man, I'll bet I'm best at seated wrestling." So saying, he jerked up Katsushige and threw him so forcefully that it hurt. He then said, "To be prideful about your strength while your mettle is not yet established is likely to bring you shame in the midst of people. You are weaker than you look.'' Then he withdrew. At the time when Matsuda Yohei was an intimate friend of Ishii Jinku's, there developed some bad feeling's between the former and Nozoe Jinbei. Yohei sent word to Jinbei saying, "Please come and I will settle this matter once and for all." Then he and Jinku set out together and, coming to the Yamabushi mansion at Kihara, they crossed the only bridge there was and destroyed it. Talking over the circums
Chapter 10
10TH CHAPTER There was a certain retainer of Ikeda Shingen's who started an argument with a man, grappled him to the ground, thrashed him soundly, and trampled on him until his companions ran up and pulled them apart. The elders conferred over this and said, "The man who was trampled should be punished." Shingen heard this and said, "A fight is something that goes to the finish. A man who forgets the Way of the Samurai and does not use his sword will be forsaken by the gods and Buddhas. As an example to subsequent retainers, both men should be crucified." The men who had pulled them apart were banished. In Yui Shosetsu's military instructions, "The Way of the Three Ultimates," there is a passage on the character of karma.' He received an oral teaching of about eighteen chapters concerning the Greater Bravery and the Lesser Bravery. He neither wrote them down nor committed them to memory but rather forgot them completely. Then, in facing real situations, he acted on impulse and the t
Chapter 11
11TH CHAPTER In the "Notes on Martial Laws" it is written that: The phrase, ''Win first, fight later, '' can be summed up in the two words, "Win beforehand." The resourcefulness of times of peace is the military preparation for times of war. With five hundred allies one can defeat an enemy force of ten thousand. When advancing on the enemy's castle and then pulling back, do not retreat by the main road, but rather by the side roads. One should lay one's dead and wounded allies face down in the direction of the enemy. It is a matter of course that a warrior's attitude should be to be in the vanguard during an attack and in the rear during a retreat. In approaching for the attack he does not forget to wait for the right moment. In waiting for the right moment he never forgets the attack. A helmet is usually thought to be very heavy, but when one is attacking a castle or something similar, and arrows, bullets, large rocks, great pieces of wood and the like are corning down,
Chapter 1 - Anxiety
- This story is based on the events that unfolded in my life during my first deployment to Iraq, while serving my country in the United States Air Force. This is an account of what could have happened if I weren't already involved with another at the time... now, on to the story... As I recall, it was a brisk German day in the middle of August. I had been stationed at Ramstien Air Base for about seven months now, and I was completely in fatuated with the gorgeous country-side. Now, more that ever, I was awe-struck because it was fall now, and endless rolling hills of green had now become ablaze with brilliant streaks of amber, chocolate, and rust. Automn had always been my favorite season, and growing up in Michigan, the colors are quite familliar to me, however, I had never seen them in such astonishing magnitude. Besides, after living in Florida for the past seven miserable years, i was relieved to see that the seasons still existed. Yes, I absolutely adored Germany, well, a
Chapter 1
“Untitled” Music “ Tuesday Morning” ( Fade into a busy city street. People are all about. A Man stands alone in the middle of it all, motionless. Zooms in on another man, Mike, inside a cab.) Song: “ Tuesday Morning” Mike- It is Tuesday morning Here at the Daily Circus Almost 7:30, there's not time for coffee (getting out of cab) Theirs something I've forgotten (walking into office building, stopping at front desk) As I thumb through my briefcase (Flashes back to the way to work) -Chorus- I'm thinking to myself You know the cities kinda lonely (Leaving his apartment) Every things gone crazy The winters so cold (walking down the street) I crossed 6th and Mason I stop off at the newsstand Barely catch the headline (1st look at revolt “We stand”) I think it was a plane crash Then I say, 'how awful', but do I really care? (As Mike passes a procession, The Man stand in the way of the procession. People pass through him as if he is not there
Chapter 1 Of My Book, Confusion Is The Consensus
Confusion Is the Consensus By Troy J. Minks This Is a Book about... LIFE! Part I Chapter I Liquid Cookie Dough-Liqui-Dough... "Conspiracy Theories are nothing more than the muddled ramblings of those who 'think' they know what they are talking about, but only know part of what 'It' really is..." Damien LaRouche sits alone on a street corner outside of a local coffeehouse in his hometown, watching all the utterly lost souls going about their business. Unknowingly, they provide an ongoing Comedy/Tragedy type entertainment for this lone watcher, brethren to the Crows, which have important messages for all of us, The Human Race... They wait like Vultures, circling the street corner, picking at us slowly, picking the carcass clean of the latest gossip to fuel that Dis-Ease within them to feel superior to those around them. Such Dis-Ease plagues many on one such street corner in this place, Anywhere, U.S.A. And the sad part of all of this is the simple fac
Chapter 2
Chapter II Body Shots! No Chaser! The water tower "welcome" sign stands out in stark contrast to the old Warehouse which stands at the entrance to the harbor and its many meandering waterways that seem more like veins and arteries supplying the life blood to this, the heart of this industrial ecosystem. The murky water attests to the unbalance of our existence in this place. The mixed smell of petrol, fish and decay permeates to the edges of the harbor boundaries, as the water sluggishly rolls to and fro as each diesel-driven monstrosity thumps by in the night. No messages in a bottle are ever likely to turn up in any of the successive waves washing upon the artificial rocky "beaches" which make up the edge of the world. But many a dream has been dashed upon these rocks on a daily basis, claiming soul after tattered-and-torn soul in steady consistency, slowly feeding that which makes up the beast that is quietly waiting for the right time before showing its true face. One of thes
Chapter 3
Chapter III A Thought-less Thought: Is a single thought alive? Does it think? Does it breathe? Does it have a soul? Can it be consciously aware of itself and its life as it zips by in a flash? I've always wondered that quite a few times before. If a thought is alive and aware, can it also think and alter itself for some reason or another? (If it is though, I'd rather not know what that thought is really thinking!) The reason I ask? Well, it’s simple enough. It would be nice to know how a thought comes into being. What makes that quiet voice in the back of your head all of the sudden speak up and whisper that phrase which just sits there like lead? But yet it slips down from the sub-conscious into the conscious mind and echoes and bounces through your mind like a sad imitation of a Super Bouncy Ball. Only this one has razor sharp claws and a tongue that fillet all within its reach. I know you all know that voice and the destruction it brings with it... It's that voice that quietl
Chapter 4
Chapter IV Anal Retentive, self-righteous, self-absorbed, Arrogant BITCHES! Is it when we become Self-Aware that we Lose All control of our perception of ourselves and our place in the world? "I've got X amount of Bills so I need to make Y amount of dollars, so I need a jobby-job that's not really a job, kuz I got a lil' Wiffey that I don't want to become an Ex-Girlfriend, if you know what I mean, man" It still hurts to think about some of my ex-girlfriends especially the glimpse of the Goddess. I'm out to save the environment so I can be cool like all my friends who are in Green peace...? "Everyone's coming Back", Damien said to his good friend, Lawrence Talbot, "EVERYONE! I'm tellin' you, for some strange reason, I don't know why, but they ALL are coming back, both Good and Bad. Now is the time that we all will be able to touch the Past, Present and Future all at once. All three will be joined at all three points in this Time of Balance we have attained." "You mean almost like
Chapter 5
Part II Chapter V No Longer Me 12/21/01 Life Slips by me, as I watch the current flow I'm caught between the prongs of this fork within the road I'm undecided as to which direction I will go A momentary Lapse in Reason lets my pain begin to show My Brain's writhing in agony As my senses become faulty I feel my mind slip from Reality Break my False Sense of Security And Now I'm no Longer Me- Unsure of what I am Now I'm No Longer Me I can't trust what I'm thinking Kuz I'm no Longer Me- Been pushed Far beyond trusting I'm No Longer Me- I don't know who or what I am. I'm watching from the ruined shell of what I used to be As all the action is increasing, Reaction's turned to brutality Heart that was once filled with life and Love Now feeds off all the hostility Please say a prayer, kiss me good-bye, As I slip into Eternity... Watching from high above I'm no longer in control See what's become of me Slipping deep into the unseen Terror grips me, nowhere to r
Chapter 6 - Of All Songs To Pick, Why'd You Have To Pick This One??????
Of All Songs To Pick, Why'd you have to pick this one?????? "This whole town has gone to shit... Shit most of the cities have gone to shit. I've lived here since 1943 and I can tell you, This WHOLE town has gone to Shit!. And The government makes it easier for this all to happen. They think that if they throw money at it, it will go away, they Hope..." Pete @ The Porthole At least you're thinking, cause none of these fools are thinking at all... They Flock to that Place! "Another Night of that Bitch-Slappin music, Huh?" Fred Crawford Why do you say that? "Men in Big Trucks with Small Penises" “I just moved here from Utah... I just got here... Where do I get a fucking Cheeseburger? The world spit me out here... I just got here two minutes ago... Do you guys take credit Cards? I want to do this song with someone.... I want someone to help me with this song.... "Singing in the Shower.... " Only for an hour... You got the spirit... Do you know I can feel the power....You know who thi
Chapter 6 - The Seed Of Never
The SEED of NEVER Deep within the mists of times unknown and unremembered, a legend was born into existence which would mold the future into Utopia if the prophecy were to come true and be fulfilled by one. According to the legend, "One from the Land of Never would bring forth a tainted Seed and bring forth Beauty from it's planting and growth." But also, the bearer of the Seed Of Never must also be pure and "Awakened". Now, when this was supposed to happen wasn't especially clear, but it did mention that it would be brought about by a particular alignment of all the planets and an Eclipse of the Sun. The Extraordinary energy produced by this harmonic alignment would affect a small percentage of the human race on earth in an extremely bizarre way. These individuals were startled to find themselves able to read people's thoughts and emotions, and sometimes even see into the future. These newly awakened "psychics" were rudely thrust into bouts of depression as each new found revelatio
Chapter 6 - The Crows
The Crows During extreme cases of physical duress or strain or pain, people have been see to accomplish feats of unimaginable proportions. They seem to possess some sort of Superhuman strength, being able to turn overturned cars back over without even batting an eye, bending supposedly unbendable steel with their bare hands, so on and so forth... We've all heard the stories. But also at times like this, the human psyche is Very open to suggestion and outside influence. This is sometimes known as Possession in some parts of the world and, of course, well 'known' to the Catholic Priesthood... The Human mind is capable of MANY things, but it is only able to allow another 'spirit' -like entity like that to enter at such times as this, or if the minds defenses are Already very weak to begin with, like that of a child or the mentally retarded. Crows, on the other hand, carry souls all the time. At any given point in time, The Crows are carrying at least two souls, plus it's own. The Cr
Chapter 7 - Damien's Rum Diaries
Chapter VII Damien's Rum Diaries... We're sitting in the room right now where we ALL are and someone said the one man who said, "The Whole World is a Stage" (Elvis) was right. That's Cool I guess. TRIPPED OUT It's against my beliefs. I have strong beliefs about that too. I'm not cool with that shit. You're Trippin' Man. FILL THE SILENCE We could trade notebooks. Relax, it's only a phase. Yeah, I always feel like people talk just to fill the Silence. I WANNA BE JACKIE ONASIS I WANNA BE JACKIE OH, OH, OH, OH PLEASE DON'T DIE BABY, SHE LOST HER POOR BABY SWITCHING PENS IS HARD TO DO... When Angels and Devils play is it considered Fun or is it War? Frolicking or Thunder? Like when it rains it's God or the Angels Crying. Is it really Fact or is it all just a pack of Lies? When Do I get to know WHY? What really is the whole Master Plan all about? Is their really Ulterior Motives to the whole thing called Life? To even come close enough to understand, we must not be so preoccupie
Chapter 7 - Subtlety, Thy Name Is Not Damien
October 1, 2002 Subtlety, Thy Name is Not Damien. The world is full of many very good Shit talkers. People really disappoint me. Tommy DeLucas- A twenty-eight year old alcoholic that's bi-polar, schizophrenic with demential tendencies towards boredom on Lithium and Paxil or whatever it is we do to fill the void within. Damien LaRouche: That was a solemn moment of silence for the seperation of Me and I. Pink Bunny Rabbits everywhere. TMI-USA. I really do believe that Terrorists have a lot to do with the current Dockworkers Lockout at the Port of Los Angeles. Not a bad Inside Job, if you ask me. Something like a billion dollars a day if not more are lost for everyday those ships sit, just because of someone's Stoopid Stubbornness. Conflict (A letter to Vince Guthrie from Damien) Dear Vince, Congratulations! You and Your hatred for me has successfully scared and intimidated a Harbor View patient (and new friend, who visits my gallery about four to five times a week). A person
Chapter 7 - Reality Becomes Undone!
REALITY BECOMES UNDONE! All our illusions are just that! You're the co-creator of your moment Make it count, cuz life is Always the Present Play Ball Shake Hands Go deer Hunting. Deceit is Unbelievable And Hides behind it's lies No matter what is believable We all hide behind our eyes What is happening now Is temporary unless you're blind Without me, there is no Me!!! The only way reality becomes undone Is if you Let it! The Complete Rhetoric! Mulch and Shit The Thrill of It The Sea of Piss Sustains Cabbage Rinds Filthy Finds Let's Reveal The Stains! We need a Dishwasher Stat! Or is that all we really need at all? More can be said about what we WANT and what we really NEED. A moral stigma if there ever was one to believe in. Beliefs are stranger than usual in this day and age because of Everyone's varying views and perspectives. Let Me Fish off Your Pier for awhile! All the ways we medicate ourselves and get ourselves so intoxicated in order to forget bits
Chapter 7 - ------0-1------
Damien Inner Thoughts: ------0-1------ The number systems of the world on casual first glance SEEM to be a universal system or, Language, if you will, that the world shares. But upon closer inspection, they are NOT all the same and there exists gaps within the conversion from one system to the next. Those gaps of information contain sometimes very vital information and data that are necessary for the proper, balanced operation of this Machine we live and grow upon. When this information disappears in translations, eventually the algorithmic build up of missing data can turn into a disastrous 'Crash' of the system. And when the system crashes, we crash with it, being as we, too, are vital components of the System. The Matrix of The System we live in is essentially made up of the Basic Binary System of Zero and One, Off and On, and usually works as long as the language of the System stays the same. But when the Language is changed, the usual Fail-Safe system FAILS...Miserably. And w
Chapter 7 - The Plan Was For Fun!
DANANDTROYSPLAN: THE PLAN WAS SET...NOW FOR FUN! The rules for engagement set forth in the Book of Faith state that 'Who shall counteract what is written in the Book of Faith?' And it makes perfect sense to those of us who have Died many a time before. October 27, 2002 So now that they knew Who He was, now they were all very curious as to What He was doing here in the first place. Was He here for Something or Someone in particular? That sparked the sleepy little town's interest and curiosity to the utmost it had ever been. But their curiosity was not enough to move them to action and actually just come outright blunt and straight forward and to just Ask Him why He was here. Some of the Best plans ever made are the ones that...Just Happen... the spontaneous spur of the moment, On The Fly, Off the Cuff, when an immediate decision is made due to the current Circumstances... To Just Do It Right Then and There... The one who eventually decided that it was time to be strong and go up a
Chapter 8 - Thoughts:
Chapter VIII Thoughts: You can't sit here and believe that I am Worthy of any of this tonight?
Chapter 9 -
PART III Chapter IX Damien LaRouche: I miss you more and More each day An emptiness so vast that I hold within Your voice haunts me with every word I say Everywhere I look I see your ghost again.... The New World Order Welcome to the New World Order As we go about our lives pretending Pretending nothings wrong while We're surrounded by disorder Chaos Lurking around every twist and bend As terror seeps into our very breath Lead by a Court Jester with War as his growing Trend A Slap in the face, 9/11 birthed disgrace Watch in horror as freedom collapsed that day The Unreality of it all as the wound reveals the fierce new face Faith Collapsing as a bond is forged Hands now clasped together, We're one Destroy the Terror, the hammer falls hard Fuck You Bin Laden, Your time has finally come. Damien: I need a little room to play in so I don't get claustrophobic. One all by my lonesome. Everything that is said is only said to fill the Void inside of our head
Chapter 9 - Swing Set Of Your Soul
Swing Set Of Your Soul Trying to get back into the swing of things after such shocking changes in life can be very difficult to handle especially if there was a Lot of change. I am finding it very difficult because the change was actually a lot of Big Changes; one change after another after another. And all of these changes were so drastic and so close together, that the changes were not given any chance to be acknowledged and learned from. Right now, I still cannot see the benefit of many of these changes. I do not see how losing everything and everyone of any importance to me helped in any way except how everyone says that it gives me a chance to start fresh and new... Start Fresh and New? What the fuck kind of shit is that? I was quite HAPPY with what I had and whom I had for friends. I miss it actually... How the fuck is losing everything important to me gonna help me start fucking fresh and fucking NEW? Tell ME THAT... Please.!!!! Well, I'm starting fresh and new all right, but
Chapter 10 - Part 4
Part IV Chapter X Walking, forever, Never, Ever more Slowly trudging this lonely floor Knowing now how to even the score Smiling upon you as I open the door Unto tomorrow, as I look forward now Towards another day as I'm learning how To keep it all in perspective like the Tao An ode to yore, forever more upon the brow Damien: Can we really live inside our own heads? All alone, are we truly alone in our own heads? What are we turning into nowadays? Which way do we go from here? Are we the little people, or are we the little peoples game? If we are, what should we do with the knowledge of BEING? January 07, 2003 Missed opportunities abound in our trips through Life's Trials and Tribulations. Writing on a bus is SO hard to do. Perhaps you better start from the Beginning... Yes, indeed, start from the beginning... In the beginning, Damien had lived through hardship and pain, to it's utmost degree... and all through his life, that seemed to be all he ever would see
Chapter 11 - Pink Bunnies And Peanut Brittle
Part V Chapter XI Pink Bunnies and Peanut Brittle Damien had not really wanted to go to the meeting with Doctor ________ because of a gut feeling he had, and from the discussions he and Lawrence had previously had. So, he had brought the .38 caliber handgun with him that Lawrence had provided for Damien's own safety. They had discussed all sorts of possibilities for the outcome of today's meeting. From what Damien and Lawrence had been able to find out about what Linda Vaughn and Tommy DeLucas were planning, they had been able to come up with a strategy to counter, if not entirely neutralize their plan. Lawrence had found some interesting bits of information from his discussion with Roy Johnson about something overheard by Roy while Tommy and Linda had been sitting in the next booth over at the CoffeeHouse one night. He had overheard them discussing Where Tommy would be waiting and How Linda was going to get "Him", meaning Damien, Roy thought, to the CoffeeHouse to "Take Care of Hi
Chapter 11 - The Dream Is Over…
The Dream Is Over… Well, here I sit now, broken down until I question me and what all I might have done wrong. She called me this morning to say Merry Christmas, which was nice, but all I kept thinking was exactly how painful this Christmas has become so far. All through the night I kept waking up crying, thinking about what I have lost and trying to figure out exactly why. And let me tell you, I am no closer to figuring that out at all. Shit, I didn’t even really feel like opening my presents at all because of all of this. This morning has been far from what I pictured in my mind about how it would be. I imagined waking up with Her in my arms and giving her a kiss, waking her so I could say Merry Christmas and hug her. Then we would go out to the front room and get some coffee and open our presents together, side by side smiling at each other as we shared what we received with one another. Instead, I woke up alone, crying and feeling cold and desolate, empty, Lost… Lost I am indeed
Chapter 11 - Table For Two: Ad Infinitum
Table For Two: Ad Infinitum 3:10 pm December 27, 2003 To the woman, Damien was misinterpreted. At times she felt he was a little pushy or almost too concerned. Yet, that may be impossible in this matter. Still, she felt she had lost everything, slowly but surely, through the years she had lost it all. Her home, her father, and her mind. She was lost herself in this cold and unforgiving world. No matter what, she would still always reserve a nice table for two in the diner of her heart and mind. One for Damein and Her to sit and speak of things lost and found. Always knowing the underlying pangs and twitches would come through and through. They would try to ignore the wretching and pestering thoughts to no avail. So they feast upon feelings and emotions they passed to each other. Some with comfort and joy, so as to help their hearts. She would always love him, and hope that wherever they were, he would be okay. That he would be happy. Catch-22 If You Can When She ca
Chapter 1
Remember me? The forgotten one with the penchant to help lost souls; even though I, myself am lost. They say that that which does not kill you only makes you stronger….or makes you mad enough with a vengeance to find that which tried to kill you in the first place. Am I mad? Am I mad because I have tried so very hard to find that very thing…Death? Death is no stranger to me. He comes in the middle of the night to steal away the only ones that I have truly loved. My mother, my father, my precious, beautiful, princess Carrie. He stole them right from under my grasp. Yes, I mourned for my mother and my father. But not nearly as deeply as I mourned for my Carrie. Some say circumstances change people, sometimes down to the very core. And I am not the same man that I was in 2005. Not the same gentle, kind, loving soul who would literally give the shirt from his very back to someone in need. No. I am much different now. More callous and cautious. All the deaths death sa
Chapter 2
Fade-in Music “Lost Love” 1st Movement (The precession from earlier arrives at the cemetery, zooms in on a Women (Sarah). The crowd around her begins to fade out of the picture in transition tot he 2nd movement, The Man remains as the crowd fades) Music “Lost love” 2nd Movement (Sarah begins to dance alone and The Man remains in the background) Music “Lost Love” 3rd Movement ( A chorus of dancers enter and dances with Sarah, The Man joins) Music “Lost Love” The Final Movement (The dancers begin to fade away but The Man remains dancing apart from Sarah) Music fades out (As the music fades, the crowd fades back in. When the music ends the crowd begins to walk away leaving Sarah alone with The Man in the background) Music “Alone” (Sarah not seeing nor reacting to The Man) Song “Alone” Sarah- Alone again Waiting to hear a word From someone who cares to say You are not alone (In the minds eye, walking alone at night under the street lig
Chapel Of Love
Chapter 1
Hot Summer Nights Chapter 1: Seduction. Written by Romeo Nevathera We meet at a party that is hosted by a mutual friend, never having met before tonight, but always hearing about one another from our mutual friend, they are constantly begging to introduce us to one another, but we both ask for them to not. Our friend knows us better than we think they do, we see and notice one another immediately as you enter the room, not really knowing that our friend wants to introduce us tonight because they know we will hit it off and will not be able to keep our hands off of one another. As you approach I se our friend grab your hand as he pulls you closer, making sure that we here the introductions over the loud music playing in the background. He introduces you first, “This is Devon, Devon this is Hank.” We both almost snarl at our friend, but hold it back because we both are interested in who we see standing before us. I quickly notice your beautiful Hazel eyes, shimmering
Chapter 1 More To Cum..
As you get in from work you walk up to the front door I open it anticipating you. I wrap my arms around you and kiss you, you can smell dinner in the oven. I lead you to the bathroom slowly undress you and watch you climb in to the hot bath already waiting for you . I gently slip in with you and massage your scalp, asking you how your day was. Kiss you then lightly massage your temples run my fingers down your jaw lean forward and nibble on your ear saying “ after dinner I got a surprise for you” I slowly bath you trailing my fingers ever so softly over your whole body. We get out and dry off wrapped in our towels I serve you your dinner then go to our room. You come in after you have finished eating. I am wearing a short baby pink skirt with a white tank top and 6 inch white high heels. I push you in to the chair I set up in the middle of the room. I straddle you grinding slowly against you each time you try and touch me I push your hands away. I stand up Look you
Chapter One Of Penny's Story - Taken From The Book Of Books. Thank You.
(I just wanted to say that Nurse Tuffy-Tail is based on my friend who has been shamfully treated by not just Tyrone but many others. And yes, another one just recently.) Puffing and panting Penelope Prickle-Bonnet climbed the last few feet of the steep hill. When she reached the top she sat and rested until her breathing and her heart rate slowed down to normal again. She thought that it was time to heed the advice she had been given about going on a healthy diet. Well, maybe tomorrow or perhaps even the next day - time would tell. Through her reverie the sound of someone calling out, “Penny,” brought her back to the present and she peered in the direction of the voice. “What is it?” she boomed and a blurred figure came closer and closer until it reached her. With a huge sigh, Pip Prickle-Bonnet leaned close to her ear and yelled, “Penny it’s me, your cousin Pip. You know, your eyesight and hearing are getting worse.” Penny hotly denied this and told him that she had hear
Chapter 1 More To Cum.....
As you get in from work you walk up to the front door I open it anticipating you. I wrap my arms around you and kiss you, you can smell dinner in the oven. I lead you to the bathroom slowly undress you and watch you climb in to the hot bath already waiting for you . I gently slip in with you and massage your scalp, asking you how your day was. Kiss you then lightly massage your temples run my fingers down your jaw lean forward and nibble on your ear saying “ after dinner I got a surprise for you” I slowly bath you trailing my fingers ever so softly over your whole body. We get out and dry off wrapped in our towels I serve you your dinner then go to our room. You come in after you have finished eating. I am wearing a short baby pink skirt with a white tank top and 6 inch white high heels. I push you in to the chair I set up in the middle of the room. I straddle you grinding slowly against you each time you try and touch me I push your hands away. I stand up Look you deep i
Chapters Of Life
As life rolls it's waves an turns our lives. It teaches us lessons, in it's own special way. Some see the lesson an learn from it. While others loose theirselves in their sorrows. I choose to learn, to find meaning in the hidden agenda's of the Universal way. Some say life is a game to play. I have learned it is a force to reckoned with! Each chapter of life for each door that opens an each door that closes, is designed by you. You choose which way you flow. With all the doors I have opened an closed, I have become wiser, learning from the lessons I endured. I am at a chapter in my life now. Where all is a new begging. Making choices an opening doors that feel right for me. All I can do now is pray that, I open the right doors, So I am able to me!
Chapter 1 (romance Novel I'm Working On...comments Welcome)
The Dark Laird CHAPTER ONE Scotland, 2006 "How many times do I have to tell you the trip is pointless?" Bethany Campbell rolled her eyes at her friend and colleague for what seemed to be the hundredth time that day. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she adjusted her reading glasses on the bridge of her nose and returned her attention to the medieval document spread out before her. "Are you even paying attention to me?" Lisa said, her eyes wide. Bethany turned, a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. "Yes, I am, but this is important to me." "I know it is," Lisa admitted. "What is it we're looking for again?" Bethany lifted her eyes from the paper for a moment before lowering her gaze again. When she'd asked Lisa to come with her to Scotland, she'd been vague about the reason. How could she explain the real reason she came here? Would her friend believe her story? Of
Chapter 2 (romance Novel I'm Working On...comments Welcome)
CHAPTER TWO Scotland, 1328 Bethany jumped away from the painting. She jerked her head toward the loud woman running at her and held up her hands. She backed away as the woman pushed closer, until her thighs bumped into one of the low tables. "Do I know you?" Bethany asked. The woman stopped abruptly, her head cocked to the side. The action sent her messy braid swinging to the right, more dark brown strands coming loose to hang around her face. Her brows bunched together above chocolate brown eyes and her thin lips puckered. "Don't be pretending to not know your old maid, dearie. I know you've been gone over long, but you would never forget Bessie." Bessie? It couldn't be! Bethany peered closer at the woman. Her eyes seemed familiar, though her body wasn't bent over a cane and she wasn't wearing the bright red wool. Instead, she wore a plain blue skirt that brushed the floor, a white linen shirt and a b
Chapter 3 (romance Novel I'm Working On...comments Welcome)
CHAPTER THREE Hushed whispers and giggling echoed around the great hall. Blaise stared at the fiery woman seated in the center of the long table. His reaction to her had been instant and very painful. His breeches had become too tight for him and he longed to remove them, preferably in the vicinity of the beautiful vixen, where she could see what she'd done to him. His gaze traveled over the dark red ringlets framing her lightly tanned face and relaxing into softer curls near her waist. Her skin caught the glow of the torches and accentuated the deep crevice between her large breasts. He could image holding them in his hands, could feel their weight. Even now, he could see her nipples straining against the tight fabric of her bodice. His cock jerked in response. His eyes traveled up her neck to her face. Her light green eyes dared him to speak, never had a woman looked at him in such a manner. Her jaw line was, perhaps, a bit too squa
Chapter 6 Of The Life Of The Dark Lord
Cedric sits in his office waiting for his old friend to the door opens a man steps in,and says"ok this had better be important"Cedric replies still looking shocked from earlier"it is a man showed up today with the name Lavinge and has asked for his family's lands.i never thought it possible but i saw the ring on his hand and by god,he is a i know i don't need to tell you about that family's history,for we all know what they are.that is why i called you here we need to put together another group and kill this one as well before he starts what his great grand father did"the man looks to Cedric"then i take it you will be comeing along with us this night then?"Cedric replies"yes we must hurry and finish off this blood line before it is too late.i will be leaveing here in a few to get everything i will need for this night,then i will meet you at the road heading up to Lavinge castle" * * * * * Sergio walk into his castle to find his servant moveing the unconsci
Chapter 2
Touch the Darkness The roar of the thunder awakens her senses. The crackle of lightning electrifies her body, even as it still quivers from his touch. The waves crashing in the background grow louder as her mind settles back into reality and she finds herself alone.... The zephyrs still whisper her name. It is him calling for her. His touch still lingers on her body. She is naked on the beach. She touches herself and still feels the warmth of his tongue on her nipples, a moan escapes her lips as she still feels his teeth pressing into them. She follows the warm trail of his kisses down her stomach and as she reaches between her legs she can still feel the wetness of their lust and desire. But even deeper within herself she could feel the hunger inside. Only then did she notice it was raining. The cold rushed over and through her, pulling her back to reality. Clearing away the fog left by his presence. She doesn't know who this man is, and she doesn't know what draws her to him b
Chapter 1
The following is for you my dear. Chapter ONE Touch the Darkness Descent into Darkness Let me show you your darkest desires......... Alone you stand on the beach waiting. The wind seems to whisper your name. It is me calling you my love. The moonlight seems to caress your skin. It is my lips hungering for your kiss my love. The crashing of the waves upon the beach seem to grow distant as my call grows stronger. As if waking from a dream all of a sudden I am there. Touch the Darkness You can feel the warmth of my breath upon your neck just as I can feel the warmth of your touch upon my body. Your tongue slowly tracing my neck down to my breasts. You can feel my breath quicken from your touch. You can feel my heart begin to race. Your touch sets me on fire. As I feel your tongue gently lapping at my nipples as I feel your teeth begin to tease me, your hand explores the wetness between my legs. You hear a gasp released from my lips as your touch engulfs me. I
Chapter 1 Part 2
Devin heads straight to the kitchen to quench his ungodly thirst. Finding his sacred red fluid in the thermos that keeps his necessary beverage at a cool 61 degrees, he sips eloquently like hes at a tasting. Closing his eyes in a state of near orgasm like expression, swallows and licks his lips. Devins eyes flicker like a candle in the wind and the rings around the outer color of his eyes darken to almost midnight blue. One solitary sigh escapes his lungs and ends just as quickly as it began. Firing up his laptop perched on the breakfast bar counter, he signs in to check on an email from Micheal, his protege'. Typically vampires dont associate with Vampires whom were turned by another covenant, but Micheal is a Harvard Grad who went home with the wrong woman one new years in new york. Micheal has a business degree and has been a vampire for only 4 years, immature for vampires, but Devin needed a wall street mind to help with finances. Devin found the email he was waiting on. D
Chapter 1
Tamer.. my Masters touch!! After arriving home from work and the gym opening the door i can smell the dinner cooking and hear the kids playing in the yard.. straight to the kitchen to kiss my Master Tamer and ask how His day was... after a long kiss and a little chat.. “Time for your bath kitten”, He said. So off i went to run the bath and get ready.. He came into the bedroom and remind me the bath is still running while putting his Masters ring on.. i knew that meant He has plans to using me tonight.. “Yes Sir” i said, and went to the bathroom.. He followed me in and said He had something for me.. “On your knees my pet”, He unzipped His pants and pulled out His cock, it was hard and huge. my heart was pounding, i knew what He expected me to do... Kneeling before Him He said “Open your mouth, my lovely one. Your mouth is needed, pet”.. “Yes Sir” i said, grabbing His hard cock in my hand. i slowly licked His cock up and down the shaft and in and out of the eye of His
Chapter 1 Black Door Past
Waking up at 6am was nothing new for Shannon. For the past 15 years it was the same story every day. Wake up, shower, make coffee, leave for work, come home, eat, work out, shower again and then bed. Another boring day just like any other. Turning off the alarm clock something just didn't seem right. "Here we go again" she said talking to the cat as if he could respond back. Stumbling out of bed to make the morning trip to the bathroom she notices a faint glow. "Yeah okay" she thought, "I must either be really tired or something is really fucked up here" Not really sure what to do but never been afraid to take a chance she slowly opens the door. As if stepping into another part in time, she looks around the room. "Where in the, what is this"? she said out loud but no one heard her. "Okay, you are doing great and it looks like we are about ready to have this baby. Hold on just for a little while longer and I'll grab the doctor". As the nurse turns away to walk out of the room, Shannon t
Chapter 2
Tamer... My Master's touch... Dinner was lovely, as usual, and the kids cleaned the table, stacked the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and put all the pots in the sink then off they all go again to have their last few hours of play before they go to bed. Finishing my glass of whiskey and coke, i kissed my Master and thanked Him for a lovely dinner. W/we went outside for a smoke and a little cuddle then it was back to the kitchen for me to finish last of the pots and tidy the kitchen.. I am almost done when Master Tamer comes in and walks towards me while i'm washing the last of the pots. He kisses me on the back on my neck and whispers in my ear not to move. A few seconds later He runs His hands up along my thighs, one in each of His hands, till He reaches my short dress then my ass. He moans as He notices that i am not wearing any underwear, the way He likes it.. Easy access He says. (hehe!) Lifting my dress up around my waste i started to blush.. He kindly remind me
Chapel Dating Hill Tip
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Chapter 3
Tamer.. My Master's touch.. After taking my shower i go to the bedroom with no instruction from Master Tamer, i know what i must do. i fix my face and dry my hair, cream His body then a last finishing, touch a spray of tea rose perfume.. i am almost done for my Master. Lighting a few candles and putting His favourite music on, i put on a pair white panties and go get my collar out of its special box that sits on the dresser.. Kissing the inside of my collar as i always do, i put it on, with a quick brush of my hair once again i am done.. i move to the centre of the room and sit on the floor with my hands on my thighs, legs open i wait for Master Tamer. A song goes by then i hear the door close. He walks in the room, the noise of His boots gives me tingles as He walks towards me. Standing over me and not saying a word i kneel before Him, face down with my hands out in front of me right to the floor. He walks around me and checks me out then says “ass up pet”
Chapter 4
Tamer.... my Master touch... Putting the camera back in the draw He walks towards me and stands over me and says.. “You have no idea how pleased i am to see you like this kitten”.. i lay there helpless not saying a word i start to blush. He sits down next to me and gives me a few good hard spanks with His hand, then slowly works His hands over my ass. Tingles move through my body as He moves down between my legs then back up to my ass. Spank! Spank! Another two hits, this time they were a little harder, then back down between my legs. my cunt starts to ache as i wanted more of His touch.. He started teasing my clit with His fingers and poking inside my cunt. “Mmmmmmmmm, wet my kitten??” He asks... “Yes Sir, a little i said. With that He replied “Well my pet, by the time I am finished with you you’re going to be soaking wet!” He laughs and pulls out a paddle from the box. It was hand made by my Master. Made for His ass of mine, he says.. m
A Chapter Of Life
Recently, I had a very unfortunate thing happen. A woman with whom I was VERY close decided to end our friendship and to say the least, I am very sad that this happened. Now before I go much further, let me explain the relationship I had with this woman. We would email each other many, many times a day typically from about 8 AM until late at night. I traveled frequently and her emails saved me from many a boring night. I would share my very soul with her and I knew that I had nothing to fear. She shared her sorrow with me when her Mother died and her frustrations with friends & neighbors and even the dating scene. Though we lived in different States, we would meet periodically for lunch. All in all, I can say that I loved her but, unfortunately, she did not reciprocate. The long & short of it is that I wasn’t her type. Oh and did I mention that she is drop dead gorgeous? Blonde, slightly taller than me, VERY statuesque and her smile never failed to make my heart skip a beat.
Chapter One
Tuesday March 17 2009 was my new day. If you like me, one of the two million that suffer from bi-polar disorder, you fight everyday to survive in everybody’s normality. I am currently attempting to rebuild my life off of several events that’s My thrown reality in my face. My son is my everything, anyone that truly knows me would testify to that. I’ve gone from his primary caregiver enjoying the daily dose of Sponge Bob, to only having him four days a week. I understand that I need time to recuperate from my recent hospitalization, but in May please guarantee that I will fight at the next divorce hearing. Beyond the loneliness of not having Jordan, I am now sane. A weight has lifted off of my shoulders. I have this beautiful optimistic look out on life now. All this is brought on by the help and the words of my family, my lawyer, my doctor, counselors and music. I am becoming healthier mentally, physically and spiritually. I am now waking up smiling, my nails are growing, I’m losing
Chapter 1
Hot Gimmick Squared. A fan fiction continuation of Hot Gimmick S. …I see Shinogu in my mind, but this time, rather than watching out for me from behind, I can see him walking with me side by side. I can clearly see the two of us… …together. Chapter 1 As I watched Shinogu sleep, I wondered about the life I could see myself having with him. I held his hand tight and kissed the back of it. “I love you.” I whispered quietly. “And not as my brother anymore.” I knew when he woke up I would tell him how I feel. My mother came into the room shortly after, rushing to Shinogu’s side, looking worried as always, and brushed his cheek. “Hatsumi! You look exhausted, lay on the couch and get some rest” I laid my head down and fell fast asleep with a smile on my face thinking of what I was going to say to Shinogu. I had a dream of us, we were together, happy. * Shinogu moaned loudly as he woke up from what seemed forever, but I was right by his side. I had awoken hours earl
Chapter 5
Tamer.. My Masters touch..   as i wake i could feel the warmth of the sun on my face i open my eyes still in the arms of my Master Tamer, watching him sleep i give him a tender kiss on his mouth thinking how much i love this man..     then remembering the night before and what we did and thinking how wonderful it was, the feeling of being so loved and how wet he got me, i remember the look he gave me when he tied me up it was a wonderful to see him so pleased.. just thinking about last night i get tingles!  i know one thing i want more!  even the paddle although it hurt id do it all again just to please him.. to be honest i did like it a little! hehe!   getting up out of bed i put my gown on and and remove my collar putting it back in the box then go make some coffee.. brush my hair and teeth then take the coffee back to the bedroom to wake Tamer up.. i like to wake him with a coffee and a kiss.   walking in the bedroom i lay his coffee on his bedside table then walk around to my
Chapter 21
Chapter 21 Chris and Kerry arrive at Chris’ parents home in Marrero around two o’clock.  As Chris goes through the house, with Kerry close in tow, they get the bedrooms ready for their guests who should be arriving soon.  The weather in South Louisiana is so unpredictable.  It should be cold but instead it is warm out today.  The house has been closed up for a few days so Chris turns on the AC unit to cool it down. As Kerry takes an impersonal tour on her own she wanders out onto the patio in back and discovers the hot tub.  “Chris, why don’t we take a quick dip before Matt and Nancy get here?  That drive has me all tensed up.” Tempted by her idea, Chris agrees, “Not a bad idea.  Let me check the water temp and turn on the jets.  It’s sad to say, but I don’t think my parents even use this thing anymore.” Kerry offers, “You go do that and I will toss these duffel bags into a room somewhere to get them out of the way.  Your
Chaplain Fired ...
Chaplain discharged after rulingBy Leo Shane III, Stars and StripesWASHINGTON -— A Navy chaplain who claimed he was punished for praying "in Jesus' name" at public military events was formally discharged from the service Wednesday. Lt. Gordon Klingenschmitt, who had served as a Navy chaplain for 16 years, said service officials delivered his discharge papers Wednesday, just hours after a federal appeals court lifted it order to delay his separation.I've lost my military career, I've lost a million-dollar pension, my family has been evicted from military housing, my family lost its health insurance," he said. I'm obviously disappointed, but I would do it all over again to stand up for what I believe."Read entire article here: MY RESPONSE i have read the articles ... and yes hes a man who stands firm on his priciples however as supportive as i am of anyone standing up for their beliefs is also a chaplain
Chapter 1
It was June 1990, Dad came up to Pennsylvania to help us move to Florida. His friend had built a duplex, and in hopes of moving us to Florida they had built one unit larger than the other. We loaded up the Uhaul and Grandpaps car (Mom's had been wrecked and totaled the week before) and we moved to Florida. Leaving behind the only life we'd ever known was hard. I didn't really want to go and in the end I have several times regretted leaving PA. But, once Dad packed our stuff in the Uhaul there was no turning back. Over Thirteen hundred miles and a lot of misery, later we arrived. We were instantly disappointed. The only other kids around were kids we didn't fit in with. There were the landlords two girls, but they had their friends and their interests were so different from ours. There were two other girls in the neighborhood, one was older and a junior, and there was another she was a lot younger. The older, Abigail, was extremely snobbish. She had braces and was, at the time at least,
Chapter 2
Only four months later another huge shock. One of Mychelle and my peers was killed in a horrific drunk driving accident. Shane Langston left an amazing story in the wake of his death. The night before his Senior Prom May 2, 1993, at around 6:30 or 7, Shane and a few of his friends had been drinking. They were headed into town on Mount Pisgah Road when Shane took one of the curves too sharply. Shane’s Jeep rolled crushing his head under the roll bars. Only seconds after another of his classmates came upon the accident, Michael Pollard. This was a shock to all of Florida. For only being a Senior in high school Shane had made his mark. He was a star on the football team, baseball team, and all around handsome and well liked. His funeral brought others from all over the state to Fort Meade, FL. People were excused from school without excuses. This tragedy made a mark. After that and until this day the Prom Promise has been a major player in Fort Meade Jr-Sr High Schools. After anothe
Chapter 3
They were just beginning to build it in winter 1994. By April 1995 it was open and going strong. For a long while I worked as a cashier, then I went on the line. Soon I knew how to run the place, so they offered me a Shift manager position. See where being a manager in high school kicked in? I was with that job for a little over four years! To date that is the longest I ever held a job. By spring 1999 I was fed up with the gossip and it got the best of me. I was accused by a 16 yrs old of calling her a whore and all kinds of other things. I would've had no room to speak if I had said such a thing. But my options were to either apologize to her or to be fired. I tried to apologize to her and to talk to her. But, she kept walking away from me, therefore making it impossible. I gave up and gave in. I quit. I went and applied at several places after that. But took a job at the Circle k in Bartow, FL. This became a pattern for my work for the next 12 years. In that time I held several jobs,
Chapter 32
  Jesse Now had a safe haven with Bob, no worries  no problems  just her and  him in their own little world. kindred spirits looking to escape in each others ecstasy and love. By  day she was this  mother working hard  just to keep her and her kids a family.. by night she could escape all her worries and problems and be  free to be herself. She couldn't have built up the strength to have dealt with all the pressures  of everything without Bob, he was her escape from reality her knight . " I am dreaming please never wake me up" she often thought. During the day hrs all the pressures of not having her babies with her came rushing back the differnce is now because of bob she can deal with them a lot better  , all the court dates hearing and meetings didn't matter. she along with Ron held the image of the perfect family unit and  pretty much convinced  evrerone that they were all about the constuction of building the whole idea of them getting married.Ron knew she would never give  Bob
Chapter 1: King’s Cross (pg-13)
Harry got off the train feeling the worst he had ever felt, even worse than when Sirius died.  Ron and Hermione had let him be on the train, but now they approached him quietly. “Harry?” Hermione asked tentatively with a hand on his shoulder. “Are you going to be all right?” Harry savagely shook off her hand.  “Not right now, Hermione, please.  I need to sort this out myself, alone,” he said sadly. Ron angrily whirled him around.  “Look at me, Harry!”  Harry still looked down at his feet, refusing to meet his eyes.  Ron looked at his best mate, seeing the dark circles under his eyes, the tear lines running down his face, and lifted Harry’s chin up to look him square in the eyes—eyes that were normally bright green but right now were more dull greenish-black and bloodshot.  Ron made a mental note to ask Hermione and Ginny later about that, but continued.  “We’re all feeling it, Harry, maybe not as much as you, bu
Chapter 2: Back At Privet Drive (pg-13)
Harry was silent all the way back to Privet Drive.  He found it better to stay silent since his thoughts were roiling at the moment, between Dumbledore, his friends, Ginny, and the Dursleys.  Sitting next to Dudley was no help as Dudley took up most of the back seat.  He shifted once and felt the locket against his leg, which just added another thought to the mental train wreck in his brain. Why did that git Snape kill Dumbledore?  Dumbledore trusted Snape and was betrayed! Hermione’s right, we need to stick together, but I’m scared! I don’t want any more family to die! You prat, that’s why you’re in this car, even though you’d rather be going to the Burrow! “This will have to do you until the end of the month.” What will these people do to me next? Who is R.A.B.??? Now THAT was some kiss! “We’re here,” Vernon grunted, the first thing he said all the way home, and only then did Harry realize the car had been si
Chapter 3: Malfoy Manor (r)
July 18th “Bring in the boy and Severus,” said a high, cold voice. Behind the chair facing the fire, two figures approached.  One was tall with greasy black hair and a pointed nose, the other, shorter, with silvery-blonde hair.  Both were in black robes, but while the taller one had an air of calmness about him, the shorter one was definitely scared. The chair turned around, away from the fire, and its occupant, a pale man with red slit eyes and slits where a nose would be, glared at the two arrivals as if staring at bugs to be squashed. “Tell me, Severus, why should I not kill you both right now?” asked Voldemort coldly.  “That old fool Dumbledore was Draco’s to kill, not yours!  And he couldn’t even muster the courage to do even that!” “My Lord, there is a simple explanation.  I knew that Draco would be unable to complete his task.  He is at best a poor student, full of bravado and bluster, but when push comes to shove he is
Chapter 4: Wills, Wards, And Winnebagos (pg-13)
July 20th Harry’s plans for the Dursleys continued unimpeded.  Fred and George apparated over to America and found plenty of motor home information and were due back soon.  Tonks spent her time with Harry teaching him Auror techniques and combat skills, after first enlarging his room and transforming it into a workout gym.  They were hard at it when a tabby cat with thin spectacle markings appeared on Privet Drive, hopped over the fence, up the front tree, then with a leap landed on the window sill, where it watched as the two dueled.  Tonks was an even match for Harry, but the cat distracted her enough for Harry to slip in a body-binding jinx. Tonks fell forward onto the mat.  Harry noticed the cat on the window sill and promptly released the jinx on Tonks as the cat changed form into Professor McGonagall. “Ouch,” groaned Tonks.  “I wish I hadn’t landed face-first on that!” “Good afternoon, Nymphadora, Potter,” said McGonagall.  &ldqu
Chapter 5: Talking To Dumbledore (pg-13)
July 23rd Harry and Fawkes arrived outside the Headmaster's office at Hogwarts with a flaming crack.  The statue moved aside immediately and Harry stepped onto the moving staircase as Fawkes settled on his shoulder.  They reached the top and Harry knocked on the door.  "Come in," he heard McGonagall's voice reply.  He opened the door. McGonagall was behind her desk, which was covered in parchments. "Harry, welcome, I wasn't expecting you," said McGonagall with a smile.  "Please forgive the mess; Peeves has been up to his usual tricks.  This time he's been using sticking charms on doors, and I can't seem to figure out the right counterspell." She waved at the parchments.  "I was looking through some old records for some ideas." Harry frowned for a moment.  "Have you tried, 'Abiungo Door?'" McGonagall looked at him for a moment sharply, then her eyebrows raised.  She turned, waved her wand at a door in the room and said the incantation.  The door flew open with a bang.  "Yes, that's
Chapter 6: Heart’s Desire (pg-13)
Harry and Fawkes apparated into an unused second-floor classroom.  Sitting there, as it had in his first year, was the Mirror of Erised. No Sorcerer's Stone, no Quirrell, and no Voldemort this time, he thought.  But I have to know for sure.  What will I see this time? He approached the mirror.  Fawkes landed on the floor behind him and opened a magical link.  Harry, absorbed in the mirror, didn't notice. At age eleven he saw his parents in the mirror, but when he showed the mirror to Ron, Ron saw himself winning the Quidditch Cup and as Head Boy.  Ron did the former last year while Harry was under his "lifetime" ban from the sport by Umbridge, but the latter appeared to be out of reach now with the school closed. I probably will have that lifetime ban lifted this year, since that bitch isn't here anymore.  Besides, she never specified what lifetime the ban was for-mine, or hers when she actually gets one!  Harry smirked.  He looked in the mirror, Dumbledore's words from minutes bef
Chapter 7: Weasley Family Meeting (pg-13)
  Fawkes apparated to over Ginny's bed, dropped the parchment on the bed, and disapparated again.  Ginny came back from the bathroom just in time to hear the second flaming crack.  She saw the parchment on the bed and stared at the Potter crest, a lion and phoenix, facing each other, and a pack of greyhounds below them, all on a shield of red and gold.  She had never seen it before but she understood immediately, and it dawned on her that the dream she had just days ago made sense. If I was seeing these symbols living in my dream, in pairs, then that must mean there is another one out there, but who? Wait a minute!  That pairing was with me each, time! Was that other one ME? Then who was the first one? Thinking fast, she activated her coin. "Remus? Can you come in here a moment?" Lupin's face appeared.  "Sure, be right there." Moony apparated in with a soft "pop."  "What's up?" "Have you ever seen this before?" she asked, pointing to the crest. Lupin gaped at it. "I haven't s
Chapter 8: Reaching An Understanding (pg-13)
July 24th The next day, Harry and Fawkes apparated to outside the Potions classroom.  He knocked on the door to Slughorn's rooms.  A moment later, the door opened. "Harry, m'boy, what are you doing here?" Horace Slughorn asked as he ushered them in. "Professor, I need to ask you something, "Harry began. "Go on," Slughorn prompted. "Well, as you know, I'm gearing up to finally take on Voldemort.  I need some help from you.  Specifically, I need a potion made up, and since it needs to be perfect, I need your help to make it," Harry continued. "Well, that I can help you with a little.  What potion are you referring to?" "Felix Felicis." "That's easily done, simply because I have it here, already finished."  He went into the Potions classroom. Harry and Fawkes followed.  He went over to a cabinet and opened it up, and pulled out a bottle.  He handed it to Harry-a bottle full of golden liquid.  Harry pulled out his wand and waved it over the bottle, uttering the unbreakable charm on
Chapter 9: The Day Before (pg-13)
  July 30th Harry stepped out of a fireplace at the Ministry of Magic.  Today he was on business and covert movement was neither necessary nor desired.  He checked in at the main desk, drawing some raised eyebrows, and then made his way to the Apparation Testing Office.  He set up the appointment for his test for August first at 9AM.  Then he headed for the Minister's Office.  He walked in and went straight to Fudge's inner office without so much of a look at the secretary or Percy Weasley.  Cornelius Fudge looked up from his paperwork with surprise and irritation as Harry closed the door and locked it and silenced it behind him. "Fudge, it is time to talk." Harry sat down. "What do you want?  I'm a busy man, and I'm Minister of Magic.  You just can't just walk in like this!" blustered Fudge. "Well, I just did.  Now, are you going to be an insolent prat, or are you going to shut up and listen for once?  Here's what is going on, Fudge, so pay attention!"  Power radiated from Harry,
Chapter 10: Preparations (r)
  July 31st "Harry! Wake up! Breakfast!" Harry awoke with a start, fumbling for his glasses, to see Dobby with a tray of breakfast sitting on the bed. "Eat up, Harry Potter, sir, you is having a big day today, and Mizzez Wheezy says you is to have a good breakfast before you sets out.  Dobby is to accompany you today as well." squeaked the house-elf. "Okay, okay, Dobby, I'm up."  Harry dove into his breakfast and managed to put down the 3-egg omelet that was loaded with onions, mushrooms, peppers, bacon, cheese, and mustard.  While eating, he waved his wand and transformed Dobby's multiple hats and socks into a neat Muggle pinstriped business suit, complete with Muggle wingtips and a derby hat compete with ear holes.  He looked like an elfin version of Fudge.  Dobby looked in the mirror and squeaked with joy. From above the bed, Sirius grinned.  "I think they call that a 'zoot suit' if I'm not mistaken," he said.  "Dobby, that outfit could even get you a date with a pretty witch!
Chapter 11: Birthday Surprises (pg-13)
Harry and Fawkes stepped out of the Floo into the Burrow kitchen to find it empty except for a familiar face hooting at him.  "Hedwig!" he called softly, going to her perch and stroking her feathers.  She nipped him affectionately.  "I've missed you girl, and I'm glad you're safe." Hermione came into the kitchen in a rush, saw Harry, and stopped.  "Oh, good, you got my note. Remus was looking for you; he's in the living room." Harry shrugged and stepped into the hall, and made his way to the living room.  The door was closed.  He turned the knob and opened the door to the darkened room. A blinding flash hit him and several arms pulled him into the room. "SURPRISE! HARPY BIRTHDAY, HARRY!" Harry grinned from ear to ear.  He sort of knew this was coming, but they had gone all out.  Sirius and Dumbledore's portraits beamed at him from the mantle, there was a mountain of gifts in one corner, a huge cake and a skirted table groaning under a matching mountain of food and drink next to it
Chapter 12: A New Family Comes Together (pg-13)
Drinks were passed around.  Ginny changed Harry's hair from red back to black, explaining while the gesture was nice, it just wasn't Harry. Ron stood up, looking a little embarrassed.  "Harry, you're my best mate and all, but I think I speak for all my brothers when I say, you better take good care of my sister!  Here's to you both, you were always made for each other."  Bottles and glasses were raised in tribute. "Albus, I think it's time to explain this," Molly began. Dumbledore sighed.  "Yes, Molly I think it is.  Let me start out by asking Harry and Ginny some things."  He turned to them.  "Harry, would you show everyone your Animagi?"  Harry nodded, then changed into his forms: first the lion, then the greyhound, then the phoenix, then back to himself.  Ginny's eyes went wide with recognition. "So that's it!  I saw that in what I thought was a dream, but it wasn't a dream." She turned to Harry.  "I saw myself as a lioness, then a Saluki, and then a phoenix, but each time I was
Chapter 13: Operation Polyjuice (pg-13)
August 1st Harry got up early the next morning, to find Ron already up and in the War Room, checking final plans. "Remember, it goes down at 10 AM sharp."  Harry noted. "We'll be ready, Harry.  You just keep Voldemort busy until I coin you that it's OK." "I think I can handle that."  Harry patted his pocket.  "I'm going to mess with his mind some more today as well.  Moony is getting Ginny up to speed on Occulmency.  I'm hitting Gringotts early to get the paperwork adjusted before the meeting.  McGonagall will be there, and so will Flitwick." "Harry, are you sure that messing with his mind like this won't put you and Ginny at extra risk?"  Ron asked. "Trust me.  Or better yet, trust Snape."  Harry grinned.  Ron blanched, then turned to his notes. "Operation Squeeze Play is set.  After tomorrow we'll know what a squished Dementor looks like.  Or a thousand." "Hogsmeade?" "Fred and George have all the traps in place, and we're ready." "I'm wearing the Amoeba Suit, and my glasse
Chapter 14: Cleaning House (pg-13)
Hermione continued her research in Dumbledore's library.  It was nearly impossible to get her out of there, stopping only to use the bathroom, and Dobby made sure she had lunch. Sighing, she put aside the book.  Another dead end.  Anything made magically can be destroyed magically.  There's got to be a way.  But what?  Think, Granger! Dementors are repelled by Patronuses, which are created using the happiest of thoughts.  Ron's plan is to get them stuck on both sides by Patronuses so they cannot flee and are forced to deal with them.  But once they are contained, then what happens? I need help on this. She pressed her coin.  "Ron?"  His face appeared. "What is it, 'Mione?"  She blushed. "Send Fred and George to the Room of Requirements with some Portable Patronuses.  I need to do some experimenting." "Right away." Ron's face disappeared. Hermione got up and left the library and headed to the seventh floor.  She walked past a blank wall three times, frowning in thought.  A door
Chapter 15: Operation Squeeze Play (r)
August 2nd By morning, they had all mastered the spell wandless and silently.  Harry apparated to Grimmauld Place and retrieved his Firebolt, and returned in time for breakfast. They returned to the War Room for final reports. "Last checks, people," Ron told the assembled lieutenants.  "Hogsmeade?" "Ready and waiting," Fred replied.  He had dropped off the second Amoeba Suit, this one in a female cut, for Ginny.  She had quickly changed, and she and Harry now looked like the perfect match everybody knew they were. "Ministry?" "Standing by, locked and loaded," said Tonks. "Madam Pomfrey and St. Mungo's are standing by as well."  This was from McGonagall at the Floo. "All right, excellent.  There has been a slight change in plans.  Remus will stay here to coordinate things, and he has his instructions.  Hermione, Ginny, Dobby and I will be joining Harry at Azkaban.  We found a flaw in the operation, and we're the fix." "Are you sure, Ron?" asked Lupin.  Ron nodded as Harry hande
Chapter 16: The Battle Of Hogsmeade (pg-13)
Fred and George observed the village from their brooms as the Death Eaters apparated to the end of the village.  The streets were empty.  In the distance the Hogwarts bell tower struck noon. The cry went out and the Dark Mark appeared in the sky, pale in the sunlight. "MORSMORDE!" The Death Eaters made their way up the main street, randomly blasting at shops, trying to cause damage.  Some shops caught on fire, others took damage to their facades. At the other end a group of Aurors apparated and stood there, waiting.  They had their own coins, and they were all on conference call. "Cast shield spells, everyone," Fred murmured into his coin.  The Aurors glowed briefly. "Bring up the shop shields," George called quietly into his own.  Below them, the shops glowed slightly. "Raising the back wall," Fred murmured again into his coin.  He waved his wand.  A solid metal wall appeared silently behind the Death Eaters. "Fire!" George commanded into his coin.  The Aurors began launching
Chapter 17: Coup D’not (r)
Thirty Death Eaters appeared in the fireplaces of the Great Atrium and looked around.  The Atrium clock rang noon.  The Atrium had been under repair since the battle a month ago, and scaffolds were still around the edges as the upper areas had not been finished yet.  They moved into the hall further and headed for the lifts. Behind them, Tonks and nine other Aurors watched them make their way forward.  Their job today was simply to follow and catch those fleeing the ambushes ahead. The Death Eaters got into the lifts and exited at their assigned stops.  At the top level, the last ones got out and headed for the offices.  Each target already had an infiltrator in place, so the takeover Voldemort planned would be relatively easy.  Bellatrix Lestrange made her way to the Minister's Office.  She opened the door to the outer office to see the secretary sitting there, waiting for her, per the Dark Lord's instructions.  "He's in there," she whispered.  "The infiltration went perfectly, all
Chapter 18: Aftermath (pg-13)
The Daily Prophet Evening Extra carried the news to the Wizarding World. Dark Lord Defeated, on the Run In a series of stunning developments, You-Know-Who attempted to make a statement to the Wizarding World that the second war was underway.  In a three-pronged attack, the Dark Lord's forces struck at Hogsmeade, Azkaban, and the Ministry itself. In each case his forces were routed, led by forces from the Ministry, Aurors, and the Order of the Phoenix, and coordinated by Harry Potter himself. Details are still emerging, but it appears that the Dark Lord's plans were known in advance, and at each location the Death Eaters walked into an ambush. It is now rumored that the Dark Lord, shaken after this decisive and devastating defeat, has fled the country to regroup his forces. More coverage on Pages 2-5... Page 2 Azkaban: Dementors Revolt, Get Destroyed; No Escapes At Azkaban, a Dementor revolt was expected and prepared for, but what no one expected was the complete and utter dest
Chapter 19: Double Wedding? (r)
August 3rd With Bill and Fleur's wedding only two days away, things at the Burrow kicked into high gear.  With all of the details to be worked out, Bill, Arthur, Harry, Ron, and Remus hardly saw their other halves, and instead were put to work getting both Grimmauld Place and the Burrow ready.  It was decided that since the wedding was going to be in the Burrow garden, the girls would be at the Burrow and the guys at Grimmauld Place. Unfortunately, things weren't going well at all.  All the preparations came to a screeching halt when it was discovered that every wizard minister in Britain who could do the ceremony was either booked or otherwise unavailable.  Apparently the victories of the day before inspired a lot of elopements and otherwise postponed weddings to go forward.  Fred and George barely could keep up with their fireworks orders, even with Lee and Charlie helping out. This left Molly in tears and in a panic.  Fleur wasn't much better, but rather than worry, about it, s
Chapter 20: Conversations (pg-13)
August 4th The combined rage of Fred and George kept Bill and Charlie busy the next day running interference for Harry and Hermione, who smartly decided to disappear to the Room of Requirement at Hogwarts.  Ron and Ginny stayed behind at the Burrow.  Fred and George still couldn't believe that they were standing by their significant others. "Blast it, Ginny, we both saw what happened!"  Fred shouted for the umpteenth time. "I have complete trust in Harry, whether you like it or not.  He told me nothing happened and I believe him, and remember we can read each other's minds.  Now, excuse me, but I have a dress fitting to get done!" Ginny stalked out of the room in a mock huff and headed to Molly's room, where there actually were dresses being fitted. "Ron, what about you? Are you going to find out what Hermione is up to with Harry?" George complained.  "Fleur believes us; that's why Hermione is no longer a bridesmaid!" Ron just shrugged.  "I trust both of them, and that's it."  Yep
Chapter 21: I Do Gotcha! (pg-13)
August 5th :Harry! Wake up! You need to get ready! :I'm already up Ginny.  I'm in the Prefects' Bathroom taking a bath. :Oops, Sorry, Harry!  Although I'd be lying if I didn't wish I was in that tub with you. :Yeah, me too.  See you in the Atrium. Harry finished his bath and dried himself, then headed back to the DADA Office under his Invisibility Cloak. * * * "I'm telling you, you will do nothing to ruin this wedding, Fred and George, and if you do, Charlie and I will hex you into next week and demolish your shop!" shouted Bill.  "You will leave Harry and Hermione alone!"  Bill glared at them, and with his scars from his battle with Greyback he looked overtly dangerous. Fred and George shrunk from his gaze.  "All right, we'll let them be today," grumbled Fred. "But tomorrow, all bets are off!" finished George. "Go take your seats."  Bill and Charlie headed to the common room to get dressed. * * * Harry met the others at the common room.  "All right?" he asked Ron. "So far
Chapter 22: Planning (pg-13)
August 6th Everyone decided to have a lie-in the next morning, simply because after three non-stop days of battles, pranks and weddings, everyone was either exhausted, hung over, or in some cases, both. One couple was neither and was up early.  Instead, they were outside in the morning air.  A passerby, if there had been any around, would have seen two dogs running around the Quidditch pitch at top speed.  One was sleek and fast, a black and red blur, and the other one just as fast, but even redder and some fur flying behind. Eventually they slowed to a trot, and the greyhound and the Saluki ran together side by side, shoulder to shoulder, a perfectly matched couple.  Occasionally the greyhound would playfully nip at the muzzle of the Saluki and vice versa.  They left the pitch and headed to the front steps of Hogwarts, where they came to a stop.  The two changed forms, and Harry and Ginny, sweating from a good morning workout, headed into the Great Hall (which had turned back to no
Chapter 23: Cramming, Then Unwinding (r)
August 6th - 28th The next three weeks were as intense in study as Harry had ever seen, and just as bad for Ginny.  They only had meals as time to relax, and they both found it very difficult to stay focused on their own individual studies.  Harry found himself answering questions for Ginny through their link constantly, and Ginny found herself learning not only her own level but at Harry's as well.  Every day they would spend blocks of time in study, with breaks for meals, or a run around the Quidditch pitch, in the air on brooms, or as phoenixes, or on the ground as dogs and lions.  The studies they had together they worked together, even to the point that the professors were teaching them together, and Ginny quickly got up to Harry's level.  For the lessons that Ginny had that Harry did not, he spent the time with Lupin and McGonagall figuring out how to do lesson plans and organizing his classroom, office, and private rooms, with Dobby helping on the latter.  Each night Harry and
Chapter 24: A New Year Begins (pg-13)
August 31st Two days later, Harry and Ginny stood at the gates of Hogwarts, waiting, hand in hand as usual. Ahead of them, a dot appeared in the sky, and it grew bigger and bigger.  Soon they could make out that it was two figures on a broom, moving towards them at what for that broom would be considered a moderate pace for the Potters, but nowhere near its top speed.  The pair on the broom settled in for a perfect landing as Harry opened the gates. Ron and Hermione ran through the gates and Harry closed them behind the pair.  Ginny got the first hug from her brother, and Harry was attacked by the mess of bushy brown hair that was Hermione.  Then hugs were exchanged between best mates and best girlfriends. "Welcome back, you newlyweds!" Ginny grinned.  "Come on, you can fill us in on the gory details later.  Right now, McGonagall wanted to see you as soon as you arrived.  She has your letters." "Well, not all of the details, Ginny," Hermione blushed.  "Some things are best left un
Chapter 25: Classes Start (pg-13)
September 2nd Harry looked at his first class of the day, a group of fourth-years, and began the speech he had prepared for this day. "All right, you all know who I am, so let's get some things sorted out.  In this classroom I'm not 'The Boy Who Lived,' 'The Chosen One,' or any of that rubbish.  I am 'Professor Potter,' 'Professor,' or simply 'sir.'  This is Defense Against the Dark Arts, and everyone here needs to take it seriously."  He paused to continue as he walked around the room. "I will not show preference to anyone, even to my own House.  Arrangements have been made to remove even the slightest hint of that.  So if think you can slide by in here because you're a Gryffindor or a 'friend of Harry's,' think again.  Voldemort is still out there, gathering new support and plotting his revenge, and if you think he'll let you slide by, you will be fatally mistaken."  There were some gasps at his use of the name. "I only have a few rules here, and I'll make them brief and simple."
Chapter 26: Full Moon (pg-13)
September 9th A week later, Harry and Ginny were enjoying a Friday dinner in Harry's rooms, discussing the day's activities.  DADA classes had been going well, all years on the schedule Harry had laid out, and coming up to speed nicely.  Ginny, for her part, had gotten plenty of hands-on experience in healing first- and second-years who had run-ins with Peeves, Slytherins, and Quidditch tryouts.  After dinner they moved to the couch to cuddle, and she finally had time to remember to ask Harry something. :I've been meaning to ask you this, love.  Poppy wants us to document what happens with our Bond. :Why is that? :Well, since it hasn't happened in almost a millennium, she thinks that documenting what happens with us could be a priceless and unique opportunity for medical and magical research.  I agree with her, but I told her I'd talk to you about it first before agreeing. :Do you know what she has in mind? :Part of it the physical aspects, although when it comes to certain areas
Chapter 27: Breakout (pg-13)
September 11th The next morning, Severus looked up from his potions book to see Ginny's head in the fire at Grimmauld Place.  "Severus?  I need to speak with you." "What is it, Miss Weasley, which interrupts this work?" sneered Snape. "Stuff the attitude, Severus," Ginny said crossly.  "It's about that work." She related to him what she saw the previous night during the transformation.  He listened carefully, his sneer giving way to interest and then astonishment.  As she finished, he was stroking his goatee and frowning in thought. "Miss Weasley, that is indeed impressive, and most useful.  I must apologize for my earlier attitude.  You realize what I am working on, of course.  It is most challenging." "Understandable, Severus.  We'd all like to see a cure." "Could I ask a favor?" asked Severus.  "Could you bottle up that memory so I could examine it better?" Ginny smiled.  "Already thought of that."  She held out a silvery vial. Severus took it.  "Thank you."  He placed it
Chapter 28: The Hunt (r)
September 12th That evening found the four teen Death Eaters in detention, the first day of a month's worth imposed by McGonagall and backed up by Slughorn.  Harry and the Weasleys took advantage of the time away from prying eyes to scour Dumbledore's library.  Surprisingly, McGonagall joined them. "The revelation that I am the last in the line of Rowena Ravenclaw has made me want to figure out how that could be," she told them, as she pulled out some genealogy books.  "I think that I might find something that could help you along the way." Harry welcomed the help.  He was still swamped in grading papers, even with Lupin and Spout helping, and that took time away from research on the Horcruxes, not to mention quality time with his wife.  Ginny was in charge of the Hospital Wing that night, giving Madam Pomfrey a night off, which was a luxury for her during the school year.  It was a light night for her, with only a third-year in the Wing with her ears being restored after a run-in w
Chapter 29: Snake Eyes (r)
September 13th >Severus? Snape awoke with a start.  What is Potter doing here? >Not here, Severus, just in your head.  I apologize for the intrusion, but I needed to speak with you in person.  Can you arrange to spy on the Order for a while? I can try.  If I can manage it, I shall see you at Grimmauld Place tomorrow.  Now get out of my head! >My apologies again, and thank you, Severus. * * * Harry withdrew from Snape's mind.  He hated the intrusion, but could think of no better way to talk to him.  But he had no such qualms about the next intrusion. "Legillimens Silencio."  He plunged into Voldemort's sleeping mind, and planted a single thought: Severus shall return to spy on the Order of the Phoenix. He withdrew from Voldemort's mind, resisting the temptation to plant a song from a Muggle musical group in his head.  "While that would be perfect to drive him completely nuts, it would give it all away.  Better save that one for later.  I warned him that he should learn more th
Chapter 30: Head To Head (r)
September 16th Potter Calls out Dark Lord! Challenge of Duel to the Death. In a stunning development, Harry Potter publicly challenged He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named to a duel to the death. "It's finally time to end this war," Potter said.  "If doesn't respond, we'll simply label him the coward that he is, and simply start exterminating Death Eaters.  Not capturing, exterminating." When asked about the time and place of the duel, Potter replied, "It's a fitting time and place for his end.  On Halloween sixteen years ago, at Godric's Hollow, he tried to kill me, and he failed.  It is appropriate, and even a little ironic, that it will end where it started." Per arrangement with The Boy Who Lived, needs to simply accept his fate or decline and be hunted down by simply sending a response to the Prophet by the end of the month.  A copy of the challenge made by Potter is on Page 2. Apology and Retraction In a related story, the Daily Prophet announces the suspension of Rita Skeeter.  Ms
Chapter 31: Aftermath (pg-13)
The Hogwarts Halloween Ball went on that night, and Harry and Ginny attended as Harry had promised, but with Ginny still being weak from the battle, they didn't stay long, but the party lasted all night. Harry simply left with Ginny to the Burrow, along with the rest of the Weasleys.  Mainly it was for two reasons, as he explained to them upon leaving the Great Hall. "Look, we're exhausted, and we need the rest.  I also need some interference run for us so we can get that rest."  Harry pleaded with Molly. Molly simply smiled and gave them both a hug.  "Go rest.  Right now, I think if you asked to become Minister of Magic you'd get it.  If we tell people you're out of circulation to get some rest, they'll let you get some rest.  Especially if *I* tell them, in the way only a mother can." "Thanks, Mum." they both said gratefully, then disapparated to the Burrow.  They headed to Ginny's room, closed, locked, and silenced the door, and promptly fell asleep in each other's arms.  The re
Chapter 1a: B.d.s.m. Acronym Examined. ~ Manual & Memoirs Of A Master.
Chapter 1a: B.D.S.M. Acronym Examined. This segment covers the Principles, Ideologies, Symbolism's, Aspects, Nuances, and Intricacies of B.D.S.M. The counterculture microcosm has many terms and analogies to help identify and classify where exactly one would ‘fit in’. Labels are frowned upon and are not intended to stereotype or be negative. B.D.S.M. categories only attempt to classify ones condition so others may understand their desires, and ‘type’. To avoid any confusion, this book will attempt to cover all areas, A-Z, so as to be read and used by everyone from the fledgling neophytes to the seasoned vets. The Trinity Emblem: Symbolic Divisions of Thrice I. B.D.S.M.: B/D – D/s – S/m The acronym B.D.S.M. includes psychological and physiological facets. • B/D: Bondage & Discipline. • D/s: Dominant & submissive. • S/M: Sadism & Masochism. II. Disposition: Temperament/Fetish Divisions • Top • Bottom • Switch III. Etiquette Motto: Ethics & Morality • Safe
Chapter One (i Think) Of My New Book. Its Sure To Piss Off A Lot Of People
I was walking. I remeber that much from within the earliest, hazy part of it all. I was walking and I think I was in or around a Motel 6. Thats weird enough cause i got banned for life from the chain years ago in the wild days of Fatal Demise, so i dont generally hang out in the Motel 6 world, ye know? Anyhow, I was walking there, I can remember the bland muted colors of the place and the stucco walls. I may have tried the Ice machine just to test Fry's theory, pretty sure it was borne out. I came then to the end of the semienclosed hallway, and found an old friend with a gelatinous face that nonetheless bared a wide smile. He was alone but said he was waiting for some other folks and could i join him for a while, I should really meet these girls, they were "primo tail". I dont think like that to be sure, but I am a guy so I put political correctness away as it has been far too long since Ive even conversed with a woman and I sat down. The pool was boiling in the summer sun, drops of i
We had this great 10 year old cat named Jack who just recently died. Jack was a great cat and the kids would carry him around and sit on him and nothing ever bothered him. He used to hang out and nap all day long on the mat in our bathroom. We have 3 kids and at the time of this story they were 4 years old, 3 years old and 1 year old. The middle one is Eli. Eli really loved chapstick. LOVED it. He kept asking to use my chapstick and then losing it. Finally one day I showed him where in the bathroom I keep my chapstick and explained he could use it whenever he wanted to but he needed to put it right back in the drawer after he finished. That year on Mother's Day, we were having the typical rush around and try to get ready for church with everyone crying and carrying on. My two boys are fighting over the toy in the cereal box. I am trying to nurse my little one at the same time I am putting on my make-up. Everything is a mess and everyone has long forgotten that this is a wonderful da
Chapter One Of My Book (untitled & Un-edited
who Side are you on? July 02, 2009 copyright   I am the type that would make it rain on you with no need for an umbrella or a weather man's warning concerning heavy downfalls. i'm carrying what you need without a handle and i can't leave home without it. fortunately for me the right words get what i desired and put people in positions that only left their legs to go where i ordered them. on many of occasions i know i had children straving for the sight of mommy and hubby sleeping on the job, from a lack of z's, wondering aimlessly from the window to the door wishing she would magicially appear after days of absence. Every click, clack or bump in the night was not only in his imagination, it was actually going on in a bathroom stall, on the ground in the park, or in the car, that had him feeling he was being held hostage by the note. I never wondered what lie would escort her through her front door after riding this amusement man-made ride for days on end.  when i first met her i was
Chapter One (rough Draft)
Chapter One   The night wind fades away, the night birds flutter their large black wings to fly away into safety from the coming of new day, the night life vanishes, as the day begins to stir with morning new hope. The day burst with sounds of news its once again a new day full new hope for all to dare. The sun begins to kiss the new day good-morning upon a breathtaking world that has a haunting stir upon hearts of pureness, but yet within its shadow the desire of lust beings to bloom upon one, who should never be touched by it. Princess Starlet, the daughter of King Samuarian. Upon the whisper winds of reality, a heart begins to call out of her one true soul-mate. Fairest of ladies in trouble time and land begins to stir upon a new day, her mind is fresh and clear, but her heavenly eyes stares down into the fear of possibly war coming upon her father’s people. She looks the way to see the trees gently swaying in the gentle breeze of spring, but she only sees waves of worryin
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Chapter One..revised
Fore Playing/Anal Sex Father/Daughter…Taboo (To all the readers, this story takes place from beginning to end, so if you faint at heart or hate what is reality, than don’t read it, because its deal with the reality in some families. I believe this kind of love or sex should not be happening, but I write what is within own my family, but I have be lucky for this to never had happen to me, yet I know this kind of things does happen in real life.) Tom wept at his wife grave site, he had lost her upon the birth of their daughter, but he knew deep down with his heart and soul he didn’t blame his only daughter for his wife death, he blamed his wife. She had knew the risk of carrying another child, but she wanted a daughter more than anything else in life, she was happy with her two sons, Donny and Angelo, but she wanted a mere image of herself within their family. He held his daughter within his arms, he stared at her, but right now he could not feel nothing for h
Chapter 1b: Understanding The Misconstrued Microcosm Of B.d.s.m.
Chapter 1b: Understanding the Misconstrued Microcosm of B.D.S.M.: In our society a microcosm exist; a body of underground persons who have, in effect, been labeled by the politically correct, religious and psychological community as having eccentric sexual needs that are outside norm of human desire & ‘social acceptability’; however, the prevalence of these characteristics have lead the subculture to bond together and show that it is more widespread than psychologist would lead the masses to believe. In fact, it is so common that it is in the opinion of many that B.d.s.m. paraphilias are natural predispositions based of a slue of variables, which I will explore later. It is these principles that lead to the counterculture phenomenon known as B.D.S.M. Advocates of the lifestyle refer to the mainstream, or what psychologist deem normal, as “vanilla”. The B.D.S.M. community distinguishes the differences by use of a pun, relating sexual desires to the flavors of ice cream. Life
Chapter 1 First Day Back At High School
First day back at high school I sat at the Piano gently gliding my fingers across the keys, when Alice approached me with that strange look on her face. “What’s wrong Alice” I asked since her thoughts were all cluttered.  “This will be one interesting School year for us” she replied.  “How so??” “I’m not quite sure, things are all fuzzy”.   We jumped in my Volvo and started off to school.  While driving I was thinking how interesting our school year could possibly be.  We arrived at the school and I parked the car, there was a scent so enticing wafting into my nostrils.  I listened carefully to all the thoughts around me to see if I could figure out where the source of this scent was coming from.  Ahhh the new girl Isabella Swan, the scent must be coming from her.  Her scent was eating at me, made my mouth water.  I had to find a way to keep a distance from her to make sure that we were never discovered as Vampires, for the
Chapter 2 Taking A Few Days Off
Taking a few days off   That night I talked to Carlisle and told him I had to get away for a few days, because Bella’s Scent was driving me wild.  I planned to leave at midnight, but I had this urge to see Bella once before I left.  I knew where Bella lived because her father was Police Chief Charlie Swan.  I ran through the forest, her scent getting closer as I approached Chief Swan’s house.  The smell was totally tantalizing, it was like it was calling for me, no like she was calling for me. I jumped gracefully and quietly through her window.  She was sleeping, not restlessly though.  She had only half her body in the blankets, and she looked like she was having a good dream.  She moaned softly and clutched the covers so tightly to her body.  I held my breath for fear that I would take her life, if I had breathed in her scent this close for even just a second.  I stood by the window watching her sleep, how I wished I could look into her mind right now.  Then suddenly s
Chapter Xiv: Seeking To Understand The Root
I left thursday and it is already sunday evening!  seems like so much and a little bit at the same time has happened from when i left san antonio to when i got here!  i can positively say being here, i already feel like a different person.  i'm around a bunch of cool people - it's just the beginning though.  cool people sometimes can turn into some huge jerks.  but my roomates (clark...and the other guy) are pretty chill! clark is quiet like i am.  and the other ok.  and there is this other guy there garcia...he's leaving wednesday but this guy is crazy.  he has this weird laugh and is this over-buff lookin dude.  and when we first got in the room he had the brokeback mountain on his was just weird as the first thing to see walking in.  ohh and his phone and alarm was going off allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll night!  it went off so much that i was dreaming it going off.  apparently he was like uber late to work...then some Master Sergeant came
Chapter Xv: I Have A Map Of The Piano; And I Placed It On The Land Between These Solar Systems
so everything is going ok.  it's getting hotter and hotter...i think today was close to 130 - it's been 110-120s lately, but today it was humid at 6am in the morning and i knew i was gonna get raped by the sun today :/ and it's only gonna get hotter!  it's weird, i asked someone here what are the winters like, and he said, "COLD as HELL!" soooo i rather be freezing than gettin cooked by the sun all day.  but seriously...i'm even getting darker from it.some of the TCNs i work with gave me an Indian name (i dont know how to spell it but i'm gonna spell it how it sounds): Meinda Singh - i asked if it means anything and they said, "No, but good Indian name."  i've also learned some Hindi here also!  i work EVERYDAY - and will work EVERYDAY until i leave.  i even work thay day too!  well four more months to go...gonna be a long one!i'm gonna go eat!
Chapter Xvi: A Classic Bravado
Ever had Iron Lungs? Every Breathed in the air to feel the shine reflect from the cold metallic feeling that your lungs now carry? I wouldn't call it an iron feeling i would say it feels the way chrome looks... Not beautiful but sterile cold and at any minute a spotless look to a serious mess. Do you lungs ever feel like metal? Like Carrying cement in your chest and your thinking and breathing manually... Just think... Breath Manually... No more autopilot. It's like that stupid "Blonde" Joke about the girl that goes in for the hair cut with headphones and says she will die if she takes them off for the hair cut; turns out it was Bush's Song "Breath in Breath out," yeah it's like that but im making my own tune to keeping alive.
Chapter Xvii: Something That Means More Than The Words That Are Shown
Consider the ravens: they don't sow, they don't reap, they have no warehouse or barn, and God feeds them. How much more valuable are you than birds! Between the rivers and the ravens I'm fair, Between oblivion and places I'm there. So Father give me faith, providence and grace. Between the river and the ravens I'm fair, Sweet deliverer you lift up my head, And lead me in your way. I've grown sick and tired, Of trying to stand still, Learn to let the wind, blow me where it will. Throw myself into the will of the way. I've been, ever be brave, til were free. And though I'm walking through, the valley of the shadow of death. Evil's all around me, It's coming from the right and the left. Trust that I will see, the glory above. Oh your, banner of love, flies over me.
Chapter Xviii: Hey, My Name Is Emotionally Crippled
Ever had the feeling someone was trying to tell you something in your dreams? Someone you know in real life. Don't you want to contact them? Dream: I don't know where i was but i drove my old car up some stairs into a house my passenger was "Felix the cat's eyes." She looked at me when i saw her in my peripheral view but whenever i wanted to look at here eye to eye her eyes shifted like the cat clock on the wall. She is not as black and white as Felix the cat but she is the Betty Boop of my dreams. She acted as free as me but she was just as insecure as me except when she could keep her careless attitude around me. Ditto. You would have seen the blot she left on the dream, a color scheme of only black and white. Thanxxx. Then there was the car ride with familiar faces all to me and each other. There was not much to this car ride, we were driving at about 150 mph without steering the wheel. I would like to believe that it was a good friend of mine driving named "Bumble Bee" but it wasn'
Chapter Xx: Casting Spells That Imprison Dreams
I had a dream last night...good thing i have this pad right next to me so when i wake up i can write down these crazies...(took me forever to write this and then copy it onto here)  I had a dream a friend and I were inside a school it was run down and old, seemed like it was built in the 50's or mid 60's. My friend and i had to clean the gym floor. I remember walking down the halls where it was section off by dark and lighted areas of the hall. You look down the hall and see light, shadows, light, shadows, and so on and so forth towards the door. If you didn't get the feeling of this place being haunted by the way i explain this to you it was. In my dream you could the sense of eerie quietness and with the hums and buzzing sounds from lights and electrical things that had worked for us to see, somewhat. Nothing is said between me and my friend when we reach the gym, we open the doors and began to sweep the floor while there are whirling winds blowing through the gym we continue to s
Chapter Xxi: They All Think You're Asking For Too Much
The sun was never bright to me. Never bright enough to open the draps to my mind but on a cloudy day with snow piled on the ground would have the curtains pulled and the show began. I'm my own puppet with strings attched to my own hands that drags his feet in the snow and all i want to know is who will be with me while i explore slow. There are vast regins of imagination so i feel like a kid and i want to know who wants to keep slow. Cause when you're a kid you're are fast but you understand everything slow. Imagination comes at you like the flips of shuffulings cards but you are slow in the snow. There are sooo many things to see out there but you are slow in the snow. I am my own puppet and my stage is ready. Time for the beginning act, shovel the snow very slow.
Chapter Xxii: Life With Trees And Falling Leaves Is Apart Of My Grand Scheme
Let's suppose you were able every night to dream any dream you wanted to dream, and that you could for example have the power within one night to dream 75 years of time, or any length of time you wanted to have. And you would naturally as you began on this adventure of dreams, you would fulfill all your wishes. You would have every kind of pleasure you could concieve. And after several nights of 75 years of total pleasure each, you would say "well, that was pretty great, but now lets umm, lets have a surprise." Lets have a dream which isn't under control. Where something is going to happen to me that I don't know what it's going to be. And you would dig that and come out of that and say "wow that was a close shave, wasn't it?" And then you would get more and more adventerous and you would make further and further gambles as to what you would dream, and finally you would dream where you are now. You would dream the dream of living the life that you are actually living today.
Chapter 3 Fighting The Urges
Fighting the urges   I pulled into the parking lot and parked my Volvo.  I searched the parking lot to find Bella’s face.  Her Old beat up Chevy pickup was where she always parked it, but she was nowhere to be seen. I anticipated on seeing her, which made trig and history go by extremely slow.  Finally History was over and it was time for lunch, I rushed to the cafeteria in anticipation.  Bella was in the lunch line with Jessica and Mike; she didn’t get any food just a soda.  She returned to her table and I started talking with Emmett and Jasper we were laughing at our hair entirely saturated with melting snow.  Rosalie and Alice leaned away from Emmett as he shook his wet hair in their direction.  I listened hard to hear the thoughts of the people sitting with Bella.  Apparently Bella was staring at me; at least that’s what I was reading in Jessica’s mind along with some other stuff I already knew. I looked over and met Bella’s eyes.  She dropped her he
Chapter 4 The Accident
The accident   I pulled in to the school parking lot earlier than normal and stood at my car chatting with my family.  Bella pulled in to her usual spot and got out.  She briefly looked in my direction, and then directed her attention to a book in her hand.  At that very moment that look that Alice got when she saw the future came across her face.  I pulled Alice away from the rest of the family.  “What did you see Alice?” I asked curiously.  “A Van out of control and heading straight for Bella” At that moment I seen Tyler coming into the parking lot, skidding across some black ice.  I raced to Bella faster then I should have, I held out my hand and stopped the truck before it hit Bella.  I accidently knocked her to the ground and she hit her head on the ash vault.  I bent down to her to make sure she was alright; she looked up at me with wonder in her eyes.  Crap I hope she didn’t notice how far away from her I actually was.  Everyone ran to see if Bell
Chapter 5 Skipping Biology
Skipping biology The events of yesterday were still rearing in my mind.  I wondered what else Bella had noticed besides my eyes and the fact that I got to her so quickly in the parking lot.  I got to the door and waited for Alice, Rosalie and Emmett weren’t driving with us today.  Rosalie was still irate about what had happened yesterday at school.  While on our way to school Alice informed me that my biology class would be doing blood typing.  Well there goes my plan to talk to Bella to find out what she was thinking.  First and second periods went by quickly; I walked slowly into the cafeteria ignoring everyone’s thoughts.  I didn’t want to know what people were saying about me today, the only thoughts I wanted to read I couldn’t.  At this point I saw Bella in the lunch line playing with some vegetables; she had an apple in her hand.  The apple slipped out of her hand just as I approached her.  I bounced it off my shoe and brought it up into my hand.  She loo
Chapter 6 Trip To Port Angeles
Trip to Port Angeles   It was sunny this morning, so I wouldn’t be attending school.  I did however linger in the shadows nearby watching Bella. Bella and Jessica were talking about a trip to Port Angeles to go dress shopping for the prom, But Bella wasn’t going to the prom, and she had rejected Mike already saying she was going out of town.  My guess was that she was just going along to help Jessica and Angela pick out their dresses.  My urge to protect her suddenly found me heading to Port Angeles after school.  I followed them at a distance to keep an eye on Bella.  They were in a dress shop; Jessica and Angela were trying on dresses.  I liked reading Angela’s thoughts they were always sweet, on the other hand I couldn’t stand reading Jessica’s they were so vindictive and hateful.  They finally decided on the dresses they wanted and Bella left the store.  She walked down the street alone and walked into a book store called thunderbird & Whales books. 
Chapter 7 The Theory
The theory   “Can I ask just one more question?” she pleaded, as I accelerated much too quickly down the street.  I wasn’t really paying attention to the road.  I sighed. “One,” I agreed, and pressed my lips together into a cautious line. “Well…you said you knew I hadn’t gone into the bookstore, and that I had gone south.  I was just wondering how you knew that.”  I looked away, deliberating.  “I thought we were past all the evasiveness” she grumbled.  I almost smiled.  “Fine, then.  I followed your scent.”  I looked at the road. “And you never did answer one of my first questions…”  She stalled.  I looked at her with disapproval.  “Which one?” I said.  “How does the mind reading thing work? Can you read anyone’s mind, anywhere? How do you do it? Can the rest of your family do it?” she answered.  “That’s more than one,” I pointed out, she
Chapters Of Life
Our life is made up of chapters that fill up an endless book. We constantly are closing and opening new ones everyday. Some chapters take what seems an eternity to close. Others close in the blink of an eye. This past weekend I closed, yet another chapter in my life. One that has left me with sadness, but yet a feeling of peace. But as one chapter closes for me. another has already begun. As I sit I can't help but wonder will the new chapter take an eternity to finish or will it bloom as a rose only for a season and then wilt and wither away. Oh how i wish i knew....
Chapter 8 The Interrogation
The interrogation   I sat outside Bella’s house, waiting for her.  Finally she came out; she saw me leaning against my car and waved excitedly.   I got out and walked around the car to open the door for her.   “Good morning,” I said with a smile, as she got into the car.  I had wondered all night if the events of last night had sunk in yet.    “I brought the jacket for you.  I don’t want you getting sick or anything” I said to her smiling. “I’m not quite that delicate,” she said, but she pulled the jacket onto her lap, and pushed her arms into the too long sleeves.  “Aren’t you?”  I said with contradiction in my voice. We drove through the fog induced streets, heading towards the school.  “What no twenty questions today?” I quipped.  “Do my questions bother you?” she asked relieved that the silence was broken.  “Not as much as your reactions do.”  I replied jokingly.  She f
Chapter 9 Complications
Complications   Everyone watched as we walked together to our lab table.  I no longer needed to angle my chair away from Bella.  I sat close beside her, our arms almost touching. Mr. Banner came into the room, pulling a tall metal frame with wheels and an outdated T.V and VCR on it.  Great movie day in biology I thought.  He shoved the tape into the reluctant VCR and walked to the lights and turned them off.  I felt some unexpected electricity that suddenly flowed through my body.  Bella crossed her arms tightly across her chest, balling her hands into fists. The opening credits began, lighting up the room by a token amount.  I sat with my hands across my chest, in the exact same position as Bella, she noticed this and smiled.  I grinned back at her.  She looked away from me and back to the T.V. The hour seemed really long.  Bella couldn’t seem to concentrate on the movie.  Occasionally she would quickly look in my direction. She breathed a sigh of relief when Mr. Banner t
Chapter 10. Hunting
Hunting   I was waiting outside her house in my car, windows down and the engine off.  She didn’t hesitate this time, climbing into the passenger’s side quickly.  I grinned my crooked smile at her.  “How did you sleep?” I asked her.  “Fine. How was your night?”  “Pleasant.” I replied quickly. “Can I ask you a question?” she said.  “No.” I grinned.  “Today is still mine.”  I wanted to know about people today: more about Renee, her hobbies, what they’d done in their free time.  I also wanted to know about the only grandmother she’d known, some of her school friends, and about boys she dated.  She didn’t really date anyone, so I moved on from the subject.  I was however surprised at her lack of romantic history. “So you never met anyone you wanted?” I asked in a serious tone.  She was grudgingly honest. “Not in Phoenix” I pressed my lips together into a hard l
Chapter 11 Time Alone With Bella
Time alone with Bella   The next morning I was at Bella’s house, waiting patiently for her.  She threw open the door and locked it quickly, almost running to my side.  I chuckled as I watch her; she almost tripped over her own feet.  “Good morning” I said still laughing.  “What’s wrong?” she asked.  “Well…you rushed to me so quickly you almost tripped, and we match.” I said.  She glanced over me and then herself and giggled.  “Yeah how funny, we do match.” I stood by the passenger’s side of her truck, waiting for her to unlock the door.  She climbed into the driver’s side and unlocked the door for me.  “Where to?” she asked.  “Put your seatbelt on…I’m nervous already” I replied.  She gave me a dirty look, but she complied. “So where to?” she asked again.  “Take the one-oh-two north,” I ordered.  We drove in silence for a bit.  “Were you p
Chapter 11 Time Alone With Bella Pt 2
“Are you all right?” I asked tenderly, reaching out slowly, carefully, to place my hand back in hers.  She looked at my hand, and then at my eyes, then back to my hand.  She continued tracing the lines in my hand with her fingertip.  She looked up at me and smiled timidly, and I smiled back. “So where were we, before I behaved so rudely?” I asked.  “Honestly I can’t remember.” She said shyly.  I smiled with a shamed look on my face.  “I think we were talking about why you were afraid, besides the obvious reason.”  “Oh, right.”  She said.  “Well?” I quipped. She looked down at my hand and doodled aimlessly across my palm.  The seconds ticked by.  “How easily frustrated I am,” I sighed. She gazed into my eyes.  “I was afraid…because, for, well, obvious reasons, I can’t stay with you.  And I’m afraid that I’d like to stay with you, much more than I should.”  S
Chapter 16
 I awoke the next morning to find myself in better shape and health than I had ever been in before as far back as my mind and soul could recall. I got up outta the bed and moved around the room looking at everything as if in a new light to myself. As I proceeded to my closet to grab a dress for the night and walk the hallways with my Son and Daughter to see how their Father was doing or better yet WHAT he was doing in our family home of Delrita. We walked all along the pathways in the Garden and the Hallways of every floor and yet still no sign of my Husband anywhere at all. With sudden rush of panic and fear flowing all over me the dream of the night before came rushing back and yet I knew it to be only a dream yet my mind screamed out in horror that it wasn't a dream and that I was truely left all alone to raise our kids to learn to fight and survie for the upcoming battle that lay ahead of them as they were to get older and grow in power and skills. I rushed around every corner hopi
Chapter 17
  How long had I been lost in my thoughts before the sound of the curtain blowing against the window seal finally caught my eye and made me come back to the present only to find that I was better off being in my own dream world were everything was fine and nothing was going wrong for me. I had everything while I was lost in this world of mine where we were all walking and laughing in the warm sunshine and none of us were afraid of it. The warm touch of the sun dancing and playing upon my face felt so real that when I heard the wind I had tears running down my face which I hadn't had since the babies were born and I knew they were health,or at least at the tinme they were healthy now my Daughter is being plauged by something of this world and I have no idea what it is that has made her so ill. Why would anything or anybody want to harm my Daughter this innocent soul who's not even old enough yet to be taking a life to be called a sinner and yet something is making her very ill. She get'
Chapter 18
  I must of passed out at the feeling of thinking I had heard my dead lovers voice talking to me at the gates of Castle Delrita for when I had awoke I was in my own room and in my own bed covered and laying peacefully. My door opened and I saw my Maid come walking in slowly as if she thought I was still asleep and didn't want to wake me from my slumber when I turned and spoke to her I suppose I must of scared her just beyond this side of reason for she screamed and then turned to see I was awake and shut it down quickly as one of the hallway gaurds came runnign in she stopped him at the door and told him she saw a mouse on the floor and that was the cause of the scream and nothing more so he didn't have to worry. She in turn shut the door and walk over to the bed and sat softly on it next to me and looked upon me with a worried look upon her face as she spoke to me " My love your starting to scare me more and more nowadays. If it weren't for the night time gaurd shift change I don't th
Chapter 19
Was I losing my mind standing here hearing the voice of my dead lover ? The Father to my oldest Son the same one that I watched die before my very eyes in front of my old home when he'd come to kill myself and my own child not caring what the cost to himself was gonna be ? I was losing my mind that's all there was to it that's all nothing more just my mind playing tricks on me from being so worried about my Daughter and Husband that it was shouting things out loud enough for me to think that they were real voices that's all it was. I'll go back to the Castle and take the kids out for some fresh air and see if my Daughter would drink anything while we were in the Garden. It'll be better once I'm back around the kids,it has to get better being around them I'm always happy and have a smile on my despite my Daughters illness I'm always smiling with her to keep her happy.  " She's never gonna trust me once she knows it truely is me and not just her mind playing tricks on her from all she's
Chapter 20
The day grew into night and the time came for me to head out into the world I had left behind me for years now, and yet now here I was having to go right back into the one place I feared ever going into again for the past is a scary place. As I headed out of the Castle Gates and stood by the final pillar I took in a deep breath and glanced over my shoulder into my room window where I saw my son waving and holding his siters hand tightly with that ever present smile of his I couldn't help by smile back and let the deep breath out and partake in another as I stepped away from my safety net of the Castle. This was it now or never as my legs moved slowly and shaking started coming in waves over me the further away I walked from the Gates of Delrita  to the edge of the woods, with one last look over my shoulder to my home and a deep sigh I turned to the woods and enter my own private hell once more, but this time I had nobody waiting on the other end to greet me with open arms and a smile,
Chapter One: St. Louis
Chapter One: St. Louis     I thought I was going to miss my train again...that would be typical. Last time I got wasted and ended up spending the night in Oklahoma City because I got caught up in watching some kind of freestyle BMX ballet competition. Oklahoma fucking City! What a nightmare.     The train was already moving and picking up speed when I hopped on. I slumped into a seat in the front of the car next to an elderly Asian woman with a startling amount of facial hair. Maybe she was a sex change case, who knows.           "Keep your hands to yourself young man", she grumbled as she clutched her bag to her chest. Guess she didn't like the looks of me.     I closed my eyes and thought about how pissed off my asshole of a roommate, Penis, was going to be when he came around and realized I took all the smack with me when I left. Thats Penis, pronounced Peh-ness by the way. An interesting guy to say the least, his parents named his sister Vagina (rhymes with Regina). No wonder they'
Chapter One: The Golden Dragon
As written by me in high school, uneditted (although I did spell-proof), too bad I never finished it...   The winds blew in from the north, a cold, biting wind that refused to quit gnawing at the rough, dark blue scales of the dragon. He flew through the air with grace, spreading his wings wide to catch the stiff breeze. His great, luminescent eyes peered across the barren landscape, looking for any signs of prey. He heard a low grumbling sound from his stomach, and gave a flap of his wings to tell himself he was looking for food to appease his appetite. He hadn't eaten in what seemed like forever, for the fellow golden dragon across the open plains had encroached on his territory. There was little he could do about that dratted dragon, for he was the smaller and weaker of the two, though he hadn't yet confronted his rival. A low snort rumbled from his right, and he banked quickly, hoping it was another one of those delicious buffalo that roam these lands. He was rewarded when one e
Chapter Two: The Pink Dragon
Flying east, the Golden Dragon had time to view his domain. The vast plains that stretched across the southern half of his realm were barren now that his rival's corpse lay rotting in some pit. Trees stretched north of the plains, huge forests, laden with pits and trip wires that were all carefully set to stop intruders lay guarding the Golden Dragon's secret lair. The one river in his entire domain, known as the River of the Dead, twisted its way from the mountains to the north, on through the sea of trees to emerge at the sea to the west. This sea, known only as Big Blue, was too vast for even a dragon to cross. Not even the Golden Dragon had any idea as to what lay that direction. He had more important things on his mind, however, and gave a great flap of his wings to gain some altitude. As he thought about the invading Dwarves, he couldn't help but remember the day when he first encountered them, his fifth birthday, not that he knew it was his birthday. The morning had dawned brig
Chapter Three: Abandoned
Faust slowly flew back to his nest, but it was only out of instinct that he found his way home. One thing dominated his thoughts, and that thing was Shelata. How come I have never seen her around here before? She must be hiding something, her past. It was obviously a lie that she had been driven away by Dwarves. Those little hairballs take centuries to do anything, let alone plan to get rid of a dragon problem. No, she was lying about that. Only another dragon could lie to a dragon. He was drifting too low, and too late realized that the branches in front of him were not passing birds. He clipped one branch with his wing, and it folded up underneath him so that he lost his momentum and plunged into the forest. He fell right into one of his very own traps, and the poison from the darts slowly spread through his bloodstream. He didn't even notice his eyesight get black around the edges, or the fact that he was becoming paralyzed. No, he was lovesick, and he saw no more, still thinking a
Chapter Four: Evil's Mask
Curling up in his nest, Faust closed his eyes and tried to sleep away his troubles, even though it was midday and the sun shone through his eyelids. Try as he might, he could not get Shelata out of his mind. He told himself over and over that she cared nothing for him, and he must respond in kind by forgetting her. Who cares if she was the only dragon in my half-century of life to arouse that feeling within me that only a female could? He thought to himself. He turned over again, only to open his eyelids at the approach of his servant, James. "Master, you are aware it is high noon? Or has that girl got your brain fogged?" He knew he had misspoken when Faust responded by felling several trees with his tail without getting up. "Ahh, my apologies, master. Do forgive my brashness." Faust sighed and rolled over to look at his servant, and close friend. "No, you couldn't have known, James. Don't worry about it. My problems are none of your concern." "On the contrary, Master, when you get
Chapter Five: The Conclave
Faust awoke to find the sun setting behind the horizon, and also to find himself laying at the base of the Rocky Grave mountains, almost at the exact spot of his rescue of Shelata. He had no time to marvel at the coincidence, however, and he immediately took off for his nest. On the journey home, Faust thought all about the conversation that had taken place that day, or the day before, or whenever it took place. Or maybe I had imagined the whole thing? Faust thought to himself. Well, I can't take that chance. That Avari is one crazy magician, too. And what did he mean when he said Dragons weren't good pets? I would make a great pet! At least until I ate my owner. Faust chuckled to himself. He soon arrived at his nest, and called out his servant, James. "You called, Master?" James emerged from the forest, wearing what Faust figured to be his nighttime clothes. "Indeed I did, and I have alot to discuss with you." Faust then related the entire conversation with James, and was happy that h
Chapter Six: Plans
"A little to the left. No, my left! Ohh jeez, it's gonna fall!! For God's sake, go to your left!" A team of male humans were trying to place a mounted catapult down to provide perfect crossfire for the expected armies of Avari, and James was attempting to direct them. "Okay, okay, okay, for the last time, this is your left, this is your right!" "Why don't you just point us the right way? We never learned your funny directions." A big man with a gruff beard struggled to hold his portion of the load. "Okay, then take it that way!" James pointed to their right just for fun, and the entire team collapsed from exhaustion. James gave a laugh, and went to clear away the branches in front of the catapult so they wouldn't have to move it again. A short while later, the other catapult was set up to point in the same direction, and James imagined the piles of bodies that would soon pile up in front of them. That's when he noticed that Faust was behind him. "Oh, hello Master! How has it been o
Chapter Seven: Strike And Counterstrike
"You volunteered for what?" James had stopped pacing and was staring at Faust with a look of shock on his face. "You are going to pretend to work for Avari just to get close to Shelata? That wasn't part of the plan!" Faust lay in his nest, well aware that James was still talking, but he didn't care all that much. "Listen James. We know the Blues are preparing to defend themselves from a massive attack. And we knew that Avari would send Shelata, seeing as how she knew where the Blues would go. But I have a plan that could possibly make this all go faster." Faust related his plan to James, and the entire time, James stood speechless. When he could finally speak, the only thing he was able to mutter were the words, "You scheming, golden-bellied dragon! Why the hell didn't you think of that at the conclave?" Faust smiled slightly, and closed his eyes to get some rest before everything went down the next day.   Faust arrived at the Bay of Blood just as the sun was sinking behind the hor
Chapter Eight: Towering Inferno
"Alright, the main force is deployed to the north, right in the midst of Avari's so-called soldiers, but we left some forces in reserve, not to mention our strike force, which is currently circling around to strike them from behind. Shelata, you and I can fly right into battle, or we can join the strike force en route. Your choice." Faust could hear the sounds of battle being waged outside the cavern even as he spoke. "My choice? Then let's go!" Shelata spread her wings and took off through the overhanging vines that blocked the entrance to the network of caves on the interior of the island. The vines magically parted as she neared, and closed shut again behind her. Faust mumbled something about possibly eating first, but immediately took off after Shelata anyways.   "Delta Team, attack those transports! I don't want to see a single one land on the island! Omega Team, why the hell aren't you guys following Omega Leader? Get back in formation! You call yourselves Dragons?" Amelia the
A Chapter Ends, Reluctantly
I found myself unable to cope with the truth, to accept it. You were gone from my life, you were truly gone now. I fell to my knees and hot tears began to form in my eyes blurring my vision, not that I needed to see. In my mind's eye the events of three years played out clearly and I shook with a mixture of anger and grief. I kept questioning myself, questioning your motivation. How did this happen, how could it? A life I had invested myself into fully and selflessly. A little boy to care for now and to do it alone.   My greatest challenge and oppurtunity to present itself so far.   Fear in the pit of my stomach, how to balance a career and a son with no prospects and bills looming just around the corner. I look up from my writting and he's watching me with a smile. He doesn't look away, he laughs and touches my knee. Sensation washes over me and I muse silently to myself Perhaps, it wiill all be okay after-all.  
Chapter 1: Downward Spiral Of Self Hate
Am I just a puppet for the entertainment of others? I help people out with their problems, but there's no one to hear my own. I can never be myself or my own, because I am dead. My mother is never happy with anything that I do. My father only has anything to say to me when my mother gets angry at me. Sometimes I feel like a robot becayse that is how I am treated. I've not been able to shed a single tear for many of years. Sometimes I feel like a ghost and everybody walks through me. Sometimes I can never tell how others feel towards me, and that just shows that poeple hate what they dont understand. I know how they feel, but I dont let them know. I sometimes sit back and think about how my brother treated me, everone tells me that I love him, but they wont tell me that after I tell them what he has done to me. Everyone has an older figure to look up to but I dont. I sit back and wonder if I died then who would come to my funeral. Who would say they knew me. Who would be there just to s
Chapter 2: Enter The Mind Of A Twisted Indivual
To be a cog within the wheel of life forever turning to be apart of something to make someone else money. That is what this life is for. Life has became nothing more than just a spoke within a wheel. Just another way to give to the ever feeding machine of our own undoing. What am I talking about some may ask but many already know. Many are not blind to the system. We created a system for the people. And yet only the people in power are those in uniform. And where does that leave me? Just to be a simple pieon.. a worker ant just waiting to be stepped on. So why did we start something that will never give us power as a group? Tell me why... Some may think it's fun to pick on the little guy.. and others just laugh.. but what happens when that little guy is just a ticking time bomb? What happened to the laughter? Answer me... Family.. ah yes just such a simple word... I once had a family that was out side of my own blood. They helped me out when I needed them and gave me everything that I
Chapter 3: More Human Then Human
What is it that makes us to be human? I mean besides the flesh and the bone what makes us to be human emotionally and physically? Some may say that not acting on impulse and thinking our actions out makes us human... though what about the others that say to man up and not back down... are they human as well? If so then why does eveyone makes them out to be such vicious animals? ... Ah yes music calms the savage beast. Atleast the savage beast the lurks within my soul. Everyday it's getting harder to hold back.. harder to keep my inner demons atbay. Sometimes it just gets so damn overwhelming.. I know not what to do what to say. I just hide and pray that I do not hurt anyone once my inner demons are unleashed. It hurts to even know the devastation that they can cause. Though I do know this when I am pushed so far I am going to open those gates. And flood everything around me with all of this fucking haterid that the world will stand on edge until I stop. Just how long can I hold on? Tel
Chapter 4: Wicket Shit Bitch
So tell me this what makes one better than another? What makes the human mind become so fucking clouded that it has beliefs that everyone else is just so fucking beneath them that anything that anyone else does goes unnoticed?  I have to know this for that I grow tired of this type of human... just because they cannot realize the truth.. Everyone is equal. Show me a man that is flawless within everyway and I'll reveal that he's a mere figment of an imagination. I know my flaws. I wear them on my sleeve. And yet even still I have those thinking that they are better than me why? Its all because of popularaty. How so? Thats just the way of life. Until that very day that I'll snap and reveal to them what I've held back for oh so long then well lets just say I'll keep smiling. I have some people telling me that I shouldn't smile that I should commit acts of volience. That is something that I feel right down to my very bone everyday. And yet the reason that I smile is because with a smile th
Chapter 5: Confessions Of A Nice Guy
To be lost within a midnights dream.. To have everything that could be utterly seem like happiness seem like within a single whisp of the wind it could all go away. This is what I have learned about happiness. No matter how you may act it can oh so easily change. From being the number one mother fucking ideal expression to being something that can be oh so hated. There is an eye upon me. An eye staring into my very soul. Is it an eye from past loved ones, enemies... or just a higher power?... Or could this eye be just the very start of a paranoia that has been binding it's time within me. Waiting to come out of a young boy into the man that is here today. How ever this may be just something that I must live with. I must live with this and other shit within my life. Gettings screwed over again and again by my friends... Getting angered by so many enemines... And yet what do I do about this fucking bullshit?! I do stand up for myself.. and yet I'm too much of a nice guy to be so violent.
Chapter 6: The Demons On My Sleeve
Is it my pride that allows me to have a hatrid for those who don't know or those whom know but treat knowledge like a joke. I remember a time when I was treated like I was the dumbest person on this planet.. But then I proved them all wrong.. A half nigga from the back fucking woods of my town ended up with an "ed-u-mah-kation" well gee williekers..imagine that. But then again intelegance has became a joke. So then what do I do.. I rip the head off the first person that insults ither my intelegance or the pure simple knowledge of any situation. Am I right for doing so? Probably not but then again with all this shit sometimes I just don't care. And its that don't care attitude that at times I try to regret but yet I don't allow myself to for the simple fact that I know living with regret won't solve anything. So does this make pride my vice? Well then what about wrath?.. Yes I am full of wrath at times I live for those vengeful moments.. were people that fuck me over are comfortable the
Chapter 33
Jesse worked hard on her case plan did everything  the damn idiots wanted. She needed her kids back  , being a mother just made sense to her. Bob of course was a big help spiritually not much help with advice but  he helped her on an emotional level . She got an apartment a promotion in her job . Went to scheduled visits.She finally earned un supervised which it took every ounce of strength she had to send them back she didn't know how to answer mommy when are we coming home it broke her heart  to see them  not wanting  not to leave her . sending them back was like a dagger  jabbing into her so deep the wounds would never heal . Each and every time having Bob come to her rescue he made the hurt go away just a little and held her while she cried  kissing her tears away. Making love to her  showing her what love was without actually saying the words. Ron was very sympatric as well as he could be she guess he owed her but he knew she was in love with Bob and even though it bothered him he
Chapter 34
The day finally came when it went to far the kids came to Jesse with Cody having bruises up and down is legs he was in foster home that beat him , are you serious she  told her mom they took them away from me and then U for less and send him to an abusive home she ran to her moms room and cried think Jesse think her mom came in to check in on her she goes Jesse we need to get some pictures taken call police and have it reported immediately nothings going to  get done U locked in her all day bawling like a baby. Jesse dried her tears sent her step day to  store for throw away cam and called police then the case worker they sent a guy caseworker with a policeman out and took report since it was a weekend and her regular caseworker was off  they took some pictures  and Jesse got to keep her kids for an overnight for the whole weekend  they also made her an emergency  court date for Monday so she didn't have to send them back to that foster home . she was able to take her kids home with h
Chapter 35
Her final court date was coming up faster and she was hurring to try to get everything ready  her hud cane thru for reduced rent so her and Ron moved into a 3 bedroom house got furniture from friends and family  got the rest of her things out of storage
Chapter 7: A Broken Heart Bleeds
To trust in ones heart is a dangerous thing to do. Theres been so few times that I've done so and each time I end up feeling I've over stepped my bounds. There was two women in my life that I poured my utter soul to them. And what happens?.. The first gave me a look of disgust and shunned me for several years until her suscide in highschool. The other gives me this feeling as if I've became a stalker in her mind. I cannot help that I grew up in a loveless world and feel so deeply passionate about the feelings that I care to share. Perhaps its not at the right moment.. wrong place wrong time?.. Thats just bullshit. In life there isn't anymore right moments because the next moment might be your last. I had a thing in the past for someone I feel that they should know all because to not know that someone cares for that individual in a time where they are at their lowest could be that thin line between life and death. But wait does this make me a cold person all because I care not for ones

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