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Do You Really Know Me?
Do you know me? I am a mother, a sister, a daughter, a military wife, a friend, a closet freak, and a women who is addicted to pain, tattoos, cars and just the thought of a man touching her. Now, I wasnt always this way. At one time around 5 years ago I was a nieve single mom who met a man who was like a God to me. People looked up to him and came to him when they need someone to clean up their messes or go after someone who was threating them. I looked up to this man, he was everything that I had ever wanted in a man. At least thats what I thought! After 7 months of nights not knowing where hes been and weird messages from other women I found out the truth about him. He wasnt out saving people, he was out fucking people. Ok, im ok with this. As long as he comes home, i'll keep working and he doesnt have to work and as long as I keep doing what he wants then he will stick around. About 2 months after that was when he first hit me. I came home one night early and found him in
Do You Know Who You Are?
DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE? SO MANY TODAY ARE SEARCHING FOR ANSWERS TO THE QUESTIONS "WHO AM I? "WHY AM I HERE?" "WHERE AM I GOING?" THE BIBLE HAS THE ANSWERS. AND THROUGH FAITH IN THE LORD JESUS CHRIST WE ALL CAN KNOW WHO WE REALLY ARE AND WHAT LIFE IS ALL ABOUT! ..> ..> THE BELL I KNOW WHO I AM I am God's child (John 1:12) I am Christ's friend (John 15:15) I am united with the Lord(1 Cor. 6:17) I am bought with a price(1 Cor. 6:19-20) I am a saint (set apart for God). (Eph. 1:1) I am a personal witness of Chr ist (Acts 1:8) I am the salt & light of the earth (Matt.5:13-14) I am a member of the body of Christ(1 Cor 12:27) I am free forever from condemnation ( Rom. 8: 1-2) I am a citizen of Heaven. I am significant (Phil.3:20) I am free from any charge against me (Rom. 8:31-34) I am a minister of reconciliation for God(2 Cor.5:17-21) I have access to God through the Holy Spirit (Eph. 2:18) I am seated with Christ in th
Do You Want Someone For President Who Want Vote 4 English 2 B Our Main Language?
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing!" Edmund Burke 33 Senators Voted Against English as America's Official Language June 6, 2007 On Wed, 6 June 2007,Colonel Harry Riley USA ret. wrote: "Senators, your vote against an amendment to the Immigration Bill 1348, to make English America's official language is astounding. On D-Day no less when we honor those tha t sacrificed in order to secure the bedrock character and principles of America. I can only surmise your vote reflects a loyalty to illegal aliens." "I don't much care where you come from, what your religion is, whether you're black, white or some other color, male or female, democrat, republican or independent, but I do care when you're a United States Senator, representing citizens of America and vote against English as the official language of the United States" "Your vote ref lects betrayal, political surrender, violates your pledge of allegiance, dishonors historical
Do You Love - Why Look?
Do You Love-Why Look? Why do we look to see who we are? or do we? There is an old adage "Bad news travels ten times faster than good news" Unfortunately many people seem to do the same thing to themselves. They look into the mirror in their mind and pick out their flaws. I am not sure if this is a condition that lots of people have become a custom too, for many reasons. You have listened to other people comment on lots of things, starting back as far as when you were a toddler. " That kid never shuts up", "What is wrong with you can't you get it right", "Why can't you be like your...(brother, sister or your friend)? These are just a few examples that many people have been told, all of which are negative. After a while many people begin to believe that those statements are true, not to mention how hurtful they are. Many people have been put down by others who they think love them the most. Ever had your spouse or child make bad comments to you. This is a type of abuse that
Do You Have This?
Here are some tips on how to proceed when a relationship comes along that seems too good to be true: 1. Hold your old beliefs about relationships up to the light. Where did you get your ideas about relationships? As a child, did you observe role models of unhappy couples? Have you practiced a limiting belief for so long that it seems real when it is not? Do you have the power to make new and better choices for yourself? When you question the notion that great relationships are supposed to be elusive or hard, you will recognize that you have far more possibilities available to you than you realized. 2. Practice loving yourself so much that you become a love magnet. Love attracts love, and when you cultivate love from the inside out, the universe will deliver it from the outside in. Then, when someone perfect shows up, it will seem like the next easy, natural step. 3. Proceed as if you deserve the good that has come your way. Thank the universe for sending an answer to your pray
Do You Have A Sweet Tooth ?
do you have a sweet tooth ?
Do You Have A Favorite Cookie?
do you have a favorite cookie?
Do You Know Who I Am?(not The Final Copy)
Do you know who I am This woman that stands before you Strong head on her shoulders A person you can run to Passion filled mind Her soul filled with desire a mother a friend a true fire starter She knows who she is what she wants What she needs Often told she's one of a different breed but do YOU truly know her soul her mind or will you be one of those who are left behind never knowing only judging what you see in front of you instead of coming to me allowing me to know you so I can let down the walls that I have built so high so you can know that girl with the many guys the one that's sick of the games and ready for love for a REAL man to step up and place her above the otha bitches and hos that he's known all his life ready to make her his queen his own his wife Do you know who I am when you look in my eyes Can you see all the hurt from the past all the lies Can you see the heartbreak just the one that I've had Can you make me believe this one w
Do You Know The Truth???
This is a FULL film on what is called a Zeit-Geitst (which means a control) I only stumbled on this film because I bought a book with the same title and the book has nothing to do with this movie. This movie is 2 hours long. It informs you on the truth about amarica and who really controls it. I know at the beginning it defrauds Christianity but thats just a base on how this thing started. If your a believer in the bible and would get afended at the idea that its made up I'm sorry but there a more important issue here. The amarican people are being led into a trap that is being pushed by the amarican people themselves. Please watch this whole movie and if you agree with it pass it on. We must overcome this before its too late. Remember watch the whole movie before you start to form your opinions on it. thank you. Zeit-geist full movie click here or if the link dont work incert this into your browser:
Do You?
Do you ever stop to think? Wonder what you're doing here? Life can be full of so many things: Challenges, excitement, laughter, fear. Do you ever stop to think? What your true place in life really is? To have a feeling your ment for more but your just not sure what it is. Do you ever stop to think? Do I matter, does what I think and say truely affect anyone around me? Can I make a difference for myself and those I love and care for around me? Do you ever stop to think?
Do You Even Care?
I just don't know how to feel, If I should just give up, Store away all emotion And chalk it up as never meant to be. I put away what I feel And try to forget you. But then you smile at me, Or brush against me, And I fall in love all over again. Then you'll forget me For awhile, pretend I'm not there. I cry and wonder, Do you even care at all?
Do You Have The Balls
1. How many people have you had sex with in 2007? Im not the kind of girl to kiss and tell lol 2. Weed, coke, speed, crack, heroin, oxy, acid, x, xanax, k, peyote, mushrooms... of these how many have you tried? IDK? 3. Ever been cheated on? Duh lol 4. Have you ever paid for sex? Hell no. 5. Ever been married? No 6. Ever been divorced? If i was married i would be divorced lol 7. If you had to pick one, whats your favorite position? Girl on top 8. Do you own any guns? No 9. Ever done more than 30 days in jail? No 10. Ever been in rehab? No 11. Have you ever had any sexual experiences with the same sex? No 12. Ever have sex with anyone that you met on myspace? Plead the 5th 13. Truthfully size matters? Its all in the motion. Gotta have groove. 14. Do you think Arnold could beat up Chuck Norris? NO 15. What celebrity would you want to have sex with? Angelina Jolie 16. Ever been unemployed for over a year since becoming an adult? no 17. H
Do You Ever Think Of Me
Do you ever think of me, Do I ever cross your mind, Do you ever ask yourself, What's she doing tonight. Chorus. There's this crazy thing in my head, I don't know if it's true, Whenever you're thinking 'bout me, I'm thinking 'bout you. Verse two. Do you ever think of me, Just out of the blue, When you're just sitting around, With nothing to do. Verse three. Do you ever think of me, When you wake in the night, Feeling like you're in a dream, When you open your eyes.
** Do You Need A Laugh? Check This Out If U Do **
If you need a giggle today, this may be for you. I just received it in email so thought I'd share it around ;o) These are from a book called Disorder in the American Courts, and are things people actually said in court, word for word, taken down and now published by court reporters who had the torment of staying calm while these exchanges were actually taking place. Q: Are you sexually active? A: No, I just lie there. __________________________________ Q: What is your date of birth? A: July 15th. Q: What year? A: Every year. ______________________________________ Q: What gear were you in at the moment of the impact? A: Gucci sweats and Reebok's. ______________________________________ Q: This myasthenia gravis, does it affect your memory at all? A: Yes. Q: And in what ways does it affect your memory? A: I forget. Q: You forget? Can you give us an example of something that you've forgotten? _____________________________________ Q: What was the
Do You Trust Me? (my Lil Sis Wrote This)
He asked her "do you trust me?" she hesitated at first, and then she took his hand and whisperd in his ear that she had been hurt.He then smiled and kissed her on the cheek, everything was scilent she had no words and couldnt speak. He then told her that he would never break her heart. Her smile was his painting, her eyes was a piece of art. There hearts began to beat as one, as they stared into each others eyes. There was no fear or pain, there was no more heartache and lies. He asked her "do you trust me?" she didnt hesitate this time, and then she fell into his arms and said " I trust you and i will love you for all time."
Do You Have Time Fo A Child?
This is Elizabeth. She is only 21 months old and is going through her 2nd round of cancer.We are waiting to see if her 7 month old sister will be a match for a bone marrow transplant. I am not asking for money, just a moment of your time. Just take a few seconds to pray for her, or if your not the type to pray just send good thoughts. Every thing sent our way will be returned if ever in need. If you do want to help out more, then just go to any store like Target and buy something for St.Jude. Not only will it help my daughter, it will help others as well. You can also go to Thank you for your time and understanding.
Do You Want To Own Me
Do You Want To Own Me...
Do You Think I'm Pretty?
Girl: Hey Boy: What? Girl: I really like you. And I... I think I'm falling in love with you. Boy: Ok... Girl: What do you mean "ok"? Boy: I don't like you like that... Girl: Why not? Boy: I can't tell you... maybe another time... From then on, the girl kept asking the boy "Why not?????" whenever she saw him, and he kept answering the same answer of "I'll tell you later." Finally the girl got fed up. Girl: I'm tired of this! Tell me why you don't like me! Boy: Do you really wanna know why? Girl: Yes! Boy: It's because you're uglier than freak! What's the point of going out with someone when they're not pretty?! (The nerve!! soo superficial!!) Girl: But... I... Boy: Just shut up and leave me alone! The boy leaves and the girl is sitting there alone, crying her heart out. Then her cell phone rings. Girl: Hello? Mom: Sweetheart? I want you to go home, ok? I'll be home from work in a few hours. Girl: Alright Mom. Mo
Do You Look Your Age?
You Probably Look Younger Than Your Age You live a healthy lifestyle and know how to take care of yourself. You'll probably have a youthful glow for many years. Do You Look Your Age?
Do You Think Im Pretty?
Am I pretty?
Do You Want Me?
Post this and see how many messages u get....don't be scared!! (1) just friends (2) gorgeous (3) cute as heck (4) hot (5) fine (6) sexy (7) amazingly sexy (8) we can be friends with benefits (9) YOU U-G-L-Y (10) i want 2 make u my gf/bf (11) i love u baby (12) call me.....(__)____-___
Do You Believe?
Look into your heart and tell me what you see. Am I still on your mind; are you thinking of me? Do you wake in the night and let out a sigh? Do you whisper my name and wonder why; I can't be there with you tonight? With you in my arms, holding you tight? Do you believe in the miracle of Love Do you believe in you Do you believe in Love Do you believe it could happen to you Take me in your arms, don't ever leave With you in my arms, I'll make you believe! I believe in Love, always and forever. I believe in us, you and I together. I can't believe Love is pain, You have everything to lose and nothing to gain. Tell me you believe and give it a whirl... Do you believe... I'm not like the other girls? Hold on tight, for I've given you my heart; Heart and soul from the very start. For your Love, I'll wait forever With all my heart, I believe we'll be together. Tell me you believe Love is bliss, That you can believe in the magic of our first kiss. Answer me one qu
Do You Ever Wonder?
Why is it that people say they "slept like a baby" when babies wake up every two hours? If a deaf person has to go to court, is it still called a hearing? Why do we press harder on a remote control when we know the batteries are flat? Why do banks charge a fee on "insufficient funds" when they know there is not enough? Why does someone believe you when you say there are four billion stars, but check when you say the paint is wet? Why do they use sterilized needles for death by lethal injection? Why doesn't Tarzan have a beard? Why does Superman stop bullets with his chest, but ducks when you throw a revolver at him? Why do Kamikaze pilots wear helmets? Whose idea was it to put an "S" in the word "lisp"? What is the speed of darkness? Are there specially reserved parking spaces for "normal" people at the Special Olympics? If the temperature is zero outside today and it's going to be twice as cold tomorrow, how cold will it be? If it's true that we
Do You Have Myspace?
I know the dreaded Myspace, but hey I'm on here and I still have myspace I'm not on it very much but i have it and well...I made a new myspace page just for my on-line friends and it looks all lonely with only one friend so far. So.... If you have myspace send me the link to your myspace page in a private message! Plz if we've never talked don't bother sending b/c if we've never chatted you're not going on my myspace friends list. Thanks!
Do You Still Remember?
I still remember out first date, how we just sat and talked and got to know each other. Nothing was expected of either of us but conversation. I still remember what we did for my birthday that year and how you took me home for new years to meet you family at the last minute unplanned. I still remember the day that I had to take you to your ship when you had to leave. If I think of it long enough, the tears still come as if it happened yesterday. That was the longest five months I had ever spent without you. I was so excited the day you came home. Over time we grew together and apart and now I find myself without you completely.
Do You Want To Own Me
FUBAR AUCTION IS NOW OPEN MIN BID IS 100,000 FU BUCKS HIGHEST BID WINS AUCTION RUNS 1 WEEK ALL CASH VALUE BIDS CONVERTED TO FU BUCKS $1= 50000 fu bucks $5=250000 fu bucks $10=500000 fu bucks $20=1000000 fu bucks $50=2500000 fu bucks $100=5 million fu bucks What Im offering is 100 11's during that month(during HHs) Rating Stash & Photos Daily Comment Personalised Graphics including animations Owned by ..... on my name A link to their page from my page A weekly pimp out Plus anything else I can think of at the time
Do You Know This Person???????????
Do You Really Mean It When You Say You
to go through the shit i have had to go through in the last few months? I've been told, yes, i know what your going through, or yeah i know.... blah blah wtfever... Let me get this off my chest before i just spontaniously combust... Well, I left my husband of 5 years, bj, this past august, yest just a few months ago. moved back with my parents in north carolina. that right there is hard too, but better than living with bj. then one night after a particularly big fight over the phone with bj, mom and i went to the local watering hole for a few drinks and man bashing... low and behold i meet a man, craig. i had been catching up with old friends and making new ones and fall completely head over heels in love with craig. a few weeks into it, he makes up all this shit saying he doesn't believe i'm being honest in our relationship, so i drop just about everyone... till i find out 2 months later he had been sleeping with his ex the whole time. well, she lives in myrtle beach, s
Do You Believe?
Woohoo Now that I got ur attention .. Im in Heartistics Heart Contest and I do believe I have some wonderful Friends who love me enough to go show me some love and Rate and Leave me a few comments :) Pweasssseeeeeeeeeeee *Batting Eye Lashes* lol I always return the Love ... Just click on the Picture below and it will take you there ... Muahhhhhhhhhhhhh to all
Do!you!want It
All CASH related bids will trump fubucks bids.I HAVE ONE GOLDEN TICKET PURDAY FOR TWO WEEKS THATS 14 TICKETS ONE A DAY FOR 2WEEKS THATS VALUE AT 14,000 FUBUCKS who to say ill up it if the price is right Thanks so much!! And if you have a few extra moments.... Please Click On The Link Below & Rate then Leave a Comment or Two Thanks!!! The Auction will begin December 31st at 9 pm (EST) ~ 5 pm (PST) and will end on January 7th at 9 pm (EST) ~ 5 pm (PST) The bidding will start at 30,000 fubucks. Other Items are totally acceptable as bids and please feel free to be as creative as you want to be when bidding. *note: bids including Tickers, HH, Blasts, VIP or other cash items will always trump fubucks bids however the person being auctioned will have the right to refuse any offer for a good reason and the final say in who the winning bidder is will be left up to the person being auctioned. Should the top bid be refused the next highest bidder will be the winner. 4) The Breakdown in
Do You Wanna Get Rocked
Do You Have Talent?
Im looking for someone to design me a angel with hornzz back ground with me in it But being creative with my photo's, If you have what it takes, Ide love you 4 ever, Ill trade fu bucks for it If I like and will use!! Thanks Jenn
Do You Know How I Know You're Gay?
Do You Want To Own Me For A Month??
I am for sale and if you want to own me i will leave the link at the bottom of this blog and you can go bid on is what i am offering to the winner for a month.... all pics rated, all stash rated, a salute picture from me with winner's name included, a blog done about winner, comment daily, "owned by" with the winners name in my id, 4 personal phone calls from me, 4 cam chats, the winners name and link to the winner on my front page for a month, buy a gift daily for the winner. here is the link...come bid for me:)
Do You Have A Heart
I want to show my friends that just lost 2 family members in 5 days that there are a lot of people out there that care. So please go to this link and leave a comment. All comments will be given to the family. The links is Thanks to all of you that do have a heart of gold even for people you dont know.
Do You Really Talk To People On Here?
Have you dared to talk to that cute person? Or just said hi to someone on your list? Does it matter if they have a VIP? Do you know their favorite color? Do they know yours? Do you care to know? Do they enjoy the same type of music as you? Do they have hidden talents? Do you? Most people do not care to know about others. Some think they are better than others cause they pay to be here. I am just here for fun. To find out a little about others possibly cause I am curious.I have met some wonderful people here. I brought a few friends here, and no they are never here. More Sexy Comments & GraphicsSmile God loves you and so do I.just my version of the common saying...
Do You Consider This Drama ??????
Do You Want To Know Me?
Seeing as I grew up in an abusive household, I took to drugs and alcohol at an early age. I was diagnosed as a depressive as a child, dysthermia was the term to be exact. I was diagnosed as Bipolar when I was in my teens. I was prescribed several medications on and off beginning at the age of nine. When I was about nineteen I came clean, got sober. With that, I also was prescribed Depakote to tame my Bipolar depression. However, I was never Bipolar. I was on Depakote up until the beginning of 2007. I developed Drug Induced Lupus from it. I nearly died. I could not walk, talk, and my heart stopped several times. I am lucky to be alive. My intuition told me it was Lupus, I SOMEHOW managed to research it on the computer to find that there was a medical condition called DRUG INDUCED LUPUS and that was in fact what I had. As a result of that medical condition, I LOST some of my memory and I also developed fibromyalgia. In addition to that I was on Wellbutrin. With Wellbutrin I lost both my
Do You
to the guys:when you see a beautiful lady do you think respectfully of her? notice how beautiful their eyes are, hoe gorgeous her hair is, how you would love to run your fingers thru her hair? Or do you think how u would love to get into her pants, eat her out like yesterdays lunch? lol. Ladies: do you think the same thing? how what a hunk the guy is when you see him, his muscles flexed and hows he built and how ruggedlt handsome he is? and how you would just love to suck him so dry he turns to dust? lol... or so u recognize how wonderful he sounds and how u would love to be loved by him....ect. Me: i see the ladies eyes, cuz ican see many things in her eyes, sometimes lonlieness,sadness,anger, hatred too oh yes there is some hate there too and why? because all we want from these women is nudity so we can get our thrills, yeah im guilty of it but u know? i also have some respect for these ladies, no matter what, they come on this site to show their skills in modeling to meet f
Do You Want To Fu-own Me?
Do you want to fu-own me..then don't be shy come and place you bid....Click on the link below.
Do You Want Bad Girl Tag?
I'm Going To Post Examples Of Sarge's Bad Girls Tags That I'm Making..All Bad Girls Let Me Know If You Want One..If It's Not Here..Give Me Details What You Want..And I'll See What I Can Do Sgt. Raider (Promoter Of Sarge's Bad Girls) >
Do You Give A Fuck About Marines? If You Do Post A Comment!!!!!!!
Take a man and put him alone, Put him twelve thousand miles from home. Empty his heart of all but blood, Make him live in sand, in mud. This is the life I have to live, This the soul to God I give. You have your parties and drink your beer, While young men are dying over here. Plant your signs on the White House lawn; "Lets get out of Iraq". Use your signs and have your fun, Then refuse to use a gun. There's nothing else for you to do, Then I'm supposed to die for you? There is one thing that you should know; And that's where I think you should go! I'm already here and it's too late. I've traded all my love for all this hate. I'll hate you till the day I die. You made me hear my buddy cry. I saw his leg and his blood shed, Then I heard them say, "This one's dead". It was a large price for him to pay, To let you live another day. He had the guts to fight and die, To keep the freedom you live by. By his dying, your life he buys, But who gives a fuck if a Marine
Do You Really Give A Sh*t?
I want to extend a thank you to those who make the extra effort to keep in touch and have some kind of friendship as apposed to those I have met on here and you know who you are, who "claim" to be friends and fans but do not say anything. I am happy to have those who want to be friends message me. I know I do my best to message or rate pictures,ect. It might be slow but I promise I will get back to you. Oh yeah and th ratings whores, take a hike, I am here to make friends and if you are here for points then let me know so I can discontinue the friendship but for those who are here for friendships, thank you for everything.If you really want to know me, I have alot of info on my profile and if you want to know more, all you have to do is ASK. HUGSsss and a handshake to you all and I am looking forward to all of us being friends or more in 2008 and beyond. HUGSSSSSSs
Do You Want To Own Me??????????
Club Naughty N Nice is having an auction! Come bid on these wonderful people! Bids start at 2500 fubucks. Click the pics to see what each person if offering! The auction will run for two weeks starting January 14th start time is 10am est. and will end January 28th 10am est.! Come place your bids on me! Click on my picture to get to the auction! Carnie- Click the link below to come to Club Naughty N Nice!!
Do You Luv Gud Music? Then Come See What I Can Do With A Beat.
Well to start. im a single dad of two great kids. i luv to make music . and thing like that. anything that has to do with it. im in there. been doin it for over 6yrs now. and things are just starting to pop off. this is going to be a great yr for me and my music. so if you ever like to here the next hot thing out. hite me upper. i do have a cd out that you can get. and if your in to rappin, singer, are anything like that there . come get on one of my hot tracks. much luv to everyone out here. and keep it pushin. ICEDUB in the 08! and here are some websites u can hear some of my hot new tracks. let me know what you think. luv to here what you think always. here u can get some of my track for free. So! thats about it for me. hite me uppers!
Do You Dream Spartan?
I was a new blood when I met him. He stood taller than a tree. Everyone knew him and I got to see him in action. I remember, it was deep in a jungle. We had just been deployed and had touched down. Master chief looked back as we loaded up and followed behind for cover support and fire. we moved half a click up north by northwest. We were to take route to an abandoned mine shaft and remove all enemy hostile forces. We got to the front door and thats when the gunfight began. We all took cover behind rocks and anything that would hide us from fire. But not the Spartan; No, Master chief pulled his side arm and let loose SSk's. Single Shot Kill's. The front door was open as we followed behind. Its like watching a God at work. Precise, always move forward, never surrender. We met heavy resistance deeper inside. I remember the pink darts flying over head and their covenant weaponry firing off my friends. thats when the shrap bombs started blowing up behind him. Infront of us. I took th
Do You Have What It Takes!?!?
Looking for guys/gals that has what it takes to please a woman. If you think you got it post me back messege me or sb me ((pics of all equipment required :P)) ~+++all favors will be returned+++~ ~*HEAVEN*~
Do You Make Custom Pics/ Animations Or Skins?
Ok Bad Girls..Just A Way To Get Some Advertising For You..If You Make Customized Pics..Animations..Skins Or Anything Like That..Leave A Comment Here Telling What You Make And Your Profile Link..
Do You Wanna Be A Southern Sex Symbol?
The newest Group of hotties is here... The "SOUTHERN SEX SYMBOLS"... Open to both Guys and Girls... To apply go to the "Southern Sex Symbols Group" page and read the blog "how to apply" Southern Sex Symbols Group@ fubar
Do You
Once upon a time, I knew who I wanted to be. Now I'm looking in the mirror, I realize, that person is nowhere near me! Then there was the times I was everybody but the true me. I would try to change myself to be who everyone wanted me to be. Then it was like God was not letting me get away free, Because every time I changed, it failed miserably. The 'church girl' was always trying to be holy, But now she has a hard time trusting God completely. The 'bad girl' was always down for whatever when it came to her friends, But those dumb bitches tried to fuck her over in the end. The 'model daughter' tried hard not to give her parents a fit, But to this day they let her know trying didn't do shit. The 'perfect sister' tried to be there for her brothers like no other sister was, Now they all turn against her, just because. The 'perfectly well adjusted young adult' is trying to do everything right, But she didn't realize even that would be a fight.
Do You Agree???
Now here are the rules from the male side. These are our rules! Please note.. these are all numbered "1 " ON PURPOSE! 1. Men are NOT mind readers. 1. Learn to work the toilet seat. You're a big girl. If it's up, put it down. We need it up, you need it down. You don't hear us complaining about you leaving it down. 1. Sunday sports It's like the full moon or the changing of the tides. Let it be. 1. Crying is blackmail. 1. Ask for what you want. Let us be clear on this one: Subtle hints do not work! Strong hints do not work! Obvious hints do not work! Just say it! 1. Yes and No are perfectly acceptable answers to almost every question. 1. Come to us with a problem only if you want help solving it. That's what we do. Sympathy is what your girlfriends are for. 1. Anything we said 6 months ago is inadmissible in an argument. In fact, all comments become Null and void after 7 Days. 1. If you think you're fat, you probably are. Don't
Do You Need Help Leveling??
Ok Bad Girls..This Blog Is To Keep Everyone Informed If You Need Any Leveling Help.. Just Post A Comment On This Blog..Anything Under 50,000 To Level..Remember It Is Up To You To Leave A Comment If You Are Close To Leveling And Be Sure To Check If Anyone Else May Be Close.So We Can All Help Each Other Level Up... Thanks Sgt. Raider Promoter Of Sarge's Bad Girls
Do You Remember
Do you remember when? Oh YES my love I know where love has been When in total absorption we wrote our passions out With true dedication we simply wore time out The love we shared in olden times was just the beginning Each kiss was passion's metamorphosis In those days, as love was stirring My love, do you remember our first kiss? I remember, as was yesterday, your lips upon my flesh Awakening my morning, moaning as we meshed Vintage and aged wine, the best I'd ever tasted Drizzled lightly on my lips as you sipped in traces Falling fluid raptures as waiting breasts were basted Then traded as your lips met mine , not a drop was wasted. Do you remember our dance? My dance card will always hold a special dance for you For night-long waltzing, for times when you are blue To hold me ,dearest Love, for always and a day To bond with you complete, in passions hottest sway To caress the years forever, as our spirit's blend In time's encapsulated passages for all o
Do You Want Fu Bucks
Ok here is my comp, I have a folder that contains 100 Valentine Pictures. All you have to do is Rate them either a 10 or 11 & I will give you 1000 fu bucks, Rate 10 or 11 & Comment & I will give you 2500 fu bucks. Just message me when you have done. Just Click the link below Thank you Luv Di aka Pink xxxx
Do You Have What It Takes To Give Them What They Really Deserve?
Do You Want To Own Me????
Hey do you want to OWN me???? I am in my first auction and need to be owned!!!!! The winner gets..... 1.) The person you win will put Owned by "Your name here" next to theirs in their profile name for an entire month. 2.) Atleast 1 daily comment 3.) All pics and stash rated during Happy Hour 4.) A daily gift of their choosing. 5.) A personal salute photo to you (What kind is up to the person who is won) 6.) Anything after that is up to the person who is owned just click on my pic to link you and place your bid.... Bids include fu-bucks, V.I.P, Blasts, Ticker, and Happy Hours ..... *cash items out rank fu-bucks*
Do You Yahoo!?!?!!
Please show some support and join my BRAND SPANKING NEW yahoo group.As a member you will have access to MORE photographs(some never seen on myspace) and get even more updates on yours truly.=]It's free..all you have to have is a yahoo id and email. Click to join SynfulDame Thank you!!xxxo-S
Do You Hate Them Cuz They're Pieces Of You???
Do You Wanna......
Do You Think...
that (those) tat(s) make you cool? Or tough? They dont. They make you common and cliche. Sheep much?
Do You...
Bitches get your profile from the same place? Because almost ALL of them say the SAME schit.
Do You Really Think So...dah!!!
OK, now you think I'm actually gonna let you see my NSFW folder if you give me no rates, fans, etc. Come on Do I look like an idiot. I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine. You gotta do something for me first. If you don't wanna see it that bad, then don't ask. Come on that's why it says adults only...if you can't figure the above out, than take a cold shower!!!
Do You Know What Woot Means???
Why the fuck do girls always say woot?? Do you even know what it means?? I see girls saying woot all the time and I bet none of them knows what WOOT stands for. Sorry just had to vent.Quit saying WOOT,its fucking stupid!
Do You Want To Own Me?
Here is your chance to own one of a few people here on FU.. just check out the pic section labled Auction time..
Do You Ever.......
sitting here wondering just how many of you really know the people on your buddy list ....I know on mine there are times i dont hear from someone for ever and then one day their there with a hug or smile just to let you know they were thinking of you !! Sure makes a day brighter knowing your friend passed by and HAD TIME TO SPEAK....I JUST WANT TO SAY YOUR ARE A VERY SPECIAL IN YOUR OWN WAY and to others maybe in a different way but i am thankful that we share this space and the smiles or hugs passed on just to show YOU TOUCH MY WORLD and crossed my mind ~ Have a super weekend filled with love laughter and WARMTH!!!!
Do You Want Me ??? Do You Think You Can Win Me ???? Well Cum Get Me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What: DDR Live Staff Auction Who: Any Fubar Member Can Bid When: February 10, 2008 Time: 2:00 p.m. EST Where: Dirty Deeds Radio Lounge BILL OF SALE: DJ Nilla Owner ~ Dirty Deeds Radio * Fu-Owned for One Month * Rate all pics 11's during HH * Personal Mic Time * Personal Phone Call * Guest DJ - 1 Show * Pimped out in Bulletins, Lounge, & Homepage for 1 Week Dani aka DJ Smurfette General Manager ~ Dirty Deeds Radio * Fu-Owned for One Week * Rate all pics 11's during HH with comments * Personal Cam/Mic Time for 1 hour * SFW Salute DJ Tazman DJ Manager ~ Dirty Deeds Radio * Fu-Owned for One Week * Personal Cam Time Babz Head Promoter ~ Dirty Deeds Radio * Fu-Owned for One Week * Rate all pics 11's during HH * Personal Phone Call
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Do You Think I Am Beautiful?
Add Glitter to Pictures
Do You Think You Should Be My V-day Date?why?
So who thinks they should be my V-day date?Why do you think I should have you as my date?Click the pic to tell me your reason on why you should be my V-day date and make it good.....
Do You Know Where Your Scream Queens Are?
Do You Write Erotica?
I know I have several friends that are really good at this so I wanted to make sure that it was seen! Let me know if ya enter! ~Father Rellik~aka~Mass~Owner & Dj @ Unholy Confessions~DBLB~N D Crew~AngelRockers R/L Man~' spewed forth the following at '2008-02-05 04:39:22'.. CONTEST STARTS FEB 1 ENDS FEB 8 AT 12AM EST FIRST 15 ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED TOP 5 WILL BE CHOSEN A PANAL OF 3 JUDGES WILL CHOOSE THE TOP 3 ENTRIES THOSE WILL BE POSTED AS BLOGS 1st PLACE- PIMPOUT IN LOUNGE AND ON FUBAR PAGE-BIG PIMPIN GIFT-10,000 fubucks 2nd PLACE-BIG PIMPIN-5,000 fubucks 3rd PLACE-2,500 fubucks TO ENTER SEND A PRIVATE MESSAGE TO THE PROFILE BELOW UNHOLY CONFESSIONS@ fubar (repost of original by 'UNHOLY CONFESSIONS' on '2008-02-04 09:21:11') (repost of original by '~Father Rellik~aka~Mass~Owner & Dj @ Unholy Confessions~DBLB~N D Crew~AngelRockers R/L Man~' on '2008-02-04 09:24:57') (repost of original by 'DJ AngelRocker ~K.O.P.E.~ RL GF to
Do You Have Sex Appeal?
My sex appeal is 8.2 out of 10.Ladies beware!!! Lets101 - free online dating
Do You Really?
Do you really know what it means? Are you who you really seem? Living a lie day by day Wandering where your lust will stray Come walk in the light This is your darkest night Journey back through all of time Wishing to start a new rhyme This cannot last and must be broken For your gesture is but a token Your a fool trapped by desire For true love you can never aspire Twisted and warped are your ideas Bent and broken are your sad apeals Turn away from lies and deception And maybe some day you will have loves reception
Do You Use Facebook? Read This If You Do
Remember the Facebook News Feed privacy uproar? What about the Beacon scandal from late last year? Privacy activists are rallying around yet another major issue at Facebook, in which the company is secretly sharing user data with third parties. Researchers from the University of Virginia recently announced that in a study of the top 150 Facebook applications, more than 90% were given access to information that was not needed to function correctly. That Scrabble or Superpoke application you really like? Its developers get access to your religion, sexuality and home town. Facebook's position was summed up by Georgetown Law Professor Dan Solove, 'They seem to be going on the assumption that if someone uses Facebook, they really have no privacy concerns.' Do Facebook users deserve privacy?
Do You Still Feel The Pain Of The Scars That Won't Heal?
The reason I lamented my own experience was to let you know that it will eventually become a sweet reminiscence. For me, it's been ongoing, and I started seriously dating again about 2 years after my love passed. You just gotta let go and give up before it becomes possible for love to find you again (by give up, I mean, give it up to your higher power). Personally, I believe that I have already had the one thing many people spend their entire lives searching for and never find. That comforts me and some may say it makes me a cynic, but in my mind, I have already lived the sweetest romance and overcome the hardest of losses (aside from a child). If I can do that, well, I can do anything. And, you will as your own time.
Do You Follow You Heart Or Your Head?
Do You Follow You Heart or Your Head?Your HeartYou always trust your gut instincts, whether it's about getting your crush's attention or buying a new pair of jeans. You believe that most things in life carry a deeper meaning, and you're determined to find out what that is! Your also tend to act and speak on impulse, but that's okay --it just means that you're always full of surprises!How do you compare? Take this test! | Tests from Testriffic
Do You Want To Be Added To My Family?
IF you want to be added to my family and see my Sexy friends album, you need to buy me a VIP, Blast, or Happy HOur, the length of what you buy will determine the length of how long you will be added to my family. Thanks,
Do You Know The Perfect Flower
Do you know the Perfect Flower for your Perfect Valentine? Flower: Traditional Meaning Aster: Talisman of love Begonia: A fanciful nature Carnation, red: Admiration Carnation, white: Pure and ardent love Chrysanthemum, red: I love you Chrysanthemum, white: Truth Daffodil: Regard Daisy: Innocence, gentleness Forget-me-not: True love Globe amaranth: Unfading love Hibiscus: Delicate beauty Jasmine, white: Amiability Jasmine, yellow: Modesty Larkspur: An open heart Pansy: Thoughtful recollection Primrose: Young love Rose, pink: Perfect happiness Rose, white: Charm and innocence Rose, red: Love and desire Rose, white and red: Unity
Do You Ever Feel Empty
do you ever feel empty or dead inside wishing to run wanting to hide to just let go of the pain you feel to just fake it and fuck all the real wondering why or how you got here thinking and crying living in fear not knowing where you should be knowing inside you need to be free wondering how the dark side can be hoping and praying the light you will see wishing just for once you'd win the race and lift yourself up out of this place closing your eyes dreaming for you thinking of noone just being true to be free and run away fast not worried inside or living the past to take that one final step and just know you're done standing still refusing to run looking ahead and just see the light just finding peace if for only one night done by christine
Do You Want 20,000 Fubux?
Do You Yahooooooooo?
I just resurrected my yahoo. I'm looking for people to add to it as I brutally culled the names on it. Didn't even know who half the people were, lol. If you use yahoo fairly regularly and want to add me, let me know in private message or a shout. I'm not in the habit of using it anymore, so I'd also be looking for someone to remind me to use it - if you see me on the FU, but not on yahoo tell me to log in :P Voice and cam chatting is optional. I don't show my junk on cam, but hey - if you're hawt and wanna share, who am I to deny you happiness? :P Donkey fact: Donkeys were first domesticated around the year 4000bc.
Do You Believe In Love?
"Do you believe in Love?" "Yes" "How so?" "It is everywhere..." "Where? Where is it?" She smiles and her lips are soft when she does. She doesn't answer. I sit straight in my chair and hummm beneath my breath. "What do you believe happens..when you love someone and it is not returned? Does it just dissapear?" "No...of course not." She shakes her head. Her hands clasp the pink coffee mug. Her fingernails trace the lip of it. I am exasperated. "Then where does it go?" "It is like the tide. It comes back to you." I worry my lip between my teeth and pick up my cup of coffee. "You are not so wise." I blurt out "Of course I am not." She answers. "Are you in love then?" She asks me, moving her body closer to mine. It is as if she thinks that I have secrets to whisper. I look down at the table, and then out the window to where the rain falls heavily. It lands so hard that it beats at the ground..each drop leaving indents, causing the puddles to
Do You Want A Sign By Me
Yes just me. if so please post a comment on what you'd like the little sign to say, if just a face, or just clevage (i don't do booty)
Do You Know Me
please do this quiz and tell me in your own words what you think of me 1)Am i nice? 2)Were did we meet? 3) DO YOU THINK THERE IS SOMETHING I SHOULD CHANGE ? 4)What do you think my favorit food is? 5)Who do you think i think about the most? 6)What kind of music do i like? 7)How old do you think i am? 8)Have we ever met ?9)Have we talked on messanger?
Do You Need Some Fubux? Do This
I have an itty bitty stash of 100! Rate it all for $3000 fubucks! Rate all the pics in my Showing Love for Fubar Friends folder for $10,000 fubucks! Go see who helped me get this Spotlight! xoxo Be sure to private message me when done!
Do You Know Any Of These People???
DIRTY SOUTH CREW CELEBRATES 1 YEAR! THE BEST CREW ON FUBAR! DSC HOME@ fubar GARY - Owner Dirty South Crew & Dirty Addiction@ fubar @ fubar @ fubar @ fubar @ fubar @ fubar @ fubar @ fubar @
Do You Know Me? (new Poem)
Do you know me? I like to sleep in- Trying to push morning away as I pull the blankets Tight under my chin. I hate it when they are tucked in- I want them loose to wrap around me And cocoon me in warmth. Do you know me? I turn the music up in the car- And sing at the top of my lungs. I dont care who sees me- I seem to just get lost in the lyrics Wondering if anyone has ever thought of me like that. Sometimes thinking Im not half bad.. Other times laughing at myself And turning it up again. Do you know me? I drive fast- Not cause I am in a hurry to get where I am going- Because I love the feeling of the wind in my face through the open windows My hair flies all over my face- But I dont care. It feels cool and wakes me- When I finally face the day.. Turn the music up again.. I cant hear it over the wind. Do you know me? I like to look in your eyes It tells me so much- Like when you are happy and
Do Yourself A Favor If You Want To Stay In My Good Graces
Don't get preachy with me. I don't take kindly to anyone who decides to start telling me how I should act or the way I should do things. Unless it's a matter of instruction about a better way to do something, don't waste your breath. I am what and who I am, and preaching at me is just going to get you dropped from my friends list. If I wanted a sermon, I'd go to church. Yes, I've read the "good book", and I agree with most of its lessons, but I don't need lessons in manners. This isn't a dainty f*cking dinner party, this is a damned web site. NEVER tell me how to live. At the age of 33, I should know DAMNED WELL what works and what doesn't.
Do You Have The Time
A man is strolling past the mental hospital and suddenly remembers an important meeting. Unfortunately, his watch has stopped, and he cannot tell if he is late or not. Then, he notices a patient similarly strolling about within the hospital fence. Calling out to the patient, the man says, "Pardon me, sir, but do you have the time?" The patient calls back, "One moment!" and throws himself upon the ground, pulling out a short stick as he does. He pushes the stick into the ground, and, pulling out a carpenter's level, assures himself that the stick is vertical. With a compass, the patient locates north and with a steel ruler, measures the precise length of the shadow cast by the stick. Withdrawing a slide rule from his pocket, the patient calculates rapidly, then swiftly packs up all his tools and turns back to the pedestrian, saying, "It is now precisely 3:29 pm, provided today is August 16th, which I believe it is." The man can't help but be impressed by this dem
Do You Agree With Me!!!!!!!
just wondering if i am the only one that believes this or not?? i know we live in a fast face life and all but life is too short to miss the good things that are out there for you. think about it...we are only out for ourselves and no one else, we need to stop think and do the right thing and help the other person before we help ourselves, cause that person may need a helping hand and good word and smile or just a friend, we don't know what that person is going through we just judge them before we know them and thats sad cause that person my be the best thing that ever happen to you. plus you really find out who your true friends are when things go bad for you and you need there help, but when they need yours they want it and no matter what it takes, then when you need theres they are no where to be found. stop and think about it. we all go through this no matter who we are and just deal with it and go on. no matter how much it hurts and then we put up walls and noone gets
Do You Want To Fu Own Me?
ok so heres the deal, there will be an auction to fu own me the auction will start at 75000 fubucks send me a privite message with your bid and the top bidder will fu own me. Your name will be in my name saying that you fu own me and the top bidder will get thier entire profile rated, you will be on my familly list as well. bidding opens up now and will close in 3 hours ( 4pm mountain time) good luck. also the winner will get a personalized salute.
Do You Like To Watch Movies
I am disabled and love to spend my time watching movies of all sorts. since I have so much free time I do a lot of surfing in the net and have found 7 sites that offer free movies to watch online. these are not download sites and all you need to do is go there and pick a movie and it will pop up on your screen. The sites do not require you to join or submit any personal info at all and after extensive research an them I found them to be legitimate sites. I even have a program that identifies the owners of the sites I am on and establishes if they are registered and if they have been reported for viruses or malware and all have been checked out. They receive their movies from sites like google video. If you are interested in looking at them for yourself I am more than happy to share the links with you. Simply PM me and request them and I will send a few to you.
Do You Like To Bomb? Check This Out
THE CONFEDERATE BOMBERS FAMILY If You Are Wanting To Join A Family, That Actually Cares About It's Members And You Have A Salute Pic, Come Check Us Out. We Have Our Own Leveling Team, Our Own Lounge That Rawks 24/7, XRN RADIO NETWORK A Bomb Squad That Rawks, And Our Own Luv Train. If You Are Interested,Send A Friends Request,Stating You Are Interested In Joining !! ~CONF
Do You Know How That Feels
do you know how it feels when you get your heart ripped out of you. well this is how i feel. i feel like my life my pride,joy happiness have been taking from me. havent been happy fro many years. tho i lie and put a smile on my face and laugh im really not happy imhurting like no other inside. yea people in the world are feeling what i feel but not like me its 20 thousand times worse thats how bad it is. people take my kindness for weakness. i hate that. heartbreaks etc is all i know. nobody can help cause everyine who trys uses aww you will be okay or flustrated when i try to talk about it. i do feel like i have reached the end of my rope matter a fact i reached that a long time ago. i fed up with all the bullshit. i try my best to respect people but they disrespect with me. so please dont try it will be okay stuff heard it for twenty years its not better yet ? so the ? is ive lost everything that i love thats what it feels like.
Do Yo Ulive In Dallas Texas?
If you do , this is your chance to meet me in person!! hope to see you there!
Do You Want To Own Me?!?!
I'M UP FOR AUCTION!! You know you wanna own me. So come bid on me! Just click the picture below and rate it then leave a bid. Thanks guys! ♥
Do You Care About Our Planet
if you do there are some great new sites I have just launched that you have to look at below Thank you for your time and please help me spread the word Our mission statement This site is an international meeting place for all races and nations to share knowledge. The issues that will be addressed focus on human cultural rights with an emphasis upon indigenous or native peoples, their spiritual respect and cultural understandings. This site has been created to help others and offers an open, unbiased, interactive user friendly place for all people to share thoughts and solutions on human rights issues. Our hope is to use the power of the internet to take your personal healing messages to the world. It is through sharing our personal healing journeys and cultural stories that we can better understand the present day events effecting all living things on this beautiful planet - we all call home. Aboriginal peoples of all colors networking together their cultural history
Do Your Salute Photos
Everyone that accepted my invite here should take their salute photos!!!
Do You Dare?
how do i explain to those i love that loves not enough how do i tell them all that i'm a fake that this is the begining of my downfall what would they say if they knew lies were my truth how would they react? If i told them all my laughter was only an act. What would he think if i said i'll love you till i die what would he do if he saw me cry over the pain he put on me what would anyone do if they saw in me what they were really supposed to see would they forgive or turn thier shoulder and ignore the person who they all loved the person who they adored how could i explain i just loved them all so much that i pretended to be everything they wanted no matter how many flaws i hid or how many untruths i flaunted how could i explain the pressure they put on me making me box my heart, hiding who i really want to be what would you do would you care can you stick with me now do you dare?
Do You Know Where Your Handbag Has Been??
HANDBAGS... Have you ever noticed gals who sit their handbags on public toilet floors, then go directly to their dining tables and set it on the table? Happens a lot! It's not always the 'restaurant food' that causes stomach distress. Sometimes "what you don't know will hurt you"! Read on... Mom got so upset when guests came in the door and plopped their handbags down on the counter where she was cooking or setting up food. She always said that handbags are really dirty, because of where they have been. It's something just about every woman carries with them. While we may know what's inside our handbags, do you have any idea what's on the outside? Women carry handbags everywhere; from the office to public toilets to pubs; to the floor of the car. Most women won't be caught without their handbags, but did you ever stop to think about where your handbag goes during the day? "I drive a school bus, so my handbag has been on the floor of the bus a lot," says o
Do You Believe???
Do you belive??? test your brain The Right Brain vs. Left Brain test ... Do you see the dancer turning clockwise or anti-clockwise? Check out the lady turning. If clockwise, then you use more of the right side of the brain and vice versa. Most of us would see the dancer turning anti-clockwise though you can try to focus and change the direction; see if you can do it. If you can see it turns both directions, you have higher than average IQ LEFT BRAIN FUNCTIONS uses logic detail oriented facts rule words and language present and past math and science can comprehend knowing acknowledges order/pattern perception knows object name reality based forms strategies practical safe RIGHT BRAIN FUNCTIONS uses feeling "big picture" oriented imagination rules symbols and images present and future philosophy & religion can "get it" (i.e. meaning) believes appreciates spatial perception knows object function fantasy based presents possibilities imp
Do You Have What It Takes?
Are You Outgoing? Do You Like To Have Fun? Do You Love Music? Then Come Join Out Team At Stinkeye Radio! Stinkeye Radio Is Now Hiring For The Following Positions:... No Experience Needed, We Will Train You! DJS Head Of Advertisement Advertisement Lounge Greeters Lounge Bartenders Security - Must be willing to travel from time to time for live shows If You Are Intrested In Joining Our Staff Go To Our HomePage Click Thee application link Fill Out The Information & Someone Will Get Back With You Asap! ** Please note it is volutary at the moment. **
Do You Want To Be A Dream Girl??
1. ALL MEMBERS MUST BE VOTED IN NO EXCEPTIONS!!! 2. Must have verified salute. It will be checked to see if its photo shopped. 3. NO DRAMA OF ANY KIND 4. MUST HAVE At least 50 pics of yourself. 5. Must rate/fan/add all members after voted in. 6. Home page must be added to fam once voted in 7. must add Dream Girlz to your nick once voted in 8. Must have some body shots 9. No being rude to other members. If you dont like them dont talk to them. All ex officers are an exception to the #1 rule, due to me becoming extremely close with them all. If you'd like to join just let me know. Thanks so much
Do You Feel Me?..
this is the new song playing in my myspace profile.. i came across it the other day on a cd that my love interest gave to me.. i would have fell inlove with this song earlier..if i would have seen the movie American Gangster (yes..i still haven't seen it..and everybody and their momma has a copy out here)this particular song is speaking to what i feel.. there are a few more that i'm feeling right now (lenny kravitz's I'll be waiting and alicia keys' like you'll never see me again) are some examples.. but this one.. is the one of choice..My bff doesn't like it..but i've told him. that its not just about beats or other musical attributes..but about the lyrics themselves.. that reach my heartthese are the best lyrics i could find for this song.. not the greatest stuff here on the world wide web.. but eh..u get the point..(i'm not even going to make the corrections as my teacher instinct advises me too)VERSE 1wish i could see thrusee deep into uand know what ur thinking nowand if i'm what
Do You Like To Gamble???? (ty Dawn 4 Adding Me)
Indradragon - on the road to Godfatherdom@ fubar Kitsune No Akuma@ fubar RogerLee Fu-Owned by Hopigalerin @ fubar Heartistic Soul@ fubar Crazy Mojo Hands@ fubar *SEXYGIRLBLONDE*#26*GODFATHER*1st,Oracle* FAN/RATE B4 ADD,TY*@ fubar WendyCaroline - CLUB F.A.R. MEMBER@ fubar
Do You Like Them? Do You Own Them?
Tonight I want to discuss Adult Toys. That's right, the rabbit,the leather, the anal beads, the vibrators, whatever your pleasure, that's what we're talkin' about. How many of you out there own Adult Toys? Do you use them, and how often? I think Adult Toys are faaar too underrated in this world! Sex toys are a great way to lengthen playtime and heighten and excite your partner near the point of ecstasy, yet you can take it away just as fast! How fun!!!! Seriously, if you don't own a Rabbit, go out and get one. If you don't use it on yourself, use it on your partner, you will both be exhausted after use! w00t! Peace, Wenz
Do You Know What They Had Planned For The Last 60 Yrs?
Do You Think It's Possible
Does anyone here really think it is possible to find true love on the internet? I'm sure this is a question that alot of us ask ourselves. Is there that one person that holds the key to our hearts somewhere? If the answer is yes then, how can we be so nieve as to think that "someone" lives right around the corner from us or in the same town. If there is only one "soul mate" "true love" for each of us, would it not make more sense to think they may be "anywhere"? Myself I think that internet dating although different is a good way to meet people. If you have the ability to carry on hours of endless conversation with someone then you have to know that there is some sort of bound developing. Do people who are married to people they lived close to have that ability to chat together for hours on end and never get bored? If you find someone that you feel that sort of connection with is it wrong that they live 1000's of miles away or should you take it as a sign that maybe this is that someon
Do You Swing?
We're trying to get more people to join a friends swingers site. So even if you dont swing and are just interested in learning more...go check them out. You can join for free anyway, so you've got nothing to lose....
Do You Want Me!
Do You Know What You Want?
To often, the thing you want most is the one thing you can't have. Desire leaves us heartbroken, it wears us out. Desire can wreck your life. But as tough as wanting something can be. The people who suffer the most, are those who don't know what they want.
Do You Have A Zune Account?
If so, add me
Do You Love Reading Books?
I love reading books. Im sure you do also. Well, now you can buy books online!
Do You Still Think You Have Rights?
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Do You? Can You?
"Do You? Can You?" From one heart to another... Do you feel the pounding of my love for you? Can you hear my song of love for you? Do you feel the warmth that radiates through my entire body? Do you see my body glow with the love you give me? Do you see my eyes sparkle like diamonds with happiness? Can you see through to my soul that floats through me to you; wanting to hold you high above all? Can you hear my mind telling you my heart loves you; with such passion and understanding? Do you see my hands that want to hold you; through all eternity, with a love so true? Can you hear my thoughts of all the things I want to share with you? All my secrets are yours and yours alone? Rhoda Suzette Doggett Copyright 2008 Rhoda Suzette Doggett
Do You Have Any Suggestions?
You know.. I don't get Men. Sometimes you love em.. sometimes you hate em.. but you just can't live without em! Sometimes they are so fucking complicated and are so not understandable. They don't get women.. just like we don't get them. How come they can never understand what you are trying to tell them without taking what you are saying in a negative way. I mean, you bring anything up to them and they think you are bitching at them when you are just trying to talk. How can a woman get a man to understand her? I guess that could take like a million years or more for them to be able to. I don't think a man could ever understand a woman unless they become one themselves and that don't happen too often. I think I'm done venting for now.. if you have any suggestions.. PLEASE TELL ME!!!
Do You Dream At All?
When you crawl into bed you always pull the blankets too tight you can lay your drunken head on my pillow soft and white it's always black circles around your eyes darker still such dead slumber will get you nowhere in the end do you wish someone was there to rock you to sleep and hold you near? well, that won't be me do you dream at all? i don't believe you do Tilly and the Wall
Do You Want A Custom Tag??
I am offering customized tags and comment pics. If you would like for me to make you one, send me 1,000 Fu-Bucks and either a pic you want to be used or an idea for me to work off of. I have samples in an album in my pics. I will send you a confirmation message and an estimated time of completion (usually 2 or 3 days depending on the difficulty and time I have to work on them).
Do You Still Love Me?
I look across the room and what do I see? A beautiful angel staring right back at me. Looking into her eyes I knew right from the start, That she had a hold on my soul and had captured my heart. Well now I'm left to sing... Well I miss you more each day, And I don't know what to say, Cause words can't explain the way we were meant to be. Well are you still in love with me? Well we walked across the beach on a stary night, And we held eachother tight till the morning's light. We passed a sea of people and stood together above the bay. Well this is how I feel inside so its only right for me to say... Well I miss you more each day, And I don't know what to say, Cause words can't explain the way we were meant to be. Well are you still in love with me? Well I still got your number written on an old bus pass, It reminds me of your smile, our love, and our golden past, And as I write this song waiting for you to one day return. The fire deep in my heart and soul be
Do You Know How Bad>>aa Lady Wants A Man>>poemt You
Shewant to hold ya or kiss ya or be under the sheets with ya. Dream and dream of ya and long to be close to ya. These are the things a gal wants with a man of her chosing > Lust want , to feel his breath upon her skin , tounge kissing and touching with in , to be endevered more into his arms ,locked as one. Heart on fire , passion and lust ,are the ultimate thrush ofdesires . Oh what it all lead to orgasam for her and something for Him... Screaming out of the most desire is her sounds and her crys. while your so engaged in what ever , and where ever she takes you to, Heaven on high and back down again though you know not why. . Poem But you do reach a heavenly high.. by Diana
Do You Every Be Able To Marry Like Str8 People
I think so one day
Do You Love Me? Becasue I Love You
I was cold and hurting lost out in the night wandering and searching for heaven's light I saw the night sky clearing when you spread your wings But little did I know what joy you would bring From that first moment our friendship did start you kissed away my tears and sheltered my heart I bless the day God sent him from above But then I grew fearful for I had fallen in love I told you this feeling and what did you say? You said you liked our friendship and that's how it would stay I cried for a friendship I thought I lost But then felt your warm, gentle hand You then whispered in my ear that you would by my side forever
Do You Dare
~~Ozzfanatic2~~@ fubar Henchman Only 40,779 Points to go! Bulletboys - Smooth Up In Ya Make Ozz a Henchman. Go ahead, I double dog dare ya! Made with much Mad Luv by LuAngel ~*~LuAngel~*~Lucretia@ fubar
Do You Want A Blast Or Bling Pack?
Hey all! I am hosting a contest! To enter, make a SFW salute to me, Carrie aka Carebear. The person who has the most comments at the end of the contest will get to pick from a 7 day blast, ticker gift pack, or 2 bling packs. If the comments get high enough they will be able to pick 2 and if higher than that they will get all 3. Rules are below..... * Salute must be SFW, if not you will not be allowed in the contest * Must have a minimum of 3,000 comments to qualify * If winner gets comments 50,000 you will be able to pick 2 out of the 3 gifts. If winner gets 75,000 you will get all 3. * No cheating, arguing, or slandering of other contestants, if there are, you will be DQ'd! * You will be responsible for pimping yourself out. I will make a bulletin and a blog once the contest starts. * Self commenting is allowed and even encouraged. * Rates will even count as 1 comment. * You must Private message me your picture you are going to enter. No Shout box links, they will not
Do You Communicate Like A Man Or Woman?
You Communicate Like a Woman You empathize, talk things out, and express your emotions freely. You're a good listener, and you're non-judgmental with your advice. Communication is how you connect with people. You're always up for a long talk, no matter how difficult the subject matter is. Do You Communicate Like a Man or a Woman?
Do You Exist?
Been hearing the song by Ingrid Michaelson a lot lately. Now I wonder if there really are any women out there like this. If you are, let me know. The Way I Am By: Ingrid Michaelson If you were falling, then I would catch you. You need a light, I'd find a match. Cuz I love the way you say good morning. And you take me the way I am. If you are chilly, here take my sweater. Your head is aching, I'll make it better. Cuz I love the way you call me baby. And you take me the way I am. I'd buy you Rogaine if you start losing all your hair. Sew on patches to all you tear. Cuz I love you more than I could ever promise. And you take me the way I am. You take me the way I am. You take me the way I am.
Do You Think There Could Have Been A Pre-historic Nuclear War?
Text from the Mahābhārata: "Gurkha, flying a swift and powerful vimana hurled a single projectile Charged with all the power of the Universe. An incandescent column of smoke and flame As bright as the thousand suns Rose in all its splendour... a perpendicular explosion with its billowing smoke clouds... ...the cloud of smoke rising after its first explosion formed into expanding round circles like the opening of giant parasols... was an unknown weapon, An iron thunderbolt, A gigantic messenger of death, Which reduced to ashes The entire race of the Vrishnis and the Andhakas. ...The corpses were so burned As to be unrecognizable. The hair and nails fell out; Pottery broke without apparent cause, And the birds turned white. After a few hours All foodstuffs were infected... escape from this fire The soldiers threw themselves in streams To wash themselves and their equipment" Read more below. The Mahabharata (composed between 300 BC an
Do You Need Therapy?
There's a 39% Chance That You Need Therapy You may need therapy, but you're probably doing okay at working out your own problems. In general, you are able to solve any troubles that come up. But there's no harm in talking to a professional. Do You Need Therapy?
Do You Dream
so my wife and i like reading forums so we chose to step it up .. we looking for people to fantasy stories with and maby more any one else care to share
Do You Want Me???
That's Right! I Am Up For Auction! Come Check Me Out! I Want You To Want Me! Come Place Your Bid Now! I Am Offering The Following: Fu-Owned for 30 Days Daily Comments Daily Gifts Sh*tfaced for a Month Top Friends and Family for a Month All Pictures rated 11 All Stash rated Added to Yahoo Instant Messenger Personal SFW Salute Crush for a Month Happy Bidding! Hugs & Kisses!!! Don't Forget To Rate The Photo! XOXOXOXOXOXO [ photo: 3396056407 ]
Do You Know Me???
Body: Who knows me best? The race is on......this is funny. YOU fill in the blanks about ME... even if you don't have any idea.... and send it back to ME in a message(copy & paste). But first post a blank one out to all your friends so they can return the favor to you. Be honest. Oh, and make your answers amusing :] My name: Summarize me in one sentence: Where did we meet? Take a stab at my middle name: How long have you known me? When is the last time that we saw each other? Am I happy? Am I a good person? What was your first impression of upon meeting me/seeing me? What's one of my favorite things to do? Who do I love more than my life? Am I funny? Have i ever made you smile..if so when? What's my favorite type of music? Am I honest? Have you ever seen me cry? Can I sing? What is the best feature about me? Am I shy or outgoing? Do I lie? Would you call me preppy, average, sporty, p
Do You Want To Own Me????
OK so here it is im in a auction for fubucks only starting bid is 50,000 fubucks. The one who wins me will get a SFW salute all pics stashes and blogs rated, a gift or profile comment a day for a month during a happy hour, their name added to my profile for a month and a link to their profile added to my profile. So please show me some luv just click the link below and happy bidding xoxo Angel
Do You Know Jamiie? Help Her Win A Vip
Please click the link below and help her...She is the one of the best people on Fubar. One rate = 10 comments...leave comments, bomb her...She needs 25,000 by May 2nd...HELP HER OUT! If you're feeling generous, Blast her! Thanks!
Do Youlike This Song ?
Do You Like Pain? Closer To God.
"But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me." Luke 19.27 * If yes, can I use "The Popes Pear" on you? I'd love to beable to use it on some preggo chick right about now. The Pope's Pears: The vaginal pear was used on woman who had sex with the Devil or his familiars. The rectal pear was used on passive male homosexuals and the oral pear was used on heretical preachers or lay persons found guilty of unorthodox practices. Inserted into the mouth, anus or vagina of the victim, the pear was expanded by use of the screw until the insides are ripped, stretched and mutilated, almost always causing death. The pointed ends of the 'leaves' were good for ripping the throat, intestines or cervix open. Or.. This one, Judas Cradle. The Judas Cradle: The victim is raised up by the rope or chain and then lowered until the vagina, anus or the coccyx rests on the point. The torturer could vary the
Do You Forgive Me? :(
As some of you have noticed, im not on the site as much as I used to in the beginning....but its only cuz my internet availablity at my house has been suspended till further notice. I really wish i didnt happen, but theres nothing i can do about it. So please, dont think that im ignoring you, or anything in a negative matter. I dont mean it what so ever and i hope that everyone can forgive me. I love u all and please feel free to still leave me messages and any friend requests u like. Dont be a stranger and i promise ill get back with u as soon as i can. LOVE YOU ALL!!!! xoxoxoxoxo
Do You Have Rhythm?
I have this theory...and no particular scientific facts to back it up but really, who needs that crap when you live your life on a hunch anyway? It's just a thought, one of the many randomn things that volly around in my brain amongst others! :) I believe people who enjoy music, most importantly, who have rhythm when it comes to music and can keep time have better sex than your average joe. Think about it. Good sex requires a certain amount of rhythm and timing. I'm just saying...if you look at some people when they're dancing or singing or really, the type of music they listen too it tells alot about how they could be sexually, don't you think? Someone who enjoys the music of say...Celine Dion, to me, equals dead lay...BORING! Another example is the geriactric couple who were dancing next to me at the last concert I went to...totally off beat! I'm guessing they don't even have sex anymore. It's not like I walk around looking at people to examine their enthusiasm fo
Do You Call My Name - Ra
(kill me with a beat ) Some people seem to think they always know what's best for you Their little minds try to create a world to keep you still The bolt is thrown, the cage is locked You saw this, don't you lie At first you cry and then you hate those people stole your will... Do as you are told and maybe then they'll let you out You might be dead and cold, you might be full of doubt Don't try to escape cuz you don't have nowhere to go If nothing is your fate... there's no scenario No nothing Do you call my name Do you stain my brain My eyes are blurry and I can't see you anymore Do you call my name Do you breed my pain My heart is bloody and I can't take it anymore So you just sit there, stuck, afraid to risk reality Afraid to cause yourself more pain, to face insanity But nothing ventured, nothing gained You see... your fear's your cage You beg for help but you're alone, stuck in a helpless rage Do as you are told and maybe then they'll let you out
Do You Want In?
It's a Fiesta and I'm the host!! Auction entry fee is 10k Minimum bid will be 10k (by me) Hopeless Romantic will give a bonus Bling Pack to the entrant with the most rates No NSFW pics PM me the picture you want to use, and your offer. Will open as soon as I have 10 entrants (or Friday) and will close on Cinco De Mayo (that's May 5th) I will post a bulletin daily to pimp out all entrants FOR THOSE THAT NEED IDEAS: YOU DO NOT NEED TO PUT THEM ON THE PICTURE YOU ARE USING, I'LL PUT YOUR OFFER IN THE CAPTION lauria♥Owned by and owner of Hopeless Romantic♥Shadow Leveler♥@ fubar PLEASE REPOST
Do You Know The Difference?
John McCain and Hillary Clinton were walking down the street and came to a homeless person. The Republican, John McCain, gave him his business card and told him to come to his office for a job. He then took $20 out of his pocket and gave it to the homeless person. Hillary was impressed, so when they came to another homeless person, she stepped forward to help. She gave him directions to the welfare office, then reached into McCain's pocket and got out another $20. She kept $15 for administrative costs and gave the homeless person $5. you understand the difference?
Do You Hear Them?
Do You Believe In God?
4/26/2008 You must check the pics on my blog Watch Dr. Turi - " Your Future is Nothing Else Than the Reincarnation of Your Thoughts." - Dr.Turi Dear Readers; Being a much older "place" the people from Europe (France/England) are indeed much more spiritually advanced than the religiously poisoned US population. Of course Italy (mafia and/or the Pope) are still reluctant to release the humongous astrological work and tons of gold making precious artifacts stolen (in the name of God and Christianity) from the Incas Indians preciously collected in the seven miles of secret library located under the Vatican. I am glad to see once again one of my predictions pertaining to the New Age of Aquarius (Astrology) unfolding in the UK, keep reading One of the wealthier men ever named J.P. Morgan wrote, "Millionaires don't use Astrology, Billionaires do!" After reading this article you may want to consider
Do You Want To Own Me
starting today and and ending wed. at 1200 midnight est. time i will be up for sell come check me out and place your bidmin bid 100k, fubucks only WINNER WILL RECEIVE THERE NAME IN MY TITLE FOR 1 MONTH OR LONGER,EVERY PIC'S, BLOG, STASH ITEMS, A 10 ONE BLING PACK, PIMPED OUT BULLETIN, A LINK TO THEM ON MY SITE FOR A MONTH, MY YAHOO NAME, THERE VERY OWN ALBUM WITH 10 PHOTO'S OF THERE CHOICE AND ACCESS TO MY SPECIAL ALBUM AND 50 10'S A DAY just click on my pic to place your bid i><
Do You Know How To Measure
Find Your Bra Size Are you wearing the right size? Almost 8 in 10 women are wearing the wrong size- you may be one of them. Why? Your body changes over time, and your fit will change year to year as you lose or gain weight, exercise more or less, and so on. If you are experiencing discomfort, spillage over your cups or back strap, tight straps, or a gap between your cups, you are most likely wearing the wrong size. Measuring yourself for a bra is an art, not a science Our fit guide can provide you with a good starting point. If you're not sure what size you wear, or fall between two sizes, you may want to try several sizes and styles as a starting point. Getting Started It's best to measure when you are wearing your most comfortable bra - one that has no padding and is not a minimizer. Helpful Hints Try these tips and tests to see if your bra is flattering you as best it should. Place yourself in your bra Now that you've found your size, test your fit. T
Do You Wanna Own Me?
DO YOU WANT TO OWN ME? HERE'S WHAT I'M OFFERING 1 month in family 1 month as my #1 friend I will add/ rate/ fan if I havent already Include owened by your name in my profile name for 1 month Rate your stash during HH Personal SFW salute Rate 300 photos a week 10's unless I have VIP then 11's for 1 month 2 drinks per day for 1 month SO IF YOU WANT TO OWN ME CLICK THE LINK BELOW THIS PIMP MADE BY MASTER U Ur HandBy PinkBest Video Codes (repost of original by '~MASTER~OWNED BY LYNNE~SHADOW LEVELERS RAWK~' on '2008-04-30 23:02:25')
Do You Really Have To Check Up On Me? I Mean, Really,.....
Man, I need to be in my truck and on the road, cuz this Fu-stuff is gettin' a lil out of hand. I swear I have been gettin' more and more guys checkin' up on their "ladies" by scanning MY page. Maybe it's because of the goofy comments I leave. Maybe it's the fact I'm in a select few's Family or Top Friends group. Maybe it's because I have the strangest headliners for my profile name. Or maybe it's the pic. Whatever it is, I have gotten way too many dudes rushing to my page (sometimes over and over again), just to see what "she" said to me to have me leave such a comment and what not. So, if you really want to know what I'm about, or what my intentions are to your "woman", let me tell you. NOTHING!! I am with an incredible woman, and happy to be with her. Anyone else I speak to, chat with, or clown with, are just friends. There are too many great women on here that are great conversationalists. A lot of em just want to talk and clown (mostly because I'm a big ol' goof ball lol). So
Do You Remember Me?
I can't believe after all this time,I can't get over you, I guess a love like ours is one of a kind,a love that is true. It's been 8 years sense you left me to go to God & heavens immensity, Do you still remember me? It's like a bad dream that plays over & over in my head, Of things I wish I'd done or words I would of said. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of you, Even after all this time,what am I going to do? Maybe this is the way mommys are suppose to feel, Perhaps our wounds are never intended to heal. If I could ask but one question why, How is it God could need you more than I?
Do You Have Wolf As Totem?
Wolf is the pathfinder, the forerunner of new ideas who returns to the clan to teach and share medicine. Wolf takes one mate for life and is loyal like Dog. If you were to keep company with Wolves, you would find an enormous sense of family within the pack, as well as a strong individualistic urge, and they live by carefully defined rules and rituals. They are friendly, social, and highly intelligent. Wolves are the epitome of the wild spirit. Their positive characteristics are numerous. Many believe that the true test of Americas sincerity about protecting the environment will revolve around whether or not the wolf remains protected and is allowed to be reintroduced into areas of the country where it has heretofore been eliminated. The wolf is the true spirit of the free and unspoiled wilderness. The senses of Wolf are very keen, and the moon is its power ally. The moon is the symbol for psychic energy, or the unconscious that holds the secrets of knowledge and wisdom. B
Do You Want To Level?
Would you like to level? Do you have less than 20K to get there? 150 non-ripped pictures? Over 50 Stash? Hit me up!! Thanks, Jenn
Do You Need Help Leveling?
Are you close too leveling and would like some help? We would like too help you get too the next level. Do you have less then 20K to level, have 150 pictures non ripped and over 50 stash? You are required too fan, rate and add all that help. You must be online to get help. Please leave a profile comment with the amount needed to level and we will help you. SHADOW LEVELERS..@ fubar
Do You Have A Fetish?
1. MEN, what fetishes listed here excite you? (list all that apply) Age Play Anal Sex (giving) Anal Sex (receiving) Asphyxiaphilia (breath play) Bestiality Biting Blindfolds Blood Body Hair Bondage Branding Breast/Nipple Torture Candle Wax Chains Chastity Devices Chinese Balls/Ben Wa Balls/Anal Beads Cling Film Cock and Ball Torture, Clamps, etc. Collar and Lead/Leash Confinement/Caging Coprophilia (Shit Play), Scat Cross Dressing Cupping (Suction of the Skin) Dacryphilia (Arousal from Tears) Defilement, Seeing a Partner Dirty or Wet Denim Depiation/Shaving Dildos (Handheld & Strap ons) Discipline Doctor/Nurse Fetish Domination Ears Exhibitionism/Sex in Public Feathers Fire Play Fisting Food Play Gangbangs Hair Pulling Handcuffs/Shackles High Heels Humiliation Infantilism/Diapers Klismaphilia (Douching/Enema) Knife Play Lace/Lingerie Lactation Latex Leather Making Home "Movies" Masks Masochism Massage Master/Slave Masturbation M
Do You Know Any Of These People
> All of these people are in the same contest and I'm sure you know one or maybe two of them . So stop by and show them a little love!! JGTHdžG˧~ 'ЯдїЙ~ *~SexyBitch~* Red ~Jersey Girl~ LilMsMaria~ BLUE EYES~ BIG FAT DADDY~ ŞħĐŴ~ DJ*BABYSCORPIO Witchie Woman~ (`._♥ Sex Kitten Slygirl ~ b1ueeyez~
Do You Know Her?
A man and his wife are dining at a table in a plush restaurant, and the husband keeps staring at a drunken lady swigging her drink as she sits alone at a nearby table. The wife asks, "Do you know her?" "Yes," sighs the husband, "She's my ex-girlfriend. I understand she took to drinking right after we split up seven years ago, and I hear she hasn't been sober since." "My God!" says the wife, "Who would think a person could go on celebrating that long?"
Do You Know This Guy?
I think I've spoken to him often. Mujibar was trying to get a job in India. The Personnel Manager said, "Mujibar, you have passed all the tests, except one. Unless you pass it you cannot qualify for this job." Mujibar said, "I am ready" The manager said, "Make a sentence using the words Yellow, Pink and Green." Mujibar thought for a few minutes and said, "Mister manager, I am ready" The manager said, "Go ahead." Mujibar said, "The telephone goes green, green, and I pink it up, and say, 'Yellow, this is Mujibar .'" Mujibar now works as a technician at a call center for computer problems. No doubt you have spoken to him. I have!
Do You Have A Fetish?
. MEN, what fetishes listed here excite you? (list all that apply) Age Play Anal Sex (giving) Anal Sex (receiving) Asphyxiaphilia (breath play) Bestiality Biting Blindfolds Blood Body Hair Bondage Branding Breast/Nipple Torture Candle Wax Chains Chastity Devices Chinese Balls/Ben Wa Balls/Anal Beads Cling Film Cock and Ball Torture, Clamps, etc. Collar and Lead/Leash Confinement/Caging Coprophilia (Shit Play), Scat Cross Dressing Cupping (Suction of the Skin) Dacryphilia (Arousal from Tears) Defilement, Seeing a Partner Dirty or Wet Denim Depiation/Shaving Dildos (Handheld & Strap ons) Discipline Doctor/Nurse Fetish Domination Ears Exhibitionism/Sex in Public Feathers Fire Play Fisting Food Play Gangbangs Hair Pulling Handcuffs/Shackles High Heels Humiliation Infantilism/Diapers Klismaphilia (Douching/Enema) Knife Play Lace/Lingerie Lactation Latex Leather Making Home "Movies" Masks Masochism Massage Master/Slave Masturbation Mu
Do You Respect People
I think with all the crap going on in the world, it is sad to see so many peeps who just don't support our troops in the war that we are in. I think there is no greater honor than to be able to defend this country's freedom. we all benifit from it, except the price of damn gas ... lol , but hopefully that will change when we change leaders. I just wanted to express that. If you agree , please feel free to coment or evan if you disagree. It's all good.
Do You Have These Great Friends? #1
I want to send out a Pimpout to some wonderful friends that I have, If they aren't on your friends list then they should be. Go by and show them some love, they are all wonderful friends and have helped me at many times with different things. This is my way of saying Thank you to each of them. In no particular order and these will be done randomly! ♀Wisħғuł Ŧħinқing@ fubar ~*TinkerbellMN84*~ {Please help me get to Godmother!!}@ fubar St3ph4ni3~ Owned by DJ CHIEF~Love you Andrew Aka TANK*Rate Spankers And Redneck Leveling Crew Member@ fubar 'gŁ K$$mʇ MANAGER/HEAD PROMOTER FOR CLUB PIMPIN /REDNECK LEVELING CREW@ fubar ~BABS~ ""GODMOTHER""@ fubar LSD's SHELL ~*~DYLON's DIVA's~*~@ fubar Shaggy Member Of The Fiesta Tappers@ fubar Cherian@ fubar
Do You Have These Great Friends? #2
I want to send out a Pimpout for some wonderful friends that I have, If they aren't on your friends list then they should be. Go by and show them some love, they are all wonderful friends and have helped me at many times with different things. This is my way of saying Thank you to each of them. In no particular order either. ♥ BooBoo ♥ Founder of Shadow Levelers.Owned By Gary & WildCat..@ fubar Sassy Redhead *~*Shadow Levelers & Tiny Hugs Levelers*~*R/L Wife to Kasman@ fubar navyjapan2009~~Owned by tastyflutterby 's@ fubar ♥HisSweetObsession♥ ~~ *Shadow Levelers*~~Starlight Express~~Midnight@ fubar =^RoCkKeR^=@ fubar ThE CoFfEe LaDy*rockrules2001's Fantasy*@ fubar fallingangel67@ fubar ღWT HRKღ WTHRTღ@ fubar SingleDad38 {{{{{ SHA
Do You Like To Bomb??
So do you like to bomb? ever think about joining a bombing family? well we may be the family for you. i am looking for dedicated bombers to join my family. its fun and a good way to meet new ppl. i have a few rules that i go by and if they sound good to you then hey drop me a line and we can talk :) here are the rules 1. if you plan on entering a contest then please let me know so i can get it all squared away before it starts if you chose not to let me know before hand then you may not get the help that you would have if i knew about it prior. 2. there must be bombing activity coming from you. i will be watching and seeing if you are.. if i see no activity then i will send you a warning if i see it again then you are out.. i understand that sometimes things happen just let me know so im aware of it. we like dedicated bombers the kind that max out their comments not the leave a few comments here and there. 3. there is to be NO drama what so ever if there is you will be asked
Do You Have What It Takes? Then Come Tell Me!!!!!!!!!
Do You Ever Feel This Way?
Do you ever feel like your life is just going no where?Just the same thing everyday(Kinda like the movie Ground Hound Day)Hmm I wonder if one day I will get it right. All I want is to wake up next to someone I love and that loves me,Share some coffee on the front porch in a morning breeze,And kiss them for no reasons at all.Sit together and have some breakfest before we split for our busy days. Then come home from our busy days, enjoy dinner and a shower together or even cuddle up on the couch.And share some of our days events.Listen to each other because we care...Being able to share things with each other no matter what it may be. This is what I want in my life,I want to be happy and in love for all the right reasons.Or I will just be alone..Because no one derserve to be treated or done the way I am, An when my unfinished business is done, I will go my own way,And I will be happy.. Lifes not alway perfect, But you can make it as close to perfect as it can be..This is
Do You Think That You Are The Best? Prove It!!!
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Do You Know This Piece Of Shit?!?
If anyone has been contacted by a piece of shit named Ken or Kenny, who now is in Vegas with a troll of a girlfriend...dont trust him! He claims to be a former Marine...he's not! He claims to be on the run from Cali parole board...who knows! He says he's an award winning tattooist, come see the scribble he put on me! Just a fair warning, he is a user, a thief, and a liar. He will leech onto you and suck you dry ! If you read this Ken....I'm coming, you lied, you owe me, and I warned you, remember?? IF YOU STEAL FROM ME ...I WILL END YOU!!! I'll find you, better the parole board before this jarhead gets ahold of you. I gave this turd a medallion from around my own neck with the eagle globe and anchor on one side and arch angel michael on the other. YOU DONT RATE! Im coming to get it off via your heaD BITCh! tHIRD fORCE RECON BROS... SNAP TO! SEARCH, CLOSE WITH AND DESTROY!! THE ORDER IS GREEN! I REPEAT, THE ORDER IS GREEN!
Do You Talk To Plants? Or Animals? Or Just Talk To No One...
How well do you follow directions? Me I always try to look first at the directions and then attempt to put the item I am working on together with minimum readingSo this brings us to on-starand other devises to make driving easier on those using navigational items (GPS) Navigation System On, Brain Off: Brad Adams, 52, crashed his charter bus (carrying two dozen high school softball players, who had to be sent to a hospital) into a pedestrian bridge in Seattle's Washington Park Arboretum in April (bus: 11 feet, 8 inches high; bridge, 9 feet, 0 inches). Adams said he missed warning signs because he was busy following the navigation system. [Seattle Times, 4-17-08] Five days after that, in King's Lynn, England, a Streamline taxi minibus had to be pulled from the River Nar after the driver, who said he was obediently following the navigation system instructions, drove straight into the water. [Lynn News, 4-23-08] I can only imagine both drivers no longer have valid operational permits
Do You?
Do You? Look deep within these eyes of mine Tell me what is it that you see. Do you see all the yesterdays Or do you see what is to be ? Do you hear me calling out In the dead of night. Calling out your name . Begging you to come . Do you feel me as I come To you in the dead of the night? Do you long to feel me ? Do you long to feel me near? Do you long for the touch of my hand ? Do you wish to always beside me stand ? To walk once again with you Under the crystallized sky. To feel our souls unite as one , With the rising and setting of the sun. Is more then I am able to comprehend Wanting oh so much more , your love The love which was destined so long ago. Destined by the Father in heaven above . I have searched for you oh so long , It is almost time , time to begin. Cynthia M Mulligan(St.Louis) Copyright 2008 Cynthia M Mulligan(St.Louis)
Do You Wanna Own Me?
Free Comments & Graphics I am in my first auction and would love to be owned. Opening bid is $50,000 fubucks. Click on link below so that I may be owned.
Do You Really Care
ok i have a list of friends most that are in the service once a day i got through and those that are on i leave a comment ...why because no matter where you are what you doing everyone needs a smile ..but i can leave up too 15 comments and only get one or two back...iam not doing this to earn points or see how many i get but it would be nice if just once someone said hi or ty.........really is that asking to much because i dont really have to do any of this ...i have lives to save but i can still take 10 minutes out of my day to sit down and say hey have a good day or give a hug ..i know reciving is easy but is giving back so hard....just remeber the next time you really need someone to talk to or just say hi..if that person dont respond you know why
Do You Agree ?
In this world you have 4 different kinds of people. Intelligent People Smart People Dumb People Stupid People First Intelligent People - these are people who have book smarts and or general or advanced intelligence combined with common sense which is imperative to process the knowledge part this includes reason and the ability to trouble shoot and work out problems with the process of elimination. This is mostly contributed to the Think before you say reasoning. Street Smarts are also a contributor in this equation but mostly as a survival technique and all combined together makes you well rounded and often lets you smell a Bullsh*t story when you see or hear one.. Smart People - as much as people would want to put them in with the intelligent people you can not because they lack the common sense, The reasoning and or techniques of elimination and thought. These people only know what they read but lack the ability to put it into action. This would be like people who kn
Do You Feel Better?
I don't know why every person I deal with seems to think that making me feel better is the answer to their own problem. Look, I understand that people 'may' care and all, but when I want to be cared about, I'll care about myself. It's just easier that way.
Do You Remember?
Do you remember the days when we had "pen-pals"? Well e-mail reminds me of those days. I did not realize until this weekend just how close we become to some of our group members. Most of us start our days with a cup of coffee or a cup of tea and reading email. At least I do. I want to know that my internet is working and my online friends are safe. When I read about their sadness, I feel sad, and I pray for them. When I read about their happiness I feel happy, and I pray that their happiness continues. When I read about their sickness, I am sad, and I pray that their sickness will end. When I read about their heartache, I am sad, and I pray that their heartache will end. When I read about their children being missing, I am fearful and I pray that the children will be returned home safely. I laugh outloud at their jokes, and smile at the things that put a warm feeling in my heart, and pray that these good things continue. I guess reading e-mail makes me sa
Do You Need A Graphic??
So as usual a color change is $5k a flick is $5k a 1 to 1 morph is $10k a 1,2,3 morph $20k private message me with details, Wanna see my work? check out the over 150 morphs I've allready made for other people in my folders! Hope to morph you soon!
Do You Live Or Die?
Do you Live or Die? I draw back from your throat with your Life's Blood slowly dripping from my hungry mouth, I run my tongue over the wound as your Life flickers and fades from your eyes, I look deep within the windows of your Soul searching for that last defiant spark of passion for Life, I delve deeply into your mind and spirit and whisper a single life changing question... Do you wish to be born of My Darkness and to Live Forever? I hear a mur-mur from your very Essence , So with a whimper and a sigh... Do you Live or Do you Die? Mordechai
Do You Remember Growing Up In The 80's And 90's?
You Grew Up In The 80's or Early 90's If: 1. You've ever ended a sentence with the word... "PSYCH" 2. You watched the Pound Puppies. 3. You can sing the rap to the Fresh Prince of Belair 4. Girls wore biker shorts under their skirts and felt stylishly sexy. 5. You yearned to be a member of the Baby-sitters club and tried to start a club of your own. 6. You owned those lil' Strawberry Shortcake pals scented dolls. 7. You know that ..."WOAH" comes from Joey on Blossom 8. Two words: Hammer Pants 9. If you ever watched Fraggle Rock 10. You had plastic streamers on your handle bars....and spokey-dokes or playing cards on your spokes for that incredible sound effect... 11. You can sing the entire theme song to DuckTales (Woo ooh!) 12. It was actually worth getting up early on a Saturday to watch cartoons. 13. You wore a ponytail on the side of your head. 14. You saw the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the big screen...and still know the tur
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Do You Recycle? Earn Up To 1500 Fubucks!
PEPSI STUFF M, 41North Syracuse, NY DO YOU RECYCLE? EARN UP TO 1500 FUBUCKS BY TAKING THE RECYCLING QUIZ! HERE'S HOW TO EARN YOUR 1500 FUBUCKS: 1) Go to: 2) Correctly answer the five recycling questions. Answers: 1) A. Universal Symbol For Recycling 2) A. More than 150 Billion 3) D. All of the Above 4) A. True 5) C. 4 Hours 3)You will then get two additional questions about recycling: - Of the last 10 soft drinks you consumed, how many did you recycle? - What are your future plans around recycling soft drink containers? 4) Once completed, they will email you three Pepsi codes. (You will receive two seperate emails.) 5) Take the codes from the emails you have received & either: CLICK THE PIC BELOW TO SEND ME A PRIVATE MESSAGE OR FORWARD YOUR EMAIL TO: PEPSISTUFF@FUBAR.COM SUBJECT: PEPSI RECYCLING DON'T FORGET YOUR FUBAR ID OR FUBAR ID NUMBER EACH CODE I RECEIVE WILL EARN YOU 500 FUBUCKS
Do You Want More Contests??
Ok Bad Girls.. I Was Just Informed By Summer Who Is Sponsoring The Contests I Hold.. That She Will No Longer Sponsor A Contest..Til I Get Some Input On New Contest Ideas From The Bad Girls..Just Leave A Comment Here..Or Send Me A Message With Your Ideas.. Thank You Sgt. Raider
Do You Like My Nudes???
do me a tiny favor please!!!! all i need you to do is rate this pic..and ask your friends to rate it too!!! PLEASE!!! thank you!!
Do You Have It?
The one who knows it and has it does not feel the need to prove it. He has passed that phase of having to prove to all that he knows and that he has it. It is all so mundane now. He looks back at himself and feels embarrassed for ever acting that way, but he realized that this is the way to enlightenment. He does not need to assert his power or flaunt it, all know that he posses it and do not challenge it. If he needs to assert his power and will he will do it and there will be no questions about the matter. That is an Alpha male. The ones you find often yelling, showing off are simply trying to prove something. He lacks power and authority; he often does not know and does not have it. He is at that shallow phase and trying to prove it to himself and trying to pretend that he has it and knows it. For those who have passed that phase he is often a joke, but some will never pass. I blame that in our society because these days who you are is not as important as who you appear to be
Do You Drink Coke? Read My Blog
Drink Coke or Powerade Don't throw away those caps Email me any un-used Coke or Powerade Mycokerewards cap codes and I will pay you 500 Fubucks for each
Do You Need 11's
I will give you 50 11's for $10 By clicking the button below you will get $25. So what are you waiting for??? Join now pay me $10 you have 11's
Do You Think?
Do you know how much of an impact you have on someones life? Have you ever thought about it? Truthfully...I don't think I do as much as I should. My friend/big brother Nathan and I were talking tonight...about a lot of things..but you know..we started talking about something he had heard about marilyn manson..The young man went to a youthgroup and was drawn back, wasnt "popular" Didnt go looking for know? and the youthleader didn't think anything of it and..let him be...didn't go forward to him shake his hand,try to be his friend..Years later..a friend from the youthgroup told this former leader that the boy he had known had changed his name to marilyn manson (if I spelled it wrong forgive me)...NOW wither or not this story is all honesty does that matter?....I think that the point remains..and quite honestly when Nathan told me that I wanted to cry...and I had to write about it ^_^ I find it a horrid thing...that we can let people pass by because we think...they
Do You Have What It Takes?
Do you have what it takes to own someone as crazy as me? Well let's find out! I'm looking for a new owner and I'm offering even more stuff than any of my other auctions! I have added even more than is what on the picture! Click the picture to go see what else I'm offering and place a bid!! *Note* Even MORE will be added if the bid gets even higher!!
Do You Have What It Takes To Dj For This Radio Station ????
Are you a DJ interested in becoming a part of The XXXtreme Full Throttle Radio Family? Wanna know who to contact??? Well look no farther.... here he is .... SLADE~THE ORIGINAL COWBOY FROM HELL~CREATOR OF THE SCOOTER BAR&XXXTREME FULL THROTTLE RADIO ~ ^^^^just click the pic and you'll go right to his profile^^^^ ***click on any pic here to enter The XXXtreme Full Throttle Radio Lounge or the scooter bar ***
Do You Like? Or No? Please Tell Me
Do You Really Want A Democrat In Office?
Most people don't understand things that happened before they were born, and in many cases, don't understand things that happened before they were 10 years old. Your average liberal democrat in office will want to stimulate the economy by starting some new government program. To pay for the program, they will raise taxes so the 'stimulus' package will start out with an economy with less money in it. The best example of this is Jimmie Carter. When he left office we were so highly taxed, interest rates and inflation were at 12-15%. I remember people getting Certificate of Deposites (CD's) at their bank (before there were IRA's) at the rate as high as 18%. They were bragging on how much money they were making.....'I'm gonna have $1Million in just a few years.' Reality would set in when someone responded, 'It would be great if a loaf of bread doesn't cost 500 bucks.' Your average Conservative Republican knows that it's the American people who drive the economy, and they can do i
Do You Have The Heart?
I thought we were in love. I thought we had something special. But when you told me it was never real, I didn't believe you. That can't be true, You said it yourself. You loved me. After you left me, I was still in denial. But then, I realized you weren't lying and maybe this was for the better. You had the heart, to tell me it was never real. You had the heart, to lie to me all this time. You had the heart, to leave me with no real explanation. You had the heart, to leave me alone. Do you have the heart, to say you're sorry?
Do You Like Games
well i love games. and i found me a good one come see it you might like it.its called neopets
Do You Feel Lucky???
I am off to bed ya'll. Not feelin' so hot. So, the folders are closed for now and everyone is paid at up to this point. I'll reopen them tomorrow morning with Happy Hours. MUAH DO YOU FEEL LUCKY? PebblesinAZ is Lucky #13 Baby! So, let's have some fun! Fan/Add and Rate my Profile if you haven't already! Rate the 100 pics in this album... ...for $5000 FUBUCKS! Every 5th person to complete the folder will receive a KITTEN BLING! Next... Rate the 100 pics in this album... ...for a TY SALUTE. (Must Rate First Album prior to rating this album!). Every 5th person to complete it will receive a DIAMOND BLING! Also... One of my BEAUTIFUL BFF's Jilly is going for a Birthday Spotlight! Click her link and donate $100,000 FUBUCKS or more and I will come Sp@nK your page and leave you a KITTEN BLING! Just Jilly ~~~~ Owned by Tappinit~~~~Soon to be owned by another, could it be you???~~~~@ fubar Be sure to bid on the Naughty an
Do You Needs Fubucks? Hop On The Block!
Since the spotlight seems to be going for insane amounts, I'll be hosting another fu-auction, but this time the bids will be fubucks only. So, if you're keeping an eye out for the spotlight, or if you'd just like to make a few extra bucks, here's a chance to do so. The entry fee for this auction will be 35k, so fus of any level should be able to participate. If you're interested, please send a SFW non-animated photo of yourself, and your BEST auction offers following the entry fee. If you aren't sure what to offer, a good place to start is always with things like pic rates, stash rates, crush, drinks, etc. All participants reserve the right to refuse ANY bid or bidder. There will not be any cash offers for this auction, so the highest amount of fubucks will trump. The auction will begin on the 21st, and will run until the 28th, so get in quickly if you're interested. Entries will not be accepted once the auction opens, so please enter before 3pm on Saturday. To swee
Do You Enjoy 'failure' As Much As I Do?
Sick Of You - Gwar you enjoy failure as much as I do? Well if you need some lolz, check out the series of "Fail" themed pics in the album below, just click the pic and have a good laugh at other people's expense...feel free to take some if you'd like to....thanks and enjoy the lolz...
Do You Wanna Get Jet Blinged??
> > I wanna know just how bad you want it! On saturday, june 21st, i will hold a mini contest during lucie in the sky's hh @ 8pm fubar time... send me a link to your photo and the person w/ the most comments will get jetblinged The contest will end at 8:55 fubar time so i can award the bling.. So what are you waiting for? Contest being held by: broken_hearted420 proud bbw~{shadow levelers}~ owned by Seamushardcore@ fubar This bulletin brought to you by: ^sin^@ fubar (repost of original by 'broken_hearted420 proud bbw~{shadow levelers}~ owned by Seamushardcore' on '2008-06-19 10:22:22') (repost of original by '^sin^' on '2008-06-19 10:27:00')
Do You Have A Mean Landlord I Do..
The Landlord on
Do You
Do you love me The question plays Over and over In my mind. Do you know Just how much I truly care for you So much I ache. I want to be with you To share everything My good days, my bad days And all the days in between. I want to hold you I want you to hold me I need you, I love you There's not a thing I wouldn't Do for you. I'm here waiting I'll be here til the end For I know I will never find Another love like I have found With you
Do You Want Me?
Do you want me?? I think you do. You are looking at me with those eyes of yours and I can feel that youre undressing me. I do you say I also have a surprise for you, but first I want to make love to you. You gently push me on the bed and start kissing me with those lips of yours. Those lips that make me quiver. The way you kiss me and use them when you are eating me out. Yes, I moan You start to kiss me all over my body. You slowly now start to take off my clothes, I want to help but you say no. I want to undress you. Off comes the shirt and then bra to reveal my hard nipples. You kiss them and I moan but you stop to take my pants and panties off. I am now naked. I want you baby. I want you very much. Oh baby, I want you as well, I am aching for you. He then takes me and I moan in ecstasy.. How I love to feel his cock in me. He pumps his cock inside just enough to get me really wet. He takes it out so he can eat me.. Oh god I love how he teases me there and the
Do You Believe This???
ROKBAR by *Shady n bbG* Owned and Operated by SBR Family & Staff Invites YOU To Tour With The Rokbar Rokstars!~ It is easy to do... You click the Rokbar banner below and become a Subscribed member to Rokbar... ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Then You Click Rokbar Rokstar and their Rokcar Of Your Choice To Sign Up To Ride With Them during the Rollin Wif Da Rokbar Rokstars Tour. To Sign Up... Leave a comment that you would like to ride with that person under their photo. ***THIS IS NOT A FAN RATE ADD TRAIN. YOU ONLY HAVE TO BECOME A MEMBER OF ROKBAR TO RIDE. FANNING, RATING, AND/OR RATING ANY OR ALL MEMBERS IS YOUR PERSONAL CHOICE*** Jokers Wild! The Puppet Master Visit Joker's Page By Clicking Below Jokers Wild Shady! Head CEO Visit Shady's Page By Clicking Below shady326 bbG! Executive CEO
Do You Know Your State Motto?
Good Morning, hello there and how d do? Its a Thursday in most parts of the country and abroad. Speaking of the country have you ever got a look at some of the State Mottos or Greetings? Some of them are pretty cute. While others, leave a lot to be desired so I thought it might be cool to change some up a bit with the help of a site I found it was easy Here they are in Alphabetical order: New State Mottos Alabama: At Least We're not Mississippi -&- Yes, We Have Electricity Alaska: 11,623 Eskimos Can't be Wrong! -&- We Also Take American Money Arizona: But It's a Dry Heat Arkansas: Litterasy Ain't Everything (said with three good teeth) California: As Seen on TV Colorado: If You Don't Ski, Don't Bother Connecticut: Like Massachusetts, Only Dirtier and With Less Character Delaware: We Really Do Like the Chemicals in our Water Florida: Ask Us About Our Grandkids & Vote fixing(Yeah that one is still costing us millions daily) Georgia: We Put the "Fun" in Fundamentalis
Do You See Me
Do You See Me by LateNiteFantasy Do you see me, Standing silently waiting. For that one moment, Where I am totally yours. Do you see me, The wanting. Just to feel, For just one touch. Do you see, Heart aching. Soul searching, Lost without you. Do you see, You are my angel. My bright light, In the dark of night.
Do You?
Do you know what it's like to love someone so much and then they just walk out of your life? Do you know what it's like to be there when they need you but they are never there for you? Do you know what it's like to have so much love for him but he tells you he found someone new? Do you know what it's like to feel the touch they're hands that gave you the chills just fade away in the dark? Do you know what it's like to be beside them laying in they're arms but feel so alone? The softness of they're skin beside you just disappears into the night? Do you know what it's like to feel so much happiness and joy but you are still heart broken inside? Do you know what it's like to love someone who can't be with you? Do you know what it's like to stay up all night crying because he left you? Do you know what it's like to sit and think he will come back to you? Do you know what it's like to want someone so badly but you can't go back to the pain? Do you know what it's like to put back
Do *you* Wanna Play? : Giggles :
~*BRK HRЧ FJ*~WR F WTWTR & Jʧ G@ fubar
Do You Have A Fan???
Ok I just saw a commercial on tv. It had a BIG sale on fans for the summer. Now this SAME commercial airs EVERY summer, and every summer people rush to the stores to buy fans to keep cool with. I get that. What I don't get is where are all the fans that people bought LAST year?? I have the same damn fan I've had for the last 6 years!! What are people doing with the fans they bought last year?? There can't be THAT many new people moving here, and besides, do they not sell fans in other states?? WHAT in the FUCK are you people doing to your fans?? hehe This little bit of weirdness brought to you by my strange little brain!!
Do You Need Exposure/help Promoting Something?
Are you an artist looking for exposure? Do you have a business that you are trying to promote? A contest that you are trying to win? Or an event that you want more people to know about? I can help! I need help promoting my new website and getting votes for some online modeling contests that I'm in. If you help me out I will return the favor. I will add you to my top friends and post bulletins and blogs about you or your business, ask my friends to add you, and to vote for you. Since I don't want my page to turn into an advertisement, I will limit myself to help out only 1 person par day and I will keep the rotation going. If you would like me to help you out please post a comment on my blog and I will put you in the rotation. Love, Bella
Do You Live To Build Or Destroy?
Do you live to build or destroy? Do you live to build up someone in a positive way or do you live to tear people to shreds? Do you live to encourage or do you live to dash a person's dreams? Do you live to be a good role model or do you live to be like Goofus from the Highlights books? Do you live to help someone to grow to be a better person or do you live to turn someone into another blight on society? Do you live to spread the power of positive and encouragement or do you live to take someone's esteem and bulldoze and demolish it flat? What are you....a builder or a destroyer?
Do You?
Do You Yahoo ?
Sarge's Bad Girls Do You Have YIM ? If So Send Me A Message And I'll Give You My ID So You Can Add Me..So I Can Keep You Up To Date With New Blogs And Other Info For The Bad Girls.. Thanks
Do You Have Feelings Of Inadequacy?
Do You Have Feelings of Inadequacy? Do You Have Feelings of Inadequacy? Do you suffer from shyness? Do you sometimes wish you were more assertive? If you answered yes to any of these questions, ask your doctor or pharmacist about Tequila. Tequila is the safe, natural way to feel better and more confident about yourself and your actions. Tequila can help ease you out of your shyness and let you tell the world that you're ready and willing to do just about anything. You will notice the benefits of Tequila almost immediately, and with a regimen of regular doses, you can overcome any obstacles that prevent you from living the life you want to live. Shyness and awkwardness will be a thing of the past, and you will discover many talents you never knew you had.Stop hiding and start living, with Tequila. Tequila may not be right for everyone. Women who are pregnant or nursing should not use Tequila. However, women who wouldn't mind nursing or becoming pregnant are
Do You Know . . ?
any of these amazing people? They are some of the most helpful, considerate, decent people i have come across on the Fu. Please allow me to take some time to introduce them a lil bit for you. Meet the owner of Naughty Playpen He's an all around good guy and Always willing to help DJ IROC@ fubar Meet one of my bestest She's an awesome chick and Her yahoo doodling skillz are up to par (LoL inside joke) ☆DJKakTease♣Snake♥Eyes♦Radio♠HeadPromoterNgC☆@ fubar Meet my very first fuOwner & he is my fuHubby I met him way back when I first joined the fu and he keeps coming back (lord only knows why) LoL ]Я1D3R[
Do You Want My Wad?
Where do you want my wad? in your mouth? take my gummy wad
Do You Have Dildos?
DO YOU HAVE DILDOS? A very embarrassed blond woman, slowly enters the front door of an erotic sex shop. Obviously very shy walks across the store to the counter. Finally arriving at the counter looking down at the floor, finally asks the sales clerk: "Ddddooo youuuu hhhave ddddildosss?" The clerk, politely trying not to burst out laughing, replies: "Yes we do have dildos. Actually we carry many models." The blond woman then asks: "Dddddoooo yyyouuuu hhhave aaa pppinkk one, tttenn inchessss lllong aaandd aabboutt tttwoo inchesss thththiiickkk?" The clerk responds, "Yes we do". "Ccccccannnn yyyyouuuu tttelll mmmmeeee howwww ttttoooo ttturrrnnn ttthe ffuucccckkkkinggg ttthingggg offffff?"
Do You Remember When.????
THIS IS WELL WORTH THE READING ........DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN...? All the girls had ugly gym uniforms? It took five minutes for the TV warm up? Nearly everyone's Mom was at home when the kids got home from school? When a quarter was a decent allowance? You'd reach into a muddy gutter for a penny? Your Mom wore nylons that came in two pieces? All your male teachers wore neckties and female teachers had their hair done every day and wore high heels? You got your windshield cleaned, oil checked, and gas pumped, without asking, all for free, every time? And you didn't pay for air? And, you got trading stamps to boot? Laundry detergent had free glasses, dishes or towels hidden inside the box? It was considered a great privilege to be taken out to dinner at a real restaurant with your parents? They threatened to keep kids back a grade if they failed. . and they did? When a 57 Chevy was everyone's dream cruise, peel out, lay rubber or watch submarin
Do You Agree?
Your Sex Sign is... If you've done it, you've aced it. You're a total sex master... up for almost anything, anytime. You're great at talking dirty and getting down! The catch: you never share. One look at your body, and you're lover will know that you're worth it! Scorpio, you are an erotic dynamo! You are a sexual expert, devestatingly attractive - with a pervert's vocabulary. Pair that with your hot, lusty body that just doesn't quit... Above all you need a lover with a high sex drive. You have such a fantastic sexual energy - you can consume a lover with your intensity. You love kinky sex. You love to be the dominant partner in the bedroom, and you adore sex toys of all kinds. Your favorite turn-on is watching porno movies. You are very physical and sexual in public. You will instantly stake out your claim on anyone you consider yours. You are very jealous and possessive - and can usually annihilate any competition. Your personality is st
Do You Need Leveling Help?
Ok Bad Girls..If You Are Close To Leveling.. Let Me Know And I'll Post A Blog Here.
Do You Care?
Take a man and put him alone, Put him twelve thousand miles from home. Empty his heart of all but blood, Make him live in sand, in mud. This is the life I have to live, This the soul to God I give. You have your parties and drink your beer, While young men are dying over here. Plant your signs on the White House lawn; "Lets get out of Iraq". Use your signs and have your fun, Then refuse to use a gun. There's nothing else for you to do, Then I'm supposed to die for you? There is one thing that you should know; And that's where I think you should go! I'm already here and it's too late. I've traded all my love for all this hate. I'll hate you till the day I die. You made me hear my buddy cry. I saw his leg and his blood shed, Then I heard them say, "This one's dead". It was a large price for him to pay, To let you live another day. He had the guts to fight and die, To keep the freedom you live by. By his dying, your life he buys, But w
Do You Ever Wonder?
well i am back on here to look for some friends who i can count on im sick of those who only want you when you need something i want those who will be there till the end and not make you feel like your being replaced like some of your friends do i mean shit grow up and admit you are tried of me and ill leave you alone its that simple there is no reason to hide and hardly never talk anymore (this is me thinking again but instead of thinking im typing it) so here is what am i wondering what is a true bestfriend and is there any left for me ?
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If you can place 1,000 comments or 1,000 people to comment on my pic below, I will give you $1,000 fubucks. -------------------------------------------- IF YOU HELP OUT, PLEASE SEND A PRIVATE MESSAGE WITH THE HEADLINE "CONTEST" IN IT SO YOU WILL GET CREDIT. SEND IT TO. Diamond Dave@ fubar OR sO FrESH __[XKrazyLilQTX--lil siSter]@ fubar
Do You Tel
if you know someone is cheating on there wife do you tell her ?/ or let them deal with it themselfs
Do You Ever Tire
Do you ever tire, when you wake up in the morn, of seeing yourself staring back through the mirror as if you weren't even there? 4-8-03
Do You At All Doubt
Do you at all doubt reflections of anything define who I am? Pretending to train the mind, these moments just pass away. 5-4-03
Do You Remember
Do you remember in that once upon a time before you awoke, the dreams of innocence lost which you once used to cherish? 5-29-03
Do You Want To Own Me?
Check out what I am offering and place your bid. I can promise that whoever becomes my first owner will be given lots of love and I will definitely spoil them. You won't be disappointed. Just click on my picture below to check me out.
Do You Have Any
Do you have any replacement realities for the one you lost chasing that elusive dream you had before you were born? 1-1-03
Do You Believe In Karma ???
This was left on my profile by TEXCAJUN@ fubar DEJA VU I've had many lives and in everyone, I've been with you I keep coming back and every time there's something new you may be short or tall, a blond or a redhead, your eyes may be green or blue so now every time I see your face, deja vu Sometimes you were a friend standing by my side through good times and bad times, helping me through this crazy ride as a friend you always helped me do what I needed to do so now every time I see your face, deja vu Sometimes you were my lover with passions running high when youve been my lover the lust would fly me to the sky as my lover there was things that I liked and you always knew so now every time I see your face, deja vu There were some lives where you were my wife and that was always the best of any life our love was so strong it last our whole life through so now every time I see your face, deja vu There were times when my life, love, and marriage al
Do You Want A Sassy Shadow Leveler As A Slave For A Month
Do You Rememeber When
"Do You Remember When" Do you remember when, How i used to hold you in my arms like this? Oh how it felt so good to hold you in my arms. I miss that feeling. Do you remember how we used to kiss? Our lips pressed so tight and yet so gentle to one another. I miss that. Do you remember when we used to cuddling up next to each other on the couch. Our bodies embraced so tight to one another. God i really miss that. Remember how we used to laugh at each others jokes til we cried. I want to feel that again. I can still remember when i would come home from work. You would be at the door way waiting for me to come in. Your arms wide open ready to give me a hug and a warm gentle kiss, and ask me how my day was. what a great welcome home gift that was. Do you remember how we made love? It was always so passionate and yet always felt like our first time. You could feel the love running so deep in our veins as our bodies became one. i miss that alot too. Remember how i always would run your bubb
Do You Love Me?
click the pic come bid on me and show me love:-)
Do You Want To Blame Pms
omg i'm feeling like a hoe i dont feel that i would even make good company for a john that i'm hoeing for the pimp would demand that i give all money back to the client for that was no satisfaction oh yea i'm point whore today rate me add me or fan me too dont expect me to do it back cause i'm just not in the mood if you ask me i just say fuck you cause i'm just not in the mood what mood am i in dont ask i might tell you just my mood
Do You Support Our Troops Or Not??
A Soldier's Last Words 'Hope Rides Alone' Introduction by Louisa Centanni. SGT. Edmund Jo hn Jeffer's last few words were some of the most touching, inspiring and most truthful words spoken since the tragedy of 9/11 - and since our nation went to war. SGT. Jeffers was a strong soldier and talented writer. He died in Iraq on September 19, 2007. He was a loving husband, brother and son. His service was more than this country could ever grasp, but the least you can do for the man who sacrificed his life for you is listen to what he had to say. Listen up and pay attention. To all of the Cindy Sheehans and Al Frankens of the world. To MSNBC, CNN, NBC, ABC and CBS. To all who call themselves Americans. Hope Rides Alone by Eddie Jeffers I stare out into the darkness from my post, and I watch the city burn to the ground. I smell the familiar smells, I walk through the familiar rubble and I look at the frightened faces that watch me pass down the streets of their neighborhoods. My nerves har
Do You Want $10,000 Fubucks?!!??
Im in a GIVEAWAY for a HH!! I need 45,000 comments! Come help me out I will PAY YOU FOR YOUR COMMENTS!! $10,000 FUBUCKS for every 100 COMMENTS!! please number each comment and send me a message when you are done. sO FrESH __[diAMond dAveS gUrL xox ]@ fubar &PLEASE REPOST&
Do You Shave? From 5-31-07
Now, after venting out about the White Sox, let us go to another topic. Ah, the pleasures of shaving. Do you shave? Of course you do, you shave your face if youre a guy, you shave your legs if youre a girl. But do you shave in another place? That is the question. I know a lot of people that do. Mostly women, of course. But it seems in recent times that its becoming more of a regular thing for women. I mean, its just like when they shave their legs, theyre beginning when puberty hits. I dont know, but Ill still fairly old school about it. I came from a time when no one shaved in that particular area, and if you dont know by now it is the crouch. When I was in high school, I believe the most I ever heard about doing anything in that area was trimming or shaving shapes like hearts and so on. But not completely, however. Do you know what started it? I dont know off hand, but I do have an idea. You can thank the thong madness for that one. Oh yes. You can thank th
Do You Like Me ?
Do You Want Me???
Do You Want Me?? 2 Auctions 2 Chances You won't regret it ;)
Do You Hear Me.....
Do You Hear Me When I Tell You, That I Love You And I Care? Do You Feel Me In Your Presence? Or Does It Seem Like I'm Not There? If I Came To You In Tears, Would You Simply Walk Away? Or Would You Hold Me In Ur Arms, & Tell Me That Its Okay? Am I Too Much For You To Handle? Or Am I Simply Just Not Good Enough? Would You Help Me Through Our Hard Times, Or Would U Leave Me When Things Got Tough? Do You Stare When I'm not Looking? Or Glimpse When I Turn Away? When I Tell You That I'm Leaving, Do You Secretly Want Me To Stay? Please Just Tell Me That You Heard Me, When I Told You You Are My World. Or Atleast U Know In Your Heart I Love You, And That I'm Proud To Be Your Girl. Now I'm Begging For You To Answer Me. I'm Down And On My Knees, I Only Want To Know The Truth, Just Answer Me, Answer Me Please!
Do You Want The Sarge?
Here Is Another Chance To Own The Sarge.. Auction Opening In About 45 Minutes
Do You See What I See?
Cyanide & Happiness @
Do You See Me?
This is a poem I wrote and a good friend did the graphic for me. Love it!
Do You Think That Some One Will(try To Wipe Obama Out If He Comes President???
Do You Like Mechwarrior Games On Pc As Much As I Do?
A friend of mine and I, who have both played the MechWarrior games on PC, were talking about how Microsoft quit making PC games to concentrate on the XBox. . . They made 'Mech games for the XBox, called MechAssault (also MechAssault2), which were cheesy arcade-style games rather than simulations (power-ups for your weapons, armor power-ups that 'heal' your 'Mech). . . We have played MechWarrior games since the original 8-bit Activision game, through MechWarrior 2, Mech2 Mercenaries, all the way to MechWarrior4 Vengeance/Black Knight/Mercenaries. We were wishing that a new version of MechWarrior (MechWarrior 5, anyone?) would be developed, as it's been years since Mech4. . . So. . . With input and correction from my friend, I made a petition at MechWarrior PC Game Petition to see if we could get enough signatures to be worth sending to Microsoft to show them that the MechWarrior franchise is still a totally viable and money-making property (none of the MechWarrior games has
Do You Dare - Send To Pvt Messages
"!!NAUGHTY APPLICATION !!! Your Name: Age: Location: 1.Favorite position: 2.Do you think I'm cute?. 3.Would you have sex with me? 4.lights on or off? 5.Would you have to be drunk? 6. Would you take a shower with me? 7.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 8.Would you leave after or stay the night? 9.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 10.Condom or skin? 11.Have sex on the first date? 12.Would you kiss me during sex 13.Do you think I would be good in bed /? 14.Would you use me as a booty call? 15.Can I use you as a booty call? 16.Can we take pictures of the act? 17.How long would we have sex? 18.Would you tell your friends about me? 19.Would you want me for a b/f , g/f or friend? 20. Will you fill this out & send it back to me?"
Do You Want Fubucks??
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Do Yo Need A Spankin'?
Do You Think You Can Be A Top Salesperson?
Do you think you can make it as a salesperson selling sex toys? If so click the banner and try it for free. Who knows you may be able to make big checks like me. I make over $7500 a week. Can you do it too?
Do You Have A Radio In Your Heart?
Forget waiting for ET to call -- the most likely place to find an alien message is in our DNA, according to an expert in Australia. Professor Paul Davies, from the Australian Center for Astro-biology at Macquarie University in Sydney, believes a cosmic greeting card could have been left in every human cell. The coded message would only be discovered once the human race had the technology to read and understand it. Writing in New Scientist magazine, Davies said the idea should be considered seriously. For more than 40 years astronomers have been sweeping the skies with radio telescopes hoping to catch a signal from an alien civilization. So far the search has been in vain. But Davies believes it is wrong to assume that extraterrestrials who may be hundreds of millions of years ahead of us technologically will have chosen to communicate by radio. Leaving artifacts for humans to find once they are sufficiently evolved -- like the obelisk in the movie 2001: A Space Odysse
Do You Love Her?
There is this really beautiful lady who is also on the quest to Godmother. She is sweet and would do anything for any of her friends, and I think we need to help her level ASAP... .violets.__owned by the one & only Philemon@ fubar Now, I am also still taking donations, I have a date I want to win the spotlight in mind...Its September 3. This is the day that 2 of my close friends died last year(will write up a seperate blog to explain that situation) and another good friend's birthday. So I need about 5-10 million more fubucks and I need them in just over 2 who wants to help me?
Do You Want To Be Respected And Cared For, Or Popular And Lusted After?
This blog is being posted while my status reads "Do you want real friends, or fu-populartiy?". I put that up for a few reasons, and for a few people, but for one person in particular. It seems a bit odd that someone who spends their time on here begging for rates, bling, blasts, happy hours, and all kinds of irrelevant tokens of "affection", all of a sudden turn around and complain about not having "real" friends who talk to her. And I've seen it all too often on here, even before it was Fubar (remember Lost Cherry? I was here when this place was called that LoL). And the argument is still the same. Anyone on here who's more concerned about their ranking or how many points and fu-bucks they have, than how many people they relate to and actually converse with, should have no complaints whatsoever. ANY RATING you get will give you points towards your "goal". ANY COMMENT, even if it's rude or hurtful, will get you closer to Godfather, or Disciple, or (brace yourself) PROPHET (ooooh....
Do You Know?
Holy E-mail One day God was looking down at Earth and saw all of the unruly behavior that was going on. So He called one of His angels and sent the angel to Earth for a time. When he returned, he told God, 'Yes, it is bad on Earth; 95% are misbehaving and only 5% are not.' God thought for a moment and said, 'Maybe I had better send down a second angel to get another opinion.' So God called another angel and sent him to Earth for a time. When the angel returned he went to God and said, 'Yes, it's true. The Earth is in decline; 95% are misbehaving, but 5% are being good.' God was not pleased. So He decided to e-mail the 5% that were good, because He wanted to encourage them, and give them a little something to help them keep going. Do you know what the e-mail said?
Do You Think I Am A Writer?
Fubar Can I have your Undivided Attention!!!!!!!!! Robert W's Blog Good people,good things to do,and fun, some biz if it is real,and more friends,good talk.Come by I'll leave the lite on. My Valuable Blog Sunday, March 16, 2008 10:23 AM Word pad Blogging, meaning I am typing it first and then cutting and posting it to my blog. I am so not inspired by the conventional way of making a living. I know the longer time passes without having some form of a job makes my situation all the more urgent. If it were optional to work or not work, I would choose to work. Let me explain myself from my previous statement. I don't like the 9 to 5. I am inspired to write about the world around me. I would work If I had an option to or not to work, cause I want to be able to choose what kind of work. That is really a question of education; influence; opportunity and experience. To do what you love to do you would have all those 4 ingredients to start your career, thi
Do You Know
Do you know how much I love you? Can you feel it in your heart? I really want to tell you But I don't know where to start. I love your eyes, your kisses I love your gentle touch I love the way you hold my hand I love these things so very much. I love the way you say my name I love your warm embrace I promise to always love you And keep a smile upon your face. I love it when we make love The passion that I see I can feel it in my heart That you truly do love me.
Do You Have Myspace?
Do you have myspace? http://www. cotaforleilae. com/ Her Mom is memeber of Hero's and Mafia on myspace...http://www. myspace. com/i_luv_leila_n_marcus Add her to ur friends list if ya do have myspace and help spread word to your friends too. Thanks
Do You Need New Pics For Profile?
Hello to all! wanted to let everyone know my pictures will be updated real soon ! sensual to normal everyday . A few already have been. would like everyone to know my friends Fantasy_Photos4u in Knoxville Tenn area did these . they are running a special to anyone in general area contact them at Fantasyphotos4u@yahoo mention me and get SUPER DISCOUNTS !!!!! Ladies and gent here's your chance to update and get sexy sensual pics yummmyyyyyyy
Do You Think Of Me Too???
Do You Think Of Me Too??? As I lay here in bed I think of you I begin to wonder Do you think of me too? I imagine you're next to me, Pulling me close, I feel your kiss, As you caress my skin. My heart beats fast, Pounding louder every second, I begin to tremble, As I taste your sweet lips. I find that I gasp for air, To replace the breath that you just took away. My body and soul Are slipping into a heavenly bliss. Your hands are touching my every inch, With such ease and tenderness. I want this moment to last, Not one second can escape, I want to stay in your arms, But then I suddenly awake. It was only a dream, Just a desire, But in reality, You have set my heart on fire. rlf
Do You Want Fries With That?
Its safe to assume Joseph Henry Devalle didnt order a Happy Meal. The Golden Gate Estates mans trip through a McDonalds restaurant drive-through in North Naples began with an argument over his order and ended with his arrest after police found him at home with a drive-through attendants shirt. The Collier County Sheriffs Office gives this account: Sheriffs deputies responded early Saturday to the McDonalds restaurant 11145 U.S. 41 North, and heard a complaint from a male employee, who was not named in the police report. The employee took Devalles order at the drive-through, but Devalle, 37, complained it was incorrect. The employee repeated the order, but Devalle then took issue with the dollar amount. The argument escalated, and when Devalle pulled up to the drive-through window, the employee refused him service. Eventually the employee put his arm in front of his face to indicate he wasnt going to serve Devalle, but Devalle hit it out of the way. The employee
Do You Wanna Stay In My Friends
kinda sick of ppl just adding to have a huge number of friends.and never saying hi or returning rates and if you wanna stay in just let me know and you will be one of the lucky few.hope to here from all of my real friends here on fubar
Do You
Why look any further? Look into my eyes, deep within my soul. Do you see all the love that I have to give? Do you feel the passion that I hold deep within me? Do you hear my sweet voice calling your name? My soft touch upon your face? Do you feel me next to you, loving you, holding you? Do you?
Do You Have Tattoos?
If you do, I hope i see ya over here: Inked Humans.
Do You Feel Like We Do??
Comment on this video! More videos at myYearbook
Do You Know I Love You?
Do you know... Do you know I love you? That I want you in my world. Do you know I love you? That I still have love for you, even when I'm upset. Do you know I love you? No matter what happens in this life, You have been & will always be a big part of my life. Do you know I love you? When I cry & nobody can cheer me up, somehow you always do. Do you know I love you? When I achieve something & I'm excited, You are not only excited for me, but are proud & supportive of me too. This I can honestly ask, Do you know I love you? More than waking up in the morning. More than the smell of the first rain. More than relaxing at the beach. More than watching birds fly over head. More than seeing, hearing, smelling anything in God's reach. Because of you I now know, Whatever happens in my life, Whatever I accomplish, whatever I choose to do, You will always love me, & I hope you really know How much I will always love you. By: Neka Nicole Kirtley Copyright 2007 Neka N
Do You Really Want Your Life To Change?
Do you really want your life to change? I really liked the below article and thought I would post it in a blog...I can't take credit for writing it though...only agreeing with it. :-) Be the Change You Wish to See in the World Gandhi said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world." People often look outside of themselves for reasons why they are not achieving their desired results or living life by design. But in order to find the true source, one need only look inside. The law of attraction, one of the fundamental aspects to living a life by design, explains that everything that is created in the outside world is the result of what takes place internally. Being the change you wish to see in the world starts with taking full responsibility for everything that is happening in your life. The first Law of Supreme Influence states, "I create my reality." Creating your life by design requires full ownership and total personal accountability for where you are right now.
Do You Need Fubucks
Click on one of these pictures if you would like to help,, DON'T FORGET TO E-MAIL ME FOR YOUR FUBUCKS Mizzzz Brat"~Johnny Chimpo.~ My Fu slave & Personal Body Guard...Must have salute & read profil@ fubar
Do You Know Where You Should Be?
Do You Ride Motorcycles And Are You Near Me?
Just looking for some new ppl to ride with occasionally in my area, and maby someone(female) to ride along. Safe Riding!!!
Do You Read?
I'm curious...Do most of you read the profile or do you go straight for the pics?.... I know my profile contains a lot of reading material...I guess I'm not one to be short asks for specific give it... :) For those of you that have read my profile...You know what the first line says...And though not eloquently written..It does go straight to the point...Let me remind you... >>>>>>Just because I'm on here doesn't mean I'm going to f*@k you...or even meet you...I'm on here for friends...and what happens...happens...
Do You Know Me?
I want to know how many of my friends know me. If you read this please comment this if you read this with anything you may know about me or think you know about me. Do you know what I like what my real name is am I in a relationship anything a goal I may have who my best friend is i want to know who wants to know me for real and who does know me and what they know about me. Be honest dont read what other ppl put cause they may be wrong what am i here for? please and if you really do want to learn ask questions i will answer them. thanks so much cutie?????
Do You Wanna Own The Hottest Thing Since Sliced Bread?
OMG! Persia is in an auction!!!! Go check it out, drop her a rate and a bid. It DOESN'T get any better than this!
Do You Know Me?
A guy goes to the supermarket and notices an attractive woman waving at him. She says hello. He's rather taken a back because he can't place where he knows her from. So he says, 'Do you know me?' To which she replies, 'I think you're the father of one of my kids. ' Now his mind travels back to the only time he has ever been unfaithful to his wife and says, 'My God, are you the stripper from my bachelor party that I made love to on the pool table with all my buddies watching while your partner whipped my butt with wet celery??? She looks into his eyes and says calmly, 'No, I'm your son's teacher.
Do You See The Problem?
Those who don't think too much get the best pleasure ever and I get payed. What's the big idea. They recieve what they have dreamed of and I pay bill's. Am I just blond missing something?
Do You Want A 25 Bling Pack
Do You Need To Get A Life?
Your score is: 40 What does your score mean? You usually dont let life pass you by but youre also not one to seize every single opportunity life has to offer. One needs a sense of stability as well as exhilaration. You enjoy trying new things and experiencing life to the fullest, but youre also content lying low every now and then to enjoy some downtime. Granted, life has a lot to offer and you want to conquer as much of it as you can you just dont want to do it all in one weekend. Keep in mind however, that if you find yourself cooped up in your house telling your cat about a funny joke you heard that day, you may need to step out a bit more and find some human contact. Pronto!
Do You Want To Own Me ???
im up for auction , click on the link below to see what im offering and of course to bid lol xxxxxxx
Do You Think I Have Sexy Eyes?? Then Please Rate!!
HELLO EVERYONE!! I'M IN A SEXY EYES CONTEST!! IT IS RATES ONLY!! CONTEST WILL RUN UNTIL 9/29/08 AT 7 P.M. EASTERN! PLEASE CLICK ON THE PIC BELOW TO RATE. THANKS SO MUCH! :-D This bulletin has been brought to you by.... Tennisgirl1987 - Club F.A.R. Member, Shadow Leveler, Still trying for the spotlight!@ fubar
Do You Know What Its Like
To truly Pine for someone to hurt when they hurt to die inside when it was you that caused the pain to experience love like a rennesaince ballid like a whirlwind storm to love so deeply to wish to turn back time to undo some wrong to even know that it would be wrong but to realize you should have to hear a song and remember her and feel that tightening in yoru throat the burning in yoru eyes to feel lost even before youve felt her touch before youve kissed her lips becasue youve felt it in your mind a hundred times in her texts in her voice in her words when they were sweet did you ever wish you could give some of your own compassion to someone else so that they could have the power to forgive you did you ever love as I love her now as I have loved her for sometime as I will probably always love her even if she finaly puts me out of my misery and says goodbye and kills whats left of my soul
Do You Communicate Like A Man Or A Woman?
You Communicate Like a Man When you communicate, you like to get to the point. You're not afraid to say what's on your mind - and leave it at that. Talking about your emotions drains you. You rather keep them to yourself. You prefer solving problems to wallowing in your sorrows. Do You Communicate Like a Man or a Woman?
Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Wal-mart Greeter.
A very loud, unattractive, mean-acting woman walked into Wal-Mart with her two kids, yelling obscenities at them all the way through the entrance. DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A WAL-MART GREETER The Wal-Mart Greeter said pleasantly, 'Good morning, and welcome to Wal-Mart. Nice children you have there. Are they twins?' The woman stopped yelling long enough to say, 'Hell no they ain't twins. The oldest one's 9 and the other one's 7. Why the hell would you think they're twins? Are you blind, or just stupid?' 'I'm neither blind nor stupid, Ma'am,' replied the Greeter. 'I just couldn't believe someone would sleep with you twice. Have a good day and thank you for shopping at Wal-Mart.
Do You Like It Waxed Or Not?
Do You Like It Waxed Or Not?
Let me know what you think?
Do You Like Boobies?!?!?
Hello Everyone! For the past 4 years now I have done my part in helping in the fight against Breast Cancer. Judy and I are doing the walk again this year in an effort to help raise funds for the benefit. Judy was diagnosed and treated for Breast Cancer last year, and is now one of the many survivors that my efforts have helped. Can you please take a moment to view our team page, and help us in the fight? The link is: If you would like to join us at the walk, or join our team, you are more than welcome. If you have a Thank you in advance for all of your support. -Melanie -- Today is the first day of the rest of my life.
Do You Use The Internet Like A Man Or A Woman?
Your Surfing Habits are 80% Male, 20% Female If we had to guess, we would guess that you are a man. You use the internet to make your life more efficient - and to make you smarter. For you, the internet is like a vast encyclopedia. You search and surf extensively. You look up everything online. Do You Use the Internet Like a Man or a Woman?
Do You Like Burgers? This Apparently Is The Place For You To Go!
Copy this link into your browser/address bar and check it out! Wow! lol Thanks Tom. :)
Do You Fart In Bed?
Do You Still Believe
Do You Ever Get The Feeling?
I have a group of girls that I usually hang out with at home. Now one of these girls got mad at me awhile ago for shit I didn't even do. Not that matters but it seems like slowly she is making the other members of the group not like me. I have been kicking it with Rocks more often than not but they don't call me or text me. Its like I have to get ahold of them if I want to hang out and more often then not they are busy or just staying home. I know that they are slowly slipping away from me and I don't have a clue why. I kinda know why but I don't want to think about that. One of my friends won't even return my calls and the other well I don't know whats going on with that. I don't have a problem making new friends but these are my friends since like forever. I don't want to lose them but I don't feel that I have changed but maybe I have. You think they would support me because I am happy. But I guess that wouldn't matter. I just feel left out of the loop and maybe its cause I a
Do You Know?
Do you know that without Jesus your life is a mess??? Do you know that without Jesus you are sooo lost in this world??? Do you know that without Jesus your life is empty? Do you know that without Jesus your good work measn nothing??? Do you know that with Jesus you will never have peace??? and Do you know that heaven is for those who has accepted Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour, ONLY??? I fyou wish to have Him; pray this prayer.. Jesus, I acknowledge my sins and i put them before your feet and please forgive me for all the wrong I have done, I acknowledge that without you I cannot save myself from hell and I ask you to come into my heart, cleans me from all unrighteousness and take control of my life... fill me with your Holy spirit so that i can live a new life in Jesus Name I pray .. Amen Be blessed today my friend...
Do You Have The Bug?
Social anxiety is a term used to describe an experience of anxiety (emotional discomfort, fear, apprehension or worry) regarding social situations and being evaluated by other people. It occurs early in childhood as a normal part of social functioning. People vary in how often they experience social anxiety or in which kinds of situations. It can be related to shyness or other emotional or temperamental factors, but its exact nature is still the subject of research and theory. Extreme social anxiety can be disabling and may be diagnosed as social anxiety disorder (social phobia). YUP YUP THAT'S ME! How bout u?
Do You Remember?
A lot of Americans have become so insulated from reality that they imagine that America can suffer defeat without any inconvenience to themselves. /> Pause a moment, reflect back. These events are actual events from history.. They really happened!!! Do you remember? 1. 1968 Bobby Kennedy was shot and killed by a Muslim male extremist. 2. In 1972 at the Munich Olympics, athletes were kidnaped and massacred b y Muslim male extremists. 3. In 1979, the US embassy in Iran was taken over by Muslim male extremists. 4. During the 1980's a number of Americans were kidnaped in Lebanon by Muslim male extremists. 5. In 1983, the US Marine barracks in Beirut was blown up by Muslim male extremists. 6. In 1985 the cruise ship Achille Lauro was hijacked and a 70 year old American passenger was murdered and thrown overboard in his wheelchair by Muslim male extremists. 7. In 19
Do You Want New Photos? Let Me Know!
Less then 7000 points to go. If you want new photos i need those 7000 points, so let me know by ratings ! :)
Do You Doubt? Or Do You Know?
They doubt me but they don't know me. How can u doubt someone who u don't know. I wonder that myself and I doubt myself. But why do I doubt myself? is it cause I don't know who I am?
Do You Want A Shiny?
I am currently taking orders/requests for Here's some examples that have already been made:
Do You Have A Big Mouth?
Your Mouth is a Little Big You're not a total tell all, but you don't hide who you are either. You've struck a good balance between discretion and sharing. People know you fairly well, at least on a superficial level. But you save your most revealing secrets for your best friend... or no one! Do You Have a Big Mouth?
Do You Want One?
I might just have something for you that you will like. Not really long but is has a pretty big diameter. After it has been in your mouth a while it just erupts and gets quite messy. Sort of a gooey or sticky feeling comes out of it. Most women love the taste and like the feel of the goo that coats the insides of their mouths! They savor it for a while and then swallow every little bit. If some drops out of their mouth they will be sure to get it even if it means licking it up with their tongues. I have even had some shove the whole thing into their mouth. Would you like to taste one? I have one right here for you. OK, I can see your really up for one. Yes I have one. Here let me get it out for you. Whoa, take small nibbles at first so you can enjoy the sweet taste. Yes, I know it is very warm almost hot. Watch out. When its been in your mouth a while it will release its gooey mess. See, I told you it was gooey. Don't be greedy there will be more where that came from as long as you
Do You Talk?....ever???
Albeight, lacking in eloquence, a question proposed to me today that caught me completely off guard and somewhat offended. Although, unprepared to answer, I made a meager attempt to explain my seemingly inability to articulate conversation... My answer left me feeling inadequate at best... It's sooo frustrating for me, I must say, the fact that I am so guarded amongst people to which I feel I have no common ground. My outward exterior advertises a person which I, personally, have nothing in common with. It's what I like to call false pretense. I assume that so much in order to buffer any situation that may make me feel uncomfortable that I get lost in who I really am. It's a defense mechanism I'm sure. It saves me from disappointment, trust issues and all the baggage that goes with. If I can just get through the day without divulging any pertinent information then god willing, I've accomplished the simple fact of not being disappointed. How fucking pathetic. It's one o
Do You Need Big Fu-bucks?
Do YOU need Fu-Bucks...want that spotlight or need some bucks to trade for bling? I am holding a contest...The contest will run for 2 weeks! As soon as I have enough people to start I will let everyone know!! THIS WILL BE A COMMENT BOMBING CONTEST! RATES worth 10 points (no min.) COMMENTS worth 5 points (min 80k) YOU will win the following: FIRST PRIZE 1 MILLION FU-BUCKS SECOND PRIZE 500K FU-BUCKS THRID PRIZE 250K FU-BUCKS BROUGHT TO YOU BY: ThugPassion247 {{*Devils Advocates Bombing and Leveling Crew*}}@ fubar
Do You Dare??
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Do You Have Any??
Do You Have Auto 11s On?? If You Do Rate And Leave A Comment On This Blog And I'll Leave You Some Rates
Do You Remember? (rcmp Fallen 4)
Do You?
There is a world beyond this pain A wall of fortitude shall stand in vain An abundance of emptiness caves in from each side Standing from the bottom, blinded to the light Do you hear my cry? It is silent Do you see my fear? It is giant I cast off my shield, a heart made of stone Open to you are inflicted scars that you own I want to hide in the sanctuary of your promise But I cant find my way through the sedentary darkness
Do You Ever Wonder???
You ever look at a picture of yourself and see a stranger in the background? You know, it makes you wonder how many strangers have pictures of you. How many moments of other people's lives we've been in? Were we a part of someone's life when thier dreams came true? Or were we there when thier dream died? Did we keep trying to get in as if we were destined to be there? Or did the shot take us by surprise? Just think. You could be a big part of someone else's life and not even know it. You know that romantic notion that all the garbage and the pain is actually really healing and beautiful and sort of poetic? It's not. It's just garbage and it's pain. You know what's better? Love. The day that you start thinking that love is overrated is the day that you're wrong. The only thing wrong with love and faith and belief is not having it. To Tesha!!! There comes a time when every life goes off course. In this desperate moment you must choose your direction. Will you fight to
Do You Believe In...
Helping this wonderful friend making it to GODMOMMA? Honeypots/Regiment Bombers Manager/@ fubar Well I do and I am over there rating everything she has and would love it if yall could stop by and help...this is her very first auto 11!!! She has worked her ass off to get to her level and has helped so many others I feel its time to give back :) So.... Will you go rate her and gather some points for yourself to ?
Do You Remember.....
....when you realized that life is full of surprises? life is a gift to be cherished. sometimes we are distracted by the pretty bow or the colorful wrapping . sometimes we set or hearts on the contents, anticipating something that may or may not be there. sometimes there are disappointments,but these usually come from our own false expectations. life is to be experienced her and now. joyful surprises are part of the gift. they're even more special because they are unexpected. i have learned about this the last few days due to my honey lost his job and thought nothing was gonna save us till friends and family stepped up and surprised us and helped us out so hey the gift of caring means more then material things so always remember there is always someone out there that has it worse then you.
Do You Think In Abundance?
"To know what you're thinking, ask yourself how you are feeling. emotions are valuable tools that instantly tell us what we are thinking." "Decide what you want to be, do, and have, think the thoughts of it, emit the frequency, and your vision will become your life." "When I discovered The Secret, everything in my life, including the state of my company, was totally transformed, because I changed the way I was thinking. As my accountants continued to fuss about the figures and focus on that, I kept my mind focused on abundance and all being well. I know with every fiber of my being that the Universe would provide, and it did. it provided in way I could not hae imagined. i had my moments of doubt, but when the thought came I immediately moved my thoughts to the outcome of what I wanted. I gave thanks for it, I felt the joy of it, and I believed."
Do You Know Gary?
> > > Hey Guys Do you know A guy name Gary he is in the best leveling group called Shadow levelers and He is boo boo's hottie :). I entered a Auction and I was shocked that Gary bidded on me and someone went higher and he higher and he won and Im happy about that. I enjoy rating his pictures it shows in pictures how much he loves his girl boo boo. Gary helps ALOT of people to level up he helped me I rate his pictures because I made that promise and he comes to my profile and rates my pictures. He don't have to do that I didn't win him in a auction.. When he is in auctions I can't afford him everyone luvs him :). If you are NOT one of his friends I suggest you click on his photo and add him to be one of your friends you wont regret it at all . He is a sweetheart ! Gary Thank you for bidding on me and I will do everything I promised :) ~GARY~SHADOWLEVELER~SPANKERS~OWNED BY BOOBOO & SCARLETT~BOOBOO'S FOREVER~@ fubar This bulleton/blog is brought to you by : Dee7
Do You Know Lyrics Im Throwing Out There That Iam Working Me!
do you know what its like keeping a secert that you wish you could tell do you know what its like not being able to talk to your family about what your feeling without them judging you or taking the other persons side? do you know all the stress and depression i hide? im just fine or am i??? but still i can't take it anymore its eatting me up inside,and i cant hide it anymore i just wish i knew what to say or do about what im going through. i feel like im in hell and its never gonna end! its like an endless nightmare and i'll never wake up,i toss and i turn in my sleep wake up with cold sweats. is anyone out there can you help me?im soo lost and confused i feel like im losing myself in this crazy hell that i can't get out you know what its like? do you know what its like????
Do You Suppose??
Friend Request from Christina Aguilera Christina Aguilera would like to be your friend on imeem. By accepting this request, you'll join Christina Aguilera's network of friends on imeem and discover new playlists, music, video, photos, blogs and more. Christina Aguilera says: Add Christina as a friend on imeem and check out the new video Keeps Gettin' Better from her Greatest Hit release available now. Leave a comment and let us know what you think of the video!
Do You Have Gaps In Your Knowledge?
There Are 1 Gaps in Your Knowledge Where you have gaps in your knowledge: Art Where you don't have gaps in your knowledge: Philosophy Religion Economics Literature History Science Do You Have Gaps in Your Knowledge?
Do You Do The Same
Do You Do The Same So many paths had led Back to memory lane Here my mind travelled To the places again Stored here in my mind Memories I can view The times remembered I often thought of you Many fond recollections Which I can still find Its here you still remain Forever on my mind Lingering on memories Once more they play I was missing you more Than I did yesterday The feelings we shared Down memory lane Repeatedly I reminisce Do you do the same
Do You Feel Like You Learned Something?
What is a High Ankle Sprain? by Amy ________, ATC A high ankle sprain is a term used to describe a type of ankle sprain. A sprain is the stretching and/or tearing of a ligament. The ligament associated with a high ankle sprain is the syndesmosis or syndesmotic ligament. This is why the proper term for a high ankle sprain is syndesmotic sprain. The syndesmotic ligament is a large ligament that holds the two lower leg bones together. These two bones are the tibia (shin bone) and the fibula. This ligament is most likely torn with an increased external rotation (turned to the outside) at the ankle joint or forced dorsiflexion (the foot pointed up). This injury is more common that has been realized in the past. Symptoms The person with a high ankle sprain will complain of severe pain and loss of function in the ankle joint. The pain will be increased if the athletes lower leg is squeezed. This squeezing of the lower leg is called the squeeze test and is a classic test for det
Do You Know Who You Are?
The one who has such a hold over me. The one who all others are measured against. The one who has ruined everyone else's chances from the start. The one I'm terrified of. The one who won me without even trying. The one I implore to come here and make me his. I'm not sure which would be worse: knowing he doesn't know or knowing he does.
(do You Know) ?
Enrigue Iglesias (Do you know)
Do You Know Jane N.doe
Do you know this woman Jne_N.к@ fubar Cause if you don't then you defiantly want to know her if you already know her then go and give her some rates Shes a great woman and a wonderful fubarian So what are you waiting for RATE,FAN,ADD her or just rate her like you've never rated before.
Do You Have Photos That Are Dark, Need Cropped, Or Are Just Plain Funky?
So let's face it: some digital cameras and webcams take some funky pictures...too dark, weird color shifts, or maybe they just need cropped. And maybe you don't have the software, the skill or the patience to correct them. I have many years of experience in doing these type of digital photo corrections and would be happy to assist any of my fellow Fu-users in making their pictures be all that they can be. Now this doesn't include swapping heads or altering any other part of your body, you'll have to go to someone else for that. But anything short of that I'm game. Just send me a message if you're interested and I can usually turn them around pretty quickly.
Do You Believe?
Do you Believe? Do you believe in the magic of a feathered kiss? Dreams brushing ever so light in a state of bliss? Do you believe two hearts can soar together as one? If so, my Love, our passionate journey has begun
Do You Know Love
Do You Know Love (a stave of six) I ask you, do you know love? Do you know how it feels to soar on its wings? Have you ever felt the pure elation The overwhelming joy when Cupids arrow stings? Have you ever felt your heart with passion fly When youve tasted the fruit, the apple of your eye? I have, with my heart fully aware Felt such a love so true, so honest and alive That when threatened with dark destruction Toward its continuance and preservation I strive And now with armour donned yet my heart bare I prepare to petition for the hand of my lady fair It is a fools folly to surrender so quick A cowards game where love is destined to fall The end game of such a path is always dark As the evil emotions cast their shadow over all For when two choose such a course as hate They deserve the pain and suffering which is their fate Love, though, is the goal to be sought The never ending quest to b e held always in sight The purity of its truth, the
Do You Like Honey?
DO YOU LIKE HONEY? YOU WILL! The sound of the door opening makes you tingle You close your eyes You are totally nude Laying on your back on the floor The carpet is very soft and thick Legs are spread wide apart Your pussy is burning with desire You just shaved there this morning Nipples hard and standing erect Arms out stretched away from your body Sounds reach your ears Clothing is being taken off Tossed about onto the floor Silence Heavy breathing reaches your ears Heavier than your own Your heart begins pounding Goose bumps cover your body The muscles in your abdomen jerk with spasms Your eyes strain hard to say closed You are startled by a pop sound It sounds like a plastic cap snapping opening You sense some one knelling near you Moving between your open legs A moment of silence A drop of something strikes softly on your pussy Another drop A third drop lands Hitting on your swollen clit Your lay and wait for another drop You smile as you feel t
Do You Know Jak?
Do You Have A Myspace Account?
If you have a myspace account... You are more willing to add me... at Don't be a stranger... Thank you, Richard AKA Kansas Redneck
Do You Have To?
So as of recent I have seen an influx of idiotic cell phone related mumms. I believe that the dumber and shallower you are, the more you feel the need for a souped up fancy phone. I mean, god forbid you have to receive your all important calls from an underaged meth addicted mall rat girlfriend from a $30/mo Nokia. That would make you PLAIN, UNIMPORTANT, and overall not in sync with the rest of sheeple. Ofcourse you need a Blackberry, or a Storm (whatever the fuck it is, it was all over the mumms) to call your fat loser husband sittin at home while out shopping at Target with cunt runts for ValuPAcks of toilet paper. We know the world will end if you dont receive 24/7 txts from your pothead friends on a Friday night, and make arrangements to meet at a local seedy bar to troll for local college prudes that lose their inhibitions after 12am. The desire of people to be more pompous than Idi Amin just makes me shudder. WHY???
Do You Want A Surprise!!!!!
BabieT is 300k from level 21! The person that gets her leveled will get a surprise! So let's all rate, fan, add and bling her and get her leveled! β PMε @ ōŕߡđđęņ FuGirlfriendToBiBlueeyedange@ fubar Brought to you by rkŧM - Enforcer @ Club Fantasia@ fubar
Do You Care?
not at all. Til death do us part. lines that are said everyday and dont mean shit. at that alter people say they love each other. Man we all know thats not true if you love someone take it all the way. once i find the girl i truly love. the juggalette of my dreams. tattooed in the right spot. tougher than steel. as sharp as my hatchet and just as brutal. a girl to paint my face with just to walk down town the love between us has to be in harmony. i need a girl that will love my scars. and will handle herself telling me "no i got it" and make me take it from her and carey it. i need a miss stregth. i need a juggalette, and i know theres one out there that needs me. need to find her clown ass and finally have some stable thing in my life.......
Do You Believe In Angels?
A story for each of you to enjoy but let me warn you, GET A KLEENEX BEFORE READING.. Do you believe in angels? Three years ago, a little boy & his grandmother came to see Santa at the Mayfair Mall in Wisconsin . The child climbed up on his lap, holding a picture of a little girl. "Who is this?" asked Santa, smiling. "Your friend? Your sister?" "Yes, Santa," he replied. "My sister, Sarah, who is very sick," he said sadly. Santa glanced over at the grandmother who was waiting nearby, & saw her dabbing her eyes with a tissue. "She wanted to come with me to see you, oh, so very much, Santa!" the child exclaimed. "She misses you," he added softly. Santa tried to be cheerful & encouraged a smile to the boy's face, asking him what he wanted Santa to bring him for Christmas. When they finished their visit, the Grandmother came over to help the child off his lap, &
Do You Believe?
There was a time in my life...not so long ago...that I didnt believe in love. Then one day out of the blue, I did a search here on fubar, to see who was in my area. I found a picture of a guy, very hott i might add, and thought to myself... "why not make the first move and say hi" I did...and now we are engaged. He stole me heart what can I say. My question to you you believe there is an outside force bringing people together? Do you believe in fate? What about love at first sight? I do now. I love you Chey!
Do You Have What It Takes To Handle Jlynn?? Prove It If Your Man Enough!!
Do You Know Me?
You think you know me Think you have learned all you can But how can you be sure? Do you know the way I feel each night? When the loneliness sinks in When nobody is there to hold me Do you know the thoughts that go through my head each day when Im alone? Sittin by myself thinking about life And the way things are and could be Do you feel the hurt I feel? From the many times Ive been betrayed When the ones I hold closest turn on me You may think you know me Think theres nothing more to learn But you only know the outside layer of me Very few know the whole me Now ask yourself Do you know me?
Do You Practice Suicide?
As I sat down, I took one last look around. No one. No one in this quiet, desolate corner of town. Just me and my companion. his name was Colt. He had a long neck and a chubby stubby and little body. Sort of like mine, except where I was smooth and went inward, he jutted out. But he still had that smoothness about him. "Funny" I thought as I put Colt's head into my mouth, "the cause of all this is the end." Colt was actualy my dad's prized possesion, but he never used him, just kept him on his stand as he passed out drunk each night. My mom never used him either, she just let my dad hit us, even with Colt within her reach. "But I'm going to use you Colt, don't worry..." I put my thumb onto the trigger. I closed my eyes for what I hoped was the last time... A gentle hnad pulled mine away from the gun, but the barrel stayed in my mouth. As the barrel slowly retracted from my moth, I opened my eyes. He was tall. he had gorgeous brown hair and a tanned skin that contrast
Do You Realize
She has grown to love you Crying when she cant talk to you Running to you when she sees you Yes shes young But that doesnt matter She knows who you are You not being around Hurts her more than you know Asking for you multiple times a day Nothing I can do for her Many times you dont answer Or you are too busy to talk Do you realize what you are doing? How much you are hurting her?
Do You Know This Man?
DO YOU KNOW THIS MAN? tampaclarke@ fubar Well at least you think you do.... Don't let this man dupe you any more. He is a liar and a fake. THIS IS THE REAL STEVE, the real McCoy, the original. xamlod@ fubar Tampaclarke is really good at fooling people. He has gotten all to befriend him, giving him gifts and bling. Don't waste anymore of your time, fubucks or feelings on him! He has copied the 'REAL' Steve's pictures, used them as his own, photo shopped to make some his own. His stories are good. He even knows enough of the 'REAL' Steve to keep the stories straight for the most part. But he has slipped up. His friend 'Kyle' in his default pics is actually m44europe -W.I.S.E U.K Friends -@ fubar I caught him in this lie, sent him a message with link to the original picture. But as usual, he had some good lines, good excuses. But I stayed skeptical, Wondered why some things just didn't add up. I'm over analytical, think too much and thi
Do You?
Do You??? Do you feel my soul? Do you feel it stretch too you? Do you feel my heartbeat? Do you feel it beat true? Do you know whats in me? DO you know what I am? Do you know how I feel? Do you know my plan? Do you want my passion? Do you want my eyes? Do you want my laughter? Do you want my cries? Do you need a strong hand? Do you need a gentle touch? Do you need loving looks? Do you need longing clutch? Do you desire a fiery soul? Do you desire sweetness? Do you desire a deep wanting? Do you desire to be caressed?
Do You Spread Holiday Cheer?
You Spread Some Holiday Cheer You do your best to give time, money, and joy during the holidays. You don't always spread cheer to everyone, but you do the best. Unlike most people, you actually spend time reflecting on the meaning of the holidays. And you worry more about doing the right thing than getting the right presents. Do You Spread Holiday Cheer?
Do You Hear Your Own Hearbeat?
Look up into the sky, what do you see? I see the birds flying, the clouds shifting, the stars, the moon, the sun, the heavens.. Look at the rivers, what do you see? I see the rushing waters, insects floating around in the water, i see fish swimming and eating the bugs, i see a consistent flow.. Now look at the trees, what do you see? I see the wind blowing through the branches and leaves, i see small animals building nests, i see the leaves changing colours, the tree swaying to and from almost as if it was waving at me.. Look at the people in the street, what do you see? I see sadness, happiness, anger, despair, i see children laughing, i see old folks conversing, i see mothers with son's and daughter's, I see people waiting for the bus, bright colourful clothes, i see busyness in the people; rushing off to where ever they need to go, i see people not looking at these things... Now close your eyes... What do you hear? I hear the water, i hear the birds...
Do You Have Auto11s.. Hh Or Need Spotlight Help?
Ok Bad Girls This Blog Will Be For Anyone That Has Auto 11s Activated .. Is Having A Happy Hour ..Or Needs Spotlight Help.. It Will Be Your Responsibilty To Let Me Know So I Can Update The Blog
Do You Carry Your Umbrella?
We all have something to learn from this young girl. As a drought continued for what seemed an eternity, a small community of farmers was in a quandary as to what to do. Rain was important to keep their crops healthy and sustain the townspeople's way of life. As the problem became more acute, a local pastor called a prayer meeting to ask for rain. Many people arrived. The pastor greeted most of them as they filed in. As he walked to the front of the church to officially begin the meeting he noticed most people were chatting across the aisles and socializing with friends. When he reached the front his thoughts were on quieting the attendees and starting the meeting. His eyes scanned the crowd as he asked for quiet. He noticed an eleven year-old girl sitting quietly in the front row. Her face was beaming with excitement. Next to her, poised and ready for use, was a bright red umbrella. The little girl's beauty and innocence made the pastor smile as he realized how much faith
Do You Have Your Own Group??
For All Sarge's Bad Girls That Have Started Their Own Group..Let Me Know.. I Will Be Posting Links To The Groups Here In This Blog.
Do You Remember...check It Out
Who didn't love the 80's. LIKE TOTALLY!! The Wild Hair. Mario. The Clothes. He-Man. Tab. Rainbow Bright. Rubics Cube. Spandex. The Goonies. The Breakfast Club. The AWESOME Music!! Madona. Poison. Def Leppard. Blondie. Bananarama. Air Supply. Come Relive Those Moments. TONIGHT 8pm-2am Eastern DJ Dee Wreck is going to be our Special Guest DJ... Help Us Bring Back The 80's!! WE'LL HAVE HOTTIES ON CAM GETTING CRAZY! Only In The Playground Lounge!
Do You Love Me
What can I do to make you realize? All this time we've been friends I've been hoping for a little more So even if this takes a lifetime... I'll tell you bluntly now Because its the only way you'll understand. These feelings in my heart, Were designed to steal your's away. Without realizing it, You've gone and loved me. Without knowing my feelings, You pushed them aside. When was it that you first noticed, I was different than the rest? When was it that you first realized? You liked me best. I'm the last thing in your head, As you rest it on your pillow. The first thing you see, As soon as your eyes open. There's no use denying, Its a little late to hide. There's no need to worry, Love is like friendship but better.
Do You Ever?
Do you ever roll up in a ball and really cry? Drying your eyes before they see you actually do want to die. Do you ever put on a face like nothing could ever hurt you? But inside your heart is bruised and beaten and been pushed around, Stamped through the ground. Do you ever miss someone that much you just look out the window waiting for them to return? But deep inside you know, They're not that concerned. Do you ever wish someone would really know how you feel? Instead of acting all the time, like this just aint real. Do you ever wish you could go back in time? To when you were happy, And the doctor would say 'you're honestly fine.' Do you ever cut your wrists so deep? Wondering why, Memories of being hurt, are the only ones you really keep. Do you ever scream when no-ones home? Finally you're completely alone. Do you ever hide your secrets from everyone else? Incase they found you so upset, They'd ask you questions they never forget. Do you ever a
Do You Need Leveling Help?
Remember To Let Me Know If You Need Leveling Help.. I Am Leaving It Up To Everyone To Be Responible For Letting Me Know When They Need Leveling Help..So Send Me A Shout Or Private Message That You Need Help And Would Like To Be Added To This Blog.. Thanks The Sarge
Do You Communicate Like A Man Or A Woman?
You Communicate Like a Man When you communicate, you like to get to the point. You're not afraid to say what's on your mind - and leave it at that. Talking about your emotions drains you. You rather keep them to yourself. You prefer solving problems to wallowing in your sorrows. Do You Communicate Like a Man or a Woman?
Do You Have A Stalker?
The Stalker as Antisocial Bully Stalkers have narcissistic traits. Many of them suffer from personality disorders. The vindictive stalker is usually a psychopath (has Antisocial Personality Disorder). They all conform to the classic definition of a bully. Before we proceed to delineate coping strategies, it is helpful to review the characteristics of each of these mental health problems and dysfunctional behaviors. I. The Narcissistic Stalker The dramatic and erotomaniac stalker is likely to show one or more of these narcissistic traits: Feels grandiose and self-important (e.g., exaggerates accomplishments, talents, skills, contacts, and personality traits to the point of lying, demands to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements); Is obsessed with fantasies of unlimited success, fame, fearsome power or omnipotence, unequaled brilliance (the cerebral narcissist), bodily beauty or sexual performance (the somatic narcissist), or ideal, everlasting, al
Do You Desirer 2.5 Million Fubucks Please Look Inside (repost)
How's it going I'm Lord Wolf,I'm willing to Offer 2.5 Million Fubucks for an Auto 11 Bling.The Desire to be Godfather has Consumed me.An yesterday After Rating An Auto Gal with Happy purchasing Extra 11's Fubar added an extra 930,079 points to me.I was down to 1,027,067 but after my next purchase of more 11's on my last day of VIP my Total Rose to 1,997,086.Then to Top that Off 5 hrs later they recharged my card for another 500 11's.Yes it sucks to be me. 10 Morphs will be Created,For my Savior,That can Grant me the Honor of Godfather.
Do You Beleive In Ghosts?
This has gotten some great responses ssso have a story you would lie to share I want to hear them
Do You?
Count it as the will of none that implied I Fell beside you your hand not an option for me to take The blinding darkness covers the ground that I seem so willing to face The silence that is created falls on the deaf ears that are mine But yet its the tears that travel down my cheeks that tell the truth Hold me and share with me the thoughts that create the feelings But do not touch with the hands that hurt and cause me pain What ever happened to the gentle being that I felt love for Leave it be to your heart that determines the path you chose to follow
Do You Love To Read ....
If you love to read and want a place to list all the books you ever read or that you own here is a place to do it .. Check out my page if you like it join up and add me .. You will have to copy and paste the link ..
Do You Want To Be Auctioned?
One Of Our Own..Blue Eyed Brat Wants To Host A Valentines Auction For Us.. Would Anyone Want To Join?? Contact Her For Details.. Blue Eyed Brat
Do You Want To Know Mr. Powers?
Do You Like Vampires? Join This Group! Vamp Morticia's Victims
Come Join one of the newest groups on fu! Vamp Morticia's Victims If you loves Vampires or anything gothic it's for you! It's run by Vamp Morticia. Hit her up on the group page here below to join! OR find her main page in the friends list! (You will have to read the blogs and comment and r/f/a everyone in the roster before you get your group tag from Vamp) Vamp Morticia's Victims GROUP PAGE! OWNED BY FEEZE@ fubar
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Do You Like Bad Girls? Do You Want A Valentine Date? Well Here's Your Chance..Sarges Bad Girls Are Looking For You... Here's What To Do...This Is Not An Auction Or A Contest.. You Will Give Your Best Date Idea And The Girls Get To Choose Which Is The Best Or Favorite Idea.. If Your Date Idea Is Chosen Then You Will Get/Give Minium Of 100 rates..Whatever Else You Or That Person Offer's Is Between Ya'll... It Starts On Febuary 1st And Ends Feb.13th 2008
Do You Want All The New Bling?
Do you want all the new bling but dont want to buy it for yourself? I will send you the bling. Just send me a bling pack for however many bling credits you want me to use on you. If you send me the 20 dollar bling pack I will bling you ALL 25 bling credits. If you send me the 50 dollar bling pack, I will send you back 65 credits worth of bling. Send the bling pack and send an email telling me what specific bling you want or if it doesnt matter just say it doesnt matter. You will get ALL your bling credits used back on you and you wont have to look silly buying them for yourself. I will do this as long as you all want me to, or until it gets to be a pain in the butt LOL PeggySue*treehugger*FU MARRIED TO Stephanie Lynn-Owner FuBombers@ fubar
Do You Want Me?
If you want me click on this Picture and bid to be my valentine
Do You Know How Much I Miss You?
Have you ever bothered to realize how much you mean to me? I care so much for you inside and miss you so deeply. I sometimes sit for hours Just to hear from you And when you never come on Im unsure what to do I lay awake in bed sometimes With you stuck in my head Sometimes I question your feelings for me Or that your with someone else instead Sometimes I walk at night Just to gaze at a lonely star Sometimes I fall to tears Because you are so far And every now and then When I do speak to you I always get worried Incase you say our friendship is over. And do you ever wonder Just what Im doing to And do you know Just how much I think of you Because if tomorrow doesnt come And I havent spoke to you How will you ever know? Just how much I care about you! This poem was written for a certain someone and you know who you are!!!
Do You Love Bewbies?
I do...
Do You Want Me?
Here's your chance to have what you want. Come and bid on me and maybe you can say that you own me!
Do You Know Who I Am?
This is one of the best things I've read in years!!! I wish I could go there for dinner!!! Montana Restaurant: This is a great story! The radio station America FM was doing one of its 'Is Anyone Listening?' bits this morning. The first question was, 'Ever have a celebrity come up with the 'Do you know who I am?' routine?' A woman called in and said that a few years a go, while visiting her cattle rancher uncle in Billings , MT , she had occasion to go to dinner at a restaurant that does not take reservations. The wait was about 45 minutes; many ranchers and their wives were waiting. Ted Turner and his ex-wife Jane Fonda came in the restaurant and wanted a table. The hostess informed them that they'd have to wait 45 minutes. Jane Fonda asked the hostess, 'Do you know who I am?' The hostess answered, 'Yes, but you'll have to wait 45 minutes.' Then Jane asked if the manager was in. When the manager came out, he asked, 'May I help you?' 'Do you know who we are?' b
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I'm auctioning off Fu Daddy's shirt to the highest bidder. The auction will be held from Sat March7th from 5pm Fu time till Sat March 14th 5pm Fu time. To place your bid, leave a comment but please feel free to rate the pic as well. I'm not too big on rules so I only have 2: 1. Absolutely NO drama!!!!!! I get enough of it in my real life so don't need it on here too, if you break this rule you will be block!!!!!!!! 2. No dirty or nasty comments!!!!! Again if this rule is broken, you will be blocked!!!!!!!! Note: Fu Daddy will mail the shirt to the winner, Info will be discussed between the winner and Fu Daddy. We're all here for fun so lets keep this fun. Link will be posted when auction begins Have a great day
Do You Know Where My X Spot It??
BUT this time you don't need a treasure map to find it!!! Just click on the link below ;) X Dealer has been one of my closest and longest friends here on Fubar and always never fails to make me smile! He's a complete sweetheart and if you don't have him on your friend's're missing out on a gem of a friend! So let's correct that oversight! He's 42,201,836 Points to becoming an Angel! Well...he's already one in my book. Please help me to show him some love and bring him that much closer to levelling!! X Dealer™@ fubar While your there, might as well B/A/R/F all over him :)!!! IF you rate his profile pls let me know so I can buy ya a drink!! Much ♥ & thanks!! Beyonce
Do You Want Some Fubucks>>>>>>>>
Zero Inc is looking for staff. We need Greeters Dj, Promoters . and sercuity so if your interested in meeting new people, enjoying good conversation and having some fun click the picture whatcha got to loose click picture to enter Winamp Users Click Here (repost of original by '♫♫Blueyes♫♫ Fu/angel, Fu/owned by Sixtyninemunch. ChiinaDoll' on '2009-02-25 06:56:12') (repost of original by '*Crissy* CoOwner of Zero_Cool---*Engaged to DJ Zero Cool*' on '2009-02-25 07:57:43')
Do You Wanna Admire Me??
                      Get This!
Do You ?
Do you really want my heart. To hold close to yours. Do you want love to blossum. To take to the skys and soar. Do you want to grow with me. And share our highs and lows. Will you walk beside me. No matter where I go. If these goals you also share. Then to me your heart is true. And forever my heart will be home. Because it will be with you.
Do You ?
Do you really want my heart. To hold close to yours. Do you want love to blossum. To take to the skys and soar. Do you want to grow with me. And share our highs and lows. Will you walk beside me. No matter where I go. If these goals you also share. Then to me your heart is true. And forever my heart will be home. Because it will be with you.
Do You See The Real Me?
When you look at me what is it you see? Do you even see the real me? You say you love my eyes, How they sparkle and shine, But do you even see what they have to hide? You see their color, You see their shape, But can you see what’s beyond their shade? Look into my eyes, Tell me what you see, Do you see all there is to me? All the pain that I hide, Secrets untold, Emotions I have shared, Feelings that I won’t, Truths yet to share, Lies I have told, Passions I long for, Dreams to unfold, Can you see all my questions? All my doubts, All my fears, Can you see the girl inside? Cause I haven’t seen her in years,
Do You Have What It Takes To Own Me?
Do You Ever......
A question for the fu world....Do u ever wake up sometimes and feel lost and have to question where has your life gone and what are u doing about it? I woke up the other day asking myself that. Now I have a great family and a great job that i actually enjoy and yet my life somehow just feels empty. I have no reason why i feel this way. I enjoy my life to the fullest and rally have no complaints. Some days I wish I could go back to my highschool days and hang with the friends i had and do what I did. I had no responsbilities and not a care in the world. But there is no going back and I know this....Im ready to go forward and live my life and find out whats around the corner.... Im ready for some serious adventure. Im ready to meet new people, im ready to meet that special guy who is gonna flip my world upside down and all around.... But right now I just feel stuck and I hate the feeling and I hate not knowing what to do about it...please tell me i am not alone in this feel
Do You Believe In Magic?
Comment on this video! More videos at myYearbook
Do You Think About Sleeping With Other People When You Are In A Relationship????
i was talking to a friend of mine and he is upset because he had a dream about his girl. The dream was that he was in a room and his girl was screwing someone in front of him. That morning he asked his girl if she was interested in sleeping with other people? She told him yes but not at the risk of lossing him. He asked me for advice. He wants to know if he should trust her. Can you guys help me give him advice.
Do You Like Sex
i like to have as much sex as i can handle any were i can get it.
Do You Have What It Takes?
I know there are some genuine hotties on this site. I also know there are some genuine Military Fangirls on this site. is looking for some new RangerUp Girls. Check out their page @ Ranger Up Girls Contest Also if you're into military T shirts theirs are the best.
Do You Think I Would Make A Good Bad Girl?
I want to be a bad girl for you. I want you to make me do naughty things, And fulfill all your wicked desires. I want to grant your every wish. I want to do things with you, The siren in my mind, Has only dared to imagine. I want to be a bad girl for you. Do you think I would make a good bad girl?
Do You Know Me?
Do You Know What Pisses Me Off?
I'm 20 years old, and out of kindness to my mother who works her freaking ass off for our family, I have a curfew of 11pm. When I turn 21, that will increase. So I text her for A HALF HOUR more and she just goes "Whatever." She doesn't even look at me when I walk in. What the hell? She thinks I'm doing drugs. *sigh*
Do You Know?
Can anyone name the author of my favorite poem? anyone lived in a pretty how town (with up so floating many bells down) spring summer autumn winter he sang his didn't he danced his did. Women and men (both little and small) cared for anyone not at all they sowed their isn't they reaped their same sun moon stars rain children guessed (but only a few and down they forgot as up they grew autumn winter spring summer) that noone loved him more by more when by now and tree by leaf she laughed his joy she cried his grief bird by snow and stir by still anyone's any was all to her someones married their everyones laughed their cryings and did their dance (sleep wake hope and then)they said their nevers they slept their dream stars rain sun moon (and only the snow can begin to explain how children are apt to forget to remember with up so floating many bells down) one day anyone died i guess (and noone stooped to kiss his face) busy folk buried t
Do You Ever Feel?
Do you ever feel you wish you could start over and remember all the boo boo's you made along the way . And could actually change them. Do you ever feel no matter how hard you try and make friends, you still miss the mark Do you wish your friends and family respected all that you do for them and just really wish that they could just say thank you just once? Do you feel as hard as you try and try to keep up with the bills, put food on the table, and just want something to go right and yet it doesnt Well peeps thats exactly how I feel right now. I feel like no matter how hard I try and do all the right things, its never good enough. I feel like a complete failure, and I dont know what or were to go or who to talk to or perhaps find a lucky charm that will alter all this negative bull shit. I try and keep a open mind and I try to look at the good things that do come my way which is slim to none. I dont want to burden any one with my depression and sadness and
Do You Know Jack Shit?
For some time now, Many of us have wondered, Who is Jack Shit? We find ourselves at a loss when someone says "you don't know Jack Shit", Well thanks to my efforts, you can now respond in an intellectual way! Jack shit is the only son of Awe Shit and O Shit, The owners of Knee Deep N Shit Inc.. In turn Jack Shit married Noe Shit. The couple had 6 children, Holie Shit, Giva Shit, Bull Shit, and twins Deep Shit and Dip Shit. Deep Shit married Dumb Shit, a highschool drop-out. After 15 years, Jack and Noe Shit got divorced. Noe Shit married Ted Sherlock and became known and Noe Shit Sherlock. Meanwhile, Dip Shit married Lota Shit and had a rather nervous disposition named Chicken Shit. Fulla Shit and Giva Shit married the Happens brothers and had a double wedding. The newspaper invited everyone to the Shit-Happens wedding. Bull Shit traveled the world and returned home with an Italian bride, Pisa Shit. So from now on, no1 can tell you that you don't know Jack Shit..!!!!
Do You Want To Make Some Extra Cash?
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Do You Want An Auto Or Cherrybomb ?? Look Here
Do You Ever Feel Like Your The Very Last One To Know Whats Going On?
Do You Know How
Do You Dare.....
day in and out you perform for them they come from miles around to watch you to listen to your words but they never see the darkness lingering inside you you only show what they wanna see i asked you once do not cower from me show me the real you no need was there to hide i would never harm you each time they called to you you went leaving me alone only needing me when you had no one to listen to you can you not see me can you not feel what i offer they offer you nothing but a shot at a spotlight a fickle one at that they will soon tire of you then what will you do
Do You Believe Art Is Important??
Then what is needed is every type of letter imaginable!Hand written, typed, or even signatures of supporters.Letters answering questions like: Why is art important to the communities in the area? Why do they like art? How can the arts help this economy? And What do they need?We need Funding, or a relief for artists, since help has not been granted in over five years to help support local artists or new venues displaying modern art.The more letters/ signatures Rachel White gets to build this foundation for the Arts the more support the arts in the community will have from the Council and the more patrons will step up to the challenge of helping the arts. By means of numbers and out reach, we are the ones who make things happen. Artists need to step up and network! That is what is needed now. It takes 3 minutes to write a letter that will bring the arts in the community back on their feet. We just need to get the people, patrons, artists, friends, families involved with keeping the arts
Do You Know What Goes On At Night?
When you go to bed at night and forget to shut down your computer, I think you ought to know what actually goes on. It's 1:14 A.M. And do you know where your icons are and what they are doing? Click on thislink and you will see what happens when you leave the computer on during the night. HERE
Do You Care ?
if im woundering , you and me ? today im thinkign alot of things, love is very important isnt it and to care about others ? and who really care about a person ? are you interested then show it more not only for a few seconds dont u agree? its not to a speciell person its only a thought i have that if u want somebody go for it u know if u not show your true feelings u can lose more then to show them? is it true ? ... hmm who cares
Do You Know....
Originally posted on Tagged Apr 14, 2009, 9:21pm what it feels like to be lied to over and over again? to have men going out of their way to be as rude and disgusting as they can? when they don't even know you? well try having someone be totally nice to you...give you false hope...make you think that they might be different...only to find out after you've made a fool of yourself that they're just the same as every other one.... it makes me sick to realize that i have four daughters who are going to have to deal with the same shit as i have...and it makes me want to cry to think that my sweet son...who is the joy of my life may grow up to be just like the jerks i deal with on this site and others on a daily basis.... why the hell do people have to treat other people this way? is it any wonder that no one gives a damn anymore about whether they live or die? what the hell would they be missing anyway? a world full of pain...hate...misery good intentions...users.. .lia
Do You Give To Get?
It’s interesting to become aware of how we participate in the dynamic exchange of giving and receiving. When we give, do we do so whole-heartedly? Or do we do so with the ulterior motive of wanting something in return? It’s not wise to be always looking for a deal. The universe never short-changes us. We can afford to be generous. The Koran spells out a value-for-value principle. When something of value is given, something of value must be returned. "It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving." -- Mother Teresa
Do You Want To Be In Spotlight? i know you want to be in the spotlight if your reading this or you want to know how to get on or want to know what it is lolz well i have 2mil fubucks for you if you buy me a bling pack not a big one just one that is cheapso if you do i want you to pm me and tell me that you want the 2mil must put in your subject blingpack thank you and the first one who gives me best offer or anything will get it thanks again -hector
Do You Know Twilight
Do You Twitter?
Is that site any good? It seems pretty neat. I don't know if a lot of my friends are on there though. So, do you Twitter? Give me some feedback on it.
Do You Really Think Your All That?
Man some people in here are a joke! I just recently read a mumm about fu woman. and it was lame at best. Any how, I decided to read some of the comments and what a joke they are as well. These woman trying to act all that anda bag of cookies. Professing how they are soooooooooooo much better then the woman they speak of. Its nice to think well of your self, they say if you cant love your self you cant love any one else ....ya okay sure. But to brag and bring down someone else just to stroke your own ego is sad and pathetic. It shows to me your shallow and conceited and very ugly inside. What you view is adverage, or ugly may not be the view of others. They may look at you and think your ugly or just adverage. Would you like to be pulled down and told your a feckin ugly bitch? NO !!! I am betting you wouldnt. So why do it to others? I dont profess to think I am a fashion model, I know I am not. But I dont think I am ugly either. And personally dont give a ffffffff
Do You Agree?
Tell what you guys feel about death.Is it a part of life,do you wish be immortal,or do wish to at least want to cheat death?comment on this?
Do You Like To Work Out Or Feel You Have To Work Out To Look Good?
Hi it is me, listen earlier today I had this guy comment on me, basically he inferred that you can't look that good and be real. Ya know what really gets my goat is the fact that some of us actually enjoy getting up everyday and working out. I run 3 miles every monring. i teach three classes at the gym. Kickboxing, Step aerobics and yoga. For all who do work out or who have friends who work out hello, once you start that kind of regimine program you have to keep it up and keep toned or you will lose al you have worked hard to achieve. anyway food for thought.... some people like to work hard and we all choose to make different choices.. we all should be open to make our own choices and start down on our own paths... Life is what you make it... embrace it, love it and live it.. I try my best not to judge others because i myself do not like to be judged. so lets rember peoples feelings before we mumble or say something we may not be able to take back
Do You Believe?
The Difference Between Believing In, Knowing, and Loving GodMy friend, do you believe in God? If you can answer yes, that's great. But there is something better than just believing in him. Do you know him? For example, I believe that Bill Gates is real. I believe he has alot of money. I believe he probably won't need a stimulus check from the government. But if you asked me, what he does on Friday nights? I would say I don't know. If you asked me, does he have any pets? I would not have anything more than a guess. What's the problem? Don't I believe in him? Yes, I know he exists, but I don't KNOW him. You see if I know him, I can tell you what he does with his free time, whether or not he has a dalmation or a German Shepherd, and tell you many other personal details that the average Joe would not know about Mr. Gates. This is the doorway to a true relationship with God. Believing in Him, will open the door for you. But if you fail to step through the door of faith and get to know God y
Do You Enjoy Reading?
I've figured out a cool way to share some of my e-book collection with my Fu-Friends! Visit my Dunno & Joke Stashes to increase your collections! I've also got a shit-ton of e-comics that I will sort and post some of the gems for youse.
Do You Care If A Soldier Dies?~
take a man put him all aloneput him 12000 miles from homeempty his heart of all but bloodmake him live in the sand and mudthis is the life I have to livethis is the soul to god I giveyou have your parties and drink your beerwhile our men are dying over heredo you care if a soldier diesdo you even have to wipe your eyeswhen you turn on CNNtell me whats going through your headdo you know what those numbers meanone less neighbor from across the streetone less hero silent from our eyesdo you care if a soldier diesplant your signs on the white house lawnsaying 'Get out of Iraq', were goneuse your signs and have your funthen refuse to pick up a gunthere's nothing else for you to doand I'm supposed to die for youthere is one thing you should knowand thats where I think you should dodo you care if a soldier diesdo you even have to wipe your eyeswhen you turn on CNNtell me whats going through your you know what those numbers meanone less neighbor from across the stree
Do You Really Think Your Pic Is Deleted?
It's always fun to write about research that you can actually try out for yourself.Try this: Take a photo and upload it to Facebook, then after a day or so, note what the URL to the picture is (the actual photo, not the page on which the photo resides), and then delete it. Come back a month later and see if the link works. Chances are: It will.Facebook isn't alone here. Researchers at Cambridge University (so you know this is legit, people!) have found that nearly half of the social networking sites don't immediately delete pictures when a user requests they be removed. In general, photo-centric websites like Flickr were found to be better at quickly removing deleted photos upon request.Why do "deleted" photos stick around so long? The problem relates to the way data is stored on large websites: While your personal computer only keeps one copy of a file, large-scale services like Facebook rely on what are called content delivery networks to manage data and distribution. It's a compl
Do You Remember?
Do You Remember? 1. Polite children will always remember that a church is the ____________ of ____________. An Erisian Hymn by Rev. Dr. Mungojerry Grindlebone, KOB Episkopos, THE RAYVILLE APPLE PANTHERS Onwards Christian Soldiers, Onwards Buddhist Priests. Onward, Fruits of Islam, Fight till you're deceased. Fight your little battles. Join in thickest fray; For the Greater Glory, of Dis-cord-i-a. Yah, yah, yah, Yah, yah, yah, yah. Blfffffffffffft! Mr. Momomoto, famous Japanese who can swallow his nose, has been exposed. It was recently revealed that it was Mr. Momomoto's brother who has been doing all this nose swallowing. Heute Die Welt Morgens das Sonnensystem! Abbey of the Barbarous Relic
Do You Wanna Cum Play With My Feet?
Saturday, June 27th 2009 2pm - 8pmFoot Party Hawaiian Luau! Get ready, it's back by popular demand, and this will be bigger and better then ever!! As we bring the hottest ladies in Tampa for another hot Foot Party Saturday June 27th 2pm - 8pm ! In addition, bringing you one hot theme party with our first annual Hawaiian Luau Foot Party! If you have never been to a Foot Party at Club Elite these have been the biggest and best turnouts yet! With so many hot new ladies joining each party it's sure has become the hottest event I have ever seen…woohooo! YOU DO NOT WANT TOMISS THIS ONE! Tonight we will be having our sexy ladies dressed up inthere most sexy Hawaiian outfits and beach sandals. And yes guys we know you have one ofthose Hawaiian shirts sitting in the dresser or hanging up and a pairof them flower swimming trunks you are just waiting for perfect Night tosport around in and finally get some use out of them...hahaha.Therefore, this event is not just for the ladies to
Do You Need Help Lol
i like to work on thing's that have problam's i can get the job done right &make you fill better lol
Do You Want To Join In?
I am building up this lounge called Dakota's Stormy Breeze.This is what I need and I hope someone out there can help me. I need someone that can be in there and help me with lounge as I have said many times my nighttime is your daytime.So what am I asking for,well i asking for co-owner for my lounge that can be there.I also need all staff.I will be dropping the player in my lounge so there will be no tunes until I get another one,this should no take long unless you have player you wish to use in there.I do have cameras in lounge and I do need both sexes for the cam rather it be female or male.I am in position right now I can no get on cam like I use too no even for private shows,I had fun with .This will change soon but for now I can not.Please do no ask this reason just no I can't...So who can help me..You would like to run a lounge or be staffed..It can be fun and I will no lie it can get very sexual in there at times..So you are fore warned that it does get heated. I al
Do You Dare?
Do you dare? Dare to dream Dream of a place A place so great Great enough to heal Heal a heart A heart that has been broken Broken by you You hurt it so deep Deeper then a dream A dream that dared Dared to dream
Do You Ever
look in the mirror and wish there was someone else looking at you? Or think of what it would be like not to be trapped inside your head? Or wallow in your own misery so much, you forget how to be happy? Or wonder what it would feel like if everything ended on a spot?
Do You Think??
Do you think I will be lost??You think I won’t be alive after you??If my life depends on youThen why and how I was living before you came in my life??For every hurt, thank youFor every lie, thank youDeceiving time wasn’t that longLies didn’t last so longI will remind you one day, one day soonWhen regrets eat your heart and mindThat I am still alive hereAnd I didn’t die because you leftWhy I did break my heart by my handWhy I came over my self Just because I loved youI lived days and days in pain and hurtYour love must get out of my heart, and brainEven if I will be a big woundBut will be alive stillIf my life in your handThen I realize I will die one dayAnd I am ok with that, You think I will be gone just because you are going??If my life depends on youThen how I was living before youWhy I was alive before you???-------------------------------------------W.B: FM16/june/2009
Do You Really Know
God has abandoned you, the shepherd slaughtered the sheepDon't ask, don't tell, don't listen, don't leakInformation of what's really going on over thereFollow blindly, let the two faces lead you thereBelieve everything that the tv feeds to youPrimetime lies cover up everything trueEveryone of their lies turns to ash exposing truthHow can there be a God above in life, I want proofWhen everyting is corrupt and judgementalFrom schools to churches, the police and hospitalsThey dumb us down to retards and they work us like slavesTo line the Christian pockets as we sit broke in our gravesMan made God to rule over the remindedThey say the USA is under God but you're just blindedEvery bridge of government and every major corporationAt the end of the day, they give their praise to SatanWho you working for, do you really knowWhy don't you ask the President he's up on idiot rowGod or the Devil, who's really in controlScreamin' Hail To The Chief until they toss you in the holeWho you working for,
Do You Love Someone Enough To Do This
Do you love someone enough to do this? I bet you don't. Don't turn your back, you just opened it! Keep reading. If you would jump in front of a bullet for your girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend, or just a person you love, re-post this.!!! Tonight, your soul mate will call, kiss, or ask you break this chain, you will be PUNISHED! Somehow..Someway.. Repost with title: Do you love someone enough to do this.
Do You Believe In Angels?
The Pink Dress :There was this little girl sitting by herself in the park. Everyone passed by her and never stopped to see whyshe looked so sad.She was dressed in a worn pink dress, barefoot anddirty, the girl just sat and watched the people go by. She never tried to speak. She never said a word. Many people passed by her, but no one would stop. The next day I decided to go back to the park in curiosityto see If the little girl would still be there. Yes, she wasthere, right in the very spot where she was yesterday, andstill with the same sad look in her eyes. Today I was to make my own move and walk overto the little girl. For as we all know, a park full of strangepeople is not a place for young children to play alone. As I got closer I could see the back of the little girl's dress. It was grotesquely shaped. I figured that was the reasonpeople just passed by and made no effort to speak to her. Deformities are a low blow to our society and, heavenforbid if you make a step toward assist

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