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The End
ok people i think if i dont rank up by the end of the week im gonna be done with ct im stuck on this rank and have been for a wile my own gf wont rate or help me in any way no one is so its been nice to meet ya all robbie
Fires burning Buildings crumble Hearts are broken We are awaken Tumbling emotions New found fears The silence Is the end near? Why this chaos? Why this now? Why in the home of the few and of the proud? What have we done to deserve this? How can we mend? The world we held so dear has come to an end
The End
So we are here once again without a reason. In the back of this dark alley. The rain hits our face through this funny season. This is what we have chosen to be our reality. Through it all we ended up here. I wipe the hair and tears from your face. You look at me so full of fear. Knowing this will be our last place. You have chosen a road full of love. The only way I knew was full of hate. The message was brought by your faithful dove. Some how this ended up being our fate. You are made up of everything so pure. I was told nothing but the worst lies. They cursed you something that has no cure. I have done everything except die. Our souls were one once before. I left you so you wouldn't see my ways. The only thing I have ever cherished and adore. So we are here at the end of these days. Your reaching for the love that was once there. I am trying to fight the ways I feel. Our lives for now on is full of despair. Tired of the things we have to conceal. I
The End
The End
As I sit here I look back at all of my mistakes All of the broken promises All my heartaches I can still hear the angry voices from too many fights I relive the wrestless days and sleepless nights My heart has spun out of control The years of abuse have taken their toll I think of the words that he used to say that always made me want to stay. where did he go? That true love of mine consumed by addictions He left me behind That first encounter, our first kiss So many things that I will always miss. And I will love him until the end. He was more than my love He was my best friend .......Shawn
The End.
Desolation all around. There is no comfort to be found. Life goes by in seeming slow motion. Everything is void of emotion. I carry with me in my heart. A joy that has been ripped apart. Ease of speech and tender touch. These things I shall miss so much. As I lock inside this box my soul. And leave within it's place a hole. I want no more to long for joy. For this heart is not a toy. It's broken now, a shattered shell. Perhaps this way is just as well. I'll not let another in. I'll not risk the fall again.
The End...
My mom passed away tonight at 9:25 pm mst.
The End
As the light in my life starts to fade all I see are distant memories I remember a time of love a time of need pain beating down upon more pain only the bitter ones survive My heart so gone now, blasted away the reasons I once knew, forgotten my soul has been set ablaze engulfed by eternal flame As demons tear me apart, I shall not fear The answers I had, are no longer there My life has come close to an end I remember you holding me tight pushing air into my lungs telling me to fight you said "remember my name as nova Ill be the ember inside, your burning flame Ill be your everything, growing stronger with time Screaming to me, your life cannot end Where there is light, Ill be your darkness In your darkness, Ill be your burning light Please let me have one more moment, your life cannot end" As I gazed up I remember the tears that bled from my eyes A gaze that had grown tired with memories of past a chaotic past thats rains deep inside it roars in crashing with
The End......
I got a call about 4 hours ago that my great-grandfather passed away. He was a young 96 years old. He's one of those people that you just expected to be around forever cause he always had been. He had a head full of wisdom and didn't mind sharing it with anyone. Up until the latter years of his life, he refused to go to doctors. He made his joints feel better with WD-40 and he was also a firm believer in those vitamins they call "Rooster Kings." He always told us those were the two things that could take care of anything. Seeing as how he lived to be almost 97, I see no point in aruing with his beliefs. Papa worked for everything he ever had. He was known in his hometown for being a great mechanic. Even in his last days here on earth as that cruel fucking alzhimers took over his mind, he would lay in his bed and tell us that he needed to get up and go to work. The bills wouldn't get paid with him laying in a bed. I'll miss my Papa. Damn he was an awesome man!!!! I a
The End
Deep in the depths of pits Shallowness of the none Faking all your lives In the state of a blitz Your work is never done Falling down the shallow hole Be at one with nothing Having fun for something Down below there is nothing Up above....... Dead Bodies KLINZ 9/13/05
The End
The End
The end is here The end is now. My love, I fear Is gone for thou. Don't blame me I tried so hard. You can't blame me My heart is charred. It's not my fault! I loved you too much. Beginning with a bad start, Ending with scars from your touch. I've heard all your excuses, You're evil at your core. I've suffered all your abuses, I'll suffer no more.
The End
You want to know the two words that change a relationship instantly and forever? “Other people”. As in, “I think I need to see other people”, or perhaps you have heard this trickier version; “I think you’ll be happier seeing other people”. Small words but use them carefully if you want to use them at all. Once they slip out of your mouth, it’s hard to get them back. I know - I’ve been down that road. Robert and I have been together forever, three months at least. Recently I took up an offer from a cute buy at work, name of Greg, who wanted to see a movie with me when Robert happened to be busy. Innocent enough right? By the time I got home I felt like a felon because I knew that night I wanted something more with Greg. In having that feeling meant some connection had been torn between Robert and I, and I know nothing… I have no idea what in the world to do about it. So I told him. I laid it on the line. I informed him that things have definitely gotten stale; that I wan
The End
So lost and uterly alone Theres nothing left but pain what do i have to live for What do i have to care Theres nothing left for me to lose Ive lost it all My heart is shattered and broken A wound to deep to heal Theres nothing left I have nothing mor eto give Im all alone now Fading into the emptiness of space sinking deeper into darkness As i sit and bleed away I see again all the things i once had and lost a smile comes to my face knowing that i wont have to live another dayin this miserable disgrace of existance i call my life as the blade cuts my skin i realize the true pain will soon be gone The hard ships of my life will soon be gone As the blade cuts my veins I wath the day just slip away Blackness now Nothing more No Pain
The End
Well, it's over. I know I'm gonna be alright but that doesn't make it any easier. You give yourself and dedicate yourself to one person for a year and a half and what do you get? Kicked and stomped and more pain than you can describe! I hope I live long enough for him to get what is coming to him. I have a lot of good friends and I know they are gonna be right there along with my Family to support me and help me heal. The world keeps turning, the sun keeps shining and I will keep on living and hopefully one day I will love again! Wish me luck!
The End
ok everyone now that I have your attention as of may 15th many of you who like listening to radoi statoins on the internet may notice your favorite statoins dissappearing this is because the riaa pushed a bill through congress and will kill internet radio
The End
The days go by... where everything changes they days start young and end old... and another day starts a new with the bringing of the sun.... And end only when it falls... The months pass by at a time Seasons change the new comes and the old fade away. And like everything else that has a beginning so does it have an end. The Birth of a new life and the end of an old.. Just the same else where ... New star systems are born... So the same goes the old , the sun burns out and the planets grow ever so much colder. The solor system dies a kript death. If that is how long it takes okay... If that is how long i must wait then so be it. Because there is nothing i find more desirable then to spend those last moments as the sun flickers out ... with you. We'll sit a top a frozen mountian top looking over the world below.. And the stars above between and under us would never shine so bright again as they do that very moment.
The End...
And these pills take me farther now, Away from my own breath, My words are choking in my throat, My thoughts are all a mess, I feel my heartbeat slowing, And my vision starts to dim, I see my life before my eyes, And then I start to grin, The world is growing colder now, I'm leaving it behind, Just as it has left me here, As I meet my self demise... Justin Weist Copyright ©2007 Justin L Weist
The End!!
As she crawled in the soft bed, her body begged for another storm, but she knew it was late and tomorrow was going to be a big day. So she curled up on her side and sleep, dreams of him flooded her mind and body. She was right in the middle of one of those long walks they would take in the middle of the night.Where they would walk the shadowed walk ways. He had her up against the tree and was taking his dark pleasures from her. He was deep inside her and was about to bite her neck, when a crash of thunder woke her up. For a second as she looked around her room she was confused then a shadow crossed her sight. As her eyes caught it,she couldn't breath. After all this time had he come to her room. Yes , it was him as he crossed over to her bedside a flash of lighting show his body off very nicely. She just watch as he came closer to her with nothing but a smile and a deep look to his eyes. He slipped in next to her and said in a soft husk voice I told you not to give up on me,
The End.
You sit here and play a two sided game... You play your moves wrong, and get caught.. You smile all up in your "enemies" face, yet sit alone in a corner wondering what the "enemies" next move is gonna be... You calculate each move, and thats where you go wrong... Planning your every move only leaves you to fail.. watching everyone elses step but your own only causes you to screw up... You slowly walk in the shadows of others, hoping no one else sees what you do.. Knowing all eyes are on you and your next victim. You leave yourself open to pain, and you know it. You try and step ahead to cover your tracks, and you never do it well enough. You always forget a spot. And doesnt take much to figure out... Only fool you're playin, is yourself. .. Dont be amazed when your parade gets stepped on. Its only what you deserve.
The End
We will, when light's echo fades, cross threshold and time to the final endless place- to the kingdom divine- into Death's Realm, the Beautiful... Into that morgue of eternity, life gone and spirits fled- all gone in His quiet mercy, bestillen faces silent and dead, among Death's Realm, the Silent... Where even sickness fails. No one screams or cries. Not hunger nor thirst dwells. No one fights, no one dies in Death's Realm, the Peaceful... Ashes to ashes, the end of all things. Dust to dust, withstanding no living being. And we all fall down to Death's Realm, the Final.
The End.
À la fin, c'est elle qui m'a sauvé l'âme. Je l'aime.
The End
As I sit here, Darkness surrounds me, no light no sound can be heard for miles, getting up to look around. All I can see is emptiness. wondering as I begin to to walk around, though I can see myself weeping towards the ground, standing there as if i was stunned, trying to see why do I cry, looking at myself closer to see blood pour from my wrist. Questioning myself why though, my answer never seemed to come. Confusion hits as I start to fade away from here, Though why did I do it, repeats in my head like the pounding on my front door. Go to answer and no one is there, though the pounding is still here, where is it coming from, is it in my head, am I going crazy, where am I, confusion sets in as I start to wonder, but here I sit dazed and confused outside my house. Bang bang bang the pounding won't stop, where is it comming from, grabing at my hair, starting to pull, as the room is spinning with confusion, sitting down to think whe
The End
I'm starting to pack finally, and in the process I figured out what has been holding me back from doing so... pain and loneliness. It kind of hurts to do this for it is the final chapter in my spouse and I's relationship as it was. The house was the place were we were supposed to grow a little older together, watch the kids grow up, and continue on with our lives together. None of that is going to happen now. She moved out several weeks ago, now I am alone, packing my shit preparing to move myself. Not where I wanted to be when I married her, for I was only intending to do it once in my lifetime. Now I find myself searching for someone to show the love that I am capable of... I don't want to do this at all, but I have to, I can't stay here anymore, the house sold and closes thic coming Thursday.... That's it...gott pack more :-( Ciao,
The End
i'm not sure when it happened,but after years of being hurt an in pain love no longer exist in my heart anymore. i feel no remorse, no pain, i no longer care, just waiting, an letting all the rage build when i exsplode i'm going to release it all
The End
"And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love You make" The Beatles, "Golden Slumbers, Carry That Weight, The End" Thoughts?
The End
"And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love You make" The Beatles, "Golden Slumbers, Carry That Weight, The End" Thoughts?
The End
"And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love You make" The Beatles, "Golden Slumbers, Carry That Weight, The End" Thoughts?
An End
it is so hard when you know something has to come to an end when the tears flow because of pain caused selfishness being thrown forward making one feel meaningless words spoken without regard to consequences and a numbing wave rolling over those hurt i'm sorry came too late too busy to communicate with those supposedly loved causing distance too great to be overcome just because you want it too ignorance may be bliss but the pain it causes still ripples through it is all too late one thing after another fearing to call, because you rarely do such a change from not too long ago tired of being so depressed tired of feeling unloved tired of excuses tired of all of this pain... tired of feeling numb like i was a few years ago powerless and in tears because someone i loved changed so drastically you need to look into yourself and take the time to heal from your past i am not a bandaid for you or anyone i will not do this again i can not do this again my son m
The End
this is the end.... death has come.... no phone calls needed, no one to call... i have no family....i have no friends.. do not bother with all the fancy flowers... won't be any sympathy notes..... only theses......the ones i wrote... so now death has come it is the end... do not come now to be family or a friend....
The End?
So i am sitting here, just got off work. So many things runnign through my mind... life, relationships, friends... but mostly.. life and if i will ever find that one female for me. Its depressing, i been single for 3 years or more... and i am losing hope rapidly. Each time i see my friend with thier girls friends or we are hanging out... i get up and leave. I miss being with that special someone. I miss being held, miss being happy. i dont know anymore.
The End....
everything comes to a end good or time on here is now...not what it use to be on here not fun take care everyone be safe...............thank thanks for everything..
The End...
I soar on wings of broken dreams, & heed the facts as mere warnins... I hurt the 1s who love me most, Then wonder y I can't get close. I c the beauty n ur eyes, & silently I wonder y... We can't get closer than we r, Y gradually we drift apart. I loved u more than words could say, & could not go a single day... Without the beauty of ur voice, Echoin with words of choice. I longed 2 have u here with me, 2 have u near so u could c... How much I loved & how much I cared, How love that deep was truly rare. How much I longed 4 happiness, Compared 2 mine urs was less... & even tho I am worthless, My love 4 u, I did confess. The world round comes crashin down, I can't reach; I'm tied & bound... If u loved me u would care, & rescue me from this despair. Save me from my mind's worst fears, Dam the river of my tears... Make some effort just 2 help, B4 I snap & hurt myself. B4 I snap & hurt the 1s, Who loved me 1st & not 4 fun... Who love me when I'm sick & ill, & t
The End
Life feels at its lowest and I feel I wanna cry, Im forever on this map and it makes me wanna die. I look at my surroundings and I'm reminded of my pain, I search the sky above, for any signs of rain. I want the rain to fall so no one sees my tears, And release all this sadness that's been building up these years. I can't handle this no more Im losing this life long fight, and to go another round I think I might. Do what everyone thinks about, but never do they act... But I will show them how it's done to make sure I don't come BACK!!
The End
Life is Ending I dont think I can deal with this anymore no love, just agony and pain the pain makes me want to walk out the door staying much longer will drive me insane i realy have the desire to kill mine is in danger even if i lie but i would be the victim of this trill i surelly will be the next one to die simple, sweet just a very young woman love again i will never really feel i cant go through this kind of pain again i do not have the rapid urge to heal today is going to be my real end always remember me. Your True Love
The End
The End
As I lie here tossing in my bed Lost in my fears remembering what you said And I try to hide the truth within The mask of myself shows its face again Still I lie time and time again Will you deny me when we meet again? And I feel like I'm falling Farther every day But I know that you're there Watching over me And I feel like I'm drowning The waves crashing over me But I know that your love It will set me free As I find truth where I found it times before As I search for your hope I'm finding so much more And I try to be more like you And I deny myself to prove my heart is true I hear your voice calling The time has come for me Inside this life I’m living There’s nothing left for me My mind is slowly fading So far away from me Each time I start crawling You’re there watching me
The End
in the past week i have had 2 people in my life ell me that they can no longer ber to be in my life I am hurting those who i have come to love a nd cherish please forgive me all bu ti have to go and be alone it sux but i am tired of hurting and hurting other that i love LEX
The End
What do you do when you have nothing left? No love in your heart no life left to give what do you do when all you wanna do is curl up and die? I cant take it i cant go on This life is hell i should just move on!! Everything has been ripped open torn apart why go on with out a heart its been ripped out and stomped on torn to pieces and i just cant go on! Saying good bye to a miserable life would be the greatest relief one could find. So i ask you this Who Care?
The End
Several months have passed since we last kissed whom would have known you would be the one that i miss love has gone far, far away leaving me lonely awaiting for that one day. something so special has been destroyed for their now is a whole in my heart looking for someone to fill the void i hope that you are happy with all that you have done destroying my life watching me come undone
The End
The first time I saw you I knew in my heart that I wanted to love you from the start You looked in my eyes with the honest appeal I knew right then I wanted you for real As the days went by, our love stood strong There was never a dull moment, just innocent brawls. I lay on your lap, and watch the stars, and wondered when my dream would fall. The next week came we argued and fought You left my doorstep, and left me in shock I still remember the tear you cried, because it fell in my broken heart I still remember the end you see When I still thought we were meant to be.
The End
Tortured, suffering, living in pain Haunted by my past I write a letter to my family and friends And for unknown reasons I begin to laugh I Thought I was alone and uncared for My heavens a sigh of grief Tears flow freely from my eyes I seek to find relief. Into my room I silently went My parents not to wake Takes the revolver from my drawer My hands begin to shake. A loud noise echoes through the house My parents run in dread For on the floor with a gun at his side In a pile of blood their son lay dead.
The End
The thoughts of you sadden me They haunt my dreams overpowering My fears of you come alive make me cold inside My hope for you is shattered my love no longer matters My life is now beginning again and yours is now just ended
A End
A end I am not going anywhere thats what they all say, but give them time and they all go away. They remind you of the pain, of the thunder of the rain. They also remind you that the sun can shine, that you can happy in given time. I am not going anywhere I have heard it many times before, but for one reason or another they always walk out the door. whether it a lover or friend, if there is a beginning there must be a end.
The End
Well Its been a couple of days now. I have put up some sarcastic remarks in my status box. Like "had enough", I know there has been two or three other things. But it finally happened and in a lot of ways I feel better. But a long friendship has ended. Trying to be a nice guy, being the only person to actually be supportive of this person. Well, it finally came to an end. I don't feel any bitterness or anger. Maybe a little bit sad, but I have actually felt better. An a lot of that has to do with me standing up for myself. I don't feel the need to cuss someone out or be cussed at. How generous will I be after all of this I am not sure. I did learn a lot from all this though. Friends can be friends. But they can't be lovers because one party is going to be badly hurt at some point in time. Hind sight will always be 20/20. The sun will rise in the east and set in the west. I have a lot of responsibilities with my daughter. I do finally understand if someone does not want
The End
The End
One kiss, and all my worries are gone. One touch, and all of that has vanished. What if suddenly the world turned upside-down And love doesn’t exist? What would you do? Where would you go? Who would you trust? When will it end? Life ain’t worth living anymore. There is nothing to do, Nowhere to go, No one to trust, And it will never end. There is nothing you can live for, No one to love and care, No one to help fill the hole of sorrow. Walking crippled And bound to the past life, Unwilling to let go. You are forever floating aimlessly In a dimension of nothingness, Drifting from place to place Life whirling past your eyes, You unable to keep up with it. You are forever drowning, Down under the ocean. Being dragged deeper… And deeper… And deeper… Life just ain’t worth living anymore… What would you do? Where would you go? Who would you trust? When will it end?
The End
The end comes and it can't be stopped. You can not prepare and you can not hide. If you run away it will follow. Don't try to beat it because you will never win. Sometimes the end hurts. Sometimes the end is because of you. I know when it hurts the worst. When the pain never goes away. It is when the end comes too soon. It is when you know the end is there and even though you can go on longer ~~~ You do not ~~~ It always ends with goodbye Goodbye The end © 2007
Always cut up and down, never across!!
The End
The End...
So this is how we end…not with happy celebration, but with a deafening silence. I always thought that you and I would be able to work through any obstacle..that maybe somewhere in this world I had found the one person who could accept all my shortcomings, all my weaknesses and strengths and help me grow with her. I guess I was wrong huh? Now here I am, doing to you what you’ve done to me, not even showing me the decency to confront me face to face. Sure, I was mad at you, and you know it was for good reason. Killing myself in order to make sure we could eat the next week while you sat there mindlessly obsessed with your game…it upset me like you will never know. You will never know how hard I had to work to get us what we needed and wanted…how out of my mind I went worrying about bills and whether my measly paycheck would be enough to support us. You will never know how hard I defended you, hoping things would get better because I was married to you, and that’s what married peop
The End
Thinking I am done with Fubar. Good luck to all of you. I know I wasted way too much time screwing around here instead of stuff I should be doing. Hopefully you won't make the same mistakes I did. Happy Holidays and good luck to all. I am deleting my account soon.
The End
Thinking I am done with Fubar. Good luck to all of you. I know I wasted way too much time screwing around here instead of stuff I should be doing. Hopefully you won't make the same mistakes I did. Happy Holidays and good luck to all. I am deleting my account soon.
The End?
Sometimes I ponder about what will come next Where will my life turn when it seems to stall? When is the next time I will smile again? and how will I get up, should I fall? Happiness fills me with a touch of sadness. By that I mean I know it can't last. Beauty decays, laughter subsides When will the stones be cast? Tragedy can be measured by the amount of happiness taken away Elusion is our only protection As we fall victim to its prey So when I've reached a fork in life's road and the choices are many or few. I follow the one that leads away from misfortune Thats all I can really do When life is good You have to hold it in your hand You have to close your eyes You have to breathe it in! Happiness may end While tragedy begins Today is the beginning Is tomorrow the end?
Maybe I’ll just end the pain Right here, right now Maybe I’ll make it all go away With a slashing cut down Not much longer can I take it The whispers, greed, and lies No longer can I make it, Through deceit and awful ties “End it now”, the demons call “Embrace your eminent hellish fall Turn from light, hope, and joy The heavenly fantasies are a ploy” I reach toward the midnight blade, Feeling the sorrowful tears I cry But arms, they close around me tight Pulling me back to the light I fear to look upon the face Of my guardian angel The saint who pulled my sin filled body From the doors of hell The gace I see is one that couldn’t be A love I thought to have lost My hope is not folly, a dream to take You have saved me so we can live in a castle in the sky Sadness covers the skyas the tears fall from your eyes
The End
To all my friends, family, and fans: I want everyone to know that I love you all and well soon my net is getting shut off. I am moving to my car for a while I can't afford a place of my own and my ex decided not to help pay the rent here and I am behind on the bills. Landlord says we have 30 days and he has a place to go. I don't so it looks like the car is my only choice for the time being. I just want to let everyone know that I care for each and everyone of you in some way or another even though I don't express it everyday or express it in a different way. I don't know how long it will be before I get back on here but please don't forget me and keep me in your prayers ok. I will be back someday I hope anyways. Thanks to all my friends for the great memories on here and thanks to all the ones I have met in person you all really made me see there is life outside these 4 walls. Good bye Stacie UPDATE: A very special person and a great friend has found it in his
The End
The end has come. I am done with Play Pen. Regardless of what Iroc may say, I felt that I was not wanted nor was I needed there. Everything I would suggest would get blown off. Every time I would try to help, I was told it was being handled. I had a LOT of people I considered friends in there and totally understand if you all don't want to talk to me b/c I am no longer part of the lounge. Those of you that do....I just want to say, thank you. You all made coming to FUBAR every day worth while and fun. ny staff that reads this, you all kick ass!!! Everyone did a great job while I was there and I hope you can continue to do o. You work hard for your spot at the top and you deserve it. I will miss those of you that no longer want to talk to me, but please don't think I will hold it against you. I totally understand. I wish you all the best and hope you all keep on ROCKIN'. Take care all. MUAHZ ~Chris~ aka DJ Dreamcatcher
The End
Another night spent crying, I swear I really am trying. To come to terms with my loss, but the bridge is to hard to cross. A night filled with bad dreams, nothing is what it seems. I let myself start crying, but these tears are never drying. I don't care if I never heal, it's easier not to be able to feel. I am alone in my grief, nothing can bring me relief. My losses were too great, the only feeling inside is hate. I will never be the same, and I only have myself to blame. I keep trying to be strong, but my whole life is just so wrong. I see no future ahead, all my dreams are dead. No looking forward to tomorrow, I am filled with so much sorrow. As I sit and think, I take a breath, I realize my only choice is death.
The End
As I sit here all broken and confused wounded by the hurtful truths. When we were together. i felt so complete and alive. my tears where of joy not of sorrow. the pain i felt was sintual not of heart ach. you are my reason for living. my night sky that held up the stars in my eyes. Now my world is crumbling to the ground the secruity i felt the safty . the joy and happiness suddenly disapeared. Now my tears keep flowing like a river raging in the storms of of life. my heart is shattered into a million little pieces the pain i feel is of a thousand heartachs combined into one. no more smiles will brighten my face and no more light will shine in my eyes. the taste of blood wont reach my tongue. the feel of a kiss wont touch my lips No more words of love with flow from my heart. without you my love i have nothing.
The End
When the end comes you'll know it.. And when it does you'll be looking for me.. So we can be together when its time for the end and us to die...
The End
The End
The End
The End...........
I HAVE FINALLY HAD ENOUGH OF IT AND AM TOTALLY THRU WITH IT ALL... Circling your, circling your, circling your head Contemplating everything you ever said Now I see the truth I got a doubt A different motive in your eyes and now I'm out I'll see you later I see your fantasy you want to make a reality paved in gold See inside, inside of our heads yeah, well now thats over I see your motives inside, decisions to hide Back off, I'll take you on Headstrong to take on anyone I know that you are wrong Headstrong, we're headstrong Back off, I'll take you on Headstrong to take on anyone I know that you are wrong And this is not where you belong I can't give everything away I won't give everything away Conclusions manifest Your first impressions got to be your very best I see you're full of shit and that's alright That's how you play I guess you get through every night Now that's over I see your fantasy you want to make it a reality paved in gold See insid
The End
as of 11 pm this evening, candace and i decided that our marriage is over. tomorrow or monday we are filing paperwork to get the divorce ball rolling. the kids are staying with her and i will be granted visitation only as it stands now. she holds all the cards and maybe she can make that fly for now, but there is no way in hell i am satisfied with it, and you can bet i will be fighting tooth and nail for my kids. i cannot imagine any kind of fulfilling life without them. i'm really fucked in the head right now so i dont have too much to say...but thanks to everyone who has been there supporting me through the last year or more that some of you have known me. i'm not gone for good, but i have much more important things on my plate right now, so i will see you when i see you. ♥ davey
The End
I never thought my life would end life this No one hopes for pain and anguish We all pray for happiness and bliss But when life is to much All I need is a simple touch For I use this as a crutch To hide the pain and fear And you'll never see me shed a tear Listen closely for this you should hear I don't know how I rate But there is no one that I hate For they choose there own fate And if you choose to lie Then you must want me to cry For in the end I will die Life is a terrible game It doesn't care about your race or name All it wants is to point and blame And I have no love left to send Because my heart will remain torn and never mend For I am sad to go but now my life must end
The End
I get a call from you but it was not. He said his name was Dave. My dreams with you now are shot. You lied and said I was the only one. Mine heart did tell me to turn and run. Did I listen? I did not. For the benefit of the doubt I did give. For you my life I did live. The death of this love goes on the pile once again. Now I search the world for the new one that will start as a friend. Your tounge was silver with the words of love. I see it now for knife it was. The truth from you is all I asked. Your face turned to me fake and masked. This is the end of the life I once dreamed. For it was not all that it seemed.
The End
My home is in motion as darkness unfolds, The air overloaded, the sky stands in Gold. But you in a way, you left me to stay We see us in heaven, I'm counting the days... At the end of time, at the end of us At the end of everything we had Only faith helps you, only grace can do Only you can take the pain. Cause the end of peace is the end of life It's the end of any happiness Only love helps you, only trust can do Only you can take the pain off me... When thunder is calling I feel so alive The very first morning, can you see the light? But you closed the door to what I adored We see us in heaven, I'm counting no more... At the end of time At the end of us At the end of everything we had Only faith helps you Only grace can do Only you can take the pain. The end of peace The end of life The end of happiness Only love helps you Only trust can do Only you can take the pain off me...
The End
Today was my last day at the preschool. Yesterday was actually harder than today was. Today was the end-of-the-year family picnic, so my good-bye party was yesterday. Everyone surprised me, lol. Luke's mom showed up with cupcakes, and a very very nice gift: a necklace, a framed photo of Luke, and copies of pictures we had taken of Luke at school all year. My co-workers had all conspired too; they gave me a really pretty locket necklace with pictures of Luke and Kaleb inside. Wanda almost cried...I yelled at her because I knew I'd start if she did lol. Luke's dad picked him up today; he told me to keep in touch, and maybe in the future we can all get together at a park or dinner or something. They were really great at making me feel very appreciated; you know you're doing good stuff for the kid, but it's even better to hear it from the parents how well they've done. I'm all set for summer work, but fall is still up in the air. Respite is starting their own preschool program so
The End
Her tears fall down her cheeks, As she sits in the darkened corner of her room. Everyone is asleep, As she reaches for the bag. The bag of pills, Holds her future, OR the end of life, As she knows it. She reaches for the whiskey, On her vanity, And opens the bag, Removing a bottle. She pours a handful of pills And opens the bottle. As she puts the pills into her mouth, She allows a long shot of whiskey to follow. She feels the burning, As the end goes down her throat. She closes the bottle And sits it back on the vanity. She goes, And lays next to her sleeping boyfriend. With a note in her hand, She closes her eyes and sleeps
The End
the end is coming for me. as i prepare myself i cant help to think that its better off for everyone. the end is here for me as i take my last few breaths im thinking fuck the world. if i dropped dead right now it would be the best thing in my life and everyone will be in heaven if i dropped dead right now everyone else would careless since they dont know me. i wanna drop dead right now and end this pathetic life i have.
The End
When you wake up everyday, Wishing life would go away, Wishing you never saw the sun rise, Praying that you would never open your eyes. Whats the point of going on, When you realize youve been alone all along. You open your heart and care, And they treat you like you arent even there. Everyone you loved for so long, Gone! You ask Where did I go wrong? Everyone makes mistakes right? You now lose the will to fight, Fight for the life you once had, And wish that you wouldnt feel so sad. But now the pain is overwhelming, And you feel yourself succumbing, To the inevitable end, So this is goodbye my friend.
The End
When the end comes most are ready For some this is not true Most are ready this is true Most are not ready to give up their life When the end is nearing most know when it is When the end is here some aren't ready to go So when it is your turn to come to the end And even if you are not ready It is your time and you will go
The End
Your hair reminds me of a time when we once were Your fingernails that marked my back now rot in earth The sheets we slept in blew away and now the storm is over The taste of you inside my mouth remains but still I'm hearing There's no love everybody's crying There's no truth everyone's misguided And now the end is here There's no more pills to swallow The bitter taste I feel won't lead me to tomorrow Your scent reminds me of a place we used to go The kisses placed upon my neck show signs of no return The bed we "fucked" in smells the same and now the stench is fading The taste of you inside my mouth remains but still I'm hearing There's no love Everybody's crying There's no truth Everyone's misguided And now the end is here There's no more pills to swallow The bitter taste I feel Won't lead me to tomorrow Cries for anger, lies for power Fighting for nothing is what you were born for Cries for anger, lies for power Fighting for nothing is what you we
The End.
So my end to fubar might be near..maybe im just being emo..i get like that sometimes lol..but i sit here thinking..wondering..if anyone would even notice of i was gone..or would they care at that matter.I wonder how long it would take for everyone to just forget i even existed.I know that people will read this blog and just laugh..or just be like so what leave if you want..but i wonder how many of you will actually sit there and think man i would really miss her if she was gone.Probably not alot...probably not even enough to count on 1 hand.But i might be wrong..there could be more than i think out there that really care for me..or there might even be less than i think..I know some people will comment on this and be like oh i love u sammy..but yet in a weeks time they wont talk to me again...
The End?
OK so after 16 years with this wonderful person who you see here in my profile pic..tells me she hasn't had feelings for me for about a year and a half, and feels theres nothing left here for her. We have 2 kids, one who is 12 and another 20, who both live at home. she fails to see that in the past 2 years I have gone from a facility position back into a more structured hands on working job, also on call, three anxiety medications, my 20 y/o moving back and bringing his everything chewing dog...the list goes on and on. I fail to see why she doesn't really feel counseling will help, I feel I have come to an end in my life since she is the missing piece of my heart. I do little things like make her coffee in the morning, open the car door for her, open doors for her and lead her into a room which always lights up because she is such a warm and loving person, why can't she see the pain. To top it all off we just had a 70,000 kitchen remodel and 20,000 in hot tub and fence costs fo
The End
T- Tachophobia- Fear of speed. Taeniophobia or Teniophobia- Fear of tapeworms. Taphephobia Taphophobia- Fear of being buried alive or of cemeteries. Tapinophobia- Fear of being contagious. Taurophobia- Fear of bulls. Technophobia- Fear of technology. Teleophobia- 1) Fear of definite plans. 2) Religious ceremony. Telephonophobia- Fear of telephones. Teratophobia- Fear of bearing a deformed child or fear of monsters or deformed people. Testophobia- Fear of taking tests. Tetanophobia- Fear of lockjaw, tetanus. Teutophobia- Fear of German or German things. Textophobia- Fear of certain fabrics. Thaasophobia- Fear of sitting. Thalassophobia- Fear of the sea. Thanatophobia or Thantophobia- Fear of death or dying. Theatrophobia- Fear of theatres. Theologicophobia- Fear of theology. Theophobia- Fear of gods or religion. Thermophobia- Fear of heat. Tocophobia- Fear of pregnancy or childbirth. Tomophobia- Fear of surgical operations. Tonitrophobia- Fear of thunder. Topop
The End 11/18/2008
So the end of my fubar page will be 11/18/2008 i will be deleateing it..If u want to leave any final comments or asking me to keep it.. you have just a few days left! Nice meeting you all and have fun fuing it up! Dont take it personal nothing to do with any of u.. Who ever wants my fubucks let me konw and ill split then equily as possiable! or if u have a better way for me to split them msg me! lovins and im out!
The End
The last desperate plunge forward gives no warning, Burnt and ugly the red and black claim the stakes A prize of no worth and loss of glory, A moment wasted and falls into stagnant decay. It withers, corrupts, internalizes, and liquefies for spite. Promised security falls to unanswered dreams, Grotesque and mired a new and unsorted day emerges. I am that, the death of star.
The End
For Now. ;-)
The End...
Waited so long for nothing Spent so much time living a dream Wanted so much to hear "I Love You" Never expected to hear the end So much wasted for so little So little given in return I know you'll never say your sorry I don't deserve to hear those words Your reasons are your own Pain will pass New beginnings will bring us both joy Bitter words betray me Slow to release I know now there will be no "US" Just know this The end has come...
The End
In this our lifeline Hate follows the pain Blind after mute Anger to the rage Nothing from everything Anything for something Everlasting evermore The pain and the greed Why all the pain remains Why all the tears faint In the end, end of the line It all fades away Why my scars wont heal Why my torment feels so real in the end, end of the line It all comes back Beneath these skies As long as man has walked hear the brothers have slayed each other Breaking the bonds and the promises For own benefit Neverlasting nevermore The truth, the trust, the life
The End?
Ahh it’s been awile and it might be an even longer while. As many of you may or may not know, I’ve been on this site for almost three years. Through many ups and downs, highs and lows, personal and mostly not so much, I’ve always been well, pretty much the same. You knew what to expect when you came here. You knew what I was going to say in a shoutbox conversation or a message. What not to expect from me: cash , blings , camera shows , lounge drama and phone calls. Yeah there’s a cute owl. That was cute back in the day when the site was more of a tighter knit community and people “got” the joke. There were many 20 hour days on here, many countless and sleepless nights. Many angles, many plots, many schemes. Did many of you know that at one point I was #23 in Top Scores, #7 Legend and got as high as Red overall Top Member #9? Did you know that me and my gf were the only Red top member real-life couple (she was #4 and I was #9)? .. That was nearly two
The End
The air exscapes my lungs and I fall to the ground to my knees. Tears start rolling down my cheek as i look up at the sky with rain hitting me in the face. I ask god  why he puts so much pressure on one man and expects him to be happy. I get no answer in return, just more rain and tears. I grab my chest and  and stare down to the ground. I feel the mud between my fingers and the wetness of the rain and the cold breeze. I close my eyes and think of everyone and everything and come to the conclusion that I am the cause of thier misery. I am the reason they cry. I am the man they fear. I think of going and getting my gun but that would be to quik, I need to feel the pain. I think of hanging myself but if my neck didnt snap then I would still be alive and have a slight chance of being saved. I think of takeing pills but you have to take to many and there is still a slight chance of liveing. I reach in my pocket and feel the knife between my fingers. I pull the knife out and open it. I star
The End
The hate and the rage I feelI feel like my life is being torn away from meTHe air I breath the gravity that makes my world spinRiped from me I am free falling and struggling to breatheTHe lives I made that became my lifeThe identiy of who I am the thought of someone else being that personBurns through my soul and kills meHow am I suppose to live without all of these thingsSomedays I feel as if the the little lives I have made are better off without meI feel like I am worthlessI feel like I am nothingI am nobody without themI look at him and I want to screamHe could never know how it feels to have that taken awayThe one thing that was consistant in my lifeThe one thing that I know appreciated meThe one thing that I knew needed me The one thing I that I knew would always love me THe one thing my arms cant be withoutHe sits there thinking that he knows whats bestHe sits there and tells me how its for the bestHe sits there and tells me its a change for himHe sits there and says its going t
The End
Fleeting moments Of lovepassion,heartachePainFlash before me Blinding me With memoriesWasted awaySo desperateFor closureClarityQuietPeaceIts unbearableThis woundBleeding outMy sorrowsI'm finishedWith sufferingstrugglingHopingLivingI'm moving onBreathing inOne last timeThe End.(For Troy, a friend who I lost to suicide today. I have known this kind of desperation, and I am sorry he had to give in to it. RIP Troy, you will be missed)
The End
I sit here and I remince Of looking in your eyes Getting lost in your kiss And your hand on my thighs   Running your fingers throught my hair Hands down my back Its over, how unfair The qualities you lack   You assume it can work out And be together again I have to say I have my doubts I think it is the end   I love the way you treat me But we aren't right I need to find the one for me The one who will stand up and fight   Samantha Lewey
The End
Wooooooow.  Depressed much??      THE END   I've just met a fellow, Death, he's my friend, and now that you're not here I welcome my end. I'll help him along, I'll meet Death in the middle. When I find him I'll let go of life so brittle. From my veins, hot and scarlett, the blood will flow. If Death is my comfort I'll never know, for as I close my eyes the last thing I'll see is Death with arms open wide, waiting, waiting for me.   ~mid-nineties~ another one I forgot to date.
The End......
I finally see the ending... of this long,strange journy. The end is only as close as the next decision I make I see the end as clear as.. I see the beggining; The beginning is now.. The end is but one second ahead... And when I reach the end I find It is only another beginning.. Here and now, this minute..this second... is a gift from the Gods I may not have another and so.. I must be wise! The beginning must be about love.... and if so then...... the ending will also be about love......
The End
Hands gripping the counter In my small bathroom cell I gaze into the mirror And look upon a broken being Torn apart on the inside Looking complete on the outside Noone but myself knowing What truly lies within I slide my hand upward Cold metal steel brushes my thumb I gaze lovingly at the object That will solve it all I hold it gingerly Like a long forgotten lover Brushing it over my finger I run it down my arm Starting as light as a feather Increasing the pressure bit by bit Until my skin is covered in scarlet I turn on the water, holding my arm above I switch hands Treating my other arm in the same reguard I step into the tub fully clothed Turning on the shower I lean back Letting the hot water scald my skin I laugh to myself quietly Knowing I alone can see the humor Slowly dying on the inside Now dying on the outside I lean back and close my eyes Focusing on the sounds A smile upon my lips As I fade into nothingness
The End
The End Birth. . a human cycle beginsso far from remember whenLiving for what? We turn away. . from the last chapterall are shown someday. Try to remember, light in your eyesthe beginning is. . no one dies!Our thin entropic skinholds an entity that has no endwe are infinite . . every spiritual coreyou won't believe what you came for !How close you are to the real meaningmeans nothing to you if it's always raining.You will have your place in the sun againthe beginning was. .   there is no end.
Pain shrouded so deep Memories long forgotten, buried A life without you is neverending My soul screams without mercy I am the shattered being Wanbdering the surface in agony Love was in your every move Yet I was ever empty of life In this lonely world of suffering Alone, I stand before you Your judgement sending a shrill scream down my spine Life drains, pain continues, love is swallowed In the end, you are all I want In the end, I am all you despise In the end, I hurt for eternity
The End
I hope you all enjoyed this blog, but that was the last one I'll post.  Yes, there are others, but they are just wrong.  I'm up for new ideas for daily blogs if you got one!!!!!
the ectasy of sin the sensation of corrupt flesh a singular pleasure in crimson unrequited lust besets pain creations of sadism endure again a time to strike out trust the id, not the ego slip under the surface a serene end    
The End
I was going to write this a different way, but a certain kiwi's nice blog inspired me, so it's going to be put a little nicer.   If I talk to you and I'm not a bitch, I like you. Whether you're on my friends list or not, in my family or not. There is something about you that I liked. Granted we all have our moments and maybe sometimes I lose sight of why I liked you to begin with, but usually you come shining through.   I like people that may not be so popular on here for whatever reason, I like people that are very popular for whatever reason. I've been judged by which company I keep. That's fine with me. The point is, it's my internet time and I'll spend it with whomever I see fit.   I guess this isn't going to be as nice as I hoped...I really tried.   I don't care who doesn't like who or why, I'm out of it. This goes for ANYTHING, not just stupid crap going on recently. I don't want to know about it at all. I'm serious. If something comes up I do not want to participate in,
The End
my mind is workin like a slave coincidentally so am i butsin my ass as much as i can just so that when i die people have a reason to miss me have somethin good that they can mention when their standin at the podium theres no awkward pauses or hesitation but right now as it stands theres not much that can be said no children in my life my little brother get all the bread iv had death wished appon me and almost seen it come to fruition iv had people take they shots but miss me in the end some tried to run me over threaten to have me wacked but the only worry in mind is the fuckers over in Iraq my hole plan of attack is to prepair for the worse im doin what i must even if it hurts if it means rippin off a limb in order to save the core then so be it im sorry right arm your services are no more ill train to use my left. this old dog is goin to learn cause ill be damned if no one remembers me after my body is set to burn.
The End
It found me again. I was waiting this time. With a smile we greeted each other and sat down under the dim light. Exchanging glances I hung my head. "So is it over yet?" I asked desperately. The solemn figure shook it's head at me with a mocking, tease of a grin. "When?" I almost shouted in anger scrapping my nails across the flesh on my face. The stinging burn of the torn skin did not bother me anymore. This useless husk of a corpse did not weigh me down with it's vain wants and needs. I quieted the corpse and peered back to the dark soul. "When you're done." It replied finally drifting one slender hand over it's other. "When will that be?" Finally letting go of my desperation I accepted the long road and huffed out another question. Cocking it's smile it lingered a finger over the back of it's hand, dabbling it in circles on it's tight, dry skin. "Whenever you want." There was nothing left to say.I came knowing very little, and left knowing less. No fate, no destiny, no miracle, no he
The End
     Every where he looked, he saw a void of gray, shapeless shadows. If he moved, they seemed to move with him. If he reached for them, they’d retreat further. He’d hear murmurs all around. Any way he turned, there would be nobody there. He’d walk for what felt like hours, and nothing would change. He could have just been walking in place for all he knew. It didn’t occur to him that he didn’t grow thirsty, or tired, or hungry. He had no real way of discerning the time. There was no sun or moon, and therefore, no day or night. It seemed to be a forever gray twilight. He had no way of knowing where the small amount of light came from. It was just there – giving enough light to see that there really wasn’t much to see.       He’d hear soft cries in the distance. Snatches of conversations floated around him – accusations (those were the loudest), crying, arguments, and apologies (these barely audible). He could never hear the words; j
The End
The End. Written April 15, 2011   Can't sleep ... I'm frustrated and overwhelmed from all the things I want to say to you. but there is no point in saying anything ... because you don't know how to love me anymore. So let all your so called *friends* cheer you on as you make this last mistake. They couldn't possibly know what’s in your heart when after all these years, I barely saw your true heart myself. Your victory will be very hollow when you realize what you've missed ... and you start to remember that it wasn't just me that made mistakes. So, paint a untrue picture of a man who was so wronged if that's what gets you through this ... Be sure to color it in a way that you're a saint. Forget all the lies I had to swallow, all the promises that were broken, that I had to forgive and forget the fact that you would not let me go ... What was it that you were hanging on to till now, Instead of letting me move on? You selfishly kept me there, hurting me a
The End
                                                                        The End        In a journal of scribbled words     I keep thoughts I want unheard,     thoughts of hope, thoughts of doubt,     wondering what lifes all about.         Searching through memories,      of feelings I tried to hide,      remembering all the times you laughed,      and the times when I made you cry.           You said you had enough         and couldn't take it anymore          I didnt know how bad I hurt you          til you packed your things          and walked out the door.           I never thought it would feel so bad        the day that I hurt you,        but you said you had enough        and did what you had to do.            Now I'm all alone         trapped in my own deep thoughts,         I finally figured out         your trust is something that is earned         and can never be bought.            Another chapter in my life unfolds,         each time I take a
The End
I hear your screams as I pull the nails from your hand. The knife slices true as I aim for your gland. You look in horror as I break out the barbed wire. Tears and blood run from you as I stand and admire. You beg for mercy through the pain and fear. Yet I am not an angel, you'll find no compassion here. My mind is twisted let it be known. For today death is your savior and your not going home. Not wasting a second I feel your soul begin to drain. I whip out a drill so I can admire your brain. With your last breath you scream forgive me father for I have sinned. As I see the light gone from your eyes I know it's time to end.
The End
the end 
The End
The End This is the end The end of this nightmare The end of you and me The end of this terrible life I grab this knife I look at it’s beautiful blade How welcoming it looks How wonderful the pain feels The blood flows down my wrist I think of all the great times we had All the things we shared It all fades away into the darkness The darkness of never more It was all a dream This is the end
The End
When it all falls away, And all thats left is emptiness, A hollow core. Cast aside like nothing, As if to say, You are no longer good enough. The sting of exile cuts deep, Leaving memories, Of a family I once called my own. Maybe, I was never, Good enough to be apart of them. And yet I was thrown away, Like I never mattered anyways.
wonder if the pole will flip between the 21st dec 2012 and 28th feb 2013?? 
The End
It starts with loveOne thingI don't know whyIt doesn't even matter how hard you tryKeep that in mindI designed this rhyme to explain in due time(All I know)Time is a valuable thingWatch it fly by as the pendulum swingsWatch it count down to the end of the dayThe clock ticks life away(It's so unreal)Didn't look out belowWatch the time go right out the windowTried to hold on, but didn't even knowI wasted it all just to(Watch you go)I kept everything insideAnd even though I triedIt all fell apartWhat it meant to meWill eventually beA memoryOf a timeI tried so hardAnd got so farBut in the endIt doesn't even matter.I had to fallTo lose it allBut in the endIt doesn't even matter.One thingI don't know whyIt doesn't even matter how hard you tryKeep that in mindI designed this rhyme to remind myself how I(Tried so hard)In spite of the way you were mocking meActing like I was part of your propertyRemembering all the times you fought with meI'm surprised (It got so far)Things aren't the way they
The End And A Beginning
Well, I have finally finished my neurology stint. I don't know if I will miss it or not yet. The charge nurse was a bit weird but the majority were cool. It was so busy though, so I won't miss that bit! I will miss my "favourites" though. For the purpose of this blog I will call them Jane and Emma as I can't use their real names. Jane is palliative care (Meaning her life is expected to be short) and she is only a few weeks old. A tragic accident at 2 hours old caused this and she is just the most beautiful lil girl. Emma is older, about 6 months and we don't know whether her brain injury was an accident or if it was abuse. We will probably never know. She was transfered elsewhere and despite how challenging she could be I will miss her. My job can be pretty depressing, but I love it. I can't wait to start my new job! In the meantime, am celebrating! :D Love to all Hayley x x x
End 2-14 10am Central
AS MOST OF YOU SHOULD KNOW BY NOW, I LOVE TIGERS. THE TIGER IS MY PERSONAL TOTEM ANIMAL, AND I WAS BORN IN THE YEAR OF THE TIGER ON THE CHIANESE ZODIAC. I FOUND THIS EXCERT ONLINE, IT IS SOMETHING I DIDN'T KNOW UNTIL NOW.... Tigers are one of the Earth's fastest disappearing species. At the beginning of this century there were about 100,000 wild tigers. Today there are less than 2,500! Originally, there were nine subspecies of tiger - 3 of which are now extinct. The 6 remaining tiger species: Amur (Siberian), Malayan, South China, Indo-chinese, Royal Bengal and Sumatran all have very shaky futures. MAKES YOU THINK DOESN'T IT!!!!
End Abortion...keep Holding On (avril Lavigne)
An End... A Beginning
Couldn't sleep much last night.. maybe from too much sugar, maybe from too many thoughts in my head. Not sure why, but my mind kept taking my thoughts to an ending. Rather than looking at it in a negative way, or with each beginning there is an end that must eventually come, I tried to focus on a positive approach. With each ending there is a new beginning. Whether it is a relationship or job that ends, the loss of something or someone important, even in death itself, those ends will eventually lead to a new beginning. Perhaps I am wishing for an end to the stress and disappointment that has surrounded me, though most of that is because I allow it. I just don't know what it means yet.
End Anonymous Nsfw Flagging!
END ANONYMOUS NSFW FLAGGING! Many of my friends on this site routinely have perfectly innocuous pics flagged NSFW by spiteful, jealous or just plain malicious little twits and there's nothing they can do to stop it. This kind of thing compromises their enjoyment of the site, sometimes to the point where they simply give up and go elsewhere. Now we know that verifying the merit of an NSFW flag instigated by someone other than the owner is labour-intensive and not taken seriously by the Administration of Fubar, but by allowing this kind of injustice a great deal of ill-will is generated that can be fairly easily avoided. Another way has to be found to protect the PG-rated nature of the public areas of this site. The easiest solution would be to end the practice of anonymous NSFW flagging. Anyone who flags someone else's content as NSFW should have their identities made public and attached to the content in the same way pic-ripping details are recorded. Frivolous or malicious
End Anonymous Nsfw Flagging!
END ANONYMOUS NSFW FLAGGING! Many of my friends on this site routinely have perfectly innocuous pics and other content flagged NSFW by spiteful, jealous or just plain malicious little twits and there's nothing they can do to stop it. This kind of thing compromises their enjoyment of the site, sometimes to the point where they simply give up and go elsewhere. Now we know that verifying the merit of an NSFW flag instigated by someone other than the owner is labour-intensive and not taken seriously by the Administration of Fubar, but by allowing this kind of injustice a great deal of ill-will is generated that can be fairly easily avoided. Another way has to be found to protect the PG-rated nature of the public areas of this site. The easiest solution would be to end the practice of anonymous NSFW flagging. Anyone who flags someone else's content as NSFW should have their identities made public and attached to the content in the same way pic-ripping details are recorded. Friv
Endangered Turtles
There was an article that researchers along the atlantic seaboard say that loggerhead turtles returning to nest are down 37% Commercial fishing is the main culprit with turtles getting caught up in the nets. They are asking for more help from the federal government to get them listed as endangered and impose sanctions. I hope they can be saved, so that I don't have to go to Mexico or the Grand Caymans to see a turtle underwater.
Endangered List
The Great White Shark is a widely distributed species of coastal and offshore shelves in temperate and sub-tropical areas. It is thought to have local populations that show some evidence of migratory behavior. It is a large (5 m) marine predator, vilified for its occasional attacks on humans. It is thought to have a low reproductive rate, reaching sexual maturity at 9-10 years of age and producing between two and ten pups after a 12 month gestation period once every two to three years. The species is relatively long-lived. The Great White Shark is uncommon compared to other sharks and evidence from protective beach netting in Australia, California and South Africa as well as game fishing and commercial captures are all reporting declining captures of the Great White Shark indicating that the population of the species is in decline. Australia proposes to list the Great White Shark (Carcharodon carcharias) and including all species which any Party identifies as being subject to re
For Immediate Release, May 9, 2008 Contact: Noah Greenwald, (503) 484-7495 Bush Sets New Record in Refusing to Protect Endangered Species As Polar Bear Decision Looms, Department of the Interior Crosses Two-year Mark Without Any New Species Protected Under the Endangered Species Act WASHINGTON , D.C.— Today marks two years since the Department of the Interior last protected a new U.S. species under the Endangered Species Act. This period includes the entire tenure of Dirk Kempthorne as Secretary of the Interior and is by far the longest period without a new species being protected since the landmark federal law was passed, surpassing even James Watt, who, under Reagan, in 1981 and 1982 went 382 days without protecting a species. “The Bush administration has been an unmitigated disaster for the nation’s endangered species, delaying and denying protection for hundreds of animals and plants,” said Noah Greenwald, science director at the Center for Biological Diversity.
Endangered Species
Endangered Sea Dragon At Ga. Aquarium Pregnant
A weedy sea dragon at the Georgia Aquarium has something to celebrate this Father's Day. One of the rare creatures is pregnant for only the third time ever at a U.S. aquarium, aquarium officials said. But don't look for the expectant mom — dads carry the eggs in this family. The aquarium's sea dragon has about 70 fertilized eggs — which look like small red grapes — attached to his tail. He is expected to give birth in early to mid-July, said Kerry Gladish, a biologist at the aquarium. Sea dragons, sea horses and pipe fish are the only species where the male carries the eggs, Gladish said. Sea dragon pregnancies are rare because researchers don't know what gets them in the mood to mate. "We know there's something biologically or environmentally that triggers them to want to reproduce, but in the aquarium world, we're not sure what that is," Gladish said. The aquarium recently changed the lighting and thinned out the plants in the sea dragons' tank to give them room to court
Endarnu_current Version Text Rpg
Endarnu is a text rpg game that was though up by me, the head programmer and owner of mutation industries,  some concepts that may make Endarnu big,  Extreamly customizable- Customizable classes, races, monsters, items, weapons, and minigames easy to use and understand User Interface- meaning you know what each click is doing and what it is for Downloadable content Submission of downloadable content ABility of being able to modify everything that is in game with a few simple and easy to use tools Custom made User interfaces, ability to customize the look of the layout
Endarnu Version 1.5 Update Log 9/5/13
so update 1.5 has some major changes to it, Added custom Regi Key Added some ui enhancements directly email to the submission, all streamlined, no haveing to make email, just put password then click ok and your golden Purchase Regi key button now created tidied up the code to make it run better. Enhanced the user interface to look better Made alot of enprovements to stop crashing and as of right now thats all the enhancements but it will be few days before it is online for people to buy and use
The End Bringer
I look at her pictures and weep, she meant the world to me and they took her from me. I grab a shovel and set out in my beat up van, till I reach a dirt road. Parking at the head of it I set off in the woods parallel to the road, going a couple miles till I find my marker, and ancient boulder. from there I turn north and walk to my next one, an old oak, the only one in this part of the woods, making my way around it I go east for 35 paces and stop. setting down my canteen I set off to work, the ground is hard, it hasn't rained in months. breaking through the first couple of feet I get to what I am here for, an old trunk, cleaning the dirt out from around it I pull out an old key and turn the latch. clicking it opens and I find just what I need to make them pay, an ancient sword, one that hasn't been seen by mortal eyes for thousands of years. One that was here long before any of the civilizations you know today. Pulling it from the scabbard it rings and seems to hum. I whisper to it, "
The Endbringer
 I look at her pictures and weep, she meant the world to me and they took her from me. I grab a shovel and set out in my beat up van, till I reach a dirt road. Parking at the head of it I set off in the woods parallel to the road, going a couple miles till I find my marker, and ancient boulder. From there I turn north and walk to my next one, an old oak, the only one in this part of the woods, making my way around it I go east for 35 paces and stop. setting down my canteen I set off to work, the ground is hard, it hasn't rained in months. Breaking through the first couple of feet I get to what I am here for, an old trunk, cleaning the dirt out from around it I pull out an old key and turn the latch. Clicking it opens and I find just what I need to make them pay, an ancient sword, one that hasn't been seen by mortal eyes for thousands of years. One that was here long before any of the civilizations you know today. Pulling it from the scabbard it rings and seems to hum. I whisper to it,
End Behind 13 Points From Prince, But Couldnt Keep Up The Pressure. "we Played A Good First Half, But Once We Turned It Over A Couple Times In The
Greyhounds in the gameZeeman wonTo commemorate the 50th NHL Draft which takes place next Friday in Pittsburgh, TSN. Duane Brown Jersey .ca looks back at 10 memorable storylines from the history of the event in 10 days. Today, we look back at the best first and second picks ever taken in one draft year - Guy Lafleur and Marcel Dionne in 1971. To date, the 1971 NHL draft has the distinction of being the only class to produce Hall of Famers with the first and second overal picks. And with the draft in only its eighth year of existence, few could have seen that sort of potential ahead of time. But few people are Sam Pollock. The Montreal Canadiens general manager cemented his legendary status through draft day dealings, but none would loom larger nor prove shrewder than what transpired in the lead-up to that fateful June day. Sensing a bumper crop of talent coming down the pipe, Pollock picked the pocket of the California Golden Seals a year in advance - sending winger Ernie Hicke and the
The End Can Sneek Up On You
The end can sneek up on you I was laying on my bed earlier today thinking of just random shit, wondering to myself what would be the subject of my next blog here in the Internet world. would it be a nonsense filled diatribe about nothingness? would it be yet another random blog, where yes I would once again just jump from subject to subject with no rhyme or reason? or would I choose to pick a subject and stick with it? I got up from that bed, I looked to my left at my son who sat there playing X-Box and thought to myself just how lucky of a man I am, In an instant I thought about all the late nights playing games with him. I thought about the times we dined on Ramen Noodles because we were too lazy to cook. I thought about all the inside jokes we share as Father & son. and how he understands me better sometimes than I understand myself. I am a Lucky man. I have the best job in the world, being a parent. My own Parent came to me yesterday with tears in her eyes
End Cruel World
I whisper to the moon on heaven's fire stones eyes of fire bloomed in ending paths of blood I lie beside myself a disgrace of me to be unrealized my death I scream my pain to see Blackest as the night the soul poured fear and rising through with eyes a golden dawn betrayal Shifting snow blind rose twisted mind to kill a serious smile uphold nightmares come to heal A fallen morning sun the reddest brightest night a laughter of painful clutch a black star died tonight Deadly final sin damned marked tongues dispersed brightest in skull is time to die my love As the minutes spread the pain became stronger humans regret their sins but is too late to wonder The time has come as your life came is gone you'll be forced to see the pain all your children gone The blood, the evil, the shame regrets of what you did but mercy doesn't exist you took it all in perspective Heal, that's all we came here to do shame, of things we all have done love, the love we th
End Domestic Violence
End Day
The day passes by as light fades away Its getting closer and closer now The shadows of night, the sounds of the dark Are all I ever hear now Walking through rain, the bitter sweet cold It feels like a song, with no end in sight Playing for noone, playing for me Is this what my heart of hearts thinks A darkend forest comes into view In a field of green I now stand Covered in darkness under the moon This is my place I know where my mind is free to roam Taking a seat, away from it all I grab hold of the sharpened knife And watch it gleam, reflecting the stars and moon As I look back at all those times Why does it have to feel this way This feeling of emptiness, growing within As tears stream down my face, for none to see The rains song picks up speed Saying a short and simple prayer Asking for you to be happy Closing my eyes, im ready for the end Whispering 'I love you' one last time Sliding the blade across both wrists Feeling
Endding Is Begining
Darkness swallowed my soul again No direction, no sign, just pure bleak Time deserted me as I was a rock No reaction, no sense, just pure numbness. You cannot beat the system For it'd always swallow you again and again until nothing is left. I cannot beat the system For it has swallowed me my body and hope drowned in the ditch. Pull my hair; feel the pleasure Cut my legs to stop my treasure Enjoy the burn before you're done Remember the end is where it all begun. Slowly I swift away... As it was no day.
The Endding Is Worth The Price
I know where I'm going and I know what for To make my life better and find something more I hope what I found will be with me in the end starting over new don't want to start again I step off the bus my bags in my hands looking all around in the station I stand Looking for a friend searching for her face knowing she's not there caught up in her own race It doesn't matter to me I know that she would but life just happens and that's just understood I will see in time I will the one I traveled so far to seek the thought of those eyes and that smile makes me week But at the same time it makes me strong I laid it all on the line I don't want to be wrong
The End: Drowning
The pain builds in me It threatens to explode I'm afraid of the consequences I will overcome it all This cannot destroy me I will not allow it How did it all come to this I have lets it build too far I must destroy it all now Why can't I make it go away This pain threatens to take me I feel like i'm drowning in myself Pull me Free
Ended Up Seeing
"The Guardian" which was very good- cliched in some places but dramatic and affecting.
Ended It
My guy and I ended it tonight for good... day before V Day right... yea... plus I gave up on someone else. Man... I hate Valentines Day
Ended Up Not Babysitting
Well i ended up not babysitting tonight so me and my Honey Randy and I went and hung out with the Outlaws tonight, I had a blast as I always do with the outlaws. Everyone kept asking me when am I gonna have this baby, well 2 more weeks if everyone really wants to know. I can't wait scared to death but i think that i will do just fine, no need for me to worry i guess?
Last weekend we had Hanks son. It's always fun to have him around and I know it does alot for Hank to be with his son. Well Wyatt and I were playing on the swing set while his dad and a couple friends went back into the woods. It was a nice day out so it seemed perfect to be outside, to bad I had to work that night. There we are swinging and Wyatt asked me something , though I can't recall just what. However it got me going into a story and I told him I fell madly in love with him and so I moved here. He's a sharp kid though because he asked me, Well I thought you loved my daddy. To which I responded, I do love your daddy and I love you too. I thought ok that moments passed now we're going to play some more. So we move off the swing and he heads towards the slide. He picks something up off the ground and it's a rock that he hands me. He says this is a present for swinging so high or something like that. Then he hands me a leaf, looks at me and says and this is a present for marry
Endebted Slave - Bootlicker Pt 1
She pulled her fingers from my mouth and examined them closely, turning her strong hands so the tight black leather shone in the light with my spit and she smiled at a job well done. It really is erotic. You can't smell you're cum though, you must have done a good job of licking them clean." I was shocked, never had I heard Nicole say any thing like that. "Follow me in the lounge." I followed. Nicole made her self at home in the lounge. I stood in front of her chair, "Sassy said that you had some jobs to do and asked if I would mind checking in on you to see if you were doing them correctly. She said that I could have some fun with you as well. So what you know I said yes. Now take down your boxers." I looked down I was still in my sleep clothes and had hardly noticed it… she’d come in just after I finished jerking off, scooped up the cum up and slid it into my mouth. I had been so lost in the passion and lust of it all I’d lost track. I pulled my boxers down. "Don't worry I have s
Endebted Slave - Bootlicker Pt 2
((When last we saw our bootlicker, he was preparing to bring his primary Mistress Dinner while upsetting his Secondary Mistress, her mother)) "Well I know how to make it up to you. Kiss my wonderful black leather platform kinky boots." I bent and licked. BANG! The pain shoot through me. A hard slap right across my face. "YOU DO NOT GET UPSET WITH YOUR SUPERIOR MISTRESS. UNDERSTAND?" "Yes" my weedy reply. "Get up and deliver this pizza to Sassy." I walked into Sassy's Casino. A flash looking hallway covered with twinkling lights guided you through into a large welcoming area. Kerrie walked up to me. "Business or pleasure tonight." "I can't afford to play here any more so I guess its business, is Sassy in her office." "Yeah, shame you can't play here any more, I miss you." Kerrie, smiling, walked off. "Don't flirt with the staff unless told, slave." Nicole had parked and walked in just as Kerrie walked off. "Do you think she would still fancy you if she knew what you ha
For what it's worth I was never good at finding all the right words I let you drift away And my pride was what finally let me burn it's insane to think I could go back I worked it out, and you were right I fought the deamons of my own illusions and ended up with only fists full of the night I scream my self to sleep I swath myself in bloody pain It's beyond what I can take I think you've ended me...
Endeavour's Uhf Radio Fails Re-test - Main Propulsion System Pressurization Latest
Endeavour's problematic UHF radio - which underwent replacement via parts donated from Atlantis at the weekend - has failed a re-test. The Engineering Review Board (ERB) has recommended to fly as-is, though this needs to be approved by the ongoing noon board meeting. Image Above: The STS-123 crew patch depicts the space shuttle in orbit with the crew names trailing behind. STS-123's major additions to ISS- the first component of the Japanese Experimental Module (the Experimental Logistics Module - Pressurized Section (ELM-PS)(shown being lifted out of Endeavours cargo bay) and the Canadian Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator (SPDM)(shown left). The ISS is shown in the configuration that the STS-123 crew will encounter when they arrive. Image Above: STS-123 crew portrait. From the right (front row) are astronauts Dominic L. Gorie, commander; and Gregory H. Johnson, pilot. From the left (back row) are astronauts Richard M. Linnehan, Robert L. Behnken, Garrett E. R
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Endearing Or Irritating?
A few fun factoids. I jump up and down and yell at the TV during football games. Seriously. I cannot, absolutely cannot, go to the beach without taking off my shoes and wading. I’m from Georgia, I call everyone “hon”, “sweetie”, “love”, “dear heart”, etc. I love Star Trek and Doctor Who. I’m a spelling and grammar geek. I don’t believe a woman should ever, ever, ever, EVER pursue a man. Did I mention EVER?!?!?!?!? I’ll take interesting, funny, and smart over good looking any day. I’m not going to change who I am to fit into someone else’s mold. I sing….almost constantly. My mind is a storehouse of useless information. I always know the perfect thing to say….about a half hour too late! I laugh a lot, and loudly! I hate shoes. I love to fish. I think people who treat their animals better than their mates or children deserve none of the above. It’s dangerous to ask me a question that you don’t want the answer to. I alphabetize my cupb
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My mind preoccupied with endless thoughts of youLike a welcoming plague seeping deep into me...Consumed with heated fantasies of our lovemakingLonging to wake up and fall asleep with you....My emotions aching for reciprocated fondnessMy heart enraptured by you...Yet I am weak and fragile with fear....easy to break and hard to repairDreaming in the clouds...No rush baby...I need to take it slow....just need to know if your for real.....Because, my sweet...I can't help but have a crush on you...
Ended Winner Was No Games
The easiest contest ever!   From now until i level ALL fubucks are being GIVING AWAY to who ever HELPS the MOST!!     Meaning who ever sends the most people to rate profile & photos rate blog & stash fan me friend me like me will get ALL fubucks made when leveled!!!!   to enter please comment here & change ur status so i can verify it!        
********************ended, Ty Everyone*****************************
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endemic \en-DEM-ik\adjective;    1.  Belonging exclusively or confined to a particular place.    2.  Natural to or characteristic of a specific people or place; native; indigenous.noun:    1.  An endemic disease.
Ender Dicoy Williams, Midfielder O
TORONTO -- Veteran defenders Adrian Cann and Ty Harden are among six players who wont be back with Toronto FC next season. The Major League Soccer team announced Thursday that it had declined options on Cann and Harden, along with defender Dicoy Williams, midfielder Oscar Cordon, and forwards Nicholas Lindsay and Keith Makabuya. Letting Cann, Williams and Harden go signals that the team was not happy with its defensive depth, hardly surprising in a team that allowed a franchise-worst 62 goals this season. The moves are also likely not the last as TFC looks to revamp its roster after a disastrous season. Cann, Williams and Lindsay all suffered long-term knees injuries, coming back at various times this season. Harden was sidelined most of the season with an abdominal injury. Lindsay missed the better part of two seasons after wrecking his knee in a snowmoblie accident and only saw brief action at the end of the 2012 campaign. Salary issues were also likely a concern. Cann, a
Ended Early Friday Morning. Colvins Tiebreaking Homer In The Ninth Was Overturned By Umpires After Replays Showed A Fan Wearing A Phillies T-shirt Rea
PHILADELPHIA -- A replay cost Tyler Colvin a go-ahead homer. An error allowed him to score the winning run. Geovany Soto hit a tying homer off Ryan Madson with one out in the ninth and Colvin scored from second on third baseman Placido Polancos throwing error in the 11th inning to lift the Chicago Cubs over the Philadelphia Phillies 4-3 in a game which had the start delayed over an hour by rain and ended early Friday morning. Colvins tiebreaking homer in the ninth was overturned by umpires after replays showed a fan wearing a Phillies T-shirt reached over the fence and interfered with the ball. But the Cubs still won their second straight after losing eight in a row. "I agreed with the call," Colvin said. "I think they got it right." Sean Marshall (3-0) pitched two scoreless innings. Carlos Marmol worked the 11th for his 12th save in 16 chances. Colvin snapped an 0 for 34 slump with his hit off Madson, who had been 14 for 14 in save chances before allowing Sotos tying solo homer. After
I give up why try an longer it seems no matter what i do the pain gets stronger so i let it take hold hoping for it to eradicate my life so theres no no need for new love no need for ex wife with every passing step my heart bleeds more and this is but a taste of what love has in store forgetting nothing but caring not sitting in the abbyss hoping my soul will rot tasting the forver biterness i find not knowing there is no eternity for me in mind only loneliness only hell only your you slowly chipping away at my shell even though i care i'll make sure to forget your name because finally we have reached the end of our game
End Goal
the razored edge of grims blade calls to me, curious remnants pass through my mind, one half anticiapation one half need, with out sorrow nor even a sliver of fear, a welcoming unlike any other, no obligations, no possessions, no more problems, a silence eternal, a dream beyond all dreams, a place where my voice doesn't matter if it's heard or not, time becomes my relief forever.
End Game Wakes Up More Bush Supporters
END GAME wakes up more Bush supporters ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Wndy [WTC7 = WTF?] Date: 28 Sep 2007, 09:48 From: MaxDate: Sep 28, 2007 8:37 AMFrom: Liebchen Hates 800 FEMA Concentration Camps.Date: Sep 28, 2007 8:18 AMEnd Game Wakes Up G W. Bush Worshippers.From: Leo/FightNWO-JUST SAY NO TO FASCISM IN AMERICA!!Date: Sep 28, 2007 4:08 AM .. Jones' New Film "End Game" Changes Minds: Part 2Nathaniel Alfaro National Expositor Friday September 28, 2007 The National Expositor wanted to see what would happen if we sent someone with no prior exposure to the truth movement to review an Alex Jones film. We contacted a pro-Bush, mainstream couple and sent them to the premier of Alex Jones' new film "End Game." Last week The National Expositor gave you the review of Alex Jones' "End Game" by Erin Alfaro. (Read Erin's Review) This week we received the review from her husband. Did "End Game" chang
Endgame......(wake Up Your Loved Ones!)
Endgame: Blueprint For Global Enslavement
End Game
long but very infomative
Yeah, this is the endgame motherfuckersFuck it up!This is the endgame, there's no escaping nowI'll never leave, I'll never be allowedAnd I was born in the image of a goats kissAnd now I die, forsaken I'm an abortionistI'll never make it cause I will not repentForever sacred inside of the LamentConfiguration, with mutilationDisciples rise, let us burn down the nationLike flies like sheep to the rhythm of the hordesLike flies like sheep to the rhythm of the hordesLike flies like sheep to the rhythm of the hordesLike flies like sheep to the rhythm of the hordesYou cannot break, what you did not createThere's no escape, this is eternal fateYou can't relate cause you won't understandMy Hell is made, I am forever damnedI am the wicked, I am the sinnerI am the Judas, forever cold as winterYou are the flock that I do not needI am the goat motherfucker and you are the sheepYeah!
The End Has Come...
My Happy Ending by Avril Lavigne So much for my happy ending oh oh, oh oh, oh oh... Let's talk this over It's not like we're dead Was it something I did? Was it something you said? Dont leave me hanging In a city so dead Held up so high On such a breakable thread You were all the things I thought I knew And I thought we could be You were everything, everything I ever wanted We were meant to be, supposed to be, but we lost it And all the memories, so close to me, just fade away All this time you were pretending So much for my happy ending Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh... You've got your dumb friends I know what they say They tell you I'm difficult But so are they But they don't know me Do they even know you? All the things that you hide from me All the shit that you do You were all the things I thought I knew And I thought we could be You were everything, everything I ever wanted We were meant to be, supposed to be, but we lost it And all the memor
The End Has Come .....sorry All
Well this is it for me and fubar..I know a lot of people write it and do not mean it but I am giving this site up come monday morning, the drama that is to be had on this site is too much for myself to take, I have made a lot of really good people on here, and hope that I can keep in touch with the ones that I am close with...through my email those who have it already please feel free to write me, if you would like, if not then its cool too, and for those who want my email....request it on my blog and I will send it to those who ask for it. I will not be here all weekend to check so dont feel offended if I do not reply I will reply to everyone on monday morning....if you are not going to be online then, my messages back will most likely not be recieved because my account will be deleted so if you would like to keep in touch also try leaving your email, which ever works. TY all to those who did show love over the past few months, for the most part I have hada decent time on thi
Ending It All
Laughter was shattered When love is lost and scattered with happiness tattered, and sweetness then battered Then when everything becomes sadder like an old loves gray tatters When all that was once loved is now torn and scattered
The Ending Of A Day...
With a sigh I see another day pass, for when the crow settles and the owl is a hunt, then that which we do not name is about. For even thoe you may not believe, there is more in this plane tween heaven and earth than mankind must or will ever know or experience. Yet in the shadows there is still light from the moon, as she glides through the velvet night, in search of love long past. What are we to do if, at the end of the threads of time, we have left a page unturned, or a drop of water untasted, or a ray of sunshine pooled listlessly in a pothole? Seek to learn the truth, and teach whay you learn that in grace of fate we can outlive our shells, and pass on to the next plane!
Ending Lesson
Ending Lesson how has it come to this to love and lose for the last time to learn a brutal lesson that there is no place with the living for a true beating heart when the dream was so beautiful peace, so close at hand and the knife that slid between shoulder blades so dull to be sacrificed to selfishness as so many before and so many to follow with the miracles man has preformed how have we not learned to love equally? yet even hell has it's season and this is it's glory today
The Ending
....As humans busy themselves with their daily activities, and trouble themselves with petty issues...the Ancients and the Elder Gods watch and wait, for there will be a human that will open up the gates of the Other realm...and realm in which the Ancients were sealed away since their defeat of the battle between light and darkness....Humans were formed from the blood of one of the fallen Ancients and the breath of the Elder gods....soon unimaginable terror and chaos will fall upon humanity in which the Elder gods will once again..battle against the Ancients( spiritual Gods existing before creation of the cosmos).. some people are ready..others are unaware..and others think this is sheer nonsence...but we shall see.......
The End Is Near ???
A priest and a pastor from the local churches are standing by the road, pounding a sign into the ground, that reads: The End is Near! Turn Yourself Around Now Before it's Too Late! As a car sped past them, the driver yelled, "Leave us alone, you religious nuts!" From around the curve they heard screeching tires and a big splash. The priest turns to the pastor and asks , "Do you think the sign should just say: 'Bridge Out'?"
End Is Near
Lead the way.. I may just follow to see which way we go. Right or wrong? Who knows for how long? It is temporary, Its just a passing thing, maybe even a very short fling. Don't worry if the end is near. Its really OK, with me my dear. I just don't want an awkward stance. Between 2 new friends with every passing glance. You have become a very good friend which I don't want to loose. But the time may come when we both have to choose. You are a nice guy, who if you didn't feel the way you do. Could never be my friend. That is true. So don't worry about hurting me. I can handel most anything. I have been hurt and crushed until I was no more. But now I am stronger Than ever before.
The Ending
She tells him I am going to release you, from some your bindings so you may roll over and be on all fours. She eased her way releasing his wrists and then gliding her way down to untie his feet one at a time. Now, straddling him facing his feet she tells him now roll over. (Keeping her pussy pressed against his belly) He feels the wet moistness of her lotus flower as his skin glides across the her warm pussy lips, once on his side causing her lips to open exposing all of her wet labia to his flesh. Mistress grabs him by the head and pushes it to bed, “Be still.” She commands as she rubs her now exposed clit on his side. Her head raises in the air as she now sit pushing with her hips applying pressure to all the right spots. Using his hair she pulls his head from the bed and, tells him “now, you can roll over the rest of the way,” letting go his hair his head falling back to the bed as a small breath leaves him, before he starts to roll. Now, he lay face down with Mistress stil
Ending This Way
We challenged the rapids and cruised the calms. You held my heart in your palms. Like a rose, beautiful we grew. I didn’t think you were ashamed of who you knew. With no one around, you know who I am. With People around, you don’t give a dam. With love, you filled my heart. Without saying a word, you blew it apart. I know you don’t want me as your man, But you didn’t have to throw my heart in to the fan. My love for you, I confess. That’s where I went wrong, I guess. No hello or a how you do, I would have preferred a, fuck you to. I guess we arrived at the river’s end, I must not be your special friend. You, in time I know I can forget. That will be a day, I’ll regret. Strange was our connection, It did provide us some direction We shared some tears, We braved our fears. This must be the day, When we have to go, our own way
The Ending Of Tuesday 12th Dec. 2006
The End Is Fucking Nigh...
Well after 2 going back home with my tail tucked between my legs. I'm no longer with Kristi as she deems me not mature enough and not old enough to be on the same page as her in life and that bothered her. I have to say i was hurt because due to lack of communication on her part...which she was always a stickler for which makes her a hypocrit....i didn't know a thing was wrong. It went as far as her forcing herself to be intimate with me. Now low blows aside....I liked she was honest. What I didnt like and what was hurtful was that she kept it from me from the very beginning. I'm an easy going person. Pretty well laid back. If there is a problem I always ask that you tell me about it instead of shelving it. She didn't see it that way. So be it. It's about a quarter after 8 right now and i await the time to pick up my check cash it give her the last bit of money i feel i owe her for letting me stay with her etc etc etc. Then I fly home to Va Beach. Now
The End Is Coming
when the end is coming most people dont know it untill its to late but in my case i know mine is coming sometimes i feel that i can change it but now i feel i cant i have just about givin up and i dont care if it comes but i am waiting for it to come
Ending The Family
I am ending the *SavagE HearT* family, so you can remove it from your name. Looks like I will be leaving Cherry Tap some time this week. It was great knowing you & I am happy you chose to be in the little family I created :-) Take good care of yourself!
Ending The Day At 316,834 To Go!!!
That ain't too shabby from 384,000 or was it 348,ooo?? Anyhow - THAN YOU!!! XOXO, Tina
The End Is Near
i give you my heart but you threw it in my face i gave you my all but you threw that at me too you promised you'd be there promised you'd never need to take a break i told you not to make promises you couldn't keep you of all people shouldknow how it feels to be lied to i fully trusted you trusted you with my heart and soul nowisit here crying not knowingwhether we'll be together or not i let my walls comedown i let you in my heart butyou almost don't seem to care i can'teat i can't sleep my mind is fully of thoughts thoughts of what's going to happen next i can't think straight i can't walk straight i have visions of us breaking up replaying over and over in my head is it worth the pain? is it worth the suffereing? are you worth all ofthe emotions running through me right now? before i met you my life had hardly any meaning to it i hoped and prayed that god would send me somsone someonewho could mend my broken heart and make the pain go away all of the
The End Is Near!!
UPDATE:Pariah here, mama came close tonight, but we got some much needed help from others, those of you know who you are, thanks, come back tmorrow! we can win this! as of 1230 AM on monday, mama is 500 ahead. lets gap it more! comon! *~*~*~*~*~*~*~BOMBERS WANTED!!!!!!!!~*~*~*~*~*~*~* WE ARE SO CLOSE TO THE END OF THE CONTEST, WE CAN ONLY INCREASE IN COMMENTS FROM HERE!!! COMPETITION IS GETTING REALLY CLOSE... A LITTLE TOO CLOSE!!!!!!!! *WINK* I REALLY WANNA WIN THIS ONE, I DIDN'T FARE SO WELL IN MY FIRST CONTEST, AND I WANNA SHOW EVERYONE THAT I'M WORTHY OF WINNING THE SEXY LEGGZ CONTEST!!!!!!!!!! SOOO COME HELP ME OUT!! IT WILL BE REALLY HELPFUL IF I WIN THIS ONE!! I REALLY WANT TO WIN!! I WILL BE HAPPY AND LOVE YOU ALL FOREVER!! RATE = 1 COMMENT COMMENT = 1 COMMENT just click on the pic of my leggz below, and get to bombing!!!! COMMENT BOMBING WELCOME!! ♥ MAMA BEAR ♥
The End Is Near!!!
The End Is Only The Beginning.....
Hey Folks… No video blog this time. I'm going "old school". So as you may or may not have noticed, we have finally gotten back to putting the show on the road. We've had 2 shows (Detroit and Toledo) that went really well. It's been since our signing party in…(wow… last June?) since we have played live. It feels great, and the response has been amazing! We've put a couple new tracks in the live set, but still have some things to tweak before everything will be ready for display. You may notice a few arrangement changes that are a reflection of the new disc. The biggest change so far has been the transition from a "background band at a bar" and playing anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours to a plain and simple "rock band" put on a bill with other "rock bands" and playing a quick 30 min set for ticket holders. It has been tough trying to figure out what 6 or 7 songs to play. Our album has 11 tracks which means we have to let 4 or 5 sit out…kinda tough when you are attached to all of them, a
Ending A Friendship
how can this be true having one then its through been there for the past few years to hear it is throught calling all the time see if they need help then one night hear they want to put to a end if that is friendship i dont want it cause its pure hell to find out its time to call it quits
Ending To Everything
Many people have a theory about Love What it is, to become, or to feel many go through life based on there theory looking to love as the key to everything number one and yet others see it as life dreams to exceed though it Love is a rose with many thorns pricking me with every move I make leaving behind multiple scars and pain the rose being as one big scar and the pain as small ones enclosed in it own scar When I look back out the love I had what do I to show from it a scar on my lip and my heart bashed in I worried about others and yet seen nothing coming Love does not solve the problems of life but yet helps you drag to the bottom even further it makes whats complete into incomplete hope and as always I wake up hoping die and living my life as if was a lie Why go any further when you having nothing but failure at life
End It Or Save It
Glory be to the ending. Ending of the place that no one has a face. Face the world as if it were your own. Own up to the spot where you left her sitting. Sitting in the dark is no way to progress. Progress is only as good as the paper reads. Reads into the folder where the last moment stands waiting. Waiting for the demon to come get you is not what you want. Want to have all the messages imprinted in gold as if to say goodbye. Goodbye is not what she is prepared for. For there are far better ways to go through life than this. This is not a story that pends on the versus of mind. Mind yourself wise as you are not sure what you are loosing. Loosing is only the gain to the next game peice. Piece together all the words you were given and respond. Respond within the time alotted and she will rise and grab you. You have no conception where it is we are and no one really does. Does this mean that a squirrel gave up on the nut becuase it rolled in the lake. Lake by the side
The End Is Coming
The End Is Coming A war is coming on a revelation day you'll see it unfold in front of your face Many people will run into the mountains to hide but it won't be good enough there still gonna die The end is coming The end is coming Bones will start to break blood on bruised face take in the stench of our age in decay We're all just a part of the walking dead but most of us haven't realized it yet The end is coming The end is coming We sealed our fate a long time ago ate from the tree when God said no The end is coming The end is coming
The Ending
Lonly years have passed by me Leaving the scars of tomorrow Recently I had a vision of long lasting sorrow My mind is on a never ending Entwining piece of space I don't know if I will ever belong To the human race again Turbulant tunnels of time run through my mind Telling me I must be dead I'm trying to contemplate what I must do About things involving you You know in the days of destruction Long ago when the earth was born again It's endless suffering had ceased to exist And now it is just a sphere of enormous energy Revolving around a small mass of fire Internal happenings of extrodinary size Growing into drastic disturbances The brain of the universe Flying light years away Will be back soon to deal with you again Only time in the future Will tell what will happen to you? Jimbo/Copyright/3/27/07
The End Is The Beggining Is The End
The Sewers belch me up The heavens spit me out From ethers tragic Iam born again And now Im with you now Inside your world of wow To move in desires made of deadly pretends Till the end of times begin Is it bright where you are have the people changed Does it make you happy youre so strange And in your darkest hour, I hold secrets flame You can watch the world devoured in its pain Strange Climb my ribcage to The replays run for you Unhook my lights to peek behind the flash For iam crystal chrome Iam shatter dome Iam kremlin king of angels avenged To destroy the end Is it bright where you are have the people changed Does it make you happy your so strange And in your darkest hour I hold secrets flame You can watch the world devoured in its pain The zeppelins rain upon us The guns of love disastrous A shadow lies amongst you To defy the future cast Is it bright where you are Have the people changed Does it make you happy your so strange An
Ending It
stepped closer to the edge as i watched my life flash a cold chill running down my spine i look up and wait for a sign to stop to not make that jump memories flood with anger and hate push them out and start again... im stepping closer 1 foot over the edge as i get ready to make a final jump out of this life and begin another take my jump and soar through the open air my mind is racing as rock bottom is coming close my eyes and wait for the hit rock bottom ive fallen out my own life into a new world one that maybe does want me
The End Is Near
The Holy Spirit of God has revealed some very interesting things to me last night about the end of time. I would like to take this time right now to reveal to you what some of those awesome revelations included. In Revelation 1:3 Jesus says, "Blessed is the one who reads the words of this prophesy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because THE TIME IS NEAR." Pay attention to that last line, "the time is near." Of course Jesus gives comments such as these throughout the New Testament, warning us to be prepared for his return. This to me seems that it has the strongest impact. Not only is this the beginning of the great Revelation that Jesus gave to John, it's a caution, a warning before you read forward, to know that the time is near and the rapture is just around the corner. In Revelation 1:7-8 says, "Look, he is coming with the clouds, and every eyes will see him, even those who pierced him, and all the people of the earth will mourn b
Ending Faith
Questioning faith, I'm good at it. I'll play the devil's advocate and create a cold front from hell [[ if you withstand my oxymoron ]]. I love the books by Sam Harris that raise questions and are considered offensive to read. I recently went to borders and back in the religion section I picked up the book "The End of Faith" by Sam Harris then returned to buy his second book "Letter to a Christian Nation" I won't go into details from the books because there are so many. Instead I'll go into details of my own thoughts [[ boring yes ]]. I think that the christian religion is based off of several older religions. Mostly the pagen, buddhist, and hindu. Call me athiest or just a bitch but I am a pagen, I believe that after studying the pagen stories and religions for the past 6 years of my life I can easily compare heros to saints and several of the same plots in the story. I'm ending this now before I'm cussed out and hated even more. Cheerios!
The Temperature Runs From Hot to Cold, These Games Becoming Much Too Old Words Are Words I've Come To Understand, Release My Heart,...... Release My Hand Alone I Have Stood, And Alone I Shall Stand I Watch The Sun Set From Above The Sand As Darkness Falls, I Now Understand It Is I That Needs To Let Go of Your Heart, And Your Hand
Ending Today 2 Pm Est
Last January I found a lump in my left breast. I was about the size and shape of an almond. I didn’t have insurance and the two months that I had to wait before I got insurance were the darkest and yet most beautiful months of my life. Below is a blog that I had written during that time: “I want to precursor this blog by saying… I don't think about dying every day. The simple point of the matter is that I won't really know anything until May. It's just looming out there though. The "c word". But occasionally, like tonight, it slips into my mind. When I'm alone. When I'm quiet and still; I become rather contemplative. Lately I've thought about the choices I've made in my life. Electing for a career instead of going after the one thing that I wanted in my life (being a mother and a wife). Forgoing my dreams and wants for those of others. Sacrificing my most intimate desires for empty relationships. Empty promises. Empty love. All the while not knowing and more over not apprec
Ending Monday
The End Is Near
Summer always brings out the wild side in me….or maybe its just the naked side . I have a goal to be naked in as many places possible this summer. So far I am falling short of my goal. I’ve only manged to fit in a few skinny dipping adventures….nothing too extreme or at least not extreme enough for my liking. I wanted to get wild in the wild this summer. Well at least the summer isn’t over yet! Here’s a glimpse at my accomplishments so far! The summer is almost over....I'll try to get some more outdoor shots in before the snow.
Ending In A Kiss
The blood upon your sleeve is gonna leave a stain, Let's bare our hearts and dance in the rain, This love you play just like a game, Another pretty face without a name, If you stay I'll come back kicking and screaming, If you leave I'll hate you and remain dreaming, You keep me at arms reach and I don't know what to do, No matter how hard I try there's no resisting you, My hearts broken and there's no one to blame, Let's take our skins off and all be the same, We can get lost In a wonderland engulfed in our pain, I'm just another heart to add to your chain, Kicking and screaming, Hate you but dreaming, Denying but still crying, Failure to resist, Ending in a kiss
Ending It
I want to end my life sometimes. I have a severely broken heart and find no reprieve for it. I never thought that being denied love would hurt so damned much. I have kids. They are all that keep me here on this land. But they are not with me, so I sometimes wonder if it is worth it to even stay. They may be hurt if I was gone, but their father loves them. Daughter is with my folks and in college. She is ok. Is a guy worth giving my life for? Can he really be so strong an influence on a person to make me want to take my life? Is he that important? What should I feel like this? Why should I allow him so deep into my soul that I continue to hurt this bad? I cry so much and feel that I will never get over this. He used me for all I would give. He was honest enough to tell me that he would never love me and never have a relationship with me, but his actions spoke so much louder. He seemed to care for me. He said he did. Made me feel like I was special to him, but he was
Ending Starvation Diets
recently as I was at the Y to teach a healthy living class, one of the new attendees got my attention. I teach balanced nutrition, exercise, meditation/yoga and spirituality weekly. The people I usually work with in this class have some health issues usually associated with injuries that prevent regular exercise activity or people whose eating and activity are out of balance. Today though, I had a frantic woman asking so many questions that it triggered my counselling reflex and I asked her to meet with myself and the female trainer. Now, here was a woman in tears, sobbing uncontrolably, waving sheets of paper around and explaining she had to lose ten more pounds today or her boyfriend was going to dump her. As she calmed down, she explained her boyfriend only dated people who had 5% or less body fat and he had given her two weeks to get to that point. and she was about to fail him. I don't know about you, but I really get ticked about that. First of all, we explained to her that
An Ending Of Sorts
Oh how time passes, and feelings totally change. Things were so different before, but are no longer the same. I am still the same person, still have the same name. Still do the same things, still doing my best to dodge pain. But my heart no longer bleeds, i think i will live. I miss you in a way, but there is no more love to give. Atleast not to you, so this is an ending of sorts. Goodbye and good luck, the ball is out of my court. I am ready to move on, and live my life the only way i can. Look forward to the future, keep the time dropping like sand. To forget would be childish, for that is not the kinda person i wish to be. I will remember the good things, and allways hold them close to me. You live and you learn, for better or worse. Keep your head up move along, dont get caught in that curse. I guess what i wanted to say, is that i am perfectly fine. I have changed the way i look at stuff, life only gives you so much time. So i will end this with a smile, instead of
You tell me that you love me, You tell me I should wait. Can't you understand I'm lonely? Don't you realize I can't wait? I think about you all the time. Why can't you think of me? Now we hardly ever talk, Using words like us or we. Where did all the feelings go? Why can't we bring them back? You tell me I need patience. But I know it's love we lack. I don't want to leave you, So don't force me to go. All the things I love about you. . . There are more than you could know. But every time I'm near you, You always shut me out. I thought I was the only one, That you cared about. But now I see my folly, And I realize I was wrong. I thought I held your heart of hearts, But you did, all along. You only care for number one, With that I can't compete. You love me less than you love yourself, And so, I accept defeat. Don't try to talk me out of this, I'm sick of hollow lines. I thought of talking all this out, But it's just a waste of time. I'm ti
Ending It Update
I don't have kids who love me. Two have decided that I have failed as a mother. All the reaffirmation I have received from all on how wonderful life is doesn't seem to be so rosy after all. The older 2 have feel I am not worth motherhood and should consider them no longer my kids. Although the 2 littler ones are not happy with their step-mother, their father is good and loves them a lot. I am at a loss as to what to do anymore. I don't want to go into why my daughter has declared me an unfit mother. I admit I have made mistakes. I have apologized but I cannot change what has already been done. I know I am not perfect. I cannot make the wrong go away. I cannot make any more amends than I have already done. SO why should I go on? Kids are disowning me. Guy I care about doesn't even face up to his responsibility by me. SO what should I do? Can't live life as it is any more, so why not end it? Tell me what really is worth it? Nothing is in my eyes.....
The End Is Near
I just called to say my good byes and Jelly is doing the same while she is at her dad's. They don't expect him to make it until tomorrow. They will be removing his feeding tube and keeping him sedated until he passes. I will let you know and thank you again for all the prayers.
An Ending Of Sorts
An Ending of Sorts by PenanceS © Scott Summers looked over the open window of the home that he once had shared with his wife, Jean. But his bed was warm now. Their marriage was long gone. It's kind of hard to carry on a relationship with someone who is dead. He loved her more than life. But with this most recent battle with the Phoenix force had left them all drained, especially him, after all, he had to stand there and watch as jean had automatically turned on the beta beam, and disintegrated herself. He knew that it was best all around, for the being known as the Phoenix force that was contained inside of Jean, was a ravenous brute who wanted nothing, except to satiate the hunger that was raging inside of her. It was Jeans mind that had finally prevailed over the Phoenix force and that had allowed her to do what was necessary and pull the trigger on the laser beam that had finally ended her life, shooting a beam of pure energy across through her forehead and liquefying
Ending My Day.
Shit. There are some fucked up people where I work. Not as bad as it use to be. I've got some good fuckin' work stories. Any how, I'm ending my night with some Icehouse, Rebel Yell (a little on the broke side), and some good music. Figured I'd try and post something.
ENDINGS "Verily, the soul has no birth, no death, no beginning, no end. Sin cannot touch it, nor can virtue exalt it; it has always been and always will be, and all else is its cover like a globe over the light." Hazrat Inayat Khan This past weekend the whole family drove down to Virginia. My wife, my step daughter, her two children and I all went together. I had been going to go by myself but we decided it would be a good thing to go as a family so the kids could see a bit of Wash DC. This was a secondary reason. The primary reason for going was to meet my brother and his wife and to scatter our mother's ashes in a park she loved. Readers of my regular blog will remember that my mother died last May and I wrote about it on June 6. A few weeks after that a package arrived in the mail from the funeral home, it was a box containing her ashes. For the next few months this box sat on my desk. Occasionally I would look at it and wonder about my emotions. What did I feel?
You tell me that you love me, You tell me I should wait. Can't you understand I'm lonely? Don't you realize I can't wait? I think about you all the time. Why can't you think of me? Now we hardly ever talk, Using words like us or we. Where did all the feelings go? Why can't we bring them back? You tell me I need patience. But I know it's love we lack. I don't want to leave you, So don't force me to go. All the things I love about you. . . There are more than you could know. But every time I'm near you, You always shut me out. I thought I was the only one, That you cared about. But now I see my folly, And I realize I was wrong. I thought I held your heart of hearts, But you did, all along. You only care for number one, With that I can't compete. You love me less than you love yourself, And so, I accept defeat. Don't try to talk me out of this, I'm sick of hollow lines. I thought of talking all this out, But it's just a waste of time. I'm ti
We wont make it this time Did my soul run off And get lost without you Fake it this time This is the last song I'll ever write about you Right This can be the way Throw it in my face The fact that were running on empty Time has made a change It's not my fault That I'm nothing instead now Buried in the way So the whole world Can see how we're ending Just make a better way But I feel like now I'm guilty Can we fight to stay the same I'm slowly counting back to the beginning of nowhere Right This can be the way Throw it in my face The fact that were running, running Time has made a change It's not my fault That I'm nothing instead now Buried in the way So the whole world Can see how we're ending I cant go on this way Living this life I made I want to scream now It's over, It's over I cant go on this way Living this life I made I want to scream now It's over, it's over Time has made a change Its not my fault That I'
The End Is Near Are Your Ready
The End Is In The Beginning...
"The end is in the beginning," as T.S. Eliot observed. We shall not ceace from explaoration And the end of all our exploring Will be able to arrive where we started And know the place for the very first time. Beginnings are full of lasting significance, echoing throughout the evolution of whatever it is that has begun - a narrative, an organization, a community, a marriage, a work, a journey - living within it as a ghostly shadow, oftan barely remembered and yet continually present. Therefore, it is important to be alert at any beginning; to be aware of what is being said, what is happening among the people present and in the environment. The beginnin of the story tells much about where we will be at the end. In order to arrive there, to arrive where you are, to get from where you are not, you must go by a way wherein there is no ecstacy. In order to arrive at what you do not know you must go by a way which is the way of ignorance. In order to possess what you do not posse
Ending Day 1
I made it, the Cravings have gone from a roller coaster, to a dull ache. I am goin to bed soon, Good night all. And we shall see if I decide to be a non smoker tomorrow, i actually have to go to work, and be social...... tomorrow could be a very interesting day.
The End Is Coming Repent
“Get out! Get ready!” said the email in my box last Thursday. “Prepare while you have the chance.” There was urgency in the tone. “Get out of the big cities… quickly. And away from coastlines.” Well, warnings like this had been coming for about five years now. Some from possible crackpots – but others through reputable intelligence sources. Now the warnings were growing more urgent… * Our world economy in danger of collapse * angry nations planning to invade when the collapse occurs * trial runs in some cities for possible nuclear attacks * Planet X on its way toward Earth, to cause a pole shift and global destruction * An alleged Mayan prophecy of doomsday in 2012 * 30% of the bee population became extinct last year, and the situation worsening this year * hundreds of dead zones in our oceans, growing by the day * Baby deformities, cancer and degradation of DNA spreading globally from Iraq and Afghanistan depleted-uranium-dust blowing into bo
The End Is Near!!come Rate The Pic
The End Is Near!!!
Ladies and Gentlemen... After almost 2 years of coming to this site... I regret to tell you... That will short I will be leaving Fubar... I have already disbanded the "Southern Sex Symbol Group"... and shortly within the next few weeks... I will be disbanding the "Justice League Mafia"... Why?!? Because I gonna try focusing more on want matters to me more than this site... I been spending alot more time working on the page Shayla and I created on Myspace and I even taken about 95% of the people I once had on my yahoo messenger off... I wanna thank everyone for all the good times... Its been extremely fun... but its time for me to say good-bye... So once my VIP runs out... I will do a farewell video and have that on display for a week or so... then then I will say good-bye to everyone... and close my account down... So get in your comments and drinks and rates now... Cause the clock is ticking... and I am just about outta here...
Ending In Tragedy
I tried to save us But little did I know You are a speeding train off track With little time to go I tried everything Tried so hard to let you know But now I'm on my last thread Pulling away to no avail Yeah Now it's our time Yeah Now it's our time And I'll see you on the other side Beneath all your skin There's another side to you You built up city walls So I never get through You built up city walls So I can never get through Yeah Now it's our time Yeah Now it's our time And I'll see you on the other side Why would I take it too far With not thinking about the end at all If a fortune could say what the future will bring Then I'm not convinced It's ending in tragedy And most of all It's in my control To end it all
The Ending Contest
The End Is Near ....
I decided to try and talk with Chris again tonight about my dressing and things actually went a lot smoother than they have in the past. Well.... the conversation went smoother, but now it has become totally obvious that things will never work out between the two of us because she finally admitted to me that she "hates Jaime". I tried to talk to her some more about it, but the deeper we got in our conversation the more she showed her hatred. The hardest part is that I was holding our daughter at the time and I just looked at her and started to cry, Chris asked what I was crying about and I told her that I at least knew that two people in my life accept me for me (our son and daughter). Then I went on to tell her that to them it has nothing to do with what I am wearing but rather how I treat them and that I think that it is totally shitty that as we grow into adults we lose sight of what is truly important when dealing with one another. Chris naturally accused me of being selfish and
Ending Up
" Men will end up, with the slave they train."
The Ending
The Ending Cutting me into heartshaped shreds evasive indecision Your newfound maturity is nothing more than a mask torn around the edges showing tantalizing glints of vulnerbility before you harden your heart pleading whimpers for empathy you pretend not to hear begging pathetically for one more chance no more I have no sympathy for the broken prince of promises Your crown lays at my cracked feet Your turn salvation at the price of your damned pride groveling screaming for one more chance your last your princess turned against you with every cruel word she slipped further your fault still insincere apologies slip past smiling lips mingling with tears of diamonds shining
Ending Her Cries
I looked into her eyes I got lost in their depth A glance into the future Revealing the secrets she kept For so many years she cared too Yet we were both afraid to say We avoided each other completely... Every time, simply another day She cried to me one night. ~Please help, I don't know what to do~ I wrapped my arms around her body. ~It is okay now, I'm here with you~ She told me about her boyfriend, He cheated, and hurt her bad... I told her not to worry... But in the inside I was getting mad. I held back my anger... And I comforted her instead. Playing with her hair, She lay still on my bed. I leaned over to kiss her cheek, She smiled and turned to me. ~Thank you for being there... I Have finally learned to see~ With that she drifted off, I left her quietly sleeping. ~How could anyone want to hurt her? ~ I ran through thoughts, my heart leaping. I met up with her boyfriend, Swung out of pure love and rage. A knife stabbed through my stomac
Ending/Beginning I never wanted to find myself here It has become my living reality Two souls drifting apart Loosing all of our stability We scurried along this tragedy Knowing it never really had to be We arrived together in two separate places I wish I knew how we got so far I know that it wasn’t one sided Somewhere our hands slipped from the bar Now we are left both wanting and alone We had become strangers in our home We seemingly went down without a fight Neither throwing a single punch Instead of living off love We tried to live off a hunch Who am I now what will I be? Who are you now what can you see? Love was never and issue between us But in the end forgiveness was Since neither of us guarded the door We escaped like love sometime does Should we have been able to this? Could this have been saved with one more kiss? Now blackened tattered and torn Is the once white wedding gown Memories of days long past Into the depths of the sea d
End It
I’m tired. Truly tired. Not the good tired of physical weariness from doing something worthwhile. The drained, soul depleting fatigue that comes from mental and emotional stress. The funny thing is, I’m not the one causing it! I’ve been patient, understanding and have kept my mouth shut for months and it is eating at me, and I can no longer allow it to do so. I know it isn’t only eating at me, it is also eating at two people I love dearly. He is at is at his limit with it and she is at the boiling point. I am done. I am done being nice, I am done being polite, I am done sitting on the sidelines in hopes things turn out for the best. I am done turning the other cheek. This is going to stop and it is going to stop. .NOW. An outside source is causing us all great pain. She has been in a romantic relationship with my man quite some time ago. Even so, I’ve let her into my heart and called her sister. The problem is, sisters aren’t suppose to try to destroy your ha
An Ending At Last
I had a revelation, take all this frustration I have, take it all in and laugh map it all out and strap it all down and relax all the slack taken in and tightened again never frightened again of the fights I can't win a new beginning I need from the greed and the hate in this state I cant leave I can't believe my poor fate Too late to relieve the need to create a family and life but the strife is unended and the pain is to great and wounds stay un meanded extended my heart on my sleave till Im renderd bended and broken a stroke of bad luck. sending a token to you with my open mind stuck Fuck the fall that Ive had I can pick myself up But its all up to you Im erupted destructed, disgusted with this , busted and broken with only one wish, Im listening please tell me the answer I missed. Blistered my mind the end I insist Shake my fist in the air and open my wrist... If your listening to this and missing the jist ITs the devil Ive seen and
The End Hold my hand and stare The people pass by slowly Lowering their eyes Smile and know that it is I Lay my head down softly Kiss my cheek and walk away Never again witness me My smile has faded Don't cry for me It will not make it better Tear if it makes it easy Know I'm always there Close it now Sigh and understand Grieve if you must Remember me and smile
The Ending - Follow
I've had this song in my head for a few weeks... it's a new band out of Toronto that's a pet project of the guitarist from Platinum Blonde Need some help just to find my way A better life and a final say Got a rip in my pocket And a tear in my soul Never thought that I'd come undone Who'd have thought that you'd be the one The skies are so pretty I must say Sometimes I run for cover When I've lost my way, lost my way So don't follow me Life's not forever And I'm lost So I will follow you Follow you Can't rest till the day is done Pick up the pieces one by one Can't ask for forgiveness For something I haven't done The skies are so pretty I must say Sometimes I run for cover When I've lost my way, lost my way So don't follow me Life's not forever And I'm lost So I will follow you Follow you Follow you So don't follow me Life's not forever And I'm lost So I will follow you Follow you (so don't follow me) Follow you (so don't follow me)
Ending It
i take this knife and with one swipe on each of my wrists,I die i bleed my whole exsistence i bleed my heart, my soul away you will be ok i say to myself it will all be over soon you will not have to worry the pain will be gone let the blood flow's ok baby you will be ok i hear a voice that calms me with one swipe i end it all
Everything has a beginning. Everything has an end. Well, almost everything. Some endings never end. Some endings are instantaneous. It’s just over. Done. Finished. You know it; you accept it; you grieve or you don’t, depending; you move on. Sometimes, you aren’t that fortunate. There are sudden deaths; and there are slow, agonizing declines that are excruciating to everyone. There are sudden departures; and there are slow, agonizing exits. There are harsh words, angry shouts; and slamming doors; and there are frosty silences that drag on and on as you wait for the other shoe to drop. But however it arrives, when the end comes, it is just that. The end. But sometimes, when an end comes, the heart won’t let go. It doesn’t matter how many times the brain says stop feeling what you feel, stop wanting what you want, stop hoping for what will never be. The heart keeps feeling, wanting, and hoping. Hoping. Hope can be the cruelest force on Earth. The Proverbs say that hope defe
The End Is Near
A local priest and pastor stood by the side of the road holding up a sign that said, "The End is Near! Turn yourself around now before it's too late!" They planned to hold up the sign to each passing car. "Leave us alone, you religious nuts!" yelled the first driver as he sped by. From around the curve they heard a big splash. "Do you think," said one clergy to the other, "we should just put up a sign that says 'bridge out' instead?" 
The End Is Here
You know it's always hard to talk about what you have on your mind, when there is so much to say, that you just don't know where to begin. I've been on here since April of 2009. since then i've met alot of cool people, even made a few friends, even fell in love & still am. But the thing is, I've been on this level for about 2 months. Yes i pushed myself to level, faster & harder than most people. But, before i left to San Diego back in June of 2009. i've had 2 AUTO's & 1 BOMB. I've paid for my own VIP for 2-3 months along with some1 else's for the same duration of mine. Then i was given 1 by a friend which lasted it's normal time 1 month. Since then i've had little help with anything. Even felt like closing my acct. at different times, until now that time had come. I even lost out on buying another AUTO & BOMB because of that same friend needed a new owner. That person cost me $14 mil fu-cash, then expired on me, then she costed me $22 mil fu-cash. Now that same person had promised t
Ending This Chapter To Begin Another...
So if you haven't been paying attention, or online much lately - this will be news to you... my youngest's father  and I have reconciled. We didn't have a typical break up, it was just a casualty of him being stationed in Korea and having terrible battles, command and 'support' from people in Korea. Long story short (there are those whom know all the drama I went through and why I ended up here) I am leaving Indiana finally! Moving back HOME! I haven't been home since I enlisted in the Spring of 2002 - except a quick visit in 2006, but I didn't do much or see anyone I knew. This is going to be a fantastic time in my life. Starting over in so many ways. My children get to see the beauty of my home state and see the beach, eat wonderful food and meet all my friends and family.  I just had to share because I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!
Ending Time
Chaotic visions, dreams unremembered, diminished capacity, thoughts dismembered.   Fractal shadows, midnight skies, endless stars, hooded eyes.   Stolen glances, passionate breath, ending time, sudden death.
End It
The good times are flashin like a strobe lightI want to hold you so tightI'm gettin chocked upSo sad we broke upI wish i could revoke These feelings makes me wanna croakYou said we'd be together forever and alwaysNow i walk down empty hallwaysIt's been so longYou'd expect my feelings to have goneWish someone would come alongPeople say have faith   I feel ready to face the wraithI'm a shell of a manWe had a planShould have been married nowWas ready to take that vowBut im just not enoughLife is just to toughSuck it up twitchYou're sounding like a bitchKeep telling yourself you're a manBut you cry more then a womanTears rolling down your faceYou're a fucking disgracestop crying stop trying stop prayingjust end it
Ending Georgetowns 29-game
BALTIMORE -- One good thing about losing the Kentucky Derby is that nobody wants much of your time for two solid weeks. Lardarius Webb Jersey . Bob Bafferts countdown still had 36 hours or so left to run Friday morning when the silver-tongued Hall of Fame trainer stepped outside his barn at Pimlico Race Course and looked at the grandstand looming in the distance. "I dont really get charged up until we walk over there Saturday afternoon," Baffert said. "Thats when it really becomes the Preakness to me." Hes won the race five times in 11 tries, three of those with the Kentucky Derby winner in his barn and twice with spoilers, who have history on their side. Only 32 horses have won the first two legs of the Triple Crown in the 130-plus times both races have been run, yet Baffert had three of those, only to lose each time in the Belmont Stakes. That wont be a problem this year, since rival California trainer Doug ONeills bay colt, Ill Have Another, ran down Bafferts Bodemeister in the fina
Ending My Day
Mmmm in the menu tonight with images of me getting stripped out of a pair of edible panties followed with a nice warm sensual clitoral massage given to me by your big strong hands.
Endings Are Inevitable.
There is a universal truth we all have to face whether we want to or not. Everything eventually ends. As much we look forward to this day, last day of summer, the final chapter of the book, parting away with close friends ,family and death, but endings are inevitable. We use fall, we close the book, we say goodbyes, we die. Today is one of those days for us. Today we say goodbye to every thing that was familiar, everything that was comfortable, we are moving on, but just because we are leaving and that hurts, there are some people who is so much a part of us, they'll be with us no matter what. They are one solid ground, our north star. And this small clear voices in our heart that will be with us ALWAYS FOREVER.
The Endless Sex Partner
so difficult to find............ older females( 50+) especially.
Endless Pain
This pain i feel deep inside is ever constant an never ending never knowing when its going to end or start is teaing me apart boh inide an out I feel like I'm on the outside looking in seeing the the happiness on everyone faces makes it that much harder bare, when thats al I want to feel again, I'm soo tired of being here suppressed by all my childish fears leaving here tonight sounds good enough to my ears though i wonder how it would soun to you, you who doesn't love me an never will, I know that no matter what I'll never have you the way I want you, Forever
The Endless Whole
I fall down the whole of lifes sarrows with no one at the end. I'm alone in my world. I always seems happy, but I know it's all a scam. I always feel alone, and need someone there for me. Every second of missury I feel, is like a year of pain. The dagger from others eyes cuts threw me with eaise. The pain of always being alone. The sarrow of being left out. It's all too much for one to bare. But I hold to it strong. It seems like no one wants me around. It seems as though I've already been put into the ground. As everyone walks over my grave. I'm by far a greater man, for how I react to it all. Through all of this, I'll never fall. Yet, it feels as though I've hit rock bottom. No one tries to befriend me any more. I'm just here for others to drop problems upon. I'm just here to take the waite of the world off everyone elses shoulders. I always smile, and ask but the same from others. My smile has now only b
Endless - New Song Available
I have a new song available called " Endless " Just released tonight. Purchase it below along with my other songs from my new album called " Industrial Strength " :) Ringtones are coming soon :)
Endless Passion
Endless Passion The soothing sound of your heartbeat, each moment you are near. The sound of your breathing, whispers softly, to my soul so deeply. Gladness fills to total abandonment, in the joy of blissful feelings, Endless passion... on the verge of explosion. With every ounce within me, I give all I am to you, and so much more. I will always belong to you... Now and forever.
Endlessly Missing You
Endlessly Missing You Without her he comes to realize how very empty life is without her. When he asleep in bed tossing and turning as he dreams of her; every waking moment of the day or evening she is always passing through his mind, even at this very moment his heart, body and soul really yearns for her badly. Copyright@2006 Charles LaMark Nelson
Endless Dreams
Oh, these marvelous, endless dreams! They make me so anxious To go to bed at night; Not even ever wanting to wake In the bright morning, it seems! In these dreams I’m with you. We’re walking, talking, Holding hands; We’re dancing to some silly love song Or just singing with the band. In these dreams I’ve kissed your lips And whispered my fantasies In your ear. I’ve held you So very close to me Your heartbeat is all I hear. When I awaken From these dreams I am so lost and all alone. I drift aimlessly Throughout the day; As I beg the night to come, Only then, can I be with you Leaning into your loving arms Letting your love carry me away. To a place so safe and warm.
Endless Love.
I finally found it. It is a beautiful piece of music video. The film is absolutely a fantastic film, starring as you can see Jacky Chan, an all time favour actor. :) Although most of you wont be able to understand the language, well i only understand some of it as i dont speak manderain! (well learning slowly) It is a based on an everyday, modern setting, however whenever Jacky goes to sleep, he slips back in time and to a girl who he falls in love with. Evenutally the dream becomes reality...he actually lives the dream itself. As if he was called on a mission to solve what was needed to be solved. I have to say it has been one of my favourite chinese films so far i have seen. A mixed of the modern times, traditional beautiful times and fantasy mingled all in one. Check it out and enjoy the music even though the language is a bit hard to understand. :) Angel.
Endless Night
in theshadows of the night all i think of is you i lay awake dreaming of being in your arms late at night when all of the world sleeps dream of a day çthat we will be together laying here in this rmpty room im on my own without you in all of the world you are the love of my life no more than what we have shared can compare to the love so deep in my soul im lost in the dark of an endless night that seems to go on for eternity asthe darkness goes on i stay up wondering when this endless night will turn
Can we release our passion Desires of intertwinement Blending into one emotion In time sharing fullfillment What we have is fate Together we became one I Love You as my mate Not due to bedroom fun Taking up where another may lack Endless feelings at a glance Through all troubles on our stack Thank You for Giving me our Chance
Endless River
My love is like a endless river flowing into the sea.But without you the river is empty there is no water no life just an empty heart filled with saddness the pain is like no other painn that makes me cry every morning.But nobody caresss so now nothing matters except to bring back to life then maybe the pain and saddness will go away and the river will flow again And I will have you.
Endless Love
I seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times... In life after life, in age after age, forever. My spellbound heart has made and remade the necklace of songs, That you take as a gift, wear round your neck in your many forms, In life after life, in age after age, forever. Whenever I hear old chronicles of love, it's age old pain, It's ancient tale of being apart or together. As I stare on and on into the past, in the end you emerge, Clad in the light of a pole-star, piercing the darkness of time. You become an image of what is remembered forever. You and I have floated here on the stream that brings from the fount. At the heart of time, love of one for another. We have played along side millions of lovers, Shared in the same shy sweetness of meeting, the distressful tears of farewell, Old love but in shapes that renew and renew forever.
The Endless Search
i reach for you but your not there, i see you and call your name, but there is no answer. everyday i look fr you, but your not there. i sit in this motel room and i close my eyes, searching for the how and whys. i fade into a restless sleep, as my heart continues to weap. i see you in my dreams, you seem so real. i call to you in my sleep, and you gently call my name. i hold you and caress your face, in my dreams i leave this place. i drift back to a white sandy beach, whereyou are within my reach. then as our lips meet, i awake to face my defeat. no more white sand do i see, im back alone,as it was meant to be. as i walk the dirty streets of hell, i know my life is at an endless swell. i look up into the sky, and i remember the nites youd cry. i hang my head and i softly say, ill join you honey,on my dying day. togather once again well walk this earth, and togather our lives well rebirth. but till t
Endless Breadcrumb Highway
If we could control The weather Some folks would Never stop The rain If we could control Forever Some of us would Not allow pain If we could control Each other No one would Ever grow If you disappeared Forever Would anyone but Me Ever know
Endless Hell
Within this torturous cell. My pain and sorrow has me held. In this endless hell. No room to breath No place to flee No soul to see In this endless hell. All hope abandon My soul is captive No angel hand No sweet lament No friendly cheer. In this endless hell.
Endless Hell
Within this torturous cell. My pain and sorrow has me held. In this endless hell. No room to breath No place to flee No soul to see In this endless hell. All hope abandon My soul is captive No angel hand No sweet lament No friendly cheer. In this endless hell.
Endless Love
Is there such thing as endless love. Are there people who are blissfully happy together all the time. With life there are struggles which need to be overcame. Does that mean love has ended and all is gone? If there is such thing as endless love when do you know you have found such a thing? Is it possible that you may never see it when it presents itself? I just want to be an old man walking hand in hand with an old woman both smiling like the day we met. I have so much to give and I long to share myself with someone equally as responisive. Im not a cold person but I dont want to be a sucker either. We put up walls to protect ourselves from pain but it is those walls that block us from expereincing things. I dont want to miss a thing but I dont want to hurt anymore. Ive been looking at people blogs woman stay at home moms who feel that them and their men are growin apart. Maybe there man works alot maybe the stress from having a family and having it young is too much to overco
Endless Possibilities
Endless Possibilities… If I could answer every question Just the way you want me to Make you understand me My little moods and confusing questions Don’t you think I would? My life confuses even myself at times And yet, you want me to explain Make it Crystal clear for you… Well I got news for you sweetie… Even Crystal isn’t really that clear And life doesn’t work that way You think you have all the answers Even think you can teach me a thing or two Think that you can guide me Show me the way to happiness Well I guess what…. I didn’t ask for your help You don’t even know my life So stop acting like you do Like you know everything Because you don’t… nor do I But see, the difference is I don’t push my views on you I am not broken So stop trying to fix me When you finally realize this By all means, let me know. The possibilities are endless…. Writen 5/21/07
Endless Sleep
Endless Sleep (7.24.04) Eyes slowly gazing to see the world. Breaths become slow and unfulfilling. The texture of the soil consumes the skin. Mother earth swallows another traveler for the great beyond.
Endless Love
Endless Chant
...Death is the way The way out Out of life Life unwanted Unwanted time Time for death...
Endless Longing
Endless Longing... Tonight the stars were fierce in their beauty, and all because you came to paint alters in my sky. And now you burn in every drop of my blood, and I'm made of endless longing. "Endless Longing," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2003
The Endless Empty
The world fades away into the deepest of black. The brightest of days becomes the darkest night. With closed eyes, I relax and not look back. Feeling the cold and endless falling flight. As I float in the endless empty. My heart loses its color. My soul cries out in vein. My life is worth no other. As known faces turn away. As I sink into the endless empty. All my hopes diminish. All my dreams fade. All my fears replenish. And my world unmade. As I fall into the endless empty. My heart will beat no more. And my tears will fade away. So the eyes of my future, will never know this day. As I embrace the endless empty.
Endless Dance
Years have come and passed Around each other, we danced Plenty of chances were missed, After each new time we kissed. There was always an invisible line Hesitation was both yours and mine Our chemistry never died While our feelings to each other we'd hide From the beginning your eyes drew me in Your heart was the only thing I could never win So many times I've wanted you to care But ultimately you couldn't be there Someone new always came along It was the same old song A broken record stuck on a track Here I was again having to pull back Even now, we're both free But I doubt you will see That I'm what you really need Your ego I no longer want to feed I don't want to be your safety net Its time you realize I'm a priceless asset
Endless Hand Drawing
I hope you like it.. and I know.. I have way to much time on my hands LOL and I was bored
Endless Pain
Endless Pain forever suffered, Lonelyness always never uncovered, No one cares not even me, Hope you all don't stop and see, In my eyes it says to all, Help me Help me don't let me fall, Crying at night thinking no one cares, Realizing that feeling never shares.
Endlessly,she Said
Walked into our world and made Horrible sounds. I can still hear them today [Strangely they seem] Beautiful now, Though they outlast my love. Still each time I always meant, Every word, Every one. Though in time they finally bent, Every word, Every one. Every word. "I will wait for you," she said, "endlessly." "I will wait for you." So spoke, Misery. I returned to you but found, My empty home. The radio told me to stay. [As it burned Bright] I sang alone. You will outlast my love. Still each time I always meant, Every word, Every one. Though in time they finally bent, Every word, Every one. Every word. "I will wait for you," she said, [Endlessly, She Said lyrics on] "endlessly." "I will wait for you." So spoke, Misery. Oh. I have been waiting for you, Biting as you taught me to. I have come to relieve you, Of life and love. I will wait for you. I will wait for you. I will wait for you. I will
Endless Sacrifice - Dream Theater
Cold Lying in my bed Staring into darkness Lost I hear footsteps overhead And my thoughts return Again Like a child who's run away And won't be coming back Time keeps passing by As night turns into day I'm so far away And so alone I need to see your face To keep me sane To make we whole Try to stay alive Until I hear your voice I'm gonna lose my mind Someone tell me why I chose this life This superficial lie Constant compromise Endless sacrifice Pain It saddens me to know The helplessness you feel Your light Shines on my soul While a thousand candles Burn Outside this barren room The rain is pouring down The emptiness inside Is growing deeper still You're so far away And so alone You long for love's embrace To keep you sane To make you whole Try to stay alive Until I hear your voice I'm gonna lose my mind Someone tell me why I chose this life This superficial lie Constant compromise Endless sacrifice Moments wasted Is
Endless Nights
Well its the month of endless nights, seems that I never get to bed to get any rest. Its shows its working in the dam store its 14 hour days with only a 1/2 day off each week. Sometimes I hate what I do. But then there are the rewards.. like the tons of cash that I make this month..I make about 4x what my normal paycheck would be for the month.. so there is the trade off.. make enought to take a 2 week vacation to sunny cali in December and play golf for 2 weeks.. so if you look at it that way.. its all good.
Endless Cycle Ends
Holding on my soul rests it's course running for long it's so tired now. Endless searching rampant, random hearts colliding in this never ending cycle. Meeting, hello, I love, goodbye Then careening away to crash again with a renewed vengeance. Suddenly, a stranger, reaching through electronic waves, grabs my heart without seeing, without touching. I fall for this online caress. Crashing heart-to-heart one final time. Holding on My soul rests it's course And my cycle ends-- with love.
Endless Love
If you listen to this song and truly search your soul. Let the song sway your emotions and when your soul locks on to the feelings that can't be explained...that will tell you how much I love you Desaree.
Endless Sleep.
Where the worlds meet there shall I sleep, And be in peace etched in a stone shadow above my body, Cold in natures grip feeding through my flesh and harvesting my bone, Mimicking the falling leaf that lands on my new turned soil, Silver rays shine down on my grass, Embracing a life after life that flows from my decay, My being gone but life lives on, The only thing left of me a rock carved with my name.
Endless Cycle
As hard as I try I can't hold it all together I'm falling Yet it feels like it's in slow motion Everyone just watches And no one tries to catch me Don't try to say you care When it's just a lie Everyone changes As soon as I start to trust them I want to run away And never look back Just let it all go And not be needed all the time But I can't help but hold on I hate to watch anyone fall It's like I see me Everytime I see them And I feel the hurt once more And I have to catch them
Endless Love ~ Lionel Richie And Dianna Ross
My love There's only you in my life The only thing that's right My first love You're every breath that I take You're every step I make And I I want to share All my love with you No one else will do And your eyes They tell me how much you care Oh, yes you will always be My endless love Two hearts Two hearts that beat as one Our lives had just begun Forever I'll hold you close in my arms I can't resist your charms And love I'll be a fool for you I'm sure You know I don't mind Whoooooa, you know I don't mind 'Cos you You mean the world to me Oh, I know I know I found in you My endless love [Instrumental Interlude] Oooooooh And love I'll be that fool for you I'm sure You know I don't mind Whooooa, you know I don't mind And yes You'll be the only one 'Cos no one can't deny This love I have inside And I'll give it all to you My love My endless love
Endless Hatred
She cried out for help, no one was there, nobody listened, they didn't care. People kept walking further away, leaving her with no one to wipe the tears away. She looked for a friend, nobody came, nobody liked her, there was no one to blame. All those years with nobody loving her, really hurt, and made her dreams all a blur. Her future looked hopeless, a deep dark black, people always stabbing her in the back. Soon she grew tired of the hatred and pain, said, "I'm leaving here, there's nothing for me to gain." She left with a bang, stunning everyone, killing herself with her father's gun. Everyone laughed, nobody cried, it was a party when she died, One lonely girl, killing herself and so scared, just because nobody cared. Copywrited 10-14-84 Just another diatribe from the past - and I thank all my friends that cared enough to see me through then as well as now...
Endless Summer Nights Richard Marx
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Endless Love
You are my better half The best thing that has Ever happened to me When I look to the sky I know that this is True when I feel your Love surrounding me like A flower in bloom You make it hard not To fall in love with you From the sway of your walk To the voice of an angel Coming out from within Knowing that you will take me With everything that means Growing through out time And spending eternity with thee Will You Marry Me.
The Endless Potential Of An Accounting Degree
As I have said many times, I am happy where I am currently working. I have a part-time gig as a professor and work full-time as an auditor. I make good money with a growing aerospace/defense company and my coworkers are pretty awesome too. My dilemma started about 3 weeks ago when I was on careerbuilder/monster (something like that) and clicked an APPLY button on a consulting job. From there I have gone through two interviews with a small consulting firm that currently has a contract with a government agency to perform A-123 work (an accounting thing) and associated consulting and policy development. I would be up for a big salary increase (potentially $10-15K higher), 3-4 days working from home, up to 25% profit sharing, and numerous other benefits that are equal or above what I currently have. But the contract is for 2 years... I have been with my currently employer for only 2 years... before that was 6 months (but I left because of potential fraudulent activity by the CEO
The Endless Circle
I run and run- Run in circles; Trying to flee- Break the shackles, That bind me to you. A great vacuum- Sucking me dry; Devouring my energy. No matter how I try, I cannot break free. Talons of love- Piercing my heart; Tears of blood flow. My soul is coming apart As I pull and pull. Nearing the end, Only to begin again To fight this battle- And alone, I stand As I take that step and start over. Copyright 2007 Missy Harrell
Endless Questions
They say 'better to be safe than sorry', tell me then,..whats the point in love? So 'all great minds think alike', ..then would one genius be enough? If my success is based on wealth, would being poor mean that i failed? If flying would get us places faster, would you rather walk or sail? The human race has no conscience, does that mean i have no soul? If animals can live as on, who's realy in control? Why do people die for truth, yet others live on lies? The sad men force a smile, the happy stand and cry? If life had no enigma, like a book already read, would you enjoy it just as much, as if the words had not been said? How come ten good things go unnoticed, whilst one bad thing gets a mention? Why do Prophets get forgotten but mass killers get attention? 'Chase what can't be caught', ...why not save what can't be saved? When you know whats i! n the darkest cave, would you still walk in affraid? If you count every b
Endless Summer Nights
Summer came and left without a warning All at once I looked and you were gone And now you're looking back at me Searching for a way that we can be Like we were before Now I'm back to what I knew before you Somehow the city doesn't look the same I'd give my life for one more night Of having you here to hold me tight; oh please Take me there again Oh, oh Chorus: And I remember how you loved me Time was all we had until the day we said goodbye I remember every moment of those endless summer nights I still recall the walks along the beaches And the way your hair would glisten in the sun Rising in the afternoon Making love to you under the moon; Oh-uh-oh Do you remember all the nights we spent in silence Every single breath you took was mine We can have it all again Say that you'll be with me when the sun brings your heart to mine Oh, oh Chorus: And I remember how you loved me Time was all we had until the day we said goodbye And I remember every mome
Endless Words Of Nothing
Endless Words of Nothing Twisted vines of web become death. Words are weeping of sorrow flowing like dreams. Kisses of death tumble into breathe of hope. Seeing what is meant, But Not seeing what was lost. Life shatter likes glass upon hearts not daring to live. Candles flicker like stars, Yet There is not warmth like arms of mother holding you tight. Raging storm is screaming of howling nightmare upon you. Touch of safety because his haunting embraces of yesterday love anew. Tears of rain become icy upon the heart. Fire of passion lost with the abyss of darkness. How can love turn so cold once it burned like fire? Dreams are now upon an endless pathway towards love turns into bleak reality. Fleeing into a fortress where kept safety away from love touch. Silently a heart withers in slumber. A soul turns solid as a rock. Darkness seeks no reason to walk upon daylight. Death and life is a hollow grave of resting wonder. Twisted vines, words weeping, kisses of de
Endless Love
Its funny how over the years love doesnt change however the kind of love does. I'll be the first to admit that I still love my 1st husband I however am not in love with him. I love him because even after we got divorced he has always been there for me. Maybe it's wrong to still love him but I don't care if it's wrong. He's been in my life for 8 years and will continue to be even after other people come and go.....
Endless Love
Turning tumbling stumbling falling fast into the endless void. Talking yelling screaming shouting though it sounds like a whisper in my head. Yearning wanting helplessly hoping that this is not the end. Timeless patience walking blindly fast into the endless void
An endless highway Of countless horizons The sun will rise And will fall again. Freinds will be lost Lovers will fade away Nothing can be done For them, for anyone. All highways end Each horizon is numbered Take heed to live Each day like its last. Learn your lessons Pass life's tests. Thursday, October 24, 2002 Within without Hapiness, they say Comes from within Most would agree with that. Thus I conclude That Sadness must Originate from without Without Love, without joy Without happiness and cheer. Without fright, without gloom Without hate and even fear. Without him, without her Without a very close friend. Without marriage, without kids What will come in the end? Without all these things It is safe to say That Sadness will rule your world. But with these things How long will it be For Sadness to finally unfur
''endless Dark''
Softly the light shines in through The gates of grace on me and you Deceiving our restless hearts A flickering flame so serene Devours the night so we could see The fear we hold on to so strong But i know where i belong Away from your gods That heal all wounds and light this endless dark Lonely the light shines on you Through the gates of fire entombed Feeding on your love Weak is the blaze that kept me away From cruelty and tenderness embraced Saving my soul no more And i know where i belong Away from your gods That heal all wounds and light this endless dark That shine on you and tame your burning heart That bury my truth right into your arms That worship the tomb of our forlorn love
Endless Shit
Endlessly (for You)
The essence of living is life, the essence of day is light, our very purpose for existance is love much in the way that I love you.Thru clouds shadowed with doubt and fearThru and beyond all the things I hold forever nearThru rain and sun and all these thingsMy love for you remains as beautiful as the springThru height and depth and far off placeFar beyond the dark outer spaceFar from any place that man's eyes have never seenBeyond all of our very own understandingMy love for you shall carry onOn and on til all existance is far goneAnd it shall be stronger in that dayThan it was in the beginning this wayWhen I tell you forever my love is trueIt is more pure than the bluest of blueIt is more lovely than the blue bird songAgain I remind you, my love goes on and onEach night when you lay your head down upon your bedAnd the day has passed and you think of all that was saidI hope you hear these sweet words mine Playing over and over in your dear mindAnd in that moment, I hope you findGreat
Endless Blood
Endless Blood By Mark Hill © 1999   A howl in the distance, Pierces a blanket of night, The moon overhead, Kisses the land with light,   Clouds pass peacefully, Through the cold midnight air, Over a house down below, There was innocence there,   Inside a wealthy family, And a girl of nineteen, She prepares for her slumber, Hair brushed and clean,   She then removed her slippers, And slowly shut the door, She leaped quickly into bed, Avoiding the cold wood floor,   She lay there eyes closed, With the cover she held tight,
Endless Summer (song)
My day starts. I climb out of bed. Looking to the skys. All the grey over my head. But still I smile. Cause my heart feels your sun. It cant feel the rain anymore. Because of you my clouds are gone. You have brought endless summer. To my winter drenched bones. Only close to your warmth. Is a place I can call home. The winds can pull me down. But I'll get back on my feet. So I can feel you once again. A warmth ever so sweet. This earth can throw at me. Everything besides the sun. All I need is your warmth. Forever my only one. You have brought me an endless summer. Warmed my winter drenched bones. Only close to your heart. Is a place I call home.... By Michael Profant
Searching through this endless seaWondering what I will becomeWill I ever find someone specialSearching in places god hasn't seenAnd I wonder... what will become of me Will this ever endMy search for somethingMy longing for someone specialMy search, It's become endless Searching through this sea of lifeless bodiesWondering what it is I've becomeJaded mind and faded emotionsBlock all feelings from my chestTerminal disconnection from my heartSo I wonder, what will become of me
Endless Love
I want to love you in a way that you never thought possible.  An overwhelming passion between two tangled souls.  Making love in the midst of our minds recoil.  Our bodies intertwined like a spider’s web.  So close, it’s like we have joined and become one.  Our minds, our bodies, our souls, even our instincts show similarities of unimaginable proportions.  When I move, you move like you’re reading my thoughts.  Like you know what I want; you know what I’m feeling.  Our hearts beat with a simultaneous rhythm.  As if we were a pair of drums in the Congo.  As we dance to the sound of a lovers beat, dripping passionate sweat from head to feet.  We lose all sight of logic as the clock continues to turn.  Tick, tick.  We fall into an ignorant bliss.  Unseperatable for the rest of eternity.  And when time no longer exists, there will still be you and me. 
The End (lyrics)
The EndFuck you!3,2,1 your time is up.Shit out of luck too fucked to think to duck.You're lookin for me?Well, I'm huntin for you.I'm ready to handle some business I'm attendin to.Are you ready for this shit?You better ball up your fist bitch.I'ma show you what I'm all about, ride outAnd do it how we do it in the south so watch out!I've got this disease.So stay away from me.Fed up with all the mistakes that you made.Not sure how much more of this I can take.I know I'm through with you, you say Fuck me?Well I say fuck you too.Heart beating faster than a motherfucker.I black out when we're about to kill each other.Served or be served I don't give a fuck.I'm not afraid to take a beating you're the first to get stuck.Are you ready for this shit?You better ball up your fist bitch.Don't believe me? Swear to God fuckin try me!And I'll be the first to show you what you get little bitch!I've got this disease.So stay away from me.[Chorus]You want a fuckin piece of me?!?
The End Leads To A New Beggining!
  i used to be searching for a permanent place. someone to stand by and take care of. i found it and it was wonderful for a very long time. but as the saying goes... people change! i didnt... but i have to now i see. i always loved making children smile. thats why i knew i had to have some of my own. i just didnt think about the heartbreak it would cause me to lose them. they say life isnt fair and i know how true that is. i love them more than anything in the world! its so troubling to know that someone will take my place and raise them as they want. the most i will miss is being able to be there for them at any moment they need me. i will always love her for giving me those little angels... but i know i just cant trust her anymore. the saddest thing is she never trusted me... why? im not really sure. most tell me she probably had a guilty conscience and was justifying herself by accusing me all the time. maybe... i dont care anymore!    im gonna find where i belong one day and then
Endless Wondering
Endless Wondering I watch you as you move with an air of illuminationIt's amazing how your feet never seem to touch the groundYour eyes are fixed on a path unseenIs this an illusion?...a dream?As you walk by everything is silentMonstrous people seem to gather aroundMy view is lost in a mass of confusionI look frantically...searching...hoping!Could you be gone?I turn and look behind me, nothing but black is seenMy search is hopelessWhere could you be?Were you just a dream?Just an illusion?My path unseen?   Author: Azria   Copyright © 2009
Endless Nightmare Of Broken Dreams
in this endless nightmare of broken dreams                                                                                            its dark without a single word to be spoken here consuming and confusing all that is real my mind plays tricks, unable to seperate what is real and what is fantasy in this endless nightmare of broken dreams hearts are broken fears come alive spinning on an endless spiral the memories of your pain come to life and are resurected once again consistantly haunting and penatraiting into my subconscious body while im trying to walk through this plain not quite unsderstanding all that I see there is a sign off in the distance reading  " welcome to the endless nightmare of broken dreams, bring your fears and watch them come alive" in this endless nightmare of broken dreams the river burns while flowing with lifeless corpses many lives of which it has claimed endless nightmare of broken dreams the place to wich wounds become fresh again and lives
Endless Forest
running through the endless forest trying to reach the end looking for the places to hide my fears come alive loosing you is like is like coming to a brick wall crumbling to the ground theres pain, heartache and anger drping from my vains pouring and pooling in a puddle around me stuck in one spot and unable to move happends to be where I stand only your love can free me now breaking free has no option here falling to the ground is closing near loosing my battle looks like my outcome here i reach into my pocket i find a knife i reach down and start to cut slashing each wrist from left to right i feel the the burning as i cut and feel the bleeding as it drips. adding to the pool around me. to finish my pain only one place left to go. I stab right  in the center ripping out my heart stabing it threw the middle, it falls from my hands my body follows after crumbling to the ground my body lies life like on the forest ground Im staying here with no one around to care
Endless Summer Days
i can't wait
Endless Sea
A beautys heart wanders,Like being lost in a sea.Looking for a love,That she still cannot see. In time beautiful,Your heart will see the shore.And leave those empty waters,To drift in them nomore. Close your eyes beautiful,And reopen your mind.Someday when not searching the waters,That shore your heart will find.
Endless Ages Of Time
Through the endless ages of time Love was lost   Through out the cosmos the wrong has tried to be righted   Since that time true love was intertwined my soul aches   We have met before but he does not see me   It is the darkness a round his soul that blinds him   For he cannot see   I sit and wait my heart aches   For him to see; see the truth ever twining      Romance is for those who lust   Romance is an illusion   True love is ever binding   For there is trust   Trust that only true love brings   Threw the sands of time I sit and wait   Waiting for the one who fills me with light   The one who warms my soul   Makes me feel like a bird soaring high above in the sky   While I wait; I am all alone waiting   The loneliness is all consuming   It eats my soul as if I would die   Will I die from this loneliness?   This I do not know   Through the ages of time i do not know 
Endless Humanity
fuck  this  and  screw  that  ,  do you  live  in a world  thats  black  ,  dim  ,  and  filling  your  mind  with  endless  dreams  ,  nothing  seems  real  thats  how  it  is  ,  you live  for yourself  and  give  to noone  ,  share  your  money  with only  you .  is  the  life  you  lead  somehow  looking  blue  , turn  to the  black  , instead  of the  lite  ,  give  up  your  useless  fight  .
Endless Hate
Sparkling wineIntertwines These poisonous veinsDripping with sin My curves cut deeplyEtching love on old wounds Carving a path to your heartAnd ending sweeter than it's start Flames cast my shaddowAcross this cavernous roomDancing wild like firePain feeds my desire Open wounds Drip blood into wineI take you in deelplyThis hatered is divine You would never allowMy love to come downSo I pretend my heart is full of hateFeeling nothing, controlling fate Leaving you behindTo mend time and chanceI wanted the forever I saw in your eyesAlas, it was just a brilliant disguise 
Endless Love
The nurse watched as she struggled to write. This process had been going on for hours, letter after letter had been written and sealed and stamped. She now had a collection of about 20 or so. She had struggled with this one much more than the others. Tears flowing and sobs of anguish. The nurse had asked her if she wanted her to write it for her as she dictated it to her and she emphatically said “No, it has to be from me in my writing”. The pain and effort with each sentence was clear to the nurse as she watched her patient saying goodbye to all those the people in her life that were not here. The nurse had asked should she call anyone and again an emphatic “No”. She said “I write much better than I would speak right now and there is a lot I want to say”.   “This is the last one” she said “but the most important of all”. “Please keep it till the time comes and call the number on the top of the page”. &
Endless Tears
Endless Words
Endless Words try to talk to you. You can't read my mind so I write knowing you won't read my heartfelt words I think of you wounder what can I do, Was I so salfish not saying how I feel, Holding my heart. Standing back fighting hard not to hurt you. Endless Words try to talk to you. You can't read my mind, I held back wish I had not, My Daughter would not be gone.        bY Christine    
The Endless Trails Of Life!
The Endless trails of life...... I have come to realize that there comes a time in every persons life that you have to make choices that will affect your future. Our lives are filed with thousands of paths that we must take and then there are those that we must try to avoid. However, it is not until you find yourself in the middle of one path have you realized that the path was one of those that should have been avoided. We make mistakes, and in the end all we can do is learn from them. We allow ourself to love and to be love,a nd take the chance of getting hurt. Many grow stronger and move on, others dewell and self-distruct never allowing love again. We look back into our past so much that it blocks out both our present and our future. Life is full of "what if's" and the said part about it is that we may never know "what if". We must continue on our journey, without looking back, learning each step of the way. Getting rid of the past, living the present, an
Endless Styles Und Stoffe Für Die Wedding Dress
Der Hochzeitstag ist ein tatsächlicher wichtiger Tag im Leben eines jeden. Es ist eine tatsächliche schwierige Aufgabe eine bewundernswerte Brautkleid für jede Braut zu akzeptieren. Als die Hochzeit Kleid hat eine entsprechende Bedeutung, will jeden Helfer eine absolute Kleid für die Hochzeit zu akzeptieren. Die Gehilfin kann eine Menge bewundernswerte Frauen in der Zeremonie sein, wenn sie in das Brautkleid ist. Es spielt eine tatsächliche Rolle in der Hochzeit. Sie laden zu Aufnahme und planen ängstlich, wenn Sie THAE Ihrem besten Kleid zu erreichen. Es gibt unendlich viele Stile und Stoffe für die Hochzeit Kleider, und akzeptieren Sie die passende für Sie akzeptieren. Traditionell ist das weiße Kleid eine Menge akzeptiert, weil weiße symbolisiert Enthaltung und Keuschheit. Wenn Sie nicht Ehrgeiz ein weißes Kleid zu tun, können Sie von einem erweiterten Anwendungsbereich von Farben akzeptieren: Champagne, Ivory, Pearl, Creme und so weiter. Üblicherweise sind die Stoffe für das Klei
As a solider is on his way home from the fight for peace and love to all he has before his vision  of the sweetest of passions fall before his eyes on his way back home does he find the day or moment where he opens his eyes only to see the purest of angels on a day that has the sweetest temptations and passions of the smallest sins of being on a balcony of true love with the sweetest of strawberries or fruit on the clearest summer day with the most beautiful breeze he has ever felt for she is there with him on that balcony just for to share a single moment and be truly at peace with just that moment if that shall be all she shares with him for he has held so much pain in his heart as she has for they no not of the reasons as of yet until she says no words and allows him only to just look into her eyes to journey to her heart and see what truly exists in her heart of which he never has seen such beauty at that very moment when he opens his eyes that were bleeding and blind for all he wa
Endless Pleasure Freelander Pd80 Superior Version
  tablet cinesi PD80 superior version equipped with a newly developed Rockchip RK3066 dual-core chip with 1.6GHz clocked dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor, built-in quad-core ARM Mali-400 MP GPU, running speed, the game industry to achieve higher levels of performance. Freelander PD80 has a superior version of the same with the second generation iPad2 IPS hard screen, providing a 1024 x 768 resolution, support 10-point touch capabilities, resulting in a more clear and better visual experience, the game control feel free to unparalleled. Top of the screen built a 300,000 camera for video chat, rear a 2 megapixel camera has a good ability to take pictures. Freelander tablet android recent market performance in the dual-core tablet is to force, and equipped with RK3066 dual core chips PD80 superior version of the market is the best proof, even though the price is just a thousand dollars, but PD80 superior version configuration comprehensive, powerful, IPS screen and iPad2 with level, w
An Endless Parade Of People, Dancing Elephants, Noise & Uncharted Beach Roads.
I apologise, it was not the man of Richmond Castle who liked baby boys, it was the lady of the house according to the Man with the Limp and most likely the lady who did the guided tour of the Castle/Palace told me too. It reminds me of Buckingham Pallace, quite long and square. ++++ Tonight we have been totally deaffened by an elephant procession that we attended. We left the hotel at 7.45 and had to drive quite a distance to get to the procession where we clambered off the coach, an ancient affair with windows that opened. I took a blouse/jacket in case the aircon was too cool, how silly was that. +++ Here the evenings stay warm so any breeze is pleasant, especially in an ancient coach. +++ The coach was 2/3 full and majority were Russian, as are the guests in the hotel now. There are just six of us left from England and when the other couple go home on Monday we will be alone. Luckily there are some nice Dutch, Germans & of couse Sri Lankans. +++ The parade was long and I m
The End (maybe)
Shadows of the darkened night Slowly creeping to claim me Waiting patiently for you Nothing left here for me to see Life for me is at it's end Ready to close my tired eyes Drawing upon my final breath No one left to say good-bye Loneliness worse than pain Consuming my very being Overshadows conscious thoughts Love of life no longer seeing Sitting alone day after day Finally taking it's toll No one here to talk with Wearing down a weary soul Shadows of the darkened night Gladly welcoming you in Wishing for your deadly kiss My only friend, the bitter end
The End? No! The Beginning!!
Last night was NOT a good night. Didn't sleep much. Woke up with a headache and backache again. Okay, today is going to be the start of a new day and new beginning instead of the end of a lost love. Today is going to be a sunny and beautiful day. Time to play with kids and enjoy the day. Not concentrate on the bad. God give me the ability to make today a success. Last night was the a new beginning.
End Of The Day Prayer
I DID NOT WRITE THIS BUT THIS IS SOMETHING THAT I CHERISH PERSONALY AND WANTED TO SHARE WITH YOU. ITS A REMINDER TO ME NOT TO OVER LOOK THE INPORTANT THINGS IN MY LIFE. ENJOY. END OF THE DAY PRAYER At the end of the day let me not dwell on my failures or recount my disappointments Let my heart not be heavy over the days frustrations, the cold voices, and minor vexations. Remind me that there is so much more to life, than worry, pain and trivial strife. Let me not be blind to each tiny pleasure Remind me that each day there are little blessings and they are something to treasure. Let me hear children’s laughter, the voice of a dear friend; and let the warm memories revive me....... When a long day ends. And wrap me tight in your arms once my worries depart ; never let me forget your love lest I forget my heart. AMEN
Endorsing My Cam Job....
End Of Forever
the words we spoke we truly meant but who are we to say how time is truly spent eternity is something that cant truly exist it is a hazy revalation like the morning mist how can there be a tomorrow if we dont believe in today how can there be a game if we all refuse to play if we created time then why cant we make it stop because that would make forever another hollowed prop there'd be no future that we'd need to defend because as we'd know it forever would end
End Of The Season
Hi My fellow yankee fans, Well it was a hell of a run this year and I know that you all were waiting to hear how I felt on the team after this weekend. I think this was by far one of the toughest seasons in our history and the only times tougher was the 80's. We had huge injuries that everyone thought we were done once two of our 100 rbi guys went down. We had our young guns come in and fill that void. We then went out and got a great acquisition in Bobby Abreau. Our captain had a hell of a season and will be named the AL MVP. Not since Mickey Mantle has a player won the rookie of the year and MVP. The best news out of this season was that we took over first place from the Sux when it looked like they were going to run away with it. So let's not forget the great things and the joy that our team gave us this season. Now for the way we ended it. After the first game I thought along with all of you that this was going to be number 27. The team felt that way too, but you have to giv
The End Of Days....
Example....of what is yet to come...Socialism refers to a broad array of doctrines or political movements that envisage a socio-economic system in which property and the distribution of wealth are subject to social control.[1] As an economic system, socialism is associated with state or collective ownership of the means of production. This control may be either direct — exercised through popular collectives such as workers' councils — or it may be indirect — exercised on behalf of the people by the state. The modern socialist movement had its origin largely in the working class movement of the late-19th century. In this period, the term "socialism" was first used in connection with European social critics who condemned capitalism and private property. For Karl Marx, who helped establish and define the modern socialist movement, socialism implied the abolition of money, markets, capital, and labor as a commodity. It is difficult to make generalizations about the diverse array of d
End Of The Road
my favorite band and always will be for eternity (Band Blog #1) End of the RoadAdd a video to your site FREE Music Video Code
End Of The Mourning
blackened palms bring the gods upon us seven eyes of the bleeding one showing the path of darkness revelation of the red sun tell the tale of solitude severed ties from everyone would you let it in would you pray for me end the morning save yourself from sin if you walk with me ill keep you safe if you ask for me to heal your wounds ill cure your pain look inside yourself and youll find and empty soul lift me with your crown of thorns ill keep your heart a glow keeping you awake to see the river of blood thats deep inside me
The End Of A Dreamer
there was a moment not so very long ago after the dreams became real and not just pretty stories where it was possible justice was true and she fell into your empty space to fit the role you needed filled blinded by possibility shackled by love held prisioner to perfect words and a soul that could be seen but not touched there was a moment not so very long ago before the dreamer fell for the last time into the myth and mystery of romance before it all came crashing down before heartbreak became inevitable again
The End Of An Era.
My old friends may notice a change in the Tiger. For too long I have been passive.. politically correct and meek. Sitting along the sidelines, being "nice", quiet and very un-tiger like. Ive been more like Garfield than I have a tiger. I do believe it is possible to have an edge and be more aggressive as long as I dont do as many of my male counterparts do and cross the line and be disrepectful. There is a way to be assertive, aggressive and very much tigerlike without being vulgar, graphic and disrepectful. very few have ever gotten what they wanted being passive, and politically corect. Anyone that would like to come along for the ride, I can promise adventure and some crossing of the line. For those that choose to stay behind, Looks like you will be missing out. Its time for me to rediscover what made me a tiger in the first place.
The End Of The World!
another gem!
End Of The World
Play End of the World
The End Of The Beginning The Beginning Of The End Of Something Like That
Isolation, bleak with desolation alone, waiting for the ring of the phone there is a void I think I've hidden, only to find a widening chasm beneath my feet. Sometimes I wish I could just reside in the Internet and not have to feel, not have to deal with the 'real.' Here I have friends with obligations and are too busy to call, or stop by and say hi. I don't want to be a bother. I don't want to be alone yet that seems my fate. Seems I am always an after though. Just when I think Things look up something comes along to knock the shit from under meet and make sure I know that nope sucker you ain't going up...what the fuck were you thinking dumbass. I look at the bulletins I repost for people...hardly anyone reads them and almost noone resposts them...oh well..can't blame them....I've got a wedding to attend to tomorrow..but at this point I don't know if I feel I should attend. not fair of me to bring my sorry ass their feeling like's their happy day...I am not entit
The End Of The World.
Picture it ... 7:40am, Sunday, October 15, 2006. So, I'm about to wake up, still more than half asleep, when all of a sudden I feel this violent shaking ... felt like forever, but it probably lasted maybe 15 seconds. I look at my friend who slept over and he is like "WTF". Not even a minute later, the shaking starts up again, this time I could see the walls in my room swaying. My daughter is in her room yelling for me, like I could do something ... lol. I guess she was freaked out because that tremor knocked down some stuff in her room. 6.7 - that was the magnitude of the first quake. The second one was a 5.0. Through out the week we kept getting aftershocks, mainly felt on the Big Island. So, going back to the 15th. Within 10 minutes, power goes off all across the state. Some got theirs back within 2 hours - which was up the street from me ... not even 3 blocks away. I got mine 15 hours later. The last of the state got theirs back 3 hours after I did. Five days
End Of November
Ohhh what a birthday I had! Two of my best friends flew out from the east coast, and along with a couple others we spent all WEEK playing. (amazing meals, lots of drinking, the arcade, movies, adult board games- I won those cause I'm the biggest pervert...) First of course, came the birthday present from the boyfriend- lack of sleep. He was more than happy to keep me up all night, my neighbors probably thought someone was being abused. Well... actually.... lol. I didn't complain about having to function on two hours of sleep... he made breakfast for me and all my friends. Crepes. Yum. Talk about a fantastic fucking boyfriend. Then it was off to do some go kart racing... I beat everyone- thoroughly. Oh and then we had a crazy orgy.... my boyfriend, me, and four of my girl friends. 8 pairs of hands, 6 mouths... licking, screaming, begging for more.... Oh wait that was my dream last night. Nevermind. Now I have to make xmas plans... and new years too.... I'm thin
The End Of My Road Trip
well guys. I had the best trip of my life. I had my highs and a few lows, but overall, was the best ever of my trips that I have taken. after 51 days, 23 states and 7500 miles, I'm back in lake Charles,la on my way home. I have seen over 20 lighthouse,buffalo, seen the fall leaves turn colors, seen the Dixieland stamped in gatlinburg,TN. seen one of the great lakes, lake Erie. driven thru Graceland,Frankfort,KY, the Hamptons on long island, seen the big duck of Flanders,NY and a lot more. I have been to 28 states and numerous counties and small towns U wont find on a map. experienced all types of food and weather as well as cultures too. I have met with a lot of new and old friends and hope to meet 1 special one someday. so if U haven't seen some of my pics have taken, please check them out on my pic tab here or at
End Of The Road By Boyz 2 Men
The End Of Pain
Why do I feel this way that I feel? Everyday is a struggle and that shits for real. The cold steel from a blade is my only release. A fountain of blood will bring me my peace. Life is pain, so pain is my life. Ironic how I escape pain with the slice of a knife. You cant understand, no way you can feel, The plight of my life, and the ways that I deal. The blade is sharp, but this pain cuts much deeper. "God send me an angel, I swear to YOU that I'll keep her." No answer, just silence. It fills up the room. So I sit and ponder what will read on my tomb. "Here lies Jason, He wished for his death- And when the time came- He just smiled and left"
The End Of Another Broadcast Day.
I want to thanks every single one of my friends on cherry tap for making my birthday a fantastic day, it couldnt have started or ended any better than it did this year! I'm very greatful to know each and every one of you. A very special thanks to jenni, aka your royal princess for getting the ball rolling this morning despite feeling like death herself. You mean a lot to me jenni, more than I can express at this time. I love ya hun
End Of Quarter!
Well, the end of the quarter for school is finally here. I have one more final exam to take and I get a break until January. First final grade for grad school is.... ACC560 ~ Managerial Accounting... Drum roll please? {ha, ha} "A" WooHoo!!! {does little dance around the room} Thank you for reading this!
End Of The Year Questions....
Year-End Review question/answers.. you can either do it or not.... 1. What did you do in 2006 that you'd never done before? hmmm, i went on a cruise, and i have already booked another one, i loved it... 2. Did you keep your new years' resolutions, and will you make more for next year? nahh i don't make them...!! 3. Did anyone close to you give birth? yes, my cousin had a boy and a few friends had babies too.. thank GOD it wasn't me LOL. 4. Did anyone close to you die? Yes, :( that is part of life though 5. What countries did you visit? mexico 6. What would you like to have in 2007 that you lacked in 2006? hmmmm, i am not sure, i seem to have everything i "need", i am blessed 7. What date from 2006 will remain etched upon your memory, and why? there is not just "one day"... seems 2006 was just an average year 8. What was your biggest achievement of the year? wow, i sound boring but when i taught myself to knit. 9. What was your biggest failure?
The End Of Life
I sit and watch. A tradgey to say the least. A love that has lasted for so long. Yet it is ended with the lose of a life. One passes on to the next life While one stays behind. Alone and lost not knowing what to do. Is this true love or is this just life.
End Of Eternity
Priorities of my life changes every single day As the things i wish for, never comes my way So i keep sailing without any hope by my side Learning with time, different ways to survive My life has been a rainbow with shades of grey Now the brightest of them is simply fading away Pushed back and forth by my destiny's tide And i just kept on learning ways to survive Subsiding deep inside my own living clay Remembering moments which went astray Fought all alone with my reflection's strife While my heart was learning ways to survive Bending till i break, so that i could pray Screaming till he hears what i have to say Searching for a piece of my lost pride Dying everyday while learning ways to survive
The End Of Year Update
The End of 2006 so far for me has being wonderful i got to meet a musician called James Morrison and got his autograph on his brand new 2cd album So Far So Good the best of and one of my friends came home from norway who i missed like crazy and i am glad she's back in sydney and don't worry girls she's just my friend nothing more and i also gave another friend of mine a christmas present and i am pretty sure she likes it but i am not 100% certain though but because i gave it to her early she opened it early which is something i allow all the time when i give my friends christmas presents and i am not certain what i have planned for new year's eve as yet because i don't usually know what i am doing on new year's eve every time until 2007 take care and merry christmas and happy new year from Bruce
End Of The Year Survey...good Bye 06
END OF 06 SURVEY(: WITH 2006 COMING TO AN END HAVE YOU... 1. Have you had any relationships this year? one, and I ended it 2. Have you had your birthday yet? begining of the year' due for another soon 3. Seen Happy Feet yet? nope 4. Been on a diet? so i can gain weight from obessingabout my apperance, no,,, me loves me 5. Pulled an all nighter? well of course 6. Drank Starbucks? yep 7. Went Camping? not this year, I should have tho 8. Bought something(s)? lots of things, its called self sufficency 9. Met someone special? special friends , yes 10. Been out of state? not this year 11. Gone Snowboarding? nope 12. What are you thinking about? this is a sorry attempt at attention, but i am bored...sue me Have you... 1.) Hugged someone? yes 2.) Slept in someone elses bed? yep, my friend Melissa 3.) Drank any alchohol? numerous types , yes 4.) Loaned out money? a few times 5.) Gotten in a car accident? nope 6.) Gone o
End Of The Year Survey
year end survey. 1) Where did you begin 2006? At a certain Capt. house, drunk ofcourse! 2) What was your status by Valentine's Day? Fucked (not in the good way) 3) Were you in school (anytime this year)? Yeah 4) How did you earn your money? Firefighting and Working at the central washington vascular institue. 5) Did you have to go to the hospital? Yeah quite a few times, for work. 6) Did you have any encounters with the police? A few but again only for work. 7) Where did you go on holiday? Levanworth, WA 8) What did you purchase that was over $500? Laptop, PDA phone, PS2 Games, ton of DVD's 9) Did you know anybody who got married? 2 10) Did you know anybody who passed away? too many 11) Have you run into anybody you left high school with? Nope 12) Did you move anywhere? I moved to Washington from California 13) What sporting events did you go to. None 14) What concerts/shows did you go to? Megadeath, Jellyneck 15) Are you reg
End Of Another Year....
End Of Year Prayer
This minister has guts!! > > Thought you might enjoy this interesting prayer given in Kansas at > the opening session of their Senate. It seems prayer still upsets > some people. When Minister Joe Wright was asked to open the new > session of the Kansas Senate, everyone was expecting the usual > generalities, but this is what they heard: > > > "Heavenly Father, we come before you today to ask your forgiveness > and to seek your direction and guidance. > > We know Your Word says, 'Woe to those who call evil good,' but that > is exactly what we have done. > > We have lost our spiritual equilibrium and reversed our values. > > > We have exploited the poor and called it the lottery. > > We have rewarded laziness and called it welfare. > > We have killed our unborn and called it choice. > > We have shot abortionists and called it justifiable. > > We have neglec
The End Of 2006...
Its about time 2006 The year went by really quick.... I hope everyone has a great New Year and a safe one... Be good and be safe....We dont wanna lose you... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Your "Angel" Alison
The End Of A Era?
Have you ever wanted something so bad, but you didn't feel good enough to get it? Not pretty enough, not sweet enough, just basically not deserving enough?
End Of Time
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End Of The Weekend
Well it's the end of my weekend and I'm more tired than when I started it. I have lost quite a few hours of sleep thanks to my angels. Not their faults really... for some reason they are starting to cut teeth. 4 months is way to earlier for that I think. But anyways... I've home alone again. My other half is at work. And the sister I moved in to help and keep me company is no longer here. All her crap is in my room, but she has been here in a month. Basicly living with her new beau and Jeff's best friend. So I'm tired as can be and bored out of my mind. I have some chores I need to do... but just don't feel like it. Anyways... better go get things done.
The End Of The Rebels
End Of Day 1
Today was the first step on my road to recovery. I admit it was hard. I almost skipped lunch but forced myself to find something to eat. But you know what it felt rewarding. I ate all 3 meals today and remembered to take all of my vitamins. Work today was hard. A coworker had made a comment and of course the ED in me came out. She had mention that I was so skinny and had asked how did I do it. I told her self-starvation and that today was my first day on the road to recovery. Then I told her and another of my coworkers about my ED. They were like you are eating your crispani all by yourself all of it. For those who don't know a crispani is a pizza at Panera Bread. I did. They were proud of me and told me to keep them updated on my recovery. For the end of day 1 I am proud of myself. I ate 3 meals, granted I did not have any additional snacks, and I took all vitamins. Tomorrow I am nervous for my first consulation with my doctor. I'll let you all know what happens.
End Of The Road ~ Boyz Ii Men
(spoken) Girl you know we belong together I have no time for you to be playing With my heart like this You’ll be mine forever baby, you just see (verse) We belong together And you that I’m right Why do you play with my head, Hy do you play with my mind? Said we’d be forever Said it’d never die How could you love me and leave me And never say good-bye? Girl I can’t sleep at night without holding you tight Girl, each time I try I just break down and cry Pain in my head oh I’d rather be dead Spinnin’ around and around Chorus: Although we’ve come to the end of the road Still I can’t let you go It’s unnatural, you belong to me, I belong to you Come to the end of the road Still I can’t let you go It’s unnatural, you belong to me, I belong to you Girl, I know you really love me, You just don’t realize You’ve never been there before It’s only your first time Maybe I’ll forgive you, hmm Maybe you’ll try We should be happy together Forever, you a
The End Of The World
End Of The World
The End of the World
The End Of Heartache
I feel mistrusting of the human race right now. I guess building people up to only push them down is the new cool thing to do. Some days it seems like I'll never find anyone decent to form a friendship with.
The End Of Wolfie
Death is here with me as I write this down for all of you to read! I’m Wolfie and this is the last words you will read from my hands… as I write this I look deeply into the glittery shine of my knife! It looks back at me with my own eyes and I wonder to my self dose it know what I am about to do when I am finished writing this all down! I’m drinking tonight… as I did last night too…. And all I can say is the drink dose nothing to easy my pain! It dose not stop the feelings or numb my senses at all…. It simply makes them all stronger! Makes them all more real! Maybe I’m not drinking enough? Maybe one more glass? Maybe strait? Yes that dose make it more hard! And work much faster! Yet I still can not take my eyes from the blade~! What shall I do? Shall I give it it’s chance to slice my fragile wrist? Or should I give it the pleasure of taking my family first? They deserve it! Putting me in hell they are! I’m hot now! But only for a moment.. another drink.. Ahhhhh
The End Of My Life
Today is the beginning Of the end of my life As I once Knew it Time seems to be Passing ever so slowly Or just standing still I feel unjustly punished No adjustments can be made By the time I have calmed down I was in trouble again But there is no undoing That which has befallen me And no changing my actions That caused such strife My life has ended My time is spent And all of the rules Will not be bent All has gone wrong That could have gone wrong With my life as it is But my time is up
The End Of Flaw
The end. All that we take for granted will end. The end comes in two forms: physical and mental. No one survives in the end. The end is inevitable. If we survive, the end...thus has not arrived yet. Garbage, corruption, anxiety, ignorance, uncertainty, agendas, all products of human indulgence. We all have flaws that undermine our full potential. That is why we must work together to fill in the gaps...but even unity is flawed. Therefore, the saying goes that we 'gain some' and 'lose some.' When something good happens, something bad happens in return, and vice versa. Forces always come in equal and opposite pairs. Everything has a price. There is no free lunch. Man is dynamic and can achieve great things if he can accept the cost of his decisions.
End Of Days
End of Days What happens when the darkness falls and eyes are closed; Do you sleep or do you dream of foes. What happens when the sun has set and the moon is high; Do you fall or do you cry. What happens when your day is done and the end is neigh; Do you pray or say goodbye... Michelle Denise King Copyright ©2007 Michelle D King
End Of Time
As the waves crash upon the shore, And the sun begins to set, The birds flow through the skies, And you find your soul at rest, A harmonious flow of ripples, Caresses the beautiful shore, Two eyes meet once again, And their souls begin to soar, Embraced by all the beauty, Surround by the sounds, They gently touch eachother, In eachothers eyes, they are soon found, His hand brushes lightly on her face, Her hand grasps his hips with delight, They felt the connection at last, Like a swan aloft in flight, He holds her so close to his heart, Though he does not let her know, She reaches for his destiny, Then begins to let it unfold, These two have felt eachother, Within eachothers mind, I wonder will they last, And beat the end of time, Written by : Azalia Written on: March 6th,2007
End Of The Rainbow
College life was something I had anticipated and dreaded at the same time. It was like everything. It was like meeting Amy. Amy lived next door. Room 418. It is safe to say that she had the most popular room on the floor. I think mostly it was because she had the best CDs and was generous with them, but she was also audacious -- okay, a little crazy. By the time I got to know her, I was simply joining the party of seven or eight that nightly got together, talking and laughing into the early hours of the morning. She was openly gay. I was in awe of her ability to just be who she was, when even the other girls would give her shit about it, at least in a friendly way. You know, like when I would go to the bathroom, someone would inevitably say, "Lock the door... you know Amy likes to watch!" Of course, Amy didn't mind. If someone forgot, she'd threaten it herself. Like everyone else, I laughed about it. And, I locked the door. As time went on, and the semeste
The End Of My Vacation......
I am heading back to work this morning. My week ~n~ a half off had it's ups ~n~ downs. LOTS of downs. My room mate went totally psycho on me. It started about 2 weeks ago, she started treating my kids like shit. Just being down right mean to them. Making them do things I had told them not to do. ~N~ I found out this last Friday she would hit them when they didn't or wouldn't do it. Calling them nasty little names to their faces ohh but being sweet as pie to them when I was around. Ok so one day last week she took all my stake knifes out of the house and disappeared for over 24 hours. **Scary** for her cuz she took of with her 16 month old son. She left her pills here. Anti-psychotics which the last time she filled them was Dec. 5 of 07 she had taken 18 out of 30. OK NOT GOOD!!! So when she came back I asked her how come she hasn't been taking her pills. She told me it was none of my business. I told her it was cuz she was my friend and I was worried about her. Then she starts screaming
The End Of Time
The End of Time Time waits for no one. Live each day as if it were your last. Today, I took the kids to visit my Gram. My mom called me earlier in the week and told me that Gram’s doctor has diagnosed her with Congestive Heart Failure. She said to my mother the other day that she knows her heart is wearing out, and she’s preparing herself for the evident. It broke my heart to hear that. That woman means so much to me. She is a major part of who I am. When things within my own family were falling apart around me, she and my late Grandfather took me in. They gave me a home. They gave me stability, perspective, and most importantly, the ability to be a kid and grow, something my own parents couldn’t do. My Grandparents understood me more than my parents and my sisters did. And I always valued their opinion. I never looked at them as knowing nothing because they were too old and not with the times. I looked at them as the voice of experience and reason. They were
End Of The Road (see Note Below)
Note: This was written about a good friend of mine who passed while we were going through chemotherapy together. As it is something that is extremely important to me I would appreciate it if you would talk to me before ripping it. Thanks! You were there during the worst days of my life Gave me hope when there was none to be found I could see you when they put me under the knife I could hear your voice when they brought me back to life AS there is a beginning to everything there must also be an end Farewell my friend you will be missed I lay a rose down on your casket Hold my tears as I walk past it Its so very hard to let go When you reach the end of your road We spent our days watching time turn its back on us Deathly ill it was us against the world One will make it they said and one will sadly pass I just wish it had been me not you that became a thing of the past As there is a beginning to everything there must also be an end F
The End Of Christianity
(Originally Posted on May 11, 2006)Okay. There's been a lot of talk about trying to force the xtian church to its knees. Mostly this involves unspecified actions where we band together and do... something, again, never really specified. It appears to always be done in anger with a lot of flash and stuff.That is precisely the absolutely WRONG way to do it.The xtian church has been around for a couple of thousand years. They have infiltrated virtually every single facet of life in the world. Even where xtianity is not the norm, there are hidden groups of them running around. Kind of like roaches, once you think about it...Anyway, there are two things that can be done to reduce the power of the xtian church:1) One type of weedkiller grows parts of the weed quickly, kind of like inflicting a type of cancer. This would also work with the cancers in the xtian church. Go undercover and support generously such assholes like Fred Phelps and other hateful fanatics. Pushing xtianity out
The End Of Patriotism
by Dr. William Pierce You know, what Madeleine Albright and the rest of the Clinton gang are doing in Yugoslavia is really something new, and it's taking me a while to become accustomed to it. This is the first time I've ever hoped that American bombers would be shot down or American ships sunk. It's a strange feeling, and I don't really like it. I remember back during the Vietnam war how I despised people like Jane Fonda and Bill Clinton, who carried Viet Cong flags and demonstrated in favor of America's enemies, at a time when the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese were killing an average of 100 young Americans every day. I never was enthusiastic about American involvement in Vietnam, but since we were involved I thought that we ought to win as quickly as possible and then get out. And of course, our opponents then were communists and they were non-White; I had no objections at all to killing them. And there was still the pretense that the war was a patriotic effort, an effort
The End Of Heartache
The End Of Heartache Killswitch Engage Seek me, call me I'll be waiting This distance, this dissolution I cling to memories while falling Sleep brings release, and the hope of a new day Waking the misery of being without you Surrender, I give in Another moment is another eternity (Seek me) For comfort, (Call me) For solace (I'll be waiting) For the end of my broken heart (Seek me) Completion, (Call me) I'll be waiting (I'll be waiting) For the end of my broken heart You know me, you know me all too well My only desire - to bridge our division In sorrow I speak your name And my voice mirrors my torment (Seek me) For comfort, (Call me) For solace (I'll be waiting) For the end of my broken heart (Seek me) Completion, (Call me) I'll be waiting (I'll be waiting) For the end of my broken heart Am I breathing? My strength fails me Your picture, a bitter memory For comfort, for solace (Seek me) For comfort, (Call me) For solace (I'll be waiting) For
The End Of (some) Self-deceit
(Originally Posted on August 22, 2006)(Those of a "delicate condition" might want to skip this blog posting.  It is of a more mature nature.)I would like to discuss one of the Nine Satanic Statements and the matching Satanic Sin with a new discovery about myself I made last night.The Satanic Statement is:3. Satan represents undefiled wisdom instead of hypocritical self-deceit!The Satanic Sin is:4. Self-deceitIts in the "Nine Satanic Statements" but deserves to be repeated here. Another cardinal sin. We must not pay homage to any of the sacred cows presented to us, including the roles we are expected to play ourselves. The only time self-deceit should be entered into is when its fun, and with awareness. But then, its not self-deceit!Truthfully, I don't know if what I was practicing falls under the category of self-deceit or not, but it might be.Let me set the stage.  Yesterday when I woke up, I wore a dark T-shirt.(Mind you, other clothing was involved as well, but the important thing i
End Of Easter
Well it's another holiday that has gone to waste with the help of a well known substance known as alcohol and its always ever pleasant reminder... the hangover. Three weeks spent in an almost comotosed state telling myself that D.U.I is actually illegal and i really shouldn't do it. After my third trip to the local supermarket in one day i decided maybe i did have enough.... why is it that if you can't remember something that has happened during these states it's often because it is something that you will obviously either be slapped by a girl or beaten up by their boyfriends for ireckon, don't you? Not that i do that a lot. Any way slightly off on a tangent there, I'm heading back off to Manchester tomorrow to go back into my lovely little house to get even more drunk as i've already failed my course so I'm now only there for the money (rather selfish of me). Either way the grass will still grow and the wind will still blow, as much as my current hair style, and the world will a
The End Of New Beginnings Brings The Beginning Of Things Which May Not End
It's funny how things can go sometimes.... just last month I was in a bind between three ladies I liked. It turns out two were only girls, and the one woman is smart enough not to get involved with me ;) Which brings me back to the point of no female involvement.... which is just as well. As much as I swear off the opposite sex, I cannot help but look for that someone else. My standards climb higher with each failure, though. I'm one to learn from my errors. Many would say my quest to find perfection is futile... but they also said landing on the moon was only a fantasy. I don't want the perfect woman... only the one who's perfect for me. One who has my passion for things like music, food, and games... one who is fun and quirky, yet grounded and stable... one who's intelligent enough to hold a conversation with me, but will respect my need for solitude when I seek it. oh yeah, and she has to be beautiful! that's not too much to ask, is it?
The End Of Something Great
Well not too long ago my GF of two years decided that she wanted to break up with me. To say the least that was the worst time of my life and also my greatest fear, but for some strange reason I had a feeling that it was coming to an end, as much as I didn't want to believe it. I try not to think of what once was and what could have been, it only brings back the memories of what I lost and how it felt when I lost her. She might be reading this so I want her to know that I'm doing fine and all is well. I have been hanging out with friends and taking down pictures of what we once were, here and there, I have to say that this is the worst thing I have ever felt. Well it's over now and I have to move on, I have no time for grief I have to get back to do my school work. I want you to know that I think that maybe in the future that we might be good friends but as of now it's nothing more but painful to think about. Well tonight I plan on hanging out with my friends and hopefully making new o
End Of The Worst Week But I See The Light
So here was my week: Monday: Damn did it reall have to start like this?? I was on Call all week and weekend the first thing the big boss does is start picking away at every thing I did....Oh and by the way When I confronted him about it and told him IT WAS THE OWNERS DAUGHTER guess what you would think he change his tune but nooooooooooo He decides to make it my fault...No how the hell does that work??? Tuesday: Well it gets better...Now I have 2 techs call in sick and the next thing you know I have 4 jobs to inspect and 3 adjusters to meet, then I have to still do up 3 Job scopes...and the BIG BOSS puts 3 more bills on my desk and wants them done by thursday Wendnesday: I revolted...locked me in my office caught up on all the bills, and did all my scopes...and didnt answer the door.. Thurday: Got in trouble for wednesday...LOL..oops Friday: First one at work ....yep you guessed it last one to leave... But things are getting better I am on vacation next week and fly
The End Of Time
From fingertip to fingertip, Kiss me with your soft lips, From top to bottom, Touch me with your finger tips, From front to back, Caress me like you would no other, Hold me and embrace me, Like there is no other, Make love to me with your voice, Sweet sentiments of rejoice, Make love to me with your eyes, Cause they would never tell a lie, Make love to me with your touch, Cause it could never be to much, If you are in love with me, Feel me like never before, But if you just love, Leave me cause there can be no more, I will love as you have never known, Cause I want love to forever grow, Know me love me be forever mine, Cause I will be yours past the end of time.
The End Of Sensuality
The End of Sensuality Do I detect a promise, wooing me to witness a lie reflected at me a mirror of treachery? Do the mouths of countless hundreds babble the talk of prattle that is of no truth whatsoever lies, one and all? Does the shadow of death and disease strike paranoia into those who should be free of their passions and the ability to express it without shame? Do I detect words that say 'Desire' but end up a mockery of the very word Is it fear? Is it cruelty? Is this, today, do I detect the end of sensuality?
The End Of A Tarot Reading..
The card at the right of the lower line represents the person or qualities that will reveal spiritual knowledge. Five of Coins (Worry), when reversed: Concern over finance leads to prudent action. Impending physical threat is met with calm and skill. Suffering and loneliness leads to spiritual growth. Stress is met without resorting to excess or the pursuit of oblivion. *smiles* I have never met a truer statement in my life.
i am off to the doc today..yay i get to swallow a camera so he can check out my insides...maybe stretch a stricture or two i can eat again without pain...woohoo..i will post a foolow up with the results..too bad they can't give me photo's :)....see you all soon....
End Of My Shop
I will be ending my time running my shop..I gave it am closing by the end of may..I have to get a normal job and work for a living..I really liked meeting all the new people for everyone thanks for the love I got form everyone my profile will be up for another 2 weeks or so..Luv all..I will miss you all...
The End Of The World
I no longer think anymore that I am some sort of prophet or messenger...I know I it struck is a new day for a new way of living. I say to you people, friends and family alike...we are facing major crisis in our world today. The key ingredients are falling into place...wildfires, floods, plagues, global warfare; these are indicators. Think about it. When was the last time we had so many protests, so many pedophile scandals, so much corruption in all of our branches and departments of so-called authority? I don't remeber it ever being so bad in the past, not like it is today. I know everything that I'm saying can be contradicted, but that is not why I am writing this. I'll get to the point. Those of you who are not believers in God and Christ, what I am about to say is pointless and you can stop reading here.
The End Of Poetry
He said orange is his favorite color. The music was light and classical. Human life was commonly understood as a nusance, an enemy of the planet nobily taken away with willing consent. And soon it didn't matter. It was easy to decide. We were all ONE; And to go or to come didn't matter. There was no need to reflect, or to involve ones self with constant entertainment and education. (Water drains from an aquarium.) We gave up humanity for the path of least resistance, a path of calculated opposites, lesser evils, and the guarantee of safety - predictability - It was the end of poetry, and the end of opposition. Armageddon came as no one expected it, a gradual extinction of human spirit - ultimate death - and a collective transition into nature artificially "perfected."
End Of Month~ Update
Well I guess I should update this thing! I am here and still alive. I guess that is a good thing. The month has gone by once again and it seem's like the moth's are getting shorter and shorter. Well for Mother's day my baby boy took me out to eat at McDonald's and my oldest son bought me a dozen Roses. I have such sweet boy's. I guess Im not doing a bad job at raising them. Now just to hope they stay that way. Nothing too new here,Im still single and looking for a job. That suck's!!!!! But I enjoy the whole being single part! Im not looking for anything right now and possibly not in the future either. I miss all of my friend's that I used to talk to on a regular basis. We need to start doing that again!!!!!! But this is where I am going to end it for now. Take care and have a safe and Happy Memorial Weekend!
The End Of This Tv Season
Ok as most have figured out I'm absolutely addicted to tv. (and please excuse and mispelling I'm extremely tired at the moment and should be in bed as I have to be up for work in 4 and a half hours. So I will pay for this bitch fest. But I have a few things I MUST get off my chest. I guess I'll attemt to go show by show but again excuse my if I ramble from show to show I will eventually get back to the topic at hand. First off I guess I'll start with Grey's Anatomy which I'll admit I didn't start as a fan from the beginning. I started watching after the end of season 2 over the summer to catch the reruns of the Denny/Izzie storyline because I had become a HUGE fan of Jeffrey Dean Morgan after falling in love with his protrayol of the patriach on the WB now the CW series Supernatural John Winchester. I just adore this man in so many ways and the way he could pull off two such different characters at the exact same time is just absolutely FANTASTIC. I of course went into GA knowing t
End Of The World
End of the World Man is obsolete Discerning man from machine Our world, obsolete
End Of The Day
spent the day ill... and then I did start to feel slightly better so I ate lunch (mistake one) and then was not feeling so well again decided I needed to get dressed and get out of the house this evening. and since I was supposed to have a picnic and such for Loli Day, I donned a casual Loli look and went window shopping with sissy instead. A picnic just didn't sound very lovely at the time. (It still really doesn't) I didn't take the pics either, just wasn't feeling up to having my miserable self on camera for the memory. maybe I will take a few new pics tomorrow or something, if I feel better. I do like the new skirt I bought, its ever so comfy and cute. I also bought a new hair color (12 steps, here I come again). and new purse, need some slight adoration of lace but not a big problem. ok, off to attempt dinner
End Of Summer Fest 2007 - Aug 3-4
End of Summer Fest 2007 - Aug 3-4
The End Of Man
The End of Man Paul R. Mays 07/05/07 Mankind will sooner or later be wiped from this little ball we live on. This is a fact not an opinion. next week we could be hit by a mile wide hunk of iron and we're toast. A shift in the magnetic field of the planet will someday wipe 90% of all life from the tiny blue ball we call home. Someday the sun will burp and all life will be ash in seconds. Someday a super volcano will erupt and almost all life large enough to see with the naked eye will vanish within months or years. These are facts that have happened 12 times in the past. We have a record in the rocks that show 12 separate epochs in this balls history where almost all life was wiped at each event. So I wanted to give a view of the only option that can save our species from being nothing more that radio waves passing through space for some life on some far away planet to receive and watch reruns of "I Love Lucy" sent out into the universe a million years before, the ghost of
End Of Forever
This is the day they've dreamt of so long A magical moment of music and song Candles are flickering with beautiful light On this day, everything must be right Here comes the bride as the wedding march sounds A vision of white in her glorious gown Her groom stares with love at the light of his life He's waited so long to make her his wife They stand side by side, perfect together Vowing true love till the end of forever. 3-12-96
The End Of Love,the Start Of Pain
The end of love, the start of pain The blood from my heart that now aches, stains With the thought of your image, the thought of you care Devoted to another, whilst my spirit is bare Where am I to go, where is my hope now Am I no longer important like our dedicated vows You promised to always be there, and love me no matter what But it seems you’ve moved on, loved another and forgot The breakdown of our relationship, the break of my poor heart You punctured it with your cruel ways; you stabbed it with a dart You took away my faith, my dreams, I now have nothing left My happiness has disappeared; a brutal act of theft You promised to always be there, but now it all depends On if you’ve found another love and when my heartache ends
The End Of 1 Jouney And The Beginning Of Another
Last Monday I lost my job and the ability to save money to pay for a surgery I need. Spent the rest of the week camping and trying not to think about the occurances going on. The weekend was stressful and it finally all came to a head when I got my foot tangled up in a sprinkler and ended up crying for the next 15 minutes. Today I rested and tomarrow I will start the new journey and go do the footwork to see the direction I need to go. I always trust that when I write the power is taken out of painful situations and I am given answers I need because I can get quiet and hear. This may be the an outlet where I can get a better view that I usually do. Thanks
End Of Time
Breakups suck, I am sure alot of people know that... Aside from the emotional jest of it, there is sorting out all the stuff, changing all the websites, having friends ask "you still with (name)" and haveing to explain to them what happened, then theres the millions of pictures you took of them on your phone and im sure theres more, its a headache really... Then after it sets in, most people wonder 'should i have done that' and thats when lonelyness hits your hard.... I say... Shit happens....
End Of Joke
he wanted a jar for his teeth
The End Of Spoilers
So, 759 pages later...the last Harry Potter installment is finished...for me at least. There won't be any more Harry Potter books... I feel kinda sad about it. I won't give anything away here...I'll just say I'd be happy to discuss w/ anyone else who has finished the book. *waves goodbye*
The End Of The Road Is But A Bend In The Road
When we feel we have nothing left to give And we are sure that the "song has ended"- When our day seems over and the shawdow fall And the darkness of night has descended, Where can we go to find the strength TO valiantly keep on trying, Where can wefind the hand that will dry The tears taht the heart is c ryig- There's but one place to go and tha tis to GOD And, dropping all pretence and pride, We can pour out our problems without restraint And gain strength with Him at our side- And together we stand at life's crossroads And view what we thik is the end, But God has amuch BIGGER vision And He tells us it's only a bend- For the road foes on and is smoother, And the "pause in the song" is a "rest," And the part that's unsung and unfinished Is the sweetest and richest and best- So rest and relax and grow stronger, LET GO AND LET GOD share your load, Your work is not finished or ended, You've just come ot a "bend in the road." This is for two special men in my
The End Of Us
God, It's you. I don't know what to do. I'll dance in my mind to a private tune, I'll do anything in memory of you, You always knew I was a bit strange, So make love to me here in the rain. I'll swim naked in a pool of moonlight, Climb to a mountain of the greatest height, You laugh at me and say I'm insane, Oh but darling, to make love in the rain. You call me an imp just a bit of a fairy, I'll giggle and laugh then you'll say I'm just scary, I'll tease and cajole until you ears are in pain, Admit it love, you wanna make love in the rain. I touch the ivory keys softly, almost reverently. I'm so afraid to sing again that my chest tightens just at the thought. I haven't played in a long time either. I'm just afraid of all the memories that are going to come flooding back. The simple melodies I played for you softly blushing with pleasure when you proclaimed them the most beautiful songs ever written, "And sung with the voice of an angel," you woul
The End Of Chapter 4
The next two day’s went by in a blur I though my self into finding out all I could…which was not more then what they want you to know. Jack was not in class and we where told he would be out for a week or so. I was happy for that. I was not ready to see him yet. To say he had not hurt me would be to lie. He had hurt me but I had to lock that away and push forward. We (the young one’s) where told to meet at the gathering temple at 8am Saturday morning to help set up. The main room was a large round room with a large alter in the center of the room. Candles were being placed around the alter and a make shift bed was being set up. I was told that we would be setting in the back and would just be watching. At no time where we to speak, And we where to be robed and to stay robed. We would be able to join in on the party after. After we done setting up I was tired from the early morning wake up’s and late nights and wanted to nap before everything got started. I woke up around 8pm and g
The End Of Summer
Wooohooo almost time for school to start and then the peace and quietness back. Dont know about you all but darn i cant wait
The End Of Humanity
The Bro Epidemic Hello everyone. I've come here today because I'm afraid. I'm afraid of this future we face. I'm afraid that although we have the chance to stop our downward evolutionary spiral, we may not do it in time. Let me explain: Over the years I've spent watching this sub-human species we call a "bro" I've noticed something very interesting. Not all bros are born as such. In fact, I find the contrary more often than not. Bros are not born into this lifestyle of "Not giving a fuck". In fact, most are raised on the principle that they "should give a fuck". However, as the young bro got older and more involved in a social atmosphere through educational facilities (school). The young bro realized that as his ancient ancestors survived before him, he too must join a group to better his chances of survival. Now, just think about this: You're a young man (or woman) and you want to "survive" this treacherous terrain we call High school. From across the plain (Camp
End Of A Long Hard Day.
Luck what's that? Today I woke up to late to make an appointment that I've been trying to get handled for months. My friends van broke down and we had to get it towed, except we couldn't because the nearest dealership is in Pensacola, 40 or so miles away. Her car is 2 years old and already having f'ed up problems. Reminds me of the time I had a Ford Exploder. Blew two engines in the first two years I had it. Needless to say I hate them now. I needs some luck and some kind of divine intervention. Meh! Life, what a fuckin' mess!
The End Of The First Day
If you didnt read my previous blog.. please do so... I came home from work with my precious lil girl sitting on the porch. She hugged and kissed me.. and i asked how her day was. She informed me that boys are mean and the teacher expects her to be able to read and write and do math right away!!.. the horror.. if only you could have seen her face.. she was so serious.. hahaha.. i do so love my angel princess Sweet
The End Of All Things (as We Know Them Now)
In the year 2010.5, the start of something that will blow everybodys mind will happen, someone will return to the Earth, but it's not who you think, its a devil in sheeps clothing, the real one will return the Real King will come in 2012, the Aztecs even believed this, in the year 2012 all things will come to an end and there will be a new beginning for everyone, yes everyone sinners and saints, so live it up live everyday as its your last.
The End Of The Confusion
Well it has officially been since the 15th of September since I have spoke to Mike on the phone and it has been since then since I have really had any kind of conversation with him on yahoo also. Hell looking back at the archives of our conversations for this month it seems I've been the only one really talking during the conversations anyway! I left him an IM earlier today telling him that we need to talk and still nothing from him. Hell earlier this week I sent him and IM asking him what day and time would be best for me to schedule the kids' party so that he could be here and guess what...NO ANSWER! So I said fuck it and scheduled their party my damn self. I am sick and tired of trying to schedule my life around a man. I just checked to see if he had been on MySpace today and guess what...YEP sure has...did he message me? Um...NO! But you know what it's all ok! I don't need a man who does not seem to think I am an important part of his life and does not want to take the ti
End Of Summer
Summer may be almost over, but this is still funny as all heck!!!! As I lay on my bed thinking about you, I feel this strong urge to grab and squeeze you, because I can't forget last night. You came to me unexpectedly during the calm & balmy night. What happened in my bed still leaves a tingling sensation in me. You appeared from nowhere & shamelessly, and without any reservation, you laid on my naked body. You sensed my indifference, so you applied your hungry mouth to me without any guilt or humiliation, and you drove me near crazy while you drained me. Finally, I went to sleep. Today when I woke up, you were gone, I searched for you but to no avail - only the sheets bore witness to last night's events. My body still bears faint marks of your enthusiastic ravishing, making it harder to forget you. Tonight I will remain awake, waiting for you............You friggin' mosquito.
End Of Tour Tuesday, August 8, 1978
Patrolman Barry Wayne Maham Henrico County Police Department Virginia End of Watch: Tuesday, August 8, 1978 Biographical Info Age: 32 Tour of Duty: 3 years Badge Number: 222 Incident Details Cause of Death: Gunfire Date of Incident: Patrolman Barry Wayne Maham Henrico County Police Department Virginia End of Watch: Tuesday, August 8, 1978 Biographical Info Age: 32 Tour of Duty: 3 years Badge Number: 222 Incident Details Cause of Death: Gunfire Date of Incident: Tuesday, August 8, 1978 Weapon Used: Shotgun Suspect Info: Not available Patrolman Maham was shot and killed after he and his partner responded to a domestic disturbance. As the officers were speaking to the female party on the steps the husband swung the door opened and fired a shotgun, striking Patrolman Maham in the torso. Patrolman Maham had served with the agency for 3 years. He was survived by his wife and two children. Weapon Used: Shotgun Suspect Info: Not available Patrol
End Of Tour Thursday, November 8, 1984
Patrolman Donald A. Stillman Henrico County Police Department Virginia End of Watch: Thursday, November 8, 1984 Biographical Info Age: 28 Tour of Duty: 7 years Badge Number: Not available Incident Details Cause of Death: Gunfire Date of Incident: Thursday, November 8, 1984 Weapon Used: Officer's handgun Suspect Info: Sentenced to life Patrolman Stillman was shot and killed after pursuing a suspect who had just sexually assaulted a woman. He was on patrol with a ride along in a residential area which was under construction when he noticed a suspicious vehicle parked on the street. Unbeknownst to Patrolman Stillman, the suspect had just finished assaulting the woman he had abducted from a nearby gas station. As he approached the vehicle the victim ran to Officer Stillman and the suspect ran into nearby woods. Patrolman Stillman pursued him and apprehended him. Before the suspect was handcuffed a struggle ensued and the suspect gained control of Patrolman Stillman's
End Of Watch: August 19, 1994
Officer John Patrick Harris Henrico County Police Department VirginiaFriday, End of Watch: August 19, 1994 Biographical Info Age: 26 Tour of Duty: Not available Badge Number: Not available Incident Details Cause of Death: Automobile accident Date of Incident: Friday, August 19, 1994 Weapon Used: Not available Suspect Info: Not available Officer Harris was killed in an accident when his patrol car collided with a truck.
End Of Watch: Sunday, September 8, 1946:
Officer Lewis Ray Beddow Henrico County Police Department Virginia End of Watch: Sunday, September 8, 1946 Biographical Info Age: 33 Tour of Duty: 2 years Badge Number: Not available Incident Details Cause of Death: Vehicular assault Date of Incident: Sunday, September 8, 1946 Weapon Used: Automobile Suspect Info: Sentenced to 1 year Officer Beddow was struck and killed by a drunk driver while conducting a traffic stop. The drunk driver fled the scene but was later apprehended. He was sentenced to 1 year in jail in connection with Officer Beddow's death. Officer Beddow had served with the agency for 2 years. He was survived by his expectant wife.
End Of Watch: Wednesday, December 22, 1948
Patrolman Welford Early Green Henrico County Police Department Virginia End of Watch: Wednesday, December 22, 1948 Biographical Info Age: Not available Tour of Duty: Not available Badge Number: Not available Incident Details Cause of Death: Gunfire Date of Incident: Wednesday, December 22, 1948 Weapon Used: Shotgun Suspect Info: Not available Patrolman Welford Green was shot and killed after responding to a domestic dispute at a local restaurant. While the officer was talking with the parties, the male was able to grab a shotgun and open fire, killing Patrolman Green.
End Of Watch: Monday, August 15, 1966
Patrolman Jerry Edwin Trimmer Henrico County Police Department Virginia End of Watch: Monday, August 15, 1966 Biographical Info Age: Not available Tour of Duty: Not available Badge Number: Not available Incident Details Cause of Death: Automobile accident Date of Incident: Monday, August 15, 1966 Weapon Used: Not available Suspect Info: Not available Patrolman Trimmer was killed in an accident while responding to an assistance call.
End Of September And Start Of Oct.
Well the end of the month and the start of a new one hasn't really started out well. My Great aunt passed away and i have a visitation and funeral to go to now. Been fighting w/ the hubby and getting really tired of it. Just not sure what to do anymore. Just got over being sick w/ strep and i'm still very very tired from it and just don't want to do anything.
The End Of The Night
The End of the Night by LongJoe © Metallic grey skies had hung over London for days before finally bursting into hours of torrential rain. Tom felt his spirits dampen beyond retrieval. He had been walking in Regent's Park, the grim weather keeping it almost empty; now he needed some resolution to his mood. It was either Mozart on the South Bank or the whores out East. He called a cab but by the time he reached Hungerford Bridge he realised that even Mozart's sublime genius could not rescue him to-night. He gave the driver new directions and they snaked along Embankment for a rendezvous with the hookers instead. It was Friday night and the bright young bucks from the City would be keeping them busy. He knew a small wine bar off the main streets that sold passable Italian wine, had enough customers to allow you to feel inconspicuous, not too many to feel oppressive and stayed open longer than the law allowed. Three quarters of the way through a bottle of Sicilian red, his spiri
End Of Argument!
->lifesez/*~...: shows how stupid you are again,you got married. WHO WANTS ...: have u seen my pics of me or my hot ass wife no and u could only dream of someone that hot ->lifesez/*~...: this coming from someone with no pic.and i am glad you know so much about my sex life.shows how stupid you are. WHO WANTS ...: your mad case u cant get a bitch to fuck so u have to play with yourself while looking at all these women ->lifesez/*~...: fuck off with your homo fantasys of me nancy boy! WHO WANTS ...: ya i maybe a asshole but you take it in the ass bitch I HATE WHEN THEY STOP BITCHING SOMETIMES!ALL I DID WAS CALL HIM AN ASSHOLE FOR HIS SWALLOW MUMM.
End Of An Era
Today is a very difficult day for me. After 14 years of marriage, my wife and I have decided to seperate. This is not an easy thing to go through, but it has been a long time coming. I'm not even sure if the friendship will survive, but I hope it does. My emotions are torn right now, because 14 years is a long time to be with someone, but it has been over for a while. I'm not sure what is in store for me next, but i hold no animosity towards my wife. I will always love her in my heart. My time on here might be drastically cut short, but to all my close friends, i will continue to stay in contact with. Thanks for listening to me ramble on. Dave
The End Of Mumms?
Ever since they increased the cost to post them to 5,000 fuBucks, the number of quality Mumms and just plain old Mumms in general have exponentially decreased. Not that it will matter very much to me because I will not be posting any Mumms at all even after I get my privileges restored. Much too easy for people to get your ability to post Mumms yanked without a valid reason.
Endocrine System
Endocrine System is ductless. Its products are hormones. Hormones are transport primarly by the Circulatory system!
The End Of Man
The End of Man Paul R. Mays 07/05/07 Mankind will sooner or later be wiped from this little ball we live on. This is a fact not an opinion. next week we could be hit by a mile wide hunk of iron and we're toast. A shift in the magnetic field of the planet will someday wipe 90% of all life from the tiny blue ball we call home. Someday the sun will burp and all life will be ash in seconds. Someday a super volcano will erupt and almost all life large enough to see with the naked eye will vanish within months or years. These are facts that have happened 12 times in the past. We have a record in the rocks that show 12 separate epochs in this balls history where almost all life was wiped at each event. So I wanted to give a view of the only option that can save our species from being nothing more that radio waves passing through space for some life on some far away planet to receive and watch reruns of "I Love Lucy" sent out into the universe a million years before, the ghost of a
End Of October...finally..and Some Thoughts....
.....thank god that's over. What a month it's been this October of 2007. I dunno which part to start with the real life part of the fu part. Dunno really. Let's just blah @ it all... ..for those who know, October for the past well, as long as I can remember, has been a disaster. You name it. It goes wrong. You name the life-changing event. Done. So this one well, yeah pretty much followed suit with the rest. It started off bright and early on October 1st with me getting this new job at this lovley prison-esque financial institution, then being sick for most of the first two weeks of the month kinda made for a miserable start. But then, ok, whatever. Let's try to flip script midway through, realize that what you're doing isn't working and try a new, kinder, happier approach. Yup, that really worked out well, rofl. As the nicer and more tolerant I was about certain people and things, the worse things got and eventually well, people wound up leaving and lying altogether and another mons
The End Of Days
The End Of The Covenant
I regret to say the Covenant Of Shadows is no longer a family...I (Gothic Rose) am removing myself as head and all family members (that still remain) will be removed as well..This is NOTHING against ANY of you.I just feel that the family has lost touch with each other..There are only 5 or 6 of you that talk to me on a daily basis..and I have the feeling that its even less with others in the family..So with deepest regrets I discontinue the existance of this family..All of you who are still on my friends list on my other profile I would LOVE to keep that way..This profle will still be here but with a different name (will come at a later date) the blogs will remain for informational purposes.Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and each has been a great ride. Blessed Be †ĞǾŦĦĬС ŖŎŞĔ†@ fubar
End Of The World?
11/21/07 Dear readers: Well the deceiving Age of Pisces and ALL its religious leaders will in time face the reality of the unavoidable and the end of an era for mankind. The Age of fears, ignorance, imagination and deception is on its way out. The new Age of Aquarius and its promise for the truth, respect, universal love, UFO and Cosmic Consciousness is pushing hard with all the "Neptunian" dirt exposed on a daily base. Back in the Middle East Religious extremists are eliminating themselves at an alarming rate and exiting a destitute life hoping for a better "after life" in paradise. Slowly my prediction for a full re-structure of the Middle East is taking place while America suffers its own (predicted) financial restructure. All is happening and unmistakably taking place each and everyday. The Universal Laws written in light by God himself throughout his Universal creation must be acknowledged and respected by all. The eternal Universal Code has and will alw
End Of Turkey Day, Friday, And Such.
Hello again my Peaches!! So after the flood, and maintenance putting in a new water heater, we had a HUGE mess to clean up. Then it was back to Thanksgiving cooking. Dinner got delayed by about three hours. Next up... BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING!! Joy. John and I went out to the various stores, and are nearly done with our Christmas shopping list! Among the things bought was a little something for ourselves, because it was on sale. XBOX 360. John bought the game "PREY". I bought "Shivering Isles"- only to find that it's an explansion to Elder Scrolls Oblivion, which I don't have! Doh!
The End Of The Year
Its almost the end of the year. How much has changed? Plenty. I live in a different place. I don't hang out that much with old crowd. I was asked recently why I don't hang out with them and I told them the truth. Too much drama with one of the people. She butts into everyone's busy, creates problems between couples and she flat out lies to everyone. Even when you have proof that it was her she tries to say she was drunk and didn't know what she was doing. The crowd I hung around with get drunk all the time. Maybe I just grew up and don't want that. I watch my best friend in the group get so drunk and then drive home last week and it scared me. She was swerving over the line and she wouldn't let anyone else drive her vehicle. I said something to her the next day and then sure enough this weekend she did the same thing. I don't want to be around when she has that accident. Too many of the gang drives drunk. I rarely get drunk now a days. If I have to drive I limit what I drink.

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