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Dumb-ass People
Okay readers, I'm seeking your opinion on this one. Someone I know, recently posted a blog and a corresponding bulletin talking about how we should read and comment on it. So, I did. Here's her blog: --- Bigger titties. I have my consultation to get my boobs done on Febuary 21st. =) $7,000 procedure all paid for. I am scheduling my surgery in April, as it's my birthday present to myself. I will be going from a 32B to a 34 full C. Under muscle. As fake looking as possible! Don't bother leaving negative comments, old men. I'm not a young child anymore for your fantasies. --- Okay, first off, let me say I'm an au natural kind of guy, and anytime I hear that a woman wants to get implants, I would like to know why. I've heard various reasons. Some logical. Some vane. Et cetera. So, here was my response: --- Okay, why? Not being negative or anything, (insert name). Just inquiring. --- Less than twelve hours later, I checked her blog again to see if she had respon
The Dumb Shit People Do In Here
ONE Bitching because you cant view someones private pics just makes you look desperate and creepy-GROW UP! TWO To the people who have like 40,000 friends, are you serious? You're stupid. Go play in traffic. THREE Don't ever post pictures and say "OMG, I'm so ugly" "OMG, I'm so fat" because if you were, you wouldn't post them. And if u do ur a freaking mongoloid. FOUR Nobody cares about threats over the internet. Don't try to act hardcore with the keyboard. Fighting online is like racing in the special olympics; even if you win, you're still retarded. FIVE Quit crying b/c you're not on someons fan list. who cares? ITS CherryTap SIX Who really cares if I don't accept you as a friend? MOVE ON!!! Don't send me another request or message asking "what's up with you not adding me?" I don't want you as a friend, that's what's up fruit!!! SEVEN Fake pics just to booster poi
The Dumbest Blonde In The World!
Music Video:THE DUMBEST BLONDE IN THE WORLD! (by Funny Videos)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
I thought I would fail at this one! You Are Not a Dumb American You got 7/10 correct. You know a good deal about American history, but there's some basic facts you have wrong. Time to go back to history class!Are You a Dumb American?
Dumbest Asshole In Arizona
OK. you couldn't make this shit up!! this dude is a real dumb fuck.. Suspect shops for extinguisher while meth fire burns Sarah Muench The Arizona Republic Mar. 9, 2007 12:06 PM The fire that burned his Chandler condominium was bright, but authorities couldn't say as much for the man who caused it by attempting to cook methamphetamine in a toaster oven. Jonathan Zaletel, 19, was cooking meth in a bedroom closet Tuesday about 7 p.m. in the 1200 block of North Alma School Road near Ray Road when the fire started, authorities said. He unsuccessfully attempted to put out the fire by tossing water and window cleaner on it. When that didn't work, he decided to head to a nearby Wal-Mart to buy a fire extinguisher. advertisement While he was gone, the condo's sprinkler system engaged and put out the fire. By the time Zaletel returned with the extinguisher Chandler firefighters were on the scene. He was arrested on suspicion of drug manufacturing, drug possession and
Dumb Things About Me
DUMB THINGS ABOUT UHave you Everran into a glass/screen door.:YES jumped out of a moving vehicle:NO ran into a tree/bush:YES tried to lick your elbow.:NO tripped on your shoelace and fallen.:YES choked on your own spit:YES seen the Matrix and still don\'t get it.:NO accidentally caught something on fire:YES have caught yourself drooling.:YES fallen asleep in class:YES eaten a bug:YES put your clothes on backwards or inside out:OH YES looked for something but it was in your hand:YES fallen out of your chair:NO Do Youbreak a lot of things.:NO use the word Uhmm alot:UHMN NO tilt your head when you\'re confused:NO repost bulletins cuz your scarred:NO use your fingers to do simple math.:NO just stop thinking:I\'D LIKE TO SOMETIMES know that it IS possible to lick your elbow.:NO that the Alphabet and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star have the same rhythm.:YES tend to laugh alot:NO think your hot:SOMEDAYS YES HasGum has falle
Dumbass Bullshit I Should Stop Subjecting Myself To
A lil lonely this evening...dead air anytime I try to call anyone, so that makes me need to blog...get my demons out. My heart's kinda broken...but maybe not for more obvious reasons. I feel like a punching bag for people...I took my best friend to the movies tonight (had a free sneak preview pass) and had to spend most of the night listening to bullshit about her boyfriend...and praising herself on what a wonderful girlfriend (and consequently, person) she tell you the honest truth, I just wanted to punch her. I should have just gone to the fucking movie alone. Honestly, I'm unsure as to why I listen, listen, listen to people for the most part (my close friends anyway) and put up with their stupid bullshit that I don't really want to fucking deal with. I'm in the mood to shut the whole world out and just deal with my own bullshit for now. And maybe that's really what I should do...figure myself out. And more importantly, learn how to be better assertive with people wh
Dumb And Funny Warning Labels On Products
Liquid Plummer Warning: Do not reuse the bottle to store beverages. Windex Do not spray in eyes. Toilet Plunger Caution: Do not use near power lines. Dremel Electric Rotary Tool This product not intended for use as a dental drill. Arm & Hammer Scoopable Cat Litter Safe to use around pets. Bowl Fresh Safe to use around pets and children, although it is not recommended that either be permitted to drink from toilet. Endust Duster This product is not defined as flammable by the Consumer Products Safety Commision Regulations. However, this product can be ignited under certain circumstances. Baby Oil Keep out of reach of children Little Ones Baby Lotion Keep away from children Hair Coloring Do not use as an ice cream topping. Wet-Nap Directions: Tear open packet and use. Dial Soap Directions: Use like regular soap. Stridex Foaming Face Wash May contain foam. Hairdryer: Do not use while taking a shower. Old Spice Red
Dumb But Prolly Something I'd Say!
A man is stranded on a desert island, all alone for ten years. One day, he sees a speck in the horizon. He thinks to himself, "It's not a ship." The speck gets a little closer and he thinks, "It's not a boat." The speck gets even closer and he thinks, "It's not a raft." Then, out of the surf comes this gorgeous blonde woman, wearing a wet suit and scuba gear. She comes up to the guy and she says, "How long has it been since you've had a cigarette?" "Ten years!" he says. She reaches over, unzips a waterproof pocket on her left sleeve and pulls out a pack of fresh cigarettes. He takes one, lights it, takes a long drag and says, "Man, oh man! Is that good!" Then she asks, "How long has it been since you've had a drink of whiskey?" He replies, "Ten years!" She reaches over, unzips her waterproof pocket on the right, pulls out a flask and gives it to him. He takes a long swig and says, "Wow, that's fantastic!" Then she starts unzipping this long zipper that runs down the front of her
Dumb Fake Ct Marrage
Dumb Ass People
~*~ Obsidian 13 Lounge Founder ~*~ Trance Enigma ~*~Obsidian 13~*~@ CherryTAP okay so you have pissed me off for the last time and hurt me for the last time and i hope to hell you dont think this is over because i can hurt you in so many ways that you cant even dream of, thats not what i really want to do tho becuase all it would do is make me as shallow as you are. I really did love you and i didnt want it to end over stupid shit like this but ya know i guess thats something that had to be done right? You know how to get ahold of me when you are ready to face the problems like a man
Dumb Fuck
Strange as it seems, no amount of learning can cure stupidity, and higher education positively fortifies it dumbass
Dumbass Comments On Ct - Rules Of Engagement
Hello Ladies! I've been on here for almost 6 months now and on Myspace for over 2 1/2 yrs. Between the two, I have about 400+ friends. I keep in pretty close contact with everyone on my list and only add those that do have some type of interest in being a friend of mine. I have a ton of bands on there, whom I may have dealt with, in my television days. I am very picky about who I add nowadays... In speaking with some of you beautiful ladies, I keep hearing a re-occuring theme. And that is that most of the guys on here are pigs and treat some of you disrespectfully...I find that very hard to swallow. I guess my mom raised me right. Being a gentlemen makes it hard for me to treat anyone like that. Its just human nature for me. I hear some of these guys stalk you and bug the crap out of you till you decide to either block or report them. I wish I could tell you why guys act like this. Its black hole mystery to me too. I cant believe how impatient some of these dickheads are. If the
Dumb Bitches: It's A Good Thing I Don't Have A Gun. Part 1 Of A Probably Ongoing Series
And you know why? Because I'm pretty sure I'd use it. Not like recently is the first I've ever had to deal with dumb bitches, but, this is by far the dumbest one I've had to deal with in a while. You see it's my personal opinion, and hey, I could be WAYYY off here, but I really feel like when you're getting pretty close to age 30, you should stop arguing with people 10 years younger, or stop arguing like a 10 year old, one or the other. This is just on the heels of this near 30 year old broad gettin' on my case about my ex who is now her boyfriend talkin' to me about her being a whore, basically. Now, that's not my fault, but, of course, when you're from Texas, it's like the fuckin' Twilight Zone, so I guess I gotta cut a bitch a break :( Of course, just being told this, you can't get the full idea of what a moron this broad is, and I use the term broad loosely. Please, someone tell me... is it just bitches who get knocked up and knocked around by their men who are dumb cunts or just s
Dumbass Phrase Of The Year
I'm Bringing Sexy Back You're butt ugly ass ain't bringing nothing back! And where the hell did this phrase come from anyway? Is Timberlake so popular that he can coin phrases into our vocabulary now?? The man has talent but damn people he isn't that good. But here's my question about "bringing sexy back". Where did it go? And when did it leave? I'm 33 years old and I've seen sexiness since I was very young. And I've seen it every day, multiple times a day since then. And now this JT kid who is all of what...26 is telling me that sexy left and he's the one to bring it back?? Really?? STFU!!! Sexy is here! Always has been. Always will be. And like I said at the beginning, if you have to tell the world how sexy you are and that you are "bringing it back" (as if it ever went anywhere). Then you have no clue what sexy is! You're probably too damn ugly to bring it back if it actually did leave! LOL
Dumb Bitches... Fucc
I READ THIS BULLITIN... HERES WOT SHE SAID... THEN I'LL VOICE MY OPINION!!! I know this is old news for some of you, but excuse me for a moment while I try to reach those that haven't seen this yet. I know from time to time everyone gets a low rating, either from a noob who doesn't understand CT customs or from dinks that are trying to cause trouble, but for a while, (maybe a few months now), I've noticed that I've been getting low rates from unknown users. I'm sure there have been many of you that have noticed the same thing and now we're learning that it's all a part of the changes that have been taking place around CT/LC over the past months...From the NSFW rules, to the newer rate/comment speed limits... I realize that by putting anything on the internet I am placing it in the public domain, But for the most part, when I place something on CT it is for My CT~friends and the CT community at large that I am trying to reach. Up until a few days ago I believed that was what CT
Dumb Ass Theif
Software ticks, store evacuated A Palm Springs Wal-Mart was evacuated about 7:30 p.m. Thursday after an employee found a heavy, ticking, taped-up cereal box in the parking lot, officials said. The employee at the store in the 5600 block of Ramon Road brought it into the building to show the manager, Palm Springs police Sgt. Mitch Spike said in a news release. The manager ordered everyone to evacuate the store and called police, Spike said in the release. The Riverside County Sheriff's Hazardous Device Team responded and used a robot to open the cereal box, revealing that someone had removed the cereal and replaced it with Microsoft computer software from the store, Spike said. The person then "self-checked" out of the store. Once the stolen software inside the cereal box left the store, its antitheft device activated and began making the ticking noise. It wasn't known why the software thief left the software and box in the parking lot, Spike said. -David Raclin
Dumb, Dumber And Dumbest! What Ye Say About Playing Dumb?
I was having this quite interesting conversation with my best friend. She's beautiful, talented but to my misfortune she believes that in order for her to snag a man she needs to play dumb. ? DUMB YOURSELF DOWN TO APPEAL TO A GUY??? The moment I heard these words from her I almost stabbed myself with a fork. Why pray tell my dear friend would you want to make yourself dumber to attract a man? In the first place, would you want to attract someone who wants you to be robotic and agreeable and unopinionated? Secondly, you would be attracting someone who has heavy self esteem issues, as to one of the comments that I got from my Mumm..which is so true !!! I pointed this out to my other best friend and she said its all about being flexible. She, coming from the IT line, she said that she won't be talking in technical jargon if she was hanging with me (Journalism and Film and Television Major) Going back to my Mumm, some said that it's all about being real, that
Dumbing Down Of Society
Call it the "Dumbing Down" of society if you will. Poeple entertained by gratuitous violence, musicians and groups with no depth to them. Heck even the computer operating system is being "Dumbed Down". Causing people to "THINK" less. Sort of like the "If you don't use it you lose it" syndrome. What happens if you wear sunglasses ALL the time? Your eyes weaken and can't adjust to the light on their own anymore. The same thing with your mind. If everything around you is being simplified; music, movies, TV, cars, computers, the list can go on and on. Just look around you at everything we use now. Then how is your mind supposed to grow? No wonder Japan is beating us with better made products. They are brought up strict and taught to be thinkers and creative. Good examples of "Dumbing Down" of cars- More focus on fancy electronics. IE: GPS navigation, DVD players, MP3 plugs. Rather than make a car that is reliable and will last. TV shows now are disappointing. Shows from the 60's and
Dumbass Of The Week
Man Faked His Own Kidnapping, Police Say Posted Apr 27, 2007 by The Tampa Tribune Updated Apr 29, 2007 at 09:21 PM TAMPA - A Tampa man faked his own kidnapping just to pay for his drug habit, police said. On Friday, John Patterson III, 40, of Tampa, called his girlfriend, Lisa Brown, 39, of Brooksville, and told her that some men were going to kill him unless she brought $350 to him in Tampa. Fearing for her boyfriend’s life, Brown called Tampa police, investigators said. Detectives called Patterson’s cell phone and later found him with Dan Myers, 35, of Tampa, at North 34th Street and East Hillsborough Avenue. Patterson told officers that in trying to feed his drug habit he fabricated the kidnapping story to get money. Both men were arrested for causing a false report to be filed. Police also found Myers to be in possession of crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia. Patterson and Myers remain in Orient Road Jail with bail set at $2,500 and $5,000 respectively
Dumb People
AT LEAST HE GOT THE COBWEBS Elyria, OH - Martyn Eskins, attempting to clean out cobwebs in his basement, declined to use a broom in favor of a propane torch and caused a fire that burned the first and second floors of his house. WHEN PLANS GO "BUST" A 19-year-old Sheffield Lake, Ohio, man stole his mother's credit card to pay for his girlfriend's breast enhancement surgery. The girlfriend left him immediately afterwards and he was sentenced to 18 months in jail. IT ONLY MATTERS WHETHER YOU'RE RIGHT A Columbia, TN woman, angry that her husband fell asleep with a lit cigarette that left a burn hole in the mattress, left a lit cigarette on the bed the next day to show him what would have happened had she not caught it in time. The house burned down, as apparently expected. Good thing she caught it in time. "TOO DUMB TO BE A CRIMINAL" BONEHEAD AWARD A Florida man, who robbed two men at gunpoint in their homes, dropped his wallet as he left and then called po
1. What was the last thing you ordered from McDonalds? you couldnt pay me to eat that shit or feed it to anyone else either 2. When was the last time you got totally wasted? uhm...i actually dont know...its been awhile 3. Do you own a canoe? yup 4. What was the last button you pushed? this question is stupid 5. Do you have or want any Piercings? got - tongue, ears done. n im thinkin maybe an eyebrow 6. Do you have or want any Tattoos? got the next 3 planned out 7. Are you in love? *rolls eyes* 8. Have you ever been in love? fuck you 9. What are your plans for college? finished college a long time ago thanx 10. Do you own a pet hedgehog? why would i want one of those fuckin things? 11. What color is the wall closest to you? eggshell 12. Did you enjoy your last kiss? sure 13. Have you ever set foot in a tanning salon? why would i do a stupid thing like that? 14. Would you rather be a genie or a witch? no. 15. Have you ever played strip poker? yu
Dumb Young Couples
Dumb Facts
There are more collect calls on father's Day than any other day of the year. There is now an ATM at McMurdo Station in Antarctica, which has a winter population of 200. The estimated value of services provided by the global ecosystem (water, food, materials etc.) runs between $16 and $54 trillion per year. Japanese lead the world in vending machines, selling $100 Armani ties, $30 bottles of whiskey, and $5 glasses of beer, right next to soft drink machines. It is possible because of low vandalism and petty theft. In 1995, Toys R Us sold more than $9 billion of goods in the U.S. alone. The average one-dollar bill wears out in less than two years. A lump of pure gold the size of a matchbox can be flattened into a sheet the size of a tennis court! The 3 most valuable brand names on earth: Marlboro, Coca-Cola, and Budweiser, in that order. It takes 3,000 folds to wear out a dollar bill. A 'jiffy' is an actual unit of time for 1/100th of a second. If you yelled
Dumb Guys, Sex, & Technology
I will be the first to agree that we maybe the stronger of the 2 sexes we are certainly the dumber of the 2. And maybe it goes back to that old joke that we have 2 heads but only one to think with. I would like to know if a female gets as much junk mail that is sexual oriented as we guys do. I guess you might not if you have never browsed the porn sites just to look. Thats where they get you. They get your email address and boom then they send you a butt load of emails on how to get sluts in your area or how to increase your penis size by taking a pill. Back in the was just the 1-900 numbers. They advertise them in the backs of porn mags and on late night cable tv. Well now if some of those late night commericals weren't ridiculous enough now they have commericals were they want us guys to text HOT BABES.. WTF? Ok think about all of this for a minute. It is somewhat of a chanellge to disguise your voice over the phone..but anyone can text someone. Hell I could text that numb
Dumb Parents
Hello all I am writting this cz, my wifes kids father, (my step children) thinks he is god. But he knows better than to cross my path. This man is a women beater, and a child beater. He needs to dissaper forever. I so hate this person, he thinks he is a father, but he really is not. I would give anything to have 3 minutes alone with him, cz that is all I would need...... Well talk to you later...
Dumb Tricks
i used to fuck that bitch on the regular / had her blowing up my pager and cellular / if i felt like it i'd call her back / i mean i had it like that / a true player mac / so one day she got smart i guess / started taking advice from a bitch as friend / you should fine some else / abo he's a dog / now she's lost / somewhere in the fog / pussy's gone and that shit was the balm / back stabbin me was just dead wrong / captian save a ho used to be my boy / fuck you and her and all that noise / you cheated / you lied / said the pussy was mine / so i went on thinking everything was fine / meanwhile your fucking mr so and so / your just a bitch slut tramp aho / silly of me i didnt know / but now i see clearly you gotz to go / get your shit and your funk ass out the door / your just a bitch slut tramp aho / now back to the subject at hand / she used to love to suck dick / and stroke with her hand / this bitch was a pro with a phd / penis hand diploma / oh shit is that a real degree / i dont
Dumb F*ck's Of The Week
Indian family exhumes son's corpse to revive him Thu May 31, 10:59 AM ET The corpse of an Indian man was exhumed by his family in a remote eastern village in the belief that a witch doctor could bring him back to life, three days after he died. Arun Majhi, 21, died after he was bitten by a snake while scouring the jungle near his home for firewood last Thursday and his grieving family buried him the same day. But two days later, Majhi's mother dreamt that her son could come back to life. On Sunday, they dug his grave, exhumed the corpse and hired Natabara Sahu, a local witch doctor, who promised to do his best. "I am sitting beside my son waiting for him to come back to life," Bibhisan Majhi, Arun's father, told Reuters Television as he fanned Arun's corpse, which was covered with a mosquito net. But with Arun still dead two days after the witch doctor was hired, the family gave up and reburied him in Bhejapadar village in the eastern state of Orissa. Superstitions are widespr
A Dumb Fast Food Sign.
For those that know me this is one of the most annoying things to me. Driving through a fast food resturant (not gonna say which one but you should know once you read this) and im sitting there forever waiting to get to the window to pick up my food and why in the he!! do i see a sign that sais quit drooling pull forward. what is the point of this sign but to piss you off. dont they think if we could pull forward we could i swear i want to rip down this sign everytime i see it.
Dumb Survey
Crayon box surveyTAKE THIS SURVEY!RED = ANGER1. Are you currently mad at someone?Yes2. Which of your family members has the worst temper?my dad and i3. Have you ever thrown something at anyone?yes4. Does your face turn red when you're angry?sometimes5. When you're mad do you prefer to stare angrily or yell?umm unfortunatly i do bothORANGE = EXCITEMENT1. Has anyone ever thrown a surprise party for you?yeah my 18th b-day2. Are you easily excited?no3. What event is coming up that you're most excited about?none that i know of4. If you won a million dollars, what would be your first thought?hmm i need diapers, baby wipes, and to pay the bills5. If you could have anything right now what would it be?theres too much i really needYELLOW = SELF DISCOVERY1. Name:Nicolette2. Birthday:9-12-873. What's your main goal in life?to finally find someone i can be totally happy with4. Do you want to have children?i have 1 boy but i really want a girl5. How do you want to die?in my sleep GREEN = OPINIONS1.
Dumb Bitch
O.k. I'm sitting here and I hear this dumb cunt yellin at my kids, callin em names and shit I started to walk out there and put a hurtin on her fucking ass but just as I got to the door she took off in her jeep, drunk as a damn skunk so (TEE HEE) I called the police an reported the bitches ass.. I mean she had Summer & my older son JJ in tears from the shit she'd said to em. I heard most of it just not all, an asked JJ what had been said. Anyways some people can be asses but if I see her again, theres gonna be a huge can of whip ass opened.
Dumbass People Should Be Shot On Sight
I cannot stand the sheer immaturity and stupidity of people online. I was just accosted by some bitch in my shoutbox who rated me a bunch of ones. Like I give a fuck. I went to her page and rated her a ten, thanked her for the points. Then she gets in my shoutbox and starts giving me shit because I'm with a man 13 years older than me. It's utter ridiculousness. Bah! I'm just angry and felt the need to vent.
Dumb Fuck Canadian Stoner!!!
read bottom to top What a freakin' moron! Canadian S...: I so hope more you bastards DIE in Irag Canadian S...: your a sick fuck Canadian S...: look someone in the eye and take their life for what ? ->Canadian S...: i would kill some one for my country Canadian S...: you ever seen a person die ? or would you kill someone ? Canadian S...: othing to lose there heads about now is it ? ->Canadian S...: ur sad dude very sad Canadian S...: FOR THE THE COST OF FUEL Canadian S...: YEAP and more Americans will die ->Canadian S...: ur sick Canadian S...: fun was watching there heads get chopped of on the internet Canadian S...: yeah they've been brainwashed ..I am glad 25,000 and a estimated 100,000 americans dying or wounded in Iraq o ->Canadian S...: AMERICA ROCKS ->Canadian S...: i dont care ask any american they will agree Canadian S...: SAYS WHO you ??? You arent the richest country and its over popluated with spics and niggers Canadian S...: wake your sorry ass up ->C
Dumb People Lmfao
Lets face it, there are a lot of dumb people out there. Sometimes you want to express how stupid they really are and here's how... An intellect rivaled only by garden tools. As smart as bait. Chimney's clogged. Doesn't have all his dogs on one leash. Doesn't know much, bot leads the league in nostril hair. Elevator doesn't go all the way to the top floor. Forgot to pay his brain bill. Her sewing machine's out of thread. His antenna doesn't pick up all the channels. His belt doesn't go through all the loops. If he had another brain, it would be lonely. Missing a few buttons on his remote control. No grain in the silo. Proof that evolution CAN go in reverse. Receiver is off the hook. He has less going on upstairs than a one story house. Several nuts short of a full pouch. Skylight leaks a little. Slinky's kinked. Surfing in Nebraska. Too much yardage between the goal posts. A few clowns short of a circus. A few fries sh
Dumbasses Are Fun To Fuck With
First friend request I ever rejected. hey,i was hopin ud be into the noughty bondage stuff or kinky shit or if ur like me and into really really kinky stuff, and if u love things inside you. w/b if ur interested in kinky ass sex over cams or somthing. So he shouts me... this is all but the beginning cause I didnt think to save it.. ->weed101: It's kinda funny though. Men can become so weak in your hands.. like putty. They like certain things and they like them so much that they don't even notice when death looks them in the eye weed101: thats hot, wow ->weed101: But I never came so hard in my life as I did when I squeezed that last ounce a life from him.... nope. Dont trust messengers much. weed101: yea,do u got a yahoo? ->weed101: I mean not something I can do real often... weed101: (Made an :O face) ->weed101: Accidents happen... but... I sorta... got off on it. ->weed101: One day... I clutched a little too hard. weed101: thats kinda kinky ->weed101: The
Dumbness To A New Level Woman Calls 911 To Request Babysitter Apparently she thought the TV show "Nanny 911" was a commercial for a service that offers babysitters through 911. Friday, May 11, 2007 AUDIO A woman near Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin will not be charged after calling 911 for a babysitter. Apparently the mother of triplets thought the TV show "Nanny 911" was a commercial for a service that offers babysitters through 911. She is heard sighing, saying "I need a babysitter." She also said she needed some company. When the operator explained 911 isn't a help line service, she hung up the phone. The cops did send an officer to her house and found she was frazzled, but OK. She apparently made an honest mistake and will not face criminal charges. Dodge County Sheriff Todd Nehls called the phone call "an example of some of the influence television has on some of the things we deal with." H
azboy06@ CherryTAP this guy gave my pic a 4
A Dumbass
this is only part of it, i couldnt get the rest was funny too ->~*SaRa*~: and why do you have a pic of a kid as your defaut, you want a bunch of perves lookin at her ->~*SaRa*~: blah grow up ~*SaRa*~: awww how sweet computer lingo ->~*SaRa*~: yeah well GTFO ~*SaRa*~: and im scared why? just remember your the whore not me ->~*SaRa*~: you will end in in my shout box humor blog and everyone will se what a stupid bitch you sre LMFAO ~*SaRa*~: and you can tell you started early with yours ->~*SaRa*~: cunt Sher~Juice...: lol ->Sher~Juice...: i told her thanx 4 the points bitch lol ~*SaRa*~: whore Sher~Juice...: lol ->Sher~Juice...: shes rating all my pics 1s lol ->~*SaRa*~: thanx 4 the points bitch what a dumb bitch lmao, me & sher scared her off I guess
Dumb Law.....
Did you know? Striking someone with a fist is considered a felony. In Italy?? Wow....
Dumb Ass!
So I see this MUM today and it says: I have a younger sister who is going to be 16 in September, she's been dying to either get a tattoo or get her tongue pierced but my parents won't let her. Do you think it would be wrong to go against our parents' wishes and get one of the two done for her, for her birthday?..... I Say: Ummm helping a 16 year old get a Tattoo? Are you Serious? Are you a moron? STOP watching Miami Ink!!! The ranks of the stupid keeps growing and growing. Here is an Idea, you both should get IDIOT tattooed on your foreheads...LOL The girl sends this in a shout: sam-i-am: wow your a jackass... Umm it is you're a jack ass not your! Lemme guess you're an Idiot! I say: ->sam-i-am: you are a dumb ass bitch! trendy poser! That's right, that is what I said and I would say it again. WTF is wrong with he world when people let their kids get inked or try to help them get inked? Do kids that age think tattoos are cool? Is this what society has come too?
Dumb Little Boy!!!
Dumb lil boy. When are you going to grow up? When are you going to realize you should try talking before insulting? When are you going to realize everyone is not tryin to steal your lady? When are you going to realize I do have a dick (its bigger than yours & I can use it better)? When are you going to realize people that ain't shit are usually the first ones to talk it? When are you going to realize you ain't shit? When are you going to realize women don't like a man (not boy) that talks shit to everyone guy that looks at them (aka jealous)? When are you going to realize a woman loves a man that can protect them and not get them into bullshit? YOU DUMB FUCKING LITTLE BOY!!! Sorry Jessie, its nothing to do with you, just him from Clover, NM For all of you out there, I was not hitting on her, I rated her pics, I said hi; none of the hitting on b/s because, get this, I read her profile, yes, its true, I actually read it; dumb shit. I am not gonna pry on there shit, and if h
Dumb Move!!
I got a DWI the other night... I hate my life right now!!! I'll deal with it but it doesn't mean it'll be easy. I'll be ok but right now all the reprocussions are setting in. *sigh* I don't even know why I'm writing this... maybe I hope by writing this out it'll clear out my head. So far it's not working!!
Dumbass In Shout Whining About His Bashing From The Mummers
PITBULL: i know ->~Ashley~Mu...: ok if you think so good nite PITBULL: an 2 everytime i see them on here its boo whoo he blocked me PITBULL: they care if they didn't 1 they wouldv'e never did a mumm about me ->~Ashley~Mu...: ok if you think so they couls give two shits about you PITBULL: there the ones with no balls i mean comon i own them they proved it ->~Ashley~Mu...: thats the way of the mumms grow some balls PITBULL: they shouldn't run there mouths ->~Ashley~Mu...: well u must have been asking for it PITBULL: so what they did is no better ->~Ashley~Mu...: whats thats immature PITBULL: shut up
Dumbass Men
Why is it that a man can claim to "really be feeling you," but don't want you? Why is that he can SOMETIMES say that he wants to be your man then when you ask him about it, he is clueless. If men would make up their damn mind, women wouldn't be wasting their damn time on one loser and get a little bit of what they want from many men because it seems that no one man can fulfill ALL my needs. Guess that is why the front of my car says NEVER SATISFIED. I am tired of the games and lies. If all you wanted was sex, say so. If you want more, be a man, speak up and say it. Bottom line: I am single so if you are really about something, then get at me and let's see what happens!!!!! Aimee
PITBULL: hey get a job PITBULL: no one likes me i got 367 fans an you PITBULL: won't say shit now huh fag ->PITBULL: I have a job....and that fan shit don't mean nothing. ->PITBULL: is fag the best insult you can come up with, you closet homo? PITBULL: ok i got almost 2000 buddys PITBULL: whatever you crossdressing incestual queer boy ->PITBULL: thats pathetic many do you talk to? I have barely over 100, and I actually keep in contact with over 80% of them. I'm not here for attention like you. I don't need online friends to make me feel better about myself, unlike you. I don't need to pretend that I'm a good person, I know I am...unlike you. you are a sad, pathetic, lonely guy... PITBULL: they all added me an we talk in the blogs PITBULL: an i'm sorry you take the mumms seriously heres a razor ->PITBULL: I'm sorry you are so pathetic that you think you need numbers on an online site to be accepted into society PITBULL: hey does your daddy know you mom's about to
Dumbest Celebrity Quotes Ever
The Blondes Jessica Simpson - "Is this chicken what I have, or is this fish? I know it's tuna but it says Chicken, by the Sea" Tara Reid - "I make Jessica Simpson look like a rock scientist" Paris - "What's Walmart, do they sell like wall stuff?" Kimberly Stewart - (on Jennifer Aniston) "I like her cuz she's like, homely. She must have something else going on cuz it's not like she's gorgeous or anything." Alicia Silverstone - "I think that the film "Clueless" was very deep. I think it was deep in the way that it was very light. I think lightness has to come from a very deep place if it's true lightness." The Leaders George Bush - "Too many obgyn's aren't able to practice their love with women across this country." Arnold Schwarzanegger - "I think that gay marriage is something that should be between a man and a woman." Bill Clinton - "If I were a single man, I might ask that mummy out. That's a good-looking mommy." The Georgraphically-Challenged: Britney Spears - "I get
Dumb Bitch
prater8502@ fubar ***Had the nerve to come and rate my main picture a 4...Fuckin Hater...Watch out for her***
Dumb... last nite I signed on here, looked around, hung out in a lounge for a few, did a few things and actually went to bed early. It feels good to wake up @ like 9am for a change. Anwyays, this song was in my head last nite up until I fell asleep, dunno why but it was. I guess its' back to getting ready for whatever today and maybe I'll spend a little less time here from now on. My eyes don't burn this morning, my head doesn't hurt and my body doesn't ache which is a good thing for once. Just some random thoughts after some of the stuff I experienced yesterday... * If I do send an anon gift, it's to someone close to me, very sappy or sexual and I ususally tell them shortly thereafter* * I love it when people show they care, best if by being themselves, the more the better, it's all about the little things * * Apathy is worse than anger * * Hate is a strong word, but distrust feels worse * * It's inevitable that people change, it's how we handle it that define who we are * * B
Dumb Laws!
I stopped at the gas station tonight. I get out and do the cash card thing and stand with my ten year old son while he pumps the gas! He likes to do this! He has been doing this since he was five! He knows how to do it and he can get it on the exact amount that needs put in. The gas station attendant came over to me and said, "I need to in form you! That you are breaking the law!" (SAY WHAT!) "It is against the law for anyone under the age of 16 to pump gas in Colorado." What the hell stupid shit is that! I let him pump the gas. I worked at a gas station when I was fifteen! Pumping gas! That was In the good old days when everything was full service and gas was 54 cents a gallon. In Iowa by the time a kid is 10 most not only learn how to put the gas in but also how to drive at least a tractor. By they time they are twelve most have learned how to do minor maintenance on it and some repairs if need be. My son can change the filter and the oil in a car, he can change the s
Dumb Inbred Bitch
I cant open my shout box for some reason, but this is the las half of the convo with the chick talkin bout screwin dead folks or family in mumms ¤¨¨¤Chelle...: yea yea yea once u face he fact tht ur a nasty peice of shit life will be much better for u..peace ->¤¨¨¤Chelle...: you called it on yourself dear ->¤¨¨¤Chelle...: ok yeah bitch please, go away you nasty inbred skank ¤¨¨¤Chelle...: haha i can take them i just felt like fuckin with u cuz dumb ugly bitches like yourself r easy to get to ->¤¨¨¤Chelle...: well if you cant take comments in the mumms GTFO and stay the fuck out ¤¨¨¤Chelle...: u couldnt leave ur sleazy ass opinions to urself..i evn said in the mumm tht it was a fucked up joke..anyone who took it seriously is the queen ditz ->¤¨¨¤Chelle...: inbred bitch ->¤¨¨¤Chelle...: well ok if you think so ->¤¨¨¤Chelle...: yaou called it on yourself, youcame to my shoutbox bitch!!!!! ¤¨¨¤Chelle...: psshh whats there to hate better then you in absolutely ev
Dumb Ass Of The Day (this Gave A Really Good Laugh In A Stressful Time)
this chick thinks that a man that has a tongue piercing is gay, then insults him and sends her peeps to harass the guy...what a *****...each to there own in what they do to there body keep u'r ignorance to u'r self..........and then this is what she says to me cause i commented in her blog sayin i think peeps need to grow the fuck up..oh and they in proper order read top to bottom. (HER)¡Ù ...: Don't like it, then don't read it. (ME)->¡Ù ...: i just left my opinion....just cause i don't like don't mean i ain't entiteled to say what i think (HER)¡Ù ...: Only the fact that I don't care what you think or about your opinion. Don't like what I have to say, don't read the shit. (ME)->¡Ù ...: WHATEVER. NOW TO C THE DUMB ASS OF THE DAY. ¡Ù♫Dragon¢¾Lady♫¡Ù@ fubar THANX TO HER IN MY STRESSED MODE I GOT A GOOD FUCKIN LAUGH, hahahahahahahahahaha
Dumb Shit #1
this guy is plain dumb. attack at will from east tennessee.i also fix computers cheap if ur in maryville/knoxville area@ fubar
Dumb Fucks In Internets
1) MUMM: 2) My Profile Comments Italian... member is ASK ME HOW nope sorry im not a terrorist that is why I am a veteran of the US Army umm ya ur cool 3) Error: this users permissions don't allow you to do this. if you want to add this member to your 'blocked' list, click here. 4) you go and bash this mongoloid for me.
Dumb Dicks
Why do men have dumb dicks!? They have a head with no brain, that hangs around with two nuts and lives around the corner from an asshole
Dumb Ass People
Well this is the only way to follow through for now about the Mumm about society today.It's a shame that people can't read and don't understand how to look at things.The mumm about the white race had nothing to do with White power as some of you dumb ass' thought.It is about the change in society today.How so you rationalize the thought of making it more important to take care of illegal aliens and to change society today to adjust for people comming here from other countries.They don't change for us and americans are now a minority,what the hell did I miss.Did I pull a rip van winkle or something.So to the dumb ass that got offended that mumm was just about you and your sorry ass should be shipped back to where ever the hell your from.All of you people who missed the previous point need some help and I can see why things are so in trouble.
Dumb Fucks
People treat health like an inconvenience. Like a carrot is going to murder you. Like there is no substitute for beef. you make me physically wretch.
it was walkin and talkin and someone else.i am sure i am the you matter to the thoughts be splatter?can you tell the girls asses are getting fatter?do we matter to the word?thats not what i heard.feel sure before you respond,theres no potential going on.
Dumb Name But Not Dumb
Dumb Name but Not Dumb by Egmont Grigor-2 © Fleetcloud Hippostein felt her long orange hair fluttering in the cold wind as she waited for the train heading to Grand Central Terminal. She was unsure whether it was a compliment directed at her when the man in a thick coat, scarf and navy gloves and a navy fedora said, "Nice tits"; the Tutor Computer had not covered that particular greeting - or was it a reprimand? On the train she purchased a ticket for the 40-minute journey and was surprised she received back change when paying with a $50 bill but then as an alien she expected to be surprised by many things. Fleetcloud was on a mission - to find a suitable man to impregnate her. The Statistical Analysis Profiles Computer had chosen Fifth Avenue, New York as the place inhabited by suitable males. She was specifically instructed not to succumb to the sexual advances of predatory females which had rather disappointed Fleetcloud as she'd wanted to have the widest possibly variety
Dumb Ass People
Well my wife and i were going through the news when all of the sudden she came across this news article;_ylt=AikEf02XLpjZ1P.DLdmnfTlH2ocA now it may only be me but it seems that we have a nation of idiots that are basically legalizing cocaine use by making a safe house where cops cannot enter wouldnt you agree that we are stupid for this ??? i want feedback on this one!!!!
Dumb Icp Fan
->juggalotus...: are you done yet? I hope your feeling better about it juggalotus...: do the world a favor and kill urself ->juggalotus...: im sure you would keep talking binary tough guy juggalotus...: suck a cock fag lucky i dont live in NC or id come to ur house and fuck u up ->juggalotus...: lets leave moms out of this and ill leave my cock out of your moms ->juggalotus...: when all else fails use the mom joke ->juggalotus...: awww resorting to the uncreative mom jokes good job juggalotus...: fuck u ill fuck ur mother on ur grave bitch ->Schweißerm...: ->juggalotus...: shut the fuck off with your idle fucking threats youll get mad and talk shit and nothing will happen wipe the sand out of your pussy and deal with it juggalotus...: ill whoop ur bitch ass fag
Dumb Joke
One day a blonde was taking a shower. She only has 3 neighbors... a father of a marine son, a pregnant lady, and a blind man, so she is taking a shower and her doorbell rings. she puts a towel on and goes down to answer it. It's the father of a marine son... he says... "Congradulate me, my son came home from the war!!" "Oh congradulations!" she goes back in the shower & her door bell rings again. it's the pregnant lady... she says "Congradulate me, i just had a baby!" "Oh congradulations!" she goes back in the shower & her doorbell rings again so she thinks , "Well since it's the blind man i dont have to put on my towel" so she goes down stairs & answers the door the blind man says... "Congradulate me, i'm not blind anymore!!!!"
Dumb Things
here is some dumb this to think about!! why is the question. WHY doesn't tarzan have a beard? WHY do we keep pushing the remote buttons harder when then battiers are dead? WHY do we keep going to the fridge every 5 minutes hoping something new will appear? WHY does it take women longer to get dressed? thats all for now, will add later!!
Dumb Ass People...
Had this chick block me the other day because I welcomed her to my World Wide Harem... Some people have NO sense of humor... Can you believe that crap?? I think I am one of the funniest and nicest people I know... Hell -- I love me!!! See ya fans... :)
Dumb Ass Fubar Shit....
Dumb Ass Men!!!
If you are a guy stop the bullshit! If all you want is to see a girl naked then just say so> Don't start a bunch of shit saying your in love and want to becaome everything to you. Claiming a bunch of BLAH BLAH shit. If you are a girl Remember that guys say alot of shit to get what they want and have really very little to no respect for women!!! Take it from someone who has been lied to not only on the computer but also in reality. So thank you to all the FUCKED UP MEN IN THIS WORLD!!!!
Dumb Drunk Things I Do!
Went out tonight with one of my and her having a good time...well we both get up on the bar so I can do video of her being a drunk ass bitch...just like me on my cell...well apparently I had quite a few drinks & probably more than enough shots than what I really needed...well I got smacked in the head with the ceiling fan (the bar isn't all that high anyhow & ceiling fans are pretty low). I felt it hit my head but didn't think anything of it until I heard people say I was bleeding next thing I know yep...I'm seeing blood all over the place & my head was starting to throb so my friend Angie drives my drunk ass to the hospital & yep I had to get stitches under & on top of where I cut my head open head hurts & now it looks like I'm in the process of getting a black eye. They gave me a shot in my face so my head & face are numb but now it must be wearing off because I'm in fucking pain. It sucks to be at the hospital intoxicated with your face throbbing! So the hospita
Dumb Blonde
My Drug Addicted Landlord just made my night by being stupid he has a warrant out for his arrest and now im gonna positively id and turn him into the cops later for being a lazy no good fucking flamer
Dumb Ass People Lol
i love this new feature on the bartab where i can see what others are doin as far as commenting on mumms and shit...and I've been noticing a trend! There's a lot of horny ass guys just lookin for some sexy convo from a chick to get off and all the mumms that are being voted/commented on are sexual in nature...makes me wonder if maybe I should change my blogs to not make any fuckin sense and just post some sexual shit so people actually read what I'm taking the time out to write. If that's the only way to get people to open their dam eyes, than I guess that's the answer...hope you all are getting that great nut rubbed out on some desperate usually works wonders for me...might wanna try it instead of reading some stupid ass mumms and talking to easy ass Fubar hoes who write em.
Dumb Cheerleaders
The Dumbest Cops Ever Seen
Dumb Arse
So today I was with my family doing some last minute shopping. We were headed home on the highway doing about 75 MPH when I noticed this pick up truck coming up fast behind me. It was a 2 lane highway and I was in the left lane. I got into the right lane and let him pass me, when he did I looked over to see that it was 2 punk ass looking teenagers looking for trouble. It was raining and not the best time to drive like a putz! Right after this idiot passed me he got in front of me so I switched back into the left lane. The right lane got backed up and I passed him then I got into the right lane a 1/4 mile down the road to make my exit. about 1/2 a mile before my exit I see these idiots coming up nest to me. They pulled along side of me and then the driver dropped the hammer. I saw his truck take off in front of me and then he lost control. This dummy must have been looking back at me and his 2 driver side tires went off the road into the mud. He was all over the road spinning and
Dumbing Down *eyeroll*
"Like, Oh my God....gag me with a spoon!" Why do we do it? Why do we dumb down? Even as I type this, I am about to do it still. Big, soulful, strong words are nipping at my fingertips, but some of you didn't know what "astute" meant or what a "frenulum" was. So I suppose that I am an equal opportunity blogger and I refrain from using words like "emphatic" and "conundrum".....You are welcome. 90% of attraction to another person happens in the brain. This is a theory that I had attempted to disprove many moons ago. My subject: Mike S. He towered over me at 6'3". He would have made Adonis himself cower in shame at his physical beauty. Armani (The company, not the person) wanted to fly him down to L.A. after Mike lost "said" 15 lbs. He was just all in all....beautiful head to toe. Big strong arms, a California sun kissed complexion, washboard abs and a gleaming smile that had a dimple tattooed at each corner. Mike had asked me on a date and I eagerly accepted. He pi
Dumb Ass People
hahahah run your mouths people come on i don't care anymore, you can't hurt me. make up lies, keep trying to break me cause i don't care, i am stronger than you think! you think your better than me, well someone lied to you. i am not cocky or arrogant at all, but i know who i am, what i do and what i don't do.. so go ahead roll the dice and try to challenge me. I'll show you, you can beat me but you won't break me....
Dumb Ass
Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb
Ok, so I consider myself smarter than most, but I am beginning to believe otherwise. This morning is a direct reflection of how dumb a single man can be. I will blame this one on my mom for not teaching me this when I was younger. Thanks MOM. So all was well beginning this morning. My son and I both woke up on the right side of the bed. Good moods to begin the day. At 9:30, my son requested some of my world famous ( pour the water into the batter) pancakes. A simple breakfast to make. Unfortunately breakfast has nothing to do with this story. Trying to multi-task, I decided to do some dishes while making breakfast. Yes, I can do two things at once, barely. So my dishwasher is becoming quite old and it is on its last cycle any day now. Therefore I decided to give it alil help. NOTE TO ALL SINGLE MEN, DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT SPRAY DAWN HAND DETERGENT INTO THE DISHWASHER. Yeah I did, and I gave it a healthy spray too. Breakfast is going good, dishwasher is rocking and rolling. I
Dumb Stuff Said In 2008
We say some dumb stuff around the New Year. Frankly, I'm tired of it already. There are more myths, rumors and lies spread about the New Year than there are in the presidential debates. I'm going to be the one to call them out. All of them! I'm talking about the lies, not the candidates. I'll start with my favorite myth: "New Year = New You" The calendar we use today was created centuries ago when we were an agrarian society. It was invented primarily for two purposes: farming and performing rituals. It was never meant for "naming and claiming" your new Mercedes or losing the weight from the food you just packed in your gut over the holidays. Do you want to know a surefire way to guarantee you'll be right back in this same position next year? Vow to start an extreme lifestyle makeover in January and hope the Calendar God on High anoints you with the miraculous changes you desire. Summons his power with incantations such as, "This is my year" and "It's gonna be great in 2008."
Seriously, why do people post heaps of pics that aren't them... Then they claim it's them and have it set as their default but have a salute which is NOTHING like the lovely lil fakes they post. LMAO I mean if you need to get points from being fake then that's just sad. The same goes for men that use a woman's pic to get points. I see why I keep my list small but i'm thinking I have some more deleting to do yet... and yes i'm bitchy but really wtf are you gonna do about it? Delete me I dare you!
Dumb Pricks
you guys are fuckin morons, even after i write a blog about being a guy and put in my about me that im a guy, you still come at me wanting to see my nsfw pics and telling me how beautiful i am, well you dumb cocksuckers, heres another chance to realize that im a fuckin male.
Dumbest Or Nicest Person
I am either too nice or completely stupid. I cant quite figure it out. I am helping my recent ex-husband (divorce was final in November)to plan his wedding that is in May/June time frame. I have been helping them choose songs for the wedding, locate and reception. I have no idea why I am helping. I am happy for him. I dont hate him. I just keep wondering why I am I helping him with a wedding that I never had when I married. I just dont understand it. I guess I like helping people no matter what it is.
Dumb Asses
what the fuck is up with these people on here, men and women, talking down to me in comments on mums, on my shout box, or in my profile just because i am young?! yes im 22yrs old, but no im not inferior to any of you jack offs and bitches!! no i dont have homework,a bedtime, or any other bullshit. i have a real job and have been the main source of income for my family since i got out of highschool. So basically you dont have to comment on or read anything that i post on here and if u have a problem with me or my age come see me and we can straighten your dumb ass out!! but do not say things towards me that attempt to belittle me just because you have some shitty meaningless life and nothing better to do, it's not my fault im better than you!
Dumb Drunkness
Well lets see how to start this one. I fucked up again. For starts I can remember I offended like half the people that I know on Fubar. Then I got drunker and "drunk dialed" a friend. The bad part is not really the drunk dialing which I know he hates the bad part is the only thing I remember about the fucking conversation is something about like pancakes vs. waffles. Why at like 2 in the morning we would have been talking about breakfeast chow I have no idea but I do remember that part. I kinda leary about getting ahold of him because wow. I mean where do you start?? Do I apologize and tell him that it wont happen again but to be honest it probably will, or do I wait for him to get ahold of me. I am pretty damn sure he will never want to talk to me again. I kinda wish I knew what I had said that way I could be prepared for whatever may come form this shit, but then in another way I am happy as hell thatI don't so I don't have to sit here and kick myself in the ass for the next week. We
Dumb Game!
Dumb Ass Downrater
this downrater gave me one's and then fanned me and ask to be added as a friend ! what the hell is he thanking!tyrone_shewlaysiz@ fubar
Dumb Things People Say
I have decided to start posting the dumb messages and shouts that I get from time to time. They really are so ridiculous that all you can do is laugh. February 2, 2008 hi sweety..if u want excitement,if u want watch my hard and wet d**k and if u have cam add me, or give me u r address plz..... :)wht u want i do for you.... and look my another pic. maybe u like.. :)
Dumbass People
GREEN EYED BANDIT@ fubar this is a Downrater
Dumb Dee Dumb Survey
1. List two facts about the last person you kissed. 1. I LOVE HIM 2. hes my son 2. What was your first thought when you looked in the mirror this morning? omg what is wrong with my eye 3. Do you believe there's always room in your heart for your first love? SURE 4. Have you ever worn the opposite sex's underwear? yeah boxers 5. Where is the next place you will travel to? hawaii 6. Do you want to get married & have kids one day? been there done that 7. Do you curse a lot? UHMM YEA 8. Have you ever kissed in a pool? YEA 9. Do you like to have long hair or short hair? LONG 10. Do you like ice cream? YEA 11. What's your favorite color? blue 12. What does the last text in your inbox say and from who? dont text 14. Have you ever lied to protect someone's feelings? SURE 15. Are you hiding something from your parents? NO 16. Do you get jealous of other people easily? NAH 17. What's the best thing about having a boyfriend/girlfriend?
Dumb Ass Anti Military Person Of The Day Attention ladies and gentlemen.... I have the JERK of the day!!!! Read the conversation this guy had with me... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ niceguy: damn ur hot ->~*~The Fal...: thank you niceguy: look hot in glasses ->~*~The Fal...: lol ty niceguy: ihate the military so i dunt want to talk to u and sorry and marrying a military guy is dumb ->~*~The Fal...: ha... fuck you... if it wasnt for military men like my husband you'd be some towel heads bitch atm niceguy: nope so fuck off whore ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Then he blocked me So if you support what our men and women are doing over there then click the pic and let this guy know!
You're so conceited, you're such an ass. I could keep going, but I might sound brass. Oh well, what the hell, you're nothing more then a lower class. You can tell a person by the company they keep, and even better if the creep leads them around like sheep. A user, a controller, a manipulator, do you even know who you are? You are a complete fucking idiot, an imbecile, a moron! I'm glad you think you're happy, I'm glad you think you're free. As you live the same life, why can't you let things be? Accept things as they are, people as well. And as for the past, don't sit and dwell.
Dumb People Piss Me Off!
Ok, Whether this will pisses people off or not, I dont give a flying fuck! When I take the time to offer you dumb fucks a salute, Why do you take up space in my shout box with ignorant questions like this: 1:Ready for ...: could you crush me hun? 2:Fre¥a ...: i want one what will it cost me? 3:Lloth73: and what do you gotta do to get a salute?? And Lastly......♥~D...: k...i want a WTF is funny or wrong with someone trying to be nice to you ignorant fucks? I dont whore myself here for point and ur bullshit play money! You see boneheads I actually have a little bit of "KINDNESS" in my heart!Write this word down and look it up! Blow Me, I have spoken!
Dumbass Burglers Of The Week
Hapless robbers target biker club meeting Two masked, machete-wielding robbers burst into club and empty cash registers 50 bikers meeting in adjacent room hear commotion and intervene One would-be robber ends up hogtied; the other in hospital Police arrest men and charge both with attempted armed robbery By CNN's Saeed Ahmed (CNN) -- Two masked and machete-wielding men who barged into a club in Sydney, Australia, couldn't have picked a worse night for their robbery -- a monthly meeting of bikers. The robbers chose the wrong night to burst into the club where the Southern Cross Cruiser Club have their monthly meeting. About 50 burly bikers fought back with tables and chairs -- pretty much anything that wasn't bolted down. One would-be robber was tied up; the other in the hospital. Police arrested both. "These guys were absolutely dumb as bricks," Jerry Vancornewal, leader of the bikers, told CNN Thursday. "I can't believe they saw all the bi
Dumb Drivers
I swear it never fails. Every single time I go somewhere I see at least one person that amazes me with their incompetent driving. Come on people just open your eyes and put down your cell phones long enough to at least pay a little bit of attention to the people around you. So please, if your not going the speed limit get the fuck outta the hammer lane. If your gonna pull out in front of someone, at least speed up when you do it. And dammit, if you can't drive... DON'T Hey, maybe its me, or maybe I'm wrong. What do I know anyway, --I'M JUST BITCHIN
Dumb Fucks
Dumb Fucks Cont...
Okay since I posted my DUMB FUCKS yesterday... I have now had 2 more DUMB FUCKS one that even left me a photo comment of 'she looka like a man' and rated me a 4. Now I ask you do I really look like a man with boobs as big as mine... come on now - Damian aka 'Tripp (Taken By A Beautiful Woman)' I think you need glasses or something... As far as the other DUMB FUCK that was almost brave enough to rate me a 2 well you are just a follower and I understand... Reverendhongry is his name.... Iam just curious of who gave these childern the right to judge any of us... they need to grow up. Now for everyone out there that understands how I feel and how imature these childern are being I thank you for giving me all 10 and 11 you guys and gals are great... and I thank you very much and the favor will be return...
Dumb Ass Men
I find it funny that the men in this world think they are God's gift to women. All i can say to this is that you guys need to wake up and smell the fucking roses!!! We women don't need you to define us nor do we want you especially when you think you can play us and get away with it. Well GUESS WHAT......WE ARE A HELL OF ALOT SMARTER THAN YOU AND YOU WILL NEVER WIN!!! WE ALWAYS DO AND IF YOU THINK FOR ONE FUCKING SECOND THAT YOU WILL GET AWAY WITH IT YOU ARE SADLY MISTAKEN!!! What is the old saying? Ah yes "HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE A WOMAN SCORNED" Read it and weep guys cause we will get ya, and when you least expect it too. If you guys out there fit this description then don't bother talking to me or anyone on my page cause we are better than you and that is a proven fact!!! You will be left with nothing while we are left with our dignity! Have a peachy fucking day and do us all a favor and fall off the face of this fucking planet!!!! Toodles!!!
Dumb Ppl < (dumb aZZ of the week award)god you gotta love dumb ppl who rate u a one then you look at them and go wtf
In that forgotten part of town Where wasted hopes and dreams abound, A wrinkled man with life near end, In hopes to have at least one friend, Fashioned bits of wood and things And made a dummy run by strings. He sat alone for hours on end, Conversing with his only friend And found delight within the fact That he controlled it's every act. He told it how he never had A chance, since all his luck was bad Although he'd tried so to succeed - The dummy nodded and agreed. And how his journeys in romance Had never given him a chance, And wasn't it a crying shame That he was always held to blame When everyone knew, oh so well, That life is but a living Hell, Controlled by lust and power and greed? The dummy nodded and agreed. With patience that would rival saints, That dummy sat through all complaints And, with each little expert tug, He'd droop his head or bow or shrug And give some comfort to the man Who held his lifelines in his hand And helped to fill a lo
Dumb Bitches
god i cant belive how dumb some women can be...they had a great guy right infront of em and because the "scared" they let him walk away.....some of us spend our lives looking for that perfect guy...and she lets him walk....hmmm makes me wonder if she really loved him or if shes just a dumbass player like ive heard she was.....hmmmm not that i care....but heres a li advice to you chicky...GET THE FUCK OVER UR SELF BC UR NOT PERFECT AND UR DEF NOT GODS GIFT TO MEN......its all good tho...bc if u walked aways from him without a second glance he def wasnt meant to be ur "one"......buh bye now!!
Dumbya Is Worse Than Nixon Dems fault Bush on executive privilege By LAURIE KELLMAN, Associated Press Writer 1 hour, 19 minutes ago President Bush's refusal to let two confidants provide information to Congress about fired federal prosecutors represents the most expansive view of executive privilege since Watergate, the House Judiciary Committee told a federal judge Thursday. Lawyers for the Democratic-led panel argued in court documents that Bush's chief of staff, Josh Bolten, and former White House counsel Harriet Miers are not protected from subpoenas last year that sought information about the dismissals. The legal filing came in lawsuit that pits the legislative branch against the executive in a fight over a president's powers. The committee is seeking the testimony as it tries to make a case that the White House directed the firing of nine U.S. attorneys because they were not supportive enough of Republicans' political a
Dumb Ass Chicks!
Why? That's the magic question that none of them can ever answer. What is it about me or what's going on that made you do what you did. I never get an answer. It's been that way for awhile now. I'm a listener by nature. I've made more friends in my little life time that it hurts to think that I've lost just as many as I've gained. The one thing that always comes back to me are the ones that fuck up. For the hundredth time in my life i was lied to. Now it normally wouldn't hurt that bad, but it was for nothing more then a loser who wouldn't deserve to lick my gooch. This is the type of piece of shit you slap your daughter for bringing home. This dude deserves to get his ass kicked by the world. I don't even know the little prick, but not one person I've met that knows him likes him. The one person that's most IMPORTANT doesn't get the hint that there're better guys right in front of you. Ladies! If you wanna find a good man just open your eyes and stop being stupid.
Dumb Shit Of The Week - Ha Ha!!
Ha ha! This dude probably believes in global warming and votes Democrat too. . . Man arrested in Texas for trying to cash $360 billion check Thu May 1, 9:04 PM ET FORT WORTH, Texas - Charles Ray Fuller must have been planning one big record company. The 21-year-old North Texas man was arrested last week for trying to cash a $360 billion check, saying he wanted to start a record business. Tellers at the Fort Worth bank were immediately suspicious — perhaps the 10 zeros on a personal check tipped them off. Fuller, of suburban Crowley, was arrested on a forgery charge. He was released after posting $3,750 bail. Fuller said his girlfriend's mother gave him the check to start a record business. But bank employees who contacted the account's owner said the woman told them she did not give him permission to take or cash the check. In addition to the forgery count, Fuller was charged with unlawfully carrying a weapon and possessing marijuana. Officers reported f
Dumbest Hash Ever
Hubby is a hasher ( Hash House Harriers). They get together and drink beer then run for a bit drink more beer then at the end of the run they drink a lot of beer and make accusations of their friends and make them drink a lot more. They usually end up super drunk and needing rides home. This weekend hubby and his hashing buddies are going to be doing a grab and dash hash. Two tables each with a keg on em about 1 minute apart from each other. At each table you chug 1 to 2 oz of beer. Then you dash to the next table. Back and forth till the last hasher is standing. These guys are going to be so fucked up. I certainly hope they all have designated Drivers. Cause the beer they are drinking is 8% alcohol and they are not gonna be able to drive themselves.
so Obama supporters are now talking about "purging" the party... i guess if you dont support him, you cant call yourself a democrat anymore... i can think of a couple other groups who liked purging people... fascists, nazis, bolsheviks... also, recent polls about the election in november were quite interesting... in the polls, when its clinton vs mccain, clinton wins... when its obama vs mccain, mccain wins... but the idiots of the democratic party are gonna end up nominating obama... go figure... nobody can lose an election like the dems i dunno.. i guess im jus fed up with the stupidity of the democratic party, especially the obama supporters... if you dont vote for him, youre not a democrat... if you dont vote for him, youre a racist... hes a "liberal" even though hes the most concervative, republican-loving candidate the dems have run in my lifetime... its all a cult of personality now... doesnt matter that he has NO feasible solutions for the problems our country faces (fix
Dumbass Uses His Remote And Wrecks His Own Garage Door
Dumb Test by Fun Quizzes! Fun Quizes | Love Quiz | MySpace Quizzes
Dumb Whore
Some dumb whore wrote a bulletin about making a real mummer picture, LMFAO!!! rly? good luck with that... According to her, I'm not a mummer, lmfao! She left a comment on my page if you want to know who...
Dumb Quiz!
Dumb Test by Fun Quizzes! MySpace quizes | Love Quiz | Fun quizzes
i have noticed in my 28 almost 29 yrs men are like moths to a flame. Ass is all they see when they see a female. Not hey, u are pretty u want to go out on a date and see what happens. No, its u wanna fuck> WTF, happened to the so called gentelman? im sorry i have morals and im not a whore who sleeps around so all i have to say s FUCK YOU~
Dumb Ass Rookie cop in hot water after video shows him slamming biker By TAMER EL-GHOBASHY DAILY NEWS POLICE BUREAU Updated Tuesday, July 29th 2008, 3:13 AM A rookie NYPD cop was stripped of his badge and gun Monday after a stunning video caught him slamming a bicyclist to the ground in an apparent unprovoked attack. Officer Patrick Pogan, 22, of the Midtown South Precinct, was bounced to desk duty soon after the video of Friday's incident in Times Square appeared on YouTube. "The video is bad - what can you say?" a police source said. The damning video not only revealed an out-of-the-blue attack but also seems to show Pogan lied about the incident in court papers. Pogan was one of two cops at Seventh Ave. and 46th St. monitoring a Critical Mass bike rally when a swarm of cyclists rode by ringing their bells about 9:35 p.m. Without warning, Pogan, a former high s
Dumb Move!
Well, I had a horrible weekend. I started out camping on Friday night after my dad's birthday party, low and behold while breaking limbs for the campfire, another limb broke loose and smacked me right in the forehead, above my right eyebrow. It popped up a huge knot and made a slight gash in the skin but needless to say by the next morning, which was Saturday, I have this huge bruise and look like I have been in the fight from hell! I look horrible!!! It ruined my whole weekend!
Dumba$$ Of The Day :d
today i received fu-mail from someone who added me quite a while back. with all of my internet connection problems(i hope the new modem they sent fixed it,appears so atm) and pc/laptop failures i havn't been able to get online much so i didn't notice he had at some point deleted me. i get this funny thing today from him and laughed my ass off! i have warned people about contacting me and such and that it could appear on my page in some form or another. i couldn't pass up a reply to the guy or posting it in my blog :D so i hope u get a kick out of it and a laugh like i did. maybe it will make your day just one laugh better :P peace to all my friends and fans! :D hope u have an awesome weekend! ;) HIS MESSAGE TO ME... from: DJTransformer™ ... Knoxville, TN subject: So did you really rate me a one received: 08/14/2008 08:49 pm replied: no block this member Flag as spam If so what a fool you are. Never rate people a one. You had better correct
dont be getin mad because i rate you for what i think you are...mostly are fakes on here so you deserve a 1 rofl. if you have a problem with it take it up with me not everyone else biach
Dumb Fubians
I hate negative fubar citizens. If you don't like a mumm, don't go and vote for it or comment on it. Its your stupid if you do because the people who created the so called "dumb mumm" get those points. Also, people who rate negatively suck. If you don't like something, don't rate it.
Dumb Bitch
OK THIS CONVO STARTED FROM SOMETHIN I WASNT APART OF... SHE MESSAGED A FRIEND OF MINES YELLIN AT HIM CUZ SHE THOUGHT HIM N I WAS/IS DATIN AND SHE CANT LET IT GO SO SHE DECS 2 START SHIT WITH ME CALLIN ME A WHORE ... NOW NE1 THAT KNOWS ME KNOW IM LAID BACK KINDA GAL IM SICK OF PPL BRINGIN ME N2 DRAMA CUZ THEY CANT GET OR KEEP A MAN ITS NOT MY FAULT UR A SLUT OR BIMBO OR WHATEVER ELSE DONT BRING ME UP N UR SHIT SO I MESSAGED HER ON YAHOO THIS IS HER FUBAR PAGE Candy Apple: who the fuck r u callin a whore u low life fuckin cunt.... dont judge ppl u dont know u immature skank ur so fucked up n the head that u cant let a man go that DOESNT want u that u call his friends whore well listin her u 2faced ugly horse whatch what u say about ppl u dont know Candy Apple: awwwww what did the lil bitches tounge get tired up dont know what 2 say...awww is the lil bitch afriad 2 say somethin bowtojess: eat a dick u nasty ass lookin bitch i'll call
Dumbass People
Just because you send a friend request and rate me doesn't obligate me to do the same. This is a website not a prize pig contest, get a grip. I usually rate people who rate me, but I don't randomly add people to my friends, want to be a friend get to know me I might reconsider. So you can take your re-rate to 1 and shove it where the sun doesn't shine, YOU know who you are. Just an FYI It didn't hurt my feelings one little bit.
Dumbass Of The Day! Lmao
Newbie Idiot comes to my page and rates my pic a 4. · xbritax rated your photo a '4'! I hit her back with the same rate she gave me and she has the balls to Shout me about it. ->xbritax: stfu dumbass xbritax: hello do you not understand english stop fucking messagin me you dumbfuck ->xbritax: LMAO Im making a blog just for you crackho.. xbritax: ok you can stop im me anytime i dont have to delete nothing your not the person who owns this you are just another internet bitch now stop messagin me and leave it lone ->xbritax: retard ->xbritax: You should delete your account fucktard..u have no clue what a social networking website is. xbritax: ok and thats suppoes to hurt my feelings how i dont give a fuck what you dumb ass people say about me ->xbritax: You make my Dumbass of the day award ->xbritax: people are gonna get a kick out of you around here I gotta blog this..what a stupid cunt you are ->xbritax: u IM'd me DUMBASS xbritax: ok go to hell your just jealous becuz y
Dumbing Down America
Dumbing down America, ... seems Ironic to say that, ... especially on a site like this one. Though you may think twice let alone have second thoughts on getting your child those "required" shots. Is there a method to all this madness? We may never know? It honestly depends on just how stupid we get. Watch this video,... its got a total "WOW" factor to it. But it potentially explains a lot. Any & all comments welcomed. Take a peek,... watch this,.... I'm wondering if I can sue? If this video is fact? It will explain my child's recent antics & actions. Brought to you by: B.E.A
Dumb Luck
I got lucky. That is all that happened. I am just some guy who changed into something more than the self-important piece of crap I used to be, into an almost decent human being who cared. When I remembered a relationship with a woman did not have to be all or nothing, the ones I started to meet melted my heart. I saw life in my eyes for the first time in years. Nice. Then, you meet one that gets all the way in. I got to know the most beautiful person. The individual that changed everything. For all time. It was never like a fairy tale, but I did try to save her from a dragon. I put myself in harm’s way to try and salvage my friend’s life. Like I said, I got lucky. Unconditional described love, not just a money back guarantee. No pressure. None ever. Just compassion. It was never a secret, so it was never a problem. On good days, I still see the world the way she taught me. On bad days, I see it thru her eyes. As time elapses, the view changes, and in some way, seems to get better. Ther Mean Mummers
I'll probably get hate mail, hate in my shoutbox, and rated a 1..but quite frankly..i dont really care. I came on this site to meet people and to have fun.. I've met a ton of the most wonderful people who have touched my heart in ways that I cant even express in words. I also came here to spread awareness about my childrens disabilities. I enjoy going to other peoples pages and rate all of their pictures and fan them if they have a profile that is filled out.. I sometimes chat in afew lounges.. Today i posted a MuMM. I have posted one once before a while ago. It was stupid and Nobody looked at it. The one i posted today was technically NOT a mumm.. and I had realized that after the fact and even recognized that by posting a comment. HOLY MOLY .. all the haters. Apparently I have upset the whole MuMM community because they couldnt make up my mind..just throw useless stupid insults at me.. some were like 'i rated her a 1' .. WHAT ARE YOU? 8? Who gives a rats tushy what you rated
Dumb Asses In Washington Forget Who They Work For And Its Time We Tell Them
Years of bad decisions and stupid mistakes have created an economic nightmare in this country, but $700 billion in new debt is not the answer. As a tax-paying American citizen, I will not support any congressperson who votes to implement such a policy. Instead, I submit the following three steps: Common Sense Plan. I. INSURANCE A. Insure the subprime bonds/mortgages with an underlying FHA-type insurance. Government-insured and backed loans would have an instant market all over the world, creating immediate and needed liquidity. B. In order for a company to accept the government-backed insurance, they must do two things: 1. Rewrite any mortgage that is more than three months delinquent to a 6% fixed-rate mortgage. a. Roll all back payments with no late fees or legal costs into the balance. This brings homeowners current and allows them a chance to keep their homes. b. Cancel all prepayment penalties to encourage refinancing or the sale of the property to
Dumbass Of The Day 10-19-2008
Meet Linda the spammer. She sends emails to people hoping to hook one idiot. Here is her email: My name is miss linda fred i saw your profile today and became intrested in you,i will also like to know you more,and i want you to send an email to my email address so i can give you my picture, for you to know whom i am. Here is my email address( I believe we can move from here! I am waiting for your mail to my email address above. linda. (Remeber the distance or colour does not matter but love matters alot in life) ( Here is my Reply: Oh Linda, thank you for your kind words. Im just wondering why you need me to go to yahoo to get your pictures when this website allows you to upload your pictures. Maybe its because you are a spammer? Im sure you are. Now fuck off back to Myspace.
Dumb But Get Fun Comments
Would you kiss me? [ ] Hell Yea [ ] Yes [ ] No [ ] Maybe [ ] already did Would you do me? [ ] In an instant! [ ] Yes [ ] No [ ] Maybe [ ] you look to sweet to fuck [ ] already did Am I attractive? [ ] Heck no [ ] hot as Hell [ ] Fine [ ] Cute [ ] Okay I think ur pretty [ ] Sexy [ ] Ugly! Do you think im a virgin? [ ] Yes [ ] No [ ] Don't know Name one thing you would like to do to me... 3 things you would like to know about me? 1. 2. 3. If you saw me for the first time would you talk to me? [ ] Yes [ ] No [ ] maybe Would you rather.. [ ] Hook up with me [ ] Cuddle with me [ ] Date me [ ] Marry me [ ] Friends [ ] Do me What kind of underwear are you wearing right now? [ ] boxers [ ] whitie tighties [ ] thongs [ ] g-string [ ] granny panties [ ] boy shorts [ ] none What's ur favorite position? On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), rate me.. [ ] 1 [ ] 2 [ ] 3 [ ] 4 [ ] 5 [
Dumbass People
For all the ignorant people: All people come with baggage. It comes in all diff shapes and forms, where it be ex- husbands or wives, kids or lack there of, good careers, aspiring ones, or a blue collar job, no criminal record, a midgrade one or an extensive one. The whole point is no one is perfect and if you are actually interested in someone at all you will have to learn to deal with the parts you like of them the best and those that you don't. If you can't do that to any extent why do you even bother?
Dumb Blonde
Dumb blonde
Dumb People
seriously? i once saw a chick asking for money to pay her phone bill....can anyone spot me a $5 i'm almost outa tampons p.s. eat my ass
Dumb Shyt
I'm posting a blog, because mumms have gotten incredibly slow as of late, and my creativity is completely out the window, soo, other than the should I go to bed or stay up mumm, my mind is blank. I deleted like 2500 friends about six months ago, and now I want them to see if they'd help me level... I wanna hit godfather. It's snowing here... HARD. Guess it had to happen sometime.
Dumb Ass Whiny Bitches
I can't believe that we have dumb ass whiny little bitches that have nothing better to do than complain and flag a fucking cartoon of a Taz. This is supposed to be an adult site not a cry baby site. If you don't like it, down rate it, it's not a big deal and move the fuck on. Everybody had their own individual tastes and likes. Just because you don't like something, doesn't mean that others don' who made your dumb ass god and gave you the right to decide who posts what of their own likes on their own page? If you don't like what I put on my page then stay the fuck off of my's that simple. There's no point in being a juvenile little bitch just because you didn't get your way...and yeah I know who you are. The only reason I'm not posting in here who did it is because I'm a nice person and I'm trying to save your stupid ass some embarrassment. Grow the fuck up already.
Dumbass Hall Of Fame.
So I'm out with my friend Timmah tonight. We're hanging out for the first time and we're eating at Red Lobster. I'm drinking my Cherry Coke and having a good time chillaxin' and eating good grub with my bomb ass diggity friend. I finish drinking my Cherry Coke and get all excited because I see cherries on the bottom of my glass and I say to Tim "They put cherries in my bottom!!!!!!!" Cos I was just so excited it came out wrong. I think I have officially taken the cake for dumbass hall of fame in a fancy restaurant. Hands down. Let alone my horrible snorty laughter made itself known several times tonight when we saw Role Models. Embarassing stories needed. Please feel free to share? :s
Dumb Q&a's
re u more comfortable kissing a boy or a girl? boy Ever punched somebody in the face because of someone you loved? yes Are you emotional? im like a robot Ever had your heart broken? yes Who makes the best cups of tea? tina Did you want to punch someone today? nope Do you hate it when someone doesn't reply to your text/calls? hell yes What are you wearing on your feet? socks! Do you miss your childhood? what childhood??? Innie or outie? innie ;) What do you want to change about yourself? hahahahaha Do you think relationships ever last? yes if both really want it and aint some fucking asshole that plays with ur heart and emotions and begs to marry you and knocks u up promising you the world just to fucking turn around and leave u and abandon your son making u a single mother barely getting by and enjoys putting a dildo up his ass and chose a guy over u but nooo hes not gay it was for a religion yeah he aint gay he's a fucking whore fu
Dumb Quotes
"Smoking kills. If you're killed, you've lost a very important part of your life." - Brooke Shields, during an interview to become spokesperson for a federal anti-smoking campaign. Fiction writing is great, you can make up almost anything." - Ivana Trump, on finishing her first novel "I can't really remember the names of the clubs that we went to." - Shaquille O'Neal, basketball player, on whether he had visited the Parthenon during his visit to Greece "It is wonderful to be here in the great state of Chicago" - Dan Quayle, former U.S. Vice-President "Whenever I watch TV and I see those poor starving kids all over the world, I can't help but cry. I mean I would love to be skinny like that, but not with all those flies and death and stuff." - Mariah Carey, Pop Singer "If you take out the killings, Washington actually has a very low crime rate." - Marion Barry, mayor of Washington, D.C. "I would not live for
Dumb Ass
so seriously, this is how old men think they can talk to chicks??? ->MRRIGHTNOW: 56 & that's how you talk to people..... MRRIGHTNOW: i just wanna see those sweet tits baby i think i'm lezzie today
Dumb Azz People
whats with all the blocking lately. I have see some dumbass shit before but this is the dumbest. One of my friends had a falling out sort of,..or shall we call a disagreement and the other person got pissed off. So they not only blocked this person but also blocked all thier friends as well,..whats that shit?? But this isnt everything!!! Then they didnt stop there,..then they got thier friends to got to that persons page and block them as well,..whats up with that and why???? But it doesnt stop there!!! Then thier friends went to thier friends pages and blocked thier friends as well,..Hell I didnt even know these people and they blocked me too,!!!! Has the whole world gone mad??? Everybody STOP THE MADDNESS!!!! HAS EVERYONE N FUBAR AND YAHOO AND WHERE EVER LOST IT??? Now children we must all learn to play together and be nice if we all expect to get along,...gezzzzzzz! Oh, the way,..have a great daY
Dumbass Recruiter
So as you know; I was suppose to be in KY now... well again my dumbass recruiter fucked up my papaerwork and AGAIN, I got delated going in... This is like the 3rd or 4th time he has screwed shit up... It's actually getting annoying... really annoying... But good news is... I am not going to be alone for christmas now... I get to spend christmas with Shay... which is good...
Dumb Ass
This is hiliarious!! EATING THE WORLD'S HOTTEST PEPPER Bet he'll love himself in the morning when he's sitting on the throne
Dumb Dumb Dumb
Dumb And Dumber
goofendant...: not in the void anymore? goofendant...: how many seconds in between rates? goofendant...: huh? ->goofendant...: I don't know how many seconds are between rates. goofendant...: you tried to bounce me. do you just get an alert, or something ->goofendant...: I didn't bounce you at all. I have no control over the rating speed. That's fubar. goofendant...: you are not a bouncer? ->goofendant...: No goofendant...: they put your pic up,though ->goofendant...: If you're rating on a pic and you're doing it too fast, you'll either get a message that you are or you'll get the bouncer/security dude. That has nothing to do with me. I don't have any control over that. goofendant...: undercover? ->goofendant...: What the hell are you talking about? I have no control over the rating. goofendant...: jk!
Dumb Criminals
on the radio i hear a story of a home invasion case. The home owners were home at the time of the break in, so they call the police and when they arrive, the police yelled out marco!!! in amusement they call it out again and the idiot criminal yells "polo!" wtf? americas dumbest criminals for sure. too bad its not on video
Dumb Fux
this is a s/b convo I had with a chick named Stemy Hot Mistress.... it starts at the bottom and finishes at the top ->stemyhotmi...: oh, actually I just figured you misspelled STEAMY at first but thanks for clearing that up stemyhotmi...: lol I like stems but I don' have the legs ->stemyhotmi...: do you like stems or have stem like legs? stemyhotmi...: its just a name that is all ->stemyhotmi...: what does "Stemy" in your name mean?
Dumbass Of The Day February 21 2009
Im usually pretty lucky with not having many dumbasses but this newbie chick takes the cake so far for 2009. She can't spell for shit and can't even spell her own name. She really pissed me off sticking her nose where it doesn't belong. What is it with people trying to tell others how to think or act? Her Fu-mail to me =============================================== === 'boobalious' wrote the following at '2009-02-21 05:35:28'.. > > why do you have to bag on everybodies mumms when their speakin the fuckin truth about what their mumms are about. for god sake this is supposed to be an adult site for adults not fuckin people who wanna act like their in high school My Reply =============================================== How about you mind your own fucking business you fucking nosey cunt. You are a newbie and have no fucking clue what you are talking about. You cant even spell Boobalicious and you wanna tell me how to reply to mumms?! Fuck off.
Dumb Questions, Even Dumber Answers Part 2
another clssic from my favorite radio show. -"Who was Albert Einstein?" -" inventor?" -"And what did he invent?" -"The light!" BINGO!
Dumb Questions, Even Dumber Answers Part 3
another gem from the show -"What do you think about homeopathic marriage?" -"Isn't that illegal?" ...
what a fucking moron...... piss off and you muther fucker
Dumb Thoughts
What are these words, ideas, images, or dreams that just *POP* into my mind. Sick, crazy, fun and most unimaginable. Why are chocolate rabbits made on Easter? I get the chocolate, and rabbits are for breeding. Chocolate is an aphrodiciac (sp) so I suppose a chocolate rabbit would put anyone in the mood. If that is the case wouldn't that be a better gift on Valentines day than red roses?
'dumbest Criminal' Nabbed In Cop Convention Holdup
HARRISBURG, Pa. – A retired police chief said he was robbed by "probably the dumbest criminal in Pennsylvania," at a police officers' convention on Friday morning. John Comparetto said as he came out of a stall in the men's room, a man pointed a gun in his face and demanded money. There were 300 narcotics officers from Pennsylvania and Ohio at the gathering. Comparetto gave up his money and cell phone. But when the man fled, Comparetto and some colleagues chased him. They arrested a 19-year-old man as he was trying to leave in a taxi. The suspect is also awaiting trial on four previous robbery charges. The suspect was arraigned and taken to Dauphin County Prison. When a reporter asked the suspect for comment as he was led out of court, he said, "I'm smooth."
Dumb Questions, Even Dumber Answers Part 4
a collection of dumbfuckery - what was the name of john malkovichs character in the movie "being john malkovich"? - uhhhm...tom hanks! - a whole consists of how many thirds? - 4 - which war is the movie "apocalypse now" about? - star wars -which candy bar is named after the roman god of war? -snickers -how many corners does a square have? -uhhm...uhhm...8!
Dumbass Of The Year Award!!
My daughter just called me to tell me this:   A customer went into my daughter's boyfriends, Will,  work. After the transaction, he was giving the customer her change and noticed that there was a Canadian penny. He stated that he didn't want to give her the Canadian penny, as they are worth nothing in the US.   Her statement back to him:   "Yes, don't give me any Canadian or Mexican money. I only want white money."   Wait.......what????   Since when do Black Americans have thier own currency???     LMAO!!!!   some people!
Dumb, Dumb, Dumb
I just leasrned a new lesson today. Don't fall asleep with a cherry Ludens cough drop in your mouth when you have long hair.   It  is not very nice to wake up and have your hair matted to your face AND the pillow with a tiny piece of the cough drop in your ear.   I hate learning things the hard way.
The Dumb Little Things
Simple things she does for he And in return, he for she A sideways glance across a crowded room A cockeyed smile when the worlds full of gloom Serving his coffee with special sweet treats Rubbing her skin, from neck down to feet Gentle nibbles on the ear and the throat Unplanned kisses setting both hearts afloat Saying "I love you" at just the right time Serving her seafood with capers and lime He burrows and nuzzles and smells her sweet hair She gives up control and releases her cares She does the laundry and he does the shopping He does the sweeping and she does the mopping She's patient with him though he frustrates her so And he in return forgets backrubs she owes! Though the Fates have played tricks and toyed with emotions They no longer question the other ones notions They no longer ask what the other is thinking They take it on faith, they take it unblinking He looks at her smiling, she looks at him knowing They look at each other with passion still growing
Dumb Questions, Even Dumber Answers Part 5
-have you ever seen a homo sapiens? -no but i´ve heard about them     -why dont we fall of the earth? -cause its flat!   -what do you think about hunting wild mangos? -thats cruel. animals have rights too.       and my favorite...     -how to you prevent yourself from getting charisma? -wear warm clothes!  
Dumbass Pic Of The Year....
Dumb Laws In Illinois
City Laws in Illinois Carbondale No one may stand on the sidewalk on the 500 block of Illinois Ave. Champaign One may not pee in his neighbor’s mouth. Chicago businesses entering into contracts with the city must sift through their records and report any business they had dealing with slaves during the era of slavery.   Law forbids eating in a place that is on fire. It is illegal to give a dog whiskey. It is forbidden to fish while sitting on a giraffe’s neck. Kites may n
Dumb Laws Of Texas
One must acknowledge a supreme being before being able to hold public office. It is illegal to sell one's eye. A program has been created in the state that attempts to control the weather. When two trains meet each other at a railroadcrossing, each shall come to a full stop, and neither shall proceed until the other has gone. It is illegal to take more than three sips of beer at a time while standing. Up to a felony charge can be levied for promoting the use of, or owning more than six dildos. It is illegal for one to shoot a buffalo from the second story of a hotel. It is illegal to milk another person’s cow. The entire Encyclopedia Britannica is banned in Texas because it contains a formula for making beer at home.
Dumb Criminals Of The Day
  Dumb Criminals of the Day Monday, September 9th, 2002 •  In Augusta, GA, a man armed with a pellet gun and a foam cooler tried to rob a convenience store. The robber punched eye holes in the foam cooler and stuck it on his head to complete his ‘disguise’. The clerk foiled the robbery by grabbing the pellet gun away from the crook, and pushing him out the door. The suspect fled but was later apprehended and charged.   Wednesday, August 28th, 2002  A woman who dialed a wrong number didn’t let that stop her from trying to trade perscription drugs for crack cocaine. Even though the wrong number she dialed was for the St. Tammany Parish sheriff’s office.    
Dumb People, Cons, Fakes And Why Some People Are Numbers...
..well well well, it most certainly has been a long time since I’ve done anything like this, that’s for sure…. …I guess that’s what a lot of you come here for , or came here for, or send fake drone accounts in here to view (why I dunno) or told your friends about over the course of time, or whatever. Or agree, or disagree or whatever the case may be…. …there’s a lot goin on here these days, tons of new levels which actually force people to interact with each other, wow the novelty! That’s definitely a step in the right direction, some may disagree, but that’s usual around these parts. Half the time I’m lucky I remember what level I am at all, points were just, really never my thing on here….After all, a 350,000,000 fubuck spotlight does lend toward the extreme end of the circle now doesn’t it?….but like always this place ebbs and flows and like a good filter, the trash usually finds a way to slip through the crac
Dumb As A Box Of Rocks
Dumbass Ppl!!
I got on today and checked my messages..from someone who dont know me, and whom i've never talked to before wrote this to me!!   RE: what the fuck is the matter with you?...your one ver sick mother fucker for thinking interracial is okay when its dead wrong.I cant wait till interraical is agaanst the law.whore better be glad theres a law aganst protecting worthless ass mother fuckers like you or i would shot you & thaat bride in the fucking worthless head.i think this site should ban you.
Dumb Cunt!!
OK, I've had it with that dumb cunt!!I was out walkin with MY daughter today and ran across an old friend. This friend proceeded to tell me that she had run into my lil girl's EX-mother. I say EX-mother because the worthless whore decided that seein her child and helpin support her daughter(a whole 30 bucks a month was ordered) was too much for her to do. So SHE decided it would be easier just to sign over ALL parental rights.Like I said, SHE decided!!! That stupid BITCH called MY lawyer, not the other way around.Anyways, back to point. My friend told me that the cunt told her I TOOK my daughter from her!!BACK UP BITCH!! Think back, SHE left her so she could be with her piece of shit pedofile!!SHE didn't bother seein her!!SHE skipped her 3rd birthday after lying to her face and tellin her she was comin over with gifts!!SHE made the decision to give up her rights!!SHE is the worthless cunt that tried claiming her as a dependant for unemployment and got caught!!SHE is the one who couldn'
How Does It Feel?     Did you think I cared, did you believe my promises Did my kiss make it seem like forever, did they come true, your wishes Did you lay in your bed at night and thank god I forgave you Were you planning our future, belive all your dreams came true Now that you know better does it hurt, are your tears like fire.. Do you question every word, every touch, is death now your desire Is there pain in the pit of your stomach, cutting at your soul Are you wondering if you'll ever love again, your life out of control I know what your thinking, the anger, the pain,  how your feeling I'm feeding off it, it soothes my pain, it is the beggining of my healing You thought it was behind us, your hurtful words forgotten, never I could never, it was too deep, the scars a reminder, my way of life I hope you hurt now, maybe next time, you won't cut with that knife
Dumbass People
Well, I have learned some rather amusing things about myself recently.  I wanted to clear some of them up in case any of you all had heard them and either believed them and didn't want to talk to me because of shit you'd heard, or just wanted a good laugh.   1.  I am an account hacker.  Apparently I do this when I'm bored.      I have NEVER hacked anyone's accounts, be they Fubar accounts or any other account they may or may not have.   2.  If it's not me hacking the accounts, it's my boyfriend, because he is a cyber cop.       Jarrod has NEVER been a cyber police officer.  He used to be a deputy with Harrison County Sheriff's Office in Harrison County, TX.  He NEVER worked cyber crimes or internet crimes of any sort.  He is also no hacker.  He is currently an instructor for DirecTV and has worked for them for well over a year.   3.  I'm having affairs and flirt with everyone on fubar and anywhere else I can.  I am never at home to take care of my man the way he needs to be tak
100 Dumb Questions
WHAT WAS YOUR:1. last beverage = Coffeeeeeeeeeee!2. last phone call = Heavy breather3. last text message = None4. last song you listened to = Paralyzing Ignorance by Meshuggah5. last time you cried = Been a whileHAVE YOU EVER:6. dated someone twice = I outdated someone...7. been cheated on = Ya My sister used to cheat playing monopoly. She was such a brat!8. kissed someone & regretted it = yes. the damn dog, yuck!9. lost someone special = yea, my best friend. But I found her at the mall10. been depressed = no, never, not me11. been drunk and threw up = Ugh tequila!!LIST THREE FAVORITE COLORS:12. Black13. Blacker14. BlackestTHIS YEAR HAVE YOU: (2009)15. Made a new friend = yeah16. Fallen out of love = No, but I fell out of the car :/17. Laughed until you cried = I laughed til I peed!18. Met someone who changed you = I can change my clothes by myself, TYVM19. Found out who your true friends were = Not yet, I'll be watching tho20. Found out someone was talking about you = Everybody talks
Dumb Bitch!
So, tonight this dumb bitch bombed my "Default" folder.....which contains 13 pics.  I have, like most people do, a clearly marked bomb folder with over 250 pics in it.  Now, I neither knew nor cared that she was bombing, and as such I DID NOT ask her to bomb any of my folders.  When she did, I sent her a half-thanks, and told her I was sorry she had wasted her time by bombing 13 pics on my Auto-11s when she could have had the full 250.  Basically, she gave up over 20000 points, and got less than 1500 by being lazy and not paying attention and bombing a tiny folder.  Then she suggests it's because I didn't PAY her!  You should all know that I NEVER pay anyone to bomb me, and I NEVER require anyone to pay ME if they want to be bombed.  Shown below is our brief exchange.  I blocked her after that, and the conversation ended.
Dumb Girl
i'm the dumb girl who believes believes that you need me just like I need you believes that I'm strong until tears consume me and believes that I can win when the odds are stacked against me. forgive me for forgetting that I can't matter and I'm not better and I'm breaking my own rules for you even when you are drug away with nothing to say not a word  till the morrow and I sit in sorrow sulking in solitude  
PHILADELPHIA -- A 21-year-old New Jersey man has pleaded guilty to intentionally vomiting on a man and his 11-year-old daughter in the stands during a Philadelphia Phillies game. Matthew Clemmens of Cherry Hill, N.J., pleaded guilty to simple assault and other charges Tuesday. Clemmens Police say Clemmens stuck his fingers down his throat and vomited on Easton police Captain Michael Vangelo and his daughter during an April 14 Phillies-Nationals game after his companion was ejected from the park. Sentencing is set for July 30. Assistant District Attorney Patrick Doyle says sentencing guidelines call for Clemmens to get probation. He says the Vangelo family is satisfied by the plea. Clemmens' attorney was not immediately available following the hearing.  
Dumbass Of The Day...
I posted on a comment approval mumm that that was for pussies... I get this response in my fumail...PRICELESS     from: CurveBall AKA M... Grrr!I need points please help fu world Sparks, NV subject: right received: 06/8/2010 10:11 am replied: no block this member So is talkin shit on the computer.   sometimes I love this website...
Dumb Bitch...
this is the dumb bitch that blocked me yesterday from commenting on her blast... she just now did this... can u say dumb... ·Im Your Baby Gi... rated your photo a '1' +12 points 1 min ago ·Im Your Baby Gi... rated you a '1' +12 points 2 mins ago ·Im Your Baby Gi... just checked you out 2 mins ago
The 6 Dumbest Things Said At Rep. Peter King’s Muslim Radicalization Hearing (repost)
House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Peter King's (R-NY) hearing on American-Muslim radicalization Thursday was destined to have its fair share of dumb statements, especially since a majority of conservatives believe Muslims are more prone to violence than adherents to other religions. Here's a roundup of some of the strangest comments made at the hearing. 1) Neo-Nazis don't commit terrorist acts "There is no equivalency of threat between al Qaeda and Neo-Nazis, environmental extremists, and other isolated madmen," Peter King said. "Indeed, by the Justice Department’s own record, not one terror-related case in the last two years involved neo-Nazis, environmental extremists, or anti-war groups." According to FBI data compiled in a January 2011 report, there have been 14 attempts at domestic terrorism by individuals or groups identified as "Neo-Nazi." High-profile examples since 2009 include Holocaust Museum shooter James Von Brunn and Justin Viera. 2) Probing
Dumbest Thing Ever.
The doctor was looking at me, waiting for me to talk. His gaze was unnerving but I was able to resist it. I've been unwaivering in my life so I won't break this awkward silence. I'm not paying for this shit. Ever since my mind split in two like a cantalope and they locked me in a cell things just wern't quite the same. "Jacob," the doctor broke the cold silence, "when have you started to feel like this?" I smiled my crooked smile, a reddening line lashed across my cheek. The doctor shifted his hefty weight, the seat straining against him in protest. I knew where this was going.  What made you start to have suicidal thoughts, Jacob? What made you feel as if the weight was becoming unbearable? Do you feel the guilt now crushing you, you insignifcant fuck? The doctor would smile when they injected me with chemicals to end me.  "Jacob-" "Doc, shut up. I heard you, just let me think," I rested my elbows on my knees and rubbed my eyes with my fingertips, "I just think I've done my
Dumb Ass
1:17pm NiBBz: would you like to earn a happy hour bing pack and a lot more 11:18pm His Kind O...: depends 11:18pm NiBBz: r u willing to get on cam for me topless or nude 11:19pm His Kind O...: fuck not a whore .. 11:24pm His Kind O...: im sure you`ll find someoen on here to do atht for you theres plenty girls on here that have no morals or class
Dumb Asses Lol
· THEYDONTSEEMTOL... rated your photo a '1' +16 points! · THEYDONTSEEMTOL... rated your photo a '1' +16 points! · THEYDONTSEEMTOL... rated your photo a '1' +16 points! · THEYDONTSEEMTOL... rated your photo a '1' +16 points! · THEYDONTSEEMTOL... rated your photo a '1' +16 points! · THEYDONTSEEMTOL... rated your photo a '1' +16 points! · THEYDONTSEEMTOL... rated your photo a '1' +16 points! He must have been defending his fat GF from a mumm. Ladies, if you are fat and admit to being lazy..DO NOT give diet advice and NEVER tell someone they should not work out everyday. I am so sick of that shit...ugh. What a day. Joseph copied my mumm and reposted it and blocked me. lmao.. Some chicks got butt hurt at my advice and oddly I was actually being nice. Must be true I just intimidate people no matter what I say..either that or I just look like a bitch regardless. Anywho..GREAT DAY..I feel special now. :D
This is the type of dumbass shit I'd do....but I couldn't help but giggle reading it.   OMG!....I was in in the public restroom - I was barely sitting down when I heard a voice in the other stall: "Hi, how are you?"Me: embarrassed, "Doin' fine!"Stall: "So what are you up to?"Me: "Uhhh, I'm like you, just sitting here."Stall: "Can I come over?"Me: (attitude) "No, I'm a little busy right now!!"Stall: "Listen, I'll have to call you back. There's an idiot in the other stall who keeps answering all my questions!"
Dumb Ass 4 Wheelers
what is it about people that drive 4 wheelers that pisses me off; um evrything! I mean I had to put forth some actual effort to get my license to drive a big truck, but it seems they will give a license to just about any fucking retard who can recite abc 123, they some really stupid ass shit whenever they get around a big truck, case in point the other day Im driving thru Tulsa traffics moving slow and I look out the drivers window and see this lady with her hand so far up her twat she looked like she had a stump for a left arm, REALLY you cant wait to diddle yourself til you get home, damn near caused me to wreck the damn truck, and probably the dozen or so other big trucks around there at the time! whoop whoop Im back out y'all
Dumba$$ 20yr Old, Really????
from: Eric the king S... Salem, OH subject: RE: was up received: 08/18/2012 02:39 pm replied: no   block this member === 'Eilish FE to Gentleman Jim' wrote the following at '2012-08-18 14:35:26'..>> Darlin u have messed with the wrong chick... This conversation will b reposted on FU so noone will want to chat with ya..> Now have Nice Day> Dumbass!!!> > === 'Eric the king Slagle' wrote the following at '2012-08-18 14:26:24'..> >> > > > === 'Eilish FE to Gentleman Jim' wrote the following at '2012-08-18 14:25:12'..> > >> > > I could b ur mother!!! Do u talk to her that way??> > > And besides that do u really think i would call ur nasty ass with a private message like that?? REALLY?> > > Go find u some girl who u can buy a milkshake for, when u speak to a women remember ur manners dumbass> > > > > > > > > === 'Eric the king Slagle' wrote the following at '2012-08-18 14:19:36'..> > > >> > > > i got 14 inch call me 330-429-1891> > > > > i just like your big as
Dumb Asses In Mafia
NEVERMORE TO FA...: so if you took it personal it surely isn't my fault  -  del NEVERMORE TO FA...: milklady has over 200 fake profiles, that is who we fight  -  del NEVERMORE TO FA...: and as you can see i am vip myself  -  del NEVERMORE TO FA...: gl blogging me as a fake profile....they don't come any more real than me js  -  del NEVERMORE TO FA...: we are calling the old crazy mofo turf fakes  -  del NEVERMORE TO FA...: i don't know wtf you are talking about Michael T: YES YOU DO  -  del Michael T: LMFAO  -  del Michael T: But you still take it in the ass  -  del I Cant Remember...: yeah now who is the fake, i got 11 players in 2 turfs that can beat you hands down on whatever you go for  -  del Michael T: Are you the ass who takes it?  -
Dumb Bitch
how ever met a dumb bitch that make her self look like a whore because thats what she thinks a man wants  
Dumbasses And What Us Women Deal With Daily
this is the stupidity of fools so i had to post this and at the end he blocked me obviously he couldnt dish it out like an adult   eplyJRstyles: I DON'T NEED TO GIVE YOU CREDITS OR HAVE TO HAVE A WALLET!!! ALL I NEED IS YOU TO BE BETWEEN MY OR YOUR SHEETS WITH ME LOL 10:00pmreplyJRstyles: lol and you know I am serious but I am only playing 10:01pmmoreTo JRstyles: lol 10:02pmmoreTo JRstyles: well if u dont need either then get out ya wallet and prove it i might give u a nice surprise in return 10:03pmreplyJRstyles: ummm that makes know sense!!! I just told you I don't need my wallet 10:05pmmoreTo JRstyles: i think ya might unless u wanna use someone elses 10:05pmmoreTo JRstyles: right now i need 350 credits then i will cum so hard the whole of ffu will need snorkels lol 10:06pmreplyJRstyles: and what would you possibly think I need my wallet for? I don't need mine why would I need anyone elses10:06pmmoreTo JRstyles: lol 10:09pmreplyJRstyles: ok lol good one but I never pay to
Dumb People
I’m so sick of fake ass people.  We all know these people.  We all tolerate these people to a certain degree in our lives.  But everyone knows someone that can never shut up, won’t let you answer their own question, always has to tell a better story then you.  These are the people that wonder the streets continuously speaking gibberish loud enough for everyone to hear.  Aimlessly going through life thinking everything they do or say carries such great importantance and will change your life.   These people are the ones filling the streets causing most accidents and the same dumb fucking retards that have to stop and look at every damn accident to see every detail.  These are same people that listen, call and believe every single stupid dumb thing they hear on talk radio.  The dumb fuck I speak of is someone I work with.  He was on the front lines of the war as a gunner.  I enjoy teasing him saying the dumb ones are the first ones.  The smart ones are in the back telling you
Dumbass Decisions
DUMBASS DECISIONS Doing the right and better things for yourself because youare smart enough to realize what things in life are important and how you wantto conduct yourself. Knowing that showing forms of love and offering hope toothers is a wonderful ability. Respecting yourself and not being too critical of yourselfin this process keeps you sane. Knowing your reality isn’t the same as everyone else’s atany given moment. Thinking that being happy is something both learned andearned by your actions, not just your words. Being reasonable and not so ego-centric that you embrace howother people are without putting conditions upon them. Turning down four job opportunities in the last 5 monthsthat would double and, in one case triple your salary with a career position, becausethese jobs were more than a 2-hour drive away from your children who are 10, 14and 16. Being there for the kids 4 nights in a row, then not gettinghome until 9 pm each night. Giving up on grocery sh
Dumbstruck Anemic Delusion...
i feel the passing days in a pain i've never knownit's the rollercoaster of time and the thought of getting oldit's the thought that i've had it all wrongand i've been deluded all alonghow am i supposed to knowwhich path i am to gowhat if i've succumbed to falsehoodand not believed the things i shouldif the things i've thought to be as truthturn out to be nothing more than lieshow do i ever find the proof?the essence?... before i diethere's an incessant gnawingin the back of my mindlike under the earth and clawingfor a newer breath to findsomewhere out there i know there's answersi just don't know where to find themi search and search, of that i'm sureyet i drown instead of swim
aweee shit. I wrote something on here but then I forget to put a subject in. What a dumbass. lol Anyways this is thefirsttime I have written anything in here. Im thinking constantly bout my next move in life even though my moves dont always agree with each other. Imwasting time while waiting for my ride. Oh damnit I just remembered when Ryan who is in my english class emabarresed me today. I had no idea what I was talking about. I felt like an idiot.
Dum Dum Dumb!
Why do guys think its cool to flash their nipples??? Or their chest?? I guess, maybe, cause girls fall for that kind of crap Your ALL crazy, and I'm the only sane one here ... And thats what drives me CRAZY!! LMAO! :OP
Looking for a CT Hubby . Apply "inside".....hehe
Dum De Dum
Don'tcha just love waking up to a phone call that consists of " What the fuck you're such a fucking bitch blah blah blah... something or another cause Jackii stopped paying attention"..... =D I sure as hell know I do! *yawns* I wish she had a CT so I could tell her to call me back through this blog cause I really wish I had payed attention to whatever else I was called. As for who did it... Well, that would be my friend Amanda, as for why I have no idea what I did or didn't do... Therefore, I don't particularly care why she called me and started screaming at me.. Ok, well, now in other news... Today is Wednesday... I loved Wednesday.... Cause that means my brother has music, and I get to sit with peace and quiet until 8pm tonight... I get to watch TV in peace... Such small luxury's we take for granted until you have a 13 year old bitching to turn off what you're watching, or rather walking in with his faggot friends and just taking over the living room so you leave. Ahhh, suc
Dum Dum Oh God >
♥МĨĹĶ~&~ĤŐŃ&Y♥~♥Fubar Wifey to SexyMan08ϖ@ fubar In her Own Words She Likes it when you Beg to be Her Friend ha ha ha ha ha ha ha , Oh GOD !!! ♥МĨĹĶ~&~ĤŐŃ&Y♥~♥Fubar Wifey to SexyMan08ϖ's url: it doesnt matter to me..i have been on here for over a year and have seen people come after me...and they are higher..those r the people who breath this site or beg for points ill level when i level...there is no rush 5 min ago reply | delete comment | block user ♥... lol if it bothers u so much about these rates and fans..u know myspace doesnt have it 11 min ago reply | delete comment | block user ♥... lol well u would have to ask the people who fanned me i am not one of those that beg for fans or rates even...and btw like u said its just points 14 min ago reply |
Dum Dum Dum
chefboy73: rite and i see you have alrea been brainwashed, free market is a fucking joke, i suppose you support nafta too ->chefboy73: I agree...could you send me all your money? its evil, i'm tryin to do you good chefboy73: capitalists are greedy pieces of shit, hence the stock arket dumb ass ->chefboy73: what would be your ideal then? ->chefboy73: erm, thats not a definition of capitalism...its called free market...but you won't know about it chefboy73: it also economically underminds the true american citizen ->chefboy73: *sigh* and...that is your defenition of capitalism?? chefboy73: capitaliss hire immigrants to save money wich supports there stay here, i hate that shit ->chefboy73: I thought thongs were legal... ->chefboy73: so, what makes you hate capitalism so much? any options? chefboy73: legalize thiongs that arent legal yet ->chefboy73: lmao, no wonder you are a loser... chefboy73: anti capitalist ->chefboy73: uhm, is that it?? chefboy73: pro choice ->chefboy7
Dum Dum Dum
There is one thing that I sorta miss about college: writing papers. I loved having my brains in actual working condition, trying to look at the topic from every perspective in order to pinpoint every detail about what its all about, to hone my English skills. Nowadays my brain is spent on NY Times Crossword Puzzles from Sun Times. I feel like my brain is shrinking, ughhh I am thinking of finding people that need help with writing papers. I'd do it for free, for my own entertainment.
Dum Din Im Dun Din Im
Dummies Book
Free Dummies Book Comments and Layouts
The Dummy
In that forgotten part of town Where wasted hopes and dreams abound, A wrinkled man with life near end, In hopes to have at least one friend, Fashioned bits of wood and things And made a dummy run by strings. He sat alone for hours on end, Conversing with his only friend And found delight within the fact That he controlled it's every act. He told it how he never had A chance, since all his luck was bad Although he'd tried so to succeed - The dummy nodded and agreed. And how his journeys in romance Had never given him a chance, And wasn't it a crying shame That he was always held to blame When everyone knew, oh so well, That life is but a living Hell, Controlled by lust and power and greed? The dummy nodded and agreed. With patience that would rival saints, That dummy sat through all complaints And, with each little expert tug, He'd droop his head or bow or shrug And give some comfort to the man Who held his lifelines in his hand And helped to fill a lo
Dummy Downrater
Just received a "3" from this dummy. First of all, you shouldn't photoshop when you don't have a clue what the heck you are doing... Secondly, just because your self esteem is low and you can't stand that there are other women here that are much younger and better looking; that doesn't mean you should downrate. Thirdly, I haven't let it bother me in a while, but today it just plucked my nerve. Rating me a "3" won't make me old and ugly like you, dummy! Thanks for the points also. Helping me keep my ranking of 185. She has photo comments and profile comments blocked too, so she/he/it knows what he is doing. To my friends that will actually read this, block her and show her some "luv" :p Happy Monday! kissdbythesun@ fubar
The Dummy
In that forgotten part of town Where wasted hopes and dreams abound, A wrinkled man with life near end, In hopes to have at least one friend, Fashioned bits of wood and things And made a dummy run by strings. He sat alone for hours on end, Conversing with his only friend And found delight within the fact That he controlled it's every act. He told it how he never had A chance, since all his luck was bad Although he'd tried so to succeed - The dummy nodded and agreed. And how his journeys in romance Had never given him a chance, And wasn't it a crying shame That he was always held to blame When everyone knew, oh so well, That life is but a living Hell, Controlled by lust and power and greed? The dummy nodded and agreed. With patience that would rival saints, That dummy sat through all complaints And, with each little expert tug, He'd droop his head or bow or shrug And give some comfort to the man Who held his lifelines in his hand And helped to fill a lo
The Dummy
In that forgotten part of town Where wasted hopes and dreams abound, A wrinkled man with life near end, In hopes to have at least one friend, Fashioned bits of wood and things And made a dummy run by strings. He sat alone for hours on end, Conversing with his only friend And found delight within the fact That he controlled it's every act. He told it how he never had A chance, since all his luck was bad Although he'd tried so to succeed - The dummy nodded and agreed. And how his journeys in romance Had never given him a chance, And wasn't it a crying shame That he was always held to blame When everyone knew, oh so well, That life is but a living Hell, Controlled by lust and power and greed? The dummy nodded and agreed. With patience that would rival saints, That dummy sat through all complaints And, with each little expert tug, He'd droop his head or bow or shrug And give some comfort to the man Who held his lifelines in his hand And helped to fill a lo
Dummy's Guide To Capping A Mobster
Dummy's Guide To Capping a Mobster   By Absolute Boyfriend   A.) Introduction and The Basics   So, you made the poor choice of joining the underground life of the Mafia, eh? Couldn't afford the money to go to Fu-College to be a professional MuMMers, hm? Well, if you're gonna be a mobster, you might as well be good at it. That's were I come in. ;) The goal of this little guide here is to turn you from your panzy ass into a war machine- or something like that. I'll hand you the Uzi of Knowledge, and hopefully you'll use it in an efficient manner that won't put me to shame. Let's shank 'em!   First things first, you need to know and understand the first  7 Main statuses of the game:   1.) Your Health: This starts at an ever original 100. Your goal is to bring down other people's health whilst keeping yours up- in most cases. If your health falls below 20%, you're able to do jack in terms of attacking another player, but others also can't hurt you, as well. A double edge sword.
Dummy's Guide To Capping A Mobster
Dummy's Guide To Capping a Mobster   A.) Introduction and The Basics So, you made the poor choice of joining the underground life of the Mafia, eh? Couldn't afford the money to go to Fu-College to be a professional MuMMers, hm? Well, if you're gonna be a mobster, you might as well be good at it. That's were I come in. ;) The goal of this little guide here is to turn you from your panzy ass into a war machine- or something like that. I'll hand you the Uzi of Knowledge, and hopefully you'll use it in an efficient manner that won't put me to shame. Let's shank 'em! First things first, you need to know and understand the first  7 Main statuses of the game: 1.) Your Health: This starts at an ever original 100. Your goal is to bring down other people's health whilst keeping yours up- in most cases. If your health falls below 20%, you're able to do jack in terms of attacking another player, but others also can't hurt you, as well. A double edge sword. 2.) Your Energy: This allows you to do
Dumn Asses
This is my second account and now I know why I got rid of the first. People on here tend to be pathetic. Just today I looked at someones profile and they got all pissy about it why you looking at me type of attitude. If you don't want people looking at your profile and pics you shouldn't be here. I am here to make friends etc. Life is to short to have a bad attitude. This is a fun place all and all ,I have run into old friends and have made new ones . Can't we all just get along.
Dumnezeu A Zis
Dumnezeu a zis sa se faca lumina…Si atunci in viata mea ai aparut TU!Am inceput sa ma trezesc in fiecare dimineata pentru tine.Am inceput sa visez in fiecare noapte pentru tine.Am zambit cu tine… Am ras cu tine!…Am alergat cu tine de mana!…Am calcat impreuna pe frunze toamna!…Pe zapada iarna…Pe iarba cruda primavara!…Am plans pentru tine de fericire si de tristete…Iar lacrimile mele au fost intotdeauna fierbinti!…Iar ochii tai erau pentru mine cerul!…Am devenit TU!Si n-as fi vrut sa fiu niciodata altceva decat TU!Daca pleci nu voi mai fi nimic…Nu voi mai avea pentru cine sa ma trezesc dimineata…Nu voi mai avea pentru cine sa visez…Nu voi mai avea de ce sa zambesc sau de ce sa rad…Cand voi calca toamna pe frunze voi simti ca strivesc amintirile…Zapada imi va aminti mereu de tine …Iar primavara nu va mai fi niciodata verde…Iar mana…mana mea va simti mereu mana ta!
Dumping The Slide Show
off me profile and replacing it with the collage pictures, so thought i would dump the slide show here Get Your Own! | View Slideshow
Well ppl I am single once again.. It was a fun month, but it just goes to prove that when a chick gets on her ragg guys just seem to lose interest.... I FUCKING HATE GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going lesbian again.. hehe
The Dump A Man Form.
THE DUMP A MAN FORM. Feel free to print this out for your own use! Dear _______________, I regret to inform you that you have been eliminated from further contention as Mr. Right. As you are probably aware, the competition was exceedingly tough and dozens of well-qualified candidates such as yourself also failed to make the final cut. I will, however, keep your name on file should an opening come available. So that you may find better success in your future romantic endeavors, please allow me to offer the following reason(s) you were disqualified from the competition: (Check those that apply) 1. ___Your last name is objectionable. I can't imagine taking it, hyphenating it, or subjecting my children to it. 2. ___Your first name is objectionable. It's just not something I can picture myself yelling out in a fit of passion. 3. ___The fact that our first dining experience to date has left MY wallet a little lighter, and YOUR pants a little tighter! 4. __
Dumped By The Bf
Ok I swear to god I all of a sudden have started texting like crazy. Ok Ok heres my story, early last year around March i met this guy through a singles website and well we hungout a couple of times and started to talk on the phone alot. there came a time i became obsessed over him and called him all the time, and well I called him one day and he told me to stop callin cause he was engaged and i was like wtf engaged he said he was single, and anyways I have not called anyone without their permission ever since. So anyways heres my new story I met a guy on here a few weeks ago you know who you are if your reading this anyways we started chatting on the phone and stuff, and well we then became a couple or so i thought, anyways he first came to me claiming he had a crush on me then I had a crush on him and then I feel madly in love with him. Anyways heres my little problem see I have this wee little problem with texting and stuff and well as you read at the beginning of this blog I do not
Dumped By The Bf
Ok I swear to god I all of a sudden have started texting like crazy. Ok Ok heres my story, early last year around March i met this guy through a singles website and well we hungout a couple of times and started to talk on the phone alot. there came a time i became obsessed over him and called him all the time, and well I called him one day and he told me to stop callin cause he was engaged and i was like wtf engaged he said he was single, and anyways I have not called anyone without their permission ever since. So anyways heres my new story I met a guy on here a few weeks ago you know who you are if your reading this anyways we started chatting on the phone and stuff, and well we then became a couple or so i thought, anyways he first came to me claiming he had a crush on me then I had a crush on him and then I feel madly in love with him. Anyways heres my little problem see I have this wee little problem with texting and stuff and well as you read at the beginning of this blog I do not
Dump Ass New Name
CHERRYTAP LOST IT'S CHERRY AND MADE A LITTLE FUBAR! Cherry Bucks to repost this.. $10 Real money to make a sticky.. $5 Seeing everyones face when cherrytap loses it's cherry and becomes fubar... priceless BLOG BELOW sometime next week i'm going to rename the site to fubar. you'll still be able to go to, or both will go to the same place and all the old links will still work. you're probably asking yourself why is babyjesus such a psycho? well, if you've read my blogs you'll notice i've never been a super best friends fan of the name cherrytap...(anyone get that reference?) fubar is also much faster to type. besides, the name doesn't make the site... the people that use it do. before any rumors start: * no the site hasn't been sold to anyone, it's still the same crazy folks running things. * no we're not planning to do anything different on the site after the name change. * we're not resetting accounts or anything.
Dumped Hugh, And Im Hurt
i BROKE UP W/HUGH (DEMONSTAR) , AND IM HURT!!!!! Ive already been REPLACED! I just broke up with Hugh, (becuase I felt that he wasnt treating me right, which he DIDN'T) and already hes talking to another girl, trying to get a NEW GIRLFRIEND. I cant believe how FAST it took him to get over me! Well I guess it IS true, He never loved me in the first place. Ya know that kinda hurts. I feel like what we had meant absolutely nothing to him. But you know what? SCREW YOU HUGH! If it takes him 24 HOURS to get over me, If it takes that QUICKLY for him to forget me, FUCK HIM. Thats like a STAB IN THE BACK. I AM NOT EVEN DATING ANYONE RIGHT NOW but if he is, fuck it. I might as well. If he needs someone this fast, maybe I should find someone too. IT WAS HUGHS FAULT I BROKE UP WITH HIM. HE TREATED ME LIKE SHIT. ACCORDING TO HUGH, HRE'S THE ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD WITH PROBLEMS, STRESS, ETC. AND NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE ELSE GOES THROUGH, HES MORE STRESSED THAN ANYONE. AND HE ACTS LIKE HES FUCKI
Dumped In A Text Message Today
What kind of woman will dump you in a text message? I loved her so much & even went as far as proposing to her & she didnt have the decency to break up with me in person...I could have taken that better than a text message...I gave her my love & she gave me SHIT...I feel so empty...
Dump Truck Cake
I lost another Crush over the weekend!!!! **waahhhh** OK, yeah I know I still have 6, but I'm greedy, lol! Anyone want to Crush me? I'm taking applications. :p
How bad can a week be??? Weather crap, and just to finish the week off, been dumped by E-Mail, I mean how bad is that?
Dump Cake
Ummmmmm, Goooooood Dump Cake Recipe INGREDIENTS: 1 (20 ounces) can crushed pineapple, undrained 1 (21 ounces) can prepared more fruit cherry pie filling 1 (18.25 ounces) box yellow cake mix 2 sticks of butter or margarine, each cut into 12 slices 1/4 cup chopped nuts (your choice - optional) PREPARATION: Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (325 for glass baking dish). Have a 9 by 13-inch baking pan ready. Dump undrained pineapple baking dish or pan and spread it out evenly. Using a spoon, dump globs of cherry pie filling evenly on top of the pineapple. Sprinkle the cake mix evenly over the cherry and pineapple layers. Cut butter into slices with a butter knife and place slices evenly over cake mix. Sprinkle nuts on top if you're using them. Bake for one hour. Use heavy oven mitts to remove the dump cake from oven or let your older helper do it. To serve, scoop cake out with a l arge spoon like a cobbler, and dump it on a nice plate. A scoop of
so how does it make sense that i bust my balls for someone for ages and she shits on me all of a sudden because i'm having a tough time cleaning up my act? my girl took off on me today because i didn't want to talk about an argument while she was still pissed off. all i wanted her to do was calm down and talk to me. and now i'm single. and it sucks. i really loved that girl.
Dumped... Again
I mean what is is about me? I am a great chick! I had a bad feeling this weekend that it was gonna be over. As usual I was right. How could I not be? I'm 32 years old and have been dumped more than BFI. But I don't get it. I wanted to get the news over with so after not hearing from him at all yesterday I wrote a txt saying: Are you not talking to me? Just say so and I'll leave you alone. I get back: Yea. I'm sorry You're a sweet girl and we would be great friends but beacause we were more than that already I dunno if we could. I don't NEED any more FUCKING friends! I want a boyfriend! An I'm never gonna have one because I'm never good enough. Oh I'm sweet and I'm great.. but NEVER fucking good enough? WHY THE FUCK NOT?!?! WHat the fuck is it about me that make men run?
The "dumped" List
    Well ladies and germs lol, I thought it would be interesting to create a blog called The "Dumped" List. I get to share my heartbreak and humiliation with you and all you happy people get to vote on which situation you thing is the absolute WORST way to be DUMPED! Please also feel free to comment and maybe even share your own experiences if you like. So here we go.... #5   I was dumped on my 16th birthday by my boyfriends best friend. My boyfriend went to Florida for vacation and sent his best friend to take me to a movie and break up with me for him. #4  I had a boyfriend send his best friend over to my house to try to take advantage of me so he could try to bust into my house shortly after to accuse me of cheating on him. I kicked his friend out right away and my boyfriend still dumped me anyway. #3  I was told one time by a boyfriend that he was really some kind of warlock and he was trying to secretly teach me some magic about life and that he wasnt breaking up with he
   Car Dealers Use Commercial Dumpsters To Promote Clunkers Program In what has to be one of the few examples of businesses using commercial dumpsters as a marketing ploy, car dealerships across the country advertised the cash for clunkers trade-in program by hoisting worn-out vehicles into dumpsters for a compelling visual. Car dealers, hurt by the recession and drastic reductions in car sales over the past year, jumped at the government rebate program as a way to increase new car sales. The clunkers program, which provided $3 billion in rebates for consumers who traded in old gas-guzzling vehicles for new, more efficient models, was by most accounts wildly successful. Koons Ford outside Baltimore advertised the clunkers program by depositing a large SUV in a commercial dumpster to draw attention. Sutliff Chevrolet in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania crammed multiple cars into a dumpster near the roadway.   The success of the clunkers program in the U.S. has led to a similar program
A Dumped Dogs Prayer
 Don't close the door! Don't push me away. Why are you leaving? Don't make me stay. Slow down the car, I can't keep up. This pavement is hot and my pads are cut. I've got to quit running or my heart will pop. Every muscle is aching. Why don't you stop? I'm so hungry and thirsty. Darkness is near. But I shouldn't leave, he will come for me here. Several weeks have passed, I am dead on my feet. They call me a nuisance because I eat off the streets. Every car that passes, I chase it to see If it's my master coming for me. Though I approach those that come near With trust in my eyes and no sign of fear. With hate in their voices and a cold, heartless stare, They threaten to kill me - they don't even care. Batter my body with rocks that they throw, I will not leave, he will come, don't you know? Overtaken with weakness, my body is numb. I'm sick and so lonely. Oh please, let him come! I will go back where he first threw me out. I'll wait for him there, he will come, no doubt. My thoughts ar
Dunb People.
its been a long fucking night and people at work continue to try my patience every dam nite.. sometime i feel like people are really officially retarded and just dont have a dam clue of whats going on.. sheeeeeesh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Duncan Hills Coffee
Do you folks like coffee? Real coffee From the Hills Of Colombia The Duncan Hills will wake you From a thousand deaths A cup of blackened blood (Dying, dying) You're dying for a cup Guatemala blend Ethiopian French vanilla roast (Dying, dying) You're dying for a cup Prepare for ultimate flavor You're gonna get some milk! And scream... for your cream Duncan Hills Duncan Hills Duncan Hills COFFEE! - Manda ♥
Duncan Sheik - Half-life
I'm awake in the afternoon I fell asleep in the living room And it's one of those moments When everything is so clear Before the truth goes back into hiding I want to decide 'cause it's worth deciding To work on finding something more than this fear It takes so much out of me to pretend Tell me now, tell me how to make amends Maybe, I need to see the daylight To leave behind this half-life Don't you see I'm breaking down? Lately, something here don't feel right This is just a half-life Is there really no escape? No escape from time, of any kind I keep trying to understand This thing and that thing, my fellow man I guess I'll let you know When I figure it out But I don't mind a few mysteries They can stay that way it's fine by me And you are another mystery I am missing It takes so much out of me to pretend Maybe, I need to see the daylight To leave behind this half-life Don't you see I'm breaking down Lately, something here don't feel right
Duncan Sheik - Barely Breathing
I know what you're doing, I see it all too clear I only taste the saline when I kiss away your tears You really had me going, wishing on a star But the black holes that surround you are heavier by far I believed in your confusion, you were so completely torn It must have been that yesterday was the day that I was born There's not much to examine, there's nothing left to hide You really can't be serious if you have to ask me why I say goodbye... 'Cause I am barely breathing And I can't find the air don't know who I'm kidding Imagining you care And I could stand here waiting A fool for another day I don't suppose it's worth the price, worth the price the price that I would pay Everyone keeps asking, what's it all about? I used to be so certain and I can't figure out What is this attraction? I only feel the pain There's nothing left to reason and only you to blame Will it ever change? 'Cause I am barely breathing And I can't find the air Don't know who I'm ki
Duncan Hills Coffee
Do you folks like coffee? Real coffee, From the hills of Columbia? The Duncan Hills will awake you, From a thousand deaths. A cup of blackened blood. (Die, DIE!) I'm dying for a cup. Guatamalan blend. Ethiopian, French Vanilla Roast. (Die, DIE!) You're dying for a cup. Prepare for ultimate flavor... You're gonna get some, NOW! And scream, for your cream! (Solo- Skwisgaar Skwigelf) DUNCAN HILLS DUNCAN HILLS DUNCAN HILLS COFFEE!
11/03/08 - Duncan Sheik - Barely Breathing
SONG VERSION BELOW Barely Breathing - Duncan Sheik VIDEO VERSION BELOW Barely Breathing - Duncan Sheik LYRICS BELOW I know what you're doing, I see it all too clear I only taste the saline when I kiss away your tears You really had me going, wishing on a star But the black holes that surround you are heavier by far I believed in your confusion, you were so completely torn It must have been that yesterday was the day that I was born There's not much to examine, there's nothing left to hide You really can't be serious if you have to ask me why I say goodbye... 'Cause I am barely breathing And I can't find the air don't know who I'm kidding Imagining you care And I could stand here waiting A fool for another day I don't suppose it's worth the price, worth the price the price that I would pay Everyone keeps asking, what's it all about? I used to be so certain and I can't figure out What is this attraction? I only feel the pain There's
Duncan, Rested Spurs Handle Clippers In Game 1
Like the Oklahoma nike free mens run City Thunder, the San Antonio Spurs hadn't played in at least week.Like the Thunder, the Spurs won in a landslide in Game 1 of their second-round series.The almost ageless Tim Duncan, 36, had a game-high 26 points and 10 rebounds, rookie Kawhi Leonardcontributed 16 points, six rebounds and three steals and sixth man Manu Ginobili had his best game of the postseason with 22 points in a 108-92 blowout of the Los Angeles Clippers on Tuesday night.Duncan has 133 career postseason double-doubles.The Spurs won the season series with the Clippers 2-1, and if the semifinal openers are any indication of what is to come for the favorites they'll coast to meet in the Western Conference finals.The last time the Spurs made it that far was 2007-08 when they lost to the Los Angeles Lakers in five games, the year after the Spurs' last NBA championship. They've won four in the Duncan era.The dominance shouldn't be a surprise. The No. 1 seed Spurs and No. 2 have been
Dun Dun Dun!
Create your own friendquiz here
Dun Dun Duuuuuun
So there's this person from myspace, yes I have myspace (rarely use it but still I have friends there that won't come here) let the bashing begin. So anyhow, back to this person, she just randomly added me and now she wants to hang out, yes she's over 18, and I see her from time to time at school, she's a different major. So when I get my apartment should I invite her over, or should we go to park like she seems to want to (all she ever does is talk about this state park)?
Dun Dun Dun Daaaaa....
Allright all, I realized that I should probably post another update on here so all of you know what's the latest. I'm not moving to Germany. My roommates and I are going to rent a big house here in Meridian. I'm currently working for a Jewelery store and, as you can imagine, this time of year is a really busy time for us.'s going to be a rare occasion when I am actually online, so if you're feelin froggy, ask for my phone number. I may, perhaps, allot you some of my spare time. If you're lucky! To all of my close friends: I love you! To everyone I have yet to meet or get close to: HOpefully, someday! Happy Holidays! Laticia
Dun Dun Dun Lol
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1 i play guitar and i think I'm mediocre 2 i have an odd obsession with cheez-it's 3 i will randomly start singing to some sappy song that most guys would not dare sing at in public 4 i will head bang to music when no one is looking 5 i love the smell of my deodorant 6 i love the band rammstein even tho i don't speak a word of German 7 I'm the youngest out of 5 8 i have one sister and 3 older brothers 9i cant eat tuna fish sandwiches without sour cream and onion chips 10 i will talk to myself when I'm trying to figure something out but i wont answer my own questions -------------------------
Dundee Utd 2-2 Rangers
Dundee Utd 2-2 Rangers Rangers win 3-2 on penalties By Thomas McGuigan Kris Boyd was the hero for Ranges Rangers twice came from behind in normal time before beating Dundee United in a penalty shoot-out to win a pulsating CIS Insurance Cup final. Substitute Kris Boyd was the hero after scoring twice in normal time before firing the winning penalty. Noel Hunt had given United the lead before Boyd equalised after Mark Kerr's mistake in defence. Mark De Vries put United back in front before Boyd headed a second, as Gers won their first trophy in three years. Rangers made two changes to the side which faced Werder Bremen in the Uefa Cup. Suspended duo Nacho Novo and Charlie Adam were replaced by Lee McCulloch and Chris Burke. Dundee United manager Craig Levein, leading a team out at Hampden for the first time, made four changes after his side's midweek goalless draw at Celtic. Noel Hunt returned to the starting line-up along with Christian Kalv
Dundee United 3-3 Rangers
Dundee United 3-3 Rangers By Thomas McGuigan Kris Boyd was on target in the goal blizzard at Tannadice Dundee United and Rangers shared the points and six goals in an entertaining game strewn with defensive mistakes. Christian Kalvenes gave United the lead after 36 minutes when he forced Willo Flood's free-kick into the net. Rangers equalised just before half-time when David Weir headed home Barry Ferguson's cross from close-range. Noel Hunt got United's second before Nacho Novo equalised for Rangers. Carlos Cuellar scored an own goal, but Kris Boyd restored parity. Dundee United were missing Garry Kenneth and Danny Swanson through suspension, but defender Lee Wilkie recovered from a dead leg to play. Rangers manager Walter Smith changed his tried and tested 4-5-1 formation in order to play Kris Boyd and Nacho Novo up front. Christian Dailly and Steven Whittaker were also called up to the starting line-up, with Kirk Broadfoot, Steven Davis and
i just want to start off this week with the declaration that my life is great. my life is great because --among other things-- i have a kid that says things like this when i feel like the world and everyone in it are kicking me squarely in the ass at ten-sixteen on a aunday morning: jake: you know what i do when i'm not feeling so great? twisted: what is it that you do, kid? jake: i start singing bob marley to myself. twisted: which? jake: three little birds. you know, "doan woory / about a ting / cos every little ting / go-nah be alright" of course i knew. i fell in on the harmony about three words in and then we both laughed. my heart was near-immediately lightened and i thanked god that in this crazy, fucked up world that feeds "the things that would be ugly if unleashed" residing up there in my head, there is this magic boy and it was seen to that i'd have the immense fortune of getting to be his mother. though a bit of a slackerbait at times, he is a person of hilarit
Dundee Utd V Rangers, 13:00 Celtic V Hearts, 13:00
Table Get this content on your MOBILE Clydesdale Bank Premier League : Table 17 May 15:27       | Home       | Away             Team P W D L F A W D L F A GD PTS 1 Rangers 37 15 2 2 44 15 10 6 2 30 13 46 83 2 Celtic 37 14 3 1 48 13 10 6 3 32 20 47 81 3 Hearts 37 11 5 3 28 18 5 5 8 12 19 3 58 4 Dundee Utd 37 7 8 3 25 21 6 6 7 22 26 0 53 5 Aberdeen 37 8 5 5 20 16 5 6 8 19 23 0 50 6 Hibernian 37 6 7 6 23 23 5 7 6 18 21 -3 47 7 Motherwe
Dundee’s Newest And Most Exciting Hotel
Dundee’s newest and most exciting hotel - The Landmark. A multi million pound refurbishment has transformed the former Swallow Hotel into The Landmark Hotel*. Created especially for those who want more than just a bed for the night, The Landmark Hotel is a luxury hotel that values the individuality of its guests. With 95 stylish bedrooms, a leisure club with a pool and fitness suite as well as a contemporary restaurant and bar, it is ideal base for business travel and short breaks in Scotland. At The Landmark Hotel, Dundee your business is our pleasure. We offer free WiFi so you can stay in touch and a wide range of meeting and event facilities. short breaks Golf Breaks Health Spa Hotel Reviews Holiday Shopping discount hotel discount hotel reservation hotel rate best rates for hotels wedding planner family hotels holiday deals walking break
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Dundee Escort Agencies Inverness Escorts
We provides local personal services in many major cities of Scotland. As the price of scotland and home of the all over the group well known the price of scotland party, area and military people body art designs, the price of scotland fans have a lot to offer the relaxed visitor or business visitor. With protection throughout the lothians and position the price of scotland have organization can offer the price of scotland incalls or outcalls no dilemma where you are. Regardless of where you are present or remaining, our top amazing fans from auld reekie can analyze out you in the residence or vacation, Bob Uses up would be surprisingly fulfilled. The mdw, marchmont, lothian road, the joins, the scotsman, waverly, portobello, willowbrae, scottish make, dalry road, position entertainment place, tay road, hibernian, thoughts, center of midlothian, grassmarket, cowgate, princes road, conventional, reasonable variety, holyrood, the price of scotland experience, arthurs seat, hogmanay, calt
Dun Fucked Up.
Damn after one crazy night of drinking smoking and walkin from pad to pad I woke up with not enough time to make it to my class. Like wow I'ma dumbass. Its not like I'm missing too much just review for the midterm. But damn there this girl that sits right next to me. We been talkin over the last couple days and I was going to ask her out today. Thats how it goes though. Trying to figure out how much walkin I actually did during the course of last night. I'm thinkin at least 1 1/2 hours of it. Also trying to figure out what this nice sized gash is doing on the side of my hand. Now that I'm thinkin about it theres not a whole lot of last night I'm remembering. Well I needa go smoke a bowl to bring me out of this hangoverish state I am in. As well as a ciggarette.
Dungeons..and All The Fun Of Hell Besides.
I grew bored and designed this is from the perspective of someone just wandering around. Read..or Don't..I care not.. When you first enter the tower, you see a single large chamber, lit overhead by a massive candelabra. Leading off to the right is a single shadowy doorway. Stairs leading into the depths slipping away from the light of the candles, shying away from the sight of the holy. The stairs lead away into the dungeons and ringing up the staircase echoed the sounds of screaming and pain. The stone under your feet and the walls around you was a dark granite, almost black, but there was an oddity to it. It looked almost like years of caked blood had soaked into the walls, long stretches of darker granite, spots of light peeking out from behind the darkness. Everything within this tower was warped. Corrupted to its very foundations. Ahead of you is a large wooden gate, obscene images cut into the heavy black metal encircling the door. The wood is a heavy oak, i
The Dungeon (pictures)
Dungeon (pictures)
Dungeon Of Malice
Get Code | Create Your Own! Get Code | Create Your Own! This family is for all metal lovers.. Black, German, Gothic, Death, Power, Norwiegan, Batcave, Trance, Heavy, Grindcore, Speed, Doom, Melodic, Thrash, Epic, and all others. If you are interested.. Hit me up!
Dungeon Radio
Dungeon Monitors
Dungeon monitor BDSM dungeon monitors are entirely unrelated to Dungeon Masters in Dungeons and Dragons and similar role-playing games. A dungeon monitor (sometimes referred to as a "dungeon master" or DM) is a person charged with supervising a playspace or dungeon at a BDSM events such as play parties and fetish clubs. They can be of any sex and may normally take any role (dominant or submissive) in the scene, but while on duty their authority is absolute. If a DM orders a play scene to stop, it must be stopped immediately. DMs are usually people with several years experience in the scene, and who have training both in BDSM safety practices and first aid. They often have a special uniform or hat, but there is no standard way of denoting a DM. It is best to ask when arriving at a party or event how to identify the DMs on duty.
Dungeon (BDSM) This page is about BDSM play; for other topics see Dungeon (disambiguation). In BDSM (bondage/discipline, Dominance/submission, sadism/masochism) play, a dungeon is any space set aside for scene activities. It may or may not be underground and may or may not resemble a stereotypical dungeon from a Robin Hood film. Private dungeons are often fabricated in residential basements or spare rooms. BDSM organizations sometimes secure space for their members to play, old warehouses and factory spaces are popular for this. Some dungeons are open to the public on a membership basis or as a nightclub. These are called "public dungeons" even if they are only open to members. A professional dominant or dominatrix will often maintain their own dungeon, or several ProDoms may join together in a common facility often called a ProDom house, where they may share staff such as receptionists or cleaning staff. More recently, since the BDSM community has become more established
Dungeon Mistress
Dungeon mistress The cold steal piercing my skin Stinging and burning from within The thoughts of you cut my heart Casting my passion to the dark Forbidden fruits to taste that’s you A lovers betrayals left me black and blue Cast upon this cage of spikes, hanging around Bleeding this night Ripping flesh from the bone Leaving me hanging here all alone An iron maiden has a bite, but it does not Compare to you tonight. By Scott baker
Dungeon Of Delight
You start the game in an Imperial dungeon, and in that controlled environment, your style of play is analyzed and an educated guess is made at your Character Class. After: • magically lighting giant rats on fire • hoarding resellable weapons and armor from dead goblins • increasing my alchemical skillz through gorging on raw rat meat • electrocuting assassins with my 'borrowed' goblin-shaman staff • donning the dead assassin's robes because they look cool • collecting bones in hopes of learning necromancy • sneaking around when no one's present • eating goblin-cheese • pickpocketing the king's head bodyguard • hoarding all the food I could find, in case I wanted to whip something up My recommended class? -Bard-. I chose Assassin.
Dungfoo Donkey
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A Dungeon And A Dragon
A Dungeon and a Dragon by shambles© I'd answered one of those ads in a porn magazine. I'd always wanted to see if they were legit, or just a come-on. And I'd always wanted to try domination. When I phoned, a pleasant enough voice gave me the address and told me to come on over. So I came. It turned out to be a private house, nothing to set it aside from the others in the street. I began to wonder if it was a hoax. When I rang, the door was answered by a woman who looked nothing like the picture in the ad. She was older, at least thirty, but attractive enough if you like tall women, with full hips and a narrow waist and a prow like a sailing ship. "Jason?" she said. I nodded. "Come on in." She closed the door. "You said you wanted an experience that was different. Right?" "Er, sure," I said. "Are you prepared to obey me, do absolutely everything I say?" "Er, sure," I said. "My name's Irma, but you call me Mistress. Understand?" "Sure," I said. "Yes, Mist
Dungeons And Dragons
I Am A: Lawful Good Human Paladin (6th Level) Ability Scores: Strength-11 Dexterity-11 Constitution-13 Intelligence-12 Wisdom-15 Charisma-10 Alignment:Lawful Good A lawful good character acts as a good person is expected or required to act. He combines a commitment to oppose evil with the discipline to fight relentlessly. He tells the truth, keeps his word, helps those in need, and speaks out against injustice. A lawful good character hates to see the guilty go unpunished. Lawful good is the best alignment you can be because it combines honor and compassion. However, lawful good can be a dangerous alignment because it restricts freedom and criminalizes self-interest. Race:Humans are the most adaptable of the common races. Short generations and a penchant for migration and conquest have made them physically diverse as well. Humans are often unorthodox in their dress, sporting unusual hairstyles, fanciful clothes, tattoos, and the like. Class:Paladins take their adventures seri
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Dungeon Fantasy
Today is the day I become a movie star, I’m dressed for success, as I head to my car. I pull up, at a lovely little house of wood, I knock on the door, and there a prince stood. So deliciously brown, and as toned as one can, He invites me in, and we go over the movie plan. The only problem is, his copy is not the same, I read his copy, and get flustered from shame. He leads me to the back of the house out the door, We enter a cold rock room, with a cemented floor. I look around, and see harnesses and hand ties, Confused, but I feel a sensation between my thighs. Never have I felt, intimidated by big man before, A stirring made me stare at his dick, he knew I’m sure. Looking at me he smiles, as he re adjusts for show, As he turns I notice, his dick starting to grow. He takes me to a room, on its own down the end, There’s a camera in the corner, trying to blend. He tells me to strip off, and get on the bed, Nervous of what surrounds me, I do what he said. H
Dungeons & Dragons Co-creator Dies At 69
MILWAUKEE - Gary Gygax, who co-created the fantasy game Dungeons & Dragons and helped start the role-playing phenomenon, died Tuesday morning at his home in Lake Geneva. He was 69. He had been suffering from health problems for several years, including an abdominal aneurysm, said his wife, Gail Gygax. Gygax and Dave Arneson developed Dungeons & Dragons in 1974 using medieval characters and mythical creatures. The game known for its oddly shaped dice became a hit, particularly among teenage boys, and eventually was turned into video games, books and movies. Gygax always enjoyed hearing from the game's legion of devoted fans, many of whom would stop by the family's home in Lake Geneva, about 55 miles southwest of Milwaukee, his wife said. Despite his declining health, he hosted weekly games of Dungeons & Dragons as recently as January, she said. "It really meant a lot to him to hear from people from over the years about how he helped them become a doctor, a lawyer, a policema
She was so nervous; tonight was the night Master was presenting her to his group of friends. She knew this night was very important to Master, so she carefully prepared herself just the way Master had instructed. She very carefully washed herself, with the soap that Master instructed her to use. She made sure her body was free of any hair. She put on the scent that Master liked the best. Just lightly, enough to make her feel a little Feminine. She slipped into the outfit that Master had chosen; it was a short skirt, with a slit up the side, and a halter style top. It was in a beautiful shade of emerald green that showed off her red hair and fair coloring. She was ready at the time Master told her to be. She knew to be late would not be good. She had been with him for about a month now, and this would be the first time she would be presented to his friends in public. She had met a few of his friends during the past week, but none as important as the ones she would be meeting tonight.
The Dungeon
I lie awake looking up at the ceiling, gazing into the darkness. I'm startled by the sound of footprints coming towards my room. As they reach the door, I shudder not knowing who or what it might be. As I watch the knob on the door turn, I become frightened. Lying naked and helpless in my bed watching, the door begins to open. My tanned frame is curled into a ball on the bed, breathless; afraid I watch. The door swings open wide, my eyes searching and trying to see the entrance. A dark tall muscular shape appears. My eyes adjust. I smile and unfold my body, moving to my hands and knees on the bed. The form in the doorway is my Master, a very handsome man. Master's tall masculine frame walks to the chest of drawers. I begin to feel the burning in my belly, the sensation of wanting the man that owns me to take and use his property as she should be used. I watch. He takes from the drawer some handcuffs and a few other items. My eyes become big wondering what he has planned. My eyes
The Dungeon
When we finished making love last night, I was lying atop of you – you on your stomach – my cock buried in you from the rear. We both were so tired that we dropped off to sleep – me lying on top of you – covering you so that you would not be chilled – my cock still hard and erect inside you although my ball sack had just been sucked dry by the milking muscles of your velvet sheath. The day dawns – scarcely moving throughout the night – we were just as we fell asleep. My cock – still rock hard? No, surely my erection had subsided during the night. Then I felt your pulses! You were squeezing - then releasing my cock with your pussy muscles. You were the reason my cock was again hard. I leaned further up your back and began kissing you on that special spot between your shoulder and your neck – that spot that makes you squirm – and you did – pushing your firm butt back against me – and I began fucking you. Pulling my cock almost out – then plunging it back in – back and forth – in mo
She was so nervous; tonight was the night Master was presenting her to his group of friends. She knew this night was very important to Master, so she carefully prepared herself just the way Master had instructed. She very carefully washed herself, with the soap that Master instructed her to use. She made sure her body was free of any hair. She put on the scent that Master liked the best. Just lightly, enough to make her feel a little Feminine. She slipped into the outfit that Master had chosen; it was a short skirt, with a slit up the side, and a halter style top. It was in a beautiful shade of emerald green that showed off her red hair and fair coloring. She was ready at the time Master told her to be. She knew to be late would not be good. She had been with him for about a month now, and this would be the first time she would be presented to his friends in public. She had met a few of his friends during the past week, but none as important as the ones she would be meeting tonight.
The Dungeon
I lie awake looking up at the ceiling, gazing into the darkness. I'm startled by the sound of footprints coming towards my room. As they reach the door, I shudder not knowing who or what it might be. As I watch the knob on the door turn, I become frightened. Lying naked and helpless in my bed watching, the door begins to open. My tanned frame is curled into a ball on the bed, breathless; afraid I watch. The door swings open wide, my eyes searching and trying to see the entrance. A dark tall muscular shape appears. My eyes adjust. I smile and unfold my body, moving to my hands and knees on the bed. The form in the doorway is my Master, a very handsome man. Master's tall masculine frame walks to the chest of drawers. I begin to feel the burning in my belly, the sensation of wanting the man that owns me to take and use his property as she should be used. I watch. He takes from the drawer some handcuffs and a few other items. My eyes become big wondering what he has planned. My eyes
The Dungeon
When we finished making love last night, I was lying atop of you – you on your stomach – my cock buried in you from the rear. We both were so tired that we dropped off to sleep – me lying on top of you – covering you so that you would not be chilled – my cock still hard and erect inside you although my ball sack had just been sucked dry by the milking muscles of your velvet sheath. The day dawns – scarcely moving throughout the night – we were just as we fell asleep. My cock – still rock hard? No, surely my erection had subsided during the night. Then I felt your pulses! You were squeezing - then releasing my cock with your pussy muscles. You were the reason my cock was again hard. I leaned further up your back and began kissing you on that special spot between your shoulder and your neck – that spot that makes you squirm – and you did – pushing your firm butt back against me – and I began fucking you. Pulling my cock almost out – then plunging it back in – back and forth – in mo
The strains of Mozart, badly-played on my neighbour's piano, drifted through the open window. I recognised the piece, one I used to play myself - a sonata of relative simplicity. When the telephone rang, the harsh notes cutting through the air, it startled me, even though I was expecting the call. It was him, just as I knew it would be. His instructions were specific, precise - with no preparatory smalltalk. 'Put on the outfit you received this morning. Take the bus to the city square. Flash at least two men while you're on the bus. I'll see you there at two.' My heart thumped as he hung up, my cunt melting with anticipation. I'd unwrapped the box that had come by courier and in trepidation had revealed the shiny black PVC skirt, the black lace plunge-front top, the long black lace gloves, the black lace-topped stockings (I'd spotted the theme here) and the shiny high-heeled shoes with straps that wrapped and buckled around my ankles. No bra, I'd noticed. The lace top was sheer a
The Dungeon
She walks slowly down the stairs trying to be as quiet as possible. The air is cold and the lights are dim. She hears her master moving about in the dungeon. Taking a deep breath she tries to calm herself so her master doesn't see her excitement within her. Slowly she walks to the bottom of the stairs and she can see her master checking the equipment. She stands there waiting for him to notice her instead of announcing herself. He soon sees her and invites her to come over to him. She lowers her head as she walks to him without a word. He tells her that she looks very pretty today and runs his fingers through her hair. Soft kisses make her feel welcome. He reaches down and pulls her shirt up over her head and tosses it across the room. Feeling the cold air on her breasts her nipples begin to harden immediately. He lowers his head and nibbles on her nipples, then he bites harder. Moving between her nipples he bites harder and harder making her moan loudly. Cuffing her hands and ch
The Dungeon
Dungeon PleasuresSweeping down a dusty hall leading to an immense room lit by nothing but torches. You see a stone lined room with chains and shackles adorning the walls. The smell is musty and dry with a hint of moss and rust from the iron bars at all the windows. The gentle sunlight streaming through the windows gave the room a warm yet gentle glow.Standing by the larger window is a Iron Maiden open and rusted with a rack next to the ajoining wall.In walks a tall handome man with really long black hair with a Vampiric look about Him. Pale skin that looked almost transparent.  He almost had an aura about Him of pure evil and lust. We shall all Him Mason. He sat on the large wooden almost throne like chair. His Masulinity seeping from every pore in His being. He reached over and rang a bell that was next to Him on a small yet sturdy table. He was calling His Slave, Sub that kinda thing.There was a commotion in the hallway and in walked a Petite Redhead, We Shall call Her Sarah. She was
Dungeon In Detroit!… Got me thinking I needed to more about how this media attention was obtained. After reading many of the comments/responses, I had enough background to do a better job of figuring this shit out for myself. So I googled "Detroit dungeons" and the whole case came up before my eyes! [I
The Dungeon - Where Whips And Chains Are Forplay
Come check out The Dungeon it is tailored to those in the BDSM Lifestyle. We have live music and cams with no annoying talk. We are hiring as well and will train if needed, so if you ever wanted to DJ but don't know how, no worries we will teach you. Visit The Listen Page For More Options.
Dunkel Ist Mein Bettdecke (in German & English Version)
(German version) Dunkel ist mein Bettdecke Dunkel ist wer Ich bin Ausbilden zu entwickeln als Dunkel zu sein Umarmend welches null Anderen kann Dunkel ist nicht mein behagen Dunkel ist eben welches es vertritt Ich bin die Göttin über Dunkel Dunkel werden verschlingen irgend jemand wer Kreuzen innerhalb Dunkel werden entwickeln mich , winden und ausbilden Ich bin die Dunkel Sie Angst Dunkel ihrer schlimmste Geschick und Alpdruck (English version) Darkness is who I am Form to evolve as darkness to be Embracing what no others could Darkness is not my comfort Darkness is just what it represents I am the Goddess of Darkness Darkness shall devour anyone who crosses within Darkness shall evolve myself, twist and form I am the Darkness you fear Darkness... your worst fate and nightmare -ME- DLoV -C- 2006
Dunk Driver
Dunk Driver A policeman pulls over a driver for swerving in and out of lanes on the highway.He tells the guy to blow a breath into a breathalyzer. "I can't do that,officer." "Why not?""Beacause I'm an asthmatic.I could get an asthma attack if I blow into a tube." "Okay,we'll just get a urine sample down at the station." "Can't do that either officer." "Why not?" "Because I'm a diabetic.I could get low blood sugar if i pee in a cup." "Alright, we could get a blood sample." "Can't do that either officer." "Why not?" "Because I'm a hemophiliac. if i give blood i die." "Fine then,just walk the white line." "Can't do that either,officer," "Why not?" "Because I'm drunk."
A Dunkin' At The Renaissance Festival
Dunkin Heinz
The Dunkin Donuts Song
My friend Rodney and I made this up after I got off work last night! It's a Rap so enjoy! Walk in early I dunno wat to do The customers walk in n treat us like poo We serve n talk n act so kind Nothing but asshole to no surprise America runs on dunkins every day Don’t ya know this place iz gay The boss is a dike n da customerz suck If they don’t like it they can lick my dough nutz Chorus: I see jelly filled dough nutz and tripple glazed but in the back of my mind I fuckin hate this place I see lemon filled and chocolate too but I fucking hate what I have to do I need a break yo I need it now like a back rub just to calm me down with pigs all round yo stressin me out give me an ice coffee just to wet my mouth Now on a whole notha level with a brand new kick You have no idea what kinda creams in it So next time u bite one just take a pause for cause cuz the chick that made it is way pissed off Chorus: So da next time ya walk in ya betta look clear to
Dunking Machine
Dunlop Hot Summer Nights Race 1
I finished 6th out of an 8 rider gate. I was on a 300ex competing against 450s. If I would have had more power to keep up with them I probably would have done better. I was jumping a lot of things that most of the guys wouldn't jump.
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Dunno, Just Something I Wrote Whilst Under Influence Of Vodka
This world is a big place full of many interesting and differenet people from different backgrounds, beliefs, tastes and everything. We are all individuals, and humans in general are an amazing race. We can create so many beautiful things in the sciences and arts. Everyone is beautiful. And to know someone really special, just adds another beautiful person to the list of amazing people here.
I don't really know what to say here.. Umm Umm.. "I been to the mutha fuckin mountain top. I heard mutha fuckas talk, seen em drop. if I aint got a weapon Imma pick up a rock. And when I bust your ass Im gonna continue to rock" Shake that ass.. eminem and nate dogg
Dunno If I Should Be Scared Or Turned On
Female Bodybuilder Poses
Bored, confused, and sometimes disappointed in myself. How can I let things get so far before facing them when obviously it's too late? I fell stuck, as though nothing will be the same, which in every case may be true. Just needed the not so easy satisfaction of still repeatedly saying it to myself. Goodnight to all, unless of course your in the same position as I am.
Dunno If Both Will Start At Once...
Music Video:FEELING THIS (by Blink 182)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone cuz blink 182 still rocks...and some of the guys in there are fucking RIPPED!!! *drools* Music Video:MOVE ALONG (by The All-American Rejects)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone just cuz the vocalist reminds me of my friend dan who FINALLY admitted he's emo (yea NOTFL!) in a happy happy mood...waiting for kevin to get his ass online. ~ace~
Okay i wanted all to know that i have posted new pics, in my default. I have also posted a couple blogs over the past few days also.
Dunno What To Say
Ive never really blogged befor, I dont really know what to say, I'm still trying to figure this website out its a lil confusing, but after awhile I'm sure I'll get the hang of it, so anyways, whats up pple that read this
Dunno , Somthing About Sex ....
You scored as Hot. You are Hot, you scream and are wild, people love doing anything sexual with you.Hot100%Violent88%Wet75%Exciting75%Soft38%Sweet25%Awkward13%Shy0%What is your sexual style?created with
I have no Idea what the fuck im doing on cherry tap. I have no idea how to work this site? I just know to add and rate! Any advdice?
Dunno How
know i should walk away say goodbye, but damm he has my heart...and its breakin. so much to say to him but dunno how. i wanna stay but i wanna go how stuffed is that, his in my thoughts, my dreams, my world. How do i do it walk away say goodbye from somthing that meant so much. Tears fall often i sit alone trying to dry them wiping them away and they just fall more..... damm why did i ever start this yrs ago. Y did i let him have my heart and not just my head. im screamin out let me go but its not happening... i keep goin back lookin at his smile, feeling his lips, watching him day in day out.... where can i find the strength to say goodbye to a life i know that isnt good for me and start afresh. Its too damm hard so damm hard.... tears fall again he is so close yet so far so much to say and i just cant do it. im lost and dunno how
Dunno Till It's Gone...
you know that full saying... well i think I know it too all to well. this may not be all about me it may be about everything thats going on with all that is around me but I just feel like writting about it. Well "you never know what you got till it's gone" how come men and or women can't realize this before they loose the one that really matters? I mean do you think they are going to give you chance after chance and never get fed up? I mean example: someone close to you family or good friend is letting you live with them, low rent and minimal bills compared to what you really should have, also does a ton of stuff for you such as laundry cook and what not, but you take advantage and think it's owed to you. I mean wouldn't you rather have a roof over your head and be safe and warm at night then not know where your going to live and how your going to eat? why mess that up. or how about example: you marry the love of your life have kids with them, then you go behind their back and talk or
Dunno How To Stop
dunno how to stop ,thinking of you from the minute i get up,untill the last thought flutters in my brain as i pass to dreamland,dunno how to stop waiting for ,your words,the insight and joy they brought me.dunno how to kill the dreams and visions ,i had for us,the thought of happniness and love we would share till the end of time.i understand the circunstances,and reasons ,why it could not be,but still i just cant stop loving you.
Chocolate said to a lollipop, you are damn sweet. And the lollipop said : Not as sweet as the person reading this! Your smile makes me smile... Your talks make me glad.. Your company makes me happy... But your absence makes me sad... Be always with me my friend!!! Send this to all your friends in your list and also back to me if i am your friend.... If you get more than 7 you are lovable...which I know you are
I am fucking dun, that's it. I'm sheathing my heart in ice, and it's not coming out again until someone proves that there fucking worthy! this ...girl has pushed me to fucking far, and I'm done. Davey Jone's had it right. Just rip my fucking heart out already. And for those who know me, and therfore the person I'm talking about, I would greatly appreciate not saying anything!! Thanks!! I just can't fucking believe the.... *sigh* again this is all rage and anger and i can't really say any of this cause... it's just... I don't know. I just can't fucking deal! FUCK!!!
Dunno Lol
I'm just having a bad day, really confused about a girl situation... refer to my MUMM "HEART or GUT" HEART or GUT??? Just trying something to help let it out or whatever but dunno how... whatev!!
Dunno What To Call This...
Guess it was never too important These feelings couldn't represent This is how I feel inside Like I need to run and hide Feeling buried by all this pain Your words as clear as cellophane Blinded by an intense glare Can't get out of this nightmare Again cut off by my mood Retreat once more to solitude
so yea this morning my mom came and got the kids to take them to VA for a week. took them 9 hrs to get there. needless to say she was posed to call me and let me know that they arrived. i was worried they were in a car accident cuz she never called, i always think the worst when theyre away from home am i wrong to think this way? so finally after calling cell phones galore i finally reached a person, i got so friggin tired of leaving messages on cell phones its so yea i talked to my mom finally and she told me they got to Pamplin, VA at 5:30pm. i was glad cuz i got to talk to my youngest one, ya know i dont ask for much.. a simple phone call wud be nice to let me kno my kids are alive.. god.. and it aggrivates me even more cuz i was sorta flippin out on the phone and my mom was laughing at me.. it isnt right. but im happy they made it. so thats it for now
lost is the sound i hear misplaced thoughts are what i see
I'm sitting here, on the 18th story of this building, looking out over the sea of land, watching as people move back and forth, going about their lives, and i wonder... are we all just alike or are we so different? we fight, cuss, scream, and kill each other so are we really all that different? then i shrug and just watch as life passes me by content to just be a spector to the grand scheme of things.
deep inside lost and confused, never to find happiness, never to know why, why do I care in this hopefulness, to love, to hate, to cherish, to perish why, is there a point to all this misery, why do i feel so fireiry, deep inside all alone i keep these feelings, dont want to hurt another liveing life with out a mother, is this what life is subject too pain and misery, to many flaws someone tear me apart with there claws was a bad in a previous life was i mean to my wife is there a point to my life why am i forsaken to spend it alone, deep with in its like a syclone, spinning and spiining, deeper and deeper, faster and faster, head spinning, smiles no longer grinning, feeling like i theres no hope should i still fight for hope or should i give into the pain, should i try and keep sain, i try to change how i am to better how i am, hope to find...that one... that one to make happy... i know it
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girl language its all true. when i dont call you [ I'm waiting for your call. ] When i walk away from you mad [ chase me down ] When im quiet [ ask me what's wrong] When i ignore you [ talk to me. ] When i pull away [ Pull me back. ] When you see me at my worst [ tell me i look beautiful. ] When you see me start crying [ tell me it is ok no matter what the reason. ] When you see me walking [ sneak up behind me and scare me. ] When im scared [ comfort me. ] When i lay my head on your shoulder [ lay your head on mine. ] When i tease you [ Tease me back ] When i say that i like you [ i really mean it. ] When i grab at your hands [ i want to hold them. ] When i bump into you [ it's because i want to be close to you. ] When i tell you a secret [ i trust you with my life to keep it a secret. ] When i look at you in your eyes [ look into mine, then kiss me. ] When i miss you [ it really hurts. ] When you break my heart
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It's H2's Birthday today!!! So, I need a bunch of help to show him lots of birthday love!!! Fan/add/rate and send him some birthday drinks!! H2@ fubar
mmmmmm Make an on-line slideshow at $DJ Baby Boy$ { DIRTY SOUTH CREW} ~GIT-R-DONE REBEL FAMILY BOMBSQUAD~@ fubar mmmmmm
Dunno What To Do
Just doing the same things over and over, just ain't feeling any fun anymore. Just makes me feeling bored but still I continue doing it, because I can't find anything else to do. If I just knew what I wanted to do with my life instead of going from one day to another just waisting my time. All I'm left with is dreams that just seams impossible to ever being able to accomplish. Well maybe because I aim really high in my thoughts of what I really would like to do, and with no real life experience in that field it just feels hopeless. I just hope I can find something that feels important to me soon so life will be more fun.
I don't know why we all hang on to something we know we're better off letting's like we're scared to lose what we don't even really have...some of us say we'd rather have that something than absolutely nothing..but the truth is: "to have it halfway is harder than not having it at all"...
Dunno What To Do
so ive been going through alot lately. ive been takin my grandfather to his dr. appt every week and takin care of him daily. on top of that i found out my friend jesse is in the hospital. i dunno what happen to him cuz no one is talkin about it. i'm so worried about him. every time i ask mel if hes gonna be ok she tells me she doesnt know. so whatever happen to him it is serious. hes been in for a week and a half. no one can go see him except his family and mel. so if anyone can say a prayer for him that would be great.
sorry ladies happily involved with someone. just here to goof off and for her.
Random stuff seems to be the only thing I am good at anymore so here goes, I don't smile much anymore, I am gaining weight instead of losing it, I feel like the most worthless person in the world. that pretty much sums up my world these days! And is absolutely random! Oh and I will miss Mel while she is gone on vacation for a week! :P And it was my son's father not my son who killed himself sorry for the last blog where fingers couldn't keep up with brain!
stupid girl pink
Dunno What The Funk?
Ever have that feeling you are in a good mood, and then you just feel blue all of a sudden with no reason or cause? You are in a funk, and there is not reason to feel this way and it gets your mind wandering about a lot of different things, and even the normal stuff that puts you in a good mood doesn't seem to work. Then as suddenly as it came on it is gone and your left thinking what the funk was that? Could last seconds, minutes hours or longer, but you never really know why, and for awhile you dwell on it then even that mystery is gone. Lost.
I am a cosmic mix up of some sort. I have come to believe that every emotion this world offers, I hold within me. I am Noble and Rogue,fire and water, power and grace.Sublime and Grotesque somber, afire I entrance, mesmerize fusing madness and wisdom primordial chaos I am celestial and erie playful and mischievious subtle and stiking magnificent, androgynous I am fluid, poetic, hypnotic I am rebellious, defiant, explosive I am one, I am many, I am as we are---eternal out of time--CDS. I am and cannot be. I am opened yet closed and hidden from view. I am as the wind -a constant- yet you do not know i exsist till something stands in my way. I am the lips of a calming mother, who consoles the tears of her child, yet I am the tongue of a vicious serpent that will strike when you least expect it. I am the rain, the sun, the calm, the storm.I am the friction that causes the earth to rumble forth. I am the begining and ending of a storm, full of rage and ending calm. I am the suicidal
Dunnooo Stuff
Love bug Well from day one you captured my heart, I don't know what u did to me. Put something inside this happen just like that.Your my friend, your My girl your my world and your my everything.Your the fu that makes my heart skip and jump like a broken skipped love sick record. Your the first thing I think of when awake in the fresh morn dew, your the last thing I think of when I go to bed cause I always look outside before I lock the door to look at the stars and the moon that remind me of that planet.You said something a few days ago I never forget I wonder if it's really true, as true blue it can be. It went something like I think a real piece of me has really fallen in love with you, I was so excited cause that's what happen to me along ago.When i am with you I can here my heart playing i want to bebop with you baby all night long I am sure you know the song, if not I am sure you be listening to it soon lol.You will always be my love bug my love bug you will always be, just hold
Ever had one of those days where you wonder where you belong in this world? Why am I the way that I am? Who is really listening to the words that are coming out of your mouth and your heart? That's where I am at right now. I am wondering why I am on this planet? What is my purpose? where do I really fit into the big picture? Who am I? Can anyone answer these questions? No, Not really......the only one who can answer these questions is me....but I don't have the answers....So what now? I know that I am a good person, I have a big heart. Anyone who knows the real me, knows that I will help anyone within reason. I used to be a generally good natured person, but now,,,,I just don't know who I should be. Should I just not care? Should I try to stay with the real me? Or should I just pretend to be someone that I know in my heart that I'm not....?? Anyone have the answers that I seek? My heart says that I am hurting, my brain says stick with it, it'll get better....
Dunno What To Do
Hey this is Sam. As you can probably tell, I am new to this. I would like to thank Krista, for telling me this site. Lol. :P At first, I didn't think it would be this much fun. I got use to the people, in some way, and just having fun.   Anyway, I would like to introduce myself. The name is Sam. I'm an outgoing person, love to hang out, and just be myself around others. If you have any questions, or comments, please go the profile and leave one. :D Adios!
Dunno Why.....
but this is a great song to boink to    
Dunno Dunno
Dunno what to really write about... Right now I am feeling down and I dunno why. This weekend is suppose to be tons of fun. Having a Halloween party here at the house tomorrow, I am gonna be in scrubs and some weird ass wig, elton john glasses and have my complete face painted. My daughter is coming as well as a friend of mine and my daughters boyfriend, should be fun. The Saturday I am staying the night at my daughters, and at midnight we are going to Rocky Horror Picture Show... *YIKES* cuz I am a virgin to the show and it will be my 1st time attending with audience participation. Tonight I had to do a thank a thon type of thing for a few hours, calling and thanking the donors that helped with the fundraiser for the program I am in. That was kind of anxiety, 1st thought it was gonna be on tv cuz of where we were going, thank god it wasnt. Then I had everyone telling me what a great phone voice I had... yadda yadda Yes I have done plenty of customer service, BUT I had alot of anxiety
Du Nordavind-arcturus
Du Nordavind - Arcturus
Dunt Dunt Dunt.....
Weelllp, I got a doctor's appointment today at 115 to confirm whether I passed my test the other day... I really do think it will be confirmed. Yeah this is kinda cryptic but later on today I'll elaborate. XOXO
The Duped "dad" Speaks Out!
This case is similar to mine - My ex-wife had an affair with her employer, who was married. She had a baby, but didn't tell me I was not the father. I found out when he was 19 years old. Ex-Husband of Arnold's Alleged Mistress Speaks About Betrayal for the First Time Entertainment Tonight, Tuesday, May 24, 2011, 7:55pm (PDT) Entertainment Tonight's Mark Steines spoke with Rogelio Baena, the ex-husband of Arnold's mistress Mildred "Patty" Baena, for a new interview to air in two parts on May 24 and May 25. Rogelio tells ET he thought Arnold's alleged love child was his biological child all along and that he learned that the boy was not his son only one week ago. He goes on to call the situation a "betrayal" and "Arnold Schwarzenegger for me, [was] my hero... Maria is destroyed." Married to Patty for ten years, today Rogelio says he'd like to tell his son, "I am your father. That's all."
your duplicity will be your undoing poison kisses have rendered you stupid chase your uncaring dream. but know that you can NEVER come back from that. we will have moved on without you. your lies unraveled before innocent eyes.
Duplacatind Profile
Duplicate Cartier Santos – A Well Used Collection
If you attend buy a fake Cartier Santos, then you would be reach by the abundant background and traditions powering this sort of enjoy brand name. The Cartier corporation was created as being an superb professional to a lot of the royalties on the globe. Louis-Francois Cartier was the individual who is attributed using the getting in the corporation replica cartier pasha seatimer. It was the jewellery of Cartier that was provided to royalties around the globe and not just in Europe. The quality of their jewelry costs is definately potentially they are thought of as treasures by any notable household who own them. The daughter's of Cartier therefore expanded their businesses inside the 1800s and as the enjoy collections were being brought in the foray in the business enterprise, the Cartier Santos wrist watches were being created. This variety of wrist watches was made up of bank account wrist watches of a great deal stylish at that time. When just one will go to purchase a Cartier fake
Dup Mp In Celtic Ira Song Protest
DUP MP in Celtic IRA song protest Gregory Campbell explains why he feels the time is not right for him to go to Parkhead Northern Ireland's sports minister has written to Celtic chairman and ex-NI Secretary John Reid in protest at pro-IRA songs sung at a game last week. Rangers fan Gregory Campbell wrote the letter in his capacity as a DUP MP. Mr Campbell said he felt Rangers had moved against sectarian chanting following a recent Old Firm game and he called on Celtic to follow suit. He said that in his letter he had praised both clubs for their efforts in tackling sectarianism. A Celtic spokesman said: "We are pleased that Mr Campbell recognises the great work which Celtic has carried out in tackling sectarianism." He said the club had received details of the chanting incidents from Mr Campbell. If I had gone to a game where a small minority were to engage in IRA chants, would that have been advantageous to Celtic? Gregory Campbell DUP M
Dupress-you Belong To Me
Duran Duran
One of my fave Duran Duran toonzz
The Duration Of Life
When God created the world and was about to fix the length of each creature's life, the ass came and asked, Lord, how long shall I live. Thirty years, replied God, does that content you. Ah, Lord, answered the ass, that is a long time. Think of my painful existence. To carry heavy burdens from morning to night, to drag sacks of corn to the mill that others may eat bread, to be cheered and refreshed with nothing but blows and kicks. Relieve me of a portion of this long time. Then God had pity on him and relieved him of eighteen years. The ass went away comforted, and the dog appeared. How long would you like to live, said God to him, thirty years are too many for the ass, but you will be satisfied with that. Lord, answered the dog, is that thy will. Consider how I shall have to run, my feet will never hold out so long, and when I have once lost my voice for barking, and my teeth for biting, what will be left for me to do but run from one corner to another and growl. God saw that he was
Duracell Bunny Video (nsfw)
I got a 2000 durango recently. Leaving work at midnight turning a corner on a wet road and fishtailed/180 onto a curb poping my 2 left tires. So FUCKING PISSED AND UPSET
Duran Duran-electric Barbarella
I knew when I first saw you On the showroom floor You were made for me I took you home And dressed you up in polyester Princess of my dreams Emotionless and cold as ice All of the things I like The way you look The way you move The sounds you're makin' In Ultrachrome, latex and steel I plug you in Dim the lights Electric Barbarella Your perfect skin Plastic kiss Electric Barbarella Try to resist Then we touch, Hallucinate and tranquilize (She's so fine) (She's all mine) Our private life is subject to investigation No time to waste People say they heard about our deviation But you never looked so good Wear the fake fur and fake pearls for me And put on your mystery The way I feel you know I never keep you waiting In Ultrachrome, latex and steel I plug you in Dim the lights Electric Barbarella Your perfect skin Plastic kiss Electric Barbarella Try to resist Then we touch, Hallucinate and tranquilize I plug you in Dim the lights Electri
Duran Duran Live 1984
Duracell Bunny
For once ladies and gentlemen, the title IS actually relevant to the content... For those who've read previous blog entries, you'll no doubt know that me and the princess are off to Spain on honeymoon, and we cant wait. Trouble is, its making me nervous as it is but ive done the dumb thing and downloaded a countdown timer that sits in my Firefox browser and eveytime I log on to the net, its the first thing I look at. At time of writing, it says we have 2 days, 16 hours, 18 minutes and 30 seconds till our arses are on their way to Spain. The second trouble is I havent the heart to delete Im constantly in a state of nervousness! On the bright side, I know how much time I have to sort things out and pack. Ive never been abroad before and its like a big adventure. I feel like a kid at christmas (figurativly speaking, christmas time never really got me excited as a kid). You know how kids always say things like "How many more minutes till...?" well I feel that excited wi
Duran Duran-notorious
I.. cant read about it, burns the skin from your eyes, Ill do fine without it, heres one you dont compromise. Lies come hard to disguise Let me to fight it out, not wild about it Lay your seedy judgements, who says theyre part of our lives? You own the money, you control the witness, I hear youre lonely - dont monkey with my business You pay the profits to justify the reasons I heard your promise but I dont believe it - Thats why Ill do it again No.. no.. notorious. Girls will keep the secrets, so long as boys make the noise, Fools run rings to break up, something theyll never destroy. Grand notorious slam, (bam!) and who really gives a damn - For a flaky bandit? Dont ask me to bleed about it, I need this blood to survive. (chorus) No.. no.. notorious Notorious! Notorious! (chorus) (chorus) No! (thats why Ill do it again) No! Notorious! (yeh! thats why Ill do it again) notorious. Yeeeehh! thats why Ill do it again No.. notori
Duran Duran-serious
Oh, woman you make me feel, like Im on fire Oh, woman you make it real, its the only way for me So, if we sometimes fight, doesnt mean we got problems Aint always black and white, who cares anyway? Ooh - doesnt have to be serious Ooh - doesnt have to be serious (serious) Doesnt have to be serious Doesnt have to be serious Oh baby you get so wild, mmm too much understanding Oh baby youre such a child, put up with all the tears and cryin Dont worry if youre confused, we all tend to be sometimes The whole world is getting used, its just the way it is... Maybe right, oh, but maybe wrong Doesnt have to be serious, being hard isnt being strong Doesnt have to be serious, fighting for love, fighting for pain Ooh doesnt have to be serious, and if you win, oh what do you gain? Doesnt have to be serious.. - Ooh, doesnt have to be serious maybe right, ooh, but maybe wrong Ohh doesnt have to be serious, fighting for love, fighting for pain Ooh doesnt have to be seriou
Durable Metallic, Another Plus
Scams, delivery exorbitant language problems should talk to customer serviceIts touch screen supports everything offered the OS Windows 8 and touch sensors accurately provide at least 6 mm becomes a remarkable device for all applications concerning the design and The battery of 50Wh Li-polymer offers up to 6 hours of battery life, and its internal capacity almcenaje, with 8GB DDR3 and up to 1TB HDD and 24 GB SSD cache, providing a world of possibilities for users with more than a project in mind.Your design is elegant and durable metallic, another plus for this new ultrabook. It will be available starting this summer with a value of 1,099 euros. Now, thanks to the creation in Spain? For multiple pages to buy Chinese phones and similar products, the guarantee and security that we require in a conventional purchase are subject to the laws of our country, which does not happen if you buy directly from China.。Visit efox-shop.comOr  paste this link into your br
Durchgesickert: Google Bevorstehende Nexus Phone Spezifikationen
Für Details, heute einer der kommenden Google Nexus NEOBOX. Die Paul O'Brief die MoDaCo fanden die LG Nexus Smartphone, und es sollte im November gestartet werden. LG Nexus hat einige beeindruckende Spezifikationen, einschließlich einer Quad-Core-Snapdragon S4 Prozessor, 2 GB RAM, 1280x768 Auflösung True HD IPS-Display und eine 8-Megapixel-Kamera. O'Brien auch offenbart, dass die die der LG Nexus Telefon ein drahtloses Aufladung ähnlich dem Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone Ladesystem verfügen. LG Nexus Handy wird gemunkelt, ein nicht-austauschbare Batterie, keine microSD-Slot, nur 8 GB oder 16 GB Flash-Speicher Bewegung sein. Die weit verbreitete Spekulation, veröffentlicht Google einige andere Nexus-Geräte, was im Herbst dieses Jahres Festivals. Bisher wird Sony, Samsung und HTC Nexus phone treten der LG. Das Nexus Linie ist einzigartig, weil eine saubere Version von Android läuft auf dem Handy, was bedeutet, daß aus der Fabrik gibt es keine Software-Änderungen.
Du är Det Fulaste Jag Sett
haha ja vad i helvete tror du jag menar... ful ful ful.. 'du äcklar mig för faan. -.- gå och knulla en bäver. haha ne nu ska jag inte vara sådan. :P ni försåtr inte ett piss iaf. så vad sitter jag och klagar över.
Dur Dur D'etre Bebe
Anyone Remember this
Durex - Get It On!
Durgeres: The Adventure Continues....
Well, Cameo kept his promise....about teaching me many wondrous things. He found his last "death" many centuries ago. It was a very gruesome terrible death. Soooooooo, I'll not go into detail right now. He told me about how we could be ended, pass on our lineage, regenerate lost body parts/limbs along with many other wonderful things. When I last spoke with you I was just a "New" Wamphyri. I was but only an Apache Native American Brave. Now.......I live in Melbourne Australia. After living in such places as Hiroshima Japan, Egypt, West Nile Africa, Morocco, Rome, Great Brittan, as well as Scotland. I'm sure I've forgotten a few places. But where I am now, and this day and age??? Well, I already told you I am in Melbourne and what a wonderful feeding ground!! It used to be so much easier to feed centuries ago...especially in Scotland and Great Brittan. But's such a challenge, and sooooooo much fun. As Cameo had taught me long ago, Mortals are very afraid of
During The First 60 Seconds Of Dateing
During the first 60 seconds of dateing Current mood: giggly Category: Romance and Relationships During the first sixty days of dating: 1) Do not come on heavy - keep it light This means: Don't tell her how pretty she is or how much you like her or that you'd like to see her again. Keep it positive Branden. Keep her laughing. Give her no more than one compliment per date. No gifts and no flowers, all of which she experiences as appeals for her approval. (Don't try to impress her.) Don't talk about your feelings for her or your romantic Interest Level. Instead, let her wonder where she stands with you. Remain mysterious. 2) Do not touch her - let her do all the touching If a girl likes you, she will automatically begin to touch you and will increase the frequency of touching as she spends more time with you. If you try to raise her Interest Level by touching HER a lot, your actions will backfire. You will inhibit her impulse to touch YOU. She will begin to feel uncomfort
During Happy Hour Both Have Fun Rating And Help This Ny Area Friend
Founder--and House of Metal Family Member would like to buy something for a CT person very important to her, while its price is somewhat reduced during Happy Hour. For this she'd like some help getting points and Cherry Dollars, by having her photos rated and commented. (I neither post nor intend to post this often at all, but felt this was worthwhile :) )
During My Vacation...
I figured it would be a good time to dye my hair... I haven't done that in over 2 years. So I picked PINK!! and maybe with purple tips. I'm still thinking about that one.. I feel like my old self again.....
During Times Of Universal Deceit, Telling The Truth Becomes A
`During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." — George Orwell It is often repeated that the victors write the history of wars. Even in democratic societies, the great preponderance of government, commercial and media power are geared to justify the cause of the victor and dismiss the cause of the vanquished. The greater the tragedy and costs, the more powerful is the impulse to justify them as righteous and necessary. Since about 620,000 soldiers and 50,000 civilians perished in the "Civil War," the impulse to post-war propaganda and ongoing political correctness is powerful indeed. This is why good people, including retired high school teacher John Allen, who recently provided some misguided comments regarding my book, "The Un-Civil War: Truths Your Teacher Never Told You," are shocked when truth is uncovered from decades of propaganda. Allen distorts many of my positions. He implies that I do not believe slavery was an issu
During My Divorce
My heart aches over you. I was a fool to believe that I could change you. And as I walking out on you. Tears fall like a waterfall. You had my heart you broke it. You used me to get what you wanted. As you sit and call me names You don't know how I hurting, YOU THINK THIS IS WHAT I WANT! I am scared that you are right. I not smarted enough; attractive enough No one else would want me! I do not want to be alone; I want to be held like everyone else. I want someone to love me for who I am. I know in my heart, that I could never go back to you. But when I look at our boys, I know that there once was loved July 2004
Du Riechst So Gut
Rammstein Videos | Music Video Codes | Columbus Homes For Sale Du riechst so gut (You Smell So Good) Lyrics ©1995 Rammstein. Der Wahnsinn ist nur eine schmale Brücke die Ufer sind Vernunft und Trieb ich steig dir nach das Sonnenlicht den Geist verwirrt ein blindes Kind das vorwärts kriecht weil es seine Mutter riecht Ich finde dich Die Spur ist frisch und auf die Brücke tropft dein Schweiß dein warmes Blut ich seh dich nicht ich riech dich nur Ich spüre Dich ein Raubtier das vor Hunger schreit wittere ich dich meilenweit Du riechst so gut du riechst so gut ich geh dir hinterher du riechst so gut ich finde dich - so gut ich steig dir nach du riechst so gut gleich hab ich dich Jetzt hab ich dich Ich warte bis es dunkel ist dann fass ich an die nasse Haut verrate mich nicht oh siehst du nicht die Brücke brennt hör auf zu schreien und wehre dich nicht weil sie sonst auseinander bricht Du riechst so gut du riechst so gut ich geh dir hinte
During Hurricane Katrina
After Hurricane Katrina, some friends and myself drove about 40 miles to get to the nearest store for food and supplies. Things were scarce, shelves were bare but, sure enough, the beer delivery man was making his deliveries! GOTTA LOVE THE BEER MAN!!!
Du Riechst So Gut
Insanity is only a narrow bridge the banks are reason and desire I'm after you the sunlight confuses the mind a blind child that crawls forward because it smells its mother I find you The track is fresh and on the bridge drops your sweat, your warm blood I don't see you I only smell you, I sense you a predator that screams of hunger I track you for miles by scent You smell so good you smell so good I follow you you smell so good I find you - so good I'm after you you smell so good I will have you soon Now I have you I wait until it is dark then I touch your wet skin don't betray me oh don't you see the bridge is burning stop screaming and don't resist because otherwise it will break apart You smell so good you smell so good I follow you you smell so good I find you - so good I'm after you you smell so good I will have you soon You smell so good you smell so good I follow you you smell so good I find you - so good I touch yo
During The Week Of Sept. 23-28/07
WHAT I SAID TO MY DADS G/F i'm sorry about tonight/last night. all depends on when u read this email and thank u for the dinner too! For me i can't see/like fighting at all. especially with people that he shouldn't be fighting with. He shouldn't be fighting with the people that love him so much. he should be protecting instead. The only way i know how to get him to stop fighting with people is to get him to go against me and that is it. i've been doing this for as long as i can remember. i'm so use to it! Which is sad though. b/c really no one should ever be use to doing that ever. but i am. He should be lucky to have someone that really loves him. It would be nice to have that too. but my time will come for that. (maybe) I'm the only kid that talks to him and see him out of the 4 of us and i'm the one that gets into fights with him. if u don't hear from me in awhile u know y. i'm going to stay low and quiet for awhile. b/c i don't need this and i don't want to get
During Class
During Class by Goldeniangel © Back row of science class in high school, two seniors (both just turned 18) were looking as innocent as possible sitting next to each other. Fortunately their teacher was the very blind and rather scattered Mrs. Newmark. Also, fortunately, the desks were large black two-seaters that pretty much obscured everything that anyone could do. Right now the large desk, and Patricia's oversized sweatshirt, was obscuring the fact that Steve was feeling her up. The class was rather small so there was no one in the back row with them since there were only three desks in each row and Chad and Amanda were skipping. So no one at all knew what they were up to. Steve squeezed her breasts, loving the fact that they were doing this while class was going on and no one even knew... yeah there were definite perks to being a senior in Mrs. Newark's class and having one hell of a kinky girlfriend. "So is it in there?" he whispered in her ear, his breath and lips tickl
During the day When you are away I'll never play I'm here to stay. During the night, When me and my cousin fight You hold me tight And I know everything is alright. During the summer When everything is funner I want to know Will you still be my lover? During the fall When I don't call I'm not having a ball Don't worry I will call.
During The Super Bowl.
Just because Super Bowl Sunday is the last event of the season doesn't make it any less boring than all the other games. I hate playing sports. Watching them is even worse. The way I see it, if you're going to sit through four miserable hours of TV, you might as well piss off as many people as you can while you're there. Here are some things you can do to be an asshole while watching the Super Bowl. 1. Show up wearing a football uniform. 2. Bring your girlfriend. 3. Tell everyone over and over that you enjoy watching the commercials more than the game. 4. Make sure you ate plenty of broccolli and cheese the night before. 5. Hire a midget to come. 6. Cut your toe-nails mid-game. 7. Load up a pipe and yell, "Look everyone, I'm smoking a super bowl!" 8. Frequently ask stupid questions. "What does that orange pole mean?" "How many points is that worth?" "What just happened?" "Anyone want more chips?" "Why the fuck is there a midget in here?" 9. Leave t
" During The Night Of Sunday Morning
During Vacation On A Beautiful Day
During vacation on a beautiful day Listening to birds sing with kids splashing water down the creek Hearing the sounds of whispers from the breeze, Not a cloud in the sky I felt the power through the rocks, See the water glistening from the trees, The feeling of oneness of nature, was all around you. Love, happiness, and joy all combined as one That's the way I felt, my first time in Sedona. Mom with her boyfriend, laughing and sun tanning, Tina, Liz, Melissa, and I, playing in a pool of deep water, As the water submerges completely, Playing jaws, trying to scare each other, Not a fear of the water, not even the feel of fish, Tina afraid of the feel of a fish on her leg As we start to race one another Swimming back and forth, We realize Tina's the ultimate swimmer. With a cramp in her leg and fish swimming around Tina starts to come undone Terrified where she's at Red Rock slipping from her re
During Childhood
i could never decide which side to be on in the game cops and robbers or anything really that involved a choice... that if you chose this you would be expected to do that and be denied that... i see the benifits of both sides so i don't want to be either... no crooked cops no valiant thief... i wanted to do anything without restriction... reap all the benifits and rewards... without consequences ... i would like to believe this has changed but i can't say it has... i do try to be more one way but i suppose it isn't because i am... i still try to stay in the middle no expectations of me... am iiiiiii indecisive... or do i just want it all? i really hate people expecting more of me then i want to give and i don't give what they expect too often mainly because they expect it of me
During A Restaurant Thing... We Talked About Stuff And Then We Talked About .. More Stuff.. Then We Left.
During a dinner-meeting a conversation between myself and a couple military types  broached the subject of radiation in major doses both accidental and “intentional”. It gave me the opportunity to ask a few questions of this militarily connected individual about what had transpired where I lived during the year 2006. For some reason, I had left a standard issue Geiger counter and wand in the basement storage room, and it was charged.  About three weeks later, I had a need to stow some gear down there along with new parts.  Upon entering the room, I noticed the Geiger counter in the basket where I had left it a few weeks before. When I looked at the wand, I was shocked to see the indicator all the way to the right, indicating an enormous amount of radiation had been measured at this location. Immediately I assumed the unit was malfunctioning and called to check on the date of calibration. During that phone call from the basement storage room, the Geiger counter support tech
During My Dark Days Of The Past 8 Months..... Im Not Sure Who I Am Any More
A lot has changed in my life, some good I guess most would say, some not so good... A dark cloud ruled my days for a while and Id like to share some of that time.. Feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts.... Gone I'm gone. I'm so far gone you wouldn't even knowSo far gone I won't even show.I'm so far gone and there's no way outso far gone I just want to shout.I'm so far gone you could never hear me screamSo far gone you wouldn't hear a thing.I'm too far gone I try and let you see.So far gone you wouldn't notice me.I'm so far gone drowning in quick sand.So far gone there is no helping hand.I'm too far gone you can't help me.So far gone I tried, begged on one knee.I wish you could understand how much pain one could withstand. I try to be brave yet I have drowned, I'm in so deep to deep for you to notice, to deep for you to care I'm gone now nothings left. I should only hope you learn, it was never your fault. The depression cut meto deep for you see to deep for you too feel
During The Summer Wants Small Fresh Feeling The Fluffy Curl
Summer time arrived, changes a hairstyle, trades a mood! Slightly arranges introduces 3 different modeling available for you fluffy curls. It does not matter your original hair how, absolutely gratifying satisfaction.Fresh feeling short curl, If moon-face, might as well separates the bangs, making the bangs divide combined with facial features, can decorate the facial features. The sending tree top rich rhythm that moves, gets the attraction significantly. Places behind the true secret curl the hairstyle, to human impressed and fresh feeling. Moreover, the curvature of softening will be will not likely exaggerate and be holistic, girl who very suitable it to try the curl newly.Minute bangs make entire hairstyle appear more capable, the natural micro volume luxuriant any artificial ingredient, has not yet felt naturally fresh, the overall makes people feel astutely competent, simultaneously won't don't have the gentle character and type.In loose nature curl, Stratified sends to produce
During Sex
During sex, women love to take control. If she instructs you on how to please her, I suggest you listen.
I was chillin this one time and was goin down on this chick and she turna around and says hey mister what are you doing and I said Hey i get bored in the bank line... I dont know... Durka!!!
Durnkered And Bit By K-9 Police Dog
So I went to a friends house Saturday night and had a few drinks. Well she is a local police officer and the other female officer for the dept. Was there too.. We had a few good ones. well all was well.. Till thismorning and i found a new hole in my pants.I guess her K-9 Police dog bit me.. and I have a huge hole in my jeans and a bruse and marks where he bit be.. Damn u Max.. anyway.. so I have a couple pics of it ill post and me sittin in the bath room.. My dumb ass friends giveing me vodka.. I could kill them.. they now how i get.... any way legs not that bad more brused than anything.... and till nxt months drunkered outing.. Hope every one has a merry x-mas and happy new year!..
Durolane has been developed specifically to treat the symptoms of osteoarthritis in the knee and hip. It works by restoring the lubricating and shock-absorbing properties of joint fluid, which are depleted in osteoarthritis.Buy Durolane Now.We sell Quality durolane.Thanksbuy durolanedurolane
i didnt know what the shout box was for until tonight.....
Dur Ssd Dominent Le Marché Des Ordinateurs Portables
juillet 25 , 2012 offrit des informations de produit chinois En dépit de leurs mauvaises ventes, il est peu probable que les notebook classiques équipés de disques durs comme système de stockage primaire sont menacées par ultrabooks ou de comprimés qui utilisent SSD, comme le MacBook Air, selon une étude réalisée par iSuppli. Un rapport préparé par le cabinet iSuppli indique que les ordinateurs portables qui utilisent des disques SSD (Solid State) et systèmes de stockage ne posent pas de menace pour le marché des ordinateurs équipés de disques durs. Selon Fang Zhang, analyste des systèmes de stockage chez iSuppli IHS, "ordinateurs portables équipés de SSD sont plus rapides, plus légers et plus minces, les caractéristiques qui les rendent populaire et attractif pour les consommateurs, mais aussi plus chères et proposent moins d'espace stockage en général. Par exemple, le prix d'un MacBook Air équipé que d'une 64 Go SSD peut atteindre 999 $, tandis qu'un disque d
The Durty South
WE ARE NOT GOING TO LET SOME ASSHOLE BRING US DOWN (repost of original by 'ÐJ TÈMPTY ~ DejaVu Radio ~ ENFORCER~ 4 ÐÙ®TÝ~§ÕÚTH ~ Love Me or Hate Me ~' on '2008-07-12 10:33:54') (repost of original by '♥Gator Sweet-E♥Future FU Mrs. Rokbottom♥' on '2008-07-12 10:44:17')
Durty Dee
usually when i blog i blog lifestyle information. Today i blog my life information. I am trying to decide if fu is a joke or not anymore, hello can you not hack my account please i dont even know you??? Trust has come short lies become deep. Is this a fucking soap opera??? I really have made dear friends on here but i feel like im under the knife being watched. Besides my family i talk to few I share things with people i deem to be interesting. I am far from perfect and i lead a decent life i work hard i play harder I enjoy a little bit of fun and i am sure i have hurt a few people here and there. Not intentionally but maybe out of spite. Karma is quite the bitch. Sometimes you have to put big girl pants on and walk away for a while, I need to tend to my life, my love, my responsibilites. Tabs, Britt, Karen, Brands, Minxy i love you all but i need a break i be on yahoo....My heart knows where I am he will find me too...Be good kids dont eat into the drama and foolisness, but fair game
Dusk Embraces The Darkness
One evening when the sun fell behind the horizon As the Dusk Embraces The Darkness I become weary of my surroundings and it begins to weaken my spirit The anger begins to arise within me All the feelings of rejection and abandonment overtake my soul Tears bleed from my eyes As I try to recall the reason for my birth Remembering all the promises broken Within the existence that seems to be no more I cry out into the shadows of the abyss and I hear my voice echo back in silence Somewhere between time and reality I Hear Mother Earth asking me what I desire The dreams that have been forbidden in my heart Begin to awaken within my being I feel the passion surge throughout my body The fire arises in me Consuming all of me ©2002 revised 2004, 2005
~~dusk Till Dawn
The Dusk Of Love
Upon the dusk of love Beyond the pinnacle of happiness There is a love once lived The songbirds once sang a melody The sky bathed in seemingly endless light There are but visions of the past Dreams of a love once lived Love was endless it was thought Never ending, full and true Now it's enveloped in endless rue Never to be felt again The sky is now dark, grey clouds looming No dreams of love again blooming Life not lonely and desolate Now just memories of a love once lived
Dusk Til Dawn
i'm a woman, in search of a man, to take me to dinner, and to hold my hand. fall in love with my smile, gaze into my eyes, tell me i'm beautiful, and watch clouds go by. call just to say hello, call just to say good night, call just to call me, even if we fight. a man to tell me he loves me, and say that i'm the one, that he can't live without, from dusk till dawn. Melanie
Dusty Shoes
by Bryant H. McGill, September of 1987 There sitting on a table, lined up together, and paired off in twos A silent story was told, for a quarter they sold, they were old, and worn, empty shoes As I looked at them I saw the blood, sweat and strife, The bitter moments of life, With the love, joy, and good things too. And somehow in that moment, I felt inexperienced, and humbled, by this old man I would never know, And his dusty old shoes…
Dust Of Snow
Dust of Snow The way a crow Shook down on me The dust of snow From a hemlock tree Has given my heart A change of mood And saved some part Of a day I had rued.
Dust Storm?!?!?!
Ok so I'm in north TX not west TX and it's all orange outside with 50 mph winds....This fucking sucks. Not to mention extremely eerie looking..I am just glad the games finished up before it rolled in. Well it pisses me off that I washed my damn car yesterday...Shoulda known better. OK FINISHED RANTING FOR NOW.... I'M SURE I'LL FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO BITCH ABOUT LATER. Like the fact that I did just dust the house and there is red sand coming in around my fucking door!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....
Dusty Underwear
DUSTY UNDERWEAR One morning, Jeff took a pair of underwear out of the drawer. 'What the ? ? ?' he said to himself as a little 'dust' cloud appeared when he shook them out. 'Joyce,' he hollered into the bathroom, 'why did you put talcum powder in my underwear?' She shot back: 'It's not talcum powder. It's 'Miracle Grow'.'
A murmur moves me as waves splash against my soul. Your voice steams of truth, radiance. I shatter, revealing the hollowness, a pile of ash. Stirring, the wind carries me to the shore. Glancing at the bright coins in your eyes, I fall. Settling in the stream, flecks of me sparkle in the sun, but you were purposely blind.
Dusty Underware
One morning a husband took a pair of underwear out of the drawer. "What the ? ? ?" he said to himself as a little "dust" cloud appeared when he shook them out. "Helen," he hollered into the bathroom, "why did you put talcum powder in my underwear?" She shot back: "It's not talcum powder. It's...... 'Miracle Grow'."
Dust And Bones
One of my favorite songs of all time; so much so that I often wish I would have written it. Besides Izzy Stradlin's great rhythm guitar and Slash's magnificent guitar solo, there are so many profound words in this song, about the past, present, and future; the good and bad aspects of love and relationships; life in general; and what it all comes down in the very end. Dust N' Bones (Stradlin/Slash/McKagan) He lost his mind today He left it out back on the highway On '65 She loved him yesterday Yesterday's over, I said okay That's all right. Time moves on that's the way We live in hope to see the next day That's all right. Sometimes these things they are so easy Sometimes these things they are so cold Sometimes these things just seem to rip you right in two Oh no man don't let 'em get to you She loved him yesterday He laid her sister, she said okay And that's all right. Buried her things today Way back out deep behind the driveway And that's all right.
Dusty Underwear
One morning a husband took a pair of underwear out of the drawer. "What the ? ? ?" he said to himself as a little "dust" cloud appeared when he shook them out. "Darlyn," he hollered into the bathroom, "why did you put talcum powder in my underwear?" She shot back: "It's not talcum powder. It's 'Miracle Grow'."
Dust In The Wind
what will you leave behind? who's heart have you touched? how many children did you feed? how many hurts have you healed? do the ones you love know that you do? time passes, things change, if you care show it now, tomorrow may never come, we are all just here for a season, in the end we are each just, Dust In The Wind
Dust In The Wind
Dust in Wind Lyrics from Kansas Related Links: Buy CD from Kansas Buy Poster from Kansas I close my eyes, only for a moment, and the moment's gone All my dreams, pass before my eyes, a curiosity Dust in the wind, all they are is dust in the wind. Same old song, just a drop of water in an endless sea All we do, crumbles to the ground, though we refuse to see Dust in the wind, all we are is dust in the wind [Now] Don't hang on, nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky It slips away, and all your money won't another minute buy. Dust in the wind, all we are is dust in the wind Dust in the wind, everything is dust in the wind.
The Dust Brothers- This Is Your Life
and you open the door and you step inside we're inside our hearts now imagine your pain is a white ball of healing light that's right, feel your pain, the pain itself, is a white ball of healing light i don't think so this is your life good to the last drop, doesn't get any better than this this is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time this isn't a seminar and this isn't a weekend retreat where you are now you can't even imagine what the bottom will be like only after disaster can we be resurrected it's only after you've lost everything that you're free to do anything nothing is static, everything is appalling (evolving), everything is falling apart you are not a beautiful and unique snowflake you are the same decaying organic matter as everything else we are all a part of the same compost heap we are the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world you are not your bank account, you are not the clothes you wear you are not the conten
The Dust Of Starlight
Sometimes you have not even begun to speak - and I am at the end of what you are saying. - Kahlil Gibran In you, I have believed in magic, in the dust of starlight as a tonic, in the forever of air and ocean, and the reason for time. I have become your words, breathed molecules of you across the table while you looked into me and collected parts of me in the depth of your eyes. I will not speak of this again, because these words already live inside you as the reflection of us - we are the eternity promised by holy books. I will know no forever, but in the gift of your love. © All rights reserved
Dusty Underweat
One morning, Jeff took a pair of underwear out of the drawer. 'What the...?' he said to himself as a little 'dust' cloud appeared when he shook them out. 'Joyce,' he hollered into the bathroom, 'why did you put talcum powder in my underwear?' She shot back: 'It's not talcum powder its, 'Miracle Grow'.'
Dusty Underwear
One morning, Jeff took a pair of underwear out of the drawer. 'What the...?' he said to himself as a little 'dust' cloud appeared when he shook them out. 'Joyce,' he hollered into the bathroom, 'why did you put talcum powder in my underwear?' She shot back: 'It's not talcum powder its, 'Miracle Grow'.'
Dusty Underwear
Dusty Underwear One evening a husband, thinking he was being funny, said to his wife 'Perhaps we should start washing your clothes in Slim Fast. Maybe it would take a few inches off of your butt!!' His wife was not amused, and decided that she simply couldn't let such a comment go unrewarded. The next morning the husband took a pair of underwear out of his drawer. 'What the Hell is this??' he said to himself as a little 'dust' cloud appeared when he shook them out. 'April,' he hollered into the bathroom, 'Why did you put talcum powder in my underwear?' She replied with a snicker... 'It's not talcum powder...... It's 'Miracle Grow'.' 8-P
Dusty Underwear
One evening a husband, thinking he was being funny, said to his wife "Perhaps we should start washing your clothes in Slim Fast. Maybe it would take a few inches off of your butt!!" His wife was not amused, and decided that she simply couldn't let such a comment go unrewarded. The next morning the husband took a pair of underwear out of his drawer. "What the Hell is this??" he said to himself as a little "dust" cloud appeared when he shook them out. "April," he hollered into the bathroom, "Why did you put talcum powder in my underwear?" She replied with a snicker... "It's not talcum powder...... It's 'Miracle Grow'."
Dusty Underwear
One evening a husband, thinking he was being funny, said to his wife "Perhaps we should start washing your clothes in Slim Fast. Maybe it would take a few inches off of your butt!!" His wife was not amused, and decided that she simply couldn't let such a comment go unrewarded. The next morning the husband took a pair of underwear out of his drawer. "What the Hell is this??" he said to himself as a little "dust" cloud appeared when he shook them out. "April," he hollered into the bathroom, "Why did you put talcum powder in my underwear?" She replied with a snicker... "It's not talcum powder...... It's 'Miracle Grow'."
Dusty Underwear
Dusty Underwear One evening a husband, thinking he was being funny, said to his wife "Perhaps we should start washing your clothes in Slim Fast. Maybe it Would take a few inches off of your butt!!" His wife was not amused, and decided that she simply couldn't let such a Comment go unrewarded. The next morning the husband took a pair of underwear out of his >drawer. "What the Hell is this??", he said to himself as a little "dust" cloud Appeared when he shook them out. "April," he hollered into the bathroom, "why did you put talcum powder In my underwear?" She replied with a snicker:.... "It's not talcum powder...... It's 'Miracle Grow'."
The Dust-inci Code
I Need Yucky Dust I know it sounds ridiculous, but I've decided that what I need in my life is a very large supply of very unappealing and totally unappetizing dust. I just need to keep this bad dust around me at all times. I'm tired of my sweet smelling tempting dust, I want to replace it with old, stale, dirty dust. Why might I have made this decision that seems so appropriate for straight laced soul, but quite odd for a freely moving one with no present psychiatric evaluation being administered? (No, I'm not ready to change that yet, by the way.) dun dun dun … Another one bites the dust Another one bites the dust And another one gone, and another one gone Another one bites the dust Hey, I'm gonna get you too Another one bites the dust-uh. I wait for the day that this song does not play in my head at the end of a first date. If I had yucky dust around me, maybe one would not be so inclined to bite it. The boys would not like it so much, it would not tea
Dusty (halloween Story)
Dusty by Sandy Deluca Dusty stood alone, wondering if the man--the angel--would come tonight. Soft lights glowed in apartment buildings around her; the living, settling into comfortable chairs, eating late dinners, falling in love. She thought she had known love once--but it ended too quickly--like life itself often does. Snow drifted, fell on sidewalks, swirled in the chilly early evening wind. Eyes shimmered within intricate flakes; spirits of those long dead. Feathery hands reached out to her. Phantom choruses serenaded. If she looked hard enough she could see them and their celestial cathedral--a gateway between Heaven and Hell--a place she could not reach. They stood within gables, lined altars, knelt in pews--souls of both dark and light. She was bound to the Earth. Dusty--little girl--little waif. A ghost--wearing a skimpy jacket, and torn jeans. Dark hair hung in limp ringlets down her back, sleepy eyes stared at traffic easing by. She gazed at pedestrians, bundled
Yet another good fubar freind of mine show him some love...he loves back!! Dusty S*U*P*@ fubar
Dust To Dust
Left in the fields Lifeless heart Soul desecrated In the hunt for love Decay lingers The vultures hover Looking for easy pickings Do not touch my flesh It surely belongs To him alone For he raised me Hand fed me Created me Abandoned me But still I am his What little blood May yet flow through me Belongs in his hands From his side I was gifted life Without his breath I shall perish Without his love I am nothing An unwanted gift Discarded in fields Dust back to dust Earth back to Earth
Dusty Underwear Joke....
One evening a husband, thinking he was being funny, said to his wife "Perhaps we should start washing your clothes in Slim Fast. Maybe it would take a few inches off of your butt!!" His wife was not amused, and decided that she simply couldn't let such a comment go unrewarded. The next morning the husband took a pair of underwear out of his drawer. "What is this??" he said to himself as a little "dust" cloud appeared when he shook them out. "April," he hollered into the bathroom, "Why did you put talcum powder in my underwear?" She replied with a snicker..."It's not talcum powder...... It's 'Miracle Grow'."
k so ya i dun have much time...of my own volition of course... yet then again these days i really dun have much time for the internet...and its just the way i like it. moms went up to the staff today to spend a couple days with her friend before they come back down here for ive got oodles to do... cuz i dunno bout you...but when i come home from vacation i like a clean house...and while this house was clean...*looks around* it most definitely is ok maybe clean isnt the right word...but its in definite need of an uber straightening up...and prolly a good vacuuming too. plus theres laundry! and ya sure i have days to do it...but why put off for tomorrow that which i can do today? monkey is trying to pull her pocket out of her pants thru her wasitband...strange child... shes totally on the potty training wagon...yay for me. if the birds dun stop going to eat them...with a side of candied yams. *nod* its actually fallish we
Dust Off
First, I'm going to tell you a little about me and my family. My name is Jeff. I am a Police Officer for a city which is known nationwide for it's crime rate. We have a lot of gangs and drugs. At one point we were # 2 in the nation in homicides per capita. I also have a police K-9 named Thor. He was certified in drugs and general duty. He retired at 3 years old because he was shot in the line of duty. He lives with us now and I still train with him because he likes it. I always liked the fact that there was no way to bring drugs into my house. Thor wouldn't allow it. He would tell on you. The reason I say this is so you understand that I know about drugs. I have taught in schools about drugs. My wife asks all our kids at least once a week if they used any drugs. Makes them promise they won't. I like building computers occasionally and started building a new one in February 2005. I also was working on some of my older computers. They were full of dust so on one of my trips to the
Dust 2 Dust
i am as insignificant as a speck of dust in the air, all i am trying to do is make you sneeze. no matter how hard i try. you exhale and blow me further away from you. causing me to try harder and ware myself down. not knowing that i am just trying to get you to react to me. you dont even give me a single thought. as you walk away i find myself in tears from my furious efforts. all of a sudden you sneeze. but it wasnt me who caused it, it was another dust particle floating, not even trying as hard as i. as i float closer to the ground, i struggle to stay afloat, although i have nothing to float for. inches. centimeters away from my fate. i am wearing myself to nothingness. as i fight for my life as an unnoticable speck in the world. all because you couldnt notice the kind of difference in your life i could have made, until i was gone..... for a good friend of kellee
Dusty Underwear
One evening a husband, thinking he was being funny, said to his wife "Perhaps we should start washing your clothes in Slim Fast. Maybe it would take a few inches off of your butt!!!!!" > > His wife was not amused, and decided that she simply couldn't let such a comment go unrewarded. > > The next morning the husband took a pair of underwear out of his drawer. " What the Hell is this??" he said to himself as a little " dust" cloud appeared when he shook them out. "April," he hollered into the bathroom, " why did you put talcum powder in my underwear?" > > She replied with a snicker ......." Its not talcum powder....It's Miracle Grow!"
Dusty Undies
One evening a husband, thinking he was being funny, said to his wife "Perhaps we should start washing your clothes in Slim Fast. Maybe it would take a few inches off of your butt!!" His wife was not amused, and decided that she simply couldn't let such a comment go unrewarded. The next morning the husband took a pair of underwear out of his drawer. "What the Hell is this??" he said to himself as a little "dust" cloud appeared when he shook them out. "April," he hollered into the bathroom, "Why did you put talcum powder in my underwear?" She replied with a snicker... "It's not talcum powder......It's 'Miracle Grow'."
Dust In The Wind
I close my eyes Only for a moment, then the momen't gone All my dreams Pass before my eyes, a curiosity Dust in the wind All they are is dust in the wind Same old song Just a drop of water in an endless sea All we do Crumbles to the ground, though we refuse to see Dust in the wind All we are is dust in the wind, ohh Now, don't hang on Nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky It slips away And all your money won't another minute buy Dust in the wind All we are is dust in the wind All we are is dust in the wind Dust in the wind Everything is dust in the wind Everything is dust in the wind The wind
Dusty Tears
The evil has arisen, deathly smile Dusty tears, Siphoning all religion Draining all your years. An unearthly pull to do it- To run away from life, To waste it all, lay in filth, To hide that bloody knife. With irredescant looming Completely I'll surround The life that is my precious gift To bludgeon it, watch it drown. My dad can hardly breath now, He is dying fast Whats the point in saving life To try to make it last?
? i sing out loud when i'm by my self just not around others ? my goal is to live forever. so far, so good. ? i HATE when people steal shit from my page and put it on theirs. don't you have your own imagination?! ? i'm usually the one making people laugh ? i don't trust you. i don't care who you are ? i love my boobs. a lot ? if i could live at Taco Bell, i would. ? i will probably be the most ridiculous person you've ever met ? i'm sarcastic as hell. don't cry about it. ? i am a crazy drive watch out!. ? i get the urge to laugh @ the most inappropriate times ? i ALWAYS have to pee ? if you're gay, i automatically love you. ? i love my family & friends to no end, they mean the world to me ? i have a dirty fucking mouth ? cheesecake always wins ? i will whoop your sorry ass in pop culture trivia ? i have a weakness for love songs & hot boys who can sing them ? i have OCD ? i'm arachnaphobic ? apparently i'm a hypochondriac ? i'm easily amused ? i'm a hopeless rom

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