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They come and they go. Makes it seam like time flys right out the window! Some want to sing, Some want to dance. Nope. Non Me. My dreams are not to sing, or to dance. But to simply have a guy Who loves me for me, wont push me into anything I'm not ready for. That's all I want. sure it would be nice to have money, but I don't want it. just a man. I thought I had that. Twice actually. But it slipped away. I let it go, but not this Time.
so, i've had a lot of anger issues for the past couple weeks, and i think a lot of it ties in with my relationship problems. either way, i've been having a lot of really weird dreams lately. and tornadoes always seem to play a big role in them. i decided to do a google search on the meaning of dreams involving tornadoes. and here's what it said: "Tornado is a violent storm in nature, and it may represent violent emotional storms in your dreams. If you have reoccurring tornado dreams consider the emotional changes in your life and also the amount of anger and rage that you may be currently experiencing. Tornadoes could also represent disruptions and upsets in you immediate environment and specific or current issues that may be overwhelming." that's pretty intense how dead on it was. and for whatever reason i thought i'd share that :] haha.
Dream-infected Mushroom
Dream - Infected Mushroom
Dream's Descent
::Note-THis comes from my mind. it is a work of fiction/fantasy, loosely based around real people, and someone I happen to adore. So, deal with it, s'not real, blah blah, entirely how I want things to go in my head. It's not finished, either, but it will be shortly.:: October 13th, 2008- There are those who might be wondering why I'm beginning to keep this log... One might say for posterity. Personally, I wish it to be used as proof of my sanity. You might remember my childish infatuation with a friend of my Love's. Oh, how I used to dream... When out with our circle of friends, I'd be hard pressed to steer my mind away from its wanderings amongst my fantasy- I would wonder how soft his hair was, what his lips would feel like against my skin, how long it had been since he had felt the physical comfort of another... Every time my Love and I would rest for the night at Mssr. Buqet's flat, He was always there. He'd awaken in his undergarments, and I loved to drink in the sight. He
Often I like to wander, To walk with no purpose or care To run through ideas and ponder To breathe in sweet night air Ideas, revelations, dreams That all run through my mind Take the shape of many things Trees, animals, and streets lined With pebbles and flowers lit bright They shine around me on the ground Though it be only night. My footsteps alone they pound Since I am alone, I dance No one is present to assume Why, by myself, I like to prance Through the night's quiet gloom I take this journey by night But always I'm in bed I try to sleep, tucked in tight As shaped dreams float through my head.
"dreams May Come".. By Cathy
dreams my come, in sleep or day, and then we are not so far away, for at those places we go to, there's no one else but me and you near a river or ocean shore, in a castle kings lived long before, the dreams shall take us there in mind, and love exists where e're you find, the full moon rises from the East, share the glow and feel it's peace kiss me deeply in the night, until sun rises full of light dreams may come, in sleep or day, then we are not so far away.
A Dream
I'm on a business trip and staying in a motel for the night. I go out of my room to buy a drink, and when I return, the door is open. I think to myself that I must have left it open. After I enter and close the door, I sit down on the bed and turn on the TV, which has cable. The TV has a kinky porno film on, and I feel my dick getting hard. I decide to take matters into my own hands and begin jacking off. As soon as I begin, a beautiful woman steps out of the bathroom. She looks at me, shocked, and I stare at her. She is stark naked, and is very very beautiful. She looks at my 8 inch cock and starts to get excited. Without saying a word, she smiles and starts to go down on me. The wonderful sucking action of her mouth starts to drive me crazy. As I feel my come in my balls stirring, I pump harder and harder into her face. She gets really hot and sticks her finger in her pussy. She sucks harder and harder, sticking more and more fingers into her slit, until her whole hand is
A Dream
Somewhere in my heart beyond all my pride holds a secret desire so intense, deep inside. Imprisoned with all my passion and love, unknown to anyone but the one above. A desire for someone to cherish and hold, the need for a love to call my own. Someone to kiss and make up with after fight. Someone who can respect all I can be. Someone who's strong enough to commit and love only me. Someone who will be there and kiss away my tears, secure my doubts, and release me from all my fears. Someone I can depend on to be my friend, someone who can restore my faith in love once again. This love is like a dream yet to come true, Or so I believed until I found you
Dreams And Desires
we walk through the halls of chemically enhanced consciousness, in search of a magneficient orgiastic banquet. the arrogant incubi who rise above so seductively taunt us, wanting us to succumb to their vast array of carnal knowledge a daimonic realm where all we see and touch not only liberates our desirous burning flesh but welcomes it,the yearning for submission to some grand sexual encounter our growing hunger only echoes the deep ecstasies which lie dormant we are unable to maintain becoming crude and vunerable the sensualist side lusting while the animal only wants to discover tease then feed the salty taste of your flesh is welcoming to my mouth your body shakes with anticipation hungry mouths consume naked and glistening hands and bodies entertwined your body is my temple in which i worship you are in control in this world of you and i nothing is sacred......
If dreams were given to a lonely women and a lonely women dreams come true. I'd force myself to sleep all the time just so I could dream of you. If wishes were given to a lonely women and I was given just two, I'd wish for you to always love me, and the other I;d give to you. If my tears could write a love song, I'd write a love song for you. It would explain just how i feel inside, and how much I Love You. But, dreams are only dreams and wishes seldom come true. My tears cant write a love song, but when they fall, they fall for you
Dreams Of Death
I lie in wait for the coming darkness I hear the subtle sounds of death's cry I listen to the screams of lost soul's caress I begin to wander through the dark woods of night I run in fear of being caught by a strange shadow I look back only to see nothing waiting for me I wonder what it is i'm searching for, a widow? I look ahead and spot a light, dancing and moving free I begin to breath heavily from my flight I thrust another blade deeply into the fog of sadness I twist it coldly without fear of fright I bear forth the dark blood of dreadeness I wander further into the woods, asking what's best I look upon the face of my pursuer and scream I go cold as a blade soars through my chest I stare blankly as i understand the meaning of Death's Dream
Dreams Of The Lover's Bonding
We wandered through moonlit woods of ironwood trees casting shadows of haunting claws and fangs, we weren't scared of the things we saw because our love was an inpenatriable shield that protected us from harm. The moonlight guided us to a field of silvery grass with blue moon mushrooms and we ate them, entering a state of enlightment and understanding of eachother's feelings and kissed long and passionately, exploring eachothers bodies slowly and taking in the pleasures of becoming one with the other as we seal our passions between eachother
Let my heart talk without talking Let my soul sing you a song Let every inch of my body Let you know,, How I have been waiting for you for so long Without even knowing so, Every thing in life I have come across, Since the day I met you, it seems To let me know How lucky I am, Because I have found the man of my dreams, So please don’t ever, ever let me go. I have discovered the best of things This life could offer a girl like me For I know now that only you, Can show me how, to be who I always wanted to be. It takes a man like you To make a woman of a little girl, It takes someone big and strong, To reach his hand down, Save her, and show her the world. And that is what I found on you, With you I can learn to do, Things I have never even thought I could do. Just after my world turned up side down, When I felt all helpless, hopeless and bound You have come to turn my life around And to show me that my life is still w
Dreams, others have many. I only have one, to be able to give my children what i never had; hope!
Dream Weaver
I just can't help myself... I love this song. It mellows me out after a long day. Enjoy :)
A Dream Of Love
When I dream a dream of love, I think of a beautiful dove. When I dream of love I dream of you, A special love so very true. Your love makes me sigh, It makes me fly so high. It brings me so much peace, With your love I'll have a great feast. Because of the love we have shared, I know you'll hold me when I'm scared. When I'm down and feeling low, I know you'll never let me go. We learn to endure and we learn to cope, But we'll always keep our faith and hope. I know you'll supply my every need, And your love for me grows from a great love seed. Everyday from sunrise to sunset, Our love we will continue to cultivate, you bet. We'll make passionate love from sunset to sunrise, And we'll be ourselves and not have to wear a disguise. So when I dream a dream of love, I won't have to push you or give you a shove. Angels will give us peace and love for all eternity, And that peace and love will be for you and me.
I dream of the day I can spend the rest of my life with you I dream nite and day that you are who you say you are, as you said I am the one who was meant for you I dream of all the things you want us to do to one another, sexually because I too have wanted the same things as you, the passionate love,the friendship that we have, the connections that we have but yet scared to admit I dream that one day soon my love that you (who ever you are) show me that all DREAMS no matter how big or small can come TRUE. I DREAM
Dream Come True
Well, my dream finally came true...Rick called me after I got out of class Thursday, and we met at a gas station. I left my car there, and rode with him to his house in the next town over. As soon as the door was shut, he commanded me to take off my jacket. He went into another room and came out with a bandanna, which he promptly tied around my eyes as a blindfold. "Take your sweater off," he said, and helped me get it over my head. He turned me around with my back to him then, and he unfastened my bra. As it dropped to the floor, I felt his warm hands sliding their way to my tits. My nipples were standing at attention, both because they were cold and because I was turned on by being blindfolded and half-naked in the arms of someone other than my husband. Rick massaged my tits sensuously for a while, then slid his hands down my waist and unbuttoned my jeans. Trembling, I desperately tried to help him get them off. I bent over and unzipped my boots and slid them off my feet. I finish
Dreaming Of You
Had a dream about you, but you are so far away. I wish I could come, to where you are and stay. I know you don`t hear, from me that much. Even though I do long, for your loving touch. Your eyes remind me, of an everlasting forest. It is so hard for me, to get this off my chest. Your hair shines forever, in the morning light. When I actually speak to you, all my days are suddenly bright. Your voice is so unforgettable, and it sounds so sweet. Cant wait until the day, that we do actually meet. You tell me off your hard times, I wish that I was there. To hold you every day, and show you that I care. Just want to show you, what there is that I see. That there is nothing but, happiness for you and me.
What Dream Catchers Do... It's dark. The night air is filled with dreams...good and bad! A dream catcher is hanging close to the cradle or bed, swaying in the night breezes. Dreams must pass through it to get to the sleeper. Bad ones get tangled in the web, but the good ones know how to pass through the center hole and glide down the feathers. The morning sun shines on it and the bad dreams caught in its web "expire". Info snippet: Did you know... The dream catcher originated with the Ojibway (Chippewa) tribe. These "charms" of twigs, sinew, and feathers have been woven since ancient times by Ojibwe (Chippewa) people. They were woven by the parents or grandparents for newborn children and hung above the cradleboard to allow the infants peaceful, beautiful dreams. The Ojibway would tie either sinew or nettle-stalk cord dyed red in a web around a small, red willow round frame, decorated with feathers and beads, then hang it protect their sleeping children. There are eight (8) c
Ok so, two nights ago during the measly two hours sleep I got, I had a nightmare about a female ghost who is named Mary and was killed by her boyfriend and for some reason felt the need to tell me about it, in explicit detail. THEN...last night I have a dream about a 7 year old child named Kristin who was burned to death by her abusive father, because he thought that would be easier to deal with then to stop drinking long enough to feed the kid. I have NO IDEA wtf these dreams mean exactly and...they're fucking me up a bit. And people wonder why I try to avoid sleeping most times. So...yeah, just thought I'd let ya's know....just in case ya'll was wondering.
The Dream
Now I lay me down to sleep I pray this dream I can keep In my dreams is where we can be together How I pray that it could be forever But I know that you are not mine How I wish I could turn back time If I knew back then what I knew now You and I would be together somehow Life has been a prison for me Until you came into my life and set me free Feeling the way I've never felt before Praying now for that feeling once more In my heart is where you will always be How I pray I can somehow make you believe In my heart I hold this dream so true So you will know today that I Love You I will always remember the love we shared And how for me, you really cared I apologize for all your grief and pain In your heart, please let me remain Please don't forget the love I have for you No matter how far you go in life or what you do My life now is incomplete The memories are too deep So please don't wake me, let me sleep You, in my life, my heart, and in my dreams, Is what I ne
Ingredients: * 5 cl Orange juice * 1 whole Egg * 1 cl Grenadine * Ice Mixing instructions: Shake and strain into highball glass with ice.
Dream Woman
Give me a woman that.. 1. Has her own opinions and doesn't feel shy about sharing them, but at the time doesn't turn mean spirited and hateful if I express a point of that's contrary. 2. Understands that her role as mother is to teach guide love and care for children, not be their buddy. 3. Wants to be partners in taking responsibility, not put everything off on me so that you have someone else to blame if things don't turn out right. 4. Understands and appreciates the concept of musical compromise. If I'm not playing Metallica when you're in my car, why would you put Celine Dion on when I get in your car? 5. Doesn't use hints to get what she wants. I'm not stupid, I GET the hint, I just refuse to acknowledge it or be manipulated. If you want something from me, just ask, you know you'll get what you want. Is it a power trip to think you can trick me, instead? 6. Doesn't have an umbilical cord. How many times a day does a 40 year old woman need to talk to her mother? G
A Dream " Blind Beauty "
I had a dream and in this dream there was a man and next to this man stood a figure in the shadows... Everyone walking by would look in the shadow and be afraid... but this man only drew nearer to the presence in the shadow. Then a little girl came up and asked the man "why are you not afraid? I have seen what is in the shadows...and it scares me" The man kneeled down and whispered to the little girl... A tear drew from her eye and went down her cheek. She then put her hand in the shadows and drew out what was hidding within. A figure with no distinguishable face emerged. Passers by said "why have you drawn that from the shadows...?" The little girl merely explained "can you not see the beauty." The people scoffed and gave looks unlike any others. The little girl then stopped the people.. and quietly stated " You only don't see the beauty in her face, because you choose not to see the beauty radiating from within and so you will forever be blind to all of her be
A Dreamers Dream
To be in the arms of one you love, to make a prayer for the ones above, To have a drink in honor of to release a precious all white dove. These are the things that make life fun instead of always being on the run. jsut a bunch of things i have been thinkin about lately. drinkin and partying and workin all the time....jsut is crazy. i need a vacation and i need to relax.
Dream Chaser
Hatred is a bitter, damaging emotion. It winds itself through the blood, infecting its host and driving it forward without any reason. Its view is jaundiced and it skews even the clearest eyesights. Sacrifice is noble and tender. It's action of a host who values others above himself. Sacrifice is bought through love and decency. It is truly heroic. Vengeance is an act of violence. It allows those who have been wronged to take back some of what was lost to them. Unlike sacrifice, it gives back to the one who practices it. Love is deceitful and sublime. In its truest form,it brings out the best in all beings. At its worst, it's a tool used to manipulate and ruin anyone who is stupid enough to hold it. Don't be stupid. Sacrifice is for the weak. Hatred corrupts. Love destroys. Vengeance is the gift of the strong. Move forward, not with hatred, not with love. Move forward with purpose. Take back what was stolen. Make those who laughed at your
Dream Of Dragons
Sleep the sleep of a child, And dream of dragons soaring wild; Bright of eye and wise of thought -- The Ancients and their magicks wrought. Lay within a warm cocoon And dream of dragons as they commune; Graceful neck bowed as tales are told Of dragons borne in a time of olde. Dance within the dream's embrace, And dream of dragons -- this star born race. Wise and mighty with immortal soul; Their greatest treasure -- the hearts they stole. Smile sweetly; the heart beats deep, and dream of dragons till dawn does creep. Our souls they soar on wings above, As the dragons vow to forever love.
Dream Pillows
My friend Tracie reminded me of how cool making dream pillows--especially for gifts-can be. great idea for those of us who grow our own herbs too. here's a sample suffing; Dream pillow stuffing 4 parts lavender 4 parts wormwood 2 parts chamomile flowers 2 parts mugwort 1 part cinquefoil 1 part elder flowers 1 part linden flowers and leaves 1 part marigold flowers 1 part passionflower 1 part rose petals 1 part rosemary 1 part spearmin
Dream Music
It's getting near dawn The lights close their tired eyes I'll soon be with you, my love To give you my dawn surprise I'll stay with you, darling, soon I'll stay with you 'til the seas are dried up I've been waiting so long To be where I'm going In the sunshine of your love Be with me, my love The light shining through on you Be with me, my love It's the morning and just we two I'll stay with you, darling, soon I'll stay with you 'til the seas are dried up I've been waiting so long To be where I'm going In the sunshine of your love Be with me, my love The light shining through on you Be with me, my love It's the morning and just we two I'll stay with you, darling, soon Oh, 'til the seas are dried up I've been waiting so long To be where I'm going In the sunshine of your love In the sunshine of your love In the sunshine of your love Let me do it again! This makes me want to be with the man I love
Dreamt Of Words Unsaid
I dream of words to write at night When I awake theres my pencil in sight, I begin jotting down all the words in my head building them into form to make sense when their read, last night I dreamt of words unsaid for they left me using my imagination instead, Here are some of the words that went flowing about... excited and bliss cant forget miss, pale and skin yes even pin, comfort and caring then there was daring, kiss and thighs oh me oh my, touching and caressing maybe some bed messing, lick and spilt yes there's another word that ryhmes, taste and wet I have a dirty mind I find, hands and tying mmm I am not lying, These are the words thats formed while dreaming there it was my imagination went streaming!
Azuraki Author: cswandering Word count: 752 Glistening the cobbles stone path Slick the precise brick He walked as though he were blind The street lamp flickers in china town He met a man of a spiritual force He could read his pain and offered a cure for a fee of course He pulled out a beaten red suede pouch Pinched out three cloves rolled them into a leaf Ordered to take with ale or Sakai And he will be lost no more As Azuraki waked to the local market Down past it to the cuisine He ordered up some Saki And ate the antidote Blurred in sight he thought it wise to proceed to his small villa , back to the alley he returned Behind him a chattering The couple walked up swiftly Cutting him off as it began to rain He saw the way he treated her And self inflicted her pain He grabbed her arm Told the man to just walk away Looked into her eyes and said.."don't you know you deserve better than this ?" And this girl was not pretty by any standard or means but h
had somewhat odd dreams lately and some nightmares. last night i had a dream of my ex we were sitting on my bed and she was talking to her dad i guess we were supposed to go somewhere for a holiday or something and she had said how i'm a big boy and can get there on my own or something i donno. i think it was a little sexual too. i actually slept 6 hours sunday night and all day monday but i don't remember any of the dreams except the two dreams i had in the last hour before work. i dreamt of my ex, and than i had a nightmare type dream. it seemed like a movie though that probably has come out. i saw the dream as a movie too. there was a guy and a girl i think maybe more people it was in a building that i think was underground. it would get dark than snakes would appear they sort of flashed blue and there poop glowed blue too. they were sort of big but not huge at first and the guy and girl would shoot them. whenever it got dark cuz the lights flickered they would start to appear. t
The Dream... Copyright 2007
In a field of flowers, Enfolded in your arms, I lay for hours; Mesmerized by your charms. I could stay here forever; Completely lost in your eyes. The happiest endeavor; A love without any lies. But I cannot live in a dream; And I wake to the morning. I still smell you, it seems; Or is it just my yearning?
Dream Child
Dream Child So soft and sweet I hold you close to feel my heart beat. You smell so good all sweet and innocence. Softly I sing a lullaby as you curl in a tiny ball upon my breast. Not a sound you make not even a tiny peep. For you my darling are fast asleep. How I have dreamed of this day for so long. To hold you in my aching arms. I have waited for an eternity it seems to me. Now you are here where you belong. What is that noise I hear? What could be calling me? What has aroused me from my peaceful slumber? I turn my head to see what has awakened me from my pleasant dream. A alarm clock has rudely awakened me from my sweetest of slumber. With blaring noise and bright numbers shatter my dream. As my head falls back to the pillow I wish for you to come back to me. Please I pray make my dream a reality. Bring my precious child to me.
Dreams we all have them even if we cant remember them the next day we have them, I have had alot of strange and biazarre dreams and not quite sure what they mean . I know some believe the dreams we dream can be things that will happen in our future and some believe they are inner thoughts wishes or demons we have in us. I think it might be a little of both.because there are times when i have a dejevu moment and i swear something i am doing i had done it exactly like it was happening before , but I think i might have dreamed things and days like that and that is why i get that feeling like I have done this before.I like to think with my head and try and figure things out even if i know some things cant be figured out i still like trying to figure them out. I am just rambling on here so i am gonna stop and try and close my mind down for the night . one last thought before i leave . Love is open minded love is willing, but if you never open your heart and mind to it you wont have it! Bu
Dream A Dream
Dream a Dream Dream a dream for me tonight A dream innocent and true Dream a dream for me tonight One that I can dream with you The dreams you hold in your pretty head Are the dreams I hold in mine The fancies you fancy when you sleep at night Are the goals for which I pine Dream a dream for me tonight Full of laughter, love and song Dream a dream for me tonight It’s that for which I long The fantasies that keep you warm at night Enchanted visions; what can they be? The warm touch of your sleeping soul Oh, what that does to me Dream a dream for me tonight My sweet angel fair Dream a dream for me tonight To chase away my every care Let me touch your wanton heart Let me see you fly On wings of dreams and fancy borne Expressed in an eternal sigh Dream a dream for me tonight Timeless changes of light Dream a dream for me tonight Emotions captured in flight Never does a moment pass That I do not dream of you And never do I ever doubt That
Dreams Unfettered
Dreams unfettered fly On wings of Fantasy borne Hearts in passion sigh
Dreams Dreamt
Thoughts happy and true Elated heart taught to fly In dreams dreamt of you
Dreamer, close your eyes Let me kiss away your cares And savor your sighs
Dreams Are They Telling You Something?
Ok so yea I'm still not over that my ex boyfriend Will asked me to be his girl, and well yea everyone knows this, but still just in case I asked do you want kids he said I don't know so I said no. I don't want to dick around I'm a single mother. Nevertheless I had one of those dreams within a dream. I dreamed I was asleep and dreaming about my first love Justin. I woke up in my dream and there was a party and he was there, he tried to talk to me but I kept walking away. I was pregnant in my dream very much so. and when I walked out side there were like 6 Impallas pulling up along the street and he stopped me. the drives stepped out and waited. they got down on a knee and so did Justin and he asked me will i date him. I cried histarically just fell to the ground and I said yes but I don't want him to leave me again. I woke up. Ok so I understand the whole I was pregnant, he got back with me when I was pregnant with my daughter and I kept telling him if you feel comofrtabl
Dream Of Dragons... Posted Origanally By Firewalker
Sleep the sleep of a child, And dream of dragons soaring wild; Bright of eye and wise of thought -- The Ancients and their magicks wrought. Lay within a warm cocoon And dream of dragons as they commune; Graceful neck bowed as tales are told Of dragons borne in a time of olde. Dance within the dream's embrace, And dream of dragons -- this star born race. Wise and mighty with immortal soul; Their greatest treasure -- the hearts they stole. Smile sweetly; the heart beats deep, and dream of dragons till dawn does creep. Our souls they soar on wings above, As the dragons vow to forever love.
A dream is a mere wish the heart makes so i heard and i want to know the stakes the stakes for making all them come true i want to be happy with or without you my heart feels content for the first time in so long it's singing a peacful melody from my favorite song a song of love and belonging isn't it beautiful, would you like to sing? i dont mind if you would like to join pick a side while i flip a coin this coin is a teller of the future of us guess the right side, no need to fuss why i decide this choice of game for the reason you joined in it all the same you felt you needed me as i do you now im wating for the side and what to do.
The Dream
Woke up to the sound of your heart.crying for affection.needing love.that missing spot so cold.wishing for love.wanting the light.its beauty seems to fade.wishing to stop the pain.wanting to hold you.your pain is my pain.dancing around the light of your soul.i have found you.making you whole.taking the breath and make it warm.going back to sleep your hear is whole...!
Dreams I gaze at your pictures As I go to sleep, I can hear your voice It sounds oh so sweet I then close my eyes And sleep the night through, The dreams that I have Are of me and you. I awake in the morning I know this is real, This dream that Im in It feels so surreal. I whisper your name And say I love you, I tell you my dreams Their of me and you. You look in my eyes And hold me so tight, The fears that we have Will soon have respite. I cannot contain My feelings for you, My heart is set free It belongs only to you
* Dream *
you wrap your arms around me my heart tremble with love for you I am happy I am with you the simple touch of your skin makes my senses run rampant I am happy I am with you your voice so intoxicating I have to grasp for air I am happy I am with you the alarm sounds I wake to a new day reality embeds itself in my broken heart I am cold and alone
Dream When I Die
Days continue to pass me by As I sleep the hours away In any bed I can find And the pattern doesnt cease I wake up and I feel like weaping For another day has passed me by I feel that sleep is a waste of life My body may be weak But it can still stand the test of time No matter how broken my body feels Or brittle my mind may be I wish sleep would wait until I die There is a whole life ahead of me But in the days I lose to sleep It feels as if I skipped a century While all my friends and family sleep I am awake and alone with only thoughts And then back to sleep I go While the world wakes up outside I feel that sleep is a waste of life My body may be weak But it can still stand the test of time No matter how broken my body feels Or brittle my mind may be I wish sleep would wait until I die Dreams may be good for what we cannot have My desire is my life within my grasp And even if I won't see it all With my eyes open I will get what I can D
Dream Lover
DREAM LOVER I feel u in my sleep at night...i hear your words so true, sleep my love for i am here with you... my heart misses the sound of your voice my body aches to be with you to finally hear u whisper upon my skin those words that have long been said too much time has passed since we last felt that pain i beg for you my beloved one, my protector, my everything , take me again and make me yours for nothing remains the same longing to stare into those eyes, feel the point dig in, craving to feel that pain again flooded with shear extasy waking with such a startle again heart pounding in my throat again realizing... you were but a dream LAC 02
Dreaming I'm in a meadow where no one else is around. I spread my blanket upon the ground; I feel the the sunshine dance upon my body, it feels like tiny little kisses everywhere. Then I feel a breeze so warm and gentle that it's caress leaves me with shivers racing down my spine. A butterfly lands on my bare skin and I can feel the heavens shine down on me. This is the life it was meant to be.
Dreams And Fantasy
Have you ever had a dream so strong you woke up in the morning with a new glow? When you dreamed where you happy? So the dreams became a fantasy.. something you want but for some reason can never really have.. at least not all the ways you wanted it to be.. Taking control of your hormones and enticing you every move... All you do is fantasize until everything else is a blur.. You have to act right? Its only human to indulge on occasion.. right? Its done.... You finally had what you wanted... but now its over? And where are you left standing now? Not even with a dream
Dreams Come True
Dreams Come True Feelings that once were hidden Are now expressed to you. Days that once were stormy Are now the brightest blue. Times that once were lonely Are now filled with pleasure. All that once was mine alone Are now things we both treasure. Nights that once were cold Are now comforting and warm. Fears that once were very real Are now gone with the storm. A heart that once was broken Can now finally mend. A person once alone in life Can now call you a friend. Dreams that once were longed for Are now all coming true. The love I once thought was gone I have now and forever in you
Dream Trip
So I have been talking for about a year now to Katie about taking a trip around the world to all the AJ Hackett Bungy Jumping sites and I finally started to plan it out, I know it won't be for a few years still, but I set up the order of stops (8 stops total) and am looking into pricing for flights if it were to happen in the next year just to get a ball park range. I also have some Asia miles saved up from when I went to Hong Kong last year, they arent much but any little bit of savings will help. So if anyone has any money saving tips or air miles they would liek to donate to Katie and I it would be great, or if anyone wants to join us. Here are the stops we will be making in order: Queenstown, New Zealand Auckland, New Zealand Cairns, Australia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Macau (via Hong Kong) Bali, Indonesia Germany (he has a mobile station so not sure where yet) Normandy, France (via Paris) I am hoping to make this a 3-4 week trip, not spend
A Dream Team Members Need Prayers Tonight Lost Twin Today During Child Birth! Thank You
Dreaming (short Version)
Still here, all alone, nobody to talk to, Only me and my heart... Thinking of you, smiling at myself. Drifting away to a world with nobody else but ourselves, Reaching out for u. my finger tips touching your face.. feeling it, loving it. For once there are no worries on my mind. Only You. Trying to memorize why i feel this way when im around you. While the answer is standing right infront of me. Because you are who you truely are, and you love me for who i am. Slowly i'm realizing I love you too. But then, i hear my name. i'm slowly waking up. not willing to let you go, not just yet. Unfortunatly, i'm slowly comin back to earth knowing you're already out of reach. Knowing full well it was all just a dream. but still, I'm loving you, Smiling at you, Thinking of you, Realizing this dream someday will be everything a dream is not... A Reality.
Dreams are free and so is love so im lead to believe. Maybe this is true for some but all my dealings with these two any hope i had along time did leave It seems that i must prove myself worthy all the time but no one else has to and never has cos in their eyes they are just fine. Ges im not worthy enough so theres not much i can do cos theres no way in hell ile bow down to any one if thats what sum ones waiting for me to do Im not a oil painting this is true and to say any thing different would be so wrong My quest to find my Holy Grail has now gone and deep down inside i knew it didnt exist all along !!!!
A Dream 12-19-2008
A Dream ... I really do not know where to start. You leave me stumbling, in the dark but not quiet alone. I feel your presence there just beyond a message, a line spreading this warmth throughout. A sing song feeling of what I never can quiet figure out. Guiding me, each step with whispered words, letters, standing tall my mountain of " come catch me " but I sense a kindered soul a shelter, in the storm. What is to become what shall be, leaves me breathless with anticipation. Always on the outskirts always not quiet looking in. You share wisdom, feeling, real feeling. But I cannot help but be skeptical and weary maybe it is, we are - meant to be. I wander always, in the darkness but at this time, this moment you hold me captive. On the edge of the cliff, wondering, what if. In the past I have always looked to anther, a past love, a friend who means the world to me but but but what if I really let loose. I fly I soar into your cave. I can see
Sweaty palms,heart racing fast,thoughts going a mile a minute but yet nothing comes out when i speak.This isnt supposed to happen again i say to myself im not supposed to feel this way again,its wrong not right.I stand there looking like an idiot almost staring off into space just so I dont have to look him in the eyes.He says "are you ok?i missed you its been so long since we've spoken".I raise my head to look him in the face i stutter "ya...its been awhile."We stand there for a minute but it seems like ages then out of nowhere he reaches for me grabs me in his arms and says "i love you,always have none of it was ever your fault,you were great and probably still are".I say nothing but try choking back the tears and sobs that are already beginning to start up.It feels good in his arms,feels good to hear his heart beat again,i dont want to let go,i dont want this to end.He releases his grip and wipes the tears from my eyes ,kisses my lips one last time and disappears.I wake up crying gr
dreams remembered waiting to be fullfiled 2 Comments Erotica written 7 days ago by dragonaz I go out to the club or something that part is diff each time. But when I return I open the door to the apt and u are kneeling on the floor in lingerie. I drop everything shut the door. Walk over to u. U r crying. I take ur hands and lift u up to me. I put my hand under ur chin lifting ur eyes to mine. As I kiss u I lift u into my arms picking u up with one arm under ur knees like a bride. And hold u for a few mins then I take u into my room and lay u on the bed kick off my shoes and lay next to u we are like this for hrs. Just holding each other. Then I wake up with tears in my eyes. After a few hrs u look up at me and ask " master may I please u ?" I just nod. U undress me and and start to cover me in kisses knibbling and licking. After u take me into ur mouth and make me orgasm. U get up and bring me ur wrist and ankle restraints as well as my favorite whip. In almost a begging tone u say
Dream Kiss
Standing before you, heart in my hands, my hands at my side, I look gently into your eyes. We are but a breath apart from each other and I can smell your scent as it gently wafts up to my senses. Closing my eyes for just the barest of minutes, I can feel your body and soul wrap around me without even a touch. Slowly, my hands reach up to your arms and slide carefully over your gentle flesh. Goosebumps race up and down my spine at this...our first touch. It's warm outside, but it has nothing to do with the heat that blazes a trail beneath the touch of my hands. Up to your shoulders, I reach and, I open my eyes to find you gazing tenderly into my face. You smile slowly, not a wide smile, but of one filled with promises to be kept. I find myself smiling back despite any lingering nervousness and my hand reaches outward to touch your jaw line. Cupping it softly, I feel an increase in pressure as you lean into my hand. I pull your face closer to mine. You lean in almost eagerly, yet s
Dream It
I see you come in the door, you stop for a second and give your eyes time to focus in the dim lighting. I follow you with my eyes to a small table where your friends are seated, girls night out I think to myself. Your friends have already been inspected by my eyes and some stray thoughts passed through my mind. When you sit down your friends disappear as far as I am concerned. You are wearing a tight black skirt, your tanned smooth legs beckoning to me, white blouse, 3 buttons conveniently left undone, your left breast heaving as you talk, open toed high heels, black of course, perfectly groomed toes that curiously excite me. I watch as you sip a frozen fruity drink, talk and laugh with your friends. Not a stare but enough to not lose sight of you. My mind is racing through thoughts of how can I possibly strike up a conversation with this woman. All of it sounds like a line to me, damn boy get it together. I see the waitress set another round of drinks down at your table. Alright I thi
Dream Walker
As I move through the shadows of reality I worry not. For i have a dream to hold hands with, she comforts me, protects me from harms way. The sidewalks become enchanted beaches, within our magical kingdom we stroll. Todays dreams are tomorrows realities - for the dreamweavers manifest their hearts, their yearnings, their passions. For those who believe. So be it.
The Dream
the dream Current mood: awake In the dream we are sleeping in the last row of Merlot to the west, before the Cabernet Sauvignon; the air is weaving, lush and humid, as if we're on the highway making heat a noun, as in, "Look, you can see the heat above the road." Our feet are to the north, towards the buildings, and there's a red bird chirping loudly at a brown bird by my head. When I sit up, I see the raccoon scat, pocked with tiny grape pips; he has stopped only a foot before our feet. You're still sleeping. Suddenly we have coffee and a tent, you're awake, and we have just eaten breakfast: campfire eggs and beans with stale wheat bread. There is a tiny baby deer resting in your lap, and the sky is shaping up to bring a storm. I have a pocket-watch, and pull it from the pocket of the seersucker suit that I'm now wearing--you're in jeans and a crisp white tuxedo shirt--and say "They're coming, I can feel it, time to go." I blink, big and slow; the deer bab
The Dream
It always starts the same way I'm with my love and tragedy strikes The world suffers monstrous losses Sometimes it's by plague Sometimes war Sometimes even alien attack. But always a common theme always many are lost always few survive I am always one of the few I must help keep mankind alive I must strive to be strong I must help others This I must do with a broken heart For my love was lost My love was the first to fall so I go about my task alone gathering man together rebuilding life on earth and then I awaken with the task half done feeling my failure in my heart just once I'd like to succeed just once I'd like to win I just want to finish the dream............
A Dream
A Dream My one dream is to be with this very special girl To me she is perfect in each and every way, and she puts my heart into a twirl I adore her virtues to the point where she completes my world My one dream is to embrace her exquisite body And have it compelled, oh, so snugly against me So she can hear my heart beat, because her touch sends me into a frenzy My one dream is to be able to spend time With this angel I want to be mine And I hope that her love will come within time My dream is to fulfill this girl’s one dream Whatever it may be, I’ll see that is taken care of Seeing as, since day one when I first met you, you have had all my heart and soul All of these dreams fall into My one dream, which is to be with you Maybe now you can grow to care deeply for me, too If not, at least you know my one dream involves you.
The Dream Lives On, A Personal Fave
And so when you think that your life is in check Check your position and see where you're at At the time things may look like they are done Done until something positive comes right along Along the path on which you once walked happily Happily thinking that life is the dream Dreaming is the escape for a lost injured soul Soul meets with mind and your life becomes gold Gold can only last for so long as all things do Do the things in life that you know you can do So now that you know The things that you have Are all you can give To yourself and them Just live with content and always remember That life will be yours to command And when the world tries to bring you down with them Walk away and don't look back at them And then things will shine And the dream will be real You and it will become one and all will be done...
Dream When I Die
Days continue to pass me by As I sleep the hours away In any bed I can find And the pattern doesnt cease I wake up and I feel like weaping For another day has passed me by I feel that sleep is a waste of life My body may be weak But it can still stand the test of time No matter how broken my body feels Or brittle my mind may be I wish sleep would wait until I die There is a whole life ahead of me But in the days I lose to sleep It feels as if I skipped a century While all my friends and family sleep I am awake and alone with only thoughts And then back to sleep I go While the world wakes up outside I feel that sleep is a waste of life My body may be weak But it can still stand the test of time No matter how broken my body feels Or brittle my mind may be I wish sleep would wait until I die Dreams may be good for what we cannot have My desire is my life within my grasp And even if I won't see it all With my eyes open I will get what I can Da
The Dream
i had the dream again last night my eyes in a body i cannot control the killing is done, so now i start eating blood-dripping mouthfuls of bodies once whole wordless i'm screaming, tho no one can hear me the voices grow louder than they've ever before they want me to finish this deed that i've started looking down at the bodies that litter the floor slowly i kneel down, all hope abandoned the sickness consumes me with each dripping bite tho turning my stomach, i feel that i need it how sick to find meaning in something not right awake now i wonder, have i finally lost it will i ever return from the sick place i've been? i know it's not normal, all the death that surrounds me afraid that when sleep will all start again
Dreams In The Night
Restless are the smoldering dreams of my soul Erotic images waken me in the still of night There is a fading vision of my soft velvety flesh Beckoning to be tasted and explored With fingers and kisses into the musty lust Feminine hands open the swelling lips Teaching the secrets of my arousal Inviting him into the walls of pleasure Showing him the wetness of my self pleasure Thrusting fingers in deep Stroking in and out they move Through the slick delicate folds Begging for his tongues devotion Moaning as he begin's to kiss Licking searching within Craving the bittersweet juices Legs draped over his shoulders My soft hands pulling him closer Back arched hips moving to each lick Nails raking his back as I reach orgasm which Explodes and runs down his chin Rising up he enter's into the slick folds Pulling me to him to suck on hard nipples Rocking gently in and out Hips building slick fiction Falling back I ride in total abandon Controlling
Dreamy Eyes
Such a lovely, petite young girl; With a symptom I could sense and feel. Ghastly pallor to her complexion... Haggard, zeal. A personality; On the cusp of insanity. And those dull and tear worn; Dull, gloomy and overcast... Reflecting a soul in a storm. She was on a road of gneiss. The beauty that she once wore; Was an ugly bruise of abuse. There was an eerie weird wildness Gleaming in those eyes... Yet her calm, mild quietness told me she was ancillary... like a mercenary... To all of abuse's lies. I reached out my hand in a humble gesture; As a friend, to let her know... I loved her...she need not be a scared little doe. Tell her my story, and help her to sequester... The difference between good and bad. Her eyes stared at me, amazed, yet still sad. Abuse is not a reward... And no one should afford... Not one minuscule portion of their soul; To bear the brunt of abuse's blow! She needed to find her aura... Not the road of gneiss, but
Dream Of Heaven And Live In Hell
A Dream...
. Once upon a moonlit night, I had a dream it felt so right. for in that dream we made sweet love, t'was a like gift from heaven above. Our eyes were fixed in a lingering gaze, was magic between us, a mystical haze. The need to be taken was so apparent, we read eachother, as though transparent. When at last our lips did meet wrapped in your arms it was so sweet you kissed my lips in such a fashion, t'was new to me to feel such passion. My womanly curves your fingers explored the feeling it gave me, I simply adored your lips they followed their heavenly trail I breath in deeply, and sighed on exhale. I surrendered my all as you kissed me so sweetly I had no will, you had me completely, under the spell of your lingering kiss, a beautiful moment I cared not to miss. As though by magic my clothes hit the floor, am stood there naked, and your eyes they explore. Standing proud, my body it shivered it trembled at the thoughts your gaze had delivered. My
Dreaming In Tears
Do I dare to dream or care about the little things or anything at all. Should I believe in something. Give me a reason to think good thoughts. I have ran out of reasons why I should. I have been let down in every single way. I have asked why me, give me a reason, a sign, with no answer. I'm closing the door behind me, leaving it shut. A brighter day, better luck, can only open the door. I'm falling apart and barley breathing, so i'm holding on to something that lets me fall. The clock keeps ticking with endless pain and no meaning. You get inside of my head and i thought i was totally guarded, but i'm an open book instead. I see a reflection in my eyes closing them never makes it go away. I lay there wanting you to tell me what I have done to deserve the demons running through me. You make the door locked to my life, and it would open if you were true. I lay under wicked sky waking to another day of the unknown. What I know is the pages of my life are turning to stone.
Dream Team Member Got A Auto-11 On !
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We dream at night.. we remember these dreams. We experience stuff in dreams. And then we wake up and say "oh, it was only a dream. It wasn't real". Why wasn't it real?
Dreaming Of No One
I need to sleep.........but sleep evades me.... There is nothing to go to now she no longer comes to me in the dream state....... My Heart Is Bleeding Poem By: MAmberConrad Oh, how my heart is bleeding The puzzle, I cant put together Pieces shattered, Pieces scattered I cant live like this forever Oh, how my heart is yearning The need for you, my dear But you can’t know And I can’t show How I shed my tears Oh, how my heart is bursting With so much soul That I feel your affect And we can connect Wherever we go Oh, how my heart needs you Your hand, your touch Make your claim, I’m to blame That I need you so much
Dreamweever-gary Wright (left On My Page By Stellarossi)
Dream Girl?
Am I the girl of your dreams? or the cause of your nightmares? Do my dimples make you smile? or do I make you run a mile? Am I all that you desire? or more trouble than I'm worth? Am I complex and interesting? or complicated and confusing? Ok i guess what I really want to know is... Do you love me? or hate me?
In the mist of the night My dreams come aflight Working in magic as they tell me a story, of beauty an light... Waking with skeptism an curiousity Wondering if this is really ment for me... Sorting thru the ashes, trying to see what could possibly there for me.. Digging deeper an deeper, I find a light that shines just for me... Pulling it close an holding it tight, I open a door hoping for nothing but pure delight... I follow the light that was given to me, holding it close in all my dreams... It brings me smiles an laughter, as my heart is filled love an an ever after... My soul sent soaring, with the wildest of dreams... For Beauty has finially found me... In the mist of the night, I awake to my dreams, Only this time the story they tell wasn't made for just me... Someone is trying to pull me away from the beautiful of light brought to me... I awake cold from sweat, chills in the air as my body shivers from the dream that awok
Sunset, sunset to rise. Other people are to enjoy this beautiful scenery of the sunset. I am left alone, the dream linger. Days, it is blue. Cloud, very white. Sunny, brilliant. Hee and bathed in sunlight, the world's most quiet. In that moment, freeze-frame pictures. Do not know when, to capture a vague glimmer of the long songs. Very light, really light, the light almost feel it.However, I still heard. That blurred the song, flying in the wind. Sing this season to sing I have a voice.Wonderful, beautiful, incredible. In the world are beginning to become a quiet, quiet, quiet, listening to me. I listen to the voice. Ciqu should only be there in the sky, earth, which was heard several times. Can not extricate themselves in the fall of the Angels-like voice, the deeply obsessed. I do not know when, Dream. End.
Dream Dancing
Sometimes I sit and think, Of that which is now behind me. Some things will catch up, A little further down the road. Others will remain there, Lost in the confusion of memories. As I attempt to sort them out, The best rise to the top. The only common factor is you. Your eyes shine, When the lights flick on in the morning. Your hair glistens, As the sun rises over the hill tops at dawn. Your voice rings in my head, Like the wonders of a church chior, With the power of charm and beauty. Your hands massage me, As I relax my thoughts, And fade out of reality. Only to find you Dancing in my Dreams. by: Michael the Smokin' Gator
Dreaming In Red
I was talking to friend tonight and mentioned I had been dreaming in 'red'. It's a term I first heard when I was listening to this track. Sometimes we have things going on which invoke dreams which help us to process. Sweet, listen for the the line which goes something like......'when I try and sleep at night, I can only dream in red. The outside world is black and white, with only one colour dead'.
A Dream Come True
alright i'm going to auburn hills,mi on jan 31st to see slipknot in action i'm so excited . i have seen them on tour before but this tour is really going to be kickin i already have my costume pick out and everything its going to be a dream come true for me . there music have really changed my life and they are the kind of band that dont let you know what there going to do next almost going on a rollercoaster ride you never know what twist and turns the coaster is going to take and thats what slipknot is about :) stay (sic) nicole
I had one of the most vivid dreams I've ever had about 10 minutes ago. I go with hubby to Moscow, where I enter my classroom at a school I went to, and stand next to this bully POS that I hated. He hasn't changed, and is wearing some strange uniform. We all start singing a Russian anthem to an American anthem's melody, then I accidentally leave hubby's cell phone there. Afterwards, I come home and realize that the phone is gone. I tell him that we have to get it, and we both go back, with me in a driver's seat. Only its not a regular car, but a mix between atow truck and a lil semi; hard to explain. I can't operate the thing for shit, and can't figure out how to break, so the thing is all over the place, almost running into other cars. Finally he tells me that I have to pull the key out of the ignition. THen we go to my best friend Natasha's house, where her parents give me a warm welcome, and her dad shos me some Christmas toy that can convert toy kitties into reindee
In my dream i dream of you and me. A happy moment, a sweet feeling. In my dream i was happy and free. free of all though and all worry. In my dream all is joy and loving. Such a beautiful dream that i dont wish to wake up. No tear, no lie, no betray just feeling love. oh how i wish to have that dream again. i just wish to have that dream again where i can get away from all the heartache, all feeling i dont want to feel when i see him. a man once say i was his number one, then he go and broke my heart. 11 year being together a son and one on the way. finding out all the trash he say about me. it hurt so much so i almost commit a unthinkable act. i dont really know what the hell im doing. i wish to let go and not think of this man anymore. i wish to move on with my life. i wish to be happy again, wish to be myself again.
A Dream Come True
Once upon a dream I met this boy Who was like a dream He was no ordinary Guy This boy was very special He had a heart That twitched all my vessels I knew then and there we had a start As I got to know him I knew he had to be true And that I had to be with him He had eyes of brown Skin so soft Just as a teddy bear Not to mention his beautiful brown hair Lips so perfect, smooth and real His body so beautiful and rare One night in September To this day, I can still remember This dream came true And to say the least: ’I will always love you’
I cannot stay here, I cannot leave. Forever imprisoned, I am deceived. Bleeding souls of hatred, Are kept from their graves. I would do more, Just to be saved. And I sit here today, Although I'm alone. I dream of the blue sky, And joy carved in a stone. But these are just dreams, I wish could be real. Because in reality, I cannot feel. These drugs do not work, Nor do your lies. Don't tell me I'm fine, When everyday I cry. I used to believe in, I used to amuse. But these are the moments, That get abused. I sure would smile, But I don't care. Why won't you help me? Why must you stare? Can't you see that I'm blinded, Beneath all these dreams. I'm drifted away, As like it seems. Dreams can be happy, Dreams can be sad. They could be good, They could be bad. An epiphany shames me, I cannot stand. I am consumed, In my own wasted land.
Flighting Feelings of desert dreams She took me by the hand Said it’s time to fly I was afraid to go But a force pushed me forward I looked into her eyes Where all the clouds danced I knew that I had to go I got into the Cessna Looked mysteriously about the cockpit She removed the control wheel lock the ignition was off, master switch was on, flaps all the way down, master switch was off, and fuel shutoff valve was on. I looked at the right wing. I looked at the flaps; she removed the tie-down to the wings. I started the engine. Open the throttle and she yelled “clear” out the window; she looks at me and says “now you're ready to go”. I knew in my bones how it felt to fly Before my dream climbed to the sky As if I were a bird before I had no fear I was suddenly calm I sailed the wind, rushing by my ears Tiny people below me, passing like ants, Chattering birds we glide with ease, Streaking white clouds with polished smooth edges, Auburn and Sienna co
as i sit there, thinking, someone comes towards me and grabs my hand. frightened, I jerk back; but he assures me that he is here to help me and love me. He begins to caress my neck, my shoulders, my back; and i give in to his orgasmic touch- and i trust him, though i have only just met him. And i touch him, his soft, silky skin, caressing him. Still sitting there he wraps his arms around me and holds me for hours on end- And he tells me he cares, something never before heard by this lonely heart. Now, as we lay there, underneath the stars, his soft, sensuous lips touch mine. And i give myself to him, as we make love beneath the stars. And our hearts, minds, bodies, and souls entwine. He knows my every need, fantasy, desire- And he fulfills and satisfies each one of these as i have only dreamed. Now as we lie there, the sun begins to rise.It is not just a new day, but a new beginning.
Dream From My Memory
A man reserves his true and deepest love not for the species of woman in whose company he finds himself electrified and enkindled, but for that one in whose company he may feel tenderly drowsy. Do u agree with it give me feed back i m waitin
Dreams Do Come True
Dreaming of a new day....with all my body, soul and mind floating away, in this day. Warm to the touch, as gentle as a flower blowing in the breeze. All I want is to feel your touch, "in me, on me through me". This is what I crave from you, each and every night.I am armed with so much passion, so much love, juices flowing from head to toe. My heart wondering if I will ever feel your body next to mines again. Dreaming, Dreaming of you lying next to me. Dreaming one day I will have your mind, body and soul, and hoping that's the way it will be....
Dream Home Spell
Dream Awakin
Come...sit by my side and hold me close I need your warmth and strength to make me whole Wrap your arms around me, secure my place in your heart; need me as I need you Softly kiss my lips and nuzzle my neck, thrill me with your gentle touch, play across my back with your feathery finger tips; kneed my shoulders into submission I swoon as the electricity that you alone can generate within me, starts to soar, I am heaven bound My pulse races at your very being; my longing is unbearable As I reach for your handsome bronze face with palms out stretched, my heart beats faster than the wind. I anticipate my greatest hold you in my arms. I quake at the thought of you, my ecstasy overwhelms me Unhurriedly we rise and move closer, excitement charges the air Arms out stretched I reach, grope for your closeness We grow nearer, nearer, nearer..then... I awaken...the dream is over
A Dream Worth Dreaming
Somewhere in my dreams I hear your voice Whispering gently....into thin air At the edge of the mountain I close my eyes Sensing your breathing...feeling you appear there On the edge of my dreams I see your face A twin soul......when we share eyes At the edge of the mountain I catch my breath Touching our finger tips...mouth goes dry In the shadows of my dreams I taste your lips So soft against mine like a warm rain At the edge of the mountain my heart slows Sharing our every breath....two hearts don't refrain In the deepest part of my dreams I feel your touch Breathless....from the warmth of your skin At the edge of the mountain I open my eyes Seeing only clouds....feeling.... within On the edge of my dreams is where I want to stay It's there...I'm forever in your At the edge of the mountain I'll remain breathless For greater love will ever be found Will you always be there on the edge of my dreams? Will you always meet me t
Dream Theater Working On Their 10th Studio Album!
Prog Metal veterans Dream Theater are currently wrapping up work on their tenth studio album. The band commenced work on the as-yet untitled album –their second for Roadrunner Records, following up 2007's Systematic Chaos—in October of last year. Drummer Mike Portnoy and guitarist John Petrucci are once again producing the CD, while engineer Paul Northfield will mix the record. Roadrunner plans to release the album in early summer upon which the band will immediately embark on a world tour to support it.
A Dream Come True
A single rose fully blossomed on a bush on a field covered with a blanket of fresh snow Her grace and charm are only surpassed by her smile Her smile stops all of earth and heaven Her touch is as silk her heart is a fortress of compassion to hide in She is a dream come true stylish and classy sweet and kind and completely sexy Sassy
The pleasure of a Dream Is that it is a Fantasy If it happens It was never a Dream
I go into a deep sleep When the dream turn so real This beautiful girl appears along the beach She comes to me to guide her Along the likes of girls So slightly grab her hand to my apartment We walk into the apartment I leave a kiss upon her lips She returns it to me Which turns the kiss deeper More intimate As I run my hands down her beautiful hair Then down to her breasts As I remove her shirt I leave a kiss on her belly Deeply turning her on with each move I remove her lace bra as a drop to the floor I caress my hand on both her breasts Then slightly sucking each nipple with such a moan I hear As I stop right there I grab her hand once more Leading to my room As I put her upon the bed I kiss her sweet belly again Grace touch with my hand down to her pants With a unzip and unbutton they fall As panties do the same With a guide upon my hand Touching the nice soft pussy Of it's lovely shave I move my hand in circles with her clitoris With each moan I he
Dream Theater: The Ministry Of Lost Souls
this is a song from Dream theater's new album "Systematic Chaos" i found it pretty interesting, so i though what the hell, why not post it "The water's edge Is where she waits Lost soul still wandering Meant to die But she's stuck not crossing over The other side Is where he waits His spirit reaching out Meant to save But she's too scared To take his hand Living in a world without you Drowning in the past Is living in no world at all So now i call on you Remember me, I gave you life You would not take it Your suffering Was all in vain It's almost over now Don't turn your back on Paradise Feeling scared She's prepared To give up everything She can't stand To feel like half of her is fading He will choose The only way To rid her of her pain Take her soul now The decision has been made Living in a world without love A burden to my soul Is living in a worthless world So i will call on you Remember me I gave you life You would no
how do you know what is real what is not?Dreams are dreams some people think, but some of our dreams are actually glimpses of the future, past, or present. Are you suppose to go try to figure out how to stop it? Are you suppose to just live with it...? What are you suppose to do when you see certain things?How are you suppose to react when you wake up in cold sweats?When you wake up screaming or find yourself crying in your sleep, what are you to do? Is there anything that you can do to stop whatever event from happening? Is what you just experienced real? Well, sometimes they are real. Sometimes you are suppose to stop them and sometimes your not.Normal people react to these as merely a nightmare. They might even just brush it off and go about there day.Then when it happens either it becomes dajavu or an oh shoot i could have stop that. Yes, your experience is very real, for the most part. If you will write down your dream in your notebook. You will come to find that most of them wil
Dreams.....rambles On....
Like a dream blown in with the wind You took my breath away And only your caresses Can give me the life I need That forever in your arms in your warm embrace I can see your dreams And I will be the wind that they drift upon You are a dream that I never want to awaken from
Dreamy Friends
Dreams have their ways of incorporating themselves into daily life whether I like it or not. Sometimes it's a matter of hilarity, how stupid can I be. Other times it's more reflective. I have this friend who, no matter what I say, can turn a situation around into something positive. Dreary as it may seem, there are positive forces behind it. Kinda reminds me of what my mom used to say, 'the fates are always conspiring in your favor'. I suppose I should stop redefining my life and let it define itself, and fate will take me where I'm supposed to be. I shall stop worrying and believe. (still fighting on what to believe in but that's another blog). Just wanted to say thank you to my dearest love, you know who you are, for opening my mind. His words are powerful! Should anyone in this lifetime make a better friend, I'd be amazed!!!!
am always thinking about you i dont think i can be mad your smile cuts through me making everything ok, he gorgeous handsome in everyway. your eyes sparkle everytime i see them, hearing your voice i can hear your heart it is music to my ears, wanting and waiting the touch that i feel in my dreams waking with out you there knowing its just another day wanting to go back to sleep to feel your touch again, but as it seems i gave my heart to someone who didnt want it like always being crushed at the end just because i was told i dont have goals because i took the time to take care of my family oh but yet i have a job when i go back maybe giving my heart to someone that lies wasnt the best
Moonlight washes over me As tanned strong fingers, stroke my warm flesh In the darkness, of the night He takes me , with great relish Alas, its a dream I dream a million dreams And none of them come true For upon awakening I see , Im still alone, in my bed Tangled sheets,touseled hair, fevered skin Only reminders.... of my dream My thoughts,are only for you My beautiful dream lover.....
Dreaming With A Broken Heart
When you're dreaming with a broken heart The waking up is the hardest part You roll outta bed and down on your knees And for a moment you can hardly breathe Wondering was she really here? Is she standing in my room? No she's not, 'cause she's gone, gone, gone, gone, gone.... When you're dreaming with a broken heart The giving up is the hardest part She takes you in with her crying eyes Then all at once you have to say goodbye Wondering could you stay my love? Will you wake up by my side? No she can't, 'cause she's gone, gone, gone, gone, gone.... Now do i have to fall asleep with roses in my hands Do i have to fall asleep with roses in my hands? Do i have to fall asleep with roses in my hands? Do i have to fall asleep with roses in my , roses in my hands? Would you get them if i did? No you won't, 'cause you're gone, gone, gone, gone, gone.... When you're dreaming with a broken heart The waking up is the hardest part
~dreaming Awake~ Poem For Shelly And Pale
so we meet again yet this time your not in a dream for all the nights i lay awake thinking of this moment a single kiss to tell our story...i could not have dreament this moment true...our hearts touching so amazing im enamored...tonight my dreams will be with and about you...
Latetly I can't explain it.. I have been having weird dreams, it's like my mind is going on a spring cleaning damage mode.. everything and everyone that has hurt me or so keeps showing up in my dreams.. I am not understanding it at all, but I am understanding that maybe this is the reason behind why I am afraid to fall asleep ...
Dreams In Indiana
My dream job actually exists! I couldn't believe it when I heard, only problem is that it's in Idaville, Indiana. For someone who's never lived outside of California, Indiana seems like another world away. So, back to the job, it's at the Great Cats of Indiana. It's a large cat rescue facility over there. I don't presume to think I am in any way qualified for the job...yet, but I graduate next year, and I'll take the State and National board certification exams, then I will be Veterinary Technician, then some day I will eventually go to Vet School and be a veterinarian, but that's over-reaching my current goals. My other problem is getting there, and getting somewhere to live. That takes money, and a full time student with a part time job making minimum wage can't even hope to afford a one way plane ticket accross the country. What would be interesting to know is if anyone out there would be willing to go and take the tour they offer and look around the place for me and give me
My dreams come in short burst of memories. Memories of things yet to come, things to be, just those, dreams My dreams seem to say, what a life to be, what a world to live in, what true bliss that will be My dreams come to me, as fast as you've bounded the walls, dug yourself in, and made yourself a home. My dreams are my dreams, but yet you're always in then.
The doctor said the reason I could never remember my dreams -is because I wasn't having them. Right as I was about to enter REM sleep, the deep sleep where dreams occur, I would stop breathing and wake up. Its the reason I was always so tired. Then -the respiratory therapist who was showing me how to use the c-pap machine explained a study done on cats, where their sleep was interupted right as they slipped into REM sleep. Eventually the cats suffered heart failure and died. Ughh - Anyway - Dreams are cool, and waking up wide awake is cool. Muah!!!
Turning the dial on another day my moind wonders over your array how I cam to find my heavenly bliss am am taking away with your sultry kiss Tossing and turning throughout the night as I find my hearts desire in plain sight Out of reach only when the sunshines we unite when the darkness blinds Only in these fleet passing moments in time can I find serenity that continues to climb Transcending the hours spent without and banishing any thoughts of doubt
A Dream
You were there and so was I, We kept staring in each others eye, Wondering how long it will take? Which one of us is gonna break, Was it you or was it me ? I couldnt wait I had to see, Now i know it was real, What are these things i'm starting to feel ? Yes i kno this all sounds lame, I cant help but wonder if you feel the same, My mind wanders throught the day, Wondering if you missed me in any way, So many things we have yet to see, I sometimes wonder were you meant for me?
Dream Girl
One who smiles all the time Promising to be all mine One who thinks constant about me Even with a hot male stripper on her knee One who may let out a burp Or maybe a lil toot One who likes to be called mine That one with true love divine One who is always by my side Not infront or behind One who will sweep me off my feet Really getting my heart o beat Is she out there i dont know One day i would sure like to know
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A Dream
Headlights light up the direct heading of the automobile, with reflections flashing across the lettering of each sign. Entry in to the state of Texas is pleasant as the tired driver looks for a comfortable place to lay his head. Miles go by and nothig is seen, except the purple sky that seems to go on forever, along with the dark flat range that makes up the east Texas desert. As time seems to drag on, eyes beginning to beome heavy, the driver decides to stop along the highway ; in what seems the most secluded part of this United States. Crisp wind blows, as the man steps out of his car, he reaches into the back seat and pulls out a case. He sighs, as he looks out over the emptyness that surrounds him. He sits upon the hood of his car, which is nearly as long as he is. He props up against the windshield and begins strumming an old guitar, and starts humming a tune to the stars above. As he is working on another tune, he hears the rumbling of the highway. A white SUV comes al
Dreaming Of You
Dreaming of You - Selena
I dream and there you are. Words cannot describe how you look,standing there alone. There is no light but i see,clearly,perfectly. You appear so real. Could i truly be dreaming? I've known you, forever-maybe more. we have met oftontalking,crying,wondering. I know all about you ,mind and soul,sheer perfection. you say "I MISS YOU." NO,I mustn't be dreaming. Walking towards me slowly,you call my name. I answer,"I AM HERE." I wisper yours. I wait. No reply. What is happening? I know i am not dreaming. I can see your face,yet i cannot reach it. I can see your eyes,yet they look away. I wisper it again. then shout,"WHAT IS HAPPENING?" No response. "I LOVE YOU!" You reply, "I do not exist,I cannot love,I am not real." Your image fades. I wake and you are gone.
Dreams Of The Night
Such a sweet feeling to fall in a deep sleep Nothing much is better than this feeling While drifting away a dream then starts Every dream of the night is softly serene Yet when a certain someone appears it changes This one is my very own unique diamond He shines so bright and strong in the day or evening The shine touches and affects my life so gently When my dreams are connected to only him They are so very rosy and romantic in every way One day he will know what I feel at night Though he may already without telling me This one man helps to keep me such a believer In many things that includes being a romantic If there is one simple thing that I know Is that no matter what he's in my dreams of the night.
Take me to a dream That I never dreamed of, To a place so beautiful That we can stay for eternity, A dream that seems to be More real than real life A dream of no problems or worries. Take me to a dream A place for just the two of us, Where we can express our inner most thoughts, feelings, and emotions, To a beautiful land where nobody Is there but just the two of us. Take me to a dream
I’m not afraid to dream Because i dream that you’re here I softly touch you and hold you close And my fear slowly disappear Your appearance is angelic I am looking into beautiful eyes Stars are gracefully writing your name My heart quietly cries But i’ve already lost when i open my eyes Because dreams aren’t real I really miss you And loneliness is what i feel
Had a dream that I was strapped to a machine that revieled your deepest inner scars. When it hit me, I became a frankensten monster, break free and escape. The people chase me screaming animal monster kill it. They chase me through woods for hours but eventually I'm cornered standing on the edge of a cliff. I move towards the crowd to avoid falling, and as I do so, I'm blasted by a rifle. It leaves a huge hole where my heart should be and I fall off the cliff. I look at the hole as I fall thinking of all the places to shoot me it's there. How ironic, how very ironic. Now the world knows what I have always known there's a hole where my heart goes.
As I grow older I always come to ponder what is a dream exactly. Is it a reflection of the past or a window to the future? A Window Of Things To Come And if you don't change it could be be what your life will become if you stay on the path you are on. Dreams can also manifest when you keep your feelings inside and never talk about them so you think about them while you sleep and for some strange reason they come to you in pictures or actions instead of a simple thought like when your fully awake during the day. Like For Example if you have feelings for someone you might have a dream about having adult relations with that person or losing that person depending on what feelings you are having for that person. Dreams Could also be a way of preparing you for something that is about happen like if you have a dream about someone close dying it could be a message telling you to spend time with them or just tell them you love them and that you care for them. Dreams can also be a
Supertramp - Dreamer - JU
Tall walls surround me Blocking my only escape. Your love had set me free And taught me how to fly. Your dreams taught my heart How to dream again. You swore we’d ne’er part, Once we joined together. Now I stand so alone Without you at my side. You told me I was home, Then quietly you asked for me to leave.
A Dream?
In a dream I've dremaed before I can see you beyond the door The one door I can not get to It's the door beyond the door On the other side of the other life....
Dream Lover
Reach out your hand And place it gently in mine Let us become one As ours souls intertwine The night surrounds us Filled with the stars As we danced under the moon And make love in the dark Your kisses like velvet Your touch like silk As we envelop each other And create a love stilt Let our bond be unbroken And lasts many nights From the beginning to the end Never losing its sight So if by chance we let go And drift slowly apart Let the love we endeavored Continue silently in our hearts
Dream (poem I Wrote)
When you dream your imaginations is at its best. Dream of enlightment, love, and romance. Dream of enchantment, fantasy, and things that cannot be. When you open your eyes and the light is what you see. Remember your dream and things you would like to be. You never know Some day It could be.
A Dream From Afar
On the breath of the wind, From the grip of the stars, You flew into my life Like a dream from afar In the depths of my darkness, Your heart bled fluid light A gentle voice reached out And held me all through the night My soul has been warmed By the fire in your eyes In my dreams we are one And our love never dies I never thought I'd find a heart So beautiful and true I never knew a dream so sweet Until that dream was you.
had to try them for myself didn't expect them to be so soft it was so electrifying i had to make myself stop the lips of a man gave me this intense feeling so bad that i was seeing stars bright and twinkling well i guess i was hit but that wasn't shit you know i went back for more it was only right, i had to do it even better than the stars before his mouth began to explore......
When I was a child, I dreamt of what I could do. I’d stand outside On a clear spring afternoon, Waiting to catch a butterfly on my tongue. I always wanted to catch a rainbow. I’d sit on the floor, Talking to inanimate objects, Hoping they were actually listening. I always wanted to advise a balloon. I’d sit in front of the fireplace, Consuming the warmth. And be comforted by the crackling sounds. I always wanted to breathe fire. Dreams are tricks, That play on a child’s mind. For one feels he or she can do no wrong. One day I tested that theory out. I wanted to know I could eat that bullet. When I was a child, I dreamt of what I could do. But now I will never have those dreams come true.
Dreams Do Come True
Hi everyone. I have recently come to the conclusion that dreams can come true. I am in the process of starting my own Private Investigation firm! I have the experience required by the state of Texas to do this, and it now looks like i may have funding from the state as well! I was a PI for 3 yrs back in the late 90's, and have always wanted to do my own company. Its finally happening now, and i couldnt be more thrilled!
A Dreamers Dream
A DREAMERS DREAM Let me dream this dream with you, A dream nestled in clouds for us two; On your chest my head I’ll rest, Let’s make this night our greatest. Dark and cold this moonless night, Warm my body and hug me tight; Touch my lips with heavenly bliss, Let’s explore the mighty space. The music played was sweet and romantic, Made our bodies moved with mystique; Arms seems reaching while hips keep swaying, Two most common steps in dancing. Clouds of white envelops our bodies As we get higher to the sky, Precipitation falls as we reached high There we give our sweetest smile. copyright jas 2007
Dream Of You
As I laid down last night, I thought of you I thought of your smile, a shine so bright As I thought of your smile, I noticed your eyes Eyes that burn with love like fire I thought of how your sexy lips taste So soft and sweet as delicious strawberries Juicy from the hot summer sun of June As I thought of your lips I heard your voice So calm and tender, innocent as a young child As it brings silence to the songs that birds sing as you begin to speak Then I started seeing the physique of your body Fragile as china doll, beautiful and delicate Wanting to be held by my tender and loving arms That’s when I saw you lying next to me Our bodies flesh to flesh, your skin soft as velvet As I glanced deep into your eyes you released intimate desires, that have lived long within my soul That’s when I saw you give me your body to hold copyright jas 2008
Dreaming Of You
DREAMING OF YOU I've been dreaming Of the day when I meet you My heart beats so softly But it races to see your smile I've been feeling Like I'm melting down inside Your voice chases me away And I can't seem to stand I can't wait To have you in my arms My breath won't slow down And I can't hold my ground So take my hand Bring me to a special place Love me and hold me Until it's time to go home copyright jas 2007
Dreans Of Beauty And Evil
Dreams of Beauty and Evil Dreams of beauty Dreams of evil Visions in the night Phantoms brought by the Sandman to liven up my sleep Playing with dragons or hunting vampires in the gloom Dreams of love Dreams of adventure My mind's way to escape the travails of the day Sometimes reviewing times gone by and sometimes days yet to come A few dreams I can remember Most vanish with the dawn Dreams of beauty and evil Dreams of angels and succubi Wizards and driving and hikes in the woods or swinging among the stars Strange images in my nighttime mind I wonder what I'll dream tonight copyright jas 2008
CopyRight: ~lil-Graveyard-Ryder~
Dream Weaver
I'm a dreamer of sorts one can say cause I believe in displaying all of romances array From notes to be found in her purse to my touch pouring out beyond every verse These hands of mine readily giving you a gentle massage as they bask in your heavenly beauty a seamingly mirage YOur sweet scent simply carries me thru aroma therapy and I'll be able to honestly set my love free Free to tantalizing all of your senses and desires with a passionate heart that never tires Time is not a factor while we are clinched in an embrace there we find our heart racing and love setting the pace Like a shooting star caught in the blink of an eye we exubriate the ecstasy caught in a sigh Like the flickering flame of a candle in a breeze we dance with vigor and press on to please backing up all those moments you called me a tease I'm a dreamer who lives for all those moments all the admiration caressing your entrancing adornments from the roots of your flowing hair to the toes on your feet you bear Ho
Dream Audio Engineering And Music Production Equipment
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Dreams are somewhat of a complicated thing to have.  Some people say that a dream is something they do when they sleep.  Others say dreams are things they aspire to be.  I say they are both.  See we all have dreams.  Some dreams are bigger than others but we all do it.  Me personally I have both aspirations and dreams.  So what are your dreams
Dream On~
It all started on a Friday night. You see, I work two jobs and I also work every day of the week, but lately, who doesn’t work 7 days a week? I guess you might say that I have an odd combination of jobs. I am a computer programmer during the day, and in the afternoon and evening I work at a fast food restaurant. No, I’m not the manager there, I am basically a grunt. I only have two evenings off a week. One of them is Monday night (I’m a wrestling fan, you see, so I gotta watch Raw) and the other is Friday night. Normally I would do things I need to. Grocery shopping and laundry needed to be done on Friday, but on this night, I needed to unwind. There was nothing to prepare me for what was about to happen. I arrived home at about 4 in the afternoon from cashing my paychecks and picking up a few things I needed at the grocery store to tide me over until I actually needed to go shopping. I sat myself down at my computer and turned it on. I logged onto the internet and al
Dreams Part1
Robert Bradley Jr. learned at a very early age that he had a very special power but for a long time he did not realize what he could do with it. At first it was just fun to use and really didn't mean much to anyone. You see, Bobby had the power to enter other people's dreams. The earliest he could remember using this special power was in the sixth grade when the assistant teacher, Ms. Morris, was supposed to pick the top project in the school's science fair. Little Bobby knew his project was good but was not sure if it was good enough to beat Tommy Lewis's erosion project. That night before he went to bed he looked at the photo of Ms. Morris in the school yearbook. Later when he was fast asleep he dreamed that he and Ms. Morris were in the science lab in school when he told her to pick his project because it was the best one there. The Science Fair was to start at 1:00PM the next day and when Bobby left his home room he saw Ms. Morris who smiled at him as he walked by the science roo
Dreams Part2
"So how was the movie?" she asked as she relaxed her hands on the sheet. It fell down her chest until he could see the start of her cleavage. He could also see the light shadows of her pointed nipples through the thin white material. "Not bad," he replied with a cough. "I really should go until you get dressed." He didn't want James to be upset finding him in the bedroom like this. "Does nudity bother you?" she giggled. He was shocked at her question but didn't want to sound like a wimp. "Not really." "Good because I'll get dressed before he gets back if it's ok with you." There was no way he was going to turn down a chance seeing her naked. "Yeah, I guess so." He moved over to his bed and pretended to move some papers around on his book shelf. Out of the corner of his eyes he saw some movement and peeked to see the sheet move away and her pink form stand up behind him. "You might as well look," she giggled. She could see him peeking. Bobby turned and froze. Her long pink nipple
Dreams Part3
Kate had never had oral sex before because she though it was wrong. Her parent had brought her up in a strict religious home where the only act of approved sex was the missionary position. The dream had lowered her resistance and had her begging for his lips and tongue. "OH GOD BOBBY!" she cried. Her hands held his head and mouth tightly against her mound. The pleasure soon reached her max as she climaxed. "BOBBY!" Bob wiped his mouth and moved his lip up to capture one of her long hard nipples. As his mouth move up so did his body until his hard-on rubbed against her moist pussy. She opened her eyes and looked into his. Fucking was not in the dream. "No we can't," she whispered. She wasn't supposed to fuck him. She was supposed to suck him. She moved her body under his until her mouth was poised at the crown of his shaft. She didn't blink an eye as she opened her mouth and licked around the spongy tip. The dream somehow made it right for her to do this vile act. She learned as she
A Dream
Here I sit, thinking only of youWondering what is to become of usUnderstanding all you have been throughHoping to slowly gain your trustMy heart aches for you, and also I yearnI want to understand youIn hopes that I will learnYour unique and special qualities amaze meYour smileYour mindYour voice and its beautiful soundYour eyesYour hairYour ability to cheer me upWhen you see that I am downMy feelings for you go beyond that of wordsAnd at first it didn't seem realBut that just taught me a lessonIn doubting what I feelIt seems I dreamed you into lifeAnd the reason for my stareThe bluest skyThe deepest seaDon't even compareBecky, you're so very special in every single wayAnd thoughts of youRun through my headEvery hour of the dayI hope that you will understandJust how I feel about youI want to be your guiding handFor all that you go through
Dream Only Of Me
"Dream of me", she said as she hung up the phone"Dream only of me my love, and me alone"And later that night, when his body hit the bed,Visions of her beauty danced through his headHis first dream of her was in Paris, along the Champs ElyessesDancing with the night, playing hide-and-seek with the dayThe beauty of her face reflected in his eyesNever before had he felt so happy, never before had he felt so aliveHis next dream of her was paradise, it looked like BelizeThere they drank Pina Coladas and lived a life of easeThe beauty of her body reflected in the sunIt was then that he knew in his heart that she was the only oneHis last dream of her was the best of the threeIt was a vision of the one thing that he hoped someday would beThe warmth of her body next to him, reflected in candlelightHe longed for it to be like this, each and every nightHe rose from his dream in the middle of the nightStretching out his arms and rubbing the sleep from his sightAnd as he moved slowly from his bedHe
Dream Or Reality
walking down the row thinking of the love that is waiting for you what a lucky life you have now.... wishing she was by your side now but she is waiting for you... is this dream or reality... as you walk you keep thinking of how she makes you feel...   bang bang you hear a knock on the door... as you look you know it was all a dream screaming no..... why did this dream have to end   looking around you think could that really happen to me as you look out the window you see the one you was dreaming about oh wow there she goes looking so good just standing there so lonely   bang bang thoughts go off in your head wow i could make my dream reality... seeing that delicous smile and sexy eyes your heart drops   how i would love... oh how i would love to spend my life with her  
Dream Lover
Dream Lover He is a player on the screen of nightsHe can be touched, smelt, tasted, feltBut never is he clearly seenEyes closed imagination says he's fair of faceHe knows my secret placesHe excites me to greatest ecstasyHe knows the words to soothe meHis arms a safe place in the stormMorning light breaks throughI am aloneLogic says I dreamed it allMy fondest wish to hold himNight and day to see his faceAnd know him in the flesh
Not so timely advice to the guy smoking crack in the open stairwell last night in my dream.   I wasn't there to bust you so you didn't need to try to be so inconspicous.  It was a lousy act and only drew my attention more to you. In dream reality I was merely trying to find the rest of the people from a high school reunion I was attending even though I didn't go to that high school and neither did most of the people at the reunion. I hope that you got back to enjoying your crack after I left you alone.   I don't remember catching up with the rest of the reunionees but I don't blame our little interlude. Cheers.
Dream World
When are we supposed to bealbe to tell the difference between a dream and reallity. So many people live in that dream world that everything is ok and there is no real evil in this world. But what if you are one of those people that cant help but see threw all those fanticies. I think the thing I hate the most is when someone says, " I am the way I am because of the envirment I grew up in." Bullshit. That is nothing but a load of bullshit. You make yourself who you are by your actions noone eleses. If you choose to live the life of a so called ganster, well then not only are you a fool for thinking that other people that you really dont even know who are telling you to go out and do stupid things to get others hurt or yourself, well again your a dumbass. I know a little bit off topic sorta but I also have to say this to all those ganster wanna bes, do you really want to know who the true gansters are real ones there are two different kinds. There is the Mob any of them orginized crime.
Our occational encounters are full of heat and passion and I hate when they end.As your hands move slowly over my body I trembal with wanting and excitement.Excitement caused by your soft gental touch and the wanting for it to never end.Your lips softly kiss mine and then move to my neck and then on to other parts of my body.As your hands move slowly over my naked body I shiver with delight.Your hand slowly finds it's way to the inside of my thigh.Your lips seem to slowly go in the same direction.They make their way over my breasts, my stomach, until they reach the inside of my thigh.My heart pounds so loudly in my chest and it feels like it is going to explode.As you slide inside me the fire with in me grows and burns.As our two bodies become one I moan in pleasure.The weight of your body on mine nearly takes my breath away.I gasp and as I do, you push deeper inside of me.You pull me on top of you and manage to stay inside me.As I rock back and forth on top of you I start to feel the
A Dream
I’ve neglected & regretted All this pain. & today was filled with So much shame. I’m exhausted now, From all my thoughts. & I don’t know how To make things stop! But I have a trick, Up my sleeve. To make things pause, For 8 hours at least. It comes late, after the sun Has vanished. To the point were stars, Sparkle like magic. It’s called a dream. My own little world, A place where people don’t even exist. But the things I love are at my fingertips. It lets me run, for only a little while. Giving my life time to breathe. & handing me something I know I can keep. Just let me dream.
I am currently selling Dreadfalls and if you're interested. I have pics of an unfinished example of what the individual dreads look like in my default picture album. Let me know if you're interested and I'll give price estimates depending on what you want.
dreams..i just want to touch and be touched, not by just anyone, that would never do..i dont tolerate stupid very well lol..just that someone who can touch me with their words to my very soul..a look that burns through my defenses and the one who is the other part of me..the person that i willingly give myself to without be that person to someone who knows me and accepts me for exactly who i am...and to the "One" i submit every part of me, heart,mind, body and soul...much love
Dreaming Of...someone Else
  Sometimes no matter what you do, you can't ever decide if you made the right choice. The blonde seems selfish, hopefully she returned the favor.
Dreaming in color's as reality fades.Life take's on so manyshade's.In life there's so many game's.Words are never spoken,feeling's are coming tosurface.Feel as if I'mbeingconfronted with the unknown.And all reality,of my kindis now gone.
Dream Or Fantasy
a dream is a fantasy that one creates in his mind, sometimes you are lucky and the dream you find, once you have it in your grasp, all you can do is pray that it lasts, when you find the one who has your heart, it is almost impossible to break it apart, how do you know if this is the other part of you? that its not an illusion and you end up a fool? sometimes a dream is what we are in search of, sometimes it is so full of love, and sometimes a dream is a fantasy full of lust, building up the passion feeling you will combust, filling your mind with such thoughts and desire, making you feel like your soul is on fire, do you try to fufill this dream?or go with the fanasy?or somewhere in between?
Dreamer's War
Dreamer’s War Dreams walk the landSight’s no one can standA plague made by all man One heart holds the powerSame heart holds a giftTo bring light in a showerTo close the dream rift Come young one nowTake up your bladesSnatch up your bowTo fight back the dream shades War is at your doorKeep the children safeHave them snuggle to the floorAs you battle the wraith Tap into your mindPull forth the powerPull forth the giftDestroy them all at the same time Watch dream’s demons fallAs the sun shall riseThe world shall rest one and all 
Dreams, Wishes And Tears
If dreams were given to the lonely and the dreams of the lonely came true I'd force myself to sleep at night just so i could dream of you   If wishes were given to the lonely and i was given just two my first wish would be that someday you'll be mine, and my second wish i'd give to you   If tears could write a love song the song would be to you it would explain how i was feeling inside and how very much "i love you"   But dreams are just dreams and wishes really come true My tears connot write a love song but when they fall They are falling for you
Dream Speed
Moods lanquidly shift as from the speakers tunes drift through the smoke permeated the air. Speak on the threat of death and hold your breath for the spead of the road before us has not slowed but bowed towards two transcendent ends. Speak of it and friends shall weap in gloom, speak not of it and we shall enjoy the light of the moon gleeming off of teal metal and chrome while we travel home through nostalgic glimmers of chemically inhanced dreams.
Dream Awake
Dream awake sanguine spatter from my eyes as gurgled cries of why issued from her drowning throat. I don't know. Sleep no rest, staunch no blood flow, from her wheezing chest. Strangled question once again why. I don't know, a single tear I cry as miracles no more glimmer her eyes. Fading, fading as she dies.
The Dreaded Drum Fill
Dreams For A Friend
Okay this is a really old one that i found i hope you enjoy it i know i did when i wrote it about 3 or 4 years ago. Yes i know it is long just like all my postings so far but give me some feed back would be nice and feel free to read the other ones Naughty it and waterfalls those r the most recent ones and im willing for feed back thanxs all Love always ~*~ Lilith~*~ Dreams For A Friend Late one evening you get a knock on your door. you reluctantly answer seems it is almost 10:30pm. you open the door and look it is a handsom young man standing there. He has those crystal blue eyes that you could get lost in, lovely black hair with red streakes tied up in a nice pony tail. His clothing almost doesnt see to match the time we are in. It is old rustic clothing, black velvet trench coat with a red silk shirt popping out a pair of leather paints that are form fitting and unbelieveable on him his pail skin is young looking and almost white, like he has never seen a day of sun in years. h
Dreamerby: Ashton MullenShe was in class, but oh so lostShe wasn't focused and didn't get caughtMany times a grade was costBut she didn't care, she was lost in thought.Her world was beautiful, that was for sureSo innocent, careless, simple, and cleanThis was her escape and it was oh so pureThere was no one to judge her or be mean.She hated reality and everyone in itNo one could understand her kindThe type who didn't mind to go to a corner and sitAnd drift off into her own creative mind.She's a girl who dreams during the dayHer false reality keeps her at blissBut one sad day, come what mayHer false reality will be at miss.That girl got older and is now fully grownHer imagination grew leanerBut sometimes when she's all aloneShe returns to her world, as that same old dreamer.
11/23/98 Dreams are ment to be happy. They are ment to come true. They scare you into reality, Or make you see like your dead. What are dreams really about ? Do they show you your destiny or your fears. Some try to show your fears. Others show your faith. While there are still some that are unknown, They show you something you need to know. Yet it is beyond your understanding  to comprehend the message. Only on can give the gift of knowledge. Yet you have to ask for it inorder to recieve it. What do your dreams mean to you or do you understand them at all?
Dreams,reality,cigarette Butts By Jermx
i had a dream last night about my ex. a vivid dream where i swore it was real. it was in present time and i was back together with my ex. the time frame most have been a while because somehow there was a small child with her and she was my kid i believe. about 6-7 years old. i was having a great time...somehow reality was in my dream too because we talked about breaking up and how the little girl was mine. i didnt know...but i was happy to find out. ex had to tell me something. before we went any further. she cheated on me. in my dream i was crushed...although i was instantly forgiving. then she started to explain why. "he was so hot i had to jeremy!" "i gave him the best blowjob ever" "this guy really worked out and i just had to fcuk him" i remember all these things she said from the dream because it woke me up. i didnt know where i was when i woke up for a second. the anger and confusion was still there. finally i looked up at my computer and realized wha
Dreams Of Impatient Pillowtalk
In the towers that peer over the dreamscapea land of rainy days and rainbowssmall laughter carrying on the breeze,dodging drops so we may have a song to dance to.Hand in hand, another holding you closeour feet begin to the worldly beatsmearing bright paints onto an easel of greya whispering into the torrent of sounds around usa love-painted epiphany dwelling in a starry eternity.And thus, with the laughter on the breeze,you and I would be set freereligated to a new day ahead,and with many words left unsaid, we would guess...reaching our hands together into the darkest nightto pull stars 'cross the skies and light a heart again.   © Nick Rice 2009
A Dream
Sitting under the the moon, Looking into our eyes. They twinkle and shine, Like the stars in the sky.   The touch of your hand, Your strong and warm embrace. The tears start to fall, At the touch of your face.   To feel you hold me in your arms, And tell me how you feel. Means so much to me, It proves our love is real.
Os meus sonhos são um refúgio estúpido, como um guarda-chuva contra um raio. My dreams are a stupid refuge, like an umbrella against a thunderbolt. - Fernando Pessoa
How is one to live a moral and compassionate existence when one is fully aware of the blood, the horror inherent in life, when one finds darkness not only in one's culture but within oneself? If there is a stage at which an individual life becomes truly adult, it must be when one grasps the irony in its unfolding and accepts responsibility for a life lived in the midst of such paradox. One must live in the middle of contradiction, because if all contradiction were eliminated at once life would collapse. There are simply no answers to some of the great pressing questions. You continue to live them out, making your life a worthy expression of leaning into the light.
Dream That Scared The Crap Out Of Me.
Unfortunately, I didn't sleep well last nite.  I dreamt I was with my man, and everything was going great. . . Then all of sudden my ex appears out of nowhere n shoots my man and shoots me in front of my daughter. I woke up so fast,  It took me twenty minutes to realize it was dream and another to figure out where I was. I tried to go back to sleep, but it didn't work. I'm scared that my ex just might do this too, on one hand.  On more than one occasion, he has told me he would kill whomever I'm with.  On the other hand, the jerk is so lazy that he refuses to his crap out of my house, and I seriously doubt the asshole would do it. But it still scared the crap out of me!
Dreams And Wishes
Ever feel like you have a knot in your stomache that just doesnt go away with anything you do. Im in that spot, I cant stop thinking about or wishing to be near a guy. And I wish he feels the same I want more but what do I do!
Dream Lover
Dream Lover ............Reach out your handAnd place it gently in mineLet us become oneAs ours souls intertwineThe night surrounds usFilled with the starsAs we danced under the moonAnd make love in the darkYour kisses like velvetYour touch like silkAs we envelope each other And create a love stiltLet our bond be unbroken And lasts many nightsFrom the beginning to the endNever losing its sightSo if by chance we let goAnd drift slowly apartLet the love we endeavoredContinue silently in our hearts
Dream A Little Dream
Dream a Little Dream   Late at night I wonder All the things unknown And then I drift on zephyr To a place different from Shapes and colours shift Behind a wall of haze Giving a sense of timelessness Until I look behind To see myself in repose Wondering of the future A ribbon keeps me here And yet I stretch out wide To grip the world of wonder Then race to my destination That I’ve never seen Encountering its people Yet they don’t see me Travelling on the wind
The Dream
The Dream Imagine yourself in God's arms. You have fallen asleep, and you begin to dream. Some dreams take you outside your home, others to different countries, and still others to different worlds. Yet, if you were to awaken, you would still find yourself in God's arms. Regardless of the dreams you created, regardless of what you chose to believe and experience in those dreams, regardless of how scared you were, or the words you chose to use, God watched over you with everlasting love, patience and peace. Imagine yourself smiling as you watch your children sleep. So too does God watch over you with absolute love. Regardless of what you choose to see as true, regardless of how you view Him or dream of Him, He waits patiently for you to awaken. You might scream or kick Him, but He understands that you dream, and that you are simply reacting to a dream. He embraces you with perfect love and acceptance. He strokes your head, and although you sleep, you feel His love. And de
Our dreams are foundationsfor unnoticeable actionsa place for us with no repercussionsto do what we please with simple easefor this the place to find true loveblond golden hairwith freckles to spareas sweet as can belike nectar to a beeand legs so softto make minds wander aloftalas the dream has come to an endno worries my love i'll see you againfor you i'll search the back of my mindfor you, you alone until the end of timesearching for my love my, miss right
Dreams Of Venus
Come check me out at:! I promise you will like it! ;^)
Dream Of Better Days
Gazing through the window at the world outside Wondering will mother earth survive Hoping that mankind will stop abusing her sometime After all there's only just the two of us And here we are still fighting for our lives Watching all of history repeat itself Time after time I'm just a dreamer I dream my life away I'm just a dreamer Who dreams of better days I watch the sun go down like everyone of us I'm hoping that the dawn will bring a sign A better place for those Who will come after us ... This time I'm just a dreamer I dream my life away oh yeah I'm just a dreamer Who dreams of better days Your higher power may be God or Jesus Christ It doesn't really matter much to me Without each others help there ain't no hope for us I'm living in a dream of fantasy Oh yeah, yeah, yeah If only we could all just find serenity It would be nice if we could live as one When will all this anger, hate and bigotry ... Be gone? I'm just a dreamer I dream my li
Dreams: Something To Hold Onto
.. Dreams: Something to hold onto Dreams are the key to your survival. They are the key to your awake. Don't let them go you need them. Hold onto them for dear sake. Dreams are only yours. They are always true. No matter how far away they seem, whether good ones, bad ones, old ones, new. Don't set them aside. Don't throw them away. They grow from your heart. And your heart you obey. Don't say it won't be. Just give it a try. In your soul it will stay, never to die. Dreams are precious. Don't let them go. Dreams are your future. Only let them grow. By Vicki S..
dream sweetly
Dreaming Of The Dawn
How might I ever recover... ...Now that I have felt your    sigh against my neck? ...Now that I have held you    closely in my dreams? ...Now that I have heard your
A Dream
A dream floats into my head. A dream where u are laying on the beach enjoying the sun. The ocean is calm and the sun is bright. There is a slight breeze just enough to keep u from getting to hot. I lay next to u enjoying your beauty and the sound of the ocean. U turn to me asking me to rub tanning lotion on your back. I happily say baby anything for my little teapot. I put the lotion in my hand, rub them together, then begin to massage it into your skin. I start at your shoulders, working my way down your back and ending at your legs. When I am done we relax, enjoy each other, and wait the day out until the sunset. The time has come for the sun to go down so that it can rise again. I sit with u between my legs, holding u, and watching the sun drop behind the horizon. We wait and watch as the day becomes night/ We see every star as it awakes and adds a sparkle to the night sky. The moon begins to glow and reflect of the ocean. As I look at the beauty of the night I only think of how it
The possibilities are endless Of dreams in continuation If you add thoughts to mine We can share imagination Continue nights with sequels Let your desires flow free Unlocking unending dreams Share the key to creativity Ignite the passionate flames Until the embers glow red Dreams have no limitations Once inhibitions are shed On a blanket 'neath the stars The moon lights the shore Embrace in nights together Each dream reveals more
Dreams Many Dreams....
When I was a younger man I had such dreams. Oh such wonderful , glorious dreams. Now I'm older, ok, a lot older and those dreams are gone. Long buried. Put away like some baseball cards in a box under the bed. What happened? Where has time gone? Remember when you grew up and your block (and maybe the ones surrounding it) were the limits of your imagination / kingdom? The next town over was like going to another country? How freedom was riding your bike without a care in the world. Where your biggest concerns was, what ice cream to get when the good humor truck rolls down your street. Should I play chutes and ladders? Operation? Hungry hungry hippo? Laying in bed on a cold snowy winters day, hearing the town's air raid siren go off meaning school's canceled. Having a catch with my Dad in the backyard. Running with my sister catching lightening bugs , letting them go, watching thier blinking lights go higher and higher into the nightsky, our dreams and prayers are with th
                   Dreams when the sun goes down on a misty eve i feel alone but yet i am not alone i feel the spirits of those who have passed on i hear them call to me,but i am not afraid cause they help calm my mind when the veil of darkness surrounds me and i travel to places that only i can go in my mind when the sun rises in the morning hours i am back to reality i am again just another person in a world of people but in my dreams,im more im anything that i wish to be and go where i want but is life really life or are our dreams the reality of life that we dont wish to face and we just dream of living
well i plan on winning the lottery here very soon (lol big wish)   and chatting with a very nice friend got me thinking,   if i was to get myself states side who would want a visit from me?
The Dream
The Dream   When rain trickles And the winds blow While candles flicker And tree limbs bow I dream of you And of our bond The memories of us Have grown so fond I lie awake In darkness cloaked The picture I see My mind invoked I see your face Those entrancing eyes The beautiful lips That tell no lies I hear your voice The song it sings The words it speaks The thoughts it brings I feel your touch Your soft skin near The gentle embrace That calms my fear I smell your fragrance Your personal potion The strong aroma From a body in motion I feel your love Your soul's tenderness The warm affection That you express I fall to sleep Your picture I hold What dreams may come As each day unfolds     Melissa Lay October 1, 1998
DreamVoid of color, of lightThe night sky no longer the same.I lay under the stars,Why do you tease me so?Forsaken again,My mind wanders.The screams pierce the air.Anguish unknown to most,Pain caused by two words.Nay, not words, but two worlds.Ours and reality, both lost.A foolish dream, Our dance with Satan.A dream of Love.With a dancing core,Flames burn the edge.The dream I dreamt,Now consumed by flame.This particular poem of mine is very special to me.  What you see is how it came to me.  In a way, it might seem harsh but after reading it I want you to think about the last time you hurt.  Remember what it was like, then read it again.  Anyway, I hope to get some feed back, and remember that I love you all.
Dream with the morning and a new world to come, have faith because is very possible if you are determined. Dream that there are no borders and love without barriers, please don’t look back. Live with the emotion of feeling again, to live in peace. In your way, sow a new destiny and the sun will shine again. Where the souls are united in light, then goodness and love will be reborn. The day that we find that dream you will change, no one will be able to destroy the truth from your soul.
The Dream
I finally crawled into bed last night, late. With visions of you still in my head. Anticipation pounding in my heart. All my senses filled with your existence. As I escaped into the dream world I know so well, I took you with me. We walked down the beach together. Our hands touching and our hearts bonding through them. The wind kissing our faces gently. The sand giving way under our feet. The warmth in our hearts that only a poet would understand. Finding an oasis in the never ending edge of the world, We sit beneath the giant tree, on the patch of thick grass that seems to have been put there just for us. We talked for what seems to be hours. Never running out of things to say, feelings to share, thoughts to exchange. I reach out to touch you and you stop my hand with yours. Our fingers touch. Our hands envelop each other. Almost as though they were making love to each other. Our fingers dancing. Our eyes gazing into each others. A soft and gent
Dream Girl
I met this girl one night onlineOne day i wish i can say she's mineBut i know in my mind i'm not her typeAnd i know in my heart that i am rightHer beauty and her charm sends chills down my spine.I wish we woke up next to each other all the timeShe's smart, sexy, gorgeous, and coolMe thinking i'll ever have her makes me feel like a fool.So i guess for now she'll be my  Dream GirlCause why would she pick me when she can have any guy in the world............ A poem done by (Joe Blake)
Dreams Do Come True
Dreams do come true, but only when They make it through despair, Limping into everyday Transformed beyond repair. No dream would be a dream if it Could pass for something real, Nor would we sail for paradise Would it its shoals conceal. So it is with love: the dream Long longed for, now possessed, Must be a dream no longer, but An emperor undressed. Stark naked it must come to us In unaccustomed shame, And we must take it in our arms And love it all the same. And we must love love as it is That dreams might still come true, Mangled into miracles To make our lives anew.
A Dreamer Of Dreams
A DREAMER OF DREAMS You have come to me from a distant land,Dreamer of dreams, to fill my hearts desire,Sweet music flowing from your nimble handThat plays within... to light my passion's fire. A symphony of word and thought you bring.Excitement builds upon crescendo's sound,Brought forth in tones to make my light heart singFor all the beauty that, with you, I've found. A life is changed in just an instant's time,All darkness fled before that brillaint sunThat shines from spoken words of softest rhymeAnd speaks of treasures, only just begun. This mystic meeting gives my heart a glowThat few have seen and only you will know.
Dreaming I've been dreaming of you all nightOf how, to hold you so tight.We lay under the stars so bright.Dreaming, of dreamless sleep at night.Dreaming of how to tell each other each night.The deepest things in our hearts tonight.Deep in dreams, of you, are so right.Dreaming, of you again tonight.Dreaming, of you in the twilight.Dreaming, of catching your sight.Dreaming, of the night we don’t fight.Dreaming, of holding you tight.Dreaming, I got it right.Dreaming,I've got that right.
Dreams.  (    Second half of dreaming)Images Unclear by the light,  The fog of this dream.It does seem so real though…The   picture inside my head.The ideas are all so clouded.Is it fact or fiction?Real or make-believe?Is it just a dream?I want it to be so real.Dream!How can it be this real?The lights the fogBlocking the images of my dreams.Yes that’s the powerOf dreams. Leaving you wondering.Dreams.
Current mood: content Category: Dreams and the Supernatural   I’m running down an endless Road. I can never get to the end. Shh.... Somethings following me. Running faster, I feel my heart beat throbbing in  my chest. I look back and.... My face hits the hard concreat. I feel it’s breath lingering over me. I look around for somewhere to run, somewhere to turn.  I see an old church... I run inside, it’s dark. _No one in sight._ I hear it behind me again... I fall to my knees with eyes shut and scream, for only God can help me! I open my eyes... It’s gone. I lay on the floor and weap, till I fall asleep. Then I awoke in the morning light, with God now by my side. (Nothing to fear.)
Thursday, April 10, 2008  DREAMS DREAMS Category: Writing and Poetry   awake in bed, i remembera dream i had, clearlya moment i’d cherish foreverin my heart i’d like to keep dearly and as seconds pass, i can feelthat dreams, fleeting away they goand my heart turns into a barren fieldagain with frozen snow awake in bed, i liefeeling like a bird with broken wingswishing it’d rather die’cause every move it makes, it stings then i remember anothera dream, with me that always stayeda present from my heavenly fathera new set of wings for me he had made
Dreams Aren't Real [and Tears Are Just Lies]
Dreams aren't real. It's what you always say, But they slither into my sleep, And trun night into day. Daytime is a little scary, Especially when you're [not] there. Left alone, always alone in this godforsaken nightmare. I can feel the panic ripple, I can taste fear on my tongue. But, dear, it's not real, So just suck it up and run. Run for you life, Until you can't anymore, Then lay down and die, Die right there on the floor. Nightmares, so real. It's like I'm dying every night, But no, no. It's okay. Everything's alright. Not real. They're NOT real. I don't care what you say. Just go back to sleep, 'Cause dying is A-Okay. Those tears, they don't matter. Oh, no they don't. It's just a dream. It's just a lie. I won't care. I won't. Hold my breath, Until sleep holds me still. Tears still stain my cheeks, But it's okay, dreams aren't real.
Dreaming About You
Dreaming About You... ....................Sitting in the dark tonightAlone in my corner of the worldI can't see the lightI want to be your girlOr do I? I don't know...I really have no clueI feel like I have no where to goBecause I'm so in love with youMiles separate us And so I thought I didn't have to yearnI thought I could escape the lustGod, I have so much to learnI've been living a lieI wish I was yours, stillI pretended I haven't wished that, by and byBut in my heart I know I always willI can't come out and tell How I dream about you every nightMy life seems like a living hellBecause without you it isn't rightI want to just call you mineAnd let you hold me closeBut I've got to give this timeI want your love the mostYou seem so angry sometimesAnd I wish I could kiss it awayBut to my morals that would be a crimeYet I wish it every dayIt seems like you are so distantI want to tell you how I feelBut it's impossible, I can'tYou wouldn't take me for realSo I sit here in the darkQuiet bu
Dream Dictionary ~* A - Addiction *~
A friend of mine has in interest in dream interpretation... sooo i chased down a dream dictionary to post for her... A To see the letter "A" in your dream, represents superiority or beginnings. You are moving on to something new and grand. Alternatively, it may indicate the name or initial of a person. Abandonment To dream that you are abandoned, suggests that it is time to leave behind past feelings and characteristics that are hindering your growth. Let go of your old attitudes. A more direct and literal interpretation of this dream is that you have a fear of being deserted, abandoned, or even betrayed. It may stem from a  recent loss or a fear of losing a loved one. The fear of abandonment may manifest itself into your dream as part of the healing process and dealing with losing a loved one. It may also stem from unresolved feelings or problems from childhood. Alternatively, the dream indicates that
Dream Dictionary Addition - Advancement
Addition To dream that you are solving an addition problem, signifies that you will struggle to overcome adversaries and other formidable situations. To dream that there is a mistake in an addition problem, denotes that you will successfully outwit your rivals by discovering their plans before they have a chance to execute it. Address To dream of your old address, suggests that you need to take a look back at the past and learn from it. To dream of a new address, indicates the need for change. To dream that you are addressing an envelope, represents your need to explore more possibilities. Weigh your options carefully before making a final decision. Alternatively, the dream suggests that you have found your direction in life and are ready to pursue your goals. Adieu To dream that you are bidding cheerful adieus to someone, signifies much pleasant festivities and enjoyable visits. To dream that
A Dream Within A Dream
Take this kiss upon the brow!And, in parting from you now,Thus much let me avow --You are not wrong, who deemThat my days have been a dream;Yet if hope has flown awayIn a night, or in a day,In a vision, or in none,Is it therefore the less gone?All that we see or seemIs but a dream within a dream.I stand amid the roarOf a surf-tormented shore,And I hold within my handGrains of the golden sand --How few! yet how they creepThrough my fingers to the deep,While I weep -- while I weep!O God! can I not graspThem with a tighter clasp?O God! can I not saveOne from the pitiless wave?Is all that we see or seemBut a dream within a dream?  
A Dream
Dream Sequence 8.0
I know in the past when I’ve posted dreams the storyline ran fluid. Unfortunately, with last nights dream, there was so much going on that if the detail is hazy I’m leaving it out. I’m surprised how well I’ve developed my ability to remember as much as I do, but don’t for a moment think it was an easy task! For the longest time I was afraid to post my dreams, let alone talk about them. As you have seen and will read today, you can understand why. The first sequence was way too hazy to remember but I know it had something to do with a drive thru. So I’ll start with what I remember the most.I was riding in the back of my parents suburban with a girl I used to work with named Markie. We were pulling up to my parents’ house, which also happens to be the house grew up in. I was meeting my older brother, Joel, there to grab my belongings and move to my friends’ (Chris Rogers) mother’s house. Markie was moving there as well, which is stran
Dream Auction
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Dream To Own Me
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The Dream
     I used to have this dream every night, and it kind of bothered me at first because it was the same dream over and over.  I would walk into a room and see my child and his or her mother playing on the floor, though  I could never see there faces, I could tell they where happy.   I would walk in tired from working all day and join them, and even though I was tired I would feel a sense of joy also.  I would wake from this dream with a feeling of loneliness and longing  for the family that I had been deprived of  for so long.  I had tried to be the good guy for most of my life and nothing ever came of it.  Then about eight years ago I meet this girl, she was young and wild, but we had this unreal connection with each other not just physical but almost spiritual it seemed. On and off for a several years we would get together and break up.  Then about four years ago, after I had just about lost all hope of ever truly having a family we got together for one unforgettable night.  There wh
The Oceans Swell then gleam Maize realist fells the seam Dark clouds weep the eyes Prisms the open see sighs A realm for which no end Occuring when lights bend Living aura when waves die Realist wakens; Dreamers fly
Oh my life is changing everyday in every possible way And oh my dreams it's never quite as it seems Never quite as it seems I know I felt like this before But now I'm feeling it even more Because it came from you Then I open up and see The person falling here is me A different way to be I want more, impossible to ignore Impossible to ignore And they'll come true impossible not to do Impossible not to do And now I tell you openly You have my heart so don't hurt me You’re what I couldn't find A totally amazing mind So understanding and so kind You're everything to me Oh my life is changing everyday In every possible way And oh my dreams it's never quite as it seems 'cause you're a dream to me Dream to me
Dream Of You By Harry Connick Jr.
I spent last night dreaming of your eyes   but your hair kept getting in teh way   your lips dropped in to tell me how you been   and when I tried to kiss them, my pillow told me I missed them   your voice dropped by and sang a lullaby   and it was then I knew just what to do   I'd fall alseep and then   I'd dream of you again   Your voice dropped by and sang a lullaby    and it was then I knew just what to do   I'd fall asleep and then   I'd dream of you again.
This is totally crazy, but I had a dream, in which I told someone a joke:   Q: Why did a flasher go to Car wax?   A: Cause they put on a top coat.   Thats the first time I ever made up a joke in my dream, and remembered it. Maybe I can come up with a high ranking novel next time...   another gem from me:   Whats a prostitute's favorite music styles?   Hard Cock, and Jizz  
Dreambox 600s
Dreambox 600s dreambox dm600s dreambox 600 satelitte
I came home from work, and passed out for about an hour. I swear, most of my dreams involve hotels and Moscow.   I was working at my hotel (altho it didnt look ANYTHING like it, but I knew it was my workplace. Some old douche complained about not gettin somethin delivered, and I went to check up on it. The next thing I know, I"m in my Moscow apartment. I was walking around, checking the drawers, and trying to take pics with my cell. After that, I walked out, and realized that I left the keys inside. I started walking past the store by my house, and saw a coupla black guys follow me, like FBI or somethin. Then my friend called and woke me up.
The Dream
Asleep at lastThe days events ebb quiet now it wont last, drink it down savor the nothingness She is here, I feel herwaiting watchingAllowing me my pithy lullWhat torments will she grace me with tonightTime I go softlyI Lie on my back in the company of the darker sister withinBeg her for rest, its been daysDark dreams consume meYour scent creeps into the air like a rapacious invader  Impossible...Flashes of your silver grin hit me like lightning Pulse races like a trapped thing under my skin Manic to be freedPanicNo, not thisAnything elseI'd rather a million dreams of pain and gore than this"Baby"Your voiceYour thick disarming voiceSo perfectly maleDeep, rolling from your lipsStirs my blood like a tempestThe weight of your hands on my wrists Skin trembles against yours Heart rages inside my chestso fasttoo fastdizzy nowYour leg slides between mine until it can go no fartherWaves of electricity jolt from that single touchYour face, so closeYour breath on my neck"Baby"Your words stick to
Dream Big
Dream Big I have always believe that if you are going to dream, dream big, and when I dream I do dream of big things. . . Big male arms wrapped around me holding me close looking me in the eyes looking, down at my lips, and then taking my mouth with his devouring it like there is no tomorrow. Coming up for air barely able to breath looking each other in the eyes as he starts kissing me again slowly kissing his way down my neck, as his hand moves up the back of my shirt undoing my bra, stopping he looks up at me and says, “Only if you want.” With that I push him away to pull my shirt up and over my head, letting him pull my bra away tossing it to the floor. Our mouths finding each other again as our hands roam each others bodies, pull away once again to pull his shirt up and off over his head. My mouth finding his chest working my way down to his pants, right at that point he pulls me back up to his mouth whispering “Not yet, you fist.” Lying there
There are dreams we all travelSome bring smiles and some fearBeen walking on a long roadWith thoughts that are never clearDrowning in my own eyesLaughing on my own criesSeeking truth in my own liesRising when my soul diesThere are dreams we all travelSome make us rise and some fallBeen riding this tide aloneStruggling while life takes its tollLeft alone within my mindSearching for serenityIf only I could see the truthWhat really lives inside me
A Dream Within A Dream - Edgar Allen Poe
Take this kiss upon the brow!And, in parting from you now,Thus much let me avow-You are not wrong, who deemThat my days have been a dream;Yet, if Hope has flown awayIn a night, or in a day,In a vision, or in none,Is it, therefore, the less gone?All that we see or seemIs but a dream within a dream.I stand amid the roarOf a surf-tormented shore,And I hold within my handGrains of golden sand-How few! yet how they creepThrough my fingers to the deep,While I weep- while I weep!O God! can I not graspThem with a tighter clasp?O God! can I not saveOne from the pitiless wave?Is all that we see or seemBut a dream within a dream?
Dream From The Heart
  OUR FOORPRINTS IN SAND SHARING THOSE FOOTPRINTS WITH ONE YOU LOVE Dream from the Heart. Visualizing new outcomes is the ability to “see ourselves as we want to be, not as we currently are.”or how other people wish you to be in this World ,which happens so much ,it seems we live our lives as other people see you living a life or think you should be in this world ,leaving such emptiness within yourself that becomes complete sadness ,that only others start to see in your eyes and actions that is only trying live a life through another means or eyes and not your own . This involves going inside, sorting through some ideas and deciding which dreams, which desires, which outcomes feel exciting.YOU yes you know yourself and know what your spirit needs and desires down to very core of your very own soul and when you share a life with another and they do not wish to heal those needs or desires or wish to even consider what your body and mind needs in life ,then you will c
A Dream Come True
I dont want to have to think about it , If in my heart I know its not true. And the more we talk about it , The more i want to give in to you. But this hearts been broken ,Far to many times. Theres peices lacking , Your love will never find. And i fear that one day you ll stop,Trying to always be.The one thing in this world , I know is  good for me. Last night we'd satyed up talking , Till day light broke the dark.For a moment it felt like , We weren't worlds apart. It seems like i searched a lifetime , For someone just like you.  And for the first time in a long time , I know that dreams come true.
Dreams Can Mean So Much...what Are The Meanings Hidden Inside?
originally posted as a reply to a friends comment on one of my blogs... 17 huh? the death of youth...the condemnation of adults around wanting you to be an adult...the battle with friends over moving on to new things...god i remember 17...a time of pain...lonliness...isolation...being adopted by grandparents and dealing with a generation who had watched people my parents age go thru the world of rebellion, freedom, peace, love, drugs...the age of aquarius and woodstock...manson and the family...viet nam...oh my god...when i think of how i would have thrived in that world...that age...i would have been long gone from the world i lived to hitchhike across america and just being who i am...someone who has no clue about why the hell their conception was accident that was brought into this world in the name of a catholic god...abortion was not an option...and when i think that ten years later i may not have boggles the mind...i read this poem (poem sent t
"Dreams... I believe in my dreams, talk about my dreams, think about my dreams, plan for my dreams, create opportunities for my dreams, and I see myself already in my dreams. The only way to achieve a dream is to talk about it, believe it, see yourself in it and create opportunities for it. There is a great will-power that follows whatever you imagine. This will-power gets you going despite all odds and the dreams that are supposed to take you ten to twenty years to achieve are achieved in a shorter period. Paper plans are not enough for dreams! Just see yourself acting out what you have imagined and by the time you get into it, you may think you are still in the process of imagination.What you believe is what you achieve. What you imagine is what you become. What you think is what you experience.
All my life i've been a dreamer. Someone who believed in life and love. Someone who believed in the impossible. I still believe. I am a beliver in the impossible. I believe one day that my dreams will come true. I will never lose my hope of someday.
A Dreamer's Treasure
A Dreamer's Treasure   Still dreaming of the chance to give all of me to you; Without hurting our friendship like so many people do.   This dreamer's mission of discovery is love's sweet pot of gold; But the greatest treasure that could be found is the beauty of your soul. Darlene
A whisper in my ear, thoughts only spoken to the mindm with a slight touch of sanity, my dreams become my reality.... never wanting to wake from this slumber, to spend the rest of my life in this state, its a place where noone can enter,,, only be brought....   This is my realm, my solitude, my dreams, hopes and fears. My Mind unravels with thoughts of life, death, love, memories and questions in which no answer can be given; one can spend the rest of their lifes looking for a way to understand, and never find the path to the answer, only to the possible futures.
Dream Girl
Who is my Dream Girl? Who is made just for me, Who is only such girl made by Thee, Who is no less than an angel, She is my Dream Girl...She is my Dream Girl.The moon and the starBow down in honour, Seeing the beauty marvelShe is my Dream Girl...She is my Dream Girl.The 'Goddess of Beauty'Who is titled In the bible, She is my Dream Girl...She is my Dream Girl.Not only for her gorgeous nature, But also for her beautful heart like a shinig mirrorWho is worshipped in templeShe is my Dream Girl...She is my Dream Girl.Who is as purifiedAs the innocence of a childFrom mind nad body, heart and soul, She is my Dream Girl...She is my Dream Girl.Who is innocent of angerWhose sweet voice can never be heard louder, In front of everyone who is always humble, She is my Dream Girl...She is my Dream Girl.Whose eyes so resplendentExpress every feeling hidden, Who is so much adorableShe is my Dream Girl...She is my Dream Girl.For whom I am the only one, Who makes me feel like Heaven, For whom I am so spe
Dreaming Of Us
please tell me your dreams.let me make those dreams come true. all i want is for you to be happy. dancing all night shaking our booty. i dream of our first kiss. waking up besides you. i never want this to end. i want to spend my whole life with you. you're everything to me. i  close my eyes and dream of us.i lose myself into baby make my life so make me feel so good. i scream your name every night.wishing you're in my arms.
Dreams Of Desire
Every minute of every day I spend thinking of you,Hoping and wondering if you miss me too.So long its been since I've seen your face,Or felt the bliss of your warm embrace.I wonder if you're ok and who you're with,And how much longer I must wait for your kiss.Each night I dream I am back in your arms,Lost in your love, protected from harm.In my realm of dreams, all is right,We remain together one more heavenly night.The world is ablaze with a colorful fire,For it knows the passion of our unspoken desire.Here we'll remain lingering in our love,Drifting with pleasure in the heavens above.Then I awaken, and know that you're gone,nothing is perfect and everythings wrong.My world is bleak, tainted with sorrow,Knowing you'll be gone today and tomorrow.I can't wait for the day when you'll be home at last.Then all this pain can be put in the past.Until then I'll lay here dreaming of you,As I pray for the day that our wish will come true
All is not lost. I am free. A wise song writer once said "freedom" means "having nothing left to lose." While it may be true. It opens up all sorts of possibilities. I have a few friends. That is good. The economy may be in the tank, but in the log run that is good too. It is like a forest fire that clears the woods for new growth. Painful to lose what was there, but it makes room for growth none the less.Life lessons there, too. Someday I hope to have a place of my own. A place where I can hang my poster of Isis and Osiris. A place to put up my statues of the Morrigan. A place to put my alter to the old ones. Nothing fancy. Just a place that is my own. I hope to have a submissive who will honor me, adore me, and whom I can treasure. I hope to have the love and the trust of the one person who can understand the power of a man linked to the old ways. All that will wait ... maybe in time I will find what I seek. For now they are dreams or goals to seek. That is all for now.    
Dreaming Of The One
He'll hold me in his arms And watch me as I sleep  Keep me safe from harm And kiss me oh so deep   He'll tell me that he loves me And will for the rest of his life He'll say forever is how long he wants to be with me And that tell me one day I'll be his wife   As I look into his eyes Our future I will see Thats when I'll realize It'll be forever; him and me   Samantha Lewey
A Dream Worth Dreaming
Somewhere in my dreams I hear your voice Whispering gently....into thin air At the edge of the mountain I close my eyes Sensing your breathing...feeling you appear there On the edge of my dreams I see your face A twin soul......when we share eyes At the edge of the mountain I catch my breath Touching our finger tips...mouth goes dry In the shadows of my dreams I taste your lips So soft against mine like a warm rain At the edge of the mountain my heart slows Sharing our every breath....two hearts don't refrain In the deepest part of my dreams I feel your touch Breathless....from the warmth of your skin At the edge of the mountain I open my eyes Seeing only clouds....feeling.... within On the edge of my dreams is where I want to stay It's there...I'm forever in your At the edge of the mountain I'll remain breathless For greater love will ever be found Will you always be there on the edge of my dreams? Will you always meet me to the edge of the mountain? I wi
Dream Girl
Dream GirlI dream about her at nightI see her during the dayI love her i know is rightBut how to tell her I can not sayOnly if I couldI would tell her trueThen I know she wouldTell me "I Love You"One touch from her burns meLike the heat from a fireThat Flames up within meKeeps my temperture raising higherThe kiss of her lips sends meAll the way into outerspaceWhen I look at her I seeThere's nothing more beautiful as her faceSo if you ask me, I'll tell you She is the only one I love so true.Brad A ChristopherCopyright ©2007 Brad A. Christopher
Dream With In A Dream
A Dream Within A Dream by Edgar Allan Poe Take this kiss upon the brow!And, in parting from you now,Thus much let me avow--You are not wrong, who deemThat my days have been a dream;Yet if hope has flown awayIn a night, or in a day,In a vision, or in none,Is it therefore the less gone?All that we see or seemIs but a dream within a dream.I stand amid the roarOf a surf-tormented shore,And I hold within my handGrains of the golden sand--How few! yet how they creepThrough my fingers to the deep,While I weep--while I weep!O God! can I not graspThem with a tighter clasp?O God! can I not saveOne from the pitiless wave?Is all that we see or seemBut a dream within a dream?
The best thing about dreams is that fleeting moment, when you are between asleep and awake, when you don't know the difference between reality and fantasy, when for just that one moment you feel with your entire soul that the dream is reality, and it really happened.
Dream For It
 i love you as the beautiful soul who encaptures my being, alone is this world i search for hapinesss, maybe one day i will find this enlightenment, you on at the altar hand in hand, gracefully bestowing yourcvheart to me......till dead comes for us for our final sleep.
Dream (lyrics)
 Dream :Am I awake or is this a dreamCuz everything ain't what it seemsEverytime I turn see I learn to see After that somethings chasing meIf you could see inside my headAll the thoughts, they turn to redAnd nothing's what it seemsSo don't let me fall this wayIn all my dreams I can do what's real (Confused on how I feel)Things aren't what they seem to be (and I can't seem to get back to reality)How can it be?I don't think soI got away out of your holdEverything I thought I knew was sold outEverything I knew nothing aboutIs this real or make believe?Am I there or there to see?All these thoughts inside my dreamsAnd some don't let me fall asleepIn all my dreams I can do what's real (Confused on how I feel)Things aren't what they seem to be (and I can't seem to get back to reality)[x3]
getting tired of the gamesthat ppl play.. they seem to do it, in many ways.a whipser here. I lieplaced there. Makingit seem like no one they matterthe games ppl playdoes it matterwho they hurtwho they torturewho they tear apart?some things dont matterdreams are just dreamsright? Meaning no onereally expects them to cometrue? But the little hopeof the dreamer. sometimeswishes they will come truebecause of the lifethey live is crapand they want what is in the dreamand that dream may disappear whenthey wake..Dreams.. do they ever come true?
I see that smile in my dreams I feel those hands on my sleeves I feel your breath on my neck I feel your body overlaps It's a dream nothing more It cant be real as it has been befor I want it to be I cant help but wish That you are my prince And im waiting for this....
have u ver had a dream that ate u alive inside annd make u scream so hard that ur insides hurt from the sorrow and hate in ur dream i have nevr seen a min of peace for along time because of it my realty won't let me face the truth darkness falls all around me as well as saddiness help me find my peace once again
Dreaming Of Being A Rose
You are everything I ever wanted to be, Like the simple daisy who dreamed of being a rose. You are but a rose, and like every rose you have thorns. I worked so hard to accomplish what came so easily for you. Jealous of your perfect being. Your perfect love and life. How can a rose tell a daisy they themselves are not perfect? They circle around you and praise over your elegant beauty, They smile and tell you how wonderful you are, but you obviously deny it. They look at me and think, “ah how cute” then simply turn away. A daisy is limited to being only cute. I could never bring myself to tell you though, Too afraid of losing such a perfect flower, Like you. I wish I were more like a rose, Or that you were more like a daisy Maybe then all the joy wouldn’t be one sided Maybe there could finally be some understanding between us After all, A rose can’t complain to a daisy whose ideal of being perfect is you. So please, Don’t stab this little daisy with yo
The Dream
For as long as i can remember... i have wanted to do something amazing with my life. I mean, who hasn't right? But, the trouble is, what is that one amazing thing for me? And when will i find it? If i do, how will i know what it is or how to do it? This life is too short...but what can we do to make the most of it? The one thing that i wanted to do was to love and be loved. I often ponder why life is so cruel to those that are not. What is our purpose....what is mine? Dreams of the morrow hath shattered soulPride is Lost. Wings stripped away, the end is nighSuch is... the fate of a monster. Are we just monsters with no pride left in us?On several occaisions, ive lost my pride...but more so, ive lost Love. Love that was the only thing that i wanted. It is the only thing that i want. But who is who to judge what Man can love and cannot? Life is a journey where you alone judge your quest... Iv'e lost this battle against love....this war on love....ive lost. Defeat comes at a bitter t
Dreams And The Sea
As the breeze flows in Hoist evenly the anchor Steer to the open waters Fountain of new discovery Where the sunset is to be Just as endless as our dreams.   Poem By Tammy C. 
Out in the dark night I look up aboveMoon so beautiful I think about loveHow grand it would be if you could just seeThe sight above and be standing here with meMy arm around you an your soft hand in mineI'd be just like heaven at least in my mindBut miles apart each other we may never seeSo I look at he moon and dream of what could becurt
A Dream (06.14.06))
He never hear the door quietly open then close, nor the footsteps that followed. She crept up to the foot of his bed, and stared at him with her big chocolate eyes. A slight smile crept across her mouth: there he was, a man, completely unaware of her standing there, so vulnerable and docile. Trying to avoid any sudden movements that would disturb him, she hopped on a bed like a panther stalking her prey, and put a chloroform soaked rug to his face. Twitching for a moment, he fell back on the bed.When he came to his senses some time later, he realized that his hands and feet were handcuffed to the bed, and his mouthwas taped shut with thick duct tape. What happened?? After a momentary panic, he saw her stand in the corner with her arms crossed. In a black garter belt and tall leather boots, she looked taller than her real height. Fixing her dark hair, she wickedly smiled with that animalistic smile he saw earlier. Who was she? Where did she come from? It was up for him to decide.He watc
Dreams And Illusions
In my eyes I can't disguise the love I feel inside because when I think of you I know these feelings are true. In my eyes you can see all that our love can be. My eyes are gleam
Dreams   It feels like a dreamone that I want never to wake from.I hear you breathand I melt.When your arms are around methe world seems to go away.The sudden butterflies appearand my knees go weak.The sound of your heart beatso in tune with mine,makes me wonder how I ever survived without you.I hope that the days of us not being together forever is over.To tear us away from each otherwould surely be the death of me.Never to wake from the dreamI would surely give my everything.My heart is yours foreveras yours is mine.
I had a dream about  dr. Luka Kovac today.  Never was interested in him before, but he was pretty hot in person.....good dream.
Dreams Dreams are deceiving. My dream last night started out simple enough. It was a cool morning the sun popping over the horizon. I stand there my hand trembling trying to knock on your door. As I start to knock the door flings open. There you are smiling. As beautiful as i had imagined. You whisk Hunter up holding him tight. As you sit him back down you grab my hand. The smile leaving your face. You take my hand lead me inside. You lead me to the couch never taking your eyes off me. You lean in and whisper something to Hunter. A single tear rolling down your face. You Lead me to my car. As Hunter and I get in you whisper "I'm sorry". I pull away watching you in the rear view mirror tears start falling. As you disappear from my view Hunters says I'll Take care of you DADDY. I then awake leaving me wondering why what when........I LOVE YOU......WAITING ON A WOMAN
stand beside a lonely man and see what he believes slow down and understand we all have need turn around im lost again in a world thats blind to me catch a train and dont look back its free to dream----                     chorus dream dream dream   i was born in a troubled life not far from here never learned wrong from right but now i see these bars they hold me in keep me from being free one thing i learned in life its free to dream                         chorus dream dream dream     i dream of a better day with freedom from the hell i paid i hope i can see the day when i walk from here i believe ppl can change and i know im one of them im ready to change my ways and have god in my life                   bridge cause i see you love and i cant believe my eyes i feel your love in a way i cant deny i see your love and i cant believe my sees                    outro cause i only want to be with you   only only you only only you only
Dream Come True
Am I sleeping.Am I awake.I feel you all around me.I cannot sleep.I cannot hide.My memory so clear.I have no fear cause I know your near.You’re my inspiration.Your kissI feel the bliss.Can it be.That you chose me.You make my heart soar.Is it a dream.I cannot scream.Cause you are my dream come true.
Dream Girl
As the night slowly closes in.I feel so lonely & can not sleep.I dream of the day we will meet.I dream of your face.I dream of are first kiss.I feel the bliss for that special kiss.I touch your skin and go crazy.I cannot breath.Till your restin here  with meI wont leave til you’re here with me.I wont go and cannot hide.I want my memory of you here with me.
Seems no matterHow hard I tryI have no one who loves meAnd for this I cry.Wondering throughQuestioning whySearching for somethingOther than lies.So I keep walkingOnly myself can I relyDreaming a dreamWill I wake when I die ??
The Dream
The Dream When rain trickles And the winds blow While candles flicker And tree limbs bow I dream of you And of our bond The memories of us Have grown so fond I lie awake In darkness cloaked The picture I see My mind invoked I see your face Those entrancing eyes The beautiful lips That tell no lies I hear your voice The song it sings The words it speaks The thoughts it brings I feel your touch Your soft skin near The gentle embrace That calms my fear I smell your fragrance Your personal potion The strong aroma From a body in motion I feel your love Your soul's tenderness The warm affection That you express I fall to sleep Your picture I hold What dreams may come As each day unfolds Melissa Lay October 1, 1998
i had a dream that i owned pet rats some were like really big and some were really small i kept them in a box for a week so i wasnt sure where they were... but then i find them and put them into another box and the box wasnt that big but the tinest rat climbed out... so i put them into another box and then the biggest rat came out of the smallest hole on the box so i was like oh no i need to get some cheese but i didnt want to leave them cause then they would run away... so i tried putting them all in a tiny zip lock cause i didnt want them anymore and i had lost two of them so i was just like arghhh so the big rat wouldnt fit in the baggie so i shove it in but im afraid to be bitten so i run out of the house i was going to realise them pretty far away but in reality i just dropped them near the house and ran because i didnt want them to bite me --- i think im nervous about A new pet. also i lose sharpies so i think losing the rats was my brain trying to cope with the lost sharpies....
Dream dreams that everyone says are impossibleLive a life talked about long after you turn to ashesLove hard and endlessly someone who drives you madLust dangerously after someone you should never haveBe a better everything everyday for you not for themSueño sueños imposibles, entonces ellos saben que ellos pueden...
A Dream Come True
Feelings that once were hidden Are now expressed to you. Days that once were stormy Are now the brightest blue. Times that once were lonely Are now filled with pleasure. All that once was mine alone Are now things we both treasure. Nights that once were cold Are now comforting and warm. Fears that once were very real Are now gone with the storm. A heart that once was broken Can now finally mend. A person once alone in life Can now call you a friend. Dreams that once were longed for Are now all coming true. The love I once thought was gone I have now and forever in you.
Dream Eyes
Your eyes are big-big, And clean white, Like the purity of a cold-cold winter night.   Their color is blue and grey, Like the heat coming down a hot-hot summer day.   Paleolithic verities, In your eyes I see, That the one you are looking for, Sure-sure is not me.   I’m very-very poor,
Dreams Can you close your eyes & imagine us there? A place where we're free & their isn't a care. Where we can be how we wanna be, & no one would stare. A place we could meet without anyone around, a place 4 just us, quiet & dark. Would you meet me there, in the dark? Meet me there, you know where it is, just close your eyes & dream & I'll meet you there.
I see dreams in the sky,they are wanderers They pass through the barriers That we build all day long. They disappear,and leave no evidence Wishes in confidence Revealed in a song. When i look at what i am leaving behind I've no regrets for all the tears i have cried. My dreams if they could be true i'd gain my freedom for good My dreams are vain and cruel But the are all i need to face the gloom The are beyond the white shores Away from my room I see dreams in the night,they are drifting far To float over seas of stars And reach for the moon A silent kiss on the lips of Providence Faith in pure innocence When hope is gone soon I began to see the world that i made When i marched across the deserts and plains My dreams if they could be true I'd stay in a free world for good But they are all i need To face the gloom They are beyond the wired fence Away from this room Everybody says that i am just another fool Who flies with their fantasy And talks to the moon,but who is the real fo
Dream Big :)
And here I am again in the “writing” mood again… what can we talk about today? Lets see …. What about LOVE? Isnt this after all the thing we are all looking for? Even if in our passing through life we meet different people, and we hurt most of them …. That’s in the end all what we are looking for, isn’t it? That perfect pure love that will make us complete and make us dream beyond any imagination. Every time we say “I love you” and we really mean it, a star is being born somewhere in this corner of the Universe. Think of it …. The whole infinite Universe, all the stars in it being there just because we can love, and we can say it. Sounds maybe a bit unrealistic but is true! And then…think of all the stars that are dying just because some lie when they say “I love you”… Someone once was amazed about my capacity of love humans with all their faults and bad habits. Was amazed about how I still be
Dream And Feel
I dream what you're dreamingi feel what you're feelingbut can you feel the hurt inside buried?the dreams of you, how i want us to be badly married?can you feel the actions how you treat me everyday?the dreams i have i badly want to go awayfeelings i want to just let it outdreams i wish could happen, but that's a doubt who knew you'd change that quickly?and how you could just say BYE or OVER to me?you weren't the guy i used to knowthe guy who is now, is the one who let me goi wish i didn't let this to happenthen i guess everything would be happy, and the sadness will endi just wish i never met youand not to hear the words said back to me "i love you too"
A Dream I Had..........
My Demon Lover.......   He comes to me late at night, as I sleep wrapped up so tight.   His hair is long, his skin is white. His eyes sing a silent song, He can kill with just one bite.   He approaches me, but never touches the ground. His touch is so cold, He never makes a sound.   His lips are so soft, His kiss is so cold, Just a moment of pain, Is what I am told.   His lips brush my neck, His hand cups my breast. I am feeling so dizzy, As my heart pounds in my chest.   I feel his fangs, Pierce my neck. I feel as tho time is standing still, Just like before a wreck.   He tells me I am special, There is only you and me, He tells me he has given me a gift, When in fact, he has set me free.   By day we look, just like everyone. But by night, A Vampire we shall become.   By: Moketta 2008
Dreams I Have A Lot More Now Then Before:
Does anyone have a dream of skinning people and decorating their house with all skin and body parts and such? I do a lot. Could it be because of all the hate I have built up inside of me from past things? I honestly find horror movies or pain and torture to be exciting like porn is to others.
I hate going to sleep. I really do. I've been having dreams lately, which I consider nightmares since I continue to wake up crying and feeling my heart break all over again. I don't want happy dreams. I don't want to be dreaming about you and me together. I'm tired of waking up crying because I know that's not how it is, and now, I don't want to sleep forever so we can be together. It breaks my heart....constantly. I miss you and love you more than you'll ever know. And sometimes I hate that I'm still so very much in love with you. I just wish I knew if it mattered at all to you so I could move on easier if need be. I'm worried about you. Something isn't right..... I sitll wish you'd get ahold of me or answer a text. Just to say anything. Even if it's fuck off. Fuck off is better than pure silence..... I wish I was as invisable as you make me feel... -Mz. Iowa
imikimi - sharing creativity A Dream Never Fades I can just have dreams, I can just think of you, Never will we hold hands, Never will I kiss you... A dream never really fades, Even if it dresses in shades, A dream never really fades, It appears in your insides. It was this way meant to be, So our life can be complete, It seems to have sense for me, Souvenirs never are obsolete. A dream never really fades, Even if it dresses in shades, A dream should never really fade, It's inspired within your insides. So, I can just have dreams, So be it! I will think of you, In dreams we will hold hands, In dreams, dear, will I kiss you.......... from A very dear friend
The Dreadful Hours...
Lets see if I did this right this time... I LOVE how freaking creepy this song is. This is My Dying Bride, they and Rotting Christ are my favorite bands.  
Things certainly have changed in the last six months. So much so that I forgot who I am. I'm chained. Strapped. Orderly.Routine. I'm not sure how much longer I can live like this. Schedules and I never really got on so great. Meanwhile I'm running the same load of laundry for the fourth time in the dryer. It's not a particularly big or thick load My dryer's just a pile of turds.And in my infinite wisdom I started another load directly behind it thinking "surely if I start it at six it'll be done by midnight!" ................................................................................................................................................................................. That's the part where I open up this huge hateful compartment in my head and rage on every aspect of my life that I dislike. It starts with the dryerand ends on the high note of me. At what expense has my security come?I have a paycheck.I have friends.I have a dog.I have hobbies.I have a complet
getting tired of the gamesthat ppl play.. they seem to do it, in many ways.a whipser here. I lieplaced there. Makingit seem like no one they matterthe games ppl playdoes it matterwho they hurtwho they torturewho they tear apart?some things dont matterdreams are just dreamsright? Meaning no onereally expects them to cometrue? But the little hopeof the dreamer. sometimeswishes they will come truebecause of the lifethey live is crapand they want what is in the dreamand that dream may disappear whenthey wake..Dreams.. do they ever come true?
" dreams exist only in time to sleep .. and the fact that there is if we have awakened "
happiness is nothing more than a dream foolishly chased by man I sleep so even I may peruse this dream and catch it if I can unsure if I will ever succeed but I know with out you I am lost so through my dreams I shall follow you till the end at all cost
Dream Girl
Dream Girl... ! You come to me in a dream Stepping out of the computer screen Those starry eyes gleaming Warming up my heart racing Your face lightend up in a bliss Those lips asking for a kiss Oh yes you are mine and mine and only to be mine Round and round we go Oh let the music flow My girl you are mine Yes forever you are mine Yeah till the sun dies catching a cold Yeah till the moon explodes in a fiery boom Yes my girl you are mine and mine and only to be mine In the dead cold of the winter You bring me the smiles from spring On the snow that covers the grass You wake up little flowers to sing This dainty head that rest on my chest Looking up asking me to kiss your forehead My little baby yes you are mine and mine and only to be mine Yes you are mine and forever and forever mine....!
Dream Girl
Dream Girl... ! You come to me in a dreamStepping out of the computer screen Those starry eyes gleaming Warming up my heart racing Your face lightend up in a bliss Those lips asking for a kiss Oh yes you are mine and mine and only to be mine        Round and round we go       Oh let the music flow        My girl you are mine       Yes forever you are mine        Yeah till the sun dies catching a cold      &nbs
I dream a dream of you and I as one A dream of you and I at last together I dream of walking, laughing hand in hand And of a love I know will last forever I dream of gazing into your blue eyes And getting lost within your loving gaze I dream of feelings that must then arise And love that keeps our two hearts all ablaze I dream of special smiles meant just for me And knowing looks that say “ I love you too” I dream of reaching out to touch your face And knowing all my love is just for you I dream these dreams they’re always on my mind They never let me rest or so it seems I dream these dreams and yet I know inside They are not real they’re just my hopeless dreams
Sitting here inside my headDreaming dreams here in bedRunning round inside my thoughtsNever seeing what's in frontTossing, turning round and roundDrowning in the sorrow I foundDreaming of you the one I seeDreaming of times never thereDreaming of happiness, love and lifeDreaming of things no one can fightWhy do I sit hear in my head?Why do I care bout what's not there?Why do I dream of the one I see?Why do I care that person's not there.Will I wake from this painful dream?Will reality sink into place?Or will I lay here dreaming of things not so?Is He the devil setting me up?Sitting here inside my headDreaming dreams here in bedFinally the morning's comeAnd now I wake the dream is done.
Dreamer & Beauty......
OF DREAMER AND BEAUTY   As the dreamer moves through time his mind slips to Beauty………. Beauty with lips like wine sweet and inviting to drink………… eyes with a beauty so stunning she can stop time………. Dreamers thoughts turn to a fantasy that take the dreamer and beauty to a place of solitude……… a place without distraction and interruption…….. a place simple in surrounding……. yet familiar and comfortable…………… a place where Dreamer and Beauty can be together undisturbed………. Dreamer sees the time spent as priceless…….. he can see Beauty next to him……. He leans into her and with softness kisses her lips like wine….. Dreamer looks deeply into Beauty’s eyes and gently caresses her cheek with his fingertips……… Dreamer’s breath quickens and his heart begi
youre always in my dreams at night, youre always in my thoughts, i dream about you day and night even though youre not around. i cant wait to be in your arms again. you make me a lot stronger everytime youre around me but when i feel weak youre there to pick me up and make me strong again. i couldnt have asked for a better best friend and you mean the world to me and nothing can change that. i love to see you in my dreams day or night and its only you i dream about. sometimes when i look in the mirror i see you in it with me but when i look again youre not there. now that i know youre a marine i feel alot safer and more protected and i want to thank you for that. i will always support you and you will always be in my heart
What happens to the dream when the light of the early morrow appears?  Is it really gone, or does it remain hidden until your head reaches the tenderness of a pillow once more.   It’s impossible to believe that the hidden illusions of anything you could possible want have just melted away.   Melted like the frosty dew upon the grass of an early spring day. Ahh I remember this dream we sat near a lake just you and I.  We cuddled up under the blanket hand in hand.  Both eager with anticipation.  Me shivering from the soft breeze.   As the sun slowly arose from the distance I laid my head upon your shoulder as you gently placed your soft tender pink lips upon my forehead.  All the pain and suddenness of a lost you slowly slips away as I dream.  Here we are again.  Only to be lost as the beauty of another morning appears, just a glimmer. I prefer an endless slumber for my dreams have become my escape.   I’d rather remain in slumber then deal with the average of everyday.  You s
I want my boss to say "You know what? Youve done an outstanding job. Take the rest of the day off." I then want to have a quick 30 minute drive from work to home. No Sunday drivers doing 45 MPH. No cops to see me doing 80 MPH. I want the radio station to play every song that I love to sing to as well. Once home ( which is a nice house with a big kitchen, sunken living room, 2 bedroom 2 bath with a huge loft master bedroom and master bath instead of the rat trap mobile home I live in) Id like to be met at the door by my beautiful wife ( which actual does happen) who is wearing nothing but a smile. (which happens a lot) She'll be holding a nice glass of wine or maybe a fresh bottle of cream ale along with a plate full of my most favorite Chinese dishes. (Yeah....No, that never happens) From there, she will lead me to the bedroom where she helps me out of my uniform and tells me the temperature of the hot tub is just right. (Which is about 5 degrees cooler than what causes
A Dream Of Resolution
Harsh words & violent blowsHidden secrets nobody knowsEyes are open, hands are fistedDeep inside I'm warped & twistedSo many tricks & so many liesToo many whens & too many whysNobody's special, nobody's giftedI'm just me, warped & twistedSleeping awake & choking on a dreamListening loudly to a silent screamCall my mind, the number's unlistedLost in someone so warped & twistedOn my knees, alive but deadLook at the invisible blood I've bledI'm not gone, my mind has driftedDon't expect much, I'm warped & twistedBurnt out, wasted, empty, & hollowToday's just yesterday's tomorrowThe sun died out, the ashes siftedI'm still here, warped & twisted
Dreaming Of You Tonoght
Dreaming of you tonight     Dreaming  of you tonight; Holding me ever so tight. Inhaling me kissing me both of us wishing we were free To love one another  holding each other To Start life fresh and newoh if you only knew That the thought of you making love to me holding me just to be You are the one I have always dreamed about then when  I thought my dreams had all ran out You came out of no where to shoe me  you cared
In the town of Drearington on a late winter evening a scream pierced the air. The night watch runs down the streets toward the screams. On a doorstep, lies a woman, her body twisted, a pool of blood forming beneath her figure. Two bite marks on her neck yet no blood exits the punctures. Her head twisted grotesquely it obviously broken. The scream brought out more civilians who now crowd around the night watch, gasping in horror. As more of the watch pushes through the ever growing crowd, a lone figure can be seen sitting on top of the roof of a nearby building. A black cloaked blowing in the breeze, a hood down low over his face, all that can be seen is a gruesome smile, the fangs, still having blood drip from them.Most of the night guard goes off in different directions looking for the killer, while the rest usher the civilians back into their homes. The cloaked being slides down the roof, over the side and lands in the nearby alley without making a sound. Two burly guards are quietly
Where is he? The man who hides in my dreams. The no named man who visits me everynight while i sleep. I feel no need to hide the inner me, for he loves me for all my flaws no matter how big or small. Y cant he come out and save me from my pain. Must he hide inside while i slowly die outside. So the question lies y must my quest be so agonizingly long when he is so close, or is it just a dream?
Dream Watcher
He is watching me.I look at him,He smiles and speaks.I move toward his voice,He smiles and watches.Sighing... I need sleep.My mind is wandering,I'm so torn.Leave me some peace!He keeps enteringMy dreams and wandering.He is welcome,Yet he is not.
I guess I should live up to my name... Ive been a Dark Prince..... even an anarchist.... a lover, a fighter, a savior.... a dream, a fantasy, a memory.... All Ive really written here is words. Angry words. Hurt words. Insights and opinions. "To live is to dream. To dream is to live. But as I lie here awake, all I see is darkness and truth." Something I wrote years ago. I it found while sorting through memories of a life gone and wasted.... As I sit here looking into the flame of a withering candle, I see inside myself... images flickering in the orange and blue flame.... my body light as air and losing touch with this reality.... Where did I go wrong? A light that shines strong, can only shine for so long. I forget this fact. Nothing last forever... But at what point do we accept that a goodbye must be said? What happens when we overlook an end? or even when the life we want has come and gone... Our memories keep us dreaming. Reminders of things that made us
Your smile speak sweetnessYour eyes twinkle like starsYour hand touch me like magicMy heart treambleI think of you at nightWhen my weary mind atrestIn my dream i kiss youWith all my heart caresWhen my eyes open at dawnYyou were just a dream in my rest…..
Dream Girl
As you lay in your bed pictures from fu in your head you close your eyes so tight longing for the night because that's when I come to you... dream girl it starts with a deep kiss baby, relax... feel the bliss from your dream girl... I undress you so slow kissing, licking, sucking everywhere I go, got your heart racing, anticipating the love we'll be making... your dream girl... looking deep in your eyes I churn my brown thighs clinging to my ass as my hips do a dance up and down as I go squeezing you tight inside, and you know I'm your dream girl...  you lose breath as you moan, cause you know you're not alone you can't help but let go
the future laid before me like a bright shining star hovering out of reach but never far to reach it to touch it to hold my dreams close to feel all that i was meant to be to know it was ripped from my arms and gave to another slowly is killing all that is left i am disappearing i will be no more my words whispered the wind stealing all the joy within my soul at the touch of your hand love once unfold now wilting abandon when it needed most the response the touch of your soul forever i will know what was losted what could have been the shining star that i almost touched the future before vanished
As I close my eyes there he stands reaching out for my hand to take me afar into a land only once I have been before a place of dreamscape where my mind and soul deepen I can feel the soft sensation of his whispers in my ear He caress's my lips with his own through the breeze I can feel the presence of his body softly upon mine his eyes carrying me away with blistfulness and compassion the very soul he shares circles and entwines my sences This land is wonderious beyond creation the temptations of beauty spread for my eyes to wonder The wind blows through the trees and the waterfall runs deep I feel his arms wrap around my waist gently as he kisses my neck as he lay me down on the purest greenest grass the blood boils hot as the lightning streaks through my veigns This is the only way I can feel his warm gentle touch I never want to leave this gracious dreamscape dont want to awake and lose his kiss exhile me to this beautiful space where I can have his hand upon my
I can’t fit and even describe into words of all I want to say or even how I'm feeling right now. But I just want you to know I'll be holding you close to me and dreaming of the next time we get to chat. My heart is over whelming with terror of the fear you've been taken away. I pray you'll come back. I am looking forward to the day when you are here. My dreams will be filled with memories of all we have shared and hoping there will be more to come in the future. I'll be waiting eagerly until then my dear. You always say. “I am not that special.” But you are to me my friend and more than just special.  I’m holding you so dearly to my soul. With this in mind you’re always will be with me. Always in my mind.. My heart..  My soul. written by: Peggy 06/19/2010    
Dreaming Of You
Darkness engulfs me. Memories surround me. You come in to the light. A smile crosses your face. I reach for you, But nothing is there. I hear your voice. When I call your name, Nobody answers. I wake up. Expecting to see you next to me. But nothing is there except space. As reality leaves me once again, Your face fades in to clearness. A tear rolls down my face. I wish you were here to hold me.
Dream Dancing
Sometimes I sit and think, Of that which is now behind me. Some things will catch up, A little further down the road. Others will remain there, Lost in the confusion of memories. As I attempt to sort them out, The best rise to the top. The only common factor is you. Your eyes shine, When the lights flick on in the morning. Your hair glistens, As the sun rises over the hill tops at dawn. Your voice rings in my head, Like the wonder of a church choir. With the power of charm and beauty, You hands massage me. As I relax my thoughts, And fade out of reality. Only to find you dancing in my dreams. ...Michael LaBarge...
laying in bed my eyes closed drift in to a dream world, the world i creat is powerful and graceful, beauty bounds it to make it real, dreaming of flying down the road seeing places i only wish to see. dreaming of people i want to met, dreaming who what where and why ....... idk puzzling thoughts swirling together bound by beaty it sfor the faint of heart my dreams are mine but the thought of ur beauty is what bounds me the dreams of touching d feeling the enternal bliss...... what a kiss? the sheets are getting messed up, mmm the beaty that is bound with my thoughts to early to wake trying to stay asleep to see ur beauty ..... its hard to dream with out seeing ur dreams are mine but ur beaty bounds me to the ground don't want to fly away but i will race to get to see ur beautiful face the sun is raising i'll hold on to the dream for ur face is what makes up my dream and i'll treasure my dream every time i sleep
Dreams Of A Haunted Man (10/21/07)
When has life gone too far in rending ones emotions asunder.  The Fates playing their role as creators of destiny, all but at the flip of the divine coin deciding as to what happens.Heart and mind seek love and loyalty, all while spirit and body seek connection and desire.  Many come forward only rousing body and mind, leaving the heart to long for what it awaits and leaves the spirit alone confined within solitude.Many cycles have passed seeking for what can not be found, longing for what can not be felt, desiring what can not be had.  Feeling alone and desolate.  No one knowing the pain that fills and eats away the soul, eats away my life.When shall my lady come to me, when shall The Goddess ease my suffering.  Where is she, she that haunts my memories, my dreams, my life  
They Aren't Meant To Come True Definitely Not For People Like Me And You They Will Usually Just Pass Us By Making Us Wish, Hope, And Wonder why We Keep On Thinking Every Single day That Something, Someone Special Will Come Our Way We Sometimes Don't Even See The Sign When It's Finally Our Space And Time Those Dreams That We have Always Thought Of Are Waiting For us, Not far Away, But.....   In the Eyes, Heart, And Soul of Another Dreamer
Dream 1
It started the same way any other Friday night would, I thought, as I walked into the same club I had been to what seemed like a thousand times before.  I made my way to the bar, zigzagging through clouds of smoke and waves of endless chatter.  I arrive at my usual spot and take my seat as the bartender nods his normal greeting.  Issuing back nothing more than a nod, he starts mixing my drink.  What seems like hours go by before I notice her staring at me from across the bar.  She's with two guys, but it's obvious that their attempts at seducing her are falling on deaf ears.  Her gaze is focused on just one thing and the two would be suitors realize they are vying for the attention of someone that don't realize they exist.  She is wearing a short black dress that isn't old fashioned yet still leaves a little to the imagination.  Her legs were long, and her thigh high boots barely made a sound as she seemed to glide on air walking to me.  I pretended not to notice her standing beside me
Whisper in the yard and turn the trees all into toys Lay there on the ground, and turn the dirt into your joy From what I see and what I know, it's all been boring lately So I suggest we trade a question mark in for a maybe Time your riddles right, and make a point that has no sense Make sure that you're smiling, and the money's been well spent Innocence and ignorance, it all goes hand in hand I'm not sure that I'm right, but I hope you'll understand I hope that you're still searching for the start that has no end And all the plastic people have now become your friends Before you start to drift and your soul begins to scream I just wanted to tell you that you're listening to a dream
Dreams Of Lilith
Dreams of Lilith 2003 This piece of work commemorates my showing at Echo Gallery in Chicago, IL starting on March 8, 2003. This piece also features the beautiful image of Playboy Model/Artist Muse Veronika, who is also the curator of Echo. According to the Jewish tradition, Lilith was the first wife of Adam, before Eve. They say she was Caine's mother, not Eve. Since Lilith was created from the same source of Adam, both having been formed from the ground, they were equal in all ways. When he tried to make her submit to his will, she rebelled and flew away (Lilith didn't want to lie under him during sexual relations, because she considered that position as "insulting"). She went near the Red Sea and coupled with the Djinns, giving birth to a lot of demonic children (called Lilim). God, in order to try and convince her to come back to Adam, sent three Angels to reason with her (Sanvi, Sansanvi and Semangelaf), but Lilith refused to return. The Angels punished her by ext
I don't know where it'll end up.But i send you my love and trust that it will reach you. Even my heart, even this town, changes its shape.But i have one wish that won'tend. That we won't give upon what we swore to each other that day. As we dreamed different dreams but looked at the same sky!!
Dreams Do Come True
when a man reaches for the stars and get as far as the moon and finds there is nothing for him on the moon still has a blanket of stars to land on in the end my thoughts: when i wrote this i was only 16 years old i wanted to do so much in my life. people. if you reach hard you will take your dreams by storm. the only problem is your will power. even i have that problem. when i first went into the military i was told i wasn't going to make it. which brings me to my next qoute   people who tell you "you won't make it" , "you won't ever amount to nothing" , or "you can't do that and you'll never be able to" those select few should be the feul of your fire.   now when people told me that i wasn't going to make it in the military i was upset yet i did not let that extinguish my eternal flame i told my self that i was going to add them as fuel to my fire.   for my friends: my friends don't let other people influence you negativily. and if your worried what people think or feel abo
Dream Night, Or Was It Just A Full Moon...
Strange dream last night, to real not to be true in the metaphor universe. There was an elderly lady-- in her 90s dressed in black silk. The silk was worth thousands. She was a small person but the impression within the dream was that she was once tall and full of ego and pride. She needed help and had gotten to that place in her ending life to ask for it. "I cannot walk, " she said as she looked up into my eyes. "You have the bluest eyes that I have ever seen, " she went on to say. I just smiled and picked her up and to my surprise she had no more weight than that of an infant's. Then I realized or was made aware that that was her spiritual condition. She had been raised in the church (a rich earthly church) all of her life, went to church every Sunday but was no more than an infant spiritually. So I walked on carrying the old lady that was no more than an infant. As I walked I shared with her spiritual things and some of it was enlightened to her soul because she grew a
As I walk threw the ashes stumbling as I continue to walk threw and I yet to fall to the ground crying in pain and sorrow and wondering why I must feel this way and what has lead my love life and decisions I made along the way to lead me in a past to ungreatful things. sometimes I wish that it could have been different. I could of choice a different path to my love life better or could of fix mistakes along the way to fix what I have did in the pass. as long days like these you cant fix what u screwed up in the pass and I try to build of it and be strong and move forward. Sometimes it gets hard and tuff but those are chances and toughness u go threw to build yourself to move forward and build a stronger but yet successful on to last as long u have a good well strong relationship that could last forever. As for some people could have dreams of different things or situations that could lead to thinking that the relationship u had was just a sign or telling u something from
"dream Girl "
Had a dream about you, but you are so far away.I wish I could come, to where you are and stay. I know you don`t hear, from me that much.Even though I do long, for your loving touch. Your eyes remind me, of an everlasting forest.It is so hard for me, to get this off my chest. Your hair shines forever, in the morning light.When I actually speak to you, all my days are suddenly bright. Your voice is so unforgettable, and it sounds so sweet.Cant wait until the day, that we do actually meet. You tell me off your hard times, I wish that I was there.To hold you every day, and show you that I care. Just want to show you, what there is that I see. That there is nothing but, happiness for you and me.
Dreaming Again
DREAMING AGAIN   I dreamed of touching you You and felt my body shiver Shiver like the first time Time I touched my first girl   I dreamed of kissing you You with your perfect lips Lips that ignite in me Me feeling such passion when we kissed   I dreamed of holding you You so close to me I can Can smell your sweet scent Scent more amazing than any other   I dreamed of looking into your eyes Eyes so beautiful to make my heart cry Cry as I see all of the love  Love you have for me reflected in your eyes   I dreamed of heaven Heaven on earth I dreamed Dreamed of our hands and souls entwined Entwined sharing every tomorrow together   I dreamed I was the happiest Happiest man in the world Our friendship like no other You and I together forever Yes the happiest man in the world                        Dreaming again...I am dreaming of you   By Scott A. Scherer  
The Dream I Seek
THE DREAM I SEEK @ I seek a woman who can love me for me. Me who has more love and passion than any I know. I know that I do not seek another child, But I promise my love will be more than you could ever want or need.   I seek a woman who knows how to love totally. Totally so I will never not know how much I am loved. Know that she truly loves me forever. Forever and beyond the end of time.   You will never NOT be kissed enough! Enough so you know that I want and need you. You who has such amazing eyes and lips. Lips so soft & sweet they set my soul on fire.   You will always be cuddled, cherished and loved. Loved so deeply you will tremble inside. Inside my heart & soul protected & safe forever. Forever the only love I will ever want or need.   Romance is also what I offer. Offer flowers, notes and tender touches. Touches so to make you want for more. More so the hours pass by without notice. Notice my love so that you will always want more.   These things
In my dreams you caress me like an angel. Our bodies move together in a symphony of motion. Every touch sends tingles through my body like a tidal wave of electricity. Your gaze mesmerizes me and intoxicates me.
Dreams Of Love
The stars in the skythe blackness of night...a constant reminder of a lost love no where in site.The heart once again shatteredthe trust once again gone...the pain is unbearableon til the consciousness is gone.Only to awaken once againto shards of brokeness...she trys to mendthe heart of glass.Hope is alive once againas the new day dawns...a new day to dreamuntil daybreak is gone.The circle is endlessand goes on and break the cycle is her goalto love again, if only in her dreams.
I had a dream last night that I had an awesome boyfriend who came over to my house and we played Dead Rising together. Then we'd go to the mall and buy each other some dope ass kicks and share a smoothie.But then I woke up. ouch "forever Alone ?"
Dreams Of You -poem Written 05/07/10
Laying here alone, I Stare,At a pillow, But you're not there,Eyes wide opened, Still I dream,Images of you, Like pictures on a screen,Til I'm with you, I'll use that side of the bed,to watch TV, 'your' pillow for my head,It may seem strange, until you see, I hug that pillow,'cause your not here with me.
Dreams And Fantasies
I'm walking in between dreams and fantasies
  "DREAMS...are in the night time and some seems like it were yesterday. But they seem to fly away, No words left to explain. I ,Dream a dream to know what it means, I listen to my heart as i begin a new start. A laugh ,A smile ,A thought of you only, makes me sad and blue. Just like the world; goes round the moon. I dream A- believe and pray you'd come home to me someday. The seasons seem to change just as, people do and change. My friends try to derail me from thinking bout you. But ,memories of you makes me wait for you. They tease and joke me I'll be old and gray someday. Wishing for more time i pray for you to be fine. So many tasks you've left undone tells me you wont be back someday. Time after time i watch the seasons and years wash away. Just like the rivers weep what lies in its path. And whats gone is done and what was once a team is only a dream. I will only picture the memories of your face. For there will never anyone take your place. I will set a memory glimpse of you.
dreams of rope, chains and leathersoft spoken commands, blindfolds, ice and a featherpushed to the edge and just a little moresuch a liberating feeling on the other side of the door obedience, training, fear and lustfreedom, submission, love and trusta bond so deepremembered in my sleep
The Dream
The Dream   When rain trickles And the winds blow While candles flicker And tree limbs bow I dream of you And of our bond The memories of us Have grown so fond I lie awake In darkness cloaked The picture I see My mind invoked I see your face Those entrancing eyes The beautiful lips That tell no lies I hear your voice The song it sings The words it speaks The thoughts it brings I feel your touch Your soft skin near The gentle embrace That calms my fear I smell your fragrance Your personal potion The strong aroma From a body in motion I feel your love Your soul's tenderness The warm affection That you express I fall to sleep Your picture I hold What dreams may come As each day unfolds     Melissa Lay October 1, 1998
I dreamed a dream of days gone by, when hope was high and life worth living I dreamed that love would never die, I dreamed your God would be forgiving Then I was young and unafraid, and dreams were  made and used and wasted There was no ransom to be paid, no sung unsung no wine untasted   But the tigers come at night, with their voice as soft as thunder As they tear your hope apart, as they turn your dreams to shame And still I dream she'll come to me, that we will live the years together But there are dreams that cannot be, and there are storms we cannot weather   I had a dream my life would be, so different from this hell Im living So different now from what it seemed, now life has killed the dream I dream.
The morning bears witness to the sweet breath I watch you take in to sustain the happy slumber you have attained within my grasp. The disdain I feel for the ineptness you have had to wallow through slowly recedes as I glimpse a smile cross your soft lips. It is brought forth by your wakening to see me watching over you as you rested making sure you were safe from harm. A glitter of hope slides into the corner of my eye as you stretch and let me into your waking world of endearment. As I see you coming to full awareness I wonder if you will send me packing to carry on my life as is, alone and desolate. To presume that I am worthy of your attentions would be a grave mistake on my part, who am I to warrant such a thing. I think back to what we have shared and speak upon a whisper to you,  have I proven myself worthy.  I seek the answer within your eyes that pull my innermost emotions from their pooling well kept cavern. To do so lightly is a common practice from a common man as th
A Dream Worth Dreaming
A Dream Worth Dreaming Somewhere in my dreams I hear your voiceWhispering gently....into thin airAt the edge of the mountain I close my eyesSensing your breathing...feeling you appear thereOn the edge of my dreams I see your faceA twin soul......when we share eyes At the edge of the mountain I catch my breathTouching our finger tips...mouth goes dryIn the shadows of my dreams I taste your lipsSo soft against mine like a warm rainAt the edge of the mountain my heart slowsSharing our every breath....two hearts don't refrainIn the deepest part of my dreams I feel your touchBreathless....from the warmth of your skinAt the edge of the mountain I open my eyesSeeing only clouds....feeling.... withinOn the edge of my dreams is where I want to stayIt's there...I'm forever in your the edge of the mountain I'll remain breathlessFor greater love will ever be foundWill you always be there on the edge of my dreams?Will you always meet me to the edge of
The Dream
Asleep at last The days events ebb  quiet now  it wont last, drink it down  savor the nothingness  She is here, I feel her waiting  watching Allowing me my pithy lull What torments will she grace me with tonight Time  I go softly   I Lie on my back in the company of the darker sister within Beg her for rest, its been days     Dark dreams consume me Your scent creeps into the air like a rapacious invader   Impossible Flashes of your silver grin hit me like lightning  Pulse races like a trapped thing under my skin  Manic to be freed   Panic No, not this Anything else I'd rather a million dreams of pain and gore than this   "Baby" Your voice Your thick disarming voice So perfectly male Deep, rolling from your lips Stirs my blood like a tempest   The weight of your hands on my wrists  Skin trembles against yours  Heart rages inside my chest so fast too fast dizzy now   Your leg slides between mine until it can go no farther Waves of electricity j
you know i hate my dreams for the most part.. My beleifs are that dreams can tell you anythign you ever want to know, if somethignmajor is about to change in your life the way tyou wake up can tell yo uif it is a good or a bad thing.. well usually my dreams piss me off or just make me sad... always callign me a loser a fuck up that i will never amount to anythign more then I am rioght at this moment in my life.. even when things change for me I fall back down where I am at.. tonight while I napped I had another dream that proves to me that i am scum, just a bunch of BS thinking.. but unfortunatly they are almost always right.. tonights dream was about my ex's family.. what was real fucked up was that fact that i didnt see my daughter.. even in her eyes when she gets older and hears all the thoughts that her mothers family has to say i will be a disapointment to her.. it just sucks knowing this.. so i have to do somethign to change this but in my current power there is nothing... I will
Dream Lover
I feel you near me when I close my eyes.Your touch upon me when I close my eyes.Who are you? Where are you?The way your hand brushes my cheek.And still I wonder and I seek.Who are you? Where are you?Your lips press to mine, so warm and sweet.But still to find you’s an amazing feat.Who are you? Where are you?Are you a dream I long to see?Or is it your voice saying “Wait for me.”Who are you? Where are you?Will this feeling fade with time?Or is this love real and divine.Who are you? Where are you?Are you imagined or are you real?Could I imagine this feeling I feel?Who are you? Where are you?So often have I dreamed of you.Could all those dreams just not come true?Who are you? Where are you?Would I get over you if I could?Would I want to? I know I should.Who are you? Where are you?I stand here thinking “Should I wait or should I go”And though I wonder I still don’t knowWho you are. Or if you’ll come
  Wind blowing across the hills so green, In my dreams, I am with my love, a soft wind blows across me as I stand upon the hills.. I walk thru the gardens of many flowers, stopping to admire the rich colors that are ablaze with the setting sun. Walking up into the castle, I feel the coolness of the stone floor beneath my bare feet as I walk through the home that I so love. Seeing my love at the top of the stairs, he takes my hand as he leads me to our large bed, while many candles light up the evening dusk that falls down upon us.. Much passion envelops us as we wrap ourselves tightly against each other, and i feel the warmth of his chest as i lay my head down upon it. My heart and soul is filled with much desire as I breathe in the scent of him..Always will I long for him, Always will I dream of the highlands, Always will I love him...
A Dream Come True
Feelings that once were hiddenAre now expressed to you.Days that once were stormyAre now the brightest blue.Times that once were lonelyAre now filled with pleasure.All that once was mine aloneAre now things we both treasure.Nights that once were coldAre now comforting and warm.Fears that once were very realAre now gone with the storm.A heart that once was brokenCan now finally mend.A person once alone in lifeCan now call you a friend.Dreams that once were longed forAre now all coming true.The love I once thought was goneI have now and forever in you.
I used to dream of eyes so blueAnd loving arms to hold me.I used to dream of heroic knightsAnd how gracious they would be.I used to dream of how I wouldn’t settleFor anything less than best.I used to dream of how he would majesticallyLay all fears to rest.I used to dream of fairy tales,How wondrous would they beI used to dream of story booksAll patterned after me.I used to dream of a lot of things,But the moment I met you,I immediately stopped dreaming,Because all of my dreams came true.
A Dreamer Of Dreams
You have come to me from a distant land, Dreamer of dreams, to fill my hearts desire, Sweet music flowing from your nimble hand That plays within... to light my passion's fire. A symphony of word and thought you bring. Excitement builds upon crescendo's sound, Brought forth in tones to make my light heart sing For all the beauty that, with you, I've found. A life is changed in just an instant's time, All darkness fled before that brillaint sun That shines from spoken words of softest rhyme And speaks of treasures, only just begun. This mystic meeting gives my heart a glow That few have seen and only you will know.
Dreaming Of You
When I close my eyes I dream of you. Can't sleep at night 'cause I wanna be with you. Don't want to live, don't want to cry Without you by my side. When I go to sleep at night I ask God to make my days bright. I know he will do it - I know it is true. Because he knows I only want to be with you. I hear your voice inside my head. I can imagine us together again. I know it will happen - I know it is true; Because I asked God if I can be with you. I see you and I together again; Holding hands and feeling the pain. What a beautiful feeling - I wish it were true. But I am only dreaming - dreaming of you.
Dream Day
a  slient dream  ecsacpes me   haunts  me  and  resucuse  me  from  a life  that   was  forbidden  ,  and  all  the  time  kept  my  secrets  hidden  ,          close  inside  my  heart  i  longed   for  anew  start  ,  long  pass  dew  ,  i  had   seen  the  new  you  , raggeded  and  torn  ,  comming  from  a world  that  was  confuzed  and  not  right  ,  it  was  so  wrong   yet  it  was  so right  . i would  love  too  touch  the  hands  of  god , and  clear  the  smoggy  sky  from  all  the  gray  fog  . but  it  was  my  dream  that  in  my  mind  led  me to you . covered in  shame  i could  never  bury   away  ,  all this  will change  some   great  day  .
Dream Dancing
yawning softly, she stretches....the sun's warming rays caress lovingly over gently rounded curves, long sooty lashes flutter slowly open as merry orbs of emerald twinkle happily watching the wild birds dart back and forth through the trees surrounded by gentle sounds of the world waking, a glorious melody of a new day's birth, she rolls out from the blanket... cool morning breezes caress her sleep warmedcurves like the touch of a Loverraising to her knees her head tilts wet tongue licks over berry red lipsas girl gives grateful thanks to the Great Spirit for guiding her travel weary soul to the safe shores of Fubargentle fingers trace over her brand..a mark worn with pride and joy, naming her His the distance the sounds of drums and lute..their rhythem cojoining..entwining hypnoticallyturning quietly on her knees, she rises, long waves of ebony rippling like onyx silk, tumble riotiously over sun kissed slave flesh, as girl's hips absentminded
An Dreams Reflection
In this cold world i was searching for an dream of mineso wild and bold lurking in the back of my mindthat you were standing there with your arms open and widelike a goddess you stood there like an reflection of true love i wondered searching and alone in despreate need of your love i wish you were here to keep me warm at night with your smilei knew this dream would never leave my mind so i would need to find youi searched far and wide across the land still searching for your lost mind and i knew you were there but so far away and now the dream goes on chorus: : everytime i see your smile it makes me dream againall i see is you stood next to me with your beautiful touch was all like an dreams reflection in the night and i would never let it go my mind now numb and my heart losti kept looking for you threwout the stary nightan dream like you will never come trueyour just my dreams reflection that i could never be without maybe one day dreams will come true like youand we can walk th
The Dream
The Dream   When rain trickles And the winds blow While candles flicker And tree limbs bow I dream of you And of our bond The memories of us Have grown so fond I lie awake In darkness cloaked The picture I see My mind invoked I see your face Those entrancing eyes The beautiful lips That tell no lies I hear your voice The song it sings The words it speaks The thoughts it brings I feel your touch Your soft skin near The gentle embrace That calms my fear I smell your fragrance Your personal potion The strong aroma From a body in motion I feel your love Your soul's tenderness The warm affection That you express I fall to sleep Your picture I hold What dreams may come As each day unfolds   Melissa Lay October 1, 1998
The Dream
The Dream My heart acheswanting your touchThe sound of you voiceas it lulls me to sleepThe scent you give offwhen your in my armsThe look you give me andi just melt to the groundThe taste of your lipsas they tangle with mineWith my dreams on the lineI know you are all mine July 29th 2009
Dreams Of Baby
i saw u in a dream once, everything u were, are and will be. i fell in love with that moment and u in it, who i was when i held ur hand... left empty when i awoke...
Dream Or Prophecy? In December, 2012, My Son Will Be 6 Years Old... This Is His Dream... Word For Word Out Of His Mouth.
I was standing on the roof and I was 6 years old and there was strange men with red eyes. They were blue skinned people, like blue milk. their eyes were red and their mouths were purple and ugly. Their mouths were ugly because the devil turned them ugly. he used their spirits to make them ugly. there was an angel trying to give them good spirits, but the devil was trying to make them bad. and the devil tried, but the devil couldn't make them bad. he could only make them ugly. But they were good ugly people. Then bad people came and made them bad, and the angel fought the bad people to turn them into good people. And the angel went away and a boy came and I was standing on the roof. More bad men came and the bad man put trash on the roof. he thought it was funny and he was laughing. I didn't like it, it was a scary laugh. He was trying to make me get off the roof, but I didn't. I wanted to stay on the roof, but he knew how to get up there. so I got down. I was down on the ground for
ut sis in manu mea et cor meum dicite mihi, ut sciam te absconde illud in corde tuo clausum, quod timor habet animam, i volunt verba illa, et ego volo ames. Lorem sentire tangendo animam meam in altitudinem fuerit cor perforat. Cras eget nisi me vocas, quod ab omni poena
Icicles form of small sapphire eyes,As wisps of intangible emotions swirl by.I want to take hold of you,Before you whip away from my dreams
Dreaming Of What Could Have Been
Dreaming      Jan. 5th, 2005 | 05:54 am     She greeted the warmth of the day with a smile. She climbed out of her soft bed and walked to the window. She enjoyed it all. The sight of the flowers blooming, and the noise the birds made, even the smell of the trees was beautiful. Walking to the stream she marveled at mother earth. "how do you create such beauty" she asked to the world. The moving water and the wind blowing the grass made for such wonderful music. She lay in the grass for hours listening to nature and meditating......She woke up sweating, feeling hot and sticky. Slowly and painfuly the dream melted away. It left her with little warmth after realizing she was back in the terror of reality. The world here had yet to find peace like her dreams did. Instead of embracing mother nature, they were at war with her. She walked to her window and looked at what her kind had done. Where the feilds of grass would have been there were streets with busy cars. Where the flow
The Dream !!!
Dream Helll
     I seem to be stuck in it for a while.  Maybe it's cuz of bad things I did in my dreams?         Have you ever played the Dungeon Keeper games? Horny rules there. He gives you assignments while you are there. He gets angry if you don't complete them. Maybe I'm a dream demon of some sort now? When incducted in, you " wake up " in this place, it's hard to describe. I should try to draw it. You're in a cacoon of somesort. Then you walk over to the main place and are raped violently with a huge cock, or dildo or something. Basically Horny has his way with you while listening to a song that fits you or something. The latest one was from friends who were singers. One tricked the other one or something so they could sell their music. Not sure if it was to sell it in dream hell, or real life.        I was supposed to steal some kind of handcuffs. It's not a clear description though, of what you need to do. I tried shackle types, then bracelets. Those didn't work. So then I think I figure
I dreamt of a dream, a dream that lasted a lifetime.I dreamt of a dream, a dream I died for to be mine.It began with pain and ended the same... and all the while I forgot that I was sleeping.I dreamt of blue-sky and water reflecting, of children laughing and people bleeding.I dreamt this dream and felt it in my veins, bleeding into a heart so realthat I forgot that I was sleeping.I sang tears and cried songs, I felt the centre of peaceand lost it again in the circumference of fear.I was child, I was crone, I was wise, I was ignorant.I was human while my God-self slept.And then I woke within the dreamand pulled sleep from my eyes, to see a world of beings of light cloaked in darkness.Blinded the sightless seeking the horizonthrough windows that blink.
A Dream Shopping Trip
211 Views we go shoping and you pull me into a victoria secrets to help you pick out a robe you find a bra and matching panties set that you grab w/ the robe and take me back towards the the dressing rooms. you have me stand by the door and wait for u to show me the open up the door and your in this matching set... you turn around so i can see it all... its a thong...i go wow you wink at me and pull me into the dressing room... and kiss me passionatly....y ou strip off my pants and shirt as you kiss me allover..... i try to protest but u put ur fingers to my mouth as you kiss me up and down my body.... i take of the lingerie set as i suck on ur breast..... you moan softly as i run my fingers deep in ur pussy i push u up against the wall as i kiss you again passionatly and start eating your seet pussy you moan i kiss my way back up to ur mouth i slowly shove my cock deep inside you as i move in and out slowly and start going faster and faster as you cum ov
A Dream Or Was It??
your sitting on a couch and a blindfold covers u from behind... you feel a set of hands undress you and kiss you... you feel a sent of hand and lips going all over your body slowly... you feel the lips go down between your thighs... until u feel ur clit getting sucked on and moan and groan as you get wetter and wetter... you beg for a kiss but the lips keeps eating your sweet pussy until you cant take it any more then you get a kiss so u can taste your sweet jucies... as u kiss u feel a hard cock slid in your wet goes in and out slowly and goes faster and harder until u cant take it any more and scream in are then flipped over and the cock is slid in from behind you feel the cock going in harder and faster as you feel a spanking and your hair pulled you scream again as you cum harder then before....then u get a kiss and the person is gone... you take off the blind fold and fall asleep wondering if it was all a dream
Dream On (nazareth)
Dreamer (ozzy)
Dreamer Gazing through the window at the world outsideWondering will mother earth surviveHoping that mankind will stop abusing her sometimeAfter all there's only just the two of usAnd here we are still fighting for our livesWatching all of history repeat itselfTime after timeI'm just a dreamerI dream my life awayI'm just a dreamerWho dreams of better daysI watch the sun go down like everyone of usI'm hoping that the dawn will bring a signA better place for those Who will come after us ... This timeI'm just a dreamerI dream my life away oh yeahI'm just a dreamerWho dreams of better days[. From: .]Your higher power may be God or Jesus ChristIt doesn't really matter much to me
Dream Girl
Dream Girl You seem to like those really well, how come no one ever looks at me with those eyes? Those eyes, they keep looking at her standing there like a slut. He wouldn't give me the chance to be his dream girl, I hear him late at night having sex dreams; you'd be surprised that he's not dreaming of me. I'm not his dream girl..... But she is.   How I wanted to be his dream girl, even though he claims that he is only dreaming of me; he doesn't realize that I know he called her name and not mine. Mournful at night and acting cheerful in the day, how I wish it would all go away. He looks at her like she's the queen and he's the young handsome king, why does he have to keep looking at them for? I'm not his dream girl......... But she is.   I tried to be like her, even stopped eating only to have him say "your skinny to me"; yeah right.. I'm not skinny when you hardly notice me and your looking at her.. You make me eat when I don't want to, are you keeping me the way I am so you can
A Dream
  Dawn is hours away So tired and worn out Though I can not sleep There is an angel next to me - So sweet and tender  Everything about her makes my heart race The thought of her eyes The smell of her hair The glimmer of her soul The way her laugh echo's in my thoughts - So much that I love So little time to list it all I love the way she lingers on my mind There is nothing that could ever mean more - She is the glimmer in my world She makes the worst of times seam beautiful Her smile takes my breath away How the sweetness of her kiss shocks my soul I watch her eyes for hours even in my dreams - Her smile is like heaven Just thinking about it makes my heart race Sexy and spicy can not describe it nothing could haunt me more than her face The though of it even being near drives me insane - Beauty is in the eye Love is in the soul Warmth is in the heart Yet they all blend together I wish I had the right words to say one thing - You mean more to me than
" Dream Expecting Cuts!"
The reporter investigates several small and medium enterprises reflect, equivalent to about half the profits paid various taxes and fees Li Jingsheng is a packaging products company general manager. Founded in 1993, a small private enterprises, from the paste envelope, hand bag start to get a little bit of struggle, now has a staff of more than 60 people. " We are dealing with paper, the industry's profit is paper thin." Li Jingsheng sighed, each color per ream of paper and printing fee income from the early 90 century on the 100 yuan to the present 15 - 18 yuan, and the paper, ink, artificial cost wind up, 20 years ago a month spent 300 yuan will be able to get a good printer, now Printing Captain monthly wages to 8000, 10000 yuan to three thousand or four thousand yuan, the average worker, was up 10 times. " Thus, extrusion is profit, we now net profit rate of less than 5%." Year veteran Li Jingsheng down, the company can earn 1200000 yuan, but all sorts of tax is the sheer number
Dreaming Of You Tonight
Dreaming  of you tonight  Stars falling down from the sky Light my heart of love Dreaming of you tonight Wishing the moon will shine tonight Standing on sweet summer grass holding my love Stars falling down from the sky Light my heart of love  Dreaming of you tonight Wishing the  moon will shine tonight I lay here thinking of you miss you I can't hold my love  inside Dreaming of you tonight my love stars falling down falling down from the sky Light my heart of love Sweet smell of love
The Dreamer
PISCESThe Dreamer (Feb 19 - Mar 20 ) - Generous, kind, and thoughtful.Very creative and imaginative. May become secretive and vague. Sensitive. Does not like details. Dreamy andunrealistic. Sympathetic and loving. Kind. Unselfish. Good listener. Beautiful.Always respect other feeling.Willing to share the pains of other.Feels for his friend when they  are down.Always looks for  the bright spots when time look darkest.willing to cry for you and with you if needed.Alway looking for the best in everyone he meets The Dreamer 
A Dream Desire Of Love's Flames
Time flies byAs the eagle soars the skyTwo heartsTwo soulsSearching for dreams of truthAmong each otherWith questions of whyHolding on to whatEach other has knownAnd the hurt of the pastThat keeps their guard upFrom knowing the warmthOf the flame that burnsDeep within their heart and spirit.Seeing and feelingWithin dreams that come at nightWhen fast asleepHolding you in my armsVice versaAnd knowing that there is a peaceAn undying comfortThat speaks from heart to heart...The ice of fearMelting away just by looking into your eyesAnd feeling your lips pressed against mine.Then, when you awakeYou realize that you are all aloneAnd yearning to feelThat fire with that one within your dreams....On a cold night.@2011 Judy Little Hummingbird
Dreams To A Short Story...
Hello...please understand that I have severe dreams that can make me wake at night in terror. If you are by any means easily sheepish to my words below please turn back now. Although, I am a huge horror film fanatic it really does not cause my nightmares but it can tend to be brought on by medication. Make fun if you will but it's what helps me through day to day battles. Maybe I should pray each night before I lay down to not have to suffer from such horrific thoughts...but I have grown accustom to them and realized they are a part of who I am.  When dreaming a lot of people have tendencies to nightmare of falling, being chased but mine tend to be real life situations which cause me all the more worry. To give a little synapses of what it could be is...waking one day to realize I have a child and in real life I have not had one of my own. But in this it becomes a struggle to be with my family because all are loving and helpful except one my older sister and her friends who for some
Dreaming of you . Thoughts of your soft touch , Clould my mind . l am lost in waves of time. As your words, wash over my body . Deep in my mind . I get lost in dreams. My body trembles . Wish I could feel your touch . Wish I knew. Pictures . Oh what I picture. In my heart. I will be your doll dress me up . Let us go and play . I wait . Waiting for that day. Dreaming of you . Your eyes . Your eyes they speak to me . I miss them. Many things they say . They tell me you want to touch my body . My flaws  you dont see.  Over come by me. Over come by what we might be . Sick of my endless tragaty. 
Dreaming, Thinking
You may be with her,Until death do you part,But that doesn't stop me,From thinking about you,And from dreaming about you.Dreaming of knowing your touch,Dreaming of knowing your kisses,And thinking if you are ever thinking of me,When you are with her,Or when you are not.It may not be fair of me to ask,But I wanna know,Your every thought,And your every dream.Won't you tell me,Even though it is death do you part.
I tore up the carpet in the living room and spray-painted the broken concrete black…I get up around 3am…It’s when the East Side is the quietest.I lay on the ground and my puppy “Felony” roams around me in a circle looking for the perfect spot to fall down and chase rabbits in his sleep.I turn on my stereo It’s had the same CD in it for the last two years…I pretend to blend in with the cracked foundation of my empty little apartment.I stare at the popcorn texture and imagine starring into the sun.With this down time I dream of the perfect lover…She’s a beautiful mix of disorientation and induced chemical hallucinationI find comfort in my imagination…I believe I am better lonely.I enjoy the way the air has begun to taste when I force a smile. She’s something of a wonderful mystery, I don’t want to solve…I dream of her hair…Its dark with a special hint of burnt wood, that odd mix of two tone
Dream Of It ....
I wake from a bad night Only to see that the dream was true Alone in this bed and short in life Come to wake with nothing to show Your not here to talk to and to far to call Nothing but to hold on the thoughts Running from what once was Tripped up by the thought of what is   Face to face short of breath With the world hot on my heels Come to rest for the time But watch because it's fast approaching Life seems slow but time speeds by Watching as life tries to catch up  But time is to fast make a mistake and it's gone Rest and sure for it's what can't be returned Hold on to what you have in this time For once its gone there is no time to get it back Sure enough it's long pass due Step to the window the reaper is waiting for you
Dream Weaver
Dream Of You
In my dream you give me a chance And I try my best to bring trust back in you againIn my dream I can hold you your handsAnd try to pull you closer in every way that I canIn my dream I wipe away your teardropsAnd create for you a new hopeIn my dream I take you to go shopAnd the endless fun seems never stopIn my dream I hold you tightAnd keep you warm throughout the nightIn my dream you tell me "Baby don’t make me cry!And don’t leave me like all these other guys!"In my dream you kiss me tenderlyAnd it makes me feel so heavenlyIn my dream I make you believeAnd you can count everything on meIn my dream I have all thatBut when I awake- where’re you at?In my dream, I have all your T.L.CWhen I awake, no one around but just me…
I kept having that same dream over and over  it haunted my nights with such vivid images that I could taste your lips  trace your skin with my fingertips  but as my heart raced towards that goal I found myself looking up into the face of a stranger a scream hovered there at the entrance of my mouth my lips trembled but I didnt give it wings to fly instead I studied this face  smooth lines covered this tanned canvas stubble here and there to mar this beauty  but as my wicked mind contemplated what i would do  to those full lips  you disappeared   no warm bed to soothe this ache no letter to ease my mind just this fevered torture  of longing for you a stranger  who seems to like to haunt my dreams  but runs from me in the brillant light at times I called you a vampire  other times a seductive fiend but just once id like to say your name taste it on my lips  give my ears the pleasure of hearing it said why must you torment me like this 
Dream Desire Destination For The Vacationers Thailand
Thailand is the major tourist destination in the entire world which easily attracts the vacationers from all over the globe. This beautiful destination is located in the South East Asia and truly is the most outstanding destination to visit and explore. Lovingly this beautiful destination is called as land of smile and is truly one of the happiest and exciting countries in the entire world. Thailand is such a country which truly is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in the entire world. This beautiful country truly is the most wonderful and astounding destination which truly is very worth to visit and explore. The myriad tourist attractions and destinations in this country are very impressive which impresses all the heart of the tourists from all over the globe. Beautiful Thailand is really very fascinating, beguiling and enchanting which is wonderfully blessed by the charming beauty. The white sandy beaches, azure water, magnificent coral and numerous alike easily entice t
I normally don't remember my dreams... so here recently I have had alot of them... one of them I was pregnant with my 4th child and I freaked out.. I had my tubes removed so I can never get pregnant again.. The one I had lastnight I was sitting in a car with the guy I was with and my kids... we pulled up to a neighbor hood and the guy pulled over and got out.. So while we was waiting for him to return a guy came out from no where and opened the door and held us hostage.. And for some reason I start making out with him all hot and what the heck is going
Dreaming Again
i had a dream last night, i was @ a party with all of my friends and there was this raven headed temptress there. i made my rounds and spoke/smoked w everyone there until i came to her, i sat to her left and began to converse, and in doing so i realized that we had been together before. we spoke @ length aabout many things but as the night wore on we shifted our conversation to a more serious subject, the subject of our dead fathers and grandfathers. i placed my head over her heart, i could hear it beat and for some reason @ that moment she felt like sarah, my ex wife. everyone else looked like themselves. what does this mean? btw, i know i talk all the time about dreams i have about her but the fact of the matter is, i dont know anything else. im almost posative that a wilson male can only fall in love once, it either works or it doesnt. whats so strange about all the dreams are that i only remember ones with a female, and they always feel like her, even if they dont look like her.
A Dream I Had Of You
i come walking over to you with out saying a word take your hands slowly in mine entwining our fingers i kiss the palms of your hands lick slowly each finger teasing tasting i gently pull you to you feetand kiss your collar bone as you rise pressing myself against you as you bend your head to kiss me lips i pull you along with me in to the shower as we enter the bathroom i reach for your belt buckle undo this so i can slide my hands in your waste line your stomach curves inward with the chill of my cold hands on your warm flesh i slide my hands from your waist slowly up and across your chest feel your nipples grow taut at the tease of my touch i slide your shirt up over your head taking one of your nipples into my mouth flicking it with my tongue pinching it with my teeth suckling it gently with my mouth i slid my fingernails down your sides feeling the chicken skin my touch creates undoing the snap of your jeans and sliding them down your hips locking my fingers in the waist band of y
I just woke up from an interesting dream. I was having a pleasant dream (in my dream) about a love interest when I felt a hand on my arm. I followed that hand down the arm to a plush body, trying to shake myself awake (still in my dream). There was a porcelain doll I once had as a little girl in bed with me. I thought to myself "How did this get here?" and got up, carrying the doll, into the living room of what is now my grandmothers home, trying to turn on light switches and not getting any lights to come on. I place the doll in the glass case and sit down with my 3 cats for a moment. I had awoken my grandmother so I spoke to her for a moment as she fed my cats bread. I asked her "Why bread?" and got the response "I thought I heard her crunching a cookie". We both went back to bed. As I fell back asleep I felt the dolls hand on my arm again. I tried to pry it off and the doll attacked me, grasping both of my arms and pinning me down. I threw the doll out the bedroom door and kicked th
Dreams Rule Forever - 812
It really isn't a mistake, he just might turn out fake. In your dreams you can move, from bothers there ain't much to prove. Those that do decide to disagree, show that they don't believe in me. But hey that ain't right and it is okay, let them live life their own fucking way.   In dreams you can love for free, no cost to imagine, you feel and see. Carefully to touch what really counts, just before I wake my lover mounts. With the idea that anything is possible, I knew, that just maybe one day my dream would come true. I see that there is plenty that is unfair, doesn't anyone sometimes touch with care.   Who out of everyone has taught the most, no one cares except the father, the son, and the holy ghost. how could anyone care when I hold fear, for those of us that don't listen so they don't hear. Or misunderstand any feeling, here is what fate does with the ultimate stealing. Actually how many times can you turn and trust, 
Dream Of The Posessed Girl!
My husband and I were having a really good conversation about those who are gifted in the supernatural sense like we are, one night and I, getting tired drifted off to sleep after our conversation was done. I began to dream. I was walking through a cemetery in broad daylight with a group of 5 girls who I was teaching about the supernatural world. We started to drift apart, when suddenly the brunette girl I was with was posessed by a demon or a spirit of some sort. The spirit posessing the girl's body turned and looked me dead in the eye. "Who gave you the power to slay a Reaper?" it asked me "I don't know, I don't want it." I replied That's when I woke up. So that's just one of my dreams I have had and experienced. There will be more to come.
I close my eyes, and instantly as if a dream, i feel a warm hand on my hip... tracing its way across the curve of my hip, feeling the hollow with roughened finger tips. Excitement electrifies my skin ... baby soft i feel the heat warming me instantly .... im ablaze with excitement and a longing for more.  Slowly the caress continues down my theigh turning at me knee to the front of my theigh, fingertips trailing along my inner theigh brushing softly and slowly building the heat inside me to boiling tempuratures... my legs tremble, my belly churns with anticipation and desire... my heart is pounding, threatening to escape my chest... Afraid to open my eyes, spoiling what is starting out to be an amazing dream... i simply lay back ...and enjoy the sensation of being stoked like a fire, gently and slowly built with tiny touches of heat in just the right places to soon ignite into a slow burning blaze ... one that i keep hidden from the world, it lies just beneath the surfa
this is a writing from a dream i had just last night almost as if i was out of body.....   she was sitting on the bench at the picnic table where we had our first date. It was dark but i couldsee her very well from the lights on top of the levee. I was merely feet away, standing in the shadows. but she couldnt see me. she was waiting for me but i didnt want to speak just yet, i just wanted to watch her. i could feel the blood and adrenaline pumping violently through my veins. i was on fire on the inside, and my heart radiated through my chest and face. it was all that i could do to not race up to her and rip her clothes offright there in the park. my god i wanted her. to taste her... dear god that taste. it was still so vivid in my memory that i could still taste her wonderful juices on my tongue even after all this time.   my breathing quickened, and my pulse raced. the breeze changed direction towards me, and i could smell... could it really be?... yes... my god i could sm
Dream Girl
Dream Girl by Kenneth Matlock on Saturday, June 23, 2012 at 3:17am ·   The love I wants not easy. It's definitely not fair. Though with a whisper in ear I feel that tingling, excited stare   She melts right through me Destroys my every wall She leaves me with a whimsy Though, that makes her my all   She arrives again uneasy, but in a moments grace I melt her the way she does me Using my lips to pry off lace   Bearing teeth up to her I smile an evil grin I writhe along inside her Making a shivering sin   What is it that she sees in me I don't know if I'll ever tell Though, I'm glad I met her, and for her I'd go through hell.
I don't know where it'll end up.But I send you my Love and Trust that it will reach you.Even my heart, Even this town, Changes it's shape. ButI have one wish that won't end. That we won't give up on what we swore to each other on that day.As we looked at the same Sky.  
A Dream
For a moment you where the one. I believed Your eyes. Your soul was a thousand times more beautiful than mine. thought the darkies days where left behind. Your love inhabited my mind. Hoping for a boundless love for all time's. I wish I would have never closed my eyes. The next morning Brought tiers to my eyes. Love was just a illusion of my mind.
Alone in the dark she criedFor his voice..for his touch..for his smell Equally his thoughts were wrapped around herThe warm spot now next to him now gone cold. A sigh, a pain, a shake of her head in lossHands upon her throat.. without breath..eyes dialated...gone He reached for that which brought joy.Only to the emptiness. Far away two dreamed of but one.
Dreaming Of You
We meet on line your photos so pretty your words telling the story of your life. I read about you my mind wanders as i continue along.We exchange a few messages but it just doesn't feel right.Try as hard as i can this is good but this just isn't fulfilling.Time passes our lives go on but i still think of you maybe to much ,I think what could have been.One day desire gets the better of me Into my car off I go Hours later I let you know i must see you As i get close my passion builds I meet you at your favorite restaurant A gentle kiss you look so beautiful better in person then i ever dreamed.As we eat i can't take my eyes off you,good food great conversation we finish dinner as we leave i hold your hand Outside i turn to you a long passionate kiss our embrace feels so good you smell so enchanting I want you,I kiss your neck your  ear lobs your skin tastes fantastic so intoxicating.anticipation is driving me crazy I must have you.
Dreaming Dreaming is my time To Explore my Mind Keeping time and taking notes Feelings and Emotions running riot Making a Movie  One image at a time Bringing thoughts to the fore front  Living and feeling everything  Loving every moment Bad ones creep in but I shoo them away Taking stock of my life  Dreaming about people, places, times and environments  Pleasing and enveloping my whole being Mental time out and my time to heal My space to be who I want to be.
The Dream
The Dream I dreamed of you againSuch a sweet dream it wasI awoke with a smile.Reality set in with a jerkThe smile disappearedStill, I savor the dream.Sometimes I wishI could live thereIn my dream world.
Its cold and wet outside, as the darkness falls, she begins to shiver, as her skin crawls. she lies there awake, for hours on end, fighting her own sleep, making coffee her favorite friend. her eyes are heavy, she wants to give in, but she knows she cannot, because the pain will begin. her worst memories, and her biggest fears, they live in her dreams,and wake her in tears. she cannot handle it, how the dreams haunt, how bad the pain hurts, or how her fears taunt. So she spends her nights, living in this hell, but her days are perfect, as far as anyone can tell.
I’ve been dreaming bout those juicy lips The way you curve right at your hips Excuse my hands in case they slip They just want to make you drip Close your eyes and drift away Softly moan – just let my tongue play Scream the words you want to say Before the morning brings a newday
The thunder rumbled down through the bedrock; dust motes and small rocks fell from  the roof whenever the bombardment got closer or a particularly large munition was  detonated on the mountainside. The tunnel was dim, a few battery or wind-up torches  lighting the black and green streaked granite; it was also cold, so very cold. The  figures gathered together in groups of two and three, barely acknowledging the vibrations  trying to search them out. Every couple of hours one of the animal-skin clad fighters  would pass out rations. The bombardment varied in intensity as the enemy tried to  hurry them to reveal their position. The entire chain of mountains was  riddled with natural and not so natural caves. The two sat beside each other in a small recess to one side of the main tunnel,  chatting quietly during the lulls in the attack in case the various array of  electronic tools in the enemies’ arsenal was seeking them out. Beneath much of  their clothing they all wor
I tore up the carpet in the living room and spray-painted the broken concrete black… I get up around 3am…It’s when the East Side is the quietest. I lay on the ground and my puppy “Felony” roams around me in a circle looking for the perfect spot to fall down and chase rabbits in his sleep. I turn on my stereo It’s had the same CD in it for the last two years… I pretend to blend in with the cracked foundation of my empty little apartment. I stare at the popcorn texture and imagine starring into the sun. With this down time I dream of the perfect lover… She’s a beautiful mix of disorientation and induced chemical hallucination I find comfort in my imagination…I believe I am better lonely. I enjoy the way the air has begun to taste when I force a smile. She’s something of a wonderful mystery, I don’t want to solve… I dream of her hair…Its dark with a special hint of burnt wood, that odd mix o
There are certain dreams that I can remember after waking up.  Is this a curse or a blessing.  Either way, it feels strange to me. Earlier this morning I had a dream about my grandparents.  A dream about how my life could be different if my favorite grandparents raised me.  Would my life be a whole lot different if my grandparents were to raise me? My grandparents have been gone for a couple of years now.  It still hurts to this day knowing that they are gone.  Does it hurt cause I have let them down?  Or does it hurt knowing that I will never see them again?  I think it hurts in both aspects.  Knowing that I have let down my favorite grandparents by breaking a promise that I have made when I graduated from high school.  Knowing that I will never see their smiling faces, especially my grandfather.   Please tell me.... Does it hurt you when you lose a favorite person?  Or does it hurt when you dream about the love one that had to say good-bye?
Weightless and falling, arms spread out wide. The pain and the guilt, that I cannot hide. Wind in my face, what do I hear? It is your voice that whispers, inside my ear. Now I am slowing, beginning to rest, I feel it upon me, your head on my chest. A touch on my cheek, I know that it's true, The lips of an Angel, I thought it was you. Stirred in my sleep, the darkness creeps in. Reminding myself of all of my sins. Fire and pain I know I deserve. If this is my destiny, life I would serve. Awaken me now, if you are still there. The touch of your lips, the brush of your hair. Awaken my soul, awaken my mind, Just breathe into me, so I may survive. Kevin "G"
Dreaming Again
My time is at hand, Now lets fly away Out of this town, Out of this day To a future not yet built A place that for now is free of guilt People look deeper, and work their way out From just a glance they know what your about \No lies and no hate People don't die Everyone is happy Everyone is high You love everyone who passes by \Everyone laughs Everyone sings Then my alarm goes off Ding-Dong-Ding
Dream Your eyes open, you’re standing before a black cloakedforce. “Remove your clothes” in a voice that not only booms in yourears but also throbs in your mind and body. “Yes Master” you utter in a low whisper. Letting your nightgown fall to the floor you step forward looking down at the floor your handstightly griping them self’s. Your mind screams in resistance your body does notfight, it simply obeys regardless of your resistance. You fight to understandwhat is happing you resist with all of you might but it is useless your bodyobeys undeniably. “Kneel” the voice demands. You whimper and struggle not to, your legs shake as youbegin to kneel the tears start streaming down your face out of fear. Your mindscreams in agony as you cannot believe what is happening that this energy this presencethis man controls you in such a way that you would have only believed possiblein your dreams. You begin to cry as your knees touch the floor. Your mindagain tries to make you st
Dreamy Smile
Dreamy Smile   Off to space in wonder I wander through my mind I think about the may have, might have, not of mine Is this turmoil inside the result of such perfections?  Or so many found at once? For such it seems that it should ever be so That I am doomed to be and to never be true To find a one for whom hearts electricity jumps To find such a spark Can it be so that she exists? Is this dream the dream of a man gone mad? For to dream is to live and to live is to dream I dream of her and smile For whom does the soul find its match? Is such an ephemeral thing to be evermore gone from me? Are my words lost upon her? Amid her flood of attendance am I felt? I feel that she feels as I, yet we are at odds with similarities A pace apart does she look my way? I may never know, but I shall look at her and smile Sweet beauty’s gift to man that she has graced me so Perfections imperfect bliss would that she knew Would that I could say Heart a flight on dreams
Dreaming Reality
she looks into his eyes shes lost in dreams dreams where  his arms embrace her her heart feels safe his hands touch her and awaken her body he kisses her lips and wakens her  from her dream to find it is all a reality.   ~Wikid Heart~   1/2/2013
Dreams Come True Due To Action
A dream come true is a wonderful blessing. Everyone has their own dream, some people there is no lack of good good idea, goals and plans to make dreams come true, is an important way for many people to realize their own value, but some people With the dream, or the long-term hesitating, delay take no concrete action to realize their dreams; either encounter little difficulty beating a retreat, or even completely give up their dreams. saying goes: Why not act again wonderful dreams and goals , then perfect plans and programs, if you can not implement in action as soon as possible, and ultimately can only be on paper, utopian some.With the dream, it should be swift and vigorous implementation. Sitting in place waiting for the opportunity, is tantamount to look forward to fall in your lap. Without hesitation as soon as possible to come up with action, to create the conditions for the realization of dreams, the only way is a dream come true. Some people establish a good goal, while worried
Dream, But To Achieve More Than I Ever Thought Possible. "the Singleminded Focus That Is Necessary To Accomplish A Dream Of This Magnitude Entails
Once again, Jamaicas Usain Bolt made it look too easy in semi-final competition. Willis McGahee Vapor Jersey . His countryman and top rival, Yohan Blake, almost took it too easy. Either way, both men should now have plenty left in the tank when they engage in their second mega-tilt, this time in the mens 200-metre at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Bolt, who set an Olympic record when he won his second consecutive 100m Olympic title, had already made up the deficit on the stagger in his heat within his first 20 strides. With 100 metres to go, he started to let up, looking around and making sure that no one was going to catch him, as he finished with a winning time of 20.18 seconds. "Its about getting through as easy as possible. I am ready, this is my favourite event," he said. Blake did not look around in his semi-final heat, and his decision to coast to the finish line almost cost him an automatic berth to the final. He won the race in a time of 20.01s, but American Wallace Spearmon a
Sitting here thinking about the dream I had last night! I was in a store...or was it a bar...the scenery changed too often to know for sure cause I was walking around through isles talking to other people and got to a spot that had pool tables where I found my empty cue case and the pool cue was broke! I found the owner and complained that this is the second time! (it happened in another dream a few days ago) As I left I got into a vehicle...sorta lol I couldn't see it but knew I was traveling and there was a cop in front of me. As we reached the corner there were a bunch of cones and I was the first for the check point! I don't recall drinking any so it didn't really bother me. This is where it gets funny. There was the "bad cop" that constantly had his gun pulled on me for every little thing I did and the hot female cop that was checking over everything. This is when I notice I was riding a kids 3-wheel hotwheels! As the female cop was looking for substances she couldn't keep her han
The Dream
Coursing through my veins like a river wild This feeling I have inside runs so deep Passion, desire, the image of you etched in my mind Wanting and needing your heart to keep Your eyes, your smile I think to myself "Could he be the one?" The one who breaks the walls down And renews my faith in love again? Your words ingrained in my memory The moments that we shared Will play in my mind like a lover's dance As I dream of us tonight...    
Have you ever been lost in a different world Where everything you once knew Is gone And you find yourself powerless With everything that exists You're numb Will I ever break free I searched my world but I can't find you You're standing there but I can't touch you Try to talk but the words are just not there I can feel a sense of danger You stare at me like I'm a stranger Paralyzed and you don't seem to care The demons in my dreams If you become a nobody Blind, to your family Who would you be? And life has gone into reverse Re-living every hurt Along the way Everything that you fear is calling you and drawing near I searched my world but I can't find you You're standing there but I can't touch you Try to talk but the words are just not there I can feel a sense of danger You stare at me like I'm a stranger Paralyzed and you don't seem to care The demons in my dreams Wake me up and let's go, yeah I'm about to explode Yeah I searched my world but I can't find you You're standing there but
Dream Theater Beneath The Surface
"Beneath The Surface"   Is there ever really a right timeYou had led me to believeSomeday you'd be there for meWhen the stars above alignedWhen you weren't so consumedI kept looking for the cluesSo I waited in the shadows of my heartAnd still the time was never rightUntil one day I stopped caringAnd began to forget why I longed to be so closeAnd I disappeared into the darknessAnd the darkness turned to painAnd never went awayUntil all that remainedWas buried deep beneath the surfaceA shell of what things could have beenTired bones beneath a veilOf guarded secrets all too frailSad to thin
Dreamlover - Mariah Carey
I need a lover to give meThe kind of loveThat will last alwaysI need somebody upliftingTo take me awayI want a lover who knows meWho understands how I feel insideSomeone to comfort and hold meThrough the long lonely nights'Till the dawnWhy don't you take me away[Chorus:]Dreamlover come rescue meTake me up take me downTake me anywhere you want to baby nowI need you so desperatelyWon't you please colme around'Cause I wanna share forever with you babyI don't want another pretenderTo disillusion me one more timeWhispering words of foreverPlaying with my mindI need someone to hold on toThe kind of love that won't fly awayI just want someone to belong toEverydayOf my lifeAlwaysSo come and take me away[Chorus]
I will try desperately if I can, I ain't that sure I can, but I will attempt to. Today I really hurt. I am not expecting everyone to jump and want to help. Maybe all the angels were busy today. I didn't fall, thank goodness. I did try to put on my jacket and ripped skin off my knuckles. It looked like I had been in a fight and no such event occured.  Before I came to Fubar and even after I came here, I have been a peaceful person. I don't try to start any shit with anyone. Wouldn't it be cool if everybody loved this deal we call life and didn't start any fights. I realise you can't say that about everyone. Seems like someone has to always have something bigger. Its really kinda funny. Bigger devices require more cleaning and caring. Thats when they call their maid, right?? Just thinking, maybe no one should go and get bigger whatevers, unless they can care for it themselves. I have once read that dreams sometimes mean something that you may not think they do. I don't always want to t

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