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dragonflyblues87's blog: "old stuff"

created on 12/05/2009  |  http://fubar.com/old-stuff/b326547

In my eyes I can't disguise

the love I feel inside

because when I think of you

I know these feelings are true.

In my eyes you can see

all that our love can be.

My eyes are gleaming

because I am dreaming.

Dreaming of the future and the past

no other love can surpass.

But love is an illusion, a world of dreams

It hurts so much, I want to scream.

I'm dreaming an illusion, never to find

you left without a trace, how could I be so blind?

Dreaming I could have you once more

hoping you're thinking of me, that we didn't fight anymore.

Illusions everywhere I go

they wont leave me alone

a heart gone cold as stone

leaving me sitting here

all alone.

Dreams and Illusions will pull at your soul

so avoid love unless this is your goal.

a lonely woman walks up to the grave,

where her first love now laid.

Thinking of their life in the past.

Why god?  Why couldn't it last?

A life departed, one left behind

"Why'd you do it, I thought you were mine."

She loved him so much, as he did her

but a deadly decision, it did occur.

Dreams and Illusions become

of pain and suffering,

for passion and love.

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