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so for the rest of his weekend i'm not talking to anyone from ohio...they can't handle the fact that there team sux. GOOOOOOOOOOO MICHIGAN
Oldies Night With Dj Monster
Life Span
On the first day, ADONAI created the dog and said: "Sit all day by the door of your house and bark at anyone who comes in or walks past. For this I will give you a life span of twenty years." Sprach the dog: "That's a long time to be barking. How about only ten years and I'll give YOU back the other ten?" So ELOHIM agreed. On the second day, ADONAI created the monkey and sprach: "Entertain people, do tricks and make them laugh. For this I will give you a twenty-year life span." Sprach the monkey: "Monkey tricks for twenty years? That's a pretty long time to perform. How about I give YOU back ten like the dog did?" Thus agreed ELOHIM. On the third day created ADONAI the cow and spake: "You must go into the field with the farmer all day long and suffer under the sun, have calves and give milk to support the farmer's family. For this I will give you a life span of sixty years." Said the cow: "That's kind of a tough life you want me to live for sixty years. How about
Living Statue Of Liberty
Check this website out its awesome: WWI Camp Dodge - Living Statue of Liberty "On a stifling July day in 1918, 18,000 officers and soldiers posed as Lady Liberty on the parade [drill] grounds at Camp Dodge." [This area was west of Baker St. and is currently the area around building S34 and to the west.] "According to a July 3, 1986, story in the Fort Dodge Messenger, many men fainted-they were dressed in woolen uniforms-as the temperature neared 105 degrees Farenheit. The photo, taken from the top of a specially constructed tower by a Chicago photography studio, Mole & Thomas, was intended to help promote the sale of war bonds but was never used." (Grover 1987)
You sit next to me and I look into your eyes. I see my future. In you is where my world lies, I feel you close, and my heart begins to race. I long to hold you in my arms, and feel your sweet embrace. To taste the sweetness of your lips once again. My feelings will never end. You bring your face close to mine… Your smile sets my heart of fire. It is by God’s great design. You are my only desire. My heart, everything that I am is yours alone. Because of who you are, what you have shown. Your name is etched upon my soul. You make me whole. I feel complete when I’m with you. To surrender to your love…. This is the road I have chosen.
Whats This Life For! Post 911!
What''s this life for, why can''t we see? why we are here, what it was meant to be! In a dense fog, out to sea we sail, it''s easy to see why time and time again we fail! There is no peace, only famine and war! Why are we here, what''s this life for? Hatch an evil plan, many people die, all hope is lost in the blink of an eye! Weapon''s of mass destruction, in a lab we create, put it in a missile, and send it off for hate! We cant see the future, what''s in store, our nature is to destroy, what''s this life for? Frustration fill's my head, i don''t understand, divided we fall, divided we stand, why can''t we be one, all stand together, with love in our heart''s, and love for one another, is that to much to ask, i dont expect more, when will we see, what''s this life for?
You Leaned Over
You leaned over and you kissed me I felt my knees go weak You leaned over and you kissed me I couldn't even speak You leaned over and you kissed me With a passion flowing free You leaned over and you kissed me Sparks flew that we could see You leaned over and you kissed me A touch so soft and tender You leaned over and you kissed me A kiss I would remember You leaned over and you kissed me I'm sure I kissed you back You leaned over and you kissed me With the fire no kiss should lack You leaned over and you kissed me You left me wanting more You leaned over and you kissed me My soul you did explore You leaned over and you kissed me My heart no longer full of pain You leaned over and you kissed me Darling, kiss me once again
Just The Newbie In Town...
Just sayin' hey! Just got on here today thanks to Perforated Princess. Hopin' to meet alot of cool people. Laterz!
Holidays Are Just Around The Corner
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Another Awesome Me Quote
So i was googling myself last night and i think i found God
In Dream's!
In dream' i see her face. Awake now the thought i can't replace. In dream's she is there. I awake and she's not here. In dream's i feel her caress. I awake my heart in distress. In dream's i hear her call. Awake my hope's fall. In dream's she is home. Then i awake to find myself alone.
Elderly Couple
While on a road trip, an elderly couple stopped at a roadside restaurant for lunch. After finishing their meal, they left the restaurant and resumed their trip. When leaving, the elderly woman unknowingly left her glasses on the table and she didn't miss them until they had been driving about twenty minutes. By then, to add to the aggravation, they had to travel quite a distance before they could find a place to turn around -- in order to return to the restaurant to retrieve her glasses. All the way back, the elderly husband became the classic grumpy old man. He fussed and complained and scolded his wife relentlessly during the entire return drive. The more he chided her -- the more agitated he became. He just wouldn't let up one minute. To her relief, they finally arrived at the restaurant. As the woman got out of the car and hurried inside to retrieve her glasses, the old geezer yelled to her, 'While you're in there, you might as well get my hat and the c
Check It Out
Under The Knife...
(copied from my myspace blog...its too much to retype lol) well well....looks like its time for an update... on the normal side things are the same as always...still working, still being goofy, still just hanging about with friends and such...nothing really worth reporting there... on the unexplainable side things could definintely be better....last week i went to the ER in extreme pain and unable to was late wed/early thurs...they did some quicky tests, gave me some antacid and sent me home...all day thurs i felt icky and had bad back pain...friday when i woke up i felt better, ate lunch, chilled till it was time for work and then threw my lunch back up...vixie wound up taking me to work at which point she so lovingly pointed out that i was YELLOW!...not when i got home from work mommy dearest totes my ass back to the hospital...i sit in the ER for 6 hours while the doc sits on his ass doing nothing...finally they admit me so i can sit around all day sat
Points Grabbers
Greetings fellow Fubar~Freaks. I am not One to sit and watch anybody rate My goods throughout My pages and NOT ACCEPT a friend request. I watch. I warn. I block. If you desire to earn points then I strongly promote the notion that you shall request I add you or accept to add Me. I enjoy all that goes with this Fubar ideas yet selfish people are exactly that... I am in no need of friends simply to have their points move upwards. If you want anything from this Master... become better prepared to be proper whether you are involved or ignorant of this Lifestyle I impose the rules that I Live by on everybody. Cooments of criticism shall have a friend blocked because only My friends can do anything here on all My pages. Feel free but do not expect me to come to you free of charge... HAR!!! Be Well. Be Gone. Its Always Good On My Side Of This Fence. Master JerryVG2
New Pictures
hey just uploaded a bunch of new pictures check em out please rate if they intrest you.
You feel alone with nowhere to hide The world looks so big & enclosing You feel so trapped, so insecure Wanting the guiding light to show Wandering alone on the streets With no hope & will for living Looking at all the doorsteps taken Nowhere to rest those weary eyes Feeling so tired & the hunger growls Looking at all the healthy & well fed people Wishing you had a home, a dinner, the warmth Knowing that will never be Struggling for survival, strength & peace of mind Looking so helpless, knowing no-one cares The sadness that’s in the eyes of many The loneliness in those streets of fear Never knowing what tomorrow brings you Never knowing of there will be death near by Starvation the source of many lost lives No-one caring that there’s one person less A penny dropped by a person with no care Scrambling to pick it up & treasure it The feeling of wanting so many more to drop Knowing so many, buys so little That single penny meaning more than gold Havin
A Remembrance For Marcus
As all of you know, my husband of 15 years passed away from cancer in May of 2007. This poem was posted by my niece to my myspace and it really touched my heart. I wanted to share it with all of you. Thanks for being the awesome loving ppl that you are all the best! "Whispers From Heaven" When I left this world without you I know it made you blue. Your tears fell so freely, I watched; I know this is true. While you were sleeping, Days after I passed away. While all was silent within me, I saw you kneel to pray. From this wonderful place called Heaven Where all my pain is gone, I send a gentle breeze to whisper, "My loved ones,please go on." The peace that I have found here Goes far beyond compare No rain,no clouds,no suffering--- Just LOVE from everywhere. You need not be troubled Just stay close to GOD in prayer Someday we'll be reunited My love, HIS Love surronds you always, EVERYWHERE!!! This really touched me....hope you enjoy.
I Need More Cowbell
I NEED MORE COW BELL !!!! - Click here for the most popular videos
i've not smoked 26 days... having kind of a rough one, keep having to eat hard candy to fight cravings. went from 21 mg patch to 14 mg. 2 days to 1 month!
Should We Bring Our Men And Women Home From The War
please rate and comment on this every one
World's Largest Meth Lab Guilty For False Advertising To Kids
By Shane Ellison, M.Sc. Methamphetamine (and its chemical cousin amphetamine) is a highly addictive and dangerous Schedule II drug in the United States. Street thugs sell it as meth, poor man's cocaine, crystal, ice, glass, and speed. They go to jail when caught. Pharmaceutical companies sell it as the prescription drug "Adderall." They make hundred of millions of dollars. Admittedly, Adderall (and meth) is great for learning an entire semester of college in a matter of 5 hours or bench pressing 325lbs. But it isn't a vitamin. It's a hardcore drug with hardcore side effects. And children should not be taking this drug daily! But America's largest meth lab feels otherwise. Adderall, a cocktail of amphetamine salts, is manufactured by Shire Richwood, Inc. (Shire). Shire deals an estimated $345 million worth of this deadly drug every year. Their success lies in deceptive advertising to children and parents. The FDA previously sent a letter to Shire stating t
How To Handle A Husband
Body: A couple was celebrating their golden wedding anniversary on the beaches in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Their domestic tranquility had long been the talk of the town. People would say, "What a peaceful & loving couple". The local newspaper reporter was inquiring as to the secret of their long and happy marriage. The Husband replied: "Well, it dates back to our honeymoon in America," explained the man. "We visited the Grand Canyon, in Arizona, and took a trip down to the bottom of the canyon, by horse. We hadn't gone too far when my wife's horse stumbled and she almost fell off. My wife looked down at the horse and quietly said, "That's once." "We proceeded a little further and her horse stumbled again. My wife quietly said, "That's twice." We hadn't gone a half-mile when the horse stumbled for the third time my wife quietly removed a revolver from her purse and shot the horse dead. I SHOUTED at her, "What's wrong with you, Woman! Why did you shoot the poor an
Voodoo D :d
There was this businessman who was getting ready to go on a long business trip. He knew his wife was a flirtatious sort, so he thought he'd try to get her something to keep her occupied while he was gone, because he didn't much like the idea of her screwing someone else. So he went to a store that sold sex toys and started looking around. He thought about a life-sized sex doll, but that was too close to another man for him. He was browsing through the dildos, looking for something special to please his wife, and started talking to the old man behind the counter. He explained his situation. The old man said, "Well, I don't really know of anything that will do the trick. We have vibrating dildos, special attachments, and so on, but I don't know of anything that will keep her occupied for weeks, except.... and he stopped. "Except what?" the man asked. "Nothing, nothing." "C'mon, tell me! I need something!" "Well, sir, I don't usually mention this, but there is the 'voodoo dick.'" "So what
Rant #1
I've been holding alot of things in lately.. I know I probably shouldn't cause it'll bite me in the ass, but the truth is.... saying it could too. I don't like ranting and raving to people, nor do I expect them to just sit and listen. So I'll do it here... because if it's here than you have a choice. Don't read, or read... I don't force you. I feel incredibly isolated from anyone that truly understands me. Im so sick of people that dont understand assuming that they do, and putting words into my mouth. I dont know how many times I have to say it, but I don't beat around the bush. If I was going to say something I'd come out and say it. I wouldn't insinuate anything. Insinuating is for people without the balls to reap the consequences of what they may say. I'm not THAT much of a coward...unlike some people in my life where all they do is insinuate shit. Just come out and say it dammit. Don't I at least deserve that much respect?? I hate a certain island in this world for having
Forgive Me
Forgive me if I'm selfishly worried about my own problems. I'm sorry I'm so busy trying to solve them. I'm finding it so hard to hear with you yelling so loudly in my ear. Forgive me that i can't find it in me to care. I'm sorry, but i don't even care that you're there. Trying desperately to build my resistance and ignore your very presence. Forgive me, if my love has turned to something more hateful. I'm sorry that I can't find a reason not to be hurtful. You want me to be your angel but you'll find that i embody your hell. Forgive me for wanting to show you your reflection. I'm sorry for this painful duplication. I wanna make you feel that the pain you put me through is real. Forgive me for being the bitch you claim me to be. I'm sorry that i am only exactly what you see. You brought this side of me out. And now you finally have a real reason to pout.
Reality Check
Come here, let me look at your eyes It's the only way i can see through the disguise You try so hard to be what your not I know that deep inside you rot Does it feel exactly like you guessed? Do you feel better than the rest? I see more than you think to know And unlike you, i'm not afraid to show You act as if by law decreed But just like everyone else you bleed Nothing in you is different You arent royalty, we arent peasants I'll enjoy when you're put in your place And pushed flat on your face.
You can beat me bloody, you can beat me blue, it'll never compare to what i can do to you. your words are nothing to me like petals on the ground i guess you just dont see i dont need or want you around I'll crush what's left Of that pathetic heart As pay back for everything Even when we were far apart When the day arrives And you find yourself bleeding Take it as a blessing It was something you were needing.
Strange State Driving Laws
Alabama Apparently ‘Bama is an acronym for Blunt All Motorist Adventures, for officials there have inexplicably made it illegal to drive while blindfolded. Alaska Contrary to public opinion roof racks are not specifically designed for skis, snowboards and cocker spaniels. Or at least not in Alaska, where authorities have found it necessary to declare it illegal to tether a dog to the roof of a car. Arkansas Think twice while in Arkansas if you harbor an unflagging passion for cold cut sandwiches and honking your car horn. Arkansas authorities have deemed it illegal to blare a car horn where ice cold beverages or sandwiches are served after 9 p.m. California No matter how luxuriously comfortable that divided highway may look, it is illegal in Eureka, California, to use a road as a bed. In order to save money on having to crop dust their streets, officials in Chico, California, have made it illegal to plant rutabagas in roadways. Officials in Glendale, C
Adult Questions
Body: ADULT QUESTIONS 1. Is there anyone on your top friends list you had sex with? What kind of sex? Cyber, Yes. Phone, Yes. In real life, No. 2. Is sex best in the morning, afternoon, or night? All the time is good :)~ 3. What side of the bed do you sleep on? I prefer the right, but sleep on the left as it is. (this is in the in bed already time frame. The opposite when looking at the bed) 4. Lights on or off? off 5. Have you ever had to pull over on the side of the road to puke? ummmm no :( 6. Have you ever taken your clothes off for money? nope thats all free 7. Shower or bath? Bath... but don't have time too often 8. Do you pee in the shower? Yup :) 9. Mexican or Chinese? I've only had mexican, don't know any chinese I've been interested in. 10. Do you want someone aggressive or passive in bed? Aggressive :) 11. Love, money, or lust? Lust, the rest comes later :) 13. Credit cards or cash? Cards :) 14. Has there ever been anyone i
The First...
This lovely little place will be where you can kinda get a peek into my mind... Ill rant here and probably post poems here... in fact ill post a bunch today. comment or not either way i hop eyou enjoy :D
I'm With The Band!
I'm with the Band! date: 2007-11-16 14:32:56 Pix from CMT on Tour: Sugarland, Little Big Town,+ Jake Owen from last night up!!! Please Comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joshua Radin
Someone Else's Life Lyrics By: Joshua Radin Somehow I'm leading someone else's life I cut a star down with my knife And right now I still see the way the moon Plays this tune Though our nights died. CHORUS: My hands shake My knees quake It's every day The same way. Cos then came you. Then there's you. I keep your picture In my worn through shoes. Then there's you. Then came you. When I'm lost, I look at my picture of you. And somehow I'll make tonight our own I'll show you every way I've grown Since I met you And right now I'll be the boy in your next song I'll learn the parts and play along If you let me. CHORUS If you let me, I'll show the world to you. Yes, if you let me, I'll know just what to do. Cos then came you. Then there's you. I keep your picture In my worn through shoes. When I'm lost In your eyes I see a way for me
Why A Papi
That is a good question. I guess a better one would be what a papi is to me. A Papi is a man among men. This is the guy other men should aspire to be. He is compassionate, patient, tolerant. He is brutally honest, trustworthy, intelligent and makes me feel safe. He can be gentle with me. Take my face in his hand and kiss me so tenderly that I go weak. He will hold me at night, cuddle with me on the couch and wipe away the tears when I cry - Doubtful he would be the one to cause them. not impossible, just highly unlikely He can be incredibly romantic and passionate to a complete freak in the bedroom. HE will own me in the bedroom. He will have me so turned on and teased I won't know which way is up. All I can think about is I want this man anyway, anyhow, anytime, anyplace, anywhere. There is nothing in reason I would not do for or to him. That to me is a papi and if I call you a papi you better believe I think the world of you and would never take you for granted, purposely hurt
Santa Baby
Buh-bum.. buh-bum... Santa baby, just slip a sable under the tree, for me Been an awful good girl Santa baby so hurry down the chimney tonight Santa baby, a '54 convertible too, light blue, I'll wait up for you dear Santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight Think of all the fun I've missed, Think of all the fellows that I haven't kissed Next year I could be just as good If you check off my christmas list Santa baby, I want a yacht and really thats not a lot Been an angel all year Santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight Santa honey, one little thing I really need, the deed To a platinum mine, Santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight Santa cutie, and fill my stocking with a duplex and cheques, Sign your x on the line Santa cutie, and hurry down the chimney tonight Come and trim my chirstmas tree, With some decorations bought at Tiffany's I really do believe in you, Let's see if you believe in me Santa baby, forgot to mention one little
Mee 2
WASTED YEARS... IRON MAIDEN From the coast of gold, across the seven seas I'm travellin' on, far and wide But now it seems, I'm just a stranger to myself And all the things I sometimes do, it isn't me but someone else I close my eyes, and think of home Another city goes by in the night Ain't it funny how it is, you never miss it 'til it's gone away And my heart is lying there and will be 'til my dying day So understand Don't waste your time always searching for those wasted years Face up... make your stand And realise you're living in the golden years Too much time on my hands, I got you on my mind Can't ease this pain, so easily When you can't find the words to say it's hard to make it through another day And it makes me wanna cry and throw my hands up to the sky
For All My Military People
You know...I served in the Air Force for 7yrs and it never ceases to amaze me how some, not all, civilan women can get over a guy in uniform. They see the fairytale of "Oh I love a man in uniform" what they don't see is the sacrifices that are made to be with them. Not all understand the hours and hours of training they deal with, the year long or more deployments, the concept of being faithful while their man is gone. While he is gone he misses the sound of your voice, the scent of your skin, and the way it feels to hold you in his arms...the last thing he needs to worry about is who you might be sleeping with. His deployment is not an excuse for you to open your legs up to his buddies. Some, not all by any means, military men are dogs yes...but they are rare. For the women who this does not apply to, thank you for being a real woman and standing behind your man, you have no idea what it means to him.
Fcukin The Moby D1ckz0rz
WASTED YEARS.. COLD There's a game life plays makes you think you're everything they ever said you were Like to take some time Clear away everything I've planned Was it life I betrayed for the shape that I'm in It's not hard to fail it's not easy to win did I drink too much could I disappear and there's nothing that's left but wasted years There's nothing left but wasted years If I could change my life Be a simple kind of man try to do the best I can if I could take the sides I'd derail every path I could I'm about to die won't you clear away from me give me strength to fly away There's nothing left but wasted years
So I Think We Are
so he has changed all his status to just in a realtionship instead of married. So i don't know what to think, does he want to stay like together just not married or what. I think he just wants his freedom back, you know to where no one depends on him and where he is free to leave at anytime without abounch of hasslel. I know he loves me deep down in his heart it's just i think something else is more important right now. I'm just scared bt time he figures out whats most important i won't need him anymore. I love him and always will but i can't keep doing this every year. it's to hard for me. well i'm about done at work and am fixing to go home so i'll cya guys later.
My Promise To Ypu!!
You are wonderful to me, I'm glad you are my friend. Hopefully forever, Until the end. You make me feel special With all that you do It makes me feel so lucky, Every time I'm around you. You are there for me, Through good and bad. It makes me happy, Like I could never be sad. I just want to thank you, For everything you do. I promise someday, I'll do the same for you. FRIENDS ARE LIKE ANGELS Our friends are like angels, Who brighten our days, In all kinds of wonderful, Magical ways. Their thoughtfulness comes, As a gift from above, And we feel we are surrounded, By warm, caring love. Like upside-down rainbows, Their smiles bring the sun, And they fill ho-hum moments, With laughter and fun. Friends are like angels, Without any wings, Blessing our lives, With the most precious things. SOMEONE THERE FOR YOU Someone you can believe in; Someone who is there for you, Reminding you to have faith in yourself. Someone who
Well, here goes my first attemp at this. I am not really sure how to post things on here, so I will give it a try here. Check out this video. I first got it about a year ago while I was in Iraq. Now, I found it online, and someone made up word to it.
Should We Stay Or Pull Out?? Of War
why do ppl like to call us baby killes?? dont judge me until u know me an know what its like here.. in fullajuh,iraq ...
Cum And Party With The Dirty Bitches :)
Cum Party With The Dirty Bitches Of Fubar In The Haunted Lounge Where Its Down And Dirty 24/7/365! CLICK HERE TO CUM GET DIRTY
Like The Ones We Write;
Like The Ones We Write by BlueWolf © Would open arms be awaiting If we ever met one day Would our words flow easily In knowing what to say Would the desire be conveyed When holding my hand Would our heart's be racing As we lay upon the sand Would we caress side by side Capturing sensual bliss Would we embrace tenderly Lingering on each kiss Would our longings be fulfilled While enjoying the fun Would depths of love be felt As we bask in the sun Would our eyes gaze knowing Feeling passions ignite Would we fulfill each fantasy Like the ones we write.......... ~~PLEASE RATE AND COMMENT THIS POEM~~
Friday Cofunments
Hello and Happy Friday my fu-friends ... I hope this finds you *fan-FU-lous* hehe coined that term today :) So, any plans for this weekends you wanna share? Me? It's what we in this part of the country ... The Game weekend! Ohio State/Michagain F O O T B A L L ! I make it no secret, I'm pretty sober these days. But -damnnnnnnnnn- I wanna drink tomorrow! we'll see ... I always chicken out, afriad in will wake up that SLEEPING MONSTER inside me. Time will tell :) On to todayz comment: I made the coFUNments whilst with a 102 temp a couple months ago. Wasnt hard being about two years sober to come up with them either ... (I lived those rules ... EVERYDAY) *including days I didnt work* *nods* Nice tie-in to why I chicken out from drinking 8-p So I hope this finds you with your weekend dreams & hopes planned, realized ... As for me: (he dig's into he old 'Catch' phrase) I'm off: Like a hubcap that hit the curb
Check This Out............
You gotta check this out. I is totally awesome. If you love this place, you must see this...
Should I Or No?
Ok... I got a scouted for a modeling site... so far it is legit... basically how it works is you put your pictures on a page and modeling agencies and stuff like that look through it and if they feel they need you they contact you... but i don't know if I really want to put myself in that world.. especailly me b/c i would be considered a plus size model (if u remember Tocarra from america's next top model I'm her size when she was on that show)... and lord knows its hard for them... all the pressure and critisim... plus i have two children at home and if i do get picked to do somethin I would most likely have to leave where I'm at. But on the plus side.. It is a lot of money and a good oppertunity...
My Name "is Meth"
I destroy homes,I tear families apart,take your children,and that's just the start. I'm more costly than dimands,more precious than gold, the sorrow I bring is a sight to behold. If you need me,remember!I'm easily found,I live all around you-in schools and in town. I live with the rich;I live with the poor,I live in the street,and maby next door. I'm made in a lab,but not like you think,I can be made under your kitchin sink. In your child's closet,and even in the woods,If this scares you to death,well it certainly should. I have many names,but there's one you know best,I'm sure you've heard of me,my name is crystal meth.My power is awesome;try me you'll see but if you do,you may never break free. Just try me once and i might let you go,but try me twice,and I'll own your soul. When I possess you,you'll steal and you'll lie,you do what you have to--just to get high The crimes you'll commit for my narcotic charmes will be worth the pleasure you'll fell in your arms,your lungs your
Dirty Bitch Crew Ty Kev!! U Rawk Hun
Cum Party With The Dirty Bitches Of Fubar In The Haunted Lounge Where Its Down And Dirty 24/7/365! CLICK HERE TO CUM GET DIRTY
Free Enlightenment Friday!! A Must Read!!lol
Oh another bulletin. I am getting in a bulletin making mood. I feel it is my Fu-Duty and responsibility to gently and kindly enlighten a few thousand people about some things in the drama filled world of Fubar. This is long....get comfortable. :-) I have been fooled, as many of you have and are. Don’t feel bad. You don’t know until you know. I, as well as my bomber family, The FuBombers have recently STRONGLY supported the infamous BBG in her obsessive quest for red.(Not gonna happen by the way, she pissed too many people off acting stupid- they will make sure it never happens) We bombed the hell out of her page. We made, posted, reposted and stickied tons of bulletins asking our friends and fans to go rate/fan/add her. I, like you, assumed she was nice, deserving lady who was being undeservedly attacked by people who were just jealous of her and trying to keep her down. (rolls eyes) OH MY, OH MY how we have all been fooled. (If I ever asked you to go rate/fan/add her, I ap
Thanks To Everyone Who Helped Me Win!! (repost)
I wanted to take the time to send out a BIG thank you to everyone that helped me win the sexy diva contest. Thank you to all the Fusista's, Fubrotha's and The Spankers!! You guys all rock!! Please show mad love to the people below! If I am leaving anyone out, I'm sorry! aShLey~fusista's bombing &leveling crew~@ fubar Txmom of 5 ~~Fusista' and Club Far and a Spirit levelers@ fubar ~`Bê®®ymûƒƒiñ`~Fusista@ fubar ~~Sam's Seductive Angel~~ Fusista's Bombing & Leveling Crew@ fubar ~ Chickie Momma 2nd Co-Manager of Fusista's bombing and leveling crew~JDub's Wifey~@ fubar ~~TINYTEARS69~~PROUD MEMBER OF THE FUSISTAS LEVELING ANDS BOMBING CREW,THEEXPOLSIVE BOMBERSAND CLUBF@ fubar ~*Ç£ÃÿMØ®Ê*~ *DEMON CREW* & * W.I.S.E.U.K.F*@ fubar misterfeet@ fubar FatBoy@ fubar ~GODDESS*Wild*Cherry~@ fubar
The Irrational Inspiration Of Youth
do not overlook who it was so inspired to provide these calming disturbances which infatuate and complicate these superficial and seemingly complacent standards of living. the peace of violent conflict invited to stir up satisfactions and desires. Emotions. acclimation to the usual ups and downs has no influence over the suddenness and unfamiliarity of these new twists and turns. Adventures. words and actions must be reconciled to the hopes and beliefs of Reckless Abandon. guiding, misleading... is it really following being led on or just wandering exploring the unknown. for all this idle contemplation and fickle behavior what is to be gained
Silently looking at her surroundings, Wishing the madness would cease. She tries to speak, Only a whimper escapes her lips. Torn between good and evil, Lost within herself. Suffocated by her thoughts, Drowning in her pain. Chains clutching her heart, Refusing to release her love. Stretching her hand to the sky, She feels His presence. Her soul searching for the light, But trapped in the darkness. Choking on her sins, Gasping for salvation. Temptation will be her demise.
It Is Time To Bring On The Hard Stuff......chocolate! ;)
What a day it has been! Wow, and it is only 2:00. I have been awake since 5:00am but woke up many times before that. I was working by 7:00am with our accountant and it took us over 3 hours to find and fix the mistakes that Jennifer made to the previous quarter. A bit frustrating to say the least! I found out my computer is 6 years old. Kind of old for a computer when you work on it daily! It is time for a new one. Especially since it has been giving me the System Failure error when I start it up and have to keep pushing the start button until it decides to work! lol Jennifer said she would have Richard at work order me one but then I would end up with what he picked out and not what I want! And I am sure it would be a Dell he would pick out for me and I prefer HP! I need some chocolate really bad! That or wine? Hmmm? Decisions decisions! I am horny. We have had great sex 2 nights this week and none the last 2! I need sex!!!! I better get to have fun tonight!
My Terminal Illness
I know by Gods grace and only his grace I am alive today, the thing I was immediately struggling with was why was I saved? what is my purpose? By all medical standards and reasonings I shouldn't be alive, and when I did finally go to get a second opinion from a different hospital I was given 72 hours at most to live without surgery. I was in CHF, and had a severe bacterial endocarditis (they said it was a rare Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus bacteria) that was ravishing my heart tissue, this wasn't all though I had an enlarged heart, a fistula which is an abnormal opening from the inside of my heart to the outside made by the bacteria eating it's way through, I also had the infection in my tricuspid and mitral valves, and a burst aortic aneurysm which the doctors at the first hospital I went to (where I was working when I started getting sick in September of 2004) told me that "it was in my head", that "I was 33 I couldn't be having chest pain or shortness of breath", they
Yea Ok
just to let everyone who actually reads my blogs, I am tired of the bullshit that comes with life. Just like the song goes If I leave here tomorrow will you still remember me? I have been used and abused by people my whole life now it is time for all that to change. This partially goes out to all the guys who fuck some girl then basically leave them with nothing. FUCK YOU!!!!!! What is the point of it. Just so you get a little satisfaction and then leave the girl or guy feeling like shit wondering why? What form of satisfaction do you get from leaving them in a ball on the floor hoping and praying that nothing bad will come of it. What ever happened to finding that one person and only fucking them and not just anyone that walks by that you think or know you can get in bed. Well, I guess it trying isn't the chicks fault for feeling the way we do it is the guy that got our hopes up that something could come from it. Which takes me back to something I talked about before. JUST FUCKING B
Working Tonight
Okay people so here is the deal. I am working at Tattoo's by Buzz Jr tonight, and feeling at my best. Come out and see me or one of our other talented artists and let us put some new artwork on you. Tell us you saw this bulletin and we will knock 20% off any tattoo valued at $100 or more. We are located at 211 S. Marine Blvd. Jacksonville NC. Our phone is 910-937-6677 Then, when you are done here, go out to Rena J's and show Lisa (Jacksonville's best bartender) some love!!! She makes the best Red Headed Sluts you will ever put your lips to. Tell her Troy sent you!!!! I will join you there at midnight when Im off!! ! Its friday night what else do you have to do. Please repost this buliten. Lets get the word out!!!
Bonbing A Team Member R U?
If you are a part of HOTT We need to see you at the link below bombing the heck out of her! I must remind order to have future help for yourself, we have to see you helping others. If you do not attempt to make an effort we will REMOVE you from the Team! First rule is you have to be dedicated to helping your team member! Please Do So! I understand circumstances have prevented some from helping but there are some that are just not trying at all. Thats disappointing! Ok...We helped her out a little yesterday, but THIS IS THE MAIN FOCUS! Lets get her VIP out of the way. She only has a about 10,000 comments to go, and that should not be a problem! Please do what you can for her today! Iam going to be gone for a bit, but as soon as I get back I will start on her again! Come on guys! Lets do what we set out to do!
Hea All, holidays are coming up hope u all have a good one! :)
If You Had Me Alone
Voodoo Dick
VOODOO DICK! Body: There was a businessman who was getting ready to go on a long business trip. He knew his wife was a flirtatious sort, so he thought he'd try to get her something to keep her occupied while he was gone, because he didn't much like the idea of her screwing someone else. So he went to a store that sold sex toys and started looking around. He thought about a life-sized sex doll, but that was too close to another man for him. He was browsing through the dildos, looking for something special to please his wife, and started talking to the old man behind the counter. He explained his situation, to the old man. "Well, I don't really know of anything that will do the trick. We have vibrating dildos, special attachments, and so on, but I don't know of anything that will keep her occupied for weeks, except …" said the old man, and then he stopped. "Except what?" asked the businessman. "Nothing, nothing," said the old man. "C'mon, tell me! I need something!" prote
Your Sign...i'm Gemini
Remember, if you are on the cusp of another sign you most likely will have features of both signs...which may lead you into total confusion...... VIRGO - The Perfectionist ( Aug 23 - Sept 22) Dominant in relationships. Conservative. Always wants the last word. Argumentative. Worries. Very smart. Dislikes noise and chaos. Eager. Hardworking. Loyal. Beautiful. Easy to talk to. Hard to please. Harsh. Practical and very fussy. Often shy. Pessimistic. 7 years of bad luck if you do not forward. LIBRA - The Harmonizer( Sept 23 - Oct 22) Nice to everyone they meet. Can't make up their mind. Have own unique Appeal. Creative, energetic, and very social. Hates to be alone. Peaceful, generous. Very loving and beautiful. Flirtatious. Give in too easily. Procrastinators. Very gullible. 9 years of bad Luck if you do not forward. SCORPIO - The Intense One ( Oct 23 - Nov 21) Very energetic. Intelligent. Can be jealous < SPAN style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold"> And/or possessive. Hardworki
The Penis List
The Taco Bell Penis Yo quiero penis. The 7-Up Penis The UN-penis. The AT&t Penis Reach out and touch someone. The Alka-Seltzer Penis Pop, pop, fizz, fizz...Oh, what a relief it is... The All State Penis You're in good hands. The American Express Penis Don't leave home without it. The Army Penis Be all that you can be. The Bacardi Penis Taste the feeling. The Beef Penis It's what's for dinner. The Bic Lighter Penis Go ahead and flick my penis The Big Red Penis It's longer with big red. The Borden Penis It's GOT to be good. The Borg Penis Resistance is futile. The Bounce Penis With Static-Guard! The Bounty Penis The quicker picker-upper. The Miller Lite Penis Great taste, less filling. The Budweiser Penis This bud's for you The Burger King Penis Have it your way The Campbells Soup Penis Mmmm mmm good The Captain Planet Penis Go PENIS!! The Charmin Double Roll Penis It
My "fun" Pics
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When You're Gone By Avril Lavigne
I always needed time on my own I never thought I'd need you there when I cry And the days feel like years when I'm alone And the bed where you lie is made up on your side When you walk away I count the steps that you take Do you see how much I need you right now [Chorus] When you're gone The pieces of my heart are missing you When you're gone The face I came to know is missing too When you're gone The words I need to hear to always get me through the day and make it ok I miss you I've never felt this way before Everything that I do reminds me of you And the clothes you left, they lie on the floor And they smell just like you, I love the things that you do When you walk away I count the steps that you take Do you see how much I need you right now [Chorus] We were made for each other Out here forever I know we were, yeah All I ever wanted was for you to know Everything I'd do, I'd give my heart and soul I can hardly breathe I need to feel you here wi
Its Frday So Enjoy
Hey Peeps I am here but have been really busy... But I want you to have a Great Friday!Check Out a New Alternative adult only network and promote yourself. Always Free Lots of Free Naughty Pics and Movies
Ramble On
I have been sitting here for like 20 minutes now trying to write something. I have all these ideas in my head, but I just can't seem to complete the thought and make it all make sense. The writting bug has gotten me again. I grabbed and pen and paper and jotted a few thoughts down but nothing comes of it. I wish I could find my book I used to write in with all my poetry in it. I has been missing for years now. What I wouldn't give to see it again. And no, I am not one of those girls who write that sappy love poetry and stuff. Mine was a lot darker then that. I think maybe when I get off work in a bit and go home I just might sit and grab my notebook and work on the book I have been trying to write for like 5 years now. I should do it while I have the urge to do it. I just wish I had a better writting program on my computer at home to use other then wordpad, but oh well. Its better than nothing I guess.
P.c. Taken To Far!!!!! AFP Santas warned 'ho ho ho' offensive to women SYDNEY (AFP) - Santas in Australia's largest city have been told not to use Father Christmas's traditional "ho ho ho" greeting because it may be offensive to women, it was reported Thursday. ADVERTISEMENT Sydney's Santa Clauses have instead been instructed to say "ha ha ha" instead, the Daily Telegraph reported. One disgruntled Santa told the newspaper a recruitment firm warned him not to use "ho ho ho" because it could frighten children and was too close to "ho", a US slang term for prostitute. "Gimme a break," said Julie Gale, who runs the campaign against sexualising children called Kids Free 2B Kids. "We are talking about little kids who do not understand that "ho, ho, ho" has any other connotation and nor should they," she told the Telegraph. "Leave Santa alone." A local spokesman for the US-based Westaff recruitment firm s
Amongst The Annoyance...
My roommates are wearing me thin. Today, one of them asked what she should do this weekend since I am not going to be here. I didn't know I was the entertainer? Anyways, beyond the annoyance, everything is sailing smoothly. I am going to spend some time to myself in the mountains, rejuvenating, and recovering from a crazy semester. My roommates told me to leave for a while. I feel so unloved. Not only that, but one of them is whiny. She complains and repeats herself several times. I heard her tell several people that I bitched at her. How bad is that? Please give up some hugs and some I have not much left! Love to all Laura
I Learned How To Be Strong
I learned how to be strong by the tears that i cried, I learned how to be strong, everytime i fell and got back up, just to fall again. I learned how to be strong everytime someone told me i couldnt do it I learned how to be strong everytime someone walked away. I learned how to be strong by the tears that i cried. everytime i fell and got back up. I learned how to be strong by the love and support i got from you my friends. I learned how to be strong everytime you opened your arms, and said lets talk i am here for you. I learned how to be strong when my wings were broken and i could not fly. I learned how to be strong everytime you said my friend i love you. My friend i care. I learned how to be strong by the tears i cried. I learned how to be strong through the pain that is hidden deep inside. I learned how to be strong with every step i took. One foot in front of the other. I learned how to be strong everytime you reached out. I learned how to be st
Ugh! Whats Happeneing For Me At The Moment!
Well all the past couple days have sucked bad for me. Two nights ago on Wednesday night, I was carried out of my house on a backboard/ I fell down 25 steps of stairs in my home. I was paralyzed for about 3 hours after it happened but luckily got my feeling back in my legs. Last night, I spent another night in the ER. The pain going from my tailbone that I broke all the way up to the base of my skull in my spine. After going to the doctor again today and the doctor looking at all my X-rays again, I find out that I have 4 broken ribs and the rest on my right side are bruised badly with hairline fractures. Also, fractured my hip which cannot be casted because of where it is so will need to do some physical therapy on top of it all. And because of my Lupus, it is going to take a whole lot longer for me to heal than others would. GREAT HUH! NOT! Anyways, my tailbone is broken, my hip fractured, 4 broke ribs and hairline fractures amongst a lot of bruising, eventua
Oral Sex Gene Helps Male Fish Fake It
Men may be intrigued to hear that researchers have pinpointed a gene that makes females suck up sperm through their mouths. The gene was found in the cichlid fish, where the males have evolved a way to lure females close so that they can squirt sperm into their mouths. As is the case in many fish species, the sight of a brightly coloured male somehow triggers females with ripe eggs to start releasing them. But in cichlids, there is a twist. Females hold their eggs in their mouths and incubate them there after fertilisation – a behaviour that is thought to have evolved to protect the eggs from predators. As soon as a female has spawned her eggs, she collects them up in her mouth. Normally, sperm released into the water by a male nearby will then fertilise the eggs. But males of certain cichlid species in east Africa have evolved a way to increase the odds that females take up their sperm. Oval yellow markings resembling the eggs are found on the anal or pelvic fins. When a f
Thinking Of Leaving!!!!
I have made some awesome friends and family here on fubar many more than I thought I would but, I am considering leaving here as its just not the same now. I want all my good and close friends and family to know how much Love I have for them and am sorry if I am disappointing them by leaving. Some of you have been fantastic and over the top with your love and I appreciate all your help and support. I will be here for the next coupe of days and than I will be gone for a week when I get back I will decide on what to do. Yet again THANK YOU to ALL my family and great friends on here, I LOVE YOU ALL so very much. Bobby
The Way Back Home. Let Me Know What You Think...
Have you ever fought hard to live, but you know you’re gonna die. Holding on to the cold hard truth, with tears streaming down your eyes. Living past the pain and strife, wanting nothing more than a chance at life, But the life you once remembered has given way to pain. Wanting to live more life in a single day, than most do in the parade That they call their simple lives when they can’t find their way back home. Clutch my hand if you can, please believe in who I am, Don’t let go a single day, for if you do I am damned. I want to hold the truth, the belief that I’m not a joke To see the end inside my mind, so I can go back home. So I can go back home. So I can go back home.
Death Is Tragic
I witnessed a death today. It was of the family bird named Fish (my sister named her that). It's weird because she was just fine yesterday. There was no signs of her being hurt or sick or anything like that. She just died out of nowhere. When I uncovered the sheets to the cage, I saw her on the bottom of the cage just lying there like she was ready to die. I picked her out of there and was trying to keep her warm (she was cold). I quickly called my sis and told her that she is dying. We did our best to keep her alive, but she ended up dying. I don't want to give any descriptions of how she died because it is just too difficult. Just seeing her made me feel like I couldn't do anything at all. I already lost another bird last week on friday as well. Death is so sudden and unexpected. Why now. It's just not fair.
Is Anyone Else Here?
I'm tired of being bi-polar. I can't figure it out. They either tell me that it's nothing to worry about, or over-medicate instead of trying to hep. I've been in a damned depression now for over a month. I still take my meds, but It won't freaking go away. I talked to my psych doctor about it, and she's just "Oh well, just keep taking your meds" Does anyone else in here have this problem? It sucks.
Chapter 1
It started out as a normal day. Rebecca woke up at 8:00am, ate a quick breakfast, got a shower, dressed, and started her walk to work. As she passed the park, she got the eerie feeling she was being watched but there was not many people out this early. She just let the feeling pass and continued on her way to work. While getting her daily Iced Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks, she got that felling again, this time getting chills down her spine sensing that someone is behind her. She turned around and saw a dark figure quickly disappear from the window. She paid and rushed out the door just in time to see the figure dash around the corner. (Rebecca) Oh lord, now I’m seeing shit. Rob was right, maybe I do drink too much caffeine. Now I am losing it, I just admitted Rob was right. She slaps herself and peeks around the corner to see if the figure is still there. She convinces herself that she is just seeing things and continues to walk to work. As she spends her day working, cooking for t
Simplicity To Complex
There's simplicity to complex; A square is what I need; To look through at our friendship; And all our woes indeed; As I like you; And you like me; And all the world should Gladly see; That things are not so complex this calls 4 simplicity; I like you; Is not enough; And though I'm strong Then weak then tough; I cannot fight the walls You see; You howl directly up at me; I can't chase a man whose running Or grind him to a halt; Or break my tearful breaking heart, With someone whose a wont; I can't deal with all your maybe's And your there's but never here's, I can't deal with all your halfway points From no man's land to here; I don't like my pentagons; Or striving through red seas; I can't climb your stupid mountains With you not next to me; I'm not crazy bout heptagons; They kind of get me vexed; That things so small and minor Become big things so complexed; I guess, it pained to see; You weren't that into me.
~ Walls ~
Truly sensitive people often find they need to create a defensive wall. Maybe the real trick is knowing when to let it down and be vulnerable. Trust is such a difficult thing. ~ Fatah ~
"extraordinary" Full Official Movie Release - 2007
Gas Price Solution
Bush wants us to cut the amount of gas we use. The best way to stop using so much gas is to deport 11 million illegal immigrants! That would be 11 million less people using our gas. The price of gas would come down. Bring our troops home from Iraq to guard the border. When they catch an illegal immigrant crossing the border, hand him a canteen, rifle and some ammo and ship him to Iraq .Tell him if he wants to come to America then he must serve a tour in the military. Give him a soldier's pay while he's there and tax him on it. After his tour, he will be allowed to become a citizen since he defended this country. He will also be registered to be taxed and be a legal patriot. This option will probably deter illegal immigration and provide a solution for the troops in Iraq and the aliens trying to make a better life for themselves. If they refuse to serve, ship them to Iraq anyway, without the canteen, rifle or ammo. Problem solved. If you think this is a good solution to both the problem
Remembering A Good Man
A friend of mine passed away on monday in a 4 wheeler accident. He was 26 years old..... he served this country in Iraq twice and recently left after his last tour. Rob was an amazing young man...he lived life to the fullest... he was hard working...loving...a smart ass....and a true american! you could always count on him to tell you the truth about your self and the reality of the situation..... I'm not really sure why it is that this tragic thing has happend to a great man... or what the lesson is to be learned in this one.... but i do know this.... It was a TRUE pleasure to have known you Rob....I will always hold a place in my heart for you and your memories..... May Peace and serenity come over your family and their hearts!
Remember to Read from the bottom up!!
And One More...for The Hell Of It.
Prison Time
I Kept You Safe
I kept you safe till you could fly, with arms opened wide i let you go. With arms held open a huged you tight, but now only in my dreams. I kept you safe till you could fly. I kept you safe until i couldnt hold on anymore. I tried to protect you, I did the best i could for you. Now i am trying to figure out how to say goodbye. in my heart you will always be, in my dreams i remember the times we did have together, and they will be treasured forever, from the first time you said mommy to the time i had to walk away and leave you, because i couldnt raise you on my own. I left you in good hands hoping and praying that someday you would understand, why mommy had to go away. I will never forget you and i hope you never forget me either. I kept you safe until you could fly. I had to let go i had to set you free, i kept you safe until you could fly, and now i only wonder how to say goodbye. I kept you safe and now i must let you go. I love you my son always will.
Hello Everyone!
Off to Homestead this weekend! Will try to post some stuff somehow when i get back, might have to take some old pics down. Have a great weekend, Heather
last night i saw a bible and wanted it and was going to put it back cuz i thought well i got about 3 or 4 of them..but for some reason i couldn't put it back ..something just told me to buy it.. i'm starting to wonder if maybe i need to be back in church or not?
Hi All, We've checked with Norton Antivirus and they are gearing up for this virus so I believe this is real. We've checked and this is for real. Get this sent around to your contacts ASAP, because we do not need this spreading around. PLEASE FORWARD THIS WARNING TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY AND CONTACTS: You should be alert during the next days. Do not open any message with an attached filed called 'Invitation' regardless of who sent it. It is a virus that opens an Olympic Torch, which 'burns' the whole hard disc C of your computer. This virus will be received from someone who has your E-mail address in his or her contact list, that is why you should send this E-mail to all your contacts. It is better to receive this message 25 times than to receive the virus and open it. If you receive an E-mail called 'invitation', even if it was sent by a friend, do not open it, and shut down your computer immediately. This is the worst virus announced by CNN, an d it has been c
I wanna lock Betty Crocker in the kitchen And knock her upper during supper Clutter up her butter gutter Hostess Ding Dong wrapped an eggroll around my wong While Dolly Madison proceded to ping my pong Your Milky Way is M'n'M in your britches And I'll tell you Baby Ruth it looks mighty delicious Keep blowing my gum, cuz here I come I'm gonna get you all sticky with my Bubble Yum Knick knack paddywhack and give your dog a bone, baby I was givin' some head to some french bread It was a four course orgy on the spread of my bed French kissin' french fries in my Fruit of the Looms I get deeper penetration with a fork and a spoon I got yogurt meat loaf smeared all over my ass I stick my weiner in two buns and and then give it the gas Sour cream from my spleen into Levi jeans Gonna bust the seams with my refried beans Ronald McDonald just loves to be fondled With Big Mac he'll fuck it like a Chicken McNugget Colonel Sanders wants to goose Granny's loose caboose He
I Got The Jones For You!
Pardon me, but I must say I got the Jones, and I'm a tell you this one last time before I leave this shit alone. Now... This is straight from the heart, not a drop of liquor in my system, And before you draw an early conclusion, you really oughta listen. If I can get one night with you, man I'd reveal it all, you can start the night off with a massage after you've played ball. From there we can talk and I can know your deepest thoughts, and fears, and I never think you were less of man because you shed tears... Or ice... Go ahead boo it's alright, Fuck them other girls they probably weren't ya type. C'mon... Let's further this conversation while I give you a sponge bath, You don't have to worry about a thing, just relax. After which we can get in the bed and hold each other tight, Sharing sporadic kisses throughout the night. Is that alright? Or, we can sit in the living room and listen to Floetry, Discuss our favorite poets or poetry... So you
Poem 2
another day drifting wandering in my mind memories still haunt taking me back in time I used to have a heart it beat strong and proud before cupids arrows swiftly took me down love is very unique the worst kind of pain even when it is good it can drive you insane it causes happiness thoughts of angels in your mind it brings on depression when your alone at night one way or the other its a curse faced by all Love may lift you up but its one hell of a fall
Im Drowning
Didn't think the day would come December 20th the ties were cut It doesn't matter where you are Minutes and seconds robbing us blind Your face and memory - carved into stone One day we'll meet again Believe in time you'll understand Put to a brutal test Adolescent at an early age I feel your anger - family is torn apart Endless suffering - condemn this evil The comfort in this - oh fuckin' sweet revenge I'm thinking - I'm dreaming - I'm thinking - I'm drowning Without a warning - I severed the ties Deep regret - done for the good Circumstance you'll understand Take a look in the mirror What do you see? One day questions answered As time is passing by Put to a brutal test Adolescent at an early age I feel your anger - family is torn apart Endless suffering - condemn this evil The comfort in this - oh fuckin' sweet revenge I'm thinking - I'm dreaming - I'm thinking - I'm drowning
Blue Ghost
This is so cool... check this video out... What do you think! The blue ghost video in Ohio gas station. Web link to: _
When I have no one to turn to And I am feeling kind of low, When there is no one to talk to And nowhere I want to go, I search deep within myself It is the love inside my heart That lets me know my Angels are there Even though we are miles apart. A smile then appears upon my face And the sun begins to shine. I hear a voice, so soft and sweet Saying, 'Everything will be just fine' It may seem that I am alone But I am never by myself at all. Whenever I need my Angels near All I have to do is call. An Angel's love is always true On that you can depend. They will always stand behind you And will always be your friend. Through darkest hours and brightest days Our Angel's see us through They smile when we are happy, and will cry when we are blue.. Thanks for being my Angel my friend I will be there for you until the end.
Your ability to put others at ease is legendary even on off days and right now you are crackling! It's the perfect time to host a party or to reconcile with anyone you've been feuding with for too long. ******************************************************************************************************** Papi holds no Grudges!!!!
Why Hold On
Why hold on? Your hands are getting sore You must be scared of something From the time before, well... We're here again How long, who knows? It's not your right to tell me Where this trip will go Pull away You're dying today You could enjoy it If you could take your feelings with you But put your mind on me And suck my energy And see the speed gets higher I see you hold on tighter.... But just fatigue Is all your face will show It's weary from the stress Getting delirious "I didn't want this race We can"t keep up this pace" We don't want to get well We want to go to hell We want an urban dream The fucking urban scream "This time was mine to borrow I'll pay for it tomorrow" You'll pay for it today And as we drive away I'll make my pleasure greater Push the accelerator (and down we go)
Hellyeah - You Wouldn"t Know
You couldn't be, you couldn't be me even if you wanted to, Everything I've been through. Live your life, soaking up all my sunshine, And smile your whole life, I wouldn't know 18 wheels are rolling, 18 wheels are crushing, Me down, Running me down Cars are crashing Cars are crashin, all around me Running me down, All my days are numbered, All my days are grey, All my skies are covered, All my ends are frayed, You couldn't be, you couldn't be me even if you wanted to, Everything I've been through. You wouldn't know Live your life, soaking up all my sunshine, And smile your whole life, I wouldn't know Lightning's crashin' Thunder's rolling all around me, Bringin me down Stars are falling, Fires lighting all around me, Burning me down All my days are numbered, All my days are grey, All my skies are covered, All my ends are frayed, You couldn't be, you couldn't be me even if you wanted to, Everything I've been through. You wouldn't know Live you
Hot Momma
To Kill An American
Written by an Australian Dentist....and too good to delete.... To Kill an American You probably missed this in the rush of news, but there was actually a report that someone in Pakistan had published in a newspaper, an offer of a reward to anyone who killed an American, any American. So an Australian dentist wrote an editorial the following day to let everyone know what an American is. So they would know when they found one. (Good one, mate!!!!) "An American is English, or French, or Italian, Irish, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian or Greek. An American may also be Canadian, Mexican, African, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Australian, Iranian, Asian, or Arab, or Pakistani or Afghan. An American may also be a Comanche, Cherokee, Osage, Blackfoot, Navaho, Apache, Seminole or one of the many other tribes known as native Americans. An American is Christian, or he could be Jewish, or Buddhist, or Muslim. In fact, there are more Muslims in America than in Af
Form Letter To The Ladies
Just started a new job this past monday sept 24th @ACS-Humana. don't have a car but hope to before xmas. don't have a place of my own but hope to before my bday (4/19, aries). will start getting massive amounts of overtime (Nov 15th-Mar 31st; OT=car and place). do i have to be single and untouched till i'm firmly on my feet or can i have someone that can watch me grow and be amazed? women say they aren't material, so maybe i've just been talking to the wrong one's. what's your opinion? nathan raleigh, nc 27615 me: 32yo, 5'11", 185-195lbs, med/avg build, dark brown hair (thick and curly but usually shaved), hazel eyes, 1 tattoo, 1 brand, 0 piercings. divorced 2 years, seperated 3 before that, 1 child (daugter, 7 in dec 07, lives with my best friend: her mom). no car till jan 08 at the latest, live with granny till apr 08 at latest (multiple reasons but i'll say this much: NO ROOMMATES EVER AGAIN!!!). i'm a smoker (menthol) and 420 friendly (i'll pass if man made it, but p
Tell Me
I'm here, alone, on the telephone line I'm right where you want me to be And I'll wait (here), to love (and) and never ask why I'll be where you want me to be And I know (and I know) [4 times] I've been here before, and I know your kind You're right where I want you to be Now I'll say what I think I'll never be what you want me to be Just to be who I am What you want me to be You'll be on your knees Tell me, tell me, Tell me it's not true [3 times] Tell me it's not true And now I'm here, alone, on the telephone line I'm right where you want me to be And I know (and I know) [4 times] I wait (here), to love (and) And I never ask why I'll be where you want me to be Now I'll say what I think I'll never be what you want me to be Just to be who I am What you want me to be You'll be on your knees Tell me, tell me, Tell me it's not true [3 times] Tell me it's not true Why don't you tell me, tell me Tell me, tell me Tell me, tell me Tell me it's not true
Goodbye For Awhile My Friends
Well as of monday or wed I will be offline for awhile...*tears* I am moving into a new place and money is very tight and the internet is a luxury I do not need at the moment..I'm going to miss everyone especially my WRR family..please do not delete me off your lists I WILL BE BACK..thats a promise..If I am not here by christmas ..merry xmas and new years..I love you very much..I wish everyone the best of luck and I will see you all very soon...muah muah muah muah
Blood In Your Eyes
You squirt out red and turn so yellow And then you made me kill my own I'm not afraid (coming) But I'm afraid Blood in your eyes again Bravery, the face of man Blood on your mind again Chivalry, the face of man Blood in your lies again Enemy, the face of man Blood in your eyes, again, again, again Is this the only path of glory? If so then I won't go alone Follow the trail (running) Follow the trail Blood in your eyes again Bravery, the face of man Blood on your mind again Chivalry, the face of man Blood in your lies again Enemy, the face of man Blood in your eyes, again, again, again Again [several times] I'm not afraid, but I'm afraid I'm not afraid, but I'm afraid
Let Go
The way you're holding me I'm gonna blow up in your face You know the way You're gonna light up and let go You better let go, let go You better let go You wanted flames But now your tears won't put out the blaze Before you run away Know that I cannot let go You better let go, let go You better let go You stood a watched me behind [?] Remember close you eyes [?] Remember life is a lie [?] You let me cold and blind [?] The way you're holding me I'm gonna blow up in your face You know the way You're gonna light up and let go You better let go, and go You better let go, let go
T'was Just A Dream
You've just turned off your computer after reading all of the messages. You decide it's time for you to go to bed. As you climb between the cool sheets, I can tell what you're thinking. I know what you're thinking. You can't see me but there I am. Standing in the shadows watching and waiting. As you turn off the light, I wait patiently for you to go to sleep. My heart is pounding wildly against the thin fabric of the gown that flows over my naked body. Covering all that is there that will make you stiff. I want you. As I watch you drift into a half sleep, I long for you. I move from my hiding place slowly across the room to the bed, which you lie upon. Your breathing is even and slow. I gently nudge against your bed, shaking it only enough to make you turn over to gaze at me with half sleepy eyes. My hands slowly move over the roundness of my breasts, down to my smooth stomach caressing my hips, my thighs. As you watch me you wonder how I have gotten here to where you are, but you
To Kill An American
Written by an Australian Dentist....and too good to delete.... To Kill an American You probably missed this in the rush of news, but there was actually a report that someone in Pakistan had published in a newspaper, an offer of a reward to anyone who killed an American, any American. So an Australian dentist wrote an editorial the following day to let everyone know what an American is. So they would know when they found one. (Good one, mate!!!!) "An American is English, or French, or Italian, Irish, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian or Greek. An American may also be Canadian, Mexican, African, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Australian, Iranian, Asian, or Arab, or Pakistani or Afghan. An American may also be a Comanche, Cherokee, Osage, Blackfoot, Navaho, Apache, Seminole or one of the many other tribes known as native Americans. An American is Christian, or he could be Jewish, or Buddhist, or Muslim. In fact, there are more Muslims in Americ
Your Sorrow
This is getting old and so are you Everything you know and never knew Will run through your fingers just like sand - Enjoy it while you can - Like a snake between two stones It itches, in your bones Take a deep breath and swallow, your sorrow, tomorrow Raise the cup and let's propose a toast To the thing that hurts you most It's your last cup of sorrow What can you say? Finish it today It's your last cup of sorrow So think of me And get on your way It won't begin until you make it end Until you know the how the where and the when With a new face you might surprise yourself Like a snake between two stones It itches, in your bones Take a deeper breath and swallow, your sorrow, tomorrow Raise the cup and let's propose a toast To the thing that hurts you most Is your last cup of sorrow What can you say? Finish it today It's your last cup of sorrow So think of me And get on your way You might surprise yourself
In The Heart Of Confusion
In The Heart of Confusion In the heart of confusion there is little hope. There is preciouse little time and even less rope to pull yourself out of the thick and black mote that will swirl around you in music without note. My heart is a quagmire, a swamp you see. A place where no one ever should be. Shadows are spinning and whirling around me, taking me deeper never to set me free. Darkness is coming I am almost there. Into the pits of deception and dispare. Fight as I may I'll not come up for air. For there is no light to give off a flare. Depression is real a creature of late, and if I'm not careful it will seal my fate, and if I don't guard my heart at this rate, it will take me down deeper and use me as bait. To the creature named confusion I surely must go, but before that time comes, one thing I would have you know... I stand here wided eyes like the innocent doe, wondering why you have taken my heart to and fro. The heart is not for you to play w
My Crazy Halloween Pumpkins Photo Gallery
Thank You Guys For Rating My Crazy Halloween Pumpkins Photo Gallery LoL.The Two Pumpkins On My Living Table And My Outside Deck Are Really Indeed My Work The Others Are Just Internet Photos I Like. I Had Fun Cutting These Baby Up LoL They Real Nice Once Your Finished; Its Just They Do Take Lots Of Time And Patience To Stencil Out Shape Up These Jack lantern=2 Hours Long Ouch. Im Glad I Was Off From Work On 10/31/07 LoL Haa Most Of My Ideas Came From This Website Below Check It Out Sometime Very Interesting. I am Pleased You Enjoyed Them. *DAY* +NIGHT+ The Website
Bjork-play Dead
darling stop confusing me with your wishful thinking hopeful enbraces don't you understand? i have to go through this i belong to here where no-one cares and no-one loves no light no air to live in a place called hate the city of fear i play dead it stops the hurting i play dead and hurting stops it's sometimes just like sleeping curling up inside my private tortures i nestle into pain hug suffering caress every ache i play dead it stops the hurting -----------------------------
Cum For Me (erotica Story)
Close your eyes, just for a moment and picture me standing behind you as you work, I’m right there behind your chair, standing close to your body. You feel my hands come to rest on your shoulders and you sigh as I squeeze them gently, leaning back against me, no words are spoken none are needed, it’s a moment of comfortable silence. Slowly I let my fingers follow the route of your collarbone, trailing down over your chest, enjoying your warmth through your shirt. I lean harder against you, conscious of your head pressed against my breasts, aware that my breathing has already changed in manner, your closeness arousing some deep animal pleasure within me. I slip the fingers of one hand inside your shirt, touching, exploring your skin, I can feel your heart beating steadily. Leaning down I kiss and nuzzle the back of your neck, just above your collar, just below your ear, you murmur words I can’t quite hear. I let my fingers trail lower still; you can feel my hot breath agains
Bjork-big Time Sensuality
I can sense it Something important Is about to happen It's coming up. It takes courage to enjoy it The hardcore and the gentle Big time sensuality. We just met And I know I'm a bit too intimate But something huge is coming up And we're both included. It takes courage to enjoy it The hardcore and the gentle Big time sensuality. I don't know my future after this weekend And I don't want to. It takes courage to enjoy it The hardcore and the gentle Big time sensuality Sensuality --------------------------------
My Country
THIS IS MY COUNTRY! And, because I make this statement DOES NOT mean I'm against immigration!!! YOU ARE WELCOME HERE IN MY COUNTRY. Welcome to come through like everyone else has. Get a sponsor! Get a place to lay your head! Get a job! Live by OUR rules! Pay YOUR taxes! And LEARN THE LANGUAGE LIKE ALL OTHER IMMIGRANTS HAVE IN THE PAST!!! AND PLEASE DON'T DEMAND THAT WE HAND OVER OUR LIFETIME SAVINGS OF SOCIAL SECURITY FUNDS TO YOU TO MAKE UP FOR ''YOUR'' LOSSES. When will AMERICANS STOP giving away THEIR RIGHTS??? We've gone so far the other way .. bent over backwards not to offend anyone. But it seems no one cares about the AMERICAN that's being offended! WAKE UP America !!!
My Dad
My dad is in the hospital right now. He has many health problems, at age 27 he had polo, but over came it and Served his country in Vietnam. He also suffer from High blood pressure and heart attacks. He has been on high bolld pressure med since his 30's. He has since due to his high bloood pressure meds, is on dyalsisis, his polo came back, its now called post polo, and his knees have given out. He has 4 stints in his heart. He can't walk. I see this strong man, who is a graduate of West Point and a retired LTC, my heart breaks. He been in the hospital for over 2 weeks now, due to get him ready for a knee replace, this was done Tuesday. now he still has the polo leg also to deal with. He has soo much. sorry I am just so down over everything. I cam home from PA yesturday, we finally find him a good place to go after leaving the hospial, what was offered to him I would not put my dog in!!! But my mom and I just went out on out own and found a place. So remember my dad in your thoughts t
To Nicole....... Lmao
Such a beautiful woman to be so demanding..... You want someone to rate allll your default pics before you even accept them as a friend? Does it look like I NEED friends... much less go through all your pics and rate, JUST to NOT get the same in return...... How do I know you wont return... because you don't have anything filled out in your profile.... PLUS your already demanding before you said Hello.... GREAT way to make friends honey... You seem like a true winner and friend AND your BF is soooo lucky to have you... I suggest YOU read other peoples profiles. With me... just because you have a pussy... Doesn't mean you make the rules... Delete and block me PLEASE!!!!
Sex On Fubar
Ok yesterday I was online and I got an invite to a fu wedding. So I clicked on it and it took me to a lounge. I won't give names to protect the guilty. This lounge was all about the bdsm lifestyle which I am curious about. So I started talking to her about different aspects of my sexuality and bdsm stuff. I guess she thought I was too forward so she thought I was a guy and starts arguing with me about the fact that I am female. Now I know I have very overt ways when it comes to sex and the anonymity of being online allows me to talk about some things you probably wouldn't otherwise. But that certainly doesn't mean I am not female and what right does anyone have to question that anyway? And Why the hell does someone have a bdsm lounge and not want to talk about sex? what does she think people are gona come there and talk about the weather? before they talk about what her lounge is supposedly about? Then she asked me where my g spot was and said maybe she's believe I was a girl? Well, I
Top 50
top 50 Body: top 50 Body: 50 ODD Things about you! If you opened this, FILL IT OUT! Learn 50 things about your friends, and let them learn 50 things about you! 1. Do you like cheese? Yes 2. Have you ever smoked heroin? no and never will 3. Do you own a gun? Yes 4. Your favorite song? because of you by kelly clarkson 5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments? Yes 6. What do you think of hot dogs? luv them with slaw with hot sauce 7. What's your favorite Christmas song? christmas shoes 8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? coke 9. Can you do push ups? No 10. Is your bathroom clean? Yes 11. What's your favorite piece of jewelry? earrings 12. Favorite Hobby? sleeping 13. What is your secret weapon to lure in the opposite/same sex? i have to think on that one 14. Do you have A.D.D.? no i don't 15. What's one trait you hate about yourself? myself period 16.Where's this question? i think 17 ate it! 17. Name
Wanna See All Of
friend me an see ALL of me
Longing for one that will not come and chained to one that longs for naught The ache of wanting to burst free the sorrow of what is left behind A bruised soul is lifted never more the pain of loss A kiss found in the wind she smiles, he laughs To want is no more to them satisfied in reckless abandon Together
Yep Yep I do have one soo if you would like to add me on myspace as well here is my profile url :) ps. please rate blog if you havent already. thanks much!
Three And A Half Minutes...
I'm not a big fan of day-time television and even less of a talk-show watcher, but I had the TV on this morning and saw that James Taylor was going to be on "Ellen". I thought...damn...he's gotta be like 112 years old by now, I wonder how he's holding up...well, I sat through the beginning of the show, pouring coffee down my neck and waiting for the "good part". Ellen did an intro for him and talked about 50 years in the business, and I thought, damn, him and I are both old, so I lit a smoke and sat back... Mr. Taylor sat on a stool and brike into the song "Sweet Baby James", and for three and a half minutes, I was young again. The song was straight from my teens and that's just where it took me today. I could smell the cloud of "70's smoke" and I could hear the sounds of friends past echoing in my head. I remembered the feeling of hope in my heart, for myself and for the future. James Taylor my be 112 years old, but he hasn't lost a step or a note, he was crystal clear and he cu
Do You Like Baked Chicken With Mashed Potato
do you like baked chicken with mashed potato?
Laugh For November 16
Some Gender Jokes... Men wake up as good-looking as they went to bed. Women somehow deteriorate during the night. A woman marries a man expecting he will change, but he doesn't. A man marries a woman expecting that she won't change & she does. A woman has the last word in any argument. Anything a man says after that is the beginning of a new argument. There are 2 times when a man doesn't understand a woman: before marriage & after.
It Lives!!!!!
To many who know me, I’m known as the crazy…funny….happy Thacker. And for the past few years that IS who I’ve been. But there are others out there, mainly from years back, that know that there’s a whole other side to me. There’s a dark….twisted….demented….devious side to me. One that was caused by years of being people’s whipping’ boy. All the issues I had growing up, and I never had anyone to talk to about them. I tried with my parents, but all the advice they ever had for me was to “turn to God. Ask God for guidance. He’ll lead you down the right path.” Yeah, that worked REAL well. A young kid kneeling beside his bed talking to “God”. And nothing ever happened… apparently I was merely talking to myself. So instead of letting it out, I kept it all inside….let it sit there and fester for years. Until all that pent up frustration…anger…and rage twisted my inner self into a deranged person. But a few events changed me. And the people responsible for that, know who the
Shed Some Light
I'm falling apart again And I can't find a way to make amends And I'm looking in both directions But it's make believe, it's all pretend So... Shed some light on me And hold me up in disbelief And shed some light on me And tell me something that I'll believe in It's innocence within the maze But I have chosen the wrong way I'm still getting over who I was There's no sense of trust, there's no definition of love So... Shed some light on me And hold me up in disbelief And shed some light on me And tell me something that I'll believe in I know now, it's not who you are It's who you know And I see clearly now, which way to go I remember the way I fell from above And I recall the way I was So... Shed some light on me And hold me up in disbelief And shed some light on me And tell me something that I'll believe in Shed some ling on me And hold me up in disbelief And shed some light on me And tell me something that I'll believe Tell me something that I
Proud To Be An American! ~
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: US NAVY WWII MEMORIAL SITE Date: Nov 16, 2007 11:27 AM RE: PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN! ~ THIS IS GREAT!----------------- Original Message -----------------From: Michael P.Murphy MemorialDate: Nov 16, 2007 7:35 AMRE: PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN! ~ THIS IS GREAT!----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: BlackbirdDate: Nov 16, 2007 12:40 AMI am determined to face my limitations,And to prove I will stand up for my beliefs.I can make a difference.I am determined to face the future,And to earn the freedoms I've been given.I am ready to become part of a great American tradition,And to contribute all I canWithout being asked, more than my share.I am ready to contribute the good I have inside me,My will power, And to succeed for the good of my country,For my family's future, Against all odds;At any test, Now.I believe that the world needs more heroes,And that anything worth havingIs worth protecting.And I believe in my c
Quote For November 16
The end comes when we no longer talk with ourselves. It is the end of genuine thinking and the beginning of the final loneliness. The remarkable thing is that the cessation of the inner dialogue marks also the end of our concern with the world around us. It is as if we noted the world and think about it only when we have to report it to ourselves. -- Eric Hoffer Bonus Quote: Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the spaces between the notes and curl my back to loneliness. -- Maya Angelou
Three Trivia Facts For November 16
On this date in 1864: Union Gen William T Sherman begins march to the sea during American Civil War. A scientific report form the University of California found that the steam rising from a cup of coffee contains the same amounts of antioxidants as three oranges. The antioxidants are heterocyclic compounds which prevents cancer and heart disease. The walrus has the largest penis of any land animal, measuring 24.5 inches when erect.
Wooooohooooo Im Back!!!!!
*does a happy dance* yep got the net back...woohoo woohoo *dances in her chair* lmfao so i have ALOT of catching up to do...just bare with me and give me some time to catch up with everyone...have missed ya guys bunches! hope all has been well with everyone since ive been gone! *hugs and luvs* Blessed Be Juniper420
Have A Gr8 Weekend Everyone
have a gr8 weekend everyone
Many Months Of Excitement
many months all wrapped in 1 blog Current mood: busy Category: Life Much has happened since September (this will take awhile)...... Lets start with Sept. : My best friend from high school, Erin, found me on myspace and it turned out that she lived 5 hours from me in Orange Grove, TX. I had to make a trip to see her. I was sick, but would not let that stop me. We pulled into her town around 11pm and could not find a motel room and had to double back to Mathis, TX. We found a room....not the best of places....and the next morning we met up with her. Spent half a day with her. Erin has not changed a bit from high school; just a goofy as ever. I was glad to see how good she was doing. Buddy had the idea to go ahead and drive the extra 30min. and go to Corpis Christi...we left Erins around noon and arrived in Corpis around 12:30...had to wait 2 hours for a room, but boy was it worth it!!! The veiw was great! I swam in the ocean for the 1st time, we sat on the beach a
More Lyrics
And then You Went Away By: Brian Vander Ark I've been living in here long enough It reminds me of when times were tough I still think of you every day It's like you never really went away There were no signs There were no warnings Saying that it's over All you left behind was everything You hung your favorite picture So you could see it everyday Then you went away, and then you went away It's by the window garden That you said you'd water everyday Then you went away, and then you went away It's been awhile and I feel alright You can call me day or night Because I don't think about you anymore In fact some of your things went out the door The only words that make me feel better Are saying that it's over All you left behind was everything Slipped down the velvet curtains The ones that you had custom made Then you went away, and then you went away And there's my new best friend The one you took in as a stray Then you went away, and then you went a
Not Feelin It
So I am in a super special mood. And by super I mean I want to curl in a ball and hibernate till I die. I don't want to talk about it, I don't want to vent, or bitch or any of the other things people tell you to do when you are contemplating detonating the Earth. So, to save myself from pissing off all my fu-friends and fu-family I am going to be pretty introverted till I feel better. I luv you all. Chris (you know which one) and Jay (my Aristocrat) I will be in touch. Big Hugs! Anyway, you may find me bitterly stalking through the mumms, but if I don't reply to messages or comments, please don't take it personal. I am just not social right now. Be Well W.R.
How's Your Day Going?
how's your day going?
Please Check Out My Mumms
this happen right here in my home town and my hospital or go to http://blogs,
Happy Friday Everyone
happy Friday everyone
so, what's everyone doing for the weekend? I don't think I'm doing anything. Might go out for a friend's birthday tomorrow. Then again I might go to my sister's house and show her how to use a program. Or maybe I'll just stay home. :D How about you guys? Anything fun and exciting?
Kerosene-miranda Lambert
I’m waitin’ on the sun to set cause yesterday aint over yet I started smoking cigarettes there’s nothing else to do I guess Dusty roads aint made for walking, spinning tires aint made for stoppin’ I’m giving up on love cause love’s given up on me I gave it everything I had and everything I got was bad Life aint hard but it’s too long to live it like some country song Trade the truth in for a lie, cheating really aint a crime I’m giving up on love cause love’s given up on me Forget you high society, I’m soakin’ it in Kerosene Light ‘em up and watch them burn, teach them what they need to learn HA! Dirty hands aint made for shakin’, aint a rule that aint worth breakin’ Well I’m giving up on love cause love’s given up on me Now I don’t hate the one who left You cant hate someone whos dead He’s out there holding on to someone, I’m holding up my smoking gun I’ll find somewhere to lay my blame the day she changes her last name Well I’m giving up on love cause love’s giv
For All Those Who Race Into The Burning Buildings As Others Race Out
When I'm called to duty God wherever flames my rage give me strength to save a life whatever be it's age Help me to embrace a little child before it is too late or save an older person from the horror of that fate Enable me to be alert to hear the weakest shout and quickly and efficiently to put the fire out I want to fill my calling and to give the best in me to guard my neighbor and protect his property And if according to your will I have to lose my life bless with your protecting hand my children and my wife.
Pasta With Roasted Vegetables
Pasta with Roasted Vegetables Roasting vegetables is a good way to spice up a veggie pasta dish. Experiment by adding grilled vegetables -- you can use a stovetop grill -- which provide a nice charred contrast to the sweetness of the roasted ones. Credit: Servings: 2 to 3 Ingredients: * 8 ounces rigatoni pasta, uncooked * 1 pound mixed fresh vegetables * Salt * Pepper * 1 teaspoon Italian seasoning * 2 tablespoon vegetable oil * 2 teaspoons balsamic vinegar * 1/4 cup chicken broth * 2 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese Directions: Preheat oven to 500 degrees F. Prepare pasta according to package directions. While pasta is cooking, slice or cut vegetables and place in a shallow baking pan, arranged in a single layer. Season with salt, pepper and Italian seasoning and brush lightly with oil. Roast for about 10 minutes, or until vegetables caramelize and brown, leaving any juice in the baking sheet. Drai
Chicken And Sun-dried Tomato Chili
Chicken and Sun-Dried Tomato Chili It's not your run-of-the-mill chili! Made with lean chicken and tangy sun-dried tomatoes, and garnished with nutty sunflower seeds and creamy avocado, this is a sophisticated and tasty twist on an old favorite. Credit: Holly Clegg Servings: 4 Ingredients: * 2/3 cup sun-dried tomatoes * 1/2 cup red wine * 1 1/2 pounds boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into pieces * 3 cups chopped tomatoes * 1 (4-ounce) can chopped green chilies * 4 cups canned chicken broth * 2 tablespoons chili powder * 2 cups frozen corn * 2 tablespoons sunflower seeds, for serving * 1 avocado, chopped, for serving Directions: In a small bowl, place sun-dried tomatoes and red wine and let stand for 5 minutes to allow tomatoes to soften. In a large pot coated with nonstick cooking spray, brown chicken over medium-high heat for 5 minutes. Add tomatoes and saute until tender. Add green chilies, chicken bro
If you are a fan of my radio show please make a salute for me and let me know! I like to know who my fans are :D You can do a salute with my name written on a piece of paper or heck ladies do it on your boobs or ass i wont turn that down either :P
Hillshire Farm Autumn Country Fondue
Hillshire Farm Autumn Country Fondue For weekend family fun when the weather turns cool, there's nothing like gathering around the table for some fondue dipping. We suggest going the extra mile and serving chocolate fondue for dessert; a recipe follows in the Serve With links. Credit: Hillshire Farm Servings: 4 Ingredients: * 3 pounds Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage (any variety) * 1 1/2 cups white wine * 1 package dry onion soup mix * 4 teaspoons lemon juice * 2 cups (8 ounces) Swiss cheese, shredded * 2 cups (8 ounces) processed American cheese, shredded Directions: Cut sausage into 1/4-inch-thick slices. Combine onion soup mix, 1 cup of wine and lemon juice in heavy saucepan over medium heat. Turn setting to low and add cheese in small amounts, stirring until cheese is melted. Add remainder of wine as needed. Transfer sauce to heating dish or fondue pot. Dip in the pieces of Hillshire Farm sausages with fondue forks, allowing to
For Family Or Friends
These people are SAFE on my "FAMILY" list.. If you don't see your name then get in contact with me soon or you will be gone ! If your not on my family list and would like to be send me a message plz... I also will be needing pictures of my family members to put in folders so send away :) Love You All and talk to you soon ! ~* TGIF Muah *~ ~*BabyDOll*~ UNUSUAL SUSPECT SIMPLYSWEET WOODY DARK DEFENDER LIONNESS MS. CHARLOTTE 2 U DAE DREAMER @MR.TOEMAN13@ STEVE KYCATS14 CLOWNY PIXMAKER
It's All In The Eyes
Sunshine retreats, your lies fill the sky As our eyes meet, I see through your thin disguise The devil within every one of us Shall not master me Seems too late to save you now I have to let you be
Wake Pig;;;alien Angel, One Of My Fav's
It always amazes me that just when we think things have finally fell into place and we found where we belong it all falls apart. You work your ass off and put your heart into something just to have it stomped all over and taken away from you. I don't understand why people feel the need to be dishonest and take advantage of other people. I don't know why i'm even writing this cause noone reads them but i just needed to get it out. What happened was partly my fault cause i thought i could trust someone and i believed what they told me. I was wrong noone tells the truth anymore. Everyone always has something to hide....
Trying To Vent
I try to vent but this page keeps going blank so I have to keep restarting. I am no longer in the group I was in. Got sired of not getting help when I easily asked for it when others got it right off the bat. I am a bit pissed but its about time I got this way when everyone moves up faster than anyone else I know
Hot New 'long-haired Country Boy'!
Hot new artist fresh to the scene please check this video out and please help a southern brother out by reposting as much as possible!
Life Is Comin At Me Full Force .. ( Be Warned I Was Long Winded)
Hello everyone .. I wanted to stop in and say hi to all my wonderful friends . ive missed chatting with you all . as you may .. or may not have noticed i havnt been on that much these past days ...ive had a lot of shit tossed at me in these past few days that have kinda knocked me off my "Everything will be okay" box .. yesterday just kinda topped it all off and put me into a very big self Pitty party I know its not the end of the world and not life endangering .. so heres' whats been goin on .. and some of the things i wont be posting up here ... but .. anyway ( get on with it wendy geesh ) .. on monday i was working and was Very sick .. i was there for 2 hours feeling as if id been run over by a freakin train ..i was sent home , when i did come home .. mr wonderful has his usual attitude which didnt help me much .. so i went to bed and slept for what felt like 19 days .. ... I finally get into the doc thinking i was just dealing with perhaps vertigo .. or an ear infection/
A few years ago a group of salesmen went to a regional sales convention in Chicago. They had assured their wives that they would be home in plenty of time for Friday night's dinner. In their rush, with tickets and brief-cases, one of these salesmen inadvertently kicked over a table which held a display of baskets of apples. Apples flew everywhere. Without stopping or looking back, they all managed to reach the plane in time for their nearly missed boarding. All but one. He paused, took a deep breath, got in touch with his feelings, and experienced a twinge of compassion for the girl whose apple stand had been overturned. He told his buddies to go on without him, waved goodbye, told one of them to call his wife when they arrived at their home destination and explain his taking a later flight. Then he returned to the terminal where the apples were all over the terminal floor. He was glad he did. The 16 year old girl was totally blind! She was softly crying, tears running do
I Never Understood These Things.....
Lets begin with the english language. Bra, referred to in the singular, makes sense, it is one item, this is also true for shirts. HOWEVER! Pants, glasses, any kind of undergarment covering the crotch, shorts are all referred to as a pair, YET THEY ARE STILL ONLY ONE ITEM! COMMON PHRASES Yard Sale, Garage Sale, sidewalk sale... they aint selling any of these things. Words: Knee, Know... silent k, come on, a silent k? Really, who came up with that brilliant idea? Inventions.... Mankind is just a wonderful piece of work. Long before he came up with antibiotics, pain killers, cures for various diseases, he developed poisons and poison gas. Really smart, demonstrates where the human mind is. Before coming up with items to make things easier for the common man and woman, we developed siege warfare systems, cannon, firearms, etc. First use of the airplane... warfare. First use of the rocket.... warfare. First recorded use of a woman crying... war between th
It's Worth It
Grilling pizza looks easy on TV, and it is a fun way to make pizza. But here are a few tips to grill a pizza that make the process as easy as the TV folks make it. look. It is my favorite way to make pizza: quasi-New York style, thin, thin...did I say thin, crust, charcoal fired, maybe a hint of smoki-ness. But if you're a deep-dish fan, that I haven't figured out yet except I would think indirect heat in a dutch oven or deep pizza pan might work. First, you can make the dough for the crust from stratch or buy a store mix. The difference is about an hour of prep time, and honestly, even from this experienced and picky pizza person, the difference is not worth the extra work. For health and quality reasons, ground beef and sausage should be cooked before putting on any pizza, grease drained. Pixxa sauce can be bought at the store, but it's so easy and quick to make, as well as far better quality, maiking it yourself is a good idea. Put 2 TBSP oilive oil in a pan over medium heat. A
I just want to take a few minutes and explain where I've been, and why I haven't been commenting ! I was in a 3 car accident last Friday and been in quite a bit of pain. I messed up my knee, neck , back ... and blood in my eye ! I sign on once in a while to check messages, but I never turn my PC off so even though it might show me online... doesn't neccassarily mean I'm around , as I lay around alot with my leg propped up ! Mom was with me and she has several injuries as well.. so it's really been rough !! Keep us in your prayers ! XOXO Love ya's all ~
Was The Future Aint What It Used To Be
Hello, I am back on Fubar.. i hope lol. I used to be The Future Aint What it Used to Be which i still am but wiht a different email address. I cant seem to get back into that site so here i am instead lol. I will still get stuck on level 10 once i make it there again.. still dont have a camera to take a pic in order to level up. Fan ADD ME
An Alternative
Juice of 1 lime 12 ounces of ginger ale or club soda 1/4 cup sugar 1 stick of sugar cane 1/4 cup bruised/course chopped mint leaves Ice to suit Put all ingredients in pitcher or glass and dump ginger ale or soda into the glass to fill up.
Proof That God Loves Blondes!!!
A blonde finds herself in serious trouble. Her business has gone bust and she's in dire financial straits. She's so desperate she decides to ask God for help. She begins to pray..."God, please help me. I've lost my business and if I don't get some money, I'm going to lose my house as well. Please let me win the Lotto." Lotto night comes, and somebody else wins it. She again prays..."God, please let me win the Lotto! I've lost my business, my house and I'm going to lose my car as well." Lotto night comes and she still has no luck. Once again, she prays..."My God, why have You forsaken me? I've lost my business, my house, and my car. My children are starving. I don't often ask You for help, and I have always been a good servant to You. PLEASE let me win the Lotto just this one time so I can get my life back in order." Suddenly there is a blinding flash of light as the heavens open. The blonde is overwhelmed by the Voice of God Himself..."Sweetheart, work with Me on this... Buy a
I Will Be Ok. I Plan On It. I Expect It Of Myself.....
I have to find balance again I am not sure excatly when things with me got so off balanced inside. I have to get it back though. I cannot allow myself to keep falling like I feel like I am lately. I cannot allow things to effect me in such a down way either. It does not mean I should go to the extreme of not caring at all....but not to let things rule who I am. I say all this, but I need to be sure I move on it also. I do not want to lose family or friends because of this. I already in ways have caused some changes in friendships and such. Changes I wish I could undo. Hurts I wish I had never done. A love that is really there inside me wishing it could be with that person. The thing is.....I need to let go and not try to force things. If it is something that is still there.....I pray it will come back to me. I miss her, but I want her to be happy. I am not as important as she is. I am in ways open to see if maybe there is someone else for me. I just want to be sure I let it grow an
All Friends
MyHotComments Thank you all so much for all the ratings and comments. I am sorry I havent had a chance to get back to all of you, my husband is only home about another week and I am trying to spend as much time with him as I can before he goes back to Iraq, I promise I will get to all of you! Thanks again. Much love to you all!
Pork Tamales
2 tsp cumin 2 tsp coriander 2 tsp black pepper ½ onion, finely chopped 1 garlic clove, finely chopped 2 TBSP olive oil 1 tsp salt 3 ½ pounds pork tenderloins and cut cross-wise into 8 logs 12 dried corn husks, soaked 1 hour in warm water, then drained and patted dry. Preheat oven to 350. Mix cumin-salt until a paste forms. Use as rub on all sides of the pork. Chill overnight, or at least 3 hours. Place pork tenderloins into 8 of the husks. Make three ribbons out of each of the remaining 4 husks. Tie these ribbons around the ends and the center of each tamale. Place on a baking rack and bake until the center of the thermometer reads 150, it will take about 35-45 minutes.
Today's Horrorscope
You're feeling just a bit constrained by recent circumstances and that is provoking a desire to break out of your old habits or routines. Make sure not to overdo it -- you want some continuity, right? =============================== I'm feeling just a bit of pain in my ankle, lol. And what kind of continuity can I possibly strive for when I'm 600+ miles away from home? I love it here. I wish I could stay in this area. Bleah, I'm tired. I'm going to nap =)
I Didn't Need This!
Mortgage Company sent me a letter.. my payment is going up almost $150 a month. Taxes go up and then so do the payments... but $150 a MONTH? They didn't go up THAT much. I suppose it could be worse. There was a mortgage place around here that ripped off their clients. I suppose they were just an in bween thing, taking payments and sending them in. They declared bankruptcy...most payments clients had sent in were never applied to their accounts for a few months. The owner of he company just took the money and kept it. There was even one couple that had paid off their mortgage last year with an inheritance... and the company took the money and never paid off the mortgage. All those people are responsible for the money that was never sent in. Its supposed to be like $3 million in payments they stole. I guess I can be glad thats not who I deal with and be happy with paying an extra $150 a month. Maybe I need a roommate lol.
Love It With Chicken Or Fish
1 yellow pepper 12 oz. fresh cranberries, 3 c. ½ c. sugar ¼ c. fresh orange juice 1 jalepeno, chopped 1 TBSP. orange zest 2 Avocados, diced ¼ c. chopped cilantro Roast the pepper and peel the skin. Chop the pepper. Combine Cranberries, sugar, and juice in food processor or blender until the berries are coarsely chopped. Add pepper, avocado, cilantro, jalepeno and orange zest.
Try This One For Supper
1 small-medium potato, ½” cubes 1½ boneless chicken breast, ½” dice 2 cloves garlic, chopped 1 TBSP olive oil 1 TBSP butter 2 c. chicken stock 1 tsp dry, or 1 TBSP fresh rosemary (for an Indian flavor, substitute 2TBSP or to taste of curry powder. Best results would come from making your own masalas and curries) 1 cup of rice and cover while cooking at medium turns this soup into a great, mild curry for four people Heat oil and grease over medium-high heat. Add garlic, cook 30 seconds or just until aromatic. Add chicken. Brown chicken half way and add potatoes, chicken stock and any seasoning used. Reduce heat to medium/low heat and cover cooking 15 minutes. Remove the cover and increase heat so that the stock is at a boil just above simmer. Add rosemary and continue to cook until the stock has reduced to about ½ cup, this will take about ½ hour.
It's A State Of Art Lol
Chocolate Cake recipe, doubled For the filling and frosting, double this recipe: 3 c. chilled whipping cream, chill mixing equipment too ½ stick butter (2 ounces or ¼ c.) 1 lb. good quality white chocolate 2 tsp. vanilla extract or seeds from 1 vanilla bean 11/2 tbsp. almond extract Melt white chocolate using 1 c. of cream and the butter. The butter and cream mix is hot enough to melt chocolate once it starts to simmer, but it must be stirred until completely smooth. Add vanilla and mix thoroughly. Place 11/2 cups of the chocolate mixture in a small bowl and freeze until cold. It will take about 2 hours. Let the remaining chocolate mix cool until it is room temp. Blend 2 c. cream and almond extract until peaks form. Very gently fold in the lukewarm white chocolate mix, working in small batches. Refrigerate the frosting occasionally folding until medium peaks hold, about 3 hours. Spread chilled filling mixture over a bottom layer of cake. Plac
I Love It And You May Too
The following instructions are for baking. If you prefer to grill, which I do but it may sound intimidating if you're not a griller or if you have a small grill. The key whether baked or grilled is to cook until an instant read thermometer reaches 170 degrees. 1 loosely packed cup dark brown sugar 3/4 cup fresh orange juice 3/4 cup Creole mustard, or other spicy, whole-grained mustard 1/2 cup dark molasses 3 tablespoons horseradish 1/2 teaspoon allspice 1/2 teaspoon cayenne 1. Rinse the ham under cold running water. Pat dry and place on a work surface. With a sharp knife, score parallel lines, 1-inch apart and 1/4-inch deep, across the rounded, skin side of the ham. Turn the ham 180 degrees and score in a similar fashion to create a grid pattern across the ham. Put the ham in a two-gallon plastic storage bag. 2. Combine the remaining ingredients in a large mixing bowl, whisking to mix. Pour the mixture into the bag with the ham and seal. Gently squ
i just uploaded more pictures!!
Tarragon Scallops
We used to do this as an app at one of the restaraunts I used to work at. Still my favorite way to eat scallops! 3 scallops 1/2 tsp olive oil for searing the scallops 2 TBSP yellow onions, fine dice 2 minced garlic cloves 2 TBSP poblano pepper, fine dice 2 ounces tomato, fine dice 2 ounces white wine fresh tarragon fine chop, to taste 1/2 cup heavy cream or for a healthier option use lowfat yogurt chili powder to taste (1/8-1/4 tsp is my choice depending on the type of chili powder) Sear scallops in a hot pan with oil and onion, garlic, tomato and poblano for a minute on each side. After removing the scallops, add the wine and reduce the sauce by half. Add the scallops and tarragon to the pan, stirring while cooking for two minutes. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Remove from heat, add the cream/yogurt and the chili powder and stir or toss to combine. Serve immediately for best appearance.
"against All Odds"
How can I just let you walk away Just let you leave without a trace? When I stand here taking every breath with you You're the only one who really knew me at all. How can you just walk away from me when all I can do is watch you leave' 'cos we shared the laughter and the pain and even shared the tears. You're the only one who really knew me at all. So take a look at me now There's just an empty space And there's nothing left here to remind me Just the memory of your face. Take a look at me now there's just an empty space And you coming back to me is against the odds And that's what I've got to face. I wish I could just make you turn around turn around and see me cry. There's so much I need to say to you so many reasons why. You're the only one who really knew me at all. So take a look at me now well there's just an empty space And there's nothing left here to remind me Just the memory of your face. Now take a look at me now 'cos there'c just an
Can U Please Help My Friend
This sweet girl need some love... can u please help her to level Thank you... Have a great weekend Dora sign my guestbook plz :))@ fubar
My Shoutbox ->jjhooper21: on what how desperate they are jjhooper21: it depends ->jjhooper21: what do girls really fall for this shit jjhooper21: u wanna find out ->jjhooper21: I do not know can you? jjhooper21: can i fuck lol! ->jjhooper21: can you what jjhooper21: can i fuck
Hey.. Ok .. so yeah .. all the people i care about.. i wanted to let you know.. that .. i am goin to be missin in action here real soon like.. I am goin to be goin back to the work force, its been 3 years due to my cancer, but i am ready to take it on again i wish me luck I will be startin a new Job Monday, hours 8-4 its Mon - Friday.. and i will be doing what i been trained in Office Mgr, Accts Payable & Receivable and Payroll and such! i will be working for a guy in Denton that owns his own business's and hes a hard worker but can't get the right gal to help him.. and i think i am that gal! no i know i am! so........... things should look up a little for me.. i wont be stuck in this hell hole (house) all the time alone anymore. Wish me luck and i will miss you.. but you all got my email and yahoo addy.. and my cell # .. so use it.. if you don't have my cell, its either cause.. i dont know you well enough to give it to you, or .. cause .. i just haven't pass
What The Hell
->jjhooper21: what do girls really fall for this shit jjhooper21: u wanna find out ->jjhooper21: I do not know can you? jjhooper21: can i fuck lol! ->jjhooper21: can you what
Mousse Au Chocolate
10 ounces bittersweet/high cocoa content chocolate (see note below for some variations) 3/4 cup softened butter (do not substitute for the butter or the consistency will be ruined) 1/2 cup sugar 2 TBSP cocoa powder, sifted 4 egg yolks, large 1/4 cup water 1 TBSP Vanilla extract 1 cup heavy whipping cream, the more chilled the better Prepare a loaf dish or a mold by lining with foil very careful to make it smooth or the mousse will show creases and cracks. Melt chocolate very carefully in a double boiler until smooth. If the chocolate seizes, melt two ounces of butter and add to the chocolate stirring until the seized chocolate softens up. In a large mixing bowl, beat 1/2 cup better until fluffy. Add the 1/4 cup sugar and when that is fully incorporated add the cocoa powder. Whisk the yolks, 1.4 cup water, 1/4 cup of sugar and 1/4 cup of butter in a metal bowl, then place it over simmering water, never letting the water touch the bowl directly. Whisk until the temperatur
My Strength
I love my husband jason he is my life and my world no matter how things come and go I will never leave him. He has made me love again and feel soo good about myself that no other man can come between us. I love him with all my heart and Soul when O am with him time stands still and we are lost in eachothers eyes and can only see eachother... No one can make us love anyone else because we love eachother and that will never change we are a family now and will be forever. My vow is to love him unconditionally forever and always and make him happy through our many years together. I LOVE U JASON u are my rock and u hold me up high for the world to see me and see my glow of happyness and love.
Fougasse Provencal
1 tablespoon sugar or honey 1 2/3 cups warm water (110 to 115 degrees), divided 1(1/4 oz.) envelope active dry yeast 5 cups all-purpose flour or bread flour 2 teaspoons salt 6 tablespoons olive oil, divided 1 tablespoon dried culinary lavender flowers 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 teaspoon coarse salt (sea or kosher) ¼ teaspoon black pepper In a small bowl, combine sugar or honey with 1/2 cup of warm water. Sprinkle yeast over the mixture; let the stand until foamy, 5 to 8 minutes. Sift the flour into a large bowl. Make a well in the center of the flour and pour in remaining water, yeast mixture, and 4 tablespoons olive oil. Mix approximatelly 5 minutes or until you form a dough; transfer to your work surface. Knead for 10 minutes then add the salt and knead for a approximately 6 to 10 minutes or until the dough is very smooth (if the dough sticks to your hands, add some additional flour, one tablespoon at at time). Spray a large bowl with non-stick cookiny spray. F
Stumbled On And Spoke To My Heart
I have been agonizing over past mistakes and decisions and I believe God sends signs of faith when you feel the most vulnerable.Was doing my catching up of accepting and rating friends requests and came upon this....... Maybe ... we were supposed to meet the wrong people before meeting the right one so that, when we finally meet the right person, we will know how to be grateful for that gift. Maybe ... when the door of happiness closes, another opens; but, often times, we look so long at the closed door that we don't even see the new one which has been opened for us. Maybe ... it is true that we don't know what we have until we lose it, but it is also true that we don't know what we have been missing until it arrives. Maybe ... the happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the most of everything that comes along their way. Maybe ... the brightest future will always be based on a forgotten past; after all, you can't go on successfully in life un
Triple Chocolate Cheesecake
Folks Hershey's is making some chocolate that is naturally high in fiber and anti-oxidants. Is it perfectly healthy, nothing is if too much is used. But everything in moderation. The Bible says, "Everthing is permissable (read even death by chocolate is suppose) but not everything is good for us." How very true, but into everyone's life a little chocolate cheesecake must fall. Crust: 1 C crushed chocolate wafers 3 Tbsp butter, melted Filling: 1-1/2 pounds cream cheese, softened 3/4 c sugar 3 eggs 1 tsp vanilla extract 3 oz white chocolate, melted 3 oz semi-sweet chocolate, melted 2 tbsp raspberry or orange liquer (optional) Glaze: 8 oz semi-sweet chocolate 1/4 cup butter 2 teaspoons vegetable oil To make the crust: Combine the crumbs and butter, and press into the bottom of a 9-inch springform pan. Bake at 350F for 10 min. To make the filling: Blend cream cheese and sugar in
Fat is always bad for you Actually, the problem is not fat it’s the type of fat a person eats. You actually need some fat in your diet. Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids for example greatly help brain and heart function. The problem fats are the solid and semi-solid fats found in meat, called saturated fat. These fats are laden with LDL (“bad”) cholesterol. The good fats are generally clear, liquid called mono-unsaturated fats found in plants, nuts and seafood. These contain HDL (“good”) cholesterol. Fats slow down the digestion of carbohydrates which keeps blood sugar levels more stable. Dietary changes will make me lose weight There is no guarantee dietary changes will cause you to lose weight. The whole issue of weight loss is using more calories in daily activity than you consume in meals and snacks. A good test for this is when you get up in the morning. Do you feel hungry right away or do you feel you could skip breakfast? If you can skip breakfast, you had a surplus of ca
3,000 Comments To Go Need Help
Is Cheese Healthy?
One of my parishioners asked me a very good question after visiting this page: Why do I include cheese in recipes and call them healthy? So here is my answer to that. It is true that dairy products and especially cheese can be high in both saturated fat and salt. I thought since I was posting a recipe for pesto and some variations today that I would explain some of the benefits of dairy in the diet, for those who are not lactose intolerant. It is recommended that adults have three servings of dairy daily. Non-fat milk is available; non-fat cheese in my experience is not a good option; non-fat yogurt (other than the less healthy, frozen, sugar-laden variety) contains very, very beneficial bacteria cultures that aid the digestive system and some even help the immune system. The key is portion control. A glass of milk for instance is not a serving, an 8 oz cup is. Likewise, 1/2 cup of cheese or yogurt is a serving. The saturated fat in milk, like other types of fat, aids in re
Convo With My Ex... So Immature...
ok so the kid thinks hes a vampire... and the decent of adam and eve... he has gone into conversation about how he "killed his brother" and all this other shit.... pretty unbelievable -------------------------------------------------------- someonessome1: hi... evil_dark_dragon_of_the_shadows: happy birthday now bye someonessome1: so immature evil_dark_dragon_of_the_shadows: thanks someonessome1: ur welcome evil_dark_dragon_of_the_shadows: slut someonessome1: or not someonessome1: u wanna pull out the names? someonessome1: fake works for u really well someonessome1: insane someonessome1: out of ur mind someonessome1: liar evil_dark_dragon_of_the_shadows: used to being called them have fun but i know wat i am someonessome1: u belong in a nut house evil_dark_dragon_of_the_shadows: sorry but im not u someonessome1: im not the one who thinks im a vampire someonessome1: or the decent of adam and eve someonessome1: who have yet to be proven real someo
Peppers Tear Me Up
About peppers causing heartburn Do peppers cause heartburn? Why do I have gas trouble after eating peppers? These are a few of the questions that today's science has answered. It is important to de-myth peppers for this reason: they are extremely nutritious! The red bell pepper is the most nutritious vegetable commonly found in your store's produce aisle. 1/2 of a red pepper equals a serving by the way. Also, those cultures that include higher amounts of peppers in their diets have the lowest rates of stomach ailments per capita. They suffer less stomach distress in general. Also the capsaisin found in all peppers seems to help comfort aching joints and muscles. All this considered, if you can include peppers in your diet, it is of great benefit. Do peppers cause heartburn? No. Most recent studies point to tobacco, alcahol, stress, sleeping on your stomach, eating right before bed or during the night and body weight as the mani culprits that contribute to heartburn. In fact, b
Try Water
For a long time doctors have told us to drink 8 cups of water (1/2 gallon) every day. Now there is evidence that those 8 cups of water help a person look younger. Water has a crucial role to play in cleansing the body of unhealthy salt compounds that collect in the body. Even a little dehydration can cause problems with this function. The results: dry skin, increased deposits of toxins in the skin, wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity and even slower recovery from injury or sunburn. Drinking water also suppresses the appetite. You might say, "I don't feel thirsty" but your body is saying, "WRONG!" This dehydration is like any other bad habit. You get used to feeling a certain way, for you that becomes the norm. But once freed from that habit, you realize how much better you can feel. Try it for a week. Drink 8 glasses a day and see if you find any benefits. I think you will be pleasantly surprised!
Thank you Jason!! you really dont know how much that means to me! I'm now way past the 1/4 way mark to getting something i so badly want. come april when i get surgery hopefully you will be closer in the states . I want to be able to thank you personally for helping me with my dreams. and thank you allso to all my other friends here helping me along the way it really means alot to me. p style="text-align:center;margin:0;"> Bucks for Bigger Cups
Hell Yeah!
My FUBAR-oscope for today... "Your social energy is supercharged today and it's the perfect time for dates, customer meetings or any other situation in which you need to relate to people under circumstances that might seem a little odd." I love it! :D
Chocolate-banana-peanut Butter Milk
1 cup low-fat milk or soy milk 3 ounces silky/soft tofu 1/3 cup dry nonfat milk 2 TBSP peanut butter 1 banana 2 TBSP chocolate milk powder (optional: 2 TBSP of wheat germ, wheat bran or flax seed) Just process it all in a blender and serve. It will make approximately 16-20 ounces.
so ive accomplished that thing ive been working on for a little bit... and now that its complete? relief sweet relief. *happy sigh* its always nice to finally finish something on the long list of 'to dos' whether its large or small... whether its enjoyable or detestable... done is done. and somehow it just lifts the bricks right off the weighed down shoulders... makes ya smile inside and out.. and makes way for new things to be completed. sure sometimes things dont happen in the way we want or as quickly as we would like... but that doesnt deflect from the accomplishment. so on that off to accomplish other wonderous things for a better version of me. peace'd
Uncreamy Garlic Dressing
3 TBSP olive oil 2 TBSP green onion or chives, chopped 3 TBSP red wine vinegar 1 TBSP garlic, minced 1 TBSP fresh or 1 tsp dried tarragon 1/2 tsp honey 1/2 tsp salt 1/8 tsp nutmeg Combine all ingredients and mix thoroughly.
Men's Health Smoothie Recipes
New Smoothie Recipes from Men's Fitness Magazine BRAIN BOOSTER SMOOTHIE The berries here aren't just super food for your brain; they offer an important cancer-fighting bonus. 1/2 c fresh or frozen blueberries 1/2 c fresh or frozen raspberries 1 c pineapple OJ 1/2 c low-fat vanilla yogurt 1 c ice BERRY BERRY SMOOTHIE Using all unsweetened fruit, this recipe delivers an antioxidant whallop without the sugar. 1/2 cup frozen unsweetened raspberries 1/2 cup frozen unsweetened strawberries 3/4 cup unsweetened pineapple juice 1 cup soy milk or 1% milk MEMORY AID SMOOTHIE This low-calorie smoothie is a good source of fiber, phytochemicals, and antioxidants. Blueberries in particular contain compounds that can help prevent cataracts, cancer, constipation, and memory loss. 1/2 c orange juice 1 pint nonfat vanilla or peach frozen yogurt 2 1/2 c sliced peaches 3/4 fresh or frozen blueberries MUSCLE BUILDER SMOOTHIE This mix fe
Awesome Awesome Awesome! Thanks Dawn :)
Tired of the same old faces? Well check out these hotties You know the Angels of Fubar need love too! {§È}Ìññð¢êñ†{§È}' FµWîƒè †º {P§} §ÑÁTÇHÊR{P§}* & Hèåvèñ£ý Áñgè£'$ Mî$†®è$$@ fubar ~*Huggable*Lovable*Kissable*Jen*~Fu Wife 2 "MikeyX24kt" ~*DSC*~@ fubar ~GODDESS*Wild*Cherry~@ fubar ~ Echo Angel ~@ fubar **PR Mamii**SBG BOMBER**FU-G FAM**@ fubar And well Yes he is an Angel too Besides he looks so damn cute on this page Indradragon - Will be in Australia on Dec 5 - 13th. YAY@ fubar Pimpout Brought to you by: ♥DAWN♥@ fubar
Try These Pork Chops
4 pork loin or rib chops, about 3/4-inch thick 1 tsp coarse kosher salt 1 tsp coarsely ground black pepper 3/4 tsp minced fresh lavender flowers or 1/2 teaspoon dried lavender 2 tsp minced fresh thyme leaves 1 tsp minced fresh rosemary leaves 1 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil In a small bowl, combine salt, pepper, lavender, thyme, rosemary, and olive oil; rub mixture onto the pork chops. Cover the chops with plastic wrap and let sit 1 to 2 hours at room temperature. Preheat barbecue grill. Place pork chops onto hot grill. Cover barbecue with lid, open any vents, and grill 4 to 5 minutes; turn and grill an additional 3 to 4 minutes or until the internal temperature reaches 155°F on an instant read thermometer.
Pesto And Pesto Primavera
3-6 large garlic cloves (I like it with a big garlic kick so I tend toward 6 or more garlic cloves) 1/2 cup pine nuts (walnuts can be used too) 2 oz Parmigiano-Reggiano, coarsely grated (2/3 cup) 1 teaspoon salt (optional and do not use any if you use salt in the pasta) 1/2 teaspoon black pepper (optional) 3 cups loosely packed fresh basil (parsley can be used for all or some, but it will change the taste considerably) 2/3 cup extra-virgin olive oil (this is always just an estimate) With food processor running, drop in garlic and finely chop. Stop motor and add nuts, cheese, salt, pepper, and basil, then process until finely chopped. With motor running, add oil, blending until incorporated. Pesto will keep for a week in the refrigerator if covered tightly, though it will darken in that time. Cook pasta as directed. I would encourage some whole wheat pasta now generally available in supermarkets. Drain and use 3 ounces of pesto for 6 ounces of pasta.. variation:
Snow Snow Snow
ok I saw it and felt it and well damn its fucking cold out there, I saw the snow fly around and lay down on the ground, really honestly I'm not looking foward of shoveling it all when it gets worse. But don't it bring back the memories of having snowball fights and making snowforts, or even the original snowangel. also as well it reminds me to bring out the decorations for the porch to decorate and make this home light up like a christmas tree.. so come on old man winter bring on the snow snow snow
My Favorite Salad
Good handful of fresh spinach 6 leaves of sweet basil, chiffonade or thin slice 1 roma tomato 2 oz. chopped walnuts 2 oz. dried cranberries 3 oz. ricotta or fresh mozzarella cheese black pepper to taste olive oil and balsamic (best) or red wine vinegar Just build salad and drizzel, pepper, oil and vinegar over the rest
Fruit Smoothie Generic Recipe
1/2 cup low-fat or non-fat yougurt 1 cup fruit juice 1/2 - 1 cup fruit pieces (preferably frozen) optional 1/4 cup nonfat dry milk powder Place all ingredients in blender and blend until smooth. Nutritional information (approximate depending on ingredients): Carbohydrates: 50-60 grams or 200-240 calories Protein 5 grams or 20 calories Fat: 0-3 grams or 0-27 calories Total calories: 220-287 other additions could be cinnamon or nutmeg and sweetener to taste.
Is there such a thing as forever love? And if so why do you have to work so hard to keep it? If love is such a great a wonderful thing why is true love and true emotions so hard to come by? I love a lot of people and truely love those people with all my heart. If you are a friend I love you and would go to the ends of the world for you. But forever love between and man and a woman I just don't believe it could every really be. Maybe I am just down on love right now. I believe that a man and a woman has passion not a special love. Love is easy to do, passion is hard. I would love to hear what you think!
Sunrise Asparagus
2 pounds asparagus 1/2 cup olive oil 1/3 cup lemon juice 2 ounces finely chopped red onion (optional: 1 tablespoon shredded parmesian cheese) This is a very healthy recipe, but one thing may stop you from enjoying it. If you ever eat asparagus, then you know that it often has a tough end. The question is: how do I prevent that nasty toughness from ruining a good veggie. If you take both ends and bend the stalk, it will snap at the point where the toughness begins. Then the tip will be free of that problem. I prefer to grill the asparagus but steamed works fine too. However you cook it, plunge it into ice water to quick-cool it. Drain it and set it up for presentation. Whisk half of the onion with the remaining ingredients and pour the dressing over the asparagus right before serving. Sprinkle the remaining onions over the top and serve.
Salata Caprese
8 leaves of basil 8 roma tomato slices 2 ounces mozzarella using a melon baller to shape into small rounds 2 ounces red onion coarse chop 1 oz olive oil 1 oz balsamic vinegar fresh ground black pepper to taste set the basil leaves on an 8" plate, place a roma slice on each basil leaf, set the mozzarella randomly around the plate, drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, season with pepper to taste.
Salata Mediterrian
2 green, yellow or red pepper, seeded and cut into 6 sections each lengthwise (two colors look better) 1 red onion cut into rings or quarters (rings will grill best but I prefer quarters) 1 Zucchini, halved and sliced into planks 2 large tomatoes cut into 8-12 pieces 1/4 cup olive oil 3 cloves chopped garlic 8 fresh basil leaves, chopped splash of balsamic vinegar (optional) no other vinegar works with it Prepare grill for one side to have indirect heat and the other to have direct heat. A charcoal grill works best for the tomatoes but gas will work too. Set tomato pieces on aluminum foil, drizzle with olive oil, add the garlic and basil. Set tomato mixture on the side with indirect heat. They will stay here for the whole process. Keep lid closed for the procdess except to check other veggies. Grill temp should begin at 275-300 F, do not add more coals. Grill the peppers over direct heat until the skin is blackened. Place them in a sealed PAPER bag or pl
New Contest Tattoo Contest 2
Why Do Guys......
Why do Guys "almost" always say "I'm Gonna Cum For You" to the lady when the Guys are really cumming for themselves? LOL. Just curious.
center> COME JOIN THE HOTTEST LOUNG ON FUBAR. No TuNeZ?? Click The Pic.. IF YOU ARE NOT A MEMBER COME IN AND JOIN LISTEN TO GREAT MUSIC CHILL AND HANG OUT FOR A BIT AND JOIN IN THE MADNESS OF THE FAMILY. WE ARE HIRING FOR BARTENDERS, PROMOTERS , AND GREETERS SO COME APPLY WITH IN LOOK FOR SOME OF OUR STAFF HERE. HEAD D.J. ŦĤĀ♦ŁêŦŦê·Ḟû·ṖĀ ŜŦǿř 'TwiZLeTTe™[Fu*WifeyOfWardenAli]((JuGgAlO MaFiA))' ĐĴ@*GÖ†H'§ †WÌZ†ÌÐ RÈÄL̆¥** iNmAtE#663087 TwiZLeTTe™[Fu*WifeyOfWardenAli]((JuGgAlO MaFiA))@ fubar D.J. тฟเzт3อ_ĵนģģสłø fu and R/L hubby of тฟเzт3_Dead_RedNeck_Lette тฟเzт3อ_ĵนģģสłø@ fubar Head Promoter & Bartender of GÖ†H'§ †WÌZ†ÌÐ RÈÄL̆¥ 'тฟเzт3อ_Dead_RedNeck_Lette' fu and R/L w
Her She Is!!
A Guy On Fubar
i met this guy on fubar. he seemed like he wasnt like the rest of the men i have met.he told me he wasnt on here. just to hook up.and that he wasnt a player like most the men on we talked and got to know each one thing lead to another.and he came to see me.well i guess you all know were that he leaves and doesnt come back on for two day's. so he tells me how guilty he feels about what we had done.but than i see someone else put comments on hes page. wishing it was friday.well wouldnt you know thats one of hes free day's .hmmmm like im stupid and dont know what he is doing.i just wonder how many more he's done this to.i feel so bad right now.and you know he cant even talk to me about it. what a man huh. everybody makes mistakes and i guess i made a big one
Makes Me Think!
YOU SAY GOD SAYS BIBLE VERSES You say: "It's impossible" God says: All things are possible (Luke 18:27) You say: "I'm too tired" God says: I will give you rest (Matthew 11:28-30) You say: "Nobody really loves me" God says: I love you (John 3:16 & John 3:34 ) You say: "I can't go on" God says: My grace is sufficient (II Corinthians 12:9 & Psalm 91:15) You say: "I can't figure things out" God says: I will direct your steps (Proverbs 3:5- 6) You say: "I can't do it" God says: You can do all things (Philippians 4:13) You say: "I'm not able" God says: I am able (II Corinthians 9:8) You say: "It's not worth it" God says: It will be worth it (Roman 8:28 ) You say: "I can't forgive myself" God says: I Forgive you (I John 1:9 & Romans 8:1) You say: "I can't manage" God says: I will supply all your needs (Philippians 4:19) You say: "I'm afraid" God says: I have not given you a spirit of fear (II Timothy 1:7)
Children In Need 2007/doctor Who: Time Crash Tonight
From The Doctor Who News Page: The Doctor Who News Page would like to remind its readers about "Time Crash", the special Doctor Who scene which will air Friday night as part of the Children in Need telethon. The telethon airs on BBC One starting at 7:00. The Radio Times indicates that Time Crash will air between 8:00 and 8:30, but the Children in Need schedule is always fluid, so this may or may not be accurate. "Time Crash" stars David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor and Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor. It is written by Steven Moffat and directed by Graeme Harper, who previously directed Peter Davison in his final Doctor Who story, The Caves of Androzani. The scene is expected to be between five and seven minutes long. The BBC's Doctor Who website has announced that fans in the UK will be able to view "Time Crash" online for seven days after its broadcast, as well as a special Doctor Who Confidential featurette In addition to "Time Crash", the Children in Need teleth
Renderings From Solitude
The Hitchhikers Guide To St. Paddy's Day
As St. Paddy's Day approaches, the below information is vital: BEER TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE SYMPTOM CAUSE CORRECTIVE ACTION Feet cold and wet Glass Being held at incorrect angle. Rotate glass so that open end points toward ceiling Feet warm and wet Improper Bladder Control Stand next to nearest dog, complain about lack of house training Beer unusually pale and tasteless a. Glass empty. b. You're holding a Coors Lite Get someone to buy you another beer Opposite wall covered with fluorescent lights You have fallen over backward. Have yourself leashed to bar Mouth contains cigarette butts, back of head covered with ashes You have fallen forward See above Beer tasteless, front of your shirt is wet a. Mouth not open b. Glass applied to wrong part of face Retire to restroom, practice in mirror Floor Blurred You are looking through bottom of empty glass Get someone to buy you another beer Floor moving You are being carried out Find out i
Twas The Night Before Christmas
Twas the Night Before Christmas Current mood: happy 'Twas the night before Christmas, and God it was neat The kids were both gone, and my wife was in heat The doors were all bolted, and the phone off the hook It was time for some nooky, by hook or by crook. Momma in her teddy, and I in the nude. Had just hit the bedroom and reached for the lube When out on the lawn there arose such a cry, That I lost my boner and poor momma went dry. Up to the window I sprang like an elf, Tore back the shade while she played with herself. The moon on the crest of the snowman we'd built, Showed a broom up his ass, clean up to the hilt. When what to my wondering eyes should appear, But a usty old sleigh and eight mangy reindeer. With a fat little driver, half out of his sled, A sock in his ear, and a bra on his head. Sure as I'm speaking, he was as high as a kite. And he yelled to his team, but it didn't sound right. Whoa Shithead, whoa Asshole, whoa Stupid, whoa Putz, Either slow down this rig
A Dance
A Dance a look of desire reflects in soft green eyes a soft smile spreads across sensuous lips a smouldering lust burning deep within hand slowly trailing between her breasts caressing the soft curves of her belly gently resting on her rounded hip fingertips play on her taut thighs hips rock slowly in small circles holding his powerful gaze painted nails tracing upturned breasts nipples pushing out into firm buds straining the confining fabric breasts with harden tips arch at him swollen in anticipation of a touch she pauses just out of reach her fragrance weaves its way through him her dance is he knows for him alone she sees just him her eyes afire she melts in true submission to her knees her wrists crossed she lifts her arms begging for her Master’s touch
The Truth Between Guys And Girls
When you catch a girl glancing at you, she wants you to look back and smile When a girl bumps into your arm while walking with you she wants you to hold her hand When she wants a hug or a kiss she will just stand there When u break a girls heart she still feels it when you run into each other 3 years later When a girl is quiet, millions of things are running through her mind When a girl is not arguing, she is thinking deeply When a girl looks at you with eyes full of questions, she is wondering how long you will be around When a girl answers, "I'm fine," after a few seconds, she is not at all fine When a girl stares at you, she is wondering why you are playing games When a girl lays her head on your chest, she is wishing for you to be hers forever When a girl says she can't live without you, she has made up her mind that you are her future When a girl says, "I miss you," no one in this world can m
This Lady Does Great Work
««¤Mͧ§_ßëhãvíñ¤»»@ fubar
A Demonstration
I just demonstrated to the gals in the office just now how to fend of an attacker. we got our turkeys in today from the company and they weigh 16-18lbs a piece. i had to do the demonstration with the heavier one so i put it in a bag and slung it over my back. i then proceeded to give a safety speech and noticed that they all scattered and hid in corners. they knew i was gonna swing it lol. By the grace of God the bag didn't break. ... my back on the other hand feels like shit. :D
A Funny Joke
mom calls the husband a "bastard" and then the dad calls the wife a "bitch" and billy goes to his mom and says "mom what's a bitch and a bastard?" and the mom says "well, a bitch is a lady and a bastard is a gentlemen" and then later billy goes outside and listens to his neighbors, and hears "Put your penis in my vagina!" So Billy goes to his mom and says "mom whats a penis and vagina?" His moms says "Well Billy, a penis is a hat and a vagina is a coat" and then later billy sees his dad shaving and cuts himself and says "shit" and billy said "Dad, whats shit" And then his dad says "Well billy, shit is a type of Shaving cream " and then billy goes to see his mom cutting the turkey and his mom cuts her finger and says "fuck!" and then billy says to his mom "Mom whats fuck?" "Well billy fuck is a way of cutting the turkey" and Then later the guests arrive and billy goes to them and says "Hello bitches and bastards, may i t
Love Notes
love notes Current mood: touched One night a guy & a girl were driving home from the movies. The boy sensed there was something wrong because of the painful silence they shared between them that night. The girl then asked the boy to pull over because she wanted to talk. She told him that her feelings had changed & that it was time to move on. A silent tear slid down his cheek as he slowly reached into his pocket & passed her a folded note. At that moment, a drunk driver was speeding down that very same street. He swerved right into the drivers seat, killing the boy. Miraculously, the girl survived. Remembering the note, she pulled it out & read it. "Without your love, I would die."
Words From A Heart
This was something that a friend posted on here that really is true about the way we live our lives. I was amazed when I read this for the first time and so to keep these words alive, I wanted to post this in my blog so that maybe these words might touch another heart who is in need of help. The quickest way to receive love is to give love, The fastest way to lose love Is to hold it too tightly, And the best way to keep love Is to give it wings. Don't dismiss your dreams. To be without dreams is to be without hope. To be without hope is to be without purpose. Don't run through life so fast That you forget not only where you have been, But also where you are going. Life is not a race But a journey to be savored Each step of the way...
Suspect #1
Love is not about giving or receiving gifts but about sharing each other's feelings and letting each other know how much you really care. You need to be romantic, creative, and unique. The best way to show someone you really care is by words and how your actions make them feel special. You need to say something coming from the heart and show them from your soul. Love them for who they are and not for who you are. I thought I had found that special someone in my life. Life was good. the things that we did for easch other and the times we shared together. is what really made me fallin love with this person. I can still recall some of the best moments that we shared together. A long time ago we would call each other and talk for hours about things that really didnt even matter. Conversations that last all night long just so we could here each others voice. There were times that all we would do was ride around town just so we could listen to music. and have a good time. we hung out with
Okay. How many people are sick of getting a new comment only to see it's another photo of boobs followed by some saying like.. "HAVE A Freakin' frisky FRIDAY!!" I've come up with the solution! =D Here are a series of my (quickly made) custom day-of-the-week comment photos for people who for once, just aren't in the mood! Hahaha. Enjoy! (And no, I'm not religious.)
Cars Song!
Send Me Stuff
hey if u dont feel like ranking my stuff then why dont u send me some :) i will send stuff back hows everyone doing ????
Words From Me
These words that i ingave into my body aren't for selfmutilation or no to kill myself. But there words to learn on. People say that when a person makes a mistake 10 people learn from it. So i'll tell you a mistake and hopfully you will take it to heart. Now when u meet sumone that u would do anything for thats luv but if u bend over backwards for that person and u don't recieve the the same care in return that person is just greedy. Put plz do not keep trying and hoping for the best b/c it will just get worse. So when u meet that person just remeber that if they don't care that they will never care. So i hope that these words help u b/c like i said these words weren't ment to kill me but i wish they did but wut did kill me was that person who didn't care . I couldn't help it so i did the best i could. But in the end she stole my heart and ran it over with a concrete press. So i finished it off and stabbed it with a dagger but it wasn't mine u see it was that person that didn't care for
My Life In A Nutshell
WELL ITS THAT INFAMOUS TIME FOR AN UPDATE hello all it me lot has happened over the course of a year... I have cleaned up my act alot.....I quit drinking for most part yes i said it quit drinking I thought I was having a new addition to Family well that didnt happen(TAKE IT FOR WHAT ITS WORTH) Also met alot of new friends in the wierdest of places ALSO FOUND SOME FRIENDS ARENT REALLY THERE WHEN YOU NEED THEM found some old friends met some new thanks for that to help me keep me SANE almost went to JAIL ( if you dont know better recognize) Also found out just cuz people say shit to your face doesnt mean its always true. found that out the hard way and in long run if you really think I care or you need to lie and decieve then good so be it, I know where I stand with you and you will eventually know where you stand with me who really wins. I have learned I FUCK up just like any other human but also know where my mistakes are and try to make ammends and fix them and have and t
~peace yo~ LOL!
Christmas Poem
T`was the night beforeChristmas He lived all alone, In a one bedroom house made of plaster and stone. I had come down the chimney with presents to give,And to see who in this house did live. I looked all about,A strange sight did I see, No tinsel,no presents,Not even a tree. No stocking by mantle,Just boots filled with sand,On the wallhung pictures of far distant lands. With medals and badges,awards of all kind,a sober thought came through my mind. For this house was different,it
Im On Myspace Too.
This Is Not A Love Song!!
The One I Love Lyrics
Terrorism For Profit
On the Ninth of September in 2001 The World Trade Center Collapsed But all is not as you think Firefighters died, the military crippled All for the sake of a scam No, this scam was not based in Nigeria This scam found its roots in our government A man wanted oil from a foreign land And executed a plan thirty years in the making To fly two decoy passenger planes into two towers Innocent people died because a man wanted more money Failing his people in ways even Hitler would have admired The war in Iraq has a terrorist leader all right It's George W Bush, not Bin Laden Bin Laden was a decoy and has been cooperating for some time Releasing tapes that were probably filmed in an American desert To make fake threats to cover for a president Who wanted nothing but to profit From a made up war Bring the troops home and stop the nonsense Let America be free again These words are spoken not from an unpatriotic mouth But from a man tired of paying for bullets If we should b
R.w. Photography
R.W. Photography Richard Whittington 91 Court Street Apt 14 Machias, Maine 04654 Wedding Photography start at $400.00 Wedding Photo CD $ 50.00 I do Wedding, Portrait, Landscape, Pets, Church, Prom,school,insize and outsize Photography, at the Best price. (Press Photography) I sale my photo Cd of pets, Landscape people to get start making good income the photo cd cost $40.00 and i get 10% from each sale you make. photo cd have over 40 best picture on that photo cd. I have taking picture over 40 years school name: New Your Institute of Photography. Master Photographer Richard Whittington Assignment Verification Code:44709WHI ( Issuing Authority: International Freelance Photographers Organization Lewisville, North Carolina 27023 U.S.A. telephone 336-945-9867, email: Classification AAAA date issued, 9/04/2007, expiration, 9/15/2010 (I Vonda H. Blackburn, a Founding Director of International Freel
Love & Kindness
This is one of the kindest things I've ever experienced. I have no way to know who sent it, but there is a kind soul working in the dead letter office of the US postal service. Our 14 year old dog, Abbey, died last month. The day after she died, my 4 year old daughter Meredith was crying and talking about how much she missed Abbey. She asked if we could write a letter to God so that when Abbey got to heaven, God would recognize her. I told her that I thought we could so she dictated these words: Dear God, Will you please take care of my dog? She died yesterday and is with you in heaven. I miss her very much. I am happy that you let me have her as my dog even though she got sick. I hope you will play with her. She likes to play with balls and to swim. I am sending a picture of her so when you see her you will know that she is my dog. I really miss her. Love, Meredith. We put the letter in an envelope with a picture of Abbey and Meredith And addressed it to God/Heave
Why Nightmares?
Why Nightmares? Stressful things that happen during the day can turn dreams into nightmares. Nightmares may be a way to relieve the pressures of the day. This usually means dealing with things most kids have to face at one time or another: problems at home, problems at school, and stress from sports or schoolwork. Sometimes major changes, such as moving or the illness or death of a loved one, can cause stress that leads to nightmares. Another thing that may cause nightmares is watching scary movies or reading scary books, especially before you go to bed. Sometimes if you are sick, especially with a high fever, you may have nightmares. Certain medications also can cause nightmares. Let your parents and doctor know if you notice you are having more nightmares around the time you started a new medicine.
Omg....this Is Soooo Funny
Wellhung: Hello, Sweetheart. What do you look like? Sweetheart: I am wearing a red silk blouse and a miniskirt and high heels. My measurements are 36-24-36. I work out every day. I'm toned and perfect. What do you look like? Wellhung: I'm 6'3" and about 250 pounds. I wear glasses and I have on a pair of blue sweatpants I just bought at Walmart. I am also wearing a T-shirt with a few spots of barbecue sauce on it from dinner - it smells a little funny. Sweetheart: I want you. Would you like to screw me? Wellhung: OK. Sweetheart: We're in my bedroom. There's soft music playing on the stereo and candles on my dresser and night table. I'm looking up into your eyes, smiling. My hand works its way down to your crotch and begins to fondle your huge, swelling bulge. Wellhung: I'm gulping. I'm beginning to sweat. Sweetheart: I'm pulling up your shirt and kissing your chest. Wellhung: Now I'm unbuttoning your blouse. My hands are trembling. Sweetheart: I'm moaning soft
This Is Me
I am not famous or even very well known. But I am who I am. I am me and me alone. I do not pretend to be more than who I am inside. I do not put up a false front and the real me I do not hide. I say what I feel and I think what I say. What I stand for right now I will stand for every day. Those who really know me can always be sure that my friendship is true and that my love is pure. No matter what life brings I know what I will do. I will be honest with others and to myself I will always be true.
Husband Application, Please Fill Out And Send To Me Ty
1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Fave Color: 4. Are you a virgin? 5. Are we friends? 6. Do you have a crush on me? 7. Would you kiss me? 8. ...with tongue? 9. Would you enjoy it? 10. Would you ever ask me out? 11.Would you make a move on me in a movie theater? 12. Would you take care of me when I'm sick? 13. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before? 14.Would you walk on the beach with me? 15. If you heard a rumor about me, would you defend me? 16. Do you/have you talk shit about me? 17. Do you think I'm a good person? 18. Would you let me sleep with you (in the same bed)? 19.Do you think I'm hot? 20. Would you if you could change anything about me? 21.If so what? 22.would you marry me? 23.Would you come over for no reason just to hang out? 24. What do you rate me outta 1-10?? 25. Your phone number? Lets Play! I dare you...the first one Who will answer this wil
I just figured I'd say this. WOW this site is busy on the eyes, and I'm not sure how to navigate it yet. So, don't get mad if I don't comment back right away, or even anything for that matter. I'm used to easy to navigate layouts. I guess that's all I want to say right now!
New Things
Well yesterday I signed up to sell Avon....i know lame but i feel i got to do something.
Leaving The K.o.w.
To all of the sow's and kow's sorry to do this but with the leaving of Witoka . I have decided to leave She was a Great Leader and very compasionate person Sorry Jeff but I just cant follow you are too demanding for my taste. I like to have fun and not to be treated or talked to like a dog. Change your ways of speaking to them or just like me alot will leave. Witoka you are #1 with me and like i said before If you decide to create a new family i will be by your side.Thanks for all your help . sincerely Padlocker1969
Ensign: A Volunteer From The Audience, Please!
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye. Isaiah 18:3 AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS 16 November 2007 "But the LORD said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the LORD seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart." In 1 Samuel 16, we see God rejecting King Saul, the one He had originally chosen in response to the Israelites' plea three years before that's recorded in chapter 8, verse 5 ("make us a king to judge us like all the nations"). God's accession to their demand was no weakness on His part, but sometimes He gives His people what they ask for, even if it's not what they need. To turn back to God, a process that can take generations, God allows the Assyrians or the Babylonians or the R
Please Help Me
please leave comments and ratings on my photos need to evel up
Directory For The Psychiatrist Hotline"
MENTAL HOSPITAL PHONE MENU Hello and thank you for calling The State Mental Hospital. Please select from the following options menu: If you are obsessive-compulsive, press 1 repeatedly. If you are co-dependent, please ask someone to press 2 for you. If you have multiple personalities, press 3, 4, 5 and 6. If you are paranoid, we know who you are and what you want, stay on the line so we can trace your call. If you are delusional, press 7 and your call will be forwarded to the Mother Ship. If you are schizophrenic, listen carefully and a little voice will tell you which number to press. If you are manic-depressive, it doesn't matter which number you press, nothing will make you happy anyway. If you are dyslexic, press 9696969696969696 If you are bipolar, please leave a message after the beep or before the beep or after the beep. Please wait for the beep. If you have short-term memory loss, press 9. If you have short-term memory loss, press 9. If you hav
R.w. Photography
R.W. Photography Richard Whittington 91 Court Street Apt 14 Machias, Maine 04654 Wedding Photography start at $400.00 Wedding Photo CD $ 50.00 I do Wedding, Portrait, Landscape, Pets, Church, Prom,school,insize and outsize Photography, at the Best price. (Press Photography) I sale my photo Cd of pets, Landscape people to get start making good income the photo cd cost $40.00 and i get 10% from each sale you make. photo cd have over 40 best picture on that photo cd. I have taking picture over 40 years school name: New Your Institute of Photography. Master Photographer Richard Whittington Assignment Verification Code:44709WHI ( Issuing Authority: International Freelance Photographers Organization Lewisville, North Carolina 27023 U.S.A. telephone 336-945-9867, email: Classification AAAA date issued, 9/04/2007, expiration, 9/15/2010 (I Vonda H. Blackburn, a Founding Director of International Freel
I Would Dance To This But I Need A Helper... Lol
profileslinger ;)
True Friends Please Read
Hey Friends, If you are one of the lucky people to be able to chat to me on yahoo, I just wanna let you know that my laptop has crashed and I am in the process of getting it fixed. I will keep everyone updated soon.
What is a hero? Is it someone who runs into a burning building to save a child? Someone who gives up having a six-figure salary to better someone else's life? Someone who...would lay their life down for someone they've never met..or ever will? Or is it the person sitting next to you listening to their iPod & not paying attention to the world? My personal guess? All of them are. You will never truly know who a hero is, because the strangest person ...can save you. I never really understood that until this past summer. I had a friend..really awesome girl, who was hired for a part time waitressing gig. She was funny, maybe a little insane and we became fast friends. She eventually got fired because being young she wanted to party (hey who doesn't?) and she left my work about a week before I went on my trip to Tahoe...we didn't talk for the entire week and when I came home...instead of a happy "welcoming" from my boss...she told me that Michelle (the girl) had committed suicide. I felt
How Do I Make Those Cool Emotions
Done With Her
I am done with my exes mom in a world where everyone uses someone else... she uses me for the most basic thing ever... Someone to listen to her rant.... and when i asked her to stop talking about my ex cause i didnt want to think about him (its who she bitches about the most) Suddenly she has no time to talk to me... I dont care really it just kinda hurts... After all she is the woman who "couldnt love me more if she spit me out herself." well unless lovign me meant standin up to her loser son for me... which i did for her constantly and basically ruined everything we had doing it
Wolves Vs. Domestic Dogs
Wolves vs. Domestic Dogs The controversy continues about the wolf and the domestic dogs; are they the same animal or are they different? The truth is they are both. The domestic dog and the wolf can trace their ancestry back to the same beginning. Through DNA testing of all the different species of domestic dog and wolves, scientist have proven that they come from the same ancestry. However, scientists greatly differ on where and when the wolf and man became the loyal companion of man. Some believe they were domesticated back in the Stone Age while others believe the domestication of wolves is a lot more recently, possibly as recent as 15,000 years ago. The wolf and dog have a lot in common. They are both from the canine family, both have the same amount of teeth, they both come in a variety of colors, and they are susceptible to the same infections such as mange, heartworm, rabies, parvovirus and canine distemper. The wolf, although similar to the domestic dog in man
Blood Is Thicker Than Blackwater
Blood is Thicker Than Blackwater Keith Olbermann exposes the the relationship between the Krongard brothers and the sabotage of the investigation by the so-called unintentional offers of immunity to the Blackwater employees under investigation. Hat-tip: Crooks and Liars
A lady is sitting in a bar next to a really ugly man. He has a parrot on his shoulder. The man says: If you can tell me what kind of animal I have on my shoulder...I'll sleep with you." Lady says: "An alligator?" Man says: "Close enough"
Job Interview
"Shit," Michelle said aloud as she stepped out of her car into the pouring rain of Louisville, Kentucky. She was already late to her interview due to numerous accidents on the freeway. Michelle ran to the entrance of the tall brick building, her heels clicking furiously on the wet pavement. The area looked relatively decent, she thought to herself as she stepped under the awning. The bushes surrounding the building her neatly trimmed, and the paint wasn't chipping, so at least there was that. She went inside, to the secretary’s desk. "I'm here for an interview with Mr. Turner." The young woman didn't look up. She continued her oh so important process of filing her firecracker red nails. Michelle cleared her throat. The secretary sighed. "Sit down on the couch, he'll be with you shortly." "Thanks." She walked over to a brown leather couch, and sat down on the end. As she waited, she inspected her surroundings. The ceiling was fairly high, with wine colored walls, and pai
Everyone Calls Him Crazy
Everyone calls him crazy. Some even say he's insane. These people don't know his past. They cannot feel his pain. Everybody knows his name. He lives just down the street. They always walk right by him. No one ever stops to speak. This man that everyone laughs at used to the quarterback in school. He was always voted most popular. Everyone thought he was so cool. The day before his sixteenth birthday the government called him to fight. They sent him overseas to war yet he was just a child that night. They armed him with a rifle and told him to kill the enemy. For months and months after that all he saw was death and casualty. He hid in the brush all day and slept in a hole at night. No letters ever came from home and none could he ever write. After a while he made some friends and no longer felt so alone. They would hide out in those dark holes and talk about their families back home. When the war was finally over they sent him back home. But
Poem: Tools!
I WROTE THIS FOR MANY BUT MORE FOR ME! Who hasnt done it. Piggy back or say what needs to be said just to get threw it. Whats wrong with expressing yourself. Why not speak your mind. May it be fantasy or just a quick ryhme? Why cant things be said. Why do filters have to be on? I mean hell, how does anyone know if you might just be writing the next hit song? I know I should of learned years ago. To never express myself let alone let it show. For many arent clear headed. Often saying/doing things they have regreted. So often wishing they hadnt said it. But here I am. Writing to make a point. Due to mail I've received & comments. Sure, somethings I've written may have been dedicated. Though as a whole, I choose my words selectively to keep it "generic". When I write, I express as I do, to get into you. To force you to think. Even if its just to save a marriage. Shear shock value is another motivation. I sometimes generalize j
WOOHOO!! I finally got a Big-Pimpin gift! haha i bet you thought this was something really important...haha dont you feel like an ass? jk :-P
A Person Gets Lucky
Once in a while a person gets lucky, and finds someone so special their heart sings. My heart sings for you Michelle, but all it sings are sad love songs. I need you baby. I need to be with you. You are my love, my life. Without you I feel lost, and alone. Each time we part it's like my heart is ripped out, and you take it with you. You have my heart, but I don't know how much more I can take this living apart. It kills me at times. I long for the day we are together, forever. What makes it worse now are the holidays. Time that is supposed to be spent with loved ones. You have your family, and I have mine, but that is not enough for either of us. We will be together, the only thing in question is when. All I can say is I will be there as soon as I can. I know, baby. Not soon enough. Until then, You have all of my love, Forever and always, Michael
Just Another Story... Hope You Like
It was a morning much like any other; I awoke at 4:30 am and went to shower. While in the shower I lathered up, and washed as usual starting with my face, and flowing down my body using the scrubber. When it comes to washing my genitals I always use my hand, first lathering up my cock, which tends to harden some with wicked thoughts of you and also my balls which I imagine are being licked by you, and sucked upon deeply within your mouth, which makes my cock harder. This makes it easier to clean, but so hard it hurts. I finish showering, and get dressed. I always get my clothes together the evening before, ironing if necessary. Once dressed, I go into the living room and put on my stereo, using headphones as to not disturb anyone else. I keep close watch upon the clock; I leave at 5:10 am to get the train and be to work by 7:00 am. I walk into my office and head straight for my computer; I can’t wait to see what you have sent me in email overnight. I anticipate every encounter, your
And A Kingdom Begins To Topple
Once upon a time,in a place on the internet,a kingdom was born of the dream between two people. It slowly prospered and gained many subjects,was proclaimed a place where people were respected,honored and treated as though they were individuals as well as members of this kingdom..... Then life happened and the rulers were separated by many things...accidents,love, lust, mayhem, witches,bitches, but mostly the polar opposites of their own personalities..... she, being of the earth,tended toward more practical measures... whereas he,being of the female and therefore spoiled (we mothers always spoil our children) saw no point of view but his the detriment of themselves and the kingdom.... Thus it was that she in a most discerning moment realized that no matter how much she loved both him and the kingdom she could remain with neither... What she did not realize was that many of her subjects remained only because of her so they abdicated the kingdom as is to be hop
A Trip To Barnes & Noble
I have always been attracted to an intellectual man, and what better place to observe them, than at a bookstore. I imagine going into Barnes and Noble, and browsing around the store. I casually look through the romance novels, and then go to the non-fiction area. I see him standing in an isle, and he is reading about World War II. He is about 6 foot, dark hair, and he is wearing khaki shorts, light blue polo shirt, and leather sandals. His skin is light tan, and he has dark eyes are running all over the pages. He looks up, and our eyes meet. I smile, and I walk over to the next isle. I am not a fan of history, but after looking at him, I will pretend I am for a day. I walk down the isle, and I pick up a book on the holocaust. I read the back cover, and I catch a scent that is not familiar. It smells clean with a hint of musk, and it made me think of being kissed on my neck softly. I look up from the pages to find where the scent is coming from, and beside me is the source.
This Is The Law........
Subject: Fw: This is the Law This is one of the better e-mails I have received in a long time! I hope this makes its way around theUSA several times over!!!!! So Be It! THE LAW IS THE LAW So if the US government determines that it is against the law for the words "under God" to be on our money, then, so be it. And if that same government decides that the "Ten Commandments" are not to be used in or on a government installation, then, so be it. I say, "so be it," because I would like to be a law abiding US citizen. I say, "so be it," because I would like to think that smarter people than I are in positions to make good decisions. I would like to think that those people have the American public's best interests at heart. BUT, YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE I'D LIKE? Since we can't pray to God, can't Trust in God and cannot post His Commandments in Government buildings, I don't believe the Government and its employees should participate in the Easter and Christmas celebra
I Made It - Will You Make it to Heaven? fwp63, Your chances of getting into Heaven are: 57% You lead a very balanced spiritual life.People probably characterize you withbeing a kind, sensitive giving person.But it does not hurt to try to better yourself in order to increase your chances of entrance to Heaven.
How To Make And Submit A Salute
The following was taken from the Fubar bible thought id blog it here in case anyone needed the info please pass this around if you want:) How do I make a Salute? Take a photo of yourself with the following information clearly displayed in the photo. 1. Your SCREEN NAME, 2. Your Member ID number, (which is located in the end of your URL address; 3. AND, the words: fubar The following items will be accepted as a complimentary addition to your salute: You wearing a fubar t-shirt or you in front of your fubar homepage (not your profile page or any other fubar page) that is CLEARLY visible. * Photoshopped or any “type” print will NOT be accepted. * Grainy and barely legible salutes will NOT be accepted. * Salutes placed in a PRIVATE album will NOT be accepted. How do I submit a Salute? Upload your salute to your main gallery. Click on the “tag a photo in this album as a salute!” link at the top of your gallery page under the
where the hell is Ruby today? i'm sad, my partner in crime is missing.
Weekend Here
i want to wish all of my beautiful friends a and happy thanksgiving i will be praying that you all will be safe in during this time thanks lots of love ronald
I Made It!!!!!
Special thanks to my friends who helped me level in the last couple days!! FUBAR friends are the GREATEST!!!! Love ya all!! When you need help, let me know, I will most definately return the favor!!!! **HUGS**
10 Rules For Thanks Giving Dinner
1. Don't get in line asking questions about the food. "Who made the potato salad? Is it egg in there? Are the greens fresh? Is the meat in the greens turkey or pork? Who made the macaroni and cheese? What kind of pie is that? Who made it? Ask one more question and I will punch you in your mouth, knocking out all your fronts so you won't be able to eat anything. 2. If you can't walk or are missing any limbs, sit your ass down until someone makes your plate for you. Dinner time is not the time for you to be independent. Nibble on them damn pecans and walnuts to hold you over until someone makes you a plate. 3. If you have kids under the age of twelve, I will escort their little asses to the basement and bring their food down to them. They are not gonna tear my damn house up this year. Tell them that they are not allowed upstairs until it's time for Uncle Butchie to start telling family stories about their mommas and papas. If they come upstairs for any reason except for that
Why Men Are Never Depressed:
WHY MEN ARE NEVER DEPRESSED: Men Are Just Happier People-- What do you expect from such simple creatures? Your last name stays put. The garage is all yours. Wedding plans take care of themselves. Chocolate is just another snack. You can be President. You can never be pregnant. You can wear a white T-shirt to a water park. You can wear NO shirt to a water park. Car mechanics tell you the truth. The world is your urinal. You never have to drive to another gas station restroom because this one is just too icky. You don't have to stop and think of whic h way to turn a nut on a bolt. Same work, more pay. Wrinkles add character. Wedding dress $500 0. Tux rental-$100. People never stare at your chest when you're talking to them. New shoes don't cut, blister, or mangle your feet. One mood all the time. ! Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds flat. You know stuff about tanks. A five-day vacation requires only one suitcase. You can open all your own jars. You get extra credit for
Next Week Will Be A Tough One
Well next week is turkey week, plus got mom and dad comming into town sooo its going to be a bad week diet wise. I cant get away with my usual habits parents are tooo wise to them. GRR ooh well I will just have to fast after they leave and then restrict restrict restrict after that. Good luck to all the others out their dieting on this dificult week be strong be safe and remeber nothing tastes as good as thin feels
Turkey Day Is Cooooommmmmiiinnnggg
Well My Parents are comming into town for a week for the turkey holiday. I am both excited to see them and a little nervous I havent seen them for almost 6months and I am engaged to a guy they have never met before (a black guy). I just left My second husband and for a while was basicaly HOmeless for about 2.5 months, due to Him being abusive and when I defended myself one time I went to jail and he had me blocked from returning to the house. While i was homeless I was hooked up with a girl who i thought was my friend but she was nothing but trouble she got me alll tangled up in some trouble and back on drugs (coke). I am clean again (2 months). So I have so many changes for My parents to see, they are meeting my fiance for the first time, and boy howdy is he stressed about it. He is afraid they with not like their daughter being with a black guy 9who is also a felon), or that they with just not like him or think he is good enough for me. He is worried they will not like how we are liv
Blahhhhhhhh. Yeah i'm moody and bored, so I figured i'd write about it. At the moment I am watching my 2 year old, and her 2 year old friend. Hmmmm, they're driving me crazy! They fight too much for being so young. Do any of you believe in the terrible 2's?? Well I hear it gets worse, but it's REAL! I love my little girl very much, but she runs around like a crazy person, and is always screaming. Hm,I ask myself if i'll look back on this and laugh. I don't think so, but you never know.
Single Or Not Single??
Sponger Liar User And You Have Your Nerve To Still Show Your Face(repost For Witchesbrew)
Good Friends
Just wanted to take a moment to thank a very good friend for helping me!! WOW, thanks so much for rating every single pic and stash item I had!!! YOU ARE THE GREATEST!!!! Stop by his profile and show him some love, help me re-pay the favor in a cool kick-azz FUBAR way!! Smitty - Just Having Fun@ fubar
Life Sucks!!!
Hey ya'll! For those that care, I may not be on much for the next week or so. Seems my blood pressure is too low (80/45) and my doc took me off my heart meds and my pain killers. I go back the Friday after Thanksgiving to find out if it went to a "normal" state. Never mind there is nothing "normal" about me. Have a good Thanksgiving all! Laura
It's like a sad love song the way I feel sometimes. When the lyris reflect what I think. I miss you, this wasn't how I wanted it to be. There was a time when our future was too bright for us to see. And now all that has faded away. A new love song is being written. A song for both you and I. Soon there will be light where the darkness once lay.
Who Wants A Mad Nooner?
Who wants some Madness in their life? Well Sir Jim will be rocking the air waves with a bit of madness thrown in from Noon till 3. Click on the Hot Rocks Radio Lounge to join the party! You can also hear him in these other cool lounges!!!
By Popular Demand
Even though I am not bi, I have had LOTS of requests from bi and lesbian women to create a new erotic story based on the subject. So... my mind will be working on overtime to see what sort of a story I can come up with. However, I do have a custom story to write for a guy right now (you know who you are) and want to get that done before working on the bi story. So... watch for the bi story coming up sometime in the near future.
Sponger Liar User And You Have Your Nerve To Still Show Your Face
Volunteers? DP Take out the space between the = and the D
Something To Think On
a good friend of mine sent this to me the other day. i dont know why, but it really made me stop and think about things. i thought i would share with all of you. The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings but shorter tempers, wider Freeways, but narrower viewpoints. We spend more, but have less, we buy more, but enjoy less. We have bigger houses and smaller families, more conveniences, but less time. We have more degrees but less sense, more knowledge, but less judgment, more experts, yet more problems, more medicine, but less wellness. We drink too much, smoke too much, spend too recklessly, laugh too little, drive too fast, get too angry, stay up too late, get up too tired, read too little, watch TV too much, and pray too seldom. We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values. We talk too much, love too seldom, and hate too often. We've learned how to make a living, but not a life. We've added years to life not life to years. W
Looking For Dj's
currently looking to hire some more dj's , so if your interested, please contact us in our fubar lounge! ** requirments are needed to apply for our station!
Today On World Rock Radio
Click banner to enter lounge 12:00PM EST (Noon) For requests, hit me up on yahoo at krayzeecreeme Click banner to visit Cujo's MySpace page! 2:00PM EST For requests, hit me up on yahoo at mystic_druid_777 Click banner to visit Mystic's MySpace page! 4:00PM EST For requests, hit me up on yahoo at sweetnloveable35 Click banner to visit Kazz's MySpace page! 8:00PM EST For requests, hit me up on yahoo at xxdarkdesperadoxx 10:00PM EST For requests, hit me up on yahoo at mystic_druid_777 Click banner to visit Mystic's MySpace page! 11:00PM EST Click banner to join the league! We Play on Yahoo in Hold Em Social Room 6 12:00AM EST (Midnight) For requests, hit me up on yahoo at bratprince7 Click banner to visit BratPrince's MySpace page!
What A Loss
Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth-records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as: Knowing when to come in out of the rain; why the early bird gets the worm, life isn't always fair; and maybe it was my fault. Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don't spend more than you can earn) and reliable strategies (adults, not children, are in charge). His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well-intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a 6-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch (mouthwash contains alcohol); and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition. Common sense lost ground when parents attacked teachers for
I'm Still Here
I know I haven't been on much but I'm still around. Damien is doing great, smiling alot more now! He had to go to a check up the week after Thanksgiving and he's suppose to get shots. I'm doing okay and everything is going as well as it can be with Josh.
When Did The Site's Name Change?
Shows how much I've paid attention to here. Hrm. I should give a brief update on my status, but there isn't really any point. I moved across the state, got a new job doing the same thing my old job was, and I just ate an orange. How's that for an update?
What Do I Care?
I actually denied a few friend requests for the first time today. Ultimately it shouldn't matter, as 90% of the people I have added are people I will never meet. A few have just managed to rub me the wrong way today. I have set a goal for "pimp", just because I like the sound of it. 105,000 points to go. While "fu-king" would be fun, just so I could change my name to "fu-king dyke" (one of my most random lines from "Bound"- "wake up, you fucking dyke"), I don't see myself being that involved for that long. Everything loses its charm, eventually. Except for me, of course. I'm forever charming.
Id Check
I'm fed up with so-called security bouncer id checks.. seems like every 3rd or 4th comment i leave on different friends pages i have to stop and enter in some stupid fuckin' code a 10 year old could do... i'm fed up!
Currently Touring Once Again
After the moving.. I had to go on another tour. THis one is back to back which means that i will be gone for a month. December is the time where i should be more online again and will be able to answer any messages.. until then I wish everyone a wonderful time.. and lots of fun cyth
I Wanna Be
Sometimes you know the words don't come too easy Sometimes you feel alone and blind You're walking in the dark Somebody comes and gives you words of comfort from the heart And you know that we've all had complications Wrong roads where you feel you're lost and won't get very far Somebody comes and gives you some direction and a start And I wanna be the sound that rings in your ears And I wanna be your candle in the dark And I wanna be the hands that bring you back here I wanna be the one you see I wanna be the one you need Your eyes have seen some things you don't believe in Sometimes you feel disgust No faith, should you just fade away Somebody tells you hold your ground Don't be afraid I wanna see you, I wanna touch you I wanna feel you, I wanna be there if you... I wanna, I need you, I want you to know I wanna be the one you see I wanna be the one you need By John Corabi
Good Ole Grandpa!
I took my Grandpa to the mall the other day to buy some new shoes. We decided to grab a bite at the food court. I noticed he was watching a teenager sitting next to him. The teenager had spiked hair in all different colours: green, red, orange, and blue. My Grandpa kept staring at him. The teenager would look and find him staring every time. When the teenager had enogh, he sarcastically asked, "What's the matter old man, never done anything wild in your life?" Knowing my Grandpa , I quickly swallowed my food so that I would not choke on his response; knowing he would have a good one. And in classic style he did not bat an eye in his response. "Got drunk once and had sex with a peacock. I was just wondering if you were my son."
Hellyeah - Alcoholin Ass
A little bit of sunshine A little bit of booze A little bit of me And a little bit of you A little bit country A little bit of blues A slice of heaven And a little piece of you...come on Alcohaulin' ass Pour another drink in my glass Alcohaulin' ass' ass A little bit thirsty A little bit used A little bit of whiskey And a little pinch of chew A little bit tired And a bad attitude A little bit of drinkin And another piece of you Alcohaulin' ass Pour another drink in my glass Alcohaulin' ass Alcohaulin' Alcohaulin' You drove me to it So there was nothing i could do You pushed me down Split me right in two Now i found the long hard road Carried the weight of you Boy oh boy god damn Only one thing left to do Alcohaulin' ass Pour another drink in my glass Alcohaulin' ass Pour another drink in my glass' ass
I'm Tired..
I'm so tired.. and frustrated. I can't find a doctor that will help me. My primary says the Rhuemy, my Rhuemy says.. the primary. I called the psychologist office to get an appointment with the counselor lady I had seen before... can't get in till JANUARY .. FUK.. I'm about ready to drive into a ditch.. I shit you not I'm going to end up in the nut house oh yeah.. and the psych office person said.. maybe you can have your primary doc put you off! FUUUUUUUUUKKKKK
HELLYEAH LYRICS "Alcohaulin' Ass" A little bit of sunshine A little bit of booze A little bit of me And a little bit of you A little bit country A little bit of blues A slice of heaven And a little piece of you...come on Alcohaulin' ass Pour another drink in my glass Alcohaulin' ass' ass A little bit thirsty A little bit used A little bit of whiskey And a little pinch of chew A little bit tired And a bad attitude A little bit of drinkin And another piece of you Alcohaulin' ass Pour another drink in my glass Alcohaulin' ass Alcohaulin' Alcohaulin' You drove me to it So there was nothing i could do You pushed me down Split me right in two Now i found the long hard road Carried the weight of you Boy oh boy god damn Only one thing left to do Alcohaulin' ass Pour another drink in my glass Alcohaulin' ass Pour another drink in my glass' ass [ ]
My 2nd Love Song
Want We've been friends for so long How I've wanted you so Maybe it's meant to be But then who can really know? To have you from afar Is really not enough for me Just for the chance to have you I hope the want is easy to see You are so caring, thoughtful and true It's a plain thing to see Why everyone wants to be around you You are so beautiful, smart and sexy It's an easy thing to see the halo around you To have you from afar Is really not enough for me Just for the chance to have you I hope the want is easy to see
My First Love Song
My Deepest Desire I loved you since the day we met but you were already taken with another And I was always wanting that I could've been more than a brother The first time I saw that sparkle in your eyes that goes from brown to as blue as the skies (Chorus) You are the one for me My one and only fantasy I've been through all the fire My Deepest Desire You are the world to me babe the only I ever truly needed but I had to wait a while Til all the others were weeded You are never far from my mind no matter what's goin on I want you baby, for my very own Cuz you're always so caring and kind You are so beautiful as anyone can see You've made my life full You've made me as happy as can be (Chorus 2x) You are the one for me My one and only fantasy I've been through all the fire My Deepest Desire I've been through all the fire My Deepest Desire
Prayers Are Need 4 A Premi Baby Today 30 Wks Old.
Oh say a buch prayers for mom and child to survive this ; O lord watch over bless them heal the baby ,s lungs so that they can develope and mommy and child can go home together. Lord show thy Love grace and strengh and help all thuru this ordeal I ask in Jesus Name ,.. keep them in thy boosom and under thy love protect all and I know you will your love is greatest love of all this little angel need s you now so does her mommy . . !Amen!!!
The Thoughts Of Good Things To Make
The thoughts of good things to make the night go special By Eric Ethan Let me touch those lips with a soft kiss to make your heart be filled with joy and happiness The kiss on the ear to make you feel tickle inside The kiss on the neck to make you feel to let a moan of goodness and joy of relaxation that you feel wanted tonight The hug that is tight to feel the care and love in your hear tonight The massage to make you feel in heaven The kiss of passion on those lips makes you feel comfortable tonight Resting in my arms make you feel safe in heaven like angel covering you with the wing s to keep you from danger and harm Whisper in your ears of caring and good things you never ever heard before to make you feel good to make you feel special inside. I put a beautiful white flower in your hair to make you beautiful in the nite air Let’s dance under the moonlight as the stars shine so bright like diamonds in midair Let
My Rantings
I try to be the person I was meant to be but how to do that I don't know I just try to be froggie I should not let my feelings show To the people I've wronged, shame on me To the people who've wronged me, shame on you Through the veil of bullshit I try to see as I get older, the lies get harder to see through Many people will not understand all this The person they thought they knew On me, certain people feel the need to piss The anger builds in me, what am I to do? For most people I know There are certain songs I aquait to you Other people I know It's the sounds of bongs Many have told me, "here, there's someone for everyone" but when you first meet the "One" and all they've ever done is lie to you It makes me believe that's not true Therefore I must do my own thing To get through this life I try To try not to feel the sting Of another lie To all the people who call me "friend" and read these words For me to say "I love you" as you know Never lig
How Far Weve Come
Matchbox 20 Lyrics
Those Born 1930-1979
Those Born 1930-1979 TO ALL THE KIDS WHO SURVIVED the 1930's, 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's!! First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they were pregnant. They took aspirin, ate blue cheese dressing, tuna from a can, and didn't get tested for diabetes. Then after that trauma, we were put to sleep on our tummies in baby cribs covered with bright colored lead-based paints. We had no childproof lids on medicine bottles, doors or cabinets and when we rode our bikes, we had no helmets, not to mention, the risks we took hitchhiking. As infants & children, we would ride in cars with no car seats, booster seats, seat belts or air bags. Riding in the back of a pick up on a warm day was always a special treat. We drank water from the garden hose and NOT from a bottle. We shared one soft drink with four friends, from one bottle and NO ONE actually died from this. We ate cupcakes, whit
Boondock Saints
There are certain movies I absolutely love. Movies that I could watch over and over. You guys have any like that? Boondock Saints Days of Thunder Top Gun Good Will Hunting Gladiator Shawshank Redemption Smokey and the Bandit Office Space Those are a few of them. I love a good movie! I watched Boondock Saints again last night...lost count on how many times.
Achmed The Dead Terroist
Another Needless Death Result Of Tazer And Excessive Force
Ocala,florida ........harley Davidson Event>>>>>>>
Wanna Watch??
On the bed...All alone Only the street lights shining The sounds of my sweet moans mixed with soft whining I luv the feel of my fingertips Piercing my wet hotness,making me grind my strong hips Slowly rubbing my swollen clit in a circular motion Juices so silky and smooth,feel just like lotion All in between my fingers I stop and wait while the wetness lingers Bringing my hand to my lips for a quick taste Now my pu**y is throbbing with such haste I place my hand back in it's familiar place Thrusting deep in and out,sweat pouring down my face Now it is time to open my wetness nice and wide As my juices squirt out enough to soak my sheets like the beach during an evening tide
Man Laws
MAN LAWS 1: Under no circumstances may two men share an umbrella. 2: It is OK for a man to cry ONLY under the following circumstances: (a) When a heroic dog dies to save its master. (b) The moment Angelina Jolie starts unbuttoning her blouse. (c) After wrecking your boss' car. (d) When she is using her teeth. 3: Any Man who brings a camera to a bachelor party may be legally killed and eaten by his buddies. 4: Unless he murdered someone in your family, you must bail a friend out of jail within 12 hours. 5: If you've known a guy for more than 24 hours, his sister is off limits forever unless you actually marry her. 6: Moaning about the brand of free beer in a buddy's fridge is forbidden. However complain at will if the temperature is unsuitable. 7: No man shall ever be required to buy a birthday present for another man. In fact, even remembering your buddy's birthday is strictly optional. At that point, you must celebrate at a strip bar of the birthday boy's c
Lunch Meetings
As if I don't have enough meetings already, now there are fellow colleagues who are asking me out for lunch meetings to discuss project issues. I received an email this morning from a colleague who wants to have lunch today but I can't because I already have a lunch schedule with another colleague. I now have scheduled lunch meetings with colleagues out to next Tuesday. Oh... and I am NOT working at all this weekend... unbelievable. I plan to do all sorts of things to my husband on Saturday night... get the massage oil out and watch out honey. LOL
What Would I Change?
If I could go back and change one thing in my life... I have a lot of things I could think of changing. I could change who I married. While marrying my ex was probably the worst decision in my life, I wouldn't change it. Changing it would mean I did not have my son. I could change the fact that I stayed with my old employer for so long. Staying there led to nothin gpositive... absolutely nothing. So I would change that in hidsight, though it is probably # 2 on my list. I could change a few relationships, online or real life, that led to heartbreak. But we all go through those, and in some cases lead us to become better or stronger people in the end. Falling for Carrie last year was such a mistake, yet in the end it taught me I was worth more as a person than I felt I was. I could keep going with things I could change, but I know what the one thing is that I would change. The one thing I would change is how I reacted to things after my divorce, how I dealt with the
Dressed Up To Go Out Today In The Real World>> To Starbucks For Coffee.
Well im headed out the door Friday 10 ;00 am today to Star Bucks . Should be breath fresh air. Have,nt went out since I was working, two wk.s ago. Well ive shopped for groceries and such but not just, went to go out to enjoy a relaxed day for me .... Have a great Friday all ; Hugs xoxoxox Diana
Well it has cleared up now them ghastly ghostly invisible emails are gone lolm but here is a thought that crossed my mind. As a friend told me on here this is just a website and i should ignore all the BS thats goin on here with staff. True ishould but it seems no matter what we do or say they will be here messing things up or whatever. Some say they are "kids" running this site, and always will be...thats a possibility is all im saying but we have to look at it this way too. a)if we had actual adults running this site lol, there would be no NSFW for no nudity pics would be prolly disallowed. b) if it was allowed there would probably 100 bouncer checks everytime some one commented and rated the pics So i guess we are very lucky that we have the "kids" running this outfit.... but still i think the scene from that scifi movie with the ANDROID in sdaying wake up! time to die? but change the words "WAKE UP" TIME TO GROW UP! lol nuff said
Harden My Heart Quarterflash
Cryin' on the corner, waitin' in the rain I swear I'll never, ever wait again You gave me your word..but words for you are lies Darlin' in my wildest dreams, I never thought I'd go But it's time to let you know....oh... Chorus: I'm gonna harden my heart I'm gonna swallow my tears I'm gonna turn...and...leave you here..... All of my life I've been waitin' in the rain I've been waiting for a feeling...that never, ever came It feels so close, but always disappears.... Darlin', in your wildest dreams, you never had a clue... But it's time you got the news......oooo.... Repeat Chorus I'm gonna harden my heart I'm gonna swallow my tears I'm gonna harden my heart I'm gonna swallow my tears Harden my heart...harden my heart... swallow my tears I'm gonna harden my heart....
Trying To Understand
I wish I hadsomeone who will be as good to me as I can be to them. I thought I had met that person here a while back...but they choose to take their bar hopping, lieing, mistreating ex-gf back for the upteenth time over a good woman who would care and love them more than they could ever possibly imagine and never hurt them.I understand that he still loves her, but she will never change and will only hurt him again and again. And it really hurts considering he swore he'd never take her back and only had nothing but bad things to say about her. Why is it all the good ones go for the girls that mistreat them...the bad guys go for the good girls. I dont get it. Maybe I can continue my search for the right guy for me...maybe he'll wise up before its too late and get rid of the ex and come back to me...I wish though I hadnt alowed myself to open up to him completely. I fell for him without meaning to and it really hurts.........I guess thats the bitch about life huh
2 Whom It May Concern
The darkness of night fall plzs me &the brightness of day just teases me.The dark of night is my domain the place where I cant be hurt by anyone.but I fell so alone darkness is where I cry 4 ages I keep looking over my shoulders but no 1's there.I let the darkness ingulf me so bad that I'm blind I keep hearing a voice,but when I look no ones there.I finally stop crying long enough 2 hear someone crying in the distance,but it's 2 dark 2 see where its coming from.Iwalk towards the crying until it sounds like I'm right next to it.I still can't see so I stick my hand out & a hand grabs mine but who is it? I'll wait & see
Franco-british Tensions Surface At Inquest
Franco-British tensions surface at inquest Seven weeks into the inquest into the deaths of Diana, Princess of Wales, and Dodi Al Fayed, differences in approach are emerging between the British and the French. Princess Diana died after the crash in the Pont de l'Alma Tunnel Franco-British tensions are never far from the surface of this inquest. They have been most apparent in the arguments over whether the paparazzi photographers who pursued the princess' car and photographed its wreckage should be compelled to give evidence. The French have decided that they should not. They say it is "far from clear" whether French law allows French courts to oblige witnesses to appear in proceedings such as these, which they argue are essentially "administrative" rather than criminal - a reference to a coroner's court. The French have also invoked something called "ordre publique" as a further justification for their refusal to force the paparazzi to testify. They
Little Better
well, I have to say I am feeling a little better this morning. But it is just morning so we'll see how the day goes. I slept well last night. No fever so that is good. I did manage to eat some soup last night. I had about a half cup of some veggie soup. I smooshed up the veggies so I could swallow them better. I felt better after I ate something. I have eaten some oatmeal this morning too. My throat is still raw and hurts and my head is pounding....hopefully the antibiotic will kick in soon and start working on the strep. Today's plan.....NOTHING~! I just want to get better so I'll have my energy back. I haven't been able to do my workout in 3 days. And I need to continue working out and toning. When I went to the dr yesterday, of course, they make you step on the dreaded scales....well, I have lost about 20 pounds since July~I am so proud of myself~I just have to toning to do. Well, I hope you all have a great day and a wonderful weekend. I ain't going anywhere so
Second Body Found At Search House
Second body found at search house Police searching a house in Kent where the remains of Vicky Hamilton, 15, were found have discovered a second body. Police said it was a significant development and the family of missing teenager Dinah McNicol had been told. Officers have been investigating the disappearance of Ms McNicol, 18, who failed to return home to Tillingham in Essex from a trip to Hampshire in 1991. Peter Tobin, 61, has been charged in Scotland with the murder of Vicky, who was from near Falkirk, Stirlingshire. Her body was found in the house's back garden on Monday. Patio lifted Police from two forces have been in Irvine Drive, Margate, since Monday. Mr Tobin appeared at Linlithgow Sheriff Court on Thursday and was charged with the murder of Vicky, who was last seen in Bathgate, West Lothian, in 1991. A post-mortem examination was being carried out on the second body found in the Margate house on Friday afternoon. "The McNicol family have
Question Of The Day
if you give your heart to your partner and it dont wouk out is your heart ever whole again please anwer on this
Be Patient Please
I have had quit a few new family members added and i am glad to have you all.For those of you who havent read my past blog.All family members get everything rated.That is what I do cause family must stick together.This may take me quit awhile.So please be very patient with me.I am on 2 out of three days and most of the time all day.Thank you all for all the rates you have given me so far and for the fan and for wanting to be added as a friend.I appreciate you all.Have a great day and a better weekend.God please you all.
Electrifying Anticipation of your touch a smile that melts the heart and lifts your soul Soft touches become passionate embraces half open eyes gaze into space as your kiss becomes liquid Hearts pounding with such force bodies entwined like a vine on a tree until you cannot tell one from the other Ecstacy rises to a frenzied pitch orgasmic waves of convulsive pleasure afterglow in your arms puts me at peace
How To Give A Cat A Pill
How To Give A Cat A Pill 1. Pick up cat and cradle it in the crook of your left arm as if holding a baby. Position right forefinger and thumb on either side of cat's mouth and gently apply pressure to cheeks while holding pill in right hand. As cat opens mouth, pop pill into mouth. Allow cat to close mouth and swallow. 2. Retrieve pill from floor and cat from behind sofa. Cradle cat in left arm and repeat process. 3. Retrieve cat from bedroom, and throw soggy Pill away. 4. Take new pill from foil wrap, cradle cat in left arm, holding rear paws tightly with left hand. Force jaws open and push pill to back of mouth with right forefinger. Hold mouth shut for a count of ten. 5. Retrieve pill from goldfish bowl and cat from top of wardrobe. Call spouse from garden. 6. Kneel on floor with cat wedged firmly between knees, hold front and rear paws. Ignore low growls emitted by cat. Get spouse to hold Head firmly with one hand while forcing wood
I am the sun, yet I am the moon; Shinning happiness on others, yet living in darkness. I am a fish, yet I am a bird; Isolated from the rest of the world, yet free to explore it. I am alaska, yet I am florida; Living in a cold world with a warm heart. I am hope, yet I am dispair; Optimistic about the future, yet pessimistic about the pressent. I am strong, yet I am weak; Having my own opinions, yet fearing to express them. I am a young spirit being split in two.
Thursday Nights I Wont Be Here
on thursday nights i wont be here i am making a native shawl for my daughter as it progresses i will take pictures i should be done it in 2 to 3 weeks
Written By A 15 Yr. Old School Kid In Arizona :
WRITTEN BY A 15 yr. old SCHOOL KID IN ARIZONA : New Pledge of Allegiance (TOTALLY AWESOME) ! Since the Pledge of Allegiance and The Lord's Prayer are not allowed in most public schools anymore Because the word "God" is mentioned.... A kid in Arizona wrote the attached NEW School prayer : Now I sit me down in school Where praying is against the rule For this great nation under God Finds mention of Him very odd. If Scripture now the class recites, It violates the Bill of Rights. And anytime my head I bow Becomes a Federal matter now. Our hair can be purple, orange or green, That's no offense; it's a freedom scene. The law is specific, the law is precise. Prayers spoken aloud are a serious vice. For praying in a public hall Might offend someone with no faith at all. In silence alone we must meditate, God's name is prohibited by the state. We're allowed to cuss and dress like freaks, And pierce our noses, tongues and cheeks. They've outlawed guns, bu
why is that when you are a compassionate and caring person like me there is all these people that come into your life and use that againist you? I mean i cant help that i love so deeply and care for the ones i love with so much compassion. You would think that with all those qualities that it would be easy to have someone who loves you the same. But oh no i allways gotta hook up with these asshole who feed on it and use me up i think that they think i would turn into the trash that they want me to be. But im too strong willed for that shit! I love being the person that i am and i changing for shit! I just hope i can block the assholes from ever entering my heart again!
So I took my van to be fixed to a local mechanic. He had a garage at his house, and is known for working on others vehicles all the time. My son had washed my van and had the brilliant idea of washing the engine along with... Consequently my van ran like shit, so I needed to borrow my dad’s car. (He got the ABS sensor wet??) It needed new tires (was pulling severely to the right and I’m PRETTY sure that bump is NOT supposed to be on the tire), and I had no dash lights. (Ummm didn’t know that meant I had no tail lights too!!!) Keep in mind, this is a piece of shit Chevy mini van. I saw him at the store, talked to him about it and that night took my van to his house and dropped it off, leaving a note in the van with my phone number and key. (Side note.. his lovely wife has cancer, and is a sweet lady.) Next night, I am out walking with my g/f, and we wander that way. She decides she needs to use the restroom at the convenience store, so she goes the block ahead, and I check in on my v
Life Sux Without.......420!
Life sux without......420 Life sucks and then you die so come on peeps lets all get high, Roll a joint and take your toke... Breathe in deep, Try not to choke. Now that you're done w/your hit, pass it here, dont babysit... Dont like the joint, then hit the bong. The ganja for which all tokers long. I swear to you that it's no joke, life sucks without chronic smoke. ---> by BabySmooth
->Psychowolf...: Of the force, Meth is. Whores lead to crack, crack leads to the DARKSIDE DABBADX: WITH THE FORCE PUT DOWN THAT DAMN CRACK PIPE. LOL ->Psychowolf...: With the force, help the Jedi will recieve DABBADX: UMMM YOU NEED PROFESSIONAL HELP ->Psychowolf...: Fapp with your wood, you will. In you fear, the Goatse Instills! DABBADX: NO NO NO NO DAMN BONER THATS SICK ->Psychowolf...: It produces a boner in you, yesss....Pwn with their penis, the jedi will DABBADX: OH MAN THATS SICK ->Psychowolf...: ripped out asshole is hillarious! DABBADX: HA HA HA PSYCHO SAYS IT ALL. ->Psychowolf...: DABBADX: DO YOU HAVE ANY MORE OF THAT STUFF??? DABBADX: I HATE YOU!!! YUCK ->Psychowolf...: DABBADX: WHAT IS GOAT SECHS??? DABBADX@ fubar
New Job
I got it!!! Yes I have been tentatively selected for a job as a dispatcher on the federal level! No more 60 hour work weeks, no more mandations!! Better pay, less hours, less stress! Everything I have been looking for! All I have to do is get my paperwork in!
pepole that hate on others for no dame reason hanging nooses & shit need there ass kicked if you are this person kick your self in the ass & get your bitch ass off my page if i have you as a friend i dont wont it any more & if you got something fly to say ima come to your house & kick your ass my got dame self
Why Is It..
Why is it so hard to walk away from those that you know are no good for you? Why is it so hard to just say STOP and severe all ties? Why is it so much easier to go for people you know will do you wrong than the ones you know will treat you right? Does lust and infatuation really have that strong of a grip? Is it often confused for love and passion? Why is it that we set ourselves up for heartbreak with the wrong one which we know is comming than treat ourselves to bliss with the one we know will be good to us? Could it be that we already know what the outcome will be with the wrong one and have braced ourselves for it? Or is it the fear of uncertainty of where the right one may lead? For me, I know that though I have had a few heartbreaks, the hardest one to get over was from a right one because I never saw it comming..
You've got all the answers, even for questions nobody has thought to ask quite yet. It's a good day to look for others who need your help -- and even better to take care of things without taking the credit.
A Cynical Willyism For The Fuckin' Day 11/16/07;
There's an old joke, from Groucho, George Burns, and other early TV comics, it gets repeated all the fuckin' time so I ain't stepping on anybody's copyrite! It goes; I'd rather have a bottle in front of me then a frontal lobotomy! Shit I'd rather have the fuckin' bottle in the garbage and me drunk! Ha-ha-ha! Thanks you know who LOL!
ok i created this acct because of i guess curiosity as to what my husband was doing. or trying to do. there's a girl on here who apparently has a thing for him or whatever. come on, its the internet. altho there's more to this one chick. apparently she doesn't like me. i didn't do anything to her. but i really don't care. so to shelly. if you want him, take him. but don't act like a child over it all.
My Comp
ok cant figure out how to do a mass email lmao so doing this.. im gettn a new computer tower 2day so i wont have my comp for sevral hours got to transfer everything from here to there i like the idea of a new tower that wont crash ne min but damn what will i do i day lol see ya when get my siht back
So Much Fun
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Re: Complaints Flood Cnn After Beck Smears Ron Paul Supporters
RE: Complaints Flood CNN After Beck Smears Ron Paul Supporters ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 16 Nov 2007, 06:09 Complaints Flood CNN After Beck Smears Ron Paul Supporters As Terrorists Complaints and demands for a retraction and an apology are flooding CNN today after Neo-Con host Glenn Beck and ex-Marxist David Horowitz smeared Ron Paul supporters, libertarians and the anti-war left as terrorist sympathizers and inferred that the U.S. military should be used to silence them, parroting a talking point that traces back to a September 2006 White House directive.
It's Tough Getting Old
A senior citizen goes in for his yearly physical with his wife tagging along. When the doctor enters the examination room he says, "I will need a urine sample, a stool sample, and a sperm sample." The man, being hard of hearing, turns to his wife and asks, "What did he say?" The wife yells back to him, "GIVE HIM YOUR UNDERWEAR!"
Live Web-cast Fri & Sat Nov. 16th & 17th!!!!
Hey everybody! This weekend my band "RiverGard" is playing at Jersey's Sports Cafe in East Independence, MO (Susquehana) on Friday and Saturday November 16th and 17th from 9pm to 1am CDT. We are also going to be doing a LIVE Web-Cast during the event. If you can't make it to Jersey's or don't live within driving distance but would still like to see the show then this is your lucky day! Tune in to the RiverGard website at tonight at 9pm CDT and click the Web-Cast link. The Web-Cast should begin right at 9pm CDT or just a bit before. We hope to see all of you that can come at Jersey's tonight...for the rest of you...see you Online! Sincerely, Paul Valenti - Guitar/Vocals - RiverGard
An Invitation
An Invitatin It doesn't interest me what you do for a living. I wan t to know what you ache for, and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing. It doesn't interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love, for your dreams, for the adventure of being alive. It doesn't interest me what planets are squaring your moon. I want to know if you have touched the center of your own sorrows, if you have been opened by life's betrayals or have become shriveled and closed from fear of further pain. I want to know if you can sit with pain, mine or your own, without moving to hide it or fade it or fix it. I want to know if you can be with joy, mine or your own, if you can dance with wildness and let ecstasy fill you to the tips of your fingers and toes ! without cautioning us to be careful, to be realistic, or to remember the limitations of being human. It doesn't interest me if the story you are telling is true. I want to know if you can dis
Right now I am feeling very crushed and down. It didnt go through, I knew to expect the worst but hell it stll hurts. I am scared of whats going to happen with us in the next few months, right now its hard to be positive when I was shot down so hard today. I respect my man more then ever though cuz today he showed me that he was at least willing to try. Back to the states I bounce on the 29th. The human ping pong ball. I wont be allowed to come back to Germany till the end of Feb beginning of March.....Being away from him feels like its gonna kill me. I am trying soooo hard not to cry right now since he is here. I dont want him to see my pain, especially how this feels. To top it off I have been sick all week and this just added to it. I dont know if I will be on Fubar in the states much since if I stay at my moms she has dial up and dial up and FU dont get along. I am terrified of many other things too, for instance staying at my moms I cant work cuz there is no bus near and she wo
No Ho Ho Ho In Australia?
I read an article about the australian gov. forbidding santa's to say "hohoho", thats focked up! Instead they are required to say "Hehehe" or some shiot like that. Their reasoning was because the word "Ho" was demeaning to women. I just hope that "communistic" demeanor doesnt come to the United States and corrup our 1st Amendment of Freedom of Speech. Thats just my opinion and my WTF?!!!
Unexplained Dream.
I had a dream a little while back. I've searched in many dream interpretation books but have not found an explination for this dream. In my dream, I was walking along a path. There was a plain brick wall beside me. Many people were walking toward me, all looking quite professional in their suits and briefcases. I was in casual clothing. I was wandering what was going on.. suddenly, a Black Panther strode my way. He had his eyes set on me, nobody else.. Everyone walked straight past him without a first glance. The Panther reached me, looked me up and down then stood like a man. His body transformed into that of a masculin man. Broad shoulders, wide chest, V-shaped body, yet his fur, head and Panther genitalia remained the same. He grabbed me by my shoulders with his human-like hands and tried to rape me. Suddenly, my kitten comes into the dream. (She was a small black kitten named Bassette. She was only 6 weeks old at thme of this dream) Bassette curled in and around my legs, showing af
Tattoo - Shannon Gave Me This One...
TATTOO A woman goes into a tattoo parlor and tells the tattoo artist that she wants a tattoo of a turkey on her right thigh right up just below her bikini line. She also wants him to put "Happy Thanksgiving" under the turkey. So the guy does it and it comes out looking real good. The woman then instructs him to put a Santa Clause with "Merry Christmas" up on her left thigh. So the guy does it and it comes out looking good too. As the woman is getting dressed to leave, the tattoo artist says "if you don't mind, could you tell me why you had me put such unusual tattoos on your thighs?" She says "I'm sick and tired of my husband complaining all the time that there's nothing good to eat between Thanksgiving and Christmas."
Ah Man!
So report cards came in yesterday. I've never seen my mother as angry as she was last night in YEARS. I tried to be serious because obviously pure laziness contributed to this child's report card, but me and my sister didn't have to say anything because Ma let her have it!! It wasn't funny but me and my sis kept running into the other room to laugh. I guess you kinda had to be there. When Mami is pissed it's so dangerous it's funny. :D
Subject: Work Vs Prison
Just in case you ever get these two environments mixed up, this should make things a little bit clearer. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @ PRISON @ WORK You spend the majority of your time in a 10X10 cell You spend the majority of your time in an 8X8 cubicle You get three meals a day fully paid for You get a break for one meal and you have to pay for it You get time off for good behavior You get more work for good behavior The guard locks and unlocks all the doors for you You must often carry a security card and open all the doors for yourself You can watch TV and play games You could get fired for watching TV and playing games You get your own toilet You have to share the toilet with some people who pee on the seat They allow your family and friends to visit You aren't even supposed to speak to your family All expenses are paid by the taxpayers with no work required You get to pay all your expenses to go to wor
Kiss Kiss Chris Brown
Teresa And John
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Friday, Don't Be Hatin'....
I'm glad it's Friday, damned glad. What I DON'T like is coming in to work only to find that one of my computers is suffering the blue screen of death, and will not let me work around it. Sooooo.... the salesperson will just have to hang tight while I run a repair, and hope to hell it clears up the problem. Sigh.... I had such high hopes for being productive today ;)
Cyclone~ Baby Bash
"someone's Down With/opp"
Busted... Body: A woman is alone at home when she hears someone knock at the door. She goes to the door and opens the door to see a man standing there. He asks the lady "Do you have a vagina?" She slams the door in disgust. The next morning she hears a knock at the door, it is the same Man, and he asks the same question of the woman, "Do you have a vagina?" She slams the door again. Later that night when her husband gets home, she tells him what has happened for the last two days. The husband tells the wife in a loving and concerned voice, "Honey I am taking tomorrow off to be home just in case this guy shows up again". The next morning they hear a knock, and both run for the door. The husband says to the wife in a whispered voice "Honey, I'm going to hide behind the door and listen, and if it is the same guy, I want you to answer yes to the question, because I want To see where he is going with it". She nods yes to her husband and opens the door. Sure enough, t
Ok...time To Lay It All Out.
Something's happened tonight to make me realize just how far I've gone in the wrong direction. And now it's time to lay everything out for everyone to see. Time to let you all see the real me. The one I try to keep hidden. I'll admit it right here. I'm not right. I have a lot of problems. Mental and emotional. I see into things the wrong way. I get easily confused on things and when I read into something wrong, I get pretty fucked up. My biggest problem is that I bottle everythign up. EVERYTHING! I bottle it and I bottle it even after it festers inside of me. I bottle to the breaking point and yet I bottie it some more. Not healthy, but add in a depression disorder and ya....big time trouble. I've always had it. Inherited it from my dipshit of a father. From what my mom told me once he had depression problems. Thanks, Joel. Nice to know you're passing your legacy onto me and shit. Anyway, Another problem I have is low self esteem and self worth. I can acknowledge m
Pretty Plz
im still about 3600 points short of lvling up!! please help!!!! MWAH! i love you all!!
Heart Phases
Sometimes… Your heart is made of ICE Like every tear you ever cried has frozen round it.. Forming a frosty… thick… protective barrier…. I try to wrap it in my hands… melt away your pain… But I am pushed away by your glacial suspicions. But other times… Your heart is made of FIRE Red hot with rage and anger. …Repressed passion… I try to get close….. Cool down your feverous angst…. Calm your chaotic emotions..... But the flames lick at me… burn me… drive me back Sometimes… Your heart is made of STONE Gray… heavy… dense… impenetrable… I put my warm soft cheek against the cold hard surface And wait….. But you are numb…. And cannot feel me there Yet other times.. … Your heart is made of GLASS Brittle… fragile… transparent…. I look inside And I can see everything that you have loved.. I want to be in there too Filling up those still empty spaces… But my image reflects back at me from the surface And I can find no way in.... Someti
Running Your Mouth About Me??
This song is to EVERYONE that wants to run their fucking mouth about me and they dont even know me! So KISS MY REDNECK ASS!!
The Rose
She stands alone her petals so smooth I watch the Light hit her - and my heart is moved. Such elegance, such beauty, my eyes have never known- she stands absorbing golden rays, I sit and watch alone. Her silky petals... and tender green leaves... her long narrow stem with its thorns of unease. It bewilders me to think as I watch even now, that rose that I see has been battered somehow. Beaten by the winds and the rains of life, by the thorns of other roses, by pain and strife. Oh! to be the Gardener, and to know the exact way to nurture that rose back to health one day. But the Gardener, I am not, an imitation, I am afraid, simply struggling through the garden on the path that He made. But someday, in time, I will know what He knows, and will walk deeper in the garden and reach that battered rose. And way out where its harsh I will tend to her needs-
She Walks In Beauty
She Walks in Beauty She walks in beauty, like the night Of cloudless climes and starry skies; And all that's best of dark and bright Meet in her aspect and her eyes: Thus mellow'd to that tender light Which heaven to gaudy day denies. One shade the more, one ray the less, Had half impair'd the nameless grace Which waves in every raven tress, Or softly lightens o'er her face; Where thoughts serenely sweet express How pure, how dear their dwelling-place. And on that cheek, and o'er that brow, So soft, so calm, yet eloquent, The smiles that win, the tints that glow, But tell of days in goodness spent, A mind at peace with all below, A heart whose love is innocent! Poem by Lord Byron
My Heart Cries
My heart cries, but you don’t hear it. My heart breaks, but you don’t feel it. My body longs to feel your arms around me. My lips long to feel your kisses. My ears long to hear you say I love you. My eyes long to see your smile and eyes twinkle. My life longs to have you in it. My world longs to have you make it complete. My body longs to feel you lie next to it. My love longs to have you return it. My heart will cry, my heart will break. My body will go limp, my lips will only speak. My ears will miss your words, my eyes will shed tears. My life will be so lonely, my world will be so empty. My love will go unreturned. My heart aches as my life is turned inside out. My mind will never forget, my heart will never let go. I have loved you since the day I met you But now my heart cries, and you don’t hear it.
A Lil Something I Wanted To Share With All Of You!
No Such Thing
you can try your best not to cry... you can beg all you want its worth the try... you can tell him you love him that you cant forget him... but he wont take it seriously... you can search forever to find a love with no tears involved... but that not possible... try to find "Mr.Right" but all you'll ever do it think & cry day and night... i wont hurt you i wont make you cry so they say... but then they do as they say they wont...
No Such Thing As Love
Two strangers waiting for an end too proud to hold each others hand along the shadows path a whisper sparks a dream I hear the voices the voices as they scream there is no such thing as love no such thing as love. Am I drowning? your eyes have lost their shape Have I fallen? this world seems out of place I see you touching me but I can't feel your skin Your lips are moving yet I don't hear a thing I hope I'm not fading my flesh won't turn to dust I pray that I'm not craving a world that has too much am I dreaming a river of blood above? are you screaming there's no such thing as love? no such thing as love no such thing as love Two strangers waiting for an end Too proud to hold each others hand.
My Best Friend Ever!!
RadioGuy@ Everyone of us at some point meet a special person who fills our lives and shows us much concern As your friend and as your guiding star they support you and in life make you go far Their love always sparkles in our lonely life and they are with us sharing all our strife You smile knowing this person is there and for us this person truly and dearly cares They hold us close and wipe away our tears to our every need and wants they hear When we are down they are the first to know they will do anything to make our face glow They will open our eyes to many new things and within our soul they will make joy ring They are special and dear to your heart and from you they will never part
Plz Fan Me
Hey Everyone If you haven't fanned me yet could you please do so and I will make sure I fanned you! Im not that far behind on fans I just have a new goal to myself as of late. To make it in the legends page. Im just a few hundred off! Please and thank you! If anyone needs any love let me know!
So When Is "american Anything" Going To Be Banned In The Us?
Read this blog (content attached after the dashed line) and give me some positive feedback... Negative views are welcome also. Ask questions too :D Thanks
Friends And Family
I just wanted to say thank you to all my friends and family for all your rates and all the luv you've shown.You are all great and I luv you all.To the confederate Bombers thank you so much for being the people you are and for having me in the family.You are the best.Keep it flying high til the day you die.I am Southern and proud of my heritage and my confederate flag.Much luv to all
Need Help Leveling?
Want to make new friends and get help leveling at the same time.Due to the recent increase in (BOUNCER ID CHECKS)Spirit Bombers has decided not worth fighting them,so we have become a leveling family.So if your tired of trying to level yourself let us help! SPIRIT LEVELERS SPIRIT LEVELERS HOMEPAGE@ fubar Accepting new members,you must have at least one verified salute! Why wait join today! Redsun Videos | Music Video Codes Hope to see you soon!
The Mrs.
The story begins with cutting a deal with a local sex toy merchant on the corner of Oak and Main St., one with a great reputation for selling bedroom apparel, fancy bedding, and a host of liquid stimulants. After the deal was completed with a strong handshake and a pat on the back, I managed to store my emotions and race from the tiny store. I kicked up my heels outside in jubilation; despite the small amount of money I would receive for the colorful CDs I promised to deliver to Mr. Brown in three days. I knew, that in due time, I would have a promising future as a skilled author. I was never once curious about the Mrs. until my eye captured the lanky 6' creamy frame of the middle-age woman dressed uncanny for the season and standing in the center of the room behind the shabby green drapes. She was a strawberry in an extremely short skirt and red bra. Her cheeks were red and she had an eye for a younger man. I watched as the longhaired woman vanished from sight to another part of the s
It is a night of dark desire, a song of darkness, wolves vent their howls. The dark one stirs. Curling, icy wisps of death shrouds her pale form, an eternal desire. Her raven hair cascades over pale and delicate shoulders, and her full crimson lips part slightly, to taste the red tears streaming from the pale flesh beneath her. Now a night of shared vitality, I awaken.
DISAPPOINTMENT. OH, how can I live in a torture so wild, And yet always be dreaming of bliss? Why not learn Fate has doomed me to be sorrow's child, And in meekness the heavy rod kiss? I have lived for long months in a bright land of dreams, Dawning roseate as th' opening of day; But alas! the bright tints were but lightning gleams Flashing wrath, and then fading away. True bliss of the soul I have constantly sought, But alas! I have sought it in vain; On earth its base semblance is rended and bought, And I never will seek it again. 155 How I long for some spot in the solitude deep, All alone I could dwell there for years; My only companion, Repentance, and weep Living fountains of sorrowful tears. Tucker, Mary E.
Want To Meet People And Get Help Leveling?
Want to make new friends and get help leveling at the same time.Due to the recent increase in (BOUNCER ID CHECKS)Spirit Bombers has decided not worth fighting them,so we have become a leveling family.So if your tired of trying to level yourself let us help! SPIRIT LEVELERS SPIRIT LEVELERS HOMEPAGE@ fubar Accepting new members,you must have at least one verified salute! Why wait join today! Redsun Videos | Music Video Codes Hope to see you soon!
Myspace - Hack - Prevention
Prevent your myspace account from being hacked ( phished ). You can read this article HERE . Oh and please pass this info about the article on. Lets stop hackers and spammer and make myspace a better place. Please share this with your friends, even though we are on fubar alot of us still use Myspace.
Thoughts As Darkness Falls
I close my eyes My hand touches But I wish it were you The flowing emotion swirling within your eyes Soft kisses upon your lips to mine The sweet scent wafting from your hair The warmth of your body intertwined with mine Reluctantly my lips leave yours And plant gentle kisses to your throat and shoulders Across and down your chest I crave to explore your every inch to taste Slowly my tongue travels to one breast Sliding slowly, Circulating, nibbling, sucking I taste your nipple and suck Moving to your belly, sucking, nibbling from side to side Slower I move as your fire and juices come to boil My hands slides up your chest, carressing your hot breast My fingers fall playing gingerly with your feminine folds As my tongue travels across the hardened awaiting nipple Yearning for a caress as I suck and swollow To the back of my throat as you let out a moan I kiss your ribs, your stomach, Sucking your belly botton
just thought that i would say hi and ask how someone adds their interests here on their profile. i am in the midst of also putting my pic up here k? so please be patient with me.
Erotic Poem
You moan. You sigh. You arch that slender back And press your milky-white breasts Into my hands As you slide down against me. I pinch their tight coral-tips Between fingers and thumb And watch their color deepen. Your passionate cry Bursts through my mind As my teeth tug at their cherry peaks. You moan And fall back, Pulling me down with you. You look at me through ravenous eyes And spread your pale legs On crimson sheets of satin. I reach down And stroke your silken fur, Then spread your lips And dip my fingers into your spicy heat. Hot juices drench my fingers. Musky scent of sex lures me… Your crimson nails in my hair, You lift those hips And sink my fingers deep. You beg for more. You dance to the lash of my tongue Against your quivering clit And Ride my plundering fingers hard You scream out in ecstasy as you cum Your warm nectar spilling into me, Sweet and musky on my tongue. I rise up and kiss yo
My Longest Story
What I saw walking across the crowded country club floor towards me was a heart stopping sight! My friends at our table said, "Oh here she 'comes' now!" The evening turned out to be superbly special in your company! You were wearing a scanty tie front top with extraordinary cleavage and a pair of cut off jean shorts displaying a gorgeous pair of legs and fanny cheeks. Aside you’re your sexy good looks you were miss personality plus! I of course was wish you weren’t quite so revealing in public but I knew you were mine and had your own confident head and mind on your shoulders that made me love you in the first place. Trust, honesty and communication was all we demanded from each other from the start. A few days after our initial meeting we have been 'coming' and 'coming' and 'coming' and … with each other ever since. It feels like we met only yesterday … even though we have been together for quite a few years since that first auspicious night. You are and have always been a very sexual
Words Of My Life
I dont know where Im going But, I sure know where Ive been Hanging on the promises In songs of yesterday An Ive made up my mind, I aint wasting no more time But, here I go again Here I go again Tho I keep searching for an answer, I never seem to find what I'm looking for Oh lord, I pray You give me strength to carry on, cos I know what it means To roll along the lonely street of dreams An here I go again on my own Goin down the only road Ive ever known, Like a Drifter I was born to roll alone An Ive made up my mind I aint wasting no more time I'm just another heart in need of rescue, Waiting on loves sweet charity An I'm gonna hold on For the rest of my days, cos I know what it means To roll along the lonely street of dreams An here I go again on my own Goin down the only road Ive ever known, Like a Drifter I was born to roll alone An Ive made up my mind I aint wasting no more time
Thoughts Of My Star
My passion for you, it burns so deep, bright as a thousand suns, warm as a million stars. Beyond the horizon, there I wait for you, warming the cold land, lighting the dark skies, and suddenly I see you, laying there asleep, so fair, so beautiful, so gentle, so pure, so calm, so very serene. I can but only hope, for a single day in time, that she will be mine, and naught but mine alone. As my longing takes over, driving me towards you, I warm you with my touch, my fingers of pure light, they glide over your body, gently touching, caressing, caring for your tender flesh. Oh the possibilities! The many loving acts, all I would do for you, accomplish with you. Your still body begins to stir, eyes beginning to open, revealing the gateway, a gateway to a beautiful mind, a mind so true and unique, I can only smile in its presence. I gaze upon eyes so deep, revealing a beautiful universe, a universe where you and I are, are united and nothing else is,
Just Another Story
She was laying on the bed, her hands tied to the posts above her head making her smooth breasts stand out from her chest under her tight white blouse. Her ankles tied to the posts at the foot of the bed, one either side spreading her legs exposing just a glimpse of her white panties from under her school girl skirt. Blindfolded her other senses becoming more acute picking up the movement from across the room when the door quietly opened and as he entered inside. She could hear his breathing quicken at the sight of her laying on the bed totally at his mercy. Her own breath caught in her throat as she wondered what would happen next. She felt him coming nearer, wished he would speak not daring to make a sound herself. She had agreed to this, it had been a dare.. supposed to be a bit of fun, now she wasn’t so sure. The side of the bed moved as he sat down next to her, his breath crossed her nipples through her blouse causing them to stiffen even more. Suddenly his fingers brushed against
I Cant Believe This
I had two pics funny comics at that marked NSFW because one had the word "BITCH" in it. Plus one featured the "F" word and had a gun in it................come on get real!!!!!!!!!!!!!! seen pics on peeps pages showing boobs and butt cracks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! had to put them into their own file marked NSFW. geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh
20 Tips To Inprove Your Sex Life
1) The Five Minute Massage - This is a great technique if you need a little help getting in the mood. Alternate with your partner on massaging his/her front or back. For example: you start off massaging your partner's front for five minutes. Your partner returns the favor. Then you do the same thing for the back. It's the best investment of twenty minutes you can ever make in your love life. 2) Show and Tell - None of us are mind readers. You need to show your partner exactly what you like, how you like it, at what speed and intensity. Simply put: masturbate in front of each other. Not to mention, for many people, it's a great turn on to watch or be watched. Which reminds me... 3) Make Sex a Whole Body Experience - Sometimes we make a bee line for the genitals and never leave. Not that there's anything wrong with paying lots of attention and time to that part of the body. But it's also a great idea to spread the sexual energy all around. Explore every part of your partner's bod
Passhion Part 2
In the dark of the night I come to you You are heavy with sleep As I slide my body Behind yours. You shift and sigh, Settling in to your curves As I fit myself to you Under cover of night And warm blankets. Slowly you awaken. Every cell aware of my presence. I breathe you in, Your scent, Your warmth, My touch. Your mind floats on clouds of Aroused awareness. As my hands explore Your curves, Your body awakens further. Your nipples tighten With anticipation. Your thighs flex, And your pelvic floor contracts With a rhythmic pulsing that matches The beat of my heart. You press into me, Feeling my hardness against you. You open slightly in Invitation. You are moist with longing. Your breath catches In your throat. My fingers graze your nipples and You Arch and gasp in response. My hand explores ever lower, Enslaving me with its power To bring pleasure. You are
Leave Next Tuesday
We leave November 20th and return December 9th. We are excited as we are travelling with old friends that we have not vacationed with in 10 years.
Passion Embrace
In the dark of the night I come to you You are heavy with sleep As I slide my body Behind yours. You shift and sigh, Settling in to your curves As I fit myself to you Under cover of night And warm blankets. Slowly you awaken. Every cell aware of my presence. I breathe you in, Your scent, Your warmth, My touch. Your mind floats on clouds of Aroused awareness. As my hands explore Your curves, Your body awakens further. Your nipples tighten With anticipation. Your thighs flex, And your pelvic floor contracts With a rhythmic pulsing that matches The beat of my heart. You press into me, Feeling my hardness against you. You open slightly in Invitation. You are moist with longing. Your breath catches In your throat. My fingers graze your nipples and You Arch and gasp in response. My hand explores ever lower, Enslaving me with its power To bring pleasure. You are
Friday Opie And Anthony Links: Joe Rogan, Ari Gold, Kevin Smith, Sound Clip Contest Continues, New Videos Online
LISTEN TO TODAY'S OPIE and ANTHONY SHOW ON AUDIBLE (link usually active by 3pm EST) Good God, it's FRIDAY! Happy Friday. It's Friday. Everyone do the Happy Dance! It's almost the weekend, and the Opie and Anthony Show has a hum-dinger of a show in store for you this morning. Our Buddy Joe Rogan is here, promoting his gigs this weekend at Caroline's. Also in studio is Ari Shaffir, who you might know as The Amazing Racist. Also checking in with the POgram is Kevin Smith, who you can hear on the weekends with his SModcast show on XM202. Remember, kids... if you want to see any of the in-studio nose-picking, booger-eating, shit-talking, or egg white-eating...Turn On Your Paltalk and go to the 'Opie and Anthony LIVE' room. Of course, if you're anything like us, you're oogling the Ladies of Paltalk, who spend most of their time in the morning TOTALLY NUDE. WIN $1000 A DAY WITH O&A: Every day, for about a month, the Opie and Anthony Show is going to give away ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS to a
A Nother Story
It was a warm sunny day, we had been walking for a few hours in the morning when we came across an old bridge with a large great view of the stream below, You stood at one of the railing post looking out over the water, wearing a light dress that fluttered in the breeze and as I walked up behind you it lifted a little to show your thighs. I stood behind you and put my hand on the inside of your thigh at the knee and lifted it up running up your inner thigh. When I reached the top you parted your legs slightly and stood up on your tiptoes, leaning into the thick railing ledge to look out but I knew it was to allow my hand more room to move. I gently ran my hand over your mound, which was covered by a small piece of material, gently rubbing it back and forward slowly and as I did so I leaned forward to whisper in your ear to tell you that you were getting a little damp and swollen under my touch. I then decided to crawl between your legs and turn around. Luckily it was a front buttoned d
One Of My Stores
I had a dream about you... It started with me sitting on the couch, talking on the phone. You walked over to me and as you stood there, I caressed your leg, running my hands up your thigh, then up under your denim shorts to feel your sexy ass. My caresses instantly got your passion stirring and you leaned over to kiss me. I hung up the phone and you crawled on the couch over me, straddling me and kissing me deeper. We started to get more into it the more we kissed. My hands were roaming your body now, and then caressing your neck and face as I slowly kissed you. I felt you moan softly in my mouth as you lowered yourself a little more onto me, and start to grind against me, feeling how hard and excited I was. The next thing I knew, you were tugging at my shirt, pulling it up and over my head--then you ran your hands all over my chest as you continued to gyrate against me. My hands grabbed your hips, pulling you down against me, and then I slid them under your shirt, slowly caressing you
Take My Hand
Taking your hand Fingers to my lips I want to love every inch of you Taste every part of your body As if I can drink your love's blood Through your very pores I want to get lost in your eyes Consumed by your kiss Set your body on fire Quench the fire in your blood With sweet caresses Touch your soul with my passion Lay down beside me Feel your body crying for me Lets get lost in each other Touching, tasting, exploring We will exceed passion, go beyond bliss For this is our time Want you like no other Need me, like the air that I breathe Together, one mind, one soul Fused in the heat of passionate love Existing in this moment Forever
From The Eyes Of A 9 Year Old
this was written by my son when he was nine I'm thankful for peace &love in the world. I'm also thankful for people big and small, weak or strong, sick and in health, who can share that love with anyone who they feel really deserves such a powerful virtue. Ialways say "love is giving someone the ability to crush you, but trusting them enough not to". I have a friend named Cassie. She told me that i was like a 1,000,000 year old piece of paper. Basically I was letting everyone get me down, or tear a piece off of me. But, she said "if you laminate your paper, no one can hurt you". Basically she meant, if I toughen up no one can hurt me. Well, in my point ov view, if people just loved then we wouldn't have to laminate our paper. we would,t have to go through the trouble to toughen up if everyone would just love. That is why i am thankful for love.
Forever Erotic
Taking your hand Fingers to my lips I want to love every inch of you Taste every part of your body As if I can drink your love's blood Through your very pores I want to get lost in your eyes Consumed by your kiss Set your body on fire Quench the fire in your blood With sweet caresses Touch your soul with my passion Lay down beside me Feel your body crying for me Lets get lost in each other Touching, tasting, exploring We will exceed passion, go beyond bliss For this is our time Want you like no other Need me, like the air that I breathe Together, one mind, one soul Fused in the heat of passionate love Existing in this moment Forever
Thease Thoughts
You opened the door to the bathroom, warm in your rose red robe. I smiled at you, gently pulling you into a hug as I kissed you slow and soft, then hard and passionate as I ran my fingers through your long hair. You pulled away, smiling as you turned the shower on and slowly dropped your robe to the floor. Your breast lay so natural and beautiful, your nipples erect with anticipation as my cock floods with throbbing desire. You helped me undress, noticing my cock beginning to harden, you reach down and run your finger tips across my balls and gently over my shaft as my cock begins to rise in your hands, my god your touch feels so good as I caress your breast, rolling your nipples between my thumb and fingers as I run my other hand down your belly to moist mound, squeezing your love box with the palm of my hand, then slowly you lead me into the shower. You lay down in the bath, the running water flowing over you, and pull me down on top of you. We kissed hungrily as my hands explored yo
Natual High
1. Falling in love. 2. Laughing so hard your face hurts. 3. A hot shower. 4. No lines at the supermarket. 5. A special glance. 6. Getting mail. 7. Taking a drive on a pretty road. 8. Hearing your favorite song on the radio. 9. Lying in bed listening to the rain outside. 10. Hot towels fresh out of the dryer. 11. Chocolate milkshake (vanilla or strawberry). 12. A bubble bath. 13. Giggling. 14. A good conversation. 15 The beach. 16. Finding a 20 dollar bill in your coat from last winter . 17. Laughing at yourself. 18. Looking into their eyes and knowing they Love you. 19 Midnight phone calls that last for hours. 20. Running through sprinklers. 21. Laughing for absolutely no reason at all. 22. Having someone tell you that you're beautiful. 23. Laughing at an inside joke with FRIENDS.< /SPAN> 25. Accidentally overhearing someone say something nice about you. 26. Waking up and realizing you still have a few hours left to sleep. 27. Your first kiss (either the very f
New Pledg Of Allrgomce
New Pledge of Allegiance (TOTALLY AWESOME) ! Since the Pledge of Allegiance and The Lord's Prayer are not allowed in most public schools anymore Because the word "God" is mentioned.... A kid in Arizona wrote the attached NEW School prayer: - Now I sit me down in school Where praying is against the rule For this great nation under God Finds mention of Him very odd. If Scripture now the class recites, It violates the Bill of Rights. And anytime my head I bow Becomes a Federal matter now. Our hair can be purple, orange or green, That's no offense; it's a freedom scene. The law is specific, the law is precise. Prayers spoken aloud are a serious vice. For praying in a public hall Might offend someone with no faith at all. In silence alone we must meditate, God's name is prohibited by the state. We're allowed to cuss and dress like freaks, And pierce our noses, tongues and cheeks. They've outlawed guns, but FIRST the Bible.
My B-day On T-giving Day!
Sumone Please buy me a Blast for my Birthday. Its on ThanksGiving Day!

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