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New Photo's
Hiya I hope you are having a great week. I've added some Christmassy photo's in my 'all things Christmas' album so please stop by and leave love. Thanks kindly Lin xx
69 Questions??
1. have we kissed? 2. Do you want to?: 3. What would you like our relationship to be?: 4. Have we dated?: 5. Did you like it?: 6. Do you want to date?: 7. Are we close friends?: 8. Would you be here if I needed you?: 9. Are you attracted to me?: 10. Mentally, sexually, or both?: 11. Do you love me?: Appearance Do you like my- 12. Face?: 13. Eyes?: 14. Lips?: 15. Body?: 16. Arms?: 17. Legs?: 18. Clothes?: 19. Ass?: 20. Hands?: 21. Hair?: Do think I'm- 22. Sexy?: 23. Beautiful?: 24. Hot?: 25. Cute?: Personality Do you think I'm- 26. Crazy?: 27. Nice?: 28. Fun to be around?: 29. Funny?: 30. Annoying?: Would you.. 31. Share chocolate with me?: 32. Spend a weekend with me?: 33. Alone?: 34. Hook up with me?: 35: Do me?: 36. Care if I ran away?: 37. Care if I died?: 38. Miss me if I left?: 39. Hang out with me?: What would you do if.. 40. I kissed you?: 41. You found out I was missing?: 42. Yo
Club Fantasia
Hey yall come ob buy to the hotest club on fubar club fantasia and party swn with us hell bring your friends to! ANd have your firends bring thare friends.
Life's A Journey
This newbie rated me a 3...ughhh after i rated her no pic profile a 10 plus i fanned her and added her what a bitch lets show her some much need fubar love thanks fubar Disturbed wrote~~ Thanks for the 3 you gave me!!! i rated you a 10 whats up??? and you dont even have a pic up!!! Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007 16:02:07 -0700 From: Size: 2 KB To: Reply-To: hey i just got the invite from a friend today sorry i havent got 2 that yet just figureing this site out your welome and thanks i have 2 get to know you really before i rate you a higher number fubar
With great sadness, I announce the passing of my dear Grandmother, Marilyn, on November 14th at 12:30am at the young age of 65. After suffering kidney failure, a stroke and a blood infection, she joined the creator leaving behind many who loved her dearly. She was "Ma" to all who knew her. Due to the fact that she treated everyone like family. She was one of the most important people in my life. After my own mother abandoned me when I was a baby my gram took me in and raised me as her own. She raised all 8 of her children, then took in 6 of her grandchildren after her children were grown. She was a wonderful woman, and will be missed greatly. I love her with all of my heart, she was the backbone of our entire family.
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Please If You Want, Lol
1. have we kissed? 2. Do you want to?: 3. What would you like our relationship to be?: 4. Have we dated?: 5. Did you like it?: 6. Do you want to date?: 7. Are we close friends?: 8. Would you be here if I needed you?: 9. Are you attracted to me?: 10. Mentally, sexually, or both?: 11. Do you love me?: Appearance Do you like my- 12. Face?: 13. Eyes?: 14. Lips?: 15. Body?: 16. Arms?: 17. Legs?: 18. Clothes?: 19. Ass?: 20. Hands?: 21. Hair?: Do think I'm- 22. Sexy?: 23. Beautiful?: 24. Hot?: 25. Cute?: Personality Do you think I'm- 26. Crazy?: 27. Nice?: 28. Fun to be around?: 29. Funny?: 30. Annoying?: Would you.. 31. Share chocolate with me?: 32. Spend a weekend with me?: 33. Alone?: 34. Hook up with me?: 35: Do me?: 36. Care if I ran away?: 37. Care if I died?: 38. Miss me if I left?: 39. Hang out with me?: What would you do if.. 40. I kissed you?: 41. You found out I was missing?: 42. Yo
My Life In 61 Questions
My current life in 61 questions; 1. What was the highlight of your day? coming home 2. Who's car were you in last? mine 3. When is the next time you are going to kiss somebody? idk 4. What color shirt are you wearing? green 5. How long is your hair? long 6. Last movie you watched? transformers? 7. Last thing you ate? cheetos 8. Last thing you drank? water 9. Where did you sleep last night? the bed 11. What did you say last? nothing 12. Where is your phone? on the desk 13. What is the best part of your life? my kids 14. What color are your eyes? brown 16. When was the last time you had your heart broken? private 17. Who/what do you hate/dislike currently? nothing 18. What are you listening to? chevelle 19. If you could have one thing right now what would it be my boyfriend 20. What is your favorite flower? orchids 21. Who makes you happiest right now? idk 22. What were you doing at midnight last night? toss
Please Help Us. I Hate To Ask This Much Of You All =[
Heres my story : Ive been having alot of family troubles, not as much me but my sister. She was 34 years old and had a little girl named Isabella who is 7 right now. My sister was diagnosed with cancer a little over two years ago. She died a little less than two months ago from it. With her daughters father no where in sight, her daughter was being bounced around from place to place because no one wanted to totally adopt her. When i found this out i decided that, I'm going to take her. Im going to adopt her and treat her as my own. Shes been staying with me now for only a few days, but i love her like she were my own. Heres where you all come in, Basically, with such short notice, i dont have a very good job, at all. I make nearly nothing, just enough to pay the bills. I dont think im going to be able to make her christmas. I dont have the money, and I have been trying my hardest to get another job with no luck. I'm running out of time and im not sure what to do. I was thinking mayb
Got One For Ya
A man listens, a slave obeys
I'm A P I S C E S
P I S C E S: The Piece of ass.... lol Body: T A U R U S: The Sex Addict!!! Body: Once you have opened this bulletin, there's no turning back. Below are true descriptions of zodiac signs, with traits from a book written 35 years ago by an astrologist predictions. Read your sign, then repost this in a new bulletin with your zodiac sign and label. If u don't repost this, u will have bad luck for as long as it says in your description!! V I R G O: The Lover Dominant in relationships. Sexy. someone loves them right now. Freak in bed. AMAZING IN BED! Always wants the last word. Caring. Smart. Intellectual. Attractive. Loyal. Easy to talk to. Hard to forget. Love at first sight. Everything you ever wanted. Easy to please. The one and only. Ultimate sexiness.Great kisser. 7 years of bad luck if you do not repost. S C O R P I O: The Bitch Can be mean sometimes, and will Probably knock your ass out, if crossed the wrong way!! EXTRE
About Yourself
Tell me about yourself. I want to get to know my friends YOU'RE ON MY FRIENDS LIST; I WANNA KNOW YOU...I want to know 36 things about you. I don't care if we never talk, never liked each other, or if we already know everything about each other. Short and sweet is fine...You're on my list, so I want to know you better! BE HONEST! COPY FROM HERE THEN SEND DIRECTLY TO ME IN A MESSAGE. THEN, REPOST THE EMPTY QUESTIONS AS A BULLETIN. 1.)Q. Can you cook? 1.)A. 2.)Q. What was your dream growing up? 2.)A. 3.)Q. What talent do you wish you had? 3.)A. 4.)Q. If I bought you a drink what would it be? 4.)A. 5.)Q. Favorite vegetable? 5.)A. 6.)Q. What was the last book you read? 6.)A. 7.)Q. What zodiac sign are you ? 7.) A. 8.)Q. Any Tattoos and/or Piercings? 8.)A. 9.)Q. Worst Habit? 9.)A. 10.)Q. If you saw me walking down the street would you offer me a ride? 10.)A. 11.)Q. What is your favorite sport? 11.)A. 12.)Q. Negative or Optimistic attitude?
Questions That Need Asking..??
Can you cry under water? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How important does a person have to be before they are considered assassinated instead of just murdered? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why do you have to "put your two cents in".. but it's only a "penny for your thoughts"? Where's that extra penny going to? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Once you're in heaven, do you get stuck wearing the clothes you were buried in for eternity? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why does a round pizza come in a square box? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What disease did cured ham actually have? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How is it that we put man on the moon b
2 Things
TAG YOU'RE IT If you opened it, you have to do it. Then, send it back to the person who sent it to you and the rest of your friends! Two names you go by 1. Kate 2. Mom Two things you're wearing 1 Jeans 2. Short sleeve POTC Shirt Two of your favorite things to do: 1. Read 2. Scrapbook Two things you want very badly at the moment: 1. a vacation with out kids 2. new apt or house Two favorite pets you have had/have 1. Thumper 2. Ilona Maeve Two people who will fill this out 1. Misty 2. Jamie Two things you ate today: 1. Maple and brown sugar oatmeal 2. English muffin w/ butter and peanut butter Two people you last talked to: 1. Sondra 2. Grace Two things you're doing tomorrow: 1. IEP Meeting 2. Laundry (hopefully) Two longest car rides: 1. Washington to Minnesota (over 25 hrs) 2. North Carolina to Minnesota and back Two favorite holidays: 1. 4th of July 2. Christmas Two favorite beverages: 1. Kiwi strawberry Propel 2. Dr Pep
Can't Help But Wait!
I can't help but wait Ohh uh Can't help but wait I see you, you with him He aint right but you dont trip You stand by while he lies then turn right round and forgive I cant take to see your face With those tears runnin down your cheeks But what can I do I gotta stay true Cause deep down Im still a G And I dont want to come between you and your man Even though I know I treat you better than he can Girl I cant help but wait Till you get back with him it dont change Cant help but wait Till you see that with me it aint the same Cant help but wait Till you see you for what you really are Baby girl you are a star And I cant help but wait It aint fresh to just let him call the shots Youre a queen you should be Gettin all that someones got You should be rockin the latest in purses bracelets and watches Youre worth much more than that occasional "I love you, Im thinking of you" And I dont wanna come between you
I'm Worth...
Body: Natural Hair Color: [] Blonde - $100 [x]Brown - $50 [ ] Black - $15 [ ] Bald - $5 [ ] Other-$75 Total: $50 Eye Color: [ ] Brown - $50 [ ] Green - $75 [] Blue $150 [x] Hazel $100 [ ] Other - $15 Total so far: $150 Height: [ ] Over 7' - $200 [ ] 6'8 to 7' - $175 [ ] 6'0 to 6'7 - $150 [x] 5'5 to 5'11 - $75 [ ] Under 5'4" - $95 Total so far: $225 Age: [ ] 50 to 56 - $200 [ ] 46 to 50 - $175 [ ] 41 to 45 - $150 [ ] 31 to 40 - $125 [ ] 26 to 30 - $100 [ ] 21 to 25 - $75 [ ] 19 to 20 - $50 [x] 0 to 18 - $25 Total so far: $250 Birth Order: [ ] Twins or more than twins - $750 [x] First Born - $320 [ ] Only Child - $250 [ ] second born - $150 [ ] Middle child - $100 [ ] Last Born - $100 [ ]third born- $550 [ ] fourth born - $300 [ ] fifth born - $400 [ ] sixth born -$215 Total so far: $570 Drink? [x] I did like once - $400 [ ] Only Holidays - $250 [ ] Sometimes - $215 [ ] SURE - $200 [ ] only weekends - $300 [ ]
Kick back and enjoy the good news -- something you did recently is paying off in a big way. It could be financial, romantic or something entirely different, but everyone can see you're a winner! funny thing about this is i did do something recently (not good) but hey, maybe what i did will finally pay off...LMAO...if it is what im thinking, i have an evil lil grin on my face with a lil evil laugh coming out...teeheehee...
Umm,freedom-what Is It?
In today's world we have pets with microchips.Cellphones that have little chips in them that we carry.Or maybe it's that Low-jack for our tools and vehicles.And I can't leave out OnStar that is supose to make our lives so much easyer.All these are really neat gadgets in the realm of technology.However,They are also really neat tools to track you down when and were the government may see fit.I know you say they wouldn't do that.Well,we are liveing in an age of terror laws instead of laws of the put it simpley.The way democracy was described to me and one way I subscribe to it.Is fairly simple,it is a means that you can travel about the country and the world anonymously as your right as a law abideing citizen.yet there are those whom think that we are not educated enough to think for ourselves.They may be your neighbors or maybe those scholars that work in you community.Who knows,But what I wanna know is when did we stop minding our own buisness and start minding others?Well,if y
Makes Sence???
Can you honestly judge what your told if you just hear one side of the story in anything? I dont know you tell me.
Doctors Suck A$$
I went to the rhuematologist today because I've been having A LOT of pain this week. Like to the point that it hurts my arms to just shower/wash my hair. Hurts to stand and slice taters, that had been all ready peeled for me. I wanted to get injections in my trigger points and talk to her about putting me off work for a few weeks. (I cried the whole time I was in that place, out of the pain,frustration I'm feeling) Well she says, I've all ready done everything for you I can. You are all ready taking all the meds that are used for fibromyalgia. She says, I don't know what else I can do for you. When I tell her I want off work for a few weeks .. she says, oh.... well they don't allow sickleave for fibromyalgia anymore(who the fook is this THEY?) and I know thats a crock of shit. I wanted to start breaking stuff(hence the song Break Stuff) right there. So she starts to ask if I have a psychologist I can see to help with the depression. I said YES. She said oh, who will make the appo
Ok Thats It!!!!!!!!!
alright my lovlies i have something to say: i am sick of people trying to change me!!! i am who i am, so what if im weird and strange and a tad funny its who i am!!!! so hear is what i have to say to all of you my beautiful friends: Always be you, never let anyone try to change you.your wounderful just the way you are.If you are diffrent in some way, dont let anyone try to hinder you or breat you down, embrace whats diffrent and expose it,be proud of who you are,stand tall and hold your head high.dont let anyone try to make you feel like you are less than what you are,if that be a person, a magazine,the tv, anything at all, everyone is beautiful and amazing in there own way,sure we are all diffrent but that is what is so amazing we all have these hidden talents and this beauty in us that others try to forbid us from haveing, they try to make us ashamed for being diffrent well i say FUCK YOU TO THEM!!!!!!! its not fair for people to belittle and judge based on what they think is righ
Ok Heres Another Deal
ok Join my lounge and come in everyonce in a while and when u join i will buy u a vip gift on here PLEASE :D
For You So Called Subbie Boys ....
I am not here to entertain you I am not here to be what your fantasies tell you a Mistress should be. I am not here to serve you I am not here to be your get me off girl I am not looking for a soul mate I have one I am not a bitch but I can be I am not your typical FemDom I am a FemDom, none the less I will not play with you the first time W/we meet. I like to see if you are worth My time. If I cant just hang with you I will not play with you. I do not do the online crap it does nothing for Me
Poetry 1
I wake myself talking in my sleep Way too down To even eat A voice drifts softly On my mind Will there ever be Another time Afraid to go to bed Cause its to cold Nothing there for me Just pillows to hold I know one day I will be fine Getting over love Just takes time Day by day It comes and goes This kinda pain Doesn't always show So I make a promise To the man in the mirror To just let go And hope life gets clearer
Soul Mates
People may find someone that they can call a "twin flame" in that they have integrated appreciation (love) for their physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies; they know their roles in the relationship and play well together without power struggles... ...but there are no such things as soulmates or "your better half". These romantic ideas are based on neediness and teach low self-esteem and self-rejection. The romantic notion that there is half of you missing that you need to false. You are a complete soveriegn being and a god with free will. All you need is to love, accept, trust in, have validation in and be content and happy in yourself, cause you are the only person that you have your entire life, 24/7. If you rely on others or circumstances outside of yourself for those things, you will always set your self up for disappointment. When you love yourself and abide in love, that is when life starts to truly be magical.
Profile Pics
OK so let me figure this out...nsfw means not suitable for work. Where is the fine print that says we reserve the right to make exceptions. My god I see far less dressed and more provacative pics on primary profile pics than those of my tat shots with dressed cleavage showing of which was reported. I just don't get it!!! I don't post any that are distasteful nor would I be ashamed if my coworkers,employees were to they're really "@ work" Love the site and have met some great people. Now git back to work I'm done ranting.
Craig David - Unbelievable
Always said I would know where to find love, Always thought I'd be ready and strong enough, But some times I just felt I could give up. But you came and changed my whole world now, I'm somewhere I've never been before. Now I see, what love means. [Chorus] It's so unbelievable, And I don't want to let it go, Something so beautiful, Flowing down like a waterfall. I feel like you've always been, Forever a part of me. And it's so unbelievable to finally be in love, Somewhere I'd never thought I'd be. In my heart, in my head, it's so clear now, Hold my hand you've got nothing to fear now, I was lost and you've rescued me some how-. I'm alive, I'm in love you complete me, And I've never been here before. Now I see, what love means. [Chorus] When I think of what I have, and this chance I nearly lost, I cant help but break down, and cry. Ohh yeah, break down and cry. [Chorus] Now I see, what love means
World Of Warcraft Drafting
hello all i am looking thru my frneds for people who play World Of Warcraft to join me and help me make a kick ass guild up on their if you would like to help me out let me know Thank You ~Lost In The Dark~
She wanted to be a sheep, Following the herd eating grass, But the farmer Wouldn't let her free. She wanted to be a Native American Hunting and killing her own food, But the chief Wouldnt let her try. She wanted to be a pencil Writing everythingshe wanted, But the sharpener Wouldn't sharpen her. She wanted to be a fish But the sharks Wouldn't let her in the water. She decided to be a turtle dove Flyng free and being merry. And though the other turtle doves Wouldn't let her fly She decided to fly away.
Fire Fighters Hall
Daniel (dano)
If you have read any part of my profile you will know that I mention that "My Hero" is my youngest son Daniel (Dano everyone calls him). I have shared that he works for a State Senator here in our State of Pennyslvania. Yesterday, while the Senate was in Session starting at 1pm, Senator Eichelberger called Daniel down to the Senate floor and was introduced to the Senate. Senator Eichelberger mentioned all the accomplishments that Daniel has completed not only in his office and extending into the community. The Lt.Governor and All the Senators gave Daniel a standing ovation. On his way home from Harrisburg, he called me and told me what all transpired. I was so proud I probably was busting buttons. What an awesome event in his life to the many that has already happened. Gosh, I sure do love him, as well as his brothers. I am truly a blessed Mom......
Best Song Ever!
Girls try not to laugh too loud when u sing this! SING IT GIRLS!!! At first I was afraid, I was petrified. When you said you had 10 inches, Lord I almost died! But I'd spent so many years just waiting for a man that long, that I grew strong, and I knew that I could take you on... But there you are, another lie, I was ready for a Big Mac and you've brought me a French fry! I should have known that it was bulls***t, just a sad pathetic dream Should have known there was no Anaconda lurking in those Jeans! Go on now - go! , Walk out the door, Don't you promise me 10 inches, then turn up with only 4! Weren't you a jerk to think I wouldn't find you out!? Don't you know we're only joking when we say size don't count??!! [Chorus] I will survive! I will survive! Cuz as long as I have batteries, My sex life's gonna thrive! I will always have good sex, With a handful of latex! I will survive! I will survive! Hey! Hey! It took all my self cont
EVANESCENCE Lithium Lithium- don't want to lock me up inside Lithium- don't want to forget how it feels without Lithium- I want to stay in love with my sorrow Oh but God I want to let it go Come to bed, don't make me sleep alone Couldn't hide the emptiness you let it show Never wanted it to be so cold Just didn't drink enough to say you love me I can't hold on to me Wonder what's wrong with me Lithium- don't want to lock me up inside Lithium- don't want to forget how it feels without Lithium- I want to stay in love with my sorrow Don't want to let it lay me down this time Drown my will to fly Here in the darkness I know myself Can't break free until I let it go Let me go Darling, I forgive you after all Anything is better than to be alone And in the end I guess I had to fall Always find my place among the ashes I can't hold on to me Wonder what's wrong with me Lithium- don't want to lock me up inside Lithium- don't want to forget how it feels
Problem Children
My youngest daughter is 28 and has been a problem child since she was 18. She is a crack addict and her addiction lead to the death of my first grandchild. She had a great boyfriend until she was 18 but since then has hooked up with nothing but losers. These guys love to beat her up. She has stolen money and ID's from family and friends to support her habit and the 3 guys she has been with since she was 18 have all prostituted her out because they are to lazy to work. She should be doing time in prison for the things she has done but got lucky and just received probation. Now she is in trouble again...she went to work as a manager of a pizza shop for a friend of her mother. I just found out a few weeks ago she stole 15,000 from them in the few months she worked for them and is now on the run again. She had Elijah my grandson that died or was murdered as far as I am concerned with the first guy. 2 children with the 2nd and now she is pregnant again with the 3rd guy. Al
Your Kiss is Red You are intense about kissing but easily distracted. You kiss for attention, power, and passion. It doesn't take a lot for you to want to kiss someone. If you see a kissing opportunity, you always go for it! Kissing Type: Kissaholic (admit it!) People See Your Kisses as: Seductive You Kiss Best With: An Orange Kisser Stay away from: A Blue Kisser What Color Is Your Kiss?
Traveling Wilburys - End Of The Line
Almost Lover
Almost Lover - A Fine Frenzy Your fingertips across my skin The palm trees swaying in the wind Images You sang me Spanish lullabies The sweetest sadness in your eyes Clever trick Well I never want to see you unhappy I thought you'd want the same for me [Chorus] Goodbye, my almost lover Goodbye, my hopeless dream I'm trying not to think about you Can't you just let me be? So long, my luckless romance My back is turned on you Should've known you'd bring me heartache Almost lovers always do We walked along a crowded street You took my hand and danced with me Images And when you left, you kissed my lips You told me you would never, ever forget These images Well I'd never want to see you unhappy I thought you'd want the same for me [Chorus] Goodbye, my almost lover Goodbye, my hopeless dream I'm trying not to think about you Can't you just let me be? So long, my luckless romance My back is turned on you Should've k
A Note
Hi to all my friends that actually care about what is going. I will be going in for surgery on the 19th. Will be offline for a few days but when I am back I wil stop by here and let everyone know what is going on and how I am doing! I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! I may or may not be out by then.
Just Read
Seize the day or die regretting the time you lost It's empty and cold without you here, too many people to ache over I see my vision burn, I feel my memories fade with time But I'm too young to worry These streets we travel on will undergo our same lost past I found you here, now please just stay for a while I can move on with you around I hand you my mortal life, but will it be forever? I'd do anything for a smile, holding you 'til our time is done We both know the day will come, but I don't want to leave you I see my vision burn, I feel my memories fade with time But I'm too young to worry (a melody, a memory, or just one picture) Seize the day or die regretting the time you lost It's empty and cold without you here, too many people to ache over Newborn life replacing all of us, changing this fable we live in No longer needed here so where do we go? Will you take a journey tonight, follow me past the walls of death? But girl, what if there is no eternal lif
Heyy..shuddup! YOU do it! *waves to Cubby n' NinjaStars* My gawd. :/
2 Can Play That "game"
The Story: A Song By Brandi Carlile
all of these lines across my face Tell you the story of who I am So many stories of where I've been And how I got to where I am But these stories don't mean anything When you've got no one to tell them to It's true...I was made for you I climbed across the mountain tops Swam all across the ocean blue I crossed all the lines and I broke all the rules But baby I broke them all for you Because even when I was flat broke You made me feel like a million bucks Yeah you do and I was made for you You see the smile that's on my mouth Is hiding the words that don't come out And all of my friends who think that I'm blessed They don't know my head is a mess No, they don't know who I really am And they don't know what I've been through like you do And I was made for you... All of these lines across my face Tell you the story of who I am So many stories of where I've been And how I got to where I am But these stories don't mean anything When you've got no one to tell
Can You?
Reflections Of A Beautiful Morning
The sun rises above the hillcrest, As does the joy of my heart; Rays of warmth and love, From him I will never depart. Fresh dew upon the grass, Young birds chirp in their nests; I watch him gently sleep, My love to him I silently profess. I enjoy the stillness and calm, Watching as he smiles and dreams; He brings me to stillness and peace, Like that of a slow flowing stream. My heart and soul flow with love, And I smile as I quietly reflect; I've been handed a sweet prince, A sweet prince who will love and protect. A vow to myself I make, As he quietly sleeps away; To love and always cherish him, Until my last breath until my last day. So easy whisper to me The infinite language of our heart. Uplift me with your joyful smile. Its the little things you do That make loving you so easy.
No lost words, whisper slowly, to me. Still cant find what keeps me here. And all this time Ive been so hollow, inside, (I know your still there). Watching me, Wanting me, I can feel you haunt me down. Fearing you, Loving you, I know Ill find you somehow. Haunting you, I can smell you, a ? ? Your heart pounding in my head ! Wanting me, Fearing me, I wont let you haunt me down. Deceiving me, Bringing me, Watching me ! Watching me, Haunting me, I can fear you haunt me down. Fearing you, Loving you, I wont let you haunt me down. Watching me, Wanting me, I can feel you haunt me down. Fearing you, Loving you, I wont let you haunt me down.
My Immortal
; Im so tired of being here Suppressed by all my childish fears And if you have to leave I wish that you would just leave cause your presence still lingers here And it wont leave me alone These wounds wont seem to heal This pain is just too real Theres just too much that time cannot erase [chorus:] When you cried Id wipe away all of your tears When youd scream Id fight away all of your fears I held your hand through all of these years But you still have All of me You used to captivate me By your resonating life Now Im bound by the life you left behind Your face it haunts My once pleasant dreams Your voice it chased away All the sanity in me These wounds wont seem to heal This pain is just too real Theres just too much that time cannot erase [chorus] Ive tried so hard to tell myself that youre gone But though youre still with me Ive been alone all along
Are You This Kind Of A Man
A true boyfriend Grab her neck when you kiss her, it's a real turn on. Not her butt/boobs. Stay on the phone with her even if shes not saying anything. When she's mad hug her tight and don't let go then kiss her When she says she's ok dont believe it talk with her Never cheat on her because 10 yrs later she'll remember you Call her at 12:00am on her birthday to tell her you love her Call her before you sleep and after you wake up Treat her like a person and not something to show off for Tease her and let her tease you back. Stay up all night with her when she's sick. Watch her favorite movie with her. TRUST HER WITH HER GUY FRIENDS Let her wear your clothes. When she's bored and sad, hang out with her. Let her know she's important. Kiss her in the pouring rain. When she runs up at you crying, the first thing you say is; "Who's ass am I kicking babe?"
The Traveling Wilburys : Handle With Care
I'm also tired of being lonely.
Help Casey Out!!!
she's in need of serious luvin...both to level and finding a FUhubby!!!! CASEY ~ HECTOR'S LUV GODDESS~TOP NOTCH SECURITY OFFICER FOR FUBAR'S AFTER HOURS~OFFICIAL JEE@ fubar
Bring Me To Life!
How can you see into my eyes, Like open doors ? Leading you down into my core, Where I've become so numb. Without a soul. My spirit's sleeping somewhere cold, Until you find it there and lead it back home. Wake me up inside, Wake me up inside, Call my name and save me from the dark. Bid my blood to run, Before I come undone, Save me from the nothing I've become. Now that I know what I'm without, You can't just leave me. Breathe into me and make me real, Bring me to life. Wake me up inside, Wake me up inside, Call my name and save me from the dark. Bid my blood to run, Before I come undone, Save me from the nothing I've become. Bring me to life, Bring me to life. Frozen inside without your touch, Without your love, darling, [Only you] Only you are the life among the dead. I've been sleeping a thousand years it seems, Got to open my eyes to everything. [Don't let me die here] Bring me to life.
Talkin Bout Divorce
so me and josh (my husband) are talking about getting a divorce. I don't want it I love him very much, but he's tired of the same thing as in what we do all day. He says we can't get divorced now because we can't afford to live apart. I need some help here. Does it sould like he really wants one with that as the reason? anything would be some help i'm going crazy
Band : Eels Song & Lyrics : Eels Little field mice living under the house Never eating much Tough life for a mouse And if you think you're gonna be spared You're wrong Field mice, head lice Spiders in the kitchen Don't think twice 'bout Whatever keeps you itchin' Ice water, flyswatter Gonna get you through The day Heat is rolling in like hell's red rug Stinking like the breath of beelzebub And if you think you won't walk on coals You will Field mice, head lice Spiders in the kitchen Don't think twice 'bout Whatever keeps you itchin' Ice water, flyswatter Gonna get you through The day
My Pics
leave a comment an tell me which of my pics is the hottest!!!!
Fukuoka Prisoner Camp
FUKUOKA PRISONER CAMP (JAPAN) As the head of the U.S. Army Medical Department in the Philippines at the outbreak of the War with Japan, I feel it is my duty and responsibility to make a report to higher authority on the activities of the Medical Department during the period of my responsibility. This is necessarily a narrative report, largely from memory, assisted by medical officers who held key positions in the Medical organization during the brief initial campaign in the Philippines. Several other officers who held important positions and who would have been selected to assist in this report died either during the War or during captivity and their records were captured or destroyed. Some records were recovered on the recapture of the Philippines, and I feel confident that a prolonged study and evaluation of the data from these sources should and will eventually be made. I believe a record of achievement was made by our group to which we can all look back with pride and co
25 Days And 500 Death Sticks
My name is Angela, and I am a nicotine addict. I have stopped nicotine for 25 days, 54 minutes and 14 seconds (25 days). I've not smoked 501 death sticks, and saved $87.72. I've saved 1 day, 17 hours and 43 minutes of my life. was craving really bad this afternoon... couldn't figure out why... then realized i forgot my patch. oops... tomorrow is a big day! i step down to the 14 mg patch from 21!
How I'm Feeling, Fervant Prayer
it is my fervant prayer that life will enlighten me with wisdom and make me stronger and make the concept of goodbye and the concept of infinity disappear it is my fervant prayer that i forget the tears that have yet to occur and the shoulders that saved the world and the laughs that saved me is is my fervant prayer that i will find the innocence lost that the ones i love be shrouded in mercy that the lord spared from me and they are no longer broken it is my fervant prayer that i stop surviving and that i start living that i stop needing those i try not to need and i stop wishes i can't have for those i can't have nor keep
Dream Of Me
Dream of me if you dare, Black satin and lace, but beware, Boots and leather I also wear, When you find out will you care? Secrets lie beneath my large breasts, Soft and tender on my chest, Untold fantasies belong to me, Sexual favors never came to be. Will you be the one to find, The truth that lies on the other side, Passion dripping between my thighs, Secret longings in the dark of night. You've now begun to suspect it's me, The one you long for in your ecstasy, Secret lovers all through the night, New toys to bring you sheer delight. Are you ready to learn that I can be, What you want and need to see, Hotter than your dreams have seen, I have the lock and you have the key.
If I Could Change The World
; By tommy sims, gordon kenney and wayne kirkpatrick If I can reach the stars, Pull one down for you, Shine it on my heart So you could see the truth: That this love I have inside Is everything it seems. But for now I find Its only in my dreams. And I can change the world, I will be the sunlight in your universe. You would think my love was really something good, Baby if I could change the world. And if I could be king, Even for a day, Id take you as my queen; Id have it no other way. And our love would rule This kingdom we had made. Till then Id be a fool, Wishing for the day... That I can change the world, I would be the sunlight in your universe. You would think my love was really something good, Baby if I could change the world. Baby if I could change the world. I could change the world, I would be the sunlight in your universe. You would think my love was really something good, Baby if I could change the world. Baby if I could change the wor
Whispering Winds
I hear them whisper your name, those mighty winds that blow. I know that you are close at hand the winds just told me so. The direction from whence they blew I'm not sure I know. For only when I hear your name, am I sure the winds did blow. Caressing my face with a whisper. Calling out your name. The winds of delight entice me. I will never be the same. I will follow the singing wind, and where it leads I'll go. For the wind that blew you to me, will take me where I must go. Upward into the hills. Calmly across the sea. Hold on my love, I'm coming the wind has set me free. Free to look and search this earth no matter how far that may be. Free to follow the whispering wind, until it blows me back to thee. I hear your laughter on the wind. I try with all my might to reach out to you on this windy night. I feel you getting close to me. I feel your whispered love. I will reach my hand to you please find me, my sweet dove. You grasp my hand in your sand softly speak my na
The concentration and death-camp complex at Auschwitz-Birkenau was the largest killing center in the entire Nazi universe; the very heart of their system. Of the many sub-camps affiliated with Auschwitz, Birkenau, or Auschwitz II, was by far the largest. The main camp, Auschwitz I was on the outskirts of the Polish city Oswiecim. Birkenau was in a suburb named Zasole. The Polish government has maintained the site as a memorial for all those who perished there during World War II. Unlike the main camp at Auschwitz, Birkenau is not a museum, research archive, or publishing house. It is preserved more or less in the state it was found at liberation in January 1945. However, only a few of the wooden barracks remain and are now being restored. The brick barracks and other structures in the women's camp still stand. All four Birkenau krematoria were dynamited by the retreating SS, however their ruins can still be seen. Photographic exhibit shows the camp as it exists today, empty and q
Today Was A Long Day And It Isn't Over Yet!
Ah, today was a long day. Kind of a tough day. I met Peter at Kaiser this morning at 9:00 for our first meeting with getting Christopher checked for ADD or ADHD. It was a long morning. We had lots of paper work to fill out and then we went into a room with other parents and went through the process. Then we had to wait for one of the psychiatrists to call us in to talk to us alone. So they can find out all about Christopher and how long he has not been able to focus and sit still. It all went well but we were there for over 2 hours. During that time, our son Anthony kept calling and we couldn't answer. Peter finally called him back to find out that he was sick, called his sister and dragged her out of class to go pick him up from school to bring him home. I feel like pulling my hair out. The only good part of today was getting to have lunch with my friend. We try to have lunch at least once a month together to catch up on stuff. She gave me some great advise on par
A Taste Of Your Body
the taste of your body is my delight from top to bottom for the rest of the night don't need to move, don't need to speak just let me explore each and every treat I'll start at the toes and then to the calves tasting each inch and making it last savoring the texture of every flick my tongue on your body, yes baby this is it I know you want me to take you inside and my need for you I cannot disguise let me take my time won't you please as I rest my head between your knees cupping and stroking and plunging licking and sucking and knowing these are the things you like me to do when I'm down on my knees in front of you your nipples they beckon my wanton kiss one of the spots I never can miss my sighs escape because you are a treasure and the taste of your love gives me such pleasure don't make me stop ~ don't cry my name those little sounds you utter drive me insane they make my lips try harder you see to take you deeper inside of me the taste of your body is my del
I Got A Personal Question To Ask!
Any of you ladies bi?
The Soldiers Testimony !!
The Ghost Demoness In The Wall!
Near the Fire.
Sorry I Hurt You
why do it hurt so bad when you hurt the one you love to see her cry it make you feel so bad in your heart when you can set there and dream about her waking up and she not laying by you and you thank is it a dream your not
I Remember
Visit www.hostdrjack.comCLICK HERE! Although I have never held you, theres not a night I can't feel you, each time that I sleep, into my dreams you creep, bringing all that I crave, all the love that you gave, I can tast your sweet flesh, feel your heartbeat against my chest, hold you tight in my arms, keep you safe and warm, see the sparkle in your eyes, with a love that never dies, for now it's only in my dreams, but now I know what love means, some how we will find away, to be together each day, I will be there for you, love and support you through, everything that you do, and all this time we been apart, will fade into the past, I know you deserve much better then me, but I will try to be the man that you need, and all these empty cold dark nights, will be no more, but I will make sure, I Remember... HinderBetter Than MeMusic Video Codes By Music
River Of Tears
Its three miles to the river That would carry me away, And two miles to the dusty street That I saw you on today. Its four miles to my lonely room Where I will hide my face, And about half a mile to the downtown bar That I ran from in disgrace. Lord, how long have I got to keep on running, Seven hours, seven days or seven years? All I know is, since youve been gone I feel like Im drowning in a river, Drowning in a river of tears. Drowning in a river. Feel like Im drowning, Drowning in a river. In three more days, Ill leave this town And disappear without a trace. A year from now, maybe settle down Where no one knows my face. I wish that I could hold you One more time to ease the pain, But my times run out and I got to go, Got to run away again. Still I catch myself thinking, One day Ill find my way back here. Youll save me from drowning, Drowning in a river, Drowning in a river of tears. Drowning in a river. Feels like Im drowning, Drowning in
A Late Night Fantasy
Laying here alone in bed I admit I am thinking of you again. It's not that I want to. It's more that I want you. Love is in the air and I can't stop breathing it in. Your scent intoxicating me from afar. All I want right now is to be loved by you. I want you here now with me. Not just with me. Naked with me. This thought makes me breathe faster. You and me together naked. This thought makes me close my eyes. Seeing your face showing your want and seeing it returned in mine. This thought makes me see your face just inches from mine. You soft lips coming closer closer. Again I close my eyes. Almost, almost touching my lips. So close. The anticipation of it as I feel your naked hot skin melt into mine. My body is responsive to you. I feel you gently lay on top of me as our lips meet. I feel my nipples against your chest. I feel this. I feel your thighs meeting mine for the first time. I feel myself becoming so wet with pure desire for you. And this happens. I feel your tongue lost in expl
7 Degrees Of Blonde
FIRST DEGREE A married couple were asleep when the phone rang at 2 in the morning. The very blonde wife picked up the phone, listened a moment and said "How should I know, that's 200 miles from here!" and hung up. The husband said, "Who was that?" The wife answered, "I don't know, some woman wanting to know if the coast is clear." SECOND DEGREE Two blondes are walking down the street. One notices a compact on the sidewalk and leans down to pick it up. She opens it, looks in the mirror and says, "Hmm, this person looks familiar." The second blonde says, "Here, let me see!" So the first blonde hands her the compact. The second one looks in the mirror and says, "You dummy, it's me!" THIRD DEGREE A blonde suspects her boyfriend of cheating on her, so she goes out and buys a gun. She goes to his apartment unexpectedly and when she opens the door she finds him in the arms of a redhead. Well, the blonde is really angry. She opens her purse to take out the gun, and as
All About Me
If you are reading this you want to know about me so here it goes. I am 32 years old and i have earned every year of it. I have two beautiful children in which i am very proud of. I have a great career going. Me personally, well I love men however I have had relationships with women and loved it. When I am not spending time with my kids I drink, dance and usually willing to try anything at least once. I love all kinds of music and movies. Mostly I love feeling of the rush of danger or excitement or both at the same time. Anyway that me if you want to know more just ask i try to live my life in an open book style.
Sorry If I Seem Off...
People suck.. Especially those who pretend to be your friend.. Someone who is now distant memory wont leave me alone.. I walk away and he puts me down for it.. Calls me names.. and just is being a real jerk.. Why cant he take the clue I just dont want to talk to him.. I delelted his number and yet he still texts me.. Deleted him and blocked him.. on e-mail and all that.. but he still is contacting me.. GRR any advice>>?
The Bonds Of Service
The Bonds of Service Her breath was stilled as his hands gentle and steady, firm and commanding fastened the collar around her throat. He looked into shining, anxious eyes and was pleased with his pet. The leather was warm and snug around her neck. Steel chains led from the leather, ending in clamps he would not yet attach to her tenderest flesh. The cold links lay between her breasts, leaving her master's invisible brand on her body, now his body. He fastened the cuffs, leather and steel, to her wrists, binding each with a gentle kiss. Turning her to the mirror, he whispered: "See how beautiful you are, Kitten?" She nodded finally believing those words. She was beautiful. She was owned. She was his pet. She knelt before him, pledging service pledging loyalty pledging obedience. He quietly lifted her to her feet Lay her, bound in leather and chains, across the bed that became the altar of her offering. Upon that altar, he claim
Hey guys just wanted to leave a note and say yes I am alive, just cant get online much..Hope all is well with everyone...LOve ya all Cheryl
Fucking Murphy
Murphy is a son of a bitch. It seems as if anything that can go wrong will go wrong on the most inopportune moment. As one thing begins to derail the shock effect vibrates everything around it causing it to collapse and derail as well. This leads one to conclude that, it is true, when it rains it pours. Some people are just magnets to this phenomenon and no matter what they do they cannot get away from it. Brace yourself, life is a roller coaster ride, the ups and downs will make you scream from time to time. All you can do is hold on. Don't feel sorry for yourself, no one else does. I have never seen a wild thing feel sorry for it self. A bird will fall frozen from a bow before ever feeling sorry for it self. So when things start to derail, and everything begins to go wrong dont petty yourself hang on and move on. Remember, Fuck Murphy.
After reading people's profiles and chatting to them, I have found there are some terrific people on fubar. Some of these I spoke to before uploading a picture of myself. I have wondered how much we all actually rely on a photograph of someone. I was rated a low number this evening by somebody relatively new that still had a bag on their head! I asked them how they could rate and hope they would be rated with no pic. Not knowing me, they didn't understand the humour. They were certain that when their pic is uploaded it will 'knock my socks off'. That ended the discussion. Does everyone on fubar take everything at face value or do they 'check out' profiles and have chats? Makes you wonder why fubar is classed as a chat room.
To Everyone Who Bitches Like A Whiney Whore About Bouncer Checks!!!!!! Read This
I was really all down yesterday and then I remembered this song last night. It helped me out of downs so many times before, I couldnt believe I almost forgot what it means to me. Thanks to Michael Stipe for these wonderful words! PLease take some time to watch this and read the lyrics. Thank you! R.E.M. - Everybody hurts When the day is long and the night, the night is yours alone, When you're sure you've had enough of this life, well hang on Don't let yourself go, 'cause everybody cries and everybody hurts sometimes Sometimes everything is wrong. Now it's time to sing along When your day is night alone, (hold on, hold on) If you feel like letting go, (hold on) When you think you've had too much of this life, well hang on 'Cause everybody hurts. Take comfort in your friends Everybody hurts. Don't throw your hand. Oh, no. Don't throw your hand If you feel like you're alone, no, no, no, you are not alone If you're on your own in this life, the days and nig
Thursday November 15, 2007
oooo.... spiders!!! NEWS FLASH 3:25 PM: SPIDER ADVISORY: While preforming tests on venomous spiders, 2 jars of live spiders were dropped, releasing 7 brown recluses and 5 southern black widows. The spiders are still at large in the lounge. Lounge residents are advised to keep their hands out of holes and crevices. If bitten seek immediate medical help or "kiss yo sorry ass goodbye!" NEWS FLASH 3:38 PM: Lounge management would like to assure the public that this situation will soon be under control... just as soon as I find the rest of my spiders. NEWS FLASH 3:40 PM: spider count is 10... bite count is 1 (Dani)... antivenom... uh... still looking... NEWS FLASH 4:00 PM: spider count down to 8 loose... the good news: we found the antivenom and the bite count still only at ... OWCHIES!!!... uh... 2 ... medic? NEWS FLASH 4:31 PM: spider count is down to 6... wait... no... thats a dust bunny...
Suicide Bomber !
Achmed The Terrorist See more like this on
Battle Of Berlin
BATTLE OF BERLIN The Battle of Berlin was one of the final battles of the European Theatre of World War II. In what was known to the Soviets as the "Berlin Offensive Operation", two massive Soviet army groups attacked Berlin from the east and south, while a third overran German forces positioned north of Berlin. The battle of Berlin lasted from late April 1945 until early May and was one of the bloodiest battles in history. Before the battle was over, German dictator Adolf Hitler and many of his followers committed suicide. The city's defenders surrendered on May 2. However, fighting continued to the north-west, west and south-west of the city until the end of the war in Europe on May 8 (May 9 in the USSR) as defeated German units fought westward so that they could surrender to the Western allies rather than to the Soviets.
Time To Get Her Vip!
Ok, our team member has been worknig on getting a VIP for a long time now, and we all need to come together to get it for her! She only needs 15,000 comments to get it and we can do that with now problems! What are we aiting for? Lets do this!
Last Stop This Town
Band : Eels Song & Lyrics : Eels You're dead but the world keeps spinning Take a spin through the world you left It's getting dark a little too early Are you missing the dearly bereft? Taking flight and you could be Here tomorrow Taking flight, well, you could get Here tonight I'm gonna fly on down for the Last stop to this town What? I'm gonna fly on down then fly away Well, alright Get down Taking a spin through the neighborhood The neighbors scream Whatchya talkin' bout? 'cause they don't know how to Let you in And i can't let you out What if i was not your only friend In this world Can you take me where you're going If you're never coming back I'm gonna fly on down for the Last stop to this town I'm gonna fly on down Then fly away on my way Get down Why don't we take a ride Away up high Through the neighborhood Up over the billboards and the factories And smoke I'm gonna fly on down for the Last stop to this town Yeah I'm g
Hanging Out.
Hanging out surfing cyberspace. Found a bar seems to be the place. Making new friends keeping the old. That's the name of the game or so I'm told. Rate me, fan me, add me if you dare. I won't argue, see if I care.
Simple Truth
Relationshipsmust be built around standards, conditions, expectations, etc. You have to have them to make sure someone is compatible with you and who is going to treat you and your kids right. But unconditional love does not mean that you get into or stay in a relationship no matter what. People get used in friendships and treated like shit in relationships because they don't have conditions that people must meet and they think that "unconditonal love" means they have to accept abuse. My condition is that people must come from love or they are not allowed to breath the air in the same room as me as long they are trying to be a part of my life. If they are not coming from love, they are coming from fear. Fear brings drama, self-pity, anger, abuse, judgment, blame, irresponsibility, inconsideration, arrogance and far more other things that do not serve me and that I refuse to tolerate. Fear is an illusion and is not real. It is something we have learned and need to unlearn and si
She Helps Everyone So Lets Help Her
Jennifer Rush - The Power Of Love( Just Knowing Someone Loves You Will Help You Hold On)
Wtf Is This Life For?
what the fuck is this life for? you work your ass off for years and you got nothing to show for it , the goverment sucks ass! you cant live anymore unless you make 20 dollars an hour ( which i dont).it just make you wanna put a gun to your head and say goodbye ...i am not perfect but i will do everything in my power to make people alittle happier, can i get a fucking thank you, or a im sorry or anything ...u pick a friend up every morning for work ,,you try to make people feel better when they are sick and all you get is shit on...all i ask is for a reason to fucking live anymore..but then that makes this all about me and i dont want that... I thank life everyday for bringing my beatiful wife into my life, love ya nikki. she is the best (has her moments) but i will never stop loving her no matter what.soory about all this venting ,u keep shit inside for to long and it will drive you crazy,,,but when there is really noone to talk to i have to write it all out and hopefully it will m
Lil Ole' Me
Even tho I am Fu-engaged to ~BaDaSs*~ aka Tommy I am still wondering if I will actually find someone to call my real husband :[.... That would be awsome if Tommy and I got engaged in real life and got married.... Id be a beautiful bride (Hopefully)! but he feels that I deserve better, but I can't find better. :[, I'm not the best to what everyone thinks I am, but I do know one thing I have a BIG heart and I will give my hubby everything.. Just want guys to see me for me not the sex:[ --cries--...
My Passion
My Passion Do you hear that sound? Do you feel the same vibe Do we share the same hidden desires that our bodies cant hide Well lets find out shall weI pick up my phone and ask you to come over Pleasewear that sexy red dress that comes down passed your shoulder I cant wait to see youI have been dreaming this all week Your hair, your skin, your smelland that smile surrounded intrigueand mystique Whats going through your head right now? What holds to your wants; what do you desire What are the secrets to your charming ways that I have so come to admire Youre ready? Youre on your way? Good because Im really getting excited My body is filled with an uncontrollable lust and I can no longer fight it I put on my grey silk shirt, half buttoned up as if I felt too lazy And splash on a little bit of my special cologne, the one that makes you go crazy Theres a knock on my doorI slowly open it to see There you are standing in the shadowso elegantly.
Miss My Dad
Yes dad the time has come. It has taken a year but now i really feel it. The lost of my Frind, idol , my teacher and my biggest supporter. Firs imove 1200 miles away form you then you get sick. Well you have been sick but noby knew just how bad you did not want us to worry about you . yet all yo uever did was worry about me and my three sisters and their kids. when it was time for you to need us you kept us in the dark until it was to late. These last few days have been hard for me and i am sure on the rest of the familly i am looking fowrsd to going home for christmas this year i just wish you could there I know aht deep down inside of all us yo uare going to be thre I will be strong in front of familly like i was at your funeral the biggest joke was i was the glue that would keep us togheter and so far ihave not let you down. I miss you and love love Frank
Live In Charmed Visions 4-6 Pm Et
DJ Wiccanlove is live and taking all your requests.Stop in and visit with her. Click on the image
Hard News......
How can a man handle the fact that one of his best friends just called and told you that he was going to die from cancer in 8 months? What do you say, what do i do? How do i react? He basically just told me that no matter what he'll always think i was the best friend he's ever had, and he said also that whoever your friends are in tell them that you love them and you care for them. So this blog is for you, MY FRIENDS OF FUBAR. No matter how far away you are from me, i'll always cherish and LOVE You all. I will suggest you do the same with all the friends that you have. Write them, talk to them, tell them you love them, cause you never know when they might be gone :(. Just thought i would share my feelings.....It's been quite a rough day for me, but i'm still thankful of all my friends and family!!!!!!! If you are my friend on here, you will ALWAYS stay my friend....TAKE IT TO THE BANK!!!!! Love, Derek
Child Development
Autumns finally walking, talking, feeding herself, using the potty chair, and can tell you what she wants when she wants it... even tho her father isn't in her life, shes doing pretty good with out him, who knows maybe someday a guy will want to adopt her as his own :]
Hi Yall
So today has been good bought a new sweater that just screams sexyness! played with a parrot that rapes me everytime i walk by and i held lil chiuahuah pups [awh] im chewing gum?? lol so....believe it or not taisha just might....'might' be liking someone......i shant say who..but yeh kinda exciting? xoxo
A Poem For Dave
Pinched this from my Best Bud Mizz UK what she wrote for me. Your a man and Im a woman your older and Im younger, your cheese and I am am chalk, but makes no difference as we talk. You aint allways right and I aint allways wrong but it is easy for us to get along, You say yes I say no, you say left I say right but we are best friends we don't fight. you say nutty I say crazy you say make me a cupper lazy I say want a biscuit with that? You say yes please and a kitkat. You say best bud and I say best mate you can drive me crazy when its very late, your a laugh and I really do love ya and Im your guardian angel shining above ya. you say bye I say bye babe forver ever more I love my crazy dave huggiessssssssssssssssssssss xoxoxoxo Why not drop by and leave her some luv as well Mizz UK The Chosen One UK Levelers (Brit Bomber 9)@ fubar
Servey About Me
Greatest Myspace Survey About You...Age20BirthplaceAugust 5th, 1986Current LocationMiddle of SINGLE\'s VILLHair ColorBlondeEye ColorBlueHeight4\'11Heritageummmm...?!?Your fearsDying & staying SINGLE forever :[Your weaknessLikeing someone then finding out they only want me for sex :[Goal for todaymakre sure I can eat, cause Autumn wants my food and I don\'t get any of itGoal for this yearEither get engaged, prego, or move out and into my own home!!!Lifetime goalBe the best I can beWhen do you want to get married?-Unknown-and to whom?-Unknown-Ever been in love?NoCurrently in love?Umm,, UnknownDo you think you are attractive?YesYour best physical featureEyesHave you ever... eaten Sushi...Yesgone skinny dipping...Yesbeen beaten up...Yeswanted to kill someone...Yesgone a week without MySpace...Yes
My Other Online Home!
where I spend My online time when I am not on Fubar
Live On Air For The Next 2 Hours
Worthless Dads
Ok.. so I have 4 kids and 2 of them are by one person and their dads name is Matt and he keeps on telling me that he has no money to give me to help support the kids. But yet he has money to go and spend on his ex fuck buddy so that he can get some ass!!! He was almost crying the other day because he feels so bad that he can't support his kids and get them what they want and all that shit. But yet he can buy her dinner and all this and not give me anything for his kids? He has spent like 50 bucks on them in the last 4 months and other than that it has been me supporting them. I have to take my daughter to therapy 2 times a week because she has this thing wrong with her neck and so I have to pay for the gas every time, her diapers, wipes and everything!!! He won't pay me anything!!! OK.. I'm done venting now.. i am SO sick of men not supporting their kids but they want to have them!!! LOSERS!!!!
Battle Of The Bulge
BATTLE OF THE BULGE The Ardennes Offensive, called Unternehmen: Wacht am Rhein (Operation Watch on the Rhine) by the German military, officially named the Battle of the Ardennes by the U.S. Army, and known to the general public as the Battle of the Bulge, started on 16 December 1944.[1] Wacht am Rhein was supported by subordinate operations known as Bodenplatte, Greif, and Whrung. Germany's planned goal for these operations was to split the British and American Allied line in half, capturing Antwerp, Belgium, and then proceeding to encircle and destroy four Allied armies, forcing the Western Allies to negotiate a peace treaty in the Axis Powers favor. The Ardennes offensive was planned in total secrecy, in almost total radio silence. Although Ultra, the Allies reading of secret German radio messages, suggested a possible German offensive, and the United States Third Army predicted a major German offensive, the attack still achieved surprise. The degree of surprise achieved was
Sorry Everyone!
I am currently without a computer and the one I use cannot let me rate anyones pics and stuff! AS SOON as I can I PROMISE to rate everyones pics and stuff on your pages! THANK YOU everyone for rating mine and reading this!! KISSES!! LOVE to you all! Regina
The Last Dance
The Last Dance ...And I whispered, "I am yours."... Venus rising in the darkest hour of night, Etching dreams and fears in silver light, Pressed against the glass, cold, unyielding, And the tragedy leaves me torn and bleeding. Fate has bound and trapped my lonely soul, To pay your redemprion, and make you whole, And when the inevitable price must be paid, I'll willingly fufill the promises made. But before the end, take my hand, look in my eyes, See the truth laid bare, the desolate cries, So before you fly, on new wings free, ........ save the last dance for me. ...And as the last curtain falls, Again I whisper, "I am yours."...
What Happened To Life?
Wheres the man who still opens the doors? Does he pace upon his floor thinking that life has passed him by I hope he gives love just one more try. Wheres the mother who loves her kids with no doubt that she ever did? Waking up each day with them on her mind. Bringing them up to be trustworthy and kind. Wheres the father who stays around? Boasting about his family all over town. Knowing that his role in life is to be a model for his children, son or daughter. What has happened to being good? Why dont ppl love the way they should?
Having A Party Who's Coming
New Song I Love
COBRA STARSHIP LYRICS "Guilty Pleasure" And I came here to make you dance tonight I don't care if I'm a guilty pleasure for you And I don't even know what kind of fool you're taking me for So you've got some brand new clothes you never could afford before Oh brother, spare us all 'Cause we don't care anymore We just wanna get down on the floor You sold yourself to make it You can dish it But can you really take it? You're never gonna get it with nothing 'cause nothing's what you got in your head So stop pretending I came here to make you dance tonight I don't care if I'm a guilty pleasure for you Shut up 'Cause we won't stop We're getting down til the sun's coming up I came here to make you dance tonight I don't care if I'm a guilty pleasure for you Shut up 'Cause we won't stop We're getting down til the sun's coming up And I don't even read what the papers gotta say about me Oh no, I can't believe they take it so serious, seriously
A cop stops a Harley for traveling faster than the posted speed limit. So he asks the biker his name. "Fred," he replies. "Fred what?" the officer asks. "Just Fred," the man responds. The officer is in a good mood and thinks he might just give the biker a break and, write him out a warning instead of a ticket. The officer then presses him for the last name. The man tells him that he used to have a last name but lost it. The officer thinks that he has a nut case on his hands but plays along with it. "Tell me, Fred, how did you lose your last name?" The biker replies, "It's a long story, so stay with me." "I was born Fred Dingaling. I know - a funny last name. The kids used to tease me all the time. So I stayed to myself, studied hard and got good grades. When I got older I realized that I wanted to be a doctor. I went through college, medical school, internship, residency, and finally got my degree, so I was Fred Dingaling, MD." "After a while I got b
Friday The 13th Is Being Remade
News on Friday the 13 remake from Filmjunk: "Now it looks like the remake is finally back on track, with a new director in negotiations. Unfortunately, its Marcus Nispel (Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, Pathfinder) not someone I hold in a particularly high regard, although he may turn out to be an improvement on Liebesman. Production is expected to begin this winter, possibly with a release date of mid-2008 in mind." So what do you guys think of the horror remake craz and more importantly, remaking the original Friday . . . which only has Jason in it for approx. 5 seconds??? i dont know why they dont just make another sequel and have jason back at camp blood
yes im moving yet of the 19th i will be moving to ohio and dont know how often i will be on the computer once i am there
DAMN this body for not being right! DAMN this soul that wont give up the fight! DAMN that machine that substains my life! DAMN why am I always at strife! DAMN the docs who cant fix this for me! DAMN this world, I wish to be free! DAMN the hur I feel everyday! DAMN that man who didnt stay! DAMN my heart that keeps beating! DAMN death who keeps fleeting (me). ( this one was written on one of those BAD days when dialysis was just too much, but in no way should anyone think that I feel this way all the time about life..I appreciate everyday that I am given to be with my daughter and son, and loved ones...just to clarify anything that someone may think about me....thanks for reading it)
So Looks Like I'm Creepy
I thought this place as a place to meet people and become friends. How is asking for a nice public meeting in a nice public fast food joint creepy? I don't understand, I go out of my way to plan it so you would feel safe, I saw those things on CSI and other crime shows where private meetings from the internet turn ugly, that's why I wanted it public. So how is that creepy? Is that you think I'm some kind of criminal because I have long hair and a beard? Is that it? That's bigotry and judgmental on your part. Or was I right all along, I'm ugly. Or is it something I can't possibly comprehend? Comment if it's neither of these two things. it's a wonder that I don't end it all.
Awesome 15 Yr Old
Message: WRITTEN BY A 15 yr. old SCHOOL KID IN ARIZONA : New Pledge of Allegiance (TOTALLY AWESOME) ! Since the Pledge of Allegiance and The Lord's Prayer are not allowed in most public schools anymore Because the word "God" is mentioned.... A kid in Arizona wrote the attached NEW School prayer : Now I sit me down in school Where praying is against the rule For this great nation under God Finds mention of Him very odd. If Scripture now the class recites, It violates the Bill of Rights. And anytime my head I bow Becomes a Federal matter now. Our hair can be purple, orange or green, That's no offense; it's a freedom scene. The law is specific, the law is precise. Prayers spoken aloud are a serious vice. For praying in a public hall Might offend someone with no faith at all. In silence alone we must meditate, God's name is prohibited by the state. We're allowed to cuss and dress like freaks, And pierce our noses, tongues and cheeks. They've outlawed
subject: Goosebumps post date: 2007-11-13 13:53:42 views: 9 comments: 1 ratings: 0 A drunk man in an Oldsmobile >> >> >> >>They said had run the light >> >> >> >>That caused the six-car pileup >> >> >> >>On 109 that night. >> >> >> >>When broken bodies lay about >> >> >> >>'And blood was everywhere,' >> >> >> >>'The sirens screamed out eulogies,' >> >> >> >>For death was in the air. >> >> >> >>'A mother, trapped inside her car,' >> >> >> >>Was heard above the noise; >> >> >> >>Her plaintive plea near split the air: >> >> >> >>'Oh, God, please spare my boys!' >> >> >> >>She fought to loose her pinned hands; >> >> >> >>'She struggled to get free,' >> >> >> >>But mangled metal held her fast >> >> >> >>In grim captivity. >> >> >> >>Her frightened eyes then focused >> >> >> >>'On where the back seat once had been,' >> >> >> >>But all she saw was broken glass and >> >> >> >>Two children's seats crushed i
Your Kiss is Pink For you, kissing is pure happiness... simple as that. You definitely get a little blissed out from kissing, even if you're a bit shy about it. You won't kiss just anyone. Your kisses are special! Young at heart, you still get very excited the first time you kiss someone. Kissing Type: Generous People See Your Kisses as: Sweet You Kiss Best With: A Black Kisser Stay away from: An Orange Kisser What Color Is Your Kiss?
Come walk with me and prove me wrong I will light the night sky for you I will lose myself in you Walking and laughing as i breath you in Hand in hand as we talk away the sun Our voices becoming one as we become one I won't use words to procliam your self It has probably been done before All i can give you is what you see in my eyes What you feel while our hands and bodies are clasped together I will give you moments when time will seem to slow down And in these moments I will offer you Sweet words, warm smiles, gentle kisses, a delicate hand and pure comfort For now, this is all that is allowed This is all that we need Even, if unspoken, we want more.
Let's Boogie!
My Girls
GIRLS IN MY CIRCLE When I was little, I used to believe in the concept of one best friend, And then I started to become a woman. And then I found out that if you allow your heart to open up, it shows you the best in many friends. One friend is needed when you're going through things with your man. Another friend is needed when you're going through things with your mom. Another will sit beside you in the bleachers as you delight in your children and their activities. Another when you want to shop, share, heal, hurt, joke, or just be. One friend will say, "Let's cry together," Another , "Let's fight together," Another , "Let's walk away together." One friend will meet your spiritual need, Another your shoe fetish, Another your love for movies, Another will be with you in your season of confusion, Another will be your clarifier, Another the wind beneath your wings. But whatever their assignment in your life, On whate
Remembering, Right Before Tommorow
I swore that i would never write for you again, that i would never again let my pen be seduced by your memory lurking here in the dark corners of my mind. But tonight the stars are so like they were that night when you were more amazing to me than all the bodies of heaven, when the chilled night air was alive with the scent of grass and honeysuckle and a thousand living things sang to the moon their quiet nocturnal hymn. i wanted to show you to the stars so they could see what they were missing. So they could see what it was to be truly amazing. And now, as the stars fade into morning, taking your face from my memory once more, i can find my pillow and lie down to dream of your lips and your soft hazel eyes. I'll hear crickets and smile. I'll smell honeysuckle and wonder....
Its Called Confidence Bitches
so its about 2 and half hours i am going to be having my fourth practical...really its only my third because the first ones we didnt really do anything but knife cuts but i digress...i have more confidence in myself then i have ever had...i know what im doing and i mastered both of the labs were we had to make these soups so i am feeling a tremendous amount of confidence...this time i am going to be able to spend more time on the final product with the garnish and what not...and as an added bonus me and my partner we are in the front kitchen we its just me and her and we have a stove top all to ourselves so i dont have to worry about bumping elbows with ppl or anything like that so i am generally excited about this so i guess i better get back to studying...peace out bitches
Smoking Or Non
hey guys where are ny smokers at add yourself to my page rate and review il do the same
A Moment Of Thought
Darkness falls upon my heart love that failed into my mind. Why is life so hard? My body is weak but my soul strides on. I cannot give in to the hurt, You will not win. Once I knew the joys of love, once I knew the light of his touch. Why did it have to change? Darkness falls upon my heart love that failed into my mind. Why is love so hard?
80's Lounge
Doggie Style
this fawktard was trying to get me to a net whore when i posted a stat about needed so many points to level. said he could be me 20,000 fubucks and 20,000 points when i asked how, he simply said we cant talk here. i tried to find out why and it slowly led into the 'being a net whore' for him so i blocked him for being a perv. the he has the gull to email not once but twice! im sorry if some blocks me im not gonna email them, just sux u have to block them in ur email too but seperately. oh well but i did nothing to make this @$$ wanna try and treat me like that. Doggie_Style♣Security Of ♣ The Real Deal Family♣@ fubar
Dedicated To My Girl Misty
misty dawn, a woman beautiful and pure pure of light and faith and a true friend in deed knows what to say to make ya smile her words can make you think for miles my sister from another mister though our blood is not the same not known her long.... i have her deep in my heart love her to death and glad i met her.... misty this is for you when god made you he made you with the purest of ingredents.... i love ya girl
Proud Mommy Moment!!
Today after a seriously ruff start to the new school year my lil angel brought home his report card... He had all A's and B+'s... He made the B Honor Roll and I couldnt be prouder of him... He is my world and he has tried so hard and today his effort and hard work finally paid off for him!! He now has a new look on his school life cuz he knows ha can do whatever he sets his mind to!! I am so happy.. just had to share this with my friends!! love ya all!!
So today (11/15/07) I was hit and then pinned for a bit by this 4ton lift/crane. I was pinned by the edge of the fulcrum/boom arm against my car. The damage to my car was done mostly by my arm, with the force of the crane behind it. The injury shown (bottom pic) was all the damage I personally sustained. Just some of the stupid shit I do.....
Come Check Out The Lounge I Dj For Wed-fri 2-4 Pm Est. Today From 4-6 Pm Est!!!!
Come into Magikal Seductions and rawk out with Dj Diablo. Please also check out the other lounges of Onyx Porce and support our family. Its a nice place to sit back, relax and enjoy yourself drama free! What are you waiting for? B.E.P. is at Majical Seductions from 4-6 pm EST today..... Come take a trip through ~ஐ~Oyx Prtl~ஐ~, The Chatterbox, Magikal Seductions, & Farenheight!!!! Where the fun and friends never end!!!
Ever Been In Love
Ever been in love with some one so much that it hurts all the time? Knowing you will never be togeather again. You think about this person all the time, and you miss them so much it makes you cry, and the hurt never goes away.? Have you ever had some one tell you that they love you that much, knowing that it would end, and left your heart broken and you hurting all the time?
My Wife Racechick
In Joy And Sorrow
In joy and sorrow I promise to be there for you, for only you hold the key to my heart. I promise to love you until the day I die and forever more, all I want is you. When you cry I will be there to comfort you and wipe away your tears. When you scream I will be there to fight away your fears. When you are not home I will wait for you. Even if I leave this world before you, I will still wait for you. We are so young, our lives have just begun but we are so anxious to be together. This world is so cruel so before it tears us apart let us run far away. Join me, my love, forever more. Here and now I give you my heart and soul, I do. Be mine now and forever until the end of time. My heart is your's, I promise. I love you and only you.
The Return Of The Leathur Lair (again...)
Brief Update on TLL.... My computer tower recently took a massive nose-dive. The bad news: the tower's shot. The good news: my files are ok. More bad news: I can't access them. Yet. Great news: TLL is back on air, thanks to the beyond-generous help of some certain "volunteers" who just did NOT want to allow The Leathur Lair to slip quietly into the annals of radio history... And so, I present here What's Gone Down Since... The Leathur Lair playlists ================================================================================================ 11-02-07 (back after computer blew a second time; playing "borrowed" music) WRR Dog promo Rob Zombie "Sawdust In The Blood" LIVE Rob Zombie "American Witch" LIVE Mark Collie "In Time" Black Sabbath "Children Of The Grave" >voiceover: "Tubular Bells" Iced Earth "Dracula" Wayne Static "Not Meant For Me" Billy Idol "Flesh For Fantasy" Dokken "Standing In The Shadows" >voiceover The J. Geils Band "Shoot Your
Misty My name is Misty I am but three My eyes are swolleen I cannot see I must not be loved for I am punished by cigarette burns I must do right I can't do wrong or else I'm locked up all day long When I wake up I'm all alone the house is dark my folks aren't home Im really just an expensive joke no more no less then speed or coke Be quiet now! I hear the car my dad is back from Charlie's Bar I hear him curse my name he calls I squeeze myself against the wall on my bed its too late his face is twisted into hate I feel the pain again and again Oh dear God please let it end My name is Misty I am but three last night my father murdered me....
True Love
Is it TRUE and is it real These unsuspected things things feel They say TRUElove comes once around But is love what iv`e TRUEly found Are you my heart, my soul, my all My winter summer spring and fall My reason lifes worth living for My everything my pride and joy If hearts can see what eyes don`t find Does your heart see the same as mine A love worth more than my last breath A love that lasts until my death But until then its me and you I`ll love you always and this is TRUE done by Christine
Loving You
When we are close, my problems melt away No one knows, how I need you everyday I see you and know the true person you are There are few who can catch me a star Your eyes shine with a love that will last Draw no line, for our love is vast Look at me, my heart begins to glow Only you have the key to happiness that flows Together, you would never hurt my heart, break or bend, Forever, our love has no end Only you can make me feel like I'm somebody And you, you are the only one right for me. done by christine
First kiss when u kissed me my whole body shook i didnt know what to do i didnt know where to look i gently closed my eyes and put my hands on ur face and i felt my heart start to race we looked at each other and smiled in bliss because u were my first real kiss
The Perfect Man
Damn, where did you come from You`ve got all the things I want and need From head to toe I say who is this wonderful creature Could it be the Perfect Man Or better yet My Perfect Man The Perfect Man Who cares and loves me Caresses, Comforts, and Understands me Who kisses me with Passion Instead of Lust Who makes love to me Mentally, Physically, and Emotionally The man who softly screams my name in Ecstasy The man who says I love you and means it From the bottom of his heart The man who everyone looks at and Feens for But in Reality they know you`re My Perfect Man The Perfect Man Done by christine
Don''t Cry For Me
When you loose a love one we cry. Haven''t you asked yourself why. When you are down and out. Sometimes it makes you want to shout. When things get a little hard. Why not turn them over the Lord. Things will sometimes go wrong. All you have to do is stay strong. Your time will come, just wait and see. I ask, please, don''t cry for me. done by Christine
When Tomorrow Starts Without Me...
When tomorrow starts without me, and i'm not here to see; If the sun should rise and find your eye's all filled with tears for me; I wish so much you wouldn't cry the way you did today, While thinking of the many things we didn't get to say. I know how much you love me, as much as i love you, And each time you think of me, I know you'll miss me too. But when tomorrow starts without me, please try and understand, That an Angel came and called my name and took me by the hand, And said my place was ready, in heaven far above, And that i'd have to leave behind, all those I dearly love, But as i turned to walk away, a tear fell from my eye, For all my life i'd always thought, I didn't want to die. I had so much to live for, and so much yet to do, It seemed almost impossiable, that i am leaving you. I thought of all the yesterday's, the good one's and the bad, I thought of all the love we shared, and all the fun we had.. If i could relive yeste
About Me
IM THE GURL...... I'm the type of gurl who loves to have fun,laugh,and just chill out with the boyz.I love to pamper myself and i have fun being a gurlie girl.Most people mistake me for being a snob but in all honesty I'm a down to earth girl,who if you are my friend,will do anything for you.I am a little hard to handle at times but wtf I'm a girl that knows and gets what I want.So with this you should know....... Im the girl that keeps it real Im the girl that is really sweet Im the girl that will knock you off your feet Im the gurl that can blow ya mind Im the girl that you will think about and smile im the girl thats all up in your head But most of all... Im the girl you will never wanna forget!!!!!!!!!!!
Miami Vs Virginia
MIAMI (AP) -- There were dozens of former star Miami players in attendance for the Orange Bowl's farewell, including some wearing national championship and Super Bowl rings as No. 23 Virginia ended Miami's 70-year stay at the famed stadium in stunningly one-sided fashion Saturday night. Mikell Simpson had a pair of 1-yard touchdown runs and quarterback Jameel Sewell scored twice, as the Cavaliers posted a 48-0 victory. Chris Cook had a 44-yard fumble return for a score with 2:26 left, putting Virginia's effort into the Miami history books. It topped the 44-0 beating Notre Dame put on the Hurricanes at the Orange Bowl in 1973. It was Miami's first home shutout loss since Oct. 4, 1974 against Auburn, and the Hurricanes' worst defeat since losing 66-13 at Syracuse on Nov. 28, 1998. The last time Miami lost this badly at home was in 1944, when Texas A&M beat the Hurricanes 70-14. Farewell, Orange Bowl. It'll likely be demolished within a few months. Sewell completed 20
I Will Cherish You
So much has happened between us, I feel I've known you forever. What I wouldn't give to spend the rest of my life right beside you. I always thought that dreams were just pretend, but now I know they are real and do come true. God brought us together, it is now up to us to keep Him happy. I wish we could be in each other's arms holding on and never letting go, but since my love for you is so strong, I will willingly wait. You will always have a place in my heart. I love you so much, believe me, I will never let anything get in the way of my love for you. You are my stars, my sky, and my heaven always shining down upon me. Just promise me we will never part. So until one day may we wed, I give you my solemn vow that I will cherish you and love you for the rest of our lives. done by christine
Gawd i dont want to be single anymore......... but why is it that i cant seem to find Mr Right???????? i dont want to have all this stupid bullshit in my life anymore, i want to find that perfect someone to lay next to everynight. I dont want to be something to look at i want FOREVER why cant i find it ?? guys i need some real true opinions here!!!!PLEASE HELP ME OUT!!!
The One True Man I Love
You are the one for me, I know. You treat me well. When I have a problem. You're there for me. When I cry You Understand. You're the one true man I love. When you hug me brings love to my heart. When you kiss me I feel warm all over. When you joke my eyes feel with laughter. When your around I smile. You're the one true man I love. done by christine
*Near to the door* *he paused to stand* *as he took his class ring* *off her hand* *all who were watching* *did not speak* *as a silent tear* *ran down his cheek* *and through his mind* *the memories ran* *of the moments they walked* *and ran in the sand hand and hand* *but now her eyes were so terrible cold* *for he would never again* *have her to hold* *they watched in silence* *as he bent near* *and whispered the words..* *"I LOVE YOU" in her ear* *he touched her face and started to cry* *as he put on his ring and wanted to die* *and just then the wind began to blow* *as they lowered her casket* *into the snow....* *this is what happens* *to man alive.....* *when friends let friends....* *drink and drive.*
I have no idea, about my feelings, mixed emotions rush Through me, to the point of no escape! Feelings of loneliness, runs through my veins, Not knowing which way to turn. I can not hide from the pain of losing someone real close To something beyond my control. Crying in the night, for no reason that is good enough to Say "cry for it till then." No one to turn to in this hour of my darkest need or want, To hide from the hurting. Drowning inthe pit of forever, nothing to save, From the bleeding in my heart. My life seems to be empty without you here to keep me sane, From my destructive self. Mixed emotions run through my veins, Nowhere to hide, Nowhere to run, And no one to hear my cries! done by christine
Take this survey 1. If your doctor told you TODAY that you were pregnant, what would you say? LMFAO 2. Do you trust all of your friends? yeap 3. Would you move to another state or country to be with the one you love? YES 4. Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? yes sir 5. Can you make a dollar in change right now? yeap 6. Which one of your friends do you think would make the best doctor? none of them 7. Are you afraid of falling in love? nah 9. Is there someone who pops into your mind at random times? yes 10. Whats your most favorite scar? all my scars are war wounds 11. When was the last time you flew in a plane? 2002 12. What did the last text message you sent say? GOOD MORNING 13. What features do you find most attractive in the preferred sex? SMILE, PERSONALITY 14. Fill in the blank. I love: hip hop 15. What is a goal you would like to accomplish in the near future? to get rich!! 16. If you were to wake up from being in a coma for an extended time wh
Thinking Of You (for My Angel)
As my life goes by visions of you invade my mind. You have always been there, I know just been away for awhile. Your friendship means that I am not alone in this big world. At night, I lay my head on the pillow with thoughts of your arms tighly around me. You keep the pain away and make my world worthwhile. The simple act of you being your normal self has touched so many ppl that it constantly amazes me. Sometimes you are so selfless that I dont feel worthy enough to even be your friend, but I am truly blessed that you consider me one. I love know that..but even the word love just doesnt describe the way I feel. Thank you for your love, your caring nature, and your friendship. If I live a thousand years, I could never fully repay you.
Confused and alone She tries to find companionship Always afraid of being hurt She draws deeper within herself She protects herself without looking afraid Longing to know when the day will come When she can be happy once more When she can be happy without pain A boy will come to her one day A perfect match for her soul She will be afraid, but come to trust In everything they will ever do He will promise to do everything he can To make her more happy To him, the smallest kiss is the largest reward He wants nothing from her, only love He has finally met her, or at least he hopes And anything will be done To seize her love and hold her heart No matter what the price could be done by christine
-Friends- Written with a pen, sealed with a kiss, If you are my friend, please answer me this: Are we friends, or are we not? You told me once, but I forgot. So tell me now, and tell me true, So I can say "I'm here for you." Of all the friends I've ever met, You're the one I won't forget. And if I die before you do, I'll go to Heaven and wait for you, I'll give the angels back their wings And risk the loss of everything. There isn't a thing I wouldn't do, To have a friend just like you
I Dont Get It!
I climbed up the door and opened the stairs, Said my pajamas and put on my prayers, Then I turned off the bed and crawled into the light, All becuz you kissed me goodnight! * Next morning I woke up and scrambled my shoes, Picked up my eggs and toasted the news, I couldn't tell my left from right, All becuz you kissed me goodnight! * That evening at last I felt normal again, So I picked up my mother and called the phone, I spoke to the puppy and threw Dad a bone, Even at midnight the sun was still bright, All becuz you kissed me goodnight!
Are U Happy Real Happy
lets get naked in here
Phone Calls
I got a phone message for my "mother-in-law" on my answering machine today. #1 - she drives me nuts anyhow just living next door. Now I'm getting phone calls for her?? No way. So I called the company and they had me on hold. Then after giving them all this information, they had to transfer me to customer service. On hold again. After giving customer service information, I get transferred to the Massachuetts dept. On hold again. All of this to change the goddamned phone number. So this crabby bitch came on. I gave her the information again - and this is how it went: Crabby Bitch: Asks me all my information including my name twice Me: *sigh* CB: Cardholder? Me: My husband CB: and you want to change someone elses number? Me: YES CB: What's her information? Me: I don't know CB: Well I need her information Me: I'm just changing the phone number so I don't get her messages CB: I need to know.... Me: Should she just call you? CB: Yes, I would need to know.
The Federal Government Has Stolen My Money!!!
Liberty Services was raided by the FBI and all gold, silver, and records, confiscated. Liberty Services distributes a private currency called the Liberty Dollar. Unlike the U.S. dollar, the Liberty Dollar is backed by gold and silver. Despite statements by the U.S. Treasury departmen that the Liberty Dollar is legitimate, Liberty Services has been continually harrassed by the government, culminating in a statement from the U.S. Mint last year that use of the Liberty Dollar is a federal crime. (The truth of the matter is that there is NO law prohibiting the use of private currencies in the United States so long as they are not represented as "legal tender" or official U.S. currency. Numerous other private currencies abound in the U.S. Among these are the Ithaca Hour and the Phoenix Dollar.) The Liberty dollar has been available in two three forms: "hard" currency in either gold or silver, certificates that were redeemable for a specified amount of gold or silver, and electronic
Poem 11/15/07
(when i logged on toay this was waiting for me, i nearlt passed out with emotions, too many to list.) The ocean so lovely The sun about to set I gaze into your misty eyes You make my heart flutter Your arms wrap around me You pull me in closer My heart against yours Yours against mine They beat as one Laying my head on your shoulder I whisper in your ear "I Love You" In return you lean in for a kiss Ending the day Together as one... Thankyou, sweetie!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Neva say I love u if it isn't really there Neva talk bout feelings if you really don't care Neva hold my hand if u'r gonna break my heart Neva say u are gonna If u dont plan to start Neva look into my eyes If all u do is lie Neva say hello If u realy mean goodbye If u realy mean foreva Then please say ull try .. Never say forever.. Because forever makes me cry..
We Shall Meet Again
imikimi - Customize Your World With wings of gold spread far and wide you left my warm embrace only to leave me feeling cold and all alone. Nothing to hold on to upon a dark cold night but the memories of you. Crying softly to the heavens wishing that I was once again in your loving arms. With the morning light I realize that I only have to listen to the birds sing - and feel the warmth of the sun upon my face to once again feel your warm embrace. This alone gives me the hope that one day I will again be in your loving arms and no longer feel alone. With the knowledge I know have, I wait patiently as a smile slowly spreads across my face knowing that soon we shall meet again. with love for my mother who passed away nov 19 ,1999 i love you mom and we will meet again . your daughter christine . Hilary Duff Videos | Video Codes | Denver Real Estate Agent
-Die for love- I sit in the park where I dwell For this boy I love so well He took my heart away from me Now he wants to set me free I see a girl on his lap He says things to her he never said to me I ran home to cry on my bed Not a word to mother was said Father came home late that night He looked at me from left to right He saw me hanging from a rope He took his knife to cut me down And on my dress a note was found: Dig my grave Dig it deep Dig my grave From head to feet And on the top place a dove And remember this, I died for love.
Daily Horoscope: Aries
Daily Horoscope: Aries For November 15,2007 You may be tempted to let your mind drift off into fantasy or daydreams, but it's important that you stay grounded. Someone close is going to need your undivided attention for a little while.
Group Information - Read This First
The Big Bad Wolf WHAT IT IS The Big Bad Wolf is an add/fan/rate club, where members will make friends and fans. HOW TO JOIN The rules are simple - to join, you must contact Heartistic Soul, and let her know that you want to become a member. Then, you must also put "Member of The Big Bad Wolf" somewhere in your display name. Once you've done this, your link will be added to the member list, and then you will begin to add, rate, and fan ALL MEMBERS on the list before you. As time passes, the list will grow more and more with new members, and you will gain fans, friends, and rates from each of them. THE BIGGIES - You will be given 10 days from your joining date to have all members fanned, added, and rated. If you can not complete this within the time allowed, drop us a line. - You MUST complete all 3 steps for EACH member. - If you experience a problem with a member who has not returned the checks, contact Heartistic. - ALL VIPS MUST RATE AN 11 ON THE PROFILE OF EVERY
Hearts Of Pain
if you have your heart brockin too many times you should keep looking cuz there is someone out there right for you so dont have your head down always keep your head up you will never be alone there is a girl out there some where you just got to keep looking untill you find the right girl is right for you............
If You Were Here...
If you were here now I would bring you into my room, the small and child-like room I live in here, bring you inside and lock the door. I would take your clothes from your body; not slowly, not even romantically, but with the urgency of need. With the curtains closed, I would blindfold you and tie your hands and feet to the head and foot boards. This bed is so narrow there is no room for two to move, and it is scarcely long enough for your height, but I place cushions under your heels to make you comfortable and put a second pillow under your thighs. I do not even remove my own clothes, yet. I am afraid that without my clothes I would lose all control and make love to you immediately. But time has been too long for that, time far too long without you. I want to savour your body as long as possible, before you experience mine. Instead, I straddle your chest, my body facing away from you as I admire your cock. Your skin is so soft, and the flesh so firm undern
Mmmm Thursday
8-p Happy T-day Fu-folk :) I actually have something to say about today's comment! (it is why I started this daily blog, to give the rhythm or reason behind the message) *nods* I really dont have any computer graphic lessons, I've winged it from the first day I sat in front of a computer about 5 years ago. So the M&M's were originally made to put as a 'pretty girl' photo comment. I was experimenting with how to make a glare And add demention, that was the end result. I was so excited that it wasn't half bad (Remember, I'm ALL self taught - not even an art class of any sort) I thought I show it to the mumm-folk ... m i s t a k e haha But heres how I made them & the mumm I posted: I know, I know I look at it now and think: It's not THAT bad, but it's -r e a l l y- not THAT good either! *shrugs* So, there were the mmmmmmm came from, I bumped into and thought I could find a place for it down the road ... 8-p Now its a part of a Thurs
Life Is Funny
i have the strangest life sometimes but today holds the cake....i ran into someone today that i havent seen for a few years...i just feel a little better now knowing she is there back in my life we have been friends for around 27 years wow so crazy!!! of those 27 years we lost touch for 2 so really 25 but it wasnt cause we hatted each other or fought just we went our seperate ways... i'm super stoked about it...we've been threw it all together and then some but on the other hand someone is a little upset at me right now and i dont blame him i have been driving him crazy.... dance class was it prob my fav thing to do right now in my life ..if i could i think i would do it everyday :)
Ddc Members
Just wanted to let everyone know that we thank you all for being loyal to DDC. Its about to get better all and that is a promise. CCA & myself have been working closely with our Owner Ice about how to improve D&DC. One of our goals is to get every memeber more involved. We are a family and working together is important. Any ideas anyone has will be helpful. Either private message myself of CCA and let us know what you think. Lets make our owner proud. On to other business. I still have a few memeber tags to make and will be working on them. The contest for memeber of the month will be held in December. There will be one female and one male and the vote will be between the two. The prize we are still trying to figure out. We will be grateful for any suggestions. This will happen once every three months with a memeber of the year contest held next December. We want our memebers to know how much they mean to us. Also we will be starting a bi-weekly newletter sent through private m
Donald Sutherland...
Well he's the reason I call my boyfriend Hawkeye. hehe, but anyway. I was cursing the channels one night and thought i saw him on a tv show... but was thinking he just looks to old to be him. today i looked him up and it was him! some tv show called dirty sexy money... anyway... I didn't relize this but he is 72 years old! oh and this is change of subject... playing wow right... someone says in one of the chat area's that Robin Williams was dead... i ended up logging off to check... he didn't ::sigh of relief:: but that scared me so much... anyone adore an older actor?
people i have no problem ratin all your pics. just as me to and i will. just leave a message in my shoutbox and ill do it when i can. tnx
Care To Know
what's been up with me since last weekend? i went to the beach as planned with michael, josh, pat, chris, allie, jessica, and bree. the weather was VERY hot for november, but unfortunately no one remembered to bring sunscreen and i burned like a forgotten marshmellow roasting on a campfire. oh, i also watched my darling boyfriend set curtis on fire via an exploding can of Off. his burns were WAY worse than my own, poor kid. since i got back from the beach on sunday, i've been avoiding the world. i don't really want to go out into the public until i'm done peeling, but that's kind of unavoidable seeing as i have a doctor's appointmen today and another tomorrow. but i'll keep you posted.
Fyi Update
Hey guys I didnt talk to anyone last night I just was over the edge. after the whole day with the hospital fiasco and then going yesterday to clean all the blood out of the carpet I was spent. I went back over today and worked on the carpet some more and did her laundry she was wearing. I cried doin both just all that blood from my little bitty grandma was overwhelming. THe Doctors were going to let het go home today BUT he blood count is to low so they are doing a blood transfusion this afternoon to see if they can get tham back up. She will be on a day to day basis at the hospital. So she could be home tomorrow or in the hospital indefinately we will just have to wait n see. I just wanted to update everyone. Thank you to the few who actually took the time to read this and the one before and sent hugsn well wishes, You have no idea how appreciated it was IT IS! Much love Mel
Dedicated To Those Who Care
Queen - Friends will be friends Another red letter day, So the pound has dropped and the children are creating, The other half ran away, Taking all the cash and leaving you with the lumber, Got a pain in the chest, Doctors on strike what you need is a rest It's not easy love, but you've got friends you can trust, Friends will be friends, When you're in need of love they give you care and attention, Friends will be friends, When you're through with life and all hope is lost, Hold out your hand cos friends will be friends right till the end Now it's a beautiful day, The postman delivered a letter from your lover, Only a phone call away, You tried to track him down but somebody stole his number, As a matter of fact, You're getting used to life without him in your way It's so easy now, cos you got friends you can trust, Friends will be friends, When you're in need of love they give you care and attention, Friends will be friends, When you're through with life
40 Things Men Really Need To Know About Sex
40 MISTAKES MEN MAKE WHILE HAVING SEX WITH WOMEN (Some Men Really Need To Read This) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) NOT KISSING FIRST. Avoiding her lips and diving straight for the erogenous zones makes her feel like you're paying by the hour and trying to get your money's worth by cutting out nonessentials. A proper passionate kiss is the ultimate form of foreplay. 2) BLOWING TOO HARD IN HER EAR. Admit it, some kid at school told you girls love this. Well, there's a difference between being erotic and blowing as if you're trying to extinguish the candles on your 50th birthday cake. That hurts. 3) NOT SHAVING. You often forget you have a porcupine strapped to your chin which you rake repeatedly across your partner's face and thighs. When she turns her head from side to side, it's not passion, it's avoidance. 4) SQUEEZING HER BREAST. Most men act like a ho
You need to slow down and take a deep breath -- otherwise you might find yourself overwhelmed by the press of the day's activities. If you take things one at a time, you should be just fine. ****************************************************************************************************************** So your telling me to breathe ok ................ wow that was kick ass. First thing get on Fubar Check, second set status to something about Amelia and send her some comments check, third accept friend request check, fourth mumms check, fifth take a break cause this is hard stuff.....check..... Sixth write this blog and take another break....Check You all Have a Great Day.............
4,000 More Lets Help
Tumble Time Tigger
Tumble Time Tigger Click here to buy Tumble Time Tigger now! Tigger performs fantastic cartwheels and keeps you guessing which way he will tumble next. With great phrases, sound activation and catchy Tigger songs, no wonder its a Top 10 toy. To start the fun, kids just press his nose then they can magically bring Tigger to life by clapping their hands or calling out to him. Sound activation has Tigger doing amazing cartwheels and funny handstands. You never know what hell do next. A fun musical track plays and adds to the fun. Kids hear phrases from Tigger and wacky sound effects as he shows off his tumbling skills. From FisherPrice, Tigger performs fantastic cartwheels, handstands and dances and keeps you guessing which way he will tumble next. With great phrases, sound activation and catchy Tigger songs, this is one performance not to miss tumble time tigger, christmas toys, toys, tumble time, tumble tigger, time tigger, fisher price, hot christmas toy
Hope It Works Im Going Live 2 Night At 10 Uk England Time
Brother In A Wreak
I just received a call from my folks informing me that my brother was in a very serious accident on his way back to Indiana and had rolled his truck 5 times before slamming it against a tree... He suffers from a broken collar bone, broken ribs, broken leg & wrist and is having a blood transfusion as well as all bruised up... My folks said he's in very bad shape and is in ICU hooked up to even a heart monitor. Please all could you say prayers or Thank highly of my brother to heal and be ok Please & Thank You Linda
Repost Bultetion
Will everyone please repost our family bulletion. Let your friends know so we can get bigger and stronger and kick ass out there. Send them to the home page or to Denise or Cathy Jo,s pages. Remember to Have fun with it. Also If anyone has any ideas please let us know...
For Mac The Best Friend A Girl Could Ask For!!!
A beautiful person to walk in your life Wonderful in everyway There for you when you need And never ask for anything Just for you to be you Except them for who they are This is what I call a wonderful friend A excelent example of the perfect creature A man who has lived and learned Friends to the end With love of another And respect of you and who you are Thank You Mac for always being here And being a wonderful friend So with all this said this is my promise I am always here for you love ya and respect you If you ever need to talk cry or rant holler Cause I will always be your friend.
"it's Fart Football."
An old married couple no sooner hit the pillows when the old man passes gas and says, "Seven Points." His wife rolls over and says, "What in the world was that?" The old man replied, "It's fart football." A few minutes later his wife lets one go and says, "Touchdown, tie score." After about five minutes the old man lets another one go and says, "Aha. I'm ahead 14 to 7" Not to be outdone the wife rips out another one and says, "Touchdown, tie score." Five seconds go by and she lets out a little squeaker and says, "Field goal, I lead 17 to 14." Now the pressure is on the old man. He refuses to get beaten by a woman, so he strains real hard. Since defeat is totally unacceptable, he gives it everything he's got, and accidentally shits in the bed. The wife says, "What the hell was that?" The old man says, "Half time, switch sides
11-15-07 LIES I'm in this world with alot to do Alone and broken hearted who would of knew You broke my heart and I fell apart I thoughtI could trust and believe in you Only to find your words were untrue Seeing now our love wasn't real You'll never know how empty I feel NOW HAVING TO LIVE WITHOUT YOU THE WORLD ALL WRONG I DON'T KNOW HOW MUCH LONG I CAN HOLD ON
Spiritual Icons
Dreaming of spiritual or religious icons often reflects either power or unity. We want to feel united with the universe, and icons are a good way to symbolize that identification. Other times, you may dream of being in a situation where supernatural power is required to resolve the conflict. In this case, icons serve as the vehicle or symbol of that power. There are countless icon images available to all humans. The ones you find in your dreams will relate to your experience in life. (Some examples are: the crucifix, the full moon, the Star of David, Stonehenge, and the Buddha.) Are your experiences with icons tied to sacred or supernatural events that you prescribe to in waking life? Are the icons revered or disdained by others in your dream? How do you feel about it?
Oh Well...
can't miss what ya never had, can ya?
k so ya i dun have much time...of my own volition of course... yet then again these days i really dun have much time for the internet...and its just the way i like it. moms went up to the staff today to spend a couple days with her friend before they come back down here for ive got oodles to do... cuz i dunno bout you...but when i come home from vacation i like a clean house...and while this house was clean...*looks around* it most definitely is ok maybe clean isnt the right word...but its in definite need of an uber straightening up...and prolly a good vacuuming too. plus theres laundry! and ya sure i have days to do it...but why put off for tomorrow that which i can do today? monkey is trying to pull her pocket out of her pants thru her wasitband...strange child... shes totally on the potty training wagon...yay for me. if the birds dun stop going to eat them...with a side of candied yams. *nod* its actually fallish we
Re: State Attorney Admits No Law Makes Vaccines Mandatory
RE: State Attorney Admits No Law Makes Vaccines Mandatory ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 15 Nov 2007, 06:18 State Attorney Admits No Law Makes Vaccines Mandatory A state prosecutor involved in bringing potential criminal charges against hundreds of parents in a county just outside Washington D.C. for failing to allow their children to be vaccinated admitted yesterday on a national radio show that there is no law that mandates any vaccine, despite a Fox News report falsely claiming otherwise.
Meetin People.
so last night i drove down to indianapolis to kick it with my old roomates and see the queers play. it was fuckin fun. i havent kicked it with those cats in a long time. however, the coolest part about the night was meetin this chick who was workin the merch table for the queers. i met her on myspace like...3 years ago? and would jsut annoy the fuck out of her while she was at work until she couldnt resist messaggin me back. lol. ANYGAYS. so yeah. she was there and i met her in person and it was cool. shes the first person i ever met in RL that i knew online. AND she kissed me on the cheek. =) theyre gonna be up here tommorrow and saturday sos hopefully get to kick it more than we did down there. cause i was runnin late and shit. but it was definitely cool. that is all.
Re: Neo-libs & Neo-cons Gang Up On Ron Paul Supporters
RE: Neo-Libs & Neo-Cons Gang Up On Ron Paul Supporters ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 15 Nov 2007, 09:42 Neo-Libs & Neo-Cons Gang Up On Ron Paul Supporters In another example of how the establishment of both sides of the controlled political paradigm are scared stiff of the Texas Congressman's surging popularity, smarmy liberal website Wonkette and frothing Neo-Con blog Red State have ganged up to form an alliance and "declare war" on Ron Paul supporters.
Off The Rails But Still On Course...of Course!
Well the story of the honeymoon in Spain rumbles on, but could run a bit smoother from now on. We decided to buy our train tickets for our travels to Glasgow Prestwick airport, from where we will be leaving for our 5 day honeymoon in Calella, on the southeast coast of Spain. We thought it would be about 65 for our tickets but it turns out we're travelling to Spain by a certain airline so we get our tickets for only 49! Result! Everyones a winner!!! So thats that out the way, and now we have to concentrate on learning the language....or rather I do. Yvvys left it up to me to brush up on my Spanish (I learned it in college about ten years ago but havent used it since). Trouble is, i cant remember half the pronounciations and, to be honest, I dont think i could ever remember it. One website I used, whilst listing all the usual phrases for every day use, also threw up a few odd statements i cant really see anyone using. Like, "Someones been run over by a car", "My room is o
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Estate Planning 101
ESTATE PLANNING 101 When Dan found out he was going to inherit a fortune when his sickly father died, he decided he needed a woman to enjoy it with. So one evening he went to a singles bar where he spotted the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her natural beauty took his breath away. 'I may look like just an ordinary man,' he said as he walked up to her, 'but in just a week or two, my father will die, and I'll inherit 20 mill ion dollars.' Impressed, the woman went home with him that evening and, three days later, she became his stepmother.
Come And Help Us Out Please
Since They Arent Pimpout
You need to make sure that your ego isn't influencing your decisions today. That might be hard, especially with one issue that's close to your heart, but you can do it -- and you'll be glad you did! this sure is making me wonder...
In Need Of Your Help Please Come And Help Us
You Would Choose Love
You Would Choose Love Money may buy a little happiness, but not the happiness of true love. You rather have a true soulmate than a private jet. And while many people may claim they would choose love too... You're one of the few who would really do it. Would You Choose Love or Money?
Come C Me At Work
2 all my indiana freinds i work part time at buffaol wild wings on washington street at the mall r grand openin is sunday the first 100 people get wings free 4 a year an get 2 see me so bring yo money an b hungry an come vist me there an have fun again it is at the washington sqaure mall sunday ok hope 2 see u ask 4 monica an ill take good care of u thanks every body love an kisses
M2m - Don't Say You Love Me( You Don't Even Know Me)
Be Positive!
11/15/07 Dear Readers: Thank you for your tremendous responses and feedback about \"The Prophet\" reality show and all your suggestions, we will indeed take the time to review all that you want to see. I have my own great ideas too and I am sure, in time it will be a total success. Anywhere I go, would it be at the dentist or in any public place I always \"grab\" the attention and its like people are literally sucking spiritual information from me. We are living such interesting time where the Universal Aquarian truth MUST come out against too many centuries of religious persecution and deception. Again today and within the window the \"skeptics\" scientists or religious alike MUST realize my true gift in predictive astrology with the Bangladesh cyclone and my powerful drive to share the \"Universal Code\" to the world at large. My own UCI endorse and supports my endeavors and combined with a full Cosmic Consciousness I will indeed (in time) reach all the children
3 Foot Ninja
Your Kissing Technique
Your Kissing Technique Is: Passionate but Aggressive Hey, slow it down a little! Yes, you've got some killer kissing moves... But that doesn't mean you need to show off ten minutes worth of technique in ten seconds. Take your time. A little passion goes a long way.Are You a Good Kisser? Are You a Good Kisser?
Traveling down yet another country road. Funny how I always end up on one. Two lanes of blacktop. Usually a few pot holes. The lines hardly visible. I was wandering this day. Just driving around by myself. My family was in the city shopping and I had made an excuse to get away for awhile. As I drove, I was struck by how things had changed yet were the same. It had been years since Id been here. Since 1976? Thirty years? Had it really been that long? Yeah it had. Just out of High School, feeling immortal, I had moved to South Georgia to live with my Dad. It had been like stepping back in time. Everyone drove up and down the main drag (Shotwell Street) on Friday and Saturday nights. Maybe take in the Drive In. Try to buy beer. That was my endless summer. 1976. As I drove it occurred to me where I was. Out close to El Dorendo. Not a town just a wide spot in the road. I smiled. Barbara. I laughed. Of course. She lived close to here then. I had met her on one of those
Lol! I Rule! =]
well this is what happens when i'm bored. i was just heading down the hall to the other building of the factory when one of the shipping guys was going by with a fork lift. Because I had nothing better to do i told him to go faster and ran after him. Don't know how I managed to do it but I jumped on the fork lift without killing myself while he hauled ass down the hall to building 3. Half the factory was laughing and cheering us on. Luckily since everyone here is always so loud, the V.P.s never knew what was going on! :D
Your Karaoke Theme Song
Your Karaoke Theme Song is "Livin' On a Prayer" You believe the best things in life are mostly forgotten, and you're definitely more than a little nostalgic . You're likely to still like the same foods, fashions, and music as you did when you were a teenager. You have a knack for knowing what elements of pop culture people have missed, without them even realizing it. It's great to remember the past, but don't forget that not everyone is as stuck in it as you are. You might also sing: "Pour Some Sugar on Me," "Rapper's Delight," and "Cherry Pie" Stay away from people who sing: "Toxic" What's Your Karaoke Theme Song?
Weight:: Like I am gunna tell Right or left-handed:: Right Heritage:: German,English, Irish, Cherokee Indian Are you in love?:: Yeah How do you alleviate stress?::Sex, drink, scream Do you swear?:: What? Who me?? If you could have any job, what would it be?:: I don't know What are your favorite sports to watch?:: My kids and ones they play What was your first car?:: 1965 Rambler What kind of car do you have now?:: Pontiac Mini Van Were you popular in high school?:: For the most part Do you like thunderstorms?:: Yea Is the glass half empty or half full?:: Depends, whose glass? Best places you have ever been?:: Vacations Favorite food?:: Steak Least favorite food?:: Lima Beans What type of music do you dislike most?::Opera, Jazz?? Do you take illegal drugs?:: Should I?? Do you believe in love at first sight?:: Yeah sorta If you're not in love now, have you ever been?:: Am Are you a risk taker?:: Mostly What do you think about most?:: I think to much about to
so i came home from school sick... and i got high... woo to me *rolls eyes* i need to quit pot, its not doing me any good, my depression is getting worse and also i might have another seizure with how much i just smoked =(. yeah i know its stupid to do drugs, but i'm just trying it out ya know, not doing anything else. please dont judge me on this, i really am a good kid, well i'm also pretty bad (if you know what i mean *wink*) other than that, i'm doing good love you all!
How I Feel Sometimes!
LIMP BIZKIT LYRICS "Break Stuff" Its just one of those days When you don't wanna wake up Everything is fucked Everybody sux You don't really know why But you want justify Rippin' someone's head off No human contact And if you interact Your life is on contract Your best bet is to stay away motherfucker It's just one of those days!! [chorus] Its all about the he says she says bullshit I think you better quit Lettin' shit slip Or you'll be leavin with a fat lip Its all about the he says she says bullshit I think you better quit talkin that shit (Punk, so come and get it) Its just one of those days Feelin' like a freight train First one to complain Leaves with a blood stain Damn right I'm a maniac You better watch your back Cuz I'm fuckin' up your program And if your stuck up You just lucked up Next in line to get fucked up Your best bet is to stay away motherfucker Its just one of those days!! [chorus] I feel like shit My suggestion is to keep
It wasnt so much a house as a shack. Ramshackle and falling apart. Tin hanging asunder from the roof. Gutters were still up though, and the rain barrels were still there too. Small porch and the remains of what had surely been a swing. We dared not go inside for fear of falling thru the floor. My Paw was grinning and walkin fast as we approached. This is it, he said. The Old Moore place. We fed the chickens thru the floor boards when we lived here. So cold in the winter that you couldnt turn over for the pile of blankets on top of you. We walked around the old place as best we could. It was pretty overgrown. I asked where the old path led out back. To the stream was the reply. Had to haul water. Off we went. Wasnt too far. Just long enough to be annoying. Sure enough there was a spring with an old pipe affixed so you could direct the flow into a bucket. Back to the old place we walked. Paw remembering the whole time. We walked around the old place one more time.
My Cousin Andrew Going Over Seas
My Cousin Andrew is in the army and he's going over seas soon.Just wanna know if i can say a pray for him and his family.Were gonna miss him alot.And hope nothing would happen to him over there.Thank you Krystina aka SexyBitch.
Your Love Life Secrets Are
Your Love Life Secrets Are Looking back on your life, you will have a few true loves. You're a little scarred from your past relationships, but who isn't? You expect a lot from your lover - you want the full package. You tend to be very picky. In fights, you are able to walk away and calm down. You are able to weather the storm. Break-ups can be painful for you, but you never show it. You hold your head high. Your Love Life Secrets, Revealed
Friend Or Fake Ass Friend, You Decide Yourself
The ones who don't comment you back, or even acknowledge that their friends have been by their page, or the drinks yah buy for them, are just wanting profile views for points/rates, and top spots. Well in my book that = FAKE ASS FRIENDS. I have quite a few that are included in my daily comment posting. And they are soon to come off my list too. If I can't even get a simple 'Hi' back as a comment... they are gone. And they know who they are! I am not here for fake friends, points, top spots, or to even hurry and godfather. I am here because I want to meet new friends,(real ones), have fun, chat, and make nice comments to those who at least are decent enough to stop by and say hi. Or thanks for the drink.
Here It Is
yeah i was wondering why all you women feel like you need to flash your breasts and show off everything you have do you not have any special someone? dont get me wrong i love to look at your tits and all but i just was curious about what kinds of responses i would get.
Three Lovers - Rough Draft
Breathing of uncertainty, desires and unspoken regrets whispered within the walls Three lovers lay, awake, minds flooded with the what coulds and the should have beens. He was both of ours. Mine of then and hers for now. My desire to have him, the way we had meant to be ached deep, with a heating passion that threw me into a searing anger. I knew it was hurting him, more so then ever before. He made his choice. The life of lover's perfection was shattered years before. We just remained to be the unusable drug craved to the ends of sanity for two addicts. His new lover lay, frozen. He would be forever the one thing I will never have again. But not her. I could take her, overcome her. I could bring her to levels of ecstasy that written word could not even stir her imagination. I reached for the straps of her cotton tank, twisting them around her outstretched arms as I pulled the covering off of her. The blackened moonlight left no colour for my eye
Family Is Gone
Well after a year of house on market it has finally sold and folks have rolled out to Idaho this morning. For those who know me know that this is a VERY hard day for me. I live across the street from my parents and now I have to watch strangers move into a house I have all my childhood memories in. Its very hard cause I dont have any extended family and my parents and my niece are all Ive got. They are retired and have adopted my 5 yr old niece cause my sister is a fucking drug addict homeless begger. They want to have my niece in better school system and like what Idaho offers. I will be joining them in spring or summer time of 08. So if any of you live in the Couere D alane or spokane area hit me up, I will be needing some friends that way.
Red Shirt Friday!!!
I am one of the lucky ones whos family returned from Iraq.......This is for all of the men and woman who are out there right now making it so we can continue having the Freedom we as Americans have come to know.........PLEASE PLEASE PASS THIS ON. RED SHIRT If the Red shirt thing is new to you, read below... Last week, while traveling to Chicago on business, I noticed a Marine sergeant traveling with a folded flag, but did not put two and two together. After we boarded our flight, I turned to the sergeant, who'd been invited to sit in First Class (across from me), and inquired if he was heading home. No, he responded. Heading out I asked? No. I'm escorting a soldier home. Going to pick him up? No. He is with me right now. He was killed in Iraq , I'm taking him home to his family. The realization of what he had been asked to do hit me like a punch to the gut. It was an honor for him. He told me that, although he didn't know the soldier, he had deliver
The Sweet Taste Of Love
The Sweet Taste Of Love The sweet taste of love Still lingers in my mind A succulent tasty morsel A treasure worth its find A wet and juicy fruit That fills my mouth with joy Like candy to a baby An edible sexy toy With nectar sweet as honey A syrup of flowing silk Like a bubbling kind of lava As smooth as warm clear milk It breathes with scented oils Like a flower in the mist And blossoms when caressed By the feel of a lover's kiss A dessert at its very best When embraced with lots of love And I can't seem to get enough Of this treat I'm thinking of
Peace Of Mind...
That's all I want and need right now...I am so tired of having mixed emotions...Been like this for months now...Have you ever experienced that before?!?!...Or am I the only one?!?!...Is it the norm to feel this way after so many disasterous relationships?!?!... Do you ever just want to disappear for a while, run away from everyone and everything?!?!...Not tell anyone where you are going...Just want to be left alone?!?!... I Do! Do you have a secret place that only you know off and run to whenever you feel like your world is falling apart...whenever you feel like no one cares... I Do! Do you ever get tired of being told that only time will tell?!?!...Do you believe that absence makes the heart grow fonder and do you believe that it also can make you physically sick?...I Do! See this picture below this entry?!?!...I wish I was there right now...all by myself...When I first saw this picture I thought," Wouldn't it be great to have a place of solitude like this, where
Alien Abduction
Instant Ulcer Hot Sauce. Actually Illegal To Eat. I grow, make and bottle hot sauce here in Kentucky on a 12 acre piece of land that my parents own. Instant Ulcer is addictive, there currently is no cure or 12 step program for the addiction, but there may be some t-shirts coming soon to warn the others! I have 3 more bottles left for the season, after this last run on eBay Im going to take whatever remaining bottles there are an auction them with a certificate of authenticity, and an autograph on the label. When I do that I will increase the price, so get it now while the bottles are still 7.99 for 16 ounces! There is a disclaimer on the bottom of the ad so keep that in mind! Jason P.S. Christmas is coming, the man in your life that has everything, doesnt have this! I can get Instant Ulcer anywhere in the U.S. with maybe the exception of Hawaii and Alaska by Thanksgiving!!! Thanks for your support of disabled veteran and single father!!!
How Players Hook You In
HOW PLAYERS HOOK YOU IN The scenario with a Player usually goes a little something like this: You're out with your girlfriends and you spot a really attractive guy checking you out from across the room. You both make eye contact and he heads over to you and he immediately says something like: "I usually don't do this, but you're the most beautiful woman I've seen in a long time, and I just HAD to talk to you." He may offer to buy you a drink. He may say something funny or sarcastic. And you're disarmed by his looks, his confidence and charm, and in the back of your mind you wonder if he's a little too good to be true. You know you should hold back a little and you wonder who this guy REALLY IS, but you just can't seem to help yourself... Next thing you know, you feel that rush of excitement and anticipation the more you talk and laugh together, and by the end of the evening he may even casually ask if
For Brandon - You Really Got A Hold On Me
About Fascists People
Well I dont know what to say. I posted a comment on a mumm yesterday and it seems that it is illegal to say what you think here on fubar in mumms, cause even though i didnt attack a person per say, I was blocked from the mumm... All very funny...Except for the fact that people kept telling me how horrible I was for not complying with how they feel..and i wasnt allowed to reply or respond. Oh soo soorry, I dont believe that american soldiers, scratch that the US army has any reason for being in Iraq, they dont even know what they are doing there..Well here is a page were the american casualties and wounded are... Iraqi killed on the other hand Which so far is something like "The estimate that over a million Iraqis have died received independent confirmation from a prestigious British polling agency in September 2007. Opinion Research Business estimated that 1.2 million Iraqis have been killed violently since the US invasion. This devastat
Let's See If Anyone Reads This
Yeah so if you stop by and read this Blog, I'll buy you a Fu-gift. :p
Biker Poem
Slow Dance...thanks Naughty Smile For This One
SLOW DANCE Have you ever watched kids On a merry-go-round? Or listened to the rain Slapping on the ground? Ever followed a butterfly's erratic flight? Or gazed at the sun into the fading night? You better slow down. Don't dance so fast. Time is short. The music won't last. Do you run through each day On the fly? When you ask How are you? Do you hear the reply? When the day is done Do you lie in your bed With the next hundred chores Running through your head? You'd better slow down Don'! t dance so fast. Time is short. The music won't last. Ever told your child, We'll do it tomorrow? And in your haste, Not see his sorrow? Ever lost touch, Let a good friendship die Cause you never had time To call and say,"hi" You'd better slow down. Don't dance so fast. Time is short. The music won't last. When you run so fast to get somewhere You miss half the
Bush Shootout
To Our Troops
i got this poem from a friend hope it makes you think as much as it made me TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORFE CHRISTMAS… “Twas the night before Christmas, he lived all alone, In a one bedroom house made of plaster and stone. I had come down the chimney with presents to give And to see just who in this home did live. I looked all about, a strange sight I did see, No tinsel, no presents, not even a tree, No stocking by mantle, just boots filled with sand, And on the wall pictures of far distant lands. With metals and badges, awards of all kinds. A sobering thought came to mind. For this house was different, so dark, and so dreary, The home of a soldier, no I could see clearly. The soldier lay sleeping, so silent, alone, Curled up on the floor in his one bedroom home. The face was so gentle, the room in disorder, Not how I pictured a United States soldier. Was this the Hero of whom I’d just read? Curled up on a poncho, the floor for a bed? I realized the famil
Jealously !!!! More Of What We Need To Learn!!!!
Jealousy Sucks!!!!! If you've ever felt jealousy gripping you - I mean really gripping you - you'll know exactly what I mean. Your heart thumps against your breast, your breath seems to rasp in your throat as you gasp for air, and your emotions seem to ricochet between unbridled rage and helpless panic. Not only can jealousy suck your self-esteem right out from under your nose, it can seemingly rob you of any capacity to function normally at all. Jealousy has the capacity to break up relationships and families and destroy careers. For many women jealousy has become a consuming emotion that afflicts them like a disease. They feel no power or control when an "attack" overwhelms them. have surveyed over 50,000 women and found that almost half of them acknowledge having significant feelings of jealousy. So it's a good bet that, if you’re a woman, there's a 50:50 chance that you're trying to tackle this at the moment! And, if you're not suffering yourself, I'
My Website
Why I Have To Move...
I won't be on much for the next bit. I have to move.. I was told that no matter how many doctors and agencies write for my son & I to be transferred to a more safer and cost effective and repaired place - they wont do it. Not even to the city next to the town I live in. Their reasons... (My response is bold) 1. "No matter where you go... your son will have bullies. With his condition - it is a given. You have to deal with that " - He will have some bulling yes. He has high functioning Autism - Asperger's Syndrome.. but they are condoning it by not doing anything. 2. "No matter where you go - you will have ppl that will destroy your property (even if it is in your yard). Bring everything in at night and it will cut down those chances. It is the way society is now a days - sad but true." It isn't just my son's toys that they went after but my car as well.and toys from other kids in this neighbood 3. You need a 2 bedroom place and we are limited on that kind of ac
Wild Spirit...
Wild Spirit There's no controlling a wild spirit, something that needs to be free. You can't chain or tie it to make it stay, it's something you must let be. For to capture and keep a wild spirit will only do one thing, And that is slowly kill it until it will never sing. So should you ever come upon a spirit such as this, Just love it the best you can and let it go with a kiss. "Somethings you can only hold for so long, then you must let them go."
Here Is Some More Music
Nelly Music Video:DILEMMA (by Nelly)Music Video Code provided by VideoCodeZone.Com Eminem Music Video:CLEANING OUT MY CLOSET (by Eminem)Music Video Code provided by VideoCodeZone.Com Eurythmics Music Video:SWEET DREAMS (by Eurythmics)Music Video Code provided by VideoCodeZone.Com Music Video:HERE COMES THE RAIN AGAIN (by Eurythmics)
I Am #14
Once you open this, you have ten minutes to repost with the ONE number that fits you best, or you will be single for the next five years. 0.......Ugly 1.......Single, and couldn't care less 2.......Heartbroken. 3.......Single and loving it. 4.......Want to tell someone you like them. 5.......Crushing. 6.......Love/like someone you can never, probly, have. 7.......EATING ANIMAL CRACKERS FOR DINNER. 8.......Taken by the best girl ever. 9.......Missing her. 10.....Single. 11....Single, but my hearts taken. 12.....Like over 4 girls/guys. 13....Sick of getting (being) hurt. 14.....Its whatever 15.....Confused. 16.....Still like your ex. 17.....Talkin to someone. 18.....Afraid to say i love you 19.....I am just a ninja turtle. 20.....Slightly mad at the opposite sex. 21.....I'm a fighter 22.....Taken by the best guy ever 23..... Just don't know what to do. 24.....Taken 25.....Needing to do the right thing 26... Missing him 27.....Worried. 28.....thinking 29.....
To All My Friends
To all my friends I am sorry.....some things have happen that I wasnt aware turn I have hurt a few of my most important friends...I have tried to be nice to everyone in turn I have sucked it up and taken blame for things that werent under my control...and I have taken the fall for things that were my fault..I will be the first to admitt my mistakes.... So to all of you I am deeply sorry...please forgive me Love all of you Jenn
Every Tear Drop
Every tear drop every broken heart that you will face growing up Every broken promise, every shattered dream I will be here. For every time you fall i will be here to pick you up. Every tear drop i will be here to wipe them away. Every mountain you climb i will be there to help you, catch you when you fall. Every tear drop that falls mommy cry's to. Mommy tried to keep you safe, but i couldnt protect you from everything. Every tear drop that falls mommy's heart breaks. You have been hiding in a shell of confusion, hurt and anger. I dont understand why it had happen or why you had to go through all this, you are so young and fragile. Every tear drop that falls mommy wipes away, every tear drop i pray you that someday you will be free from this pain. Mommy to is confused you are not alone. I will face this pain with you and we will hit it head on together. Just remember mommy loves you, and i will always be here for you. Every tear drop.
So i am a softball player for my high school!!! and i love sports!!!! i have played softball for 14 years.... i had surgery on my right elbow......... my senior year is gonna rock......... i have the bestests friends any1 could ask for.............
Obsession!!! Something We All Need To Learn About!!!!!
Obsession Obsessive feelings are often mistaken for love because people rationalize that, “It must be love if I can’t think of anyone else.” Obsession is similar to lust but it is much more misleading and destructive. While lust is often fleeting, fading as two people come to know each other better, obsession sticks around once people have seen each other flaws and all. In fact, obsession can be made worse with time while lust always fades. Love can grow out of lust but obsession kills love every time. The more time and effort invested in an unhealthy obsession based relationship the more intense the obsession can become and the more damage is done. People in an obsessed state have a one-track mind where the other person is concerned to the point where they often lose touch with who they are as an individual. This loss of individuality creates a vicious circle of behavior where the obsessed person grows more and more dependant on the other person and on the relatio
Not Michigan
A solider stationed in the South Pacific wrote to his wife in the States to please send him a harmonica to occupy his free time and keep his mind off of the local women. The wife complied and sent the best one she could find, along with several dozen lesson & music books. Rotated back home, he rushed to their home and thru the front door. "Oh darling" he gushed, "Come here... let me look at you... let me hold you ! Let's have a fine dinner out, then make love all night. I've missed your lovin' so much !" The wife, keeping her distance, said, "All in good time lover. First, let's hear you play that harmonica."
Some Say
Some say i should Some say i shouldnt Some say i could some say i couldnt some say i would some say i wont all i can say is i've tried and i have failed and keep tying again Some say she will be some sau she wont some say she will stay some say she will go some say yes some say no hard decisions these days and God only knows
Shoot And Pwn
Who's The Reason For Your Smile?
Who's the one that makes you happy? Or maybe, who's the one always on your mind? And who is the reason you're living for? Who's the reason for your smile? I feel so lonely and I know I'm not the only one To ever feel this way I love you so much that I think I'm goin' insane I'm goin' crazy, Outta my head Goin' crazy, Outta my head Can't think about nothin' but your good, good love And what you give Everyone needs somebody And you know Everybody needs someone Well then I guess it's true Everybody needs a special kind of love And you're the only one I'm thinking of You mean the world to me You are my only I feel so lonely and I know I'm not the only one To carry on this way I love you so much I lose track of time Lose track of the days I'm goin' outta my head Goin' crazy, Outta my head Can't think about nothin' but your good, good love And what you give It's not what you got, It's what you give It ain't the life you choose, it's the life you live It's
Help Mr. Badie!!! :d
The Mr. is working an 5k comments for a 1 week blast!!! Not a bad deal! I am trying to get it for him... we all know how much he does for me and it is the least I can do in return! If you guys don't mind, stop by and help me bomb him :D We are sitting at 1444 now so only 3556 to go :D x♥x♥, Alysia
Whos True As Your Friend And Whos Not
If Only I Knew
If Only I Knew It is you I think of My fingertips touching your lips Moving slowly to your cheeks And lightly over closed eyes A breath sucked in And slowly exhaled Is my touch painful? My fingers keep moving I can feel your breath on my face As you move closer My heart beats faster Faster Anticipation Waiting for your lips to touch mine Waiting I wet my lips Im waiting Your lips touch mine gently Too gently Hearts beat faster Echoing I lean forward Strong hands on my back Bring me closer Not close enough Mouths open wider Hands move to my neck and up To cup my head Fingers snake through my hair You hold on tighter Your grasp pulls me forward My hair is loose now Twisted through your fingers Thigh touches thigh Your hard chest is strained against me Hands slowly fall away I open my eyes Looking into yours I see myself I hope youre thinking what I am I wish I knew If only I knew
Random Quotes
Like the measles, love is most dangerous when it comes late in life. Lord Byron The best time to make friends is before you need them. Ethel Barrymore The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. Walt Disney
Tell Me Wutcha Really Think
1. Who are you? 2. Are we friends? 3. When and how did we meet? 4. Do you have a crush on me? 5. Would you kiss me? 6. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it. 7. Describe me in one word. 8. What was your first impression? 9. Do you still think that way about me now? 10. What reminds you of me? 11. If you could give me anything what would it be? 12. How well do you know me? 13. When's the last time you saw me? 14. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't? 15. Are you going to put this on your blog and see what I say about you?
She thinks that she can keep me. The fire to her ice. She dreams that she is willing. To make any sacrafice. But does she know what she offers? Or how real it will become? For once her soul is promised. The words can't be undone. When she promises me "anything". I see it in her eyes. Anything is nothing. If I won't compromise. Does she know what is her soul does? Or why I wish it so. I think she's lost in passion. And eager still to go. She thinks that she can hold me. And keep the world away. If she makes me smile well nightly. She can keep me where I lay. I wish I could believe her. And she could help me find the sky. But I just smile straight back at her. Cause she doesn't know shes lied.
Well some say I'm not country and that's just fine with me 'Cause I don't wanna be country with some faggot looking over at me They say that I'm ill-mannered that I'm gonna self-destruct But if you know what I'm thinkin' you'll know that pop country really sucks So I'm here to put the "dick" in Dixie and the "cunt" back in country 'Cause the kind of country I hear now days is a bunch of fuckin' shit to me They say that I'm ill-mannered that I'm gonna self-destruct But if you know what I'm thinkin' you'll know that pop country really sucks Well we're losing all the outlaws that had to stand their ground and they're being replaced by these kids from a manufactured town And they don't have no idea about sorrow and woe 'Cause they're all just too damn busy kissin' ass on Music Row So I'm here to put the "dick" in Dixie and the "cunt" back in country 'Cause the kind of country I hear nowdays is a bunch of fuckin' shit to me And they say that I'm ill-mannere
Dinner Table
A family are at the dinner table. The son asks his father, "Dad, how many kinds of boobs are there?" The father, surprised, answers, "Well, son, there are three kinds of breasts. In her 20s, a woman's breasts are like melons, round and firm. In her 30s to 40s, they are like pears, still nice but hanging a bit. After 50, they are like onions." "Onions?" "Yes, you see them and they make you cry." This infuriated his wife and daughter so the daughter said, "Mum, how many kinds of 'willies' are there?" The mother, surprised, smiles and answers, "Well dear, a man goes through three phases. In his 20s, his willy is like an oak tree, mighty and hard. In his 30s and 40s, it is like a birch, flexible but reliable. After his 50s, it is like a Christmas tree". "A Christmas tree?" "Yes - dead from the root up and the balls are just for decoration!"
Country Rebel
Well, I was rollin' by myself, went down to Memphis, Tennessee and I was lookin' for a guy who had a mullet and no teeth and I was trippin' on some acid a latino gave to me Hey, I was smokin' morphine 'til it knocked me off my feet Then I got some "H" from my old Uncle Pete now I'm startin' to feel like I might've ODed On an overdose of drugs, overdose of sin I'm gonna live it to the fullest like I'm on ten and I love gettin' high - hate bein' low and I like to drive my truck down a muddy dirt road and I'm workin' real hard, tryin' to get paid 'cause I'm a crazed country rebel and I'm driftin' state to state Somehow I made it up to Texas with a carload full of grass and I'm seeing all these pigs who wanna bust my ass and I'm always livin' hard - always smokin' weed now I'm hangin' out in Texas drinkin' mushroom tea and I'm fucked up on the floor - think I know why, must've been some of that Boone county moonshine and an overdose of drugs, overdose of sin I'm go
Three Words From My Heart To Yours
Im Gone
Last night ya told me that I ain't worth a dime Well don't worry honey 'cause I'm leaving this time Why don't ya leave me alone Why don't ya leave me alone Well, your hillbilly daddy's packin' and I'm gonna get gone We never got along, I guess we never will so I'm saying "So long," it oughta give you a thrill Why don't ya leave me alone Why don't ya leave me alone Well, your hillbilly daddy's packin' and I'm gonna get gone Well I'm going joint-jumpin' down at Club 21 I ain't looking for trouble, I just wanna have fun You want a sensitive sissy that'll hear your command not a hillbilly singer with a five-piece band Why don't ya leave me alone Why don't ya leave me alone Well, your hillbilly daddy's packin' and I'm gonna get gone Last night ya told me that I ain't worth a dime Well don't worry honey 'cause I'm leaving this time Why don't ya leave me alone Why don't ya leave me alone Well, your hillbilly daddy's packin' and I'm gonna get gone
ok, I ain't gonna lie....I am sick as sh!t~ I haven't felt this bad in years. I went to the dr this morning and I have strep throat....ugh~! My fever last night rose to 102.2 and I was freezing under 2 fleece blankets~! I am sitting here now teeth chattering. I am going to go lay down after I take my Tylenol. I hate being sick~! The dr said with the move and as stressed out as I have been about wonder I am sick. My body is shutting down needing a break~! So I plead with you me out. I don't feel like sitting here chatting trying to get votes. PLEASE ask all your friends to vote for my rack in the contest #1032R. Right now I am sitting in 6th place....not where I want to be~! I do hope to get online later so maybe I can get a few votes myself.....thanks~! ~~smooches~~
In Your Own Little World
In your own little world, in your own little thoughts, you try to understand, you try to be strong but you dont know how, You hide in your own little world trying to get out, You cry for help, but all I can do is wipe away your tears. Your hearts have been broken, and the feelings have all changed. You try to run and you try to hide, but it always catches up to you, you are in your own little world, just trying to understand, why everything has changed. In your own little world you shut everything out. You want to come home but you struggle, to fight the pain that holds your little heart. In your own little world. You try to open up, but you cant get the words to come out, the only thing you can do is be angry. So now you hide in your own little world, mommy's here i will always be here. In your own little world, I wish you didnt have to go through all this, In your own little world.
What Else Can Happen?
I went to the DR and just had bloodwork done and she marked it urgent as to have the results in a couple hours. Plus I have to have another cat scan done to make sure the emergency surgery they did back in August actually repaired everything. She thinks there is a block in the circulation to my kidneys that is draining my potassium and causing my BP to sky rocket again. It was 189/133 an hour ago. And Im on meds that usually control it. If there is a block then I need more surgery and Im scared. Im tired of being poked and prodded and sliced and diced. I eat right, I excercise and take good care of myself and my family. Im at a loss right now.
Clouds Are Lifting
For the last 3 1/2 years and especially over the past few months, very dark clouds have been looming over my head. Every time I started to feel happy, something came along to fuck it up. Finally after what seems like forever, I think the clouds are lifting. Things are starting to go right and stay that way for a change. Colt and I took a lot of heat from our ex's when we started dating and we had to deal with hearing a lot of shit about each other. It was tough but we weathered the storm. I think at least some of those people have given up after realizing that no matter what they say, it isin't enough to tear us apart. Being with each other has turned both our lives around. For the first time in so long I feel good about myself. I have confidence in who I am and what I can do. I feel beautiful and sexy. I smile throughout the day and I have so much more energy. It makes me want to be a better mom, a better daughter, a better friend, a better lover, and a better businesswoman. Colt
If I Could
If I change the way your little lives have turned out I would, If I could stop the tears from falling from your eyes I would, If i could make life better I would, I would do anything for my precious little ones. If i could take away the pain and the hurt I would. For you precious little ones i would do anything. If I could give you the life i always wanted you to have I would you know mommy would. If I could be protect you from every harmful thing in this world I would do it, but mommy cant protect you from everything, If I could you know I would. If I could always know what you were thinking and how you were feeling inside I would help you the best I could. But I cant change what has happened and I cant change the past If I could I would, but what has happened has already happened, all i can do is be there for you, If I could you know mommy would. All I can do is love you till the end, all I can do is pray that you will be ok. All I can do is love you. If
Attn: Web Radio Stations
Break Through Entertainment is looking for Web Radio Stations to Play their clients music. So if you are interested in playing their clients music please contact Joey Hudnall by emailing him @ or goto --- === Clients Music Below === --- Click Below and Visit their Websites Halo Down Magdalene Paradigm Seventh Rize
New Family Member
We have a new Family member and I would like if everyone could go show her some love and make her feel welcome
Tim, My Fubar Some Luv!
tim billybiboys wife@ fubar
Alittle About Me......
I don't eat seafood..... I am EXTREMELY shy, ..... I like Pepsi, hate Coke.... Have to have my coffee in the mornings.... Love the beach.... Can be very stubborn... Have little patience, especially for people who choose to be stupid or lazy.... I am possessive... I am brutally honest.... I have a terrible memory .... I curse like a sailor, unless I am mad.... I don't feel pain like normal people, I actually like it.... I have no brothers or sisters.... .I rarely wear make up.... I am very plain in my day to day life i.e., shorts and a tank top and a ponytail.... However, I love to dress up and look sexy as hell for my man... I can be territorial.... I get very jealous sometimes. But if I feel threatened, I will react.... Thunderstorms scare me.... I am not good at expressing myself.... I don't show emotion often.... I cry when I am pissed, not when I am hurt.... I don't have a lot of friends, but the ones I do have will be with me forever.... Most my friends are guys.... I hate being
New Family Member
Ok All here we go again I would really like for you to go show the new Members of the family so love. Make them feel welcome Thanks Tami
Love Is.....
Love is like a four leaf clover... hard to find but lucky to have
Test, Fuckin Ay...
Wtf Is The Deal?
Really what the fuck is going on? What is up with women and marriage? Really? What is happening to all the single independant women? Kelly Clarkson if your non singing ass is reading this can you're retard ass let me know? What is the big deal with wanting to get married? Does societys rule book on life have that much of a grip on people? Who says to have the IDEAL life you have to do the boy meets girl, boy girl fall in love..(ok we're all good up to this point lifes GRAVY)boy n girl hang out boy girl are happy...(uh oh societys calling) Girl wants to move forward ...Boy is ok we can move in together we see each other 24/7 now, its all good...UH OH next step we HAVE TO GET MARRIED...ok I know that its every girls dream to have the big wedding wedding dress and all but WHO has instilled this idea in to the heads of these women? YOU HAVE A FAITHFUL MAN WHO LOVES YOU WHY COMPLICATE IT? I dont want to sound like my 5th grade teacher Mrs.Hernandez but KISS...KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID...and wha
I Believe!!
I believe that you can do something in an instant that will give you heartache for life!!!
My Little Angels
My little angels so small so precious, why all the tears. Your little hearts have been broken, and you dont understand why. My little angels why all the frowns your life has been turned upside down and you cant figure it out. My little angels mommy's here dry those tears, know that you are loved and cared for. My little angels dont be afraid, God is watching over you. My little angels life is tough, but it will get better. My little angels I know you are sad I know you are hurting, but know you are not alone. Mommy's here and mommy loves you. My little angels the tears will stop falling and you will be able to smile again. My little angels you are my life my dreams my future, everything i have ever wanted you have given to me my angels my little angels. Mommy loves you so much. My little angels.
New Tags
Please visit Brigitte's new tags, rate & rip if yours!!! Here is the link...... If you don't see yours plz ask Brigitte, she will make you one!!
The Average Soldier
The average age of the military man is 19 years. He is a short haired, tight-muscled kid who, under normal circumstances is considered by society as half man, half boy Not yet dry behind the ears, not old enough to buy a beer, but old enough to die for his country. He never really cared much for work and he would rather wax his own car than wash his father's, but he has never collected unemployment either. He's a recent High School graduate; he was probably an average student, pursued some form of sport activities, drives a ten year old jalopy, and has a steady girlfriend that either broke up with him when he left, or swears to be waiting when he returns from half a world away. He listens to rock and roll or hip-hop or rap or jazz or swing and a 155mm howitzer. He is 10 or 15 pounds lighter now than when he was at home because he is working or fighting from before dawn to well after dusk. He has trouble spelling, thus letter writing is a pain for him, but he can field strip a
History And It Repeating Itself
This was my x i had been with for 4 years N I did love her but she had cheated on me and well she said i cheated on her but in my eyes i was token advantage of... and it had happend in the third year of beeing with her and thats when i had found out she had cheated on me with someone else and broke up with me for a month to have sex with someone else and i went back out with her then she just left me in my home town and ditched me with my parents... any way here are some more websites i have made about my life injoy the music videos this one doesnt have any music videos but it has pictures and a song... Memorys thats all this is...
Lol I'm #2,#4,#5,#13,#18 And #28 Lol
Once you open this, you have ten minutes to repost with the ONE number that fits you best, or you will be single for the next five years. 0.......Ugly 1.......KiNDA SiNGLE 2.......Heartbroken. 3.......Single and loving it. 4.......Want to tell someone you like them. 5.......Crushing. 6.......Like someone you can never, probably, have. 7.......EATING ANIMAL CRACKERS FOR DINNER. 8.......Taken by the best person in the world. 9.......Missing her. 10.....Shawty is a Ten. 11....Single but my heart is taken. 12.....Like over 4 girls/guys. 13.....Sick of getting (being) hurt. 14.....Its whatever 15.....Confused. 16.....Still love your ex. 17.....Talkin to someone. 18.....Afraid to say i love you 19.....I am just a power ranger. 20.....Slightly mad at the opposite sex. 21.....I'm a fighter 22.....Just don't know what to do. 23.....I'm a ninja turtle!! 24.....Taken 25.....I hate Bush hyper 27..... i am makin my mask for english (lmao) 28.....single at the
Clothing Ad
Something To Consider
Going to stick with the Vonnegut theme. In the very dark irony, "Mother Night", the main character leaves us with the following quote, which in essense could be the summation of the theme for the entire story, "We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful of what we pretend to be." For those of you unfamiliar with the story, the main character in the story is an american living in Germany before WWII. He is recruited by the american armed services to act as a spy. He is told to become part of the nazi propaganda machine and do radio shows for them. During the shows he is to pass secrets vital to the americans in code. The main character agrees to do this in part because he is a coward and this allows him to help the american war effort and in part because it allows him to appear to be a nazi and therefore not offend his nazi wife and in-laws. In becoming a propagandist, the american's plan, he is widely successful as an american spy and greatly aids the american war effor
The Journey Of A Man
The journey of a man When I was 14, I hoped that one day I would have a girlfriend. When I was 16 I got a girlfriend, but there was no passion, so I decided I needed a passionate girl with a zest for life. In college I dated a passionate girl, but she was too emotional. Everything was an emergency; she was a drama queen, cried all the time and threatened suicide. So I decided I needed a girl with stability. When I was 25 I found a very stable girl but she was boring. She was totally predictable and never got excited about anything. Life became so dull, that I decided that I needed a girl with some excitement. When I was 28 I found an exciting girl, but I couldn't keep up with her. She rushed from one thing to another, never settling on anything. She did mad impetuous things and made me miserable as often as happy. She was great fun initially and very energetic, but directionless. So I decided to find a girl with some real ambition. When I turned 31, I foun
It Takes A Real Guy!!!!
"Any guy can love a thousand girls...but only a real guy can love a girl a thousand ways!"
The Last Biker
The Last Biker The old ones stand out now, their numbers dwindling down. They're sad loss to the American scene, these individualists with the worn down clothes, saddles and faces. You can still see them sometimes, the real ones, some in packs, not as large as a while ago, sometimes alone. The alone one is the best. One who's been there a long time, staying in the life he loves, never giving into a system that sucks you up like a vortex if you slip just one foot into it. He's got his connections - a few like him, that care for and protect each other. Hanging onto the only unique lifestyle left, like old dinosaurs, their faces are leathered and rough by forty, but their eyes still sharp and knowing. Some are gray in the beards and braids, some are limp in their step and some pain in the kidneys. Still they know that no other life is life, but merely a dreary journey into everyone else's monotony. He looks at the new ones, and then turns away, knowing they will never know of li
Word Are Vey Powerful : It How We Use Them That Counts?? Read
Word are to express things too others , communication yet not in a rare form but a everyday key ; We can hurt with words , we can show love with words , we can cause tears with words or, words can bring smiles too. we can be powerful with words; we can be week with workd. Words show emotion, feelings , strenght, And tell lies and tell truth too. Words ahhh ; its how we use them , and how we accept them ..That brings about a meaning into ones life . Actions thay say speak louder than words, but words never the less still powerful tool. . what a wonder .. hugs all Diana
For The Men And Women Fighting For Our Country
The average age of the military man is 19 years. He is a short haired, tight-muscled kid who, under normal circumstances is considered by society as half man, half boy Not yet dry behind the ears, not old enough to buy a beer, but old enough to die for his country. He never really cared much for work and he would rather wax his own car than wash his father's, but he has never collected unemployment either. He's a recent High School graduate; he was probably an average student, pursued some form of sport activities, drives a ten year old jalopy, and has a steady girlfriend that either broke up with him when he left, or swears to be waiting when he returns from half a world away. He listens to rock and roll or hip-hop or rap or jazz or swing and a 155mm howitzer. He is 10 or 15 pounds lighter now than when he was at home because he is working or fighting from before dawn to well after dusk. He has trouble spelling, thus letter writing is a pain for him, but he can field strip a
A New Device...
i came home today before Him. As usual, i headed towards the bedroom to change out of my work clothes and into something more comfortable. As i headed to the bedroom i noticed a small box lying on the bed. i reached over to the box,and inside i saw two padlocks without the keys, a pair of wrist cuffs, and a pair of ankle cuffs as well as a ball gag and blindfold. Having emptied the box, i noticed an envelope at the bottom. i picked up the envelope and with shaking hands started to open it. I noticed His sloping confident handwriting immediately, and knew that this would be a task not to be disobeyed. It read, "Be a good girl, and put these items on, then lie on the bed and do not move." i knew that He was due home soon, so as fast as i could, i stripped out of my clothes, and ran into the shower. As i washed myself, touching myself with the shower head, i fantasized over what was to happen. He has always been very creative in His ideas and always surprises me. i got out of the showe
Random Vlog
Where I've Been (and Will Be)
Hi gang, You're probably wondering where I've been and what I've been doing. November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and I am writing a novel. I have until the 30th of November to write a 50,000 word novel. I'll be back in December with info of where you can go to read it. Wish me luck and keep the faith. msboy8
"i Am Lost" (yet Another Poem To Come Out Of Me)
I no longer know what to do. I've been lost since the moment I hurt you. Being tossed around in the storm of guilt. Being battered into the wall of rock that my fears have built. It's all my fault though.....I did not need to listen to my fear. Because of it, I let myself drawn away from the one who touched my heart most dear. I am so lost that I am not sure I will find my way back. So many emotions raging inside like an ocean out of control. This is no "drama" looking for someone's attention. I am human.......I hurt.....I bleed.......and feel other things that I will not mention. I must hide what I feel is unfair to you and all. I am the one who must take this fall............... If I ever arise again.....I hope to be better than who I once was........
Come See Me Please
My Salute
i'm trying to post a salute so i can level up but fubar wont let me saying it is not the right kind of type. the pic is the same type as all my other pics. what do i do. someone please help me.
May = Sexy
January=SLUT -Fun to be with. -Loves to try new things. -Boy/girls LOVE you. -You are very hott. -Secretive. -Difficult to fathom and to be understood. -Quiet unless excited or tensed. -Takes pride in oneself. -Easily consoled. -Honest. -Concerned about people's feelings. -Tactful. -Friendly. -Approachable. -Emotional temperamental and unpredictable. -Moody and easily hurt. -Witty and sparkly. -Spazzy at times. -Not revengeful. -Forgiving but never forgets. -Dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things. -Loves to be loved. -Easily hurt but takes long to recover. -Repost this in the next 5 mins and your reputation will boost someway in the next 12 days FEBRUARY = PORNSTAR -Abstract thoughts. -Outgoing. -Loves reality and abstract. -Intelligent and clever. -Changing personality. -Attractive. -Fun to be around. -Sexiest out of everyone. -A real speed demon. -Has more than one best friend. -Able to cheer anyone up and make them laugh. -Amazing smile.
Friends R 2 Hugzzzzzzzz
Wtf Get Over It
The Day The Sun Died
A world plagued with a Voodoo curse. Keeps getting darker As the demons get worse. The sky it glows the bloodiest red. Yet not a single tear is shed. Sending rays the color of rust. Ashes to ashes.... dust to dust. The sky was dark black tears it cried for thats the day the sun died.....
If We Had Sex
If We Had Sex....GAME. don't be scared. you never know who really wants to do you! (Reply so only I see it and Repost so others can fill it out). 1. Would you be in control? 2. Would you let me pull your hair? 3. Would you whisper in my ear? 4. Would you talk dirty to me? 5. Would you kiss me with a little tongue or a lot of tongue? 6. Would you say my name? 7. Would you go down on me? 8. Would you let me give you a hickie? 9. How many rounds would we go? 10. What would you wanna do afterwards? 11. Would you take off all your clothes then take mine off slowly? 12. Would you lick and bite me all over? 13. Would you like to play or get straight to the point? 14. Would you want me to take my time? 15. How freaky are you from 1 - 10? 16. Would you want me to go fast or slow? 17. Where would you want it? 18. Would you be loud or quiet? 19. Would you mind if i licked you? 20. Would you Fuck me today? 21. Would you Fuck me tomorro
Photo Update
Happy Thursday ! I hope your week is going well. I've added some photo's to my mythical/magical album so please stop by and show some love. Enjoy and thanks. Lin xx
You Gotta Be Kiddin Me!!!! Wtf?
While chattin with a friend earlier she gave me the link to some Mumms on here. Well obviously it's now OFFENSIVE for Santa to say "HO HO HO"...WTF? So one Mumm mentioned him saying HA HA HA...well damn, somebody will get offended over that....thinking he's laughing at thier ass! Those people need to take a damn prozac and kick back with a cold one and stfu! Dont mess with tradition!!!! To those who get offended, then maybe you need Jesus and not Santa!
Riding Dirty South
Want so of the best frinds until the end. We are riding Ditry South Click and join DSC HOME@ fubar
I Created This Profile A Year Ago
and only stayed on for two weeks when it was cherry tap.Didnt know it my profile was still running... SO I one day was reffered to this site by a friend found out i already had a profile with nasty old pics of me soooo i got rid of them cuz i look nothing like i used to in the old pics(there gone now) but anywayyyyyy thats why i have so little love for being on here so long.... sooooo ladies show me love!
I have joined this site yesterday, and have been insulted by people that were not happy with my rating. As far as I am concerned the rating should be made as a free decision without imposing. If there are people that are not able to accept it they may block me. We are living in a free society.
The Best Family To Have.
Ok everybody check this family out. You want friends for life come here. Want to share the love then come on. Just click this and read the rules.Great family!!!! Wakan-Tanka Clan's Home Page ~~~@ fubar
Just want to thank everyone who took the time out to vote and comment on my Mumm.:):)This was my first global ya'll Much love to ya!!!!
Vlog # 1 November 15 07
60 Things You Should Never Say To A Naked Guy!
I thought this was funny and cute! I hope you all do also! 1. I've smoked fatter joints than that. 2. Ahh, it's cute. 3. Who circumcised you? 4. Why don't we just cuddle? 5. You know they have surgery to fix that. 6. It's more fun to look at. 7. Make it dance. 8. You know, there's a tower in Italy like that. 9. Can I paint a smiley face on that? 10. It looks like a night crawler. 11. Wow, and your feet are so big. 12. My last boyfriend was 4'' bigger. 13. It's ok, we'll work around it. 14. Is this a mild or a spicy Slim Jim? 15. Eww, there's an inch worm on your thigh. 16. Will it squeak if I squeeze it? 17. Oh no, a flash headache. 18. (giggle and point) 19. Can I be honest with you? 20. My 8-year-old brother has one like that. 21. Let me go get my tweezers. 22. How sweet, you brought incense. 23. This explains your car. 24. You must be a growing boy. 25. Maybe if we water it, it'll grow. 26. Thanks, I needed a toothpick. 27. Are you one of those pygmies?
I'm in love with a lady and I know The lady's in love with me. And she knows that I'll always be there. That's why she's a-willin' and ready. But now and then, ev'ry once in a while Something inside of me, maybe inside of her. Have you ever had one of those days when it all is going wrong? And it just can't seem to get along. But through it all you know you're gonna make it. Call it true love, call it not meant to be. You can call it anything at all, ya see. Call it what you want. It's all the same to me. Music means alot to me. Like love I make it when I can. All I am is all I'll ever be, And that's just a boy from Texarkana. But now and then, Oh, but once in a while, They start treatin' me like some kinda superstar. Need I mention at the end of the day what matters most of all. It's not where you're at, but where you're comin' from. When all is said and done. You can call it... Heavy metal, hard-core, punk, pop, or thrash. You can call it anything it don
How Women And Men Shower
How women shower: > > Take off clothing and place it in sectioned laundry hamper according to > lights and darks. > > Walk to bathroom wearing long dressing gown. If you see husband along the > way, cover up any exposed areas. > > Look at your womanly physique in the mirror - make mental note to do more > sit-ups/leg-lifts, etc. > > Get in the shower. Use face cloth, arm cloth, leg cloth, long loofah, wide > loofah and pumice stone. > > Wash your hair once with cucumber and sage shampoo with 43 added vitamins . > > Washyour hair again to make sure it's clean. > > Condition your hair with grapefruit mint-conditioner. > > Wash your face with crushed apricot facial scrub for 10 minutes until red. > > Wash entire rest of body with ginger nut and jaffa cake body wash. Rinse > conditioner off hair. > > Shave armpits and legs. > > Turn off shower. > > Squeegee off all wet surfaces in shower. > > Spray mold spots with Tilex. > > Get out of shower. > > Dry wit
Twenty-six Things A Perfect Guy Would Do
Someone recently sent me an email titled 26 things a perfect guy would do. I thought "hmm, nobody could possibly send me anything so stupid, it can't possibly be as dumb as it sounds." I stand corrected. The email was just as advertised: a wish list of how women supposedly want men to act, as if men in this country weren't already an episode of Friends away from turning into giant walking vaginas. I never thought I'd ever read anything that would induce my gag reflex so quickly, and this is after having read the details of an anal prolapse that a friend sent me tonight. Here is the abridged list (because the full list might literally cause you to barf on your keyboard, and frankly, it's not worth reading), followed by my response to each "thing" that a "perfect guy would do:" 1. Know how to make you smile when you are down! When will women realize that they don't live on the set of a romantic comedy? Unless making you smile involves me playing video games while you cook me a
Christmas Skins
I made an album in my pics of Christmas backgrounds. Please send me a mail message if you would like a skin made using any of them. If you like making your own skins, feel free to copy them. Happy Holidays to all my friends
Horoscope For The Day Hmmmmmm Lol
Kick back and enjoy the good news -- something you did recently is paying off in a big way. It could be financial, romantic or something entirely different, but everyone can see you're a winner!
Ego (beyond The Frontier Of The Mind By Osho)
Ego (Beyond the Frontier of the Mind by Osho) From Beyond the Frontier of the Mind by Osho The first thing to be understood is what ego is. A child is born. A child is born without any knowledge, any consciousness of his own self. And when a child is born the first thing he becomes aware of is not himself; the first thing he becomes aware of is the other. It is natural, because the eyes open outwards, the hands touch others, the ears listen to others, the tongue tastes food and the nose smells the outside. All these senses open outwards. That is what birth means. Birth means coming into this world, the world of the outside. So when a child is born, he is born into this world. He opens his eyes, sees others. 'Other' means the thou. He becomes aware of the mother first. Then, by and by, he becomes aware of his own body. That too is the other, that too belongs to the world. He is hungry and he feels the body; his need is satisfied,
Looking Into Your Eyes
Looking into your eyes I see the pain. I see the hurt that you have to face now. Looking into your eyes it breaks my heart. I see the way you use to be. laughing smiling being a child, but now you are trying to figure out what is going on. Faced with the hurt of what someone else did, trying to understand why. You are so young and yet the pain is so big. Looking into your eyes i only wish i take the pain away, so you can be a child again. I only wish i would have seen the signs. the signs that have caused you so much pain, more pain then a little heart should have deal with. Looking into your eyes i see the anger, the anger you now show, because it is the only way you know how to reach out. Looking into your eyes where'd my little child go. Now in another world trying to get back. Looking into your eyes I wish i could do more then just wipe away your tears, Looking into your eyes i wish i could change what has happened, I wish i could stop the painful
why is it that most Americans can even tell who the founding fathers of this country are and what has happend to the schools who are supposed to teach them where they came from if we keep forgetting the past and where we came from we will not have a future this country will fall flat on is face and we will be spaeking a diffrent tune
Thanks To All Of You!
Thanks To All Of You! {HAHAHA} Body: I must send my thanks to whoever sent me the one about poop in the glue on envelopes because I now have to use a wet towel with every envelope that needs sealing. Also, now I have to scrub the top of every can I open for the same reason. I no longer have any savings because I gave it to a sick girl (Penny Brown) who is about to die in the hospital for the 1,387,258th time. I no longer have any money at all, but that will change once I receive the $15,000 that Bill Gates/Microsoft and AOL are sending me for participating in their special e-mail program. I no longer worry about my soul because I have 363,214 angels looking out for me, and St. Theresa's novena has granted my every wish. I no longer eat KFC because their chickens are actually horrible mutant freaks with no eyes or feathers. I no longer use cancer-causing deodorants even though I smell like a water buffalo on a hot day. Thanks to you, I have learned
Presenting.... Mary
In need of real love not fake sh*t (plz sign my guestbook! much love)@ fubar c'mon everyone help out my newest friend level up
well lets see i guess what i have come to realize is that reality sucks and no matter how far you get or go you still get slammed right onur dick i just dont get it you ever wounder what the rainbow looked like on the other side? you ever wounder what path lifes gonna take you? i do wounder and i do make my own dicisions in life i choice the way i walk i choice to b on the streets i choice to do dumb shyt well i had been given the extra walk of life and i guessyou dont know what ya got till its gone so i guess for nowon imma just give myself to the cars do nothing but work on cars and liver the best i know how and hang out with the kids thay what matters and thay love me unconditionaly maybe this is a wake up call maybe this is whats up maybe this is whats good i dont know im just confused about everything i dont know what to do if this makes sence to yall yall hit me up cuz man im mind humped halla
Sometimes in life we realize small things. Other times the big ones come and slap us in the face: SOME FRIENDS: Fucking losers Retarded Interested in gossip only Enemies in disguise Nothing to get upset about Diabolical Somewhat assholes OTHER FRIENDS: Forever there for you Really a gem Interested in your well being Eternal in all they are Need to hold them close your ♥ Do anything for you Someone you can drunk dial and theyll laugh Just something to think about. What kind of friends do you have??? What kind of friend are you????
Kat Williams.. Hillarious
Why is everyone so quiet today? What are ya'all up to?
ON 11/2/2007; Nowakowski Statement on the Student Protest Disruption at Morton West In response to the November 1st student protest disruption of classes at Morton West, Morton High School District 201 Superintendent Ben Nowakowski released the following statement: At 10:45 am on Thursday, November 1, I was notified that approximately 35 students had staged a sit-in protest of the War in Iraq at the Morton West High School cafeteria. Upon my arrival at the West campus, the students were informed by school administration and Berwyn Police that their actions constituted a disruption to the school day. They were afforded the opportunity to take their protest outside where they would not be impeding the educational process and, if they did so, the would face no disciplinary action. Several members of the group elected to return to their classes. Other members of the group locked arms and refused to move from their location. The rest of the Morton West student body was held in
Kat Williams ~ Michael Jackson
Kat Williams ~ White Friends
Turkey 101
The Star of the Show Thanksgiving a time to enjoy time with family and friends and to give thanks for all we have. With a week away I thought a lesson in how to might help those that are doing their Turkeys for the first time. I can remeber the first Turkey Dinner that I made It was disastrous, I won't go into details on that awful Thanksgiving... I will say we ended up going out... Before you buy the turkey, figure out your guest list. You should have 1 to 1 pounds of turkey per person. If you're buying a frozen turkey, calculate the time needed for it to thaw: one day for every five pounds of turkey. Are you thinking about bringing your turkey this year? It's a straightforward process but it requires a little planning. Soaking the turkey in a saltwater solution allows the meat to absorb water and flavorings, resulting in a juicy, flavorful turkey. Cooking Methods Roasting a turkey is the easiest method for inexperienced cooks or a
If You Don't Like My Team Piss Off Ass Wipes!
Look ass holes whoever is marking my pics as NSFW can go fuck off and get the fuck off my profile! They are not NSFW and I would appreciate who ever is doing it to be a man or woman and step to my face and fess up fuckers!
Now A Few Schriptures Of Gods Word....
1 Corinthians 6 ; verse 1;dare any of you having a matter against another , go to law before the unjust. and not before the saints ? 2 ; do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world? and if the world shall be judged by you , are ye unworthy to judge the smallest of amtters. 3 ; No ye not that we shall judge angels ? how many much more things that pretain to this life? 4 ; If ye have judgements of things pretaining to this life , set them to judge who are least esteemed in the church. 5 ; I speak to your shame . It ,s so that ther is not a wise man among you ? not not one that shall be able to judge between his brethren? 6 ; But brother goeth to law with brother,and that before the unbelievers? 7 ; Now therefore the is a uttery a fault among you,because ye go to law with one another.Why do ye not rather take rong / why do ye not rather suffer yourselves to be defrauded.? 8 ; Ne , ye do wrong , and defrauded , and that your brethren. 9 ; know that the unrighteous
Just A Rate
Sexy Vampire
Your Angel Hug You
Angels In Love 910
Black Adder
There was nothing better to watch last night so I figured it was time to pop in the old Black Adder tapes. I settled on Series 3 because the Prince is so stupid, and because it has my favorite word in the first episode: “Anti-distinctly-minty.” You can’t go wrong with that. Black Adder - The Complete Collector’s Set ASIN: B000EBCEVS I see some of Live Writer’s plug-ins need some work. I’m sure that Amazon linker thing could be done a wee bit better. Anyway. People usually talk about “comfort foods.” These are foods that you eat because they make you feel better. Maybe you’re down in the dumps and cinnamon toast perks you up. Stuff like that. Or you’re depressed, so you buy a bunch of Ho-Ho’s and watch M*A*S*H re-runs. Black Adder, Red Dwarf and Jurassic Park are my “comfort videos.” I don’t really know why Jurassic Park is in there, but if I’m at a loss to watch somethin
To New Friends
it might take me some time but i dont just add people for the add i like meeting new people and i will by by your page to check out your profile rate you and talk to you i just wanted to let ya'll know that i work and ive been trying not to spend ALL of the rest of my time online because i dont get anything else done and i cant afford a maid lmao E
Witch Friend
Spammer For Hydaway
hope to see you there !!!
Fallen Angel
God Bless Mothers
God bless the the mothers, the ones who rock their children and place them in warm cradles. God bless the mothers, the ones who wrap their children and hide them from bullets and terror. God bless the mothers, those who take their children to the movies, and buy them popcorn. God bless the mothers those who feed them their own portion of food, saying they are not hungry. God bless the mother's the ones whose children do well in school, and get straight A's God bless the mothers the ones whose children steal cars, take drugs and drop out. God bless the mothers those who have children who are born perfect, whole and healthy. God bless the mothers whose children cannot walk or hear or see. God bless the mothers whose children grow up and have children of their own. God bless the mothers who lose a child, and spend a lifetime mourning. God bless the mothers who go to church on Sunday and take their children with them. God bless the
We Are All The Same
We are all the same in one way or another. We all cry, we all laugh. we all say things that we don't mean, We are all the same in one way or another we all have feelings We all have secrets that we keep hidden deep inside. We all get angry, we all get scared sometimes. We are all the same in one way or another We all cry, we all laugh. We all have good days we all have bad days. we all stand under the same blue sky We are the same in one way or another so why do we hate, why can't all get along. It doesnt have to be this way. We are all the same in one way or another.
Simple Act Of Kindness
He lay on my bed watching the Disney channel as always, I crept up beside him laid my head on his pillow. He remained still nor did he acknowledge I was there. I felt him breathing, soft and sweet . . . like him. He did not seem to mind me being right there so I snuggled closer just to feel him, just to touch to be a part of this child my son. After a moment he turned to me, then reaching towards me he took his tattered blanket, and carefully tenderly laid it on me, tucked me in, as I had done to him, so many times.before. And I lay there with my tears and my son, together on the bed wrapped in a tattered blanket. There is joy in simple moments, there is magic in the little things
I Was Like You Once..
if you see me at the supermarket, and my child is screaming, rolling on the floor with anger seeping from his pores. please don't blame me, I was like you once, If you are in a restuarant and my child throws food and it hits you in the face, please, don't be angry, I can't handle any more rage. If you see my child climbing over a very tall fence with nothing on except his hat. Please don't call the police, I only looked away for a minute. If you see me crying, as you pull up next to me at a stop light. at a busy intersection. Honk and smile, I need a friend. If you see me, running down the street with curlers in my hair chasing a small child who runs so fast, I can't catch him Help me chase him down. If my child grabs your child, or pushes him or bites or kicks him, or says words that make your hair curl. Please forgive him, and me too. If you happen to see us, walking in your neighbourhood, or in the malls, or at the park
The Devil Sucking The Finger
I went to my fathers grave today, like I try to do every year on November 11th. Its been 18 years since hes passed and today I felt exactly like I did 18 years ago like a young, lost boy that just realized that superman was dead. I think back over my life and all I can do is hope that in someway my father is proud of me. Im not as successful as he had hoped. To be honest, I dont think I ever could have been as successful as he wanted me to be. He was a mechanic. He fixed things. He made lumps of metal have meaning and purpose and he made me promises him that Id never do that for a living. He wanted me to be a thinker to not have to rely on my hands to provide for my family. The last couple years Ive looked at myself and realized that I do the same thing. I fix computers, printers, and ATM machines. They all have moving parts and they all can become useless lumps of metal and plastic. Its very satisfying to take something broken and make it work. I understand
Walk With Me
Walk in my shoes for one single day. Then you'll see why I need to pray. Come live in my home for a week or two and then remember I am just like you. I didnt ask for the things I was given I didnt choose this road I have taken Walk a mile with me hand in hand Then perhaps you will understand. I'm not really complaining about the stress in my life, I know that we all have some toil and some strife. But walk with me, when you think I am wrong, walk with me and you'll start to belong. Embrace my sorrows, like they are your own, And then you will know me And see I have grown. The journey I take is different from yours My life took one of those unexpected detours, But this road that I travel is not really so long, If the people who watch me will join in my song. Listen to my footsteps and watch how I dance And then you will know me and give me a chance. Take heart and remember It can happen to you, who knows where my pathway will cross over to yo
Do Not Judge...
The World Is Dropped On It Fucking Head Santas warned 'ho ho ho' offensive to women Wed Nov 14, 11:04 PM ET Santas in Australia's largest city have been told not to use Father Christmas's traditional "ho ho ho" greeting because it may be offensive to women, it was reported Thursday. Sydney's Santa Clauses have instead been instructed to say "ha ha ha" instead, the Daily Telegraph reported. One disgruntled Santa told the newspaper a recruitment firm warned him not to use "ho ho ho" because it could frighten children and was too close to "ho", a US slang term for prostitute. "Gimme a break," said Julie Gale, who runs the campaign against sexualising children called Kids Free 2B Kids. "We are talking about little kids who do not understand that "ho, ho, ho" has any other connotation and nor should they," she told the Telegraph. "Leave Santa alone." A local spokesman for the US-based Westaff recruitment firm said i
Sexy Cowgirl
Rear End Collision
Rear End Collision A man was helping one of his cows give birth, when he noticed his 4-year-old son standing wide-eyed at the fence, soaking in the whole event. The man thought, "Great...he's 4 and I'm gonna have to start explaining the birds and bees. No need to jump the gun - I'll just let him ask, and I'll answer." After everything was over, the man walked over to his son and said, "Well son, do you have any questions?" "Just one," gasped the still wide-eyed lad. "How fast was that calf going when he hit that cow?"
Sweet Asperger's Boy Of Thee (my Son Christopher)
Sweet aspergers boy of thee How hard it is to find the glee Every day you shout and rant Smash my house and again i pant Big breaths in,big breaths out Staying calm but wanting to shout No punishment works with a child like this Please go away aggression,is my only wish But little boy,how i love you so You taught me things i did'nt know Patience and tolerance,forgiveness and strength Unconditional love even tho you keep me at arms length No regrets at all my son,love is all there is I never forget that,even when im in a tizz! Thankful i am,honoured i am,that you came to me Sweet aspergers boy of thee
My Special Son Christopher
When they told me he would never talk, I taught him to sing. I mimicked his little sounds until he began to mimic mine. When they told me he would never walk I taught him to run. I put his little hands in mine and helped guide his feet toward our goal. I fell to my hands and knees and raced along the floor by his side. When they said he would not read I began showing him words and teaching him sounds. When they said he would not write I gave him a crayon and said you can and he became a poet. When they said he would live in his own world I opened the doors to mine and waited for him to enter. Now when they say things I raise my voice to the heavens. God hears me and gives me strength to help him overcome the limitations they say await him. My son is autistic. High functioning and bright and incredible in a million different ways, but autistic nonetheless. When he was very little I was told he would never be reachable, never talk or
Eagle Woman - Native
Soooo Sunday is yet another Payperview on WWE wrestling.. If anyone out here watches it, let me know.. My man Cena is out for a while.. not to say Lashley will be back soon enough, and heard it down the wire that Chris Jericho will be returning.. yayyyy! So.. Im thinking it's going down like this Sunday.. Batista will win the Hell in a Cell match against Undertaker.. since The Undertaker usually wins the belt back by WrestleMania..Also, surprising enough, that nasty Edge will return, so who knows what will happen! Randy Orton, who I cannot stand.. will lose the belt to HBK.. Im hoping he does anyway.. the rest of the wrestlers.. ehhhh I really dont care.. well, except for Jeff Hardy.. he's amazing. Anyway, Im new to this fubar site, and Im kind of feeling my way out here.. so please be patient mkay! Until the next time, thanx for the adds, and peace out!!
A woman goes into a tattoo parlour and tells the tattoo artist that she wants a tattoo of a turkey on her right thigh just below her bikini line. She also wants him to put "Happy Thanksgiving" under the turkey. So the guy does it and it comes out looking really good. The woman then instructs him to put a Santa tattoo with "Merry Christmas" up on her left thigh. So the guy does it and it comes out looking good, too. As the woman is getting dressed to leave, the tattoo artist asks, "If you don't mind, could you tell me why you had me put such unusual tattoos on your thighs?" She says "I'm sick and tired of my husband complaining all the time that there's nothing good to eat between Thanksgiving and Christmas!!
Prayer For Today And More>> Oh My Lord...
Oh Lord Thank you for all..> Thank you today and all that is in it. May I ask you to help those in need of you in their lives. Fill them with thy Joy , thy Truth , thy Light , Lead those lost to find the way. May we get thru this day will a sence of loving, happy feelings , helping us to show caring and be doing for another , wihout amositisity, or hate or lies. Thank you for the beauty in all things , and for the hardships we live and learn from. Thank you for giving us strength to go on. Thank you for watching over us forgiving us if and when we fail or fall away from thy grace, and love. Thank you for your gifts , they are many ..> But the greatest of all is love , thy salvation to an eternal life , thru Jesus Christ Thy son ;Given Out of your great love Thank you O Lord. Amen!!!!
K. So.
look when you see me on at night i'm on via my phone. i CANNOT use the shout box when i'm on my phone, it doesn't let me. so let's all please stop getting offended about my not responding at night. it's impossible too. :)
Twinkle Twinkle
Twinkle twinkle little star You should know what you are And once you know what you are Mental hospital is not so far.
Rough Sex Facts.. Got From Bulletin..
Rough sex facts Repost this right after u read it, something good will happen at 2:25 tomorrow. Get ready for the biggest shock in your life!! Whoever breaks this chain will be cursed w/ relationship problems 4-10 years. If you send this in 15 mins. your safe. Something good will happen tonight at 11:11pm. Giving .........head....... massages the jaw....while burning 32 calories. Swallowing foreign body juices is actually like taking vitamins and it whitens your teeth The American Dental Association says that semen cuts plaque better than mouth wash, so suck a dick and save a smile. Having nice sex burns 358 calories. Having rough sex [make it hurt] burns 543 calories. Take off her clothes with her consent.........................12 cal without......................187 cal Take off her Bra With two hands..........................8 cal With one han d.........................12 cal With mouth.............................85 cal Put on Protection hard ..
Street Dolls
Street Dolls The tragedy of society No one dares talk about it Once they were happy Once they brought joy Now they just litter The streets and alleys The forgotten The discarded The runaways Barbie and her man ken Looking for work again stuffed teddy bears now diabetic Care bears committing suicide Green army men's genocide Glow worms selling themselves To medical science for wine On the seedier side of town Gummy bears roam the streets In violent gangs He-man and she-ra are bodyguards For the Mexican drug cartel Smurfette got surfed up Trains sets that used to bring joy Now bring drugs and illegal aliens Rainbow works street corners and Poor little skipper shacked up with an old rocker
One Of The Funniest E-mails I've Ever Received...
This was written by a guy... it's pretty damn smart. Girls -- Have a sense of humor! I never quite figured out why the sexual urge of men and women differ so much. And I never have figured out the whole Venus and Mars thing. I have never figured out why men think with their head and women with their heart. FOR EXAMPLE: One evening last week, my girlfriend and I were getting into bed. Well, the passion starts to heat up, and she eventually says, "I don't feel like it, I just want you to hold me." I said, "WHAT??!! What was that?!" So she says the words that every boyfriend on the planet dreads to hear... "You're just not in touch with my emotional needs as a woman enough for me to satisfy your physical needs as a man." She responded to my puzzled look by saying, "Can't you just love me for who I am and not what I do for you in the bedroom?" Realizing that nothing was going to happen that night, I went to sleep. The very next day I opted to take the da
Karate Dpg
Karate Dog There was a young couple who lived in a town filled with crime. After three of their neighbors' houses had been robbed, the couple decided to get a guard dog. So the young wife went to the pet store and said, I need a good guard dog. The clerk replied, Sorry, we're all sold out. All we have left is this little Scottie dog. But, he does know karate. The wife didn't believe the clerk, so he said to the dog, Karate that chair. The dog went up to the chair and broke it into pieces. Then he said to the dog, Karate that table. The dog went up to the table and broke it in half. So the wife bought the dog and took it home to her husband who was expecting a big guard dog. The husband was of course disappointed and somewhat skeptical about the Scottie dog's abilities as a guard dog. When she told her husband that the dog knew karate, he said, Karate my ass! And to this very day, he is in the hospital.
Heaven's Door
Hi Everyone.. I want to invite you to Heaven's Door. It's a new lounge that I started yesterday. Has great people.. awesome music and the liquor is flowing free... You will be shitfaced for months.. lol... We have 50 members and it's growing strong. There is no drama..and ladies.. you will be respected.. that I can guarantee.. So, click the link before and enjoy..
Walking The Road
Walking in with caution Protective of ones heart Guarding all that is you Fear of being hurt Trust in one being broke Then something happens My heart feels explosion Falling deeply in love Letting go not wanting to fear Being open and honest Letting go fully for one Trusting with all that is you Not wanting fear to block Wanting to feel the wonder Knowing the beauty of love Nothing about love is easy The thing is walking the difficult road Together hand in hand For honest and true love No doubts no fear of the one I love you with all my heart Trust you with all my soul Need to know you are here Wanting to walk and learn The road is big enough You just havet to be honest with you Do you want to walk the road?
Moving Into A New Phase
Outgrowing Friends Every one of us lives a life colored by individual and changing experiences, perceptions, needs, and desires. We connect with others, becoming friends and confidants, most often because they share something with us, such as an interest or need. But as time goes on there is change, and the bonds that brought you close to a treasured friend may not be enough to sustain the relationship. You may find your lives have gone in wildly different directions and you no longer share the same aspirations, or you may have changed on an energetic level. It is not unusual in such a situation to find that the comfort you found in the other person has vanished and that you have trouble relating as you once did. Outgrowing a friend can be confusing or painful, but it is a natural part of one's personal growth. You have a right to choose to surround yourself with those people who understand you, are helpful and compassionate, and put you at ease. Months or years into a friendsh
The Book
Trusting Your Gut
Listening To Intuition Decisions that you may not be satisfied with can lead you to ask yourself how could I have made one choice, when my gut feeling pointed to the other. Because we can look to the past and imagine the future with clarity, there exists a tendency to mull over even minor choices and to over-analyze people and situations. But when we choose to put aside reasoning processes for just a moment, insights may be revealed. Listening to your intuitive mind allows you to access a natural cache of wisdom within. You may find that in "trusting your gut," your innate sense of what is right and wrong will become both strong and reliable. Intuitive or gut-level reactions may seem less credible than decisions based on logic or carefully weighed facts because intuition is perceived by most as a less intelligent way of coming to conclusions. Every person is naturally intuitive, even if you have not learned to tap into it. You may also discount your gut feelings, even when they
What is your Sexual Obituary? Suddenly just before orgasm, becky died while in the sack with their lover, George Clooney.becky will be terribly missed by Their favourite dildo. 'What is your Sexual Obituary?' at
Stretch Yourself
Stretch Yourself "People are defeated by easy, victorious and cheap successes more than by adversity." -- Benjamin Disraeli Todays social standard is one of mediocrity. The status quo rarely challenges our individual creative power. Create a brand new world for yourself, one that meets your deepest needs. By doing so, you will help raise the quality of consciousness of the entire world. Use your imagination! Sing your own song! "Success means fulfilling your own dreams, singing your own song, dancing your own dance, creating from your heart and enjoying the journey, trusting that whatever happens, it will be OK. Creating your own adventure!" -- Elana Lindquist reprints with permission: Higher Awareness
Blog About Bbg, Drama Lovers Read This :) (from Rjeezy, Not Me :p)
Worst Luck Ever!
Yesterday morning I woke up early and in good spirits. Which is pretty amazing since I slept with a heart monitor and my little 40 pound son who acts as a large heater. I may be lonely but I think those two things combined are a little much! Anyway I woke up feeling good and knowing I was going to get to take off the stupid heart monitor!! I got up early, went to the pharmacy to pick up my fun new meds. Then went to the doctor and had the monitor removed. I even played loud music and sang on the way to work. I pull into the parking lot of my job and my phone rings. The nurse from the doctor's office "Ms. Collier I am so sorry to tell you this, but I removed the batteries from the heart monitor before I pulled out the card. We'll have to repeat the whole test." I just laughed, what else could I do? So today after my echocardiogram, I get to go back and have the damn thing put on AGAIN. I have the best luck ever.
So Who Is It Really
So at what point are you forced to realize that hey its not them its you? To me that point was last night when I saw one my ex's at work who told me its a good thing we broke up when we did cause she was in love with someone else and had, big surprise, cheated on me near the end of our relationship. Well now that puts me at every relationship i've been in except for one where I was either cheated on or pushed my partner so far away they fell for someone else at some point of our relationship. And even in the one where I'm not sure either of that happened I still have my suspicions cause of how close her and her roomate were at the time. Plus add that to the fact that she told me her and her roommate "experimented" before and well the suspicions are very strong. I get compliments on how nice a guy I am, and I admit it I can be. I have the potential to be sweet, caring and quasi chivalrous. But is that enough anymore? I mean I know the sins I committed in my marriage that lead
Rainforest Cafe Safari Soup Recipe
Rainforest Cafe Safari Soup Recipe Ready in: 2-5 hrs Difficulty: 3 (1=easiest :: hardest=5) Serves/Makes: 4 Ingredients: 1 tablespoon olive oil 2 tablespoons vegetable oil 1 pound Italian sausage - casing removed, lightly sauteed and drained 1 cup partly cooked pasta - any shape 4 medium garlic cloves, crushed 1/3 cup diced onions 1 cup sliced carrots 1/2 cup chopped celery 1 cup diced eggplant - skinned (unless skins are very thin and tender) 16 cups water 1 (28 oz.) can crushed tomatoes 1/3 cup mixed dried beans (Romano, kidney, fava, pinto, cranberry, etc.) 1 1/2 tablespoon salt (to taste) 3 tablespoons sugar (to taste) 1 teaspoon pepper 3/4 teaspoon garlic powder 1 bay leaf 1 teaspoon basil 1/4 teaspoon celery seed 2 tablespoons minced fresh parsley 2 tablespoons minced fresh coriander 1/4 teaspoon dry chile pepper 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar Directions: Lightly grease stock pot bottom to prevent beans from sticking. Brown sausage a
For My Inked Friends... Behind The Ink is a social networking site. I've been a member for awhile, but to be honest, when I just checked it this morning I had to get my password emailed to me, lol. It confused me a lot (kinda like here) when I first joined, and lately I just don't have a ton of time to be doing anything. Hugz to all =)
hi everyone!hope your doing good thease day's i miss you all,love you all!!1
Think Before
When there's something that must be done, it's important to act quickly. Yet it's also important to think before you act. Action is what makes things happen. Thinking is what makes those actions appropriate and effective. A thoughtful response will take you much further than a mindless reaction. A thoughtful response will put the power of positive purpose into what you do. It's great when you're anxious to take action. Remember to also take a moment to put the power of thought and intention behind your action. Think, consider, and then act. You'll avoid regrets and produce positive, valuable results. Think before you go. And where you'll end up is just where you intended to be. -- Ralph Marston
Theres Nothing Worse Than..
fake people. people that lie just to try to hook up with you. jerks. people who are so igrorant to think that i wouldnt find out about the lies. guys: go find another girl to play your silly little immature games on...or better yet, Grow Up???? hmmmm yes maybe then you wont have to lie to get some..just a theory :)
22 Ways To Be A Good Democrat
22 Ways To Be A Good Democrat 1. You have to be against capital punishment, but support abortion on demand. 2. You have to believe that businesses create oppression and governments create prosperity. 3. You have to believe that guns in the hands of law-abiding Americans are more of a threat than U.S. Nuclear weapons technology in the hands of Chinese and North Korean communists. 4. You have to believe that there was no art before federal funding. 5. You have to believe that global temperatures are less affected by cyclical documented changes in the earth's climate and more affected by soccer moms driving SUV's. 6. You have to believe that gender roles are artificial but being homosexual is natural. 7. You have to believe that the AIDS virus is spread by a lack of federal funding. 8. You have to believe that the same teacher who can't teach fourth graders how to read is somehow qualified to teach those same kids about sex. 9. You have to believe that h
A Cynical Willyism For The Fuckin' Day 11/15/07;
Get ready cause it don't get more cynical then this; How the fuck is Viagra, Penis Enlarging Pills, or a goddamn condum any fuckin' different then a chick using a vibrator or anybody taking blood pressure, cholesterol, insulin, or shit fuckin' aspirins, or stronger, pills for what ails ya? Every "tree hugging all natural greennick" think about this; do you brush teeth, comb hair, use lipstick, perfume, or cologne? Throws the "all natural" shit out the fuckin' window don't it? No I'm not using that shit, they make a good topic for jokes but in 20 years people will be "Huh" just like young uns are about us and our gas prices/cable TV jokes! Twat goes around cums around! Y'all been warned too!
A Matter Of Choice
The Law Of Attraction One of the most wonderful abilities we have is the ability to make choices. We can choose to think positive thoughts or negative thoughts. Likewise, we can make an effort to ensure all our actions contribute to positive outcomes or we can convince ourselves that negative outcomes are inevitable. Such choices can then have a profound affect on your life, for they are the seeds you sow in the universe. Your words and deeds, even the thoughts kept hidden in your mind, contribute to your experience by attracting similar words, deeds, and thoughts because of the Law of Attraction. It is a natural law, as easy to understand as "like begets like" or "what you sow, so shall you reap." It means that what you give to the universe will come back to you, giving you a huge measure of control over the direction and quality of your own life. If you are patient, you will no doubt be able to see the Law of Attraction at work in your own life. To give a simple example, a smil
Good Or Bad Witch Is Better
You Are What You Speak
Power Of Words Words have power. Despite reassurances of the old childhood rhyme, "sticks and stones will break your bones, but words can never hurt you," we all know words can hurt. Hopefully, most of us try to refrain from saying hurtful things, but we can take a step further on the path to enlightment by being conscious of all the words we use. To become conscious of one's speech means to become aware of the power of words and the energy behind them. Speaking consciously is very effective in bringing about positive change. You can actually change your life for the better, by being more aware of the things you say. For instance, if you're constantly putting yourself down, "I'm fat, clumsy, unpopular, etc." then you will no doubt feel as such. However, if you stroke yourself with positive affirmations, "I'm fit, athletic, friendly..." you will feel more positive about yourself to aspire to such admirable qualities. Having a positive attitude and being aware of our words is
My Sister
GO SHOW SOME LOVE RIGHT NOW ... DAYUM YOU!! lol SuperStarrPrincess***Owner of The Sisterhood***Club F.A.R. Greeter***D.S.C.@ fubar
Our Fearless Leaders...
A Washington, DC airport ticket agent offers some examples of why our country is in trouble! 1. I had a New Hampshire Congresswoman ask for an aisle seat so that her hair wouldn't get messed up by being near the window. 2. I got a call from a candidate's staffer, who wanted to go to Capetown. I started to explain the length of the flight and the passport information, then she interrupted me with, "I'm not trying to make you look stupid, but Capetown is in Massachusetts," Without trying to make her look stupid, I calmly explained, "Cape Cod is in Massachusetts, Capetown is in Africa." Her response - click. 3. A senior Vermont Congressman called, furious about a Florida package we did. I asked what was wrong with the vacation in Orlando. He said he! was expecting an ocean-view room. I tried to explain that's not possible, since Orlando is in the middle of the state. He replied, "Don't lie to me, I looked on the map and Florida is a very thin state!"
Darwin Award Nominees
Darwin Award Nominees The Darwins are awarded every year to the persons who died in the most stupid manner, thereby removing themselves from the gene pool. This years nominees are: Nominee No. 1: [San Jose Mercury News]: An unidentified man, using a shotgun like a club to break a former girlfriend's windshield, accidentally shot himself to death when the gun discharged, blowing a hole in his gut. Nominee No. 2: [Kalamazoo Gazette]: James Burns, 34, (a mechanic) of Alamo, MI, was killed in March as he was trying to repair what police describe as a "farm-type truck." Burns got a friend to drive the truck on a highway while Burns hung underneath so that he could ascertain the source of a troubling noise. Burns clothes caught on something, however, and the other man found Burns "wrapped in the drive shaft". Nominee No. 3: [Hickory Daily Record]: Ken Charles Barger, 47, accidentally shot himself to death in December in Newton, NC. Awakening to the sound of a ringing te
Anyone Out There
anyone out there I need freinds!!!!!someone talk to me
A Right To Drive
Thank GOD, the NY governor decided to drop the whole driver's license for illegal immigrants issue. I really had to wonder what he was smoking to come up with that. We can't control the flow of illegals coming into the country, so give them a license to drive so that they can be tracked? Simplistically that does make sense, but since when is anything that simplistic AND doable?
thought for this a.m. is..... BLAH! blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah and blah fucking blah! so if your reading this BLAH!!!!!!
Lets Get Some Coments On My Mumms
even if u don't like them
Well I guess I should have seen it coming. All 3 of my kids have had the stomach bug, why shouldnt Mommy get it??? I could feel it last night before I went to bed, I knew it was coming. This morning I woke with terrible tummy cramps, even my skin hurts. All of this the day before my birthday :-( I was supposed to go to a concert tomorrow night, guess that wont be happening now either. Another birthday disapointment. *sigh* Okay, Im done complaining...for now!
My Upcomming Schedule
Updated On: Tuesday, 27Thursday, 15 November, 2007 To all whom it may concern....... I wanted to keep you apprised of my tentative schedule over the upcoming couple of months. Here's my upcoming tentative schedule, as I know it so far, through 31 DEC. 2008+: 02 NOV. 07 - 04 NOV. 07: San Diego, CA. (Business Trip) *******This Jam Session trip was cancelled at the last minute. ******* 05 NOV. 07 - 08 NOV. 07: Taft, CA. (Time with Son) *******Already happened. This was a great time, but not long enough, as always. ******* 09 NOV. 07 - 11 NOV. 07: Carmel/Pacific Grove/Sea Side/San Jose/Monterey, CA. (Visit Mom and Misc. other family) *******This trip already happened. Went well, overall. ******* 12 NOV. 07 - 12 NOV. 07: Los Angeles, CA. (Veteran's Memorial Event at the school of the Son of my fallen Marine) ******* This trip already happened. I was very special for me. ******* 12 NOV. 07 - 16 NOV. 07: T
ok well after 4 12 hr shifts with the flu and about 5 different types of OTC meds i think im gonna break down and go to the on site health clinic at work in the morning. no open appointments before then :( so if i dont reply to comments or emails today bear with me im trying to lay down but it only stuffs me up worse. Ive already tried tea with honey and lemon, chicken soup, and even vodka lol all it did was make me loopy.....with a hacking cough.8-p please rate my blog!i miss being it the top 50 lol
Alien Life Can Survive Trip To Earth
We could have alien origins, say scientists who sent fossilized microscopic life-forms into space and back inside an artificial meteorite. The researchers attached the baseball-size rock to the outside of the European Space Agency's Foton M3 spacecraft to test whether biological material could survive the round-trip journey. Sculpted from stone from the Orkney Islands in northern Scotland, the rock contained fossilized microbes and the molecular signatures of microbes. The unmanned spacecraft was launched by rocket from Kazakhstan's Baikonur Cosmodrome carrying 43 experiments. The craft landed in Kazakhstan on September 26 after orbiting the planet for 12 days. "In the bit of rock we got back, some biological compounds have survived," said project leader John Parnell from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. Preliminary findings suggest that it's possible simple organisms could arrive via meteorites, he said. The research also suggests that living microbes would likely have survi
In Loving Memory:my Aunt Martha
Her eyes were dim and glassy as she looked upon your face, She knew she was getting weaker, she knew she had to go. The Lord wrapped his arms around her and took her by the hand, He said Come with Me, my darling, to God's Eternal land. I know we will miss you so, It wont be long before it our time to go. We know God picks the time and place to take our loved ones home, But it is so hard to accept the loss when it is one of your very own. We know others have lost their loved ones, and this we can't explain And we know it must break God's heart to see his children in such pain. We cannot judge what happens but when tears and questions start, We only see what is visible, but God sees down deep in your heart. The last night that we spent with you, you were so weak you could not speak, But you formed the words "I Love You" as we wiped tears from our cheek. I'll never forget when you told me that you had a flying wheelchair
Dago, Rap3z0rd
As a rule, i will never ignore or ban. This queer just couldn't handle the jedi! And, as such, ignored me. I guess he feared his asshole being stretched to Goatse-esque proportions! ->Psychowolf...: Dont make me tear your asshole open to epic, Goatse-esque proportions! ->Psychowolf...: youre crying now. Your moms probably dead. Ill fuck her corpse; for i am Jedi. We love necrophilia. Anthony: UR BORING GO AWAY U GEEK ->Psychowolf...: I will substitute my cock, ona one time deal. I will not slay your mother with yodas cock, and will instead use mine. Not many can handle Yodas Saber skills. Will you take it in the butt instead? Itll save your momma from getting even more reamed out Anthony: DUDE THAT IS STUPID ->Psychowolf...: Are you sure your mother didnt summon the council? I thought, and could have sworn, she said she wanted master yodas cock Anthony: NOPE THAT WOULD BE UR FRIEND FAT ASS PAPI ->Psychowolf...: WTF, ARE YOU AN ASS LOVER THAT WANTS MAN RAPE
Science And The Paranormal
We are all aware of science and what it means to the modern world, but how many really know the central reasons behind science, its overall methodology, or how it came about? In this post, Ill attempt to offer a glimmer of light. But in doing so, I want to highlight something else. Namely, science, today, is arriving at concepts that seem to invalidate the very processes of science itself. The discipline remains uneasy with this perhaps because it would open up truths about the paranormal. EARLY IDEAS The first awareness of science in a modern, western sense came from the ancient Greeks. Imbued with a curiosity about the world separate from the machinations of gods, a methodolgy was finally devised by Aristotle in the 4th century BC. To him, we should understand the world by a process of experience and observation separate to the old accepted ways of belief. Europe was to lose touch with Classical knowledge, with Christianity rising as the only, belief-based, system. Scien
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It had been nearly an hour since the group had heard from graves the Blood Pack was making there way on foot searching from building to building. As Krash and Tank were still driving around. The two groups had remained in radio contact and still not a word from Graves. I dont like this. Krash said to Tank, and you could see the concern on her face. I dont either kiddo this isnt like him. Radio to the Blood Pack see if they have seen any sign of him yet. Krash radios into the Blood Pack Hey you guys pick up are you their do you read me. Bloody Marys voice comes through We Read you loud and clear Krash whats going on. Krash replies back Its Graves we havent seen or heard from him now in over an hour. We were wondering if you have had any contact with him. Bloody Mary sighss, as she responds back Unfortunately we have not heard or seen him either Lets meet back at the edge of town where we came in at. Affirmative we wi
You Don't Get To Decide!!
You can't pick and choose when you want to be a parent. You can't just be there one week and not the next 4. You can't just support and feed your kids when you get a wild hair up your ass. If your gonna bring a child into the world you need to either be there or not be there. You can't just be there sometimes, you can't just "help out", and you should atleast ask how your kids are when you haven't seen them for a couple of months especially when before that you saw them everyday. How do you turn your back on a child? How do you stay away so long they forget who you are? How do sleep at night not knowing if they have a roof over they're head and food to eat? How can you live your life without being a part of your childs? There are so many parents who aren't allowed to see their kids and wish more than anything they could and then you got people like my ex who don't even bother. Thinks just because he's "helped out" he's done his part. BS!
Thursday Opie And Anthony Links: Louis Ck, Jim Jeffries, Steve's Stupid Noises, New Videos Online, Gas Station Ghost, Amy Fisher Video
LISTEN TO TODAY'S OPIE and ANTHONY SHOW ON AUDIBLE (link usually active by 3pm EST) Happy Thursdee everyone! It's another fun-filled day with lots of hugging on the Opie and Anthony Show! Rejoining the program this morning is our Aussie pal Jim Jeffries who turned us on to the movie Wolf Creek (Unrated Widescreen Edition)(creepy as hell, actually) . Also on the show this morning is Louis CK, who is playing North Fork Theater at Westbury (click for tickets, gonzo!) Remember, kids... if you want to see any of the in-studio nose-picking, booger-eating, shit-talking, or egg white-eating...Turn On Your Paltalk and go to the 'Opie and Anthony LIVE' room. Of course, if you're anything like us, you're oogling the Ladies of Paltalk, who spend most of their time in the morning TOTALLY NUDE. WIN $1000 A DAY WITH O&A: Every day, for about a month, the Opie and Anthony Show is going to give away ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS to a lucky listener. Here's what you do: 1. Listen between 7am and 7:30a
Man Charged With Vicky's Murder
Man charged with Vicky's murder Vicky family's years of pain A man has appeared in court charged with the murder of 15-year-old Vicky Hamilton, who went missing in 1991. Peter Tobin, 61, appeared in private at Linlithgow Sheriff Court. Vicky's remains were found at a house in Margate, Kent, where he once lived. Police had been investigating the disappearance of another missing girl. Mr Tobin made no plea or declaration and was remanded in custody. Officials said he is expected to appear in court again next week. The accused was charged in July over the 15-year-old's disappearance. Vicky's father Michael and other relatives gathered at the court and Mr Hamilton was accompanied by a police officer as he walked in front of the Reliance prison van which conveyed Mr Tobin to court. There was a sizeable police presence at the court in West Lothian and some of the onlookers who had gathered outside shouted abuse as Mr Tobin was led in and out of the rear of
The Good Wife's Guide
Good Housekeeping on Wives The Good Wife's Guide From Housekeeping Monthly, 13 May, 1955. * Have dinner ready. Plan ahead, even the night before, to have a delicious meal ready on time for his return. This is a way of letting him know that you have be thinking about him and are concerned about his needs. Most men are hungry when they get home and the prospect of a good meal is part of the warm welcome needed. * Prepare yourself. Take 15 minutes to rest so you'll be refreshed when he arrives. Touch up your make-up, put a ribbon in your hair and be fresh-looking. He has just been with a lot of work-weary people. * Be a little gay and a little more interesting for him. His boring day may need a lift and one of your duties is to provide it. * Clear away the clutter. Make one last trip through the main part of the house just before your husband arrives. Run a dustcloth over the tables. * During the cooler months of the year you should prepare a

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