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The Penis
~LOL~I, the penis, request a pay raise due to the following reasons:1) I do physical labor2) I work at great depths3) I plunge head first into everything I do4) I work weekends & holidays5) I work in damp environments6) I work in dark areas with poor ventilation7) I work in high temperatures8) .. and my work exposes me to diseaseDear penis, your request has been denied for the following reasons:1) You don't work eight hours straight2) You work in short spurts and fall asleep after each brief work period3) You don't stay in your designated work area, and are frequently found in other locations4) You don't take initiative and must be stimulated to start working5) You leave your work place messy at the end of your shift6) You are unable to work overtime or double shifts7) You sometimes leave your designated work are before completing the assigned task8) You have constantly been seen entering and exiting the work place with two suspicious bagsSincerely, Miss Snatch
Silverstein-shipwreck In The Sand
I just bought and Listened to SITS silversteins new concept album which is deffeinently my favorite.with kezia being my #1.But i listened to this cd with I am the Arsonist and broken stars being my favorite songs.   I am the Arsonist-Awesome guitar intro the chorus is epic   Broken Stars- Awesome vocals and The breakdown at the end justs wants to make me mosh in a nursing home.
Thigh High Vixenz
Fubars Thigh High Vixenz page and lounge are now up and running steady :D plz stop by and show some love to my group. we are coming up with new fetishes to add daily and we add new pics almost daily as well if you are a female interested in joining us plz send me a private message. ty for reading go show love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please, God! Make It Go Away!
i was sitting here working, when the tv in my head turned on and started playing this.  i must have broken the knob because i can't make it stop.
How To Sniff Out A Liar
Entrepreneurs How To Sniff Out A Liar Melanie Lindner, 05.13.09, 4:40 PM ET There are plenty of dangerously skilled liars--and not just the Bernie Madoffs and Jeffrey Skillings of the world. Indeed, under the right (or wrong) circumstances, we're all guilty fibbers. According to an oft-cited 1996 University of Virginia study led by psychologist Bella DePaulo, lying is part of the human condition. Over the course of one week, DePaulo and her colleagues asked 147 participants, aged 18 to 71, to record in a diary all of their social interactions and all of the lies they told during them. On average, each person lied just over 10 times, and only seven participants claimed to have been completely honest To be fair, most of the time we're just trying to be nice. (When your wife asks if you enjoyed the dinner she cooked, most husbands who know what's good for them say, "It was delicious.") Such "false positive" lies are delivered 10 to 20 times more often than spurious denials of culpability,
Words I Like
I hurt myself today to see if I still feel I focus on the pain the only thing thats real The needle tears a hole the old familiar sting Try to kill it all away but I remember everything. **What have I become? My sweetest friend Everyone I know goes away In the end And you could have it all my empire of dirt I will let you down I will make you hurt** I wear this crown of thorns upon my liars chair Full of broken thoughts I cannot repair Beneath the stains of time the feelings disappear You are someone else I am still right here. **What have I become? My sweetest friend everyone I know goes away In the end And you could have it all my empire of dirt I will let you down I will make you hurt If i could start again a million miles away I would keep myself I would find away.**  
God.. you remember me... I'm really surprised to hear you... wow.. that was movin' actually... you're not sounded happy but U didn't sound so sad... so I would assume you are alright.. I'm gonna admit I do miss you.. they didn't give me any value in here.. without you I'm useless... maybe I should move on also.. go to another scenery, new ambience, new life.. just like what you did. i followed all the things you've said; for it would make me better... but honestly, I felt more miserable.. so please do come back. please do.
Sorry Spelled It Wrong. It Is Bladder..
My Life
well ladies and gents of fubar!!!! this is my first blog this  past month ahs been so horrible. i lost my job and dicking around with me on my umemployment i cant  find a job this guy who i thought was my friend stole my wallet that had all my rent money my debit cards my social everything i am so mad at him then i heard this " Dead and Gone" By TI and Justin Timberlake. Well generally i am nice a person you ask me for my shirt off my back i will give it to you all i ask is that you respect me and dont lie or steal from me. apparently he wasnt who i thought he was but thats ok karma is a bitch. but here are the lyrics!!       AyLet me kick it to you right quick, manThat on some gangsta shit man, on some real shitAnybody done been through the same thing, I'm sure you feel the same wayBig PhilThis for you pimpin'[Chorus - Justin Timberlake (T.I.)]Ohhhh (eyyy)I've been travellin' on this road too long (too long)Just tryna find my way back home (back home)The old me is dead and gone, d
Something Americans Should Think About
When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty. --Thomas Jefferson "Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself! They are the American people's Liberty Teeth and keystone under Independence. From the hour the Pilgrims landed, to the present day, events, occurrences, and tendencies prove that to insure peace, security, and happiness, the rifle and pistol are equally indispensable. The very atmosphere of firearms everywhere, restrains evil interference -- they deserve a place of honor with all that's good!" --President George Washington, in a speech to Congress. 7 January, 1790The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.--Thomas Jefferson"Among the many misdeeds of British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest." -- Mohandas Gandhi, An Autobiography, pg 446 "A free people ought not only to be armed and dis
Dear gawd how i would love to do that..... Two weekends ago I went fishing, this time of year crickets are the primary choice of bait. I load the truck with cooler, bait, polls, radio, just out for a good time. Being the woman driver I am, forget the crickets are in teh little round cage in the back and turn a curve to sharp, yep you guessed it the cricket cage goes rolling around the back ... once at my favorite fishing hole I clean up the crickets and processed with my relaxing day.... a few days later I notice I can still here crickets when I get in teh truck.... They somehow decided to take residence in my dashboard... Its been two weeks and I'm ready to flame the inside of my truck..... Ive tried Potato slices, I've tried fly paper, Someone suggested i put a frog in my truck but if he croaks and i cant find him he'll stink.... HAAAAAAAAAAAAlp the crickets are driving me mad!
Ty Everyone
Long Day
*relaxing sigh* long day, lots of tears; happy, sad and angry.... a ton accomplished *grinz* #1=Burial arrangements complete.  Mom will be under the care of the funeral home on Monday (they will be picking her up) Tuesday the services will be preformed and Wednesday we will be picking her up. Fast huh? #2=Picked up moms pets from the animal shelter, they are happier but are still grieving, poor babies! :( #3=Cleaned up moms apartment some.  Boogie and my bro and I took out some trash and the items we KNOW we wanted.  lots of smiles and tears....but worth every moment. I will be helping my bro out as much as possible this weekend and next week.  LOL! my mom was a total pack rat...and ya, lots of cleaning to be done. So, text me if you got it & I may take my laptop and pop in during breaks. *misses some of you* ♥ PosTaL  
It's A Heartache
Days go by. Rain falls. Thunder rolls and Lightning flashes.  Storms abound both outside and in .. There are all kinds of storms. Resolve to weather them no matter what the cost or take the very real chance of the loss of something or someone precious and irreplacable. A question of faith, a question of trust. Find shelter! Guard your heart? Open to the elements and take your chances?  Leave behind all that fear and pain and accept that you must wait and hope. Do you have the strength to endure? Is the prize worth the cost to your soul or is it your very soul you fight for? Lifetimes have passed and will again. But this is the one that matters. This Storm must be weathered!! The heart wants what the heart wants.. there is no question Its a heartache,. the waiting is a  heartache.. This Storm will not Break it..resolved, in hope and trust. Forever and a Day.
Web Designing Services In India
Web Designing Services in India India is a culturally diverse nation full of contrasts. One part of India may be ignorant while the other part is creating masterpieces in the web development services. Web Services Web development Services are the most vital technological innovation for this century. Web Services are a totally novel and different way of developing software. Companies and individuals can circulate their services on the web using standard internet protocols. Web services include: Website Development Services Software & Technology Solutions Database Design & Development Online Business Development Search Engine Optimization E-learning Solutions Ecommerce Website Development Solution HR Software Solution Web Services in India India may have been a late bloomer in the field of internet but once it caught up, it grew at the speed of lighting spreading to all parts of the country. Web development services and software development services became India’s niche. This is
"to Love"
To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.
Im In Here Come Chat
ok i have no idea how to do this by myself but my one friend is a lounge owner he owns Darkness Within so if you want to talk to me or just droll from looking at me join me here   not sure if you have to copy and paste it or just click on it or just go to my lounges and click Darkness Within we are looking for all staff in thier as well so come on you know you want to for lil ol me il buy you a drink :P
Stilletoe Girl
Stilettoe Girl by Wise One Black aka Carlton   What you looking for? The proper sounding sleek, but meek heart stopping touch of class that rode high on her stilettoes should have inquired. As her hair rides high across her shoulders I see what i was in quest of - her! It wasn't enough for her cocoa kiwi complexion to add to the effect that has my heart pumping blood in a ripple motion. I craved more. i was secretly demanding, thru silent gestures, I just wanted  her to unmute her thoughts. I was addicted to her delicate voice although she never utter a word. Without premission or control i would be lying if i used the word allowed when i say my imagination ran rampant. O what a feeling my mind exhaled as it dance with thoughts of making her my dinner willing and fiending to be held hostage for breakfast. long and behold i was hoping this would be happening with the conditions of the terms till death do us part.   The beautiful but diminishing factor was nearing that if i didn't r
Support Our Troops
It's long. Suck it up. READ IT! Benning honors Medal of Honor recipient, Army's birthdayBenning posthumously honors Medal of Honor recipient By Lily Gordon lgordon@ledger-enquirer.comOn Dec. 4, 2006, a 19-year-old Army private named Ross McGinnis threw himself upon a fragmentation grenade that an insurgent had tossed down the gunner’s hatch of the Humvee in which he was riding during combat operations against an armed enemy in Northeast Baghdad, Iraq.McGinnis pinned the live grenade between himself and the vehicle, absorbing all lethal fragments and damaging effects. That courageous act cost the young soldier his life, but saved four men from serious injury or death.For his gallantry that day, McGinnis, who was promoted posthumously to specialist, was awarded in 2008 the nation’s highest medal for valor in combat, the Medal of Honor. Robin Retired Staff Sgt. Ian Newland, left, and Sgt. 1st Class Cedric Thomas were saved by Spc. Ross
Moving On Never Felt So Good.
Thanks   Good idea... I think I will write alittle more.   This was the first weekend in over a yr that I DIDN'T worry about some fuckin lounge.  I spent a lot of time with my kid.  Which I've come to realize that, more than ever now, that I was wasting my time with all the lounge BS.  Tony (my son) and I had a great time at home.  It was a rainy weekend, but for some reason playing inside didn't bother him as much.  Since I am a DJ by heart and trade, I always have the tunes going.  We were dancing so much, I could hardly keep up with him.  Another thing I hadn't done with Tony in a long time. Anyway, I am extremely happy that I'm spending more time with my son.  The last blog I wrote helped me learn who the REAL assholes were.  They showed their true colors and now I have them blocked.   I love the fact if you speak up about a certain lounge.  That the owner YIM bombed me,  LOL.  Shit, I haven't played with a bomber since AOL was cool.  LMAO!   Funny that it didn't do anything t
What's Up With That
I think I should feel complimented I received two marriage proposals this week. All I had to do was send them the money to come here from Ghana. I hope no one falls for that one but we all know what W. C. Fields said and if it didn't work they wouldn't do it. I saw a profile today a young very good looking woman said she wanted a man over fifty to pamper her in every way but it was plain it mostly about money. I answered her ad and asked her if she couldn't take care of herself what could she do for me. She emailed me back and told me I wasn't a gentleman and was rude I don't understand I didn't ask her cash or plastic what did I do wrong.
Here Is A Blog For Ya...
Lbb Entry 1
FATHERS DA...: ur not gonna talk to me nowFATHERS DA...: so whats new with youFATHERS DA...: im not a perve like most the men on here i respect women]FATHERS DA...: im engaged and only wanna chat with u as strictly friendsFATHERS DA...: wtf did i say->FATHERS DA...: byeFATHERS DA...: ur smokin hot hun do you have yahoo or aim cutie->FATHERS DA...: hiFATHERS DA...: hey hun how r u Anyone else amused by this?
Away In A Manger (hope)
[SickTanicK]Twas The Night In Noel As The Black Snow FallsAnd The Expression On My Face Is Nonexistent As My Skin CrawlsRed Ruby Lips With The Trickle Of BloodAway We Take The Little Child Away We Take The Bastard SonOn This Solstice We Will Call All Who Appose ItThe Antichrist Has Come Accept The Mark And Don't Lose FocusTriple Six Crucifix GoddamnThe Worm It Now Evolves To Maggots Rotting In The Holy LambYour Faith Is Shit Eat You Up Like QuicksandThe Little Bitch Was Born Tonight In The City Of BethlehemRock-A-Bye Baby Wit My Dick In Its MouthMay My Seed Bless It's Throat As Raz Tears It's Heart Out[Chorus]Away In'a Manger No Crib For A BedThe Little Lord Jesus Is...Dead, Dead, Dead, Dead!The Stars In The Sky Look Down As He LayThe Little Lord Jesus Has BeenTAKEN AWAY!Away In'a Manger No Crib For A BedThe Little Lord Jesus Is...Dead, Dead, Dead, Dead!The Stars In The Sky Look Down As He LayThe Little Lord Jesus Has BeenTAKEN AWAY![Razakel]Twinkle, Twinkle Great Big StarGod Has Place
So, Whats The Difference...
Im just curious as to why it was/is considered insensitive or disrespectful to the victims to play the twin towers fall over and over on tv, you know, where you just see the building fall, and no one actually died. But perfectly ok to watch this Iranian women die over and over again on tv. Seeing her gasp for air and the life leave her eyes. Why isnt that considered disrespectful or inconsiderate to that woman? Just curious
Let Mj Rest In Peace.
Now that Micheal Jackson is dead, people have been villanize him more than ever. Here is my take on things:   Child molester or not, he was truly sick and could not be held accountable. He should have had some serious therapy long ago.Truth is, I don't want to believe that he molested any children. However, i could believe it if he truly did and I was presented with evidence. But I think his situation was different than most, and he would have been better suited for psychiatric treatment than prison. Of course, if he had gotten the help he needed before all that happened, it might not have happened at all.I think one reason I don't want to believe it is because I find it sick for parents of the children to go after or even take his money. Greed knows no bounds, I guess and everyone has a price. But were I a parent in that situation, no amount of money would satisfy my vengeance (yes, I think he was sick and needed help more than prison, but if it happened to my child, I would probabl
Life Sucks
Got laid off of work.  Im all alone and dont know what to do. I wish that things would be easyer than this.
Until The Day You Really Make Me Scream
I dream of him on the darkest of nights, He comes to me surrounded by an aluminous light. My body he knows how to please, All of my worries only he can release. I know not his face, But my fingers can always trace, The outline of his soul Through his captivating voice. Though we have never met, Only he can make my soul tremble, And my body this wet. You have always been the faceless Person in my dreams. Continuously ligering, And pulling me at the seams. I can always feel your presence, But tonight I welcome you into my essence. Come to me quickly, Before I explode. For the dawn we both shall loathe. I want to feel our first passionate kiss, All of my heart I am willing to risk. Just to have you deep inside me. I want to feel your powerful thrusts, For this moment has been my constant lust. Feeling our bodies in numerous positions, Ride me harder make my heart and soul listen, To the knowledge that my body already knows, You heighten my passion And ma
Tired N Pissed
I knew this would happen!   I threw caution to the wind n performed an act on this guy that is not my favorite but for him i'd pretty much kill someone if he asked to. I wanted to do it, so I have no regrets there.  He's not the kind of guy that wants one thing, etc.  so he says.  I understand he's dealing with a psycho ex girlfriend n the mother of his child is being a royal pain. (if i had a dollar for everytime my daughter's father started royal shit w/ me, I'd be rich as sin!) Any who, now the guy has my cell and house numbers, yet he hasn't called since.  And before the act we talked everynite here on fubar, since I performed this act, he doesn't talk me or even call or txt me. I feel so used n pissed off it's not even funny.  I mean hell if he didn't like it atleast be a gentleman and tell me, or hell be fuckin' man and tell me "hey not interested found someone else" don't know what to think about this truely.  I've been approached by other guys on this site that want to tak
Beware The Demon
Beware the demons eyes Though his charms may be hard to resist Beware gifts from clawed hands Though they glitter and shine Beware his fanged smile What he offers will bring only pain Beware the forked silver tongue Sweet words can poison your soul Beware the picture he paints Lift the veil on the lies you may not see Beware the path you tread Pitfalls await you Beware the demons lies He seeks to draw you in Beware...  
why wont the Fu let dudes on??......Hmmmm?
Poetry #2
The unwanted lonerWho's never good enoughan outcastthat had to be toughfrustrated and unforgivenThe simple girlwho's always had it rougha whorethat wants to be lovedJaded and uncertainThe best friendwho's very poetican addictthat's smile is syntheticoutdated and forgottenThe awesome girlfriendwho always wants what's bestan exthat never passed the testunneeded and fallen   -ash
Stupid ? Of The Day
Since that mumm got deleted, cant remember which one...I asked:   If I rename myself as ORGASM without a salute, does that make me a fake orgasm? Yeah yeah shake your head at my nonfunnybutlaughingatmyownstupidself :D    
Just Take The Step.
Hmm, where to start, so many ways to.  First off I have to say this.  Happiness is coming, it's on it's way to me, finally.  I was beginning to wonder if it would ever find it's way inside.I have feelings developing, which at one point, I questioned.  Now though, I don't need to question them anymore, I know what's happening.  I welcome it, with open arms.  It's so rare to find such a connection.I am very much into protecting them at all costs.  It's a fierce determination unbendable by any other.  I can't help but be this way, cause if one doesn't put their all into something, what is it then?  Is it not worth it?  I only go forward and look to the day where everything comes together, like the last thread of a finely woven fabric, it takes time, yes, but in the end, it only looks to be the best.Sometimes though, doubt enters the picture.  The whys and how comes and what ifs.  They linger, in the back, usually dormant, but will peek their ugly faces from time to time.  It is human natu
Witty Screen Name
i need ideas for a new screen name that is catchy     and i will only use the name u pick if you show me your boobs   NO COCKS!!!!
Bikini Bike Wash
As I'm taking pics to upload, there are a few that I'm not sure what body part it is. So I thought I'd make a little game of it. Can you help me "Name the Body Part". There is only one rule - You must be my friend to play. And since it is a game, there is a prize to anyone who gets all the body parts correct. What is the prize? I will make you a salute and/or link you to my profile (if I can figure out how to do that). It's your choice (or you can have both). Instructions: You must get all the body parts correct to win. Some pics are at different angles, so you may need to turn them to guess it correctly. Send me a PM with your guesses. Indicate the photo # and your guess. I will let you know if you got any of them wrong. You can guess as many times as you want. Well I guess that's the basics. Any questions or suggestions, shoutbox or PM me.
Telephones And You
So a few years back im doing some work on the homestead.  This one room didnt have a telephone jack in it, so I figured would be a good idea to put one in there.  Now anybody that has ever done this knows what could happen.  I got the telephone line ran fine, went to splice it in.  Here is where I lose my head.  Keep in mind this phone had not rang ALL DAY.  So I have two wires I am tryin to splice together, there came a point where truthfully I needed another hand.  So in my infinite wisdom, I decided to place the ends of the wire in my mouth.  So im holding between my teeth, working on the other stuff, and just at that moment the phone rings.  If nobody has ever felt this before, lets just say its shocking.  It shot me across the room.  All I could do is sit and twitch.  My dad with his wonderful grasp of the english language looked at me and laughed and said SON, you look like a coondog shitting pepper seeds.  Needless to say I learned my lesson.    Only reason I bring this up ton
Paintings For The Fallen
I have seem to have lost my path on what is important to me,but I have found a place of focus and this is what I want to do. A project called a A Painting For The Fallen. I want to get the word out to anyone with Who has lost or knows of a fallen troop to contact me so I am able to I do a painting for them.,in between the painting's I am working on.   I will get with my Web Master as soon as I am able, so I can set up a picture to be sent and all the info required. I want to give back at least a little part to those who gave all. I will donate all the supplies and my time, it is just the shipping cost is what I will need. I am literally a starving Artist here. Thank you and pass the word Brandon.
Disturbed Minds Create Good Things
demented souls run about and slash at the very existence of man kind in an effort to alter there existence of pure pain and torture of there very souls. The escape they find is not of freedom but of bondage, bondage to there master of which there is no escape and such fall to the ground with thousands of other hopeless demonic beings only to rise up again from there moment of rest to forever endure the pain, torture and torment that awaits them for being being an honored but wasted existence. Congratulations you are one of The Demented and Tortured Souls of Glassious Helio
tammy must be a lil sensitive about her looks, but i still like her because before someone came along and told her the truth she had hope for goodlooks...she can still get it but it might be hrd if she is worried about what others think... your life is yours my 1 aint gonna kil no one... there is a reason the one is there so the winners won honestly and not have the whole world lie to their face. if fubar did not want us to be truthfull the scale would have started at a six.
4 Bidden Present
4 Bidden Present       he jus called. it's almost my birthday! most times we jus cuddle n watch movies bringin n New Year's/ My Birthday with Dick Clark. Ok we start out watchin movies or Dick but after the first 10 minutes snuggle closer cuz i'm always cold. he becums a baby n starts sucking my nipple. sucs so hard i no milk is gonna squirt out. but tonight he tells me to get dressed. hmmm.....wat should i wear? It's winter here but no snow but its gonna get cold tonight. i'll work that out later after i take my long bath. I have my pet run my water n add the bubble think i try Mango got da body butter for Christmas. i get n it's soooo nice so relaxing. I lay my head back. seems like few minutes later but i no it had to b longer the water has started to cool. i can hear something can feel sum 1 standin ova me. i jerk my eyes open. o... its jus one of my pets. she wants to play. i tell her i can't play i gotta get dressed. she goes over to her mat n sits down.
Fubar Midget
Lagoon Nebula
Have You Ever Wished?
Have you ever wished, that when something or someone gets you either down or pissed off. You could just shut off your feelings like a light switch? Or when you have been with someone for so long, they just leave you at the curb, wondering what you did You could wish, that you could forget them and all you shared, just so you could go on with your life. Man I have always wished that for my self.  I wear my heart on my sleeve and most the time,  ohhhhhhhhhhhh helllllllllllllllllllllll all the time I get taken advantage of. And un fortunetly , no one ever comes to my rescue to support me or tell me just to keep looking for the bigger picture. That one day I will be rewarded for the kindness I have showen. Man isnt that a pipe dream. LOOKS FOR THE RAINBOW
Bubba Walks On Water
 Bubba had long> heard the stories of an amazing>  family> > tradition. It> > > seems that his father,> grandfather and>  great-grandfather> > had all been able to> > > walk on water on their>  21st birthday. On that special> day,> > they'd each> > > walked across  the> lake to the bar on the far side> for> > their first legal>  drink.> >  > > So when Bubba's 21st> birthday came around, he and>  his> > pal Jim Bob took a> > > boat out to the middle of> the lake, Bubba  stepped out> of> > the boat .... And> > > nearly drowned! Jim Bob> just  barely managed to pull him> to> > safety.> >  > > Furious and  confused,> Bubba went to see his grandmother.> > 'Grandma,' he>  > > asked, 'it's my> 21st birthday, so why can't I> > walk 'cross the>  lake like my > > pappy, his father, and his> father before  him?'> >  > > Granny looked deeply into> Bubba's troubled eyes and > > said, 'Because your> > > father, your grandfather> and your great  grandfather> were> > born in January,> > > when the lak
What Is A Family
A family is a group of people or close friends you deeply care about and that you would do anything for. The true testiment of a family shows itself when a problem or issue arises and whether or not they confront you about the issues or problems, because they show that they truly care. Sometimes when you are adopted into a family you are shown love and respect. How long will that love and respect last?...Nobody really knows, but if the family is true to you and you are true to them then the bond should grow stronger each day. What if that bond is broken or you feel like you have drifted or been pulled apart? You keep trying until there is no more reason to keep trying to fight for what you believe is concidered a family. Families come and go they grow and sometimes they shrink down to almost nothing. As long as you show self respect and respect to others then that bond should never be broken. But, as soon as someone other than yourself damages or breaks that family bond, are you wil
Good Bye Your All Going To Miss Me When Im Dead
to be or not to beyeah thats been the question on my mind... so i decided to explode my heart by running 15 miles a day or more unfortunately for me or fortunately its just getting stronger... i even fail at suicide
To My Male Friends
Life On Mars?
I dont normally do blogs, but im changing my page and ive recieved so many comments on my very real drunken posting im going to save it in a blog.       Im an asshole, don't think otherwise. Why am I an asshole, because I joined the United States Army. And that apparently gave girls the universal right to treat guys like shit and consider them just another booty call regardless of whether or not they actually have feelings. Which we must not because we are fucking soldiers right?! Just mindless fucking drones put on this planet to appease the fucking man. I was born with an IQ of 80 and with the tenacity of a dung beetle. So here I am, hot off the press. My only request is to give me an incurable disease or hit me with a really big car, so I can die as soon as possible. Because apparently certain people in America think it's better for soldiers to die rather than live, or at least they say so when they picket soldier's funerals. Or so they say so when they sue soldier's families be
Why are they called buildings, when they're already finished? Shouldn't they be called builts? Why are they called apartments, when they're all stuck together? Why do people without out a watch look at their wrist when you ask them what time it is? Why do you ask someone without a watch what time it is? Why does sour cream have an expiration date? The light went out, but where to? Why do banks charge you a "in-sufficient funds fee" on money they already know you don't have? Why is it you have a "pair" of pants and only one bra? Does the reverse side also have a reverse side? Why is the alphabet in that order? If the universe is everything, and scientists say that the universe is expanding, what is it expanding into? If you got into a taxi and he started driving backwards, would the taxi driver end up owing you money? Why is a carrot more orange than an orange? When two airplanes almost collide why do they call it a near miss?? It sounds like a near hit to me!! Do fish get
Why Is It....
Why is it that even when we know what is best for us, we sometimes pick the wrong thing to do?  Why do we not take our own advice?  
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[the Best Part Of Waking Up]
ask me about the last 12 hours- no really, go ahead.Between one of my cousins mouthing off unantagonized and me having to once again check it, ANOTHER dream about running from my ex and friends betraying me, and my dog waking me up incessently (I insist on starting the day with a good dream so I keep goin back to bed, specially my days off) and then PISSING ON MY BEDROOM FLOOR WITH A GIANT FUCKING CIRCUMFERENCE yeahI'm gonna be a little pissed off- so I jump out of bed and yell at her to stop- it scares her into pissing harder, I splash into piss and actually slosh it into my eye- its acidic, its also now extra scented cuz she's scared, so I bop her a couple and threw her ass out.My alarm goes off 3 minutes after that.Three fucking minutes and I would've took her out and not spent the last fucking thirty on cleaning a GIANT piss puddle with an extra hint of ass juice and amonia from her scent gland.So I threw out a pair of my socks, washed my eye repeatedly and have now put the third c
Late Summer Morning Twilight
I love this time of morning. Grey and cool.  
Pool? Bondage?
Why choose between the two?   I shit you not, they're selling it on Amazon, but then again you can buy plutonium on Amazon.
5 Lessons About How We Treat People
EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE, I AM REMINDED OF HOPE        Five (5) lessons about the way we treat people 1 - First Important Lesson - Cleaning Lady. During my second month of college, our professor Gave us a pop quiz. I was a conscientious student  And had breezed through the questions until I readThe last one:"What is the first name of the woman who cleans the school?"Surely this was some kind of joke. I had seen the Cleaning woman several times. She was tall,Dark-haired and in her 50's, but how would I know her name?I handed in my paper, leaving the last questionBlank. Just before class ended, one student asked if The last question would count toward our quiz grade."Absolutely, " said the professor. "In your careers,You will meet many people.  All are significant. TheyDeserve your attention and care, even if all you do Is smile and say "hello."I've never forgotten that lesson. I also learned herName was Dorothy. 2. - S
Going Pro!!!
Just to let you all know that I am making my MMA Cagefighting Professional debut sometime in mid October. I will be fighting in a televised venue out of Muncie, IN. If you are interested and would like up to date information on the venue please contact me
Pure Pleasure
Let's cut to the chase, the thought of you bring a smile to my face I think of countless ways, to share our desires, release the lust that sets our souls on fire. When our eyes connect my insides burst I yearn for the moment that you quench my thirst I want to Pleasure You far beyond your imagination Take away your doubts and fears Fill you with Passion I want to go deep inside of you like none other Let the lust smother one another You have the key to set my body free Unlock these chains that bind me Make my dreams become reality With your PLEASUREEEEEEE
Dancing Bananas!!!
I have sciatica and now I have foot pain been there for the last few weeks. It hurts when I walk after I have been resting, not so bad when i've been walking for awhile. But last night, bloody hell the pain was horrendous. Not only did I have the constant stabbing pain, but this pain was a burning sensation, I actually thought my foot was on fire. I can no longer dance like a dancing banana, welcome to old age.">
Alice Cooper Coming 2 Florida
alice is coming 2 cleawater fla i october.
Rare Blood Types
Rare Blood Types List Are you rare blood type or most common blood type. You can check the same in following list of Blood Types includes White African American Hispanic Asian   White African American Hispanic Asian O + 37% 47% 53% 39% O - 8% 4% 4% 1% A + 33% 24% 29% 27% A - 7% 2% 2% 0.5% B + 9% 18% 9% 25% B - 2% 1% 1% 0.4% AB + 3% 4% 2% 7% AB - 1% 0.3% 0.2% 0.1% Source - Red Cross   Now I feel all guilty. I'm B- and havent given blood in forever.
Queen Of Darkness
  Sonja was quite, to put it nicely, an unusual child. She was born in the year of our Lord, 983 A.D., on the eve of the new year. Her mother had died giving birth to her, and her poor father did not know what to do with her. King Alexander was bewildered by his daughter. For one thing, he and his beloved wife, Isabelle, both had long, golden hair that flowed thick and pretty. Sonja's hair was darker than a bat's wing, and lay very flat and straight. Both her mother and father were well known for their pleasing appearances; but Sonja was very plain, her skin pale, her eyes a dull greenish-brown. It was whispered throughout the castle walls that perhaps the child was not King Alexander's daughter, and that Queen Isabelle had been unfaithful. The rumors greatly angered him, and he ordered that any servant overheard speaking such lies was to be immediately imprisoned. As the years passed, King Alexander came to the realization that he was beginning to fear his own child. When Sonja turne
Needing Prayers
  Today my mom was diagnosed with crohns disease for a second time. The first time it has spread so much she had alot of her intestines removed. It also caused her appendix to become infected and be romoved. This time they say it is worse. The inflammation is more severe and may actually close up and cause a blockage. She is on IV treatments for the inflammation but it is still unsure how much this will help. She may have to have surgery AGAIN! She feels at this point she would rather die than have more surgery. She doesnt want to live in a way that she cant eat real food anymore and have a colostamy bag the rest of her life. I really dont want to see her in pain but I want whatever makes her happy. Any prayers would be greatly appreciated at this point. Will keep all updated on how things go. Im not ready to lose her yet.
I had a very nice time, it is a good city.  I will go back there.  I will eaborate further soon, but for now, HAI U GUYS!!
I Love You Rusty
You may remember a while back that I was in a dilemma as to whether to go to this with my brother cos he asked me, or the comedy thing I really wanted to go to that I already had tickets for.  I ended up going to see Quadrophenia, and came away pleasantly surprised. Very much the stage show of the original album, rather than the later, and frankly uninspiring, movie (althought that didn't stop us overhearing one woman referring to "the bloke playing Sting"), it was a dialogue-free show, all told through song, which presumably was Townshend's original vision for his rock-opera.  Furthermore, Jimmy was played by four people, to reflect different aspects of his personality, and was all performed on one set - minimal scenery, just a warehouse-y looking backdrop that housed the band, and a vespa, natch.  And it was astounding.  The band were tight, the cast were awesome, and the whole thing had really been out together well, and made fantastic use of the stage. It's nearly at the end of i
Jenatalia Would Love This Guy!!!
->Eric Maste...: at least my blog readers will have a laugh out of this->Eric Maste...: not usually :)Eric Maste...: do you get annoyed easly->Eric Maste...: it annoys the shit out of meEric Maste...: just wondering is all does it bother you that i asked->Eric Maste...: why are you doing any of this?? what grown man asks a stranger to kick them in the balls?!Eric Maste...: why do you think im doing that?Eric Maste...: omg that would leave a mark->Eric Maste...: are we done now? do you have enough jacking off material?->Eric Maste...: right now? at this precise moment? I'd kick you so hard your great grand kids could feel itEric Maste...: how hard would u kcik me if given the chance->Eric Maste...: no and no.Eric Maste...: have you ever kicked a guy there before either by accident or on purpose->Eric Maste...: I've never claimed to be nice->Eric Maste...: well is there a point to this?Eric Maste...: lol thats not very nice->Eric Maste...: if it was you, I'd do it for freeEric Maste...:
Does this ever happen to anyone else?   You're sitting on the couch and your 7 year old walks up to wearing a tool belt, carrying a light saber and says he's off to play...     Anyone? or is its just my weird ass kid?
Random Thoughts Of The Day
I wish Google Maps had an, "Avoid Ghetto" routing option.More often than not, when someone is telling me a story all I can thinkabout is that I can't wait for them to finish so that I can tell my ownstory that's not only better, but also more directly involves me.Nothing sucks more than that moment during an argument when you realizeyou're wrong.I totally take back all those times I didn't want to nap when I wasyounger.The letters T and G are very close to each other on a keyboard. Thisrecently became all too apparent to me and consequently I will never beending a work email with the phrase "Regards" again.Do you remember when you were a kid, playing Nintendo and it wouldn'twork? You take the cartridge out, blow in it and that would magicallyfix the problem. Every kid in America did that, but how did we all knowhow to fix the problem? There was no internet or message boards orFAQ's. We just figured it out. Today's kids are soft.There is a great need for sarcasm font.I thi
Weird Facts
In George Washington's days, there were no cameras. One's image was either sculpted or painted. Some paintings of George Washington showed him standing behind a desk with one arm behind his back while others showed both legs and both arms. Prices charged by painters were not based on how many people were to be painted, but by how many limbs were to be painted. Arms and legs are "limbs," therefore painting them would cost the buyer more. Hence the _expression, "Okay, but it'll cost you an arm and a leg." ************************************************************** As incredible as it sounds, men and women took baths only twice a year (May and October)! Women kept their hair covered, while men shaved their heads (because of lice and bugs) and wore wigs. Wealthy men could afford good wigs made from wool. They couldn't wash the wigs, so to clean them they would carve out a loaf of bread, put the wig in the shell, and bake it for 30 minutes.
Acer Aspire Battery
Acer aspire battery
At You At Risk For Breast Cancer? Know The Key Factors
At you at risk for breast cancer? Know the key factors By Mary Anne Swanstrom October 01, 2009, 7:00AM KRTMonthly breast self exams are one of the many tools women have to improve their chances of avoiding breast cancer. HUNTSVILLE, AL -- You'll be happy to know that when it comes to breast cancer, Alabama is among the states with the lowest incidence of the disease. You should be alarmed, however, that Alabama is among those with the highest number of deaths from breast cancer, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. Alarmed enough to do as much as you can to lower your risk of developing breast cancer. Dr. Valerie Johnson of Huntsville Breast Center said if you want to consider your risk factors, the first place to look is ... down. "Just being a woman is your greatest risk factor," said Johnson, a radiologist who has been reading mammograms for 26 years, 18 of those in Huntsville. The second place to look is ... up, at your family tree. "Usua
Empty Visions
Look to the sky what do you see Is it how it is ment to be The lightning flashs then it all goes black The moment is gone can't get it back There is nothing out there but empty space No clues no answers not even a trace If you chose to wish upon a open sky It makes no differenc when you die You can't take with you what doesn't exist So why does my love fo you still persist Like hollowed out eyes upon a empty face The Visions are gone without a trace
Lonely And Despair
  Despair outloudDespair and fearIts all despair when noone hearsMy soul is screachingIt mourns  youIts like a whisper, its like a fluteThe midnight fence, that holds me backIt aches my heart with metal barsDespair is all i knowDespair its lonely yet its my homeDespair is simple, it holds 7 wordsDespaircome join meI wont Be alone
The Upper Level List ... Who You Can Help
      I do believe in awareness! This is the Upper Level List!! Only Level 30's qualify !! Can we hit hit the 300 mark? Let's keep it moving!! Gratitude: we have lost sight of that on the fu! But it's a must for this list! Upper Level List Top Sponsors : This are the sponsors they have spent real cash to help you! Thank them or get off the list! ד®ÎÇk¥ÐÏÇK™ Hey folks I run this list I set it up to help any level 30 member that knows how to say thank you can get free help!I do expect folks on the list to help other members it's only fair since, your getting free help. You must thank the sponsors & the people helping you to remain on the list! There is no clubs to join!!! Interested In Being A Sponsor Contact Me! ♥ CÄnðy Gi®£ ♥@ fubar Has Stickied 21 List for the Upper Levels that's She needs donations for spotlight so if you
Turning Tricks In The House Of God
turning tricks in the house of god The blackness stains her pillow as it also stains her face,but unlike the eyeliner on her silken sheets the bruises hold their place.Left upon the doorstep of a merciless god she waits, but with every unansweredprayer her hope turns into hate. Beaten broken and shattered she's left to hold her own, but when every bone is broken where will she call home.The glass she uses to cut with no longer make a sting,she never knew shed traded her soul in when she accepted thatdemons ring.for every fist and insult and for evey rape a lie,but when do you disguise the truth to make sure you don't die.For every bruise a reason for every bump a scream,how to live when every days a nightmare and every nightmare is a dream.So she resorts to selling her body though she knows it rots her soul,but what to do when your shattered not a piece of you is whole.The drugs sustain a fix for her the powder are her wings,to bad she doesn't realize the gods tremble when she sings
dear soul how can you cry yourself to sleep there is anger to be expressed my mind is so packed in tight like  23clowns in a smart car my own neurotic foot is forcing thoughts that would make the earth puke into my mouth these words ain't mine but the hurt is what I wanna show you the hurt that made cry blood, I spit tears for those illusions you stuffed into me bloating my mind knowing my ego would fallow you looked for a switch to through a reason to bail a new way to escape but i can't blame you I run from my heart too I stood by as confusion ransacked what Lil sanity I had left I opened a door asked for a cool breeze and got that and a storm more of emotion the air was coo now its always hot in my head the world tastes my bitter spite but not the knife I am ready to make it bleed like my heart but this new air  has tricked me twords the door but humbly to love or the illusion of i abide to simply obey like some sorta insominatic patient addicted to your pills I truley am "love sick
Soprano's Trailor
Poem That Was Written For Me. :)
The angel in you is to be true To watch over others doesn’t make you blue The things about you I’m addicted to There’s nothing to worry about, you’ll be alright boo I know this girl she’s positive she’s a little goofy But that’s okay her body and curves are all so groovy Have you seen her she so positive all the time? She keeps herself looking good she’s really in her prime Man, I’m been looking for a girl like is hard to find Her halo shines so bright it makes me blind My mind is wrapped up in her grind Is she right, is she true, is she really for me? I might have been stung by the cupid bee She just might be, right now she’s the only one I really see I might be stung, this just might be, and damn I think I’m hung! She’s pretty and steep, this is pretty deep, I can barely sleep She keeps her head steady, I think she’s ready To make a big comeback, she’s cool and steady I like her, it’s all good,
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Love Is.......
Love is like quicksilver in the hand. Leave the fingers open and it stays. Clutch it, and it darts.
Sometimes you put walls up not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down.
Ft Hood Shooting
Apparently a known terrorist has now declared the suspected Ft Hood shooter a hero. Please do not let this war spill on to our lands again. America has bled enough. We have lost over 5,000 American lives some old some young to this movement. We have fought. we have not faltered, we have not tired and we have not failed. I supported President Bush when he sent us, and I still support that decision today. Those of you who do not support us don't really know the truth or see the bigger picture. enough for now im getting pissed with the communist news network (CNN)
His smile stops me in my tracks his eyes light up at every chance he holds me close to keep me safe he maybe hopes that one day i'll be his and we can fly upword tord the sky as love consumes us both within and time passes on untill the end
Personality Occupying the 3rd position on the Chinese Zodiac, the Tiger symbolizes such character traits as bravery, competitiveness and unpredictability. Tigers love to be challenged and will accept any challenge if it means protecting a loved one or protecting their honor. They don’t worry about the outcome because they know they’ll always land on their feet. Don’t let their calm appearance fool you though; Tigers will pounce when they feel it’s necessary.   Born to lead, Tigers can be stubborn if they realize they’re not in charge. They have a slight tendency to be selfish but overall, Tigers are extremely generous. They’re very intelligent and they’re always on alert. Tigers are very charming and are well-liked by others. They are not motivated by money or power. Health As they do their enemies, Tigers have a tendency to pounce on their work. Afterwards, they’re left feeling exhausted. Although they’ll soon bounce right bac
Chemo   Every hour The needle Drawing My soul   Every hour The needle Puncturing My soul   Every hour The needle Blood red My flow  
Found Treasure!!
I was randomly flipping through a book I had gotten used and haven't gotten to yet, when I found TWO things inside: $5 and a postcard: "DRIVE-IN GIRL: She was Included in the Price of a Ticket"! (Ok tell me this wasn't meant for me, the lead character in the books name is even Stephanie!) I've found a lot of interesting things in books I've procured secondhand- photos, love notes, cards, a womens prison receipt in a copy of "Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers"... but never money! See people, books just give and give and give... UPDATE: This is the book I found them in. Anti-climatic, eh?
100 Days
I think it's funny I find myself counting down the 100 days left instead of the 21 that are left till Matt is here with me :) (hopefully) I hated Thanksgiving. I hated that I couldn't be with him. I hated that he was by himself. I hated that I didn't have the money to call into work, and catch a flight out there to surprise him because I would have. I hate even more than I didn't hardly get to talk to him yesterday but like 3 hours compared to the idk...average 12 we do talk on the phone? lol I hate that that reason was because he got called to a fire. I hate that I wasn't there to know that was why and just had to assume. I hated that I couldn't sleep because I kept staring at my phone, waiting for it to ring to tell me he was ok. I hate that if something happens in the next couple months I wont be there. I wont know whats going on. I hate that he has a parade today to go to, and I can't be there to see it. And I apparently hate a lot these last 48 hours lol But, I love the fact that
How Do You Live ?
More Poems
by CassandraXVeronicaXONealaXLawsonLost(lyrics for song)i thought i was in loveyea i thought it was truebut when you walked out that doorall i could see was images of youi tried to forget about youtried to go on with my lifebut the truth is I'm hurt deepso terrible deep with out you beside mei cant breath cant sleep and in no mood to eati tried everything to get you out my mindtruth is I'm only wasting my timebecause i love you yes i doi cant stop this my mind wont allow me toevery night i cry and weep to tired to sleepknowing why you lift mebrings me to my final grave wishing you where here to save menow I'm afraid its to late!by Cassandra Jacobs
This Past Week
I don't have a Christmas rush, because I take time to go buy food we want to eat on the 'big day' and contrary to popular belief, shops DON'T run out of stuff. My problem is having time to organise myself and the work, and the amazing evil deathly snow didn't help.   Luckily I was based in Glasgow for most of December, no flapping off to foreign climes for me during the season, just good old Glasgow! Usually husband & I are snugly ensconced in a serviced flat in Leeds, Nottingham or Canada around this time of year as I do my comedy thing, but this year I stayed home and did local gigs.   Mainly because my dad is spending his first December as a widower, we lost mum early this year. It has had a devastating effect on him, luckily my dad has an awesome step family who care and love him. I do my bit by turning up, chasing squirrels from his wheelie bin or convincing him that one mouse does not equate an invasion. Sometimes we talk about stuff, or I have to cancel Virgin media yet agai
Wolfie's New Lounge Beautiful Sinners
Hey all Just wanted to promote my lounge a little ^_^ been in construction for a while now and now its open and kicking ^_^ come on in and chill! this is a lounge that you can goof off and chill in, no drama of any kind is tolerated ^_^ so come on in and join the family! We are currently looking for staff ^_^  
Lie To Me By 12 Stone
Our candle burns awayThe ashes full of liesI gave my soul to youYou cut me from behindNowhere to run and nowhere to hideYou're scared of the truth, I'm tired of the liesCuz who I am, is where you wanna beDon't act like an angelYou fallen againYou're no super heroI found in the endSo lie to me once againAnd tell me everything will be alrightLie to me once againAnd ask yourself before we say goodbyeWell goodbyeWas it worth it in the end...You said you were there for meYou wouldn't let me fallAll the times I shared with youWere you even there at all?Nowhere to run and no where to hideYou're scared of the truth, I'm tired of the liesCuz who I am, is where you wanna beDon't act like an angelYou fallen againYou're no super heroI found in the endSo lie to me once againAnd tell me everything will be alrightLie to me once againAnd ask yourself before we say goodbyeWell goodbyeWas it worth it in the endWhy'd you have to up and run awayA million miles awayI wanna close my eyes and make believeTha
Sometimes Pt.2
Here is part 2 of my last blog. Like i said in my last blogi thought that i would never kno what tru love is. And you kno i was right. I tryed things out wit my kids mom again. And you kno what i got hurt again. So now when i look at my son he knows that i am hurting and the only thing he could say to me was daddy everything is ok and give me a hug and kiss. And my lil girl just gives me hugs and kisses. If there is one thing that i kno that they are not goin to break my heart. I love you renzo and nikita. You two are my life and soul.  I just hope that the one that i am wit knows that i really do care for her and love her. I just dont want to get hurt again. I thank god everyday for my two kids. I am truly one lucky guy to have to wonderful kids that bring joy to my life everyday that i am wit them. I want to shout out to all the single mothers out there i kno that you have a hard job to do and i got noffin but love for ya. But you kno what all the single fathers out there that s
The Flintstones Are Deadly!
Monday, April 06, 2009  Memories... The Good, The Bad, and The Fugly. Pt 4 Current mood:  creative The Flintstones Are DeadlyVitamins have been an important consumer item for years.  Now they have vitemin pills and drinks for just abotu everything, so if need be, you could probably live without consuming anything except for these items.  They have even put it in people's heads that children need these vitamins in addition to thier daily food intake.  They have come out with alot of forms of vitamins for children to try to make them more apealing to consume.  A variety of flavors and shapes, making them look like popular cartoon charectors so the kids think they are eating candy.  Aaahhh yes candy, what child doesn't like candy right?  Did they ever notice how children are usually the ones opening the childproof items for the adults?  Did they ever think the natural psychological workinngs of a child when creating these vitamins?  Hello kids love candy!!  They try to sneak
Caffeine Vs Psychedelics
This is from a quote database my friend got me hooked on. Evader: nothing beats a caffiene high when reading a good bookEvader: kicks the imagination into overdriveQuixote: I'll bet a light dose of psychedelics would beat a caffeine high.Evader: no, then the vowels would segregate from the union and you'd have an alphabetical civil war on your handsEvader: if you REALLY fuck up, the numbers will come in as peacekeepers and proceed to draw out a year long campaign to 'resolve the conflict' while secretly stealing all the punctuation
Attraction to someone who has lost a limb.
Joys Of Muslim Women
A MUST READ FOR EVERYONE. Joys of Muslim Women  By  Nonie Darwish In the Muslim faith a Muslim man can marry a child as  young as 1 year old and have sexual intimacy with this  child. Consummating the marriage by 9.  The dowry is given to the family in exchange for the woman (who becomes his slave) and for the purchase of the private parts of the woman, to use her as a toy. Even though a woman is abused she can not obtain a divorce. To prove rape, the woman must have (4) male witnesses.  Often after a woman has been raped, she is returned to her family and the family must return the dowry. The family has the right to execute her (an honor killing) to restore the honor of the family. Husbands can beat their wives 'at will' and he does not have to say why he has beaten her. The husband is permitted to have (4 wives) and a temporary wife for an hour (prostitute) at his discretion. The Shariah Muslim law controls the private as well as the public life of the woman. In the West Wor
Virginity Not Just Lost, But Stolen.
When I was 14 my girl  friends and I loved going to the mall, but this one times I decided to stay home and watch some TV. I got bored so when 3 of my guy friends came down and asked me to come hang out with them at some old abandoned house, I thought it would be fun, We were together all the time so I felt comfortable sitting back and having a few drinks.. did I mention I was stupid? ... a few drinks led to a few more.   The next thing I remember was one of these "friends" asked me to come talk to him about something, leading me into the other room, We were good friends and I thought nothing of it  Then next thing i know he was on top of me. I dont remember even now the events after that except being dragged out by my girlfriends. One of them had a huge crush on the boy and waz mad at me because she wouldn't believe I couldn't remember what happened. After that I was taken to  the police station, I remember that clearly because the police were very unfriendly and made me f
Truly Alone
There ain't nobody, askin me, where I've been There ain't nobody, that would name me, as a friend There ain't nobody, that's droppin by, to say hi There ain't nobody, that's carin whether I live or die I have nobody, to tell about, my growing angers I have nobody, to tell about me, following strangers There ain't nobody makin sure I'm taking all of my pills There ain't nobody, slowing me down and keeping me still, Im truly alone They say a man can only be alone for so long, before the man's mind is gone They say a man can only be alone for so long, before the man's mind is gone They say a man can only be alone for so long, before the man's mind is gone They say a man can only be alone for so long, before the man's mind is gone There ain't nobody, telling me, not to jump off There ain't nobody, telling me, not to chop your block off I get so bloody, I ruin, all of my clothes I get so bloody, I sit in, the dark alone I have nobody, to tell about, my dark fantasies I have nobody, to tel
 Dirty little thoughts … they cause a stir … create heat and passion. Late at night sometimes I have naughty ideas ! I share those ideas with you sometimes, other times I just keep them in my mind, I love sexy scenarios. They range from exciting places to have sex to just different sexual encounters. having wild imaginations ! One of the most exciting parts of the daydreams I have are the long lasting passionate kisses. Kisses are so personal, so intimate. Nibbling my lower lip can be very dangerous … I am going to go lay down and daydream something sexy … erotic … wanna join me ?
God Saw You By Author Unknown
God saw you getting tired, When a cure was not to be.So He wrapped his arms around you, and whispered, "Come to me". You didn't deserve what you went through, So He gave you rest.God's garden must be beautiful, He only takes the bestAnd when I saw you sleeping, So peaceful and free from painI could not wish you back To suffer that again.
Can You Smoke As Much As I Do??with Friends Of Course
The Day
well its just another day. pain and misery feeling so alone . all alone in this town ive lived here or almost two years and still feel alone have everything just that one person has walked out of my life. she cheated on me but yet i still love her why is this?? makes no sense to me . she meant every to me and now dont even get a hi after knowing her for 20 something years just really sucks . i miss her to death and its been over a year . am i insane? i am far from stalker dont even stop by her place and know right where she lives
Wut Women Really Mean,,,
10. I do really like you.(You remind me of Freddy from "Nightmare on Elm Street", but I havea soft charitable spot for sad losers like you.) 9. There's a slight difference in our ages.(My grand-dad is also interested in chess. Do you want his 'phonenumber?) 8. I'm not attracted to you in 'that' way.(You are the ugliest f**ker I've ever laid eyes on.) 7. My life is too complicated right now. (I'm seeing three guys right now, double booked two of them fortonight, and in fact actually fancy your best friend, even though heignores me.) 6. I have a boyfriend/I'm still sort of involved with someone.(I prefer the X-files and a half gallon of Haagen Dazs.) 5. I don't date men where I work.(I wouldn't go out with you if you were in the same 'solar system',much less the same building.) 4. It's not you, it's me.(It's you.) 3. I'm concentrating on my career right now.(Even something as boring and unfulfilling as this lousy, underpaidjob is better than the thought of sleeping with you.) 2.
A Special World
A special world for you and meA special bond one cannot seeIt wraps us up in its cocoonAnd holds us fiercely in its womb.Its fingers spread like fine spun goldGently nestling us to the foldLike silken thread it holds us fastBonds like this are meant to last.And though at times a thread may breakA new one forms in its wakeTo bind us closer and keep us strongIn a special world, where we belong
Spring Break!!!
Music Review: Static Thought – The Motive For Movement
Music Review: Static Thought – The Motive for Movement   new music review published    
Still Lookin
still looking for work... sort of   still waiting for the unemployment money. the system is failing me   im doing alright for now... if it werent for favors ive granted in the past, id be screwed. you know how they say, as long as i owe you, youll never be broke? lol yep[   and im sitting here at mcd's on the wifi..i should have brought my plug for the laptop, but i forgot it...i only has half hour of battery left...gotta go soon. so i may be on a few mornings here and there while i send out my resume online during my job search... and i check in with my phone off my sons schools wifi so if you have me on facebook you can send me msgs there or on my email... so send me some love there and ill get it..    so wish me luck and ill be around soon. im probably gonna be on in the next few days... but i kinda miss you guys... much love...l8tr
Happy Birthday, George
we 1st met in the 7th gradeyou sat behind me, pulled my braidi thought that you were annoyingwe ended with a journey of exploringwe wed 2 weeks after i graduated high schooleveryone said we were being such foolsbut we packed what we had in a truckand set off for a new life filled with luckwe moved out to the west coastyou got a great job, you deserved to boastwe met new people & made new friendssome of them even stayed by us til the endwe made a family of fiveback then it was a nice lifewe eventually went our own waysbut we remained friends on most daysyou were there for me, i was there for youeverything happened so fast, not a cluenow we all miss you every daybut we'll move on, we'll find our waysoon will be what would have been your 52 birthdayand with our fourth grandchild on the waypossibly even being born on that dayi know in my heart, you are always there in every way well, she came two days before such a blessing, who could ask for more another addition to the Benson line ou
For The Lack Of Good Politics !!!
Dig into the minds of those in power/and what you will find is the hunger to devour/Predators who prey on those with less will power/command and conqure/but those with strength will die with honor/as we grow in knowledge they become less evil/strength in numbers/ power to the American peoples/stay strong the government is lethal/ with all intentions to eat you/With no intentions to rejuvinate the youth/all that happens is what happens in Asia to there youth/ We're told we'll get what we need/But all I see is the American Heritage Bleed/I can feel her when she breaths/Short winded and coughin with a wheez/Why I ask does this have to happen to me/can't you see we're all in need/we gotta come together,join forces,become one/Handle our bussiness as strong AmeriCONZ!..
Not Again
Obama once again engages in public acts of treason against the united states and gets away with it by backing Taliban war criminals and encouraging Afghanistan to support them and offer opportunities to return to power' Al Jazeera Wednesday, May 12, 2010 21:31 Mecca time, 18:31 GMT'.These people Kill innocent men women and children from all walks of life Including terroristic acts on US soil .remember september 11th 2001?  and not even for religious beliefs but for thier own power hungry  rolls and profit from Afhanistans national product Heroine 'What tha fuck is wrong with these people? and why isnt  once again Obama in Jail ?
Bloody pics & sick layouts at Sexy !!!!!!  
BIG J: wutz wrong wif dat   cancel Chat 7:16pm reply BIG J: are jew angry?   cancel Chat 7:20pm reply BIG J: and i dont care... that was funnny   cancel Chat 7:24pm more To BIG J: I think stupid people should be drowned in their own drool. Have a craptacular evening.   cancel Chat
Dhl - Los Angeles /for The Who Like Progressive Rock/metal/shred
Hey ya'll...if you like to rock out to progressive rock/metal.shred, this is for you! .So, kick back and crank it! Should you, while listening, experience a feeling of being dizzy, have difficulties in swallowing, temporary loss of speech, hearning and vision or experience a " furection" lasting more than 4 hours....stop the video and try again
Mais Oui
You know "Ho Du Jour" doesn't sound any classier even after you added in the french...
my ship is sinking fast, no way to stop it, no way to help it sink faster.. i cant find the support or the communication between me and my wheelman, how is one to do all this alone and keep the ship at sea and from sinking when no one is willing to help... i cant give cords of where the ship is..... it isnt allowed ..i cant give names of the crew..... it isnt allowed... feels like im on a secret ship and now its sinking i am not sure if i shud drown with my ship or jump off and tell the world of my close to death experience  .. i am in awe of all the things that i have to decide and do it ALONE. i am alone even when i have you with me, cuz no one is to know anything..i needed you many times and i never had u when i needed, and i just cant keep goin on this sinkng ship i need to get off or u need to help me save it.....  
Wow Cooking Escort
My pet online courageous to diversion is WoW (World of Warcraft) and that is why I am work this stubby WoW cooking Revere Ware Cookware article. I am feat to present you a outline overview of the cooking science in the gamy WoW. When I say WoW I am referring to the MMORPG Humankind of Warcraft and that is how I will be referring it through out this article.OK the prime statement you give bed to do to play cookery in WoW is to meet a cookery trainer to study the acquirement. Most of the study cities in the game mortal cooking trainers and you can get directions to them by asking a device in the municipality. Once you grow the simulator you leave requisite to learn the tyro preparation skill and all the recipes you can inform at the bit. You instrument also want to acquire the accomplishment to Revere Ware Cookware a fire so you can prepare meet around any where you poverty. This can grow in handy if you are out husbandry give requirement to propagate a city and ship and any oblong wind
Wow Preparation Escort
My dearie online game to frolic is WoW (Reality of Warcraft) and that is why I am authorship this abbreviated WoW cooking draw article. I am accomplishment to exhibit you a little overview of the cooking Revere Ware Cookware in the occupation WoW. When I say WoW I am referring to the MMORPG Mankind of Warcraft and that is how I instrument be referring it finished out this article.OK the prototypic attribute you faculty bang to do to advantage cooking in WoW is to impose a cooking simulator to see the skill. Most of the major cities in the brave person preparation trainers and you can get directions to them by asking a hold in the port. Erstwhile you bump the simulator you will necessity to take the initiate cookery power and all the recipes you can inform at the time. You will also need to larn the accomplishment to create a supply so you can cook retributive nearly any where you requirement. This can uprise in composer if you are out agriculture materia{will necessary to convey a rive
Did You Know..............
Did you know... ...that the words "race car" spelled backward still spells "race car"? ...that "eat" is the only word that, if you take the 1st letter and move it to the last, it spells its past tense, "ate"? And have you noticed that if you rearrange the letters in "illegal immigrants," and add just a few more letters, it spells: "Go home you free-loading, benefit-grabbing, resource-sucking, baby-making, diaper dumping, violent, non-English-speaking assholes and take those other hairy-faced, sandal-wearing, bomb-making, camel-riding, goat-loving, raggedy-ass bastards with you." How weird is that??? if your not an illegal immigrant get off my back its how i feel
I've just discovered it so much easier to suck on a lollie without teeth!
Be An Practiced Pastry Chef With Cooking Games
Preparation especially baking power be one of you selection hobbies nonetheless; you might undergo this granitelike Revere Ware Cookware do if you are not precocious with talent to ready and may be quite claustrophobic to inquiry with render and toiletries. If you poorness to acquire cookery and yet would want the permit to do it the loose way, you may stop the preparation fact and do the preparation in a safety clink with cookery games.When we center of cookery, we ofttimes suppose of preparation pans, pots, mini plates and so forth. This may bound you with the fun and inflammation that you want. Other, secondary to prettify an Revere Ware Cookware chef, is online preparation. Online cooking games can create you an skilled dough chef if you like hot that such. You only pauperism to grow orbiculate instructions and you can wee luscious cakes like the clothe laze cake, carrot cover, ice elite block, the ever-favorite chocolate dish and numerous statesman.A install slug bar is very leisu
Pop & Rock
Minnesota Vikings And The Word Skol
  What does 'SKOL' Mean?     Jared Allen would have so fit in during the Middle Ages. Mullets, you see, are timeless.   I can't tell you how many times I've been asked that as a Vikings fan.  Most people think it's just a common, Scandanavian greeting...and it is.  It can also translate into bowl, as in drink from a bowl.  And although there are varying opinions on how 'skol' came to be a greeting, this is my most favorite one.  Let's see how we can tie these two disparate meanings--(bowl and hello) together. Back in the Middle Ages, rampaging bands of Vikings were roaming Europe and kicking the shit out of people.  From Lindisfarme to France it didn't matter.  For about 500 years, the boogeyman would check his closet before he went to bed to make sure there weren't any Vikings in it. 
Woman Handmade Handicrafts Designer
My name Desak Amik, i was Born in Denpasar-Bali-Indonesia. I am Wholesalers, Suppliers and Manufacture of Handicrafts BaliCv. Batu Cantik .Our Website is Legal verified registered business handicrafts manufacturer by Government in Bali and also has been verified and registered through National Agency Export Development ( NAFED ) Ministry of Trade Indonesia, We start our business since 2000. Bali is the most popular of Art and Crafts Handmade with high quality Products, I love all Fashion Art and handicraft so i start to design in Handbags, Purses, Gift, Crafts, Handicraft, Jewelry, Accessories, Shoes, Sandals, Beach Wear, Sarong Batik pareo with very high quality Export and very low in price. For now, we have more than Thousand design in all of Body Jewelries Costumes such as Wooden Bangles, Shells Bracelet, Wood Necklaces, Shell Earrings, Pearls Jewelry, Finger Rings, Home Made Woman Belt,Hair Accessories and all design very interested Buyer from Europe ,United State, U
Air Force Master Sgt. William L. Mcdaniel Ii
Died February 22, 2002 serving during Operation Enduring Freedom 29, of Greeneville, Ohio; assigned to the 320th Special Tactics Squadron, stationed at Kadena Air Base, Japan; killed in an MH-47E crash on Feb. 22, 2002, during a training exercise in the Philippines.
You are the author of your own life.  It's up to you to dream it, imagine it, sketch it, shape it,  build it, go after it, and make it happen.  And then color it in with bright, shining  shades of joy and deep, lasting shades of meaning  that are yours and yours alone.      No one else can know the dreams you dream   or the strengths you have within you   that will help you make your dreams come true.   No one else needs to. Because they're yours. And so is Today.
Behemoth - At The Left Hand Ov God
America Vs. The Terrorists, 9/11/10: A Status Report, Nine Years On… (repost)
In September 11, 2001, al Qaeda terrorists hijacked four passenger jets. They flew three of them into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The fourth was retaken by the passengers and crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. These things we know. Since then, much has transpired. For example: The US invaded Afghanistan, the nation that had harbored the terrorists and their mastermind, Osama bin Laden. The war has not been uniformly well managed and attempts to install a stable self-government have so far failed. Many experts argue that our efforts there have been woefully counterproductive. Using falsified evidence and outright lies, the US government engineered the invasion of Iraq, a nation that had nothing to do with the attacks (or, for that matter, any meaningful export of terrorist activity). Estimates of Iraqi deaths resulting from this invasion: more than 1.35 million, many of them women, children and other innocent civilians. We have yet to apprehend bin Laden. M
Cold Hearted Steal Dragon
I get tired of being hated, unloved, stomped on, belittled, kicked around, pushed down, slapped in the face, treated like dirt, over looked, pissed off, pissed on, hurt, shot down, told to shut up, told to forget about it, told to get over it, not cared about, and the list goes on. Sometimes I wish I could just die and get it over with; but then I want to stay alive with hopes of seeing these people that do these things get back what they give. Then people wonder why I want to leave and not come back. There are other times where I wish I could be the one to give them back the hurt they give. But then I remember the Three Fold rule, and I curse at the world again.   People wonder why I am the way I am… Well maybe its because I’m looking for these things I’m not getting. Maybe someday I’ll get them or maybe death will come soon and I won’t have to worry about it anymore and I can leave and not look back. I’ll have to learn to become cold, because th
[unplayably Bad]
That's right. I made it a word.Okay, Left 4 Dead 2.I've ran into some RETARDED online communities before, but ... this is starting to take the cake.Granted, on BF 2141 if you weren't in a clanon your home clan's paid serverand not following strict ordersyou were doing it wrong.In L4D2This game is NOT playable without A.) Players that know what the FUCK they're doing (IE cleared the map already)B.) Veteran FPS players (as in ZOMG Halo wasn't their first shooter)C.) Playing with IRL friends.D.)... that's enough isn't it?When the bots have a higher hit percent and kill ratioyou need to reconsider your leisure time.Why don't you take up crochetingand hopefully have an accident that takes you out of the gene pool.I've had PK'ers, tardsy run-ahead-ers, item hoarders, and just ... outright noobs.I'm tired of it, and my friend that actually plays this game has been incommunicado for like... two weeks.He and I have been known to carry WoW raids, capture the flags, and a few real-combat simulato
Longines Master Collection Evidenza Mens Automatic Watch L2.642.0.73.6
      The longines master collection seen in the film has a stainless steel case, brown alligator strap and Moon phase and day-date features, beautiful silvered flinqué dial, featuring 10 blue Arabic numerals, blue steel hands. reference number L2.671.4.78.4. The date indicator just below the logo shows the day of the week and the month. The subdial in the bottom half shows the moon phase and the date. The Light, the main character Abe, played by Nathan Fillion wears a longines master collection watch. In the opening scene, the watch is given as an anniversary gift to the main character by his wife. The wooden Longines box is clearly shown, followed by an extreme close up of the watch. The brown leather strap of the watch seen in the film looks different from the standard brown alligator strap from this Evidenza model. The back of the watch is shown next, with an engraved text "Nine Years into Forever". Later in the fim, we can see the watch on Nathan Fillion's wrist and towards th
Pedro's Greatest Hits
originally posted 11/10/2010 Occasionally, I'll go back and look through some of my older postings and read them and let the golden memories radiate all over me.  Wait, no that's some other fetish thing.  My point here is that I have some good blogs, some you may have seen, some you may not have seen.  What I am going to do here for you is post a list of some of my own personal favorites.   Guys Rule! Beautiful New York Morning Pete does his part for NYC Tourism I Know How To Save A Life Embrace the Suck Numb is Dumb Dork, Dweeb, Geek, Nerd Sex and Thank You Smoking for the Children Yeti Dave Mac Elroy Variations Something Corporate Douche of the Day (Vegitarian) Two Things Contrary to Popular Opinion The Hamburger Jihad Freudian Spell Check & UPDATE: The Address Boob Gets Political.    A two parter I'm a tobacco addicted satanist with a cat! The Three Brains of Pete pt. I The Most Serious Mother Fu#$ing Toothpaste On The Planet Ooooooooooooooo
Day 3-teen :)
Day 13- A letter to someone who has hurt you recently     hmmmm, this is gonna be a tuffy...i honestly don't get hurt or upset, mad, etc., often BUT when i do it usually lasts a while. SO boy that broke my heart about 7/8 months ago? this is to you :)   dear kyle,               I HATE YOU SO MUCH! you made me so fucking happy, &i could tell i did the same for you then you seriously just up and left me out of no where. we was on a level i've never had with a guy. guys like you are the reason it took so long to trust you, once you finally gained that trust &i was just beginning to be 'okay' with the fact that we was legality dating you leave me for some ugly fat lesbian....thanks babe, that really made me feel SO FUCKING AWESOME about myself. I took you to my home, i let you meet my family, and my best friends, i let you get so close to me, i told you shit i've never told anyone, i can honestly say i have never, ever let a guy into my life as deep and fast as you did. do you underst
People That Have Affected Me By Showing Me They Care
decided to go out last night with an amazing guy and spent the night with him and basically telling him how i feel about him. bad idea. this morning im all quiet and he keeps asking me whats wrong. I hardly talk about my feelings so i tell him its nothing. I email him this morning and he tells me that hes not very happy that i kept it from him. I had alot on my mind this morning, such as, "will i see him again". or "how do i know he wants to be with me". well in keeping such things from him, he emails me back saying hes done with me. He told me how much he cared about me and how much he wants to be with me, when he just decides to break my heart. after everything i told him, he does this. I'm not sure what to do or think anymore. I care about him and i want to be with him. but now i can just forget about it. any ideas how to get him to talk to me?
This Night As Eternity
This Night as Eternity night falls upon the forest the stars shine bright revealing the haunted masks of the dead souls taking flight look beyond the windowsill watch as they fly aurora surrounding them makes you want to cry close your eyes and go to sleep i'll protect you so don't weep oh, beyond your smile oh, sleep tonight oh, the haunted mile oh, the love filled tile into the night sky they leave bringing light unto the fern they died because of love and for love they will return the world is brighter now that you have appeared now that i'm with you my love has seared into the dark i will never ride and into my heart you will never hide don't worry my dear nothing will take you away you have nothing to fear for with me you will stay sleep forever if you wish i'll stay with you my heart is your hearts dish to feed and true oh, beyond your smile oh, sleep tonight oh, the haunted mile oh, the love filled tile don't worry my l
So Seldom Seen...
Marine Cpl. Evan T. James
Died March 24, 2003 serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom 20, of La Harpe, Ill.; assigned to Engineering Company C, 6th Engineer Support Battalion, 4th Force Service Support Group, based in Peoria, Ill.; drowned in the Saddam Canal in southern Iraq.
Several Ideas For Dressing Your Bridesmaids To Be The Best
I have several ideas below. You may well desire to existing these for your attendants and see which types they like best. Any mixture will work. Inexpensive bridesmaid dresses You've selected a monochromatic color plan so any lightness or darkness of purple is acceptable. Dress your bridesmaids in lavender and your Maid/Matron of honor in plum. I do this at my wedding. Our colours have been silver and mild blue. I wore a light gown with silver and mild blue accents. My bridesmaids have been in mild blue whilst my Maid and Matron of honor have been in the dim silver. you can also, conversely, Cheap Sequined Formal Dresses place your bridesmaids in plum and also the maid/matron in lavender. However, it is commonly far more common to dress the maid/matron in the darker color so regarding contrast the bride better. Dress them all in lavender with plum sashes or accents. The accents may well be shawls, wraps, Cheap Little Black Dresses or ribbons. a amount of brides who select this route
What Are The Most Popular Japanese Fashion Women Clothing Styles In 2011 Spring
    Just always liking two kinds of dresses, one is as simple as possible, so that you can feel your own unique; the other one is very trendy, when wearing it you may have the feeling that do whatever you want. Like japanese fashion flax fabric clothing, it feels alternative and comfortable. Also like the messy mix collocation, but it will creat a different feeling. Silk and chiffon dress are also my favors, just thinking that chiffon clothing is extremely full of texture sense while be worn, and it can also cover many insufficient of your figure.   1. small silk cardigan It is made of pure cotton, with pure silk sleeve design, when worn it can quickly improve your whole temperament. Add the ornament of rose patterns, let whole clothing look more lively. The hubble-bubble sleeve design on shoulder part makes you won't look too oldish or too mature...Whether in spring or summer this style is always the necessity of our chests.   2. Double layers chiffon plus size dress Actually
What Could Be Said
Could someone please allow me to say that my truest hope was shown today someone understands me in a certain way finally somebody really showed its just like my lawn was never mowed or my burden was an unremovable load. Life seems a little lighter even though I'm a lover not a fighter I ask this one question what could be said I actually never thought it would happen until I reach the finishing level of dead maybe someone will remember me or not my memory will contain what can't be bought I'm hoping it will bring into sight whats always sought its not that I think I'm special or anything
College Town: Plain Jane
This is a long post. It's a single story. There's no To Be Contiued...sorta. You'll see what I'm talking about at the end.Some years back, I was interested in dating a certain librarian. She was what most people would call a Plain Jane type. She wasn't supermodel material; at least, what most people would consider supermodel material. She was about 5' 9" or so & a brunette. She wore glasses & dressed very conservatively with long skirts & buttoned up white blouses. Still, she had a very beautiful smile & a killer body underneath those clothes. I could just tell.For a few weeks, I would go there when I knew she was working & start up a conversation about Middle Eastern political & religious history. The lady was a brainiac. She'd recommend books by different authors. I'd read them front to back & discuss them with her on my next visit. We struck up a pretty good friendship.The libray itself was an older Greek/Roman style library; built sometime in the last 19th century. It
Where Are All The Cattle?
This is one I wrote when driving along the north coast of California - we were headed to a bull riding near Ft. Bragg. Where Are All the Cattle?Where are the cattle?The hands tall in the saddle?Where have all the big ranches gone?If you’d look you’d be knowin’There’s vineyards a growin’.‘Bout grapes, I just can’t write no song.  
Death Bringer
I am the slayer, I am the bringer of death I come to erase the mistakes of this world My work shall never be done This world is full disease, filth, and putrigness These things I must pacify from my world I am the slayer, I am the bringer of death I come to erase the mistakes of this world This world I speak of is full of fire and brimestone It is a world of eternal suffering and bliss It is my world and I shall controll all I am the slayer, I am the bringer of death I come to erase the mistakes of this world This world demands suffering and pain I must destroy the pain that infects my mind This pain will never go away I am the slayer, I am the bringer of death I come to erase the mistakes of this world I have failed, it has taken me over The pain spreads across my mind and body Failure is my destiny, I am in my own personal hell I am the slayer, I am the bringer of death I come to erase the mistakes of this world
I failed to be what I needed to be faltering steps saw the floor break away And she kissed me with corrupted lips that betrayed words ‘fore they were spoken   Envy lit the way for me to find before it burned too bright becoming jealousy And I languish in solipsistic self- pity – waiting for the day   Patterns emerge in the tears the river that flows unencumbered And maybe I refuse to see the truth because I lack the strength to bear the burden   Have I told you of the story that lead me to these steps And the anguish that insisted I am not the man you wish me to be   I sang one last lullaby to you watched as my voice cradled you And my hunger was sated by your salty taste   Yet the bereavement can leave none untouched the ripples of cold filters the light from me And in the empty dark my limbs go numb and I know the days are slowly dying   The wilted spirit that stalked my side is drained and veiled in a knowing silence And drowning in slumber wher
Night Of The Masturbating Dead
  With Kim Fowley, Mr. Exxx, Sophia Jade, Corpsy, Amanda Blow, Daniella, Brittany Blaze, Chris Gore, Brianna Belladonna & Jacky Joy. Photo: Irwin J.   Length: 111:32 minutes    Date: 10/22/2011 Free “Night of The Masturbating Dead” PGish Pix Page (adding new pix every few hours for next few days).  Video coming soon to There’s nothing like a joyride on a nice hard broomstick to celebrate the witching season.  And one wild, high-flying, enchanted joyride—with dizzying twists, turns, squirts and rolls in the corpses—is just what this show is.  Opening with an invocation to witches through history and featuring all kinds of swallowing—from sword dildos to real 27-inch swords—as well as masturbation, golden showers, spanking, fetish Barbie dolls and hilarious, insightful, explosive Weapons of Mass Discussion from my many sexy, lively, dead and undead guests, this Halloweenish show is more fun than a hearse-full of porn star
Halloween Saturday Nite: Sex While Skydiving, Zombie Love & More Nasty Tricks & Naughty Treats
Newsletter Of The Dr Susan Block Institute   THIS Saturday, October 29th on The Dr. Susan Block Show Celebrate Halloween Saturday Night withSKYDIVERS & SLAVEDRIVERS We’re taking ‘scary sex’ to new heights–and depths–this Saturday night!        
The Knife
THE KNIFE  This knife is sharper then this butter knife. The knife that I hold is the knife I will use to take away all my pain that have been caused upon me.  The knife is so sharp it feels like a thousand needles in my arm; the smooth tip goes in a lot further while the thickness goes sliding down my arm.  The blood gushes out like thick water, just thinking of all the pain that was upon me helps it go easier.  As the knife goes down my arm along the vein, I dont feel a thing; I dont feel a thing because I am so tired of people using me and giving me pain, I can't do this alone anymore. The knife so sharp yet blood dripping down the sides and to the tip, dropping the blood to the floor, I'm getting weaker cuz of he loss of blood.  Only you can stop the rest, only you can stop the bleeding; but I know you wont, I know that you will watch me as I take my last breath.     ( this is not a true story, this is just a story so don't get all huffy over it.)
Gothic 12 Days Of X-mas
I was bored, so I made my own Christmas list!   twelve purple roses eleven packs of Cloves ten stripey arm-warmers nine pounds of coffee eight custom corsets seven Living Dead Dolls six pairs of platforms five Cure CD's four granite gargoyles three Giger posters two ambulance hearses and a Tim Burton Christmas Tree!
Cyber Lesson
No one came up with rules on how to enjoy social networking sites, like Fubar. But personally, one shouldn't enter this site in the hopes of finding their one true love. I didn't say it's wrong, we just shouldn't get our hopes up or expect that there's one member on here who is made especially just for us. Chill. Take it one day at a time. Enjoy making friends, levelling up, or hitlisting someone on FuMafia. If you pressure yourself on finding that special person, it could go downhill from there. There are lucky souls on here who had their happy ending. I can't say I am truly lucky (I hope), but I found a guy who COULD be the one and who makes me happy. Reality check: He is from North California and I am from Manila, Philippines. I can't say what the future holds for us both, but sometimes you just gotta take that crazy leap of faith, you know? Let's just say I like living on the edge and this person is worth spending all my time with. Wish me luck, please?  I really didn't come her
Dj Your Likes Are Welcome Here "hiring Soon"
A Knights Love To His Lady
A Knights Letter to His Love     My dearest Lady, I have only to look upon thee, and my heart skips it’s beat. To look at thee and have the love I feel in my heart for thee, I am truly blessed. I know of no other who doth tough me as thee Does, and I wish for no other to look at me the way thou does. Thy ways of looking at me, they make my heart sing a song of pure Joy, and peace. Ever since I first looked on thee, I have had a song in my heart that I wish the world to here. I only hope I may sing it loud enough for thee to hear as well. It is a Joyous song, one filled with thee and the love I have for thee, and the love thou hast for me. I can feel thy love for me from here, and it is a truly Great and beautiful feeling. The minute I awoke this morning, I was filled with thoughts of thee. I hoped for thee, that thou would know the minute I was awake, and when I saw thee awake, and welcoming me, I was filled with more Love for thee. I truly believed
 I sit here wondering at times just what the purpose of me being here actually is. At times I feel it's only to torture me more and more with each new day that comes and goes. Seems like nothing ever seems to want to even go half way right for me and makes me wonder if folks wouldn't be better off with me gone. Guess it is not meant for everyone upon this planet to truly find happiness within life, or with someone who means the world to them.......
莫名其妙 全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 08年以前我为了有口饭吃, 四处奔波, 幸苦劳作; 不大看电视,根本就不大知道你, 你, 一个概念而已, 08年认识你时,我根本不知道你还是高端人士,忘记了自己卑贱的身份,我攀高结贵了。 开始以为你是对每&#
Great Country Music
    COWBOY COUNTRY LIVE come on in yall (repost of original by 'DJ COUNTRY FE2 DrunkNpubliK' on '2012-03-29 19:52:17')
Insane ?   Confusion, tension, chaos, temptation Longing, lust, love, passion Are deeply imbedded in my mind and in my heart So much frustration it's tearing me apart I cant understand cant figure it out I'm overflowing with suspicion flooded with doubt don't know who to trust are you friend are you foe Trying to hold on to my sanity but its hard to not let go This rampage of emotions is flooding my soul My mind cant take it I'm losing control Someone anyone I'm so alone so scared If there was just one person who really truly cared Who would comfort and love me for who I am for me To take my hand and guide me into the person I long to be  
Man Eats Cocaine From Brother's Butt, Dies
No, this isn't a joke, although I did laugh hysterically upon reading the headline.  "A South Carolina man's brother died after police said he was forced to eat cocaine hidden in his brother's backside." Read article here:   
Woke up this morning with the pleasant surprise of another pound gone. That's 4 towards my monthly goal of 10 from now to the end of October. I even hit the treadmill....a first EVER to do in the morning.  This got me to thinking today...if I spent as much time towards ME getting healthier than I do online on Fu, I would be much further along than I am. Not that I'm complaining about 53 pounds gone, but I could be further along if I'd been determined enough. With that being said, I won't be on Fu as much as I have been. I'm not committing fu-icide, and I'm not leaving. I'll still log in daily to return rates and return the love I've been given as best I can, I just won't be on for hours on end like I have been. I need to truly concentrate on my goals and I can't do it spending it on Fu till my eyes feel like they're falling out every night.  I'll be making my shout box open to family only. I don't want anyone thinking I'm ignoring them when I'm really not here. :) If you need or wan
Part 3
I woke up just as the the high whispy were just being licked from the horizon by the rays of the intense flashes of gold and burnt orange of the rising sun. I sat in the bay window and watched it rush out over the bay like it was being fished from the depth of the ocean like a prized pearl from an oyster. I had the the window open and could hear the sounds of life stirring around the bay, and the smell of the fresh salt air rolling off the waves that crashed against the sea wall forty feet below me. Making my way down stairs I walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. I pulled out the apple juice and the cream cheese, the spun around to grab a bagel. I smothered the bagel in cream cheese, and then licked the knife as to not to waste the smooth spread in the sink washing it. Aunt Melissa walked in, "What are you doing up this early," as become a custom of mine for the last four weeks to not get up before the crack of noon. "I dunno why i woke up this early Aunt Mel," I repli
 狼狈为奸  全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。  点评:重口味小白兔你会被姐姐们整死的! 有位小读者问我:姐姐你每天听那些狗血的故事,很累吧?我当然趁机表功,感叹姐姐我入了这一行,真是鞠躬尽瘁身不由己呀!但其实呢,我还挺爱听的,我就是୻
Ladies Night
!Only In Club 69!The Lounge That Never Dies!
Scarpe Del Hogan Per Migliorare Il Vostro Stato Fisico E Per Aiutarvi A Rilassarsi
sono destinati specialmente a migliorare la posizione ed a rilassarsi i muscoli e sono usato spesso per gli scopi medici, alleviare i dolori alla schiena ed i dolori più lombo-sacrali. Possono essere usati da chiunque e perfino gli atleti li utilizzano nelle loro pratiche per la prevenzione di potere, della velocità, di resistenza, della flessibilità e di lesione.Ci sono esercizi speciali progettati per le scarpe del hogan, come quelle per coordinazione, la stabilità del centro, la velocità e la flessibilità. Eppure, facendo uso di loro quotidiane senza alcun addestramento speciale può farvi un gran quantità della merce. Migliorerete la vostra posizione e lasciate i vostri muscoli funzionare in un modo naturale e non forzato. Inoltre rinforzerete i muscoli del vostri stomaco e parte posteriore. Possono aiutare durante i periodi di recupero dopo che le lesioni che subite nei concorsi duri, lavoranti come “raffreddare? il dispositivo. Sono destinati per portare al minimo il rischio
Sun Diamond
Just talked with Sun Diamond (Mary) last night and she wanted me to pass on her current status. She is currently going through therapy to strengthen her right side and is progressing greatly. She is up and walking with the aide of a cane and is hopeful of a complete recovery. Her largest obstacle right now is her sight. She can read with the aide of a magnifying glass and she should find out in the next few weeks whether or not she will completely regain her vision. She's worrking on it one step at a time, first to be at her saughters wedding in October, then returning to driving herself around and finally climbing back onto the I'll try to keep you all updated...Salutes2William
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in the feeling whereof I frequently withdrew michael kors handbags intoprivate places, and often with tears besought the Lord to help me, and Hisgracious ear was open to my cry. ����All this time I lived with my parents, and wrought on michael kors handbags the plantation; andhaving had schooling pretty well for a planter, I used to improve myself inwinter evenings, and other leisure times. Being now in the twenty-first year ofmy age, with michael kors shoes my father's consent I engaged with a man, in much business as ashopkeeper and baker, to tend shop and keep books. At home I had lived retired;and now, having a michael kors outlet prospect of being much in the way of company, I felt frequentand fervent cries in my heart to God, the Father of Mercies, that He wouldpreserve me from all taint michael kors handbags and corruption; that, in this more publicemployment, I might serve Him, my gracious Redeemer, in that humility and self-denial which I had in a small degree exercise
Official Drunk Dialing Rules
***The Official Rules of Drunk Dialing*** 1. It is okay to call someone 27 times in one night. If you don't remember it, it didn't happen. 2. Only drunk dial when you are drunk. Everything else is false advertisement. 3. If you are going to drunk dial MOM say something nice. Ex."Mom I'm in McDonald's and they're playing our song. I love you" 4. Dirty talk while drunk dialing is always preferred. Who doesn't want to hear your best raspy, phone sex voice at 3 A.M. asking to bend them over something? 5. Voicemails are always better. This way your friend can let their friends laugh at your expense for days, even weeks to come. 6. Drunk texting is alright... if you are prepared to read what you wrote the next day when you are sober. 7. It is definitely a good idea to call all of your exes and remind them that you were the best lover they've ever had and everything they know, they learned from you. This way you can sleep well at night. 8. You can also call this same ex and let him/her know,
Skip The Orgasm — What’s The Point? Couples Embrace Karezza, Sex Without Climax, To Strengthen Relationships Read More: Http://
There's a curious new trend in couple therapy - sex without orgasms. Matt Cook says his sex life with his wife is better than ever, but he never wants to climax again. He practices karezza, a form of intercourse that doesn't focus on orgasms as the big prize. In fact, people who practice karezza are urged to avoid them altogether. "It creates a deep feeling in a relationship that is very difficult to describe - much deeper than conventional sex," Cook told ABC News. More couples are beginning to explore karezza as a way to grow closer and repair their relationships. Deb Feintech, a counselor from Portland, Maine, says the practice is even useful for young couples in the honeymoon stage. "I offer this to them as something to try for a month or so," she told ABC News. "They wake up every single morning and they are not even thinking about genital stimulation. They are snuggling, holding and breathing with eye contact and flow. It's very conscious - from the genitals to the heart."
Here I Am
Nike Talon
Aspirant from Stuart Weitzman has an elegant shape which can also be teamed with jeans. Its cheap spiffy dowdy and apex tricky make a soothe vigorous making it practicable to stand up these shoes as all daylight vocation tn AND ralph lauren polo This ... la mode navy leather shoe has a polished armada kid leather upper.No trouble how much the shoes resolution expense me, as extensive as I skilled in they choice give me the things that my feet need, then I will-power surely corrupt women's artist shoes. Anybody heyday my niece asked me, "why most of your friends usually turn for those shoe where as they're so expensive?" Seek Some Relief. While enjoying your very much condign days insane from importune, you can buying compresses to help mitigate some of the irritation and help uninteresting up any lesions.Chaussures Timberland AND Tn requin pas cher A precipitate antidote for this that won't payment you a spring to the doctor or make a prescription is to dilute a p
Sweet Korean Style Fashion One-piece Dresses New Arrived
  Since enter July high temperature is continued, it’s hotter and hotter day by day, and wearing what can be cool and stylish? Of course it is the summer’s hottest single product – one-piece dress! Now wholesale clothing China online store introduces you several sweet styles of summer one-piece dress!   Just the color is enough to impress you. The shallow green and dark blue that intellectual perfectly blends in together. This wide strap one-piece dress is with the Korean style, brief design gives you a sight of beauty.   At first glance you may think it is only a normal white dress. After carefully view found the dress body is with a hollow design, so exquisite and detailed design, will you not be tempted!   A Korean-style strapless one-piece dress is a good helper in summer. Light pink as basic tone, concise letters printed patterns, very fresh and sweet. Match a black shoulder bag that cool and sweet, showing some characteristic sense.  
House Time -- Breaking Camp
One of the interesting things about being a military house spouse is the conception some people have that you have nothing to do all day.  What a load of BS.  Keeping up with all the details takes time, and yes I do like to write about the different characters that pop into my head.   In a couple of weeks it's time to head out, so it will be pack and ship time for those odds and ends we've collected in five months, getting the Postal and trailer ready toth luck the kats won't be too upset  load, and taking the rest of our temporary 'camp' gear down to ACS so another family new to the area won't have to lay out a ton of money the first two weeks they're here.   I look forward to driving east with the owner, even though (as usual) it's a bit of last minute planning -- keeps me on my toes.  Reminds me, need to talk to wonderful Mom about the next voyage, should be interesting.  With luck the kat's won't be too upset about hitting the road again, like that's going to happen LOL
Her Eyes ....
Her Eyes so sad sun peeking over her bed get up get up it's time to start the day, Her Eyes so sad  sun peeking over her bed. Her Eyes so sad tells a story lost love , death , hate , hurt , pain don't cry my baby no more stand tall put your make on do her hair act as if your happy run on. Her Eyes so sad sun peeking over her bed. See her walking down the street she masked sad sad Eyes for to long.    bY Christine                                                                                                                                                                                                            
A Song For Ashley, A Long Time Ago.
A Song For Ashley   Seems I'm so far down the road it's like I'm wondering where to go just to see your face again I'd give anything yet I wander all alone trying to find my way  back home to your soft sweet love again     If Only I could turn back time, If only I could make you mine, If only I could go back to then tell you I'm sorry if only I didn't let you go  if I would've told you so would you be here with me right now  in my arms?   How can now I face my fear? knowing it wont bring you here back into my arms again yet i still wonder.   If I could have told you mom that day what you really meant to me if I had the courage to say  how amazing you can be.   I should have made them understand  I should have taken your hand I should have your one forever.   yet here I sit heart beating still hoping I can keep from going under now and then I say a prayer for you and  hope you hear my wonder.   yet still I wander. away. maby someday you'll find me ag
What is the proper way to hoar one's self out to get credits? I've never been good at it and I need 50 of 'em. Ugh. 
Bad things happen in threes.To prove my point, my airbrush's crown cap finally snapped after wearing down and locking up for months.The Royals have lost six in a row, they only need to win one game to secure third place.Daredevil is on TV.Seriously- fuck Ben Afleck and his hideous wife.The good news is I ordered a jumble of o-rings to replace the blown one, and while I was at it, I decided to buy a regulator (part of the compressor that allows me to control PSI) and a game I was going to buy anyway so I could qualify for free shipping. All indications are the new regulator will screw in easy on my compressor, managed to remove my current gauge and air trap today, but screwing it back on perfect... eluded me. It's kinda off-kilter, but still functioning, and not losing air. My bet is I can get the regulator on pretty good and seal it with epoxy or something without threading it too much/little.Just gotta wait til... Wednesday or so.*sits and rocks himself back and forth*well that ate up
Kate Middleton : Après Le Topless, Sa Robe Lui Joue Des Tours à Brisbane
Quelques heures après leur visite sur l'archipel polynésien de Tuvalu, escale finale de leur tournée en représentation de la reine Elizabeth II pour son jubilé de diamant, où ils se sont notamment adonnés avec beaucoup de bonne volonté à une danse traditionnelle locale en plus de visiter une école primaire et de déguster du lait de coco, le duc et la duchesse de Cambridge posaient à 11h45 le pied en terre australienne le temps de trois petites heures, sur la route du retour au pays robe d'été 2012 . Pour son premier passage en Australie, Catherine avait le bon goût de porter une robe d'une créatrice autochtone, puisqu'il s'agissait d'une pièce Project D, griffe de Dannii Minogue. Mais les tarmacs sont piégeux, avec leurs courants d'air insidieux : l'an dernier, lors de leur première visite à l'étranger, au Canada, Kate Middleton avait connu une mésaventure similaire, sa robe se soulevant jusqu'en haut de ses cuisses. Mercredi matin, elle est parvenue de justesse à sauver la situation
I break down but I won’t back down, From these feelings inside of me, It’s all mine my cross to bear, In all fairness I’m doing this for myself and not you   Stand up lay down take one for the team, Feeling like am used and abused all over again, Even though they’re different faces and names, The situations are still the same   Tired of taking the blame righting my wrongs, Facing myself every time I look in the mirror, Yeah I know you’re up there laughing at me, ‘Cause I have one rule a line that shouldn’t be crossed, And I fucking crossed it   No one is perfect but damn it why can’t I try, Stuck in slow motion walking the same old line, Saying the same shit over and over again like a broken record, I guess I do for someone to hear and listen to me as pathetic as it sounds, You’re all I ever wanted   Standing outside your heaven knowing I will never get it, Perfection isn’t perfect if you have to bleed o
Dispensary Busted For Marijuana Beer Sell
Cases of "cannabis enriched" beer were seized from a compassion club in Tacoma after they reportedly sold the beer to a minor.The Seattle Times reports the Washington state Liquor Control Board organized an undercover buy with the aid of the Pierce County sheriff's office. They sent an underage informant into the Hashford Compassion club to purchase some of their advertized “Cannabis Enriched Honey Beer”. The operation was set into motion after receiving a complaint that a minor was sold alcohol. The informant left the medical marijuana outlet after successfully obtaining three bottles of the beer. Officials then seized the remaining cases of the beer Friday as evidence. Continue Reading...
Note To The Northeast From Nola
Dear Northeast, Wow, is your week about to suck. Potentially it will continue to suck for many months. But ultimately you'll come out of it okay. People find a way. You will become very resourceful, you'll bond with your friends and neighbors in ways you never expected, and you'll have a lot of love and help from the rest of us from far away, too. All that said, I hope you're ready for a fight. There might be some who tell you that whatever happens was punishment from God, that you're an idiot for living where you live, that your home should be abandoned. There will be people who tell you that it's your own damn fault. They'll say that you should have known, that you deserved this misery, that the rest of us shouldn't be responsible for taking care of you, that you are not worth saving. So stop your whining already. Well, to hell with them. Be safe. And if you need to, call us when you get to the other side. You can stay with us as long as you need to. Because when the shit flies
My Head
My head hurts ..... 
To Be A Psyhic Or To Get Magickal Powers
         first of all you need to have some kinda of relgion and have to actaully otherwords you have to be a believer. you cant be a non believer.A Wolf spirit  and a Dragon spirit came to me. tobe one  with your animal spirit in senstivity,sound,vibration, wolf also as a anger with it so be careful cause you are actually picking anger from someone else which off sets a demon to come about like a vampire.  your animal spirit is your guide with your thought or soul and visualizeing is a must.this is your psyhic part.The dragon part is to be one with the dragon to see the same as the dragon to fly with dragon in and medataition and to be one a silents and in harmony and soft sounds to be able to fight like a dragon like the air that you feel or storms that come about and to hit with that power in defence and offence.this is your magickal powers or your telekinese.You must becareful so as you wont enter fear with others for this part is your soul yourself your spirit with your
Barefoot In The Winter
Barefoot in the Winter   Barefoot in the winter, Crisp as a snow angel night. December's dawning light. It's all too right So it must be a dream.   Hearts can be so tender, brittle like fresh blown glass. All those various masks. Such a task, Getting who we are From who we seem.   She does her February dance with a January smile,
A Simple Kiss
A Simple Kiss   A lady cupid threw me a simple kiss It hit just right while I was making a wish Then we were sealed with a soft, wet, sweet, kiss that lingered inside my feelings for you I knew then I was stuck inside this thing that was true   While babysitting the vibes of happiness that were bad to the bone, the other point was caught in my view This was our Atlantis and my friend opens the gates that were wide and tall, but they were really loyal and true Some ladies say I am a Romeo, but my love is real and oh, so, into you So, come here my angel, let’s go down this avenue   Hot flashes and heartaches bombard my beckoning wants in love My love, I love you and this is so, true The doorkeeper will open the vast gates for you, so, will you please tell me what you want me to do… Deep in my heart, I am totally into you…  
There is a desire within each of us,in the deep center of ourselves that we call our heart.We were born with it, it is never completely satisfied,and it never dies.We are often unaware of it, but it is always awake.It is the Human desire for Love.Every person in this Earth yearns to love,to be loved, to know love.Our true identity, our reason for beingis to be found in this desire.Love is the "why" of life,why we are functioning at all.I am convincedit is the fundamental energy of the human spirit.the fuel on which we run,the wellspring of our vitality.And grace, which is the flowing,creative activity, of love itself,is what makes all goodness possible.Love should come first,it should be the beginning of,and the reason for everything.
Oily Hair How To Do Proper Nursing Method Of Getting Rid Of Greasy
  The so-called oily hair is a hair thin, oily,ghd australia online needs regular cleaning to temporarily get rid of greasy.Oily hair because of the head greasy luster and are prone to the feeling is not clean.Then, oily hair how to do?Let the Xiaobian teach you the correct oily hair care how the right way, can easily get rid of oil well. Oily hair appears is the fundamental cause for excessive secretion of oils and fats, and related to many factors, has the congenital or acquired.Acquired such as long time high pressure working condition can easily lead to excessive secretion of oil, so that the hair is greasy.In addition, because the model needs too much use of stereotypes products, can also cause greasy hair.To have a look oily hair how to do it. In 1, with tea and can adjust the scalp, balance water and oil, the method is very simple.The chrysanthemum tea, coconut, tea seed oil mixed into every shampoo and conditioner transfers, head after the hair conditioner onto h
Fashionable Plus Size Women’s Clothing - You Can Still Look Absolutely Stunning
There is nothing wrong if you are slightly bigger than what you should ideally be. More than 60 percent of women look for extra size clothing these days. Plus size women’s clothing is a term used for the dress size of 12, and sometimes above that. Until some years ago, bulkier women had difficulty in finding dresses that go well with their sizes. However now they can easily find designer jeans, trousers, tops, and skirts over the internet. These dresses are usually designed with flattering styles, and the best fabrics are used in designing them. There are a number of online stores that endorse the best quality plus size women’s clothes . These dresses can be purchased for regular wear, parties, for the gym, and many other purposes. You can easily find and shop for XXL sized lingerie, blouse, skirts, and others. These designer outfits are available in different sizes, colors, and patterns. There are many types of sportswear that are designed specifically for overweight w
Android Tablet: Eine Revolution In Der Welt Der Pc
Es gibt so viele OS auf dem Markt verfügbar für Telefon oder sogar für Tabletten, aber Android ist die schnell wachsenden und führenden Betriebssystem zurzeit Markt und es macht einen Blick in den Markt der Tablet-PC oder Handys. Da Android ist sehr sparsam für jeden Handy-Hersteller Unternehmen, so dass maximale Tablet oder Handy-Anbieter verwenden es Android war zunächst das Linux-basierte Betriebssystem-by android Inc. entwickelten tablet pc android ist ein Open-Source-im Gegensatz zu Apples geheimen Code. Vor android gestartet wurde, es war ein Markt von Apple iPad, aber jetzt google hat eine erstaunliche Technologie mit Android, die ist sehr beliebt nowadays.Android kam, wird in den Markt mit vielen erweiterten Funktionen, die in der Apples iPad wie fehlende geliefert wurden usb ports, Adobe Flash und eingebauter Kamera. Nach der Zugabe von vielen Funktionen, sind Android-Tablet viel billiger als Apples iPad. Eine hervorragende Leistung des jeweiligen Android Tablet ist, dass habe
Minutes To Solve Spa Home Hair Care Process
  Introduce you a simple and quick, need 15 minutes only hair care methods, as long as every day, there will be HAIR SPA effect.In the final analysis, the trick is to have a relaxed mood,ghd australia enjoy the whole process. Step1 comb hair After a day of busy life, shampoo ago may wish to play light music, all the troubles aside, listen to music and shampoo.Wash your hair before first use a wide tooth comb hair straightening.Attention, do not impatient to hair pulling. Step2 clean hair Thoroughly wet hair with warm water, the water temperature control in 38 ℃; to palm pour shampoo, the shampoo foam it with a hand.From the scalp clean, made from the root to the shampoo hair, evenly through the hair, and the pulp gently massage.Then his fingers gently massage the scalp, from head to the temple, then massage the head around, down the neck has been on the shoulders, swinging head, neck to relax. Suggested the use of two-in-one shampoo, in clean hair at the same tim
Really Bothered By This...
Being a former volunteer firefighter, I feel the urge to speak out because this hit home! I was also in the military so our 2nd amendment has a certain meaning to me as well. I believe in the 2nd Amendment as it was written - The Right To Bare Arms HOWEVER, I believe this argument about our 2nd Amendment has faults - it is our Military who fights for our Freedom...the independent person (although well intended) usually escallates a situation, or creates new conflicts. This argument is mainly in regards to the GP owning or having access to weapons/ammunition of mass destruction. I said it before - do we really need that? Look, anybody with a gun can crack at any time even a good guy with a gun, thus becoming a bad guy with a gun - still want that guy protecting our children? Really? Tell this to the families of the fallen firefighters in upstate NY...there has to be some sort of newer laws implimented somehow to better govern/control to prevent this sort of tragedy...we may be well
Guide Little Alter Stunning Locks
  Locks cleaning hair shampoo every single day so long as the very best daily make use of locks conditioner,instyler hair as well as grasp the right approach to shampooing, doesn't help to make locks harm. Locks conditioner proper utilization is actually: about the mind equally as well as lightly stroke with regard to 2-5 min's following, to be able to make sure it's nourishment may permeate in to locks underlying. Hair shampoo hair shampoo mind shouldn't be lengthy within mind preservation period is actually only 10-15 min's, generally 5-10 min's. Hair shampoo is better to make use of hands or even hand pulp stroke. Based on the range of hair shampoo with regard to locks dyeing, permed locks, make sure to select a reduced alkaline hair shampoo or even acidity hair shampoo. Acidity hair shampoo could be acid-base level of neutralization,Instyler Rotating Irons Silver is actually favorable in order to sustaining colour as well as recover locks. At the moment, "two within o
Period The Game Got Away From Us A Little Bit, We Got Hemmed In Our Own Zone," Icecaps Coach Keith Mccambridge Said. "third Was Back And Forth
ST. Aldon Smith Womens Jersey . JOHNS, N.L. -- The Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins couldnt figure out how to contain Brock Trotter, and the St. Johns IceCaps forward made them pay. Trotter two breakaway goals Tuesday as the IceCaps took Game 1 of their American Hockey League quarter-final match-up against the Penguins, 3-1. Trotter was given the coveted fishermans hat following the game, which is given out by the IceCaps to the player the team feels deserves it most. "I guess they were pretty happy with my goals tonight," Trotter said. Garth Murray also scored for St. Johns. Cal OReilly replied for the Penguins. Defenceman Brett Festerling said the IceCaps stuck to their game plan and avoided taking too many chances. "I think youve just got to stick with the game plan weve planned all week," he said. "We have a great first, and they are up 1-0. We didnt take too many chances, we didnt cheat, we stick to the game plan." Festerling, who has found himself in the role of shut-down defencema
Pll That Have Stiffed Me!!
I need some input. Should I list the ppl that have stiffed me?  Given me absolutely nothing or nearly nothing for up to 24 ponies to polish.  Please comment.  Mahalo Nui Loa Marie
Where To Buy Winter Korean Fashion Ladies Coats
  In fact, sweet girls can also try the strong mature woman sense fur coat, every girl has degenerated into a woman that day, learn to mature Wind dress, can make oneself more feminine. This time wholesale Korean fashion online shop Korean Japan will help you solve these problems of dressing. Come to have a look at these Korean girls’ winter cotton-padded clothes with trendy wear, and learn from their winter energy of fashion! Fur can let you show elegant taste, can let you wear a sexy feeling, see girl’s water which matches. White tassel, fur, with light-colored bottoming shirt, black trousers, leather boots, simplicity of collocation is enough to bring out the fur atmospheric feeling, in addition to mix some jewelry, the overall shape is ok. Western Style Black Lotus cap, with pale pinkish purple color turtleneck sweater with faux fur vest, a strong woman of nobility, van is adequate! This year the winter will wear it, allows you to easily penetrate gracefu
Irs And Obamacare
IRS Warns Employers: Do Not Try to Avoid ObamaCare Insurance Mandate   Matt CoverCNSNews.comJanuary 10, 2013 The Internal Revenue Service warned employers in a new regulatory proposal not to come up with clever schemes to avoid Obamacare’s employer health insurance mandate. The IRS said it would soon issue “anti-abuse rules” to discourage employers from taking advantage of any regulatory loopholes. “The Treasury Department and the IRS are aware of various structures being considered under which employers might use temporary staffing agencies (or other staffing agencies)… to evade application of section 4980H [the employer insurance mandate],” the IRS said in a proposed regulatory announcement issued December 28. The IRS said it would issue a so-called “anti-abuse rule&rdquo
26 - 30
You might be a redneck if 26 You might be a redneck if...Your most expensive shoes have numbers on the heels.Your wife has ever burned out an electric razor.Your birth announcement included the word "rug rat".You've ever hitchhiked naked.You use the O on a stop sign to sight your new rifle.Your bumper sticker says, "My other car is a combine."The gas pedal on your car is shaped like a bare foot.The highlight of your parties is when you flip out your false teeth.Your wife keeps a can of Vienna sausage in her purse.There are more than ten lawsuits currently pending against your dog. You might be a redneck if 27 You might be a redneck if...You take a fishing pole to Sea World.The hood and one door are a different color from the rest of your car.You've ever filled your deer tag on the golf course.You've ever shot somebody over a mall parking space.Santa Claus refuses to let your kids sit in his lap.Your toilet paper has page numbers on it.You think mud rasslin' should be an Olympic
Rennie Said His Clubs Play
Beijing, China (Sports Network) - Two-time champion Novak Djokovic was an easy second-round winner, while Jo-Wilfried Tsonga advanced via walkover at the $2. Larry Grant Jersey .2 million China Open. After shaking off the rust in his first match since losing to Andy Murray in last months U.S. Open final, the world No. 1 Djokovic resembled his dominating form by routing helpless Argentine Carlos Berlocq 6-1, 6-3 on the hardcourts at the National Tennis Centre. The top-seeded Serbian star, who titled back-to-back here in 2009 and 2010, needed almost two hours to subdue German qualifier Michael Berrer in three sets on Tuesday. The Australian Open champion and French and U.S. Open runner-up Djokovics quarterfinal opponent will be veteran Austrian left-hander Jurgen Melzer. The former world No. 8 advanced with a 7-6 (11-9), 2-6, 6-1 upset of sixth-seeded Ukrainian Alexandr Dolgopolov, who fired 13 aces and managed to save 9-of-11 break points in a losing effort. The third-seeded Tsonga was
Chapter 2 A Gathering:chicago 17
toms canada outlet He asked Hem, "Where did we put our jogging suits and running shoes?" It took a long time to findthem because they had put everything away when they found their Cheese at Cheese Station C,thinking they wouldn't be needing them anymore. clarisonic canada As Hem saw his friend getting into his running gear, he said, "You're not really going out into themaze again, are you? Why don't you just wait here with me until they put the Cheese back?""Because, you just don't get it," Haw said. "I didn't want to see it either, but how I realize they'renever going to put the Old Cheese back. That was yesterday's Cheese. It's time to find NewCheese."Hem argued, "But what if there is no Cheese out there? ash store Or even if there is, what if you don't find it?""I don't know," Haw said. He had asked himself those same questions too many times and startedto feel the fears again that kept him where he was. Then he though about finding New Cheese and all the good things that cam
By The Fire's Light
The moon is big and bright on this cold dark starless night the animals huddle together to keep warmthe wolves howl and the owls hoot as one they performAs I sit lost in thought I can hear their lonely song Longing for the presence of the man to whom my heart belongsStaring into the fire watching the flames erotic danceFeeling my heart and soul drift to him as if in a tranceIn the rich colors of the fire his face appears to emergeSmiling, deeper into my thoughts I am now submergedas he is thinking of me as well our souls reaching out to connectHis warmth and love surrounding me as we both projectMiles apart yet our hearts holding each other so near Together our souls are now one making everything become so clear heart beats quickening there is no mistaking what our souls feel as they are elatefor we complete each other in ways nothing else can, we are each others soul mate ~RavenMoon
Chance Encounter
It was a hot Saturday afternoon in central Kansas. The kids were off at the rock quarry swimming for the afternoon so Susie had decided she would try to get some sun on her body, so she gathered up her lawn chair, towel, tanning oil and a cool drink and went to the front yard. She set up her chair, spread out her blanket, set her drink down and started to apply the oil to her body. Susie was just a few months shy of 40 and as she was oiling herself up she thought. “Hard to believe I’ve had three kids and my body is still in this good of a shape.” As she lay back to catch the suns rays she decided she didn’t want to have any tan lines, so she removed her bikini and placed it under her chair. As the time wiled away she was starting to drowse a little bit, so she decided to turn over and get some sun on the back half of her body as not to burn.She must have dozed off laying there nude in the sun, because when she woke up there were four young men sitt
Eine Hochzeit Im Himmel Oder Ein Unholy Union Made?
In den vergangenen Monaten haben verschiedene Kommentatoren die Synergie, die erstellt werden, wenn die digitale Kommunikation zwischen  digitalen Schildern und Handys ist, kann aktiviert werden-über eine Bluetooth-Verbindung oder andere drahtlose Mittel diskutiert. Das Konzept macht absolut Sinn. Aktiviert mit dieser Fähigkeit, (tablet pc test)fügen digitalen Out-of-home Zeichen neuen Wert für die Zuschauer und Kommunikatoren gleichermaßen. Zum Beispiel kann in einem Geschäft  Kommunikation zwischen digitale Schilder und Handys verwendet werden, um die Erfahrung eines Shopper zu verbessern, indem Handheld  Interaktivität und liefert kundenspezifische Werbebotschaften oder vermitteln eine andere Form der Wert für den Kunden werden. Ein oft zitiertes Beispiel ist Übertragung eines digitalen Coupon zu einem Einkaufsparadies in der Nähe von Zeichen, wie ein Gutschein für einen bestimmten deli Element aus einem digitalen Schild in der Nähe der Theke. Eine weitere interessante Möglichkeit
The Versus Regular Korean Japan Clothing Wholesale Mall
There are so many ladies fashion stores online that it becomes impossible to decide which one you will select to buy cheap ladies fashion. There are certain indicators that tell you which is a good site and which is a bad site. The problem with the Internet is that people can manipulate it as they want. So, there would be hundreds of these websites that will promise you the best experience in online shopping but when they deal with you, you find that they are everything but true to their word. Internationally known as an online fashion wholesale store, prides in the good reputation it has earned for the years that it has provided its clients with excellent service. offers a wide selection of wholesale fashion clothing for women—from tops to dresses, skirts to pants, accessories, and a whole lot more. You will easily find wholesale evening dresses, party dresses and working women’s dresses listed with them. They al
More Thoughts
The rain had been pouring a moderate volume for some time now, so the fallen leaves were now soggy, wet and yielded under my feet. I looked to my right as I left the building and I saw a couple. I had seen them as I was walking out of the building and, by the way they were talking and interacting, I thought they were just friends. But as I saw them clasp their hands together as they left the building, I knew they were in a relationship. I walked left, towards the oddly lit, slightly spooky, pathway that led to the parking lot, which was overfilled with cars, similarly to how the gutter was overfilling with water. They walked right, towards a more secluded area near some trees. I guessed they were going to talk or neck somewhere. I don't know, as I didn't follow them. But it got me to thinking as I started my dingy, sad trek to the parking lot: I am alone. Not in a depressing, dark way, but in a philosophical way. I am alone, without someone to walk with on a cold, dark, w
Whats Better Shoutbox Or Buddylist
Hello fu peeps... I remember being here a few years ago and there was a fu- buddy list instead of the shoutbox. There is no buddylist option anymore.. I don't think. Lol... What you think is better.. Shoutbox.. or Buddylist :D
The Airborne!
What manner of men are these who wear the maroon beret? They are, firstly, all volunteers and are toughened by hard physical training.As a result they have that infectious optimism and that offensive eagerness which comes from physical well being. They have "jumped" from the air and by so doing have conquered fear. Their duty lies in the van of the battle; they are proud of this honour and have never failed in any task. They have the highest standards in all things whether it be skill in Battle or smartness in the execution of all peacetime duties. They have shown themselves to be as tenacious and determined in defence as they are courageous in the attack. They are, in fact, men apart -- every man an Emperor. Of all the factors which make for success in battle the spirit of the warrior is the most decisive. That spirit can be found in full measure in the men who wear the maroon beret. Field Marshall The Viscount Montgomery of Alamein   THE AIRBORNE MYSTIQUE In Fren
Love Pure And Simple
╰ღ╮❤╭ღ╯Love Pure and SimpleIf only you couldstep inside my heartfor just a moment or twoyou might be overwhelmedby what I feel for youLove, pure and simple lovethat has no endand longs to hold you nearfor now and forever;for as long as we’re both hereI want to hold you closeI want to hold your handI never want to let you go;you’re the best I’ve ever hadI want to protect youI want to keep you safeI never want to see you cryor feel an ounce of painI want to see you smileI want to make you laughI never want you to wishfor something other than what you haveI want to give you everythingI want to give you my allI never want to give you lessthan anything you wantBecause it’s simplemy love for you is pureand you are the oneI’ve waited my whole life for.
Loving The Glamorous Life...
Life is what you make it. You can live however you choose. Its your decision. You can live like a hobo and sleep under a bridge. Or you can work a modest job and live moderately. You can just go all out and really make the big bucks by working on Wallstreet or being your own entrepreneur. Whatever you decide... its you decide...its your decision. Loving the Glamorous Life is what you decide is glamorous in life. It could be a walk on the beach, a hug and kiss, or spending time with family and friends. My glamorous life includes my man and my family and friends. Its not always about the money-although it does help. Just wanted all out there to know that you can choose to Love the Glamourous Life too!!
Name _____________ Date of birth __/__/____ Place of birth: Country ______ State_____________ City ___________ Mother’s name ____________________ Fathers name _____________________ E-mail address _________________________________ Phone number __________________ Driver’s License Number ____________________ Please Answer “Yes” or “No” In The Spaces Provided. 1. ____Are you a Christian? 2. ____ 1Corinthians 7:1 says, “It is good for a man not to touch a woman.” Do you believe the Lord really expects you to keep your hands off a woman until you get married? 3. ____How often do you attend services? a. Once a week b. Twice a week c. Three times a week d. More 4. ____Do you smoke tobacco? 5. How fast can you run a. 40 yards ______sec. b. Two miles ____min. 6. ____Do you chew tobacco? 7. What is your blood type:_______ 8. ____Other than a speeding ticket have you ever been convicted of a crime? (If yes, please explai
wholesale nba jerseysMorey to book ho out of the contract is too poison? Especially in the third year of the contract more than 15 million U.S. dollars annual salary, that is what the performance requirements of the book ho? Pre-season you have so speculation is normal, but the public opinion unanimously found: rocket then all the role-based young people as partners, the book ho tactical core is bound to enjoy the display. Regular season three days before the war, rockets introduced to the maximum salary Harden. If the rocket is attracted by a big inside, book ho days you can live more chic, to also need the ball Harden. miami heat jerseyHarden scored 82 in the regular season two games sharing, this position does not exist suspense difference is even more apparent. This is the NBA, this management also sweet talk to you tomorrow, you will lay the luggage volume. The book ho understand, of course, he clearly rocket blueprint outlined before the season no longer specificall
4/16 To 4/19/13
                                          TUESDAY'S JOKES                                             Compliment  A man was reading the newspaper during breakfast and said to his wife, "Look at this. Another beautiful actress is going to marry a baseball player who's a total dope! I'll never understand why the biggest jerks get the hottest wives." His wife said, 'Thank you.' ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                            Big Boss Man  When the body was first made, all the parts wanted to be Boss. The brain said, "I should be boss because I control the whole body's responses and functions."The feet said, "We should be Boss as we carry the brain about and get him to where he wants to go." The hands said, "We should be the boss because we do all the work and earn all the money."And so it went on and on with the heart, the lungs, and the eyes until finally the asshole spoke up. All the part
Open Message To A Former Family Member
following is a letter of explanation to a former family member.  i want others to know "where i am at" though...   what i love most about fu is the cooperative spirit that much of the game inspires. we help ourselves by helping others. in that spirit of giving i have run 85 famps in the past 2 mos (i just counted from my bling page, you may check if you like.) as a member of my family, you have benefited from rates and points for every one of them. yet i have been shy to ask you for the help of a family boost or a pimpout. usually when i have asked you, you have been one of my last resorts. why? because you have turned me down for one reason or another so many times, much more than anyone else i have asked. when you most recently turned me down, you said it was because you were running a boomy and you wanted to keep your points to trade pimpouts for yourself. did you really think your personal boomy was going to bring you so many more rates than the boomy that i was
Even Your Broke , There's Fun To Be Had
Even when your broke there's fun to be had  You don't  have to be always be happy .. but why always be sad ? Turn on the radio and dance like mad ..  Good friends and good company are so much of a joy    So yesterday we were dancing over all the kitchen it was fun ..  i had  on my sneakers and she had heels .. I think dancing is a carefree as it feels ..   We sat and we talked , like women seem to do ..  It start was the start of something, something so new .. She was writer too she showed me some stuff .. it was really good ,  I tried to  encourage her enough .. We met for lunch but i was asked  to  stay till tea .. it fun adventure just her and me and lovely Mum ,whos is as sweet as sweet can be  
It's always funny to me how when one of my friends is single they will talk to me all the time. Eventually they get a girlfriend or someone they are interested in and I'm a "no one". Do I ever want all of their time? Nah...I really don't. However, a conversation every once in a while would be nice. I can always tell when they break up too. All of the sudden my friend is back. Talking to me like nothing ever happened, like they'd talked to me every day. I think it's quite funny.   I would like to know, though, why does this happen? Why am I only a good friend when they aren't with or interested in someone else? Ideas?
Smartphones-die Mobiltelefone Der N?chsten Generation
"Ver?nderung ist notwendig für das überleben" dieses berühmten Ausspruch ist nicht anwendbar auf Menschen oder Lebewesen, aber das gleiche gilt für viele Nicht-Lebewesen wie Handys angewandt worden, Laptops, Autos etc. Es ist beobachtet worden, dass viele Produkte, die didn ' t mit den Ver?nderungen und Entwicklung auf dem Markt entwickelt sind, verloren. Mobiltelefone sind auch Teil dieser Entwicklung und haben st?ndig sich nach der Forderung der Nutzer entwickelt. Es gab eine Zeit, wenn die  Menschen, um die schweren Handys mit schwarz und wei? als diese Handys nutzen m?chten wurden durch moderne Handys, die nicht nur leicht gewichtet waren, sondern kommt auch mit interaktiven Features wie Kamera, bunte Anzeige, Musik und attraktive Spiele ersetzt. Aber in den letzten Jahren haben Mobiltelefone eine weitere Entwicklung gesehen und eine neue Generation von Handy hat übernahm die bestehenden Mobiltelefone. Diese Handys sind auch als Smartphones bekannt. -dual sim handy Es gibt verschi
Bored Ass Hell
i am just doing this becouse it wants me too lol ladies look me up 
Fibro Update
well hi just a quick update since christmas 2012 the pain of fibro got so bad many days i couldn't get out of bed so i gave in and went back to the dr who updated my dosage of gabapentin and tramdol painkillers to 8 a day 2 of each 4xs aday sadly i still can not work climbing stairs washing all take so much energy and cause so much agony thoughout my body i hope these blogs are helping others should anyone have questions feel free to ask me 
It's been a while since I've done one of these. I usually end up putting them in the wrong blog. Oh well. Here is todays lesson. Thank you, iamMAIK for the letters :)   Word of the Day:: Jiff To give a hand job to.   "Dude, she gives me a jiff every morning before work."   Acronym of the Day:: BDA Balls Deep Anal "Did you see that porno? Hella BDA!!!"     Now let's combine them, shall we? "Since you don't ever give me BDA, the least you could do is give me a jiff."
14 years is a very long time, coming on longer each day.  I have never stopped missing you, and miss you now more then ever.  It isn't the physical that I miss, but that connection we shared. Just the simple act of holding you in my arms, you were a part of me, an extension of myself.  This hasnt changed in the least,  I still feel you, and I doubt that will ever stop.  I missed you today, I mean I miss you everyday, but today even more so.  It weighs so heavy on me....   I trust in His promise, three times, the path I have been put on, the end within sight but still so far away.  There are so many things I need to say to you, so much....   I talk about what happened, and it makes me feel better, strange that it happens that way, after everything that happened, everything I did and everything I didn't do.  I was such a mess, and only got worse.  Every day back then worse then the day before, the only good thing I had was you.  You were the only one who really cared, do you still? C
Just(U/us)   Plush heart in hand I make waves into letters that curl into Your name My fingers brace it, knowing that to break it would be a thousand deaths for my own I want to absorb it   Cradling the velvet muscle I bring it to life   and   heal every fracture with soft kisses, murmurs My lines are drawn against the beat of chest.. so effortless it is to be   enslaved by this moment   The camera flashes imperials of sun- scorched beauty to capture my intent So unreal Even I know I am asleep
O'rly Plz.
The King Of Kings
***Published Twice In 2006*** Living in a world with no identity In a world surrounded by obscenity Looking around there is too much fighting A feeling so uninviting Fear deep in our hearts With a tear falling before it even starts Alone in a alleyway of lies Waiting for the worlds demise Hope waiting in the corner of our mind Restrained we keep it confined Unwilling to spread the word To sound so absurd To speak our deepest desire Feelings of regret of goals yet to acquire Losing the battle of morality To aware of our own mortality In a world where hate resides An emotion that evil provides A war balances in the whim Your future looking so grim You turn to a man Who was around when the universe began The vengeful eye of our lord Watches a world he once adored Waiting until the evil rules When the world is ran by ignorant fools He will step in and take control And cleanse our scared soul To reign on earth To show what its wo
Untitled - 06/22/01
Did I ever tell you that my heart was yours? Did you look at me and smile? And when we said good-bye, for reasons sad but true. Could you remember why? Do you remember laughing in the middle of the night? Do you recall the silly things, we said without the light? In the dark we shared our hearts, to each and each alone. And knowing things of each of us, has died instead of grown. How did something living, go away without an ache? How could something that felt so right, turn out a big mistake? What part do you remember? What part do you forget? Remembering, a sweet sad pain. A pair, but not a set. Two hearts living in heaven, yet dropping from the page. Our love felt like a fine wine, without the time to age. But sourness inside a heart can ruin one's whole mind. When fighting loves most hated beast, and burdens come to bind. Fairytales and endings, with no sadness in sight. Seem to be the best way to love, but it just doesn't seem right. And when I told yo
Blogeth Away Lol >:)
See now here you will actualy see who posts/comments for the for what you have posted, said , etc.. OR if they are all about getting points. There no points awarded for the blogs eh . ! >;)

Wow this thing actually works! lol i just wan to hear the gunshot sound again! LMAo ok if you wanna rght me you can if not bug off ya bugga!
Ultamite Slim Anus Diss.
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In Need Of Some...
I dont know what Im going to we'll just go with it.. HMM... Ive been so stressed out about finding a place to live lately that I havent really done much but sit here and play on the comp..mostly on it a bad thing? HELL NO! Ill admit Im addicted,but everyone is just sooo awesome..with the exception of a few creepy's... but hey,creepys need love to no? KRISTIANE I LOVE YOU!!! :) lol thought you'd like that! well Ill end this..bc it really has no meaning,just did it for the girl I love day Ill be more insightful.
Chicken Sandwhiches
A little boy and a little girl attended the same school and became friends. Every day they would sit together to eat their lunch. They discovered that They both brought chicken sandwiches every day! This went on all through the fourth and fifth grades, until one day he Noticed that her sandwich wasn't a chicken sandwich. He said, "Hey, how come you're not eating chicken, don't you like it anymore?" She said "I love it but I have to stop eating it." "Why?" he asked. She pointed to her lap and said "Cause I'm starting to grow little feathers down there!" "Let me see" he said. "Okay" and she pulled up her skirt. He looked and said, "That's right. You are! Better not eat any more chicken." He kept eating his chicken sandwiches until one day he brought peanut butter. He
My Life Without You
Hello my friend, it's been a while, I've missed you so much. My life without you is very hard to keep I dream about you in my sleep. Out of all the things I say it just won't be the same without you in my life. My life without you my friend just isn't the same I need you so much, but I know in my mind that I have to stay away, but in my heart I want to be with you all the time. My life without you my friend just isn't the same. Goodbye my friend it's been nice knowing you but I have to say goodbye. It's hard to say goodbye because of the way I used to know you. But now that you're gone my friend I have to finally say goodbye with tears in my eyes. I'll keep your memories alive in my heart and also in my mind. My life without you my friend just isn't the same. I need you so much but I know in my mind that I have to stay away, but in my heart I want to be with you all the time. My life without you my friend just isn't the same.
Heaven called upon your lovely eyes, Hell called down on your beautiful lips, I just wish that you were here, So I could hold you in my arms, But instead of that, You just ignored me and walked by, I was hurt and didn't know what to do, I tried to be your friend, You never let me be your friend, I tried to keep up with you, So I could make you fall for me, That you would know that i'm not an ordinary boy, So you would see that we were ment to be After all that time that I was your friend, You finally began to see, What kind of boy I was, You wanted strong arms to hold you, Except they weren't my arms holding you...
Please Donate $25.00
Oh I so love this new toy!!! Its so sexy! come and check me out!!!
A Song
Sweet Smelling Swamp I don’t wanna live forever I don’t even need to live very long All I need is you beside me And your sweet love will keep me strong We’ll have a house down by the water Where our kids can run and play Watching the sun go down on another sweet smelling day Cause the sweet smelling swamp is near to us Yeah the sweet smelling swamp is dear to us It brings pleasure and joy and happiness Through it’s scent which is nothing but bliss Cause the sweet smelling swamp is near to us Yeah the sweet smelling swamp is dear to us And I’ll live on its shores till the end of my days Or go out in a fiery blaze Yeah, I’ll go out in a fiery blaze The aromas rise from the swamp with a swirl As a young boy kisses a beautiful girl The lilies float while the fat frogs croak Upon the water so flat and smooth Some say heaven is a place in the sky But I know the truth and this aint no lie It’s as clear as a jay bird’s song Though its surface stretches green
Gotta Get Some Stuff Off My Chest.
I keep trying to understand why people do the things they do. How could a father screw around and lose his job and then walk out on his happy home? And how could that same father turn his back on his kids, his own flesh and blood, just because the courts no longer order him to help out? How could a mother keep her daughter from her father just because she wants to show him she can be a bitch? Does she not realize her daughter will grow to despise her when she learns the truth? How could someone who claims to be someone's best friend continue to abandon and forget about their friend, especially when they are needed the most? I was asked the other night why am I going to go out of my way to do some things for some of my friends who are not there when I need them, and my answer was very heart felt and honest. I said it was because no matter how I am treated by those I call my friends I still act as how a good friend should. No matter how far you push that knife in my chest or back I still
Early Morning
Well this is my first blog here so this is me. I am a single dad that has 2 girls. I work for a computer company doing tech support all day and farm and wrench in my off time. I am also working on fixing up a family cabin on the California Coast. Yea its nice there and surrounded by a forest and like everything else there are too many people there too.
I just wanted to say that this shit is good and I am going down a path that is gold in color and at the bottom of each bottle you will find happiness and if you don't let that felling die than you will stay happy so drink and drink a lot love that shit

It's not easy being loganbeckfreakness. Im a dramaqueen Im a myspace/lostcherrywhore Im a slut I'm a pill popper I'm a drunk I'm just looking for some hot wealthy guy to mooch off of I'm famous for doing nothing (okay, flashing that one guy was nothing)... all in all, i am tarayne logan, action 13 news. And im addicted to older guys with gray hair. tara reid, anna nicole smith, paris hilton....add a dash of Lindsay Lohan and you got me.
What Creature Are You Quiz...
You scored as Angel. Angel: Angels are the guardians of all things, from the smallest ant to the tallest tree. They give inspiration, love, hope, and positive emotion. They live among humans without being seen. They are the good in all things, and if you feel alone, don't fear. They are always watching. Often times they merely stand by, whispering into the ears of those who feel lost. They would love nothing more then to reveal themselves, but in today's society, this would bring havoc and many unneeded questions. Give thanks to all things beautiful, for you are an Angel.Angel92%Faerie84%Mermaid83%Dragon67%WereWolf42%Demon25%What Mythological Creature are you? (Cool Pics!)created with
A Moment Of Tranquility And Enlightenment
He was an outsider They called him a freak at school But this didn't worry him He had always been an outsider Wrapped in a veil of darkness His secrets lay hidden away He played the guitar He learnt a few chords And started to write his own songs He listened to Nightwish and Within Temptation I felt a bond, kindred spirits He welcomed the darkness into his soul Soon he would try to find a place in the world He attended a few gothic nightclubs And made a few friends They decided to form a band Their following grew They performed in small gigs around their hometown And then further a field around the whole of Norway Soon they were climbing the charts Their album went to number one They started to perform at large festivals The fans could be counted in the hundreds of thousands This child was lonely no more A hundred thousand kindred spirits calling out his name So many lonely souls looking for a guiding light A
If you yelled for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days you would have produced enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee. (Hardly seems worth it) If you farted consistently for 6 years and 9 months, enough gas is produced to create the energy of an atomic bomb. (Now that's more like it!) The human heart creates enough pressure to squirt blood 30 feet. (O.M.G.!) A pig's orgasm lasts 30 minutes. (In my next life, I want to be a pig) A cockroach will live nine days without its head before it starves to death. (Creepy.) (I'm still not over the pig.) Banging your head against a wall uses 150 calories a hour (Don't try this at home,maybe at work) The male praying mantis cannot copulate while its head is attached to its body. The female initiates sex by ripping the male's head off. ("Honey, I'm home. What the...?!") The flea can jump 350 times its body length. It's like a human jumping the length of a football field. (30 minutes.
haha ok.. so I just feel like typing mostly. but.. I suppose I'll write about the party I was at last night. It was the going away party for my friend James. Since he moved to Las Vegas today. (he's all excited that they legalized prostitution out there now) haha anyways so I got to the cabin at about 730 PM. Where there was just a few of us hanging out. We didn't even have alcohol yet. Eventually people began showing up around 8-830-9-930, and so on. by 1030 there was at LEAST 40 people there. We had made a WOP. but it was small.. 5 bottles of Rum, 1 bottle of Vodka, fruit, and 3-4 gallons of Hawiaan Punch. But it was gooood. lol (even though I'm more of a.. whiskey drinker) but there wasn't any there so.. I said, " this'll have to do ". Anyways... there was a shitload of like.. 14-15 yr old girls there. HAHA. which was kind of gay. but.. they get drunk fast and it's funny. Hell I even got a little drunk. We were listenin to good rap/dance music.. and so all us girls w
On A Roll
Hi people...earlier on i posted that i have an interview tomorrow...well another company called me to let me know that i have an interview with them on wednesday :)))
"its worthy to live for a dream even though its fire may burn you." "151 Countries. One Greek." the place of my birth. the birthplace of all civilization ZHTO ELLAS
Missing Peace
Alone again tonight friends and family all gone in some far away place with an unknown face my heart a sunken ship as i lay down my head my tears a constent stream as i begin to dream of a land that i recall with love and family crawling from the walls my mothers loving embrace my sisters smiling face all welcoming me into their sacred space mother i am sorry sisters please forgive I did not mean to go I did not mean to offend in your home a problem child and rest you could not get so for me to leave the house would mean perfect peace now i'm having trouble alone i can not make it so into the peace, may i come? I promise i won't break it.
It was my first time ever And I'll never forget I'd do it again Without a single regret. The sky was dark The moon was high We were all alone Just she and I. Her hair was soft Her eyes were blue I knew just what She wanted to do. Her skin so soft Her legs so fine I ran my fingers Down her spine. I didn't know how But I tried my best I started by placing My hands on her breast. I remember my fear My fast beating heart But slowly she spread Her legs apart. And when I did it I felt no shame All at once The white stuff came. At last it's finished It's all over now My first time ever At milking a cow...
My Thursday
So I've been up since like 5:30 am. Joe woke me up telling me that he had this horrible headach and that he felt sick and dizzy. So I'm not really knowing what to do cuz it sounded like a migrain, which he'd never had until today. We wind up going to the emergancy room and pretty much spending the morning there. On top of everything I had to finish his best man speech. Isn't he suppose to write that? Its sad when you have your girlfriend write your best man speech. I'm so tired right now. Lucky mom decided to take off once she found out that Joe went to the emergancy room. She came in picked Logan up from there which was a big help on my part. Putting up with a boyfriend whose not feeling good and a kid that just wants to get into everything is not my idea of a good day.Plus i have to go to school tonight, Which is going to be boring cuz all we are going to do is take notes. Thursdays are always a long day when it comes to school cuz we have a different teacher on that day. So tomorrow
Why The Hell Not......
Ok so I am bored as hell and depressed so why not write something online for the world to read and then try to make some sense out of? What is there to lose? here we go. I am sick of fixing everybodyelse love live and solving their drama..I hate feeling like I am the damn momma hen of my group and knowing that when I need something I have to fend for myself....maybe that isnt totally true but right now it feels like that. I take care of everybody. I am the cook, the shoulder to cry on, the taxi...all of it but damn when I need something I have nobody....least not right here....and I am sick of it. Maybe its the bad day, lack of sleep or lack of sex...who knows all I know is have had a house full this weekend...nobody helped clean up and only 2 helped with the food....that makes me mad!!
Here's a memory for ya....About 3 days before my cousins aniversary, I met a "friend", SHE was "best-friends" with an ex-lover of mine. (confusing...i know). ANYWAYS.....She asked if i was going to "Billy's" party that night. I said "yes".........WHY? ...Cause I've been havin a REAL hard time and i'd like too just have a "FUN" night,.... Debbie said if i wanted a REALLY good time....too call I'm calling...? I said, "what else did she tell you?".....She said that you were one of the few men she knew that wouldnt FORCE. That you respected her, and her choices....and wasnt angry with her because of them, like most "guys"........(THAT story may come at another time) I said "well" SURE, i'll go with you........but what kinda "night" are you expecting?.....can we see each other again, can this be a "thing".......?between us?lol.......she said....."no, i dont really LIKE you, she says you can do all these THINGS, and i've never, i mean...nobodys ever.....LOOK, i
Just Some Thoughts...
".... How long do ou want to be loved? Is forever enough? Cause I'm never givin' you up. I slip in bed when you're asleep. To hold you close and feel your breath on me. Tomorrow there'll be so much for me to do. So tonight I'll drift in a dream with you. ...... As you wander through this troubled world, in seach of all things beautiful; you can close your eyes when you're miles away and hear my voice like a serenade." Yeah. Perfect. "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away." "I wish you enough sun to keep your attitude bright. I wish you enough rain to appreciate the sun more. I wish you enough happiness to keep your spirit alive. I wish you enough pain so that the smallest joys in life appear much bigger. I wish you enough gain to satisfy your wanting. I wish you enough loss to appreciate all that you possess. I wish enough 'Hellos' to get you through the final'Good-bye'."
Hey Ppl
i never wrote 1 here so i just figured i would. so how is every1 doing. i'm ok just sitting around being bored. but i g2g
Thank You All For Saying Hi At The Wizard Cave !!
Hello Out There !! I AM Having Trouble With Photobucket, So I Will Be Online Later And Leave All You Wonderful Visitors A THANK YOU !! Was Sooooooooo Kind Of You All To Stop By !! I Will have To Learn The New Systems Too Here.... If You Want To See A Really Nice Page ( So I Have Been Told) You Can Get More Of And Idea Of What I Am Like Go To>>> I Wil Try To Build My Page Like That One Much Love And Light To You All That Have Welcomed Me !! I Feel Blessed With Your Interest !!
Are You Psyco
You Hardly Remember Your Ex You're definitely not a psycho, and you probably don't even think of your ex often. You've moved on, and your life is the better for it. Just remember to remember why the two of you did break up - so you don't fall for him again! Are You a Psycho Ex?
Where To Take Women On "dates"
Where To Take Women On "Dates" -------------------------------------------------- To safely and permanently exclude yourself from future mailings just click the link at the end of this newsletter. To sign yourself up for this complimentary e-letter, visit -------------------------------------------------- >IMPORTANT: You can look at all of the different programs I've created to help you learn how to meet women... and watch video clips of every one of them... right here: ***QUESTION*** Dave, Okay, here goes. First, what's been working for me. The CF attitude is definitely paying off. Bottom line, IT WORKS. Another tip I've found to work for me is to generally play up to a woman's insecurities. DON'T make fun of them, be respectful, but just let them be aware of the fact, tactfully, that you KNOW that they arn't perfect, and given a different set of circumstances,
The moon was full, and resembled a pale blue ball. The wind was slowly dying down, and time seem to stand still. I walked through a garden of roses. Taking in the beautiful scene; Dozens of red roses. Their sickening sweet scent filled the air. Leading my farther into the garden. Even through I never have been there before. I seemed to know which path to follow and where I was post to go as through it was my destiny too. I came to a dead end. The smell became so awful that I wanted to turn back, but my legs wouldn't move. I looked at the roses again, and then something caught my eye, there was a black rose. It stood out, and seem to want me to pick it. in my head there was a voice scream" no don’t'. it'll be your end" , but my body was going toward the rose and I couldn't stop like I was an puppet on a string being moved by a invisible puppet master or force. I started to sweat, and my heart seem to speed up with every step. I was now inches from the black rose. I picked it ,and smelle
Pussy And Dick Pics
hey i dont care if u all wanna show ur tits puss dick n balls but damn put in a private album so i aint gotta see it first thing i see when im scoping out profiles i got boob pics myself but in a bra and dont post it anywhere i wanna send them i can i dont i dont have too and not everyone can see em who I dont want too i know people take this place as another online hook up place but have some dignity about it not everyone is interested in seeing ur anatomy first time they look at ur profile or ever for that matter i come here, cuz there are actually some cool people on here and hell where else can i have as many pics to share nowhere this cool as of yet i wanna see dick ill head up to the bar and ask someone in person to take a look at theirs same with if i wanted to see women on here, guess i never understood how people could just put theirselves out there( like a two bit whore on the corner its just another form of prositution but ur asses aint getting paid!!!!) for all to s
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Worst Sex
about 3 years ago i had a bass player named jesse, key word had. he came over to say hi when he saw our drummer there aswell, well now ex-drummer named jazz. jaz is a virgen. jesse and i prompty deside hes loosing it that night. i call around but no1 is home. as if by mirical my ex gf who i never fucked stops by, her name is emily. jesse and i look at each other and nod as if to say its game... i get her comfertable, you know make her feel safe and welcome. after a bit of wispers into her ear i get my hand down her pants and start fingering her. jesse wantinf to play starts fingering her as well... at first were trading off but before long we both have fingers in her. in moments were puting in another... freaking out because there is still room... finger after finger we slip ing more and more freaked till in our awaze ment we both have full fists in her we were there in my room dubble fisting her. i fliped out and went to scrub her off my hand. there was no use this girl was rank
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That Picture
**Written with thoughts of a speical friend** I desire your touch your feel of your tongue running down my neck to know your soft touch to sense your body next to mine yes this is the pleasure I seek. My wish would to give you as much pleasure as possible just because you deserve it. My touch my lust my passion. Legs wrap around your shoulders tighten at the right times loosing when the time is need. I moan feeling oh so good. All I can think of is how good you are making me feel. in your mouth dripping wet tastes so good moaning and turning up the heat god I am so close all you need to do is shove into me once and I will explode. Minutes from having true ecstasy the kind I know only you can give me. All of the sudden I feel you sliding inside of me fingers moving in and out now your tongue moving so fast up and down in and out. As your fingers are deep inside of me I grab your head push you further into me now screaming in pleasure not just moaning anymore. My
Crash Into Me..
i really like this song, im listening to it now, thought id be nice and share :) enjoy.. You've got your ball, You've got your chain Tied to me tight, tie me up again. Who's got their claws In you my friend? Into your heart I'll beat again Sweet like candy to my soul Sweet you rock, And sweet you roll Lost for you, I'm so lost for you Oh, and you come crash into me And I come into you And I come into you In a boy's dream In a boy's dream Touch your lips just so I know In your eyes, love, it glows so I'm bare-boned and crazy... for you. Oh, and you come crash into me Baby, and I come into you In a boy's dream In a boy's dream And if I've gone overboard Then I'm begging you To forgive me In my haste When I'm holding you so girl, Close to me Oh and you come crash into me, yeah Baby, and I come into you Hike up your skirt a little more And show the world to me Hike up your skirt a little more And show your world to me In a boy's dream In a bo
Does This Get You Cherry Points Too!?!?!
LOL so yeah Im addicted to this site.. Thanks a bunch Kevin! Its still a little confusing but Im slowly starting to figure things out! My birthday is coming up... Monday! I'll be the big 2-4 which is a year closer to being halfway to the big 5-0 *panics* lol The light at the end of the nursing school tunnel is getting brighter and brighter with each passing day.. Im down to like 7 months and 5 days.. But Im not counting or anything :) I was in the ER at Robinson for clinical last week.. Its definitely not as fun as the ER at childrens where I work but I got to start IVs and stuff so that always makes for a good day. After clinical i went straight to akron childrens for my practicum where i basically play nurse. I follow one nurse around and then i have my own patients im responsible for. I got to start an IV on a one year old. I was so excited when I got it that I seriously wanted to jump up and down.. It was a very exciting day.. between the two places I started like 6
Chivalry, Is It Dead?
chiv·al·ry P Pronunciation Key (sh v l-r ) n. pl. chiv·al·ries 1. The medieval system, principles, and customs of knighthood. 2. a. The qualities idealized by knighthood, such as bravery, courtesy, honor, and gallantry toward women. b. A manifestation of any of these qualities. 3. A group of knights or gallant gentlemen. [Middle English chivalrie, from Old French chevalerie, from chevalier, knight. See chevalier.] Word History: The Age of Chivalry was also the age of the horse. Bedecked in elaborate armor and other trappings, horses were certainly well dressed, although they might have wished for lighter loads. That the horse should be featured so prominently during the Age of Chivalry is etymologically appropriate, because chivalry goes back to the Latin word caballus, ?horse, especially a riding horse or packhorse.? Borrowed from French, as were so many other important words having to do with medieval English culture, the English word chivalry is first recorde
Hey guys/gals and friends and pals...... For those of you that share my love of the Mustang check out this cool website it rocks
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Story Donnie Sent Me While He Was In Cuba..
THE PATH While talking to her friend at work Jesse told her that she was loosing all hope in man and that she wished that she was a compleat lesbian instead of just bi-sexual, Carol ask her why she would say such a thing, thinking god she has the best of both worlds when one doesnt satisfy her she can go to the other or even have both and not feel auckward or guilty. Jesse said that she is tierd of going out to the clubs and hoping to find someone to not only please but satisfy her I have found pleanty of men who are filling and able to preform quite nicely but are not able to satisfy me she said, it is like there is some thing missing some thing that needs to be touched or felt or even done but I can't quite put my finger on it. It wasnt that Jesse wasnt beautiful no not by any means she was and had a captivating smile and a very out going personality someone you were drawn to in a way and very sexually open to new things, she had gained a little wait since collage and w
My Transcendence
Communication manifests itself in a variety of forms. I believe it to be dangerous to attempt to qualify these forms as more or less real, or as more or less meaningful. My recent correspondance with a beautiful young lady has sparked a personal renaissance in my life that cannot be devalued in my own estimation. She dispells my insecurities with her kindness and unlimited selflessness. Sometimes sports journalists write of exceptional athletes that have an unnatural ability to perform above and beyond what we believe to be capable of a human being. However, the athletes that transcend their sports are the ones who act as a catalyst for the potential around them. This woman that I write of is my transcendent muse. She elicits a creativity in me that sometimes I forget that I possess. We bounce off each other like ten cent super bouncy balls. When I'm on the phone with her I feel electric and exceptional. The effect she has on me has not been nurtured by her hand brushing my skin or the
I don't really know what to say here.. Umm Umm.. "I been to the mutha fuckin mountain top. I heard mutha fuckas talk, seen em drop. if I aint got a weapon Imma pick up a rock. And when I bust your ass Im gonna continue to rock" Shake that ass.. eminem and nate dogg
One, Two, One Two, Build That Thrust!
Hiya Everyone! I was watching a show on HBO called "The Sex Inspectors". They are two sex experts in England, one a gay man, the other a woman. They help troubled couples have better sex lives there. On one of the shows, the man had performance anxiety with his lover. She wanted sex like six times per day, and the poor man felt he couldn't measure up all the time. The sex inspectors taught her how to masturbate herself with just fingers and new toys, like clit stimulators. Surprisingly, she always relied on sex to get off and rarely pleasured herself. The sex inspectors taught him how to do pelvic crunches to tone up the muscles that support the penis, making for longer and stronger erections, and greater staying power. The sex inspectors taught both lovers how to use foreplay more, and not be so demanding with sex, but instead giving. Focus on pleasing your partner first before yourself. Hmmm...a pelvic crunch? I've heard of this and wondered what effect it wou
Chaos Theory!
"If a butterfly in Japan flaps it's wings, can it cause a hurrican in the United States". You know honestly I don't think that could happen, but the moral of it could. For instance, I moved from Rockford, IL when I was in the 8th grade, to Missouri. I have gotten in touch with some of my friends back home, in Rockford. The majority of them have said that their life didn't goes as plan, and of course me being the big hearted person I am thinks that if I hadn't moved would it still be that way. Not thinking the world revolves around me, but one small missing link can through the whole chain off. You know what I mean. I could have been that missing link in someone's life, and I threw off their whole chain system. Or maybe I am digging way deep into something that doesn't even matter, but still me being the person I am, can't help but to think that way. So all in all, I guess, make an impression in someone's life every chance you can get, and maybe just maybe you will have been a
Gentle Love
Tender skin, soft under my finger tips. Dark eyes that watch my touch, closing only when overtaken by pleasure. A pretty face, framed in soft hair. Unpainted lips, responsive to my gentle kiss. Full round breasts, youthfully eager for attention. Each nipple firming to my loving touch. Soft smooth skin, tender on inner thighs. Shapely legs open to my gentle persuasion. Delicate secrets revealed, hungry to know more of love, Wet with passion's sweet nectar tender to a lover's touch. Oh dear woman, your heart is precious, Your spirit soars When desire overwhelms you. Oh sweet lady, my desire for you consumes me. To know your heart And fly high with your spirit. Hold me closely and touch me in gentle ways. Receive in return the gifts of my love and desire for you. Let's be together for this brief time we walk this path. Let's learn of joy and take fond memories when we part.
Letting Go
Letting Go Thank You Able to light a candle in the wind. This is my heart that you did mend. Thoughtless and breezy, the loves of the past. You have presented a love that will last. Bewildered at the quiet in the storm. Tender kisses to become the norm. Interlocking our fingers will be. Walking hand in hand with me. Feeling of safety when Im in your arms. Completely vulnerable from your charms. Channeling my energy to gaze in your eyes. Filling my lungs with a thousand sighs.
Just Letting Off Some Steam
Why are people so stupid as to tell someone how to live their lives? Are they serrious or what. i had someone tell me that dating a man that is 20yrs older than me was wrong and i was going to be it. Then had someone else tell me that i shouldnt date people off the net, hello, not like i'm jumping into bed with them after i say hello. And whats this shit about i HAVE to go to church or i'm not going to heaven. Who said i was going anyway? my spirit is going to walk the earth as long as it wants, i'm not planning on going to heaven or hell. This religion shit, give me a fucking break. i dont believe in one religion, i believe in one higher being, but whoever that is i choose to worship is my own damn business. Now, let me get on my gay soapbox, who gives a rats ass if i've slept with women or men? its my damn choice. i make choices everyday that piss people off, so be it. i choose to have sex with another woman, i choose to put a hole in my nose, belly and ears, i choose to h
This Ones For U Baby
I'm sorry I've been so hard to live with lately...... this is a difficult time for me right now, and sometimes I take my frustrations out on you. That isn't fair, because you don't dereve to be treated that way at all. I'm trying to learn to think before i speak, but i don't aways catch myself in time. I just want you to know I certainly don't mean to hurt you. I want to LOVE YOU the way you deserve to be loved, and i hope you'll give me the chance to show you that..... because you mean the world to me. I wish i could go back in time.... back to those unspolied moments in our relationship before hurt ever touched our hearts, before doubt ever entered our minds. Beacuse if i could go back and start from those moments once more, i would hold you longer, never miss a chance to tell you how much you mean to me... and i would never, ever hurt you. But i know we
Hi Everyone
hey i'm an older female that likes to make friends and i ahve made alot of them since i joined laost cherrya nd hope to make alot more i'm easy going and friends mean alot to me i have a few specials on here and u should know whio u r thats ll i want is to enjoy coming on here and talking, flirting some with i do well :)so don't be afraid to say hi males and females..hope everyone has fun on here thats what its for
Today Is Fantastic
Do you know when you wake that the day is going to be great or crap... Well when i woke after a good nights sleep. I knew that today was going to be great .My babies went off to school great... the plumber came and fixed my pipe work.. And i went shopping . What more could a woman want , or ask for . A day of shopping ....
"what I'm Gon' Do To You"
[chorus] Heard you in the booty club Tryin' to get new love I wanted to scream and shout But I went home Just picked up the phone Cleared your bank account out It's gonna be such a shame What I'm gonna do to you Revenge is a must When my heart you crush You know I'm goin' burn yo' house to dust Cause a girl really gets so serious When you really make a girl so furious It's such a shame What I'm gonna do to you [verse 1] This is the last time That I'm goin' let you get away With all these games that you're playing with me Cause I kept seeing the signs But I ignored them anyway I once was a blind but now I see Cause when you came home last night You just wasn't smelling right And that look in your eyes Is telling me what is going on What the hell is that smell Could it be someone else [repeat chorus] [verse 2] I'm getting so tired Of you always coming in late With the scent of some female On your face It's only so much I can take And you know, ho
What Planet Should You Rule?
You Should Rule Mercury Close to sun, Mercury has very long days - and is rarely visible to the rest of the solar system. You are perfect to rule Mercury, because you live for the present - and can truly enjoy a day that goes on forever. Like Mercury, you are quick and elusive. Your wit is outstanding, and you can win any verbal sparring match. Some people see you as superficial, but in truth, you just play many roles and have many interests. A great manipulator, you usually get what you want from people. And they're happy to give it to you. What Planet Should You Rule?
Go Eat A Bowl Of Fuck Grandma!!
When there isn't any thing left to say about things that haven't happened to people I don't throw things at, I find myself questioning the integrity of the past relationships that I have developed with oatmeal. And whay people keep fucking that up?...I'll never know. However one cannot assume that his friends online are responsive. They are only pictures splayed across the computer screeen in a manner that can only be defined by the likes of individuals who see past the things they don't know about that hasn't happened to people that aren't there for the animals that have not been born in an environment that doesn't exist yesterday. These folks should not pretend ,in a fictional sense, that they have developed some kind of caring sense of this other individual that they, indeed, do not care about at all. Depressing, but completely dead on. Go eat a bowl of FUCK! Grandma!!
What Sexy Fairy Are You?
What SEXY fairy are you? (w pics and lots of results!) You\'re an air fairy!Click Here to Become a VampireTake this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code
Ladies And Pics.......
well this is going to be a little intertaining for those that do not think males have a brain cell in there heads. but what the hell here we go at anyrate.*S* now ladies I enjoy the fact that you wish to show off your bodies. Now do not get me wrong I enjoy the beautie of the femail form. but I would realy like to see the faces of those bodies. I am strange that way....I am a ferm bealiver that the eyes are the door way to the soul...I know a very old saying. I wish to see your faces I guess that is all I am trying to say....bealive it or not I am more interested in the mind behind the eyes... thank you for letting me rant. Tricko
Emotional Scars (written In 03)
So many thoughts, Go through my head. They are mosty about, What has been said. Many hurtful things, Have been directed towards me. They look at my appearence, And say what they supposedly see. From those harsh words, I see my real self now. I believe what they say, Others all know now. They tell me that I'm ugly, And very overweight. They say that I'm not good enough. Their thoughts are full of hate. My self-esteem lessens, With each verbal blow. And my true feelings, Are what I am afraid to show. It is because I am afraid to speak, Because I will be put down more. And I will feel even lower, Than I was before. There are other things that are said, That eat at my brain. They hurt me so badly, That I cannot even explain. I am called a dirty whore, When I try to look good. I then go back down, Like they know I should. I sit here in saddness, Taking emotional shoves. And I eventually thi
Using your hands Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your hands. You are damn good with them, and know how to make your lover feel incredibly sexy with just one caress. Take this quiz at
Have Fun
Have Fun The Past is dead the future is unborn the moment is yours so do as you adore. have your fun shooting that gun be sure not to miss or you'll have to run clean up the blood wash it like a flood burn your cloths and blow your caddy thrash it, trash it, bash it destroy all the proof get under your roof before you make a goof murder murder wow that was fun i think i might even get another gun so let the games begin unleash the demons from within
I'll Se Ya Around...
hey guys thanks for being such cool friends,i have more fun on this site than any site i've ever been on.well todays friday & i've got a few day's laft till i go back to my parents house... so every body on my list just hold tight...i'll be on during the weekends,just not as much as all you guys on this list i love you all & i'll be back asap..if i get my comp fixed soon then i'll be on soon than i hope to...which would be super thanks for all the convos guy's.& i'll be back asap...take it easy & see ya round.. please repost
I don't burn no candles for tomorrow I don't waste my time on yesterday I won't show no pity for your sorrow Seems to me you like it that way You don't know the paths that I walk You can't understand the things I say Its true what they say talk is talk And you don't really listen anyway. I won't bare my soul for the likes of you I don't like the games that you play I won't sing praises for the things you do Yesterday is gone give me back today. I wont listen to your claims of power I won't pick you up off the floor I will laugh at your pain as you cower And your spells don't hold my mind anymore. Now I'm living my life according to me Making my strife thats the way it should be I don't care if you disagree Cause I'm livin my life according to me.
The 22nd ~ I'm Sorry And Theories
first, i'm sorry i havent been on in two days.. read the bulletin about it because i'm too lazy to type it all again here. and here's my BLOG: What if when we are alive we are actualy dead and when we die we are actualy alive. Heres another: I feel that we are each in line until it is our turn to die many think I am crazy but I mean think about it you are in line and every step you take you are closer to death similar to the fact that everyday we live we are closer to our time of death. And Another: What if our dreams are our life and our life (when we are awake) is our sleep we can have good days that seem like nightmares. And Another: we are here until there is room And yet another: We are actualy reincarnations and in another parellel universe we are all opposite of what we are here. In another we are the same just older and younger basically we live every year in order over agian in another universe one that is ahead and another that is behind. De javu you ha
Take Careful Aim (adult)
A man who just got a raise decides to buy a new scope for his rifle. He goes to a rifle shop, and asks the clerk to show him a scope. The clerk takes out a scope, and says to the man, "This scope is so good, you can see my house all the way up on that hill." The man takes a look through the scope, and starts laughing. "What's so funny?" asks the clerk. "I see a naked man and a naked woman running around in the house." the man replies. The clerk grabs the scope from the man, and looks at his house. Then he hands two bullets to the man and says, "Here are two bullets, I'll give you this scope for nothing if you take these two bullets, shoot my wife's head off and shoot the guy's dick off." The man takes another look through the scope and says, "You know what? I think I can do that with one shot!"
Bye Soldier Man
Ok, so my baby left again... Im extremely sad and I cried a lot. This time hes only goin to be gone for 6-7 weeks most likely. For sure only 3. It all depends on the army and what is open. This weekend with him was the best. Things could have gone a lot smoother if his mother wasnt nagging him. Its all good though. His cousin and I are planning on taking a weekend to see him in between airborn and rip. Im totally at a loss for words.. Im so tired but i dont think i can sleep thats soo bad. I need to go on sleeping pills. His cousin and I are just chatting about everything and its really nice to have someone else here my own age. Things are finally starting to look up for me. All I need now is my soldier. This weekend was just the medicine I needed besides a little something else ;) I dont really know what else to write about other than I cant wait to also see my cousins. I havent seen them in probly 8 years and i will be staying with them for 4 nights. I hope I will get along
Sorry I Havent Blogged Much...
i have been working alot lately and have4 n o internet at my own house.... anywho... Toby and i just celebrated our first sweetest day ..and it was great know he is the love of my life... and i wouldnt have it any other way.
Who I Like On Lc/ct Part 4
who i like on LC/CT is Miss Sherrie because she's a wonderful,sensitive,caring and a great person to be friends with i made her smile this week by making her a pic sign so i know in my heart she likes to smile when she can i am just glad i can make that happen for someone i like on the LC/CT and Miss Sherrie you have a place in my heart forever because to me we're friends for life and i also think she's an amazing and bright person as well i am so glad we're friends on the LC/CT right now from Bruce
Sex Quiz
Q.) What doesn't belong in this list: Meat, Eggs, Wife, Blowjob? A.) Blowjob: You can beat your meat, eggs or wife, but you can't beat a blowjob. Q.) Why does a penis have a hole in the end? A.) So men can be open minded. Q.) What's the speed limit of sex? A.) 68 because at 69 you have to turn around. Q.) What do a Rubix cube and a penis have in common? A.) The longer you play with them, the harder they get. Q.) What's the difference between your pay packet and your dick? A.) You don't have to beg your wife to blow your pay packet! Q.) How can you tell when a car mechanic just had sex? A.) One hand is clean. Q.) What do you do with 365 used rubbers? A.) Melt them down to make a tire, and call it a goodyear. Q.) What does bungee jumping and hookers have in common? A.) They both cost a hundred bucks and if the rubber breaks, you're screwed.
Fetsh Party Tonight!!!
HEy LC. To anyone who happens to read this, I am going to a Halloween Fetsh Party tonight. It is not a house party kind of thing. It is being hosted be a store here in Ft. Lauderdale called the Fetish Factory! Goto so you can see pics of what might happen there tonight. I have never been to a part like this, so I am a bit nervous especially considering what I am gonna be wearing. I will be wearing Bondage Pants, and nothing else. Thats right boys and girls, i'll be topless. I will try and take pics before I go inside the party(they have banned cameras and camera phones) I will post any I take her for anyone who wants to see them. So I am off to jump in the shower and star getting ready. I'll let ya'll know what happened tomorrow!
Shinedown, 45(staring Down, Live)
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My Group
My Letter To Hypocrasy!!!
Leave Me Alone Life is a bunch of shit. Live your own, NOT MINE. Death becomes me. Death is my friend, storing up all I care about. I’ll get it back when I’m gone, RIGHT??? Maybe not. What’s so fucking good about life? Love’s a pain in the ass. Time robs us of all we hold dear. Everyone wants to control Everyone. Who’s the fuckin’ boss??? I wanna kick his ass!!! Leave me the fuck alone, so I can leave you the fuck alone. Don’t fucking condemn me For what you do behind closed Doors! Maybe, just maybe, I’m not doing it! You judge yourself and say it’s me! FUCK YOU!!! JUST FUCK YOU!!! Life’s a bowl of cherries! LOL Too bad they’re rotten! Full of maggots and fruitflies, The stench fills my nostrils! Keep your secrets to yourself! Look to the future??? Thanx a fuckin’ lot dumb ass!!
Yep... Another One
A Few Questions My footsteps are hollow echoes off building walls Why bother going home? There’s nobody there. Whistling at shadows, wanting conversation. What’s the point in sleeping? I’ll only wake up. Once home, I plan for tomorrow’s workday. Again. What am I working for? I’m not getting anywhere.
In The Rain!
**Glen Frey ? You Belong to the City** The room was small but the glow from the candles made it seem a little bigger. The air was warm and moist. Humidity hung like some invisible cloud. The three of them lay on large pillows on the floor, a plate of strawberries between and each holding a tall glass of champagne. In front of Peter was an open notebook; he had explained to both Bert and Amanda that in the small hours of the morning when his mind was really alive he liked to write. To put down in words his deepest fantasies and now here the three of them were, Peter about to embark on a first. To divulge the contents of his mind as written on the pages, to his wife and their good friend. He thumbed though the book until he came across a page and gently ran his fingers across the words almost reading them as one would read Braille. There was a sexual tension in the room, everyone could feel it. As Peter spoke his voice trembled, he was nervous. It was always difficult to open on
About Me
Regardless of what you may feel or know about me,I want you to know from me that I am here only to be your friend & that is all I ever wanted from you.I value all my friends and I am truly blessed as well as thankful for having each one of ya as my friends.I think my Creator,the "Great Spirit",the "Manatoo" for providing me with so many great friends to love,cherish & adore. I did not come here to search,seek & find love as love has always been there for me,all around me,I just had to open my eyes and realize this.Love is all around each of us,we just have to stop and open our eyes to see the glory of it all,and that my friend is the beauty of it. I have always lived a very un-normal life,but yet a very exciting one to say the least.Sometimes,I flirt with danger,flying by the seat of my pants,never even knowing where or when I'll be somewhere or when I'm even come'n home,but I am so blessed & thankful for everything to me. After my divorce in Sept 2001,losing my Fa
Funny Stuff
NODDY -- [noun]:A level headed person who always makes the wrong decision 'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at and my given name hehe CHARLOTTE -- [adjective]:Sexually stunning 'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at
What Is Your Primary Vice? Sex????? Wooo Hooo
Your primary vice is sex You are able to escape reality, and all your problems through sex. You are incredibly passionate and a great lover and you have very little stress in your life because of your active vice. Take this quiz at
Mistress felt that i needed to do something in observance of Her biggest holiday of the year. i say Hers and not O/ours because i still fell like a non-Christian who is befriended by a Christian family. He’s exposed to it, learns a little bit about it and may even be interested in learning more about it, but he’s not a Christian yet. He hasn’t embraced it and decided that it is the religion for him. i am him in reverse. i grew up Christian and i even tried being the good lil Christian girl and going to church and reading the bible. i even went so far as to convert from Catholicism to Iglacia Ni Christo (it’s Pilipino for Church of Christ and no it’s not Mormon) and married a bible thumper. Now i don’t go to church and i have been befriended by lots of Pagans and Wiccans on here and i’m interested, but i still feel like the outsider looking in and that is why i say Hers and not O/ours. T/together W/we decided that i would spend my day researching this holiday and posting my findin
Rate Youeself
You are 82% fuckable! Take this quiz at
What's Kurt's Issue, Anyway?
Kurt Angle is arguably this generation's Premiere pure wrestler. It's hard to find another person with the skills he has at his disposal. And yet he lately has been exhibiting some very serious personal issues. 5 Weeks ago, he gets released from the WWE, and states on his Website that he has been battling Pain Killer addiction, and needs time to get healthy again. 4 Weeks ago, his admitting to Addiction and other health issues vanishes from his Site. 3 Weeks ago, he joins TNA. Now, with all respect to Total Nonstop Action - I'm not sure they have done the right thing in seeking his services - And at the same time, I believe Kurt HIMSELF is going to cause irreparable harm to his health. Why is Angle doing this? His place in history is already assured. He WILL be remembered as one of the greatest wrestlers ever. But is his Ego causing him to push himself into becoming like those like Freddie Blassie, whose quality of life was severely diminished? Or even worse, is he g
Blogging Philosophical
It’s not what you do with your happiest moments that define you; it’s how you turn the sad moments into happy ones. Isn’t that a load of crap…. Kinda. There’s some truth to everything that is said, even if it is said in jest. And every real truth that you find in life can be a lie in the eyes of another. Be your own personal philosopher, for something that rings true to one, is a pile of shit to someone else. Even the densest person has at least one deep thought in their life. I hope, or else that would make what I’m saying a complete and utter lie. There isn’t a reason for the season unless you want there to be. And sometimes watching paint dry is the most exciting event in the world, as long as you’re getting paid. Whether it is money, life experience, the chance to learn, or to just be a complete fool for a few hours. It’s all worth it in the end. In someone’s eyes. I know I’ve basically repeated stuff that other people have said before, but at this moment in tim
Marissa My Favorite Pet Is Now On Cherrytap Feel free to check my little sissy slut out....make her feel at home..but BE NICE. She loves being called a little whore and her pix are in the Marissa folder in my pix. But no gay bashing or hate please...I like this place because it seems to be open minded..Im starting to seriously wonder about that.
The Mcremnant Report
Well... The McRemnant Report is back... Updating Tuesdays and Fridays... Check it out.
What Is Your Secret Name
You scored as Anastasia. Your name is Anastasia, which means : Arise Again. You are very ambitious and strong. You see opportunity in every day and feel ready to conquer the world every time the sun rises. Your hope and faith are strong influences in your life, and your dreams are too big for this world to comprehend. congradulations! Graphics'>Anastasia92%Felicia88%Ida88%Rosamond88%Sylvia83%Juliette58%Euphemia54%Doloress17%What Is Your Secret Name ( girls only )created with
Military Pay
Military Pay This is an Airman's response to Cindy Williams' editorial piece in the Washington Times about MILITARY PAY, it should be printed in all newspapers across America. On Nov. 12, Ms Cindy Williams (from Laverne and Shirley TV show) wrote a piece for the Washington Times, denouncing the pay raise coming service members' way this year -- citing that the stated 13% wage was more than they deserve. A young airman from Hill AFB responds to her article below. He ought to get a bonus for this. "Ms Williams: I just had the pleasure of reading your column, "Our GIs earn enough" and I am a bit confused. Frankly, I'm wondering where this vaunted overpayment is going, because as far as I can tell, it disappears every month between DFAS (The Defense Finance and Accounting Service) and my bank account. Checking my latest earnings statement I see that I make $1,117.80 before taxes. After taxes, I take home $874.20. When I run that through the calculator, I come up with an an
Prophetic Dream & Astrology
Dear CherryTap Friends; Signs of the Zodiac Dream. I have received a few emails from people asking me when my new book "You Are God" will be published. Well as this rate it may take me a while before I can finish this incredible work on the creative forces of the Subconscious. This book, like all my books is non-fiction and is dedicated to help the reader to understand and use the force of the Divine creatively. My research involve my incredible life and unique peripheries. There is a section in the book totally dedicated to dreams interpretation and I decided to answer your request with this newsletter so you may also share the knowledge I tracked from my own subconscious for your own spiritual growth. Dreams play a very important part of our subconscious guidance and will often bring messages even important warnings to us. You should give a particular attention to those occurring dreams especially those offering incredible images. Your subconscious (you may call him
Leaving You
Dear Husband: I'm writing you this letter to tell you that I'm leaving you for good. I've been a good woman to you for seven years and I have nothing to show for it. These last two weeks have been hell. Your boss called to tell me that you had quit your job today and that was the last straw. Last week, you came home and didn't notice that I had gotten my hair and nails done, cooked your favorite meal and even wore a brand new negligee. You came home and ate in two minutes, and went straight to sleep after watching the game. You don't tell me you love me anymore,you don't touch me or anything. Either you're cheating or you don't love me anymore, whatever the case is, I'm gone. P.S. If you're trying to find me, don't. Your BROTHER and I are moving away to West Virginia together! Have a great life! Your Ex-wife Dear Ex-wife: Nothing has made my day more than receiving your letter. It's true that you and I have been married for seven years, although a
Knee Injection
Well Due to The small Inflamation on My Knee my Doctor Made me take a Injection on my knee. He told me to Rest Because i would feel pain afterwards im going to sleep in afew Just whanted to share this information with my friends here in cherrytap Love you all and i see you all tonight when i recover Paulo
This Pisses Me Off...
Ok, we have several serviceman who are using Cherry Tap as their place of relief and to keep their minds straight and feel like they are connected to the UNITED STATES of America while they are in another country. Especially in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN, and what pisses me off is that we as Americans cannot leave the petty bullshit away from them. Think about it, they are fighting for US...not for the fucking shit that males and females here at home are leaving for them to have to stress off of. Is it not enough that their minds are cluttered with the wellbeing of their families and their children growing up without the them? What the FUCK is wrong with AMERICANS? Fucking leave the stressful bullshit here at home and give these men some positive feedback. Shit we are losing our fellow country men to a fucked up opinion, those of you that are stressing the servicemen out are just as guilty as the fuck-ups that we are fighting to protect. GROW UP tie your shoes, dust the dirt o
Loose Your Arms.....roflmao :)
Lose Your Arms Or Huge Strap On
Let Me Know What You Think
there was an angel in my dreams last night walking towards me slow he said "i'm here to protect you" i told him , "this i know" he told me he would always be there i responded "i know that to" the closer the angel came to me the more he looked like you he asked me if i only had one wish what would it be i said "to keep my angel for eternity" he responded " you are a strong and beautiful woman, destined for great things" "do you think you will sick around when things get hard and what you desire seems out of reach?" "undoutabley" i answered "my love is true , there is no other for me and i will go to undefined lenghths and overcome all obstacles , the past is proof" as i started to wake the angels image started to fade i grabbed his face and kissed his lips and had these words to say i love you , will never give up on you , and will never do you wrong even when i seem out of reach i'm never
Lmao.... In Training
Are you a Nudist? Your Result: Nudist in Training You are a nudist at heart and only to yourself. You want to go on and explore all but not sure if your ready. Take some time to gain the courage and strip away the chains. Go out and have fun!Wannabe Nudist Full Time Nudist Textile Are you a Nudist?Quizzes for MySpace
Lucky Bitch I Am
my sweetums really does spoil me rotten. he took a day off of work to take me out while the kids where at school AND it was to a place i'm been wanting to go to for forever and a day! it's a restaurant called THE AQUARIUM. to say it was amazing is more than slightly understated! where else can you eat like that with that atmosphere. (and most restaurants don't have white tigers - at least that i'm aware of.) the day and the place was SO great - but the thought behind it all made me such a flippin GIRL. just spending the day with him like that really kicked me in the head [yet again!] about how gosh durned lucky i am. i didn't used to be so damn mushy - but hot diggity i'm a lucky bitch to have my guppie.
C Clips
C clips you crazy mother fucker, i remember some random dude came up to me and started poppin off at the mouth and you put a clip to him you stupid mother fucker its my fault your dead, you saved my life plenty of time but the last one caused yours i love you forever man i got your back for life let someone talk bad about you
Help I Need Help
Can any of my friends please help me out and go to the link below and vote and rate my pic please. I will return a favor. Thank You all. [ photo: 1684473848 ]
Thank You
I want to thank all of you for the condolence comments, cards and prayers in my time of sorrow..God bless you all!!
Reckless dropped more bodies then C clips sprayed rounds you know... you were always a stupid mafucca but you know when it came to crunchtime you were very good to have around... i never got along with you but thank you for that day...jumpin in front of me...thank you so much...ill remember you as a good person always...
Mafucca refused to use automatics and favored blades...phsycotic mafucca one of the last of the set you know.. it is how it is no idea how your recklessness allowed you so much life lol..funny as hell though kept me going through deaths of others of the set...thanks for keeping me sane when you couldnt keep yourself sane... Stash the cash, when a bitch gets to steppin slice and and slash, ice on my neck, stash in the dash, you know how we do, 5-50 crew, it is wat it does, cuz!
Hey Now
I just wanted to say I have met some really kewl people on here and want to say thanks for making this fun. Sean
Newcomers Into The Craft
Today I am writing this for someone in particular. She is my girlfriend, whom I love very much, and she had a question. She asked me, what is the difference between "our" religion and "thier" religion? Well, what a question that is. That is a very difficult question to answer in a short time. So this is what I am going to try to do. I am going to put a few of the big differences between Pagans/Wiccans and Christians. I would like it if I could could get some participation out of you, the Cherry Tap community that reads this blog. Just post something in the comment box and submit. One of the biggest differences between the two is the fact that our Gods are real and there's isn't. I'm just kidding, we Pagans agree that your God works too. On the more serious side of this though. Pagans and Witches believe in multiple Gods where Christians do not. This makes us a Pantheistic instead of a monotheistic. Monotheistc: doctrine or belief that is but one God. Panthei
Look At Me Im On The Air Now
ok so it goes like this.... i go talk to my friend n shes talking bout how shes gunna quit djing n im like why.... no staff n im always covering.... im telling her right then n there ill dj i got experience doin house parties and what not 5 minutes later im on the air ..... I did what i have been trying to do for the last three months and been getting snubbed NOW I gotta give sum mad love to dj troublesum and dj prick and all the fam at darksides radio for giving me my big break now if u read this u all gotta get in there and find out when im up next so we can break the record of people in any room and i know we can go and do this without even a blink of an eye just look for me dj midwest bad boy and holla at me in the darksides lounge when im there so once again thanks goes to the darkside and to everyone of u that were there to hear my first set
Red Flags
Please Let me know your thoughts on this! I encourage ALL women(this can go for men too), to learn the categories of dangerousness and to explore their own histories for clues to their personal relationship selection choices. Relationship Red Flags Include: - Does not respect your need for alone time - Pushes to see you even when you don’t want to - Discourages your outside interests, family, friends, and career relationships - Tries to isolate you from other relationships - Asks you to do things you are uncomfortable doing (ie, lying, loaning him money, sex, etc.) - Uses drugs or uses alcohol too frequently or abundantly - Frequent unemployment which he claims is never his fault - Frequent job changes due to being fired or dismissed that he explains away - Wants to control your hair, dress, behavior, friends, or job - Wants you to quit or change jobs/friends/relationships for him - Has had multiple unsuccessful relationships - Known by others that he lies - You
Sixty-Eight Fun Things to do in Walmart 1. Take shopping carts for the express purpose of filling them and stranding them at strategic locations. 2. Ride those little electronic cars at the front of the store. 3.Set all the alarm clocks to go off at ten minute intervals throughout the day. 4. Start playing Football; see how many people you can get to join in. 5. Run up to an employee (preferrebly a male) while squeezing your legs together and practically yell at him " I need some tampons!!" 6. Try on bras in the sewing/fabric department. 7. Try on bras over top of your clothes. 8. Make a trail of orange juice on the ground, leading to the restrooms 9. While walking around the store, sing in your loudest voice possible "sex and candy" 10. Walk up to an employee and tell him in an official tone, "I think we've got a Code 3 in Housewares," and see what happens. 11. Tune all the radios to a polka station; then turn them all off and turn the volumes
Don’t Look At Me
Don’t Look At Me Don’t look at me, you won’t see me. You may see someone you think is pretty, But that is not I, I am ugly. You may see someone you think is happy, But I am sad and very lonely. You may see someone that looks healthy, But I am always very sick. Don’t look at me; don’t look into my heart, For you will see it is broken and torn. Don’t look into my eyes, They are only lifeless mirrors. Don’t look into my soul. You’ll see that I am old, I have found life and love to be cold. Don’t look at me, you won’t see me *** Babyyy ***
10 Rules For Being Human
10 Rules For Being Human 1. You will receive a body. You may like it or hate it, but it's yours to keep for the entire period. 2. You will learn lessons. You are enrolled in a full-time informal school called, "life." 3. There are no mistakes, only lessons. Growth is a process of trial, error, and experimentation. The "failed" experiments are as much a part of the process as the experiments that ultimately "work." 4. Lessons are repeated until they are learned. A lesson will be presented to you in various forms until you have learned it. When you have learned it, you can go on to the next lesson. 5. Learning lessons does not end. There's no part of life that doesn't contain its lessons. If you're alive, that means there are still lessons to be learned. 6. "There" is no better a place than "here." When your "there" has become a "here", you will simply obtain another "there" that will again look better than "here." 7. Other people are merely mirrors of you. You can
You Gotta Lick It Before We Kick It
I am such a flash whore I know lol Heather-fuking-tastic@ CherryTAP
When We Lose Someone We Love
When we lose someone we love The loss seems too great to bear God sends us friends to confort us To show us that he cares. But in the dark hours of the night When there's nobody else around When we feel the saddest and loneliest It's there God's love can be found. It's like a soothing, healing, balm To soothe our broken hearts The healing oil poured over us That flows into every part. We can rest secure in God's love And know He's by our side He holds us when we feel as though A part of us has died. We can know that Godwill listen When we just want to talk And when we feel we need to cry We can share it with the Lord. For He is always waiting there Ready with arms open wide As we pour out the hut within He pours His live inside. Out father about loves us so much And will never leave us alone He will not forsake us in out need To face this on our own. He comforts us and Strengthens us And rubs us with his balm And as the dawn breaks thr
Online Exhibitionism Part 2
Don, Susan and Michael do not generally put their pictures up on public Web sites, preferring instead to trade and communicate ¡ª often using instant messaging ¡ª with a more select audience of their own choosing. Susan, for example, has occasionally viewed Don's camming sessions. She says finding an audience is not difficult. ¡°I do have ads up on a couple of different Web sites but I think there are networks of people," Susan says. "If you meet somebody and they know 20 people who know 20 people who know 20 people, it is pretty easy to get an expanded community.¡± That is just what Don has created. At first, he surfed the Web looking for still images of naked female exhibitionists. Then around the year 2000, ¡°when I learned that computers could broadcast cams, I watched a few ladies, usually only topless, perform for me on the Web ¡­ Eventually I met a [woman] from Florida who showed me everything and begged me to get a cam. I did, and soon found myself stripping for her. I lo
Am I Dead?
Am I Dead?? The blade is sharp, And ready for the kill. I hold it firm in my hand, I feel like I've been put under a spell. The tears stream down my face, They're just an annoyance washing away this empty hollow space. I can not think, my mind is in a whirl, Then I remember it was God who put me on this world. So he is to blame for all the pain there is to show, He is to blame for this hell that I know. No it's not he who chose my path, The only one to blame is me. That's why it comes down to this, As I think of all the friends I'm going to miss. Then a thought strikes though my head, Why do I think I must be dead? As I sit here and ponder this question I've found, With the knife in my hand my head starts to pound. The world starts spinning then starts to goblack, Am I lost, am I dead, is there any way to go back? I wake up the next day, A hospital bed is where I lay. My arms and legs are strapped down, For some reason my head still pounds. I try
when you love someone, and that person hurts you, you hide from love, so you wont get hurt again.....i have learned to love again, and i am happy that i have found the person to help me see, there is happiness out there for if someone hurts you , although its hard, you can move on and love again..
Phenomenal Woman(i Love This Poem)
Pretty women wonder where my secret lies. I'm not cute or built to suit a fashion model's size But when I start to tell them, They think I'm telling lies. I say, It's in the reach of my arms The span of my hips, The stride of my step, The curl of my lips. I'm a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That's me. I walk into a room Just as cool as you please, And to a man, The fellows stand or Fall down on their knees. Then they swarm around me, A hive of honey bees. I say, It's the fire in my eyes, And the flash of my teeth, The swing in my waist, And the joy in my feet. I'm a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That's me. Men themselves have wondered What they see in me. They try so much But they can't touch My inner mystery. When I try to show them, They say they still can't see. I say, It's in the arch of my back, The sun of my smile, The ride of my breasts, The grace of my style. I'm a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That's me.
Adam Sandler Secret Music Video
Adam Sandler Secret Music Video
Humorus Quotes
Unanswered Questions Why do they sterilize the needles for lethal injections? OK, so what's the speed of dark? Why do psychics have to ask for your name? If a cow laughs hard, does milk come out its nose? If the #2 pencil is so popular why is it still #2? If Wal-Mart is lowering prices every day, how come nothing in the store is free yet? The "Psychic Friends Network" went out of business... didn't they see it coming? Is it possible for someone to become addicted to therapy? And If so, how would you treat them? Why do we drive on the parkway and park in the driveway? If someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill himself, is it considered a hostag
Insomnia Mania
There are many things that keep me awake in my bed at night And I will often toss and turn until the dawn’s first light I am plagued with Persistent nagging thoughts from within For instance who put the Alphabet in the order that it’s in? Why is it so hard to remember how to spell mnemonic? And why is there not a shorter word for monosyllabic? I even try to imagine a world with no hypothetical situations? And I ponder if it’s possible to have too much moderation? Oh God please let me sleep even a nap would be such a treat? Instead I can only think what is the street value of a street? I find myself wondering if a fish gets cramps after eating? Why do flammable and inflammable mean the same thing? How does the snowplow driver get to work in the winter weather? Why do they call them apartments when they are all stuck together? Why does sour cream have a 'sell by date’? Does it turn sweet? And if vegetarians eat vegetables, what do humanitarians eat? Another hour s
I Wish You All
Sex Fairy
The Sex Fairy > > This is hilarious! I didn't change a word! I'm not messing with the Sex Fairy! > > 1. Sex is a beauty treatment. Scientific tests find > that when women make > love they produce amounts of the hormone estrogen, > which makes hair shine and > skin smooth. > ============= > 2. Gentle, relaxed lovemaking reduces your chances > of suffering dermatitis, > skin rashes and blemishes. The sweat produced > cleanses the pores and makes > your skin glow. > ============= > 3. Lovemaking can burn up those calories you piled > on during that romantic > dinner. > ============= > 4. Sex is one of the safest sports you can take up. > It stretches and tones > up just about every muscle in the body. It's more > enjoyable than swimming 20 > laps, and you don't need special sneakers! > ============= > 5. Sex is an instant cure for mild depression. It > releases endorphins into > the bloodstream, producing a sense of euphoria and > lea
What You Need To Know About Your Zodiac Sign
AQUARIUS - Jan 21 - Feb 19 Ruling Planet: URANUS. The God of unexpected sexual twists and turns Aquarians make much better friends than lovers, but when a typical Aquarian gets some bang-bang, it's more an intellectual experience than an emotional one. Looks aren't important to Aquarians in a relationship; it's the mind and spirit of a lover that turns Aquarius on. They are very entertaining in bed and are probably the most inventive of all the signs. Mental stimulation is more important to them than physical, which means that pornography gets them hot! Aquarians are impatient and like sex to be fast and satisfying.They are very particular about hygiene and contraception and sleeping around holds little interest for them. FAVE POSITION Mutual masturbation. BEST SEX TOY A Dildo. Whether gay, straight, male or female, Aquarians will have some fun with this. AQUARIUS MALE IN BED He has amazing staying power in the sack. He can keep at it and control him
Uh, Ya.
What the hell? Where is everyone tonight? Gosh, looks like I'm the only one without a babysitter tonight! I'm bored.
"heart Of The Artisan"
" It was in the bleakness of winter, under a pale grey sky that I acquired you. So rare and so precious an artifact you were, the one long sought after gem that you spend a lifetime searching for, always told of, but always the notion of discarded of like a mere myth. Before my eyes you were in your natural beauty, so delicate, so fragile, but yet so strong. I was aware of the tedious task that lied ahead, to make you my labor of love, to be that one special piece that I would put my blood, sweat, and tears into. The process of restoration unly undetermined by my own self doubt and the skills I possessed. Hours upon hours, I put my heart and soul into rediscovering the essence of you, me consumed by you, you consumed by me. Always so sincere and always ever so careful in the way I treated and handled you. The day I reveal my proudest work getting ever nearer with each passing day, the anticipation within myself ever mounting, to let it all go for the world to see the joy I had found in
So Your A Badass Huh!!
we'll see about that try digging your car out of 5' of snow while 2 more are coming because your 6 month old kid needs meds! walk sixty miles without stopping just because you felt like it! chop a 30' pine down with a hand axe! row a boat around a lake because all the boats with trolling motors are used for that day! still think your a badass huh? build a house from the ground up and i mean a hole house with everything including a garage in under a month!! im no badass and i dont pretend to be tough at all i may have gotten into 5 fights in my life and im 35 yrs old. the point im trying to make here is that you can talk your talk look your look act you act but in the end I think people are more impressed with the above.
Imaginations From The Other Side
Will I find the portal That will take me back to yesterday From the magic of Alice's wonderland To the land built by OZ Will I ever find a way to go back in time to meet Mr. Frodo And the ring that rules them all Can you take me to a place Where dragons rule the air Orcs and goblins threaten the land And a kiss can break the spell Can you take me far away Through the looking glass and beyond I used to know the answers The dreams have almost died Can you take me far away Through the looking glass and beyond Before they fade away these Imaginations from the other side
Starts Tonight Vote For Me Please!!!
HEY MY SEXY PEOPLE!!! I am entered in a contest starting tonight. I will be posting the link soon, and don't want to waste your time with a pointless blog, but would like to tell you all that I would appreciate your vote very much!! Have a great night gang, and look for the link posted soon!
Please Help An Old 38 Year Old Girl Out? Lol
Please Help!!
Why are men so stubborn???? They have blood squirting out of something, there bones snaps in half, or something has pentrated there skin 3 inches in. WHat do they say, Oh hun "IM FINE". Tonight my wonderful man stubbed his toe and says Im FINE, yet, his big toe is the size of a grapefruit, and he can barely walk, and wont even take off his shoes. He is asking for alcohol~~~ He asked me if it was a good sign he couldnt feel anything below his ankle?? Then he said he had to drive home with his left foot?? WHat is wrong with you MEN , geez if you need to go to the hospital then go. It doesnt mean you are less than a man~~ It means you are hurt and need someone to look at the problem that has more education than you. MEN AS A WHOLE STOP BEING SUCH BIG BABIES!! Go to the freakin hospital!! It wson't kill you!!
True love is like ghosts, which everyone talks about but few have seen. ~Author Unknown A wise girl kisses but doesn't love, listens but doesn't believe, and leaves before she is left! Life is not the amount of breaths you take, it's the moments that take your breath away. I'd rather have thirty minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special...Steel Magnolias Sometimes I feel there is a Hole inside of me, an emptiness that in times seems to burn, I think if you lifted my heart to your ear you could probably hear the ocean. In the moon tonight there is a circle around it, a sign of trouble not far behind. I have this dream of being whole of not going to sleep each night wanting. But still, sometimes when the wind is warm, or the crickets sing, I dream of a love that even time will lie down and stand still for. I just want someone to love me, I just want to be seen. I dont know maybe I have had my happiness, I dont want to believe it but there is no man....... Only That Moon!!!!
I Just Had A Guy Ask Me....
are you a girl or a guy? ok, i'm naturally sarcastic, and here it comes: dumbass, what the hell do the pictures say??? no offense,but i don't think anything i have on here is misleading in any way, AT ALL. anyhoo, my run was wonderful, as always. have a great day beautiful people!
At Christmas A Drummer Will Drum For Christ
allan saywell At Christmas The Drummer Will Drum For Christ On Christmas morn all the bells will ring for Christ On Christmas morn all the people will sing Oh come all you faithful All the words will be about the birth of Christ The Manger will be laid And the child will be praised When Christmas does come, all the Angels will sing And the bells will ring, ding, aling, ling Joy for the world when Christ was born Yes the bells ring in time for Christmas day Heads will bow in the maddening crowd Praise your Lord on Christmas day The bells will ring ding.aling, ling Heralding Christmas day The drummer will drum to a beat of a drum For Christ on Christmas day Written Thursday December 2006 allan saywell
Meet Tina her age is twenty-two Screaming inside rebellious like you She dreams of lasting memories From the times she has known She remembers the good life When she always felt at home She remembers the good life When she never was alone Sobbing in silence How to forget all the pain? Sobbing in silence How to end all the strain? Meet Steven his age is thirty-five Lying awake wishing he would die He dreams of lasting memories From the times he has known He remembers the hard life When his father came home He remembers the hard life Being beaten alone Sobbing in silence How to numb all the pain? Sobbing in silence How to leave all the strain? Meet Carrie her age is fifty-three Standing so still staring at the street She dreams of lasting memories From the times she has known She remembers the red light When the car didn’t stop She remembers the red light When her daughter would drop Sobbing in silence How to force back the rain? Sobbing in sil
Hey Hey Hey ...muahhz
Just About Me 2
src="" style="padding:2px;" /> Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code The Keys to Your Heart You are attracted to those who are unbridled, untrammeled, and free. In love, you feel the most alive when things are straight-forward, and you're told that you're loved. You'd like to your lover to think you are stylish and alluring. You would be forced to break up with someone who was ruthless, cold-blooded, and sarcastic. Your ideal relationship is lasting. You want a relationship that looks to the future... one you can grow with. Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment. You think of marriage something you've always wanted... though you haven't really thought about it. In this moment, you think of love as something you thirst for. You'll do anything for love, but you won't fall for it easily. What Are The Keys To Your
What The..?
Whats with all these guys checking out my profile, lately? And, most of them are country cowboy types... I HATE country music and cowboys! This guy at work, the other day, was telling me, that if he got me drunk enough, that I'd be two steppin to some country in no time... Yeah right, get me drunk enough and I will prolly bad mouth your music with words you'd never even heard me speak, before, sober... LOL! Pfffft! Country music and cowboys are the bane of that is all bland, boring, and regurgitated That is all.. for now.
Series One .....the Best Blog You Could Read Today
Your mum is so fat she uses a bed as a tampon Your mum is so old I slapped her back and her tits fell off Your mum's so fat she got baptized at sea world The difference between your mum and a cockerel is that a cockerel says cockadoodaldoo and she says anycockwilldo Your mum is so fat when she went bungee jumping there was a total eclipse of the sun Your mum is so fat that when she jumped off a cliff she got stuck in the air Your mum is so stupid when she was in court the judge said "Order In The Court" your mum said I'll have some fries and a coke please Your mum is so fat that she jumped into the ocean and the whales started singing we are family Your mum's so fat she passed by the TV and I missed the whole show Your mum's so fat that her flat has become a bungalow Your mum is so fat that when she took of her fishnet tights her bum looked like a waffle Your mum is so fat that when a bus ran into her she said, ;Wh
Needin Some Help Still..tatt Contest
And The Results Are In.................
today i got a call from the dr regarding my scare about cancer...for the past few months ive been hemming and hawing on the fact that i may have it, and the worst kind for a man...yes folks the oleeeee testy cancer...and i say this for any man if you find your testey enlarged dont play around get a checkup..ladies if your giving your man some lovin...check it out for may save his life.....well right now till the 22nd of december the dr has found something...and he's not committing himself to a def answear on it till he gets more tests back..right now they have me on massive antibotics at a day for the next two weeks, and a sonogram on the 22nd as i dont want anybody crying or boohooing over this, god that sounds cruel dosen't it/ soory i really am...if you are truly my friend..then smile..give me a hurahhhah and be there when i need to vent or cry depending on the cirmustances...if you dont want to do either hey thats cool too, just knowing that youre
My Mirror; My Coin
I reached out towards the mirror looking in at the reflection staring back at me. My other half the strong mirroring scent of my soul connecting. The other complete side of my coin. I sit down and tell her stories she listens through them all relentless like a pillar. She keeps me standing even through the fog. She helps me see that I am a great woman also in this life. She keeps me holding onto the compassion and love that she embraces people with, I know I want to be just like her. The mirror is the strongest part of me the greatest half of me. I found an angel behind that glass wanting for its other half. I found a beautiful kind soul that I wanted to be part of. I love her deary for she wipes away those fears, and torches my heart from that darkness. When I slipped she held me back up; holding my head high. I love her bad days even though I shouldn't because then I can return the favor or her helping me out. I offer that same hand s
Best Photo Of 2006!!!
F1rstascent@ CherryTAP This is Doug.This to me is the best picture of 2006. I am trying to get him to enter the contest that WolfEagle his having.He has told me that if he hears from more than just me that he should join he will. I would be helping to promote his picture and would love to for anyone and everyone to help promote his picture. This should not be a popularity contest...This should be everyone looking at all of the entrys and voting for the best picture of 2006. If you beleive that Doug should enter his picture in the contest please leave him a comment here.I appreciate it!
Our It Guy
>I was having trouble with my computer. So I called the computer guy, to >come over. He clicked a couple of buttons, solved the problem, and wrote >up a bill for a minimum service call. > > As he was walking away, I called after him, "So, what was wrong?" > > He replied, "It was an ID ten T error." > > I didn't want to appear stupid, but nonetheless inquired, "An ID ten T > error? What's that, in case I need to fix it again?" > > The computer guy grinned.... "Haven't you ever heard of an ID ten T error > before?" > > "No," I replied. > > "Write it down," he said, "and I think you'll figure it out." > > So I wrote out I D 1 0 T > > I used to like that guy....
How It's Going....
Well, as you can see, so far so good. I gotta say, I think I have the hottest friends list in CherryTap. Thanks to all the dimes that hooked up w/ me so far. You're all awesome! And fine as hell.
Don't Want To Miss A Thing Areosmith
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing Video - Aerosmith lyricsAerosmith Music VideosMusic Video Codes by VideoCure
My Opinion!mabe The Site Will Agree! (salute Pics)
Hello All
Happy Holidays
To all My Cherry friends, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
From An Explanation Of America: A Love Of Death
by Robert Pinsky Imagine a child from Virginia or New Hampshire Alone on the prairie eighty years ago Or more, one afternoon—the shaggy pelt Of grasses, for the first time in that child’s life, Flowing for miles. Imagine the moving shadow Of a cloud far off across that shadeless ocean, The obliterating strangeness like a tide That pulls or empties the bubble of the child’s Imaginary heart. No hills, no trees. The child’s heart lightens, tending like a bubble Towards the currents of the grass and sky, The pure potential of the clear blank spaces. Or, imagine the child in a draw that holds a garden Cupped from the limitless motion of the prairie, Head resting against a pumpkin, in evening sun. Ground-cherry bushes grow along the furrows, The fruit red under its papery, moth-shaped sheath. Grasshoppers tumble among the vines, as large As dragons in the crumbs of pale dry earth. The ground is warm to the child’s cheek, and the wind Is a
Why Do You Make Me Feel Denied, Always Pushing Me Aside
the shadow's hunt He stalks the night making not a sound lost in the whispers of the wind wearing a cloak of darkness he remains the unknown to all but time itself he hunts the night's prey he catches glimpse of the hunted death fills the air he springs from the darkness with but a blur of crimson and steel he again disappears into the night wrapping himself within the shadows with no traceleft in his trail except the lifeless shell of a man but he will tell no tales of this night.
Buying The States Attorney
so i was talking to a guy tonight i dated his brother a few years ago and for some reason he thinks i still want to know whats going on with him,lol anyways i hear he caught a few charges (on probation ans 4 additional violations) is not a good thing right sounds like hard time, he had apparently paid 3,000 up fron for his lawyer and his lawyer came to his father in the court room and said i need an extre grand so his dad asks is it for herman, he replied with i cant answer that so for that extra grand he squashed 3 charges and denied the petitition for revocation of probation and got him off with 20 days lol, good old bureau county where money runs the show
Bbw's (3)
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from
It Is Finally Here
My very own fan club as been started My very own fan club Click to join AddictedToJenna
What Is Your Suduction Style?
You are suave. You are attractive both psyically and mentally. You use your abilities to attract anyone you desire. 'What is your seduction style?' at
Happy New Year!!!
Happy New Year all my friends!!!!
New Years Eve Pics!
Hey everyone! We hope you had a fun and safe New Years Eve! We posted some pics from our night if you want to take a look... all I have to say is Autumn looks like an angel... as usual :-P Take care all! -Autumn and Ryan
1. Whats your Name? 2. Are we close? 3. What do you think of me? 4. Do you hav a crush on me? 5. Would u kiss me? 6. would u fuk me? 7. Describe me in 3 words? 8. If u Had Me for 30 Mins wat would you do? 9. What was ur first impression of me? 10. Do u still think the same? 11. What reminds u of me? 12. If you could give me anything what would it be? 13. How well do u know me? 14. What do u like best about me? 15. Ever wanted 2 tell me something u could'nt? 16. Could you ever love me? 17. Give me a nickname and explain why? 18. R u gona put this on ur blog and c wat i say bout u? 19. Anything 2 say b4 u go? 20. ur msn addy?
Miss Ally
A Volunteer Firefighter
As the pager goes off and the call comes in I wonder what we will have or where we will be going Who will be there and what will we find Will today be the day I find a friend or a loved one dying The call comes in and I have to get dressed I run out the door, into my vehicle and down the road I get going Now that the call is in I know I will be missed The dinner he had planned but this is what I do The call is over and I come home He is sitting on the couch next to the phone I give him a kiss and tell him it was bad But most of all I tell him I wouldnt look back The one so close and dear to me Now realizes this is not an abnormal thing To leave in the most difficult times Or even miss a wonderful time with my man Charity Dawn Wooten Copyright ©2007 Charity Dawn Wooten
A Match Made In Heaven
A Match Made in Heaven... On their way to get married, a loving couple get into car accident that proves fatal. The couple is sitting outside Heaven's Gate waiting on St. Peter to finish the paperwork so they can enter. While waiting, they wonder if they could possibly get married in Heaven. St. Peter finally shows up and they ask him. St. Peter replies, "I don't know, this is the first time anyone has ever asked. Let me go find out," and he leaves. The couple sit for a couple of months and begin to wonder if they really should get married in Heaven, what with the eternal aspect of it all. "What if it doesn't work out?" they wonder, "Are we stuck together forever?" St. Peter returns after yet another month, looking somewhat bedraggled. "Yes," he informs the couple, "you can get married in Heaven." "Great," says the couple, "but what if things don't work out? Could we also get a divorce in Heaven?" St. Peter, red-faced, slams his clipboard onto the ground. "What's wrong?" excl
My Sexual Personality
Romantic, sensual, caring You prefer to make love. You like the intimacy that comes with sex and you are a very loyal person. Take this quiz at
Far Away
This time, This place Misused, Mistakes Too long, Too late Who was I to make you wait Just one chance Just one breath Just in case there's just one left 'Cause you know, you know, you know [CHORUS] I love you I have loved you all along And I miss you Been far away for far too long I keep dreaming you'll be with me and you'd never go Stop breathing if I don't see you anymore ----------------------------- On my knees, I'll ask Last chance for one last dance 'Cause with you, I'd withstand All of Hell to hold your hand I'd give it all I'd give for us Give anything,but I won't give up 'Cause you know, you know, you know [CHORUS] That I love you I have loved you all along I miss you Been far away for far too long I keep dreamin you'll be with me and you'd never go Stop breathing if I don't see you anymore --------------------------------- So far away So far away far away for far too long So far away So fa
Come Help Me Plz
=== 'Your CT Casanova' spewed forth the following at '2007-01-03 09:41:59'.. > > > ONE VOTE ONE COMMENT
it's dark and lonely in this world filled with heartache and sorrow and with each passing moment we can only hope for a brighter tomorrow one filled with joy and laughter for it's the one thing we are all after days filled with love and nights filled with passion or have those thing truely gone out of fashion
Dreams Of Darkness
Dreams of Darkness I see demonic shadows, floating in the darkness, waiting me to fall a sleep, searching a moment of my weakness... Shadows of death, inside my head, this outstanding pain, in my brain... Flames of hellfire, in my eyes, smell of death, in my nose... Molten seas of hell, this demonic smell, someone is casting a dark spell, holding me in the hell...
Please Read And Help If You Can!!!
Please read and help if you can Ok people!!! I need some help. It is that time again; my girls are getting ready to do the Fashion Show for American Girl, to benefit the Aubrey Rose Foundation. I have never asked for help like this in the past, it just came to me that the girls may be able to raise more money if I try to advertise more for them. There are many ways for people to help. If you can help in any way, please let me know. The money goes to a good cause, and it is a tax deduction for you if you choose to do so. You may check out everything on the web site Ok the ways to help my girls out. 1. Donate money. I prefer checks; they are easier to keep together. You can do cash, MO, checks, or credit cards. 2. You may send an item for a silent auction. The item must be valued at $100 or more. This can be a gift certificate or a craft item. 3. Buy an ad in the program. These ads are going to be viewed by at least 2000 people in one weekend. If you ca
Millitary? Is It Worth It
Whats ur opinion? I am just curious cause i am joining and cant wait. But i have friends and family treating me like i am an idiot. i would love to hear your input on it. thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts Jai
Back From Vacation!
I have been gone for the past week on a mini vaca with my family. Its good to be back. I really needed a break from all the bullshit in my life. It seems like I missed a lot on here, though... Thats ok. I'll catch up. Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know I'm back. I'll have some new pics on here soon! YAY! :)
Repost This Or Delete Me ( Yeah Right)
this chap my ass is dedicated to my new friend Killearn..who just reminded me of this in a comment left... another thing that chaps my ass.... "if you dont repost this then delete me off your friend list" WDF kinna shit is that...are you really that pathetic, i mean get real...if thats what you base your friendship on, then guess what, I DONT WANT YOU ON MY LIST ANYWAY,,,,YOURE A DUMBASS. some people i swear man, i'm tellin ya, they where made from the part that should have dribble down the leg, or got left on the bedsheets.... in other words, your mother should have swallowed you and saved us all some trouble........UGH
What Kind Of Witch Are You? Quiz
What kind of 'witch' are you? You are a water witch. Beautiful and intuitive, you draw your power from the water. You can be tranquil and terrible at one and the same time and might be described as "moody." You appreciate literature and may be a poet/writer. Graceful and powerful as the water itself, the rest of us envy your ability to love and be loved by others.Take this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code
Baby Joe's Update
Well he FINALLY had the hernia surgery....Yesterday Jan10th @ Vanderbilt hospital...was a piece of cake he's a trooper came through it just fine....& is right back to his old self...No follow up appointment needed cuz the Dr said they rarely have any complications after this type of surgery & since he didn't have stitches (they used medical glue) there is no need for them to see him again ...Yay no more trips to Nashville I hate that big city lol Oh & he had his 6month check-up on Monday...He's perfectly healthy & right where he should be developmently ....Weighed 16lbs 6oz & was 28in long
Where Do We Go Now...
Well, it's January 13th. Last night around 1:15 am was the third anniversary of one of the best days of my life, the birth of my only daughter. I never knew that anything was missing from my life until that early morning. After all, I was married and had three handsome sons that made me proud. What more could a dad need? Then came this little face, with the palest blue eyes I'd ever seen and what could possibly be called the cutest bald head ever. Tuesday Grace Boyd shone a light into a hole in me that I never knew was there and she filled it completely. She made me feel things that I never felt before. I was only half of a dad before. My Gracie made me complete. The good Lord knows I don't need to have four children. I have a difficult time supporting them, but all things considered, I wouldn't change a thing. Please join me in wishing my baby girl, Gracie, a wonderfully happy birthday today. I think of Gracie every time I hear the song "Sweet Child o' Mine". I think you can see wh
So Confused!!
i have NO idea whatsoever how to work this page..its not like myspace...
Weird Labels...
Well here are a few prime examples of the Label Copy-writer's art. The label on the chain-saw warning that: You should not try to stop the blade with your hand. The label from the company manufacturing wing mirrors for cars and bikes warning; Remember, objects seen in the mirror are behind you. The label on the camera stating; To take photographs this camera must have a film in it. The labelling on Sainsbury's Peanuts stating; Contains nuts And on the subject of nuts, the instructions on the packet of Peanuts provided by an airline which states; Instructions.Open Packet. Eat Contents. The cigarette lighter label which warned; Do not light the flame near the face. The Marks and Spencer Bread and Butter pudding whose label states the clasically obvious: Take care - Product will be hot after heating Rowenta, manufacturers of electric irons felt the need to instruct users that; Do not iron clothes whilst on the body. Nytol, the herbal sleeping mixture whose label
Time Flies...
Ten years ago today, my husband and I went on our first date. It's also ten years since we first slept together. Don't look at me like that. I'm easy... so? ;c) I wouldn't necessarily recommend it to anyone else looking for a lasting relationship but it did work out well for us. We still hold hands and make googly eyes at each other, say I love you every fifth sentence, make love at least three times a week. All the things they say should have disappeared by now. Sure, we have our slow times where maybe we aren't quite so much in love but everything waxes and wanes. In the end, we are very much in love. And he spoils me rotten like the little princess I am. ;c) Happy Anniversary to us!
Boudreaux And Thibodeaux Hit Bourbon Street
boudreaux and thipodeaux decide they going to bourbon street to mess around.well before they go.thipodeaux tell boudreaux.bou you need to go get some comdings. boudreaux say,"comdings,whats that" thip say"ma thats them things ya put on ya privtes so ya don't catch nuthing." so boudreaux gos down to the drug store and he goes up to the cashier."ma sa.i need some comdings" the woman says"comdings,sir whats that?" boudreaux say,"them thangs you put on ya privtes so ya don't get sick." "oohhh,you mean condoms"she say. "yea yea,i guess thats them" so she ask boudreaux"what size ya need?" boudreaux looked puzzled"ma i don't know.never wear them thangs before" the cashier tells him to go in the back of the store.theres a room there with a sheet of plywood with stick his dick in each hole and come back and tell her the size. so boudreaux starts to the back. well she slips behind the plywood.boudreaux takes out his dick and sticks it in the first hole.she gives him a blowjo

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