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Contests I'm In
ok so here i am pimpin myself out to all you cherries again... I'm in 2 contests right now, both run by Keno. 1st contest is best shower/dripping wet 2nd one is sexiest lips please vote by RATING them. Comments WILL NOT BE COUNTED....but you can comment if ya wanna lmao thanks all, if you let me know when you've voted, i'll return the love thanks again Rach x
The Journey
This poem was given to me by my foster children's counselor when she saw that I was burning out. I have been told by too many lately that I "cannot save the world." But I was determined to save those I can in my little corner. This has become detrimental to my own sanity and well being. One cannot help others if one is also broken. So I printed this poem and framed it. I hung it where I could read it daily. It has helped immensely. I hope that it can help someone else also... Love and peace, Singing Hawk The Journey by Mary Oliver One day you finally knew what you had to do, and began, though the voices around you kept shouting their bad advice--— though the whole house began to tremble and you felt the old tug at your ankles. “Mend my life!” each voice cried. But you didn’t stop. You knew what you had to do, though the wind pried with its stiff fingers at the very foundations, though their melancholy was t
Tao Of Cunnilingus
TAO OF CUNNILINGUS The appreciation of the act of cunnilingus is an art withing itself. Better known as oral sex performed on the female anatomy. This act carries many street names suck as goin down, licking the pearl tongue, eating coohie, licking carpet, muff diving, eating the box, eating at the y, and just plain eating pussy. NO matter what one may call it, it is all the same. The names all mean the same thing. The difference comes in the performance of the act. Many different people go about this act in their own manner. Some start from the top and work their way down. Some start from the bottom and work their way up. People often use other appendages of their body such as a finger for more stimulation during the act. Sexual toys are often used. Extra stimulating devices range from houshold artifacts, adult shop items to produce and foods found in ones pantry. To really get down and perform this art to the best of
Last Day Of October
Everyone has been super nice here and I appreciate all the welcomes! Its been great and I have enjoyed visiting with all of you. Feel free to rate me as you would like to be rated. I have also updated some pics and if you have any requests, I will consider all of them and get back with each and every one of you. Have a Happy Halloween gang! Sincerely, Chris Mullins
Happy Halloween
..Hope everyone either had, or is having a SPOOKTACULAR time.. i wanted to leave individual comments but its been one hellova busy day for me,.. into town this morning rushing about with last minute buys.. home for quick coffee, picked karen up from school, then in 3 and a half hours i cooked a nice big pumkin pie, 3 dozen witches finger cookies, 2 dozen spooky cupcakes, 2 dozen pizza snakes, and 16 hotdogs...decorated the house, got candy ready for trick-or-treaters and got my outfit on.. had loads of kids come round, till about 9.00pm..then finally satdown to unwind with a cup of chocolate AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH so...hope u enjoyin yours!!
The Halloween Gauntlet!
Hiya Everyone! I decided to go jogging three miles up and down the hills of North Beach last night to check out the Halloween costumes. To my surprise, there were HUNDREDS of people walking around in my neighborhood! It reminded me of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, having to run left, then right, then left again dodging all these ghosts and goblins. It was good to see we had lots of good people in my neighborhood having fun. Hmmm...maybe next Halloween I should go out as a jogging ghoul and scare the heck out of all the little kiddies? LOL A middle-aged couple sitting on their porch piped, "Oh, there's one dressed as a jogger, but I guess he'd have to stop running to pick up some candy!" Lots of hugs and kisses! Nicholas CuddleTalk Roar!
Porn Star Name
Your Porn Star Name Is... Spanky Bottoms What's Your Porn Star Name?
OK this is all new to me but it looks kinda cool! Dam there is so much to check out!!!! As soon asa can get the swing of things in here i'm sure i'll have a blast.Till then wach out,i'm comming for ya HEHEHE Later!
Another Commentary On The Nature Of Guys
Guys go Shopping: or "Get Your Hand Off My Melon!" If there's one thing that a guy considers to be a waste of valuable time, it's shopping. The closest thing to a shopping trip that a guy can tolerate is running to the gas station for another six-pack and some slim jims. The concept of spending two hours in a store and leaving with only one pair of pants just boggles the mind of most guys. If he wants pants, he goes in, grabs a pair of blue jeans, pays, and walks out. End of trip. There is no thought put into whether or not they go with anything, because a guy's wardrobe is almost all blue, anyway. For most guys, there are only a few situations where a shopping trip would be considered. Condition one: he is dragged along by a significant other. This is the closest most guys will get to Hell while they are still alive. Wandering through the stores, constantly being asked their opinion on different outfits, when the only outfit a guy is interested in seeing
What Vampire Are U
You scored as Dracula. You are the smooth sexy cool Dracula. Patient and lustful. If you were any cooler youd be ice. Great style with a way of seducing those around you. And three brides who wouldn't want to be him. Armand100%Marius100%Dracula100%Deacon Frost92%Blade83%Lestat67%Akasha67%Angel67%Spike67%Louis17%Whose your Vampire personality? (images)created with
Time 4 Relax
after a cold week at work.
Try This To See Your Sex Business Card Will Say
Poem From Someone
subject: Update on my Sister!!! post date: 2006-11-01 17:23:46 I posted this blog in Sept..... My hero,my friend and my sister!!! Just wanted to tell you why my sister is my hero. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in Oct.2005 and since losing one breast she has been treated for cancer in her hip.Six weeks ago she had to go to the hospital because of weakness in the right side and was told she had metastatic cancer lesions on her brain. Throughout all of this I have never heard one negative remark or one ounce of self pity from her lips. Could I be like that, I seriously doubt I would have her strength and courage!!I hope I never have to. She stays strong and lives solely to be a wife, mother and friend and does it willingly to survive,for that is her reason for living!! I am proud to say she is my hero,my friend and my baby sister. I love you--Susie!! This is the news I recieved this afternoon, so if you would please add her to your prayers, it would be much appreciated...hugs, Nyne
haha sometimes when your nice to people or polite. Its nice to get it in return in case you did not know. haha whatever. it just aint worth it no more trying to be a nice guy to all yall. cause quite frankley who the fuck do you think you are? i can be an asshole just as quickly and easily as yall can. Dont believe me? come find out fuckers. Ill show you a side of me you aint never seen before.
God Machine
From the Album When the Kite String Pops The God machine is hungry For individualism and ripe brains The skull farmers do their rain dance And pray the machine falls to sleep She holds me close And whispers wet "there are cannibals among us." Mad in love with dry dead boys In the backs of Abandoned cars Smoking the bones of children Plotting the murder of love Strapped into the chair The needle now descends As they lick their cracking lips Their twitching never ends Blood beneath their finger nails, Swallow all my pain Dirty needles break the skin Suck hard as I drain Drain me Drain me Sunken eyes, a twisted spine A whiter shade of pale Rockabilly man come to pound the coffin nails Inject my stomach full of Cockroach eggs Their machine is coming carried on a million legs Waking in the sleep of reason Winter is the forever season Lick thy mother's bleeding lips From this glass of hate we sip Fuck the glass we pump the keg Kill conception at the egg
Look!!!! you realy HAVE to look!!!
Fun Silly Stuff Regarding Moi
Your date of conception was on or about 20 January 1965 which was a Wednesday. You were born on a Wednesday under the astrological sign Libra. Your Life path number is 8. Life Path Compatibility: You are most compatible with those with the Life Path numbers 2, 4, 8, 11 & 22. You should get along well with those with the Life Path number 6. You may or may not get along well with those with the Life Path numbers 1 & 5. You are least compatible with those with the Life Path numbers 3, 7 & 9. The Julian calendar date of your birth is 2439046.5. ____ The golden number for 1965 is 9. | The epact number for 1965 is 27. |-[What's | this?] The year 1965 was not a leap year._| Your birthday falls into the Chinese year beginning 2/2/1965 and ending 1/20/1966. You were born in the Chinese year of the Snake. Your Native American Zodiac sign is Raven; your plant is Ivy. You were born in the Egyptian month of Choi
Tough Guys
Chistmas Is Coming
Hello to all my friends. As you know it is that time of the year. So I thought I would right this and see who will respond to it. Here are 2 questions that I would like you to answer. 1) What are your plans for Christmas? 2) What do you want for Christmas? Let's have some fun with this. If you will answer these questiong I will respond back to you. Thanks for taking the time to read this and answer. Hugs to my friends. Dawne
Ok I am really pissed. Today I created a mum askin girls if they thought I was cute. I even went as far as to put girls only and still some asshole had to still put his two cents into it. Why in the hell would you do that. what is your fuckin problem. I hate assholes who can't follow directions.
Boicotta La Procter & Gamble
HERE IS PROCTOR & GAMBLE'S COMPLETE BRAND AND PRODUCT LIST AS OF MAY 6, 2006, 3:45AM CST A Touch of Sun (Clairol) ActiveAir Actonel Asacol Aussie Balsam Color (Clairol) Bounce Bounty Braun Camay Cascade Charmin Cheer Clairol CoverGirl Crest Glide Crest Whitestrips Dantrium (PG Pharma) Dawn Didronel (PG Pharma) Downy Dreft Dryel Duracell Era Eukanuba Febreze Fixodent Folgers Febreze NOTICEables Febreze ScentStories Gain Gillette Giorgio Beverly Hills Gleem Head & Shoulders Herbal Essences Home Cafe Hugo Boss Hydrience (Clairol) Iams Infusium 23 Ivory Joy Loving Care (Clairol) Luvs Macrobid (PG Pharma) Macrodantin (PG Pharma) Men's Choice (Clairol) Metamucil Millstone Mr. Clean Mr. Clean Autodry Natural Instincts (Clairol) Nice 'n Easy (Clairol) Olay Old Spice Oral-B Pampers Pampers Kandoo Pantene Pepto-Bismol Physique Prilosec OTC Pringles Puffs PUR Walter Filters Safeguard Scope Secret Sure Swiffer T
Bye From The Nutty :o)
Well know that I am extremely pissed off, we will try this again. A so called friend of our crzy crew brings a buddy out for food after the bar and allows his friend to touch the one person that you never touch unless she says it is alright. When I find out who this person is I will hunt him done and kill him for what he did. You don't ever touch a lady in that manner when you don't know her. And to the person that brought him their, you claim to have feelings for her , but you defend this guy and won't give up his name is just wrong. You say Scott that you are my friend but you do this. All I can tell you is that you better not call me or E-Mail me ever again, because I am pissed off and you are done. No More mister nice guy from here on out. I know what feelings are and when they are true. You must just of wanted to get laid, because you took a friend over someone you said you cared about. You are just lucky that I don't come down all the time or we would have alot
Aint It Funny
That you can be sitting there just about to send someone a shout, a friend request or leave a comment or blog comment on someone's page and at the same time that same someone is leaving you a comment or doing the same.
Alone And Horny!!!
The Comment Game
see how many comments you give to your friends and your fans and see how many you get back from them
What’s in a memory? An echo, a shadow of what used to be. The silhouette of the past casting darkness over the present or the future. An unattainable description of utopian life; a memory is a daydream of yesterday. Visions of the past are captured in the wind, free to come and go as they please. No notice, no notification, just whimsical entrances, departing as quickly as they came. Comparable to the shore line. Waves of emotions crashing at my feet, with no water to be seen. Suddenly, a rapture of water floods my being. It engulfs me, it drowns me, and in an instant, it is gone. Only footprints and water marks are left, as the raving water torments me no more. In the aftermath, the footprints on the shore line, are just that, a memory of the crashing waves that pounded their strength time and time again. You too, crash down upon me, time and time again, like the shore line, even if only in a memory. PLEASE, DO NOT RIP MY PRIVATE MATERIAL. THESE ARE MY INTERNAL, PRIVATE AND
Still Bleh
I still feel bleh from yesterday. By this afternoon I should be better, the reaction from these things usually is only about 24 hours. Even if that goes though, my arms still hurt like crap.
robert_morrison27 my yahoo id show me some love
Army Men
your alarm goes off, you hit the snooze and sleep for another 10 minutes. He stays up for days on end. __________________________ You take a warm shower to help you wake up. He goes days or weeks without running water. __________________________ You complain of a "headache", and call in sick. He gets shot at, as others are hit, and keeps moving forward. __________________________ You put on your anti war/don't support the troops shirt, and go meet up with your friends. He still fights for your right to wear that shirt. __________________________ You make sure you're cell phone is in your pocket. He clutches the cross hanging on his chain next to his dog tags. __________________________ You talk trash on your "buddies" that aren't with you. He knows he may not see some of his buddies again. __________________________ You walk down the beach, staring at all the pretty girls. He walks the streets, searching for insurgents and terrorists. ___
Which Would You Use?
"Which Condom Would You Use?" Nike Condoms: Just do it. Toyota Condoms: Oh what a feeling. Diet Pepsi Condoms: You got the right one, baby. Pringles Condoms: Once you pop, you can't stop. Mentos Condoms: The freshmaker. Flintstones Vitamins Condom Pack: Ten millon strong and growing. Secret Condoms: Strong enough for a man, but Ph balanced for a woman. Macintosh Condoms: It does more, it costs less, its that simple. Ford Condoms: The best never rest. Chevy Condoms: Like a rock. Dial Condoms: Aren't you glad you use it? Don't you wish everybody did? New York Lotto Condoms: Cause hey, you never know. California Lotto Condoms: Who's next? Avis Condoms: Trying harder than ever. ......KFC Condoms: Finger-Licking Good.....this 1 is for me Coca Cola Condoms: Always a Real Thing. Lays Condoms: Bet 'cha can't have just one. Cambells Soup Condoms: Mm, mm good. General Electric: We bring good things to life! AT&T condom: "Reach out
My Friends...
hey guys...i just wanted to say thanks for not forgetting me...& for leaveing all the comments on my page...i love all you guy' draco.... please repost...
My Html
Tony@ CherryTAP
A Long Day.
Ok, started like a normal work day, it was Wednesday which is one of the two busy days of the week. i got to work and they had me scheduled to haul which is basically just riding around the warehouse and outside the warehouse on a really fast pallet jack with a blinky light. on top so the truckers outside hopefully wont run you over, and you have to wear a shiny reflective orange vest. And of course it was cold and raining super hard and really windy. So then at about lunch time they tell us that there is one hour of voluntary overtime to those that sign up, so i sign up, but then by second break they just announce that there will be two hours of overtime for all classifications. So i end up working a twelve hour shift doing the easiest job in the warehouse but in really sucky weather. So that kinda sucked but was nice at the same time. Anyways, then i get off work and go out to my heaterless car and proceed to drive home in morning rush-hour traffic. Get home and eat a bit and play on
Queen of the set everything to Bulletproof... I dont know what happened to you if your still out there....if you are and you bye that small chance see this let me know... your the last of the crew if your out there besides me let me know home girl....miss ya and love ya
The Wonderful World Of Names
I spend an hour a night updating a web site I maintain called Short Bus World. It's basically a collection of the day's most offbeat stories. Occasionally there comes one that I research that I can't stay quiet on. A Yahoo article states that British parents are giving their kids such names as Britney, Tiger, Madonna, Superman and Gandalf????? I guess some parents have a sense of humor, but do they really think about the emotional trauma they are going to put their child through in life? I remember the first such inkling of this was Johnny Cash's "A Boy Named Sue". Then I learned about Sonny and Cher Bono naming their daughter "Chastity" (ostensibly because all the good names were apparently taken). Then there was Frank Zappa, who named his daughter "Moon Unit" and his son "Dweezil", but we were OK with that because hey, that's Frank and he was always a little out there anyway. Until George Foreman named all 7 of his kids "George". Suppose it makes it easy when you'v
Does This Work?
Listen Up People!!!!!
For anyone who's worked in a restaurant...or ever stepped foot in one: 1. Don't ask me for your check, then wait till I run to a computer, and then all the way back to your table just to throw your credit card at me without looking it over. Why didn't you give it to me in the first place, if you weren't even going to LOOK at the bill? 2. Don't snap your fingers at me. Don't wave at me like I am blind. I see you, I'm busy. 3. Don't argue with me about the menu. We don't have whatever wild creation you are craving. I know the menu, and after all, I work here, remember? "Last time I was here they made it for me this way." Good for you, now go to Burger King and have it your way, then. 4. No, I don't want to split your check six different ways so you can all pay in cash. DO SOME MATH! 5. WHY do you steal my pens? Do I come to your office and steal your keyboard? It's something I need to WORK with... take my pen again and see if your wallet is still in your pocket when y
Two More...
This one and this one have been marked NSFW. Both with full view of my face and no nudity. I'm sure more are to come. Gawd forbid someone show boobies in their pictures! The horror! I wouldn't mind so much if the violation were clear in their own rules. But I can't see how these violate anything written there. And if there were some way to appeal. I suppose I could write to support but considering the last time I did that, I don't have a lot of faith that anything would be resolved.
I know somehow we all get triptophan enduced comas during this time of year but let us not forget what is most important. The actual thankfulness of the holiday. We gather to spend time with the ones we love, enjoy the time we have with them and to be THANKFUL for things in our life. I know what I am thankful for. I am thankful for God and his overwhelming strength, love, and support on those days when I seem to find life most difficult. I am thankful for the REAL friends that I have. Those who actually show concern for my life and what might be going on in it. I am thankful for my mother. Who is stronger than I will ever be. I aspire to be like her. Or at least become half the woman she is. I am thankful for my children who even though they make me want to pull my hair out give me more hugs and kisses each day than i could ever yearn for. I am thankful for the quick little "I love you mommy" moments. I am thankful for their smiles, laughs and silly antics
Yesterday my laptop crashed, it was a boot virus, these viruses are a form of cancer, difficult to find - the recovery console of xp is in this case only marketing-shit.....
What Piercing Are You? Quiz
You scored as Labret Piercing. You probably intimidate a whole lot of people without really meaning too. If people could just get past the many tattoos, piercings, and sideburns I'm sure they'd love you. Or still be scared, who knows.Labret Piercing100%Lip Piercing90%Dirty Piercings90%Tongue Piercing90%Earlobe Piercing90%Nipples80%Cartilage Piercing60%Belly Button Piercing40%Nose Piercing20%What Piercing Are You?created with
Who Knows? Who Cares?
why are there half naked pics on this site? and why do people post them? whats your opinion?
Slow Dance
Have you ever watched kids On a merry-go-round? Or listened to the rain Slapping on the ground? Ever followed a butterfly's erratic flight? Or gazed at the sun into the fading night? You better slow down. Don't dance so fast. Time is short. The music won't last. Do you run through each day On the fly? When you ask How are you? Do you hear the reply? When the day is done Do you lie in your bed With the next hundred chores Running through your head? You'd better slow down Don't dance so fast. Time is short. The music won't last. Ever told your child, We'll do it tomorrow? And in your haste, Not see his sorrow? Ever lost touch, Let a good friendship die Cause you never had time To call and say hi You'd better slow down. Don't dance so fast. Time is short. The music won't last. When you run so fast to get somewhere You miss half the fun of getting there. When you worry and hurry through your day, It
Finally made it on here! We got home from our Thanksgiving jaunt out of town, to discover that our phone/cable/internet was cut off. Then, I vaguely remembered being told by the finance master that that might happen. I just forgot. I am, at the library...waiting for payday to get here.,...................... ........................................... ........................................... ........................................... ........................................... .......................Is it here yet? :-D See you in a few days!
THE PET MOVIE PREMIREDEC 2 at 11 AM at Santa Monica4-PLEX1223 2nd ST Santa Monica, CA310-394-9741CHECK IT OUT!!! The Pet (Movie) TrailerAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Cherry Points
People are getting upset or mad over rating photos, stashes, & profiles. People lets get real at the time which I typed this blog, I've had 5,496 people view my profile & out of that number only 370 rated my profile which is only 6.7% of the people that viewed my profile. I don't expect everyone to rate my profile. I don't expect people to view and rate every photo nor item that I have in my cherry stash. I have over a 100 items in my cherry stash & almost 100 photos in my albums. I accidently delete a whole album of photos and lost the cherry points for 12 photo which 4 photos were lost forever because I deleted them from Windows. I lost more point yesterday because someone marked the photo Angel with Horns as NSFW, so I lost the points & comments for the photo because it has been removed from my photos & it wasn't a nude photo. See for yourself, go to sparkletags and click dark images click A under dark images & the first tag the Angel with Horns is her. I only ask that if is
Please Vote For My Christmas Tag
Please vote for my christmas tag, you can leave as many comments as you like
What I Have Learned.....
SHould I be a bad ass or a nice guy? Here is my answer, and my resolve.... Women like the bad ass as a distraction until they meet prince charming. That at the end of the day, nice guys may finsh last, but they finish. It sounds like a cheesy line, but i told one girl i truly loved that I dont care if im not her first. I just want to be her last. AWWWWWWWW Well it doesnt work. shes not with me.... But what ive learned boils down to this: The bad ass will eat your pussy, but the Prince will get you a towel afterwards! And in the end this is all she wants..a towel. She wants to be loved, by one she can love equally. She wants to be appreciated. She wants to be secure. But not till she is ready. So the bad ass wins while he's young and dumb, he will use her, fuck her, steal from her and then leave high fiving his buddies when he tells them the tale, but the nice guy is someone you can depend on to hold your hair back when youre sick, feed you soup as he rubs your fe
A Knight
In this world full of hurt and pain, I need someone who would help me through the rain. To comfort me when Im sad, Doing everything just to make me glad. In this world I need a Brave Knight, Who would never give up any fight. A knight who would dry away my tears, Telling me to overcome my fears. A knight who loves me for who I am inside, With him there's nothing more I need to hide. A person who will still be standing strong, Eventhough everything has gone wrong. I need someone who is willing to give me more, Someone I can call my Knight In Shining Armor Author: Anonymous
Missing Soldier
Here is another blog, more like an update to my last blog, "Missing Soldier.... Please Pray"! If anyone has read it, Jessiah Jameson was last seen or heard from November 16th, 2006..........until Friday December 1st, 2006, where his body was found floating in a river. This is a very devistating story. Here is a couple Articles on his findings.... Perhaps you've heard of Corporal Jessiah Jameson. He is a soldier out of Fort Campbell Kentucky. He just returned from Iraq and returned to Fort Campbell. Jessiah went out with some friends the week before Thanksgiving in Clarkesville, TN, just south of the Kentucky line. He got a bit drunk as soldiers are sometimes wont to do, and put in a cab back to his motel room in Clarkesville. That was the last anyone saw him alive. Cpl Jameson was found last Friday in the Cumberland River, spotted by a barge captain plying the river. There is no word yet if there was foul play. There is a chance that he wound up drowning. The motel he st
Family Guy
Browse through only the BEST videos at!
Debbies Dark Fantasy Pt.6
Debby woke Todd early with a blow-job. She let Todd eat her for a few minutes, but declined an orgasm that way. Yes, she wanted another sexual edge. She was a bundle of energy, which surprised both of them. And her pussy wasn't nearly as sore as they expected after the fucking it had received. Actually, having lost her anal cherry to Todd last night, her anus was more tender than her pussy. The day was filled with yard and house work, shopping for wine and steaks, marinating the later, and lot's of sexual play and teasing. About 3 Debby came out to the patio where Todd was cleaning the charcoal grill, wearing one of Todd's sweat shirts . . .and nothing else! She worked around him, next to him, in front of him, bending, stretching, all but throwing him to the ground and setting on his face. For his part Todd had a hard-on growing in his pants and a straight face as he pretended to ignore her. She finally walked over, grabbed his crotch and led him into the house by the bulge. Once in
Thoughts And Dreams
Thoughts thinking of you I know this love is true It just feels right When I wake I've dreamt of you all night First thing I wanna do Is find a phone and call you We talk for hours at a time Conversations with meening and rhyme Beautiful stories stuck in my mind I'll find my way to your heart with words Writting them down hoping my feelings will be heard As the day goes by I hope and try To cross your mind and be a part of your life I wonder what your doing and where your at And if you've even thought of being with me yet Even though we've never met And i've never even touched your skin I'm honored just to have you as a friend I hope this friendship will never end As the sun goes down and I enter the night Another day gone by and I still havn't lost sight I believe in my heart that we will meet Then I lay my head down to go to sleep And dream of you all over again My beautiful friend Dreaming of you Dreams
To Everyone
comment all my pics and leave me a bunch of comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well..what If...nude Pics!
Here is my first blog. Haha got your attention ;o) We'll see if anyone actually reads it..Here it is 12:30pm I'm sitting in a room by myself pondering what if......what if u were never allowed to have sweets growning up......what if you never got to own a pet.....what if you never got to be loved..what if you never recieved a hug...All these things to me are importnat in life. Its a survival world. If you never gotten any of these things, could u supply them in your life? Would u be able to love someone and hug them? Would u still like sugar? Choc? Cake? Could u care enough to make someone a cake for thier birthday if you never had 1? The touch of a pet. It is much more than a touch. Its a resposibility.Its a friend.We start out very young in a world where we are deprived many things yet we still seem to find a way to distribute these gifts in life. Is it all built in?Makes u wonder what else is inside of you , waiting to come out. That u never recieved or learned to do. The world is l
Off The Page
Life on the page of dreams and fantasy of all the things I know I can and seem to never be. I write of who I want to be I am an empty shell of a man Words Are all I am if anything at all To live my life off this page of who I am on this very page The quagmire of my existance my heart of it's every beat longs for it's answer to be loved, love, and to love one self
Love Is A Drug
When Is Ct Too Much
well last night I got a wake up call. After I spent the time to go and make a special comment for someone. Someone that constantly asks to be commented and rated. I found out that she doesn't even look at her comments. She gets too many, so she doesn't even bother looking at them. Now I am not all that creative. I don't have these photoshop skills like a lot of people. but sometimes I spend a lot of time looking for a special comment just to post. Yes I admit that I often send the same one to many people. But then again I spend a lot of time finding a special one to give to people for a certain reason. but it all becomes pointless when I find out that they don't even look at them. That is why I go to many pages. I rate and comment people, and I fan them to give them points. but unless I am haveing a conversation with them I don't ask them to add me to thier friends list. I never turn anyone down if they ask me. Now I am a myspace person. and I think I might do here wh
I Am The Flag Of The Usa
I AM THE FLAG OF THE USA I am the flag of the United States of America. My name is Old Glory. I fly atop the world's tallest buildings. I stand watch in America's halls of justice. I fly majestically over institutions of learning. I stand guard with power in the world. Look up and see me. I stand for peace, honor,truth and justice. I stand for freedom. I am confident. I am arrogant. I am proud. When I am flown with my fellow banners, my head is a little higher, my colors a little truer. I bow to no one! I am recognized all over the world. I am worshipped - I am saluted. I am loved - I am revered. I am respected - I am feared. I have fought in every battle of every war for more than 200 years. I was flown at Valley Forge, Gettysburg, Shiloh and Appamatox. I was there at San Juan Hill, the trenches of France, in the Argonne Forest, Anzio, Rome, and the beaches of Normandy, Guam, Okinawa, Korea, and KheSan, Saigon, Vietnam now me. I was there. I lead
Butt Talk .... Adult Orentated!!!!!
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All alone in a room full of people I scan searching for a familiar face My eyes connect with a beautiful woman A woman I have seen before This woman holds yet another flower Dark, dull, and almost colorless I know this one very well The flower of depression A man, also keeps focus on me I tall, seemingly dark man He catches my interest I feel like I need him The woman hands him my flower He almost glides across the room Standing in front of me he reaches for me Instantly I know who he represents I look into his eyes and he whispers "Take my hand, it is your time" I place my hand in his All emotion and pain, gone No more tears, no more heartache Just silence, peace of heart and mind I would have searched for him sooner Had I known this feeling I could obtain It's all over now, no more worries Just the feeling serenity I can now smile again Because now all is as it should be
Still Needin Help
Little By Little... Life Repeats Itself.
I was absolutely, positively certain I'd left all the work-related garbage in New York. I was shown differently tonight. I wrote most of this in Notepad from my cubicle in that big building H. Ross Perot owns on West Plano Parkway, in Plano, Texas (where CherryTAP and MySpace are both blocked due to NSFW content). Though this shift is a short one (midnight to 6 a.m.), an issue with a co-worker has been gnawing at me for the past three hours. This will require some setup. A co-worker on the same service desk account as I am (for anonymity, I'll just call her "Zee") is a former model, still looks physically cute in a size 6, and is generally popular around the service desk. She's also quite intelligent when it comes to her work. However, her work ethic seems questionable, and she is fighting off rumors that she is dating someone from another account (despite a somewhat selectively-enforced non-fraternization policy), and doing a half-assed job at that. When she does her job, she's
Ever Feel Like...
You had so much to say, but because of circumstances beyond your control, or certain people that are in your circle of friends, or maybe in your life you couldn't express what you really wanted to? Is it just me?? Am I the only nice person left that doesn't say shyt that I need to say, just to spare the feelings of others??? I am REALLY angry right now.. and im Extremley HURT right now.. and I don't kno how to handle it.. Normally, I'd just shut myself off from the world.. deal with it.. extinguish the problem and move on.. but see the problem I have.. WILL NOT GO AWAY... and I can't shut down becuz i've worked so hard to become a more open person. I've worked soo hard to keep a positive outlook at things.. and be a more happy person. but latley.. Im reallly startin to regret becoming that person, it seems like I've got more ppl comin at me wit BULLSHYT then ever before.. WHY??? cuz I'm nice.. WELL DO NOT take my kindness as a weakness.. belive me.. YOU DO NOT wanna get on my ba
All works of Razorwolf are produced by Wolf himself using MadTracker 2.0 A lot of people asked me to move my songs to where they could be commented on and such. Before now, the best they could do to give their opinion was leave a message they ripped them, lol. That was ok with me, but I'm getting HOUNDED! So, here they are in the blogs. I'll leave a description as to the emotion that should be evoked with each song. As for this one: This one is meant to be one that slowly builds your blood. There's no deeper meaning to it. As it builds to the end, it should hopefully get you more and more ready to experience the body's natural drug.
i Had the best dam sex today and wow, really its unbelieveable. dam what im i doing i going to do it again. great sexy yummy
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i need help in getting to the next level!! help me please ReBeL_cHiC_31..Family Member Rebels of C.T@ CherryTAP
Merry Christmas
Yeah I'm gonna leave Texarkana I'm goin' down to Louisiana I'm gonna try my luck in Baton Rouge I'm gonna follow ol' Red River down til LI see the lights of town I ain't gonna get no sleep in Baton Rouge Baton Rouge Baton Rouge I'm gonna get me some alligator shoes Baton Rouge Baton Rouge I'm gonna wear 'em out downton Baton Rouge Oh a Texas girl that broke my heart then she tore my truck apart I guess I'll get me another in Baton Rouge Cause I like crawfish I like rice I like girls that treat you nice Guess I find me one in Baton Rouge Baton Rouge Baton Rouge... Yeah I'm gonna learn to walk that walk I'm gonna learn to talk that talk I'm gonna learn to dance in Baton Rouge Ain't life just like a cul-de-sac I'm a Texas boy and I'm goin' back Soon as I catch my breath in Baton Rouge Yeah Baton Rouge Baton Rouge... Yeah I'm gonna strut MT stuff in Baton Rouge Yeah I'm gonna cool my toes in Baton Rouge
Getting Closer To Xmas
Well the shopping is done and the presents are wrapped now its time for the day whe i can give them out ....oh i have no patience .... :(
Tuesday 19 2006
My Updated Life....
Well, life is GREAT, what can I say? I've got a great guy in my life (FINALLY) that just adores me. This is the best feeling. It's been along time coming. Alot of crap has happened in the past year and I really need a good end of the year. My love life has been, umm-well, for the best words-EXHAUSTING for both me and everyone that has been in my life. Between Misty and Lois, those two poor girls have been thru hell and back (and they are both married! Thank goodness for single friends girls--we keep you on your toes!) I am so ready to settle down and just let this man love me so much that I can't even think about my past. It's just so not worth it. I have been really thinking about all of the crap that I've been allowing into my life---so many negative things. I think I forgot about what I wanted out of my life. Just to be able to raise great kids, have a man that LOVES me, and have a life that makes me think that I'm the luckiest woman on the earth to be able to wake u
i just thought i would say hi to everyone and say that i'm new to this site and i would like to make new friends and meet new people
Top Photos???
Can anyone tell me how do i get the top photos posted over th last hour on my home page?????
I Always Will
You are always on my mind No matter what I am doing you are their Everytime I sleep I think of you Everytime I drive you areo n my mind If I am with the guys, I wonder what you are doing When I talk to you on the phone I wished I were their with you When we hang out at your house I wished we were cuddling When we are at the bar, all I want to do is leave with you and go somewhere else If it was just you and me, my life would be complete I am hoping that we will always be together You mean the world to me and I want you to know that The Love I have for you is always and forever and will never go away With every breath I take you are always on my mind. I never stopp thinking of you and I never want it to end
Happy Holidays!
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Ten Ways To Worry Less And Accomplish More
Ten Ways to Worry Less and Accomplish More By Author Unknown 1. Don't think of problems as difficulties. Think of them as opportunities for action. 2. After you've done your best to deal with a situation, avoid speculating about the outcome. Forget it and go onto the next thing. 3. Keep busy. Keep the 24 hours of your day filled with these three ingredients: work, recreation, and sleep. Don't allow yourself time for abstract thinking. 4. Don't concern yourself with things you can't do anything about. Armchair generals don't win battles, but they do have nervous breakdowns. 5. For the time being anyway, eliminate daydreaming completely. Stop building air castles. 6. Don't procrastinate. Putting off an unpleasant task until tomorrow simply gives you more time for your imagination to make a mountain out a possible molehill. More time for anxiety to sap your self-confidence. Do it now, brother, do it now. 7. Don't pour woes and anxieties to other people. You d
A Simple White Envelope
SIMPLE WHITE ENVELOPE It's just a small white envelope stuck among the branches of our Christmas tree. No name, no identification, no inscription. It has peeked through the branches of our tree for the past 10 years or so. It all began because my husband Mike hated Christmas -- oh, not the true meaning of Christmas, but the commercial aspects of it -- the overspending, the frantic running around at the last minute to get a tie for Uncle Harry and the dusting powder for Grandma -- the gifts given in desperation because you couldn't think of anything else. Knowing he felt this way, I decided one year to bypass the usual shirts, sweaters, ties, and so forth. I reached for something special just for Mike. The inspiration came in an unusual way. Our son Kevin, who was 12 that year, was wrestling at the junior level at the school he atte nded. Shortly before Christmas, there was a non-league match against a tea
X-mas Tree
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That Which Does Not Kill You...
I had a conversation with a friend earlier today that seemed like friendly chit chat at the time, but after talking to her I seemed to be in a better mood. I think the reason for this is we were talking about goals and the future in general. That got me thinking. The best way I can explain it in with an analog. I'm siting here in my house right now, and it has a history. It was built in 1979, back in the days of Cheap Trick and gasoline shortages. A bulldozer came in and leveled off the land and a foundation was poured on solid ground. The house was built and remodeled a few times over the past 17 years. I bought it in 1992. I myself built a sun blind over the back deck and remodeled the kitchen. Wind, rain and snow have beat on the exterior and kids, adults, and pets have wore on the inside. All these things have shaped my home and made it what it is today. It stands shaped by these events, yet the bulldozer, the weather, and even some of the pets and people are gone. My point
Average Joe Contest
help me out in the average joe contest please comment bomb me please help me out i am closing in on second place ,needs my friends to show some comment love
Is Hockey The Only Sport In An Ice Rink?
Driving by the Rink tonight reminded me of what I did there one year ago. A while back I had been dating 3 Joe's. Crazy Joe...worthy of his own blog, School Teacher Joe..should be an on going blog..and Tall Joe. Tall Joe used to be a professional athlete years ago and tries to stay fit. Part of him having an extra job at the local Rink is to be able to get extra cash for his kids and be able to play Hockey for free in the League. We had been sleeping together for a few years off and on by this point..always hot...the reason it was so fucking hot was because..I may be a BBW but I am only 4'11 and very small in the right spots. Tall Joe happened to be 6'7 and about 300 lbs.and very athletic. It was always like a sexual amuzement park for me. One night after he finished cleaning the ice...very late..I snuck into the rink. The two of us were so hot we went into the locker room. Once in there...nothing held us back. Clothes were flying and I found myself laying on my back balancing o
Merry Christmas
I just wanted to wish all of my Friends and Family and Fans A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year!!! I am so grateful to all the people I have met here on CherryTap. It has been so much fun and I wanted to make sure everyone knew that I wished them the Best of the Holidays. Love and Blessings...Lady Di
Webcam Wannabee Wonderfulness
A Night For Remembering For Druccee
Drawing her bath and sinking into the hot water Druccee remembers their last night together. He was wanting to be a bit kinky and had brought the handcuffs, she gladly attached them to him and the headboard, kissing him deeply before she moved slowly down his body, biting and licking her way to his already hard cock. Hearing his moans, knowing her pussy was just out of his reach. She nibbled her way around the head..then lapping at the shaft as she had done before..knowing it would make him crazy. Turning to see the lust in his eyes, made her smile, and she spreads his legs wider, lifting them slightly as she bathed his balls with her tongue. His low gutteral moans of "oh my god baby" were music to her ears. Now taking her time and kissing and biting at his thighs, letting her breasts brush against them, as she worked her way to his ankles. Then stopping and turning to face him, she sat upon the footboard, spreading her legs wide as she started running her finger over her moist pink li
A Random Writing
Hope Fear Love Hate, O Why Is This My Fate? What Makes Us Live LIfe, And Take Up A Beautiful Wife? Is It Just A Human Habit, To Act A Fool And Fuck Like A Rabbit? I Do Not Know And Can Not Say, But We All Must Act Out The Scenes Of This Play. I See All The World Fly By, As I Wait For My Day To Die. I Try To Get Beyond Myself, But All I Do Is Deteriorate My Health. The Struggle Within Will Never End, What It Is All Worth Really Does Depend. On Who What Where When How And Why, But Then Again, It Wont Matter After I Die.
What Do You Think?
What do you think? In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth and populated the Earth with broccoli, cauliflower and spinach, green and yellow and red vegetables of all kinds, so Man and Woman would live long and healthy lives. Then using God's great gifts, Satan created Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream and Krispy Creme Donuts. And Satan said, "You want chocolate with that?" And Man said, "Yes!" and Woman said, "and as long as you're at it, add some sprinkles." And they gained 10 pounds. And Satan smiled. And God created the healthful yogurt that Woman might keep the figure that Man found so fair. And Satan brought forth white flour from the wheat, and sugar from the cane and combined them. And Woman went from size 6 to size 14. So God said, "Try my fresh green salad." And Satan presented Thousand-Island Dressing, buttery croutons a
Våmþïrê§ WðrlÐ
This is our world!!!!!!!!!!!! Be with us or be against us!!!! Your choice decides ur fate
To Hell With It
yeah rock and roll
You Changed My World
At times the days seemed so long, I though I’d never make it through, then suddenly, out of a dream, I have met someone like you. I had locked up all my feelings and I’d throw away the key, until your heart spoke a thousand words I knew were meant to be. When times turned rough and lonely, and despair fell upon my face, you comforted me and kept me safe in that loving special place. You don’t realize what you have and what you’ve done for me, but the way you managed to steal my heart is what has set me free. You’ve given me a feeling that no one else could ever change, your love has touched a place in me that I always found so strange. It’s as if you were cut right out of a spell cast upon my heart, because the CARZY thing about it is, I’ve loved you from the start. No one in this wide world could touch the feelings we share; to the seconds I spend with you, nothing can compare. You’ve opened my eyes and heart just enough and let me live, you’ve changed my world with magic and the kind
Happy New Years
Funny Graphics Cats Comment Codes Myspace Code Generators Layouts HERE IS TO A GREAT YEAR CHEERS
How Fuckable Are You?
You are 64% fuckable! Take this quiz at
All My Real Friends
to all who consider me a friend and not some bodey to make your page jump some points i have been here sins erly dec. and tryied to make friends on here. but it seems no bodey has time to even just talk. i have tried saying hi and hows pepoles days are ya i know i cant spell well but i try. so starting today if you dont want me to talk to you or you are to stuck up to talk to me please take me off your list and send me some thing saying that you did and i will take you off my list all of you have a grate day and be honest it wont bother me any way at all. and if i hert any bodey i honasley did not mean to. i apolagise if i did and thats why you wont talk to me.
Lamb Of God
Biggest Hospital Outside Usa
My Feelings
Granted I dont have over a 1000 friends but you know what the many friends that I do have seem like the only reason they are on my list was to get cherry points. That doesnt sit too well because I thought my friends where there to supoport me and vice versa. Only a few of my friends showed that they werent my friend just for the points..others well...want support in things they are doing and I give that support but thats as far as it goes they say they will return the love but when the time comes they just ignore me like I hadnt said or done anything. But for those who will read this and either leave and not do anything or those that will show me that they are my friend because they want to be here is the link to the contest that I am currently in ..all the support I can get will be greatly appreciated and of course returned. When I joined this site I thought it was full of good people..and yes there is ALOT of good people but there is also a bunch of selfish people that only care abou
Bear Burned Alive! This Is So Sick!!!
The burning of a bear to death by a mob in south Kashmir’s Pulwama district last month has exposed the inefficiency of Wildlife Department in the management and protection of wild animals in the Valley. While the department blames the people and police for the incident, the government has ordered a probe and attached four officials. The Wildlife Department people had reportedly acted as mute spectators when the bear was first beaten and then ruthlessly set ablaze by the mob at Tral town. Though the incident took place on November 18, it was kept under carpet till a private TV news channel Sahara Samay showed the footage of the incident on December 17. “The bear had a child in its lap for 20 minutes, it however did not harm him. The animal left the child but the villagers locked it in a cowshed for night. In the morning, the animal tried to escape but the villagers chased it and burnt it,” Bilal Bhat, Srinagar Bureau Chief of the Sahara Samay told Greater Kashmir. “We sa
i just got back from MI to go to court for custody of my oldest daughter(her pic is on here Leanne) and i won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#3: People Who Run Other People Off Here
I'm sure there's a name for those people, but you know what really grinds my gears? Those people. The ones that break other people's hearts and run the broken hearted off here. Just **** it up for everyone, why don't you? I'm sure we all know someone that's been run off here at one time or another, or knows someone that knows someone that has. Or has been run off because of them. Seriously, if you must be a heartbreaker, do it somewhere else, k? Don't screw it up for the good people. When you run someone outta here because of what you did, a lot more people than you are affected. It includes the good friends, and the ones that want to get to know that person, and so on.
Nude Male And Female
Public Opinin ???????
U.S. Bombs Somalia
Father Why Must You Break Your Heart
Why does wisdom whisper within a storm when my heart is torn between blood and choice and anger is what's left of this mind. Why do my tears not fall, when my each and every all reflects back to me the hell I create in the very same world I dream to help. Father when I look you and me in the eyes Why do I not see the truth that I see in every one else but me and you?
Electronic Taser
(Only a guy would do this!) A guy who purchased his lovely wife a pocket Taser for their anniversary submitted this : Last weekend at Larry's Pistol & Pawn Shop I was looking for a little something extra for my wife Toni. What I came across was a 100,000-volt pocket/purse-sized taser. The effects of the taser were supposed to be short lived, with no long-term adverse affect on an assailant. The idea is to allow my wife -- who would never consider a gun --adequate time to retreat to safety. WAY TOO COOL!! Long story short, I bought the device and brought it home. I loaded in two triple-a batteries and pushed the button. Nothing! I was disappointed. But then I read (yes, 'read') that if I pushed the button AND pressed it against a metal surface at the same time; I'd get the blue arch of electricity darting back and forth between the prongs and I'd know it was working. Awesome!!! (Actually, I have yet to explain to Toni what that burn spot is on the face o
Anyone Have Just A Second To Spare ?
Have a friend that needs a little help only need 100 to level. Can anyone help her out ?
Chat Request
Hi I am asking for a lady if she will chat with me, just want to get to know a nice lady here on cherry tap, chat friendship, if interested please give me a line, will give you my messanger addy, have a great evening everyone
You Think You Got Bad Service Today...
Again, welcome to MY world. This is a true story, as hard as it may be to believe. Long story made short: I just went to Taco Bueno and ordered 2 batches of my favorite, Mucho Nachos. I drive on home 10 minutes away. Sit down to eat, and guess what ---- They forgot to put cheese on my nachos. All I could do was just sit there in awe. Is it possible in that they are so stupid they have somehow found a way to keep me from complaining because I would sound like a liar? God does favor the meek, I'll be damned! Now correct me if I'm wrong, but if you or anyone else was making a recipe for Nachos, it would go like this: 1. Chips 2. Cheese 3. the rest -or- 1. Cheese 2. Chips 3. the rest So yeah, one of the two main ingredients would be cheese. Taco Bueno has a rep for being tight with their cheese, but heavy with their refried beans. This is pushing it though. Anyway, as I just told my lov
Since You've Been Gone.. Day 2
Well it's the beginning of day 2 since I made my choice to say goodbye. I've gotta say this is harder than I thought. I'd forgotten how hard it is to say goodbye to someone you feel so much for. Guess I'm a little rusty, not that I want to make a habit of having to make decisions of this kind. I guess I didnt think it would effect me as profoundly as it has. Thought that I was strong enough to not let it get to me, but the truth is it ripped my heart out. I know me doing what did was for the best, but that doesnt make it any less painful.I hope one day he'll understand my decision, see that I had his best interest at heart. Uggh I wish I could turn my brain off.. It feels like it's about to melt from over usage. I feel like my heart has been placed in a vice, but I guess that's what heartbreak feels like.
Rh's Ladies Best Back Tattoo Contest
TheRH ( BBW Lover )@ CherryTAP RH's Ladies Best Back Tattoo Contest Rules: Pictures of tattoos of any tattoos on the back. Must be SFW Taking Contestants, I can take up to 20 Current Contestants. *~*Mandy*~*L.O.D. member@ CherryTAP Mandy Stephanie ~***Poetic_Eyes4***~@ CherryTAP *THE ONE & ONLY*@ CherryTAP The One & Only lucy K.O.T (AMC)@ CherryTAP lucy K.O.T (AMC) Fallen Angel 2 Rising Devil@ CherryTAP Fallen Angel 2 Rising Devil Browneyes@ CherryTAP Browneyes Amber@ CherryTAP Amber *Coming Undone*@ CherryTAP *Coming Undone* Winner will be determined by both comments and ratings. Contestants can vote. mrsusdrill
Love What Is It
People say 2 me all the time love its the best thing in the hole earth but why do's it hurt so bad when no one loves you . So tell me people my do we need love ????
Well hey ya'll Im not gonna be on as much because im gonna be workin two jobs or tryin to, But i still want to stay in touch with ya'll theres a few people I want to talk to all the time ya'll know who ya are
"on My Watch Tonight" - Video
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Ok i dont want to sound like im bitching or anything but i understand that ppl feel the need to put pictures of then naked on there page.......more power to you but do you have to make it your main picture? I have children in my home and im not going to avoid going on this site just so they wont see something that i dont want them to see. Have some self respect....the size of your dick isnt going to make me want you any more or
Friends Help
This poor girl said she is unhappy cos she has not alot of friends and she wants more as she loves chating to new friends she is such a love to talk to and has some nice pics as well, maybe all my friends can help show her some love as shell be back online later xxxxxxxxxx Thank guys love me K.O.T. - member of the Angels r Real CT Family *~*@ CherryTAP
A Bit Confused But Good News In The Long Run ( I Think ) Lol
opps a mix up but tried to fix new blog and got this in there to somehow, geesh im so not good at this lol
Just A Poem I Wrote
You are born so full of life Every day full of joy and hope Time passes and the dreams fade You look around at all that has gone Never realizing what you have missed Until it is too late to get back You harden your heart and temper your soul Never growing too close to anyone Feeling alone and confused Wondering if you are even alive Perhaps waiting to die You steel yourself for things to come When you used to live just for living Jaded and scarred you have become Is there ever any going back Or are you completely done
*******secret Universal Code*******
1/26/2007 Dear readers: I got quite a lot of requests lately demanding more information about the missing part of the "Secret". Once more I want to make sure that I DO endorse, support and even promote this fabulous movie and all its wise participants. I went through far too many dramatic experiences in my life not understanding or using the Law of Attraction wisely and I must point out the reality of creating our own future. It is important to acknowledge this fact as soon as possible and exercise an unyielding continuous spiritual cleansing. Every word coming out of our mouths have roots in our subconscious and those words are alive - they actually carry life force in them. Allowing these words to override reason by mean of fears will ultimately lead to disaster. "Acts of God" can be reversed, providing one assumes the responsibility to raise his consciousness and ascend to God himself. We are the children of the universe and we are growing towards the true reality of being
You scored as Unipolar Depression. Congraulations! You are depressed! You know just how it feels to bear all the world's burdens, and the value of a 19-hour night's sleep. And you really hate that circle-guy thing on your Zoloft pill packets.Unipolar Depression100%Borderline Personality Disorder50%Eating Disorders33%Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder17%Schizophrenia17%Antisocial Personality Disorder0%Which mental disorder do you have?created with
I know a lot of you pro'ly won't give a shit, but it's something for me to brag about. I lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks, all thanks to my antidepressant!!! It's made clear that it decreases your appitite, but I was skeptical about it. But I did. I need to lose 32 more lbs to reach my goal weight!! I'm happy about that, and I hope I can reach my goal weight by the summer. For my height I was told that my weight that I'm at now is considered obease, and very unhealthy for 5'0. But the reason why I weigh so much is because I had 2 children and have been struggling with alternate ways to lose the mama weight gain. HAHA, my bf said it's because I'm on top during sex so I'm getting a work out, hehe *blushes*.......Maybe he's right. Anyways, I thought I'd share the news with everyone
i just watched saw 3 and it left me disturbed
whats goin on?
For every struggle there is a breath we take. Breathe.... Breathe Hold your breath Do you feel it? The very air that you need to survive, Now makes you struggle. Hold your love Is it true? Does it breathe this life you lost Back into you? The breath you take and hold Gives you life. Cling to the one breath too long And your body becomes numb. Feel yourself struggle Try to hold it, you can’t One big explosive mass of used up air Escapes you with emotion It leaves you gasping Feeling as if you are going to die Do not hold your breath Breathe. Do not cling to a love that has been held too long. Exhale Another will bring you life Breathe life back into it Love is to be caressed Exhale, let it grow Inhale, treasure it Breathe
Cash For Opions
This Is A Warning To All On Cherry Tap-please Read!
hi, I was on Cherry Tap last night, somehow someone tapped into my computer and a back door trojan was planted into my computer causeing pages to overload...I later found a program that had just been installed into my computer that I had not put there.This program allowed files to be transfered to another computer.I was talking to two people I know and one that I did not last night.So I kind of narrowed it down.The thing is, if this can be done.You arent really as safe as you might think you are.I had two antivirus programs and one firewall yet whoever it was got through.I ended up completely whipping my computer clean and going back to factory setup just to get rid of this trojan.This Trojan was called Clicker.One antivirus program i had never found it the second did. Too late it was already in my computer though.All I can say is protect yourself and watch who you talk to. Trace
My Career As A Scientist
From time to time people have asked about my career as a scientist and where I stand on certain environmental issues like global warming. I’m going to try to write something here that is concise enough to hold interest yet informative enough to put some issues to rest. I hold a few degrees, one of them being a BS in Chemistry and most of my career I was Chief Chemist for ConocoPhillips, the energy company. I am also a Six Sigma Black Belt. Specifically, I worked at a plant that made petroleum coke, or carbon, and so my expertise is in the carbon world. Along the way I was voted Chairman of the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) Petroleum Analysis Committee, and was awarded the ASTM Special Recognition Award for my developing a method to analyze carbon for impurities by X-Ray spectroscopy. Now for the good stuff. In 1994 I was part of a team that won the DuPont Environmental Award for our technology we developed to filter particulate (dust, dirt, carbon) from the .storm
Valentines Day
valentines day is going to suck i can already see that i am not going to be any ones valentine this year just like every other year except last year
Trying To Figgure Thish Site Out ...
bear with me as i try to make my page cool I`m new here & not used to the menu`s yet ... I haven`t even finished my profile, what am i doing writing a blog?
Night All
Sorry i have not been on all try be on more often the rest of the week. just been soo busy and body and back hurting majorly right now.take care Night
Headedto the Grand Canyon and snow for the Weekend bye love ya all Butch
Riding By Starlight...
Last night riding by starlight and moon light for the most part, over the mountains of Pennsylvania through the snow and cold, while the clouds hid the sparkles in your eyes, and your beautiful reflection was not showing on the moon. I was worried for I thought I had lost everything and everyone. In an instance my truck slipped and I thought it was over, over the cliff which wound around beside me as we climbed this mountain. Then suddenly I had a twinkle in my eye and all across the sky the clouds had parted and gave way to the sparkles in my Angels eyes, and there beauty shined bright down from there reflection off the moon, I had to make a swift move and now it was clear for me to see where it had to be. With your loving moonlight I made the right choice, safe and sound I landed on the ground with out a scratch.. I had been wondering since my rig is paid off how long I had till death do we part.... So thank you for your thoughts that brings safety to heart, and keeps me safe along t
My 1st Monolgue
My Monologue! (Old woman homeless laying under black steel steps partially hidden under cardboard and news papers talking to herself only the sound of cars and people walking in the distance) I just lay here waiting as the room fades to black... Listening to everything my hearing making me believe the night is calm, but I know it is not (pauses to smile) life is simply an illusion masking the simplicity of deception and worries... Everywhere you look you see happiness but it is all lies (covers herself a little more so now all you can see is her dirty face) or a cover up rather, a cover up of the truth. But you can see it in the eyes, eyes tell all. (Starts rocking gently back and forth) They tell stories; stories of the cheating and remorse maybe even guilt or doubt. Even more the eyes show temptation and treachery, seduction of the best sort, (smiles) full of knowledge, knowledge of the weak, the niave, or just the stupid followers. (Pause) everyone is a follower though. Not m
america the free?? america the free.....isnt it such a nice expression? because thats about all that it is. for example, while reading the paper today i read an article about the adult clubs in nashville and how they had worked around the newly revised 3-ft rule. and to my surprise people are still bitching b/c they have found ways to still conduct business (however lewd or inappropriate some may see it). ex) some lapdances are given w/ bikinis on, or a small stage 3 ft away from the customer in their own private room. well my arguement is that myself and many others go to fight for "freedom" and yet the freedom that we all fight for and like to talk about is all bullshit. those clubs and their employees have as much right to do whatever they damn well please to earn a living, and you have people say that a lap dance and nudity is wrong and that they should be ashamed of themselves for it. and who cares if some men (and women in some cases) go to a club and spend whole paycheck
We can forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light. - Plato
Update Current mood: happy Well after being on the phone for almost two hours my roadrunner is working woohoo for me. but the last few days I've been really busy busting my butt helping a friend of mine, David's redo their house. she got back a huge tax return so she has been shopping and I've been hanging pictures and painting and doing what I enjoy. but other then that i've got someone coming to paint me a picture on my wall in my kitchen, dinning room. and other then that I'm going this weekend to buy a hourse. She's so sweet. I'm buying her off a family member. it's just sucks that I've got to go all the way to goldston to buy her. butt anyways. me, David are planning on going riding with his siter after we get back. but my son is doing very good. he's getting over a cold right now. But with the right meds from his doctor it's only took him a couple of days to kick it. He's still got a little runny nose but everything else is gone. TG I hate for one of us to get sick. but
Brady Quinn
Introducing the next great NFL Quarterback... Notre Dame's Brady Quinn: Best of luck, Brady! Thanks for four great years and congrats on earning your ND degree and an impending huge payday as a First Round NFL draft pick. Go get 'em! (Yes, I do sord of envy the young studly man) ;)
Answer This Riddle
why is it illegal for a man living in north carolina to be burried in south carolina ? if you know the answer to this riddle message me the answer
Sorry Ive Not Been On
To all that know me , and to all those that ilove.My dear friends im so sorry that i hav'nt been on the computer for so long .But i have been making so many changes in my life. I have also been in hospital . But now im back . FITTER STRONGER and ready to face the world , and what it can chuck at me . xxx
You Know The Type...
You know the type. The ones that make your world just a little brighter. The ones that make your heart beat faster every time they look into your eyes. The ones that you lie awake thinking about, and fall asleep to dream about. The ones who make you weak in the knees. The ones who can make your whole day better just by smiling. You know the type. The same type who... Don't even know how much you love them. Don't look at you like they look at other girls. Don't know that you exist. Treat you like one of the guys. Call you when their girl is out with her friends. Don't understand how they make you feel. You'll never have a chance with. You know the type.
Do You Hold A Grudge?
You Always Hold a Grudge If someone wrongs you, you aren't likely to forgive them. You figure they've showed their true colors. You've been known to cut people out of your life pretty frequently. And maybe you've even sought revenge a couple times!Do You Hold a Grudge?
What Im About!
i come home everynight after working to find a cold house! i have 2 wonderfull kids that i would love to be around but it isnt possible! i have a hart that just gets fuked over everytime i throw it out there! so i sit and drink! i want soo much more out of life but the onley thing that seems worth it to me is happiness! and what is happiness? money?! power?........HELL NO! to me happines would be being in love and with someone that is willing to do as much 4 me as i would for them! to love,trust,help, and grow with me except my faults as i would theirs, and just grow as one! my whole life i havent done much to improve my financial well being, or to really do much of anything besides try to find true peace! well ive found peace within my self! i just havent found the other half of me to complete it! now as i grow older im finding myself slowly growing tired of searching. tired of being "the nice guy" tired of being what i always have found true of wh
Well my gf just broke up with me the day b4 V-Day. Talk about ripping a person's heart out and stomping on it. What to do now?
Sorry I haven't been very responsive. Some of you know that I have a couple of minor issues with my heart. I've been a little under the weather the last couple of days and have been watching the puter from my bed where it is a little difficult to use the keyboard.
Mardi Gras
Me and my family are going to the mardi gras this weekend I said i am going naked to it and my brother made a comment saying he going in his boxers is that funny shit right there.. i am going to get so fucked up its going to be great and i am going to find me a hot man lol Jk
here is another one for yalll..please help me out..i need as much as possible.
New Stuff
Check out my new stash about Family Guy BDSM. I also posted new photos too.
A Mothers Cry
Whats a mother to do when shes lost her sons to the streets sleepless nites awake every nite always worring scared to answer the phone because of what might be said biggest worry of all one of her babys are dead What can she do to pull her babys back home while everyones tellin her to just let them go. Noin damn well she cant do that a mothers a mother regaurdless to how they ack what can she do,say,or think that might pull them threw and out of them streets. If you may have been one of them boyz lost to the streets what could have been said to make you think. If you care an have a lil time plz answer me that an help a mothers cry maybe you can help me pull my sons back.
Me...right Now
Just wanted to say I am sorry to all of you for not being the happy, cheerful, loving Tink lately that you have come to know on here. I lost the person and relationship I love due to the war - not by death, Thank God...but because of time and distance and the fact that he will be going to Japan after his deployment in Iraq and not coming home to California. It is difficult at best and some days are better than others...none the less, I am hurting a lot and may make comments or statements that are out of character for me or may not be as attentive to you as I would normally be and I APOLOGIZE! Please bear with me during this time...I truly need my friends love, support, patience and understanding. Much love, Tink
How Bad R U ?
The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Eigth Level of Hell - the Malebolge!Here is how you matched up against all the levels:LevelScorePurgatory (Repenting Believers)Very LowLevel 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Very LowLevel 2 (Lustful)ExtremeLevel 3 (Gluttonous)HighLevel 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)Very HighLevel 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)Very HighLevel 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Extreme
My Desire
In the still of the evening Without sunlight to intrude I see the twilight's in your eyes As the moon sets up the mood Playing music soft and low While romance fills the air I can't help but feel aroused The very moment you come near You submit to my embrace While candles flick their flame And the smell of sweet perfume Seems to drive my lust insane As I look into your eyes And run my fingers through your hair I taste the sweetness of your neck As I nibble at your ear I then whisper words of love As you answer with a sigh And in a very sexy way Your sweet body comes alive Your the heat of my desire As we slowly come undress I then start to lay you down While you welcome my caress With your luscious sexy curves You have a taste I can't resist And your breast show some response When I touch them with a kiss As I soak inside your love To a sexy love condition Feeling passions start to rise While making love in all positions You give me so mu
Cancer What Are You?
Once you have opened this bulletin, there's no turning back. Below are true descriptions of zodiac signs, with traits from a book written 35 years ago by an astrologist predictionist. Read your sign, then repost this in a new bulletin with your zodiac sign and label, or you'll get bad luck for the number of years stated in your sign description. This is real shit, try ignoring it, and the first thing you'll notice is having a horrible day starting tomorrow morning - and it only gets worse from there. VIRGO The Virgin Dominant in relationships and Sexy. Someone loves them right now. Freak in bed. Always wants the last word. Very Caring, Smart, Intellectual and Attractive. Loud and Loyal. Very Easy to talk too. Hard to forget. Love at first sight. Everything you ever wanted. Easy to please. The one and only. The Ultimate in sexiness. 7 years of bad luck if you do not repost. SCORPIO The sex addict Can be mean. EXTREMELY sexy. Intelligent. Energetic. Predict fu
All I Have
To all my friends family and fans. Just wanted to let you all know that we are expecting baby number 3. For those who don't know me or my husband that well we have 2 boys right now. Our oldest Christopher is 6 and Michael is 3. We had been trying for a little to get pregnant with another but things wheren't going to well. We got pregnant back in October '05and just 4 days after our 7th anversary in November we went for the first ultrasound and there was no heartbeat. That was so awful. I thought I would die. Then again in May '06 we found out we where pregnant again but once again lost it. But great news we are now 24 weeks into a new pregnancy. Things are going great and we found out we are having a little girl. We are so excited and blessed. Yes it was very hard to loss the other 2 but at least now we are haveing a healthy baby. We are due in June. I just wanted to share our great newswith all and to let you all know that no matter what gets thrown your way just take it and roll with
Todays Is My Birthday
To day is my birthday 21.02.2007 THANKS TO ALL THANKS FOR COMMENTS
Bad news . Mother passed away at 9:15 pm GMT today 21/02/07
Part 1
So, I have a story that wants to be written. I don't care if you like it, it's just there and needs to come out. The story is about a girl, and I guess she needs a name... I think I'll name her Melanie. Melanie celebrated her 13th birthday... she had no idea that this would be her last year of childlike innocence. I give her the gift of thirteen... that year wasn't too bad and was almost boring. A silly family party, with a silly cake, and silly presents. It was summer, and that's where her story begins. Melanie spent her first 13 years alone. Not quite literally, but where it counted (inside) she was always alone. The perfect child... As a baby she never cried. She never got into trouble. She was almost invisible... quiet and shy, being the middle child suited her. She spent her 13th year in the shadow of her older sister, the same way she always had. She did the same boring things she'd done since infancy, a few weeks with this relative, a few with that, until her summer final
One For The Guys
Men Strike Back How many men does it take to open a beer? None. It should be opened by the time she brings it. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Why is a Laundromat a really bad place to pick up a woman? Because a woman who can't even afford a washing machine will probably never be able to support you. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Why do women have smaller feet than men? It's one of those "evolutionary things" that allows them to stand closer to the kitchen sink. ------------------------------------------------------------------- How do you know when a woman is about to say something smart? When she starts her sentence with "A man once told me..." ------------------------------------------------------------------- How do you fix a woman's watch? You don't. There is a clock on the oven. --------
Feeding Frenzy.
The moment is captured. Like a photograph on an old roll of film found in some forgotten drawer, it lingers. It is there to tell a story. It is there to do magick. Time stands still. The only sound I perceive is the quick, steady beat of your heart.The only taste on my lips is the salty tang of you. The only touch my fingertips know is the soft, suppleness of your flesh. All of these sensations blend together...filling my senses with the reality of you. You're not a dream. Nothing moves. Nothing stirs. I hunger. You are the only nourishment I seek. I feast on you with breathless abandon, never satiated...never fulfilled. Running my tongue along your skin, savoring the taste...tender nibbles of flesh until I reach my destination. You taste like life. You taste like eternity. You taste like home. Bleed for me. Give me all that you are. Nourish me with the essence of you and make me whole. There is only this. Floating in space, unhindered by time... I
Gonna Be A Bear!!!
In This life I'm a woman. In my next life, I'd like to come back a bear. When you're a bear, you get to hibernate. You do nothing but sleep for six months. I could deal with that!! Before you hibernate, you're supposed to eat yourself stupid. I could deal with that too. When you're a girl bear, you birth your children (who are the size of walnuts) while you're sleeping and wake to partially grown, cute, cuddly cubs. I could definitely deal with that!! If you're mama bear. Everyone knows you mean business. You swat anyone who bothers your cubs. If your cubs get out of line, you swat them too. I could deal with that. If you're a bear, your mate EXPECTS your to wake up growling. He EXPECTS that you will have hairy legs and excess body fat!!!! YUP, gonna be a bear!!!!
Love Hurts
Love is such a simple word, to often it comes so free, no thought of how it makes us feel, or how much we believe, there is so many forms of love, there's family,friends and lovers, but all come with a price we pay, only one love is painless, the same love everyday, that is a mothers love, it never fades away I've tryed every sort of love, I geuss I've gave it too, one thing I have found, I'll share it now with you, LOVE HURTS... Nazareth - Love HurtsMusic Code provided by Song2Play.Com
A Daddy's Poem
Her hair was up in a pony tail, her favorite dress tied with a bow. Today was Daddy's Day at school, and she couldn't wait to go. But her mommy tried to tell her, that she probably should stay home. Why the kids might not understand, if she went to school alone. But she was not afraid; she knew just what to say. What to tell her classmates of why he wasn't there today. But still her mother worried, for her to face this day alone. And that was why once again, she tried to keep her daughter home. But the little girl went to school eager to tell them all. About a dad she never sees a dad who never calls. There were daddies along the wall in back, for everyone to meet. Children squirming impatiently, anxious in their seats One by one the teacher called a student from the class. To introduce their daddy, as seconds slowly passed. At last the teacher called her name, every child turned to stare. Each of them was searching, a man who wasn't t
Put up a Guestbook on my page, please stop by and add Yourself to it .....thanks a bunch
Everyone Ok?
been a while since i saod hello to everyone on here. hope each and everyone of ya is doin ok! freaking cold and snow making work tougher, but the big dawg just growls and keeps a truckin! talk to you all later!! drop me a line!
well today. i woke up and i think i done something wrong. ive had my aunt and uncle here for almost a week. theyve bought no food or help clean. and today i was going thru my parents room where all there shit is looking for some of my music shit. and i found a bunch of pills. well i decided thats some colopgnes and some adivians would be great for a little extra cash. i hope i dont geel guilty. but i know i will cause i dont do shit like that. but you know when you feed someone taht cost extra. they could offer to spend a little money on food and shit right...
I Luv My Frigga Lol
My Hero
Just wanted to jot down some thoughts. As many as my friends know, my mother is dying. I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has been there in thought and prayer. I got back 400am this morning from yet another trip to hospital. She has Hepetitus from 20 years ago from a blood transfusion. A year ago it got down to the wire where we had to make a decision. Liver transplant or a "stint" in liver and medically manage her. Since she was weak from beating breast cancer, we opted to do the stint. She just was not a good candidate and liver failure would be certain. THEN, last November we were dealt yet another blow. They told us she had liver cancer and could not treat it. It was the biggest hematoma they had ever seen. This woman is a saint. She brought me and my brother up single handedly. No help from Dad, and she did not date. WE were first. Always. I love my mother. She is my friend, my fan. My mother was an Scotch-Irish lady with VALUES. Unheard of these days. I want the world to kno
Yes, It Covers Me Well
Which Egyptian God or Goddess do you represent? (Pictures!) Sekhmet, Goddess of WarSekhmet means She who is powerful. She was a mighty ancient Egyptian goddess, who was the daughter of Ra, and was known as the Eye of Ra. Though known as the goddess of war, Sekhmet was known as the power that protects the good and annihilates the bad. She was meant to destroy the men that rebelled against her father, Ra. She destroyed them with such fury, that Ra feared she might exterminate the entire race. As for you, I'd say you have a pretty good personality. You know humans cannot be trusted, and you are hesitant to do things, so you stick up for yourself and others well. Just watch that temper of yours and life should be great.Take The Quiz Now!Quizzes by
When i was a little girl, i had a little thing. I use to amuse myself by putting my finger in. Now i am a big girl my thing has lost its charm. Now it takes five fingers and half me f**king arm.
Natural Laws
Law of Mechanical Repair After your hands become coated with grease, your nose will begin to itch or you'll have to pee. Law of the Workshop: Any tool, when dropped, will roll to the least accessible corner. Law of Probability: The probability of being watched is directly proportional to the stupidity of your act. Law of the Telephone: If you dial a wrong number, you never get a busy signal. Law of the Alibi: If you tell the boss you were late for work because you had a flat tire, the very next morning you will have a flat tire. Variation Law: If you change lines (or traffic lanes), the one you were in will start to move faster than the one you are in now (works every time). Law of the Bath: When the body is fully immersed in water, the telephone rings. Law of Close Encounters: The probability of meeting someone you know increases when you are with someone you don't want to be seen with. Law of the Result: When you try to prove to someone that a
Omg!!! So Much To Perve!!
Hey everyone, I am totally new to this but I hope to get to understandin it soon!! Hello to all my friends from Paltalk in DDSK!!!
Brief Opening Statement
This continues the first penguinBlog(); ;). (No, I am not Otherkin or Therian. I just like Penguins.) At least one but I think several friends of mine in their daily journaling have taken to noting among other things their physical health, irritability, and other overall qualities. Observed personal irritability today - this is meant to be as objective a statement as possible or at least, as from-without which is ... not very... way high. So... I put on some music, I eat a bit, I lie down. I may be back in a bit, or tomorrow morning. This calls in my opinion for a bit of space more than sympathy (for tea, though, quite possibly, yes. Tea is helpful and I will go prepare it me.) Yes, I do tend to introduce bits of French and German grammatical structures- and words, and this and that else- into my sentences when they feel happily put there. One of my odd habits, I will not say odder or less odd.
Brief Diversions
You have to start precisely at the midway point between beer number two and three. But that place is mutable depending on where the day has left you. You have to regulate the flow of inspiration based upon the distance between your fingers and your heart. Make yourself the devil and you're bound to be hated. Everything is political. Even family. Make yourself an angel and they'll only wait for you to rescue them. Everything is about redemption. Even sex. I was an addict from the day I was born. There was always the emptiness. And I've used up so many ways to kill its drum. Each one at the onset softening the thunder. Only to eventually make it so much louder. You have to be ready to create when it hurts enough. And know when to let it go once the numbness lets you stop. Maybe it's four. Maybe it's six. There's no way to know until you're done.
Tell Me This Won't Happen To Us !!!!
LOST IN THE DARNDEST PLACES: An elderly Floridian called 911 on her cell phone to report that her car has been broken into. She is hysterical as she explains her situation to the dispatcher: "They've stolen the stereo, the steering wheel, the brake pedal and even the accelerator!" she cried. The dispatcher said, "Stay calm. An officer is on the way." A few minutes later, the officer radios in. "Disregard." He says. "She got in the back-seat by mistake." ________________________________________________________________________ FAMILY Three sisters, ages 92, 94 and 96, live in a house together. One night the 96-year-old draws a bath. She puts her foot in and pauses. She yells to the other sisters, "Was I getting in or out of the bath?" The 94-year-old yells back, "I don't know. I'll come up and see." She starts up the stairs and pauses "Was I going up the stairs or down?" The 92-year-old is sitting at the kitchen table having tea listening to her sisters. She shakes her
Cover (refined)
Proud To Be A West Virginian
Proud to Be A West Virginian Because of our mountains, we have rivers. The oldest river in the Western Hemisphere, The New River ( quite appropiately named, don't ya think) ends in West Virginia. We have the Gualey River, which confluences with the New River in a mganificent cascade to form the Kanawha River which in turn flows through the center of the state and directly through the capital city of Charleston which is the largest city in West Virginia. These rivers in addition to the Cheat, Black Water, Tygart, Monongahela, Ohio and countless others offer tremendous recreational oppertunities. The tallest building in Charleston is barely 25 stories tall! Which if you think about it, it is a plus; how could you build a skyscraper more beautiful than a mountain? The capital city stretches throughout the long river valley encompassing both hill and dale. The Charleston airport, the largest in the state, sits on top of a mountain. The crime rate in Charleston, including
Second Life
I started 8 monthe ago in Second life. I started as the most as an newbie. I got help from an friend an became my first avatar. (George cloony clone). This was not it for me and after an week i asked an vampire to be turned. She granted my wish and from that day i was known as an malkavian Vampire. Because i was new as vampire and got the rank as an royal i became obnoxius with my new title. In an event in an club i disgraced my mother the queen in front of many there. For this insulance i got banned from the clan. I became an outcast known in many vampire clans and families. I even did in those the most significant vampire sin (turning an child) and got hunted by many clans. I wnet to hell to flee for my hunters. next time more on that
Hay to all, ive been on here for a short time but havent talked to many im try to get new friend and met new people. i have plunty of pics and if you want anymore info about me justs ask im friendly and nice and could get along with just about anyone. my name is Donnis but my friends call me Dj. so hope to hear from anyone and hope everyone has a wonderful day. you could also find me on myspace. this my be the worsed blog but hay i had to try something right.
Crap And More Crap!
So I got my stiches removed.My Grandma informed me my brother will be out no later then the 15th.Im gona be out by the end of the month so were all scrambling a little.I dyed my friends hair blue today lol it looks cool.Im going to my buddy Mikes tomarrow with the kids for the night taking some food.Marks gona be working 5 days a week at the station starting the end of March and atleast through April,so thats good.Sam has became a real whiner and Nates being a hard head but dont know what Id do without them.Well I gota go make dinner till laterz xoxoxoxo.
Help Out If You Can
Just wanted to throw this out there. I participate in the WALK for HUNGER every year to raise money for families in need of food in my state. Its a 20 mile walk in one day. the longest walk in our state i am told. well anyways i am trying to become a heart and sole walker this year which means that i wanna raise 500 dollars. the walk is in may and i hope that everyone who cares will donate multiple times. i'm not talkin a million dollars here. 3 bucks one week 2 bucks another week. if thats all you can do it still is appreciated more than you know. to find out more info and to know where the money goes go to the cool thing is that you can donate online and it is of course tax deductible. they give you a page to print out to save for you taxes and everything. I know its alot to ask people i dont even know but like i said even a couple bucks can help. and its hard these days to find organizations that you can truly beleive your money is going to the
Hero Contest
Predictions For The Century
Predictions For The Century Approximately every two thousand years, our planet comes under the influence of a new zodiacal sign. January twelve, 1996 marks the entrance of Uranus (the future) into his own sign of Aquarius (New Age). We slowly begin to explore the possibility of a new consciousness and uncover both the strength and danger of this incredible upcoming age. This liberal sign follows nebulous Pisces. Over the last twenty years, Uranus (the awakened) has advocated more discoveries than have been made during the last 2000 years spent under the illusive power of Neptune (ruler of Pisces). Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, and traditionally, it rules the twelfth house. This area governs restriction, sorrow, imprisonment, psychological trouble and secret enemies as well as creativity, dance, high forms of music and works of art. Enclosed and confined places such as asylums, hospitals, churches, prisons, movie theaters, concert halls and theme parks are Neptune's legacy.
Cherokee Bill
Cherokee Bill The hat he wore resembled that of Indiana Jones So it gave them pause and she dubbed him Missouri Bill But the sound of the name when spoken reminded him of misery and that the "trail of tears" of the Cherokee The trail passed through Missouri where he had paused a year ago and though a white man his family lore tied him to the tribe It was as if all had come full circle and so upon this day "Cherokee Bill" was born another by William 6/12/95 Visit Bill's website
Ummm Anadlib From A Really Old Show About A Mummy
OK so I kinda stole this from a horror flick I saw many years ago. It was about a mummy and the only thing he couldsay was. "cooooooin, cooooooin." Yeah I'm wierd but aren't we all sometimes?
Hey Everybody Read This!!!!!
the Morph Man wanted me to pass the word around some that he is BACK......... copy and paste in the address bar at the top kk use this to add him back on your friends list if you know who he is ....... thanks katiejo.......
The End
The end is here The end is now. My love, I fear Is gone for thou. Don't blame me I tried so hard. You can't blame me My heart is charred. It's not my fault! I loved you too much. Beginning with a bad start, Ending with scars from your touch. I've heard all your excuses, You're evil at your core. I've suffered all your abuses, I'll suffer no more.
Bob's Celebrity Look A Likes
The Best Thing In The World
I am a pround parent of 2 little girls and 2 little boys.They mean everthing to me.Being a mom is the best feeling in the world youll always have someone to love you no matter what.someday Iwill have the perfect family.
Hey all i am bored out of my skull! anyone want to chat on msn? or hell flash me please? COME ON GIRLS ENTERTAIN ME PLEASE!!!
More About Me
Let me begin by telling you that my cocky asshole persona that I have not only on this site but in everyday life, started out as a simple shell. Yes like a turtle, this shell is my home to protect my soft tender side from the elements of not only man but WOMAN as well. Through the years like all homes they need to be repaired and adjusted and upgraded. I mean would you want to live in a shit hole. Now this shell is so thick and strong it's easy to forget its just a shell. My heart and soul (LOL like I got those) still have the final say. Why am I saying all this on my stupid space? Some might say I'm letting my guard down by doing so. In all honesty there is no guard and there is no door. I don't care who knows because no one will ever know that side of me. Even those of you that think you do, don't. My heart and soul don't need a friend. They don't need support. They don't need a so called "rock". If you know me consider it a privilege, not because I'm that awesome but because I make
A Quiz
Romantic, sensual, caring You prefer to make love. You like the intimacy that comes with sex and you are a very loyal person. Take this quiz at
Fibromyalgia And Myofascial Pain Syndromes
For those of you, and it will almost all of you who do not know, I have had these for years most people don't know anything about them.... There will be an awareness day May 12th. People will ask me what it is and it's hard to explain, as you will also see in my next blog in a minute, there are sooooo many symptoms.... If you are already diagnosed with either of these illnesses, you are luckier than all the people suffering without knowing what they have and without getting good advice about what they can do. These pages are for people who may have one or more of these conditions and for their companions and health care providers. Many of these pages are referenced with medical texts and journal articles and are periodically updated. They may help you to discover and understand what's going on and what you can do about it. Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) and chronic myofascial pain (CMP) are real conditions, and they are not the same. You may feel that FMS alone is
Wander My Friends
Siúlaigí a chairde, siúlaidh liom Mar cheo an tsléibhe uaine ag imeacht go deo D'ainneoin ár dtuirse leanfam an tslí Thar chnoic is thar ghleannta go deireadh na scríbi Seo libh a chairde is canaidh liom Líonaigí'n oíche le greann is le spórt Seo sláinte na gcarad atá imithe uainn Mar cheo an tsléibhe uaine, iad imithe go deo English translation: Wander my friends, wander with me Like the mist on the green mountain, moving eternally Despite our weariness we'll follow the road Over hill and and valleys to the end of the journey Come on my friends and sing with me Fill the night with joy and sport Here's a toast to the friends who have gone from us Like the mist of the green mountain, gone forever
Hello To All My Friends D Family U Need To Read It Will Be Worth Your While..ty
hey to u all friends, family, fans, this is for all of u...i likeu all to help me out like i try to do for u all as much as i can....i need u all to rate my pic and comment if u like but rate them at least...and rate all my stashes..plz and the first 20 that do...send me a privite message and i do promise i will buy u a swell gift to thank u for helping me out ..i would reall apprecate it alot if u all would do that for me as i do u ..well i hope u all read this and help me out ..ty and i will chat more with yall later thankz stacie ..lots of cherry love
Urbanlife - Vidblog#1
(I'll fix the choppiness on the next part. Oh, and my hair is awesome today. Hell yeah!)
Baby Got Back
So yeah seems like it's pretty difficult to cancel your VIC subscription on here and that the people that run the site aren't willing to help you out with your problems. Or maybe it's just me. All i know is that i tried making a sticky bulletin last week for St. Patty's Day and as i did the first one i went to look and it didn't go thru or so i thought...well i tried again still no sticky so i did it several times before giving up. Well later i check my email and what do you know there's 6 receipts saying i paid for the stickies yet they never were stickied. So of course getting charged 30 bucks for something that i never even got i seek help. Basically I'm getting the run around. I can't get my money refunded to me it's only given as credits for stickies *confused* how hard is it to refund me the money that is MINE? that i paid for that didn't even go thru due to a system error? Why should i be out MY money? and why is it so difficult to have ur VIC subscription canceled? Shouldn't th
Another Day Another Tissue...
Ok I have given the heck up..I guess this cold loves me so much it hates to part with me ha ha!!! I have been thru 3 boxes of puffs in a week and a half..Is there a doctor in the house??? I seriously need one..And make him hawt!!! MUAH!!! Chele
=(^_^)= Englas Fan Me & Profile Rating Club !!
Harley Drags...
Our little group that we ride with is heading to Bowling Green Tomorrow to watch the Harley Drags.....yeee hawwww
Knew I Wasn't Done...
Famous people that I wish would go away or just do their movies or records and stay out of the media... ALL OF THEM!!! If you get down to it these people work for us! So I would rather see them just do their job and then go away, unless they are personal friends of mine. No I don't care if they die or get sick or even lose their fan base and become un-famous back to the grimey depths where they came from. So fuck them too! The media makes it no better, by praising them and showing every personal thing that happens to them. So politician went into sugery, why should I care? How does he effect my life directly or, for that matter, indirectly? It's just me... I might be done... Realest
My Sister
is stupid, she rather have her leg cut off then quit smoking, i wanna just choke her sometimes!!!! oh well not my problem, shes the one that broke her leg"falling down stairs" so hey its her choice
Don't Hurt Me!!!!
Never say forever 'cause you know it isn't real it isn't something lasting, it's what you think you feel. So if you mean forever, just tell me that you'll try but never say forever 'cause forever makes me cry!
true friends are nice that dont talk behind your back true friends stand up for you when you're being pushed to your limit true friends make you feel happy not like your worth crap true friends help through the bad no matter what true friends keep away the people who hurt you just a little to much true stay with you tiil the very end
Testament Iv * Comments Rate Plz*
"Even in the face of darkness every gate has its own guide but our light will never leave you" Doing the right thing may have misled u but not doin the right wont misjudge u. i alone understand this righteous formality with peace. when we overdue good we lose values of sense of humor in bad bring instablity of balance and organization. our mind then becomes dirty and lazy and unwilling to coroperate with our heart. everything we fought for, take pride in, and sacracfice becomes a debris caused by the downfall of life that spend out of control. Energy of waste is poured upon its stubberness greed and obessesion but the only way to restablize or rid it is to freeze all means by necessary. this task does not lightly accept favoritism on which wat where when and why of important but measure tidiness no matter how heavy big or attractive they are. to settle your past is to rid everything known to its obesssion and attachment that hold back everything today into releasing for to
Why I Love "the South"
Don't you just love the warm welcome you get in the south if you are not the product of a brother sister union?
If anyone happens to read this and knows something about morph's.... would ya please contact me... i have a general question i'ld like to ask....thanks i really appreciate it!!! *smiles*
Updated Morph Contest Link
=== 'MORBID PRINCESS~LADY ONYX OF THE UNDERWORLD LDCF~ "WIFE OF GR8GUYOO"' spewed forth the following at '2007-03-31 18:21:25'.. > > >
Oh ! How My Heart Cries
You were a beautiful girl, you had the world going for you, you were smart, sweet, innocent, and you knew how to carry yourself. Hell, you even gave me advise a time or two. You have had your bad days, and you have had your good days. And through it all I have loved you and never stopped loving you. I have been there for you and still am here for you. There's day's I sit and wonder where you are and how oh how I wish I knew where you were. I got a letter the other day and it tore my heart to pieces. You just became a mom, you had a job and you were going to school and you had been clean for so long I was proud of you. And you came a really long way. Then You made a shockinly unexpected turn and lost everything. I know you loved her, I know you cared for her and you still do I know Because a mother's love is an everlasting love. We can't help but wonder how our children are doing and where there at. Oh, how I wish I knew where you were at. You let the drug dieseas come back in
PEACE OF HEART Content, such a simple word, Yet describes exactly how I feel. The happiest I've ever been, Sometimes I wonder if it's real. Perhaps it's just a dream I say, A dream I don't wish to awake from. The solitude and safety, Not often have they come. To finally be whole, It's like a work of art. He's now a part of me and I him, I finally have, Peace of Heart. self copyright 10/2006
Ever wonder why we tend to love the persons most whom have put us thru the widest array of emotions? How is it that we can still smile upon a visions of happier days shared even after multiple heartbreaks. Why is it that we tend to push aside the feelings of betrayal, shouts of vicious words and always remember the mending of our hearts? What is it about love that we seek out so desperately? How do we know for sure when it's really "the real thing". Everyone comes with their own faults each as different as the next person standing beside us. How much fault is too much, does it depend on each individual or is there an unspoken rule about it all? If so, where do find this master set of rules. Does it lie within each of us just waiting for discovery. Marriage is something that seems to be taken so lightly. What would make any sane person decide to enter such an agreement. Guess, the thought is hopefully you'll beat the odds and still be together when you're old and gray. I'm not so sure t
Carlos Mencia
Another Day In Paradise
So here I sit in my mother's living room being bored out of my mind, wanting to take a nap, yet knowing I have a million other things to do. How the hell can I get all this shit done... Someone please do it for me or help out. I have surgery coming up in four days, my sons birthday party tomorrow in combination with an egg hunt, trying to move all our shit too. Oh yea, on that update, we are moving back in with my mom and stepdad which is a nightmare. I love my mother but her husband is a pain in the ass... he's an egotistical prick that thinks a woman should wait on him hand and foot and that shit doesn't fly with me... So anyway, we aren't planning to be here more than a month so we'll see how it goes... ok, I give up, going to take a nap.. to hell with it.... I am almost 30, I can nap if I
All Family/friends/fans
Hi Everyone, I've entered a Sexy Lady Contest that will run until April 12th, to try and win a Cherry Blast. I could really use alot of help, and I would really APPRECIATE anyone's help with comment bombing. If you can't bomb me, then can you please at least repost this bulletin for me? I would REALLY APPRECIATE any help I can get. Here is my link below. Please click on that and it will bring you straight to the contest. Thank you so much. Hope you all have a wonderful Easter. Hugs {***AngelEyes***} of ~~~AngelFamily~~~
Harry Potter
Ya know, I really never got into the Harry Potter movies. I've seen them all, and I must say, each one impresses me a little more. But I'm afraid the last one was somewhat...risque, if you will. I mean, there was the stained glass image of the mermaid with no shells over her boobs, just her hair...then Harry taking a bath with a giggly little girl ghost thing swimming in there trying to peek at his pickled pecker. For a movie directed toward the children, there's certainly a lot of innuendo going on. Then again, I am quite cynical, and I could be looking into this a bit much, but seriously. Take a closer look. Harry Potter is really a PG porno in the making. everyboDy's Arch eNemy
My Lil Cousin
My lil cousin was killed today. He was run over by truck.... I didn't know him all that well. He was only 4. I am so Sad. Boy, 5, dies after being hit by truck (April 14, 2007) — Misael Santiago, who turned 5 last week and liked to play video games, was killed Saturday afternoon in Rochester when he was run over by rental truck. The boy’s family, relatives and friends grieved at the scene as police worked to determine how Misael was hit at a business that his cousins said is operated by the boy’s parents. Misael’s grandmother had to be taken to the hospital when she collapsed after the incident, said the boy’s cousin, 19-year-old James Quintana, who struggled to talk about Misael’s April 2nd birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. “I was just looking at the pictures last night,” he said. Gerardina Soto, the boy’s aunt, said Misael was enrolled in a pre-kindergarten program at School 45. “Everything suggests to us at this point it’s a tragic accident,” said Rochester
Should I Continue With The Blogs?
How are they? Good or bad?
Mma Event In Kc Mo
Looking to watch MMA in the area, well may 4th clash of the cage is for you. if you would like tickets to this event contact jason bailey via email at tickets start at $25-$45 check out the website for more information also if you are a fighter looking for a trainning and some place to train contact jason for this as well.
Happy Monday
Hey my sexy friends ... what is up? will nm here just settin here watching my csi..mami.. one of my favorite shows.. so how is every ones day so far? will me it went good for a monday... finally lol... Still waiting on my friends to freakin call me back.. Aka.. play partner... friends with benfits. lol.. i want more but he want to take things slow. :( And will i better let u all go.. feel friend to stop by and look at my pics.. i will be putting more up.. sometime this week
Karma Suitra
Karma Sutra PositionYour Karma Sutra Position isChurning CurdsCatching and crushing his lover in the cage of his arms, he forces her knees apart with his and sink slowly into herGet Your Karma Sutra Position at
Birthday Month
Body: Pick your birthday month and read it, then repost with whatever you are... ♥ JANUARY = BIG WHORE Fun to be with. Loves to try new things. Boy/girls LOVE you. You are very hott. Secretive. Difficult to fathom and to be understood. Quiet unless excited or tensed. Takes pride in oneself. Has reputation. Easily consoled. Honest. Concerned about people's feelings. Tactful. Friendly. Approachable. Emotional temperamental and unpredictable. Moody and easily hurt. Witty and sparky. spazzy at times.Not revengeful. Forgiving but never forgets. dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things. Guides others physically and mentally. Sensitive and forms impressions carefully. Caring and loving. Treats others equally. Strong sense of sympathy. Wary and sharp. Judges people through observations. Hardworking. No difficulties in studying. Always broods about the past and the old friends. Waits for friends. Never looks for friends. Not aggressive unless provoked. Loves to be l
Chapter 19
The heavens were in an uproar. Herself and Himself not speaking, Peter had quit his job at the Pearly Gates, Satan had left for who knows where noone really knowing if he was serious about quitting. Death had said he quit. The Angel Chameul met outside with the Gods Dagda, Miach and Echne, the other Angels Aine, Dana and Anahita hovering nearby. " So now what? Is this our chance to take over again. Or do we help a brother Himself in need until this crisis is over. Any suggestions?" " I say we just love and support Himself and Herself, staffing where we can, and wait till they can work things out themselves. My concern is the souls that will be passing, do we really want to call back in Morrigan? I mean all that she is a Goddess, but she had a hard time giving up that power over war, life and death. We could ask her to limit herself to just death. Think she'd go for that?" " hmmm Perhaps, but what about the Gates to Heaven? Who could we get to do that? Maybe the Ang
Nickelback Rockstar Lyrics
I'm through with standin' in line at clubs I'll never get in It's like the bottom of the ninth and I'm never gonna win this life hasn't turned out quite the way I want it to be (Tell me what you want) I want a brand new house on an episode of Cribs And a bathroom I can play baseball in And a king size tub big enough for ten plus me --(Yea, So what you need)-- I need a credit card that's got no limit And a big black jet with a bedroom in it Gonna join the mile high club At thirty-seven thousand feet --(Been there done that)-- I want a new tour bus full of old guitars My own star on Hollywood Boulevard Somewhere between Cher and James Dean is fine for me (So how you gonna do it?) I'm gonna trade this life for fortune and fame I'd even cut my hair and change my name [CHORUS] 'Cause we all just wanna be big rockstars and Live in hilltop houses driving fifteen cars The girls come easy and the drugs come cheap We'll all stay skinny 'cause we just w
u throw that word around a lot too now, eh? lol ... ask karma what it does to people who try to fool it? good luck ... hope u run fast cause it's about to turn on u in some of the worst ways. once you think you've got it fooled, it turns around and says "i knew all along you lying bitch!" ... lol ... it's just waiting for you to back yourself into a corner. not much longer now.
Please Help Me!
can you help me out? i really wanna win this contest promise to return the favor! all you gotta do is comment! (comment bombs are the best!) Thank you so much!!!
I Did It
I got my first tattoo its my husbands name
I am dead inside, No feelings or emotions to bleed through the pages. My mind full of nothing, Emptiness that can not be filled. Where did it all go? I am dead inside, With a fake laugh and faulted smile, I pretend
Dragon Fear Aura
Well im fucked.. -snerks- Most dragons have a "Fear Aura"... i dont.. I have some sort of strange Dragon Magnetism.. i draw people to me, they lust after me.. untill finally their mind screams at them loud enough that "THIS ISNT RIGHT!" or some such.. i still havnt figured out why people run screaming.. it always works out almost the same. from a day.. to a week.. they are interestd in me.. they find me intriguing.. Then they "Fall" for me.. either its love, or lust, dont know. then a few days later, when their head 'clears' enough.. or that thought finally trickles through the other emotions... and they 'wake up' in bed with a dragon.. and scream... then run. a few people, find that waking up in bed with a dragon is a wonderful thing... but for the most part, its run screaming time.
I'll Be Back ........
Just finally wanted to take a moment to let ya'll know that I wll be back soon... I had a wonderful weekend with chairbear and my Shanda Lynn... Sometimes it scares me to be happy for a moment, there is always sometihing lurking around the corner....Life is forever throwing tests our way and I know this, Just get through it and go on with things, it that simple....most of the time anyway... I am however having a bit of trouble with this one...not even quite sure why but it's taking me more than a day and alot of energy to get past this one, BUT I will...I know I will...... I have been dealing with this for a year and a half now and it has finally taken on a new twist and turn and now I have to deal with it in ways that will take me away for a while....I will be in and out from time to time, depending on the day and the state of mind... Again I want to thank all of you for being such great friends and seeing me through things in life now at days, actually for the past 6
New Nsfw Pic Added!!!
Love You To Death
As I Grow
As I Grow Please... UNDERSTAND that I am growing and changing very fast it must be difficult to keep pace with me but please try LISTEN TO ME and give me brief clear answers to my many questions then I will keep sharing my thoughts and feelings REWARD ME for telling the truth then I am not frightened into lying TELL ME when you make mistakes and what you learned from them then I can accept that I am OK even when I blunder PAT ATTENTION to me and spend time with me then I can believe I am important and worth while DO THE THINGS you want me to do then I will have a good positive role model TRUST and respect me even though I am smaller than you I have feelings and needs just like you COMPLIMENT and appretiate me then I'll feel good and I'll wnat to continue to please you HELP ME explore my unique interests talents and potential in order for me to be happy I need to be meand not youor someone you want me to beBE AN INDIVIDUALand create y
Seduction Style
Your Seduction Style: The Charismatic You're beyond seductive, you're downright magnetic! You life live and approach seduction on a grand scale. You have an inner self confidence and energy that most people lack It's these talents that make you seem extraordinary - and you truly are! What Is Your Seduction Style?
Life,Death Steal my last breath Hurt,Pain Open Me And Drain Discarded,Bereft I have no Feelings Left Forgotten,Forlorned My Heart You Have Shorn Broken,Bleeding No Hope of Reprieving Lust,Love Ill Have none of Despise,Hate I sit here and wait Here is a Lame attempt..comment as u see fit
Shit Happens
Eighth Place In Detroit, a 41-year-old man got stuck and drowned in two feet of water after squeezing head first through an 18-inch-wide sewer grate to retrieve his car keys. Seventh Place A 49-year-old San Francisco stockbroker, who "totally zoned when he ran," accidentally jogged off a 100-foot high cliff on his daily run. Sixth Place While at the beach, Daniel Jones, 21, dug an 8 foot hole for protection from the wind and had been sitting in a beach chair at the bottom when it collapsed, burying him beneath 5 feet of sand. People on the beach used their hands and shovels trying to get him out but could not reach him. It took rescue workers using heavy equipment almost an hour to free him. Jones was pronounced dead at a hospital. Fifth Place Santiago Alvarado, 24, was killed as he fell through the ceiling of a bicycle shop he was burglarizing. Death was caused when the long flashlight he had placed in his mouth to keep his hands free rammed into the base of his skull as
Worst Jobs
Magic Is All Around You!
Show Me The Love
Well its going a little better but I'm still in need of help here... I'm down by about 200 comments or so... So come and comment away... show the love xoxoxoxo Sarah
Win A Month Blast!
Alright this is day 2. Come on ladies get on it. I don't want to think all my friends are slackers LOL .Time is running out. Submit a picture(s) and ask your friends to sign up for a free account to vote for you when you go up for voting. It's that simple. Tell them to tell you the user ID they picked so you can tell me (make sure you tell me! at least once a day so I can keep track). Not only you can win a free MONTH BLAST but if you have the most friends sign up under you THEY ALL GET FREE GOLD ACCOUNTS FOR THE YEAR! So they aren't just helping you. They are helping themselves. ONCE EVERYONE STARTS TELLING ME WHO IS UNDER THEM. I WILL POST WHO IS IN THE LEAD EVERYDAY IN A STICKY BULLETIN AT NIGHT. BELOW IS THE ORIGINAL BULLETIN IF YOU HAVE READ IT YESTERDAY YOU CAN STOP HERE. IF YOU JUST ARE SEEING IT CONTINUE ON. I see where my experiment is headed. The guys are to cheap on here to pay a dollar for you even though they are getting something worth $10. Cheap bastard
Photo Contest: Alright Check This It Out My Friends - My Family There Are (18)# Photo’s Below Only One Of These Photo’s Is A Fake Aka A Phony-Bologna LoL ! Examine Each One –n- E-Mail Me Back With The One Right Answer If You Get It Right I’ll Send You An E-mail Conformation With The Right Answer… I’ll Than Send You A Cool Prize To Your Page Ok Good Luck Cause Your Going To Need It Enough Said Haa LoL.. 1. Little kitten Being Crushed Though The Sofa Help Me Meow. 2. A Man With Is Packing Large; Hey No Homo. 3. 80 Pound Red Lobster Out Of Water. 4. 6 Foot Giant Cat Fish Out Of Water. 5. Giant 36 Foot Python Snake Eats A Sheep that’s is Also Pregnant. 6. Giant 36 Foot Python Snake Has More Teeth Than A Great White Shark. 7. A Women Who Can Pleasure Herself. 8. A Man with a Giant House Cat. 9. A Giant 47 Foot Squid. 10. A Man With A Rare Medical Condition Disease That Has Effected Has Penis.
Update For My Friends
June 14...I have carpal tunnel surgery, so i won't be on for a bit... One hand at a time, i'll be AWAKE for it*ewww* first my right hand, then my left hand...then i get to go back and get 2 cysts removed from the top of my right hand just above the wrist so in total like 5-7 months recovery all together wheeeeeeeeeeeeee
Squirrels In Church
There were Five country churches in a small TEXAS town: The Presbyterian Church, the Baptist Church , the Methodist Church , the Catholic Church and the Jewish Synagogue. Each church and Synagogue was overrun with pesky squirrels. One day, the Presbyterian Church called a meeting to decide what to do about the squirrels. After much prayer and consideration they Determined that the squirrels were predestined to be there and they shouldn't interfere with God's divine will. In The BAPTIST CHURCH the squirrels had taken up habitation in the baptistry. The deacons met and decided to put a cover on the baptistry and drown the squirrels in it. The squirrels escaped somehow and there were twice as many there the next week. The Methodist Church got together and decided that they were not in a position to harm any of God's creation. So, they humanely trapped the Squirrels and set them free a few miles outside of town. Three days later, the squirrels were back. But -- The Cat
World Overview - Long But A Good Read
WORTH TEN MINUTES TO READ: This is for your personal evaluation Herb Meyer served during the Reagan administration as special assistant to the Director of Central Intelligence and Vice Chairman of the CIA's National Intelligence Council. In these positions, he managed production of the U.S. National Intelligence Estimates and other top-secret projections for the President and his national security advisers. Meyer is widely credited with being the first senior U.S. Government official to forecast the Soviet Union's collapse, for which he later was awarded the U.S. National Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal, the intelligence community's highest honor. Formerly an associate editor of FORTUNE, he is also the author of several books. HERBERT MEYER FOUR MAJOR TRANSFORMATIONS Currently, there are four major transformations that are shaping political, economic and world events. These transformations have profound implications for American business owners, our cultur
Hope This Helpsome One
i been talking to this guy who is like 17 teen he been having a hard time with every thing his parnts are devers and he dirt poor and he culdnt think of any thing good in his life so we got talking of some of the hard times we both went thew and still are and i got him to feal better so he sent me a email the outher day and he moveing in with his mom at the end of the shcool year.any way his life is starting to turn arond.
3rd Lblllllllloggggggggg
[Upload your own video] THIS IS A BOAT TRIP, THAT WENT STOCKING A BIRD ,,LOL one of my ist vids...
Got A Chance To Meet Astigirl.....
Well, Cia has gone.  And that is a sad thing.  It has been a very interesting time for the two of us.  Now, to explain why..... She got here Friday around three in the afternoon.  I was already there, waiting and watching.  When I saw her waiting to get her bag from the bus, I tried to get pictures of her before she knew about them; they did not turn out.  I have to say that she gives really good hugs.  We hugged for a very long time before finally walking around downtown Louisville.  She kept telling me that it was "surreal" finally being here. She seemed to really like the city, what she saw of it in the short time we were there before heading to my place, where she got to meet my roomies.  As we were talking and what-not, my mother showed up to drop off my mephew for the night, the roommates not having informed me that he was staying the night before they went out..... Saturday, we woke up early and made sure Cia had coffee before I went to pick up my son and soem breakfast from
To Be A Mom
Mothers day was always special to me even when we were fighting I always loved her And now this day means so much more because now I am a mother My life is my son my breath is his my heart is his I never knew love until I held him the first time His first breath was mine I felt alive and scared as shit he depends on me for everything and the most precious gift is a dandilion and kiss from my lil man and my mothers day is made tears gather as I think about what this day means and to have someone wish me happy mothers day i thought once that i would never have this this precious lil man teaching me far more than i am teaching him so sweet so innocent breathing life into me on this day and every other its not easy doing it on my own its not easy to let someone in but life is not easy unless your three and then everything is simple and sometimes it is fun just to play all day and that is all we did we played all day it was the best mothers day!
This Is Too Funny
> The Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, while visiting a primary school class, found themselves in the middle of a discussion related to words and their meanings. The teacher asked both men if they would like to lead the discussion of the word "tragedy". So the illustrious Rev. Jackson asks the class for an example of a "tragedy. " > > One little boy stood up and offered: "If my best friend, who lives on a farm, is playing in the field and a runaway tractor comes along and knocks him dead, that would be a tragedy." > > No," says the Great Jesse Jackson, "that would be an accident." > > A little girl raised her hand: "If a school bus carrying 50 children drove over a cliff, killing everyone inside, that would be a tragedy." > > I'm afraid not," explains the exalted Reverend Al. "That's what we would call a great loss." The room goes silent. No other children volunteer. > > Reverend Al searches the room. "Isn't there someone here who can give me an example of a tragedy?"
Lost: One Smile
If I thought it would do any good to report it lost I would, I had it one day, then someone took my love away. It may have a companion, it might have a friend, a Broken heart is traveling with it. I thought I could replace it, just get a better one, but sometimes it doesnt work just right, a times the new smile just wont come. So if you find my broken heart, my smile should be close by, waiting for that special someone to come along, fix them both and put the sparkle back in my eye. Onyx 4-20-07
New Pics!
Hey guys n girls!!! So I've been MIA for a few and hope to get back to being REGULAR on CT. I posted quite a few new pics... go check em out n rate em!!! Lots of love FATZ
The Coat Hanger
A woman was at work when she received a phone call that her small daughter was very sick with a fever. She left her work and stopped by the pharmacy to get some medication. She got back to her car and found that she had locked her keys in the car. She didn't know what to do, so she called home and told the baby sitter what had happened. The baby sitter told her that the fever was getting worse. She said, "You might find a coat hanger and use that to open the door." The woman looked around and found an old rusty coat hanger that had been left on the ground, possibly by someone else who at some time had locked their keys in their car. She looked at the hanger and said, "I don't know how to use this." She bowed her head and asked God to send her help. Within five minutes a beat up old motorcycle pulled up, with a dirty, greasy, bearded man who was wearing an old biker skull rag on his head. The woman thought, "This is what you sent to help me?" But, she w
Cherry Tap!!
Hi this is about this site were all on Cherry TAP!! i think its site is great and lots of fun I like all the friends I meet and some I get to know pretty good and of course we all get points and money and E.T.C. of course . Some actually hook up here and continue in there lives and some well its not fare what happens when some 1 falls for some 1 and turns out there with some 1 else or flirtin or so. I have been on this site for quite a while now and made some good long time friends and still maken friends day by day and of course going up higher as we all do in time some faster then others some not at all depends on how long were online and how we promote our selves . Some of the contests are not fare and of course most of the contests are run by guys ok well thats not all to fare ok because if its all about women like there tattoo's or body parts well of course the leader of the contest or 1 of his good friends will pick some girl who is his best friend or so wel all hav
Who The Hell Invented Play Dough?
I sometimes wonder about myself. A couple weeks ago I had to go to the child support office, Was there for oh uMm almost 5hours!! uGh!! So anyways I got home about 2:45 PM, my kid was going crazy, I had my 5 year old cousin for a while, my grandma was coming over and I needed a break in all the hysterics to get a couple of things done before she got here. So what do you think I thought was an inspiration? * my lightbulb shines brightly * PLAY DOUGH!! uGh! Someone shoot me! Good Lord. If that wasn't the worst idea I have ever had, I don't know what was. This somehow became a much bigger mess than I had anticipated and it took 2 days to get it totally cleaned up. On top of my bright idea which turned out to be a big mess, it's a good thing that it is NON-TOXIC because Kalea ( my daughter ) thought it looked like a snack! I had to keep digging pieces outta her mouth, ears, hair, pull up, pockets, and did I mention EARS!!*SIGH* I know, you're sitting there calling me an idiot and are
Please Help
My family and I have decided to honor the death of our brother by helping those who suffering with the same disease he had and supporting their loved ones. If you or someone you love currently has or had Lupus in the past, please give a donation to the Lupus Foundation of America. With their help, legislation has been introduced into Congress to put more money into research and support for families whose lives are often devestated by financial obligations for doctors, medications, and hospital stays. Please if you find it in your heart to give even $1 dollar, it's a stepping stone to our goal of raising money in Billy's name. All money goes straight to the Lupus Foundation of America and is tax deductible. If you don't have a credit card to give money but still are interested in doing something, contact me by leaving me a message and I'm sure we can do something together. Thanks for you time, Kim
Married Life... Xoxo
A couple had only been married for two weeks and the husband, although very much in love, couldn't wait to go out on the town and party with his old buddies. So, he said to his new wife, "Honey, I'll be right back." "Where are you going, Coochy Coo?" asked the wife. "I'm going to the bar, Pretty Face," he answered. I'm going to have a beer." The wife said, "You want a beer, my love?" She opened the door to the refrigerator and showed him 25 different kinds of beer, brands from 12 different countries: Germany, Holland, Japan, india, etc The husband didn't know what to do, and the only thing that he could think of saying was, "Yes, Lollipop... but at the bar... You know... they have frozen glasses... " He didn't get to finish the sentence, because the wife interrupted him by saying, "You want a frozen glass, Puppy Face?" She took a huge beer mug out of the freezer, so frozen that she was getting chills just holding it. The husband, looking a bit pa
Playlist Added To Page...
Added a playlist to my main page. Check it out. Let me know what you think. (same on thats on my myspace)
Memorial Day
hope that you all have a good weekends bigass69er
As I sit here in the warm glow of my computer screen, I find myself doing much the same I as I do every night. Thinking. Many of you have taken the time to read my blogs and get to know a little about me. Many of you have actually seen beyond the sexually incenuating pics which are only a means of appealing to the congregation. You have taken the time to get to know the real me away from this site whether it be on messengers or simply through messaged conversations via email. FOr this I thank you. Although many of my pics show a stern and confident face, I am all but not. I am a kind, reserved man prone to many a moments in deep contemplation. Many have accused me of being shallow or "stuck up". Well, those who know me beyond the borders of this site know all to well that I am not that. It is quite the opposite actually. I am in fact my own worst critic. I do not see myself as attractive. I just see myself as me. Plain and simple. I have much self doubt and am actually quite shy i
Satisfying Women Mentally, Emotionally And Physically
I know I am going to get a lot of slack from people about this one but I have been told alot of time that men don't know how to appreciate a woman, that men don't know how to take care of a woman. Men can't satisfy them. All the complaints that I have heard, and I came up with a solution. Here are somethings you can pass on, every last one of these tips I have personally learned throughout my years. Ladies if you feel like these tips are mistakes and they can't help you, please let me know. The Main Event 1. A man who realizes how important foreplay is to a woman knows that something that happens at 8am can have an effect at 10pm. (Anything that lets her know you are thinking of her is foreplay. Giving her flowers, Dinner, Quick calls during the day, Take out the trash, Massaging her feet, Saying, Honey let me do that.) 2. Women want to be with a man they are proud to be seen with. Make sure if she gives you some fashion tips, use them! 3. If a woman genuinely fe
Picture Comments Game!
This is the picture comment game. Since you have opened this bulletin, do the following things:: 1.) Go to the profile of the person who posted this bulletin 2.) Leave them image comments on all of their NEW pictures 3.) Repost this bulletin and see how many image comments you get on your own pictures Dont break this!!! You've already opened it and might as well comment on some pictures!!!
Been A Good While, Whats Been Going On...
Hey to all who read this... Sorry I aint been around in a good while... Alot has been going on with me... Since January I have miscarried had my man walk cuz he got mixed up in bad stuff and then became real ill... I am in the process of recovering from emergency surgery that was done on April 30th, I was doing alright and before I knew it I was put on bed restriction due to a slight infection starting up... I miss every one and think of yall often... Hoping to be 100% better soon so I can visit more often on here... Take care and be safe... Big Hugs to all!!!
My Poetry
When I close My Eyes I am breathing in the essence of a moonlit dream I touched the sky felt the burn and heard you scream I'm leaving behind anything and everything I watched you die And listened to the siren sing Pull me away from this world Burn the memories from my mind I'm lost in forever Because of your lies There's a piece of this nightmare In everything that I See in the darkness When I close my eyes My lifes meaning nothing As the sunlight fades away When you live forever it's hard to believe they can hear you pray to be pulled out of the darkness into the remains of the day To feel anything right now would put an end to this dismay Pull me away from this world burn the memories from my mind I'm lost in forever Because of your lies There's a piece of this nightmare In everything that I See in the darkness when I close my eyes
Support For Our Troops
Rather than post my own blog on this, I'll just direct you to one that was written by a good friend of mine. She's stated very well what she thinks on the subject and I've posted my reply to agree with her, and whether you agree with us or not you should go and read it. I'm not patriotic. If you want to shoot me for that now, I don't care. I'm hugely anti-war. If you don't like that, I couldn't care less. But I DO support our troops. If you do as well, click the link. You'll like the read. If you don't, click it anyway. You obviously need someone to open your eyes. SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!
George Carlins On Life
George Carlin (Absolutely Brilliant) IF YOU DON'T READ THIS TO THE VERY END, YOU HAVE LOST A DAY IN YOUR LIFE. George Carlin's View on Aging Do you realize that the only time in our lives when we like to get old is when we're kids? If you're less than 10 years old, you're so excited about aging that you think in fractions. "How old are you?" "I'm four and a half!" You're never thirty-six and a half. You're four and a half, going on five! That's the key. You get into your teens, now they can't hold you back. You jump to the next number, or even a few ahead. "How old are you?" "I'm gonna be 16!" You could be 13, but hey, you're gonna be 16! And then the greatest day of your life . . You become 21. Even the words sound like a ceremony . . YOU BECOME 21. YESSSS!!! But then you turn 30. Oooohh, what happened there? Makes you sound like bad milk! He TURNED; we had to throw him out. There's no fun now, you're Just a sour-dumpling. What's wrong? What's
"Just because you were betrayed before doesn't give you the right to play with people and betray them like you did to me Dom....AKA Single Sailor" first of all it wasnt directed toward you, it was something I was feeling so I got it off my mind so I could freaking sleep... I know it doesnt give me the right to betray anyone but as of right now thats all I freaking know... i have never and I mean NEVER had a friend be true to me and I have had many friends use me and many friends who just up and left; i dont have any friend whom have ever stuck around and I have NEVER had the chance to know what a true friend is like... but I now see after all this that I am losing someone who was trying to be a true friend to me but I was too blind by all the past betrayal by friends that I didnt see it! "Ok now we know who is if you want to post a blog show you are a crazy person that is cool with say you created that profile to find something about you but in your blo
Online Cheating ?
Sam had met someone, and it was getting serious. It started out as a friendship, as many relationships do. But gradually Sam's feelings for Kat, a beautiful, smart and confident woman, had turned romantic. Hang on — there’s a catch. Sam and Kat met in the virtual world Second Life. And although they shared all kinds of intimacies in Second Life, the real people have never laid eyes on each other. That didn’t seem to matter to Sam. He fell pretty hard for his avatar sweetie. They bonded intellectually, emotionally, and yes, thanks to Second Life animations, even physically. Here’s where it gets complicated. Unlike his avatar, which is female, in real life, Sam is a man. A married man. And the person behind the blonde, curvaceous Kat? Married. And, quite possibly, a man, too. (As you might imagine, some people interviewed for this story did not want to reveal their full names. Some gave us their avatar names, while others went with pseudonyms.) Sam knew from the outset
For once and never more Loneliness is like the puzzle, of the ribbon and the rose. One comes from nowhere, just knowing where it goes. The other is creation, from the one who made the world. Whose petals are so beautiful, once they are unfurled. When they come together, no matter whats in store. The loneliness you felt, is For once and never more... Poetry by Me... Lick me and like it Poetry...
Personality And Love Style
My personality!! She's driven by a restless and longing for something more. Part of her wants to stay put and keep everyone happy; another part rebels and wants to shake things up. A spontaneous nature helps her juggle her life—a work in progress—she's open to whatever it brings. My love style!! She's seeking a lifetime companion—someone who'll share good times and bad—a love that's an extreme form of friendship. She doesn't expect love at first sight, liking and respecting someone is a good start then as comfort and closeness grow, love can emerge.
In Need Of A Vacation
I would really love to get away from this hick of a town where I live in and go somewhere that I can have fun .They have closed all the night clubs and there is no where to go dancing with out leaving the state.
Good Quotes..some From Me
Insanity: Doing something over & over again and expecting different results Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself, therefor, all progress depends on the unreasonable man Speak when your angry and you will make the best speech you'll ever regret Its choice - not chance - that determines your destiny That in the world in which you seek shall come and find you when your weak
It's All Too Much
If you really know me, you know I'm not a drama queen, so don't even go there. So much in my personal and C.T. life has gone to pot in the last week it's not even funny. I just made probably the biggest mistake but was a decision I felt was necessary. I don't have the time to commit and that's not fair to either of us. The next major decision I have to make isn't going to be much easier. I am so afraid of letting others down, but it's gotten to the point that it's just too much b/s for me to handle. I'm on the verge of tears, my chest hurts, my head is pounding and I'm sick to my stomach. Not so much over the possible outcome/fallout, but because of the stress I'm under to make the decision on whether to stay or go. I just don't know what to do and I'm so tired of being ignored, left in the dark, taken advantage of, and the feeling that I'm supposed to be ok with it all. Well guess what, I'm not. Not to mention the fact that two of my closest friends on here were
The Submissive's Creed
The Submissive's Creed I will communicate with complete honesty my needs, desires, limits and experience. I realize that failing to do so will not only prevent my Master and I from having the best experience possible, but can also lead to physical and emotional harm. I will not try to manipulate my Master. I will not push to make a scene go the way I feel it should. I will keep an open mind about trying things that I am not accustomed to or comfortable with and thus expand my limits. I will continue to grow as a submissive and as a human being. I will accept the responsibility of discovering what pleases my Master, and will do my best to fulfill His wishes and desires. I will not allow myself to be harmed or abused, I know that submissive does not equal "doormat". I will be courteous and helpful to my fellow submissives, I will share my knowledge and experiences with others in the hope that they will learn from where I have been I will take the time to help those n
Sex Toy
I've been interested in trying one of these for quite a long time. My last girlfriend was not very "open" to trying new things and wanted nothing to do with toys. Not currently having a partner I don't even have a reason to purchase one. So, I'm wondering if anyone else has had any experience with one of these. I'd like to hear your opinion. I'd consider making a MUMM for this, but know that the chances of receiving a serious answer is nill at best. Thanks to all the MUMMrats, bashers, haters, and trolls. Thanks.
I'm Back ! Miss Me.
Sorry I was gone for so long. Got VERY busy. Hope to hear from ya'll, thats IF I'm still on your list, in which I HOPE I am. I'll try to get cought up ok, please bare with me.
Hello Doopie
Too many subjects to fall into one genre Current mood: awake Category: Life Might I wander through these Fields in Knowledge...Aware...Impressed upon...Spoken to by the Voice which spins these Universes...these many Fields which Move these Revolutions. These Revolutions. May I wander and Wonder in amazement at the Beauty which Surrounds our Simplistic Capabilities. Might I remain humble as I squander this gift among those who may not See. May I be Blessed enough to be given the Audience to which I am received in Honesty. Who might Hear me in Truth...more than simply to the Crowd which Emily Dickinson referred to as "the admiring Bog...Who am I?" Shallow narrowness is so much Easier for the Crowd, is it not? Pass it by. Live in the Box which you yourself have Created. Choose is a Simpler Path...little or no complication. Effortless and unrequired. No need to Participate. So, I am on my soap box just a preachin' away....but if you stop to Listen...there are Pearls
New Picks
hay all i got new picks they make me feel happy and freally i never feel this way cuz i think that i am fat even when people tell me im no well come and check them out ok bye.
Here We Are!!
We lie naked on the bed, holding eachother it has to be said, feeling your naked body up against mine everything perfect...yes it was fine. you lift my hand and guide it, and place it on your breast, i look at you and smile, and kiss you for a while, i begin to tease you lightly cupping your breast then gently rub your nipple that lies perk on top, of your perfect size 34B breast. my hand begins to move downwards towards your smoothly shaven pus&ie but i want to tease you a little more so my hand lifts and my fingers drags softly over as i tenderly stroke your inner thighs i begin to here ever so faint sighs up and down my fingers run oh teasing you is so much fun i reach over and find the vibrator and begin to run it up your leg but again not touching your pus$ie well not least for a bit now i move upwards and run it over and up and down your silk pus$ie skin your sighs tell its time this sex toy started you pus$ie lips are about to be parted.
Looking upon the moon, the darkness eases the self doubt away and the Shadow can be the person not many see. Some only see what they want to see, for once she wishes that they see what she cannot express. Some are too busy to even notice for she always listen to them no matter what but when it comes to her...some are around and try their best to help while others...are not truly listening. She hears the howl of a wolf. She smiles as the wolf comes to where she sits on the bank of the river. Nothing has to be said. As the wolf sits beside her, he stares at her with those amber eyes, understanding the secrets she holds in her soul. That gentle creature places his head in her lap and she strokes his head, soaking in the strength and love he gives to her. He sleeps as she gazes into the moon for her peace for the time being.
Saying I Love You Enough
Wich Head Do You Use
I want to know one thing why are the good look guys that ass wholes and the ugly ass guys are the nice one wtf is wrong here why cant you get every thing I think I am going to give up trying to get a boy friend I love it as well how the one that say they are great a sex are the ones that you find out by their gf they suck in bed but they are just as a good boy friend that it they are like don’t get them in the bed then you have the ones that are good that you shock cuz they are the type that you have to make talk to a girl cuz they are scared of them its so odd Like can one of you guys tell me this I don’t get it some times why do you guy have to be odd I swear some times you guys pms more then I do you like yes no yes no I don’t know if have of you like girls or don’t some of you are to shy and some of you are to friendly Well if you think you are a good bf or will make one leave me a mess so I know what you think whats good about you cuz I want to know if you think this is tru
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m
I am alone, so very alone I hurt, so very bad I am ignored, just thrown aside I am security, for others to have I am lonely, there is no one close, no one sees the pain I cry, hope is gone I am alone, and no one knows
i know i shouldnt feel this way because it hasnt been too long since i met you its seems alright but i am still up on long lonely nights wanting to hold you in my arms with trust and love within my hands i can feel you grab my heart but i have to wonder if you will tear it apart i know that the feelings are there but i know not if you want to share you will always be a part of me but there are some things i just cant let you see deep down i know i want you here but the thought of losing you is more than i can bear i cherish you with all that i am but will you stay with me through it all i know that you say you will always be there but when it comes down to it will you be true i need to hold you in my arms but can you handle the pressures of love i know that it has been awhile since someone has truly mad you smile but will that be enough to hold us together or will our feelings crush and shatter i am so scared to get involved because my past has hurt me i know
What Is Your Gift?
You scored as You have the Gift of Wisdom, You have had the gift of Wisdom bestoyed upon you. You know how things work, and usually don't know where your knowledge comes from. The same applies to other things that you "just know". People come to you for advice because you are almost always right. Have patience with yourself and don't over do everything.You have the Gift of Wisdom100% You have the Gift of Empathy94% You have the Gift of Discernment81% You have the Gift of a Seer81% You have the Gift of Perception/Aura Vision81% You sadly do not recognize your gift yet6% What is your gift?(PICS)created with
Need Some Help Please!
Group 1 is Mya Andy and Bev group 2 is Honey Georgia and Tasha group 3 is Mick Clair and Em the founders and home page will help out mainly on contests any questions contact both founders please Thank you
Come Some Me Some Love
i am so close to leaveling up come show me some love
Why Mother's Cry
Why Mother's Cry " Why are you cring?" he asked his mom. "Because I'm a mother," she told him. "I don't understand," he said. His mom just hugged him and said, " You never will !" Later the little boy asked his father why Mother seemed to cry for no reason. " All mothers cry for no reason," was all dad could say. The little boy grew up and became a man, still wondering why mothers cry, So he finally put in a call to God and when God got on the phone the man said, " God, why do mothers cry so easily." God said, " You see son, when I made mothers they had to be special. I made their shoulders strong enough to carry the weight of the world, yet gentle enough to give comfort. I gave them an inner strength to endure childbirth and rejection that many times come from their children. " I gave them a hardiness that allows them to keep going when everyone else gives up, and to ake care of their families through sickness and fatigue without complaining. " I gave
You have no reason to hate me because I am differn't than you are. I exercise everday and take care of myself.... just because you hate yourself has no impact on me or my personality.. get a grip and work on yourself and stop hating the normal size people... I am not a hater and find all sizes beautiful.. but I can not make you love yourself. Good luck and maybe you won't judge me anymore. PS.. beauty comes from inside. Marie
New Mexico!!!
Hey to all my friends out there in ct land!!!.. sorry i have not been on much.. but been soo busy with work and all and rl shit.. and also just wanted to say that i will not be on for a bit.. dont know when ill have net back.. since im moving now.. Ill be moving to new mexico to start a fresh new me.. and get my life together, since the break up with the ex and i about 8 months ago.. new mexico is very nice and is pretty cheap.. very nice apartment i have out there for cheap with pool and all.. and transfering jobs to there. but anyhow just wanted to let everyone know that i didnt forget about you and that ill be on after i get things settled and im settled in. and ill see you all later and show you all luv when im back.. ty!! Terminator..
10,793 More To God Mother!
I need help people to kill 10,793! any kind of help i can get would be great! thanks maria
Traveling through these hollows, the waves crashing, the rocks echoing each break, I submerge myself in it's seeming disasterous calling. Exploring each crevice, creature, and past mark, I wonder how such things can come to be; yet come to be known only by accidental discovery by one wallowing in their own sorrow and lostness. One who comes to hide, to escape everything in their life that haunts them; someone like myself. I wandered helplessly down the shores, feeling the rain falling on me, soaking my flesh through my clothes, feeling the hot tears streaming down my face, but barely noticing, for the emotion that had overwhelmed me once again. I spied that one dark place in the rocks, and it looked like home to me. Home to what I was feeling, and a place to hide. Sliding into the small space, I noticed signs of others previous visits, initials, hearts pierced with arrows proclaiming so called love and the like, etched into the rock for eternity. The ancient walls whispered to me, th
A Small Thought To All My Friends
The hand that wrote the Declaration of Independence has long ago palsied in death. For more than sixty years Charles Carroll,the last member of that immortal company who appended their names to that famous document, has been slumbering in his grave, but the Declaration is yet a living fact, and to-day the instrument has as much force and meaning as it had one hundred and ----- years ago. The Fourth of July marks an epoch in the world's history. It marks the birth of a free nation, with all that implies--a nation in the existence of which the oppressed of all lands rejoice, and of which every true American is justly proud. TO EACH ONE OF MY FRIENDS AND THEIR FAMILY AND LOVED ONES SMALL WISH TO HAVE A WONDERFUL AND SAFE 4TH OF JULY HUGS AND KISSES ۞WÌLÐÇÄŦ۞
Happy 4th Of July
To all my American friends i wish you a safe and happy 4th of July. Have fun and enjoy your holiday. Much luv to you all. Lucy Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m
What Type Of Beauty U Are
You Are a Flawless Beauty! When it comes to beauty, you spare no expense - and it shows You're the kind of woman a man would launch a thousand ships for It's hard for anyone to beat you in the beauty department But remember, it's okay to show a flaw or too - you've got plenty to spare What Type of Beauty Are You?
"america Alone"
Excerpt from "America Alone" by Mark Steyn: "Don't take Osama's, or Saddam's, or Mullah Omar's, or the Chinese politburo's word for it. Consider those nations who (a) regard themselves as broadly well-disposed toward America and b) share the view that Islamism represents a critical global security threat, yet (c) have concluded that the United States lacks the will to get the job done. You hear such worries routinely expressed by the political class in India, Singapore, and other emerging nations. The British historian Niall Ferguson talks about 'the clay feet of the colossus.' Admiral Yamamoto's 'sleeping giant' has become harder to rouse-the La-Z-Boy recliner's a lot more comfortable and pampering than the old rocker on the porch. In Vietnam, it took 50,000 deaths to drive the giant away; maybe in the Middle East, it will only take 5,000. And maybe in the next war the giant will give up after 500 or 50, or not bother at all. Our enemies have made a bet-that the West in general and
Saturday The 7th, Contest Commenting Limit!
My Photos..maybe I Should Remove?
"How much money do I have to give you in order for me to be allowed to hit it from behind?" I recieved this comment on one of my pics. I wrote him a message afterwards because I was upset and offended. I thought he would apologise but instead he wrote back something further upsetting. Here is my email and his. Tell me what you think? my email-Are you joking? Are do you honestly think I am a whore that sells my body to the highest bidder? I have never had sex for money..I am not a prostitute. In fact money is not my highest priority in life. My son and his and my happiness is. I have never dated a guy because he had money. I try to date nice respectful people that I have fun with and can laugh with. I will be deleting your was very rude and not sure why you would write one like that. His reply- 1. The comment was meant to be taken in jest (as a joke). 2. When you post "smutty" pics of yourself, your're going to get dirty and lewd comments like that. 3. How ha
Nine Inch Nails The Perfect Drug
I remember several years back I heard something that changed my life forever. Up until that point I had been struggling through life – doing everything the hard way. I couldn't figure out why my life wasn't going the way I felt it should be. I saw some people going through life effortlessly and seemingly with less tension and frustration while I was wondering if I could ever straighten out the mess my life had turned out to be. I was behind on my dreams, my promises, and my bills. Then one day I was listening to a tape and the lady was talking about the power of having dreams and goals and all of the other stuff that those motivational speakers talk about. By that point I had listened to hundreds of such tapes, but it seemed as if nothing worked for me. Probably the only reason I was listening to that one was because I had developed a habit of listening to cassette tapes while driving my car. The statement the lady said was simple and I think I had even heard it somewhere before but th
Created by
Iphone Silliness
My better half and I live on the Upper East Side, and we walk a great deal, and the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue is one of the places where we'll stop on occasion. We observed the lines of people outside the store, some camping out for days, to be the first on their block to have the iPhone. We happened by the store late on the eve of the day before (Robin Williams was roaming around snatching up waterproof iPod accessories and taking cell phone pics with fans) and the line outside was extensive and prepared for the longhaul: folding chairs and coolers with food and drink were the norm. All in anticipation for the iPhones to go on sale at 6PM on June 29th. And, it was so silly.This little item from CNET is interesting: At last count, there was no shortage of iPhones, and many of the people who happened to walk into line around 6:30 p.m. or 7 p.m. didn't have a problem just waltzing in. As one guy put it, strolling out of the store at 7:15 p.m., a black iPhone bag in hand, "This is f**
We really appreciate everyone who visits our site and leaves us comments, messages, picture comments etc. Please try to limit the size of the comment images that you leave here. If it's 1/4 of our page it's going to be deleted. Don't take it personally. Leave us lots of little ones!! We love the idea of bulletins. In fact we post them once or twice a week ourselves. We do take the time to read each bulletin that is posted. Keeping that in mind we recently deleted some "friends" who decided to post racially insensitive bulletins ( more like diatribes ) . Everyone has opinions. If you have opinions that will offend others it might not be a good idea to post these for the world to see. There are other sites that you can post that CRAP on. These "friends" have been permenantly blocked - they do not have the opportunity to explain as their emails are also blocked. Let's keep it clean and when the bell rings come out dancing. Those who do not agree to the above send me a message at Rev
Chat Hoor Shoutbox Transcript
babyJustFo...: hi G33K1N73HP1NK: hello babyJustFo...: hi im bored wanna have fun? G33K1N73HP1NK: oh yah I like fun G33K1N73HP1NK: what like internet solitaire? babyJustFo...: LIKE CYBER G33K1N73HP1NK: I dont know that game babyJustFo...: wana know bout that?? G33K1N73HP1NK: yah what is it? G33K1N73HP1NK: is it like those people that are half human and half robot?? G33K1N73HP1NK: are those your pics? babyJustFo...: hell yhwe babyJustFo...: add me on yahoo my name is G33K1N73HP1NK: I dont have yahoo, can we just chat here? babyJustFo...: how can you see me then?? G33K1N73HP1NK: Why do I need to see you? babyJustFo...: to show you what fun is G33K1N73HP1NK: are you going to draw me a diagram? babyJustFo...: so i guess you wont gonna see it G33K1N73HP1NK: I asked you to draw a diagram of cyborg fun G33K1N73HP1NK: I want fun but Im not sure why I need to sign up for yahoo to have fun... babyJustFo...: coz its much easier there G33K1N73HP1NK: easier for w
A Good-bye
When your world is filled with gloom, And happiness can find no room. When desperation and strife, Have taken over your life. And the pain and despair You can no longer bare A quick solution I have found Sits within your grasp. A pretty pill Will kill your ills And leave this world behind you. You'll just slip into sleep, Where you'll no longer weep And you'll leave behind Your cares and woes While your eyes will forever close. Perhaps the afterlife, Will meet your needs Since in this life You will cease. I'll say a good night And kiss you my dear As the end It's drawing near. I'll slip into a deep repose, And leave behind To all of those that matter Shards of my broken heart, All torn and tattered. I wish you all a fond adieu, Don't be sad, And don't be blue. I'll be alright, I'll be just fine, Finally safe for hurt and harm Here in my afterlife. Farewell all... ADM XOXO
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vote on the mumm titled Silly mummers! love ya!
Angel Of Dreams
I once talked to an angel. I fell in love at first sight. She makes me feel protected when I'm sleeping at night. She has a beautiful voice, and a heavenly smile. She makes me wish that we could snuggle up for a while. I think she's my soul mate. but how could all this be? Imagine us together, just an angel and me. But I am not complaining. I'm glad she's here with me. I'll give her all my love and joy for all eternity. I want to brighten up her day. She's already brightened mine. I can't believe how perfect she is. And WOW! She's just so fine. She seems to leave me speechless. She's beyond any of my words. Her presence alone enlightens me like a school book to most nerds. She colors all the pictures. She makes the rainbow shine. I want her to be in my life, and with me all the time. I don't know how she does it. She always seems to make me smile. Every step that I take towards her, for me it seem like another mile. I wish I could be forever with me angel. Or that she could forever be
Through this world I've stumbled often fallen to my knees- I have the scrapes and scars that show my path my pain that leads the way. My life becomes that which I felt through the trails that I face- My demons haunt my dreams at night while angels guard my day. Loneliness now becomes my friend as through this world I go- Among my friends I find some peace... but forever feel alone. ~Candyce~
Matchbox20 If Your Gone
Matchbox 20 - If You're GoneUploaded by bggirlfan
I Am A Fuberlord!
From now on since I am a maginifcent Fuberlord, you will have to talk me with respect, bowing down your head!!! Thanks to all my friends to make this possible!!!!!!!!!!!!! Carlos The Butt Man AKA Masterhead
Are you tan? naturally Do you use Proactiv? not so much Do you wear make-up daily? most definitely not Do you own chanel perfume? yes ma'am :D Do you shower daily? duh Do you go to the tanning bed? uhm i dun need to Do you use MAC make-up? fuck that Do you use other make-up products? yes Do you straighten your hair everyday? no huh Category- Friends Is a best friend a promise or a label? It's something that's earned.
Is It Me????
Is it only me that thinks FUBAR needs to check itself somewhat with the suspending of members who make a mistake and break a rule for the first time. I placed a MUM that was deemed NSFW, mind you there were no pics, offensive words or anything of that nature. I really think it is time for them to move the "MYSPACE" lovers out of here and let adults have a sight where we can express ourselves freely.
I Believe
believe that the sun shines after the rain I believe if you don't get hurt you'll never gain I believe in not doing things the easy way I believe that being selfish doesn’t pay I believe in a second chance I believe in a life long romance I believe there is life after death And standing up to a life of mess I believe in love at first sight I believe that revenge isn’t right I believe that first impressions last And there is nothing better then a good laugh I believe that dreams do come true I believe there's destiny for me and you I believe that good things come to those who wait I believe love never arrives too late I believe a smile can be contagious I believe in being very outrageous I believe in living with no regrets I believe that life is as good as it gets I believe to always look on the bright side I believe that life is just one big ride I believe when I die people will grieve But it’s ok because I believe
For The Record
From the Shouts I have been receiving when I log on, it seems that it shows me online when I'm not. So - if it shows that I am online, but I don't answer your Shout, PLEASE don't think I am ignoring you. Odds are that I am not online. I have seen bulletins from other people saying they are experiencing the same thing. Hopefully they'll get this problem fixed soon. Thanks!
Sunshine Angels Friends Club!
What Else....
Okay.... if my life interests any of you people, you'll more than likely either be amused, or feel sympathy or just dispise what I say. And NO I dont want a pity party. So here goes. My day was good, starting out... went by the shop to see Rob Jarrett (he now works for Hart and Huntington Tattoo Studios in Orlando FLA, if any of you need some ink, btw, he's AWESOME) anywho, went to see him b/c he's in town right now, I love him to death.... Chatted with Brandy and the guys at the shop... whom I am good friends with.... I get a call as I'm leaving heading to the hell hole.... it's my mom, and she's hysterical.... okay not really hysterical but she's upset. I could tell by her tone she'd been crying. She tells me my sister wasnt talking to her anymore, explained into detail why, and said that my sister hung up on her, and wouldnt answer anymore of her calls. YAY for me, I get to hear it from both sides now... I'm not the best at being the "middle-man" because either way, I
I Love My Wet Dreams!!
My last night must have been filled with sucking cocks, in my wet dreams. Because, when I woke up I was so wet..and its still on my mind.. Blowjobs are really my forte’, if a woman can be a professional cocksucker without being paid, that’s me. I love and enjoy sucking cock. The next cock I get my hands and mouth on, is going to be spoiled! *wink*. When I head down south on a man, I like to kiss my way down, suck on his nipples and use my tongue to tickle a bit (I like hearing the gasps.) I’d prefer a man who is well trimmed, maybe partly shaved. Bare smooth balls are so sexy to link n suck on. A man is usually quite erect by the time I reach my destination. I then like to breath on it, touch it with my tongue a bit..teasing for just the right amount of time, a man usually grabs my head and positions me over his throbbing cock, not being able to take much teasing. My lips and mouth are quite moist, and I crave to deepthroat. I think there are many tricks to giving a good blow
I Added Some Pictures
I added some more pictures of my trip to Europe this last time. I have more to add but Cherry Tap will not let me add anymore until I get to the next level, so you have to help me with points and things like that. I am not here for points, i am here to make friends and if I meet a special person or persons on here, then great but in order to share things about my life and my trip to Europe, i need you all to help me get to the next levels so i can share pictures...... thank you.
What Am I Even A Part Of Anymore?
Lostcherries, cherrytappers, fubarites... or something like that... I'm pretty much sick of you all. I get twenty some odd messages about rating on photos and profiles, ten on some random do you want to f*** me quizzes, and not an ounce of substance from anyone. So what am I a part of? This place used to seem okay, somewhere to chill and just talk to people, but who has anything real to say? I'm out of here. Good idea, sorry about the results.
Square Head How can you tell when a crook lies ? He sings for you. Man City watch out
Who Is Better Men Or Women
Irish Cream
"Irish Cream Recipe" 1 can condensed milk (14 ounces) 1 can rye whiskey (14 ounces)--(Canadian Mist?) 3 eggs 1 cup heavy cream 1 table spoon chocolate syrup 1 table spoon vanilla extract Combine all ingredients in bowl. WHISK!!! (Do not put in blender!!!!). Put in bottles and refrigerate I just copied and pasted this one, when the f*** did whisky come in cans LOL
Perfect Hair Forever!!!
This afternoon I got quite a few compliments on my haircut... All I did was wet it down, 'cause it was acting unruly. Who knew beauty could be so easy?
My Stash
Thank you my friends for rating my stash, for the rest of my friends if you are ever bored come and visit my stuff.
Haunted Alcatraz
Welcome to HAUNTED ALCATRAZ!---or Hellcatraz as it was called by some inmates. The history does not begin or end with the use of Alcatraz as a prison and penitentiary, for it was known to Native Americans, and avoided as a place that contained evil sprits. The energy of those who came to "The Rock" and never left, still remains for visitors from around the world to see, feel, and even hear. Alcatraz is a portal to another dimension, where unexplainable events continue to occur. Whoever, or whatever lurks in the shadows can be heard, seen, and felt. As parapsychologists suggest, where so much trauma and negative emotion have occurred, there is bound to be residual energy---and Alcatraz has the feel of an immense haunted house, complete with fog, and restless spirits. Although the candle may have burned out for Alcatraz long ago, its legend never did. Prior to its discovery by Europeans, Alcatraz was viewed as a barren white rock---white because it was covered with pelica
Think About It
yesterday is a wrinkle on your forehead yesterday is a promise that you've broken don't close your eyes, don't close your eyes this is your life and today is all you've got now yeah, and today is all you'll ever have don't close your eyes don't close your eyes this is your life, are you who you want to be this is your life, are you who you want to be this is your life, is it everything you dreamed that it would be when the world was younger and you had everything to lose yesterday is a kid in the corner yesterday is dead and over this is your life, are you who you want to be this is your life, are you who you want to be this is your life, is it everything you dreamed that it would be when the world was younger and you had everything to lose don't close your eyes don't close your eyes don't close your eyes don't close your eyes this is your life are you who you want to be this is your life are you who you want to be this is your life, are you who you w
Daddy I remember the icy fealing, the disbelief, she had to be lying. No words were spoken, but the look on her face told me; my Daddy was gone. Tears fell unnoticed, as I gasped for air. Not realizing I had stopped breathing. Only one thought came to mind... My Daddy left me... Alone! 6-24-44 to 3-13-99
Friend Requests
Okay, how annoying; someone rates me and then just sends me a friend invite for no reason with no comment. Sometimes, someone obviously read my profile and leave an interesting comment that makes me think. Hey this may be a cool person to talk to, but I would never just blindly accept a friend invite without some common ground. I'm sure that there is some requirement of friends at the higher levels of fubar but fuck it. I am not going to allow myself to be promoting myself with people I dont know.
Best Friends I sit upon my roof, And stare up to the stars. I glance toward the moon, And I see an old man cry. I sit upon my roof, Watching the headlights of cars That drive along the highway. I sing a somber tune Of the pain I felt today, As I listen to an old man cry. I sit upon my roof, Rubbing on my arm these old scars. And I stare up at the moon, With this man who is my friend. And will be with me til the end. And tonight, with this man, I cry. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Blue The sky is blue on good days of the week, Days when sitting around, laughing at clouds. Time withers slowly, as the day moves on. Happy with friends, the pictures we take. Time will live on, in the memories we make. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Distancing I see a dissonant look in your eyes. I question the words you say. Are tehy true or are they lies? Do you still feel the same way, Or
we got choppas and aks wit 100 in da extended clips we from da 504 da 504 (2x) (Mr. Louisiana) im from down da road where we got dem thangs wit da extended clips i got dat fiya whip wit da rims on da bitch cuz im from dat 504 st. bernard muthafucka u best believe i got dem killas behind me dem hood niggas who want to end niggas wit beef cuz we fools down in dis bitch out da fuckin 9 but a lil further down where those souljas there no i aint talkin bout u pussy bitches if u want to clap back den nigga u better be wishin dat ya life aint gonna be ended we ride wit dem things fa u bitch we got dem fine hoes who wanna holla at a hot boy no i aint talkin bout u ugly bitches cuz im a hot boy and fuck da rest of u hoes cuz i got me a hot gurl dat better so what eva u wanna do u no where im at steady ballin in my parish down da road its styll apart of new orleans we got da dope dat will keep u comin and da choppas dat keep choppa so u now who dis is mr. louisiana come on yall lets show d
->jokerfly: thanks jokerfly: fuck you are a jew bastard and he deleted every comment i left on his mumm
Another Missing Piece
Take another piece of me I've given all I've got to make sure that I'm not alone and I'm ok now Watching me with a blank stare This is what keeps me alive I hear the feedback and my heart explodes Just give this a chance before there's nothing left you don't understand why I want you in this Take another piece of me I've given all I've got to make sure that I'm not alone and I'm ok now Constant battles in my head Words I kept locked inside Losing myself in this reality No more confused thoughts No Time for second guessing you don't understand why I want you in this Take another piece of me I've given all I've got to make sure that I'm not alone and I'm ok now ©ALightDivided2007
Are You Happy Now???
Now, dont just walk away Pretending everythings ok And you dont care about me And I know theres just no use When all your lies become your truths and I dont care... Could you look me in the eye And tell me that youre happy now, Would you tell it to my face or have I been erased, Are you happy now? Are you happy now? You took all there was to take, And left me with an empty plate And you dont care about it, And I am givin' up this game Im leaving you with all the blame cause I dont care.... Could you look me in the eye? And tell me that youre happy now, Would you tell it to my face or have I been erased, Are you happy now? Are you happy now? Are you happy now? Do you really have everything you want? You can't ever give somethin' you ain't got You cant run away from yourself Could you look me in the eye? and tell me that you're happy now, come on, tell it to my face or have i been replaced, are you happy now? are you happy now? Would you l
This Is Me I Put It Videos Hard To Explain In Words
Feelings by Emma I can't describe my feelings for you, but there's more than 'just a few' without you in my life i don't know what i would do, maybe something that would make my whole body blue, although i am scared of dying, so there's no point in lying. The cuts all down my left arm symbolise, the pain and hurt i feel inside, when we kiss, it's like this, it's like a firework shooting through my body igniting every nerve on the way, it's a feeling i wish would never go away, and stay with me every f****** day, you really mean the world to me, and everyone says we are meant to be, so please just give me a clear sign, because i don't know whether you want to be mine or you want to decline
well this is fun finally finished updating this computer
When We Make Love
ALabama WHen We Make Love There's a light, in your eyes tonight. You know I know that look anywhere. You got plans, and I'm one lucky man. Before we get so carried away, Theres just something I've been wanting to say. When we make love Its more to me than just an affair I want you to know how much I care When we make love Oh its such a precious time We share our hearts, our souls and our minds... When we make love Oh yea..... Watching you, make your little moves Well I can tell its gonna be a long night All day long, we keep holding on It couldn't be any better than this I got it all in my fingertips When we make love Oh, its more than just an affair I want you to know how much I care. When we make love Oh, its such a precious time We share our hearts our souls and our minds... These moments..these feelings..mmmmmm When we make love Its more to me than just an affair I want you to know how much I care When we make love Oh, its
Amusing Diversion
You are aroused by fortune cookies 'What is your Fortune?' at Laureth -- [adjective]:Insatiable to the point of crazy 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at Laureth's sexual nickname: "She-bop" Take this quiz at Laureth will go to jail for ... Quoting the Marquis de Sade to some school children 'What sexual activity will you go to jail for?' at Pisces You have an awesome imagination, and often put it to use for sexual purposes. You are very romantic and don’t hook-up with random people very often. Because sex to you is about showing your love, you are incredibly romantic in bed, and very giving. You tend be in a serious relationship more often then not. Sex matches: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio Take this quiz at And because I'm me: A matching pair of wtf? giggles :)
Another Week
43 weeks...9 to go till 52 weeks
New Diary Entry
Trying To But Music Back In The Room.seductive Pleasures....
come back and see me going to be there tonight with music going if yall want to come on in Seductive Pleasures.............
Added Prize
i will add to the winner diamond ring. runner up diamond earrings. so ladies come join t6he rest of the ladies will get a romantic dinner and my thanks for entering. noone goes away empty handed bingo
Handfasting Handfasting is a betrothal or wedding ritual in which the couple's clasped hands are tied together by a cord or ribbon — hence the phrase "tying the knot". The tying of the hands may be done by the officiant of the ceremony, by the wedding guests, or by the couple themselves. In Ireland and Scotland, during the early Christian period it was a form of trial marriage, often performed in rural areas when a priest was not available. The couple could form a temporary, trial marriage, and then be married "in the Church" the next time a priest visited their area. In some modern Neopagan groups, the ceremony has been reinterpreted to be a spiritual marriage, whether on a trial basis or as a permanent (even eternal) bond. The tying together of the couple's hands was a part of the normal marriage ceremony in the time of the Roman Empire. In the 16th century, the English cleric Myles Coverdale wrote in The Christen State of Matrymonye, that in that day, handfasting was still
September 11, 2001
This year it will be 6 years since the coward terrorists attacked the world trade center and pentagon. That day was the most tragic day in American history.I want all of our enimies to know that I will never forget that day and the United States military will never stop hunting them until those cowards have been found and have been brought to justice. I am proud to be an American and if I could, I will gladly join the fight and find Benlodin and kill him personaly. God bless our troops. Find the coward that did this to our country and be safe.
Poem I Wrote
I am the Human Mind... I exist, yet no one knows of me. I have a personality, yet there is nothing there. I strive to find solutions, yet I don't know the problems. I recognize everything around me, yet I haven't seen anything. I can hear, yet I don't know what I am hearing. I accompany, yet i am alone. I arrive, yet I am never there. I believe, yet I have many doubts. I cry, yet there are no tears. I draw, yet the paper stays blank. I move, yet I am immovable. I feel, yet I have never touched. I offer, yet I have nothing. I am unexplainable, yet people deal with me every day. I am the Human Mind. By: Lucky to be Irish
Feeling Dumb?
If you ever feel a little stupid, just dig this up and read it again; you'll begin to think you're a genius ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, On September 17, 1994, Alabama's Heather Whitestone was selected as Miss America 1995. Question: If you could live forever, would you and why? Answer: "I would not live forever, because we should not live forever, because if we were supposed to live forever, then we would live forever, but we cannot live forever, which is why I would not live forever," "Whenever I watch TV and see those poor starving kids all over the world, I can't help but cry. I mean I'd love to be skinny like that, but not with all those flies and death and stuff." --Mariah Carey "Smoking kills. If you're killed, you've lost a very important part of your life," -- Brooke Shields, during an interview to become spokesperson for federal anti-smoking campaign. "I've never had major knee surgery on any other part of m
Look At This..
Using your mouth Your sexual hidden talent is your ability to use your mouth. You are incredibly sensual, a great kisser and a seductive lover. You drive all of your partners crazy with your mouth. Take this quiz at
Help, I've Been Missing...
Just a quick note about why I've been gone... A few of you might know this, but one of my cousins has been battling to come back from an addiction and subsequent overdose of prescription painkillers and anti-depressants. It's been hard on our entire family, but unfortunately, that's not been the low point. Now she's been in hiding for the last two weeks, and her drug selling "friends" have been helping to keep her away from her family. Tuesday, two of my brothers and I went and forced a confrontation at one of the homes she's been hiding in; it did turn ugly, but we managed to physically take her from the house and enforce the commitment order, hopeful that she can get some help from these drugs. I guess I've been very naive about the extent of the problem in today's society. Since I don't take meds of any kind (unless I'm almost dying), I've never been one to try, experiment or sample the 'pill du jour', so it's been hard to understand... I've just loved and sympathized, enough if
Any Mastiff Owners Out There?
Hello, I just got a neo mastiff a week ago and wanted to see if there are mastiff owners on fubar. Hit me up
Around The World In 365 Days
Sex Bully
Sex Bully A man takes his wife to a livestock show. They start heading down the alley where the bulls are kept. A sign in front of the first bull says: "This bull mated 50 times last year." The wife turns to her husband and says, "He mated 50 times in a year! You could learn from him." They proceed to the next bull and that sign states: "This bull mated 65 times last year." The wife turns to her husband and says, "This one mated 65 times last year. That's over 5 times a month. You can learn from this one, big time." They proceed to the last bull and his sign reads: "This bull mated 365 times last year." The wife's mouth drops open as she gasps, "WOW! He mated 365 times last year. That's ONCE A DAY! You could really learn from this one!" The man turns to his wife and says, "Yeah, okay. Go on up and inquire if it was 365 times with the same cow."
Never Forget
Get More at
Sadistic Love...
love...interlaced with pain... perverted pleasure...self induced... illusion...elusion... delusion more likely... incoherence...incomprehension... temptations...seductions... break free... intertwined...interwoven... elaborate rituals...savage copulations... tortuous emotions...self mutilations... the vie for pitiful handouts... misguided devotions... misconceptions.... of a martyred love... is a cruel mockery... of deceptions in disguise... love...a sadistic emotion...
Keep Your Chin Up!
Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm. - Sir Winston Churchill
The Dark Crystal..
New Car Jackings
BEWARE OF PAPER IN THE BACK WINDOW OF YOUR VEHICLE NEW WAY TO DO CAR JACKINGS (NOT A JOKE) Heads up everyone! Please, keep this circulating... You walk across the parking lot, unlock your car and get inside. You start the engine and shift into Reverse. When you look into the rearview mirror to back out of your parking space, you notice a piece of paper stuck to the middle of the rear window. So, you shift into Park, unlock your doors, and jump out of your car to remove that paper (or whatever it is) that is obstructing your view. When you reach the back of your car, that is when the car jackers appear out of nowhere, jump into your car and take off. They practically mow you down as they speed off in your car. And guess what, ladies? I bet your purse is still in the car. So now the carjacker has your car, your home address, your money, and your keys. Your home and your whole identity are now comp
Contentedly Dreaming... Exploring Texas Together
Contentedly dreaming... exploring Texas together Grabin' our hats ...slippin' into our jeans and to a trip to my little piece of heaven.... ( of course a few more comfortable things packed away ).... a time of back to nature, the great outdoors... feeling the energy of the sun and air filling you up, re-energizing your soul! Riding the mechanical horse of the day... 4wheelers needing gas and not hay... racing down trails... roaming the woods... seeing he surprises that pop out around the next bend, that big buck that is seldom seen, leaping from his hiding spot, the wild hogs running for cover.... turkeys flying back up to roost........ out of control, acting like kids, laughing it up... in wild abandon, without a care in the world... and noone around to give us a stare. Running thru creeks, mud and muck...getting covered from head to toe, just to stay cool....only to end up in the side yard pool. Once all cleaned and's out under a big tree, for an a
If It Is A Girl
Please leave a comment for baby girl names.. This is what we got JoyLeann.. ty
People who know me know I have a sense of humor beyond normal limits. Apparently I offended someone today with that sense of humor. If you're gonna ask someone to leave a comment on some pics and you state that it doesn't matter what's posted, then fair game, right? Well someone didn't get the humor, and I apologized, but was blocked anyway. So to that person, I say, sorry you never knew me anyway. Peace.
Wiccan Rede
Bide the Wiccan laws ye must, in perfect love and perfect trust. Live and let live—fairly take and fairly give. Cast the Circle thrice about to keep all evil spirits out. To bind the spell every time, let the spell be spake in rhyme. Soft of eye and light of touch—speak ye little, listen much. Deosil go by the waxing Moon—sing and dance the Wiccan Rune. Widdershins go when the Moon doth wane, and the werewolf howls by the dread wolfsbane. When the Lady’s Moon is new, kiss the hand to Her times two. When the Moon rides ar Her peak, then your heart’s desire seek. Heed the North wind’s might gale—lock the door and drop the sail. When the wind comes from the South, love will kiss thee on the mouth. When the wind blows from the East, expect the new and set the feast. When the West wind blows o’er thee, departed spirits restless be. Nine woods in the Cauldron go—burn them quick and burn them slow. Elder be ye Lady’s tree—burn it not or cursed ye’ll be. When the Wheel beg
Just In Case You Were Wondering Where I've Been..
Hello Fubies!!! Just in case y'all been wonderin where in the hell I have been.... last week,my very best friend in the whole world,Dawn,found out that the baby she is pregnant with by her wee man idiotic boyfriend...tested positive for Down's Syndrome...& she has placenta previa....I have been helping take her back & fourth to Hunnington,W. Va & Ashland,because she has no one else....had a sick youngun in the middle of this him better...then....oh,this just gets peachier.... I am at the gym,on the leg press machine...I have my phone in my pocket,which NEVER rang....the attendant comes upstairs 7 pecks my shoulder & tells me that my best friend has been in a serious car accident & she is unconscious....I got myself together & got in my car & went to her....still could not get in touch with any of her family...thank goodness a mutual friend remembered that I went to the gym every morning when I drop the kids off at school....she totaled a Toyota Tacoma.... she is b
As A Veteran
As a veteran, I write these words with the most heartfelt sorrow. I am very concerned with the state that this country is in. We are at war but not for the reasons most people would like to believe. Our troops are dying daily, but not for the reasons they signed up for. You see when I enlisted I took an oath to protect and defend the constitution from all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. Now you may ask why DOMESTIC is in caps, I'll get to that shortly. All members that serve in government take this oath, even the President. And yet the President has placed the biggest attack on the constitution that has ever been seen. This has taken place through the "Patriot Act" and as of 2006, the less popular "Military Commissions Act". These "laws" take away most of your freedoms and most people don't even realize it. You can look on youtube and find examples of people being arrested for reading the constitution. And yet most people would like to sit at home thinking that the goverm
id like to up date my page but am not shure how to do certen thigs likt get tracks on mt page or link picks,and videos and stash stuf plese help?
Right Under Your Nose
Deep inside the pain is strong Wanting and longing to be in your arms Sharing feeling but your never ready As with most fear of commintment Scares you away, Scares you of what I say Being loved in a special way We all been hurt in one way or another But don't we all deserve to be loved To be loved you have to take a chance You never know true love Could be right under your nose So when life throws you a hurtful moment Grab it and embrace it for you never know Loves right under your nose You could pass up on the best thing in life Because you scared of love Then you passed up happiness Right under your nose
Where Are They
During The Week Of Sept. 23-28/07
WHAT I SAID TO MY DADS G/F i'm sorry about tonight/last night. all depends on when u read this email and thank u for the dinner too! For me i can't see/like fighting at all. especially with people that he shouldn't be fighting with. He shouldn't be fighting with the people that love him so much. he should be protecting instead. The only way i know how to get him to stop fighting with people is to get him to go against me and that is it. i've been doing this for as long as i can remember. i'm so use to it! Which is sad though. b/c really no one should ever be use to doing that ever. but i am. He should be lucky to have someone that really loves him. It would be nice to have that too. but my time will come for that. (maybe) I'm the only kid that talks to him and see him out of the 4 of us and i'm the one that gets into fights with him. if u don't hear from me in awhile u know y. i'm going to stay low and quiet for awhile. b/c i don't need this and i don't want to get
To My Friend Who Cant Let Go Of A Lost Love.
Wounded and in pain Put on your armour Fend off further blows Hide the raw and bleeding wound From the world And from yourself Surrender Drop the shield Shed the armour Lie down in exhaustion Pale, vulnerable Still bleeding Feel the pain Heal the wound Pick yourself up Go on Turn the page This was something that took time for me to understand. Life is a Book, we put entries in but with no opportunity to erase... just pages we fill... mistakes we make. People we love and loose. We put up armor to ward off the attack of our past, when we should embrase ..endure and ultimately turn the page. For some its hard...for others impossible. But, unless we are willing to turn that page we may miss out on the beauty in tomorrow. Live life, laugh like there is no tomorrow. Because you only have one chance at life, and love..dont let a day go by without letting the people in your life know how special they really are to you.. Take that chance.. dont b
Men And Women
ok a female dog is called a bitch what is a male dog called?
08/02/07 1:01pm (gmt)
Well people, I haven't been online much since I started my classes and I am getting some concerns from friends. I am ok and still free from incarceration. Thank you all for caring. I am still doing good, but I am really stressed with all my schoolwork. On top of that I have some relationship issues that I haven't decided what I want to do. However, I have concluded that I need to focus on my schoolwork or I will not progress in life and I won't worth anything to anyone (incl. myself). I have been somewhat of a recluse to everyone by withdrawing from the web temporarily. It is nothing personal to anyone. Bare with me, knowing I am making the best choices that I can think of for now. BRB KouBoi #58824
New Words & Vocabulary For 2007
NEW WORDS & VOCABULARY FOR 2007: Essential vocabulary additions for the workplace (and elsewhere)!!! 1. BLAMESTORMING: Sitting around in a group, discussing why a deadline was missed or a project failed, and who was responsible. 2. SEAGULL MANAGER: A manager, who flies in, makes a lot of noise, craps on everything, and then leaves. 3. ASSMOSIS: The process by which some people seem to absorb success and advancement by kissing up to the boss rather than working hard. 4. SALMON DAY: The experience of spending an entire day swimming upstream only to get screwed and die in the end. 5. CUBE FARM: An office filled with cubicles. 6. PRAIRIE DOGGING: When someone yells or drops something loudly in a cube farm, and people's heads pop up over the walls to see what's going on. 7. MOUSE POTATO: The on-line, wired generation's answer to the couch potato. 8. SITCOMs: Single Income, Two Children, Oppressive Mortgage. What Yuppies get into when they have children and
I Left
i left the family.. sorry..
What I Have So Far/not Yet Edited Feed Back Needed
The Dawning Of the Son Written By: Tosha Gravitt Dedicated to my Grandfather Crawford, I love you. The events herein are fictional, all names, places, and events are purely the imagination of an otherwise idol mind. Any similarity to real life persons is coincidental. Enjoy! (The works in question are still in the progression stage, all grammatical and tactical errors will be worked out later, and this is only a preview. I wanted you to see it before you left) Preface: What I say to you this day is not to be taken as a pathway or a means to create your own horror, only to prove that such things exists and should never be taken lightly. 1969 was a time of ignorance and evil men working with almost no opposition. Those that did not follow the same views of these men were often subjected to the minds and hands of their predecessors to be tortured and bound until there was no more use for them, and
i love my girlfriend to death she is my girlfriend everything but when she gets mad she gets even just like when i do something wrong nd i try to correct myself she still is mad at me
Just Because
Because I can not cry for you. I will cry for me. I will cry for what I could have been. If you had been what you were. I will cry for the lost world of hope. I will cry for the good times gone. I will cry for desolation. I will cry for the pain. I will cry for helplessness. I will cry for the others. I will cry for your worst enemy. Yourself. I will cry for what I know to be true. I will cry for what I am not worth. I will cry for what I am worth. I will cry for the hand not held. I will cry for the smoking gun. I will cry for the wasted life. I will cry for the little lost boy. Because I can not cry for you. I will cry for me.
Contest just started !! Could you please come help Honey out ? If so, She would repay the love. For everyone that does help, I will do the same, so you will get twice the love !! Feel free to comment bomb if you have time !!!! Thank you very much click pick to help!! !!
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A Little Dilema In The World Of Me.
So I dated this woman about 8 months ago. (Shortly before the horrible ex-roomate/girlfriend thang). She was intelligent, attractive, had quite a few interests in common with me. I loved spending time with her. The problem was two fold. 1. She and I had a hard time scheduling time with each other due to my job and her job. Add into that she was not allowed to come over to my place because my roomate was her boss (and I later found out that the roomate had a thing for me and was jealous). 2. Until she had dated me she had not dated anyone else for seven years. He reasons for this were because she did not want her son to be come attached to a man who may or may not be around for a long time. So she stayed single. This was a hell of a lot of pressure for me. I was afraid that I would hurt her and possible her son if I did not or was not able to stick around. So I broke things off with her and we have become pretty good friends. Still have trouble getting together but we talk
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I close my eyes I squeeze them tight, I fight the fear from deep inside. I feel the pressure coming to me from within, the rip grows it pulls me down. I want to stop the flow but it is so close this I know, it forces air from my lungs. I want to smile I want to laugh but this I shun due to my past, my hands quiver. I want to scream I want to shout for I cannot let it out, I squeeze shut my eyes. I then realize that this will not help so I release a simple pout and behold the Tear that fell out.
Zz Topoct 13, 2007 Here is the story. My niece is getting married next weekend in Tennessee, I took my daughter shopping today for a nice dress to wear to the wedding. (im old school and believe dresses are the proper attire for Weddings , Church, Funerals, ballets) Yes I know its 2007 and people wear anything they want anywhere :) but like I said I'm old school. Well after several stores we could not find a dress for her. We did find a nice dressy pant and top that She will look very beautiful in . When I got back home the couple from next door came over and wanted to know if I wanted to go to see ZZ TOP in concert, they had tickets and gave them to me FREE. Travis Tritt opened for ZZ TOP The concert was great, it has been along time since I have been to one. I am hoping my good luck that I have had today holds out and the lottery tickets I bought will be winn
Oct 15th, 2007
This blog is for my down time trials and feelings. I'll reserve this one for home activities And I'm even getting better at gaining memory within this computer system, boosted the RAM memory a little higher so now I won't be so Lagged in responses. This is beginning to be a great week.
Me Doesnt Belong Anywhere....
mkaayy... its about time.... to write a new blog :) its october now...means the year is almost over... and its unbelievable how much more shit happened lol... sad thing is i am on a point where i know it can always be worse lol so i wont complain too much... subject kinda tells how i feel lately.... i meet people... i get close to em.... and then i figure that they just cant stand me... i always thought i just meet stupid people lol but i guess its really me... i dont belong to anyone... i dont feel home... or good or... secure with anyone... what probably means i have a problem ... i am not someone who blows sugar in asses the whole day... and i have problems to open myself to someone... and if i do it they hurt me with the things they say to me....and i feel like... "fuck it" and back off... giving up is most of the time way easier than fighting ... but who is worth fighting for ??? sometimes i feel confused and i dont know what to do cuz i cant help the way i fee
Cattie Woman Dancing In Sync..
Harley Update !!!!!!
On Harleys last visit to the Cancer specialist It has been diagnoised as a 72 5 shrinkage in the tumor on her brain.So your prayers are definantly appreciated. I want to thank each and everyone of you that Prayed for her.We are praying that it clears up all the way.Again Thank you all. LOL Dave
Erotic Story..... Be Aware, Explicit
Today I took a longer lunch-break than expected and because I now had time to spare I drove to your apartment hoping to see you. I parked across the road from the block where you lived then hurried down the street in the rain. When entering the building I made straight for the elevator, not stopping even to shake the rain from my overcoat. I stood impatiently at the doors and waited. "Hurry up, hurry up!" I repeated in my mind as the elevator made it's slow descent, for I was desperate to see you. Suddenly a bell sounded and the doors opened. "Ground floor" said an electronic voice as I walked quickly inside and pressed the fourth floor button that would take me to you. Up went the elevator, slow and steady, and in a moment had stopped again. The doors opened and I hurried out into the corridor, walking briskly then to your door. Then I took out the key you had given me and let myself in. Closing the door behind me I dropped my bag to the floor, then slipped off my shoes and over
Nasty Quiz!
Rules: Answer this 4 the person who posted this and then repost it 4 your self! 1.Would u have sex with me? answer: 2.What position would u fuck me in? answer: 3.Would u suck me up/eat me out? answer: 4.Would u fuck me hard/want me to fuck you hard? answer: 5.Would u have sex with me the first night u met me? answer: 6.Give me a naked pic? answer: 7.Would u do me in the shower? answer: 8.Would u handcuff me or tie me up 2 the bed and then do me? answer: 9.Would u use desert? answer: 10.Would u have a 3-some with me? answer: 11.What makes u want 2 have sex with me? answer: 12.Would u talk dirty 2 me while we sexed? answer: 13.Where would u do me @? answer: 14.Would u do me in front of people? answer: 15.Would u do me again and again? answer: 16.Would u do me in the rain? answer: 17.Would u mind if we did it like .porno stars? answer: 18.Would u have phone sex with me? answer: 19.If i gave u my heart would u lo
Stupid People Crack Me Up
you know stupid people are funny.... first off let me put that the only person in this whole thing i care about is brian because hes my world and if you think im getting mad im not and most of it i was laughing way fucking hard. but its all good the person(s) may of tried and hurt me but it didnt work.... sorry for you luck..... Kandace (10/19/2007 12:21:50 AM): hey please lose my number and my yahoo name Del (10/19/2007 12:22:02 AM): why because you lied to us? Del (10/19/2007 12:22:11 AM): i just ant to know why Del (10/19/2007 12:22:12 AM): thats all Del (10/19/2007 12:22:17 AM): i didnt want to stop being friends Del (10/19/2007 12:23:13 AM): and i havent called at all Del (10/19/2007 12:23:20 AM): except that onces Del (10/19/2007 12:23:24 AM): that i left the message Kandace (10/19/2007 12:23:28 AM): liyed 2 u Del (10/19/2007 12:23:28 AM): and i was fucking WORRIED Del (10/19/2007 12:23:53 AM): yea you said you sent money and NOTHING has ever came Del (10/19/20
Military Inc.
Heyyy Everyone
i am boredd out of my mind.. and new to this site.. anyone else bored and just lookin to chat?
Dui Ohio Style
From the county where drunk driving is considered a sport, comes this true story. Recently a routine police patrol parked outside a bar in COLUMBUS,OHIO after last call the officer noticed a man leaving the bar so apparently intoxicated that he could barely walk. The man stumbled around the parking lot for a few minutes, with the officer quietly observing. After what seemed an eternity in which he tried his keys on five different vehicles, the man managed to find his car and fall into it. He sat there for a few minutes as a number of other patrons left the bar and drove off. Finally he started the car, switched the wipers on and off--it was a fine, dry summer night--,flicked the blinkers on and off a couple of times, honked the horn and then switched on the lights. He moved the vehicle forward a few inches, reversed a little and then remained still for a few more minutes as some more of the other patrons' vehicles left. At last, when his was the only car left in the parking lot,
How To Upload A Video
How do i upload a video on here and is it took long if it is 35 secs and can it have voice or not?
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