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*sigh* Today
today i found your ring the poinky skull i bought it for you on a road trip a lifetime ago it was in a box i forgot to unpack then again, maybe i didn't forget it maybe it went invisible so that i'd have more time to heal to learn to feel to stop the bleeding of my soul i thought to myself oh. damn. and i waited for tears but they didn't come my heart didn't skip a beat my soul didn't bleed i felt amusement at the memory of how we were back then so punk avant-garde anarchists with our own ajenda telling the world to f-off and meaning it heh you were such cool beans sid and nancy had nothing on us baby we rocked the universe and didn't care who said what then you changed f*&^ we both changed *selling out and buying in* neither of us saw it how the he77 did that happen? where'd ya go babycakes? why'd ya give up on it all? i guess i still wonder about you but it's not the same those days of bleeding are over those days of wishing for
Don't Watch If You Are Easily Offended.. Lol
I WISH YOU ENOUGH A wish for enough!!! Have a great day!! Recently I overheard a mother and daughter in their last moments together at the airport. They had announced the departure. Standing near the security gate, they hugged and the mother said, 'I love you and I wish you enough'. The daughter replied, 'Mom, our life together has been more than enough. Your love is all I ever needed. I wish you enough, too, Mom'. They kissed and the daughter left. The mother walked over to the window where I was seated. Standing there I could see she wanted and needed to cry. I tried not to intrude on her privacy but she welcomed me in by asking, 'Did you ever say good-bye to someone knowing it would be forever?'. Yes, I have,' I replied. 'Forgive me for asking, but why is this a forever good-bye?'. 'I am old and she lives so far away. I have challenges ahead and the reality is - the next trip back will be for my funeral,' she said. 'When you were saying good-bye, I h
In My Daughter's Eyes
In my daughter's eyes I am a hero I am strong and wise and I know no fear But the truth is plain to see She was sent to rescue me I see who I wanna be In my daughter's eyes In my daughter's eyes everyone is equal Darkness turns to light and the world is at peace This miracle God gave to me gives me strength when I am weak I find reason to believe In my daughter's eyes And when she wraps her hand around my finger It puts a smile in my heart Everything becomes a little clearer I realize what life is all about It's hanging on when your heart has had enough It's giving more when you feel like giving up I've seen the light It's in my daughter's eyes In my daughter's eyes I can see the future A reflection of who I am and what will be Though she'll grow and someday leave Maybe raise a family When I'm gone I hope you see how happy she made me For I'll be there In my daughter's eyes
I Believe
Birth Certificate shows that we were born. A Death Certificate shows that we died. Pictures show that we lived! Have a seat . . . Relax . . . And read this slowly. I Believe... That just beca use two people argue, it doesn't mean they don't love each other. And just because they don't argue, it doesn't mean they do love each other.. I Believe... That we don't have to change friends if we understand that friends change. I Believe... That no matter how good a friend is, they're going to hurt you every once in a while and you must forgive them for that. I Believe... That true friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance. Same goes for true love. I Believe... That you can do something in an instant that will give you heartache for life. I Believe... That it's taking me a long time to become the person I want to be. I Believe.. That you should always leave loved ones with loving words. It
Who's Helpin Me Celebrate??
It's time to celebrate local metal!! Get your asses out to the: Indi-Grace Metal Showcase Featuring Deadringer's CD Release Bash wsg: Wake of Destruction, Occams Razor, Skarrd & Cacophonous Incantation! ALSO: **Miss High Octane Model Search Finals!** Cheer for your favorite model onstage to win the title of "Miss High Octane!" **AND Indi-Grace's 30th Birthday Blowout!!** Saturday, August 16, 2008 at THE MACHINE SHOP!! Doors at 7pm $5 21+, $8 18-20 at the door $5 18 & Up Pre-Sale Tickets ARE Available! Contact your favorite band!! 5 Killer Bands, 4 Gorgeous Models, 3 Decades, 2 Much to Miss, 1 BIG NIGHT!! BE THERE!!!
Well, Well
nothing happened today. absolutely nothing.
Please Spank This Amazing Fu...wonder Woman!!!
SHE'S FUN... SHE'S BEAUTIFUL... SHE HAS A HEART OF MANY FU'S... SHE IS A WONDER WOMAN TO BE TRUE! She Has Her Eyes All Over Fubar...Pimping..Blogging..and Ready To Attack The Next Level For Any Fu-Member!
The Second Lady..........
The front door bell rang. She stood tall, black hair down to her ass, chestnut eyes, tall but not attractive in a regular way of seeng things, as in those eyes were intelligence and passion. I could feel a stirring between my thighs. From the living room , we could hear Anna whimpering., pleading..."oh Master, fuck me...pleaseeeeeeeee fuck me." . I had been tormenting her on the couch, sliding my thick cockhead between her soaking cunt lips. she was delirious. The tall bird-faced lady entered, her sensuous lips seeming to communicate with the surroundings. She was carrying a small bag. I asked if I could take her bag for her, and she said simply, "no"...."no, thank you". I invited her into the living room. cheryl was still somewhat writhing with her wrists and ankles roped. I introduced her to gila. gila smiled quickly and continued looking around. cheryl, who was immediately intrigued at her arrival, broke out in a broad smile of welcoming. cheryl's panties were moved to
What Exactly is a 'Hater'? A hater is someone who is jealous and envious and spends all their time trying to make you look small so they can look tall. They are very negative people to say the least. Nothing is ever good enough! When you make your mark, you will always attract some haters. . . That's why you have to be careful with whom you share your blessings and your dreams with because some folk can't handle seeing you blessed... It's dangerous to be like somebody else... If God wanted you to be like somebody else, He would have given you what He gave them! Right? You never know what people have gone through to get what they have... The problem I have with haters is that they see my glory, but they don't know my story... If the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence, you can rest assured that the water bill is higher there too! We've all got some haters among us! Some people envy you because you can: * Have a relationship with God * L
Here are some songs that are floating my metaphorical boat at the moment, maybe you'll like, maybe not. That is the beauty of music Hope all that code actually worked :)
Luau Auction
Time to Crank up that Summertime Fun with a new Auction -- Hawaii Style! Thats right folks, I am hosting my first auction! The luau way! I will be making all tags for this so lets have some fun! Guidelines as follows: 1. Send me the link to a SFW or Semi SFW picture that you would like to use (if you want to submit a bathing suit pic thats OK too). Along with your OFFERS! 2. Entry fee is 25k and starting bids will be 75k! 3. I will be promoting this heavily (along with some help) BUT self promotion is a must! 4. Absolutely NO drama or I will delete your auction -- this is all about FUN guys! Lets have a BLAST with this! 5. I am not responsible for the highest bidder paying you. IF that person doesn't let me know and I will post something about it but again I am not responsible! 6. ALSO! -- The one person with the MOST rates at the end of this will recieve a $20 bling pack from me. Must have a minimum of 200 rates! 7. Have Fun and Happy Bidding!
July 6, 2008 Pimpout
Love Joe lots because he doesn't have any boobs and is trying to level up! Go help him become a Godfather! joe((fuowned by jasmin))@ fubar Texas Camaro Nut is my Fu Owner; go show him tons of love while I'm away for two weeks: Texas Camaro Nut@ fubar I own kcwolf, he will need lots of hot loving in my absence too: kcwolf© ™ ♥Owner of ^SIN^ ♥@ fubar You could not have a better friend than Blueroses! Go love this sexy thang LOTS! ~Blueroses~ Sarge's Bad Girls~@ fubar Tarnishedhalo is still having computer woes so love her all you can! "tarnishedhalo"~Sarge's Bad Girl~Owned By "Texas Camaro Nut" Sign my guestbook;@ fubar Dark Prince John is a hot prince you'll want on your page daily! Dark Prince John.Promoter and Member of Club United.Owner of Sweet Sexy Latina,Dragonphyre,Sexy Gran@ fubar ^sin^ is a fabulous young lady and is probably on your friends list already. Even if she is, go check her out again! She is always uploading new
Youngest Informed Me Today
The kids are constantly in and out of the livingroom. Well during one of the younest's trips into the livingroom. he sees my paper from my salute that i did last nite. And as he is looking as it. He informs me that my "i" in tink is upside down.. Poor guy was completely confused when i told him i knew and that mommy did that on purpose.. lol Him and his brother are constantly informing hubby and I that we dont write anyway. We scribble... ha ha ha
Fubucks Contest. Please Help!!
Rolling Stones- Anybody Seen My Baby
Wedding Slide Show!
Baseball Play 0f The Century
All Are Loved
To love is the key elememnt to survival. It is for love that we can accomplish the impossible and even the improbable. So this is from my inner warrior to all of you... All Are Loved I am small, but I am feirce. My strength lies in my will. Tenacity was born in my desire, to live, to love, and to fullfill each day, each breath, as if all I did had a ripple effect. Kind words and smiles can arm me, with the grace and style, I choose as my weapons. To spread the word. That we are all. And ALL are loved! -Heaven
Ozz's Trippin Tribute To Pink Floyd
Created with much love by LuAngel
About My Sexuality!
As far as I see it people have major problems with me being with a woman, as being their wifey and last time I checked its a FREEDOM OF CHOICE! People its only a website to have fun not to deal with so much drama. You can always turn on and off the computer. And for this matter yes I am Bisexual now what? Didn't hear it come from my mouth before well now you have! REMEMBER this also GET OVER IT!
Check It Out We Need You One More Time
My friend Curvalicious has just pulled into the lead in the Ultimate Desire's Auction Rates Contest. Most Rates wins a bling pack. Curvy was one of the very first people to help me out TONS with comment bombing in my very first Giveaway on here, so I am no longer asking for rates for myself in this. She has been a great friend to me on here. I did not know she was going to be in the same auction when I entered it, so I am sorry for the change midway through. So please if you would go drop a quick rate on her contest photo for me. I am fortunate to already have a bid for a bling pack, so I will be set on bling for a while. THIS BULLETIN BROUGHT TO YOU BY: SquiRteR Kayla PLEASE RATE PAGE AND BLOG THX@ fubar (repost of original by 'SquiRteR Kayla PLEASE RATE PAGE AND BLOG THX' on '2008-07-16 22:35:51')
Trackz Question
Does anyone know when the trackz system will be back up so I can add some music to play on my profile? It is currently down for maintenance.
Thing I Wont Do..
I Need Help In Crime
I am in need of fellow mobsters, any one care to help? Come to my myspace, come to my mob.
Just A Little Update
Just a little update on how Gator and I have been we have been doing Great these last couple of weeks. We were just talking earlier this year about owning our own place in about five years, But that ended up happening sooner than that we are in our new home now and like all new things they take some getting use to and yes I am a country girl at heart and like to be out of the city well at least the city I was living in LoL I am feeling much happier and starting to settle in my new home seems how we just got in this week and got my internet back up and running today I am loving my new home so far just not looking forward to all the work that we will be doing anytime soon. But what is the point of owning something if your not up to putting a little work into it? Well just thought I would give ya'll a update on what I have been up to and yes I can hear it now some are saying I may have gone crazy but hey at least I am happy and who would have thought that was possible ? I think the
Can You Surprise My Fiancee?!?
My Fiancee is going into the hospital for surgery on the 31st of July, yes this month she was hoping she could make God father or be going to Godfather before then. Could you help make her day? I won't forget you if you do!!! All I ask is, if you help please message me and let me know that you helped her, if you don't I will probably miss you & I don't want to do that & I will do my best to surprise you! You can click on her link below if you would like to help. Ty for taking the time to read this & ty in advance for the love you show her!!! Sexci Girl *surgery this week, won't be around much@ fubar
Another Trip To Hospital
My sis and I went and saw grandfather today. Some things have improved to a degree. He has been moved from ICU after 2 1/2 months to the next level down intermediate. The one good thing is we can now stay with him basically long as we want. We have put up a bunch of pics on one wall for him to look at. The room is not too big and with all the machines they still use on him it can get crowded. He was awake today while we were there. We put his glasses on him and he enjoyed being able to see what was going on. A couple times he seemed to recognize who we were and then other times he just had that same look of just going with the flow. We have a tape player in his room and we played some of his music we brought from home. We keep trying to give him every stimulant we can to get his mind going again on the right track. I saw his bed sores today really good today and it almost brought tears to my eyes. The ones on his back and bottom are just hideous and if he could speak I would not b
Vertical Horizon - Everything You Want
"Everything You Want" Somewhere there's speaking It's already coming in Oh and it's rising at the back of your mind You never could get it Unless you were fed it Now you're here and you don't know why But under skinned knees and the skid marks Past the places where you used to learn You howl and listen Listen and wait for the Echoes of angels who won't return [Chorus] He's everything you want He's everything you need He's everything inside of you That you wish you could be He says all the right things At exactly the right time But he means nothing to you And you don't know why You're waiting for someone To put you together You're waiting for someone to push you away There's always another wound to discover There's always something more you wish he'd say [Chorus] But you'll just sit tight And watch it unwind It's only what you're asking for And you'll be just fine With all of your time It's only what you're waiting for Out of the island In
Naked Pics? - For A Friend
Now that I have you here, please allow me to waste about 5 seconds more of your time. I am trying for Spotlight on my birthday. I look at all the people who have made spotlight and they have THOUSANDS of friends, well I don't, but I think that the friends I do have, rock harder than anyone else. I know that with your help, I can do this, and because you know me, you know I always return the kindness that is shown to me. Any donations, big or small, are appreciated and won't go unrewarded. If you need a spotlight, you know I will do the same for you. Besides, you girls have a better chance of getting it than any of us guys, so please, help me out. You need to Level? I have 11's, I can comment bomb you, anything you need. I am always here when you need something, please do the same for me. bew1769(Master of Firechick728)
Finally Some Good News
Well it is about time I had some good news to put up about grandfather. We had a meeting with the staff that is taking direct care of grandfather. As most of you know he had heart surgery almost 3 months ago and its been a hard battle to say the least. Just a few days ago he got moved from being in ICU for the past 2 1/2 months to the next lower level. He is not in any immediate danger right now. Which as most of you know is a vast improvement. The meeting went rather well. We asked that everyone got on the same page on his care. From physical therapy to voice therapy to everyday things he needs done to help him. The meeting has already gotten results. They put up a set of goals everyday that are to be met by his nurses and for those from each therapy. This way no one can say again "Well I am new so I don't know what he does". One thing that bugged my sis and I was uh damm there is over 2 months worth of notes on him. How can you not know anything about him? Anyway the past couple
Lamborghini Website
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About Me More!!!
Scorpio Positive Traits Determined and forceful Emotional and intuitive Powerful and passionate Exciting and magnetic. Scorpios have magnetic and dynamic personalities. Typically they are likable and have a soothing affect on those around them. Scorpios also tend to be very creative and inventive and excel in professional careers such as medicine chemistry and physics. They tend also to be patient, courteous, loyal and generous. Those around them will often use them to help with problem resolution. Their greatest assets are the powers of will and determination. Scorpio Negative Traits Jealous and resentful Compulsive and obsessive Secretive and obstinate. Although patient and courteous, if they become aroused there is no fury equal to the Scorpio. They can become bitterly cutting to those around them. The more sensitive Scorpio may have a tendency to lose their composure and lash out with unconstructively. Because they may possess keen, creative minds, they may tend
Dark Knight- Spoilers A Plenty
Finally saw it last night. Holy Crap was that a good movie. Not only was Heath Ledgers performance great, it may have been one of the best performances in a movie I've ever seen. So, now that no one can spoil it for me...discuss!
Sarges Bad Girls Contest
Will you please leave me some comments or just rate me! Please this is my first contest !
My Owner
Hey Friends and Fans, Come on and show love to my new owner, stop by and add, fan, rate her, she will return the love. ø¤º°`°º¤ø Blue Eyed Brat ø¤º°`°º¤ø fu owned by poetic soul@ fubar
Music Videos ...
I made this video playlist at
Bully Suny Skyz Made For Me
I'm Pimping out one my other friends you might already know this handsome person and be real good friends with with him, if not then you are missing out. For the time I've known him he is really cool person to know and I'm glad to have him as a friend. I'm pimping him out so come and show my friend some mad FU LOV
Personal Balancing Act
To move forward from the last one sent to you, the Jeffrey Brantley & Wendy Millstine book used indicates regarding PERSONAL BALANCING ACT the following: No matter what your profession, your personal life can sometimes distract you from the work at hand. Perhaps you’re worried about your child or an ill family member or a recent divorce. No one is immune to these concerns, and yet in the fast-paced business world, few of us can afford to drop our jobs and adequately tend to our daily personal worries. But there’s no reason why we can’t both acknowledge our personal life and be present for our work duties. Try this private ritual for maintaining a healthy balance between both your worlds. 1. First, acknowledge what’s going in your life outside of work. 2. Take this moment to give yourself the comfort and tenderness that you need. Say aloud, “I am worried about ______________. In this moment, I feel _________________. There will be time eventually to get through th
Recent Dr Visit
For those who don't already know, I went to the dr just about 2 and a half weeks ago for a new patient exam with my new dr. He decided to run a bunch of bloodwork and do some xrays to have his own full set of records. Well, a full set of back xrays and 7 (YES SEVEN) vials of blood later, I went home. On Monday of this week, I went in to get the results of all those tests... So here's the rundown... Thyroid / Metabolism - Normal. White Blood Cell count - Normal. Blood Sugar - Normal. Cholesterol - Slightly elevated, but nothing that a little getting out and moving around won't fix. Slightly anemic - guess I need to take vitamins again LOL! Arthritis test was positive, duh, I've known that for damn near 14 years now. X-rays show NO damage in my spine from the arthritis though, so that's a good thing. The most disturbing part was this last part... Apparently the dr found it necessary to run a test for Lupus (for those who don't know what it is, check it out at - it
Thank You For Your Support
Its been about two weeks since this page has been started and it has been such a wonderful experience so far. Both Pee-Jay and myself have received such wonderful comments and support with this new page. We appreciate all of you that have stopped by the page and shared your love with us. It is an honor for us to have you contribute to the page and we will always be here to support you when you are having a down day. God bless all of you and you families.
Bumming Love
Sally Anderson is a nice housewife living a quiet life with her soon to be ex husband John. Well if that was up to me, that’s how it would be. Sally and I met at a party a long time ago. She was unhitched then and stunning. Back then she was wild and crazy, working down at Rusty’s as a stripper. But when she met that man, John, that was the end of the woman I thought I loved. But it was all a secret, our relationship that is. I changed a lot, though, since I was in prison for 2 years. I used to be a coke dealer and unfortunately I got caught and Sally broke up with. But while I was in prison, the only thing I thought about was Sally. I was walking into a courtroom where I’ve been many times, when she walked in. She was there dressed in a pretty pink summer dress with a white purse snug under her left arm. Her perfume smelled of something like roses and lilies. I caught her eyes. She gasped at the sight of me! I watched her slowly, are eyes met again. I smiled a
Under 45k To Level Come On Lets Get Her
Noise Toys
I just received a new noise toy in the mail, its an old MXR Blue Box from the 70s. The Blue Box is a fuzzbox for guitar that adds a note 2 octaves below the note being played, well thats what its supposed to do but apparently it doesnt track notes very well so it spits out random bleeps and farts along with the sounds its supposed to be generating, i love unpredictable noise boxes so this one should be the bees knees.
Take A Look.....mostly Rambling Lol
I wonder what it would be like if I picked up all my shit and left it all behind? It's not something that I'm considering, well not at the moment at least. Because here where I live, I have so many that I love and care for, I couldn't imagine just running off. But every once in a while, it crosses my mind. If like, just in the middle of the night I left, no note, no call in the morning. Just left. I wonder where I'd go, what I'd see, who I'd meet? Sometimes I absolutly love living where I live. And then, there are times like these, that I just wonder how much I missing out on things. Visiting places, meeting new people, shit like that. I don't know maybe it's just because of this funk that I'm in. I feel trapped, like I can't breathe half the time, and the times that I can breathe, I feel like I'm walking on eggshells because the next fuck-up that I do is right around the corner. Ever feel like absofuckingtly no one gives two shits and a fuck about you? Even though you
i would like to invite everyone to my fu-wedding it will be in green door september 2nd
†dj Azriel† Wants A Spolight!!!
He wants The Spotlight This Guy want to get the spotlight show him is possible!!!!!!! Please I will ask you the donate to him and help him out!!!!! He came to me and ask for HELP so i came with a Lil Bully please help him out!!! Here I will give you his link go and show him much love!!!! †Dj Azriel† HookahRadio@ fubar Every Donation Is well received!!! Remember Donate Donate Donate! Made With Much love by: ~☠~. Bad Kitty .~☠~@ fubar
Van, Sherry And Crystal, Your Faults
I'm really bored so just had to 1. Go to (don't sign in) 2. Type the answer to your question in the "search" box 3. Pick from pictures on the first page only What is your name? horrible choices What is your relationship status? What is your favorite color? What kind of car do you drive? Who is your celebrity crush? What are you listening to? What is your favorite tv show? What kind of phone do you have? What is something you do a lot? Whats your favorite character? Whats your favorite dessert? Whats your favorite non alcoholic drink? W
Fear is what everyone in the world has. Depression is caused by a great fear that scares you into insanity. Yelling for instance can lead to rage. Allowing people at young ages to hear there parents yell can affect them in a severe way. Parents who argue and yell in front of young adults show the minors that fighting and screaming is the only way to get there point across. Which is not true. Yelling can influence a person in 2 ways. Example number 1 is it can make that minor angry for the rest of there life and think fighting is right. Example number 2 that if the person is scared of the yelling it can allow other people to walk all over that person so they wont have to go through the yelling and the screaming and makes them a depressed person until they get out of the situation. And even then that person will still allow people to yell at them and push you around. My disease is that I am scared of the yelling and I never speak my mind if I have something to say. So that refers to me a
The Beauty Of A Woman
The beauty of a woman, isn't in the clothes she wears, The figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman, must be seen from in her eyes Because that's the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. The beauty of a woman, isn't in a facial mole, but true beauty in a woman, is reflected by her soul. It's the caring that she cares to give, the passion that she shows, And the beauty of a woman, with passing years, only grows. I wish you bright mornings and warm, sunny days, Soft shade to cool you from sweltering rays, Raindrops, a few, from some cloud floating by, Rainbows thereafter to color your sky. Rambling rivers and great shining seas, Mountains and forests with towering trees, Hillsides and valleys, all flower-festooned, Nature that nurtures whomever's attuned. A faithful companion who'll stay by your side, Children to care for, to love and to guide, Enough work to do with enough time for play The
Breast Cancer Awareness Please Read - Free Mammograms
Thank you Chris for sharing this in your blog! PLEASE DO THIS! A favor to ask, it only takes a minute.... Please tell ten friends to tell ten today! The Breast Cancer site is having trouble getting enough people to click on their site daily to meet their quota of donating at least one free mammogram a day to an underprivileged woman. It takes less than a minute to go to their site and click on "donating a mammogram" for free (pink window in the middle). This doesn't cost you a thing. Their corporate sponsors /advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate mammogram in exchange for advertising. Here's the web site! Pass it along to people you know.FREE MAMMOGRAMS AGAIN, PLEASE TELL 10 FRIENDS TO TELL 10 TODAY
The Boob Train
DWN147's Boob Train AKA The Slingshot Express...CHOO CHOO 1. Go down the list rate, fan and add all the ladies 2. Hit repost 3. Grab your link to profile and paste. Feel free to add your bust size. 4. Repost the bulletin. **Men will want to see this for sure. So all you gentlemen feel free to rate, fan and add all of the women. You know you want them. ***** ^MsRetta^@ fubar 40E (because I'm proud of my bewbage) ***** anarchyannie*Beaners Girl*@ fubar 36C and proud! ***** ★H♥Rñ¥ ÂñGê£★™® {D.S.C}@ fubar LMAO (36DD) WOOOP! :O ***** HELLCAT *CO-OWNER OF FUBARS FLAMING HOTTIES* FEEL THE HEAT@ fubar A MOUTHFUL :D SO SUCK EM BABY! ***** Slave2Fantasy/Aka/Erotica~Tat _man73~R/L G/F@ fubar They're just beautiful ***** ~Phoenix~@ fubar 36C AND QUITE CONTENT..LOL ***** ChelleBelle** KandyKissGirl, Greeter & Promoter for CK2**@ fubar 40DDD and All Real ***** FknCrazyâ„¢~♫♫ Dj @ Dirty Deeds Radio ♫♫~aka HipHop Princess..@ f
Need Some Fubucks??
5000 FUBUCKS FOR EVERY 100 COMMENTS...IF YOU HELP...SEND ME A PRIVATE MESSAGE...NO MESSAGE NO BUCKS..DIABLO Need your help with a contest!! Please help me with all the comments you can give me... You must be a friend of the Contest holder..Please add her... COMMENT BOMB THIS PIC PLEASE... RULES ARE BELOW.. PLEASE ADD-FAN AND RATE TO BOMB!! ~*JÁÐÊ*~RاÊ*~((R/A/F - LUV RETURNED ))ØWÑÊR & DJ @§WÊÊTWÁTÊR§ *~FU-OWNED BY ''SMUT@ fubar PRIZES
Marrige An Black Stilettos...
Three women: one engaged, one married and one a mistress, are chatting about their relationships and decided to amaze their men. That night all three decided to wear black leather bras, stilettos, and a mask over their eyes. After a few days they meet up for lunch. The engaged woman: The other night when my boyfriend came over he found me with a black leather bodice, tall stilettos and a mask. He saw me and said, 'You are the woman of my life, I love you.' Then we made love all night long. The mistress: Me too! The other night I met my lover at his office and I was wearing the leather bodice, heels, mask over my eyes and a raincoat. When I opened the raincoat he didn't say a word, but we had wild sex all night. The married woman: I sent the kids to stay at my mother's house for the night. When my husband came home I was wearing the leather bodice, black stockings, stilettos and a mask over my eyes. As soon as he came in the door and saw me he said…' What's for dinne
a href="" target=_blank>
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed has hit the stands with a purple lightsaber drawn and humming, and the dark side flowing through it. The Force Unleashed is an action game, played from a third person perspective (where the player can see his character. The game follows a story that fills in the gaps between the popular Star Wars movies, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith – the one where Anakin Skywalker becomes the evil Darth Vader – and Episode IV: A New Hope – the one we normally just call “Star Wars.” At the end of Episode III, the Jedi are being hunted and slain and, as we learn from Episode IV, they are eventually wiped out (or believed to be). At the beginning of the game, players actually portray Darth Vader in all his glory. His mission is to find a powerful Jedi hiding on the planet Kashyyyk, which is where Wookies like Chewbacca come from. Using the Force to fling them around and his saber to snuff out their furry vine swinging lives, Vader finds this Jedi, as well as a small
Delerius Has An Hh
What can I say about the man I love's first HH tomorrow?? SAVE YOUR RATES FOR IT OR I WILL KILL YOU....or more likely find out where you live and shave your pets. Its at 8pm PST And remember I will systematically cover your carpets with all shaved pet hair!
Some Of The Trains I Have Boarded
Just Click on the Tag to get to the Blog for information on how to join.
Dear Mr Obama
Living With Love
Ive recently realized how fucked you are when you hook two of your friends up. I thought this whole this would go well seeing as how id see both of them often enough and all would work out amazing. Well lets just say the oppisite effect is going on. Im now just trying to see one or the other. Sad yes, but the point is you never completly understand people till you see them attached to the face of someone one elese. Rather annoying yes but you learn about them threw how they "act" around threw new found toy. Now dont get me wrong I know there people out there that have had oppisite reactions to this kind of thing and thats cool. But to the people that read this and understand ill give you some pointers. Ok so the female in the relationship lives with me, and the male is wanting to move in with me. So this is a whole different ball field that what many of you are playing in now but some of this could be of use. So number one, no matter how annoying it is to lisen to them
A Song......
Hey ya'll I know ya'll r prolly all 2 busy and most not country fans but I heard this song a month or so ago on XM radio it really caught my way I didnt hear it again till here recently.......and any of u country fans will kno the truth behind this song and I just wanted to sare the lyrics to it here!!!!!! It really is tru Johnny and June loved each other heart and soul!!!! The song is on my play list on my profile!!!! check it out!!!!! Oh there's something 'bout a man in black Makes me want to buy a cadillac, Throw the top back And roll down to Jackson town I wanna be there on the stage with you You and I could be the next rage, too Hear the crowd roar, Make 'em one more, I'll kick the footlights out I wanna love like Johnny and June Rings of fire burnin' with you I wanna walk the line, Walk the line, 'Till the end of time I wanna love, Love ya that much Cash it all in, Give it all up, And when you're gone I wanna go, too
Fubar Midget
A young wife sat on a sofa on a hot humid day, drinking iced tea and visiting with her mother. As they talked about life, about marriage, about the responsibilities of life and the obligations of adulthood, the mother clinked the ice cubes in her glass thoughtfully and turned a clear, sober glance upon her daughter. 'Don't forget your sisters,' she advised, swirling the tea leaves to the bottom of her glass. 'They'll be more important as you get older. No matter how much you love your husband, no matter how much you love the children you may have, you are still going to need sisters. Remember to go places with them now and then; do things with them.' 'Remember that 'sisters' means ALL the women...your girlfriends, your daughters, and all your other women relatives too. 'You'll need other women. Women always do.' 'What a funny piece of advice!' the young woman thought, 'Haven't I just gotten married? Haven't I just joined the couple-world? I'm now a married woman,
Short Poem Called Dreaming
Everynight I close my eyes... uncertain of what the night has in store. Evertnight i close my eyes... hopinthat you will come and vist me. Everynight i pray to stay a sleep a little longer... Everymorning I felt cheated I hate the wayyou came and leftso quickly. Everynight i wonder if i will ever hear your voice again. Everynight i hear you callin my name but i can't see your face. Everynight i wish that i could hug you Everymorning i wake up holdin my pillow. Everynight i wonder if you will call to say good night. Everynight i realize that there is no one on the end of the line. Everynight i fantasize that i am your everything. Everymorningi realize that it was all a dream. everymorning i wake up feeling more lonely than the day before.
j33p♥lovah@ fubar
There comes a time in all man's life when trust is obsolete, yet love is absolute!~Carin J. Rutherford poet, songstress, lovermore famous quotes
Yahoo Messenger Scammers
Ok i am writing this so everyone is aware of this problem if you don't already know about it. Yahoo messenger has ben invaded by these usless fucking bottom feeding parasites. From other countries ( Africa The U.K. Russa and others in the last two weeks i have told six of them to go shove there head up there ass fart and blow their brains out. They will tell you they love you so much and want to marry you ( YEAH RIGHT ) all they want is your $$ money $$ here are some of the usual scamms they try to get you on I will do what ever you want me to but i need to pay my internet bill so i can stay on and talk to you ( BULLSHIT ) they work out of internet cafe's on laptops My mum is sick and i need to pay her hospital bill ( YEAH RIGHT ) Mum's probably sitting on her fat ass in the other room I want to hear you sexy vioce but i don't have a phone can you send me a cell phone or send me money for a calling card ( OH YEA I"LL JUST RUN OUT A SEND YOU $50.00 FOR A CALLING CARD ) I
Thank You
i would like to thank all my friends who helped me try and level rating my pics please pm me so i can return the love i would like to thank canadian and cruel for the 11 blings much love to you all
Four Seasons Of Our Love
In December, snowflakes fall from the sky Those snowflakes as precious as your eyes Pure romance, our tender hearts will chase Cuddling up so ever warm by the fireplace. In beautiful spring, during April’s showers Before nature is blooming with sunflowers I will hold you close to kiss you in the rain It’s you my lover, that my heart has gained. It’s in the midst of summer, neath the stars You and I lay, til the moon comes our way The stars are aligned and the mood is right And your beauty, reflects in the moonlight. In the autumn, leaves falling from the trees Some are yellow, orange, brown and green I’ll follow my heart and follow my dreams It’s your love my darling that’s guiding me. I fell for you as the leaves do in November Love, is as beautiful as December’s winter It’s through these four seasons, of our love That my tender heart simply grown to love.
You Can Make A Difference...
Nebraska’s Safe Haven Law
Nebraska’s Safe haven law Okay, so here is the way the law was designed: when a young mom, new mom, or a mom who can not take care of her newborn wants to just give up her baby, she can only if she knows that the baby is going to be harmed in anyway, hence not going to be taken care of properly. I guess first before a baby is taken, the mom will have to go through counceling and then decide if she wants the baby or not. When law makers designed the law, originally, though(in July the law was passed), it was meant for infants and not for the older children to be abandoned at the hospitals. However, they did say in this ammendment that kids under the age of 19 are eligible for this Safe Haven Law in Nebraska, so therefore, this leave open doors for those parents that want to just abandon their kids just like that. In the past 24hrs though, there were 11cases of abandoned children at nebraska hospitals though. The state legislature now is looking at trying to change this law
I Wont Be Reduced To Your Level..
Just venting..I am just sitting here thinking... Why do people act the way they do? Why do some people feel the need to lie to get what they want? Why do you have to get hurt to see who your real friends are? Why do you have to get knocked down so often when all you do is try to be a good friend. Why do I have to care so much for people..I need to just be a bitch and keep the wall up. I am there for everyone sometimes, to much...and... For what? to get hurt. I am so tired of being used and hurt. I don't deserve this. Maybe I just make poor judgement when it comes to making friends. I just don't know anymore. I shouldn't even care but I do...... Yes I walk away hurt.... but I know who I am and that you can't bring me down to your level. I am better than what you reduce yourself to. I am the better person no matter how much I hurt.. Pain goes away... I walk away hurt but my head high.. I rather be alone than what you wanted me to be...... Yes this probably doesn't make sence but i
Poetic Death
"Poetic Death" Death came twice today, It never fails it finds the way When I leat expect it When I only want it gone Where it was everything is Time is the essence of which I bleed, When bleed I bleed for two Two for two, three for three All for one which I'll never be Now I am all for you, all for me From this view you'll never see I love this hate I hate this love But this roundabout is what we have been dreaming of If I could have it all at once I would die Please don't waste your time asking why Why wasn't the question and never is but it will never be. They say that he who sows wind will reap storm, Well if you sow pain you will reap me Pain is the prospect of the everlasting prodigy If you knew me you would cry If they knew me they would die Just because you asked why. Killing without reason is impossible yes But killing out of righteousness is something we must bless, Is love something one can caress
This year has been so unreal. Unfortantly not in so much for the better. I know what you think about you bring about and what you believe you shall receive...and I am like did I really believe my life would change so much. I believe in reaching all lifes golden opportunities and believing anything is possible. I always keep my head up and know this is all a test for what is to I know I am a real girl who is down her friends, family, or my love...and only want that in that too much to ask... I know I have met some really great friends once I moved away from some old friendships.....guess that should be my focus...letting the old go and allowing the new in...for the better...Focusing on what is to come and not what was...
The Heat Is On!
Why Not
White Chocolate Snack Mix
INGREDIENTS * 1 (10 ounce) package mini twist pretzels * 5 cups toasted oat cereal * 5 cups crispy corn cereal squares * 2 cups salted peanuts * 1 (14 ounce) package candy-coated milk chocolate pieces * 2 (11 ounce) packages white chocolate chips * 3 tablespoons vegetable oil DIRECTIONS 1. Line 3 baking sheets with waxed paper or parchment. Set aside. 2. In a large bowl, combine mini pretzels, toasted oat cereal, crispy corn cereal squares, salted peanuts, and candy-coated chocolate pieces. Set aside. 3. In a microwave-safe bowl, heat chips and oil on medium-high for 2 minutes, stirring once. Microwave on high for 10 seconds; stir until smooth. Pour over cereal mixture and mix well. 4. Spread onto prepared baking sheets. Cool; break apart. Store in an airtight container
110308 Dilbert
The American Vet
The American Vet This is for those who protest, curse and hatefully spit when the hear stories about the American Vet, I have two words "Screw You"! I have to be honest that I am proud to write this to tell you folk "Your all Wet! Have you forgotten that every person who signs their name to join the Marines, Army, Air Force, Navy or Coast Guard did so with one or more of a million reasons. Some were farmer kids that wanted to get away from long hours of work they had to do during the spring, summer and hay bailing seasons. Some worked in your favorite stores and were payed with very little coin, The chance for three squares a day, medical, dental and a career become strong reasons for them to join. Some are kids that people call incorrigible or simply a troubled child, The come to grips with the exercise, learning, and friendships they have. They find these new experiences pretty wild. Some join because their great-grandfathers r
->1882607: you are not that lucky. 1882607: fuck me maybe i should have messed with him a little *snickers*
A Prayer Of Thanksgiving
I come to YOU *CREATOR* now with so much to thank YOU for. As your child I want to shout for joy and sing YOUR praises for all YOU have done for me. Thank YOU for these moments when I withdraw from the world's pressures & anxieties into a quiet place where the sun is shining & the green green trees are bending against blue skies, the flowers are blooming, the grass is green & the water is clean. There is a fresh fragrance in the air and I sense it is the presence of THE WISE ONE whose love and peace is filling my life now. CREATOR, give me now the courage to step into life with new drive & motivation. Help me to channel the creative ideas YOU give me into beautiful life-changing goals. Give me the strength to hold on to hope as I meet the many challenges throughout the day. And CREATOR, give me love as I share with others all the things YOU have done in my life. So I may say with integrity to those I meet, 'CREATOR loves you and so do I.'
Phone Number
got this random in my SB, where's Allah when you need him?? patrickbush12: hey baby wana call me huh here u go 602-861-9076
Rudoph's Misfit Toys Train (18 Riders Room For More)
visit for more info To join this train all you need to do is F/R/A (that's Fan/Rate/Add) EVERYONE on the train Please be sure to put something in the friend request like "Save the misfits!" or "Helping Rudolph to save the misfits!" Well you get the idea! If you already have them on your list be sure to re-rate them if you can and leave a profile comment on their page saying you are "Helping you on Misfit Island!" or something of the sorts! You must F/R/A everyone on this train! Also everyone that joins after you as well! Or you may be removed from the train! Official Rudolph & The Misfit Island Train Tag If you would like an official tag for the train please rate the folder starting with this picture. Leave a comment on the last picture so I know you have rated all 45 of the pictures and that you wish a tag to be made.
Redemption Song
Old pirates, yes, they rob I; Sold I to the merchant ships, Minutes after they took I From the bottomless pit. But my hand was made strong By the 'and of the Almighty. We forward in this generation Triumphantly. Won't you help to sing These songs of freedom? - 'Cause all I ever have: Redemption songs; Redemption songs. Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; None but ourselves can free our minds. Have no fear for atomic energy, 'Cause none of them can stop the time. How long shall they kill our prophets, While we stand aside and look? Ooh! Some say it's just a part of it: We've got to fulfil de book. Won't you help to sing These songs of freedom? - 'Cause all I ever have: Redemption songs; Redemption songs; Redemption songs. Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; None but ourselves can free our mind. Wo! Have no fear for atomic energy, 'Cause none of them-a can-a stop-a the time. How long shall they kill our prophets, While we stand aside and
Friendship, Loyalty, Love
I have started wearing a Claddaugh that my dad got me on a layover in Ireland when he was on his way back home from his tour of duty. I have often wondered how many people actually think about what the Claddaugh really stands for. The circle around the outside of my pendant says Friendship, Love, Loyalty. If you think about it no matter what relationship you have with a person those 3 things are vital. If it is just a friendship you still have to be loyal and love the person to be a true friend. If it is a lover or a spouse you have to be friends first and foremost, loyal to the one you love, and love the person you are with. Those 3 emotions are the most important things in any relationship. There are two hands clasping a heart in the center. Two people holding one heart together. This is why this symbol has been given to husbands and wives for centuries in Ireland. There are many variations with the crown and without the crown but the meaning is always the same. The kind of uncon
Just Curious ...
Hmmmm ... ... Would you be willing to pay 5K FuBux For A Custom Pic? Custom Graphics? Touch Up Of A Pic? If You Are, Hit Me Up. I'm Fu-Broke lol Here's A Sample Got Back....funny
Feelings of confusion, Depression, Uncertainty. Where do I belong? Where do I go? What do I do? Pick up the phone. No one to call. What would I say? Get in the car. No where to go. No one to see. Deep inside Is the urge to scream. At what? Trapped. No escape. Have the need, The desire, The want, For release - For freedom.
Blogging Scholarship
Identity/Credit Theft-Blogging Scholarship My advice is about credit cards and bank account. Both of these generate paper records that have your personal information. PIN’s are not that hard to figure out I have found as I have been a victim of identity theft. I found that if you let go of all the extras that come with a bank account and keep it to person to teller interaction at your bank then any thief will have to come into the bank under the cameras to steal from you. Bank websites are another problem as they can be used for phishing, which is the use of spyware to collect your username and password. Some identity thieves even create their own website that looks like the official bank site and emailing it to you pretending to be your bank with a problem and needing you to login immediately. So eliminate bank website use either altogether or to a bare minimum. Credit cards are also easy to use as all they have to do is sign and most places do not ask for identification. Keeping cre
When Ppl Who Don't Even Know U Hate U
Downraters SUCK!!!
Respect Costs Nothing
The Diary Of Me
I sit here thinking looking back at my life not wishing things were different because everything happens for a reason but hoping and praying that i can learn from my mistakes and become a better person. I am me and that's all i can be. I have nothing to offer n e one other than me and just me should be good enough. People tell me that I am an awesome friend that I will make some man very happy someday but I feel like I am losing hope. I have met many people and thinking that a few of them would be the one. In the long run tho they ended up being just another guy looking to try to use me as there toy. Last i knew i was real i have a heart and i have feelings and my heart does break and my feelings do get hurt. How many chances does a person have at finding love finding someone who loves them for the good in them and the bad?? Now I am not saying it should be easy finding the right guy but gosh why did God have to make it so damn hard? Now I know women can be just as rude
I'm Up 4 Auction!
Wanna Own Me? I'm up 4 Auction! Click the pic to place your bids!! ♥ AgirlNamedblessed
Gossamer Wings And Bended Knee
His once gossamer wings now stained grey, stripped bare. The color of his conduct shows the measure of his quality. His fantasy has lent sway to his reality. Yet he hopes beyond hope that he has not failed in his quest. As his heart fills with sorrow and regret he dares to believe that he still can, and still will… Survive the travesty of his own creation. She Wants… Hopes… Dreams… Her head filled with wonder and starlight, as her heart lingers in her own regret. Poor choices gone by, and mistakes of the heart. She believes him and knows not why. The possibility of his fantasy being a reality is more compelling that she's willing to admit. But she's drank of his waters and upon reaching the bottom found the flavor to be bitter, yet intoxicating. Still she dares to believe. As she's left longing, wanting, needing, praying, crying… dieing. The truth stands shoulder to shoulder with the paladin, watching, waiting, wondering… If she will turn around and embrace them as the light they
Your Name: Favorite position: 1. Do you think I'm cute?. 2. Would you have sex with me? 3. Lights on or off? 4. Would you have to be drunk? 5.Would you take a shower with me? 6.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 7.Would you leave after or stay the night? 8.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 9.Condom or skin? 10. Have sex on the first date? 11.Would you kiss me during sex? 12.Do you think I would be good in bed? 13. Would you use me as a booty call? 14.Can I use you as a booty call? 15.Can we take pictures of the act? 16.How long would we have sex? 17.Would you tell your friends about me? 18.Would you want me for a b/f , g/f or friend? 19.Will you post this so I can fill it out for you? 20. One thing that you would like to do to me?
Go To My Friends And Look For Picins
Hey everyone! Auto 11's on picins on my friends list has over 3000 pics that are easy to rate! He has auto 11's almost once a week!! He has helped me level several times. Look him up, add him as a friend!!! Thanks!!!
rach_0726@ fubar
Bells Will Be Ringing
♥ Bells Will Be Ringing on December 11 @ 8pm Fu-Time @ Sinfully Seductive M¥§†®ê§§ - ÈñgågêÐ ² §ñåkêMåñ ~The Pegasus Project~@ fubar And §ñåkêMåñ - ÈñgågêÐ ² M¥§†®ê§§@ fubar Join Together In Fu-Matrimony. Come Join Them As They Celebrate The Love They Have For Each Other. Reception After The Wedding In Sinfully Seduction. Drinks And Great Music.
Overseas Once More
Once again i am overseas doing my job the best way i know how this time im away from family my wife kids other than my parents. last time it was easier cause i didnt have all that i mean yhea i had my parents and brothers and sisters not just the ones i work with but my blood ones. but hey you know how it goes come home for a year and leave for a year and half. But that is the carrer i choose for my self whether or not it was a right one im sticking to it until the end even tho some people may not like my job i love my job and hey who else to better judge if my job is good for me other than myself. The whole purpose of this was to let everyone know i was overseas again and when i get a mailing address i will give it out. but other than that feel free to write me on here or for my close friends can just use my email address. well gotta run talk to yall when i can.
Dreaming (short Version)
Still here, all alone, nobody to talk to, Only me and my heart... Thinking of you, smiling at myself. Drifting away to a world with nobody else but ourselves, Reaching out for u. my finger tips touching your face.. feeling it, loving it. For once there are no worries on my mind. Only You. Trying to memorize why i feel this way when im around you. While the answer is standing right infront of me. Because you are who you truely are, and you love me for who i am. Slowly i'm realizing I love you too. But then, i hear my name. i'm slowly waking up. not willing to let you go, not just yet. Unfortunatly, i'm slowly comin back to earth knowing you're already out of reach. Knowing full well it was all just a dream. but still, I'm loving you, Smiling at you, Thinking of you, Realizing this dream someday will be everything a dream is not... A Reality.
hey fu family I just want you to know my dearest LOEY is back yey here come and show her sooo much love *BehindBlueEyez*@ fubar
Back Surgery
OMG 1 more day til surgery. I am soo nervous yet I am also not nervous. I know that if the surgery works I will be able to get back to driving within 6 months, but if it doesnt work I will be in the same place I am now, and that is on the brink of disability. I am going to do exactly what my surgeon says to do after surgery so that I can heal correctly and get back to work.
Auto 11 Auction
I am auctioning an 11 auto bling. If you want to bid just click on the pic below. This Auction and Bulletin is brought to you by ÇråzêÐ Måñïå¢(þrðmð†ïðñ§@ £ðrßïÐÐêñ Ìñ¢.)@ fubar
A Pledge From God To You!
12/14/2008 And the list goes on and on with all the smart, educated media talking heads financial elites still wondering what went wrong with the economy and when it will be over. While religious poisoned souls affirm its surely God's wrath descending on earth this bunch of young souls can only ASSUME because none of them has been taught to master the Universal code or understand what God's true message and universal signs are all about. Their logical or religious explanations did not and will never remotely bring anyone listening to them any solid answers of the how, why and when. Consider yourself lucky dear readers, *that is if you know my predictive work and me well, because the majority of my newsletters told you all about this phenomenon and when it started and when it will end. With 99.9% of the mass *unconscious of God's universal clock there is no wonder why this humongous ignorance translated into serious fears, nonsense and a slow recovery process. But again hope seems
Why is it everytime you try to help someone they turn thier back on you when you need them. i believe its bc there are no good people out there now..i was brought up to be honest and to do the right thing by people i know i can't be the only one...but it seems that all people want is wat they can get from you not wat they can give i mean hell can't people treat others the way they want to be treated.... sorry but i just had to vent and i am so pathetic i don't have anyone to talk to
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
lying awake i cannot sleep pillow soaked from tears i weep thoughts running rampid through my head every night i lay in bed noone here to ease my mind so i think and my teeth i grind with my brain overloading eventually i'll sleep only to awaken from a dream i cannot keep
If I Didnt Have Bad Luck I Wouldnt Have Any Luck At All
Hello friends, im sure your all tired of hearing about my problems but because i made a mumm a couple nights ago and had some of ya'll worried id figured id give ya another update. My mumm was about complications i was having since coming home such as excessive drainage and extreme loss of blood as well as very high fever nausea and a slight odor coming from the surgical sight. I was very worried about infection but im happy to say as of right now that isnt a worry. So you dont all think im stupid i did call the 24 hr emergency line before making my mumm and the nurse basically told me all this was normal and going to the ER would be silly due to the fact it was Christmas eve. Im aware this nurse was just being a lazy cunt and needs to be fired, im in the process of making a complaint. However allow me to remind you the hospital i had my surgery and stay is over an hr away and so id be going to the local ER. Ok that said i did take Seamus's advice and had a very early Christmas with
Pain Form Something Fake
its fake.. not real.. but it hurts still i don't want to be happy i want to be mad i want to be sad i want to scream no trust never trust never say anything good never trust again believe it all lies truths everything just go on believing
Ok just joined.. and I'm still getting the hang of this. So if I dont write back right away or at all.. I'm trying to figure out how to do it!! IT's not because I dont want to talk to you. If I dont.. I would simply tell you I dont want too!! :) Have a great weekened everyone!!
Contest Mz.belle And I Are Holding
> Ok We Are Running Picture Contest This Contest Will Be A Rate Only Contest This Will Run From Midnight On The 30th Dec Till 31st Of Dec Midnight The Prizes As Follows 1,3,5,10,20 Credit Blings 1 Golden Star 1 Month Vip 3 & 7 Day Blasts Plus Bling pack The Most Person With The Most Rates Gets A $20 Bling Pack Also We Are Holding Auction For 4 Auto 11s The Hosts For The Contest Are As Follows MZ.BELLE~Shadow Levelers~ Owned by Sexy Baby Blue Eyes~Fu Owner/Owned By I'm Smut~~@ fubar ~~~Demented187~~~FU Owned by 'MZ.BELLE for life~~~Force 3 Bomber@ fubar So If You Wish To Enter Please Contact One Of The Hosts
Happy New Year
Tuesday, December 30, 2008 Happy NEW Year Current mood: chill HAPPY NEWYEAR 2009 Hope to all you had or have a great year. hope all your dreams and needs come to you ! Don't ask for what's to far to reach but don't think every thing you dream is to far from reach so look upon your new year with the hope that you get what you want! Happy New Year allll D.j .Rock
Enough Is Enough Free Me
So here I am writing my first blog on fubar which i do have several on blogger and myspace. Here I am going to school full time and working to full time job but I still can't please anyone. People still want more from me. I am trying to better myself but i just seem to keep falling farther behind and can't get ahead. Where is the limit when people can finally say he has done enough and he can't do no more so lets give him a break. I have sadly come to realize that in the economy that we are in nothing you do will ever be enough people will always expect more. So for me I guess I am stuck in this prison and can't get out though I hope that when I finally graduate ( fall of 2010) I will be able to finally break free.
Ellis Marsallis
Smiling Down On Me
The first time i heard this song it really touched me b/c of all the ppl i have lost in my life. it had me thinking what i have been doing to my body, mind, and everyone else that loves/cares for me. every single yr in the month of December i torture my self, not in the way of the word torture it self. i have never cut my self and shyts like that. i mean i go into a deep depression were i don't feel like eating for like 3 days straight. then when i do eat i eat maybe a sandwich and i go back to the 3 day straight of not eating. but hearing this song it made me really realize that my lost ones r looking down on me and looking after me and they don't want me to do what i'm doing to my self at all. cause they loved me when they were here on earth and they would rather see me happy in my life. i know in time i will be with them all once again, but that time isn't right now and i have to live my life to the fullest. they would want me to be happy and live my life one day at time.
There comes a time in life when you have to let go of all the pointless DRAMA &the people who create it & surround yourself with people who make you laugh so hard that you forget the bad and focus soley on the good.After all,life is too short to be anything but Happy.
Affordable Dental And Medical Plans
I represent a 17 year old, #1 rated Nationwide Discount Healthcare Company, Ameriplan Healthcare, which offers affordable full range of benefit plans for individuals and all household family members related or not for one low monthly fee. There are four plans to choose which are the Dental Plus($14.95-$19.95) Basic Health($29.95),Total Health($39.95) and Total Health Plus($59.95) medical individual or family programs. There are no age limits and most ongoing pre-existing conditions are included. There are no paperwork, no pre-authorizations for treatment required, no deductibles, no waiting periods as with traditional health plans and you may begin using the plan immeadiately with instant savings. Benefits for the Dental Plus program include savings on Dental,Vision, Prescriptions and Chiropractic Care. Medical programs offer the Dental Plus AND Doctor Visits, Ancillary Care, Podiatry Services, 24-hour Nurseline, Diabetic Supplies and Hospital Advocacy Program for anticipated
Dreams In The Night
Restless are the smoldering dreams of my soul Erotic images waken me in the still of night There is a fading vision of my soft velvety flesh Beckoning to be tasted and explored With fingers and kisses into the musty lust Feminine hands open the swelling lips Teaching the secrets of my arousal Inviting him into the walls of pleasure Showing him the wetness of my self pleasure Thrusting fingers in deep Stroking in and out they move Through the slick delicate folds Begging for his tongues devotion Moaning as he begin's to kiss Licking searching within Craving the bittersweet juices Legs draped over his shoulders My soft hands pulling him closer Back arched hips moving to each lick Nails raking his back as I reach orgasm which Explodes and runs down his chin Rising up he enter's into the slick folds Pulling me to him to suck on hard nipples Rocking gently in and out Hips building slick fiction Falling back I ride in total abandon Controlling
I have a feeling that I just can't shake, living with these feelings are about all I can take. I always just knew that I would be different than my mother, but, I have grown up to be just like her. I love my mother, but I never knew how she put up with so much, I know now that you can love someone and still hate there every touch. I know now that after several years of just the right amount of anger, you could easily end up married to a complete stranger. I have this feeling that I just can't shake, living with these feelings are about all I can take. I just don't have the time for the things I love to do, because, everything I go to do the kids have got to try it too. I'm a independent and confident woman stuck in a old woman's life, but, I don't know what to do to get out of the rut of being the bitchy housewife. I've been to college to get my perfect career, just more time wasted, is my biggest fear. I have a feeling that I just can't shake, living with the
I Am What I Am
You either like me or you don't You either love me or you won't. You can cuse me if you may You can threaten that I will pay. But when you get done playing your game You better think about all that shame. You'll cry about what you've done You'll regret the things you said that caused me to run. You'll want me someday You may even break down and pray. But, just remember through it all I am too strong, I will not fall. I have cried many a day I've even gotten mad and said you would pay. But, now I am fine my life, my heart, it is mine. It doesn't belong to anyone but me Noone can break it now , finally my heart is free. That is it no regrets for me I just hope you can say the same, so you can also be free. Free of shame Free of blame. Free of me Now i will leave you be...........
Dream Of Heaven And Live In Hell
Three Little Words
Three Little Words Three little words, they can be the most joyous words any man or woman can hear they can move mountains divide the seas those three little words, carry with them a meaning a passion that can only be felt by those who share it those three little words can bring a smile on a cloudy day bring a tear to an eye for those three little words can also bring with them pain for with those words can come suffering but know that those three little words can only bring what the heart truly means those three little words... I Love You. Christopher Wayne Rhea Copyright ©2009 Christopher Wayne Rhea
Wtf!!! Yeah..i'm Pissed!
This is mainly to the jerk who keeps flaggin my pics.... Should I just save you the trouble of having to go through all of them and just mark all of my albums 'NSFW'!!! There a shitload of other more 'offensive' or shall we say..'flashin their shit to the world' pics out there you can jump on.. go find those!!
Hot Night Out #1
I walk into the room its filled with about fifty peopl male and female I noticed you sitting there at the bar I walk towards you as you turn and see me you give me a grin I walk up to you giving you a hug as I rub against you feeling your package.... mmmmmm I think to myself I will have that by the end of the night. How have you been I asked him as we chat at the bar for a hour or so catching up about how our days have been becoming a lil more and more touchy feely we get on the subject of sex and what we enjoy and deside to leave and go back to my place. boy he is in for a big suprise we walk in my house and I lead him to the stairs that lead downstairs. he asks where we going ? shhhhhhh you will see. we get to the bottom I open the door to a room that was black I turn on the a light and he sees the room painted black with red satin sheets on the bed and sex toys laying out . Get undressed I demand. As I take my clothes off leaving on my bra and panties I walk up to him grabbing his c
2nd Attempt At Fubar..lmfao
well this is my 2nd attempt at fubar...deleted my other account due to a jealous boyfriend...created this one...he knws..hopefully there isnt anymore drama...fukin drama drama drama....feel free to rate me ...ill return love ..i promise.... my other account i was like level pics...i worked on that bitch alot...but its all good... show me some love purty please
Anti Valentines Day!!
"a Mother's Prayer"
"A Mother's Prayer" The alarm goes off, ready to go, all with no hesitation Time to save a soul or a home, straight to that destination This prayer’s for my son, as that fire calls Protecting the innocent and fighting flaming walls Guide him with your strength, the courage to pull him through Give him that breath of air, if he gets down to his last few By chance he may get weak; do give him the will to stand Carry him as you said, your” Foot Prints in the Sand” He will have to lift or ax a door today May your angels chip away, helping along the way There’s always the unknown, of what they call “back draft” Secure your arms around him, and the others who have his back Make way for him to listen, to hear that persons call If he gets blinded, give him sight, direct him down that hall Determined to break a window, to rescue that angry dog Or fight the wild fires, to keep lands beauty how it belongs Keep their team in motion, to know where one is at They
I Dont Know What To Do
OK, this is why I'm confused. A guy and I started dating in August and a little over a month later he dumped me by giving me the silent treatment. However, two months later he started talking to me again. I just don't know what to do. I kinda still have feelings for him but don't want to get hurt by him again. And the weird thing is, is that he talks to me more now than when we were dating. What should I do?
Interesting New Evidence Ladies
CNN Edition Health SEARCH The Web enhanced by Google enhanced by Google Study: Fellatio may significantly decrease the risk of breast cancer in women Thursday, October 2, 2003 Posted: 9:19 AM EDT (1319 GMT) Story Tools Save a link to this article and return to it at www.savethis.comSave a link to this article and return to it at Email a link to this articleEmail a link to this article Printer-friendly version of this articlePrinter-friendly version of this article View a list of the most popular articles on our siteView a list of the most popular articles on our site RELATED • New England Journal of Medicine external link • American Cancer Society external link HEALTH LIBRARY Mayo Clinic • Health Library • Fellatio • Breast Cancer • 6 steps to cancer prevention YOUR E-MAIL ALERTS (AP) -- Women who perform the act of fellatio and swallow semen on a regular basis, one to t
Sexy Davey
HEY EVERYONE...TODAY IS SEXY DAVEY'S BDAY....LETS SHOW HIM SOME ZODIAK LOVE.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVEY......SPANK SPANK SPANK......I KNOW U LIKE IT.....LOL §êx¥ Ðåvê¥ åkå §qµïr†! -Èñ£ðr¢êr @ ßlµê Mððñ Lðµñgê - £µÖwñêРߥ £ð×¥ - ħ§† Måñågêr @ ZðÐïåk@ fubar
Need Roommate. Job. Asap!
- roommate moved out Saturday night. Need a new one (or two) asap. See Ad at Also looking for work.
Chaos Quote
Chaos uncontrolled will soon be shackled and bind into submission and peace will be born from the shadowy depths of hell.
These Mean The World To Me
Where You Reside I see you there Lying on your lawn I stare at this photograph I know that you're gone Here is another picture We are standing side by side Tears come to my eyes As I sit by the tide I look at the setting sun As I think about my past I cry at the thought That we couldn't last I look at our memories Through tear stained eyes I cry at your memory And of when my heart died So I gaze to the heavens Where you reside I say one last time Goodbye, my truest love, goodbye. The Bartman This was written by me many years ago when I lost my first love in 9th grade. Kristi died October 17, 1986. 4 months later, my best friend also died, which in turn gave this poem dual meanings. _________________________________________________ You Forgot to Say Goodbye There were times when you were down And I was there to guide There were times when I was pained And you were by my side But this I can't handle You forgot to say
Feb. Departure
Ok so here is where I will leave my disappearance Feb 6th to 13th - Ugh Field!!   Take a mini vacation....who knows when I will be back
I'm a Bitch, Are You? When I stand up for my beliefs, and myself they call me a bitch. When I stand up for those I love, they call me a bitch. When I speak my mind, think my own thoughts, or do things my own way, they call me a bitch. Being a bitch entails raising my children to be strong people who have a solid sense of personal and social responsibility, who are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in and who love and respect themselves for the beautiful beings they are. Being a bitch means that I am free to be the wonderful creature that I am, with all my own intricacies, contradictions, quirks and beauty. Being a bitch means I won't compromise what's in my heart. It means I live my life MY way. It means I won't allow anyone to step on me. When I refuse to tolerate injustice and speak up against it, I am defined as a bitch. The same thing happens when I take time for myself instead of being everyone's maid, or when I act a little selfish.
In Hh Aution
please click link and rate just need rates ty
St Patty's Day Auction Bulletin
What The Missing Man Table Means
Missing Man Ceremony We have some honored guests who cannot be with us that deserve to be honored with our attention and respect. This ceremony calls for designating a POW/MIA place setting as a physical symbol of the thousands of American POW/MIA's still unaccounted for from all foreign conflicts. May we all be reminded to spare no effort in securing the release of any American prisoners from captivity, the repatriation of the remains of those who died bravely in defense of liberty, and a full accounting of those missing in action. The ceremony explains the symbolism of the POW/MIA Place Setting. THE TABLE- The table is small, symbolizing the helplessness of one person, alone against his oppressors. THE CHAIR- The chair is empty, for they are not here. THE CLOTH- The tablecloth is white for the purity of their intentions in responding to their country's call to arms. THE SALT- The salt is symbolic of the tears shed by those who wait. THE GLASS- The glass is inverte
Fat Women
I MUST COMPLAIN AND BITCH ABOUT THIS!!!! in real life these women get no attention so they come on site like fubar and they take a million chest up pictures and pose in the same way, different color bras, shirts, etc.... smiling, pouting, kissing, bla bla never to show their bodies... because they have an ass the size of a house! not saying big women are not pretty, but i mean come on, one girl i saw today had 900 fucking hundred pictures of her face! like i said same face but different expressions and shirts, and they usually have their huge tits (face it most fat girls have huge tits) hanging out of their bra's im just sayin geezzzz hundreds of pictures of your fucking face! get a life! loose some weight! or something i do like face shots, but do something more original then 900 pictures of your face! please! ok im done
How Necessary Is It To Remind
How necessary is it to remind A loving couple that they are in love? Perhaps a well-placed word might pierce the rind, Penetrating hearts that dormant prove. Years accumulate like fallen snow, Vast fields of understanding, thick and cold, As time surrenders even those who know, Leaving love a story long since told. Each year, therefore, occasion must be made, Name-day of love, that lovers all might speak, Taking a risk that else they might evade, In search of pleasure even angels seek. Need comes slowly, like a warm spring rain. Except one sing, the song must be in vain.
If U R 1 Inch Tall
One Inch Tall If you were only one inch tall, you'd ride a worm to school. The teardrop of a crying ant would be your swimming pool. A crumb of cake would be a feast And last you seven days at least, A flea would be a frightening beast If you were one inch tall. If you were only one inch tall, you'd walk beneath the door, And it would take about a month to get down to the store. A bit of fluff would be your bed, You'd swing upon a spider's thread, And wear a thimble on your head If you were one inch tall. You'd surf across the kitchen sink upon a stick of gum. You couldn't hug your mama, you'd just have to hug her thumb. You'd run from people's feet in fright, To move a pen would take all night, (This poem took fourteen years to write-- 'Cause I'm just one inch tall). Shel Silverstein
Blog Talk Radio Special Interview With Whitney Peyton!!!
This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb
(CNN) -- A bicycle with a sticker advertising a Florida punk-folk band forced the evacuation of a Memphis, Tennessee, airport terminal late Monday afternoon, authorities said. A pilot alerted airport police when he saw a bike with a sticker that read "this bike is a pipe bomb" parked near the passenger ramps of Terminal C at Memphis International Airport, according to the Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority. "Terminal C ticketing and baggage claim at the airport were cleared out," said airport spokesman John Greaud. "A K-9 unit responded and found no explosive materials at the scene." "This Bike is a Pipe Bomb" is the name of a band based in Pensacola, Florida, and this is not the first time in the band's 12-year history the name has caused a commotion. Bikes sporting similar stickers at college campuses in Ohio and Philadelphia led to building closures, arrests and the bikes' destruction by bomb squads acting on the assumption the sticker was announcing a real threat.
It's All A Broads Damn Fault!!
grrrr....mb...grrr!!! Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I fart a lot..sad but true, I especially like to fart in elevators. 2. I love my family not weird...but a bit strange since they all should be locked in a closet for a day or so. so, I can relax 3. I'm a blue collar girl..but I fix computers. 4. I believe my plants speak to me. 5. I believe my animals speak to me. 6. I have a cabin that I never get to visit 7. I have a "thing" for green peanut M & M's 8. I love photography, if I could...I'd do it for a living. 9. marijuana should be legal like 100% not this "less then an ounce bs" 10. orchids make me cream 1.
Frank Kern's Mass Control
Frank Kern's Mass ControlMass Control Has Sold Out. But the good news is Frank Kern is opening the doors again today for 10 minutes. So if you missed out yesterday now is your chance to grab a spot.Frank Kern is the mastermind behind some of the biggest launches in Internet History, for those of you who have not heard of Frank Kern keep reading..."Check This Out" this is no joke, Frank Kern's Mass Control System has brought in 958,000 per hour on some of his campaigns.Anyway… Here’s my thoughts on Frank Kern and his new marketing system…First of all Im not gonna go on about how Mass Control is going to make you a ton of money. I dont know you or your circumstances…. but what I can say is ive been marketing online for nearly 5 years and Frank Kern is one of the very few marketers who I truly respect. When I heard the rumors about this system 6-7 months ago I was pretty excited to see what exactly it what.The reason is this surfer guy has achieved it all when it comes to marketing online
Cant Stand Anymore
i cant stand how i can care for someone so much i hurt myself every time in the process. no matter what i do or what i say its never enough. i cant seem to do anything right enough to please anyone. i want to give up so much and let everyone go but its so hard. no matter how much i walk away. no matter how much i try to leave i cant. i feel that i just want to leave this place as inlike get away from all the people. become a hermit. this way it will hurt for awhile but once i finally get use to be so alone and never seeing another again i may actually be able to live this way. i just cant stand what i go through anymore. something that hurts so much i just cant let go. wish i could once and for all....
Reaching For The Stars Reaching For The Stars I came to realize one day a thing in life that we all often take for granted. We reach for the stars because they are so beautiful and they are something we want so bad. Yet we also have a beautiful flower on our table picked from our flower garden that we can have and we push it aside unnoticed. Life is also like that. We want something we can't have like the stars, but what we can have like the flower, we don't even acknowledge. Take time to enjoy the flowers that you have instead of trying to touch the stars that you can't reach. Stars are beautiful like other things in life but they were never meant for us to have. This is a lesson from God to me as what my priorities should be. Be thankful for the things we have because we may lose them someday and we will know how much we should have treasured them. A Mou
My Best Friend
The things that you do to me are things that can't be undone. You've touched me like no one else has. You took a broken heart and made it whole. You've been there in my trying times, my joys, my pains. You've stood by me when everyone else walked away. You've given me the strength to stand on my own two feet, the hand to pull me up when I fall. You're the shelter I run to when the world comes tumbling down around me. You've been the umbrella through all the rain. The friend who's always been by my side. You will always be forever, undoubtedly, most preciously in my heart, for you are, My Best Friend
Is There A Heaven? Cause Life Sure Feels Like Hell..
I figured I owed my dear and close friends an explaination as to why my family has been erased and I disappeared for a lil while. I try to make everyone happy and one way or another I hurt someone's feelings. I hate that because I love and care for all my close friends. I hold each one of you dear to my heart and I would help you out in any way, shape or form. At the same time of this drama I've also had to deal with a very sick 4 year old. She went into the doctor last Thursday with a 103 degree fever and we were told it was just due to a small ear infection. I had her back to the doctor on Monday when the fever was still spiking that high off and on. I have a fear of fevers with her because she is prone to having febrile seizures if the fever gets too bad. So after many tests on Monday I was told she had walking pneumonia and the possibility of Kawasaki Syndrome. She had blood work yesterday and that turned out negative for the syndrome but her white blood count was very low and the
Fu-ownee Pimpout
Biblical Assurances List
Biblical Assurances of which saints privileged to have: ( R.A. Torrey book ) 1. Their election PS 4:3, 1 Thess 1:4 2. Their redemption Job 19:25 3. Their adoption Romans 8:16, 1 John 3:2 4. Their salvation Isaiah 12:2 5. Eternal life 1 John 5:13 6. The inalienable love of God Rom 8:38-39 7. Union with God & Christ 1 Cor 6:15, 2 Cor 13:5, Eph 5:30, 1 John 2:5, 1 John 4:18 8. Peace with God by Christ Rom 5:1 9. Preservation Psa 3:6,8 , Psa 27:3-5, Psa 48: 1-3 10. Answers to prayer 1 John 3:22, 1 John 5:14-15 11. Continuance in grace Phil 1:8 12. Comfort in affliction Psa 73:26, Luke 4:18-19, 2 Cor 4:9-10 13. Support in death Psa 23:4 14. A glorious resurrection Job 19:26, Psa 27:15, Philemon 3:21, 1 John 3:2 15. A kingdom Hebrews 12:28, Rev 5:10 16. A crown 2 Tim 4:7-8, James 1:12
Ya Want One?
I am going to be making salutes for friends in the next few days. I need to know if you want one. Once school starts I will be busy smacking my head on the desk so if you want it to be pretty,you need to tell me now. Cuz I am thinking the dark circles and bruises are not gonna look great for one. Okie dokie pokers...let me know in this and I will get to it.
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I've Done 115 Out Of 132 Stupid Things...
Level 1: (x) Smoked A Cigarette (x) Smoked A Cigar (x) Kissed A Member Of The Same Sex (x) Drank Alcohol SO FAR: 4 Level 2 (x) Are / Been In Love (x) Been Dumped (x) Shoplifted ( ) Been Fired (x) Been In A Fist Fight SO FAR: 8 Level 4 (x) Had A Crush On An Older Person (x) Skipped School ( ) Slept With A Co-worker (x) Seen Someone / Something Die SO FAR: 11 Level 5 (x) Had / Have A Crush On One Of Your Facebook Friends (x) Been To Paris ( ) Been To Spain (x) Been On A Plane (x) Thrown Up From Drinking SO FAR: 15 Level 6 (x) Eaten Sushi (x) Been Snowboarding (x) Met Someone again because Of Facebook (x) Been in a Mosh Pit SO FAR: 19 Level 7 ( ) Been In An Abusive Relationship (x) Taken Pain Killers (x) Love/loved Someone Who You Cant Have (x) Laid On Your Back And Watched Cloud Shapes Go By (x) Made A Snow Angel SO FAR: 23 Level 8 (x) Had A Tea Party (x) Flown A Kite (x) Built A Sand Castle (x) Gone mudding (offroading)
Built To Spill
you get the car I'll get the night off You'll get the chance to take the world apart and figure out how it works Don't let me know what you find out I need a car You need a guide Who needs a map If I don't die or worse I'm gonna need a nap At best I'll be asleep when you get back I wanna see it when you find out what comets, stars, and moons are all about I wanna see their faces turn to backs of heads and slowly get smaller I wanna see it now I want specifics on the general idea I wanna think what I should know Want you to do me what to show I wanna see movies of my dreams I wanna see movies of my dreams I wanna see movies of my dreams I wanna see movies of my dreams I wanna see it when you get stoned on a cloudy breezy desert afternoon I wanna see it untame itself and break its owner I wanna see it now I wanna see it now
Sexual Predator On Here (editing)
Sexual Predator Alert How could he smile after doing God knows to an innocent 14yo? Think that's bad enough look what he says in abut me, "I am a warm hearted fill person with my own thoughtss and felling I am a caring person". Excuse me 'warm hearted people' don't turn out to be sexual predators. HERES THE LINK TO HIS PRO vamp@ fubar Be sure to make your kids pics private before viewing his pro (even if your viewing to block him) THANK YOU
The Meaning Of An Ugly American
The term Ugly American is an epithet and is used to refer to the perceptions of the loud, arrogant, demeaning, thoughtless and ethnocentric behavior of the average American citizen. Although the term is usually applied to travellers and tourists, it's also applies to the US corporate businesses in the international arena. An "Ugly American" is a loud, boorish, nationalistic American, especially traveling abroad, who conforms to a stereotype that gives Americans a bad reputation. They are the ones that remain ignorant of the local culture and judge everything by American standards. Are you an "Ugly America"?
My Lord Darkness
I call upon my Lord God ''Send me an angel'' One that will love me. One that will watch over me And protect me However, he did NOT answer me. I then turned to the darkside I asked the same thing ''Send me an angel..'' And I got my wish. There he appeared Suddenly out of nowhere In a cool mist Within the midnight full moon I was in awe Quivering slightly As he stood before me A Fallen Angel My Dark Lord My Lord Darkness That is His Name He is My DarkKnight in Shining Armor He is My Salvation The Ink of My Soul The Passion in My Heart. My Lord Darkness I Love You!
Perfectly Un-perfect
What realy is perfect? Is it a person with the perfect body, or the perfect hair? Is it a person who knows what to say at the exact right time and in the right conversation? Is it someone who has the I.Q. of a genius? Do you have the perfect eye color, or wear your makeup and clothes just right? Do you never get upset, angry, or cry? Does our feelings work like machines on auto-pilot? Do we do all the right things, for those we love and care for? Is it when you have the perfect body type? Is it a person who has no disabilities? Do we always make the right decisions? Do you have the perfect relationship or marriage? Do you live in the perfect house or drive the perfect car? I don't know about the rest of the world, but I havn't seen perfect yet! I honestly don't think there is a such thing as perfect. This is probably because there is no such thing as perfect. We all laugh at the wrong time sometimes. We all cry, get angry and have our emotional moods. No body has the perfe
Rate Your Love Life!
Does he/she still tell you I love you or say the things they use to? Do they still hold your hand in public, and walk beside you? Do they still notice the little things you do for them, do they still appreciate it? Do you still cuddle on the couch, or in bed at nite when you retire to your room? Does he still buy you flowers? Do you still go out on dates? When you kiss, do you still feel the spark that use to be there before? How do they react when you put something cute on just to get there attention? Does it hold there attention, do they turn away with out saying any thing to acknowledge you? I have noticed in so many relationships as in my own as well, that all these things seem to fade away in time. You soon become strangers it seems in your own house. Instead of embracing each other, you are passing each other in the hallway with a short glance and a smile as if you were only neighbors. Then your life seems to feel as if you are on a road with no end. On
3/12/09 Celldweller Blog
Blue Stahli - Bret's new place for debauchery Bret will now be doing all his musing, rambling and "Monkeys riding dogs" critiques at his new home: Who knows, you might get to see the obscene video i took of him during our lunch celebration at Taco Bell today. (It was my "Hooray, you're in 'Race to Witch Mountain' Bret!!" no-holds-barred lunch fiesta because... well, he's in the "Race to Witch Mountain" movie trailer and I wanted to celebrate in a big way. I told him " many Chalupas as you can eat!!" which ended up only being about 1 and a half. [Klayton] [-_-]
What Pattern Is Your Brain?
Your Brain is Vivid Your mind is a creative hotbed of artistic talent. You're always making pictures in your mind, especially when you're bored. You are easily inspired to think colorful, interesting thoughts. And although it may be hard to express these thoughts, it won't always be. What Pattern Is Your Brain?
Last night I was so tired I belly-flopped onto my bed arms above my head, and was too tired to put them back to my side. I passed out almost instantaneously. Well I woke up the same way, arms still above my head... arms STILL asleep. Do you know how hard it is to pick yourself up without using your amrs while laying facedown? Took about 3mins to roll to the side of my bed and plant my feet on the floor, my arms dangled on to my side. And about a minute later the blood rushed back into my arms... at the same time. So I had that pins and needles feeling in BOTH my arms at the same time, it was torture. Am I the only one who has been lucky enough for this to happen to?
Adult Questions
1. Is there anyone on your top friends list you had sex with? No 2. Is sex best in the morning, afternoon, or night? Any time, bring it on! 3. What side of the bed do you sleep on? Left side. 4. Lights on or off? Either or depends on my partner 5. Have you ever had to pull over on the side of the road to puke? Not yet. 6. Have you ever taken your clothes off for money? No 7. Shower or bath? Both. 8. Do you pee in the shower? Yes. 9. Mexican or Chinese? Both 10. Do you want someone aggressive or passive in bed? Aggressive 11. Love, money, or lust? Love and lust. Money isn't important. 13. Credit cards or cash? cash definitely. 14. Has there ever been anyone in your family you wish wasn't? My Father.....long story 15. Would you rather go camping or to a 5 star hotel? Both. 16. Took a break....Hmmmm. I dunno 17. Would you shave your entire body (including your head)? No 18. Have you ever been to a strip club? Yes 20. Ever been to a
KEEPER OF THE KEY - CHIEF GUARDIAN Keeper of the Key™*CHIEF GUARDIAN@EXOTIC DREAMS*FU-ENGAGED TO ALPHABITCH*MEMBER OF T?IF@ fubar BUDMAN - ASST. CHIEF GUARDIAN BUDMAN - ASST. CHIEF GUARDIAN@ fubar VERY EVIL - GUARDIAN ÐJ†Vêrÿ Évî£ Ðêmøñ† Guardian @ Exotic Dreams Owned by Hazel forever@ fubar JD - GUARDIAN ~DJ_JD~ @ *Guardian @ Exotic & DJ @ After Dark*@ fubar DEMON - GUARDIAN Demon guardian @ exotic dreams and fu-bf too cool waters@ fubar PUFFZ - GUARDIAN *BEWBS*GUARDIAN@EXOTIC ♥TIMBERWOLF'S FUWIFEY♥smokes stalker♦OWNED BY PIERCED
Most of you can relate to this......You may have a friend, a brother,sister, or a loved one that has deployed over seas and maybe in harms way.....Please take a min out of your day to pray for them and thank them for the love they feel for their country and the people they have left here to keep the home fire burning.... We move along in our every day lives and dont give thanks enough to those that put their lives in danger so that you and I can keep going on with our normal days lives. Do you ever think about that guy/gal that has left their family to protect yours???? Do you ever think about what they go threw while your out doing the normal day stuff? My heart and prayers lie with you and your familes for all that you do..... and to my special friend you know who you are.....Thankyou and I even though I probley dont say it enough.......God Bless you and return home to your family safe. May god be with you.
I'm In Another Auction...take Me As Your Slave!!!
Took Me Long Enough..
I finally got blocked today. And it was because I pointed out something obvious, too bad the truth hurts....Here's the MuMM and my comment. I couldn't post them together..too many comments between to get them in the same shot. Oh, and the reason I said, "let me say it again"...he deleted my comment about 3 times before he came to block me.
Fu Court
80's Mania
80's Mania Night is back in Bad Habitz Radio!!!!  January 9. Click the pic below to find out more! 80's Mania Night is back in Bad Habitz Radio!!!! January 9. Click the pic below to find out more!
My Muse
The quality of light around you You went away but the light Lingered in my memory And all I ever wrote And all I ever created And all I ever did Was tinged with that memory. You were the plow that broke me open and when the seeds fell in they grew because my field was ready I would have been hard unyielding ground If you hadn't broken me And the wound still produces The muse must hurt us And go away And leave the memory Then come in ephemeral visits You know its the muse When he comes and tells you to create The muse will never stay with you But the muse will always stay with you.
Dave Allen! One Of The Funniest Comedians To Grace This Earth!!
Jacqui's Wisdom
In a world where we have gotten away from reading the bible, praying to give thanks instead of asking for a want or need, becoming a part of something greater than ourselves .. where we have taken the Pledge Of Allegence from our schools and Gods name from our government & homes .. letting the tv, computer & vidoe games raise our children, and us adults becoming comfortably numb to life ..where it takes a 9/11 to wake us from our comfort zone! We unite as one and send our men, women & children off to fight the cause .. but don't SEE THEM OFF, stand beside them and love them HOME .. all too soon forget why we sent them and demand they be returned home, cuz we find life is too hard for US while they are AT WAR .. to where there are protests at fallen HERO's funerals and name calling as they arrive home on MUCH NEEDED leave, the images of that fateful day now a blur as we become once again, all wrapped up in the "ME" of the moment .. When my 7 yr old son comes to me and asks .. "Mommy
Girl Friend Needed To Go Boating...
Looking for some attractive woman to go boating with this summer... Any takers...
Auto 11's?
Some members have auto 11's on. What the hell's the point? How stupid.
I need a FuHubby.  Seems all the Fumen I want are taken.  I need me a good fuHubby to take good care of me.  A nice sexy chocolate one that will makes sure I'm alway well taken care of!  Preferably close to my own age.  But, hell if ya sexy enough I'd most likely make and exception.  Show me the love I'm waiting.... oh and BTW Don't forget to stop by my one and only Fuhangout.... The Gentlemen's Club Lounge!  It's a must for any real applicants lol.  MUAH!
An Eternal Flame...
In a deep abyss Far from anyone's wildest imagination Exists darkness Deeper than anyone's knowledge Of pitch blackness But alas... Upon further investigation One sees a candle Burning And as long as that fire burns And that eternal flame lives on Then for all the darkness there is A light burns bright Forever more And it is in that moment Darkness ceases to exist.....
~hearts&souls Forever~
I Think They Change
So, when people change you can usually tell. But the question is do you change them, or they change on their own. If you have a bad day adn people are short the next day does that mean they are just upset, or they found out that they are not liking you? If you tell someone something and they shy away from you, is it that they no longer like you as a person, or they are just thinking? So many people change for reasons that aren't understandable. I may have mood swings but I am never different for long. I always go back to the sweet ash that everyone loves. But then there are those changes that really confuse you, like when an ex talks again after not talking to you for months! Suprise.. I got one of those today
What A Fool I Was
The minute he walked through the door My heart began to soar. In his arms I always felt safe The feelings of comfort can’t be replaced.   I always felt such a connection It was all fake, I know in reflection. The eyes should speak from the heart But even they speak lies, I know now that we’re apart.   I thought every time you touched me That we were surely meant to be. Now I see that I was just a fool And realize that life is rather cruel.   I have to hope that maybe one day Somebody will truly love me that way.
Wow Whats This All About?
this is definatly different here,  and looks like its all about partying and well , you tell me. so i guess if i was to sit and get drunk and all Id fit right in, lol!Well unfortunatly I got to old and big for my own good, and won't be posing for any sexy shots. I will say though ,  I am going to be starting an online buisness soon , and would like it if any one reading this would be interested? If so get back to me starting the 5th  of next month , as I will be going thru training for a few day;s and after wards (hopefully) I am ready to get started. Thank's for reading , and have  fun!
That Time Has Come...
OK So I thought it was kinda that time...Time for me to leave and get in with the real things in life, like looking for a job...My profile will be locked down so no one can view it...It's been a good 2 n a half years. I've made some amazing friends, met my amazing other half and all round it's just been my get away from the harsh realities of life...Now it's time to focus on the real life things instead of shying away from them...I know many will try and talk me out of it but my mind is made up, I spend far to long on this site to the extent it was all I done, it made my depression worse now it's time to get out of that rut and start afresh... I guess at some point I could come back after some time away but I just don't know...I need to put myself first instead of a site, I know I won't be deleting because as forementioned I've met some amazing friends and my other half so its kinda like my reminder that good comes out of the online thing...I'll still have my yahoo for those who have t
Taxes Does This Pertain To You Hmmmm
INSIDE WASHINGTON: Taxpayers to get rude surprise INSIDE WASHINGTON: Millions of couples, retirees may have to repay some of Obama tax credit Stephen Ohlemacher, Associated Press Writer On Thursday April 30, 2009, 6:55 pm EDT Buzz up! Print WASHINGTON (AP) -- Millions of Americans enjoying their small windfall from President Barack Obama's "Making Work Pay" tax credit are in for an unpleasant surprise next spring. The government is going to want some of that money back. The tax credit is supposed to provide up to $400 to individuals and $800 to married couples as part of the massive economic recovery package enacted in February. Most workers started receiving the credit through small increases in their paychecks in the past month. But new tax withholding tables issued by the IRS could cause millions of taxpayers to get hundreds of dollars more than they are entitled to under the credit, money that will have to be repaid at tax time. At-risk taxpay
Update On Me....
so umm i'm back sorta.. got my own apartment...going to art school, work, and i'm doing great..staying busy and living my great life..partyin of but i'm back sorta...gonna check my shit and stuff on pics..well if i ever level or get a vip..still dont wanna buy cheap..well now i got bills of my not spending money on here..yea a no   new pics:    
I'm Out Of The Hospital Again.
Hey all. seriously i still hate this new blog posting style. i really wish there was an "old crappy version" thing to click. If you're the type to read "cry for attention" in people's blog posts, skip to the last paragraph before bothering with the rest. This is for the people that give a shit, and ONLY for them, if you don't give a shit, close the blog. anyhow, i'm out of the mental hospital again. i went in before i tried to kill myself this time, figured it'd be a nice change of pace. the first night sucked. i was in the emergency room for 7 hours before they gave me any type of medication. my nails were literally digging into the flesh of my arms to the point that it bled. i still have little fucking half moon scabs on my arm that i pick at because i hate having them. you'd think i'd learn it'd heal faster if i didn't pick at it. i never claimed to be good at learning that shit. anyhow, like 7 hours in when i said to the nurse that someone needed to get me anti-anxiety meds becau
I Love Lamp
So, I have a theory. If your physical appearance resembles that of someone you want to be with they will be attracted to you. What I mean by this is: alot of the time you see a person with tattoos in a relationship with someone with tattoos, a person that dresses in expensive clothes with someone who wears expensive clothes, etc. So I figured if I got piercings maybe I would attract some people with piercings.   Has my theory worked?   No, not that I've noticed lol but I like my piercings anyway.
Fake Ass Women!
Is it just me, or are the amount of profiles with people "passing" themselves off as women grown? Why is it every other god damn person that wants to add me is some level 4, fake ass chick with porno pictures their profile? Do i look like a fucking idiot? Seriously now, come on!   Post a god damn salute, or dont fucking act like i am going to sit her and cyber sex your ass while you spank your shit sitting at home while your kids sleep in the next room!   I wont bling you, i dont care if you bling me... You dont get access... You get fucking blocked!
My Strokes *updated*
Update On Rob & I...
I wrote a blog about my fiance Rob *& I about a month ago now. Here's the update. I received a call from Rob today. He's working, back home, getting back to church, and best of all still loves and wants me! Talk about shocking. I always said I would be here waiting on him and if I was to get with someone else Rob would be the one I choose. I love this man so much and even after all this I can only hope and keep praying that we can make it. I hope that in time we can work through anything if we can make it through this.
All A Lie
You told me you loved meMore than more than life itselfYou assured me you would be there for meNo matter what the costYou told me you would hold me close To keep me safe from harm So tell meWas it all a lieDid you mean the words you said Why should I believe it’s truth you spokeWhy shouldn’t I just walk away instead? Was it all a lie? I once thought you were all I neededTo fill the void inside I once had hope we would be okWe’d make everything work out rightBut all the hope has drained away  I finally see the light. Now I knowIt was all just liesYou never meant those words you saidI don’t believe it’s truth nowSo I am walking…away from you…again. © LML
I'm Wraithing
In the darkness there is only one In the light there is you When it goes away what i have left in my veins dreamt a dream never meant to be lost without you next to the light and darkness there is a place meant for us just when i'm about to lose all hope I know when i look up  in my soul and eyes your there like the light thats lives inside my darkness
My Brother
Grief is an awful thing. It eats at your very soul. Death of a family member is never easy to bear. But life itself is not fair. Grief can causes one to not believe in the existence of God, but this universe is too ordered not to have a creator. Be he good or bad; is not for us to question, even with the death of a love one. I have no one to blame but myself for not having been as close to my brother as I should have been, he was only 45 with a son of 9 years old which I will not get to know, because I am also dead to the family, not only separated by 2700 miles, but by facts of life. They wouldn't even let me talk to my brother on the phone, and the funeral is in three days, and I don't have and can't get the money or make arrangements to fly to the funeral. So, they will be at me for not going, because they thought I wouldn't go. They wouldn't even give me time to get there. But I have neven been part of my family since going over seas for my country, just like my first Christmas bei
Lil Things In Life
Sometimes it is the lil things in life that remind us of why we live where we do. This is one of those lil things.Rock Candy WHEN THE MUSIC STOPPED   For those who are unaware, at military theaters, the National Anthem  is played before every movie. The following was written by a  Chaplain in Iraq:     “I recently attended a showing of 'Superman 3' here at LSA Anaconda.  We have a large auditorium we use for movies, as well as memorial  services and other large gatherings.   ”As is the custom back in the States, we stood and snapped to  attention when the National Anthem began before the main feature.  All was going as planned until about three-quarters of the way  through The National Anthem the music stopped.    “Now, what would happen if this occurred with a thousand eighteen-  to-22-year-olds back in the States? I imagine there would be hoots,  catcalls, laughter, a few rude comments; and everyone would sit down  and call for a movie. Of course, that is, if they had stood for th
Fuglee's Leathers
Ok I know its self serving and shamless but I have to plug my new website Why? Cuz we have top dollar leathers at crackhead prices. I mean really. yea sure you can buy the thin ass chaps from some cheap ass leather site than tear the first time you snag the blinker on your bike. Or you can buy these and wreck at 70 and most likely live to tell about it or atleast your skin wont be tore up. Anyway take a look, pass it on to your biker friends. We attend rally's nation wide, and are looking for local models to shoot for our upcoming calendar. We also sponsor wet T contests and best ass in chaps contests. More to come as we get busy so keep checking in. Thanks END of shameless plug lol.
Our Names Arenot Who We Are ....
~What ARE we here for? What are WE so posed to do as individuals? Things are so much easier in groups. No one is going to listen to one voice, one squeaky small voice. No one. So how will I change the world ?? It truly is QUITE SIMPLE really. It’s something so simple we all have the ability to do it . THINK ABOUT IT WE COULD ALL CHANGE THE WORLD!!   If I, we , YOU, you and I take the first step toward change imagine how many people will follow. You may think you are alone but really there are TONS of people out there who feel the same way as you. Just take the first step others will follow. ^.^   ~Our name. IS OUR NAME REALLY THE ONE OUR PARENTS GIVE US?? If so why do we obtain nicknames along our life journey. I don’t believe our names at birth will tell us who we will be, in fact think that they have no impact at all. WE MAKE OUR NAME. we choose who we were who we are WHO WE WILL BE. That is all up to us. OUR choices make us not our name.   My name, Sarah, means pri
Karate Pets
she longed for the touch of his body to feel  his touch to kiss his lips and taste his tongue... as the day grew  short night began to fall ... he came home from work and she met him at the door with a beer in her hand and nothing on but a smile she kissed him pasionatly the taste of his lips made her tingle inside as her body chilled from  his touching of her neck as he kissed her neck down to her shoulder and back up nibbling on her ear whispering in her ear how good she  smelled and how he wants to taste her sweet nectar mmmmmm  she sighsssss as she takes him to the bed room that she has lit by candles black and red candles  outlinded the bed that was made with black satin sheets and red rose petals and into the bathroom where she had a nice hot shower running for him to wash his tired body and to get refreshed for her to rip his manhood apart  she grabbed his pants and unbuttoned them and pulled them down leaving his hard flesh exsposed she  kisses him  with her hot moist tongue fe
Someone Tell Me Why [very Personal]
Once upon a time there was a sweet and innocencent little girl, who always had a smileo n her face Whom always thought postive, and could brighten up anyones day with just a glare of her pretty face. But one day she grew up and became something she couldnt even reconize herself Who is this animal she's become? why must she act this way and do the things she does? Why cant she just go back to when her life was perfect and nothing could possibly go wrong??   She once wanted candy and cartoons, Now she cant go without sex and drugs She once was able to make decisions in a flash, Now she cant decide on nothing She was once loved by all, now they only laugh at her, and the guys only use her for her body, the girls pick on her and try to start fights   She used to go cry to her daddy, but now she runs and hides her problems behind a bottle of alcohol   Why, cant i get my act together and be the adult i started out to be? Why must I make everything so damn compliucated? God pleas
Just Another Silly
I was going to go on a rant about religion again but~but my personal diety said I should post a joke instead~ You know you work in Corporate America in the 90's if... You sat at the same desk for 4 years and worked for three different companies. You worked for the same company for 4 years and sat at more than 10 different desks. You've been in the same job for 4 years and have had 10 different managers. You order your business cards in "half orders" instead of whole boxes. When someone asks about what you do for a living, you can't explain it in one sentence. You get really excited about a 2% pay raise. You use acronyms in your sentences. Your biggest loss from a system crash is that you lose your best jokes. You sit in a cubicle smaller than your bedroom closet. It's dark when you drive to and from work. Fun is when issues are assigned to someone else. The word "opportunity" makes you shiver in fear. You see a good looking person a
Surgery Today Went Ok June 22 Was Surgery!
so every1 knows my surgery was today again... They did the one on Thursday that was an *L* skin flap graft... then on Friday he came in to check it out and decided he didnt like the looks of it.. so he went in today for an hour and a half and dibreeded it and cleaned it out.. and then he took the bad parts of the graft that didnt take and pulled them off and took skin from my thigh again and moved it to the back of my thigh and left a few spots open for dressing changes so it will drain and heal so it will drain and heal like it is suppose to do now and I have to stay off it as much as I can so i'm on complete bedrest and i have to lay on my sides and back... Then they have me on oral pain meds 3 times a day.. and IV ones 2 times a day... Then I can take .04 cc's of dalated every hour to an hour and a half due to pain..Then I can have up to 2 vicodines every 4 to 6 hours for pain and I always pop 2 in to relieve it more.. Then before the dressing changes I take the .04 cc's of the dala
Lot's of people listen to Metal music. Lot's of people love it or hate it.  I'm gonna pick on a few members of bands. Do Not Get Upset With This.   Tribute from little ol me.   Eric Carr- One of the best drummers in music. He had so much drive in his life as well as his music. Cliff Burton- The bass player every other bass player could learn from. His sound was outta this world. Dimebag - Awesome guitar player. Too bad it took some goofball killing him for more people to hear his work. Randy Rhodes- He was way ahead of his time. One of the best ever in my opinion. Lane Staley- Man had an awesome voice. Alice in Chains may be moving on, but they won't be the same.   Blessed rest to all men mentioned here. We all miss you and your music.
My Book
Don't really know if this is cool on here, but if anyone is interested my book; Rantings Of A Madman is on sale. Send me your name and email in private mesage and I'll send you the link to my publisher. 
My son is at basic for the Marines right now. He graduates 9/11/09. I miss him very much but I am so very proud of him. These two posts are from a young man overseas right now and as I was reading them, I got chills and tears came to my eyes bcuz they touched my heart and made me angry at how stupid people are who do not support our military. Where the hell do they think they'd be with out our American soldiers???   Sometimes we wonder… Sometimes, we wonder why we put on this uniform every day…And do some of the things we do…We wonder why we sit around waiting for things to do…Instead of going home and watching TV and drinking a beerAnd hanging out with friends and family…We wonder why we joined the military in the first place…The same thought runs through our head every day…at least once… "I shouldn’t be here…I shouldn’t be doing this..."But then we come to realize why we’re here…and why
I Have Returned.
Hello to all my Fubar friends.  I don't know if all of you remember me but I'm back.  I had to take a little vacation away from Fubar.  In fact it's been about 2-yrs.  I am so glad to be back to all my friends and love ones.  I really hope to hear from all my old friends as well as make new ones.  Well that's it for right now.  I hope that everyone is having a great time here on Fubar.  Keep up the good work Baby Jesus.
Plant Your Own Garden
After a while you learn the difference,Subtle difference,Between holding a hand andChaining a soul.You learn that loveDoesn't mean leaning andCompany doesn't mean security.You begin to learnThat kisses aren't contracts andPresents aren't promises.You begin to accept your defeatsWith your head up and your eyes open,With the grace of an adult,Not the grief of a child.You learn to buildAll your roads on todayBecause tomorrow's groundIs too uncertain for plans.After a while you learnThat even sunshine burnsIf you get too much.So you plant your own garden and Decorate your own soulInstead of waitingFor someone to bring you flowers.You learnThat you really can endure.That you really are strong. You really do have worth.Author Unknown   This has been my favorite poem since I was about 12...
At one point you was there,we was close, it felt rear,no reasons left why, was it something you washolding back, but did not tell me or wanted to confide.In me is left a gap, from time spent apart what aselapsed, why was there nomessage or word, we only had to talk, could of healedwith spoken words.Now there is no chance, your gone, no way to right this wrong,you have found what you arelooking for, you have found your destination, were do I belong.
A Tampon Stary
Please read the whole thing... You'll love it.     I am reminded that "God Works in Mysterious Ways "  Tampons (A TRUE STORY) Tampons to the rescue in Iraq !! Don't worry, it's a good story, and worth reading. It's even humorous in parts. It's from the mother of a Marine in Iraq . My son told me how wonderful the care packages we had sent them from the ladies auxiliary were and wanted me to tell everyone thank you. He said that one guy we'll call Marine X, got a female care package and everyone was giving him a hard time. My son said, 'Marine X got some really nice smelling lotion and everyone really likes it, so every time he goes to sleep they steal it from him.' I told my son I was really sorry about the mistake, and if he wanted I would send Marine X another package. He told me not to worry about Marine X because every time I send something to him, he shares it with Marine X.He said when my husband and I sent the last care package, Marine X came over to his cot picked up the box, s
The Summary Of Life
GREAT TRUTHS THAT LITTLE CHILDREN HAVE LEARNED: 1) No matter how hard you try, you can't baptize cats.. 2) When your Mum is mad at your Dad, don't let her brush your hair. 3) If your sister hits you, don't hit her back. They always catch the second person. 4) Never ask your 3-year old brother to hold a tomato. 5) You can't trust dogs to watch your food. 6) Don't sneeze when someone is cutting your hair. 7) Never hold a Dust-Buster and a cat at the same time. 8) You can't hide a piece of broccoli in a glass of milk. 9) Don't wear polka-dot underwear under white shorts. 10) The best place to be when you're sad is Grandpa's lap. GREAT TRUTHS THAT ADULTS HAVE LEARNED: ! 1) Raising teenagers is like nailing jelly to a tree. 2) Wrinkles don't hurt. 3) Families are like fudge...mostly sweet, with a few nuts 4) Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut that held its ground.. 5) Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside. 6) Middle age is when you choose your cereal for the fib
Blog Here We Go
  Been a busy time, getting everything ready for Fringe, got flyers and posters organised and in the process of paying 3 grand for flat for a month! May have to sell Ashley on the web to pay for it!   Last week went to John Smeaton’s wedding to lovely Christy from New York; she really was a beautiful bride. The setting was amazing in an ancient castle near St. Andrews in Fife, which is called the Kingdom of Fife…though they didn’t have a King in residence. Just squillions of American golfers, wandering about in the pissing relentless rain, but it was lovely.   I was unsure what to wear to the wedding; I thought about setting fire to my hair and crashing my car into the front of the hotel…but decided against it. For those of you who didn’t get that reference, John Smeaton was the Glasgow Airport Hero during the terror attack on Glasgow airport in 07.   Anyway, Ashley is still in London and I am still missing her heaps, but she is good and happy. S
Just When You Think You Heard It All...lmao
And you think you’ve heard it all….. I see stupidity is alive and doing quite well. 'Breast  Implants For Your Tattoo?' 'Breast  Implants For Your Tattoo!' 'Yes, Breast Implants For His Tattoo!'    And this guy can vote?  Heaven help us!
"je T'aime, Till My Dying Day"-enigma
Ready For Bed....but Not Sleepy
Have you been tired, but not sleepy???? lol   i am sitting here looking at my boys sleeping in the living room (fell asleep there while watching tv and i just don't have the heart to move them) and wishing that i could lay there on the floor and just pass out with them. i am soooo tired, but soooo not sleepy. The boredom is kicking in, but i still can't lay down and go to sleep. Having an upset tummy doesn't help either.    i need a boring story to get me in the mood to sleep. lmao
~~ Bbl Possibly~~
Ok my friends, I am going for awhile, I thought last night or this am for myself would have been my last time on here but I havent been disconnected thus far, may be before I get back on so if in the event that happens. I will tell you all again to take care until I can get back on. I will keep you all in my heart and thoughts. Take care. so long, farewell, it's time to say goodnight. If I still have the interwebz l8r than I will be back ~~~~Love always,~~~~ Lisa Anne Marie  O'Bryan
Eyes Right?
Graphics for Funny Picture Comments
What Is A Lounge?!
So I was sitting here and I was wondering "WHAT THE HELL IS A LOUNGE?!", yea I know it's about chatting, but theres gotta be something about it that just brings you back. I never really got it, I knew the fun part about it. You know the Dj's that played the live music & going on cam to just do it. But I never fully got it to recently. A lounge is almost like a "GREAT FRIEND", you don't base it on its "LOOK", you base it on it's "FAMILY". The conversation that even though you never met these people, you can still look back and laugh. You base it on how you can be you, and if you've found the right "LOUNGE" you is just "RIGHT". No judging ,(well only when your typing starts to look like this "Suzps guszy whathz goning on?" then you judge how much that person had to drink @ the bar LOL). Forbidden INC. is that "RIGHT LOUNGE" for me, i've been all over fubar(lil fuwhore LOL), but I always come back to Forbidden INC. The people there are just out of this world "LITERALLY" LOL. They ge
A Masters Love
Quietly waiting my eyes downcast,calming my racing heart by force,I awaiting your leather glove touch,Upon my fevered quivering skin,             You speak my name Curtly... Obediently I crawl to your lap,placing my hands for you to bind, My will to please you carries me, Through the racing fear pleasure.                 You call me Slave.... I stand against the cold Stone,my eyes in cloaked darkness,As I wait for the Slicing Whip, It's Kiss of Pain pleasure.                    You growl my Name.... My hot flesh reddened and sore, You explore my moist depths, Slamming into my waiting body,You explode with desire inside my body...                      "You whisper My Name With LOVE"
I Have Come To Realize.
I have come to realize something today. No matter how much you want someone you can't change the past. No matter how much you say you love them, unless they truly believe its wasted words. People need to change for themselves. I am a strong girl who had endured many things in my life. I am still standing. Maybe just maybe, when you realize you can not change the past you can finally let it go. Until you can you will never walk into the sunlight. You will forever chase happiness but not seem to catch it. You will live in the shadows of others and never feel your worth. I have been deeply saddened today that the love of my life can't seem to walk into the sunlight and live.   ITS UP TO US TO DECIDE OUR FUTURES. YOU CAN NOT CHANGE THE PAST. STEP INTO THE LIGHT, LOVE YOURSELF, LIVE, BREATH, LOVE
Pissed Off
I was just watching the news, and I caught part of a report on Michael Jackson . As we all know, Jackson died the other day. He was an entertainer who performed for decades. He made millions, he spent millions, and he did a lot of things that make him a villain to many people. I understand that his death would affect a lot of people, and I respect those people who mourn his death, but that isn't the point of my rant. Why is it that when ONE man dies, the whole of America loses their minds with grief. When a man dies whose only contribution to the country was to ENTERTAIN people, the American people find the need to flock to a memorial in Hollywood , and even Congress sees the need to hold a "moment of silence" for his passing? Am I missing something here? ONE man dies, and all of a sudden he's a freaking martyr because he entertained us for a few decades? What about all those SOLDIERS who have died to give us freedom? All those Soldiers who, knowing that they would be asked to fight in
About Me
Wetting the Bed
I'm blogging this cos sparkly asked me to for him(well he asked me to mumm it but i wouldn't)   i am leaving fu , because apart from a small few i am sick of the newbs who think they can get a scalp, the people that can get forgiven for shit that would have got them killed on the street. and basically the up your arse attitude you all have to each other, if one you farted the rest of you would have to wipe your nose,   so kleenex or  sandpaper
I Need You All To Help!!
Fire Fight
My unit got engaged in a fire fight today. I lost a brother in it. I made the decision to flank the enemy, knowing one of my soldiers might be wounded, or killed. By the book, I did the right thing. We destroyed our opposition, and protected the RCT, and the civilians in the city. I don't have a lot to say today. I'm struggeling with the death of my soldier. He did his job. His family shold be proud. I better get to writting the letter to his mother. I love you. - Captain Jason Vine
My brothers, at long last we stand reunited. The Infernal Gate has been prepaired. The time for our final victory is at hand.  Let the way to Hell, be opened. And the evil that was one vanquished shall rise anew. Wrapped in the guise of man, shall we walk amongst the innocet, and Terror, shall consume they that dwell upon the Earth. The skies shall rain fire! The seas shall become as blood! The righteous shall fall before the wicked, and all creation shall tremble, before the burning standards of Hell!   -Mephisto, Lord of Hatred.
Eviscerate Them!
GODDAMMIT IM SICK OF HEARING THE WORD " AFRICAN-AMERICAN"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO JUST BEING AMERICAN!!!!! ITS NOT GOOD ENOUGH I GUESS! i have'nt heard another ethnic group so emphatically label themselves as african-american. ya know a good percentage of BLACKS in this country aren't directly from Africa or have parents that immigrated. You're AMERCAN or get the fuck out with your p.c. elitist bullshit! btw i hate people. hooray!
What I've Been Feelin
been a while since i posted a blog..guess its good as ever to make one now. WELL...guess imma spill my guts right now. Just dont know what to say sometime...never been the outspoken kind of guy who always wants to be at the center of attention and have all the popularity...never have and never will....but sometimes i would like some "JUST BECUZ" attention just for me. Im a kind to help...has a good heart (in my opinion) and i guess boring at times but hey it dont bother me that much cuz i never been the attention seeker so i sit back and be the quiet guy. So why do i feel so worthless? So invisible? Do i have to yell at the top of my lungs to be heard? or seen? or do i have to be layin on the floor lifeless? Im just hurtin so bad....and i dont wanna feel this way no more. Try to find happiness in other places...but doesnt work. im still craving. everyone has his/her boo....and there life is soooo great with them...and it erks me so much...cuz i want the same thing. i want to
Dopest Demo Reel Ever.!!! ...hands Down.
Click here to see Ian Pfaff's Demo Reel   Shit's Hot.   Embeded after the jump.
Adams Irons
 Adams Irons
She Could.
Maybe I should call in tomorrow, listen to my goofy music and dab with my charcoals.I need to see how much I miss my muse instead of reading it so often.She's becoming the better part of meshe's perfect right here and now. And that's kinda safer than talking to her, and molding illusion back into reality.Can't I just have her like thisa beautiful phantom of poetry and light daydreams?...I suppose not.But she is beautiful hereif not a little trapped.Like a prisoner looking in on a musicbox.Perhaps I'm just lonely, but prefer this safe, quiet place.Where no one rejects me, no one scolds me.No one tells me to clean my house.ColdrainybeautifulA lot like this song, a lot like I'm sure she kisses.Those are the best days.Sleep in, stare out into the captive silencedown blankets and fragrant tea warming your hands and nose.She's that safe place at the edge of the bedwhere life stories are shared,sometimes sweat and seed is spilledsometimes you watch your lover put on her socks and run late the
Guns Do Not Kill People, People Kill People
   Guns do not kill people, PEOPLE kill people.... HR 45 Firearm Licensing Act--- WELL, HERE IT COMES!!!  YOU THOUGHT IT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN HERE!HR 45 Blair Holt Firearm Licensing & Record of Sales Act of 2009 Even gun shop owners didn't know about this because it is flying under the radar.. Basically this "little" piece of legislation would make it illegal to own a firearm - any rifle with a clip or ANY pistol unless: .It is registered .You are fingerprinted .You supply a current Driver's License .You supply your Social Security&nbs
Daily Horoscope
You've been working very hard for a long time, dear Pisces, and now you might find yourself thinking of ways to reward yourself. A trip that you might have been dreaming of making might suddenly seem to be more within your grasp. Today you might decide to actually make the arrangements. You could well decide to stay for a long time, for there is much that you can learn through this trip. did they know?i don't know about a long trip unless it's some orders somewhere.but i am defintely due a short break.all in time  
Walk Around In Circles
*That* is where corn chips come from. Hmm... Maybe ol' Professor Hardwood is onto something. He probably really loves corn. And all corn-related products. I mean, isn't that what you're supposed to put in a frame? Things you love? I'm gonna do that. When I'm get home, I'm gonna frame a bunch of stuff I love. Like lasagna. I *love* lasagna. It's SO good. And cheesy. You know who else loves lasagna? Garfield. Man, that cat really loves lasagna. Maybe I should put a picture of Garfield in a frame. You know, as a kind of shorthand way of saying 'I love lasagna.' That would be so f*cking inside. Or how 'bout a photo of *President* Garfield? Oh shit, that would be totally meta! People would be all like: Jane, why do you have a photo of President Garfield on your mantle? And I'd be like: Because I like lasagna, of course.
Oh Mah Gawd!
So, some little fellow that has been a fubarian for 5 months took it upon himself to rell me that when you visit someone's page you are to rate them a 10 or higher, fan them, and add them. Hmm... He needs to get his little self into check. Today would have marked the 3rd year of my time here. So I think I know how to visit a page. And I know for a fact that the fubar Bible does not state that I must Rate, Fan, and Add all those I visit. If I visit a page, 99% of the time I will rate it 10 or higher. Fanning I am a bit more restricted with and it is saved for those that actually socialize with me. Adding, well sometimes I might send a request, but that is usually left up to the other person to do. So, now... If I visit you, will I rate you, most likely. Will I fan you? Probably not. Will I add you? Sure... If you send the request. And please... NooBs.. Don't make asses of yourselves by telling the vets of the site "how it is done."
Questions Arise Over How Kidnapper Went Undetected
ANTIOCH, Calif. – His neighbors knew he was a registered sex offender. Kids on his block called him "Creepy Phil" and kept their distance. Parole agents and local law enforcement regularly visited his home and found nothing unusual, even after a neighbor complained children were living in a complex of tents in his backyard. For 18 years, Phillip Garrido managed to elude detection as he pulled off what authorities are calling an unfathomable crime, kidnapping and raping 11-year-old Jaycee Dugard, keeping her as his secret captive for nearly two decades and fathering two of her children. The question about how he went unnoticed became more pressing Friday when Garrido came under suspicion in the unsolved murders of several prostitutes, raising the prospect he was a serial killer as well. Several of the murdered women's bodies — the exact number is not known — were dumped near an industrial park where Garrido worked during the 1990s. Authorities acknowledged that they
Columbus Day
In 1492 Columbus Sailed The Ocean Blue With The Nina, Pinta, and the Santa Maria...
Please Sign !!!!!!!!
Dear Chris ,Thanks for signing the petition to insurance CEOs. If enough of us sign, we'll give Melanie and other people hurt by the insurance industry greed some real support. But it will take a LOT more of us getting involved to convince these CEOs to give up their million-dollar bonuses and do the right thing. Can you help spread the word by forwarding this message to 5 friends right now?------------------------------------------- there,I just heard a story that you need to hear too:  A few years ago, Melanie Shouse was living the American dream when she transformed an old Dominos storefront into an expansion of her home business. But just as the store was opening, Melanie was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer and given months to live.Melanie had insurance, and she went straight to the experts at Siteman Cancer Center in St. Louis. Working with the world-renowned doctors there, she's beaten the odds and stayed healthy for year
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Transformation   Since most people are never completely satisfied with their physical appearance, transformation dreams come to us easily. We all see our ideal selves as in our minds. These ideal selves work into our dreams.Other times, you may transform into animal, not human, form. These transformations can have numerous expressions. You may see yourself as needing to assert a particular personality attribute. Other times, you may transform in order to disguise yourself. In these dreams, who you are disguising yourself from and why the particular animal is a good choice are interpretive issues.
Jack Shit
For some time many of us have wondered who is Jack Shit? We find ourselves at a loss when someone says, You dont know Jack Shit? Well, thanks to my efforts you can now respond in an intellectual way. Jack Shit is the only son of Awe Shit who married O Shit, the owners of Knee Deep N Shit Inc. In turn Jack Shit married Noe Shit. The couple had 6 children: Holie Shit, Giva Shit, Fulla Shit, Bull Shit, and the twins Deep Shit and Dip Shit. Deep Shit married Dumb Shit, a high school dropout. After 15 years, Jack and Noe Shit got divorced and she married Ted Sherlock and became Noe Shit Sherlock. Meanwhile, Dip Shit married Lota Shit and had a rather nervous disposition named Chicken Shit. Fulla Shit n Giva Shit married the Happens brothers n had a double wedding. The newspaper invited everyone to the Shit-Happens wedding. Bull Shit traveled the world and returned home with an italian bridePisa Shit. So from now on, no one can tell you that you dont know Jack Shit!
Ideas don't stay in some minds very long because they don't like solitary confinement.
 Is this too much info on what I like to do ??   We begin by kissing, softly at first then building to deeper and more passionate, tongues meeting. I begin to softly kiss and lick your neck, your ears then move to your shoulders while gently holding your face in my hand, gently tugging on your hair. My hands softly rubbing your back, legs. I then lightly with my fingertip touch the outline of your breasts purposely avoiding you nipples. teasing them with my finger till they slighlty become erect. I move my mouth and tongue to your upper chest area softly licking and kissing, your anticipation builds. I slide your bra strap off your shoulders as my tongue moves towards your upper breasts. Then around your nipples but not touching them at first, now and again a soft lick on you nipples as you moan. I move down your body to your stomach, belly buttonsucking on it. I gently grab your panties with my teeth and slide them off of you. My tongues licking your legs first the front down to the
All I Should Say I Shouldn't Say.
Such a strange but awesome night. The ending was the best, but could be wrong. So it was a fun hanging at my bro's with one of my best friends watching UFC 105. Through out the night I got texts and calls from the one  who truly gets me and holds my heart. It made me feel good. So as usual it got me to thinking. I know she's going through a rough time right now. It's hard to remain indifferent and just be there for her. Now back to what happened. So she calls me and when we got off the phone I texted to tell  her I love her. She texts back and said she said the same thing on my yahoo. Of course that makes me super happy. Later on I text her asking is she still wants us to try. She said of course. So couple more calls and texts while I'm watching the fights go on. Right as I'm leaving to come she calls and says she's really drunk and needs me to talk to her while she drives home. So I do. She made it home safe. So as we're getting off the phone she tells me she'll call me tomorrow and s
Best Slaves
They must be submissive to my will and take care of my every need.  They also must give up full control to me meaning I make all their life decisions.  I pick what they wear, what they eat, their bed time, etc... They also MUST wear my protection symbol from the beginning of training which is on my profile background.  It's a celtic order every over lapping line is a layer of protection.  Then if they make it through thier training and get promoted to submissive they must wear my band over top of the protection symbol which is the shamrock. 
The Power Of Words Have you ever stop to think about the words that you say? When you are angry, is it not words that we use to hurt someone else? If one uses the right words you can bring someone to their knees. Saying something like you are a worthless piece of shit, can stab someone's heart and hurt them more deeply than if you were to hit them. Why are humans like this? Why are we not consciously aware of what we say? When Jesus was hanging on the cross, the physical pain his body was feeling was not enough for some. Some had to add to his suffering. They said harsh things to him to make the pain he felt , go to his soul. Even given where Jesus was, he did not use words to hurt them back. No,instead he ask his father to forgive them because they didnt know what they were doing. How true that was. We use words to get back at others. To hurt them in a way they will never forget. For some the hurtful words live with them forever. They feel the pain forever as well. So instead of want
My Ironman Cup Has The Ghey.
I am freezing my butt off just sitting here. But yet here I am,mittens and all :) Been a long week and its not even over, I have been honoured by a close friend to be in her wedding.I am rather excited for her and the fact that this beloved day will be held on my 30th birthday. I rather toast to the bride and groom then blow out a cake full of candles that could more then likely start a fire. I also have taking on a few tasks for this special it the costume designs for the jack and Jill party..annnnnnnnnd flyer designs for said event. burlesque will be the theme,but sweet day in the mornin im sick of looking at short skirts,corsets and little top hats with the mesh.. Jesus I cant believe I just said that,I MUST be getting old. So besides being the busy little beaver I am, I have picked up a new addiction. 1 vs 100 on 360 has me under its spell..and boy is it grand! I was growing tired of lfd2 so this couldnt have came at a better time. Specially when I get to kick my
Things About Me
Favorite Flower: Lilies with Orchids I like to eat grilled cheese with mariinara sauce I don't like to play footsie once i can feel the other persons toe nails. i hate it when people fidget i love all fashion era's between the 30's and 60's I hate the 80's full of coke and bad clothes i like white gold better then yellow gold I love words by Dr. Maya Angelou I've seen someone die, I wouldn't choose to forget it I've had my heart broken more than once i used to and still do love shows like: Family guy, the cleveland show, The old Girl's next door, Doug from Nickelodean and the rugrats, power rangers, vr troopers, sailor moon, the vampire diaries, secret life of an american teenager, 7th heaven, party of 5, full house, family matters, the cosby show, and most of all Fresh Prince of bel air. Movies: I hate scary movies, I watched one in theatre's i'm not the kinda girl that'll just jump out and hold your hand. I will jump out and leave the theatre. lol. I love comedies, acti
Something I Wrote.
When i give my heart i give it allbut i never prepare for the big fallI care too much or not enough?I do all the running and yet never chasedno wonder im so easily replacedYou say you care i believe you dobut i know how to show it why dont you?I feel so dumb for letting you inwhich just opened a gateway for the pain to begin.
Dj Heavy
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The Man In The Basement
Monday, April 06, 2009  Memories... The Good, The Bad, and The Fugly. Pt. 3 Current mood:  creative The Man In The BasementMy mother had this wooden man in our basement.  It came from my aunt, Godess of Earth, who gave it to us as a piece of art.  His arms and legs moved so you could have it as a plant stand, table or whatever your imagination could come up with.  My mother's imagination came up with a man lurking in the basement.  I don't really remember the house in Kenwood, just bits and pieces as we left that house when I was six, but I will always remember that creepy wooden man.  That thing put the fear of God in me like nothing else.  I knew it was there and yet my heart would always go through my throat everytime I saw it, as though there were a real man lingering in the basement.  I'm not sure if there is a person out there who has never been afraid of basements, or where teh fear comes from, but me personally, I think mine came from that man sized Pinocchio.  Ev
No Candy Here Either
its that time of night when Normal people are going to sleep... ill sleep when im dead...speaking of dead...just a song for to listen while reading my answers. Ill try to be as entertaining. What color eyes do you have? they are blue, and have been told they go sea green at times. How tall are you? 6 foot cuz im taller than 5'11.5 inches Right handed or left? right handed until the bottom of the 7th and I switch up Your Heritage: some Native American..but my dads side of the fam is such dysfunctional that I dont have any clue what... Moms side was a ski until my grandpa changed it legally so that people would buy stuff from him... he looked like jackie gleason and for whatever reason, people wouldnt invite a pollack in their home in the 40's Do you like your job? I im thinking i could get used to being home at night again Any tattoos/​piercings? most pf you know...yes/yes... dont be lazy if you dont know, go look at my pics FFS What underwear
The State Of Our Union
You must recognize, Mr. President, that the State of the Union is not good. You need a new approach and fresh domestic and foreign policies.  Shifting tactics and stoking populism will be both cynical and condescending to the voters, who will see through this strategy.  Mr. President, it’s the policies you need to change, not the spin. In 2008, you promised economic recovery and sound financing. You promised to keep our country safe. You also promised bipartisanship. Instead, our nation is enduring high unemployment and slow growth, due to surging spending and government borrowing. Bailouts and a pork-ridden “stimulus” bill will not get our country back on track. High unemployment comes primarily from the lack of job creation, rather than job destruction. Our research shows that your administration’s policies have created uncertainties that have hindered risk-taking by entrepreneurs. And now, faced with difficulties, instead of changing course you are doublin
God offers all of us the choice between a fruitful, prosperous life, or one that leaves behind little or nothing of lasting value...God's word protects us from evil and its consequences when we fallow it, and it teaches us to rely constantly on God to sustain us at all times....Blessed and fruitful life, Psalm 1:1-6. Law of the Lord, Psalm 19:1-14, Trust in the Lord Psalm 37:1-40.
I Am..
I am frozen, my soul long gone Like a diamond, impenetrable from any emotion I am the void in which there is no kindness, no love, no trust I am the one thats locked up Only freed to wander in the dead of night When all is quiet and asleep When nothing and no one can stop me. I am the one that knows all secrets Even the ones to which you won't admit To anyone else, or yourself You sit here and read me Wondering who, or what, I am I am the thing that keeps you alive Pumping the blood through your entire body That now being my entire purpose You ask who or what i am. I'm a heart of course. One who's only purpose is to keep my owner alive For without me, she would perish And I don't think it would bother her one bit.
Mafia come join my mafia
For those of you who keep asking and are curious, the countdown is for when I go on vacation. So when that time gets here, I will be gone from fu for awhile. What I don't know yet is if I will come back to fu. I'm not really sure when I will decide either. I just don't feel like I need to be here much anymore. Let me know what you think.
Those That Bombed Me
With You In My Heart
With you in my heart, my life is complete,You're the air that I breathe and the food that I eat.You are my soul mate, the beat in my heart,It feels like a year each second we're apart.With you in my heart I'm walking on air,I can imagine your perfume and the touch of your hair.Your beautiful eyes, so kind and so clean,The loveliest sight I ever have seen.With you in my heart, I am brim full of pride,It's as though i can achieve anything with you by my side.You're my rock, you're my angel, my one true love,You're my present from heaven, my gift from above.With you in my heart, I love you so much,How caring you are, my soul you do touch.You're a beautiful princess, a pleasure to know,My love for you just continues to grow.With you in my heart, I'm the happiest man on earth,I feel God has planned this since the day of my birth.I could never love anyone the way I love you,I hope and I pray that you feel the same way too.With you in my heart, through the good and the bad,I'll be there when
We The People
If Thomas Jefferson were alive today, he may write something along the following lines.                 As the popular saying goes, “Once upon a time,” we, the founding fathers, created a document that would live through the ages. We fought amongst ourselves, trying to imagine every possible scenario that the future could bring. In the end, we felt that no matter our differences, no matter our political beliefs, the document we created would last through the ages.                 Because the document we created would be simple enough that all men, regardless of color, creed, or religion would be able to understand it.                 The document we created would limit a federal government. It would keep its powers so simple, that any man would understand that only he, or she, would be the sole one that could dictate its powers. A document that would put the power in the hands of the people, and made the government one that would be “of th
[first Custom Sd Neue Ziel]
Well it took two airbrushes, an epic retail sagahundreds of dollarshours of procrastinationand pretty much learning the entire process from one or two people and a few hundred pictures with japanese captions but my Super Deformed ("Chibi" or cutesy) Neue Ziel is complete.'ll get pictures later. I learned a few thingslike... even though you think you're done, you should do a spot cover coat. And the extra mass from the paint does make the sockets rub funny.Also...dribbley bits. Y'know... when the paint dries you need to consider where/if it'll pool and how best to keep it from pooling. I probably need to get a higher grade paint... hehmaybe when I'm being more serious. So modifications for this kit ...HAH   2 1/2 coats of primer 3 1/2 coats of black high gloss acrylic. ...That's it. I pulled it apart at the major parts, colored all the parts that were previously green and replaced the gray panels, and put her back together. There's some rough edges, some parts where
Shadows Reemergance
The harder I try to walk away from my past. My past self, my past events, the harder I fall.  I have tried to be positive and kind and full of what so many ignorantly worship, the light. While it is uncomfortable I make the effort to be what I have not been.The pain goes, as does all pain, yet the only lesson that prevails and repeats itself is rather simple. Do not live in lies.  Living as if the world were a kind place and full of love and caring is a lie.  Living as if hope will protect your wishes is foolish.Having hope is not foolish so long as it does not lead you to being lazy about achieving or realizing those wants and wishes.  Living as if life were anything but unbiased is ignorant.  Life does not feel any spite nor pride towards any living creature.I missed one wing for a long time and I thank the beautiful young lady that restored it. Our time together was fun and I will hold those moments dearly.  I had my one desire granted, to have it taken away. That time I too will ho
Confidence Is The Sexiest
Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can have.It's much sexier than any body part
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Know Your Rights? Got Verified?
Welcome to ROYALTY! Where WE TREAT YOU LIKE ROYALTY AND you can always find superior strains suitable for the KOTTONMOUTH KINGS, AND QUEENS OF THE the highEST courtS OF THE LAND! Our goals SIMPLE: to reliably, discreetly, PROFESSIONALLY, and safely provide qualified medical marijuana patients of Orange County with the highest quality, top-shelf medicine available, AT THE LOWEST DONATIONS POSSIBLE. each and every delivery. ! With Royalty Rights, you will always find superior strains suitable for the Kings, Queens and the higher court of the land! Our goals are to professionally,reliably, discreetly, and safely provide qualified medical marijuana patients of Orange County with the highest quality, SUPERIOR top-shelf medicine available, each and every delivery. We are a California Non-Profit Corporation formed by OC patients, for OC patients
Woodland Death
WOODLAND DEATHWRITTEN BY RAVENGODDESS    Four girls, Zane, Sera, Kaylie, and Theresa, got bored and decided to take a walk in the woods. They packed a couple things into backpacks; stuff like sandwiches, drinks, and band-aids.     They found a trail and decided to follow it. Theresa decided she would take the lead, but soon got them all lost. Zane began to argue with Theresa saying, “I thought you knew how to navigate the woods!” Theresa retorted with “I do, but I’ve never been in these woods before!” Zane sighed, and threw up her hands “Why did I follow a bloody idiot? I swear I should knock your block off for getting us lost!”    All four girls then decided to sit down and cool off while they ate, and try to think of a way to find their way back home. They thought for a good while before they heard gunshots ringing through the woods, then someone screaming in pain. This frightened all four of them, but though they wished to get home it was ge
Poetry Feelings
I’m tired of being misunderstood, ... See More nerves are shot, weak – like old wood. I’m tired of being ill, no energy, can’t think, losing my skills. I’m tired of so-called friends, stabbing me in the back, again and again. I’m tired of trying to make things right, i give up – I surrender, no will to fight. I’m tired of seeing others in pain, raises frustration, drives me insane. I’m tired of not being able to cry, i’d melt away, nothing left inside. I’m tired because I can’t feel, walking in a daze – numb this can’t be real. I’m tired of being “strong,” i’m weak, i’m fragile, its gone on way to long. I don’t know what else to say, i’m hoping, i’m dreaming, i’m begging, i’m pleading, please, take this feeling away. Right now… I’m just tired…
Dark Filament Of The Sun
Backyard Delight...
So last night, my wife went to let our lab inside before bed last night. When she looked thru the window, the lab was staring at something. as soon as my wife opened the door, the lab starting barking and growling at something in front of her. my wife sees a snake lying in the grass and gets the lab away from it. luckily the lab was not bit but was sure in the hell not going to let it near my wife. i walk up near it and see the markings.  the markings are very similar to a rattlesnake. of course I took a pic. see below or in first comment. I look at its tail and realize no rattler here. it appears to be an young Texas rat snake. still nothing u want to find around your dogs or kids. i did not kill it but did scare it out of the yard. first time in 6 years in the house we have seen a snake.    
My Day At The Spa
We got there at 9.30AM! The lady had converted her house into a spa and it was sooooo nice! Anyways, my treatments weren't till after lunch at 2pm. So we just hung out for a bit till lunch at 1pm. Sooo...yea we got started on the champage at 10am...(5 o'clock somewhere right) And then we went in the Jacuzzi, dunno why but I think drinking in it makes you get drunk quicker. Gah we drank Moet Rose...that stuff takes me DOWN. Then we had lunch, it was all yummy and healthy stuff but I stuffed myself so much that when I had my massage, which I had to lay on my tummy for, I felt like I was going to puke. Treatments that I had done was the Thai Herbal massage (I smell really nice now!) and a deep cleansing facial with an extra hot stones facial...sooo nice. Total to £110 pounds.   But then we were looking at all the treatments and my friend got a brazilian, we all went in to watch lolz. She was like 'everyone can see my fanny flaps!'. It looked painful. But in my still drunken
Ok, so today I had 6 Doctor apointments, and I have to say, I feel as if it was a total waste of time. As usual, the military does not really have a doctor that knows a damn things, and if they do, they are to afraid to say soemthign because they might get in trouble for thinking. The only good thing that came out of today was I got my ketamine. Wanna talk about good shit. It is a astart. Now, if they can just get theis damn headache to go away.... I will deal with the other stuff over time.
I See A Laughter In His Eyes
and you say you understand me when i hardly know myself. my understanding of religion ---> we take our blessings from the priest with cups of blood we drink it neat or maybe just a hint of soda we shall walk across the water we'll hold a mass we'll speak in tongues we'll break the bread and count the crumbs yum yum reciting psalms we'll testify that we have seen the christ. be sure to leave some money before you go. thanks. now return to your cells. If god created us in his image then we have certainly returned the favor -Voltaire
Whining , effective?  A.  Hell No B. Hell effing no!
Evil.... Is An Abstract (may Need To Turn Up Volume)
I Have......have You?
Have you ever sat on a doorstep late at nightwondering why nothing in you life is going right?......I HaveHave you ever went out to sit in the pouring rainletting your tears wash away your inner pain?......I HaveHave you ever experienced death, a loss so greatthat you felt nothing inside but anger and hate?......I HaveHave you ever laid a razor blade against your skinpretending to release to demons that reside within?......I HaveHave you ever drink to erase a problem in your headthinking to yourself you would be better off dead?......I HaveHave you ever lied, to those who cared about youbecause you were so lost you didn't know what to do?......I HaveHave you ever forgot what really matteredjust because one of your dreams shattered?......I HaveHave you ever stayed up all night, doing dopethinking it was the only way that you could cope?......I haveHave you ever just given up, not wanting to go onbecause all that you once loved was already gone?......I HaveHave you ever prayed to God, no
Someday... Someday You'll Say This.
"What do i do now that you're gone? No back up plan No second chance and no one else to blame All i can hear in the silence that remains... Are the words i couldn't say." ~Rascal Flatts
As you all know by now, im a jobless bum lol collecting unemployment, just cuz im too lazy to find a job...anyways (eye roll) I am requesting your halp. Since im not loaded with cash right now. I want to gets fumarried and I am a little short...well a lottle short. 70 credits is what i need to get fumarried so since its double points day, send me some bling credits please. anything, 5, 10, or a bling pack if you feel generous.  THANK YOU     AS YOU WERE and thanx to IcON for the boomerang ans also, KT is running a famp and boomerang so hit em.. and thanx To Slave Princess for altruizing me.. I am hopefully gonna level today, started with 14.5 million to go and now its something like 12.. so rate stuff and do me good :)   ps... i have the greatest friends on fu??? :P
When I Run
As performed by Suzy Bogguss When I see the way you look at love I feel so blind;'Cuz I don't know how to give that much to you;And when I think of what it means to love forever, I get scaredThat I won't be strong enough to see it throughAnd about that time I don't know what to do. And when I run, it's only cuz I don't know how to stay;I don't know how to get my feelings out of my way;It's not you, and it's not fun;I know trying to hide is crazy and walking out won't save me -My demons only chase me when I run. In your arms I am sound and safe from my own harmOr at least you always make me feel that way;It's only when I turn away from you that I get lostAnd my mind lets some old hurt get in the wayI stop listening to what my heart has to say. And when I run, it's only cuz I don't know how to stay;I don't know how to get my feelings out of my way;It's not you, and it's not fun;I know trying to hide is crazy and walking out won't save me -My demons only chase me when I run. And how,
Affiliate Marketing Tips
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This Just Really Upset Me....
Ok, here it is....   If anybody on here wants to post pictures of their kids, more power to them. I choose not to because its an adult site, and you just don't know about some of the people on here.   Why in the hell would someone make their default picture a picture of two little boys in their underwear???? What kind of sick fuckin person is this??? I reported it as soon as I saw it, but it makes me sick to my stomach to think that someone would post that. Sorry, I had to rant on this because I am just totally disgusted by it.
Just Another Type Of Rant...
Cold seething hate reaching up from the bowls of nothing to grip onto the neck and tightens its hold slowly... I remember when all was good, calm and peaceful… sometimes I wonder what happened to bring on the nightmares? Why do they grow bigger and more rotten each day? Withdrawn souls gripping onto their withered frames hoping that an end will come to their pathetic life so they may find happiness and contentment...But they waste what little time they have in this pursuit of faithless self indulgence.  This hate and rage seethes inside growing stronger everyday yet I see no end in its growth, only more fuel for its growth. So tell me why should I want it to stop growing when it feels so good to have its hundreds of snakes writhing inside the soul with their dark sticky ink coating all other feelings inside until everything feels numb and cold!I can feel the heat rising inside me now, burning its way through my core and filtering throughout my being adding to the hell I feel gro
The Promise
If you wait for me then I'll come for you Although I've traveled far I always hold a place for you in my heart If you think of me If you miss me once in awhile Then I'll return to you I'll return and fill that space in your heart Remembering Your touch Your kiss Your warm embrace I'll find my way back to you If you'll be waiting If you dream of me like I dream of you In a place that's warm and dark In a place where I can feel the beating of your heart Remembering Your touch Your kiss Your warm embrace I'll find my way back to you If you'll be waiting I've longed for you and I have desired To see your face your smile To be with you wherever you are Remembering Your touch Your kiss Your warm embrace I'll find my way back to you If you'll be waiting I've longed for you and I have desired To see your face, your smile To be with you wherever you are Remembering Your touch Your kiss Your warm embrace I'll find my way back to you Please say you'll be w
Autumn New Style Dress Suitable For Various Professional Women
Guide: as a professional woman, you must be careful in whether clothes wearing is suitable. a fit and proper attire, not only make you more perfect, but also help you succeed in career. Today, the editor suggests you the six of the most common occupational best dress, the Asian fashion OL just come to learn!   Career direction F accounting  Suggest style: mature connotation type Modern accountant the image must certainly avoid dressing up is too suave, is too old mannish, dresses up the principle is both fashionable and practical, and expresses the popular information moderately. The principle is the specialized image first, must highlight the feminine makings, obtains balanced in the specialty and the feminine two kind of roles.   The different quality of material and the tailor western-style Japanese fashion clothes, can put on the different feeling. Generally speaking, the western-style clothes and shirt matching, appears mature steady, the good looks and graceful manners
Replica Tag Heuer Formula 1 Watches
  The Replica Formula 1 watch_ Tag Heuer Replica Watches_ Replica Tag Heuer watches is one of the top selling watches of Tag Heuer Replica watches on the market. These are one of the designs wherein it is water resistant up to 660 feet and it is an automatic. Most men would call this a handsome athletic watch because of its unique design. Aside from being water resistant, it is also a scratch resistance with black metal bezel design and have a stainless steel band. This Formula 1 watch is so durable that you can wear it anywhere. Tag Heuer Replica watches is not really expensive when think about. It is affordable due to the fact that it will last long if you know how to take care of it. You can also give this as a gift to someone special to your heart. It's a watch that is classy and you are not ashamed to give this kind of watch as gift. Replica Formula 1 watch_ Tag Heuer Replica Watches_ Replica Tag Heuer watches is not only for men but there is also for women. The women's formula
Day Five :)
Day 05- A picture of somewhere you’ve been to   louisville, kentucky- i live about 20 minutes away from here. i spend most of my weekends partying it up here :) its nothing special, but it would defiantly be considered my second home. i love the ville, 502♥
Church Wedding Party Will Be The Preferred Implies To Tie The Knot
Church wedding party will be the preferred implies to tie the knot; countless couples chose to choose civil wedding. wedding dresses It is simply because it is much more sensible particularly for couples who do not possess the implies to maintain a wedding party ceremony having a luscious reception. if you ever wish to go for any civil wedding, you must understand that it does not consist of any religious elements. Dressok This type of wedding party might be accomplished in the judge workplace or lawyer's office. You can select a venue of your option if you ever want. It will depend for the location in which you wish to get married. Cheap Simple Wedding Dresses Laws and method that you simply must undergo prior to that marriage mat differ according for the suggest or nations in which you will get married. You will locate facts and particulars about civil wedding party in your regional court or town hall. A-Line Wedding Dresses Even if you ever are obtaining married in civil wedding, y
The Last 2 Weeks
My Stalkees, The last 2 weeks have been busy for me here. I had an NCO of the Year Competition for my unit which I needed to prepare for last. And the competition was this week. I ended up winning the week long competition by 10 points after doing 10 events. I will post pictures from the ceremony once I am able to. Also for those that don't know what an NCO is. It is like being a manager. And now being named the top manager over a 7 state area. Next up for me is the next higher competition which will be held in December or January. Thank you for all the crazies that you have left me while I was away. Your Neighborhood Stalker
The "all Mighty"
How can something so small have so much POWER? And if without it man cant even shower. Yet if one has enough if it.. Over all he will TOWER. This world revolves around this man made beast. Known as the dollar. Now we may never know peace, Because threw it we man seeks POWER. Greed has set in and now money is a must. How dear they say on to you, "in God we trust"? Then give you the faces of men, Whos bodies long parrished and bones turned to dust. The war for this papper, painted green with the greed of the polotic.. One by one splattered in red with the blood that fight for it. I want out of it! Even when i had you in aboundence, I never let u get to my head. Now im without you. Mom says the stress will leave me dead. But i will live off of bread. But i know i deserve better.... They just sit there with a smile, Tho its very hard to tell. Abe, George and Benn, All laughing hard as hell. All laughing down in hell, As their faces
A Superb Apparel And Munro Shoe For The Homecoming Dance
Munro Is One Of The Best Adapting Shoe The excellent issue about Munro and what definitely sets them apart from any of the competition is the actuality that they offer sizes for each standard ft sizes as well as odd shaped sizes. They provide seventy-five totally different dimension combinations. a whole lot of are created with some stretchy material that support the ft suit into the shoe. Christian Louboutin Shoes The footwear are definitely among the most cozy footwear I have worn, plus they are incredibly stylish. Munro is one of the best adapting shoe around the current market today. Munro has become generating comfortably fitting footwear for many years now. Munro footwear are identified for their a whole lot of totally different sizes. They truly have seventy five totally different combinations to wear. that is excellent for any lady with an odd foot dimension or width, because there is a specific thing for each foot. Christian Louboutin 2010 The sizes variety from four to four
Go Team Awesome!
Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes.  I am officially a dirty old man now.    A special thanks for Team Awesome, I really appreciate the renames and profile pics.  It has put a big smile on my face all day.    Just got back from the gym, and now my birthday will begin.  Going to do some x-mas shopping, then it's steak time!  Hitting the IMAX Tron after that for glorious 3D.  Should be a fun night.  
Sing With Me!... Again!
Ballad Of Big Ass Lil And Yukon Pete       Grab your glass and get your seat and I'll tell you about Big-Ass Lil and Yukon Pete Now Lil was the village queen the fuckinest whore you'd ever seen While some girls fucked with grace and ease Lil blew dick like the summer breeze But when she fucked, she fucked for keeps she piled her victims up in heaps There was a rumor 'round that town that no man could put Lil's ass down But way up north where twin rivers meet lived a one-balled half-breed name Yukon Pete Pete was a dirty motherless soul who fucked bears, sheep and woodchuck holes He got a whip for Big-Ass Lil packed up his rubbers and came down the hill He strode into town on size 32 feet dragging sixteen yards of that red-hot meat Well the scene was set at windy mill by the brick shithouse high on the hill All the ladies came for a ringside seat just to watch that half-breed sink his meat Well they fucked, and they fucked and they fucked for hours uprooting trees, shrubs and
My Bestie
I got some sad news from my best friend Her Gram is not doing well, and they don't expect her to last the night :(
This guy came into work today, and Ive seen him there before, but he never really talks to anyone. Today he decided to come up to me and ask me if I had any pot I could sell him. I looked at him and said "I dont even smoke pot" to which he said "You know, denial is the first sign of someone lying" I said "Well first off, for one, even if I did smoke, why would I sell to you? I know nothing about you, for all I know, you could be a cop. And second, its not denying it, if I dont do it, its me telling you I dont do it. Denying is something someone does when they are guilty and are trying to avoid getting caught" He turns around and tells me that the "Denying is the first sign of a liar" is a flawless and unargueable logic. That if someone "Denies" something they are always guilty of doing it. So I simply asked him if he was still molesting all those young boys. He looked at me and all I said was "Go ahead, deny it, dick"   He left, and something tells me he wont be back.   It feel
Happy Martin Luther King Day
Happy Martin Luther King Day, you ungrateful crackaz. Man, gave his life in pursuit of equality for all. Men, women, chi'ren, black, white, women, Stankin ass, cheap ass Jews and the rest of us. 'Bout all I have to say 'bout that shit. But' here honkeys. We got a game coming up on Sunday. And 'Ol Enis gon be there. How I get the tickets? The way I always do when I want something from a group of people who act like 16 year old white girls. I rape white men. I found my way into a Christmas Party in mid-December. Wasn't my party. I just walked into the building, and picked a floor. Saw this white dude with tight jeans on and a tight sweater, and thought to myself, "Dirt Dog (my other nickname)....we need to introduce this punk bitch to the 9 inches of booty food you got tucked in your pants. Needless to say, I caught the bitch slippin, and fed his ass my dick for about 15 minutes. I put my foot on his neck and rode him out. He started cry
Marine Cpl. Kemaphoom A. Chanawongse
Died March 23, 2003 serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom 22, of Waterford, Conn.; assigned to 1st Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade, Camp Lejeune, N.C.; killed near Nasiriyah on March 23. He was listed as missing until April 14, when the Defense Department announced his remains had been identified.
Marine Cpl. Patrick R. Nixon
Died March 23, 2003 serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom 21, of Nashville, Tenn.; assigned to 1st Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade, Camp Lejeune, N.C.; killed in action March 23 near Nasiriyah, Iraq.
Marine Sgt. Brendon C. Reiss
Died March 23, 2003 serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom 23, of Natrona, Wyo.; assigned to 1st Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade, Camp Lejeune, N.C.; killed in action near Nasiriyah, Iraq, on March 23.
You Were
cause in the end; You were just a typical guy dragging a girl along cos your not really sure what you want .. ♥  
Trials & Tribulations Of A Gardener
Written spring 2009 after fighting to create a net cage over our potted cherry tree, that wouldn't touch the ground for the ants to climb up!   I took up gardening to relax But we're beseiged by snail attacks Yes we lost a juicy hosta Through gastropods having a snack (If I ate French, I'd eat them back!) I'm fooled no more by spring birdsong I know what they're plotting all along They watch as I secure the netting Laughing, planning how to get in And clear our tree of its ripened cherries In practice for those swelling blueberries They tell me that we need a cat To tell the truth I'd thought of that But next door's mog's our garden sitter She comes each dawn, pees on the lawn Mistakes it for a tray of litter Dandelions are killing our grass So I adjusted the mower Made it cut lower
So Excited That Auti Experienced The Homecoming Dance At High College
Last night, Tippy went for the homecoming dance at a nearby college. Cheap Special Occasion Dresses i was so excited for her for the reason that her final two many years in high college had been complicated and she missed out on countless enjoyable activities. i was thrilled to determine her giddiness as she attempted on her new gown and labored more than the choice of how you can put on her hair. She is this sort of a wonderful small issue and deserves so a good deal happiness. Discount wedding dresses I sent her a text message throughout her evening to determine if she was getting enjoyable and she replied "Hellz yeah" so I guess it went well. The high college exactly where Auti goes to college experienced their homecoming dance yesterday, also. He attended the month-to-month dances at his center college and was excited about heading to some high college dance. In center school, he could go alone, as most youngsters did, Wholesale wedding dress and hang out with diverse groups of ki
Not Always Right | Please Do Not Press The Beeping Button
Call Center | Machesney Park, IL, USA (I’m conducting a customer satisfaction survey over the phone.) Me: “Using a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate your cable service?” (I hear a ‘beep’.) Me: “I need to you actually say the number, not dial it on your phone.” Customer: “Isn’t this automated?” Me: “Well, I’m not a machine. Could you please say what number you would rate your cable service?” Customer: “8.” Me: “Great! And using the same scale, how would you rate your internet service?” *beep* Me: “I still need you to say the number.” Customer: “Sorry, I got confused. 8.” Me: “Okay, and how would you rate your phone service?” *beep* (This went on for all thirty questions.)
Here Are Creative Ideas For Choosing Colorful Flower Girl Dresses
  The sight of the cute woman strolling affordable the aisle will immediately cozy the hearts of your wedding party guests.Cheap Plus Size Wedding Dresses girls are quick to store for since they glance adorable in anything. However, you might pick a woman gown that the loved ones will adore. right here are some resourceful thoughts for selecting multi-colored woman apparel that any loved ones would cherish.Tulle Tiered BallgownThis woman gown is extraordinary and unique!Pink Wedding Dresses This beautiful gown is generally a spaghetti strap, tulle tiered ballgown also it characteristics a beaded waist along with a large bow within the back. If you desire your tiny woman to glance like a princess and stand out from your crowd, you will adore this dress. This woman gown is abundant in details, elegant, and most suitable for just about any form of wedding. Cheap Wedding Party Dresses, This gown arrives in ivory and whitened and sizes 2T to 14.Spaghetti Strap Ribbon Waist DressThis gorgeo
Some Essentials That You'll Desire To Include In Your Quinceanera Party
A youthful girl will remember her Quinceanera celebration forever. buddies and loved ones will all desire to support to create the day unforgettable, Cheap Special Occasion Dresses but exactly where ought to you start? right here are some essentials that you'll desire to consist of in your Quinceanera party. Do as much or as little when you are secure with. Remember, your day is meant for being personal. Select a day earlier When your daughter turns 14, it's time to search into reserving a place for the celebration. Wholesale wedding dress It may possibly appear a little bit early, but don't overlook that brides along with other festivities may possibly currently have booked your desire location. To stay obvious of disappointment,Cheap wedding dresses established the day and venue early. The spending budget Set your spending budget prior to you do something else. should you have limitless funds, of course, you can skip this step. But for your typical family, you'll desire to sit lowe
So Much Heaven Yet So Much Hell -- 172
This place that I dwell, it feels so much like hell. You even play with my head, and I hear voices of the dead. I can't hide my fear, will you want me near. Your love is so mild, bottled up inside wild. I'm inside fate, the emotion is hate. You have a chance, for the last dance. So much heaven yet so much hell, one day soon time will tell.
Effortless Measures To Finding The Ideal Bridal Veil With Your Wedding Dress
Ah the wedding veil... the ultimate accessory in transformation from engaged lady to blushing bride. although steeped in tradition since it is, Cheap Special Occasion Dressesunless needed by your religion, a veil is strictly optional. nowadays wedding veils are more of the design assertion than a symbolic gesture. Thus, the perfect veil is dependent largely on the design of your wedding gown and also the overall look you desire to create. right here are four effortless measures to finding the ideal bridal veil to complement your wedding dress and bridal look. Learn The Basics: Tulle may be the traditional veil material, though lace, silk, and satin are also options. Veils might be embellished with embroidery, pearls, Junior Bridesmaid Dresses or sparkly stones. Lengths run the gamut from brief blushers to elaborate cathedral-length jaw droppers. Determine Your general Bridal Style: Hair Apparent: To showcase your hairstyle, pick a veil that fastens beneath your 'do or one you'll g
Torture Or Pleasure?
she lie on the hard wooden table blindfolded and chackled. stretched out over the table with her bare body on full display. she tried to call out, but the duct tape over her mouth made that impossible. she fought against the shackles, but found that she had only minimum movement. who had done this to her? where was she? she heard a loud creek. the door opening and slamming close. followed by the heavy footsteps of her captor. she heard his breathing. heavy. lusty. wanting. a slight touch was fealt upon her inner thigh; a feather trailing up her skin and tracing her slit with an almost surgical concentratinon before tickling her clit. her nipples grew hard as bullets. body betraying her. her moistness becoming blatantly visable to her captor. she fought against the shackles more, but got nowhere. a sound. a loud buzzing. the vibration rubbed along her opening, spinning and prodding to cover itself in her wetness. it felt so good, but in the back of her mind she knew it was wrong. NO!
Western Diplomat: Un Statehood Bid Will Harm U.s.-palestinian Authority Ties
 Cooperation between the U.S. and the Palestinian Authority will be harmed if the PA goes through with its plan to seek United Nations recognition of a Palestinian state at the UN General Assembly session in September, a senior Western diplomat told Israeli journalists on Wednesday during a briefing in Tel Aviv. "If the PA will go to the UN in September, it will make it harder for us to have the same relations with them as we had before when it comes to aid and security training," the diplomat said. "We want that to continue that cooperation but it will make it harder for us. It is easier to work together as partners." According to the diplomat, the U.S. is trying hard to prevent a confrontation at the UN in September. "We are trying very hard to make clear to the Palestinians that only direct talks can achieve their goals," air yeezy the diplomat said. "We told the PA that going to the UN is a bad idea and avoiding talks will not produce any results for them." The diplomat also referr
You'll Soon Find Out
When I look at you, here’s what I see. A Blade, thorns, surrounding me. I am the rose in the middle, refusing to wilt. Full of fire, passion, yes, even guilt. I have qualities, that you’ll never possess. A conscious, regret, you’re just like all the rest. I am powerful, strong, born suited for war. That is exactly, what I’m here for. Don’t think for a second, that I am weak. Because I have chosen, not to speak. You think I don’t know, but I have seen it all. With a Blade in my back, and my heart torn in two, I’m still standing tall. So, do what you must, to “try” and defeat me. You’ll soon find out, that doesn’t happen very easily.
I wish, so much, that I could sing, and sing well.
As I awake in the early morning light, I stare at you and watch you sleep. My mind replays last night, the dinner, and that long drive home. I gently brush the hair from your face I think what a beautiful woman and what a lucky man I am.I lay back and my mind wonders to my truck, you sitting right next to me on the seat, your head on my shoulder. The smell of your perfume was intoxicating, that skirt showing enough leg, and that blouse cut really low to draw the look of every man in the restaurant, but you only had eyes for me, and I for you. In the truck you take my hand and kiss it softly and run it over your neck and down the front of your blouse. I run my hand over your creamy white legs, as I edge it to the hem of your skirt you stop me and hold my hand.You kiss my neck softly and whisper in my ear that you have a surprise for me. With another kiss, your hand is on my crotch felling me through my jeans. I grow with the sensation of your touch, I groan out of delight as you pull th
The Day The Penis Asked For A Raise
I, the Penis, hereby request a raise in salary for the following reasons:I do physical labor.I work at great depths.I plunge headfirst into everything I do.I do not get weekends or public holidays off.I work in a damp environment.I work in a dark workplace that has poor ventilation.I work in high temperatures.My work exposes me to contagious diseases.Sincerely, P. Niss The Response Dear Penis:After assessing your request, and considering the arguments you have raised, the administration rejects your request for the following reasons:You do not work 8 hours straight.You fall asleep after brief work periods.You do not always follow the orders of the management team. You do not stay in your designated area and are often seen visiting other locations.You do not take initiative - you need to be pressured and stimulated in order to start working.You leave the workplace rather messy at the end of your shift.You don't always observe necessary safety regulations, such as wearing theCorrect p
*~tears Of A Child~*
Tears of a child, cries from the heart.Who knew that this would be just a start.Of all the pain that would now unfold ,One's life story NEVER wanting to be told.How can this pain be so real, Can I be honest and trust how I feel.Visions of long ago swarm in my head,The feelings and sickness make me wish I was dead.Anger and resentment is what lies benieth,To the one above I look to for relief.Waves of tears wash over me, If only the pain would let me be.The ach deep inside only growing stronger,Not knowing if I can hold on any longer.Wishing for the drugs that used to make me numb,To return to them would only be dumb.Recover from my past is a must,Oooah , if only I could learn how to trust.Watching the movies within my mind,keeping these feelings in would bring damage of the worst kind.Tears of a child, cries from the heart.Pain and anguish pour from every part.Looking again for that child from so long ago,Now I want to guide her and help her to grow.Teach her to love and trust from the
The Low Cost Advantage For Your Pocket Through Intex
New members in the mobile gadget segment are certainly more than good news for you. Not just because you are getting ample options to choose from, but also the price advantage these models offer are the additional reasons to become your hot favorite while shopping for the quality stuffs. Intex is the brand that started it all, and once more gives you reasons to be here, so as to check the latest picks from Intex that the link at is fully stuffed with. Reaching lesser pinches to your pocket has been the aim that Intex had adopted, and the feature rich offerings that this relatively new mobile brand is enough to prove the same. Upon visiting the link at to choose from the numerous Intex mobiles, the respective sub sections, maintained for the various mobile features will definitely make the job for searching the desired model a lot easier.
I aam from the swamps of Louisiana, I think i was the person Hank Williams wrote about Long Haired Country Boy, because that is my life style and i really see no point in changeing
It too the Rimewind cultists days to relize thay had successfully activated the creature it just wasnt intrested in moving;Archive on the Ironfoot
Sorrow, Relief And Happiness
Sorrow for losing you Relief, for I know you are no longer in pain Happiness, because you are in a better place A place where there is never any rain   I will miss you But I am not the only one We will see you again When our work here is done   Your work in this time and place is done You have moved on to a new task One in which I hope to someday join you When it is time to shed this life’s mask   So now it is time For you to be on your way I will see you again On some other sunny day   Dedicated to the memory of Lillian “Lil” Drake May 15, 1945-April 26, 2003
Janey Godley’s Podcast Episode 85
(Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language)   In episode 85 of Janey Godley’s podcast the Mother and daughter comedy duo get to grips with the horrific situation in Syria and death of amazing journalist Marie Colvin.   Ashley gives us some hysterical, weird and mad facts about Hitler and she discloses the truth about her temp jobs when she was 18. Janey gets into a fight with her daughter in the ownership of the placenta they shared in 1986. Ashley discusses her worst ever haircut.   Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the world gets to hear it on Janey Godley’s podcasts, expect some bawdy language and home truths, as Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie lead you down the roads less taken in their fantastic weekly podcast. Listen as mother and daughter banter, bait and burst with laughter.    Janey Godley Podcast at: Episode 85   You can check out all our videos on YouTube.   Order “Handstands in the Dark” Paper Back or in E
Janey Godley’s Podcast Episode 86
  (Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language)   In episode 86 of Janey Godley’s podcast the comedy mother and daughter combo discuss the latest row on abortion, sexism and ageism. The leap year gets a mention and Ashley gives us a roundup of the worst and weirdest dates.   The twosome discusses the weird and wonderful facts of medical mishaps and the death of Davey Jones from The Monkees spark up some memories and singing from Janey. Ashley does her impersonation if her parents having sex.   Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the world gets to hear it on Janey Godley’s podcasts, expect some bawdy language and home truths, as Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie lead you down the roads less taken in their fantastic weekly podcast. Listen as mother and daughter banter, bait and burst with laughter.    Janey Godley Podcast at: Episode 86   You can check out all our videos on YouTube.   Order “Handstands in the Dark” Paper Bac
Who Gives A Fu?
Would love to thank everyone who liked ..rated..and loved on me this am..and yesterday. Came very close to reaching my goal..and probably would have if i wasn't fu'd over..and if fubar made things clearer on here.. but they do it for a reason I make more money. I have never went all out like i did yesterday..with all the abilitie blings..and happy hours. It was  fun..but exhausting.  I have many dear people to think for all of that.  Obiwankidoodle.. lonewolf92..mcwhammy.. Anyways, heres a few things I have learned. Do not set up happy hrs during the time change or week before time change..becuz on here the ones you set up for..they freakin change on ya later. My happy hrs were originally set for 7pm..11pm..and 2pm.  Ended up being 8pm..12pm..and3pm. If I had all my happy hrs the way i set them up I would have definately gotten 10,000 likes. Also, if you try to do the 3 boomerang abilities back to back  as a achievement. DO NOT run any other blings in between them
2 Sides To A Story Right ?
As George Zimmerman's supporters work to stem the rising tide of public outrage aimed at the neighborhood watchman who shot and killed Florida teenager Trayvon Martin last month, a new picture of the victim—culled from the 17-year-old's Facebook and Twitter accounts and witness testimony—has emerged. "With a single punch," the Orlando Sentinel, citing police sources, reported Monday, "Trayvon Martin decked the Neighborhood Watch volunteer ... climbed on top of [him] and slammed his head into the sidewalk several times, leaving him bloody and battered." "That is the account Zimmerman gave police," the paper said, "and much of it has been corroborated by witnesses, authorities say." Zimmerman's attorney, Craig Sonner, says that Zimmerman acted in self-defense and is not a racist as some have portrayed him. "I think we need to let the investigation come forward and let all the facts in this case come out," Sonner said on the "Today" show. "I think it's going to tell a diff
Obama Health Care ?
Double Bonus For Schwartzel At Houston Open
(Reuters) - mulberry bags South African Charl Schwartzel has two good reasons to be happy competing at this week's Houston Open in Humble, Texas, as he prepares for his Masters title defence the following week. Ever since the Houston Open became the final tune-up event for the Masters in 2007, the Redstone layout has mimicked Augusta National with light rough and fast greens surrounded by shaved run-off areas- mulberry sale . "They really go the extra mile with the details, combing the fairways back against the tee boxes, inch and a quarter rough, the firmness and speed of the greens," said 2010 U.S. Open champion Graeme McDowell. Also competing in a strong field this week is three-times Masters champion Phil Mickelson, who defends the title he won by three shots last year when he closed with a sizzling seven-under-par 65- mulberry bags for sale .
50 Things Our Founding Father Would Have Never Believed (repost)
Wednesday, September 8, 2010   If our Founding Fathers were alive today, what would they think of America?  Surely they would be very proud that the United States stretches from the Atlantic to the Pacific and has built some of the most amazing cities that the world has ever seen.  They would probably be surprised that the country they founded went on to become the greatest economic machine in the history of the world, and they would be absolutely astounded by things like our interstate highway system and the Internet.  However, there are quite a number of things that they would be horrified about as well.  The fact that over 40 million Americans are dependent on the federal government for their daily food would be deeply disturbing to our founders.  Also, the fact that the U.S. government has accumulated the greatest mountain of debt in human history would be incredibly distressing to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and the rest of the founders.  But perhaps most o
Spend Some Relaxing Moments In The Lap Of Mother Nature
World-renowned ‘God’s Own Country’, Kerala is considered one of the finest places for honeymoon located at south-western region of India. Mother-nature has unleashed its all splendor to this place to make it one of the finest places in the planet. It is an ideal holidaying destination for those who wish to spend their vacations in the lap of mother-nature. In your auspicious occasion of honeymoon there wouldn’t be any better place than Kerala rightly called green paradise. It is one such a place where one can experience the essence of god. From refreshing hill blue hills, tropical green forests, exclusive backwaters, palm-fringed beaches to ranges of floras and faunas, it offers every thing to the nature-lovers. Along with its breathtaking natural attractions, it is equally popular for its alluring culture, mouth-watering cuisine and exotic hotels and accommodations gives world-class amenities to the visitors and gives them memorable holidaying experience. The y
North Vs. South
I've been living in SC for the last 5 years. Here are just some of the differences between SC and NJ, where I'm from...   NJ: You flick a butt out the window and nothing happens SC: You flick a butt out the window and you get fined 1000 bucks and jail time NJ: You can use Mapquest to get directions and they’ll be accurate SC: You use Mapquest and end up asking for directions anyway SC: You say hello to the cashier at the convenience store, they say hello and engage in friendly chit chat. NJ: You say hi to the cashier and they get ready to hit the button that calls the cops NJ: A traffic jam could have you sitting for an hour SC: A traffic jam consists of ten cars at a stop light, and the ninth guy in line actually has the nerve to honk his horn NJ: At 50 degrees people will go out in jeans and a tshirt SC: At 50 degrees people go out in jeans, tshirt, a coat, two pair of socks, a wool cap but still flip flops NJ: In a small town the cops have one job...being a cop SC
Shit Heads And Chumps That Think Their Cool And Wanna Bring Drama 0- You Better Read This Be For I Gut You
Those in ma friends and fam are protected by me CODEX,  and if you even have a though to mess with one, this will be your only warning,  i will destroy you in this cyber land and all other social networks too, and if your really feeling froggy jump, and ill meet u for real and destroy you in person, so just be cool save yur drama for yur mama,  cause if you think u want some, your wrong, trust me so lets all play nice,or suffer my wrath.  I am starting a shit list too, for those already making wave in my pond, if your on it, consider this war and your self had, you might as well go crawl under a rock.before i get to you,other wise lets be friends thanks
I Know
Edit I know by Brooke Peterson on Friday, August 26, 2011 at 11:49pm · In this life that I know Immortality fits perfectly Living and dying and reborn again Time will pass in staged I know I will life my lifemore and more Dying many ways like I have done before And then being reborn time after time I've gotten stronger each time Finally I know fully who I am and The challenges to come The time has come to finnaly reviel my self At t his time I open my self for all that I a, Showing All of me and finally revieling the broken side of me These times of being alone i cherish but yet It's the time alone I relize the one who is broken can be fixed The time of quest has become To seek the one who can piece together, Maybe even to mend and fix the pieces together  I know someday soon  My time will come to reviel All that I am, and that Is enough
Feeling It
PRIVACY NOTICE: Warning - any person and/or institution and/or Agent and/or Agency of any governmental structure including but not limited to the United States Federal Government also using or monitoring/using this website or any of its associated websites, you do NOT have my permission to utilize any of my profile information nor any of the content contained herein including, but not limited to my photos, and/or the comments made about my photos or any other "picture" art or writing posted on my profile.You are hereby notified that you are strictly prohibited from disclosing, copying, distributing, disseminating, or taking any other action against me with regard to this profile and the contents herein. The foregoing prohibitions also apply to your employee, agent, student or any personnel under your direction or control.The contents of this profile are private and legally privileged and confidential information, and the violation of my personal privacy is punishable by law.UCC 1-103 1
Getting To The Climax Sooner
Is it unfair when a man has his orgasm and you don’t? Some women would say reaching orgasm does not matter, as long as emotional fulfilment is there. Some never admit that they have never had an orgasm during sex with their partner because they think faking is like lying. A woman’s reasons for faking orgasm is her own, but one thing’s for sure… not reaching orgasm during sex is an issue for most women, whether they admit it or not. Experts from different scientific fields could probably cite several psychological and physiological reasons why women don’t reach orgasm during sex. Research works on female libido are many and extensive, but they almost always point to the fact that a woman who cannot climax is either psychologically disturbed or hormonally challenged.   Here’s what I think. It’s not that a woman cannot reach an orgasm during sex; it’s just that a woman cannot climax as fast as her man can. Moreover, a woman
I Love Her To Die...
I Love Her To Die   She haunts my nights and my dreams, She is the mistress of my private realms, I love her to die... She is the one I always get to miss, She always greet me with a blissfull kiss, How can I ever sleep? She is in me too deep, I love her to die... She vanquished all her pains, And still fight them today... She vanquished all her pains, I have more to say... She washes and cook for me, She always have a wink at me, I love her to die... How can a man could resist, When she comes out from the mist, How could I ever sleep? She is in me too deep, I love her to die... She vanquished all her pains, And still fight them today... She vanquished all her pains, What more could I say?
Asus Lance Le Premier Comprimé Arm Windows 8
juin 4 , 2012 offrit des informations de produit chinois Asus Tablet appelé 600, le nouveau produit dispose d'un écran de 10.1 pouce et une unité de traitement quad-core, Nvidia Tegra 3. L'équipe a montré un aperu de la RT système d'exploitation Windows, lors de la conférence que la compagnie a donné au Computex Taipei. La nouvelle tablette pèse 520 grammes et a une épaisseur de 8,35 mm et un modèle destiné à être très mobile, dans les mots de Jonney Shih, Asus président. Le nouveau modèle a eu la collaboration de Microsoft et ARM, qui ont travaillé ensemble pour adapter le système d'exploitation à l'ordinateur. Les processeurs ARM se trouvent dans les smartphones les plus courants et les comprimés et le nouveau modèle Asus offre la place pour Microsoft de concurrencer les autres systèmes d'exploitation, y compris l'iPhone OS d'Apple et tablette android 4.0 de Google. L'Asus nouvelle est le principal avantage de Microsoft pour entrer dans ce marché émergent, ma
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Helen Keller was less than two years old when she came down with a fever. It struck dramatically and left her unconscious. Nike Requin and Nike TN The fever went just as suddenly. But she was blinded and, very soon after, deaf. As she grew up, she managed to learn to do tiny errands, but she also realized that she was missing something. "Sometimes," she later wrote, "I stood between two persons who were conversing and touched their lips. To choose your options on this shoe, you have to go to the website. The Dunk was the staple that commenced nike shox shoes plan. With the increasing demand of nike shox clearance skills, reform of soccer shoes become necessary for pro players. With Nike Jordan, you can dunk all game long and never worry about possible damage to the sole of your feet. nike tn,nike tn pas cher With reinforced rubber, the padding absorbs the pressure from the landing, sparing the feet from injuries. Designers of Air Jordan took conscious efforts in making sure th
Monster.......some Thing I Wrote In A Dark Place
Monster         I wish somtimes that I had your eyes, So I can see what kind of monster I am. And your ears to hear my distorted words. growling snarling bitching and smiling his toothless grin. Your nose to smell the BS that a MONSTER spews out his mouth. Your sence of touch to see what a monster fels like, and how it makes your skin crawl. But this monster is like a child......Can't stand up for it's self. Don't show any emotion. Heartless Lifless Uncaring Usless A monster that needs a push to move, Cause he can't move himself.
This Is The Explanation Of Why I Am Fighting For My Job., Part 2
. When I saw I was being put on pre-discharge, I got ticked off, Sam, I do not like being Railroaded, and even though higher up is Apparently on Mcbee about the Glass troubles in the BTH-500s,I do not appreciate being the victim of a witch hunt, they are looking for a reason to get someone about those 500s, and Sam is trying to get me fired, he did not take up for me, he was cooperating fully with Tina. curious?, not the firstr Time those two have lined up against me. I got mad, because I have seen all along The favortism Sam Johnson Shows out there On the floor, He has got you Guys Snowed, even to the point it cannot be found in the personel records of the people who works for him in the disciplne he gives out, No one at Mcbee in authority will listen to me. I have watched all this for 10 months that I have been in Department 30, and with the Fact he has written me up more in 3 years and 7 months, than the other 32 years I have been working put together, and Nothing I have said to the
Scotland The Brave
About 'Scotland The Brave'   Scottish Bagpipes   The lyrics for this song were written in 1951 by the multi-talented Cliff Hanley (he was a journalist, author, songwriter, public speaker and more). Cliff was a Glaswegian (born in Glasgow) and 'Scotland The Brave' was originally only intended to be sung at a musical performance at Glasgows' Empire Theater. But it immediately touched the hearts and souls of the Scottish people and became hugely popular. If you were a football (soccer) fan, this is the song that you'd be singing in the stands! It did have a rival for the affection of the people though - another piece of traditional Scottish music, 'The Flower of Scotland' which was traditionally sung at rugby matches and at other celebrations such as Burns' Night and St. Andrews' Night. As there was no official Scottish National Anthem, in 2006 an online voting system was set up through the website of the Royal Scottish National Orchestra that allowed the Scottis
Original Poetry Written By Me
If only I had a magic carpet to ride……Or a witches broom…..To pick you up and fly high Above in the clouds with youWould be the ultimate gift I wouldLove to share with youTo soar high above and hold you tightTo be able to see the beauty of our world From above and be able to share it with youTo feel the warm breezes and fresh air all Around usTo feel the softness of your hair against meTo feel warmth of your body sounds so pleasingTo see your beautiful smile and hear your laughterAs you enjoy the time shared togetherI would never want to see it end I would wish for an eternity with you Perhaps we could find a soft cloudAnd make it our home for just You and IIf only……I could make it come trueHow about you… sweet friendLovers, soul mates and one to the end of timeWritten on September 28th 2012By Robert E DurbinAKA Heart of an Angel
Mi Amor
You love a woman for many reasons. A goddess she seems when you are young. But finally you see she is of common clay, the same as you, with faults and fears and vain, foolish dreams and petty vices. So you cherish her, love hereven more. As she ages you cling closer and closer, holding tighter and tighter. She becomes the female half of you. The roughening of her skin, the engraved lines on her face, the thickening waistline and sagging breast, none of it matters a damn. You love her for what she is not, as much as for what she is.
Proof Over Fiction
I need you more than I can ever express, I know there’s confusion as to what I feel about you, And I know my words hard to prove, But I know when you cry there’s no stopping you, For my words are true they’re both clear and expressive   As to what I feel about you, You know your beauty captivates me, And everything about you still has me at awe, Somehow some way I’ll take you far away, Where you’re never by yourself   And I’ll prove my love for you with my last dying breath, So you’ll know I wasn’t lying when I told you I love you, But I just need you to know I’m so far into you, And there’s no going back and I don’t want to, Is it me or is it getting hard to breathe?   And If I have to do this all over again, From start to finish I hope you know I have no regrets, In the choices we’ve made and feelings we both share, And for how lost I get staring into your eyes, While the clock is ticking ag
My Loss
I sit and cry all day and nite...   I lost the most wonderful woman in the world to Mama...she passed away on 09/20/2012 I can not stand being here without her...   to top it all off my boyfriend of 5 yrs was run off by my siblings...they called the popo on him for being here know I can not stand back stabbers and that is what they are...   for 2yrs I took care of mom and dad lil bro helped me but everyone else could not help me at all..
Random Thoughts Of A Lunatic...
Let me start by saying this....these are MY thoughts and MY opinions. And you may disagree with them. That's fine. Feel free to be critical and tell me why you disagree and what your thoughts are. Who may just change my opinion. calling, cursing, bashing and profile wrecking WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. That being we go.... 1: How can I care what you think, if I have no idea what I think? 2: Are these bars here to keep me in, or you out? 3: What is the square root of pie? A slice? 4: Apocalypse is upon us! (Twice actually....Apocalypse Now, and Apocalypse Now Redux) 5: Hey poke me in the ass one more time....I'm gonna poke you. And my injection might CAUSE an infection! 6: Why would you say that? What? That! What? Nevermind... 7: Wow that chic is hot! Should I piss on her, or let her burn? 8: If looks can be decieving, imagine what words can do. 9: Don't judge a book by its cover. Read the last page, then decide. 10: And finall
Being Alone Is The Hardest Thing To Do
So i am extremely and overally emotional right now.  i HATE this time of year, its sad most people are all excited, they are with their kids, picking out their halloween costumes and getting ready for halloween, or if ur single ur getting ready for one of the biggest party day nights at bars of the year.  I am not on either one of those.  I am NOT looking forward to this halloween at all.  That day has got to be the worst for me ever yet.  I have been acting over emotional lately and saying wrong things and pissing everyone off and being overlly needy and this is why.  In a week, it will be the annv and death of my baby.  I had a miscarriage in 07, i never knew i was preg, the doctors told me i'd never get preg.  i was 6 mnths along and i had a miscarriage at my house, not knowing at all what was happenening to me.  I had been going to the doc off and on all those 6 mnths and they were treating me for kidney stones, never once did a preg test on me.  well i had the miscariage and went
Affiliate Search Engine No Holds Barred Approach To Making Money Online
As you might have guessed, affiliate search engine marketing has become one of the quickest ways to make a fast buck online. In fact, many business owners have jumped on the affiliate marketing bandwagon as a way to promote their companies.  On the other hand, affiliate search engine marketing is a surefire way for anyone to begin a home-based business.  You see affiliate marketing is the best of both worlds.  Don?t worry; if this is the first time you?ve heard of this unique type of marketing you are not alone. But more on that later. You may not know this but search engine marketing has taken the world by storm.  Listen to me carefully now. Many people are using this technique successfully. But many others treat affiliate marketing like looking for a needle in a haystack.  Bear with me as tell you how to get started.Here goes?For starters, you?ll be glad to know that affiliate search engine marketing is easy to understand. Quite simply, as an affiliate marketer you will be promoting
weekend will be long, and I'll not say a word just set and take it like I did as a little girl. Help me help me I can't take it no more night takes over me I hope I get lost in the mist of the night so no one can see my pain.  bY Christine
He Said
He said to take his hand, what did it get me! pain in my heart this night I am not free, I am not free of love stop saying this to me is this real love. He said to take his hand, what did it get me! pain in my heart this night I am not free, I am not free of love stop saying this to me is this real love. He said to take his hand.   bY Christine   Just let me die in the night.....
The Disgraced General?
So here we have yet another (disgraced ) person of the party elite. For myself, I am much more concerned with....How much treachery he has commited abroad and domestic, how many murders he is responsible for, how much he has bowed down to corporate america and how much of our prosperity he has helped to drain away. Who gives a shit about his private sexual life or any (affair( when there are so many greater issues like I mentioned. All attention is focused on this unimportant matter. Could it be some kind of smokescreen for something truely horrific that they were worried about leaking out that would truely show the nature and loathsome actions of what has ben going on for decades. But no! All you hear is this guy is almost beyond reproach! Notice it is not so serious a matter that he will loose a pension or anything like that. After all its not like he pissed off his corporate masters or anything like that. If he truely is sorry for his actions lets see this by him forking over his bl
Just A Question...
Do you ever really take the time to get to know ur online friends intimately?? Do you know their everyday struggles in life?? Do you know whether they'll be here tomorrow or not?? And why wouldn't they be?? I hold in everything in life that's bad, and only radiate the good... the positive. But, this is a screaming question that burns deep within me. DO YOU CARE??? I show nothing but love and kindness to all my online friends... I actually take the time to get to know them intimately... I know there's a lot of us out there that do care. But, it riddles me, to know how many of us DON'T CARE. A message to all my online "friends", caring or not... I truely feel like I'm dying... sad thing is, no one would even know if I did except my family. It scares me that something more serious is taking over me... mind, body, and soul. It terrifies me. I wake up, I take my meds, I think about the day... Will I still be alive when tomorrow comes? If I die will I be missed? Who will even know to miss me
Loving Each Moment Of Every Day Is The Most Positive Approach .
Loving each moment of every day is a magnificent, wonderful & most positive approach and is the perfect formula to get you through life's greatest challenges & struggles and although few are "truly" happy all of the time, those who make the greatest efforts reap the greatest rewards. Remain grateful to God for his glorious & wondrous being, for your life, for others, humanity & that which surrounds you. Where you want to be in life comes from a sixth sense of knowing yourself & becoming "oneness" with your Creator. Be assured that their is a greater more splendid plan for your existence & until you finally come to understand that which is "you," have an open heart for the necessary change & search your "true" and "meaning" purpose throughout your lifetime. Share love daily with the people that surround you, even if these friends seem to believe in you less or don't share the same support of you as much as you do of them. Always try to be a beacon and share "your" light & inspiration to
Taking Things Too Seriously
I want to start by saying I think alot of people on this site take things too seriously.The first thing I cant understand is WHY do people insist on others having a salute just to send them a friend request?What do they care if they have a salute or not?Does having a salute make you MORE friend worthy?And the people who ask for a salute before they send a request,are always so rude about it too...saying,"NO SALUTE,NO ADD".What the fuck is that all about?They act like these people that they accept as friends actually mean something.Its just a social site!Everything on here is fake.Mostly everyone here uses their alter egos. The next thing that irritates me are the women who sell their NSFW pics for bling credits.Now that I just dont fuckin understand!!Who in their right mind is gonna pay to see some womans tits and ass?Are people THAT desperate to see a woman semi-naked?I guess so.Its probably cuz they cant meet any women in real life.But then you also have the women who actually think
This morning I'm at a loss for words. The best person in my life has passed away and I don't know how to deal with it. I've lost so much this year and to be a little dramatic I welcome whatever the supposed end of the world has. i'm so angry that she is gone and that my children will never know how she loved them. My depression is at an all time high. Words can not express what I feel. I only hope to be reunited with her again. Grandma I love you so much.
Hitcase Pro Pour Iphone 4/4s
Le Hitcase étanche et résistant aux chocs Pro (129,99 $ direct) est une bête d'un étui pour iPhone 4 et 4S. Il dispose également d'un objectif grand-angle et un système de montage qui transforme votre smartphone en un appareil photo d'action. En termes de qualité de la vidéo et des options, la combinaison de la Pro Hitcase et iPhone 4S n'est pas aussi polyvalent que dispositifs autonomes tels que la GoPro Hero2 199,00 $ chez Mais aucune caméra d'action, même avec option Wi-Fi accessoires, ne peut rivaliser avec l'iPhone 4S de radio cellulaire et application soutien-il est toujours connecté et prêt à modifier, télécharger, et tweet vos derniers exploits. Bien que ce combo ne se fait pas avec des vidéastes graves à l'esprit, c'est une option solide pour capturer et partager vos moments les plus exaltants, sans se soucier de casser votre iPhone dans le processus iphone 4s accessoires . Conception, installation et performanceLes boutons métalliques et pointus, des lignes angu
Picks, But The Commissioner
The New Jersey Devils made short work of the Philadelphia Flyers, taking their second-round series with a 3-1 Game Five win. Rocky Bleier Jersey . Ilya Kovalchuk had a goal and an assist for the Devils, giving him a team-leading seven points in the four games that he played in the series. Dainius Zubrus added an assist, giving him five points in the series and four other Devils recorded four points; a balanced attack. Devils D Bryce Salvador continued his strong play in the series, leading the Devils in Game Five with 23:43 of ice time and scoring New Jerseys first goal. Salvador, who didnt score a goal and had nine assists in 82 regular season games, has two goals, four assists and a plus-8 rating in a dozen playoff games. With Flyers C Claude Giroux suspended for Game Five, due to his head hit on Zubrus in Game Four, Salvador got to turn his attention to Flyers C Danny Briere, who recorded an assist on the Flyers lone goal, giving him a team-high five points in the series, but he was
Liquid Magnesium
Magnesium is required for the production and transfer of energy from protein synthesis for contractility of muscle and excitability of nerves plus it is a co-factor in a myriad of enzyme systems. This liquid magnesium has a unique proprietary nutrient delivery system that makes the magnesium minerals present cell ready. This allows for cellular penetration which enables maximum effectiveness and absorption. The human body needs magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium in the processes of helping to transmit electrical impulses across nerves and muscles, regulation of blood pressure, bone building and more.
The Perfect Woman
Once upon a time, a perfect man and a perfect woman met. After a perfect courtship, they had a perfect wedding. Their life together was, of course, perfect.One snowy, stormy Christmas Eve,this perfect couple was driving their perfect car along a winding road, when they noticed someone at the side of the road in distress.Being the perfect couple, they stopped to help. There stood Santa Claus with a huge bundle of toys. Not wanting to disappoint any children on the eve of Christmas, the perfect couple loaded Santa and his toys into their vehicle.Soon they were driving along delivering the toys. Unfortunately, the driving conditions deteriorated and the perfect couple and Santa Claus had an accident.Only one of them survived the accident.Who was the survivor?(Scroll down for the answer.)The perfect woman survived. She's the only one who really existed in the first place.Everyone knows there is no Santa Claus and there is no such thing as a perfect man.**** Women stop reading here, that is
Modalités Recherche Moncler Manteaux
   En ce moment dans Portugal , boutique veste moncler prise murale, vous pouvez voir vous pouvez observer plusieurs man personne vêtue d' Moncler vestes manteaux ainsi que marche à partir de votre . a va vraisemblablement toujours identique même exactes précises spécifiques requiert des exigences localisation lieu à états-Unis , Colombie , et aussi Australie , vous pouvez observer beaucoup de gens développer sur Doudoune Moncler blousons marche de l' route . Cette organisation spécifique expositions personnes de couleur rouge Moncler Prise électrique tendent à être vraiment favorisé de votre globe . Et oui probablement fonction retour venant de conception style phénomène qui peut mop plus beaucoup considérablement dans le monde entier . Il n'est pas surprenant que Doudoune Moncler femmes chapeau peut être my parent isolé souhaitée marque chiffre sur titre l'entreprise fidèle amateur associé Doudoune Moncler. Moncler sont parmi les nombre bénéfiques porterais for me en hiver
His Knee
KISSIMMEE, Fla. Major Wright Womens Jersey . -- Livan Hernandez agreed Friday to a $750,000, one-year contract with the Atlanta Braves, a short time after he was released from a minor league deal with the Houston Astros. After being released at noon, Hernandez arrived at the Braves spring training complex, about 15 miles away. He was the opening-day starter for Washington last season and went 8-13 with a 4.47 ERA in 29 starts. Hernandez is a two-time All Star and helped Florida win the 1997 World Series. He also spent time with San Francisco, Montreal, Arizona, Minnesota, Colorado and the New York Mets before re-signing with the Expos/Nationals in 2009. Hernandez has a career record of 174-176 with a 4.39 ERA. He can earn an a maximum of $750,000 in performance bonuses. He would get $125,000 each for 110, 120, 130, 140, 150 and 160 innings, and $50,000 each for 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 and 60 games. Lance Briggs Jersey . LeBron James made a halfcourt shot to end his easy night. Brian Urlache
Santa Claus
Re - Arrange His First Name : SATAN Change U in his last name to W : CLAWS His Red Suit : the color of the devil His White Collar : the color of angels   Note : Satan was once an angel of Light known as Lucifer 
Peuterey Piumino E Strategie
Inverno freddo è with arrivo. Age molte persone che sono preoccupati each rigido inverno stanno iniziando some sort of concentrarsi sulla preparazione di una mano verso il basso adatto some sort of vivere attraverso il freddo inverno. Piumini Peuterey Age 'vero che una nuova mano verso il basso each le persone with inverno è importante age molto essenziale, soprattutto each le persone che sentono l'inverno gelido è una sfida some sort of look with piedi. Inoltre ing giorno d'oggi, ci sono stati un numero crescente di pattern alla moda di cappotti giù each soddisfare le customersa €? richieste. When i colori appartenenti alle cappotti giù sono numerosi age gli stili sono trick innumerevoli decisioni. Ognuno di noi può trovare una buona mano verso il basso each il nostro proprio trick queste scelte. Age dobbiamo look attenti some sort of comprare un ideale vero age proprio giù cappotto each noi stessi. Ci sono qualcosa che avete bisogno di nota quando si acquista un cappotto with gi
Oncocytoma, Which Is A Benign
KANSAS CITY, Mo. Anthony Allen Womens Jersey . -- Its only Week 3 and already the Kansas City Chiefs are so banged up theyve had to alter their practice schedule. The Chiefs were planning to practice in pads Wednesday, but coach Romeo Crennel said he would push that back a day to give a lengthy list of players an extra day to heal. Teams are only allowed to practice in pads once per week under terms of the collective-bargaining agreement. Tight end Kevin Boss could be out for several more days after taking a blow to the head in Sundays 35-17 loss to Buffalo, while fellow tight end Jake OConnell (knee) and offensive lineman Ryan Lilja (back) were also held out of practice Wednesday. Defensive linemen Anthony Toribio and Allen Bailey have ankle injuries, wide receiver Devon Wylie and cornerback Jalil Brown have groin problems, wide receiver Dexter McCluster and safety Kendrick Lewis have ailing shoulders, and wide receiver Steve Breaston jammed his wrist. Thats seven players who were lim
  Like A Waterfall
  Like a waterfall   Like a waterfall... Powerful and strong! Neverendingly flowing. Loud and proud, Yet gentle... Free and spontaneous! And the pool below... Deep and exciting. Cool, but warm. Crystal clear! I can see The colors below... Standing out Against the soft, gray sand. Like a waterfall, Your love...
Gun Free Zones
‘Gun Free Zones’ for ‘president, vice-president, and their families’ Petition Reaches Threshold     Adan SalazarInfowars.comJanuary 18, 2013 A petition calling for the elimination of armed guards “for the President, Vice-President, and their families” has met and exceeded the previous threshold set by the White House on their We The People petition submission site. The 
Country Rocks
So lets be real. i mean whats better then being country. Theres just nothing out there that can act as crazy as us country boys. I mean if u want to have a fun time then u need to get with a country boy.
I Am Who I Am
I AM Who I AM I am ONE person... yet I am MANY!! I am as gentle as a LAMB... but as fierce as a LION!! I am as soft as DEW... yet as hard as STONE!! I'm as young as TOMORROW... yet as old as YESTERDAY!! I am able to REASON... yet I can't UNDERSTAND!! I am able to SEE... yet I ma totally BLIND!! I can be read like a BOOK... yet I'm written in INVISIBLE INK!! I am totally SELF-RELIANT... yet I need to have someone NEAR!! I am as free as the WIND... yet I am bound by CHAINS!! I cannot be HARMED... yet Ic an be badly HURT!! I can be HELD tightly.... yet I can never be TOUCHED! And I can DIE.... while living FOREVER!! Let no man try to change me.... for I am who I am!! ~~Robin Dawn 'China' Palmer
Thailand Architects. Our Homes Are Our Castles !
If you have a requirement for a Thai architect or an architect in Thailand or an architect anywhere in the world, to assist you with the design of your home or development project, I think I have found the perfect answer. I searched on Google and hey presto a new web site popped up. I was drawn to them after speaking on the telephone so went to meet them. Wow ! Did I come away having learnt so much. Not only did I meet a very creative bunch of highly skilled Thai designers but learnt considerably about Thai architects in Thailand. From my simple search on Google, what I found out was, they offer a fabulous service and are not only instrumental in spreading the amazing design talents of Thai architects; but also bringing a fresh, most welcome new design philosophy throughout the globe. It was most enlightening. Our Home is Our Castle ! In England we say our home is an Englishman's castle. And I am sure they have similar expression
Dying Without You
Someone requested me to do a poem with certain aspects in it, and this is what became of it. Was written in 2008, and is pretty horrible.   In the dark and freezing cold,No warmth or light offered,I lie in bed and listen toMy faltering heartbeat.Wishing that i had hadThe courage,The dependability,The loveThat you have showed me.But I,Banished the thought,Abhorred the closeness,The light to gain myVengeance on the man whoBetrayed my trust,Alone,I cried myself to sleep,Unable to stop my aching heartFrom breaking into smaller pieces.Taking the little white pills,Making the pain disappear,I feel myself fading fromThe world around me.I take my last breath,Thinking of all my regrets.The regrets that I hadn't told you,That I hadn't showed youHow much I love you.And with that,My final thought was aboutHow much I was going toMiss you.
Words Unspoken
When the first day in the Spring that will be over 60 starts there is a mesmerizing sunrise and one is bathed in a warmth thought touches them to thier very soul, this is the way that I feel each time I see you. Enchanted by the mere sight of you approaching, my heart quickens as my senses reel. I can feel a thousand symphonies welling in my chest, melodious character of your invent searching for escape; yet I am unable to open my mouth to loose any of what I wish to say. Your features intoxicate me bwyond my controll and I bask within the glow of your beauty in an awestruck state. As beautiful as you are, it is your heart that truly draws me to you.Your respect and charm that could disarm the cruelest of intent, that slighty niavete and innocence that makes me feel so strong , yet so weak at the time. Even this seems so trivial next to the exhileration and excitement that come from knowing that it is me that have chosen to spend this time. Each minute a blessed treasure that shall be
Brender Replaces Transmitter-founder Henning Röhl
It replaces the former CEO and founder Henning Röhl, who retired with 69 years of this work. Brender is one of the youngest chefs in a German TV station, broadcast their programs via cable and DVB-T. Therefore, he says, is socialized since his youth with the modern media: "We want to operate in the future many distribution channels." This includes cell phones, tablet PCs, smart phones, media centers, social media and programs "on demand". wholesale tablets Especially church members to look at the items. Most belong to the Protestant Church (39 percent) or a Free Church (33 percent), 22 percent are Catholic. Only 3.5 percent identify themselves as non-denominational. The majority of the audience is over 40 years old. They appreciate the program because it stands for religious diversity and many impulses for everyday life.
Amyy Can Flyy Letting Go Of The Monster !!!!
You won't let me speak outWith my best efforts to make you seeI'm feeling so tied downIncarcerated whilst you pull my teethWhat are you scared ofRegretting the things you might of saidOr is it the monsters clad with razor teethHiding deep beneath your bedIt's a little bit harder when you try so hardIt's a little bit harder when I'm anxious and over thinkAbout this and the things I missWhen you're falling apartIt's a little bit harder you'll seeLetting go of the monster in meNext time I'll try harderMy imperfectionsMaking promises I can't keepI'm sick of these ghostsWith holes in sheets, they keep me from my sleep(They keep me from my sleep)It's a little bit harder when you try so hardIt's
Rebel Times
through the storms and the pain we have united to become onesomething stronger than humanitya new version meant to rise and take hold these are rebel times where we test the limits of our boundariesthe call to freedom sounding sweet upon the ears tempting those of us who can see the pathto try our hand at this offer of a better life 
Seems like I'm always running. Running to complete things on time, running to you, running from you. You tell me everything is ok but my mind won't stop running. I find myself running to hid from my true feelings or running to figure out what they are. I know what I do scares you but don't worry baby I'm strong I can take on the world alone. I may not want to but if it comes to it I will. Right now I feel like I'm just running in place and can't figure out where I need to run to. Your love scares me, your not being here scares me even more. Maybe one day I can stop running but for now it looks like this is my life.    Honey know I love you and always will even when I run. This time however don't chase just let me go and maybe I'll come back, maybe I won't. I'll figure that out as time goes on.
Constantine P. Cavafy -- Half An Hour
I do not really like poetry and the poems I do like are very few. Trying to find decent translations is not easy. . Half an hour   I never had you, nor I supposewill I ever have you. A few words, an approach,as in the bar the other day—nothing more.It’s sad, I admit. But we who serve Art,sometimes with the mind’s intensity,can create—but of course only for a short time—pleasure that seems almost physical.That’s how in the bar the other day—mercifully helped by alcohol—I had half an hour that was totally erotic.And I think you understood thisand stayed slightly longer on purpose.That was very necessary. Becausewith all the imagination, with all the magic alcohol,I needed to see your lips as well,needed your body near me.
The Sound Of Nothing
Life drips on constantly numbing Like a sound in my mind always drumming Something bright ahead something coming Yet I continue on only humming, humming this little tune Like a smith with a rune Typing away until someday soon Someday soon it all falls away Dreaming life for some other day Finding some words to say To say that it's time Time for all to embrace the crime When the rules become sublime Sublime to the point of nothing. The nothing we all fear.. Not for the death it brings but for the life it steals.
Easter Fun
I went to church with my daughter and saw her performi n her play , and then after church we were invited to my Adopted american familys hose for church with all her family .. her house is lovely and very cosy .. They laid out a beautiful table .. complete with vase of flowers , her hubby had gotten her the other day .. And the food wow lots of creamy potatoes , two legs hams off the bone .. carrots , gravy , two types of peas , flaky biscuits , cresent rolls .. mmm it was so good .. and we all sat together and prayed and thanked god for the meal .. i ate so much my tummy hurt .. and the conversation never got boring it was really lovely .. and so nice to have somewhere to go .. and not sit at home .. missing my family back home in australia .. we had dessert too , Resurrection cake , shortberry cheescake .. and rice krispies yummm .. and then after all that the kids had an Easter hunt .. after the Easter hunt we all crowded into the lounge room to watch a movie together and laugh ...a
New Anti Wolf Legis;ation In Montana
It's one of the most deplorable anti-wolf bills we have ever seen.And it just passed through the Montana Senate and is up for a committee vote any day now! If this bill, SB 397, passes, it will be legal in Montana to use snares to choke a wolf to death and then leave its body out as bait to try to kill more wolves in its pack. This deplorable bill must be stopped! Please help with a donation today to save Montana’s wolves and other imperiled wildlife. You have to ask yourself: Could this be the future for wolves in America? The Montana assault is but a grisly taste of what life may look like for wolves all across the Lower 48 if the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) knuckles under to pressure from wolf-haters to delist these animals.  Just a few weeks ago, Washington lobbyists secured 72 Congressional signatures on a letter to USFWS Director Dan Ashe, demanding that nearly all wolves in the Lower 48 be stripped of Endangered Species Act protection. The letter reads in
Revis?o Sobre Chinês Fábrica Oem Android 4.0 Mini Pc Smart Tv
 Revis?o Sobre chinês fábrica OEM Android 4.0 Mini PC Smart TV Vara Mk802 Compact Flash Um computador em uma vara, chinês Android 4.0 Mini PC é o menor computador já vendidos aos consumidores. Melhor ainda, a vara de 70 dólares será executado o sistema operacional do Google completa Ice Cream Sandwich em qualquer tela que você anexá-lo , tornando-se um set-top box tentador, um segundo computador barato para as crian?as ou um PC super- portátil que cabe no mesmo o menor bolso. Projeto e Portas à primeira vista, o Android 4.0 Mini PC , que mede 3 x 1 x 0,4 cm e pesa apenas uma on?a , parece um grande USB Flash Drive . Embora ele n?o vai ganhar nenhum concurso de moda, o pequeno dispositivo de plástico preto fosco tem uma estética elegante geek. A superfície superior é adornada com um retrato de Andy o Android usando fones de ouvido e as palavras " Android 4.0 Mini PC " em uma fonte high-tech. Coberto de um plástico mais brilhante do que o resto do apar
Nhl Game
NHL game on the hockey field. In general, each team each have six players on the field (three forwards, two guards, a goalkeeper), each one wearing skates. The goal of the game is called the "Puck" hardened rubber disc launched into the stadium on both sides of the enemy goal to score points. Players control the puck the end of a bent propeller's long objects. The goalkeeper managed to keep the puck into the goal within. Total of 60 minutes per game NHL regular season. The competition is divided into three sections, each of 20 minutes, a 15-minute rest period between each section. After the end of the regular 60 minutes, the team with the most number of goals wins. If still a tie after the end of the regular time, will be carried out overtime. Overtime five minutes to require each team could only send five players (one less than the regular season), the use of gold into the ball game system, and that any party is the first to score the victory at once. If the game is still
Storm   The distant rumble Awakens the fear She knows it’s coming She can hear Everything changes The smell Her fear At every window A flash of light Her heart races Trembles with fright It’s always been One of her fears When storms roll in Reduced to tears She needs him now Her shining knight To keep her safe Throughout the night In his arms So safe and warm Protecting her From every storm It’s how they connect Him meeting her needs Ever protective In all of his deeds Ever present Seeming all knowing The strength he provides It’s what keeps her glowing To tend to his whims Satisfy his desires As his urges arise He controls what transpires Or does he really Is it her that is knowing Offering her loving touch In what keeps her man going In the arena of needs The reality is He needs to be there for hers As much as she does for his For it’s her love he feeds on And the heart that she gives Is the truest of reason
u like i dont know what to write so there here it is man i rule
… Another Expression Of Art
… Another Expression of Art I've been asked various questions revolving around the same issue, “Why did I choose culinary?” I have to take you back a few years to explain why. I grew up loving art; drawing, painting, writing, sculpting. I enjoyed various art classes. There were new elements to explore, and new ways to explore creativity. My interests jump from one artistic perspective to another trying to find a niche to enjoy, animation to architecture, painting to photography. At one point, I even explored music, family funds didn’t leave much for encouragement. In high school I took studio art and computers trying to guide myself into an art career with computers. My instructor suggested computer aided drafting and finished with that class. I didn’t care much for it; being allowed to be creative was limited. I left high school with no clear goals or plans. All I had to work with was a passion for art. I went from high school to college focused on art. I didn’t get a lot
I Should Sleep I Know…
I try to find me somewhere between euphoria and depression while this monkey still tries to squash my head. I turn you into a demon you know while playing with something I mustn’t break yet I know I will and this makes it all shallow and bitter. Or maybe I just jump again isn’t this the special ability? I wish I could find some more hope and some more discipline but those things are not for me so I place another bet ready to lose it all and win nothing even if I win… especially if I win.
So im not sure what this thing is for...but i thought i'd just post one and see what this is all about. I dont really have anything exciting to say though. ha. Umm i've just been busy lately with school and work...looking for a second job, so ya =) I've been kinda hard to catch on sorry about that to everyone out there!! Anywhose, its time for me to go to classes...meh. bye for now!
Hi Everyone!
Cherries to all my friends and special friends ;-) Hope everyone has a rockin year this year! I spend a lot of time in class so will give you a shout when I can! Please leave me comments and rate my pics! if you want to see my privates give a shout out to me ok? xoxoxoxoox guys!
So, what are we supposed to blog about? I am not much for blogs, not even on myspace, so I dunno.. am I supposed to put more pictures of my cat? Another survey of all those vital stats no one cares about? A series of meaningless polls and what-is-your-goth-superhero name? I dunno.. Well in the meantime, I will just put random shit I suppose..lets see...I am a avid watcher of movies, almost borderline fanatic, but I have never seen The Godfather series, Fight Club, Seven or Titanic. Go figure. That is all for now. Stay tuned for my incessant daily ramblings.
This is a wonderful, beautiful morning, my dog went outside and didnt bark at all, i had a great night sleep- my children are still sleeping i am brewing an incredible smelling pot of coffee...thus everything is great this morning- i havent been hungover in almost three weeks (long time for me) my house is clean (not counting laundry, which i am certain is satans way of toying with humanity, or atleast me) We are fairly broke but have everything we need for the week- outside of ham, we need some deli ham...anyhow, hopefully our day will be great we plan on going fishing and having a picinic in the woods- so to all of you i bid farwell for this lovely afternoon and hope your day is also fantastic.
Comments And Such Including Other Stuff
Im going to start taking down pics of this profile if they dont get attention :) yes im a attention whore go fucking figure... thats point no: 1 i understand now about all the cherrypoints crap but why OH why do you ask me to be your buddy if YOU HAVE NEVER FUCKING SPOKEN TO ME?? what a waste of fucking time add me if you know if you dont then feck off thats point no: 2 Im not a camwhore i dont do requests for "standup shake yer ass kiss ya nipples" kinda stuff that is reserved for my great friends haha nah seriously IM FUCKING BORING on cam just ask ollie he is a frequent viewer :/ maybe i should start a frequent viewer program lmfao... Treat me like you would want yourself treated if yer a cunt to me guess what im gonna be?? A BIGGER CUNT BACK TO YOU we clear? yes no maybe? C
Iq Test
You are 90% kinky You are crazy kinky. Do you ever think of anything other than sex? Take this quiz at
Did You Know?
Did You Know...>>>If you yelled for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days you would have produced >enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee.>>>Hardly seems worth it.)>>>If you farted consistently for 6 years and 9 months, enough gas>>>is produced>>> >to create the energy of an atomic bomb.>>> >>>> >>>> >(Now that's more like it!)>>> >>>> >The human heart creates enough pressure when it pumps out to the body >>>to>>> >squirt blood 30 feet.>>> >>>> >>>> >(O.M.G.!)>>> >>>> >>>> >A pig's orgasm lasts 30 minutes.>>> >>>> >>>> >(In my next life, I want to be a pig.)>>> >>>> >>>> >A cockroach will live nine days without its head before it starves to>>> >death. (Creepy.)>>> >>>> >>>> >(I'm still not over the pig.)>>> >>>> >>>> >Banging your head against a wall uses 150 calories an hour.>>> >>>> >>>> >(Do not try this at>>> >home. Maybe at work.)>>> >>>> >>>> >The male praying mantis cannot copulate while its head is attached to >>>its>>> >body. The female initiates sex by ripping the male's head o
When Its Over..
whats the hardest part in ending a relationship? not the feeling of letting go.. not the part of goodbye.. but going through every damn day and having to remember it.. i love you thats why i left you.. ;(
One Of These Days...
I might post a blog about some serious matter... Kristiane's three day old erection... :P
I Actually Passed The Test!
You're 50% Irish You're probably less Irish than you think you are... But you're still more Irish than most. How Irish Are You?
People Envy Your Compassion You have a kind heart and an unusual empathy for all living creatures. You tend to absorb others' happiness and pain. People envy your compassion, and more importantly, the connections it helps you build. And compassionate as you are, you feel for them. What Do People Envy About You?
The Ever Pathetc Ravings Of A Madman....
Quote the what? Nevermind...Poe's message was lost in time. And to think that art was thought a crime. To this, I quote, one more devine. Here's the truth, though laced with lies. Without, our work just rotts and dies. Tell that raven that when he cries, to take a glimpse into MY eyes... Dizzy D If you can't tell, I'm a big fan of Edgar Allen Poe's literature, lol. I wrote this one about an obvious poem that he wrote.

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